Writing Advice

Ready to try your hand at creating erotica? Have some hot ideas for a story of your own? Good for you!

We urge you to go for it — and when you’re done, after you’ve carefully and thoroughly polished and proofread your story, submit it to us for possible publication.

Before starting, however, you may want to read through the following Juicy Secrets blog articles about the craft of writing, presented by several successful authors in our field:

“In the Beginning” – by Cheryl Taggert

Okay, I think I have an idea, but where do I start? How do I begin?

“Slippery Tips: Advice for the Would-Be Erotic Author” – by DirtyMindedMom

Do you really mean it when you say ANYONE can write dirty stories?

“Rules for Writing: Naughty or Nice” – by Amanda Lynn

What are the basic things I need to keep in mind?

“The Method to My Madness” – by Cheryl Taggert

What if my initial plan leads me somewhere I didn’t expect? What should I do?

“More of My Madness” – by Cheryl Taggert

Is it okay if some of my plot ideas have been used before by other authors?

“When It Goes Wrong” – by Naughty Mommy

Do successful authors ever throw things out and start all over?

“So You Want to Write Stories” – by Cheryl Taggert

I’ve completed a first draft of my story … am I done?

We plan to continue adding more articles to this section as time goes by. It’s all part of an effort to generate more and better writing in our special sub-genre of lesbian erotica, and to recruit as many new talented authors as possible to join us here. So, spend a little time reading the material above, then get busy composing your own stories!

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