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By 1000 Monkeys –

The O Girls, 2 parts  (July 2011)
The shy new girl at school receives an offer to join a very exclusive club — but first must take an initiation challenge.

By a2b –

Love is in the Rain  (July 2008)
After a day at the pool, ten-year-olds Sarah and Summer get caught in the rain.

By Alice –

The Hire  (May 2006)
When a little girl of ten knocks on the door of professional dominatrix Miss Catherine, she’s not there to sell the woman cookies.

By Alice Gee –

The Temptation of Julie, 3 parts  (July 2008)
Feeling an intense lesbian lust for her daughter’s little friend, Julie finally decides to do something about it.

By Amanda –

Amanda and Tara, 5 chapters  (June 2005)
Amanda is startled to find herself falling in love with her ten-year-old niece during a summer visit.

Emily (September 2005)
A girl of ten is fascinated by her big sister’s best friend Emily. One day she discovers that Emily has a certain interest in her as well.

How My Daughter Converted Me  (September 2006)
A single mother is shocked to discover that her twelve-year-old daughter desires a greater, more intimate closeness than most parents share with their children.

Indian Summer  (June 2005)
Sometimes birthday wishes do come true.

She’s Just a Child, 3 parts  (June 2005)
A young girl is introduced to lesbian love by her next door neighbor.

Starlight Lover, 2 parts  (September 2006)
The story of a young stowaway on a starship, and her budding relationship with the captain of the vessel.

Winter Break  (September 2005)
Struggling with guilt as a remnant of her religious upbringing, 11-year-old Alex gets love and wisdom from her mother. Especially love.

Also see Amanda’s new story, Revolutionettes, at our Guest Authors page!

By Mindy Max –

Mommy and Thea
A mother finds herself falling in love with her underage daughter, and is surprised to learn that little Thea harbors some very special feelings of her own for Mommy.

By A Minor Paragon –

Companion Hotel, Room 319, 2 parts  (September 2016)
A mother and her little girl visit a hotel that caters to an altogether different sort of patron.

By Androgyne –

A Holiday Affair, 2 parts  (July 2009)
When Lesley sits next to a precocious young nymph on an airplane, it’s the beginning of an astonishing sexual journey.

Kerb Crawl
A middle-aged lesbian has an obsession with driving around the streets of her town, looking for young girls to pick up. This particular night promises to be especially thrilling.

Streetwise, 3 parts  (March 2009)
Twelve-year-old Kyra reminisces about her introduction to lesbian sex, and the lusty shenanigans that followed.

By A.P. Gilmore –

Trapped  (Lesbian Lolita March 2008)
Stuck in an elevator in the aftermath of an earthquake, a mother and her teen daughter share secrets… then end up sharing much more.

By April –

The Wedding  (October 2005)
A woman is privately joined in matrimony with her true love: her nine-year-old daughter.

By Bad Fred –

Amy’s New Friend  (October 2009)
Little Amy has no one to play with, until Veronica comes along.

My Sister Megan: A Playful Tale of Incest  (October 2009)
Taking her younger sister out on a special secret date to celebrate the girl’s fifteenth birthday…

Seducing Anne, by Bad Fred  (December 2009)
Katey and Hailey agree on a contest: which of them can entice the new girl Anne into bed first? It’s a friendly rivalry that quickly gets complicated.

By Barbie Doll –

Barbie Has Her Way, 2 parts.  (August 2006)
Twelve-year-old Barbie has a serious craving for older women. This is the story of how she picks up a divorced mother in a shopping mall, and what happens afterward.

By callmeQ67 –

Summer Love, 7 chapters  (April 2009)
Two rich suburban lesbians have fun seducing local teenagers. They enjoy being rivals, and 13-year-old Courtney is the latest prize to be won.

By Cassandra Blue –

A Beautiful Day  (May 2009)
An 11-year-old girl fakes being sick so she can stay from school and spend time with someone special.

First Light of Day  (November 2006)
A woman on the run returns to a home where she is no longer welcome — to steal a furtive moment of love with her 11-year-old niece.

Julie’s Burning Temptation  (February 2005)
Julie has never experienced any kind of attraction to an underage girl before. Now, she can’t help but be drawn to eleven-year-old Amanda.

Lost But Not Forgotten  (July 2011)
Poetic impressions of young love.

A Warm Place, 3 parts  (March 2005)
After driving driving off the road in a storm, a woman finds herself being seduced by a sexy fourteen-year-old girl.

