Pages From a Diary, Chapter 16

  • Posted on June 22, 2024 at 2:53 pm

by Rachael Yukey

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 14 chapters, please see Pages From a Diary Chapter Links )

Eleven-year-old Mallory is a bright but lonely girl with strict fundamentalist Christian parents whose marriage is going through a rough patch. One day, Mal gets acquainted with a girl named Julie who isn’t religious. Neither is her father Jason, or Jason’s girlfriend Lisa. Nevertheless, Mal likes them all quite a lot. Soon, the girls become fast friends, and before very long, more than friends. Mallory has a difficult time reconciling her emerging sexuality with her faith, but soon finds her desire for Julie and her interest in sex getting the upper hand, especially once she learns to masturbate.

Meanwhile, her parents’ relationship is really beginning to founder, to the point of screaming matches in public. Mallory finds herself increasingly disgusted with them both, but doesn’t let it show. By then, she and Julie are beginning to experiment sexually, but don’t really know what they’re doing. Julie’s dad’s girlfriend Lisa finds out about their curiosity and offers advice, then the girls persuade her to undress and join them in bed. Here Mal and Julie have full-on sex for the first time, then Lisa joins in. 

Soon thereafter, Mallory and Julie are confronted by a fifteen-year-old girl from their school named Megan, who tells them she recognizes their feelings for each other, admits to being gay herself, and invites them to drop by her place a few days later. Megan only wants to hang out and chat, but Mallory casually takes charge of the situation, and soon the three of them are naked and having sex. At first, Megan is uneasy about coupling with such young girls, but the situation proves too tempting for her to resist. 

By then, Mallory’s mother Sharon is spending more and more nights away from the home, supposedly staying with her own mother. So she isn’t there when Mal’s father Dan collapses and nearly dies from alcohol poisoning after downing nearly a fifth of whiskey. Only Mallory’s quick thinking and immediate response saves his life. Once Dan is taken to the hospital, Mal learns that her mom isn’t really at Grandma’s house, but out with another man. She’s angry and upset… but later, a round of lovemaking with Julie and Lisa lightens her mood.

Not long after her father is released from the hospital, Mallory is taken out on a shopping trip by her mother. During the lengthy drive, Sharon explains her side of the story, treating her daughter more like an adult than she ever has before. Mal finds herself feeling sympathetic… but then she’s startled to catch herself having sexual thoughts about her mother, and gets flustered and confused. Those thoughts won’t just go away, either…

The next day, Mal and Julie pay a visit to Megan. Following a series of notes, they wander through the place looking for their friend, only to find Megan waiting in her bedroom.

And now we rejoin our story, which is currently in progress. Do enjoy!

Stepping into Megan’s room, the first thing I noticed was that the shades were drawn, and the only light was the hazy glow of a purple lava lamp. Megan was stretched out on her bed. She was wrapped in something lacy and black that was completely open in the front. Underneath it I could see a tiny pair of black panties that barely covered her pussy, and a black bra with purple trim.

“I was starting to think you weren’t coming,” she said in a low, sultry voice.

Swinging her feet off the bed, Megan rose in one smooth, graceful motion. The lacy thing was a sort of cape that cascaded from her shoulders and went down almost to her feet. She spread her arms straight out to the sides, and the front of the cape fell open to fully reveal her black panties and bra. Then she let herself tumble backwards onto the bed again, laying with her arms spread wide, legs dangling off the bed and her knees apart.

She looked like the Goddess of Sex, and I couldn’t believe Julie and I were getting this gorgeous creature all to ourselves for the afternoon. I was rooted to the spot, just taking her in. A quick glance to the side told me that Julie was in the same dazed condition.

Megan’s head lifted slightly, a smile playing about her lips. “Coming?” she said.

The paralysis broke. I flung myself onto the bed, grabbed Megan around the waist and crushed my mouth to hers. Her tongue darted between my lips. Julie was on the other side nibbling Megan’s ear, then trailing kisses down along the nape of her neck.

By then me and Julie were on top of Megan, halfway draped across her body. She was thrusting her hips up and down.

