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Sheltering, Chapter 2

  • Posted on June 24, 2020 at 1:40 pm

by Shy Mom


My maternal instincts rose with that word and the shaky way it fell from my little girl’s lips. My shocking desire to taste the wet spot on her panties vanished.

“Olivia,” I breathed. She stood frozen just outside the open door to my bedroom.

Tenderly, instinctively, I said, “Come here, honey.” I patted gently on the bed, just in front of where I sat against the headboard. I was fearful she might take flight.

But Olivia was only eight, and I was still her mom. Reflex and routine drew her toward me. I enfolded her in a protective hug as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. All I had on was my flimsy thong.

My lips brushed her ear. “I love you, Olivia.”

She began to cry. Sobs shook her slender frame. “Oh, Mommy!”

“Baby.” I hugged her tighter and began to inhale and exhale slowly, deeply. Her breathing soon matched mine. Her tears wet my naked breasts as her sobbing faded.

“Olivia … Olivia … I love you.”

“I love you, Mommy.” She hugged me back tightly, her cheek pressing against my nipple. I felt a tug, maternal and something more.

“Don’t cry …” I sniffed her hair. Shampoo and girl scent, like mixed flowers. “You did nothing wrong, my sweet.”

“I—I didn’t mean to see …” She started shaking again. I reached under her nightgown and caressed her back. My girls always found comfort in skin to skin contact. So did I.

“Tell Mommy what you saw,” I encouraged. “It’s okay. Mommy can help.”

She took a breath. “I couldn’t sleep … and I heard … and I thought … but you weren’t hurt … and I couldn’t stop when I saw …”

Olivia seemed on the edge of another burst of sobs. She turned into me to hide her face. Her lips almost brushed my nipple. Her breath and tears stiffened it.

I’ve never hidden anything from my daughters, and they’re mostly open with me, too. But the subject of Mommy’s Sex Life had not come up in conversation before. Now it seemed unavoidable.

I dove in with the direct approach. “You saw Mommy masturbating, darling.”

“Mass … stir … bating?” Olivia tried to sound it out.

“Yes, masturbating.” Anticipating her next question, I added, “Mommy was having sex with herself.”

Olivia fell silent. This was a lot for her eight-year-old mind to process.

The only time I remember us discussing sex was last summer, after we had attended a lesbian friend’s wedding. During the drive home, the topic of the honeymoon came up. Olivia asked what people do on honeymoons.

“Have sex, silly!” declared Ashley, her big sister.

As seven- and nine-year-olds then, the girls had a general sense what sex was and how babies were made (no stork nonsense in our household). But uncertain of specifics, Olivia asked, “Can two ladies have sex?”

“Of course!” her sister answered, proud to display her superior but limited knowledge.

It fell on me to fill in the rest. “Women can kiss and touch each other to express their love. And if they kiss and touch each other’s girl parts, they’re having sex.”

“Oh,” Olivia said.

The next likely question—“Have you had sex with another lady, Mommy?”—did not get asked. Ashley spotted a shaved ice stand, and I gave in. A part of me was relieved to delay the details of my lesbian sex life for another day, but strangely, another part felt something like disappointment.

I thought of my college lover Alyssa as I sat at a picnic table with the girls, licking the shaved ice and crossing my legs. How did her life turn out? I wondered.

Olivia kept quiet the rest of the ride. Always the thinker. But Ashley, amped up on sugar, jumped from topic to topic all the way home, the idea of Sex Between Ladies long forgotten.

Now, I ran my fingers lightly up and down Olivia’s back. I wanted (I told myself) to convey that what she had witnessed was just as normal, natural, and nice as my touching her like this.

She sighed.

“You saw Mommy having sex with herself,” I repeated. “It’s something Mommy loves to do.”

Olivia didn’t say anything. Her head rested against my breast like it was story time. Without my robe between us, her breath directly enveloped my nipple in its warmth. The sensation made my nipple strain out even further. I caught myself turning it toward her reflexively. Olivia stared in wonder.

Of course, she’d seen me naked many times, or just in a thong or g-string. Though the girls had their own bathroom down the hall, it was not as spacious as mine. When they were younger, they liked to “swim” in the hot tub or run around the master suite while I showered and dressed. They still came in every now and then to lotion themselves after showering. Their soft young skin didn’t need it, but they enjoyed mimicking the grown-up things that I did.

I never minded. As I said, ours is an open relationship. I also wanted my girls to feel good about their bodies. There’s too much body-shaming in this world as it is.

Besides, I felt motherly joy and pride at seeing my girls in all their glory. Their tangles of honey-gold hair, their bright sea-blue eyes, their flawless pale skin, and even, I noticed—and why not, being their mother?—their tiny pink nipples, their smooth little-girl slits, and their tight round bottoms. My daughters are heedless of their own heart-fluttering beauty.

My fingers played down Olivia’s back, then tickled her bottom before coming back up. She giggled and ticked mine. Two can play, I see. I smiled at her mischievousness.

“The thing is,” I continued, “when Mommy makes herself feel good, her voice can get awfully loud. That’s what you heard.”

“You said ‘fuck me,’” she tittered. “That’s what I heard!”

“I did say that,” I conceded, trying not to seem shocked. “Mommy says that when she gets excited during sex.”

“And what you did was sex, Mommy?”

“Yes, baby,” I replied. “I was having sex with myself. I was fucking myself. That’s what masturbation is.”

Repetition is reinforcement, and I could tell it was sinking in. The teacher in me continued, “There are many kinds of sex. Remember sex between girls—the kind that we talked about after the wedding?”


“And there’s sex between boys and girls too.”

She blurted, “You mean when they stick their wee-wee in your pee-pee?”

Hmm. “Did your sister tell you that?” I didn’t remember going into those kinds of details with Olivia.

“Yes,” she admitted, retreating a little further into my arms. Still so shy! And so close to my tit, she could kiss it.

“I’m impressed you know so much!” I reassured her. “One thing, though. Grown-ups call wee-wees ‘cocks’ and pee-pees ‘pussies.’ Especially when they’re fucking.”

I dropped my hands back down to her bottom. This time, instead of tickling, I massaged.

“Mmm,” Olivia moaned.

“You like?”

She didn’t answer. At least, not verbally. Instead, she gave my taut nipple an approving peck.

My God.

She looked up and I looked back. I could fall into those eyes if I gazed into them too long.

“And Mommy likes …” I took a breath. “Mommy likes to call her pussy her ‘cunt.’”

“Cunt,” Olivia repeated.

It was like she was trying a magic word. And it was magic, coming from her darling eight-year-old mouth. My floodgates were opening.

“Yes, cunt. Especially when Mommy’s fucking her cunt. Fucking her cunt with her fingers.”

“I saw that,” Olivia said, eyes widening.

“Tell me what you saw.”

“You were … slapping your cunt.”


“Yes, Mommy was ‘slapping’ her cunt.” My voice turned husky. “Slapping it hard.” It was all I could do not to touch myself. “Do you know where Mommy’s fingers were?”

“Inside your undies?”

Deeper. Inside my pussy. Inside my cunt. Mommy’s. Wet. Cunt.”


“Say it for me, honey. Please.”

“Mommy’s … wet cunt.”

My heart skipped a beat.

I was still massaging Olivia’s bottom. My fingers had worked their way inside her panties. Skin to skin, how we like it.

“It gets wet, Mommy?”

“It does. Mommy’s cunt gets very wet when she gets excited. It gets soaked.”


Good question. Always the learner, my Olivia.

“To make it easy to fuck.”


“Easy to pump Mommy’s fingers in and out of her wet cunt. In and out of her mommy cunt.”

“Is it wet now?” Olivia asked.

Another good question. “Is what wet?” I wanted to hear her say it again.

“Your cunt. Your mommy cunt.”

God, she learns fast.

“Yes, Olivia. My mommy cunt is wet.” I hesitated. “You made it wet.”

“I did?” she breathed, hardly believing.

“You did.”


“First, I saw you at the door.”

“And that … it made you excited?”

“My heart always leaps to see you, love. But something else made me excited in a different way.” I paused, recollecting. “Made my cunt tingle.”

“Something else? What?”

“Remember how you were holding up your nightgown?”


“Well, you were, poor dear! You had it bunched up in your hands.”

“Oh … I was scared, I think.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Just scared?”

“Maybe … excited, too?”

“I think so.”

Realization dawned on Olivia’s face. She looked down at her panties.

“Yes, I could see your panties. Your lovely white little-girl panties. That’s not all I saw, though. Look, there it is. Right on the front.”

“I see it! A wet spot!”

“Your very own. It’s even wetter now.”

I was bursting with maternal pride and—no mistaking it, now—maternal lust. Like mother, like daughter!

“Is that bad?” Olivia looked up at me for assurance. “Like … like pee?”

“No, darling. And it’s not bad at all. Quite the opposite.”

She waited for me to continue, as if anticipating the next plot twist. The girls loved when storytime involved a thinly-veiled version of themselves (“a courageous princess with honey-blonde locks”) or a fairytale incarnation of me (“a beautiful queen with hair like sunshine”). Now the two of us were the actual characters.

“It’s good that your cunt can get so very wet. It means that, like Mommy, you’ll have great sex.”

“I will?!” Awe and disbelief washed over Olivia. Her cheeks flushed. Being “like Mommy” was always tops in her book. This enlarged the comparison in ways she had yet to imagine.

But trust Olivia to take two steps ahead, once she found her footing.

“Mommy … what if I don’t want boys putting their wee-wees in my cunt?”

My baby! Her eyes filled with worry.

“It’ll be your choice, angel!” I put on my most affirming mommy voice. “No one can make you have sex if you don’t want. And if you don’t want to have sex with boys, not ever, that’s perfectly fine!”

Olivia looked relieved. She still had a child’s faith in my words.

“There are other kinds of sex, remember?”

She pondered, then cried out, “With girls!”

“Yes! With girls!”

As a mother, encouraging my girls’ enthusiasm had become second nature. But my heart fluttered at how she glowed with excitement at the idea of sex with other girls. Of course, at her age, she didn’t want anything to do with boys, and her life and love revolved entirely around our all-female family. Still.

“And with yourself!” I added. After all, that’s what started this little mommy-daughter talk!

Olivia turned it over. “With myself.”

“You know, like Mommy. Fucking her cunt. Her mommy cunt.”

She giggled. “I don’t have a mommy cunt.”

“No. You have something better.” It was pure maternal reflex, intended to give her positive reinforcement. But saying it made its truth apparent, like a revelation.

“I do?”

“Yes, you do. You have a precious little-girl pussy. A girl cunt.”

“A girl cunt.” She seemed to like how it sounded. “A girl cunt!”

I wanted to fuck myself then and there in front of Olivia. In front of my eight-year-old daughter with her wet girl cunt.

“But why is it better, Mommy?”

I should have seen that question coming. I could definitely see where it was going. A responsible part of me asked if things were getting out of hand—too far, too fast for me to assess possible consequences. But a more responsible part (so I decided) replied, Teach her. Show her. You’re her mother.

“Well … why don’t we get out of our undies so we can see?”

The question hung in the air. She looked eager, but suddenly shy.

“Here, I’ll go first.”

I lifted Olivia from my lap, giving her a quick reassuring kiss, and set her down in front of me.

Olivia crossed her legs to get comfy, and the hem of her nightgown fell over her crotch. I felt a touch of disappointment, but also anticipation. Soon, I would see much more of her than this.

I slipped out of my thong as nonchalantly as I could. But my attempt at easing us into I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours took an unexpected turn that I should have foreseen. My cunt had gotten so juicy that strings of wetness stretched from me to the soaked thong. A long glistening strand fell on my inner thigh.

I couldn’t help but laugh, and Olivia followed suit. Well, that broke the ice!

I also couldn’t resist the teaching opportunity—or, to be honest, a chance to taste myself.

“We shouldn’t let this go to waste,” I said cheerfully.

Olivia’s rapt face told me she suspected what might come next. Her mouth hung open.

I slowly ran two fingers up my inner thigh, so Olivia could see me scoop up the thick wet strand. I brought my fingers within inches of Olivia’s face. Her eyes grew as large as quarters.

“See? You made Mommy wet.”

“You mean … when you saw my panties?”

“That started it.”

I brought my fingers to Olivia’s nose. She inhaled. Her eyes fluttered. Her tongue darted out to lick her lips.

“Like how it smells?”

“Yes.” No hesitation.

“It tastes even better.”

She remembered. “I saw you licking your fingers!”

“Yes. I was licking my pussy juice. My cunt juice.” Wait—even better: “My mommy juice.”

My dreamy-eyed child whispered, “Mommy juice …”

I had to let my daughter see this.

With long, wet licks, I ran my tongue up and down and around my fingers. Then I plunged them into my mouth, slurping and sucking until they were clean.

I kept my eyes fixed on Olivia the whole time. She started back in shock. Her breath quickened. Her hands dropped to her crotch, cupping it.

I took one last slow suck. Through hooded eyes, I saw my child moisten her lips again.

“Darling,” I said. “Want a taste?”

Olivia didn’t say anything. But I knew, as surely as she was my daughter.

Sliding my ass forward, I inserted the same two fingers, very slowly, into my dripping cunt. Olivia could clearly see them, buried up to the knuckles. They were drowning inside.


I pulled my fingers out. My cunt contracted. Gooey strands trailed my soaked fingers all the way back to the source.

I held them in front of her. “Yours, love.”

She sat frozen. Her gaze went from my fingers to my eyes. I gazed back fondly. I gave her a nod. That broke the spell.

Olivia leaned forward and grabbed my hand. I expected her to taste-test first, as she does with more exotic foods. But whether owing to her trust in my motherly lead, or to the tug of her newly inflamed lust—I could plainly see unabashed desire in her child’s eyes—she didn’t hesitate for a second.

Olivia licked and sucked the “mommy juice” off my fingers like it was melting ice-cream. Her mouth felt even hotter than my cunt. Her little-girl tongue swirled and darted with surprising agility. My heart raced as my pussy gushed.

When Olivia started licking up and down my fingers with the urgency of a lover, I lost it.

I began to maul my cunt with my free hand as waves of pleasure rippled through me. My hips started bucking. Olivia gripped my other hand tighter, sucking the fingers with surprising force.

My hips flopped uncontrollably. I must have screamed because my ears rang. My God. Oh my God. Oh my FUCKING God

Finally, I collapsed.

“Olivia!” I gasped.

“Mommy!” She fell on me and hugged for dear life. I hugged back harder.

“I love you, baby.” I cried. “I love you so much!”

Soon to come: Chapter Three!


Ripples, Chapter 25

  • Posted on June 15, 2020 at 3:22 pm

by Sapphmore JetBoy


For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


(Previously in “Ripples”: In the early hours of the morning, Jessica’s sister Laura is tricked into joining in a sex party with the three youngest of Jess and Rachel’s daughters, only to be immediately confronted after her orgasm by the mothers, both of them naked. This is a lengthy chapter, so pace yourself.)


Staring at Jessica and Rachel, Laura’s heart hammered as she realised how this illicit tableau must appear to them — what she’d been doing, and who she’d been doing it with.

The tables had been turned. Mere hours ago, Laura had interrupted her sister and Rachel in the middle of a lesbian orgy involving their own underage daughters… and at the time, she’d made no secret of her disdain. How could anyone have sex with their kids, for fuck’s sake?

Now there she was, caught naked and in bed with three of those same girls, her lips still wet with the juices of the youngest… and Laura wasn’t exactly sure how she’d got there in the first place.

She frantically cast about for something, anything to say. “Jess, Rachel, this isn’t what — I mean, I… Oh, shit, what am I saying, of course it’s what it looks like. I’m so sorry; I don’t know how this happened. I was just passing and heard a noise, and the next thing I knew… oh, Christ almighty, what have I done?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she seemed to wilt, burying her head in her hands. A sob broke from her lips.

Removing her arm from Rachel’s waist, Jess moved towards the bed to stand before her little sister, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry, Laura.”

Laura slowly straightened, staring at her naked older sister, who she’d fantasised about so many times before. She hadn’t seen Jess fully naked since their teens and, even in the midst of her shame, noted that she was every bit as beautiful now as she’d been in those days. Better, she told herself. She’s ripened like a luscious fruit.

Forcing her eyes to continue their upward journey, Laura managed to meet her sister’s gaze. Jess was smiling down sympathetically at the distraught woman.

“It’s okay, sis. I know exactly what you’re feeling; I had the same regrets after my first time with Alice. I told myself it was all my fault. I mean, I was the adult, her mother; I was supposed to protect my daughter, not make love to her. I felt the guilt, and tried to rationalise it away, but still felt that I’d done wrong. The thing is, I wanted to be with her again. Desperately. But I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

“I’m not sure I would ever have made love to Alice again on my own… but you know what happened?” Laura shook her head. “One night she came to me and told me, very sweetly, that she very much wanted to, to be with me again, and spend the night together. Oh, Laura, if you’d seen what I saw in her eyes right then… I couldn’t tell her no.” Jessica gave a happy sigh. “That night was magical. I knew then that yes, it was good, it was right for us to be intimate.

“After that, it seemed… easier to accept the idea of making love to Katie and Poppy as well. Oh, I kept going back and forth about it, unable to decide yes or no, but once again, Alice took the initiative. She taught them both, showed them how special love between girls could be. And once they were all exploring sex together, it only seemed natural for me to join in. As you’ve discovered, my girls can be very persuasive.” She paused, smiling wryly. “I’m actually surprised that Alice didn’t join in when she watched from the bathroom. It’s not like her to pass up a chance to make love with her aunt, the way she feels about you… but I’m glad she decided to come to me instead.”

Laura sat motionless, hands in her lap, then glanced towards the door at the mention of her eldest niece, barely registering the fact that she was still naked, her robe discarded somewhere in the room. She turned back to Jessica, weighing what she’d just said — but even then, couldn’t keep herself from gazing longingly at her sister’s bare, beautifully shaped breasts, now inches from her face. She fought a crazy impulse to lean closer and capture a dark pink nipple with her lips.

Noticing Laura’s hungry look, Jess allowed herself a slight smile. What would she do if I guided her face to my chest, offered her what she wants?

Instead, she dropped to her knees to face Poppy, extending her arms. The naked child slid out of Katie’s arms and came to her. Jess kissed her tenderly on the lips, and Poppy was happy to respond. This was not just the embrace of a mother and her daughter, it was a warm, intimate meeting of lovers.

Finally, they drifted apart, all smiles. “Morning, Mummy,” Poppy cooed.

“Morning, sweetheart. It looked like you were having fun.”

“Oh, yes, Mummy. Auntie Laura’s really good at licking… and she tastes nice, too!”

Drawing close to the little girl, Jess kissed her again, this time circling Poppy’s mouth with her tongue. Breaking away, she said, “Mmmm, yes, I see what you mean — she does taste good.”

Jessica turned back to smile at a stunned Laura, who felt someone sit beside her on the bed. Glancing to her left side, she saw Rachel there. She couldn’t help but steal a quick peek at the generous breasts of her big sister’s lover, the nicest she’d seen in some time. I don’t understand this, Laura thought. I just had sex, for fuck’s sake — why am I already craving more?

Rachel was now beckoning to her daughter Cindy, who scrambled across the bed to hug her mother, then they too shared a sweet, yet very romantic kiss. “Lovely child,” the woman murmured, cradling the nude ten-year-old in her arms.

Not to be left out, Katie sidled up to Laura and wrapped both arms around the shell-shocked woman. “Mum,” she said, “Does that mean Auntie Laura will be joining our love club?”

Is that their name for it? Laura mused. That must’ve been the bloody initiation ritual I just got put through, then.

“Well, why don’t we ask her?” Jess replied, then looked deep into Laura’s eyes, as if she meant to read her sister’s soul. “You know, Laura; I think the girls will be very upset if you don’t take up their offer. Especially Alice, as you’ve not been with her yet. Me, I’d love to share my bed with you… and I’m certain that Rachel feels the same way,” she added, glancing at her lover as if seeking confirmation.

“It’s true,” said Rachel, placing a warm hand on Laura’s thigh. “I’ve always fancied you, ever since I began to suspect that I might be gay. The last time you visited, when I saw you in that blue swimsuit…” She fanned herself with the other hand, as if suddenly feeling hot. “Besides,” she added with a chuckle, “I’d feel awfully cross if my little girl could have it off with you, but not me.”

“It was so nice, Mum, making love to her!” Cindy said, wrapping both arms around her mother’s neck from behind. “I hope you get to someday.” She glanced shyly at Laura, her face resting on Rachel’s shoulder. “Um, can I call you Auntie Laura too… even if you’re not really my aunt?”

Laura felt herself melting as she gazed into the warm blue eyes of the naked ten-year-old. “Of course you can,” she murmured. Unable to check the sudden impulse, she bent to kiss Cindy’s cheek, feeling a shiver as her nipple brushed Rachel’s arm. “Thank you for, um, making me feel good, sweetie.”

Straightening up, she stole another quick peek at Rachel’s breasts, then her eyes met those of the curvy older woman. Laura felt her face grew warm as she read the unabashed desire in them.

That’s right, Rachel silently told her lover’s sister. See it in my eyes — in all our eyes — how much we want you. Lying back, legs spread wide, ready to fuck and be fucked. She longed to ravish the younger woman then and there, but knew that the wiser move would be to bide their time. We’ll let her think about it for a few days, dream about the time she spent making love with the girls. Before the week’s out, she’ll be frantic for more.

“We love you very much,” Laura heard Jess say, then she turned to face her sister, who was extending a hand. Laura took it, allowing herself to be drawn to her feet. Before she could speak, Jessica leaned forward and gave her a lingering kiss on the mouth, then pulled away slightly. Their eyes met, then Jess moved in again, this time tracing Laura’s lower lip with her tongue — catching a hint of the fresh, familiar nectar of her littlest girl Poppy.

Reaching up to cup Jessica’s face, Laura let her eyes drift shut as she returned the tender kiss. As their bare bodies touched, she recalled the last time she’d masturbated while lost in a fantasy of sex with her luscious big sister. It wasn’t as lovely as this, she decided.

After a moment, they drifted apart. Laura found herself blushing when she noticed how pleased the others seemed to be. She’d always seen herself as a strong, confident woman; now she felt like an awkward teen in the presence of her older sister. Struggling for the right words, she finally gave up and admitted, “I don’t know how to respond, Jess. Not just yet. This is… it’s all happening so fast.”

Jessica nodded, giving her sibling’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “Listen, Laura, we’re not going to push you into anything you don’t want, but you’ve experienced something wonderful with the girls. And believe me, that’s only the start of it.”

“Thank you for wanting to include me,” Laura murmured. “That does mean a lot.”

Jess moved closer to hug her sibling once more. “It’s great to have you home, sis. Sorry to have put you through so much.”

Laura gently broke away. “I really have to get back to the flat. I’ve got an article to write, and at the moment it’s a jumble of scribbled notes.. Er… mind if I shower off first?”

“No, not at all. Go right ahead.”

“Need any help, Auntie Laura?” Katie piped up.

Jess gave the girl a stern look. “Katie Matthews, I think your aunt’s had more than enough fun and games for the time being. You girls get washed and dressed, then come down for breakfast.”

Katie pouted a bit, but perked up when she saw Cindy and Poppy trot towards the bathroom. With a saucy grin, she hastened after them.

Jess turned back to her sister. “Come down when you’re ready. I’ll bring your bag up in a minute.” She headed toward the door, seizing Rachel’s hand. The two nude women left the room, followed by Laura’s longing gaze.

As the lovers disappeared from sight, Laura sighed, then began to make her way to the main bathroom. She paused to pick up her robe and was about to put it on, then thought, Why bother? Draping the garment over her arm, she stepped into the hallway.

As the two mothers reached Jessica’s bedroom, Rachel said, “Wait. Bella and Alice are still in there, remember?”

“Oh, let’s just take a peek,” Jess replied, reaching for the knob. She opened the door, and they peered inside. The girls were on the bed and engaged in a passionate sixty-nine, but they paused to look round when the door opened.

“You carry on, girls,” Jess told them. “Come down to breakfast when you’re done.”

Rachel glanced at Jess, a sly glint in her eye. “What if we just…”

Jess shook her head. “No, let’s let them be for now.” She reached around the door to lift their robes off the hook — shrugging into the big fluffy one, then handing the short satin dressing gown to Rachel. As Rachel slipped it on, Jess gave her lover’s body an appreciative look before she could tie the belt.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get started on breakfast.”


Rachel was familiar enough with Jessica’s kitchen to only need reminding a time or two where things were, so they pitched in together and prepared a morning repast for everyone. They put the kettle on for tea and coffee, poured glasses of juice, took out boxes of cereal, popped crumpets and muffins under the grill and laid the table.

As Rachel was setting out plates, Jess stood behind admiring the view. Then she sidled up close, slipping both arms around her lover’s waist. Rachel swiveled her head about, curving a hand behind Jessica’s neck to guide the taller woman’s mouth to hers.

As they kissed languorously, Jess began to caress the thin shiny material that barely concealed Rachel’s body, her nipples now all but visible through the gossamer-thin material. Meanwhile, Jessica’s other hand slipped beneath the very short hem to dip a playful finger into the cleft between Rachel’s thighs.

With a blissful sigh, Rachel parted her legs to take in more of that probing finger, and Jess was happy to oblige. As their kiss grew increasingly urgent, Rachel began to fumble for the front of the thick robe that Jess wore — but then, the sound of girls’ voices began to ring through the upstairs hall.

They reluctantly parted, Rachel, giving her lover a very pointed look. “You owe me a fuck, my wicked little tease. Not a bloody quickie, either — I want to be rogered hard enough to rattle my fillings loose.”

Jess had to smile. “My, my… someone’s in a mood this fine morning.”

“I’m not the one who stopped us both from jumping into the sack with our big girls mere minutes ago. For that matter, we didn’t have to stop just now, did we? You could have ravished me right here on the kitchen top. It’s not like the girls would mind.”

“Oh, I’m sure they wouldn’t! But tempting as that sounds, I think we’d better take it slow this morning… at least, until we manage to get back to the bedroom. I’d prefer my sister didn’t come down and catch me eating your minge instead of a toasted crumpet.”

“Now, that’s my kind of breakfast,” Rachel said with a lecherous smile.

“Seriously, I do think Laura’s seen enough of our perverse lifestyle for now.”

“You’re telling me!” Rachel exclaimed, shaking her head. “From what I saw, I’m surprised she can walk.

Just then, Alice and Bella bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen, all giggles.

“Morning, girls,” said Jess. “Did you two have a good time?”

The pair of twelve-year-olds wrapped their arms around one another. “Well, yeah, sure… but we thought you and Aunt Rachel were coming back to bed,” Alice said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Bella coyly echoed the sentiment. “We were keeping it warm, just like you wanted.”

Jess smiled. “Don’t worry, girls. The day is still young, and there’s plenty of time to play. Did either of you notice if Laura was still in the shower?“

“I heard the water running,” Bella said. “Thought it would be a good idea if me and Alice went in and offered to scrub her back.”

“Ooooh, that’s a lovely idea!” Alice exclaimed, turning to her friend. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Jessica rolled her eyes heavenward. “Sex, sex, sex — is that all anyone in this family cares about?” With a snort of laughter, she wiped her hands on a dishtowel. “She’ll need a change of clothes… I’d better take her bag up. Watch the grill, Rach; I’ll be back in a minute.” Leaving the kitchen she picked up her sister’s suitcase from the hallway, then made her way upstairs.

Rachel casually sauntered around the kitchen island, giving the girls their first view of her skimpy attire. They both looked her up and down appreciatively. She was well familiar with the effect she had on both men and women, but seeing the hunger in the eyes of these young girls had her body pulsing with lust.

Leaning back against the counter, letting her gauzy nightgown slide up an inch or two, Rachel gazed at the teen pair, her lips set in a slight pout. “Don’t I get a morning kiss?”

Both girls rushed to her, one on each side. Turning to Bella, she kissed her daughter gently, then with a lusty fervor, soon bringing her tongue into play. Finally, they drifted apart. “Well, sweetie,” said Rachel, “you seem to have gotten over your shyness, haven’t you?”

Blushing, Bella said, “Guess I have, Mum.”

“And your lips have a very interesting flavor to them.” Rachel paused to savour it, then turned to Alice. “What about you, young lady? Do you taste like my daughter?”

“Only one way to find out,” Alice declared with a grin.

“Naughty child,” Rachel whispered, moving in to take what she wanted. Alice parted her lips, and they came together — mouths crushing together, tongues engaging.

Finally, they broke apart, and the dazed woman gave both girls an adoring smile. “You know, I can’t decide whose pussy tastes the nicest. We’ll have to kiss again, I think.”

Just as she was about to take Bella into her arms, Rachel gasped, “Oh, bloody hell!” and raced over to the grill, Stuffing her hand into an oven mitt, she hurried to pull the pan out before the smell of burning pervaded the kitchen. “Sorry, girls… I don’t want to burn the house down on our first morning together.”

Just then Jess returned, stopping at the doorway as she drank in the sight of her lover bending over to remove the crumpets from the low grill, the short dressing gown riding up to expose her shapely bum and full labia.

Glancing back, Rachel turned to see three pairs of eyes, all fixed on her nether regions. “Enjoying the view?” she said, arching an eyebrow as she straightened.

Alice spoke first, and with great enthusiasm. “Oh, yes.” They all laughed.

Jess moved into the kitchen, stopping next to Bella. The young girl looked up at the statuesque redhead with adoring puppy eyes. Jess placed her index finger under Bella’s chin, gently tilted her head up and leaned down to kiss her, chastely but lovingly, on the mouth. The twelve-year-old closed her eyes, filled with a helpless craving for the sexy mother of her girlfriend.

As Jess pulled back, Bella’s eyes remained closed for a couple of seconds before the girl returned to the here and now, her cheeks slightly flushed. Jess smiled, making a mental note to taste Rachel’s daughter as soon as possible, then turned to kiss Alice.

“When you lot are done with the snogging session, breakfast is served.” They all turned to see Rachel stood in a pose — one hand on her hip, the other balancing a plateful of toasted goodies.

Alice rushed to the table. “I’m starving, let’s eat!”

A cannonade of footsteps coming down the stairs announced the arrival of the three younger girls, swarming into the kitchen, all talking at once. They milled around for a moment, hugging and kissing both mothers in turn.

“Good morning, girls,” said Jessica. “Come and have breakfast, then we’ll decide what to do today.”

As Katie passed by Alice on the way to her seat, the older sister turned and held out her palm. “Way to go, sis,” she said. They high-fived.

Seating herself, Katie reached out to take a crumpet — then she noticed that her mother was gazing evenly at her, arms folded.

“Young lady,” Jess said, staring directly at Katie, “do you recall last night, when we had a little discussion about boundaries?”

Katie looked perplexed. “Um…”

“I think you know what I’m talking about — the way you tricked your Aunt Laura into bed like that. What would you have done if she’d gotten angry instead?”

“But Mum,” Katie protested, “I knew she wanted to — to make love with us!”

“Oh, I see… so now you know what people are thinking, do you?”

“No, she was, y’know, doing things… touching herself in her room.”

“When? How do you know that for certain?”

“It was last night. I listened outside Auntie Laura’s door and heard her making noises. She was totally, like, doing herself. And I knew she wasn’t dreaming, ‘cos she’d only just gone to bed.”

“So you were spying on her?”

Katie shook her head. “No, I just wanted to talk to her and tell her to not be angry; that we love having sex with each other. But then I heard her, um, masturbating, so I just listened for a while until it sounded like she finished. She got really loud, too. Then everything was quiet, so I went back to bed. But then… I sort of got an idea, and I woke up Poppy and Cindy to tell it to them.”

Jess nodded. “Ah, now we’re coming to it. What was this idea?”

Looking everywhere but at her mother, Katie said, “Well… we listened for when Auntie Laura got up to go to the bathroom, and when she did, I opened the door just a little bit… and we sort of, um, let her catch us having sex.”

“I see.” Jessica’s expression was neutral.

Encouraged, Katie continued. “She could’ve gone back to her room, Mum… but instead, she was watching us through the door. And — and touching herself, too!

“Then Auntie Laura saw I was looking at her, so I told her to come in. She just kinda stood there and didn’t move, but I got her to sit on the bed. She asked us about how we first started having sex, and we took turns telling her about it. After that, we just sort of… well, you know.”

“Oh, we saw what happened after that,” Jess fired back, walking around the kitchen island to position herself in front of Katie, a stern look on her face as she looked down at the nervous nine-year-old. “I have just one thing to say to you, missy.” Bending down until her face was level with her daughter’s, she broke into a wide grin. “You clever, clever girl.”

Overcome with relief, Katie threw both arms around her mum’s neck. As Jess straightened up, cradling the girl’s face to her breasts, she saw everyone look towards the doorway. Turning, she saw Laura, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, standing in the doorway. Her expression was pensive, perhaps embarrassed.

