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Not Like Other Girls, Part Two

  • Posted on January 14, 2021 at 3:41 pm

by Karin Halle

Part 3 – LEARNING 

April and I had no idea how long our mother had been standing in our doorway, watching us cuddle after we’d fondled each other. Did Mum see me masturbate my sister until she came? Had she been there even earlier, when April got me off?

Whatever Mum thought, she didn’t tell us, just continued down the hallway to her room, leaving my sister and me worried about what punishment we were in for in the morning. Neither April nor I spoke — she returned to her bed, where she curled into a ball and stayed that way. I tried to sleep, but didn’t have much success.

When we came down to breakfast the next morning, Mum said nothing about the incident. In fact, she was acting completely normal, which only added to our stress. If our mother intended to punish us, the least she could do is get it over with.

Finally my nerves got the better of me, and I forced myself to speak. “Mum, I can explain about last night. Me and April wanted to, um, see what each other look like down there. B-but, well, I also wanted… well, to know what it was like to, to… h-have an orgasm.” I’m not sure I’d ever even used that word before.

That seemed to be going nowhere. Mum didn’t respond, just continued to make coffee, so I tried a different approach. “Aren’t you going to say anything, or punish us, or something?” Only after the words were out did it occur to me that I might have just put the idea into her head.

Mum sighed, picked up her cup and saucer, then sat down at the table with April and me. Pausing for a sip of coffee, she set the cup down and took a deep breath. I bet April did, too; I know I did.

“You’ve been through a lot in the last few days, Melody, and you need support from your family. Last night it was April, the night before it was me. Besides, parents shouldn’t punish their kids for curiosity about their bodies; it’s normal adolescent behaviour. Let me ask this: do you girls think you deserve punishment?”

April meekly replied, “It isn’t what we think, Mum — it’s what everybody else thinks. You know: ‘Don’t touch yourself.’ ‘Those parts are dirty.’ ‘Don’t let other people see your private place.’ All that stuff.”

Mum looked from April to me and back again, then smiled. ”Did I ever say any of those things to either of you?”

April and I glanced at each other. “No,” she answered for both of us, then added, “But we’re both girls, Mum! We’re underage! And — and we’re sisters!’”

Mum shrugged. “Girls get curious about their bodies, long before they start wondering about boys. They have questions that need to be answered… but those can be uncomfortable questions to ask. Who better to take them to than your own sister?”

Mum sipped more coffee, then continued. “You girls were exploring, satisfying your curiosity. Don’t confuse that with sex. If you start to have feelings for each other that go beyond those of sisters; well, we’ll discuss that if we need to. By the way, I’d much prefer you both to explore your sexuality with other girls; I’m not anywhere near ready to be a grandmother!”

“Not a problem for me, Mum,” I said, grinning.

“Well, that’s true,” she admitted. “Honestly, I’d still rather you fooled around with girls, though. Boys seem to take so much longer to mature.”

I wasn’t sure what April was thinking right then, but I was hugely relieved. Not only was Mum not angry, she wasn’t even critical of our behaviour! She was, in her usual way, rational and reasonable.

Nothing significant or embarrassing occurred for a few days, and I actually began to feel a little more comfortable about my condition. However, my stress level peaked again a couple of days later, when my appointment with the specialist was due.

I was aghast to discover that the specialist Shweta had referred me to was a man! For a moment, I felt that she’d let me down completely. She knew how difficult this was for me; knew I felt humiliated about it. And now there was a man getting involved in my most intimate secrets!

But I gritted my teeth, took a deep breath, glanced up at Mum, and plodded into the office. The receptionist — Stacey, her name tag told us — took our details and, all smiles, assured us that Dr Garrick would not keep me waiting long. As if I ought to be keen to see him!

When the doctor eventually ushered us into his examination room, I was unable even to look at him, and his questions received little more than one-word replies. He reviewed the scans and reports I’d brought, then startled me more than even the original diagnosis had – he told me to remove my panties and lie on the examination table. I didn’t feel simply embarrassed; my mood was one of despair, of utter humiliation.

I actually glanced around the room in the forlorn hope of finding a hole that would swallow me. Needless to say, it wasn’t there.

I lay on the table, silent, tears running down my cheeks. The sound of Dr Garrick snapping on latex gloves brought more tears. When he asked his receptionist to join us, I was reduced to outright bawling.

Mum, Stacey, and Dr. Garrick all tried to calm me, without much success. The doctor explained that Stacey and my mother wouldn’t see me, and were in the room with us only as a matter of professional integrity. As if I gave a flying fuck about professional integrity! All I knew was that there were bloody films out there that had lower viewing audiences than my cunt had been getting of late.

Stacey was kind enough to ask if I would like to hold her hand, and I nodded before turning my face to the wall. Another small comfort was the sound of Dr. Garrick applying lubrication gel to his hands – at least he wasn’t planning to arouse me the way Shweta had done.

His physical inspection was, thank God, quite brief. I felt him part my labia and press a finger between them where they met, then heard him pulling the gloves off.

“You can get down now and get dressed,” he told me.

Stacey returned to the reception area, Dr. Garrick sat down behind his desk facing Mum, and I donned my clothes as fast as I could, not even bothering to put my panties back on, then sat down next to my mother.

Dr. Garrick then went over the same things that Shweta had covered, sometimes in a bit more detail. The part I wanted to hear was what could be done about my condition.

Most of what he said was so upsetting that I didn’t want to remember it, not even now.

Sometimes, he told us, a surgeon could remove a segment of bowel and attach it to the place where a vagina should be. For some time it would smell, revealing where it had originally come from, a smell likely to reoccur these first few times I had sex. EEW! YUCK!

“It’s a complex procedure, and quite expensive. There isn’t much financial support from the health system, and even private insurance doesn’t contribute very much.”

Needless to say, I was quick to eliminate that option.

Another possibility, he told us, was to take some flesh from my thighs or buttocks, make them into a pouch that resembled a vagina and put that in the appropriate place. Better, at least, than the first option.

But in both cases, it would be necessary to make an incision between my labia to create a vaginal opening – to make a cunt there, essentially. How appealing does that sound?

And to ensure that the newly created vaginal opening didn’t close over while it was healing, it would be necessary for me to wear a gadget to keep the hole open until it was completely healed, in order to avoid infection. It just keeps getting better and better, I thought, clenching my jaw so tightly it hurt.

Then, as if that wasn’t awful enough, I’d have to put a medical tool called a dilator into myself twice a day, for twenty minutes or so at a time, to stretch my new vagina and entrance so they could adapt to their new functions. Imagine how well that would go down at school: ‘Excuse me, Miss, I have to go to the toilet to shove a bit of plastic up myself to stretch my twat open!’

“And what if I simply do nothing?” I asked resignedly. Mum patted my knee.

“Actually,” Dr Garrick said, “I wouldn’t recommend any remedial action at the present time. It’s likely that you’re still growing, making it preferable to wait a couple more years.” He paused. “Unless, of course, you plan to have intercourse.”

Then, as casually as if it was a question about my school grades, he asked, “Are you sexually active?”

I snapped my answer. “No! And I doubt that I ever will be!”

Completely mistaking what I meant, the doctor assured me that the types of surgery he’d just told us about could enable me to have a normal sex life, if I wanted one.

Because my question was unanswered, I asked again. “What if I decide not to ever have surgery? To stay as I am?”

There was a discernible pause before the doctor answered. “That is, of course, an available option. Mind you, it would require an exceptionally sympathetic man to accept that choice.”

That kind of response was almost precisely what I’d expected. I glared at him. “Well, any man who didn’t accept me the way I am wouldn’t be a very good choice as a sexual partner or a husband, now would he? And anyway, there’s always oral sex. And anal!”

My anger spent, I started to cry yet again — this time from frustration. Mum held my hand, and Dr Garrick seemed to be unperturbed by my outburst. It dawned on me that he probably spoke to a lot of hysterical women from behind that same desk.

His next professional advice nearly staggered me. “In the meantime, you should exercise the area. The majority of the lubricating fluids of a woman are secreted from the vagina, and you don’t have that source of lubrication. The labia, too, provide fluids — but not in sufficient quantities, as a rule. They will, however, become more productive if it’s necessary for them to replace, to some degree, the fluids ordinarily supplied by the vagina. Which means you should encourage them to produce those fluids.”

“So, let me get this straight. You’re telling me I should masturbate, right?”

The guy didn’t even bat an eyelid. Evidently my question was perfectly reasonable. I guess he was immune to sarcasm.

“Yes. And in any sexual activity you undertake, you need to ensure that you use plenty of lubrication. I’ll give you a list of the products you should choose from.”

The Unflappable Dr. Garrick seemed to have covered everything on his agenda, and asked if we had any questions. I was unable to focus my thoughts sufficiently to put them into words, so he interpreted that to be the end of the appointment. He invited me to contact him at any time if I needed to talk about any aspect of MRKH, and supplied me with an information kit to study when I felt up to it.

Mum thanked him and we left.

As Mum drove us home, I checked out the information kit. There was a booklet filled with facts about MRKH in general, a list of contacts, including Dr. Garrick, and the addresses of a couple of websites and chatrooms. Another booklet contained articles by women with the condition, about their experiences.

There was also a sealed envelope, which I opened. I took in a huge breath when I saw that the contents were photographs — large close-ups, in full colour, of women with MRKH, displaying the range of visible effects of the condition. Some women seemed, like me, to have regular genitals, but had underdeveloped (or undeveloped) internal organs. Other photos showed women whose vaginal opening was tiny; their internal organs might be fully developed, underdeveloped, or even absent.

But I’d reached my MRKH limit for the day, and stuffed everything back into the folder. As I did, I realised that there was another slip of paper, one I hadn’t examined yet.

It turned out to be addressed to me and signed by a lady named Vanessa, an open invitation to contact her if I wanted to talk about MRKH.

It turned out that she, too, had consulted Dr. Garrick, and her circumstances were the same as mine. The doctor had contacted her to ask if she would be willing to talk to me, or exchange emails, to help me to deal with MRKH. Apparently, the doctor had a list of patients whose situation matched that of somebody newly diagnosed, and who were willing to talk to them.

While I had previously been unimpressed by Dr. Garrick, this message redeemed him in my eyes. I couldn’t wait to send Vanessa an email to introduce myself.



Back at home, April asked me right away how the appointment had gone. Too embarrassed to tell her that some man had inspected and touched my pussy, I merely waved a hand in Mum’s direction and escaped to my room.

Logging on to my computer, I attempted to compose an email to Vanessa, but found it difficult to find the right words. A number of attempts were made, but nothing satisfied me.

The message was hardly begun a couple of hours later, when April came upstairs to do her homework. She asked what I was doing and I explained my predicament.

She thought for a moment, then said, “Maybe I could write something to, y’know, help get it started. Then you could add to it or change it or whatever.”

It sounded sensible to me. At least April didn’t have writer’s block. I deleted my latest failure and vacated my chair, and April took my place at the computer. She asked me not to watch her as she worked, so I picked up a book and got comfortable on my bed until she had finished her draft and called me over to look.

Peering over April’s shoulder, I read through what she’d written. Although it had taken her very little time, I thought her first effort was better than all of mine combined.

By way of thanks, I rested my head on her shoulder and simply said, “It’s perfect. Go ahead and send it.” April did, then went to her own computer, which was set up next to mine on the long table we shared, and got started on her homework.

She’d barely begun, and I was staring idly at my monitor, when an icon flashed to tell me an email was received. Not expecting a prompt reply from Vanessa, I had no idea who might have sent a message, so clicked open the email without hesitation.

It was from Vanessa!

She told me later that she had a standard message for use the first time she communicated with other girls, so it had been ready to go.

April sat down next to me and asked, “Is that her?” When I nodded, she pressed, “Well? What does she say?”

I read the message aloud, which was pleasant, but maddeningly non-specific, then sat back, pondering my next move. Finally, I looked up at my sister and muttered, “I… I don’t know what to do now.”

But once again, April had a handle on the situation. “Well, it’s obvious, you dope. First, you have to send a message thanking her for her email. That’s just good manners. Then tell her that this whole thing is new to you, and you’re still getting your head round it all. And you’ll be in contact soon, when you’re ready.”

Rather than trying to come up with anything else, I wrote a message using almost exactly those words and sent it.

Strangely enough, I felt a bit more at ease, despite the fact that nothing had actually been achieved. April went back to her homework, as did I.

We both went to bed at our usual time, though I didn’t fall asleep right away. I found myself wanting April to come over and get in bed with me, so we could touch each other and kiss. Fooling around with my sister had been a lovely, unforgettable experience, and I’m not ashamed to admit that I craved more.

But how to make that happen? Since that first time, April hadn’t so much as addressed the subject, as if we’d never stripped naked and fondled one another to orgasm, then swapped hot French kisses. Was April ashamed or embarrassed by what we’d done? I didn’t know, and was afraid to ask. That hunger to feel her bare body against mine still burned inside me, though.

I considered masturbating, but didn’t want to risk waking my sister. Somehow, I did finally manage to fall asleep.

The following day, I still didn’t feel up to attending school, although by that time, I’d already missed several weeks. It was all covered by a medical certificate, but I knew that my friends were getting worried about me.

My best friend Elsa had sent a couple of emails to ask how I was doing. In fact, I felt all knotted up inside, wondering what I would tell people about my condition. The thought of kids at school gossiping about my private parts filled me with horror. So I’d reassured Elsa that I was okay, lied that it was nothing serious, and that I would be back in school before very long.

That afternoon I heard the doorbell ring, shortly after which Mum knocked on my door. “Elsa’s here to see you,” she called.

I was hesitant at first, but decided that good manners and friendship outweighed the reluctance I felt. Elsa and I had been close since third grade, and I knew she was concerned about me. I got up, took a deep breath, and went downstairs.

The instant I laid eyes on my friend, my apprehension vanished like mist, and I raced into Elsa’s open arms. Why had I felt so nervous about seeing her, anyhow? As we hugged, I made the decision to share my secret with her, knowing it was the right thing to do.

Mum offered us cookies and milk, but I was suddenly desperate to unburden myself, and hastened my friend upstairs, promising Mum that we’d be down for a snack before too long.

Once in my room, we sat side by side at the desk, then Elsa inquired as to what had kept me away from school for so many days. Naturally she was relieved when I told her that it was nothing life-threatening or contagious, but the real test would come when I got to the actual story.

How would she react? For that matter, how would I be able to explain it to her without collapsing in a flood of tears? All I could do was take a deep breath, soldier on and tell Elsa the cold, hard facts about what was wrong with me.

As I stumbled through my account, often flushed with embarrassment, she listened without comment. I told her nearly all of it, only leaving out the parts about sucking on Mum’s nipples and the sexual exploration I’d done with my sister.

After I finished talking, Elsa sat quietly for a moment, taking it all in. Then she stood and came over to me. Her face showed little, but her eyes revealed the sorrow she felt.

“Oh, Melody,” she said. “I’m so sorry.” Extending her hand, she took mine and drew me to my feet, then wrapped both arms around my waist. She wasn’t being emotional, just supportive — and it was exactly what I needed. Her lips nearly brushed my ear as she added. “What a fucked-up situation.”

I had to agree. “Yeah.”

Drawing away, though still embracing me, Elsa gazed into my eyes. I’d never seen her up so close. “What do you do now?”

It was a question I’d asked myself without reaching an answer. Now I had to respond in some coherent way, realising that ‘I don’t know’ wasn’t going to satisfy a girl like Elsa.

We both sat down again and, after a deep breath, I began to speak, the ideas forming as they came to my lips.

“Well, for starters, I’m going to avoid getting involved with boys for now. They’re too immature to deal with something like this, not until they grow up. They’d be grossed out, and it’d be all over the school in no time! And that’s if they grow up at all; some guys never really do. I’ll just let them think I’m not interested in sex. Or that I’ve taken the Chastity Pledge. Hey, I can get one of those rings!”

“You could let them think you’re gay,” Elsa suggested. “Bet that would keep boys away.”

I was unable to tell if she was joking. “That would cause even more gossip than the truth,” I answered, trying to keep things light. We both giggled; surely that was a good sign.

“At least girls are more understanding than boys,” Elsa observed when she was serious again.

“Mmm,” I agreed.

“I mean, I’m not grossed out by you or anything. Oh, sure, I think it’s awful, and I, like, feel bad for you, and everything. But grossed out – nah!”

“Well, you might be,” I said.

“Show me, then!” she proposed. “You’ll see, It won’t bother me at all.”

“Bet it would.” Why in the world did I say that? Was I actually getting complacent or whatever about this MRKH thing?

“How much?”

I thought about the stakes, without thinking about the implications. “I bet you’ll be disgusted. If I’m right, you have to finish this stupid history assignment I’m in the middle of!”

Elsa gave a defiant nod. “You’re on. And if I’m not grossed out, you have to… well, it doesn’t matter. It’ll just prove that not everybody will act the way you think they will!”

We shook hands on our bet. Which, I suddenly realised, meant that the next step was… I had to strip down for my friend!

My personal boundaries had collapsed once before, with April. And now it was happening again, this time with Elsa. And just like that other time, I didn’t understand it soon enough.

But Elsa and I had made a bet, and I couldn’t back down. And she was right about proving to myself whether she, or anyone else, would be shocked by my appearance.

Those thoughts didn’t make it any easier, but they at least made me more determined to do what I had to — drop my pants in front of my best friend, so she could look at my snatch!

Before I could lose my nerve, I stood up and dropped the boxer shorts I wore as pajama pants, putting myself on display before her.

“That’s normal enough,” she told me.

“Yeah, but look at this,” I said. I lay back on my bed and raised my legs into the same position I’d adopted in those doctors’ offices, showing Elsa everything I had. The thought crossed my mind that this pose was becoming a regular thing for me.

Elsa knelt between my thighs. “Still normal,” she said, then reached out and parted my labia.

I’d described to her what my ‘condition’ looked like, which may have prepared her for the sight. Whatever the reason, she remained unfazed. “Ahh,” Elsa said, her eyes wide in awe as she got a good look. After a moment, she added, “Well, I think I win. I’m not grossed out, or anything!”

That made me feel better, though I wasn’t entirely convinced that she wasn’t just being nice. “You really don’t think that I look… well, messed up down there?”

She shook her head. “No, not at all… I’ll prove it to you.”

Elsa’s mouth was inches away from my pussy, then she suddenly moved in even closer and licked me. She even ran her tongue up to my clit, giving it a little flick with her tongue.

My attempt to wriggle away from Elsa was blocked before I could begin, because she wrapped her arms around my raised thighs, leaving me no way to escape. Before long, I wasn’t trying to get away anyhow.

I nearly opened my mouth to tell her to stop… but after all, I didn’t really want her to, so the only sound I made was a deep sigh.

When I relaxed in Elsa’s grasp, she took my clitoris between her lips and sucked at it. Just like that, I was lost to the world. The last rational thought I recall having was, Who needs a vagina, anyway?

Elsa squeezed my clit with her lips, sucked as if it was a straw in a soft drink bottle, and gently ran her teeth over it. She even bit down on it – well, more like a gentle nibble, really. Whatever, it was amazing!

When April used her hand on my pussy, she gave me an orgasm – my first real one. But Elsa’s mouth took me higher and farther than fingers ever could. Sure as night follows day, I knew I was going to have an absolutely enormous climax. It was building up inside me, threatening to go off at any instant.

Things were happening beneath my belly, where my reproductive organs were supposed to be. There was a tiny pulse that mounted into a deep throb, spreading through my body until I was trembling all over. I couldn’t speak — couldn’t move.

Then it happened – I came!

Big time.

The release was… something unimaginable. I’ve never managed to come up with the words to equal it. All I knew was pleasure distilled to its purest essence.

Finally I lay spent, out of breath, still glowing from head to toe with those good feelings, and my heart filled with love for Elsa.

Reaching for her with clumsy hands, I tugged at my friend, pulled Elsa on top of me so I could kiss her. Which I did, over and over. Tongues and everything.

Somehow I overlooked the need to breathe while we were kissing. After a while, I had to push Elsa away and gasp for air. Our eyes met — and the only thought in my head was how much I wanted to return her love.

When I touched April the same way she’d done to me, it was done in the sense of repaying a kindness – my sister had given me pleasure, so I did the same for her.

With Elsa, though, it was different. I was burning for her, feeling the want so intensely that it almost hurt.

I was pulling at her jeans, struggling to get them off — or at least down far enough for me to get at her pussy. She hadn’t asked if I’d wanted oral sex, so I wasn’t going to bother asking her, either.

“Slow down, girl!” she said, laughing at my desperation. “Here, let me help.” Elsa undid the snap, drew the zipper down and raised her arse from the bed, then shoved those damned jeans to her feet.

I was only able to restrain myself until she got them off. Then I grabbed her panties and gave them a hard tug, tearing the elastic of the waistband in my haste.

In no time at all, Elsa was naked from the waist down. I already knew she shaved, from seeing her when we changed after gym class, so my friend’s lack of pubes didn’t surprise me. Her labia were a dark pink hue, and drops of her arousal were clearly visible. I moistened my lips, taking a good look.

If I’d been asked in a rational moment if I might be willing to lick a girl’s snatch, I would probably have said ‘no way’ or even ‘yuck’. Right then, though, I was anything but rational, so I bent down to Elsa’s slit and went to work with my tongue.

I didn’t bring much finesse to the job, but it was my first time going down on a girl, after all. I licked up and down with long swipes of the tongue, and Elsa’s purrs of pleasure told me that I was doing the job right. After a while I wanted to try something different, so I centred my attention on her clit, then felt for her vagina with my fingers and pushed two of them inside. Elsa was a lot wetter than she’d been only moments ago, so I began to pump those fingers in and out. A delicious shiver raced through me when I realized that I was fucking my friend.

As I worked to make Elsa come, she lay still with her legs wide apart, eyes closed and a tiny smile on her lips. Only the pattern of her breathing and the way she clutched at the blanket told me that she was getting close to an orgasm, but it encouraged me to work my fingers harder, deeper, faster. Taking her clit between my lips, I began to suck it like a tiny nipple.

When she came, Elsa remained completely motionless, but I knew that her ecstasy was just as powerful as mine had been. Her breath grew ragged, her mouth tightened and she made funny little sounds of pleasure.

As I continued to make love to her — and by then, I knew that’s what was happening — a memory suddenly crossed my mind: when I made April come, a little bit of juice came out of her pussy.

Hoping that Elsa might do the same when she climaxed, I put my mouth to her vagina, where my fingers were still busily pounding her. Almost immediately, she stiffened and a little squirt of fluid issued from her hole. I captured it with my mouth.

“Oh, fuck… ohhhh!” exploded from Elsa’s lips. Her pussy clenched my fingers, and I slowed the pace of my thrusts.

More fluid was flowing from her pussy with each stroke, so I lapped up as much of it as I could. Did I mention that she tasted incredible? Finally, I withdrew my fingers and glued my mouth to Elsa’s smooth slit, not wanting to miss even a drop of her sweetness.

“Oh, Christ!” Elsa gasped as I slurped and slobbered at the juicy flesh of her pussy.

Her orgasm seemed to depart as quickly as it had arrived, and my friend’s body seemed to deflate like an inflatable toy when the air is released. She lay quietly, doing nothing but drawing breath. We were lying side by side on my bed, both naked from the waist down.

I found myself worrying that I might’ve hurt Elsa. All the time I was vigorously finger-fucking her, that thought hadn’t even occurred to me.

“Elsa?” I whispered. “Um, are you okay? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Then an even more awful fear entered my head. “I — did I, um, b-break your… your…” I didn’t know how to ask the question!

Elsa giggled and rolled onto her side, so she was facing me. Feeling relieved — at least I hadn’t upset her — I rolled over too, so we could look into each other’s eyes.

“You didn’t hurt me, Mel,” she murmured. “Oh, I wasn’t prepared for a ride like that, but it was a great one. And no, you didn’t tear me. I did that myself, a couple years ago.” She looked deep into my eyes. “But you are my first, y’know, my first time. And since you’re my first fuck, that means you got my cherry.” There was a pause. “And I’m glad, too… I wanted it to be you!”

Elsa let that statement stand on its own for a few heartbeats, though I’m sure that she must have seen questions written all over my face.

“I’ve known for a couple of years that I’m gay,” she said. “And I was hoping you were, too… cause you never seemed much interested in boys, know what I mean? But I didn’t know for sure. And, like, I was scared to make a move, y’know, try anything with you… cause I didn’t want to screw up our friendship if you weren’t into girls. But then…” She paused. “When I was looking at you down there, I… I couldn’t help myself. I just had to do what I did. And, uh, you’re okay with that, right? I mean, if you don’t want to do it ever again, we don’t have to…”

Knowing it was unfair of me to let her keep babbling, I put a finger across Elsa’s lips to silence her.

“El,” I said, “this is the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened! We’ve been best friends, like, forever… and now… we’re so much more.”

Uncertain if I was making sense. I decided to start again. “Look. Until now I had no idea about, well, any of this. About you and me, and doing sex things with girls. But I do know that I want to do it with you again – lots of times. And if wanting to do it with a girl means I’m gay, then I guess I’m gay.”

I thought about that, then tried thinking it through out loud. “I’m not attracted to guys, so I can’t be straight. But I’m not exactly gay, ‘cause I’m not attracted to girls either, just you. Is there even a word for that?”

Elsa gave me a smile bright enough to light up the evening sky. “Yeah. And that word is ‘mine’.”

She wrapped her arms around me, and we drifted together in a kiss that seemed to say it all.

Soon to come, the thrilling conclusion: Part Three!


Birds in Flight, Chapter 3

  • Posted on January 6, 2021 at 3:58 pm

by Girl Lover

Jill stared at the lonely country road as she continued to drive through northwest Texas. She’d been through this part of the state before, and the landscape was too drab for her. The thrill of taking this journey had died away an hour ago, although Linda and Emma were still excited.

Jill didn’t know how to feel about it herself. Of course, she was happy that she and Linda were together again, and that she’d rescued Linda and Emma from the monster that was their mother, but there was also the fact that Jill had lost her parents and home. Unlike Linda, she had genuinely loved her parents… until recently, that is.

“Are we in Montana yet?” Emma exclaimed. She was beginning to sound a bit cranky.

“No. It’ll take us a few days to get there,” Jill replied.

Emma had the paper map spread out before her. “So, where are we now?”

Linda reached over the front seat and glanced at the map, pointing to their location. Emma placed her finger on it, “And where’s Austin?” Linda pointed to another spot a few inches away. Emma looked at the distance. “We only moved this far!” she announced, holding her fingers a few inches apart. She looked back at the map, then moving her fingers further apart, she announced, “We need to go this far to get to Montana. Wow, that’s a lot.” She sat back, lost in thought

Linda snuggled up against Jill, “We’re really doing this, aren’t we?”

Jill snaked her arm around Linda, holding her close, “Yep.”

“What’re we gonna do when we get there?”

“I guess I’ll try to get us all into a school. I don’t know if their middle and high schools are combined like McCallum or separate. I’ll graduate next year, and I suppose I’ll have to find a job. I haven’t really thought about it much.”

“But we’ll always be together, right?” Linda rested her head against Jill’s shoulder.

“We’ll always be together.”


They drove on.



“I… I wanted to…say something. I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time, but I didn’t know how you would take it.”

Intrigued, Jill turned, “What’s that?”

“I just wanted to say… thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything. You lost your friends, your parents, your whole life… just for me.”

“You don’t need to thank me,” Jill kissed the top of her head, “You are my life, now.”

A few hours later, Emma hunched over the top of the seat, “I’m hungry.”

“Me too,” Linda echoed.

“There’s some bread and other things to make sandwiches with back there,” Jill pointed her thumb behind her.

Emma pulled out all the food from the cooler and opened the loaf of bread, quickly cobbling a sandwich together. Sloppily spreading mayonnaise on a slice of bread, she asked, “What do you want, Linda?”

Linda looked back to see what there was to choose from. “Put ham and cheese on mine.” Emma made another sandwich and handed it up to Linda.

“What do you want, Jill?” Linda asked.

“Hmmm… make mine turkey and mayo.”

“Coming up!” Emma announced. Moments later, she passed a third sandwich up to Linda, who handed it to Jill.

They drove on, watching the sun slowly sink down into the horizon and the land slowly became dark. Jill stared at the empty country road, lit by her headlights and surrounded by darkness.

“What’re you thinking?” Linda asked Jill.


“You got this weird look on your face.”

“I don’t know. It’s kinda this… déjà vu feeling. When I was little, me and my parents used to travel to different places, and it would usually be dark when we were coming back home. I’d be in the back seat listening to my parents talk. And that’s kinda how I’m feeling now. Like I’m the parent, and our kid is in the back.”

“I’m not your kid!” Emma objected.

Linda laughed, “She didn’t mean that, silly.” Turning back to Jill, Linda cuddled up against her, quietly saying, “I think it’s sweet. I kinda like the feeling of us being a family.”

Jill smiled at her. “Me too.”

A little after seven, they pulled into a motel, and Jill booked a room with two beds. The room seemed enormous to Linda and Emma, who had never lived anywhere but the tiny space they shared in their mother’s trailer.

Emma bounced on one of the beds, excitedly exclaiming, “This one’s mine!”

“Wow,” Linda remarked, looking at everything. “Hey, there’s a TV!”

“Ooh!” Emma stopped bouncing long enough to race across the room and turn it on.

Jill set out the food on the counter. It was going to be sandwiches again for supper, as well as most of their meals for the next few days.

Emma found a cartoon on the TV and stretched out on her tummy as she ate her sandwich, eyes glued to the screen. Jill was sitting up against the headboard with Linda between her legs, leaning back against her chest. As Linda ate, Jill had her arms around the girl, Linda’s head nestled under Jill’s.

“You hungry?” Linda asked, “Do you want me to make you something?”

“Uh-uh.” Jill kissed her neck, murmuring, “I’ve got everything I want right here.”

Linda took another bite of her sandwich, “Jill?”


“I was wondering… did you want to, um, do it tonight?”

Jill nodded, “I’ve been wanting to for days.” She ran her fingers through Linda’s hair. “Actually… I’ve never wanted anything as badly as I want to be with you tonight.”

“I didn’t know if you still wanted to. Especially after I left you the last time.”

Jill turned Linda’s face towards hers, whispering, “I’ll always want to do it with you.”

Linda giggled, covering her mouth, “That sounds dirty.”

Jill smirked, “It’s meant to be dirty.”

They continued watching TV until late in the night. Jill was in the bathroom taking a shower when Linda told Emma that it was time for bed. “But I don’t feel tired yet,” Emma protested.

“Lie down,” Linda told her. Emma meekly complied, and Linda pulled the blanket over her, then laid down behind her little sister and began to rub the child’s back.

Jill was in the bathroom drying off after her shower when she heard Linda singing. Drifting over to the partially opened bathroom door, she listened, enraptured, as Linda lulled her younger sister to sleep.

All around the cathedral the saints and apostles
Look down as she sells her wares.
Although you can’t see it, you know they are smiling
Each time someone shows that he cares…
Though her words are simple and few
Listen, listen, she’s calling to you
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag

Jill watched in awe from the bathroom as Emma’s eyes fluttered, then closed. Linda slowly stood, still humming so as not to rouse Emma, then went over to the other bed and sat.

Jill, wrapped in a towel, came back into the room without Linda noticing. “I love hearing you sing,” she said quietly.

Startled for an instant, Linda turned around. “I didn’t know you heard me.”

“I did. It was beautiful.” Jill went to her bag, fishing around inside for her hairbrush.

Linda watched her, “You know,” she cooed, “I think that this is the best day of my life. No actually, I think the best was that night that you made love to me.” Jill smiled and  began to brush her hair. “What about you?” Linda asked, “When was the best day of your life?”

Jill stopped brushing her hair, suddenly looking sad. “I know what the worst day of my life was… when I found you behind the equipment shed by the playground and you begged me not to hurt you any more. That was when I saw what a monster I’d become.”

“Don’t say that, Jill. You’re not like those other girls. You’re good.” Linda paused. “But what was the best day of your life, then?”

Jill looked up at Linda, “The same day, though I didn’t know it at the time. That was when I met the most wonderful person… a sweet little girl who would become the love of my life.”

“Me?” Linda whispered, her eyes shining with adoration.

“None other,” Jill replied.

Linda blushed hotly, but she was clearly delighted. “Oh, Jill…”

Jill put her hairbrush away, then came back to the bed, pausing to let her towel fall to the floor. Now naked, she knelt down before Linda.

Staring at Jill’s bare body with wide-open eyes, Linda asked, “Do you want to…?” Jill nodded, a smile on her lips. “Now?”

Jill nodded again, moistening her lips. “God, yes. I’ve been wanting you all day long.”

Linda glanced at her sister, now sleeping peacefully in the other bed, “What if Emma wakes up?”

Jill slowly unzipped Linda’s pants, whispering, “Then she can watch.”

“But she’ll hear you,” Linda said as Jill tugged her faded khakis down, revealing pale blue underpants.

“I’ll be quiet,” Jill replied. Taking a calming breath, she grasped the waistband of the ten-year-old’s panties, then slid them down to her feet. Her pulse quickened at the sight of Linda’s bare slit.

“You’ll say those bad words,” Linda reminded her, carefully stepping out of her underwear. “And you say them loud, too.”

“You worry too much,” Jill said as she pulled Linda’s shirt up and off, carelessly tossing it on the floor with the rest of their clothes. Except for her cute pink socks, the child was now completely nude. “She already knows that we’re lovers, so what’s the big deal?” Gently easing Linda onto her back, she added, “Besides, you make me say those bad words.”

Jill rolled Linda over onto her front and, straddling the girl, nuzzled her neck, then proceeded to kiss a pathway down her back. Linda giggled at the ticklish feeling as the older girl’s lips reached her bottom.

Cupping that cute butt in both hands, Jill studied it in awe. My God, it’s perfect. Absolutely perfect. Who knew that a little girl’s bottom could be so beautiful? She licked her lips. I want to make love to it…

Jill began to kiss and fondle the tender globes, breathing in the bewitching scent of Linda’s skin, enhanced by what she was fairly certain was the thicker aroma of the ten-year-old’s sex. Wanting more, she placed her thumbs on either side of Linda’s crack and gently spread her cheeks apart.

The sight was breathtaking; the first good view she’d had of her young lover’s secrets. The child’s rosebud looked especially enticing, giving Jill felt a wicked impulse to do something she’d never tried before.

Bending down, she trailed her tongue through Linda’s crack, bathing the little girl’s anus with a long, slow lick.

Jill!” Linda gasped in horror, gaping back over her shoulder as she watched Jill burrow between her cheeks. “Th-that’s my b-bottom hole!”

But the teen didn’t answer, just continued to bathe the girl’s rosebud with rhythmic swipes of the tongue, thrilled by the sheer lewdness of the act. At the same time, she was expressing her love for this sweet child she adored in the most intimate way imaginable.

“Oh, Jill,” Linda sighed, her hands trembling as she propped herself up, “It’s so weird, you d-doing that… but it feels, oh, really nice.”

Jill rimmed Linda for a few moments more, then felt a sudden need to cradle the child in her arms. Raising her face from the cleft of Linda’s anus, she tenderly guided the girl onto her back, then wrapped both arms around her.

“My gosh, I love you so much,” Jill whispered. “I never knew I could feel this much for someone.”

“I love you too — lots and lots,” Linda said, blushing a bit. “Um, can I touch your boobies?”

“We’re lovers, you and I… so you don’t need to ask,” Jill said. “If you want to touch me anywhere, you can. Well, maybe not the bottoms of my feet — I’m really ticklish there.”

Linda hesitantly reached out, gently touching Jill’s left breast, then cupped them in both hands. “So soft,” she whispered.

Jill leaned closer, “Suck my nipples.”

“You mean… like I’m your baby?” Linda asked, puzzled. “Why?”

“Lovers do that too, not just mommies,” an amused Jill replied. “It feels really good. Here, I’ll do it to you first.”

“Okay. Can I keep playing with yours?”

Jill gave the girl a tender kiss.  “Of course you can.”

Linda began to fondle the older girl’s breasts again. Squeezing them playfully, she said, “Tell me if this hurts.”

In fact, it felt lovely. Purring with pleasure, Jill bent down slowly so as not to interrupt Linda’s play, taking the child’s puffy breast bud between her lips. She flicked her tongue over it, relishing the way it swelled ever so slightly to the caress of her tongue. In the meantime, her free hand was busy stroking Linda’s other breast — which was too slight to be called a breast, really, but the tiny nipple did respond nicely to her touch.

By then, Linda had paused in her own exploration to watch Jill, fascinated by the sight of a teenage girl nursing on her nipple as if that was a perfectly natural thing to do.

After a moment, Jill noticed Linda watching and raised her head. “Do you like that?” she asked.

Linda nodded. “I did. Your mouth is really warm. Did it feel good to you, too? Which do you like more, doing that or licking my bottom?”

Jill smiled. “I just enjoy making love to you, sweetheart. The sight of that sweet little body, when all your clothes are off… God, I want to do sexy stuff to every inch of you. Speaking of which…”

Drawing in close, Jill began to kiss Linda’s soft neck, and the child settled into her arms with a blissful sigh. Nuzzling her way downward, Jill’s lips strayed onto her young lover’s chest, pausing to flick Linda’s nipple with her tongue.

“Oooh, that tickles!” Linda squealed, a shiver racing through her. “B-but I like it.”

Jill slipped a hand between the ten-year-old’s thighs, lightly tracing the cleft of her slit. “Oh… oh, wow,” Linda moaned.

The astonished look on Linda’s face sent Jill’s lust soaring even higher, awakening that oh, so familiar tickle in her pussy that ached to be scratched. There was one thing she needed even more, though — something Jill had fantasized about ever since she’d first dreamed of making this little girl her lover.

Scooting down to lie before Linda as if in worship, Jill gazed in awe at the child’s bare sex, now adorned with a hint of wetness. Somehow it reminded Jill of a pretty mouth — perfect for what she intended to do. She drew closer, her eyes drifting shut.

When her lips brushed against the smooth slit, she felt Linda tense slightly, then relax with a tiny moan. Jill paused to savor the delicate flavor, then pressed her tongue inside the little girl. She saw Linda’s eyes widen, heard her whisper, “Oh, my gosh,” loving her all the more for that adorable reaction. It’s like a miracle to her, she thought.

With her eyes glued to Linda’s face, Jill pleasured the girl, licking her pussy like a mother cat bathing a newborn kitten. Linda would draw in her breath or sigh from time to time, then shiver in delight. Now Jill was rubbing Linda’s clit with a finger, drawing the child closer and closer to the edge.

Linda was panting for breath as those strange but wonderful sensations took control of her once again. “J-Jill!” she gasped, “it’s… it’s happening…”

“I know,” Jill reassured her, briefly raising her head. “Don’t be scared. Just let it happen.”

She was close to coming herself, but refused to touch her own pussy. Not yet. She wanted to make it happen for Linda first.

Just as she had that thought, Jill felt Linda clutching her head, fingers tightening as the child’s pleasure grew and grew. Then she winced, inhaling sharply as Linda’s little hands balled into fists, pulling at her hair. Though it hurt, Jill continued to lick the girl, thrilled that she was able to make her feel so good.

Suddenly, a voiceless cry came out of Linda, and her body seized up. For a long moment, she remained rigid with a pained expression on her face, then collapsed into the sheets, gasping for breath.

