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Ripples, Chapter 35

  • Posted on December 7, 2023 at 3:54 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a four-way orgy.

As another test to determine whether Jess and her families are truly suitable candidates for the Society, Sienna and Lacey drop by Jessica’s clothing store at closing time. She lets them in to shop anyhow, the twins seduce her, and their mother Stella conveniently “catches” the three of them at it.

A side note: Jess, her sister Laura and her lover Rachel have been toying with the idea of inviting another family member to join in their incestuous relationship: Jessica’s and Laura’s mother Ann, who has herself recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. They discuss the idea, and are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…


by Sapphmore and JetBoy

Jessica was in the back of her shop, just outside the changing rooms, completely nude and sandwiched on the thick shag carpet between two equally bare teenage girls – Lacey and Sienna, the twin daughters of her friend Stella. Lacey’s fingers were buried in her cunt; hers were still deep inside Sienna.

And there was Stella, leaning against the doorway, after she’d crept into the shop to catch Jess and the twins in the aftermath of a frenzied fuck. Not that she was upset or angry. In fact, she had a hand buried in her knickers, and was openly masturbating to the lewd scene.

Disentangling herself from the girls, Jessica slowly sat up, a wry half-smile on her lips at the sight. “Hello, Stella. I suppose there’s no point in saying, ‘This isn’t what it looks like’ – but then, it’s not as if this wasn’t your plan all along, am I right?”

Stella said nothing, just released a choked cry as she spurred herself to orgasm. Once her ecstasy had crested and waned, she withdrew her hand from the dark blue panties, letting her dress fall back into place. “Actually, what you’re doing is exactly what it looks like, Jess,” she said, still a bit out of breath. “And it’s very much what I was hoping to see.”

Exchanging cheeky grins, the twins got to their feet and advanced towards Stella. “Let me taste, Mummy,” Lacey said. She seized her mother’s hand, bringing it to her mouth to suck greedily on the woman’s sticky fingers. Meanwhile, Sienna captured her mum’s mouth in a lingering tongue kiss. When the teen broke away, Stella licked her lips to savour the unfamiliar essence of her friend’s cunt.

If we are still friends, Jess told herself. The jury just might be out on that.

When the three blondes looked back, expecting Jess to be gathering up her clothes and getting dressed, they were surprised instead to see her lounging back on the leather sofa, legs apart, feet on the floor and one hand resting on her belly, the fingers barely grazing the glistening labia.

Jess fixed her gaze on Stella, pleased to note that the woman was distracted by the sight of her lewdly displayed cunt. That’s right, sweetie – it’s my turn to play.

“I guessed that you’d try something like this, Stel,” she began, “but I never thought you’d make it so bloody obvious. I mean, sending these two in dressed like they’re auditioning for an X-rated Britney Spears video?” Not exactly subtle. Then, you oh-so-conveniently catch us in the act?” She shook her head. “Oh, Stella. Why do you think I left the door unlocked for you?”

Stella spread her arms in a gesture of helplessness. “I’m sorry if you feel I’ve been deceptive, Jess, but this seemed to be the right move for me to make after…”

“…After you fucked my daughter?”

“Well, I suppose that’s the simplest way to put it.”

Jess slowly nodded. “Sienna and Lacey were very forthcoming about this little escapade, and what they were here to do. You might say I got the better deal. After all, I had it off with both your daughters.”

With a sigh, Stella soldiered on. “There are things you don’t know, Jess, but if you let me, I’ll explain it all. First, you have to believe that I’d never do anything to hurt Alice… and I’m not trying to come between you and Rachel.”

“It’s true, Jessica,” Lacey said. “Mum wants you, yeah… but she’s way into Rachel, too. In fact, she wants to fuck all your–”

Stella abruptly cut her daughter off. “Let me handle this, Lace.” She turned back to Jess. “Here’s the thing: I wouldn’t have let my girls pay you this little visit if I didn’t know you were already having sex with Alice.”

Fuck! Jessica struggled to hide her dismay, hoping against hope that she wasn’t blushing.

“Mind you, Alice didn’t tell us anything,” Stella continued, seating herself in a nearby chair, “and we tried very hard to get her to. I began to suspect you two were closer than most mums and daughters when you brought your girls to my place that afternoon. There was something about the way Alice looked at me; I see the same thing in my girls’ eyes when they’re in the mood to fuck. Sienna and Lacey figured out right away that Alice was gay… probably Katie and Poppy as well. That’s why we invited her to spend the night.”

Glancing at Stella’s daughters, Jessica saw faint smiles of satisfaction on their faces.

“Alice told the twins that Rachel’s oldest girl Bella Thomas was her girlfriend, and they learned about sex from each other.” Stella shook her head. “Honestly, Jess – you may think that’s a useful cover story, but there’s no bloody way Alice learned how to fuck like that from another twelve-year-old. I’ve been with seasoned dykes who couldn’t eat pussy or rim like she can. Oh, and when she got hold of my strap-on, Alice had it fastened and around her waist in under thirty seconds.” She paused, studying her friend. “As I said, she didn’t give you away, Jess, or your family… but she did admit to having a secret, one she needed permission to share. That’s when I knew for sure you and Alice were lovers. It’s the only answer that made sense.”

Stella paused again, trying to gauge Jessica’s response, and decided to chance a direct approach. “Now it’s your turn, Jess. When did you realise I was fucking my girls?”

By then, Jess knew there was no point in denying anything. “Remember the last time you and your girls were here, a couple of months ago?” Jess began. Stella hesitantly nodded. “You two,” she continued, pointing at the twins, “were getting pret-ty flirty with me, yes?”

“Guilty as charged,” Sienna cooed. “We always thought you were hot, Jessica. Right, Lace?”

“Oh, sizzling hot,” said Lacey. “When Mum licked me that night, I pretended it was you doing it to me in the changing room, Jessica.”

Jess had to laugh. “Seems as if we finally made up for lost time, ladies. Anyhow, the three of you were having a quiet chat about me a moment later… and I just happened to hear some of it. Stel, you told Lacey and Sienna how much you loved seeing them in sexy lingerie. Let’s just say it didn’t sound at all like a mother complimenting her daughters’ taste in knickers, but someone looking forward to taking them off.”

“Mm. We should have saved that little chat for the car,” Stella said, shaking her head. “Any other clues?”

“Well, Alice noticed a few interesting things when we came to your barbecue,” Jess replied. “Specifically, when your daughters showed my girls around the house – especially the bedrooms. For one thing, there were two strap-on cocks lying on the floor by your bed, and they’d both been used.”

“Ah, yes, I was wondering if she’d seen those,” Stella sighed, turning a stern gaze to her grinning daughters. “I’m afraid my children never really learned how to put their toys away when they’re done playing.”

“Sorry, Mum,” said Lacey, wearing a mock pout, and Sienna giggled.

“There was something else Alice noticed,” Jess continued. “When she saw Lacey’s bed, it appeared as if no one had used it in days. She found herself wondering if Sienna’s looked the same.”

“Not quite,” Sienna said. “When me and Lacey spend the night together, we always do it in my bed, ‘cos it’s got a bouncier mattress. Most nights, though, we both sleep with Mom.”

“It’s not all sleeping, though!” Lacey exclaimed, her eyes dancing with amusement.

“That’s how Alice saw it,” Jessica said. “Mostly guesswork, I suppose… but by then, she felt certain that the three of you were lovers.”

“And you let her spend the night with us anyway,” said Stella. “So you trust me that much, at least. I do appreciate that.” She paused. “Alice must have you to thank for her lovemaking skills, then. Well done, Jess. She’s incredible.”

“How did it start with you and her?” asked Lacey.

“Oh… Alice saw me kissing Rachel,” Jessica began, “then she came to my bedroom one night to tell me she liked girls. One thing led to another, and – and somehow, we ended up making love.”

“Simple as that,” Stella sighed. “I’m sure it was a beautiful experience. Our story isn’t so different, really. My two thought I was lonely when I hadn’t had a girlfriend for a while, so they decided to do something about it. Make their mum happy, you know. So are you and Alice still having sex?”

Jess hesitated, then looked away. “Yes, we are.”

“Look, Jess,” Stella began, trying her best to reassure her friend. “There’s no reason for you to be nervous. I’m clearly not going to run down the street calling for the police. I knew Alice would tell you everything about what we did with her that night… and about my sexual relationship with the twins.”

“Oh, I know,” Jess replied, staring at her clasped hands. “It’s still not an easy thing to confess to.”

Choosing to grasp the nettle, Stella continued. “And then there’s Katie and Poppy. Have you been intimate with them, too?”

The look in her friend’s eyes told Stella all she needed to know, but Jessica still felt the need to explain. “I guess there’s no point denying it. I’m intimate with all my daughters. I came home after a council meeting and found Alice having sex with them. I’m not blaming her, I could have stopped it right then, but…” She gestured helplessly. “I didn’t want to make them stop, damn it. And I was… drawn in.”

“I understand completely. It must have been quite a shock, but I’m sure it was a beautiful sight, too. Wasn’t it?”

So beautiful,” Jessica replied with a slow nod, staring into space. “The, the love they were showing one another… how often do sisters even find that kind of closeness? It just – it seemed so right to me, what they were doing.”

“And you wanted to be part of that. The closeness.”

“I did.”

“Oh, Jess,” Stella murmured, “I know those feelings. My girls and I have explored them in every imaginable way.” She paused, then asked. “So what about Rachel?”

Surprised, Jess glanced up. “Wh-what do you mean?”

Stella smiled. “Come, now, Jess… there’s no bloody way you could keep a secret as big as that from her; no one could. You’re having sex with your daughters and with Rachel; Alice and Bella are girlfriends… it stands to reason that you’re all involved.” She gave the thought time to sink in, then added, “No more secrets, Jessica. Let’s put all our cards on the table. I promise you, it will be to your benefit.”

Frowning, Jess said, “What is this all about, Stella?”

“I just want you and the girls to know that you’re not alone,” Stella replied. “We’re kindred spirits, you and I. Perhaps we could bring our families together for a bit of fun now and again. It’s all I could do to stop the twins from seducing you at the barbecue, you know.”

“That’s true,” Sienna declared. “Mum threatened to ground us for a week if we tried!”

Lacey gave her sister a wry look. “Yeah, but that didn’t stop you from flashing your cunt at Jessica while she was eating.”

Shut it, you cow!” Sienna snapped, giving her sister a hard nudge.

Girls,” Stella said, silencing her daughters with an icy look. “Jess and I are trying to have a serious discussion here. A little less levity, if you please.” The twins meekly nodded, but not before Lacey stuck her tongue out at Sienna.

“As I was saying…” Stella returned her attention to Jess. “I’d like to invite your family over for a few days, and that invitation very much includes Rachel. So now, I’m just going to come out with it and ask: has she made love to your daughters?”

“She has,” Jess replied. The hell with it; she’s right. No point in being dishonest now.

Likewise, I suspect you and your girls have enjoyed lesbian sex with Rachel’s daughters. Perhaps even an all-family orgy or two. Am I wrong?”

Jessica’s gaze was rock-steady. “No, Stella… you’re not wrong.”

“And what about your sister?”

Jessica stared at Stella. Go ahead. Tell her. 

“Laura? She wasn’t part of it at first, but she came home from an assignment without phoning first, and caught us in that orgy you just mentioned… our first, actually.” She had to laugh. “You should have seen it. Alice was rogering me with a strap-on, and Poppy was riding Rachel’s face.”

Fuck, that’s so hot,” Sienna whispered. By then, she and her equally naked sibling were idly fondling each other’s slits. Stella’s mouth tightened a bit at the interruption, but she kept her peace.

My sister’s a lesbian, you know that… but let’s face it, coming home to catch your sister and underage  nieces in an orgy was bound to be a bit of a shock. We tried to explain how it happened, and did manage to calm her a bit, though she was still very uncomfortable with the whole thing. So Laura finally settled down in our guest room… and before the sun came up, Poppy, Katie and Cindy managed to seduce her.”

Jess saw three pairs of eyes widen. Lacey also moaned, perhaps because Sienna had just slipped two fingers into her cunt.

“My goodness,” Stella marvelled. “So your sister got coaxed into bed by three little girls? And she fucked them all?”

“I believe it was more a case of ‘they fucked her’, Jess said, half smiling. “My daughters can be very persuasive.” She studied her friend for a moment. “So, now that you know the truth about me; about my family… where do we go from here? You realise I have to tell the others what happened here tonight, yes? They already know about you and your daughters, and what the three of you did with Alice. She described it all  in graphic detail.”

“There was quite a bit to describe,” said Stella.

“Poppy even asked me if you’ll be joining our family club.”

“Family club…? Mmm, I like that. And what did you say?”

“I told them I needed to speak to you first… and that we might invite you to have fun with us sometime.” With that, Allowing a hand to casually drop between her legs, Jess eased her middle finger between the still-moist folds of her labia, watching as the others followed her movements.

“Oh… oh, fuck…” Lacey whimpered as Sienna’s fingers flashed in and out of her vagina.

All but mesmerised by the view of Jessica’s lewd display, Stella managed to respond, her tone somewhat less confident than before. “Well, Jess… we’d be very interested.”

“Oooooh!” Lacey cried, exploding in a rapturous orgasm. She mewled and shook for a few seconds, then collapsed, resting her head on the arm of the sofa.

Immediately turning to Jess, Sienna cooed, “Oh, yes, we’d love that. Your girls are super cute, ‘specially Poppy. I just want to lick her all over. Ms. Thomas and her daughters would be there too, right? Omigod, I feel like fucking every one of them!”

Jess felt a delicious shiver at the thought of the twins making love to her daughters. Deciding to play one last hand, she pushed her finger deep into her cunt, then withdrew and examined it for a moment before casually licking away the evidence of her arousal. She saw Stella slowly push herself up from the chair and to her feet, but before the woman could approach, Jess glanced at her watch.

“Oh, dear… I’d better be going. The girls are probably thinking I’ve fallen asleep at my desk.” Jess didn’t fail to note a hint of frustrated arousal in Stella’s eyes. Rising, she began to gather her scattered clothes. “Stel, I’ll call you later in the week after I’ve discussed this with my family. Rachel and I ought to meet with you to agree on some ground rules, assuming everyone’s okay with… whatever this is we’re proposing.”

“A group fuck, Jess. Let’s call it what it is. Mind you, there’s no pressure. If your bunch is up for a family sex party, fabulous. If not, I hope we’re still friends.”

“Oh, of course.” Jessica was stepping into her panties, trying to make it look sexy, then shrugged into her bra. “To be honest with you, Stel, I very much doubt that any of us – Rachel, her daughters, my daughters, and definitely not me – will pass up the chance to fuck you and the twins. So start thinking about what day you’d like to have all of us over, all right?”

Yes!” Sienna cheered, while Lacey clapped her hands. “Thank you, Jessica. Me and Lace… we can’t wait!”

Turning to her daughters, Stella said, “Well, for right now, girls, perhaps you should get dressed. Oh, and did you actually find something you liked here? Besides Jessica, I mean?”

Both girls giggled. “There, Mum,” Lacey said, pointing to their items, laid out on a nearby table.

“You found all that?” Stella exclaimed, then sighed. “I’m going to have to add a new wing to the house one day, just for extra closet space. Jess, can you hold these things for me? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.”

“That’s fine, Stella,” Jess replied, smoothing out her dress. “But I really do need to lock up and get home.”

“Very well, but before you do…” Taking a couple of steps forward, Stella cupped Jessica’s face, drawing her into a kiss that was gentle at first, then insistent. Jess began to respond before her friend abruptly broke away.

“There. A little show of faith,” Stella murmured. “You bloody tease.” Patting Jessica’s bum, she said, “Come girls. Off we go.”

Exchanging goodbyes, the four women made their way to the door, where Jess let Stella and the twins out, then locked it behind them.


On arriving home, Jessica quickly detected a savoury aroma in the air. Glancing into the kitchen, she was pleased to see Laura at the stove.

“Greetings, sister mine,” said Laura, brushing her hair aside with the back of her hand. “The girls are fed and happy. They wanted fish fingers for supper, but I thought I’d whip up a pepper steak stir-fry for us.”

“God, I love you,” Jess sighed, giving her sibling a lingering kiss, “and that sounds wonderful. Just let me get out of these clothes, then I’m all yours.”

“What, right now?” Laura said with a wink. “Save it for after we eat.”

“Smartarse,” a smirking Jess replied just before exiting.

Upstairs, she took a quick shower to wash away the scent of Lacey and Sienna, changed into a light blue teddy with nothing underneath, then checked on the girls, who were doing their homework.

When Katie got a glimpse of her mum in that cute teddy, she offered to take a break from maths and ‘make you come with my fingers, maybe?’ Jess gently refused, but paused to give the nine-year-old a kiss and a naughty cuddle.

From there, Jess returned to the kitchen, where she opened a bottle of wine, poured two glasses and handed one to Laura, then drained hers in a single gulp.

Laura arched an eyebrow. “Wow, sis. Rough day?”

Turning to check the door, Jess murmured, “It depends on your definition of ‘rough’… Stella’s girls paid me a visit at the shop, right around closing time.”

“Oh, right,” Laura nodded, carefully adding a measure of soy sauce to her stir-fry. “I remember you mentioning they might drop by…” Suddenly getting her sister’s meaning, she glanced up, wide-eyed. “Wait, wait. Are you telling me…?”

“Yes, I am. The three of us fucked right outside the fitting rooms… and while we were hard at it, Stella crept in and spied on us.”

Laura stared at her, still clutching the measuring spoon. “What? How the hell did she get inside? Didn’t you close the store and lock up? So… what did she do when she saw you with her daughters?”

“She fingered her cunt, actually,” Jess said. “And I left the door unlocked for her. Christ, I knew what Stella was up to when she phoned to tell me she’d be bringing Lacey and Sienna by. She meant to catch us in the act.” Grinning, she added, “We gave her one bloody amazing show, too.”

Carefully placing the spoon on the counter, Laura seized a chair, planted it in front of her sister, then sat. “Tell me,” she said. “All of it.”

So Jess relayed everything that happened, ending by telling Laura, “Don’t say anything about this to the girls just yet. We’ll have a family meeting later.” She took out her phone. “I need to give Rachel a call; let her know the news.”

“Sod that,” Laura declared, plucking the phone from her sister’s hand and stuffing it in the back pocket of her jeans. “Supper’s ready, and you’re calling nobody until you sit down and eat.”

“I am awfully hungry,” Jess admitted, taking a place at the table. Laura filled a plate and set it down before her sister, then dished herself up a serving.

The pepper steak was delicious, as was the wine, and it was a satisfied Jessica who phoned Rachel after the washing up.

“Come by soon as you can,” Jess told her lover, “and bring the girls along. I’ve got news.”

“Can I at least get a hint of what this is about?” Rachel protested.

“Stella knows about us. And we officially know about them.”

“I see. So you spoke to her?”

“And the twins.”

“Hmmm,” Rachel mused. “I suspect there’s a good story behind this.”

Jess chuckled, “To say the least, yes. Stella brought Lacey and Sienna right at closing time, left them with me and asked if I could help them find a dress, as she had ‘an important call’. It was obvious what she really wanted to happen.”

“And did it?”

“In a very big way. “I’ll give you the graphic details later, but the bottom line is that I fucked them both.” She paused. “I hope you’re not angry… or jealous.”

“Of course I’m not angry, love,” Rachel said, “but you can’t blame me for being a little jealous. No matter – if everything goes the way we want, I’ll be burning up the sheets with Stella and the twins soon enough. Oh, and what about Stella? Did she join the fun?”

“No, she just watched us. All right, that’s all you need to know for now. Get yourself and your daughters dressed, and hurry over.”

“What makes you think we aren’t already dressed?” Rachel replied, affecting an offended tone.

“Well… are you?” Jess demanded.

“Christ, no. I’m lounging about in my knickers. Bella and Cindy are up to some sort of wickedness in the bathtub. Truth be told, I was thinking of joining them… from what I can hear, it sounds like they’re having a lovely time.”

“Never mind that! Put your damned pants on and get over here!”

“You’re no fun at all, woman. Fine, fine. See you soon.”


Half an hour later, the extended family was gathered together in the Matthews’ living room. To the rapt attention of everyone present, Jess described what happened between her and Stella’s daughters, and the conversation afterward. Needless to say, the girls were all delighted, quickly entering into a discussion about how soon Stella’s family could join theirs for an enormous sex party, and who wanted to play with who.

Asking their daughters to stay in the living room, Rachel and Jess made their way to the kitchen, Laura close behind.

Rachel spoke first. “So, Jess… d’you think Stella is on the level here? She’s just interested in getting our families together for sexy fun, no ulterior motives?”

“I can’t even imagine what those ulterior motives would be,” Jessica replied. “Alice is an eyewitness to Stella fucking her daughters, so when it comes to breaking the law, she’s in the same boat we are. She can’t turn us in, she can’t blackmail us… besides, I don’t see her doing any of those things. Stella’s our friend, for God’s sake.” She glanced from her lover to her sister, then back again. “I think she’s sincere… and we should take advantage of what she’s offering us.”

Frowning thoughtfully, Rachel said, “I recall you mentioning that Lacey and Sienna were going off to university soon, yes?” Jess nodded. “Now I’m wondering if this is at least partially about Stella seeking out someone to take the twins’ place in her bed.”

Jess shrugged. “Could be. With the sexual appetite those girls have, their leaving home has got to be a hell of a wrench for their mum. Hence, her interest in our family.” She broke into a laugh. “Oh, God… it’s like we’re some kind of sex charity. From Oxfam to Oxfuck!”

“It’s a cause I’d support, that’s for sure,” said Laura. “Getting the chance to do a good deed and burn the bedsheets up with Stella? I’m in, I’m in!” Noticing her sister’s raised eyebrows, she added, “I can’t help it, I’m a bloody fool for elegant women, especially if they’re queer. Stella’s all that and a bag of crisps!”

“You agree with Jess, then,” Rachel said. “We throw in with Stel and bring our families together.”


“Then I make it unanimous. Let’s get this orgy started!” Rachel turned to Jess. “What’s our next move, lover?”

“I told Stella we’d meet her in a couple of days, let her know what we’ve decided.”

Rachel gleefully clapped her hands. “Yes indeed! Then we’ll show those girls of hers a few new tricks.”

Jess smiled, amused by her lover’s insatiable hunger. “There’s something else we need to discuss, Rach. Our mum is due back soon, and I plan to tell her about us right away… but if you don’t mind, I’d like to break the news myself, then have you over for supper the next evening. I just want her to feel free to ask me anything.”

