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Nine Years of Juicy Secrets – JetBoy – Jun 6, 2024

Hard to believe, but the calendar does not lie. It has been a whopping NINE YEARS since Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggert and your Boy Pornographer set out on a mission: to create the hottest lesbian fiction website in Christendom. Did we succeed? Well, I’d say so. Your mileage may vary. Then again, you’re here right now, aren’t you?

Since those heady days, Naughty Mommy has moved to pastures new, Cheryl was tragically taken from us a few years ago, and… well, I’m still here, guarding the torch. As is Amanda Lynn, who bravely took on the Herculean task of filling Naughty Mommy’s shoes as Maintainer Of The Site. So Juicy Secrets still exists, doing what it does.

Looking at the site now, I’m not ashamed to admit …  Read more

Site News – JetBoy – Nov 27, 2023

Friends, readers, contributors, Romans, countrymen, etc.

We’ve been busier than a one-armed short-order cook of late, it is true. Nonetheless, we thought it high time to bring you good people up to date with developments at Juicy Secrets, the world’s greatest edgy lesbian fiction site in a crowded field of… one. Sigh. Guess that also makes us the worst.

Enough levity. On to the news:

First, site co-founder and author extraordinaire Naughty Mommy has officially retired from writing under that moniker. She’s been on an extended break for a few years, but finally made it official. It’s an unhappy, but not unexpected turn of events. She did mention having …  Read more

Comment Etiquette – JetBoy – Aug 11, 2023

First, apologies for putting up a new item that isn’t actually a sex story. Rest assured, our next post will be crammed to the gunwales with the fine lesbian content you’ve come to expect from us.

What’s this all about, then? Basically, we at Juicy Secrets thought it was a good time for something you’ve not encountered before at the site: guidelines for you kind souls who take the time to leave comments for our stories.

Note: if you never leave commentary, and have no intention of ever doing so, you might as well blow this post off altogether and seek out something with more hot lesbian action (otherwise known as “everything else we’ve got here.”) The rest of you, pull up a chair – let’s have a little chat …  Read more

And Then There Were Eight: Happy Birthday, Juicy Secrets! – JetBoy – May 30, 2023

Lo and behold, another year has slipped through the hourglass. Man, those grains of sand are feeling more like ball bearings every day…

Anyhow, here we are, commemorating another year of Juicy Secrets. The eighth, to be specific.

It’s been a long wild ride since those heady days of yore, when Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggart and yours truly cobbled this site together out of string, chewing gum, boundless enthusiasm and a few dozen dirty stories.

The original concept was to set up a home for our own erotic fiction, but we quickly got seduced by the…  Read more

Your Thoughts, Please – JetBoy – Sep 24, 2022

I’d like to bring up a subject that is very near and dear to us folks who run Juicy Secrets: your comments and feedback, and how crucially important it is to us — and this site.…  Read more

Happy Birthday to Us – JetBoy – May 22, 2022

The seasons change, the hands of the clock race past, the leaves fall from the calendar… and before you know it, another year has passed. Once again, the time has come to celebrate the anniversary of our humble site, and another year of Juicy Secrets.

Actually, we neglected to acknowledge this occasion in 2021. It wasn’t the happiest of times for us…  Read more

Our Newest Team Member – JetBoy – Dec 13, 2021

A couple of months ago, I responded to a comment by indulging in a little good-natured griping about never having enough time to edit all the stories we get at Juicy Secrets. In my comment, I gave an open invitation for anyone with the interest, inclination, and language skills to edit stories for this site…  Read more

Staying in Touch – Keep or Delete  – Amanda Lynn – June 25, 2021

I have some questions for all of you:

Do you like the “Staying in Touch” page?
Is it useful?
What should the future of our “Staying in Touch” page be?

Here’s the thing...  Read more

Cheryl Taggart  1982-2021  – JetBoy & Naughty Mommy – March 31, 2021

Today, it falls on us to pass a tragic piece of news along to the friends of Juicy Secrets: Cheryl Taggart, one of the founders of this site and author of some of our most beloved stories, passed away on March 18th, 2021, at the age of thirty-eight.

