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Ripples, Chapter 26

  • Posted on August 8, 2020 at 2:41 pm

By Sapphmore &  JetBoy

Another lengthy chapter, I fear… but we simply couldn’t find a way to break this one into two parts. This portion of the story refers to sexy doings and luscious girls in some of the early chapters — 2, 3 and 5, to be specific. You may want to glance at these, or simply consult the Ripples Chapter Links to refresh your memory. This will be covered on the final exam. Do enjoy. JetBoy


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“We can’t spend all day having sex!” Jess exclaimed.

“Why not?” said a grinning Bella to her girlfriend’s mum.

Jess rolled her eyes. “For one thing, your sisters will all start wondering where we are before very long… and if they come up and see what we’re up to, we’ll never make it out of the house. We’re supposed to be going to the garden centre, remember?”

“We could go a little later,” Bella replied. “I still want to lick your cunt, Auntie Jess.”

Rachel was gazing at her twelve-year-old in awe. Bella had been so timid at first when learning about sex… and though she’d enjoyed it immensely, still had trouble shedding her inhibitions in those moments when lust was in the air and the clothes were just starting to come off. Not anymore, Rachel marvelled. Bella’s become a bold little miss, not afraid to ask for what she wants. 

It’s been a real plus for our families, the lot of us becoming lovers, she decided. Seems like we’re all happier than before, better rounded as people. Who’d have thought?

“And I want you to lick me, love,” Jessica was saying, taking Bella’s hand in hers. “But right now, I don’t think I could come again if I tried. That last workout bloody well near did me in!” She sniffed herself. “And I need another bloody shower, damn it.” She glanced over at Rachel. “I’ll be taking this one on my own.”

“It’s probably the only way you’ll stay clean,” Rachel replied, sporting a wolfish grin.

“Listen, Bel,” Jess said, “I promise that the next time sex is had in this house, you and I will both be part of it… and I’ll let you eat my pussy for as long as you like. Fair enough?” The twelve-year-old nodded, and Jess gave the girl a lingering kiss before announcing, “Okay, all, let’s get ourselves cleaned up, for real this time, then get dressed. This show is hitting the road for Willett’s at noon!”

Jess swung both feet over the side of the bed, the strap-on now feeling a bit awkward. She stood, peering down at the protrusion between her legs, as if it were something that had grown on her overnight. Unable to resist a sudden impulse, she couldn’t resist swivelling her hips, watching the rubbery appendage sway from side to side.

Now I see why men like to shake it about in front of a mirror, she thought, recalling a ribald conversation on a girly night out where the subject of the “willy mirror” came up. When she’d asked what it was, the other girls laughed. Haven’t you ever noticed, one of them replied, the way men like to place the vanity mirror on the shelf behind the toilet with the magnified side positioned so they could watch themselves piss? Jess had laughed it off, remarking that she didn’t realise there was a name for it. The truth was that her ex-husband Mark had never indulged in such behaviour, and he was the only man she’d ever lived with.

Can’t believe he’s only been gone for three years, she reminded herself. Seems like a whole lifetime ago. He’d keel over in his tracks if he knew about the kind of fun and games I’m having these days. 

Just then, Alice, who was eyeing her cock-sporting mother in a very thoughtful way, said, “Mum, it’s still only ten-thirty, a bit early to leave for Willett’s. What if we–”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Rachel broke in, but your mother is right, we can’t spend all our time having sex. For a start, all this physical activity just might give us old ladies heart attacks before we’ve even had our afternoon tea. Now do as Jess says and go get yourselves cleaned up and dressed.”

“Okay, okay,” Alice said, not without the hint of a pout. “But we’ll do more stuff tonight, won’t we?”

“Just try and stop us,” Rachel replied. “Now, be off! You girls are hereby banished from this kingdom…at least, until tonight, once we’re all out of our clothes again.”

Amused, the daughters acquiesced — Bella leaning over to kiss Rachel, followed by Alice. They crawled on hands and knees to the edge of the bed, presenting a pair of beautiful bums to Rachel’s appreciative eyes, almost causing her to change her mind right there and then. Both girls went over to get kisses from Jess, then made a silent exit, Bel closing the door behind.

Jessica began to unbuckle the straps of the sex toy from round her waist, but Rachel stopped her. “Whoa there, lover. Not so fast!”

A puzzled Jess looked up at her lover. “I thought you said…”

“Screw what I told the girls. Let’s get in the shower. I want you to fuck my arse with that big boy.”

“You’re kidding, right? It’s enormous. You’ll almost be tasting it!”

“Only one way to find that out. Alice did a pretty good job of getting me ready, licking my bum like she did. Got me right in the mood for some hot back-door action.” Leaping from the bed, Rachel seized Jessica’s hand, all but dragging her towards the bathroom.

“Jeez, Rach, hold your horses.” But Jess trotted after her anyway, the appendage swaying wildly with each step.

Once inside, Jess reached into the large cubicle to turn the water on. When the shower had been installed, she’d made a point of having it equipped with an extra-powerful head that gushed hot water like a monsoon. She was about to get in when Rachel stopped her.

“Um, wait. Have you got any lube? It’s been awhile since I’ve taken it in the arse.”

“Good point,” Jessica said, and hurried back to her bedside night table. Plucking the tube of K-Y from the top drawer, she returned to the bathroom to find Rachel soaping her body down beneath the cascading water.

Climbing inside, Jess drew Rachel into her arms, and their mouths met in a hard, hungry kiss.

Coming up for air, Rachel gasped, “Christ almighty, watching you eating Bel’s cunt and rimming her was so fucking hot… and when she squirted in your face, I nearly lost it. I think she’s a bit smitten by you, our Bella. Then again, like mother, like daughter, right? But enough chit-chat; would you please fuck me now?”

Jess smiled. “Since you asked so nicely.” She gave Rachel’s right buttock a hard slap, prompting a squeal from her lover. “Bend over, woman… I want that juicy bum of yours.”

“Mmmm, so forceful — I love it!” Rachel quickly got down on all fours, hands spread out on the tiles as she wriggled her arse. “Ooh, yes, Mistress… I’ll do anything you want, anything.” She glanced back over her shoulder, eyes dancing. “This reminds me of how you behaved the other day — when we fucked in the car, remember? I think you’re starting to like ordering me around. Whatever happened to that timid, reserved Jessica, anyhow?”

Jess had to laugh. “Damned if I know. Perhaps I was just waiting for the right woman.” Kneeling behind Rachel, she grasped the latex cock in her right hand. “Then again, it could just be from wearing this thing.”

With her free hand, Jess used her thumb to pop the cap of the K-Y open before she squirted a dollop of the clear gel between Rachel’s slightly parted cheeks. She tossed the tube back into the corner of the shower cubicle, then began to spread the cool lubricant over and around the taut rosebud. That accomplished, Jess slid a finger into the warmth of her lover’s rectum.

“Fuck, that feels divine,” Rachel sighed. “Do me a favor, Jess — before you go into my arse for real, give my cunt some love, will you? Just a few strokes to get me humming.”

“Fair enough.” Reaching between Rachel’s thighs, Jess made sure that her pussy was nice and wet, tracing the smooth slit with a fingertip. Guiding the head of the dildo to the moist opening, she pressed forward.

Rachel closed her eyes as she felt the tip of the phallus enter her vagina, then pushed back to meet her partner’s forward thrust. There was no resistance; the rubbery cock slid easily past the slick walls of her vaginal muscles as though they had retained the memory of its last visit.

A wave of contentment washed over Rachel as she submitted to the dominance of her lover, realising that, despite her assertive nature when it came to sex, it felt surprisingly good to have her partner take the lead. Her husband had always preferred the passive role, always giving in to Rachel’s sexual demands to the point of letting himself be fucked by a strap-on, the same one Jessica was using on her.

Jessica fell into a steady rhythm, the slippery cock pistoning again and again into the juicy cunt, her belly smacking against Rachel’s arse with each stroke. She felt a new, exciting sensation course through her, a sense of power that was downright exhilarating. Having already been on the receiving end of this strap-on twice, she was well familiar with the pleasures it generated — but now that she was doing the actual fucking, it gave her a whole new kind of wicked thrill. Bloody hell, I could get used to this!

Taking her hands from Rachel’s hips, she slid them upward — along her partner’s sides, over the rib cage, bending down until her tits were pressing against Rachel’s back while she reached underneath to feel the shape and heft of her lover’s beautiful breasts. She took the nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, rolling them, tugging them, this last move drawing a surprised yelp from the kneeling brunette.

“Shhh!” Jess hissed, bringing her lips to Rachel’s ear. “We sent Ali and Bel away when they still wanted to fuck, so we can’t let them know what we’re up to right now, understand?” She punctuated that last word with a twist of Rachel’s left nipple, harder this time.

“Ooohh!” Rachel gasped, but managed to keep the volume down. “You bitch,” she panted, twisting round to nuzzle Jessica’s face. “This is — oooh! — it’s g-getting you off, isn’t it — taking me like a cheap slag?”

“I… I think so, yeah,” Jess admitted, grinding the dildo around inside Rachel’s cunt. “You like it?”

“Fuck me, yes. Er, and speaking of fucking me… what you’re doing feels lovely, but, um, don’t forget which hole I’m really gasping to get done in…”

“No,” Jess fired back. “Not until you ask nicely. The way your mistress deserves.”

Rachel fell into her role without hesitation. “Oh, my lovely, strong mistress… please, please take that cock and stuff it up your slut’s arsehole.”

“Better,” Jess murmured. Giving her submissive lover a few more hard strokes, she carefully withdrew the glistening shaft from Rachel’s cunt, then placed the tip against the lubricated pucker of her anus and pressed forward until the head popped inside.

“Jesus sodding Christ,” Rachel moaned, throwing her head back. “Ohhhh, k-keep going!” She hastened to add, “Um, please?”

“I’m not hurting you, then?”

Rachel quickly insisted, “No, it’s okay, really, don’t stop.”

Jess began to slowly pump her hips back and forth, working the slippery cock a few millimetres deeper each time. Rachel responded by pushing back almost impatiently, trying to force more of it inside.

Now Jess was taking longer, harder strokes, amazed at how far the shaft was able to penetrate Rachel’s arse. Fucking hell, this thing would split me in half!  Steadily increasing her depth and speed, Jess soon found a good steady rhythm, but still found herself reluctant to thrust as hard as she was able, for fear of damaging her lover internally.

The doubled over brunette had no such worries, though. She met Jessica’s thrusts with gusto, jacking her body back to match Jessica’s motion, reaching between her legs to rub furiously at her clitoris. It had been a long time since she had been sodomised — probably the time she and her husband picked up a student at a bar in Barcelona, and the men had teamed up to take her in both holes at once. She made a mental note to persuade Jess of the delights of double penetration, already contemplating the many variations on that familiar sex technique that they might explore, particularly with the girls to assist.

Rachel’s climax built hard and fast until it possessed her completely, a giant fist squeezing, crushing her… and it felt absolutely glorious. She arched her back, drawing in a deep breath she intended to release as a scream — then just in the nick of time, remembered that she was supposed to be quiet, and clapped a hand over her mouth. With only one hand left to support herself, the brunette slumped forward until her head was resting on the wet tiles of the shower floor. Jess had gone still, leaving the entirety of that enormous cock buried in Rachel’s arse.

No longer feeling the need to cry out, Rachel uncovered her mouth, panting, “Oh, fuck. Oh my God, Jess… p-please don’t take it out just yet, stay inside me…“ Taking a few long, deep breaths, she began to lightly tease her clit.

Clutching Rachel’s hips while she got her own wind back, Jess watched in awe as a shiver raced through the woman’s frame — then another. Christ, is she about to come again!?

Rachel was bowed forward, forehead resting on one arm as she fingered herself with her free hand, trembling from head to toe — only these quivers were so tiny that Jess felt, rather than saw them.

Then a choked gasp broke from the brunette’s throat as she was swept up in another climax, this one less intense than the first. Jessica moved her hips around a bit, hoping to heighten her lover’s pleasure. Finally, Rachel’s body gave a hard jerk, then went limp, threatening to slump to one side.

Oh, hell — did she just pass out on me? Jess wondered, holding Rachel up as best she could while slowly withdrawing the cock from her rectum. She scooted back toward the wall of the cubicle, cradling the limp woman in her arms. “Are you okay, darling?” Jess murmured, wearing a look of concern that was half hidden by her wet hair.

Rachel’s eyes flickered open. “Holy shit, I’d forgotten what that felt like,” she mumbled, then wrapped both arms round Jessica’s neck, pulling her in for a deep kiss. When their mouths drifted apart, Rachel paused to give Jess a tiny peck on the nose, then began to struggle to her feet. “Think my bloody legs have stopped working,” she said, grimacing as she flexed her limbs. “Did we just fuck, or did you heave me into a cement mixer?”

Jess snorted with laughter. “I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said, hoisting herself into an upright position. She moved forward to where Rachel stood and kissed her again, taking hold of her lover’s hands as they dangled lifelessly by her side. As their bodies came together, the swaying latex shaft pressed between Rachel’s legs to brush against her clitoris. They kissed slowly and lovingly, their fingers intertwined.

The smaller woman leaned back against the tiles, still breathing heavily. Using a hand to clumsily sweep her hair to one side, she gave the redhead a weary smile. “I love you, Jessica Matthews.”

“Ditto, Rachel Thomas.” Giving her a slap on the bum, Jess added, “Now come on, let’s get cleaned up! We’re dirtier now than when we got in.” Reaching for the clasp of the strap-on harness, she began to remove the toy from around her waist.

“Positively glazed with sweat and eau de pussy,” Rachel snickered, moving to stand beneath the shower head, winking at Jess as the cascading water plastered her hair over her face.

They moved together under the water’s flow and soaped each other, taking a moment to fondle the latex cock together as they washed it, too. After a quick rinse, Jess and Rachel emerged pink and glistening from the cubicle and onto the bathmat. They used large, soft towels to pat themselves down before drying their hair, then returned to Jessica’s bedroom to dress for the day, Rachel taking hers from the small bag she’d brought along.

“I really ought to bring some of my wardrobe over here,” she said, stepping into fresh knickers. “And you should take some of your things over to my place, now that our sleeping arrangements have become so… flexible.”

Fucking arrangements, you mean,” Jess replied, and they shared a laugh.

When they finally came downstairs, all five of the girls were in the living room, idly watching TV while waiting for their mums. Minutes later, they all packed into two cars, ready to enjoy a lovely day out.


At the garden and leisure centre, Jess and Rachel took a leisurely stroll while the girls raced excitedly from one attraction to the next. Even Alice and Bella, who liked to think of themselves as grownups, got caught up in the childish fun in spite of themselves — riding the carousel, laughing as they watched the goats run up and down the ramps and bridges inside their pen, stroking lambs and cooing at fluffy baby rabbits in Pets Corner, watching the spectacular flying displays of the birds of prey.

After a while, their party had built up an appetite, so off they went for lunch at the indoor play centre, where they elected to dine on the outside terrace facing the lake. The girls sat at one table, chattering and giggling like any other family group, while the two mothers took a smaller cafe table nearby. They mostly discussed mundane things, the excitement, surprise and shock of the previous night and eventful morning seemingly forgotten.

It was Rachel who changed the subject from work, lowering her voice. “You know, Jess, when you told Laura about having it off with Sally this morning, it got me thinking. Remember when we both confessed our little dalliances to one another — you with Sally, me with Millie?”

Jess nodded. “Yes, I remember. I also recall you getting ideas about getting together with them both for some potential foursome fun.”

“That’s right. Well, first we talked about setting them up with each other, but then got the idea of offering to join in — you know, so we can give them some practical tips about lesbian sex.”

“As I recall, Sally seemed to know what she was doing in bed well enough… but I doubt she’d have an issue with another cute girl and a sexy mature woman making a party out of it.”

“A ‘sexy mature woman’, eh? Thanks ever so. Anyhow, I was thinking we might get Millie and Sally both over to my place one morning this week. The girls will be off for summer soon, and we might not get too many chances for a bit of extracurricular hanky panky. God knows our daughters are more than enough to keep us busy, but as they say, variety is the spice of life. I think it’ll be fun.”

Jess looked into Rachel’s mischievous eyes, a slight smile forming on her lips. “I suppose we’d be doing them a favour… in a very altruistic way, of course.”

“Oh, of course,” Rachel replied, moistening her lips in a very lewd fashion.

“Seriously, though — where on earth can sixteen-year-old girls go to find other girls to hook up with? They’re a bit young to go to clubs; I don’t think either of them could pass for twenty-one.”

“That’s settled, then. I’ll call you later after I’ve checked the rota to let you know when I can get the morning off. Charlotte’s working today, so I’ll be covering tomorrow.”

“Do you want me to see if Bella and Cindy can come to lunch at Stella’s with me and my girls?”

“No it’s okay, they’ll be fine on their own; it’s only until 2 o’clock. And anyway, they need to get their homework done, their school stuff ready… and they certainly need an early night.”

“Well, if you’re sure.”

Rachel lowered her voice further. “You know what will happen if they do. I’ll come over to pick them up, and all seven of us we’ll end up fucking the night away in every kinky comnbination we can think of. But I’m going to miss sleeping next to you, lover.”

“Wow, since when did you become the sensible one?” Rachel just rolled her eyes, and Jess added, “But I think you’re right. We should probably keep our girls on the straight and narrow a bit… you know, limit how often they can have fun with each other — and us, of course. We don’t want them going to school all shagged out from sex. It’s all new and exciting to them at the moment, but they have to learn how to be sensible. Like you said, we can’t be having it off day and night.”

Before Rachel could respond, the girls drifted over, Cindy asking their mums if they could go to the reptile and insect house next.

After another couple of hours, they left; each family to their own home, despite protestations from all five girls. That evening, both mothers allowed their girls to sleep where they wanted, but declared their own bedrooms off limits. Strong as their own needs could be, Jessica and Rachel needed a rest from the boundless energy of their sex-hungry daughters.


When Sunday morning came round, the Matthews household started the day like any normal family. After breakfast, Alice helped Jess clear up, while Poppy watched TV and Katie got engrossed in a book. Once the kitchen was back in order, Jess did a little housework and Alice went upstairs and listened to music.

Later that morning, Jess told the girls to sort out what they were going to wear for their outing to Stella’s home, then adjourned to her room to do the same, quickly settling on a light, flowery summer dress. She spent a few minutes taming her hair and applying a hint of makeup, then went to her door. “Girls? Are you ready? I want to leave a bit early; pick up some sort of treat at the shops to bring with us.”

One by one, the girls emerged from their rooms… and Jess was a little surprised to see them all wearing dresses similar to hers, so they resembled miniature versions of their mother. Alice and Katie’s dresses had flowers, while Poppy had gone with polka dots.

Pleased with their choices, Jess smiled. “Well, look at my gorgeous girls, looking all girly.”

“We peeped to see what you were wearing, and then decided to all dress the same,” said Katie, the one who, until recently, never wore anything but jeans and baggy shirts. Once again, Jess reflected on how much happier her nine-year-old was now, since they’d all become lesbian lovers.

Poppy offered her own take. “Yeah, so now we look like the models in the magazines.” She flounced her skirt with a giggle.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Jess said. “Shall we be on our way, then?”

Enroute to Stella Morrison’s house, they stopped at a florist, then at an Italian delicatessen to pick up some tiny cream-filled pastries. A few minutes later, they arrived at the Morrison residence.

“Alice, would you ring the bell?” Jess asked, handing the flowers to Katie, then carefully picking up the box of pastries before locking the car.

“There’s a note, Mum,” Alice called back. “It says to go through the side gate, straight round to the garden.”

Opening the gate, the Matthews party made their way down the side of the house, soon emerging into a well tended, secluded garden. They could hear The Beach Boys playing, the music growing louder as they approached.

As Jess turned the corner first, she noticed a pair of legs disappearing through the French doors, then she spied Stella facing away on the other side of the patio, slipping on a short cotton kaftan. Jess was surprised that her friend appeared to be wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms and no bra, then assumed that she’d just been in the large hot tub that was enclosed in a nearby gazebo.

Before Jess could speak, Stella turned and waved. “Jess! Hello, how are you?”

As the girls followed behind, Jess advanced to where her friend stood. “Hi, Stella. Er, we’re not too early, are we?”

“No, not at all. Please, come in!” the attractive blonde responded as she adjusted the thin material of the kaftan, which did little to hide her charms. Stella extended her arms wide to welcome Jess, leaning in to kiss both her cheeks.

Jess had to hold the box of pastries to one side, so they wouldn’t get crushed in their embrace. As their bodies met, she couldn’t help but notice how Stella’s nipples could easily be felt through the light cotton kaftan.

Drawing away, Stella noticed Jessica’s daughters, who were trailing behind her. “Oh my, don’t you girls look adorable. I feel positively underdressed!”

As if on auto-cue, Alice quickly responded. “You look really nice, Ms Morrison.”

Pausing to study Alice, the blonde was surprised to see an unexpected but very familiar look on her face. The young girl appeared to be openly appraising her body, not unlike the looks she got from most men… and more than a few women.

Thinking she had misread that look, she said, “Why, thank you, sweetheart! Oh, and do call me Stella.”

Behind her, Jess threw a glance at Alice, the tightness of her jaw making it obvious that her twelve-year-old  was pushing it. She diverted Stella’s attention by proffering the box she held. “I brought these, but you might want to put them in the fridge. Those flowers Katie has are for you, too.”

Seeing the shop name on the box, Stella clapped her hands together, delighted. “Ooh, I love Nico’s pastries, and the flowers are beautiful, thank you.” She took the bouquet from Katie, smiling sweetly at the girl. I must say, though… they look even nicer when someone pretty like you is holding them.” She glanced around at her guests. “Please, make yourself comfortable while I put these inside, then I’ll get us some drinks.”

As she disappeared into the house, Jess turned to Alice. “Behave yourself, young lady. You were practically undressing her with that look.”

Her face a portrait of innocence, her daughter replied, “Well, she is pretty much already undressed, Mum.” Katie and Poppy giggled in response.

Jess sighed. “Just… look, all I ask is that you show a little restraint, Alice. Surely you’re getting enough sex at home to keep you satisfied? It’s not a good idea to flirt like that with grown women… especially when the woman in question is a friend of mine.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Alice replied, looking rather sheepish. “You’re right. I — I’ll be more careful.”

“Good girl.” She gave Alice a peck on the cheek, then did the same for Katie and Poppy. “I’m going to sit down and relax for a bit. You girls have a look around if you like. Don’t break anything.”

Jessica seated herself in a cushioned patio chair, and the girls started wandering around the garden, taking in the sights. There were several beautifully done topiary animals, a small pond, some blooming flower beds, a dozen or so bonsai trees, and the gazebo, which was decorated with coloured lights that illuminated the hot tub tucked inside.

Relaxing into her seat, Jess hummed along as “Fun, Fun, Fun” ended, then smiled as it was immediately followed by ”Warmth of the Sun.” She could see that the girls were also enjoying the music. Even at their tender age, her daughters were familiar with the Beach Boys, Jessica having informed them more than a few times that they were the greatest band ever to grace the airwaves, and that Carl Wilson’s voice was a gift from God himself.

Hearing footsteps coming from behind, Jess glanced toward the house to see Stella’s fourteen-year-old twin daughters Lacey and Sienna coming down the stairs toward her, having just emerged from the French doors. A pang of arousal mingled with guilt washed over her as she recalled the last time she’d seen those two.

It had been in the store changing area, where she’d watched the girls from afar as they casually stripped off to their underthings. Minutes later, she’d come down to greet them and Stella, only to have Sienna and Lacey blatantly flirt with her. Afterward, Jess happened to overhear a conversation between the girls and their mum where Stella seemed to be perfectly fine with her daughters’ behaviour, even hinting that she found Jessica attractive herself.

Jess had treated herself to a frantic bout of masturbation in her office right after they left, all the while fantasising about the twins, picturing them naked and swapping deep kisses.

Now here they both were, smiling hugely at Jessica as they approached. It didn’t help that the girls were dressed in matching denim miniskirts and skimpy tank tops, their breasts bouncing, nipples straining at the material.

Drawing close, the girls spoke, almost in unison. “Hello, Ms Matthews.”

Before Jess could reply, a twin was standing on either side of her chair. Then, just as if they’d rehearsed it beforehand, each girl bent to kiss a cheek — then let a hand casually rest on her leg just above the knee, where the hem of her dress ended. It sent a tingle up Jessica’s thigh that hit her clitoris like a static shock.

As they pulled away, each still bent at the waist and smiling at her, Jess looked into the face of the twin to her left — that’s Lacey, she decided — then her eyes were helplessly drawn down to the gap created by the low-cut tank top, which offered her a tantalising peek at the teen’s breasts.

Before she could stop herself, Jessica turned to her right to see the near-mirror image of Sienna, her own flawless titties on display. Suddenly, she felt like a gazelle cornered by a pair of hungry lionesses.

Why do these girls have this effect on me? Silly question; they’re intensely sexual for their age. Or am I especially turned on because they’re twins?

An unexpected dryness in her throat caused Jessica’s voice to crack a little as she spoke. “Hello, girls.”

Sienna giggled. “It’s nice to see you again, Ms Matthews. You look lovely today.”

As Jess struggled to compose herself and come up with a reply, she was saved by Stella, who came through the French doors, bearing a tray of soft drinks for the girls. Jess looked round for her daughters, only to see the three of them standing nearby. She noticed a look of surprise on Alice’s face, the corner of her mouth betraying a faint smile.

“Here you are girls… help yourselves,” Stella said, placing the tray on a small cafe table. “I’ll bring the food out in a few minutes.”

The twins padded over to greet their young visitors, but stole backward glances at Jessica. At that instant, she longed to have them, both of Stella’s daughters. Preferably at the same time, she thought.

Just then, Lacey looked her way yet again — and this time, Jess quickly peered off into the distance, not wanting her eyes to give away the lewd thoughts that were cavorting through her head. You’re being ridiculous, she admonished herself. Weren’t you just trying to convince Alice that she was getting enough sex already? For fuck’s sake, why are you perving on someone else’s kids?

It doesn’t matter why, she answered herself. I want them, that’s all. Wonder what they’re saying to the girls?

Across the patio, the twins had just given Jessica’s daughters affectionate hugs, and were now commenting on their attire.

“Omigosh, you guys look so pretty,” one of them said. “Look, Lace, aren’t they gorgeous in those dresses?”

Lacey replied. “Oh they are, they are… they look good enough to eat.”

Not yet worldly enough to decipher the hidden meaning behind those words, the two younger Matthews blushed a bit as they thanked the twins, Poppy doing a playful twirl.

As for Alice, she began to study Lacey and Sienna in a wholly different light. She’d spent time with them now and again since Mum opened her shop, though not often enough to be close friends. Still, despite the two years’ difference in their ages, they’d gotten along well enough. Hanging out with the twins made her feel more grown up, and she’d always admired their dress style.

But after observing the attention they were giving her mother — and the clearly flustered way in which Mum had responded — Alice was paying attention to the things Sienna and Lacey said, as well as the looks they gave each other. Something’s going on here, she decided. I’ll have to ask Mum about it later. 

Of course, seeing the twins for the first time since deciding she was gay, Alice did have to admit that they were both incredibly hot. At the moment, though, she felt a greater attraction to their mother, and found herself stealing yet another look at the luscious older woman, practically naked under that thin kaftan…

The five girls congregated round the table to get their beverages, but the twins kept surreptitiously glancing over to Jess, their seemingly innocent faces only partially masking the predatory interest in their eyes.

Stealing another nervous peek at them, Jess started when she heard, “Earth to Jessica!”

The spell shattered, she hastily turned to face a clearly amused Stella. “Sorry, Stel… um, what were you saying?”

“I just asked what you wanted to drink, but you seemed miles away.”

“Sorry, I was just… admiring the hot tub. I’ll have a small white wine if you have it, please.”

“Is the Pope Catholic?” Stella quipped. Stepping over to a brightly coloured plastic tub, she twisted the flat top and lifted it so the lid became a table, reached inside to grab a bottle of wine nestling in ice, seized a corkscrew and proceeded to pry it open, cooing with pleasure when the cork came free with a pop.

Plucking two glasses from a nearby bar cart, she deftly filled each one. “I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to open this wine. On my last buying trip to Florence, I managed to visit San Gimignano; I’ve wanted to go there for years. Oh my God, Jess, it’s so beautiful. It’s a small medieval town high up in the Tuscan hills, you can see for miles around. I picked up some really good local wines and some artisanal salami and a few other goodies — even white truffles, which cost more than gold over here. I’ll be going back soonest. You should join me; there are some fantastic designers there.”

Jess took the glass of wine Stella offered, not seeing the look in her eyes as their hands brushed. “Thanks. It sounds lovely. I was thinking of taking the girls to the Amalfi coast, maybe Sorrento and a few days on Capri… and I know they’d love to visit Pompeii and Vesuvius. We haven’t been on a proper holiday for ages, if you don’t count Cornwall or CenterParks.”

The blonde seated herself in a chair next to Jess. “Maybe we could combine a joint shopping trip and holiday with all the girls,” she suggested, trying to gauge Jessica’s reaction, but her friend seemed to be preoccupied.

Stella had her suspicions as to why, but pretended otherwise, affecting a look of concern. “Jess, I have to ask — is everything okay? You seem distracted.”

Jess turned to Stella, suddenly aware that she was being rude. “Oh, my… I’m so sorry, Stel. To tell the truth, I was just looking at the girls. They’re growing up so fast. Before I know it, Alice will be off to uni.”

“You have a few years yet before that happens,” Stella murmured, sinking back into her chair. “They’re delightful; just enjoy them.” She took a sip of wine.

Oh, I have been, Jess thought. You can’t imagine it, the ways that I’ve enjoyed my girls.

“Anyway, with the difference in ages, it’ll be more gradual for you. With the twins, they’ll probably go at the same time. I don’t know what I’d do without them. There are times they drive me mad, but they’re my life.”

“Aren’t they interested in taking over your gallery one day?”

“I don’t think they will,” Stella replied. “They’re more interested in fashion. In fact, they’ll probably come knocking on your door for a part-time job, soon as they reach sixteen.”

That thought made Jessica’s heart skip a beat. She said, “I don’t think Alice knows what she wants to do yet, but she’s quite artistic. It wouldn’t surprise me if she did the same to you — dropping by the gallery and touting for a job, I mean. I’m pretty sure Katie wants to be a writer, or a journalist like my sister Laura; she’s always got her head buried in a book. Poppy has her heart set on being in a girl band this month, but next it’ll probably be a ballerina — or a lorry driver, who knows? Here’s to daughters!”

With that, the two women clinked their glasses together. “To daughters,” Stella echoed. As she tilted her glass back, she noticed Alice again appraising her, saw the hungry look in her eyes, clearly focused on her breasts through the almost transparent kaftan, and her exposed thighs, now carelessly parted. Her body began to tingle, a sixth sense telling her that this was more than just adolescent curiosity.

Clearing the thought from her mind, she pushed herself up and called out, “Who’s for some food?” to a chorus of cheers from the gaggle of girls.

“Sounds good,” Jessica said. “Do you need any help?”

“Sure, Jess, thanks. I’ve got some chicken, sausages, fish and sweet peppers in the barbecue already.”

Jess glanced around, realising that she hadn’t noticed any smoke. Stella answered the questioning look on her friend’s face before she could ask, pointing to a large dome shape at the other side of the large terrace. “It’s ceramic and weighs a bloody ton, but you can get loads in it and it cooks fantastically, even does pizza. Best of all, you don’t have to stand over it and get smoke in your hair. Come, let’s get these girls fed.”

Jess followed Stella inside, unable to resist the temptation to stare at the blonde’s arse, barely concealed by her bikini bottoms through the see-through chiffon, then admired her tanned legs as they moved through the house.

Once in the kitchen, Stella sent Jess to the large double fridge to take out two large bowls of different salads while she opened the oven door to retrieve a tray of warm baguettes, which she quickly sliced and placed in a wicker basket. Jess took the bowls outside and Stella followed with the bread, some baps, and a tray of assorted cold meats and cheeses.

The girls swarmed to the table as Stella raised the lid of the ceramic barbecue, filling the air with the savoury aroma of cooking meat. Taking up a set of steel tongs, she deftly placed slabs of fish, pieces of chicken or fat sausages on every plate once she knew what each girl wanted. That accomplished, she took the roasted peppers inside to remove their blackened skins, then bought them out a few minutes later, sliced and marinating in olive oil and garlic. While she and Jess filled their own plates and took them back to their seats, the girls all sat round a large table, tucking into the feast.

Taking a bite of fish, Stella shook her head ruefully as she watched the girls. “Look at the twins, how full their plates are! It’s a miracle they’re so slim. I’ve no idea where they put it; must be all the physical exertion.”

“Oh, do they go to a gym? Or play a sport?” Still tingling with desire for her friend’s daughters, Jess couldn’t keep herself from sneaking looks at them. She lifted her glass to take a slow sip, taking a longer look as she tilted her head back, hoping the girls wouldn’t catch her at it.

She couldn’t bring it off; Sienna spotted her right away.

“They’re very energetic,” Stella was saying. “They do all sorts, including dance.”

Openly staring at Jess, the teen shifted in her seat to face her, then slowly moved her knees apart, causing the short denim skirt to ride up her thighs. The deliberate movement caused Jess to lower her gaze, only to be confronted by the unmistakable sight of Sienna’s exposed vagina.

Nearly dropping her fork, Jessica quickly averted her eyes, feeling her face grow hot. Bending over her plate, she carefully sliced a sausage into small bite-size pieces. “This is marvellous, Stel,” she said, feeling an utter fool.

“Thanks ever so. I do love to cook, especially for guests.”

Taking a quick glimpse at the girls’ table, Jess was certain she saw a smile of victory on Sienna’s lips. Determined not to let those damned twins get the better of her, she turned away, refusing to look again. At least for now, she told herself.

Jess and Stella exchanged casual chit-chat through the rest of their meal, while the girls all seemed to talk at once. As the plates were emptied of their contents, Stella got up to refresh the girls’ drinks, and Jess poured herself another glass of the wine, still feeling warm all over as she visualized Sienna’s baby-smooth cunt, wondering if Lacey shaved too.

As Stella rejoined Jessica, Lacey called out, “Mum, we’re going to show these guys around, okay?”

“Fine, fine… have fun, don’t make too much of a mess.”

Once the girls had vanished, their mothers settled down and made more small talk. Then, out of the blue, Stella asked, “So, Jess, are you seeing anyone these days?”

Jessica’s moment of truth had arrived. Taking another swallow of the crisp Italian wine, she placed her glass on the small table between them, taking a calming breath before turning to face her friend.

“Well, actually, I am seeing someone. I was planning to tell you today; in fact, you’ll be one of the first to know.”

Putting her own drink down, Stella leaned in to hear the news. “Oooh, spill the beans, girl. Is he fit? What’s he like in bed? Don’t leave out a single intimate detail!”

Jess laughed. “Stella Morrison, you are so bad.”

“Well, I haven’t seen you with a bloke for God knows how long. I’ve been downright worried! Come on, what’s his name?”

Taking another breath, Jess finally spoke. “Her name… is Rachel.” She studied her friend, trying to gauge her reaction, but Stella was just staring, her mouth gaping in surprise.

Eventually, she spoke. “I’m sorry; did you say Rachel as in Rachel… a woman? You’re dating a woman? So you’re…”

“Yes. It was hard for me to come to terms with it at first, but yes, I’m a lesbian.”

“Wow. I mean, wow. I didn’t expect that. Where on earth did you meet her, though? I can’t see you picking up potential lovers in gay bars.”

“No, that’s not it. I told you; I’m in a relationship with Rachel.”

Stella’s face showed confusion. “Yes, you said, but… Wait, wait a minute. You mean Rachel, as in Rachel Thomas?”

“The same.”

Slowly nodding her head as it all sank in, Stella broke into an awed grin. “You know, Rachel told me a long time ago over a glass of vino or three that she’d had some experiences with the ladies, but I guess she always seemed straight as a ruler to me. Tell me, how long have you two been an item? I haven’t seen you with her — I mean, like, out as a couple.”

“A few weeks. We’re just starting to tell our friends.”

Taking up her glass again, Stella settled back in her seat, eager to know more. “How did this come about? I want the whole sordid story.”

Jess had to laugh at that. “Well, here’s the condensed version first: a girly night in, a couple of bottles of Chablis and an all girl porno DVD.”

Stella arched an eyebrow. “And that’s all it took to turn you on to women?”

“It wasn’t quite that simple. We were bemoaning our lack of dates and what with the wine and the action on screen, we ended up kissing, then made out for a while. Nothing else happened until a few days later after a few of us went to a new club in Oxford, which turned out to be ‘girls only’ night, if you know what I mean. That evening was quite an eye-opener. I popped into your gallery to invite you, but you were away in France.  Anyway, I stayed over at Rachel’s, as our girls were on school trips or sleepovers… and it just happened.”

“‘Just happened?’ That’s all the story I’m getting? You can do better than that, love. Did you get your fingers wet, at least?”

“Christ, Stella!” Her friend only smirked. “Fine, fine. If you must know, we started in practically as soon as her front door closed. We got naked, then Rachel went down on me. It was fantastic.”

“Ooooh, nice,” Stella cooed. “You returned the favor, I hope…?”

“Oh, of course. We did a sixty-nine a few minutes later, then fell asleep.”

“Any regrets the next morning?”

Jess shook her head. “Not a single one. In fact, soon as we woke up, Rach put on this huge bloody strap-on cock and fucked me silly before I went home. It turns out she’s had feelings for me for some time. Anyhow, we talked things over and decided to make a go of it as a couple.”

Stella seemed somewhat pensive. In fact, she was recalling the episode in Jessica’s store a few weeks back, and her dismissal of the twins’ assertion that Jess was checking them out. “So who else knows?”

“Besides the girls, of course, only my sister Laura. Oh, and Caterina at the shop. We both intend to come out to our employees tomorrow. My mum doesn’t even know yet. She’s on a cruise, not due back until next week.”

“How do your daughters feel about it? And Rachel’s girls?”

“Oh, they all love having two mums and additional sisters.” She gave Stella a thoughtful look. “How about you, Stel? What do you think about it?”

Reaching for her glass, Stella lifted it in a toast. “As one who’s no stranger to a bit of girl-on-girl action myself, I say good luck and wish you both every happiness. May your orgasms be plentiful and intense.”

It was Jessica’s turn to be surprised. “Oh, my — you mean you’ve been with other women as well?”

“Pretty much exclusively for a while now. It never occurred to me you might bowl for the other team, though.”

“You and me both. I’d never considered dating a woman. Hell, I’d never even thought about kissing another woman before. Now, I’ve become a sex fiend.”

“So it looks like I missed an opportunity, now you’re taken.”

“What, you mean you’ve thought about me like that?”

“Well, you know what they say about redheads being wild… and you are a beautiful, sexy woman, Jess. Let me put it this way: if it doesn’t work out between you and Rachel, ring me up.”

“We’re not just dating; it’s more serious than that. We’re committed to each other. Mind you, we are both up for new experiences and fun, so you never know.” Reaching out, she touched Stella’s silken thigh. “We want to make up for the time we wasted, looking for the right man.”

Stella’s head spun as she contemplated the scenario that her friend seemed to be hinting at: the chance to burn up the sheets with two lovely women instead of one. As she fought to control her excitement, certain other intriguing possibilities came to mind. She resolved not to push her luck, but couldn’t help testing the water just a little.

Watching Jessica’s face closely, she said, “I suppose I should have picked up on something, that day I brought Lacey and Sienna to your shop.”

“What do you mean?” Jess replied, feeling an icy twinge of apprehension.

“Well, I couldn’t credit it myself… but the twins reckoned you were checking them out.”

Oh, God. Oh, my God. “Stella, I — I hope you don’t think there was anything going on, that I was making any kind of play for your daughters.  I mean, I wasn’t …”

Stella hastened to calm her. “Don’t worry, Jess. I don’t blame you for looking. They are beautiful, after all. Not to mention very flirty.”

Jess prayed that her face wasn’t betraying her thoughts. Trying to sound casual about it, she said, “Well, they’ve certainly matured into lovely young women. Mine are growing up so fast it takes my breath away. It’s easy to forget sometimes that Alice is only twelve.“

At the mention of Jessica’s eldest daughter, Stella thought about Alice… specifically, about the way that cute youngster had been looking at her earlier on. She recognized that look; knew exactly what it meant.  She wasn’t even trying to hide it, the blonde told herself. Now Jess tells me she’s gay, too… and all afternoon, I’ve seen her sneaking peeks at my girls. Interesting.

She reached for the wine bottle. “Can I top you up, Jess?”


Upstairs, the Matthews girls were being shown round the house by Sienna and Lacey. The twins had given their guests the grand tour — even going into Stella’s huge bedroom, which was elegantly laid out with ornate furniture, a deep lush carpet and some lovely pieces of visual art adorning the walls. Alice noted with interest that all these images, both painted and photographed, were of women, mostly in provocative poses. Then there was a small statue in one corner, hewn from rough stone, of a nude young girl cupping her belly with both hands.

As they turned to leave, something else caught the twelve-year-old’s attention. Resting on the carpet next to the night table there lay a jumble of straps and plastic that Alice quickly realized were a pair of slightly smaller versions of the cock that she’d used on her mum the previous evening. She couldn’t stifle a startled gasp — luckily, neither of the twins noticed.

As Lacey closed the door, a picture popped into Alice’s mind, an image of Stella using one of the toys on herself. But confusion followed as she realised that the sexy blonde wouldn’t need the straps if it was just her getting off, which begged the question: Who’s she using it on, or who’s using it on her… and why would she need two of them, anyhow?

Something was stirring in her mind, an idea trying to make itself known, but there wasn’t time to work it out. She resolved to tell her mother about what she’d seen, as soon as they had a private moment.

As the twins led their guests into Lacey’s bedroom, Alice sensed that something didn’t look right about the space, but was uncertain as to what it could be. While Lacey showed them around, Alice exclaimed and smiled and looked interested — all the while trying to figure out what it was about this room that rang false.

For the most part, it seemed like a typical teenage living space, only more upper class. There was a small sofa, which was clearly where Lacey spent much of her personal time, a cluttered desk, an even more cluttered dresser. A few items of clothing were strewn about, along with several glossy magazines and a couple of books. A queen-size bed occupied one side of the room, covered by a blue and white striped duvet.

Suddenly Alice knew what was off about the room: the bed. It was immaculately made, as if done by a professional, and looked as if it hadn’t been touched in days, much less slept in. It’s almost as though she never uses it, Alice thought. In her head, a door slowly drifted open.

There wasn’t time to ponder what she’d seen, though. Lacey was saying, “I’ve got a wicked cool idea… why don’t we have a fashion show?”

Katie and Poppy loved the idea, so Alice chimed in with her sisters, putting her suspicions to one side for the present. Actually, she was interested in getting a peek at what the Morrison girls had to wear.

Lacey threw open a huge fitted wardrobe that covered an entire wall, revealing an extensive array of dresses hanging on a long rail on the left, with the right hand side consisting of shelves crammed with a colourful assortment of clothes, racks at the bottom loaded with footwear and half a dozen pull-out trays for jewellery and accessories.

The Matthews siblings stared in awe at the expansive collection. Alice turned to Lacey. “Wow… these aren’t all yours, surely?”

“Yeah, they are,” said Lacey, nodding. “My sister’s closet looks just like this. Being twins, it’s practically mandatory we have a lot of the same things — sometimes exactly alike, sometimes the same but in different colours, so we can swap. But we each like our own stuff as well. Sometimes when people can’t tell us apart and we have different colours on, we tell them I’m in one colour and Sienna is in another, then we swap outfits in the loo later on… it’s such a laugh to see their faces!”

Katie laughed in delight. “That’s so cool.”

“How come you have so many clothes?” asked Poppy.

Sienna answered. “We’re very good girls, and Mum will do anything for us. She likes us to look nice.”

Turning back to the wardrobe, Alice noticed one broad shelf that held several neat piles of what appeared to be lacy lingerie in a multitude of colours.