Awed by the sight, Jill crawled up to where Linda lay and stretched out beside her, stroking the little girl’s face as she rested. “I’m s-so sorry, J-Jill… I — I think…” Linda struggled to get her breath, “I think…I peed on you…”

“You didn’t pee, sweetheart. You had an orgasm. Just rest now,” Jill held Linda close, gently rocking her.

After a while, Linda’s eyes fluttered open, though the girl was still a bit dazed. “Are you okay?” Jill asked.

“Yeah…” Linda replied, still out of breath. “I kinda just feel like lying here.”

“Well, that’s what happens when you have good sex.” Jill caressed the nude ten-year-old, trailing her fingers over Linda’s body. She couldn’t remember the last time her life had been so peaceful, so carefree.

Finally, Linda propped herself up on one elbow, “Could I do stuff to you now?”

“I’d love that,” Jill replied.

“Cool!” Linda got up on her knees.

“How do you want me?” Jill asked. “On my tummy, or my back?”

“Ummm…” Linda thought for a bit. “Can you like, um… get on your hands and knees, so I can… see your butt?”

Charmed by the little girl’s timid eagerness, Jill got on all fours with her head lowered, ass up in the air, looking back at Linda. As Jill watched with keen interest as to what the girl was going to do, Linda slowly moved closer, wide-eyed with wonder.

“Wow…” Linda breathed as she got her first up-close look at Jill’s ass. Placing both hands on the pale, soft globes, she caressed them. “You’re so beautiful, Jill,” she whispered. “Even your bottom is beautiful. Even your…” The child fell silent, her attention captured by the juicy cleft of the older girl’s sex. Nervously moistening her lips, she reached out to touch it.

“Oh, Linda,” Jill moaned, “oh, yes. That feels lovely.”

“It’s so… so warm. And sticky.

“That’s because you get me hot, make me want t-to love you again.” She paused, nibbling her lower lip. “Linda? Would you maybe… kiss me there? Like I did to you?”

Linda made a face. “Um… does it taste like pee?”

“No, not really. Pussies have their own special flavor. It’s hard to describe. I thought yours was yummy.”

Linda giggled. “I couldn’t believe you were licking me down there!” She gave Jill’s rump a playful pat. “I oughta give you a spanking for being so naughty.”

“Kiss my pussy first… then you can spank me all you want,” Jill countered.

Grimacing slightly, though trying not to let it show, Linda leaned forward, paused to sample the scent of it, then briefly, touched her lips to Jill’s cunt.

“How was that?” Jill asked.

“Actually, not bad,” Linda replied, somewhat surprised.

“Can you do it some more?”

Linda carefully pressed her lips to the moist flesh, giving it a proper kiss. She took a tiny lick, then quickly pulled away with a giggle.

“I think she likes that,” Jill said. Then in a comical, high-pitched voice, she added, “Ooh, it’s true! Jill likes it when you kiss me.”

“That’s not your… thingy talking,” Linda protested. “That’s just you.”

Now shaking with laughter, Jill continued to speak in the high-pitched voice, reaching down between her legs to make her pussy lips move, “Can you please give me another kiss, little girl? It feels good.”

“You’re not really talking,” Linda was speaking to Jill’s pussy.

“Yes, I am.”

“No, you’re not.”

“Then why are you talking to me?”

“I’m not…” Catching herself, Linda scowled, then began to giggle. “You’re so silly.”

“No, I’m in love,” Jill said, smiling sweetly at her young lover. Rolling onto her back, she added, “I really would like for you to kiss me there again, though. It feels so nice.”

“Mmmm… okay.” Linda scooted closer and leaned over, giving Jill’s pussy a tender kiss, then several more. Raising her head, she said, “You’re pretty wet. Are you sure that isn’t pee?”

“I’m positive. See, when a woman gets excited — y’know, in a sexual way, it makes her vagina wet. Trust me, it isn’t pee.”

Linda’s expression made it clear that she wasn’t quite convinced. “Um, can I touch your — your vagina some more?”

“Well, sure. That feels good, too. If you do it right, you’ll give me an orgasm, just like I did for you.”

“Cool!” the child exclaimed, then began to stroke Jill’s pussy with her index finger, toying with its folds.

Jill relaxed, letting Linda explore.  It was clear that the ten-year-old didn’t have the slightest idea how to make love to a girl, but Jill didn’t care. I’ll teach her how, she told herself. I’ll turn this shy little thing into a sex kitten. 

Anyhow, the sight of Linda’s awed face was enough to turn her on in a big way. it was the most erotic thing to watch, a girl of ten getting familiar with Jill’s cunt. Linda was humming a little tune moving her finger around as casually as if she was finger painting, completely absorbed in the task.

Eventually, her finger slipped into Jill’s vagina. Linda’s eyes widened as she felt how wet and warm it was, then widened even more when she realized that her finger kept going deeper. “Oh, wow,” she breathed.

Jill saw the quizzical look on the little girl’s face, “What is it?”

“It just keeps… How far inside d-does it go?”

Grinning at the child’s naivete, Jill said, “Well, it has to be deep enough for a guy’s, um, dick to go inside.”

“Oh, yuck,” said Linda, making a face.

Jill had to laugh at that. “Anyhow, I’m not a virgin, so mine goes deeper than yours does.”

“Okay,” Linda said, pulling her finger out.

“Actually, can you put your finger back in? It feels really great.”

“It does?” Linda asked. “Can I make you have a… uh, that good feeling, what’s it called…?”

“An orgasm. Yes, you can.”

“Good. I totally want to do that.” Furrowing her brow in concentration, she placed the tip of her finger at the opening of Jill’s vagina and eased it back inside.

“Oh, yeah,” Jill sighed. “ Can you put another finger in?”

Linda looked down, then Jill felt it enter her. “Okay.”

“Hmmm… I can take more than that. Give me another.” Linda hesitated, then did as Jill asked. “Oh, yeah. That feels amazing. Now push them into me, deep as you can go.”

“I can’t get them in anymore,” Linda told her. “They’re all the way inside.”

That gave Jill a very wild, very wicked idea.

A few weeks earlier, after realizing that she was sexually attracted to Linda, Jill had begun to cautiously surf the internet for information about lesbians and the things they did in bed. Along the way, she read about an activity that shocked her at first, but aroused her even more… especially later that evening, when she masturbated while imagining what it would be like to be pleasured that way by Linda.

This was her chance to make that crazy fantasy come true.

“Linda? Will you try something for me? Even if it seems kinda crazy?”

The child’s lower lip twitched slightly. “Um… what?”

“I want you to put your hand into my pussy.”

Linda looked horrified. “My hand?!”

Jill slowly nodded. “Yeah.”

“You want me to stick my whole hand… inside you?!”

“That’s right.”

“But — won’t it hurt? Anyhow, my hand won’t fit.”

Reaching out, Jill touched the girl’s shoulder. “It will, Linda. Think about it. Ladies give birth through there, after all. And if a baby can fit, so can your hand. Just get me nice and wet, put your fingers and thumb together, and, well, push it in.”

Linda was shaking her head. “I… I don’t know…”

“Just try it, sweetheart. Look, if it hurts, I’ll tell you so, and then you can stop. Please…?”

“Um, okay, I guess. So, uh, I’m s’posed to play with you first, right?” Her fingers were still buried in Jill’s vagina; she wiggled them a bit.

“Oooh! Yes, just like that,” Jill nodded, spreading her legs for Linda.

The little girl got to work, rolling the fingers of her right hand around inside Jill, while the left hand explored the outside, touching different parts of her older lover’s vulva.

“This is the best place to touch,” Jill said, leading Linda’s fingers to her clitoris. “Gently, though. It’s really sensitive.”

“O-okay.” She began to masturbate Jill, feeling the teen girl’s cunt grow progressively juicier.

After a couple of minutes, Jill placed a hand on Linda’s wrist. “That’s good. I think I’m ready now.”

“For me to — to put my hand in?”

“Yeah. Go for it. Just bunch the tips of your fingers together, slip them into me, then work them deeper inside. Do it slowly, though.”

Pursing her lips in concentration, Linda placed her fingers at the opening of Jill’s vagina, then began to slowly push them inside.

Jill inhaled sharply as Linda’s fingers penetrated her — up to the second knuckle, she guessed. Even that much felt incredible. This is gonna be amazing, she told herself.

“I’m not sure I can go any deeper,” she heard Linda say.

“You can,” Jill insisted. “Just move your hand around some to open me up. It’ll go in.”

“And… and you’re sure I won’t hurt you?”

“I’m sure, I’m sure!” Jill cried. “Please, Linda… just try, okay?”

“O-okay,” the little girl said, and bent to her work.

Jill inhaled sharply as she felt Linda’s hand slowly twist from side to side, slipping deeper into her cunt — another inch or so, she guessed. “Oh, yeah,” she moaned, “that’s it. Keep g-going!”

Feeling a bit more comfortable with what she was doing, Linda pushed harder, gradually easing her way into Jill’s body. The knuckles were a tight fit, but the child continued to wriggle her hand about, steadily working it inside, glancing up at Jill every now and then to make sure she wasn’t in pain.

In fact, Jill was ecstatic, dizzy with pleasure. There was a hint of discomfort, sure, but that paled in comparison to the delicious shivers she felt as Linda penetrated her. Just wait until she’s actually fucking me, she told herself.

Then all rational thought fled from Jill’s head as that lovely hand passed through the opening of her vagina. She very nearly screamed, but somehow summoned up just enough presence of mind to bring it down to a low moan. “Ohhhhhh, God… oh, Linda, I — I love you… ” Her hands were balled into tight fists.

Linda could only stare at the way her hand had disappeared inside Jill, right up to the wrist. “This is sooo weird,” she breathed.

Jill couldn’t hear her. The exquisite feeling of being completely filled had consumed her, blocking out everything else. After a few moments, she opened her eyes, looking up at Linda. “Mmmm, you did it. Good job, sweetheart.”

“I guess,” Linda replied. “Um, so what do I do now?”

Jill laughed. “You fuck me.”

The child’s eyes grew huge. “I — what?” She shook her head. “I don’t — I’m not sure how to.”

“Don’t you know what fucking is?”

“N-not really,” Linda admitted, her cheeks flushing bright pink. “Um, I know it’s a bad word. It’s what people mean when they t-talk about sex, right?”

Jill had to smile. “Oh, my sweet, innocent little girl.” Reaching out, she caressed Linda’s face. “It’s fine, sweetheart. I’ll explain about fucking later, what it means. Right now, I’ll show you what to do with your arm, so you can give me that good feeling.”


“First, pull your hand part of the way out.” Linda did. “Now, push it back in, all the way.” Again, Linda obeyed. “Oh! Oh, damn, that feels good. Okay, k-keep doing it just like that. In and out.”

“Like this?” Linda withdrew her arm, then pushed it back in.

“Yeah. Oh, God, yes. Now, this is fucking. Ohhhhhh… don’t, don’t stop!”

Linda continued to work her hand in and out of Jill’s vagina, moving slowly so as not to hurt the older girl.

“You can do it faster,” Jill told her. Linda began to pump her arm at a brisker pace. Jill groaned, “Good. Ohhhh yyyessssss, that’s lovely,” shivering as tiny jolts of pleasure shot throughout her body.

“Are you sure it doesn’t hurt?” asked Linda.

“Oh, believe me… it doesn’t,” Jill gasped.

As the ten-year-old’s hand pumped in and out of her, Jill settled in for what promised to be a very wild ride. Every now and then, an especially strong pump from Linda’s arm would jerk her, causing Jill to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming. Nonetheless, she couldn’t resist the urge to talk dirty, something she’d always enjoyed during sex.

“Oh fuck, Linda… your hand f-feels so fucking good in my cunt. Mmmm, yeah, keep d-doing it like that, keep fucking me…” These and other obscene words were leaking through Jill’s fingers. Linda glanced nervously at Emma, relieved to see that her baby sister appeared to be sound asleep. All the while, her hand continued to churn around in Jill’s vagina.

Suddenly Jill’s body went rigid, and she let out a choked gasp as she exploded in orgasm. A violent jerk raced through her, then another. A frightened Linda tried to withdraw her hand, but Jill’s muscles gripped it too tightly.

Linda was on the edge of complete panic — but then, Jill gave a long, low moan and sank into the sheets, wearing a look of purest bliss. “Oh, wow…” she mumbled, “that was awesome.” Giving her young lover a weary smile, she managed to add, “You can… you can take your hand out now. Just go slow, m’kay?”

Giving her arm an experimental tug, Linda was relieved to find that Jill’s vagina had relaxed enough for an inch or so of her hand to emerge. She continued to pull, trying her best to be gentle about it, then her hand abruptly popped out, followed by a trickle of Jill’s fluids, which spilled onto the bed.

Grimacing at her dripping hand, then the large wet spot on the sheets, a horrified Linda loudly whispered, “Eewww! You peed all over my hand! And the bed!”

“It’s not pee,” Jill said, rolling her eyes. “It’s…” She fell silent, not sure how to explain it. Finally she sighed, “It’s just something that happens when a woman gets sexually excited. Not pee, I promise. Put a towel over it.”

Linda padded over to the sink, where she washed her hands. “Well, it’s messy, whatever it is.” Turning off the tap, she quickly dried off, then grabbed a towel, which she brought back to the bed and carefully laid out over the large wet spot. “I can’t believe you did that.”

“That’s what sex is like, babe. It’s messy, sure… but in a good way. Once you and I make love a few more times, you’ll understand. Anyhow, I couldn’t have made that mess without you,” Jill joked as Linda laid down next to her. The blanket had fallen to the floor; Jill reached down to grab it, then covered their bare bodies.

They lay facing each other, with Jill’s arm protectively twined around the girl, holding her close. “That was kind of weird,” Linda whispered, “but I really liked it. Even more than the first time.” She paused. “Jill… will it always be like this?”

“Yes. Yes, it will.”

Linda nuzzled Jill’s neck. “I really do love you.”

“My sweet little angel….”

“I wasn’t sure at first. When you told me I wasn’t the first person you were with, it… it kinda broke my heart. I know that sounds stupid, but it did. I wanted us to be special. To have each other and no one else. That’s part of why I got so upset and ran away from you after that first time we m-made love.” She drew back, looking at Jill, “I didn’t mean it, though.”

“I know. It’s okay, though. I didn’t know how much I loved you till I didn’t have you anymore.”

“But you have me now. And I won’t run away again. Not ever.”

Linda nestled against Jill and, with the older girl’s arms wrapped safely around her, soon fell asleep.

Coming before very long: Chapter Four!


Ripples, Chapter 27

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Note from Sapphmore: It’s been quite a while since chapter 26 was posted. Some time back, JetBoy had lamented the dearth of new stories, but suddenly his prayers were answered and a flood of new material and more chapters for some excellent series arrived from the blue fairy, so as his hands were rather full (as no doubt some of yours are with the hot stories presented here for your delectation), I took the opportunity to take a break from “Ripples” and write the first part of a new short story (which is also in JetBoy’s now overflowing Christmas hamper). When I finally got back to “Ripples,” I got a bit carried away and the first draft of Chapter 27 ended up twice as long as normal, then three times as long when I decided to write a second draft.

The good news is we split it into two parts, so now Chapter 28 in the editing pot as well. I hope you find them both worth the wait. 


Note from JetBoy: It’s been a long while since the appearance of the last chapter, mostly due to the avalanche of stories I’ve received for JS in these pandemic-filled days. Thus, we feel that a brief refresher is called for. (To get a superior summary of the first 26 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links for this story.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all recently come together as one big incestuous family. Jessica’s younger sister Laura caught them in the act, got seduced later by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair. 

In the early chapters of this story, while just beginning to question her sexuality, Jess had her first full-on lesbian experience with her teenage employee Sally, while Rachel enjoyed a steamy encounter with her babysitter Millie. A few weeks later, Jess and Rachel got the idea of fixing these two girls up with each other, and have recently planned a day to make that happen.

Just before this chapter begins, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both 14) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Alice seemed to realize a powerful attraction for one another. 

And that’s where we left things, noble readers. Read on for more. Oh, and have a very happy New Year.


For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


By Sapphmore &  JetBoy

As her naked daughters shared a heated French kiss, Stella Morrison was on the phone with her good friend and occasional lover Blanche Turner, describing the very interesting afternoon she’d just had with Jessica Matthews and her three daughters. She passed along the news of Jessica coming out as a lesbian, then told Blanche about the lewd antics her twins Lacey and Sienna had gotten up to with the guests.

First, Sienna had flashed her cunt at Jess, getting the woman quite flustered. Then she and Lacey had taken Jessica’s daughters upstairs, where they engaged in some very flirtatious behaviour that included playful kisses, caresses and casual nudity. Many young girls would’ve been completely unsettled, even frightened by the twins’ naughty games; needless to say, Alice, Katie and Poppy were anything but.

“I’d lay odds that Jessica’s daughters are indulging in some kind of sex play with each other,” Stella said, idly toying with her cunt as Sienna all but threw Lacey on the sofa, then eagerly mounted her twin. “My girls are certain of it. Jess is now openly gay, and she’s clearly turned on by underage girls. Worth further investigation. wouldn’t you say?”

“Oh, absolutely,” Blanche replied. “In fact, this explains something I noticed the last time I saw Jess.”

“Such as…?”

“It happened a few weeks ago, at the birthday sleepover I hosted for Savannah and Annabelle. I hadn’t seen Jessica for a while, so I suggested she pick up her youngsters a bit early, then she and I could have a chat. She was quite engrossed watching the girls on the climbing frame and seemed rather flustered — excited, even — when some of the younger ones flashed their underwear while hanging upside down. Especially my Annabelle, who wasn’t wearing knickers at the time. I got the very distinct feeling that Jess was aroused by the sight.”

“That’s how she behaved when Sienna flashed her. So… does Annabelle often go round without undies?”

Blanche laughed. “I asked her to put on a pair for the party, but I’m fairly sure that they ended up in the pocket of Grace, my secretary — you’ll recall how attracted she is to little girls, yes? Well, Grace is particularly smitten by my eight-year-old, and likes to spirit her away for naughty games. I suspect that she makes love to Annabelle more often than I do.”

“Can’t say I blame her — your Annabelle is an adorable child. Well, Blanche, it seems our Jessica has been hiding her light under a bushel. And her daughters… oh, my. The way that Alice, her oldest, was checking me out, it was positively sinful. She asked me if she might drop by some time to use the hot tub, but I’ve no doubt she had much more than that in mind.”

“Hmmm. All of this sounds quite intriguing, and I’ll need to give careful thought to it. Jess will have to be vetted thoroughly, of course. Mind you, as a successful businesswoman, Jess would be a definite asset to our ranks. In fact, I offered to help her open a second store.”

Stella nodded. “Just as you helped me, Blanche, with your European connections. I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

“Well, that’s what the Society was set up to do, after all — help members achieve their aspirations, in business and in pleasure. Jessica seems like a worthy candidate, but we can’t take it for granted that the relationship she has with her daughters is anything other than maternal. If she’s sexually intimate with them, we need to know that for certain.”

Stella was watching the twins fuck on the sofa, her free hand buried inside the flimsy panties she wore, a finger teasing her clit. Figuring it would be rude to Blanche if she lost control in the middle of the conversation, she was struggling against the urge to get herself off then and there..

Finally looking away from her daughters, Stella focused her attention on the call — and just like that, an idea popped into her head. “Um, Blanche? I think… yes, I just might have a solution.”

“What did you have in mind?”

“Jess clearly has a thing for my girls, and if they came on to her in a big way, she’d find it very difficult to resist. She and Rachel are in a committed relationship, but they’re also… how did she put it? ‘Open to new experiences’, I believe. I’m almost certain that my daughters could get Jess into bed. Then we’d know if she’s willing to indulge herself with underage girls… and how she feels about incest. You know how amazing it is to watch Lacey and Sienna fuck.”

“Indeed I do, Stella… indeed I do.” Blanche gave a blissful sigh, as if she, too, was masturbating. “But now that you mention Rachel, it’s got me wondering about her, too. If her relationship with Jessica is as close as you say, it would be awfully difficult for Jess to be intimate with her daughters and keep it a secret. If we’re going with the assumption that Jessica is one of us, we also have to consider the possibility that Rachel not only knows, but maybe a part of it. In fact, she could be sexually involved with her own girls. Which might even mean that they’re all having it off.”

“That hadn’t occurred to me, Blanche! Oh, my, what an utterly delicious possibility.”

“Yes, very. All we need is some way to find out if it’s really happening.”

Now circling the opening of her cunt with two fingers, Stella pondered the matter. “I’ve got an idea.”

Blanche chuckled. “Another cunning plan? Do tell.”

“This one involves sex, too. I told you how Jessica’s eldest girl Alice was looking at me today… believe you me, there was no mistaking what was on her mind. Before she left with her mum, my girls invited her to drop by for a sleepover some time, and she loved the idea.

“I’m meeting up with Jess soon, so I could offer to let Alice spend a day with me at the gallery — it seems that she’s interested in art — then suggest that she stay over for the night with Sienna and Lacey. I’ve no doubt that Alice will be happy to participate in any sexy games my girls suggest, and I can ‘accidentally’ catch them in the act.

“If Jess is having sex with Alice and her sisters, she’ll have made it clear how important it is to keep that a secret… but children are children, and as I’ve found out time and time again with the twins, they can often be careless about that kind of thing. Once we’ve worked their magic on Alice, I feel sure that we can uncover the truth about Jess and her family. Perhaps Rachel and her girls, too.”

“Ooooh, you dirty bitch. That sounds like a worthwhile plan, Stella, not to mention a lovely time for you and your daughters. You seem to have this in hand, but don’t forget our own need for discretion. If Alice has no secrets of her own, it will be especially important that she keeps yours. Well, good luck to you, love. Let’s speak again when you have news.”

“No fear. You’ll hear from me the instant I know anything.”

“Excellent. Until then, goodbye, Stella.”

“Goodbye, Blanche.”

Setting her cell phone to one side, Stella returned her full attention to the twins, who were wrapped up in a sixty-nine, too busy feasting on pussy to notice she’d ended the call. She watched them for a minute, cupping a breast, then rolling a nipple between her fingers through the thin kaftan. The other hand was still tucked in her panties, steadily releasing the tension she’d been building up. Two fingers were buried in her dripping cunt, the thumb rubbing at her clitoris.

Quickly bringing that hand to her mouth, Stella smeared her lips with the warm, thick nectar of her lust, then stuffed it back into her knickers, frantically masturbating until her long-delayed orgasm hit like a thunderclap. She cried out in rapture, and the girls paused in their lovemaking to look up.

With a dreamy smile, Stella was sucking the wetness from her fingers. Once she’d cleaned them of all traces of honey, she gazed lovingly at her daughters. “Girls, I have a couple of tasks for you, and I think you’re going to enjoy them both.”

“What’s that, Mum?” Lacy said, resting her cheek on Sienna’s soft thigh.

“You’re going to have some fun with the Matthews ladies. First, I want you two to pay a little visit to Jessica’s shop, somewhere around closing time, and ask for some, shall we say, special attention.”

“Ooohhh… I like how this sounds,” Lacy said.

“If things work out as they ought, you’ll have Jess all to yourself, and… well, I don’t think I need to tell you what to do then. Give her the full treatment.”

“Oh, yeah — we’ll have her screaming for mercy!” squealed Sienna, teasing a finger into her sister’s slit.

“Before that happens, though, you’re going to have that sleepover with Alice. And once the three of you are naked and between the sheets, you’ll be getting a surprise visit from Mummy.”

Sienna was already nodding her head. “And then we’ll all fuck, right?”

“If Alice is willing, yes.”

“Cool!” Lacy exclaimed. “It’s been way too long since we’ve shared another girl. So… when’s it gonna happen?”

“We’’ll get into the logistics of it later,” said Stella, sitting up and stretching. ”First, we need to take this little sex party upstairs. Your mum needs some attention.”

The grinning twins disentangled themselves, got to their feet and raced up the staircase, giggling all the way. Stella paused to admire the lithe, elegant bodies of her nude daughters, then followed them.


Upon arriving home, Jess set her purse and keys down, then announced, “Okay, girls — before you get involved in anything else, change out of those dresses and into whatever you’re sleeping in tonight.”

Her daughters raced upstairs, with Jess bringing up the rear. She went into her room and undressed, selecting a long t-shirt and soft lounge pants. As she closed the wardrobe door, she saw herself in the mirror and, looking down, noticed a dark patch of wetness on the front of her panties. Reaching down to touch the damp spot, she brought the fragrance of it to her nose, closing her eyes.

Breathing in the scent of her arousal brought back lewd memories of Stella’s twins… particularly that glimpse she’d gotten of Sienna’s cunt when the little vixen had flashed her.

Jessica quickly tugged her knickers down and off, immediately covering her nose and mouth with them. Although it was her own familiar scent, it was enough to summon up images of Lacey and Sienna. Trailing the other hand down the length of her body, she cupped her vulva, caressing it a few times before slipping two fingers inside.

Jess pictured Sienna the way she was seated while they ate, opening her legs to expose herself… only in this version, the teen pulled the skirt she wore even higher, then slowly traced the cleft of her pussy with a finger. She did it as lewdly as possible, her eyes never leaving Jessica’s.

The fantasy had Jessica quivering with reawakened lust — a girl of fourteen, putting on a literal sex show. For me, she told herself. She wants to be licked, wants my mouth on her.

Bringing Lacey into the imagined action, Jess had the other twin reach over her sister’s shoulders and slip her hands inside Sienna’s flimsy vest, then push the straps off both shoulders to bare her breasts. Cupping the ivory globes, Lacey bent down to kiss her sister. Their tongues flickered back and forth like flames.

A slamming door suddenly broke Jessica’s reverie. Her fantasy vanished like mist, the spell broken.

Sighing, she withdrew her finger, then sucked it clean of her juices. Shrugging into the t-shirt, Jess was about to put on the lounge pants, but paused, finally laying them to one side. They’ll just end up damp anyway… I might as well go without. She decided to go downstairs to make a cup of tea.

A few minutes later, Alice entered the kitchen and was greeted with an enticing sight: a glimpse of her mum’s cunt as Jessica was bending over to put a used tea bag in the food bin under the sink.

Accidental or not, it was an invitation that the twelve-year-old was helpless to resist. Quietly padding forward, she ran a finger through the moist crease, causing Jess to leap up in surprise.

Turning quickly round, she leaned back against the sink, clutching at her breasts. There was her eldest daughter, now stripped off to a tank-top and knickers.

“Alice! You nearly gave me a bloody heart attack, creeping up like that.”

Grinning widely, Alice grabbed the hem of Jessica’s t-shirt, hoisting it up far enough to expose her mum’s nudity. “Sorry, Mum,” she said, though her dancing eyes made it clear that she wasn’t sorry at all. “Looks like you’re in the mood for a little fun.”

With that, she repeated the caress, her fingers toying with the rosy flesh of her mum’s pussy. This drew a sharp intake of breath from Jess, who reached back to find the worktop and steady herself against it. Loving the idea of taking control, Alice began to masturbate her mother, eyes fixed on Jessica’s face, waiting for the woman’s resolve to falter. Give in, Mum. Don’t hold back; let me have you.

When Jessica’s eyes drifted shut, Alice thrust two fingers into her mum’s vagina, curving them to hook upwards. A few days earlier, while indulging in foreplay prior to a heated round of sex, Jess had taught her daughter about the G-spot — where to find it, how to stimulate it — and Alice had already worked the move into her lovemaking repertoire.

A rush of pleasure suffused Jess, and she rose up on her toes. But before she could draw another breath, Alice had abruptly withdrawn those probing fingers and brought them to her mouth, tasting her mum’s essence with an exaggerated mewl of delight.

“That wasn’t fair, young lady,” Jess said, fixing her daughter with a stern glare. “First you come on to me while I’m not looking, then you turn into a little tease. One of these days, that behaviour will get you into big trouble.”

Alice flashed a smile of victory, then threw both arms around her mum’s neck, pulling the woman in for a messy kiss. Using her tongue, the teen gave Jessica a taste of her own cunt.

Just as Jessica was about to give in to temptation, hoist her daughter onto the worktop and take her on the spot, Alice broke away. “What was it you were going to tell me about the twins, Mum?”

Now frustrated, vowing to teach this little minx a lesson, Jess whispered, “Keep your voice down. I don’t want your sisters hearing this… not just yet, anyhow.” Turning to retrieve her tea cup, she sat down at the breakfast bar, followed by Alice.

“It was a few weeks ago, just after you and I made love that first time. Lacey and Sienna came into the shop, looking for a dress for a party or something. Anyway, they were standing there in their underwear, holding up different outfits and asking my opinion, but they were clearly teasing and flirting with me. I know I should have just walked away, but there’s just… something about them. Christ, I couldn’t help but look!”

“I know exactly what you mean, Mum,” Alice replied with a vigorous nod. Jess gave her daughter an inquisitive look. “I’ll tell you after. Go on, finish the story. Did they show you their naughty bits?”

“They just stopped short of it, I’d say. Anyhow, Stella showed up, only they carried on flirting with me, even touching themselves. One of them actually told their mum that I’d been sneaking peeks at their underwear, but Stella didn’t react at all.

“So, after I left the changing area, I realised I’d dropped something and went back — and that’s when I overheard Stella telling the twins to be more careful in public, then they insisted that I was checking them out. But what really threw me for a loop was when Stel told her girls she didn’t blame them for having a crush on me, and how much she loved to see her girls in pretty lingerie.”

By then, Alice was all but bouncing up and down with excitement. “You see, Mum? They’re all having it off together. It’s so obvious!”

“We can’t be certain of that, sweetheart. Stella did tell me that she only dates women now… but it’s a long way from being gay to having sex with her daughters.”

Alice shook her head impatiently. “I’m sure of it, Mum. Wait until I tell you what happened upstairs — and what I saw there!”

“I’m all ears, love,” Jess murmured. Actually, the sight of Alice in skimpy underthings was playing hell with her concentration. The girl’s nipples were clearly outlined through the thin fabric, and her lovely legs were sliding together in a most provocative manner. Picturing herself kneeling before Alice and kissing a pathway up her soft inner thighs, Jessica shivered.

Alice didn’t seem to notice, already caught up in her story. “So first, they showed us round the house, including Stella’s room, which was very interesting. She’s got two of those strap-on thingies like Rachel has — they were lying on the floor, next to her bed. But think about this, Mum: why would she be using them both? I think it’s ‘cos Lacey and Sienna are shagging her.

“Then, when we went into Lacey’s room, I noticed something else weird — her bed looked as if it hadn’t been slept in for — for weeks! And if the twins aren’t sleeping in their rooms, then…?”

“Interesting,” Jess murmured, musing on the possibility that Alice was right. A crazy notion, but it did make a kind of sense.

Alice continued. “Once we were in the room and the door was shut, Lacey wanted to model some of her outfits for us – and they have a lot of them, huge closets full. She stripped off right away, too — and guess what, she was totally naked under her skirt and vest!”

Jessica’s head spun as she recalled the glimpse she’d had of Sienna’s cunt a few hours ago, when the girl had knowingly flashed her on the patio. The way she smiled at me… 

“Lacey tried one dress on and asked if I wanted to feel it on her, only Katie and Poppy beat me to it. Lacey was surprised at the way they touched her, I noticed that! I was kinda worried they were going to get carried away with it, and I’d have to make them stop. Then Lacey got me to try the dress on myself, but because underwear shows up through it, she said to take everything off.”

“What was Sienna up to while this was going on?” Jess managed to ask. Her heart was pounding.

“Oh, she’d gone over to her own room to get a dress… but she got naked, too, soon as she got back. Then they both helped me adjust that dress of Lacey’s that I’d put on — and practically felt me up while they did it, too.”

“My, my. What happened next?”

“Well, that was when Stella called us down for dessert. But when Kat and Pops left the room, I took off the dress — and while I was standing there totally starkers, the twins both hugged me, so I was pressed between them. Lacey kissed me on the mouth and Sienna kissed my neck, then they invited me to come spend the night some time. It was easy to tell what they really want.”

“What did you say?”

“Nothing, really. I was a bit surprised, so I just said that it sounded okay.”

Pausing for a moment, Jess finally said, “If you’re right about them — and I’m starting to think that you are — we still have to be especially careful, sweetie. This would be the first time you’d have sex with someone outside our new family, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. At the end of the day, you’re still only twelve years old… and I’m supposed to protect you.”

“Mu-um,” Alice sighed, rolling her eyes heavenward, “I’m not a little kid anymore. They aren’t going to put me in a massive iron pot with carrots and onions and make Irish stew. Lacey and Sienna want to fuck. And yeah, if their mum wants to join in, I’d be into that. Wouldn’t you?”

“Well, sure… but it’s not that simple, sweetie. What if they want to use one of those strap-ons on you? If that happens, say no. It should be me the first time; I’d make sure you didn’t get hurt.”

“I’ll be fine, Mum. Anyhow, you don’t have to worry about them putting something inside me, long as it’s not big. That boat’s already sailed.”

Seeing the questioning look on her mother’s face, Alice continued. “Um, I sort of took care of that a few days ago. I did it with the handle of my hairbrush.”

Jessica winced. “Alice… you shouldn’t have done that! You might’ve injured yourself, or got an infection. Please tell me, at least, that you cleaned it first.”

“Don’t worry, Mum, I did some research first and was very careful.”

“Still, you ought to have come to me for that,” Jess said, frowning.

Suspecting that her mother’s feelings might be hurt, Alice wrapped both arms around Jessica’s neck, whispering, “Don’t be unhappy, Mum. I just wanted to get it over with, so we wouldn’t have to worry about it hurting the first time you fuck me with Rachel’s strappy. When that happens, I want it to be perfect.”

“Fair enough,” Jess replied, her smile restored. “I’ll ask Rachel to bring one with her the next time she comes over. You’re not ready for that monster she uses on me, but I’m sure she has something a bit more, er, modestly sized. Enough about that, though — we were discussing Stella and the twins. If I let you go to their so-called ‘sleepover,’ you’ve got to be careful not to give our secret away. What will you tell them if they start asking you intimate questions?”

“Well, if Lacey and Sienna are having sex with their mum, they’re hardly going to be bent out of shape by what we do. Anyway, I can just tell them that I’m happy you and Rachel got together, then Bella and I decided we wanted to be lesbians, too.”

Jessica mulled it over. Just then, they heard Katie and Poppy coming downstairs. “Let me think about this,” Jess told Alice, keeping her voice low. “I’ll need to call Rachel later and get her take on things. This affects her as well.”


Later that evening, after a light supper, the girls were passing the time in their rooms, just like a normal family. Jess picked up her mobile, shut the living room door and dialed Rachel’s number.

Rachel picked up on the first ring. “Hello?”

“Hi, love.”

“Ahh, darling… I was hoping you’d call. How long have you been back from Stella’s?”

“A couple of hours or so.”

“Before I forget, are we still on for our little matchmaking session for Millie and Sally?”

“This Wednesday, right? I’ll speak to Sally tomorrow after I’ve told some of the girls about us, then let you know for sure.”

“Fantastic. If she says yes, bring her round to mine around ten. I’ve spoken to Millie; she’ll be there. Would you be up for a threesome with her if Sally can’t make it?”

“Well… yes, of course. But are you sure that Millie would be open to that kind of thing?”

“Actually, I’m not. Worth a try, though, I’d say.”

Jessica had to laugh. “Rachel Thomas, you are a threat to civilized society.”

“And I love you, my sweet. So — how was lunch at Stella’s? Did you tell her about us?”

“Oh, yes… and as you can imagine, she was very surprised about me being a lesbian and that you’re my partner, but not so much that you were a lezzie. Something about secrets you two exchanged over a few glasses of wine. Did you know she’s gay herself, then?”

“Now you mention it, I do recall her mentioning something about that a while back. We were swapping stories of our sexual exploits, and when I told her I’d had some girl-on-girl fun with my husband, she said she’d been with women herself.”

“Well now, Stella’s only dating women, and it seems she’s held a bit of a candle for me. Even said I should give her a call, if we ever break up.”

“Hmmph. I do hope you put her straight.”

“Oh, better than that. I told her we’re in a serious relationship, but hinted that you and I might be interested in a bit of wicked fun on the side. I’m pretty sure she got the message. Was that okay?”

Rachel laughed. “Do you have to ask?”

“Listen, there’s something I need to discuss with you.”

“Ooh, this sounds serious. Don’t tell me — you made out with Stella.”

“Rachel, this really is serious.”

“Sorry, love. Is anything wrong?”

“Depends on your definition of ‘wrong’. I think there’s a strong possibility that Stella is having sex with her daughters.” Jess let the statement sink in.

“Shut the front door! The twins? What makes you think that? I mean, how did it come up?”

“Actually, it was Alice who worked it out. While I was telling Stella about us, the youngsters all went upstairs, to try on clothes or something. Sienna and Lacey gave the girls the grand tour. Along the way, Alice saw some things that made her suspicious, like two strap-ons in Stella’s room. Also, she told me that the twins’ beds don’t look as if they’re being used.”

“Hmmm. Interesting, all of it… but a long way from hard evidence.”

“Well, not when Stella’s a lesbian, and you factor in a few other things.”

By then, Rachel was beside herself with curiosity. “What other things?”

“I’m coming to it, woman. Well, I never mentioned this before, as it never came up, but back when you and I first started seeing each other, I overheard her talking to the girls about me in the shop, just after I’d had a good look at Sienna and Lacey in their underthings. I brushed it off at the time, but now it all makes sense. I can tell you that after they left, I went up to my office, locked the door and frigged myself silly.”

“You randy cow! Crikey, they must have had quite the effect on you.”

“You have no idea.” Jess recounted the episode in the changing area, then the twins’ antics at Stella’s, especially when Sienna had put her cunt on full display. “I have to say, I was finding it really hard not to react. There’s no way Stella didn’t know what they were up to. In fact, I think she was enjoying seeing me squirm.”

“I suppose you could be right, but it’s still not positive proof.”

“Maybe not, but it seems the twins made a move on Alice, they’ve given her an open invitation to a sleepover, and she reckons they plan on doing a lot more than making popcorn and watching Frozen. She’s adamant that they’re having it off with their mum, and I have to say, I’m pretty convinced.”

“Fuck me! What are the chances of other women like us being in the same town? Hell, in the same bloody county?”

“I know, I know. The thing is, if I let Alice stay over, what if Stella gets involved? Alice told me that Katie and Poppy got a bit touchy-feely with Lacey, but they weren’t around when the twins kissed her. I worry that Stella and hers might put two and two together, and work out that my daughters have some experience with each other.”

“They kissed Alice? Wow, I’d like to have seen that.”

“Rach, for Christ’s sake, focus. Here’s the thing: Alice said if they ask, she’ll tell them about being Bella’s girlfriend, but that might result in more questions.”

“Do you think she can keep our secret?”

“That’s what I asked her… then she pointed out that they can hardly pass judgment on us if they’re doing the same thing.”

“Sounds like Alice is the one with her head screwed on. Listen, what’s the worst that could happen if they have the same kind of arrangement as us? More potential lovers? Can’t see much of a downside there!”

“Trust you to think of that. I suppose we’ll just have to let it play out.”

“Exactly… and now I’ve got all these sexy images dancing about in my head, I’ll have to change my mind about the girls sleeping in their own beds tonight.”

“You really are insatiable, Rachel Thomas… but then, that’s one of the things I love about you. Actually, I’m giving serious thought to doing the same thing.”

“Why fight it, babe? Go show your girls a good time. G’night. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Night, Rach.”

After hanging up, Jess dried and put away the dishes, wiped down the kitchen and restlessly pottered around with no real purpose. She looked around, trying to find other tasks to do, then stopped and stared at the large kitchen clock, finally muttering, “Fuck it.”

