As my alias hints, I’m a guy — but don’t hold that against me. Ever since I discovered that women can enjoy love and sexual pleasures with other women, lesbian erotica has been a passion of mine. And once I finally got online and discovered the wealth of Sapphic fiction that lurked within, I was compelled to add to the load and write stories of my own. These are them. I hope that my humble scratchings bring you some measure of happiness.

Allie’s Visit

When college student Sarah gets a long-awaited visit from her thirteen-year-old sister Allie and they end up sharing a bed, their relationship takes an unexpected but very thrilling twist.

An Afternoon’s Delight, 2 parts

A young mother and her little girl find themselves playing sex games together while sitting around the pool… but things get even wilder when Grandmother shows up.

…and I’ll show you mine, 3 parts

Sisters discover sexual intimacy together at a very early age and become lovers — then get caught in the act by their shocked mom, many years later.

A Daughter’s Seduction, 2 parts

A very interesting afternoon of sunbathing will forever change the lives of a mother and her daughter.

Bathing with Amy

A woman’s bath is interrupted in a very surprising and enjoyable way by her teenage daughter.

Becky and Mommy

Struggling with a dangerous desire for little girls — a craving that soon includes her own underage daughter — a mother is tempted in spite of herself when the child wants to be shown how to masturbate.

A Better Life

Single mom Brenda lives from paycheck to paycheck, fighting loneliness by taking home men from singles bars.  But one night, in a despairing mood, Brenda finds love in a place she never thought of looking – in her own home.

Being There For Mom

When Lucy gets a sexy casual girlfriend, she notices that her mother Karen seems uneasy about the relationship. How is she to know that Mom’s feelings are motivated by jealousy and that Karen wants her daughter all to herself?

Cheri Comes Home

On her first trip home from college, newly-bisexual Cheri sees her mom and younger sister in an intriguing new way.

Close-Ups: Images of Desire, 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

While taking pictures of a nine-year-old girl model in the presence of her lesbian mother, a female photographer steers the session in a very unexpected, quite thrilling direction.

Comforting Polly, 2 parts

When an eight-year-old girl gets spanked by her prudish mommy for masturbating, teen babysitter Beth knows a fantastic way to make the child feel better.

Coming Home to Mom

When Wendy gets home from her very first date, Mom has a lovely surprise in store for her.

Expecting, 2 parts

Carly is a lesbian clinician who works extensively with pregnant women. When mother-to-be Tammy and her teen daughter Mist come in for a consultation, the therapy gets especially intense… and pleasurable.

The Facts of Life

Eva wants to teach her thirteen-year-old daughter the basics about sex, but somehow the lesson becomes more about showing than telling.

Fireflies, 3 parts

Marcie, home on break from college, discovers a sexual heat in her mother that she never suspected was there… and finds herself wanting to explore that forbidden passion.

Go Fish

While idly playing cards on a hot day, Fay is given the opportunity to realize the confusing, exciting feelings she has for her fourteen-year-old daughter.

Grammy’s Place

When Darla, along with daughter Miranda, pays her mother Sarah an unexpected visit, they get a shocking surprise that will change their relationship forever.

Her Little Sister Hannah, 2 parts

Home after a painful breakup, teen lesbian Alice finds new love in a way she never expected — with her underage baby sister.

Her True Self Discovery, 2 parts.

Darlene, a lesbian single mother struggling with a hidden obsession with young girls, accepts a dinner invitation from her friend Chrissy, who has a preteen daughter of her own. This evening will change Darlene’s life in a big way.

The Hooker, 2 parts

Too many years of unsatisfactory sex in a boring marriage lead a woman to try something she never thought she’d try — and the results are far more than she bargained for.

Honeysuckle, 2 parts

Gladys, a recently divorced mother, meets a very intriguing high school girl at a pool party she’s throwing for her daughter Kellie’s cheer squad — an encounter that will change her life, as well as her relationship with Kellie.

