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By 3 Fingers Neat –

A Mother’s Plea, 5 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Kim is a closeted fifth-grade teacher with a hopeless attraction to one of her students, an eleven-year-old named Chelsea. She assumes that nothing will ever come of her secret longing, so it’s something of a shock when the girl’s mother comes to her one day with a very unorthodox request…

By Allison Collier –

Sisters Do What Sisters Do,
If you heard the little knock on your door and she asked you, what would you do? You know. You’d do what sisters do.

By Alison Wheatcroft –

Innocence and Nature, 2 parts so far
A teenage girl and an 8-year-old girl learn from each other about life, friendship, and sex.

By Amanda –

Revolutionettes, 18 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
In a time of historic political revolution, a sexual revolution also was occurring, the liberation of lesbian desires.

By BabyKeiko –

The Corruption of Amy
A young mother explores dark, forbidden pleasures with Amy, her lover of fourteen.

Her True Self Discovery – 2 parts.
Darlene, a lesbian single mother struggling with a hidden obsession with young girls, accepts a dinner invitation from her friend Chrissy, who has a preteen daughter of her own. This evening will change Darlene’s life in a big way.

Who is Teaching Who?
An experienced teacher, now a tutor, finds her beautiful young student is in charge.

By Biker Guy –

Wild West, 2 parts so far.
When twelve-year-old Allison loses her parents in a twister, a passing female cowboy named CJ offers help, friendship and more.

By BlueJean –

The Beekeeper’s Daughters, 10 chapters. (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A mysterious forest spirit and an awakening interest in their bodies will unite two little girls with their mother in a beautiful, magical way.

Selkie Days, 5 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Eleven-year-old Hailey is sent to stay with her aunt and uncle for a few weeks in their seaside town. There, she will embark on an incredible personal adventure involving folklore, magic, and her ripening sexuality.

By C. Cat –

The Latchmore Fairies, 11 chapters
Single mother Amanda and her eleven-year-old daughter Katie find new love when a beloved garden estate offers Katie the opportunity to become one of their fairies, whose duty and privilege it is to shower affection on other little girls who visit… as well as a few lucky grown women.

By Christoff –

The Tutor
Emily is a young woman stuck in her mum’s home during the pandemic — and bored silly. When she gets a job tutoring her neighbor’s twelve-year-old daughter, Emily is surprised to discover that Hannah is no longer the scrawny little kid she remembers.

By cs.unwin –

Falling for Fiona, 2 parts
A 12-year-old girl caught in the rain accepts a ride from the new neighbor, a woman from the big city with some very interesting ideas.

Three Girls in a Tent
A pair of 12-year-old girls on a summer campout receive an unexpected visitor and enjoy some sexy fun.

By eloquent delinquent –

Bad Like Me, 8 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Shy, repressed Charlotte secretly explores the pleasures and perils of her budding sexuality, with help from a surprisingly free-spirited new partner.

Just This Once
When Sharon’s masturbation session during bath time gets interrupted by her eight-year-old daughter Hayley, she hesitantly allows the child to join her in the tub. Things happen.

Scouting for Girls, 8 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The story of ten-year-old Nicole and her adventures with the Forest Girl Explorer Scouts, where she learns about much more than selling cookies.

Sexy Stepsister Spy, 2 parts
Mina and Kristin’s new life as stepsisters leads to closeness, frustration, crushing, peeping, and forbidden delights.

By Girl Lover –

Alice in Wonderland, 4 chapters
Is the old house haunted? Or full of stranger spirits?

Birds in Flight, 10 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
When a popular cheerleader takes a bullied ten-year-old girl under her wing, it sets off a chain of events that will affect their lives in a big way.

Caring for Molly, 4 chapters
Looking to earn some money, a teenager agrees to work after school, taking care of a disabled girl.

Darkness Falls, 4 chapters
A lonely young woman meets an equally lonely young girl, except… who and what is this girl, really?

Married With Children, 4 chapters.
A chance meeting at the local pool and a single mother is fascinated by her daughter’s young friend’s beautiful eyes.

Ultimate Surrender, 12 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A story about the attraction between tough lesbian biker chicks and innocent little girls.