Although it was only 8 PM, she locked up, turned off the porch lights and mounted the stairs. In the hallway, she hesitated before entering her room. Lifting the t-shirt over her head and letting it fall to the carpet, Jess stood naked for a moment, feeling her excitement grow.

She was about to call out to the girls when she heard a faint moan — one that Jess immediately associated with sex. Slipping into the hallway, she paused to listen at Alice’s door, but only heard her daughter humming along to barely audible music issuing through her earphones.

Her attention captured by another low moan, Jessica looked down the hallway. Walking quietly in that direction, she saw that Katie’s door was wide open, the room clearly empty. Jess continued towards Poppy’s room, which was set further along the L-shaped landing. The door was ajar just a couple of inches, and Jess slowly widened the gap enough to look inside.

What Jessica saw thrilled and delighted her. Katie was stretched out on Poppy’s bed, knees up, thighs parted, Kneeling before her big sister, Poppy had her mouth fastened to Katie’s cunt and a finger steadily twisting in and out of the older girl’s arse.

Jess had to smile. That’s our Popstar… so totally in love with bum holes.

It was true. Seven-year-old Poppy had taken to lesbian sex like she’d been born to it, and her particular obsession was for arses. She liked to look at them, fondle them, kiss them… but most of all, she loved to rim, would do it for as long as you liked. And if her tongue was elsewhere, Poppy was sure to have her finger buried in your rectum — just like she did now, with Katie.

Jess reached for the doorknob, ready to enter the room and join her children on the bed — then hesitated. Something about the scene was so perfect that she was reluctant to disrupt it. So Jess watched instead, overwhelmed with simple joy at the sight of her cherubs losing themselves in sisterly love.

Tracing her cunt, Jess gently caressed the length of it before dipping her finger inside. With the other hand she reached around to probe at her rosebud, pressing at the tight hole until she gained entry. This accomplished, Jess began to fuck herself in both holes while she stared at the girls.

Moments later, Katie shuddered in helpless ecstasy then went rigid, a tiny mewl of pleasure escaping her lips before she relaxed into the sheets with a blissful sigh. Withdrawing her finger from Katie’s bum, Poppy sat back on her haunches, studying her sister with the satisfied expression of a pupil who’d just been awarded a gold star for her work.

Katie’s chest rose up and down, but her breathing soon returned to normal. Smiling at her sister, she extended both arms to the little girl. Without hesitation, Poppy fell into Katie’s embrace, lowering her thin frame until she was lying on top of her sibling. Their mouths drifted together and they kissed lovingly, swapping tongues as the kiss grew increasingly heated.

Finally, Katie broke away. “I want to taste you now,” she said, urging her baby sister upwards.

“Okay,” Poppy replied. Raising herself into a kneeling position, she carefully crawled toward the headboard, taking hold of it as she carefully straddled Katie’s face, then lowered herself until her bare slit was almost brushing the older girl’s mouth. Jess watched in awe as Katie lifted her head from the pillow to take the first lick, her tongue slowly caressing Poppy’s cunt.

“Ohhhhh,” the child whimpered, “I love you, Katie.”

The sight had Jessica misty-eyed, on the verge of tears. It’s so beautiful, this love my girls have for one another… so perfect. How could anyone think that it’s wrong?

She longed to enter, to be a part of this exquisite moment, but still couldn’t bring herself to break the mood that her youngest daughters had created..


Whipping around, her heart pounding, Jess saw Alice peering out of her room at the other end of the hallway. Quickly putting a finger to her lips to silence the girl, Jess turned back to Poppy’s door, cautiously pulling it shut.

Jessica crept down the hall to a puzzled Alice. Taking her eldest daughter’s arm, she gently but firmly guided the girl into her own room, then shut the door.

Speaking in a low tone, Alice asked, “Mum, what’s going on? What’s going on in Poppy’s room? And, um… why are you naked?”

”I was getting ready for bed when I heard something from the hallway. That’s what I was watching. Your sisters are making love.”

Alice grinned excitedly. “Well, that sounds like fun. Why aren’t you in there?”

“Well, for one, they looked so beautiful I didn’t want to disturb them,” Jess replied. “And secondly, I want to make love to you. We’ve not been together for a while, just the two of us… and I want to make up for it now.” She returned her daughter’s grin. “Plus, after everything that happened today, and what I just saw, my cunt’s on fire… so let’s fuck.”

Before Alice could react to her mother’s lewd talk, Jess reached out to take the girl’s face in her hands, followed by a deep, probing kiss, its urgency a stark contrast to the gentle kisses she’d seen her youngest girls share. It took her daughter’s breath away.

In fact, Alice had recovered just enough to embrace her mother’s bare body when Jess broke away, snatching at the hem of the t-shirt Alice liked to sleep in. She lifted it up as her daughter raised both arms, enabling Jessica to slip the garment completely off. Before Alice could brush her bangs to one side, Jess was already kneeling, pulling down the twelve-year-old’s short pyjama bottoms. She was pleased to see that her daughter had gone without knickers.

The instant Alice stepped out of her pj’s, Jessica gave her a push, so that she fell back on the bed, legs dangling over the side. Her mum knelt on the floor, roughly shoving Alice’s knees apart, then all but diving between them. Licking her lips, she dipped down to claim her daughter’s cunt with a ravenous kiss, thrusting her tongue into the creamy opening.

Alice was over the moon with excitement. This was a side to her mum that she hadn’t explored; raw hunger replacing her usual tender affection. In bed, Jess didn’t exactly treat her daughters like china dolls, but always did keep in mind that, after all, they were still children, so lovemaking with the girls tended to be gentle and loving, even playful.

Now, though, Alice could tell that her mother was feeling especially randy, in the mood for something more rough-and-tumble. And it thrilled her, the idea of being taken and used by a lust-filled adult lover. Especially when it’s Mum, she told herself.

On another day, Alice would have wondered where this abandon was coming from, but now she knew full well that her mum’s heated fervor had been fired, then stoked to a white-hot inferno by memories of the twins.

Her own giddy thoughts also turned to Stella’s daughters, and the strong possibility that she would be the filling in a Sienna-and-Lacey sandwich very soon. Appealing as that notion was, the possibility of having their mother Stella join in the fun was far more inviting. I’ve got to make that sleepover happen soon, Alice told herself.

Her reverie was interrupted as her mother’s tongue flicked at her engorged clitoris. Mum was taking these deep, luscious licks, bathing her vulva with each stroke. “Oh, Mum,” Alice whimpered, “I love you s-so much…”

Caught up in a wild whirl of animal desire, Jess began to drill her stiffened tongue into Alice’s cunt, seeking the young girl’s ambrosia, then slurping it down. The liquid sounds of cunnilingus filled the room, the perfect score to accompany their forbidden love.

While Alice writhed beneath her mother, Jess shifted her focus once more to the girl’s clitoris, taking the sensitive nubbin between her lips to suck as she replaced her tongue with one finger, then two. And since Alice’s hymen had been done away with, Jessica was able to really fuck her daughter, penetrating the twelve-year-old right up to the third knuckle. “Yes, Mum, yes!” her child panted, angling her hips to take those probing fingers even deeper.

After maintaining a steady pistoning rhythm for a few dozen strokes, Jess quickly withdrew her fingers. Alice made a tiny mew of protest, but silenced herself when Mum gripped both her thighs and pressed them back until they touched the girl’s breasts.

Oh, God, Alice thought. Is Mum going to…

She was. Jessica licked lustfully at her daughter’s anus, now flavored with the sweet essence of Alice’s vagina, her tongue pushing at the pulsing hole until it managed to gain entry. Once the rosebud was well lubricated, Jess drew back, quickly sliding her thumb into the girl’s rectum, then wriggled the index and middle fingers back into Alice’s vagina.

Now Jessica was in both her daughter’s holes, her hand positioned as if she was gripping a bowling ball. As for Alice, she was beside herself. Each tiny movement Mum made caused her eyes to roll wildly.

Satisfied with the result, Jess returned her oral attention to her daughter’s clitoris, sucking it like a straw as she began to move her hand around, massaging the walls of Alice’s vagina.

It was mere seconds before Alice lost the fight to stave off her orgasm. She clutched both knees to her chest with white-knuckled hands as her body trembled, a long, keening cry escaping her mouth.

Jessica glanced up at the sound, but didn’t stop pleasuring her daughter until she felt Alice seize up almost violently, then go limp, losing the grip on her legs as she slowly relaxed into the sex-dampened sheets.

Carefully extricating her fingers from the panting girl, then sitting back to catch her own breath, Jess felt a rush of surprise at the ferocity that she’d just directed at her daughter. Recalling the frenzied strap-on fuck she’d given Rachel in the shower just yesterday morning — Christ, that seems like a bloody month ago! — Jessica began to wonder all over again if she was developing a real dominant streak.

She stretched out alongside her daughter so that their faces were nearly touching, waiting until Alice opened her eyes. A look passed between them, a shared bond and the understanding that maternal love had, for a few moments, at least, been replaced by pure animal heat. Alice somehow gathered the strength to wrap both arms around her mum as Jess dipped her head to kiss the girl, this time with the gentle brushing of lips.

As they broke the loving kiss, Alice spoke first. “Wow, Mum, that was… intense.”

Jess felt her cheeks grow hot. “I — I’m sorry about that, sweetheart. Lost control of myself, didn’t I?”

“Don’t you dare apologise for that, Mum. I mean, you’ve never been that wild with me before, but… oh, hell, it was fantastic!”

“Watching your sisters got me all warmed up,” Jess said with a shrug. “I was tempted to join them, but then realised that… well, sometimes we need the time to be with just one person. We don’t always have to make it a huge family orgy.”

Alice narrowed her eyes. “Are you sure that’s all it was, Mum? I mean, you weren’t thinking about the twins again, by any chance…?”

“You know, for a kid, you’re far too smart. I won’t deny that those two got to me in a big way.”

“You’re not the only one — to think about them, I mean. So, Mum… I was thinking how I’d really like to do the sleepover thing with Lacey and Sienna, if they ask. I promise to keep our family thing secret. And if something does happen, you’ll get to hear all about it. So, um… can I, please?”

Jess studied her daughter for a moment, finally nodding her head. “All right, love. I won’t say that I’m not a bit worried about how this will turn out… but you’ve proven yourself level-headed enough to be trusted. Do you want to ring up the twins, or wait for them to call you?”

Alice went from serious to elated in an instant. “Oh, I can’t wait — I’ll ring them.” She hugged her mother tightly. “Thanks, Mum. If this turns out the way I hope, you’ll get to fuck Lacey and Sienna too. We all will. And Stella, let’s not forget her. Oooh, I’m all over shivery, just thinking about it!”

Seeing the mischievous smile on Alice’s face, Jess had a flash of inspiration. “You know, there was a reason of sorts for what I did to you just now; I was preparing you for more. I think it’s time that Mummy showed you something new.”

Rolling away from her daughter, Jess sat on the edge of the bed and opened her bedside drawer, rummaging beneath her underwear. Alice watched from behind, curious what her mum was looking for, her eyes widening in astonishment when Jess held up a white plastic vibrator for her to see.

“I know it doesn’t look very real, like Rachel’s — and believe me, she has a whole treasure chest full of sex toys — but it should do for now to get you used to something being inside you.”

Alice was grinning. “I’m game if you are, Mum.”

Jessica’s handheld sex toy couldn’t really compare with the large, flexible latex strap-on that Rachel owned, but that would’ve been far too large to use on Alice anyway. This would do quite nicely for getting Alice better acquainted with penetration, and it satisfied Jessica’s desire to be first to fuck her daughter. At the same time, she made a mental note to ask Rachel to take her shopping for a more varied collection of toys. Some for the girls, too, she thought.

Turning back to the bedside table, Jess reached into the drawer again and took out a small bottle, using her thumb to flick the lid open. She glanced up at a curious Alice. “It’s lubricant, sweetheart. You remember Rachel mentioning it, that night we all got together? I know you’re probably wet enough already, but we want to be extra careful not to hurt you inside. Here, lie back for me.”

Alice scooted eagerly to the head of the bed and stretched out, opening her legs. “Hold on,” Jess said, putting the bottle down on the cabinet and reaching for a pillow. “Lift your bum.” The girl obeyed, and Jess slipped the pillow beneath her. “This gives me a better angle to fuck you with, you see.”

“Cool,” Alice murmured, her eyes dancing with excitement.

Reaching for the bottle, Jessica squirted a small amount of the clear liquid onto the vibrator, then a few drops on Alice’s pussy before thumbing the bottle closed and dropping it back in the drawer. Jess smeared the lubricant around and over the white vibrator, briefly reflecting that she wouldn’t ever be handling a real penis like this again.

Turning to Alice, Jess began to spread the thick fluid along her daughter’s labia, pausing to give the clit a playful flick, making Alice jerk. When her fingers were gliding easily over the slippery flesh, Jess carefully slipped two into the girl, twisting them round to coat the inner walls as thoroughly as she could.

“Oh, fuck, Mum!” Alice gasped, rolling her hips along with Jessica’s touch.

Kneeling between her daughter’s spread legs, Jess ran the vibrator up and down the outside of Alice’s cunt until it moved smoothly, finally touching it to the stiffening clitoris.

Jess hesitated, gazing into her daughter’s eyes. “Are you ready, darling?”

Alice took a deep breath, then nodded.

Twisting the base of the tube just a fraction, giving silent thanks that she’d recently replaced the batteries, Jessica held it against Alice’s clit. The dull buzzing of the sex toy was accompanied by vibrations that the twelve-year-old hadn’t quite prepared for, causing her outstretched legs to twitch.

Jess rotated the vibrator as she eased the toy into Alice, cautiously working it in and out, going a little deeper with each stroke until half of the white cylinder had disappeared into the vagina. “How’s that, love?” she asked her daughter. “It’s not hurting, is it?”

Alice was biting her lip, her breath now deeper. She gave her head a quick shake. “No, Mum, it’s fine. You c-can go in some more.”

“Okay, but don’t be afraid to stop me if you need to.” Satisfied that her daughter was enjoying this, she continued to slide the toy in and out until more than three-quarters of it had vanished, and she felt a slight resistance inside, though Jess kept twisting it to make penetration easier.

As Jessica built up a steady rhythm, the girl’s reactions grew stronger. Alice was clutching at the bedclothes, alternating between whimpering and hissed intakes of breath.

Much as she loved using the vibrator on her daughter, Jessica was beginning to wish that she had quick access to the contents of Rachel’s play chest, longing to buckle into a strap-on and fuck Alice like a real lover. Soon, she promised herself. There are so many lovely games for me and my girls to play, so many delights we have yet to try. We’ll enjoy them all. 

Her own cunt was begging for attention, but she couldn’t think about that right then, To take her mind off the heat between her thighs, Jess bent down and began to pleasure Alice orally, nursing at the girl’s clit as she continued to fuck her breathing in the intoxicating scent of her daughter. Of all the pussies I’ve smelled since becoming gay, I like hers best.

As she lost herself in the potent aroma, Jessica heard her bedroom door open — and turned to see two naked angels standing in the doorway.

“Mummy… what are you doing with Ali?” asked Poppy.

“Hello, munchkin. My, it looked like you two were having fun earlier. What I’m doing here is… well, I’ve decided your sister is old enough to try something a bit more grown-up.”

Katie frowned. “You saw us? How come you didn’t come in?”

“Well, sweetheart, everyone needs a little privacy now and then, and you both looked so sweet together that I didn’t want to interrupt.” A moan from Alice reminded Jess that she’d momentarily neglected the task at hand. “Oops! Sorry, darling, I got a bit distracted just now.”

Turning back to her two youngest, she urged, “Don’t just stand there, girls — come on in and join the fun!” then returned to pleasuring Alice.

Katie and Poppy skipped over to the bed, kneeling one on each side of their older sister, watching agog for a moment as their mother continued the gentle twisting thrusts of the white cylinder into Alice’s cunt.

Once convinced that Alice could take what she had to give with no pain or discomfort, Jess increased the tempo of her thrusts, but still maintained a sense of control that would’ve been thrown out the window if she’d been doing this to a grown woman.

As the girls watched their big sister with wide-eyed admiration, and perhaps a little jealousy, Jess interrupted their reverie. “Poppy, darling? Mummy needs some attention. Why don’t you lick me, like you were doing with Katie? She loved it, I could tell.”

The little flame-haired nymph grinned and scampered behind Jessica, immediately parting the woman’s pale and shapely bum cheeks to delve between them. Setting about her task with relish, she licked into the musky cleft of Mum’s cunt, which was already dripping with nectar.

Katie was next to get in on the action. As her sexpot little sister licked and slurped at their mum, who was occupied with fucking Alice, Katie selected her own point of entry. Moving up the bed, she drew level with Alice, who seemed all but oblivious to her presence. The twelve-year-old’s head was squashed back into the pillow, eyes squeezed tightly shut. Her arms were outstretched, hands gripping the quilt on either side as if she was afraid it might somehow escape. Katie bent her head to take Alice’s nipple between her lips to suck while reaching out to tease the other, rolling it between her fingers.

Glancing downward, the nine-year-old took note of the position Alice was in with the pillow raising her pelvis. This gave Katie a view of her big sister’s pussy lips, which spread open with each thrust of the vibrator. From this angle, she could also see Alice’s engorged clitoris, which gave her a lovely idea. Katie put a finger in her mouth to moisten it, then reached down to touch the tiny knob of flesh, gently taking it between finger and thumb, the way Alice had taught her when she’d learned to masturbate.

Satisfied, Katie turned back to find Alice watching her, the older girl dreamy-eyed with pleasure. Feeling a surge of helpless love for her big sister, Katie moved closer, and their mouths met in a kiss. It was sweet and gentle at first, but as Alice drew nearer to climax, her kissIng grew more ardent — and Katie’s passion quickly mounted in response, their tongues engaging in a frantic dance.

Out of breath, Katie finally broke away, only to be fixed by a pleading look from her big sister. “Let me lick you, Katie,” Alice panted. “I w-want your pussy.”

Katie withdrew her fingers from Alice’s clit, their mum quickly bending down to replace them with her lips as the younger sister moved to straddle Alice’s face. Facing the wall, she grabbed the bedstead for support and lowered her cunt to her older sibling’s open mouth.

Alice began to coax the nectar from her sister’s slit with long swipes of the tongue, eager not to waste a drop. She could feel Katie riding her face, rocking forward and back. Reaching around to clutch the young girl’s thighs, Alice licked deeper, probing Katie’s vagina, tongue-fucking her.

Poppy, still kneeling behind Jess, had shifted her oral activity to Mummy’s anus, licking through the dark pink cleft again and again. She’d penetrated her mother’s cunt with two fingers at first, soon adding a third, then a fourth. Mummy’s juices were flowing freely, dripping from the little girl’s hand with each thrust.

The child’s tongue was getting a bit sore, though — Poppy had licked Katie’s holes just a few minutes ago, after all. So the seven-year-old raised her head, carefully placed the thumb of her free hand against Mummy’s bumhole, and slid it deep into the snug orifice with a single smooth stroke.

Jessica moaned when her rectum was penetrated, momentarily pausing in her own fucking of Alice. Catching her breath, she resumed the task, working the plastic vibrator in and out of her eldest girl’s vagina.

Alice’s ecstasy really was something to see, Jess reflected. Her daughter was mewling in ecstasy, her body arching with each stroke.

It sparked off a very intriguing image. Jess pictured herself on all fours, being taken by Katie and Alice at the same time, each of them sporting a strap-on cock, fucking her in both holes. Jess had yet to experience that particular bit of kink, and the thought of enjoying such a lewd act with her daughters was too enticing for words. And while they’re fucking my cunt and arse, I’ll have Poppy stand in front of me so I can lick that pretty smooth slit of hers. She made a mental note to park that idea for future reference.

With Poppy’s efforts making it increasingly difficult to maintain concentration, Jess finally gave in to her orgasm, jerking almost violently as her cunt and rectum gripped the little girl’s fingers. Once more,  the hand that was sliding the vibrator into Alice froze in mid-motion, Jessica’s fist tightening around the toy as the storm raged and roared inside her, finally dwindling.

Sensing that Mummy was done, Poppy carefully withdrew from her mum, bringing those fingers to her mouth to taste.

Once Jessica’s head ceased its spinning, she turned to her youngest daughter. “Come round here, Poppy darling.”

“Okay!” The grinning seven-year-old crawled over to join her mum, who sat back, releasing her grip on the plastic cylinder. Alice continued to lick Katie, still getting pleasure from the toy’s muted vibrations.

Placing a hand on the back of Poppy’s neck, Jessica drew her little girl in for a brief tongue kiss. “Thank you, sweetheart,” she murmured. “You made me feel wonderful. How’d you like to take over from me here? You’ll get to make your sister come.”

Poppy peered down at the vibrator, still partially sheathed in Alice’s cunt, then looked back up at her mum. “Um, how do I do it?” she asked, her expression uncertain.

Jess gave her child a loving smile. “It’s easy — just go slowly at first, twist it round as you push it in and out, and try not to go too deep.”

Moving to one side, she let Poppy take over. The little girl stretched out on her belly between Alice’s thighs, propped up on her left elbow. She wrapped her right hand round the toy, then started in surprise at its vibrations. Clutching it firmly, she tentatively copied what she’d seen her mum do. With each stroke, she grew more confident, soon building up a steady rhythm.

Katie was looking over her shoulder, watching her little sister fuck Alice, feeling a pang of jealousy that the honour hadn’t fallen to her. Looks like a lot of fun, she thought, watching the plastic shaft move in and out. We’ve got to get Mum to get us one of those. A flash of excitement went through Katie as she imagined taking the length of it herself. Unable to tear her eyes from the sight, even though it made her position slightly awkward, she increased the rocking of her hips, really riding her older sister’s face.

Alice got the idea right away and began licking Katie with an even greater fervor, her tongue sweeping from the nine-year-old’s clitoris to the crease of her buttocks. Hungry for more, she drew her younger sister down further, burrowing her mouth into Katie’s vagina as if she intended to swallow the girl whole.

Katie was staggered by the lovely things Alice’s hot, feasting mouth was doing to her cunt. Oh hell, that feels so good so good! She had to participate, to do something for her wonderful big sister. Raising herself up, Katie turned around as quickly as she could, then carefully settled back down on Alice’s mouth, pausing a moment for the licking to resume. Reaching out, Katie began to toy with her older sibling’s clit.

By then, Jess had caught her breath and was watching the lurid scene before her with growing desire, languorously teasing her own clitoris. Her longing for pussy had yet to be fully slaked, so she reached out for Poppy.

Jess slowly manoeuvred the little girl onto her side, so she was supporting herself on one arm while fucking Alice with the other. Raising one of her child’s thin legs, Jessica draped it over her neck, which gave her full access to Poppy’s bare slit. Carefully prising the tiny labia apart with her fingertips, she dipped her head and began to lick at the sweet morsel of her youngest daughter.

The bedroom was filled with the signs and sounds of rising arousal — especially from Alice, who had been fighting to draw her climax out for as long as possible. When Poppy gave the vibrator a sudden twist of its knob, the toy’s power ramped up to full, and Alice went off in an explosive orgasm. Her body jerked so hard that it caught the others by surprise. Poppy snatched her hand away, thinking she’d hurt her sister.

Jess and Poppy stared as Alice thrashed about like a landed fish, but Katie was distracted by her older sister’s muffled scream of ecstasy, which had nowhere to go but through her cunt. It was a dizzying rush of pleasure that, coupled with Alice’s violent bucking, nearly threw the younger girl off, but Alice clutched Katie’s thighs as if for dear life, holding her sister just steady enough.

As her orgasm began to ebb, Alice centred her attention on Katie, taking the girl’s clit between her humming lips to suckle. Katie cried out as her big sister’s tongue rapidly strummed at the tender nub of flesh, her body bowing forward as she reached release.

Dazed, no longer able to remain upright, Katie slumped down until her cheek was resting on Alice’s thigh. Alice continued to lick her younger sister’s cunt, but gently now, soothing the sensitive flesh.

Poppy and Jessica looked at the spent lovers, then at each other. “Did I do that?” the child asked.

Jess laughed, affectionately mussing Poppy’s hair. “You certainly did, little one.” Reaching out to switch off the vibrator, she slowly extracted it from Alice’s vagina. It emerged with a moist sound, followed by a trickle of fluid. The sight proved too enticing for Jessica to resist, so she took the tip of the sex toy into her mouth, rolling her tongue around its shaft.

Poppy looked on with interest. “Can I have some?”

Realising she had licked the vibrator clean of her oldest daughter’s essence, Jess made a face. “Sorry, love, I got a bit greedy, but there’s plenty to be had straight from the pot.” She pointed to Alice’s glistening cunt. “Just be gentle… your sister’s probably a bit tender down there.”

Poppy rolled onto her tummy, then burrowed between her big sister’s spread thighs. The slightly raised angle of Alice’s hips meant that the juices leaking from her cunt took a few seconds longer to drip down onto the pillow beneath her bum. In fact, they had pooled a little around Alice’s anus. Extending her tongue, Poppy licked from the bottom up, then slurped noisily as though she was enjoying a melting ice lolly.

This renewed attention to her pussy caused Alice to shudder, then stir from her mellow euphoria with a deep, blissful sigh. Katie raised her head up at the sound, smiling as she saw Poppy’s unruly mop of red hair between her big sister’s thighs. She dismounted Alice’s face, then knelt next to her. The smiles they exchanged held more than simple gratitude for the pleasure each had given the other.

Katie bent down to kiss her spent sister. Their tongues met, and the girls shared Katie’s honey, the warm, thick nectar that Alice had so desperately thirsted for, still smeared on the twelve-year-old’s lips.

As Poppy soothed Alice’s vulva with the soft caress of her tongue, Jessica crawled up to lie alongside her eldest daughter, who was still kissing Katie.

On seeing her mother, Katie broke away from Alice and looked up. “Hey, Mum.”

Jess leaned in and kissed Katie, allowing it to get passionate, then said, “Kat, darling, why don’t you use that lovely tongue of yours on Poppy? I started her off, but didn’t quite finish.”

“Righto, Mum!” Katie chirped. Moving down the bed, she stopped to watch Poppy licking Alice and decided to assist in the effort, joining her tongue to her sister’s. She traced Alice’s slit a few times, met Poppy in a brief but heated kiss, then moved down further to lie between Poppy’s legs, drawing in to kiss her youngest sibling’s baby-smooth slit.

Jessica gently stroked Alice’s cheek. “How did you enjoy your first fuck, love?”

Alice reached up to fling both arms around her mum, like a child who’d just been told she could have a puppy. “It was amazing, Mum. Thank you, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure, sweetheart, believe me. I think we can start using sex toys more often, although I’ve only got the one we just used. Time for a visit to the adult bookstore, I think. I’ll get something for each of you”

Their conversation was interrupted by a squeal from Poppy as Katie’s hungry mouth feasted on her, supplemented by a fingertip in the child’s tiny bumhole. She rolled onto her back, pressing Katie’s face between her legs with both hands. She moaned, then wailed, “Oh! OH! Ooooooooohhh!” Gasping once, then again, Poppy finally wilted into the blanket, her eyes drifting shut.

The four lovers rested, quiet but for the sound of heavy breathing, until that faded into silence. After a moment, Katie spoke. “Mum, when can I try this?” she said, brandishing the sticky vibrator.

“Not for a couple of years yet, darling, and certainly not one that size, at least at first. Although I don’t suppose there’s any harm in using it another way.”

Seeing the puzzled look on Katie’s face, Jess pushed herself up. “Here, I’ll show you.”

Her own curiosity awakened, Alice sat up to watch, propping herself against the headboard. Poppy turned onto her side for a better view, still dreamy-eyed from her last climax.

“Lie down, Kat, with your legs open,” Jessica said. As the nine-year-old did so, Jess slipped the vibrator into her mouth, getting it moist before she placed it lengthways against the cleft of Katie’s sex. She trailed the tip up and down, then touched it to her daughter’s clitoris, eliciting a small jerk from Katie.

“Does that feel nice?” Jess asked.

“Um, sure,” Katie replied.

“Ready for more?”

Katie nodded in assent, and Jess turned the dial at the base. The toy began to buzz, and Katie jerked as if she’d been electrocuted. “Whoa! That’s — that’s strong.”

Alice responded as she moved towards Katie. “You’re not kidding! And when it’s inside you, oh, wow, it feels even better! I’d still rather have someone using their mouth or fingers on me, but I did really like it. Can I have a go using it on Kat, Mum?”

Jess passed the vibrator to Alice. “Now listen, girls, and I mean really listen. It’s very important that you don’t put anything inside your vagina — or each other’s, for that matter — until I say it’s okay. And when you use your fingers, be careful to keep your nails trimmed, so no one gets a scratch inside. If you have an accident and get hurt inside, you might need to go to hospital, and questions will be asked. You girls know that I’ll get in serious trouble if anyone finds out what we’re doing, so I need you to promise you’ll do as I say.”

All three girls assured Jess they would. “Okay then, let’s get back to the lesson. Alice, you can use it on Katie, but only on the outside of her pussy. The knob on the bottom controls the speed, and it’s best to start slow and build up.”

Alice moved between Katie’s legs and recommenced what her mum had started, rolling the buzzing wand around her sister’s labia and teasing her clit as Katie gasped and writhed, caught up in these new sensations. Feeling wicked; Alice pressed the tip against Katie’s rosebud and bent to use her mouth on the girl’s clitoris instead. It didn’t take long for Katie to come.

As Jess watched, her desire began to smoulder once more. When her daughters all came together in a three-way kiss, she picked up the discarded sex toy and announced, “All right girls… who wants to fuck Mummy with this?”

Three arms shot into the air.


The narrow column of morning sunlight that peeped through the curtains revealed a tangle of bodies strewn across Jessica’s bed, the quilt only partially covering their nudity. Pausing to stretch and yawn, Jess glanced left and right to see her two eldest daughters dozing peacefully, each with an arm across the other’s body. Katie’s hand was still cupping one of her breasts.

She recalled the previous night’s activities; how lovely the evening had been. She and the girls had tried multiple sexual combinations, with each one, at some point, being the recipient of a three-on-one attack of tongues and fingers.

Searching around for her baby girl, she lifted her head to see Poppy asleep between her legs, the child’s head resting on her thigh. The warm breath from Poppy’s open mouth caused little ripples to flow through her close-trimmed pubes, almost like a musical instrument being played.

Eventually, after what seemed like hours of lovemaking, mother and daughters had all succumbed to exhaustion and fallen asleep where they were.

One at a time, Jess roused her daughters with a nudge to each. “Come on girls, time to get up.”

Katie stirred first. “Do we have to?”

“Yes, it’s a school day, remember? Only have a couple more weeks to go before the summer holidays.”

“Ooooohhh… can’t we stay in bed a bit longer? We could have some fun.”

“I think we had more than enough of that last night, young lady. Now scoot, I need to get to work.”

Katie reluctantly rolled over and slid off the bed, trudging slowly to the door. Alice was next to stir, and for a change didn’t argue with her mum, almost sleepwalking behind her sister. Poppy took a little more rousing and, as she opened her eyes, was greeted with the sight of her mother’s vagina, mere inches from her face. Unable to resist, she reached out to stroke the fleshy lips. Almost like a kitten, she drew forward and licked at the rosy flesh of Mummy’s cunt.

For a few moments, Jess revelled in the attention, marvelling how one so young could have grown so skilled in the art of lovemaking. She was sorely tempted to let her baby girl continue, but remembered that she’d made plans to leave for work early, intending to speak to her employees about the new relationship she had with Rachel.

Jessica gently touched Poppy’s cheek. The child looked up at her mum as though just realising she was there. “H’lo, Mummy,” she whispered.

Such a wondrous sight, Jess thought. “Come on… sweetheart. Much as I’d love to let you carry on, it’s time for school.”

Poppy slowly crawled up her mother’s body, planting a sleepy kiss on her lips before rolling off the bed, setting off toward the bedroom door. Observing the flawless bum of her little girl as she exited, Jessica could only bask in contentment.


Ninety minutes later, as she drove the four miles of rolling hills that led into town, Jess realised that she hadn’t given much thought as to how she was going to tell her employees about her relationship with Rachel, or even who she would tell. At the end of the day, Jessica’s sex life was her own business, but some of her employees were close friends, and deserved to know the truth. As well as her manager Caterina, who already knew, she had six other employees: her assistant manager Ella, Bridget, three mothers who worked part-time flexible hours to fit with child care, plus Sally.

Sally! Christ, I hadn’t thought about how she’ll react to the news. 

Jess realised she would need to play it carefully with the young girl. Although she’d urged the teen to look for someone her own age after their last sexual encounter, she knew that the smitten teen was hoping for another tryst with her.

Still, if all goes as planned on Wednesday, Sally could have the best of both worlds… and Rachel and I just might have two more playmates. 

A thoughtful smile formed on Jessica’s face as she continued down the twisting road to her shop.

Coming within a reasonable time frame (shorter than this part took, anyhow): Chapter Twenty-Eight!



Greenfield Tales, Chapter 4

  • Posted on December 29, 2020 at 3:42 pm

By JB West

Part 1 – A Nightcap

When the movie ended at around 8:45, Deena breathed a sigh of relief. Sitting there for an hour and a half with the two little ones snuggled into her on either side had been both heaven and hell rolled up into one.

Cassidy had fallen asleep about twenty minutes in, right on schedule. When Kim noticed the sleeping woman and pointed her out to Rachel, they both chuckled. And as usual, Cassidy was wide awake by the time the credits started to roll.

It was time for the girls to go to bed, but Katie insisted that Deena and Cassidy come upstairs to see her room first. Kim was fine with that, so everyone followed the delighted six-year-old to the staircase. Katie was practically skipping up the steps, giving Cassidy and Deena tantalizing glimpses of her panties along the way. A moment later, she came to an abrupt halt in front of an open door. “Here it is!” she cried.

“Wow,” said Deena, looking into the room from the hallway. “It’s really pink.”

And it was. The entire room had been decorated in a variety of shades of pink. The walls, the carpet, the canopy over the bed, all pink. A large collection of stuffed animals were mostly pink as well. The bedding, the vanity, a small table and chair set, and even the beanbag chair in the corner were similarly hued.

“I love pink,” Katie exclaimed, hugging herself.

“So does Deena,” Cassidy said, giving her lover a quick wink.

The girls were successfully tucked in, a round of good nights were said, and the four women marched back downstairs. “Okay, who needs a drink?” Rachel said, walking into the kitchen.

Cassidy and Deena exchanged a look. They’d been there for hours, and Deena had to work in the morning… then again, it wasn’t that late.

“Sounds good,” Deena replied.

The women went back outside. Cassidy and Deena took seats at the table while Rachel uncorked another bottle of wine, a merlot this time.

Suddenly, they heard the jets on the hot tub fire up, and looked over to see Kim unbuttoning her shirt, revealing a bikini top underneath. “What?” she said, grinning at the others. “I’m not allowed to drink because of the meds I’m on, so I have to relax in my own way.” She threw her shirt at her sister, adding, “You’re all welcome to join me if you like.”

Rachel threw the shirt back at her sister just as Kim was stepping out of her shorts, then started to remove her own shorts. She turned back to their guests. “Wine and a hot tub. A perfect combination. You ladies in?”

Deena and Cassidy watched as Rachel pulled her t-shirt over her head and let it fall to the ground. Exchanging a knowing look, the two lovers rose from their seats. This certainly wasn’t the first time they had been invited into a hot tub, but it was the first time they’d received such an offer from two straight women, sisters no less, one of them married.

“Sounds nice,” Deena said. “But we didn’t bring our suits.”

“You and I are about the same size, Cassidy,” Kim said. “I’ve got a couple of bikinis that you’d fit into.” She studied Deena, who was taller, more slender, and less busty, then shook her head. “I don’t have anything for you, I’m afraid.”

“You can just go in your underwear if you want to,” Rachel said as she climbed the small set of stairs that led up to the small deck the hot tub was set into.

“That works for me,” declared Deena, unbuttoning her top.

Cassidy, however, hesitated. “Umm, I’m actually not wearing a bra under this.” Normally, she had no problem going nude, but wasn’t sure it was appropriate to do so in the presence of her new friends, especially since they were both straight.

Kim was already seated in the hot tub and starting to relax. “You can go topless if you like,” she said. “We’re all girls here.”

“Hey, I’m cool with that if you are,” Cassidy said. She pulled her top over her head and set it down on the chair, quickly followed by her skirt. Taking Deena’s hand, Cassidy led her lover up the small set of stairs.

Once they’d joined the others in the hot tub Rachel said, “Aww, screw this. The girls have been tied up all day. Time to let ‘em loose.”

She deftly undid the clasp on the back of her bikini top and flung it over her shoulder, where it landed on top of one of the bushes that helped create the little haven that the hot tub was nestled in. Kim muttered something about getting comfortable and freed herself from her own top as well. Realizing that she was the only one who wasn’t bare-breasted, Deena unhooked her bra and tossed it onto the deck.

The square hot tub was fairly large, able to seat eight people comfortably, so each woman had a whole side to herself. Settling into the steaming water, they exchanged blissful smiles.

Reaching for the wine bottle, Rachel made a face. “Shit,” she said, “We forgot glasses.” She glanced around at the others. “Anyone mind if we just pass the bottle?”

No one objected, so she took a swallow, then passed the bottle to Cassidy on her left.

“We’re all friends here,” Cassidy said, repeating Rachel’s line from when they first met. She took a slug and handed the bottle to Deena who was on her left.

Deena took a sip, then looked at Kim. “None for you, right?”

Kim shook her head. “Not with these pain meds they’ve got me on.” She laughed. “It’s okay, though. I took a pill right after dinner, and it’s got me feeling really mellow.”

“In that case…” Drifting over to the opposite side of the hot tub, Deena gave the bottle back to Rachel.

The women chatted while passing the wine around. Like before, they discussed a variety of topics, but the conversation was very meandering, never staying on one topic for very long, and soon the women became mostly quiet, lulled into a euphoric but mellow state.

Glancing across the tub at Rachel, Deena was startled to notice that the woman was staring at her chest with a great deal of interest. In fact, there was a warmth in Rachel’s’s eyes that felt a lot like …desire.

Deena had the smallest breasts of the four women, but her nipples were large and enticing, a dusky pink hue with quarter-sized areolae. Right then, her nipples were erect, partially because of the bubbling water gently massaging them, partially because she was in the presence of three beautiful and sexy women, all topless.

Almost without thinking, Deena raised a hand and tweaked one of her nipples. Rachel gasped at the sight. Deena saw the wine on the deck behind Rachel and swam across the tub towards it. Rising from the water, she reached for the bottle.

Rachel was transfixed by the sight. Illuminated by the soft light of the patio lamps, Deena seemed more goddess than woman — skin sparkling with wetness, water dripping from her bare upper half. My God, she’s beautiful, Rachel thought.

Tilting the bottle, Deena allowed the last of its contents to pour into her open mouth. Some of the ruby-red liquid dripped from her chin, falling to spatter on her left breast.

A shudder of helpless lust surged through Rachel, leaving her breathless and dizzy. What would it be like, she wondered, to taste wine on her skin?

Deena set the empty bottle down next to Rachel, which brought her bare chest to within a foot of the wide-eyed woman’s face. Gazing down at Rachel, she murmured, “Like what you see?”

Struck speechless, Rachel stared up at Deena, into her eyes– then immediately looked away, her face flushed bright crimson.