In Pursuit of My Daughter, 3 parts

After years of forbidden desire for her daughter, Gina decides the time has finally come to make her fantasy real.

In the Changing Room

A pair of very daring lesbian sisters pursue sexy fun with two customers who visit their clothing store — an unsuspecting mother and daughter.

A Journey to My Sister

Home after a year in Europe, Allie is astonished at how beautifully her fourteen-year-old sister Carly has ripened… and what very un-sisterly ideas that gives her.

Keri, My Love, 2 parts

Ten-year-old Keri’s interest in watching Mommy breastfeed her infant sister will add a thrilling new direction to their relationship.

Kissing Practice, 2 parts

When 15-year-old Kelly is fearful about her first date, she asks her preteen sister Kris to help her prepare for the big night… and in the process, both girls will learn that some things are more important than boys.

The Latch Key Girl, 2 parts

Chloe finds herself smitten by the 12-year-old girl who lives next door… and will soon learn that the lovely preteen has some special longings of her own.

Learning French

When a popular older girl offers to help fourth-grader Cathy with her French, Cathy will learn more about the language of love than she ever could have imagined.

Love in the Sauna

Angelique and her 13-year-old daughter chat about sex while relaxing in the sauna, then get carried away.

Love is a Circle, 2 parts

A young lesbian’s journey to happiness, and what happened along the way.

Loving Lisa, 11 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

When her daughter brings a new friend home for a dip in the pool, Roxanne Johnson discovers just how desirable an eleven-year-old girl can be.

Lucky in Love, 6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

A mother finds herself ensnared in a wild, wonderful web of sex with her little girls.

Merry Christmas, Girls

It’s the best Christmas ever for Debra and her two teenage daughters.

Mom Comes Calling

A mother’s surprise visit to her daughter’s college dorm room leads to unanticipated and very kinky pleasures.

Mom Goes Wild, 3 parts

Lucy Gable is trying her best to be a virtuous, moral mother, but her oldest daughter has other ideas.

Mommy’s Little Exhibitionist

Little Julie loves to show her naked body off to other women — but her heart will always belong to Mommy.

Mommy’s New Girlfriend

When Clara’s lesbian lover is out of town, her little girl Cheryl has a very interesting plan to make Mommy’s weekend a special one.

Mommy’s Plaything

A young woman recalls a typical night of her childhood life as her mother’s submissive lover.

Mother’s Hidden Desire

Julia makes a life-changing decision after making a shocking discovery about her mother’s sexuality.

A Mother’s Obsession, 2 parts

While investigating the possibility of sex with a woman after the collapse of her marriage, Carrie is shocked when she discovers that the true embodiment of her lesbian desire dwells in her own home.

My Angel Ariel

Chandra meets an underage girl at a nude beach and, captured by unexpected desire, is helpless to resist the temptation to entice her into bed.

My Curious Daughter Brenda

Brenda is back from college, and confesses that she is sexually involved with another girl… and now, her mother can’t stop thinking about it.

My Aunt’s Kinky Game

Eighteen-year-old Teresa is visiting Linda, her aunt, and secret lover, for the first time in a year. Linda decides to spice up their time together by bringing another woman into their bed — the last woman in the world that Teresa would expect to find there!

My Daughter’s Hunger

A woman’s private moment is interrupted in a startling, but most delightful way by her teenage daughter.

My Dominant Sister

Returning home from a lousy party,  Mindy spies on her lesbian sister Susan, who is playing some very kinky games with her lover Paula.

My Hands, Mom’s Body

Freshman college student Kim has had lesbian desires for her mother Sophia for a long while. When Mom pays an impulsive visit, Kim gets an opportunity to make her fantasy happen.

My Lesbian Family

A brief memoir from the life of a married lesbian, and how she and her wife run into complications when her twelve-year-old daughter Sammy comes out as gay.

My Vacation with Cherry

Helping her daughter Cherry shave her pubes for the first time so she can wear a sexy new bikini, the girl’s mom gets carried away.

