The Latchmore Fairies, Chapter 5

  • Posted on September 9, 2022 at 3:14 pm

A brief recap: Single mother and lesbian Amanda receives wonderful news: her eleven-year-old daughter Katie (who has just come out as gay herself) is being considered as a fairy for Latchmore House, a magical kingdom of sorts for young girls.  When meeting with Latchmore’s director Cindy, Amanda is thrilled to learn that the fairies are all lesbian girls. To prove the point, Cindy brings in an enchanting young thing named Rayne, who engages in hot sapphic sex with Amanda. 

This chapter begins in the Latchmore garden where the fairies gather, just like the previous installment, and takes place simultaneously. This part features Katie getting the grand tour with a pair of new fairy friends… while her mum is busy in Cindy’s office. What next? Read on…

by C. Cat

Sitting next to her mum in the clearing, eleven-year-old Katie kept stealing furtive glances up the dress of the red headed fairy. That tight little body and those long, slender legs were dead sexy, but it was the view Katie had of the girl’s pretty pink slit that stole her breath away. It was also a certain look in her eyes. Katie could tell that this particular fairy was interested in her – and unafraid to let that interest show.

It was driving Katie mental. Squeezing her thighs together wasn’t enough; she just needed to touch herself for a few seconds. If she could apply just a bit more pressure to the throbbing warmth between her thighs, it would afford her the relief she so desperately needed. Carefully slipping a hand beneath the skirt, Katie let it drift toward her centre, an inch at a time.

She didn’t notice that two other fairies had drifted up behind her, so Katie nearly jumped out of her skin when one of them bent down to whisper in her ear, “Would you like to come play with us?”

Her heart pounding frantically, Katie spun round to see two lovely young girls. The one with long blonde hair that spilled to her shoulders had the long coltish legs and figure of a runway model. The brunette was a little shorter, with more of an athletic build and more prominent breasts.

Katie was always nervous around pretty girls… and with beauties like these, she found herself unable to reply. Luckily, Mum was there to accept the fairies’ invitation. “Go ahead, sweetheart,” she said, “I’m sure they have a lot to show you.”

With that, each of the girls took one of Katie’s hands and led her away through the soft grass.

“You must be Katie, right?” the girl with the long blonde hair said.

Still feeling bashful, Katie nodded.

“I’m Piper, and this is Melissa. Our director, Miss Cindy, asked us to show you around.”

Somehow finding her voice, Katie spoke. “Is this like, um, a tour or something?”

Melissa spoke up. “Kind of like that, but it’s more of a surprise. She’s hoping you might join us.”


“You know, go to our school and be one of the fairies. Your dance teacher, Miss Caroline, used to be a fairy here and she told Miss Cindy about you.”

Katie came to an abrupt halt, shocked to within an inch of her life. Me… a Latchmore Fairy? Her head swam as she digested the idea, trying to make sense of it.

It didn’t make sense, thrilling though the notion was. Even though Katie now knew that they weren’t genuine fairies, she still had it in her mind that some girls were born for the privilege, and some weren’t. It never occurred to her that she could become one.

“But you’re all, like, so pretty. There’s nothing special about me.”

“Don’t say that.” Melissa piped up, “you’re super cute.”

Katie didn’t believe Melissa, but she couldn’t help feeling a little rush inside when a girl that beautiful said something like that. A shy smile crept across her face, and she felt her cheeks getting warm.

“She’s right, you are cute,” Piper said. “Besides, just wait ’till you see Melissa without her hair and makeup done. It’s almost scary.”

“Hey!” Melissa yelled, swatting at her friend. “Look who’s talking, Miss Split Ends!” She tried to scowl, but couldn’t keep from breaking into giggles.

“Seriously,” Piper said, “You’ll love it here, Katie. I’m sure you’re going to fit right in.”

“Me too,” Melissa added, “It’s a lot better than regular school. There are some different rules, but there’s much more fun.”

“Rules?” Katie said. “Like what?”

“Nothing too hard. The big one is that we never, ever, lie to our sisters.”

