Twin Time

  • Posted on June 30, 2024 at 3:44 pm

by Mystery Mouse

Melody lay in bed, staring into the nighttime darkness of the bedroom she shared with her sister Aria, and counted slowly under her breath.

“One… two… three… four… fi–”

A low rumble made her wince, stopping the count. Four and a half seconds. Well, the good news was that the storm didn’t seem to be getting any closer. The bad news was that it wasn’t going away, either. She would have to cope with the thunder and lightning awhile longer.

The dim orange digits on her bedside clock said 11:49. Nearly midnight. She should have been sound asleep, but the weather seemed determined to keep her awake.

Melody was eleven, too old to be scared of thunderstorms. Aria certainly wasn’t. She loved the sound and fury, and she always rushed to the window whenever a storm moved in, watching in awe while Melody would hide and cower. Sometimes it was hard to believe the girls were sisters, let alone identical twins.

And the small differences between Melody and Aria had become more pronounced since the school year started. Aria had gained a new set of friends, and under their influence, her interests had changed. While Melody continued to play with dolls and watch cartoons, Aria preferred to spend her time playing soccer and watching videos about pop stars on social media. The girls even sported different hairstyles these days. Melody had kept her hair long, tying her braids with pretty bows or ribbons. Aria wore a pixie-style bob.

There was more, but essentially, Melody felt she no longer really knew her sister anymore. They weren’t as close as they used to be. It seemed that Aria had drifted away somehow, which made Melody feel very sad and lonely.

A flash lit the room, followed a few seconds later by another loud rumble. Melody hugged her stuffie close and squeezed her eyes shut. Normally Captain Bunny was enough to calm her, but tonight his soft fur wasn’t as comforting as usual.

A second flash of lightning, hot on the heels of the previous one, was easily bright enough to be seen through Melody’s eyelids. As the accompanying peal of thunder shook the room, Melody realised it was hopeless. There was no way she’d be able to go to sleep on her own.

But whose bed to sleep in? She could go to her parents’ room, but that would only work if Daddy was asleep. Last time she asked to share their bed, she was told big girls didn’t do that sort of thing. Big girls, said Daddy, should be brave and sleep in their own beds. And anyway, he was probably still awake – her parents went to bed much later than she and her sister did.

Which left Aria. Melody could imagine the scorn in her twin’s voice if she asked to sleep with her. Aria would call her a baby, and Melody hated that. She didn’t see why Aria was determined to grow up so fast.

But she had no choice. Melody had to gather her courage if she wanted to get any sleep tonight.

Clutching Captain Bunny tightly in one hand, she got out from under her covers and scuttled across the room towards her sister’s bed. With the lightning dormant for now, the girls’ bedroom was pitch-black but for the pale glow of the nightlight out on the landing that shone through the gap between the door and the frame. This saved Melody from tripping on the books and clothing strewn across the floor, and she made the journey unscathed.

Anybody watching from outside would have found it a curious sight. Melody, along with her sister, had recently hit puberty. Although she wasn’t in need of a training bra yet, there was enough protruding from her chest that her pyjama top didn’t really fit properly anymore. The set was her favourite, soft and decorated with friendly cartoon ducks, so she wasn’t keen to get rid of it. Melody was clearly at that awkward stage – no longer really a child but not a young woman yet. And she had a body to match.

Of course, any outside observer wouldn’t have long to think about all this before being drowned by the rain.

“Aria?” Melody whispered, trying to keep her voice low enough that her parents wouldn’t hear.

There was no reply.

“Aria?” she tried again, a little louder.

The shadow in the bed stayed silent. In her nervous state, Melody could imagine all sorts of horrible fates that might have befallen her sister. She knew monsters weren’t real, but perhaps the monsters didn’t know that.


“What? I’m trying to sleep,” came the annoyed reply.

“Can I sleep with you?”

There was a short pause, just long enough for Melody to wonder if her sister had gone back to sleep, but then Aria replied.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

“There’s a storm.”