To celebrate Cheryl’s  life and work, we present these humble words from her fellow site founders, Naughty Mommy and JetBoy. Consider this a memorial service for someone we never met in person, but came to love very much...  Read more

Happy Birthday To Us – JetBoy – May 12, 2020

Once again, your Boy Reporter glanced at the calendar and realized with a jolt that yet another year has passed, making it five since Naughty Mommy, Cheryl Taggert and I opened Juicy Secrets for curious eyes. A lot of water has flowed ‘neath the bridge since then, yet our humble site is still chugging along, and we happy few who run it on a day-to-day basis are doing our level best to provide the erotic thrills you crave……  Read more

Your Thoughts, Please! – JetBoy – June 1, 2019

I’d like to bring up a subject that is very near and dear to us folks who run Juicy Secrets: your comments and feedback, and how crucially important it is to us — and this site.

First, a few words about what goes into making Juicy Secrets what it is.

Without even asking, I can speak for all of us in saying that the running of this site is a genuine labor of love……  Read more

Another Year with Juicy Secrets! – JetBoy – May 9, 2019

The hands of the clock spin in a crazy blur, the pages cascade like autumn leaves from the calendar and — voila! — a year has passed. Which, in this case, means it’s once again time to say Happy Birthday, Juicy Secrets!This site is so much a part of my world that it seems impossible to believe……  Read more

Writing Again! – Naughty Mommy – January 3, 2019

It’s good to be back with you, my lovely JS readers.

As you may be aware, during the last year or so my family and I encountered some very difficult challenges we needed to overcome. We actually had to leave the country we were living in, but most of that trouble seems to be behind us now. Things have gradually settled down……  Read more

Juicy Secrets Returns! – JetBoy – October 23, 2018

What a roller coaster ride of heartbreak, anger, frustration and nerves it’s been for us, beloved readers… but at last we emerge, battered but unbowed, to welcome you to our new home. Hopefully, unlike our previous residence, this one is built to last.

So what happened? As you may recall, we were suddenly booted from our original……  Read more

Adieu from Cheryl Taggert – Cheryl Taggert – September 18, 2018

I first must apologize for being out of contact to my friends and online family here at JS. I’ve been working on my second novel, which must be finished by the end of September. Yes, in the mainstream publishing world, there are firm deadlines. My first novel is due out sometime in early 2019. They expect it to be a moderate success at least. No, I cannot tell……  Read more

What’s up with Juicy Secrets, you ask…? – JetBoy – September 14, 2018

It’s been a trying time and then some for our humble site, but we are still doing our best to keep Juicy Secrets alive. We thought it a good time to bring you up to date on recent developments.

As you surely know by now, we were shut down by our hosts at……  Read more

… Giving Credit Where It’s Due – Naughty Mommy – August 16, 2018

For the founders of Juicy Secrets, 2018 has been a troublesome year so far. First, Cheryl Taggert began the year dealing with a recurrence of her cancer. We’re happy to report, however, that her treatment went well (though painfully difficult to endure) and she’s in remission again. Next, JetBoy was laid off from his job and had to search diligently for another, which he eventually found. Then…  Read more

… Sorry. A Word is Required from the Comment Police – Cheryl Taggert – July 3, 2018

There have been a few comments lately that need to be addressed, not specifically, but in general. PLEASE read our Terms of Use, especially #7, and keep your comments geared toward the story and NOT what you wish you could do in real life to a young girl. As mentioned in the Terms of Use…  Read more

… So When Will I Hear Back? – Cheryl Taggert – June 2, 2018

This blog entry is mostly for those who are interested in submitting work to Juicy Secrets, but I hope it is of interest to everyone. It will provide some “behind the scenes” information and ask for patience when submitting work.

So, here is the process and how we handle things here at Juicy Secrets…  Read more

… Happy Birthday Juicy Secrets – Cheryl Taggert & JetBoy – May 4, 2018

Well, dear readers, it’s been yet another year for Juicy Secrets! Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and I opened this site to the public on May 4, 2015. This is our third birthday! While our private lives have had their share of problems, Juicy Secrets has continued with nary a hiccup, other than a few times when the admins were unable to log on for technical reasons. To say we are proud of our endeavor…  Read more

… But Friends Come Through – JetBoy – March 16, 2018

By now, you’ve probably seen the post from Naughty Mommy, concerning her current living situation. If you haven’t, please do so now.

