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July 4, 2015 – Kelly Ann – Common Interests:  In reading comments made by other fans of this site, I’m struck at how often we seem relieved that there is a place to go to explore our fantasies. I know that until I found Nifty and Lesbian Lolita, I felt a bit of an outsider with some of my feelings and fantasies. But now that so many have responded, it is a relief to know I’m not!  Read more

July 1, 2015 – JetBoy – Pushing the Envelope:  In the strange, uncharted territory of our sex lives, we share some pretty memorable experiences — some magic, some tragic, some delightfully nasty — just as the characters in sex stories do. What I find most interesting as an erotic author is that dramatic instant where a character steps out of her comfort zone, allowing herself to explore something new, unfamiliar, and perhaps a little scary…  Read more

585 Comments on Readers Forum

  1. Jedd says:

    I left a suggestion before about Little Miss Blair’s stories from Storiesonline. All I’ve seen are good, but Slumber Party in particular is great. I’m not sure what happened to the message, but I don’t see it here and it’s been a couple months. I am not tech savvy at all though and it’s quite possible I did something wrong. Hope it works this time.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      It is quite possible it went straight to the spam folder. That happens from time to time, even to people who have posted multiple times. I usually scan the spam folder for legit posts before emptying it, but some do slip past my tired old eyes.

      • Jedd says:

        Cool. I’m glad it got through. Hope you guys consider the suggestion. She has around 30 stories I think. Thanks for the reply.

  2. Stuart says:

    My wife and daughter love reading your stories

  3. kinkychic says:

    It’s sad that an ‘awful’ rating is being given to some stories as a personal attack aimed at the author rather than a genuine story rating.

    Perhaps it’s time the rating system was disabled if it is going to be abused this way. I for one, would be happy with comments only.

    • Mo says:

      I’ve just noticed the same on some of the best stories I’ve read & again one person can ruin a quick way readers can express their love for a story.

    • BlueJean says:

      I’ve never really got why people are bothered about the occasional ‘awful’ or ‘poor’ rating, personally. Admittedly, if I was getting mostly low ratings it would leave me wondering what the hell I was doing wrong, but the odd one or two is little cause for concern.

      If there’s someone giving shitty ratings simply out of spite – and I think a few of us suspect there is – it only becomes an effective weapon if you acknowledge it. Trolls only troll for the attention.

      That said, I’m sure there are readers awarding ‘awfuls’ because they do genuinely believe what they’re reading is awful. God knows, there are days when I think my writing is awful, so how can I blame others for agreeing? I’d much prefer they tell me *why* it’s awful, but they’re under no obligation to explain themselves to me. So sure, smash that ‘awful’ button and thanks for reading.

      • kinkychic says:

        I don’t agree with much that you have said there and you’ve said it before.

        I am not talking about attention-seeking trolls, but rather a couple of vindictive people carrying on with their vendetta by attempting to push one writer’s overall rating down. They are not the least bit interested in attention. Fortunately, they actually have little effect, their rating is nullified by all of those that give a high rating.

        I happen to know exactly who two of these people are (From another site). One appears to have gone absent for now.

        Having said all of that. Yes, I do know there is also at least one troll who randomly gives an awful rating. There I do agree, I pay them no attention.

        And, by the way, I don’t think there is hardly a story on JS that remotely deserves an ‘awful’ rating. This site’s standard is too high for that.

        • BlueJean says:

          I suppose it all boils down to how much value you place on an arbitrary ratings system. If seeing those hearts fill up floats your boat, fair enough.

          If a reader is willing to give up some of their time to post a comment, I kind of feel that’s a better foundation for honesty. I value honesty, even if it’s the Your-Story-Is-Utter-Shit variety.

          If we agree that some of the ‘awful’ ratings are not given honestly, surely we have to concede that applies to some of the ‘excellents’ too.

          If the ratings system mysteriously vanished one day, I wouldn’t be sad. I’ll stick with the comments.

          • JetBoy says:

            I’ve never been bothered one bit by rock-bottom ratings that get left for my stories. Seek out the greatest works of art imaginable, and you’ll find yahoos who thought they flat-out sucked. I’d never compare my dirty jottings with the creations of Akira Kurosawa, Paul Klee, John Coltrane, Pablo Neruda, Vladimir Nabokov or the Velvet Underground, to name but six… except to mention that, yeah, they had their share of haters, just like me. Comes with the territory, folks.

            And the mental image of a would-be “vindictive” schmuck hitting the AWFUL button and muttering, “Guess I showed him,” then pausing to scratch his ass before gobbling down a family-size package of Double Stuf Oreos in one sitting only moves me to derisive laughter. That’s the kind of two-fisted writer I am.