“So it’s really big and really loud and… and…”


“And it’s really scary.” Melody knew it sounded childish but she thought the truth might just win her sister over. “It woke me up. And your bed’s not under the window, so I thought maybe I could fall asleep here. I’m really tired.”

There was another pause. Melody found herself wishing she could see in the dark, like a kitty cat. Then she could read her sister’s expression.

“So that’s what you… Can’t you just ignore it? I’m sure you’ll sleep if you just try. I did.” There was an odd note to Aria’s voice. She sounded more annoyed than Melody would have expected.

“I did try!” Melody protested. “It’s too loud!”

A burst of pure, white light filled the room, followed swiftly by a roll of thunder so loud it was almost as if the storm itself was shouting in agreement.


“Can’t you sleep with Mummy and Daddy?”

“They’ll tell me off. You know what they’re like. Let me sleep with you? Please?”


“Pretty please, Ari?””

The girls’ mother had a phrase she would use whenever somebody was deep in thought. She would say that she could hear the cogs whirring in that person’s head. It never made any sense to Melody. People didn’t have cogs in their heads. Still, she could almost sense Aria thinking. Mentally she crossed her fingers. She really, really, didn’t want to have to try her parents.

Finally Aria sighed with resignation.

“Urgh. Fine, whatever,” she said. “Get in.”

There was just enough light for Melody to make out the outline of Aria’s covers, and she gratefully slid under them. Aria was lying on her left side, facing the wall, and Melody wriggled about until she was on her right side, facing away. She didn’t mind not looking at her sister. She could feel the warmth of Aria’s body, and she was happy enough with that.

It had been a long time since the twins had shared a bed. They used to do it a lot when they were younger, but as time passed and they got bigger, it happened less and less often. Melody looked at the silhouette of Captain Bunny on Aria’s bedside table, where she’d placed him to stand guard. It reminded her of the last time she slept in the same bed with her sister. There had been enough space for the two of them, Captain Bunny, and one of Aria’s stuffies. She hadn’t realised just how much she’d missed it.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Eh?” Aria sleepily replied.

“I know I’m a scaredy-cat and I know I’m too old to be hiding from thunderstorms,” Melody said.

Aria made a tutting noise with her tongue.

“You ain’t a scaredy-cat,” she said over her shoulder. “You just don’t like it, that’s all. Nothing wrong with that. ’Sides, you’re my sister. Twin time is every time, remember?”

Melody was stunned. “Twin time is every time,” was a silly little phrase the two of them had come up with years ago. Whenever one of them did something to help the other, those words would be said. It was like a motto, their way of saying it was them against the world. If Aria still thought that way, then maybe she wasn’t as tired of her sister as Melody had thought. Maybe Melody had misread things.

She rolled over and, under the covers, put her arm around Aria’s middle. She intended to snuggle in close to her sister, to spoon like they used to, but she was shocked by what she felt. Instead of the simple cotton of the pyjama top Aria had been wearing when she went to bed, Melody’s fingers felt nothing but warm skin. Surprised and embarrassed, she quickly whisked her hand down to Aria’s hip. It was meant to be nothing more than a gesture of sibling bond, a friendly way of saying “I appreciate you.” But Aria’s pyjama bottoms were missing, too, and Melody was shocked once again to find her hand atop more warm flesh.

“Gah! What are you doing?” Aria cried. “Your hands are freezing!”

“What am I doing? What are you doing?” Melody hissed back. “Why’d you take your pyjamas off?”

A flash of lightning illuminated Aria’s bare shoulder as she shrugged.

“I dunno,” she said. “I like it. It’s more comfier. You should try it.”

A quiet rumble of thunder added a dramatic accompaniment to Aria’s words. If Melody had been thinking about it, she would have realised the storm was finally starting to move away. But her mind was elsewhere. Feeling Aria’s naked tummy and hip had been a surprise, but an even bigger surprise was the strange sensation it set off in Melody’s brain. Aria’s skin felt unexpectedly smooth and soft.

“But why?”

Aria made a small, amused, snorting noise, then rolled over to face her sister. Melody was acutely aware of Aria’s warm lower back passing beneath her palm. Melody should have taken her hand away the instant Aria started moving, but something kept it in place. Now her hand was resting on Aria’s other hip.

