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This is a moderated forum for fans of Juicy Secrets, a place for our readers to come together (so to speak). You can add your comments to topics already posted by using the ‘Leave a Reply’ box, or you may submit a new topic by sending an email to [email protected] — thanks for participating!

May 15, 2022 – Sue – Letting the Secret Out: Though the month is half over, this is still May and it’s May is masturbation month or Maysterbation…  Read more

October 23, 2019 – Les Carr – Androgyne Reaches Out:  Hi there to all. For years I’ve written erotic stories under the pen name of “Androgyne” on 3 sites and as “Paladin” on a 4th. My problem is that after the massive crash of Yahoo Email in September my long-time address and account simply vanished and my appeals for help and complaints have just been ignored by Yahoo. I have lost touch obviously with many people, a lot of them readers of my stories, and I’m sure many have mailed to my old address and getting no reply are wondering if I’m still alive or have maybe retired from writing erotica… Read more

September 27, 2019 – Captain Midnight – A Eulogy for Letoria: Letoria, the creator of The World of Letoria website, passed away on August 19, 2019.

Lee is survived by her wife of 17 years… Read more

December 29, 2018 – Girl Lover – Letting the Secret Out:  Our shared interest in young girls is very taboo and misunderstood.  For everyone reading this, I was wondering if anyone knows about this side of you.  If someone does know about this side of you, how did they find out and what was their reaction?  For me personally, I cannot think of how to tell someone without them getting the wrong idea. Read more

December 24, 2017 – Simple Guy – Seeking Life Partner:  I have confided my attractions in two of my exes and was blessed enough that they harboured similar desires. But I was also blessed with a big heart and was in love with them both, simultaneously, which really hurt them. So I had to leave so as to not cause further pain. Even though I still love them dearly, I think it’s…  Read more

March 22, 2017 – Amanda Lynn – Masturbatory Fantasies: Recently I commented on a question posed by Cheryl Taggert regarding how and when you first starting masturbating. In my reply I mentioned that my first truly huge orgasm came while I was reading a passage from the novel The Deep. After I posted that comment, my naughty mind got to wondering…  Read more

January 15, 2017 – Lizzie – No Longer Alone: I have always known that my interests are different than the norm. Starting around age 12, I found that I was into looking at younger girls, mostly 6-9 or so, and that it excited me. I experimented whenever I could with my friends my age, and when I was 14 came out to my family as a lesbian — but did not come out about my real interests…  Read more

December 2, 2016 – Poppabear – Seeking Old Friends: In light of the success of the Staying in Touch initiative, I wonder if the fans on Juicy Secrets could help me in trying to find out if some old friends of mine are still OK. When I was a member of Story Friends Board I became a close friend of a member and erotica author who went by the name of Daddy’s Little Slut-Muffin…  Read more

November 23, 2016 – Sue – Giving Thanks:  I know a lot of readers at Juicy Secrets come from many parts of the world. We are in the USA, and here in the States we have a holiday coming up this week called Thanksgiving. I just want to say how thankful Kim and I are for this site…  Read more

November 15, 2016 – Juicy Secrets – Staying in Touch:  By request, we’ve decided to add a specific place here at Juicy Secrets where our readers (and writers) can easily stay “in touch” with one another. Many of us have posted our email addresses, Twitter IDs, and so on, at various times in other locations around the site, but  this will now be the one spot where you’ll be able to find everyone…  Read more

November 5, 2016 – kraM – Writer Challenge:  My proposal is that readers could submit basic ideas or scenes and then seek a writer to take up the challenge and create an erotic story along those lines. Better yet, maybe photos could be posted and writers asked to develop a story to accompany the photo…  Read more

July 6, 2016 – Cheryl Taggert – “Special Spots” and “Turn-offs”:  It’s been a while since someone posted any new topics here, so I thought I would do the honors. I’ve been thinking about those places on our bodies that feel best when touched, kissed, or otherwise stimulated. The question for this forum is what kind of physical stimulation turns you on the most? What turns you off?  Read more

December 26, 2015 – Someone – Child Models:  I recently discovered this site and I’ve really enjoyed it, and I was impressed by the thoughtfulness of discussion in the forum posts. I noticed the images of little girls in some of the stories, and that piqued my curiosity…  Read more

December 22, 2015 – Poppabear – Merry Christmas Everyone:  This is turning into such an excellent and enjoyable forum that I wanted to say “Merry Christmas” to our three principal authors, all the other authors who have contributed, and to all the members who shared their thoughts, feelings, and emotions about the enjoyable and sexy stories provided here…  Read more

November 26, 2015 – Poppabear – Twitter Confession:  In the past, several good friends have suggested I open a Twitter account. I had always maintained I would never join a service that communicated by ‘Tweets’. However, Naughty Mommy has changed my mind. I have joined Twitter, as my alter ego PoppaBear, and I am very happy with Tweets, especially those which show beautiful young girls…  Read more

