Her True Self Discovered, Part One

  • Posted on April 23, 2021 at 2:52 pm

Note from JetBoy: BabyKeiko is a long-distance friend of mine from way back. We quickly bonded over our similar taste in lesbian erotica, and I would occasionally add the proofreader’s touch to her own stories. She gifted me with a brief story more than ten years ago, then challenged me to expand it into a novelette. That tale — “Close-Ups: Images of Desire” — is one I’m especially proud of after all these years. 

Months ago, Keiko sent me the original version of the story you are about to read. As always, she gave me carte blanche to rework and expand the text as I saw fit. She was pleased with the outcome and insisted that I post the final result as a joint effort. Let me stress, though, that the actual story and plot are hers. 

Thank you, Keiko, for trusting me with your words and ideas. Working with you is always a pleasure, not least because of your sweet, gentle nature. You are a rare blossom in the garden of humanity.

Love always, JetBoy


By BabyKeiko and  JetBoy

From an early age, I’ve always been a little insecure about my body. I’m twenty-nine now, and all my life I have been somewhat on the chubby side. Not obese or fat, mind you — just carrying “a little extra.”

I’ve always been a bit nerdy for a girl, too. I’ve worn glasses since I was six, and even then I loved books and learning much more than dolls or cute clothes.

I studied to become a teacher, and at university met a man who was twenty-three years older than I was. He was a divorced professor and seemed like a knight in shining armor. I was swept off my feet, thrilled to have found someone who made me feel less insecure, who seemed to be genuinely interested in gray, frumpy, uninteresting me.

Of course, it was a mistake to have married him. The age difference alone should have given me cause for concern. Add to that my own insecurities, and my lack of feelings for men in general, and you had a recipe for disaster. Up until then, I’d thought of myself as bisexual, but it took one failed marriage to convince me that I had no desire for men at all.

After five years of disconnects and confused feelings, my husband asked for a divorce. I was glad to be free, but the split also forced me to confront myself with, well… me.

Luckily, I did get two good things out of my marital debacle. First of all, the man I’d never really loved had left me with a daughter, two-year-old Elizabeth. Ellie, as she was known to everyone, was a wonderful child who I adored with all my heart.

Ellie caused strong emotions in me, feelings I hardly understood. Frankly, I didn’t want to understand them, sensing it was better that way. The very sight of her made me feel warm and happy inside; that was enough.

The second good thing was a new friend I’d made named Chrissy, who taught at the same school that I did. We’d already known one another well enough to exchange hellos between classes, but ended up bonding in a big way after my divorce. She gave me advice, support, and a shoulder to cry on when I needed it most when I felt all alone and challenged by life. Like me, she was a single mother, having adopted an Asian girl who was on the verge of entering her teen years.

One day, over a work lunch, Chrissy asked me if I would like to come to her home that Friday night for dinner. It was the kindest gesture, and I said yes before giving it much thought. I’d always felt awkward in social situations, and normally would have probably found a million reasons to refuse such an invitation, but this time I’d impulsively agreed, so Friday evening it was.

“If you can’t get a sitter, just bring Ellie with you. When she winds down, we can put her down in the guest bedroom until you go home,” Chrissy offered. With that, the last barrier standing in the way of my visit was removed.

That Friday I left work a little earlier than usual, picked up Ellie on the way from the nursery, and then, once I got home, fretted endlessly about what to wear. Suddenly I felt all confused, wondering why it mattered what I wore that evening. Was I dressing up for Chrissy? Why would I do that? Was this a date?

No, it surely wasn’t, I finally decided. Chrissy was just a friend and co-worker who had taken pity on me. Still, I wanted to make an effort, to be more than my dreary everyday self… so I took my nicest dress, a little black number that I’d purchased because my then-husband all but came in his pants in the store when I tried it on. That night, when I modeled it for him, was one of the few times he made me feel truly wanted. It was also the night that Ellie was conceived, so in a way, I considered it my lucky dress.

