The Notebook, Chapter 7

  • Posted on September 26, 2019 at 3:03 pm

by Ebo

“’The Curious Holiday’,” Dana said, reading the title of the story Penny had sent her out loud. It was an odd title and didn’t give much of a hint about the story’s plot. Shrugging, she scrolled up and re-read the email her step-mother had sent her:

Hopefully, you will read this before clicking on the image files below. If so, please, please, PLEASE read the story first. The pics will mean so much more to you if you do.

Dana had to fight the urge to open the pictures. She had sent Penny some naked photos, saying if Penny wanted anymore, she had to send Dana some first. A tit for tat, so to speak. Dana suspected that those image files were Penny’s tat, and the thought of seeing her stepmother naked was hard to resist.

I hope it’s worth the wait, Dana thought, clicking on the story instead. While the anti-virus program scanned the document, she wondered what the story was about. Which holiday was curious?

No viruses were found, and the document was successfully saved to her laptop. She double-clicked on the file, opening it. As her word processing program loaded, she got off her bed and poked her head out into the hallway. All the lights were out, and the house was quiet except for the hiss of the heating. Grinning, she closed the door quietly, then went to her hiding spot to liberate her new vibrator. It had been a gift from Penny, and her new best friend.

She crawled onto the bed, sitting up and leaning against the headboard. She pulled the laptop next to her, so she could read it and keep her lap free for… other activities. Grinning, she hooked her thumbs in her panties, shimmying them down her long legs and off. She tossed them on the bed beside her, picking up the vibrator. Turning the black knob on the bottom, she switched it to the lowest setting.

Dana shivered as the buzzing sex toy touched her sensitive bud. Sighing, she turned her attention to the story Penny had sent her…

Columbus Day is a curious holiday. Most adults barely acknowledge it, unless they are among the lucky few who have the day off or are in the market for new furniture or car. Kids, on the other hand, look upon the holiday with a smile because it means no school.

I’m neither a child nor in the market for a new car, but I’m looking forward to Columbus Day just the same. See, I have plans for that day. I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it, a naughty shiver working up my spine.

I’ll get up early and make pancakes for my husband and stepdaughter, I think. It seems the perfect way to start the day. Then, when he goes off to work, I’ll slip upstairs and change into the outfit I bought just for the occasion. I had to hide it, lest my husband thinks I had bought it for him. Maybe I’ll let him see me in it eventually, but I purchased it for someone else.

I’d never been to this particular store before, or another like it. As I browsed its selection, I was blushing the whole time. I’m not a prude, but some of the things on the shelves were further down the rabbit hole than I’d traveled thus far.

Still, I managed to find just the thing to wear on Columbus Day. Halloween has its costumes, and Easter has its cute dresses, Christmas its sweaters and Santa hats. I think I’ll start a new tradition this year, one for the curious holiday celebrating the day Columbus accidentally discovered America.

Like I said, I didn’t buy the outfit for my husband, although I’m sure he would have liked me to. No, I made this little purchase for someone else. I hope she likes it, the girl I bought it for. Maybe when she sees me in my Columbus Day outfit, she can help me with how the rest of this story goes…


I hope this story has piqued your interest, and I hope the photos give you a hint about what I have planned for Columbus day.

Love, Penny

Dana’s heart was racing as she read the personal note at the end of the incomplete story. She pulled the vibrator away from her sex, twisting it off. Her hands were shaking a bit as she closed out the story, then opened the email again. She clicked on the first picture, waited impatiently for the antivirus program to scan it before she could open it.

It was a picture of a shopping bag and on its side was the silhouette of a woman holding a rose, with the name of the store in fancy calligraphy across the top: Rose’s Intimates Boutique.

Dana’s heartbeat even faster because she was somewhat familiar with the shop. It was on the way to the mall, in a little shopping center. They always had manikins out front, dressed in something lacy and skimpy. Had Penny bought something there to wear for her on Columbus Day? Was Penny planning on making good use of Dana’s day off from school? That’s what the story and picture seemed to suggest.

She looked at the other image file in the email, wondering what it was. She was torn between wanting it to be a picture of Penny in whatever sexy little outfit she had bought at Rose’s, and hoping her stepmother kept it a secret. The anticipation and the fantasizing would only make it more thrilling when Columbus Day finally came around.

Clicking on it, she held her breath as she waited for the big reveal. She laughed when the picture turned out to be an October calendar with Columbus Day circled with a smiley face. Looking at that smiley face, Dana knew that her stepmother was as excited about the coming three-day weekend as Dana was.

Sexual tension had been building up between them ever since they spent that weekend together. It didn’t help that they’d continued their playful back and forth, sending each other erotic stories and flirting by email. Not just by email, either. They would steal glances and make little innuendos when Dana’s father wasn’t paying attention. It was a dangerous game, one they couldn’t help but play.

Too excited to get to sleep, Dana re-read the beginning of Penny’s new story. It was little more than a tease, and left her wanting more. Much more. She thought about reading some of Penny’s older stories, but she’d read them all so many times that she knew them by heart. Pulling the laptop onto her thighs, she put her fingers on the keys and hesitated. She wanted to look for something, had a need but didn’t know what it was. Finally, she typed in ‘Rose’s Intimates Boutique’ into Google.

The store didn’t seem to have a website, leaving Dana a little frustrated. She’d hoped to browse their wares, to see what possibilities there were for the contents of the shopping bag in the picture. Refusing to give up, she typed ‘lingerie websites’, then laughed when she saw all the porn sites catering to people who like women in skimpy, lacy or kinky clothing. The temptation to look at one of these sites was hard to resist. Maybe she’d come back to them after finding what she was looking for.

She found a site that appeared to be selling lingerie and clicked on the link. As it opened, she saw many different styles of unmentionables. Scrolling through their catalog, Dana saw lots of sexy options for the outfit Penny had bought to wear for her. The more she looked, the more excited about the coming holiday she became. Columbus Day couldn’t get there fast enough.