After an awkward moment of silence, Jess crossed over to where her younger sister stood and hugged her. Releasing her held breath, Laura melted into the embrace. As they broke apart, she looked around expecting to see everyone staring, and was a little surprised to see all five girls tucking into their breakfast as though nothing had happened. Only Rachel was watching with satisfaction, or perhaps a relieved smile.

Laura offered a shy smile of her own to Rachel, unable to conceal how much she enjoyed the sight of her sister’s lover. She couldn’t help but imagine the tantalising view she would have if that skimpy robe covering Rachel’s body was just an inch or two shorter. So strange… I’ve known her for years, but never realized how damned sexy she is.

Her mind was drifting to some very interesting places when Jess broke the spell. “Tea or coffee?”

Jerked back into the moment, Laura managed to stammer, “Ah, coffee.” She took a seat at the crowded table, her face growing warm as she realized that Rachel had taken note of her interest. In fact, the look the shapely brunette gave Laura made it clear that the desire was mutual.

The hubbub of young girls’ chatter gradually increased as they ate, each of them making suggestions for where they should spend the day. Laura sat and drank her coffee silently as she took in the comfortable familiarity of the group, gradually feeling more at ease. Her sister and Rachel seemed genuinely in love, and an outsider would have been hard-pressed to tell which daughter belonged to which mother by the way they interacted, apart from the contrasting difference in looks.

At the same time, Laura couldn’t help but notice how happy and well-adjusted the kids seemed to be. She’d always taken it on faith that children were too young to handle the complexities of sexual relationships, but none of these girls seemed to be damaged or traumatised in any way. Maybe Jess and Rachel really are onto something here, she thought.

As breakfast began to wind down and empty plates were pushed away, Jess asked for a final group decision as to how their day would be spent. The consensus seemed to be Willett’s Farm Garden & Leisure Centre, with each set of girls questioning the other as to which of the amenities they’d tried.

In recent years, garden centres had transformed from places where children suffered and complained while parents pushed trolleys around picking up plants and compost, to leisure destinations offering a multitude of facilities and ways to have fun. The Matthews girls asked the Thomas girls if they had been in the reptile house, and the Thomas sisters wanted to know if the Matthews sisters had explored the birds of prey and falconry centre.

“So, Willett’s it is, then!” Jess announced, to a chorus of cheers.

As the girls helped to clear the table, Jess reminded them to brush their teeth. “Then you can watch TV for a while, if you like. Just be ready at noon; we’ll be leaving around then.”

Over the clatter of dishes and cutlery being placed in the washer, Rachel handed her empty plate to Alice and said, “Why don’t you come with us, Laura?”

Laura was sorely tempted to take her up on the offer, but finally said, “I’d love to… but I really ought to go home and get cracking on my assignment, else I’ll have the sodding editor breathing down my neck, asking for a first draft.”

“What is it about, your article? Jess didn’t say.”

Laura looked round to see if any of the girls were listening. Alice and Katie were, so she simply said, “Er, this particular club scene in Europe.”

Rachel nodded. “You’ll have to tell us when it’s published; I’d love to read it.”

Jess interrupted, “Are you sure we can’t tempt you to join us today, Laura? I’m sure the girls would love for you to come.” The emphasis on that last word was not lost on the three grownups — or Alice, for that matter, who didn’t bother to hide a knowing smile. “You can stay the night, we’ll get a takeaway and you can go home first thing tomorrow.”

Images began to flicker through Laura’s mind; long-held fantasies involving her sister, along with the added attraction of the scantily clad Rachel. As her thoughts turned to other delights, like those she’d experienced barely an hour ago, she began to feel unnerved again, recalling how easily she’d been manipulated into bed by that trio of little girls.

The temptation to let herself go was stronger than she’d expected, but Laura managed to resist. “It sounds delightful, but I honestly do need to start work. I’ll call you in a few days.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” Moving to the open door, she called into the living room. “Girls, come and say goodbye to your Aunt Laura.”

Racing into the kitchen, the gaggle of girls all descended on Laura, begging her to stay, promising she would enjoy it.

I would, too, she thought. That’s why I have to leave. “I’m sorry, girls,” she sighed. “I’d love to join you today, but there’s a mountain of work waiting for me when I get home.”

Katie came close and hugged her. “Thank you for this morning, Auntie Laura, it was fab.”

Poppy followed Katie in expressing her enjoyment. “Yeah, Auntie Laura; that was fun. Can we do it again? Really soon?”

Her face reddening, Laura mumbled her goodbyes, kissing the girls on their cheeks instead of the offered lips. One by one, the youngsters left the kitchen, until only Alice remained.

“You know, Aunt Laura,” she murmured, “we haven’t seen you for a long time, and I hardly got to spend any time with you at all. Can I maybe come over and visit one day? We could go shopping… or anything else you feel like doing.”

Uncertain how she ought to respond, Laura looked to her sister for help. Jess shrugged, as if to say It’s up to you, but it was obvious that she knew damn well what her daughter had in mind.

The only thing Laura could think to say was, “We’ll see. I need to finish my article, then drop by the London office. I might have some free time in a couple of days. I’ll let you know.” In truth, Laura was wondering how on earth she was going to concentrate on work, given the revelations and experiences of the last few hours.

“Okay,” Alice said, and hugged her aunt, then skipped out of the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving just the three women and a moment of awkward silence. Finally, Rachel took the lead.

“You travel a lot for your job; you must have some amazing experiences. Did you say your article is about nightclubs?”

“Well, not really nightclubs, as such.” Seeing Rachel’s intrigued look, Laura elaborated. “To be honest, II was investigating swinger clubs that are exclusively for women; it’s the new thing.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Well, that sounds like fun; let me know if you need any help with research.” She laughed. “You know, I went to a club like that once in Ibiza, just after my divorce.”

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Why am I not surprised?”

“Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I figured if a little same-sex fun was good enough for my ex-husband, I might as well try pitching for the other team myself. It’s not as if I’d never fooled around with girls before. That night at the club was the first time I’d ever had full-on queer sex, though.”

Laura’s eyes had widened. “Your husband was gay?”

“I know. I mean, we had some fun with other singles now and again, but I found out he had a little twosome going with some Greek gym bunny. Still, silver lining and all that. It means I now get to spend the rest of my life with this goddess.” She wrapped her arms around Jessica, and they shared a brief kiss.

Laura was both a little shocked at Rachel’s confessions, but at the same she could see how happy and in love Jess was. A small pang of jealousy pricked her.

Turning to her sister, Jess took a deep breath. “As it seems to be confession time, I think I should come clean as well, Laura. I want you to know everything — no secrets.”

Not only was Laura intrigued, but Rachel too was wondering what juicy morsel Jess was about to share.

“I’ve had sex with another woman, other than the ones you know about. Well, a girl, really… she’s sixteen. It seems she had a crush on me. I was helping her with some college courses, and out of nowhere, she gave me a kiss. That’s as far as things went. But then we had sex a few days later.” She paused. “Her name is Sally; she works in my shop.”

Laura frowned. “You mean… you had it off with one of your employees?”

Jess nodded. “I suppose that makes me look awful, but she did all but throw herself at me… and I simply wasn’t strong enough to resist. But the point I’m trying to make is, although Rachel and I are very much in love, we’ve decided we might want to involve other women now and again, even other girls, perhaps — but only if we both agree to it.”

Rachel jumped in. “I think Jess feels the need to make up for what she’s been missing, and who am I to argue? She hasn’t had a real lover since the divorce… not until it hit her that she’d been looking in the wrong place.” Leaning in, she placed a kiss on Jessica’s cheek.

Jess kept her eyes on her sister, trying to gauge Laura’s feelings. She continued, and her voice now took on a hushed, sultry tone. “I think you can see where I’m going with this. I’m sure the thought of making love with the girls again has crossed your mind. I mean, who could blame you? They are very enthusiastic, eager to learn… and to please.” She paused. “What I’m saying, Laura, is that we’re not just talking about having sex with you. Rachel and I are inviting you to be a part of this family. In every sense of the word.”

Still seated at the dining table, Laura was staring into space, toying with her fork. She seemed to be having some kind of internal conflict, which Jess took to be a battle between outrage and acceptance.

She didn’t know the whole story, though. While Laura was struggling with her sense of right and wrong, her heart was racing at the thought of finally realising that crazy dream of making love with her sister. More than that, the chance to fuck Rachel was on the table too.

Who was it, Laura wondered, that said the gods punish us by making our dreams come true?

Rachel pictured Jess and her sister naked and entwined in bed, sharing messy kisses while she stood off to the side and watched. For some reason, that seemed wilder and more illicit than sex with their daughters.

Feeling increasingly giddy, Laura felt thankful that she was still seated. How had she fallen into this insane scenario? Her own sister was coming on to her, practically inviting her into bed. The threesome Laura had experienced in Paris had been amazing, but this was something else again. The long-held desire she’d had for Jessica was now on the verge of happening, with Rachel added as a very savoury bonus.

Then there were the girls. Until last night, she’d never given a thought to sex with an underage lover. In most of her relationships, she’d been the younger partner. But here was her sister, inviting Laura to have sex with her daughters, her very young daughters. Her children, she admitted. That’s what they are. And sweet Jesus, why does thinking about them arouse me so much?

During breakfast, Laura was shocked to catch herself stealing quick glances at Alice, noticing how lovely she’d become since her last visit. She tried not to look at her niece after that — which only made it worse, her dirty mind immediately summoning up the image of the twelve-year-old as she’d seen her the night before: stark naked but for a strap-on cock fastened about her waist, the toy glistening with fluids from her mum’s cunt, a fire in her eyes that made Laura shiver from the memory of it. If I’d taken my pants off and got down on all fours, she’d have fucked me right then and there. 

The very idea made her pulse race even faster — from arousal as much as fear. Why not? After all, I let Alice’s little sisters have their way with me. I even went down on them!

She’d tried to convince herself into believing that what happened this morning was a moment of weakness, never to be repeated. She was caught off guard and lost control. It wouldn’t happen again.

Who am I kidding? I loved it… and I already want more.

She decided to buy herself time. “Again, I — I’ll have to think about it, Jess. It’s a lot to take in.”

Reaching across the table, Jessica covered Laura’s hand with hers. “Take all the time you need. We’ll still be here.”

Laura gave her sibling a shaky smile. She’d managed to avoid making a commitment, but her nerves were still jangling, “I’d better go. Can you call me a taxi?”

“Oh, there’s no need for that. I can drive you home.”

“No, no — that’s okay, it’s fine. You go and enjoy yourselves. I’ll just fetch my bag.” With that, she left, and was soon heard mounting the stairs.

Jess went into the living room to pick up her phone from the end table, where she’d left it the night before, and called a local taxi service.

When she returned to the kitchen, Rachel said, “Well, I thought that went quite nicely. Must admit, I was a bit worried over how the conversation might go this morning… but once those little vixens made their big move on Laura, she was ours.”

“You think so?”

Rachel nodded. “Oh, she’s not quite ready to give in just yet, but mark my words — the next time we see your sister, she’ll be ready to strip off and park her arse on the coffee table, legs open to one and all.”

Jess smiled. “My, what a lovely picture you paint. By the way, I forgot to tell you, Stella invited me and the girls round for lunch tomorrow. Shall I ask if you and yours can come along? I’m going to tell her about us, if you’ve got no objection.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ll have to beg off on the invite, though — I need to do a bit of shopping and paperwork. Let’s get this kitchen sorted, then we can… relax for a while.”

Rachel cleared the remaining breakfast things away from the table, and Jess started washing up. Once the dishwasher was loaded, Rachel gathered up her sex toys from the living room, stashing them away in her bag just as Laura came back downstairs. Then came the toot of a car horn from outside.

“That’ll be Wayne, the taxi guy from the village,” Jess said. She called up the stairs. “Girls, Auntie Laura is leaving now.”

The pack of youngsters raced downstairs to see Laura off, surrounding her with hugs and goodbyes. Once they’d released her, she said, “Goodbye, girls,” her cheeks a slightly darker shade of pink. Hoisting her suitcase, she turned toward the front door.

Then Poppy spoke up. “Will you be coming back soon, Auntie Laura?”

Laura looked over at Jess, giving her sister a warm smile. Setting her suitcase down, she seated herself on it, reaching out to touch the little girl’s cheek. “I will, my sweet. I have to get some work done, then I’ll be back to visit all of you.” She quickly hugged each of them one last time, then they all raced into the living room.

Watching the girls, Laura gave a sigh as the last of them vanished, then she stood, smiling wistfully at her big sister. “Well, this has certainly been an interesting visit. Oh, and congratulations, you two, I really mean that. It’s great you’ve finally found someone, Jess.”

Rachel surprised Laura by leaning forward and kissing her lightly on the lips, just as another honk was heard from the street. Jess hastily opened the door, gesturing to the taxi driver to indicate that Laura was on her way. “Bye, Laura,” Rachel murmured, then began to climb the stairs.

Coming over to where Laura stood, Jess hugged her in the sisterly way that she always had. “It’s great to have you back, sis. Call me when you get settled back in.”

“I will.” Laura reached for her bag, but before she could grasp the handle, Jess clasped her face in both hands and drew her sister in for a passionate kiss. Laura hesitated briefly, then responded. Their tongues met and entwined before Jess broke away, leaving Laura standing with her eyes closed, her mouth gaping.

“That’s just so you know what will be waiting for you when you come back,” Jess said, then moved to open the door, smiling at the stunned reaction on her sister’s face. Eventually Laura regained her senses, fumbled for her suitcase, then turned to leave. As she walked down the path toward the taxi, her legs were trembling.

“I love you, little sister,” Jess whispered, but Laura was too far away to hear. She gave her bag to the driver and turned to give a shaky wave before climbing into the taxi. She glanced back as it pulled away from the curb, and Jessica blew her a kiss.

Once the vehicle was out of sight, Jess closed the door, then headed for the stairs. As she mounted the first step, she saw Rachel standing at the top, that skimpy dressing gown now wide open, her lover’s body on full display.

“About time you showed up,” Rachel said, cupping a breast. “I’m ready to collect on that IOU.“

Jess advanced another step, paused, and said, “Go slip into bed and get it warmed up, Rach. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Shrugging out of the dressing gown, Rachel draped it over her arm. “Don’t keep me waiting too long, lover.” With a wink, she turned and strutted away.

Jess admired the woman’s supple arse, the way it jiggled so enticingly as she moved. I’ll be kissing that bum soon, she thought. Stepping down to ground level, she strode over to the living room door. Poking her head around the frame, she noticed that their daughters were all snuggled together on one sofa in a very cozy arrangement, watching a cartoon on the telly.

She called out to them. “Girls, Rachel and I are going to shower up and get dressed.”

“Okay, Mum,” Alice said, then turned to whisper in Bella’s ear, making her girlfriend giggle.

Jess pulled the door to, then peered around the hallway until she spotted what she wanted. Bending down, she took something out of a bag resting on the floor, examining it with a grin before she hurried up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom, pausing to arrange herself before making an entrance.

As she stepped into the open doorway, Jessica stopped to enjoy the sight of Rachel, seated naked on the edge of the bed, sliding a finger slowly up and down her vaginal crease. Moving into the room, Jess closed the door, then advanced toward the bed. Rachel looked up, her eyes blazing with desire.

Falling to her knees, Jessica moved between Rachel’s spread thighs to claim the mouth of her lover in a kiss that immediately grew hot and urgent. Their lips played teasing games, their tongues darted, danced and tangled, feeding a fierce hunger that had been postponed for much too long.

Abruptly breaking away, Jess gave Rachel a shove, tipping the startled woman onto her back, then pushed her legs further apart. Rachel propped herself up on both elbows, heart thrumming wildly as she watched Jess dip down to bathe her pussy with a long, lingering swipe of the tongue.

After a minute or two of deep, steady licking, Jess raised her head, then stood up. Rachel moaned in frustration, craning her neck to see why the lovemaking had stopped, her lips set in a scowl.

Smiling down at her lover, Jess reached for the belt on her robe. She opened it with a quick tug, then let the garment slip from her shoulders and fall to the carpet, revealing the latex cock that had already been used on her twice, now jutting defiantly from her groin.

“Oh, my, yes,” Rachel purred, all smiles as she relaxed, reaching down to spread her dripping cunt open. “Fuck me, Jess, nice and hard. Make me scream.”

Crawling onto the bed, Jessica knelt between her partner’s legs, placing a hand on the bed to hold herself up. She gripped the length of the latex prick in her free hand, then carefully pressed forward, aiming for Rachel’s cunt.

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Oooof. That’s not where you want it to go.”

“Sorry,” Jess muttered. Peering down, she tried to line the tip up with the vaginal opening, but found herself struggling to stay balanced. “Bloody hell, how the fuck are men able to do this without having an extra arm?”

Trying and failing to stifle her amusement, Rachel reached out to grasp the rubbery tool. “My poor helpless sweetheart… let me give you a hand.”

“It looks so damned easy on that sex tape of yours,” said Jess, her cheeks suddenly hot.

“Don’t get frustrated, love. You’ve not used a strap-on before. Once you really get cracking, you’ll love it. Here…” Furrowing her brow, Rachel manoeuvered the tip to where she wanted it, then sighed contentedly. “There, that’s got it. Go into me now.”

Jess leaned over her, easing her hips forward, eager to penetrate her lover. Rachel reached round to clutch Jessica’s arse with both hands, her mouth falling open as the latex tool slid into her cunt, smooth as a knife going into warm butter.

“Don’t stop,” Rachel hissed, “keep going, keep going…” Her voice rose to a choked cry when Jessica’s belly touched hers, the cock buried inside her up to the hilt. “Mmmm, perfect. Now… now you can fuck me. Start slow, g-get a good rhythm going, and — and don’t be scared to do me hard; that’s what I want!”

Taking a deep breath, Jess drew back, withdrawing from Rachel until only the bulbous cock head remained inside. Then she pressed forward again, filling her partner’s vagina with a single smooth stroke, unable to keep from grinning at the surprising ease of it. She began to move steadily, sliding in and out, letting her hips do most of the work as she gradually picked up speed.

Rachel moaned, then found herself squirming, breathing heavily, moving to meet Jessica’s strokes. It had been a long time since she’d been fully penetrated by a sex toy, other than one wielded by her own hand — and then, it took too much stamina to give herself the vigorous workout she craved.

Now, as the phallus sank even deeper into her slippery tunnel, Rachel placed both heels on her lover’s arse and began to pump her body along with Jess. They fell into a matched tempo, working in unison, the room echoing with the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck,” Jessica gasped. “Oh… fuck!” She bent forward to take Rachel’s mouth in a hard kiss, a tremor of delight surging through her thrusting frame when Rachel’s tongue darted between her parted lips. Jess marvelled at this new experience. This must be how wild animals do it, she thought. Hot and brutal, the whole world reduced to the movement of cock and cunt. 

Suddenly craving greater control, Jess pushed herself up onto her knees, then reached back for Rachel’s ankles, pulling her legs out and upwards until they were raised vertically, the heels now resting on Jessica’s shoulders. With a growl, she started pumping again, gripping Rachel’s thighs, driving the lust-slicked cock even deeper than before.

“Oh, Jess — fuck me, lover, ohhh yes. My god, it’s b-been so long since I’ve been fucked like this! OHHHH!”

Downstairs, a few minutes earlier, Alice had signalled Bella towards the door with a quick nod. As they slowly rose, the three younger girls, now sprawled out on the carpet before the television, were far too engrossed in Danger Mouse to notice.

Once they slipped through the door and closed it behind them, Alice and Bella immediately heard the faint sounds of pleasure coming from the second floor. Bella put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle, then they crept upstairs.

Reaching the landing, Alice padded quietly to her mother’s door, Bella just behind. Alice turned to put a finger to her lips, then slowly turned the door handle and eased it open, the creaking sound muted by the gasps of exertion and ecstasy that came from the bed.

Pushing the door wider, the girls gleefully watched as Jess fiercely thrust into Rachel, quickly realising that she was wearing the same harness that Alice had used just last night to fuck her mum.

As Rachel’s moans of pleasure grew louder, the amused expressions faded from the girls’ faces as their arousal mounted and their breathing became shallow. Unable to keep still, Alice slipped a hand beneath Bella’s skirt and between her legs, feeling a luscious shiver of renewed arousal when she realised that her girlfriend had gone without knickers. She began to lightly trace Bella’s cleft, teasing the clitoral nubbin with each flick of her finger. After just a few strokes, Bella could no longer keep silent, and emitted a tiny squeak.

Pausing in mid-thrust, Jess peered round to see their eldest daughters standing side by side, Alice’s hand moving between Bella’s thighs.

Still panting for breath, Rachel managed to say, “Wh-what’s the matter, Jess? Why are you stopping?”

Jess turned back. “Well, my love… It seems that we have visitors.”

Rachel raised herself just enough to look round Jess, smiling at what she saw. “Hi, girls,” she murmured. Don’t just stand there… come join us!”

Glancing at each other, the girls giggled, then moved into the room, Alice pausing to close the door, and advanced towards the bed. Bella didn’t hesitate — she went straight to Jessica, wrapping both arms around her new girlfriend’s mum, hugging her. Jess enfolded Bella in a warm embrace.

As for Alice, she climbed onto the bed on the other side, homing in on Rachel. “Hi,” she cooed, gazing into the friendly eyes of her mum’s lover. “Can I kiss you, Aunt Rachel?”

“Silly girl,” Rachel sighed, drawing the sexy teen into her arms. “You don’t ever have to ask. If you want a kiss, take one.” Their mouths met, and Alice wasted no time in slipping her tongue between Rachel’s lips.

Bella held Jessica for a long, lovely while, finally raising her head to peer up at the beautiful redhead. “I love you, Auntie Jess,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

The adoration Jess saw in Bella’s eyes nearly overwhelmed her. How wonderful it is, to love and be loved by a sweet young girl, she mused. There’s nothing better. “I love you too, my wonderful Bella,” she replied, and dipped down to kiss her.

Parting from Aunt Rachel with a wet smack, Alice grinned down at the curvy brunette. “So if I don’t have to ask to kiss your lips,” she purred, “I guess I don’t have to ask to kiss you other places, huh?” And with that, she bent to take Rachel’s nipple into her mouth.

Rachel didn’t bother to answer, just sank back into the pillow with a blissful sigh. She shifted her hips a bit, causing the rubbery phallus in her vagina to move about as well, producing some very pleasing sensations. After all, Jess is occupied at the moment.

Bella and Jessica were sharing a delicious kiss, their tongues engaged in playful teasing games. Then somehow it wasn’t a game anymore, the woman and the girl caught up in an ardent embrace of lovers.

“I love your tits, Aunt Rachel,” Alice said between licks. “Hope mine will be as nice as yours.“ She was fondling the other breast, rolling the swollen nipple between fingers and thumb.

“Ohhhhh… I think your titties are g-gorgeous now, Alice,” Rachel moaned.

Jess gently broke away from Bella, giving her a warm smile. “Wow,” the young girl said.

“Wow indeed,” Jessica replied. “Much as I enjoy kissing you, Bel, I think your mum and I are ready to take things to the next level with you girls. Why don’t you get undressed?” Glancing down at her own daughter, who was still showering affection on Rachel’s breasts, she added, “You too, Alice.”

“Cool!” Alice exclaimed. Pausing to plant one more brief kiss on Rachel’s lips, she jumped to her feet and started stripping off. Bella was unbuttoning her top.

As the girls shucked their clothing, Jess began to slowly work her hips once more, resuming the steady in-out motion of the glistening cock. “Ohhhh, yes,” Rachel groaned, rolling her eyes in awe. “Fucking hell, I love this.”

A glance to the side let Jess know that Bella hadn’t bothered with panties — and neither had Alice, for that matter. “You girls were planning to have some fun, I see,” she said.

Bella’s cheeks flushed a bit. “I was hoping…”

Now that everyone was naked, Jessica ceased her thrusts, then slowly withdrew the latex prick from her lover’s cunt. Rachel protested, “Jess, for fuck’s sake…”

“Don’t fret, love — I’m nowhere near done with you.”

Rachel watched, her frown turning into a leer as Jess stretched out on her back, the pink phallus jutting up obscenely, shining with wetness. The brunette didn’t need telling what to do next. Rising from where she laid, Rachel straddled Jessica on one knee and a foot, reaching down to grasp the cock in her right hand. Carefully guiding the head inside, she lowered her pelvis until the entire eight inches had disappeared into her slippery cunt.

The girls gaped as Rachel’s body jerked, a hoarse cry tearing loose from her throat. “Christ almighty,” the woman panted, her hands opening and closing, “It’s so deep, so f-fucking deep I can taste it!”

Releasing a shaky breath, she began to raise herself. An inch of the toy could be seen, and another… then Rachel sank down again, inhaling sharply through clenched teeth. “Oh, yes,” she mumbled. “Oh, yes.”

Glancing over at the girls, Jess signalled for Bella to come closer.

Thinking Alice’s mum wanted to be kissed, Bella climbed on the bed and crawled close to Auntie Jess, who accepted the girl’s lips for a moment before gently pulling away, cupping her cherubic face in both hands.

“I want to lick you, my sweet,” she said.

Bella’s face was alight with excitement as she quickly moved to straddle the woman’s mouth, facing her mum. She held her breath, trembling, waiting for Jessica to keep the promise she’d made.

Ever since Alice had admitted that she and her mother were lovers, Bella had longed to share those same pleasures with Auntie Jess. Now her friend’s mum was cradling the globes of her bum, parting Bella’s labia, opening her up. Suddenly she felt it — a lovely warm tongue, lightly grazing the cleft of her vagina. Then the woman’s mouth was on her, kissing, sucking, drinking her honey….

Dizzy with excitement, Bella leaned back against the padded headboard, stretching both arms out to hold herself steady. But then Rachel’s eyes met hers, and her mum leaned in, hips pumping and rolling as she moved up and down on the pretend man’s thing that Auntie Jess was wearing. “Baby,” she whispered, “kiss me.”

Without hesitation, Bella relinquished her hold on the padded headboard and leaned forward until their lips met, reaching out to fondle her mum’s breasts as their tongues engaged.

Enthralled by the sight of Mum licking her girlfriend, all the while thinking about how she wanted to get in on this hot sex action, Alice saw her opportunity when Aunt Rachel leaned forward, exposing both the dildo she was riding and her puckered rosebud. Getting down on her belly, Alice edged forward, marvelling at the close-up view she had of the strap-on dildo penetrating Rachel. Wonder when I’ll be able to have something that big inside me? she mused.

Moving in for the kill, Alice reached out to touch the shaft with two fingers, getting a sample of the thick juices that oozed down the shaft from Rachel’s vagina, then smearing it on her lips, humming with delight as she savoured the strong flavor of cunt. They all taste different, she thought, and they’re all yummy.

Satisfied with her treat, she raised herself up to lavish attention on Aunt Rachel’s bum hole, bathing the anal cleft with long, sweeping licks, then pressing at the opening with the tip of her tongue. Rachel jerked and clenched her buttocks at the unexpected intrusion, but quickly got over her surprise, moaning into her daughter’s mouth as they continued to kiss.

As Bella grew overwhelmed with the pleasure Jessica’s mouth was giving her, she couldn’t hold her balance and fell away from her mum, leaning back and clutching at the headboard as if for dear life. Then Aunt Jess switched her attention to the young girl’s bum, probing inside the crack with her tongue, and Bella began to tremble helplessly, unable to still herself.

At the other end of the chain, Alice noticed that Rachel’s bum hole had relaxed, fully open to the rim job she was getting, and decided to replace her tongue with a finger, which slid in easily. She only worked it in and out at first, then gradually increased the pace, pushing the digit deeper and twisting it round and round, massaging the walls of the rectum.

Pleased by the effect this had on Bella’s mum, who was now pumping her body harder and faster than before, Alice noticed that her own mum’s anus was also exposed, as Jess raised her hips to thrust into her lover. Quickly slipping the index finger of her free hand into her mouth to moisten it, Alice reached around Rachel, placed the tip against Jessica’s rosebud, then penetrated her with a steady stroke.

The result was amazing; a chain reaction. Jess jerked violently at the sudden invasion, her hips driving the slippery cock even deeper into Rachel — who then went rigid as she exploded in a frenzied climax, head lolling back as spasms of pure rapture shook her like a sapling in a gale. Finally, she slumped down onto Jessica’s torso, totally spent, still impaled on the thick phallus.

But Rachel managed to lift her head to look when she heard her daughter mewling in ecstasy. The twelve-year-old was fingering her clit as she came, while Jessica’s tongue trailed again and again through the crack of Bella’s arse. Acting on a sudden impulse, Rachel moved forward to lick her child’s rosy nipples, switching from one to the other, pausing to give one a playful bite.

Bella froze, then gave a sharp wail, her orgasm reaching its peak, then slumped back against the headboard in a daze. Sitting back, drawing a sharp breath as Jessica’s prick filled her again, Rachel had to grin at the sight of Bella’s fluids flowing freely from her lightly-downed cunt, feeling more than a little pride in her daughter’s talent. I’ve never licked a juicier pussy than hers, she told herself.

Realising she’d settled down onto Jessica’s face, Bella hastily raised her hips, afraid that she might be suffocating the woman. She struggled to her feet, looking down into the eyes of her mum’s lover, relieved to see Auntie Jess smile. Just then, a few more drops of juice dribbled from the girl’s slit, falling to splatter on Jessica’s breasts.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a taste of her daughter, Rachel bent down to lick up those traces of cunt nectar, then moved in to give Jess a deep tongue kiss, the two women swapping the flavors of Bella’s holes.

Bella exhaled heavily as she sat down next to Jessica’s head, pausing to mop her damp brow. She waited until her mum sat back up, then leaned over to take her turn. Giving Jess a loving kiss, Bella tasted herself on those full lips before pulling away.

“Thank you, Auntie Jess,” she said. “That was — oh, wow, it was so good!”

Rachel carefully extracted herself from the latex cock, wincing slightly as the thick head popped out, then crawled to flop down beside Jess.

As the others relaxed, Alice pursed her lips thoughtfully as she studied the rubbery pink shaft, then on a sudden whim, bent down and used the tip of her tongue to sample the sticky secretions that coated its length. Parting her lips, she engulfed the head in her mouth, to the wide-eyed surprise of Bella and the mums.

When she had bobbed up and down a few times she raised her head, exclaiming, “Mmmm… best lolly I’ve ever tasted!”

To appear on these premises at some time, as yet to be determined: Chapter Twenty-Six!


Sheltering, Chapter 1

  • Posted on June 10, 2020 at 3:30 pm

Author’s Note: The exquisite stories on this site have given me countless hours of pleasure and splendid orgasms. I am grateful to its many contributors, most of all its co-founders. Your talents for writing erotica are peerless. Hearts and hugs especially to Naughty Mommy, who has delighted, awed, and inspired me with her symphonic works of mother-daughter love and lesbian incest.

This is a humble attempt to give back, my first effort at fiction since college. The story could not have reached this stage without JetBoy’s consummate editing and warm encouragement. He writes and edits at the highest levels. All faults, of course, remain my own. I hope you’ll find something in it to enjoy!


by Shy Mom

I wonder about the mother of every young girl I meet. How much physical contact do they enjoy in public? How much more in private? Maybe the juiciest secret of all is that, deep down, we moms harbor the same nurturing and naughty desires for our budding daughters, whether we have consummated them or not.

At thirty-four, I can still turn heads. I take no credit for being naturally blonde, but I do spin and swim several days a week to maintain an athletic figure. In tight leggings, which I love wearing, I’ve caught other moms wistfully checking out my ass. I show my small round breasts to advantage in extra-small sports bras. I think they compare favorably to those of many a teenager—though, from having nursed my daughters, my nipples are larger and longer.

I’m the mother of two girls, the blessings of an otherwise unsatisfying marriage to a college boyfriend. He seemed a handsome enough catch my freshman year, and we had frequent if not entirely fulfilling sex. At first, I felt like a goddess making him come again and again, but he didn’t seem to know or care if I ever got off. Usually, I didn’t.

In my sophomore year, a lovely sorority sister named Alyssa took pity and introduced me to vibrators. My solo sex life took off. I had never enjoyed so many orgasms. But sweet Alyssa didn’t just leave me fending (pleasurably) for myself. Taking me under her wing, she insisted on mentoring my masturbation sessions when she could. Her hands-on help, with and without toys, made me come harder and wetter. How could I object?

