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Au Pair, by Misty Meadow

Chapter 1   Desperate to find somewhere she can afford to live in London, a young lesbian accepts a live-in job looking after a preteen girl — and her life soon gets complicated in a big way.
Chapter 2   Her position as au pair now secure, Misty seduces both mother and daughter — deploying very different techniques with each.
Chapter 3   Misty’s sexual relationships with Ashley and her mother deepen and intensify — then things become even more complicated.
Chapter 4   Misty uses every resource at her disposal to persuade Ursula to let her stay. But even if she succeeds, what will remain of her relationship with Ashley?
Chapter 5   Now that Misty the au pair is forbidden to make love to 12-year-old Ashley, she can’t help but notice that Ashley’s mum Ursula has taken a new and unusual interest in her daughter.
Chapter 6   A bit of surreptitious subterfuge lets everyone ‘come’ together in the end.

Bad Like Me, by eloquent delinquent

Chapter 1   Charlotte must keep her new feelings a secret.
Chapter 2   A babysitting job brings Charlotte’s longings to a boil.
Chapter 3   Charlotte’s repressed desires spill over while babysitting.
Chapter 4   Confusion about free spirit Megan comes to a head.
Chapter 5   Megan and Charlotte explore their excitement together.
Chapter 6   Repressed Charlotte wrestles with her attraction to the Carmodys.
Chapter 7   Megan draws Charlotte into her own hidden life.
Chapter 8   Charlotte and Megan indulge their shared desires.

Bo and Me, by Unfastened Belts

Chapter 1   Exploring herself as a sexual being for the first time, 14-year-old Lisa masturbates to a porno clip.
Chapter 2   Lisa is startled to discover that she is attracted to girls — then adds a daring new twist to her masturbation sessions.
Chapter 3   Accepting the fact that she is probably gay, Lisa finds herself feeling desire for her 11-year-old sister Bo.
Chapter 4   For the first time in years, Lisa takes a bath with Bo, which sends her surprising lust for her little sister soaring.
Chapter 5   Still struggling with newly-discovered desires for her sister, Lisa indulges in a lengthy bout of masturbation.
Chapter 6   During a fun-filled day at the public swimming pool, Lisa and her little sister Bo grow closer than ever.
Chapter 7   Lisa and Bo decide to share their secret with Bo’s best friend Rebecca… in more ways than one.
Chapter 8   Back home from their day at the park, Bo and Lisa explore their newfound love for one another.

A Girl Named Charlie, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   We meet Lisa, who one day will grow up to be a successful corporate executive, but who has some childhood secrets.
Chapter 2   While driving home one night, Lisa spots a young girl standing forlorn in the pouring rain and against her better judgment decides to pick her up.
Chapter 3   Lisa and the girl named Charlie, whom she rescued from the rain, spend a night together in bed and become very close.
Chapter 4   Now Lisa has a problem. She needs to find a proper home for Charlie, presumably with a relative, but she doesn’t really want to, because… she’s fallen in love.
Chapter 5   They’ve engaged a professional to begin the search for someone in Charlie’s family — but in the meantime Lisa and her young friend have some naughty fun at a Disney movie.
Chapter 6   The lawyer, Sheryl, brings back some information about Charlie’s legal status. She has both sad news and happy news for them.
Chapter 7   It’s an evening of grownup lesbian sex for Lisa and Sheryl. What they don’t know is that someone’s watching them who is not a grownup.
Chapter 8   A surprising revelation comes out, and then Charlie and Lisa play an arousing but troubling sex game.
Chapter 9   The story concludes with all parties coming together, and a very happy celebration.

