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This page is the index for some of our favorite stories previously published at other sites (with the exception, of course, of Leslita). We plan to continue expanding this collection as time allows. Readers, feel free to nominate good stories from other sites that you think should be included here. And have fun reading!

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By Alexander Hall –

Strip For Me  (originally posted at Nifty)
Angelina’s mother works as a very successful stripper. For her eighteenth birthday, the girl only wants one thing: a private performance from Mom.

By Alfie Atkins –

Sweet Sister  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 3 parts
Marisa and her older sister love to snuggle together in the same bed… which, on one very special night, leads to a lot more than just sleeping.

By Amy K –

Tabitha’s Initiation  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 2 parts
When teen cousins Amy and Samantha are caught making love by Sam’s younger sister Tabitha, they decide that it’s always nicer — not to mention safer — to share.

By Anne –

Cathy’s Story  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Fourteen-year-old Cathy is shocked when her big sister Kate pops into her bedroom one night, asking for a very unusual favor.

Nothing To Be Ashamed Of  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
A sisterly chat about masturbation gets deliciously out of hand.

One Sister’s Confession  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When sisters share their kinky desires with one another…

By Anne240 –

My Daughter Dearest 
A divorced mother is horrified at first to learn that her daughter is exploring lesbian sex, but finds herself growing more interested in the idea with the passing of time.

By Author Unknown –

Beneath the Mistletoe  (from the library of JetBoy)
On one very special Christmas Eve, Diana is surprised to discover a sexual attraction to her mother-in-law Cora… an attraction that she can’t resist exploring.

Bridgette Learns  (from the library of JetBoy)
When single mother Julia realizes her seven-year-old daughter Bridgette is learning how to give herself pleasure, she decides to offer the girl a helping hand.

Bus Ride With My Sister  (from the library of JetBoy)
After living for too long with a helpless crush on her straight sister Shelley, Karma now intends to blackmail her into sex in a very public place. Things get even wilder than she anticipates.

Cheryl and my Mother,  2 parts so far.  (from the library of JetBoy)
Linda learns that her mother is the lesbian sex slave of her best friend. Things get interesting from there.

Cindy Takes Over,  (from the library of JetBoy)
Cindy is a girl who loves to be in charge, to tell other women and girls what to do… especially when it comes to Anne, her beautiful, devoted mother.

Closing the Deal  (from the library of JetBoy)
To help persuade a potential big-deal client who happens to be a lesbian, Cheryl invites her college-age daughter Stacy along to do a little innocent flirting with the woman… but Stacy chooses to take things far beyond flirtation.

Crimson and Ivory  (from the library of JetBoy)
A fairy tale of sorts, in which two sisters discover a wonderful new kind of love.

Daughter’s Drawings  (from the library of JetBoy)
When a mother confronts her daughter with the girl’s stash of kinky erotic drawings, it changes the dynamic between parent and child in a very surprising way.

A Daughter’s Gift  (from the library of JetBoy)
Samantha’s hated husband is gone for good, thanks to her daughter Kelly’s testimony — but Samantha wonders if her child didn’t want Daddy out of the picture for reasons of her own…

Daughter’s Hunger, Mother’s Need  (from the library of JetBoy)
Home for the holidays, Nikki is startled to discover that her mother Susan has developed a serious interest in mother-daughter lesbian erotica.

A Daughter’s Journey  (from the library of JetBoy)
The youngest of three daughters, Emily finds herself unwilling to commit to marriage, disappointing her aristocratic father. Emily’s mother, though, has a very different plan for her daughter’s future.

A Farm Girl Finds Love  (from the library of JetBoy)
While her father is away, sixteen-year-old Lori discovers the secret passions of her stepmother Violet… and they excite her more than she could ever imagine.

The Gift  (from the library of JetBoy)
Tanya possesses a mysterious power that allows her to fill the hearts of women and girls with desire… and after too many trials and tribulations to mention, she elects to put that power to use.

The Girls on the Train  (from the library of JetBoy)
A lesbian drives away a man when he attempts to expose himself to two young girls on the tube train… and the girls reward her bravery in a most delightful way.

A Helping Hand  (from the library of JetBoy)
When Cassy temporarily loses the use of her arm after a car accident, her mother Kate decides to temporarily help the girl take care of her intimate needs — but quickly realizes that she enjoys pleasuring her daughter much more than she ought to.

Her Mother’s Revelation  (from the library of JetBoy)
When Jackie comes out to her teenage daughter Edie, the girl is eager to know more — much more.