“Of course, Jess.” Rachel gave her lover’s hand a brief squeeze.

“Thanks, sweetheart.”

Laura spoke up. “Well, I have to put some time in at the office to dot the I’s and cross the T’s for my latest article, then find out what the editor has lined up for me next. Hopefully it’s not an exposé of lesbian incest rings. I’ll be back the day before Mum’s ship docks. We’ll need to be a bit more careful once she’s back, of course. We don’t want her turning up unexpectedly like I did!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be having a little chat with the girls about that. Oh, and Rach, that brings me to something else we need to discuss. I’ve already spoken to Laura about this, and she’s of the same mind as me.”

“Mmm, sounds very mysterious.”

“More than you think, believe me… I feel sure you’ll be up for it, though. When the three of us were upstairs fucking yesterday, a very wicked idea popped into my head, and I’ve been obsessing on it ever since. You know how tricky it’s going to be, keeping what we’re doing with the girls from Mum, but I have a possible solution.” She paused, then came out with it. “We get her to join us.”

Rachel’s eyes widened. “You’re serious.”

“Very. Remember when you were riding Laura’s face, and I was holding your body to mine while I fingered your arse? I was pretending you were my mother.”

“Fantasising about another woman while we fuck? For shame, Jess.”

You know what I mean. Mum just popped into my head, and I suddenly wondered what it would be like to have sex with her. After you went home, I told Laura about it, and she admitted she’d had the same thoughts – not surprising, seeing as she’s been with a few older women. Why get stressed trying to hide our secrets when we can just bring her into the fold?”

Jess could tell Rachel found the idea intriguing, but less than likely to come off. “And how exactly do you intend to make that happen?”

“Well, that’s the big question. I can’t exactly say, ‘Hey Mum, I’m a lesbian just like Laura, isn’t that great? Oh, and by the way… do you fancy having sex with us – and your granddaughters’? Christ, she’d keel over on the spot.”

“You could get the little ones to seduce her, like they did with Laura.”

“I’ll assume you’re joking,” Jessica retorted. “First, she needs to get used to me and you being together, then maybe Laura and I can sound her out about her sex life. If Mum’s decided she prefers to be with women, we can try to figure out how wild she’s willing to get.”

“Maybe wilder than you think, sis,” Laura said. “Mum tried to play it down, but I suspect she’s much more excited about this new lifestyle than she lets on.”

Jess stood, stretched. “Let’s leave it there for tonight.” Glancing toward the door leading to the living room, she murmured. “Wonder what the girls are doing out there.”

“Mmm.” Rachel stroked her chin. “We didn’t actually tell them to stay dressed, did we?”

“It’s a school night, so there won’t be any sex parties tonight,” Jess said. “But just in case we have to break one up anyway, let’s just… Well, are you ladies in the mood for a full family get-together this Friday? We can fuck ourselves into a stupor the day before Mum gets here.”

“I’m in,” Rachel said.

“Me, too,” Laura echoed. “It’ll be an extra road trip for me, but very worth it!”

“Okay, then.” The women exchanged hugs and kisses, then made their way into the living room to check on the youngsters.

The meeting in the kitchen had only taken a few minutes, so the girls hadn’t taken off all their clothes, but each of them had removed at least a couple of items. Cindy was closest to being naked, up on all fours with Poppy licking her from behind. Alice was seated on the sofa with Bella and Katie on either side, all three of them partially undressed, occasionally swapping deep kisses as they watched their sisters perform.

Since Cindy was so close to coming, the grownups chose to wait for it. But once she’d squealed through her climax, Jess clapped hands and announced, “Okay, ladies. It’s a school night; time to end the party.”

Thankfully, the girls weren’t too disappointed. Of course, the promise of a Friday night orgy had quite a lot to do with that. Rachel’s daughters got dressed, while Jessica’s trio took their things upstairs to leave in the clothes hamper before getting into whatever they intended to sleep in. These days, they usually went to bed naked.

Once Rachel, Bella and Cindy had left for home, Jess instructed her three to turn in for the evening. “No sharing beds tonight, okay?” she said. “Save it for Friday.”

Kissing each of her girls, she went to her room, where she was soon joined by Laura. After a brief talk about the possibilities of their mother joining them in bed – and what they’d most like to do to her there – the sisters came together for a hard, fast fuck, then nestled together before falling asleep.


Meanwhile, Stella was on the phone with Blanche Turner, regaling her friend and fellow Society member with a detailed account of the twins’ seducing Jessica, which had gone off without a hitch. Well, it was true that Jess figured out Stella’s game before it had really begun – but instead of ruining the scheme, Jess had eagerly played along, stripping off with Lacey and Sienna for a wild threesome on the carpeted floor of her fashion shop. Blanche listened raptly as Stella described the lewd spectacle that greeted her when she’d crept into the changing room area to “catch” Jess and the twins in the act.

“Blanche, I know it’s Society policy to have a second member investigate potential new candidates, but this time I can say, hand on heart, that it won’t be at all necessary. When I walked in on Jess and the twins, she wasn’t one bit surprised. Seemed she’d sussed out my plan and was expecting me to show up. Alice told her mum everything about what happened at the sleepover; in fact, that clever girl already suspected I was having it off with my daughters.”

“Oh? How on earth did she work that out?”

Stella sighed. “My daughters, I’m afraid. When I had Jess and her girls over a few weeks ago, Sienna and Lacy left a few clues… and Alice was quick to pick up on them. But here’s the thing: she’d never have known how to read those clues unless she was having lesbian sex herself. Sex with adults.”

Blanche shook her head. “That’s as may be, but you do need to have a serious talk with the twins, Stella. That kind of carelessness could destroy everything we’ve worked for.”

“I lectured them on the way home from Jessica’s shop.”

“Good. So how did Jess respond when you showed your face?”

“Cool as a cucumber,” Stella replied. “At first, anyhow. But she became a bit unnerved when I began asking about her daughters…”

“Wait – did you say, ‘daughters’, as in plural?” Blanche cut in.

“Spot on!” Stella gleefully exclaimed. “It took some doing, but I got Jess to admit she’s sexually involved with Alice – and her two youngest girls as well. Katie and Poppy, remember them?”

“Indeed I do,” Blanche sighed. “Oh, my, that Katie. She and her little sister were both here for Savannah’s birthday party. It’s funny – Katie was the most modestly dressed child there, but I couldn’t stop looking at her, wondering what she looked like naked.”

“The thrill of the unknown, I suspect. Well, if things proceed according to plan, you may get the chance to find out. Oh, and I haven’t told you everything yet. Jessica isn’t just intimate with her own daughters… Rachel Thomas and her daughters are also part of the big happy family.”

“They’re all involved? Oh, my, this is wonderful news. Stella… honestly, what can I say? You’ve outdone yourself. When will you speak with Jess next?”

“She’ll be calling me soon. Jess wants a meeting where we discuss both our families getting together. If she has any terms or conditions, I’ll find out then.”

“Good. Keep me up to date.”

“I haven’t finished yet, Blanche. You know the saying ‘Good things come in threes?’ When I dropped Alice off, Jessica’s sister Laura was visiting. I already knew she was gay, so on a hunch I asked Jess if Laura was part of this, too… and as it turns out, she very much is.

“It seems Laura caught the whole bloody family in a sort of getting-to-know-you orgy. That ended up quite the awkward scene… but then, later that night, the three littlest girls persuaded her to join them in bed.”

“My goodness. Jess and Rachel have trained their daughters well, it seems. So Laura is now part of the festivities, eh?”

Yes, and I wanted to ask you about her. Laura doesn’t have daughters of her own, I’m afraid… but under the circumstances, don’t you think we should make an exception and offer her a membership?”

“I agree completely, Stella. This is a golden opportunity for the Society, and we daren’t let it slip through our fingers. Something very special is called for, and Grace and I have been busy planning an offer Jess will find hard to refuse.”

“I doubt she will. Jess may be new to lesbian sex, but her appetite seems boundless… and Rachel is far too adventurous to pass up something this exciting.”

“Music to my ears, love. We’ll start making tentative plans for the reveal party; get the invites ready to send. There’s always a good turnout to meet new members, but we’ll stress this one is extra special.”

After a brief discussion of other Society business, the two women exchanged goodbyes. Stella switched off her cell phone, set it on the night table, then called for her daughters.

In a flash, Sienna and Lacey hastened into their mum’s bedroom. Both were completely naked, but for bright pink strap-on cocks jutting from their pelvises.

“Time to get fucked, Mum!” Sienna announced, bouncing on tiptoe to make her dildo wobble up and down.

“Good – I’m positively gasping for it,” said Stella, sweeping the covers aside to reveal her own nude body.

“We could’ve done it right away, y’know,” Sienna pointed out, rolling her eyes. “You’re the one who simply had to call Blanche first.”

Stella knelt before her daughters, putting herself on display for them. “I couldn’t keep news like that to myself, sweetheart. This is the biggest thing to hit the Society since we founded it. Besides, we get to have fun now!” She coyly placed a hand over her vulva. “So… what are you waiting for?”

Lacey was stroking her latex prick in an extremely lewd fashion. “Up on all fours, Mum-my…” she sang.

As Stella obligingly got into position, offering her cunt and anus to the twins, Sienna glanced at her sister. “Who gets which hole, Lace?”

“You take her bum,” Lacey replied. “I want to feel Mum on top of me.” She slid beneath her mother, holding the strap-on cock upright. “Okay…I’m ready.”

Carefully placing the tip at the entrance to her vagina, Stella lowered herself, shivering as all nine inches of Lacey’s toy filled her. “Mmmmm, yessss… oh my stars, that feels lovely.” She slowly leaned forward until her breasts were touching Lacey’s, then glanced back over her shoulder at Sienna. “Come on, girl. Put it in.”

The grinning teen drew close. “First, let me do this…” Dipping down, she bathed Stella’s rosebud with several long swipes of the tongue, then corkscrewed a finger inside. Satisfied, she knelt closely behind her mother, placing the cock head against the anal pucker, then slowly, carefully eased it into Stella’s rectum.

“Oh, my God,” Stella moaned. “So good…” Taking a deep breath, she murmured, “All right, girls. Let’s fuck.”

And as the twins began to move, she welcomed that deep, intoxicating internal storm that raged and roared inside whenever Lacey and Stella double-teamed her like this. With a blissful sigh, she gave herself over to ecstasy.


Jessica, Rachel and Laura had decided there was no point in waiting, so Jess phoned Stella right away upon arriving at work, intent on arranging a meeting. Rather than in one of their workplaces, where they could be overheard, it was decided that they would meet on the church green.

Selecting a bench located well away from paths and dog walkers, Jess and Rachel waited for Stella’s arrival, waving when she came into view. Once they were all seated, and after brief greetings, Jessica initiated their discussion.

“Laura had to go to work, Stella… so she couldn’t be here. But the three of us talked it over last night with our family, and everyone agreed that we were interested in our families getting together. We’ll need to lay down some guidelines, of course.”

Stella nodded. “Just so. First, let me make it clear that to us, consent is everything. You’ll never have to worry about your little ones being pressured to do anything they don’t want.” She paused, then added, “I’ll expect you to treat Sienna and Lacey the same way… though there’s precious little those two won’t try!”

Jess nodded. “Good. We’re on the same page. There’s one more important detail: we don’t want anything interfering with our daughters’ schoolwork. These family gatherings can’t take place on school nights.”

Stella nodded. “I agree completely. My twins love to enjoy themselves, but they understand – school comes first. They’re both honour students, you know. And before you two get any ideas, I can assure you they didn’t fuck any of their teachers for it!” She tried to maintain a serious expression, but finally broke into laughter, along with her friends.

Rachel said, “I won’t lie, Stel – it’s wonderful to know there’s another family like ours… and we’re very much looking forward to getting together with you and your girls. Once we’ve got used to each other, there are other options for us to explore, like sleepovers, or perhaps swapping daughters for the night.”

Beaming, Stella said, “Ladies, you don’t know how happy that makes me. I guarantee you won’t regret this. We’re going to have so much fun! I’ve not yet told the twins about this, but they’ll be over the moon when I do!”

“Oh, there’s one small complication,” said Jess. “We can’t get together right away. You see, my mother Ann is back from her cruise this week… and she doesn’t even know about Rachel and me yet. She’ll want to spend some time with the girls, because she hasn’t seen them for months. As you can imagine, we’re going to have to be extra careful.”

“I understand,” Stella replied, “and it’s not a problem. Your mother comes first. Call me when you’re ready to have the sex party of a lifetime. Two lifetimes!”

Nodding, Jess said, “Fair enough, then. I’ll give you a call next week to arrange something.”

Glancing at her watch. Rachel stood. “I’d better get back to work. Stel, I’m very much looking forward to our get-together… especially after what Jess told me about the twins.”

“I understand, believe me,” said Stella, grinning hugely. “I’m already trying to decide which of your girls I want to taste first.”

“Oh, they’re all delicious,” Jess murmured. “Of course, so are yours.”

Stella rose from the bench. “I’d better be on my way, too. More of this talk, and I’ll soak right through my panties.”

The three women hugged with more warmth than upon their first greeting, then strolled back to the high street, enroute to their respective businesses.

As Jess and Rachel parted, they exchanged a tender kiss. It had felt awkward at first, but Jess was feeling more comfortable all the time about showing her lover affection in public.

“I’ll be shagging the arse off you tonight, you sexy bitch,” Rachel told Jess.

“I can’t wait,” Jessica replied. “And look – I know it’s a school night, but why don’t we break the rule for once and let the girls play, too? Once we pass this news along, they’ll be climbing the bloody walls.”

“Make a party of it, then? I’m willing. Besides, it would be nice to get in a serious family fuck session before your mum arrives. She’s here the day after tomorrow, right?”

“That’s what she told me. All right, then – let’s do our best to get home from work as soon as possible. If we start on foreplay after dinner, the girls can go to bed at a reasonable hour.”

“Sleepy but satisfied,” Rachel added with a saucy grin. “Sounds wonderful. See you in a few, lover.”

With a parting kiss, the two women set off for their respective jobs.


That evening at the dinner table, Jess and Rachel relayed the news about Rachel and the twins to their daughters, who were positively ecstatic.

“We’re going to have an amazing time!” Alice told the other girls. “Lacey and Sienna… they’re soooo good in bed.”

“I want to fuck Sienna,” little Cindy sighed. “She’s dreamy.”

“Why ‘specially her?” Bella protested. “Aren’t she and her sister totally alike?”

Cindy shook her head. “Not to me,” was all she said, wearing a mysterious smile.

Clearing her throat to get everyone’s attention, Rachel said, “We’ve got another surprise for you. Since we knew you’d be all stirred up by the news, Jess and I decided we could have a family sex party tonight.”

The girls, already excited, perked up even more. Katie was first to ask, “Even though we have school tomorrow…?”

“That’s right,” Jess said. “Don’t count on this becoming a regular thing, though. Rachel and I just want to give you a special treat for being the best daughters in the world… and the nicest lovers.”

“Yes!” Poppy cried, jumping to her feet, and the room rang with cheers and whoops of glee.

Glancing at the clock, Jess said, “We can’t stay up all night, now. You’re still getting up early for school, like it or not. So let’s clear the table, then I want you girls to run upstairs and take all your clothes off. Don’t just throw them on the floor, all right? We’ll meet in the family room.”

Before sixty seconds had passed, all the dishes and cutlery had been deposited in the sink, and the girls were racing upstairs to undress. Jessica turned to Rachel, and the two women came together in a heated French kiss.

“Ready to play?” Jess murmured when they finally drew apart.

“Fucking hell, yes,” Rachel growled. “I’m gasping for it.” She patted her lover’s arse. “Well, come on… we’re overdressed for this family gathering.”

Hand in hand, they left the kitchen and mounted the stairs, listening to the chatter and exclamations of their daughters as they stripped off in preparation for the festivities to come.

“Isn’t this incredible?” Rachel said as they reached the top, then made their way down the hallway to Jessica’s room. “We’re living a dream, Jess. I’ve never been so happy.” Entering the room, they began to undress. “And now we’ve found another family, one that knows the same pleasures we know…”

“Cause for celebration, that’s true,” said Jess, unhooking her bra.

Rachel slipped out of her black lace panties, placing them atop the rest of her clothes. “A pity your sister’s not here… to make the gathering complete, you know?”

“Oh, she’ll be back as soon as she can. Laura does want to see Mum, after all.” Now nude, she admired her partner’s shapely form.

“I’ve been thinking about your mum,” Rachel said. “Ann is a lovely woman, no matter her age.” She paused. “You know… I masturbated last night, fantasising about her joining us.”

Jess slowly nodded. “So did I.”

Idly cupping a bare breast, Rachel sighed. “I don’t know what it would take to get Ann into bed with us, but I really, really want it to happen.” She shook her head. “This family sex thing – it’s addictive, don’t you think? I was wondering… if my mum was still alive, would I want to fuck her? Probably.”

“Laura said something like that to me the other night… about how she’s grown obsessed with incest,” Jess replied. “Speaking of which… we’ve got a bunch of underage daughters waiting for us downstairs. Let’s join them, else they’ll get started without us.”

“Heaven forbid!” Rachel exclaimed, making a horrified face.

Laughing, the two naked women descended toward the family room, their anticipation growing with each step.

Soon to come (really!): Chapter Thirty-Six!


Ripples, Chapter 34

  • Posted on July 18, 2023 at 1:47 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed summary of the first 33 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Deep breath. Here goes…

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair.

Recently, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Jessica’s daughter Alice immediately sensed a powerful attraction to one another.

As it transpires, Stella is a member of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out, Stella is looking to make her a member. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Jessica’s oldest girl Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a four-way orgy.

While this takes place, Jessica’s sister Laura drops by for a long-awaited visit, where she admits to having a crush on Jess since they were teenagers. That evening, they finally come together as lovers.

The next morning, all the girls except for Alice come home from a sleepover at Rachel’s place, where they’d gone to give Jess and Laura some privacy for their first time. Now everyone’s ready to get down and dirty, resulting in nearly two days of sexual abandon. Eventually, everyone needs to take a break and catch their collective breath.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Tucking into a slice of cake, Rachel listened as Jess relayed Alice’s account of the night she’d spent with Stella and her daughters. Jessica’s sister Laura was also at the table, nursing a cup of tea.

Finally, Rachel responded. “I knew Stella was into women back when I was still married… we’ve shared a few tales about our sex lives over the odd bottle of Pinot. I was always half-expecting her to come on to me; now I know why she never did.” Rachel shook her head. “Christ almighty, I can’t believe she’s been fucking her daughters for four bloody years without letting something slip. I mean, we’re doing the same exact thing with our girls. Maybe if she and I had spent much one-on-one time together in the last few months, I’d have sussed out what she was up to with the twins.” She paused. “I know she offered to step into the breach if you and I ever split up–”

“No fear of that!” said Jess, giving her lover a wink.

“Ta very much,” Rachel replied. “Still… are you certain she’s angling for sex with you and the girls?”

“I’d wager damn near anything on it. For one thing, Stella gave Alice an invitation for the whole family to pay her another afternoon visit – only this time, we’d stay the night. I’m guessing a Frozen sing-along and popcorn isn’t what she’s got in mind. Oh, and Stella’s daughters want a second sleepover with Alice, and insist she brings Bella along. They also just stopped short of asking Alice if she’d ever done the deed with her sisters.”

“You should’ve seen the way Stella’s girls were looking at us when they brought Alice home!” Laura jumped in. “They – what are their names, Jess? I’ve forgotten.”

“They’re a very distracting pair, so I can’t say I’m surprised. Lacey and Sienna.”

That’s it. Fuck me, they seemed ready to stick Jessica between two crackers and eat her in one bite! I was getting my share of attention from them, too. Jess, if you take them up on that afternoon get-together, you’d best bring me along for the ride. Wife-swapping is all the rage nowadays, but daughter-swapping? Count me in… even if I don’t have a daughter to trade!”

“Hold on, you two,” Rachel interjected. “It sounds like you’re both totally up for this… this lesbian incest convention. Are you really thinking the situation through? Taking a moment to consider the risk?”

Jess gazed at her lover, frankly astonished. “This isn’t like you at all, Rach. Between the two of us, you’ve always been the adventurous one. I figured you’d be champing at the bit to get into the twins’ knickers.”

“Jess has a point, Rachel,” Laura chimed in. “Think about it. We know Stella’s having it off with, um, Lacey and Sienna. It’s not as if she could turn us in, y’know? I bet she just wants to expand her pool of lovers. And c’mon now… you can’t tell me the thought of getting it on with Stella and those two hotties of hers doesn’t get your motor running.”

“I know, I know,” Rachel protested. “It’s just that getting someone outside the family involved is something we were bloody well determined not to do.” She paused, studying Jessica’s sister. “I’m surprised at you, Laura, I mean, it wasn’t long ago you were freaking the fuck out over what we were doing with the girls.”

Laura was already nodding. “That’s true, and I’m even more surprised than you are about that… but since I got drawn into sex with all of you, I can’t ever go back to my old life. I’ve become obsessed with young girls, to the point of undressing them in my mind when I’m walking down the street – and oh my stars, how I love incest.” She smiled at Rachel. “I don’t have to tell you this, Rach… do I? You’ve lived it. You know.”

Rachel considered how to respond, but couldn’t summon up an answer. Now that Laura had put the image in her head, she pictured the twins locked in a carnal embrace with their mum, all three of them naked. Then she imagined Stella turning to her, murmuring, Hello, Rachel… why don’t you come play with us?

Slumping in her chair, she gave a heavy sigh. “I suppose you’re right, Jess. It’s just… this is all happening so damned fast. I’m worried that if we get greedy, it could destroy what we’ve got now. Maybe even drive us apart.”

Rising to her feet, Jessica moved to kneel before her lover. She cupped Rachel’s face in her hands, placing a tender kiss on the woman’s lips before she spoke. “Darling, nothing will get in the way of what we have. I won’t let it happen.”

“These last couple of months – they’ve been the happiest of my life,” Rachel said, taking Jess into her arms. “I don’t want to do anything to put this family at risk.”

“I feel the same way,” Jessica replied. “And so do the girls. Your daughters and mine – they’re like sisters now. Sisters and lovers, how incredible is that?” Gazing over at her own sibling, she added, “And Laura and I are closer than we’ve ever been.”

“It’s true,” Laura agreed. “I love you, big sister.”