I laid my hand on Megan’s belly, and she raised her butt most of the way up from the bed. Tearing her mouth away from mine, she gasped, “I’ve been lying here for half an hour,” she gasped, “and I am SO ready for this.”

Then she and Julie were kissing. It was a wild, primal kiss. I could see their tongues dancing as their faces turned. I moved downwards, kissing and nibbling her neck, shoulder and collarbone while my hand played across her belly. Then I let it slide upward to trace the swell of Megan’s breast. The black and purple bra she wore felt smooth and velvety. As I followed its curve I came to a nipple, incredibly firm even through the bra cup. She shivered as I traced a finger around it.

“Sit up,” I told her.

She and Julie broke off their kiss. Her eyes met mine. “Huh?”

“Sit up, so we can take this off.”

Her eyebrows arched in amusement, like I was some silly kid telling her what to do. “Oh, really?”

That got my dander up. “Let me see your fucking tits!” I commanded. I’ve given up on being surprised at the things that come out of my mouth during sex. What still surprises me is the way people react to what I say. Julie let out a small moan, and a shiver ran through her body. Megan’s eyes widened slightly, but she did reach for the clasp of her bra.

“Wait,” I said, and she paused. “Julie… you take it off.”

Kneeling behind Megan, Julie began kissing her shoulders as she unclasped the bra. It came loose, sliding down Megan’s arms. I spread both hands across her small, firm breasts, caressing their softness.

“There’s my tits,” said Megan, a slight smile on her lips. “Happy now, you slutty little bitch?”

Wow… THAT was unexpected. But it was also kinda hot! My panties were positively soaked. I decided to take her attitude and run with it.

“You’re the one with your tits hanging out,” I taunted her. I traced around the edge of a nipple with my tongue, and she whimpered. Julie was still nuzzling the back of her neck.

“So who’s the slut?” I went on. I gave the other nipple a single teasing lick. “The good little girl wearing a respectable church dress…” I closed my mouth over the tip of her breast, letting my teeth graze it as I pulled away, and her moan quickly became a wail. “…or the bitch waving her tits around for everyone to see?”

My mouth closed over the nipple again. My tongue caressed it; my teeth bit lightly. “Fuck!” She hissed. My eyes met hers again.

“Lie down, you fucking slut,” I told her.

Julie was grinning as she got out of the way, giving Megan room to lie back, and my greedy mouth found her nipple again. God, I love tits! I wish mine would hurry up and grow in. Julie bent down and fastened on the other breast. Our heads bumped, and our eyes met for a moment. There was a special communication in that glance, something I can’t share with anyone but Julie. It’s like there’s something extra there, something that’s only for us. I can’t explain it any better than that.

Megan gave a little moan as I let my hand slide down, moving past the waistband of those tiny little panties. Her hips jerked when I gently caressed her through the silky fabric. Applying some pressure, I made a circular motion with my fingers. Her moan was different this time… a low, guttural sound. I picked up the pace, and her damp panties grew downright saturated, dampening my fingertips. Megan’s breath was coming in harsh gasps, punctuated by those animalistic moans. A little more pressure, and the fabric began to slip into her incredibly wet pussy. She wailed.

To hell with this, I thought. Megan’s panties were narrow and sheer, and I easily pushed them to one side, then wriggled my finger into her juicy folds. She bucked wildly against me. A little further down, and two of my fingers easily slipped into her vagina. My God, she was wet!

I pushed my fingers inside as far as they would go, until my palm rested against her pussy lips. Bending down, I started kissing her shoulder and neck. Julie’s attention had shifted to Megan’s tits, her mouth roving over the soft mounds, taking in a nipple here; a nibble of flesh there.

I found Megan’s mouth with mine, and our tongues came together with an urgency that was almost violent. I began to roll my fingers around inside her pussy, my palm rubbing against her clit. Thick, warm juices were oozing out of her, and there were sloppy squelching noises with my every motion. Squeeze, release, repeat.

Megan threw her head back, tearing our mouths apart. “Harder,” she groaned.