Thrilled by Deena’s actions, Cassidy slid up close behind her, cupping her lover’s ass beneath the surface of the water. She glanced over to smile at Kim, who was staring wide-eyed at the scene playing out in front of her.

Deena pressed back against Cassidy, but her eyes remained focused on Rachel. “You can touch them if you want,” she said, offering her breasts to Rachel, who was still looking away, obviously embarrassed to have been caught ogling Deena’s tits.

Cassidy sat down next to Rachel. “It’s okay,” she said. “Deena and I are really into sharing… if it’s with someone we really like.” Finding Rachel’s hand under the bubbling water, she guided it towards Deena’s chest and gently placed it on Deena’s left breast.

Frozen to the spot, Rachel stared at her hand, then at Cassidy, then at Deena. She struggled to speak, then fell silent, looking away.

Still holding the woman’s hand, Cassidy began to move it around, caressing Deena’s breast. “Like this, Rachel,” Cassidy said. “This is how she wants you to touch her.” As if on cue, a small moan escaped Deena’s lips.

From across the hot tub, they heard Kim say, “Oh, my God.” Glancing in her direction, Cassidy gave Kim a sexy wink.

By then, Rachel was fondling Deena’s breasts with both hands, brushing her nipples with curious fingers, smiling hesitantly as she caused them to stiffen. Just off to one side, Cassidy watched with a satisfied smile as Rachel felt up her lover.

This continued for about a minute, then Deena covered Rachel’s hands with hers, holding them to her chest. “Can I kiss you?” Deena asked.

Rachel gazed helplessly at the younger woman, lost in her eyes. She was torn between feelings of guilt and desire but replied in the only way she could in that moment. “Y-yes,” she stammered.

Leaning in, Deena pressed her lips to Rachel’s, allowing them to linger. After awhile, they drew apart and exchanged shy smiles, then came together again.

This time, Deena brought her tongue into play, using the tip to lightly brush her new friend’s mouth. When Rachel gasped, parting her lips, Deena seized the chance to kiss her more deeply.

Shocked though she was when Deena’s tongue darted into her mouth, Rachel recovered almost immediately, swamped by a wave of desire that left her breathless. Without another thought she threw both arms around Deena, returning the woman’s kiss as passionately as she was able.

Cassidy rose to her feet, pleased with what she saw. She turned to face a very dazed Kim and slowly moved to take a seat by the woman’s side.

“Hello, beautiful,” she said, settling in next to Kim and placing a hand on the woman’s knee.

Deena was nuzzling a pathway along Rachel’s neck, her lips traveling down to the woman’s breasts. She licked at a swollen nipple, then sucked it into her mouth, causing Rachel to hiss with pleasure.

Kim watched her sister’s seduction, mouth hanging slack in disbelief, still not entirely comprehending what was happening, yet very much aware of Cassidy’s hand, now inching its way up her thigh.

Deena continued to lavish affection on Rachel’s nipple, alternating between light kisses, gentle suction and the occasional love bite. Clutching the back of Deena’s head, Rachel began to guide the younger woman, slightly changing the position of Deena’s mouth and the pressure it was applying to her sensitive flesh. She was moaning as waves of pleasure surged through her body.

Across the bubbling water, Kim struggled with excitement mixed with fear as Cassidy’s hand crept up the inside of her thigh, inch by agonizing inch. She hadn’t felt the intimate touch of another person since her husband’s death almost three years earlier, and Cassidy’s caress was positively electric.

Wondering how far Cassidy intended to take this, Kim got her answer when the younger woman traced the outline of her slit with a finger. “Oh, God!” she cried, a rush of pleasure racing through her body.

Kim braced herself for the next touch, partly dreading it, partly desperate for more — only that touch never came. Puzzled, she turned to look at Cassidy, only to find the woman gazing back, a question in her eyes.

Confused as she was, Kim made her decision in a heartbeat. She placed a hand on Cassidy’s arm and said one word. “Please.”

Cassidy gently asked, “Are you sure?” Kim nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

Beneath the water, Cassidy took hold of the tie on the side of Kim’s bikini bottom, then undid it with a tug. Kim raised her hips, allowing Cassidy to strip the lower half of the suit away, which left her completely nude.

Tossing the wet swimsuit onto the deck, Cassidy slipped her other hand between Kim’s legs and began to lightly massage the woman’s pussy. Kim shuddered at the touch, tilted her head back and let out a loud moan. It was the sound of three years worth of sexual denial and frustration being released all at once.

When she heard her sister’s cry, Rachel’s eyes opened, and she gasped in astonishment at the sight of Cassidy sitting next to Kim, obviously masturbating her. “Oh, fuck, that’s hot,” she hissed into Deena’s ear. They came together in another torrid kiss, but this time Rachel’s eyes stayed open as she watched her sister get fucked by another woman. Why does that turn me on? she wondered.

Cassidy loved to make women come with her fingers, and right then, she was fucking Kim senseless, her wrist pumping like a piston as she plunged two fingers over and over into her new friend’s cunt. Then, sensing that the woman’s arousal was at fever pitch, Cassidy abruptly withdrew, shifting her attention to Kim’s stiff little clit.

The response from Kim was truly impressive. Her breathing became shallow and rapid, her body trembled violently, and within seconds she exploded in a powerful orgasm. “Fuck!” she screamed, then doubled over, coming harder than she ever had before.

At the sound of Kim’s wild cry, Deena and Rachel broke their kiss to look over at the other women. It was a thrilling sight. Kim was hunched over, her eyes squeezed shut and her body quivering from the small aftershocks of her climax.

Cassidy had slipped her fingers back inside Kim’s pussy and was twisting them around. With a choked moan, Kim pushed Cassidy away, stammering, “Oh, stop, s-stop. I — I can’t…

Kim slumped back against the side of the tub, her eyes closing. Cassidy wrapped her arms around the dazed woman and placed a light kiss on her shoulder.

The sight of her lover nestling with Kim caused a rush of arousal to surge through Deena’s body. She turned back to Rachel, pleased to see that same sexual heat in her eyes. Once more, she found Rachel’s lips with hers, and the two women shared a hungry kiss — which was interrupted by a splashing sound. They turned to look, and saw a naked Kim climbing out of the hot tub.

“Excuse me,” Kim mumbled. “I — I have to…” Leaving her clothes and bathing suit behind, she wandered toward the house, pausing briefly at the door to look back at the others — her sister and Deena first, then Cassidy. She gave the younger woman a shaky smile, then went inside.

Making a face, Cassidy stood up, then moved over to where Deena and Rachel sat. “Um… I’m going to go make sure she’s okay,” Cassidy said. Bending to give Deena a peck on her cheek, she clambered out of the tub and proceeded into the house.

Deena and Rachel watched her walk away, the light silken fabric of her wet panties clinging to her shapely ass, which jiggled slightly as she hopped down the stairs. The sight caused another wave of sexual heat to course through Deena, and she turned back to Rachel. “Did that excite you… watching my lover fuck your sister?”

“It did,” a blushing Rachel admitted with a nod, “and I don’t know why. I mean, Cassidy is a lovely girl, but Kim… my God, I’ve never seen her look more beautiful.”

Deena took Rachel’s lovely face into her hands. “Believe me, you are every bit as beautiful as your sister,” she said.

The two women came together again; this time, Rachel was the one who initiated the kiss.

As much as Deena was enjoying herself, she found herself quite surprised by the events of this evening. Of course she thought that Rachel was sexy, Kim too, but throughout the day her attention had been more or less focused on little Katie. Even when the four women all had taken their tops off and jumped in the hot tub, she hadn’t really considered the possibility of anything sexual happening between them.

Something about seeing the desire in Rachel’s eyes when Deena caught the woman peeking at her tits… it had flipped some kind of switch inside her. At that instant, Deena knew that she had to have this gorgeous creature, and felt confident that Rachel felt the same way about her.

Deena slid her hands around Rachel’s back and down to her full ass. Clutching both cheeks, she pulled the woman closer. Rachel’s large pillowy breasts were pressed snugly against her own, their nipples brushing together, sending flickers of pleasure through their bodies.

Suddenly Rachel pushed herself away from Deena. “This is crazy,” she said, looking away. “I’m a married woman. And you’re engaged. And…and I’m not a lesbian.” She slid over a couple of feet to put some distance between herself and Deena.

It was suddenly very quiet, nothing to hear but the light hum and bubbling from the hot tub jets and Rachel’s heavy breathing. They sat in silence for a minute. Rachel finally glanced up at Deena, an anguished look on her face.

“First,” Deena said, giving Rachel a reassuring smile, “you need to know that Cassidy will be one hundred percent okay with anything you and I do together. Don’t worry about her. Second, I have no desire to get between you and your husband, or to break up your marriage.” Moving closer to Rachel, she rested her hand on the woman’s knee. “And third, I’m sure you’re not gay, but I don’t think you’re completely straight either.” Deena could see the fear and doubt in Rachel’s eyes, but there was something else as well. Desire.

“I would very much like to make love to you,” Deena continued, reaching out with her other hand to lightly caress Rachel’s cheek. “But I want you to know that it’s your choice. We can do as much or as little as you’d like. We don’t have to do anything else tonight, if that’s what you prefer. We can talk or I can leave you alone. No pressure.” Deena drew her hand away, but Rachel seized it and brought it to her lips.

“I do want you,” Rachel said. “I’m just…” She fell silent.

“I know,” Deena said. “It can be confusing, these new feelings.” She leaned in and gave Rachel a small peck on the lips. “Maybe we should take a break and go find Kim and Cassidy? I’m sure that your sister is feeling a bit confused, too.” She laughed. “And if I know Cassidy, she’ll be helping Kim with that.”

In spite of herself, Rachel chuckled at the thought of what those two might be up to inside. She nodded, then returned Deena’s gentle kiss.

The women got out of the hot tub and gathered their things, as well as Kim’s and Cassidy’s clothing. Rachel turned off the hot tub and shut off the exterior lights, then the two half-naked women stumbled by moonlight into the house, shutting the door behind them.


Part 2 – In Your Eyes

Kim was very warm, both from the hot tub and her orgasm, so entering the air-conditioned house caused her to shiver. Not that she even noticed — her mind was still reeling from what had just happened in the tub with Cassidy.

As she padded from the kitchen into the living room, Kim winced at the brightness of the single lamp that had been left on. Compared to the darkening skies outside, it was like being caught in a spotlight.  Noticing her nakedness, Kim suddenly felt exposed and vulnerable. Part of her wanted to curl up in a small dark room where no one could find her. Where she wouldn’t be judged.

Kim had made it to the foot of the stairs when she heard the back door open, then close again. A moment later, Cassidy entered the living room, wearing nothing but her panties, and the two women locked eyes. They held each other’s gaze for a small eternity before Kim broke away and started to climb the stairs. As she neared the top, she could hear Cassidy following.

She made her way down the hallway, past the door to her daughter’s bedroom, and for the first time since Katie had been born she didn’t stop to look in on her little girl. At the end of the hall, Kim opened the double doors to the master bedroom just wide enough to slip through. Feeling for the light switch, she slid the dimmer halfway up, illuminating the room in a soft, murky light. Kim crossed halfway to the bed and then paused, listening for the sound of Cassidy behind her.

She turned around when Cassidy lightly knocked on the door and peeked in through the narrow opening. Again, the two women locked eyes. Cassidy watched Kim as she moved to the foot of the bed and sat, her gaze turned downward. Drawing closer, Cassidy paused, and when Kim didn’t respond, seated herself to the woman’s left. They sat in silence for a few moments.

Finally, Cassidy spoke. “Kim? Are you okay?”

Kim looked up.  “I’m just…”


Kim looked away again, swallowed hard and then very softly said, “Ashamed.”

Cassidy had been with quite a few women in her time. Some of those women had never had a lesbian experience before, so she was experienced with dealing with the confusion and fear that they felt afterwards. But Cassidy had never before been told that her lovemaking had caused a partner to feel shame. It felt like a punch in the gut.

“I…” Cassidy began, then fell silent, not knowing how to respond.

Looking up again, Kim saw the hurt in the young woman’s eyes,  and realized with a start that she’d injured Cassidy’s feelings.

“No, no, you don’t understand,” Kim hastened to explain. “I’m not ashamed of what we did — or of you.” She knew what she wanted to say, but it was hard to make the words come. Kim reached over and took Cassidy’s hand, tears welling in her eyes. “He’s b-been gone three years, and I still haven’t gotten over it. I — I know that it’s time to move on, b-but I’m scared t-to…”

“Oh, my,” Cassidy whispered as the meaning of Kim’s words sank in. She felt a shuddering sob move through Kim’s body as the woman began to cry. Cassidy gave Kim’s hand a squeeze, suddenly realizing that she was still wearing her engagement ring and wedding band.

Wrapping her free arm around Kim’s trembling shoulders, Cassidy said, “And what you and I just did…  it was the first time you’ve been with someone since then?”

“Yes,” Kim whispered. Resting her head on Cassidy’s shoulder, she continued to weep, tears falling from her eyes and onto the younger woman’s chest. Cassidy held Kim close and let her cry.

After a few minutes, Kim’s tears began to subside, but Cassidy continued to hold her, and Kim relaxed, nestling into her new friend’s embrace. Cassidy’s bare skin felt so soft and warm against hers. The cool air of the bedroom caused Kim shiver and Cassidy drew her in even closer.

They heard a light knock on the door, and looked up to see Rachel and Deena, standing in the doorway. Rachel had put her bikini top back on, while Deena wore her underthings, still damp from the hot tub.

Rachel could tell that her little sister had been crying, and hastened across the room to comfort her. “What’s wrong?” she asked as she sat down next to her sister, sandwiching Kim between herself and Cassidy.

Kim didn’t reply. Instead, she raised her head to direct a sorrowful glance at the framed photograph of her late husband that stood on the dresser..

“Oh,” Rachel said, then wrapped both arms around her sister, hugging her tightly. “Oh, Kimmy.”

Rachel only intended to console her sister, but after what had just occurred in the hot tub, she couldn’t help but be acutely aware of Kim’s nudity… and how lovely it felt to hold her this way.

Cassidy looked up at Deena, and the two lovers exchanged smiles. It was getting late and she knew that Deena had to work in the morning, but Cassidy had already made up her mind that they wouldn’t be leaving yet, not while Kim was still so upset.

She had only just met Kim that day but already felt very close to the woman. It also didn’t hurt that Cassidy found Kim to be incredibly attractive, both in body and in soul. All day they had discovered shared tastes in so many things, from clothes, music and movies to their choices of food and beverages to serve for dinner.

And it was while preparing dinner that Cassidy realized that she wanted more from Kim than just friendship. Possessing only rudimentary culinary skills, she had been put in charge of preparing the salad, and Kim had stopped Cassidy just as she was about to cut into one of her fingers while chopping veggies. Kim taught the younger woman the correct way to hold a knife and slice vegetables safely in a way that made Cassidy think of those scenes in cheesy movies when some guy teaches a girl how to swing a golf club or handle a pool cue by holding her from behind.

When Kim’s body pressed against hers, Cassidy had experienced a tiny flutter in her belly, the kind that she often felt when she was with Deena. At that instant, Cassidy knew that she wanted Kim badly, and began to think about how to make that happen.

Now, seated side by side on the bed, Cassidy only in her panties and Kim fully nude, the moment to make her dream a reality was at hand. Cassidy knew that Deena would be more than happy to make love to the sisters and she could also tell that Rachel would be easy to persuade. Cassidy wanted the four of them to come together as lovers, sharing their bodies in every way imaginable.

Only one stumbling block lay in her way: Kim’s confused feelings. The lingering sorrow left by her husband’s passing, the fear that kept her from seeking love again, the shame at having lost control only minutes earlier with her new friend. Something was needed to help Kim break through, to help the woman find herself — and in the process, a shot at happiness. And Cassidy knew how to bring that about.

“Kim?” she said, and the woman turned to look. “I have a way to help you feel better.” She glanced over at Deena who gave her a tiny nod, knowing what her lover intended to do.

“What is it?” Kim asked a curious expression on her face.

“It’s a technique that will calm you when you’re struggling with feelings you don’t want — like guilt, or shame.  It lessens the negative emotions you’re feeling by increasing and strengthening the positive ones.”

Kim frowned. “Like hypnotherapy or something?”

“No. Not hypnosis. Your mind will stay yours,” Cassidy reassured her. “Think of it as more like accentuating certain thoughts and emotions, while smoothing away others.”

“That sounds an awful lot like hypnosis,” Rachel interjected.

Kim seemed doubtful. “Um, I’m not sure about that.”

“May I ask you a question?” Cassidy asked Kim, and the woman nodded. “Feel free not to answer if you like, but be honest if you do. Did you enjoy what we did in the hot tub?”

Kim blushed and turned her head away, but still held onto Cassidy’s hand. She gave it a light squeeze and whispered, “Yes.”

“And do you trust me?”

Kim thought back on the events of the day. The shock of first seeing Cassidy as she climbed out of the car. The lovely conversations they’d shared that afternoon. The light touches exchanged while preparing dinner. The gentle yet urgent way Cassidy had loved her in the hot tub. The comfort she’d freely given to ease Kim’s distress. The calm and caring way she was speaking now.

I do trust Cassidy, Kim decided. She’s a good person, absolutely. “Yes,” she replied. “I trust you.”

Placing a gentle kiss on Kim’s cheek, Cassidy untangled herself from the woman’s embrace, climbed up onto the bed and scooted herself back until she was seated in the middle of the king sized bed. She patted the space in front of her and murmured, “Sit here.”

Once Kim had arranged herself, Cassidy held out her hands, which Kim took in her own. The connection established, the two women gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Concentrate on me.” Cassidy said. Then she started to count down from ten.

To Rachel, this seemed exactly like some kind of silly party game, but Deena knew better. And even though she was somewhat worried because she knew the mental and physical toll that Cassidy might suffer, Deena was still excited because she recognized the good it could do for Kim.

Cassidy continued the slow countdown, each successive number synchronizing the women’s minds. By the time her count had reached zero, she was inside Kim’s head, and in complete control of the woman. Cassidy could do anything she wanted to Kim while in this state. She could wipe away the woman’s grief, even erase the memory of her husband entirely. She could make her laugh, make her cry, make her blind with rage. She could change Kim’s personality and enhance her libido, turning her into an eager sexual plaything.

But she did none of these things. Cassidy simply found the place inside Kim’s mind where her misplaced guilt resided and, bit by bit, built a porous wall around it. Kim would still experience the emotion, but the pain she felt would be eased. Hopefully, in time, Kim would finish building the wall herself, or better yet, take control of the guilt and destroy it so that the wall would no longer be necessary.

Cassidy then found the area in Kim’s mind that controlled her inhibitions. She saw that there were already the beginnings of walls of Kim’s own making around these, and that they hadn’t been in place for very long. Cassidy built them up a bit more, wanting to make sure that, going forward, Kim would be more open to new experiences.

To an outside observer like Rachel, the whole thing seemed to only last a few seconds. For Cassidy and Kim, it was longer. For them, time momentarily ceased to exist.

Both women closed their eyes at the same time, breaking the connection, but it took a minute for Kim to snap out of her reverie and return to herself. While not entirely understanding what had just happened, Kim knew that her mind had been altered. Cassidy had made certain that Kim knew this.

Opening her eyes, Kim saw Cassidy’s smiling face. She immediately leaned in and hugged the younger woman, then began to cry again, but these were happy tears. A terrible weight had been lifted from her, and she felt light and free, filled with gratitude for the person responsible.

Kim took Cassidy’s face in both hands and kissed her. It was a light, affectionate kiss that conveyed her thanks, but also her lust. Cassidy took Kim in her arms and returned the kiss, teasing the woman with a hint of tongue.

Her brow furrowed in confusion, Rachel turned to Deena, who was smiling at the embracing women. “Um… what just happened?”

“You should ask Cassidy that,” Deena said. “I’m sure she could help you too.” She gave Rachel a light peck on the lips, then climbed onto the bed to sit behind Cassidy, placing a hand on her lover’s arm. Cassidy broke the kiss she was sharing with Kim which, by then, had become quite passionate, glancing over her shoulder at Deena.

“I think Rachel could use a bit of your help, too.” Deena said. Cassidy and Kim turned to look at Rachel, who wore a pensive, slightly worried expression.

“Do you really think so?” asked Cassidy. “She seemed fine when we were all in the hot tub.”

“Trust me,” Deena replied. “She’s almost ready to explore these new feelings, but can’t quite bring herself to let it happen. Wouldn’t you agree, Rachel?” The older woman hesitated, then gave a tiny nod. “You can make it easier for her, babe.” Deena punctuated her remarks with a few tickly kisses on the back of Cassidy’s neck, causing her lover to sigh with pleasure, then break into giggles.

Quickly recovering, Cassidy stretched a hand out towards Rachel. “Come sit with us,” she said, patting bed next to Kim.

Rachel slowly climbed onto the bed and sat beside her sister, facing Cassidy, while Deena moved around to Cassidy’s side. Taking Rachel’s hand, she gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Rachel,” Cassidy said, “tell me what you think of my lover.”

Rachel’s eyes went wide and she started to stammer. “Well, um…I don’t…umm…” The question had clearly flustered her.

“Calm down,” Cassidy said, “Just breathe. Take a moment to collect your thoughts.” Deena’s right, she decided. This woman is primed and ready to explode. She continued, “Rachel, there’s nothing you can say that will offend me… or Deena. This is a safe place. Just be honest. That’s all I ask.”

Rachel’s cheeks were flushed bright red. She looked over at her sister, who nodded in encouragement, then at Deena, who made her heart melt with a smile. “She’s so beautiful,” Rachel blurted, then covered her face with both hands.

“I agree… she is beautiful,” said Cassidy. “Did you think I’d be offended by that?”

Rachel shrugged. “I d-don’t know. Guess I’m just being silly.” She was blushing, embarrassed about admitting her feelings out loud.

Deena was thinking that she’d never seen Rachel look so cute as she did in that moment. Unable to help herself, she leaned into Rachel and kissed her, deeply and with considerable passion. They broke apart after a minute, both women flushed and somewhat dazed. Kim could only stare, her mouth slightly agape.

“You two are so sexy together,” Cassidy said. No more questions, she decided. Time to shake things up a bit. She reached out to take Rachel’s hands. “Look into my eyes.”

Rachel complied, and Cassidy started the countdown once again. Upon gaining entrance into Rachel’s mind, she set to work. She knew that Rachel was in a better place than her sister, both mentally and emotionally, so her manipulations would not need to be as subtle as they were with Kim.

Brick by brick, Cassidy built walls around Rachel’s inhibitions, arranging things so that the woman would still be in control of her actions, but leaving her more open to the idea of exploring lesbian sex, especially now that she’d sampled it for herself.

That task accomplished, Cassidy decided to do something to ease Rachel’s conscience. She knew that Rachel was a good person, one who would probably feel guilty for cheating on her husband. To counter those feelings, she planted the notion that intimacy with another woman was very different from committing adultery with a man. Cassidy carefully placed that idea in Rachel’s consciousness, then moved on.

In the process of touring the woman’s mind, Cassidy noticed that the high wall built around a certain taboo had small but noticeable cracks in it. She could easily sense the unexpected arousal Rachel had felt at the sight of her sister enjoying lesbian sex, and how confused those stirrings had left her. Working from that impression, Cassidy paused to widen those gaps ever so slightly — not so much to change Rachel’s mind, but enough to leave the woman open to new possibilities in her familial relationships. With that, she took one last look around, then gently withdrew.

Cassidy and Rachel simultaneously opened their eyes. Just like her sister had, Rachel sat in stunned silence for about a minute. Then, once her head cleared, a joyous smile appeared on her face as she looked around and realized that she was free. Free of doubt and fear. Free to love who she wanted to love.

Turning her wide-eyed gaze to Deena, Rachel stared at the woman for a few heartbeats, then slowly drew closer to her until their mouths met in a kiss that quickly grew hot and passionate.

On to Chapter Five!


Not Like Other Girls, Part One

  • Posted on December 24, 2020 at 3:12 pm

by Karin Halle


By the time I reached the age of fifteen, it concerned me that I’d not yet had my first period. Other aspects of my development from child to woman seemed quite normal. My breasts, although not huge, were a reasonable size and a nice shape, topped by lovely little pink nipples. I had a tuft of fine, fair hair on my mons, my hips and buttocks were well rounded, and my legs were nicely shaped.

It was much too embarrassing to talk to anybody about this issue with my period. By that time my friends were all on a regular cycle, so menstruation was no longer even the topic of conversation that it had been a few years earlier. There was no way I could talk to my mother Cindy about things like that; it would have been far too awkward for both of us. My sister April had even started hers, and she was only thirteen, so I couldn’t take my problem to her – no way! And our family doctor is a cranky, conservative old man; no help at all to a scared, embarrassed teenage girl. I felt totally alone.

There was one teacher at school I might have been able to speak to. I didn’t think she was too old, probably no more than thirty or so, but it was essential that I speak to her privately, and I’d never had the chance. And then it was the school holidays, so I wouldn’t even see her for weeks.

Then I learned one day that a mobile breast screening centre would be in town the following week. Normally they just do breast exams, but at least it was staffed by women’s health specialists. I figured that even if they couldn’t help, they would surely be able to tell me who I should see instead.

I was excited at the opportunity, but also frightened… so my nerves were on edge for the whole weekend. Mum asked me several times if something was wrong. Of course, I didn’t tell her anything.

A couple of days after the clinic opened, I summoned up my courage and went to the car park where their trailer was parked. I looked around to ensure that nobody I knew was in the immediate vicinity to see me, then took a deep breath and went in. The women in the waiting room were all middle aged or old, but at least they were strangers.

The receptionist was a little surprised that someone my age was there, but she was sympathetic, even though I didn’t go into detail about why I needed to see a doctor. Since I wasn’t queuing for a breast scan, I only had to wait a short time before I was sent into the small consulting area. I was hugely relieved to see that the doctor was a woman. She was in her mid-twenties, named Shweta Jamiri.

We exchanged introductions, and then I told her about my problem. She listened to what I had to say, then asked questions about my adolescence and development. She also asked similar questions about my mum, which I couldn’t answer, and about April, which I could. Like the receptionist, she was kind and sympathetic, constantly reassuring me, which made everything a little bit easier.

Finally, Shweta told me that it would be necessary for her to do a pelvic examination. Of course, I’d expected that, but I still became quite agitated. Nobody had ever done anything like that to me. She knew I was scared, and explained what it was all about — which helped a little, though not much.

Shweta stepped outside while I slipped my briefs off and lay down on the examination table, then she came back in. She talked to me in a soothing tone as she checked all around my external genitals, telling me what she was doing and why. Then she said, “I’ll need to spread your labia open, sweetie, so I can examine you on the inside.”


I felt a shiver of dread.

Although it had been years since I’d first discovered the joy of masturbation, I only ever touched myself on the outside. I’d never penetrated myself, or even opened my vagina, because I didn’t want to damage my hymen.

I couldn’t help bursting into tears. It was shameful to me, behaving like a baby in front of the doctor, but Shweta managed to calm me, promising to be gentle.

Admitting it was rather unprofessional, she fingered my labia a bit, to relax me and generate enough natural lubrication to make her task easy. There was no way I was going to complain about that, because it did help.

Then Shweta parted my lips and took a long look inside. Just from watching her, I could see that something wasn’t quite right. Stripping off her rubber gloves while I got dressed, Shweta told me that she wanted some special MRI scans done, and asked me to come back the next morning with my mum.

That got me upset again, and I told Shweta that I would prefer to come on my own. She explained that because of my age, I had to have parental consent for the procedure, so I finally agreed, already dreading the conversation I would be having that night with my mother.

I won’t go into detail about how that went, except to say that it wasn’t as humiliating as I’d feared — Mum was completely supportive, even a little peeved that I’d kept my condition hidden from her for so long. At any rate, she was by my side at the trailer the following morning.

I introduced Mum to Shweta, who told us that she’d arranged for me to receive priority at the radiology lab. Not that it was an emergency, but because she was leaving town at the end of the week. She got Mum to appoint her as my special doctor, and gave her papers to sign, consent forms and other things. I didn’t know what most of them were about.

Shweta even accompanied Mum and me to the radiology lab, explaining the procedure along the way. The need to have these scans at all had me feeling very unsettled, and this urgency just made it worse, but when Shweta told me what the scans involved, it didn’t seem so bad. I was glad that she chose to wait with Mum while they were done.

When all the scans were completed, Shweta looked at the images and the radiologist’s report, then asked if there was somewhere private we could go to discuss the results. Mum suggested a nearby café, or our house. Shweta said that our place might be best, as it offered privacy and familiar surroundings.

If it hadn’t been for the doctor’s calm demeanour, I might have become upset again, fearing the worst… but she assured me with a smile that I didn’t have a terminal disease and wasn’t about to die. So I was reassured, for the moment at least.

When we were seated comfortably at home, with cups of hot tea, Shweta got down to business, speaking directly to me as if I was an adult, which I appreciated. What she said, though, shocked me to the core.

“Here’s what’s going on with you, Melody. These scans indicate that your reproductive system didn’t fully develop when you were a foetus. This condition isn’t widely known to the public, but it’s not at all rare. It’s called MRKH, after the team of German doctors who identified it. Their names are tricky to pronounce, so we just go with their initials.

“In people with MRKH, the reproductive organs are absent, or only partly formed. In your case, there is no uterus, cervix or vagina.”

Mum must have realised the implications of that statement, because she gasped out loud and put a hand to her mouth. I was still uncertain of what all of this meant, but Shweta was about to make that all too clear.

“Without a uterus, Melody, you will never be able to carry children.” She paused to let that sink in. I wasn’t especially devastated, but Shweta had more to say. “And without a vagina, I’m afraid that having sexual intercourse will be, well, very difficult for you.”

When I heard that, I let out with a little cry, then I burst into uncontrolled sobs. Mum took me in her arms, whispering, “Oh, baby… oh, sweetheart.” She was crying, too.

The sound of my weeping brought my little sister April racing into the room. She had no idea what was happening, and looked frantically from Mum and I to Shweta, then back. “What’s going on? What’s wrong?” she said, beginning to cry herself without even knowing why. Mum held out an arm to April, who joined us on the couch, nestling into our shared embrace.

Shweta waited patiently until we began to regain some composure. Then Mum took April into another room to explain the situation to her, giving me the chance to speak to Shweta confidentially.

Appreciating that I was uncertain about what questions I wanted to ask, Shweta began the conversation. “Do you know about the female reproductive system, Melody? The various organs, and what they do?”

My response was not confident, but I did say, “Well, yeah. We had sex education at school. And some of my friends talk about it…” I had nothing else to offer. For the first time, I realized just how limited my knowledge of sexuality was. It always seemed like something I’d be doing in the future, not anytime soon.

Shweta understood. “But nothing in any detail?” I shook my head in reply, suddenly feeling like an immature kid.

Just then, April ran back in, threw herself on the couch and wrapped both arms around me. She was trembling, clearly shaken by the news. Mum came back too, though she remained standing.

Shweta glanced at Mum and April, then back at me. “Do you need to continue this in private, Melody?”

I shook my head. “No… they should hear this, too.”

So the doctor picked up where we’d left off, going through the basic anatomy of female reproduction. Then she got to the significant parts, the ones related to my condition. I wasn’t eager to hear any of this, but listened in a morose silence. “A fertilised egg grows inside the uterus, becoming a foetus, then a baby. Without that uterus, or womb, it isn’t possible for a baby to grow.”

She paused as we digested that, then added, “That’s why you don’t menstruate, Melody. But you will, at least, be producing ova, as well as female hormones… the same as all your friends.”

I gave a bitter laugh. Practically none of this was like what my friends would experience.

As if I hadn’t reacted at all, Shweta continued. “You do have ovaries, which means you do have eggs. It may be possible for those eggs to be harvested, then fertilised by your future partner to create an embryo. That can be inserted into a surrogate mother, to carry through to birth. It’s been done successfully many times, although whether it’s possible in your specific case, it’s too early to say.”

Somebody else carrying a baby of mine – the very idea seemed ridiculous. Again, though, I wasn’t really upset about that, having never felt the urge to be a mother. “None of that is an issue for right now, anyway,” Shweta added. She didn’t know how right she was.

However, there was something else very important on my mind. “What about s-sex?” I managed to stammer, now almost completely oblivious to the presence of my mum and little sister.

“People with MRKH are affected in different ways, and that means different potential solutions,” Shweta began. So far, so good. “In your case, the external genitals are present… but as I said, there is no vagina or vaginal opening. Therefore, penetrative sex would not be possible.”

A gasp followed, this time from April.

Suddenly I felt that I wasn’t a woman at all. Barely a girl, really.

But Shweta was still talking and, knowing it was important, I concentrated on hearing what she had to say.

“You do seem to respond to stimulation of the vulva, which is a good thing. Tell me, Melody — do you masturbate?”

Oh. My. GOD. Incapable of reacting to such a humiliating question, made all the worse by having Mum and April there, I blushed and stared at the floor.

When Mum patted my shoulder, I finally managed to whisper, “Yes…”

“And does it feel good?” Shweta asked.

At that point, I wished I’d never gone to see Shweta in the first place, much less come back for more. I couldn’t answer this time, not even with a nod of the head.

Shweta understood, I know, but she apparently needed me to respond. “It’s okay, Melody. There’s nothing wrong with it, you know. Everybody masturbates, particularly teenagers.”

Seeing my hesitation, wanting to be supportive, April piped up. “I do! It’s great.”

Mum didn’t get upset with her or anything, so I felt a little less uncomfortable. My answer, once again, was barely audible. “It… it feels good,” I said.

“Proving that you can experience sexual arousal, and enjoy it.” Shweta sounded almost triumphant.

And for me? Good to hear? Well, naturally! But how was I supposed to react with Mum seated behind me? I’d never been able to talk to friends about sex, much less my mum or little sister. Now here it was, out on the table, a topic for open family discussion.

And Shweta wasn’t even finished! “It won’t be possible for a boyfriend to penetrate you, but you can achieve orgasm by having him do things to you, the kind that you do for yourself. In fact, you’ll probably get more pleasure from that than he will!” She chuckled at that.

I wasn’t laughing… in fact, I was praying that the floor would open and swallow me whole.

“And of course, there’s always oral sex, or anal.” April made a spluttering sound; Mum was silent.

If she says one more embarrassing thing, I told myself, I’m going to run out of here screaming.

“Before you get to that, though, you need to have a detailed discussion with a specialist. I’ll give you a referral to one, and you’ll be able to discuss your options going forward, along with anything else you need to know about your condition — physical, emotional and sexual. Any questions?”

I’m sure we all had heaps of those, but I was unable to focus on anything else right then. More general discussion followed, but I was zoned out. If I participated, I have no recollection of it.

Not that any of us had noticed, but by then, it was the middle of the afternoon. Shweta was due back at the mobile clinic, so she left us. Before making an exit, we exchanged our contact details, and she got our promise that we would call her if we needed to discuss anything further.


Part 2 – COPING 

Glum silence was the dominant characteristic of the house for that entire afternoon and evening. I wasn’t hungry, and went to bed early – then I found I was unable to sleep.

Suddenly wanting to see what all the fuss was about, I grabbed a hand mirror, removed my panties and took a look at myself. Not knowing exactly what to look for, I still managed to conclude that, just as Shweta had said, everything on the outside was in order. Then I parted my labia, only to realise that they didn’t spread very far apart.

At the top, the little bud that I knew was my clitoris was visible, mostly concealed by its protective hood. Below that, I could barely perceive the opening to my urethra, but precious little else. Unsure of what to think, I finally crawled back into bed, not bothering to put my panties back on.

I said nothing to April when she came in to go to bed herself. Something told me that she wanted to talk about my condition, and I simply wasn’t in the mood for it. Finally, with a quiet sigh, she slipped into her bed and settled in for the night.

A few minutes later Mum opened the door, just to check on us — well, actually on me. I looked up at her when I heard the door open and she whispered, “It’ll be okay, honey. Try not to worry too much about it. And remember — if you need anything, I’m always here for you.” Seeing me nod in reply, she closed the door and went to her room.

I lay awake for – well, I didn’t look at the clock, so I had no idea what the time was. Eventually, though, I realised that I needed my mum. I got up, wearing nothing but an extra-large t-shirt, and went to her room, opening the door quietly in case she was asleep. Unsurprisingly, she was also awake..

“Mummy,” I began, addressing her that way for the first time since I was a little girl. “I can’t sleep. Can I, um, get in with you?” Even now, I recall the pleading tone that was in my voice.

By way of reply, she held up a corner of the bedclothes, inviting me in. “Sure you can, baby girl. Like I said, I’m here for you. I always will be.”

I slipped into bed and snuggled against her. The warmth, the feel of my mother next to me, the knowledge that I didn’t have to face my future without support — if it didn’t make everything right, at least it made things seem more manageable. Though it remained unspoken, I appreciated the fact that Mum hadn’t freaked out during the earlier discussions about sex at the doctor’s office.

Mum divorced my father about twelve years ago when she found out he was doing some girl at his work. She’d been on a few dates since then, but hadn’t seemed keen to get into another relationship. I thought about that for the first time in a while when Mum said, very quietly, “Melody, sweetheart, you know that Dr Jamiri, Shweta, is right, about masturbation, I mean… everybody does it.”

At first I failed to make the connection — then it hit me. To say I was stunned goes nowhere near describing my reaction. Raising my head, I stared at her.

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” she confirmed. “It’s just that it’s extremely personal and private. And it’s nobody else’s business but yours. Same for me, same for April.”

Neither of us had been aware of it, but April had also been unable to sleep. When I left our room and didn’t return, she came looking for me. And as she passed Mum’s room, she heard her name mentioned.

What’s my business?” she asked, sticking her head around the door.

“Um, we were just talking about some of the stuff that Dr Shweta said,” I told her.

“About masturbation,” Mum clarified.

“Oh,” was April’s only reaction.

“Mel couldn’t sleep, and asked if she could snuggle with me,” Mum continued.

Nodding in agreement, April said, “I couldn’t sleep either.”

Mum was amused, reading her younger daughter like a book. “Do you want to get in, too?”

April didn’t need the bedclothes to be held up. Without a word she scampered around to the other side of Mum’s bed and got in next to her.

Mum put an arm around each of us. “Oh, my baby girls,” she cooed. “We used to do this when you two were little. Remember? We always said that, long as we’re together, everything will turn out all right.”

By my recollection, the last time we snuggled up like this was right after Mum and Dad had split up.

“April was just a baby,” Mum said in a dreamy tone, losing herself in memories. “I was still nursing her. And you, Melody,” she added with a chuckle, “you wanted to breastfeed a baby, too. You’d sit beside me, take off your top and hold your baby doll up to your chest like you were nursing it,.” Actually, I had no memory of that, although I do remember the doll, my favourite, that I called Lalla — short for ‘lullaby’.

“And sometimes at night when April needed to be fed, you’d wake up too and want me to nurse you, too. You aren’t supposed to breastfeed a child once they’ve been weaned, but I couldn’t see the harm in it.” She was silent for a long moment. “It felt so good. Relaxing, natural. Both my girls feeding from me! It’s such a loving experience.” She fell silent; I don’t know why — perhaps she’d just remembered that I would never know that feeling.

I lay my head on her chest and sighed wistfully. “Sometimes, I wish I was a little girl again. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about this stupid condition of mine — MG, MK, ABCD. Whatever it’s called.”

Mum’s voice almost broke as she tried to comfort me. “Oh, baby girl, I know. I wish that, too!” After a moment’s hesitation, she withdrew her arm from around my shoulder. I wondered what she was doing… then a shiver raced through me when Mum opened the front of her nightie, baring her breasts.