“C’mon, let’s dress up,” Lacey cooed. “We love your mum’s shop; a lot of our stuff is from there.” She started sifting through the rack and paused, then took out a very short snake print dress made of soft, latex-like material, holding it up for the girls to see.

“This is my favourite. It’s so tight you can’t wear anything underneath, or it shows. Here, I’ll put it on for you.” Lacey passed the dress to Alice, then crossed her arms to grab the bottom of her vest and pull it up over her head, dropping it on the floor.

Although Alice had already noticed that neither of the twins was wearing a bra under their vests, it was still something of a surprise to see Lacey expose her breasts in such a casual way. And before Alice or her sisters could get a good look at her partial nudity, she was unzipping her short skirt, letting it drop to her feet. Now Lacey was naked from the waist down.

Bloody hell, Alice thought. She isn’t wearing knickers, either! 

As if by reflex, the Matthews sisters’ eyes were drawn to the teen’s smooth, peach-like pussy, which was topped by a neatly trimmed triangle of blonde pubes.

Lacey saw where the girls’ eyes were focused, which was exactly the response she’d hoped for. Then she saw a glance between the three of them, like a secret message being shared — and that caught her off guard. Lacey had exposed her naked body partly to shock, partly because… well, she was an exhibitionist, after all. Now, she wondered what that exchanged look meant, and what Alice and her sisters were thinking.

Before she could turn it over in her mind, Alice handed her the dress. “Here you go.”

“Ta very much.” Lacey stepped into it, then wriggled the dress up her slender frame. Adjusting the thin straps, she smoothed the material down her body, then held her arms wide and gave a slow pirouette.

“Isn’t that awesome?” Sienna said, gesturing at her sister. “It clings to you like skin, so you have to be naked underneath. I’ve got one, too.”

Moving closer to the girls on the bed, Lacey felt a wicked impulse that she couldn’t ignore. Jessica’s eldest daughter was growing up nicely and was blossoming into a real babe… but she hadn’t spent time with Alice’s younger sisters in a while, and very much liked what she could see of them now. She imagined what they’d look like out of those pretty dresses, a vision that made the fourteen-year-old tingle deliciously.

Edging nearer, she urged the girls, “Touch it… feel how light it is.”

She expected Alice to take up the offer, but the oldest of the Matthews girls seemed to be lost in thought. Instead, it was Katie who reached out first. The strawberry blonde placed a hand on Lacey’s hip, slowly allowing it to slip down to the outside of her thigh. Her next move took the older girl by surprise, as Katie moved her hand back up to stroke her rear, slowly caressing the curve of Lacey’s bum — but she was downright astonished when Katie placed the other hand on her flat tummy and let it drift downwards.

As Lacey began to experience a familiar heat beneath the skimpy dress, she glanced over at her twin to see Sienna’s wide-eyed reaction.

Suddenly, Poppy broke the spell. “Can I touch, too?”

Katie withdrew her hands, and Lacey shakily replied, “Sure, kiddo.”

Lacey wasn’t sure what to expect from this little girl — nonetheless, she couldn’t help but be shocked as Poppy placed a hand directly over her breast, causing the nipple to instantly harden and rise under the thin material.

Poppy squealed with delight. “Ooh, look! I can see your titties.”

A wide-eyed Sienna watched in awe as her sister’s body responded to Poppy’s touch. Suddenly needing to get in on this, whatever it was, she announced, “Well, if you think that dress is sexy, wait ‘til you see what I’ve got!” With that, she raced out of the room, calling, “Be right back!”

“It’s a pretty dress, and it looks really nice on you,” Poppy said with a nod, then moved back a step.

By then, Lacey was nearly beside herself with excitement. She didn’t know why these little girls were so casual about touching her body, but reckoned there was more sexy fun to be had with them.

Gathering her composure, she turned to Alice. “Would you like to try this on? You’re almost the same build as me.” Without waiting for a reply, she slipped the straps off her shoulders and wriggled the dress down her body. The nude teen proffered the garment to Alice. “It’ll look dead sexy on you, I bet.”

Stepping out of her shoes, Alice turned around, asking, “Can you unzip me?”

Lacey obliged, then Alice shrugged out of her flowery dress, which she carefully draped across the back of a nearby chair. Now she stood before the other girls in nothing but a pair of lace bikini panties.

Lacey drank in the view of the twelve-year-old’s body, looking her up and down. Mmmm, she’s gonna be a real stunner. “You’ll have to take your knicks off,” she murmured, a half-smile on her lips.

Trying to keep her excitement from showing, Alice tucked her thumbs beneath the elastic and pushed her panties down to the floor, then stepped out of them. Lacey took a moment to savour the sight of the girl’s lightly-downed vulva just as Sienna came charging back into the room, a glittery purple dress draped over her arm.

Sienna nearly froze in mid-step, taken aback to see a naked Alice standing before an equally bare Lacey, who handed their guest the snake print dress she’d just had been wearing.

As Alice took the garment, pausing to examine it, Sienna took the opportunity to disrobe just as quickly as her sister had, then walked over to stand beside Lacey, slipping an arm round her waist.

Alice was busy bending down to step into the dress, so she didn’t notice that there were now two nude girls standing before her, but Katie and Poppy gave each other a gleeful look before shifting their attention back to the undressed twins.

Pulling the dress up, then slipping her arms through the thin straps, Alice noticed that Sienna had stripped off, too. By then, it didn’t even surprise her. She strongly suspected that the twins were playing a game of seduction, and that was more than fine with her. In fact, she loved the idea of fooling around with these hot older girls.

Staring down at how the dress fit her, Alice frowned when she saw that it didn’t hang quite right, being just a tad looser on her than it was on Lacey’s more developed frame.

Lacey came forward to assist. “Here, let me.” Moving to Alice’s left, she started smoothing the material of the dress. Sienna stepped to the other side to join in. Now both girls were running their hands all over Alice’s body, pretending to eliminate wrinkles. They each trailed a palm down the twelve-year-old’s back and over her bum while also stroking the front, moulding the thin material to Alice’s smaller breasts.

Off to the side, Poppy and Katie watched the twins caress their big sister, knowing full well what Lacey and Sienna were up to. “Can we take off our dresses?” Poppy whispered.

“Not yet,” Katie softly replied. “Let’s wait until they’re really doing stuff. Like if they start kissing.”

Alice was purring with pleasure, her eyes drifting shut as she lost herself in the moment, those four hands gliding over her body. The material of Lacey’s dress was so thin that she might as well have been wearing nothing at all. And knowing she was being fondled by two very sexy twin sisters only drove her excitement higher and fed her desire, the way it was when Mum or Auntie Rachel or any of the girls in their new, larger family began making love to her. But this situation wasn’t the same as the safe environment of home, and she was uncertain as to what her next move ought to be.

If the girls attending to her now had been Alice’s siblings, she would have already been stroking their slits, or slipping her fingers down the creases of their bums. But she didn’t dare try something like that now, not until she was absolutely certain that Lacey and Sienna wanted the same thing. Her mother’s cautionary words from earlier still lingered.

Then, so abruptly it took her breath away, a hand — she knew not whose — slipped beneath the dress to touch her bare slit, then vanished just as quickly.

Alice’s eyes flew open, only to see both girls moving away, standing back to admire their subject like designers making last minute adjustments to their model before sending her up the catwalk.

Sienna spoke first. “Y’know, Alice, it won’t be long before you fill that dress out as nicely as Lacey does now.” As if to emphasise what she meant, she reached out to cup her sister’s breast.

“It looks amazing on you now, though,” Lacey chimed in. She gestured toward a large, ornate, free-standing mirror. “Go on, see for yourself.”

Her heart racing, Alice looked down at the dress before moving in front of the mirror, taking a deep breath before raising her head to look. Oh. My. GOD. she marvelled. Is that really me?

As she admired herself, reflecting how much older the dress made her look and feel, Sienna piped up. “My turn,” holding up her own glittering outfit. Stepping into it as her sister had done, she pulled it up, pushing her arms through the open sides. “Okay… what do you think?” As she stood back to present herself, the others could only gasp at the view.

With the sunlight streaming through the window, the bright purple material shone and sparkled. The front of the dress had a deep ‘V’ that plunged halfway down to her tummy, exposing her breasts to the point that they seemed in danger of popping out. She spun round to display the back, which was cut so low that the cleft of her bum was visible. It was a flawless arse, too — a juicy apple, perfectly rounded.

The stares of the three Matthews girls were interrupted by a call from downstairs. “Girls, dessert’s ready.”

That brought a halt to the proceedings. “Oh… bollocks!” Sienna pouted, folding her arms.

Katie and Poppy reluctantly wandered over to the door, then paused. Katie gave the twins a shy smile and said, “Thanks, Lacey. Thanks, Sienna. That really was fun.“

Poppy added, “Yeah, we should do this again.”

Lacey responded, “Oh we’d love to. Wouldn’t we, sis?”

Sienna nodded. “Absolutely.”

As the two young girls left the room, Sienna called out. “Tell our mum we’ll be right down.”

The receding voice of Katie answered, “Okay,” before the thunder of footsteps descended the stairs.

Taking one last wistful look at herself in the mirror, Alice shrugged out of the dress, then handed it to Lacey, who let it drop to the floor. The older girl smiled, then reached out for Alice, drawing their bare bodies together in a hug.

Twining her arms around Lacey’s waist, Alice felt herself grow lightheaded. God, she smells wonderful. Then her excitement doubled itself when she felt another equally nude form pressing against hers from behind. It was Sienna, who had clearly removed that purple dress.

It was exquisite, being sandwiched between these lovely girls, and Alice was unable to stop herself from moaning. Lacey pulled away slightly, her arms still wrapped round Alice, and smiled at the trembling girl, then leaned forward and kissed her briefly on the mouth.

A stunned Alice was unable to do much more than stare as Lacey released her, but she did gasp when Sienna’s lips brushed her neck before she, too, stepped away.

As if nothing at all unusual had just taken place, the twins nonchalantly started to put their skirts and vests back on, then Lacey hesitated, turning back to their guest. “Y’know, Alice, you should ask your mum if you can come over for a sleepover one night — or even a whole weekend! We could have lots of fun.”

Alice’s usual confidence had evaporated, leaving her speechless. There was no doubt that the twins wanted to do more than watch silly rom-coms, dish about boys and make popcorn. She realised that this was her first real test of whether she could keep the family’s secret under pressure.

But if they’re gay too, and something’s going on between them, what’s the harm?

No, she admonished herself. Not before talking to Mum.

She meekly replied, “Er, okay, sure. That sounds nice.”

Before the twins sensed something or began to quiz her, Alice quickly finished dressing, asked Sienna to zip her up, then left the room to join the others.


After dessert, the rest of the afternoon passed in a far more normal fashion, with the girls dancing, romping and playing games, the mums chatting. Somehow, Jess managed to avoid eye contact with Stella’s daughters, though there were plenty of knowing glances shared round between the girls. And Alice got a few looks from Ms Morrison — Stella, she reminded herself — that made the twelve-year-old shiver.

Eventually, the sun started to set, and Jess let her daughters know that it was time to go. As the girls swapped hugs all round, Jess and Stella stood apart.

“Thanks for lunch, Stel,” Jess said. “It was lovely, and the girls had a great time. Poppy told me that they had a fashion show upstairs.” She laughed. “We should have got them to model for us!”

Knowing what her daughters were capable of, Stella suspected that would have been a risky proposition indeed. Mind you, I’d like to see how Jessica would react. 

She gave Jess a brief but affectionate hug. “Let’s do this again soon, and next time, bring Rachel… with her daughters.”

“Okay, I will. Thanks again, Stella.” Turning to the group of chattering youngsters, she called out, “Come on, girls.”

As they gathered to depart, Stella reached out to brush Alice’s cheek with her fingers. “It was lovely to see you again, love. You know, you’re nearly as tall as the twins now… you could almost be triplets!”

Nervous though she was, Alice fought to seem calm as she gazed at the luscious older woman. “Thank you for inviting us, Ms Morr– Stella, I mean.” She blushed slightly. “I — I’d love to come again. Maybe next time we can, um, go in the hot tub?”

“Of course. I’m sure the twins would love to have you.” Stella looked deep into the girl’s eyes. And so would I, little lady… so would I.

Alice stepped aside and Stella bent to hug Katie and Poppy.

“It was lovely to see you girls. You two are looking more like your mum every day.”

Poppy replied, “Thanks, Ms Morrison… we had loads of fun, and the food was yummy!”

“Yes, thank you. It was a really fun day,” Katie added.

“I’m so glad.” Turning to Jess, she said, “Let’s meet up for a coffee in town soon.”

Jess hugged her. “That would be great.”

Just then, Sienna and Lacey sidled up to Jess and, without warning, took her in a warm, intimate embrace. A wave of helpless lust roiled and crashed through her, so intense that she wanted to scream.

“Bye, Jessica, we’re glad you came over,” Lacey murmured.

“We’ll probably see you in the shop soon,” Sienna said. We’re gonna need new bikinis for the summer.” The twins mercifully broke away from her, but those come-hither smiles of theirs…

The very thought of these two nymphs trying on swimwear in her presence nearly struck Jess speechless. Somehow she managed to stammer, “I – I’ll see you then,” almost forgetting to grab her handbag before they left.

Moments later, Jess was driving away, her heart still thumping. While Katie and Poppy were busy talking about the hot tub in the back, she turned to Alice.

“So, did you enjoy yourself?”

Glancing back at her younger sisters to assure herself that they weren’t paying attention, Alice leaned closer to Jessica and whispered. “Mum, I think we need to have a talk later. I could tell that Sienna and Lacey were really into you… but I also noticed that you seemed, I don’t know, kinda nervous around them. Is there something that happened with the twins that you never told me about?”

Jess suddenly felt as if Alice was the mother, she the child. “Well, there was this one day a few weeks back when they came to the shop with Stella. Nothing happened, mind you, but it was a very odd encounter. They were flirting with me then, I know that. And today, they were doing more than flirting — much more. I can’t believe how forward those two are.”

“Tell me about it,” said Alice, rolling her eyes.

“Why, what happened upstairs?”

Alice stole another look at her sisters, but they were still busy chatting. “I’ll tell you later, but I’m pretty sure of one thing. I think they’re like us — that they’re doing sex stuff with their mum.”

Jessica’s expression was one of surprise, then comprehension. “So I was right.”


She shushed Alice, putting a finger to her lips. “We’ll talk.”


Back at the Morrison house, Stella sat down with the girls and told them the news about about Jess and Rachel coming out as a lesbian couple.

Lacey clapped in glee as both girls looked at each other, sporting huge smiles. “We told you, that day in her shop, Mum. She was absolutely checking us out!”

“No, you were right about that,” Stella said. “In fact, when she told me about her relationship with Rachel, I remembered that day and teased her about it. I actually told Jess that you girls noticed her staring, and that’s when she got very defensive. So I said I was just pulling her leg, but that’s when I knew. Of course, all I had to do was watch the way she kept sneaking peeks at you girls.” She paused, gazing thoughtfully at her daughters. “By the way… Jessica seemed to get awfully flustered at one point while we were eating. Any idea as to why?”

A grinning Sienna raised a hand. “Guilty as charged, Mum. I pulled my skirt up and gave her a really good look at my pussy.”

“Oooooh!” Lacey squealed in mock outrage. “So rude!” She giggled. “I love it… wish I’d thought of flashing her first.”

“You two are incorrigible,” Stella murmured, shaking her head. “Now, tell me what you were doing upstairs with her daughters.”

Stella listened raptly as the twins described what had happened.

Once they’d finished, Sienna added, “Y’know, Mum, I don’t think Alice and the others are nearly as innocent as they seem. They were all into seeing us naked, and when I asked Katie and Poppy if they wanted to touch my dress, those two were practically feeling me up! I’m sure that’s not the first time they’ve touched a girl that way.”

Lacey said, “We reckon the girls have been doing stuff together, even little Poppy. Now we know Jessica is a lesbian…” She shrugged. “I dunno, you think maybe she’s been playing sexy games with her daughters?”

“She could be. It does make sense,” Stella replied, absently stroking her chin. “For one thing, it might explain those looks Alice was giving me all day. She was a bit too shy to flirt very much, but I could tell that she liked what she saw.”

“Can’t say I blame her,” Lacey purred, looking her mother up and down.

Stella reached over to the end table for her phone. “I think I need to make a call.”

“Mu-um… can’t you do that later?” Sienna said, making a face. “It’s time to play! Lacey and me are dying for it…”

“I’ll just be a moment.” Stella was scrolling down her list of contacts. “You girls get started without me.” She touched the name she wanted, glancing up to see her daughters drift together in a kiss that soon grew very heated.

A woman’s voice on the other end. “Hello?”

“Hello, Blanche, it’s Stella. I’m fine, thank you. I think I might have some good news; a possible candidate for membership in the Society.”

She proceeded to tell Blanche Turner about the events and revelations of the day, all the while watching Lacey and Sienna as they playfully undressed one another.

In progress. eventually to appear at this venue… Chapter Twenty-Seven!


Sit in My Lap

  • Posted on July 2, 2020 at 12:15 pm

One of my “quickie” stories, a little something posted here to tide you over while in the midst of editing a dozen or so erotic masterpieces from our roster of quality authors. Hope it brings you a scrap or two of pleasure.

By JetBoy

My daughter April and I had always enjoyed a bit of harmless flirtation with each other. Not in a sexual sense, mind you — more like a teasing game, played to see which of us would take things the furthest.

I recall how, when she was a teenager, and I was starting to date again after divorcing her dad, April would watch me dress and urge me to wear something sexier, like dresses with low cut tops and short skirts, accented with fishnet stocking and spiked-heel shoes. I began to encourage her in the same way when she started dating herself — just a bit of affectionate fun, that was all.

Once, when I came home somewhat tipsy with my clothing askew after one particularly hot evening, April actually helped me undress. At one point she almost seemed to be touching me in a rather intimate way when I was down to my panties, and I remember asking her in a tone of mock-outrage, “Hey, girl — are you feeling me up?”

She responded by reaching around me from behind, one hand cupping my breast, the other rubbing my belly. “Feeling you up? Now, why on earth would I do such a thing to my own mother?” she said, speaking in a tone of such bewildered innocence that all I could do was laugh.

Later that night, though, the memory of April’s touch left me feeling oddly aroused, in spite of myself… and even though I’d already gotten off like gangbusters with the guy I’d been with that evening, I ended up masturbating to a shuddering orgasm before I fell asleep.

A few months later, April had moved to Atlanta to attend college. Recently I went to visit her for the first time, and she made plans for the two of us to hit the hot spots with a couple of girls she knew from school. So we did just that, and by the end of the evening, the four of us were feeling no pain.

April hailed a taxi with no trouble — she stood ten feet away from the curb, stuck two fingers in her mouth and gave a loud whistle, and a cab stopped right away. Her best friend Gina climbed in the front with the driver, while her co-workers Maggie and Sylvia sat in the back with me.

“What about me? Where do I sit?” April said, folding her arms, looking absolutely stunning as the passing cars each illuminated her in turn.

“Sit on my lap, sweetie,” I told her, patting my thighs.

“Works for me,” April said. Taking off her heels, she clambered into my lap. It took a moment to arrange ourselves, but soon we were cozily nestled together.

The ride home was quite bumpy and April was wobbling around on my lap. I did my best to keep her upright, but she kept going limp on purpose, pretending to be more tipsy than she was. There was a lot of dirty banter flying about between us, and we were all in high spirits.

Sylvia and Gina were the first to go, since they were roommates. They paid for their share of the fare and tip, blew kisses to everyone, and made their way arm in arm into the apartment building.

April lost her balance again when the driver pulled away from the curb — and in the effort to steady herself, she grabbed my left breast.

Easy there, honey!” I gasped.

April burst into embarrassed giggles… and I couldn’t help but laugh along. “Sorry, Mom,” she purred, giving my breast a tender caress. “There… is that better?”

Feeling my face grow hot, I took her hand away. “Christ… you’re completely pixilated, aren’t you?” I said, unwilling to admit that April’s touch had awakened an all-too familiar warmth between my thighs. It had been awhile since I’d had sex, and it didn’t take much to get my motor purring after a few drinks.

Pixilated? What’s that?” Maggie said, squinting at us.

April snickered. “You never heard that word before? Means drunk, so drunk that you’re, um, seeing pixies!” She began to laugh. “I heard Porky Pig say it in a, a cartoon once, an’ Mom told me what it meant.”

“That’s not what I see,” Maggie replied. “After all those shots of tequila, it was mostly trolls and goblins.”

“Wait, wait!” I put in. “I’m pretty sure those were just the guys at that last joint. They only looked like trolls.” We’d made the mistake of popping into a sports bar, where we’d run into a bunch of creepy stockbrokers on the make. One of them had tried to get handsy with Gina, and she’d accidentally-on-purpose knocked a Singapore Sling into his lap. That was when we decided to call it a night.

Now we were all giddy with laughter once more — and that was when I felt April’s hand, resting on my breast again. Before I could respond, she cried, “God, I can feel your nipple, Mom!”

I glanced down to confirm what she’d said. Sure enough, I could see their outline through the front of my blouse, despite wearing a bra. My nipples are pretty large, even more so when they get erect.

By then, the arousal I felt, along with the drinks I’d had, make me feel especially bold. “Wouldn’t talk if I were you,”  I cooed, reaching up to pinch the tip of her breast, which was clearly visible through the black silk bra she wore. Her blouse had slid off her one shoulder, and I couldn’t help but notice how lovely she looked.

“You two bitches are scandalous,” said Maggie. “April, why are you still on your mother’s lap, anyhow? Here, I’ll scoot over.”

“Oh, but she’s all soft and warm,” April replied. “Anyhow, I love my mommy.” And there she remained, perched on my lap.

A few minutes later, we dropped off Maggie at her flat, then set off for April’s apartment.

“Want to get down now, hon?” I asked, since it was just us and the driver.

“Uh-uh,” April whispered. “I like this… being extra-special close to you.” Her lips brushed my ear. “Wanna know how nice you make me feel?”

Something in her tone had my heartbeat accelerating. “Um, sure.” My hand was absently resting on April’s bare thigh.

Suddenly, April seized my hand and slipped it between her legs, placing it on the rise of her vulva!

God, I could feel how wet my daughter’s cunt was through the front of her skimpy panties. Shocked, I tried to pull away, but she squeezed her thighs together, trapping my hand right where it was.

“Oh my God, April!” I breathed, looking up at her.

My daughter’s eyes were closed and she was biting her lip — a look of utter bliss on her lovely features. She whispered, “Touch me, Mom. Touch my pussy. Feel how hot I am down there.”

Though happily bisexual, and despite the flirtatious behavior that April and I have always indulged in, I’d never thought of my daughter as a potential lover, sexy as she is.

I should have resisted, pushed her away… but the combination of April’s wet cunt beneath my trembling fingers, her warm body pressed into mine and her sweet spearmint breath in my ear gave me an undeniable sexual rush.

I couldn’t say no to this. Hell, I didn’t want to say no.

Nuzzling my little girl’s neck, I whispered, “Just wait until we get home, girl. You’re in big trouble.” I placed a lingering kiss in the hollow of her throat.

“Ohhh…” she murmured in response. “Are you gonna spank me, Mommy?” Her tongue emerged to lick languidly at my ear. “Or just fuck me?”

The little-girl voice that she was speaking in actually doubled my excitement. “Whatever my naughty child wants,” I whispered back.

God, this was too kinky for words. I knew this was wrong in every way imaginable, but I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been so sexually excited. My own daughter was coming on to me, and I was letting it happen.

Snuggling closer to me, April rested her head on my shoulder. Tucking my hand into her damp panties, I allowed a finger to gently trace the line of her slit — which, I was delighted to discover, was baby-smooth. I couldn’t help but think of all the teasing games April and I had indulged in over the years. Was this what we’d been heading for all along?

“Here’s your stop, ladies,” announced the driver from the front seat, completely oblivious to our forbidden caresses. I somehow managed to fish the money out of my purse, April still on my lap and curled against my body. Then we struggled our way out of the cab, finally standing on the sidewalk in a daze that was far more about lust than liquor.

“G’night,” the cabbie murmured, then pulled away.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” I asked, trying to keep my voice from shaking as we approached the entrance to her apartment building. It was beginning to sink in, the sheer enormity of what was happening between my daughter and me. She’d literally invited me to fuck her, for God’s sake — and I’d instantly accepted!

I want this to happen, I told myself. Damn the consequences, April and I are getting down and extremely dirty tonight. Now that I’d admitted it, the only surprise I felt was that it had taken this long.

“Mmmm, never been better,” my daughter murmured, her hand casually exploring my ass as we stood side by side. Our eyes met, and I shivered at what I read in hers.

Withdrawing her hand, she delved into her purse, quickly withdrawing her key ring. Fumbling it into the lock, she got us into the building, then we stumbled across the deserted lobby to the elevator.

As soon as the door closed and the elevator began to rise, April wrapped both arms around my neck, gazing up at me with adoring eyes. “I love you, Mom,” she sighed, then her lips found mine.

Our kiss was gentle at first, then her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I nearly swooned. My lips parted for her, and I eagerly matched April’s passion. My daughter and I were making out like lust-crazed teenagers, and all I could think about was getting her clothes off and the two of us into bed.

Suddenly conscious of where we were, I reluctantly broke our embrace. “I love you too, sweetheart,” I panted, adorning that cute button nose of hers with a gentle peck, “but let’s wait until we get into your apartment, okay?”

I held her body close to mine as the elevator finally reached our floor, then took April’s hand and led her down the hallway. Once again, she dug her keys out and fumbled to unlock the door, hissing, “Shit!” when she dropped them. Finally she got it open, and we hastened inside.

I shut the door behind me, then turned to face April. Faster than I thought she could move, my daughter snatched my hand and tugged me into her. She fell back against the wall, where we came together in a heated kiss.

Tilted off balance, we began to slide down, April pulling me with her until we lay in a tangle on the floor. My daughter was on top of me, gazing deep into my eyes, licking her lips. Her skirt had hiked all the way up to the waist, exposing the rosy cleft of her cunt. How had she taken off her panties without my noticing?

I hadn’t seen my daughter’s sex from this close since I’d bathed her as a child — and now, I ached to kiss it. Smirking at my lustful gaze, April opened her thighs for me, those moist pink lips parting ever so slightly. I licked my lips as I stared, already imagining how my daughter would taste.

“My pussy, Mom…” she said in a soft, sexy voice. “Do you think it’s pretty?”

“It’s… it’s beautiful, sweetheart,” I replied. “The loveliest flower I’ve ever seen.”

April extended a hand to me, helping me to my feet — then she kissed me with such urgency that I nearly stumbled backwards. Her tongue darted into my mouth and her arms entwined my waist, pressing our bodies together. I relaxed in my daughter’s arms and returned the kiss, pausing to nibble at her lower lip.

As our tongues sparred back and forth, I felt April’s hands slip down my back and beneath the skirt I wore, groping my panty-clad ass. Her fingers pressed through the silken material to tease my anus, then she brought one hand around to the front to cup my vulva in her palm.

I began to touch my daughter, caressing her bare bottom beneath that barely-there skirt, still wondering just  how far we were going to take this sweet insanity that was playing out between us. Then when April knelt in front of me and slid what had become a very soaked pair of panties down to my knees, I knew that my child and I were playing this hand right through to the end, that we would soon be lesbian lovers. And I couldn’t have been more thrilled.

“Oh yeah, Mom,” she whispered, “you’ve got a beautiful pussy, too.” My daughter stared at the thick bush between my thighs, reaching up to gently part the labia with her fingers.

“So fucking sexy…” she breathed. Then April dove into me, taking my dripping, burning cunt into her mouth, her tongue licking lustily at the opening.

My knees buckled, and I rested my hands on her head for balance. This was easily the wildest, kinkiest thing I’d ever done — and it left me nearly delirious with joy. My own daughter, going down on me, making love to the opening from which she’d first emerged into the world. My cunt. Her mouth. Oh, my.

Suddenly, without warning, something massed inside me — and I felt an orgasm batter my body like a tsunami. I bucked helplessly against April’s face and threw my head back, knocking my skull against the hallway wall with a dull thud — which, strangely enough, made me come even harder, bright stars exploding behind tightly clenched eyes as my daughter continued to lick my pussy.

The fireworks finally began to dwindle to sparks and smoke, and I let myself slide down until I was resting to the floor. I had just enough strength left to reach out for April, and she obligingly crawled into my arms, her mouth claiming mine in a passionate kiss.

When I tasted myself on her tongue, a wave of lust swept through me like a shot of strong coffee, rousing my body from its torpor. I hugged my daughter fiercely, wrapping both legs around her now bare hips. April had stripped herself completely bare — and as we kissed hotly, my hands began to explore her.

She broke away, tugging my dress off over my head. “I want you naked, Mom,” she panted.

“Yes, darling,” I moaned as she unfastened my bra, flinging it to one side, her hot mouth claiming my left nipple.

She sucked and licked one breast, then the other. “Fuck, Mom,” she cooed, raising her face to mine, a blissful smile on her lips, “if you only knew how long I wanted this, how–” and she lunged in to kiss me, her tongue flashing between my lips for a split second, then pulled back again, “–how many times I’ve dreamed of doing this to you…”

And we were kissing again, our open mouths sliding together as we fondled one another. I allowed my hands to explore April’s ass, a wicked finger slipping into the cleft between her cheeks.

“Sweetheart,” I breathed, gently breaking our passionate kiss, “I want to taste you now. Get on all fours.”

With a wicked grin, April quickly got onto her knees, presenting her bottom to me. I began to caress those luscious globes, trailing my fingers all over and around them. My daughter’s eyes closed, and she moaned with delight. Leaning in closer, I placed a gentle kiss on her right buttock. Then I was kissing her ass all over, hot, open-mouthed kisses that had April’s body trembling like a leaf in a heavy wind. She had yet to orgasm, and was growing desperate for release.

Parting her cheeks to reveal the crease of her anus, I slowly trailed my tongue through the dark pink crack. She whimpered, “Mom… oh, Mom… I love you so much.”

Pressing my tongue into her ass, I began licking her eagerly, totally caught up in the sheer wickedness of rimming my own daughter. Slipping a hand between her quivering thighs, I brushed her dripping slit with a fingertip. April cried out, a spasm of ecstasy rippling through her body. I placed two fingers at the opening of her cunt, then slid them deep into her with a single stroke.

My daughter howled like a cat in heat, throwing her head back, then inhaled sharply as I began to pump my fingers in and out of her, still licking at my baby’s asshole. Then I slid my free arm around April’s thigh, my hand seeking and finding her clitoris. Taking the swollen nubbin between index finger and thumb, I gave it a gentle tweak.

April’s orgasm was instantaneous, her entire body seizing up as the first shockwave of pleasure tore through her. A strangled scream issued from her throat, and her legs were trembling violently. It was all I could do to keep pleasuring her… but I continued to plunge my fingers in and out of her dripping vagina, still pressing my face between those flawless buttocks, bathing April’s rosebud with rapid swipes of my tongue.

Before I knew it, my daughter was coming again, her moans muffled as she buried her face in the deep shag carpet.

Eventually, her ecstasy began to wane, and I made my touches and licking gentler, more soothing. Finally, she relaxed completely, slumping onto her side in the thick rug. I crawled behind April and took my flushed, sweating daughter into my arms, spooning her.

“God, Mom,” she whispered. “No one’s ever made me come like that.” She squirmed around to face me, our breasts touching. “I’m so happy that we finally got to fuck. I’ve had fantasies about being with you ever since I figured out I liked girls.” She nuzzled my neck.

My hands roamed over April’s warm, damp body. “Did you… plan for this to happen tonight?” I murmured, giving her bottom a playful squeeze.

She shook her head, her face buried in my breasts. “No… I’ve never worked up the nerve to come on to you before.” She suddenly giggled. “If I hadn’t had that fourth Manhattan, and you hadn’t let me sit in your lap, I doubt any of this would have happened.”

I brought my hands to my daughter’s face, tilting it up to meet my gaze. “I’m glad it did, my sweet, sweet angel,” I breathed. “I love you… and not just as a mother.” Our mouths slowly met, and we shared a warm kiss that slowly grew hot and eager.

We kissed for a long, long while, then April gently pulled away and cooed, “Wanna take a shower with me?”

As you might expect, this sounded like a great idea. Hand in hand we danced upstairs to the bathroom, giggling and squealing like children. Climbing into the tiled cubicle, my daughter and I shared a hot shower, washing away the evidence of exertion and pussy from our bodies.

As we dried off with fluffy towels, I had some sober thoughts that needed to be shared with my daughter.

“What are we going to do after this?” I began.

She giggled. “Fuck some more.”

“Well… that sounds delightful, and I’m not saying I don’t want to. But I mean — what’s going to happen to us, as mother and daughter, once we sober up in the morning?”

Silence from April. Perhaps she’s less tipsy than she seems, I thought.

I continued to speak my mind. “Sweetie, I’ve had relationships with women before, but I’ve never indulged in incest. And tonight… was really incredible. I’m not saying it’s over, because before we turn in for the night I am definitely going to fuck you again… but can we really have a sexual relationship, you and I?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. “I mean, how can we act like a mother and daughter at Christmas, when we’re also having sex? The next time I see you, I won’t be able to think about anything but what happened tonight, and how wonderful it was.”

April responded by wrapping both arms around me, holding me close. “I’m still your little girl, Mom,” she said softly, her lips brushing my ear, “and you’re still my strong, loving mother.” She pulled back to smile sweetly at me. “Don’t think of it as something we’ve lost, Mom, think of this as something extra, taking our love just one step further.” She dipped her head to place a warm, soft kiss on my neck, then spoke again. “I don’t want to give this up, Mom. I couldn’t bear to.” Her lips briefly touched my skin once more. “And I don’t think that you want to, either… do you?”

My body was tingling from head to toe from those soft, sensual kisses. I knew April was right — or at least, I desperately needed her to be. Because this forbidden lust for my child was raging again, my hunger for her awakened anew. I wanted to taste her, to take her, to possess her in a way that mothers weren’t supposed to have their daughters. To be her lover and her mother, now and forever.

“I don’t want to stop, sweetheart,” I confessed.

Taking April’s hand, I led my angel to her bed… our bed, now. As her mother, I tucked her in alongside me; as her lover, I slipped beneath the cool sheets and climbed on top of her, our mouths coming together in a kiss that quickly grew heated. And just like that, my daughter and I were making love again.

Afterward, we shared whispered declarations of devotion, April and I, soon falling asleep in each other’s arms.

My last thought before drifting off was of the morning to come… and it made me smile. It would be the start of a good day, of that I was certain — the first day of a new life.

The End


Ripples, Chapter 25

  • Posted on June 15, 2020 at 3:22 pm

by Sapphmore JetBoy


For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


Staring at Jessica and Rachel, Laura’s heart hammered as she realised how this illicit tableau must appear to them — what she’d been doing, and who she’d been doing it with.

The tables had been turned. Mere hours ago, Laura had interrupted her sister and Rachel in the middle of a lesbian orgy involving their own underage daughters… and at the time, she’d made no secret of her disdain. How could anyone have sex with their kids, for fuck’s sake?

Now there she was, caught naked and in bed with three of those same girls, her lips still wet with the juices of the youngest… and Laura wasn’t exactly sure how she’d got there in the first place.

She frantically cast about for something, anything to say. “Jess, Rachel, this isn’t what — I mean, I… Oh, shit, what am I saying, of course it’s what it looks like. I’m so sorry; I don’t know how this happened. I was just passing and heard a noise, and the next thing I knew… oh, Christ almighty, what have I done?”

Sitting on the edge of the bed, she seemed to wilt, burying her head in her hands. A sob broke from her lips.

Removing her arm from Rachel’s waist, Jess moved towards the bed to stand before her little sister, placing a hand on her shoulder. “Don’t cry, Laura.”

Laura slowly straightened, staring at her naked older sister, who she’d fantasised about so many times before. She hadn’t seen Jess fully naked since their teens and, even in the midst of her shame, noted that she was every bit as beautiful now as she’d been in those days. Better, she told herself. She’s ripened like a luscious fruit.

Forcing her eyes to continue their upward journey, Laura managed to meet her sister’s gaze. Jess was smiling sympathetically at the distraught woman.

“It’s okay, sis. I know exactly what you’re feeling; I had the same regrets after my first time with Alice. I told myself it was all my fault. I mean, I was the adult, her mother; I was supposed to protect my daughter, not make love to her. I felt the guilt, and tried to rationalise it away, but still felt that I’d done wrong. The thing is, I wanted to be with her again. Desperately. But I didn’t have the courage to do anything about it.

“I’m not sure I would ever have made love to Alice again on my own… but you know what happened?” Laura shook her head. “One night she came to me and told me, very sweetly, that she very much wanted to, to be with me again, and spend the night together. Oh, Laura, if you’d seen what I saw in her eyes right then… I couldn’t tell her no.” Jessica gave a happy sigh. “That night was magical. I knew then that yes, it was good, it was right for us to be intimate.

“After that, it seemed… easier to accept the idea of making love to Katie and Poppy as well. Oh, I kept going back and forth about it, unable to decide yes or no, but once again, Alice took the initiative. She taught them both, showed them how special love between girls could be. And once they were all exploring sex together, it only seemed natural for me to join in. As you’ve discovered, my girls can be very persuasive.” She paused, smiling wryly. “I’m actually surprised that Alice didn’t join in when she watched from the bathroom. It’s not like her to pass up a chance to make love with her aunt, the way she feels about you… but I’m glad she decided to come to me instead.”

Laura sat motionless, hands in her lap, then glanced towards the door at the mention of her eldest niece, barely registering the fact that she was still naked, her robe discarded somewhere in the room. She turned back to Jessica, weighing what she’d just said — but even then, couldn’t keep herself from gazing longingly at her sister’s bare, beautifully shaped breasts, now inches from her face. She fought a crazy impulse to lean closer and capture a dark pink nipple with her lips.

Noticing Laura’s hungry look, Jess allowed herself a slight smile. What would she do if I guided her face to my chest, offered her what she wants?

Instead, she dropped to her knees to face Poppy, extending her arms. The naked child slid out of Katie’s arms and came to her. Jess kissed her tenderly on the lips, and Poppy was happy to respond. This was not just the embrace of a mother and her daughter, it was a warm, intimate meeting of lovers.

Finally, they drifted apart, all smiles. “Morning, Mummy,” Poppy cooed.

“Morning, sweetheart. It looked like you were having fun.”

“Oh, yes, Mummy. Auntie Laura’s really good at licking… and she tastes nice, too!”

Drawing close to the little girl, Jess kissed her again, this time circling Poppy’s mouth with her tongue. Breaking away, she said, “Mmmm, yes, I see what you mean — she does taste good.”

Jessica turned back to smile at a stunned Laura, who felt someone sit beside her on the bed. Glancing to her left side, she saw Rachel there. She couldn’t help but steal a quick peek at the generous breasts of her big sister’s lover, the nicest she’d seen in some time. I don’t understand this, Laura thought. I just had sex, for fuck’s sake — why am I already craving more?

Rachel was now beckoning to her daughter Cindy, who scrambled across the bed to hug her mother, then they too shared a sweet, yet very romantic kiss. “Lovely child,” the woman murmured, cradling the nude ten-year-old in her arms.

Not to be left out, Katie sidled up to Laura and wrapped both arms around the shell-shocked woman. “Mum,” she said, “Does that mean Auntie Laura will be joining our love club?”

Is that their name for it? Laura mused. That must’ve been the bloody initiation ritual I just got put through, then.

“Well, why don’t we ask her?” Jess replied, then looked deep into Laura’s eyes, as if she meant to read her sister’s soul. “You know, Laura; I think the girls will be very upset if you don’t take up their offer. Especially Alice, as you’ve not been with her yet. Me, I’d love to share my bed with you… and I’m certain that Rachel feels the same way,” she added, glancing at her lover as if seeking confirmation.

“It’s true,” said Rachel, placing a warm hand on Laura’s thigh. “I’ve always fancied you, ever since I began to suspect that I might be gay. The last time you visited, when I saw you in that blue swimsuit…” She fanned herself with the other hand, as if suddenly feeling hot. “Besides,” she added with a chuckle, “I’d feel awfully cross if my little girl could have it off with you, but not me.”

“It was so nice, Mum, making love to her!” Cindy said, wrapping both arms around her mother’s neck from behind. “I hope you get to someday.” She glanced shyly at Laura, her face resting on Rachel’s shoulder. “Um, can I call you Auntie Laura too… even if you’re not really my aunt?”

Laura felt herself melting as she gazed into the warm blue eyes of the naked ten-year-old. “Of course you can,” she murmured. Unable to check the sudden impulse, she bent to kiss Cindy’s cheek, feeling a shiver as her nipple brushed Rachel’s arm. “Thank you for, um, making me feel good, sweetie.”

Straightening up, she stole another quick peek at Rachel’s breasts, then her eyes met those of the curvy older woman. Laura felt her face grew warm as she read the unabashed desire in them.

That’s right, Rachel silently told her lover’s sister. See it in my eyes — in all our eyes — how much we want you. Lying back, legs spread wide, ready to fuck and be fucked. She longed to ravish the younger woman then and there, but knew that the wiser move would be to bide their time. We’ll let her think about it for a few days, dream about the time she spent making love with the girls. Before the week’s out, she’ll be frantic for more.

“We love you very much,” Laura heard Jess say, then she turned to face her sister, who was extending a hand. Laura took it, allowing herself to be drawn to her feet. Before she could speak, Jessica leaned forward and gave her a lingering kiss on the mouth, then pulled away slightly. Their eyes met, then Jess moved in again, this time tracing Laura’s lower lip with her tongue — catching a hint of the fresh, familiar nectar of her littlest girl Poppy.

Reaching up to cup Jessica’s face, Laura let her eyes drift shut as she returned the tender kiss. As their bare bodies touched, she recalled the last time she’d masturbated while lost in a fantasy of sex with her luscious big sister. It wasn’t as lovely as this, she decided.

After a moment, they drifted apart. Laura found herself blushing when she noticed how pleased the others seemed to be. She’d always seen herself as a strong, confident woman; now she felt like an awkward teen in the presence of her older sister. Struggling for the right words, she finally gave up and admitted, “I don’t know how to respond, Jess. Not just yet. This is… it’s all happening so fast.”

Jessica nodded, giving her sibling’s hand a reassuring squeeze. “Listen, Laura, we’re not going to push you into anything you don’t want, but you’ve experienced something wonderful with the girls. And believe me, that’s only the start of it.”

“Thank you for wanting to include me,” Laura murmured. “That does mean a lot.”

Jess moved closer to hug her sibling once more. “It’s great to have you home, sis. Sorry to have put you through so much.”

Laura gently broke away. “I really have to get back to the flat. I’ve got an article to write, and at the moment it’s a jumble of scribbled notes.. Er… mind if I shower off first?”

“No, not at all. Go right ahead.”

“Need any help, Auntie Laura?” Katie piped up.

Jess gave the girl a stern look. “Katie Matthews, I think your aunt’s had more than enough fun and games for the time being. You girls get washed and dressed, then come down for breakfast.”

Katie pouted a bit, but perked up when she saw Cindy and Poppy trot towards the bathroom. With a saucy grin, she hastened after them.

Jess turned back to her sister. “Come down when you’re ready. I’ll bring your bag up in a minute.” She headed toward the door, seizing Rachel’s hand. The two nude women left the room, followed by Laura’s longing gaze.

As the lovers disappeared from sight, Laura sighed, then began to make her way to the main bathroom. She paused to pick up her robe and was about to put it on, then thought, Why bother? Draping the garment over her arm, she stepped into the hallway.

As the two mothers reached Jessica’s bedroom, Rachel said, “Wait. Bella and Alice are still in there, remember?”

“Oh, let’s just take a peek,” Jess replied, reaching for the knob. She opened the door, and they peered inside. The girls were on the bed and engaged in a passionate sixty-nine, but they paused to look round when the door opened.

“You carry on, girls,” Jess told them. “Come down to breakfast when you’re done.”