“Seems easy enough,” Katie said.

“Oh, it’s harder than it sounds,” Melissa said. “See, it’s all about trust. Would you like to play our honesty game?”

“Sure!” Now that the possibility was at hand, Katie would do anything to prove she had what it took to be a Latchmore Fairy.

Just then, they came to an alcove in a secluded part of the garden with a statue of a Greek goddess and a polished granite bench. “Let’s sit here,” Piper said, and they settled down, the fairies flanking Katie on each side..

“Okay, this game is kinda like Truth or Dare, except without the dare part,” Piper began. “First we say our pledge. Now, repeat after me. “The bond of sisterhood unites all fairies. We love, honour, and trust each other. I promise to never break that bond.” Katie obligingly spoke each phrase after Piper.

“Now we ask each other questions. You can’t lie; that breaks the bond. You’re supposed to ask hard questions, but you can’t ask something that will hurt the other person, or use anything they say against them — that breaks the bond, too.”

“I think I get it,” Katie said with a nod.

“Okay, I’ll go first.” Piper took both of Katie’s hands. “Before we met, you were sneaking peeks at Rayne — she was the girl with the bright red hair. My question is: what were you thinking about when you looked at her?”

Oh God, Katie thought. Her first instinct was to lie. She’d admitted to her mother that she was gay, but had never admitted to anyone the kinds of thoughts she had about pretty girls like Rayne. As her heart raced, she tried to think of how to answer.

Suddenly it became clear to her: the game wasn’t about her secret — they’d probably figured that bit out anyway — it was about trust. She needed to tell them the truth, even if it was embarrassing.

Katie took a deep breath. If I’m wrong and they freak out, at least I’ll never have to face them again, she told herself.

“Well… she was really pretty… that’s why I was looking at her at first. Then she moved and, um, I could see up her skirt, and she wasn’t wearing knickers. See, I like girls, so that made me feel all excited, and I wanted to, y’know… touch myself. Down there.”

She braced herself for whatever reaction Piper and Melissa would have, relieved when they both smiled and gave her hugs.

“Good answer!” Piper exclaimed, “That wasn’t too hard, was it?”

“A little,” Katie replied. She was still embarrassed, but it also felt good not having to hide her secret.

“Now,” Melissa added, “to seal the bond, you have to kiss the one who asked the question.” She glanced expectantly from Katie to Piper.

“Really?” Katie said. That part of the rule didn’t bother her a bit.

“Really,” Piper confirmed, then with an exaggerated eye roll added, “Like, we just got done saying we don’t lie, so…” At that, the three girls broke into giggles.

“Okay,” Katie said, trying not to seem too eager as Piper came near.

She closed her eyes, expecting a gentle peck. Instead, Piper took Katie into her arms, bringing their lips together in a passionate, open-mouth kiss. Katie was shocked at first, but the warmth and tenderness of the fairy’s kiss felt absolutely wonderful. Without a second thought, she parted her own lips, and soon their tongues were engaged in a lustful dance.

As they hugged, Katie felt the girl’s lithe body through the thin dress, quickly noticing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She found herself wondering if Piper had gone without knickers, too. The temptation was there to fondle the teen’s bum and find out for herself, but Katie didn’t want to behave too aggressively, not until she knew it was okay.

Their kiss seemed to last a long, lovely while until Katie gently broke away. Still holding each other, she and Piper shared friendly smiles.

“Nice, huh?” Piper said.

“Yeah, really nice,” Katie caught her breath, “I… I never had a kiss like that before. I guess maybe you’re not freaked out about me liking girls, then?”

“No fear of that!” Piper exclaimed.

“Besides, it wouldn’t matter what you said,” Melissa added. “We’re s’posed to trust that we’ll be sisters, no matter what.”

Piper laughed. “It’s not like we haven’t all seen Rayne’s cunny before — she hates wearing knickers.”

“Now it’s your turn,” Melissa said. “You can ask either of us anything.”