Her heart was racing, and there was a pleasant warmth between her thighs by the time she left the retailer site. If, come Columbus Day, Dana saw Penny in any of those outfits she had just browsed through, she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands off the woman.

Wide awake and horny, Dana returned to search results for ‘lingerie websites’ and clicked on one of the ones not selling lingerie. Her eyes widened at all the possibilities. She used the search bar to find a video in her particular genre of kink, typing ‘old and young lesbians’ and hitting enter.

One video caught her eye and she read the title out loud, “Stepmom Helps Her Stepdaughter Buy Lingerie.”

Intrigued, she started the video. It started with a pretty teen shyly asking her stepmother what she should buy for her boyfriend’s birthday. She pretended to be embarrassed when the older woman suggested some sexy lingerie. Her stepmother talked her into it and offered to help her pick something out. The scene cut out, then they were in a changing room, trying on different outfits.

Before the scene really took off, Dana glanced away from the screen and found her vibrator. Her eyes returning to the screen, she turned the black knob that brought the sex toy buzzing to life in her hand. She shivered when the cool plastic touched her hot skin, then moaned as the vibrations worked through her body.

Dana watched as the stepmother began seducing her stepdaughter, a lingering touch here and a coy smile there. The teen seemed confused by the sudden attention, blushing as the woman grew bolder. She protested weakly, saying she had a boyfriend. Her stepmother smiled at that, her hand slipping between the teen’s thighs, pinning the girl against the back wall of the changing booth. That smile got Dana’s heart racing, and the look on the girl’s face as she gave in to her stepmother’s advances had her so excited that she had to pull the vibrator away for a moment, or she’d be done in a hurry.

As the stepmother began to undress, Dana sat up straighter. Her eyes were intent on the screen as she watched the woman unbutton her shirt, then slip out of it. Next came her bra and Dana bit her lip excitedly at her full breasts, their nipples jutting skyward. The stepmother ran the zipper down on her hip, wriggling out of her skirt. She leaned against the wall, letting her stepdaughter finish what she had started. The teen sank to her knees before the woman and tugged her panties down her long legs and off.

The woman was shapely, had a figure enough like Penny’s to get Dana’s blood boiling. Dana pressed the vibrator against her clit as the stepdaughter pressed her mouth to the woman’s sex. The girl may have had a boyfriend, but she was no stranger to eating pussy, it would seem. Dana laughed, thinking it damaged the credibility of the teen’s character, took away from the realism of the video.

It was hot to watch, though. The girl had the older woman moaning and her hips gyrating. The stepmother wasn’t the only person the teen had all hot and bothered. The steamy scene and the lovely buzzing of her vibrator had Dana writhing in pleasure, too.

On the screen, the older woman’s body started gathering tension for an orgasm. Dana watched her face screw up in ecstasy, fingers tightening in her stepdaughter’s hair as she held the girl’s face to her thrashing sex. Even with the volume turned way down, the sounds of the woman’s enjoyment could be heard over the buzzing of Dana’s vibrator.

Watching this intensely erotic, frantic push for release by the stepmother, Dana felt her own orgasm stir to life. She was chewing on her lip, trying to keep her own cries in check, hips undulating against the vibrating shaft of her toy. Her eyes never left the screen, and she tried to come with the stepmother, pushed her body right to the edge of bliss and waited for the woman to climax. Dana saw the stepmother lose control of her body as she came, nearly knocking the teen over as she shook violently. Letting go, Dana came with her, her own body going crazy.

As she floated down, feeling light as a feather on a summer breeze, Dana started to turn the video off, figuring it was over, but she hesitated when she saw the naked woman rummaging through her purse. Intrigued, Dana let the video play, realizing when she glanced at the counter at the bottom of the video that it was only half over.

The stepmother pulled a curious-looking thing out of her purse, what appeared to be an L-shaped dildo. Dana had never seen anything like it before. Sitting up straight, she watched with interest as the older woman slipped the shorter, fatter end into her pussy, moaning as it eased in deep. Dana’s eyes widened as she suddenly understood what it was — some sort of strapless strap-on.

Onscreen, the teen looked at the dildo nervously, somehow managing to look sweet and innocent even after what she’d just done. In stockings, matching bra and panties, and a garter belt, she was a contradiction, shy and sexy, innocent and sensual. Her uncertainty was so erotic, so real that Dana moved her mouse away from the red X at the top of the screen. She watched, fascinated, as the rest of the scene played out.

The stepmother pressed the girl against the wall like before, and the teen relented. Watching her surrender to the older woman brought Dana’s waning desire back to life, and she pressed the vibrator against her bud, again. Not quite recovered from the first orgasm, the buzzing toy had her hips moving almost instantly. She put a knuckle between her teeth and bit down in a vain attempt at keeping quiet.

On the screen, the teen’s eyes widened as the dildo slipped inside her. She bit her lip uncertainly, looking at her stepmother. The woman smiled reassuringly at the girl, stroking her hair lovingly as she began to move her hips, thrusting the strap-on in and out of her stepdaughter. The girl’s reluctance evaporated as her body came alive and she became eager for the strap-on, pushing her hips into her stepmother’s thrusts.

Dana was so turned on by the lovers on the screen that a second orgasm crept up, had its way with her. She shook with it, biting her knuckle hard enough to break the skin. Even when she pulled the toy away from her sensitive clit, her hips kept moving, as if the ghost of the vibrator was still torturing her young body.

Dazed from having come twice so quickly, Dana watched the duo have sex in the changing room at a lingerie shop. Her eyes fixed on the dildo as it moved in and out of the teen and she wondered how that felt. Must feel pretty amazing, judging by the look on the teen’s face and the sounds that were coming from the computer’s tiny speakers. She imagined letting Penny do that, use a strap-on on her. She could see Penny lying on top of her, could see the flex of her stepmother’s hips with each thrust, but she didn’t know what it would feel like to have a dildo inside her, so the little fantasy wasn’t complete.

She gently pressed the toy against the opening of her vagina, shivering as the vibrations found her still sensitive nerve endings. Her heart started racing as she thought about just putting a little pressure on the toy. It wouldn’t take much, then the vibrator would be inside her. She’d know what the teen felt as her stepmother thrust the dildo into her again and again.

