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Extended-length stories by Naughty Mommy… 

Bambi at the Beach

Chapter 1   A little girl and her sexy, seductive mother make some new friends.
Chapter 2   Bambi and her mom begin to seduce the woman and her daughters.
Chapter 3   A nice dinner and some hot kissing… any doors being opened?
Chapter 4   Angela prepares Eve to look at her daughters in a different way.
Chapter 5   A first experience with lesbian sex for Eve, and a challenging fantasy.
Chapter 6   After a shocking revelation, Eve decides she’s ready for anything.

The Joy of Looking

Chapter 1   A young girl touches herself as she watches her mother have sex with the babysitter.
Chapter 2   Julie turns 11 years old, later watches her mom have sex with someone new.
Chapter 3   When Julie’s mother brings an 18-year-old girl home for sex, the teen gets quite a surprise.
Chapter 4   Julie’s mom gives her daughter a close-up view as she touches herself.
Chapter 5   In bed with her mother, 11-year-old Julie experiences sexual intimacy.
Chapter 6   Melissa from Victoria’s Secret plays ‘the game’ with Julie and her mom.
Chapter 7   For Julie’s 12th birthday, her mother arranges a sexy celebration.
Chapter 8   Too much excitement at the mall causes a problem for Julie.
Chapter 9   Twelve-year-old Julie gets dressed up in some very sexy outfits.
Chapter 10   Julie’s mom has more lesbian fun as her daughter watches.
Chapter 11   The girls from Victoria’s Secret come home with Julie and her mother.
Chapter 12   The lesbian orgy at home reaches an exciting conclusion.
Chapter 13   Julie fantasizes about some of the students and teachers from her school.
Chapter 14   Little Molly is turning 8 years old, and it’s time for another adventure.
Chapter 15   Julie and her mother frolic with Kim from Sea World in their hotel room.
Chapter 16   An erotic dream, and then mother and daughter masturbating together in bed.
Chapter 17   Julie schemes to see her younger sister naked.
Chapter 18   Mommy brings a beautiful woman home to her bed, and Julie joins them there.
Chapter 19   Julie and her mom go out to dinner, check out hot girls, talk about making love.
Chapter 20   Young Julie does a sexy strip-tease for her mother.
Chapter 21   Sisters Kate and Julie are kissing in bed.
Chapter 22   There’s trouble with Katrina, and then Julie ends up sleeping with her mom.
Chapter 23   Julie gets in bed again with her sister Kate.
Chapter 24   Two young sisters, 10 and 12 years old, masturbating together.
Chapter 25   Julie asks her mom if Kate can join the ‘game’ with them.
Chapter 26   Mother and daughter in bed, kissing wet pussies.
Chapter 27   While trying to decide about inviting Kate to join the fun, things get heated up.
Chapter 28   Julie is discovering the kind of power she has with her sexual allure.
Chapter 29   An important decision is made.
Chapter 30   Kate’s excited!
Chapter 31   Mother lays down the rules for playing ‘the game’.
Chapter 32   Julie gets some help from her mom in the techniques of masturbation.
Chapter 33   Shopping at the mall, checking out the sexy girls, some of them very young!
Chapter 34   Mother and daughter, masturbating in public.
Chapter 35   Plans are made to play ‘the game’ with someone new.
Chapter 36   For the first time, there are two underage voyeurs looking down from above.
Chapter 37   A surprise visitor on Christmas Eve.
Chapter 38   Kate and Julie have a party with the babysitter.
Chapter 39   Mommy helps her daughters celebrate the New Year.
Chapter 40   Does Julie want to go away to boarding school?
Chapter 41   Julie and Kate have fun in the kitchen and then in the bath.
Chapter 42   Two young girls masturbating in bed with their mother.
Chapter 43   Julie does some snooping and finds… wow!!
Chapter 44   Mommy announces that it’s movie night for her girls.