Katie turned to Melissa. Taking the brunette’s hands, she quickly came up with a question. “Okay… are you, like, a lesbian?”

Melissa smiled back, “Yeah… but that’s too easy. Ask me something harder.”

As nervous as Katie was about people finding out she was gay, it was a shock to hear Melissa admit the same thing so casually. “Have you, er, ever had sex with a girl?”

“Come on,” Melissa said, making a face. “Think of something that’s not a yes or no question. Yes I have, plenty of times… but go on, try again.”

Katie blurted out the first thing that popped into her mind. “What’s the wildest sex thing you’ve done?”

Now you’re getting it!” Melissa said. “Hmmm, now let me think…”

Katie noticed Melissa had an adorable way of scrunching her nose as she concentrated. I wonder if she kisses as nice as Piper?

“I don’t know if this is the ‘wildest’ or not,” Melissa began, “but when I was thirteen I used to babysit for this girl named Kit. She was only like nine, but really cute. Whenever I watched her, she insisted on me giving her a bubble bath. I’d undress her, wash her hair, and give her a good scrubbing all over. I wasn’t planning on doing anything more, but this one time I told her she had to clean ‘down there’, and she wanted me to do it. I tried not to make it sexy, but that didn’t seem to make any difference, ‘cos I barely touched her pussy and she came! After that, Kit wanted a ‘special’ bath every time I came over.

“So one night, her mum came back in time to give Kit a bath herself… but Kit made a big fuss, saying she still wanted me to do it. I could kinda tell her mum liked me, and I had a major crush on her, so I said we could pretend Kit and I were sisters, then she could give us a bath together! Kit loved that idea. Her mum – her name was Nicole, by the way – acted like she wasn’t so sure about that, but I could see she really wanted to. So it didn’t take a lot to get her to say yes.

“Anyway, we ran the bath, and I took Kit’s clothes off like I always did. Then, since I was pretending to be Nicole’s daughter, I asked her to undress me, and she did. She was trying not to let it show how much she liked seeing me naked.” Melissa giggled, “but I could tell. I was calling her ‘Mummy’… wow, that really got her going! I got in the bath first, then Kit sat down between my legs. Her bum was pressing right up against my cunny… oh, that felt lovely. I was washing Kit, touching her body all over.

“Nicole started washing my hair, then she started scrubbing the rest of me. It got me so hot that I took one of her hands and put it right between my legs. I thought she might yank it away, maybe even get mad… but instead, she started rubbing my pussy! And while she was doing that, Kit was pushing her bottom back against her mum’s hand. She was getting pretty excited, so I reached round and touched her clit.” Melissa shook her head, still awed by the memory. “It was amazing. Me and Kit ended up coming together, right there in front of her mum!”

Katie’s eyes were huge as she drank in the older girl’s story. “What happened then?”

Melissa smirked. “That’s another question, and you’ve already had three,” she said, “Now we get to kiss!” With a deft sideways motion, Melissa straddled Katie’s lap and, taking the younger girl’s face in both hands, brought their mouths together.

Katie was prepared for the kiss to be passionate, but this was even better than she expected. Melissa’s mouth was soft and sweet, and she was grinding her body into Katie’s as their tongues mingled. And Piper was right there too, caressing them both. She began to nibble at Katie’s ear, then travelled down her neck, finally nuzzling her way in to make it a three-way kiss.

It was marvellous, a little taste of heaven. Katie loved being sandwiched between these two enchanting girls, their bodies pressed snugly together. Her panties had been damp earlier; now they were positively sodden. If Melissa wasn’t straddling her, she would have a hand buried in her knickers.

Katie was beginning to wonder if this might be her first time having sex. That was exciting, but also a little scary. She wasn’t really sure how to make love with another girl. At the same time, Katie didn’t want to back down and risk having her new friends think she wasn’t grown up enough.

Suddenly Melissa broke away and gazed deep into her eyes, a warm smile on her lips. “Katie, I really like you… and I want us to do more, a lot more.” Wrapping an arm around Piper, she added, “We both do.”