How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, by Openmindedwoman

Chapter 1   The pleasures of casual, intimate nudity between a woman named Leslie and her young niece and nephew.
Chapter 2   Leslie teaches her niece Juli, 12, and her nephew Justin, 11, all about their bodies and about masturbation.
Chapter 3   While spending sexy time alone with Juli, Leslie hears some interesting things about the girl’s friend, Amy.
Chapter 4   Leslie and her niece Juli discover that Juli’s friend Amy is unusually close with her mother, Anita.
Chapter 5   The erotic deliciousness of breastfeeding, woman to woman.
Chapter 6   Leslie, Juli, Amy, and Anita enjoy more nipple-sucking fun.
Chapter 7   Making plans for a weekend trip to Leslie’s lake cabin leads to some extra dirty play for the women and girls.
Chapter 8   The “girls club” weekend at the lake cabin gets off to a tantalizing start.
Chapter 9   Three 7th graders and a 5th grader, along with two grownups, have fun playing kinky lesbian sex games.
Chapter 10   Late at night in bed, the youngest girl, 11-year-old Kim-Ly, learns more about the exciting things girls and women can do together.
Chapter 11   During a morning trip to the market for groceries, Leslie and Juli meet a new friend who agrees to join their “girls club” fun later in the day.
Chapter 12   The sexy weekend at the cabin comes to a close, but not before a spectacular juicy finish.

My Family, Friends, and Sex, by Purple Les

Chapter 1   Katy, a young girl, tells about her sexual adventures, especially her first time with someone else, her cousin Samantha, whom everyone calls Sammie.
Chapter 2   The fun continues between Katy and Sammie, but to say it heats up would be misleading. It SCORCHES!!
Chapter 3   Katy witnesses something sexy, and this causes some changes in her life. Big changes!
Chapter 4   Katy’s mother has a revealing conversation with her daughter, and plans are made for a New Year’s Eve sleepover. Also, we get a glimpse into Katy’s fantasy life when she wakes up particularly horny.
Chapter 5   The sleepover leads to a lot of fun for Katy and her friend Mary.
Chapter 6   Katy and Mary get little Lucy involved, only to find out she had some fun herself the night before!
Chapter 7   After overhearing a conversation, Katy decides to try to seduce her mom.
Chapter 8   Katy and her mom have more fun that gets even more intense, and then they begin planning a surprise for someone!!
Chapter 9   The visit by Aunt Billie ends up becoming very interesting for Katy. Very interesting indeed!
Chapter 10   Lots of warm, enjoyable family fun for Katy with her mother and her Aunt Billie.
Chapter 11   Katy and Mary express their desire to get together again, and Katy gets a surprise when her mom picks her up to go to the dentist.
Chapter 12   A girl from Katy’s past becomes her babysitter, and even Mary and her sister are there! There’s no telling what might happen! Or is there?
Chapter 13   Katy and her teenage babysitter, Pam, have even more fun!
Chapter 14   Katy and Mary get out of school early, allowing for a very sexy discovery, which leads to a lot of other wonderful things!
Chapter 15   Mary and Siobhan come for a sleepover, and after some sexy talk, including a confession or two from Siobhan, things get more interesting.
Chapter 16   The sleepover with Siobhan and Mary continues, as does the fun, of course, as Siobhan discovers what joy there is in having sex with her friends . . . and Katy’s mother!
Chapter 17   Jean, Siobhan’s mother, becomes MUCH more involved in her daughter’s life, as things get interesting at Katy’s once again.
Chapter 18   Katy gets in trouble when she comes to the rescue of Mary and a girl she doesn’t even know.
Chapter 19   Katy’s day at school provides some embarrassment, but Mary makes a sweet confession, and when Katy’s mom gets home, life gets much better.
Chapter 20   After Katy wakes up from a sexy dream, her mom provides even more morning pleasure for the girl.
Chapter 21   On a Saturday evening, an impromptu gathering of horny women, along with our young friend Katy. Where will it lead?
Chapter 22   After their big orgy winds down, Katy falls asleep and has some suggestive dreams… but do dreams really mean anything?
Chapter 23   When Katy goes for a first-time sleepover at a friend’s house, she and the 8-year-old girl do a lot more than just sleep.
Chapter 24   After more fun with Jean and Siobhan, Aunt Billie comes for Katy, then her friends come as well.
Chapter 25   The four young friends have more fun watching the video on the fourth thumb drive.
Chapter 26   A lovely surprise for Katy, and it’s got nothing to do with sex.
Chapter 27   Love of a seventies musical leads to an interesting afternoon
Chapter 28   Katy does a good deed and feels good, then gets to feel really good.
Chapter 29   When Katy and Mary play together, nothing should surprise us.
Chapter 30   Spring always brings new things, adventures, and experiences.
Chapter 31   An exciting family party leads to an even more exciting party.
Chapter 32   A number of dreams come true in this great big family party.
Chapter 33   Katy and her mom have a beautiful day together before their story comes to an end.

