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Our goal here at Juicy Secrets is not only to write and publish our own original stories, along with those of numerous other highly talented authors, but also to collect and preserve some of the very best edgy erotic lesbian fiction that the wider Net has to offer today — or has offered over the past couple of decades.

To that end, in July 2015 we established the Best of Leslita page, serving as an archive for our favorite stories from the invaluable Lesbian Lolita website. More recently, in June 2017, we created a new archive page for stories from Other Sites, including Nifty, Loli Sapphism, My Dirty Little Mind, and the now-defunct Sisters in Love. (You can read a blog article here explaining some of the history and how that new page came to be.)

We welcome input from our readers as to any additional stories they think should be part of our growing collection. Feel free to tell us what else you would like to see there. Of course, we can’t guarantee that all your suggestions will be met, but we certainly promise to do our best. And now, enjoy your reading!

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  1. CINDY says:

    I am having so much fun here! Keeping my panties wet!

  2. Savannah says:


  3. Savy says:

    I love this site

    • Savy says:

      Though, can anyone help me? I’m new and it won’t let me register….

      • Cheryl says:


        You don’t need to register. That’s for admins, etc., since we must sign in to access the tools to maintain the site. Just lie back and enjoy the stories. 😉


        Cheryl Taggert

  4. Kelly says:

    Wow I love these stories, keep me so wet.

  5. Tom M says:

    Great site. Keep the stories coming.

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