“I love you too,” Jess agreed, then turned back to Rachel. “We’ve all accepted our new life… and you know we wouldn’t take a chance on bringing outsiders into our circle who didn’t understand. But Stella and the twins do understand – they’re just like us.” She paused. “Look, you have a say in this, Rach. If you don’t want to explore the… the possibility of getting involved with them, then we won’t.”

Rachel sat up straight. “Fuck me, Jess… who the hell said I didn’t want to? I just need to make sure we’ve thought it out first. If it means the chance to get those dead sexy twins of Stella’s into bed, sign me up!”

Breaking into a grin, Jess got to her feet. “Now there’s the Rachel I know and adore!”

“Now we’ve got that out of the way,” Rachel said, “I’ve been slaving away all morning at the tea room; now I’m expecting a lovely reward for lending you my daughters.” She casually placed a hand on the front of the black dress she wore, palming her vulva. “First, though… I want to know more about what you’ve been up to with my Bella. The part I already heard was especially intriguing.” She looked at Laura, arching an eyebrow.

“Um… it’s a pretty wild story,” Laura murmured.

Rachel rose from her chair and stepped over to her lover’s sister. “You can tell me upstairs.” Nudging her way between Laura’s knees, she slipped a hand behind the younger woman’s head, then abruptly pulled her into a ferocious kiss. Laura moaned as Rachel’s tongue probed her mouth.

When she finally broke away, Rachel glanced up at Jess. “If you were expecting to get fucked, you’ll have to wait your turn, sweetie; I’ve been beaten to your little sister’s cunt by my girls, and I intend to do something about that right away.” Seizing Laura’s hand, Rachel nearly dragged her out of the kitchen.

Jess followed close behind, taking a quick peek through the lounge patio doors to make sure the girls were still playing in the garden. They look so innocent, she thought, watching Poppy and Lisa, naked but for panties in the concealed safety of the yard, taking turns doing cartwheels

Just before mounting the stairs, Rachel stooped to pick up her bag from the hallway floor.

“What’s in the bag, Rach?” asked Jess.

“Patience, lover mine – all good things come to those who wait.” With that, Rachel marched upstairs to the bedrooms, a dazed Laura in tow.

As the women entered Jessica’s room, Rachel dropped the bag. Swiftly loosening a sash round her waist, she undid a couple of buttons, then shrugged the dress off. It slipped to the floor, revealing that she’d gone completely naked underneath. Before the others could react, she stepped forward to take Laura’s face in her hands, picking up their hungry kiss where they’d left off.

This time Laura was quick to respond. Her tongue darted into Rachel’s mouth as she reached down to fondle the woman’s shapely arse, her fingers straying into the cleft between.

Deciding to simply watch for the moment, Jess undressed yet again – for the third time today, she told herself, chuckling at the thought – then she sat back against the headboard, languidly stroking her cunt.

Rachel somehow managed to undress Laura without breaking their kiss, until she too was nude. Placing a hand on the younger woman’s chest, Rachel gave Laura a firm nudge, causing her to fall backwards onto the bed.

As Laura stared up at her newest lover, Rachel stepped back to pick up her bag, then upended it onto the bed to spill out its contents. Spread across the quilt lay an impressive array of sex toys in various designs, colours and sizes.

Spying a few devices she’d used before, Laura couldn’t help but recall some memorable experiences with various partners. That blue strap-on… I remember how Sabrina Hollis fucked me with one of those, the first time we did anal. Christ, was I really only eighteen then?

As for Jess, she recognised several items from the toy chest in Rachel’s bedroom, including a couple of her favourites. And to think that three months ago, all I had was a cheap plastic vibrator.

Both women looked up at Rachel, who stood with arms folded, wearing nothing but a bad-girl grin. “I like to come prepared,” she murmured, gesturing toward the pile. “Choose your weapon, Laura.”

Jessica’s sister perused the assortment before selecting a glass dildo with a raised ridge that encircled it like a coiled snake. She traced the toy’s length with a finger, then handed it to Rachel.

“Good choice – we’ll get to that soon, but first… I have to taste you.” Dropping to her knees, Rachel spread Laura’s knees apart and dove in, bathing the juicy flesh with long swipes of her tongue.

As she watched her sister writhing in response to Rachel’s oral assault, Jess decided her fingers simply weren’t cutting it. Sitting up straight, she bent over the scattered toys, in search of something better. She selected a silicone penis vibrator, then sat back and rubbed the tip up and down her cunt to lubricate it before slowly working it inside. Switching the device on at a low setting, she sat back to watch the show.

Rachel feasted on her lover’s sister like she hadn’t eaten for days, using every trick she had to drive Laura into a wild frenzy. Her eyes scanned the bed for the dildo Laura had chosen and reached out to grab it. She ran the smooth glass knob up and down through Laura’s labia before twisting it into her cunt. The younger woman gasped as those glass ridges passed the vaginal opening.

Truth be told, Laura was fairly exhausted by that point. It was late afternoon, and she’d been fucked by her sister and five young girls to the tune of at least six orgasms, maybe more. But Rachel’s lovemaking skills were considerable, and soon that familiar warmth was slowly growing beneath Laura’s belly. I probably won’t be able to walk tomorrow, she thought, but fuck, it’s worth it. I’ve never been satisfied like this.

As Laura gave herself over to pleasure’s embrace, Rachel withdrew the slick glass dildo, turning it round as her tongue sought out the sweet cunt juice that lingered in the crevices of the toy. Then she quickly moved in to crush her mouth to Laura’s in a bruising kiss.

They were swapping the tart flavour of cunt between them when Rachel and Laura heard a strangled cry. Turning to look, they saw Jess pumping the flesh-coloured toy in and out of her vagina, the woman’s legs twitching with each stroke.

While Laura was still on her back, Rachel crawled onto the bed and up to the headboard, where she carefully straddled Laura’s face, lowering her cunt to the younger woman’s parted lips.

Once Jess recovered from her climax, she joined the others on the bed. She knelt next to Rachel, fondling her lover’s breasts as they shared a kiss. This is heaven, she told herself. So much love in this house… it’s a wonder we can contain it all. Has there ever been a family as happy, as devoted as ours?

Out of the blue, Jessica thought of her mother Ann. She’s into women now, Laura says. Wonder what the girls would say if they knew that. Might they want Mum to join us?

Caressing Rachel’s bum, then easing a finger into her anus, Jess tried to imagine what it might be like to make love to her own mother. She felt uneasy at first, but forced herself to explore the notion. It helped that, like her mother, Rachel was a curvy, well-built woman.

Embracing her lover, Jess pretended it was Ann. Me and Mum, naked and holding one another… my finger buried in her arse. Weird, but… kind of hot, actually. How would she react if I kissed her? 

The further she immersed herself in the fantasy, the more compelling it was. In Jessica’s mind, she was holding her naked mother close, sucking on her tongue, probing the slippery heat of Ann’s rectum and wondering how her cunt would taste.

I’ve made love to my daughters, my sister… shouldn’t Mum be a part of this, too?

Jess answered her own question immediately. Of course she should. It’s the closing of a circle, a coming together, two families joined as lovers. Makes perfect sense.

Putting aside the question as to whether Ann would have anything to do with such a crazy idea, Jessica threw herself back into the present, into the arms of her beloved Rachel. I need to discuss this with Laura, she told herself. And Rachel. Not the girls, though. Not just yet.

Trailing her tongue down Rachel’s neck, Jess paused to give her lover’s earlobe a playful nip.

With a choked cry, Rachel rolled her hips as she climaxed, her honey flowing into Laura’s mouth.

Laura eagerly gulped down the thick, warm nectar, amazed by how much there was. Fuck me, she’s got the juiciest cunt I ever ate!

Once Rachel was spent, the trio of lovers lay back on the bed side by side, relishing the peace and quiet. Soon enough, the calm was shattered by a rumble up the stairs, followed by five girls bursting into the room.

Rachel raised herself on an elbow. “Hello, girls… come to join the fun?”

The younger ones were already tripping over themselves as they disrobed, the two older girls close behind.

Getting to her feet, Rachel stretched herself, then said, “I think it’s time we introduced something new to the proceedings… starting with me getting double-tagged by Alice and Bella. Saddle up, you two; I want some of what Stella got last night.”

Rachel pointed to the pile on the bed and Alice picked up a nine-inch strap-on cock, confidently buckling it around her waist before helping Bella do the same.

Jess and Laura sat up to see a pair of twelve-year-olds sporting appendages dangling disproportionately to their size. Rachel was helping her daughter lie on her back, the veined black prick jutting up obscenely. She moved to sit astride the toy, lowering herself to take its length into her cunt with a squish. She glanced over her shoulder at Alice, who didn’t need to be told what her job was to be.

“Use some lube, love,” said Rachel. “My bum hasn’t taken anything that big in a while.”

Pausing to squirt a dollop of K-Y onto her fingers, Alice carefully anointed the crack of Rachel’s arse, then smeared the rest on the tip of her cock. “I’ve never fucked anyone this way before, Auntie Rachel,” she said.

“You’ll do fine, Alice. Just don’t do it too hard – unless I tell you to, that is!” She looked over at the three younger girls. “Why don’t you young ladies pick out a few of those toys, then ask Laura and Jess to show you how they work.”

The youngsters scampered over to the small heap, where they pawed through the various toys on display. Quickly making their choices, they approached the two women, ready to play.


Around tea time they all sat in the lounge, where Alice told the three younger girls about her adventures from the previous night with Stella and the twins. While the three women relaxed, Kate, Poppy and Cindy listened, their faces radiating amazement and awe. As an amused Rachel said later, “I swear, the girls looked like they were hearing about Disneyland for the first time.”

It was Poppy who was the first to ask. “Mummy? Will Ms Stella and Lacey and Sienna get to be in our family club now?”

Jess smiled. “No, sweetheart… not just yet, anyhow. I need to speak to Stella. But if things work out like I hope… then yes, we might have fun with them one dayI.”

“Cool! I like Ms Stella. She’s dead sexy.”

Jess gazed at her youngest in astonishment, wondering what she’d unleashed on the world.


Earlier that day, Stella and the twins had arrived at the Turner estate, the gates opening for her car as she turned into the drive under the watchful eye of the CCTV camera. Stella drove up to the large Elizabethan manor house, rounding the fountain and stopping at the huge oak double doors, which slowly opened as she parked and switched off the ignition. Emerging from the car along with the girls, Stella opened the boot and took out the box containing Blanche’s latest acquisition from the gallery.

As they made their way toward the entrance, Blanche’s assistant Grace appeared. The twins raced up the steps to greet her, each planting a brief, warm kiss on her lips.

“Do you need help with that, Stella?” Grace asked as they shared a kiss, one that lingered a bit longer.

“No thanks, Grace. It’s not heavy.”

The elegant brunette escorted the guests indoors. “Blanche is waiting for you in the library,” she said.

Stella followed Grace down a long corridor to a room on the left, the twins close behind. As promised, Blanche was there, seated in a large high-backed leather chair, a coffee cup in one hand.

“Afternoon, Blanche,” Stella murmured, with a wink for her friend and occasional lover.

“Stella… wonderful to see you, as always. And bearing fine art!” she added, noticing the box. Blanche set her cup down, then cleared an area on the coffee table where the box could be placed. Noticing the twins, she gave them a delighted smile as they approached, greeting their mum’s friend with a polite, “Good morning, Mrs Turner.”

Blanche gave each girl a chaste kiss on the cheek. “My, my, girls… don’t you look all sweet and innocent in your Sunday best.”

The girls beamed, unusually demure and quiet. It never failed to surprise their mother how differently her girls acted when around Blanche… well, when they’ve got their clothes on, at least. They seemed to recognise her status, in both the society and the community, and were always well-behaved, except when it was time not to be.

Still addressing the twins, Blanche said, “All the girls are here; they’ve been looking forward to seeing you. Why don’t you pay them a little visit? We’ll join you in a little while.”

Grace spoke up. “When I last saw them, they were down by the lake.”

“Thank you, Mrs Turner,” Sienna and Lacey said, practically in unison. The three women watched as Sienna and Lacey quietly left the room, then laughed to hear them run away giggling once as they were out of sight.

Blanche gazed after them wistfully. “You know Stella, your daughters get lovelier every time I see them. They’re fast becoming beautiful, elegant young ladies.”

“They don’t always act like ladies… especially last night. I’ve got quite a bit to tell you on that subject.”

Blanche raised an eyebrow. “First, let’s have a peek at what you’ve brought – then we’ll get down to brass tacks.”

The new piece was unboxed and admired. Grace poured glasses of wine for the three of them, then she and Blanche settled in to hear Stella’s news.

First she told Blanche and Grace about Alice’s day at the gallery, then related the events of the previous night in detail – when her daughters had coaxed Jessica’s twelve-year-old into bed, then she’d joined the three younger girls for a orgy hot enough to burn the sheets. And after Stella described the discussion she’d had with Alice the next morning, Blanche was extremely pleased.

“Stella, you’ve excelled yourself. I’m amazed that you managed to approach Jessica’s family through her daughter – and one so young, too! We’ve never recruited new Society members that way.”

“I’ll tell you this much,” Stella said, unable to keep herself from grinning. “I’m almost certain Jess and Alice are fucking… and I’d lay odds Alice is having it off with her younger sisters, too.” She sat forward in her chair, eyes dancing with excitement. “Wait until you hear what I’ve got planned for Jess tomorrow. I’m going to leave the twins at her shop, just before it closes, and ask her to look after them as a favour while I’m on a business call.

“Lacey and Sienna will work their magic – and with a bit of luck, I’ll literally catch Jessica with her knickers down. At that point, it’ll be safe for me to lay our cards on the table. I’ll tell her the twins and I are sexually involved… hell, I’ll probably just strip off and join in! Anyhow, at some point I’ll ask Jess if she’s doing the same with Alice and her other girls… then, I’ll sound her out about Rachel’s daughters.”

Blanche’s eyes widened. “Wait, wait, Stella – is there something you haven’t yet told us? That Rachel and her girls are – are part of this?”

“It makes sense,” Stella replied with a shrug. “You already know Jess and Rachel are lovers… but last night, Alice told us she and Rachel’s oldest daughter Bella are ‘girlfriends’. Alice also claimed that’s how she got so good at lesbian sex – which I don’t believe for a second, by the way. She uses a strap-on like a bloody porn star, and that tongue of hers…” Stella shook her head. “There’s no way she learned that from another twelve-year-old.”

“Jessica’s youngest, that’s the one I want,” Grace said. “My God, so adorable…” She slumped back in her chair, dreamy-eyed.

“Poppy?” said Stella. “Oh, absolutely. But they’re all lovely.”

“You know our Grace, though,” Blanche chuckled, gazing fondly at her secretary. “It’s always the little ones she likes best.”

“Guilty as charged,” Grace confessed, not without a hint of colour in her cheeks. “I think it’s because of my younger sister Gemma. I fell in love with her when she was six.” She made a face. “Gem’s never been into girls, sad to say. Thank goodness my Willow turned out to be so much more open-minded!”

“Speaking of sisters,” Stella said. “I’ve another bit of news that might be of interest. When I dropped Alice off earlier, Rachel’s daughters were hanging out there – she was at work, I think – but Jessica’s sister Laura was also there, and she’s been gay since she was a teen. Now I can’t help but think that if Jess really does have this hot little incest fuckfest going, Laura could be in on it.”

“Interesting,” murmured Blanche, slowly nodding. “Very interesting. Stella, you’ve come through with flying colours. If things work out as we hope, the Society will have our first double family induction. When the other members find out, they’ll be positively thrilled… especially when they see who we managed to rope in.”

Stella responded. “Well, let’s not count our chickens just yet. By tomorrow night, we’ll have a better idea of how this situation will play out. I won’t mention the Society, of course.”

Blanche sat thoughtfully for a moment as the other two women waited. “If we get to the point of offering a membership to Jess and her family, I have an idea of how she can prove her… dedication to our cause. We’ll deal with that later, though. For now, this discussion has my knickers positively sodden.” She glanced over at her secretary. “Grace, would you please invite the girls to join us in the lodge?”

Grace gave her employer and frequent bedmate a dazzling smile. “Of course!”

With that, the women rose and exited the room. Grace headed towards the rear of the house as Stella followed Blanche into a corridor that led outdoors, then on the path to a nearby building. As they entered, Stella glanced around the artwork and pictures, much of which she had acquired for Blanche, nearly all of them depicting love between women. Soon, they reached a large room with an immense custom-made bed.

Blanche turned to her friend, placing both hands on the blonde’s shoulders. “Stella, if this works out and we recruit Jess and her family, the ladies and girls of the Society will owe you a great debt. You deserve a reward for your efforts.”

Stella reached out to gently circle Blanche’s left nipple with a fingertip. “Success will be reward enough, but a little down payment now would be lovely.” They drifted together in a kiss, one that quickly grew heated.

As Stella began to undress the elegantly-styled woman, footsteps could be heard pounding down the hallway. They turned to face the door, now filled with beaming young girls.

Besides Stella’s twins, there were Blanche’s three daughters – ten-year-old Savannah, eight-year-old Annabelle – whose joint birthday party Jessica’s two youngest had attended just a few months earlier – and thirteen-year-old Lola, her oldest. Grace was bringing up the rear hand in hand with her own little girl, eight-year-old Willow.

Her dress opened enough to display her bra-clad breasts, Blanche studied the new arrivals, very much liking what she saw. “Hello, girls… we have some good news to celebrate. Why don’t you take off those clothes before they get dirty?”

The girls rushed into the room, where they quickly stripped off, then deposited their apparel on a conveniently placed sofa before joining Blanche and Stella at the huge bed. Clucking her tongue, Grace paused to fold and neatly arrange the girl’s discarded clothes before stripping off her own. She unfastened the clasp that held up her hair to let it spill over her shoulders, then climbed onto the bed to join the orgy, already in progress.

“Hi, Mummy,” her daughter Willow cooed.

“Hello, my sweet,” Grace replied, then claimed the child’s pretty mouth in a lover’s kiss.


It was mid-afternoon, and Jess was at the oven, checking the temperature of the beef tenderloin with her meat thermometer. Hmm… another fifteen minutes should do it. Closing the oven door, she returned to the mashed potatoes. Rachel and the girls were all in the family room, watching TV, recovering from what had been a very active day in the various bedrooms of the house..

Laura padded into the kitchen, stretching her limbs. After spending the previous evening and almost the entire day naked, she’d finally managed to get dressed, looking positively luscious in a thin t-shirt sans bra, and a pair of emerald-green athletic shorts.

She’s still got an amazing body, Jess thought, looking her sister up and down. Especially those legs. I simply have to fuck her at least once more before she goes home. First, though, we need to talk. 

“Smells great in here,” Laura said, breathing in the savoury fragrance. Wrapping both arms round her older sibling, she kissed Jessica’s neck. “Mmmm… you smell even better, though!”

Down, girl,” Jess chuckled. “I hate to say this, baby sister… but you seem to have turned into some kind of sex fiend.”

“Oh, it’s true,” Laura agreed. “God, I can’t believe it took me this long to discover how much I love young girls, incest, incest with young girls… oh, and fucking my beautiful big sister, can’t forget that!” Gently turning Jess around to face her, she murmured, “Kiss me.”

Their mouths met, and the two sisters shared an ardent kiss of lovers. Jess slipped both hands into Laura’s shorts, pleased to find that her sibling had also gone without knickers. “You’re terrible,” she said. “I suppose you’d love it if I bent you over the counter right now and fucked your arse off, eh?”

“Actually, I’m still tender down there – my cunt and my arse!” Laura replied. “But I’ve also got this insatiable need to kiss and touch and hug all of you. I want to snuggle naked with all the girls at once.” She shrugged. “At this point, I think it’s more about closeness than sex.” She placed a tiny peck on Jessica’s nose. “Thank you so much, big sister, for making me part of this. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier.”

Jess seated herself at the dining table. “Speaking of our expanded family, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

Laura straddled a chair. “Okay. What’s up?”

“It’s about Mum. She’ll be back soon from her cruise… and her new girlfriend.”

“Yeah, you’ll need to have a major discussion with the girls. About… all this. Keeping it under wraps while she’s here.”

Jess brushed her sister’s hand with the tip of a finger as she spoke. “Here’s the thing: how do you feel about Mum, well, joining us?”

Laura arched an eyebrow. “You mean… take our own mother to bed? Make love to her? All of us?”

“Well… yes, actually.” Jess paused. “I don’t know, does that seem completely mental?”

Leaning back in her chair, Laura said, “I’ve been thinking the very same thing. Jess, I really want to!” She placed both hands behind her head, revealing a tuft of light hair under each arm. “When did you first get the idea?”

“It sort of popped into my head a couple of hours ago, while you and I were having it off with Rachel. It seemed weird at first, then not so weird – then I started getting excited. I ended up pretending Rachel was Mum while I fingered her arse. What about you?”

“It started after Mum told me she’d been having sex with women. I was getting more into the idea of what I’d done with your girls, that night they tricked me into bed with them…”

“Admit it, though – they didn’t have to try very hard,” Jess teased.

“Fine, they didn’t. And at the same time, it was pretty clear you wanted me, too. Anyhow, by the time Mum let me know she’d found herself a girlfriend, I was coming round to the conclusion that yeah, I wanted in on your family sex games.” Laura hesitated, then continued. “So one night around then, I was tucked up in bed and having myself a wank, picturing Mum making love to a teenage hottie… and all of a sudden, I saw myself going down on her. Licking my mother’s cunt.” She shook her head. “I came so hard, I cried.”

“Sounds intense,” Jess muttered.

“Oh, it was. And though it sort of freaked me out, I ended up getting myself off a few more times that way. Thinking of Mum. Then you and I finally fucked, then I went through all the girls… well, after that, I was more than ready to embrace my, er, newfound love of family sex. So yeah, big sister – I’m totally into getting Mum involved in, well, whatever the hell it is we’ve got going here.”

Jess slowly nodded. “How to make it happen, though – there’s the million-quid question.”


Unbeknownst to Jessica and Laura, their conversation was being overheard. Seven-year-old Poppy had been watching Kiki’s Delivery Service in the living room with Auntie Rachel and the girls, and decided she wanted an apple juice.

Padding barefoot through the dining room and toward the kitchen, Poppy paused in mid-step when she heard Auntie Laura say “cunt.” Her curiosity instantly piqued, she drew closer to the door, which was slightly ajar.