“It feels nice,” Aria murmured. “And it’s like I’m being naughty and nobody knows.”

“Well, now I know–”

“And you know what I really like to do sometimes?” It was too dark to see Aria’s expression, but her voice had a definite grin in it. “Sometimes I touch myself.”

After Aria’s declaration the room was once again doused in silence, broken only by the drumming of the rain on the window pane. The atmosphere felt charged, as though some great secret had just been divulged, though for the life of her, Melody couldn’t understand why.

“So what?” she said.

“Whattya mean, so what?” Aria replied. “Did you hear what I said? I touch myself!”

“I heard you. It’s just no big deal. I can do it too.”

Melody brought her hand up and tapped herself on the tip of the nose. Once she’d done it, it occurred to her that it was too dark for Aria to have seen anything. It also occurred to her that her hand returned to the same spot on her sister’s body a little too readily.

“You dummy,” Aria sighed, “I meant I touch myself down there.”

“What – like in the kitchen or something?”

“No! My kitty. That’s what I’m talking about!”

“Oh,” Melody said.

That made a bit more sense. Still a bit strange though. Why would Aria – and then the penny dropped.

“Oh!” Melody said.

She couldn’t believe what she just heard. Her first impulse was to protest that Aria was being dirty or she was doing something naughty. That’s what their parents had raised her to do, after all. But she didn’t want to get into an argument. This was the longest conversation she’d had with Aria in a long time. And, if she was being honest with herself, Melody was curious. She’d heard of people doing such things but had no idea why, or what it was like.

“So … when do you do that?” Melody had to admit it was a pretty lame question.

“Most nights,” Aria said. “You’re always asleep, so I guess you don’t hear me. But … I think of you when I do it.”

“Ew! Why?”

Aria’s response was slow in coming. For a moment Melody wondered if her sister would answer at all.

“Because,” Aria eventually answered, her whisper so quiet Melody could barely hear it, “I’m always thinking of you. You’re the cutest girl I know.”

There was no way Melody had heard correctly. No way Aria, a girl who all but ignored her, could have said such a thing.

“You’re such a liar,” she said.

“I swear to God, Mel,” Aria replied, her voice just as gentle as before. “Everything about you is super-cute. How could anybody not like you? You’re the most adorable girl ever!”

Melody felt an unexpected tear form in the corner of her eye. She was confused and shaken. How could Aria feel this way? They barely spent any time together! In her distress Melody decided to lash out. It was silly and immature, but she couldn’t help herself.

“It’s just because I look like you,” she hissed, regretting the words as she was saying them. “If you think I’m so cute that just means you think you are.”

For the second time in as many minutes Aria sighed. She shuffled forwards until her face was only an inch away, so close Melody could smell the faint minty aroma of her toothpaste.

“Mel,” said Aria softly, “I’m not good with words. You and Mummy do that stuff. I’m like Daddy – I do things. So let me show you what I mean.”

Melody had a split-second to wonder what Aria meant before her sister quickly closed the gap between them and kissed her.

As first kisses go, it could have been better. Melody was caught by surprise, and her sister’s aim was spoiled by the darkness, but she would always remember it as the most special kiss she’d ever had. Aria was gentle and tender, holding back her obvious hunger as she kissed her twin in the dark.

Once she got over the initial shock, Melody surrendered to the pleasure. She’d never imagined anything could feel so good. After a while she felt Aria’s lips delicately parting her own and a tongue entering her mouth. Without any hesitation or doubt she met it with her own and gladly French-kissed her sister as the storm continued to play outside.

Melody still had questions. Her sister’s actions were too confusing for the puzzled eleven-year-old to understand. But for now, she put those questions aside. She was kissing, and being kissed by, the one person she loved most in all the world.

At the back of her mind, as Aria’s exploration of her mouth became more intense and tenderness started to give way to desire, Melody became aware of a hand stroking her upper leg and the outer curve of her bottom. Her own hand was still lying on Aria’s hip, and she could feel the heat emanating from her sister’s skin. Aria wasn’t just warm anymore. She was running hot.