Eventually, Alyssa joined me and my boyfriend in bed. Thinking back, I suspect she did it more for me than him. We had sex without him on occasion, but I think the two of us would have fucked more often if she’d sensed (faithful girlfriend that I was) that I wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

Our threesomes fell into a pattern. Like any guy, my boyfriend loved the idea but could never last very long. Two girls was probably more than he could handle—two blondes, certainly. Alyssa and I could easily dispatch his needs in minutes and devote the rest of our time to lesbian lovemaking. She always brought me to multiple orgasms with her expert pussy eating. In turn, I learned to savor giving as much as receiving, and to love the taste of cunt (a word I had never uttered before she made me beg to eat hers; it still makes me wet).

Alas, sisterly, sexy Alyssa! She graduated a year ahead of me and left for graduate school in the UK. We gradually lost touch as other lovers entered her life and marriage entered mine.

Fucking was never the same after Alyssa left our relationship. I could still make my man come quickly, but preferred my hands and toys to his cock. At first, my masturbatory fantasies were full of Alyssa, but the eroticism of those memories faded with time.

My husband gradually became more interested in watching sports than fucking me. Sex became even less frequent after Ashley was born, and practically non-existent after Olivia. I shouldn’t have cared, given how little fulfillment it gave me. However, like many women in my situation, I came to question my own desirableness. I worried that my sexy “girl parts” had become unsexy “mom parts.”

Fortunately and unfortunately, that wasn’t it. One day, I caught my husband sexting with a coworker. Another mom, just not the mother of his daughters. And as it turned out, they had been doing much more than sexting. I was devastated.

After the shock wore off, if not the heartache, I assessed the situation as dispassionately as I could and came to conclude that neither I nor the girls needed my husband in our lives. He had taken little interest in raising them, and I much preferred pleasuring myself.

Thankfully, the divorce that I demanded didn’t change my life with the girls or affect my sex life in any meaningful way. And with the alimony from putting my husband through med school and my own income as a third-grade teacher, my girls and I have managed to live comfortably as a single-parent family.

My girls. How to describe them without gushing? (Figuratively, I mean.)

Several years ago, strangers often mistook Ashley and Olivia for twins—both blonde, both slender, both endowed with sea-blue eyes that seem to sparkle with secret, shared delights.

At eight and ten now, subtle and increasingly less subtle differences have added to their distinct allure. Ashley is a couple of inches taller, with elven cheeks like mine, and chest and hips that have just begun the years-long metamorphosis into womanhood. Olivia still has cherub cheeks and a chest as flat as her iPad. Her pert butt remains the only rounded part of her prepubescent figure.

Oh, I might add that wisps of honey-blonde hair have begun sprouting around Ashley’s vulva, while Olivia’s remains bare as the day I gave birth to her. But I’m getting ahead of myself.


Until this spring, I had never considered myself a pervert, much less a pedophile. The thought of lesbian incest had certainly never crossed my mind! My college threesome—more of a lesbian twosome—was about as adventurous as my sex life had gotten. But a lot of girls in college, especially in our sorority, developed a taste for their own sex and became lesbians at least until graduation, if not for life.

As for masturbation, I’d wager more women do it than let on. And I’d challenge any woman to stop once they’ve learned to make themselves come (and come again, and again) on demand.

My awakening to lesbian incest was serendipitous. It started, innocently enough, with masturbation.

The week after spring break, the suburban Catholic school where I teach had gone online for the remainder of the semester due to the pandemic. My girls attended the same school, so we were all three in the same boat. Sheltering in place seemed natural for us, as we’ve always loved spending our nights and weekends together as a family. Now we had even more time to ourselves.

Our days were filled with Zoom classes, online meetings and activities, lesson planning, and studying. Without after-school activities, we had evenings free to cook and eat together, and we enjoyed family activities such as board games, role-playing, or streaming TV before showering and going to bed.

I should say going to bed for the girls, who shared a room, but not for me. The last hours of the evening were “Mommy Time.” And so it was on the pivotal evening, at least until it wasn’t.

It was about two weeks into quarantine.  As usual, I showered, shaved, and lotioned myself all over, giving my naked sex a slather of cream and extra attention. I like to keep it baby smooth except above the hood, where I have maintained the barest strip of hair that’s a shade darker than my sunshine blonde tresses. I keep this soft strip just for me. I love how finely it garnishes the delights below.

I made an effort not to linger over my clit. Not yet.

To top things off, I massaged my breasts, then teased the tips of my enlarged nipples with drops of lotion and twirls of fingers. Before things got out of hand, I willed myself to stop, put on a skimpy black thong with a filmy front, and wrapped myself in a creamy silk robe that barely covered my ass. I loved how the cool silk brushed against my nipples—and how they were so clearly visible through the robe, tempting me with their twin promises of pleasure for the taking. And so I would.

I kissed the girls goodnight, then sat in bed to read a novel. Nothing naughty, just something to take me to a different place and time for an hour or so, long enough for the girls to fall asleep.

As I read, resting against the headboard of my king-sized bed, my robe parted around my legs. I instinctively reached down and lightly ran a finger up and down the front of my thong. The gauzy fabric slipped into my slit as the wetness seeped onto the tip of my finger. I dipped and sucked as I continued reading. God, I love the taste of my cunt.

After a few chapters, I put down the book. It was good, but no longer what I needed.

I was now rubbing my pussy through the sopping thong with my entire hand. My other hand teased my nipples through the silk robe, circling and flicking the hard tips.

My nipples stuck out like bullets, begging for more. I flung off my robe, sucked my fingers, and lathered my tits in saliva. Not enough. I reached inside my thong, scooped out a dollop of cunt juice and rubbed it all over my tits. God, I wished I could suck them. I gave my nipples sharp pinches. My cunt convulsed in a mini-orgasm.

I plunged my hand back under the waistband of my thong and slid two fingers into my pussy with a single thrust, up to the hilt. So wet. I withdrew my fingers and slurped up my cum, then penetrated myself again.

“Fuck me,” I whispered.

I spread my legs, knees up, and closed my eyes. I began plunging my fingers in and out of my leaking cunt while my other hand played with my slippery tits.

I pulled my fingers out, straining my knuckles against the thong, then slapped them back in with the elastic assist. I did it again. And again.

My rhythm ramped up. The juices seeped out. Even my clit got soaked.

My clit. Engorged, pea-sized, it radiated pleasure with every wet slap.




“Oh fuck!”

I sped up.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCK!”

My furious thwacking filled the room. My words turned to screams. My hips buckled as contractions seized my cunt. I nearly ripped my tits off.


“Fuck me!”

“Fuck me …”

“Fuck … me … oh … fuck.”

One final, weak slap. “Fuck.”

God. That was good.

I left those two fingers inside my recovering pussy. I loved how they filled me while soaking up my heat and juices. I kept my eyes closed to luxuriate in the sensations still radiating from all my mommy parts.

Mommy parts. Thinking those words made my pussy clench. Mmm.

I finally released my fingers and licked them lovingly, savoring my taste and aroma. Then I opened my eyes and leaned over to get a toy from the nightstand.

That’s when I saw her.

Olivia. Eight-year-old Olivia, standing at the door, eyes wide, cheeks flushed.

I stared back, lost for words.

Olivia’s hands had worked the hem of her pink nightgown into a nervous bunch. Below the lifted hem, her innocent white girl-panties peeked out.

I was horrified. How long had she been there? God, what had she seen? What had she heard?

And was that a wet spot on the front of her panties?

My next thought shocked me: I want to taste that.

On to Chapter Two!


A Mother’s Plea, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 28, 2020 at 2:27 pm

by 3 Fingers Neat

“Hi, Mom,” I answered, clutching the phone so I wouldn’t drop it, trying to sound less dazed than I actually was.

It was 6 AM on Sunday, and I was nowhere near ready to be awake. Jenny, the girls’ PE instructor at Spiritview Elementary, had joined me for dinner to celebrate our coming week off for Thanksgiving. Dinner turned into a long evening of wine, which turned into waking up next to Jenny the following morning. When I heard Mom’s ringtone, I jumped out of bed, snatched it from the dresser, and sprinted into the living room, so I could talk to Mom without waking Jenny. I knew it had to be her – only my mother would have dared to call me at that ungodly hour.

I flicked Accept Call, then said, “Hi, Mom.”

“Good morning, Kimmer. Sorry to be calling so early.”

“It’s okay, Mom. I was already awake,” I fibbed. “What’s up?“

“Nan took a spill last night. Dad just called from the hospital to tell us she fractured her hip. He asked if we can come down and help him take care of her when she gets home. Your father and I were able to get a flight out to Phoenix this morning. We’ll be in Fountain Hills late this afternoon, just in time to meet them at the house.”

“Oh, Mom. Is she okay?” Nan is my 82-year-old tough-as-nails grandmother. I suspected that the most difficult thing they’d have to face would be keeping her in bed long enough to recuperate.

“It’s not serious, but at her age, you can’t be too careful, I suppose. You know Nan, though. When I was talking to Dad, she grabbed the phone and told me she doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. I do know that he can’t take care of her on his own.”

“He’s never been able to keep up with her. It’s good you’re going. If it was left up to Grandpa to do the cooking, they’d both starve.”

“He’s not that bad a cook. He makes great pancakes,” Mom quipped.

“He does, but that’s all he can make.” We both chuckled at the truth of that statement. “After a week of that, fractured hip or not, Nan will be up doing it herself.”

“Very likely. So, Kimmer, can you come out and stay at the house until we get back? Your father doesn’t want to be gone without someone here to keep an eye on things.”

“Sure, Mom. Wow, I guess that means we won’t be having Thanksgiving this year.”

“Oh, honey. I’m sorry. I hadn’t even thought about that!”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I have friends who’ll take pity on me. Of course, I’ll have to do some research to find out which of them make their own cranberry sauce. You know I won’t eat it if it comes from a can. Yuck!”

“Listen, hon, I’ve got a better idea. I bought everything for dinner yesterday. Why don’t you invite some friends over and be a host instead of a guest?”

Mulling over the idea, I decided that she was right. I knew that when Mom said she’d bought everything, she meant it, with more than a few bottles of very good wine included on the shopping list.

“Sounds like a plan, Mom. I’ll get dressed now and be out to the house by noon. Have a great trip and tell everyone hello for me, with extra hugs and kisses for Nan and Pop.”

“We’ll text when we land, then call you when we get to the house.”

“Thanks, Mom. Enjoy the flight.”

When I hung up, it hit me that if I was staying at Mom and Dad’s, I wouldn’t be able to go away for that hot weekend with eleven-year-old Chelsea. “Damn!” I hissed in frustration.

I started dialing Karen’s cell to tell her the change in plans, that I’d have to cancel my little vacation with her daughter. Thankfully, I quickly realized it was still dark outside — much too early to call. It was Sunday morning and I had nowhere to be but back in bed with Jenny. As I padded naked through the house, I wondered how she’d react to waking up with my face between her legs.

It turned out that rousing Jenny by French kissing her pussy was a hit. We finally got out of bed after a long session of fingers, tongues, and, on a dare, a rather large silicon strap-on, a gag gift from my girlfriends in college, still in the package it came in. When Jenny saw it at the bottom of my toy chest, she said, “Bet I could handle that.”

I fired back, “I dare you to try.”

She grabbed the package and ripped it open, licked the length of the huge toy, then handed it to me, murmuring, “Fuck me, lover.”

As I strapped on the large appendage Jenny stretched out on the bed, pulling her knees back to her chest. I was mesmerized as she inserted two fingers in each side of her cunt, stretching herself open to accept the girth of the cock. She was already dripping wet, so I placed the tip of the tool between her lips and slowly pushed my way inside.

True to her word, Jenny took every inch of the massive toy. I loved the feeling of her arms and legs wrapped around my back as I withdrew the huge cock almost entirely out of her vagina before forcefully pushing it back in. On every downstroke she moaned how good it felt, begging me to fuck her harder, harder! I was more than happy to oblige, driving Jenny to a huge orgasm that had her screaming my name to the ceiling. After that, we both fell asleep again.

After a long shower and a late breakfast, we got dressed, exchanged goodbye kisses, and I walked Jenny to the door. But just before she could leave, I grabbed her ass and drew her to me. Our vulvas ground together through our clothes, and I found myself wanting one more taste. I slowly kissed my way down her neck as I unzipped her skirt, letting it drop it to the floor.

“Kim, are you kidding me? Again?”

“Babe, I can’t get enough of you,” I said as I pushed her against the wall. Getting down on my knees, I shoved her legs apart, and she guided my face to her panty-covered pussy. I covered Jenny’s mound with my lips, already tasting her juices as I sucked her folds through the light cotton material.

Soon, Jenny had both hands tangled in my hair as she rotated her hips forward to fuck my face. Within minutes, I felt her tense as she came. My reward was a mouth filled with more of her sweet cream, filtered through a very wet pair of panties.

I sat back and grinned up at Jenny. “Yum.”

“You insatiable bitch,” she said, laughing. “Now I’ve got to swing by home and put on fresh underwear. These are wrecked for the day.”

“C’mon, it was worth it,” I said, pulling her skirt back up and fastening it. The kiss Jenny gave me made it clear that she agreed.

I waved at Jenny as she drove away, then remembered that I needed to call Karen. Still savoring the taste of pussy on my lips, I grabbed my phone and dialed her up.


“Karen, it’s Kim. How’s your Sunday?”

“Hey, Kim. We just got back from brunch at Salish Lodge. The falls were spectacular today.” Salish Lodge is a hotel that sits atop a cliff next to Snoqualmie Falls, about 25 miles east of Seattle. It’s one of my favorite places to go for brunch.

“I’d say I’m jealous, but I had a wonderful evening last night. It was so good it just ended a few minutes ago.” Karen knew of my propensity for sharing my bed with other women, having recently enjoyed my company the prior weekend. That meeting started as a discussion about her request that I make love to Chelsea, her eleven-year-old daughter. We did have the discussion and plans had been set to make that request a reality, then the evening found the two of us making love on Chelsea’s bed.

“Oooh! That sounds like fun. Anyone, I know? Wait, don’t tell me. I’ll bet it was Jenny, that cute brunette I’ve seen you with.”

“None other. We had a great time. Hey, I’m calling with some bad news. My grandmother took a spill last night, and my parents are flying to Phoenix today so they can stay with her until she’s up and around. Mom and Dad need me to house sit while they’re gone. I’m afraid that means that the weekend with Chelsea isn’t going to work out.”

“Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope she gets better soon.”

“Thanks, Karen. She’s a tough nut. I don’t think this will keep her down for long. It’s really too bad about next weekend, though. You know how much I was looking forward to spending it with Chelsea. Can you get out of the hotel reservation?”

“Kim, I can cancel the reservation, no problem, but I don’t think the weekend with Chelsea needs to be scratched.”

“Have you got an idea, then? Because I would love to find a way to make it work.”

“I told Jim that Chelsea would be staying with her friend Emily while we’re away, but last night we found out Emily’s little brother is down with the flu. Jim heard the news when I did, and he said Chelsea would have to go along with us, then. He was really disappointed because he knows we need this weekend away. So I took a chance and mentioned that you might be willing to watch Chelsea. He was a little surprised but said he didn’t have a problem with it. He knows how well you two get along. So, if you’re okay with it, why not just have Chelsea stay with you at your parent’s place next weekend?”

By then, I was grinning from ear to ear. “Karen, that’s a great idea. We’ll have the whole house to ourselves. It’s up in Snohomish County and is very secluded. Chelsea will love it. We even have room to kick a soccer ball around. I’ll be at my parent’s starting tonight, but I can drive back into town and pick her up on Friday morning. Would nine in the morning be too early to come by?”

“No, it’s perfect. It’ll get us on the road that much earlier. I’ll have Chelsea all packed up and ready to go.” She lowered her voice to a murmur. “Remember, Kim, I really want this to happen between you two. Show my little girl how wonderful it is to be with a woman.”


I woke up early on Friday, long before the alarm clock was set to go off. Cleaning up after hosting Thanksgiving dinner for three couples and Jenny had me in bed by 9 PM. I woke up rested, refreshed and more than a little anxious about my weekend with Chelsea.

Earlier in the week, I made the decision that I wasn’t going to force anything with Chelsea. Sure, her mom had asked me to introduce her to lesbian sex, and there was nothing I wanted more. The thing was, that little minx had stolen my heart, leaving me head-over-heels in love with her. I knew I couldn’t do anything that would frighten Chelsea, or make her upset. If the circumstances were right and she was willing, then it would happen. If not, then it was going to be a great girl’s weekend of pizza, movies, long walks and friendly talks.

Jim was loading the car when I arrived to pick up Chelsea. I saw what I assumed to be his leather weekend bag and two large suitcases that clearly weren’t his. When I got out of my car, the first thing I said was, “Can I assume that one of you doesn’t know how to pack for a weekend getaway?”

Jim snickered. “It’s a lot worse when we go away for a week or more. She took three bags on our last trip to Kauai and ended up wearing two swimsuits, two pairs of shorts, a few blouses, a couple of pairs of sandals and one dress. She could have fit it all in a backpack. But, no, she took three full-sized suitcases.”

“We girls like to have options, Jim.”

“Oh, I know. I love to tease her about it. It’s been our running joke for years. Say, thanks a million for keeping Chelsea company this weekend. She’s really excited to hang out with you somewhere besides at school. Or, maybe she just wants a vacation away from the parental units. She’s getting to that age, y’know. We’re not cool enough for her anymore.”

“Oh, Jim, I don’t think that’s the case at all. You should hear her talking about you and Karen at school. She never has a negative thing to say… unlike some of the other kids.” Actually, Chelsea didn’t talk that much about her parents, but their relationship seemed a solid one, enough to excuse my little white lie.

That’s good to hear. So I hear you’re staying at your parents’ place, out near Woodinville? Karen was telling me about it. Sounds nice. Anyhow, if you have any problems, give us a call.”

“I will. I’m sure we’ll be fine, though. Chelsea’s the most self-contained kid I know. It’ll be just like spending the weekend with one of my good friends.”

“Ms. Johnson! You’re here!” Chelsea screamed as she ran towards me, her arms spread wide for a big hug.

“Hi, Chels,” I said as she squeezed me. When she let me go, I placed both hands on her shoulders, stepping back to get a good look at her. “Oh, my, you look beautiful. I love that blouse, and the jacket is a perfect match. Did someone go shopping this week, then?”

She couldn’t stop grinning. “Mom took me. She said I needed some nice clothes if I was going to be spending the weekend with you.”

I glanced up to see Karen watching us. She motioned for me to come inside. I turned to Chelsea and said, “I think your mom wants to talk to me. Be right back.” I hastened indoors as Jim grabbed his daughter’s bag and took it to my car.

Karen led me inside and upstairs to Chelsea’s room. We could hear Jim’s voice, so we were safe for the time being. Karen pulled me close. She parted her lips to speak, but I immediately stopped her.

“Karen, I know what you’re going to say. You want me to promise to tell you everything that happens this weekend. I understand how much you want to be a part of this. I also know how much you want to be the one making love to Chelsea. I get that.

“What you need to know is I love your daughter. I love her as much as I have ever loved anyone, and I won’t do anything that will hurt her. If she doesn’t want to do the things I want to do, then I won’t push it and we’ll have a fun girl’s weekend. Oh, and if we do end up going to bed together, I’ll let her set the pace. When the weekend’s over and I know how Chelsea feels about what did or didn’t happen, you and I will talk. I can’t promise you I’ll tell you everything because I need to know how that will affect her first.”

Reaching out, Karen took my hands in hers. “I wasn’t worried, Kim. This wouldn’t be happening if I thought for an instant that you would do anything to hurt my little girl. And, you’re right. I love her so much and wish with all my heart that…” She paused. “Kim, I’d give anything to be going with the two of you.” With a smile, she said, “Thinking of you and Chelsea lying naked in each other’s arms… well, it’s getting me incredibly hot and bothered. I only hope Jim is ready for me to fuck him silly.” She kissed me on the cheek, brought her lips to my ear and whispered, “I hope you get everything you want this weekend. And, if you decide it’s the right thing to do, I would like to hear all about it. Perhaps one day, we can find some alone time and you can do to me everything you do to her.”

“I like the sound of that,” I said and kissed her lips.

Suddenly Karen looked at me, all business. “Okay, you have our cell numbers. We’ll be staying at Suncadia Resort and we can be back in a couple of hours if need be. By the way, I took Chelsea shopping this week. I told her that if she was going to have a sleepover with you then she needed some nicer clothes. We got a couple of new outfits, some really cute underthings, and a pair of pajamas, but I suspect she’ll want to spend the night in her new undies. Chelsea mentioned more than once that she hoped you liked what we picked out.” She laughed, “At the age of eleven, she’s dressing for another woman.”

“Mo-om!” Chelsea yelled from the hall. “Where are you?” She turned the corner into her room, coming to a dead halt as she saw the two of us with our arms around each other. “Uhm… what are you guys doing?”

Karen quickly responded, going over to Chelsea and kneeling down so she was at eye level with her little girl. “Nothing, kiddo. I had a few things I wanted to make sure that Kim knew about before you leave. Where we’re going to be, how to get hold of us. That sort of stuff.”

Chelsea looked at me over her mother’s shoulder. I knew she’d seen us hugging, and wasn’t fooled one bit by her mother’s explanation. My smart little friend would definitely be asking about this later.

After many goodbye hugs, we were on the road. It was an hour’s drive to my parent’s house so I stopped at Starbucks to fuel up. We popped into the store to place our orders at the counter. I got a Grande Vanilla Latte and Chelsea opted for a London Fog.

Once we’d climbed back into the car and pulled the doors shut, I took Chelsea’s hand in mine, deciding the time was right to discuss our weekend together. “Chels, what you and I are having here is a girl’s getaway. For the next three days, I’m your friend Kim, not Ms. Johnson. I’m not your teacher, and I’m not a friend of your parents. We have nowhere we need to be and nothing we have to do this weekend. I didn’t give you any homework to do, so we’re completely free to enjoy each other’s company. We can eat what we want, wear what we want, stay up as late as we want, watch whatever we want, and talk about anything you want to talk about. Nothing is off-limits. We’re free to be our real selves! How does that sound?”

“I like that… Kim. No limits? We can do anything? Really?”

I could see the wheels turning in my little love’s head. “Anything,” I replied.

When I’d planned this talk, I hadn’t been able to imagine how Chelsea would react. Now, in the moment, I saw her wrestling with the implications of what I shared with her. What would her response be to what I was about to say?

Pulse racing, heart in my throat, I soldiered on. “Chelsea, there’s something else I need to tell you. It’s very important you know this, and I’m very nervous admitting it, so please hear me out before you say anything.”

I paused, waiting for a signal of her approval. At her nod, I continued.

“Chelsea, I… I love you. I love everything about you. You’ve always been kind to me, always there with a smile when I’m feeling down. I’m in awe of your confidence, how loyal you are to your friends. You’re intelligent, one of the brightest pupils I’ve ever had. And oh my God, you are so incredibly beautiful. The sight of that pretty face makes me feel all mixed up inside. You’re my best friend in this entire world, and I love you with all my heart.”

Just as I got the last word out, Chelsea blurted, “Oh, Ms. Johnson, I mean Kim… I love you, too! I’ve loved you ever since that first time we met. You always make me feel so smart and special, and… and… I just love you!” By then, she was so filled with emotion that tears were rolling down her sweet little face.

I cupped her face, gently brushing the tears away. “My angel,” I whispered.

Chelsea stared up at me, her eyes filled with hope. “Does this mean I’m, um, your girlfriend?”

“I am yours and you are mine, my love,” I replied, my own tears starting to flow. We leaned toward each other and hugged as best we could in the small car. I buried my face in Chelsea’s neck, taking in the smell of her warm skin and the flowery scent of her shampoo, kissing that tender spot just below her ear.

Finally, we drifted apart, exchanging shy smiles, then I gave her nose a playful tweak. “Okay, little one. We need to hit the road. We’ve got a bit of a drive to our weekend getaway. You’re in charge of music and snacks. There’s a bag of goodies right behind the console. Are you ready to fly?”

“Let’s go!” Chelsea said – emphatically pointing forward before she remembered that we were in a parking spot. She giggled. “After we back up, that is.”

Chelsea rocked the songs all the way to our destination. She hooked up her phone to the car sound system and played favorites from her Spotify account. We bounced from country to rap, from classic rock to Disney tunes. Every song was a singer and we sang and danced in our seats the entire trip.

Arriving at the house, we grabbed our bags and went inside. We dumped our stuff in my old quarters, then I led the way to the master bedroom. “Here we are!” I exclaimed.

“Oooohh, it’s nice,”.Chelsea said, looking around. She seemed to take it for granted that we’d be sharing a bed. Good sign, I thought.

I briskly rubbed my hands together. “So, Chels, are you hungry?”

“I could eat something, yeah. I had, like, a muffin this morning. Kim… mmm, I like calling you that… where’s the bathroom?”

“It’s right down that hall. Do you need me to come help you?”

“I think I can handle that on my own,” she giggled.

When I heard the bathroom door close, I allowed myself to relax, leaning back against the counter. I took a moment to think through everything that had happened. Chelsea and I had taken our friendship to the next level. But would she be willing to go further?

When she returned to the kitchen, I was waiting with open arms. “I love you, Chelsea,” I reminded her, and we embraced. When she looked up at me, I took her face in both hands and slowly brought my mouth to hers. She met me halfway.

Our kiss was tentative at first but slowly grew more heated as she parted her lips to allow my tongue into her waiting mouth. As our tongues danced together, she hesitantly placed both hands on my belly, barely touching the bottoms of my breasts. I could tell that she wanted more but was too shy to go for it.

I gently broke away from our kiss and looked down at her with a little smile.

“You want to touch my breasts, don’t you?” She blushed but managed to nod. “It’s okay. You’re my girlfriend now. You can, if you want.” She was too surprised to respond, so I added, “Would you like to see them first? If you do, you need to tell me. I’ll undress for you, but first I need to know that you want me to.”

Chelsea looked up at me and quietly said, “You really meant it, when you said we could be girlfriends?”

“Chels, I’ll never tell you anything that isn’t true. I meant what I said with all my heart. I love you, and I want to make you happy. So… would you like to see them?”

The smile she gave me then could have outshone the morning sky. “Yes, please.”

I raised my sweatshirt to reveal my favorite lavender cotton bra. My stiffened nipples were clearly visible through the soft material of each small cup. Reaching behind, I carefully undid the clasp – then, getting an interesting idea, lowered my hands. “Would you like to take it off for me?” I said.

Chelsea reached up to take hold of the straps, then slowly drew the bra away from my body. Her gaze never shifted from my bare upper half as she let the bra fall to the counter.

I watched as she took a deep, calming breath, then placed both hands on my breasts. When she looked at me for approval, I nodded, then moaned as she gave them an experimental squeeze.

“Do you like them?” I said.

“Yes,” she breathed. “They’re… wow, they’re perfect. They’re a lot like my mom’s. Your nipples are really pointy. Oh, Kim, I love them.”

Oho, I thought. Sounds like she’s more than a little interested in her mother’s tits. “If you want to help me feel really, really good, play with my nipples. I like that a lot.”

Chelsea seemed to fall into a trance as she toyed with the tips of my breasts, lightly pinching them.

“Try rolling them between your index fingers and thumbs… you’ll feel them get even harder.” My apt young student quickly mastered this new technique and soon had me panting with pleasure. “Oh, sweetheart, that feels so good. Please don’t stop.”

I could feel electricity simmering through me, steadily rising as my angel lavished attention on my nipples. But I knew that if I let her continue, she would make me come… and I wanted our first time together to be all about Chelsea.

I quickly placed my hands atop hers pressing them against my breasts. “Oh, my! Chelsea, that was wonderful. I can’t believe how good it felt. Will you let me show you how nice it can be?” Chelsea gave me a bashful little nod, so I reversed our positions, lifted her by the waist and deposited the giggling girl on the counter.

“Lift your arms, little one,” I said, grasping the hem of Chelsea’s sweater. Her young body was slowly revealed to me as I tugged the sweater up and over her head. She was taut and lithe, with flawless skin that begged to be caressed. Her long blonde hair made a beautiful mess as it fell from the sweater and over her face, those tawny locks all but glowing in the late morning light. “Are you under there?” I joked, using both hands to caress the hair from her face. The reveal exposed a youthful face that was both expectant and aglow with passion.

I slid my hands down Chelsea’s neck and shoulders, letting them come to rest on the sides of her chest. Her training bra was a pale pink cotton with a subtle floral pattern that was sketched in faded seafoam green outlines. Our eyes met in anticipation of the next movement or word, each caught in the other’s spell. We both breathed a sigh when I used my thumbs to lightly brush over the soft cotton fabric that concealed my darling’s nipples. With the lightest of touches, I rubbed the thin fabric, feeling the tips stiffen with each stroke. I watched Chelsea’s eyes drifting shut as her head tilted back and her breathing deepened. I could feel this precious child’s love, warming the very room, moving me to the brink of joyous tears.

“Chelsea, may I remove your bra?” I asked as I continued to tease her nipples into hard nubs.

“Yes,” she moaned in a sultry tone that belied her youth.

Reaching around to unhook the catch brought my face very close to her breasts. That was when I caught a hint of the same perfume Chelsea’s mother wore. I still recalled the fragrance from when Karen and I had made love.

An eleven-year-old girl would need guidance to know how to wear such a scent. Choosing the fragrance, knowing where to apply it and the amount to use for maximum effect, that was the knowledge of a seasoned seductress, not a child.

“Sweetheart, I love your perfume. Did your mother help you pick it out?”

Chelsea looked at me, then slowly nodded. “Mom said you’d like it if I wore just a little bit, here and here,” pointing to each of her budding breasts. “She put it on for me, so I’d know how to do it next time.”

I allowed my fingers to glide across the cups of her bra. “Did you like it when your mother touched your nipples?”

Chelsea gave me a nervous look. “Um, yeah.”

I unsnapped the clasp of the bra and slipped it down Chelsea’s arms, baring her breasts. They were just beginning to blossom in perfect proportion to her petite frame, capped with small pink nipples.

Stunned at the beauty of my young lover, my staring must have made her impatient. Without a word, she brought a hand to my head and lightly stroked my hair. As her fingers curved around the back of my head, she applied the slightest hint of pressure, wishing my head forward. I submitted without a murmur, letting Chelsea guide me where she wanted.

My lips parted slightly as they grazed her left nipple and I extended my tongue, letting it glide slowly over the tip. I could feel it harden even more, responding to my licking, begging to be taken between my lips and sucked. A soft sigh escaped her lips and she involuntarily arched her chest.

So she likes that, I thought. I licked circles around the tiny areola without touching the swollen tip. I knew her nipples were on fire, wanting to be sucked, because that’s exactly how mine felt – so hard they hurt, puffy and swollen, aching for the touch of a warm mouth.

I pressed my lips against her chest and sucked her nipple between them. She gasped, a hard shiver surging through her slender form. I released it for an instant, then sucked her nipple back into my mouth again. A soft moan escaped her lips.

“Ms. Johnson, that feels s-so good,” my little lover said, responding from habit.

I switched to her right nipple, giving it the same focused attention. Chelsea’s hands were tangled in my hair, clutching me to her, as if she was afraid I might stop. Her breathing had become a pleading whimper, begging me without words to continue.

I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to be. This was the love that I had longed for my entire life. And with every kiss, I felt that love grow for my beautiful little girl.

“Chelsea?” I asked as I raised my face to hers. “May I take off your jeans?” The gleam in her eyes as she nodded told me she knew exactly what my question meant. Before I even had to ask, she placed both hands on the counter and lifted her hips. I quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them past her hips, revealing a tiny pair of pale pink cotton panties that matched her bra. Karen got those for her, I told myself.

Realizing that her shoes had to come off before I could fully undress her, I knelt to unlace Chelsea’s white Chuck Taylor All-Stars.

“Kim?” she whispered as I tugged one sneaker off, then the other. She hadn’t bothered with socks.

“Hmmm?” The jeans now ringed Chelsea’s ankles. I slipped them over her feet.

“I love you.”

“I love you, too, sweetheart.” I stood up, took the nearly naked child into my arms and gave her a long, luscious kiss, then let our foreheads touch. “Are you sure about this? Do you want me to keep going?”

That sweet smile of hers nearly undid me. “Yes, Kim. I want this more than anything.”

“So do I, little one. So do I.”

Chelsea laid back on the cool tile countertop., then I took hold of the waistband of her pretty panties, paused for a deep breath, and slid them down and off. Unable to resist the impulse, I pressed those warm undies to my face, drinking in the child’s lovely scent.

“Wow,” Chelsea breathed, staring at me. I took one last sniff, placed her panties next to the matching bra, then turned my full attention to a very nude eleven-year-old girl.