Hesitantly, she put a little more pressure on the toy, waiting for the pain to come. When it didn’t, she frowned and pushed a little harder. She gasped as the vibrator slipped inside, her body stretching to accept it. She cringed, but the pain still didn’t come. Her eyes wide, she propped up on her elbows to look at the toy buried inside her, visible in the backsplash of light from the laptop.

Biting her lip nervously, Dana realized that she had just taken her own virginity. She hadn’t expected it to be so easy. There should have been pain, something to tell her to stop, but there hadn’t been. The vibrator had been inside her before she had time to react.

Dana wondered about that, but it was getting hard to think. The buzzing vibrator was setting the nerve endings deep inside of her to singing, and her hips began to move. Tenderly, she pushed the toy deeper, then pulled it back out. Shivers of pleasure worked through her young body, and she gasped. Still no pain, only intense pleasure.

She didn’t understand its absence, but she didn’t miss the pain and wasn’t upset that it hadn’t hurt. She’d figure out why later, but, right now, Dana was going to enjoy the lovely sensation. This time, when she closed her eyes and fantasized about letting Penny do this to her, she knew what it would feel like. More real to her than it had been before, the fantasy was thrilling.

Just thinking about Penny thrusting into her the way the stepmother was doing the teen on the video brought on another orgasm. She cried out and arched her back as her vagina fluttered around the buzzing shaft of the toy. In her inexperience, she forgot to withdraw the vibrator, and cried out a second time as her body exploded with pleasure all over again.

Easing the toy out, she looked at her bedroom door. Those two cries of ecstasy had gotten away from her, and her heart was racing as she waited to see if anyone was going to investigate. A couple of breathless minutes passed and she finally relaxed a bit.

“Too close,” Dana said, laughing nervously. Her heart was still racing, hands shaking. She jumped when the vibrator rolled and brushed against her leg. Adrenalin flooded her bloodstream, and she was shaking all over. She took a couple of deep breaths, trying to relax. Eventually, her heart rate came back down.

Looking back at the computer, Dana saw that the scene was wrapping up, the stepmother and daughter at the sales counter. The older woman laid two separate outfits on the counter. Intrigued, Dana turned the volume up as much as she dared.

“She’ll take these two,” the stepmother said, smiling at the lovely woman behind the counter.

“Why am I getting both of these?” The teen asked, looking at the lingerie.

“The one is for your boyfriend,” her stepmother said, smiling playfully as she picked up the black bustier, “and this you’ll wear for me next time.”

Dana grinned, loving how the scene ended. The playful smile and the stepmother’s certainty of a repeat performance were awfully exciting. The scene left her wanting more of the two lovers, and she typed in a search to see if there were more featuring them. She was a little disappointed when there wasn’t. She downloaded the video, adding it to her collection. She started to close out her web browser, then hesitated. Penny needs to see this video, she thought.

Grinning, she copied the contents of her address bar and opened a blank email. She pasted the address in the body of the email, then typed: Had to share this video. It’s a good one. Maybe next Columbus Day you can take me shopping for a Columbus Day ‘outfit’, too.

Hitting SEND, she glanced at clock in the bottom of the screen, cringing when she saw what time it was. She should have been asleep hours ago. The problem was, she was wide awake still. Accidentally taking her own virginity and almost getting caught, the promise of Penny wearing something sexy and her finally getting some alone time with the woman had her all jazzed up.


Dana grumbled, feeling blindly for her alarm clock. She finally had to open her eyes to find the snooze button. It felt like she’d just closed her eyes when the alarm started bleating at her again, but eight minutes had passed. Groaning, she turned off her alarm.

“I need to start going to bed earlier,” she mumbled, throwing off her covers.

As she sat up, she realized something was very wrong. She winced at the tightness in her lower back and thighs. It dawned on her that she might have overdone it last night. Too wide awake to get to sleep, she had used her vibrator again, and she was feeling it now.

Moving very gingerly, she stood up and stretched. She groaned as her muscles complained. Gathering what she needed for a shower, she headed to the bathroom. As she moved around, she felt her body loosening up. It was a good sign, and she hoped a shower would get her to at least seventy-five percent. She’d gotten carried away last night, and figured a hundred percent was out of the question, but she had her fingers crossed for seventy-five.

She got the water going in the shower stall, then opened the medicine cabinet. She saw a bottle of Aleve on one of the shelves, and she knew from their commercial it was all day strong, which was exactly what she needed. She washed two down with a mouthful of water, then undressed. Naked, she slipped into the shower, sighing as the hot water caressed her tired body.

She felt almost human again by the time she cranked off the taps and reached for her towel. Still not a hundred percent better, but a solid eighty-five. She could work with eighty-five, she decided as she toweled off.

Thinking about last night, she grabbed a hand mirror and sat on the toilet lid. Carefully spreading her labia, she looked at her vagina. Her hymen was definitely broken, but she didn’t see any sign that it had been broken last night. Frowning, she wondered about that. Before last night, she’d never put anything inside of herself, not even a finger or a tampon.

She vaguely remembered that her health teacher had told them the hymen could be broken during strenuous exercise or even while riding a bike or a horse. She wasn’t much of an athlete, didn’t ride her bike much anymore and had never been on a horse. Still, she allowed herself to relax.

I guess I’m not a virgin in any sense of the word, anymore, Dana thought, still looking at herself in the mirror.

That thought got her thinking about Penny, and she wondered if the woman had seen the video she sent her yet. Then she wondered yet again what sort of sexy lingerie Penny had bought to wear for her. Grinning, she wondered if she should tell Penny about her hymen being broken, or let it be a surprise for Columbus Day. The grin widened mischievously, and she decided to wait. The look on the woman’s face would be priceless when Dana took her stepmother’s hand and slipped a couple of Penny’s fingers inside her.