Pages from a Diary, by Rachael Yukey

Chapter 1   A shy clever ten-year-old Christian girl has one special schoolfriend who invites her for a sleepover.
Chapter 2   At the sleepover Mallory and Julie hear Julie’s dad’s young lover masturbating and get all hot and damp
Chapter 3   Mallory’s parents have huge row in public, Mallory gets upset, only Julie can comfort her, so they spend another night together and become really close friends
Chapter 4   Mallory and Julie find out about masturbation, and Mallory has her first orgasm
Chapter 5  Mallory can’t stop doing ‘it’ but Julie has not yet had an orgasm, and the friends discuss masturbating with Lisa
Chapter 6  Mallory, Julie and Lisa masturbate together and Mallory helps Julie have her first orgasm
Chapter 7   A surprise listener, a frank discussion, and an exciting invitation
Chapter 8   The two friends go to Lisa’s grandparents’ farm to help harvest squash and have more than a squeeze as they sleep together
Chapter 9   Mallory gets tree mushrooms for her art project, and they have fun harvesting squash
Chapter 10 young lovers spend time with Megan, another lesbian girl
Chapter 11  Sunday afternoon with the three friends continues, in Megan’s bedroom
Chapter 12  A loud noise downstairs alarms Mallory. What caused it?
Chapter 13  Mallory has another opportunity to take control
Chapter 14  Hallowe’en is fun – Grandma Paulette is revealing – Julie shares her pain.
Chapter 15  A long car journey leads to surprising revelations.
Chapter 16  After church, another threesome at Megan’s house, in Megan’s bed
Chapter 17  Mallory’s mum is suffering, Julie’s dad has gone on tour, but her friends console her.

Piper’s Mom, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   After working a double shift, Stephanie, a waitress and single mom, comes home to a sexy surprise.
Chapter 2   Confused by her feelings, Stephanie takes advantage of naughty opportunities.
Chapter 3   Piper and her cousin, Brooke enjoy a day of swimming, then dinner and a movie with aunt Neve. Things heat up when it is time to say good night.
Chapter 4   Stephanie looks at Piper’s online activity and is shocked. Amber drops by, and they have a serious discussion that reveals secrets and confessions.
Chapter 5   Brooke embarrasses Piper, and Neve thinks Brooke should apologize… in a most enjoyable way.
Chapter 6   Piper and Amber have fun in the bath, but they’re not alone. Someone is listening.
Chapter 7   Stephanie confronts Amber. Amber experiences new things… sexually.
Chapter 8   Piper and Amber have some fun in the park. Stephanie’s relationship with her daughter changes for the better.
Chapter 9   Amber, Piper, and Brooke share secrets and have fun online. Later on, Piper and Amber give a special welcome home to Stephanie.
Chapter 10   The girls take a trip to the cottage and enjoy the delights of a small secluded island in the middle of the lake.
Chapter 11   Stephanie reveals the truth about Piper’s father. A childhood romance is rekindled. Other truths come to light.
Chapter 12   The next morning Amber and Neve are alone in the kitchen and a lot more than just breakfast heats up. Plus, Stephanie reveals a secret to Amber in hopes of a late-night rendezvous.
Chapter 13   Stephanie fools around with Neve as she waits for Amber to arrive. Their fun is soon interrupted, and the air is finally cleared.
Chapter 14   Neve asks Stephanie a very important question and gifts her something she loves.