“Yeah, you’re awesome, Katie!” Piper exclaimed. “I can’t wait ‘till you’re one of us.”

“And we can’t wait to do all kinds of sexy stuff with you,” Melissa continued, “but let’s not rush things. We want you to be sure you’re ready. Is that okay?”

Katie was disappointed, but also a little relieved. She didn’t want to embarrass herself in front of Piper and Melissa with her lack of experience. She wanted her first experience to be special and, as cute as they both were, she knew this was not the right time.

“I think I get it,” Katie said, “I can wait.”

“Well then, we should probably meet some of the other girls,” Piper said, “I know they’re going to love you. Miss Cindy is probably talking with your mum right now about being one of us. When they accept you, we set up the initiation.”

“Initiation?” Katie said, a little worried.

“Yeah, You’re gonna love that part,” Melissa said before giving her one last kiss.

“This is a shortcut to the school,” Piper said as she and Melissa led Katie through a small iron gate and down a trail through a wooded section of the garden.

The path took them to a large Victorian looking building. “This is Fairy House. It’s where we hang out… and where the younger girls live. The older girls live in Belle House, just down the way.”

They entered through a side door, where Piper and Melissa both took off their wings, carefully hanging them on a rack beside about a dozen or so other sets.

“We have a guest, girls!” Melissa announced as she walked into a spacious lounge.

There were seven other fairies present, all of whom had changed out of their costumes. Three were seated at a large table who appeared to be doing homework, Melissa introduced them as Willow, Maggie, and Claire.

Two more girls were seated in big overstuffed chairs with ear-buds in, listening to music. These were Emma and Ella. Finally, a pair of girls sitting very close to each other on the couch were identified as Naomi and Sophia. They all looked up and smiled at Katie, calling out friendly hellos.

“Is she here?” came a voice from the stairs. Katie looked up to see a young brunette coming down to greet her, with a much younger Asian girl close behind.

“And this is Rachel and Aiko,” Melissa said with a knowing smirk, “I’m glad you two managed to join us.”

Katie noticed that these last two had flushed cheeks, and their hair was a bit mussed. It wasn’t hard to guess what they’d been doing.

The introductions came so quickly that Katie knew she wouldn’t be able to remember all their names, but promised herself to learn them quickly. After all, they’re going to be my new sisters, I hope. Oh, God, I hope!

All the girls were friendly, though a couple of them had to beg off and finish their schoolwork. The others asked Katie about where she went to school, what she liked to do for fun, what music she liked and more. They were pretty much like the questions any new girl would be asked at her own school, but Katie noticed one glaring exception: none of the fairies asked her anything about boys. She wondered how many of them were gay.

As shy as Katie was around pretty girls, especially girls that seemed to take an interest in her, something about being in the company of the fairies felt so pleasant and cosy that she found it surprisingly easy to relax and be herself.

When Melissa first referred to the girls at Latchmore as sisters, Katie assumed it was just something they said. After spending an hour or so in their company, she realised that this really was something of a family. Like genuine sisters, they seemed protective, caring and affectionate toward each other. It was a far cry from the cliques she knew from school, with their social games that so often turned vicious.

At one point, Melissa hooked an arm through Katie’s and took the girl aside. “It might be a few days before I get to see you again,” she murmured, “so I figured I better finish that story – you know, about me, Kit, and Nicole…”

“Oh, yeah, I really wanted to know what happened,” said Katie. “So, um, Kit’s mum gave you good feelings with her fingers, and you did the same thing for Kit. Then what?”

Melissa was grinning hugely, barely able to restrain her glee. “Well, soon as I caught my breath, I stood up in the tub, put my arms around Nicole and kissed her. And she kissed me back!”

“Wow. Tongues and everything?”

“Yeah,” Melissa replied. “That’s when I knew she wanted to do sex stuff with me, right? So I started unbuttoning her top. She stopped me and said, ‘Let’s get you two dried off, then we’ll go to my bedroom’. Well, that’s what we did.”

By then, Katie’s panties were so wet she could have wrung them out. “And then…?”

