Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 13

  • Posted on June 28, 2021 at 2:49 pm

By Amanda Lynn

Stacey’s heart was pounding in her chest as she crossed the room. Mostly because she’d been fingering herself as she watched Trish and Cindy, their half-naked bodies writhing in pleasure, but it was also born of a new sense of nervousness.

Trish was staring at her, eyes wide and mouth agape in shocked surprise and confusion. She had moved into a sitting position, legs folded and a pillow on her lap, hiding her exposed sex. Cindy, too, looked rather shocked as she scrambled to mimic Trish’s position.

“Mom?” Trish asked slowly as Stacey sat on the edge of the bed. “What are you doing?”

Stacey didn’t answer right away. She wasn’t exactly sure how to answer the question at this moment. She’d had a private, one-on-one talk in mind when she decided to act on her desire during the days before Trish’s homecoming. But spying on the two pre-teens just now, in their act of wanton sex, had made her lust impossible to ignore and precipitated her plans. So, now Stacey was faced with two issues: How to tell Trish about her affair with Cindy, and how to tell Cindy about her desires for Trish.

“Well, sweetheart, I’m not really sure how to put this. Things have… changed somewhat since you’ve been gone.” Stacey glanced from Trish to Cindy then back again.

“What things? What’s changed?” Trish asked.

Stacey took a breath and released it slowly. “Remember, before your trip, when I told you about walking in on Cindy in your room, naked?” Trish nodded slowly, taking a moment to look at Cindy. “And you asked me if I wanted to have sex with her?”

“Yeah, you said you might have if you’d been 12.”

Stacey swallowed. Guilt was written all over her face, she was sure. She had to confess; the truth would come out eventually. “Well…”

Trish looked at her questioningly, then her eyes widened in understanding. “Oh, my God!” she said, covering her mouth with a hand. Her gaze flew between her best friend and her mother. “You two…”

A sheepish smile crossed Stacey’s face and she turned her eyes to Cindy. The girl was staring at her open-mouthed, clearly shocked that she’d just blurted out their secret. Stacey reached over and gently closed Cindy’s mouth with a finger under the girl’s chin.

Cindy swallowed visibly, a blush coloring her cheeks. She turned to Trish, who now wore a playful smirk. “I… We…” Cindy started but was interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone.

“Damn,” she whispered, scrambling from the bed and retrieving her phone from the discarded pants.

“Hi, Mom. Sure. Okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Bye.” Cindy ended the call and turned to Trish. “Rotten timing,” she said, pulling on her clothes, “but I need to go now.”

Stacey could hear the touch of uncertainty in her voice. “Everything is okay, sweetheart. We can talk about it when you get back.”

“Are we okay?” Cindy asked Trish, still not sounding completely reassured.

Trish nodded and slid off the bed. “Everything’s cool,” she said and slipped an arm into Cindy’s and walked with her out of the bedroom.

Stacey chuckled when she heard Cindy ask from down the hall, “You do realize you’re not wearing any pants, right?”

Waiting a moment or two to collect her thoughts before following, Stacey reached the bottom of the stairs just as Trish closed the front door. Her eyes traveled to her daughter’s bare butt, enjoying the view.

Turning from the door, Trish cocked her head, giving Stacey a look.

Realizing that her eyes were now fixed on the girl’s pussy, Stacey quickly lifted her gaze to Trish’s face. “Cindy okay?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“Good. Now we,” she said, pointing a finger first at Trish then at herself, “should sit and discuss this.”

“Discuss you two?” Trish asked. She didn’t sound upset at all about Stacey’s confession, so that seemed like a good sign.

Stacey nodded. “Yeah, that and other stuff, but let’s go upstairs first.”

Trish agreed and Stacey took her daughter’s hand, guiding them toward the master bedroom. After a quick stop at Trish’s room to retrieve the girl’s underwear, Stacey sat on the side of her bed and Trish took a spot beside her.

“Well,” Stacey said, looking down at her hands folded on her lap. “Where to begin.”

“How ‘bout the beginning?” Trish said then grinned when Stacey frowned at her.

“Smartass,” Stacey said. She turned slightly to face Trish and began her story. “It first happened after we got back from taking you to the airport.”

“What!” Trish’s eyes grew wide. “You two were… you know, while I was still in the air? How did that happen? I mean…” She paused for a long moment. “You didn’t… make her, did you?”

It was Stacey’s turn to look shocked. “What? No! God, no! You don’t think I would do something like that, do you?

Trish shook her head. “No. Of course not,” she replied softly. “So, what happened then?”

Stacey took a breath and explained everything that happened with Cindy on that afternoon a month ago. It felt good to get it out in the open. Not surprisingly, talking about this with her daughter was firing up her libido. She had noticed Trish squirm a bit as she listened, and Stacey wondered—no, hoped—that the story was affecting her as well.

“Wow,” Trish said, having to clear her throat first. “You said it started the day I left. Does that mean you and her had sex more than once?”

“Oh, yeah. I couldn’t help myself. Doing things with her was like a drug. I couldn’t seem to stop,” Stacey said with a chuckle.

Trish snorted. “I sure know what that’s like.”