Rachel glanced at Jess, a sly glint in her eye. “What if we just…”

Jess shook her head. “No, let’s let them be for now.” She reached around the door to lift their robes off the hook — shrugging into the big fluffy one, then handing the short satin dressing gown to Rachel. As Rachel slipped it on, Jess gave her lover’s body an appreciative look before she could tie the belt.

“Come on,” she said. “Let’s get started on breakfast.”


Rachel was familiar enough with Jessica’s kitchen to only need reminding a time or two where things were, so they pitched in together and prepared a morning repast for everyone. They put the kettle on for tea and coffee, poured glasses of juice, took out boxes of cereal, popped crumpets and muffins under the grill and laid the table.

As Rachel was setting out plates, Jess stood behind admiring the view. Then she sidled up close, slipping both arms around her lover’s waist. Rachel swiveled her head about, curving a hand behind Jessica’s neck to guide the taller woman’s mouth to hers.

As they kissed languorously, Jess began to caress the thin shiny material that barely concealed Rachel’s body, her nipples now all but visible through the gossamer-thin material. Meanwhile, Jessica’s other hand slipped beneath the very short hem to dip a playful finger into the cleft between Rachel’s thighs.

With a blissful sigh, Rachel parted her legs to take in more of that probing finger, and Jess was happy to oblige. As their kiss grew increasingly urgent, Rachel began to fumble for the front of the thick robe that Jess wore — but then, the sound of girls’ voices began to ring through the upstairs hall.

They reluctantly parted, Rachel, giving her lover a very pointed look. “You owe me a fuck, my wicked little tease. Not a bloody quickie, either — I want to be rogered hard enough to rattle my fillings loose.”

Jess had to smile. “My, my… someone’s in a mood this fine morning.”

“I’m not the one who stopped us both from jumping into the sack with our big girls mere minutes ago. For that matter, we didn’t have to stop just now, did we? You could have ravished me right here on the kitchen top. It’s not like the girls would mind.”

“Oh, I’m sure they wouldn’t! But tempting as that sounds, I think we’d better take it slow this morning… at least, until we manage to get back to the bedroom. I’d prefer my sister didn’t come down and catch me eating your minge instead of a toasted crumpet.”

“Now, that’s my kind of breakfast,” Rachel said with a lecherous smile.

“Seriously, I do think Laura’s seen enough of our perverse lifestyle for now.”

“You’re telling me!” Rachel exclaimed, shaking her head. “From what I saw, I’m surprised she can walk.

Just then, Alice and Bella bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen, all giggles.

“Morning, girls,” said Jess. “Did you two have a good time?”

The pair of twelve-year-olds wrapped their arms around one another. “Well, yeah, sure… but we thought you and Aunt Rachel were coming back to bed,” Alice said, a hint of disappointment in her voice.

Bella coyly echoed the sentiment. “We were keeping it warm, just like you wanted.”

Jess smiled. “Don’t worry, girls. The day is still young, and there’s plenty of time to play. Did either of you notice if Laura was still in the shower?“

“I heard the water running,” Bella said. “Thought it would be a good idea if me and Alice went in and offered to scrub her back.”

“Ooooh, that’s a lovely idea!” Alice exclaimed, turning to her friend. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Jessica rolled her eyes heavenward. “Sex, sex, sex — is that all anyone in this family cares about?” With a snort of laughter, she wiped her hands on a dishtowel. “She’ll need a change of clothes… I’d better take her bag up. Watch the grill, Rach; I’ll be back in a minute.” Leaving the kitchen she picked up her sister’s suitcase from the hallway, then made her way upstairs.

Rachel casually sauntered around the kitchen island, giving the girls their first view of her skimpy attire. They both looked her up and down appreciatively. She was well familiar with the effect she had on both men and women, but seeing the hunger in the eyes of these young girls had her body pulsing with lust.

Leaning back against the counter, letting her gauzy nightgown slide up an inch or two, Rachel gazed at the teen pair, her lips set in a slight pout. “Don’t I get a morning kiss?”

Both girls rushed to her, one on each side. Turning to Bella, she kissed her daughter gently, then with a lusty fervor, soon bringing her tongue into play. Finally, they drifted apart. “Well, sweetie,” said Rachel, “you seem to have gotten over your shyness, haven’t you?”

Blushing, Bella said, “Guess I have, Mum.”

“And your lips have a very interesting flavor to them.” Rachel paused to savour it, then turned to Alice. “What about you, young lady? Do you taste like my daughter?”

“Only one way to find out,” Alice declared with a grin.

“Naughty child,” Rachel whispered, moving in to take what she wanted. Alice parted her lips, and they came together — mouths crushing together, tongues engaging.

Finally, they broke apart, and the dazed woman gave both girls an adoring smile. “You know, I can’t decide whose pussy tastes the nicest. We’ll have to kiss again, I think.”

Just as she was about to take Bella into her arms, Rachel gasped, “Oh, bloody hell!” and raced over to the grill, Stuffing her hand into an oven mitt, she hurried to pull the pan out before the smell of burning pervaded the kitchen. “Sorry, girls… I don’t want to burn the house down on our first morning together.”

Just then Jess returned, stopping at the doorway as she drank in the sight of her lover bending over to remove the crumpets from the low grill, the short dressing gown riding up to expose her shapely bum and full labia.

Glancing back, Rachel turned to see three pairs of eyes, all fixed on her nether regions. “Enjoying the view?” she said, arching an eyebrow as she straightened.

Alice spoke first, and with great enthusiasm. “Oh, yes.” They all laughed.

Jess moved into the kitchen, stopping next to Bella. The young girl looked up at the statuesque redhead with adoring puppy eyes. Jess placed her index finger under Bella’s chin, gently tilted her head up and leaned down to kiss her, chastely but lovingly, on the mouth. The twelve-year-old closed her eyes, filled with a helpless craving for the sexy mother of her girlfriend.

As Jess pulled back, Bella’s eyes remained closed for a couple of seconds before the girl returned to the here and now, her cheeks slightly flushed. Jess smiled, making a mental note to taste Rachel’s daughter as soon as possible, then turned to kiss Alice.

“When you lot are done with the snogging session, breakfast is served.” They all turned to see Rachel stood in a pose — one hand on her hip, the other balancing a plateful of toasted goodies.

Alice rushed to the table. “I’m starving, let’s eat!”

A cannonade of footsteps coming down the stairs announced the arrival of the three younger girls, swarming into the kitchen, all talking at once. They milled around for a moment, hugging and kissing both mothers in turn.

“Good morning, girls,” said Jessica. “Come and have breakfast, then we’ll decide what to do today.”

As Katie passed by Alice on the way to her seat, the older sister turned and held out her palm. “Way to go, sis,” she said. They high-fived.

Seating herself, Katie reached out to take a crumpet — then she noticed that her mother was gazing evenly at her, arms folded.

“Young lady,” Jess said, staring directly at Katie, “do you recall last night, when we had a little discussion about boundaries?”

Katie looked perplexed. “Um…”

“I think you know what I’m talking about — the way you tricked your Aunt Laura into bed like that. What would you have done if she’d gotten angry instead?”

“But Mum,” Katie protested, “I knew she wanted to — to make love with us!”

“Oh, I see… so now you know what people are thinking, do you?”

“No, she was, y’know, doing things… touching herself in her room.”

“When? How do you know that for certain?”

“It was last night. I listened outside Auntie Laura’s door and heard her making noises. She was totally, like, doing herself. And I knew she wasn’t dreaming, ‘cos she’d only just gone to bed.”

“So you were spying on her?”

Katie shook her head. “No, I just wanted to talk to her and tell her to not be angry; that we love having sex with each other. But then I heard her, um, masturbating, so I just listened for a while until it sounded like she finished. She got really loud, too. Then everything was quiet, so I went back to bed. But then… I sort of got an idea, and I woke up Poppy and Cindy to tell it to them.”

Jess nodded. “Ah, now we’re coming to it. What was this idea?”

Looking everywhere but at her mother, Katie said, “Well… we listened for when Auntie Laura got up to go to the bathroom, and when she did, I opened the door just a little bit… and we sort of, um, let her catch us having sex.”

“I see.” Jessica’s expression was neutral.

Encouraged, Katie continued. “She could’ve gone back to her room, Mum… but instead, she was watching us through the door. And — and touching herself, too!

“Then Auntie Laura saw I was looking at her, so I told her to come in. She just kinda stood there and didn’t move, but I got her to sit on the bed. She asked us about how we first started having sex, and we took turns telling her about it. After that, we just sort of… well, you know.”

“Oh, we saw what happened after that,” Jess fired back, walking around the kitchen island to position herself in front of Katie, a stern look on her face as she looked down at the nervous nine-year-old. “I have just one thing to say to you, missy.” Bending down until her face was level with her daughter’s, she broke into a wide grin. “You clever, clever girl.”

Overcome with relief, Katie threw both arms around her mum’s neck. As Jess straightened up, cradling the girl’s face to her breasts, she saw everyone look towards the doorway. Turning, she saw Laura, dressed in jeans and a plaid shirt, standing in the doorway. Her expression was pensive, perhaps embarrassed.

After an awkward moment of silence, Jess crossed over to where her younger sister stood and hugged her. Releasing her held breath, Laura melted into the embrace. As they broke apart, she looked around expecting to see everyone staring, and was a little surprised to see all five girls tucking into their breakfast as though nothing had happened. Only Rachel was watching with satisfaction, or perhaps a relieved smile.

Laura offered a shy smile of her own to Rachel, unable to conceal how much she enjoyed the sight of her sister’s lover. She couldn’t help but imagine the tantalising view she would have if that skimpy robe covering Rachel’s body was just an inch or two shorter. So strange… I’ve known her for years, but never realized how damned sexy she is.

Her mind was drifting to some very interesting places when Jess broke the spell. “Tea or coffee?”

Jerked back into the moment, Laura managed to stammer, “Ah, coffee.” She took a seat at the crowded table, her face growing warm as she realized that Rachel had taken note of her interest. In fact, the look the shapely brunette gave Laura made it clear that the desire was mutual.

The hubbub of young girls’ chatter gradually increased as they ate, each of them making suggestions for where they should spend the day. Laura sat and drank her coffee silently as she took in the comfortable familiarity of the group, gradually feeling more at ease. Her sister and Rachel seemed genuinely in love, and an outsider would have been hard-pressed to tell which daughter belonged to which mother by the way they interacted, apart from the contrasting difference in looks.

At the same time, Laura couldn’t help but notice how happy and well-adjusted the kids seemed to be. She’d always taken it on faith that children were too young to handle the complexities of sexual relationships, but none of these girls seemed to be damaged or traumatised in any way. Maybe Jess and Rachel really are onto something here, she thought.

As breakfast began to wind down and empty plates were pushed away, Jess asked for a final group decision as to how their day would be spent. The consensus seemed to be Willett’s Farm Garden & Leisure Centre, with each set of girls questioning the other as to which of the amenities they’d tried.

In recent years, garden centres had transformed from places where children suffered and complained while parents pushed trolleys around picking up plants and compost, to leisure destinations offering a multitude of facilities and ways to have fun. The Matthews girls asked the Thomas girls if they had been in the reptile house, and the Thomas sisters wanted to know if the Matthews sisters had explored the birds of prey and falconry centre.

“So, Willett’s it is, then!” Jess announced, to a chorus of cheers.

As the girls helped to clear the table, Jess reminded them to brush their teeth. “Then you can watch TV for a while, if you like. Just be ready at noon; we’ll be leaving around then.”

Over the clatter of dishes and cutlery being placed in the washer, Rachel handed her empty plate to Alice and said, “Why don’t you come with us, Laura?”

Laura was sorely tempted to take her up on the offer, but finally said, “I’d love to… but I really ought to go home and get cracking on my assignment, else I’ll have the sodding editor breathing down my neck, asking for a first draft.”

“What is it about, your article? Jess didn’t say.”

Laura looked round to see if any of the girls were listening. Alice and Katie were, so she simply said, “Er, this particular club scene in Europe.”

Rachel nodded. “You’ll have to tell us when it’s published; I’d love to read it.”

Jess interrupted, “Are you sure we can’t tempt you to join us today, Laura? I’m sure the girls would love for you to come.” The emphasis on that last word was not lost on the three grownups — or Alice, for that matter, who didn’t bother to hide a knowing smile. “You can stay the night, we’ll get a takeaway and you can go home first thing tomorrow.”

Images began to flicker through Laura’s mind; long-held fantasies involving her sister, along with the added attraction of the scantily clad Rachel. As her thoughts turned to other delights, like those she’d experienced barely an hour ago, she began to feel unnerved again, recalling how easily she’d been manipulated into bed by that trio of little girls.

The temptation to let herself go was stronger than she’d expected, but Laura managed to resist. “It sounds delightful, but I honestly do need to start work. I’ll call you in a few days.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” Moving to the open door, she called into the living room. “Girls, come and say goodbye to your Aunt Laura.”

Racing into the kitchen, the gaggle of girls all descended on Laura, begging her to stay, promising she would enjoy it.

I would, too, she thought. That’s why I have to leave. “I’m sorry, girls,” she sighed. “I’d love to join you today, but there’s a mountain of work waiting for me when I get home.”

Katie came close and hugged her. “Thank you for this morning, Auntie Laura, it was fab.”

Poppy followed Katie in expressing her enjoyment. “Yeah, Auntie Laura; that was fun. Can we do it again? Really soon?”

Her face reddening, Laura mumbled her goodbyes, kissing the girls on their cheeks instead of the offered lips. One by one, the youngsters left the kitchen, until only Alice remained.

“You know, Aunt Laura,” she murmured, “we haven’t seen you for a long time, and I hardly got to spend any time with you at all. Can I maybe come over and visit one day? We could go shopping… or anything else you feel like doing.”

Uncertain how she ought to respond, Laura looked to her sister for help. Jess shrugged, as if to say It’s up to you, but it was obvious that she knew damn well what her daughter had in mind.

The only thing Laura could think to say was, “We’ll see. I need to finish my article, then drop by the London office. I might have some free time in a couple of days. I’ll let you know.” In truth, Laura was wondering how on earth she was going to concentrate on work, given the revelations and experiences of the last few hours.

“Okay,” Alice said, and hugged her aunt, then skipped out of the kitchen and up the stairs, leaving just the three women and a moment of awkward silence. Finally, Rachel took the lead.

“You travel a lot for your job; you must have some amazing experiences. Did you say your article is about nightclubs?”

“Well, not really nightclubs, as such.” Seeing Rachel’s intrigued look, Laura elaborated. “To be honest, II was investigating swinger clubs that are exclusively for women; it’s the new thing.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Well, that sounds like fun; let me know if you need any help with research.” She laughed. “You know, I went to a club like that once in Ibiza, just after my divorce.”

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Why am I not surprised?”

“Well, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I figured if a little same-sex fun was good enough for my ex-husband, I might as well try pitching for the other team myself. It’s not as if I’d never fooled around with girls before. That night at the club was the first time I’d ever had full-on queer sex, though.”

Laura’s eyes had widened. “Your husband was gay?”

“I know. I mean, we had some fun with other singles now and again, but I found out he had a little twosome going with some Greek gym bunny. Still, silver lining and all that. It means I now get to spend the rest of my life with this goddess.” She wrapped her arms around Jessica, and they shared a brief kiss.

Laura was both a little shocked at Rachel’s confessions, but at the same she could see how happy and in love Jess was. A small pang of jealousy pricked her.

Turning to her sister, Jess took a deep breath. “As it seems to be confession time, I think I should come clean as well, Laura. I want you to know everything — no secrets.”

Not only was Laura intrigued, but Rachel too was wondering what juicy morsel Jess was about to share.

“I’ve had sex with another woman, other than the ones you know about. Well, a girl, really… she’s sixteen. It seems she had a crush on me. I was helping her with some college courses, and out of nowhere, she gave me a kiss. That’s as far as things went. But then we had sex a few days later.” She paused. “Her name is Sally; she works in my shop.”

Laura frowned. “You mean… you had it off with one of your employees?”

Jess nodded. “I suppose that makes me look awful, but she did all but throw herself at me… and I simply wasn’t strong enough to resist. But the point I’m trying to make is, although Rachel and I are very much in love, we’ve decided we might want to involve other women now and again, even other girls, perhaps — but only if we both agree to it.”

Rachel jumped in. “I think Jess feels the need to make up for what she’s been missing, and who am I to argue? She hasn’t had a real lover since the divorce… not until it hit her that she’d been looking in the wrong place.” Leaning in, she placed a kiss on Jessica’s cheek.

Jess kept her eyes on her sister, trying to gauge Laura’s feelings. She continued, and her voice now took on a hushed, sultry tone. “I think you can see where I’m going with this. I’m sure the thought of making love with the girls again has crossed your mind. I mean, who could blame you? They are very enthusiastic, eager to learn… and to please.” She paused. “What I’m saying, Laura, is that we’re not just talking about having sex with you. Rachel and I are inviting you to be a part of this family. In every sense of the word.”

Still seated at the dining table, Laura was staring into space, toying with her fork. She seemed to be having some kind of internal conflict, which Jess took to be a battle between outrage and acceptance.

She didn’t know the whole story, though. While Laura was struggling with her sense of right and wrong, her heart was racing at the thought of finally realising that crazy dream of making love with her sister. More than that, the chance to fuck Rachel was on the table too.

Who was it, Laura wondered, that said the gods punish us by making our dreams come true?

Rachel pictured Jess and her sister naked and entwined in bed, sharing messy kisses while she stood off to the side and watched. For some reason, that seemed wilder and more illicit than sex with their daughters.

Feeling increasingly giddy, Laura felt thankful that she was still seated. How had she fallen into this insane scenario? Her own sister was coming on to her, practically inviting her into bed. The threesome Laura had experienced in Paris had been amazing, but this was something else again. The long-held desire she’d had for Jessica was now on the verge of happening, with Rachel added as a very savoury bonus.

Then there were the girls. Until last night, she’d never given a thought to sex with an underage lover. In most of her relationships, she’d been the younger partner. But here was her sister, inviting Laura to have sex with her daughters, her very young daughters. Her children, she admitted. That’s what they are. And sweet Jesus, why does thinking about them arouse me so much?

During breakfast, Laura was shocked to catch herself stealing quick glances at Alice, noticing how lovely she’d become since her last visit. She tried not to look at her niece after that — which only made it worse, her dirty mind immediately summoning up the image of the twelve-year-old as she’d seen her the night before: stark naked but for a strap-on cock fastened about her waist, the toy glistening with fluids from her mum’s cunt, a fire in her eyes that made Laura shiver from the memory of it. If I’d taken my pants off and got down on all fours, she’d have fucked me right then and there. 

The very idea made her pulse race even faster — from arousal as much as fear. Why not? After all, I let Alice’s little sisters have their way with me. I even went down on them!

She’d tried to convince herself into believing that what happened this morning was a moment of weakness, never to be repeated. She was caught off guard and lost control. It wouldn’t happen again.

Who am I kidding? I loved it… and I already want more.

She decided to buy herself time. “Again, I — I’ll have to think about it, Jess. It’s a lot to take in.”

Reaching across the table, Jessica covered Laura’s hand with hers. “Take all the time you need. We’ll still be here.”

Laura gave her sibling a shaky smile. She’d managed to avoid making a commitment, but her nerves were still jangling, “I’d better go. Can you call me a taxi?”

“Oh, there’s no need for that. I can drive you home.”

“No, no — that’s okay, it’s fine. You go and enjoy yourselves. I’ll just fetch my bag.” With that, she left, and was soon heard mounting the stairs.

Jess went into the living room to pick up her phone from the end table, where she’d left it the night before, and called a local taxi service.

When she returned to the kitchen, Rachel said, “Well, I thought that went quite nicely. Must admit, I was a bit worried over how the conversation might go this morning… but once those little vixens made their big move on Laura, she was ours.”

“You think so?”

Rachel nodded. “Oh, she’s not quite ready to give in just yet, but mark my words — the next time we see your sister, she’ll be ready to strip off and park her arse on the coffee table, legs open to one and all.”

Jess smiled. “My, what a lovely picture you paint. By the way, I forgot to tell you, Stella invited me and the girls round for lunch tomorrow. Shall I ask if you and yours can come along? I’m going to tell her about us, if you’ve got no objection.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ll have to beg off on the invite, though — I need to do a bit of shopping and paperwork. Let’s get this kitchen sorted, then we can… relax for a while.”

Rachel cleared the remaining breakfast things away from the table, and Jess started washing up. Once the dishwasher was loaded, Rachel gathered up her sex toys from the living room, stashing them away in her bag just as Laura came back downstairs. Then came the toot of a car horn from outside.

“That’ll be Wayne, the taxi guy from the village,” Jess said. She called up the stairs. “Girls, Auntie Laura is leaving now.”

The pack of youngsters raced downstairs to see Laura off, surrounding her with hugs and goodbyes. Once they’d released her, she said, “Goodbye, girls,” her cheeks a slightly darker shade of pink. Hoisting her suitcase, she turned toward the front door.

Then Poppy spoke up. “Will you be coming back soon, Auntie Laura?”

Laura looked over at Jess, giving her sister a warm smile. Setting her suitcase down, she seated herself on it, reaching out to touch the little girl’s cheek. “I will, my sweet. I have to get some work done, then I’ll be back to visit all of you.” She quickly hugged each of them one last time, then they all raced into the living room.

Watching the girls, Laura gave a sigh as the last of them vanished, then she stood, smiling wistfully at her big sister. “Well, this has certainly been an interesting visit. Oh, and congratulations, you two, I really mean that. It’s great you’ve finally found someone, Jess.”

Rachel surprised Laura by leaning forward and kissing her lightly on the lips, just as another honk was heard from the street. Jess hastily opened the door, gesturing to the taxi driver to indicate that Laura was on her way. “Bye, Laura,” Rachel murmured, then began to climb the stairs.

Coming over to where Laura stood, Jess hugged her in the sisterly way that she always had. “It’s great to have you back, sis. Call me when you get settled back in.”

“I will.” Laura reached for her bag, but before she could grasp the handle, Jess clasped her face in both hands and drew her sister in for a passionate kiss. Laura hesitated briefly, then responded. Their tongues met and entwined before Jess broke away, leaving Laura standing with her eyes closed, her mouth gaping.

“That’s just so you know what will be waiting for you when you come back,” Jess said, then moved to open the door, smiling at the stunned reaction on her sister’s face. Eventually Laura regained her senses, fumbled for her suitcase, then turned to leave. As she walked down the path toward the taxi, her legs were trembling.

“I love you, little sister,” Jess whispered, but Laura was too far away to hear. She gave her bag to the driver and turned to give a shaky wave before climbing into the taxi. She glanced back as it pulled away from the curb, and Jessica blew her a kiss.

Once the vehicle was out of sight, Jess closed the door, then headed for the stairs. As she mounted the first step, she saw Rachel standing at the top, that skimpy dressing gown now wide open, her lover’s body on full display.

“About time you showed up,” Rachel said, cupping a breast. “I’m ready to collect on that IOU.“

Jess advanced another step, paused, and said, “Go slip into bed and get it warmed up, Rach. I’ll be with you in a moment.”

Shrugging out of the dressing gown, Rachel draped it over her arm. “Don’t keep me waiting too long, lover.” With a wink, she turned and strutted away.

Jess admired the woman’s supple arse, the way it jiggled so enticingly as she moved. I’ll be kissing that bum soon, she thought. Stepping down to ground level, she strode over to the living room door. Poking her head around the frame, she noticed that their daughters were all snuggled together on one sofa in a very cozy arrangement, watching a cartoon on the telly.

She called out to them. “Girls, Rachel and I are going to shower up and get dressed.”

“Okay, Mum,” Alice said, then turned to whisper in Bella’s ear, making her girlfriend giggle.

Jess pulled the door to, then peered around the hallway until she spotted what she wanted. Bending down, she took something out of a bag resting on the floor, examining it with a grin before she hurried up the stairs and down the hall to her bedroom, pausing to arrange herself before making an entrance.

As she stepped into the open doorway, Jessica stopped to enjoy the sight of Rachel, seated naked on the edge of the bed, sliding a finger slowly up and down her vaginal crease. Moving into the room, Jess closed the door, then advanced toward the bed. Rachel looked up, her eyes blazing with desire.

Falling to her knees, Jessica moved between Rachel’s spread thighs to claim the mouth of her lover in a kiss that immediately grew hot and urgent. Their lips played teasing games, their tongues darted, danced and tangled, feeding a fierce hunger that had been postponed for much too long.

Abruptly breaking away, Jess gave Rachel a shove, tipping the startled woman onto her back, then pushed her legs further apart. Rachel propped herself up on both elbows, heart thrumming wildly as she watched Jess dip down to bathe her pussy with a long, lingering swipe of the tongue.

After a minute or two of deep, steady licking, Jess raised her head, then stood up. Rachel moaned in frustration, craning her neck to see why the lovemaking had stopped, her lips set in a scowl.

Smiling down at her lover, Jess reached for the belt on her robe. She opened it with a quick tug, then let the garment slip from her shoulders and fall to the carpet, revealing the latex cock that had already been used on her twice, now jutting defiantly from her groin.

“Oh, my, yes,” Rachel purred, all smiles as she relaxed, reaching down to spread her dripping cunt open. “Fuck me, Jess, nice and hard. Make me scream.”

Crawling onto the bed, Jessica knelt between her partner’s legs, placing a hand on the bed to hold herself up. She gripped the length of the latex prick in her free hand, then carefully pressed forward, aiming for Rachel’s cunt.

Rachel’s eyes widened. “Oooof. That’s not where you want it to go.”

“Sorry,” Jess muttered. Peering down, she tried to line the tip up with the vaginal opening, but found herself struggling to stay balanced. “Bloody hell, how the fuck are men able to do this without having an extra arm?”

Trying and failing to stifle her amusement, Rachel reached out to grasp the rubbery tool. “My poor helpless sweetheart… let me give you a hand.”

“It looks so damned easy on that sex tape of yours,” said Jess, her cheeks suddenly hot.

“Don’t get frustrated, love. You’ve not used a strap-on before. Once you really get cracking, you’ll love it. Here…” Furrowing her brow, Rachel manoeuvered the tip to where she wanted it, then sighed contentedly. “There, that’s got it. Go into me now.”

Jess leaned over her, easing her hips forward, eager to penetrate her lover. Rachel reached round to clutch Jessica’s arse with both hands, her mouth falling open as the latex tool slid into her cunt, smooth as a knife going into warm butter.

“Don’t stop,” Rachel hissed, “keep going, keep going…” Her voice rose to a choked cry when Jessica’s belly touched hers, the cock buried inside her up to the hilt. “Mmmm, perfect. Now… now you can fuck me. Start slow, g-get a good rhythm going, and — and don’t be scared to do me hard; that’s what I want!”

Taking a deep breath, Jess drew back, withdrawing from Rachel until only the bulbous cock head remained inside. Then she pressed forward again, filling her partner’s vagina with a single smooth stroke, unable to keep from grinning at the surprising ease of it. She began to move steadily, sliding in and out, letting her hips do most of the work as she gradually picked up speed.

Rachel moaned, then found herself squirming, breathing heavily, moving to meet Jessica’s strokes. It had been a long time since she’d been fully penetrated by a sex toy, other than one wielded by her own hand — and then, it took too much stamina to give herself the vigorous workout she craved.

Now, as the phallus sank even deeper into her slippery tunnel, Rachel placed both heels on her lover’s arse and began to pump her body along with Jess. They fell into a matched tempo, working in unison, the room echoing with the sound of skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck,” Jessica gasped. “Oh… fuck!” She bent forward to take Rachel’s mouth in a hard kiss, a tremor of delight surging through her thrusting frame when Rachel’s tongue darted between her parted lips. Jess marvelled at this new experience. This must be how wild animals do it, she thought. Hot and brutal, the whole world reduced to the movement of cock and cunt. 

Suddenly craving greater control, Jess pushed herself up onto her knees, then reached back for Rachel’s ankles, pulling her legs out and upwards until they were raised vertically, the heels now resting on Jessica’s shoulders. With a growl, she started pumping again, gripping Rachel’s thighs, driving the lust-slicked cock even deeper than before.

“Oh, Jess — fuck me, lover, ohhh yes. My god, it’s b-been so long since I’ve been fucked like this! OHHHH!”

Downstairs, a few minutes earlier, Alice had signalled Bella towards the door with a quick nod. As they slowly rose, the three younger girls, now sprawled out on the carpet before the television, were far too engrossed in Danger Mouse to notice.

Once they slipped through the door and closed it behind them, Alice and Bella immediately heard the faint sounds of pleasure coming from the second floor. Bella put her hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle, then they crept upstairs.

Reaching the landing, Alice padded quietly to her mother’s door, Bella just behind. Alice turned to put a finger to her lips, then slowly turned the door handle and eased it open, the creaking sound muted by the gasps of exertion and ecstasy that came from the bed.

Pushing the door wider, the girls gleefully watched as Jess fiercely thrust into Rachel, quickly realising that she was wearing the same harness that Alice had used just last night to fuck her mum.

As Rachel’s moans of pleasure grew louder, the amused expressions faded from the girls’ faces as their arousal mounted and their breathing became shallow. Unable to keep still, Alice slipped a hand beneath Bella’s skirt and between her legs, feeling a luscious shiver of renewed arousal when she realised that her girlfriend had gone without knickers. She began to lightly trace Bella’s cleft, teasing the clitoral nubbin with each flick of her finger. After just a few strokes, Bella could no longer keep silent, and emitted a tiny squeak.

Pausing in mid-thrust, Jess peered round to see their eldest daughters standing side by side, Alice’s hand moving between Bella’s thighs.

Still panting for breath, Rachel managed to say, “Wh-what’s the matter, Jess? Why are you stopping?”

Jess turned back. “Well, my love… It seems that we have visitors.”

Rachel raised herself just enough to look round Jess, smiling at what she saw. “Hi, girls,” she murmured. Don’t just stand there… come join us!”

Glancing at each other, the girls giggled, then moved into the room, Alice pausing to close the door, and advanced towards the bed. Bella didn’t hesitate — she went straight to Jessica, wrapping both arms around her new girlfriend’s mum, hugging her. Jess enfolded Bella in a warm embrace.

As for Alice, she climbed onto the bed on the other side, homing in on Rachel. “Hi,” she cooed, gazing into the friendly eyes of her mum’s lover. “Can I kiss you, Aunt Rachel?”

“Silly girl,” Rachel sighed, drawing the sexy teen into her arms. “You don’t ever have to ask. If you want a kiss, take one.” Their mouths met, and Alice wasted no time in slipping her tongue between Rachel’s lips.

Bella held Jessica for a long, lovely while, finally raising her head to peer up at the beautiful redhead. “I love you, Auntie Jess,” she whispered. “I love you so much.”

The adoration Jess saw in Bella’s eyes nearly overwhelmed her. How wonderful it is, to love and be loved by a sweet young girl, she mused. There’s nothing better. “I love you too, my wonderful Bella,” she replied, and dipped down to kiss her.

Parting from Aunt Rachel with a wet smack, Alice grinned down at the curvy brunette. “So if I don’t have to ask to kiss your lips,” she purred, “I guess I don’t have to ask to kiss you other places, huh?” And with that, she bent to take Rachel’s nipple into her mouth.

Rachel didn’t bother to answer, just sank back into the pillow with a blissful sigh. She shifted her hips a bit, causing the rubbery phallus in her vagina to move about as well, producing some very pleasing sensations. After all, Jess is occupied at the moment.

Bella and Jessica were sharing a delicious kiss, their tongues engaged in playful teasing games. Then somehow it wasn’t a game anymore, the woman and the girl caught up in an ardent embrace of lovers.

“I love your tits, Aunt Rachel,” Alice said between licks. “Hope mine will be as nice as yours.“ She was fondling the other breast, rolling the swollen nipple between fingers and thumb.

“Ohhhhh… I think your titties are g-gorgeous now, Alice,” Rachel moaned.

Jess gently broke away from Bella, giving her a warm smile. “Wow,” the young girl said.

“Wow indeed,” Jessica replied. “Much as I enjoy kissing you, Bel, I think your mum and I are ready to take things to the next level with you girls. Why don’t you get undressed?” Glancing down at her own daughter, who was still showering affection on Rachel’s breasts, she added, “You too, Alice.”

“Cool!” Alice exclaimed. Pausing to plant one more brief kiss on Rachel’s lips, she jumped to her feet and started stripping off. Bella was unbuttoning her top.

As the girls shucked their clothing, Jess began to slowly work her hips once more, resuming the steady in-out motion of the glistening cock. “Ohhhh, yes,” Rachel groaned, rolling her eyes in awe. “Fucking hell, I love this.”

A glance to the side let Jess know that Bella hadn’t bothered with panties — and neither had Alice, for that matter. “You girls were planning to have some fun, I see,” she said.

Bella’s cheeks flushed a bit. “I was hoping…”

Now that everyone was naked, Jessica ceased her thrusts, then slowly withdrew the latex prick from her lover’s cunt. Rachel protested, “Jess, for fuck’s sake…”

“Don’t fret, love — I’m nowhere near done with you.”

Rachel watched, her frown turning into a leer as Jess stretched out on her back, the pink phallus jutting up obscenely, shining with wetness. The brunette didn’t need telling what to do next. Rising from where she laid, Rachel straddled Jessica on one knee and a foot, reaching down to grasp the cock in her right hand. Carefully guiding the head inside, she lowered her pelvis until the entire eight inches had disappeared into her slippery cunt.

The girls gaped as Rachel’s body jerked, a hoarse cry tearing loose from her throat. “Christ almighty,” the woman panted, her hands opening and closing, “It’s so deep, so f-fucking deep I can taste it!”

Releasing a shaky breath, she began to raise herself. An inch of the toy could be seen, and another… then Rachel sank down again, inhaling sharply through clenched teeth. “Oh, yes,” she mumbled. “Oh, yes.”

Glancing over at the girls, Jess signalled for Bella to come closer.

Thinking Alice’s mum wanted to be kissed, Bella climbed on the bed and crawled close to Auntie Jess, who accepted the girl’s lips for a moment before gently pulling away, cupping her cherubic face in both hands.

“I want to lick you, my sweet,” she said.

Bella’s face was alight with excitement as she quickly moved to straddle the woman’s mouth, facing her mum. She held her breath, trembling, waiting for Jessica to keep the promise she’d made.

Ever since Alice had admitted that she and her mother were lovers, Bella had longed to share those same pleasures with Auntie Jess. Now her friend’s mum was cradling the globes of her bum, parting Bella’s labia, opening her up. Suddenly she felt it — a lovely warm tongue, lightly grazing the cleft of her vagina. Then the woman’s mouth was on her, kissing, sucking, drinking her honey….

Dizzy with excitement, Bella leaned back against the padded headboard, stretching both arms out to hold herself steady. But then Rachel’s eyes met hers, and her mum leaned in, hips pumping and rolling as she moved up and down on the pretend man’s thing that Auntie Jess was wearing. “Baby,” she whispered, “kiss me.”

Without hesitation, Bella relinquished her hold on the padded headboard and leaned forward until their lips met, reaching out to fondle her mum’s breasts as their tongues engaged.

Enthralled by the sight of Mum licking her girlfriend, all the while thinking about how she wanted to get in on this hot sex action, Alice saw her opportunity when Aunt Rachel leaned forward, exposing both the dildo she was riding and her puckered rosebud. Getting down on her belly, Alice edged forward, marvelling at the close-up view she had of the strap-on dildo penetrating Rachel. Wonder when I’ll be able to have something that big inside me? she mused.

Moving in for the kill, Alice reached out to touch the shaft with two fingers, getting a sample of the thick juices that oozed down the shaft from Rachel’s vagina, then smearing it on her lips, humming with delight as she savoured the strong flavor of cunt. They all taste different, she thought, and they’re all yummy.

Satisfied with her treat, she raised herself up to lavish attention on Aunt Rachel’s bum hole, bathing the anal cleft with long, sweeping licks, then pressing at the opening with the tip of her tongue. Rachel jerked and clenched her buttocks at the unexpected intrusion, but quickly got over her surprise, moaning into her daughter’s mouth as they continued to kiss.

As Bella grew overwhelmed with the pleasure Jessica’s mouth was giving her, she couldn’t hold her balance and fell away from her mum, leaning back and clutching at the headboard as if for dear life. Then Aunt Jess switched her attention to the young girl’s bum, probing inside the crack with her tongue, and Bella began to tremble helplessly, unable to still herself.

At the other end of the chain, Alice noticed that Rachel’s bum hole had relaxed, fully open to the rim job she was getting, and decided to replace her tongue with a finger, which slid in easily. She only worked it in and out at first, then gradually increased the pace, pushing the digit deeper and twisting it round and round, massaging the walls of the rectum.

Pleased by the effect this had on Bella’s mum, who was now pumping her body harder and faster than before, Alice noticed that her own mum’s anus was also exposed, as Jess raised her hips to thrust into her lover. Quickly slipping the index finger of her free hand into her mouth to moisten it, Alice reached around Rachel, placed the tip against Jessica’s rosebud, then penetrated her with a steady stroke.

The result was amazing; a chain reaction. Jess jerked violently at the sudden invasion, her hips driving the slippery cock even deeper into Rachel — who then went rigid as she exploded in a frenzied climax, head lolling back as spasms of pure rapture shook her like a sapling in a gale. Finally, she slumped down onto Jessica’s torso, totally spent, still impaled on the thick phallus.

But Rachel managed to lift her head to look when she heard her daughter mewling in ecstasy. The twelve-year-old was fingering her clit as she came, while Jessica’s tongue trailed again and again through the crack of Bella’s arse. Acting on a sudden impulse, Rachel moved forward to lick her child’s rosy nipples, switching from one to the other, pausing to give one a playful bite.

Bella froze, then gave a sharp wail, her orgasm reaching its peak, then slumped back against the headboard in a daze. Sitting back, drawing a sharp breath as Jessica’s prick filled her again, Rachel had to grin at the sight of Bella’s fluids flowing freely from her lightly-downed cunt, feeling more than a little pride in her daughter’s talent. I’ve never licked a juicier pussy than hers, she told herself.

Realising she’d settled down onto Jessica’s face, Bella hastily raised her hips, afraid that she might be suffocating the woman. She struggled to her feet, looking down into the eyes of her mum’s lover, relieved to see Auntie Jess smile. Just then, a few more drops of juice dribbled from the girl’s slit, falling to splatter on Jessica’s breasts.

Never one to pass up an opportunity for a taste of her daughter, Rachel bent down to lick up those traces of cunt nectar, then moved in to give Jess a deep tongue kiss, the two women swapping the flavors of Bella’s holes.

Bella exhaled heavily as she sat down next to Jessica’s head, pausing to mop her damp brow. She waited until her mum sat back up, then leaned over to take her turn. Giving Jess a loving kiss, Bella tasted herself on those full lips before pulling away.

“Thank you, Auntie Jess,” she said. “That was — oh, wow, it was so good!”

Rachel carefully extracted herself from the latex cock, wincing slightly as the thick head popped out, then crawled to flop down beside Jess.

As the others relaxed, Alice pursed her lips thoughtfully as she studied the rubbery pink shaft, then on a sudden whim, bent down and used the tip of her tongue to sample the sticky secretions that coated its length. Parting her lips, she engulfed the head in her mouth, to the wide-eyed surprise of Bella and the mums.

When she had bobbed up and down a few times she raised her head, exclaiming, “Mmmm… best lolly I’ve ever tasted!”

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Ripples, Chapter 24

  • Posted on April 30, 2020 at 2:33 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


for a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


Laura’s thoughts were filled with images of the incestuous orgy she’d interrupted upon arriving at her sister Jessica’s home, staving off the deep sleep her body craved.

She was still picturing the scene in the living room, poring through the memory as if it was a film she was studying frame by frame. In fact, Laura had only glimpsed about fifteen seconds of the sexual tableau, but her mind now played the scene back in ultra-slow motion, bringing it all to vivid life.

First, she’d seen the entwined trio of young naked girls. Rachel’s daughter Bella, well on the way to becoming a carbon copy of her voluptuous mum, was being orally pleasured by Katie, while feasting on the baby-smooth slit of her own sister Cindy. At first, though, Laura hadn’t recognised Rachel’s daughters, not until they broke apart and she got a look at their faces.

The sight shook her to the core. My God, what is happening here? They’re just kids!

Laura shifted restlessly beneath the sheets as the camera of her memory did a slow pan across the room, zooming in on the flawless bum of another young girl, a girl she quickly identified as her oldest niece Alice. That perky little arse was in motion, too, thrusting forward and back — and that was when Laura realised that Alice was wearing a strap-on cock, using it to fuck someone from behind. A grown woman, bent over the arm of the sofa.

When she saw that woman’s long red hair, Laura got another, bigger shock. It was her sister Jessica, who was getting rogered hard and fast by Alice. Her own bloody daughter!?

Incredibly enough, there was even more going on. Jess wasn’t just draping herself over the rolled sofa arm to present her cunt to Alice; she was also going down on another woman, whose face couldn’t be seen. Why? Because it was covered by the sex of Laura’s seven-year-old niece Poppy, whose expression was one of pure rapture.

But then Poppy opened her eyes. They went wide in an instant as she saw their unexpected guest, and the child gasped, “Auntie Laura!”

The playback in Laura’s head now picked up the panicked scramble of the three young girls as they broke apart and raced to cover themselves, then jumped ahead to a close-up of Alice withdrawing the cock she was wearing from her mum’s vagina. Turning around, the twelve-year-old displayed the glistening sex toy to her aunt — not in defiance, but not in shame either. As if the girl didn’t give a toss that she was still sporting a generously-sized latex prick.

Laura was suddenly captured by a long, luxurious yawn. At long last, the exhaustion she’d had built up over a seemingly endless day of travel was asserting itself. Her forehead glistened with perspiration as the pictures blurred, then faded to black. Her breath became shallower until it settled into a steady rhythm as she sank into a peaceful slumber.


The morning sun had yet to breach the line of trees surrounding the old Elizabethan manor house, but slivers of faint light peeked around the edges of the blinds and curtains.

Laura stirred, the dried perspiration on her naked and uncovered body reacting to the chill of early morning. Slowly allowing her eyes to open, she struggled to adjust to the dim light, confused for a moment by the unfamiliar surroundings. Recognising her sister’s spare room, the events of the previous night punched their way back into her memory.

Looking up at the white ceiling, looming above like a blank cinema screen, Laura knew that the frozen image of the lesbian orgy that had greeted her as she entered the living room door mere hours ago was etched into her mind, perhaps forever.

She absentmindedly reached down between her legs with an unsteady hand, feeling the remnants of last night’s sticky secretions. Tightening her jaw, Laura gave her head an angry shake. I’m not into young girls. I’m not! Then how could I have been turned on by the sight of my underage nieces and their friends, all having lesbian sex? And then there’s my sister, fucking her own kids! Bloody hell, how am I supposed to deal with that?

Realising that she needed to empty her bladder, Laura turned onto her side, pushing herself up to sit on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her eyes and pushed her loose hair back; rising to look for the dressing gown Jess had given her, finding it draped over an accent chair. A glance at the small carriage clock on the dresser showed that it was only just after five-thirty. She scowled. Great. What was that, four hours’ sleep? Why did I even bother going to bed?

Padding over to the mirror on the wardrobe door, her eyes gradually adjusting to the dim light, she studied her reflection as she shrugged into the dressing gown and reached for the belt — then paused. Before wrapping the fluffy robe around herself, Laura appraised her nude body. She was nicely built; not tall or statuesque like her sister, but more athletic from working out, staying in constant motion to counter the effects of long hours sitting while she was travelling or typing.

Laura looked herself up and down, holding the dressing gown wide open to get a good view. Would Jess find me desirable? she wondered. What about the girls? If they got a glimpse of me right now, would they like what they saw?

She winced at her reflection. Fuck me, I’m going bloody mental.

Forcing these thoughts from her mind as best she could, Laura turned towards the door, gently turned the handle so as not to make a sound, and carefully drew it inward. She crept barefoot into the hallway, looking to see if any of the other doors along the L-shaped landing were open, relieved to see that none were except for the nearby bathroom. As she entered, Laura noticed that Katie’s door was also slightly ajar.