Aria broke off, leaving Melody feeling bereft. She didn’t care that kissing her sister was one of the things her parents would definitely put in the “naughty” category. She liked it too much. The word “incest” was not in her vocabulary, but she was definitely becoming a fan of the idea.

“Ari–” she began.

“Take your pj’s off,” her sister demanded.

Melody hesitated. This was all new to her, and although she was enjoying it, a small voice in her head protested that going any further would be going too far.

“Please?” Aria added.

The small voice was drowned out by a sudden rush of emotion. Aria was her sister and she loved her. Twin time was every time after all.

With some difficulty, which involved standing up and knocking Captain Bunny from his post on the bedside table, Melody wriggled out of her night clothes and quickly dived back into Aria’s bed.

Aria was right. There was something strangely exciting about being in bed with no clothes on. It was as though Melody’s skin had come alive, every square inch excitedly reporting back to her exactly what the material on her naked body felt like. She was acutely aware of the texture of the bedsheet underneath her bottom. She was also aware of an unaccustomed warmth developing between her thighs.

“I missed you,” Aria commented.

“I went as fast as I could,” protested Melody. “I had to rescue Captain –”

Aria cut her off with a sharp Tsk. “That’s not what I meant,” she said. “I mean I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you all year. I think about you all the time but I don’t get to be with you. It’s like you don’t want to hang out anymore.”

I don’t? What about you?”

“What about me?” Aria asked.

Melody didn’t know where to start. She’d spent so long thinking her sister was deliberately blanking her, she hadn’t even considered that Aria might be feeling the same way. How had the pair of them managed to drift so apart without intending to? And what could she possibly say to try to fix things? She was only eleven, far too young to have to deal with stuff like this. She just wanted her sister back.

“Nothing,” Melody said, feeling for Aria’s hand in the darkness and giving it a squeeze. “I always want to hang out with you. I’m always thinking about you too. You’re always with me – right here.”

And with that Melody placed her sister’s hand roughly where she thought her heart was. It was something she’d seen once in an old movie, and she’d always thought it was a sweet gesture. What she hadn’t thought about was that, in the movie, the person placing the girl’s hand on their chest was male. Melody was not male, and without thinking about it, she’d placed Aria’s hand directly on top of her naked breast.

A bolt of intense pleasure shot through Melody’s body, vivid and raw, directly from Aria’s palm brushing her nipple. The change was instant – both nipples stood to attention, hardening so much they almost hurt. Her pulse sped up, hammering in her ears, as the concerns about her relationship with her twin shot out of her head and any questions about Aria’s apparent attraction to her evaporated. Everything became focused on the feeling in her boobs. This was a pleasure unlike anything she’d ever experienced. And she wanted more.

“Oh wow, Mel,” Aria said, “that’s… I can’t believe you’re… “

Her voice trailed off as she rolled Melody’s erect nipple under her palm. Melody tried not to groan out loud as the new feelings flowed through her, though she was sure that her increasingly heavy panting was telling Aria exactly how she felt.

“Your boobies feel just like mine,” Aria said in a tone of wonder. “Guess that makes sense. Some of the girls at soccer have got really big ones, but I think ours are just right.”

Melody reached out, extending her fingers under the covers, until she made contact with her sister’s arm. From there she was able to find her way towards Aria’s chest. She thought about the warmth and softness of her sister’s skin, and what it was like to feel Aria’s nipple growing under her thumb.

“Uh,” she said, incapable of anything more coherent. Aria had started squeezing and rubbing. Not hard enough to hurt, but just enough to set off little fireworks inside Melody’s brain.

“You’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this.” purred Aria as she moved in to resume her kiss.

Melody didn’t think to reply. She simply gave in. She’d never been kissed before, not really, and she’d never imagined how it would feel. All she was really doing was pressing her lips against Aria’s, but even that made her whole body tingle. As she melted into her sister’s kisses, she felt closer to Aria than she had in a very long time. It was heaven.

And then she felt Aria’s leg move.