Once I’d put it on, standing before the mirror, it struck me that I had added a few pounds since last wearing that dress. Mind you, it didn’t look terrible — just a bit snug, outlining and encasing my womanly softness and putting the contours of my body on display. I almost took it off and changed into one of my everyday outfits, but a glance at the clock told me that I had to leave.

Gathering Ellie up, I carried her and my things out to the car, strapped her in, and we were off. Like always, Ellie was thrilled to be going for a ride. She was nearly always excited and filled with glee when it came to just about any activity… it was just one of the things I adored about her.

We reached Chrissy’s home, and after parking, hoisting Ellie on my arm and grabbing her bag, my purse and the bottle of wine I’d brought along, I walked up to the door looking like a pack donkey, only to find it opening before I got there.

“Oh, my goodness!” Chrissy exclaimed, standing in the door frame. “Here, let me help you with some of that.” She took my bags with one hand, then deftly plucked the bottle of wine from beneath my arm with the other.

I paused to take a good look at her. Like me, Chrissy had changed into something very different from what she usually wore on the job. She wore a pretty summer dress with buttons going from top to bottom, which accentuated her womanly shape quite nicely. I gave an inner sigh of relief when I saw that she’d done herself up, too, flattered that she’d gone to the trouble for me. Maybe this actually is a date, I told myself.

Quickly banishing that thought, I followed Chrissy inside. She closed the door, then stretched out her arms, oohing and aahing over Ellie while I glanced around the room, taking it all in.

Chrissy’s home was warm and welcoming, a loving, happy place that made me feel relaxed right away. In the hallway, a small section of the wall was devoted to family pictures, mostly of Chrissy and her daughter Mayumi, who I had yet to meet.

As we were chatting in the hall, Ellie on my arm, I heard a soft, “Oh, hello,” then turned around to see the cutest, loveliest, most adorable Asian girl at the foot of the stairs, smiling at me.

I had seen photos of Mayumi before, just as Chrissy had seen snaps of little Ellie, when we were getting to know one another during lunch and coffee breaks in between classes. I’d always loved the sight of Mayumi,  wondering if she was this pretty in person. Thinking about her left me light-headed, made me long for…

No, no, no… NO. You can’t have those kinds of thoughts. Not about Chrissy’s daughter. That’s what I told myself. Usually, that kind of thing worked. Now I was confronted by Mayumi in person for the first time, and her loveliness had me stammering like a schoolgirl with a hopeless crush.

Somehow, I managed to make it through the introduction, briefly take Mayumi’s silky soft hand in mine, and indulge in some casual chat with her without melting into a puddle.

Chrissy uncorked the wine and poured some for the two of us. Once I’d emptied my glass, I did manage to relax a bit. It helped that Chrissy and Mayumi seemed so naturally close, so happy and connected… just the kind of relationship I hoped to have with my little girl when she got older. I soon lost myself in this warm cocoon of love and affection.

Eventually, we went into the dining room and enjoyed a lovely meal. Chrissy demonstrated that she still possessed her maternal instincts, insisting on feeding my little Ellie from the pasta dish she had prepared… and it delighted me to see how quickly my little girl bonded with her new grownup friend. Ellie’s face became a painting in tomato sauce, and that was when Mayumi demonstrated that she was as skilled with children as her mom, wiping my giggling daughter’s face clean with a linen napkin.

It was close to eight when dinner was done. By then, I felt perfectly at home, though still feeling twinges of that old, familiar longing whenever I looked at Mayumi.

Chrissy rose from the table and began to gather our empty plates. “Why don’t you take Ellie to the guest bedroom, Charlene? Then we can have our dessert,” she said, then turned to her daughter. “Mayumi, go with her, will you? Make sure our guest has everything she needs.”

Chrissy’s daughter led me through the house and to the spare bedroom, which was a lovely quiet space. I knew that Ellie would rest peacefully there. The bed had even been prepared for my baby girl, using rolled up bed covers beneath the blanket to create a sort of cocoon effect. So there was no need to worry that Ellie might accidentally roll out and fall to the floor.

