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By Alison Wheatcroft –

Innocence and Nature, 2 parts so far
A teenage girl and an 8-year-old girl learn from each other about life, friendship, and sex.

By Amanda –

Revolutionettes, 18 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
In a time of historic political revolution, a sexual revolution also was occurring, the liberation of lesbian desires.

By Amanda Lynn –

A Girl Named Charlie, 9 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Unexpected discoveries, unexpected encounters, and unexpected love between girls and women.

The Holly and the Ivy, 5 chapters
Dealing with bitter disappointment, a young woman finds that fate has some lovely surprises in store for her.

Jeannie and the Bottle, 5 chapters
Women enjoying each other’s bodies, fulfilling their hottest fantasies… some of this happened in real life, but how much?

Lessons Learned, 4 chapters
Is Jessica’s beautiful blonde high school history teacher really flirting with her, or is she only imagining that?

Moonlight Desires, 2 parts
A teenage girl has an unusual fascination with the moon, a sexual obsession.

Piper’s Mom, 14 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Stephanie has a little girl called Piper, and Piper has a teenage babysitter named Amber. Soon the fun will begin.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Spending Spring Break with her dad and his new family, 11-year-old Trish learns fun, new ways to spend her time with the help of her Step-sister.

She was like a little sister; until she became more.

By cs.unwin –

Falling for Fiona, 2 parts
A 12-year-old girl caught in the rain accepts a ride from the new neighbor, a woman from the big city with some very interesting ideas.

Three Girls in a Tent
A pair of 12-year-old girls on a summer campout receive an unexpected visitor and enjoy some sexy fun.

By eloquent delinquent –

Bad Like Me, 8 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Shy, repressed Charlotte secretly explores the pleasures and perils of her budding sexuality, with help from a surprisingly free-spirited new partner.

Scouting for Girls, 8 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The story of ten-year-old Nicole and her adventures with the Forest Girl Explorer Scouts, where she learns about much more than selling cookies.

Sexy Stepsister Spy, 2 parts
Mina and Kristin’s new life as stepsisters leads to closeness, frustration, crushing, peeping, and forbidden delights.

By Girl Lover –

Alice in Wonderland, 4 chapters so far
Is the old house haunted? Or full of stranger spirits?

Caring for Molly, 4 chapters
Looking to earn some money, a teenager agrees to work after school, taking care of a disabled girl.

Darkness Falls, 4 chapters
A lonely young woman meets an equally lonely young girl, except… who and what is this girl, really?

Married With Children, 4 chapters.
A chance meeting at the local pool and a single mother is fascinated by her daughter’s young friend’s beautiful eyes.

Ultimate Surrender, 12 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A story about the attraction between tough lesbian biker chicks and innocent little girls.

An Unlikely Romance  5 chapters
Ten-year-old Akiko starts at a new school and everything seems wonderful, but as Akiko comes to grips with the fact she is attracted to the head cheerleader, her feelings are revealed to other girls, who make life miserable for the young girl.

By Jeneee –

Teaching Tammie, 2 parts
A young lesbian mother and her lover are caught in the act by her very curious seven-year-old daughter.

By Jojo Starr –

Daria’s Dreams, 5 chapters
Daria has a repetitive dream which is exciting, intriguing and then frightening.

By J.R. Hartley –

Merging, 7 chapters so far, more to come
Clair’s visit to her new friend Leia’s home leads to a confession and a great deal more!

By KaiaKitty –

The Dream Book
While writing in her diary, a girl experiences a magical encounter with a woman from another world — where things are very different from ours.

In My Room
A little girl dreams about her fairy mother.
      Read the companion piece to this story — In Her Room

By Karen Cypher –

The Bus
A young woman enjoys an erotic encounter with a stranger.

Impossible Moments, 2 parts
Crossing boundaries, breaking taboos, to satisfy a mutual desire and share a deep love.

Short Ride
Samantha takes a ride on the train, only to discover her secret wish.

By Keiko –

Who is Teaching Who?
An experienced teacher, now a tutor, finds her beautiful young student is in charge.

By Kelly Ann –

Mommy’s Lip Gloss
Kelly’s mom wears a lip gloss that has a very distinctive taste.

By Lily –

Dana’s Crush
Fifteen-year-old Dana has been secretly in love with the single mother next door for years… and on one magical night, she gets the opportunity to make her fantasy real.