She entered the bathroom and quietly closed the door. Lowering her bum to the toilet seat, she made a face at how cold it was, then quickly peed, wiped herself and flushed, hoping the sound didn’t wake anyone at this early hour. Laura washed her hands and splashed water on her face, deciding that she would slip downstairs and make herself a coffee, take a moment to gather her thoughts before the inevitable Part Two of last night’s discussion with her sister, Not that I’ve got any idea what I’m going to say, she thought.

Emerging into the hallway, Laura tiptoed toward the stairs, then froze as she neared Katie’s door and heard a soft, low moan coming from the room. She crept closer to peer through the gap, her heart lurching wildly at what she saw.

The curtains were parted just enough to illuminate the scene, the bedclothes rolled back to reveal the nude bodies of three very young girls. And like Laura, they were very much awake.

Nine-year-old Katie lay propped up against the pillows, with Rachel’s youngest — Cindy, Laura reminded herself — nestled in her arms. They were kissing fervently, their tongues mingling and mating as they took turns exploring each other’s mouths. Cindy was caressing Katie’s breasts, teasing the girl’s erect nipples with her fingertips.

Laura’s heart thudded in her chest. Oh my God, they’re at it again.

Down below, Jessica’s baby girl Poppy was lying on her tummy between Katie’s splayed legs, lavishing attention on her older sister’s pussy with long, loving swipes of the tongue. Poppy’s thighs were also spread far apart, and Laura could see that the child had one hand tucked underneath her body. Wait a minute — is she actually…

She was. Just below that flawless bottom, Laura caught sight of Poppy’s finger, teasing the smooth cleft of her vagina.

Laura put a hand over her mouth in case something made her cry out, knowing that she should open the door and confront the young girls, make them stop doing these things. But her feet seemed to be encased in concrete, and she found herself unable to do more than stand and stare, hypnotised by the entire erotic spectacle.

What surprised her most was the passion these girls brought to their sexual doings. This was nothing like curious kids playing doctor, or shyly comparing their body parts, or any of the games Laura had indulged in as a youngster. These girls were making love, just like adults.

That said, there was a sense of awe to their pleasures, very much like that of children indulging in a favorite new game… and the sweet, shy smiles the girls gave each other in the midst of it all gave the whole scene a sense of innocence that Laura couldn’t help but find rather touching. Okay, it’s still wrong, she told herself, but there’s nothing lewd or dirty about this.

Katie noticed movement through the gap in the entrance, having intentionally left the door slightly ajar last night upon returning from her little spying trip. Breaking her kiss with Cindy, pausing for a moment to enjoy the warm wet caresses of Poppy’s tongue, Katie quietly said to her friend, “I want to lick your cunt.”

Even with the hand covering her mouth, Laura barely managed to suppress a gasp at Katie’s words. What on earth happened to that timid little girl I remember?

She well recalled her last visit to see Jess and the girls, when the family had taken a weekend sojourn to the seaside. There, a blushing Katie had refused to go into the sea, or even change into a swimsuit. “Only eight, and she’s already got body issues,” Jessica told Laura later that night. “I’m dreading what will happen when she reaches dating age.”

Looks like Katie got over that and then some, Laura told herself.

She now felt sufficiently in control to stop covering her mouth, then almost absently placed the other hand on the front of the robe, pressing the thick material into her groin as she watched Cindy carefully straddle Katie’s face. Holding onto the headboard for support, the child bent both knees to lower her sex to Katie’s already parted lips. Katie, in turn, reached round to cup Cindy’s buttocks, spreading them to open her young lover’s slit before she took that first delicious lick.

Laura trembled, the heat of arousal spreading through her body like a shot of liquor. She could practically smell the little girl’s sex, already imagining the sharp tang of its flavor on her tongue. No! Stop thinking like that! her conscience cried.

Cindy rolled her hips back and forth over Katie’s face, purrs of pleasure coming from the crouching girl. Meanwhile, muffled sounds of approaching orgasm issued from Katie’s throat as Poppy brought her big sister to climax.

Laura’s own breath began to deepen, but her body was denied the pleasure it so desperately craved, the thick folds of the dressing gown preventing her from applying pressure where she needed it. As if on automatic pilot, her hand sought and found the opening of the garment, then slipped between its folds.

Head spinning like a crazed carousel, Laura touched the rapidly moistening flesh of her cunt with a shaky finger, then gently caressed the pouting slit, trying not to make a sound, enthralled by the sight of three preteen girls fucking. There was no other word to describe what she saw. These girls, not one of them older than ten, were fucking like they were born to it.

Down between Katie’s thighs, little Poppy gave her older sibling’s cleft a tender kiss, then got up on her knees next to a dreamy-eyed Cindy, who was cooing with delight as Katie licked her from below. Their eyes met, heated looks were exchanged, then Poppy and Cindy slowly drifted together — their mouths meeting, tongues engaging, two children kissing like passionate lovers.

Then again, isn’t that exactly what they are? Laura thought.

Her mind was in turmoil, her body on fire. As she fingered herself down below, Laura slipped the other hand through the parting of her robe to cup and fondle the left breast, then the right, pausing to give a hard pinch to a nipple — perhaps trying to break this crazy spell, to shock herself from this lustful trance she was falling into, despite her best intentions.

This is wrong. They’re too young. Damn it, I’m not into little girls! But oh, my God… this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. How could kids this young be so fucking erotic? 

They were, too. Laura had never considered underage girls as objects of desire, but now she studied the bare bodies of her nieces and their friend as if for the first time, admiring what she saw. They’re all beautiful, no doubt about that. Her eyes drifted down to the pert little bottom of seven-year-old Poppy. She’d always had a serious thing for women’s bums, and Poppy’s was flawless. I bet her skin feels like warm silk, she thought. Not that I want to touch her that way… 

Though she continued to resist these stirrings, Laura was beginning to understand how a newly gay Jessica might succumb to the lure of such lovely creatures, especially with the appetite for sex that they seemed to have.

Her reverie was interrupted when Cindy suddenly moaned, the child’s body jerking as ecstasy caught her in its grasp. Even from the doorway, Laura could see Cindy’s knuckles whiten as she gripped the headboard and threw her head back.

Next to her, a wild-eyed Poppy had a hand tucked between her own thighs, frantically stimulating her clit as she watched her friend come. Within seconds, she gave a tiny cry, her slender frame shuddering when she reached climax.

The sight was too much for Laura. A strangled whimper escaped her lips, no hand in place to stifle it, and as a breathless Cindy dismounted Katie’s face and collapsed on the bed, Laura realised that Katie was staring straight at her. In a panic, she quickly withdrew both hands away from inside the robe, but struck the door with her elbow, nudging it open even further.

She froze like a deer in headlights at the sight of three naked, sweaty little girls, their eyes focused directly on her. Shit, how do I explain this? She was rooted to the spot, wanting to disappear into the carpet.

Katie just smiled. “Hello, Aunt Laura. Why don’t you come join us?”

The grown woman could see no way out. That was when she realised that her robe was hanging open, putting her nude body on display for the girls to see. Lost for words, resisting an impulse to turn and flee, Laura hastily wrapped the dressing gown around her body as if shielding herself, but made no move to leave.

Somehow she failed to notice Poppy drawing near… but then the door swung inwards and the naked child stood there, gazing up at her, all smiles. Laura looked down at the angelic face of her youngest niece, the girl’s mouth still wet from her sister’s slit.

Without a word, Poppy reached out to take Laura’s hand, gently leading her into the room, then pushing the door to. Giving her aunt’s hand a squeeze, she turned to her sister.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Katie said. There was a seductive lilt to her voice that made Laura shiver..

Now completely flustered, she began to speak. “I was just… I m-mean… I heard a noise…”

“We were just having fun,” Katie replied. “Did you like watching us?”

Laura hesitated a heartbeat too long before she spoke. “I… I mean… Look. girls, it doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re too young to be having sex! And no matter what age you are, you oughtn’t to be doing these things with your own sister — or your mother.”

Poppy spoke up. “But it feels so good, Aunt Laura. And if we really and truly love each other, why can’t we show how much we do?”

“Because it’s incest, sweetie,” Laura gently replied. “It’s not right.”

“But you have sex with girls,” Katie said.

“Yes, okay, but I’m a grownup, and I — I have sex with other women, not children… and certainly not with anyone from my family!”

Katie saw her opening and took it. “But you did get hot watching us… I saw you touching your pussy out there in the hall. And what about a few hours ago, when you were making those loud sounds in your room? Know what? I think maybe you were touching yourself then, too, and thinking about what you saw last night when you came in and caught all of us doing sex stuff.”

Laura felt her cheeks getting hot. She parted her lips, prepared to defend herself — then fell silent, unable to come up with a single retort. Too late, she realised that her opportunity to play the moral card had passed. Katie knew it too — she could see that in the girl’s eyes.

That’s when it struck her that she’d been set up; that Katie had planned the whole thing, executed the scheme to perfection and simply waited for Auntie Laura to blunder into the trap. My God, I masturbated while watching them have sex… and they caught me at it! How can I explain something like that? 

Katie slid off the bed and onto her feet, smiling all the while at a perplexed Laura. She’d just been played by a nine-year-old girl, and now she was desperately trying to think of a way out. But before a single idea could make itself known, Katie was at her side and reaching for her hand, followed by Poppy taking the other.

The sisters led her to the side of the bed, where Katie sat down, then silently indicated that Laura should sit next to her. She meekly obeyed, felt the mattress shift slightly and turned to see Rachel’s daughter Cindy, seating herself on the other side. As she turned back to face Katie, Laura was halted in mid-motion by the sight of Poppy — who was kneeling on the carpet, gazing up at her aunt like a puppy waiting to be stroked.

Laura felt a surge of bravado as she made eye contact with Katie, suddenly determined to wrestle control of the situation away from the smiling girl. I’m the adult here, after all. “What’s going on here, young lady?” she said, a quaver in her voice that left her sounding less authoritative than she’d intended.

Still holding her aunt’s hand, Katie said, “We know it was a big shock when you came in and saw us all making love last night, Aunt Laura… but we want you to know that no one is making us do these things, and it’s not Mum’s fault at all. When Ali told me she was gay, I wanted to know about what it was like, so she showed me stuff… and I liked it so much that, well, we kinda ended up doing more, lots more.

“Anyway, me and Alice were doing sex on her bed, and that’s when Mum came home and caught us. I think she was worried that Ali made me do it, but I told her no, I wanted to. Then we showed Mum how we love each other… and, um, we sort of got her to join in. Oh, Aunt Laura, it was so, so, so good! And after that, we couldn’t leave Pops out, could we?”

Laura listened quietly to Katie’s account, but couldn’t think of a response. So she turned to look at Poppy, who was nodding and smiling sweetly, and said, “Let’s hear from you, sweetheart. How did you become part of this?”

“Katie and Alice taught me when Mummy was out,” the child said. “We were having a party with no clothes on, and they told me about how girls can have sexy fun with other girls. Then Alice said her and Katie were lovers, and they started kissing and touching right there, so I could see what it was like.”

“What did you think about that?” Laura asked.

Poppy giggled. “It looked really fun! So when they asked me if I wanted to play too, I did. Then they taught me how to make love, and that’s what we were doing when Mummy came home.” She made a face. “I was scared at first, cause I thought for sure she’d be mad. But Mummy wasn’t mad, not even a little bit! She took off her clothes, and then we all had a good time!”

Laura looked at Cindy. “How about you, then?” she murmured.

The young brunette nibbled at her lower lip, thinking about. “I guess it all started this one night when I heard funny sounds coming from my mum’s room. When I went in to see what it was, I saw Bella in bed with Mum, and they were both naked.” She shook her head. “Wow, I didn’t know what was going on… but Mum told me she was teaching Bella about sex, the kind that girls have with each other.”

“How did that make you feel?” asked Laura, finding herself increasingly caught up in the girls’ stories.

“Well, I never really thought much about, y’know, being a lesbian… not until then, anyhow. But I sure do like girls a whole heck of a lot more than boys, so I asked Mum if she’d teach me about sex too… and she said yes!” She grinned with delight.

“Don’t stop there, Cinders,” Katie interjected. “Tell Aunt Laura how your mum taught you.”

“Um, well, Mum decided to get Bella to teach me, while she watched. Omigosh, it was the best! I love my sister so much — more than ever, now!” Cindy gave a happy sigh. “Then Mum joined us, and I got to love her, too. And now, I have another mum, and three more sisters!” She reached out to take Poppy’s hand, coaxing the seven-year-old up from the carpet and into her arms, where they exchanged tender kisses.

Once more, Laura was at a loss for words. She felt Katie touch her arm, and turned to meet her niece’s affectionate gaze.

“Auntie Laura, we all love you, and you love us. Why don’t you stop worrying so much, and be part of our new big family? Alice will love it, and I know that Mummy will, too. Sisters should stick together, don’t you think?”

At the mention of her sister, Laura found herself at the heart of a moral dilemma. On the one hand, there was her deep-seated need to do the right thing — in this case, march out of Katie’s room and down the hall to wake and confront Jess and Rachel.

On the other hand, there was her own closely-kept secret: the very un-sisterly sexual feelings that she’d harbored for Jessica for so many years. The first orgasm Laura had ever experienced had happened at the age of fourteen while masturbating, lost in a fantasy of kissing her big sister.

That fantasy might just be on the verge of coming true, she thought. The door’s open and waiting; you only have to enter.

Katie’s hand was now resting on her terrycloth-covered thigh. “Come and play with us, Auntie Laura. We can have lots of fun, and you can teach us more about how to be a lesbian.” As she spoke, the girl’s fingers were inching towards the gap in the robe.

I think you’ve got that covered already, Laura wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t come. Instead, her mind spun as she struggled with her niece’s request. Coming from the nine-year-old’s lips, what Katie proposed sounded perfectly innocent, a lovely game they could all enjoy. For a fleeting moment, she actually contemplated the possibility of giving in, slipping out of her dressing gown and getting naked with the girls.

An icy twinge of fear uncoiled deep inside, Laura’s heart rate quickening as it gripped her. She was shocked to have, even for an instant, toyed with the notion of doing this thing. Making love to children? Surely not. It isn’t me, it’s not what I want. 

Then why am I tingling all over? Why does my cunt feel like a bloody jungle swamp? Oh, Christ, I’m going to leave a massive wet spot on the back of Jessica’s robe!

Her resolve was already starting to wither, especially when she saw Poppy standing to the right of Cindy, a hand between her legs, blissfully tracing her bare slit with a finger. It was an amazingly erotic sight.

Unnoticed by her aunt, Katie made eye contact with her co-conspirators, giving them a nod, then drew even closer to Laura. “We can make you feel really good,” she said. As her hand wandered beneath the dressing gown to find bare skin, Laura jerked with a sharp intake of breath.

That reaction didn’t faze Katie in the slightest. She gently tugged the material of the robe upward, exposing Aunt Laura’s taut, toned thigh. Cindy mirrored Katie’s actions, baring the other leg.

Katie then slipped a hand inside the front of Laura’s robe, seeking and finding her breast. As she cupped a firm, perfectly formed globe of warm flesh, she grasped the collar of the garment with her free hand and slowly tugged it away to reveal Aunt Laura’s shoulder. Again, her movements were copied by Cindy on the opposite side.

A startled Laura quickly crossed both hands across her chest to keep herself covered, but this feeble attempt was easily thwarted by the young girls. “No, Katie,” she pleaded. “You can’t do this, it’s not right. I — we shouldn’t–“

“Shhhh, it’s okay… relax,“ Katie whispered, and twisted round towards her aunt to manoeuvre herself into a half-kneeling position. Now she was practically rubbing noses with the wide-eyed woman. She continued to fondle the firm but pliant breast, feeling the nipple stiffen against her palm as she worked the robe even further down Laura’s arm. Dipping her head, Katie nuzzled her lips into the softness of the older woman’s neck, leaving a path of kisses that travelled up to the sensitive spot behind her ear — as if somehow knowing that it was the most effective way to leave her aunt breathless with arousal.

Laura’s willpower was swiftly evaporating, unable to withstand the heat of Katie’s seduction. How did a child of nine get so damned good at this? she wondered, a soft cry spilling from her lips when the girl’s tongue traced a warm path around the edge of her ear. With a blissful sigh, she let her head loll back.

When Aunt Laura began to relax slightly, Katie quickly pressed her advantage. With a quick nod to Cindy, she began to slowly guide the woman backwards, Cindy assisting from the other side. Once they had her lying down, that offered Katie easy access to her aunt’s mouth. As she tenderly brushed Laura’s lips with her own, Cindy seized the moment, fastening her mouth to a nipple that was more than stiff enough to betray Laura’s helpless arousal.

Laura was on the verge of confused tears, her mind a wild whirl of dread, ecstasy, bewilderment and, yes, lust. Lust for children, damn it all. This is happening and I don’t know how to make it stop, I can’t think straight, my cunt’s on fire! Katie’s tongue was teasing Laura’s lower lip. My God, her mouth is so soft…

Cindy gave the tip of Laura’s breast a playful nip, sending a sharp buzz of pleasure through the woman’s frame. She gasped — and that was when Katie kissed her aunt for real, the child’s tongue darting between Laura’s parted lips.

She ached, burned to return her niece’s sweet kiss, but a lingering trace of fear prevented her from giving in to madness and making love to Katie. How long can I hold out, though?

Poppy, who had been watching the goings-on for the last few minutes while occasionally touching her slit, decided that she wanted to play, too. She padded over to where Auntie Laura half-lay on Katie’s bed, her bare feet still touching the carpet. Feeling deliciously wicked, Poppy dropped to all fours and advanced, like a cat who’d just spotted a bowl of cream.

As the child reached her goal, she spread Auntie Laura’s dressing gown open, fully revealing the woman’s nudity. Delighted to see that her aunt had gone without knickers, Poppy placed both hands on Auntie Laura’s knees and slowly parted them. Drawing closer, she took her first look at this unfamiliar vagina. She marvelled that, like all the pussies she had seen thus far, it had an appearance all its own. She remembered once hearing from a teacher that everyone’s fingerprints were completely different. I guess cunts must be like that, too, Poppy mused.

The one before her now had a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above, but around the full pudenda it was baby-smooth. What stood out were the lips, which were much larger than her mum’s and Aunt Rachel’s. The hood of skin covering the clitoris was also bigger; in fact, the clit itself almost looked like a baby’s willy. But then again, she hadn’t seen that many naked women’s bits.

Curious as to whether its flavor was different, Poppy leaned forward to part the swollen lips with her fingers before extending her tongue for a taste. She took one lick, which caused her aunt’s body to jerk, then sat back to decide if she liked it. There was a slight tang that intrigued the child, and she decided to sample her aunt’s pussy again. Moving even closer, she wriggled a finger into the hot, moist orifice.

Tiny though it was, to the shell-shocked woman lying on the bed, that finger might as well have been a cucumber-sized cattle prod. Her body shivered violently, her hands knotting into fists. Laura forced her eyes to remain tightly shut, once again struggling to summon the strength to resist this triple onslaught and escape, damn it.

How can this be happening? Oh my God, this is not right, this is not right, this is not… oh bloody hell, it feels so fucking good.

When the mouth of her youngest niece locked onto her clitoris and began to suckle, Laura’s last ounce of resistance crumbled into dust. Cindy was moving her mouth from breast to breast, making love to each nipple in turn, while Katie’s kisses were growing steadily deeper, the girl’s tongue encouraging hers to respond.

Okay, then, this is wrong. Fine. I don’t care anymore. I need this. I want this!

Laura placed one hand on the head of the girl who was sucking her right nipple, and the other on the head of the girl whose mouth was pressed to hers. She responded to the kiss, her tongue engaging with Katie’s in a lustful dance, no longer allowing herself to care that the girl was her nine-year-old niece.

As Laura tried to suck at that tongue, Katie broke away, looking deep into her aunt’s eyes. The young girl saw a fire she recognised, a desire she’d worked hard to achieve. The plans that she, Cindy and Poppy worked out earlier in the evening had just paid off in a big way. Aunt Laura was theirs.

The break from kissing gave Laura an opportunity to catch her breath as she gazed in awe at her niece. She no longer saw the shy, studious child she used to sit with, discussing books or the reporter’s life. The face before her now belonged to a sexual creature, one she was eager to explore.

Pulling Katie back to her, Laura kissed the girl with a hunger that shocked her with its intensity. That recent threesome in Paris now seemed downright tame by comparison. She arched her body slightly as Cindy’s teeth lightly scraped against her nipple, sending a jolt of pleasurable pain through her body that went straight to the vagina.

Then Laura realized that something else was happening down there. Little Poppy had stopped sucking her clitoris and was now pushing at least a couple of fingers into her vagina — three or four, perhaps? Then she realized that the seven-year-old was, in fact, working her entire hand inside, stretching the fleshy opening further and further with every inch of penetration. Laura gave a loud moan, but it  was somewhat muffled by the lover’s kiss she was sharing with Katie.

Surprised by her aunt’s sudden reaction, Katie pulled away, glancing over her shoulder to look for the cause. She was delighted to see her sister Poppy kneeling between Laura’s legs, the little girl’s movements making it obvious that she had her entire hand inside Aunt Laura’s cunt and was steadily pumping it in and out.

Cindy saw Katie looking and glanced in the same direction to see what was going on, her eyes widening when she saw what Poppy was up to. She turned back to Katie, and the girls exchanged knowing grins.

Poppy was lost in her work, lips pursed in concentration while she worked her fist back and forth inside Auntie Laura, occasionally twisting it slightly, the way Mommy liked her to do it. Now and then, she bent down to lick that protruding clit, her flame-red hair brushing the woman’s belly.

It took Laura a moment to understand what was happening to her. She was being penetrated by what felt like a fat cock — did these girls have a dildo? Then she felt warm skin sliding against her thigh, and Laura’s already racing heart beat even faster as she understood the reason for Katie’s smile; she was watching her seven-year-old sister fuck Auntie with her hand.

Laura knew what it was like to be fisted, having enjoyed it a few times with an older girlfriend. But even though Gemma’s hand had been bigger, that experience paled compared to what she was feeling now. The fact that little Poppy was pleasuring her this way made the act wilder, more dangerous. Now that her objections to sex with Jessica’s children had been pushed aside, at least for the moment, the forbidden nature of their lovemaking only added to the thrill.

Opening her eyes, Laura smiled to see Cindy and Katie leaning across her, engaged in a lustful kiss, their tongues flickering like flames into each other’s mouths. Suddenly, she felt the urge to join them, and reached out to touch the girls’ bodies, her fingers roving, searching for their cunts. Finding Cindy’s first, she carefully entered her with a finger, causing the youngster to jerk, a surprised “Oh!” escaping her lips.

Cindy recovered right away, though, and pressed down against Laura’s hand, forcing that probing digit even deeper into her vagina. She began to rock to and fro, mouth hanging slack, yes glazed with pleasure. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, “Oh, yes.”

Before Laura could find Katie’s slit, the girl withdrew, rising to stand on the bed. Puzzled, Laura looked up to see her niece take two steps toward the headboard, carefully positioning herself so she was standing astride Laura’s face. Bending her knees, the girl lowered herself slowly, teasing her aunt by pausing half the way down, her sex frustratingly out of reach. Using two fingers, she spread the vaginal lips open.

Laura whimpered as Katie curved the middle finger into her juicy hole, taking her time with it, then began to work the digit in and out, coating it with her honey. The sight was breathtaking. Laura licked her lips, already anticipating what that beautiful cunt would taste like.

Katie gave her a knowing smile as she eased that finger out of her pussy, holding it up to inspect. Satisfied that it was sufficiently coated with her fluids, she glanced back down at her captive below, then bent to touch the tip to Laura’s lips.

Unable to wait for her treat, Laura darted forward to take the glistening finger into her hungry mouth, rolling her tongue around it to get every trace of Katie’s nectar. It was luscious, like a thick, tart wine — though not quite like any she’d ever drunk.

When the flavor was gone, she stared up at the rosy cleft of her niece — then at the wanton girl, silently pleading with her. By then, the struggle to be good, to refrain from enjoying the mouths, the hands, the bodies, the love of these sexy little nymphs… well, it seemed almost silly.

Katie’s expression was one of victory. It seemed to say See? I knew you couldn’t say no, not to this.

Once more, the girl lowered herself — bending one leg, then the other until she was kneeling on either side of her aunt’s head, that pouting slit tantalisingly close to the woman’s yearning mouth. Spreading her labia apart once more, Katie lowered herself the last few inches, offering Laura what she so ardently craved.

Basking in the heady scent of youth, Laura took a long, deep breath, then licked at the warm wet flesh once, twice, three times, coating her tongue with its sweetness. She marvelled at how a girl could produce so copious a flow at this tender age.

I’m going down on my own niece, Laura reflected, a child of nine. I should be hating myself for this, and I probably will when it’s all over. So why do I want it so much? Without bothering to answer, she began to devour Katie’s bare sex — bathing the opening with long, rapid licks, then thrusting her tongue inside to fuck the girl.

Katie was taken aback at the ferocity with which Aunt Laura ate her cunt. She’d loved having this feeling of control over the woman, of calling the tune and making her dance to it. Now, she couldn’t stifle her moans of pleasure, giving her excitement away. Oh, well, that bit was just a game anyhow, she thought. It’s time for us to love each other.

Still kneeling next to Laura, Cindy was lost in the pleasure that Katie’s aunt was giving her, the finger curling inside, somehow finding a spot that seemed to trigger all kinds of wonderful feelings. She opened her eyes to watch as Katie rode her aunt’s face, pistoning her hips back and forth to spread her sweet juices all over the woman’s mouth.

At the end of the bed, Poppy slowly withdrew her hand from Laura’s vagina. Her arm was getting tired… and besides, there was all this lovely juice dripping from her aunt’s cunt. Poppy certainly didn’t want that going to waste, so she’d simply give Auntie Laura good feelings with her mouth. Pressing her lips into the humid flesh, she lapped up the thick, rich flood, letting it trickle down her throat.

Once she had licked up most of the flow from her aunt’s pussy, Poppy noticed that rivulets of the fluid had oozed down to her bottom hole, the puckered opening just below. She grinned with delight as a naughty idea came to her. It was something her sisters seemed to like doing, but she had yet to try it herself.

Leaning forward, she licked a trail from Auntie Laura’s cunt down to her anus, pushing her tongue into the opening, bathing it with steady swipes of the tongue. Her aunt moaned, then spread her legs as wide as they could go, giving the child better access to the crack of her bum.

Now Poppy was eagerly rimming Auntie Laura, thrilled to bits to be doing something so wild. I bet none of my friends at school ever tried ANYTHING like this! Not for the first time, she reflected on how much fun it was to be a lesbian, doing sex with pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

As she continued to lap at her aunt’s rosebud, Poppy felt the opening grow increasingly slick — which gave her another cool idea. Drawing back just enough to place a fingertip against the snug opening, she pushed the tip of it inside. The shiver that raced through Auntie Laura’s body was enough to assure Poppy that her instincts had been correct. Quickly slipping the finger into her mouth to moisten it, she pressed it against her aunt’s bumhole once more, penetrating the woman with a single steady stroke.

Poppy was amazed by how tight it was, how it gripped her finger like a strong hand. She began to work it in and out of the shapely bottom, drawing a loud, though muffled vocal reaction from her aunt.

Looking up, the child had to giggle. Auntie Laura can’t tell me how much she likes this, cause Katie’s cunt is in her mouth! For some reason, that struck Poppy as being incredibly funny.


On the other side of the bathroom, something awakened Alice. She opened her eyes and turned, smiling to see her girlfriend sleeping peacefully. She considered waking Bella by diving under the bedclothes, then heard the sound again.

Wondering where it was coming from, she lifted her head to look at the bathroom door, which was slightly open. Hmmm… I guess Katie and the others woke up early, then they picked up where we left off last night.

Deciding that she wanted to sneak a peek — maybe even join the party? — Alice carefully moved to the edge of the bed, turning back to make sure she didn’t wake Bella, and slipped from beneath the covers to stand naked in the center of her room.

Creeping across the carpet, she eased the door open, slipped into the bathroom and made her way to the other door, shocked to see that it was also ajar. They’re having sex, and they didn’t even close the sodding door? Alice rolled her eyes. Putting her face to the gap, she had a full view of Katie’s bed.

The scene she witnessed shocked even her, a confirmed seeker of lesbian pleasures. At first it wasn’t clear who lay beneath the naked young bodies of the three girls, but she soon realised it was Aunt Laura, a sight that drew mixed emotions. On one hand, Alice was a little jealous that the three youngsters had been first to entice her aunt into the fold of family love, but then again, she felt immensely proud of the girls for what couldn’t have been an easy accomplishment.

That Katie, she thought. It had to have been her doing. Six weeks ago, she wouldn’t let herself be seen in knickers. Now look at her! Kat was straddling Aunt Laura’s face, cupping her budding breasts, the girl’s face glowing with pleasure.

From her vantage point, Alice saw Poppy between Laura’s splayed legs. Her baby sister appeared to be fingering the woman’s arse, while lapping at her minge with gusto. Alice smiled to herself, well recalling how lovely Poppy’s tongue could feel.

Kneeling to the side of Aunt Laura, Bella’s little sister Cindy was gently swaying, lost in rapture. Alice couldn’t work out why that was, not until she spied Laura’s hand fiddling between the girl’s legs. As she continued to watch, Cindy reached out to touch Kat’s shoulder. Katie turned to her friend, and the two girls came together in a passionate snog.

Alice longed to enter the room, to join the early-morning sex party, but reasoned that any interruption would break the mood. That’s okay, she reflected. I’ll get my chance at Aunt Laura later. The prospect made her giddy.

She’d first begun to have feelings about girls after chatting with Laura about sex a few months earlier, learning that her mum’s sister had it off with men and women both. “These days, though, I really do prefer women to blokes,”  Laura had told her. Later that week, Alice had masturbated to a fantasy of sex with her aunt. For the curious eleven-year-old, it was a genuine turning point.

Placing a hand on her vulva, Alice began to gently finger herself as she watched the others fuck.


Laura’s mouth was fastened to Katie’s cunt, drinking down its liquid sugar. Looking up, she saw her niece and Rachel’s daughter Cindy sharing a heated kiss. So beautiful, she mused. Why does it move me so, the sight of little girls kissing that way? It only made her want to pleasure her young lover all the more, and she dipped her tongue into the dewy slit, probing around inside.

Just then, Cindy leaned forward to embrace Katie, deepening their kiss, causing her hips to shift. Now Laura’s tongue was buried between the child’s bum cheeks, licking at her sweat-slicked rosebud. The woman felt an unexpected pang of conscience — then banished it completely and got to work, pleasuring Katie’s anus with every bit of the love she’d been lavishing on her pussy.

Tearing her mouth away from Cindy’s with a choked gasp, Katie spoke for the first time in a long while, panting, “Oh, yes, Aunt Laura, yes. Ooooooh, lick m-my bum!”


A few feet away in the bathroom, Alice was teasing her moist cleft with a finger, fighting the urge to throw restraint to the winds, defiantly stride into Katie’s room and hurl herself into the sweaty fray. But once again, she thought better of it, then settled on a more selfless course of action. After all, she reasoned, I shouldn’t leave Bel out of the fun.

Turning away, she tiptoed back to her own room just in time to see Bella stir from her slumber. Quickly moving to the far side of the bed, Alice placed a finger to her girlfriend’s lips, signalling her to remain silent.

She knelt down next to the bed and whispered to a confused Bella, “You won’t believe this… but right this minute, our sisters are fucking my aunt.”

That brought Bella awake in an instant. Taking a breath, she parted her lips to speak, but before she could, Alice quickly covered her mouth with a hand. “Shhh — they might hear us. Come take a look, but be very quiet. Then we’ll go wake our mums up. They’ll want to see this!”

Seizing Bella’s hand, she led her friend into the bathroom on tiptoe, ushering her to the gap in the door. Bella peered through the opening, her eyes widening as she drank in the incredible sight, then turned to Alice, unable to do much more than shake her head in disbelief.

Grinning delightedly, Alice beckoned Bella back to her room with a quick tilt of the head. Bella hesitated long enough to steal one last peek before reluctantly following after her friend.

Back in the bedroom, Alice carefully pushed the door to, then turned to seize Bella in her arms. The two nude girls exchanged a brief but juicy kiss before Alice broke away to say, “Let’s go get our mums!”

The girls slipped out into the hallway and padded down towards Jessica’s room at the other end of the hallway. Alice was about to knock, then hesitated. Even though this was the furthest room from Katie’s, it seemed wiser to slip inside, not summon her mum to the door and risk Laura hearing them. Mum won’t mind, not for something this important. Grasping the knob, she opened the door and entered, urging Bella to follow.

On the bed, Jess and Rachel had just awakened and were sharing lazy kisses, having decided that it was early enough to have a little fun while the rest of the household was still asleep. On hearing her door open, Jess saw their two eldest daughters enter. She was wondering whether to admonish them for not knocking or invite them into bed — but when she and Rachel saw the girls’ faces, they knew that something was afoot.

Alice shushed them before they could speak, then quietly said, “Mum, I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about with Aunt Laura.”

Jess and Rachel exchanged puzzled glances, then turned back to their daughters — but once more, Alice was first to speak. “Go look into Katie’s room through the bathroom door. You have to be quiet, though.”

Intrigued, both women slid out of bed. Rachel was reaching for her dressing gown when Bella said, “You won’t need that, Mum.”

“Fair enough,” Rachel replied, letting the garment drop to the carpet.

“Works for me,” Jess said with a grin, and the women padded naked toward the door, each garnering lustful glances from the other’s daughter.

Jessica crept into the hallway, Rachel and the girls close behind — then Jess froze. She stood still for a  long moment, then turned back, hastily gesturing the others back into the bedroom.

Closing the door behind, she looked at Alice and Bella. “You need to stay here, girls. Keep the bed warm for us.”

“What? Why?” Alice protested. “We want to be part of this, too!”

“Yeah,” Bella said, her lower lip set in a pout.

Jess stood her ground. “So, Laura is making love with the other girls. That’s what you wanted me to see, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Alice said, unable to restrain a grin. “They’re all doing it — Katie, Cindy, Poppy and Aunt Laura.”

“And we never did get to finish our big sex party,” said Bella. “Aren’t we gonna do that now?”

“I’m fairly sure that isn’t going to happen, not this morning,” Jessica said. “Look, girls. When I spoke to Laura earlier tonight about what she saw us doing, I can tell you that she had no intention at all of — of getting involved with any of us in a sexual way. But it looks as if she was tempted anyhow, and she gave in.

“When they’re finished, Laura is going to be dealing with some very awkward feelings. She’ll probably feel guilty, even ashamed.” Jess hesitated, “I know, because… well, I was that way, a little bit, after you and I first made love, Alice.”

“I see,” Alice said, weighing her mother’s words.

“I think that your aunt will come around, once she sees the love we have for each other, how it’s more than just sex. But until then, she’ll need space, not all of us gawking at her. Rachel and I, we need to talk to Laura, to let her know that we’re not upset about what she’s done. But for now, I’d like for you girls to stay in here and let Aunt Rachel and me handle this. Understand?”

Alice gave a nod. “Yeah, Mum. Wow, I hope one day that I’m as smart as you.” Reaching out, she drew her mother into a hug.

“Okay, we’ll wait,” Bella said. “But if she does want to keep having sex, you’ll come get us, right?”

Rachel laughed, embracing her daughter. “Count on it.”

Releasing Alice, Jess glanced over at Rachel. “Shall we, then?”

“We shall,” Rachel replied. As they advanced toward the door, she looked back at the girls. “I’m sure you two can find something to do while we’re gone.”

As the door gently closed, Bella grabbed Alice’s arm and dragged her to the bed, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The women crept quietly down the hall, making their way to Alice’s room and from there, into the bathroom, their excitement mounting as they saw the light glimmer past the connecting door on the other side. As they drew nearer, the unmistakable sound of muffled moans of pleasure could be heard. Reaching the door first, Jess peeked through the gap.

She stared for a moment, then turned to Rachel, pumped her fist and silently mouthed “YES!” Glancing back through the door to make sure that no one was looking, Jess carefully pushed the door open a few inches further, then waved Rachel over to see.

The first thing to catch the brunette’s attention was Jessica’s sister Laura — completely nude, on her knees and bent down, her mouth covering the slit of little Poppy, who was swapping heated tongue kisses with her big sister Katie. Meanwhile, Rachel’s girl Cindy stood at the foot of the bed, plunging two fingers in and out of Laura’s cunt. A second look made it clear that Cindy was also using her thumb on the older woman’s arse.

Fuck me, Rachel marvelled. And there I was, worried that ‘Auntie Laura’ might shop the lot of us to the coppers! Guess she had a change of heart… but how did it happen so quickly?

She shook her head in awe, taking in the sight of Jessica’s naked sibling. She’d always thought of Laura as attractive, and now she knew it for certain. I’d like a taste of her, she told herself, then took a sideways glance at her lover. Wonder if Jess ever thinks about her little sister that way? Then she turned back to the hot sex play, already anticipating pleasures to come.

Jess stared at the lesbian foursome, excitement pulsing inside her like a strobe light. Just a few hours ago, her sister had been distressed and confused about the incest she’d witnessed, incest involving underage girls. Now, Laura was going down on seven-year-old Poppy, lovingly trailing her tongue again and again through the child’s bare slit. How did this happen? she wondered. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

It was the first time she’d seen her sister naked since they were teenagers, back before Laura had come out. She’s positively scrumptious, Jess thought, longing to get her hands on that shapely bum.

Her gaze shifted to Poppy and Katie as they kissed, a sight that never failed to warm Jessica’s heart… or her cunt. She’d always seen herself as a lucky mother, with daughters who genuinely loved each other. Now her children were in love, and that was even better. You could see it in the adoring looks they shared, in the passion of their kisses. Witnessing it first hand nearly moved her to tears. I want to have that kind of love with Laura, she thought. Oh, my darling sister, I really do.

Then Jess was watching Cindy, who was still working Laura’s holes with her thrusting right hand, eagerly fucking her friends’ aunt. Jessica had enjoyed some deep kissing with Cindy, but the abrupt ending to the family orgy had robbed her of the chance to make love to Rachel’s youngest the way she wanted.

Moistening her lips, Jess looked longingly at Cindy’s bare body. Soon, sweet child. I promise–

Jessica’s reverie was interrupted by a hoarse cry from Poppy, who was arching her body up from the bed, thrusting her vulva into Laura’s face. Katie grinned as she watched her baby sister come, caressing the child’s flat chest. Laura had a firm grip on Poppy’s hips, holding the girl as steady as possible while nursing on her tiny clitoris.

Cindy had ceased her thrusting, but kept her fingers buried in Laura’s vagina, occasionally twisting them a bit. Her attention was on Poppy as the girl moaned and whimpered, struggling to keep from making too much noise. Then Cindy glanced to the side, and her eyes widened as she saw Jess and Rachel, standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Rachel quickly put a finger to her lips before her daughter could react. Cindy hesitated, then nodded, giving her mum a gleeful smile.

By then, Poppy’s rapture was beginning to wane, and Laura eased off, placing gentle kisses on her sex as the child slowly sank into the mussed sheets with a blissful sigh. Jess felt a happy warmth inside at the sight of her little girl’s contented expression. My goodness, Poppy is so beautiful when she comes.

Now that Poppy had been taken care of, Cindy appeared to take that as her cue to get back to fucking Laura with her fingers, which were still buried knuckle-deep in the woman’s cunt. Like a piston slowly starting to churn, her arm began to move.

Laura moaned, her cheek resting on Poppy’s upper thigh, and the breathless little girl reached down to stroke her aunt’s face. Katie, who was cradling Poppy’s head in her lap, bent to kiss her sister again.

Cindy’s motions were getting faster and harder, her hand making liquid sloshing sounds as she drove her fingers forward and back. “Oh, yes,” Laura said, quietly at first, her voice rising along with the intensity of her young lover’s determined thrusts. “Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Raising up on both hands, she began to push back against Cindy, taking those plunging fingers even deeper into her body.

Jess tilted her head towards the bed, signalling her lover to follow as she advanced further into the room. This time, they caught Katie’s eye, then Poppy saw them — but Jessica’s shushing motion kept the girls quiet.

Suddenly Laura was shaking violently as she came, the sodden sheets bunching up in her clenched hands. She seemed about to scream out loud, but all that issued from her throat was a whimper. Cindy was still hard at work, droplets of liquid flying with the relentless pounding of her arm.

A massive shudder jerked through the woman’s body — one, two, three, four times. Cindy paused in mid-motion, a look of uncertainty on her face, fear that she might’ve been too rough. Then Laura exhaled, slumping forward as if that released breath had been the only thing holding her up.

Katie and Poppy were leaning against the headboard in each other’s arms, enjoying the show. Now and then they flashed sweet smiles at Mummy and Auntie Rachel, who stood holding hands in front of the bathroom door.

Cindy carefully extracted her fingers from Laura’s pussy, then took them into her mouth to taste.

Laura lay limp and spent, her body shining with sweat. Taking a long, deep breath, her face half-buried in the sheets, she spoke.

“Oh my God… what have you girls done to me? This… this should never have happened. I’m not — I d-didn’t mean to… You’re my nieces, and… and you’re children, for Christ’s sake!”

Katie’s face was a picture of innocence. “But you liked it. We all did.”

Turning onto her side, Laura stared up at the young girl, a realisation dawning on her that Katie was right; she had crossed a line she never knew had been drawn.

“Now you understand,” Jess said.

The sound of her sister’s voice hit Laura like an electric shock. In a blind panic, she lurched into a clumsy sitting position, trying in vain to cover her nakedness as she gaped at Jessica and Rachel, both standing calmly before her, both completely nude.

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Ripples, Chapter 23

  • Posted on March 18, 2020 at 3:23 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


The first emotion to hit Jessica’s sister Laura when she entered the room was a surge of sexual excitement at what she saw: a writhing cluster of nude female bodies. It brought back sweet memories of the university pyjama parties where Laura had finally decided that she preferred Venus to Mars.

The second emotion was one of surprise, as Laura realised that some of the participants in this sapphic free-for-all were decidedly underage.

The third was utter shock when it struck Laura that three of the youngsters were her nieces, two were the daughters of Jessica’s next door neighbour, and the girls’ respective mothers were very much a part of the lesbian orgy.

Alice was engrossed in fucking her mum, watching the flesh-coloured shaft that jutted so proudly from her waist as she drove in and out of Jessica’s hungry cunt. She didn’t notice as the copper-haired, pony-tailed Lara Croft lookalike in denim shorts entered the room just behind her.

Rachel didn’t see Laura or hear her stunned cry of surprise, as her ears were covered by Poppy’s thighs while she continued to impale the little girl’s sweet pussy with her stiffened tongue.

Jessica failed to hear her sister’s voice or Poppy calling out her aunt’s name, because her body had chosen that particular moment to go off in a real knee-trembler of an orgasm, a hoarse cry of rapture breaking from Jess as she came.

It was the first full vaginal penetration she’d had since that steamy post-party evening with Rachel, who’d taken Jess with the same strap-on cock that Alice was currently sporting. Using it to fuck me, Jess told herself. My own daughter. My God, this is the wildest thing I’ve ever done.

When her mum cried out in ecstasy, Alice raised her head to see her little sister climb off Auntie Rachel’s face, wearing a panicked expression. Then, in her peripheral vision, she saw the three girls on the other sofa scrambling to disentangle from one another, snatching at sofa cushions and pillows to cover themselves, staring at something behind her.

Uh-oh, Alice thought — but before she could look back over her shoulder, Mum said, “Fuck, Alice, that was bloody amazing…“ Alice saw Rachel sit up with a surprised look on her face — like the others, staring in the direction of the door.

Heart pounding — and not just from exertion — the twelve-year-old slowly looked around.

“I’m sure it was, sis.”

Jess snapped her head around at the familiar voice, mouth going slack at the sight of her younger sister Laura, arms folded, standing in the doorway.

What the fuck…? Jessica could only stare. Laura was supposed to be on a magazine assignment in Eastern Europe, investigating swingers’ parties or something equally sordid.

A small, agonizing eternity later, Jessica managed to summon up the ability to speak. “Laura, what — what are you doing here?”