As she listened to the conversation, the child’s eyes widened, and she clapped a hand to her mouth in utter astonishment. Omigosh – Nonna likes girls!? The thought excited her, quickening her heartbeat.

Once Poppy had been enticed into bed by her mummy and older sisters, she’d eagerly thrown herself into the lesbian life. She always enjoyed getting naked and having naughty fun with her siblings, and Auntie Rachel’s girls. But most of all, she loved sex with grownups.

Poppy never missed an opportunity to get naked and play with her mother, who she loved so much it made her feel all shivery inside. Then there was Mummy’s girlfriend Rachel, with her lovely big titties… and now she had her mum’s sister Auntie Laura to play with, too! And maybe someday, she’d get to fuck Mummy’s friend Stella Morrison, just like her big sister had done the night before.

Now Mum and Laura were discussing getting her grandmother into their family sex game, and that thrilled the seven-year-old to bits. Just thinking about it made Poppy want to jump up and down – only she didn’t, not wanting Mummy to catch her being a Nosey Parker.

“Well, we certainly can’t tell her everything just yet,” Jess was saying, “only that Rachel and I are lovers.”

“That’s enough to start with,” Laura agreed. “Remember – since you switched teams, everyone you’ve fucked besides Rachel is either a member of your family, underage or both.”

“Never thought about it that way, but yeah, I suppose you’re right. So, about this scheme of getting Mum involved… we’d best keep it a secret from the girls. For now, at least.”

Laura giggled. “Can you imagine how they’d behave around Mum if they thought she was gay? She’d know something was up!”

“She’d never guess what that something was, though. Not in a million years.” A pause. “Hmmm.. this tenderloin is almost done. Can you go tell the youngsters to wash their hands?”

Startled, Poppy readied herself to flee.

“And have them scrub that delightful aroma of pussy from their fingers?” Laura replied. “Sister dear, have you taken leave of your senses?”

“Smartarse. Go on, you – fetch the kids, make sure they get cleaned up. Supper’s on in five minutes.”

With that, Poppy raced up the stairs, hastening into her room. Quietly closing the door, she sat down at her desk, lost in thought. Wow… our Nonna is a lesbian? And Mummy wants her to have sex with us, all of us! 

Needless to say, Poppy loved the idea. She adored her grandmother; always looked forward to Nonna’s visits.

For one thing, she had this wonderful scent… a smell that made Poppy feel cosy and warm inside. And Nonna gave the nicest hugs! Now Poppy was imagining what it would be like to get a hug from her when they were both naked. And she’s got a big, beautiful bottom, too, the girl reminded herself. Maybe she’d let me kiss it! 

Effortlessly drifting into the fantasy, Poppy slipped a hand between her legs, picturing her grandmother nude and on all fours, glancing over her shoulder, smiling as she whispered, Would you like to lick my bum, Pretty Poppy?

There was a sudden knock on the door, and Poppy snatched her hand away. “Popstar? You in there?” It was Auntie Laura.

“Um, yeah!” Poppy blurted, getting to her feet. She opened the door to reveal her aunt.

“Hey, cutie – your mum sent me to round you girls up. Supper’s ready,” said Laura. Detecting an extra hint of pink in the girl’s cheeks, she smiled. “And what are you up to behind this closed door, my sweet? Having a fiddle?”

“No!” Poppy protested, then burst into giggles. “Well, maybe.”

“Naughty, naughty,” Laura said, wagging a finger, “Eat first, fiddle later. C’mon, let’s go join the others. Don’t know about you, but I’m famished.” She began to drift toward the stairs, expecting Poppy to follow, but the girl’s voice stopped her.

“Auntie Laura? Could I, um, have a kiss first?”

Turning back to face her niece, Laura was immediately enthralled by the longing she saw in Poppy’s eyes. Yet again, she marvelled at her newfound attraction to little girls, wondering why it had taken her so long to understand how beautiful, how desirable they were. This red-headed moppet of seven was one of the sexiest of them all, and she wasn’t even trying.

Despite the numerous orgasms she’d had over the last twenty-four hours, Laura felt that familiar hunger rising beneath her belly. “Of course you can,” she said. “I bet it’s a sexy kiss you want – isn’t it, you little temptress?”

Nibbling at her lower lip, the child gave a quick but emphatic nod as she came closer.

“Then come here, my love… it’s waiting for you,” Laura whispered, opening her arms.

Poppy tilted her head back as she drifted into Laura’s embrace, and their mouths met in a gentle kiss that didn’t stay gentle for long.

Laura moaned as the girl’s tongue darted between her lips. Poppy was kissing her with a lustful fervour that would put many a grown woman to shame. It comes naturally to her, Laura thought, as a pair of little hands crept down to cup her arse.

But when Poppy slipped a hand down the back of Laura’s shorts, the child’s fingers probing into the cleft of her anus, she had to break away. “No, no, baby girl… they’re waiting for us downstairs.”

“I guess,” Poppy sighed. “Can we fuck later, then?”

God, those words are so much hotter when they’re coming from a little girl. “We absolutely can,” Laura replied, taking her niece’s hand. “Come on, now… let’s go eat.”

“I love you, Auntie Laura,” Poppy murmured.

”I love you too, Popstar.”

Hand in hand, the woman and the child descended the stairs.


Rachel and her daughters left Jessica’s house after supper, intending to turn in early that night – the next day would start off the girls’ last week of school before the summer holidays. After the numerous sexual combinations both families had enjoyed during the day, Jessica, her girls and Laura were a bit shagged out themselves, and also opted to make a short night of it… though Laura did pay a visit to Poppy’s room, where they took turns licking one another to orgasm before turning in.


After getting the girls off to school, Jess went to work. As she drove, she marvelled at how her life had changed in the last three months. I never gave much thought to the idea of sex with a woman, let alone a full-time romantic relationship… look at me now! From swapping kisses with Rachel to incest with my girls, sex with Rachel’s daughters, fucking my sister… Now I’m wondering how to get my mum involved, for God’s sake! She shook her head, awed by the immensity of it all.

Once she arrived at the shop and opened it for the day, Jess busied herself with matters at hand, such as going through potential new summer stock with Caterina. After a quick lunch across the road at Rachel’s tea room, she settled back into the books, remembering what Blanche had said when she picked up the girls from the birthday party.

I wonder if Blanche was serious about helping me open another store? It wouldn’t hurt to call Serena to see if have the assets to afford it… especially if Blanche can swing a good deal on a shop space. She owns half the bloody area, after all. She resolved to speak to her accountant on the matter.

The day passed without any incidents of note, then fifteen minutes before closing, Stella rang.

“Sorry I’m running so sodding late, Jess,” she began. “I’ve been dealing with shipping issues, all to do with a set of canvases I’m supposed to be getting from Luxembourg. I’ll spare you the gory details. Would it be a dreadful bother if I dropped the girls off at your shop… and could you possibly stay a bit after closing hours to help them? There’s some formal event they’ve been invited to, and they daren’t show their faces without, and I quote Sienna, ‘something new and fabulous’. Were we that obsessed with fashion at their age?”

“Worse, as I recall,” Jessica replied. “Don’t worry, Stel, I’ll look after the girls.”

“You’re an absolute treasure, Jess. I’ll be there in ten minutes or so. Ta-ta!” With that, she rang off.

Catarina had to sign out early, so Jess closed the second till. Just as the register printed out the day’s numbers, she heard the door open and looked up to see Stella, closely followed by the twins, who were still in their school uniforms.

Wait a minute – are those really school outfits? She paused to take in the view. No bloody way. The girls’ skirts were considerably higher than regulation length, the blouses short enough to reveal their bare midriffs. The buttons were undone in front, exposing lacy bras.

Her eyes flickered down for a glimpse of those long, lovely legs. She’d admired them before, and right then, there was quite a lot on display to admire. Christ almighty, did these two go home after school and change into something straight out of a porn film before coming here? They’ve got brass, I’ll say that much.

Jess came from behind the counter to greet her guests. “Hello, Stella. Lacey, Sienna – nice to see you girls again.”

“Hi, Jessica!” the twins replied in near-unison.

“Thanks again, Jess,” said Stella, already drifting toward the door. “Sorry to dash, but I’m expecting a crucial call from Brussels in the next half hour. Once that’s dispensed with, I’ll come right back.”

“That’s no problem, Stel. Girls, I’ll give you a chance to look around for a bit. Then when I’m done, I’ll show you a few things I think you’ll like.”

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll love anything you want to show us,” Lacey cooed.

“I’ll be back in an hour or so,” said Stella. “Oh, and Jess – let’s lunch at the Trout sometime soon. My treat.”

“Sounds lovely. Now hurry back to the gallery, for God’s sake, before you miss that call! I’ll leave the door unlocked; just let yourself in.”

Stella turned to Lacey and Sienna. “See you both soon. Don’t dawdle, all right? Let Jess know what you want, so you’ll have what you need when I come back. I’m sure she’s longing to get home to her girls.” Pausing to touch Jessica’s arm, she made a brisk exit.

Jessica turned the CLOSED sign round, then switched off the front shop lights, her mind racing furiously. Okay, I’m clearly being set up here. The twins seduce me, we end up fucking on the sales floor, then Stella comes back early to ‘catch’ us. It’s obvious as a punch in the tit. So… how  should I play this?   

She turned to the twins. “So… your mum told me you two were going to a party.”

“That’s right,” Lacey answered. “It’s a very special event. We want to look our best for the guest of honour.”

Sienna added, “But we also want to be, y’know, totally hot.”

“I see. And the ‘hot’ part, that’s okay with your mother, yes?”

Both girls nodded. “Oh, of course,” Lacey added. “Mum always wants us to look our best.”

With a gesture, Jess led them into the heart of the shop. “Well, these are usually for older girls, but you’re both tall for your age and a bit more developed. Let’s have a look.”

“Thanks, Jessica… but can you give us a few minutes to look around? We’ve got a good idea of what we want.” Lacey murmured, openly appraising Jess from head to toe, then licking her lips.

Taken aback, Jess said, “Well, fair enough. I’ll do some tidying up, then check back in a few minutes.”

Jess made her way back to the tills, where she leaned against the counter, took a deep breath and let it out slowly. She began to straighten the racks, making sure the clothes were hung correctly as she pondered her next move.

Should I fuck them? Can’t say I see a downside to it, not after their little sex party with Alice. Besides, it’s time to put my cards on the table with Stella, once and for all. She adjusted a blouse on its hanger. If she’s honest with me about having sex with her daughters, I’ll be honest with her. Okay, then… let’s do this. 

With a purposeful stride, Jess returned to where she’d left the twins, but they weren’t there. She paused to listen, the hint of a smirk appearing as she heard their voices in the back of the store – the changing area. She advanced forward, resisting an impulse to rub her hands together.

Sienna had stripped off to her flimsy bra and matching panties. Lacey wore a tight, stretch Lycra mini dress done in hot pink with diamond shaped cut-out sides, and was twisting and turning before the large mirror wall, studying her image.

The twins turned to Jess as she approached. Giving them a smile, she said, “Found what you’re looking for, girls?”

Lacey spoke up, once more frowning at her reflection. “Well, we both like this one, but… I dunno, it doesn’t seem to fit right. What do you think?”

Resisting an urge to stare at Sienna’s near-nakedness, Jess moved in for a closer look. “Are you sure that’s the right size? It seems a little tight; your bra strap is showing.”

And I can see your knickers through those cut-outs,” Sienna pointed out. “Only one thing for it, Lace – you have to take off your underwear.”

Aha, Jess thought. So that’s their plan. Very smooth.

“Give me a hand, sis?” Lacey said, turning to allow Sienna to unzip the dress, which she stepped out of to reveal skimpy underthings – identical to what her twin was wearing, naturally. Laying the dress on a nearby sofa, Lacey reached behind to unclasp her bra. Jess was surprised to see Sienna go to her knees and pull her sister’s panties down.

As Sienna stood up, Lacey said, “You should take yours off as well, sis, You’re going to try it on too, right?”

“Hmm. Good point.” Sienna took off her own bra as Lacey knelt to help with the knickers, sliding them down to her sister’s ankles. Sienna stepped out, then the twins turned to Jess, neither of them reaching for the dress.

They were even lovelier than Jess had expected. She feasted her eyes on the girls’ nubile bodies, admiring their well-formed breasts, capped by perky nipples. Bet they’re extra perky right now, she told herself. Their vulvas were shaved smooth but for a tiny sculpted triangle of pubic curls.

The woman’s interest was duly noted by the twins. “Do you think we have nice bodies, Jess?” said Lacey.

Very nice,” Jess replied.

“Aw, thanks. Y’know, Alice is going to be a real stunner in a few years. But she’s beautiful now, really. I noticed that the other night, when we undressed before getting in the hot tub.”

“I bet you’ve got a lovely body, too,” Sienna said. “I mean, we haven’t seen you naked… but I can tell, even with your clothes on.”

Lacey giggled. “We think girls have much nicer bodies than boys. Don’t you think so?”

“Of course she does, Lace!” Sienna declared, nudging her sister with an elbow. “Jess and Rachel Thomas are lovers now, remember? So she already likes women better.”

“Oh, yeah… can’t believe I forgot that.” Lacey gave a wistful sigh. “Now, Rachel… there’s a woman with a great figure. Those tits of hers! Soooo big and round… I wish mine were as nice.”

“Let’s face it – you just like tits,” Sienna said with a snicker. Glancing at Jess, she continued. “It’s true, Jessica. That’s Lacey’s favourite part of a girl… or a woman.”

“Well, I like yours,” Lacey murmured. As she spoke, the girl wrapped an arm around Sienna to draw her nearer, then reached up with the free hand to touch her sibling’s bare chest. First she cupped a small but flawlessly proportioned breast, then circled the light pink nipple with a fingertip.

Jessica’s heart throbbed as the twins turned into each other for a sensuous kiss, their tongues immediately engaging. They began to share caresses, touching each other’s bodies. Sienna slipped a hand between her sister’s thighs to cup the girl’s pubis, while Lacey chose to fondle her twin’s bottom.

Jessica was enthralled by the sight, but thought it best to pretend otherwise. Putting on an expression of shock, she gasped, “Girls! What on earth are you doing?”

Breaking their kiss, they turned towards Jessica, arms still wrapped around one another.

“We’re having a little fun, Jess,” Lacey cooed. “Like we did with Alice at our sleepover. Didn’t she tell you? We found out she’s into girls, the same as me and Sienna. Then she told us how you helped her figure out she was gay.”

“That’s really cool,” Sienna continued. “Mums should teach their daughters things, like ours did. You must be a really good teacher, too. When Alice showed us what she’d learned… oh, it was fucking incredible.”

Okay, they admit it; time to press them for more. “As a matter of fact, Alice did tell me what happened at your sleepover. No one got very much actual sleep, from the sound of it. So, what’s this little scene about? Why are you touching each other that way?”

The twins didn’t even blink. “Did Alice tell you that our mum joined in?” asked Lacey. “She helped us fuck your little girl.”

Hesitating briefly before she spoke, Jess replied, “Yes, she did. My daughter tells me everything.”

“That’s good. So you’re not upset that she had sex with us and Mum?”

Jess shook her head. “No. Alice is a sensible girl. I trust her to make the right decision.”

“Mmm, I see. Does that mean you thought something might happen with us tonight?”

“Oh, I’ve been expecting something like this from you girls. In fact, I seem to recall a certain backyard soiree at your mum’s place, where one of you gave me a very explicit look up your skirt.”

Sienna laughed. “That was me! What can I say? I felt like letting you know I wasn’t wearing knickers.” She turned to her sister. “Hey, Lace… since our mum had sex with Alice, don’t you think it’s only fair that we should get to fuck Jessica?”

Lacey pondered the idea for a few heartbeats. “I suppose that does make sense, yeah.”

“Look, girls, I don’t think we should…” Jess began, affecting an air of reluctance. Of course, she didn’t mean a word of it.

Breaking away from her sister, Sienna slowly advanced toward Jess, with Lacy close behind. “We always thought you were hot, you know.”

“Yeah, you’re sexy as fuck!” Lacey chimed in. “And don’t think we haven’t noticed how you look at us.”

The girls took positions on either side of Jessica, each resting a hand on her shoulder, their bare bodies tantalisingly close. “We were sooo excited about coming here tonight,” Lacey said. “This afternoon, we fingered each other until we came, thinking about you.”

“See, we were talking about what your pussy looks like, and, well, we got kind of excited,” Sienna purred. “By the way, me and Lace have a little bet going about whether you shave or not.”

“Don’t tell us!” Lacey was quick to exclaim. “We want to find out for ourselves.” She began to toy with the buttons at the front of Jessica’s dress, casually unfastening one.

By then Jess was dripping wet, but she continued to put up a front of resistance. Grasping Lacey’s wrist, she spoke in a stern tone. “Girls, fun is fun, but we shouldn’t be doing this. I’m already in a relationship, and you’re underage.”

“So is Alice,” said Lacey, “and we know you’re doing sex with her.”

That caught Jess off guard. She fumbled for a quick comeback, but came up empty.

“Don’t worry, she didn’t tell us anything… we just figured it out,” Sienna said, her hand straying onto Jessica’s breast.  “For one thing, Alice knows much too much about how to fuck.”

“When I saw how fast she got into that strap-on harness, that’s when I knew – she’d been taught by a grownup,” Lacey declared, now stroking Jessica’s bottom. “And who better to learn from than her lesbian mummy?”

“That’s – that doesn’t prove a thing!” Jess blurted, then felt her face grow hot. Shit – these schoolgirls just outsmarted me.

“Hmmm… that’s a strange thing to say,” Lacey murmured. “Don’t you think so, Sienna? Not, ‘How dare you accuse me of having sex with my daughter’… but, ‘You can’t prove I did it’.” She drew closer, her lips grazing Jessica’s ear. “Y’know, Alice has one of the sweetest pussies I’ve ever tasted. Don’t you think so, too?”

“Oh… oh, God.” Lacey had thrust a hand between Jessica’s legs and was firmly massaging her vulva, while Sienna deftly unfastened two more buttons on the woman’s dress, exposing the top of a blue silk bra. “I d-don’t know about this… girls, we shouldn’t…”

“You know you want us,” Sienna whispered. “It’s there in your eyes, every time we meet. Let it happen, Jessica. Let us fuck you. We can give you so much pleasure, just like we did for Alice.” A pause. “Just like we do for our mother.”

Lacey abruptly withdrew her hand, and Sienna began to gather up the bottom of Jessica’s dress to expose matching blue panties. Lacey spoke. “Say you want us, Jess. Say it.”

What the hell just happened? Jess was asking herself. How did I let these two get the upper hand? The twins were now nuzzling their way down her neck, laying a trail of feather-light kisses until their mouths came together, tongues flickering back and forth.

With that, the last fragment of Jessica’s resolve gave way. “Yes, I want you!” she cried. “Fuck me, damn it!”

Sharing a smile of victory, the twins joined in to undo the last remaining buttons on the dress, working with such urgency that Jessica’s back was soon pressed against the wall mirror. Lacey tugged both bra cups down, then fastened her mouth to a nipple, taking the other one between her fingertips. Meanwhile, Sienna caressed the front of Jessica’s panties, then slipped her hand inside, curving her index finger into the woman’s juicy cunt.

Jessica whimpered, tingling from head to toe with rampant lust. Somehow, engaging in sexual activity with Stella’s twins seemed even wilder than what she’d already done with her own daughters. Then again, my girls weren’t so insistent at first, so determined to take what they wanted.

Giving herself over to the moment, Jess placed one hand on the back of Lacey’s head, cradling the teen to her breast. Then she turned to Sienna and seized a handful of hair; pulling her into a sloppy kiss.

When Lacey saw Jess and her sibling swapping tongues up above, she released the woman’s nipple, straightening to engage the others in a three-way kiss that went on for a long while.

Jess finally broke away, heart racing and eager to fuck. Placing a hand on Sienna’s shoulder, she gently guided the girl to her knees.

Without hesitation, Sienna yanked Jessica’s panties down to her ankles with a single sharp tug, baring her dark red pubes. “So pretty,” she sighed, teasing the auburn curls with the tips of her fingers. “Looks like you won the bet, Lace.” She carefully prised the woman’s cunt open before burying her mouth in the juicy flesh.

Watching her sister go down, Lacey showered affection on Jessica’s upper half, using all the tricks in her repertoire. She nibbled Jessica’s ear, gently bit her neck, pinched and tugged at her nipples, stroked her tummy, even reached down to tweak her new lover’s clit.

All Jessica’s sense of self-control and restraint had evaporated like morning mist. She pushed herself away from the wall, causing both girls to break away from her. They stared at the half-naked older woman, ready for anything.

Kicking off her shoes and the sodden knickers that ringed her ankles, Jess moved to the centre of the changing area, shrugging out of her dress in mid-step, then reached behind to unclip and peel away her bra, letting it drop where she stood. Padding over to an open space, she stretched out on the carpeted floor.

Jess looked up at Sienna, pointing at her vulva. “Get back to work, girl.” As one sister eagerly knelt between her thighs, Jess turned to the other. “And you – come feed me that pretty pussy of yours.”

Lacey quickly straddled Jessica’s head, facing her sister. Grasping the teen’s hips, Jess ran her stiffened tongue along the length of Lacey’s slit, dipping into the tart vagina along the way.

As Sienna mouth-fucked her pussy, Jess toyed with Lacey’s sex first – pulling at the labia, teasing the clit with tiny, playful licks, tracing the opening with the tip of her tongue and more. Once the girl was panting hard, desperate to come, Jess suddenly drove her tongue as far as it would go into Lacey’s cunt for a few sharp thrusts, then licked the crack of the teen’s arse, bathing the puckered rosebud. This caused Lacey to moan loudly. Sienna glanced up from Jessica’s pussy to see the look of ecstasy on her sister’s face.

The trio were so engrossed in their lewd games that they didn’t see a figure standing in the shadowed recesses of the shop.

Jess continued her assault on Lacey, now working a finger in and out of the fourteen-year-old’s rectum while licking her cunt. The teen was moaning, tiny quivers rippling through her slender frame that soon became violent jerks. Finally, with a rapturous cry, Lacey went slack, slumping forward until her cheek was resting on Jessica’s belly.

But Jess wasn’t done yet, Centering her attention on the clitoris, she soon spurred the young blonde on to a second orgasm, after which a gasping Lacey rolled away and onto her back, breathing heavily.