I’m sure she was acting on instinct when she bared her chest, just as I was when I put my mouth to her nipple and began to suck.

“Darling, you know I can’t really feed you,” she told me, even sounding apologetic.

I briefly lifted my mouth from her nipple. “I know, Mummy, but we can pretend, can’t we? Just like I did with Lalla.”

“Of course we can, sweetheart,” she lovingly replied, and I took her nipple between my lips again.

Perhaps feeling a bit neglected, April timidly asked, “Me, too?”

“Yes, my precious, of course!” Mum replied, and April took her other breast.

Mum sighed contentedly, as we play-nursed from her. Now we were in a simpler place, a happier, more innocent time. And we were together, the three of us. We laid nestled like that for a long time. How long, none of us knew — or cared.

It was long enough for the three of us all to fall asleep, though.

The next day, Saturday, passed in something of a fog for me. Uninterested in catching up with friends, I stayed home and researched MRKH on the internet, not that there was much available. For the rest of the day, I basically lazed around.

Mum visited my room several times but didn’t push me, except to offer a reminder that if I wanted to talk, or just needed some company, I only had to ask. I appreciated that, but needed to get my head around this whole situation before I could discuss it with anyone, even my mother.

By evening, my appetite had finally returned, and the family had dinner together as usual, but once again I elected to turn in early. Which isn’t to say that I found it any easier to fall asleep.

An hour or so later, April came in and began to prepare for bed. She was very quiet, trying not to disturb me. It was thoughtful of her, so I didn’t let on that I was still awake. Judging by the number of times my sister turned over after she got into bed, she was obviously as restless as I was.

Eventually, we both rolled over at the same time and found ourselves face to face, eyes wide open. We shared a nervous laugh.

“You okay?” she asked. “It’s a lot to deal with, I bet..”

“Yeah, I guess,” I told her. “I mean… I’d already figured something was wrong, even if I didn’t know what. Or that it was as major as it is.” I sighed.

“I’m not trying to be a jerk, I swear,” April said after a brief silence, “but… um, I mean… couldn’t you tell…?”

Her embarrassment amused me. I finished the question for her. “That something was missing down there, you mean?” She nodded, and even in the dim moonlight spilling through the window, I could see that her eyes were big and round.

“No. All the outside bits are there, and they’re all normal.”

“Could I… I mean, would you mind…?” She fumbled for the right words, finally going silent..

More embarrassment for her, more amusement for me, and once again I completed her sentence. “Will I show you?”

April gave a vigorous nod. “Yeah, please. I mean, if you don’t, like, mind or anything. It’s just that I’m, um, kinda curious, and… and…”  I always find it funny when my little sister gets flustered, maybe because it doesn’t happen very often.

I switched on my bedside light and swivelled around to face April, while she sat up, ready to see what I had to show. Raising the t-shirt I wear as a nightie, I hoisted my knees in the air and spread my thighs apart. I remember thinking that it was just like I was positioned when Dr Shweta first examined me.

April took a long look, then shrugged. “It all looks normal to me.”

Another chance to make my sister uncomfortable had just been presented to me… and I’m afraid that I took full advantage of it, saying, “And just how do you know what a normal girl’s pussy looks like?”

April turned the colour of a ripe tomato. Her mouth going tight, she leapt up and stomped back to her bed, where she lay down, curled into a little ball.

I instantly regretted my words. Getting up and going over to my sister’s bed, I lay down and wrapped both arms around her. “Sorry, April,” I told the back of her head . “I don’t mean to be such a bitch. These last few days have been rough, but that doesn’t mean I get to take it out on you.” Giving her a squeeze, I added, “Do you still want to see me? You can if you want.”

She said nothing, but I felt her relax a little bit. I got up and padded back over to my own bed, where I sat back against the headboard, then spread my legs as far apart as they could go. As if I was offering myself up to my little sister.

Maybe she was still pissed off at me, but I knew how difficult it was for my little sister to restrain her curiosity. Sure enough, she came back, kneeling beside the bed to get a good look.

As she studied my vulva again, I told her, “It’s the inside that’s different. If you really want to get a good look, you might, uh, need to…” I wasn’t sure how to say it, but figured that April must know what she needed to do in order to be able to see inside me.

She did. I felt the lightest touch of her fingers as she gently spread my labia open, then peered inside. “Oh. My. GOD. There’s nothing there!” she exclaimed, looking up at me with astonished eyes.

“Well… that’s sort of the problem.”

“Okay, I see your pee-hole,” April said. Then she touched me, and I felt a warm surge of pleasure that made my head spin. “And your clit’s there!”

“Thank God for that,” I said. “At least I’m able to get myself off.”

“So… you’ve done it before?” she asked.

No point in keeping it a secret now, I thought, not with her face mere inches from my pussy!

“I — I haven’t,” I admitted. “Oh, I’ve played around a bit, and rubbed myself. And once I even had somebody else rub me.” I didn’t tell her it was Shweta. By then. I suspected that April had far more experience than I did, despite being a couple of years younger. “But I’ve never come before.”

She was shocked, to put it mildly. “Oh, shit. Wow. I had no idea.”

Boundaries had been crossed. Actually, they’d more or less collapsed. My sister’s feather-light touch, the way she was staring at my girly bits with such obvious interest (are mine even qualified to be called ‘girly bits?’ Yes, damn it, they are!), and all the talk about sex I’d had over the last few days… it was all starting to arouse me. I hadn’t expected that, but wasn’t bothered by it either.

To this day, I wonder if that arousal was what caused me to say what I did just then.

“Um, April? Can I see yours, too?” I asked, feeling completely awkward about it, but I didn’t let a stammer betray me. “So I’ll know what, well, y’know, what’s different about me. And it’s only fair, because you’ve seen me, right?” I added, almost pleading with her.

My sister showed not an iota of discomfort or bashfulness at my request. In fact, she seemed downright eager to undress for me. April reached up under the extra-large t-shirt she used for a nightie and yanked down the boy’s boxer shorts she slept in, then lay down, taking up the same position that I’d adopted, her legs wide apart.

Kneeling before my sister, I gazed at the junction of her thighs. Never having seen another girl up close, I was fascinated by the view before me. At first, I saw nothing that seemed especially distinctive, except that her pubes were darker than mine, but equally sparse. Like she’d done to me, I hesitantly touched her labia, then parted them to see what they hid.

The difference was immediately apparent. April’s sex was a lovely pink lily. Mine was a flower that had withered before it had the chance to bud.

It hit me like a blow to the stomach. “Oh, God!” I gasped, and quickly stood. I was shaken to the quick, and didn’t want to see any more. Sitting back down, I stared at my hands.

April quickly sat up, then reached out to touch my shoulder. “Are you okay?” she asked, her voice filled with concern.

I slowly nodded, knowing it was a lie. In fact, I felt like some kind of freak; not a real girl at all. Unsure of what to do or say. I slumped down on the bed.

“I’m so sorry, Mel,” I heard April say. “This totally sucks. God, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better.”

I was on the verge of saying something mundane like Thanks, sis, I really appreciate that… but then, an idea popped into my head. It was a pretty twisted notion, maybe even perverted — but the more I turned it over in my mind, the more attractive it seemed.

After days of brooding about how messed up I was inside, then seeing the proof of it first-hand, I longed for some sense of normality, to know that I could be like other girls. Maybe my little sister could help me with that…?

“Um, April, could you maybe… touch me there some more?”

It wasn’t exactly about sex, you understand. More than anything, I needed to be sure that the girl parts I did have worked the way they were supposed to.

I wasn’t sure how April would respond, but she wasn’t at all bothered by my request. “Sure,” was her reply. “Lie back down.”

I arranged myself like before, exposing my sex to her. Reaching out, April gently traced my slit with the tip of her index finger. I gasped — the sensation was heavenly!

She continued to fondle me, using two fingers to glide up and down through my labia. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter with each caress, warm fluid oozing down into the crack of my arse. Each time her finger ran upward, she brushed my clitoris before starting the down stroke.

I was astonished by how good my sister was at this, the skill she brought to the task. Her hand seemed to know everything about how to make me feel wonderful. She’s practically still a kid! I told myself. When did April learn how to do this?

Suddenly she broke contact with me — and it was only knowing Mum was just down the hall that kept me from crying out in frustration. I was just about to beg my sister not to stop when she brought her other hand into play. Now she was rubbing my pussy and toying with my clit at the same time, and those sensations went from great to incredible.

So many things were happening to me at once — April’s touch; the realization that I was capable of receiving sexual pleasure; how crazy it was to know that my own underage sister was doing this to me; the joy I felt after days of misery… it was all too much to take. All of a sudden my body was caught up in these wonderful feelings, flooding through me like I’d been poured full of liquid sunshine.

For the first time in my life, I was truly experiencing the joy of sexual rapture. My very first orgasm. And I didn’t want it to stop.

It was such a mental overload that I burst into tears. I hugged April to me, clinging to her tightly, and she hugged me back, letting me get everything out of my system, if only for the moment. And she continued to fondle my pussy, keeping those sweet sensations coming.

At the same time, my emotions were running wild. Anxiety. Satisfaction. Reassurance. Confusion. Maybe even guilt. My body kept responding to April’s intimate touch — a gift so precious, I didn’t know how to accept it. I’m sure I sobbed for ages, and my sister held me the whole time.

When I’d recovered enough to speak, I kept whispering “Thank you,” over and over. She smiled, held my face between her hands, and kissed the tears away from my cheeks.

“Can I do that to you now?” I asked, keen to give April the same pleasure that she’d given me.

“I did that because my big sister needed it,” she told me. “You shouldn’t feel that you have to–”

I quickly shushed her. “I want to,” I protested. “I want to… to see what it’s like for you.”

To allow April no opportunity to refuse my wishes, I kissed her firmly on the mouth. She immediately kissed me back, teasing my lower lip with her tongue. Instead of opening my mouth to accept her tongue, I broke away, impatient to touch my sister, and got on all fours above her.

She looked up at me and asked, “Are you sure?” as if she wasn’t quite sure herself. Gazing into her eyes. I nodded once, and she slowly parted her legs. Once again, I was struck by how beautiful her pussy was.

Never having attempted anything like this before, I let myself be guided by what April had done to me. I ran my fingers along her slit — first on the outside, then between the lips, my heart beating faster as I felt her grow moist to the touch. Then I gave her clitoris some attention, replicating my sister’s technique of flicking the tiny nubbin on each upstroke. My reward was her moan of pleasure.

Keeping my thumb on her button, I slid two fingers between April’s labia, seeking the entrance to the vagina. Her pussy was much wetter than it had been only minutes ago, so I began to probe into the entrance. My fingers were actually inside her, just a bit. I didn’t want to go too deep and possibly injure my sister, so I only penetrated her about an inch or so.

April’s response was to grit her teeth, take a deep breath and drive her hips against my hand with a hard thrust, more or less impaling herself on my fingers.

She gasped, “That’s it, Mel! That’s the way. Oh, God… fuck me!”

So I did, working my fingers in and out of her while she squirmed and writhed beneath me. April was right — it was like fucking, I realised, and that thought made me shiver. I wasn’t sure how I felt about doing something like that to my little sister. I couldn’t leave her disappointed, though.

Without any reason to do so — or indeed, any knowledge of what I was doing — I curled my fingers upward inside my sister. When I touched the front wall of her vagina, she squealed, “Oh, fuck, yeah! I’m g-gonna… mmmm, I’m coming!” A massive shudder rocked her body.

Suddenly reaching out, April seized my arm and drew me to her. Our lips met, then parted as we melted together in a deep kiss, our tongues dancing together. And as we kissed, my fingers were still twisting around inside her. As a result, she came again, panting into my mouth.

At last, April lay spent, sprawled out on my bed and gasping for breath. I sat beside her, rather pleased with myself. I’d found out about the differences between my body and those of other girls, discovered that I could have orgasms of my own, and realized that I possessed the skills to make another girl come. I was starting to think that sex might not be such a big issue for me after all.

April looked up at me with a sleepy smile, “That was terrific,” she mumbled. “You’re a natural.” Flushed with pride, I added her compliment to my list of the day’s achievements. Placing a hand on her warm belly, I lovingly caressed it.

I should’ve been content to simply lie with April, delighting in what we’d just shared. However there was a nagging question that I finally had to ask.

“April, you just said I was a natural… and you seem to know a lot about, um, stuff girls do together. Sex stuff, I mean. Can I ask — how did you, well, learn all this?”

To my astonishment, April blushed. My sister has never been one to embarrass easily.

My thirteen-year-old sister and I had just fooled around — no, that’s not what happened. We’d fucked one another, then kissed like lesbian lovers, and April had been fine with that. She had exposed her most intimate parts to me without a moment’s hesitation. She’d coped easily with family discussions about sex and masturbation in the presence of a stranger. Almost a casual conversation for her, so it seemed.

But when I ask how she knows so much about sex, in particular about jilling another girl to a climax, that’s when my sister gets all flustered, turning red as a tomato!

I waited.

At last she found her voice. “You know Felicity…?”

It was a rhetorical question. Of course I knew Felicity. She and April had been best friends for almost their entire lives. They called each other Ace and Flick.

I continued to wait, while my sister continued to blush. Finally, she continued.

“Well, about a year ago, when we started, y’know, developing… One day, we were talking about it. But I didn’t want to just talk. I wanted to see, too. Turns out, so did she. So we, kinda, showed each other what we had…”

Obviously there was more to tell, so I waited for it.

“Then we wanted to, um, touch each other. So that’s what happened. And it felt so good… we sort of kept on doing it after that, whenever we got together.” She paused, chewing nervously on her lower lip. “The second time, Flick kissed me — and I really liked it, so I kissed her back. After that…” April kept winding a strand of her hair around one finger, then letting it unravel. “We started doing more. Lots more.”

That made me wonder. “Are you telling me that you and Felicity learned all those things on your own?”

The redness in her face had been steadily diminishing, but it immediately returned. “Well, you see… Flick’s parents don’t have locks on her computer, so she can look at whatever she wants. So we looked up sex for girls, and then we looked up sex between girls – lesbian stuff…” Her cheeks were practically scarlet. “And then we d-did the things that they did.”

Without warning, April burst into tears. I was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, I d-did that stuff with Flick, ‘cos I like her a lot… I mean, she — she’s my bestie. B-but there was another reason why I wanted to know all that… everything about sex with girls….”

She took a deep breath, then blurted out a single, unbroken string of words.

“I wanted to do those things with you, Melody. I wanted to, but I was afraid you… that you’d be mad at me,” She struggled with herself, fighting the tears, needing to finish while she still could.

“It isn’t that I don’t want to have sex with Flick – I do. But I wanted to do it with you, too! Even before I knew what sex was, I wanted to cuddle with you and touch you all over – and I wanted you to touch me. Well, I just hoped you’d want to touch me. And when you started to, like, get boobs and grow up — God, I loved looking at you, when you were getting changed, or in a swimsuit, or anything where I got to see you out of your clothes. And I always wanted to look as good as you – I still do…”

I have no way of knowing how long I stared at April – perhaps seconds, maybe minutes. I struggled to fully comprehend what she’d just told me, what it meant for us, but this was too much to get my head around.

I’d never experienced the feeling of being wanted, not in that way. Now my little sister, who I usually thought of as a kid, had just admitted a hidden longing for sex with me. What in God’s name was I supposed to do with that sort of knowledge?

That was when I became aware that Mum was standing in our doorway looking in, no doubt checking on us to make sure that we were all right. What she saw instead was her teenage daughters lying together, both naked from the waist down, my hand still resting on April’s belly.

On to Part Two!


Greenfield Tales, Chapter 3

  • Posted on December 13, 2020 at 3:20 pm

By JB West

Part 1 – Coffee and Cream

Deena awakened the next morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and bacon. Instinctively, she reached over for Cassidy, only to find the left side of the bed empty. Deena quickly put two and two together and, with a sheepish grin, realized that Cassidy was already up. This was a novel situation to find herself in. Usually, Deena was the one who woke up first and got the coffee going, while her lover would continue to slumber until Deena roused her with a flurry of kisses. And if that didn’t work, a couple of well placed tickles on the soles of her feet always did the trick.

She hopped out of bed and proceeded to do a quick twenty push-ups, followed by an equal number of sit-ups. In the midst of her exercise, she noticed all of their clothing from the night before, still carelessly strewn about on the floor. Rising to her feet, Deena picked up the discarded garments and threw them into the hamper in the closet, pausing to hold the bikini bottoms that Cassidy had worn up to her nose. She breathed in her lover’s sweet fragrance, smiling at the memory of removing the tiny piece of material… and what had happened afterward. Finally tossing them into the hamper with the rest, Deena threw on a pair of her gym shorts and one of her old police academy t-shirts, then padded out to the kitchen.

“Morning, babe,” Deena said as she saw Cassidy sitting at the table, one knee tucked up under her chin and phone in hand, perusing one of the many social media sites she enjoyed.

Cassidy looked up from her phone and smiled. “Hey.” She waved her lover over. “C’mere.”

Deena walked over, bent down and the women exchanged a brief but loving kiss. Glancing up at the stove top, Deena realized that the bacon was about to burn so she quickly turned off the burner. Serving  up equal portions on two plates, she set them on the table. She noticed that Cassidy had cut up pieces of fruit, placed them in a bowl and drizzled a small amount of a light whipped cream on top, something she loved.

Placing the bowl on the table, Deena poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down. “You’re up early,” she said.

“I’ve been up for a few hours already,” Cassidy replied, smiling. “All I did yesterday was sit by the pool or nap. I guess I didn’t need that much sleep.” She speared a piece of fruit from the bowl and popped it into her mouth. “Mmmmmm, this cream tastes good.” She winked at Deena. “Well, not as good as yours, but it’ll do.”

Deena chuckled and leaned in for another kiss. This one lasted longer and Deena could taste the whipped cream on Cassidy’s lips.

The women exchanged smiles, then fell silent for a couple of minutes while they ate breakfast, occasionally stealing a glance or a light peck on the lips. No words were needed. Deena loved these moments when she was able to quiet her thoughts and really feel the world around her. Knowing that she was with the woman she loved and that Cassidy loved her back in equal measure was a gift, one she would never take for granted.

Cassidy finally broke the silence. “What’s on your agenda for the day?” Knowing that Deena usually liked to spend her time off doing odd jobs around the house or in the yard.

“I was thinking of finally taking care of that loose hinge on the guest bedroom door and I want to run down to the hardware store and get some sealant for that crack in the driveway,” Deena said. “But I don’t want to stray too far from home, in case Mrs. Hayes calls.”

Cassidy cocked an eyebrow at that. “Oooooh, Mrs. Hayes. Do tell.”

Deena realized that she’d never gotten around to telling Cassidy about everything that had happened the day before. She quickly ran through the story about the accident, meeting little Katie and then her mother, Kim. The interminable wait at the hospital, having to be so close to Katie, all the while grappling with her own helpless desire for the child. Then there was Rachel and her darling daughter Emily. She described how the two little nymphs had both hugged her.

“I swear to God, I almost lost it. It took all I had to keep from kissing them right then and there in front of their mothers.”

An awed Cassidy slowly shook her head. “No wonder you were so worked up last night.” She leaned in to give Deena a long passionate kiss. “So, which girl were you imagining being with while you were riding my face?”

Deena turned bright red, then buried her face in her hands. “Katie,” She squeaked.

“And if you had the chance, would you treat her the same way you treated me last night?”

Deena raised her head and looked at Cassidy, an almost injured look on her face. “W-what? No, of course not. She’s just a little girl.”

Cassidy reached over and took Deena’s hand in hers. “Okay, good,” she said as she gave it a reassuring squeeze. “You were just so… wild last night. I don’t see that part of you very often.”

“Sorry if I was too rough,” Deena conceded. “I guess I was just a bit worked up… and needed to release all that pent-up energy.”

“You don’t need to apologize, babe,” Cassidy said, leaning in to place a light kiss on Deena’s cheek. “I was just a little worried. But I’m a big girl. I can handle it.”

It was then Deena’s turn to give Cassidy a kiss. She wanted to thank her for being so understanding, so wonderful, but couldn’t find the words to express herself in the moment. It didn’t matter, though, Cassidy could tell exactly what Deena was feeling, and the kiss was all the thanks she needed.

“So,” Cassidy continued, “If you were to ever get the chance, what would you like to do with this girl Katie?”

Deena flushed again as the memory of little Katie’s face popped into her head. “I want to hold her. Kiss her. I think if I could do that… I could die happy.” She gave a sheepish grin. “Not that I’d turn down the chance to do more with her… in fact, I’d be up for just about anything.”

“Sounds to me like you’re rather smitten with the girl,” Cassidy laughed.

Deena looked up at her lover. “You need to see her for yourself, babe. Then you’ll understand.”

Cassidy stood up and offered her hand. “Come on. Let’s go take a shower. Maybe I can make you forget all about her.”

They made love in the shower, and for a brief moment, Deena did put all thoughts of Katie aside. Afterwards, they dressed and cleaned up. Deena fixed that squeaky hinge, then went around the house checking all the other doors and windows.

Later, Deena drove down to the hardware store to get the sealant. On the way, thoughts of Katie and the things that she would like to do with the little angel were very much on her mind. Dirty thoughts, the kind that would horrify most people, but these fantasies of sex with a little girl fired Deena’s imagination like nothing else.

By the time Deena got home, her head was spinning with arousal. She couldn’t last much longer without another release of sexual energy.

Then she heard it. The sound of a phone ringing that wasn’t hers or Cassidy’s. Deena knew that the call must be from Kim. Her heart began to throb.


Part 2 – Just One Glass

The night before, Rachel and the girls had arrived back at the Connors’ home just a little before eleven o’clock. It had taken a while for Kim’s test results to come back and the doctor had spoken with Rachel extensively about what they meant. As Kim was in no immediate danger, the doctor saw no reason why she couldn’t go home the following day.

On the drive home from the hospital, Katie and Emily asked if they could have a slumber party. It had been a long time since the girls had seen each other, not since spring break back in March, and they wanted to sleep in the same bed. Rachel told the girls no, explaining that they’d all had an eventful day and needed a good night’s rest.

The girls protested, but Rachel made a deal with them. If they went to bed that night without any debate, and if Katie’s mom gave her permission, they could have their slumber party on the following night. Katie seemed ready to argue the point, but she interrupted herself with a gigantic yawn and began to nod off right then and there.

By the time they pulled into the driveway, Katie was fast asleep. Rachel had to carry her niece inside and up to her bed. As for Emily, she was barely able to make it up the stairs to the guest bedroom and get her clothes off before dozing off.

Once the girls were tucked in, Rachel went downstairs, curled up on the sofa and turned on the TV. The nightly news was already over and the late night talk shows were in full swing. She called her husband, letting him know what happened and informing him that she and Emily would be staying over for a few extra days. The doctor had told her that Kim needed to be monitored for a few days to make sure that there were no serious after effects from the head injury.

Michael was none too happy about his wife and daughter being gone so long, but understood the need for caution. Rachel told him she loved him and promised him that she’d make the wait worth his while upon her return. He liked that.

After hanging up, Rachel decided she could use a drink. She made her way to the kitchen, hoping to find an open bottle of wine. That’s when she saw the bloody scene that had been left behind from her sister’s accident. Rachel knew that she needed to deal with this mess before the girls saw it.

It took a while to get all the dried blood cleaned up but it wasn’t as bad as she expected, and much of the debris was already in the trash can. After getting the floor clean, Rachel took the trash out to the large receptacle in the garage, and then she was finally able to pour herself a glass of wine. Ever since the phone call from Officer Dean, she’d been a nervous wreck, so a drink was just what she needed.

After a few sips of what turned out to be an excellent wine, Rachel finally started to relax. She closed her eyes and listened to some situation comedy playing on the TV without paying much attention to it, and soon her mind began to wander.

She thought back on her day, but instead of focusing on her sister’s accident, Rachel’s thoughts kept returning to Officer Dean for some reason. She’d been told the woman’s first name at some point, but couldn’t recall it. She did, however, remember the younger woman’s face, especially her eyes. Those deep brown eyes. In a way they reminded Rachel of her own daughter’s, but without the same innocence that Emily’s eyes possessed. There was something behind them. Some kind of mystery to be solved. Yes, Officer Dean was a puzzle.

Rachel suddenly realized that she had unbuttoned her jeans, slipped a hand inside, and was lightly teasing her clitoris with two fingers. Her first instinct was to stop, but then she told herself, It’s been a long, stressful day. I deserve this.

Switching the TV off, Rachel wiggled out of her jeans. She left her shirt on, but skillfully unclasped her bra and tugged it off through her sleeve. She took a big gulp of wine and closed her eyes. Rachel felt a little weird about masturbating on the couch in her sister’s living room, but fuck it, she’d had enough wine to feel tipsy, and for some reason, she was horny as hell. The girls were sound asleep and there was no one else around to interrupt her.

Easing a hand into her panties, Rachel began to gently rub her aching clit. Another sip of wine, and she became increasingly rough with herself, pinching the sensitive bit of flesh between a finger and thumb, even tugging at it.

These sensations were driving Rachel wild, but she felt the need to be penetrated. Bringing her left hand into play, she stuffed two fingers into her vagina and began to fuck herself as hard and deep as she could. Her thick, warm juices were now flowing freely, and she used these to moisten the fingers of her right hand, then started rubbing her inflamed clitoris at a frenzied pace. Her hand was a blur between her trembling thighs.

All of a sudden Officer Dean’s face materialized in her mind’s eye — and that was when Rachel exploded in an orgasm that seemed like it might never end. She worked her cunt in a helpless frenzy, all the while picturing Officer Dean’s eyes. Those beautiful, soulful eyes.

Now, lying limp and panting for breath, Rachel withdrew two very wet fingers from her pussy, bringing them up to her mouth. She’d always loved the taste of herself, but for some reason her juices tasted extra sweet tonight.

Rachel pictured Officer Dean’s face again, this time wondering what her pussy tasted like. She laughed out loud at the thought. Rachel had come of age at a time when it was becoming more socially acceptable to be a lesbian, and while she never even thought of herself as bisexual, she had experimented with other girls when she was younger. She’d never had sex with another woman, but knew plenty of girls that did and had been propositioned a number of times. The furthest Rachel had ever gone was a bit of light making out with a few girls, and once she had accepted a dare to suck on a friend’s nipple for thirty seconds. Then, during her junior year of college, she met Michael and the rest was history. They were married two years later, and two years after that she was a mother.

It had been well over a decade since Rachel had even thought of another woman in a sexual way. So why was she thinking about this woman she’d only met briefly, and why were those thoughts turning her on so much? After mulling it over, she chalked it all up to the stress of the day and the jumble of emotions she’d been through.

Rachel cleaned up after herself, then went upstairs to the guest room, stripped off the rest of her clothes and slipped under the covers. One of her hands rested on top of her vulva, once again tracing tiny circles over her clit while images of the beautiful police officer played in her head. She didn’t masturbate again, but drifted off while touching herself.

The next morning she woke up, her hand in the same position, the bedding underneath her absolutely soaked.


Part 3 – New Friends

Cassidy heard the phone ringing. Just like Deena, she had been anticipating the call, but not for the same reason. She found the whole situation intriguing, and was very curious as to how everything would play out. Setting down the brush she was holding, Cassidy covered the canvas that she was working on with a thin cloth. She quickly washed her hands, then headed upstairs from the basement studio.

Deena was in the kitchen, talking on the other woman’s phone. “No, that sounds just fine.” She saw Cassidy emerge from the basement door and motioned her over.

As Cassidy drew closer to Deena she could hear the voice of the woman on the other end of the line, but couldn’t make out what she was saying.

“Are you sure you don’t need us to…?” Deena was cut off by a burst of animated talking. “Fine, that’s fine. Well, then, we’ll be over in a little while. See you then.”

Ending the call, Deena glanced up at Cassidy, a quizzical look on her face.

“What’s going on?” Cassidy asked.

“That was Rachel. She and Kim just invited me over for dinner to… to thank me properly for yesterday.” Deena’s cheeks were slightly flushed, and Cassidy thought it made her look very cute. “I asked if it would be okay to bring my fiancée, and she said ‘The more, the merrier.’ So… I guess that means we need to get cleaned up.”

Cassidy’s eyes widened at the realization that she was going to get to meet the young girls who had driven her lover wild — along with their mothers, who Deena had described as being quite attractive themselves. “And here I thought it was going to be another boring night at home,” Cassidy said with a smile.

The women showered and got dressed. Deena slipped into a pair of black yoga pants that showed off her rear nicely and a red high-collared sleeveless top, which she accented with a gray silk scarf. Cassidy chose a low-cut yellow top and a black miniskirt. A pair of black, low-heeled boots completed the girlish ensemble. They both wore little makeup, but Cassidy applied a hint of a floral-scented perfume that Deena liked. Appraising and approving one another, the two lovers were soon on their way.

Before arriving at the Connors’ home, they stopped by the supermarket to pick up a small bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. The wine was a Spanish white that Cassidy often used to make wine spritzers, the perfect drink for a beautiful summer afternoon.


Kim Connors happened to look out the front window of her house just as Deena and Cassidy were pulling up to the curb,  and murmured, “Oh, dear.” She hadn’t expected her guests to arrive quite so soon. Kim was still doing a quick straightening of the living room, where the girls had been playing earlier, and hadn’t had the chance to clean up properly or even change yet.

“Rachel? They’re here,” she called out.

“What? Already?” Rachel said, hastening into the room from the kitchen, joining her sister to peer out the window. “Well, I did tell them to come over whenever they were able.”

Kim and Rachel watched as the passenger door of the vehicle opened, and Deena climbed out. But they were more interested in catching a glimpse of Deena’s fiancée, the one that they had only just found out about earlier that day.

When Cassidy emerged from the other side, you could have heard a pin drop. The two sisters turned to gape at one another in disbelief.

“D-D-Did you know…?” Kim stammered.

“I had no idea,” Rachel replied.

They turned their attention back to the woman walking up the front walk. “Wow, she’s really cute… like a Barbie doll.” Kim gasped. As their guests reached the porch, Kim hurried over to the door and opened it, just as Deena was about to ring the bell.

“Hello, hello. Come in, come in,” Kim said, opening the door wide. Deena stepped in, Cassidy close behind.

“These are for you,” Deena said to Kim, handing her the bouquet of flowers. “Oh, and this, of course,” she added, taking the woman’s cell phone from her purse. “I’m glad you’re doing better.”

Kim smiled. “Oh, I am… very much,” she said. “Thanks for asking.”

Moving in to join the others, Rachel hugged Deena. It was a completely spontaneous action, and she felt a tiny flutter in her belly as she did it. “It’s good to see you again, Deena,” she said.

“You too,” Deena said. She turned and motioned to Cassidy. “Ms. Connors, Ms. Hayes, this is Cassidy Page, my fiancée.”

“Hi.” Cassidy said, accompanied by a friendly wave. She handed the bottle of wine to Rachel, but her eyes were on Kim. “Thank you for having us. You have a lovely home.”

“Oh, thanks,” Kim replied, blushing a bit.

Rachel inspected the bottle, then looked at Cassidy and said, “Spanish wine. An excellent choice. I think I’m going to like you.”

Cassidy felt her cheeks flush. Deena had told her that these women were pretty, but she felt unprepared for just how attractive Kim and Rachel were… especially Kim.

The sisters appeared to be dressed in casual around-the-house clothes. Kim was wearing a pair of black shorts with a light pink button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up. A light gauzy bandage was wrapped around her head, protecting the wound she’d sustained the day before. Her hair was covering most of the bandage, so it looked more like a bright white headband. Her feet were bare, her toenails painted bright red.

Rachel was wearing a pair of denim cutoffs, not nearly as short or revealing as the ones Cassidy had been wearing the day before but they accentuated her womanly form quite nicely. She had a loose-fitting, white tank top on over what appeared to be a red, orange and yellow striped bikini top. Cassidy couldn’t help but feel a strong sexual attraction to them both.

“Oh, and please, call me Kim,” Kim said.

“And I’m Rachel,” her sister said. “We’re all friends here.”

Just then, the moment was interrupted by the sound of a door banging shut, followed by two little girls bursting into the room. They raced straight over to Deena and all but threw themselves at the woman while shouting her name.

Watching this scene play out, Cassidy finally understood why just thinking about these youngsters had Deena so incredibly flustered. The smaller of the two was wearing a light purple, one-piece bathing suit with dark purple piping. The other girl wore a light green two-piece suit with dark green ruffles. Both of them were visibly wet, but not enough to drip on the carpet.

The girls were hugging Deena’s thighs much like they had the day before, causing some of the dampness from their suits to be absorbed by the thin material of her tight yoga pants.

Kim and Rachel hastened to free Deena from their children’s embrace. “Calm down, girls,” Rachel cautioned. “You’re going to get Deena all wet.”

Cassidy had to fight a sudden urge to giggle. Oh, she’s wet all right… just not in the way you think.

The girls then noticed Cassidy for the first time, their eyes widening at the sight of her..

“Hi, I’m Katie. Who are you?” asked the child in the purple one-piece, looking Cassidy up and down.

Cassidy knelt and looked the little girl in the eye, suddenly taken aback at what she saw.

This was the girl whose face she’d seen in her vision. The face she’d been trying to capture on her canvas. Who was this girl? She knew there was some deeper connection waiting to be discovered. She could also tell why Deena was so smitten — the child was absolutely gorgeous.

“I’m Cassidy.” she said, “Deena’s friend.”

“Are you and her getting married?” Katie asked.

“Yes,” Cassidy replied.

Katie scrunched up her nose a bit, thought it over for a second, then said, “I didn’t know a girl could marry a girl.”

Cassidy glanced up at Kim and Rachel. It was plain to see that the ladies had been expecting Deena to show up with a man. She wasn’t exactly sure how to handle this, but figured that an honest response was best. If the girls’ mothers had a problem with it, well tough — she wasn’t going to lie to a child, or deny her sexual identity.

“Sure they can, sweetie. A girl can marry anyone she loves.”

Katie thought about that for a few seconds, then said, “Cool. I’m gonna marry a girl when I grow up. Boys are icky.”

All the women began to laugh. Cassidy looked up again, pleased to see that Kim and Rachel were both smiling. It was obvious that these two ladies were open minded and accepting of others. How open minded remained to be seen, however.

Cassidy looked back at Katie and said, “I think so, too,” giving the girl a wink.

From there, the women and the girls proceeded to the back yard. Deena, Cassidy and the girls sat down in various lounge chairs that were grouped together near one end of the large swimming pool, while Rachel and Kim took drink orders and went back inside to fetch them.

Cassidy could tell just from looking that this pool was larger than theirs. She also spied a hot tub in a screened-off area to the side of the patio. She was fairly certain that, based on the angles of the architecture and the tree lines around the edges of the yard, that nobody off the property could see into the hot tub area. Perfect for skinny dipping.

The hostesses soon returned with their beverages — juice for the girls, an iced tea for Kim, and white wine spritzers for Rachel and their guests.

For the next couple of hours, the ladies conversed on a wide range of topics. The girls were constantly in and out of the pool, occasionally racing around the patio in their wet swimsuits. Deena and Cassidy both enjoyed watching them, but the flow of the conversation kept them from paying too much attention to the little water nymphs.

Eventually the girls started to complain about being hungry, so the group moved back indoors, where everybody pitched in to make dinner. Kim and Rachel told their guests that they didn’t have to help out, but Deena and Cassidy insisted. It ended up being a lot of fun, working as a team to create a meal they would all enjoy together.

They ate outside on the patio, basking in the early evening sun. Around six o’clock Deena pointed out that it had been twenty-four hours since Kim’s accident. Everybody remarked on what a crazy day it had been, but agreed that it hadn’t been a complete calamity, because of the new friends they had made. A toast was made to friendship, then one to Kim’s health and another to Deena’s heroism, followed by a final toast for the two little girls, so that they wouldn’t feel left out.

After dinner, the girls insisted that they play a game. The only one they all could agree on was Charades. They played for about an hour and, in the process, discovered what a good actress Emily was. She was able to act out every clue she was given so well, that the team of herself, Cassidy and Kim won every round except for the last, when Emily intentionally flubbed a few of the clues because she wanted to make sure Katie’s team won at least once.

When the game was over, it was just after seven o’clock. Rachel and Kim informed their daughters that it was time to start getting ready for bed.

“Aww, do we have to? Emily pouted.

“You said we could have a slumber party and stay up late.” Katie pointed out.

“You don’t have to go to bed yet, but go put your nighties on and brush your teeth. You can watch any movie you want. But when it’s over, it’s bedtime for you both, okay?”

The girls cheered and ran inside. The four women started to clean up the remains of their meal, but this time Kim and Rachel insisted that their guests relax and let them handle it.

As soon as Cassidy and Deena were alone, Cassidy perched on the arm of her lover’s chair and they exchanged a long, passionate kiss.

“Holy shit!” Cassidy exclaimed, once they finally drifted apart. “You were not exaggerating. Those girls are exquisite. So cute. So delicious.”

“Right?” Deena said, grinning foolishly. Tilting her head back, she gave Cassidy another long kiss. Again, it was very heated, and Deena could feel herself getting turned on.  Suddenly Cassidy broke away and looked down into Deena’s eyes, a serious look on her face.

“There’s something I need to tell you,” Cassidy said. “This morning, I woke up because of the buzzing.”

Deena’s expression immediately turned serious as well. Cassidy hadn’t mentioned the “buzz” in a very long time. So long, in fact, that Deena had nearly forgotten it existed. She took Cassidy’s hands in hers.

“Tell me.”

“I had to calm it,” Cassidy began, “I was standing at the mirror, counting down to zero like I always do… but then, at the end of it, I had a vision. A child’s face.” She paused. “Katie’s face.”

“You did?” Deena exclaimed. “Are you — you’re sure it was her?”

Cassidy nodded. “The instant our eyes met.”

“But… why? What’s that about?

“I don’t know what it means, baby.” Cassidy said.

“Maybe it’s because she was on my mind last night.” Deena said. “Even after we finished making love and were lying there holding each other, I was still, um, having thoughts about her. Maybe you somehow picked up on that.”

“Maybe.” Cassidy said with a shrug. “It feels way too specific to be a coincidence. I think that whatever is happening here… it’s happening for a reason. I just don’t know what it is.”

The two women stared at each other for a long moment before they were suddenly interrupted by a young girl’s voice. “Deena. Cassidy. It’s movie time.”

Deena squeezed Cassidy’s hands in hers and kissed her again. “Whatever it is, babe… we’ll figure it out together.”

On to Chapter Four!


Birds in Flight, Chapter 1

  • Posted on December 1, 2020 at 3:48 pm

by Girl Lover

Seventeen-year-old Jill quickly scrawled I LOVE YOU, MOM & DAD. HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the card and put it in the side pocket of her backpack. Both her parents’ birthdays were coming up in a couple of weeks and because the dates were so close, they always picked a day in the middle and celebrated together. Jill hated that she wasn’t able to think of anything better than “Happy Birthday” to put on the card. Writing wasn’t her strong suit, but her parents would understand everything that her simple message entailed.

Jill closed the door of her locker as she waited for her two best friends Wendy and Tracy to finish checking their make-up. Wendy slammed her locker door closed, closely followed by Tracy, and the three girls set off down the hall of McCallum Middle-High School. It was Monday, they’d just received the new schedule for the football games and were already making plans. Being the head cheerleaders, they were the most popular girls in the school and knew it. More than that, they loved it. They didn’t walk down the hall, they strutted. Every guy wanted to be with them, and every girl wanted to be them.