Nothin’ goin’ on but the rent

When dropping by to collect overdue rent from a young single mother, a lesbian landlord gets an unexpected surprise — a very exciting, very pleasurable surprise!

On a Rainy Night

A violent thunderstorm brings unexpected joy into the lives of a young lesbian and her adopted daughter.

Our Children, Our Lovers, 3 parts

After the accidental death of Fay’s sister, she and her lesbian lover Nicky find themselves the guardians of two beautiful young girls — a situation complicated by Nicky and Fay’s sexual desires.

Our Fashion Show

A single mother struggling with a craving for young girls gets carried away when she and her thirteen-year-old daughter model sexy underthings for each other.

Overcoming Mom’s Reluctance, 2 parts

Fifteen-year-old Marcie and her mom Sally each discover that the other prefers women to men, resulting in a risky game of flirtation between mother and daughter. Will it lead to something more?

Princess on Holiday,

While vacationing in Italy, Princess Sophia gets an opportunity to explore some very secret, very forbidden desires.

Quality Time

When Kyra has to put her mother and younger sister up for a few days, she wants to make their visit a special one… but they have a surprise waiting for her that guarantees the weekend will be especially thrilling.

Ripples, 37 chapters so far.

Two years after her divorce, single mother Jessica begins to explore love and sex once more. This will lead her into some very wild, very kinky territory, with her family and friends coming along for the ride.

Rowing Lesson

When her sister ends up serving a lengthy prison sentence, Marie finds herself taking care of her ten-year-old niece Melody, she is shocked to discover that her feelings for the child are becoming more like sexual attraction.

Sharing With Mom

When Jenny’s mom takes a lesbian lover, the relationship between mother and daughter changes in a very unexpected, very exciting way.

Shopping With Mom

A seemingly casual trip to the mall turns into much more for a woman and her teenage daughter.

Sister Lickin’ Good

Kim comes up with a novel way to improve the obnoxious attitude of her bratty little sister… a scheme that promises to make her own summer especially pleasurable.

Sister on the Rebound

When two lesbian sisters get dumped at more or less the same time, they choose an unorthodox way of relieving their sexual tension. But what will their mother have to say about it?

Sit in My Lap

On a taxi ride home after a night out drinking, a mother is startled when her daughter makes an unexpected move on her.

So Soft, So Sweet

A young mother comforts her little girl during a thunderstorm, then shows the child a special kind of love.

Spanking Mom

Sarah is utterly inconsolable after the death of her husband, blaming herself for the tragedy, but her daughter Julia has an unorthodox but very thrilling way to help Sarah get past her grief.

The Star Card

Mother and daughter play a dangerous, forbidden and very exciting game.

The Struggle With Desire, 2 parts

Kori, a girl of sixteen, suddenly realizes that she is attracted to her older sister Janice… then, she discovers similar feelings for her mother Sharon. How will she deal with these unexpected desires?

Susie’s Diary, 13 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

The story of a thirteen-year-old’s introduction to lesbian love in the mid-Sixties, told in her own words.


My daughter Taffy is nine, soon to be ten, and I adore her more than words can say.

Tempting Her Mommy

Evelyn, a secretly gay single mother, begins to see her thirteen-year-old daughter Cyndi in an unsettling new way. She struggles to resist, but young Cyndi is having fantasies of her own about girl/girl sex…

Tucked In

Helen says goodnight to her twelve-year-old niece Julia in a very special, very intimate way.

The Two Ends of the Leash

When Kris extends a helping hand to her broke sister Megan, the offer comes with a very personal price attached.

Wanting Amber

Cari is guilt-ridden over a newly-discovered lustful desire that she feels for little girls. What will happen when Cari’s ten-year-old sister offers her the chance to explore these feelings?

Wanting a Girl, 2 parts

Although Lesley can’t help having certain dangerous longings, she’s sure she’ll never do anything to make them real — not until the moment is seized by a very impatient, very lusty young girl.