An Unlikely Romance  5 chapters
Ten-year-old Akiko starts at a new school and everything seems wonderful, but as Akiko comes to grips with the fact she is attracted to the head cheerleader, her feelings are revealed to other girls, who make life miserable for the young girl.

By Jacqueline Jillinghoff –

Blessed Sacrament, 3 parts.
Seventh-grader Barbara is experiencing strange, confusing feelings for her teacher, Sister Katherine… feelings that she is suddenly given the opportunity to explore.

Esther and the Enchanted Egg
A young girl named Esther prefers to live her life completely naked. One day, she lends a helping hand to a mysterious old woman, and is rewarded with the gift of an object that possesses some very magical powers.

Floor Show, 2 parts.
Vickie is fascinated by her ten-year-old daughter’s new friend Kimberly, especially when she discovers that the girls are more than just friends.

The Little Prisoner
In which a college-age lesbian discovers that the ten-year-old daughter of her older lover has a very strange, very exciting fetish that she needs help to explore.

Mortification of the Flesh
When a young girl in a Catholic school violates an important rule, Sister Lucretia is there to impose her very severe, very delicious form of discipline.

Suck Them Forever
Thirteen-year-old Stacy is an early developer who is sick of the kids at school hounding her about her breasts. Secretly, however, she wants them to be noticed, she wants them to be admired — and she wants them to be touched, as Cat, her little sister, discovers one memorable afternoon.

By JB West –

Greenfield Tales, 12 chapters. (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Six-year-old Katie gets a scare when her mother Kim falls and injures her head. A police officer named Deena responds to the emergency call and gives Katie a ride to the hospital. There, Deena meets Kim’s sister Rachel and her eight-year-old daughter Emily and quickly realizes that she feels a very intense attraction to the two little girls.

By Jeneee –

Teaching Tammie, 2 parts
A young lesbian mother and her lover are caught in the act by her very curious seven-year-old daughter.

By Joe Dornish –

Sweet Poppy, 21 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
A ten-year-old English girl named Poppy is about to embark on a sexual journey like no other, assisted by her own mother and many other women and girls. Join her for the ride, won’t you?

By Jojo Starr –

Daria’s Dreams, 5 chapters
Daria has a repetitive dream which is exciting, intriguing and then frightening.

By J.R. Hartley –

Merging, 7 chapters so far, more to come
Clair’s visit to her new friend Leia’s home leads to a confession and a great deal more!

By KaiaKitty –

The Dream Book
While writing in her diary, a girl experiences a magical encounter with a woman from another world — where things are very different from ours.

In My Room
A little girl dreams about her fairy mother.
      Read the companion piece to this story — In Her Room

By Karen Cypher –

The Bus
A young woman enjoys an erotic encounter with a stranger.

Impossible Moments, 2 parts
Crossing boundaries, breaking taboos, to satisfy a mutual desire and share a deep love.

Louise’s Portfolio,
Karin and her artistic young lover Louise encounter an even younger girl named Chantel at a gallery opening, where they school her in art… and more.

Short Ride
Samantha takes a ride on the train, only to discover her secret wish.

By Karin Halle –

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part One: Only One Wish
When a terminally ill girl of fourteen announces that she wants to experience sex before she dies, her mother struggles with the idea… then a solution unexpectedly presents itself.

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part Two: By Invitation Only, 2 chapters
After the loss of her daughter Larissa, Karin moves to a different town. There she makes a new friend: a single mother who gives the grieving Karin the chance to experience love again.

The Art of Love, The Love of Art, Part Three: Louise’s Portfolio,
Karin and her artistic young lover Louise encounter an even younger girl named Chantel at a gallery opening, where they school her in art… and more.

Connecting Flight
When stewardess Adeline meets an unhappy thirteen-year-old named Carolanne who has been left to fly on her own, she takes the girl under her wing. Later, she finds that Carolanne has a lovely way of expressing her gratitude.

Grace of the Lady Elgin, 3 parts
When fourteen-year-old Susannah Croft discovers a naked, unconscious young girl washed up on a beach, she brings her home, not knowing how this castaway will change everything — for herself, and her mother.