I had played and replayed this scene in my head for many months. Dreams of this moment, my most vivid fantasy, had fueled countless hours of masturbation. Chelsea’s legs were slightly parted, allowing me the briefest glimpse of her pussy; smooth, pink and perfect. What my fantasy couldn’t capture was the aroma of my angel’s excitement. It was unmistakably feminine and powerfully sensual. I leaned down and breathed in her essence, feeling its warmth flow through my entire body. Never in my life had I been so utterly thrilled by a mere fragrance.

Lifting Chelsea’s legs, I grasped them behind her knees, slowly pressing my lover’s thighs back until they touched her chest. “Hold your legs,” I told her. She wrapped both arms around them, and I bent to take a close look at her sex.

My senses were rocked as I watched Chelsea’s cunt slowly open, the wet lips separating to reveal the juicy interior of the vagina.

I feasted on the sight of the pink innocence displayed in front of me. Moist and puffy, her pussy seemed to invite me to taste its sweetness. I watched in awe as a drop of my little girl’s nectar trickled out of her hole and down to her rosebud. Unable to wait any longer, I leaned down and licked her tight hole, letting the taste explode on my tongue, savoring its tart flavor.

I licked my young lover again, this time from her asshole to her clit, the very same way I’d had licked her mother a few weeks ago. Chelsea reacted with a long moan, then gasped, “Oh! Oh my gosh, Kim!”

Over and over again, I bathed her openings with those long, loving licks. With every swipe of my tongue, Chelsea shivered, those tremors growing in strength until she was shaking from head to toe, still clutching both her knees to her chest. Each time I licked her clit, that spark got stronger and stronger until, as if she’d been hit by an electric shock, I felt every muscle in her body begin to spasm.

I continued to pleasure Chelsea as long as I could maintain contact while her body jolted and jerked. Her cries filled my parent’s kitchen and echoed through the house. When I knew she was nearing the peak, I covered her entire pussy and sucked it into my mouth, feasting on my girl’s sweet essence, letting it flow down my throat like warm honey.

I raised my face from between Chelsea’s thighs and stood up straight up, watching my young lover uncurl on the counter top like a dozing kitten. Her eyes were closed, her face glowing with bliss.

Picking up Chelsea, I hugged her to me. She lifted her face to mine and we kissed, sharing her juices as she licked them from my lips. Cradling her in my arms, I carried her through the house to my old bedroom. I gently laid her down on the bed, then stretched out alongside. She nestled into me, and we cuddled together.

“Did you like that?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh, yes, very much,” she responded with a smile. “I’ve never felt anything like it.”

“I loved being able to do that for you.”

“It was wonderful. Thank you.” Chelsea looked at me thoughtfully for a moment, then asked, “Does my mom have orgasms as good as that?”

That confused me at first, but then I realized what Chelsea was trying to say – that she knew about her mother and me. “Well, I did promise to never lie to you. So, yes, your mother has great orgasms. Almost as good as yours.”

She grinned. “I figured you and her had sex on my bed the night you came over to the house. There was a damp place on my comforter, and I could smell both of you.”

“So, then… it’s okay that I had sex with your mother?”

“Oh, sure. You made her happy. I can tell by how she talks about you. She likes you a lot.” Then Chelsea got quiet and looked away for a brief moment. “Kim, there’s something I kinda need to tell you, but it’s a big secret. You won’t tell it to anyone, right?”

“Of course not, Chelsea. I would never break a confidence with you. What is it, little one?”

Chelsea hesitated, and her eyes started to glisten with tears. “I… I love my mom. Is that bad?”

I didn’t understand, not at first. “No, silly. Of course you love your mom.”

“But is it okay to, to love her the same way I love you? I mean… sometimes, I want to kiss her. Really kiss her, the way you and I do.”

If I hadn’t known Chelsea like I did, I might have been more surprised than I was. But I’d seen the lingering hugs between them, the adoration in Chelsea’s eyes. It hadn’t occurred to me until then that she might want her mother as a lover. Now, I couldn’t believe I’d failed to pick up on what now seemed so obvious.

“Chelsea, lots of people wouldn’t agree with me, but I don’t think it’s wrong for you to want your mother that way. When did you start having those feelings?”

“I guess it was right after this school year started, when I’d come home and tell Mom about how my day was. We’d curl up on the couch and I’d talk about your class and how much fun I was having. It was nice, being close to her like that. She strokes my hair, touches my back, my legs and tummy, and gives me little kisses. I already knew I was in love with you, Kim… but then I was kind of also in love with her, too.”

“It sounds like you have a very close relationship, and you’d like it to be even closer. Do you want her to make love to you, the way I just did?”

She was nibbling her lower lip. “Is it bad for me to feel like that?”

“No, Chelsea, I don’t think so. Have you ever tried to let your mom know how you feel?”

She blushed. “Well… sometimes, if my dad’s not there, I go around in just my underpants, and I leave the door open when I’m taking a shower or getting undressed. And a couple of times, I — I took off all my clothes, lay down and touched myself, when I thought she might walk past my room and see.”

Hearing this had my pulse racing. “Did it work, do you think?”

“Um, maybe? She never tells me to get dressed… and she is looking, I can tell. But I don’t know if she loves me the way I love her.” She sighed.

I weighed my options, then made a decision. Karen would have a full-on meltdown if she knew what I was about to tell her daughter, but it had to be said. “Chelsea, I have a little secret to tell you, too. Will you promise not to share it with anyone, especially your mom?”

“Of course. I can keep a secret.”

“Chelsea, I know for a fact that your mother wants you that way. Would you be surprised if I told you that she set up this weekend so you and I could have sex?”

For a few heartbeats, all she could do was gape at me. Finally, she managed to exclaim, “What? Really? She did?”

“Sweetheart, didn’t you wonder why she helped you pick out clothes for the weekend? Why she bought you such pretty new underwear? Why she put perfume on your nipples? Your mother worked very hard to make this weekend perfect for both of us. She set this all up because she wanted me to be your first lover.” I allowed my hand to drift between Chelsea’s thighs, teasing her cunt with a finger. “If you like, we can work out a way to make her your second lover.”

“Wow.” She lay back, a dreamy cast to her eyes. “That… that would be so cool.”

“Now, my darling one, we have an entire weekend to continue what we’ve started. Want to fool around some more?”

I never heard Chelsea’s answer because she launched herself into motion, landing on top of me, kissing me over and over.

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Ripples, Chapter 24

  • Posted on April 30, 2020 at 2:33 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


for a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


Laura’s thoughts were filled with images of the incestuous orgy she’d interrupted upon arriving at her sister Jessica’s home, staving off the deep sleep her body craved.

She was still picturing the scene in the living room, poring through the memory as if it was a film she was studying frame by frame. In fact, Laura had only glimpsed about fifteen seconds of the sexual tableau, but her mind now played the scene back in ultra-slow motion, bringing it all to vivid life.

First, she’d seen the entwined trio of young naked girls. Rachel’s daughter Bella, well on the way to becoming a carbon copy of her voluptuous mum, was being orally pleasured by Katie, while feasting on the baby-smooth slit of her own sister Cindy. At first, though, Laura hadn’t recognised Rachel’s daughters, not until they broke apart and she got a look at their faces.

The sight shook her to the core. My God, what is happening here? They’re just kids!

Laura shifted restlessly beneath the sheets as the camera of her memory did a slow pan across the room, zooming in on the flawless bum of another young girl, a girl she quickly identified as her oldest niece Alice. That perky little arse was in motion, too, thrusting forward and back — and that was when Laura realised that Alice was wearing a strap-on cock, using it to fuck someone from behind. A grown woman, bent over the arm of the sofa.

When she saw that woman’s long red hair, Laura got another, bigger shock. It was her sister Jessica, who was getting rogered hard and fast by Alice. Her own bloody daughter!?

Incredibly enough, there was even more going on. Jess wasn’t just draping herself over the rolled sofa arm to present her cunt to Alice; she was also going down on another woman, whose face couldn’t be seen. Why? Because it was covered by the sex of Laura’s seven-year-old niece Poppy, whose expression was one of pure rapture.

But then Poppy opened her eyes. They went wide in an instant as she saw their unexpected guest, and the child gasped, “Auntie Laura!”

The playback in Laura’s head now picked up the panicked scramble of the three young girls as they broke apart and raced to cover themselves, then jumped ahead to a close-up of Alice withdrawing the cock she was wearing from her mum’s vagina. Turning around, the twelve-year-old displayed the glistening sex toy to her aunt — not in defiance, but not in shame either. As if the girl didn’t give a toss that she was still sporting a generously-sized latex prick.

Laura was suddenly captured by a long, luxurious yawn. At long last, the exhaustion she’d had built up over a seemingly endless day of travel was asserting itself. Her forehead glistened with perspiration as the pictures blurred, then faded to black. Her breath became shallower until it settled into a steady rhythm as she sank into a peaceful slumber.


The morning sun had yet to breach the line of trees surrounding the old Elizabethan manor house, but slivers of faint light peeked around the edges of the blinds and curtains.

Laura stirred, the dried perspiration on her naked and uncovered body reacting to the chill of early morning. Slowly allowing her eyes to open, she struggled to adjust to the dim light, confused for a moment by the unfamiliar surroundings. Recognising her sister’s spare room, the events of the previous night punched their way back into her memory.

Looking up at the white ceiling, looming above like a blank cinema screen, Laura knew that the frozen image of the lesbian orgy that had greeted her as she entered the living room door mere hours ago was etched into her mind, perhaps forever.

She absentmindedly reached down between her legs with an unsteady hand, feeling the remnants of last night’s sticky secretions. Tightening her jaw, Laura gave her head an angry shake. I’m not into young girls. I’m not! Then how could I have been turned on by the sight of my underage nieces and their friends, all having lesbian sex? And then there’s my sister, fucking her own kids! Bloody hell, how am I supposed to deal with that?

Realising that she needed to empty her bladder, Laura turned onto her side, pushing herself up to sit on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her eyes and pushed her loose hair back; rising to look for the dressing gown Jess had given her, finding it draped over an accent chair. A glance at the small carriage clock on the dresser showed that it was only just after five-thirty. She scowled. Great. What was that, four hours’ sleep? Why did I even bother going to bed?

Padding over to the mirror on the wardrobe door, her eyes gradually adjusting to the dim light, she studied her reflection as she shrugged into the dressing gown and reached for the belt — then paused. Before wrapping the fluffy robe around herself, Laura appraised her nude body. She was nicely built; not tall or statuesque like her sister, but more athletic from working out, staying in constant motion to counter the effects of long hours sitting while she was travelling or typing.

Laura looked herself up and down, holding the dressing gown wide open to get a good view. Would Jess find me desirable? she wondered. What about the girls? If they got a glimpse of me right now, would they like what they saw?

She winced at her reflection. Fuck me, I’m going bloody mental.

Forcing these thoughts from her mind as best she could, Laura turned towards the door, gently turned the handle so as not to make a sound, and carefully drew it inward. She crept barefoot into the hallway, looking to see if any of the other doors along the L-shaped landing were open, relieved to see that none were except for the nearby bathroom. As she entered, Laura noticed that Katie’s door was also slightly ajar.

She entered the bathroom and quietly closed the door. Lowering her bum to the toilet seat, she made a face at how cold it was, then quickly peed, wiped herself and flushed, hoping the sound didn’t wake anyone at this early hour. Laura washed her hands and splashed water on her face, deciding that she would slip downstairs and make herself a coffee, take a moment to gather her thoughts before the inevitable Part Two of last night’s discussion with her sister, Not that I’ve got any idea what I’m going to say, she thought.

Emerging into the hallway, Laura tiptoed toward the stairs, then froze as she neared Katie’s door and heard a soft, low moan coming from the room. She crept closer to peer through the gap, her heart lurching wildly at what she saw.

The curtains were parted just enough to illuminate the scene, the bedclothes rolled back to reveal the nude bodies of three very young girls. And like Laura, they were very much awake.

Nine-year-old Katie lay propped up against the pillows, with Rachel’s youngest — Cindy, Laura reminded herself — nestled in her arms. They were kissing fervently, their tongues mingling and mating as they took turns exploring each other’s mouths. Cindy was caressing Katie’s breasts, teasing the girl’s erect nipples with her fingertips.

Laura’s heart thudded in her chest. Oh my God, they’re at it again.

Down below, Jessica’s baby girl Poppy was lying on her tummy between Katie’s splayed legs, lavishing attention on her older sister’s pussy with long, loving swipes of the tongue. Poppy’s thighs were also spread far apart, and Laura could see that the child had one hand tucked underneath her body. Wait a minute — is she actually…

She was. Just below that flawless bottom, Laura caught sight of Poppy’s finger, teasing the smooth cleft of her vagina.

Laura put a hand over her mouth in case something made her cry out, knowing that she should open the door and confront the young girls, make them stop doing these things. But her feet seemed to be encased in concrete, and she found herself unable to do more than stand and stare, hypnotised by the entire erotic spectacle.

What surprised her most was the passion these girls brought to their sexual doings. This was nothing like curious kids playing doctor, or shyly comparing their body parts, or any of the games Laura had indulged in as a youngster. These girls were making love, just like adults.

That said, there was a sense of awe to their pleasures, very much like that of children indulging in a favorite new game… and the sweet, shy smiles the girls gave each other in the midst of it all gave the whole scene a sense of innocence that Laura couldn’t help but find rather touching. Okay, it’s still wrong, she told herself, but there’s nothing lewd or dirty about this.

Katie noticed movement through the gap in the entrance, having intentionally left the door slightly ajar last night upon returning from her little spying trip. Breaking her kiss with Cindy, pausing for a moment to enjoy the warm wet caresses of Poppy’s tongue, Katie quietly said to her friend, “I want to lick your cunt.”

Even with the hand covering her mouth, Laura barely managed to suppress a gasp at Katie’s words. What on earth happened to that timid little girl I remember?

She well recalled her last visit to see Jess and the girls, when the family had taken a weekend sojourn to the seaside. There, a blushing Katie had refused to go into the sea, or even change into a swimsuit. “Only eight, and she’s already got body issues,” Jessica told Laura later that night. “I’m dreading what will happen when she reaches dating age.”

Looks like Katie got over that and then some, Laura told herself.

She now felt sufficiently in control to stop covering her mouth, then almost absently placed the other hand on the front of the robe, pressing the thick material into her groin as she watched Cindy carefully straddle Katie’s face. Holding onto the headboard for support, the child bent both knees to lower her sex to Katie’s already parted lips. Katie, in turn, reached round to cup Cindy’s buttocks, spreading them to open her young lover’s slit before she took that first delicious lick.

Laura trembled, the heat of arousal spreading through her body like a shot of liquor. She could practically smell the little girl’s sex, already imagining the sharp tang of its flavor on her tongue. No! Stop thinking like that! her conscience cried.

Cindy rolled her hips back and forth over Katie’s face, purrs of pleasure coming from the crouching girl. Meanwhile, muffled sounds of approaching orgasm issued from Katie’s throat as Poppy brought her big sister to climax.

Laura’s own breath began to deepen, but her body was denied the pleasure it so desperately craved, the thick folds of the dressing gown preventing her from applying pressure where she needed it. As if on automatic pilot, her hand sought and found the opening of the garment, then slipped between its folds.

Head spinning like a crazed carousel, Laura touched the rapidly moistening flesh of her cunt with a shaky finger, then gently caressed the pouting slit, trying not to make a sound, enthralled by the sight of three preteen girls fucking. There was no other word to describe what she saw. These girls, not one of them older than ten, were fucking like they were born to it.

Down between Katie’s thighs, little Poppy gave her older sibling’s cleft a tender kiss, then got up on her knees next to a dreamy-eyed Cindy, who was cooing with delight as Katie licked her from below. Their eyes met, heated looks were exchanged, then Poppy and Cindy slowly drifted together — their mouths meeting, tongues engaging, two children kissing like passionate lovers.

Then again, isn’t that exactly what they are? Laura thought.

Her mind was in turmoil, her body on fire. As she fingered herself down below, Laura slipped the other hand through the parting of her robe to cup and fondle the left breast, then the right, pausing to give a hard pinch to a nipple — perhaps trying to break this crazy spell, to shock herself from this lustful trance she was falling into, despite her best intentions.

This is wrong. They’re too young. Damn it, I’m not into little girls! But oh, my God… this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. How could kids this young be so fucking erotic? 

They were, too. Laura had never considered underage girls as objects of desire, but now she studied the bare bodies of her nieces and their friend as if for the first time, admiring what she saw. They’re all beautiful, no doubt about that. Her eyes drifted down to the pert little bottom of seven-year-old Poppy. She’d always had a serious thing for women’s bums, and Poppy’s was flawless. I bet her skin feels like warm silk, she thought. Not that I want to touch her that way… 

Though she continued to resist these stirrings, Laura was beginning to understand how a newly gay Jessica might succumb to the lure of such lovely creatures, especially with the appetite for sex that they seemed to have.

Her reverie was interrupted when Cindy suddenly moaned, the child’s body jerking as ecstasy caught her in its grasp. Even from the doorway, Laura could see Cindy’s knuckles whiten as she gripped the headboard and threw her head back.

Next to her, a wild-eyed Poppy had a hand tucked between her own thighs, frantically stimulating her clit as she watched her friend come. Within seconds, she gave a tiny cry, her slender frame shuddering when she reached climax.

The sight was too much for Laura. A strangled whimper escaped her lips, no hand in place to stifle it, and as a breathless Cindy dismounted Katie’s face and collapsed on the bed, Laura realised that Katie was staring straight at her. In a panic, she quickly withdrew both hands away from inside the robe, but struck the door with her elbow, nudging it open even further.

She froze like a deer in headlights at the sight of three naked, sweaty little girls, their eyes focused directly on her. Shit, how do I explain this? She was rooted to the spot, wanting to disappear into the carpet.

Katie just smiled. “Hello, Aunt Laura. Why don’t you come join us?”

The grown woman could see no way out. That was when she realised that her robe was hanging open, putting her nude body on display for the girls to see. Lost for words, resisting an impulse to turn and flee, Laura hastily wrapped the dressing gown around her body as if shielding herself, but made no move to leave.

Somehow she failed to notice Poppy drawing near… but then the door swung inwards and the naked child stood there, gazing up at her, all smiles. Laura looked down at the angelic face of her youngest niece, the girl’s mouth still wet from her sister’s slit.

Without a word, Poppy reached out to take Laura’s hand, gently leading her into the room, then pushing the door to. Giving her aunt’s hand a squeeze, she turned to her sister.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Katie said. There was a seductive lilt to her voice that made Laura shiver..

Now completely flustered, she began to speak. “I was just… I m-mean… I heard a noise…”

“We were just having fun,” Katie replied. “Did you like watching us?”

Laura hesitated a heartbeat too long before she spoke. “I… I mean… Look. girls, it doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re too young to be having sex! And no matter what age you are, you oughtn’t to be doing these things with your own sister — or your mother.”

Poppy spoke up. “But it feels so good, Aunt Laura. And if we really and truly love each other, why can’t we show how much we do?”

“Because it’s incest, sweetie,” Laura gently replied. “It’s not right.”

“But you have sex with girls,” Katie said.

“Yes, okay, but I’m a grownup, and I — I have sex with other women, not children… and certainly not with anyone from my family!”

Katie saw her opening and took it. “But you did get hot watching us… I saw you touching your pussy out there in the hall. And what about a few hours ago, when you were making those loud sounds in your room? Know what? I think maybe you were touching yourself then, too, and thinking about what you saw last night when you came in and caught all of us doing sex stuff.”

Laura felt her cheeks getting hot. She parted her lips, prepared to defend herself — then fell silent, unable to come up with a single retort. Too late, she realised that her opportunity to play the moral card had passed. Katie knew it too — she could see that in the girl’s eyes.

That’s when it struck her that she’d been set up; that Katie had planned the whole thing, executed the scheme to perfection and simply waited for Auntie Laura to blunder into the trap. My God, I masturbated while watching them have sex… and they caught me at it! How can I explain something like that? 

Katie slid off the bed and onto her feet, smiling all the while at a perplexed Laura. She’d just been played by a nine-year-old girl, and now she was desperately trying to think of a way out. But before a single idea could make itself known, Katie was at her side and reaching for her hand, followed by Poppy taking the other.

The sisters led her to the side of the bed, where Katie sat down, then silently indicated that Laura should sit next to her. She meekly obeyed, felt the mattress shift slightly and turned to see Rachel’s daughter Cindy, seating herself on the other side. As she turned back to face Katie, Laura was halted in mid-motion by the sight of Poppy — who was kneeling on the carpet, gazing up at her aunt like a puppy waiting to be stroked.

Laura felt a surge of bravado as she made eye contact with Katie, suddenly determined to wrestle control of the situation away from the smiling girl. I’m the adult here, after all. “What’s going on here, young lady?” she said, a quaver in her voice that left her sounding less authoritative than she’d intended.

Still holding her aunt’s hand, Katie said, “We know it was a big shock when you came in and saw us all making love last night, Aunt Laura… but we want you to know that no one is making us do these things, and it’s not Mum’s fault at all. When Ali told me she was gay, I wanted to know about what it was like, so she showed me stuff… and I liked it so much that, well, we kinda ended up doing more, lots more.

“Anyway, me and Alice were doing sex on her bed, and that’s when Mum came home and caught us. I think she was worried that Ali made me do it, but I told her no, I wanted to. Then we showed Mum how we love each other… and, um, we sort of got her to join in. Oh, Aunt Laura, it was so, so, so good! And after that, we couldn’t leave Pops out, could we?”

Laura listened quietly to Katie’s account, but couldn’t think of a response. So she turned to look at Poppy, who was nodding and smiling sweetly, and said, “Let’s hear from you, sweetheart. How did you become part of this?”

“Katie and Alice taught me when Mummy was out,” the child said. “We were having a party with no clothes on, and they told me about how girls can have sexy fun with other girls. Then Alice said her and Katie were lovers, and they started kissing and touching right there, so I could see what it was like.”

“What did you think about that?” Laura asked.

Poppy giggled. “It looked really fun! So when they asked me if I wanted to play too, I did. Then they taught me how to make love, and that’s what we were doing when Mummy came home.” She made a face. “I was scared at first, cause I thought for sure she’d be mad. But Mummy wasn’t mad, not even a little bit! She took off her clothes, and then we all had a good time!”

Laura looked at Cindy. “How about you, then?” she murmured.

The young brunette nibbled at her lower lip, thinking about. “I guess it all started this one night when I heard funny sounds coming from my mum’s room. When I went in to see what it was, I saw Bella in bed with Mum, and they were both naked.” She shook her head. “Wow, I didn’t know what was going on… but Mum told me she was teaching Bella about sex, the kind that girls have with each other.”

“How did that make you feel?” asked Laura, finding herself increasingly caught up in the girls’ stories.

“Well, I never really thought much about, y’know, being a lesbian… not until then, anyhow. But I sure do like girls a whole heck of a lot more than boys, so I asked Mum if she’d teach me about sex too… and she said yes!” She grinned with delight.

“Don’t stop there, Cinders,” Katie interjected. “Tell Aunt Laura how your mum taught you.”

“Um, well, Mum decided to get Bella to teach me, while she watched. Omigosh, it was the best! I love my sister so much — more than ever, now!” Cindy gave a happy sigh. “Then Mum joined us, and I got to love her, too. And now, I have another mum, and three more sisters!” She reached out to take Poppy’s hand, coaxing the seven-year-old up from the carpet and into her arms, where they exchanged tender kisses.

Once more, Laura was at a loss for words. She felt Katie touch her arm, and turned to meet her niece’s affectionate gaze.

“Auntie Laura, we all love you, and you love us. Why don’t you stop worrying so much, and be part of our new big family? Alice will love it, and I know that Mummy will, too. Sisters should stick together, don’t you think?”

At the mention of her sister, Laura found herself at the heart of a moral dilemma. On the one hand, there was her deep-seated need to do the right thing — in this case, march out of Katie’s room and down the hall to wake and confront Jess and Rachel.

On the other hand, there was her own closely-kept secret: the very un-sisterly sexual feelings that she’d harbored for Jessica for so many years. The first orgasm Laura had ever experienced had happened at the age of fourteen while masturbating, lost in a fantasy of kissing her big sister.

That fantasy might just be on the verge of coming true, she thought. The door’s open and waiting; you only have to enter.

Katie’s hand was now resting on her terrycloth-covered thigh. “Come and play with us, Auntie Laura. We can have lots of fun, and you can teach us more about how to be a lesbian.” As she spoke, the girl’s fingers were inching towards the gap in the robe.

I think you’ve got that covered already, Laura wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t come. Instead, her mind spun as she struggled with her niece’s request. Coming from the nine-year-old’s lips, what Katie proposed sounded perfectly innocent, a lovely game they could all enjoy. For a fleeting moment, she actually contemplated the possibility of giving in, slipping out of her dressing gown and getting naked with the girls.

An icy twinge of fear uncoiled deep inside, Laura’s heart rate quickening as it gripped her. She was shocked to have, even for an instant, toyed with the notion of doing this thing. Making love to children? Surely not. It isn’t me, it’s not what I want. 

Then why am I tingling all over? Why does my cunt feel like a bloody jungle swamp? Oh, Christ, I’m going to leave a massive wet spot on the back of Jessica’s robe!

Her resolve was already starting to wither, especially when she saw Poppy standing to the right of Cindy, a hand between her legs, blissfully tracing her bare slit with a finger. It was an amazingly erotic sight.

Unnoticed by her aunt, Katie made eye contact with her co-conspirators, giving them a nod, then drew even closer to Laura. “We can make you feel really good,” she said. As her hand wandered beneath the dressing gown to find bare skin, Laura jerked with a sharp intake of breath.

That reaction didn’t faze Katie in the slightest. She gently tugged the material of the robe upward, exposing Aunt Laura’s taut, toned thigh. Cindy mirrored Katie’s actions, baring the other leg.

Katie then slipped a hand inside the front of Laura’s robe, seeking and finding her breast. As she cupped a firm, perfectly formed globe of warm flesh, she grasped the collar of the garment with her free hand and slowly tugged it away to reveal Aunt Laura’s shoulder. Again, her movements were copied by Cindy on the opposite side.

A startled Laura quickly crossed both hands across her chest to keep herself covered, but this feeble attempt was easily thwarted by the young girls. “No, Katie,” she pleaded. “You can’t do this, it’s not right. I — we shouldn’t–“

“Shhhh, it’s okay… relax,“ Katie whispered, and twisted round towards her aunt to manoeuvre herself into a half-kneeling position. Now she was practically rubbing noses with the wide-eyed woman. She continued to fondle the firm but pliant breast, feeling the nipple stiffen against her palm as she worked the robe even further down Laura’s arm. Dipping her head, Katie nuzzled her lips into the softness of the older woman’s neck, leaving a path of kisses that travelled up to the sensitive spot behind her ear — as if somehow knowing that it was the most effective way to leave her aunt breathless with arousal.

Laura’s willpower was swiftly evaporating, unable to withstand the heat of Katie’s seduction. How did a child of nine get so damned good at this? she wondered, a soft cry spilling from her lips when the girl’s tongue traced a warm path around the edge of her ear. With a blissful sigh, she let her head loll back.

When Aunt Laura began to relax slightly, Katie quickly pressed her advantage. With a quick nod to Cindy, she began to slowly guide the woman backwards, Cindy assisting from the other side. Once they had her lying down, that offered Katie easy access to her aunt’s mouth. As she tenderly brushed Laura’s lips with her own, Cindy seized the moment, fastening her mouth to a nipple that was more than stiff enough to betray Laura’s helpless arousal.

Laura was on the verge of confused tears, her mind a wild whirl of dread, ecstasy, bewilderment and, yes, lust. Lust for children, damn it all. This is happening and I don’t know how to make it stop, I can’t think straight, my cunt’s on fire! Katie’s tongue was teasing Laura’s lower lip. My God, her mouth is so soft…

Cindy gave the tip of Laura’s breast a playful nip, sending a sharp buzz of pleasure through the woman’s frame. She gasped — and that was when Katie kissed her aunt for real, the child’s tongue darting between Laura’s parted lips.

She ached, burned to return her niece’s sweet kiss, but a lingering trace of fear prevented her from giving in to madness and making love to Katie. How long can I hold out, though?

Poppy, who had been watching the goings-on for the last few minutes while occasionally touching her slit, decided that she wanted to play, too. She padded over to where Auntie Laura half-lay on Katie’s bed, her bare feet still touching the carpet. Feeling deliciously wicked, Poppy dropped to all fours and advanced, like a cat who’d just spotted a bowl of cream.

As the child reached her goal, she spread Auntie Laura’s dressing gown open, fully revealing the woman’s nudity. Delighted to see that her aunt had gone without knickers, Poppy placed both hands on Auntie Laura’s knees and slowly parted them. Drawing closer, she took her first look at this unfamiliar vagina. She marvelled that, like all the pussies she had seen thus far, it had an appearance all its own. She remembered once hearing from a teacher that everyone’s fingerprints were completely different. I guess cunts must be like that, too, Poppy mused.

The one before her now had a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above, but around the full pudenda it was baby-smooth. What stood out were the lips, which were much larger than her mum’s and Aunt Rachel’s. The hood of skin covering the clitoris was also bigger; in fact, the clit itself almost looked like a baby’s willy. But then again, she hadn’t seen that many naked women’s bits.

Curious as to whether its flavor was different, Poppy leaned forward to part the swollen lips with her fingers before extending her tongue for a taste. She took one lick, which caused her aunt’s body to jerk, then sat back to decide if she liked it. There was a slight tang that intrigued the child, and she decided to sample her aunt’s pussy again. Moving even closer, she wriggled a finger into the hot, moist orifice.

Tiny though it was, to the shell-shocked woman lying on the bed, that finger might as well have been a cucumber-sized cattle prod. Her body shivered violently, her hands knotting into fists. Laura forced her eyes to remain tightly shut, once again struggling to summon the strength to resist this triple onslaught and escape, damn it.

How can this be happening? Oh my God, this is not right, this is not right, this is not… oh bloody hell, it feels so fucking good.

When the mouth of her youngest niece locked onto her clitoris and began to suckle, Laura’s last ounce of resistance crumbled into dust. Cindy was moving her mouth from breast to breast, making love to each nipple in turn, while Katie’s kisses were growing steadily deeper, the girl’s tongue encouraging hers to respond.

Okay, then, this is wrong. Fine. I don’t care anymore. I need this. I want this!

Laura placed one hand on the head of the girl who was sucking her right nipple, and the other on the head of the girl whose mouth was pressed to hers. She responded to the kiss, her tongue engaging with Katie’s in a lustful dance, no longer allowing herself to care that the girl was her nine-year-old niece.

As Laura tried to suck at that tongue, Katie broke away, looking deep into her aunt’s eyes. The young girl saw a fire she recognised, a desire she’d worked hard to achieve. The plans that she, Cindy and Poppy worked out earlier in the evening had just paid off in a big way. Aunt Laura was theirs.

The break from kissing gave Laura an opportunity to catch her breath as she gazed in awe at her niece. She no longer saw the shy, studious child she used to sit with, discussing books or the reporter’s life. The face before her now belonged to a sexual creature, one she was eager to explore.

Pulling Katie back to her, Laura kissed the girl with a hunger that shocked her with its intensity. That recent threesome in Paris now seemed downright tame by comparison. She arched her body slightly as Cindy’s teeth lightly scraped against her nipple, sending a jolt of pleasurable pain through her body that went straight to the vagina.

Then Laura realized that something else was happening down there. Little Poppy had stopped sucking her clitoris and was now pushing at least a couple of fingers into her vagina — three or four, perhaps? Then she realized that the seven-year-old was, in fact, working her entire hand inside, stretching the fleshy opening further and further with every inch of penetration. Laura gave a loud moan, but it  was somewhat muffled by the lover’s kiss she was sharing with Katie.

Surprised by her aunt’s sudden reaction, Katie pulled away, glancing over her shoulder to look for the cause. She was delighted to see her sister Poppy kneeling between Laura’s legs, the little girl’s movements making it obvious that she had her entire hand inside Aunt Laura’s cunt and was steadily pumping it in and out.

Cindy saw Katie looking and glanced in the same direction to see what was going on, her eyes widening when she saw what Poppy was up to. She turned back to Katie, and the girls exchanged knowing grins.

Poppy was lost in her work, lips pursed in concentration while she worked her fist back and forth inside Auntie Laura, occasionally twisting it slightly, the way Mommy liked her to do it. Now and then, she bent down to lick that protruding clit, her flame-red hair brushing the woman’s belly.

It took Laura a moment to understand what was happening to her. She was being penetrated by what felt like a fat cock — did these girls have a dildo? Then she felt warm skin sliding against her thigh, and Laura’s already racing heart beat even faster as she understood the reason for Katie’s smile; she was watching her seven-year-old sister fuck Auntie with her hand.

