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Home Alone, by Ebo

Chapter 1  Thirteen-year-old Riley snoops through her older stepsister Rebecca’s bedroom when no one else is home. She finds a vibrator, then has her first orgasm while using it.
Chapter 2  Riley has the house to herself again. She uses her stepsister’s sex toy again, then does a little nosing about on Rebecca’s laptop, only to discover her older sibling is not only a lesbian, but having an affair with an older woman.
Chapter 3  Out with her best friend Caroline, Riley gets a vibrator of her own by shoplifting it from a novelty store. That night, she makes good use of her new prize.
Chapter 4  Caroline finds out about the sex toy, and somehow Riley ends up using it to pleasure her friend through the front of her shorts.
Chapter 5  Things are awkward at first between Riley and Caroline the next day, especially when Caroline admits to having a bit of a crush on her friend. In an effort to relieve the tension, Riley gives Caroline a shy kiss, which leads to a whole lot more.
Chapter 6  Riley goes to her first piano lesson, only to realize that Helen, the teacher, is the woman she saw her stepsister Rebecca make love to in a laptop video. Nothing happens, but on her arrival home, she is confronted by Rebecca, who knows about her younger sibling’s snooping. Riley confesses her own relationship with Caroline. By this time, both sisters are in a certain mood… and end up doing something about it.
Chapter 7  Caroline comes to visit, and Riley tells her friend about what happened with Rebecca, which turns Caroline on in a big way. Then Riley goes downstairs to get drinks and gets cornered by Rebecca, who fingers her to the edge of orgasm, then sends the frantic girl back upstairs to ravish Caroline.
Chapter 8  Rebecca floats the idea of a threesome with Riley and Caroline. Riley dismisses the idea, but after she and her friend fuck, Caroline admits to liking the idea and is willing to set the whole thing up.
Chapter 9  Things are awkward at Riley’s piano lesson when Rebecca tells Helena that Riley saw the video of them having sex. Riley confronts Rebecca angrily when she gets home, but her big sister knows how to smooth things over. Later that night, Caroline sneaks over, and the two besties have a lovely time in bed.

Kimmy and Samantha, by Jeneee

Chapter 1   The beginning of Kimmy’s sexual history, including how she and her little sister Samantha first became intimate.
Chapter 2   Kimmy babysits two cute little girls and, with Samantha’s help, teaches little Denise and Patty a thing or two.
Chapter 3   Kimmy and Sammy draw Denise and Patty even further into their “big girl games,” and much fun is had
Chapter 4   Denise and Patty’s mom Debbie is at a party. She gets to know the hostess’ little girl Angie, then pops back home just long enough to get an unexpected surprise.
Chapter 5   Shocked but aroused, Debbie decides to keep what she saw to herself. Meanwhile, her little girls continue to have sexy fun with Kimmy and Sammy.
Chapter 6   Interested in joining in the fun and games herself, Debbie plans an all-girl sleepover for her daughters.
Chapter 7   The sleepover gets underway, with Angie and her mother Jasmine turning up to join the festivities.
Chapter 8  Secrets are revealed, clothes are shed, and very little sleep takes place — not that anyone’s complaining!

The Notebook, by Ebo

Chapter 1 Thirteen-year-old Dana is stunned to discover that her stepmother Penny knows about the erotic fiction she writes for the Lesbian Lolita website… and puzzled that Penny doesn’t seem upset about it
Chapter 2  Dana begins to write a brand new sex story for Lesbian Lolita… only this time, her stepmother is one of the main characters
Chapter 3  There is a growing sense of attraction between Dana and her stepmother Penny, and it is fast building into outright lust.
Chapter 4  Out for an evening on the town, Dana and Penny are no longer able to resist the feelings they have for one another… and the opportunity is there to do something about it.
Chapter 5 After an incredible night of lovemaking, Dana and her stepmother Penny wrestle with guilt and worry… but not for very long.
Chapter 6 Dana and Penny exchange some very daring, extremely naughty gifts.
Chapter 7 Anticipating the next time she will make love with her stepmother, Dana first purchases some sexy lingerie, then writes Penny a wicked incest story.
Chapter 8 Columbus Day has finally arrived. Will the lovemaking that Dana and her stepmother have been planning live up to their expectations?
Chapter 9 Dana’s father leaves town for a six-month work assignment… and she takes immediate advantage of his absence, enjoying a sexy romp with her stepmother Penny.
Chapter 10 Dana and her stepmother go out on another date. Risky enough… but afterward, they try something even more daring.
Chapter 11 Dana and her stepmother Penny have to put their sexual relationship on hold when Dana’s dad returns from a business trip… but when he’s called back unexpectedly, the two of them enjoy a night on the town, complete with a romp between the sheets.

