Like a Ghost in the Night

  • Posted on May 31, 2023 at 2:50 pm

by kinkys_sis and kinkychic

I felt the caress on my breasts, the soft breath on my pussy. I was in heaven, with strange, wonderful feelings taking me to a place I had never been.

My eyelids fluttered open, but I didn’t want to be awake. I didn’t want the dream to stop.

In the grey predawn I saw … what? A dissipating mist, or so I imagined. For a moment, I was scared. Someone was there, or had been there, but I looked around and there was no one. It must have been a trick of the morning light, or perhaps the remnants of my dream.

And the dream – my God. It was still vivid in my mind, and the tingling was still surging through my veins. This was a new feeling I didn’t understand.

With a shock, I saw I was naked. My nipples were so stiff they nearly hurt. My pussy felt alive, begging me to play with it. It had only been very recently that I had found out how good it felt to touch myself there. But it had only been a pleasant sort of touch that left me feeling empty and frustrated, with a need for something more. What that something was, I didn’t know.

Tentatively, I reached between my legs. Shit! I was leaking. It was everywhere, a sticky, warm mess. I hadn’t peed, and it wasn’t red, but I could smell it – a strange new smell I couldn’t describe, but kind of exciting and … and what? It must have been what they call erotic.

I lay back, half frightened, half excited. Something had happened to me, but whatever it was, I realised it wasn’t finished. My pussy was almost speaking to me: “Touch me. Play with me.”

My hand found its way back between my legs. Slowly, I caressed the swollen lips. It didn’t help. My frustration built. I didn’t know what to do. Then the alarm clock went off, and it was time to get ready for school.


Rosie and I had been buddies for as long as I could remember. We could talk about anything and know it would stay just between us.

“This is kinda personal,” I said. “If you don’t wanna talk about it, okay.”

“Sounds like heavy stuff,” she replied. “Go ahead.”

“Do you … do you touch yourself? You know, between your legs, I mean.”

“Fuck! Is that all? Shit, yeah. Wait – you mean you don’t?”

For the first time ever in Rosie’s company, I felt awkward. “A little,” I said, “but I just started, and it’s nice, but I feel like I’m missing something.” Then I told her about my dream, and what happened when I woke up.

She clearly gave it some serious thought, and then she said, “We never talked about this before, did we? I s’pose I took it for granted that you do the same as me. Like, I thought all girls do. But what you’re saying is you never had a come yet. So I guess your dream is your frustrations building up. Your body is telling you something here, buddy.”

“I’ve heard girls talk about coming, but I don’t know what they mean. I just pretend I do. Am I stupid or something?”

She looked at me, the way good friends do. “Lian, you know you’re not stupid. I guess that with not having a big sister, you’ve got nobody to tell you stuff. We gotta go now or we’ll be in the shit, but we’ll talk later, okay?”

It was like a weight lifting off me. I knew Rosie would tell me what I needed to know.

I didn’t see her after school, though, because our shit of a math teacher gave me detention. She was long gone when I got out. I was in a bad mood, and not really surprised when mum told me to bugger off to my room.

It was while I was getting ready for bed that I stopped to think. I looked at my top and shorts that I always wore to sleep. How had I woken up naked this morning? I couldn’t remember taking my things off, and it certainly hadn’t ever happened before.

I was tired and wanted to sleep, but felt … what? A sort of itch down there. I didn’t want to touch it because I knew it wouldn’t get me anywhere, and besides, I was still feeling cross with the world. So I just curled up and tried to sleep.


It was hair – long hair tickling my chest, swishing softly across my tits. Then I felt a pair of lips, barely touching my skin. I could even feel the wetness that the tongue left as it slowly circled my nipples.

Oh, please, don’t stop. It’s so beautiful. It feels so good.

Hot breath on my tummy, and still that tongue, exploring me, so exciting and driving me wild with anticipation.

I felt my legs open, spreading wide. I wanted – I needed – those lips to go lower, though I didn’t have the slightest idea why. Then the kiss, definitely a kiss, right at the top of my pussy lips. Again, the hot breath before the tongue touched the top of my slit, then that wonderful sensation as it slowly traced its way down. I was shocked someone would do that, actually lick me where I peed.

My whole being concentrated on that tongue, willing it on to keep the pleasure going. My body jerked. The tongue had pushed into me, stretching me open, but then it stopped. Was it waiting for me to ask for more? Did it want me to beg? More likely it was checking if I was still asleep.