Laura knew what it was like to be fisted, having enjoyed it a few times with an older girlfriend. But even though Gemma’s hand had been bigger, that experience paled compared to what she was feeling now. The fact that little Poppy was pleasuring her this way made the act wilder, more dangerous. Now that her objections to sex with Jessica’s children had been pushed aside, at least for the moment, the forbidden nature of their lovemaking only added to the thrill.

Opening her eyes, Laura smiled to see Cindy and Katie leaning across her, engaged in a lustful kiss, their tongues flickering like flames into each other’s mouths. Suddenly, she felt the urge to join them, and reached out to touch the girls’ bodies, her fingers roving, searching for their cunts. Finding Cindy’s first, she carefully entered her with a finger, causing the youngster to jerk, a surprised “Oh!” escaping her lips.

Cindy recovered right away, though, and pressed down against Laura’s hand, forcing that probing digit even deeper into her vagina. She began to rock to and fro, mouth hanging slack, yes glazed with pleasure. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, “Oh, yes.”

Before Laura could find Katie’s slit, the girl withdrew, rising to stand on the bed. Puzzled, Laura looked up to see her niece take two steps toward the headboard, carefully positioning herself so she was standing astride Laura’s face. Bending her knees, the girl lowered herself slowly, teasing her aunt by pausing half the way down, her sex frustratingly out of reach. Using two fingers, she spread the vaginal lips open.

Laura whimpered as Katie curved the middle finger into her juicy hole, taking her time with it, then began to work the digit in and out, coating it with her honey. The sight was breathtaking. Laura licked her lips, already anticipating what that beautiful cunt would taste like.

Katie gave her a knowing smile as she eased that finger out of her pussy, holding it up to inspect. Satisfied that it was sufficiently coated with her fluids, she glanced back down at her captive below, then bent to touch the tip to Laura’s lips.

Unable to wait for her treat, Laura darted forward to take the glistening finger into her hungry mouth, rolling her tongue around it to get every trace of Katie’s nectar. It was luscious, like a thick, tart wine — though not quite like any she’d ever drunk.

When the flavor was gone, she stared up at the rosy cleft of her niece — then at the wanton girl, silently pleading with her. By then, the struggle to be good, to refrain from enjoying the mouths, the hands, the bodies, the love of these sexy little nymphs… well, it seemed almost silly.

Katie’s expression was one of victory. It seemed to say See? I knew you couldn’t say no, not to this.

Once more, the girl lowered herself — bending one leg, then the other until she was kneeling on either side of her aunt’s head, that pouting slit tantalisingly close to the woman’s yearning mouth. Spreading her labia apart once more, Katie lowered herself the last few inches, offering Laura what she so ardently craved.

Basking in the heady scent of youth, Laura took a long, deep breath, then licked at the warm wet flesh once, twice, three times, coating her tongue with its sweetness. She marvelled at how a girl could produce so copious a flow at this tender age.

I’m going down on my own niece, Laura reflected, a child of nine. I should be hating myself for this, and I probably will when it’s all over. So why do I want it so much? Without bothering to answer, she began to devour Katie’s bare sex — bathing the opening with long, rapid licks, then thrusting her tongue inside to fuck the girl.

Katie was taken aback at the ferocity with which Aunt Laura ate her cunt. She’d loved having this feeling of control over the woman, of calling the tune and making her dance to it. Now, she couldn’t stifle her moans of pleasure, giving her excitement away. Oh, well, that bit was just a game anyhow, she thought. It’s time for us to love each other.

Still kneeling next to Laura, Cindy was lost in the pleasure that Katie’s aunt was giving her, the finger curling inside, somehow finding a spot that seemed to trigger all kinds of wonderful feelings. She opened her eyes to watch as Katie rode her aunt’s face, pistoning her hips back and forth to spread her sweet juices all over the woman’s mouth.

At the end of the bed, Poppy slowly withdrew her hand from Laura’s vagina. Her arm was getting tired… and besides, there was all this lovely juice dripping from her aunt’s cunt. Poppy certainly didn’t want that going to waste, so she’d simply give Auntie Laura good feelings with her mouth. Pressing her lips into the humid flesh, she lapped up the thick, rich flood, letting it trickle down her throat.

Once she had licked up most of the flow from her aunt’s pussy, Poppy noticed that rivulets of the fluid had oozed down to her bottom hole, the puckered opening just below. She grinned with delight as a naughty idea came to her. It was something her sisters seemed to like doing, but she had yet to try it herself.

Leaning forward, she licked a trail from Auntie Laura’s cunt down to her anus, pushing her tongue into the opening, bathing it with steady swipes of the tongue. Her aunt moaned, then spread her legs as wide as they could go, giving the child better access to the crack of her bum.

Now Poppy was eagerly rimming Auntie Laura, thrilled to bits to be doing something so wild. I bet none of my friends at school ever tried ANYTHING like this! Not for the first time, she reflected on how much fun it was to be a lesbian, doing sex with pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

As she continued to lap at her aunt’s rosebud, Poppy felt the opening grow increasingly slick — which gave her another cool idea. Drawing back just enough to place a fingertip against the snug opening, she pushed the tip of it inside. The shiver that raced through Auntie Laura’s body was enough to assure Poppy that her instincts had been correct. Quickly slipping the finger into her mouth to moisten it, she pressed it against her aunt’s bumhole once more, penetrating the woman with a single steady stroke.

Poppy was amazed by how tight it was, how it gripped her finger like a strong hand. She began to work it in and out of the shapely bottom, drawing a loud, though muffled vocal reaction from her aunt.

Looking up, the child had to giggle. Auntie Laura can’t tell me how much she likes this, cause Katie’s cunt is in her mouth! For some reason, that struck Poppy as being incredibly funny.


On the other side of the bathroom, something awakened Alice. She opened her eyes and turned, smiling to see her girlfriend sleeping peacefully. She considered waking Bella by diving under the bedclothes, then heard the sound again.

Wondering where it was coming from, she lifted her head to look at the bathroom door, which was slightly open. Hmmm… I guess Katie and the others woke up early, then they picked up where we left off last night.

Deciding that she wanted to sneak a peek — maybe even join the party? — Alice carefully moved to the edge of the bed, turning back to make sure she didn’t wake Bella, and slipped from beneath the covers to stand naked in the center of her room.

Creeping across the carpet, she eased the door open, slipped into the bathroom and made her way to the other door, shocked to see that it was also ajar. They’re having sex, and they didn’t even close the sodding door? Alice rolled her eyes. Putting her face to the gap, she had a full view of Katie’s bed.

The scene she witnessed shocked even her, a confirmed seeker of lesbian pleasures. At first it wasn’t clear who lay beneath the naked young bodies of the three girls, but she soon realised it was Aunt Laura, a sight that drew mixed emotions. On one hand, Alice was a little jealous that the three youngsters had been first to entice her aunt into the fold of family love, but then again, she felt immensely proud of the girls for what couldn’t have been an easy accomplishment.

That Katie, she thought. It had to have been her doing. Six weeks ago, she wouldn’t let herself be seen in knickers. Now look at her! Kat was straddling Aunt Laura’s face, cupping her budding breasts, the girl’s face glowing with pleasure.

From her vantage point, Alice saw Poppy between Laura’s splayed legs. Her baby sister appeared to be fingering the woman’s arse, while lapping at her minge with gusto. Alice smiled to herself, well recalling how lovely Poppy’s tongue could feel.

Kneeling to the side of Aunt Laura, Bella’s little sister Cindy was gently swaying, lost in rapture. Alice couldn’t work out why that was, not until she spied Laura’s hand fiddling between the girl’s legs. As she continued to watch, Cindy reached out to touch Kat’s shoulder. Katie turned to her friend, and the two girls came together in a passionate snog.

Alice longed to enter the room, to join the early-morning sex party, but reasoned that any interruption would break the mood. That’s okay, she reflected. I’ll get my chance at Aunt Laura later. The prospect made her giddy.

She’d first begun to have feelings about girls after chatting with Laura about sex a few months earlier, learning that her mum’s sister had it off with men and women both. “These days, though, I really do prefer women to blokes,”  Laura had told her. Later that week, Alice had masturbated to a fantasy of sex with her aunt. For the curious eleven-year-old, it was a genuine turning point.

Placing a hand on her vulva, Alice began to gently finger herself as she watched the others fuck.


Laura’s mouth was fastened to Katie’s cunt, drinking down its liquid sugar. Looking up, she saw her niece and Rachel’s daughter Cindy sharing a heated kiss. So beautiful, she mused. Why does it move me so, the sight of little girls kissing that way? It only made her want to pleasure her young lover all the more, and she dipped her tongue into the dewy slit, probing around inside.

Just then, Cindy leaned forward to embrace Katie, deepening their kiss, causing her hips to shift. Now Laura’s tongue was buried between the child’s bum cheeks, licking at her sweat-slicked rosebud. The woman felt an unexpected pang of conscience — then banished it completely and got to work, pleasuring Katie’s anus with every bit of the love she’d been lavishing on her pussy.

Tearing her mouth away from Cindy’s with a choked gasp, Katie spoke for the first time in a long while, panting, “Oh, yes, Aunt Laura, yes. Ooooooh, lick m-my bum!”


A few feet away in the bathroom, Alice was teasing her moist cleft with a finger, fighting the urge to throw restraint to the winds, defiantly stride into Katie’s room and hurl herself into the sweaty fray. But once again, she thought better of it, then settled on a more selfless course of action. After all, she reasoned, I shouldn’t leave Bel out of the fun.

Turning away, she tiptoed back to her own room just in time to see Bella stir from her slumber. Quickly moving to the far side of the bed, Alice placed a finger to her girlfriend’s lips, signalling her to remain silent.

She knelt down next to the bed and whispered to a confused Bella, “You won’t believe this… but right this minute, our sisters are fucking my aunt.”

That brought Bella awake in an instant. Taking a breath, she parted her lips to speak, but before she could, Alice quickly covered her mouth with a hand. “Shhh — they might hear us. Come take a look, but be very quiet. Then we’ll go wake our mums up. They’ll want to see this!”

Seizing Bella’s hand, she led her friend into the bathroom on tiptoe, ushering her to the gap in the door. Bella peered through the opening, her eyes widening as she drank in the incredible sight, then turned to Alice, unable to do much more than shake her head in disbelief.

Grinning delightedly, Alice beckoned Bella back to her room with a quick tilt of the head. Bella hesitated long enough to steal one last peek before reluctantly following after her friend.

Back in the bedroom, Alice carefully pushed the door to, then turned to seize Bella in her arms. The two nude girls exchanged a brief but juicy kiss before Alice broke away to say, “Let’s go get our mums!”

The girls slipped out into the hallway and padded down towards Jessica’s room at the other end of the hallway. Alice was about to knock, then hesitated. Even though this was the furthest room from Katie’s, it seemed wiser to slip inside, not summon her mum to the door and risk Laura hearing them. Mum won’t mind, not for something this important. Grasping the knob, she opened the door and entered, urging Bella to follow.

On the bed, Jess and Rachel had just awakened and were sharing lazy kisses, having decided that it was early enough to have a little fun while the rest of the household was still asleep. On hearing her door open, Jess saw their two eldest daughters enter. She was wondering whether to admonish them for not knocking or invite them into bed — but when she and Rachel saw the girls’ faces, they knew that something was afoot.

Alice shushed them before they could speak, then quietly said, “Mum, I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about with Aunt Laura.”

Jess and Rachel exchanged puzzled glances, then turned back to their daughters — but once more, Alice was first to speak. “Go look into Katie’s room through the bathroom door. You have to be quiet, though.”

Intrigued, both women slid out of bed. Rachel was reaching for her dressing gown when Bella said, “You won’t need that, Mum.”

“Fair enough,” Rachel replied, letting the garment drop to the carpet.

“Works for me,” Jess said with a grin, and the women padded naked toward the door, each garnering lustful glances from the other’s daughter.

Jessica crept into the hallway, Rachel and the girls close behind — then Jess froze. She stood still for a  long moment, then turned back, hastily gesturing the others back into the bedroom.

Closing the door behind, she looked at Alice and Bella. “You need to stay here, girls. Keep the bed warm for us.”

“What? Why?” Alice protested. “We want to be part of this, too!”

“Yeah,” Bella said, her lower lip set in a pout.

Jess stood her ground. “So, Laura is making love with the other girls. That’s what you wanted me to see, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Alice said, unable to restrain a grin. “They’re all doing it — Katie, Cindy, Poppy and Aunt Laura.”

“And we never did get to finish our big sex party,” said Bella. “Aren’t we gonna do that now?”

“I’m fairly sure that isn’t going to happen, not this morning,” Jessica said. “Look, girls. When I spoke to Laura earlier tonight about what she saw us doing, I can tell you that she had no intention at all of — of getting involved with any of us in a sexual way. But it looks as if she was tempted anyhow, and she gave in.

“When they’re finished, Laura is going to be dealing with some very awkward feelings. She’ll probably feel guilty, even ashamed.” Jess hesitated, “I know, because… well, I was that way, a little bit, after you and I first made love, Alice.”

“I see,” Alice said, weighing her mother’s words.

“I think that your aunt will come around, once she sees the love we have for each other, how it’s more than just sex. But until then, she’ll need space, not all of us gawking at her. Rachel and I, we need to talk to Laura, to let her know that we’re not upset about what she’s done. But for now, I’d like for you girls to stay in here and let Aunt Rachel and me handle this. Understand?”

Alice gave a nod. “Yeah, Mum. Wow, I hope one day that I’m as smart as you.” Reaching out, she drew her mother into a hug.

“Okay, we’ll wait,” Bella said. “But if she does want to keep having sex, you’ll come get us, right?”

Rachel laughed, embracing her daughter. “Count on it.”

Releasing Alice, Jess glanced over at Rachel. “Shall we, then?”

“We shall,” Rachel replied. As they advanced toward the door, she looked back at the girls. “I’m sure you two can find something to do while we’re gone.”

As the door gently closed, Bella grabbed Alice’s arm and dragged her to the bed, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The women crept quietly down the hall, making their way to Alice’s room and from there, into the bathroom, their excitement mounting as they saw the light glimmer past the connecting door on the other side. As they drew nearer, the unmistakable sound of muffled moans of pleasure could be heard. Reaching the door first, Jess peeked through the gap.

She stared for a moment, then turned to Rachel, pumped her fist and silently mouthed “YES!” Glancing back through the door to make sure that no one was looking, Jess carefully pushed the door open a few inches further, then waved Rachel over to see.

The first thing to catch the brunette’s attention was Jessica’s sister Laura — completely nude, on her knees and bent down, her mouth covering the slit of little Poppy, who was swapping heated tongue kisses with her big sister Katie. Meanwhile, Rachel’s girl Cindy stood at the foot of the bed, plunging two fingers in and out of Laura’s cunt. A second look made it clear that Cindy was also using her thumb on the older woman’s arse.

Fuck me, Rachel marvelled. And there I was, worried that ‘Auntie Laura’ might shop the lot of us to the coppers! Guess she had a change of heart… but how did it happen so quickly?

She shook her head in awe, taking in the sight of Jessica’s naked sibling. She’d always thought of Laura as attractive, and now she knew it for certain. I’d like a taste of her, she told herself, then took a sideways glance at her lover. Wonder if Jess ever thinks about her little sister that way? Then she turned back to the hot sex play, already anticipating pleasures to come.

Jess stared at the lesbian foursome, excitement pulsing inside her like a strobe light. Just a few hours ago, her sister had been distressed and confused about the incest she’d witnessed, incest involving underage girls. Now, Laura was going down on seven-year-old Poppy, lovingly trailing her tongue again and again through the child’s bare slit. How did this happen? she wondered. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

It was the first time she’d seen her sister naked since they were teenagers, back before Laura had come out. She’s positively scrumptious, Jess thought, longing to get her hands on that shapely bum.

Her gaze shifted to Poppy and Katie as they kissed, a sight that never failed to warm Jessica’s heart… or her cunt. She’d always seen herself as a lucky mother, with daughters who genuinely loved each other. Now her children were in love, and that was even better. You could see it in the adoring looks they shared, in the passion of their kisses. Witnessing it first hand nearly moved her to tears. I want to have that kind of love with Laura, she thought. Oh, my darling sister, I really do.

Then Jess was watching Cindy, who was still working Laura’s holes with her thrusting right hand, eagerly fucking her friends’ aunt. Jessica had enjoyed some deep kissing with Cindy, but the abrupt ending to the family orgy had robbed her of the chance to make love to Rachel’s youngest the way she wanted.

Moistening her lips, Jess looked longingly at Cindy’s bare body. Soon, sweet child. I promise–

Jessica’s reverie was interrupted by a hoarse cry from Poppy, who was arching her body up from the bed, thrusting her vulva into Laura’s face. Katie grinned as she watched her baby sister come, caressing the child’s flat chest. Laura had a firm grip on Poppy’s hips, holding the girl as steady as possible while nursing on her tiny clitoris.

Cindy had ceased her thrusting, but kept her fingers buried in Laura’s vagina, occasionally twisting them a bit. Her attention was on Poppy as the girl moaned and whimpered, struggling to keep from making too much noise. Then Cindy glanced to the side, and her eyes widened as she saw Jess and Rachel, standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Rachel quickly put a finger to her lips before her daughter could react. Cindy hesitated, then nodded, giving her mum a gleeful smile.

By then, Poppy’s rapture was beginning to wane, and Laura eased off, placing gentle kisses on her sex as the child slowly sank into the mussed sheets with a blissful sigh. Jess felt a happy warmth inside at the sight of her little girl’s contented expression. My goodness, Poppy is so beautiful when she comes.

Now that Poppy had been taken care of, Cindy appeared to take that as her cue to get back to fucking Laura with her fingers, which were still buried knuckle-deep in the woman’s cunt. Like a piston slowly starting to churn, her arm began to move.

Laura moaned, her cheek resting on Poppy’s upper thigh, and the breathless little girl reached down to stroke her aunt’s face. Katie, who was cradling Poppy’s head in her lap, bent to kiss her sister again.

Cindy’s motions were getting faster and harder, her hand making liquid sloshing sounds as she drove her fingers forward and back. “Oh, yes,” Laura said, quietly at first, her voice rising along with the intensity of her young lover’s determined thrusts. “Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Raising up on both hands, she began to push back against Cindy, taking those plunging fingers even deeper into her body.

Jess tilted her head towards the bed, signalling her lover to follow as she advanced further into the room. This time, they caught Katie’s eye, then Poppy saw them — but Jessica’s shushing motion kept the girls quiet.

Suddenly Laura was shaking violently as she came, the sodden sheets bunching up in her clenched hands. She seemed about to scream out loud, but all that issued from her throat was a whimper. Cindy was still hard at work, droplets of liquid flying with the relentless pounding of her arm.

A massive shudder jerked through the woman’s body — one, two, three, four times. Cindy paused in mid-motion, a look of uncertainty on her face, fear that she might’ve been too rough. Then Laura exhaled, slumping forward as if that released breath had been the only thing holding her up.

Katie and Poppy were leaning against the headboard in each other’s arms, enjoying the show. Now and then they flashed sweet smiles at Mummy and Auntie Rachel, who stood holding hands in front of the bathroom door.

Cindy carefully extracted her fingers from Laura’s pussy, then took them into her mouth to taste.

Laura lay limp and spent, her body shining with sweat. Taking a long, deep breath, her face half-buried in the sheets, she spoke.

“Oh my God… what have you girls done to me? This… this should never have happened. I’m not — I d-didn’t mean to… You’re my nieces, and… and you’re children, for Christ’s sake!”

Katie’s face was a picture of innocence. “But you liked it. We all did.”

Turning onto her side, Laura stared up at the young girl, a realisation dawning on her that Katie was right; she had crossed a line she never knew had been drawn.

“Now you understand,” Jess said.

The sound of her sister’s voice hit Laura like an electric shock. In a blind panic, she lurched into a clumsy sitting position, trying in vain to cover her nakedness as she gaped at Jessica and Rachel, both standing calmly before her, both completely nude.

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A Mother’s Plea, Chapter 2

  • Posted on April 22, 2020 at 3:35 pm

By 3 Fingers Neat

The parking lot emptied and I found myself sitting in my car, staring straight ahead at nothing. Karen, the mother of one of my students, had just asked me to make love to her daughter.

I played her comments over and over in my mind: “She has a crush on you.” “Do you know whose name Chelsea moans when she’s fingering herself?” “Her bottom in a pair of panties is perfection, and her nipples are constantly poking through her tops when she’s cold. It’s just too much for me.”

I struggled with everything I’d heard, but it all added up to this: the mother of my favorite student, Chelsea, the darling eleven-year-old I’d fantasized about for months, had just offered her little girl to me to take as a lover.

My name is Kim Johnson. I’m a teacher at Spiritview Elementary School in Washington state, going into my third year there teaching fifth grade. I love my job. I can’t describe the joy it gives me, watching a young mind open up to new things. Of course, some kids take a while to grasp a subject, but that’s where I try all that much harder to help them learn. The reward of seeing that “Aha” moment in a child’s eyes, when a new concept becomes clear for the first time… that is why I teach.

I’ve had more than a few students that other teachers told me were lost causes. Can you imagine a teacher saying that about a student, much less a fifth grader? That’s when I do my utmost to help that student prove them wrong. Some kids have simply never learned how to learn. With these, I teach them to tackle their lessons one step at a time. I remind them that “Learning is like playing with building blocks. You put one block in place, then another and another until you’ve built a skyscraper of knowledge.” Kids need to know that it’s okay if they don’t have all the answers, as long as they possess the tools to get the information they need.

I first noticed Chelsea during my first year at Spiritview, when she was in third grade. Even then, she stood out.

Late one afternoon, early that year, I heard a commotion in the hall outside my classroom. When I stepped out to investigate, I found Jack, one of my more difficult fifth graders, being pushed back by a little blonde, all four feet, four inches of her. Jack was easily six inches taller, but the blonde wasn’t giving an inch as she defended another girl from Jack’s teasing.

I covered the distance to the fracas in an instant, grabbed Jack by the collar of his jacket and dragged him towards the principal’s office. With a quick glance over my shoulder I told the girls, “You’re coming, too!” as Jack scrambled to keep up with his jacket. I noticed that the blonde had an arm around her friend, telling her that she didn’t do anything wrong and not to be worried about seeing the principal.

Ms. Randall, our principal, asked to see the kids one at a time so she could determine the facts of the disagreement. The blonde stepped forward and, pointing an accusing finger at Jack, announced, “He did it. He was teasing Emily about her hair. She didn’t do anything wrong.”

Ms. Randall was taken aback, but calm in her response to the feisty little blonde. “You’re Chelsea Walker,” she said, then turned to the other girl, “and you’re Emily Foster. Is that correct? You’re both in Mr. Cooper’s third-grade homeroom?”

The girls nodded, then Chelsea spoke up again. “Emily didn’t do anything. She just got a new short haircut, and Jack was making fun of her for it.”

“Chelsea, we’ll get to the bottom of this. Let’s give Emily a chance to tell me what happened.” Emily was asked to go first and Jack was firmly instructed to wait in one of the chairs right outside the principal’s outer office, an area known to the other students as “Death Row.” That left Chelsea and me in the main office, where I got my first chance to introduce myself and take a good look at her.

“Chelsea, that was very brave, the way you stood up for your friend. My name is Ms. Johnson,” I said, extending a hand.

She reached out and shook it. “Is Emily going to get in trouble?”

“No, Chelsea. I think it’s pretty clear what happened. I’ll make sure to tell Ms. Randall what I saw.”

She broke into a dazzling smile. “Thank you, Ms. Johnson. You’re the best!”

While Emily and Jack took turns telling their sides of the event, I had a chance to sit and chat with Chelsea. I’ll admit that I was captivated by her from the start. Her long blonde hair, cute upturned nose and ready smile reminded me of a young Natalie Dormer. What stole my heart, though, was the way she focused all her attention on me, hanging on my every word. There I sat, a twenty-seven-year-old woman, in awe of a nine-year-old girl’s ability to make me feel like I was the only thing in the world that mattered. I fell in love with Chelsea that day.

After that rather unconventional meeting, Chelsea and I became good friends, though I was careful not to let my deepest feelings show. When we passed in the hall, we would exchange high-fives. She regularly dropped by just to talk, and when she needed advice, she would find her way to my classroom.

The summer before Chelsea entered fifth grade, I was excited to see her name on my homeroom list. On the first day of school, she was the first to arrive to class and immediately ran to me, arms wide, for a big hug. It was a great start to the school year.

Our growing closeness led to Chelsea inviting me to attend her soccer game, a request I was only too happy to accept. The chance to see her running around the playing field in cute shorts was too tempting to resist.

That was where I ran into her mother Karen, who proceeded to inform me that she knew I had a crush on her little girl, just from the way I was watching her out on the field. While I was trying to deny the plain truth, all the while looking around for the nearest exit, Karen hit me with a couple more bombshells. She, too, was sexually attracted to Chelsea, and her fear of giving in to temptation and making a move on her daughter was so great that she came up with the solution of finding the girl a grownup lover, namely me.

I was still seated in my car nearly an hour after the game had ended, the parking lot all but abandoned. My mind was working overtime, sorting through the conversation I’d had with Karen.

She had it all worked out. The day after Thanksgiving, I would take Chelsea away for the weekend. She and her husband Jim had rented a cabin in the mountains for a few days, and they would put Chelsea and me up in a nice hotel downtown until Monday morning, when I would drive the two of us to school. Jim was taking Chelsea to dinner that evening, so Karen invited me to drop by her house while they were gone to discuss the plan.

I looked at my watch and saw it was close to twelve-thirty. Chelsea and her father were leaving at four, so I had time to get home and go for a quick run to clear my head before I showered and got dressed up to visit Karen.

When I arrived at the Walker house, Jim and Chelsea were just leaving. I met them halfway up the stone path to the front door, and Chelsea immediately threw her arms around my waist. “Mom said you were coming over. She’s inside, making some of her yummy crab puffs. I’m so glad you came to my soccer game today! Do you like my dress? It’s new.” Stepping away, she did a pirouette for me.

Jim smiled down at his daughter, then extended a hand to me. “Don’t you wish everyone had that much enthusiasm?” he said as we shook.

“Mr. Walker, you should see her at school. This little rascal is like that all day long. It’s all I can do to keep up with her! And, yes, Chelsea, I love your dress.”

“Thanks!” she squealed, actually blushing.

“Please, call me Jim,” said Chelsea’s father. “When I’m traveling and I call to tuck my daughter in, she’s going on and on about the fun she had in your class that day. Chelsea’s a very lucky girl to have a great teacher like you.”

“Oh, I’m the lucky one, Jim. I wish all my kids were as kind, attentive and fun as she is.” Remembering that they were headed out to dinner, I asked, “Where are you going to eat?”

Jim gave me a wink. “It’s a surprise. I can tell you it has a killer view and fantastic food. We’d better be shoving off, actually; they’re really tight with the reservations at this place.” He took his daughter by the hand, and they made their way toward his Lexus. As he opened the door for her, Jim called out, “Enjoy the crab puffs. Chelsea’s right — They’re the best!”

“Bye, Ms. Johnson!” Chelsea cried before she climbed into the passenger’s seat. “Will you still be here when we get home?”

“I imagine I will,” I replied.

“Cool!” she exclaimed, flashing me a grin before pulling the car door closed.

As I watched them drive away, I heard Karen’s voice from the front porch. “Thanks for dropping by, Kim. Now, come on in before the food gets cold.”

After shutting the door behind me, Karen closed the distance between us and wrapped her arms around the small of my back, drawing me to her. “Kim, as of right now, you’re no longer Chelsea’s teacher. You’re my friend. Capiche?” The gentle kiss on my lips that followed clearly made the point that this was anything but a parent-teacher conference. “Come. I’ve got us set up on the back porch. The infrared heaters are on, so it’s nice and toasty.”

Seizing my hand, Karen led me towards the back of the house. The entire way there, I studied her petite figure with interest. It was evident that her workout program was getting great results. She stood barefoot in a pair of Levi 501’s that she filled perfectly, and a loose-knit gray sweater over a white blouse. Her long blonde hair cascaded down her back in natural waves that caught the light as we moved through the rooms.

The back porch was dimly lit — just a string of small bulbs that ran along the railing and the underwater lights in the pool. There was a bottle of white wine and two glasses, set to accompany a plate of vegetables and a covered dish I assumed to be the promised crab puffs. Karen offered me a seat opposite her on a small couch, one of two that were adjacent from each other. We’d be able to curl up, each in our own corner, yet only inches apart.

I sat, expecting Karen to join me, but she remained standing. “Now that the family is gone, I can get comfortable.” With that, she removed the sweater. As she shook her hair out I saw she was wearing a thin white buttoned blouse that was opened to show her cleavage, her hard nipples visible through the material. No bra. “There. Now, I’m comfortable.”

“Very nice,” was all I could think to say.

Seating herself on the other couch, Karen poured us each a glass of wine. “Here’s to a new friendship,” she toasted, and we clinked glasses.

I glanced around, taking in the view. “Karen, your house and backyard are beautiful, and I love this patio. Do you and Jim spend much time out here together?”

She laughed. “Funny, but we never have. In fact, I don’t remember a time that Jim has ever sat on these couches, except when we have friends over or during one of our pool parties.”

“That’s really too bad. It’s so relaxing out here.” I took another sip from my glass. This wine is amazing, by the way. Oh, and how about one of those famous crab puffs? They’re all I’ve heard about since I got here.”

After a few glasses of wine, and more than a few crab puffs, I put a hand up when offered more. “Karen, those are delicious, but I’m full. This time it’s my turn to ask you for the recipe.”

“Thanks. I’ll email it to you. How about a tour of the homestead?” she said, adding “Bring your wine,” when I said yes.

The house was amazing, as nicely put together as she was. In fact, the more time I spent with Karen, the more impressed I became. She did yoga, ran and swam to stay in shape, and collected glass figurines, all while running a household and a successful one-woman marketing consultation business. As we passed a gorgeous baby grand piano, I asked if she played. I was stunned when she sat down to regale me with a short offering of Chopin. I was quickly becoming enamored with my new friend.

The final room we toured was Chelsea’s, a typical eleven-year-old girl’s living space. A bit messy and cluttered with some toys scattered about, decorated with posters from her favorite movies and TV shows. I was surprised to see that she’d put up quite a few photos of our class around the edge of her vanity mirror, mostly with me in them.

I stood at the foot of her bed and, gazing wistfully, imagined Chelsea sleeping there. Karen moved behind me and wrapped both arms around my waist, her face touching mine. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re imagining Chelsea lying in that bed, aren’t you? Maybe in a cute little nightie… maybe in nothing at all.”

“I am. I won’t lie to you. I think about her all the time. And yes, I do love to picture her naked.” I paused. “Are you truly serious about wanting me to make love to her?”

Karen slipped her hands under my blouse. My small breasts don’t require a bra, so much of the time, I don’t bother with one. I nearly swooned as she fondled my breasts and now very erect nipples.

“I want that more than anything,” she said. “Well, what I really want is to undress my daughter, then pleasure every inch of her beautiful body with my hands and mouth.”

“Oh, Karen, I want that too,” I whispered.

“I know that moms aren’t supposed to do those kinds of things to their little girls,” she continued. “But I want Chelsea to have a lover, to find out how good it can be with a woman before she starts thinking about boys.” She placed a warm kiss on my neck, making me sigh. “That’s where you come in.”

Karen lightly pinched my nipples, rolling them between her fingers and thumbs. The effect was immediate, a rush of warmth surging between my legs that made me dizzy.  My head lolled back against her shoulder and I breathed in the scent of Karen’s skin, feeling her right-hand travel down my tummy to the top of a very damp pair of panties.

As her fingers slid past my freshly shaved mound, Karen whispered, “You like to look at Chelsea’s ass. I’ve seen your eyes on it. I bet you want to cup that pretty bottom with both hands, while her naked body is pressed against yours.” She traced the opening of my cunt with a finger, making me whimper. “Do you fantasize about spreading her cheeks apart, then lightly stroking that sweet little rosebud with your finger? Or would you prefer to lick her there… the tip of your tongue gliding up and down through Chelsea’s crack? Do you dream of rimming little girls, Kim?”

“Yes!” I cried, past the point of knowing or caring. I felt my knees starting to buckle as Karen teased me closer and closer to release. “Please, please make me come.”

Karen braced me from falling as a massive orgasm raged through my body. I was filled with visions of Chelsea. The feel of her, the taste of her skin, her smell, the sound of the girl calling out my name as I gave her pleasure. I whispered that lovely name as my climax reached its peak — wanting her, needing her.

