Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, Chapter 1

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Author’s note: After a hiatus from writing erotica to pursue my real-world writing; I am back with a new story. I have broken the story down into three books; Spring Break, Summer Vacation, and Christmas Break. Each can be read as a stand-alone story but will contribute to the whole. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. – Amanda Lynn

By Amanda Lynn


Opaque glass doors slid open revealing a small crowd of people standing a short distance away. As if on cue, all eyes turned in the direction of doors, alerted by their loud swishing sound as they opened. The faces were all smiles, and some people were bouncing eagerly on their heels.

Trish felt a nervous excitement churn in her belly as she scanned the crowd. Apprehension gripped her for just a moment, wondering if he had forgotten her. The thought quickly disappeared as she spied a tall man waving just off to one side. A striking brunette stood to his left, her arm hooked around his. She too smiled and waved. Standing in front of them a young girl, with same brown hair as the woman, jumped up and down with much enthusiasm. Trish smiled brightly as she looked up at the woman who was holding her hand.

“Over there,” Trish said pointing toward the waving man. “That’s my dad.”

When they were a meter or so away, Trish let go of the woman’s hand and ran to her father. The man quickly scooped her up into his arms and hugged her tightly, giving her a big kiss on the cheek. Trish wrapped her arms around his neck and squeezed, kissing his cheek in return.

“Hi Pumpkin. It’s so good to see you,” he said, setting the girl back on the floor. “Did you have a good flight?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said and motioned toward the woman whose hand she been holding a moment ago. “This is Carol. She is the flight attendant that kept me company during the flight. Carol, this is my dad, my step-mom, Gwen, and my step-sister, Monica.”

“Pleased to meet you all,” the woman said, stepping forward and accepting the hand that Trish’s dad offered her. “I guess it’s safe to assume that you’re Jason then,” she said, with a chuckle, as she watched Trish hug Gwen and then bounce up and down with Monica as they embraced.

“That’s me,” Jason said with a grin.

“If I could just see a piece of government-issued photo ID and get your signature, I’ll get out of your hair.”

“Sure thing.” Jason provided the ID and signed the release form.

“Goodbye Trish,” Carol said. “Maybe I’ll see you on your return flight.”

Trish dashed over to Carol and gave her a big hug. “Thank you for holding me. I know it was silly.”

“You’re welcome, and it wasn’t silly at all,” Carol said. She saw Jason look at her with a raised eyebrow and mouthed to him. “Turbulence.” Jason nodded his understanding as he was aware of his daughter’s fear of turbulence. They all said goodbye as Carol headed off.

They collected Trish’s luggage and were soon in the car heading to her father’s house. Trish and Monica sat in the back seat catching each other up on what had happened since they had last seen each other during the New Year’s week.

Trish noticed that while they talked, Monica would reach over and touch her on the leg or arm. Even though she was wearing jeans and a winter jacket, little tingles ran up her spine each time. She didn’t know why this was happening, but it did feel nice, so she didn’t complain when it happened.

Trish’s parents had divorced when she was seven, almost four years ago now. The divorce was amicable, and Jason had agreed to give Stacey sole custody of Trish. The divorce agreement had spelled out a visitation schedule of spring break, four weeks in the summer, and alternating Christmas/New Year week.

Her father moved to Edmonton for his job just before the divorce and a year later met Gwen and her daughter. Six months after that they were living together. When Trish met the then nine-year-old Monica they became friends almost immediately. They both looked forward to Trish’s visits, especially the ones in the summer.

This visit, however, was spring break. It was still cold, only a couple of degrees above freezing for a daytime high. When they arrived home, it was after 5 P.M., and they all agreed that pizza would be great for supper.

After Trish gave her mother a call letting her know she had arrived safely, the two girls plopped down on the sofa while they waited for the pizza guy to arrive with their meal. Once again, Monica sat right beside her instead of the far end of the couch. Trish didn’t mind, she enjoyed the closeness. Now that they weren’t wearing jackets their bare forearms occasionally brushed together, making those little tingles she had felt earlier that more exciting. The problem was, Trish had absolutely no idea what it meant or why she was feeling them.

“Give me your feet,” Monica said, shuffling over.

“What?” Trish looked at the beautiful brunette quizzically.

“Your feet. Give them to me.”

Monica’s smile was bright, and her big brown eyes sparkled. Trish paused, studying her step-sister. She loved her smile. She looked around for her father and step-mom, but they were busy in the kitchen, not paying any attention to them. Trish shifted her position and raised her legs up and placing her feet on Monica’s lap.

