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A Girl Named Charlie, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   We meet Lisa, who one day will grow up to be a successful corporate executive, but who has some childhood secrets.
Chapter 2   While driving home one night, Lisa spots a young girl standing forlorn in the pouring rain and against her better judgment decides to pick her up.
Chapter 3   Lisa and the girl named Charlie, whom she rescued from the rain, spend a night together in bed and become very close.
Chapter 4   Now Lisa has a problem. She needs to find a proper home for Charlie, presumably with a relative, but she doesn’t really want to, because… she’s fallen in love.
Chapter 5   They’ve engaged a professional to begin the search for someone in Charlie’s family — but in the meantime Lisa and her young friend have some naughty fun at a Disney movie.
Chapter 6   The lawyer, Sheryl, brings back some information about Charlie’s legal status. She has both sad news and happy news for them.
Chapter 7   It’s an evening of grownup lesbian sex for Lisa and Sheryl. What they don’t know is that someone’s watching them who is not a grownup.
Chapter 8   A surprising revelation comes out, and then Charlie and Lisa play an arousing but troubling sex game.
Chapter 9   The story concludes with all parties coming together, and a very happy celebration.


Piper’s Mom, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   After working a double shift, Stephanie, a waitress and single mom, comes home to a sexy surprise.
Chapter 2   Confused by her feelings, Stephanie takes advantage of naughty opportunities.
Chapter 3   Piper and her cousin, Brooke enjoy a day of swimming, then dinner and a movie with aunt Neve. Things heat up when it is time to say good night.
Chapter 4   Stephanie looks at Piper’s online activity and is shocked. Amber drops by, and they have a serious discussion that reveals secrets and confessions.
Chapter 5   Brooke embarrasses Piper, and Neve thinks Brooke should apologize… in a most enjoyable way.
Chapter 6   Piper and Amber have fun in the bath, but they’re not alone. Someone is listening.
Chapter 7   Stephanie confronts Amber. Amber experiences new things… sexually.
Chapter 8   Piper and Amber have some fun in the park. Stephanie’s relationship with her daughter changes for the better.
Chapter 9   Amber, Piper, and Brooke share secrets and have fun online. Later on, Piper and Amber give a special welcome home to Stephanie.
Chapter 10   The girls take a trip to the cottage and enjoy the delights of a small secluded island in the middle of the lake.
Chapter 11   Stephanie reveals the truth about Piper’s father. A childhood romance is rekindled. Other truths come to light.
Chapter 12   The next morning Amber and Neve are alone in the kitchen and a lot more than just breakfast heats up. Plus, Stephanie reveals a secret to Amber in hopes of a late-night rendezvous.
Chapter 13   Stephanie fools around with Neve as she waits for Amber to arrive. Their fun is soon interrupted, and the air is finally cleared.
Chapter 14   Neve asks Stephanie a very important question and gifts her something she loves.


Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, by Amanda Lynn

Chapter 1   Trish arrives at her dad’s home and finds herself experiencing new and strange sensations when she is near her step-sister Monica.
Chapter 2   Monica welcomes Trish to the world of sex as her education begins.
Chapter 3   Monica meets a friend at the pool. They, along with Trish, find that swimming is not the only fun activity a pool can offer.
Chapter 4   Monica makes arrangements and Trish is both nervous and excited.
Chapter 5   A chance encounter in the bathroom has Trish all fired up. Monica and Gwen share some special mother/daughter time.
Chapter 6   We learn of Keesha’s past. Monica has something special for Trish on their last night together, and the friendly skies seem a bit more friendly.

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