I came down from this sexual high, tiny shivers running through my body. Karen held me tightly against her, not letting me fall. Finally steadying myself, I turned to take her in my arms and assaulted her lips, cheeks and neck with kisses, whispering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Soon enough, my gratitude had hardened into raw, naked lust. I all but tore Karen’s blouse off, then my lips found her nipples. I licked and playfully bit those hard nubs, my hands gliding down until I was clutching her denim-covered ass. Dropping to my knees, I unbuttoned her 501’s and slid them to the ground, then pulled them off, followed by her thong. Quickly rising, I grabbed Karen’s ass with both hands, lifted her up, then threw her onto Chelsea’s bed. She landed with a bounce, and I was on top of her in an instant.

Looking deep into her eyes, I said, “Now, I’m going to show you what I want to do to your daughter,” and kissed her passionately.

Breaking away, I stood up and stripped out of my clothes, then knelt at the foot of the bed, grabbed Karen by the hips and dragged her ass to the edge. In one motion, I shoved her knees apart and back, so her pussy and anus were entirely exposed to me.

Without hesitation, my lips smothered her asshole in a deep, hungry kiss. I made my tongue into a point and speared it into her, then licked my new lover from her anus to her clit.

Karen grabbed my head, her fingers entwined in my hair as she held me between her legs. “That! Do that! Don’t stop,” she begged. “Oh, God, yes. Fuck me with your tongue!”

Over and over, I licked the cleft of her sex until I felt Karen’s thighs tense, trapping my head between them as she came. Her orgasm was intense, and I had to brace myself as she twisted and bucked beneath me. Her sweet cream flowed copiously into my waiting mouth and I drank down every drop as if it, alone, could sustain me for life.

Her legs loosened their vice-like grip, and I crawled up to lie beside Karen’s body. Spent, we kissed gently, but with genuine passion.

After a few minutes of cuddling, Karen said, “I have a surprise for you.” She jumped up from the bed and opened Chelsea’s closet. I saw her delve into a laundry hamper and paw through its contents, soon emerging with a handful of dirty panties.

“My, my… what do we have here?” she cooed. Sitting back down on the bed with legs crossed, she deposited four or five pairs of Chelsea’s undies between us. I sat up so that we were facing each other, looking down at the colorful pile.

I reached for a peppermint-striped pair of panties and Karen slapped my hand away. “Oh, no. Look, but don’t touch.” She picked up a pale blue pair of cotton underpants and held them up with both hands. “She wore these yesterday. I know because she paraded around the house in them all day long. God, she is adorable in these. I’m not sure if Chelsea knew what she was doing to me, but the effect was still the same. By the end of the day, all I wanted was to kneel before my little girl, take hold of the waistband, slide them down to her ankles and… well, I’ll leave it at that.” She sighed. “I knew I had to talk to you soon, or I might do something with my daughter that I would regret.”

Karen opened the panties, peering inside, then glanced up at me with an impish smile. “You know… it looks to me as if she might have masturbated in these.”

I was trembling inside. “Can I see? Please?”

Turning Chelsea’s panties inside out, Karen held the gusset up for me to see. She was right — traces of Chelsea’s juices lingered there.

Karen brought those pretty blue panties to within an inch of my face. “Smell them,” she whispered.

I began to roll my nipples between fingers and thumbs, breathing in Chelsea’s essence. It was an earthy, yet delicate fragrance that made my heart race. I looked up into Karen’s eyes just as a small orgasm shuddered through me.

“Wow! I’ve never seen anyone come from just playing with their nipples before,” she said, grinning with delight. “That’s crazy.”

With that, I grabbed the striped pair of panties from the pile and held them right under Karen’s nose. “Smell them. You know you want to.” She hesitated, but quickly succumbed to her passion and inhaled the musky scent of her daughter.

Taking the panties from me, Karen pressed them to her face as I leaned down and took one of her nipples between my lips to suck. In a short time, she had her own orgasm.

“Oh, my God! That was wild. I can’t believe you got me off that way,” Karen said. “That was amazing.”

“Oh, I’m a woman of many talents,” I told her.

I saw her expression turn from astonished to predatory.  “Well, it’s my turn now, and I’m gonna make you fucking scream.”

Karen shoved me back and rolled me over so I was face down in the covers on Chelsea’s bed, covers that were perfumed with the smell of her. Karen positioned herself between my legs, lifting my hips up enough to leave my ass crack fully exposed to her. I felt her hands spreading my cheeks apart, then she lightly blew against my tightest hole so I could feel it inside. That was how I knew that Karen had me wide open.

Pressing my face deeper into the pillow, still bathing in the scent of Chelsea, I waited, my body taut as piano wire, for what I hoped and prayed would come next. I wasn’t disappointed — as I felt the tip of Karen’s tongue as she began to rim my asshole.

A shiver raced through me, and I raised my face from the pillow just long enough to gasp, “Fuck! Mmmm, Karen, that feels so good. Please, don’t stop.”

As her tongue probed the opening of my anus, Karen slid a hand between my legs, seeking the wetness that flowed there. She began to finger me, using her thumb to tease my clit. For the third time, I was building to a climax brought on by my beautiful, attentive lover.

But before I could come, Karen raised her face from my ass and quickly replaced her tongue with a finger. In one stroke, she pushed her finger into my rectum, right up to the third knuckle. A split second later, she shoved two fingers into my cunt. I thrust a hand down there to maul my clit while Karen fucked me in both holes.

Seconds later, I came, nearly screaming the house down. I rode the wave as far as it would take me, then went limp, slumping over onto my side.

Karen laid down next to me and, with a bad-girl grin, proffered her hand, which was glistening with wetness. We came together to lick and suck her fingers, cleaning them of my juices, then our mouths met in a delightfully messy kiss.

She finally broke away, her expression wistful. “Kim, we need to get cleaned up. Jim and Chelsea will be home soon. We’ve got just enough time to take a quick shower, make ourselves presentable and tidy up her bed.”

When Jim and Chelsea arrived half an hour later, they found us seated on the back porch, each sipping from a glass of wine. Chelsea was over the top about her evening. She and her father had dined at the top of the Space Needle, then took in a showing of Frozen 2.

We chatted for a while longer, then Karen told Chelsea to give me a goodbye hug, then get ready for bed. I took the child in my arms and held her, trying to convey every bit of the love I felt in that warm embrace.

Once I’d released her, I said my own goodbyes. Mother and daughter saw me out, and I thanked Karen for a lovely evening. They made their way back toward the front door, and Karen glanced back to give me a smoldering look that said everything about the delights we’d just shared. Chelsea turned to wave one last time before the door closed.

As I drove away I knew I’d sleep well, dreaming of an amazingly passionate woman and her beautiful daughter.


About fifteen minutes after Kim’s departure, Karen went to Chelsea’s room to tuck her daughter in. “I’m glad you had a great evening, little one,” she said. I can see why you like Ms. Johnson so much. We had a wonderful evening getting to know each other.”

“Oh, Mommy, I knew you’d like her. She’s the best.”

“Goodnight, darling,” Karen said, turning off the light.

“G’night, Mommy,” Chelsea replied before her mother closed the door.

Snuggling into the blankets, Chelsea thought about that nice hug Ms. Johnson had given her. She’d always loved how her teacher smelled, and being in the woman’s arms had given her the opportunity to fall into that sweet aroma, letting it surround her completely.

As the child closed her eyes, slowly drifting into slumber, it seemed as if she could still detect it somehow, the enchanting scent of the teacher that she loved so very much.

On to Chapter Three!


A Mother’s Plea, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 10, 2020 at 2:52 pm

by 3 Fingers Neat

I jumped when I heard Karen’s voice. “Isn’t she just too cute?”

It was fall in Washington state, and the youth soccer season was in full swing. Many of my fifth-grade students played soccer, so I dropped by most Saturdays to watch them. This group was U12 Girls, an age group classification designating girls under twelve years of age. Most of my kids were eleven, so they played in the U12 group.

I was at this specific game because I got an invitation from Chelsea, one of my students, to come and watch her play. She said that if I came, she’d score a goal for me. As I stood on the sideline, Chelsea’s mother, Karen, came up from behind and surprised me with her question. I was startled and hoping she hadn’t noticed that I’d only been watching Chelsea for the past fifteen minutes.

“Oh, they’re all cute,” I said, trying to seem casual about it.

Karen leaned against my back, her breath noticeable against my cheek, “Yeah, but she’s your favorite.”

Turning to face her, I said, “I’m not allowed to have favorites.”

There was amusement in Karen’s eyes. “You seem to find your way to every one of Chelsea’s games, Kim. Look around, some of your students are playing right now on three of the different pitches. I don’t ever see you watching those games. Just Chelsea’s team, and you seem to only be looking at her.”

I took a half step back but, with a light touch on my arm, Karen stopped me. “It’s okay,” she said. “You get to have a favorite. I know that Chelsea’s yours.”

“She, um, invited me to come today. She said she’d score a goal for me. I’m watching her so I don’t miss it.” I hoped that my response would be enough of an explanation for Karen.

“You do know she likes you, right?”

“She’s a great kid, and so helpful in class. I like her, too.”

Karen laughed lightly, “That’s not what I meant. She has a crush on you.”

With that, she turned away and walked away from the other parents, towards the parking lot. A quick nod over her shoulder told me she wanted me to follow. We stopped just far enough away from the other parents so they couldn’t hear our conversation, but close enough to see the pitch.

“Chelsea talks about you all the time. When she was getting ready today, all she could talk about was you coming to watch her play.”

“It isn’t uncommon for students to like a particular teacher… or even think they have a crush on one,” I said.

“Oh, it’s a crush, all right. Trust me. She went on and on about you after our pool party last month. Thanks for coming, by the way. The kids loved having you there. Afterwards, she couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful you are,  and how much she liked your swimsuit.

“That week, I noticed certain… changes in Chelsea. Her bedroom door was closed more than normal and her panties were very messy when I washed them. Then one night, I heard her masturbating in her room. Do you know whose name Chelsea moans when she’s fingering herself?”

“Karen, this is entirely inappropriate,” I pleaded. “I am your daughter’s teacher. You’re her mother, for God’s sake. This discussion shouldn’t be happening.”

“Relax, Kim. This is just between us. And it’s not like I don’t already know that you like women. Young ones, at that.”

“That is simply not true,” I said frantically.

She touched my arm. “Kim, don’t worry. I’m not going to tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me.”

“What makes you so sure I’m a lesbian?” I huffed.

“Let’s just say that a certain grade school principal knows quite a bit about what happened in your room after school last year with Rachael Miller.”

“Ms. Randall? She – she knows?” I stammered.

“The same, and yes.”

“So, what is this? Am I in trouble?”

“No, of course not. I’m fine with it. In fact, it’s only fair you know that I learned of your indiscretion with young Miss Miller while my face was between the principal’s legs.” She smiled. “You see, you’re not the only one in this small town with a secret to keep.”

My heart was hammering as I struggled to process all of this. “Ms Randall? Really? I didn’t know. She’s married and definitely doesn’t seem the type. And you? Oh, my.”

“Kim, it really isn’t all that uncommon. I don’t work, and Jim is always on one of his sales trips or out late. I’m alone a lot of the time. It’s just Chelsea and me. I get lonely, and I’m really not interested in having an affair with a guy. That would definitely get around. Plus, guys are simply too much work and I’ve always liked women. I’m surprised you’ve never caught me checking you out.”

“Well, I’ve seen you looking, and definitely considered the possibility during the pool party. I seem to remember you spending a lot of time in the kitchen with me, while I was putting my fruit salad together.”

“I’m sure I just wanted the recipe,” Karen joked.

“Karen, what’s this all about? I like Chelsea, sure. She’s adorable and has the sweetest personality of all my kids. If they were all like her, I’d be the happiest teacher in the world.”

“Oh, she’s a great kid. I know that as well as anyone but, honestly, you really don’t know how adorable she can be. I can’t believe I’m telling you this, but I need your help.”

“My help? What do you want me to do?”

Karen only sighed. My eyes followed hers as she looked towards the pitch at her eleven-year-old daughter. In an almost dreamy voice, she said, “You should see her at home when it’s just the two of us. She rarely wears a lot of clothes. It’s always shorts or yoga pants and a tank top or sports bra. This summer it was just panties and a tank top. It’s more than I can handle.”

She turned back to me. “From all her soccer, Chelsea is really fit. With those long legs, I know she’s going to be fairly tall like me, though I sure don’t remember having an ass like hers at eleven. Her bottom in a pair of panties is perfection, and her nipples are constantly poking through her tops when she’s cold. It’s just too much for me.” Karen sighed again, shaking her head.

“Yesterday, I was on my laptop in the living room when Chelsea walked by and stopped to pet our dog Luke. She was wearing a pair of old, almost threadbare Disney panties that are much too small for her. When she bent over I could see those panties pull up into her butt crack. The material was so thin, I swear I could see right through it. I was practically salivating.”

I was utterly shocked. “Karen, she’s your daughter!,” I said, trying to keep my voice down so the other parents wouldn’t hear me.

“I know, Kim. It’s wrong. So wrong. But we’re together all the time and the sight of her is really getting to me. And from what I hear going on in her room when she touches herself, it’s very clear you’re getting to her.“

All I wanted to do right then was flee. “Karen, I…”

She stopped me with a hand on my arm. “Kim, this is important. I need you to help me before I do something foolish.”

“ I… I don’t know what I can do to help you with any of this.”

“Then I’ll just come out and say it. I need you to make love to my daughter.”

What?” My voice was loud enough that other parents turned to look at us. With a helpless shrug, I mouthed “Sorry!” to the mothers and fathers of the other girls before turning back to our conversation. “For God’s sake, Karen, I can’t do that!” I whispered as the onlookers refocused on the game.

“I wouldn’t have thought so, either, if I hadn’t learned about your relationship with Rachel. Look, Chelsea is becoming… sexual. I’m not sure if that’s the right way to say that, but I see the changes in my daughter. I hear her in there, behind that door – three times a day, at least. Chelsea can get pretty loud when she comes. And afterwards, her room always smells like sex. God, the scent of her! It makes my head spin.

“That’s hard enough for me to take, but it gets worse. Lately, she wants to cuddle all the time, and even asked me to take a nap with her last weekend. That surprised me so much that I spilled water down my front when she asked. I went to change my shirt, and I was so turned on I stood in my closet, pinching my nipples while I thought about spooning with her.

“I’ll tell you something else… I don’t think the way Chelsea bent over in front of me yesterday was an innocent mistake. I think it was intentional, that she’s starting to flirt with me. If this keeps up, I’m going to end up making a move on her… and I’m afraid that she’ll let me, and we’ll end up in bed together.  Or, even worse, she decides to explore other avenues for sex. I’m not even sure how she’d go about it, but I know it wouldn’t be good.”

“Karen, this is crazy. We can’t talk about this. We can’t even think about it. Someone will find out. I’d lose my job!”

“Listen to me, Kim. No one will find out. The only people who will know are you, me and Chelsea. And Chelsea won’t tell anyone. That girl is like a vault when it comes to secrets.”

“But… I mean, how exactly are we supposed to do something like this?” I realized, hearing my own words, that I wasn’t just entertaining the idea of sex with Chelsea, but already working out how to make it happen.

Everything Karen said about Chelsea rang true for me. I had seen her around the school and in my classroom often enough to know exactly what her body looked like. The sight of her in gym shorts and a tank top as she jogged around the track with the other girls made me weak inside.

What Karen didn’t suspect was that I also knew firsthand that Chelsea was masturbating with me as her muse. Every Tuesday after school, a group of students meets with a dance instructor for lessons in the school gym. I regularly find my way there to watch the girls dance. Sometimes, I even join them. Last week, Chelsea excused herself to go to the toilet. Once she left, I followed her into the bathroom without giving my presence away. The school was empty save for the dance class, a few teachers and the janitor, so we were alone in the bathroom.

When I entered, Chelsea was already in the furthest stall from the door, where I could hear her relieving herself. I was just about to sneak back out when I heard the unmistakable sound of fingers on a very wet pussy and a little moan. Then I heard the sound of my own name. “Oh… oh, Ms. Johnson!” Chelsea whispered as she came.

As she flushed the toilet, I made a hasty exit from the bathroom. That night, I laid in bed and played that moment over and over in my mind while I fingered myself into a stupor.

Karen pulled me out of my thoughts with her answer. “I’ve got it all figured out. Thanksgiving is just a few weeks off, and Jim and I want to get away for a quiet weekend, just the two of us. We’re planning on leaving early Friday morning and returning late Sunday night. If we can’t find somewhere for Chelsea to go, somewhere where she doesn’t feel like she’s being dumped for the weekend, we’ll have to take her with us. What do you think about having a long weekend with Chelsea at a very nice hotel, my treat? I know she’d jump at the chance of spending time alone with you. I’ll tell Jim that she’s staying with a friend. He won’t ask any questions. What do you think?”

“Karen, I… I just don’t know. There’s too much to think about. I’m not saying no, but I need time to process this.”

“How about we do this, then. Jim and Chelsea are going out this afternoon at four. Jim thinks that taking Chelsea out for dinner and a movie a couple of times a month will make up for all the time he’s off at work. What the hell, Chelsea looks forward to it, so I can’t complain. Why don’t you pop over just after four and we’ll have a glass of wine and talk it through. They’ll be gone until nine, at the earliest. Maybe I can… convince you.”

I knew immediately what convincing me would entail – and after our discussion, I was feeling very much in the mood for some of Karen’s persuasion. “Okay, I’ll be there about 4:15. Let’s go watch the game, shall we?”

We walked towards the pitch just in time to hear the whistle ending the first half, the score tied 0-0. Chelsea ran off the field and directly towards us. With outstretched arms, she hugged me, talking a mile a minute.

“Ms. Johnson! Thank you for coming. I almost scored that goal for you. I had a couple of chances, but their keeper is really good and she stopped them. Are you gonna stay for the second half?”

From the look on her face, I knew that the only answer I could give was yes. “Of course I’m staying. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

“Chelsea,” Karen said, “Go get a snack and some water, so you don’t bonk in the second half.”

“Mom, no one uses the word, “bonk.” It was cute to see Chelsea roll her eyes at her mom, but with a cute little smile that let us know that she was teasing. Then she grabbed Karen’s hand and dragged her over to where the other mothers were hovering around their girls. Seeing the two of them together, it was plain to see that Karen and Chelsea had a very good relationship.

The second half of the game was a much different affair. Chelsea was on fire. Within five minutes she had scored a goal and five minutes later, a second. The other team scored two goals in rapid succession soon after. With time running out in the game and the score tied, Chelsea stole the ball from one of the opposing players and turned to take it down the field. We all thought she’d take it in for a third goal and her first hat trick but, at the last moment, Chelsea saw a teammate running to the goal with no one guarding her. The pass was perfect and the other girl, who we later learned had never scored before, put in the game winner just as time ran out.

Chelsea was the first one to congratulate her teammate just before all the other players mobbed her and lifted her up to carry her off the pitch. As Chelsea walked off the field, I saw a look of satisfaction on her face, a look that made me realize what made her so very special.

The game over, everyone started drifting toward the exit. I said hello to some of my other kids, then walked to the parking lot with Karen and her daughter. Chelsea thanked me over and over for coming to the game, and I thanked her for scoring that goal for me. She gave me a funny look when I said that and replied, “But Ms. Johnson, both my goals were for you.”

With tears welling in my eyes, I did the only thing I was capable of at that moment and hugged her. Chelsea wrapped both arms around me to return the hug, her cheek resting against my breast. And for the first time, as we stood there caught up in a warm embrace, I began to seriously consider the possibility of taking this precious little girl as my lover.

When I looked up, Karen gave me a smile, one that told me she was well aware of just how deep down the rabbit hole I had gone.

Onward to Chapter Two!

Author’s Note: This is my first attempt at writing… anything. I hope/pray it is up to the standard of the many fine writers here. I would like to thank Jetboy for his help editing my work. He accepted my story, warts and all, and cleaned it up, improving it in the process. Thank you, my friend.


Arizona Nights, Chapter 2

  • Posted on March 29, 2020 at 3:01 pm

by Pretty Pink Taco



After that night, it was hard to think about anything else. Adriana, my sixteen-year-old sister, was my obsession. A few nights went by and she had hardly spoken to me. She did bring me home some chocolate bars I like once.

When Mami was around Adriana didn’t leave her room. One day Adriana came home with a woman, a grown-up lady with short hair, like a boy. She had on a big flannel shirt and blue jeans.

“Hello,” the woman said to me. I smiled politely.

“Come,” Adriana said to her as they went into her room and shut the door. I hurried over to listen in.

“Your sister is really cute, too,” the woman said.

“Do you want to go on the bed?” my sister asked her.

“I’ll give you $100 if you get your sister in here, too,” she said.

“No way,” Adriana replied, shocked.

“$200. Monica told me she likes ladies, too.”

“She’s only ten!”

“I know, I like them real young.”

I could hear my sister walk toward the door and I bolted toward the couch. When she came out, I saw she was topless.

“Hey Isa,” she said to me, “Do you want to hang out in my room?” I nodded rapidly. “Okay, but you have to do what we tell you to.”

“Okay,” I said, getting myself excited.

“Oh my god, she’s perfect,” the woman said when I walked through the door. “What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Isabel,” I told her.

She sat on my sister’s bed. “Help little Isabel out of her clothes,” she said to my sister. My sister walked over to me and lifted my shirt over my head roughly. “Hey! Be gentle. There is a plastic bag in my backpack there, put those clothes on her.”

My sister undressed me completely and the woman’s eyes were glued on me the whole time.

“Put the collar on Isabel,” she said. My sister stood in front of me, her nipples in my face as she fastened a black leather collar around my neck. It had a long leather leash attached to it. I thought it was the strangest thing. “Wait,” she said before my sister did anything else. “Tie her hands up. Put the rope over the door and close it so she can’t move. There is some black rope in my bag.”

“You’re so weird,” my sister said to the woman as she did what she was told. She tied my arms up, avoiding eye contact with me. My hands were raised up above my head and I was completely naked. I was nervous because my sister didn’t seem to be happy but I was excited to be naked again and having someone admire me.

“Now,” the woman said, “Spread her legs open and lick her little pussy.”

Oh my god! Yes! Yes! Thank you, weird lady! I officially loved her. My sister was going to lick MY pussy. I began to get very turned on.

“Spread your legs,” my sister said to me and I did.

“Good girl,” the woman said. Her jeans were off, her blouse unbuttoned and she was rubbing between her legs like a maniac. “Look at each other while you do it.”

My sister got on all fours in front of me and looked up at me. She leaned forward and took one small lick. My body shivered. I looked down at her as I was told. Our eyes were locked. She licked me over and over again, just on the outside of my lips over the slit. I loved being watched and tied up. I loved everything about it. Each lick would send jolts throughout my body, making my toes curl.

“Okay, my turn,” the woman said, getting up off the bed toward me.

“Look, she’s just a little kid,” my sister told her.

“I know,” the woman grinned, licking her lips and getting on her knees.

My sister got up quickly and grabbed her phone and took a few pictures. “Get away from her you fucking dyke bitch,” she yelled.

The woman’s face became enraged. I had no idea what was going on. “What’d you say?”

“I’m taking these pictures to the cops if you don’t get the fuck out and leave us alone!”

“Then give me my money back, you little bitch!” The woman got up and began to button up her shirt.

“Fuck you! Get the fuck out! I’m calling the cops right now!” Adriana screamed.

“Fucking little bitch,” the woman muttered. I genuinely felt bad for the woman, she was a little weird-looking but she seemed nice. Adriana held her phone and was shaking.

The woman put her clothes on and packed her things. She then opened the door, loosening the rope that held me up and left the room. Soon we heard the front door slam.

“Oh, Isa, I’m so sorry!” my sister cried. I had no idea why she was crying. Did she see something I didn’t? She undid the collar from my neck and gave me a tight hug. I loved feeling her boobs on my chest. “I’m so, so sorry!”

“It’s okay,” I consoled her, rubbing her back.

“I should be protecting you, you’re all I have,” she told me pulling back, eyes full of tears.

“I like playing these games with you,” I admitted.

She laughed. “You’re so cute, I know you do. I like them, too.”

I loved my sister so much.

“Let’s take a shower,” she said, “I feel so gross. I’m going to wash my sheets too. She smelled dirty.”


Nothing happened in the shower, although I wish something had. She slapped my butt a few times and sometimes I’d touch hers. She did wash me though and I washed her.

She let me use her pink bathrobe and wrapped my hair in a towel like a teenage girl. I felt grown up because it was too big on me.

“Ready for your mani/pedi, madam?” she joked.

“Can you give me one, really?”

“Sure, go pick a color from my room,” she said as she toweled off her long hair.

I raced to her room and grabbed 4 or 5 different colors off her shelf.

“Tonight?” I overheard my sister talking on the phone. My heart sank, she was going to leave me again. “No, sorry. I’m hanging with my sister tonight…”

I smiled to myself.



“Who is home after school?”

“My mom.”

“You told me your mom works nights last week.”

“She got a new shift,” I lied. The guidance counselor at school wouldn’t lay off.

“Fine. I really want you to focus on the SATs this fall. You have a strong chance to make it into a top school.”

“Yeah, right. I don’t have the grades. And none of my friends are taking it this early.”

“If you ace them, you’ll have a good shot. Did you put together the list of schools you’d like to apply to with their respective programs?”


“Adriana,” she nagged me, “Should I have a word with your mother?”

“Listen, my mom doesn’t give a shit about any of this. She’s busy.”

“Hey! Language!” she said sternly.

“Look, Ms. Price, I really appreciate your help and all that. I just don’t really know anyone who went to college,” I told her, crossing my arms.

“You know me,” she smiled. Our eyes locked for a second.

Ms. Price was young and a bit plain. She had just graduated a few years ago — I forget from where. She wore cardigans and pearls, real preppy-looking. She was thin and not at all curvy, but her clothes really flattered her body. She dressed like the white people in the J. Crew catalogs. Her eyes were brown and her hair was always dark, neat and shoulder length.

It was hard for me to picture her naked because her clothes were never tight, but she did have an amazing, long neck and nice jawline when she’d turn her head.

“If you ever want to study or need extra help outside of school, tell me. We can meet at a coffee shop or something,” she offered.

“Ha, coffee shop? I’ve seen those in movies.”

“What?” she laughed, “You’ve never been to a coffee shop? Starbucks or anything?” she asked, puzzled. I shook my head. “Okay, then my treat! I’m serious.”

“Do you extend this help to all of your other charity cases, or am I just special?” I smirked, leaning closer to her desk.

“Do you like being special, then?” she asked, leaning in as well.

Fuck, I suddenly wanted her. Was she flirting with me?

“If it’s with someone like you,” I responded.

“Then, let’s say that you are,” she winked at me. “What’s going on with your boyfriend?”

“We broke up.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry. How do you feel about that?”

“Pretty great. He’s an asshole,” I blurted. She glared at me. “Sorry.”

“Well, how soon do you want to start with the study sessions?”

“Uhm, give me your number.”

“I’m not usually allowed to, but here you are,” she wrote it down on a post-it note. “Do NOT give this out, Adriana, I’m serious.”

“Don’t worry, it’s cool.”

“I’m putting a lot of trust in you. Do you trust me?”

“Trust is earned,” I laughed and she pursed her lips into a grin. “I’ll text you right now so you know it’s me.”

I suddenly felt devilish. This is what I sent her:

To MP: Sometimes when you wear skirts, I can see your panties.

She looked down at her phone on her desk and opened it. She then crossed her legs, knees together, under the desk.

To MP: Although it gets me wet thinking about what color they’ll be, I’d rather you wear none at all.

“How’s today?” I asked her, as if I didn’t just send her two dirty texts.

“Today works,” she said, her voice cracking a bit.

Her phone lit up with one more text. I really wanted to test the limits.

To MP: Spread your legs open, let me have a good look.

She swallowed hard. Her breathing sped up and she rested her chin in her palm with her elbow on the desk as she fidgeted with her hair. I stared at her, waiting for her to obey me. She looked over at the closed door and then down at her desk as she uncrossed her ankles and slowly spread her knees apart.

I spread my legs as well and rubbed the outside of my jeans between my legs slowly.

“You need to cut that out,” she said halfheartedly.

“Do you really want me to stop?”

“No,” she said quietly, her cheeks turning red.

“Well, we have 20 more minutes. Want to show me that list of colleges you pulled for me last time?”

She knew what I wanted, an excuse to move my chair by hers and to have our knees touch, like they had a few times before. As she clicked through her computer, I put my hand over her hand on the mouse.

Her breathing became heavy and controlled. I was nervous my own damn self, cause she was a teacher. I could get in so much trouble.

“Do you like being touched?” I whispered. She nodded. I stroked her middle finger with mine.

“Do you like me?” I whispered again. She nodded.

“I want you, do you want me?” I said more closely to her ear. She nodded again and turned her head to face me, our lips were inches apart.

I didn’t realize so many women were this submissive. I thought my sister was because I’m older, but Ms. Price was much older than me.

“Go unlock your car. I’ll be waiting there for you after school. You have that gray Mercedes, tinted windows, right?” I asked. She nodded again and grabbed her car keys off the desk. I picked up my backpack and left her office.


“Where were you?” my little sister Isabel asked as soon as I came through the door. It was 8:30 pm and she was sitting next to a bowl of popcorn on the couch.

“None of your business,” I told her, putting my bag down near the door. I rushed to the couch and plopped down beside her.

“No popcorn for you!” she shouted jokingly and grabbed the bowl, hugging it close to her chest.

I stuck my entire face in the bowl and scooped a few pieces into my mouth with my tongue, making her shriek and giggle with excitement.

“No! My popcorn!” she pretended to cry.

“Hey,” I said to her more seriously and she looked at me with her big, brown eyes. She was so much more beautiful than I’ll ever be. I was always proud to tell people she was my sister — everyone would comment on how gorgeous she was or was going to be. “Can I get a kiss?”

She leaned forward and eagerly pressed her lips on mine.

“Mmm, again,” I said and she kissed me again, her lips falling in between mine. “Mmmm, again, but a real kiss this time.”

Our tongues found each other quickly, gently at first and then deeper and deeper. She kissed with so much longing and desire. I felt as if she wanted my entire soul to jump into her mouth.

I felt a little bad knowing Ms. Price’s pussy juices had been all over my lips just twenty minutes ago. We never made it to the coffee shop.

“I have something to show you later,” I tell her.

“Really? Show me now.”

“Are you deaf? Later, I said,” I told her firmly and half-jokingly. I went over to the kitchen to make us something to eat for dinner.

It was really hard for me to stop touching my sister. I was alright most nights, but then I would get horny beyond control. I tried to stop looking at her because the more I did, the more I wanted her. I didn’t consider myself a lesbian, I guess. It’s just that sometimes I want girls, too. There was nothing specific to little girls that I liked in particular, just my sister.

After that incident with the lesbian from the gas station, our entire relationship had changed. I loved her and I wanted her to know that. But it was hard for me to say the words to her. For a long time, I thought that Mami had given her everything and I had gotten nothing. But, lately, I’ve realized she doesn’t have Mami around often enough, and since Papi was deported, we mostly just had each other.

After heating up some leftovers again, I got us some blankets to watch television.

“No cartoons, no kiddie shit,” I told her.

I took the remote and put on a reality dating TV show. Isabel kept calling out women who were pretty or who had “big boobs”.

“Adri, can I lay on you?” she asked innocently.

Damn, she was going to kill me. It took everything in me to not suck on her little clit or drag my pussy across her face. I started getting wet right away.

“No, stay on your side.”

“Come on, please,” she begged, “I can take my shirt off if you want.” I didn’t respond. She sighed, “Do you want me to take my shirt off?” I was ignoring her at this point. “Okay,” she said and lifted her shirt over her head. I didn’t want to look her way and pretended to watch TV.

Isabel crawled over to my end of the couch; my feet were up.

She slipped underneath the blanket and popped her head out of the other side, just above my chest. I fought back a smile.

“Do you want me to lift your shirt up?” she asked. I kept ignoring her, secretly liking this little game she was playing.

“Okay, I’m gonna do it.” She pulled my shirt up and I adjusted a bit, allowing her to do it more easily. “There we are,” she said, as if my boobs were two pairs of lost socks she had just found under the bed.

“Are you hot under there?” she said to my breasts, cradled in my bra.

I burst into laughter. “What are you doing, you little psycho?” I teased her.

She laughed and laid her head on my chest. I covered our bodies with the blanket while she rested on me and I caressed her hair.

“Adriana?” she said a few minutes later.

“What now?” I sounded annoyed, but I really wasn’t.

“I like it when you’re sexy-angry.”

Sexy-angry? What the hell did that mean? Well, I knew what it meant. I wondered if she would have been into fooling around with me if I hadn’t treated her so roughly.

“Well, get the fuck off me then,” I told her. She hesitated a moment and got off the couch. “Stand there and look at me.”