Chapter 45   Julie and Kate and their mom checking out girls at the mall.
Chapter 46   A sexy dinner, and then it’s time for the joy of looking.
Chapter 47   Very slowly taking off clothes, one person at a time.
Chapter 48   The touching and playing goes farther than it ever has before.
Chapter 49   Hot and nasty sex! But did Mommy go too far this time?
Chapter 50   Julie pays a surprise visit to her mom at her office.
Chapter 51   A roomful of women, and Kate and Julie are spying on them.
Chapter 52   The girls come out of hiding and it’s time for the real fun to begin.
Chapter 53   Kate proposes an exciting finale to conclude the sexy party.
Chapter 54   Special treats for Mommy’s birthday.
Chapter 55   Julie tries to ask her mother what’s going on with Molly.
Chapter 56   A romantic dinner for a pair of incestuous lovers.
Chapter 57   All three girls in their Mommy’s bed.
Chapter 58   Little Molly has a slumber party.
Chapter 59   Who could resist spying on a roomful of third grade girls?
Chapter 60   The magical weekend begins for Julie and her mother.
Chapter 61   Finally, after 60 chapters, Mommy and Julie are really making love!
Chapter 62   An endless night of sex and sleep and sleepy sex.
Chapter 63   A long conversation about the changed relationship between Julie and her mom.
Chapter 64   At the Sapphic Retreat, a fun party for girls and their moms.
Chapter 65   The sexy orgy continues, under Julie’s direction.
Chapter 66   It’s a lesbian incest free-for-all!
Chapter 67   Erotic rituals conclude the sensual celebration.
Chapter 68   Some sexy fun on the plane returning home, then an important conversation with Kate.
Chapter 69   Julie gets a new babysitting client, a young mom with a very cute daughter.
Chapter 70   It’s the first time ever for Kate and Julie to lick each other’s pussies.
Chapter 71   Mommy, Julie, and Kate tell us more about going all the way with each other.
Chapter 72   When Julie babysits for Chelsea again, they play a sexy dress-up game.
Chapter 73   Julie makes up a naughty bedtime story to tell Chelsea.
Chapter 74   It’s another very racy bedtime story for little Chelsea.
Chapter 75   The sisters play a dirty game of Truth or Dare.
Chapter 76   After playing sexy games with Molly, Kate and Julie end up in bed together.
Chapter 77   Afternoon sex for Mommy, Julie, and Kate while Molly attends a birthday party.
Chapter 78   Another dress-up game with Chelsea leads to a session of kissing and masturbating.
Chapter 79   Julie enjoys phone sex with Dana.
Chapter 80   Dana and Chelsea come over for dinner and…
Chapter 81   Mommy and Julie and Katie and Molly, in bed together.
Chapter 82   More sex for Mommy and her three young daughters.
Chapter 83   Julie plays naughty games with Dana and her little girl.
Chapter 84   Chelsea and Dana stay for a sleepover — and then it’s Mother’s Day!
Chapter 85   As our story resumes, Dana and Chelsea are ‘adopted’ into the family.
Chapter 86   After arriving at a lakeside cabin for a week’s vacation, Kate makes some new friends.
Chapter 87   Meeting Loretta and Sage, a mom and a daughter, soon becoming intimate with them.
Chapter 88   Playing the voyeur game again, this time with Sage and Loretta.
Chapter 89   A night of conversations, confessions, and sexual experimentation.
Chapter 90   Young girls get naughty off in the woods together, and then it’s a hot photo session.
Chapter 91   The vacation by the lake comes to an end, but not before a lot of yummy lesbian incest.
Chapter 92   Back home again, Julie has ideas about seducing a mom with two pretty daughters.
Chapter 93   Kate makes up a fun naked game to play with Molly and her little friend at a sleepover.
Chapter 94   As school starts again, Julie finds she has a hot new teacher, and makes a sexy new friend.