Seeing her sister reach climax caused Sienna to redouble her own efforts. She pleasured Jess until the woman was writhing, moaning in ecstasy, finally going limp and lying motionless. Sitting up, her mouth coated with pussy nectar, Sienna crawled over to Lacey and bent down to kiss her sister, sharing Jessica’s flavour.

When Jess opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was the twins’ messy kiss. She sat up and moved behind the kneeling Sienna and, after a quick pass of her tongue over the glistening slit, pushed two fingers into the teen’s cunt. Jess moved slowly at first, then sped up, finally pistoning in and out until Sienna was bucking against her, losing contact with her sister.

When their kiss was broken, Lacey rolled over to see a dishevelled Jess fucking Sienna, their bodies moving together like a well-oiled machine. Thinking quickly, she scrambled to position herself behind Jess. She placed her own fingers at the threshold of the woman’s vagina, then plunged them deep inside with one sharp thrust – making a liquid sound that Jessica’s moan very nearly drowned out.

Lacey took a moment to savour how hot Jess was inside – like a furnace! Then she began to fuck her, hard and fast, the same way Jess was giving it to Sienna.

A couple of minutes later, the woman and both girls were all lying exhausted on the carpet, but they all looked up at the sound of a strangled cry.

There was a woman leaning against the wall, watching them. She was holding up her dress with one hand,  mauling her bare cunt with the other.

Lacey was first to speak. “Hello, Mum. Glad you could join us.”

On to Chapter Thirty-Five!


Ripples, Chapter 33

  • Posted on April 28, 2023 at 2:32 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Stella was half-asleep, basking in a delicious warmth between her thighs. It felt soothing, so much so that she felt no urge to investigate – that is, until a nibble at her clitoris launched her into consciousness.

At first Stella was fuzzy-headed and disoriented, but managed to focus her eyes enough to realise she wasn’t dreaming – someone was going down on her.

She turned her head from side to side, which made it clear that her twins were still in the land of Nod. Suddenly remembering their guest, she struggled up onto her elbows, only to see a blonde head bobbing between her legs. At her movement, the girl looked up and smiled. Sure enough, it was Alice, her mouth smeared with Stella’s honey.

“Well… this is the kind of wake-up call I like.” She reached out for the girl.

Alice crawled up the length of Stella’s body – still a bit sticky from the night’s activities – until they were face to face. She bent down and they kissed, gently at first, then more urgently as the older woman tasted herself on the twelve-year-old’s lips. Breaking away, Alice slid further up until her breasts were within reach of Stella’s mouth. She paused for a minute to let them be kissed, then continued her upward journey until she was straddling her lover’s face.

Gripping the headboard with both hands, Alice rolled her hips forward and back, riding the lips and probing tongue of her mother’s friend.

After a minute or two, the rocking bed and squeaking headboard woke the twins. Exchanging bad-girl grins, they quickly joined in the fun. Lacey knelt next to Alice, claiming the younger girl’s mouth in a heated kiss, while Sienna sprawled between her mum’s thighs, licking Stella up and down from anus to cunt.


Half an hour later, a thoroughly sated Stella slipped out of bed and had a quick shower before putting on a short satin robe and going downstairs to make breakfast, leaving the bathroom to the trio of girls. She laid out chopped fruit and Greek yogurt with a sprinkle of nut clusters and honey. Well aware of her girls’ appetites, especially after a torrid fucking session, she slipped some crumpets under the grill as Alice entered, dressed in her denim skirt and t-shirt.

“Hello, Alice… so where are the twins?”

“They’re trying to decide what to wear. Er, they said something about visiting Mrs. Turner. To take her the statue she bought yesterday, right?” I think she might’ve been flirting with me, Alice might have added.

“That’s right – the girls and I will be delivering the bronze to her right after we drop you off. Come, sit down and have some breakfast… then I think you and I ought to have a little chat.”

Stella watched Alice devour a bowl of fruit, accompanied by a toasted crumpet. She waited until the girl laid her spoon down before speaking.

“So, Alice, did you enjoy your sleepover? I know the twins and I did. You didn’t feel… pressured into anything, I hope!”

“Oh no, not at all!” Alice exclaimed. “I had a wonderful time.”

“Good. And now that you know our secret, how do you feel about it?”

“You and your daughters? Well, I don’t think it’s hurting anyone. I mean, none of you are doing anything you don’t want. It’s illegal, I guess… but that just seems silly to me. How could it be bad if you love each other?”

Impressed by Alice’s logic, Stella replied, “I suppose you’re right, Alice… but what would your mother think?”

Alice thought about how best to respond. She had a definite feeling Stella knew, or at least suspected that she and her mother were intimately involved. The questions she’d been asking seemed to hint at that. Now Alice had to decide whether to stick with the pretence that she’d acquired her knowledge about lesbian sex from a mother-daughter chat, online research and practise with Bella… or to simply tell the truth and confess everything. Well, maybe not everything.

“Mum’s pretty cool, especially now she’s with Rachel. I think she’d be okay with it.”

Stella smiled knowingly. “I think there’s something you’re not telling me, Alice. Here’s the thing: the twins and I have been having sex for four years now, and as you see, they’re very skillful lovers. But I’m utterly astonished at how good you are for a girl of twelve. Honestly, I’ve fucked grown women who couldn’t please me the way you did last night. It makes me wonder if Bella Thomas really is the only lover you’ve ever had.”

She placed a hand on the girl’s arm. “If you’re worried about giving away secrets, you shouldn’t. I’m hardly going to start blurting them out to the world, am I? I’m not trying to catch you out, mind… but you should feel free to tell me anything.”

It would be so easy to tell her about us, Alice reasoned. She’s doing the same thing herself with Lacey and Sienna, just like we figured. But I don’t dare, not without talking to Mum first.

“Well, umm…” she hesitantly began, “I have watched a lot of lesbian stuff online, and I’ve read tons of sex stories, and I do stuff with Bella all the time.” She paused. “You’re right. There are other things I haven’t told you yet… but I can’t, not until I check with someone else. I’m sure it will be okay. And when I know that for sure, I’ll tell you everything, all of it. Um, is that okay?”

Stella had tried to read Alice throughout last night’s fun and games, but hadn’t managed to get a fix on the girl. Either she’s telling the truth, or a damned good actress. She’s GOT to be having it off with her mum… who else would she need to ‘check with’, after all? Maybe those adorable younger sisters of hers are part of this, too. Fuck me, what a turn-on that would be!

She’d lusted after Jessica for several years – before Jess decided she was gay, in fact. But after spending time with the whole Matthews family at her afternoon patio party, Stella knew she wanted them all, even seven-year-old Poppy. Her favourite sex fantasy of late involved sharing a bed with Jessica and all three of her daughters, and the pleasures she’d shared with Alice only whetted her appetite for more of the same.

Stella studied Alice thoughtfully, impressed by the girl’s discretion. For her age, she demonstrated a maturity sometimes lacking in her own girls, who sometimes let enthusiasm for sex override their best judgement.

“Fair enough,” she murmured. “Whatever it is, I think you’re being very mature about it, so I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me… what there is to tell.”

Just then, the twins burst into the room, exchanging sweet tongue kisses with their mum before giving the same attention to a delighted Alice. Then, with no mention of what they’d done the night before, or this morning, Lacey asked, “What’s for breakfast, Mum?”

“Can we have coffee?” Sienna chimed in.

“I made fruit with yoghurt – it’s in the big white bowl over there. And yes, you can, Sienna – but only one cup.”

“Oooh, fix me one too, Sin,” said Lacey.

The girls quickly prepared their breakfast bowls, and Sienna poured the coffee. They wore matching floral summer dresses, looking as if they were going to Sunday school. Guess they’re done up that way ‘cos Mrs Turner is one of their mum’s big important clients, Alice mused. Wonder if she might be gay, too? It did feel like she was flirting with me yesterday. If she came on to me, I sure wouldn’t say no. 

Retrieving newly toasted crumpets from the grill, Stella placed them on a couple of plates and set them before the twins, who were happily feasting on the fruit. “Be careful not to get butter on those dresses.” She took a long, leisurely stretch. “I’m going upstairs to put some clothes on.”

“Pity,” said Sienna, openly leering at the front of her mum’s gown, which had fallen open enough to offer a tantalising peek at Stella’s breasts.

“Wicked child,” Stella replied in passing, taking a moment to muss her daughter’s hair. She paused at the foot of the staircase, glancing back at their guest. “I don’t know, Alice… these two may turn out to be a very bad influence on you.”

“Oh, I won’t let them talk me into anything too naughty,” Alice replied with a knowing grin.

Starting up the stairs, Stella looked back at the three girls. Blanche will be thrilled with my report, she told herself, and the chance for some quality time with the twins and me. Now on to Phase Two.


After finishing their breakfast, the girls cleared away the breakfast dishes, then wandered into the family room. Alice sat on the sofa, and Lacey and Sienna seated themselves on either side of her.

Lacey spoke first. “So Alice, we really enjoyed having you over.”

“Want to come again sometime?” Sienna added. The twins giggled at her play on words.

“Yeah, if that’s okay, I’d love to!” Alice answered. “You guys are soooo cool, and your mum is amazing.”

“We think so too,” said Sienna. “Y’know, Alice… Lace and I were just talking about when you and your mum and sisters came here for lunch. We think your mum is awesome.”

“So true,” Lacey added. “I love her red hair, and she’s got a killer body. Oh, and then there’s your sisters, they’re both so incredibly cute. We ought to invite all of you over for another party.”

“Yeah!” Sienna exclaimed. “Only this time, you could all stay the night – even your mum. Wouldn’t that be fun!”

“Yeah, that does sound great,” Alice said, recalling Stella’s afternoon party and what a good time she’d had. It was clear the twins had their own suspicions about the Matthews family, perhaps even wondering if Jessica and her girls were exploring incest, too. And they’re trying to get me to tell them if it’s true, Alice realised.

By then, she was eager to be home again. Not that Alice wasn’t having a lovely time with Stella and her daughters… but inside, she was bursting with news to share with Mum and Aunt Rachel.

“Um, Alice?” said Lacey. “Do you ever… kiss your sisters? I mean, real kisses?”

Sienna nodded. “I was gonna ask that.”

Alice pondered how best to answer that question without giving anything away. To her relief, Stella entered the room, looking very chic in a black and white pantsuit. “Are you ready to go, girls?” she said.

“I just need to get my stuff,” Alice declared, rising from the sofa and heading for the stairs, “Be right back.”

Wonder what they’re saying about me now? Alice mused as she made her way up to the twins’ bedroom, wearing a small secret smile. Bet I can guess

Five minutes later, they left.

Alice sat in the front of Stella’s car with the twins in the back. They’d wanted Alice to sit between them but Stella had vetoed that notion – she was fully aware of the wicked antics Lacey and Sienna could get up to while she was on the road, and didn’t want to be constantly checking the rear view mirror.

Not that she wasn’t feeling a powerful urge of her own to reach over and caress Alice’s creamy thighs…

To steer her mind away from risky topics, Stella spoke. “So, Alice… you enjoyed helping out at the gallery, yes?”

“I loved it; it was one of the best days I’ve ever had! I know now I want to be an artist, but I’m not sure what kind. Oh, and I thought Reiko’s paintings were amazing. Wow, I can’t wait to see her studio!”

“I think you’ll succeed at whatever you set your mind to, Alice. Just remember – it’s all well and good to have talent, but to succeed in the art world, you need drive… and determination. Plus a bit of luck, of course.” They rode along in silence for a few minutes, then Stella spoke again. “So, Alice… before we get to your place, we need to talk about last night.” She glanced in the mirror to catch the twins’ eyes, then at the twelve-year-old in the passenger seat.

“Okay,” Alice replied. “I get that you guys all being lovers is a big secret… and it needs to stay that way.”

“Very good,” Stella said. “I’m not saying you can’t tell anyone about us… because I think there are at least a few others who need to know.” She placed a hand on Alice’s thigh, stroking it. “I don’t have to tell you what a disaster it would be if the word got out about my girls and I. We’re trusting you to be careful with our secret. That’s all I’ll say about it.”

Alice nodded thoughtfully. “Thanks, Stella… Lacey, Sienna. I will be very careful, I promise.. And you’ll be hearing about my secrets soon. Maybe not from me… but you’ll know all there is to know.”

“Fair enough. By the way, I’m sure the girls would love to have you stay again, as would I.”

“Totally!” Lacey exclaimed.

“Yeah, we’d love that,” Sienna chimed in.

“Maybe next time you can invite Bella,” Stella said. “She is your girlfriend, after all. It wouldn’t be fair to leave her out. I’m sure we’d love to see what kind of games you two like to play.”

The twins giggled in the back… and Alice had to laugh as well. “I think she’d be into that.”


Jessica had just received a text from Alice, informing her she was on the way home. This gave Jess time to ask the girls to put something on, then take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure she was presentable. Just because I was participating in an orgy doesn’t mean I have to look like it, she thought, giving her hair a touch of the brush.

As she heard Stella’s car pull into the drive, Jess poked her head into the sitting room, frowning slightly at what she saw. The girls had gotten dressed, but only partially. Katie was in a tiny t-shirt and panties, Cindy and Poppy hadn’t even bothered with shirts, and they were all snuggling together on the sofa. More than that, there was something about the girls’ still-rosy cheeks and dreamy-eyed expressions that made them seem… what was the phrase for it?

Freshly fucked, Jess told herself. That’s how they look. “Girls?” she said, “can you do me a favour and stay in here with the TV for a few minutes?”

They responded in the affirmative, so Jessica went to the front door, peering out the window at the side panel just in time to see Alice give Stella a kiss on the mouth before all four car doors opened.

Stella went to the back and opened the boot to get Alice’s bag, saying something to the twins just before the four of them wandered up the path to the front door.

Jess opened the door just as one of the twins reached out to ring the bell; both greeted her in unison. “Good morning, Ms Matthews.”

She felt her heart skip at the sight of the delectable teens. “Girls,” she chided, “you can call me Jessica, you know.”

“Good morning, Jessica,” they said, practically in two-part harmony. .

Jess had heard those three simple words many times in her life, but never done quite so seductively. Before she could respond, Alice stepped up to the door, Stella just behind with the small suitcase.

“So, how was the sleepover?” was all Jess could think to say.

One of the twins was first to answer, but Jess was too flustered to work out which. “We’re glad to have had her, Jessica. She can come any time.”

This barely-disguised message did nothing to put Jessica at ease. She was fumbling for some kind of reply, but a sympathetic Stella jumped in first. “I can tell you this, Jess… Alice very much enjoyed her day at the gallery.”

“Oh, Mum, it was fantastic. I can’t wait to tell you all about it, and yeah, the slumber party was lots of fun.”

Jess took Stella’s hand, gave it a squeeze. “Thanks so much, Stella, it was very kind of you to give her the experience. I hope she didn’t get in the way.”

Au contraire, Jess. She was a model student, and even helped make a big sale; I was very impressed with her enthusiasm.”

“Mum, Stella has offered to paint my portrait… and Reiko, Azumi’s mum? She said I could visit her studio. She brought some paintings in for Stella to sell; they were amazing.”

“That’s very kind of her… and you, Stella.”

Stella was about to respond when a burst of high-pitched laughter emanated from behind Jessica, causing her to look round. She turned back to face an inquisitive look from Stella.

“It’s just Alice’s sisters… and Rachel’s girls. I said they could come over while she’s at work.”

Just then, Laura emerged from the door to the living room. “Sorry, Jess, I’ve just told ’em to calm down. Why, hello, Stella… long time no see!”

“Hello, Laura! Jess told me you were in town.”

“Just for the weekend. As you can see, my beloved sister is sparing me the expense of a hotel.” Laura placed a hand on Jessica’s shoulder, then her gaze fell on Stella’s daughters. The twins were radiant in floral print dresses that showcased their legs to impressive effect.

It seemed to feed directly into Laura’s newfound appreciation of underage girls. She felt a delicious flutter of arousal, and the sensation only intensified when she spied Alice.

“Hi, Aunt Laura,” the girl murmured, her eyes shining with barely concealed lust.

“Hello, Alice…  good to see you.” God, I want to fuck her. Despite having at least four orgasms in the last day and a half, Laura could feel her cunt juicing like mad. Christ almighty, I’ll have to change my knickers again. Should’ve brought more than three pairs. Just then, Bella emerged from the living room.

Stella was clearly pleased to see her. “Hello, Bella. My, I’d forgotten how much you’d grown… and so pretty, too!”

Bella reddened at the compliment, but managed to keep her voice steady. “Hello, Ms. Morrison.”

“I think you’re grown up enough to call me Stella, dear. ‘Ms. Morrison’ makes me sound like a teacher.”

“Sorry, Stel, where are my manners?” said Jess. “Would you and the girls care for tea? Coffee, perhaps?”

“We’ll have to take a rain check, Jess. I’ve got to make a delivery to Blanche. I was thinking, as I missed the big night on the town a while back… you and I ought to have a girl’s night out – or in. Rachel should be there, too, and Laura if she’s free.”

As Stella spoke, glancing at the younger of the two redheaded sisters, a sudden thought flashed briefly in her mind… and she nearly stumbled on her words. No, surely not! 

But if Jess is having it off with Alice, it stands to reason she’d be fucking her sister, too. After all, Laura knew she was gay before any of us did! And the twins are convinced that Jessica’s two youngest are up to something sexual… Fuck me, could the entire Matthews family be indulging in lesbian incest? And if that’s the case, how do Rachel and her girls fit into this? Surely they’d have to know what was going on…

Stella’s mind was working furiously, imagining the whole crazy, dirty, utterly thrilling situation – then an impassioned squeal from the living room got everyone’s attention.

Jess stared at the closed door. What in God’s name are the girls doing in there? She looked at her sister, who gave a helpless shrug.

“I’d better go make sure the youngsters aren’t tearing the house down,” Jess said, trying to make it sound casual. “Stel, it was lovely to see you… and that night out sounds like a great idea.”

“Good, Well, we’d better get going,” Stella said. “Blanche will be wondering where we’ve got to. Come, girls.” She paused before Alice. “We loved having you, dear. You were the perfect guest.”

“I had so much fun,” Alice declared, moving to hug the blonde. The twins came forward to receive hugs of their own, and Jess was sure she saw one of them give her daughter’s bum a quick squeeze.

As Alice stepped into the house, the twins called out, “Goodbye, Jessica,” in a tone even more seductive than their earlier greeting, then sashayed back to the car, sneaking  over their shoulders.

Stella was following them, but she suddenly stopped and turned. “Actually, Jess, I’ll probably be seeing you tomorrow. The girls insist they don’t have perfect outfits for some party that’s coming up. I swear they only wear their new things once, then stick them in the back of the wardrobe. And apparently, only your shop has what they want.”

Jess had to laugh at that. “I’m sure we can get them sorted. Pop in whenever you like”

“Okay, Jess, I’ll see you. Alice, don’t forget to bring Bella along for your next visit!” She climbed into the car, pulling the door shut behind, then switched on the ignition. Everyone waved as the car backed down the drive.

As Jess closed the door, Alice hugged and kissed Bella, then threw both arms round her aunt. Laura’s heart was thumping relentlessly. She’d had sex with all the other family members, and was especially thrilled by the prospect of making love to her sister’s eldest.

Jess focussed on Alice. “So, how did your evening go?”

“Oh, Mum, I’ve got soooo much to tell you.”

“Go put your bag upstairs, then meet us in the kitchen. Laura, could you be a love and put the kettle on while I sort out the girls?”

Upon entering the living room, Jess saw Poppy, Katie and Cindy rolling around on the carpet tickling each other, occasionally swapping kisses. Katie had shucked her t-shirt, so all three girls were stripped off to their knickers. Poppy had a damp patch on the front of hers… and Jess was willing to bet the other two were in a similar state.

Clearing her throat to get their attention, she said, “Can you play upstairs for a while? I want to talk to Alice about last night, then we’ll all eat.”

The youngsters dutifully headed up the stairs. Bella began to follow, but Jess stopped her. Waiting until the girls were out of earshot, she said, “Not you, Bella. Alice has important news for us, and you ought to be there, too.”

When they entered the kitchen, Laura was just getting the cups out, and Alice returned a few seconds later. She and Bella seated themselves side by side on counter stools. Jess pushed the kitchen door to, leaving it open just enough to hear the girls. Pouring herself a cup of tea, she took a seat next to Laura.

“I’ve a feeling Alice has much more to talk about than paintings and sculptures,” Jessica began, “and until we’ve heard the whole story, I’d rather not say anything to the other girls.” She gazed at her daughter. “It sounds like you really enjoyed your day at the gallery.”

“I had the best time, Mum. Stella has amazing art there, she goes all over the place looking for it, and she spends lots of time with creative people. Oh my God, she knows so much about what makes a piece good… even important. It’s made me want to study art even more.”

“Sounds marvellous, sweetie. I’m glad you had such a good day… but I think you know what we want you to tell us about.”

Scanning the faces of her audience, Alice savoured the moment. “We were right about Stella and the twins, Mum… they’re just like us.”

Bella’s mouth dropped. “You mean they… they have sex with each other?”

Alice slowly nodded. “They’ve been doing it for years – since Lacey and Sienna turned ten.”

Jess and Laura glanced at each other – but while Laura registered this news with some sense of surprise, Jessica remained calm. “How did you find out?”

“How didn’t I find out!?” Alice replied, rolling her eyes.

And for the next few minutes, Alice recounted her sexual adventures with Lacey, Sienna and their mum, beginning with the kiss she’d shared with Stella outside the gallery, as well as the woman’s interest in painting her nude. From there, she described how the twins made their move on her in the hot tub, and their probing questions about Alice’s sexual experiences. “They were totally trying to find out if you and I ever had sex, Mum. Sienna even asked me a couple times about Katie and Poppy, if I’d ever done tongue kissing with them. Oh, and they wanted to know everything about you, Bella, ‘cos I told them we were girlfriends.”

“Um… what did you say?” Bella asked, unsure how she felt about being discussed this way.

“They couldn’t figure out how I knew so much about sex with girls, and I said you and I learned on our own. Y’know, watching dirty movies and practising a lot.”

“Huh. They don’t believe that, I bet,” Bella said.

“It doesn’t matter, silly!” Alice fired back. “We’re gonna tell them the truth about us anyhow… right, Mum?”

“Probably at some point,” Jess replied. “But we’re getting off track here. When did you find out the twins are fucking their mother?”

Alice resumed her story, taking the others through her threesome with the twins, Stella appearing naked at the door, and the orgy that followed before they fell asleep exhausted. When she described that morning’s wake-up sex, her mum, aunt and girlfriend were all squirming in their seats, especially as Alice gave a detailed account of the double strap-on session to her wide-eyed girlfriend.