Laura gazed evenly at her older sibling. “Well, at the moment, I’m watching my big sister being fucked by my underage niece in the middle of a lesbian orgy with her children, her best friend and her best friend’s daughters. Am I summing this up correctly?”

“I — I can explain.” But can I? she wondered.

“Oh, this I’ve got to hear. I think I’ve just found my next big story. I can see the headline now, ‘Lesbian Incest Ring Discovered in Leafy Suburbia.’ I might even get a documentary out of it.”

“What? No, you can’t. For God’s sake, Laura — let’s discuss this like adults.”

Laura slowly shook her head. “I’m finding it difficult to have an adult conversation with my sister while she has a latex cock buried in her vagina. Especially when that particular latex cock is fastened around her twelve-year-old daughter’s waist.”

Jess turned to look behind her, almost surprised at the sight. “Alice, can you…”

Alice looked down as though only just noticing what she was up to, and began to extricate the fake cock from her mother, causing an involuntary and quite inappropriate moan from Jess, and undisguised wide-eyed amazement from Laura at the phallus her niece was sporting — which was ridiculously large in comparison with the young girl’s build.

Alice turned to face her aunt. Normally, she would rush to hug her, but realised that might not be such a good idea at present. Instead she simply said, “Hello, Aunt Laura,” without a trace of fear in her voice.

“Hello, Alice. It seems as if some, er, rather significant changes have taken place in this house since I’ve been away.”

“Yeah… I guess they have,” Alice said with a small nod.

Jess was relieved that Alice had refrained from making some clever remark, but the fact that she stood facing Laura without covering her nudity or trying to hide the contraption between her legs… well, that didn’t exactly help things.

Laura turned to the two women who were now grabbing for their clothes — gazing evenly at Rachel, whose figure she’d always envied; and sometimes looked upon with desire. “Oh, where are my manners? Hello, Rachel, nice to… see you again.” Her eyes travelled up and down the woman’s voluptuous body.

“Hello, Laura. Jess, do you want me and the girls to leave?”

Jessica considered the question for only a second. “No, we’re together now, and we’ll face this together.”

Rachel felt a surge of love, mixed with fear about what might happen next, but Jessica’s words were enough to stiffen her resolve.

Jessica turned to the girls who, except for Alice, were nestled together on the opposite sofa, concealing their nudity as best they could. “Girls, I think you’d better go upstairs while we talk.”

As Bella, Katie, Cindy and Poppy all scrambled to gather their clothes while still trying to cover themselves, Jess turned to Alice, who had also bent to pick up her discarded garments — presenting her backside to Aunt Laura, who couldn’t help but glance down, then quickly averted her eyes, checking that no one had seen her looking. Did Alice do that deliberately? she wondered.

Looking down at the now somewhat obscene apparatus dangling from her daughter’s hips, still glistening with her wetness, Jessica said, “Alice, I think you’d better leave that here, don’t you?” In her mind, Jess had a fleeting image of Alice using it on her girlfriend Bella.

“Ooops! Um, okay, Mum.” The teen began to fumble with the harness.

“Let me, sweetheart.” Zipping up her dress, Rachel moved to where Alice stood and squatted down to unbuckle the straps, then padded over to deposit the toy on the coffee table, resisting an impulse to take it in her mouth for a taste of Jessica’s cunt.

Barely able to meet her sister’s even gaze, Jess turned to her lover. “Rach, can you please get the girls sorted upstairs? I’ll make us some tea.”

Rachel glanced at Laura, who was looking at her in a funny kind of way, before she ushered the five girls towards the door, all of whom briefly looked at Laura before scooting out of the room. They all hastened up the stairs, except for Alice, who seemed reluctant to leave.

Once upstairs, Alice urged the other girls into her room. “Let’s all hang out in here, okay?”

“Listen,” Rachel said, “You girls need to stay put for the time being.”

“Are we in trouble, Mum?” Bella asked.

“Honey, I’m sure everything will be okay. Now just stay here.”

Rachel gently closed the door, standing for a moment to catch her breath, wondering if her optimism was completely misguided. With a sigh, she made her way downstairs.

The girls all sat on the bed, still trying to dress — except for Alice, who decided to remain naked. Bella’s new confidence had evaporated, and she now reverted to her timid, worried self. “What is she going to do, Ali? Will she report our mums to the police?”

“What? No, I’m sure she wouldn’t do anything like that. She loves us and wouldn’t do anything to get Mum in trouble… or break us up. I’m sure everything will be okay, once our mums explain.”

Bella didn’t reply, but a look of doubt was evident on her face, and the younger girls shared that look. Alice reached out to take Bella’s hand, then extended her other arm to gather their siblings together for a group hug. The girls moved into a silent circle of comfort, interrupted only by the smallest voice asking, “Are we in trouble, Ali?”

Alice shrugged, not really sure if she believed what she’d told the others. She was sorely tempted to creep along the landing to try and hear what was being said downstairs, but thought it best to remain with her sisters.

Downstairs, Jess had gone into the kitchen, followed by her sister. Laura paused at the door to look back on the remains of the interrupted orgy, noticing two pairs of discarded panties lying on the floor by one of the sofas and the latex prick her niece had used on Jess lying among the everyday items on the coffee table. Turning away, she made her way into the kitchen, where her sister was busy getting the teacups, milk and sugar ready while the kettle heated.

Laura seated herself on one of the high stools just as Rachel entered. The shapely brunette moved round the central island counter to help Jess, her high heels clicking on the tiled floor. When the kettle was hot, Jess poured the steaming water into a china teapot, her eyes averted from her sister’s gaze as Laura glanced from one woman to the other; no one speaking. After less than a minute, too soon for the tea to have properly steeped, Jess poured the amber liquid into the china cups.

It was Laura who finally broke the silence. “So… how long has this been going on?”

Jess took a deep breath and began. “Only a few weeks… Rachel and me, that is. The only person I’ve told is my assistant Caterina, and we’re both officially coming out to our employees on Monday. We planned to tell you, mum and Aunt Adele when the three of you were back.”

Laura’s face showed no hint of what she was thinking. “Including the little matter of having sex with your underage children…?”

Jess shook her head. “I mean about me and Rachel being together. I hadn’t actually thought about the rest, other than knowing we had to keep it a secret. I suppose I pushed it aside and hoped no one would ever find out.” She gave a shaky laugh. “Guess that didn’t work out very well.”

“How did it start, then?”

Jess took a sip of tea, then a deep breath. “You know, it’s been three years now since Mark left. I’ve hardly had a date since then, and the few men I did go out with were a complete waste of time. Well, a few weeks ago, Rachel and I were talking about my nonexistent love life, and we decided to have a girly night in — you know, a chick-flick and wine. Only the movie Rachel brought was, er… well, it was a porno DVD, but one that only featured women. With other women.”

Laura studied Rachel, feeling certain that she’d been the one who had turned her straitlaced sister. There’s no way Jess suddenly started watching lesbo porn and having sex with women. Not without encouragement.

“Anyway, one thing led to another, and we started making out. Just heavy kissing, nothing more than that. What I didn’t know at the time was that Alice saw us kissing… and later that night she watched me as I was, well, touching myself, watching Rachel’s DVD. She was peeking through my bedroom door.”

“Did you catch her at it?”

Jess shook her head. “No… she kept quiet — and at that moment, I only had eyes for the TV screen. That DVD had me hotter than a bloody pistol. I think that’s when I really began to wonder if I might be gay. The next day, Alice asked me flat-out if I was, and said that she’d seen me kiss Rachel. I told her that… that I wasn’t sure.

“So the next evening, Alice came into my room, wearing nothing but an old shirt; one of her father’s. She said that she’d been having thoughts about girls herself. Then… well, to make a long story short, she told me that if I wanted to have sex with her, she was willing.”

“She didn’t.” Laura breathed.

Rachel said, “I believe those are the exact two words I used when Jess told me about that.”

“I suppose Alice felt that she’d gone too far with that,” Jessica said. “She got very unhappy with herself, and tried to pretend the whole thing was a silly joke. I didn’t think it was right for her to feel so ashamed, so I… I told her the truth — that I’d had those kinds of thoughts about her, too.”

Did you, then? Christ almighty.” Laura shook her head in disbelief. “How did Alice respond to that?”

“Surprised,” Jess said, “but she got over that right away. “In fact, Alice asked me if I would kiss her. Really kiss her.”

Laura seemed dazed by this revelation. “What — what did you do?”

“Oh, I said no, of course, but she was so… well, you know how headstrong Alice can be. I think she gets it from you. I’m not blaming her in any way, absolutely not. It’s entirely my fault, I should have been firmer and given her a definite no, I realize that. It’s just that honestly, she did put forth a compelling case, and in the end, I… I thought it would be better to give her what she wanted than have her kissing some spotty boy who only cared about getting into her knicks.”

“Wait, wait,” Laura protested. “Much as I admire your good intentions, are you telling me that you had no desire to kiss Alice? You weren’t tempted by your daughter, not even a little?”

Jessica made a face, looking at the floor. “Oh, hell…” She sighed heavily, then said, “You always could see right through me, couldn’t you, baby sister? You’re right, of course — I didn’t want to feel that way, but… yeah, I was aroused by her.” She raised her head, forcing herself to make eye contact with Laura. “In fact, the morning after Rachel and I first kissed, I went into Alice’s room to wake her up — and when I pulled the covers down, she was… completely naked underneath. I couldn’t help myself; I had to look. My God, she was lovely…” She paused, then added, “I suppose it didn’t help that one of the scenes on that lesbian DVD of Rachel’s was about a mother making love to her daughter. Seeing that… well, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about, about being with Alice that way. I’m not saying I wanted to have sex with her, just that the idea popped into my head.”

Laura slowly nodded. “So when she asked you to kiss her…?”

“I was shocked at first, what mother wouldn’t have been? But damn it all… Alice had that old shirt fastened so low that I kept getting glimpses of her breasts, and it got obvious very quickly that she wasn’t wearing knickers. This, mind you, while she was telling me about looking at other girls in the shower after gym and getting turned on.

“Then she got behind me and started rubbing my shoulders, then I felt her lips touching my neck… and I don’t know how it happened, but we were kissing like lovers. Oh, Laura, I can’t begin to tell you how sweet, how beautiful, how good it was!” She hesitated, then simply came out with it. “I couldn’t say no to Alice, to what she wanted. We made love, and it was incredible.”

“I see,” said Laura.

Jess waited for her sister to say more, then shrugged and resumed the story. “About a week later, Rachel and I had real sex for the first time… and the night after that, I slept with Alice again.”

She decided to leave out the matter of Alice catching her with Sally and that later dalliance with her young blonde employee, thinking it might not be the best time to throw that at her sister.

Laura’s face still gave nothing away as she looked up at her sister. “I’m really happy you have someone, Jess, and the fact it’s a woman is obviously fine by me. Hell, I can even see why you might teach Alice about kissing; I used to practice with my friends and fancied some of their mums. But how do you go from that to having sex with all your daughters… and Rachel’s girls?” She shifted her gaze to Rachel. “Guess I ought to be asking you the same question.”

Jess thought for a moment. “To be really honest, I don’t really know for sure. I suppose that we ended up talking ourselves into the idea.”

“Well, it was something I’d already been thinking about,” Rachel said. “Bella was asking me questions about masturbation, I decided to show her how, and we ended up doing it together.” She shrugged. “For a few weeks afterward, I kept thinking about how I wanted to show her more.”

Jessica picked up the thread of the story. “I ended up telling Rachel about what I’d done with Alice, we discussed it, and somehow we came to the conclusion that it sort of made sense that mums should teach their daughters about sex, even sex between girls… then we asked ourselves, why shouldn’t we take a hands-on approach to it?”

Before Laura could counter with a pointed reply, Jessica quickly continued. “Mind you, I didn’t make a definite decision to get Katie or Poppy involved.”

“Well, I thought she should,” Rachel said. “The night I made love to my Bella for the first time, Cindy caught us naked and in bed together. I decided to be honest with her about what we’d done… and do you know, the very first thing she asked me was if I would teach her about sex, too!” Reaching out for Jessica’s hand, she took it in hers. “I didn’t think that Jess should exclude any of her girls from the chance to experience love.”

“Well, in my case, it was Alice who really made it happen,” Jessica said. “See, I had to go to a meeting one evening and left her in charge.” She paused. “When I got home, I caught Alice having sex with Katie. I already knew she liked girls, but I thought that when she experimented, it would be with a friend of hers, like Bella.

“Well, it was quite a scene… poor Katie was terrified! I made sure she hadn’t been forced into anything, then sat her down and told her about me and Rachel. That calmed her down — but of course, Alice couldn’t leave things at that. I still suspect that she set the whole scene up, hoping for me to catch them. Next thing I know, she’s making out with Katie right in front of me. I watched them, and it was beautiful and… well, I had to join in.” She glanced at Rachel, who gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.

“So how did Poppy get involved?” demanded Laura. “You decided that you might as well complete the set?”

Jess looked hurt. “That’s not fair, damn it. I never intended any of this to happen, it wasn’t planned. I was lonely, things just got out of hand. I gave in. If you’d seen them that night, you would have done the same, I promise you. Why, the morning after, Alice and Katie crept into my room and made love to me again. Look, apart from one sleepover when I was twelve, I’d never even kissed a female until a few weeks ago!”

Now irked, she pointed an accusing finger at her younger sibling. “Listen, Laura… you may know what it’s like to have sex with women, but you can’t even begin to understand what I’ve been going through. First admitting to myself I might be gay, then finding out I’m in love with my best friend, then letting my twelve-year-old daughter convince me that I needed to have sex with her, and her little sisters!”

Realising that her tone had grown harsh, Jessica took a breath to steady herself, then spoke more softly. “So tonight, we got together to talk to our daughters about Rachel and me and our two families becoming one. Ask the girls tomorrow; they’ll confirm everything I’ve said. Sure, most people would say that we were bloody awful mothers… but I’m finding it harder and harder to give a toss what they think.”

“She’s right, Laura,” Rachel said. “I know that society thinks it’s a crime, but sharing pleasure with my daughters was the most wonderful experience. It’s made us closer than ever.”

“It did,” Jess agreed. “I know that we have to keep what we do secret, and I’m reconciled to that… but by Christ, I refuse to feel ashamed of what I’ve got with my children.”

Laura sat silently for what seemed an age, finally saying, “I… I need to think about this. I’ve been travelling all day and I’m positively knackered.”

“Are you going to tell Social Services on us? Or the police?” asked Jess, tensing slightly as she waited for her sister’s response.

Laura made a dismissive gesture. “Of course not! Listen, whatever has gone on, you’re still my sister, and I love you and the girls. Right now, though, this is all too much for me to absorb. I need to sleep on it.”

“The spare room is free. I’ll get you some bedding.” Jess quietly said, then left the room, heading upstairs.

When she was out of earshot, Rachel spoke up again. “Listen, Laura, Jess and I are in love… and I love her girls as much as if they were my own. Neither of us would do anything to hurt them. Alice and Bella have been experimenting with each other for some time, longer than me and Jess. I suspected something was going on but while my daughter is… was, very shy, Alice knew she liked girls. And once Jessica and I had made love to them, I believed that we should get their younger sisters involved.

“We’re determined to protect the girls, and made damn certain that they understand what we’re doing isn’t to be discussed outside the family. But they are willing participants, all of them, and happy about it. Please think carefully about this. I know Jess wouldn’t want to fall out with you, so if you say we must stop being intimate with our daughters, we will… but Jess and I are still going to be lovers, and Bella and Alice probably will, too. I’d even go as far as to say that the other three will feel left out if we can’t make love to them anymore. In fact, they’ll likely look elsewhere for sex, and who knows where that may lead. All I’m asking is that you trust us.”

Laura rubbed her face with both hands; partly from exhaustion, partly confusion. “This is all too much for me right now. Give me time to think. I promise not to hit you guys with any ultimatums just yet. Okay?”

Just then, Jess returned. “Your room is ready, the one at the end of the landing. There are clean towels in the big bathroom if you want a shower.” She looked from Laura to Rachel, who shrugged to indicate she had no idea what else to do or say.

Slowly rising to her feet, Jessica’s sister got up and tottered into the hall to pick up a small bag. Looking back at the two women, she said, “We’ll talk more about this in the morning,” and mounted the stairs.

Jess and Rachel exchanged a glance, then drifted together in a hug. As they broke apart, Rachel asked, “What do you think she’ll do? She’s your sister… and apparently gay as well, which came as something as a surprise. I can’t believe you never told me about that!”

“Bisexual, actually, but she’s always preferred women. Honestly, Rach, I don’t know how this will play out. I’m sure she won’t tell the authorities, but she might force us to stop with the girls… or even tell my mother.”

“I suppose there’s nothing we can do about it now. Let’s go to bed, and face the music in the morning.“

Jess cupped Rachel’s face in her hands and gently kissed her. “You’re right. We’ll talk to the girls first, though. They’re probably worried sick.”

She briefly considered washing up the cups and teapot, but settled for a quick rinse and placing everything in the sink. A bit of washing up left over is nothing, compared to what we might be confronted with tomorrow.

She turned off the lights, made sure the front door was locked, then both women went upstairs.

Rachel pointed to Alice’s door, and they quietly opened it and slipped inside. Glancing back toward the spare room, Jess heard the shower running. Good, we won’t be interrupted.

The girls were all still in the same room, and looked up apprensively when their mothers entered.

Alice spoke first. “What did Aunt Laura say?”

Both women sat on the crowded bed, their respective daughters quickly snuggling in close. “Not a lot, really,” Jess said. “She’s not going to tell the authorities about us, but apart from that, I’m not sure. I put her up in the guest room. We’re going to talk in the morning.” She sighed. “I guess she might want to talk to you girls, to make sure we haven’t forced you into anything.”

Katie spoke up. “Don’t worry, Mum, we’ll tell her it’s okay… and that we wanted to do stuff with you. And with Auntie Rachel, too.”

Smiling lovingly at the girl, Jess reached out to pat her daughter’s knee.

“What about you two,” Rachel asked, an arm wrapped around each of her daughters. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, I guess,” Cindy piped up.

But Bella had a worried look etched on her face. “But… but what if she does tell someone?”

“Honey, I’m sure she won’t. She’s been with women too, so it’s not like she is shocked at that. It’s just the part about mums and daughters making love that she’s struggling with.”

“Aunt Laura’s a lesbian?” Katie exclaimed, then turned to her sister. “Did you know that, Ali?”

Alice nodded. “Yeah, she told me a long time ago, when I asked her why she never has boyfriends. Then, a few months ago, I told her I might like girls.”

Now Jess was the one looking surprised. “You spoke to Laura about being gay? Why didn’t you come to me? For that matter, why didn’t she tell me about you?”

“Um, cause I asked her not to. Sorry, Mum. I didn’t know if you’d be mad or not.”

A look of concern crossed Jessica’s face. “You haven’t… done anything with her, have you?”

Alice was quick to respond. “No, Mum. She just explained why she liked women more than men. She said that maybe I could be gay, but I had to make my own mind up about that. And she gave me a hug when we were done talking, but that was all.”

“Okay,” Jess replied. Now, girls, I think it’s time for all of us to turn in for the evening. And by that, I mean go to sleep… no hanky-panky. I don’t want Laura to get awakened by the sound of girls having sex.” She glanced around at the others, thinking about the sleeping arrangements for the night. Bella, you can sleep with Alice, we’ll put Cindy with Katie. Poppy, you can bunk down with me and Rachel.”

Katie jumped in. “Oh, Mum, let Poppy share with me and Cindy, there’s tons of room! I promise we’ll be good.”

Jess studied her youngest, then slowly nodded. “Fine, but keep the noise down and don’t stay up for very long. Now come on, all of you — get ready for bed.”

Everyone rose and dispersed — Jess heading to Katie’s room through the bathroom, followed by the three youngest, while Bella and Alice remained behind to straighten the bedsheets before they turned in. Only Rachel remained where she was, calling out, “Aren’t you forgetting something, girls?”

Katie, Cindy and Poppy realised as one what she meant, and promptly came back to kiss Rachel goodnight before returning to Katie’s room.

Jess fought her desire as she watched the girls quickly undress, then crawl naked beneath the duvet, with Poppy sandwiched between the older girls. She bent down to give each one a goodnight kiss — only not her usual peck on the forehead, as Katie pulled her mother down to join their mouths and tongues for a brief French snog, which was copied by her little sister Poppy, then Cindy, who smiled and said, “Night-night, Mum,” which made Jessica very happy.

The others giggled and echoed, “Night-night, Mum.”.

“Goodnight, girls.” said Jess. “I love you all.” She exited through the bathroom, pulling the door shut behind.

As Jessica returned to Alice’s room, she was greeted by the sight of Rachel bent over the bed, the short dress riding up over her shapely bum and exposing her stocking tops. Another inch and I’ll see her minge, she thought with a smile.

Rachel was exchanging a lustful kiss with Alice. Gently breaking away, she lovingly touched the tip of the girl’s nose, then moved to the other side of the bed to where Bella lay. “Goodnight, sweetheart,” she whispered, then mother and daughter came together in an ardent kiss of their own. Jess felt a spark of sexual heat flare within her as she watched their tongues flick back and forth.

Moving to the opposite side of the bed, she leaned down to kiss Alice first, losing herself in the softness of her daughter’s sweet mouth, then stepped around the bed to where Rachel’s child waited. Their lips and tongues met and mingled, then she caressed Bella’s cheek. “You know, what with our unexpected visitor, I never got the chance to thank you for how beautifully you made love to me, Bella. I’m looking forward to being with you again… when I’ll get the chance to lick you!”

Bella beamed with delight, happy that she had pleased Alice’s mum, realising that she’d developed a bit of a crush on the lovely redhead.

The two women looked at each other across the bed, exchanging contented smiles. Despite the uncertainty of the morning to come, the evening had truly merged the two families into one. Whispering “Goodnight,” to the girls, Rachel and Jess departed from the room.

Once the door had closed, Alice and Bella turned to face each other.

“Do you really think it will be okay with your aunt?” Bella asked. “Now that we’re proper girlfriends, I don’t want to stop. And I want to keep doing stuff with my mum and sister — and yours, too.”

Alice snuggled closer to Bella, wrapping an arm round her. “I’m not very worried, no. Auntie Laura is really cool. She’s always treated me like a grown-up — a bit like a big sister, really. I think she was just surprised by what we were doing.” She paused to mull things over. “Y’know, maybe she won’t be so weirded out by us making love with our mums, not once she’s had time to think about it.”

“Well, she is gay, right?” said Bella. “Who knows, maybe we could make her want to join us!”

“Why not? I mean, where else is she gonna find a whole bunch of girls that like having loads of sex, who are as totally hot as us?”

“Ooh, yeah! Do — do you really think that could happen?”

Alice pondered the question. “Y’know, Auntie Laura got an awfully good look at all of us while we were naked and doing sex. Sure, she was shocked, but now she’s gonna be thinking a lot about what she saw… and I bet it makes her totally hot!” Seizing Bella around the waist, she rolled onto her back, pulling the squealing teen on top. “In fact,” Alice continued, “I wouldn’t be surprised if Auntie Laura wanks herself silly before she goes to sleep.”

“Hmmm… wanna sneak down the hall and see?”

Alice thought about that, then shook her head. ‘Better not. She’d be mad if she caught us… and Mum would blow a gasket! Anyhow,” she added, wriggling deliciously against her nude lover, “I’m way too comfy here with you.”

Bella giggled, the warmth and softness of Alice’s body pushing her concerns aside.

They began to swap tender kisses, hands gently exploring bare skin. Although her mum had more or less ordered them not to make love, for once Alice was content to simply cuddle.


Over In Katie’s room, the three younger girls giggled quietly under the duvet, delighted with their new sleeping arrangements. They took turns giving playful little kisses to each other and toying with nipples, but as they started to become aroused, the giggling stopped and the breathing deepened.

Before they could make the move into full-on sex, Katie said, “Y’know, I think we should talk to my Auntie Laura in the morning, and tell her that our mums didn’t make us do anything with them… ‘cos I bet that’s what she’s afraid of. Then, we’ll tell her how we want to be one big family, and do lots of stuff like we did tonight.”

Cindy considered Katie’s suggestion, then asked, “Do you think we can get her not to tell anyone?”

A distant expression appeared on Katie’s face, as though she was trying to work out a tricky homework question. “Well, if we ask her the right way.”

“But, um… what is the right way?” said Poppy.

Katie suddenly grinned. “Hmmm… think I might’ve just figured that out.” She stretched herself, settling down in the blankets. “C’mon, let’s get to sleep. I’ll tell you in the morning.”


At the end of the hallway, Jess closed her bedroom door and leaned back against it, letting out a deep sigh. Rachel turned and sat on the bed, reaching down to slip off her shoes. Leaning back on her arms, she looked over at Jess. “Well, isn’t this turning into a night of surprises.”

Pushing away from the door, Jess walked over to the bed, stopping in front of Rachel. The brunette looked up at her lover, then laid back on the bed, taking hold of the zipper at the top of the dress and slowly drawing it down, as far as her hand could go. Jessica took over, tugging at the zipper until the dress was open and Rachel’s sex fully exposed.

Straightening up, Jess proceeded to casually unbutton her own dress, finally letting it drop to the floor. All the while Rachel watched, sliding a hand between her legs to trail two fingers up and down through the lust-slickened lips of her vagina.

Jess began to mirror Rachel’s actions while remaining on her feet. Before long, both women had brought themselves to gentle, almost silent climax, with only the in and out of their breathing to accompany their shared pleasure.

“Ahhhh… lovely. Christ, I needed that,” Rachel sighed, pausing to suck on her glistening fingers. She sat up for just long enough to shimmy out of her open dress, threw it on the floor, then relaxed into the sheets, slowly parting her thighs. “Well, don’t just stand there, woman. My door’s open — come in and stay for a while.”

Jess climbed onto the bed and knelt above her lover, then lowered her body until she was on top of Rachel, planting gentle kisses on the brunette’s mouth and neck.

They both tensed slightly as the bathroom door opened down the hall — then a couple of seconds later, the guest room door closed.

Jess looked at Rachel. “Much as I’d enjoy making love with you, I think we ought to get some sleep before we face Laura in the morning.”

Sitting up, Rachel swung her legs down to the floor, then began to roll down the hold-up stockings she wore. but was stopped by Jess, who touched her shoulder. “No, leave those on. I rather like how they feel against my skin.”

Jess turned to switch off the main light, and both women slipped under the covers. Rachel snuggled into Jessica’s arms, draping a nylon-clad leg over her shins. “This is nice,” she whispered. Our first night together as a proper couple.”

They briefly kissed, then closed their eyes. Sleep soon followed.


Laura had just dried herself after a quick shower and let her hair down, shaking it out before brushing it — thirty strokes on each side, as always. Shrugging out of the terrycloth bathrobe Jess had left for her, she  dropped it by the side of the bed within easy reach. She couldn’t be bothered to dig through her crammed suitcase for nightwear, so she slipped nude beneath the duvet.

Laura Clark was three years younger than her sister Jessica. She’d never given much thought to the idea of marriage and 2.4 children, much preferring the independence her job as a journalist provided. In truth, she’d discarded the idea of ever settling down with any man long ago. There had been a few men at certain junctures in her life, but far too often, her preference for strong, assertive guys ended up sabotaging relationships before they’d even begun. Inevitably, those kinds of men ended up becoming possessive or controlling.

For the last five-plus years, Laura had found herself sleeping exclusively with women, as she did back in her uni days. Women accepted these liaisons for what they were; mutual fun and satisfaction. But now, after several years of bed-hopping, she was giving serious thought to settling into something more long term.

Her job enabled her to travel all over the UK, America and Europe, but she sometimes managed to wangle assignments to more far-flung and exotic places in search of a story. Having cut her teeth in the everyday vanilla world of newspapers and magazines, one particular series of articles she wrote on high-ranking European officials claiming expenses for high class escorts sent her career on a different path. These days, Laura mostly sought out stories that delved into the bizarre world of sexual aberrations.

Lying on her back and staring up at the ceiling, Laura was finding it hard to sleep, despite her accumulated fatigue from the day’s travel. She struggled not to dwell on the situation she had stumbled into, the kinky activities her sister was indulging in with her own kids. Instead, she focused on the assignment she’d just finished, although that hardly took her mind off tonight’s unexpected welcome home.

She’d been gone nearly two months, travelling around Europe following the happening trend of lesbian sex parties. Swinger gatherings had been around for years, but more recently there was a rise in events catering to the high-profile rich and beautiful; those willing to fork out for expensive memberships, almost as a badge of status, to more upmarket events in exotic and expensive venues. The women who attended these parties all seemed to swing both ways, even if some of them started out as exclusively straight.

It seemed only logical that the next big thing would be women-only sex parties that catered to successful females. Not usually the rich or famous, but women with resources who were looking for something different and casual, or those who were too shy to date women in public.

From her interviews with the organisers, hostesses and members who were willing to talk, Laura learned that some of these women were married; some happily, some unfulfilled. Others didn’t have the time or the inclination for relationships with men, while some craved sexual satisfaction without the uncertainty of online dating. A growing number of these women were first-timers, women who had been with men all their lives and wanted something more. These parties were intended to be safe, discreet environments where secrets were kept, and the organisers took extraordinary measures to ensure that.

Laura recalled one particular event, held in a large walled mansion in an affluent area of Paris. She had to guarantee anonymity, and the photos and video footage she took had to be vetted to ensure that no identities were compromised. These would be edited later, with only a couple of pictures and brief video clips used as part of the storyline.

She had been watching from the corner of a large high-ceilinged room ringed with works of art and expensive furniture, dressed somewhat more glamorously than usual in order to blend in. All the attendees had been advised of her presence in advance, and were offered ornate masks to wear if they wished.

Laura noticed that one of the women kept glancing at her as she sat in a darkened corner with a glass of champagne; she didn’t appear to be one of the hostesses. The woman seemed to be in her forties but, she suspected, was actually somewhat older. Laura had often gravitated towards more mature women, and something about this one piqued her interest, not just because she was attractive and elegant.

It was pretty obvious that the woman was new to the sex party experience, judging by her reluctance to engage anyone, but it didn’t take long for a hostess to spot her and start a conversation. The woman was dressed in a shiny satin bottle-green dress, while the hostess had been wearing a little scarlet wrap-over number. Laura watched as the younger blonde hostess, clearly in her early twenties, flirted with the dark-haired newcomer, laughing and easing her towards others to bring her into the group activities, occasionally touching her arm, hand or back.

The attendees mingled in the soft lighting and danced to the sensuous beat of bossa nova, punctuated by occasional peals of laughter. It was the job of the hostesses, some of whom were soon stripped off to their elegant lingerie, to make the women feel special, but many of the more experienced guests liked to convert new members to the lifestyle, relishing the challenge. These “newbies” were often easy to spot, wandering around the mansion with an air of awe and uncertainty.

About an hour into the event, women began to pair up, with some couples electing to add a third or fourth participant. This often started with close dancing, bodies grinding together, hands roaming, kisses swapped. Gradually these couples or groups moved over to plush sofas that ringed the room, or disappeared to one of the many prepared bedrooms for more private pleasures.

Laura saw the blonde hostess whisper something to the woman, who nodded, then whispered back. As they drifted towards the door, both women glanced back at Laura and smiled, then exited the room. Intrigued, she slowly ambled to the doorway, just in time to see the pair slowly mounting a grand spiral staircase. As they reached the next floor, the women looked down at her, then went through an open door.

Hastily climbing the stairs, Laura paused outside the same door, her pulse racing. She had watched women fuck at these parties before, even witnessed her first lesbian orgy with more females than she could count at an especially wild bash in Holland. This time, she felt as if something else was about to happen — that for the first time, she was ready to participate.

Laura had managed to remain detached and aloof at the other all-woman parties she’d covered, difficult though it had been to maintain her journalistic veneer. It crossed her mind that it had been a long time since she’d had any sex, much less with a strange woman at a party. Now, she felt ready to let her hair down.

The door of the room was slightly ajar. Deciding to see where this took her, she nudged it further open and saw both women embracing by the bed. The young blonde was taking the lead, kissing the older woman and caressing her body. They turned as Laura took a cautious step into the room, and the younger one moved behind the older one, resting her chin on her new lover’s shoulder.

“Allo,” she said in a strong French accent. “My friend here, she hopes you will join us.”

Laura hadn’t responded at first; despite her arousal, she suddenly felt apprehensive about becoming part of the story she was covering — didn’t it fly in the face of her responsibility as a reporter? But Christ almighty, it’s been sodding ages since I’ve had it off…

Her mind was made up when the blonde reached round the mature woman to tug at the sash holding her dress together, kissing her neck and shoulder as the garment slipped down to pool on the thick carpet, revealing fancy lingerie that matched the woman’s dress and nude hold-up stockings. The young blonde raised one hand to cup the older woman’s breast, stroking the nipple through the bra while the other hand delved into the lacy panties, eliciting a moan from the woman, her legs buckling slightly.

Moving into the room, Laura closed the door behind her, the standard code for ‘private party – do not disturb’. The blonde reached out to Laura, who moved towards the pair, offering her hand to be taken and drawn in. The hostess guided her close to the older woman, pausing to pluck Laura’s glass away, placing it on the night table.

As Laura gazed into the woman’s hazel eyes, the blonde moved behind her, kissing her neck, then unzipping her dress to let it fall next to the other. Laura was glad she’d at least worn a bra and knickers that matched, even if they weren’t exactly Victoria’s Secret.

The older woman hesitated, not sure what to do at first, then grabbed Laura’s face, attempting to kiss her in a sudden move that made Laura start.

The woman stepped back. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to do that. I’m… I’m a bit new at this.” Her accent was pure Sloane Ranger.

Regretting her startled reaction, Laura hastened to reassure the blushing woman. “It’s okay. I rather thought you might be.”

“Oh, you’re English, too.”

“Yes. Listen, I’m sorry for pulling away; it’s just that, well, it was a bit sudden. Let’s try again, shall we?” With that, Laura slowly brought her hands to the woman’s face in the same manner and pulled her in until their lips met. The woman allowed herself to be kissed at first, but gradually began to respond until they broke apart a minute later. The woman was breathing heavily, a wild look in her eyes. Laura suspected that at that instant, she herself looked much the same.

The blonde’s voice interrupted them. “I think you have known the pleasures of a woman’s body, oui?”

Laura and the woman turned to see that she had taken off her dress and now lay on the bed, leaning back against some cushions, nude but for a black corset that exposed her breasts, and sheer stockings held up  with garter straps.

“Um, yeah,” Laura replied. “I have.”.

The blonde gave her a sultry smile. “Perhaps then, you will help me to teach our new friend. She wishes to have love from a woman. You and me, we show her how to fuck.”

Setting aside her reason for being there, Laura gently guided the dazed newcomer over to the bed and into the welcoming arms of the hostess. She paused to undress down to her panties, then joined them.

What followed was a night of unbridled pleasure, the likes of which the mature woman had never known. Laura and the blonde had made love to her in every way imaginable — alternating positions, one at each end, both orally pleasuring her, then giving her the first taste of a woman. At some point, the hostess had produced two strap-ons of different sizes, which they used to fill both her holes, causing the woman to scream and thrash wildly, nearly throwing the lot of them onto the carpet when she came. Then they soothed her ravaged openings, the hostess going down on her while Laura tongued her anus.

After two hours of wild abandon, their strength finally gave out, and the three lovers slept in a warm tangle of arms and legs. In the morning, the woman produced a card and gave it to Laura, telling her, “Last night was marvelous… everything I’d imagined and more. If you are ever in London, be sure to call me.” Giving Laura a brief but ardent kiss, she said her goodbyes and left.

Remembering that time, visualising the three of them caught up in the heat of lust, Laura threw back the bedclothes and quietly masturbated. But as her pleasure swelled, the film in her head switched abruptly to the scene she’d interrupted a short while ago.

Upon opening the door, Laura had first seen three very young girls engaged in lovemaking, one of them her niece Katie. Before the shock of that had fully penetrated her consciousness, she saw her sister Jessica a few feet away, getting done from behind by her teen daughter Alice.

It wasn’t just the two of them, either. While Jess was getting fucked, she also was feasting on the cunt of her best friend, whose name Laura couldn’t summon up right then. But what stunned her most of all was the sight of her youngest niece, seven-year-old Poppy — stark naked, like all the others, and riding the mouth of Jessica’s mate. Rachel, that’s her name.

Out of the whole lewd scene, what etched itself most indelibly on Laura’s mind was the expression on Poppy’s face. The little girl’s eyes were closed, her mouth open, and she wore a look of ecstasy that could only be described as sexual — not at all what one expected to see from a child of seven. It was indescribably beautiful, yet obscene at the same time, Laura thought, and that was when Poppy opened her eyes, realized that her aunt was watching them and cried out in astonishment.

Before she could stop the scene from playing in her head, or at least switch it over to something less dangerous, Laura’s arousal overtook her free will and she went off in a frenzied orgasm. She quickly clapped her free hand over her mouth, attempting to muffle any sounds. Her pleasure crested, then slowly waned, and she finally allowed herself to relax.

As she got her breathing back under control, Laura listened, hoping for silence. Nothing. Good.

Turning onto her side, she closed her eyes, tiredness finally overcoming her. She did feel a twinge of concern at having gotten off in such a big way while picturing… that. What she’d seen her sister and Rachel doing with their kids.

There was something thrilling about it, Laura had to admit. In fact, the incest angle didn’t disturb her that much. Ever since recognising her own attraction to girls at the age of fifteen, she had indulged in the occasional fantasy of sex with her big sister — in fact, she had fingered herself to a climax while thinking about Jessica just a few weeks ago.

But making love to your children when they’re as young as hers… that’s going too far, damn it. She yawned. Oh, well, tomorrow’s another day. I’ll have it out with Jess then. 

Settling in, Laura soon drifted into slumber.

Outside the door, a figure crouched, alert and listening. Once the noise had subsided after the muffled sounds of a climax, she waited for another minute or two, then crept back down the hallway to her bedroom.

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Rowing Lesson

  • Posted on March 5, 2020 at 5:18 pm

By JetBoy

I am the younger of two daughters. My big sister Marie is three years older than me and was always the wild one of the family. Our parents divorced when I was ten. Mum went off to live in Australia, so dad brought me up through my adolescence. He ran a small chandlery and died when I was twenty. Marie wanted to sell the business, but I bought her half and have run it ever since.

I said that Marie was the wild one, but what I had not known was that she would prove to be an utter fool as well. She was arrested in Malaya a year ago in possession of a kilo of heroin, and was lucky to escape with life imprisonment. Before leaving England, she had left her daughter Melody in my care.

Melody had been born when Marie was 17. My sister never knew who the father was. Whoever he had been, he had left her with the most wonderful deep coppery hair that spilled onto her shoulders. She was 4′ 8″ at the time of my story, with a slight but developing figure. She was normally a very happy girl, bubbly and very self-confident. These qualities had been put to a huge test during that year.

It had been terrible for Melody. Here she was, a ten year old girl who had suddenly lost her mother. I planned to take care of her as well as I possibly could — far better than my sister ever had, at least — but my niece was still very sad and confused.

So there I was, a year after the arrest, a successful businesswoman, sitting on the river teaching Melody to row to help her forget her problems. To be honest, I needed the relaxation as well — the entire year had been a nightmare, and I’d had no time for myself in a while. In fact, my love life had been sadly lacking for at least six months. I’m a lesbian who had just ended a two-year relationship, and very much wanted to get back onto the circuit. Melody, at this point, knew nothing about my sexuality.

Melody and I had gone down to the dock and stepped into the boat. I sat Melody between my legs to show her how to hold the oars. We pushed off and began to make the first few strokes with my hands over hers. I felt the tight muscles of her buttocks flex and relax, and I could smell the freshness of her hair. She was not rowing well, being much too tense, but she insisted on carrying on. I didn’t stop her, it felt so nice to be so close to her and I wasn’t paying close attention to what my body was telling me.

“Are you okay sitting like this?” I said.

“Fine, Auntie Di,” she said softly, but with a catch in her voice.

“Right, remember to turn the blades, don’t let them slide — that’s it.”

She didn’t answer but concentrated on her stroke, “That’s wonderful, Mel,” I encouraged, “now pull into Treneth Creek… we can beach there.”

She rowed for a few minutes. “I’m not going to see Mum again, am I?” she asked suddenly.

“Sure you will, love. I can get us out there at least a couple of times a year and then in a few years the Malays will let her come back to England to spend the rest of her sentence,” I told her, speaking with more confidence than I felt.

“No, I mean she won’t be there as a mum,” she said as she pulled angrily, almost missing her stroke, “You’re wonderful, but you’re not my mum. She went off and left you with a stupid little girl when you could be a — a millionaire or something,” She was almost weeping now.

“Hey, hey, hey,” I said, “you’re not stupid and you’re not a little girl, I told you that a couple of months ago. I love you. I’ve got a friend in you, and a sort of daughter and soon a teenager — all without having to have a child myself. For me it’s wonderful, having you around. C’mon, let me beach us and we can have a proper talk about this.” I reached out to cover her hands and help her pull.

“I can do it!” she said angrily and, without warning, pulled hard on the oars.

“Careful, love!” I began, and we hit the beach. Mel was not expecting it and missed her next stroke so that she flipped back into me. I fell into the bow and Melody landed on top of me.

“I can’t do anything right!” she said and began to cry.

Suddenly I found my arms full of a weeping ten-year-old. I hugged her and stroked her hair. Huge racking sobs shook her little body as I murmured softly. One of my hands ran down her flank to cradle her soft bottom and caress her denim-covered thigh. I suddenly noticed how nice she felt in my arms. I kissed her forehead, whispering endearments to Melody while she calmed herself.

“I’ll have to be your mum,” I promised.

“I don’t want you to be,” she said, ” I want you to be my lovely, beautiful Auntie Diane.” Then she eased herself up my body and kissed my mouth.

It was at that very moment that I became aware of what my body was doing. There was a delicious tension in my stomach, my nipples felt hard and brushed almost painfully against my clothes. My breasts sensed every breath we both took, and I was sure that I was wet between my legs. A flash of desire hit me so hard that I almost tried to kiss her like a lover. I wanted to feel her mouth open to my tongue, but she snuggled back down so that my nose was filled with the intoxicating smell of her hair, leaving me trembling with shock.

It was a dilemma; I knew that prolonging this contact was wrong because I now knew that I desired my niece sexually. On the other hand, if I thrust her away from me, I knew that she would feel rejected and abandoned. I continued to hold her close, telling myself it was the long months of celibacy that made me feel like this… and that I just needed to drive to the dyke bar and pick up a hot chick for a night of fucking.

I knew, even as I told myself this, that it was a lie.

After what seemed like an age we rowed back to the landing, tied up and drove back to our house. I was in turmoil. I knew what I felt was wrong, but I also knew that I desperately wanted some relief for the desire that Melody made me feel. Without a thought, my hand had strayed over to her side of the car and was touching her leg. I only realised what I was doing when Mel said, “That feels nice, Auntie.”

Back at the house Mel ran upstairs to the bathroom. Downstairs I poured myself a stiff drink and told myself to forget the incestuous fantasy I had drifted into. I went and sat down, flicking on the television. I don’t even remember what the program was because, as I sipped my drink, I caught myself imagining my niece upstairs sitting with her knickers round her ankles… and my hand caressed my breast through my top. The toilet flushed, and guiltily I pulled my hand away and took a pull at my drink.

The next few days were hell. The desire I felt did not lessen, as I’d hoped it might, for I found myself constantly studying the sweet, lively child. When we touched, I savoured the silk feel of her. When she went to bed she would start talking to me… and I would sit on the edge of her bed, wanting to take her in my arms but contenting myself with stroking her cheek. When I slept, strange dreams disturbed my sleep and I would wake wet and wanting her.

Masturbating didn’t ease the tension, either — I would begin the fantasy with thoughts of grown women, but each time I would end with thoughts of Melody. The whole time I was terrified that I might become unable to restrain my desire, and ruin things between us… or that she would be taken away from me.