“You and Cindy? And Monica too, I guess?” Stacey asked. The heat between her legs was growing and she had to adjust her position as they spoke. Where was she taking this conversation? It certainly had the potential to become very steamy and, if she was lucky, maybe lead to things of an even more taboo nature. “Are they the only two? Be honest.”

“Would you be mad if I said no?” Trish asked softly.

“Mad? No. But I reserve the right to be concerned and act accordingly if need be. Sound fair?”

“Yeah, sounds fair.”

“So, any other girls?” At some level, she hoped Trish would say yes.

“There were four others,” Trish replied.

Stacey blinked, expecting her daughter to say no, or one at the most, not four. She wasn’t sure if she should feel proud or horrified. One thing was for sure, though, the revelation had sent a jolt of excitement straight to her pussy. “Oh, my,” she replied softly. “You’ve been busy.”

“Does that concern you?”

“Tell me about these other girls first. Who are they? Where did you meet them?”

“Well…” Trish began, flopping onto her back. She paused for a moment, seemingly gathering her thoughts.

Stacey looked down the length of the girl’s body. A small ribbon of skin was exposed where her shirt had ridden up, and there was a noticeable damp spot on the preteen’s panties. She didn’t have to check to know her own panties were soaked. Stacey swallowed hard then forced her gaze back to Trish’s face.

“Gabby was the first. I mean, after Monica, of course.” Trish continued. “She’s Monica’s best friend and we met during spring break.” Trish went on, and Stacey learned all about her daughter’s sexual encounters with Gabby, Kat, Daisy, and Alexis.

As Trish spoke, it was all Stacey could do to keep her hands to herself. The desire to strip her daughter naked and have her way with her was strong. Squeezing her thighs together didn’t help much to quell the throbbing of her clit either. With Trish looking up at the ceiling as she told her tale of preteen lust, Stacey was able to discreetly touch herself. That did help a bit, but she knew what she needed was a young girl’s mouth on her yearning cunt.

“Sweet Jesus,” Stacey said hoarsely. She quickly had to pull her hand from her underwear when Trish pushed herself up onto her elbows and grinned at her.

Trish giggled, a tinge of pink coloring her cheeks. “Yeah. There’s been a lot, huh?”

“For a 12-year-old? Yeah, a lot.” Stacey shook her head slowly in disbelief.

“Are you sure you’re not mad, Mom?”

With a warm smile, she placed a hand on her daughter’s thigh. “No, sweetie I’m not. Jealous maybe, but not mad.”

Trish giggled again and looked down to where Stacey was touching her.

“Trish, sweetheart. I need to confess something else to you.” Stacey took a deep breath, watching her hand gently caressing the soft skin of her daughter’s thigh. It was now or never. She had to tell Trish of her desire, of her need to make love to her. If what happened in Trish’s bedroom a month ago had been any indication…Trish would surely say yes. The girl had wanted to then and told Stacey as much.

“What is it, Mom?”

“This thing with Cindy and me, it got me thinking.” Stacey paused, nervous knots forming in her belly.

“Thinking about…”

“I’ve been thinking of that morning in your room. When I… touched you.” Stacey looked into Trish’s beautiful brown eyes and they seemed to smile back. The corners of the girl’s mouth pulled up.

“Yeah? What about it?” Trish asked, a hint of expectation in her voice.

“Maybe I made a mistake, and you were right. Maybe it wouldn’t be so wrong if… if it’s something we both want.” Stacey broke eye contact and looked away, afraid of rejection.

“Mom, are you saying you want to…”

Stacey looked up again and nodded. “Yes, baby, I do. If that’s okay. If that’s what you want, too.”

Trish’s smile changed into a wide grin, and she scrambled to her knees. “It is, Mom. It is!”

The nervous knots in Stacey’s stomach turned to excited butterflies. A child-like giddiness washed over her and a joyful giggle escaped her lips, surprising even herself. A little embarrassed, Stacey covered her mouth.

Amused, Trish giggled as well, then shuffled closer. She leaned forward and placed a kiss on Stacey’s lips. It was soft and sweet and would have been like any other kiss they shared, if not for the moment they found themselves in. Stacey brought her hands to rest on her daughter’s shoulders, savoring the delicious kiss for a while longer.

“Are you absolutely sure about this, honey?” Stacey asked, pulling back just an inch. “There’s no going back afterward.”

After a single nod from Trish, Stacey kissed her daughter again, letting her passion flow freely. Their mouths moved together, slowly at first. Stacey was happy to let Trish take the lead, not wanting to rush her. The young girl quickly showed how eager and willing she was, though, wasting no time slipping a tongue into Stacey’s mouth while a hand sneaked inside her open shirt to fondle her breast.

Stacey sat back and shrugged off her shirt, then unclasped her bra, letting it fall away. Her arousal-soaked panties were now the only thing she still wore. Without a word, she gripped the hem of Trish’s shirt and pulled it up and off. Tossing it to the floor, she resumed their kiss as she gently guided the girl down onto the bed.

As their tongues danced, Stacey caressed the smooth skin of Trish’s shoulder, then let her hand travel downward until she cupped her daughter’s small breast. Trish moaned against her lips as Stacey played with an erect nipple.

“I love you, Trish,” she whispered, kissing her way along the girl’s jawbone then down the smooth column of her neck.