“Then Nicole took off her clothes, all of them! Bloody hell, she looked good naked. I wanted to fuck her sooooo bad.”

“Um… d-did you?” Katie asked, her voice a whisper.

“I did,” Melissa replied with a nod. “She lay down on the bed, and I got between her legs and licked her pussy ‘til she came in my face. Kit was there the whole time, watching us. But then things really got crazy. You’ll never guess what happened next.”

Unable to speak, Katie shook her head.

“Nicole did sex with her little girl!”

The revelation hit Katie like a gust of hot wind. “She didn’t.”

“She totally did,” Melissa responded. “Turned out she’d been thinking ‘bout Kit like that for ages, since she was, like, six or so. They sexy kissed for a while, then Nicole got on her back and told Kit to climb on her face, so she could lick her pussy. Which she did.”

“My gosh. Her own mum…!”

Now that she knew such a thing was possible, Katie’s thoughts inevitably drifted to her own mother. She’d been thinking a lot about her of late, especially since their little chat about them both being gay. Some of those thoughts had thrilled Katie, but also made her feel uncomfortable, knowing it was wrong to dream of kissing your mum, of seeing her naked… of touching her body. Now, she wasn’t so sure about that.

Could Mum ever love me like that? the eleven-year-old asked herself. Would she like to?

“Katie!” a new voice came from the back hallway, breaking into her reverie. She turned to look, and saw the little redhead coming to greet her.

“See you later,” Melissa whispered, giving Katie’s shoulder a quick squeeze before moving away to join the others.

“I’m Rayne,” the redhead said as she padded over to Katie, giving her a big hug. “I wanted to be here sooner to meet you, but I was with Miss Cindy, getting to know your mum. She’s really cool – I like her a lot!”

The moment Katie saw Rayne, she felt those butterflies in her tummy. Now they were embracing, and the warmth and softness of the girl’s body against hers only made that feeling stronger. She’d had crushes on girls before, but this was more than a momentary infatuation. In fact, it felt an awful lot like love.

She closed her eyes, made a wish. Please, please, PLEASE let her like girls too! 

Returning the pretty redhead’s hug, Katie did her best to make it seem relaxed and casual, but inside she was bursting with joy.

“I’ll be taking you over to see Miss Cindy and your mom pretty soon,” Rayne said when they finally broke apart, “but I need to change first. Come with me so we can chat?”

It wasn’t really a question, so Rayne took her by the hand and they climbed the stairs together. On the way, Katie detected knowing smiles from some of the other girls. Maybe she wasn’t being that casual after all…

“Are you going to be a Fairy?” Rayne said as soon as they got to her room.

“I totally want to. It’s up to my mum, really.”

Rayne burst into an enormous grin. “You’ve nothing to worry about, then. She’s already said yes!”

Covering her mouth with both hands, Katie squeaked, “She has?”

“Why on earth wouldn’t she? Your mum loves Latchmore! I bet she wants this as much as you do.”

“Yeah, I love it here. I wasn’t sure at first if I’d fit in, but…”

“Oh, you’ll be fine. This place was made for girls like us.”

Gazing into Rayne’s bright green eyes, Katie saw something in them that had her feeling warm all over. “You mean…?”

Rayne nodded before leaning in and putting an arm around her. “That’s right,” she said, “All us fairies are lesbians.”

“Really?” Katie had suspected that Piper and Melissa couldn’t be the only ones who liked girls, but it was a surprise to learn that they all did.

“Yeah, it’s always been like that,” Rayne said, doing a few carefree dance steps around the room. “Our founder, Mommy Charlotte, wanted a family. She didn’t want to get married to have one, though, ‘cos she was gay. But she figured there were lots of girls like her out there, so she made a family of her own, just for them. That’s what the fairies are.”

“But some of the girls are, um, girlfriends, right?”

“Oh, sure. You were hanging out with Melissa and Piper, right?” Katie nodded. “Well, they’re a couple. Crazy in love, those two.”