“Wait, let me change her first before I put her down,” I said, rummaging around in Ellie’s bag. She was in the early process of her potty training, but wasn’t anywhere near ready to go without her diaper just yet.

Mayumi stood next to me, watching with evident interest as I undressed little Ellie, leaving her in a onesie with cartoon sheep on the front. It had snaps between her little legs, giving me easy access for when I changed her.  I undid it, then lifted her up to unfasten the sides of the diaper. Noting that it was only wet, I moved it to the side. Then with one hand, easy enough for me after months of practice, I whisked a fresh diaper under her bottom.

I suddenly realized that Mayumi was staring in awe at my half-naked child — and felt a shiver of recognition as I saw and recognized the longing in her eyes. Hadn’t I been looking at this young girl in the same way?

“She’s so lovely,” Mayumi said as she stood next to me, so close that I could feel the warmth of her body.

My heart pounded in a frantic rhythm at the sight of this beautiful young girl, her head just reaching my shoulders, utterly enthralled as she gazed at my baby Ellie, who was bare from the waist down, her two little legs in my hands, her flawless bum hovering over the clean diaper.

I should’ve been fastening that diaper, but something in Mayumi’s expression made me pause, allowing my child to remain on display for Chrissy’s daughter, this enchanting preteen pixie. I already knew that I desired Mayumi… now, I was in love with her.

“So pretty,” Mayumi whispered.

My mother’s heart filled with pride, but there was something else about this young girl’s fascination that surprised me. Mayumi was staring in awe at Ellie, awed by her beauty… but rather than looking at my baby’s face, her eyes were riveted to the two-year-old’s bare slit. Her hands seemed restless, as if she was imagining herself slowly reaching out to touch between Ellie’s legs.

I was supposed to be diapering my baby girl. Instead, I hesitated, letting Mayumi look for as long as she wanted. I wanted to ask her, Do you enjoy the sight of my baby, of her bare body? I longed to wrap an arm around this young girl’s waist and whisper, See, my child, how utterly perfect she is… just like you are perfect, sweet Mayumi. I love showing my Ellie to you this way, letting you see all of her. 

Of course, I said none of those things. Instead, I murmured, “Thank you, Mayumi,” then proceeded to finish diapering little Ellie, finally snapping the snaps of her onesie back in place. Together, we snuggled Ellie into her make-shift cocoon, then I took out her book and read my child a fairy tale. All the while Mayumi sat next to me, contentedly listening to this story of little ducklings going for their first swim. She was sucking on her thumb, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

My head was swimming, and I positively throbbed with arousal — Mayumi seemed to have that effect on me. Everything about her was adorable: her hair, done up in pigtails… the innocence I read in her curious eyes… her lithe, coltish legs… the thumb in her mouth.

How old was she, my friend’s daughter? I’d never been told, and couldn’t decide for certain. To be honest, I liked not knowing, thinking of her as ageless, like a pixie or a water nymph. In the end, all that really mattered was the sight of her, and how she enchanted me.

I suddenly realized that Mayumi wasn’t wearing anything under her top. Since I’d read the story of the ducklings to Ellie many times before, it was easy for me to shift into autopilot mode, my eyes drifting every now and again from the book and my baby girl to Mayumi.

She was dressed in a simple white tank top and a red checkered skirt. White socks, no shoes, hair braided in two pigtails, each with a red ribbon. Mayumi’s chest was flat as a boy’s, only she had hard little points where her breasts would eventually be, their outline easy to perceive through the white fabric.

Why are Mayumi’s nipples so hard? I wondered, nearing the end of the little book. It wasn’t cold in the room. Is it because of Ellie, the up-close view she got of my baby’s cunny and bare bum when I changed her? Did the sight arouse her? Could she even be… attracted to me?


No, no, NO… These were exactly the feelings I dared not allow myself to have.