“I love you too, Mom,” Trish replied, her voice ragged.

Desire raced through Stacey’s body, urging her on. She wanted release as much as she wanted to give it to Trish, but she forced herself to move slowly. To take her time and make this special. Besides, she already had a fuck toy in Cindy. Not that she didn’t care about the cute redhead, she did very much, but as hot and wild as the sex may be, it was just that… sex.

Stacey placed little kisses along Trish’s collarbone, making her way down to one small breast. Trish’s chest was rising and falling quickly, and Stacey glanced up to see that Trish was watching her, propped up on her elbows and craning her neck. Her daughter’s lips were parted and her eyes gleamed with desire. Stacey smiled and returned her gaze to the girl’s breast. The stiff pink nipple, the one she had dared to kiss all those weeks ago, waited for her.

Dipping down, she slipped her tongue out to softly flick the nipple. Trish sucked a sharp breath in response, prompting Stacey to do it again, this time with a bit more force. Trish groaned. Excited by these erotic sounds from her daughter, Stacey swirled her tongue around the taut bud and explored the pebbled flesh before taking it all into her mouth. She palmed the other breast as she sucked and licked and reveled in the taste and texture of this forbidden fruit. Moving her mouth to the opposite breast, she slowly slid her hand down the pre-teen’s belly, feeling Trish quiver beneath her touch. The girl whimpered softly when Stacey gently traced her panty-covered slit with a finger.

Stacey stood and hooked her fingers in the waistband. “These need to go,” she said, then peeled the underwear from her daughter’s hips. She paused, looking down, and admired the young beauty laid out on her bed. She caught Trish’s eyes and smiled. The girl grinned back, opening her legs just enough to draw Stacey’s gaze to her waiting sex.

Was she going to do this? Make love to her 12-year-old daughter? Hell yeah, she was! She had Cindy to thank for this. It was the redhead’s seduction that had made Stacey realize what she really wanted—to explore these taboo desires with her own daughter.

“Scoot up on the bed, Honey. Put your head on the pillow,” she instructed as she pushed down her own panties to join Trish’s on the floor.

Trish obliged, shuffling into position, never taking her eyes from Stacey’s naked body. Stacey crawled up to her daughter, stopping when she was hovering above her on all fours. She straddled Trish, one knee between the girl’s legs and her palms resting next to each shoulder. Leaning in for a kiss, Stacey stopped short when Trish’s hands found her breasts. She closed her eyes and hummed appreciatively at the pleasurable tingles elicited by the girl’s touch. Spurred on by the delicious sensations, Stacey drifted closer and captured Trish’s mouth with her own.

As they kissed, Trish continued to explore Stacey’s breasts, kneading the flesh, and tweaking her nipples. She’d clearly grown quite skilled at that, expertly teasing a moan from Stacey’s lips.

Guided by her growing lust, Stacey slid her left hand down her daughter’s body, not stopping until she found her slit. The moisture at her fingertips and the sharp inhalation from Trish intensified the throbbing of her own clit.

She watched Trish’s face as she teased the flesh of her sex. The girl’s eyes were closed and her mouth open, ragged breaths escaping. Stacey traced a path around the puffy pink labia a couple of times before slipping a finger between the folds. Trish groaned in response, pushing her pelvis against the wandering finger, wantonly seeking deeper contact.

Stacey found it difficult to believe that the sexy—no, erotic—display beneath her was a 12-year-old girl and not an experienced adult. That it was her baby girl, turned into a lewd little minx. The thought only served to turn her on more than she already was, if that was even possible. Sliding her finger a bit further up, she found her baby’s erect bud.

“Yes!” Trish moaned when Stacey applied a light circular motion to the girl’s clit with her finger.

As Stacey continued to play with Trish’s pussy, her breath was getting as ragged as her daughter’s, just from watching Trish writhe beneath her. It was becoming too much to bear. She knew what she wanted, what she needed to do. She shifted her gaze from Trish’s face to the sweet treasure that glistened between the girl’s legs.

Stacey’s hand seemed to move on its own. She watched her finger slip from the swollen clit to her daughter’s entrance. She teased Trish’s vagina, wondering if she dared to push inside. Wondering if her little girl’s hymen was still intact—probably not, she had to admit, considering all the sex she’d just heard about.

“Mom, please,” Trish whined, rolling her hips, obviously in need of release.

“Okay, sweetheart,” Stacey whispered, adjusting her position so that her face hovered mere inches from her child’s pussy, dripping with arousal. The scent was intoxicating, sweet with a slight muskiness that almost made her drool. She spread the labia with her thumbs and pushed the flat of her tongue from bottom to top in a slow deliberate stroke.

Trish jerked, her hips bucking. “Fuck!” the preteen croaked under her breath.

Stacey paused for a second, suppressing a giggle at the language. Profanity was not allowed in their house but, in this instance, she could let it slide. Besides, what is a girl to do when her mother is going down on her?

The flavors of Trish’s juices tantalized Stacey’s tastebuds as she explored her daughter’s sex. She swirled her tongue around the entrance, then up to the clit, flicking and chasing the sensitive bud. Back down once more, she pushed her tongue inside, eliciting another moan from above.