By Chrestomathist –

Melinda + Kendra  (August 2008)
A grown woman, straight (she thinks), finds herself falling hard for a young teenage girl.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie  (August 2008)
The woman is now involved with a second teenage girl as well. But that’s not the end.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie + Jess  (August 2008)
A pair of fourteen-year-old lesbian lovers — one of them her own daughter — and a still younger girl enters the picture.

Melinda + Kendra + Jackie + Jess = Love  (August 2008)
Coming to terms with incest, with underage lesbian sex, and loving it all.

By Connie Lingus –

Daughter’s Best Friend, 5 chapters  (January 2010)
She’d never thought of having sex with women, let alone a young girl. But then her daughter’s friend dropped by…

By Dirty Girl Sara –

Me and Sara, three parts  (February 2011)
Ms. Smith, a divorced middle school teacher, has an unquenchable thirst for young girls.

By Donna and Thom –

New Neighbors, 5 chapters  (November 2005)
Two women become acquainted, become attracted, become involved, and more.

By eloquent delinquent –

Honey Loves – Confessions of an Incestuous Mother, 7 chapters  (January 2015)
Allison and her six-year-old daughter turn a trip to the market into something very special.

Sunshine Secrets, (Septembeer 2015)
Julianne passes the time of day with her daughter Claire and Claire’s friend Mandy outdoors, in a tranquil clearing. Clothing is optional. special.

By Emma Star –

Nina’s True Self Discovered, 4 chapters  (October 2005)
A teenage girl learns that her mother has been living a secret life.

By Eva –

Driftwood  (December 2007)
Taking a walk along the beach results in an unexpected, life-changing discovery.

Healing the Hurt  (September 2012)
When a little girl slips and falls, in a way her teacher does too.

Matchmaker  (January 2008)
Lana’s nine-year-old daughter Tina wants to help her mommy find someone new to love, but it isn’t a man she’s thinking of — or even a grownup!

Santa’s Coming  (December 2013)
A dissatisfied wife and her little girl get a surprise gift that makes their Christmas extra special!

Wet Kisses  (January 2008)
A woman by the poolside, a beautiful little girl, and a great deal of moisture.

By Galatea –

A Mirror Darkly, 2 parts  (September 2005)
Twin sisters, sixteen years old, brave a storm in the night, then face an adventure in Bangkok.

By Gladys Stoatpamphlet –

Friday Night at the Club  (August 2008)
Jade loves to bring her little girl to the strip club where she works… especially into the rooms where men aren’t allowed.

Making a Sleepover  (June 2008)
How to get a lesbian slumber party started.

Snowflake, Icicle, and the Witches  (November 2008)
Fairies, nymphs, and witches need love too — not to mention hot nasty lesbian sex!

By handheld –

Brenda and the Barrel Racers  (July 2010)
A teen cowgirl helps eleven-year-old Brenda have her first lesbian experience.

By HardJulia –

Report of the “Leslita” Project  (August 2013)
A [fictional] study of sexual attraction and sexual relationships between women and preteen girls.

By Honey West –

The Mark of a Good Babysitter  (March 2006)
Ace babysitter Stevie accidentally ends up taking on an unexpected job, looking after two little girls who just got some interesting ideas from a magazine about how girls can have sexy fun with each other. Perhaps their cool new babysitter can teach them even more…?

The Perfect Job  (February 2005)
House-sitting and taking care of two sexy young girls.

By hornykate –

Mother and Daughter  (July 2012)
Finding pleasure in her little girl’s dirty underwear.

The Seduction of May  (August 2013)
After a mother witnesses a young neighbor girl bullying another, she confronts the girl – with unexpected results.

Taking Laura Home, 4 chapters  (August 2012)
Giving a lift home to her young daughter’s best friend becomes… complicated.

While the Mouse Was Away the Cat Did Play, 4 chapters  (July 2012)
Daughter’s friend comes calling, and finds the mother alone.

By JeffB –

Save Room for Dessert  (November 2007)
A lesbian who loves underage girls is introduced to a secret club where she can finally realize her obsession.

By Jen –

Led Into Shadow, 5 chapters  (August 2010)
Young Genevieve discovers that her new stepmother is a denizen of the dark side, and soon comes to yearn for her power — and her body.

By Jen L. Lee –

Kara’s Loving Family  (September 2011)
A young mother begins a tradition of intimate love among the women of her family.