So similar to the feelings I had when I cradled little Ellie in my arms, the two of us naked and fresh from our bath, her mouth fastened to my swollen nipple…


This is wrong, so very wrong… you have to stop having these thoughts!

I finally said, “The End,” and closed the pretty picture book, my face warm and flushed.

Taking the thumb from her mouth, Mayumi studied my baby girl, then whispered, “She’s asleep.” I looked down at Ellie, and she was indeed dozing peacefully.

Extending her hand to me, Mayumi simply said, “Come.”

I put my hand in hers. It was warm, her thumb still wet from that flawless mouth. What would it be like to kiss that mouth? My head was spinning again, just from imagining it.

Mayumi led me back to the living room, which had been transformed to reflect a more intimate ambience. Soft music was playing, the lights had been turned down and candles lit. A glass of wine had been placed on the coffee table for me. Chrissy was seated and looking very relaxed on a white leather sectional, both legs tucked beneath her, taking an occasional sip from her own glass as she listened to the music.

She looked up at me as I entered the room. “Is everything okay?”

Before I could reply, Mayumi answered: “Yes, Mommy. Charlene changed Ellie into a nice clean diaper, then read a story to her until she fell asleep.”

Chrissy smiled. “That sounds like a lovely scene,” she said.

I seated myself in a roomy chair, also done in white leather, and took a generous swallow from my glass, then another.

Mayumi wandered over to where Chrissy sat. “Mommy…?” she asked in a yearning voice, standing before her mother, hands clasped together.

Chrissy looked up at Mayumi — her small, soft-featured, cute-as-a-button little girl. “Do you want dessert now, honey?” she asked.

Mayumi nodded, her pigtails bobbing. “Yes, please.”

“Come get it, then,” said Chrissy.

What happened next seemed to come straight out of one of my dreams, the kind that leaves me with a racing pulse and wet panties when I awaken.

Mayumi nestled herself into a comfy embrace, looking so small and vulnerable in her mother’s arms. Then Chrissy, smiling down at her child, began to unbutton the top of her summer dress.

My heart stopped beating — then it was pounding so loudly that I could hear it echoing in my head.

Underneath her dress Chrissy wore a blue silk bra, which she deftly unclasped in the front to reveal her full breasts, which were capped by visibly erect nipples. Cupping one of the creamy globes, she offered it to her little girl with an adoring smile, her free hand resting on the back of Mayumi’s head.

I felt myself tremble helplessly as little Mayumi latched onto Mommy’s breast and began to suckle. It was a moment of pure beauty, the most natural and loving act a mother can perform for her child. At the same time, it was the most erotic thing I”d ever seen.

No, not erotic. Just natural.

But of course it was erotic, because Mayumi wasn’t a baby any more — she was a young girl on the cusp of teenhood. And yet… there was something about the vision of this lovely child, cradled in Chrissy’s arms and nursing from her breast, that put me in mind of a baby.

It was a sight that nearly undid me. Oh, God, she’s so perfect, so sexy.

No, no, NOT sexy. It’s wrong to think that, so wrong!

Chrissy smiled at me, a dreamy cast to her eyes as Mayumi sucked at the tip of her breast… then I saw the other stiff, thick nipple, visibly erect and waiting for the touch of a loving mouth.

My panties were damp… I was more aroused than I’d ever been in my life.

But all the while, that still small voice in the back of my mind kept saying, No, no, NO. Telling me that I couldn’t possibly be having these feelings.

I was, though. No sense denying it, not anymore.

“You like?” asked Chrissy, looking at me while she gently stroked her child’s face.

Then I saw her hands move from little Mayumi’s face to the girl’s upper body, then lower, reaching for the hem of the thin tank top. Tugging it up a few inches, Chrissy revealed a bit of her daughter’s soft tummy, brushing the exposed skin with the tips of her fingers.

“She so loves to suck her mommy’s nipples,” said Chrissy. “I don’t have any milk to give her, haven’t for years, but my sweet child still comes to me for this. She always has… and I don’t ever want her to give it up.”