The tongue went deeper at last, then slowly slid upwards. Oh my God, what was happening to me? Such an intense feeling of … what? I didn’t know, but I wanted it so badly. I needed some kind of release from my frustrations, and suddenly I knew that it was going to happen. I was being shown the way.

My mind exploded. Feelings like electric currents shot through my body. My hips lifted off the bed, my body arching and thrusting at the tongue as it found a spot I never knew was there. Then the lips drew me in as they sucked.

My breasts hurt. Something was squeezing them hard. My senses whirled. I was frightened by what I felt, yet I was full of joy. It was happening at last – I knew I was going to have a come. Finally, I would understand what everyone was talking about. My muscles knotted as my body tensed. I had to see. Nooooooooooo, I begged, don’t you dare wake up, but my eyes flashed open.

It was too dark to see, but I could still feel the tongue that probed me. Then suddenly, it was gone. Desperately, my hands reached down, my fingers finding the spot where the mouth had been.

I was coming. It took hold of me, shaking me, giving me the most glorious feelings I had ever known. It didn’t stop. When it seemed to be ebbing away, it would hit me again. I didn’t count. I couldn’t have even if I’d wanted to. I just rode the wave of feelings that surged through me like a raging river.

I lay there for an age, gasping for breath, until slowly I relaxed, all the time marvelling at what I had just experienced. Now I knew what it meant to come, and, oh my God, how totally fucking good was that?

With a start, I found I was holding Teddy between my legs with his nose jammed into my pussy. I lifted him up to me, and gave him a kiss. “Oh, you clever Teddy, I made you all wet and smelly.”

I cuddled him, but then the shock hit me. Teddy didn’t have long soft hair. He couldn’t breathe on my breasts, my tummy or my pussy. But someone had, that I knew for sure. I could still feel the touch of that lovely hair.

I must be going crazy. There couldn’t be any other answer. Or was that what having an orgasm did to you? Suddenly, I laughed. Yes, at last, my very own orgasm. I realised that I wasn’t scared this time. Whoever or whatever it was that had visited me had given me something very special.


Rosie was enthralled when I told her about what had happened. She even seemed to look at me differently, with a sort of strange sort of gleam in her eyes. “What!?” I asked her. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Oh God, no,” she said, laughing. “I think it’s great. But I don’t understand the dream bit, the lady you say was there. It’s just not possible. I think your imagination just got the better of you.”

“I guess, you must be right,” I replied, but that was just to humour her. I really didn’t believe it was my imagination, not one little bit. My lady was real. She had been in bed with me.

School was so difficult that day. My mind kept drifting back to her. Who was she, where did she come from, and how did she come and go like a ghost in the night? Common sense told me it was impossible, but all the same, I knew it had happened. Would she come to me again? I wanted her to – even more, I realised, I needed her to.

For the first time, it crossed my mind that I was dreaming about a woman and yearning for her touch. Shit! Was I a lesbian? I’d never given the slightest thought to girls, but then again, I never really thought about boys, either. Rosie was special to me, but as my best friend, nothing more. Then I remembered how she’d looked at me this morning. God! It was like she was seeing me for the first time – not just as a friend, but like somebody who was ready for sex.

Hastily, I pushed the thought aside. No, I must be wrong, Rosie is not a lesbian, I told myself. But I didn’t really know that, did I? She’d never had a boyfriend either, but so what? We were only twelve. What if she did fancy me? How would I feel?

For the first time since I’d known her, I thought about her body, her looks. She was pretty, and already she was developing a figure. I was disgusted with myself, but at the same time, the idea of her breasts excited me. I felt like a perv, actually wondering what it must be like to feel them. And her lips, they were so full and sensual. Could I imagine myself kissing them? Fuck yes! I could, and suddenly, I did. It was a shock to find out that I wanted to kiss them, and to feel our bodies pressed together.

My thoughts had gone full circle. I still wasn’t at all sure that I had read her look right. Maybe for that one moment, she found me sexy, but that didn’t mean that she wanted sex with me.

After school, she was waiting at the gate for me. “Hiya, sexy, how’s your day been?”

“Rosie, you’re taking the piss, but I don’t mind. And I’ve had an okay kinda day, I guess.”

“You think I was taking the piss, do you? I s’pose I was, really, but now I’m not so sure. Do you mind if I think of you as sexy?”