It was subtle, but there was no mistaking it. Aria’s leg, or more precisely, her knee, was gently pushing at her, slowly prising her own legs apart until there was enough of a gap for Aria to slide her thigh between them. Once that was accomplished, she delicately, but firmly, moved upwards. Higher and higher went her thigh, spreading Melody’s legs further apart, until it could go no higher. Because it pressed directly against Melody’s crotch.

Melody had thought having her nipple played with was insanely pleasurable, that it felt about as good as anything could feel. But she’d been wrong, so very wrong. The stream of sensation was like a gentle garden sprinkler compared to the fire hose of sensory overload that was now blasting through her brain. Every movement of her sister’s leg, every rub and every push, sent shocks of cold electricity straight through the most intimate, and most sensitive, part of her. It was almost too much to bear.

“You like that?” Aria whispered huskily.

Melody moaned in response. At this point, she didn’t care if her parents heard her, or if the whole street did. All she cared about was her sister and the things her sister was doing to her.

Aria laughed softly. “You’re making my leg all–”

Melody didn’t hear the rest. The feeling building inside her, a force so intense she could barely comprehend it, chose that moment to explode. This was no mere fire hose. This was a full-blown tsunami of ecstasy. Every atom of her being was swamped with wave after wave of pleasure, each more powerful than the last. Melody couldn’t move. She couldn’t think. The sensation was so raw and so powerful she could hardly breathe.

In the middle of the night, under the cover of darkness and in the arms of her sister, Melody experienced her very first orgasm.

Finally, gradually, the pleasure ebbed, and Melody breathed freely again, taking in great gulps of air.

“Feels good, don’t it?” asked Aria.

“Yeah… definitely. Is it always like that?”

“Not always,” replied Aria thoughtfully. “Sometimes it’s big. Sometimes it’s small. I guess it depends. I’m glad I got to give you your first, though. I mean, that was your first, right?”

“Yeah. But I like it! I definitely like it!”


“Wait,“ Melody said as a thought occurred to her. “Has anybody ever given you one?”

She realised she didn’t actually know what the thing they were talking about was called. She’d heard the occasional rumour about sex at school, the uninformed speculations about what people did to each other, but there was so much she didn’t know yet. Melody resolved to fix that as soon as possible.

“No. It’s like I said,” Aria replied in a slightly sad voice. “I’m only interested in you.”

That wasn’t quite how Melody remembered the conversation going, but it did remind her of something: she’d had that explosion of pleasure, but her sister hadn’t. And with that thought, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Now it was Melody’s turn to make demands.

“Get on your back. I want to try something.”

Aria rushed to obey, causing Melody to gasp as she felt her sister’s leg rubbing against her once again. When Aria was in position, Melody quickly ripped the covers off the bed. The twins were now completely exposed, with nothing between their naked bodies and the darkness that filled the room. But Melody wasn’t worried about monsters now. She gave no thought to the spooks that might be lurking in the shadows. All she cared about was pleasing her sister.

Melody moved to the foot of the bed and quickly arranged her body, and Aria’s legs, until she was face-to-face, so to speak, with Aria’s kitty. Up close, Melody could feel the heat radiating from her sister’s sex. Her nostrils filled with the novel scent of Aria’s desire. And she realised she had absolutely no idea what to do next.

It was so dark Melody couldn’t see much more than a thin vertical line in front of her. What was supposed to do to that line to give her sister even a fraction of the pleasure she’d received? Honestly, she didn’t know.

“Mel, don’t make me wait.”

Shrugging mentally, Melody decided to improvise. She moved forward and placed a dainty kiss on Aria’s mound, just to one side of that dark, aromatic line. From the sound of Aria’s gasp, it was a good thing to do. Melody dove in, kissing every part of Aria’s kitty she could reach.

Aria was extremely wet. It wasn’t pee, and it wasn’t sweat, but Melody thought it was delicious. It wasn’t long before she was licking everywhere as well. This only seemed to make Aria wetter, and that was more than fine with Melody.