I moved my hand a little faster.

“Harder… please! Fuck me like you mean it!” she cried.

I picked up the pace in a big way drawing my hand away till just the fingertips were in, then slamming them home. Every time my palm smacked her clit, she yelled. Her hips were pumping furiously. Then Julie’s hand slid beneath mine, her fingertips probing between the juicy pussy lips to find Megan’s clit.

“Oh, God,” Megan wailed. I was fucking her hard and fast, my palm slamming repeatedly into the back of Julie’s hand, making loud slapping sound with every thrust. Julie’s fingers were working furiously.

Megan’s head was pressing back into the mattress, her body arched, her ass raised high above the bed. “Oh, God,” she screamed again. “Oh God, oh Jesus… fuck… oh my f-fucking GAAAAAAAAWWWWW…”

That last cry seemed to go on forever. Megan’s pussy pulsed against my fingers. Her body shook helplessly, as if she was having a fit. I kept going, though I felt a spray of warm fluid against my hand as she let out a series of short, sharp cries. Finally, she collapsed onto the bed.

When I took my fingers out, Megan’s juices were literally dripping from my hand. I was pretty sure I knew what had just happened… Julie and I had read all about squirting on the internet.

I kissed Megan, briefly taking her lower lip between my teeth, then pulled away, pretending to be mad. “Did you just squirt on me?” I demanded in a near-whisper.

Megan wasn’t fooled, though. Struggling to catch her breath, she gasped. “Pretty cool, huh? You – you hit just the right spot—that’s only happened to me a couple of times before.”

“You got my hand all wet,” I said in an accusing tone. I brushed my fingers over her lips, and tongue snaked out to lick them.

“Hey, give me a taste!” Julie protested. She leaned in and trailed her tongue down the length of my middle finger.

“You like that?” I asked.

Julie smiled at me. “LOVE it,” she replied.

Turning my hand around, I smeared my wet palm across Julie’s mouth. Her greedy tongue snaked out again, licking my palm, then her lips.

My eyes met Megan’s.“See what you made me do?” I said. “She’s all messy now. It’s your fault, getting that wet stuff all over my hand.”

Megan’s eyebrows shot up. I’d just been teasing a little, but she took it a whole different way! “Have I been a bad girl?” she inquired.

“Very,” I said.

“What do I have to do to make it up to you?”

I couldn’t believe where this was going! But it excited me, so I decided to run with it.

I pointed at Julie. “Lick her face clean,” I said. I smeared the remaining wetness on my palm onto Julie’s mouth and cheeks.

Megan rolled onto her side, leaned in, and began licking Julie’s face. First a lick up one cheek, then the other, then her chin. She was getting closer and closer to Julie’s mouth.

I began running the fingers of one hand through Julie’s thick hair, caressing her thighs with the other. She wore a pair of leggings under a short red dress, and my hand disappeared beneath the skirt. Megan was licking Julie’s lips now, and Julie was rocking her hips up and down as I inched slowly up her thigh.

Megan looked like she was about to give Julie a big, messy kiss, but I had another idea. I wasn’t sure where it was coming from, but Megan and Julie kept letting me take control, seemed to WANT me to take control, and I was loving every second of it!

“Hey, wait,” I said. It was hard to sound commanding when I was so turned on I could hardly catch my breath, but I did my best. “Are you about to kiss her? Because you’re still making up for getting my hand all messy. You have to ASK before you get treats, girl.”

“I’m sorry I made a mess,” said Megan, her mouth set in a sorrowful pout. “Can I please kiss her now?”

“Kiss her,” I said, making it sound like I was telling her to instead of giving permission.

Megan and Julie kissed, deep and sexy. My hand was up under Julie’s dress now, and I let my fingers drift beneath the waistband of her leggings.

Then I had another idea. I took my hand away and sat up, tapping Megan’s shoulder. She broke the kiss and looked up at me.

“You were bad,” I said, “and her face got dirty because of it. She’s the one you need to make it up to. Julie, if you could have anybody do something for you right now, what would it be?”