I stopped walking and just stood looking at her. “I’ve been feeling guilty all day because I kept thinking about the way you looked at me this morning,” I said, “and then I started thinking about you – I mean in a way that maybe I shouldn’t have.”

“You did? Oh, tell me. Come on. What did you think about me?”

Oh God. How was I supposed to answer her? Would she hate me if I told her the truth?

She saw my indecision. “Don’t worry. Say what you really thought. You won’t upset me, honest.”

With lowered eyes, I stammered out. “I… I was thinking about your … your breasts – and your lips.” Now I looked up at her. “And how I wanted to touch them and kiss you. I’m so sorry, I know it was terrible of me.”

She actually squealed and clapped her hands. “But, Lian, I’ve been thinking the same thing about you for months. I can’t keep my eyes off you, and you never notice. The only difference is, I didn’t feel bad at all – just excited. The only thing that worried me was how did I tell you.” She thought for a moment before adding, “When you told me about your dream, and that it was a woman in it, that’s when I knew there was a chance.”

I was lost for words. I just looked at her for what seemed an age. Then I reached my hand out to her. She didn’t hesitate. She took my hand in hers, and her face lit up with happiness. We carried on walking, not saying a word, letting our fingers do the talking as we squeezed each other’s hands.

Too soon, we reached my house. I wanted to kiss her goodbye, but I was scared of who might see us. And she had to get home or her mother would start to worry, so I couldn’t ask her to come in. “Ask your mum if it’s okay for you to stop here for dinner tomorrow. I mean, if you really want to.”

“I really want to,” she answered. “Oh, I want to.” She quickly glanced about before lifting my hand to her lips and kissing my fingers. “Put them somewhere nice for me. Promise.”

“I promise.” Then she quickly walked away. I found myself watching her gorgeous long legs and the wiggle of her bum until she turned the corner. Fuck! Why hadn’t I ever noticed how gorgeous she was?

There was a definite shake in my voice when I called out hello to Mum.

I didn’t think my lady would visit me again. I thought maybe the spell was broken, now that I’d confessed to Rosie, but I still felt my body filling with arousal and want. I had mixed feelings about Rosie and the lady of the night. Which one did I want more? It was then that I knew how inexperienced I really was, so the answer was easy. I needed my lady to show me more, to teach me so I wouldn’t feel like such an inexperienced little kid when Rosie came over. Of the two of us, she had always been the more clever and forward. Now, I had the chance to lead the way. I wanted to surprise her with how well I could do it with her.

The lady always disappeared as soon as I opened my eyes. For some reason, she didn’t want me to see her. The trick was to keep them closed and feign sleep. Tomorrow was Saturday, so there was no school. I would try to stay awake as long as I could and wait up for her.

After I had undressed and picked up my top and shorts I paused. I would stay naked and ready for my lady. I lay on my back and grabbed hold of Teddy, jamming him into my pussy, pushing him as deep as I could. His nose separated my lips as I jiggled him up and down.

The feelings began to build as I rubbed faster. Without any conscious thought, I rolled over onto my tummy and humped my hips in a rolling motion, grinding my pussy into Teddy. For the first time, I knew I was going to have a climax all on my own. I had to struggle to stop myself from crying out as I lost all control. My senses went mad. Teddy was fucking me, and it was glorious.

I clutched the pillow to my face, stifling my moans, as my body began to tense. It became difficult to keep my hips moving as I strived for release. Just as I thought I would have to turn over again so I could use my hands, I came. I was shaking with uncontrolled intensity. I rode the peak for all I was worth. I wanted it to go on forever. So very beautiful, a joy, a celebration and a true release.

I lay gasping, my thoughts in a whirl. Oh my God, what was that? How had I managed to bring myself to such a fantastic orgasm where I’d always failed before?

I felt drained, my body limp and bathed in sweat. All resolve to stay awake was forgotten as I wallowed in euphoria. Twice, I felt myself drifting into sleep, and each time I willed myself back, but I knew I was losing the battle to stay awake.

I must have been dozing, when I felt the lightest of touches and a warmth on my bum. I almost forgot, but remembered just in time to keep my eyes closed and my body loose. My heart was racing, but I managed to keep my breathing quiet and slow.

The touch became warmer, and then I knew she had just kissed my bum. I had the most stupid thought that I almost giggled – thank God I’d had a shower before bed.