It’s been a rough few months for those of us who run Juicy Secrets, dear readers…  Read more

Words Fail … – Naughty Mommy – March 15, 2018

Some big changes are coming very soon for me personally, and for Juicy Secrets as well, although much of that will take place behind the scenes. For various reasons that I can’t go into and don’t want to discuss here, my family and I are being forced to relocate, to leave the country where we’ve been living. This is all happening rather quickly and it is causing considerable hardship…  Read more

My situation – Cheryl Taggert – November 25, 2017

I have waited to put this news out there, mostly because it isn’t good, and this is supposed to be a site where people come to have fun. On the other hand, this is also a community where many of us care about each other…  Read more

Report from ASSTR re site issues – Naughty Mommy – July 11, 2017

As a registered contributor/author at ASSTR, I received the following message from one of their administrators. This provides an explanation for the recent problems some of you have commented about regarding Leslita and other sites…  Read more

Rules for Writing: Naughty or Nice – Amanda Lynn – June 18, 2017

Unless you are still in grade school and reading this (which you probably shouldn’t be because you’re a bit too young to be on this site), you may already have a pretty good grasp of spelling and grammar. Still, the English language is full of rules, some of which apply only some of the time and can even contradict other rules.

When I traveled…Read more

Slippery Tips: Advice for the Would-Be Erotic Author – DirtyMindedMom – June 14, 2017

I hear from a lot of people who want to write dirty stories, but don’t think that they can. This is just plain silly. Anyone can write erotic stories – ANYONE! It’s been said that if you can talk, you can write. That’s never been more true than when it comes to writing hot porno stories.

I’ve gotten a great deal of pleasure from writing, and, if I can help other people get the same thrill out of it that I have, I’ll be…  Read more

Erotic treasures unearthed – JetBoy – June 11, 2017

Like a vine in the forest primeval, Juicy Secrets continues to change and grow. We who run the joint are always seeking ways to make this site better, and our latest development has us giddy with glee.

A few months after the initial unveiling of Juicy Secrets, we made the decision to begin archiving our favorite stories from the Lesbian Lolita site (more commonly known as Leslita), compiling the best of their best. So far, we’ve…  Read more

In the Beginning – Cheryl Taggert – May 16, 2017

Recently, Juicy Secrets received an email asking for advice on how to begin a story. While many new authors have no problems at all with starting a story, some do. After some emailed discussions between my site partners and me, we decided to post the information in my reply as a blog entry to continue our series of posts regarding the craft of writing.

The following is the result of…  Read more

Happy 2nd birthday AND 1000th post, Juicy Secrets! – Cheryl, JetBoy, and Naughty Mommy – May 4, 2017

Please join us, dear readers, in celebrating the second anniversary of the founding of our site. Have a piece of birthday cake, read the messages from Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and Cheryl Taggert, and also congratulate yourself on being a valuable part of something truly wonderful and unique…  Read more

So when do we get to the sex? – Cheryl Taggert – February 16, 2017

Sex and sex and more sex. That’s what this site is all about, right? Not so fast.

There may be more to Juicy Secrets than just giving our readers something to help them jack or jill off. We aren’t your typical erotica website. Sure, orgasms are the goal, just as getting runners to home plate is the goal in baseball when a team is at bat, and preventing that when a team is in the field. I’m not much on sports, but I do at least know that much. But this metaphor of relating the reading of erotic fiction to reach an orgasm through…  Read more

When it goes wrong – Naughty Mommy – December 27, 2016

I know many of us have enjoyed reading (or re-reading) Passing Cloud’s lovely erotic tale of girlhood experimentation, “School Memories.” It’s a terrific piece, one that I’m happy we’ve included here in the archives at Juicy Secrets. Of course, the author never quite finished the story back in 2014, leaving us to wonder what might have happened next.

In a comment at the end of…  Read more

The method to my madness, Part Three – Cheryl Taggert – November 29, 2016

Originally, a fair amount of what follows was an addendum to the end of Part Two of I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star. I have done some editing, additions, and deletions to create this blog post, so it is not exactly what appeared at the end of Chapter 60. I go more into why I did what I did, the concern with pacing, as well as addressing the remainder of the novel. I must say I am proud of this phase of…  Read more

Sexy gems from our little lesbian library – JetBoy – November 18, 2016

Starting as of immediately, my lovely partners and I are introducing a new feature to Juicy Secrets in our continual quest for excellence: a Featured Story of the Week, to be posted on the site’s front page every Friday. With each selection, we’ll be highlighting a story from our library of lesbian fiction that is, in our humble opinion, worthy of your notice. Our objective here is to shine the spotlight on older, lesser known works, many of which simply never got much attention…  Read more

No comment? – JetBoy – October 14, 2016

I’d like to bring up a subject that is very near and dear to my partners and me: your comments and feedback, and how crucially important it is to us — and this site.