      • Captain Midnight says:

        I would 1-bomb a story if it was offensive in terms of too-young children, certain fetishes such as scat, BDSM, or any signs of abusive behavior.

    • 3FingersNeat says:

      The last chapter of my story, “A Mother’s Plea”, received a couple awful ratings along with some comments explaining one of the ratings. Those comments led to my better understanding of how the readers interpreted the story. I found them very helpful. There is an old adage in the restaurant business about reviews. I don’t remember it exactly but it explained that how a person enjoys a food, service or anything to do with the restaurant can have a lot to do with that person’s mood or how they feel physically, in the moment they are eating the meal. Good or bad, the review can have as much to do with the person reviewing as it does the restaurant. As a person rates a story they are bringing a similar set of moods and feelings that impact their acceptance of the story. Sure, it would be great to get 5 stars from everyone who reads the story but that isn’t reasonable and not helpful. Also, to the person reviewing the story who gave it an awful rating, in that moment, the story sucked. That’s valid. It’s all good information to the author.

  4. kinkychic says:

    The link on Crimson and Ivory still links to the Misty Meadow story.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Fixed. Thanks. 🙂

      • ME1166 says:

        is the email correct?? is it juicysecrets@email and not gmail?? just wondering i submitted a story i got from leslita by nuit du loup.

        • Amanda Lynn says:

          Yes, the email is correct. [email protected]

          • ME1166 says:

            ok thanx. i sent pt1 to a story to that email address lime it said, hope it sent, i don’t do emails alot so not sure but its there waiting if it did and if accepted I’ll send pt2.

        • kinkychic says:

          I’m not sure that you should be submitting stories by other authors. It’s not your prerogative to do so.

          Make suggestions by all means.

          • ME1166 says:

            oh, well there is a story being submitted from the same author right now. a whole back i happened to download one of tjos authors other stories from leslita, the author us nuit du loup, so i figured if someone else was submitting one of their stories maybe i could also. nuit du loup has numerous good stories on leslita but when goes down you can’t read those stories.

  5. asearchingheart says:

    I tried asking about this once before I believe with no luck but for some reason I thought of asking again. On the now gone forever Leslita site there was an author that went by the title Dream. This individual had a story series about a mother who was a teacher with two daughters during COVID I believe because the mother was teaching her students via video conference while her daughters were attending class via video conference in their rooms. They eventually develop a relationship in the series and Mom has a commitment ceremony with the eldest daughter (committed relationships is a big turn on for me you know the whole happy ever after fantasy pulls me in). Anybody recognize this author, or series and where it might exist now.

  6. asearchingheart says:

    A New Life for Lucy!!!!!!! I believe that is It!!!!!! I hate that I can’t be sure but it really feels like that is exactly right!!!! It was a series with quite a few entries if I remember correctly. My feeble attempts to locate it and the author have yielded absolutely nothing but I am not the most tech savvy so it’s not surprising. I take it you are familiar as well before all vanished into the unknown. That’s really cool. If you happen upon any info about that story or it’s author I would be grateful. That author was a huge favorites loss for me but luckily I can enjoy my favorite juicy secret gems over and over.

    • BlueJean says:

      There’s a link to an archived version of Leslita in the recent “Site News” blog. It’s the 2021-2022 version, so at least some chapters of “A New Life For Lucy” will be in there. Beyond that, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of our resident archivists have copies of the chapters that were published. Good luck!

      • asearchingheart says:

        Really cool of you to share the heads-up. I imagine any archivist with material is extremely skeptical about revealing they have something or sharing it. Could you blame them?

  7. Sapphmore says:

    You can find it on NIFTY. The title is ‘The new life of lucy’ rather that ‘A new life …

    I do have the story up to chapter 14 last saved in August 2022 but it looks like the author is reposting on NIFTY, perhaps making some changes. Two parts have been posted so far, the first in Oct andn the latest in December.

    • asearchingheart says:

      Wow! I honestly thought the author and series were gone forever. I was trying to create some acceptance for the loss. My experience with internet archives has been a saddening disappointment. You have given me hope again. I can’t wait to read the two postings on Nifty. Thank you so much for sharing the information. You’re so lucky to have collected the series. I imagine you have a fantastic collection by now. I will be so jealous of you if the author makes a lot of changes to these new postings.

    • asearchingheart says:

      Sapphmore please don’t feel any pressure to answer. I was just curious your opinion about the reposting of the series on Nifty. There are some changes. As one that has the original collection how do you compare the two? You are welcome to ignore my questions if you like.