Chapter 95   Chelsea’s cute friend from school, Samantha, comes to dinner with the family.
Chapter 96   Four girls in one bed, tickling and kissing, during a sleepover at Hannah’s house.
Chapter 97   Masturbating in bed with Hannah — and then Julie makes a big discovery late at night.
Chapter 98   While attending special classes at another school, Julie meets someone from her past.
Chapter 99   Kate and Julie fly out to Nevada to spend a long weekend with their aunt.
Chapter 100   Sexy fun in the sauna for Julie and Kate and their new friend Allie/Fucker.
Chapter 101   More kissing, masturbating, and orgasms, plus an awesome indulgent lunch, and then
Chapter 102   Julie and Fucker and Kate make love, which is great. But later that night, something happens.
Chapter 103   Shopping for lingerie with Aunt Barbara, and getting sexy in the changing room.
Chapter 104   A hot fashion show and photo session for Aunt Barbara and her nieces, then kissing in bed.
Chapter 105   Kate and Julie masturbate side by side with Aunt Barbara, then have sex with her.
Chapter 106   It’s the biggest game yet of Undercover Spy, with ten naked players — including three moms!
Chapter 107   During a big group sleepover, Julie and Hannah masturbate while the younger girls sleep.
Chapter 108   Sex for Julie with Karen, with Kate, with Dana, with her mom — what a great life she has!
Chapter 109   Hannah and Julie have sex together for the first time, and they also make a seductive pact.
Chapter 110   Julie and Hannah babysit Cadence, Ms. Firth’s daughter, which leads to an artistic adventure.
Chapter 111   While Dana and Megan make love on the sofa, Julie’s mom does something very naughty.
Chapter 112   Voyeurism, photography, and lots of hot sex when Karen comes to dinner.
Chapter 113   While their moms are out dancing, the younger girls at home enjoy some very sexy kissing.
Chapter 114   Julie plays her voyeur game, spying on the moms — and this time Riley joins her!
Chapter 115   Julie takes Riley into the bedroom with her, where the girl watches her have sex with Kate.
Chapter 116   After a big Thanksgiving dinner, the talk turns to moms showing their daughters how to kiss.
Chapter 117   Playing the Undercover Spy game with five women and seven girls — very hot!
Chapter 118   When Hannah shares a bed with Julie and Kate, Julie suggests an exciting fantasy role play.
Chapter 119   A day in the country, followed by a big announcement, and then a nice lesbian orgy.
Chapter 120   The family gets to meet Miranda and her daughter and the baby for the first time.
Chapter 121   Babysitting Cadence and playing Undercover Spy leads to talking about masturbation.
Chapter 122   An incredible session of watching porn and masturbating and squirting at Hannah’s house.
Chapter 123   Making plans for the biggest game yet of Undercover Spy — with a surprise addition!
Chapter 124   A lot of things are happening, building toward a climax. In fact, toward many climaxes.
Chapter 125   Anyone care for some kinky fun with lactation?
Chapter 126   Time for the biggest game ever of Undercover Spy, with 20 girls! But first, the Nipple Test…
Chapter 127   Getting naughty while doing the secret kiss in the dark, then a wild game of Undercover Spy.
Chapter 128   Singing, dancing, setting up for the big sleepover — and then some hot kissing between Julie and Alexa.
Chapter 129   The start of an exciting porn party with Lauren and Kelsey and their daughters.
Chapter 130   Suzanne encourages the other two moms to have sex with their daughters for the first time.
Chapter 131   Eight girls do the Nipple Test, play Undercover Spy, then make some very special plans.
Chapter 132   The kids spy on their moms, underage voyeurs watching and masturbating, and then…
Chapter 133   Celebrating Christmas with family and friends, then preparing for a very special New Year’s Eve.