Not Like Other Girls, 3 parts
When fifteen-year-old Melody learns that her private parts have never fully developed and that her sex life may never be a normal one, she is devastated at first — then learns how much family and friends can help in times of personal crisis.

Season of Goodwill
Feeling sorry for her newly-divorced neighbor Anita, fourteen-year-old Josie gets permission to bring a Christmas feast over to her house. That day, Anita’s loneliness will become a thing of the past — and Josie will experience love for the first time.

Street Story
When Helen saves an underage prostitute from her vicious pimp, she offers the young girl a place to spend the night… a decision that will change both their lives.

When Fourteen is Eight, 3 parts
When Dana’s daughter Jolie was young, a head injury left her mental capacity stranded at the age of eight. Now she is six years older, beginning to experience strange feelings and sensations in her body. How will Dana help Jolie through this crucial phase of the child’s life?

By Kelly Ann –

Mommy’s Lip Gloss
Kelly’s mom wears a lip gloss that has a very distinctive taste.

By kinkychic –

Adventure in the Bush,  6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twenty-year-old Maddie decides to visit her birthplace in South Africa, accompanied by her younger sister (and secret lover) Lucy. It turns out to be quite the adventure.

A Bordello in New Orleans,  7 chapters
Frances is an eleven-year-old girl of mixed race who lives in New Orleans with her mother at the end of the 1700s, a time of considerable political turmoil. She is about to embark on a personal journey of a lifetime, one that will involve war, commerce, pleasure, and, ultimately, true love.

Captain Bren and the Royal Siren, 9 Chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The saga of female pirate Captain Bren, her lover Marianna, and her band of pirates resumes.

Like a Ghost in the Night,
Thirteen-year-old Lian is receiving strange visitations in the depth of the night from… well, she’s not sure. It’s female, with long hair, and is causing Lian to see her best friend Rosie in a whole new way.

My Sister’s Trap,
After Becky enjoys an afternoon of illicit pleasure with her seductive twelve-year-old niece Jess, her younger sister Lucy finds out — and uses this information to blackmail Becky into giving her some of what Jess got.

My Weekend Awakening (And What it Led To),  5 parts
The story of a teenage girl with a love for motorcycles: how she discovers her sexuality, explores her newfound knowledge, has some very wild times and eventually finds true love… in a place she’d never thought of looking.

Queen of the Pirates,  7 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The sea saga of a young girl named Bren and her life on a pirate ship, loving beautiful girls and women along the way.

Ripe for the Picking,
A young girl on a berry-picking expedition makes a new friend — and finds herself hoping their friendship might become something more.

The Secret Passage,
Upon moving to a new home in the country, thirteen-year-old Bee stumbles upon a mysterious magic that lurks there, intent upon showing the young girl the pleasures just waiting to be discovered in her ripening body.

By Kinkys_sis –

Adventure in the Bush,  6 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twenty-year-old Maddie decides to visit her birthplace in South Africa, accompanied by her younger sister (and secret lover) Lucy. It turns out to be quite the adventure.

Alison’s Adventures – The Beach,
A middle-aged woman is rescued from a frustrating day when she meets and gets to know a gorgeous and very bold girl of thirteen.

Beautiful Evelyn, Beautiful Bee,  3 parts
A teenage girl finds herself attracted to a painfully shy girl of eleven and decides to do something about it.

Bella Donna, The Little Witch,
After she falls down a steep hill while jogging, Liz is taken in, cared for, and more by a gypsy family with a very special little girl.

Captain Bren and the Royal Siren, 9 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The saga of female pirate Captain Bren, her lover Marianna, and her band of pirates resumes.

A Girl in the Night,
Sonya, a teenage girl, encounters a homeless fourteen-year-old Ukrainian refugee named Erica in a local park. Moved by Erica’s story, she takes the girl home, where Sonya’s mom insists she stay rather than return to the street. Soon, Sonya and Erica will become friends… then more.

Like a Ghost in the Night,
Thirteen-year-old Lian is receiving strange visitations in the depth of the night from… well, she’s not sure. It’s female, with long hair, and is causing Lian to see her best friend Rosie in a whole new way.