“Don’t tickle me!” Trish warned as Monica’s hands moved toward her feet.

“I won’t.” Monica chuckled and took Trish’s foot into her hands and began to massage it.

Trish put her head back and let out a soft moan. Monica’s touch felt good on her tired feet, and Trish relaxed into the sofa enjoying it. She found herself wondering how much nicer it would feel if she wasn’t wearing socks.

“Well, don’t you two look cozy.”

Trish’s eyes flew open at the sound of Gwen’s voice. She tried to sit up but Monica held her foot in place, and Gwen held up a hand and laughed. “It’s okay, sweetheart. Lay there and enjoy the foot rub. I just wanted to know what you wanted to drink with your pizza.”

“Oh, okay,” Trish said and relaxed. “What do you have?”

“Let’s see.” Gwen scratched her chin as if contemplating the question. “We have water, milk, OJ, Pepsi, or beer.”

Trish giggled at the offer of a beer. “Pepsi, please.”

“Honey?” Gwen asked Monica.

“Same for me, mom.”

Trish sighed and closed her eyes again. She felt Monica’s fingers move from her foot, up over her ankle and push under the cuff of her jeans. The contact made Trish’s skin prickle, and a little bolt of electricity shoot right to her sex. Trish twitched and sucked a sharp breath. If Monica noticed, she didn’t let on.

The pizza soon arrived, and the four of them grabbed plates, napkins, and their drinks before heading down to the family room. They ate and talked, and Trish filled in her father and Gwen on the goings-on back home.

When they had eaten their fill, Gwen and Jason collected the remains of pizza and the dishes and headed upstairs.

“Want to watch a movie?” Monica asked, placing a hand on Trish’s knee.

Trish looked at the hand on her knee and couldn’t help wonder why it made her feel that way. It was strange and exciting all at the same time.

“Oh, okay,” Trish said. “I’m still on Toronto time, so if I doze off just give me a nudge.”

Monica chuckled. “Deal,” she said and selected a DVD from their collection. After placing it in the machine, she dimmed the light in the family room and plopped back down on the sofa next to Trish.

Trish couldn’t doze off if she had wanted to. All through the movie, she felt Monica next to her. An arm brushing against an arm. Monica’s hand absently touching her thigh, or their shoulders rubbing together. Trish’s body was alive with sensation, and her stomach flip-flopped when Monica would look over at her with that pretty smile. She didn’t understand what it was she was experiencing, but she knew she liked it. Trish moved against Monica, snuggling. She lay her head on the older girl’s shoulder, enjoying the comfort of the soft fabric of her sweatshirt, as they watched the movie.

All too soon the movie was over. Trish sat up and stretched as Monica switched off the TV and put the DVD back in its case. As Trish waited for Monica, she caught herself staring at the girl’s ass. She did have a cute ass. Trish wasn’t quite sure why, but she was enjoying the view. A smile formed on her face and when Monica turned, she looked at Trish questioningly.


“Huh? Oh, nothing. I was just thinking of the movie,” Trish lied, glancing at the floor. Her face burned, and she wondered if Monica realized that she had been staring at her ass.

Monica just looked at her for another moment, a sly grin on her own face. “Time to call it a night?”

Trish nodded. The girls climbed the steps two at a time and made their way to Monica’s bedroom. Trish did have her own room here, but she seldom ever used it. Monica’s room was much larger and had two twin beds, so that’s where Trish slept.

The suitcase she had brought sat at the foot of the bed Trish would be using. She hoisted it up onto the bed and unzipped it. She pulled out a pair of PJs and the small bag that held her toiletries. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Monica push her jeans over her hips and down her legs. Trish felt a strange heat in her belly when that cute ass came into view.

Turning away quickly, Trish grabbed her toiletries bag and was about to head for the bathroom when Monica passed by her. She followed Monica to the bathroom and couldn’t help but glance down at the wiggle as they walked. Trish stood at the sink, retrieving her toothbrush from the bag as Monica dropped her panties and sat on the toilet.

Trish froze when the sound of escaping gas filled the room for a long uncomfortable moment. She turned her head and gave Monica a disgusted look before snorting into laughter.

“Oh, geez, that stinks!”

“Sorry,” Monica said, her face a lovely shade of pink. She too began to laugh.

With their teeth brushed the girls headed back to the bedroom. Trish pulled her tee shirt off and paused for a moment to watch as Monica pulled off her sweatshirt. That’s when she noticed them. The baggy sweatshirt had hidden them, but now that Monica was nude from the waist up Trish saw them. Two small boobs. Not much bigger than tangerines, but they were most definitely boobs. Trish was staring, mouth agape and eyes wide, when Monica noticed her.