Suddenly feeling a whole lot better about the day, Dana wrapped the towel around herself and headed back to the bedroom. She dropped the towel in front of her dresser, then slipped into panties and a bra. Standing in front of her closet, she rifled through her clothes to find something to wear to school. She decided on a pair of jeans and sweater.

When she turned around, she noticed something on the bed. Frowning, she walked over to it and saw it was a package neatly wrapped in festive paper. A piece of folded paper was tented atop the gift, and she set her clothes aside to pick it up. She recognized her stepmother’s handwriting:


I saw your email, and it gave me an idea. I have an Amazon Prime account. My login information is below. Why don’t you pick out your own Columbus Day outfit? I think you should be able to find something that will fit you. We can exchange ‘gifts’ Monday. Love, Penny

Dana grinned at the note, then at the present laying on her bed. She had to fight the urge to open it, to see what scandalous outfit Penny had bought. It took all of her willpower to pick up the gift-wrapped box and take it to her dresser. She hid it under all of her unmentionables, making sure it was completely covered. As an afterthought, she hid the paper with Penny’s login information in her underwear drawer, as well.

She got dressed in a hurry and went downstairs to find the woman. She found her in the kitchen, sipping a cup of coffee. Penny’s back was to her, so she didn’t know Dana was there. Grinning, Dana looked around, but her father was nowhere to be seen. On padded feet, she crept up behind her stepmother, wrapping her arms around the woman’s neck.

“You are so mean… you know that, right?” she said.

“How so?” Penny asked, amused.

“Giving me a gift I can’t open,” Dana said.

“A little anticipation is half the fun,” Penny said, laughing.

“You keep telling me that,” Dana said, kissing Penny’s neck just behind her ear. She heard the woman inhale sharply, and thought she might have gone too far. Then Penny turned slightly in her chair and pulled Dana onto her lap.

Smiling at her, Penny said, “Someday you’ll believe me.”

“Dad go into work early?” Dana asked, looking around.

“No,” Penny said, her smile widening, “he should be down at any moment.”

“Playing this a little too close, aren’t you?” Dana asked, glancing towards the stairs.

Penny put her hand on Dana’s chin, turned her back towards her and her lips met Dana’s. Her eyes wide, Dana kissed her back, her heart racing as Penny’s tongue caressed her own. It deepened in a hurry, Dana’s mostly frustrated desire welling up. If her father happened upon them like this, there would be no mistaking it as a sweet kiss between stepmother and daughter.

Dana finally had to pull back before she went too far to stop, got off Penny’s lap. Her legs were a little shaky with adrenaline as she sat down adjacent to her stepmother. She looked at Penny, saw the woman was as flustered as she was.

Smiling at her, Penny said, “That got out of control in a hurry.”

“Yeah,” Dana said, her heart still knocking around her rib cage.

Penny looked at her a long moment, then sighed and looked down at her hands, “You aren’t the only one frustrated by our current situation. I — I need Columbus Day as much as you do.”

Smiling at her, Dana said, “Dad needs to hurry up and get a new account.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Penny said, laughing and shaking her head, “God, we are horrible.”

“Yeah,” Dana agreed.

Laughing and shaking her head sadly, Penny said, “I’m glad he’s around and putting in the effort to be a better husband — or father, in your case. It’s just… that weekend we spent together… It was wrong, wrong in so many ways, but it had felt… I don’t know. It left me with an itch I can’t scratch.”

“Dad still not hitting it out of the park?” Dana asked, grinning.

“You probably don’t want to hear the answer to that question,” Penny said, laughing when Dana made a face. “Let’s just say that isn’t the problem, anymore It’s just, sometimes, I… how do I say this?”

“You want to eat a taco instead of a burrito?” Dana asked, laughing at Penny’s surprise. It wasn’t every day she could make a grown woman blush, but that line had caught her stepmother off guard.

“Dana,” Penny admonished, reverting to ‘mom’ mode. She gave Dana a disapproving look, or tried to. She couldn’t quite keep the smile off her face, and finally, she had to laugh. Shaking her head, she said, “I guess that’s one way to put it.”

Dana saw her father coming, gave Penny a little signal to end the conversation. The woman gave her a slight nod that she understood, even though she couldn’t see him coming down the stairs.

He came into the kitchen, looking from his wife to his daughter, then went to the coffee maker to fill up his travel mug. Screwing the lid on, he turned around and asked, “What were you two talking so animatedly about? Anything good?”

“Mexican food,” Dana said, grinning when Penny almost choked on her coffee.

“You okay, dear?” He asked, his eyes wide. He came to the table, rubbing Penny’s back as she coughed.

“Went down the wrong pipe,” Penny wheezed, holding up a hand, “I’m okay.”

“Mexican food, huh?” He asked, sipping his own coffee, “is that what we want for dinner?”

Looking at Penny and smiling, Dana said, “I could eat a taco.”


Dana was pretty sure everyone else was asleep, so she pulled her laptop out of hiding and sat down on her bed to find something to wear for Columbus Day. She was excited and more than a little nervous. Tonight would be a night of many firsts for her. First time shopping online, for one. First time buying lingerie that wasn’t made by Fruit of the Loom, another. The thought of looking for something sheer and sexy to wear for Penny made her grin.

She opened her web browser, navigating to She’d never been on the site, but noticed a search bar. Clicking in the field, she typed: lingerie

Scrolling through the first page, she saw many sexy options. A couple of times she caught herself looking at the model and not the lingerie. Grinning, she had to force herself to focus. It wasn’t easy, because there were a lot of beautiful women wearing almost nothing on her screen.

When she made it to the bottom of the page, her eyes widened in shock when she saw there were four hundred pages of results for ‘lingerie’. Laughing, she said, “Jesus! That’s a lot.”

She did a quick count and found there were forty-eight items on each page, times four hundred pages. Doing the math, she started laughing even harder. Nineteen-thousand and two hundred options. She had intended to be thorough, make sure she found just the right lingerie for Columbus Day but there was no way she could scan through all of it in one night. Even if she could look at a page a minute, not taking time to look at anything closer, it would still take more than six and a half hours to get through them all.