Once she’d finished, Alice reached out to take Bella’s hand. “Is what I did okay, Bel? Mum and I thought something might happen but I didn’t think it would go that far. We’re still girlfriends, right?”

Sliding off her stool, Bella wrapped her arms around Alice, then gave her a loving kiss. “Of course I am. I mean, I wasn’t exactly doing nothing while you were away. I had sex with your mum, then your aunt.”

Laura chipped in. “And very nice it was, too.”

Alice looked at her aunt, then back in time to see Bella blush. “What? You got to fuck Aunt Laura before me?” she exclaimed, the twinkle in her eyes making it clear she was joking. “Bloody bitch,” she added, giving Bella a playful shove. In truth, Alice did feel a little jealous, but was determined not to let it show.

Bella took it in stride. “Don’t worry, babe… you’re still my number one.” They shared a long, loving kiss, then Alice turned back to her mother.

“They asked if you’d taught me anything about lesbian sex, Mum. But don’t worry, I told them you helped me find information online, that’s all. Sienna and Lacey kept talking about liking porn videos with mums and daughters, and asked me if I ever watched any. I thought it was best to admit to some stuff, so I told them me and Bella have seen a few. That’s when they first said I should bring Bella with me next time.”

“You did the right thing, honey. Goodness me… I’m not sure what we ought to do about this!”

“There’s something else, Mum. When I was talking to Stella this morning, she knew there were things I wasn’t telling her. I think she suspects about you and me… maybe even Katie and Poppy.” Alice paused. “I told her there was some other stuff, but I couldn’t talk about it just yet.”

Laura turned to her sister. “This is crazy. What are the odds that another woman in this same town, someone you know, is having lesbian sex with her daughters?”

Jess stroked her chin. “She got a much earlier start, too. If Stella was telling the truth, she and the twins have been lovers for nearly five years.” She looked up at her daughter. “What did she say to you about, well, keeping her secrets?”

“That’s the interesting part,” Alice replied. “She asked me to be careful who I told… but there were some people who needed to know.”

Jess sat up straight in her chair. “She said that!?”

“Yeah, Mum. She wanted me to tell you about what they’re doing. I’m sure of it.”

Laura nodded slowly. “Looks to me like Stella is seeking out kindred spirits, big sister.”

“Wait,” Bella said. “She wants to find other families like ours? So we can all, y’know, have sex together?”

“I think you’re both right,” Jessica said. “It’s the only way this makes sense. We’ve got to speak to Rachel first, then figure out what to do with what we know.” She glanced around at the others. “Any thoughts?”

By then, Alice was looking a bit sheepish. “Um… here’s the thing, Mum. I was totally sure that when you heard what I had to say, you’d want to tell Stella everything right away. I mean… they’re all having sex just like we are, right? I didn’t tell them about us, but I sort of promised that we would. Soon.”

Laura nodded. “I can’t see any reason to wait, Jess. It shocked the stuffing out of me when I stumbled on your little family orgy, and look – now I’m part of the ‘family fuck club,’ as someone called it. Alice is right – you’ll need to speak to Stella sooner or later.”

“You ought to!” announced Bella. “Sienna and Lacey are soooo cute… I totally wanna do stuff with them!”

“You and me both, love,” Jess said, patting the twelve-year-old’s thigh. “Well, we all seem to agree, but Rachel has to weigh in on this. Alice, why don’t you get changed into some fresh clothes. While you’re up there, tell the girls to come down… but don’t tell them why.”

“Okay, Mum,” Alice replied as she stood up. “Um, can Auntie Laura come upstairs and, er, help me get dressed?”

Jess rolled her eyes. “Aren’t you a piece of work! You’ve been having it off with one of my friends and her daughters all night and into the next morning, and now you’re trying to fuck your aunt.”

“Mu-um… I’m the only one of the family who hasn’t been with her yet!”

“She has a point, sis.” Getting to her feet, Laura turned to her niece. “I’d love to help you get dressed, sweetie… of course, we’ll have to undress you first.” She took Alice’s hand, leading her in the direction of the stairs.

When Alice reached the door, she glanced back at Bella. “Aren’t you coming?”

Breaking into an eager grin, Bella jumped down from the stool to hurry after her girlfriend.

As Laura began to mount the stairs, she called, “I’ll send the kids down, Jess.”

Now all alone in the kitchen, Jess had a sip of her tea, now somewhat tepid. “God help me,” she murmured, “I’m living in a houseful of lesbian nymphomaniacs.”


Alice was already undressing as she raced into her room, and was down to her knickers by the time she reached the bed.

As Laura entered, she turned to Bella. “I promise… this time, I’ll obey all your orders, Mistress.”

Bella was quick to pick up on Laura’s hint. Folding her arms, she replied, “See that you do.”

Startled, Alice sat up. “Mistress? What are you talking about?”

Kneeling on the bed, her head slightly bowed, Laura said, “While you were off viewing fine art, Bella has learned a few new things.”

Alice looked at her girlfriend in surprise. Bella felt a quiver in her tummy, but managed to keep her facial expression rock steady.

“Something new, eh?” Alice murmured. “Do I get to find out what that is?”

In a sudden burst of newfound confidence, Bella placed a hand on Alice’s chest, pushing the girl back onto the bed with a shove.

Alice could only stare. “Wait – what are you…?”

“Here’s what we’re doing, Alice. I’m going to fuck your aunt. You’re allowed to watch, but you can’t touch yourself until I say, or I’ll have to punish you.”

Laura spoke up. “It’s true, Alice… when I didn’t follow Bella’s orders, she gave me a spanking.”

“A spanking, huh? I might like that.”

Bella shook her head. “You’re not s’posed to enjoy getting punished. Hmmm… instead of a spanking, maybe I’ll tell your mum you can’t have sex for a whole week. I bet she’ll make you keep to that, too.”

Alice’s smirk vanished. “You – you’re kidding, right?”

Bella gave Alice a look that made it clear she wasn’t. Then she glanced at Laura, who was still assuming a submissive position. “Laura… take your clothes off.”

Getting to her feet, Laura faced her audience, then began to strip off, making the act as sensual as she possibly could. Unbuttoning her blouse, she shrugged it from her shoulders, then let it slide down her arms and to the carpet. Her pants were next – she unfastened the clasp and shimmied them to her bare feet, using a dance move to step out before sending the khaki slacks flying with a flick of her ankle. Making short work of her silk bra, she stood before the girls, nude but for her knickers.

“Very nice,” Bella murmured, idly cupping her sex. Alice said nothing, but the hunger in the preteen’s eyes spoke volumes.

Laura swivelled around, presenting her arse to Alice, surprised by how much she enjoyed teasing the twelve-year-old. She needs to learn about how great deferred gratification can be, anyhow. And helping Bella explore her interest in dominant sex just makes this little scenario even hotter.

Taking hold of the waistband of her knickers, Laura began to wriggle them down, working her hips from side to side – a move she’d relied upon more than a few times to fire the lust of a lover. Once her cheeks were bared, she bent over as the wispy black panties inched down her thighs, wanting to give Alice a full-on view of her cunt and anus.

As Laura stepped out of her panties, Bella approached, going up on tiptoe to claim the woman’s mouth in a passionate kiss, then telling her, “Now… undress me.”

Christ, she’s really getting into this, Laura mused as she pulled the twelve-year-old’s pink top up and off, then let it fall to the carpet.

“No,” Bella said, frowning at her discarded lounge top. “Don’t put my clothes on the floor. Pick it up, fold it, and leave it on the chair.”

“Sorry, Mistress.” Laura hastened to collect the garment.

“I’ll let that go – this time. Do it again, and I’ll… I’ll make you do deep knee bends.”

Alice could only stare at her best friend and lover. How the fuck did this happen?

She’d never seen Bella behave this way; never knew it was possible. Not that she wasn’t turned on by the girl’s boldness. Her mind was racing, picturing Bella putting Mum’s strappy on and fucking her with it.

Laura took off Bella’s trainers, then tugged the girl’s pants down to her ankles, waiting for her to step out before folding and placing them on the chair with the matching top. She repeated the process with Bella’s knickers, leaving her naked.

“Good,” Bella said, then bent to pat the bed. “Now lie down.” When Laura obeyed, the girl patted her thigh. “Pull your knees up. I want to see everything.”

Laura hugged both thighs to her chest, putting her cunt and anus on full display. Kneeling down between the woman’s legs, Bella teased Laura’s slit with a finger. “Come here, Alice,” she said, beckoning to her lover. “I want you to watch me lick your aunt.”

“Um, okay.” Drawing closer, Alice felt a jolt of renewed arousal when Bella began to feast on Aunt Laura’s shaved sex, peering up at her all the while. Once Laura began to squirm, her pussy visibly dripping with nectar, Bella moved to her arse, bathing the tight rosebud with eager, lust-filled swipes of the tongue.

Suddenly noticing that Alice’s hand was slowly creeping between her thighs, she raised her head, fixing Alice with an icy stare. “I told you… no touching!”

“For fuck’s sake, Bella… I’m dying here! This really isn’t fair.”

Now fully immersed in her role, Bella coolly announced, “Your turn will come when I say so.”

Alice reluctantly let her hand fall to the side. She was frustrated, but her interest in this new version of Bella was growing more acute. Despite nearly always taking the lead in their lovemaking, Alice was intrigued by the idea of following someone else’s instructions in bed. But she’d certainly never pictured her sweet, shy girlfriend as a dominant partner!.

Bella moistened her fingers with Laura’s juices before plunging them into her sub’s vagina. She started with two, added her thumb to the woman’s rectum, then worked them in and out, making squishing noises with each stroke. Laura was panting for breath, her head bobbing in time with the twelve-year-old’s pumping arm.

Alice was riveted to the lewd scene, watching Bella fuck her aunt, then nodding excitedly when Laura finally succumbed, a hoarse scream exploding from her throat as she came. Her body shook convulsively, she froze for a few seconds, then went completely limp.

Carefully withdrawing her fingers, Bella studied them, then extended her hand to Alice. “Care for a taste? It’s different from your mum, I’d say… a bit sweeter.”

Alice seized her friend’s arm and stuffed the glistening fingers into her mouth, sucking them greedily while Bella stole a quick peek down at Laura, who gave her a smile and a wink of encouragement.

To Alice’s dismay, Bella took her hand away before she was finished, though her friend’s sweet smile had Alice hoping that she would now be permitted to join in the sex games. But instead, Bella swung a leg over Laura’s face, offering her cunt to the older woman. “Now you get to watch Auntie Laura taste me.”

Alice moaned in protest. “Bloody hell, Bella! Okay, now you’re just being a big tease.”

Bella snickered. “Yeah, I am – and I’ve gotta say, it’s loads of fun! Mmmm… y’know, your aunt is really good at this. Oooooh, shit, yes!” she gasped, slumping forward for a moment. Raising her head, she flashed Alice a wicked grin. “Tell you what – you can kiss me if you like.”

Aching to get in on the action, Alice hurried to kneel before Bella. Their bodies were almost touching, giving Laura an excellent view of her niece’s cunt from below while she feasted on Bella.

“You make me so fucking hot,” Alice whispered, cupping Bella’s face in both hands. Closing her eyes, she hungrily kissed her lover, sucking at Bella’s lips and tongue, seeking any trace of her aunt’s essence. In turn, Bella plucked at Alice’s nipples with one hand, reaching down to tease her friend’s clit with the other.

But before she could do much more than that, Bella came, whimpering through gritted teeth as her orgasm peaked and ebbed. Finally overwhelmed, she rolled off Laura, flopping onto her back.

Laura barely had time to draw a full breath before Alice whirled around to burrow between her aunt’s legs, too far gone to wait for Bella’s permission. Burying her mouth in the juicy flesh, she began to lick.

When Bella’s eyes fluttered open, the first thing she saw was Laura, an ecstatic expression on her face. Glancing down the woman’s body, she saw Alice kneeling on the bed, her sucking mouth fastened to Laura’s cunt, making wet, slurping noises as she went down on her aunt.

Belly briefly considered interrupting Alice to mete out some sort of punishment for her disobedience, but decided she’d had enough role play for the moment. Instead, she turned onto her side to swap kisses with Laura, fucking the woman’s mouth with her tongue.

But Laura was too out of breath to kiss for very long, so Bella sat back to watch. Soon she grew restless, still in a mood to play.

Still eagerly going down on Aunt Laura, Alice was kneeling between the woman’s legs, bent over with her arse jutting up and outward. It proved an irresistible target for Bella. Getting to her feet, she moved to stand behind her girlfriend, admiring her beautiful bottom. Alice’s knees were positioned far enough apart to put her vaginal cleft and rosebud on full display.

Bella licked her lips as she considered a suitable course of action, deciding that Alice’s disobedience did warrant some sort of response. I’ll be a bit rough with her, she thought, so she’ll know I mean business.

Pausing to lubricate her fingers in the essence of her own pussy, Bella reached out to touch between Alice’s legs, grinning when the girl shivered deliciously in response. Bella began to caress her lover’s slit, smearing its wetness around the labia and anus. Then, with considerably less gentleness, she plunged two fingers into Alice’s vagina, forcing them in as deep as they could go.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Alice cried, raising her head. She panted several times, then somehow managed to return to her licking.

Bella fucked Alice hard, pistoning her fingers in and out before adding a third to the girl’s anus.

This unexpected invasion rocked Alice to her core, and she knew her orgasm was imminent. Determined to make her aunt come first, the twelve-year-old went down on Laura with everything she had, lapping and nibbling at the fleshy clitoris until the older woman cried out, twitching frantically as the world came crashing down around her ears. Alice continued to lick as best she could, gorging on Laura’s freely flowing nectar until her own climax kicked in a moment later.

Removing her fingers from Alice with considerably more gentleness than she’d used to force them inside, Bella gazed down at her spent, half-conscious sex partners with an enormous sense of satisfaction.

Being the boss during sex is… wow, it’s incredible! she told herself. I’ve got to get Alice to try it sometime when we fuck.

She felt a surge of love for Alice that left her tingling. Lying down next to her girlfriend, Bella kissed the girl’s flushed cheek.

Alice’s eyes slowly came open. “That was so wild, Bella. You nearly drove me mental, but it was all good in the end. Hell’s bells, you really did learn a few new things, didn’t you? I want to hear all about it!”

“Well, we aren’t done yet,” Bella replied. “Laura still wants to taste you.” With that, she rolled Alice onto her back, roughly pushing the strawberry blonde’s thighs apart.

“I’m not sure I can even come again,” Alice said. “After that last one, I just might be, um, fucked out.”

“Now that sounds like a challenge.” Bella turned to Laura, who was now on her knees, gazing hungrily at her niece. “Laura, you’ve been gay longer than any of us… I’ll bet you know a few tricks. Think you can give Alice an orgasm?”

Laura chuckled. “Just watch me.” Pausing long enough to kiss Bella and stroke her cheek, she stretched out between her niece’s legs. Sweeping her hair back with a toss of the head, she pressed her mouth onto the fleshy heat of Alice’s cunt, thrusting her tongue into the juicy interior.

“Mmmm… that does feel nice,” Alice sighed.

“Enough talking,” muttered Bella, claiming Alice’s mouth in a brief but rough lover’s kiss. Breaking away, she added, “I’ve got something important for you to do with your mouth.” She quickly straddled the girl’s face, feeding Alice her lightly-downed slit.


Downstairs, Jess had settled the youngsters down at the kitchen table with milk and cookies. As they ate, she wandered over to the staircase, wondering what Laura and the older girls were up to. Right away, she heard a long, lusty moan that sounded like Bella.

Unable to stifle an irresistible rush of curiosity, Jessica quickly, quietly ascended the stairs, creeping down the corridor to Alice’s room. As she peered through the doorway, Jess was greeted with the sight of her daughter, her sister and her lover’s eldest child, naked and engaged in a heated threesome.

Drinking in the lewd spectacle, Jess put a hand between her legs, palming her cunt through the tan slacks she wore. It was an impressive sight, no question. Alice was stretched out on the bed with Laura’s mouth locked to her sex, and Bella riding her face.

As Jess approached the lusty trio, Bella’s eyes popped open, but Jess put a finger to her lips before the girl could speak. Still unnoticed by the others, she tiptoed closer, stripping off her clothes along the way. Now nude, she turned Alice’s chair towards the sex show and sat, draping one leg over the upholstered arm. With a blissful sigh, she languidly caressed her pussy.

As the trio’s movements gathered pace, Jessica’s fingers matched them, until a mewling Bella rolled away from Alice’s mouth, her body shuddering as she fingered herself to prolong the climax. Seconds later, Alice jerked convulsively as she came, nearly dislodging her aunt.

Before any of them had time to recover, they heard the unmistakable sound of a third orgasm. All three looked round to see Jess slouched in the overstuffed chair, succumbing to the throes of her own climax. Finally, releasing her held breath, she went limp.

The room was silent but for the in and out of breathing, as Jessica and the two girls recovered. Seated on the floor, Laura was first to speak. “So, Jess, did you like spying on your sister while she fucked your daughter and her girlfriend?”

“Bloody hell, what can I say?” Jessica replied with a sheepish grin. “It was a sexy sight!”

Laura turned to Bella and Alice. “Well, girls… since my sister has chosen to violate our privacy, I think some sort of payback is in order. Let’s have our way with her, shall we?”

Laura rose and advanced on her older sibling, followed by the girls. Taking Jess by the arm, she drew the woman to her feet and was about to throw her on the bed, then thought better of it.

She glanced at Alice. “Where does your mother keep her scarves? We need a few.”

Grinning hugely, Alice bounded out of the room, soon returning with a handful of colourful scarves, which she passed on to Laura.

“Lie her down on the bed,” Laura instructed.

The girls went for Jessica, who laughed as she allowed Alice and Bella to drag her over to the bed, where they carefully laid her out. “Like this?” asked Bella, looking up at Laura.

“That’s good.” Seizing Jessica’s right hand, Laura looped a scarf around her wrist, then did the same for the left. She handed the end of one scarf to Alice, the other to Bella. “Tie these to the bedposts, girls.”

The twelve-year-olds gleefully obeyed, securing Jessica’s arms above her head. Turning, they saw Laura tying two of the long scarves together then repeating that with two more. After testing the knots, she looped one end of each improvised rope around her sister’s ankle, then passed them to the girls. “Now her feet.” Bella and Alice quickly finished the job..

Satisfied with their handiwork, they stood back to take in the intensely erotic sight of Jess, spread-eagled and helpless on the bed. Her cunt was open, still pink and glistening from the orgasm she’d just had.

“Well, what now?” Jess said, not without a tiny smirk. “Let me guess. You want to get your own back, because I made you wait so long for our first time together?”

Actually, big sister, I’m just wondering whether to have my way with you right now… or let you watch us while we fuck. Hmm… maybe we ought to go downstairs and have a spot of brunch first. What do you think, girls?”

Bella jumped in. “Um, I’d like to play with her… is that okay?”

Laura nodded slowly. “Sounds like a plan. But just tease her, okay? Don’t let her come.”

What? Oh come on, Laur… you can’t leave me like this and not let me get off!”

“Really, Jess? I had to wait years to get into your knickers. Must say, though, I do like Bella’s idea. We’ll have a bit of fun first.”

Laura knelt on the bed, her face a couple of inches from her sister’s pussy. Using two fingers, she gently prised the labia apart, then blew gently on the exposed clitoris.

“Fffuuuuck,” Jess moaned, arching her back.

Bringing her tongue into play, Laura gave the inflamed nubbin a light flick, feeling a shiver ripple through her sister’s body. Oh, yeah – she’s ready. Laura placed her middle finger against the entrance of Jessica’s cunt, then thrust it into the glistening flesh. She immediately twisted her wrist to curl the finger upwards, seeking that special trigger behind the pubis.

Jess was clearly struggling not to respond, but Laura had done this kind of thing far too many times to be fooled. Her lips curled into a smirk as she watched her sister’s resolve slowly give way, a choked moan escaping Jessica’s throat.

“Wow,” whispered Alice, fascinated by… well, whatever it was her aunt was doing to Mum.

Laura continued to carefully stroke the interior of Jessica’s cunt, studying her sister for how she reacted to this stimulation, determined not to take her over the edge. All of a sudden she withdrew her finger, then turned to Alice and Bella.

“There you go, girls… that’s warmed her up a bit. Now we can have some real fun.” She slipped the finger into her mouth, humming contentedly as she enjoyed her sister’s flavour.

“Bitch,” Jessica groaned, rolling her eyes.

Alice gave her aunt an inquisitive look. “What did you do, Auntie Laura?”

“Oh, I just played with your mum’s G-spot to get her going.”

“G-spot? What’s that?”

“Ha! Good question. It’s a particular area inside the vagina. If you press against it with your fingers… well, let’s just say it can be a useful technique to drive a lover absolutely wild.

“Cool! Can you teach me where it is?”

“Me too!” Bella chimed in.

Laura laughed. “Of course I will, but later, okay? Now, let me see… Alice, I want you to tease your mum, but remember, don’t let her come until I say. Meantime, she can watch me fuck your girlfriend.” She took Bella’s hand.

“I don’t think I can do more sex,” Bella protested, her cheeks flushing pink. “I’ve already come three times. There’s no feeling left down there!”

“Leave that to me, love,” Laura cooed, taking the preteen in her arms, cupping her bare bum. “I’ve been around more than a few pussies in my time.” She gave Bella a gentle kiss, then slipped her tongue into the girl’s mouth.

Alice knelt between her mum’s splayed legs, reaching out to lightly trace the open slit with her finger. “I love your pussy, Mum,” she sighed. “I mean, each one I’ve seen is beautiful, but yours… just looking at it makes me all gooey inside.” She caressed the opening again. “And it tastes just as wonderful as it looks.”

“Alice Matthews, I swear by all that’s holy,” Jessica muttered, through her clenched jaw, ”I will ground you for a bloody month if you don’t stop teasing me.”

“Sorry, Mum,” Alice replied, her expression a portrait of innocence. “I’m only following Aunt Laura’s orders.” Bending down, she pressed her lips to Jessica’s inner thigh, then gave her mother an adoring smile. “I really did mean what I said about your cunt, though.” She eased the tip of her finger into the juicy cleft, then moved it around in tiny circles.

Jess growled, straining at her bonds, but said nothing.