That caught Katie by surprise. “But… they both kissed me!”

“That’s how things are at Latchmore,” Rayne said. “You can be in love, but it’s still important to share with your sisters. You’re not s’posed to have any girl all to yourself. See, that’s being possessive, and you can get in big trouble for that. Some girls even have to leave the Fairies, ‘cos they can’t handle it when a girl they like makes love with anyone but them.” She slowly shook her head. “That’s not the Latchmore way.”

“Do you, like, have a girlfriend?” Katie asked, not realising until the words left her mouth that she was being totally obvious about her attraction to Rayne. That made her blush.

Thankfully, her new friend didn’t seem to notice. “Not yet,” Rayne replied. “Everyone says sex is even better when you’re really in love.” She giggled. “I can’t wait to find out!”

“I wouldn’t know about that, either,” Katie said with a shy glance. “I mean, I know I like girls, but all I’ve done so far is kissing.”

“Kissing girls is the best. I mean, other girl games are really good too, but kissing is special.”

“I think about sex a lot… but I kinda worry that I won’t do it right.”

“Aw, don’t worry. Figuring stuff out is the fun part – like an adventure. You don’t have to stress out about it, just let things happen.”

“I can do that,” Katie said with a growing confidence.

Rayne nodded and smiled. “I’ve got to take you to Miss Cindy’s office, so she can meet with you and your mum… but we’ve still got some time.” Turning around, she presented her back to Katie, “Can you unzip me?” she said, gesturing to the back of her fairy dress.

Katie’s hand trembled a little as she slowly tugged the zipper down, revealing the smooth skin of Rayne’s back.

Slipping her arms out of the sleeves, Rayne pushed the dress down, taking her time so Katie could see the stretchy fabric slip over her narrow hips, revealing a tight little bum. Katie felt lightheaded, her heart pumping like mad… then she let out a gasp as her new friend bent forward, sliding the colourful material down until the dress ringed her ankles. She stepped out, now completely naked.

“Do you like looking at me?” Rayne said as she turned around to face Katie, biting her lower lip.

“Uh-huh,” was all Katie could say, transfixed by the wondrous sight.

“I like how you look… makes me feel all tingly inside.”

“M-me too.”

A shy smile. “Can I kiss you?”

Katie nodded. “Sure…”

Drawing closer, Rayne extended her arms, and Katie floated into them, fully embracing the nude girl.

When their lips met, it felt like fireworks going off. Katie immersed herself in the warmth of Rayne’s body, the sweet smell of her, the silky soft skin.

Her intoxication only grew as their kiss became more passionate. As lovely as it felt kissing Piper and Melissa, this was even better. Rayne’s tongue was a ribbon of sweetness, beckoning Katie into a dream world where love was everything and everything was love.

As they kissed, she noticed something familiar: a rich, heady fragrance that was somehow different from the floral notes of Rayne’s scent, filling her with a strange hunger. It was a smell she knew, too. Some part of her mind recognised it, despite being out of place. But what is it? she wondered.

A memory from the previous week abruptly flashed into her consciousness. Katie was tucked up in bed and touching herself between the legs, holding a pair of Mum’s dirty knickers she’d filched from the laundry hamper. She was pressing them to her face, giddy with excitement as she breathed in the strong aroma of a woman’s pussy

Now she was confronted by that very same scent on the lips of a young girl. A girl who was kissing her.

It took a moment for Katie to grasp the full significance of what this meant… but once she had, it shocked her to the core.

“You… you and my mum?” Katie gasped between kisses.

“Uh-huh.” Rayne answered.

Of the many surprises Katie had experienced that day, this one shook her hardest. She was confused, not knowing how to respond.

Should I be jealous? Katie asked herself. But Rayne’s words from earlier echoed in her head: That’s not the Latchmore way. 

In fact, the more she thought about Rayne and her mum doing sex, the more excited she felt. After all, you’re supposed to share with your sisters… why not with Mum, too?