We three have addressed this topic many times over in our various blog entries, comments, statements of purpose and story introductions — but always as an aside. Now, the time feels right to explain why the gift of your words and thoughts means so very much to us…  Read more

So you want to write stories – Cheryl Taggert – August 30, 2016

Hello again, dear readers. Yes, it’s that young (isn’t almost 34 still young?) woman who obsesses about writing again. Recently, I finished writing chapter 50 of I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star, and I commented on the site that I had completed that much of the book, despite the fact that the work has been posted only through chapter 43, as of this writing. Then something occurred to me…  Read more

The story of a story – Naughty Mommy – August 27, 2016

In a recent comment on the last chapter I’ve posted of The Joy of Looking, someone said: “This is a wonderful story, but it has been a month since the the last part was posted. Has the story ended or will there be more parts?” As I said in my reply to that comment, I do intend to write and post more, and in fact I have the completion of the JoL epic pretty well planned out. That will probably consist of two or three additional chapters, possibly more. I won’t know until I actually sit down and write it. Currently I’m…  Read more

Growing as a writer, with thanks – Cheryl Taggert – June 20, 2016

Juicy Secrets is now over a year old, and it seems to be growing quite a bit. We now have more authors submitting good material, and our readers’ comments indicate we are doing something right. Me? I’m just plugging along. I write as many as three chapters a week now. I once wrote MAYBE half a chapter, or perhaps a story every now and then. But this website has changed my life in so many ways…  Read more

Happy first birthday, Juicy Secrets! – Cheryl, JetBoy, and Naughty Mommy – May 4, 2016

Yes, dear readers, May 4 is the day Juicy Secrets went “LIVE” for the first time! That was one year ago today, and the owners of this site — Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and Cheryl Taggert — have decided to post our thoughts about the past year and this wonderful website…  Read more

An immodest proposal – JetBoy – April 7, 2016

When Naughty Mommy set up the Best of Leslita page at Juicy Secrets (and I assumed the unofficial mantle of Site Archivist), our goal was to gather up all the best stories from Leslita and preserve them here before its founder ‘C’ closed the site down for reasons of health after an incredible ten-year run. Day after day, I’d select choice items from the many stories to be found there and post them here, with my lovely site cohort Cheryl often proofreading and cleaning up the text. Then an unexpected windfall took place…  Read more

Question for readers – Naughty Mommy – March 24, 2016

If you were to read a first-person story in which the protagonist (the narrator) has a possibility of having sex with a large variety of different women and girls — and over the course of several chapters, she does end up making love with quite a few of them — how old would you want the protagonist to be?  Read more

Future directions – Naughty Mommy – March 1, 2016

In a recent comment on my author page, Norm asked what else I had up my sleeve. In other words, what stories am I thinking about writing next? I started to compose a reply to his question, but it became too long and involved for a comment. So, I decided to post it here instead and let everyone know about my future plans…  Read more

More of my madness – Cheryl Taggert – February 16, 2016

I have decided to do a bit more on the original blog entry titled, “The Method to My Madness,” in which I discuss how I go about writing a story. This will not concern that so much as how I learned to improve my writing over time. I will also discuss how our site works and the efforts of my colleagues that go on behind the scenes, part of which concerns the improvement I have worked to achieve…  Read more

Women are never ‘straight’ – Naughty Mommy – November 7, 2015

According to a study conducted at the University of Essex, in England, most women are either bisexual or gay but “never straight.”

This is not a joke — it’s an actual news item, and it fits in very well with some of my own theories…  Read more

Who are you? – Naughty Mommy – October 13, 2015

The title of this blog entry is rhetorical. We don’t really want to know specifically who you are, but we thought you might be interested in learning how many other people like you there are. How many readers do we have at Juicy Secrets?

Before we answer that, a few other numbers. In the time since Juicy Secrets went live — on May 4, 2015, just over five months ago — we’ve made more than 500 posts (stories, chapters, and non-fiction entries) and have accepted almost 2,000 comments…  Read more

Announcing… the Best of Leslita! – JetBoy – September 10, 2015

We happy few who take pleasure in edgy lesbian erotica suffered an enormous loss a few months ago when the Story Friends Board was shut down due to a lack of funds to keep it alive and active. That loss is what prompted Cheryl, Naughty Mommy, and myself to set up the Readers Forum at this site — to give our regular visitors a place to congregate and network, as well as exchange ideas.

Not long afterward, another unfortunate setback loomed before us. It was announced that the Lesbian Lolita site, usually referred to by its original name of Leslita, was soon to be taken down as well…  Read more

Realizations about writing and love – Cheryl Taggert – August 30, 2015

Writing is a solitary effort made in collaboration with everyone the writer has ever known. I know that sounds odd, but it’s true.