She was topless and beautiful. Her leggings marked the outline of her little pussy. I wanted to lick her there so badly.

“Take your pants and panties off,” I commanded, “Now!” I almost saw her giggle, that silly girl. “Mmm, yes,” I purred at the appearance of her little-girl slit.

“Come, sit on my face,” I told her, moving down on the couch so that I was completely flat. She rushed over and put her butt near my head on the couch. “No, stand over my head,” I told her. “If you step on my head I will kill you, Isa, not kidding.”

She laughed as she did as she was told. Her pussy seemed far away, yet also close as it hovered just above my face. Her legs, her ass, her slit. Oh my god, was I ready?

“Now, sit your pussy down on my mouth,” I instructed her. She kneeled down and scooted herself back to line herself up with my mouth. Her butt grazed my nose on the way.

“Ahh,” she squealed, feeling my tongue slip right between her lips almost immediately. I smacked her ass with my hand, and then pushed her hips down onto me more forcefully.

It was the best experience of my life. Tasting my sister’s sweet, gooey pussy, running my tongue from her clit to her entrance and back again. Sucking on her clit like a little raisin was my favorite part and hers.

“Oh, oh!” she moaned in a high-pitched noise. “Adri, oh my g–”

I went from long hard sucks to long wide licks, then just soft methodical sucking on her underdeveloped clit.

She began to rock against my face, humping herself on my mouth while she grabbed the arm of the couch. I spanked her little ass again and then brought my fingers up to pinch her nipples.

“Oww! Yes!” she moaned, “Yes!” I squeezed her thighs hard, burying my nails into her. “Adri, it’s going to happen!” she screamed, “Uhhhh!!”

She finally collapsed forward, pussy still on my mouth. I switched from her clit to her hole, lapping up as much of the sticky goodness as I could until my mouth ached.

“Get off me,” I mumbled from between her lips.

She climbed off my face, still catching her breath. A beautiful sight of a little girl satisfied. “You happy now?” I teased.


“Now, get over here and lick this mess off my face. You’re so sloppy when you’re horny. Look at this, it’s all over my chin. Cochina.”

“Hey, I’m not a pig!” Isa protested, but she did clean off my face with her little tongue.

Before going to bed that night, I had received a text from Ms. Price.

MP: Coffee this Friday?

Destined to appear here at some point in time: Chapter Three!


Ripples, Chapter 23

  • Posted on March 18, 2020 at 3:23 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


The first emotion to hit Jessica’s sister Laura when she entered the room was a surge of sexual excitement at what she saw: a writhing cluster of nude female bodies. It brought back sweet memories of the university pyjama parties where Laura had finally decided that she preferred Venus to Mars.

The second emotion was one of surprise, as Laura realised that some of the participants in this sapphic free-for-all were decidedly underage.

The third was utter shock when it struck Laura that three of the youngsters were her nieces, two were the daughters of Jessica’s next door neighbour, and the girls’ respective mothers were very much a part of the lesbian orgy.

Alice was engrossed in fucking her mum, watching the flesh-coloured shaft that jutted so proudly from her waist as she drove in and out of Jessica’s hungry cunt. She didn’t notice as the copper-haired, pony-tailed Lara Croft lookalike in denim shorts entered the room just behind her.

Rachel didn’t see Laura or hear her stunned cry of surprise, as her ears were covered by Poppy’s thighs while she continued to impale the little girl’s sweet pussy with her stiffened tongue.

Jessica failed to hear her sister’s voice or Poppy calling out her aunt’s name, because her body had chosen that particular moment to go off in a real knee-trembler of an orgasm, a hoarse cry of rapture breaking from Jess as she came.

It was the first full vaginal penetration she’d had since that steamy post-party evening with Rachel, who’d taken Jess with the same strap-on cock that Alice was currently sporting. Using it to fuck me, Jess told herself. My own daughter. My God, this is the wildest thing I’ve ever done.

When her mum cried out in ecstasy, Alice raised her head to see her little sister climb off Auntie Rachel’s face, wearing a panicked expression. Then, in her peripheral vision, she saw the three girls on the other sofa scrambling to disentangle from one another, snatching at sofa cushions and pillows to cover themselves, staring at something behind her.

Uh-oh, Alice thought — but before she could look back over her shoulder, Mum said, “Fuck, Alice, that was bloody amazing…“ Alice saw Rachel sit up with a surprised look on her face — like the others, staring in the direction of the door.

Heart pounding — and not just from exertion — the twelve-year-old slowly looked around.

“I’m sure it was, sis.”

Jess snapped her head around at the familiar voice, mouth going slack at the sight of her younger sister Laura, arms folded, standing in the doorway.

What the fuck…? Jessica could only stare. Laura was supposed to be on a magazine assignment in Eastern Europe, investigating swingers’ parties or something equally sordid.

A small, agonizing eternity later, Jessica managed to summon up the ability to speak. “Laura, what — what are you doing here?”

Laura gazed evenly at her older sibling. “Well, at the moment, I’m watching my big sister being fucked by my underage niece in the middle of a lesbian orgy with her children, her best friend and her best friend’s daughters. Am I summing this up correctly?”

“I — I can explain.” But can I? she wondered.

“Oh, this I’ve got to hear. I think I’ve just found my next big story. I can see the headline now, ‘Lesbian Incest Ring Discovered in Leafy Suburbia.’ I might even get a documentary out of it.”

“What? No, you can’t. For God’s sake, Laura — let’s discuss this like adults.”

Laura slowly shook her head. “I’m finding it difficult to have an adult conversation with my sister while she has a latex cock buried in her vagina. Especially when that particular latex cock is fastened around her twelve-year-old daughter’s waist.”

Jess turned to look behind her, almost surprised at the sight. “Alice, can you…”

Alice looked down as though only just noticing what she was up to, and began to extricate the fake cock from her mother, causing an involuntary and quite inappropriate moan from Jess, and undisguised wide-eyed amazement from Laura at the phallus her niece was sporting — which was ridiculously large in comparison with the young girl’s build.

Alice turned to face her aunt. Normally, she would rush to hug her, but realised that might not be such a good idea at present. Instead she simply said, “Hello, Aunt Laura,” without a trace of fear in her voice.

“Hello, Alice. It seems as if some, er, rather significant changes have taken place in this house since I’ve been away.”

“Yeah… I guess they have,” Alice said with a small nod.

Jess was relieved that Alice had refrained from making some clever remark, but the fact that she stood facing Laura without covering her nudity or trying to hide the contraption between her legs… well, that didn’t exactly help things.

Laura turned to the two women who were now grabbing for their clothes — gazing evenly at Rachel, whose figure she’d always envied; and sometimes looked upon with desire. “Oh, where are my manners? Hello, Rachel, nice to… see you again.” Her eyes travelled up and down the woman’s voluptuous body.

“Hello, Laura. Jess, do you want me and the girls to leave?”

Jessica considered the question for only a second. “No, we’re together now, and we’ll face this together.”

Rachel felt a surge of love, mixed with fear about what might happen next, but Jessica’s words were enough to stiffen her resolve.

Jessica turned to the girls who, except for Alice, were nestled together on the opposite sofa, concealing their nudity as best they could. “Girls, I think you’d better go upstairs while we talk.”

As Bella, Katie, Cindy and Poppy all scrambled to gather their clothes while still trying to cover themselves, Jess turned to Alice, who had also bent to pick up her discarded garments — presenting her backside to Aunt Laura, who couldn’t help but glance down, then quickly averted her eyes, checking that no one had seen her looking. Did Alice do that deliberately? she wondered.

Looking down at the now somewhat obscene apparatus dangling from her daughter’s hips, still glistening with her wetness, Jessica said, “Alice, I think you’d better leave that here, don’t you?” In her mind, Jess had a fleeting image of Alice using it on her girlfriend Bella.

“Ooops! Um, okay, Mum.” The teen began to fumble with the harness.

“Let me, sweetheart.” Zipping up her dress, Rachel moved to where Alice stood and squatted down to unbuckle the straps, then padded over to deposit the toy on the coffee table, resisting an impulse to take it in her mouth for a taste of Jessica’s cunt.

Barely able to meet her sister’s even gaze, Jess turned to her lover. “Rach, can you please get the girls sorted upstairs? I’ll make us some tea.”

Rachel glanced at Laura, who was looking at her in a funny kind of way, before she ushered the five girls towards the door, all of whom briefly looked at Laura before scooting out of the room. They all hastened up the stairs, except for Alice, who seemed reluctant to leave.

Once upstairs, Alice urged the other girls into her room. “Let’s all hang out in here, okay?”

“Listen,” Rachel said, “You girls need to stay put for the time being.”

“Are we in trouble, Mum?” Bella asked.

“Honey, I’m sure everything will be okay. Now just stay here.”

Rachel gently closed the door, standing for a moment to catch her breath, wondering if her optimism was completely misguided. With a sigh, she made her way downstairs.

The girls all sat on the bed, still trying to dress — except for Alice, who decided to remain naked. Bella’s new confidence had evaporated, and she now reverted to her timid, worried self. “What is she going to do, Ali? Will she report our mums to the police?”

“What? No, I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything like that. She loves us and wouldn’t do anything to get Mum in trouble… or break us up. I’m sure everything will be okay, once our mums explain.”

Bella didn’t reply, but a look of doubt was evident on her face, and the younger girls shared that look. Alice reached out to take Bella’s hand, then extended her other arm to gather their siblings together for a group hug. The girls moved into a silent circle of comfort, interrupted only by the smallest voice asking, “Are we in trouble, Ali?”

Alice shrugged, not really sure if she believed what she’d told the others. She was sorely tempted to creep along the landing to try and hear what was being said downstairs, but thought it best to remain with her sisters.

Downstairs, Jess had gone into the kitchen, followed by her sister. Laura paused at the door to look back on the remains of the interrupted orgy, noticing two pairs of discarded panties lying on the floor by one of the sofas and the latex prick her niece had used on Jess lying among the everyday items on the coffee table. Turning away, she made her way into the kitchen, where her sister was busy getting the teacups, milk and sugar ready while the kettle heated.

Laura seated herself on one of the high stools just as Rachel entered. The shapely brunette moved round the central island counter to help Jess, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor. When the kettle was hot, Jess poured the steaming water into a china teapot, her eyes averted from her sister’s gaze as Laura glanced from one woman to the other; no one speaking. After less than a minute, too soon for the tea to have properly steeped, Jess poured the amber liquid into the china cups.

It was Laura who finally broke the silence. “So… how long has this been going on?”

Jess took a deep breath and began. “Only a few weeks… Rachel and me, that is. The only person I’ve told is my assistant Caterina, and we’re both officially coming out to our employees on Monday. We planned to tell you, mum and Aunt Adele when the three of you were back.”

Laura’s face showed no hint of what she was thinking. “Including the little matter of having sex with your underage children…?”

Jess shook her head. “I mean about me and Rachel being together. I hadn’t actually thought about the rest, other than knowing we had to keep it a secret. I suppose I pushed it aside and hoped no one would ever find out.” She gave a shaky laugh. “Guess that didn’t work out very well.”

“How did it start, then?”

Jess took a sip of tea, then a deep breath. “You know, it’s been three years now since Mark left. I’ve hardly had a date since then, and the few men I did go out with were a complete waste of time. Well, a few weeks ago, Rachel and I were talking about my nonexistent love life, and we decided to have a girly night in — you know, a chick-flick and wine. Only the movie Rachel brought was, er… well, it was a porno DVD, but one that only featured women. With other women.”

Laura studied Rachel, feeling certain that she’d been the one who had turned her straitlaced sister. There’s no way Jess suddenly started watching lesbo porn and having sex with women. Not without encouragement.

“Anyway, one thing led to another, and we started making out. Just heavy kissing, nothing more than that. What I didn’t know at the time was that Alice saw us kissing… and later that night she watched me as I was, well, touching myself, watching Rachel’s DVD. She was peeking through my bedroom door.”

“Did you catch her at it?”

Jess shook her head. “No… she kept quiet — and at that moment, I only had eyes for the TV screen. That DVD had me hotter than a bloody pistol. I think that’s when I really began to wonder if I might be gay. The next day, Alice asked me flat-out if I was, and said that she’d seen me kiss Rachel. I told her that… that I wasn’t sure.

“So the next evening, Alice came into my room, wearing nothing but an old shirt; one of her father’s. She said that she’d been having thoughts about girls herself. Then… well, to make a long story short, she told me that if I wanted to have sex with her, she was willing.”

“She didn’t.” Laura breathed.

Rachel said, “I believe those are the exact two words I used when Jess told me about that.”

“I suppose Alice felt that she’d gone too far with that,” Jessica said. “She got very unhappy with herself, and tried to pretend the whole thing was a silly joke. I didn’t think it was right for her to feel so ashamed, so I… I told her the truth — that I’d had those kinds of thoughts about her, too.”

Did you, then? Christ almighty.” Laura shook her head in disbelief. “How did Alice respond to that?”

“Surprised,” Jess said, “but she got over that right away. “In fact, Alice asked me if I would kiss her. Really kiss her.”

Laura seemed dazed by this revelation. “What — what did you do?”

“Oh, I said no, of course, but she was so… well, you know how headstrong Alice can be. I think she gets it from you. I’m not blaming her in any way, absolutely not. It’s entirely my fault, I should have been firmer and given her a definite no, I realize that. It’s just that honestly, she did put forth a compelling case, and in the end, I… I thought it would be better to give her what she wanted than have her kissing some spotty boy who only cared about getting into her knicks.”

“Wait, wait,” Laura protested. “Much as I admire your good intentions, are you telling me that you had no desire to kiss Alice? You weren’t tempted by your daughter, not even a little?”

Jessica made a face, looking at the floor. “Oh, hell…” She sighed heavily, then said, “You always could see right through me, couldn’t you, baby sister? You’re right, of course — I didn’t want to feel that way, but… yeah, I was aroused by her.” She raised her head, forcing herself to make eye contact with Laura. “In fact, the morning after Rachel and I first kissed, I went into Alice’s room to wake her up — and when I pulled the covers down, she was… completely naked underneath. I couldn’t help myself; I had to look. My God, she was lovely…” She paused, then added, “I suppose it didn’t help that one of the scenes on that lesbian DVD of Rachel’s was about a mother making love to her daughter. Seeing that… well, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about, about being with Alice that way. I’m not saying I wanted to have sex with her, just that the idea popped into my head.”

Laura slowly nodded. “So when she asked you to kiss her…?”

“I was shocked at first, what mother wouldn’t have been? But damn it all… Alice had that old shirt fastened so low that I kept getting glimpses of her breasts, and it got obvious very quickly that she wasn’t wearing knickers. This, mind you, while she was telling me about looking at other girls in the shower after gym and getting turned on.

“Then she got behind me and started rubbing my shoulders, then I felt her lips touching my neck… and I don’t know how it happened, but we were kissing like lovers. Oh, Laura, I can’t begin to tell you how sweet, how beautiful, how good it was!” She hesitated, then simply came out with it. “I couldn’t say no to Alice, to what she wanted. We made love, and it was incredible.”

“I see,” said Laura.

Jess waited for her sister to say more, then shrugged and resumed the story. “About a week later, Rachel and I had real sex for the first time… and the night after that, I slept with Alice again.”

She decided to leave out the matter of Alice catching her with Sally and that later dalliance with her young blonde employee, thinking it might not be the best time to throw that at her sister.

Laura’s face still gave nothing away as she looked up at her sister. “I’m really happy you have someone, Jess, and the fact it’s a woman is obviously fine by me. Hell, I can even see why you might teach Alice about kissing; I used to practice with my friends and fancied some of their mums. But how do you go from that to having sex with all your daughters… and Rachel’s girls?” She shifted her gaze to Rachel. “Guess I ought to be asking you the same question.”

Jess thought for a moment. “To be really honest, I don’t really know for sure. I suppose that we ended up talking ourselves into the idea.”

“Well, it was something I’d already been thinking about,” Rachel said. “Bella was asking me questions about masturbation, I decided to show her how, and we ended up doing it together.” She shrugged. “For a few weeks afterward, I kept thinking about how I wanted to show her more.”

Jessica picked up the thread of the story. “I ended up telling Rachel about what I’d done with Alice, we discussed it, and somehow we came to the conclusion that it sort of made sense that mums should teach their daughters about sex, even sex between girls… then we asked ourselves, why shouldn’t we take a hands-on approach to it?”

Before Laura could counter with a pointed reply, Jessica quickly continued. “Mind you, I didn’t make a definite decision to get Katie or Poppy involved.”

“Well, I thought she should,” Rachel said. “The night I made love to my Bella for the first time, Cindy caught us naked and in bed together. I decided to be honest with her about what we’d done… and do you know, the very first thing she asked me was if I would teach her about sex, too!” Reaching out for Jessica’s hand, she took it in hers. “I didn’t think that Jess should exclude any of her girls from the chance to experience love.”

“Well, in my case, it was Alice who really made it happen,” Jessica said. “See, I had to go to a meeting one evening and left her in charge.” She paused. “When I got home, I caught Alice having sex with Katie. I already knew she liked girls, but I thought that when she experimented, it would be with a friend of hers, like Bella.

“Well, it was quite a scene… poor Katie was terrified! I made sure she hadn’t been forced into anything, then sat her down and told her about me and Rachel. That calmed her down — but of course, Alice couldn’t leave things at that. I still suspect that she set the whole scene up, hoping for me to catch them. Next thing I know, she’s making out with Katie right in front of me. I watched them, and it was beautiful and… well, I had to join in.” She glanced at Rachel, who gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

“So how did Poppy get involved?” demanded Laura. “You decided that you might as well complete the set?”

Jess looked hurt. “That’s not fair, damn it. I never intended any of this to happen, it wasn’t planned. I was lonely, things just got out of hand. I gave in. If you’d seen them that night, you would have done the same, I promise you. Why, the morning after, Alice and Katie crept into my room and made love to me again. Look, apart from one sleepover when I was twelve, I’d never even kissed a female until a few weeks ago!”

Now irked, she pointed an accusing finger at her younger sibling. “Listen, Laura… you may know what it’s like to have sex with women, but you can’t even begin to understand what I’ve been going through. First admitting to myself I might be gay, then finding out I’m in love with my best friend, then letting my twelve-year-old daughter convince me that I needed to have sex with her, and her little sisters!”

Realising that her tone had grown harsh, Jessica took a breath to steady herself, then spoke more softly. “So tonight, we got together to talk to our daughters about Rachel and me and our two families becoming one. Ask the girls tomorrow; they’ll confirm everything I’ve said. Sure, most people would say that we were bloody awful mothers… but I’m finding it harder and harder to give a toss what they think.”

“She’s right, Laura,” Rachel said. “I know that society thinks it’s a crime, but sharing pleasure with my daughters was the most wonderful experience. It’s made us closer than ever.”

“It did,” Jess agreed. “I know that we have to keep what we do secret, and I’m reconciled to that… but by Christ, I refuse to feel ashamed of what I’ve got with my children.”

Laura sat silently for what seemed an age, finally saying, “I… I need to think about this. I’ve been travelling all day and I’m positively knackered.”

“Are you going to tell Social Services on us? Or the police?” asked Jess, tensing slightly as she waited for her sister’s response.

Laura made a dismissive gesture. “Of course not! Listen, whatever has gone on, you’re still my sister, and I love you and the girls. Right now, though, this is all too much for me to absorb. I need to sleep on it.”

“The spare room is free. I’ll get you some bedding.” Jess quietly said, then left the room, heading upstairs.

When she was out of earshot, Rachel spoke up again. “Listen, Laura, Jess and I are in love… and I love her girls as much as if they were my own. Neither of us would do anything to hurt them. Alice and Bella have been experimenting with each other for some time, longer than me and Jess. I suspected something was going on but while my daughter is… was, very shy, Alice knew she liked girls. And once Jessica and I had made love to them, I believed that we should get their younger sisters involved.

“We’re determined to protect the girls, and made damn certain that they understand what we’re doing isn’t to be discussed outside the family. But they are willing participants, all of them, and happy about it. Please think carefully about this. I know Jess wouldn’t want to fall out with you, so if you say we must stop being intimate with our daughters, we will… but Jess and I are still going to be lovers, and Bella and Alice probably will, too. I’d even go as far as to say that the other three will feel left out if we can’t make love to them anymore. In fact, they’ll likely look elsewhere for sex, and who knows where that may lead. All I’m asking is that you trust us.”

Laura rubbed her face with both hands; partly from exhaustion, partly confusion. “This is all too much for me right now. Give me time to think. I promise not to hit you guys with any ultimatums just yet. Okay?”

Just then, Jess returned. “Your room is ready, the one at the end of the landing. There are clean towels in the big bathroom if you want a shower.” She looked from Laura to Rachel, who shrugged to indicate she had no idea what else to do or say.

Slowly rising to her feet, Jessica’s sister got up and tottered into the hall to pick up a small bag. Looking back at the two women, she said, “We’ll talk more about this in the morning,” and mounted the stairs.

Jess and Rachel exchanged a glance, then drifted together in a hug. As they broke apart, Rachel asked, “What do you think she’ll do? She’s your sister… and apparently gay as well, which came as something as a surprise. I can’t believe you never told me about that!”

“Bisexual, actually, but she’s always preferred women. Honestly, Rach, I don’t know how this will play out. I’m sure she won’t tell the authorities, but she might force us to stop with the girls… or even tell my mother.”

“I suppose there’s nothing we can do about it now. Let’s go to bed, and face the music in the morning.“

Jess cupped Rachel’s face in her hands and gently kissed her. “You’re right. We’ll talk to the girls first, though. They’re probably worried sick.”

She briefly considered washing up the cups and teapot, but settled for a quick rinse and placing everything in the sink. A bit of washing up left over is nothing, compared to what we might be confronted with tomorrow.

She turned off the lights, made sure the front door was locked, then both women went upstairs.

Rachel pointed to Alice’s door, and they quietly opened it and slipped inside. Glancing back toward the spare room, Jess heard the shower running. Good, we won’t be interrupted.

The girls were all still in the same room, and looked up apprensively when their mothers entered.

Alice spoke first. “What did Aunt Laura say?”

Both women sat on the crowded bed, their respective daughters quickly snuggling in close. “Not a lot, really,” Jess said. “She’s not going to tell the authorities about us, but apart from that, I’m not sure. I put her up in the guest room. We’re going to talk in the morning.” She sighed. “I guess she might want to talk to you girls, to make sure we haven’t forced you into anything.”

Katie spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mum, we’ll tell her it’s okay… and that we wanted to do stuff with you. And with Auntie Rachel, too.”

Smiling lovingly at the girl, Jess reached out to pat her daughter’s knee.

“What about you two,” Rachel asked, an arm wrapped around each of her daughters. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I guess,” Cindy piped up.

But Bella had a worried look etched on her face. “But… but what if she does tell someone?”

“Honey, I’m sure she won’t. She’s been with women too, so it’s not like she is shocked at that. It’s just the part about mums and daughters making love that she’s struggling with.”

“Aunt Laura’s a lesbian?” Katie exclaimed, then turned to her sister. “Did you know that, Ali?”

Alice nodded. “Yeah, she told me a long time ago, when I asked her why she never has boyfriends. Then, a few months ago, I told her I might like girls.”

Now Jess was the one looking surprised. “You spoke to Laura about being gay? Why didn’t you come to me? For that matter, why didn’t she tell me about you?”

“Um, cause I asked her not to. Sorry, Mum. I didn’t know if you’d be mad or not.”

A look of concern crossed Jessica’s face. “You haven’t… done anything with her, have you?”

Alice was quick to respond. “No, Mum. She just explained why she liked women more than men. She said that maybe I could be gay, but I had to make my own mind up about that. And she gave me a hug when we were done talking, but that was all.”

“Okay,” Jess replied. Now, girls, I think it’s time for all of us to turn in for the evening. And by that, I mean go to sleep… no hanky-panky. I don’t want Laura to get awakened by the sound of girls having sex.” She glanced around at the others, thinking about the sleeping arrangements for the night. Bella, you can sleep with Alice, we’ll put Cindy with Katie. Poppy, you can bunk down with me and Rachel.”

Katie jumped in. “Oh, Mum, let Poppy share with me and Cindy, there’s tons of room! I promise we’ll be good.”

Jess studied her youngest, then slowly nodded. “Fine, but keep the noise down and don’t stay up for very long. Now come on, all of you — get ready for bed.”

Everyone rose and dispersed — Jess heading to Katie’s room through the bathroom, followed by the three youngest, while Bella and Alice remained behind to straighten the bedsheets before they turned in. Only Rachel remained where she was, calling out, “Aren’t you forgetting something, girls?”

Katie, Cindy and Poppy realised as one what she meant, and promptly came back to kiss Rachel goodnight before returning to Katie’s room.

Jess fought her desire as she watched the girls quickly undress, then crawl naked beneath the duvet, with Poppy sandwiched between the older girls. She bent down to give each one a goodnight kiss — only not her usual peck on the forehead, as Katie pulled her mother down to join their mouths and tongues for a brief French snog, which was copied by her little sister Poppy, then Cindy, who smiled and said, “Night-night, Mum,” which made Jessica very happy.

The others giggled and echoed, “Night-night, Mum.”.

“Goodnight, girls.” said Jess. “I love you all.” She exited through the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind.

As Jessica returned to Alice’s room, she was greeted by the sight of Rachel bent over the bed, the short dress riding up over her shapely bum and exposing her stocking tops. Another inch and I’ll see her minge, she thought with a smile.

Rachel was exchanging a lustful kiss with Alice. Gently breaking away, she lovingly touched the tip of the girl’s nose, then moved to the other side of the bed to where Bella lay. “Goodnight, sweetheart,” she whispered, then mother and daughter came together in an ardent kiss of their own. Jess felt a spark of sexual heat flare within her as she watched their tongues flick back and forth.

Moving to the opposite side of the bed, she leaned down to kiss Alice first, losing herself in the softness of her daughter’s sweet mouth, then stepped around the bed to where Rachel’s child waited. Their lips and tongues met and mingled, then she caressed Bella’s cheek. “You know, what with our unexpected visitor, I never got the chance to thank you for how beautifully you made love to me, Bella. I’m looking forward to being with you again… when I’ll get the chance to lick you!”

Bella beamed with delight, happy that she had pleased Alice’s mum, realising that she’d developed a bit of a crush on the lovely redhead.

The two women looked at each other across the bed, exchanging contented smiles. Despite the uncertainty of the morning to come, the evening had truly merged the two families into one. Whispering “Goodnight,” to the girls, Rachel and Jess departed from the room.

Once the door had closed, Alice and Bella turned to face each other.

“Do you really think it will be okay with your aunt?” Bella asked. “Now that we’re proper girlfriends, I don’t want to stop. And I want to keep doing stuff with my mum and sister — and yours, too.”

Alice snuggled closer to Bella, wrapping an arm round her. “I’m not very worried, no. Auntie Laura is really cool. She’s always treated me like a grown-up — a bit like a big sister, really. I think she was just surprised by what we were doing.” She paused to mull things over. “Y’know, maybe she won’t be so weirded out by us making love with our mums, not once she’s had time to think about it.”

“Well, she is gay, right?” said Bella. “Who knows, maybe we could make her want to join us!”

“Why not? I mean, where else is she gonna find a whole bunch of girls that like having loads of sex, who are as totally hot as us?”

“Ooh, yeah! Do — do you really think that could happen?”

Alice pondered the question. “Y’know, Auntie Laura got an awfully good look at all of us while we were naked and doing sex. Sure, she was shocked, but now she’s gonna be thinking a lot about what she saw… and I bet it makes her totally hot!” Seizing Bella around the waist, she rolled onto her back, pulling the squealing teen on top. “In fact,” Alice continued, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Auntie Laura wanks herself silly before she goes to sleep.”

“Hmmm… wanna sneak down the hall and see?”

Alice thought about that, then shook her head. ‘Better not. She’d be mad if she caught us… and Mum would blow a gasket! Anyhow,” she added, wriggling deliciously against her nude lover, “I’m way too comfy here with you.”

Bella giggled, the warmth and softness of Alice’s body pushing her concerns aside.

They began to swap tender kisses, hands gently exploring bare skin. Although her mum had more or less ordered them not to make love, for once Alice was content to simply cuddle.


Over In Katie’s room, the three younger girls giggled quietly under the duvet, delighted with their new sleeping arrangements. They took turns giving playful little kisses to each other and toying with nipples, but as they started to become aroused, the giggling stopped and the breathing deepened.

Before they could make the move into full-on sex, Katie said, “Y’know, I think we should talk to my Auntie Laura in the morning, and tell her that our mums didn’t make us do anything with them… ‘cos I bet that’s what she’s afraid of. Then, we’ll tell her how we want to be one big family, and do lots of stuff like we did tonight.”

Cindy considered Katie’s suggestion, then asked, “Do you think we can get her not to tell anyone?”

A distant expression appeared on Katie’s face, as though she was trying to work out a tricky homework question. “Well, if we ask her the right way.”

“But, um… what is the right way?” said Poppy.

Katie suddenly grinned. “Hmmm… think I might’ve just figured that out.” She stretched herself, settling down in the blankets. “C’mon, let’s get to sleep. I’ll tell you in the morning.”


At the end of the hallway, Jess closed her bedroom door and leaned back against it, letting out a deep sigh. Rachel turned and sat on the bed, reaching down to slip off her shoes. Leaning back on her arms, she looked over at Jess. “Well, isn’t this turning into a night of surprises.”

Pushing away from the door, Jess walked over to the bed, stopping in front of Rachel. The brunette looked up at her lover, then laid back on the bed, taking hold of the zipper at the top of the dress and slowly drawing it down, as far as her hand could go. Jessica took over, tugging at the zipper until the dress was open and Rachel’s sex fully exposed.

Straightening up, Jess proceeded to casually unbutton her own dress, finally letting it drop to the floor. All the while Rachel watched, sliding a hand between her legs to trail two fingers up and down through the lust-slickened lips of her vagina.

Jess began to mirror Rachel’s actions while remaining on her feet. Before long, both women had brought themselves to gentle, almost silent climax, with only the in and out of their breathing to accompany their shared pleasure.

“Ahhhh… lovely. Christ, I needed that,” Rachel sighed, pausing to suck on her glistening fingers. She sat up for just long enough to shimmy out of her open dress, threw it on the floor, then relaxed into the sheets, slowly parting her thighs. “Well, don’t just stand there, woman. My door’s open — come in and stay for a while.”

Jess climbed onto the bed and knelt above her lover, then lowered her body until she was on top of Rachel, planting gentle kisses on the brunette’s mouth and neck.

They both tensed slightly as the bathroom door opened down the hall — then a couple of seconds later, the guest room door closed.

Jess looked at Rachel. “Much as I’d enjoy making love with you, I think we ought to get some sleep before we face Laura in the morning.”

Sitting up, Rachel swung her legs down to the floor, then began to roll down the hold-up stockings she wore. but was stopped by Jess, who touched her shoulder. “No, leave those on. I rather like how they feel against my skin.”

Jess turned to switch off the main light, and both women slipped under the covers. Rachel snuggled into Jessica’s arms, draping a nylon-clad leg over her shins. “This is nice,” she whispered. Our first night together as a proper couple.”

They briefly kissed, then closed their eyes. Sleep soon followed.


Laura had just dried herself after a quick shower and let her hair down, shaking it out before brushing it — thirty strokes on each side, as always. Shrugging out of the terrycloth bathrobe Jess had left for her, she  dropped it by the side of the bed within easy reach. She couldn’t be bothered to dig through her crammed suitcase for nightwear, so she slipped nude beneath the duvet.

Laura Clark was three years younger than her sister Jessica. She’d never given much thought to the idea of marriage and 2.4 children, much preferring the independence her job as a journalist provided. In truth, she’d discarded the idea of ever settling down with any man long ago. There had been a few men at certain junctures in her life, but far too often, her preference for strong, assertive guys ended up sabotaging relationships before they’d even begun. Inevitably, those kinds of men ended up becoming possessive or controlling.

For the last five-plus years, Laura had found herself sleeping exclusively with women, as she did back in her uni days. Women accepted these liaisons for what they were; mutual fun and satisfaction. But now, after several years of bed-hopping, she was giving serious thought to settling into something more long term.

Her job enabled her to travel all over the UK, America and Europe, but she sometimes managed to wangle assignments to more far-flung and exotic places in search of a story. Having cut her teeth in the everyday vanilla world of newspapers and magazines, one particular series of articles she wrote on high-ranking European officials claiming expenses for high class escorts sent her career on a different path. These days, Laura mostly sought out stories that delved into the bizarre world of sexual aberrations.

Lying on her back and staring up at the ceiling, Laura was finding it hard to sleep, despite her accumulated fatigue from the day’s travel. She struggled not to dwell on the situation she had stumbled into, the kinky activities her sister was indulging in with her own kids. Instead, she focused on the assignment she’d just finished, although that hardly took her mind off tonight’s unexpected welcome home.