Stacey decided to test her theory and gently eased her middle finger into Trish’s vagina. It was a snug fit, but she encountered no resistance to her penetration. Trish hissed, and the rolling of her hips became more pronounced. Stacey sensed that her daughter wouldn’t last much longer, so she worked Trish’s clit with her mouth while she slowly pumped a curled finger into her pussy.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Trish cried out.

Stacey felt the girl’s hands tangle in her hair, while the walls of Trish’s vagina clamped down around her finger. She lapped urgently at her clit as Trish arched her back in orgasm. The preteen stiffened then collapsed before releasing her grip on her mother’s head.

Stacey kept on licking until Trish flinched and gently pushed her away, unable to take anymore. She crawled up beside her daughter and gently kissed her lips.

“You okay, baby?” Stacey asked softly.

“Uh-huh. That was wonderful,” Trish said in a dreamy voice.

“Good. I’m glad.” Stacey traced lazy circles across Trish’s torso with a finger.

Trish rolled onto her side to face Stacey. She smiled and kissed her mother slowly for a moment, then cupped a breast and toyed with the nipple.

“My turn?” Trish asked playfully.

Stacey returned the smile and nodded. “I’m all yours, sweetheart.” She wanted this almost as much as she’d wanted to make her daughter come. Lying back, she let Trish take charge.

Trish wasted no time, taking one nipple into her mouth. Stacey purred and smiled, watching her young daughter. This wasn’t the first time she had witnessed Trish suckling her breast. Of course, the girl had been much younger then, just a baby, and the circumstances purely maternal. Thinking back to those days, Stacey remembered on occasion becoming… aroused during her daughter’s feeding. Just a little bit, and it never lasted more than a moment. She would immediately squash those feelings down, never to think of them again. Well, until recently, anyway.

As Trish worked her mother’s nipple, warm wonderful feelings rushed through Stacey’s body, moving directly to her core, making her arousal peak ever higher. She gently stroked Trish’s hair, stopping only when the girl moved away. Stacey opened her eyes to see Trish moving down her body. Her pussy clenched and relaxed and clenched again in anticipation as she watched the girl inch ever closer.

Her legs spread of their own volition and Trish nestled between them. The girl looked up, flashing a sassy grin, and pressed a thumb directly to her clit. Stacey sucked in a breath and bit her lower lip as Trish worked her swollen bud. The sensations flashing through her were intense and threatened to throw her over the precipice at any moment.

“Oh, God!” she croaked out when Trish’s mouth found her clit and enveloped it. Stacey fell back, clutching a fistful of the blanket in each hand as the pleasure became nearly overwhelming.

“Are you going to come so soon, Mommy?” Trish asked in a sweet, innocent little girl voice.

Stacey’s hips bucked. No, no, no! she whined to herself. She didn’t want to come, not yet! But, oh God, what her daughter was doing to her! The way Trish’s mouth and tongue moved over her cunt and clit, and that little girl voice. It was just too much. She gave in and let the orgasm crash over her. Not that she had much of a choice at this point. “Trish!” she called out, drawing out the name. Stacey squeezed her eyes shut, bright white lights flashing behind her lids, as she rode out wave after wave of unbelievable ecstasy. How was it possible for such a young girl to bring anyone to such an intense climax?

Stacey slowly blinked open her eyes once she had caught her breath. She smiled and sighed contentedly, feeling a warm cheek on her shoulder and a finger teasing her nipple. She kissed the top of her daughter’s head and once again hummed in satisfaction.

“I don’t think I’ve ever come that hard, or that fast before,” she said with a soft chuckle.

Trish giggled and snuggled closer. “I’m glad it was good for you.”

“Good!” She snorted. “It was beyond good, sweet girl. More like… absolutely amazing.” She pulled Trish into a warm embrace. “Your stepsister has taught you well, I think.”

“She’s been a wonderful teacher,” Trish said with a grin as she trailed the finger that had been teasing one nipple down Stacy’s belly to the nest of hair at the top of her slit.

Stacey shuddered, feeling her daughter’s fingers playing with her pubic hair.

“Want to see what else I learned?” the girl asked, her voice exuding sex appeal way beyond her years. Then, before Stacey could reply, Trish pulled herself to her knees and straddled her mother’s head. Stacey’s eyes widened as her preteen daughter lowered herself until her juice-slick pussy was within easy reach of her mouth. Trish, on the other hand, was already busy licking Stacey’s equally sodden cunt, her fingers probing her entrance.

Good Lord, she’s going to kill me! Stacey thought as she eagerly began to lick her horny young daughter.


For the second time that day, now a couple of hours later, Trish was finishing up in the bathroom when the doorbell rang. She checked her face in the mirror once more before heading out. Her mother had given her two more toe-curling orgasms then sent her off to shower away the scent of sex before Cindy returned.

Trish had been surprised but also delighted that her mother had confessed her desires for her and that they had made love. They had discussed whether to tell Cindy about this new facet of their relationship. Stacey was concerned that, even though Cindy was okay with an adult and underaged girl having sex, she might think incest is pushing it too far. Trish, on the other hand, was certain that Cindy would take it in stride. So, they had come up with a sexy, if somewhat sneaky, way of breaking it to her.