I have come to realize that my best work, such as the final chapter of Nanny for a Night, is such a collaboration. Other works that I consider my best writing (not necessarily the most erotic), always involve someone else in my mind. They are there on an emotional level…  Read more

Our honeymoon and public sex – Cheryl Taggert – July 22, 2015

A few people have emailed me recently to ask me how our honeymoon went. In case you are new to Juicy Secrets, my lover, Lisa, and I were married ONE MONTH AGO TODAY as I write this!!

We went to New Orleans for our honeymoon, spending a week in a hotel in the French Quarter, another week staying with some friends we have there (a hetero married couple – though she is bi – both unaware of this website), and a final week in the Panhandle of Florida, visiting some relatives of Lisa’s. The most exciting part of the honeymoon, though, was obviously the stay in downtown New Orleans…  Read more

Getting in touch – Naughty Mommy – July 4, 2015

If you’ve looked at our site’s Terms of Use, you’ll know that in the beginning we specified that readers were not allowed to post their email addresses or their instant message nicknames/IDs in comments here. Our concern was, and still is, that it is hard to know for certain just who you might be connecting with. We’d hate to see you give out your contact info to a stalker or to someone who wants to entrap you somehow.

With those concerns still in mind, nevertheless we have decided to relax this restriction in the Readers Forum ONLY. We will allow contact information to be posted there but nowhere else…  Read more

Introducing… the Juicy Readers Forum – Naughty Mommy – June 30, 2015

We know that many of you were disappointed when the Story Friends Board ceased operation a few weeks ago. It was a sad day for us as well. Since then, we have been giving some thought to what we at Juicy Secrets might be able to offer as an alternative.

Unfortunately none of us has enough computer smarts to manage a full-service forum or bulletin board, nor do we really have the time to do so. However, we do have another idea. It’s kind of a simplified mini-version of a bulletin board — we’re calling it the Juicy Readers Forum…  Read more

Happy Wedding! – JetBoy, Naughty Mommy, and you – June 22, 2015

In case you haven’t heard the fabulous news yet, our own wonderful Cheryl, co-founder and major author at Juicy Secrets, just got married to her long-time lover Lisa!!  Read more

“Ding-dong, the bells are gonna chime!” – Cheryl Taggert – June 17, 2015

When I was in college, I met a girl named Lisa. She and I hit it off very well and eventually became lovers. Actually, we each wanted to devour the other upon meeting, but it took some time before we admitted it to each other. We moved in together and she did her job and I did mine. She manages a restaurant; I teach seventh grade English/Language Arts. She is also the other girl in my story, “Midnight Awakening in Amherst,” and she has lent her name to several of my characters over the years.

I decided one day to confess to her about my most secret desires…  Read more

Sex work – Naughty Mommy – June 16, 2015

I have been writing erotic fiction, strictly for my own enjoyment, since I was in my early 20s (I’m in my late 30s now). At first all my stories were about unrelated adult women and sometimes teenagers having lesbian sex. I hadn’t yet discovered my fetish for incest or for plots involving underage girls. The youngest girls I would write about at the time were around 16 or 17 years old.

Gradually, though, as the years went by and I grew older, my characters grew younger. They also became related…  Read more

The method to my madness – Cheryl Taggert – June 12, 2015

Naughty Mommy, JetBoy, and I have decided to share with you our individual processes for how we write our stories. I will also include where I get my ideas, which is more involved than you might think. We each have our own approach to writing, and while I am certain it is very similar for all of us, it is also different as well. For example, JetBoy, as you have read, labors over every paragraph until he likes what he has and then moves on. I am not like that at all, as you will see.

I start, of course, with an idea…  Read more

Missing in action? Well, not quite. – JetBoy – June 5, 2015

Juicy Secrets has been up, running and — we hope — stimulating your libidos for about five weeks now, and I believe I can speak for my fellow authors in saying that we are mightily pleased with our little experiment. The feedback and positive thoughts received from you, our reading public, have warmed our hearts, and we love you for every word of it. Now we want to build on what we’ve created, to fill these web pages with even more tasty slices of sweet lesbian erotica to tease and tantalize. Both Naughty Mommy and Cheryl are in the process of spinning new stories, each chapter a gem.

That said, some of you are no doubt wondering, or at least I hope you are: where are JetBoy’s new works? I’ll try to explain…  Read more

So you have this story – Cheryl Taggert – May 22, 2015

First, thank you to everyone who is making this site so wonderful. I’m always excited to come here every day and see the new comments and stories that have been posted. Juicy Secrets has exceeded all our expectations so far, and that’s because of you.