A hand softly touched each cheek. Her thumbs slowly separated them. The warmth bathed my little rosebud, and I knew her face had come near. Surely not! She wasn’t going to kiss me there. But she did, her lips surrounded my rear entrance. I couldn’t help it, I felt my hole was tensing, my cheeks trying to close at this intrusion. But her fingers kept me open.

Never would I have thought of my arse having anything to do with sex, but this was so naughty and erotic. I was thrilled with anticipation. Then I almost squealed as her tongue tickled and probed. Too late, I realised that I had lifted my hips and pushed my arse up to meet her caress. She didn’t seem to notice. She only pulled Teddy out from under me.

Now I was lying with my hand trapped against my pussy. Her hand came back and very slowly she pushed through, sliding along my wet lips. A single digit was opening me, slipping inside. It was her thumb, working deep into my vagina. Her other fingers glided toward the top of my pussy, to the place I had only this very night understood was the magic spot that really got me going.

My pelvis went down, willing her deeper inside. What I now thought of as my little button throbbed with those wonderful sensations. Too late, my hand cupped her fingers, urging them on. I panicked for a moment, scared I’d given myself away, but she didn’t stop. She was too wrapped up in her efforts to bring me to climax again.

Her free hand was still pulling one cheek of my bum aside, her tongue still roving about my rosebud. I was on fire, striving towards my peak with all of my will.

I felt her pull away, her thumb slipping from me. Oh God no, don’t go, I almost called aloud. But then, for the first time, I heard her voice – just the merest whisper. “Sleep, my little one. Dream sweet and loving dreams.”

Very carefully, she was turning me over. I flopped onto my back, just as I imagined a sleeping person might have. Again, I heard her whisper. “Oh, so beautiful.” Once more she told me to sleep. Then I felt the brush of her lips on mine – a feathery touch, but it caught me by surprise. I only just managed to keep my eyes shut.

She kissed me again, more firmly this time, and I had to fight not to respond. She nibbled my ear lobe and kissed my neck before her mouth went to my breast. Gently, she drew the nipple into her mouth, her tongue playing with its stiffness.

I fought to remain still as she worked across my tummy. I knew where she was going. Quickly, please, I wanted to say. Just as the night before, her tongue opened me up and slid inside. But this time, she went further, touching everywhere she could reach. I felt a little gush and almost let my bladder go when her tongue caressed the little hole. Fuck! I had peed a little. But I felt her licking at me, and I knew she was taking what I had let go. Strangely, it didn’t shock me. Somehow, I found it exciting.

I shuddered with joy as her mouth went to my button, and once more her fingers were probing deep inside of me. One moment she licked and teased, the next she sucked, all the time fucking me with her hand.

The climax, when it came, was the most mind-blowing yet. My whole body was filled with wild sensations. My button seemed to pulse, and my vagina clamped on her fingers. Then I peaked. It was one long, rolling orgasm, or maybe it was several, one after the other. Vaguely, I heard her whispering again: “Come for me. Keep coming, my little angel.”

When it was over, I rolled onto my side, panting for breath. I felt the bed move, and then her body snuggled against my back. She was naked, too, and warm as she moulded herself to me. The touch of her skin on mine made me want to turn and hold her. But instead, I just lay still.

I felt her lips on the back of my neck, and then she whispered, “You see, I can remember now, when I came to me, and I taught, and I learned, such a wonderful moment in our life.”

It didn’t make the slightest sense to me.

Very slowly, she  lifted my arm, guiding my hand back to the heat between her thighs. She pushed my fingers through the folds of her lips and slowly rubbed herself against them. I groped for where I thought her button was, trying not to be obvious about it. That’s when I got my first surprise. It was so big and hard. I lay a finger either side of it and softly squeezed. She responded by rubbing herself more urgently, and very soon, her body was trembling against mine, and I knew she was coming.

Stopping myself from turning to her was the hardest thing I had ever had to do, but somehow I managed. She released her grip on my fingers and once more kissed my neck. “I love you my treasure, sleep the deepest sleep now. I’ll be with you again soon.”

Cold air struck my back, and I knew she was gone. Just like that, she had disappeared. Slowly, I rolled over and touched the sheets where she had lain. They were still warm. So she was real. It wasn’t just my silly imagination.