Revolutionettes, by Amanda

Chapter 1   In 1790, an orphaned girl, Elizabeth, only 16, begins to learn about sexuality — with a girl even younger than she.
Chapter 2   A year later, Elizabeth find herself involved in an odd courtship with a woman who seems in some ways like a man.
Chapter 3   Elizabeth’s suitor, Madeline, introduces her to the kinkier side of lesbian pleasure.
Chapter 4   Madeline takes Elizabeth to a private party where the girl has some startling new experiences.
Chapter 5   Following a tragic loss, Elizabeth’s life takes another unexpected turn.
Chapter 6   The years bring more change for our heroine, as she must again find a new home and a new circle of friends.
Chapter 7   Elizabeth finds a close friend, possibly a lover, yet the horizon appears ominously dark.
Chapter 8   Bondage, submission, and sexual torture, along with a hint of kindness.
Chapter 9   Finally Elizabeth receives her release, and now must go her own way.
Chapter 10   Enjoying some old pleasures while beginning to build a new life.
Chapter 11   Elizabeth decides to throw a gala illicit party for her female friends, reveling in debauchery.
Chapter 12   The opening night of her first big party in Paris!
Chapter 13   Elizabeth comes up with a suitable — and stimulating — finale for her party.
Chapter 14   As another year passes, Liz becomes a more accomplished businesswoman while also indulging her kinky side.
Chapter 15   Making special plans for the next year’s annual lesbian bacchanalia.
Chapter 16   The events of the first day and night of Liz’s annual party in 1803.
Chapter 17   The second day of the party, filled with eating, drinking, storytelling, and sex.
Chapter 18   The story of Elizabeth, her friends and her lovers, comes to an end.

Ripples, by Sapphmore & JetBoy

Chapter 1   Two years on from her divorce, Jessica’s life is centered around raising her three daughters. Her friend Rachel thinks that it’s time for Jess to get back into sex again — only not with men.
Chapter 2   After making out with her friend Rachel while they watch lesbian porn, Jessica masturbates, not knowing that her twelve-year-old daughter Alice is spying on her while she gets off. Meanwhile, Rachel spends quality time with her babysitter.
Chapter 3   Jessica fools around with her sixteen-year-old employee Sally, and is caught in the act by her daughter Alice. Later, Alice confesses to her mum that she has been crushing on girls herself.
Chapter 4   Alice visits her mum’s room after hours, where they have a lengthy discussion about sex and their growing interest in lesbian love play. Things get out of hand.
Chapter 5   Jessica’s newfound lesbian desires have her lusting after nearly every attractive girl and woman she sees, but thoughts of her daughter still intrude.
Chapter 6   Jessica and Sally explore their new relationship… and Jessica’s daughter Alice is thinking about a certain girl as a possible sex partner.
Chapter 7   Jessica continues to grapple with illicit desires for her daughter while at home, then goes on a ladies’ night out with her friends that gets much wilder than she expected.
Chapter 8   Jessica enjoys an unbridled night of passion with her friend Rachel, then the two new lovers share some secrets about other lesbian experiences they’ve had…
Chapter 9   Jess has a wild, sexy morning with Rachel, then visits a friend. Alice teaches little sister Katie a few tricks she uses to pleasure herself.
Chapter 10   Jess delves deeper into a new intimacy with her daughter Alice. Meanwhile, Rachel is looking to take the relationship she has with her own child Bella into uncharted territory.
Chapter 11   Jessica’s best friend and sex partner Rachel has made plans to educate her twelve-year-old daughter Bella in the ways of love.
Chapter 12   Rachel’s sexual education of her daughter gets intense, and an unexpected interruption leads to the possibility of even more erotic fun and games.
Chapter 13   Jessica struggles with forbidden desire, Alice and Katie spend some quality time in the shower, then Jess and Rachel have a long conversation, mostly on matters sexual.
Chapter 14   Jessica has a town meeting to attend, so she leaves her oldest girl Alice in charge of the younger ones. Alice, however, has some very special ideas about how to have fun with her little sisters.
Chapter 15   Jessica has just caught her two oldest daughters Alice and Katie red-handed, having lesbian sex… a situation complicated by the fact that she herself has already made love twice to Alice. How will she respond to this new development?
Chapter 16   On the morning after, Alice and Katie decide to pay a surprise visit to their mother Jessica’s bed, waking her in a most delightful way.
Chapter 17   Anticipating an evening of pleasure with all three of her daughters, Jessica decides that the time is right for her to come out as a lesbian.
Chapter 18   Alice and Katie get an hour alone with their little sister Poppy, who they hope to entice into their sexy lesbian love play. Can they pull this scheme off before Mum gets home?