Heading to the practice field, Jill and her friends commented disparagingly on the assembly that they’d just left. Every year, the fifth-grade students presented their science reports to the entire school. Having to sit through twenty of these had put Wendy in a bad mood.

“I thought those stupid reports would never end!” she exclaimed, rolling her eyes. “And the little shits just kept coming. After one little fucker would leave, another would come and start running their mouth about mammals or volcanoes. I almost walked out.”

“Like you could’ve gotten past Fanny,” Tracy remarked. Fanny was the robust school custodian and hall monitor, physically able to deal with even the largest boys.

“I could’ve handled her,” Wendy retorted.

Walking outside and onto the playing field, they saw that the new middle-school girls were there, applicants waiting and hoping for a chance to join the cheerleading squad. Jill, Wendy, and Tracy seated themselves in the front row of the bleachers, then watched as each girl went through the dance moves. Once a girl was done, the three of them would have a quick conference, then announce a decision, accepting some girls and rejecting others.

“Next!” Wendy yelled.

A small, chubby fifth-grade girl hesitantly stepped up, clearly very nervous. All three snickered at her. “What the hell are you?! You actually think you can be a cheerleader?!” Tracy chortled.

“Get out of here, you fat pig!” Wendy told her, and their snickering became outright laughter as the girl slowly walked away, her lips quivering, shoulders slumped.

The rest of the day went by and during lunch, as the three walked over to their table, Wendy stopped at the fifth-graders’ table in front of the chubby girl they’d made fun of earlier. Glaring down at her lunch, Wendy exclaimed, “No wonder you’re so fat, you pig!” The other fifth-graders burst out laughing at this remark, and the three walked on.

As they seated themselves, Jill glanced over at the fifth-grader, sitting alone at her table. A few of the other fifth-graders were still snickering, and one of them mockingly called out her name. Linda. She watched as Linda then abruptly got up and quickly left the cafeteria. She frowned at this.

Tracy saw the frown. “What’s with you?”

Jill turned to Wendy and Tracy. “You didn’t have to be that mean to her.”

Wendy’s eyes narrowed. “Why do you care? She’s nobody.”


That afternoon as school let out and Jill was about to walk home, she happened to glance up the sidewalk and saw Linda slowly walking home, her head hanging down, shoulders quivering. Jill was sure she was crying.

She sighed. It’s just part of being popular, she told herself, making fun of other kids. But Wendy’s just being nasty, and Tracy’s totally following her lead. 

Then Jill had a thought that made her shiver. Am I any better than they are? After all, I laughed at that girl and called her names, too! I helped make her cry. Suddenly, she felt sick inside.

Jill trudged home, feeling numb with guilt. I don’t want to be a mean person, she thought. I don’t! I should tell Wendy and Tracy to lay off, leave this girl alone. 


Linda slowly walked home to the trailer park. Picking her way along the littered dirt path leading to the cramped trailer that she lived in, she slowly opened the door and peered anxiously inside, only to see her mom passed out on the couch. Her clothes were filthy, and her body reeked of going for several days without bathing. A half-empty bottle of whiskey stood on the table beside her. The drink which caused her mother to be such an ugly, hateful person. Tiptoeing quietly, Linda took the bottle, then turned towards the bathroom to pour it out.

“What d’ya think yeeer doing?!” a drunken slur sounded behind her.

Linda turned around, paling in fright as she clutched the bottle against her chest, “It’s b-bad for you, Mama.” As she watched her mother rise up and stagger towards her, Linda began to tremble violently. “It makes you mean.”

But her pleas were ignored as her mother snatched the bottle out of Linda’s hand, shoving her to the floor. “Didn’t I tell you what I’d do if you ever touched my shit?!” Her mother picked up a belt that was draped over the back of a chair.

Linda tried to get up, her voice coming out in stutters, “I-I-I want to help y-y-you, Mama.”

“I don’t need your help,” her mother sneered menacingly, raising the belt.


The next day, Wendy and Tracy continued to torment Linda in the hall, calling her Piggy. Jill considered asking them to let the girl be, but then backed down, not wanting to be on the receiving end of her friends’ venom.

When the bell rang for lunch, instead of accompanying Wendy and Tracy to the cafeteria, as usual, Jill said she wasn’t hungry and went outside, not wanting to be with them. She slowly strolled along the sidewalk, watching the other middle-school kids at recess. Following the walkway around the perimeter of the yard, she approached the equipment shed, pausing when she heard a sniffling sound coming from behind it.

Quietly walking to the back corner, she peeked around and, to her surprise, saw the fifth-grade girl from yesterday, hunkered down against the shed, bent over and sobbing. Her face was hidden by her arms, her body slightly shuddering.

Jill watched her sorrowfully, not knowing what to do, then Linda glanced up and spied her. Eyes widening in dread, she gasped quietly in her sobbing voice, “P-please don’t hurt me anymore.”

For a moment, Jill stood there stunned, then said quietly, “Linda…”

“Please, g-go away,” Linda’s voice choked through the tears.

There was nothing else Jill could say. Hearing the agony in this little ten-year-old girl’s voice, it was only then that Jill finally saw what she and her friends had become. As quietly as she came, she departed, numb with shame and pondering on what to do about it.


The last class of the day had just ended. Jill had just closed her locker and stepped into the bathroom when she saw Tracy cornering Linda. The little girl’s face had terror written all over it. She tried to escape, but Tracy blocked her way.

In disbelief, Jill asked, “What’s going on?”

Tracy laughed, “Having a little fun with Piggy. See how stringy her hair is? We’re gonna wash it for her… in the toilet, that is!”

“No,” Jill said, shaking her head. “You’re not doing that. This is going too far.”

Wendy stepped in front of her, locking her eyes on Jill, “What’s your problem?! Why are you sticking up for this little cunt?”

Jill glanced at Linda’s frightened face, then back at Wendy. “This isn’t funny!”

Tracy came over as Wendy lowered her tone menacingly, “I’m not trying to be funny.”

“But… why?” Jill cried. “What did she ever do to you?”

Wendy rolled her eyes. “Oh, my God.” Then, speaking as if to a child, she said, “Look, Jill. We make the rules. It’s our school, not hers. This little pig… she’s beneath us. We run the world, she,” Wendy jerked a thumb at the cowering Linda, “scrubs the fucking floors, and it’s our job to make sure she never forgets that. It’s the way high school works. It’s the way life works.”

“So you need to ask yourself,” Tracy added, now holding tightly to Linda’s arm, “which side you’re on, Jill. With us, or with her.” She punctuated the last word with a careless slap to the whimpering girl’s cheek. “Shut it, fatty!”

For the first time in all the years that she’d known Wendy, Jill looked into her eyes and felt fear at what she saw. Then she stared at Linda, struck by the terrified, pleading look the little girl gave her…

….and she shoved Wendy hard, causing her to stumble backward, careening into Tracy. The two of them fell to the ground in a heap. Jill seized Linda’s hand and ran out of the locker room. Quickly running through the gym and into the hall, Jill’s mind raced in utter panic, trying to work out what she should do. Not wanting to confront Tracy or Wendy at their lockers, Jill decided to take Linda home and then go home herself.

Still clutching the younger girl by the hand, Jill led her to the street, moving in the direction that she saw Linda going in on the previous day. When they came to an intersection, Jill stopped and they rested.

“Are you all right?” she asked Linda, who was wide-eyed and breathing hard. The girl didn’t respond, apparently still in shock over what had just happened. Jill touched her arm, getting her attention. “I’m going to take you home, okay?” Linda nodded. “Where do you live?”

Linda pointed down the street. They headed in that direction and, upon coming to another intersection, Jill saw Linda turn to the right, so she followed the younger girl down that street till she saw Linda stop in front of a small, run-down trailer. Neither of them had spoken a word for the last few minutes; now, they looked at each other.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” Jill mumbled quietly before walking off. As she came to the corner of the street and was about to head home herself, Jill turned to look back and was surprised to see the little girl still standing in the same spot, watching her.

On her way home, Jill reflected on what had happened. They were just having some fun with Linda when she’d turned up at the cheerleader tryouts. She never meant for things to spin so wildly out of control, and certainly didn’t expect Wendy to go as far as she had. And that’s what scared her — because Jill knew that going against her friends in such a drastic way had landed herself squarely on the outside with Linda. Now Wendy would be going after her as well.

That night, she laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering how everything had gone so wrong so suddenly, and what she should do about it.


The next morning, Jill left her house early. Coming to the parking lot of the school, she waited, watching for Linda. Eventually, Jill saw the girl slowly walking towards the school and approached her. When Linda saw Jill, she paused in mid-step, wondering what was going on.

“Hi,” Jill addressed her somberly. “ I was, uh… going to walk you inside to make sure nobody bothered you.”

Linda followed silently as they walked towards the building and inside. Neither spoke as they headed for Linda’s locker. Jill saw that the girl looked really nervous, and couldn’t blame her.

As Jill kept her eyes open for any signs of Wendy or Tracy, she heard Linda’s small, confused voice, “Why are you doing this?”

Jill said quietly, “I’m trying to do the right thing.” They stopped at Linda’s locker and Jill, suddenly unable to meet the younger girl’s gaze, stared down at her shoes. “I want to apologize. I’m not asking you to accept it, because I’ll never be able to undo what I did. I don’t know why I was mean to you. I — I don’t know who I was, but I’m trying to be a better person. All I know is that I don’t want to just say ‘I’m sorry’ and leave it at that. I want to be your friend, to try and make up for everything.”

For a moment, Linda just looked at her, then gathered her books for first period and headed to class. Jill followed alongside, escorting her to class, glaring at any of the other kids who tried to say or do anything.

After Linda stepped inside her classroom, Jill went to her own locker, expecting to see Wendy and Tracy there, but they weren’t. Surprised but still expecting something, she cautiously approached her locker and her face fell when she saw what was written on it in permanent ink, so it couldn’t be easily cleaned off. It read, PIGGY’S LOVER.

So it begins, Jill sadly thought. How the mighty have fallen.

“Honestly, I don’t know how some people can love pigs,” Wendy’s voice sounded behind her.

“Pigs love to live in filth,” Tracy responded. Turning around, she saw Wendy, Tracy, and half a dozen other cheerleaders walking past, looking at her disdainfully.

At lunchtime, avoiding her usual table, she carried her lunch tray along, scanning the room for Linda. She spied the girl, sitting at a table by herself, and walked over. As she set her tray down, Linda looked up at her in disbelief.

Jill sat down and picked at her food nervously, taking a few bites. Noticing that Linda only had a piece of celery, Jill asked, “Where’s your lunch?”

“I… I’m trying to lose weight,” Linda replied quietly.

Jill winced. “Please, Linda, forget those awful things we said. Be yourself.” She handed Linda her slice of pizza, “Here.”

Linda looked at Jill. “B-but it’s your lunch.”

“Please eat it,” Jill encouraged her. Linda hesitantly took a bite.

While they ate, Jill noticed many of the other high schoolers watching them and whispering among themselves. She knew what they were saying and thought it really hurt, this was the right thing to do.


After school, Jill quickly gathered her things and went to Linda’s locker, reaching it just as the girl was about to leave. “Hi, uh…I wanted to make sure that nobody bothered you on the way home.”

Linda’s mournful face brightened a bit — and it struck Jill that this sad little girl had a nice smile. In fact, despite being slightly overweight, she was actually sort of cute.

They exited the school and set off. After walking in silence for a while, Jill asked, “So… what do you like to do?” Linda looked at her questioningly. “I mean, do you have any hobbies that you like?”

“Why?” Linda replied in her small voice.

“I want to get to know you. See what you’re like.”

Linda thought for a bit, then quietly replied, “I like to draw.”

“Oh? What do you draw?”

Another quiet reply, “Animals.”

“Okay, what kinds of movies do you like?”

“I don’t know. We really haven’t seen any movies.”

“Who’s we?” Jill asked.

“Me and my sister.”

“What else do you like to do besides draw?”

“I collect rocks.”


“Not regular rocks. Special ones. Like crystals.”

Their conversation continued along similar lines, with Jill asking questions and Linda answering. Jill soon decided that this shy young girl was more interesting than she first appeared to be.

When they arrived at Linda’s trailer, Jill told her, “Well, bye. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Linda replied. And for the first time, she smiled.

Jill smiled back and, with a friendly wave, turned to head back to her own house. At the corner, she turned and glanced back. Linda was watching her, just like she had on the previous day. Jill waved again, and Linda did the same.


Friday, the last day of the week. Normally, Jill would have been making plans with Wendy and Tracy for the weekend, but things were different now. And it wasn’t just Wendy and Tracy. A lot of people who she thought were her friends had turned against her. She was an outcast, just like Linda, which made Jill want to be her friend all the more.

That day went the same as the one before. Jill ignored the comments and mocking glances and ate with Linda again. When school let out, they walked home together.

“Do you have any plans for this weekend?” Jill asked. Linda shook her head. “What do you do for fun?”

The ten-year-old shrugged. “Play with my sister.”

“Don’t you go anywhere, like the mall?”

“Mama won’t let us,” Linda answered.

As they walked, Linda suddenly stooped to pick up a rock. As she studied it, Jill looked at it too, asking, “Are you going to keep it for your collection?” Linda nodded. “How many rocks do you have?”

“About…” Linda thought for a while then said, “…twenty.”

“I’d like to see them,” Jill remarked as they approached Linda’s home.

Linda looked at her with a confused look, “You want to see… my rocks?”

“Sure. Is that okay?”

“They’re nothing special. You don’t have to.”

“I want to.”

Linda thought for a bit. “Mama won’t be home till later, so I guess it’s okay if you come in.”

When they reached the trailer, Linda opened the door, letting them both in. Jill immediately noticed a stark difference between her home and Linda’s. Whereas Jill’s family was well-off and lived in a clean, elegant home, Linda’s was the complete opposite. Following her through the cluttered, dirty living room, they came to a tiny space, not much larger than a closet, that turned out to be Linda’s bedroom.

Taking out a small shoebox, Linda placed it on the bed. Jill looked at the several small rocks as Linda picked up a particular one. “This is my favorite.”

Jill studied the quartz crystal with interest. “That’s really cool.”

“You really think so? You’re not just saying that?”

“Yeah. I really like it.”

Suddenly, Jill heard a small squeak behind her. Turning around, she spied a little girl peeking around the corner at her. “This is my sister, Emma.” Linda motioned to the girl to come in. The girl entered, staring at Jill in awe. “Emma, this is Jill.”

“Hi,” Jill greeted her, but no reply came from the little girl. “Hello?” she tried again, to no avail.

“She doesn’t talk much around strangers,” Linda explained.

Jill looked around at Linda’s sparsely decorated room. There were a few drawings hanging on the wall, which were quite good. As Jill looked at them, Linda told her a little something about each one.

Suddenly, the little girl Emma spoke up. “How old are you?”

Jill turned in surprise. “Seventeen.”

The girl’s eyes widened. “I’m eight,” she said.

Jill heard the front door open and saw Linda and Emma become wide-eyed with alarm. Linda raced over to the window, quickly raising it and quietly motioning for Jill to crawl out. Confused, but stirred by the younger girls’ urgency, Jill did as her new friend said, with Linda whispering, “Meet me by those trees,” pointing to a nearby grove as Jill’s feet hit the ground.

Jill hurried over to the stand of trees and waited, wondering what was going on. A couple of minutes later, Linda and Emma emerged from the trailer, both girls running towards her.

“Sorry about that,” Linda said when she reached Jill, slightly out of breath. “I’m not supposed to have anyone inside.”

“C’mon! You can see our secret place,” cried Emma. She took Jill’s hand, pulling her along.

Amused by the little girl’s excitement, Jill let herself be led through the grove until they came to a cluster of three trees growing together. A ramshackle collection of plywood, boards and other junk was heaped together into some sort of structure. Emma pulled open a door and walked in, and Jill followed with Linda close behind.

Inside the cobbled-together room, there was a queen-size mattress, a table, some books, some games and a few toys. Everything looked as if it had been found on the side of the road.

“Me and Emma built this ourselves,” Linda said.

“So we can hide from Mama,” Emma piped in.

“Emma!” Linda shushed her.

Emma went over to the table and pointed, “See, we got checkers and Momo-poly.”

“Monopoly,” Linda corrected her.

“That’s what I said.” Opening the Monopoly box, she asked hopefully, “D’ya wanna play? It’s really fun.”

Jill smiled at her enthusiasm, “Okay.” As Emma eagerly set the board up, Jill turned to Linda, “What else do you guys do for fun?”

Linda shrugged. “Just whatever.”

“Do you ever go anywhere?”

Linda thought, then said, “There was an art museum that my class went to earlier this year. I really liked it, but we weren’t able to see everything.”

“Where was it?”

“Our teacher said it was at the university.”

Jill thought out loud, “Art museum at the university… hmm, that must be the Blanton Art Museum at UT. Want to go there tomorrow?”

Linda looked at her, stunned, “What?”

“Would you like to go? I could drive us there.”

“Really?! Oh, that would be so awesome. You’d really do that?”

“Of course.”

Emma asked, “Can I come?”

Jill grinned at her. “Sure you can.”

Emma finished setting up the Monopoly game, then, then they played for a while. After an hour, Jill told them, “I need to go home now. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

“Don’t come to the door, okay?” Linda said. “Just knock on my window.”

“Okay,” Jill replied, frowning slightly at the odd request. “Bye, then.”

“Bye,” the younger girls replied, and Jill opened the door and took her leave. She set off for home, but upon reaching the street, looked back to see Linda watching her. Jill waved, and Linda waved back, wearing a huge smile.


On Saturday when Jill awakened, she briefly thought about how different today was going to be without her old friends, but quickly pushed that aside, looking forward to spending the day with her new friends.

It’s funny how much I’ve come to like Linda, she mused. There’s something so real about her, compared to the girls I used to hang out with. She’s a sweet kid, too — guess I forgot what it’s like to spend time with someone who’s actually nice. And I love her smile… makes me wonder why we and my idiot friends treated her like she was ugly. She isn’t, not at all.

Finally, she got up and fixed breakfast, wondering what else she and the girls could do after the museum. Remembering that there was also a science museum at UT, she decided that Linda would especially enjoy it because of the gem and mineral collection inside.

After breakfast, Jill showered and got dressed, then borrowed her mom’s car and drove over to Linda’s trailer. Going over to the window, she knocked softly. Seconds later, the curtain whisked back and Emma’s face appeared, breaking into a big grin. Linda appeared beside her and pulled up the window, putting a finger to her lips like she did yesterday. First Emma carefully crawled out, then Linda, and then they got into Jill’s car and drove off.

Their outing was a huge success. The girls really enjoyed both museums, and Linda was so happy that Jill found her delight to be positively contagious. As they ate lunch at a nearby restaurant, Jill asked, “Hey, what do you think about spending the night at my house?”

“I — I can’t,” Linda replied sadly.

“Well… what if I spend the night at your place, in that little shack you built? I could bring my sleeping bag. It’s big enough to hold all of us.”

Emma’s eyes lit up, “Oh, that would be so cool.”

“I’d love to,” Linda replied, her eyes sparkling.

Once again, Jill found herself dwelling on this little girl’s pretty face.


That night, Jill grabbed her sleeping bag and told her parents that she was going to spend the night camping in the backyard of a friend. Walking through the streets until she arrived at Linda’s trailer, she met her friend just outside. Together, they went to the little handmade bungalow, where Emma was already setting up the Monopoly game.

After they played for a while, Emma unrolled the sleeping bag and crawled inside. “This is so cool!” she exclaimed.

Jill took off her pants and reached under her shirt to pull off her bra, then got in beside Emma. Linda joined them without undressing. It was snug, but they were all able to fit inside.

“You’re going to sleep in your clothes?” Jill asked.

“Yeah,” was all Linda said. She seemed reluctant to undress. For some reason, that bothered Jill. What’s she being all shy about? she wondered but didn’t comment.

After a minute of lying quietly, Emma asked, “Can you sing the bird song, Linda?”

As Emma lay facing away from her sister, Linda rubbed her back and, to Jill’s surprise, began to sing in a gentle voice.

Early each day to the steps of St Paul’s, the little old bird woman comes.
In her own special way, to the people she calls, ‘Come buy my bags full of crumbs.’
Come feed the little birds. Show them you care and you’ll be glad if you do
Their young ones are hungry. Their nests are so bare. All it takes is tuppence from you…

Jill listened, spellbound as the song drew her in and held her. By the time Linda had finished,  Emma was sound asleep. Linda rolled over to face Jill, smiling sheepishly.

“That was beautiful,” Jill whispered, not wanting to wake Emma.

“Sometimes when she can’t fall asleep, I sing to her. I — I’ve never sang in front of anyone else, though.” Linda giggled nervously.

“I liked it.”

They talked quietly until Linda too grew tired and drifted off. Jill closed her eyes and tried to fall asleep, but was unable to. No matter what she did, she couldn’t relax enough to feel tired, and she knew why. She was feeling aroused in a big way, and knew what she needed to do to satisfy this bothersome itch.

Glancing at Linda beside her to make sure the girl really was asleep, Jill carefully slid a hand into her panties. Slipping two fingers inside while rubbing her clit with her thumb, she slowly but firmly began to move them in and out.

Jill soon realized that she wanted to look at Linda as she masturbated. Her breathing quickly became heavier as she gazed at the little girl lying peacefully beside her. Her rubbing became more frantic, then she suddenly found relief, biting her lower lip to keep from crying out loud.

Now out of breath and tingling all over, Jill withdrew her hand from her wet panties and relaxed. She continued to stare at Linda, wondering how this little girl could have such an effect on her. It wasn’t as if Linda was some hot, gorgeous babe. Not that Jill had ever been attracted to another girl before. And she was so young, only ten.

Jill didn’t know what to make of these feelings. They confused her.


The next morning, Jill opened her eyes and, for a second, wondered where she was. Seeing Linda sleeping beside her, she remembered. With a troubled sigh, she mused about what happened last night. Jill had always thought of herself as straight, but she could no longer deny that there was something about this little girl that turned her on.

Reaching out, she gently took Linda’s hand in hers. She didn’t intend to wake Linda up, but then the ten-year-old’s eyes fluttered open.

Linda looked at her hand in Jill’s. Not knowing what else to say, Jill murmured, “Is this okay?” giving Linda’s hand a little squeeze.

Linda paused then replied, “Yeah,” breaking into a smile.

“Mmmm, I’m starving. What have you got for breakfast?” Jill asked.

The little girl’s smile vanished. “Um… I don’t know. I’ll go and see.”

Sensing potential trouble, Jill quickly said, “That’s okay. I’ll take us to McDonald’s. My treat.”

“Oh no, you don’t have to do that. Me and Emma…”

“I want to.”

Linda sighed, then nodded, “Thank you.”

They talked for a while, and when Emma woke up, they got dressed and went to McDonald’s for breakfast. Afterward, Jill took the girls to The Thinkery, a children’s science museum that Jill knew Linda would enjoy. All the while, Jill kept thinking about how much she enjoyed being with this girl… and what it would be like to kiss her.

On to Chapter Two!


Greenfield Tales, Chapter 2

  • Posted on November 25, 2020 at 4:03 pm

By JB West

Part 1 – Sundown

Deena Dean left the hospital around nine o’clock after skillfully extricating herself from the embrace of the two little nymphs without embarrassing herself or tipping her hand. She said a quick round of goodbyes, then made a hasty exit, nearly running by the time she got back to her cruiser. Once inside, shielded by the dark tinted windows, she thrust a hand down to her crotch. Even through the thick polyester blend of her uniform pants, she could feel the wetness that was leaking out of her.

“Fuck!” Deena hissed. Sexual frustration seethed inside her, threatening to boil over. But any real release would have to wait. She wasn’t about to masturbate in her squad car in the middle of a hospital parking lot. Hell, the sun hadn’t even set yet. No, she’d have to wait until she got home to release all this pent-up energy.

First, though, Deena had to go back to the station house and write up the report on the incident. She was already more than two hours past the end of her shift, but that was hardly unusual. Normally, she would’ve put off doing the paperwork until the next morning, but she had the day off tomorrow and knew the Captain wouldn’t let it slide that long.

Deena pulled into the station house lot a few minutes later and parked in her designated spot. She headed inside, passing the watch commander with a quick nod, and proceeded to her desk. Quickly writing up her report, Deena signed it, left the finished product on her captain’s desk, and was out the door moments later.

When Deena arrived home, it was just before ten o’clock. She entered the house and noticed that all the lights were off but the TV had been left on. Taking off her shoes, she padded into the living room to find her lover on the couch, lying on her side like always, one arm curled beneath the pillow supporting her head, the other lodged firmly between her creamy thighs. In the soft blue glow of the television, her face looked like that of an angel sleeping beneath the surface of a cool, clear lake.

Deena sat down on the edge of the couch, her hip resting against her lover’s forearm. She gently ran the back of her hand across the woman’s face, tracing the edge of her jawline from chin to ear and back again. She brushed her lover’s lips with the tip of her thumb, admiring how soft and full they were like she’d done so many times before.

Leaning in close, Deena whispered into the sleeping beauty’s ear. “Cassidy. Cassidy. Oh, my lovely Cassidy. Wake up, sweetheart.”

Cassidy’s eyes fluttered open and she looked up at her fiancée. A sleepy smile graced her face as she reached up with her hand to brush aside a few stray hairs that had fallen across Deena’s forehead.

“When did you get home?” Cassidy mumbled through the veil of a half-remembered dream. A small yawn escaped her parted lips and she wriggled a bit, working out a small kink in her back. Deena wrapped an arm around Cassidy’s waist and helped her to sit up.

“Just a minute ago,” Deena replied. “How long have you been asleep out here?”

“I don’t know. What time is it?”

“Ten,” Deena said, after a glance at the clock on the wall..

“Not that long, then. I started watching that doctor show you like, and it comes on at nine. I know I was awake through the first commercial break at least.”

Deena had to chuckle at that. In their circle of friends, Cassidy was infamous for being the one who was always the most excited to watch some new movie or popular TV show, but would inevitably fall asleep about fifteen or twenty minutes in. Every time, without fail. The girl could party until the crack of dawn and still be going strong, but put her in a quiet room and turn down the lights, and she was gone.

The two women gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, then simultaneously leaned in for a kiss. Their mouths met, and the electricity that they felt with every kiss passed between them. A small moan escaped from Cassidy’s lips, a louder one from Deena’s. They both laughed, knowing full well what those moans meant.

“Take me to bed,” Cassidy whispered.

Standing up, Deena pulled Cassidy to her feet an instant later. The two lovers each wrapped an arm around the other, then headed to the bedroom, exchanging kisses and helping each other out of their clothes along the way.

That was when Kim’s cell phone fell out of Deena’s pants pocket.

God damn it! Deena thought, gritting her teeth. In her haste to leave the hospital, she’d neglected to return Ms. Connors’ phone to her.

“What’s that?” Cassidy asked.

“It’s a phone that belongs to a woman I helped today. The emergency I texted you about earlier. I can’t believe I forgot to give it back to her!”

“Oh, right. How did that turn out, the emergency?”

“I’ll tell you all about it, but first I need to make a call.”

“Right now?”

“Yeah. I’m sorry, babe, but I probably shouldn’t let this wait.”

By this time, they were in the bedroom, much of their clothing already shed. Deena was still wearing her underwear and socks, while Cassidy had managed to strip down to just her bikini bottoms.

Deena sat down at the end of the bed, absently noticing that Cassidy hadn’t bothered to make it up. Well, whatever, we’re just gonna be messing it up again in a few minutes. She unlocked the phone, using the password little Katie had given her earlier: 0-1-2-3-1-4, the child’s birthday. A quick shiver ran through her as she remembered Katie’s sweet face. Shaking her head to clear it, Deena dialed Rachel’s phone. The call connected after just one ring.

“Hello?” Rachel said.

“Hello, Mrs. Hayes. It’s Officer Dean. Um, from earlier tonight?”

“Oh, hello. What a nice surprise. Hang on, I’m gonna put you on speaker.” There was a light fumbling sound, then, “Girls. Say hello to Officer Dean.”

The phone immediately erupted into a cacophony of sound, the little girls shouting hellos to their new friend.

“So, what can I do for you, officer?” Rachel asked.

“Well, it’s not so much what you can do as what I forgot to do. You see, I’m calling you right now using your sister’s phone because, well, I forgot to give it back to her. I was going to stick it into her purse at the hospital, but then in all the commotion, it slipped my mind. I just got home a few minutes ago and realized I still had it on me.”

“Oh, that’s no problem. We can come by the station tomorrow to get it.”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not on duty tomorrow. I was hoping I could swing by the house sometime tomorrow morning and drop it off if that’s okay.”

Of course, it would have been no problem at all for Deena to drop the phone off at the station, but it had just occurred to her that she now had a good excuse to see little Katie and her equally adorable cousin Emily again.

Glancing up at Cassidy, Deena saw that her partner was attempting her best striptease with what little clothing she had left. She had both thumbs looped into the waistband of her bikini bottoms, pulling the front panel slightly away from her body and up, causing the material to wedge snugly against her plump pussy lips, creating a delectable looking camel toe. At the same time, Deena could hear the giggles of the two little girls over the phone. The juxtaposition of visual and auditory stimulation caused her to release an audible groan. Fuck, she was turned on.

Either Rachel hadn’t heard the groan or she paid it no mind. “That might be a bit of a problem. You see, Kim’s CT scan came back negative tonight, so the doctor said he’ll most likely be discharging her tomorrow around 10 AM.”

“That’s wonderful news,” Deena replied.

“But we won’t be around the house for you to be able to stop by.”

That’s when Katie chimed in, “What if she comes by after we get home from the hospital, Aunt Rachel? It’s not like Mommy needs her phone for anything before then anyway.”

“Oh, Katie, you’re a genius. Why didn’t I think of that?” Rachel said. If Deena had been on the other end of the call, she would have seen Katie shrug her shoulders and give her aunt a look that said, I don’t know. You’re the adult here. Why didn’t you think of it?

“Yeah, okay,” Rachel continued, “so we’ll give you a call on Kim’s phone when we get home from the hospital tomorrow.”

“Sure,” Deena said. “I’ll be waiting.”

“Well, thanks again for everything, Officer Dean. Say goodbye, girls.” Another cacophony of sound nearly broke Deena’s eardrum but made her smile nonetheless.

“Bye.” Deena said just before the line disconnected. She looked up at Cassidy who was still dancing, her body swaying back and forth to some beat that only she could hear.

“Okay, you have to tell me what that was all about,” Cassidy said.

“I will,” said Deena. “But first I need you to come over here.” Rising to her feet, she held her arms out, and Cassidy immediately jumped into them. The two women spun each other around the room, lustfully kissing. The rest of Deena’s clothes were on the floor in a few heartbeats, and Cassidy was about to shed her last bit when Deena stopped her.

“No,” she said. “I’m gonna peel those off you with my teeth.”

With that Deena spun the smaller woman around in an almost perfect pirouette, before pushing her backward onto the bed, Cassidy giggling all the while. Deena pounced on top of her and they resumed their heated kissing, wet smacking sounds echoing through the bedroom. Deena and Cassidy’s breasts were pressed together and their erect nipples circled around each other’s driving the lovers to even greater heights of arousal.

Deena began to slowly slip her way down the bed, planting sweet soft kisses all along her lover’s neck, collarbone, her chest, her breasts, pausing to pay close attention to each nipple. She moved down further to Cassidy’s abdomen, kissing all around her belly, lightly probing the belly button with an eager tongue. Then her teeth found their goal, firmly clenching the waistband of Cassidy’s bikini. She gave a quick tug upwards, causing the silky material to rub against her lover’s most sensitive spot.

Cassidy felt the soft caress across her clit, a small moan escaping her lips. “Oh fuck, yes,” she said in a raspy whisper, just barely loud enough for Deena to hear.

Deena knew that Cassidy was badly in need of some serious attention. Normally she would tease her partner for a bit with light probing, quick licks, maybe alternating between blowing or breathing on her exposed sex, but tonight was different. Both women had been denied pleasure on the previous night, and each had been through a day that tested her patience. Deena wanted to ravage Cassidy just as badly as Cassidy longed for her to do it. There would be no hesitation, not this time.

Deena tore the garment down and off Cassidy’s legs, tossing the thin piece of fabric over her shoulder. She feasted her eyes on the beautiful woman lying beneath her, on her open and dripping pussy, then dove right in, furiously licking all around the entirety of Cassidy’s vulva.

Bringing her right hand down to her lover’s dripping cunt, Deena quickly inserted two fingers, sliding them all the way to the third knuckle in one fluid motion. This elicited a scream from Cassidy, who then began to rant like a woman possessed.

“Oh fuck. God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Do it harder. Uh, uh, uh, uh, unhhh, oh GOD. Don’t stop, don’t you dare stop fucking my dirty pussy. I’ll n-never forgive you if you stop. Oh fuck, YES. FUUUUUUUCK!”

By then, Deena had brought her other hand to her own oozing hole. She dipped her finger in and pulled it out, a thick line of her honey falling onto the sheets below. The amount that stayed on her finger was quickly and vigorously applied to her own aching clit. All the while, she continued to pleasure Cassidy, sucking at her sweet nub, driving two fingers over and over and over again into the young woman’s juicy cunt.

Still caught up in rapture, Cassidy babbled on. “Please don’t stop. Oh, please don’t stop. Oh god yes. Yes! Oh shit, baby. Oh, fuck yes. I’m g-gonna come. Yes, yes, yes, eat my fuckin’ cunt! Fuck me, baby. OH GOD, YESSSSSS!”

Deena felt an absolute torrent of juices explode onto her face. Cassidy didn’t normally squirt, but was capable of it, and had done it a few times when the lovemaking was especially intense. Never like this, though. Gulping down as much as she could, Deena wiped her face, then brought the wet hand to her mouth, purring with pleasure as she licked each finger.

Cassidy lay limp and glazed with sweat, recovering from what might have been the biggest orgasm of her life. Her thoughts were jumbled, but she was enraptured by the pleasure she’d just been given. Deena had always been a fantastic lover, even from their very first time together, but this was a whole new level.

As Deena collapsed down onto the bed next to her, Cassidy brought both hands up to her face and covered herself while she burst out laughing. At that instant, there was nothing else she could do. She was absolutely, totally, completely happy, and thoroughly satisfied. I’ve never been fucked like that, she told herself. And she wanted more, only not just yet. She tried to calm herself, but couldn’t stop quivering and laughing.

The two women lay side by side for several minutes, relaxing in the afterglow, Cassidy still occasionally giggling through her hands, much to her embarrassment. Eventually she managed to calm herself enough to uncover her face, open her eyes, and turn to face her lover. One glimpse of Deena’s face was enough to have Cassidy shrieking with laughter all over again. Deena was lying on her side, her cheek resting in the upturned palm of her hand.

“Oh my God, baby, I’m so sorry. You look like you got blasted with a f-firehose!” Another burst of helpless laughter.

“I pretty much was,” Deena said. Grasping Cassidy’s chin, Deena tilted her head back, so she could gaze deep into her lover’s eyes. “And it was fucking awesome.” She crushed her mouth into Cassidy’s in a hard, demanding kiss. Cassidy tensed briefly, then relaxed, allowing herself to be taken, moaning as Deena tongue-fucked her.

After a minute they broke the kiss, both women gasping for breath. Cassidy hopped on top of Deena, straddling her midsection, then leaned down to lick her lover’s face, neck and chest.

“Fuck. My cum tastes sooooo good,” Cassidy cried. “Especially when it’s all over you, babe.” She continued to lick the juices from Deena’s upper half, but soon noticed that Deena’s arm had snaked down between her legs and that she was masturbating while watching Cassidy play.

Cassidy pushed herself back up so that she was kneeling astride Deena’s legs. Reaching down, she snatched Deena’s hand away and brought it up to her own mouth. She took three wet fingers between her lips and sucked them, savoring the flavor of Deena’s pussy.

“You taste good, too.” She licked the remaining few traces of nectar from her lover’s fingers. “I want more.”

Deena sat up and kissed Cassidy again, just long enough to get a taste of her own pussy on her tongue. Grasping the smaller woman by her shoulders, Deena threw her down onto the bed, reversing their positions so that now she was on top, straddling Cassidy.

“Oh yeah, baby. You know I like it when you do that, throw me around like a rag doll.” Cassidy moaned.

Deena knelt above her lover, feeling the heat of her own pussy, yearning to have it be pleasured.

“I need to ask you to do something for me,” Deena said. “It’s kinda wild, but think you’ll like it.”

“Anything for you,” Cassidy replied, her fingertips painting lovely patterns on Deena’s ass.

Deena smiled down at Cassidy. “You know that little girl voice you do?”

Cassidy immediately raised her pitch an octave and added a slight but noticeable lisp. “You mean this?”

“Yes. Yes, that one.” Deena scooted forward a bit so that her pussy was now rubbing against Cassidy’s breasts. “I need you to do that voice for me now. Call me Officer Dean and — and beg me to sit on your face.”

Reaching up to the sides of her head, Cassidy took hold of two handfuls of hair, which she encircled with fingers and thumbs to give herself a couple of makeshift pigtails. She opened her eyes wide, jutted her bottom lip out a bit, then in her best childish voice, said, “Oh please, Officer Dean, I didn’t mean it. It was an accident. I didn’t mean for my firehose to squirt you in the face. Oh please miss, I’ll do anything. Just don’t tell my mommy. She’ll be so mad… she’ll spank my bottom!”

Deena was already rubbing her clit; slow circles at first, getting faster with each rotation. She imagined it was little Katie she was straddling, the child’s body deliciously bare.

Her eyes closed, Deena drifted deeper into the fantasy as Cassidy continued to entreat her in the childish voice. “Oh please, Officer Dean. I’m sorry. I c-couldn’t help it. I’m just a little girl. I’ll do anything to make you happy again.”

Looking up at Deena, Cassidy saw that her eyes were glazed over with lust. Whatever fantasy was unfolding in Deena’s head was about to be acted out on her. Of course, she wasn’t yet aware of little Katie and her equally adorable cousin Emily, but Cassidy did know of her lover’s interest in young girls because she had similar desires of her own.

They had engaged in age play many times, with one or both of them pretending to be young girls — but for some reason, the game felt different tonight. Deena seemed to be caught up in the illicit fantasy like never before.

“You will make me happy, you naughty little girl,” she was saying. “You’re going to eat my pussy, and you’re going to do it now. And if you do a good job, maybe I won’t tell your mother what you did.”

Cassidy frowned. “Huh? I don’t know what you mean. What’s a pussy?”

Getting up on her knees, Deena used two fingers to spread open her pussy, just inches from Cassidy’s lips. “This. This right here is a pussy.” Her sex was gleaming with wetness. “Now beg me to let you lick it, beg me to sit on your face.”

Cassidy moistened her lips. “Please, Officer Dean, let me eat your pussy. Please sit on my face. Pretty pleeeeeease?” She paused, her mouth open and waiting.

Lowering her hips, Deena pressed the juicy flesh of her sex into Cassidy’s face. She ground herself against her lover’s hot, sucking mouth, rocking back and forth, increasing her speed and fervor, a warm tongue snaking around her throbbing clit and dripping hole.

Cassidy didn’t pause in her licking, though she did start to laugh deliriously, her joy much too powerful to contain. Deena reached behind and slapped the side of Cassidy’s breast hard, but not enough to hurt.

Bad girl!” Deena ground her pussy hard onto Cassidy’s mouth and wagging tongue. She then raised herself just long enough to say, “No laughing. Not now, not ever. Do you understand me, little girl?”