Welcome Home, Sweetheart

Susie’s mom is eager to share a new and very lovely experience with her twelve-year-old daughter when the girl gets home from school.

Where the Heart Is

When I’m feeling down, my mother has a special way of making me feel loved — and wanted.


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  1. toni says:

    my mum would let me watch her dress after her bath….one thing led to another and I was feeling her breasts and pussy…..finally we had full sex….wonderful…continued for many happy years

  2. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    Hi, JB, I’d like to try writing in the same genre as you do.
    Is there any way we can have a private conversation?

    • Sybil Sybarite says:

      i have been out of commission for a long time I got hacked and lost so very much of my stores, pics and contacts I cannot the storyboard site at all can you help
      love Sybil

  3. JetBoy says:

    Poppabear: Write me via the same address you’d use to submit a story… or use the email address I have with my stories at Leslita. As an administrator of this site, I’m a bit more hesitant about leaving my personal contact info here.

  4. Poppabear or PoppaClyde2 says:

    I completely understand, and the advice you have given is just what I was looking for, and, I should have thought of looking there first.

  5. Polaris55 says:

    Has there ever been any thought of including an underage boy, along with a sister and mother?

  6. admatt says:

    These are all great stories. I enjoyed reading them. When will the next one appear?

  7. JetBoy says:

    Thanks, Admatt. I’m always working on new stories, but please don’t compare my writing pace with Naughty Mommy’s… sometimes I suspect that she never sleeps!

  8. admatt says:

    I wasn’t complaining, just hoping another fabulous story will appear soon. Regards.

  9. Letoria says:

    Hi My Frriend — my Chapter 16 is up. I see, for a computer-phobe, you’re keeping pretty busy 🙂

    • Michael says:

      Got through 1-16 last night for the second time, then went on to 17 for the 1st time and wow…
      Am a male and I cried, 17 was, well I don’t have words…

  10. Kristen Bell says:

    I once read a story of mom and daughter incest where the mom being kinkier introduces her daughter to the world of golden shower. After discussing it with her lesbian partner. It goes something like this: she accidentally makes it happen and pees while making love. Her daughter likes it and they explore further. I’ve forgotten the name of story. Does anyone know which one was that??

  11. Drod says:

    Where’s Kissing Practise?

  12. Lynn ann says:

    Happy birthday sweetheart from all your friends

  13. Maddie says:


    I think you know I respect and enjoy your work. But I also know sometimes you don’t get enough acknowledgement for your skill in the genre. You know that one of my all time favorites is not yours, though you’re working on a re-write, but you should also know that “Mom Comes Calling” is also one of my “all-time” favorites too. Though I have to confess I’d love to find out more about what happens next.


  14. JetBoy says:

    Much gratitude for the kind words, Maddie. <3

  15. kacey says:

    Two questions for you JB. 1) any chance/plans to import nuit du loup’s ‘Uncertain Magic’ from LL in it’s entirety? And 2) how’s your follow-up on ‘My niece Janelle’ coming along? Thanks in advance, from this avid reader 🙂

    • catman2k says:

      I don’t suppose anyone knows if Nuit du Loup is still writing and posting somewhere else?? Under a different name even, I have done some searches but can’t find anything that looks like his writing. If I remember correctly it is HE not SHE.

    • JetBoy says:

      Two answers for you, Kacey. (And thanks, by the way, for being an “avid reader”!)

      1) Superb writer though he is, I haven’t posted many of Nuit du Loop’s stories here — not because they lack merit (far from it!) but because, in the end, I don’t consider them to be erotica, but fantasy with occasional lesbian content. It’s quality stuff that doesn’t really fit our blueprint. Others may disagree. Thoughts, readers?

      2) Right now, I’m focused on another of my as-yet-incomplete stories, “Susie’s Diary,” after dropping the thread of it over a year ago. I do want very much to finish “Janelle” (and, Goddess willing, intend to do so), but there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to write as much I’d like.