By Jeneee –

Kimmy and Samantha, 8 chapters  (April 2007) – (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The adventures of two young sisters with an appetite for lesbian sex, and the interesting ways they find it.

Meet Brit, 7 chapters  (December 2011)
A young girl describes the sexual awakening she and her older sister receive at the hands of their loving mother.

More Than Just Friends, 24 chapters  (April 2007)
A lesbian mother discovers whole new ways to experience love when her adventurous little girl begins to explore sex with a shy schoolmate.

A Package Deal, 2 parts  (January 2010)
A skating accident is the start of something magical between two women and a little girl.

Picture This, 10 chapters  (May 2010) – (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A woman observes a young mother and her little girl shopping for lingerie, which leads to some unexpected excitement.

By Jessica Brockham –

Babysitting Laura, 4 chapters  (November 2011)
Attracted to the single mother next door,  a young woman soon finds herself having similar feelings for her neighbor’s eleven-year-old daughter.

By Joanne –

Back to Front  (November 2010)
Indulging in memories of private intimacies with her daughter as a child… now dreaming of exploring those same pleasures with her granddaughter.

By Karyn O –

Remembering Mom  (August 2010)
Looking back to the time when she was a girl… how things began and then progressed.

By Kathy-Anne Niemann –

Jane and Nicole  (January 2008)
The story of a married woman seduced by a teenage babysitter.

Melinda, My Love  (January 2008)
Seventh-grade teacher Carrie has a hopeless crush on a 12-year-old girl in her class, and has finally decided to do something about it.

By LesLuv –

My Concubine and I, 2 parts  (January 2011)
It all begins when teen lesbian Lisa spies a beautiful little girl in a cafe who likes to flash her panties.

By Little Alison –

Lynn, 10 chapters  (January 2014)
Engaging in webcam sex with a budding lesbian of 12, Lynn is stunned when she discovers the child’s true identity.

By Lori’s Mommy –

Loving My Lori, 2 parts (October 2007)
Exploring her options after divorce, newly-single mother Mandy discovers an unexpected attraction to young girls… a desire that soon grows to enfold her eight-year-old daughter Lori.

By Louisa May –

Crush, 4 chapters  (January 2005)
Nora is shocked and incredibly aroused to learn that a young girl of twelve is nursing a secret passion for her.

Lily Robin, 6 chapters  (May 2011)
A teenager has no desire to babysit the neighbor’s little girl, until she discovers the lovely desires this child can arouse.

A Model Companion, 2 parts so far
Two models, a young woman, and a girl of eleven discover a mutual attraction that takes their relationship beyond the boundaries of friendship.

Stagestruck, 4 chapters  (January 2005)
A professional actress finds herself smitten by an eleven-year-old girl, and is unable to resist the temptation.

By MargaretSexyMum –

Cinderella  (October 2013)
The familiar fairy tale told with an intriguing twist.

By Marie LeClaire –

The Dress Shop  (August 2008)
A lonely lesbian gets an unexpected treat when a mother and daughter visit her dress store around closing time, looking for something “sexy” for the girl.

By Michelle –

My Summer with Erin, 5 chapters  (July 2007)
The story of a young single woman discovering her true nature, and her special relationship with a little girl named Erin.

By Misty Meadow –

Two Little Girls and Their Gym Teacher, 2 parts  (November 2016)
Mom finds that her daughter has some interesting school friends, along with a very interesting gymnastics coach.

Works of Art  (January 2017)
A mother and her daughter scheme to promote the sexuality of underage girls — and gratify adults who love them — on the walls of art galleries.

By mom.anne –

The Unmapped Path, 4 chapters  (December 2012)
After accidentally witnessing two little girls making love, a single mother begins to think of her daughters in a whole new way.

By Moonglow –

Missy’s Games
Missy, her big sister Chelsea and her mommy Shawna are incestuous lovers, with a special emphasis on anal play. Their Friday night gets even wilder when they entice a pizza delivery girl into their lewd antics.

By MsBev –

My Midnight Angel, (December 2005)
While tucked up and cozy in her warm bed, a young single mother gets an unexpected, but quite pleasurable late-night visit from her little girl.

By Muffi –

Kirsten’s First Experience, 2 parts  (February 2010)
Teenage lesbian Jess is thrilled to learn that nine-year-old neighbor girl Kirsten, who Jess regularly looks after as a favor for the girl’s mother, has a big crush on her.