“I love your mummy’s pussy,” Rayne whispered, her lips brushing Katie’s ear. “It’s so juicy and sweet. I licked her ‘til she came in my face… and I didn’t wipe my mouth after, ‘cos I wanted you to taste her when we kissed.”

Katie’s knees were weak as Rayne made love to her, tracing kisses over her cheeks and down to her neck. Then she felt the girl’s hands slide down and cup her bottom through the thin cotton of her sundress. She wanted to do the same. Soon she was cupping Rayne’s tight bum as their bodies pressed together.

All the while, Katie was imagining this sexy, adorable girl playing lovely lesbian games with Mum. Now she was in love with the idea. And it had her thinking even more about her mother as a sexual being, wondering, Would she let me do that to her? Put my mouth on her pussy?

She didn’t know. But Katie was certain of one thing: she wanted to. Sex with Mummy. Yeah, I’d like that.

Still, those thoughts were for another time. She had Rayne in her arms, already suspecting they were going to do more than just hug and kiss.

Without a word, Rayne brought one of Katie’s hands to her face, then took two fingers into the moist heat of her mouth. Katie didn’t want to miss a moment, but she had to close her eyes and enjoy the odd but amazing sensation of Rayne’s lips and tongue caressing her fingers. She imagined the girl doing that all over her body, and it made her shiver.

But Rayne was just getting started. Quickly guiding Katie’s hand between her legs, she deftly slipped those moistened fingers into her vagina. Katie was so startled that she nearly jumped away; luckily, she managed to keep still, then felt herself melt as the reality of it sank in. 

I’m… I’m fucking a girl! she marvelled. It’s really happening!

Rayne began to work her hips, falling into a clumsy rhythm. Quickly catching on, Katie began to move her arm in time with Rayne’s pelvic thrusts. She was cautious at first, not wanting to hurt the girl, but it soon became apparent that Rayne had done this kind of thing before.

Katie loved it. She loved the warmth and wetness of Rayne’s mound, especially with her finger sheathed in the older girl’s secret place. The best part, though, was the little gasps that escaped Rayne’s lips with each shuddering pump of their bodies.

Thrilled as she was, Katie felt her excitement soar to new heights when Rayne touched her inner thigh… then that hand began to move upward, beneath the skirt she wore. Katie knew a twinge of fear, but wasn’t about to back down now. Instead, she spread her legs, inviting Rayne to go higher still.

Waiting as those fingers moved closer and closer was a blissful agony. She wanted, needed, ached to be touched between the legs by her new lover.

“Please, Rayne,” she managed to say as the sweet redhead nuzzled her neck. “Oh, p-please!”

She felt the fingers slide across the front of her panties and whimpered. It was lovely, but Katie hungered for more, more!

Suddenly Rayne’s hand slipped into Katie’s knickers, pressing against her vulva. “Ohhhh…” she moaned.

This was it. For the first time, a girl was touching her down there. Her body seemed to buzz with electricity as Rayne explored and caressed her lightly-downed slit.

“Let’s… let’s come together,” Rayne whispered. “God, I’m s-so close!”

“Uh-huh, yeah,” Katie panted. It wouldn’t take much, she was certain. Powerful currents of pleasure crashed and churned inside her, getting steadily wilder until… until…

It came down fast and hard, an orgasm so powerful that Katie had to cling to Rayne to hold herself erect. Was she screaming? No way to tell; there was a roaring in her ears that drowned out everything. She was shaking, all but helpless in the face of such intense ecstasy.

Then, just as those amazing sensations were reaching a peak, she felt Rayne go tense, and knew that  her partner was coming too. Katie clutched the squealing girl, and they rode their shared release together.

Finally, the two exhausted girls fumbled their way over to Rayne’s bed and collapsed on it, still clinging to one another as they caught their breath.

Snuggling with the nude redhead, Katie found herself wishing that she’d also undressed, so they could be naked together. Oh, well, she thought, I’ll take all my clothes off next time.

And there would be a next time. She knew that for certain, and Rayne felt it just as strongly as she did. They had shared something truly special… and to Katie, it felt a lot like love.

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