Soon Melody settled into a good rhythm. Because she couldn’t see anything, she gauged her progress by Aria’s reactions. She learned very quickly what her sister seemed to enjoy and what she didn’t. It wasn’t long before Melody graduated from merely kissing Aria’s crotch to enthusiastically eating her out. She also found she could use her fingers to spread her sister open, exposing more sensitive flesh to her eagerly probing tongue.

This really made Aria squirm. Melody felt her sister’s hand on top of her head, pushing her face down as though silently begging for more. Melody was more than happy to oblige and found her tongue actually slipping inside her sister.

Aria howled at this, but it was muffled, and Melody realised she’d clamped a pillow over her face to absorb the sound. She was strangely proud of how Aria could think of practicalities at a time like this.

Melody moved her tongue to the small, stiff, sticky-out bit at the top of Aria’s kitty and, as Aria started to buck uncontrollably, slowly slid a finger as far inside her as it would go. Aria was very warm inside, very wet and very, very tight. Once her finger was in up to the highest knuckle, Melody started to slide it in and out. Not all the way, but enough to make Aria moan incoherently into her pillow. Then Melody renewed the oral assault on Aria’s swollen bump.

It didn’t take long. Between Melody’s finger and tongue, Aria didn’t stand a chance. She clutched Melody’s head, as though for dear life, as her own orgasm took hold. Her whole body shook, making it difficult for Melody to keep her tongue in place, but she did her best, determined to make her sister feel the very best she could.

At last Aria had to push Melody away with a shaky hand, explaining with an even shakier voice that she just couldn’t take anymore. Melody contented herself with licking her finger clean and taking pride in a job well done.

She’d made Aria happy, and that made her happy. She still had lots of questions about how the two of them had managed to end up in this mess in the first place. She had questions about her sister’s desire for her and when that had started. And she had a lot of questions about this whole sex thing.

But all those questions could wait. They weren’t important right now. What was important was that Melody had her sister back. Everything else could be dealt with another time.

Unable to keep the smile off her face, Melody made her way back up the bed. She was in the mood to kiss her sister some more.

Outside the twins’ bedroom the storm had all but blown itself out, leaving nothing but mild rain. That eventually came to a stop, too and the night was once again at peace. The moon shone over a tranquil world.

The creatures of the night went about their business. Foxes searched for scraps, calling out to each other through the pale light. Bats hunted for moths while below them, their eyes gleaming eerily, cats stalked their prey.

But, in the homes beneath the moon, the humans slept soundly in their beds.

Every human except one.

“Melody?” Aria whispered quietly.

There was no reply.

“Melody?” Aria tried again, a little louder.

The other side of the bed stayed silent. Aria heard a fox cry come from outside. She liked foxes, but she always found their yipping to be a little too spooky.

“Mel?!” A note of annoyance entered her voice.

“What? I was sleeping.”

Aria paused, then asked the question that had been keeping her awake. She’d wondered how to phrase it properly but it basically boiled down to, “Are we okay?”

It was Melody’s time to pause. Then she reached over and, for the second time that night, held Aria’s hand.

“We’re okay,” she said.

“Are we sure? I mean we–”

“Stop. We’re okay. Trust me.”


“Remember,” added Melody sleepily, “it’s twin time. And twin time is…?”

“Twin time is every time.”

“Exactly. And it always will be. I love you, you know.”

“I love you too. Okay. Goodnight, Melody.”

“Goodnight Aria. See you tomorrow.”


On Aria’s bedside table, amongst her books and magazines, sat a stuffed toy rabbit. Captain Bunny was very soft and very cuddly, but Melody no longer needed him to protect her from the monsters in the night. She had her sister again, and together they could face anything. But Captain Bunny kept a watchful eye on the pair of them anyway as they slept, holding hands and dreaming beautiful dreams. He remained at his post throughout the night without rest and without complaint.

Because that’s what good stuffies do.

The End


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  1. Michael V says:

    I must be having a lucky day… I once again get to post the first comment on a new story 😁!

    If I am correct, this is the first story on JS from this Author, it is the only one listed for Mighty Mouse in Guest Authors. I’m not sure if you are male or female, would it be okay to ask that?