The following evening, after dinner, Rosie and I sat on my bed as I recounted everything that had happened. Her face expressed so many emotions – wonder, disbelief and finally, jealousy. But then she asked me to repeat what the lady had said. I concentrated hard to make sure I had it right, word for word. “You see, I can remember now, when I came to me, and I taught, and I learned, such a wonderful moment in our life.

“But that doesn’t make any sense at all. When I came to me? and I taught and I learned. Then she says, our life, not ‘lives’. What on earth is that supposed to mean? It’s kinda stupid, don’t you think?”

I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t have the slightest idea. She’s just here, and she’s teaching me. And please, please, don’t get all jealous on me. I’d hate that.”

I took her hand in mine. “You still want to kiss, or have you gone off me?”

She sat there looking at me, and I tried to read the obvious conflict going on inside her. “You’re right. I am jealous,” she said. “I can’t help it, but I still want you to kiss me. I’d rather have some of you than none at all, So I’ll share you with your lady if I have to.”

I stood up in front of her and pulled her to me. Now I was nervous. Our first kiss. In fact, my first ever. I didn’t know about Rosie. Just before our lips came together I paused. “You’re here and you’re real,” I said, “and I don’t want to be just friends anymore. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

“I think so,” she said, smiling a little. “You want me to be your proper girlfriend, to love me and touch me just like she does. I want that, too.”

My lips found hers. They were a bit stiff. Neither of us really knew how to do this. I pulled back. “Loosen up and kiss me for real.”

We tried again, slowly getting the feel of our lips on each other. I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. Her hands fell lightly on my back, holding me without moving.

I pressed my lips harder to hers, and then they began to move. Gradually it became a real kiss, and I felt her clutching me tighter. I let my fingers explore her back until I suddenly felt bare skin below the hem of her top. I inched up inside, kneading her flesh as I went. She held me tighter and arched her back when I trailed a finger down her spine, pausing at the waistband of her skirt. Her body pushed into me, and I eased my hand down inside.

The kiss became more passionate. I imagined I could feel her heart thumping as I held her bum through her panties. I cupped a cheek and squeezed, and she gave a little gasp into my mouth. Her own hands dropped and she held my bum, too.

Her head leaned away from me as I kissed her cheek, then her ear. A little lick, and then down to her neck. I gave her a little nip with my teeth. Then I pulled my hand out from her skirt, and slowly lifted her top. She raised her arms, and her bare breasts came into view. I stared in awe. I had never known Rosie to be shy, but now she was. When I got her top off, she tried to cover herself with her hands, but I pulled them away. “Rosie, they’re so nice!”

She stared at me with a questioning look on her face. “You really mean that, don’t you? I was so worried that you wouldn’t like them.”

Her areolas were only slightly darker than the rest of her skin, but they quite clearly protruded, topped with sharpest little points. “Your nips are standing up for me,” I said.

This was all clearly new to her. “Lian, are you taking the mickey?” But she saw my look of delight. “You’re not, are you? You really like them.”

I didn’t answer, but instead ducked my head and kissed one, then the other, before I covered the first with my lips and softly sucked. She gasped out loud. “Ooh, that feels nice.”

I rolled my eyes up at her as I continued to suckle, holding the back of her legs just below her skirt. I began to inch up and inside until both hands were cupping her bum. She clutched my hair and held me to her breast.

I began to feel like I knew what I was doing, inspired by what my lady had taught me. I dipped into Rosie’s panties and ran my fingers down the crack between her cheeks, slowly pressing deeper. Would she object if I tried to touch her there? Was it too soon? I thought of how I had felt when my lady had touched me – the shock at first, but then the pleasure of the naughtiness. So I pressed deeper and found her tight little hole. Her cheeks clenched, trapping my fingers in their grip.

I didn’t persist, but instead moved my other hand, slowly caressing as I went until I was at the front of her thigh. Still, I was sucking her nipple as I inched up to the front of her panties. My heart beat faster. Oh God, how I wanted to make her happy, to really make her my lover!

I felt the dip of her slit, but I didn’t pause there. Instead, I gave her what I thought were loving tickles. Suddenly, she tore my head away from her breast. “For God’s sake, stop teasing!” she said. “You want to feel me up? Do it!” Then she pulled me into a kiss.