Learning Phase, by Nuit du Loup

Chapter 1  After dispatching a deadly giant chicken, local witch Isana reluctantly takes on the responsibility of training a trio of novice witches.
Chapter 2  Isana takes her three young students — Sora, Karin, and Ayaka — to her forest home, where their training will take place. The girls get settled in.
Chapter 3  Isana continues to get the girls accustomed to their new surroundings. She explains something important to Ayaka, the oldest: that when witches live together, they usually begin to feel sexual desire for one another.
Chapter 4  Isana continues to show the girls around, taking them to a heated pond where they strip naked and soak. Isana informs Karin and Sora, the two youngest, about the sexual attraction between witches. Later that night, Ayaka visits Isana’s room, in the mood for a new experience.
Chapter 5 Sharing a bed for the night, Karin and Sora — the two youngest of the three sisters — explore a few first-time pleasures of their own.
Chapter 6  The morning after a night of sexual exploration (plus some more in the morning), Isana and her new students share their thoughts and feelings about it all. Plans are made for their first lesson in magic.
Chapter 7  The girls are taken outdoors for their first real magic session, where Isana helps each one find the magic inside her. It’s a wonderful experience that leaves the four of them feeling closer than ever.
Chapter 8  Sora and Ayaka enjoy some very stimulating time together, both in bed and in the shower. In the process, they discover that their newly acquired magic reacts in some very interesting ways during moments of sexual intimacy.
Chapter 9  Isana takes Ayaka, Karin, and Sora shopping for household items, new clothes, and underwear. A lovely time is had, with the girls’ newfound lesbian desire bubbling beneath the surface all the while.
Chapter 10  The girls’ day on the town comes to a very satisfying end. Once the group gets home and turns in for the evening, Karin and Ayaka share a bed, enjoying themselves (and each other).
Chapter 11  Isana and the girls awaken from their night of lovemaking, ready and eager to take on the day’s lessons in magic.
Chapter 12  Ayaka, Sora, and Karin get a basic lesson in magic, then get introduced to some of Isana’s friends.
Chapter 13  Back to the forest glade for more magic practice. The girls apply their skills until a storm hits, then hurry back to the house. Upon arriving, everyone is soaked to the skin, so they strip off and unwind for a bit. Before they finally go indoors, Ayaka gets a chance to experiment with shape-shifting.
Chapter 14 After their day of magic instruction, Isana and her three students return home for the evening meal, followed by a night of lovemaking.

Picture This, by Jeneee

Chapter 1   Gloria, a lesbian waitress, meets a young girl, Amanda, and her mother, Kayla, both of whom are shopping for sexy lingerie
Chapter 2   Gloria tells us how she became a lesbian… and how she developed an interest in underage girls along the way.
Chapter 3   Kayla and her daughter Amanda discuss their encounter with Gloria, and wonder if she’s “like us.” We soon find out what that means.
Chapter 4   Kayla’s lover Sylvia has been hospitalized. She and Amanda pay her a visit… as do Sylvia’s disapproving sister Lynne and cute niece Kimmie.
Chapter 5   Immediately attracted to Kimmie, Amanda takes her new friend to the bathroom, where they get caught fooling around by a friendly nurse
Chapter 6   On their way home, Amanda sees Sue the nurse at a bus stop and makes her mom offer the woman a ride.
Chapter 7   Sue invites mother and daughter inside, and the three of them enjoy some lovely sex games.
Chapter 8   Kayla and Sue focus their attention on little Amanda, and their fun gets a little kinky.
Chapter 9   A few days later, Kayla and Amanda host a dinner for their female friends, relatives, and lovers.
Chapter 10  Once all the guests have arrived, revelations are shared, and food is forgotten about for a while. Nonetheless, there’s plenty of eating going on…

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