    I really want to congratulate you on a very well done first story published on our site. In fact, it is so well told I wonder if you have any other stories on other sites that I could read. I also would venture that this surely is not the first story you have written. I encourage you to please submit any additional tales for our enjoyment.

    With respect to ‘Twin Time’ , I must confess it is one of my most stimulating types of erotica. This was perfect! So very naughty 😈 of Melody who went from a scared twin missing her sister Aria to an orgasmic bundle of hormones pleasing her twin. I hope you will write additional chapters to this story as I can imagine many fun adventures that await Melody and Aria as they continue to reconnect on the journey thru puberty.

    Thank you again Mighty Mouse for such a fine piece of lesbian erotica.

    Well done,
    Michael V.

  2. Kim & Sue says:

    though we love Mighty Mouse, this author is Mystery Mouse, who has stated in another post he is indeed Mr. Mystery Mouse.

    And as we thought very possible from your thoughtful comments on other stories you are indeed a very good writer.

    A beautiful one off story. Loved the build to know the twin sisters, and we felt the closeness and love between them. Their twin time chant or motto brought a tear to our eyes, honestly.

    The sex part was good too, but it would have been nothing without the warm build up getting to know the sisters. Excellent first story here. Thanks for writing it.

    • NC BRIGHT says:

      Thank you for a very enjoyable story. Great job.

    • Michael V. says:

      Dear Kim and Sue

      Well, that just proves ‘Mr. Mystery Mouse’ is such a fine writer than my brain was still distracted from the wonderful story when I wrote my comments 😂🤣!

      I sincerely appreciate the gentle correction and always enjoy both your comments given to the wonderful stories here on JS.

      Thanks again,
      Michael V.

  3. BlueJean says:

    Well, smother me in peanut butter and call me Debra! A story from our very own Mystery Mouse! (Mighty Mouse is the one with the big muscles, right?)

    It’s a good’un, too. Love all the humorous little details that bring this story to life, and the way the twins’ newfound sexuality brings them back together was adorable. Captain Bunny must also get a special mention for his stoic commitment to duty. I had a stuffie called Mr Ruffles in another story of mine that had some awful things happen to him. Sadly, he never got over the trauma.

    Very well written, and good wholesome fun for all the family.

    I was all geared up for the next chapter of our “Doris” to drop, but with stories this good, who’s complaining?

  4. kinkys_sis says:

    I have been away for a while (playing football), so I have some catching up to do.

    This was a nice ‘welcome home’. Excellent for a first go at writing. I guess we can look forward to more from Mystery Mouse. But ……. not before another of mine gets published – hint, hint!

  5. Captain Midnight says:

    This is so sweet! It is a wonderful, kind love story. I wonder if they will sleep together a lot, even if they don’t always have sex.

    I am surprised that Melody sure knows how to go down on Aria, and vice versa. Is it instinct?

    Maybe Mystery Mouse will favor us with other true-love stories.

    I hope the girls aren’t caught nude in Aria’s bed in the morning. I guess they would be terrified.

    My second girlfriend had lots of stuffed animals, and I was very fond of them.

  6. Mystery Mouse says:

    Right. It’s Monday morning. I’ve got a hot cup of coffee in my paw and I’m trying to psych myself up for a long week at work. Let’s see what’s on the ol’ Juicy Secrets today…


    It’s been published! It’s been sodding PUBLISHED!!

    Guess I don’t need my coffee now – my heart’s racing fast enough already!

    Words can’t describe how exciting it is to see my little story on such an esteemed website. I could hardly believe it was accepted in the first place. To see my own words in black and white above this is absolutely insane!

    My undying thanks go to Madam Jacqueline Jillinghoff for editing this. Taking my nonsensical ramblings and turning them into something coherent is a genuinely Herculean task and I am so grateful for her time and energy.

    And thanks to all of you lot as well! This proved to be a tricky story to put into words – I ended up rewriting the WHOLE thing twice before I was happy with the tone. I’m really pleased that the result has gone done well. Now I’d better get writing the next one!

    Michael V: This is my only story on this site so far but I am working on more. My plan is one of total global domination so you should, hopefully, be seeing my name popping up again!