The next fine day, we went rowing again. This time I sat in the stern, telling Mel that she could row on her own. There was no way I was going to risk her lovely body moving between my legs again. Instead I found that I watched her legs flexing and her shorts pulling tightly into the sweet junction of her thighs. I wondered whether it rubbed her the way I so wanted to.

We rested in midstream tying the painter to a vacant mooring buoy.

“Auntie?” Melody began.

“Yes, love?”

“Could you come up and help me row, like you did last time? Please?”

“Why, Mel? You’re doing fine.”

“It was a lot nicer when you were sitting behind me,” she murmured as she hung her head, her hair draping round her face, then she glanced back up at me. “It made me feel sorta nice and… tingly.”

“I don’t understand, Melody. Tingly?” As I repeated the girl’s words, my mouth was dry. If this conversation went the way I thought, I knew the temptation would be too great to resist.

“Yeah, I can’t describe it. It was sorta like I was hungry and full — at the same time — and warm. It was like…” she stopped suddenly.

“Like what, love?”

“It’s a bit,” she was breathing raggedly, obviously uncertain, “It’s a bit, you know. I don’t like to say. You might be angry.”

“I won’t be angry, love.” I waited, every sense alert, looking at her blushing face.

“You remember when the social workers spent that day talking to me?” I nodded and she continued, “Well, one of them asked me if you had ever touched me, um, in–inappro…”

“Inappropriately?” I said softly, my heart pounding.

“Yeah, that’s it. Well, I didn’t know what she meant, so she said she wanted to know if you had ever touched me on, uh, on my bottom, or between my legs — like, inside my knickers — or on my chest… and I said no, you hadn’t. But I kept thinking about what she said… and when I came home that night I kinda… I, um, tried touching myself where she said and it felt really good. That’s the first time I felt all tingly like that… and, I don’t know, I started thinking about what it would be like if you did touch me there…”

My head was spinning, and I was so excited I could scarcely breathe. Still, I struggled to maintain a calm exterior as she spoke on.

“That night I had a funny dream. I can’t remember exactly what it was but I know you were in it, and we were all warm and snuggly together, and it felt really nice… and then I woke up and I was very wet, uh, down there. Then when I tried to dry myself it was hard because I was so — so –” and her brow furrowed as she hunted for the word.

“Sensitive?” I ventured.

“Uh-huh,” she confirmed with a nod. “So… I’ve been thinking a lot about these feelings of mine, lately. Just trying to figure them out.”

“Do you think that you want me to touch you like the social worker said?” I said softly, carefully moving up the skiff to sit alongside her.

“I don’t know, really,” Melody pondered. “I get confused. It seems such a nice idea but the way those people talked, it seemed like I shouldn’t want you to. I just keep thinking about it, though.”

While she spoke I placed my hand on her thigh and moved up into the leg of her shorts a little. She took a sudden breath, “That does feel nice.”

“Mel,” I said, lightly stroking her thigh, “I understand what you are feeling, but this isn’t the right place to talk about it. So let’s row back to the dock and we’ll go home and have a long chat about this. Is that okay?” She nodded. “Right. Now come and sit here between my legs,” I said, already feeling myself surrender to my taboo desires, “and we’ll row back together.”

That journey was a very special one. I felt lightheaded at the possibility of an afternoon of lovemaking with my desirable niece, of teaching her the sweet pleasures that two girls could share. I could tell that she was excited too, even if she didn’t fully understand why.

Every few strokes we would pause and I would whisper encouragement to her, letting my lips brush her ear. There was a sudden intake of breath when I did it the first time, then she turned her head and smiled eagerly. Once we rested the oars and I let my hand drop to Melody’s thigh, then stroked upward and let it rest on her mound. My fingers pressed into her slightly, and she gasped and looked around, her eyes wide.

“Oh,” she breathed, “What are you doing? That feels so good…”

“Let’s get home and you can find out.”

Back on dry land, we went to the car. Before we got in I kissed her gently and held her at arm’s length letting my eyes take a picture of her virginal beauty. I was thrilled to note a hint of moisture at the crotch of her light khaki shorts.

I opened the car door and helped Melody in, like a groom might support a new bride. Sliding behind the driver’s seat, I unfastened the buttons of my jeans.

“I love you, Melody,” I whispered. “Do you trust me?” She nodded, “You feel how wet you are down there right now?” She nodded again. “Right, now give me your hand and I’ll show you something,” I lifted her hand, placing it on my lower tummy.

“Slip your hand into my panties,” I instructed, and she did. God, it felt so good! I put my hand on top of hers and pressed her fingers onto my dripping pussy. It took all my self-control not to have her bring me off there and then.

“You’re wet too!” she said, her eyes wide.

“That’s right, love… being with you has made me like that,” I drew her hand out, and could see the glistening of my cunt on her fingertips. I could smell myself and — my God, I could smell her, too! I watched as she rubbed her fingers and thumb together.

“It — it’s all sticky.”

“That’s right,” Melody held her fingers beneath her nose and inhaled deeply. “What does it smell like to you?” I asked her.

“It’s like…” she searched to find a word for something far outside her experience. “Sorta like that expensive scent you sometimes wear.”

“Musk is the word, honey… a lot of scents use that,” I breathed, my heart throbbing. “See what it tastes like.”

Her tongue touched her fingers, then her brow furrowed as she tasted me. Her eyes grew large and a faint rosy flush appeared on her cheeks. “It’s strange,” she whispered at last, but… I like it.”

I glanced around. There was no one else in the car park so I leaned across and kissed her sweet lips, letting my tongue brush them. I could faintly taste myself on her mouth. I wanted more, but forced myself to wait until we were in the comfort and privacy of home. Reluctantly I buttoned my jeans up, then stroked the back of my hand down her face. “I love you, Mel.”

“Oh, Auntie… I love you too,” she sighed… and I don’t think her eyes left my face for the whole journey back, even though I drove fast and hard to get us home as quickly as I could.

The front door slammed behind us and I turned to take Melody into my arms, “Do you know how lovers kiss in the movies?” I asked.


“We’re going to kiss like that now, angel. Just let me show you how, then you can copy me if you like,” I murmured, my eyes burning into hers.

I pulled her to me — one hand behind her back, the other under her tight bottom. Her arms wound around my waist. We looked in each other’s eyes for a moment. Her eyes closed and gently I touched her lips with mine, first nibbling at, then licking them. Her lips parted and my tongue entered. Shyly at first, Melody began to respond to me. I sucked gently at her tongue, drawing it into my mouth. Her hug tightened and she forced her body against mine, I could feel the heat of her sex through her clothes.

As our mouths parted, her breaths came in short little gasps, “Oh, Aunt Di. What – what – what is happening to me? I feel s-so strange.”

“But it’s not a bad strange. All you’ve got to do is trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh yes, Aunt Di.”

“Then let’s go into the bedroom,” I told her.

She unwrapped herself from my body and we walked into that room hand in hand. The afternoon sun streamed through the window. I closed the door, then pulled my blouse from my jeans. She stopped and turned. The light shone in her hair, and her top showed the silhouette of her thin body.

“Darling,” I knelt before her, my hands on her waist, “you know I love you so much, and I want to love you even more than an aunt is supposed to love her niece… but if anyone, anyone at all, finds out about us, they will take you away from me. Do you still want me to go on?” She nodded, but I insisted, “You have to say it.”

“Yes, go on, please. I’ll never tell anyone — ever!” she gulped, “It’s just that I’m a little scared. What’s going to happen?”

“It is a little scary, angel… but it feels so good. What we are going to do is make love. Do you want me to do that? To love you?” My hands were under the T-shirt stroking her tummy and back.

Her eyes were wide. “Y-yes,” she whispered.

“You want me to make love to you?”

“Yes, love me. Please!” she begged.

“And will you make love to me if I show you how?”

“Yes,” she gasped as her eyes closed.

I began to unbutton her shorts, sliding them down her legs and off. I raised her t-shirt, and she lifted her arms to help me. It was clear that her body was on the verge of changing. Her nipples were no longer flat against her chest; her breasts were just barely beginning to grow in. I began to mouth her beautiful buds, my hands caressing her neck, her back, her thighs, her bottom.

As I sucked her nipples. they crinkled and stiffened in my mouth. Birdlike cries escaped her throat, and I lifted my head to fasten on those sweet lips in a hot, passionate kiss. I freed her hair from the clips that held it back while I tasted her mouth again.

My thumbs slipped under the waistband of her knickers and pushed the flimsy patterned material down. Then I held her away from me so I could savor her nakedness. I had never seen anything so beautiful, desirable and erotic. Her hair cascaded down her back, fanning out slightly so that it showed around her waist and clung slightly to her hips. Those hips, though not yet a woman’s, were like her breasts, showing a slight roundness. Her knickers, halfway down her legs, held her thighs together so that I could only glimpse the very top of her vulva. Those nipples I had so recently feasted upon were still erect. Her little white ankle socks and sandals completed the picture. She was the perfect vision of a child, just a few short years from becoming a woman.

“Please, please, please don’t stop,” she begged, and my mouth found hers again. I nearly swooned when Melody’s tongue slipped between my lips and she kissed me as passionately as I had her.

I pulled her panties clear of her legs with one hand, feeling how damp they were. Finally, I stood and tugged my jeans down my legs; then my panties. I quickly undid my shirt and let it fall to the floor, followed by my bra.

Her lips were parted, her breath excited as she stared at me. “Oh, Aunt Di,” she whispered, you are so beautiful…!”

Smiling, I gave her a quick, flashing kiss, then led her, unresisting, to my bed. I sat against the headboard and, as if we were rowing again, settled her between my legs. Her ass, still a little bony, pressed against me, transmitting every movement of her hips to my pussy. My mouth nibbled at her neck, her cheeks, her ears… my hands explored her body.

Between kisses I spoke, “You’ll feel strange, but don’t be frightened, I won’t let anything bad happen to you… that’s right, love, relax for me… you’re so adorable, so desirable… ”

My hands found her dewy slit, and I felt wonderingly at its softness. With one finger I traced the length of it, loving the way it was already gaping slightly to my touch. Near the top a small bump showed me that her clitoris was ready. She writhed as I explored her, pressing into my pussy with her ass. I was getting hot, getting off on my gorgeous little girl. She writhed in my lap as I slipped my forefinger inside her, feeling the sleek wetness of her girlish vagina.

Little cries escaped from her. “Oh, oh, oh. Mmmm, oh, Aunt Di, ooooh!”

Melody twisted her upper half around to face me, and we kissed again as my thumb pushed back on her clit. I brushed the exposed nubbin of flesh and took her left nipple in my free hand, lightly pinching it. Her body suddenly stilled, filled with the most exquisite tension. Our mouths parted and I could see her face.

She was breathing in little gasps and her eyes were wide, unfocused. A scarlet flush filled her face, neck and upper body. She tried to hold back what was coming, but could not stem the flood of sensations that raced through her as I played her like a fish on a line. Her eyes rolled up in her head and she threw her head back as it began.

“Nnnnnnnnnnn, Ahhh, Oh, oh God, oh Aunt DI, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh,” then the pitch of her voice rose, then she cried out, “Ahh, UH, UH, UH AHHHH!”

Her body convulsed, arching upwards before crashing back against mine. My hand was wet with her first orgasm. With all my strength I held the contorting body against me, letting her thrashing bring me off. Her ass ground hard against my cunt –and suddenly, I couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Oh, Melody! Oh, oh! I love you, baby. Ooooh, AHHHH!” I cried, as my own orgasm took me.

We collapsed sideways on the couch. I was quivering with the intensity of what had just happened between me and my niece. Melody twitched with the sweet aftershocks of her climax. I whispered her name again and again, telling her how incredible she had been, how wonderful she made me feel, how much I loved her.

Recovering a little, I drew her limp body into my arms. Her head fell to my breast and I brought my nipple to her mouth. Like a baby she began to nurse, mouthing and licking at my sensitive flesh. Her hand rose and touched the other breast, fondling it as she sucked my nipple. Her loving attentions nearly drove me over the edge again right then and there.

“Oh, Melody, darling, sweetheart, baby,” I sighed happily, “you’re so good to me, we’re going to be so happy together. You make me do such wonderful things. Do you want to find out more wonderful things we can do? Do you want to be my little lover?”

She looked up at me and nodded. Her hand never left my breast. I gazed back at the girl, giddy at the thought of the delights we would share. My desire was already reawakening, and I wanted to make love to her again… I wanted to taste her pussy.

“Honey,” I murmured, “lie down. I want to show you something else we can do — something awfully nice…”

Melody rolled over on her back, her eyes wide with anticipation, already eager for more pleasures. I kissed her lovingly, my tongue gently teasing her lips, and she grabbed my face and returned my kiss with a frantic passion. My excitement soared even higher… it was as if she was born to make love.

Our lips parting moistly, I kissed her chin, then my mouth journeyed down this young girl’s exquisite body… nuzzling the hollow of her throat… trailing my tongue down to a pert nipple, then taking it into my mouth. She moaned, cradling my head to her childish breasts. I kissed her other nipple, then continued down.

The softness of her tummy delighted me. I adorned her there with soft kisses that slowly became wet and open-mouthed. I placed a hand on her inner thigh, and she trembled to my touch. Her belly button was so adorable; my tongue probed it playfully as she giggled. My descent down her body continued, past the line that the waistband of her knickers had lightly imprinted onto her skin… and then, I was lying between her thighs, her pussy inches from my face.

Her bare slit was a vision of beauty. It’s a cliche, I suppose, to compare the vagina to a flower… but that was the first thought I had at the sight of Melody’s pussy. It glistened with wetness, and the smell of her was intoxicating. God, I needed to taste her.

My face dipped down, and my tongue emerged to lightly brush her sticky labia. Her shaking hands touched my head, and I heard her softly moan “Oh…” I licked her up and down for a minute or so, then took her into my mouth and began to eat her out for real.

Melody went wild. She gasped, she panted, her body trembled from head to toe. “Oh, Aunt Di,” she cried, “I love you!”

She tasted incredible. My tongue probed and rolled inside her slit, fucking her like a tiny cock, as her nails bit into my scalp. My hands firmly gripped her hips as I ate her. I couldn’t believe how wet her pussy was… Melody’s essence was coating my face, dripping from my chin, oozing down the crack of her ass — and the thought of that suddenly made me want to introduce Melody to another new pleasure.

Raising my face from my niece’s cunt, I placed my sticky hands on the backs of her thighs and raised her knees to her chest. “Hold your legs up, baby,” I said hoarsely, and she did, opening herself wider for me, revealing the dark pink cleft of her asshole. My tongue flicked between her soft cheeks, then I began to lick her there.

A low, keening sound issued from Melody’s mouth as I pleasured her anus… a sound that slowly grew in intensity as I reached for her pussy and began to brush her clit with my finger.

Her response was immediate. She cried out loud, her body shuddering frantically as she came once more. I continued to lick at the crack of my niece’s ass, feeling the wetness of her little-girl pussy coat my fingers as I brought her off. Finally I raised my face from between her cheeks and gazed happily at my sweet Melody, flushed a lovely pink from the pleasures she had just enjoyed with her aunt… her aunt, now her lover.

I crawled into Melody’s arms, and she eagerly received me, her mouth seeking mine. I hadn’t known if she would be willing to kiss me after I had licked her asshole… but she not only kissed me, she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Her hands claimed my breasts, and I nearly swooned. God, this girl was a firecracker!

Frantic with excitement, she broke our kiss. “Aunt Di,” she panted, “I want to do that to you. I want to lick you down there.”

I smiled. “Okay, honey.” Another quick but extremely passionate kiss, and I rolled over on my back, parting my thighs for her. She knelt between my legs, eyes flashing. “Oh, Melody?” Her gaze jerked from staring at my pussy to my face. “I don’t think you need to call me ‘Aunt Di’ when we are together like this. When we are in bed, you and I are lovers… so here you can call me Diane.”

Her eyes grew wide “Wow,” she breathed, “You mean that — that I’m like your girlfriend?”

I caressed her cheek with my fingertips. “That’s right.”

Melody grinned. “Okay… Diane.” Her eyes dropped to gaze at my glistening slit. I took hold of my legs and brought them back until my thighs touched my breasts, opening myself wide for my niece. I closed my eyes, heart thumping in anticipation… only to moan ecstatically as Melody’s mouth brushed lightly against my cunt.

I writhed as she teased me mercilessly for a long while… only nuzzling me gently, denying me the hot and heavy cunnilingus I so badly craved. I whimpered, “Melody… oh, please…” only to cry hoarsely, frantically clutching the sheets as she took a long slow lick from the base of my pussy up to my clitoris… then plunged her face into my cunt and began eating me for real.

My niece was clearly inexperienced, but she made up for that with sheer enthusiasm. Her hot, sucking mouth was everywhere on my pussy. My breath hissed through gritted teeth as this ten-year-old girl pleasured my throbbing cunt.

Then Melody’s wicked tongue traveled down to my ass crack, and I gasped as she began to lick my anal cleft, just as I had hers. Her hand sought out my pussy… and I was so keyed up by then that I exploded in a raging climax the second her hand brushed against my clit.

I’d never come like that before. It was like being enveloped in a cloud of incandescent light, tongues of heat flicking at every inch of my body. I screamed, then blacked out for a moment.

Just a few seconds, though, because I came to just in time to feel Melody squirming into my arms, firmly planting her mouth on mine. We kissed warmly, then lay entwined for a long, contented while, finally dozing off together. We awoke a few hours later, and our sweet, sexy games began anew.

We pleasured one another several more times that night. When dawn broke, Melody and I knew we were in love.

The End

Note from JetBoy: This is my adaptation and expansion of a short story by an anonymous author that I found years ago at the Nifty Archive, entitled “Rowing.” I enjoyed the original, but longed for more of it, and ended up writing that part myself. In the process, I fleshed out the rest of the story, making considerable changes — enough, I believe, to justify putting my own name on the thing. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude to that original author, whoever you are.



Ripples, Chapter 21

  • Posted on February 5, 2020 at 4:10 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


Jessica spent the next couple of days focused on business. The shop was doing nicely, but one couldn’t become complacent about such things. This was a prosperous town, and when shops closed, they were often quickly replaced by more upmarket establishments, many of which were clothing stores, so she fought any impulse to rest on her laurels and worked hard to maintain and grow the business.

Luckily, her foresight to serve a diverse customer base had paid off. The more affordable range, catering for a wide age-group, was the bread and butter of the business, while her development of mid- to high-end ranges and bespoke couture brought in the big money, coupled with her reputation for great personal service from a loyal and meticulously recruited sales team, ensuring Jess a loyal clientele among the town’s upper crust.

Friday afternoon found Jessica in her office drinking a coffee, feeling greatly satisfied with the work she’d done over the last couple of days. As she relaxed, her mind turned to the chat she’d had with Blanche a week or so back, when her friend had made an offer to help expand Jessica’s business.

Remembering that day, she also recalled Blanche’s friendlier than usual touchy-feely parting and, thinking back on it, wondered if the woman had picked up on her reaction to seeing their young daughters exposing themselves — had it been entirely accidental or not? — at the sleepover party Blanche had hosted at her estate. When her little girl Annabelle did that cartwheel, showing us that she wasn’t wearing panties… did Blanche notice the effect that had on me? And what about Blanche? Is she okay with her daughter going naked under her dress? Did she encourage Annabelle to expose herself like that?

Finally, Jess shrugged off her concern; telling herself, It’s all in your imagination. Sure, you’ve been crushing on underage girls in a big way, but it’s bloody mental to believe that every other woman thinks like that. Well, okay, Rachel does, but who else?

Jess often reflected on how much her life had improved, now that she’d fully accepted her sexuality — her lesbianism, the special love she felt for her daughters, and the growing attraction she felt for young girls in general. It seemed that everywhere Jessica went, she noticed them, frequently stealing glances at the tight bottoms of… well, children, in many cases, some even younger than Poppy.

That was the private side of her new life, though. As for her newfound preference for females, Jess decided that, having already come out to Cat, she needed to do the same with the rest of the team, also letting them know about her relationship with Rachel. She elected to make her announcement on the following Monday, with Rachel agreeing to do the same with her own business partner and employees.

Jessica left work late in the afternoon, then stopped by the supermarket to get something for a light dinner before she picked up Katie and Poppy. Rachel and the girls would be coming over around 8 PM, so Alice could help her make dinner and clean up before they got ready for the evening to come.


Bang on time, the doorbell chimed. Alice rushed to let Rachel and her daughters in, eager for the evening’s festivities to start. Although the stated reason for this little get-together was to discuss the future of their two families, work out any practical issues and set some ground rules, Alice had no doubt that before the night was through, she would have sex with Mum’s lover Rachel, her best friend Bella, and ten-year-old Cindy, the icing on the cake.

Except for one special part of the evening that her mum had proposed, which Jess and her girls were all looking forward to, there wasn’t exactly an itinerary. But Alice, being Alice, had conspired with her siblings to add a couple of extra surprises to the agenda.

As they all hugged and kissed each other like at any normal family gathering, Alice felt a flutter at the vision of Auntie Rachel. The shapely brunette was wearing a short, body-hugging cobalt blue stretch dress with a front zip from top to bottom, set off by dark stockings and killer heels.

As Rachel kissed Jessica, she caught Alice appraising her over Bella’s shoulder as the girls hugged. Jess did tell me about her, Rachel thought. She said Alice had taken to being gay as if it was second nature, and won’t be at all shy about going for what she wants. Still, she was still a little surprised at the look of predatory desire in the young girl’s eyes, as intense a hunger as she’d ever seen.

As they moved into the living room, Alice glanced back to see Rachel staring appreciatively at her long coltish legs, displayed to impressive effect beneath a very short denim skirt. Rachel raised her gaze to meet Alice’s, and a common thought flashed wordlessly between them. We’re going to fuck tonight, you and me.

There was an air of anticipation, mixed with more than a little nervousness. Bella felt especially jittery, despite wanting to explore lesbian love even further. This was such an enormous undertaking — both their families coming together for an evening of sex between adults and children — that she couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by it all.

Jess and Alice poured drinks for the guests, then they settled themselves on the twinned sofas in the living room, the two mothers on one with the four girls opposite. Alice perched on the arm, facing Rachel.

“Is Poppy upstairs, then?” asked Rachel.

Jess responded casually, “Yes, she is. I’m going to talk to Poppy tomorrow, so I can explain a few things to her. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I wanted to tell her about what’s happening without any… distractions.”

“Probably best,” agreed Rachel.

Jess decided to take the lead. “So… how are we going to do this? Shall I start?” Before anyone could say anything, she took a breath and commenced. “Well, as you girls all know, Rachel and I have decided we want to be together… as lovers.”

Rachel reached out to take and squeeze Jessica’s hand, and they exchanged affectionate smiles.

“We know you’re all happy about this, and so am I… but you should also be aware that we haven’t officially come out yet as an item. Right now, the only person outside this room who knows about us is Cat at the shop.” At this admission, surprise registered on the faces of all four daughters.

Noting their reaction, Jess continued. “I know that we’ve both told you all that no-one must know about our… special situation, and that remains the most important rule of all. You need to be careful and never let slip anything about what we do in the privacy of our homes. Your mums could get in big, big trouble if anyone found out that we’re making love with our own daughters.

“However, Rachel and I are adults, and while we’re not about to start shouting about our relationship from the rooftops or putting an ad in the paper, it’s important that the people we work with and our friends know about and accept that we’re a couple. These days, lots of women choose to love other women, but some people still have a problem with it.”

Jess turned to her daughters. “Your grandma is still on her cruise, and your Aunt Laura is overseas on her photography assignment. I’ll tell them both about Rachel when they get back. You see, if we’re open about the both of us being lovers, people are less likely to start adding two and two and getting five. They’re bound to ask us, and you girls, how you feel about what your mums are doing, and the best thing to say is–”

Before she could finish, Alice intervened. “We’ll just say it’s great, having more sisters and two parents… and that having two mums instead of a mum and dad makes no difference to us, long as you’re happy.”

The mothers looked at each other, then back at Alice, who seemed well pleased with herself. They scanned the faces of the other girls and saw that they too seemed content with that simple assessment of their “special situation.”

Rachel spoke next. “Well, I couldn’t have put it better myself. That pretty much sums up the way it is… other than the secret things that your mum and I do with you girls, of course.”

Jess gave Alice a warm smile, feeling immensely proud to have a daughter with such a mature outlook for her age. Rachel also gazed at Alice who, when she noticed her mum’s lover looking, casually moved one leg onto the floor by the side of the sofa, causing the short skirt she wore to ride up her thigh.

From the angle where Rachel sat, she had a clear view up Alice’s skirt and felt a shiver of delight at what she saw. Oh my… this little minx isn’t wearing panties!

In response, Rachel slightly widened her own legs, the action barely noticeable except by Alice, who dropped her eyes to see a shadow beneath the blue material. As her eyes scanned up the nylon-sheathed legs, she detected a darker band of material between the toned thighs, but the elevated position in which Alice sat prevented her from seeing anything more. Raising her face to meet Rachel’s amused gaze, she gave the woman a wry smile. I’ll be seeing more of you soon enough, Alice thought.

Jess continued. “The second most important rule is this: no late night shenanigans if you’ve got school the next day. If you want to make love, do it in the afternoon. We don’t want to see your school work slipping or have any teachers telling us you’re dozing off in class. Is everyone clear on this?”

As she scanned the faces of the girls, they all nodded in agreement — although Jessica had no doubt that Alice would take liberties with the new rules whenever she could.

Katie put her hand up, as though she was in class. “What should we call Auntie Rachel?”

Jess was surprised at the question, not having given the matter much thought. “Er, whatever you want, I suppose. Aunt Rachel, if you like, just Rachel, or whatever you and she are comfortable with.”

“Can we call her Mum as well?”

Jess turned to Rachel, who responded, “You can call me whatever you like, sweetheart… though I will say that I’d be honoured to be your second mum.”

Jess smiled at Rachel’s girls. “Bella, Cindy, if it feels odd calling me Mum, that’s fine. You can call me Jess, or Aunt Jess, or whatever you want. I just want you to know that you can come to me with anything at all; I’ll be here for you the same as I am for Alice, Katie and Poppy. We’re one family now, and we look out for each other.”

Cindy, who had been quiet up until then, furrowed her brow. “Um… where will we live?”

Jess smiled. “Well, your mum and I haven’t talked about that yet, and who knows what we’ll decide in the future — but for now, darling, you’ll stay in your own house. Of course, you can come over anytime you like, and my girls and I will sometimes spend the night at your place. It’s probably best if everyone stays in their own home on school days, but we can have dinners together, and at weekends and school holidays you can sleep wherever you like. I want you to feel this is your home as well, so you can leave some nightclothes and personal stuff here and share beds.” She turned to Rachel. “Is there anything you want to add to that?”

Rachel nodded. “The same goes for me, girls; I want you to treat our home as your own.” She paused, rubbing her hands together. “But now that the serious rules are out of the way, let’s discuss the fun rules.”

Grinning broadly, Alice turned to Katie, who returned the grin, exclaiming “Yeah!” Bella seemed a little less nervous than when she first arrived, and Cindy was practically bouncing in her seat with excitement.

Studying the girls and their reactions, Jess realised that Rachel was clearly establishing herself as the fun mum. Which makes me the sensible mum, I suppose.

Rachel continued. “I think Jessica’s right, that we should keep living in our own homes for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay over at either one if you want some private time with each other. You’re allowed to sleep with any of your sisters — or your mums.

“We both love all you girls, and want to keep making love with you… we just need to be sensible about it, like Jess said. It might feel a bit funny at first, all of us being sexually intimate, but I’m sure you’ll get over any shyness you feel very quickly. After all, you’re all very sensible, grown-up girls, and we trust you.

“Now, I think we should address the subject of sex, since we’re almost certainly going to be having a hell of a lot of it.” The girls giggled. “I’m glad you agree,” murmured Rachel. “First, there’s the question of certain words that often get used in the, er, heat of passion. Words like ‘fuck’, ‘cunt’, and ‘tits’. I’m sure that you girls know a few others.” Another round of giggles. “Well, you still aren’t allowed to use those kinds of words in everyday life, but you can during sex. Cindy, if we’re in bed, you and I, and we’re making love, it’s perfectly okay for you to say, ‘Lick my cunt, Mummy’. Understand?”

Rachel’s youngest daughter blushed brightly. “Uh-huh.”

“Good. As for the sex itself, we’ve got two rules to follow. Other than that, anything goes. First, you can do anything you want to anyone in this family, but only if they want it, too. As I said, we trust you girls, and I can’t imagine a single one of you breaking this rule.”

“That’s right,” Jess said. “The best thing to do is always ask before you try something new… that way, your sex partner won’t get any unpleasant surprises.”

“The second rule is a little trickier,” said Rachel. “Basically, you need to avoid any kind of sex act that can hurt you, or leave marks. We want you to be especially careful about putting anything in your vagina. Really, it’s best for you little ladies to stick to licking and rubbing when you have sex, because it’s easier than you think to injure yourself down there. And if we end up having to take you to a doctor, he’s sure to ask how you got that injury. Understand?” The four girls all nodded. “Excellent. Any questions?”

Eager for the fun and games to commence, Alice spoke up right away. “When do we start? Um, making love, I mean.”

Rachel thought for a moment, then said, “Why not start now? That is, if it’s okay with you, Jess.” Rachel looked at Jess, who slowly nodded, feeling a throbbing heat begin to pulse beneath her belly.

Turning to her eldest daughter, Rachel murmured, “So, Bella… why don’t you show Alice how much you’ve learned about making love to a girl? I know you’ve been looking forward to doing that.”

At that, Bella looked nervous again, as though a teacher had just given her a question she couldn’t answer. “W-what do you mean, Mum?”

“I mean that we’d all like to watch you and Alice make love. I don’t think she’ll have any objections,” Rachel said, turning to catch the lustful glint in Alice’s eye.

“You mean now… here, in front of everyone? Can’t me and Alice just go up to her room?” It was true that Bella was eager to go all the way with her best friend, especially after their little chat during lunch a couple of days earlier. But the idea of undressing and having sex before an audience, even one made up of family and friends, was causing her to have second thoughts about the whole evening. “I… I’m not sure I want to d-do this,” Bella stammered, suddenly unable to meet anyone’s eye.

Rachel certainly didn’t want to make her daughter feel uncomfortable… but she also knew that it was crucial for the girl to conquer this shyness of hers. When she managed to get past her timidity and immerse herself in the moment’s pleasure, Bella was capable of amazing things — the sessions of lovemaking she’d engaged in with her mum and baby sister were proof aplenty. If we can just persuade her to relax a bit…

Leaning forward, Rachel said, “Bella, darling, we’re all one big loving family now, and there’s no need at all for you to feel awkward or nervous. You’re a beautiful, sexy girl, and we’re all thrilled at the idea of watching you and Alice make love — really make love — for the first time. And I promise you this, my sweet child… after tonight, you’ll have no problem being naked and having sex in this house, even when we’re around to see it happen.” She turned to Alice, who was nodding vigourously. “You appear to have something to say, young lady. Very well, the floor is yours.”

Turning to Bella, Alice reached out to take her best friend’s hand. “Your mum’s right, Bel. I love taking all my clothes off and having sex. Thing is, it’s even better when someone else you care about is watching… and when they join in!”

With that, she stood up, grasped her t-shirt and lifted it over her head, then unbuttoned the front of her skirt, pulled down the zip and let it drop to the floor. That left the girl without a stitch on, catching everyone except Rachel by surprise — especially Jess, when she realised that her daughter had gone without panties.

Rachel now had her first glimpse of Alice’s nude body. She felt herself growing warm all over as she studied the nicely developing breasts and lightly-downed pubes of her lover’s twelve-year-old daughter.

After watching Alice undress, Katie echoed her big sister’s words. “I get what you’re feeling, Bel, ‘cos I used to be the same way. I wouldn’t ever let anyone see me without clothes on — even Mum, or my sisters! Now I love being naked… and when I think about giving cute girls and sexy ladies a good look at my pussy, that gets me crazy hot!” She giggled, rising to her feet. “Like right now…”

Katie shrugged the dress straps off her shoulders, tugging it down her body to pool on the carpet, showing that she  hadn’t bothered with knickers either — adding more fuel to the fire of Auntie Rachel’s lust.

Those little so-and-so’s, Jessica thought, gazing at her nude daughters with outright admiration. Bet they totally planned this little sideshow, too.

“What about you, Cinders?” Katie said, turning to ten-year-old Cindy, who was sitting quietly on the sofa. “Wanna get naked with us?”

The child hesitated, then exclaimed, “Yeah!” jumping to her feet. She wriggled out of her t-shirt, then pushed her shorts down to the floor, stepping out to display herself in pink ‘Elsa’ underpants.

Cindy was about to tug them down too, but Katie interrupted her. “Let me!” she said, going on her knees in front of the girl. Grasping the waistband, she slowly pulled the pink knickers down as Cindy rested her hands on her friend’s shoulders for balance, lifting each foot in turn so Katie could remove them completely.

Still kneeling, Katie brought the panties to her nose and breathed deeply of their scent. She looked up at Cindy with adoring eyes, then lightly kissed her tummy. Rising to her feet, Katie turned to Jessica and threw those cute underpants into her mum’s lap.

Jessica started a little at the unexpected gift. She’d been distracted by the unveiling of Cindy’s nakedness, already lost in a fantasy of kissing the ten-year-old, then pleasuring both her holes. Uncertain what to do with the child’s knickers, she turned to Rachel, who just smiled and said, “Go on… you know you want to.”

Jess looked down at her lap and picked up the small cotton panties, slowly raising them to her face to sniff, closing her eyes as she savoured the enticing aroma of little girl, visions of smooth slits and flat chests dancing in her head.

Rachel’s voice broke into her reverie. “It seems as if some of us are keen to get the party started.”

The two younger sisters giggled, then Katie turned and manoeuvred Cindy onto the sofa, this time with her back to the arm, one leg on the floor and the other against the backrest, indicating that her friend should sit between her legs. Cindy leaned back into Katie, who wrapped both arms around Cindy’s waist, ready to watch their elder sisters make love.

Recalling how shy Katie used to be, Rachel was impressed at the girl’s newfound confidence. Then there was Cindy, her youngest, who was willing to strip off at the first suggestion. Now if we can help Bella to find that sort of courage…

Jess was downright dizzy with lust, seeing the two younger girls naked and entwined. Cindy’s legs were carelessly spread apart, putting her baby-smooth cunt on full display. Katie’s fingers were just inches away, on the verge of caressing her best friend’s slit. Go on, touch her, Jessica silently urged, aching to see the two children fuck.

Before that could happen, though, Jess was distracted when Alice knelt down before Bella — touching the clasped hands of her friend, which were resting in the girl’s lap. “See, Bel? There’s nothing to worry about. We’re all girls together, doing what feels good.”

Shifting her hands to Bella’s knees, Alice parted them enough to move in closer, then reached up to slowly unbutton her friend’s blouse, never breaking eye contact. Bella could only stare as Alice worked her way through each button until she reached the waistband of her plaid skirt and unfastened it.

“Oh, my,” whispered Jess, watching in awe as her oldest daughter, already naked herself, slowly disrobed another girl.

Alice reached back up to slip her hands inside Bella’s blouse, then slid it over her shoulders, pushing it down the girl’s arms to expose a very nicely filled bra. She’d only caught partial glimpses of Bella’s breasts before, mostly due to her friend’s bashfulness. Even on occasions when they were both in the school changing rooms and showers, or in a dimly lit bedroom during her aborted attempts to engage Bella in sex, Alice never got the long look that she craved. Her own breasts were nothing to be ashamed of, but Bella was well on the way to inheriting her mum’s gorgeous titties.

Alice ran a fingertip over the lacy material of the bra, feeling her friend shiver as if hit by a static charge. Breaking their eye contact, she gently pulled the top of one cup down to reveal a very erect nipple. Leaning forward to tease the bud with her tongue, Alice then took the tip of Bella’s breast between her lips.

Bella caught her breath, then emitted a quiet whimper, quickly succumbing to Alice’s warm, sucking mouth. She was still uneasy about the idea of having sex in front of everyone else, but her nerves were fast losing ground to the mounting pleasure she felt. “Oh… oh, Ali!” she gasped.

Thrilled by her friend’s response, Alice plucked away the second bra cup to expose Bella’s other breast, shifted her attention to that nipple for a moment, then lavished attention on each in turn as Bella’s head lolled back and her mouth hung slack, the girl’s hands still dangling by her sides.

Still nestled snugly between Katie’s legs, little Cindy was so enraptured by the sight of Alice making love to her older sister that she barely noticed when Katie’s finger lightly teased her nipple. As the touch registered, Cindy glanced over her shoulder at her friend and smiled.

Noting the girl’s tacit approval, Katie drew close and placed a tender kiss on Cindy’s lips, tracing her mouth with the tip of the tongue and whispering,  “Love you, Cinders,” letting their noses lightly touch before they returned to watching the older girls.

Katie glanced across the coffee table, wondering what their mothers were up to. By then, Rachel had sidled closer to Jessica and had one hand on the front of her lover’s dress, fondling those generous breasts as they continued to watch their eldest daughters.

Alice was now rising from her kneeling position, taking Bella’s hands in hers and guiding the girl to her feet, then twining both arms around her waist. They stood motionless for a few heartbeats, their bare breasts nearly touching.

Bella gazed deep into Alice’s eyes, as if searching for something in them. Then, perhaps finding what she sought, Bella smiled, her shyness somewhat eased. Raising both hands to cup her friend’s face between them, she pulled Alice in for a kiss, her tongue immediately darting into the blonde girl’s mouth. Alice immediately responded in kind, her own tongue joining in the dance..

After the best part of a minute, Bella broke away from their passionate kiss — face flushed, chest heaving, somewhat surprised at her own daring. She was smiling, though.

Returning her friend’s smile, Alice allowed her hands to drift downward until she was stroking the smooth skin of Bella’s thighs. Then she took hold of the girl’s skirt, slowly lifting it to expose pale peach lace panties. They matched the bra that still encircled Bella’s body, just beneath her breasts.

Moving very carefully so as not to frighten her friend at this crucial moment, Alice slipped her hands under the tartan skirt to grasp the elastic of Bella’s knickers. Taking a deep breath, the twelve-year-old girl began to pull them down.

As Alice slowly went down on her knees, Bella parted her lips to protest, then fell silent, meekly allowing herself to be stripped. Finally, the lacy knickers ringed Bella’s ankles, and Alice deftly plucked them away.

As Katie had done with Cindy’s underpants, Alice brought the lacy material to her nose to savour the rich scent of pussy that she’d come to love so well — each unique, yet somehow similar. The twelve-year-old was almost giddy with anticipated pleasure as she breathed in the musk of her best friend for the first time.

In their previous fumbled encounters, Alice had only barely sampled her friend’s womanly essence. Now, not only was the gusset of Bella’s knickers infused with that essence, but now she had direct access to the source — right in front of her, concealed for the moment beneath that woolen skirt.

Alice patted the sofa. “Sit,” she said, beaming up at Bella, who dutifully obeyed, her pulse racing as she wondered what her friend intended to do next.

Taking one last deep sniff of Bella’s still-warm panties, Alice paused and, just as Katie had done, threw them into her mum’s lap. She watched as her mother picked up the damp lace and brought the garment to her face.

The scent was strong. Breathing it in, Jess closed her eyes and leaned back into the sofa, cupping the material over her nose so as not to let any of the thick aroma escape. Rachel was watching her in wry amusement.

Bella felt her face grow hot at the lewd sight: her best friend’s mum, who she’d known since the age of four as “Auntie Jess,” now clutching the knickers Bella had been wearing just a few seconds ago, practically rubbing them into her face. It embarrassed the girl at first, but then the whole scene struck her as, well, sort of hot. She really likes the way I smell, Bella thought, half-noticing that Alice was removing her shoes and socks. Bet she wants to lick me, too. 

Alice slipped her hands under Bella’s knees, lifting them slightly to pull her towards the edge of the sofa, causing Bella to tear her gaze away from the beautiful redhead — Mum’s lover, she reminded herself — who was still nuzzling her sodden underwear. Bella wasn’t sure what her friend was trying to do, then realised that she wanted her to scoot forward on the sofa. So she did, her eyes widening when Alice immediately came closer, drawn toward Bella’s pussy as if hypnotised.

Licking her lips, Alice took her first real look at Bella’s unadorned sex. Despite the girl’s reluctance, the rosy flesh of her cunt was positively glistening with arousal, the opening framed by dark pubic curls. So pretty, she thought, pausing to breathe in the enchanting scent from its source. Placing her thumbs on either side of Bella’s pudenda, she used them to open the flower.

This was the furthest Alice had ever managed to get with her friend, despite her best efforts to initiate sex with Bella in the past. Only once had she ever gotten a hand into the girl’s panties, just long enough to touch her bush before the timid girl succumbed to panic, afraid her mum would catch them in the act.

Just look at us now, Alice thought, unable to restrain a smile as she imagined what Auntie Rachel might be doing right then. Checking out my bum, I bet. She allowed her knees to drift further apart, wanting to give the woman — and Mum, too! — an even more explicit view of her naughty bits.

Bella was breathing deeply, heart pounding like a kettledrum. She was fighting an internal battle with her confused emotions — on the one hand, longing to take her relationship with Alice to the next step, on the other, still feeling a reluctance to completely let herself go in front of both their families. That conflict was settled when Alice moved in for the kill, trailing her tongue up from the bottom of Bella’s cunt in a long, slow lick that ended with a playful flick of the clit.

Bella could not suppress a strangled cry when Alice latched on to her clitoris and began to suckle. Looking down, her eyes met Alice’s lustful gaze, which only added to the excitement she felt. Her body began to quiver as she reached out with both hands to take hold of Alice’s head and cradle it between her thighs.

Her apprehension was gone, banished as if by the sweep of a magician’s wand. Bella no longer cared who was looking, no longer even noticed the four pairs of eyes that were glued to the scene.

As she watched her sister make love to Bella, Katie let her hand drift down to Cindy’s smooth slit. Her middle finger slipped easily between the girl’s nether lips, moistening it before she began to draw circles around the tiny nub of her friend’s clitoris.

“Ohhh,” Cindy moaned, opening her legs further. It felt so lovely, having Katie’s nude body pressed against her bare back, the girl’s fingers doing wonderful things to her pussy. Her excitement soared even higher when Katie began to stroke and tease her nipples with the other hand, making them stiffen.

Katie fondled her friend’s slit until the ten-year-old’s juices were flowing freely, then she eased a finger into the warm orifice to gather a dollop of the sticky secretions, bringing her hand up to Cindy’s mouth. “Here,” she murmured, “taste your pussy.”

Cindy sucked on the finger until all traces of her essence were gone, then twisted herself halfway round to face Katie, tilting her head back so they could kiss.

As she watched the girls blissfully swap tongues, Jessica whispered, “Oh my God, I can’t believe we’re doing this. It’s like some crazy, beautiful dream.”

Rachel turned to her lover, all smiles. “Think of it as the joining ceremony of our families,” she said, reaching out to undo the buttons of Jessica’s dress, slipping a hand inside to cup a breast.

Until then, the girls’ mothers had restrained themselves, content to watch their daughters take part in their first inter-family sex party. But when Katie broke her kiss with Cindy, she saw her mum slumped back against the cushion, legs splayed wide with one leg up on the seat while Auntie Rachel sucked her nipples, having opened the front of Jessica’s dress to bare her breasts. In the meantime, Rachel’s hand was far from idle, now moving about inside her lover’s panties. The squishing sound of fingers exploring cunt could be heard throughout the room.

Ready to take things further, Katie withdrew her hand from between Cindy’s legs and tapped on the girl’s shoulder. “Get up for just a second, okay?”

“Um, okay,” said Cindy, and rose to her feet.

Katie stood, then indicated to her friend that she should sit back down. “Rest your bum near the front, like how Bella’s sitting,” she said, patting the edge of the sofa cushion, then grinned. “I’m gonna lick your pussy now, Cinders. You okay with that?”

“S-sure,” Cindy said as she seated herself, “but can we kiss some more first? I really like kissing you.”

“No problem,” Katie cooed, then straddled her young lover’s lap, bending to claim Cindy’s mouth with her own. Within seconds, the two girls were swapping tongues.