As she clicked through the first couple of pages, she noticed that she was drawn to a particular type of lingerie more than the others. While she thought the negligee and baby dolls were cute and the teddies were kind of hot, it was the bustiers that caught her attention.

Clicking in the search bar, Dana refined her search, typing ‘bustier sets’. As she scrolled to the bottom of the page, she saw she had cut the number of pages down to a hundred and seventy-eight. Shaking her head, she thought sarcastically, Much more manageable.

Still, as she scanned the images on the screen, she knew this was where she needed to be. She made up her mind, deciding to buy a bustier to wear for Penny. Now all she had to do was figure out which one, with so many to chose from.

The trick turned out to be finding something in her size. Apparently, a girl her age didn’t fit the demographic most lingerie companies were marketing toward. She knew her measurements and kept checking the sizing charts to see if anything she looked at would fit. More than a few times, she ended up going back to her search results because the lingerie she was looking was a size or two too large.

She was getting a little frustrated when she finally spied a white bustier with black lace trim and black lace accent panels that she really liked. It was sheer and clingy, revealing more than it hid.

Excited, she noticed the model was slender and not particularly well endowed upstairs. It gave Dana a good idea how the lingerie would look on her, which came as a relief after all the busty and leggy models she’d been looking at for the previous twenty minutes.

Crossing her fingers, she clicked on the image, pulling up the product page. Burned one too many times already, she went to the size chart first. Her heart started racing when she saw that a small should fit her perfectly. Clicking through the alternate views, she liked it even more. Then she noticed it came in a pale pink color option, and she fell completely in love.

Adding it to her cart, she said, “Penny is going to love this.”

The bustier came with a matching thong, but not the stockings featured in all the images. Dana decided that it just wouldn’t be the same without them, then grinned when she saw the nylons in the ‘People Also Bought’ section. She added a pair to her cart.

She was about to click on ‘Checkout’ when she thought of something. Her finger hesitated on the mouse button, then pulled back. She moved the pointer to the Search box, then clicked on it. Typing her search string in and hitting Enter, she gazed in awe at all the options on her screen.


Penny looked up when Dana came into the kitchen and smiled, said, “I see you found something. I got an email confirming your purchase.”

Dana gave her a playful pout. “You looked? No fair.”

“Oh, I didn’t open it,” Penny said, her smile widening, “I want to spend the next couple of days daydreaming about what you bought.”

Dana decided that she believed her. Besides, if Penny had looked at the email, she would probably have wanted to talk about the other little thing Dana had added to her purchase. Just thinking about it gave Dana a naughty shiver.

Penny must have seen something on her stepdaughter’s face, and raised her eyebrows questioningly. Grinning sheepishly, Dana said, “I just hope you like what I picked out.”

“I’m sure you’ll look stunning,” Penny said. Leaning in, she asked, “The writer in me has to ask… did you make sure whatever you picked will fit?”

Dana laughed, “Yeah. Wasn’t easy, though. I’m not exactly the size that companies are designing for.”

“I guess not,” Penny said, grinning, “but you actually did find lingerie that will fit?”

Dana realized it wasn’t just an idle question, as Penny’s eyes were shining with curiosity. Seeing the wheels turning in the woman’s head, Dana asked, “Thinking about a new story?”

“I have to admit, the idea intrigues me,” Penny said, rubbing the back of her neck and smiling at Dana, “the idea of a pretty young girl shopping for sexy underthings.”

Does it, now?” Dana said, grinning playfully at her stepmother.

Penny glanced over her shoulder to make sure they were alone and said, “Is it bad that I got a little aroused, just seeing the confirmation email in my inbox?”

“A little,” Dana said, laughing when Penny gave her a dirty look, “but I understand. It was kind of exciting for me, too.”

Flushing, Penny said, “God, I’m getting horny again.”

“Well, when Dad goes to work,” Dana said, leaning across the table to steal a quick kiss, “maybe you can write me a story about a stepmother taking her stepdaughter shopping for some lingerie. Maybe something like what happened in the video I sent you.”

“Oh God, that video,” Penny said, shaking her head. “I’ve already watched it a half dozen times.”

“I knew you’d like it,” Dana said, stealing one more kiss before getting up. “Now write me a story, so I have something to read tonight.”

“I’ll try,” Penny said, with a smile.


Yawning, Dana closed her math textbook, finally dome with her homework. She stuffed the book and her notebook into her backpack, then stood up to stretch. A couple of hours bent over her studies had left Dana a little stiff, so she shook the tension out of her limbs. Glancing at her alarm clock, she saw it was only seven-thirty. She wanted to check her email to see if Penny had written that story, but it was too early.

She went to her hiding place, liberated her fuzzy kitten notebook. She smiled at the cover, then smiled even brighter at all the stories she had penned inside. Since receiving Penny’s old laptop, Dana hadn’t written much in the notebook, so this felt like a reunion of sorts.

Digging around in her desk, she found a mechanical pencil, then went to her bed. She stretched out on her stomach, tapping the pencil against her lower lip as she tried to think of something to write.

Thinking about Penny’s admission about being turned on by Dana shopping for lingerie, she decided to write a story with that as its theme. A line from the beginning to Penny’s Columbus Day story popped into her head, the one where she wrote ‘As I browsed its selection, I was blushing the whole time. I’m not a prude, but some of the things on the shelves were further down the rabbit hole than I had traveled so far.’ With it came the idea for her story. Dana felt a shiver of excitement work through her as she put her pencil to paper and wrote:

Standing on the sidewalk and looking at the storefront with its big glass windows and faded sign that read ‘Rose’s Intimates Boutique’, I tried to calm my racing heart, to stop my hands from shaking like crazy. As plans often go, it had seemed doable last night laying in bed when it came to me, but now that I was here… I must have been out of my mind.

Looking at the scantily clad manikins in the display windows, I almost ran away, scrapping the whole plan. It was ridiculous, anyway. There was no way it would work.

Only the thought of her kept me from fleeing. I so wanted to see that smile on her face, the one that made my knees feel weak and my heart race in my breast. I knew somewhere in that store there was just the thing to put a smile on her face.