How it Happened With Mom  (from the library of JetBoy)
A young woman finds herself feeling a certain attraction to her mother… and when the opportunity arises for her to make a move, she seizes it with both hands.

The Joy of Girls  (from the library of JetBoy)
At the age of twelve, Kori has never masturbated and is torn between wanting to learn how and fear of doing wrong. She is on the verge of a personal journey that, with the help of her friends and family, will turn her life inside out in a very satisfying way.

Little Flirt  (from the library of JetBoy)
A mysterious encounter in a restaurant between a woman and a little girl, both strangers, will make their evening particularly enjoyable.

Little Girl Lost  (from the library of JetBoy)
A sex date between two lesbian cousins gets interrupted when they encounter a lost young girl in Central Park… or is it merely postponed?

Melissa’s Lover  (from the library of JetBoy)
In which we learn the tantalizing truth about Melissa and her very secret, very forbidden lover.

Mom’s Madness  (from the library of JetBoy)
When Nora’s mother wants to share a bath with her daughter, the young woman figures that it’s just Mom being especially affectionate. But Nora will soon discover that her mother has much more in mind than simply getting clean.

Mommy Loves to Lick  (from the library of JetBoy)
When her eleven-year-old daughter Cindy complains of experiencing odd feelings “down there,” her mother Lori is all too eager to teach the child some very interesting things about her body.

My Daughter and I Begin  (from the library of JetBoy)
A single mother loves to take her little girl Jenny’s panties to bed with her… then one night, she gets something even nicer: Jenny herself.

My Daughter the Swan  (from the library of JetBoy)
Home from her freshman year of college, 19-year-old Ruby looks better than ever to her mother Simone who, since her divorce, has been mostly enjoying herself with other women. Ruby’s casual nudity isn’t making things easier for Simone, who is starting to have unnerving fantasies about her daughter. Will she give in to temptation?

My Forbidden Fantasy  (from the library of JetBoy)
Rebecca has lived for years with unfulfilled sexual fantasies of her own mother. She deals with those troublesome desires in a very unusual way, which leads to the biggest surprise imaginable.

My Little Japanese Lover  (from the library of JetBoy)
While vacationing in a ritzy hotel, a lesbian teacher meets an adorable young Japanese girl who is curious about the ways of love.

My Mother, the Escort  (from the library of JetBoy)
Upon discovering that her mother is an escort for lesbian women, Kim wants in on the action. She gets her wish… and then some!

My Wild Honey Daughter  (from the library of JetBoy)
A small-town woman with hidden lesbian desires shares a sweet, sticky afternoon of passion with the last person she could have imagined.

Passion Hidden, Passion Realized  2 parts. (from the library of JetBoy)
Visiting her daughter Ellen after a messy divorce, Julia is unsettled by certain feelings while in Ellen’s presence. As for Ellen, she finds herself appreciating her mum’s mature beauty in a new and unexpected way.

Pictures of Mom  (from the library of JetBoy)
Marina, a professional photographer who specializes in female nudes, is presented with an unusual subject for an intimate session: her own mother.

Play Date  (from the library of JetBoy)
Audrey takes her ten-year-old daughter Kelsey to visit Sarah and her daughter Ashley for a weekend play date, where the attraction the two mothers feel towards one another will lead to unexpected developments.

Prom Night  (from the library of JetBoy)
A shy, awkward wallflower is taken to the Junior Prom by her own mother, then to a fancy hotel for a special ending to their evening.

Sena, Elle, and Me  (from the library of JetBoy)
When a single mother gets involved with a woman after her divorce, she is surprised to discover that her new lover Sena is attracted to her daughter Elle as well.

Sharing With Erin  (from the library of JetBoy)
In bed with a new lover, Jenny shares the story of how she and her mother first became sexually intimate.

Sharon’s New Lover  (from the library of JetBoy)
Sharon is a young girl of thirteen who is passionately in love with her own mother but has no idea what to do about it. Luckily, Mom is willing to give her daughter a guiding hand.

The Sister I Never Knew
A young lesbian is astonished to discover that she has a half-sister she’d never known existed — a Vietnamese girl, the daughter of her Marine father. She’s also surprised by how lovely and desirable her new sibling happens to be…

Thinking About My Sister  2 parts  (from the library of JetBoy)
Two years ago, Leah and her sister Louisa realized that they each felt a sexual attraction for the other… but refused to act on it. Now together for the first time in a long while, are they finally ready to give in to their secret passion?

To Banbury Cross  (from the library of JetBoy)
A young lesbian develops a major crush on her lover’s ten-year-old sister, then gets the opportunity to do something about it.