Jessica’s head swam as she watched the hot underage lesbian action that was playing itself out in her living room, performed by four girls, all nude or nearly so.

Alice was on all fours, her cunt and anus on full display as she went down on Bella, who had removed her bra and was palming her breasts with shaking hands, panting like a sprinter — obviously, very close to coming.

On the other end of the sofa, Katie and Cindy were clutching one another tightly, caught up in a lover’s kiss. Then Katie dismounted her friend’s lap and struggled to her feet, only to immediately kneel. Grasping Cindy’s hips with both hands, Katie pulled her forward until she was perched on the very edge of the seat cushion, then dove in, licking the cunt of Rachel’s youngest daughter as if she’d been starving for it.

Now the Matthews sisters kissed, sucked and licked at the Thomas girls, bringing another exclamation from Jess as she watched the debauchery, a mad inferno raging between her thighs. “Oh, fuck, this is so… oh!” The power of speech failed as Rachel’s fingers continued to piston in and out of her vagina, but Jessica still fought to focus her vision on the lewd tableau taking place just a few feet away.

Opposite, Bella was fast approaching climax, Alice tweaking her clit while ravishing her pussy with mouth and tongue. As she reached her crescendo, the twelve-year-old emitted a strangled cry, her head thrown back while she bucked and trembled helplessly.

Wanting to see her friend come, Alice sat back — replacing her mouth with two fingers, still using the thumb to work Bella’s clitoris, unable to keep from grinning hugely as her long-held fantasy came true. I did it, she told herself, glowing with pride. I finally fucked Bel.

Her eyes still tightly closed, Bella went rigid for a moment, frozen in mid-gasp before she slumped down, her chest heaving, totally spent.

Alice leaned in and placed a gentle kiss on her friend’s cunt, then looked to her right, nodding her approval as she watched her little sister doing a great job going down on Cindy. They look so cute together, she thought, just as Cindy reached her own orgasm, the child’s voice rising to a squeal before she went limp.

Gazing to her left, Cindy slowly reached out, taking and squeezing the hand of her big sister. Bella’s eyes fluttered open when Cindy’s fingers brushed hers, and she took in the sight of the two younger girls — caught up in passion’s aftermath, just like their older siblings.

As Katie sat back to observe the final throes of Cindy’s throes of climax, tasting the girl’s essence on her lips, she glanced at Alice, noting a look of sisterly pride on her sibling’s face. As their eyes met, Katie and Alice drifted together to share a kiss, exchanging the sweet nectar they’d each sampled from the Thomas girls.

Having been fighting off her own climax, not wanting to miss any of the hot daughter-on-daughter action opposite, Jess finally let go as Rachel smothered her mouth in a kiss, muffling the cries of release. All four girls looked on in wonder at the sight of their mothers making love.

Rachel had been content to watch her lover savour the joining of their families, revelling in the actions of their daughters and occasionally making love to Jess. Now she was dying for her own release, but wanted to resist getting naked and immersing herself in the mêlée in favour of her own goal, enjoying the wait as much as the act when it came, knowing that she would not have to postpone her urges very much longer. Still, the scene opposite had challenged Rachel’s willpower, and she felt the urge to strip off and fuck the first sweet young thing within reach.

As the four girls gathered their breath, Alice turned to her sister. “Hey, Kat, do what I do!”

With that, she got off her knees and climbed onto the sofa, standing with her legs astride Bella. Katie mirrored her actions, straddling Cindy in the same way. Alice then moved forward, presenting her vulva to Bella. Opening her slit with two fingers, she looked down at her best friend, saying without words what she wanted Bel to do.

Glancing sideways at her sister, Bella saw that Cindy had got the message and was already licking Katie’s slit, wearing an expression of perfect bliss. Then she looked over at Alice’s mum, whose dress was spread wide open, exposing her beautiful breasts. She had come down from her own climax and was watching them avidly. Making eye contact with Bella, Auntie Jess slowly nodded in encouragement. Go ahead, she seemed to say. Taste her, you’ll love it.

Turning back to study Alice’s vagina up close for the first time, the rosy flesh of it now less than two inches from her mouth, Bella drew forward to take a tentative lick… then another.

Alice placed a hand on the back of Bella’s head — partly for balance, but mainly to keep the girl’s mouth in contact with her cunt. She needn’t have worried. The once-shy girl wanted nothing more than to bring pleasure to her beloved friend, and seemed to be making up for lost time as she forced her tongue into Alice’s juicy cleft as far as she could get it, seeking more of the girl’s honey.

The angle was awkward, though, and Bella finally broke contact, staring up at Alice with lust-filled eyes. “Let me lie down, Ali,” she said, “You can get on your knees over my face, and I’ll lick you that way.”

Alice peered back over her shoulder to make sure there was room for Bella to stretch out, reassured when she saw that Katie was now perched on the back of the sofa, with Cindy kneeling on the seat cushion before her, still feasting on Kat’s bare slit.

Turning back to Bella, she found her lover — ‘Cos that’s what she is now, Alice told herself — lying back and waiting. She’d finally removed that tartan skirt, and was wearing nothing but a smile.

“Well, come on then,” Bel said. “I’m ready if you are.”

“Oh, I am,” Alice replied, carefully straddling the twelve-year-old’s face, presenting her cunt to the girl. She waited, taut with sexual tension, then a long, whispery moan escaped her throat when she felt the gentle caress of Bella’s tongue.

The licking was tender at first, but grew increasingly fervent as Bella applied herself, sucking and slurping wildly at the heated flesh, remembering all over again how much she enjoyed eating pussy.

Alice began to sway to and fro, thrilled beyond words to finally know the delights of oral sex from her best friend, the very first girl she’d tried to make hers. She continued her rocking movements, smearing the lower half of Bella’s face with sticky nectar that coated her cheeks and chin.

As Alice rode her hot, sucking mouth, Bella’s nose accidentally slipped into the blonde’s vagina. This brought Bel’s mouth lower, her tongue darting into the anal cleft. Her first reaction was to pull away, but she managed to hold steady.

Actually, it doesn’t taste at all bad, she quickly realized. More like her pussy than anything else. At the same time, Alice’s response made it clear that she really liked being licked there, so Bella threw herself into the task, trailing her tongue again and again through the crack of Ali’s arse.

Thrilled as she was to have Bella licking her pussy, Alice’s excitement turned to shocked surprise when she realised that the girl had discovered her bum hole and was rimming her. She tilted her hips forward, offering Bel better access to the nether hole, then thrust a hand down to her groin, seeking out the fleshy button of her clitoris.

It only took a few seconds for Alice to reach climax, and she released it loudly, legs locked and rigid as surges of pure rapture assaulted her slim frame. Heedless to restraint, she shifted her pelvis back again and ground her vulva into Bella’s face, riding her lover’s mouth like it was a saddle.

The suffocating pressure of these movements forced Bella’s lips and nose into the hot flesh, rendering the girl all but unable to breathe. To her credit, she refused to let up — going wild on Alice’s cunt, snatching gulps of air when she could. Bella felt positively euphoric when Alice reached the peak of ecstasy, her voice rising to a shriek.

When Alice’s thighs loosened their grip on her head, Bella twisted away and sat up, inhaling deeply to fill her starved lungs, eyes filled with awe at what she’d just accomplished.

Still on her knees and slumped against the back of the sofa, Alice struggled to right herself, finally sliding down into a sitting position next to Bella. Reaching out with clumsy hands, she took her friend’s face in both hands and kissed the girl, gently but with a lingering passion. Finally, they held one another, their foreheads touching.

Alice gave Bella a sleepy smile. “So… are you officially gay now, Bel? And does this mean we can finally be girlfriends for real? I do love you, y’know.”

Struck speechless, Bella gaped at her friend for a few heartbeats, then finally managed to say, “Yes, Ali… that sounds wonderful. And I love you.” She pulled Alice in for another kiss, but quickly broke away. “Oh, um… actually, my little sister kinda wants me to be her girlfriend, too. Is that okay?”

“Sure,” Alice replied. “I mean, there’s no way that I’m gonna stop fucking my sisters… or Mum. But that’s a big secret, right? You and me… I want us to be able to hold hands at school and snog between classes and stuff like that. I want all the other girls to know we’re together.”

In response, Bella hugged Alice fiercely. “I want that, too!” she whispered, her eyes shining.

The sound of a whimper caused both girls to turn towards their younger siblings, who were still making love. Cindy was face deep in Katie’s pussy, slurping and sucking at the delicate crease, clutching Kat’s bum with both hands in an effort to still her friend’s helpless shaking. On the other sofa, the two mothers watched, gently fingering one another as their little girls cemented their new sisterhood.

As the crescendo of Katie’s climax and sounds of her pleasure increased, she could no longer maintain her balance and slipped down from the back of the sofa and onto the couch itself, stuffing a hand between her legs, frantically rubbing herself in a desperate attempt to replace Cindy’s tongue.

Quickly recognising an opportunity for more fun and games, Alice placed a hand on Cindy’s shoulder. “Get up on the sofa — it’s Kat’s turn to lick you.” The grinning ten-year-old leapt up to stand on the seat cushions, where she squatted over Katie’s face, offering her cunt to the girl.

Katie barely paused for breath before she fastened her mouth to Cindy’s slit, plunging her tongue into the now familiar vagina of her school friend while masturbating herself.

Turning back to Bella, who sat gaping at the scene before her; Alice seized the girl’s arm and pulled her towards their siblings. Pointing between Katie’s legs, she cooed, “Lick my sister.”

Bella hesitated for a moment, glancing over to their mums as if seeking approval, only to be confronted by the lewd spectacle of her own mother, now kneeling half on the floor and half on the cushions before Jess, who was slouched down on the sofa, staring sightlessly at the ceiling.

Rachel had shoved Jessica’s dress up over her belly and had spread the lips of her cunt wide open, alternating between licking at the fleshy opening and sucking noisily at her friend’s clitoris. Both women were watching Katie finger herself while she ate Cindy’s pussy.

Unable to tear her eyes away from the sight of Mum going down on Auntie Jess, Bella stared until she felt a tap on her shoulder, She turned to face Alice, who grinned and said, “Don’t just watch, silly — let’s fuck some more!” Again, she pointed to her younger sister’s sex. “Why don’t you try licking Katie’s pussy? You haven’t tasted her yet.”

Gazing at the nine-year-old’s smooth sex, glistening with her juices, Bella thought, Yes… yes, I want to do this. She gave Alice an absent nod, then carefully knelt between Katie’s thighs, moistening her lips as she came closer.

Feeling warm breath caressing her pudenda, Katie withdrew her hand, awaiting the touch of a tongue, not knowing — or much caring — whose it was.

As her mouth made first contact with Kat’s cunt, the tangy flavour of it sharp on her tongue, Bella forgot about what her mother was doing and focused her attention on her lover’s little sister. She glanced up above, appreciating the now familiar sight of her younger sibling’s bottom.

From the corner of her eye, Bella saw Alice come into view — standing by the side of the sofa and leaning in to Cindy, turning the girl’s face to hers and engaging her in a passionate kiss.

Her tongue playfully sparring with Cindy’s, Alice ran her hand over the young girl’s flat chest, then slid it down, adding a finger to accompany Katie’s licking tongue.

From where she was, Bella couldn’t really see what the Matthews girls were doing to her little sister, but she did notice the sudden shiver that raced through Cindy’s body when Alice joined them. Bet they’re both making love to her, she thought.

The room echoed with the sound of four young girls and two adult women engaged in carnal acts — some of them moaning while experiencing pleasure, others making squishing and sucking sounds with their mouths and fingers.

Almost as if on cue, Jess and Cindy reached climax together — soon followed by Katie, who was so keyed up from the excitement of licking Cindy while getting licked herself that it didn’t take long for Bella to make her come.

As for Bella, she was thrilled to be going down on another girl for the first time. In fact, she was already wondering what it would be like to use her mouth on Auntie Jess, having just done the very same thing to her daughters.

The sounds of ecstasy lessened, finally subsiding. Brows were mopped, bodies shifted into more comfortable positions, and the aroma of sweat mingled with the other female scents that pervaded the room. Everyone there had climaxed but for Rachel, who was also the only one still fully dressed. Now she was ready to reap the reward for her patience.

Pushing herself up from between Jessica’s splayed legs, Rachel sat back down on the sofa in her original position, looking up to catch the gaze of her lover’s daughter Alice. Giving the cute preteen a dazzling smile, Rachel beckoned to her with an extended index finger.

Alice padded over to where Auntie Rachel sat, a question in the girl’s eyes.

Rachel spoke. “I’ve a present for you, young lady… and I think it’s high time you opened it.”

Awaiting you ahead: Chapter 22!


My Hands, Mom’s Body

  • Posted on January 24, 2020 at 4:05 pm

By JetBoy

Mom was late, but traffic was heavier than usual this Saturday morning, and the delay had given me time to tidy the apartment that I shared with three other girls who were all first-year students at the same school. I was working on a degree in English lit, with an emphasis on poetry.

My mother Sophia had phoned midweek and expressed a desire to visit me in my new living space, so I was knocking myself out, trying to make the place look habitable. Most of the students I know are total slobs — and me and my roomies were no exception. But for now I was the only one in the house, as Juliet, Liz and Sonia had gone home to their families for Presidents Day weekend.

I’d been prepared to spend the whole three days getting caught up on my studies, then getting quietly drunk at night, since there wasn’t anywhere near enough time to fly home and see the family. But then Mom phoned to say, “Guess what, sweetie? I’m coming to see you this weekend. Just bought my ticket!”

Needless to say, I was thrilled. Since my freshman year had begun, I’d only been able to see my mother for a few days at Christmas. This was the first time I’d ever been apart from Mom for so long, and I missed her terribly.

So there I was, straightening the place as best I could, all scruffy and sweaty and very excited as I waited for her. I wanted to look my best — was there time for me to take a quick shower before she arrived? But just then, there was a knock on the door.

Heart pounding, I rushed to answer — and there she stood, complete with suitcase, looking radiant on this crisp, early winter morning.

Wait — she had a suitcase? My mind began to race. Was she planning to stay? Where would she sleep? Would she be willing to share a bed with me…? I wondered about all these things, trying to hide my rising excitement as we embraced. Finally, taking her case, I led her inside.

My mother Sophia was thirty-nine and dazzlingly beautiful. To me, just turned eighteen, she was grace and femininity made flesh. I adored her.

“Nice place, Kim,” she said, “Certainly better than what I had at college.”

I gave my mother the obligatory tour, feeling lightheaded and warm at her nearness — and her bewitching scent.

“I didn’t realize you were planning to sleepover, Mom,” I gave her a shaky smile, already feeling hopelessly excited. “I’m more than fine with it, though. We’ll get to have some real quality time together.”

“Well, it’s been too long since I’ve seen my baby girl, so I thought I’d spend the whole weekend with you… if you don’t mind, that is,” she added as an afterthought, giving me a dazzling smile that made my heart leap.

Gosh, no!” I replied, “It’s great to have you here.”

Truth to tell, I was more than delighted to be spending the weekend alone with my sexy mom, this dark-haired, svelte lady with a figure worthy of Botticelli… the woman who I’d secretly wanted as a lover for so long.

Unconsciously, my pussy began to grow wet as an all-too-familiar fantasy of the two of us naked and locked in a lustful embrace passed fleetingly through my mind.

“Are you okay, sweetie?” Mom murmured, touching my hand and looking deep into my eyes.

Oh, God… I’d been daydreaming of the two of us making love, and she had broken the spell just as my tongue was about to enter her warm wetness.

“Sorry, Mom, I was just, um, trying to work out the sleeping arrangements,” I replied, coming back to Earth with a bump.

“Oh, no need to go to any trouble. In fact, why don’t I just share your bed? You wanted queen-size sheets for Christmas, so I know there’s room for us both. Is that okay with you?”

My heart seemed to skip a beat — actually, at least three or four beats. “Um, sure, Mom!”

Suddenly I knew that my panties were wet. That, combined with the sweat and grime from my housework, made it clear that I needed to get myself cleaned up.

“I need to take a shower, Mom,” I said, “I didn’t have time earlier before you arrived, and I’m sure I look like something the cat hauled in.”

Mom laughed. “Oh, you… sweetie, nothing could make you anything less than delicious.”

That certainly turned my cheeks pink. I was still light-headed from my dirty fantasies of Mom, but then she got my attention and then some when she said, “Mind if I have a shower when you’re done? My back is killing me from sitting in that little car for two hours.”

Mind? I didn’t mind — on the contrary, the thought of seeing my mother naked was making my body pulse like a prop engine. I felt positively lightheaded — and maybe that’s what caused me to make the offer that I did.

“I could give you a massage after your shower if you like, Mom — just learned the basics in my yoga class,” I volunteered.

“A capital idea!” Mom sighed as we made our way to the bathroom. “I accept your kind offer. You go ahead and shower first, sweetheart — I need to unpack my travel kit.”

I got undressed — and my mother watched me! I was a little self-conscious of her appraisal, especially when my panties lay at my feet, revealing a rather obvious dark patch of wetness against the material,.

She glanced at them for a second, then her gaze moved up and rested on my pussy, then higher still to linger on my breasts, finally making eye contact, with that knowing half-smile that I found so alluring.

Oh, wow, my mother was checking me out! The very thought of her looking at me with desire — even though I knew she couldn’t be, not really — had my head reeling. Unable to speak, I hastened into the bathroom with reddening cheeks as Mom began to unbutton her blouse.

I was so aroused at that point I very much wanted to masturbate — but didn’t dare, not while she was in the vicinity. So a few minutes later I emerged from my shower, wet and frustrated, only to be handed a towel by the naked object of my desire as she passed me to enter the shower stall. A wave of lust swept through me from head to toe. God, my mom was hot!

I stood there foolishly as she turned on the water, then shook my head and quickly went to get ready for the massage I was about to give my mother. My housemate Juliet had given me a massage two nights earlier, and she had used this lime-coconut oil that smelled heavenly.

I don’t know if Juliet is attracted to me, but her touch during that session had certainly worked some sort of magic, especially when her deft little fingers wove between my thighs and either carelessly — or by design — touched my curly black pubes. We had both gasped when that happened, and as I opened my eyes I saw that hers were dreamily closed, her mouth open as if she was in a trance. The spell was quickly broken when Liz, another of my roomies, popped in to borrow a textbook.

Juliet and I had no time alone together since then, so nothing more had happened between us, but the sensual, sexual feelings she had brought to the fore in me lingered on. Now, I desperately wanted to weave the same magic spell on my lovely mother Sophia, just to see what would happen.

Grabbing the bottle of oil and taking it back to my room, I’d just thrown on my robe and spread a fresh cover on the bed when Mom padded into the room stark naked. “Where do you want me?” she asked.

Words failed me, so I just pointed to the bed while rubbing the sweet massage oil between my palms.

There was something of the exhibitionist about my mother as that nicely toned body of hers posed for a brief moment before sinuously flowing belly down onto the bed, arms stretched wide and thighs just parted enough to allow me a glimpse of jet black pubes, through which I was just able to see glistening pinkness in between.

She raised her head to look at me and murmured, “If you’re using oil, you really should take that robe off, honey — you’ll stain it.”

Heart throbbing with excitement, I shrugged my bathrobe off and knelt beside Mom on the bed. I could not believe this was happening. I had my beautiful mother in bed, both of us nude, and I would soon be touching her body. My head was swimming! I wanted to make the moment last forever and give her the most sensual massage my hands were capable of.

I straddled her buttocks, knees taking nearly all my weight, my pussy resting ever so gently on those gorgeously taut ass cheeks, and stretching forward from that position I began to massage her shoulders.

She sighed as I rubbed, the tension in her knotted muscles draining away with every stroke of my oiled fingers as my hands made their way down her body, touching the sides of her breasts, which swelled invitingly outwards from the weight of her. My fingers lingered there, gently brushing those pure white globes which contrasted so excitingly with the light tan of her body.

I was really worked up by now, my mind playing fantasy games — wanting so very much to reach down and slide a finger, then another, into my mother’s pussy.

By then, I’d reached the lower half of Mom’s back, moving backwards so that my cunt was resting between her warm, delectable thighs. I began the massage anew but noticed that I had left behind a trace of wetness between the twin globes of her ass — just above the cleft of her puckered anus, which was tantalisingly hidden from view.

I wanted to lean down and lick her then, lick my juices from that wondrous valley, but dared not. I decided to be bold enough to move my massage down to her ass, though.

Mom began to moan as my fingers touched and rubbed her buttocks, and I wondered if they were moans of pleasure from the massage, or whether they were really the sounds of arousal. I couldn’t tell for sure, and that inflamed my passion all the more.

Changing position yet again, I moved to straddle Mom’s lower back, but facing the other way this time. My cunt lightly brushed her back as I leaned forward to touch her thigh, and suddenly — oh, my God! — I was coming, quickly caught in the throes of an orgasm I was powerless to stop. Even as my body quivered atop hers, I tried my utmost to conceal what was happening from my mother.

Finally, I managed to regain my breath. Steadying myself, I began to stroke the taut white globes of her buttocks from the other direction. Was that a soft chuckle I heard? Or was my mind playing tricks?

My pussy was very wet by then, and I nervously wondered if Mom had noticed. I was afraid she might have — it seemed like the smell of my cunt was slowly permeating the entire room — but there was no indication from her, apart from a contented sigh every now and then.

Her legs had parted slightly, I noticed, then took advantage of this, delving into the softness in between to rub her upper thighs, my fingers close to brushing the fully exposed cunt lips of the woman I wanted so desperately.

She sighed when this happened, so I allowed those fingers to repeat the movement… but more slowly, so as to savor the experience. The realization that I might never get to touch my mother like this again filled me with a fierce determination to make this the best massage she ever had.

Growing bolder, I grasped her ass and, as I rubbed her, pulled apart her gorgeous cheeks, bending forward to inhale Mom’s womanly smell until my face was inches from her anal pucker, savoring the hot scent of her ass. I so badly wanted to lick her tender cleft, bury my face between those cheeks…

Then I noticed that there was a distinct wet patch spreading on the sheet which had not been there a few moments before. Could it be — could it really be that Mom was as turned on from my touches as I was from touching her?

Suddenly I started, realizing too late that I had stopped my massage and was just resting my hands on Mom’s buttocks. Oh, God, had she felt my hot breath on her ass? What on earth must she be thinking now?

I was about to start rubbing Mom again when her hand tapped my thigh, and her voice said gently, “Time to do my front, Kim.”

That shook me back into reality quickly enough, and I gave her room to turn over. Now I was face to face with this breathtakingly nude woman whose eyes were still closed, but whose mouth had on it a satisfied smile, like the cat that had got the cream.

I gazed at my beautiful mother beneath me before resuming my straddled position above her, ready to continue the massage. I was excited to see that her dark pubes were as wet as mine. For the first time I seriously entertained the possibility of making love to my mom, hoping that she would reach for me if I kept pleasuring her.

I carefully straddled Mom’s right thigh, gently placing my leg between hers so that my knee was just barely touching her cunt. The feel of her wetness against my skin was thrilling beyond words. Then I poured some more of the sweet-scented oil into my hands and began to rub her shoulders, trying to act as if I wasn’t conscious of my knee moving ever so slightly against Mom’s pussy as my hands worked on her. She was all but purring with pleasure.

I hesitated for a moment after finishing with her shoulders, knowing where I wanted to go from there, but nervous about taking such a bold step. My desire won out, though — and after coating my hands with oil once more I took a deep breath, trailed my fingers down her chest and began to massage her breasts.

Mom’s lips parted and she gasped softly, muttering something impossible to hear when my oily fingers held the globes of her breasts, drawing upwards to the tips of those pink nipples.

All of a sudden Mom’s smile disappeared, her mouth opened and she cried out loud. Her neck muscles tensed, and her belly and thighs became rigid as she began to climax right then from my touch. I was thrilled!

I began to move my knee around against her cunt, my hands brushing her nipples when Mom exploded, bucking and writhing, crying out her ecstasy, grinding her pussy against me. She seized my hands with hers, holding them tightly against her breasts.

I couldn’t deny my lust for another second.

Lowering my body on top of hers, my mouth sought out Mom’s and I kissed her.

I don’t think I will ever again experience a thrill as great as the one I felt when my mother’s arms entwined my naked body and her mouth opened to me, our kiss becoming hot and hungry.

We kissed for several incredible minutes before I slithered snakelike down her perfect body to nestle my eager face between her thighs, gently licking the wetness that flowed so readily from my new lover.

She felt my probing tongue and opened herself wider, allowing me deeper access into the dark velvety cavern, the fount of her womanhood. I licked and lapped and drank deep from my mother, my face bathed in her love juices when she came again, drinking them down like the greedy girl I was.

Her scent was musky and intoxicating, her taste like nothing I had experienced before… the nectar of the gods.

I thought Mom was wiped out, needing a rest break after her second climax, but instead she suddenly rolled me over onto my back and crushed her mouth to mine. I nearly swooned with delight as she lovingly licked her wetness from my lips, then trailed kisses down my body to my throbbing nipples.

My mother took me to heaven in a chariot of love that day, and brought me back down to earth with a feather-like landing. We eagerly explored and enjoyed each other’s bodies until at last, in a mind-blowing crescendo of dual orgasms that soaked us both, we came for the last time in a rolling sixty-nine, feasting on one another’s dripping cunts, each vying for position until the stars floated before our eyes, and the earth really did seem to move.

The next thing I remember was my mother’s mouth on mine. I wrapped both arms around her and we gently kissed, caressed, nibbled and stroked one another for long, heavenly minutes, hands resting comfortably between each other’s damp thighs.

“I adore you, Mom,” I whispered between kisses.

“I feel the very same way, darling,” my mother breathed as she began to doze contentedly.

“Mom… are we lovers now?” I asked hesitantly.

“Oh, yes!” came her soft reply. “Yes, Kim darling… we are.”


I knew it was morning because the sunlight had penetrated my still closed eyelids as I slowly awakened, feigning sleep when my mother’s fingers traced the outline swelling of my breast to linger teasingly on the already hardening nipple.

Expert fingers, fingers adept in the art of womanly love drifted languorously down the underside of my breast, gliding further south to dwell a while on my belly. My desire awakening, I imperceptibly moved a leg to allow those same fingers easy access to my womanly fount, should they be inclined to enter there.

Slowly, slowly, her fingers brushed against the jet black curly pubes which covered my mons, deftly weaving this way and that, now probing into my inner sanctum to re-emerge, sticky with the fresh juices from my temple of love.

They moved higher and circled my clit, and then I felt a light squeeze between finger and thumb which made me gasp.

“Wake up darling — it’s morning,” my mother said.

I purred something about her lovely method of awakening me, then she laughed and kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue fencing with mine and bringing me a rush of early morning sexual excitement.

“Shower time, then something to eat,” she whispered in my ear, pausing to nibble at the lobe. “After that, we’ll pick up where we left off last night.”

Tingling with excitement, we showered together, cramped in that tiny stall with barely any warm water… but we cared not, knowing that the day promised limitless treats for the two of us.

“Are you dressing, Mom?” I asked her as we towelled each other dry.

“What’s the point?” she replied, “I’d only strip you naked again right after breakfast.”

Hearing that brought a sweet shiver to my skin as it tingled anew, that familiar ache of longing stirring in my groin. I’d always loved my mom, and knew full well that she loved me as her daughter, but now we had added a thrilling new dimension to our relationship. My dear mother… how I worshipped her at that moment, and oh, how I adore her still.

We wandered around the kitchen as naked as the day we were born, totally absorbed in one another, feeding each other tiny pieces of toast and strawberry preserves, laughing when one piece slipped and slithered face down on Mom’s left breast. Of course I had to lick it off rather than wipe it… and I think it was that small act that decided us it was time to return to the bedroom.

Mom and I climbed the stairs hand in hand, stopping on every second step or so to kiss and fondle one another. I loved the feel of that lithe form of hers, slightly tanned by the sun, toned by regular workouts at the gym. She, in turn, showered my body with affection, and we laughed like children as we shared sugary kisses..

“On the bed, Kim — face down, please,” she briskly said as we entered the bedroom.

I lay down as instructed and parted my legs just as far as they could go, wanting to show my mother everything I had to offer. She had been in the same position the day before, and the very sight of her pussy glistening between her thighs had made me burn with desire. I wanted her to feel the same about me.

“Little tease,” she whispered as her hands slid up my thighs. I felt her fingers working their way towards the crack of my ass, one hand on each cheek as she pulled me open. I raised my hips, thrusting my ass out for her.

Her hands had my buttocks parted, her face close to me, and the feel of her hot breath on that most tender area around my puckered hole had me so turned on that my pussy was oozing wetness down my legs. It was a feeling beyond belief, but I was even more excited anticipating what she would do to me next.

“Ohhhhhhh,” I moaned as my mother’s loving lips pressed into my asshole, and her tongue tickled around the outside of it… then I nearly swooned on the spot as her pointy tongue penetrated my anus. This was pure bliss, but got even more thrilling as I felt a finger, then two slide into my dripping cunt.

Her mouth left my anal opening, and a second or so later she slid a wet finger slowly but firmly into that dark recess, deep, deep inside me where no finger had ever been before.

Push, pull back, push, pull back went those nimble fingers in both of my openings, and when she pushed into me I thrust back against her to heighten my enjoyment. We found a mutual rhythm, and I rocked back and forth as she fucked me with her hand.

All of a sudden I exploded, nearly screaming with ecstasy, pushing frantically against those probing fingers, which seemed to be sliding further and deeper into my body, filling my very soul. I bucked and rocked and thrashed and finally collapsed onto my side, panting for air.

She patted my ass gently, and I slowly turned over in time to see her licking my juices from her fingers, clearly enjoying the taste of my cunt. I reached down to touch my pussy, feeling the wetness she had brought from me, now smearing the insides of my thighs. I marvelled, not for the first time, how right Mother Nature was to equip women with bodies built so superbly for making love.

My desire sharp once more, I raised myself up on an elbow and gave Mom my best bedroom eyes. “I want to eat your pussy, Mommy dear,” I whispered. “I want to go down on you until you scream, like I did just then.”

A knowing look and a smile of pure lust was etched on her beautiful face as she made her way up the bed to straddle my face with her silky thighs. She lowered her cunt to my mouth, but kept most of her weight on her thighs as she offered her honeypot for me to lick.

Hers was the only cunt that I had ever tasted, other than my own… and the day before was the first time I had tasted it. Her thick, rich scent had driven me wild before, and was working its magic on my senses all over again. My hands grasped her ass, and I set to pleasuring her with a will.

Mom moaned as that tongue of mine found her opening, but I was getting as much pleasure from eating her pussy as she was. Heaven was nestled between my mother’s thighs.

Soon she began to come in my face. Not wanting to waste a precious drop of her sweet essence, I quickly brought a hand around to rub her clit while my mouth enclosed her entire love hole, drinking deep from the sacred vessel that had been my entry into the world. Finally, she cried for me to stop.

The day flew by as we explored each other’s bodies anew — mine so inexperienced, hers so knowing. Mom had me lie on my back while she straddled me lightly, her pussy kissing mine as she moved back and forth, massaging my breasts. I felt a wetness which was not my own, and my hand crept down to where our cunts met — moistening my fingers, then bringing them to my mouth to savor. Mmmm, how delicious it was, the taste of my mother.

Suddenly we exploded together in a mutual orgasm as Mom’s pussy ground fiercely against mine. I pumped hard against her, and she angled her pelvis so that our clits met and mingled, driving us to even greater heights of ecstasy.

Our cries of pleasure grew louder as my mother and I climbed the sky, where we dallied for ages in the highest state of fulfillment before gently floating down like autumn leaves to resume our earthly embrace, joined now at the mouth, at the breasts, at our bellies, and linked wetly at our founts of love.

“Fuck, Mom… that was sooo good!” I exclaimed, breathing heavily.

“Mmmm,” she whispered, also out of breath. “Sheer heaven, my darling.”

We lay a while recovering, arms around each other, just lying there entwined. I began to cry with emotion and love for my mother. Sensing my mood, she stroked my hair and cradled me in that special way she had in my times of need… only this time, she was cradling me just after we had made love.

“I love you, Mom,” I sobbed, “so very much. I don’t ever want this to end. I don’t want you to leave.”

She shushed me and held my head to her breast, “If it weren’t for your father, we could live together as a couple, my angel… but for now, let’s make the best of what time we have left.” She was right, of course, my tears soon dried, and we nestled together for a blissful hour.

Eventually rising, we showered and dressed, each happily sated on the other’s love. We talked, made lunch and ate ravenously, appetites fueled by our exertions. Then we both dozed on the settee, lovingly entwined, for what seemed like hours… or at least until my mother stirred and awoke me from a dreamy, sex-filled slumber.

That was when Mom confessed to me that she had always been bisexual, with a distinct preference for women, but had also wanted a family of her own. She then grew somewhat shy, quietly admitting that she had harbored secret desires for me ever since I reached puberty over six years ago.

The thought of Mom lusting after me when I was twelve had my libido simmering — and that was when our mother/daughter sex thing began to make itself known all over again. We soon found ourselves naked and in bed once more, fucking like animals in heat.

We craved each other’s bodies with a passion unbound, making love over and over again during that first weekend together.

The last evening of Mom’s stay did have an unusual twist to it, though. It was about 8 PM and we had decided to open a second bottle of wine. We were in the living room, totally naked, clothes strewn and abandoned around the room in our haste to see, to touch, to taste each other’s bare bodies.

We were on the carpet making love yet again and sharing a fantastic sixty-nine together, side by side, face to cunt and quickly approaching simultaneous orgasm. All of a sudden I noticed a pair of sneakers near the door. Looking a little higher, I noticed they had ankles in them, and the ankles led to a pair of denim-clad legs. The jeans were unbuttoned and pulled down, and a hand was buried deep inside a pair of pink panties, moving rhythmically.

I realized with a start that Juliet had arrived home a day early… and she’d just caught me and Mom fucking!

Face still wet from licking my mother’s pussy, I gasped, “Juliet! What are you doing here?!”

Mom quickly lifted her face from between my thighs and stared at Juliet, who by now was slumped on our settee, face scarlet, her jeans still unfastened.

“I — I’m sorry, Kim, I didn’t mean to spy on you,” she stammered, “but, well, I couldn’t help seeing you when I came in and…” Her voice trailed away.

“You obviously liked what you saw, though,” purred my mother. “Does the sight of women making love get you hot?”

Juliet reddened and I didn’t know what to say, but Mom did.

“Hello,” said my mother, “I’m Sophia.”

“Sophia?” repeated Juliet, “Your mother’s name is Sophia — isn’t it, Kim?”

I nodded, my heart pounding.

“But, then… are you — no, you CAN’T be!” she exclaimed, then fell into a dazed silence.

“Yes,” replied Mom softly, her eyes burning into Juliet’s. “Yes, I am. I’m Kim’s mother.”

Juliet’s expression was something to see.

Needless to say, Mom and I soon had Juliet naked and in bed with us, and we three made love every way imaginable before Liz and Sonia got back. Jealousy was out of the question — it was as if Mom and I had so much love between us that we could easily afford to share it with another. And we did.

Mom and I remained secret lovers throughout my college years, taking every single opportunity to meet for hours and hours of shared pleasure. After I graduated, she separated from my stepfather and we moved in together.

We live openly as a lesbian couple in another city, where no one knows that we are mother and daughter.

The End


Ripples, Chapter 20

  • Posted on December 16, 2019 at 3:10 pm

By Sapphmore and  JetBoy

The morning after that spectacular evening of lovemaking with her daughters, Jessica called Rachel from her home study, where she was going over the accounts.

“Hello, love,” Jess said, “fancy a little drive out to The Trout for a nibble and a glass?”

“As it’s my day off,” Rachel answered, “I’m all yours.”

“Sounds lovely… but we’d best meet up there instead of driving together. I’ve a feeling that if I come to your place, or you to mine, we just might be tempted to forego food for some rumpy pumpy.”

Rachel clucked her tongue. “Actually, my car’s in the shop having its fuel pump flushed, or some suchlike nonsense that I don’t understand, so you’ll have to do the driving. Fear not, I believe I may be able to keep from stripping you off to your knickers… at least, until after we’ve lunched.”

“Saucy bitch,” Jess snickered. “All right then, be at my door in, oh, thirty minutes or so.”

“Aye-aye, Cap’n.”

Twenty-six minutes later, Rachel was about to knock on Jessica’s door when it opened. The women greeted each other like best friends with a hug and kisses on cheeks. Jess closed and locked the door, and the women walked round to the drive and got into Jessica’s SUV.

No sooner had Jess pulled the door closed when Rachel leaned over and turned her face round to plant a kiss on the luscious lips of her lover. Jess responded, then pulled away a little, turning to peer out of the rear window.

Steady, girl, I’ve just put this lippy on. Anyway, someone might see.”

Rachel just grinned and said, “Well, if it’s that cute little post girl with the tight shorts, we can always invite her to take a ride with us.” With a flick of her eyelashes, she slid a hand under Jessica’s short dress, reaching the flimsy barrier of the woman’s panties before her wrist was grabbed, her hand withdrawn.

Rolling her eyes, Jess murmured, “You’re incorrigible,” and started the engine. She looked in the rear view mirror and, noting her smudged lipstick, dug in her handbag and re-applied it before pulling out of the drive. “I booked us an outside table by the river.”

Rachel nodded and said, “I hope it’s not too busy, I wouldn’t want anyone overhearing what I’m going to tell you.”

Jess glanced round. “Oh, now who’s going to talk dirty? Come on, what have you done?”

Wearing a smug expression, Rachel only said, “All in good time. First, I believe you promised me lunch.”

“Christ, Rach, you’re so bloody cheap,” said Jess, and both women laughed.


The school bell had just signalled lunch, and as Alice made her way to the playground, she spied Bella in the corridor and waved. Exchanging greetings, they linked arms, and Alice steered them towards a quiet part of the grounds, away from the picnic benches and boys kicking balls about. Choosing a spot behind a large tree, both girls sat down on the thick grass.

They opened their lunch boxes and began to eat, chatting idly about teachers and classmates. Once the girls were done and had tidied up, Alice glanced at Bella, then cleared her throat. “Bel, my mum said your mum has told you about them, you know, getting together. Being lovers.”

Closing her lunch box, Bella put it to one side. “Yes, she has.“

“And your mum’s also showed you how to have sex with girls as well, hasn’t she?”

Bella looked a little sheepish, her face slightly flushed. “Uh-huh. She told me your mum taught you, too.”

“Well, actually, I’ve done it with my mum a few times now, and guess what?” Bella looked expectantly into her eyes. “We’ve both done it with Katie as well.”

Alice expected more of a surprised response from her friend, but quickly realised that this might not actually be news to her.

Sure enough, Bella nodded. “Mum said that Auntie Jess was going to, um, teach Katie,” then fell silent.

Alice smiled inwardly, amused by her friend’s shyness. “You know, Bel, we’re practically sisters now, We should be able to talk about anything. So… what was it like, having sex with your mum?”

Startled by her friend’s bold question, Bella glanced in either direction, making sure that no one was within earshot. “Um…” Then, releasing her held breath, she giggled. “Sorry, Ali. This is all so new to me, guess I’m still getting used to it!” She leaned closer to Alice. “It’s sooooo good, doing stuff with Mum. I never had feelings like that before!”

“What about Cindy? Has Auntie Rach showed your little sister anything yet?”

Bella nodded. “Mum sort of showed her last night.”

Alice was puzzled. “What do you mean, sort of?”

Bella took a deep breath. “Well, Mum said it might be a good idea if I taught Cindy, so she could see how well I’d learned, and practice for when…” Her voice trailed off.

Alice was intrigued. Making sure that no one was watching, she placed a hand on Bella’s bare thigh, lightly stroking her friend’s soft skin. “Practice for what, Bel?”

Bella looked at Alice and whispered. “When me and you… you know.”

“You mean, when we have sex. Is that what you want, Bel?”

Bella just nodded and said, “Yes.”

“So do I. If I could, I’d strip you naked and do you right under this tree. Now, tell me about last night.”

Gaping at her friend, shocked and thrilled in equal measure by Alice’s boldness, Bel fought to regain her composure.


At the pub, the women were just finishing the dessert Rachel insisted she had to have. Jessica had opted for a slice of lemon torte, while Rachel ordered the crème brûlée, which she ate slowly, savouring each bite.  In truth, she was just delaying telling Jess her news, visibly taking pleasure in her friend’s rising impatience. Jess urged her to get on with the story, but Rachel shook her head, replying, “A lady doesn’t talk with her mouth full.”

“I’m fairly certain that a lady doesn’t grope under her lover’s skirt whilst in the car, either, “ Jessica fired back with a tight smile.

“Touché,” Rachel replied. Finally, she put down her spoon and wiped her mouth on the napkin before taking a sip of wine. “My, that was delicious.”

Jess was now frustrated. “If you don’t tell me right now what you’re keeping under your hat, I will tie your leg to my rear bumper and drag you home.”

Rachel had to laugh. “Okay, you pervy dyke, keep your knickers on.” She looked round to make certain that no one was within earshot. As Jess had selected the table furthest from the building, and it being midweek, there were no other customers in the vicinity.

“Remember how I said in your office that I needed to get cracking with Cindy’s sex education? Well, I decided that I wasn’t going to teach her after all.”

Jess looked confused. “But I thought you…!”

“Hold on. I want her to learn, but decided I wouldn’t be the one doing the teaching.” Seeing Jess was still confused, she continued. “I decided to let Bella teach her instead.”

The look on Jessica’s face turned to one of understanding. “Ah, I see. Very clever of you.”

“Thank you. She needed to practice, after all, and I also figured that it would boost her confidence. Besides, I like the idea of watching my little darlings fuck.

“I’d already told Cindy that I’d teach her at the weekend — so she wasn’t expecting anything to happen before then, and neither was Bella. So yesterday evening I had a shower, slipped into some sexy nightwear, and called both girls into my room.”


Alice was still caressing Bella’s thigh as her friend continued the story, the tips of her fingers occasionally slipping beneath the dark skirt Bella wore.

“When Mum called us, I just thought she wanted to ask us about school or something. But when we went in her room, she was sitting on the bed, she was wearing a see-through nightie instead of her usual one, and nothing on under it. Oh, Ali, she looked so… scrumptious! Anyhow, she said to come join her, that she had something to tell us.”

Bella looked around before continuing. “Mum said she’d decided that Cindy shouldn’t wait until the weekend to learn about how girls can love each other. Then she talked all about how she and your mum were girlfriends, and about how Auntie Jess taught you and Katie about sex. Then she said we’re coming over to your house on Friday to talk about everything… and do lots of other stuff, too!” The girl’s eyes flashed with excitement.

Alice was a little surprised that her mum had already told Auntie Rachel about bringing Katie into their fun and games. Thinking about Poppy, she smiled. You don’t know the half of it, Bel.


Jessica was leaning toward Rachel, eager to hear more.

“Anyway, Cindy was really pleased about you and I becoming lovers. She’s always liked you a lot, y’know… in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that my youngest has been nursing a bit of a crush on her Auntie Jess all along.”

“God, just thinking about it…” Jessica moaned, toying with her dessert fork.

“Down, girl. I’m just getting warmed up here. So I told Cindy that I’d changed my mind, that I wanted to show her how to make love right then, instead of waiting until Saturday. Then, Bella asked if she could watch. I said, ‘Oh no, honey.’ Well, you should have seen the look on her face! I thought she was about to cry. So I told her what I’d decided — that she should show her little sister how to make love to a girl.”

“My goodness. How did she react to that?”

Rachel shook her head. “She looked worried, then said, ‘But she’s my little sister.’ I had to remind her that I’m her mother and she’d made love with me, so why would sex with Cindy be any different? I told her that it would be good practice for when she makes love with Alice… and besides, we’re all going to be one big family soon, so she’ll probably be getting naked and doing those things with you and the girls.”

Jessica squirmed slightly in her seat, trying to control the throbbing that was beginning to spread in her lower regions. The thought of making love with young girls other than her own daughters excited her beyond measure — especially Bella and Cindy, who she’d known and adored ever since they were infants.