    Kim & Sue: Thank you both for your kind words, they really mean a lot. And I’m sorry for almost making you cry… I’ll try harder next time!

    NC BRIGHT: Thank you for your thanks!

    BlueJean: I’ll bring the peanut butter if you bring the ferret. We’ll get around Jetboy one way or another…

    kinkys_sis: I’m very glad my little attempt at writing erotica served as a suitable welcome home. That’s very humbling indeed.

    Captain Midnight: I probably should have spent a bit longer on Melody and her cunnilingus curiosity. I was trying to keep the whole thing short, I have a tendency to write a thousand lines when one will do, so I didn’t go into it as much as I should have done. Ah well, lesson learned for next time. And my ex had a lot of stuffies – but she did NOT like it when I gave them voices. Hey, I may be old but I never said I was mature!

    Thanks again for everybody for commenting and for rating. I was dreading how this would be received and I’m pleasantly surprised. Here’s hoping you like the next one even more!

    • Kim & Sue says:

      We were pleased with ourselves for figuring out a ‘stuffy’ is a stuffed animal toy, and not some British slang word for an aroused body part, or sex act.

      • Mystery Mouse says:

        I am not fully conversant on all things to do with British slang, but I’m pretty sure nobody uses ‘stuffy’ for anything untoward.

        May I suggest that nobody Google ‘stuffy porn’, just to be safe? This is the internet, after all. Some things the human eye is just meant to see…

  7. Powertenor246 says:

    Very nicely done, Mystery Mouse! I had a stuffed monkey when I was a little one, and I never named him. But, he was very loyal to me nonetheless. He and I have lost contact a very long time ago, and I can only hope that he is standing guard over a different little one to this day. Because that’s what good stuffies do.


  8. Erocritique says:

    This wasn’t super ambitious, but it was fucking adorable. Melody and Captain Bunny stole the show, and the sexy bits were tastefully executed. I suppose we could have had a little more filler on the girls temporary estrangement, but the “crossed signals” explanation was fairly evident. An excellent first effort,so that’s what I gave it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Mystery Mouse says:

    Captain Bunny was a late addition to the story. But it seems they’re becoming the breakout star!

    If I do write a sequel, I’ll have to make sure to include him in it or there’ll be a riot.

    Maybe the girls enjoy each other’s company while watching ‘Captain Bunny – The Movie’? It does get awfully dark in those big multiplexes. Hmm…

    Thank you, Powertenor246 and Erocritique, for your kind words – my brain is all but singing with all the endorphins flowing through it!

  10. Lacy says:

    The deep love, the bonding, the passion, this was a beautiful read for me. The intimacy gets me more than anything. I look forward to reading more stories from you.

  11. lee says:

    Congrats on a great first story!

  12. Joe Dornish says:

    Congratulations on your first story!

    And it was a cracker too, I enjoyed it so much. I’m looking forward to reading your next story.

  13. Mystery Mouse says:

    Thank you, Lacy, Lee & Joe. More will be coming, definitely.

    I’ve gotten addicted to all this dopamine now – there’s no way I’m going to pass up the opportunity to get some more.

  14. theflash says:

    great story Mystery Mouse will there be a part 2

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      Well, I haven’t any definite plans. I’m not normally a big fan of sequels to taboo tales – the thrill of the first time is lost and there’s a danger of making just another erotic story.

      However… These two have somewhat stuck in my head. This is actually my third attempt to put them into a story, originally they were going to tease their mother while she was a video conference, so I’m sure they’ll turn up again in one way or another. I’m not saying no to the idea.

  15. both4me says:

    great read thanks!

  16. ian love says:

    A second part could start with the reveal that their mom was listening. She eventually has to get her twins in her bed.
    Part 3 is mom letting her girls in on the secret that she had sex with her twin sister, who gets a call!
    Part 4 could move to the school where the twins end up in a group thing with some of the older girls & teachers

  17. Dondo says:

    Thank you Mystery Mouse. A wonderful tale of twins, with just enough left unsaid to tweak my interest. I thoroughly enjoyed your story and I am looking forward to stories yet to come.

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