Julie met my eyes, and gave me a ferocious grin. “I want my pussy licked!” she exclaimed.

I turned to Megan. “Get her naked, then give her what she wants.”

Wrapping both arms around Julie’s shoulders, Megan guided her into a sitting position. She tugged the dress out from under Julie’s butt, then up over her head. I slid around behind Julie, pressed myself against her and rained kisses on the back of her neck and her shoulders. Taking her nipples between my fingers and thumbs, I gently squeezed.

Megan’s hands were clutching the waistband of Julie’s leggings, but trying to pull them down from this position was a little awkward. I got out of the way so Julie could lie down, and Megan tugged her panties and leggings off in one motion.

“Tease her first,” I said. “Make her crazy for it.”

Megan began to leave quick flashing kisses up and down the inside of Julie’s thighs. She’d come within a quarter inch of kissing her pussy, then pull away. I was running the fingers of both hands through Julie’s hair, then I leaned in and kissed her hard. Julie met my kiss with fire and enthusiasm, her tongue darting between my parted lips. I continued to stroke her hair with one hand, caressing her belly with the fingertips of the other. Julie was desperate to be licked, thrusting her hips every time Megan’s mouth came close to her center.

“Oh, God,” murmured Megan.

I broke the kiss and looked down at her. “What?”

“Her cunt… it smells so good,” she said.

I felt a little thrill when she said that. Something about the word “cunt,” really gets me going. Because it sounds so dirty, I guess. “Good enough to eat?” I asked Megan.

“Oh, yeah.”

“Put your finger in her,” I said.

Megan blinked. “Wait, have you guys gone there yet?”

“Do what I said,” I told her in a low, serious voice. “Julie loves to get finger-fucked, don’t you Julie?”

By then, Julie was trembling all over. She didn’t speak, just nodded.

“So, quit arguing with me and put your finger in her cunt!” God, I was being SO bad… and I loved it!

Megan caressed Julie’s outer lips for a second, then probed inward with her middle finger. She carefully slipped it inside, eyes on Julie’s face the whole time. I knew if she saw the smallest sign that Julie wasn’t into it, she’d stop no matter what I said. Not that there was any danger of that – Julie was moving her hips forward and back, trying to fuck Megan’s finger before it was even all the way in.

Once her finger was buried in Julie all the way, Megan paused for a moment, still staring at Julie. “You good?” she asked.

Julie nodded vigorously. “Fuck me, please.”

Megan’s eyes met mine, as if she was waiting for permission.

“You heard what she said,” I hissed. “Fuck her! And get that tongue in there!”

Megan started working her finger in and out, then she lowered her face to Julie’s pussy. Julie shuddered, her breath increasingly ragged and harsh.

Suddenly I was feeling unbearably hot. I reached around to unzip my dress, and pulled it over my head, leaving me in nothing but panties. Julie let out a moan as I threw my dress onto Megan’s desk chair, then her hand shot out, grabbed mine, and gave it a hard squeeze. “I l-love you, Mal,” she whispered.

I couldn’t wait anymore. I started fondling myself through my panties with my free hand. A little pressure, and an involuntary whimper escaped my lips. I leaned over, said, “Love you too, Julie,” and began kissing… no, feasting on Julie’s neck.

Julie was glassy-eyed with pleasure, her ass pressing down hard into the bed with every swipe of Megan’s tongue.  The juicy sounds of sex seemed to fill the room, and it had me hotter than a furnace.

Suddenly Julie was screaming, her hips bucking up and down, squeezing my hand so hard it hurt a little. Megan didn’t let up, though… she kept right on fingering and licking until Julie shoved her away, blurting, “Oh my God, STOP!”.

I was rubbing my pussy fast and hard through my panties, getting off on seeing Julie come so hard. Out of the corner of my eye I just barely registered Megan raising her head and grinning.

Turning to Julie, she pointed at me. “Get her,” she said.

Before I knew what was what, Julie tackled me. We went down together, then Megan shoved me onto my back. Yanking my panties down and off, she slid her hand up the inside of my leg, but before she got to where I desperately needed to be touched, Julie was nudging her out of the way. “Look out, this one’s mine!” she exclaimed.