Noticing her restlessness, Rachel innocently asked, “What’s wrong, darling?” knowing full well what had her lover so agitated.

“Nothing, it’s just that… I know we’ve touched on the possibility of you and I having sex with each other’s daughters. Well, until now, I haven’t really, you know, pictured it in my mind. Now that the thought’s loose, it’s driving me fucking wild.” Reaching out, she grasped her lover’s hand. “Oh, Rachel, I want your girls. I want to see them naked, touch their beautiful little bodies.”

Rachel placed a hand on Jessica’s leg under the table, sliding it up her thigh, causing Jess to swivel her head around to make sure no-one was looking. “Well, after all you’ve told me about your Alice being such a naughty little sexpot, I’m really looking forward to having it off with her… and any other of your girls who might be interested in a little fun between the sheets with an older woman.” Rachel’s hand journeyed further still beneath Jessica’s skirt, until her fingers encountered the damp material of her lover’s knickers, barring access to that lovely pussy.

Seeing Jess beginning to respond, Rachel abruptly withdrew her hand. “Patience, my sweet… you’ve not heard the rest of it.”

Jessica’s eyes were glazed with helpless lust, but she managed to get a grip on herself. “Bloody tease,” she hissed. “When I get you behind closed doors, Rachel Thomas, I will fuck you to within an inch of your sodding life. You won’t be able to walk for days.”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Rachel replied. “Now hush, love — there’s lots more to tell.”


Bella continued. “When Mum said she wanted me to teach Cindy about sex, I got a bit nervous, but she said it would help me be even better for when you and me do it. I know I’ve been pushing you away when we’ve kissed and, um, other things. I wanted to do more, honestly I did — but I always got scared.”

Alice was eager to hear the rest of her friend’s tale. “So how did it go? I want to hear all the juicy details.”

“Okay. First, Mum got off the bed and sat on her chaise longue. I wasn’t quite sure what to do first, then she said I should just start with kissing and touching. So I was gonna give my sister a kiss, but then I thought we should maybe take our clothes off first. Cindy sure seemed to like that idea — she wasn’t shy at all! She started unbuttoning her top, but Mum said we ought to take turns, so we can watch each other get naked.

“I wasn’t dressed sexy like Mum was the other night when she taught me, but I tried to do it the same way. I unbuttoned my nightdress really slow, then just let it slide off me, on the carpet. I took off my knickers, then let Cindy and Mum have a good look at me with nothing on.”

“Y’know what, Bel?” Alice cooed, giving her friend’s thigh a squeeze. “I’ve wanted to get a good look at you naked for a long time… ever since I knew I liked girls. When you take your clothes off for me, will you do it slow and sexy, like you did for your sister?”

“I will, Ali,” Bella replied, “I promise. God, I so want you to see… and I want to see you, too.” She licked her lips. “Think there’s somewhere we could go right now and… play with each other?”

“Better not — there isn’t enough time. Besides, you’re not yet done with your story! So, Cinders and your mum were looking at you naked… then what happened?”

“Well, Cindy was staring at my boobs so I started to rub them… and then, I put a hand on my coochie.”


“You should have seen her face, Ali! Anyway, then I told Cindy to take her clothes off. She hadn’t got into her pajamas yet, see.” Bella shook her head. “Boy, one thing I gotta tell you about my little sister… she’s way less shy than I am. She took everything off, got bare naked without batting an eye! She’s already starting to get titties, so I think she’ll have big ones like Mum does.” The twelve-year-old paused. “I was still kinda scared, but I wasn’t gonna be a fraidy-cat with Cindy there, so I went over to where she stood, took her in my arms and kissed her. She seemed to like it, a lot… and so did I! It was weird at first, kissing my little sister, but oh wow, Ali, her mouth is so, so soft and nice!

“I took Cindy over to the bed and we lay down together, with me, y’know, on top of her. I was getting really excited by then, thinking ‘bout what making love to her would be like. I kissed her again, only this time I put my tongue in her mouth. I didn’t know what she’d do, but then, Cindy kissed me back the same way!”

Alice’s eyes were wide open. “Had she ever done stuff with another girl?”

“That’s what I wondered,” Bella replied with a shrug, “but she says I was her first. So Cindy and I were doing sexy kissing, and honestly, it had me feeling hot all over. I wanted to do more to her, so I started kissing down her body. I, um, took one of her nipples in my mouth and started, y’know, sucking it.”

“Awesome,” Alice breathed.


“Oh, Jess, you should have seen my girls making out, swapping French kisses. It was beautiful.”

The memory of her own daughters indulging in similar activities was still fresh in Jessica’s mind, so it was easy for her to picture Rachel’s two dark-haired youngsters coupling. Still, she was surprised by how much she ached to play sex games with her lover’s children. This all-consuming lust I feel for young girls… am I going to feel it for every cute little moppet I see?

Rachel continued. “Then Bella was kissing Cindy’s nipples… and Cindy was making these adorable cooing sounds, clutching big sister’s face to her chest. I must say, that was when Bel truly surprised me. She slid down between Cindy’s legs, pushed them wide open, paused for a second or two… then, she started to lick her little sister’s cunt!”

“My goodness,” Jess exclaimed, astonished.

“I know, right? I mean, this is my Bella, shy little Bella who couldn’t even admit that she masturbated just the other night. My best guess is, she wanted to show me that she was over the shyness. She was doing a damn good job of it, too, because Cindy was squirming all over the place, crying out, ‘What’s happening to me, Mummy?’ I told her not to worry, it was supposed to feel like that, and to let Bella make love to her.”


Still seated beneath the old oak tree, the two twelve-year-olds had drifted even closer together, so as to keep their conversation private as possible. Alice was hanging onto her friend’s every word.

“While I was licking Cindy, I looked over at my mum, just to make sure I was doing it right,” Rachel said. “She had one hand on her boob and was rubbing her pussy with the other, so I figured I was doing okay. Cindy sure seemed to love it! She was moving about so much that it was hard for me to keep my mouth on her, um, you know.”

Alice rolled her eyes heavenward. “Bloody hell… we’re not little kids, Bel! You can say ‘pussy’, ‘minge’, or even ‘cunt’, okay? Stop calling it a ‘you know’, for God’s sake.”

“Um, yeah. Sorry ‘bout that,” a sheepish Bella mumbled.

“It’s okay. Now go on, tell me more. What did Cindy taste like when you licked her?”

“Hmm. Sort of… fruity.”

“Sounds yummy.” Alice casually returned her hand to Bella’s knee.

“Well, I wasn’t sure at first that I even liked the taste of p-pussy, the first time I did it with Mum… but then I kinda did, and Cindy’s flavour was really nice. Besides, there was something exciting about doing that to a little girl, especially to my sister.

“Anyhow, I got a bit carried away and almost forgot my mum was there… and that was when Cindy started moaning, really loud! Then I heard Mum making sounds, too, so I looked over at where she was. Mum had taken off all her clothes, had one leg over the arm of the chair and was pushing her fingers in and out of her pussy like, like crazy! Oh, Ali, it was so wild. I’d never felt like that before.”

Alice pictured the scene in her head, Bella’s mum touching herself like that. The tableau she envisaged only spurred her desire to fuck Auntie Rachel as soon as possible. “What happened next?”

“The next thing I knew, Mum had got on the bed with us and was kissing Cindy. Really kissing her.”


“Honestly, Jess, I couldn’t restrain myself!” Rachel insisted, shaking her head. “Watching Bella go down on her little sister, licking Cindy’s cunt like she’d just fallen in love with the idea of being gay and was making up for lost time… it was driving me mental. I had to get involved! Anyway, Cindy was making such an unholy racket that I kissed her to keep the neighbors from hearing us. My baby girl was coming like there’s no tomorrow. I think Bella might’ve got a bit carried away, and forgot she was supposed to be teaching her sister, not licking her until she fainted. I was actually a bit worried.”

Jess had dropped a hand into her lap, pressing it into her groin through the front of the dress she wore, a move that had not gone unnoticed by Rachel. “What did you do then?” breathed Jess, her mouth dry as the Sahara. Reaching out for her wine glass, she took a quick gulp.

“When Cindy eventually got her breath back, Bel was kneeling on the floor… looking rather taken aback, to be honest. She looked up at me and whispered, ‘I wanted to do that to Cindy so bad… but I never knew I did, not until now’. I think she was about to cry.

“I reached out for Bella, and she crawled into my arms. We cuddled for a bit, and I told her that she could be in love with Cindy, just without realizing it. Bel and Cindy have always been amazingly close, you know.

“She looked up at me and asked, ‘Is that bad, Mum… being in love with your little sister’?”

“I knew how she felt, Jess. When I realized how much I wanted my girls, it tore me up inside. I thought I was the worst mother alive.” Rachel sat quietly for a moment, staring down at her hands.

“You’re no such thing,” Jessica said, her voice firm. “This bond that you and I share with our daughters… it’s beautiful, and good. It makes them happy.”

“That’s how I explained it to Bella,” said Rachel, raising her face. “I told her there wasn’t anything wrong with being in love with your sister… or your daughter. She seemed to understand.

“But what happened next was even more wonderful, Jess. Cindy had come back to us by then, and she sat up, smiled at Bella and said, ‘Oh, Bel… I’m in love with you, too. Sometimes I like to pretend that you and me are married, and we have little girls of our own. I never told you that, ‘cos I was afraid you’d think I was being silly’.”

“Oh, my — that’s beautiful, Rach,” Jess sighed. “What did Bella say?”

“Not a word — she just got up, went over, took Cindy in her arms, and they kissed, long and deep. Then Cindy broke away, smiled at her sister and said, ‘I want to do sex stuff to you now’. As you can probably imagine, Bel was very thrilled by that idea… as was I.”


“Oh, Ali… it was so, so perfect, kissing my sister! God, I love her.” Bella paused to smile at her friend. “Is that how it feels when you kiss Katie?”

“Yeah,” Alice nodded. “My mum, too.” And Poppy, she thought. “I mean, we already loved one another, but when we added sex to it…” She shook her head in awe. “It’s like our love got multiplied, y’know?” Giving Bella’s thigh a squeeze, she said, “Go on, now. Tell the rest. You just licked Cindy’s pussy, and then you’re kissing her…”

“Yeah, okay. We were taking turns sucking each other’s tongues–”

“Oooh, yes, I love doing that!” Alice said.

“…and all of a sudden, Mum was standing next to us. Completely naked, remember. When I looked around at her, she kissed me and licked around my mouth. Then she turned to Cindy and told her, ‘Honey, you taste delicious’. Her pussy flavor on my lips, y’know? That was when my sister put her arms around Mum and kissed her.” Bella sighed. “Cindy’s so much braver than me. She was touching our mum’s titties!

“Anyhow, Mum pulled away and told Cindy, ‘Tonight’s not about me’. She said it was time for Cindy to learn how to make love. So me and my little sister got back on the bed, her laying on top of me, and Mum sat down next to us to watch.

“I started kissing Cindy again, then I told her where to touch me, and got her to kiss my titties and belly. Like I said, she wasn’t shy like I was, and it felt really good. She wanted to touch me on my pussy and my clit, so I showed her how to put fingers inside me. I think she got three in, and it felt huge. After that, Cindy was ready to lick me… but first, I got her to suck on her fingers to see if she liked how I taste.”

“And?” asked Alice, her eyes wide.

Bella grinned. “She loved it.”


“I swear, Cindy was born to make love to girls… and women,” said Rachel, leaning back in her chair. “Within three minutes, she was going down on Bella like it was second nature. While we were cuddling together afterwards, she told us that she’d been crushing on other girls for a couple of years, at least.”

“And she’s only ten. My goodness!” Jess exclaimed. “It seems like you raised yourself a little sexpot, just like my Alice. Won’t it be something to see when those two are in bed together!”

“Oh, she’s a firecracker. When Cindy started licking her sister, Bella couldn’t really concentrate, so I had to take over the teaching part — not that Cindy needed very much in the way of instruction, mind.” She paused, nodding thoughtfully. “Now I know why you get so turned on watching Alice and Katie fuck. I’ve never seen anything so hot as my girls getting down and dirty. I could barely talk — too busy wanking myself silly.

“In the end, watching my youngest make her big sister come was too much for me, I needed relief… so I sat on Bella’s face. I practically smothered my poor baby, but I have to give it to her — she ate my cunt like it was her last meal. Mark my words, Alice won’t recognise Bel when they do the deed proper.”

Jess was pressing her fingers into the junction of her thighs under the table, aching to lift up her short dress and shove her fingers — or anything at all — into her vagina, but fought to maintain control, just in case their waitress made a sudden appearance.


Beneath the tree, Bella was getting deeper into her story. “Honestly, Ali, Cindy is amazing at pussy licking! I’m like, shaking all over, practically screaming… and next thing I know, Mum is kneeling over me, and she sits down on my face! She rubbed her minge all over my mouth, so wet that I thought I was gonna drown. That didn’t stop me, though — I went crazy on her, and soon Mum was coming hard. I drank down nearly all of her pussy honey, too!” She was glowing with pride.

Pussy honey? I like that — did you make it up?” said Alice.

“Nope, got that from Mum.”

Alice’s knickers had grown increasingly damp as she drank in Bella’s account of the sex she’d enjoyed with her little sister. Almost without realising, her hand had managed to slide all the way beneath Bella’s skirt, right up to the front of her panties.

Startled, Bella suddenly realised what Alice’s fingers were doing, and her eyes widened. “Ohhhhhh, Ali… that feels so g-good!” She looked down, then up into her best friend’s face as Alice suddenly drew in close to kiss her. This time, Bella didn’t find an excuse to pull away as their mouths met, even as those intruding fingers pressed the cotton material into the wet crevice of her cunt.

Suddenly remembering where they were, Alice broke away, snatching her hand back. A whimper escaped Bella’s lips, but she shook her head to clear it. “Wow,” she whispered.

“Sounds like you had a hot night, Bel,” said Alice, feeling a tad envious. “Wish I’d been there. I can’t wait till we all get together on Friday.”

Bella was still fighting to compose herself. “Oh, I haven’t even finished yet. When Mum g-got off me, she went behind Cindy and started licking her bumhole.”


“I was this near to coming,” Rachel said, holding her thumb and index finger about a quarter-inch apart. “Then I looked into Cindy’s eyes while she went down on her big sister, and what I saw in them made me climax on the spot, right in Bella’s mouth. It felt like a real gusher of an orgasm, too — but I swear, my twelve-year-old drank down every blessed drop.

I’d come, but was still hotter than the bloody Sahara… so I got my little Cindy up all fours, knelt right behind and started licking her pretty little rosebud. She was startled at first, but carried on like a real trouper and got back to work on her sister. Guess she made a good job of it, too — Bella was bouncing all over the place when she finally got off!”


“I didn’t even know girls made love that way!” Bella declared, face alight with wonder.

“Oh, yeah… we’ve been doing it,” Alice said, nodding eagerly. “Mum told me how the bumhole is an, um, erogenous zone — that’s a part of the body where you can make good feelings happen when you have sex. Your nipples and pussy, yeah, but also places like your neck, or fingers. And for sure, getting your arse licked is awesome! It’s called ‘rimming’. Mum taught me that word, too. So, uh, what happened next?”

‘Well, so I came… which was amazing, by the way. I had to make Cindy stop licking me, though — bet she would’ve gone on doing it all day, if I’d let her. Then she sat up and turned around, and Mum gave her a big messy kiss — ‘cos she wanted to taste my pussy on Cindy’s mouth, she said.”

“Mmmm… so sexy.”

“Yeah, it sure was,” Bella said. The girl’s timidity had vanished; she was openly describing her incestuous experience and loving it. “Mum told Cindy to lie down, pushed her legs back till her knees were, like, right under her chin, then started licking her. I wanted a closer look, so I got up and sat near them.

“Cindy was making all these noises and shaking all over when Mum’s tongue was in her bum. She was going kinda crazy, so I kissed her some more. That was great. She came pretty quick, then we all snuggled together. I thought we were finished, but I guess Mum wanted more, ‘cos she lay down and told us both to make love to her.

“I let Cindy lick her, since she never got to do that before… and I got on my knees over Mum’s face and let her do it to me.”


“Oh Jess, my little Cinders tasted so sweet… and when she went down on me I couldn’t believe this was her first time having sex. I asked her to put all her fingers in me, but my cunt was so wet that her whole hand went in. It was like a sodding earthquake went off inside me. I was so delirious that I’m lucky I didn’t bite off Bella’s clit.” Sitting back in her chair, she gave Jessica a shaky grin. “I can’t wait to see you fucking my girls… and get my hands on your kids.”

“Oh, the feeling is very much mutual,” Jess said.

Rachel reached for her wine glass. “So now we’re even — we’ve each had sex with two of our daughters.”

Or so you think, my love, Jessica mused. Taking that straying hand from her lap, she reached out to casually caress her lover’s wrist. “Listen, I’m so worked up right now… I might just throw you over this table and fuck you on the spot.”

Rachel grinned. “I dare you, bitch.”

Jess rose quickly. “Wait here while I pay the bill… then we’re leaving to do just that.”

She returned to the garden moments later, and the two lovers hastened back to the car. Jess pulled out of the parking space, made her way to the exit and signalled left — then suddenly switched the indicator the opposite way, hit the road to the right and gunned the engine.

Puzzled, Rachel stared ahead. “Where are we going?”

Jess turned briefly to her. “You’ll see.” Reaching into her dress pocket, she emerged with a pair of sodden panties, which she passed over to her lover. Rachel’s eyes went wide and she grinned wolfishly before bringing them to her nose, inhaling deeply before sucking on the triangle of damp material, still warm from Jessica’s body.

A minute or so later, Jess turned off the main road and manoeuvred the vehicle down a narrow lane until she reached a clearing, used on weekends as a parking lot for a cross-country walking route. She came to a halt in a secluded area beneath a large overhanging tree, then switched off the engine.

Turning to Rachel, Jess murmured, “Get out,” her tone making it clear that she meant to be obeyed.

Fascinated by this new domineering side to her lover, Rachel obeyed — followed by Jessica, who quickly opened the back door and climbed inside. Placing her right leg on the floorboard, she lifted the left leg up over the back of the seat, then tugged her dress up to expose a dripping cunt.

As Rachel joined her, Jess gazed into the woman’s eyes. “Fuck me.” It was an order, not a request.

Rachel smiled. “Well, seeing as you asked so nicely…” Licking her lips, she bent down to comply.

They rutted as though their lives depended on it. A greedy Rachel sucked on Jessica’s clit, frantically pumping her fingers into her lover’s squishing pussy as they shared deep French kisses.

Jess soon came, then shoved Rachel down on the seat, tearing her thong to get at the treasures inside. She bent to her work, mauling the dripping slice with her mouth and fingers until Rachel got off, clamping a hand over her mouth to muffle the screams.

They lay tangled together on the seat, breathing heavily for a few minutes. When they eventually stirred, they shared smiles and gentle kisses. As she sat up and began to fix her rumpled clothes, Rachel turned and said, “Well, if I’d known we were going to do that, I’d have gone without dessert.”

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Pass up The Trout’s crème brûlée? That’s very unlike you.”

Bending to place a torrid kiss on Jessica’s mouth, Rachel purred, “It’s not half as sweet as your cunt, love.”


When the bell rang, signalling the pupils to make their way back to class, Alice and Bella brushed off their skirts, then packed up their lunch boxes. Making a last check to make sure they’d left nothing behind — their school took a very dim view of leaving debris behind on the grounds — their eyes met. Bella took a quick look towards the other children, then leaned in to kiss Alice. Their tongues briefly engaged before the girls broke apart, turned and made their way back across the grass.

Fifty yards away, their PE teacher Beverley Masters was watching. She easily recognised Bella Thomas and Alice Matthews, two of the prettiest and smartest girls in the school. One was a dark brunette, her hair almost a negative of the blonde tresses of the other. They were also opposites in character, Bella being rather shy and quiet, whereas Alice was wilful and confident.

At first, Beverley paid the girls little mind; they seemed to be deep in conversation. Interestingly enough, though, Bella seemed to be the one doing most of the talking. Then, however, when she’d turned to open the window, Bev was shocked to see Alice slide a hand up under Bella’s short pleated uniform skirt.

As she carried on watching them, occasionally glancing back to make sure no-one entered the gym to catch her spying, she saw Alice slip her hand beneath Bella’s skirt once again — this time far enough to touch the brunette’s knickers, judging by the girl’s reaction.

Seconds later, Alice leaned in close to place a kiss on her friend’s mouth. Bella began to respond, but then Alice quickly pulled back as if she’d just realized how risky a move this was. Sure enough, the teen glanced around, making sure no one was in view. Beverley quickly ducked away from the window.

After a minute or thereabouts, Bev risked a quick peek, only to find the girls engrossed once more in their conversation. Fuck me, I’d love to hear what they’re chatting about, she told herself. She lingered, hoping to see the students fool around some more, but all they did was talk.

As the bell sounded, the girls got up and gathered their things. Beverley figured that was that, but seconds later the teacher was thrilled to see shy Bella initiate a quick but passionate kiss before the girls made their way back to class.

Pressing a hand to her throbbing groin, Bev moistened her lips. Oh my, just wait till I tell Hannah about this… she’ll never believe it.

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The Struggle With Desire, Part Two

  • Posted on December 5, 2019 at 3:32 pm

By JetBoy

Breakfast was nearly on the table when Sharon’s girls came bounding down the stairs. They stopped in the entrance of the kitchen for a second to see Sharon’s back to them as she reached up for a platter. Her white gauzy nightgown rode up to reveal her shapely ass, barely covered by a skimpy pair of black panties. Kori swallowed hard at the sight, almost bumping into the table.

Janice whistled. “Nice show, Mom!”

Sharon turned and smiled. “Just in time, you guys. Breakfast will be ready in a second.”

They walked by her. Janice yawned out loud. Kori, on the other hand, could not ignore the side view of her mother’s full breasts through the white gauzy material. She wondered, since her mother normally wore a robe in the morning, if this was for her benefit.

Could Mom really have worn that for me? she asked herself, the very idea making her tingle deliciously.

The girls sat down — Janice in her undershirt and shorts, Kori in a blue t-shirt and sweats.

Out of the blue, Janice suddenly inquired, “What’s with all the… exposure in the house this morning?”

Kori froze, suddenly fearful that Janice had observed her little masturbation scene in their bedroom hours earlier.

Sharon asked, “Why, what do you mean?” while pouring corn flakes into a bowl.

“Well, I can clearly see through your nightgown… and Kori here slept naked last night.”

Sharon gave a sly grin, maneuvering the waffles with a steel spatula. “Did she? Well, it was hot last night.”

Kori stammered, only wanting to end this dangerous conversation, “Um, yeah… I couldn’t stop sweating.”

“Seemed fine to me. Maybe we should turn the AC up,” said Janice.

Sharon walked across the floor, carrying the two plates, and set them down in front of her daughters. She purposefully bent over slightly, to see who would peer down her nightgown. As expected, Kori did. She got a glimpse of her mother’s bare breasts and felt a twinge of helpless desire flicker through her tummy. Sharon also caught Janice glancing down her front, and felt strangely pleased at that. She then sat back in an adjoining wooden chair across the table from her daughters, feeling delightfully wicked.

It was silent for a moment, except for the sounds of food and the clinking of silverware. Then Sharon turned to Janice, “What’s on the agenda for today?”

With half a mouthful, Janice mumbled, “Not too sure. None of my friends called, so I was going to just hang and watch some TV. Maybe go to the mall.”

Sharon looked at Kori. “What about you, honey?”

Just looking up, Kori carefully murmured, “Nothing. Why?”

“Well,” said Sharon nonchalantly, “Today’s supposed to be gorgeous. We should do the girl thing together, and hit the mall. Then later tonight… how about a camp-out in the backyard?”

Janice looked up and beamed. “Cool! Can we have beer? If it’s a girl’s night out, and since Kori can’t get into a bar or anything…”

Sharon laughed. “Okay, okay. But don’t tell anyone what a bad role model your mom is.” She crossed her legs casually, the hem of her nightie sliding up to reveal creamy thighs.

Kori looked at her mother’s legs, then the shape of her body through the gauzy material, feeling uncomfortably warm.


They ventured out into the woods behind their house that evening. Kori carried the tent and Janice took the sleeping bags, while Sharon hauled the provisions. The sun was going down, and they wanted to get set up before dark.

Janice and Kori knew the terrain well, for they used to play together and tell secrets to one another behind those very trees. They came to a small clearing surrounded by oaks and birches, where they put down the gear.

Kori declared, “I’ll make the fireplace!” and began to gather stones. Janice set up her radio/cassette player for some background sounds as she and her mother set up the tent.

As the sun finally gave way to the star-glittered darkness, Kori had already had the round stone fireplace built, the kindling lit and snapping. Janice and her mother set up the tent, after several bungled attempts that left them laughing hysterically, and were rolling out the sleeping bags inside.

When Kori had returned with her fifth armful of firewood, Janice and Sharon were sitting on a log, drinking cold beers.

Sharon murmured, “Here you go,” winked, and handed her youngest a cold bottle.

Kori smiled, sat on an opposite log, and took a foamy sip.

For a moment, it was quiet except for the sounds of the night birds, and the trees rustling. They all looked at the stars peeking between the high branches, taking in the light breeze and feeling as if they might be the last people on earth.

Kori glanced again and again at Janice and Sharon… feeling a bit anxious, wondering what might happen if she got a little too drunk to keep her mouth shut. She looked at her mother, in her grey sweatshirt and shorts. The orange firelight accented her smiling face, and she seemed years younger. Kori’s eyes dropped to Sharon’s crossed legs, wanting to stroke them. She then looked at Janice — a younger version of their mother — and traced the outline of her breasts through her t-shirt in the orange hue of the fire. Janice wore red shorts, which rode high on her propped up legs.

As her head began to swim a bit on her third beer, she began to feel warm and relaxed, feeling ready for, for… anything to happen. Wanting to walk over to her mother and fondle her tits once again. To kiss her full on the mouth, to lay her down and make love to her… then Sharon gave Kori a glance, and the sixteen-year-old quickly looked away.

As the night drew on, time seemed to lose meaning as the three women talked about anything and everything, enjoying spending time together.

Finally standing up, and almost falling backwards in a stupor, Janice declared with a drunken authority, “I gotta pee!”

“Well, go ahead,” said Sharon, “there’s a bush over there.”

Janice blearily looked around at the dark woods. “I’m not going in there… it’s too dark. I can’t.”

Sharon rolled her eyes. “Go with her, will you, Kori? Protect your drunk sister from the forest trolls.”

Almost falling backwards herself, Kori stood up, dropping her empty bottle and grabbing a roll of toilet paper. “Okay, Mom.” She grabbed Janice’s hand, jerking her along. “Let’s go, stupid.” Both girls laughed as they stumbled into the darkness of the forest.

Still holding hands, they walked further and further until the campfire was a small blur. Janice fell back against a big tree..

“Ohgod, ohgod, ohgod… my head is spinning!” she laughed. “I’m gonna fall down… Kori, help me…” and she held to the sides of the tree with the back of her arms, giggling.

Kori looked at her sister, who almost seemed crucified to the tree in the moonlight. “Help you…?” she stammered. She had a feeling that this was it. Something was going to happen…

“Yeah…” Janice was now swaying seductively and holding on to the tree. “Help me get my shorts off, sis, so I don’t piss myself.”

Sweat came to Kori’s forehead, bringing about some sobering reality. She knelt down in front of her sister, who leaned back against the bent tree.

She gripped the sides of Janice’s red shorts, applying her arms to pull her body away from the tree just a little, and began to slide them down. Kori found it difficult not to breathe hard as the back of her fingertips ran down Janice’s soft legs. Her heart was thumping madly, her hands shaking.

“Hurry…” Janice breathed. In her fogginess, she could feel the leaves under her bare feet and the light wind brushing her thighs.

Kori gripped the waistband of Janice’s flimsy panties. Her fingertips touched the beginnings of Janice’s soft buttocks as she gently pulled down her sister’s underwear. And in that moment, Kori was face to face with her deepest desire — drinking in the beautiful sight of her sister’s pussy, savoring the lovely scent of it.

Kori was still a bit foggy, but knew what she wanted to do. “Kneel down, Janice. I’ll hold you up, so you won’t pee yourself.”

All Janice could do was slide her back down the smooth trunk of the big tree and support herself on her heels. Kori could smell even more of her sister’s cunt because her legs were spread. And at that moment, Janice let out a gasp, and a stream of liquid began to hiss into the ground, slowing to a trickle.

“Here,” murmured Kori, tearing a strip of toilet paper from the roll and handing it to her sister. Janice clumsily wiped herself, then tried, unsuccessfully, to stand. She smiled at her sister and giggled, “I can’t get uuuuuup…”

Kori was trembling with passion. She responded with her fingertips, moving her hands up Janice’s legs. Janice was quiet, her head back, eyes dreamily closed. The smoothness of her legs excited Kori, who had her fingers at Janice’s upper thighs. Her hands then moved around, cupping the roundness of her sister’s bare ass.

Kori positioned her shaky hands, one on each buttock. “We’ll get up together, and I’ll pull you up. On three.” Janice slowly nodded. “One, two… THREE.” Using their legs to support each other, the two sisters rose together, Janice with her back to the tree.

For a small eternity they stood — Janice, now gazing drunkenly at her sister, and Kori gazing back, her hands on Janice’s bottom. She shifted them, her fingers resting lightly on her sister’s hips.

Suddenly Janice reached out, and caressed Kori’s hair. “Thanks, sis,” she said softly, “you’re so good to me…”

Kori, feeling a boldness such as she had never known, moved her left hand forward and gently caressed Janice’s cunt.

Closing her eyes, Janice gasped.

It was like she was drifting through space. Janice knew she was drunk, but didn’t care. She felt delicate fingers touching her pubes, parting her moistened labia. When she opened her eyes, she gazed at her beautiful sister through darkness not dark enough to conceal her passion.

For a fleeting moment, Janice knew this was wrong, but Kori’s fingers were telling wonderful lies.

No one would know. No one.

Heart pounding, Janice pulled Kori close… and they kissed.

The kiss was gentle at first, then Janice’s lips parted and it became hot and passionate. Their tongues intertwined as Janice reached around Kori’s back and slid a hand down into her sister’s shorts. The crease of Kori’s ass was hot and sweaty.

The wetness between Janice’s legs increased as Kori wriggled two fingers into her big sister’s pussy. The shivering sensation of being fingered by her baby sister made Janice’s entire body tingle as she kissed her little sister harder.

Now frantic with lust, Janice pushed Kori’s shorts and panties down as far as they would go and ran her hands all over her sister’s bare bottom, then slipped a hand between Kori’s thighs to fondle her soft, virgin pussy. Janice’s excitement grew as she felt the raw heat pulsing between her sister’s legs. Leaning forward, she ran her tongue down Kori’s neck, causing the younger girl to moan. “Oh, Janice…”

Kori pulled her sister’s hips into hers and ground their pussy mounds together, while Janice trailed her hands up Kori’s smooth belly, grasping the hem of her t-shirt and tugging it up and off. Janice could barely make out Kori’s lacy bra in the deep moonlight, but knew the latch was in the front. With an effortless tug, she unfastened it, letting her sister’s breasts bounce free. With careful fingers, as to absorb every sensation, she slid the straps off Kori’s shoulders and dropped her sister’s bra into the dry leaves at their feet.

And for the first time, Janice cupped her sister’s breasts, her hands trembling. She closed her eyes and let her fingers send lovely pictures of Kori’s beauty to her mind. Her fingertips glided across her sister’s nipples to find them erect. Kori moaned louder, nuzzling and kissing Janice’s ear.

Janice lowered her head to take Kori’s left nipple into her hungry mouth, flicking the tip with her tongue while fondling her sister’s other breast. Kori clawed at the back of Janice’s shirt until she found the backsnap for her bra. Practically tearing it loose, she unsnapped it. Janice sighed at the sensation of her breasts bouncing free, as the cool air rushed through her shirt. Trembling with excitement, Kori began stroking her sister’s larger breasts.

Suddenly Janice broke their embrace, pausing to place a soft, loving kiss on Kori’s mouth, then slowly took off her shirt and stepped out of her shorts and panties. Kori stared excitedly, then quickly stripped off her own remaining clothes.

The two sisters were facing each other totally nude, their passion unleashed, ready to run wild.

Taking Janice’s hand, Kori whispered, “I want you.” She kissed her sister fiercely, then took a step back and knelt on the ground, making an impromptu bed from their discarded clothes. This done, she lay down and waited for her sister. She saw the stars glittering over the treetops, then Janice’s face as her sister lowered her body onto hers.

Kori grasped her sister’s ass as they kissed, gently pulling her sister’s cheeks apart. Her hand moved between the warm, soft cheeks and began stroking Janice’s butt crack.

Kori parted her shapely legs as Janice ran her hand over her younger sister’s pussy. “Put your finger in me,” she moaned.

Janice slowly slid her forefinger into Kori’s slippery cunt, amazed at how tight her sister’s pussy was.

Kori, feeling the waves of pleasure washing over her body, was now squeezing Janice’s breasts, pinching at her nipples. She thrust her hips frantically in response to her sister’s probing finger, now deep inside her. Finally, gasping for breath, she came.

Janice could feel Kori shaking like a leaf from the strength of her climax, her hand sticky with her sister’s sweetness. Almost as if hypnotized, Janice slowly licked her fingers.

Kori felt as if she was floating. When she opened her eyes a sweet eternity later, her big sister was smiling at her. They both began laughing, then kissed and hugged each other.

Soon, their kisses grew hotter and more passionate. Then, with a loving smile, Kori said, “Your turn, sis…”

Janice knew what she wanted. She stood and leaned forward against the tree, arms extended. She thrust out her ass and parted her legs invitingly, offering her sister what she had.

Kori could smell the sex in the air, her nostrils flaring as her face moved closer to Janice’s shapely ass. She ran her hands up Janice’s sweet thighs as she slowly extended her tongue, sliding it smoothly into her sister’s dripping crack. For the first time, Kori tasted the love nectar of another woman.

Savoring its sweetness, her tongue became more aggressive and began to dart between the warm folds of her sister’s vulva, making Janice arch her back and moan. Kori began licking and sucking at Janice’s pussy with a fervor that took the young woman to a peak within seconds.

Waves of pleasure attacked Janice’s body without mercy. Her nails dug into the bark of the tree that supported her. Her legs tensed, and she knew she couldn’t hold out for very long. Then, as one of Kori’s hands touched her breast, she exploded, bathing her sister’s mouth and chin with her juices. Heart pounding, she collapsed against the tree.

Turning around as her sister was rising to her feet, Janice embraced Kori and kissed her again, this time tasting her cunt on the younger girl’s soft lips.

She smiled at Kori. “God, that was fantastic. I can’t believe we did that… but you made me feel so good.”

“I wanted you so bad,” Kori whispered. “I had to have you. I don’t care if it’s wrong.”

Janice looked lovingly at her sister in the broken moonlight. This was the person who took her to heights she had never known existed. If it was wrong, so be it. She would not let this go.

She whispered, “I love you, Kori.”

Kori began to cry tears of joy. “I love you too, Janice!” They held each other closely.


Sharon was slightly drunk when the two girls got back but, even in her foggy state, she knew right away that there was something different about them. They had been holding hands and walking closely together when they emerged from the woods; giving each other little glances, smiling at if they were sharing a special secret. Almost, she thought, like they’re in love. Then she saw, in the flickering firelight, that both girls were slightly flushed.

Suddenly she felt hot all over. They couldn’t have, she thought, heart-throbbing frantically. Not my daughters. That’s incest, for God’s sake!

Of course, that didn’t stop me from touching Kori’s breasts last night, she mused.

Sharon observed her daughters more closely. There was, without question, a happy glow about them both that looked very much like the aftermath of passionate lovemaking. Kori, in particular, seemed especially giddy. And the way their eyes kept meeting, the smiles they shared…

My God, Sharon thought — my girls were making love out there. They were! 

It was a crazy, nonsensical notion, with no real proof to back it up… yet Sharon knew, as surely as night follows day, that her instincts were correct, that Janice and Kori had been indulging in lesbian sex. For how long, though? she wondered. Was tonight their first time, or have they been carrying on as a couple right under my nose for weeks — months, even?

Since last night Sharon had, in spite of her best efforts, fantasized about Kori… but she had no idea that Janice was also into girls. Her pussy was getting wet, just from thinking about it. She had to admit, too, that she felt a bit jealous.

Well, she told herself, the night isn’t over yet. 


It was getting late, and the fire was dying. They all retreated to the safety of the tent. They zippered the tent shut, with only a flashlight to illuminate the inside. The three sleeping bags were already out, neatly adjacent to one another. Still glowing from her loving experience, Janice very much wanted to share a sleeping bag with Kori — but she knew they couldn’t do that in Sharon’s presence. Kori echoed her thoughts, but hers went further; still savoring the memory of her mother touching her breasts, and she hers.

Sharon, feeling more excited than she could ever remember, closed her eyes, lifted her t-shirt off, and let her hair fall to her shoulders. She deftly put her hands behind her back and unclasped her bra, letting the straps fall off her shoulders. Her large breasts absorbed the night air, as she ran her fingers under them, to wipe away the summer sweat.

Noticing the unusual quiet, she smiled and opened her eyes… only to discover both her daughters looking at her with open curiosity. Their mother never really indulged in casual nudity, and with what had just happened between Janice and Kori in the woods, the arousal of both girls was immediate.

Sharon’s anticipation grew as she saw the same look in Kori’s eyes that she had in the bathroom last night — a look of desire. And now she seemed to feel the same as both girls studied her breasts. Is this really is going to happen? she told herself.

Janice laughed nervously. “Nice show, Mom…”

Sharon laughed too, making no effort to cover her nakedness, and grinned at her girls. “You know, when you two were nursing, I didn’t even put on a shirt when I was in the house… just stayed topless all day.”

Somehow Kori found her voice. “W-what’s that like, Mom? Nursing a baby, I mean.”

“Oh, I enjoyed it, honey… quite a bit.”

Janice stammered a bit, still buzzed. “Really? Doesn’t it hurt?”

“No, not at all, baby. In fact,” she murmured, “it used to get me all hot and bothered.” She suddenly laughed. “Sometimes, I used to… touch myself, when you were nursing. Those were some of the nicest orgasms I ever had.” She openly stroked her now erect nipples, smiling sweetly at her daughters.

Kori’s head was spinning. “Sometimes I wonder,” she said softly, “what it was like to nurse, back when I was a baby. I just can’t imagine… I mean…” She stopped, her eyes glued to her mother’s bare breasts.

Sharon grinned. This is it, she thought. Slowly, sensuously, she murmured, “If you try it again, I bet you’ll remember…”

Kori and Janice glanced at one another. Unsure, they read each other’s eyes, then looked at their half-naked mother. Sharon sat still, waiting.

Trembling with excitement, Kori slid close to her mother, and Janice quickly followed. Kneeling next to Sharon, the girls slowly leaned forward, lowering their heads to their mother’s chest. Kori’s cunt throbbed as she leaned forward and let her lips touch her mother’s warm nipple. She felt the heat of her mother’s breast touching her cheek. Janice closed her eyes. Her lips too, found the nipple. Both began to suck gently at their mother.

Sharon’s lips parted, her tongue emerging to moisten them as she ran her fingers through her daughters’ hair. The sensation of their warm mouths on her skin electrified her as she pulled them both closer.

Janice’s panties were soaked. Her tongue began darting over Sharon’s nipple, causing her mother to moan quietly. Kori cupped Sharon’s breast as she licked and sucked at the stiffening tip.

Her breath becoming ragged, Sharon trailed her left hand down to the waistband of her shorts and inside. Hearing Sharon moan louder, Kori looked down to see her mother’s hand between her legs, fingering her pussy. Still suckling, Kori grasped the waistband of Sharon’s shorts and tugged them down her thighs. She wore no panties, and Kori was thrilled beyond belief at the view of her mother’s fingers gliding over her moist vulva. The sight was intoxicating. Kori suckled at Sharon’s nipple lovingly, her heart racing at the realization that her incestuous fantasy was coming true.

Sharon began to fondle Janice’s breasts through her t-shirt with her free hand, half noticing that her daughter wasn’t wearing a bra. Janice moaned in surprise as her mother fondled her and began to rub her own pussy through her shorts. With her free hand, she pulled her shirt up, baring her breasts for Mom.

Sharon felt their warmth, her fingers brushing Janice’s nipples, then softly squeezing them. Now beside herself with excitement, she plunged two fingers deep inside her wet vagina, gasping at how good that felt.

Kori could feel her mother shuddering with pleasure, and began to finger her own hard clit.

They all seemed to come together — Sharon with her two daughters licking and sucking at her breasts, Kori with her right hand massaging her cunt with a passion, and Janice, half-naked, with two fingers shoved in her own juicy slit. The tent was filled with gasps and moans of ecstasy. They all seem to rise together to a crescendo of sexual pleasure, the sound of their mother’s sudden orgasm setting Janice and Kori off too. Someone cried “Oh, GOD!” Someone screamed. Then finally, it was quiet. They fell against each other in a sweaty heap.

Janice began tugging at her mother’s shorts, while Kori stripped off her own clothes. It was not much longer before all three women were nude, inviting the summer night air to kiss their eager bodies.

Janice put her arms around her mother. Their breasts pressed together as they engaged in a deep kiss. Kori pressed against her sister’s back and slid her hands down her sides. She cupped Janice’s buttocks, parting her cheeks, then bent down and began licking her sister’s asshole.

Sharon was lost in the passionate embrace of her oldest daughter. Her eager hands fondled Janice’s breasts while their tongues danced together. Janice moaned as Kori’ tongue slid moistly through the crack of her ass. Kori could not help but finger her own cunt as she watched her mother and sister kissing and rubbing their bodies together.

Suddenly Janice turned around toward Kori on all fours, gazing hungrily at her baby sister. Knowing what she wanted, Kori quickly lay on her back, spreading her legs.

Janice gazed lovingly at her sister’s womanhood. It was pink, very wet, and she could almost feel its hot yearning from the short distance. Her mother’s hands stroked her ass as she lowered herself between her sister’s legs.

Kori threw her head back as Janice’s tongue explored her outer folds… trailing up to her hard clit, sending waves of pleasure up her spine. Janice, meanwhile, arched her back and moaned as Sharon’s fingers slid very easily into her vagina.

“Yesss… fuck me with your tongue!” Kori hissed.

Janice began to grind her hips, thrusting them back, driving her mother’s probing fingers in even deeper. She moaned into her sister’s cunt as Sharon rubbed her ass with one hand, fingering her slit with the other. With a deep sexual hunger, Janice drank in the sweet essence of her sister’s vagina.

Kori cupped her breasts and pulled on her nipples, panting as her beautiful big sister ate her pussy. She watched her mother behind Janice, rubbing her face against the teenager’s ass, her fingers deep in Janice’s cunt.

Kori came, waves of pleasure assaulting her senses that caused her to scream. Janice also climaxed noisily, her inner walls swelling around Sharon’s fingers, her face drenched with her younger sister’s wetness.

As soon as she could catch her breath, Kori moved to embrace her mother. She climbed on top of Sharon and they kissed wildly, fucking each other’s mouths with their tongues. Kori slid down her mother’s warm body, kissing and licking her skin. Her face hovered over Sharon’s wet cunt for a moment. savoring the sight and smell of her… then she plunged her face into her mom’s crotch, licking her from clit to anus. Sharon almost screamed with pleasure, then Janice’s hot mouth closed over her own and they kissed again.

Sharon smiled at Janice as they parted. “I want to taste you now, baby…”

Grinning wickedly, Janice rose to a kneeling position and slowly straddled Sharon’s face, lowering her cunt to her mother’s already open mouth. She gasped as Sharon began probing her dripping pussy with a warm, wet tongue.

Sharon and her girls made love for hours until they were exhausted. The next morning, they all woke in each other’s arms, still nude. At first, no one spoke. They smiled shyly at one another, sharing small touches and caresses, then sweet kisses and declarations of devotion.

Now, they were more than mother and daughters, parent and children… they were lovers.

The End