She pulled the hem of her daughter’s tank top a little higher, baring more of the girl’s skin. In my head, I was pleading with Chrissy to take it off completely, to give me a glimpse of her little girl’s barely-there breasts. Of course, there was no way I could ever say something like that out loud. All I could do was sit there — mesmerized, captivated, and very, very aroused.

No, please… NOT aroused. Please.

I fought with myself, still struggling with what I knew to be the truth — my hidden love for young girls, the hunger that has always gnawed at me, even before my marriage. Before finally admitting I was a lesbian.

And I’d never, ever wanted a little girl as fiercely as Mayumi. From the instant I saw her, it felt like fate had created this flawless nymph for me to love. Chrissy knew it, too, recognized my craving, and was playing me like a cheap fiddle.

Suddenly Mayumi parted her lips to release Mommy’s nipple, then sat up, gazing at me with dreamy eyes. My God, those eyes — they made me weak inside. Chrissy was gently pulling at the hem of her daughter’s top. Mayumi raised both her arms, allowing the garment to be stripped away, up and over her head.

My breath stopped. Mayumi’s upper body was bare, on display. She had a flawless, nearly flat chest with two prominent little buds. From where I sat, it was plain to see that those tan-hued nipples were erect. Was this half-naked child aroused, too? The thought made me shiver.

Chrissy guided Mayumi back to her breast, the other one now. I saw my friend touch her daughter’s shoulder, then her hand began to slowly drift down to Mayumi’s chest. The child didn’t seem to notice, just kept sucking Mommy’s nipple.

I silently urged Chrissy on. Yes, yes — please touch your little girl there, touch Mayumi where her breasts are only just beginning to show, make her feel loved.

My heart beat out a crazy tattoo when she did that very thing, her palm gliding back and forth over her child’s upper half, caressing her. Then Chrissy took Mayumi’s tiny nipple between her thumb and index finger, tweaked it, rolled it to and fro, then gave the tender bud a gentle tug.

For me, time had stopped, the world ceased its turning. All that existed was Chrissy, Mayumi and myself. I was a spectator to beauty, sensuality and motherly love and desire, all jumbled together in a vision of what heaven must be like. Oh, I knew that I shouldn’t feel this way, and that the right thing to do would be gather up my things, go fetch Ellie and excuse myself. I couldn’t, though. I didn’t want to leave.

Chrissy’s eyes met mine, and somehow I seemed to fall into them. “Come here,” she said… and with those two words, I was hers. By then, it seemed as if I’d belonged to this gorgeous woman from the day we met.

Somehow she’d known that I needed someone like her to guide me, to help me realize who I was and what I truly wanted in life. It wasn’t a husband and a suburban home, it was exactly this — to be here with Chrissy, Mayumi and Ellie…

Wait, what? With Ellie? How did she fit into what was happening here? The idea seemed strangely enticing… but also dangerous, taking my mind places I wasn’t ready for it to go. Instead, I focused on Mayumi, lost in the pleasure of her Mommy’s breast, and Chrissy, who had just invited me to approach them.

My heart beat frantically. Yes, I need to be part of this, to do as Chrissy asks.

Rising on quivering legs, I stood, taking a deep breath in a useless attempt to calm myself, then put one foot in front of another, walking over to join mother and daughter on the sectional. Chrissy made room for me to sit, and I did so, my leg touching hers.

I was so close to them both that I could smell the faint but enticing scent of their skin; could hear Mayumi’s faint suckling and soft whimpers of contentment, and see every detail of her flat chest, especially those hard little nipples. I could have reached out and caressed the creamy orb of Chrissy’s other breast — and oh, how I ached to do just that! I couldn’t summon up the nerve, though.

But then, I got something even lovelier. Chrissy took my hand and placed it on Mayumi’s bare skin, just beneath where the child’s breasts would be, if she had them. My heart pounded like a bass drum, echoing through every part of me.

