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Here at Juicy Secrets, we strive for the highest quality erotica. The three founding members of this site — Cheryl Taggert, JetBoy, and Naughty Mommy — were determined not to include anything but what they considered the finest of efforts. Some of the names may have changed but our commitment to outstanding lesbian erotica holds true.  When you are published here, you will know you have impressed a trio of writers who have been working successfully in the field for a number of years.

If you wish to offer a story to us, please follow these Submission Guidelines:

  1. We ask that you submit stories through email. For a first-time submission by you, please put the first part/chapter of your story (or the entire text if it is a “stand-alone” story) in the body of an email, not as an attachment. If we want to see more (a good thing!), we will ask for it. Our submission email address is [email protected]. We check this mailbox frequently, but please be patient if you do not receive a response right away because we will have to discuss the submission first. One of us will email you when we find you have submitted a story for consideration so you’ll know we’ve received it.
  2. Before submitting anything to us, we strongly recommend that you peruse several of our published stories to see the kind of erotica we accept. Specifically, we are NOT interested in stories that contain any of the following:
    1. Scat, more than mild bestiality, or a story with a large focus being what is euphemistically termed “water sports.”
    2. One character forcing or coercing another into sex in such a way that the sexual advances are clearly unwanted (i.e., rape). This includes blackmailing someone into sex.
    3. A character being molested, as in physical touching where there is a lack of consent. (There is a fine line here, of course. For example, if two characters are sexually involved, some touching, etc., when one character is asleep is fine, but if the character being touched has not given consent to being touched by the other person, that’s molestation.) Essentially, if sexual contact is non-consensual, we won’t be publishing it.
    4. A character shown experiencing unwanted physical pain and/or severe degradation with the intent of titillating the reader. Obviously characters can have bad things happen to them, but not if the author means for us to enjoy it.
    5. Any other sexual contact that might be deemed “creepy” by the owners/editors of the Juicy Secrets website. (Yes, we know that’s very subjective, but it’s our site and we make the rules.)
  3. Male characters are acceptable, but only in a very limited role when it comes to sex. This is not a hetero-sex site. Look around. Juicy Secrets is for lesbian fiction, with a particular emphasis on woman/girl relationships and lesbian incest. Sex between a man and woman is okay as long as it is not the focus of the story and is important to what is the focus, the Ff sex. For an example of this, see the end of chapter 4 and the beginning of chapter 5 of Nanny for a Night.
  4. Stories may be any length, but keep in mind that the more detailed the story, the better it is — at least to a point. Leaving too much to the readers’ imaginations in stories such as these can result in a dissatisfied reader, and doing it well is extremely difficult. Just ask JetBoy about how hard it was to write a story like “Welcome Home, Sweetheart.” And that one didn’t lack details exactly, just the other side of the conversation. On the other hand, too much detail can bog the story down, sacrificing plot for details that are better left out. It’s a delicate balance.
  5. Any submitted story MUST be accepted by all three of the owners of this site for it to be published. Each of us has veto power over including a story. We aren’t being “snooty,” just choosy. It is our goal to become known as the best site on the Internet for our type of fiction. (A special, hopefully temporary, note here: while Naughty Mommy is on hiatus from the site for personal reasons, Cheryl and JetBoy have veto power. When Naughty Mommy returns, she will again exercise her portion of editorial control over submissions. Others who are helping with the site have input but do not make final decisions on acceptance or rejection of a story.)
  6. While we know you’re hoping for your story to be accepted, please be willing to have a story rejected if you send one or more in. We will be polite if we reject a story; please reciprocate with politeness when following up on any correspondence. We are aware that rejection can cause hurt feelings, and we will do our best to be careful of your feelings. But we will accept your story only if it is well-written overall and not simply because it contains a hot scene or two.
  7. We reserve the right to correct a few obvious typographical errors; however, we will not act as editors of your story, meaning we will not alter the story or “clean it up” to match our own ideas, nor will we make numerous corrections to spelling, grammar, syntax, etc. It is your story, so PLEASE do your own proofreading. Too many errors make for a sloppily written story and will result in rejection of the story even if it would otherwise be very good. If you don’t care that your story is not as good as you can make it, why should we take the time and effort to make suggestions, post, and highlight it on the website? If one of us does make a personal decision to act as your editor, we will work that out at the time. While there is no fee involved, there is a great deal that must be understood prior to our accepting that job.
  8. If you would like feedback on how your writing can be improved, feel free to request that. Our input can either be brief, e.g., “Work on developing characters who feel genuine to the reader,” or it might be detailed, depending on how much time we have to work with you. It will be up to you whether or not you wish to implement any of what we propose. Keep in mind that we often provide each other suggestions for our stories with the aim of making constant improvement. There is a blog entry here where you can see an example of that.
  9. If we decide to publish your story, you are allowed to choose a photograph to accompany it, if you so desire. However, we ask that you select your image carefully. No pictures are permitted that feature underage girls in the nude, or depict (or even strongly suggest) underage girls having sex — whether with another girl, an adult, or her fingers. (Having seen sites like ours get shut down by The Man because of risky content, we wish to avoid a similar fate.) On the other hand, drawings and illustrations of any kind are permitted.
  10. Once a story is accepted, it will appear on the website under the heading of “Guest Authors” with your name as the author. It will also be advertised on our home page to attract readers. Please use whatever name you wish to use for authorship in all correspondence. We will do our best to post the story as soon as we can after we accept it, depending on where we are in our posting schedule.

With all this in mind, if you believe you have something of high quality to offer us, we would be glad to consider it. Good luck, and happy writing!

11 Comments on Submit a Story

  1. karen says:

    Will you accept stories that include Male characters as well? I used to have nearly 40k followers on instagram and almost a thousand on Wattpad before having both accounts deleted

    • Thanks for the question, Karen. Take a look at #3 above, where it says: “Male characters are acceptable, but only in a very limited role when it comes to sex. This is not a hetero-sex site.”

      If you think some of your stories still might meet our guidelines, feel free to submit them as directed.

  2. CINDY says:

    Is the lesbian lolita site still around?

  3. Tanya says:

    At a conceptual level, does BDSM (light, playful, consensual) fall within the “creepy” category? I am working on a story that I would like to submit, but I don’t want to move in a direction that is likely to be unacceptable.

    • Julie18 (below) is correct. Juicy Secrets would have no problem considering a submission that includes light, consensual BDSM. Where we draw the line is if things get into an area described in point 2d of our Guidelines. We look forward to seeing something from you, Tanya! 🙂

  4. Julie18 says:

    I certainly can’t speak for the admin but I don’t think that would be creepy. As long as it is consensual and lite, even moderate why not :-).
    Recently I’ve read some things that have me wondering if there isn’t some small submissive side of me. Can’t wait to read your story

  5. Myka says:

    Personally I stop reading at a hint of something I don’t like e.g. BDSM but, that is me, I say each to their own and it is all fantasy. Perhaps a code be shown in the introduction like Leslita? E.g. Fff bdsm etc. … just a thought.

  6. kelli lake says:

    do you know how to acess Ebo’s site, Black Lingerie?

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