“Cool? Right?” Monica asked with a giggle.

Trish glanced up at her eyes then back to the boobs. She was feeling all sorts of tingly inside, and a warmth spread from her pussy.

Trish had only felt a sensation like that twice before. Once when she was at the public pool and had unintentionally positioned herself in front of a water jet while holding on to the side of the pool. The jet came on only seconds later and struck her bikini-covered clit, sending wonderful little sparks through her body. Trish held on for just a second or two then moved away, not letting the strange pressure build in her core any longer.

The second had been later that same night. As she lay in bed, her thoughts had drifted back to the pool and that water jet. She wasn’t sure what had happened and had found it scary but also a bit thrilling. Wondering if she could make it happen, Trish slipped a hand under the band of her PJs and found the little bump at the top of her slit.

She held two fingers on it for a moment before beginning to rub it in slow circles. Trish felt naughty, touching herself, and it excited her. She rubbed a little faster, then pushed her fingers down through her folds and brushed over her entrance. Moving back up, she pressed against her clit and rubbed again. Soon the little waves of pleasure tickled her skin, and the pressure began to build. It was becoming intense, and that frightened Trish.

Pulling her hand from her PJs, Trish had rolled onto her side and clamped her legs shut. The sensations had quickly passed, and Trish had lain there wondering what the hell was going on with her.

Trish tried to speak but found her mouth had gone dry. She nodded and swallowed a couple of times. Looking up at Monica again, she smiled. “Yeah,” she finally said. “You didn’t have them last time I was here.” She took a step toward her step-sister and slowly raised a hand toward one tiny breast. With fingers about to make contact, she realized what she was doing and immediately dropped her arm. Her cheeks burned, and she looked away.

“I’m sorry,” Trish said softly.

“It’s okay,” Monica giggled. “Go ahead, you can touch them.”

Trish gazed into Monica soft brown eyes. She saw a sparkle in them, and she felt a pull in her stomach. “Really? Are you sure?”

Monica nodded. “Yeah,” She said sticking her chest out.

Trish once again brought her hand up. She could feel her heart pounding as she reached out and surrounded the budding breast with five fingertips and squeezed it, much like she had seen her mother do while checking the firmness of tomatoes in the grocery store. Trish enjoyed the softness of the skin as she played with Monica’s breast. She noticed the pink nipple stiffen and she moved her thumb over it, caressing it.

Monica moaned softly, breaking the trance that Trish found herself in. Trish pulled her hand away again and let out a breath. She hadn’t even realized she had been holding it.

“They’re so soft,” she said.

“I got hair too!”

Trish gave her a confused look glancing at her long brown hair.

“No, not up there,” Monica said, then pushed her panties down to her knees and pointed at her pussy. “Down here.”

Trish looked to where Monica was pointing and saw a sparse patch of brown hair on the girl’s mons. Trish only studied it for a second because she couldn’t help but let her eyes travel down to the tender pink flesh of Monica’s labia. A tingle moved through her and ended at her own clit.

“It’s soft too. Here, touch it.”

She shook her head. “I can’t touch your…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Monica took her by the wrist and placed her palm on the small patch of hair. Trish felt its softness as Monica guided her hand over it. To Trish’s surprise, the older girl moved her hand so that Trish’s finger brushed her clit and traveled down through her folds. Her middle finger found Monica’s entrance and dipped inside. Trish felt the dampness there.

Trish gently pulled her hand away. The unexpectedness of it had caused her to pull away, even though she found herself excited by the contact. Why was she getting excited at touching another girl’s pussy? She felt her cheeks burning as she studied her hand and the drop of glistening liquid that was on the tip of her middle finger.

She watched as Monica pulled up her panties and slipped on a nightshirt. Why did Monica want her to touch her pussy? Trish’s head was swimming, and she noticed that Monica was now staring at her. She jumped when Monica touched her shoulder.

“Are you okay?” Monica asked.


“I’m sorry if I freaked you out. I was just… well…”

“No. It’s okay. Really. It was kinda nice,” Trish sputtered, feeling her cheeks burn again. “We better get to sleep.”

“Sure. But, you’re sure you’re okay?” Monica said, crawling into her bed.

“Yeah. Fine.”

“Okay then. Night.”

“Night,” Trish said as Monica turned off the bedside lamp.