The Lost Girl Game

Chapter 1   Sharon and her daughter help a lost 9-year-old find her mom.
Chapter 2   Angela and Bambi make progress on the seduction.
Chapter 3   Sharon and Kelly are moving toward lesbian incest.
Chapter 4   At last, Sharon and her daughter go all the way.
Chapter 5   A rewarding afternoon of juicy incestuous lovemaking.
Chapter 6   After a sexy dinner out, it’s into the jacuzzi tub.
Chapter 7   An amazing day and night is over, and it’s time for bed.
Chapter 8   Morning comes, and so do the mothers and daughters.
Chapter 9   After a little more fun, they have to say goodbye.

Nanna Comes to Help

Chapter 1   Grandmother and granddaughter develop a shocking intimacy.
Chapter 2   Stacie is seduced by both her mother and her daughter.
Chapter 3   Nanna has taught her grandchild to play some very sexy games.
Chapter 4   More sex games between daughter, mother, and grandmother.


Chapter 1   Shelly has a secret about forbidden things she’s been doing with her little girl, Kerie. She tells her sister Jae.
Chapter 2   We meet the Beddingdon family, Rose and her daughters. Later, Jae asks if Shelly will ‘share’ Kerie.
Chapter 3   Eight-year-old Kerie has her very first orgasm.
Chapter 4   During her lunch hour, Shelly has phone sex in her office at the high school. But a student overhears!
Chapter 5   Shelly and Tina, talking and kissing in the city park.
Chapter 6   We meet Tina’s mom and sister; Jae goes on a date with Rose.
Chapter 7   Planning a secret meeting with Tina; taking little Kerie out to dinner.
Chapter 8   Shelly tries to teach her daughter Kerie how to masturbate.
Chapter 9   It’s a double sleepover — Melissa with Kerie, Jae with Shelly.
Chapter 10   After Shelly masturbates in bed with her sister Jae, the women talk about their childhood.
Chapter 11   Jae gets to ‘play the game’ with Kerie for the first time, while Shelly watches and masturbates.
Chapter 12   Dinner and a movie with Rose and family, then talking with Kerie about oral sex.
Chapter 13   Shelly’s secret meeting with Tina — hot talk and more in a hotel room with a 15-year-old girl!
Chapter 14   After Tina makes a startling confession, Shelly makes a momentous decision.
Chapter 15   Sex on the beach, in the living room, in the bedroom, everywhere!
Chapter 16   The sisters in bed, and then… Kerie has more sexy secrets to tell her mom about.
Chapter 17   Shelly and Kerie enjoy a fabulous dinner with friends, followed by an even more fabulous fashion show.
Chapter 18   A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon — with hot incestuous lesbian sex!
Chapter 19   Tina tells Shelly some very exciting secrets about what she and her mother do together.
Chapter 20   More and more sexy secrets are revealed… and then a crazy idea begins to take shape.
Chapter 21   Making confessions, making plans, making a tire swing, plus a sexy time in the jacuzzi.
Chapter 22   Valerie, Tina, and Shelly watch a hot homemade video, then get out the camera for more fun.
Chapter 23   Plans are being finalized for the very first meeting of… ?
Chapter 24   When women and girls get together to share their sexy secrets with one another, anything can happen.
Chapter 25   The story concludes — for our characters, anyway — but it just might continue for you, if you make friends with the right woman or girl!