One indication of our success is that we have begun receiving inquiries from others who want to see their stories posted here too. That’s a good thing; we’re very happy about the interest. But it seems we’ve reached a point now where we need to provide guidelines for readers/authors who wish to submit stories to us, or who request that their stories from another website be published here…  Read more

What we like and why we like it – JetBoy – May 19, 2015

My partners and I have established Juicy Secrets as a source of… oh, let’s just call it “quality lesbian stories that we enjoy,” so perhaps it’s a worthwhile idea to discuss what makes for a good piece of erotic fiction in the first place.

We are all unique creatures when it comes to matters of arousal; what floats my boat might leave yours stuck on a reef. Luckily, it turned out that Cheryl, Naughty Mommy, and I have very similar tastes in erotica which is what made it possible for us to join hands ‘neath the banner of this site…  Read more

A milestone – Naughty Mommy – May 15, 2015

Congratulations, readers, you did it! The Juicy Secrets site has been active for ten days now, and today, for the first time, we have more cumulative Comments than Posts. To be exact, as of this writing we have made 192 Posts (the total of our stories, chapters, and blog entries) and we have received 207 Comments.

One of the reasons Cheryl and JetBoy and I started this site in the first place was because we wanted to provide readers with an opportunity to give us input on our work. Most published writers crave feedback, and the three of us are certainly no exception…  Read more

About those Terms of Use – Cheryl Taggert – May 13, 2015

Hi, all! First, let me say again just how thrilled the three of us are to be offering this site to those who enjoy the same fantasies we do! It’s been one week and one day now, and it is at the very least everything we hoped it would be.

We will continue to copy stories here from the Lesbian Lolita site as well as publish new stories, and we are working to improve the site in every way we can to make it the most enjoyable erotica site on the Internet. Part of that includes posting our Terms of Use…  Read more

Our newest contributor – JetBoy – May 11, 2015

A happy task has fallen to me: introducing a writer with whom you already should be familiar, if you have a serious thing for the kind of erotic fiction that my partners and I enjoy. His online handle is eloquent delinquent, and we have humbly requested that he allow us to make his story “Bad Like Me” part of the Juicy Secrets library. He said yes, so everybody wins — especially our readers!

The first chapter of “Bad Like Me” made it clear that a major new talent was in the house, with its depiction of helpless, obsessive desire for an underage girl…  Read more

After five days – Naughty Mommy – May 9, 2015

Gosh, it’s hard to believe it’s only been five days since we publicly announced this little offering of ours. Cheryl, Jetboy, and I are very happy with the way things are going so far. The reception to the site has been great, especially all the comments we’re getting from readers. Do keep posting comments, lots of them, you have no idea how much that means to us.

Something I’m especially pleased with is the quality of the ‘non-fiction’ conversations that have developed here on the blog and in comment threads on some of our stories too…  Read more

Coming out – Cheryl Taggert – May 4, 2015

A story of mine has just been posted. Some of you may have read it before, but this will be the first time it is available on this site. My other stories will continue to post here — I have quite a few — but I wanted to use my first story at Juicy Secrets, “Finding My Sister,” to address some things that I as a lesbian have had to face in my life.

I tell my fans my life is an open book. I am not private or secretive about my past in any way. My fantasy life is my fantasy life, and it happens to involve young girls…  Read more

My lesbian history – JetBoy – May 3, 2015

As the site’s sole male delegate, I’d like to share a bit of background about my long-standing relationship with lesbian erotica.

When I was a young’un in the Deep South, folks didn’t talk much about gays or lesbians… mostly because nearly all of them were firmly in the closet. Oh, we used “queer” frequently as a casual insult, but in our backyards it was more akin to calling someone “dork,” or “weirdo.” I was vaguely familiar with the concept of men and women who were attracted to those of their own gender, but that’s as far as it went…  Read more

From an author of adult-child erotica – Naughty Mommy – May 2, 2015

It makes me very uncomfortable, even queasy, to think that someone who reads my stories might take what they’ve read as license or, worse still, as encouragement to violate a child.

So, does that mean I should I stop writing the kind of erotica I write?

I’m not sure that’s even possible. Being who I am, I feel compelled to write these stories. Moreover, I derive great satisfaction from creating and reading them…  Read more


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    I’m happy I found this blog & looking forward to reading everything here! Congrats for doing this guys — you’re making a lot of people happy. Regards, Paige.