She buried her face in my cunt, her tongue moving fast and furious inside me.

Oh. My. GOD.

Megan began to suck my nipples, Julie sucked my clit between her lips, and I went off like a bomb. I was screaming, my body seized up, and the world seemed far away and unreal. I vaguely remembered something like this happening that day in Lisa’s bedroom. What had she called it…? Before I had an answer, the room went dark around me.

The next thing I knew, Megan was shaking my shoulder.

“Mallory! Oh, my God… Hey! Mal…?”

I rubbed my eyes, then opened them to see Julie tugging on Megan’s arm.

“Relax!” she said. “This happened before. Lisa said…. um, I mean… We found out it’s just something that happens to some people when they come extra hard. It’s called the little death. She’s okay.”

I shook my head to clear it, then smiled at Megan to let her know I really was okay. Megan let out a sigh of relief, then let herself collapse back onto the bed. She still had the lacy black cape clasped around her shoulders, and her panties were still on. I hadn’t even taken them off, just shoved the front to one side. She looked insanely sexy like that.

“Wow,” Megan was saying, almost to herself. “Who knew I’d love being dommed?”

“Huh?’ said Julie.

Megan pointed at me. “Mal. She’s a dom.”

“A what?” I said.

“It’s short for dominant. You take charge in bed, and make lovers submit to you. Lots of people want to be dominant, and they just don’t have what it takes. But there’s something about you that makes everyone want to follow your lead. You tell me what to do, and it’s like… like I just have to! And it turns me on. It’s hot as fuck.”

“That’s it!” Julie exclaimed. “Dominant. I’ve been trying to find the right word for how Mallory gets when we have sex, and that’s totally it. And yeah, it’s way hot!”

I looked from Megan to Julie. “So… you guys don’t mind? Me ordering you around?”

“Well… it would get old if it was all the time,” said Megan. “I mean, I’ve heard of people who are full-on submissives who only want to be dominated, but that’s not me. I doubt Julie’s like that, either. But if you don’t overuse it, I think it’s great! I never thought I’d like something like that, but it was hella sexy. Especially ‘cause you’re so quiet most of the time. Who knew you’d be a total alpha girl when you came out of your shell?”

That’s something I’ve been thinking about ever since Megan said it. We studied alpha behavior a little in school, enough to know that in humans, males are more likely to have alpha personalities than females. Chief Moen is one.

Is that me? It’s hard to believe. But lying there naked, with Julie naked beside me and Megan mostly naked, I didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. Besides, Megan was still talking.

“So…” she was saying. “When did you two start doing penetration? I was too scared to try putting anything in my pussy until I was almost fourteen!”

“It’s only been Julie so far,” I said. “It was almost by accident… I was playing with her pussy and my finger just slipped in. She liked it, so I didn’t stop. I haven’t had anything in mine yet. Guess I’m still a little scared.”

Megan slid to the edge of the bed, got up, and padded across the room to her dresser. She dug around inside and came up with a small plastic bottle.

“What’s that?” said Julie, sitting up.

Megan returned to the edge of the bed, and turned the label towards us.

“Cherry flavored personal lubricant?!” I exclaimed. “Whoa!”

“Sure! Makes things extra slippery, and if you want to eat somebody out after you use it, it’s super tasty! Regular lube tastes totally gross… Believe me, that’s a mistake you only make once. Anyway, this stuff makes getting fucked really easy. If you like, we can take care of your first time right here, right now.” She held up two fingers. “What do you think?”

Did I want to get finger-fucked? I felt myself getting aroused all over again by the idea. I didn’t say a word, just lay back, spread my legs wide, and smiled up at Megan.

She grinned back at me, then looked at Julie. “Your fingers are skinnier than mine,” she said, “so you go first. Ready?”

Julie nodded. Megan knelt on the bed, popped the lid on the bottle, and upended it right above my cunt. The liquid flowed out, drizzling down onto my pussy lips and into the folds. I could feel it oozing down into the crack of my butt, and somehow that turned me on even more. It was a little cold, but I didn’t mind. The scent of cherries filled the room.