Scouting for Girls, by eloquent delinquent

Chapter 1 – Cookies   At a bake sale, Nicole considers rejoining the Forest Girl Explorer Scouts in her new town, especially when they show some intriguing traits.
Chapter 2 – Orientation   Innocent Nicole’s excitement builds as she begins to suspect the troop’s secrets. witnessing one mysterious behavior after another.
Chapter 3 – Testing the Water   Nicole’s curiosity grows when she attends a water safety lesson that takes many naughty turns.
Chapter 4 – Lovey Dovey   Nicole witnesses candid moments with her friends (and her mom!) as she unveils one of the Scouts’ most intriguing secrets.
Chapter 5 – Affirmation   Ten-year-old Nicole’s curiosity about her body is gratified, and Lena teaches her another thrilling thing about the Troop.
Chapter 6 – Taking Root   An outing with the Scouts brings more friendships, more confusion, and tantalizing clues about their special camaraderie.
Chapter 7 – Sprouting   Nicole and Amber take a walk that reveals the Troop’s history; they spy something they shouldn’t, and Nicole sees the Scouts’ secrets laid bare for the first time.
Chapter 8 – Where the Seeds Fall   The Troop’s outing concludes with more bonding, and more arousal; a visit with her sister Abbey reveals clues that Nicole’s been missing.

Tears of the Sun, by Purple Les

Chapter 1   After stumbling upon two murder victims, foiling a bank holdup, then losing her horse in a shootout, the Texas Ranger known as The Tequila Kid finds something unexpected: a little girl, alone and near death in the badlands.
Chapter 2  The Tequila Kid and her new friend, ten-year-old Arabella, get to know each other’s pasts. The Kid sifts through what she knows about the murders in Adobe Wells, and discovers that she is being tracked.
Chapter 3  The Tequila Kid is confronted by an old acquaintance, then hits the trail with ten-year-old Button. They manage to find shelter for the night in the cabin of Annie Bloom, a settler living on her own.
Chapter 4  The Tequila Kid and Button take some time to rest at Annie’s cabin… time that they use in a most pleasurable way.
Chapter 5  The Kid and Arabella set off, taking time to share pleasure along the way, while half-breed Charlie Redeye follows in pursuit.
Chapter 6  The Tequila Kid and Button find refuge with an old friend, where The Kid renews some very special acquaintances. Meanwhile, Charlie Redeye examines his options.
Chapter 7  The Kid meets up with an old friend, and the younger girls enjoy some “play time” together.
Chapter 8  The Kid and Button go into town, both in disguise. They do some sleuthing, tangle with Ramses Kingsley in court, then pay a visit to Button’s Aunt Clementine.
Chapter 9 Arabella begins settling into her new home, while The Kid makes some very intriguing discoveries about Clementine and her girls. In the meantime, Kingsley and Sims plan and plot.
Chapter 10 The Kid and Clementine exchange confidences, then Frank Sims makes his move, with wholly unexpected results. After the smoke clears, The Kid and Kingsley have a private conversation.
Chapter 11 As she recovers from her ordeal with Sims, Arabella learns some very interesting things about the secret love that Aunt Clem and her daughters share… and gets invited to partake of these delights herself.
Chapter 12 A violent confrontation with Kingsley leaves The Kid seriously wounded, but Clementine and the girls know some very nice ways to bring her back to health.
Chapter 13 The murderers of Arabella’s family have all been dealt with, and it’s time for the Tequila Kid to move on… but first, she gets to enjoy a very special, very thrilling day of shared pleasure with her new friends.