My Sister’s Trap,
After Becky enjoys an afternoon of illicit pleasure with her seductive twelve-year-old niece Jess, her younger sister Lucy finds out — and uses this information to blackmail Becky into giving her some of what Jess got.

A Pair of Blue Panties,
Thirteen-year-old Bee is enthralled by a younger girl named Rose after getting a glimpse under her skirt.

Queen of the Pirates,  7 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The sea saga of a young girl named Bren and her life on a pirate ship, loving beautiful girls and women along the way.

The Teacher’s Forbidden Love,
A lesbian teacher becomes obsessed with a twelve-year-old girl in her English class, one who longs to be a writer and needs a little extra help. Will their lessons bring them especially close?

By Lily –

Dana’s Crush
Fifteen-year-old Dana has been secretly in love with the single mother next door for years… and on one magical night, she gets the opportunity to make her fantasy real.

By Misty Meadow –

Au Pair, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Desperate to find somewhere she can afford to live in London, a young lesbian accepts a live-in job looking after a preteen girl — and her life soon gets complicated in a big way.

Dancing for Miss Darling
Desperately in love with her gym teacher, twelve-year-old Misty decides to seduce her with an erotic dance.

My Amazing Mum, 6 parts
I love my mum in ways a daughter isn’t really supposed to. Now, finally, Mum might be ready to love me the same way… and I can be a lesbian for real!

My China Doll
A young girl presents a beautiful gift to her mother.

My Daughter’s Secrets, 3 parts
When a lesbian mother accidentally finds her preteen daughter’s diary, she is unable to resist the urge to peek inside — and what she finds there will change their relationship in some very startling ways.

Point of View, 2 parts
A lesbian exhibitionist discovers that the little girl just across the way from her flat has tastes very similar to her own.

Talking to My Daughter
Mommy has some delightful and very wicked ideas she wants to explore when her little girl gets home from school.

Three Little Girls in a Tree
On her way home from school, an 11-year-old finds a lovely surprise awaiting her while walking through the woods.

Titty’s a Naughty Girl
Titania is a lewd, wicked, naughty eleven-year-old lesbian… and her aunt couldn’t be any happier about that!

By Mommy Janice –

A Mother/Daughter Journey, 4 chapters so far
A story about the growing intimacy between single mom Janice and her little girl, Angie.

By No One –

Happenstance, 6 chapters
After being prompted by a stranger online, two young girls try kissing each other, leading to big changes in their lives.

Ice and Fire, 3 parts
Nerdy teen Riley has quite a shock when the last person she’d expect asks her out at school. She’d not even into girls but… still, why not accept a date with her and see how things go?

Idol, 3 parts
Nine-year-old Zoe has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet her idol, pop star Shana Belle, which just might lead to some very surprising discoveries.

Idol II, 4 parts
A year after her first encounter with now 10-year-old Zoe, pop star Shana Belle is on tour again, and performing a gig in Zoe’s hometown. They make plans to get together again — only this time, Zoe has a special treat in store for her idol.

The New Girl, 2 parts
When obliged to invite a new student from school to her sleepover, thirteen-year-old River worries that the presence of Alyssa, a girl she barely knows, will put a damper on an evening of sexy fun with her best girlfriends. However, there’s much more to this new girl than meets the eye…

A New Hope, 2 parts
Emilia is a lonely lesbian of sixteen who has yet to do more than kiss a girl. But when she babysits eleven-year-old Stella, what should have been a typical babysitting job turns into way more than she bargained for.

Remnants, 3 parts
Many years in the future, scavenger Rain makes an astonishing discovery, and perhaps a new friend, while exploring ancient ruins.

Unexpected Delights, 10 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Twelve-year-old Chloe has a hopeless crush on her best friend’s big sister Nettie. Unfortunately, surely a teenager would have no interest in her… or does she?

By Openmindedwoman –

How My Niece Juli Came To Be My Vixen, 12 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Casual, intimate nudity leads to more… much more.

By Pretty Pink Taco –

Arizona Nights, 2 chapters so far
Ten-year-old Isabel is confused: Why does her big sister Adriana seem to hate her as a younger sibling, yet also want her as a lover?