Megan nodded to Julie. “Okay, go for it. Be gentle.”

Julie reached out with her right hand, using two fingers to massage the slippery liquid into and between my swollen lips. I shivered as her finger brushed my clit, a tiny gasp escaping my lips. She went lower, lightly teasing my entrance with the tip of one finger.

I raised my hips, aching to have that finger inside me. Megan dribbled out a little more fluid where the tip of Julie’s finger was circling the outside of my vagina. All my senses were tingling.

Julie’s eyes met mine, and I nodded. She pushed her finger in, just a little. It didn’t hurt, not exactly, but I felt the pressure, and it was a bit uncomfortable. Julie noticed and began to take her finger back out, but I grabbed her wrist.

“It’s okay,” I got out. “Don’t stop. Just take it slow.”

The discomfort was starting to fade. I tugged a little on Julie’s wrist, and her finger slipped in a little deeper. The pressure didn’t get any worse, so I told her, “Keep going.”

The sensation of something inside that part of my body was thrilling, and also a little scary. It wasn’t the kind of intense pleasure I get when my clit is touched… more like a tingling warmth and a feeling of fullness. I felt pretty sure that it wouldn’t take much to make me come.

Soon Julie’s finger was all the way inside of me, right up to the palm of her hand. “Is that okay?” she asked.

“It doesn’t really hurt,” I said. “A little uncomfortable, I guess.” I was surprised by how unsteady my voice sounded. For someone who had a super-intense orgasm just a few minutes earlier, I sure was turned on!

“Sounds like you both got off easy,” Megan observed. “My first time, I bled like a stuck pig. You just need to relax, Mal. So here’s what we’ll do… Julie can keep her finger in there and eat that luscious cherry-flavored pussy of yours, and you let her know when you’re ready for that finger to start moving.”

Megan leaned in close, and we shared a slow, tender but very passionate kiss. She was blocking my view of Julie, but I could feel her shifting around between my legs, her tongue exploring my outer lips. I raised my hips to meet her, and that wonderful, warm tongue began circling my clit.

I gasped into Megan’s mouth. She almost pulled away, but I planted my hand on the back of her head and held her there. Our kiss intensified.

I was downright giddy from the sensations Julie was creating down below. Having something inside me while my clit was being licked seemed to heighten all my senses. And Megan was right; my vagina had relaxed enough that Julie’s finger was totally comfortable.

Suddenly I needed that finger to move. I tore my mouth away from Megan’s.“Fuck me, Julie!” I demanded.

Her finger began to move; tentatively at first, then picking up the pace as my body began to move in time with Julie’s pumping wrist. I wrapped my arm around Megan, clutching her to me as if I was afraid she was about to run away.

“Oh, God,” I heard myself saying. “Oh, my God. Oh! Oh! OHHHHHH…!”

I wailed and screamed as I came. I don’t think Julie even had to move her finger while my hips bucked up and down. She’s fucking me, I kept telling myself, Julie is fucking me! Her finger sliding in and out easily, slick with the lubricant and my own juices.

It kept getting more and more intense until I thought my heart was about to give out. Then Megan said, “Um, Julie? I think she’s had enough.” The finger disappeared, and my body went limp.

The next thing I knew, I was sandwiched between Julie and Megan, and they were both cuddling me. I could tell that getting me off them feeling horny all over again.

I looked from Megan to Julie. “You guys aren’t ready to quit just yet, right?”

“No way!” Julie exclaimed. “God, Mal, fucking you was SO hot… I’m totally ready for more!”

“Count me in,” Megan said with a brisk nod.

“Excellent,” I said. “So here’s what we’re gonna do…”

Moments later, Julie was on her back, while Megan was on all fours, lowering her pussy to Julie’s mouth. Julie licked her a few times, then slid two fingers into that sweet opening and started pumping them in and out. Meanwhile, I was on down on my belly between Julie’s legs, fucking her with one finger while I teased her clit with the tip of my tongue. Her hips rocked back and forth against my face.