      • Sapphmore says:

        Sorry asearchingheart, I haven’t compared the two, having only just realised I had the story because of the slight difference in title (although when searching for stories at the request of Jetboy or others I do usually search on just a key word like Lucy for that reason) and even a small change in the authors name, plus it might be a bit early to compare with only two chapters reposted. I have other stories where I have a newer version, but the main reason is that I don’t really have the time for detailed comparison with work, family and writing. By all means post your own comparison.

        • asearchingheart says:

          I understand your explanation. Thank you for getting back to me. All the best to your writing, researching, and collecting.

  8. kinkychic and kinkys_sis says:

    A very happy Christmas to our readers and everyone else who visits this wonderful site.

    A special wish to JJ, JB and BJ. There are others that we have a special fondness for — our regulars who post comments — thank you.

    Then there’s Amanda as well — We love you all. happy Christmas.

    • Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:

      Merry Christmas, my angels, and may your dreams come true in the new year. 💕💕💕

    • BlueJean says:

      Merry Christmas, swashbucklers, and to everyone at Juicy Secrets. 🎅

      • JetBoy says:

        Here, here. I raise my glass to all you good denizens of Juicy Secrets, past and present. May your every path be lined with potato chip trees and cookie bushes.


  9. Jedd says:

    Update to a comment/request I made in August. I had suggested seeking out Little Miss Blair, who I first saw on Storiesonline. Those stories being ‘blued out’, I discovered, means they are now behind a paywall.

    While that itself can be an issue, the bigger problem is SOL does that when they consider an author inactive. And it takes several years before they declare an author inactive. Which means Little Miss Blair has not been heard from in quite some time.

    Being fellow authors yourselves, and some of you having familiarity with Leslita, where I heard she may have also posted in the past, some of you may know her works or perhaps how to get in touch. I hope this is something you may be able to do, as her works were pretty dang good. But I just don’t know if the logistics are favorable to you doing so. Thanks for the work you do on the site.

  10. M@ud says:

    I’ve not comeback to this site for about two years now and its kinda hard to go through the site.

    A separate tab just for stories from new to old that goes way further back than 11 stories would be great. Its hard to track some stories.

    Its a preference thing for me as I know I can just go the the authors page and look it up, but I don’t know what I have missed by being gone for a long time.

    Is this change possible or is it too much to ask for?

    • Sapphmore says:

      Hi M@ud, I think the Archive drop-down should be what you’re looking for. It goes all the way back to April 2015, although oddly there are a couple more dates back to 1800, 1900 and 1020. Mmm, I think Amanda or Jetboy might be time-travellers!!!

      Wouldn’t that be fun.

      • Amanda Lynn says:

        We like to take a spin in the TARDIS every now and then. 🙂

        When we post something such as a list of characters separate from the story and don’t want it to show in the “recent posts” column we pre-date them.

        • Sapphmore says:

          I think my theory was more fun, and it’s given me an idea that I might add a new synopsis to my huge catalogue of post-Ripples story ideas to do a lesbian version of ‘About Time’, unless someone else fancies a go at it.

          • kinkychic says:

            Where exactly is ‘About Time’?

          • 3FingersNeat says:

            I love that movie. That’d be a good one to tackle. Also, it gives you an opportunity to make a ‘coming out of the closet’ joke or two. 😉

  11. Sapphmore says:

    Hi Kinkychic, it’s a film from the creator of ‘Love Actually’ starring the fab Bill Nighy

    • kinkychic says:

      Okay, thanks. Will look it up.

      • kinkychic says:

        So, I very quickly found that it’s not my type of movie. It does have a certain charm about it but I soon got bored.

        Your idea, Saphmore, is good, but I doubt it’s something that either of us would tackle.

        • Sapphmore says:

          I know what you mean. I’m a horror aficionado myself but it’s the sort of film the family might watch at Christmas or when you don’t want anything too cerebral.

  12. kinkys_sis says:

    A case of where plot ideas gave me more than I expected.

    I often go to sleep while tossing ideas for a story around in my mind. Last night, I was somewhere in the Middle East, possibly Jordan, when I fell asleep but carried on dreaming. There was an attack by Houthi terrorists whilst I was asleep in my bed.

    The dream turned into a nightmare. This wild guy was about to stab me. I kicked out and connected firmly, but still, he came at me. I knew my only escape was to roll out of the bed away from him. I hit the floor hard … and then I woke up!

    I often leave the laptop on the floor next to my bed. Usually, half open and resting on its side. The top corner of the laptop caught my ear, my shoulder scraped down the edge of the radiator, and blood was dripping from my gashed ear. My toes hurt like shit where I must have kicked either the wall or the radiator.