      • kacey says:

        Thanks for answers JB. Have to admit you’re right on nuit du loup, damn good writer tho’!! An’ no dramas about your other commitments; just wanna know what janelle, sara and their lovers got up to!! 😀

  16. jenn says:

    Nice stories!
    I wish there was more from daughters perspective

  17. Jw Smith says:

    Hi, love your ‘Mom goes wild’ story, 1st came across it in Motherless, was under different name, so when i found it on lesbian Lolita’s with you as author and correct title i was so excited as i was hoping that was just the first part of a much longer story, so disappointed that is all there is, seriously, you can’t leave it like that,WTF happens next? Why did Poppy let her little sis be used by mothers neighbors, there’s so much more you can do with this story.But can say that about a few of your and others stories, for example j.e ashbourne’s story movie mom. Fuck need so much more of that 1, far to short. But then again there’s the problem of so called books like Family Play by ????? Pass it’s in great at start, middle wife revealed her fucked up history, husband tells her he would do anything for her but couldn’t take it if she ever cheated, wife says she would never do that as she knows it would destroy him and their marriage, then next fucking chapter she goes and fucks 3 or 4 strangers at a porn shop???? And you’re meant to accept he forgives her in a second? That lost it for me. Anyway sorry, this bout you Jetboy not other wankers who ruin good stories. But please do more with mom goes wild. Thanks, sorry to rant lol. Considering what i read and porn watching, surprised I’ve such a hatred for cheating. And no. Never had it happen to me. That i know of. Lol. Thanks keep up good work

  18. Mark says:

    There’s a story on here somewhere that I read about a mom going to watch her daughter play softball and takes a notice to one of her daughter teammates and then her daughter brings that girl home and that girl seduces the mom, not sure who wrote it or what the name of it is, but I would like to read it again, anyone no the name of it?

  19. karl k says:

    Jetboy, I’m a huge fan! You used to have a story called “a helping hand”? Or something like that on this site?

    Do you know what happened to it?

  20. JetBoy says:

    Karl, I suspect that you are referring to this little gem from my library. I didn’t actually write it (and don’t know where the original story resides), but did spruce it up somewhat. Enjoy.

  21. Tango Delta says:

    JB, if you still need a proofreader I can help. How would we proceed? Thx, TD

  22. Mad says:

    Every reader who stops by owes JetBoy a thanks. First for the well-written stories he’s crafted throughout the year. His talent in this genre stands out. Second, for being the beating heart of this site, with out JB’s efforts, JuicySecrets would be nothing but an internet ghost.



    • Amanda Lynn says:

      I’ll second that. Without JB’s talented efforts there would be nothing to post.

      • JetBoy says:

        Thanks for the thanks… now, might I ask you all to give up a MAJOR shout-out for my site partner Amanda Lynn? She’s the beating heart of Juicy Secrets, and without her pulling the levers and flicking the switches behind the scenes, this site would be an empty void. Respect.

        • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

          I, for one, second what JetBoy says:

          R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the amazing Amanda Lynn!


          • kim says:

            Count in our great thanks and respect to JetBoy and Amanda Lynn. Couldn’t agree more with what Maddie and JetBoy said.

            Kim & Sue

    • Sapphmore says:

      Let’s not forget, it’s not just Jetboy’s own tales that help make this site the best in class, but the guidance and editing skills he and indeed other editors over the years have given to aspiring authors whose works would not be here but for their encouragement and generous and freely provided expertise. Speaking as just one recipient of that largesse, hearing you have something worth posting is a fantastic boost to continue and actually does make you a better wtiter.
      I spent weeks, if not months, drafting out my plan for Ripples, jotting down the storyline, almost chapter by chapter, although I didn’t at that time envisage having so many chapters in me. Oh I was under no illusion the raw first submission was worthy of posting as it was, but being told I had something, then accepting and hopefully taking on the all of the suggestions for improving, even some basic grammar shortcomings for dialogue I’d not really had to think about since school, spurred me on as mentioned in the prologue of chapter one.
      I’ll be forever grateful that Jetboy unleashed the creative streak I didn’t know I had and that it enabled me to be part of this special community.