Meanwhile, Laura had moved the large chair close to the side of the bed, where her sister had an excellent view. Seating herself, she pulled Bella into her lap, then gave the girl a heated kiss. Soon enough, Bella began to respond, her desire reawakening as if by magic.

Laura trailed her lips down Bella’s neck until she was nuzzling the young girl’s breasts, briefly sucking each nipple. Then they returned to kissing, but Laura was also slipping a hand between Bella’s thighs to finger her cunt – slowly at first, no doubt conscious that the twelve-year-old was still tender down there.

Sure enough, it wasn’t but a couple of minutes before the girl began to squirm in Laura’s lap, her eyes going wide in astonishment. “Oooh, Laura,” Bella whimpered, “I… I think it’s h-happening again!” She slumped forward, resting her cheek on the woman’s shoulder, panting for breath as she came.

Between the feather-light caresses of her daughter – just enough to stimulate her cunt without any hope of release – and the sight of Bella caught up in the whirlwind of her own ecstasy, Jessica was a tightly-wound ball of tension. To think that just a few months ago, I was masturbating once, maybe twice a week. Now look at me, gasping for an orgasm like a beached fish. And I got fucked barely an hour ago!

In the chair, a sleepy Bella nestled in her grownup lover’s embrace. Laura dipped a finger into the girl’s pussy to coat it with her wetness, then reached over to smear the sweet honey on Jessica’s lips. With a helpless whimper, Jess licked in a circle around her mouth, allowing the familiar tang of cunt to stimulate her taste buds.

On hearing a rumble from the stairs, Laura turned to see the three munchkins invade the room, stopping to take in the bizarre sight of Kate and Poppy’s bound mother.

“Um… are you guys playing something?” asked Kate, her brow slightly furrowed.

“Hello, girls,” Laura replied. “You’re just in time. We are playing a little game, yes. It’s a bit like Pass the Parcel, only naughtier. You each get one minute with Jess, but you mustn’t allow her to come or you’ll be disqualified.”

“Bloody hell,” Jess sighed. “You aren’t going to leave off, are you?”

“And miss out on all this fun?” Laura replied. “No fear of that. To tell the truth, I’m feeling a bit peckish at the moment. I could do with a snack… and you, my dear sister, get to be the plate.” She glanced at Bella and Alice. “Come with me, you two – let’s scare up some sweet treats.”

“What the fuck?” Jessica protested. “Hold on, Laura!” The three younger girls were already undressing.

“Can’t heeeaaaar yoooouuu!” Laura called as she danced down the staircase, a laughing Alice and Bella at her heels.

When they returned a couple of minutes later, laden with foodstuffs, Jess was begging to be freed as the nymphs pleasured her as a trio. Cindy was sucking her toes, Kate was giving her breasts playful love bites, and Poppy had her mouth buried in Mummy’s pubes.

Placing various bottles and containers on the bed, Laura looked around at the girls. “So… what shall we eat first?”


An hour later, an exhausted Jess was covered in a mess of cream, honey, fudge frosting, chunks of fruit, semi-sweet chocolate morsels and other sugary edibles. Laura had finally relented and allowed Poppy to push her sister over the edge. The resulting orgasm had been powerful enough to render Jessica unconscious  for a minute.

Now Laura was kissing her sister lovingly as she undid Jessica’s restraints. “I hope you enjoyed that,” she murmured.

Jess gave a snort of weary laughter. “Oh, I did… but I’m still going to get you back, you cow.” She drifted into a yawn, then muttered, “Fuck me, I’m knackered.”

Laura patted her sister’s sticky shoulder. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” She helped Jess to her feet, and the two women made their way to the bathroom. The girls had stripped the bed of its food-smeared linen and were enjoying a group cuddle on the bare mattress, all five of them.


Jess, Laura and the girls were dressed and the house returned to some semblance of normalcy by the time Rachel phoned to let everyone know she was leaving work and would be over directly, once she’d freshened up. An hour later, she let herself in. Jess called out from the kitchen, and Rachel entered, surprised to see everyone sitting quietly nibbling on cake.

Folding her arms, she said, “Well, I expected to come home to some depraved orgy, or at least a bit of light rumpy-pumpy. Is there any cake left, at least?”

Deftly cutting a slice, Jess transferred it to a plate and handed it to Rachel, then added a fork. “Believe me, Rach, my rumpy has been pumped in every way imaginable. In fact, we’ve all been more or less shagged to a fare-thee-well!”

As Rachel glanced quizzically around the room, Bella got up to hug her. “We’ll tell you later, Mum,” she murmured.

When Rachel’s eyes met hers, Laura said, “Hi, Rachel. Jess and I need to discuss something with you. Bella, sweetie… would you and Alice take the girls out for a few minutes, please?” Noting the frowns on the girls’ faces, she added. “Don’t worry, we’re not keeping secrets from you… we just need to figure out what steps to take next. You’ll know everything soon.”

“Sure, Laura,” Bella said, then surprised Rachel by giving Jessica’s sister a hug, then a lingering kiss.

Rachel watched the girls leave, then turned to Jess, still puzzled. “Seems I’ve missed all the excitement. Or… is something wrong?”

Moving close to kiss her lover, Jess answered. “No, it’s nothing like that, Rach… but we do have news. Very exciting news, actually.”

“That’s putting it mildly,” Laura said, already grinning.

Slowly taking a seat, Rachel looked from one woman to the other. “I’m all ears.”

On to  Chapter 34!


My Dominant Sister

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Not a new story, just one from my salad days that never got posted here. Hope you like.

By JetBoy

The party turned out to be an utter snoozefest — crap music, bad wine in paper cups, and not one guy that was worth my time, held in an apartment that smelled like stale potato chips and Axe body wash — so I made up a bullshit excuse about having to get up early to visit my parents the next day and made my escape.

All the way home I fumed about how royally I’d been screwed by my so-called friend Brenda. All week long she’d talked this party up at the office, riding me like a rented mule until I promised to go. And when I arrived after hours of getting ready, she wasn’t even there! I phoned her on my cell to find out where the hell she was, and Brenda admitted that she blew off the party at the last minute to go on a date with “this totally hot guy I met today at Kinko’s. Um… you’re not mad at me, are you, Mindy?”

I didn’t want to scream into my phone like a deranged lunatic, so she’d ducked a bullet… for the moment. But believe you me, Brenda was going to get it in the face with both barrels on Monday. If there’s anything, anything that makes me see red, it’s being stood up.

Now here I am, home from the party at 8:32, slipping into the apartment so my sister Susan won’t hear. She’s almost certainly got her girlfriend Paula over, and the last thing I feel like tonight is being a third wheel while they make out on the couch. I’ll just sneak into my room, get into my pajamas, break out that bottle of Glenfiddich I’ve got stashed under the bed, curl up with a book and read between sips of fine Scotch until I pass out.

I slip off my shoes and tiptoe into the hallway… but freeze after two steps when my sister’s angry voice issues from her room.

“What the fuck do you think you’re trying to pull?”

I fumble for words, embarrassed beyond belief to have been caught creeping into my apartment like a teenager after curfew. Before I can speak, though, Susan speaks again.

“Well? Tell me what were you doing,” Susan hisses, and this time I realize that she isn’t addressing me.

I hear the soft tone of her lover Paula in reply. “I… I was touching myself.”

“Touching yourself while thinking about another woman, you mean,” Susan says, her voice positively icy. “Don’t even try to deny it — I can always tell.”

“Yes, mistress,” Paula replies softly.

“And what were you thinking about her? While you were fingering your cunt? What, slut?”

“I was thinking about fucking her.”

Slowly, slowly I creep toward Susan’s bedroom, unable to restrain my curiosity. As I approach the door I notice that it’s slightly ajar, and when I peek through I am stunned into near-paralysis by what I see.

Paula is seated, facing the bed, a wrist tied to each arm of the chair. She is naked and I have an excellent view of her sex, wet and glistening between spread thighs.

Standing just in front of her is my sister, her back to me, wearing nothing but panties. Wait, hold on just a second — that’s no pair of panties, it’s a harness with a huge strap-on cock attached! There’s at least nine inches of it, jutting arrogantly from Susan’s crotch as she casually strolls around her bound lover.

Damn… this is weird. I knew I shouldn’t look, but my eyes are riveted to the lewd scene playing itself out before me. Maybe it’s only the shock of it, but there’s a jolt of excitement running through me, right down to my pussy. God, Paula has a beautiful body — actually, so does Susan.

My sister Susan is a lesbian, but I’ve been totally straight all my life — at least until recently, soon after she and I decided to share an apartment. Since then, I’ve been thinking more and more about exploring girl/girl sex for myself. Something about my sister’s incredibly hot love life makes my affairs with men seem utterly tame by comparison. I had yet to discuss these feelings with Susan, though. In fact, I’d decided not to tell her anything until I’d had my first experience with a woman.

“Where were you fantasizing about fucking her — this other woman?” Susan’s voice radiates contempt.

“In our bed.” Paula timidly answers.

Susan reaches down to pinch Paula’s nipple, making her gasp. “Who exactly were you thinking of fucking? Who is it that you want so badly? Say her name!” Susan demands.

I nearly fall to my knees in shock when I hear Paula’s reply. “M-Mindy… your sister.”

“So, slut,” Susan says coldly. “You want to fuck my own sister. Behind your mistress’s back!”

“N-no, mistress,” Paula protests, “I was fantasizing of m-making love with both of you… being used by you and your sister. Together.”

“You perverted dyke,” my sister purrs. “So you want a little threesome action — and with a pair of sisters, no less. Dirty cunt…”

Okay, now this is getting utterly freaky, and there is a serious throbbing down inside my panties. What gets me most of all is that my sister doesn’t even sound upset — more like really turned on. 

An idea begins to form in my mind as I continue to watch — the craziest, wildest idea imaginable, not the kind of thing a sensible girl like Mindy Howton would ever try. Right then, though, I was feeling anything but sensible.

“Welllll…” my sister drags out the word. “Since you’re so interested in kinky sex, I’m going to get kinky on you, bitch.”

Suddenly Susan turns, flipping her shoulder-length blonde hair back with a toss of her head. She slowly strides over to Paula and halts before her, hands on hips.

“Suck my cock,” she demands. “Get it nice and wet. Then I’m going to put it in your ass.”

I watch as Paula bends down — awkwardly, since she is still trussed to the chair — and her full lips stretch around the impressive girth of my sister’s latex cock. My whole body is tense — nipples erect, my pussy wet and throbbing.

I want to join in this game, I know that now, and am just waiting for my cue to enter.

Susan grabs a handful of her girlfriend’s short dark hair and forcefully jerks her head back. “Right, slut. I’m going to fuck you now.”

“No, you’re not. You’re going to fuck me first, and make her watch,” I announce, striding into the bedroom.

Susan’s jaw drops and her eyes widen — but she recovers quicker than Paula, whose face is crimson.

“Oh yeah?” Susan rallies, instantly regaining her cool, gazing evenly at me. Her dark green irises sparkle as they meet my own emerald eyes.

“Yeah,” I fire back. “It seems only fair that she should watch us fuck. Instead of vice versa.”

“Sounds logical to me.” Susan replies, flashing me a cheeky grin. “Go on then, get naked.”

Interesting… my sister seems a lot less freaked out by my behavior than I expected. Does she think I’m bluffing, and sure to back down at the last second? Or… is this something Susan wants to happen? I’ve never entertained the slightest suspicion that my big sister might feel lust for me… now, the thought of it has my mind buzzing.

The die is cast. If Susan really is into this, I’m going to give my cunt to her – or whatever hole she feels like fucking. I’ve never felt so bold, so alive. My panties are a swamp

Paula gapes at me in disbelief as I slip out of the short-strapped black party dress I was wearing. Next I pull off my bra and drop it to the floor, baring my breasts. Then I skim my black panties down my thighs and kick them off from round my ankles. I pick them up and carry them over to where Paula is seated. I wave them under her nostrils, and watch as her cheeks flame an even deeper red.

“C’mere, Mindy.” Susan calls. She is already stretched out on the far side of the bed, arms folded behind her head, that jet-black cock pointing up like a steeple. I casually saunter over to her, strutting sexily so that Paula gets an eyeful of my naked ass. I slip onto the bed and slide up to join my sister.

“Fuck, sis — are you sure about this?” she whispers in my ear as she wraps an arm around me.

“Yeah,” I whisper back as I plant a kiss upon her warm lips.

She responds immediately, her tongue plunging into my eager mouth. We kiss hungrily for a long while, then Susan pushes me down into the duvet, positioning herself between my thighs. Our lips part and I gasp as her mouth slips down my throat and to my breasts. I look over to where Paula is tied down in her seat — she is watching intently.

I feel my own body go taut with excitement as my sister’s lips surround one nipple, then the other, sucking the tips of my breasts to nearly painful stiffness. Her kisses trail lower, and soon I can feel her nuzzling my sex. I spread my thighs and I am rewarded by a long, slow lick from the crack of the ass to my clit.

I moan encouragingly, and my sister continues to go down on me, doing incredible things to my cunt with her mouth and tongue. No guy has ever given me oral half this good.

After a few moments, Susan raises her face from between my legs, twisting around to gaze mockingly at her lover.

“Still watching, slut? I’m going to fuck my sister now. You can’t even touch your cunt to give yourself a little relief, can you? I guess you’ll have to come just from watching us.” With that, my sister kneels before me and presses the tip of her latex prick against my vaginal opening. Slowly she eases it inside, working it up to the hilt with a single smooth stroke — and I gasp with delight and excitement.

The cock stretches and fills me, and I cry out and writhe in ecstasy. Susan leans over me, taking her weight on both arms, letting our breasts rub together as her open mouth claims mine. I can taste myself on her lips — and this sensation alone is intense enough to take me to the verge of orgasm.

This is the most intensely kinky sex of my young life. I can’t believe I’m being fucked by my own sister! She certainly knows how to wield a cock, too — with each thrust she makes me groan, nudging me closer to climax.

“Oh, fuck…” I moan, looking over to where Paula sits. The sight of her lust-flushed face and glistening cunt pushes me right over the edge, into the sweet oblivion of orgasm. I let it all out, screaming loud and long as I explode all over my sister’s plunging cock. My cunt contracts around the latex invader, and I shudder and shake beneath Susan until I am sated.

“Enjoy that?” I ask my sister, panting. She nods emphatically in answer, and I kiss her hungrily. “Me too,” I sigh.

“Your turn, slut.” Susan says, extracting her slippery dick from me and turning toward Paula. “I’m going to have you now.” I move to rise from the bed, and my sister turns to me. “No, no — stay there.” Susan smiles, bending to kiss my cheek. She straightens, sneering at Paula, “This slut doesn’t get to lie in the comfy bed when she gets fucked — she takes it down on the ground, like the dog she is.”

I watch my sexy, curvy sister walk over to Paula, undo each of her restraints with a quick tug, then shove her from the chair. Startled, Paula cries out as she hits the floor, then quickly struggles into a submissive position, her shapely rump in the air.

“Are you ready to feel my cock in your ass? My big cock, covered in my sister’s sweet juices?” She feeds a finger into Paula’s exposed asshole, then another. “Oh yeah, you’re ready for this, aren’t you? Little whore.” She pulls out her fingers, placing the tip of her cock against her shivering sub’s anal cleft.

I watch in awe as Susan slowly penetrates her, a choked cry escaping Paula’s lips as her rectum seems to swallow all nine inches of that thick ebony shaft. I stare at Paula’s face, now pushed into the carpet. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy, mouth slightly open. She is panting for breath.

My cunt begins to throb once more. I’m horny again, ready for more action.

I slip down onto the floor as Susan starts to fuck Paula’s butt, her hips churning. She raises her hand with each thrust, bringing it down on her lover’s ass with a sharp crack.

I lift Paula’s head by her hair as I had seen Susan do, spreading out in front of her with my legs on either side of her shoulders. I lie down and draw her face right into my pussy.

“Oh, yeah. Eat my sister’s cunt while I fuck you,” Susan growls, her hand still raining down blows on Paula’s buttocks. She’s not spanking Paula hard enough to leave welts, I notice.

I feel Paula’s tongue eagerly lapping at my cunt and sigh happily. This is a nasty dream come true. I can hear the sound of my sister’s cock as it pushes in and pulls out of her lover’s ass. I can sense her gaze upon me as my cunt gets eaten; feel her every thrust as Paula’s mouth is ground into my wet pussy.

My greed button has been pushed, though, and I need more. Slipping out from beneath Paula, I cup her flushed face in my hands and kiss her deeply, savoring the tang of my cunt on her lips.

I look over her shoulder and at my sister, a question in my eyes, and Susan nods in permission.

Getting down on my back, I slide beneath Paula, nuzzling my way down her trembling body until I see her dripping slice, inches from my face. She smells great — a rich, thick aroma that makes me lightheaded. I can feel her hair brushing my thighs.

I tease her at first, barely grazing her cunt with the tip of my tongue — then I suddenly take her entire pussy into my mouth, licking and sucking ravenously at the sweet pink flesh. It’s my first time going down on another woman, and I love it! Paula is pleasuring me wonderfully, worshiping my sex with an eager tongue.

I can feel every stroke Susan makes in her lover’s ass, and begin to lick Paula to the same lewd rhythm. Paula quickly gets the idea, matching our tempo — and suddenly we are like some incredible lesbian fucking machine, three naked bodies churning in tandem, working as one.

Suddenly Paula stiffens, crying out into my pussy as she bursts into a shuddering orgasm. That sets me off, and in the midst of my ecstasy I’m aware that Susan is panting like a marathon runner, her thrusts harder than ever. All three of us are coming at once. I’ve never known such pleasure as this. Never, never.

When I find myself again, we three are tangled in a sweaty heap of flesh, still glowing from the intensity of our crazed fucking. We lie together for a long time, sharing caresses and kisses.

It’s then I realize that the desire I feel for my sister is very real, and that I want this to happen again and again. The warmth in her green eyes when I gaze into them tells me without words that she feels the same way. We drift together in a tender kiss that says everything… then without a word, I unfasten the cock jutting from Susan’s groin, spread my sister out on the floor and go down on her for the first time. I know with complete certainty that it will not be the last.

Five years later, Susan and I are a couple. We are both dominants with the other women we fuck — but when it’s just us two, we are lovers. Oh, sometimes one of us might tie the other up in the heat of passion, but what my sister and I share is very tender and romantic.

She and I plan to be together for the rest of our lives.

The End


Ripples, Chapter 32

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A brief summary of what has transpired thus far, since the last chapter posted what seems like ages ago. (To get a more detailed summary of the first 30 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Deep breath. Here goes…

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair.

Recently, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Jessica’s daughter Alice immediately sensed a powerful attraction to one another.

As it transpires, Stella is a member of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out, Stella is looking to make her a member. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Jessica’s oldest girl Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters, which resulted in — surprise, surprise — a four-way orgy.

While this takes place, Jessica’s sister Laura drops by for a long-awaited visit, where she admits to having a crush on Jess since they were teenagers. That evening, they finally come together as lovers.

The next morning, all the girls except for come home from a sleepover at Rachel’s place, where they’d gone to give Jess and Laura some privacy for their first time. Now they’re ready to party with the grownups. And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. (Actually, we begin with the last scene of the previous chapter, to get you guys up to speed.) Read on…


by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


Laura’s head rested on the bed and her arse jutted up and out, presenting Jess with a mouthwatering view. Spreading her sister open with both hands, she leaned in and took a long slow lick, trailing her tongue from the tip of Laura’s clit to the pucker of her anus. Bringing her fingers into play, she slipped two into the juicy cunt, kissing her sibling’s rosebud like a lover’s mouth.

As Laura’s juices began to flow, she was startled to hear the familiar voice of Katie calling out, “Mum, we’re ho-ome!”

Raising her face from Laura’s bum, Jess called, “We’re up here.”

Laura pulled away, searching round for something to cover herself with – but Jess gripped her shoulder, the fingers of the other hand still sheathed in Laura’s pussy. “No, you don’t. Stay where you are. This party’s just beginning, little sister.”

Laura meekly submitted to Jessica’s will, though still reluctant to be caught in this situation. They heard the thunder of steps up the stairs before Katie and Poppy appeared in the doorway.

Jess gave her daughters a big smile. “Morning, girls. I didn’t expect you this early!”

The girls giggled, but before they could answer, Rachel appeared behind them. “They woke me up at the crack of dawn,” she said. “Bet you can guess how.”

“Oh, I’ve been awakened that way myself, believe you me!” Jess replied with a chuckle.

Rachel tilted her head slightly, intrigued by the view of Jessica’s sister – naked, on all fours, looking back over her shoulder with flushed cheeks. “Hello Laura,” she purred. “So nice to see you again. Guess I don’t need to ask how last night went.”

As Jess withdrew from her sister’s cunt, Laura slowly turned round and carefully seated herself on the bed, forcing herself to make eye contact with her sister’s lover. Lustful desire was clearly written on Rachel’s face.

Jess padded over to her daughters, giving each a brief but lustful kiss on the mouth. Both little girls responded in a similar way – licking their lips, enjoying the familiar flavour of Auntie Laura’s cunt. As she straightened, Jessica was about to kiss Rachel, but a wicked idea popped into her head. She turned to see Laura staring at them, arms covering her breasts as she sat quietly, still uncertain of how to react.

Turning back to Rachel, Jess offered two pussy-coated fingers to her lover. Rachel drew them into her mouth and sucked the nectar from them, all the while staring at Laura, who shivered at the sight.

Jessica gestured toward the bed. “Care to join us, Rach?”

“There’s nothing I’d like more. Unfortunately,” she sighed, “I have to be at work in half an hour. I finish early this afternoon, though, so what if I come back then? In the meantime, I could return the favour and send over a couple of young cuties who would love to be a part of this.”

“That sounds wonderful. We’ll keep it hot for you.”

Turning to Katie and Poppy, Rachel knelt before them. “Thank you girls. Last night was lovely.”

Both girls embraced her. Poppy said, “Thanks, Mummy Rachel. It was fun!”

As she stood, Rachel said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, Laura. Much better.”

Laura managed to mumble, “Me too,” giving her sister’s lover a bashful smile.

Blowing kisses, Rachel exited. Jess made to follow, then turned back to the girls. “Well? Don’t keep your auntie waiting, you two.”

“Yay!” they cheered, then Poppy and Katie started stripping off their clothes.

Still nude, Jess walked Rachel downstairs. At the front door, Rachel turned. “So, I assume your evening with Laura went according to plan.”