My answer was to yank her panties down and shove my hand between her legs. Almost in unison, one set of fingers found her slit and the other her ass, delving deep into her crack. So desperate was my need for her, I almost forgot my resolve to impress her with my newfound skills. I made myself slow down. gently sliding one finger into her pussy. Carefully at first, I began to move in and out. Rosie rolled her hips to meet my probing digit, pulling me deeper. She got wetter as her ardour mounted, making it easier for me to add another finger.

I hadn’t forgotten her arse. I tickled around the rim of her hole, but made no effort to enter her, even though she was pushing back against my fingers.

I pulled away from our kiss and dropped to my knees in front of her. She gave me a puzzled look. “Lian, what are you doing?”

I smiled. “You’ll see.” With that, I leaned forwards and kissed the top of her slit. I kept my eyes raised towards hers while I gave her a slow lick, and I saw, rather than heard her, gasp. I pressed into her until I found her little button.

This time, she gasped out loud. She jumped, too, and her eyes went wide. “Lian, you’ve got your tongue in my pussy – surely that’s… oh shit! That’s nice.” My lips closed around her button, and I sucked quite hard before I flicked at it with my tongue. Her eyes screwed shut, and she clutched my head. “Oh my, I never … uh…” Her voice trailed away as she thrust her hips at me.

By now, I was fingering her pussy faster, and her juices were soaking my hand. I pressed more firmly at her arsehole. She opened her eyes once more, a look of shock on her face, and yet her whole body was trembling. I think she wanted to tell me no, but she was too late – my finger went up her arse.

It was enough to send her over the edge. Her grip on my head tightened, and she leaned into me, going taut all over as she built to her climax. I could barely move my fingers, but my tongue still did enough to make the orgasm rip through her.

I eased her backwards onto the bed. Her chest heaved as she stared up at me. Finally, she spoke. “Lian, a couple of days ago you didn’t know what it was like to come. Now you’re a bloody expert at it. So yeah, I believe you about your lady. It must be true, cuz you just did things to me that I wouldn’t have dreamed of. I’ve come loads before, but never like that.”

I knew I was grinning like a bloody cat that got the cream. “I thought you liked it.”

She was looking at me in such a new way. I felt so happy. Then she said, “You stuck your finger up my arse, I wanted to stop you. I thought it would be gross, but it wasn’t. It was … well, it was different – but nice.”


That night I slept the deepest sleep. I was so tired from being awake most of the night before. In the morning I was naked again, and I soon found that my pussy was sticky and wet. She must have come to me during the night. The sad thing was I didn’t remember any of it.

Later, I met up with Rosie. We were going for a walk in the park, nothing special, just happy to be together. She grabbed my hand. “Let’s go somewhere where I can kiss you,” she said.

It took forever to find a quiet spot, but as soon as we did, Rosie almost jumped on me. The most beautiful lingering kiss was made even better when she pushed her tongue into my mouth – a new experience for me, and I loved it.

Some sixth sense told me we were being watched. I opened my eyes and peered over Rosie’s shoulder. Not too far away was a woman – a truly beautiful woman. She wasn’t actually facing our way, but I felt sure she was looking at us. I think it might have been her hair, which was long, thick and dark, just like mine, but whatever it was, I suddenly knew it was her. My lady.

I pulled back from the kiss. “Rosie, she’s here watching us, look.” But when I looked back to where she had been, there was only a vague misty shimmer, and then nothing.

“I don’t see anyone. You sure?” Rosie asked

“I swear she was right there, by those bushes. I know it was her. Come on.”

We went to where I’d seen her standing. “There, look. You can see by the marks in the grass.”

“Okay, I can see someone’s been there. But where the fuck did she go?”

I told her about the mist and the little shimmer. “It’s just like when she disappeared in my room,” I said. “Why won’t she let me see her?” I thought for a moment. “God, it felt like I knew her. Like I’ve seen her somewhere before. And her hair, it’s exactly like mine, but she’s way prettier than I am.”

Rosie laughed. “Hey, come on,” she said. “You’re my one helluva sexy girlfriend.” She stroked my cheek softly. “We’re lovers now, you and me, and I couldn’t be happier, but your lady kinda worries me. Don’t get obsessed with her, cuz I need you. I love you, Lian. I s’pose I probably always did, but I just didn’t know it.”

I held her tightly and kissed away the little tear on her cheek. “Don’t worry, darling. It’s just so confusing. But I promise, you come first. You have my heart, no one else, and I love you, too. I know that now.”