Mommy, Show Me How, 2 parts  (February 2010)
When ten-year-old Jenny discovers that her mom has sex fantasies about her, she decides to make the first move herself.

My Niece Janelle, 10 chapters  (February 2010)
In between relationships, thirty-something lesbian Meagan is experiencing unexpected feelings for her nine-year-old niece Janelle, who is trying to make friends with a sad, shy girl from her school.

By My Girls –

She Knows  (June 2008)
A still-in-the-closet middle-aged lesbian, and a very special nine-year-old girl.

By Nellie of Sweden –

The Larsson Treatment  (February 2010)
A meeting of like minds aboard a Scandinavian ferryboat.

A Little Grey Mouse, 2 parts  (February 2010)
An adolescent lesbian playing fun games with a five-year-old girl.

My Summer with Erica, 6 chapters  (January 2010)
Eight-year-old Nellie’s sexual awakening with her fifteen-year-old cousin Erica.

By Nuit du Loup –

Broken Monster, 12 chapters  (November 2009)
A girl of twelve becomes a lesbian vampire and discovers a thirst for more than just blood.

Learning Phase, 14 chapters – (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Isana, a skilled practitioner of sorcery who is partially woman, partially cat, and completely lesbian, gets an important assignment: to train three young girls in the rudiments of her craft. In the process, she and her students will achieve a very special closeness.

By Passing Cloud –

School Memories, 6 chapters  (November 2012)
Looking back at the fun and exciting ways that young girls can learn about sex from one another.

By Pretty Pink Taco –

Earth Mother, (June 2015)
A free-spirited woman elects to lead a private life with her adorable baby girl.

I Couldn’t Stop, 2 parts  (May 2015)
A young lifeguard, coming to terms with an unexplored attraction to other girls, becomes increasingly fascinated by a certain eight-year-old cutie who hangs around the pool.

Home for the Holidays, 2 parts
A confident and beautiful daughter returns home for Christmas to her father, and mother, who is also her lover.

By Puella Amante –

Pretty Little Waif, 3 parts  (August 2007)
The year is 1943. With her husband away at war, Evelyn Johnson is trying to earn a few extra dollars as a sales lady at the local Woolworths. Then one day, a 9-year-old girl steps into her changing room to try on a dress…

By Rainbow Brite –

My Angel Mistress, 2 parts  (March 2010)
One mother’s experiences as the pregnant, submissive sex toy of her strong-willed twelve-year-old daughter.

By Rebecka –

Blue Christmas  (January 2010)
The story of an off-and-on lesbian courtship, lasting from childhood until a very special Christmas.

Snow Angels, 3 parts  (January 2010)
Trapped overnight on a school bus, Ellen and Agnes stay warm during a snowstorm by snuggling close together.

The Trouble with Mom  (December 2009)
Two young sisters are discovered by their mother while having sex with each other.

By Samantha Luvsya –

Love Lessons for Lisa, 2 parts  (April 2011)
An unexpected babysitting assignment results in a wonderful weekend of discovery.

By SarahJ –

X-Rated  (October 2011)
A lesbian on the prowl gets lucky when she encounters a curious ten-year-old in a neighborhood cinema.

By Sheilamuffin –

Don’t Ask Me What Happened  (July 2009)
What’s a mother to do when she awakens in the middle of the night, only to find that her naked eight-year-old daughter is kneeling over her face?

By Shyla Tease –

Getting to Know the Girl Next Door  (January 2011)
When an underage girl begins to pleasure herself in a bedroom across the street from where Jenna lives, the older woman falls headlong into the thrilling, kinky delights of spying. What happens when Jenna gets the chance for something more with her neighbor?

By Sindy070 –

Health Spa  (July 2011)
Raised as a naturist by her lesbian mother, eleven-year-old Cindy gets a sweet surprise when Mum takes her to a nudist spa, a special place where women and girls can explore love together.

Model Daughter
A young girl with a secret crush on her mother gets the chance to do something about it at a private modeling session.

By Single Mom –

Sharon and the Blizzard  (December 2007)
When a sixth-grade teacher and one of her students get trapped on the road during a heavy snowstorm, they find some very interesting ways to keep warm.

By StarSapphire –

Pyrotechnics, 2 parts  (April 2005)
When a grown woman meets a ten-year-old girl, the fireworks begin.