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    what happened to story friends board?

  3. lilsexy one, the SFB ceased operation about a month ago, saying they could no longer meet their expenses. You can read our response to that news here.

  4. Joe says:

    Does anyone know if leslolita still up? I haven’t seen an update since Nov 10th.

  5. Dirty Daddy says:

    Is there any straight or gay content on here as well? I like the lesbian stuff but I really like the family stuff. Usually with an older male who stumbles upon a family that let’s him do whatever he wants with even the littlest kids. Anybody familiar with the Peterson family series?

  6. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    This site, Dirty Daddy, grew out of Lesbian Lolita, and as it says in the second line of About Us, it “explores the edgier side of lesbian love” and that’s what most of us like about it.

    You’ll need to search further in for what you need.

  7. Dirty Daddy says:

    Understood and I really am sorry for bringing up off topic stuff like that. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Dom says:

    thank you for your feminism, a lovey place with lovely people, bless you

  9. Rita777 says:

    I’ve read and do read many lesbian themed stores all over the net literotica, Nifty stories, BDSM library, here, on a weekly basis and have noticed every story I’ve read over the past 2 years all have something in common (other than the lesbian theme) one of the females description always has a red headed female in them. Are all red headed women assumed to be lesbian these days? Or are all the lesbian stories written by the same person that’s really, really into red heads?


    • That’s a good question, Rita, and it’s something I’ve thought about as well. Speaking just for myself, as an author I often include redheads (both girls and women) in my stories for a couple of different reasons. First, because it makes the character easy for the reader to identify, setting her apart from the other characters. But second, and probably more important, it’s because, as you say, I am really really into redheads — they make me hot! I love blondes too, and if it wasn’t for trying to be at least semi-realistic, I might never have any brunettes at all in my stories, hee-hee.

      • kacey says:

        Fiery temperament to go with the hair?? Especially if the owner happens to be Irish!! I admire your taste NM

      • Jennifer says:

        Now i truly am in love with you, Naughty Mommy as i am a redhead and, too, absolutely have the hots for those sexy gingers… <3 <3 <3

  10. Saapho69 says:

    Hello to all my friends. I am back from my cruise now. I came a lot on my cruise with my fellow Sapphic Angels. Im still not satisfied. Probably never will be. I am back to give my measly 2 cents worth of comments. I may even try writing a story or 2. ttfn xoxoxo

  11. Saapho69 says:

    Okay some of u have noticed I’ve been conspicuously absent. This has been for several reason. One of which involved a really bad episode brought on by the fact that my new meds made me worse not better.

    The other reason is I’m in love. I have met the girl of my dreams. We have fallen hard for each other. best of all she shares my love for young girls, Which is ironic because she’s only 17.

    All my friends at JS I’ve missed u and I am back. Maybe not as often as I would like, because I’m in love.

    • Saapho69 says:

      BTW in case u r wondering her parents know how old I am and r okay with it.

      • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

        Wonderful news, Saapho69.

        You are a very special person and I hope you do find time to continue to contribute here, because your comments are always imaginative and interesting.

        So glad you are well, and happy.

    • kacey says:

      Congratulations saapho, you deserve it! 🙂 wishing you all happiness. Enjoy yourselves 😉 Ttfn an keep smiling. Kc

    • Tim says:

      Enjoy your love for little girls together! It’s always better when you can share!

  12. deanna says:

    I enjoy reading the fiction on this site and was wondering where someone
    may find erotic stories of women/teen girls seducing younger boys??

    • Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

      Deanna, you may find that category in Nifty, and, probably among the incest stores there. It’s a while since I’ve looked in that archive, but I have a recollection of it being broken down into a large number of categories.

      ASSR used to have an efficient search system that worked across a range of items, but, I’ve not had much success with it in recent searches.

    • Chris says:

      I like your style…

  13. 1hdbiker says:

    I would like to unsubscribe to the site.

    • Admin says:

      1hdbiker, you are not listed as a registered user on our site, so there’s no need to remove you there. If you have signed up for email notifications, that’s in your control, not ours. When you receive a notification, find and click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link.

    • JetBoy says:

      Come with me, dear sir… I have this Nigerian prince over here who is simply dying to meet you.

  14. mskmmy says:

    So glad I found this site and found these stories. It’s such a great outlet for a desire I have such a hard time coming to terms with.