By Purple Les –

Adventure of the Amazing Invisible Girl: A Bedtime Story, 2 parts
When little Alice convinces herself that she can vanish at will, it leads to the kind of naughty fun that few girls of six ever get to enjoy.

Knuckle Ridge, 9 chapters.  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Returning from her travels (as described in “Tears of the Sun”) The Tequila Kid stumbles into a whole new adventure — one filled with danger, seduction, and sex.

My Family, Friends, and Sex, 33 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
The exciting sexual adventures of a young curious girl.

Stranger in the Family, 4 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
When eleven-year-old Kelly ends up with total amnesia after she is struck by lightning, her personality changes in some truly startling ways. Her family is startled at first, but Kelly eventually manages to draw them and their neighbors into her way of thinking.

Tears of the Sun, 13 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
After routing a gang of outlaws, the female Texas Ranger known as The Tequila Kid finds a lost little girl in the badlands. Could this child have some connection to the murders The Kid is working to solve?

By Rachael Yukey –

Pages from a Diary, 14 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Mallory, a bright but lonely Christian girl of eleven, gets to know a girl named Julie. Their friendship will turn Mallory’s life upside down in unexpected and very exciting ways. 

Strange Brew, 23 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Nettie Hastings is a paramedic struggling with her secret attraction to underage girls, as well as a traumatic past that haunts her dreams. Now a new, mysterious drug is sending young locals to the emergency room in the small town where she works. It’s a lot for one woman to deal with…

By Rosey M –

Ashely’s Love, Book One, 7 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Sisters Ashley and Rhonda have a long, complicated history as sisters… sometimes, more than sisters. Can they overcome a troublesome home life to find shared happiness? This is their story.

What’s With That Girl?
Every day, Robyn and her seventh-grade friends have to put up with constant flirting from their openly gay classmate Sarah. It’s awkward and embarrassing… but why does Robyn keep thinking about her?

By Sammy –

Creative Writing
As a home-school assignment, a teenage girl writes a “personal essay” about her very special intimate relationship with her teacher, who also happens to be her mother.

Pixie in Pink, 4 chapters
Memories of child-raising, laundry sniffing, lesbian lust and mother-daughter love.

Redesign for Living, 3 parts
It’s not easy for a mom to raise a young daughter who’s a movie star – and the object of her sexual fantasies!

By Sapphmore –

Ripples, 37 chapters so far  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
Two years after her divorce, single mother Jessica begins to explore love and sex once more. This will lead her into some very wild, very kinky territory, with her family and friends coming along for the ride.

By Shy Mom –

Evelyn and the Mermaid,
A mermaid shares love with a little girl.

Sheltering, 8 chapters (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
When a single mother of two little girls gets interrupted by the youngest while masturbating, she decides to turn an awkward moment into a learning experience… one that leads to Mommy learning a few new things herself.

By Sunnybunny –

A Young Desert Rose, 17 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)
While driving aimlessly through the wide-open spaces, a woman encounters a flirtatious young girl.

Spa Day, 2 parts
A woman visits a very special spa with her wealthy female boss. Will the visit change her life?

By Tommy X –

Her Sister, Her Mentor, 4 chapters so far, more to come!
A tale of sisters at school, learning things outside the standard curriculum.

By Unfastened Belts –

Bo and Me, 8 chapters so far (see Chapter Links for descriptions) — more to come!
The story of a teenage girl who falls in love with her little sister.

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    One of the best authors on this site was Barby Doll but I can’t find her stories anymore. Why can’t I access
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    Barry in Canada

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    I don’t ever recall seeing a Baby Doll, but we do have a Barbie Doll indexed. Maybe JetBoy knows since he’s been here since day one.

  3. VerityVioletViola says:

    Unfortunately, the link to one of the stories here, “Evelyn and the Mermaid” seems to be broken–it just directs to the first chapter of “Sheltering”, the other story by that author listed. It’s too bad, that premise is very intriguing to say the least, and I’d love to read it if the link can be fixed.

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      Dear VerityVioletViola ( try saying that 3 time fast!) 🙂

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      Thanks for letting us know. The link has been fixed. 🙂

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