Looking away, Cassidy made a mournful face and pretended to cry. “Y-yes, I understand.” She let out a fake sob and then turned back to Deena and stared directly into her lover’s eyes, her lower lip trembling, and said, “ You’re a mean old lady.” Then, with a wink, Cassidy slipped back into her normal voice, “And you’re a fucking criminal.”

Growling with pure lust, Deena slammed her open cunt back down onto Cassidy’s face and started to ride with a fury she never knew she possessed. After a couple of minutes Deena knew that Cassidy had to be short of breath, but she was too caught up in the raw heat of the moment to even slow down, much less stop.

At one point, Deena had slid forward enough to feel the tip of her lover’s nose slip into the outermost part of her vagina. It felt nice, but Deena wanted more. “Put your tongue in me, baby!” she gasped. “Push it deep into my hole.”

Cassidy gripped Deena’s ass to steady herself, then thrust her tongue as far into Deena’s pussy it could go — nearly two inches, she estimated.

Deena continued to work her hips, riding Cassidy’s mouth for almost another three minutes. As she began to sense her approaching climax, Deena felt her legs tremble beneath her, and keeping her balance grew increasingly difficult.

Cassidy gave her lover a couple of quick swats to the ass and then helped steady Deena’s body as she continued her frenzied licking. She was laser-focused on her task, with only two objectives in mind. The first was making sure Deena had the best orgasm of her life, just like she’d had earlier. The second was to be the recipient of a mouthful of creamy cum.

Tilting forward, Deena withdrew her sex from the reach of Cassidy’s tongue and looked down into her lover’s eyes. “Fuck, yes! You are doing such a good job, little girl.”

Deena then resumed grinding her clitoris against the younger woman’s chin, lips, and nose. She was getting close now. Time to take it all the way, time to have Cassidy bring her over the top.

“Listen up, little girl,” Deena panted. “If you can get me off in the next sixty seconds, I promise not to tell your mother all the bad things you did.”

In addition to Deena’s thing for little girls, Cassidy was also aware of her lover’s other fetish. Incest. She knew that Deena found the idea of a mother making love to her daughter just as hot and dirty as sex with a young girl. An idea suddenly occurred to Cassidy that was impossible to resist, so she went with it.

Cassidy gave Deena a hard shove, causing the bigger woman to tumble backward off the bed. They both immediately got up — Cassidy kneeling on the bed, Deena standing at the foot.

“What the actual fuck?” raged Deena.

Cassidy made a pouty face, pretending to cry again. “I was right. You are a mean old lady. You — you said you were gonna tell my mommy how bad I was, b-but then you said you wouldn’t.”

Deena looked Cassidy up and down. What the fuck is she up to? Cassidy delighted in the look of utter confusion on Deena’s face.

“Don’t you get it, you silly bitch?” Cassidy said, still speaking in her childish register. “I want you to tell my mommy. I want her to grind her dirty cunt into my pretty little face, just like you did. I want her to punish me, too.”

Suddenly, Deena’s body started to shake. An image flashed in her mind, one of pretty little Katie and her equally pretty mother Kim kissing passionately. Just like that, she was coming, massive spasms of ecstasy shaking her helpless frame. Her vision went blurry, she lost her balance and fell to the floor where she stood. She imagined the lovely Rachel and her adorable daughter Emily in a sixty-nine, each feasting lustfully on the other, moaning and begging for release in between licks.

Deena’s body continued to convulse for nearly a minute. Cassidy perched herself on the foot of the bed, looking down at her lover, watching her go through the rise and descent of her earth-shattering orgasm.

Eventually, a dazed Deena opened her eyes, gazing up into the face of an angel. “Um…w-w-what just happened?” she asked.

“I think I made you come, just by talking,” Cassidy said, then giggled.

“Yeah… you sure did.”

Cassidy held out her arms. “C’mere, you.”

Struggling to her knees, Deena crawled up onto the bed. The two women laid down side by side and embraced, their arms and legs entwined. They were silent for several minutes, each giving the other an occasional kiss on the lips or the cheek or the forehead, sometimes exchanging contented smiles, and staring into each other’s eyes.

Cassidy finally broke the silence. “I’m sorry I pushed you so hard, babe. I didn’t think you’d fall off the bed.”

With a chuckle, Deena leaned in and gave Cassidy a very tender kiss on her lips. “No, my love, don’t apologize. It was perfect.” She gazed at her lover thoughtfully for a few moments more, then added, “How do you do that? How do you always know the exact right thing to say or do?”

Cassidy drew Deena’s hands up close to her and kissed them tenderly. “You know how I do it,” she said.

“You mean you…” A look of concern crossed Deena’s face.

“No. No, of course not. I promised you that I would never do that.”

“So how, then?”

“The same way you do it, babe.” She nuzzled Deena’s hands again. “Because you’re my best friend. You’re my true love. You’re my soulmate. And I’m yours. The day we met, I knew you were the one. I felt it here.” Cassidy reached out and touched Deena’s chest, feeling the thumping beneath her breast. “And I know you felt it, too.”

Deena blinked and a small tear escaped, rolling down her cheek. “I did. Love at first sight.”

They embraced, overwhelmed by their shared love. It was a magical feeling, even better than the orgasms they’d just enjoyed. The highs of physical pleasure were wonderful, but temporary. Their love was an eternal, infinite thing. Greater than space or time or all the energy of all the countless stars in the heavens. And it belonged only to them.


Part 2 – Awakening

It was the buzzing that woke her up. That constant drone in the back of her skull. It was usually so quiet that she hardly ever noticed, but on this night, it had awakened her.

She glanced over at the sleeping form of her lover, pleased to see a small smile gracing the woman’s serene face. Leaning over, she gently kissed her forehead, then turned to peer at the digital readout of the clock on her nightstand. 4:38 AM. She knew her lover wouldn’t wake up for another couple of hours at least, and thought it best to let her sleep.

Abruptly throwing her legs over the side of the bed, she stood up. The hint of moonlight that spilled into the room through the partially open window was enough for her to see by, and from there she noticed herself reflected in the tall dressing mirror in the corner of the room. She walked over to it and studied herself. Slightly tanned skin. Large breasts with small pink nipples. Long blonde hair. Wide hips and a curvaceous ass. Soft lips the color of rose petals. Blue eyes, deep as the sky, clear as the reflection in a mountain lake. She stared into those eyes and started counting down from ten.

“Ten,” she whispered.

“Nine.” The buzzing in her head raised in pitch.

“Eight.” She could feel a heat rising from her chest.

“Seven.” Her vision began to narrow.

“Six.” The buzzing was louder now, like a swarm of angry wasps.

“Five.” A feverish sensation gripped her and she started sweating.

“Four.” The room seemed to shake where she stood, but her eyes maintained their hard, sharp focus.

“Three.” The buzz was now a singular high-frequency tone reverberating through her.

“Two.” It felt as though her body was on fire.

“One.” She closed her eyes… and that was when she saw her for the first time.

Across town, Katie Connors awoke in a cold sweat and immediately sat up, her heart pounding wildly. She’d dreamed of a woman, one whose face she couldn’t see. She thought of Deena, but knew somehow that it wasn’t her.

Lying back down and resting her head upon her pillow she stared out the window. The moon overhead shone brightly. Katie shivered, closed her eyes and fell back to sleep.

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Ice and Fire, Part Three

  • Posted on November 20, 2020 at 3:07 pm

By No One

Sabrina was smiling as she unlocked the door, letting them both into the house. Clearly, she’d had no doubt that Riley would accept the invitation. “You want anything to drink?” she offered.

“Um, just water, maybe.”

“Sure. Be right back.”

Sabrina went off in the direction of what Riley assumed was the kitchen, leaving her to take a look around the living room. It was elegantly furnished, with a big, comfy-looking couch, and the largest TV she’d ever seen outside a store. But what really grabbed her attention was the substantial bookshelf.

There were boring-looking business books, and literary classics that appeared to be in pristine condition, possibly unread. Then she found the shelf that had to be Sabrina’s. It held many of the books they had talked about earlier, and some others that Riley thought she might want to borrow. To the side, there was a picture frame that contained a photo of Sabrina, maybe a couple years younger, next to a red-haired girl about the same age.

“Here you go,” Sabrina said, walking into the living room with two glasses of water and handing one to Riley.

“Thanks. Who’s this?” Riley nodded at the picture, then took a sip from her glass.

“Oh. Um, that’s Eva. We were… friends for a while but then, y’know, I had to move away.” There was bitterness in her voice, and Riley was unsure whether to pursue the matter, but she was also curious. The way Sabrina had said “friends,” and that slight hesitation… She had to ask.

“Close friends, huh?” Riley arched an eyebrow slightly, but tried to keep her tone neutral.

Sabrina gave her a look, then the hint of a smile. “Fine. If you wanna know, she’s the first girl I fooled around with.”

“Oh, right. I had a hunch that might be it.” Riley wasn’t sure how to feel about that. The girl was pretty enough, she supposed—certainly prettier than she was.. Should she be jealous? That seemed pointless, but she couldn’t help feeling a touch of envy. “That was where you lived before? I thought—”

“Nah. That was the town before last.”

“Oh.” Riley turned that around in her head as they moved over to the couch and took a seat. “Wait, how old were you?”

Sabrina flashed a sheepish smile. “Um, 11.”

“Wow, really? You were fooling around like… kissing?” They couldn’t have done much more at that age, right?

Sabrina chuckled. “Yeah… all sorts of kissing.” She brought two fingers to her mouth, poked her tongue between them.

Riley’s eyes went wide. “W-what? At 11?” she exclaimed. Was Sabrina pulling her leg? She did seem awfully amused by Riley’s reaction. “For real? Jeez, Sabrina…”

“Well, what?” Sabrina shrugged nonchalantly. “We experimented a bunch… and figured some stuff out, y’know? Might also have done some ‘research’ on the Internet. Made some fun discoveries.”

Riley shook her head in disbelief, but couldn’t help laughing. “Sounds like it. Wow.” She had no idea what to make of it. Two preteens doing that to each other certainly qualified as some heavy experimentation. She couldn’t help wondering what it felt like. Maybe she was a little jealous of that Eva girl, after all.

She was beginning to feel a little out of her depth, too. It sounded like Sabrina had a lot more experience than she did—which wasn’t too difficult, admittedly, especially concerning girls. And that was years ago, what kinds of things had she done since then? “And you said… she was the first girl you fooled around with?”

“Oh. Well, first and only.” Sabrina grinned and winked at Riley. “For now.”

Riley fanned herself exaggeratedly to mask her embarrassment. “Is it getting hot in here?” she asked, making Sabrina laugh. She was certain she was blushing brightly, but the warmth was also spreading much lower. She wasn’t sure at all that she was ready for anything like what Sabrina might have in mind right then, but her body clearly didn’t find the idea unappealing, and she didn’t know how to feel about that.

She glanced around for something to move the conversation in a different, safer direction. Eyeing the picture on the shelf again, she thought of something she’d noticed earlier. “So… I guess you do really have a type,” she said, toying with a strand of her red hair.

Sabrina laughed and shrugged helplessly. “Well, what can I say, I do like redheads. Dunno if that’s because of her… but hey, look.” She scooched closer, looking into Riley’s eyes, serious now. “I’m not trying to replace her or anything. I like you for you.”

“O-okay.” That gaze, icy blue yet smoldering with fire, was going to be trouble, Riley thought. It made her feel like going along with anything Sabrina wanted.

That’s not to say that she didn’t have her own desires, though. And right now, she was feeling increasingly hungry for another kiss. Now that they had privacy and could take their time—not to mention, now that she was more than a little turned on—the prospect of kissing with Sabrina seemed more appealing than ever.

Luckily, Sabrina seemed to be on the same wavelength. They didn’t spend long gazing at each other before their lips met, and it didn’t take long after that for the kiss to grow increasingly heated. Now that there was no need to be conscious of her surroundings, she truly lost herself in the experience, allowing that warm, soft mouth to become her entire world.

There was something so wonderfully intoxicating about the movement of Sabrina’s lips against hers. Was this what it always felt like kissing a girl? Or was it just this particular girl? Whatever the case, Riley loved every second of it.

They paused only for an instant to steal a quick breath, then were back at it. This time, Riley felt Sabrina’s tongue playfully teasing her lips. She was surprised for a second, but didn’t hesitate, inviting her partner into her mouth. Their tongues danced and tangled, pushing the fiery kiss to even more exhilarating heights.

Riley couldn’t get enough. She was making out for the first time with another girl, and she couldn’t get enough. With the hottest girl in school, no less. Maybe the hottest, most wonderful girl anywhere.

Her body was responding, too. She could feel her nipples stiffen against the fabric of her bra, her panties growing increasingly damp. That ought to have been embarrassing, but she couldn’t make herself care at that moment. Riley welcomed the sensations, let them overwhelm her. She didn’t think she’d ever been so excited.

When they finally broke the kiss, Riley was out of breath. “Phew… Wow.” She took a big gulp from her glass of water, trying to cool down. It didn’t help much.

Sabrina watched her, grinning, clearly pleased with the effect she’d had. “See stars yet? I told you it got better,” she said, to which Riley could only nod. “So… what about you? Any… exes? Any boy I need to watch out for?” Making a fist, she thumped her other hand with it.

Riley laughed. “Nah. I’ve only had one boyfriend before and… it wasn’t all that.”

Sabrina smirked. “Of course it wasn’t. Who was that? A guy from school?”

“Oh, uh, you probably don’t know him… Lucas Davis.” Sabrina only gave a blank look, so Riley reluctantly added, “Um, he’s a year younger.”

“You like younger boys?” Sabrina was side-eyeing her now.

“It’s not like that! It’s just… it’s a whole thing.” She could tell from Sabrina’s expression that the girl wasn’t going to let her get away without an explanation, so she sighed and continued. “I kinda have… um, had… a crush on his older brother Jake. Long story, but okay, when I was like 10, there was this special activity day or whatever where we went to visit the high school—I dunno, to inspire us about education or something, I guess?—and everyone was paired with a high school student to show them around and explain and stuff. So yeah, mine was Jake, and he was very nice, and charming, and, well, cute… I mean, he didn’t do anything weird, of course. But still, y’know, I kinda carried a torch for him, as they say. Um, for a few years, actually…”

Sabrina looked amused. “I see. And so… you couldn’t have him, so you dated the little brother instead?”

Riley sighed. This again. She got enough shit about it from Mike. But still, if she was being honest… “I mean… I didn’t see it like that at the time but… maybe.”

“Well, I think that little infatuation blinded you to… better options.”

Riley chuckled. Her heart still aflutter from making out with Sabrina, she really couldn’t tell why she’d ever been so obsessed with Jake. “Yeah, the thought recently crossed my mind, too…”

Sabrina nodded, as if that was the obvious conclusion. “So, how far did you go with this Lucas?”

Riley gave her a look. “You want to know about boys?”

“I want to know about you.”

Smooth line, Riley had to admit. “Um, we didn’t do that much. Well, some. Like, y’know, hand stuff. Okay, I um, jacked him off the one time. Which was… I mean, he liked it. But I guess it was kinda fun. Except when he, y’know,”—she gestured—”all over my hand. That was pretty gross.”

“Boys are disgusting,” Sabrina agreed, taking Riley’s hand and giving it a sympathetic squeeze. “And did he return the favor?”

“Um, he… tried.”

Sabrina snorted. “That doesn’t sound good.”

“He just… Ugh, God. Like, he stuck his hand into my panties and kinda moved around, but he didn’t really know what to do. To be fair to him, I wasn’t helping, ‘cause I was too shy or embarrassed to tell him what to do. But it really wasn’t doing much for me, and it was getting super awkward, so… in the end, I, um, I kinda pretended that I’d already come so he would stop.”

“Oh my God!” Sabrina was doubled over laughing. “You faked an orgasm your first time fooling around?”

“It’s not that funny,” Riley protested. Though, in hindsight, it kind of was. “I just wanted it to be over, so, you know. Anyway, after that, things didn’t really last. He wanted to do it again, and I wasn’t too into it, and it got awkward and annoying and… well, whatever, I broke it off. Maybe I was a bit unfair, since—”

“Oh, no no, screw him,” Sabrina murmured, that irresistible look in her eyes again. “You have better things to do.”

Already drawing closer to the girl, Riley had to agree. “Yeah.”

She kissed Sabrina, then things quickly intensified until they were kissing passionately, their tongues in each other’s mouth again. Sabrina was right; with just a kiss, Riley was in heaven, overwhelmed by emotions far beyond what she’d ever felt for any boy.

Sabrina broke the kiss—but before Riley could complain, the girl began nuzzling and kissing Riley’s neck, making her shiver deliciously.

“Oooh, that’s—ah!—really nice,” Riley sighed, losing herself in the silken caress of Sabrina’s mouth.

“You know,” Sabrina began, her lips brushing Riley’s ear, “I can guarantee that you wouldn’t need to fake anything with me…”

Eyes wide, Riley turned to the other girl. “Wow. Okay. Not wasting any time, huh? I… thought you were gonna behave…”

“I said if you wanted me to…” Sabrina smiled sweetly. “Do you want me to?”

God, what a question. Things were speeding out of control in a hurry. One thing for certain: Riley didn’t want to stop kissing Sabrina, not at all. And those kisses were driving her frantic with desire, making her want even more of what the girl had to give.

But just how far was she willing to go… and how far was Sabrina ready to take her? Gazing into those blue eyes, Riley shivered as she realized that her new friend was more than ready to end their date with an hour or two of hot, sweaty lesbian sex.

But that was one hell of a big step for Riley, especially on the first date. “Uh, I… um.” she began, then fell silent — unable to say what she wanted, struggling to figure it out.

“You’re so cute,” Sabrina said, then those soft lips were caressing Riley’s neck again, which didn’t help her to think any more clearly. Who knew that getting kissed on the neck could feel so amazing?

Dad had warned her not to let Sabrina push her into anything she wasn’t comfortable with. Right then, Riley felt anything but comfortable… but still, she wasn’t sure at all that she wanted Sabrina to stop, either.

“It’s up to you,” Sabrina was saying between kisses. “Really, it’s cool if you wanna wait.” She flicked Riley’s earlobe with her tongue.

Oh, God!” Riley gasped. Another surprisingly titillating spot that she hadn’t known about.

“Just saying, though,” Sabrina whispered, “I’d make you come so fucking hard.”

Heart pounding like a jackhammer, Riley turned to stare at the grinning girl. What had happened to the Sabrina who’d been so timid about asking her out a few days ago? The one with her now looked more like the Cheshire Cat. Still breathtakingly hot, though, with that sexy gaze that made Riley melt inside. They should probably take things slow, yeah, but every nerve in Riley’s body was screaming for attention and… God, yes, she did want this goddess of a girl to make her come.

Struggling to appear less nervous than she was, Riley gave two quick nods.

“Yeah?” Sabrina actually looked a little surprised. “You sure?”

“No, probably not… so hurry, before I change my mind.”

Her smile widening, Sabrina swiftly drew Riley into another deep, passionate French kiss. This time, her hands didn’t remain idle, though. She began by caressing Riley’s cheek as they kissed, but soon one hand trailed down to her chest, cupping one breast, playing with the rapidly stiffening nipple through her shirt.

Riley gasped into the kiss. Sabrina’s touch was sending a thrilling jolt straight down to her sex. She’d played with her breasts before while masturbating, but it had never felt quite like this.

Sabrina didn’t linger there, though. Before long, her hand continued downward, slowly moving across Riley’s belly as if to build anticipation. And it was working. Riley had trouble concentrating on the kiss, her mind entirely focused on those fingers, inching closer and closer to their goal. Then Sabrina was cupping Riley’s sex through her jeans, squeezing it a little.

A loud moan pushed its way past Riley’s lips, causing her to abandon their kiss. How could that quick touch through her pants feel so good? It was already so much more intense than anything What’s-his-name had managed to do for her.

Not wasting any time, Sabrina deftly undid the jeans’ button, then tugged down the zipper. Looking Riley straight in the eye, she slipped a hand beneath the waistband of her panties.

Riley inhaled sharply, hit by a jolt of pleasure that was even stronger than she’d expected—more like a thunderbolt, really–when Sabrina’s fingers brushed her slit. “Oh, God.”

Sabrina smiled knowingly, arching an amused eyebrow. Thankfully, she refrained from commenting on just how wet Riley was. Bet I could wring my panties out, Riley thought.

Sabrina’s fingers were busy exploring, spreading waves of pleasure with every little movement through the juicy folds of Riley’s pussy. “You like?” she purred.

Riley could only moan in response.

“I’ll take that as a yes, then.” Snuggling close, Sabrina returned to nuzzling Riley’s neck, sometimes licking or sucking on her earlobe, as her hand continued to work its wicked magic. Now that they were in the thick of it, she seemed to prefer taking her time, her fingers moving in a more leisurely way—sometimes sliding inside Riley, then pulling out, regularly brushing her clit but not focusing on it.

Riley wasn’t sure if it was just how excited she was, or due to Sabrina’s expertise, or a mix of both, or what, but God did it feel amazing. Nothing at all in common with the fumblings of Lucas, or even with Riley’s own forays into self-pleasure. Her breath getting increasingly shallow, she rode the waves as they churned and swelled inside her, cresting ever higher. Was she going to come already?

Before she could find out, Sabrina withdrew that talented hand from her panties. Confused and frustrated, Riley turned a reproachful gaze on the culprit. “Well, don’t stop now!”

Sabrina gave her an innocent Who, me? smile, then brought her hand to her mouth, slipped two fingers inside, and made a show of slowly sucking them clean. “Take off your pants,” was all she said.

Riley swallowed. Just a few seconds ago, she would have protested. There was no real need to take off her clothes, it was embarrassing and she’d been enjoying the proceedings just fine until then. But now, with an inkling of what Sabrina had in mind after that very suggestive display, she froze for only an instant, then obeyed without a word, first kicking off her sneakers, then lifting her butt up from the couch and pushing her jeans down and off.

Kneeling on the floor, Sabrina gently eased Riley’s legs apart. Without breaking eye contact, she began to slowly kiss her way up an inner thigh, sending delicious shivers up Riley’s spine. The kisses were getting juicier the higher she went, until she was licking at the edge of Riley’s panties.

Then she stopped, paused just long enough to flash one of those bad-girl smiles, then repeated the process on the other thigh. Once again, Sabrina allowed her tongue to explore tantalizingly close to the vulva, then abruptly pulled back, looking at Riley as if waiting for something.

“Oh my God, you’re such a tease!” Riley exclaimed, now beside herself with frustration.

Sabrina didn’t look bothered in the least. “What’s the magic word?” she sang, her eyes dancing with mischief.

“Seriously? Now?” Riley glared at the girl in utter disbelief. Really, though, what options did she have? Get dressed and go home, or dance to Sabrina’s tune. And that was no choice at all. “Fine!” she cried. “Pleas—”

Before Riley had even finished uttering the word—and before she knew what was happening—Sabrina had yanked the front of her panties to one side, then dove in, fastening her mouth to Riley’s opening,  her tongue darting inside.

The shock of sudden pleasure after all the anticipation and buildup drove all coherent thought from Riley’s mind. “Aaah! I— Oh, my— fuck!”

It felt amazing, Sabrina’s tongue skillfully dancing through the folds of Riley’s sex. How could something feel so good? Riley had often tried to imagine what it would feel like to have someone go down on her, but she’d seriously underestimated the magnitude of the real thing. Either that or Sabrina was just damn good at it, which would come as no surprise.

When she felt Sabrina pull away again, Riley had to beg, “Oh God, please, please don’t stop.”

“Don’t worry… I’m just taking these off,” Sabrina said, hooking her fingers in the waistband of Riley’s panties. There was a fire in her eyes that turned Riley to jelly inside.

Riley had never envisioned that she’d allow Sabrina to take off her panties on their first date, but now she was desperate to be out of them. She raised her ass so her undies could slide down and off, then sat back, her thighs spread wide apart, putting herself on display in the lewdest way. Right then, as turned on as she’d ever been, Riley loved the idea of being a dirty girl for Sabrina.

Thankfully, Sabrina wasted no time, putting her mouth back to work before Riley’s discarded panties could hit the floor. As she resumed her oral play, Sabrina used her hand to toy with the sparse tuft of red hair that adorned Riley’s vulva, occasionally dipping down to tease her clitoris. Meanwhile, Sabrina’s mouth was busy below, her skillful tongue alternately penetrating Riley and bathing her sex with long, lustful licks.

The part of Riley’s mind that wasn’t completely overwhelmed with pleasure was hypnotized by the live sex show taking place between her legs. Here was this amazingly gorgeous blonde—and God, somehow she got more attractive every time Riley looked at her!—down on her knees, nose buried in pubic hair, licking Riley’s pussy with abandon. Such a wanton sight, yet somehow beautiful, too. Riley was going mad with lust just from watching, especially when Sabrina turned those eyes up to meet hers.

Feeling self-conscious, despite knowing no one else was there to eavesdrop, Riley tried to stifle moans, but she just couldn’t keep quiet. Her cries grew louder and louder the longer Sabrina’s tongue worked its magic. If this was what lesbian sex normally felt like, she was hooked!

Sabrina began to focus solely on Riley’s clit, flicking it rapidly with her tongue, licking all around it, and adorning it with kisses, transforming those waves of pleasure into an approaching tsunami.

“Oh… my… God!” Riley wailed. She gripped the couch cushions with both hands, as if clinging for dear life. She’d thought the sensations were intense before, but now they were almost too much to bear. These feelings grew in mass, swelling, rapidly building into something too huge to touch, then that enormous wave came crashing down and she was swept away in a sea of bliss.

She was only vaguely aware of her body tensing, arching up from the couch as if she no longer had control of it. She might have screamed something unintelligible. In truth, it was hard to focus on any of it as her mind reveled in the best feeling in the world for what seemed like an eternity. Or at least, a lot longer than she would have expected. The tide of pleasure slowly receded, then faded into a beautiful emptiness.

As her senses gradually returned, Riley found herself breathing hard, blouse sticking to her sweaty skin, legs spread wide. “Holy shit,” she mumbled. Speaking, or moving at all, really, felt like a huge chore.

Sabrina popped into view, looking very pleased with herself. “So? Was I right, or what?”

She had to give credit where it was due. “God, you were so right. I… I don’t think I ever came so hard. You’re amazing.” Riley shook her head, trying to clear it a bit, then straightened up and closed her legs, suddenly aware of how slutty she must look. It was silly, sure, but she couldn’t keep from feeling a little embarrassed, now that she wasn’t blinded by lust.

Sabrina nodded graciously, as if she’d expected no less. Then without warning, she crawled up onto the couch and straddled Riley’s thighs. “And don’t you forget it,” she said with mock arrogance before swooping down to capture Riley’s mouth with her own.

The kiss revitalized Riley, pulling her out of her torpor. Soon, they were making out with renewed passion. Perhaps a little late, she realized that the tongue in her mouth had been licking her pussy just a minute ago, and felt a strange mix of distaste and arousal. There didn’t seem to be any weird flavor, though, so she put the former out of her mind. Before long, she found herself starting to like it.

God, Sabrina Taylor just ate me out, she thought, still dazed by the realization of it. Riley found herself getting excited all over again, and she intensified the ardor of her kisses. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do with her breath still somewhat ragged, and her glasses were all steamed up by the time they were done.

With a chuckle, Sabrina reached for Riley’s frames. “Want to take these off?”

“N-no.” Riley pushed her hand away. “Everything’s a blur without ‘em, and um… I want to see you clearly,” she admitted. It would be a shame to reduce Sabrina’s beauty to a mere smudge in her vision.

Sabrina smiled, striking a model-like pose. Then her expression turned mischievous, and she reached down to grasp the hem of her dress. “Wanna get an even better look?”

Riley swallowed hard as she pictured it. To see Sabrina naked. The wet dream of every straight boy at school, so casually offered to her. She wasn’t sure how it would make her feel, or what she’d do then… but there was only one way to find out. “Um, o-okay.”

In one smooth motion, Sabrina pulled her dress up and over her head, carelessly tossing it aside. She wore pink bikini-style panties underneath, but no bra, as Riley had guessed.

Her pulse racing, Riley drank in the view. Sabrinal looked every bit as amazing out of her clothes as she did in them. Classic hourglass figure, flat belly, proud breasts, everything perfectly proportioned. B cup? C? Riley wasn’t an expert, but Sabrina’s tits were certainly bigger than hers.

She’d been half-afraid that she just wouldn’t feel aroused by the sight of Sabrina in the nude, which would be more than a little awkward in their current situation. After all, she’d never really seen the appeal of the female body before—not that she’d spent much time looking at naked girls. But now it seemed she didn’t need to worry about that. The sight of Sabrina’s charms laid bare was sending a delicious surge of warmth through Riley’s own body.

The girl was simply a work of art. A sexy work of art. Riley didn’t know if it was something about Sabrina herself, or if the girl had somehow awakened some latent desire in her, but… Whatever the reason, this naked body had her feeling anything but indifferent.

“Wow. You’re, like… perfect,” she said, feeling a flush of heat on her face. “I don’t know if I should be excited, or just jealous.”

Sabrina gently nudged Riley back against the couch, still astride her lap. “Excited, if you please,” she said, holding Riley’s gaze—though, with her breasts near eye-level, it took some effort. “Believe me, you have nothing to be jealous about.” She pressed forward, seeking another kiss.

Even as she welcomed Sabrina’s tongue into her mouth, Riley had to wonder if the girl was just a touch crazy. Nothing to be jealous about? Literally every single feature of Sabrina’s body was more attractive than hers. How could she not see that? Surely she could do much better than Riley. Any bi-curious girl at school would fall at her feet. Hell, she could probably seduce most straight girls.

Still, despite her feelings of insecurity, Riley had to concede that she was the one getting kissed by Sabrina right now, and she wasn’t about to complain about it. Perhaps Sabrina wasn’t like the guys Riley knew, who only cared about girls based on how “hot” they were. Sure would be nice to have someone who likes me for, well, me, Riley thought.

As they kissed, Riley’s hands instinctively moved to the small of Sabrina’s back. She’d touched her there before, but now the feel of soft, bare skin under her fingers made a world of difference. She began to caress Sabrina, running her hands up to the girl’s shoulder blades, then back down again, trailing over her sides. Her body was so smooth and silky, the scent of her skin positively intoxicating.

With her hands back at their starting point, she thought for a moment about sliding them lower still, onto Sabrina’s ass, then hesitated. In the end, Sabrina made the decision for her when she raised herself on her knees a little to push Riley into a deeper, more forceful kiss. Before she knew it, Riley found herself holding Sabrina’s butt. It felt nice and firm, and fit perfectly into her hands. She gave it a squeeze—that seemed like the right thing to do.

“Mmmm.” Sabrina finally pulled away, wearing a big smile.

Riley’s heart was racing again. That kiss had her head spinning, and touching Sabrina’s naked body at the same time made it all the more tantalizing. And now… actually, she wasn’t sure what was supposed to happen next.

Then, with a start, Riley realized that it was her turn to make Sabrina feel good. The girl was gazing down at her, still smiling, clearly waiting for Riley to make a move.

She studied Sabrina’s bare breasts, now mere inches from her face, and felt a sudden urge to touch them. Riley nervously moistened her lips, weighing the idea. Touching another girl’s boobs felt like a big step to take. Okay, that seemed a little silly after what had just happened, but still. Kissing was one thing, the obvious starting point. And of course, Sabrina had just gone down on her, which was huge, but Riley had only laid back and let herself be licked.

Now, to take an active role in the proceedings? Could she? Well, she couldn’t deny that those big tits were very alluring. At this point, why not? Sabrina certainly wouldn’t mind.

And so, Riley slowly ran one hand up Sabrina’s ribs until she could cup one tempting breast. It was soft but firm, perky. Sexy. She caressed the nipple with her thumb and it instantly stiffened, drawing a quick intake of breath from Sabrina.

Riley glanced up at her partner, offering a shy smile. She brought her other hand into play, then observed Sabrina’s reactions as she experimented with her boobs, squeezing, teasing, playing with the nipples. With each movement, Sabrina let out a little gasp or a soft moan.

Riley was enjoying this. A lot. Way more than she would have thought. Feeling up Sabrina was so sweet and sensual, and it fired her desire back to full intensity. She hoped she wasn’t leaving a puddle on the sofa cushion.

More than anything, she loved Sabrina’s response to her touch. The erotic sounds of pleasure, the look of lust on the girl’s beautiful face, the heady scent of womanly heat that perfumed the air, these were the things that turned Riley on the most. And she wanted more. With only an instant of hesitation, she leaned in closer and kissed one erect nipple, flicking it with her tongue.

A sharp hiss of pleasure was Sabrina’s immediate reaction. “Mmmm, Riley, yessss.”

Riley decided that she very much liked hearing a pretty girl moan her name. She did her best to please Sabrina even more, depositing kisses all over her breasts, licking the pert nipples, the underside of the tender globes, even between them, trailing her tongue through the girl’s cleavage. It tasted faintly salty from sweat, but wasn’t unpleasant—in fact, it was positively arousing, like sampling the flavor of Sabrina’s excitement.

The response was everything Riley hoped for and then some. Sabrina’s moans grew louder, her breath increasingly ragged. Riley wasn’t sure if it was conscious or not, but she felt Sabrina’s hips begin to move, undulating in her lap, the girl’s panties brushing against her belly. She could feel how wet Sabrina was, and it turned her on even more.

“I think I like these,” Riley said, grinning up at Sabrina, giving her boobs a final squeeze. She managed to admit it with only a remaining sliver of shyness.

“Mmmm, I’m real glad you do.” Bending down to steal a kiss, it was Sabrina’s turn to cop a feel through Riley’s blouse. “And what about you? Do I get to see, too?” she asked, biting her bottom lip, which—if such a thing was possible—made her look even sexier.

“Oh, err, mine aren’t really… that, uh, interesting,” Riley mumbled, suddenly ill at ease. There was no way her barely developed chest could compare to Sabrina’s flawless tits.

“Don’t be silly. Every single inch of you is lovely.” Sabrina kissed Riley again while undoing the buttons of her blouse.

Whether it was because she was dazzled by the compliment, distracted by the kiss, or just too hot and bothered to care, Riley let the girl undo her blouse and push it off her shoulders without breaking their kiss. She shrugged the top off completely as Sabrina’s hands came up to caress her bra-clad breasts, though it didn’t take long before they snaked around to undo the clasp and pull the bra off, leaving Riley completely naked.

That accomplished, Sabrina sat back to inspect the result of her mischief. Riley worried that she might see a hint of disappointment in Sabrina’s eyes, but somehow resisted the urge to cover her chest. In the end, though, all she saw in the other girl’s appreciative gaze was renewed desire and hunger. Riley let out a breath she didn’t realize she’d been holding.

“Mmmm, you’re so fucking sexy,” Sabrina purred.

And just like that, the distance between them evaporated, and they were kissing again, more aggressively than before. Their mouths were crushed together, tongues sparring, hands roaming freely. From time to time, one of them would take a break from kissing to put her mouth to work on the other’s breasts and nipples. All the while, Sabrina was rolling her hips, grinding her panty-clad sex against Riley’ groin. The position and angle weren’t quite right to generate maximum pleasure, but Riley was definitely enjoying the delicious sensations the contact was sending through her body. Sabrina was breathing hard, moaning with each thrust—erotic music that Riley couldn’t get enough of.

“Why don’t you take these off?” Riley said, tugging on the waistband of Sabrina’s panties. Even to her ears, her voice sounded husky, thick with desire.

“Now that’s a great idea.” Grinning wickedly, Sabrina put a hand on Riley’s shoulders for support and pushed herself up until she was standing on the couch. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she began swaying her hips, pushing her panties down inch by inch.

Riley stared, wide-eyed. She suddenly felt like she was at a strip show—a very in-your-face one, the action literally a foot from her head—but she couldn’t deny what a sexy spectacle it was. Her eyes were glued to Sabrina as those pink panties slowly came down, first revealing a small patch of light brown pubes—a few shades darker than the hair on the Sabrina’s head—then below, the delicate folds of the girl’s labia, hairless and glistening with excitement.

Does she shave? The question briefly popped into Riley’s mind, then was promptly forgotten. It was hard to focus on anything beyond her hunger for Sabrina, which was all-consuming at this point. She hardly recognized herself; so shy and uncertain at the beginning of the evening, and now… Her only wish was to make this impossibly sexy girl in front of her come like she never had before, to make her scream Riley’s name in ecstasy.

With surprising grace, Sabrina managed to keep her balance as she stepped out of her panties while standing on the sofa cushions. She began to lower herself back into Riley’s lap, no doubt intending to pick up right where they’d left off, but Riley had other plans. While grinding against Sabrina had been delightful, Riley now hungered for a more visceral approach. She gave the girl a gentle shove, causing her to tumble to the other side of the couch.

“Heeeey!” Sabrina tried for a reproachful look, but her laughter kind of ruined the effect.

Riley didn’t waste any time. She was an animal in heat, consumed by naked lust. Thrusting a hand between Sabrina’s thighs, she cupped the girl’s sex, feeling her soaked vulva. God, she was wet—though, to be fair, probably no wetter than Riley herself.

Sabrina’s amusement was abruptly transformed into ecstasy. “Oh God, fuck, yes!

Riley leaned over to muffle her partner’s moans with a kiss, receiving an immediate and enthusiastic response. As their tongues mingled, she wriggled a finger into Sabrina. Juicy as the girl was, Riley was able to penetrate her with ease, so she decided to add a second finger. It was a slightly tighter fit but a comfortable one, and she began to slowly pump her fingers in and out.

It didn’t take long before Sabrina, now struggling to draw breath, had to break theIr kiss. “God, Riley…” she moaned, “that—Ah! That feels so good!”

Riley dipped down to shower affection on Sabrina’s breasts, licking all around the very stiff nipples, then playfully biting them—all the while delighting in her partner’s moans, in the salty taste of her skin, in the slick, fleshy warmth squeezing her fingers.

Before long Sabrina was moving her hips, pushing back against Riley’s hand on each thrust. Riley had kept her movements steady and careful, not wanting to hurt her partner, but if Sabrina wanted more force, she could certainly oblige.

Adjusting her position so she could drive even deeper, Riley began to finger Sabrina’s pussy with more vigor, plunging her fingers all the way in, then withdrawing almost completely before pressing forward again. She usually wasn’t this aggressive when doing it to herself, but there was something extremely exciting about penetrating Sabrina like this.

And the girl was obviously enjoying it, groaning loudly now. She was even using her feet—one on the couch, one on the floor—to raise her hips up from the cushion, meeting Riley’s movements with hard thrusts of her own. Locking her feverish eyes with Riley’s, she gasped, “Mmmm, yeah—do it. F-fuck me.”

The words inflamed Riley’s desire, whipped it into a raging inferno. Yes, she was fucking Sabrina. And it was the sexiest, most arousing, most beautiful thing imaginable. Without missing a stroke, she feasted her eyes on the mewling girl. Sabrina’s legs were splayed wide, her skin glistened with sweat, strands of hair were plastered to her forehead, her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. She was so damn sexy, maybe now more than ever. Had there really been a universe in which Riley wasn’t hot for Sabrina? The very idea seemed ridiculous.

It was a good thing no one else was home, because Sabrina’s cries kept getting louder and louder. Riley began to wonder if the neighbors might be a problem, but couldn’t make herself care. No, she wanted to make Sabrina scream the house down, to get more intimate with her. Wilder. More… dirty.