She’d been gone nearly two months, travelling around Europe following the happening trend of lesbian sex parties. Swinger gatherings had been around for years, but more recently there was a rise in events catering to the high-profile rich and beautiful; those willing to fork out for expensive memberships, almost as a badge of status, to more upmarket events in exotic and expensive venues. The women who attended these parties all seemed to swing both ways, even if some of them started out as exclusively straight.

It seemed only logical that the next big thing would be women-only sex parties that catered to successful females. Not usually the rich or famous, but women with resources who were looking for something different and casual, or those who were too shy to date women in public.

From her interviews with the organisers, hostesses and members who were willing to talk, Laura learned that some of these women were married; some happily, some unfulfilled. Others didn’t have the time or the inclination for relationships with men, while some craved sexual satisfaction without the uncertainty of online dating. A growing number of these women were first-timers, women who had been with men all their lives and wanted something more. These parties were intended to be safe, discreet environments where secrets were kept, and the organisers took extraordinary measures to ensure that.

Laura recalled one particular event, held in a large walled mansion in an affluent area of Paris. She had to guarantee anonymity, and the photos and video footage she took had to be vetted to ensure that no identities were compromised. These would be edited later, with only a couple of pictures and brief video clips used as part of the storyline.

She had been watching from the corner of a large high-ceilinged room ringed with works of art and expensive furniture, dressed somewhat more glamorously than usual in order to blend in. All the attendees had been advised of her presence in advance, and were offered ornate masks to wear if they wished.

Laura noticed that one of the women kept glancing at her as she sat in a darkened corner with a glass of champagne; she didn’t appear to be one of the hostesses. The woman seemed to be in her forties but, she suspected, was actually somewhat older. Laura had often gravitated towards more mature women, and something about this one piqued her interest, not just because she was attractive and elegant.

It was pretty obvious that the woman was new to the sex party experience, judging by her reluctance to engage anyone, but it didn’t take long for a hostess to spot her and start a conversation. The woman was dressed in a shiny satin bottle-green dress, while the hostess had been wearing a little scarlet wrap-over number. Laura watched as the younger blonde hostess, clearly in her early twenties, flirted with the dark-haired newcomer, laughing and easing her towards others to bring her into the group activities, occasionally touching her arm, hand or back.

The attendees mingled in the soft lighting and danced to the sensuous beat of bossa nova, punctuated by occasional peals of laughter. It was the job of the hostesses, some of whom were soon stripped off to their elegant lingerie, to make the women feel special, but many of the more experienced guests liked to convert new members to the lifestyle, relishing the challenge. These “newbies” were often easy to spot, wandering around the mansion with an air of awe and uncertainty.

About an hour into the event, women began to pair up, with some couples electing to add a third or fourth participant. This often started with close dancing, bodies grinding together, hands roaming, kisses swapped. Gradually these couples or groups moved over to plush sofas that ringed the room, or disappeared to one of the many prepared bedrooms for more private pleasures.

Laura saw the blonde hostess whisper something to the woman, who nodded, then whispered back. As they drifted towards the door, both women glanced back at Laura and smiled, then exited the room. Intrigued, she slowly ambled to the doorway, just in time to see the pair slowly mounting a grand spiral staircase. As they reached the next floor, the women looked down at her, then went through an open door.

Hastily climbing the stairs, Laura paused outside the same door, her pulse racing. She had watched women fuck at these parties before, even witnessed her first lesbian orgy with more females than she could count at an especially wild bash in Holland. This time, she felt as if something else was about to happen — that for the first time, she was ready to participate.

Laura had managed to remain detached and aloof at the other all-woman parties she’d covered, difficult though it had been to maintain her journalistic veneer. It crossed her mind that it had been a long time since she’d had any sex, much less with a strange woman at a party. Now, she felt ready to let her hair down.

The door of the room was slightly ajar. Deciding to see where this took her, she nudged it further open and saw both women embracing by the bed. The young blonde was taking the lead, kissing the older woman and caressing her body. They turned as Laura took a cautious step into the room, and the younger one moved behind the older one, resting her chin on her new lover’s shoulder.

“Allo,” she said in a strong French accent. “My friend here, she hopes you will join us.”

Laura hadn’t responded at first; despite her arousal, she suddenly felt apprehensive about becoming part of the story she was covering — didn’t it fly in the face of her responsibility as a reporter? But Christ almighty, it’s been sodding ages since I’ve had it off…

Her mind was made up when the blonde reached round the mature woman to tug at the sash holding her dress together, kissing her neck and shoulder as the garment slipped down to pool on the thick carpet, revealing fancy lingerie that matched the woman’s dress and nude hold-up stockings. The young blonde raised one hand to cup the older woman’s breast, stroking the nipple through the bra while the other hand delved into the lacy panties, eliciting a moan from the woman, her legs buckling slightly.

Moving into the room, Laura closed the door behind her, the standard code for ‘private party – do not disturb’. The blonde reached out to Laura, who moved towards the pair, offering her hand to be taken and drawn in. The hostess guided her close to the older woman, pausing to pluck Laura’s glass away, placing it on the night table.

As Laura gazed into the woman’s hazel eyes, the blonde moved behind her, kissing her neck, then unzipping her dress to let it fall next to the other. Laura was glad she’d at least worn a bra and knickers that matched, even if they weren’t exactly Victoria’s Secret.

The older woman hesitated, not sure what to do at first, then grabbed Laura’s face, attempting to kiss her in a sudden move that made Laura start.

The woman stepped back. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to do that. I’m… I’m a bit new at this.” Her accent was pure Sloane Ranger.

Regretting her startled reaction, Laura hastened to reassure the blushing woman. “It’s okay. I rather thought you might be.”

“Oh, you’re English, too.”

“Yes. Listen, I’m sorry for pulling away; it’s just that, well, it was a bit sudden. Let’s try again, shall we?” With that, Laura slowly brought her hands to the woman’s face in the same manner and pulled her in until their lips met. The woman allowed herself to be kissed at first, but gradually began to respond until they broke apart a minute later. The woman was breathing heavily, a wild look in her eyes. Laura suspected that at that instant, she herself looked much the same.

The blonde’s voice interrupted them. “I think you have known the pleasures of a woman’s body, oui?”

Laura and the woman turned to see that she had taken off her dress and now lay on the bed, leaning back against some cushions, nude but for a black corset that exposed her breasts, and sheer stockings held up  with garter straps.

“Um, yeah,” Laura replied. “I have.”.

The blonde gave her a sultry smile. “Perhaps then, you will help me to teach our new friend. She wishes to have love from a woman. You and me, we show her how to fuck.”

Setting aside her reason for being there, Laura gently guided the dazed newcomer over to the bed and into the welcoming arms of the hostess. She paused to undress down to her panties, then joined them.

What followed was a night of unbridled pleasure, the likes of which the mature woman had never known. Laura and the blonde had made love to her in every way imaginable — alternating positions, one at each end, both orally pleasuring her, then giving her the first taste of a woman. At some point, the hostess had produced two strap-ons of different sizes, which they used to fill both her holes, causing the woman to scream and thrash wildly, nearly throwing the lot of them onto the carpet when she came. Then they soothed her ravaged openings, the hostess going down on her while Laura tongued her anus.

After two hours of wild abandon, their strength finally gave out, and the three lovers slept in a warm tangle of arms and legs. In the morning, the woman produced a card and gave it to Laura, telling her, “Last night was marvelous… everything I’d imagined and more. If you are ever in London, be sure to call me.” Giving Laura a brief but ardent kiss, she said her goodbyes and left.

Remembering that time, visualising the three of them caught up in the heat of lust, Laura threw back the bedclothes and quietly masturbated. But as her pleasure swelled, the film in her head switched abruptly to the scene she’d interrupted a short while ago.

Upon opening the door, Laura had first seen three very young girls engaged in lovemaking, one of them her niece Katie. Before the shock of that had fully penetrated her consciousness, she saw her sister Jessica a few feet away, getting done from behind by her teen daughter Alice.

It wasn’t just the two of them, either. While Jess was getting fucked, she also was feasting on the cunt of her best friend, whose name Laura couldn’t summon up right then. But what stunned her most of all was the sight of her youngest niece, seven-year-old Poppy — stark naked, like all the others, and riding the mouth of Jessica’s mate. Rachel, that’s her name.

Out of the whole lewd scene, what etched itself most indelibly on Laura’s mind was the expression on Poppy’s face. The little girl’s eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she wore a look of ecstasy that could only be described as sexual — not at all what one expected to see from a child of seven. It was indescribably beautiful, yet obscene at the same time, Laura thought, and that was when Poppy opened her eyes, realized that her aunt was watching them and cried out in astonishment.

Before she could stop the scene from playing in her head, or at least switch it over to something less dangerous, Laura’s arousal overtook her free will and she went off in a frenzied orgasm. She quickly clapped her free hand over her mouth, attempting to muffle any sounds. Her pleasure crested, then slowly waned, and she finally allowed herself to relax.

As she got her breathing back under control, Laura listened, hoping for silence. Nothing. Good.

Turning onto her side, she closed her eyes, tiredness finally overcoming her. She did feel a twinge of concern at having gotten off in such a big way while picturing… that. What she’d seen her sister and Rachel doing with their kids.

There was something thrilling about it, Laura had to admit. In fact, the incest angle didn’t disturb her that much. Ever since recognising her own attraction to girls at the age of fifteen, she had indulged in the occasional fantasy of sex with her big sister — in fact, she had fingered herself to a climax while thinking about Jessica just a few weeks ago.

But making love to your children when they’re as young as hers… that’s going too far, damn it. She yawned. Oh, well, tomorrow’s another day. I’ll have it out with Jess then. 

Settling in, Laura soon drifted into slumber.

Outside the door, a figure crouched, alert and listening. Once the noise had subsided after the muffled sounds of a climax, she waited for another minute or two, then crept back down the hallway to her bedroom.

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Arizona Nights, Chapter 1

  • Posted on March 13, 2020 at 4:07 pm


by Pretty Pink Taco

Note from JetBoy: Pretty Pink Taco is an author that I hold in very high esteem, having nicked every one of her Leslita stories for inclusion in our Juicy Secrets archive. Now she’s back with a brand new story, and this time WE get first dibs on it. Truly, the fates have smiled upon us. Do enjoy.


“Did you do your homework?”

“Yeah,” I answered.

“I’m serious, stupid. I’m not gonna get in trouble again because you lied to Mami last time.”

“I did it! God!”

“Then go brush your teeth and go to bed.”

“It’s only 9:30. Are you going out?” I asked from the couch.

“Yeah, and you better not fucking say shit to Mami about it. So sick of dealing with your dumb ass.”

“Your boyfriend is ugly!”

“Bye, bitch. Hope El Cucuy doesn’t get you.”

I’m Isabel and I’m ten years old. My sister, Adriana, is sixteen and she hates me. My mom, Gloria, works three jobs and my dad left us five years ago. I heard he’s back in Mexico. I’ve never been to Mexico, I grew up here in Arizona.

My mom works as a housekeeper at a nearby resort Monday through Thursdays, and cleans offices overnight Tuesday through Saturday. Sometimes when she covers for people on weekends, me and Adriana get to go to the resort and use the pool. Sometimes the workers who know my mom bring us fancy drinks and snacks, too.

Adriana used to play with me a lot back when I was in second grade, but she doesn’t anymore. Now, I’m in fifth grade and she’s in her room a lot — or out with her friends. Mami doesn’t know how much she goes out. They fight a lot when Mami is home. It’s quieter when I’m home alone. I used to be scared of El Cucuy when I was in fourth grade, but I’m not anymore.

On Sundays, we all go to church, but Adriana hasn’t been to church with us in a few months.  She and Mami fight about that, too.

I felt so sleepy that night as I watched TV. The room was completely dark except for the light of the television. My room was only down the hall. We lived in a small three bedroom ranch house. We didn’t even have a garage.

I woke up to a hard slap on my ear, so hard my ears were ringing.

“I told you to get to bed, it’s one in the morning! Go!” Adriana yelled, walking toward the kitchen and turning on the lights. She opened the door to the fridge. I must’ve fallen asleep.

“Ow! I really hate you!” I screamed at her, clutching the side of my face.

I stomped off to my room and slammed the door. How could she be so mean to me? I had no one else when Mami wasn’t around, and when Mami is there she’s always mad, too. I curled up in bed and cried myself to sleep.

I woke up when I felt someone getting into bed with me. It was Adriana. I opened my sleepy eyes and peered at the alarm clock on the dresser, it was 2:45 AM.

Growing up, my sister and I would get into each other’s beds when we couldn’t sleep. Mostly, I’d slip into Adriana’s bed when I was afraid — but I hadn’t done that since third grade.

Too tired to protest, I scooted over and made room for her. I turned on my side and she naturally cradled my body with hers. Sometimes when we’d fight, it’d be our way of apologizing without words. I remember a few times when she would press her hips against my butt while she was dreaming, but then she’d suddenly stop. She was probably having nightmares.

This time, Adriana wore short shorts and a tank top, and she smelled like she just got out of the shower. After a few minutes of her cuddling me, I could feel her pressing against my butt again. Her breathing was heavy, too.

This time it was different– for me. My body felt strange, but nice.  I started pushing back into her, slowly at first.

I could feel myself getting a little hot down between my legs. I’d been having that feeling more and more often lately. Especially when I’d watch movies where people kissed or when I’d see girls in bikinis or showing off their legs.

Feeling me push back against her drove Adriana crazy or something, because she turned me over and got on top of me. I was wearing sweatpants and a big pink t-shirt that used to be hers.

She wedged her leg between mine and rubbed herself against my thigh with a lot of pressure. Her hip landed between my legs on my privates, and I pushed up against her too, unsure of what we were even doing.

Adriana had long thick black hair, big, dark brown eyes, and full lips. She got called pretty or beautiful everywhere she went. She was also slender with big C-cup boobs that seemed to get bigger in the last year. I saw her boobs a lot when we were growing up but hadn’t seen them in a few years. They were now a few inches from my face in a white tank top as she continued to grind on me.

Her eyes were closed and her hair fell forward in front of her shoulders. Was she doing this in her sleep? Adriana hadn’t said a word, she just let out soft grunts and moans. She finally looked down at me and our eyes locked. She slowly laid her chest on mine and squeezed my leg between hers.

Her lips were parted and huffing and my heart raced uncontrollably. Her face got closer to mine and she pressed the tip of her nose on my nose, her forehead to my forehead. I wanted her to kiss me, but she didn’t.

After a few more minutes she suddenly stopped.

Did I do something? Did she hear something? Was Mami here?

She quickly got off me, jumped out of my bed and left the room, slamming the door behind her.

My heart was still pounding. I was so confused. I didn’t want her to stop, I wanted her to stay with me all night and rub up against my privates till morning. I slipped my hand inside my panties and they were all wet and sticky from something coming out of me. It felt kinda nice and slippery. I was too tired to think about it, so I just fell asleep.


The next morning I woke up to the smell of my mom’s eggs and chorizo.

“Hola, Mami,” I told her sleepily in the kitchen and clung to her side.

“Hola, mi amor. How did you sleep?”


“Did you do your homework?”


“Who washed the dishes last night?”


“What did your sister do?” she asked, placing a plate of eggs on the table in front of me. I shrugged.

Adriana’s door swung open, she rushed into the kitchen and grabbed a glass from the cupboard. She was all dressed and ready for school. She usually got a ride in the mornings from her boyfriend or one of her friends.

Mami started right in on her. “Adriana! Why are the clothes still stuffed in the dryer? Huh?! I’m supposed to go to work, pay all the bills and come back and do all the chores like I’m the maid?!”

“Alright, ma, I’ll do it later!” Adriana yelled back as she poured herself juice by the fridge.

“You think I want to come home and do this?!”

“Then don’t! Why is it always me? Isabel doesn’t do shit!”

“I washed the dishes last night,” I told her boldly.

Adriana finished her orange juice and set the glass into the sink with a loud thunk.

“I bet you want a fucking medal for that, too,” she jeered as she walked away and toward the door. She always mocked me ever since I won a medal last year for coming 2nd in the school  spelling bee.

“Vete ya, get out!” my mom shouted at her before the door slammed.

My mom sat beside me at the table with her plate of eggs, she looked as if she was about to cry. My sister’s plate was sitting on the counter.

“Mami, we’re having a book fair today,” I informed her, trying to cut the tension.

“Oh, yeah? Do you need money?” She got up immediately and went to her purse.

“No, it’s okay. I have money from my birthday still.”

“Really? How? Your birthday was 4 months ago.”

“I saved it.”

“You’re a sweet girl, Mija,” she said and placed a $20 bill on the table. “I’m going to shower and go to sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Then she left the room. I saw that Mami hadn’t touched her breakfast either.


When I got home after school no one was home, as usual.

I did my homework and later the dishes. After my favorite show ended on TV, I went into my sister’s room. It was really messy and the bed was undone. It smelled like nail polish and hair spray. I liked it. One corner of the wall had butterfly stickers we had both put up when I was 5.

I sat down at her white metal vanity and looked in the mirror. I wish I had a teenage room like hers, with a vanity. I took one of her lipsticks and put it on, pursing my lips like she would.

“Isabel!” It was my sister standing in the doorway. I quickly got up and stared at her, terrified. “What the fuck are you doing in my room?!”


“Get out! And quit touching my shit!”

I bolted toward the door and she shoved me as I passed her.

After being in my room for a good hour listening to music and dancing in front of the mirror, putting on a concert for my stuffed animals, I walked out and noticed my sister was still home. She was usually out by now.

I knocked on the door.

“What, Isa?!” she shouted from inside.

I opened the door slowly. She was folding the clothes from the dryer and the radio was on. She had on tiny yoga shorts and a tank top. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her boobs bounced around freely. I didn’t realize I was staring.

“What?” she asked again.

“It’s Friday.”


“Movie night.”

“Movie night? Are you serious? We haven’t done that in forever.”

“Are you going out or something?”

“No,” she responded. She had her long hair tied up in a high bun the way my mami did her own hair when she’d clean. She walked over to her bed, grabbed a pile of folded clothes and shoved it at my chest.

“You don’t want these anymore?”

“Nah, they don’t fit.”

“Thanks!” I smiled, looking down at the pile, eager to try everything on.

I rushed back to my room next door and went through the clothes. There were some tops, two pairs of shorts, a few sweaters, her old bikini, and a thong. I wondered if she meant for that to be in there.

The shorts were a bit too big but almost fit. Everything else was a little loose. I put on the bikini bottoms and they were a perfect fit. My little boobs barely fit the top, it just sat on my chest loosely.

I put the clothes that didn’t fit in a flat bin underneath my bed, still wearing the bikini.

“Nice butt,” my sister said from behind me as I was bent over. I quickly rose. “Oh my god, look at your little body in that!”

“Shut up,” I told her, knowing she was mocking me.

“Listen, we can watch a movie but then I gotta go.”

“Really?!” I ran up and wrapped my arms around her, my head rested on her chest. She put a hand on my head and stroked my hair.

We sat on opposite ends of the couch for the movie after she heated up some dinner Mami left us. I kept thinking about the previous night, wondering if she had thought about it at all.

After about 30 minutes, the doorbell rang.

“Who is that?” I asked, a little afraid.

“How should I know?” She got up from the couch and walked over to the door. I stared at the crease of her butt cheeks as she walked by in her shorts. I never used to before but I caught myself looking at Adriana that way a lot now.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, I couldn’t see who she was talking to.

“I wanted to see you,” it was her boyfriend, Javier, “What are you doing?” He was 19 or 20 or something. I just knew that he was older than her and out of high school for several years.

“Nothing, I’m with my sister,” she told him. Javier barged through the door past  her, almost as if to catch her lying.

“Oh, hey Isa,” he said to me.

“What are you doing? You can’t be in here,” she told him.

“Are you still mad at me?” he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to him. My sister looked over at me and then at him.

“Stop,” she pushed him away.

“Adriana, come on, let’s go talk in my car,” he insisted. She looked at him and pursed her lips.

My sister went into her room and he followed her in there and shut the door. I hated him so much.

I ran up to the door and pressed my ear against it to listen.

“I just don’t want to,” she told him.

“But why not? Why are you such a fucking prude? I heard you let Victor hit it last year. Come on, you’re so beautiful, Adri,” he slithered. Low kissing sounds sprinkled throughout his words.

“Stop it, Javi. Get off me!” she shouted.

I immediately burst through the door to find him on top of her — their clothes were still on.

“What are you doing here?” Javi asked me.

“Isa, what is it? Get out!” she yelled at me.

“Mami called. She’s coming. She’s 5 minutes away,” I lied, panicked.

“Oh, shit!” Javi got off her and began to scramble to get his shoes on.

“Isa, get the fuck out!” Adriana yelled at me.

I walked out and slammed her bedroom door. I marched over to my room and slammed that door, too.

I could hear the front door open, close and the sound of Javier’s car driving away.


“Isa,” Adriana’s voice was in my ear a few hours later, waking me. I tried hard not to open my eyes.

I felt the chill of the covers taken off my body and then the warmth of her body climbing on top of mine. I was so excited for her to be back in my bed.

“Mmmm” She moved her body over mine in small waves with her hips. I could feel her breath on my cheek. She kissed me. She kissed me again. She turned my head by my chin and licked both of my lips.

The wetness between my legs began to form. I wanted her to kiss me, to feel her tongue on my tongue.

I stuck my tongue out a bit, touching her tongue as she licked. She stopped for a second and I opened my eyes. She lowered her face and plunged her tongue into my mouth.

I felt as if I’d pass out. I wanted more. I tongued her back, licking, sucking, prodding, kissing. She ground on me so hard it hurt, but I liked it. She ran her fingers over my shirt and stuck her hand under it, finding my little nipple. She twisted it roughly.

“Ow!” I flinched.

“Take your shirt off,” she said hurriedly. Without hesitation I began pulling my shirt up above my head, my sister helped remove it and kissed me as soon as I did. She pushed me back down and ran her hands over the small mounds of my breasts.

“Mmmm, when did you get these cute little titties?” she huffed before licking my nipples sloppily. Her tongue felt amazing, my privates tingled. I felt high, frozen, excited all at once. “You’re such a little slut, teasing me in that bikini.”

“I — I wasn’t,” I told her.

“Yeah, you were,” she whispered and kissed my lips again.

Were we having sex? Is this what sex was? This is what they show in the movies. She kissed my boobies again, squeezing and sucking on them really hard.

She sat up and pulled her shorts down her thighs to her knees.

“Here,” she said and grabbed my arm. She took my hand and stuffed it down her panties. Her privates felt warm and prickly like she had shaven recently. My fingers were limp, letting her do whatever she wanted with me. She guided my fingers along with hers into her slit. It was sticky and wet like mine.

“Oh my god!” she slid my fingers up and down herself. Her eyes rolled behind her head and she was breathing so hard over me a bit of drool came down her chin.

She finally collapsed on top of me– her head against my chest. She put her hand down my pants, over my panties and grabbed between my legs.

“You’re soaking wet,” she laughed. I was silent, unsure of what any of it meant.

She started to get out of my bed and back to her feet. “You’re such a little lesbo,” she said before leaving the room.


The following week, I felt like I was going crazy. I was obsessed with girl’s bodies, women’s bodies. I didn’t care for the girls my own age, some were pretty but teenage and women’s bodies were sexy. I looked at my mother differently, too. When she’d hug me it would turn hot and wet to feel my face pressed against her large breasts. I didn’t want her though, she was my mother — that was just too weird. But some of the ladies at church or teachers at school, I looked at them in a way I never had before.

Adriana hadn’t looked me in the eyes since that night. Mami was home that weekend and we spent most of the time cleaning and preparing meals for the week. We didn’t have much money so making big batches was cheaper, Mami said. I still had the $20 she had given me for the bookfair. I felt too bad to spend it, in case she needed it.

It was nearly 6 pm on a Tuesday when Adriana came home with her friend, Monica.

“Hi,” I said warmly from the couch, glad I wasn’t alone anymore.

Adriana looked in my direction but then completely ignored me as they went into her room and closed the door. When you walked into my house you were already in the living room. The bedrooms were to the right and the kitchen was attached to the living room but separated by a half-wall.

I felt a lump in my throat as I began to wonder why she hated me so much. I thought about that night at least 100 times. I thought about all of the things I’d do to her if she’d let me. I wondered what she looked like naked and how sucking on her boobies would feel like.

For the next few hours, all I heard was music and laughter coming from Adriana’s room.

The doorbell rang and Monica walked out of my sister’s room with sweats and a baggy t-shirt on to open the door. It was a delivery pizza.

“Yeah, thanks, man,” she said to the driver after handing him some cash. “You out here by yourself?” she asked me. I shrugged. “Do you like pepperoni?” she asked me and I nodded. “Then come on, a comer.”

I jumped up to my feet, thrilled to receive an invitation to eat pizza in my sister’s room.

“Get the fuck out!” my sister yelled as soon as I walked through the door.

“Hey! Be nice to your sister, fool,” Monica yelled at her.

I suddenly liked Monica. She didn’t seem like the brightest person. She was a year or two older than my sister. She had medium-length curly hair that was over-processed and died box-blonde with 2-inch black roots. She also wore a lot of makeup around her eyes and dark purplish-brown lipstick. She had big gold hoop earrings, real Chola style.

My sister was on the bed going through a magazine while Monica and I both sat on the floor. I watched as she opened the box with wide eyes. I was so hungry.

“Hey, give me a slice,” Adriana said, hovering over the bed.

“Fuck no, it’s just for me and Isabel,” she joked. I reached over and handed Adriana a slice. “Aww, look at her. She’s so sweet!”

“Thanks,” my sister said without looking at me.

It was fun being there; just observing, listening to them talk about boys and other people from school. The more I watched Monica, the more I noticed she behaved more like a guy than a girl. She talked like a guy and had confidence I had seen only in guys, but stronger.

She would check out my sister’s butt and boobies the same way I would. Monica and Adriana would argue a lot and call each other names. They also seemed to touch each other a lot: grab each other’s butts, slap on the leg, or touch each other’s hair. Sometimes they’d dance together in a sexy way, too.

“What about you, Isa?” Monica asked me.

I had no clue what they were talking about, I wasn’t paying attention.


“Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Uh uh,” I shook my head.

“Isabel doesn’t like boys,” my sister said, applying lipstick at her vanity.

“Do you like girls like your sister?” Monica asked me. Girls like my sister did, or girls like my sister? Either way, the answer was yes.

“Hey! I like guys, too!” my sister interjected. I shrugged my shoulders.

“You’re real pretty, should have no issues getting all the girls you want,” Monica said to me, “You look just like my girl.”

“Who is your girl?” my sister asked her.

“You are my girl, fool,” Monica laughed and walked over to my sister.

“No, I’m not,” my sister responded with a coy smile. Monica leaned forward and planted a deep, long kiss on my sister’s lips. She put her hand between Adriana’s legs and rubbed very roughly. It was weird to see my sister dominated by someone else — she was the most dominant person in our house.

“You’re already wet. Look at you,” Monica teased her. “Isa, you want to see me eat your sister’s pussy?”

Oh my god, my heart was racing. Yes! Yes, I did!

“Oh my god!” my sister squealed in a fit of laughter, playfully pushing Monica away from her. “Isabel, go brush your teeth and go to bed.”

My heart sank. I got up slowly and left her room. I could hear the sounds of kissing, giggles, and moans for the next few hours before I went to sleep in my room, right next to hers.


I must’ve been really tired because when I opened my eyes, my sister was already licking my nipples. I loved her so much, I loved being this special to her. I loved that she was attracted to me enough to kiss and touch me. I loved that there was only us.

I stroked her hair gently as she did, her leg grinding into me. She sat up and took her shirt off, she had no bra underneath. I stared at her perfectly round boobies, they looked like two large grapefruits about to burst and her nipples were small, brown and hard. I reached up and touched her nipple with my finger. She grabbed my arm and pulled it toward her, making me grab her entire breast.

“Yeah, touch them,” she whispered. I sat up and cupped one in each hand, feeling her nipples and pushing down on them like small buttons. I felt as if I were in a dream. I had wanted this all week.

“Chupa,” she said. Chupa meant to suck, in Spanish. She leaned forward and shoved one of her titties in my mouth. My privates were tingling so much– I had to be wet. I sucked on them gently, running circles around her nipple. While I did, she took my hand and brought it inside her shorts and quickly guided my little finger between her slit. “Ooooh,” she moaned.

“I need more,” she groaned. She snapped my arm out impatiently and got off the bed. She slid her shorts off and walked over to my dresser. “This will be good,” she said. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but on her way back she had a hairbrush in her hand.

She laid on her back and spread her legs wide open to show me her lacy, beige thong. She moved the fabric aside and revealed two plump lips with something poking out of her slit. She was making hard eye contact with me and it made me feel a little uneasy.

“Is Monica still here?” I asked her. She shook her head. “She had to go home?”

“Yeah,” she said as she began to rub herself with the hairbrush. My mouth dropped open, breathing through my nose couldn’t keep up with my heartbeat.

“Is she coming back tomorrow?”

“Fuck, Isa, I don’t know. Why are you asking so many fucking questions?!”

“Sorry,” I said shyly. I had never been more nervous in my life.

“Do you like it?” she asked me. I nodded. “I know you do, you little lesbo.” She took the brush and pressed it against her slit. I watched in amazement as it disappeared inside of her.

“That doesn’t hurt?” I asked, worried about her.

She laughed. “Here, you do it. Move it in and out of me like this,” she demonstrated. I leaned forward and sat up on my elbows, still in my sleep clothes. I was scared to hurt her. I grabbed the brush and moved it slowly.

“Faster,” she huffed and I tried to pick up the pace. My sister’s slit was moist and glistening, I could hear the brush squishing around. Her whole body was more perfect than I had imagined. “You’re so fucking cute.”

“No,” I said bashfully and she guided my hand to go even faster.

“Yeah, like that. Fuck my pussy,” she growled. Pussy? I had heard that word used all the time but not for privates. “God, you’re so cute. Take your top off, let me see your little titties.” I sat up and took my top off and held it near, a bit cold and embarrassed.

“Show me your ass now,” she said, pumping herself more violently. I stood up on the bed and pulled my pants down, my panties had ice cream cones on them. “Take those off, hurry up.”

I pulled down my panties, too — they were wet beyond belief. I turned around so that she could see my butt.

“Oh, fuck yes. Look at that big ass. Monica is obsessed with your ass.”


“Yeah, she’s always talking about it.”

I felt so proud. I imagined when Monica would have even seen me from behind, and whether it was just today or if she had been looking at my butt for a while now.

“Thank you,” I said, unsure of what else to say.

“Isa, come here,” she huffed, pumping her pussy harder and harder. “Sit on my lap.”

A smile escaped my face. I eased myself down onto her lap, facing her, as she sat up and my legs wrapped around her body. My wetness was pressed below her belly button and my butt sat on the prickly hairs of her pussy.

She trailed one hand down my chest and to my butt while the other moved the hairbrush in and out of her.

“You’re so pretty, Isa,” she told me and kissed my lips. I pressed my chest to her and wrapped my arms around her neck as she kissed me — deep wet kisses. “Touch my titty,” she whispered.

I grabbed one of her nipples and played with her whole breast with one hand while still hanging onto her neck and kissing her. Naturally, I rubbed my pussy on her stomach, it felt so good to have it touching on skin.

“Mmmm, yes! Fuck!” She moved more quickly, pressing her body against mine and squeezing my buttcheeks, pushing my body onto hers. I felt the pressure building like it never had before. I felt like I wanted to pee, but I was holding it in.

“Adri, tell me something,” I barely made out.


“Tell me what we’re doing, please,” I begged her, unsure of what I wanted.

“You’re a little lesbian and you like sucking on your sister’s titties, you nasty little ho.”

“I do,” I said, looking up at her. She kissed me again.

“I’m fucking my pussy with your glitter hairbrush, getting it nasty. You’re rubbing your nastiness all down my stomach like a little slut.”

“Oh my god, something is happening,” I moaned, feeling like my privates would explode.

“Your little ho pussy is coming already? Fuck, that’s going to make me come, too.”

I couldn’t hold it in any longer, my privates exploded all inside. I felt it everywhere in my body. I couldn’t hold onto her any longer and my body fell back and eyes rolled back in my head.

“Oh my god, look at that little pussy!” my sister shrieked as she pumped harder and then suddenly stopped. My legs were still wrapped around her. She collapsed forward onto me and laid her head on my chest.

This was the best day of my life.

“I love you,” I blurted out and immediately regretted it.

My sister started laughing, a little too much. “You’re so stupid,” she said before getting up and leaving my room.

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