Humming a nameless tune, Trish hurried down the stairs to greet her friend. She wondered what Cindy must be feeling at the moment, now that Trish knew about her and Stacey. Hopefully, the girl wouldn’t feel too awkward or uncomfortable around them. Her mom had said that the three of them would talk about it when Cindy returned, and Trish hoped that would make things okay.

Opening the front door, she found Cindy standing there, as expected. Her friend was smiling and didn’t seem uneasy in the least, to Trish’s relief.

“Welcome back,” Trish said happily, stepping aside. “Come on in.”

Cindy stepped inside and kicked off her sneakers. “So, what did I miss? I take it by your cheery mood that we’re… okay, then?” Cindy made a large sweeping motion with her hand, indicating herself, Trish, and Stacey, who was sitting in the living room sipping her coffee.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. Me and Mom talked and stuff,” Trish said, leading them to the sofa.

“I’d say!” Stacey snorted, but waved it off when Cindy cocked an eyebrow at her. “Cindy, honey, I want to apologize for earlier. I shouldn’t have just blurted that out the way I did. You and I should have discussed how we were going to tell Trish about us beforehand.”

Cindy shrugged as she sat down on the sofa. She gave Trish a grin then looked back to Stacey. “That’s okay. I mean… I was a bit worried that Trish would get mad at us at first. But when I thought about it, I remembered the talk me and her had when, well, when you touched me the first time. And you told her you’d want to do me if you were 12.” She paused to glance between mother and daughter, a smile on her lips. “She wasn’t upset by that idea at all. I think she might even have been a bit turned on by it. So, I figured she probably wouldn’t be mad now.”

Trish’s cheeks warmed at Cindy’s spot-on assumption. The thought of her best friend and her mom together had turned her on for sure.

Stacey was smiling at them, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “I’m happy to hear that, Cindy. I never thought about it at the time, but I should have…This could have ruined the friendship you two have. I would have felt horrible if it had,” Stacey said.

Trish snaked an arm around Cindy’s waist. “No harm done here. How about you?”

“None here either,” Cindy chirped. “But I was wondering…”

“What, honey?” Stacey asked.

“Well… when I come over…” The pretty redhead glanced between them. “How do I know who I’m going to have sex with? Are we gonna make a schedule or something?”

Stacey laughed. “That’s a good question. A schedule would be a solution, but…” She moved to a spot on the sofa right next to Cindy, placing a hand on the girl’s knee. “You’re Trish’s bestie,  you should be with her. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved all the times we’ve been together, and I would really like to keep on having sex with you. So, maybe it should be up to you, and Trish too, to decide when you’ll sleep in my bed.”

Trish grinned. That was a great idea, letting Cindy be the one to decide when she would have sex with Stacey. But there was another, even better solution, and she waited for her mother to put it out there.

“Yeah, that would work, I guess,” Cindy said as she watched Stacey’s hand slowly traveling up her thigh.

“There is another option,” Stacey said softly. When Cindy cocked her head, she continued. “Trish and I could share you… at the same time.”

Yes! Trish thought. The heat was pooling between her legs at the thought of what her mother was suggesting.

“At the same time? As in a… threesome?” Cindy asked, her eyes wide.

“Uh-huh,” Stacey purred. “If you would like that, that is. How about you, Trish? Care to share your sexy friend with me?”

“I’d love to!” Trish responded with a giggle. She pressed herself against Cindy, flicking her tongue along her friend’s ear. A glance down showed that her mother’s hand was at the apex of Cindy’s thigh, gently rubbing against her pant-covered sex, eliciting moans that were soon muffled by Stacey’s mouth.

Trish grinned as she watched the two kiss, growing more excited by the second. She found one of her friend’s small breasts with one hand, squeezing it, while making good use of the other between her own legs, pressing down to find a bit of relief against that pleasant familiar ache.

“Mom,” she said with a playful whine, “this is in the way.” She indicated Cindy’s shirt by pulling at the hem.

“You’re absolutely right, Dear,” Stacey replied, leaning back far enough for Trish to pull the garment up and off her friend. It had no sooner hit the floor than the bra Cindy had been wearing joined it.

As one, mother and daughter each took a stiff pink nipple into their mouths. Cindy whimpered in pleasure and Trish felt her friend’s fingers tangle in her hair. Glancing to the side, she saw Cindy’s other hand on the back of Stacey’s head.

Trish watched her mother for a moment. Stacey was obviously enjoying licking the young girl’s boob just as much as Trish was relishing ogling the scene. Her libido was ramping up fast. Damn, if this could get her so hot and horny despite having already come a bunch of times today, what would happen when she witnessed her mom going down on her friend? She moaned softly in anticipation of what the day had in store, then forced herself to focus her attention on the nipple in her mouth.

Cindy was panting, her chest rising and falling with each breath. Trish slid a hand down her friend’s belly, intending to slip it into Cindy’s pants, but found that her mother had already beaten her to that prize. Trish let the nipple slip from her mouth and stared down, eyes glued to where her mother’s hand was busy rubbing Cindy’s pussy.

“I think we should move this to the bedroom,” Stacey breathed huskily.

Trish nodded and stood. Stacey followed suit and the two of them pulled Cindy to her feet. The girl, face flushed from the intimate attention she had been receiving, grinned at them.