Trish lay motionless under the covers. She stared up at the darkened ceiling thinking about what had happened. She had touched Monica’s boobs and pussy, and it had made her feel all tingly inside. She had told Monica that she liked it when she rubbed her pussy. Did she really mean that? She thought about it more, remembering the locker room and communal shower at the public pool. Trish thought about all the naked woman and girls and the stolen glances she had secretly enjoyed.

The veils of sleep were beginning to claim her. Off to her left, a sound kept pulling her back. It was a rhythmic sound, like something rubbing against the material. Trish woke more and listened carefully. Yes, that’s what it was. But there was also breathing, Monica’s, of course, but it sounded rapid, labored even. Then Monica whimpered.

Curious, Trish quietly rolled to her side facing in Monica’s direction and squinted at the shadows. It took a couple of moments for her eyes to adjust to the dark. With the ambient light from the street splitting the shadows just enough, Trish could make out the scene before her. Monica was on her belly. Bedsheets pushed off and a pillow between her legs. The older girl’s hips rocked back and forth, thrusting her pelvis into the pillow.

Trish watched, fascinated but not understanding what her step-sister was doing. She could easily hear Monica’s breathing and soft moans. She heard Monica curse as she humped the pillow faster, then after a few more moments Monica’s body stilled, and she buried her face in the other pillow beneath her head. Trish heard Monica’s muffled scream.

Monica appeared to relax then, and her breathing slowed to normal. Trish continued to watch until Monica finally pulled the pillow from between her legs and covered herself with the bed sheets. Soon, the older girl drifted off to sleep and all Trish could hear was the steady rhythm of her breathing. She too, closed her eyes, not sure what she had just witnessed, but it sure looked like Monica had enjoyed it. She would have to ask her about it tomorrow.

On to Chapter Two!


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  1. sue says:

    So great to have you back with a new story, Amanda Lynn. We loved the first chapter and looking forward to the next.

    Kim and Sue

  2. No One says:

    A new Amanda Lynn story! I didn’t know this was happening!

    This is a promising start. I suspect young Trish will have an enlightening spring break! Looking forward to what happens next chapter.

    Can you confirm the character’s ages? By what was said about past events, I’m guessing Trish is now 11, and Monica 12?

  3. Obsessive Imaginings says:

    Why do I feel this story requires a flashback or prequel to what happened on the plane?

  4. JetBoy says:

    As invaluable as Amanda Lynn is to this site — believe me, we’d be lost without her to keep things chugging along — an unfortunate by-product of the hard work she does is that it’s taken away from time she could be using to create beautiful new stories for Juicy Secrets.

    Or so I thought. Turns out that she’s been working beneath the radar to write something new for us… which, I’m sure you’ll all agree, is grounds for celebration. Especially when the story begins as enticingly as this.

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    What a beautiful beginning, Amanda!…as the previous readers have said: it’s so good to read, you’re back writing for JS!!!
    So far this chapter is wonderful. The experience of the airport reunion and then the dinner, with Trish grappling with the “tingles” that happened between her and Monica, her observations of her step sis’ cute ass, and then as [they] readied for bed, the totally exciting revelations she seen and felt as Monica literally took her by the hand, exploring her sweet young body…Mmm!, what magical moments! so well written!

    Thank you, Amanda Lynn, for this great new trilogy of blossoming young girl’s pleasures! And welcome back!


  6. sapphmore says:

    It’s great to have Amanda Lynn back on the creative side, and with a story that promises juicy storylines. When I saw the accompanying photo of the young girl with a stewardess before I read the story, my mind immediately jumped to a film I saw on TV at Christmas. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I have a penchant for made-for-TV Saturday afternoon schmaltzy family movies, especially at Christmas (a leftover from boyhood when I watched them with my mum). The film also had a young girl with a stewardess (who eventually ended up with the single father of course). I suspect a lot of readers will already be making up somewhat different scenarios on reading this first chapter.

    Welcome back A-L


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    Great start to what I am sure will be a truly erotic story. Great to have you back Amanda writing erotica, you are amazing. Looking forward to future chapters.

  9. Amanda Lynn says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. They give me motivation as I continue on with Book 2 and 3.

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    I was totally drawn in to the story, like I was Monica. When I got to the end I was craving for the next chapter.

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    Love the story so far… i so love the description of conflict and confusion about “big girl feelings” when you’re still little… it takes me back to when I was conflicted and confused… thank you for sharing xxxx

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    Inspired by Jetboy’s words, I will comment on this lovely story. It is a while since we have commented, and indeed a little while since I personally have been here, but this was so worth coming back for Amanda (not quite cumming , but maybe that will be chapter 2!!!).
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