I was determined to get to the bottom of things, and that very night – if she came. I had the glimmer of an idea in my mind I thought might work, how I could catch her unawares without her disappearing on me. The more I thought about it, the more confident I was.

I lay there in the dark, thinking about Rosie. How I’d made her come, and how she had returned the favour. I hadn’t been able to take my eyes off of her as she ate my pussy and brought me to the most amazing climax. Maybe it was because I got to watch her, but it was by far the best climax I’d had yet. It was hardly surprising that soon I was playing with myself, picturing Rosie eating me out.

But then I stopped. I had to pretend to be asleep, just like before, and if I was busy playing when my lady appeared, she’d know I wasn’t asleep. So it was with a massive effort that I calmed myself and lay still, naked and ready.

I was at the point of deciding she wasn’t coming, and ready to give in to sleep, when I felt a presence. She was there, I knew it. I tried to breathe slowly and shallowly, to calm my racing heart.

Just as before, it was the lightest feather of a touch. A finger tracing around my breast and then the lips closing around my nipple. The familiar tickle of hair on my tummy. The kisses working slowly down. I struggled to remain still as she reached my pussy. She eased my legs apart, and then her tongue was there, delving into me.

I was already in a heightened state of arousal, and my climax came so much faster than before. She had a way of keeping it going, lifting me to a peak of ecstasy, then easing me off before quickly bringing me back. It was orgasm after orgasm.

When she finally let me relax, I prayed that she would lie down with me again. For a moment I thought she had gone, but after a few seconds, the bed jiggled, and I sensed her body alongside me. I heard her whispering, just like before, although this time I couldn’t make out the words. I rolled a little so as to almost face her, and then lay still.

She took my hand and began to knead my fingers into her hot pussy. I felt her clit. Rosie had told me that’s what it was called. It seemed to jerk as she rubbed my fingers across it. I could tell that she had her own fingers inside her, moving them in and out. It was easy to tell when her climax was close, the way she began to tremble and arch her body.

I heard her gasp, and then she was coming. Ever so slowly, I lifted my head and brought my lips to hers. As I had hoped, wrapped up in her climax, she didn’t seem to notice what I was doing. Instead, she kissed me back. My fingers were now busy working her clit and keeping her orgasm going. Her kiss became more passionate, and this was when I made my move: I rolled over onto er, not forgetting her pussy for a second.

She wrapped an arm around me and held me tight as her orgasm swept through her. All the time, our lips were locked in a wild, bruising kiss.

Her body went limp, but still she clung to me. Then she spoke. “You planned that, I remember now. I should never have let me do that. It was wrong. Oh, what a complicated mess! I shouldn’t ever have come back, but you needed help. I needed help, so I came.”

“Is it alright if I put a light on? I want to see you, please don’t disappear like before.” I asked her.

She switched the bedside light on herself. I eased off of her and I gazed in awe at her body. “Oh my God,” I said. “You’re so beautiful, I …”

“No, you’re beautiful,” she replied. “It’s you.”

“I don’t understand,” I said. “You never make sense.”

“How clever I was,” she said. “I am you and you are me, or what you will be. I’m your future, what you grow up to be. I shouldn’t be here. I can’t won’t be allowed to come back anymore. So tonight we say goodbye – well, in a way.”

I tried to wrap my mind about  what she was saying. It was impossible to believe, and yet I knew she was telling me the truth.

“You’re from the future,” I said. “You’re me in a few years’ time.”

She smiled up at me. “I just wanted to help you, or me, get through a little crisis in your life. You know that Rosie was supposed to go off with her parents the other day, but after you told her you wanted to kiss her, she asked them if she could stay with you.”

Of course, I did know.

“Well,” she – I mean I – went on, “if she’d gone with them she would have met someone, and you wouldn’t be together now. I knew how things had to turn out. I knew how much I loved her, and I helped you – us – along. I had to make sure I spoke to her this time around, you see?”

I didn’t know what to say. It was too much to take in, but I knew I loved this person, this … me. How very strange.

“Can you stay awhile?” I asked. “Not rush away – not just yet?”

“Oh, I know what happens next,” she said. “I’m not going anywhere. You’re about to make love to me, properly this time, and I wouldn’t want to miss that.”

Well, it was more than proper. It was glorious. We both knew what the other liked without having to ask, or to think. It was the night of my life, the one I would never forget.