She eyed Sabrina’s pussy, nervously moistening her lips. Did she dare?

Before Riley had even made a conscious decision, she was moving, crouching between the girl’s legs, withdrawing those wet fingers from her sex.

Sabrina’s reaction was immediate. “Oh God, don’t stop!” she pleaded. Then, suddenly realizing what Riley was going for, she said, “Oh. You, um… you don’t have to,” even as her eyes begged Riley to do just that.

Riley didn’t pause to think about what she was doing, just allowed her lust to take over. Leaning forward, she plunged her tongue between Sabrina’s labia and gave a big, messy lick from the opening of her vagina up to her clit.

The scent was thick and strong, with a rich, tangy taste, but it wasn’t at all bad, to her relief. In fact, Riley found herself enjoying it more with every lick. The taste of Sabrina’s arousal. How fucking hot was that?

“Oh God, yes!!” Sabrina cried. She twined her fingers through Riley’s hair–not exactly pushing her head down, just providing gentle encouragement.

Riley didn’t think the girl was in a mood to take things slowly, so she immediately centered her attention on Sabrina’s clitoris. She’d never done anything like this before, but it didn’t take a genius to deduce what would feel good—and of course, Sabrina had already given her a very skillful demonstration of pussy-licking moments earlier. Immersing herself in the task at hand, she flicked the girl’s clit with her tongue, licked around it, lightly sucked at the swollen tip, even slid a finger back into Sabrina’s vagina and rolled it around, massaging the inner walls. Whatever it took to drive her partner wild, Riley was determined to make that happen.

Sure enough, Sabrina’s cries were becoming increasingly urgent. She squirmed, grinding her sex against Riley’s mouth, clearly desperate for release. But she didn’t have long to wait. After a minute or two, she moaned, “Yes yes yes… Oh! Riley! Oh!” Then her body went rigid, shaking with tension as her orgasm hit, long wordless cries issuing from her throat.

As these sounds of ecstasy gradually faded, Riley also slowed her movements, then gently withdrew, giving Sabrina’s pussy a final kiss. She sat up, licking her lips, gazing down at the limp body of her sex partner. Her… girlfriend? That might well be the appropriate word to use after what had just happened, and Riley realized that she didn’t mind the idea, not at all. In fact, it made her smile.

She could hardly believe she’d just had sex—actually licked Sabrina’s pussy—but she felt… content. Happy, even. She’d rushed headlong into this crazy thing, and now all she wanted was to snuggle up to the girl. That seemed like a good sign.

So she did just that, lying down next to Sabrina. It was a tight fit on the couch, but that only made it nicer, more romantic.

Sabrina’s eyes fluttered open, and she gave Riley a sleepy smile. “Mmmm. Wow. You’re good. Wonderful, even.”

“T-thanks. That was, um… interesting.” To say the least.

Sabrina chuckled. “ ‘Interesting’, huh? Well, I hope I can tempt you into doing it again some time. Then we can shoot for ‘spectacular’, or ‘stupendous’.”

“I think I’ll have to take you up on that.” They grinned at each other, then kissed. A gentle, relaxed kiss, more affectionate than urgent. “Um, I still kinda can’t believe all this went down, but seriously, it was… great. All of it.” Riley couldn’t even tell which part she’d enjoyed the most. As amazing as her own orgasm had felt, making Sabrina come had also been an unbelievably sexy experience.

“I know, right? You’re welcome,” Sabrina murmured, giving Riley a wink.

Laughing, Riley raised herself up on one elbow. She spent some time openly admiring Sabrina’s nude body. The girl watched, a small smile on her lips, which brought some heat to Riley’s face. She took a deep breath. This was about to get way more embarrassing, but she needed to say it. “You’re… so gorgeous. Have I told you that yet?”

Sabrina’s eyebrows rose up, she looked pleasantly surprised. “Not in so many words. Um, thanks. Glad you think so.” There was a hint of a blush on Sabrina’s cheeks as well now, and it was the cutest thing. Riley might just have to offer her compliments more often. “And you’re just as gorgeous,” the girl added.

Riley shook her head. “You’re crazy.”


“If you say so.” Riley gave her a dubious look, but didn’t argue the point. She wasn’t really going to complain about being called gorgeous.

Sabrina took on a smug air as if she had won an argument, though, so Riley reached out for one of the girl’s breasts and gave it a squeeze, rubbing the nipple with her thumb—partly to shut her up, partly because, well, she just wanted to.

“Mmm.” Sabrina watched expectantly, perhaps wondering if Riley intended to do more.

Riley had no specific plan in mind, but she did enjoy running her fingers over Sabrina’s body, so she trailed her hand down in a slow caress until it rested on that flat belly. Glancing further down at the patch of pubic hair, she was reminded of something.

“I was wondering earlier… Did you, like, shave for tonight? Down there, I mean.”

“Oh, um, yeah. I thought, you know, just in case.” Sabrina flashed a sheepish smile.

“Just in case, huh? Wait, did you plan all this?”

Sabrina raised her hands in protest. “Hey, hey, I didn’t plan anything. It was just… on the off chance that things went really, really well, I thought it would look nice.”

“Well, it does look nice,” Riley conceded. She couldn’t argue with the results: Sabrina’s bare pussy lips looked decidedly sexy. She ran her fingers through the sparse hair up above. “Wait, is this like a lesbian thing? Am I supposed to shave, too? ‘Cause that sounds like a pain in the ass.”

Sabrina snorted. “It was kind of a pain, I’ll admit. Dunno, some girls like it that way, I guess. You don’t have to shave for me, I like your hair.” Her smile grew coy. “Especially since the carpet matches the drapes.”

Riley tilted her head, confused. “What?”

“You never heard that before?” Sabrina chuckled. She reached out for a strand of Riley’s red hair. “Drapes,” she explained. Then she moved her hand below, tickling Riley’s pubes. “Carpet.”

“Oh. Jeez, you’re obsessed.”

Sabrina shrugged. “Hey, what can I say? Girls with red hair get me hot.”

“Is this something else you liked about… what’s her name, Eva? Did her carpet match her drapes?” As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Riley wondered why she’d brought that topic up again. It made her sound so childish. She should just be happy to have Sabrina’s interest, but couldn’t help feeling insecure about her relative lack of experience with other girls, her appearance, everything.

Sabrina made a face. “Are you still thinking about her? Jeez, stop it. Okay, firstly, I don’t know about her ‘carpet’ because”—she smirked—”she didn’t have any back then. Remember, we were just kids.”

“Oh, God.” Riley had overlooked that little detail.

“Secondly, don’t do the jealous girlfriend thing, that’s not cute. I’m with you now.” Sabrina’s hand had still been playing with Riley’s pubic hair, and now she ventured inside, slipping a finger between her pussy lips. “You get me?”

Riley gasped, then quickly nodded. It was true, she was being silly. “Yeah, sorry.” To smooth things over, she leaned in close to claim Sabrina’s mouth in a tender kiss.

She’d assumed that Sabrina had only touched her to make a point, but that finger remained between Riley’s legs, idly playing with the folds of her sex.

She studied Sabrina with a mounting excitement. “Mmmm. Are we… doing it again?”

The girl flashed her a saucy grin. “Wanna?”

“Well…” Riley only thought about it for half a second, then grinned back. “Sure.” Of course she did; why would she pass up the chance to share even more pleasure with this amazing girl?

Sabrina’s hand pressed more firmly against Riley’s slit, heightening the delicious sensations. Though she’d already come once, Riley was definitely up for another round. Hoping Sabrina felt the same way, she slipped a hand between the girl’s legs, finding her wet and ready.

They lay side by side, eyes locked, each fingering the other. Their breaths grew irregular, soft sounds of pleasure escaping their lips.

“So, um… ‘g-girlfriend,’ huh?” Riley said haltingly, just then registering the word Sabrina used a moment ago.

“Oh. I guess I… Mmmm… I did say it like that. Was that too… uh, forward?”

Riley shook her head. “No. I… I like it.” They smiled at each other—a romantic exchange as their fingers continued their dirty work.

Riley loved the sight of pleasure flashing on Sabrina’s face. Sabrina Taylor… my girlfriend. The thought was strange and delightful and exciting all at once. It somehow intensified her own pleasure. She noticed that Sabrina was watching her just as intently, and wondered if the girl felt the same way.

Their fingers continued to dance, sometimes slipping into a vagina, sometimes sliding between juicy labia, sometimes teasing a clit, always bringing wonderful sensations. It was unhurried and playful, but the pressure was slowly and surely building. Riley was on the verge of blissful release when Sabrina briefly tweaked her clitoris, but then withdrew her hand.

“What? Nooo,” Riley whined, a bit frustrated.

“Wait for me,” Sabrina murmured. “Let’s get off together, okay?”

“Huh? Oh! Okay, sure,” Riley said. It would be even better for them to come at the same time.

Riley intensified her efforts with renewed urgency, sliding two fingers inside her partner while using her thumb to stroke the clit. For her part, Sabrina slowed her movements just enough to keep Riley on the edge.

Soon, Sabrina was panting hard. “Mmmm, yessss… I’m so close. You ready?”

Riley nodded vigorously. She couldn’t be more ready.

Then Sabrina touched her clit in just the right way, and Riley cried out as she climaxed. Barely a second later, Sabrina followed suit, groaning loudly and closing her thighs around the hand pleasuring her.

Riley struggled to keep her eyes open through the orgasmic haze. She didn’t want to miss the sight of Sabrina’s face contorted in ecstasy. Her partner seemed to feel the same, and their gazes remained locked as they came, their busy hands pushing them to greater heights of rapture. The shared climax felt like a deep intimate connection, their bodies truly joined in some blissful symbiosis.

Riley’s orgasm didn’t quite reach the heights of the previous one, but sharing it with her girlfriend in this special way made it just as wonderful. Besides, it was the second-best orgasm she’d ever had, which wasn’t too shabby.

They slowly came down from their ecstatic high, catching their breath, smiling at each other. Their bodies were molded together, no space in between. Sabrina had wrapped both arms around Riley’s neck at some point, and Riley twined hers about the girl’s waist, thinking that she’d be happy for this moment to go on forever.

“So, I trust you enjoyed date night?” Sabrina said, flashing that naughty grin that Riley had come to love.

“Well, it sure took a turn I didn’t expect,” Riley replied with a laugh. “But yeah, I did. Very much.”

“Are we on for The Two Towers tomorrow, then?”

“Oh, for sure. We can’t watch only one part of the trilogy, you know?” Riley found her thoughts straying away from the movie, though. “Say… are your parents gonna be home after?”

Sabrina’s smile widened. “I like how you think! But… yeah, they’ll probably be home, sorry to say.”

“Damn.” Hard to believe it had come so quickly to this, but Riley had already concluded that from now on, any day without sex with Sabrina would be dull and uninteresting.

Thinking about the future suddenly reminded her that time existed and that there was something important about it. “Wait. Shit. What time is it?”

“Uh…” Sabrina twisted her neck to peer up at a wall clock. “11:15.”

“Oh, fuck. I was supposed to be home 15 minutes ago!”

Sabrina winced. “Uh-oh. Are you in trouble?”

“I hope not!”

Not without regret, Riley disentangled herself from Sabrina’s body, then scrambled into her clothes as quickly as she could—with some difficulty, as they clung to her still sweaty skin. Sabrina, remaining completely naked, escorted her to the door.

“Well…” Riley paused to drink in the sight of her new girlfriend’s body. Could I really be this lucky? She couldn’t find the words to express everything she felt at that moment, so instead, she stepped closer and gave Sabrina a passionate farewell kiss, hoping that would say it all for her. “I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe. If I’m not grounded.”


Riley eased the apartment door open, trying to be as quiet as possible. Not that she’d have much luck with that, though; she was still breathing hard after pedaling as fast as she could all the way back home. She noticed light and the sound of the TV coming from the living room, anyway, so Dad was still up.

She sheepishly poked her head through the doorway. “Hey… sorry I’m late,” she murmured, trying to sound as contrite as possible. “I um… kinda lost track of the time.”

“I take it that things went well, then?” He didn’t sound angry, at least.

“Yeah. Things went… great, actually.” She hoped there wasn’t enough light for him to see her blush. “Turns out, I really, really like her.”

Her dad considered that for a moment, then nodded. “Yeah? Well, that’s good. I’m happy for you, hon. I’ll have to meet this Sabrina sometime soon.”

“Sure. We were actually gonna see the second movie tomorrow…” She paused for an objection, but none came. Apparently, she wasn’t grounded. Relieved, she continued, “So maybe we could come here after, so you two can meet…?”

“Ah, well, I’m going to your uncle Steve’s tomorrow night, in fact, so it will have to be another time.”

“Oh, that’s too bad. Yeah, another time, then.” Riley tried to sound disappointed, but inwardly she was capering with glee. Oh yeah, they were definitely coming here tomorrow, though for a very different, better reason.

Making her way to her room, Riley glanced at her phone out of habit and saw that she’d received a message from Mike. He’d probably sent it while she was frantically pedaling home, in too much of a hurry to notice.

How’d it go? he was asking.

Riley thought about it for a minute. It was difficult to convey how wonderfully the evening had gone—how much the experience might have changed her life, even! In the end, she just sent back three heart emojis. In her estimation, it was best to go with pictures when you couldn’t find the right words.

That much, huh? he replied a moment later.

Got a second date tomorrow, Riley added.

Haha. Wow. At this rate, you’re gonna have to decide pretty soon if you’re ready to eat pussy or not, he wrote, probably thinking he was being funny. If he only knew.

Riley was half-tempted to brag, but no, she wasn’t the type to kiss and tell Or lick, for that matter. Keeping it subtle, she sent back, Let’s just say that the Ice Queen isn’t as cold as I thought. The opposite, really.

What’s that supposed to mean? Something happen?

Riley smiled as she turned off her phone without replying. Let him dwell on that.

She quickly got ready for bed, then crawled beneath the covers, suddenly worn out after the events of the day. Wondering what it would be like to share a bed with Sabrina, it didn’t take long before Riley slipped into a lovely dream about her new girlfriend.

The End


Greenfield Tales, Chapter 1

  • Posted on November 10, 2020 at 3:44 pm

By JB West

Note from JetBoy: A new story from a new author. I was uncertain what to make of this one at first… now, several chapters down the line, I can’t wait to see where he takes the plot next. This story takes time to build, but do stick with it — the payoff is worth it and then some. Welcome to Juicy Secrets. JB!


Part 1 – Mommy Fell Down

Our story begins in June, on one of those beautiful summer evenings when the heat of the day finally subsides, causing a slight chill to creep into the air.

Six-year-old Katie Connors was seated on the floor of her living room, enjoying the cool breeze that was lightly blowing into the room through the screened-in back door of the house. Having just finished their meal, she would have normally been in the kitchen helping her mother clean up, but this evening Katie had asked her mother if she could go finish coloring since their dinner had interrupted the page she’d been working on. As there was very little to clean up and because Katie had asked so politely, her mother told her she could.

Katie was just finishing up the red of a ladybug’s shell when she heard her mother yelp, then the crash of a plate breaking on the hardwood floor of the kitchen. That sound was immediately followed by a loud bang and a thump.

Dropping her crayon, Katie jumped up and ran to the kitchen to see what had happened. Her mother was lying in the middle of the floor, next to the open dishwasher. There were pieces of broken ceramic strewn all across the hardwood, and a small pool of blood was starting to collect on the floor under her mother’s head. The blood was pouring out of a huge gash on her forehead.

Katie rushed to her mother’s side.

“Mommy?” she said, gently shaking her mother’s shoulder. There was no response. Her mother was unconscious but breathing.

Katie knew exactly what she needed to do, because she had been taught how to respond to an emergency by both her mother and Mrs. Brody, her kindergarten teacher. She quickly located her mother’s cell phone on the countertop and punched in the code to unlock it. 01-23-14, Katie’s birthday. She then dialed 9-1-1.

“9-1-1, what’s your emergency?” said the woman on the other end of the call.

“M-Mommy fell down!” Katie cried into the phone as tears began to stream down her cheeks.

“Your mother had an accident?”

“Yes. Her head is bleeding really bad and — and she won’t wake up.”

The operator quickly sent out an alert to the town’s emergency services, then returned to the little girl, speaking to her in a comforting voice. She had four children of her own, all grown, and knew how to soothe a distraught child. “Sweetheart, can you tell me your name, please?”

“My n-name is Katie.”

“All right, Katie. Are there any other grownups there with you besides your mom?”


“All right. Katie, can you tell me your address?” The operator had the cell phone’s GPS data, but needed to confirm the address to make sure the first responders went to the correct place.

“Um, 416 Eagle Ridge Lane,” Katie replied. “In Greenfield.”

The operator forwarded this new information to the paramedics and police who would be handling the call.

“Okay So, Katie, do you have any paper towels or some kind of cloth nearby that you can use to help slow your mother’s bleeding?”

Looking around the kitchen, Katie saw a dishcloth lying next to the sink. She grabbed it and knelt down next to her mother. She couldn’t tell very easily where her mother was bleeding from, as the whole top of her head seemed to be covered in blood, but she remembered the gash she’d seen and gently laid the cloth across her mother’s forehead and applied pressure to the wound.

Katie was a very smart little girl who knew what to do in this type of emergency. She had read in a book about a similar situation where a man had gotten his leg caught in an animal trap. The author of the novel had written a rather detailed passage explaining how, after the man freed himself, he had stopped the bleeding and treated the wound. At the time, Katie thought it was really gross, and wondered why anybody would ever describe something like that in such detail. Now she was thankful for that book because it was helping her help her mommy.

“Katie? Did you find a towel or anything?” the operator asked, breaking Katie’s train of thought.

“Yes. I’m holding a towel over the cut, but it’s still bleeding really bad… and she’s still not waking up!”

“That’s okay, sweetheart. Just keep holding it there. It will really help your mom a lot.”

At that moment Katie realized that she was sobbing. And that made her cry much harder. There she was, sitting on the floor next to her unconscious mother, holding a cloth to her bleeding head with one hand, clutching the phone to her ear with the other.

Katie was smart enough to grasp the severity of the situation and knew that remaining calm was better than panicking. Still, she was only six years old and had never been in a situation like this before. A million scary questions started to run through her mind. Would her mom be okay? What if she wasn’t? What if she died? Who would take care of her? Where would she go? With each question, Katie’s fear grew more intense. Even though the operator was still on the line, talking to her in a gentle voice, Katie was no longer paying attention. It was only the sound of the siren coming from outside that snapped the child out of her darkening thoughts.

Springing to her feet, Katie raced to the front door opening it wide. A man and a woman were quickly advancing up the front walk, both dressed in the blue uniforms of the local fire department’s emergency services. The man was carrying a large bag, while the woman held what looked like a folded up canvas lawn chair. The woman hurried to Katie’s side.

“Where’s your mom, honey?” she asked. Katie led them to the kitchen and the EMTs got to work.

Katie just stood back, still crying, and watched. She was still in shock over the whole situation, but a part of her found it fascinating. She’d never seen emergency workers doing their jobs up close before. She watched intently, taking in all their actions, paying close attention to the technical terms they were using. She didn’t understand much, but made a mental note to investigate it all when she had the chance.

That’s when Katie felt the presence of another person behind her. She turned around, looked up and saw another woman, this one in a police officer’s uniform. Katie had been taught that in an emergency the first thing you should do is call 9-1-1, but after that you should find a grownup to help you, preferably a parent, teacher or police officer.

The officer looked down at Katie and smiled, then pulled a handkerchief out of her back pocket, knelt next to the child and began to dab her tears away.

“You must be Katie,” she said.

Katie sniffled and nodded her head.

“I’m Officer Dean,” the officer continued. “But you can call me Deena if you’d like.”

Katie scrunched up her nose. “That’s a weird nickname.”

“It’s not a nickname. My first name is Deena. I’m Officer Deena Dean.” She smiled at Katie and gave her a quick wink.

For some reason, Katie thought this was kind of funny and snickered a little bit, although she was still mostly crying. Officer Dean then stood up, placing a hand on Katie’s shoulder, and carefully guided the child into the living room. Deena walked her over to the couch, avoiding the crayons and coloring book which were still spread out all over the floor.

“Mind if I borrow this, Katie?” Gently taking the cell phone from the little girl’s hand, she held it to her ear.

“Shelby? Hey, it’s Deena… Yeah, everything’s good here. Bob and Michelle are attending to Ms. Connors right now… Uh-huh, Katie’s okay. She’s right here with me. Hey, thanks for staying on the line with her… Oh, for sure I will… Yes… Okay, talk to ya later. Bye.”

Officer Dean placed the phone on the arm of the couch, then seated herself next to the little girl. Once again, she used her handkerchief to dab away Katie’s tears, but the child had already stopped crying. The initial shock of the situation had worn off, and now there were nice people helping her and Mommy.

Folding up her handkerchief, Deena laid it on Katie’s lap and smiled at her. She then reached behind the girl and started to lightly rub small circles on her back. This had a very calming effect on Katie. It was the same thing Mommy would do to her whenever she was upset about something. Deena continued to stroke the young girl’s back while whispering soothing words to the child. The light massage was helping Katie to relax, exactly the effect that Deena had hoped for.

Just then, the man in the kitchen called out, “Hey, Deena — we’re coming out now. Can you get the front door?”

Officer Dean stood up and moved to the entrance, opening the interior door all the way, then stepping outside and holding the storm door open as wide as possible. Katie glanced back to see the EMTs come out of the kitchen, carrying her mother on a canvas and aluminum frame stretcher. A large blood-soaked bandage was wrapped around the woman’s head, partially obscuring her face. She was still unconscious, and one of her arms hung limply, dangling off the side of the stretcher.

Seconds later, the child’s mother had been carried through the living room and out to the ambulance. Katie tried to follow, but Officer Dean took her by the arm.

“Sweetie, they have to take your mom to the hospital now. We’ll follow in a few minutes, but it’s best we not get in their way. We don’t want to slow them down, right?”

Katie looked up at Deena and nodded. Instead, she watched as the EMTs loaded her mother into the back of the ambulance. The woman stayed in the back with her, while the man climbed out and closed the doors, then ran around to the driver’s side. A few seconds later, the siren started up and the ambulance did a quick U-turn and sped away down the street. Katie and officer Dean watched the vehicle until it reached the end of the street and turned the corner, disappearing from view.

Across the street, Katie saw her friend Angela standing with her mother near the end of their driveway. The girl waved, but Katie was too stricken to respond, and just turned around and walked back inside. Officer Dean followed her back to the couch, and they both sat down.

“Katie?” Deena asked softly. The girl looked up at her. “When will your dad be home?”

“I don’t have one. He’d died when I was little.”


Deena looked around the room. Upon entering the house, she’d noticed a family portrait on the wall. A very handsome couple with a young girl, maybe two or three years old, in the woman’s arms. But then she noticed that it was the only photo of the man in the room. All of the other photos were either pictures of Katie on her own, or with her mother.

“Do you have any relatives nearby… or maybe a neighbor who takes care of you when your mom goes out?”

Katie thought about it for a second, then said, “Aunt Rachel, I guess.”

Deena picked up the phone from where she’d left it. “This is your mom’s phone, right?”


“Do you know the code to unlock it?”

The little girl nodded. “Zero, one, two, three, one, four.” She smiled shyly. “My birthday.”

Officer Dean entered the code and the phone unlocked. She did a quick scan of the contacts list and saw an entry for Rachel Hayes. She showed it to Katie.

“Is this your aunt?” Deena asked. Katie nodded again.

Officer Dean selected the entry and the phone dialed. On the fourth ring a woman answered.

“Hey, Kim. What’s up?” This was immediately followed by the sound of a child screaming in the background. “Hold on a sec, Kim.” Then, though somewhat muffled, Deena heard, “Samuel Henry Hayes, you be quiet. I’m on the phone.” There was a small scuffling noise, followed by what sounded like a door banging shut. “Hey, sis, sorry about that. Boys will be boys. So, what’s up?”

“Um, hello. Am I speaking with Rachel Hayes?”

“Uhh… yes. Who is this?”

“My name is Officer Dean. I’m with the Greenfield Police Department.”

“Oh, what, did Kim lose her phone again? I swear, that’s gotta be like the fifth one in two years.”

“No, ma’am. I’m calling to inform you that your sister has been in an accident and–”

“What? Oh my God! Is she — is she okay?”

“Yes. Yes. She’s alive. She was unconscious, but breathing on her own. They’re taking her to the hospital now.”

“Oh, okay. Thank God.” There was a sigh of relief, followed by a brief pause. “Wait — where is Katie? Was she hurt, too?”

“She’s perfectly fine. Here, hold on a second.” Deena switched on the speakerphone. ”Say hi, Katie.”

“Hi, Aunt Rachel.”

“Oh, Katie, thank goodness. You’re really okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I was scared, but I’m not hurt or anything. Mommy fell down in the kitchen and hit her head really bad, and she was bleeding all over the place and she wouldn’t wake up.”

“Oh, Katie.” The woman’s voice broke a bit. “So, you’re all right, then.”


“She was really brave,” Deena chimed in. “The 9-1-1 operator said that she may very well have saved her mother’s life because of her quick response.” Katie hadn’t thought about that. The idea that she’d saved her mommy’s life was too much for her to process right then. She almost started crying again, but didn’t have any tears left.

“Well, Katie has always been such a wonderful little girl. So smart and kind. I’m not surprised at all that she’s brave as well.” Katie smiled and blushed to hear such lavish praise from the two women. For a moment, she almost forgot to feel worried.

Officer Dean was speaking again, “I’m going to be taking Katie to the hospital soon so she can be with her mom. I can wait with her for as long as needed, but…”

“Oh, of course, I’ll be there as soon as I can. Um, where did they take Kim to…?”

“She’ll be at Saint Luke’s Hospital,” Deena said.

“The one just off the highway, right?”

“That’s the one. We’re going to head over there now. We’ll probably be in the ER, but if you can’t find us I’ll have your sister’s phone with me so you can call.”

“Sounds good. It will probably take me, oh, about an hour to get there. I live up in the city.”

“Just take your time and don’t rush. I’ll stay with Katie until you arrive. We don’t need another accident in your family tonight.”

“Yes, I agree.” Rachel said. “Thank you, Officer…uh…”


“Yes, Officer Dean. Thank you for everything. I’ll see you both soon.” Click.

Deena put the phone in her pocket, then she and Katie did a quick walk-through of the house to make sure all the windows were closed and the exterior doors locked. Katie picked up her coloring book and crayons while Deena inspected the kitchen. She had been at accident scenes that were far bloodier, but she knew that Katie ought not to see this.

She quickly closed and locked the back door, then quickly swept up the pieces of broken plate and threw away the discarded medical supplies and waste. She didn’t have the time to clean up all the blood, but wiped the worst of it away with a sponge she found in the sink. She noticed Ms. Connor’s purse while in the kitchen and grabbed it to bring along, figuring that the woman would need her things when she woke up, especially her ID and insurance card. There was a set of keys in the purse, which Deena used to lock up the house before she set off for the hospital in her squad car, little Katie alongside in the passenger’s seat.


Part 2 – A Day Off

At that moment across town, a young woman named Cassidy Page was sitting in her living room perusing social media feeds on her phone. It seemed to be a pretty slow news day, and none of her friends had posted anything all that interesting. She glanced up at the television, which she’d turned on about half an hour earlier. There was an ad for an insurance company, the one with the talking animal who wants to convince you that his company has the best, yet somehow the cheapest plan available. Cassidy rolled her eyes, then glanced back down at her phone. Realizing that she’d already checked everything worth checking, she tossed it onto the empty seat beside her with a sigh.

After sitting there for a couple of minutes watching the TV without really paying attention, Cassidy noticed that her hand had inadvertently wandered between her legs. She was tracing the seam of her denim cutoffs and, not too coincidentally, the line of her slit.

This, of course, did not surprise Cassidy. Even as a young girl, she’d always found herself touching that special place whenever her mind wandered. Some girls might tap their toes in a steady rhythm. Some girls might play with their hair, twirling it around a finger. Some girls might chew on their fingernails. But Cassidy’s habit was a wandering hand that always seemed to end up in that same place.

She let herself enjoy the sensation for a few moments longer, then she pulled her hand away. She wanted to get off, but not on her own. She wanted sex. She wanted to feel another person’s skin on hers. Another person’s hot breath and dirty words whispered into her ear. Her body explored in every way imaginable. She wanted to fuck, and wouldn’t be satisfied with less. So she denied herself immediate gratification in favor of waiting for what she knew would be a mind-blowing orgasm at the hands of her lover.

In fact, Cassidy had woken up horny and had been feeling the itch all day. The night before, she’d gone out to dinner and a concert in the city with a group of friends. Her plan had been to cap off the night with some wild sex, but the evening had gotten away from her when she drank too much, then indulged in a few too many hits from a joint that got passed around at the show. She ended up so out of it that when they arrived home, her fiancée had to carry her in from the car and put her to bed. All Cassidy got was a chaste kiss on the lips and a few tender words before she passed out for the night.

Upon waking in the morning she found that her fiancée had already left for work. On her bedside table she saw a glass of water and a bottle of aspirin. There was also a note:

Take two of these and call me when you wake up. Doctor’s orders. I love you.

Cassidy smiled as she read the note, then winced as she noticed the pounding in her head. Shaking two tablets from the bottle, she washed them down with a big gulp of water. She needed to pee, but instead she rolled over and went back to sleep.

When she woke again, a glance at the bedside clock told her that it was almost noon. She had a number of small errands that needed doing, but decided that even though she was feeling somewhat better, she would rather just hang out around the house and have a lazy day.

Cassidy got out of bed, took a shower, had a pee and slipped into her bikini. She figured she could lie out in the sun, work on her tan and maybe read another few chapters of the trashy romance novel that she’d been working her way through. She grabbed a banana from the fruit bowl, always good for a hangover, and poured herself a glass of orange juice. She thought about it for a second, then grabbed the vodka from the freezer and poured a shot’s worth into her OJ. A little hair of the dog was also good for a rough morning after, at least she thought so.

Heading through the sliding door and into the back yard, Cassidy sat down in her lounge chair next to the pool. That’s when she noticed her next door neighbor, Mr. Withers, looking at her as he trimmed the hedge that ran along the property line. He raised his hand and tilted it to the side a bit, his way of saying hello. She returned the gesture.

“Hi, Mr. Withers. How ya doin’ today?” Cassidy called.

He bowed slightly. “I’m doing very well. How’re you?”

“Ugh. Not so great.”

A look of concern crossed his face, “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Anything I can do to help? Maybe get Marianne to whip you up a batch of chicken soup?”

Cassidy chuckled a little bit at that. “No, you don’t need to do that. I’m not really sick. Just a slight case of the, um, bottle flu.”

Now it was Mr. Withers’ turn to chuckle. “Aw, you’re young. You should be fine in no time.” He then motioned at the small table beside her. “That glass of juice and the banana should help.”

Grinning, Cassidy picked up the glass and held it out like she was making a toast. “It’s a Screwdriver,” she said, taking a big sip.

Mr. Withers let out a big guffaw and gave her a thumbs up. “Even better.” He stood there for a second, smiling at her, then said, “Well, give us a call if you do need anything. We should be home all day.”

Just then Cassidy realized that she had forgotten to call her fiancée. Quickly standing up, she said, “Oh, wow. I just remembered that I need to make a phone call. Thanks for the offer.”

Right before she turned to go inside, Cassidy caught Mr. Withers giving her a quick up-and-down look, pausing briefly at her chest. She suspected that he was probably checking out her ass as she walked away, so she gave her hips a quick little wiggle. She wasn’t attracted to Mr. Withers, not at all, but he was a pretty nice guy even if he liked to sneak peeks at her and her girlfriends whenever they hung out around the pool. She figured that giving him something to think about while in bed with his wife was the neighborly thing to do.

Back indoors, she found her phone and hit the link to her fiancée’s number. There was no answer. Probably busy with work, she decided, and sent a quick text instead:

thanks 4 the meds doc. luv u lots. XOXOX

She wandered back outside and climbed back onto her lounge chair, noticing that Mr. Withers was no longer in his yard. Picking up her book, Cassidy started to read.

Truth be told, the book was fairly terrible, but she’d always had a soft spot for bad romance novels. She actually liked them more if they had a ludicrous plot and cheesy dialogue. The more serious they were, the less inclined she was to read them through to the end. Basically, she just wanted to read about shallow but good-looking people having hot sex. This book had plenty of that, and she loved it.

She read for a couple of hours, occasionally letting her free hand rest on her bikini clad pussy, giving it light caresses and teasing her clit every now and then. She also pinched and lightly twisted her nipples a few times, making them all but visible through the fabric of her bikini top, like little tents. She knew that if Mr. Withers happened to see her in this state, he’d probably have a tent of his own to worry about. That thought made her giggle. Before long, however, the combination of the booze and the hot afternoon sun worked their combined magic on her, and she fell soundly asleep.

Waking for the third time that day, Cassidy checked her phone, surprised to see that it was about a quarter after six. Thankfully, it looked as though some late afternoon clouds had rolled in, blocking out the sun and sparing her from a bad burn. She also noticed that she’d just missed a call a few minutes earlier, and that her text had been returned.

Feeling better? I hope so. I had an
emergency come up at work and might be
late tonight. Don’t wait up. Love you lots.

Gathering up her things, Cassidy went inside. The temperature had cooled considerably and she felt a slight chill, so she slipped into her favorite pair of cutoffs and one of her fiancée’s t-shirts. Flopping down on the couch, she turned on the TV to see if there was anything about the “emergency” on the news. Probably not. She lived in a quiet town which wasn’t really interesting enough for the local news stations out of the city to give much coverage to. Picking up her phone, she started scrolling through her social media. Nothing there, either. Oh, well — I’ll hear all about it later… and if not, it probably wasn’t that big a deal.


Part 3 – Trouble

Arriving at the hospital, Rachel Hayes quickly found a parking spot for her Range Rover, and ran for the entrance of the ER, all but dragging her daughter Emily behind. She hadn’t intended to bring the child along, but the girl had pleaded to be allowed to go with her, until she was on the verge of crying. Emily and Katie were only two years apart and very close, almost like sisters. Rachel didn’t have time to argue with her daughter so she quickly conceded to Emily’s wishes and agreed to let her come along.

Rachel had been in a hurry while trying to get herself and Emily ready to leave the house on such short notice and had forgotten to grab her purse. Her wallet and phone were in the bag so she had no choice but to to double back and retrieve it. So now, nearly two hours after she’d received the call from the Greenfield police, Rachel and her daughter finally made it to the hospital. Rachel inquired at the ER reception desk about her sister and was told to take a seat, that someone would be with them before too long.

The wait felt like hours, but was really only ten minutes. Rachel was glancing up at the clock on the wall when she heard a voice address her from behind. “Mrs. Hayes?”

Quickly standing, Rachel turned and looked into the face of a boy. Well, that’s what she thought for a brief moment. On second look he was obviously an adult, but Rachel suspected that he couldn’t be more than twenty — a volunteer from the local college, she decided, perhaps an orderly. “Yes. I’m Mrs. Hayes.”

The man smiled, extending a hand “Hi. I’m Doctor Malcolm. I’ve been taking care of your sister.” That was when Rachel noticed the I.D. badge clipped to the breast pocket of his scrubs.

Rudolf Malcolm M.D.
Emergency Medicine

She shook his hand, suddenly feeling like she was on the bad end of a terrible prank, that soon she would find out that there had been no accident and that all this had been done at her expense. The doctor then looked down at Emily and held out his hand to shake hers. “And you must be Emily. Katie’s told me all about you. She’ll be really happy to see you.”

“Uh… Doctor? Can you tell me how she is?” Rachel asked.

“Follow me. We can talk while we walk.” Dr. Malcolm led them through the double wide swinging doors that led beyond the waiting area, pausing briefly to administer a fair amount of hand sanitizer from a wall-mounted dispenser. Rachel and Emily each got a dollop as well.

“You sister is doing quite nicely,” the doctor began, glancing back over his shoulder at Rachel as he led mother and daughter down the brightly lit corridor. “She regained consciousness in the ambulance on the way here. She’s been alert and responsive to all our questions. She knows who she is. She knows two plus two, and could tell me how many fingers I was holding up.” Dr. Malcolm raised two fingers, making a peace sign. “However… she did hit her head pretty hard. We took her in for a CT scan and we’re still waiting on the results. The good news is that she doesn’t appear to have fractured her skull or any other bones when she fell, and the CT will be able to tell us if there are other brain injuries or any bleeding that we need to address.”

The doctor then led them into a room. Kim was sitting up in the bed, dressed in a hospital gown with an I.V. and heart monitor connected to her body, a large bandage wrapped around her head. She was smiling and cuddling Katie, who was sitting on the bed next to her. Standing near the foot of the bed was a female police officer — the woman she’d spoken to earlier on the phone, Rachel assumed.

As Dr. Malcolm led Rachel and Emily into the room, Kim smiled hugely. “Look who’s here!” she said to her daughter.

When Katie looked up and saw her aunt and cousin, she immediately hopped off the bed, ran over to where they stood and hugged them both. She didn’t know why, but for some reason it made her start crying all over again. In spite of doing her very best to be brave, she’d begun to sob during the ride to the hospital when worry and fear had crept back in. It took Deena several minutes to calm her down after that. Then she cried when she was brought in to see her mother for the first time since the ambulance took her away. But those were happy tears, and it only took Kim a few seconds to banish them with a hug, a kiss and the soothing words that a mother knows how to say.

Now Katie was weeping again and couldn’t stop. Rachel and Emily held the child close and gently rocked her to and fro. Rachel looked over at her sister, who had tears of her own welling up in her eyes. Sniffling, Kim held out her hand and motioned to her to come over. Rachel joined her sister, taking Kim’s hand in hers as she stood next to the bed.

“I think she’s just really tired.” Kim said. “Exhausted.”

Rachel looked down at her sister and mouthed the words “I love you.” Kim did the same, then squeezed her sister’s hand. The two women looked back at their daughters, who were holding each other, Katie’s sobs coming less frequently, then dissipating altogether.

Rachel then noticed that Dr. Malcolm had slipped out of the room, perhaps because he felt awkward being in such an intimate situation, or maybe he had other patients to check on. Officer Dean, however, was still standing in the corner of the room down by the foot of the bed, looking as if she felt a bit uncertain about being there. Rachel caught her eye.

“Officer… Dean, was it?” Rachel asked.

“Yes, ma’am.” Deena replied.

“I’m sorry. I’m so bad with names. Never forget a face, though.” And that was true. While she didn’t have a photographic memory, Rachel was quite adept at recognizing and remembering people by their faces, even if she’d only met them once.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s been a stressful day for you, I’m sure. I’m just glad I was able to help the little bit that I could,” Deena said.

“Little bit? There’s nothing little about it. You’re a hero.” Rachel said.

“All I did was make a phone call and keep Katie company for a while.” Deena protested.

“No, that’s not all you did.” Rachel drew close to Deena, looked the younger woman in the eye and said, “You protected my niece when she was vulnerable, kept her company when she needed it. You could have dumped her on one of these nurses here, but you didn’t. You are a hero. At least in my book.”

“Mine too.” Kim said.

“Mine three!” Katie chirped, her tears forgotten.

“Yeah,” said Emily.

The two little girls rushed over to Deena, each one wrapping her arms around one of the woman’s thighs, hugging her tightly. Deena’s face immediately turned red, and for the first time that evening, she felt a little teary herself.

Reaching down, she gently caressed the back of each girl’s head. They looked up at her and smiled. That’s when Deena knew she was in trouble.

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