When the Lights Went Out 2 parts  (from the library of JetBoy)
A middle-aged single mother finds herself involved in a torrid love affair with her daughter’s best friend. Complications arise.

By Candy Kane –

Babysitting Kim  (originally posted at Nifty Archives – February 1999)
When bi-curious teen Julie gets to look after twelve-year-old Kim for the weekend, she finds herself very much attracted to the younger girl. Little does she know that Kim has similar feelings for her babysitter.

Girls Loving Girls  (originally posted at Nifty Archives)
A pair of lesbian twins, who also happen to be lovers, get the chance to add extra spice to an evening at home when a neighbor asks them to babysit her eleven-year-old daughter.

Lea and the High Priestess  (originally posted at Nifty Archives – January 1999)
It is the night of Lea’s initiation ceremony, where she shall learn the sweet, secret delights of love with a certain special woman.

By Cartman94 –

Two Sisters, One Second  (originally posted at Literotica)
Lana finds herself struggling with a secret crush on her big sister Brianna. Some secrets, however, are awfully hard to keep…

By Cassie –

Shooting with Helena  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 7 chapters
Cassie is persuaded by younger sister Helena to team up with her for an erotic photo session. She is uneasy about the whole idea at first, but it will lead to Cassie making some thrilling discoveries about her sibling — and herself.

Silver Lining  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 6 chapters
After a painful breakup and a thus-far fruitless search for the birth sister she’d never known she had, Justine goes on holiday — and is surprised to find herself exploring the erotic possibilities of sex with another woman.

By Cathy Uy –

Linda, Cathy, and Sandy  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Things get ugly when Cathy gets caught spying on big sister Sandy’s lesbian activities — then things get very interesting indeed.

By Chrissy Larkin –

Amanda and Her Mom  (originally posted at Nifty Archives)
When Amanda’s ass hurts after a spanking from her father, Mom is there to make everything better.

The Cuddle  (originally posted at Nifty Archives)
While snuggling with her teenage daughter, a mother gets caught up in the beauty of the moment.

By Christene –

Intimate Flowers  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 2 parts
While trying to save a foundering relationship with her partner Meredith, Carmen finds a truer, more passionate love… in the last place she expected it to be.

Just Being With You  (originally posted at Nifty)
Sixteen-year-old Alexis has been madly in love with her own mother for over a year, afraid to share her true feelings. This evening, she will somehow summon up the courage she needs.

Pursuit of Happiness  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 2 parts
America, circa 1944: Two sisters are separated by war — and by love. Will fate bring them together once more?

By DirtyMindedMom –

Family Practice  (originally posted at My Dirty Little Mind) – 5 chapters
When a girl arrives home for a visit after her first semester at college, she finds that her mother is full of questions for her and makes some kinky confessions.

A Mother’s Touch  (originally posted at My Dirty Little Mind)
No one else can do it like Mom can.

Secrets Between Sisters  (originally posted at My Dirty Little Mind) – 3 parts
Vicky and her sister Dana remember old times … and explore new intimacies.

By Ebo –

The Halloween Party (also available at Black Lingerie) – 2 parts
When she sneaks out to go to a high school Halloween bash, thirteen-year-old Megan gets the opportunity to do something she’s never done before — have sex with another girl.

Home Alone  (also available at Black Lingerie) – 9 chapters so far
Twelve-year-old Riley begins to investigate the subject of sex and is surprised to discover her growing interest in girls.

Moonlight Dancers  (also available at Black Lingerie) – 3 parts
Kelly, a dance teacher, is infatuated with 12-year-old Vicky… and things get complicated when she is asked to babysit the girl.

The Notebook  (also available at Black Lingerie) – 11 chapters so far (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Thirteen-year-old Dana is stunned to discover that her stepmother Penny knows about the erotic fiction she writes for the Lesbian Lolita website… and puzzled that Penny doesn’t seem upset about it.

Pint-Sized Picasso  (also available at Black Lingerie)
Miranda is a lonely teenage girl who lands a job looking after an eleven-year-old named Tanya… a girl who especially likes doing erotic drawings of her new babysitter.

By Fantac64 –

Accidental Incest  (from the library of JetBoy)
Shelly is part of a group of girls who like to take turns putting each other through bound and blindfolded sex play for fun. Things take a twisted turn when Shelly’s mom gets brought into the game.

By Foxi –

Big Day for Susie  (originally posted at Loliwood )
A young single mother wants naked photos of her eleven-year-old daughter… and she has a lesbian friend who is happy to take them.