By Misty Meadow –

Au Pair, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Desperate to find somewhere she can afford to live in London, a young lesbian accepts a live-in job looking after a preteen girl — and her life soon gets complicated in a big way.

Dancing for Miss Darling
Desperately in love with her gym teacher, twelve-year-old Misty decides to seduce her with an erotic dance.

My Amazing Mum, 6 parts
I love my mum in ways a daughter isn’t really supposed to. Now, finally, Mum might be ready to love me the same way… and I can be a lesbian for real!

My China Doll
A young girl presents a beautiful gift to her mother.

My Daughter’s Secrets, 3 parts
When a lesbian mother accidentally finds her preteen daughter’s diary, she is unable to resist the urge to peek inside — and what she finds there will change their relationship in some very startling ways.

Point of View, 2 parts
A lesbian exhibitionist discovers that the little girl just across the way from her flat has tastes very similar to her own.

Talking to My Daughter
Mommy has some delightful and very wicked ideas she wants to explore when her little girl gets home from school.

Three Little Girls in a Tree
On her way home from school, an 11-year-old finds a lovely surprise awaiting her while walking through the woods.

Titty’s a Naughty Girl
Titania is a lewd, wicked, naughty eleven-year-old lesbian… and her aunt couldn’t be any happier about that!

By Mommy Janice –

A Mother/Daughter Journey, 4 chapters so far
A story about the growing intimacy between single mom Janice and her little girl, Angie.

By No One –

Happenstance, 6 chapters
After being prompted by a stranger online, two young girls try kissing each other.

Idol, 3 parts
Nine-year-old Zoe is obsessed with pop star Shana Belle. When she wins a contest to spend a day with her idol, Zoe will discover that Shana has a very special, very exciting secret.

A New Hope, 2 parts
Emilia is a lesbian of sixteen who has yet to do more than kiss a girl. But when she babysits eleven-year-old Stella, Emilia is startled to learn that the adorable young girl is experienced in some very intriguing ways — and eager to share what she knows.

Remnants, 3 parts
Many years in the future, scavenger Rain finds an artifact, one with the potential to give her limitless pleasure.

Unexpected Delights, 10 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twelve-year-old Chloe has a hopeless crush on her best friend’s big sister Nettie. Little does she know that Nettie has noticed her interest, and isn’t at all bothered by it.

By Openmindedwoman –

How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, 12 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Casual, intimate nudity leads to more… much more.

By Pretty Pink Taco –

Arizona Nights, 2 chapters so far
Ten-year-old Isabel is confused: Why does her big sister Adriana seem to hate her as a younger sibling, yet also want her as a lover?

By Purple Les –

Adventure of the Amazing Invisible Girl: A Bedtime Story, 2 parts
When little Alice convinces herself that she can vanish at will, it leads to the kind of naughty fun that few girls of six ever get to enjoy.

My Family, Friends, and Sex, 33 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The exciting sexual adventures of a young curious girl.

Tears of the Sun, 13 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
After routing a gang of outlaws, the female Texas Ranger known as The Tequila Kid finds a lost little girl in the badlands. Could this child have some connection to the murders The Kid is working to solve?

By Rachael Yukey –

Pages from a Diary, 17 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A lonely Grade Five girl forms a friendship and begins to realise just how different she is.

By Sammy –

Creative Writing
As a home-school assignment, a teenage girl writes a “personal essay” about her very special intimate relationship with her teacher, who also happens to be her mother.

Pixie in Pink, 4 chapters
Memories of child-raising, laundry sniffing, lesbian lust and mother-daughter love.

Redesign for Living, 3 parts
It’s not easy for a mom to raise a young daughter who’s a movie star – and the object of her sexual fantasies!

By Sapphmore –

Ripples, 23 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Two years after her divorce, single mother Jessica begins to explore love and sex once more. This will lead her into some very wild, very kinky territory, with her family and friends coming along for the ride.

By Sunnybunny –

A Young Desert Rose, 13 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
While driving aimlessly through the wide open spaces, a woman encounters a flirtatious young girl.

Spa Day, 2 parts
A woman visits a very special spa with her wealthy female boss. Will the visit change her life?

By Tommy X –

Her Sister, Her Mentor, 4 chapters so far, more to come!
A tale of sisters at school, learning things outside the standard curriculum.

By Unfastened Belts –

Bo and Me, 8 chapters so far (see Chapter Links for descriptions) — more to come!
The story of a teenage girl who falls in love with her little sister.

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    Barry in Canada

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