On legs like rubber bands, I forced myself to approach the door, to open it and step inside. The playful jingle of bells made me look up guiltily, like I had set off an alarm. It didn’t do anything for my raw nerves, even when I realized what it was.

The woman behind the counter turned to me, her eyes widening when she saw a thirteen-year-old girl standing in her shop. I waited for her to kick me out, saying this shop isn’t for kids. A part of me hoped she did, so I could say I tried, but it just wasn’t meant to be. I’d shrug and go on my way, disappointed but no longer a nervous wreck. She didn’t, though.

Instead, she favored me with a curious smile and asked, “Can I help you with something?”

Figuring the woman was having fun with me, I said, “Um, no. Just browsing.”

That smile widened, and she asked, “Are you now?”

“Yeah?” I said, making it sound like a question.

“Interesting,” she said, coming out from behind the counter, “well, let me give you the general layout. Lingerie and costumes in the front corner there… DVDs and magazines just there… and our selection of sex toys are in the back.”

“Okay,” I said, blushing as I headed toward the racks of lingerie.

The cashier watched me go, her curiosity written all over her face. She was wondering what in the world a seventh-grader was doing in her lingerie shop. I can’t say I blame her. I’d have blinked stupidly at me, too.

Still, she hadn’t kicked me out at first sight, and she seemed to find my browsing of the lacy and sheer garments amusing. I felt a fragile hope take root, and I thought there was a small chance I might actually walk out of here with my purchases. A small chance was better than what I had given myself, so things were looking up.

There were so many different types of lingerie and variations of each style that I felt a little overwhelmed as I poked through the racks. Everything looked sexy to me.

“What are you looking for?” The cashier asked, appearing at her side.

“I- I don’t know,” I said, which was true enough. I hadn’t expected there to be so many options to chose from.

“Well then, what do you need lingerie for?” She asked, then grinned, “I guess that should have been my first question. What does a young girl like yourself need lingerie for? Do you just want something pretty to sleep in or is there a boy?”

“Um, no,” I said, blushing, “no boy.”

She saw it, then tilted her head to one side as she met my eyes. Maybe she saw something or just took a guess, but she said, “A girl, perhaps?”

It wasn’t exactly accurate, but I nodded shyly. It would only complicate things if I told her the truth. Not only would I not be able to purchase my lingerie but I’d probably get someone I love in a lot of trouble.

The cashier nodded, giving me a knowing look, “I knew there was someone. Most of this stuff isn’t particularly comfortable, so the only good reason for wearing it is to look sexy for someone.”

I gave the woman a curious look, thinking this whole conversation was starting to slide into the surreal. Of all the receptions I imagined for my walking through the door, this wasn’t one of them. This was the kind of service I might receive at a ma and pa grocery store, maybe, but not here. I won’t lie, it confused me a little, and I didn’t know how to respond. Surely this woman wasn’t really this nonchalant about a thirteen-year-old shopping for lingerie in her store.

“This girl… Does she know you are here?” The cashier asked, her eyes saying there was more to the question than the obvious.

I thought I knew what the woman was really asking, and it made my cheeks burn as I said, “I think she’ll be surprised, but not THAT surprised.”

Grinning coyly, the woman said, “So you have her on the hook and are just trying to keep her there.”

It took me a second to get what she was trying to say, but I grinned sheepishly and nodded.

“Well, alright, girlfriend,” the cashier said, laughing as she pointed, “that rack in the front… The company that makes those tends to run small. If I were you, I’d look through that rack first. I figure it is your best bet for finding something that fits. You are a skinny little thing, after all.”

“Um, thanks,” I say, giving her a curious smile.

“No problem, sweetie,” she said, turning around and heading back toward her sales counter, “holler if you need anything.”

“I will,” I said, shaking my head in wonder. I was beginning to feel like Alice must have after sliding down the rabbit hole. I wouldn’t have batted an eyelash if I saw the Mad Hatter winding his way through the racks of Lingerie.

I moved to the rack the woman had indicated, started riffling through the garments. I made it about a quarter of the way around when I found it. The ceiling didn’t quite peel back, and a ray of light from the heavens spear down on it, but I definitely had a eureka moment when I saw it. Pulling it off the rack, I thought it looked even better in my hands. The material was lacy and soft, pretty and feminine.

Sure it wouldn’t fit, I checked the tag. My heart started racing when I saw that it would. I couldn’t stop looking at it, and I had to have it.

I glanced at the woman behind the counter, my heart sinking. She has been cooler than I had any right to expect her to be so far, but surely she wouldn’t actually let me buy this. She was going to break my heart when I put it on the counter, was just going to shake her head, no.

Even though I knew the outcome, I still walked up to the cashier, put my selection on the counter and held my breath for the inevitable. The cashier looked me, smiled in a way that seemed unfair to me. You can’t smile at someone like that when you are fixing to ruin her day.

Still smiling, the woman looked through my stuff, then said, “You forgot some stockings. They are hanging over there.”

Blinking dumbly at her, I said, “Are you serious?”

The cashier laughed and said, “Just grab the stockings while I ring this up.”

I just stared at her, waiting for the punchline, sure that I was the butt of the joke. She shooed me away from the counter, and I went to the little display of stockings. I looked over my shoulder at her, and she nodded encouragingly.

I found some stockings that would look good with the outfit I had chosen, taking them back to the cashier. She scanned them, putting them in a little black bag on the counter.

“Cash or credit?” She asked, looking earnestly at me. If she was messing with me, she was an amazing actor.

“Cash?” I said and it sounding like a question.

“Are you asking me?” The woman asked, amused.

I dug my money out of my purse, and my hand was shaking as I handed it to her. She counted it, then entered the amount. My heart started racing as the cash register drawer popped open and she counted out my change. Was this really happening?

She gave me my change then held out the bag with my purchases. I reached for it hesitantly, expecting her to pull it back at the last second and say ‘Psych’. My fingers closed around the plastic bag the woman relinquished her hold on it. I stared at the bag in my right hand and my change in my other, then at the woman.