“Yeah, let’s do that. Quick!” Cindy said, almost breathless. She pushed off her pants, which were already unbuttoned and sliding down on their own, anyway. “And you two are wearing much more than me. Seems unfair!” she added, looking down at herself, clad only in panties and socks, then at the two of them, still fully clothed. Laughing, Trish and Stacey took Cindy by the hands and hurried up the stairs, straight to the master bedroom.

Not waiting for an invitation, Trish quickly stripped down to nothing. She then pushed Cindy onto the bed and removed her friend’s remaining clothes while Stacey watched with hungry eyes.

“Such a wonderfully naughty sight,” Stacey said, moving toward them. “Care to help me with my clothes, girls?”

Trish and Cindy eagerly stood. Trish pulled at the buttons of her mother’s top while Cindy worked the zipper on Stacey’s pants. It only took a few moments to have the woman as naked as they were. Trish loved seeing her mother’s nude body. Stacey was just as sexy as Gwen, with both women having a similar build, though Stacey’s boobs were smaller. Not that Trish cared about that.

Stacey crawled onto the bed and stretched out on her side like a cat. She smiled slyly and crooked a finger at them. “Come girls. Don’t be shy.”

Cindy was the first to scramble alongside Stacey. Trish followed more slowly, sitting near the foot of the bed. “I think I’d like to watch you two for a bit, if that’s okay,” she said.

“Of course, sweetheart. Whatever you wish,” Stacey said, turning her attention to Cindy.

“Don’t wait too long or you might miss out,” Cindy teased.

“Oh, I don’t think there’s any fear of that,” Stacey said then pressed her lips to Cindy’s. The cute redhead fell back onto the bed, with Stacey following her down.

Trish watched in delight as the two kissed, Cindy’s arms wrapping around her mother while Stacey’s hand found the young girl’s pussy. God but this was hot. It reminded Trish of watching Gwen and Monica have sex, but the fact that it was her own mother and her best friend made the scene that much more erotic.

As Stacey’s hand explored Cindy, Trish mimicked what her mother was doing between her own legs. She rubbed her clit for a moment, then pushed a finger into her entrance. As Stacey’s finger pumped, so did Trish’s. Her moans and rapid breaths matched Cindy’s, and Trish was sure that her friend was feeling the same jolts of pleasure that she was. The pressure was building inside, and Trish knew that they would both come soon.

She was surprised when her mother paused before pushing the girl over the edge, instead taking her hand away. Trish stopped touching herself, too, matching what was happening to her friend, though she wasn’t sure why. Cindy, a bewildered look on her face, whimpered in disappointment.

“Fear not, my dear. We’re not done yet. But there’s no need to rush,” Stacey said, then leaned forward and took a nipple into her mouth, getting a soft moan in response, though Cindy didn’t look completely satisfied with the change of pace.

Trish grinned and cupped her own small breasts. She rubbed and pulled at her nipples as Stacey suckled on Cindy’s. The need between her legs was strong, though, and soon Trish slipped a hand back to her pussy, rubbing eagerly over her swollen clit. Cindy seemed to have the same idea, reaching down to touch herself, but Stacey pushed her hand away.

“No, no, no. No touching,” Stacey chided. She began sliding down the preteen’s body, planting little kisses as she went.

There was no doubt in Trish’s mind as to what her mother was about to do, and her clit throbbed in sympathetic anticipation. When Stacey reached her goal, Cindy sucked in a sharp breath. Trish moaned, pressing down on her clit. She couldn’t see exactly what her mother was doing but the bobbing of her head and the way Cindy squirmed painted the erotic scene clearly enough.

Trish pushed a finger inside her cunt once again, pumping rapidly as she watched Stacey devouring her best friend’s pussy. She was on the brink again, and this time she wasn’t stopping for anything. Her moans grew louder as she fingered herself in rhythm with the rolling of Cindy’s hips, and when the girl stiffened and cried out, so did Trish. Her breath caught and her body convulsed as the delicious ecstasy of the orgasm rushed through her.

All too soon, the pleasure faded away, as it always does, and Trish opened her eyes. Cindy was lying still except for the rise and fall of her chest, her eyes just now fluttering open as well. Stacey moved up beside the redhead, Cindy’s juices glistening on her lips and chin.

“That was so hot,” Trish said when Cindy had returned from the dreamy world of post-orgasmic bliss.

“You should have been on my end,” Cindy replied with a snort.

“I’m sure I can make that happen,” Stacey said in a saucy voice.

“Mmmm, can’t wait!” Trish said in a sexy tone of her own, exchanging a sultry look with her mom.

Cindy looked from one of them to the other questioningly. “Wait, you’re really going to… together? I mean, I thought… umm, that each of you would take turns with me and that would be it.” Cindy paused for a second, then a wicked smile grew on her lips. “But don’t get me wrong! I think that’s kinky as hell and really hot. A threesome with a mom and daughter. Wow. And here I thought a threesome with twins was wild.”

Stacey raised an eyebrow. “Twins?”

“Story for another time, Mom,” Trish said as she crawled up her mother’s body. “For now, I think it’s time for us to make you come.”

Stacey chuckled. “Fair enough.”