November 21, 2015 – Cheryl Taggert – Masturbation Methods and Timing:  What is your favorite way to masturbate? When did you start? When did you first have an orgasm? Details? Cheryl’s are here. Now, it’s your turn!  Read more

October 24, 2015 – Poppabear – Another Good Author:  I know that we have splendid authors here who offer us delightful tales of incestuous sisters, daughters, and mothers as well as exciting little lovers who are devoted to their adult partners. I am here to tell you of the latest chapter from another such author about two wonderful lovers…  Read more

September 21, 2015 – kraM – Neutral Depictions of Pedophilia:  I’m wondering who has seen in the movies or on TV or in a book or a magazine depictions of pedophiles that weren’t negative. Maybe not necessarily positive, but also not negative — just neutral. I have two examples…  Read more

August 21, 2015 – babykeiko – Coming of Age Films:  I seem to recall a post somewhere (on the Story Friends Board?) about foreign coming of age films like those from the makers of Kids or Bilitis or Beau Pere, all of which I have watched online with red cheeks. Can anyone point me in the direction of such a list or source? I hope someone remembers!  Read more

July 15, 2015 – Kelly Ann – A Moment for ‘C’:  After reading JetBoy’s announcement about the LL archive, I think that we as readers and fans of Lesbian Lolita should take a moment or two and wish ‘C’ a healthful recovery and reflect on what that site has meant to us. I discovered Leslita about four years ago. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but I did…  Read more

July 4, 2015 – Kelly Ann – Common Interests:  In reading comments made by other fans of this site, I’m struck at how often we seem relieved that there is a place to go to explore our fantasies. I know that until I found Nifty and Lesbian Lolita, I felt a bit of an outsider with some of my feelings and fantasies. But now that so many have responded, it is a relief to know I’m not!  Read more

July 1, 2015 – JetBoy – Pushing the Envelope:  In the strange, uncharted territory of our sex lives, we share some pretty memorable experiences — some magic, some tragic, some delightfully nasty — just as the characters in sex stories do. What I find most interesting as an erotic author is that dramatic instant where a character steps out of her comfort zone, allowing herself to explore something new, unfamiliar, and perhaps a little scary…  Read more

June 30, 2015 – Naughty Mommy – Lesbian Incest:  We all know the obvious reasons for keeping heterosexual incest taboo and illegal — it can far too easily result in unwanted pregnancy, and if a pregnancy is brought to term, in congenital birth defects. Just as obviously, however, those reasons do not apply to lesbian incest…  Read more

June 29, 2015 – Cheryl Taggert – Attraction to Young Girls:  When did you first realize that you were attracted to young girls? Please keep in mind that we are not to discuss anything that actually happened that could get anyone into legal trouble. With that in mind, I will tell you about the first time I realized I was attracted to a little girl…  Read more

530 Comments on Readers Forum

  1. Jedd says:

    I left a suggestion before about Little Miss Blair’s stories from Storiesonline. All I’ve seen are good, but Slumber Party in particular is great. I’m not sure what happened to the message, but I don’t see it here and it’s been a couple months. I am not tech savvy at all though and it’s quite possible I did something wrong. Hope it works this time.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      It is quite possible it went straight to the spam folder. That happens from time to time, even to people who have posted multiple times. I usually scan the spam folder for legit posts before emptying it, but some do slip past my tired old eyes.

      • Jedd says:

        Cool. I’m glad it got through. Hope you guys consider the suggestion. She has around 30 stories I think. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Stuart says:

    My wife and daughter love reading your stories

  3. kinkychic says:

    It’s sad that an ‘awful’ rating is being given to some stories as a personal attack aimed at the author rather than a genuine story rating.

    Perhaps it’s time the rating system was disabled if it is going to be abused this way. I for one, would be happy with comments only.

    • Mo says:

      I’ve just noticed the same on some of the best stories I’ve read & again one person can ruin a quick way readers can express their love for a story.

    • BlueJean says:

      I’ve never really got why people are bothered about the occasional ‘awful’ or ‘poor’ rating, personally. Admittedly, if I was getting mostly low ratings it would leave me wondering what the hell I was doing wrong, but the odd one or two is little cause for concern.

      If there’s someone giving shitty ratings simply out of spite – and I think a few of us suspect there is – it only becomes an effective weapon if you acknowledge it. Trolls only troll for the attention.

      That said, I’m sure there are readers awarding ‘awfuls’ because they do genuinely believe what they’re reading is awful. God knows, there are days when I think my writing is awful, so how can I blame others for agreeing? I’d much prefer they tell me *why* it’s awful, but they’re under no obligation to explain themselves to me. So sure, smash that ‘awful’ button and thanks for reading.

  4. kinkychic says:

    The link on Crimson and Ivory still links to the Misty Meadow story.

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