By Funtoppings –

Hidden in the Snow  (originally posted at Literotica April 2014) – 5 chapters
On a ski trip with her mother, aunt, and cousin, Julie makes a very shocking discovery about the women in her family.

By Ginny Walker –

My Sister’s Honeymoon  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When Jeanie’s fiance skips out on her just before the wedding, she invites her big sister Mindy to join her on the already-paid-for honeymoon… a trip that will bring the sisters closer in some very interesting ways.

By GrandMoff –

A Thing to Cling To  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
One girl’s personal account of some very confusing feelings she has for her sister — and what those feelings led to.

Sketching My Sister  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 2 parts
Sixteen-year-old Bara is a fledgling painter whose life as an artist — and as a woman — will change in a big way when older sister Ame becomes her model.

By Haley Statton –

Kate and Lisa  (originally posted at Nifty January 2004) – 2 parts
Lisa’s first visit to the gynecologist leaves the girl thinking that she might be a lesbian… which has the cute teen looking at her mother Kate in a whole new light.

Mother-Daughter Weekend  (originally posted at Nifty January 2004) – 2 parts
A weekend in a fancy hotel brings Julie and her teenage daughter Stacy closer than ever before.

By Jan Vincent –

This is Love  2 parts  (originally posted at Sister in Love)
Annie is a closeted lesbian who has a secret crush on her older sister Lisa. When she ends up attending the same college as Lisa and even rooming with her, Annie discovers that big sister has a secret of her own.

Triumph of the Muses  (originally posted at Nifty July 2011)
In ancient Greek mythology, the nine Muses were the inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. This is their story.

Twin Brides  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Brenda has fantasized for years about, one day, marrying her twin sister Sylvia. A silly dream, perhaps… but sometimes even silly dreams can come true.

By Jane Doe –

Another Night Wasted  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 5 chapters
Jen is secretly in love with her big sister Lana, who sees that something is troubling her younger sibling, but doesn’t know what or why. Her discovery of Jen’s passion will shake their lives in a big way.

The End of August  (originally posted at Nifty) – 2 parts
Forced to be roommates at boarding school, twin sisters who have never gotten along find they have something very intimate in common.

By Jody and Lisa –

Goodnight  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
After Jenny is thrown out by her parents for being gay, she crashes at her sister’s apartment — only to discover that she isn’t alone in her love for other girls.

By Jos Mous –

Dancing on the Edge  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 4 chapters
Sam’s life becomes complicated when her younger sister Mac shows up on her doorstep, having been kicked out of house and home by their dad… and she won’t tell Sam why.

By JT Ozman –

The Gymnast  (from the library of JetBoy)
A lesbian gymnastics instructor finds herself smitten by a new student, a lovely girl of fourteen, and determines to do something about it.

By Kids Loving Kids –

Just Try It
Jen goes down on her four-year-old sister for the amusement — and pleasure — of her friends.

By Kinky_Becky –

Dear Mom: I Want You  (originally posted at Lush Stories) -2 parts
When Becky snoops through her mother’s private things and discovers that Mom has some very secret, very powerful passions, she decides to make use of this knowledge in an extremely risky way.

By LF –

Fighting Sisters  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Two teenage sisters locked in endless conflict learn that hatred sometimes can conceal a very different kind of passion.

By mal –

Posing With My Daughter  (originally posted at Lush Stories)
A woman persuades her teenage daughter to pose with her in an erotic photo session, which adds an intriguing new sensibility to their relationship.

By Marie Marshall –

Her Last Touch  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
On their final evening together, two estranged sisters temporarily reconcile in a surprisingly passionate way.

By Maverick –

My Lonely Mother  (originally posted at Sex4Stories February 2018) – 2 parts
Hannah’s mother has gone through a painful divorce and has yet to recover. On one special Valentine’s Day, Hannah is determined to show her mom just how special — and how loved — she really is.

By Mia Ireland –

Midnight Clear  (originally posted at Nifty)
Christmas Eve is an especially loving time for little Ammy and her mama.

By Mr. Toasty –

The Descent of Venus  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When a teenage girl’s beloved cousin and aunt pay a visit for the first time in years, long-hidden passions are finally revealed.

By PanWhoWrites –

Redheads Waiting  (originally posted at Literotica) – 2 parts
Gradually realizing that she feels sexual desire for her twin daughters, Joanna figures out a novel way to get the girls thinking along the same lines.

By Rachael Ross –

Love Letter  (original source unknown)
A teenage girl has an unexpected, scary, and extremely thrilling first sexual encounter in a public place.