       A Guide for the Serious Reader
Chapter 1   Two families make plans for an exciting vacation together.
Chapter 2   Nighttime on the way to San Diego brings out the sexual playfulness.
Chapter 3   Lots of moms and girls at the beach, though not all have met yet.
Chapter 4   It will be an afternoon of swimming, sandcastles, and seduction.
Chapter 5   Considering new possibilities, and enjoying a climax in the sun.
Chapter 6   Connections are formed and a spontaneous evening party is planned.
Chapter 7   Making confessions about lesbian incest makes for aroused women.
Chapter 8   Little girls kissing in the shower, their moms kissing in bed.
Chapter 9   Younger sisters talk about masturbating, older sisters do it together.
Chapter 10   Mothers give their daughters permission to kiss, and do even more.
Chapter 11   Grown sisters find pleasure in rubbing each other’s bodies with lotion.
Chapter 12   Sex talk, sensual touching, masturbation, and climaxes.
Chapter 13   Watching little girls kiss and trib helps Paige reach her first orgasm.
Chapter 14   It’s time for the BIG TALK ABOUT INCEST.
Chapter 15   Mothers and daughters gather for the sexy party in the penthouse suite.
Chapter 16   Sometimes a mom and her 7-year-old daughter just can’t resist each other.
Chapter 17   A sexy game of Twister, and an even sexier fashion show.
Chapter 18   The first night of Musical Beds at the condo, with random sleeping partners.
Chapter 19   A long lusty evening of lesbian incest begins, at three separate locations.
Chapter 20   In bed in the dark at the condo, kissing and masturbation and sex.
Chapter 21   Boundaries are crossed, taboos are broken, between mothers and daughters and sisters.
Chapter 22   Important things to learn, for women and girls to please each other sexually.
Chapter 23   Pussies that have never been kissed or licked — tonight they will be.
Chapter 24   Sex in the night for moms and teens and little girls.
Chapter 25   Monday morning in the condo, thinking and talking about sexy things.
Chapter 26   Waking up after an amazing night… did it all really happen?
Chapter 27   Incest in the morning for four lucky sets of moms and daughters.
Chapter 28   A little more sex to start the day, and then a pleasant penthouse brunch.
Chapter 29   Fun at the zoo, making new connections, and juicy fingers at the beach.
Chapter 30   Little girls kiss, moms masturbate, and plans are made for a special dinner.
Chapter 31   An exotic meal followed by erotic dancing at the exclusive private dinner club.
Chapter 32   It’s time for bed at the condo, while the performers at the private club get even sexier.
Chapter 33   Hot action at The Harem, and many temptations for women and girls in bed at the condo.
Chapter 34   A big finish at the club, while at the condo moms go out of control in bed with little girls.
Chapter 35   Late at night at the condo, kissing and conversations and sexy games.
Chapter 36   Mothers and daughters getting comfortable back at the penthouse suite.
Chapter 37   Four women and six girls in a climactic lesbian orgy.
Chapter 38   Tuesday morning — the aftermath, and another big talk about incest.
Chapter 39   A morning of important intimate conversations, and then some introductions are made.
Chapter 40   Playing in the ocean, getting frisky, making plans for a cruise and plans for dinner.
Chapter 41   Moms and daughters get together for two separate dinners with lots of excitement at both.
Chapter 42   The girls at the condo go upstairs for sexy games after dinner, while their moms get heated up too.
Chapter 43   The lesbian orgy is in full swing at Sheila’s, while another is getting started at the condo.
Chapter 44   A mother and her twin daughters having sex for the first time, and that’s just part of the fun!
Chapter 45   Angela and Sheila get extra wild, talking dirty to each other and fucking hard.
Chapter 46   The orgies come to an end at both locations, with love and kisses and final caresses.
Chapter 47   Snorkeling for some, partying for others, then preparing for a night of naughty fun.
Chapter 48   Young girls stripping and teasing while their moms watch and masturbate.
Chapter 49   The entertainment leads to their biggest orgy yet, and someone has her first orgasm!
Chapter 50   Thinking about things in the morning and having a little more sex — then it’s time for the cruise.
Chapter 51   Arriving at the marina, taking a tour of the yacht, meeting the attractive crew.
Chapter 52   Lunch and whale watching and skinny dipping, then dinner and a hot lingerie show.
Chapter 53   On the yacht, a sexy massage, many orgasms, and then a very exciting announcement.
Chapter 54   Jordan plays Pony-Pony on Dani, and that’s only the beginning of Dani’s spectacular initiation.
Chapter 55   Something very few have ever seen: a little girl fisting a cute teenager.
Chapter 56   A brief break, some sexy conversations, and then the hot action gets going again on the yacht.
Chapter 57   Dani wants more, and has plenty of volunteers, but now she’s not the only one getting fisted.
Chapter 58   The orgy on the yacht continues, with more fisting, more fucking, more sucking, and more climaxes.
Chapter 59   Late night watersports provide a memorable finale on the yacht, before settling down to sleep.
Chapter 60   All good things must come to an end. Vacation time is over, but none of the moms or daughters will ever forget the week they just had.

Sheila, Bridget, and the Girls 

Chapter 1   Mothers and daughters seek gratification in various ways.
Chapter 2   Fiona, 12, has a confession to make about something she saw.
Chapter 3   One pair talks about sex while the other pair has sex.
Chapter 4   Fiona gets flustered and her aunt comforts her, and then
Chapter 5   The next morning brings kisses, and showers, and climaxes.
Chapter 6   A day at the beach — and a talk about incest?

Showing Amanda

Chapter 1   Should a mother teach her daughter how to masturbate?
Chapter 2   The results of Lesson One are not what Mom expects.
Chapter 3   Amanda asks her mother to help her ‘masturbate’ again.
Chapter 4   Mother and daughter find exciting new ways to please each other.