“I hope she loves it,” the woman said, winking at me.

“Um, thanks,” I said, feeling like I should say more, but I couldn’t think of anything to say that would express how I felt about what the woman had done for me. I was stunned, flabbergasted, shocked, befuddled and, generally speaking, dumbfounded that the woman had actually completed the sale.

Luckily, the woman seemed to know, anyway. Her smile said as much.

Dana set her pencil down, re-reading what she had written. It was sort of sweet and fun, if not exactly erotic. She thought there was still potential for sexy fun, especially when her character wore the lingerie she’d bought.

Picking up her pencil, she tapped it against her lip in thought. Where did she want to go with this story? She still wasn’t sure when she put the lead to the paper and started writing, again. Luckily, most stories had a mind of their own, and this one knew where it wanted to go. She just went along for the ride.

Outside, I found my backpack where I had hidden it. I had thought showing up in the lingerie shop wearing my school backpack was just too much, so I had left it in the bushes across the street from Rose’s. I unzipped the small compartment in the front, slipped my purchase inside. Zipping it back up, I pulled my cellphone out of my pocket and checked the time.

My eyes widened as I saw I had spent too much time in the lingerie shop. I had to be at the corner of Third and Houston Street in ten minutes. Shrugging into my backpack, I took off running. I had a lot of ground to cover in a hurry, so I tucked my arms in close to my sides, lowered my head and let my stride loose. I was eating up the pavement, and I thought I was going to make it.

I just did, the bus already pulling up to the spot when I was fifty yards out. I lucked out, a small group of people boarding at the stop. With one more burst of speed, I was able to fall into the back of the line as the last person was boarding. I climbed onto the bus, gasping for air. I could only shrug when the driver gave me a curious look and hurriedly scanned my round-trip pass. He motioned for me to head back and find a seat.

Relieved to be on the bus, I shrugged out of my backpack and sat down with it on my lap. As we began to roll again, I finally got my wind back. It was about a fifteen-minute ride to my stop, and I spent it getting excited about what I had planned for when I got home.

I still couldn’t believe I actually bought lingerie. A naughty shiver worked up my spine, and I giggled at the thought of the black bag in my backpack. I really hadn’t expected this part of plan to succeed, figuring it was a million to one odds. Fortune had smiled on me, and I lucked into the coolest cashier ever.

When I saw my stop approaching, I half stood up to pull the cord, signaling the driver. The bus slowed, then came to a stop. I hurried down the aisle between the seats, then off the bus. I could see my house a hundred yards away and started walking.

Instead of going to the front door, I walked around back, using my key to let myself in. In the kitchen, I listened breathlessly. For the next part of my plan to succeed, I needed to get through the house unseen. Hearing the TV on in the living room, I let out a sigh of relief. My luck was holding, it would seem. The way the furniture was laid out, anyone watching TV wouldn’t be able to see the stairs. I slipped upstairs, unseen.

Dropping my backpack on the bed, I unzipped the small compartment and removed the little black bag that held my brand new lingerie. My hands were shaking as I dumped the contents out on my bed, I was so excited. I laid everything out, removing the tags. Looking down at it, I thought it was even more perfect now than when I had chosen it.

I slipped out of my clothes and into the lingerie. I shivered deliciously as the stretchy material hugged my young body, fitting me like a second skin. Sitting on the bed, I rolled the stocking onto my legs, fastening the garters in their lacy tops. I ran my hands down my legs, loving the silky feel of the nylon under my fingers.

I had avoided looking in the mirror, not because I wanted it to be a surprise, like some big reveal in a TV show. Instead, I was afraid I would look silly in the lingerie. I didn’t want to make her laugh. I wanted her eyes to get wide, and her jaw hit the floor. I wanted to make her weak in the knees like she made me, wanted her heart to race. I needed her to think I was beautiful and sexy and irresistible.

Stepping in front of the mirror, I held my breath. My eyes widened, and I gasped. The lingerie fit me perfectly, revealing more than it hid. I looked better than I had had any reason to expect. It almost seemed the manufacturer of this outfit had cut it with someone like me in mind. It flattered what little curves I had and clung in all the right places.

“This is going to be good,” I said, grinning at my reflection.

Heading back downstairs on legs made like rubber bands by adrenaline, I walked around the couch and into her field of view.

She glanced up at me, her eyes widening, “What are you doing home — Oh, wow!”

“Do you like it?” I asked, anxiously. I felt suddenly shy, uncertain. There was a breathless moment of anticipation as I waited for her reaction.

Her eyes were hot on my skin as she looked me up and down. A slow smile tugged at the corners of her mouth and her eyes finally met mine. I shivered at the desire I saw in them. God, I loved when she looked at me like that.

“I love it,” she said, her smile widening, “you look incredibly sexy.”

“I had hoped you’d say that,” I say, grinning as I went to her. I sat on her lap and kissed her deeply.

“Where on earth did you get this?” she asked, running her hand over my stocking clad thigh. Her touch awoke a heat between my thighs and I shivered.

“Rose’s,” I said, grinning at her.

Her eyes got big, and she stammered, “Rose’s Intimates? You… really?”

“Just walked in, picked this out, paid for it, and walked out with it,” I said, loving her reaction.

“Just like that, huh?” She said, her eyes flashing mischievously.

“Yeah,” I said, smiling at her, “I wanted something sexy to wear for you.”

“This is sexy in spades,” she said, laughing, “I can’t believe you skipped school and went lingerie shopping at Rose’s. I wish I could have seen it.”

“Maybe next time, we can go together,” I teased, and I heard her inhale sharply. Grinning, I knew that little line had tickled her naughty side. I leaned in and kissed her, and I felt just how excited she was in the way she kissed me back eagerly.

I got off her lap and offered her my hand, said, “Let’s go upstairs and make the most of my day off from school.”

She took my hand, and we went upstairs to my room.

Dana took a few seconds to calm down, her hands shaking a little with excitement. Grinning, she flipped back to the beginning of her story and, at the top of the page, wrote: Playing Hooky.