Trish kissed her mother for a moment as she fondled a breast, then moved down to take a hardened nipple into her mouth. She motioned for Cindy to join her on the other side, but her friend was busy staring. Maybe she hadn’t completely believed that Trish would be getting dirty with her mom, and now the sight was blowing her mind. Trish couldn’t blame her; she’d certainly enjoyed watching Stacey and Cindy just earlier—not to mention Gwen and Monica!

Finally, Cindy gave herself a shake, flashed a grin, and came closer. Both of them began to eagerly suck and lick Stacey’s breasts.

“Damn, girls. That feels so good,” Stacey murmured.

Trish hummed a muffled reply as she slid a hand down her mother’s belly to the wet heat between her legs. Quickly finding the swollen clit, she began moving her fingers in little circles over it. Stacey bucked in response then settled into a gentle rolling motion with her hips. Cindy’s hand soon joined Trish’s, pushing two fingers into Stacey’s vagina. Trish and Cindy exchanged excited looks as they rubbed and fingered Stacey, then the space between them disappeared and their mouths moved together hungrily, their tongues tangling.

Stacey was moaning and squirming, her hands moving up and down their backs, cupping their asses, even slipping between their legs from behind. This fueled Trish’s renewed desire, her clit once again begging for attention. She shifted around, straddling her mother’s leg, and pressed her pussy against it. Trish tried rocking her hips, adjusted her position, and gave it another shot. Finding just the right spot, she applied more pressure, mashing her clit against her mom’s leg. A moan escaped her lips.

Seeing what Trish was doing, Cindy mimicked her. Each of them humped one of Stacey’s legs as they switched between kissing one another and sucking on the woman’s nipples, all the while maintaining their attention on Stacey’s cunt.

“Yes, yes. I’m gonna come,” Stacey called out. “Don’t stop, don’t stop.”

They didn’t. Instead, they doubled down and increased the tempo with both their fingers and their hips. Soon, Stacey cried out as her orgasm hit, and that was all Trish needed to join her mom over the edge. Intense waves of pleasure hit Trish over and over. She called out as her body jerked with each of the aftershocks that shot through her like bolts of lightning. Lost in her bliss, she only vaguely was aware of Cindy crying out as her own climax took her.

Trish and Cindy snuggled with Stacey after everyone had calmed down, one on each side. That had been wild, but making love with her mom had made Trish’s sexual appetite simply endless today, and she was sure they weren’t finished yet. Far from it. This was just a small respite between rounds.

She glanced across her mother to where Cindy was looking back, a big grin on her face. “You ready for more?” Trish asked her friend.

“You bet. But, um, could I…” A shy smile appeared on Cindy’s lips, but there was also plenty of lust in her gaze. “Could I watch you and your mom some more first, though?”

“Fine with me! Anything you’d like to see us do?”

“Umm… how about a sixty-nine?”

“I think that can be arranged,” Trish said with a chuckle.

“Girls, I am still here, ya know,” Stacey said in mock annoyance.

“We know,” Trish said, tweaking her mother’s nipple. “You wouldn’t mind licking my pussy while I licked yours, would you?”

“Not at all, sweetheart. But first, I need a bathroom break and some water.” Stacey extricated herself from the tangle of limbs and stood. “You two are going to wear me out.”

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!” Cindy said once Stacey was out of the room.

Trish snorted. “Well, I can’t believe you seduced my mom the same day I left for Edmonton.”

“Well, that was kinda your fault. If you hadn’t told me what she said about wanting to do me if she was our age…”

“I’m sure her touching your pussy and making you come had something to do with it, too,” Trish replied.

Cindy shrugged. “I plead the fifth.”

They laughed as Stacey returned, carrying a tray with three glasses of water. They scrambled to sit up as Stacey handed them each a glass.

“Drink up,” she said, taking a spot next to them. “You need to stay hydrated.”

Once they had their fill, Stacey placed the empty glasses on the nightstand and flopped down on the bed. Trish eyed the length of her mother’s naked body, licking her lips absent mindedly.

She had learned and done so much since Monica first introduced her to sex only a few months ago. Wondering what Monica was doing right now, Trish smiled. She couldn’t wait to tell her stepsister all about these thrilling new developments in her sex life! And maybe if she could get her in bed with Mom and Cindy one day…

“If Monica visited, you think we could have a foursome?” Trish asked without thinking.

Stacey cocked an eyebrow. “Pardon?”

Trish felt heat rise to her cheeks. “Oh! Err, I didn’t mean to say that out loud. Never mind!”

“Too late, I heard you. What makes you think Monica would be okay with fooling around with an adult, hmm?”

Trish shrugged, hoping her mom would just let it go. She really didn’t want to get into exactly why she knew Monica would be okay with it.

“Do Monica and her mother fool around?”

Trish didn’t answer, she just looked blankly at Stacey. She didn’t want to lie to her mom, but at the same time, she had no right to betray Gwen and Monica’s secret.

Stacey studied her for a moment, and Trish began to worry that her mom could read her mind.  She didn’t seem to be mad or worried, though. In fact, was that the beginnings of a smirk on her mother’s lips?

“I see,” Stacey said slowly, then sighed. “Well, we can discuss that later. Now, I think there was talk of a sixty-nine earlier?”