Teaching the Girls

Chapter 1   Sixteen-year-old Britt is hired to provide yoga instruction for four young girls. And then she’s asked to do more.
Chapter 2   In their first private lesson, Britt begins teaching two of the little girls about lesbian sex while their mothers watch.
Chapter 3   After Britt has licked both of the girls and made them come, their moms ask if she’s willing to take it further.
Chapter 4   Saturday night in the suburbs, two women, a teenager, and a pair of young girls, everyone naked and having fun.
Chapter 5   In the aftermath of her first private session with the kids and their moms, Britt starts making plans for much more.
Chapter 6   It’s the second private lesson, time to teach the girls a little more about fantasies and masturbation.
Chapter 7   Britt takes the next step, getting the women more involved sexually with her than before.
Chapter 8   Britt’s plan to bring the moms and daughters into much closer contact seems to be moving right along.
Chapter 9   After everyone goes to bed — though not to sleep right away, of course — Britt learns something interesting.
Chapter 10   The other women present the ‘teaching’ idea to Donna and try to convince that her she should go along.
Chapter 11   Donna’s daughters, Heather and Felicity, want to do it. But will their mother agree?
Chapter 12   Getting started with the first private sex lesson for all four young girls together.
Chapter 13   Giving the girls a very close, intimate view of their mothers’ naked bodies.
Chapter 14   Now it’s the women’s turn to look at their daughters’ delicious young bodies, up close and personal.
Chapter 15   After dinner, Britt’s lesbian sex lessons focus first on kissing, with mindfulness.
Chapter 16   Time for the next thing, teaching the girls how to make love with their mother’s breasts and nipples.
Chapter 17   An hour of playtime with the kids before bed, followed by a few more hours of sexual antics with the moms.
Chapter 18   In their next Saturday afternoon sex lesson, Britt leads the group in shared meditation and masturbation.
Chapter 19   Teaching the girls about tribadism, with a little help from their mothers.
Chapter 20   Britt introduces twelve-year-old Heather and ten-year-old Felicity to the pleasures of oral sex.
Chapter 21   Oh, no — bad news — which prompts an increased urgency in their weekend sex sessions, including an exercise in edging.
Chapter 22   Closer and closer and closer, without quite coming… it’s a challenging test of sexual self-control.
Chapter 23   The continued edging, spiced with extremely dirty talk, leads to a few close calls.
Chapter 24   Right on the verge, as close as the mothers and daughters can get to committing incest.
Chapter 25   Their final evening together, filled with lust, sweat, and tears.

Two Moms

Chapter 1   Moving with her mom to another city, 12-year-old Lia has to go to a different school, where she soon makes a new best friend.
Chapter 2   Lia gets invited to her friend Jessica’s house for a sleepover one night, and has a rather startling conversation with Karen, the girl’s mother.
Chapter 3   That evening at her best friend’s house, Lia sees a lot of things she’s never ever seen before.
Chapter 4   After watching a hot movie and then witnessing some amazing real-life action, Jessica and Lia get in bed together to have some fun.
Chapter 5   The next morning, we learn a little more about Nora, Lia’s mother, about her hopes and dreams and erotic fantasies.
Chapter 6   When Nora and Lia invite Karen and Jess to dinner one night, the girls get to see their moms openly flirting with one another.
Chapter 7   Karen goes home after dinner to enjoy some fun of her own, while Nora heads to her bedroom to masturbate, and the two girls do what girls love to do.
Chapter 8   Nora’s unusual sexual desires begin to move from fantasy to actual practice — and she’s making plans for much more.
Chapter 9   A visit to the mall, shopping for lingerie, leads to some very arousing erotic teasing for Nora and the preteens, Lia and Jessica.
Chapter 10   Distractions for Nora at the office, a decision made by Karen, and a momentous declaration shared between the girls.
Chapter 11   Nora tells Lia about her upcoming date with Karen, leading to increased levels of intimacy between mother and daughter.
Chapter 12   The start of a perfect evening: a lovely date downtown for the two moms, and a romantic dinner at home for the two young girls.
Chapter 13   Significant progress is made on two fronts — sweet romance between the women, hot sex between their daughters.
Chapter 14   Karen makes a confession to Nora which brings the two moms even closer, while at home their daughters are doing things they’ve never done before.
Chapter 15   The night continues… grown women falling in love and lust… 12-year-old girls getting hot and juicy in bed together.
Chapter 16   Sex, hot lesbian sex in two different houses — a pair of moms at one place, their two young young daughters at the other.
Chapter 17   In the morning both pairs of lovers share still more love, intimacy, commitment, and sex!
Chapter 18   Nora shares some of her biggest secrets with her daughter Lia and the two end up masturbating together for the first time.
Chapter 19   It’s a double sleepover for the mothers and daughters, with plenty of juicy lovemaking.
Chapter 20   Jessica tells Lia about an exciting time she had with her mom one day and night the summer before.
Chapter 21   The weeks go by with more progress made — greater intimacy, a developing young body, and then a wonderful announcement.
Chapter 22   Arriving at their destination the day before the big day, the pair of moms and daughters draw even closer together.
Chapter 23   It’s a lovely New Year’s Eve wedding, and then the start of an even lovelier honeymoon.
Chapter 24   At long last it happens, mothers and daughters making love, all together, in an incestuous family affair.
Chapter 25   The New Year comes, and along with it the girls and their moms come too, many many times, as our story reaches the end.