      • Purple Les says:

        Yes, first again thanks to Amanda Lynn, whose writing skills I also enjoy very much. And am so thankful for her daily work on this very special site.

        I feel the same as Sapphmore. I must add that my first efforts were very shaky, but poor Cheryl Taggert had to deal with that mess as my first editor, and then Poppa Bear.

        I thank Cheryl and Poppa Bear, JetBoy. I bless them all for helping me. I thank all the writers and readers.

        And thanks to Cheryl once more for seeing something in my writing. And thanks to JetBoy once more for keeping me going.

      • Sapphmore says:

        “does make you a better wtiter”

        perhaps I spoke too soon!!

        • Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

          Ah, the ol’ brain to fingers connection will getcha every time, thus the plethora of electronic typing aids out there!…fear not Sapphmore, it only gets worse with age. 🙂


  23. John says:

    Jet boy, you find wonderful pictures, how do you do it.

    A while back I was reading a story on Juciy Secrets, it had a number of pictures, I lost the story. Could you help me find it again.

    • JetBoy says:

      Well… if it was a story of mine, the only ones I can think of that have more than one image are “Susie’s Diary,” (only one per chapter, all of the same girl), or “Mom Goes Wild,” which has a photo for each of the story’s five characters.

      Way back when, I got a hell of a lot of my visuals from Naughty Mommy, who was the absolute champ at finding what you needed. These days, I mostly use Google Images.

  24. Dear Jetboy,

    First: thank you for your wonderful stories
    Second: Does ‘The World of Letorai’ know the site is down? (at least in France)

    bets regards

  25. James says:


    I’ve been reading the stories here for many years now, and like others, made the switch from Lesbian Lolita. I enjoyed the stories there before the switch and was wondering if Jen E. Lee still was writing. I’d seen that she and you had a professional relationship and after spending a few days re-reading her work, I was wondering if she was still active.


  26. Quinn says:

    Hi Jetboy,

    Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask, but there is an old Sisters in Love story I was hoping you had in your archives. I think it was called “That’s Not Funny” and it was about two twins who get together. The title comes from an exchange they have with Tegan and Sara at a concert or something. The protagonists say something about being REALLY close twins, Tegan and/or Sara say respond with “that’s not funny”, then the protagonists make out in front of them.

    I started watching the lovely new miniseries about T & S growing up (called High School) and naturally thought of this lovely story.

    Also, maybe an “Old Story Request” topic or sth in the readers’ forum? I know we’re supposed to e-mail ’em, just thought I’d try to sneak it in here. 🙂

    Thanks and well wishes.

  27. Lakeisha says:

    Dear JetBoy,

    Have you read the following titles by Nuit de Loup?

    “The Singer,” “My Familiar,” “Twin Trouble,” “Unexpected,” “Dangerous Philanthropy,” “Four Friends,” “What A Witch,” “The Girl From The Party,” “A Different Girlfriend,” “Poisoned Kisses,” “Watching Eyes,” “Wings,” “Uncertain Magic,” “Royal Heart,” “Garden Thorn,” “Desert Queen.”

    They are quite good! I’ve enjoyed reading all of the titles listed above over the past month and a half.

    I really think they would be a big hit for the JuicySecrets Nuit de Loup fans if you can get Nuit de Loup’s consent to post them here:)

    Kind Regards,


  28. Daddy4ageplay says:

    You could teach your never been here before sons as well

  29. Z says:

    Hi, Jetboy!

    Love your stories and love this site!
    Are you still in touch with Androgyne, or has she disappeared?
    Been trying to figure out if she’s still writing, and where to find her new stuff if she is.


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