    • Danny says:

      Welcome to the site, there are so many like-minded people here, you will feel perfectly comfortable! Plus the amazing pleasure that comes from the nigh endless supply of stories 🙂

  15. C Walker says:

    Love the stories however I would like to make a suggestion about the completed stories specially the one with lots of chapters. Have you considered making them downloadable as Zip or PDF file for readers that have limited internet usage but do have e-readers, or the possibilities of putting out a paperback book. Just a thought. Bless all of you writers that make readers like me Happy. Happy New Year, May it bring you more success in life.

    • Thanks for your comment. We appreciate the support!

      Yes, my partners and I have discussed among ourselves the possibility of making our fiction available in published form, either as ebooks or as paperbacks. So far, we haven’t made any decisions about doing that. The main question is whether there would actually be enough demand to make all the effort worthwhile. Would more than a few people be willing to pay for this kind of material?

      A second question is where to find an online publisher who will accept the kinds of salacious stories we like to write — which usually feature underage girls having lesbian sex. I’ve looked into it, and I think we may be able to use Draft2Digital for this. As far as I can tell, they have no restrictions on the type of content they will publish. Of course, they might reject our material after it’s submitted even without stating in advance that it would be unacceptable. We wouldn’t know until we tried it.

      But again, is this even worth attempting? Unless there is a good chance that we could sell a significant number of copies, there’s really not much point in going to the trouble.

  16. Cybear says:

    if this is not ok please delete it with my apologies i was wondering if anybody knew how naughty mommy is doing as i miss her stories

    • Cheryl says:


      I was just wondering that myself. We’ve not heard from her in a while and I worry sometimes. Perhaps she will see this and provide an update as to her status.

      Welcome to the website (in a commenting capacity, anyway, since this is your first comment).

  17. Purple Les says:

    I miss Naughty Mommy too and hope she’ll return soon. Or if not I like to think things are going better for her.

  18. chef says:

    A early Happy Christmas and healthy New Year to all The Great Writers Here.

  19. curio89x says:

    Great site and great stories.Shame you guys don’t have a live chat room, I can just imagine how lively some of the conversations would be lol x

  20. Richard Gould says:

    I wish there were stories about older mothers and preteen daughter lesbians where the mothers and the daughters talked real dirty to each other.

    • sue says:

      Check out Cheryl’s I Was The Daughter Of A Porn Star, or Naughty Mommy’s The Joy of Looking or some of her other stories.

  21. Me1166 says:

    I love juicy secrets, lesbian lolita, black lingerie, etc. But I recently found a story called “scent of a girl” by TVM and it went all the way up to their mid junior year and then just stopped, it’s a real good story and the way it’s written is good.
    But it hasn’t been added to since January of 2018. Does anybody know why or what happened to the site it’s on, you can still get to the site, “girlslovinggirls”? Would love to see that story finished, the rest of their junior and senior years.

  22. Iceman says:

    Hi all, first time writing. Just read a new story by”Eloquent Delinquent” over on Lesbian Lolita. Great beginning,but I was wondering if he would ever finish “Scounting for Girls”. Any idea??

    • Mirza says:

      You and almost certainly hundreds of others. I would hazard a guess that it is the story most asked about on this site.

      There are 8 chapters of SfG posted here. Alas, there have been no more for some years. I have no first hand information but have seen people here say they have been in touch with ED and though he has indicated he might return to the story at some point, he hasn’t given a timeframe for doing so.

      I am sorry to say that that at this point I think we need to consider SfG as abandoned.

      It’s a great shame. One of my all time favourite stories.

  23. Iceman says:

    Thank you for your info. We can only hope for more. Also the comment window was closed after ED last post on LL,so one could not ask.

  24. ME1166 says: is working again so was wanting to maybe put a few stories on here from there bht i don’t know how. can anyone help or tell me how to do that.

    • ME1166 says:

      sorry, i didn’t explain everything, the old leslita site is working also, that’s where i eant to get the stories from to put on here.

      • Ikaros says:

        Is it? Seems down to me still.

        • ME1166 says:

          no it’s up, i use loliwood studios to het here this time thru leslita but i checked out the other night and it was up. if it was down then you couldn’t get to the old leslita site, but you can that’s ehat I’m going thru to get here.

  25. ME1166 says:

    no it’s up, was just there the other night and also that’s how i got here, thru loliwood studios and the old leslita site and if was down then you couldn’t get on either of those or anything associated with

    • Flash says:

      I’ve read a story titled, “Sticks,” about a mother, Peggy, finding her daughter Amber’s memory sticks. It ends with, “More to cum for Peggy . Amber and others.”
      Does anyone know if it continued, or where I can find it?

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