Afterward, we lay cuddled in one another’s arms, until finally she said, “I have to go now. You and Rosie will be happy together for much longer than you might imagine, but I must not tell you any more. I’m sorry, but I can’t. I won’t be allowed to return, but don’t feel sad, because I’m always there inside of you. Now kiss me goodbye.”

We shared a wonderful kiss for what seemed an age. I didn’t see her go. One moment we were together, and the next I was falling asleep, alone, and yet not.

The End


18 Comments on Like a Ghost in the Night

  1. kinkychic says:

    Actually, little sis (kinkys_sis) wrote this two or three years ago. I corrected some parts that were a bit of a muddle and made a few suggestions.

    Finally, JJ added her touch and here we have it.

    Sis is delighted to see it here.

    She’s on half-term holiday this week and mum’s at work; we can have a play… of our favourite music I mean you dirty-minded lot!

  2. Erocritique says:

    Quite imaginative and exceptionally erotic. There was a noticeable lack of specific detail about the how of Lian’s time traveling, but the overall charm, beauty, and eroticism of the story was enough to suspend my disbelief and cheer the story along. A lovely, novel twist on the “future you” premise. Well done and thank you k_s, kc, and JJ. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • kinkys_sis says:

      Thank you.

      The ‘how’ of the time travel was purposefully vague – I didn’t know how to explain it in any detail. At first, I did try but sis said it didn’t really make sense so it was taken out.

  3. Elab says:

    “Well done”! We should all be so lucky to have dreams like these!! Superbly written and most enjoyable. Hope it continues with more chapters with Rosie, and perhaps even with the “Mist” as a 3-some! That would be really hot!!

  4. kinkys_sis says:

    This one doesn’t seem to be going down so well; oh well, I can’t win them all.

    I’m still happy with it though, and more than happy with JJ’s editing, she’s amazing – thank you.

    • Kim & Sue says:

      Disagree, I found it erotic and fascinating, while Sue thought it was too much to think about for her taste, but did enjoy it mostly. We gave five stars, and the majority of readers of this story seem to agree.

      The best thing about this site is the variety of stories and styles, and even if a story doesn’t win over every reader, we appreciate writers and editors who are willing to try something different in story telling.

      Well done.

    • Jacqueline Jillinghoff says:


  5. Aidanmoore24 says:

    Well done and don’t worry about the time travel part. It’s your Gilroy for making it happen. You kept the rules simple. Get seen and the party is over.

  6. Dondo says:

    It hit quite well with me. A nice tale of discovery in many ways. Thanks for this delicious story.

  7. Clit Licker says:

    What a lovely story of sexual awakening and, what we all love; hot, underage lesbian sex. What I find particularly exciting, kinkys_sis, is the fact that you’re so young, and now I read, even younger when you wrote it. Was it, at least partly, based on experience?

    • kinkys_sis says:

      I wrote my first erotic stories when I was twelve. Some of them were really awful. I loved writing though; it was my passion at school, so things rapidly improved.

      The only connection to reality in the story is a bit vague – I get many of my ideas when I am asleep. I have a knack for being able to remember a lot of what I dream.

      • j says:

        good for you, the old saying “if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again” at least you were willing to give it a go

  8. Powertenor246 says:

    This is one of the most fantasmagorical SEF, (Science Erotic Fiction) stories I have ever read. It is the ONLY one that appeals to our particular brand of SEF I have ever seen. I am not talking about the drivel that can be found elsewhere on the Web. I am talking about First Shelf, Top Quality writing that can be found here and damn near no where else. I will add this while I am here, I have had one person encourage me to dip my toe into the JS pond and write something. Are there any others with an opinion? Or should I just crawl back under my bridge and be the almost invisible troll I can be? RGB3

    • kinkys_sis says:

      We hesitated a long time (like about two years) before we plucked up the courage to submit one or two of our stories to JS. Another member had previously told us the standard was too high for us. Then someone else told us to give it a try… and here we are.

      Be prepared to have a story rejected, but… if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

      • ClitLicker says:

        The standard, though extremely high, is certainly not too high for you. This story is one of the best. I look forward to more from both of you, separately or together. And I’m both envious of and excited by what the two of you have together.

  9. Steve says:

    I love this story I wish it didn’t have to end I’d love to know how the 2 girls get along and their story

  10. Tongueuser says:

    This may, in fact, be my favorite erotic story. Ever.

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