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NEW CHAPTER!  Strange Brew  by Rachael Yukey

NEW STORY!  Three Generations of Lovers  by Jan

NEW CHAPTER!  Captain Bren and the Royal Siren  by kinkychic & kinky’s_sis

NEW CHAPTER!  Learning Phase  by Nuit du Loup



Featured Story of the week:   A New Hope, by No One 

Emilia is a lesbian of sixteen who has yet to do more than kiss a girl. But when she babysits eleven-year-old Stella, Emilia is startled to learn that the adorable young girl is experienced in some very intriguing ways — and eager to share what she knows.

If you are offended by graphic descriptions of sexual activity, or if you are not of legal age to view this kind of material, please do not go any further. Otherwise, enjoy yourself!

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