The Temptation of Tanya, 5 chapters.  (April 2005)
Carla is shocked to realize that she has a massive crush on eleven-year-old Tanya, the daughter of her new neighbor Leanne. Meanwhile, Tanya is developing certain desires of her own that she wants to explore…

Vice is Nice But…  2 parts  (June 2008)
Thirteen-year-old Tracy has a passionate crush on Marie, the lady next door. Meanwhile, Marie is noticing how incredibly cute Tracy is. And Tracy’s lesbian mom Shirley has her own agenda.

Webs of Passion, 2 parts  (April 2005)
Wrestling with a secret desire to experience love with her 12-year-old daughter, Judy discovers that the child has some deep-seated longings of her own.

By Stormy –

My Little Sex Toy Cindy  (May 2009)
Janice gets the loan of Cindy, an eight-year-old submissive lesbian, for a week. After picking the girl up at the airport, she decides to see just how committed Cindy is to giving pleasure to other women.

By Tanya Writer –

Losing My Love  (August 2013)
A young girl finds the joy of girl-girl love, only to find it torn apart from her.

Summer Lifeguard  (May 2013)
Working at a swimming pool is a great way for a curious lifeguard to explore sex with other girls.

By Tater Tot –

Amber, 9 chapters  (June 2015)
When Mom discovers that her daughter is having trouble reaching orgasm while masturbating, she lends a hand.

Amber II, 6 chapters  (June 2015)
The story of Amber, her mother, and their life as lesbian lovers continues — this time, told from the daughter’s viewpoint.

By Thom –

Is This About Sex, Mom?  (May 2006)
A frank conversation about sex between mother and daughter takes a very unusual, very thrilling turn.

My First and Second Crush  (June 2007)
For an ordinary girl of twelve, getting to know a girl from her school’s hottest clique can be a very thrilling experience… especially if sex is involved.

My Girls  (July 2008)
How a married mom came to have a very close relationship with her two young daughters.

A Small Flirt  (July 2006)
Special experiences with a very special little girl.

A Walk in the Woods  (October 2005)
A chance encounter leads to a very special discovery.

By Tiger Kitten –

Nudist Family 3 parts. (September 2007)
When Ana decides that she wants her daughters to share a nudist lifestyle with her, it brings this little family closer in a way that the young mother could never have imagined.

By Tony Williams –

A Sex Offender, My Daughter, and Me  (February 2014)
Leslie is a registered sex offender who did time for her relationship with a girl of eleven. Now she is out and needs somewhere to live — luckily for her, Toni has the perfect living arrangement for a lesbian with an appetite for young stuff.

I Want My Daughter to Be Gay  (January 2014)
A woman enlists the aid of the lesbian gym teacher to instruct her daughter in the ways of love.

Upside Down  (July 2015)
At a private school for girls, not-so-innocent playground games lead to sexy fun.

Nickel and Dime  (July 2015)
A evening in the life of a lesbian babysitter, spent with two of her favorite young girls. What delightful games will they play while Mommy is out?

By Toy Boy –

Little Aphrodite  (August 2010)
Queen Goddess Hera shares pleasure for the first time with seven-year-old Aphrodite, who is eager to know what it truly means to be the Goddess of Love.

By Vickylez –

Explanations for a Little Girl, 2 parts  (November 2010)
A curious ten-year-old learns all about love from her aunt.

By Young Flower –

Sam Was Her Name  (January 2005)
A forlorn young girl makes a new friend — and suddenly things seem much brighter.


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  1. Jeneee says:

    In fact we both read your story ‘Little’ together and thought it was soooo hot, if you know what I mean 😉 Thanks!

  2. jesse burnett says:

    While jetboy is my fav author from leslita, having so many stories, all of them being stuff i like, my fav story by far is “Amber” by tater tot. I can even begin to describe how amazing that story is. I’ve read it like 15 times. I beg you wonderful ppl, plz put that story on here, i would be sooooo sad if one day i wanted to read it again and couldn’t find it. Tysm!

  3. Fur says:

    I’m looking for someone to take over Lesbian Lolita. I have more then enough work with my own site and I don’t know how to work asstr. If your interested please contact me.

  4. Fur says:

    We need authors now that we have lesbian lolita up and running again. Yes there have been changes but we could not avoid some of those as the site had not been updated in any from for quite sometime. Please send your stories so we can post them and make that site great again.

  5. Swan says:

    Now that Lesbian Lolita is back up and running, do you still intend to bring articles from it to this best of leslita page? While I like the idea of others sorting through a site and telling me what are the real gems, I still suspect that the those with creative writing skills would be better off writing new stories instead of spending their time with reposting old stories.