By Randi Patterson –

Caryn  (originally posted at Nifty) – 2 parts
Fourteen-year-old Kris is involved in a blissfully happy lesbian relationship with Terry, an older woman… but she also longs to explore love with her best friend Caryn. Luckily, Terry is willing to help her little lover realize this fantasy.

By Regina A –

A Week in the Life  (originally posted at Nifty) – 2 parts.
Single mother Carol is having a very interesting day. First, she discovers that her teenage daughter Paula is exploring lesbian sex, then she finds a new female friend for herself on a chat site.

By Right There –

The Wedding Present
Nell is minutes away from marrying a solid, dependable guy… but then her big sister Bobbi shows up unexpectedly with a strap-on cock, intent on reminding Nell who she really belongs to.

By Sarah –

Eros and Agape  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When her younger sister Allie pays Sarah a visit, they share a bed on the first night, leading them to discover a beautiful new kind of intimacy.

By Serret –

Like a Dream  (originally posted at Literotica)
Ada feels humiliation when her sister Katrina catches her masturbating while they share a bed — then her sibling responds in a way that catches Ada completely by surprise. Is she dreaming… or is Katrina really coming on to her?

By Shay –

Good Things Come in Threes  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Recovering from a painful breakup, Raven finds love and comfort in the arms of her mother… and her mother’s wife.

Lucky Charm  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
When Janeen returns home to her parents in defeat after dropping out of school, her younger sister Shammy is there to make things better… to make her feel loved.

Snooks  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
Two sisters, each so different — like night and day, moonlight and sunshine. But on this night they complete each other, and the two will become one.

What Do You Want?  (originally posted at Sisters in Love)
A mysterious coming-of-age ceremony gives Carolyn the opportunity to express the forbidden desire she’s always kept secret — even from herself.

By Shuraz –

Catherines’s Submission  (originally posted at  the Nifty Archives)
Catherine’s wild, irresponsible daughter Sandra is driving her to distraction. But on this one special night, Catherine will uncover the girl’s dark secret… and the truth about herself.

By Silkstockinglover –

Daughter’s Best Friend  (originally posted at the Literotica)
Newly-divorced mother Lucy is ripe for seduction by her daughter’s best friend Amanda… and there’s an extra-special surprise waiting for Lucy after their first fuck.

By Sindy070 –

The Camera Loves her  (originally posted at the Lolliwood Studios in June 2011 under a different title)
Mary secretly lusts after her ten-year-old daughter Pippa… and when the girl gets the opportunity to work as a model, Karen, the photographer, sees and shares her mom’s desire.

By Stacy Simmons –

My Wedding Day  (originally posted at the Nifty Archives)
When Emily is abandoned at the altar by a fickle boyfriend, her mother Julia is there to teach her the true meaning of love.

By Tarkatony –

Daughter’s Pleas  (originally posted at Literotica June 2004)
Jessica has been nursing some strange feelings for her mother for years… now, while out shopping with Mom, she decides to reveal her secret.

By Una –

Ann and Una  (originally posted at Sisters in Love) – 6 chapters
A young Irish girl’s experience in discovering her own sexuality — aided by the loving, sometimes passionate guidance of her big sister.

By Wickedsmile –

Camping in France  (originally posting place unknown ) – 3 parts
The last thing in the world that Rose feels like doing is taking a camping trip with her mom in a foreign country… but they soon encounter a group of mothers and daughters who will change her mind in a very big way.

Thunder Island  (originally posting place unknown ) – 2 chapters so far.
High-schooler Brooke is thoroughly depressed about her new home on an Alaskan island in the middle of nowhere, but Mom knows a lovely way to make her feel better.

By Xarth –

Guilty Love  (originally posted at The Literotica February 2012)
Obsessed with her younger sister Lindsay, Andrea is unable to stop herself from exploring the girl’s body while she sleeps — a dangerous game that quickly leads to complications.

By Your Ghost –

Way Better  (originally posted at The Kristen Archives)
Melissa is puzzled when Mom wants to watch a sexy movie about lesbians with her… but the twelve-year-old girl will soon find out that her mother chose that particular film for a reason.


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    The Community Pool
    Written by MissLatina

    My twin girls
    Written by The Swamp Dweller

    Poor mummy
    Written by drippingbella

    Written by Dark Danny

    The Carnal Adventures of April and May
    Written by HoneyWest

    Sick Day
    Written by Emily Dee

    Movie Night with my daughter, Bradley and me
    Written by Michelle

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