“Touch her, Charlene,” Chrissy whispered. “Make her feel good. She wants you, ever since she saw you change little Ellie. It made Mayumi need this, to nurse from her mommy.”

I was struck speechless. Dozens of questions were buzzing around my head like bees, but I couldn’t voice a single one.

Chrissy just smiled. “My little girl and I share a very special kind of love, you see. She wants to give that love to you… and to Ellie.”

Before I could digest that revelation, Chrissy had steered my hand up Mayumi’s body, until the palm was resting against the little girl’s nipple. She continued to move it around, helping me feel her daughter up. I whimpered as the taut bud seemed to stiffen to my touch — and Mayumi gasped, briefly releasing the tip of Mommy’s breast, then sucking it between her lips again.

Chrissy took her hands away, leaving me in charge of her daughter’s upper half. I was touching Mayumi all over, stroking her arms, neck, back, shoulders… but still, I kept returning again and again to the girl’s chest, brushing those exquisite little nipples with my fingertips. The room wasn’t brightly lit, but I swore that I could see them swell and tighten with each caress.

“Look at this,” said Chrissy.

I glanced down to where she was pointing — at the red skirt her daughter was wearing, which had ridden about halfway up Mayumi’s thighs. Chrissy took hold of the hem, and my heart raced faster than ever as she gently pulled at it, exposing more and more of the child’s olive-hued legs. I held my breath, waiting for that first glimpse of Mayumi’s panties…

And then, with a final tug, she uncovered her little girl’s bare vulva. No underpants to conceal her treasure. There it was, a perfect child-like cunny.

Mayumi moaned as she was exposed to my hungry gaze. I read the excitement in the child’s eyes as Mommy put her on display, knowing this was what she wanted, for me to see all of her. I felt giddy, terrified, aroused beyond belief and on the verge of bursting into tears, all at once.

“Watch me love her,” whispered Chrissy — as if she thought I might actually look away!

Chrissy slipped a hand between the parted thighs of her daughter, lovingly cupping the child’s smooth slit. Mayumi hummed her approval, still suckling from Mommy’s breast. I watched in mixed disbelief and awe as Chrissy extended her index and middle finger to trail them up and down through Mayumi’s sex, tenderly masturbating her little girl.

“She loves this,” Chrissy whispered. “The first time I touched her this way, she was very little… as little as Ellie. Even then, I could see how happy it made her.” She was playing her daughter like a virtuoso, fingers dancing over the child’s vaginal cleft, occasionally pausing to brush the tiny clitoris.

Chrissy smiled down at Mayumi. “My precious little one, my own baby girl. Such a soft, sweet cunny she has… so ready for Mommy to give her the special love she needs…”

I saw Chrissy’s fingers grow moist as she pleasured Mayumi, heard the faint liquid sounds of sex between the child’s legs. I toyed with her hard nipples — teasing them, lightly pinching them, rolling them between my fingers. Tiny shivers raced through her body, growing stronger, and I knew she was about to come.

Just as that thought crossed my mind, Mayumi threw her head back — eyes wide, a soft cry leaving her lips. “Oh, Mommy, oh Mommy, yes!” she gasped. It was happening, this amazing, beautiful thing, and I was seeing it unfold!

I looked at Mayumi’s face, glowing with rapture, then glanced down at her pubis, still partly concealed by Chrissy’s hand, then looked up at her face again. I wanted to remember all of it, to carry the memory with me as long as I lived.

My concentration was broken by Chrissy, who touched my shoulder with her free hand. I turned to her.

“Kiss me,” she said.

I couldn’t even think of refusing… couldn’t say anything, really, All I could do was lean into her, my eyes drifting shut. Our lips met, our tongues engaged, and we kissed like lovers.

My world was stripped down to essentials: Chrissy’s mouth, her hand, where it was and what it was doing, my fingers, Mayumi’s nipples, and the sounds of ecstasy that sweet young nymph made as she came from our combined touches…

On to Part Two!


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