    • JetBoy says:

      Swan, my archival activities have definitely slowed down with the re-awakening of Leslita. That said, I do still plan to add to the archive every now and then, going for carefully selected stories that my site partners and I genuinely love. It doesn’t take a lot of time, and makes Juicy Secrets even better.

  6. Drod says:

    Leslita has gone straight to Hell. Whomever is running the sight now has let it degenerate into a quagmire of beastiality and scatalogy.

    Very depressing… :-k

  7. Dan says:

    I have reading over and over again for 12 years “The wedding” of April.

    It has everything I like of an erotic relate. Deep intimacy, romanticism, delicious build-up of sexual mood and and large difference age.

    The same with Carol & Cindy: A Story of Forbidden Love

    I hope you can post them.

    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks, Dan, for suggesting “The Wedding.” It’s a great story, yes indeed — look for it to appear here soon!

      As for “Carol & Cindy”… well, I agree that the concept of the story is hot, but the writing simply isn’t up to par.

      • Dan says:

        Very good, is justice for April, she is a great writter.
        Her relate made me to search for more incest M&D wedding fantasy themes but they are scarse. I only found “Daughter Takes Over” from nifty,org. The storie is like a sitcom, the argumentative line is very naive. I guess the last chapter is the most exiting. I hope you can take a look even if you don’t want to post it here.

        I can’t perceive the different write styles maybe because I’m not English speaker and I follow the stories with many mental images, I guess this is why I like “Carol & Cindy. No problem.


  8. amy says:

    This story, about a mother treating her daughter for doing well at school with “special rewards” is soooo unbelievably hot. It’s always been my favorite. It’s called ‘Amber’ —

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Amy. You’re right, that is a terrific story — and we will be adding it to our “Best of Leslita” archive in the very near future. Watch for it!

      • JetBoy says:

        Well, the near future, anyhow. It is a great story, Amy… but it also needs a lot of proofreading and cleaning-up in general (in addition to being extremely long), and the author’s email address no longer works. I’ll be chipping away at it in the days to come, getting it ready for Juicy Secrets. Bear with us.

    • VerityVioletViola says:

      Oh my gosh, bookmarked! 😀 That premise is one of my most cherished fantasy scenarios/contexts/templates/whatever. Anything related to sexuality and positive reinforcement, “rewarding”, etc., and especially with the “doing well at school” aspect, yep, that sounds like a story I’d love.

      • JetBoy says:

        You can find that very story here (tidied up quite a bit, actually).

        • VerityVioletViola says:

          Thanks, JetBoy. I actually did find the version on this site and skimmed through shortly after I posted the preceding comment. It didn’t quite turn out to be my cup of tea after all (or what I expected from amy’s description–but that’s okay, I have pretty specific/narrow tastes, to be fair), but I love the photo included and appreciate you tidying it (and any/all worthwhile stories from LL, etc. that are submitted) up. 🙂

  9. Johanna says:

    If I could make a suggestion for a story to be preserved here, the Pretty Little Waif story by Puella Amante is one which speaks to me, and perhaps will to others.

    • Linda says:

      Johanna, this story was absolutely incredible ! Thank you for the link it brought back some childhood memories for me !

      • JetBoy says:

        That is a great one, it’s true. A shame, though, that the author never finished it! Still, I think that what there is of the story justifies posting it here. Watch for it… and a tip of the hat for the suggestion!

  10. JetBoy says:

    Something very weird is going on with Leslita. It seems to have reverted to a version from two years ago — interestingly enough, about the same time that the original administrator threw in the towel and elected to retire from running the site.

    All the stories posted there since then have disappeared. It’s been like this for weeks now. Not sure what it means, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to suspect that Leslita has been abandoned. Honestly, I hope I’m wrong about that. Admittedly, the direction the site has been moving in of late has been less than satisfying, but they still come up with an occasional gem.

    What this may mean is that, once again, serious attention needs to be given to collecting Leslita’s best for Juicy Secrets. And that’s where you come in, loyal readers. We are still very much interested in your input as to what we should preserve at our humble online abode.

    • Well, at least some of what’s going on there likely is related to what the ASSTR admin reported. But you’re right, JetBoy, that we really should do as much as we can to preserve the best of the best from Leslita while it’s still available.