The knot that had begun to form in Trish’s belly disappeared and she flashed a large smile. Eagerly straddling Stacey’s face, she lowered her mouth to her mother’s pussy, new arousal joining the abundance already there. Trish licked and sucked with delight, savoring the taste and scent as her mother did the same to her.

It wasn’t long before she felt another pair of hands on her backside. Apparently, Cindy was no longer content with just watching. Without warning, small fingers pushed into Trish’s vagina. She gasped at the suddenness of the intrusion, then moaned as Cindy began fucking her. Her mother’s tongue and Cindy’s fingers soon had Trish crying out as yet another orgasm claimed her.

As soon as Trish rolled off her mother, Cindy took her place, the redhead’s mouth hungrily lapping at Stacey’s cunt. Trish watched, grinning at the scene.

She thought of the wonderful sex that had happened today. Or all summer, really. She’d had so many wonderful experiences. With Monica and Gwen, with Gabby and Kat, with Keesha and all the other girls at camp Lick-A-Clit. Even her rendezvous with Mark in the boathouse had been special in its own way.

Sex with her mother had been a pipe dream, or so she had thought. But now it was happening, and that made her smile even more. She could only imagine what the rest of the summer would have in store for her. Maybe, hopefully, it would include a visit from Monica. If it did, she knew that at the very least she, Monica, and Cindy would have sex. What she really hoped would happen, though, was the foursome she had accidentally alluded to earlier. Her mother didn’t seem put off by the idea, so maybe, just maybe

The End?



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  1. SugoiiKacey says:

    Bravo! Loved this series. Not loved: getting so bloody turned on listening to it like an audiobook while I drive. And no vibrator with me.. 😀
    I can see a foursome happening very easily.
    Tricky divorce asthetics unfortunately for a 5-some…
    No real reason for both adult groups to see each other.
    Still feel it odd how clueless the dad could be with all the goings on happening around. Granted that cluelessness/job focus aspect may have precipitated the original divorce. And when you’ve got other “activities” with the family to fill in any “husband attention” times all can likely keep running fine.
    Thanks for such a great series!

  2. Quinlan says:

    Magnificent! There definitely needs to be a book 3. Trish’s fantasy of her, Cindy, Stacey, and Monica together needs to come true. Might as well throw Gwen in for good measure.

  3. mm says:

    Book 3, please… 🙂

  4. Amanda Lynn says:

    A big thank you to everyone who has read and commented on Book 2 of this series. I truly appreciate it. I had intended to do Book 3 but I seem to have had my fill of Trish and friends. At least for now.

    I do have a couple of other projects on the go. One of which will bring back a couple of characters you may be familiar with.

    Again, thanks for all your kind words.

    Amanda Lynn

  5. Joe says:

    Amanda this was an amazing story. All of the women and girls were brought to life so wonderfully. I agree with everyone, a book three is truly needed. We of course can wait until your inspiration for Trish and company blossoms again.

    Looking forward to anything and everything else you write.

  6. Euphrosyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Hoo-wheee! what an ending!

    Unbelievably delicious! Trish has finally reached her Nirvana. And mum Stacey, one would assume, is beside herself with joy at the realization of her long sought desire..wow! As these few lines indicate, Trish & Stacey’s new relationship is founded in a beautiful heightening of an already loving Mother/Daughter bonding:
    …As their tongues danced, Stacey caressed the smooth skin of Trish’s shoulder, then let her hand travel downward until she cupped her daughter’s small breast. Trish moaned against her lips as Stacey played with an erect nipple.

    “I love you, Trish,” she whispered, kissing her way along the girl’s jawbone then down the smooth column of her neck.

    “I love you too, Mom,” Trish replied, her voice ragged.

    Oh,yes!,so good. what beautiful imagery, mom and daughter crossing that Rubicon of taboo, Mmm!

    I agree with all, this book mustn’t just be the end, there’s so much more that can be brought to life from this wonderful epic..the scenarios are boundless!

    Truly awesome writing Amanda!

    Good Luck with your other projects, and, waiting to see what comes next, is like standing in line all excited about one’s first roller coaster ride!…


  7. David says:

    Great ending to a great series Amanda. Thanks for the wonderful orgasms that this series has given me. A Book 3 would be great sometime but I would love to see what else you have going on in that brilliant mind of yours. Can’t wait to see what your other projects are like.

  8. phil says:

    Please continue, there are some many more stories to tell, Monica visting a 4some, then a mother daughter orgy with cindy joining in.
    Please dont stop

  9. kim says:

    It took us awhile to comment because of all the climaxes we reached during this sadly last chapter.

    And what a sizzling last chapter. Sure the tease from chapter 12 left us with a good idea of what was coming this chapter. Turned out is was us coming.

    Mother and daughter together at last. Described so lovingly, with great detail that left you feeling you were there with them.

    The sweet sexy confessions of mother and daughter. And last but not least, the inclusion of Cindy. Our imagination of course keeps things going in our heads, even though this is the end of the story, (for now?)

    Thank you, Amanda Lynn, for another great story. Hot from start to end. We came hard to each chapter, and then some.

    Kim & Sue

  10. Captain Midnight says:

    This is a great novel! Love it! I have heard you want to do Book 3, set during the Christmas holidays. Is that still on. What a great present that would be!

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