Ultimate Surrender, by Girl Lover

Chapter 1   Bonnie and Jennie are a pair of fourth-graders, nine-year-old best friends, and they’re curious about something. Bonnie sneaks out one night to explore.
Chapter 2   The next day at school, Bonnie tells her friend all about her exciting adventures with a sort-of-scary grownup lady named Raven.
Chapter 3   Jennie gets a chance to meet Raven’s friend Kala. They go for a motorcycle ride, spend time in a hot tub, and then have even more fun.
Chapter 4   The two women and two little girls get to know each other better — but something unsettling happens between Jennie and Kala.
Chapter 5   The kids sneak away to spend an afternoon shopping at the mall with their adult friends. Later that day, however, there’s big, big trouble.
Chapter 6   When Bonnie’s parents find out what the girl’s been up to, they are not exactly understanding and sympathetic.
Chapter 7   Nine-year-old Bonnie endures a traumatic night and comes to a very important decision.
Chapter 8   Bonnie and Jennie finally meet the Burning Angels, and find to their horror what they’re all about.
Chapter 9   After discovering that Jadis has assaulted Bonnie, Raven and Kala take the little girls and run.
Chapter 10   On the road, running away, the two women and two girls find warmth and comfort in each other’s arms.
Chapter 11   A final confrontation with the Burning Angels ends in bloodshed.
Chapter 12   After Raven gets out of the hospital, it’s time to make decisions. Where to go? What to do? Can they start a new life?

Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   Trish arrives at her dad’s home and finds herself experiencing new and strange sensations when she is near her step-sister Monica.
Chapter 2   Monica welcomes Trish to the world of sex as her education begins.
Chapter 3   Monica meets a friend at the pool. They, along with Trish, find that swimming is not the only fun activity a pool can offer.
Chapter 4   Monica makes arrangements and Trish is both nervous and excited.
Chapter 5   A chance encounter in the bathroom has Trish all fired up. Monica and Gwen share some special mother/daughter time.
Chapter 6   We learn of Keesha’s past. Monica has something special for Trish on their last night together, and the friendly skies seem a bit more friendly.

Unexpected Delights, by No One

Chapter 1   Twelve-year-old Chloe has a hopeless crush on her best friend’s big sister… little does she know that the teenager, Nettie, has noticed her interest, and isn’t bothered by it at all.
Chapter 2   Nettie takes her little sister’s friend Chloe indoors to teach her much more about the sexy fun two girls can have together.
Chapter 3   Eager for more sex play with her best friend’s big sister, Chloe pays Nettie a surprise visit.
Chapter 4   The lovemaking between Chloe and her best friend’s older sister continues — only to hit an unexpected snag.
Chapter 5   Alex’s interest in the sexual relationship between her friend Chloe and her big sister Nettie is fast becoming an obsession… and Chloe is more than ready to take advantage of that.
Chapter 6   Nettie and Chloe have sex — and once again, they are spied upon by Nettie’s little sister Alex. This time, though, Alex does more than just watch.
Chapter 7   Chloe is out of town, and Nettie is longing for an hour or two of hot, sweaty sex. How wild is she willing to get in her quest for satisfaction?
Chapter 8   Alex and her big sister Nettie explore thrilling new possibilities in their relationship.
Chapter 9   Back from her vacation, Chloe hastens over to meet up with Nettie and Alex… unaware that a huge surprise awaits her.
Chapter 10   Nettie and her sister Alex have had their fun with each other… now it’s time for Chloe to get hers. Needless to say, she gets it and then some.

A Young Desert Rose, by Sunnybunny

Chapter 1   While driving aimlessly through the wide-open spaces, a woman named Heather encounters a flirtatious young girl.
Chapter 2   The ride through the town and beyond leads to more heat than just the desert can produce.
Chapter 3   Heather feels some anxiety over what she’s done with the girl, Angie, but then something else takes her attention… something that could be real trouble.
Chapter 4   Heather and Angie talk about what has happened between them, and Angie makes a request.
Chapter 5   Stuck in Nowheresville until and unless she can solve her mystery, Heather finds a job, of sorts.
Chapter 6   After a night of masturbating while thinking of Angie, Heather spends her first day at her new job meeting some of the locals, hoping to identify who might have taken her money.
Chapter 7   Angie talks Heather into taking her home, and things get steamy from there, but a surprise awaits.
Chapter 8   While mulling over her last few days in Oasis and wondering where it will all lead, Heather is contacted by someone she’d rather not see again.
Chapter 9   Heather evaluates her situation, and finally admits her feelings for Angie.
Chapter 10   There is some sad news, but after enjoying sundaes with Mama Maven, things get very heated between Angie and Heather.
Chapter 11   Romance, a confession, and — an answer to the mystery?
Chapter 12   Angie tells Heather about what happened to her money, then the two lovers find comfort in each other’s arms.






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