    • Drod says:

      I enjoyed the stories of Pulsar and Jen L. Lee myself. There are others, I just need to reintroduce myself to them.

    • kacey says:

      Fortunately, you’ve already reserved for posterity my personal favourites from Leslita (ftr – Broken Monster, Snow Angels and Darkness Falls) but any more of Girl Lover’s, Ebo’s or Nuit du Loup’s writings will more than suffice 🙂

  11. kacey says:

    Looks like Leslita is back!! ☺

  12. MommyAbella says:

    Heya, what’s happened to Leslita? I found a story through Google search but once in the site all the links just bring up garbage pop up dating sites. Looks like it’s been hacked.

  13. Mark says:

    Trying to figure out the name of the story where the mom goes to her daughters softball game then another little girl on the team has a crush on the mom?

  14. foxyfowler says:

    I really enjoyed these stories thank you.

  15. VerityVioletViola says:

    A great curated little archive. Oh, how I remember the hours spent on Leslita back in the day wading through a plethora of muck (stories that weren’t at all to my taste, for various reasons), including a fair amount of overly-glib, overtly abusively or violent hypersexual dreck, to find and build my own small collection of well-written, sweet, loving, romantic, tender and caring stories (some of which are still questionable in some ways, but at least aren’t the worst) that I could read, enjoy, and still be able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards. I love the overall sensibility on this site and am generally in alignment with it myself. I would humbly but fervently suggest, however, that Amanda’s ghost story/Halloween novella (or novelette?) Alice be included here among the best of the best. Haven’t been on Leslita for many, many years (until recently when I discovered this site), but my saved copy of Alice is one I keep coming back to again and again–I usually reread it in full at least once or twice a year, it’s THAT good. And it perfectly aligns with the spirit of this site. It looks like there is most of the rest of Amanda’s best included on here, but Alice is conspicuously missing and would complete her ‘best of’ archive. Just a suggestion! 🙂

    • Sapphmore says:

      Hi VVV, I know what you mean about some of the stories on Leslita and much worse on Loliwood.
      I’ve just sent my copy of ‘Alice’ to Jetboy for his consideration.

  16. A Searching Heart says:

    The weblink you have posted at the top for lesbian lolita does not work for me. Would you happen to know what happen to the site?

  17. VerityVioletViola says:

    I have another recommendation (assuming it isn’t presumptuous to recommend stories for inclusion here) for this wonderful archive: The Chronicles of Suran by Catherine N.X. I read that novella this morning while browsing through the Leslita archives (on ASSTR, not here), and it is one of the best stories I’ve read, very much in line (I think) with the sensibilities and rules/criteria of Juicy Secrets, and it’s now one of my favorites. (I love sci-fi and “speculative fiction”, slice of life, and mother/daughter stories, and this one is a fantastic example of all three of those things…)

    Now, as a little disclaimer, there are some politics and quasi-ideological elements embedded in it that could be a problem for certain readers, I suppose (though, to be fair, no story pleases everyone and any aspect of any given story could alienate some people, that’s just how it goes), but that stuff is very light all things considered – plus, it’s far-flung speculative sci-fi, an alternative history of sorts set far in the future, so any slight whiff of political/ideological bent is purely within that distinctly fictional setting. The author explains in the preface “Guide to Suran” (which contains some helpful background and a glossary) that the premise for the story emanated from a thought experiment of sorts.

    Anyhow, just thought I’d mention it as I enjoyed it immensely and immediately thought that it could definitely be of great interest to readers here. I’d also like to gently reiterate my previous recommendation of “Alice” by Amanda for this archive – I admit I’m a little puzzled as to why it wasn’t included here already with the rest of Amanda’s best Leslita stories, given that it’s very well-written and in the same vein as the ones already on here.

  18. VerityVioletViola says:

    Oop, sorry – one more recommendation: “Hanabi Explodes” by Koibito. It’s a lovely little vignette I only discovered recently, absolutely adore, and is also in alignment with the rules and what I’ve gathered to be the overall guiding sensibility here at JS. I heartily recommend checking out Koibito’s stories on Leslita in general – that author has some excellent work up on there.

  19. don says:

    i notice all the stories are not only consentuel but also very cooprative. it would be nice if there was a few of reluctant little girl stories. perhaps a mother taking her daughter for a medical examination and the doctor giving the young girl an orgasum in fron of her very surprised and unexpected mother.

  20. pedo lady says:

    Hi, does leslita site still working? I can’t access it anymore, could you help me?

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