From where I lay, I had a great view of Megan’s ass, and Julie’s fingers sliding in and out of her cunt. I wanted to burn that image into my brain forever. Megan was repeatedly moaning, “Oh, oh, oh,” and Julie was humming loudly as her tongue did its dirty work.

Soon Megan came with a yell, clutching her breasts with shaking hands. She reached around to seize Julie’s wrist, clumsily withdrew my friend’s fingers from her dripping hole, then rolled off onto her back.

Julie’s pussy was starting to feel more loose and relaxed, so I decided to try another finger. It went in easily, and once I went back to moving in and out of her… well, that was all it took. She came right then, moaning and pushing her ass so far down into the bed, my mouth lost contact with her clit. I was about to take it between my lips again, but Julie quickly gasped, “N-no more, Mal. I’m – I’m good.”

We lay in a happy silence for a while, spent and satisfied. Finally, Megan slid up onto one elbow.

“So, Julie,” she said, with an air of somebody choosing her words with care. “When we were talking about orgasms before – y’know, that ‘little death’ thing… you started to say something about Lisa, then stopped. What’s up with that?”

Julie and I shared a quick glance.

“Ummm…” said Julie. “Well, Lisa… um, answers questions for us sometimes, you know? Like when we don’t understand something, we go to her. Know what I mean?”

“Uh-huh,” said Megan, an amused light in her eyes. “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter. What’s really going on?”

Julie looked a little panicked, so I stepped in. “We promised we wouldn’t talk about it,” I said.

“Helped you guys out a little, has she?” Megan snickered. “There’s rumors about her, you know. Like, that she got caught messing around with other girls when she was in high school. Everybody was kinda wondering if she was gay, or maybe bisexual. Bi, I guess.”

Julie and I exchanged another look, then she sighed. “Fine. You’re right. Me and Mal have, um, done stuff with Lisa.”

Megan raised an eyebrow. “Everything?”

“Pretty much,” I said. “More than once, too.”

“Wow,” Megan whispered, slowly shaking her head. ”Maybe I should see if I can get her alone sometime. Who knows what that could lead to?”

What, indeed? My mind was full of possibilities… and it made me think of something else.

“You know what?” I said. “I think… I think my mom might be into girls, but she doesn’t know it yet.”

Boy, did that get their attention! I gave them a short version of the conversation I’d had with Mom… and how hot it made me. Then I told them about listening to my mother while she masturbated, and riding my pillow right after.

“Am I onto something here? Or am I way off?” I asked them.

“You could be right,” said Megan. “Planning to do anything about it?”

“I’m not sure what you mean,” I said, although I knew perfectly well what Megan was getting at.

“Well, I kind of want to do something about it!” she replied with a laugh. “Just the thought of it is getting me hot… I mean, your mom is a fuckin’ babe.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “but she’s my mom. It feels weird that I think she’s a babe.”

Megan shrugged. “I bet lots of queer girls have fantasies about their mothers. Hell, I got myself off once after seeing my mom naked… and she’s not nearly as sexy as yours.”

I didn’t know what to say to that, and our talk turned to other things. It felt good to just lie there naked together, passing the afternoon. Finally we realized it was getting late. Julie had promised to call her dad in plenty of time to be home for dinner.

“We should shower again,” said Megan. “Wouldn’t do to send you back to your folks smelling like cherry lube and pussy.” We all got giggling at that.

In the shower, Megan suddenly slapped her forehead.

“Damn,” she said. “I was gonna introduce you to the joys of detachable shower heads, but I forgot. It’s a little late now. No biggie; we’ll make it a point next time.”

Julie phoned Jason, and we had our boots and coats on by the time his truck pulled in. He honked the horn, and we piled into the entryway. Julie and I each shared one last passionate kiss with Megan, kissed each other, then opened the door and stepped out into the cold.

There’s more to tell about today, but I’ll have to finish up tomorrow. It’s late, and I have to get up early for school.

On to Chapter Seventeen!


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