Grinning, Dana loved how this story was turning out. When she had started writing, she wasn’t thinking about having her character skip school to be with her lover. She had let the story off its leash, and it had found its way here, somewhere completely different than what she had expected.

She took up her pencil, again, ready to write the steamy part of the story:

We barely made it into my room. I found my back against the door, her body pressed against me. Her kiss was eager, her tongue caressing my own. My heart was racing as I kissed her back, my hands roaming over her back and buttocks. Her hands were on me, leaving my skin tingling in their wake. Her touch awoke a fire in me, my desire swelling until I was almost dizzy with need.

She kissed my neck, then my collarbone. My pulse quickened as she sank to her knees in front of me. The smile she favored me with as she looked up at me took my breath away. The promise in that smile made my knees a little weak.

Her hands ran up my stocking-clad legs, and I could feel her arousal in her touch. She was turned on by the lingerie, the silky feel of the nylon under her fingertips. Seeing the look in her eye as she explored my body made the trip to Rose’s more than worth it.

“God, I can’t get over you in this,” she said, her eyes flashing up at me.

I grinned at her, giggled. I couldn’t help it. She made me feel so beautiful when she looked at me with those heavy eyes.

Her hand found the cleft of my pussy, and I forgot to breathe for a few seconds as her fingers teased my sensitive clit. The pressure and friction against my tender flesh were delicious, and I moaned. She smiled up at me as she pulled the skimpy panties aside. The first kiss of her lips was like the brush of a butterflies wings, a caress as light as a feather against my skin. It made me shiver. Then her hot tongue found me, teased a thick moan from my slack mouth. The slow flick of her tongue drove my body crazy, sent waves of pleasure slamming through me.

She looked up at me, a hint of a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she tortured me. That smile, the lovely sensations coursing through me… I couldn’t stop moaning, my hips moving against her mouth. She had worked me into a state, my body not sure if it was coming or going. I needed to hold onto something, lest I float away. My fingers tightened on the door jam, and I held on for dear life.

It was too much for me to bear, the pleasure washing through me so intense I was glad for the wood at my back. I wasn’t sure my legs could hold me right now. I needed its support as I felt an orgasm stir to life deep inside of me. My fingers were in danger of leaving permanent marks in the door frame as tension built and built until I finally cried out in ecstasy. I came hard, my whole body trembling. Closing my eyes, I lost myself in the lovely sensations swirling through me.

I gasped in surprise as I was scooped up and carried to the bed. My eyes opened, and I smiled at her, put my arm around her neck. She laid me carefully on the bed, then began to undress. Rolling onto my side, I watched her, admiring every inch of skin she revealed with each article of clothing she removed. She wasn’t going fast enough. I wanted to see her lovely body, ached for her.

When she was finally naked and gloriously revealed to my hungry eyes, she came to me, crawling onto the bed. On her hands and knees, she leaned over me, smiling that smile that took my breath away. She leaned in, and I kissed her eagerly.

She nudged my legs open, straddling one of my hips. I shivered as she lowered onto me and our bodies nested together. I straightened my leg, resting it on her shoulder. She smiled at my flexibility, wrapping her arms around my leg as she began to roll her hips. The pressure against my still sensitive clit was delicious. My fingers tightened on the sheets, and I moaned thickly.

I couldn’t look away from the sensual flex of her hips, hypnotized by the movement of her body. She moved with a grace and a certainty like that of a jungle cat, a certain regal pride that I found fascinating. I loved the way her stomach muscles tightened just before she pushed her hips forward. It gave me a heartbeat of anticipation of each thrust of her body. That expectation of the pleasure to come only made it more intense when it did.

Our cries soon filled my bedroom. We were alone in the house, so I didn’t have to hold it in. Not that I could have if I tried. Those wordless sounds of enjoyment only got louder as our pace became frantic. Our bodies strained toward release, coming together faster and faster as our excitement grew.

Finally, my excitement became too much for me, and I felt myself starting to come. I met her eyes, saw the same urgency in them. She was right there with me, her hips losing their grace. Once, twice, three times she thrust against me, our bodies grinding together deliciously. I lost it on the third, my body seizing up under her. Even as I shook with my orgasm, I felt her climax atop me, felt her trembling right along with me. It was a magical moment of shared bliss.

She smiled down at me, said, “You are looking a little flushed. I think you might be coming down with something.”

Frowning, I asked, “I am?”

“Definitely,” she said, leaning in to kiss me, “I’ll have to call the school and let them know you aren’t feeling well and won’t be coming in tomorrow.”

A slow smile spread on my face, and I asked, “Am I playing hooky again?”

She didn’t say anything, just favored me with a smile that took my breath away.

Dana set her pencil down, laughing when she saw how shaky her hand was. As it often did, writing stories like this got the juices flowing, and she was a horny mess. She glanced at her alarm clock, saw it was still early. Glancing at the door, Dana hesitated. She knew she should wait, but she wasn’t sure she could.

Running a hand across her mouth, she got to her feet. The adrenaline flowing through her body had her a little wobbly as she went to her door. Opening it, she poked her head out into the hallway. She could hear the TV playing downstairs. She thought she could risk it.

Closing the door, she went to her bed. Her hand slipped into the waistband of her shorts. The story had her so worked up that just the brush of her fingertips sent a shiver of pleasure through her body. Pulling the notebook close with her free hand, she read her story as she teased her bud with her fingers. She bit her lip, trying to keep quiet.

She didn’t even make it to the good part before she felt an orgasm gathering steam deep inside. Like a locomotive off the rails, she couldn’t stop it from slamming through her. Gritting her teeth, she shook with her climax, not making a sound as it had its way with her.

Slipping her hand from her shorts, she brushed her hair from her face and tried to catch her breath. Laughing, she glanced at the door, glad there hadn’t been any interruptions.

“Penny is going to love this,” she said out loud, picking up her notebook. She would type it up tonight, do a quick edit and send it to her. It would be a nice pre-Columbus Day treat for her stepmother.

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