    I now have a very sore ear and a badly bruised and grazed shoulder.

    It was all so real. My heart was pounding like crazy. It’s all very well dreaming up story scenarios but I’d prefer not to act them out like that.

    That sister of mine is still laughing.

    It might make a good story though!

    • Sapphmore says:

      Oh to be inside your head! Imagine telling an A&E nurse how you got injured.

    • Captain Midnight says:

      That is VERY frightening! I had a nightmare myself this morning, and am still shaking.

      • kinkys_sis says:

        It’s strange how dreams can jump, quite inexplicably, from one scenario to another.

        I remember that I was tossing around ideas based in India (exotic Indian dancers and so on. And an ayah who had erotic intentions for the young English girl she was responsible for), I’ve no idea how that switched to the Middle East. I’m going to stick with the Indian idea and see where it goes. It seems safer.

        If Powertenor gets to read this. Please check your listed email address. The one given doesn’t seem to get a response.

    • Andrea says:

      Hopefully you’re all better now.
      I can appreciate, I all to often live in my head, never really had a chance to share it.

  13. princessnaughty says:

    I used to write stories on Lesbian Lolita but when the site went down and my laptop died I lost interest to write more. But now I might write again and publish here however my stories main themes involves extreme pee with women and girls from age 3 to 8. Do the moderators and readers allow this?

  14. kinkys_sis says:

    Here’s a viewpoint of mine that I expect to be maybe a little controversial.

    The majority of authors like to see comments on their stories. Some, give in-depth answers to those comments. But then I noticed that many of those same authors never leave comments for other authors.

    I wonder if that indicates they don’t read any of the stories posted on JS, or that they can’t be bothered to comment.

    Either way, I have stopped commenting on stories where the author never comments on others; there are several.

    Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not searching for praise. Rather, an indication of what another writer thinks of my story, be it, good or bad.

    ps. I’m currently enjoying my Easter holiday and there’s no more revision to be done. As the weather’s turned nice, I’m out and about doing maintenance to our many hidden Geocaches. If you don’t know what that means, and want to know, look up

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      I wouldn’t say it’s a controversial viewpoint at all, no. You get what you give in this life.

      That said, I do have to confess I think I understand the non-commenting mentality. I’ve had moments where I didn’t leave a comment because I couldn’t think of anything to other to say than “This story helped me orgasm”, which seems a little crude. Or I didn’t leave one because I didn’t like the story and I don’t like leaving negative feedback.

      I’m trying to get better at it though. I don’t want to be a lurker anymore so I’m trying to find useful and productive things to say from now on.

      • Mystery Mouse says:

        Also, geocaching sounds very interesting and enjoyable.

        It sounds very outdoorsy though. I’m not a fan of the outdoors. There’s a big, bright, round thing on the ceiling out there which is unnerving. And it’s difficult to charge my phone with plants and trees. Scary stuff.

      • kinkys_sis says:

        It’s cool. I was only referring to other writers.

    • Sapphmore says:

      Hi kinky_sis, I think you raised a very valid observation, and I’m afraid to admit I’m one of those guilty of this omission. What with work & family, my own writing (both my ongoing stories and notes for the many stories I have planned) and trawling though my cache of sites for stories for my archive, I’ve realised I’ve not actually had any time to read any stories in full for some time, which now you brought this up, is a bit sad I’m missing out.
      Now I’ve finally retired from work, I pledge to actually read the stories, both here and those I’m collecting, so thank you for making me realise this.

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      I’d say it’s a rather petty attitude to have.

      • kinkys_sis says:

        That’s a rather rude comment. I would have expected something a little less inflammatory from a staff member. Like maybe why you think it’s petty. I still see it as perfectly reasonable.

        • BlueJean says:

          I think it’s great you have time enough to both read the stories here and write your own stuff, but consider the writers who have families, or full time jobs that require long hours, whose limited time on any given evening often demands a choice between writing/editing for Juicy Secrets or *reading* stories on Juicy Secrets.

          Better to take whatever praise comes your way and be glad of it.

  15. Sapphmore says:

    I’m not sure, but guess Amanda’s comment was aimed at kinky_sis, but I’m sorry if my comment was misunderstood or perhaps I didn’t get it across very well. It was not my intention to appear as though I have any more on my plate than anyone else, be they authors or readers. It was merely an appreciation of kinky_sis’s question on whether submitters read the other stories, which made me realise that recently I’d forgotten to do the thing that made me love this site in the first place. As for commenting on other stories, it is, as Mystery Mouse says, difficult to come up with something different or insightful to say, but then again, picking out what I did or didn’t like in a story is probably a good way to improve my own.

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