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    Hi NM. New site, more of the same hopes that maybe you will continue with ‘The Joy of Looking’. I know it’s hard for you, but lol you started it, if it wasn’t so good, nobody would badger you to continue. Got some more suggestions. Hope you’ll consider them. 1) make where you are end of book 1, and start new (book 2) at the New Year party. As it opens a lot of new people who will share in the love of mother and daughter. 2) you were worried about repeating stuff, but at moment writer is telling story from an age of 18/19, and at present you are only upto age 13 (14 maybe), you have so many new characters and situations still to come, i.e High School (you alluded to some stuff that happens), all the new people from the area who are now or will participate, then you also mentioned that more fun happened with the women and girls from New England b&b.

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      Wow, Jws, you seem to know the content of my opus almost as well as I do — quite impressive! And I truly do appreciate your taking the time to make some very good suggestions.

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    We first became of your work by reading the Bambi series. Very taken back by writing style and your intimacy with the topic. We are just on chapter 10

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      Hi, Debbie & Soami, and thank you for the nice comment. I hope you’ll keep reading, and keep enjoying!

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    Naughty mommy. I don’t know if you will see this. I hope you will and this finds you safe and well. Your stories are the only good times in my life. You are the only one who puts a smile on my face and I thank you for that. You provide a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark existence. Thank you agan

    • Naughty Mommy says:

      Hello, Danielle, and thank you for the nice comment. My family and I are healthy and doing well, although very eager for life to get back to semi-normal again. I’m happy to hear that my little stories help brighten an otherwise dark time for you, and maybe for others as well. Big hugs!

  8. kim says:

    And once again, we are glad to hear you and family are doing well, Naughty Mommy, and thank you.

    Kim & Sue

  9. theflash says:

    Naughty Mommy great stories you write they turn me on Thank You

  10. Jws247 says:

    Hi NAUGHTY MOMMY. If you EVER see this. Please leave a comment if all good. And sefishly on my part HAVE YOU BEEN DOING ANY WRITING? Obviously only 1 story matters Joys of Looking. Stopped in a terrible place. Yes sometimes a cliffhanger is good but not before the New Years Eve Party. Yes keep asking and apologies for that but miss that story, and as understandably you never want it to end a previous comment on this fixes that. Go from a retrospective diary entry story to a daily/weekly whenever the F. You want entry. From past to NOW. HOPE YOU GOOD. SEE THIS AND DONT GET PISSES BUT MOTIVATED. Wow thats the least sarcastic I’ve ever been in a comment. Thanks. As always mod post or delete.

  11. Z says:

    Five years later and no new writing from NM. One of the world’s greatest tragedies.
    Here’s to hoping she’s not dead.

  12. Naughty Mommy says:

    To ‘Z’ and ‘Jws247’ and others who might have asked, I’m just fine, all good, not a bit dead. 😄 However, I have not been doing any writing, or at least not any JS-style writing in quite a few years. I went through some pretty big lifestyle changes in 2018-2019, and my priorities have shifted. I still love JS, but my motivation is in other directions now.

  13. DaughterLover says:

    Someone (famous, I’m sure) once said that “the only constant is change.” NM, I’m relieved to hear you’re doing well, but completely understand your change in direction. As a loooonnnngggg time admirer of your writing (oh! the memories!), I wish you all the best <3

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