“There were a couple of moments when I wasn’t sure. I told her everything; it seemed best not to keep secrets. She knows about Sally and Millie, and about Alice, whatever she’s up to at Stella’s place.”

“Getting ravished by the whole family, we hope. How did she take it?”

“Surprisingly well. Oh, by the way, Laura had a surprise of her own to share. She told me that our mother has been on a date with a woman – and sex was definitely involved!”

“Get away! Ann’s taking a walk on the wild side?”

“So I’ve been told. Mum gets back from her cruise in a few days, so I’ll tell her about us. Not everything, obviously.”

“Well, maybe she takes after her daughter. Your mother might just make up the full family set!”

Jess shook her head. “Christ, I can’t even imagine how she’d respond to something like that! No, we have to keep that part of our relationship completely secret.”

“All I know is that Ann is still an amazingly attractive woman,” Rachel murmured, slipping a hand between Jessica’s thighs. “Don’t you dare tell me the idea hasn’t crossed your mind.” Her smile seemed to radiate wickedness.

Her heart racing, Jess twisted away. “I don’t want to talk about that, Rachel. This situation is already crazy enough!”

Knowing she’d gone too far, Rachel drew her lover in for a gentle hug. “Sorry, Jess,” she whispered. “Guess I’m too perverted for my own good, eh?”

“I wouldn’t have you any other way, you cow,” Jess said, then broke their embrace. “You’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on. Remember, you were going to send your girls over. Don’t tell them what it’s about, though – let it be a surprise. And hurry back yourself – soon as you can!” They shared a kiss, then Rachel was gone.

Perching on the arm of the sofa, Jess patiently waited. A minute later, there was a knock on the door.

Jess opened it, mindful of her complete lack of clothing. As she closed the door behind Bella and Cindy, they stared at her, both visibly excited.

“Morning, girls. We have a lovely surprise waiting for you upstairs.”

Chapter 32

Having just been greeted at the front door by a very nude Jess, Rachel’s daughters glanced up the stairs when they heard the familiar squeals of delight from Poppy and Katie, Jessica’s two youngest.

“Well, come on in, girls,” Jess purred. “The party’s started, but there’s plenty of fun yet to come.”

Ten-year-old Cindy’s eyes shone. “Your sister is s’posed to be visiting, right? Auntie Laura’s here?” It was plain to see that she was already recalling the fun she’d had taking part in Laura’s introduction to incest a few weeks back, along with Katie and Poppy.

“That’s right, love. My girls are showing her a very good time, if those noises I hear are anything to go by… and it wouldn’t be the same without you to complete the original set of three!”

“Yeah!” Cindy started to race upstairs, but stopped abruptly three steps up and spun about, racing back down to throw both arms round Jessica’s waist and kiss her tummy, then bounded up the stairs to join the fun.

Bella remained where she was, staring doe-eyed at her mother’s lover.

Jess had a very real effect on the twelve-year-old – different from the love she felt for her own mum and sister, but every bit as intense. Jessica’s daughter Alice had been Bella’s best mate for years before they became real girlfriends, and even back then she admired how stylish Jessica always seemed to be. Not especially surprising, given that the woman ran a boutique.

Now that Bella had fully immersed herself in the pleasures of lesbian sex, she found herself especially smitten by the statuesque redhead. Jessica was often the leading player in Bella’s dirty fantasies. Just two nights ago, she’d rubbed herself into a frenzied climax, pretending Jess was touching her down there.

Bella gazed in awe at the magnificent woman. Even naked, Jessica radiated an inner strength that she yearned to possess for herself.

As for Jess, she’d noticed the longing looks she got from Bella, and the way the girl seemed to cosy up to her whenever both families were spending time together. She reckoned the girl had developed a bit of a crush on her. Rachel had made the odd joke about being jealous of her daughter, but also said, “Honestly, I’m just delighted that she loves you as much as I do.”

It suddenly occurred to Jess that she’d only made love to Bella in group situations. Never one on one, just the two of us. It’s high time I did something about that.

Stepping forward, Jessica cupped the girl’s face in both hands, bending to give her a tender kiss that she immediately made hot and passionate. Belle immediately responded, her tongue joining in the dance.

When Jess broke away, her young lover was left standing on trembling legs, her head tilted back, eyes closed. Then Bella snapped out of her dreamy haze, gaping at the smiling older woman. “Aunt Jess,” she whispered, swaying where she stood. “Please… please kiss me some more.”

Instead, Jessica reached out to touch the twelve-year-old’s blossoming breast through the pale pink velour of her lounge top. With the tip of a finger, she circled a taut nipple, feeling it stiffen through the material. Bella shivered.

“Oh, I’ll kiss you,” Jess murmured, her lips grazing Bella’s ear. “I’ll strip you off and make love to every inch of your beautiful body. But let’s not do that down here.” She gestured toward the staircase. “Shall we?”

A tongue-tied Bella nodded, and Jess took the girl’s hand, leading her up the stairs. As they turned into Jessica’s bedroom, they were greeted by a recreation of the tableau that Alice and Bella had taken their mothers to see a few weeks ago: Jessica’s sister Laura stretched out naked on the bed, a trio of equally bare little girls having their wicked way with her.

Jess leaned against the door frame, enjoying the show. After a moment, she spoke. “Well, I see you’ve finally got over your qualms about fucking our daughters.”

At the sound of her sister’s voice, Laura glanced in Jessica’s direction. She didn’t bother to reply, though – too busy licking the slit of seven-year-old Poppy, who was straddling her face. She saw Jess in the doorway, standing next to a younger version of her sister’s lover. Bella, she reminded herself.

Except for the scene of family debauchery she’d interrupted on her previous visit, it had been months, perhaps over a year, when Laura had last seen Rachel’s eldest daughter, but back then she’d not taken much notice of the bashful girl.

Since her initiation into the family fuck club, Laura was shocked by how readily she’d switched from seeking the attention of older women to studying girls, especially preteens. Once or twice since her seduction at the hand of her nieces, she’d found herself staring at young girls as she passed a school, a bus queue, or at the swimming pool after a gym workout. It unsettled her in a big way, but the desire was there, too intense to ignore.

Jessica spoke. “You remember Bella, sis. I told you she was a real doll, didn’t I? You should see her naked; she’s positively luscious!” Bella turned to beam up at Jess, her face aglow with happiness.

Among the various shades of redheads in the room, Bella stood out – partly due to her long, straight dark hair, but Laura also noticed that she possessed a quite impressive bust for her age. The girl’s breasts seemed to be bigger than hers, even under the loose clothing Bella wore. Laura managed to lift a hand to acknowledge her, but before she could complete the wave, a surge of pleasure made her body jerk. She rolled her eyes. I don’t know what Katie’s doing to me down there, but it feels incredible.

Jessica had both hands on Bella’s shoulders, urging the girl forward until they stood next to the bed, gazing down at Laura. It was an unforgettable sight. Poppy was riding her face, Katie was feasting on her cunt, and latecomer Cindy was kneeling beside the threesome, kissing Poppy and caressing her tiny buds.

As she approached orgasm, Poppy’s breath grew ragged, leaving her unable to kiss, so Cindy broke away with a smile and a pat on the cheek for her younger lover, then crawled around to kneel behind Katie. She spread her best friend’s buttocks open, then began to kiss and lick both Katie’s holes.

Jess leaned down to kiss her youngest daughter. “Is Auntie Laura making you feel good, Poppy dear?”

The fiery little redhead gave her mum a fleeting grin, gasping, “Oh, yes, Mummy. It’s – it’s so n-nice.”

As Laura watched with lust-glazed eyes, Jess slid her hands over Bella’s shoulders until they were cupping the girl’s generous breasts. Giving each a playful squeeze, Jess reached down to grasp the hem of the top, pulling it up and off, Bella lifting her arms to assist. She wore no bra, and Laura hummed her approval at the sight of the bare-chested preteen.

Jessica discarded the top, then tugged the matching bottoms down, helping Bella out of her trainers before carefully slipping the leggings off. This left the girl as bare as she was, aside from an adorable pair of pink ankle socks adorned with glittery stars that Jess decided to leave on.

Taking up her previous position behind Bella, Jess cupped the girl’s breasts again, this time giving them special attention. She kneaded the pliant globes and rolled each nipple between finger and thumb, causing Bella to gasp and slump back against her. Jessica bent to kiss the girl as she relinquished a breast, letting her hand slide down until she was able to hook a finger into Bella’s moist pussy.

Even as she continued to make oral love to little Poppy, Laura couldn’t tear her eyes away from her sister as Jess masturbated Bella, the two of them sharing a torrid kiss.

Eventually, their mouths gently parted. “Well, sweetheart,” Jess said, studying the crowded bed, “it seems there’s no room at the feast for us, not at the moment, anyhow… so I guess we’ll have to have some fun on our own.”

“Um, I’m fine with that,” Bella shyly replied. “Can I k-kiss your pussy?”

Without a word, Jess led Bella like a lapdog to an overstuffed chair in the room’s corner. Seating herself, she opened her legs wide. Needing no further instructions, Rachel’s daughter promptly went to her knees, placing her hands on Jessica’s thighs. She paused to gaze in awe at the cunt of her mum’s lover, then bent forward to lap at the juicy flesh.

Jess stroked the twelve-year-old’s head, twining her fingers in Bella’s hair as her excitement rose. She was already keyed up in a big way, so it only took a minute or so before the preteen’s tongue brought her to a wall-shaker of an orgasm. “Oh God, Bella!” she cried. “So, s-so fucking good! Ohhhhh!”

When Bella finally raised her head, Jess seized the girl and kissed her fiercely, tasting her honey. Bella was startled at first by her partner’s aggression, but recovered right away, matching Jessica’s fervour. The kiss lasted until both lovers were breathless, then Jess got to her feet, took Bella’s hands, deposited her in the chair and quickly knelt before her.

“You’re such a lovely girl, Bella,” she murmured, “so desirable. I’m glad that you and I finally get to make love, just the two of us. It won’t be the last time, I promise you that.” Once more, she claimed the girl’s mouth in a heated kiss, then began to nuzzle a pathway down Bella’s neck. She sought out a breast, circling the nipple with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh,” Bella whimpered. “Oh.” Her legs were wide apart, and the rich scent of the girl’s sex seemed to thicken the air. Jess was eager for a taste, but determined to take her time getting there. I want to make her feel better than she ever has, and prove to her I’m worth these feelings she has for me.

She spent a long while pleasuring Bella’s breasts, teasing the nipples until the twelve-year-old was frantic with the need for release. Jess wasn’t ready to give it to her, though. Down she went, burying her face in the girl’s belly, pausing to dip her tongue into the navel. She probed the tiny aperture, then moved on, leaving a line of kisses that took her to Bella’s womanly centre, her lips nearly touching the pubis.

Jess took a moment to savour the beauty of this young girl’s cunt. She’d seen quite a few pussies since her conversion to the lesbian life – each one different, each a marvel. Bella’s sex was no exception: a rosy cleft adorned with the first appearance of down, the slit so visibly juicy that Jessica expected it to ooze nectar at any moment.

“Please, Aunt Jess,” Bella entreated, her hands balled into tight fists. “P-please!”

Jessica peered up at the girl; gave her a gentle smile. “Well, since you asked so nicely…”

When Jess plunged her face between her young lover’s thighs, pressing a rough kiss into the warm, wet flesh, Bella cried out in mixed surprise and relief. Then she drove her tongue into the girl’s vagina, thrusting it deep as she could go, then rolling it around inside.

“Oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh yes!” Bella panted. Hooking both arms under her knees, she hoisted them up until her feet rested on the seat of the chair, presenting both her holes to Jess.

It was an invitation the woman could scarcely resist. Licking her way down to the crack of Bella’s arse, Jess sought out the girl’s clit with her fingers, masturbating and rimming her simultaneously.

“Ohhhhhh!” Bella jerked in her seat, her body going into spasms of purest ecstasy as she came. Somehow Jess managed to keep licking the girl’s bum. Fingering her clitoris was trickier, but whatever Jess did was enough to keep Bella’s orgasm going.

By this time, Laura, Katie, Poppy and Cindy were cuddling together on the bed, lazily stroking themselves and each other as they watched the hot sex show in the corner.

Jess took her preteen partner to the limit and beyond, then mercifully withdrew before Bella melted down completely. She sat back on her haunches, watching as the twelve-year-old went limp and sank into the chair, a blissful cast to her glazed eyes.

“Wow, she came hard,” Poppy observed.

Bella’s eyes slowly opened. Though out of breath, she managed to sit up. “Thank you, Aunt Jess,” she breathed, reaching out. Her face glowed with happiness.

Jessica enfolded the sweat-glazed girl into a tender embrace. “You don’t have to call me ‘Aunt,’ when we make love, sweetheart,” she murmured.

“Okay,” Bella whispered. Her lips were close to Jessica’s ear. “I – I love you, Jess.”

“I love you too, angel… and we will do this again, just the two of us. I promise.”


After a brief rest, the girls eagerly recounted the fun they’d had at Rachel’s the night before. It began with a very messy pizza-making session, followed by a group clean-up in the master bathroom.

“We didn’t all fit in the shower at one time,” Katie said. “So we just took turns getting in and out.”

“The floor got awfully wet, too!” a giggling Cindy added.

Once everyone was dried off, they didn’t bother getting dressed – just followed Rachel in a naked parade into her bedroom, where she’d prepared some very interesting games to play. Needless to say, before the first hour had passed, the sex party was in full swing… and it kept going for hours, with an occasional break to rest or refuel.

When the girls had finished their tale of debauchery, Jess turned to Bella, resting a hand on her leg. “Listen, honey… there’s something I want to talk to you about.”

“Um, okay,” the girl replied, suddenly nervous. Had she done something wrong?

“Here’s the thing,” Jessica began. “You’re a very sweet girl, but you need to learn to be a bit more assertive when it comes to sex. It’s important to be able to tell a lover what you want sometimes… even demand, if the situation calls for it. At the same time, you have to make it clear what you don’t want.”

“She’s right, Bella,” Laura said. “Women who don’t stand up for themselves get taken advantage of. There are a lot of predators out there – and they aren’t all men, either.”

“True,” Jess nodded. “My sister Laura is now part of our special family love club, and she needs to complete her initiation. Laura hasn’t had the pleasure of making love with you, your mum, or Alice, though I’m sure she’ll be doing something about that later. But since you’re both here, and you’re not wearing clothes at the moment, I’d like it very much if you would fuck Laura now. Would you do that for me?”

Even after all the sexual escapades she’d indulged in, Bella was a little shocked by Jessica’s bluntness, but after a moment’s reflection, she nodded.

Jessica gazed deep into the girl’s eyes. “Good. Now, Bella darling… tell me what you want to do.”

Bella thought for a moment before speaking. “I’d like to… to make love with your sister.”

“That’s not what I asked you to do… is it, Bella?” Seeing the look of confusion on the young girl’s face, Jess continued. “I wanted you to fuck my sister. You see, Laura sometimes likes her lovers to take control. She’ll do whatever you tell her to. Understand?”

Bella turned to see the looks of surprise on the other girls’ faces, then at Laura, who kept her expression neutral. “Erm, I think so,” she said.

“Good, so what do you want her to do?”

“Err, maybe she should…”

Jess interrupted with a shake of her head. “Don’t tell me; tell Laura.”

Doing something like this while everyone was watching made Bella uneasy, but a need to please Jessica outweighed her reservations. She turned to Jessica’s sister, and their eyes met. What would Alice do?

Bella spoke, her voice sounding uncomfortably loud. “Laura… I want you to kiss me.”

Laura hesitated. She got that her sister was simply trying to build up Bella’s confidence, and she certainly wanted to kiss the girl… but was uncertain how she felt about being dominated by a youngster.

“I suggest you do as she says, baby sister,” Jess said. “Otherwise, Bella might have to spank you for being disobedient.” She was disappointed by Bella’s tame command, but it would suffice for the moment.

With a nod, Laura decided to play along with Jessica’s scheme. Who knows, it might be fun…

She drew close to the young brunette and kissed her – gently at first, then more forcefully as her newfound craving for underage pussy manifested itself all over again. Then she sat back on her knees, hands resting on her lap in a familiar attitude of submission, facing the breathless girl.

Head bowed, Laura spoke. “How would you have me please you, Mistress?”

Startled, Bella turned to Jessica for guidance, but the older woman shook her head. “Don’t look at me, sweetheart – you’re in charge. Tell her what you want.”

Bella thought about it, then slowly rose to stand on the bed, a determined set to her jaw. The other girls moved out of the way as Bella stood before Jessica’s sister, hands on hips. “Lick me!” she demanded.

Laura’s performance was pitch-perfect. In a tiny voice, looking down at Bella’s feet, she asked, “Where do you wish me to lick you, Mistress?”

“My… my cunt!” Bella said – then stole a sideways glance, encouraged by Jessica’s smile of approval.

Laura crawled forward until her mouth was nearly touching the girl’s slit. Reaching up to gently part the labia with her thumbs, she probed between them with the tip of her tongue. She flicked the clitoris a few times to tease, then abruptly sucked it into her mouth.

Even though she’d come just a few minutes earlier, Bella’s desire quickly renewed itself as she got into Aunt Jessica’s pervy sex game, whimpering as Laura switched back and forth from teasing her pussy to attacking it.

Bella was lightly holding Laura’s head, for balance at first, but now she began to work her hips, grinding her cunt into the older woman’s mouth. It excited the girl, taking charge with a sex partner like this – enough that she wanted to do something even bolder.

Her legs were getting a bit unsteady, though… and that gave Bella a very interesting idea, one that she suspected would impress Aunt Jess. Did she have the nerve to go for it, though?

Forcing herself to do something bold for once, she pushed Laura over, then quickly straddled her face.

Laura immediately got back to licking, and Bella began to work her hips back and forth over the woman’s probing tongue. It felt marvellous, but she took equal delight in the sparkle in Jessica’s eyes, as well as the way the other girls shared caresses as they took in the show she was giving them.

Sensing her climax was near, Bella had another, even wilder idea, and that impulse drove her to abruptly dismount Laura’s busy mouth.

This came as a surprise to Laura, who by then had nearly forgotten she was supposed to be playing a submissive, and was simply enjoying the sweet nectar that flowed from Bella’s vagina.

Pausing to catch her breath, Bella switched round into a sixty-nine position, peering over her shoulder to give Laura a new order. “Put your tongue in my bum!”

Laura was about to comply with the order, when a more wicked possibility occurred to her. She glanced sideways to catch Jessica’s eye and let both her hands drop to her side, remaining still on her back. All she said was, “I don’t want to.”

Bella was taken aback by this unexpected response. Her climax had been nearly upon her when she’d forced herself to cut it short. Laura’s refusal threw her; now she was uncertain how to react. Dismounting Laura to kneel by her side, she stared helplessly at the small redhead who had refused her..

Upon seeing Bella’s uncertainty, Jess was quick to respond. “Are you going to let her get away with that?”

The frustrated brunette pondered Jessica’s words, weighing her options… and a look of determination appeared on her face. Narrowing her eyes, Bella pointed at Laura. “I told you to do something, and you didn’t. So now… you’ve got to be punished.”

Slipping her hands under Laura’s body, she rolled the woman over, onto her front. Bella hesitated for a moment as she gazed down at the smooth, shapely arse, then before she could lose her nerve, lifted a hand and brought it down on the fleshy globe.

Soon as her palm connected, Bella knew it had been a feeble blow. Laura barely responded.

“Do it harder!”

Everybody looked round at the sudden exclamation from Poppy. The seven-year-old’s eyes were bright with excitement – clearly, the child was intrigued by this new game.

Bella felt a twinge of embarrassment, followed by a sudden, fierce need to show Jessica that she could be assertive – strong, even. Turning back to Laura, she raised her hand again and whipped it down; this time a satisfying crack resounded through the room, immediately followed by a startled cry from Laura.

Before the others had fully processed what Bella had done, even before Laura had had time to recover, Bella raised her hand and, driven by pent-up frustration, anger at her lack of confidence, or maybe just because it felt good, applied an equally loud smack to Laura’s other buttock. “Oh!” the woman gasped.

As if suddenly realising what she’d done, Bella looked to Jess – then the younger girls, registering their collective stares and open mouths. She wondered if she’d gone too far, at least until Jess gave her a nod of approval. With that, the preteen turned back to Laura, who was still on her belly, looking over her shoulder and stroking her reddened bum with one hand.

Determined to continue, Bella glared at Jessica’s sister. “Are you ready to behave now?”

Laura was taken aback, though pleased to see Bella take the initiative. Fuck me, she’s really getting into this! Without a word, she rolled onto her back again.

Good girl,” Bella murmured, then straddled Laura as before, lowering herself to the woman’s open mouth. Settling down, she felt hands spread her bum cheeks, then a tongue found its way between them, bathing her rosebud. Bella leaned forward to rest on both elbows, her face a couple of inches from Laura’s shaved cunt.

She glanced up to see Jessica furiously masturbating, Poppy up on her knees doing the same while kissing Mum’s neck. To their side, Katie and Cindy were fingering each other while they watched.

As Bella felt Laura’s tongue push through her sphincter, she dipped down for a taste of her new lover’s pussy. It tasted wonderful, and the twelve-year-old buried her lips in the juicy flesh, eager for more.

Much as Bella enjoyed being rimmed by Jess, having her rectum tongue-fucked took things to a whole new level of amazing… but Laura managed to top that when she slipped a hand between their bodies, seeking and finding the girl’s clitoris, then stroking it between finger and thumb.

For Bella, the effect was volcanic. It took only a few seconds before she gave a hoarse, strangled cry, her body jerking several times until, with one last ecstatic sigh, she slumped down onto Laura.

A few moments later, she felt Jessica’s sister stirring underneath and rolled off her, lying on her back for a moment. As she recovered, she pushed up onto her elbows and gave Laura a bashful grin. “Uh, sorry if I hurt you. I didn’t mean to hit that hard.”

Sitting up, Laura cupped the young girl’s face in both hands and placed a gentle kiss on her lips before she spoke. “Sweetie, that was nothing. You just surprised me, that’s all. The truth is, I like being spanked now and then, but I’ve never had a young girl do it to me!” She laughed. “It turned me on, actually. I’ll probably want you to do that to me the next time we fuck.”

Bella’s eyes widened. “Next time? Really?”

“Count on it,” Laura said, hugging the girl as she glanced around at the others. “This is… oh, my God, it’s the most amazing thing to ever happen to me!”

“So it’s settled,” Jess said, reaching for her sister’s hand. “You’re officially a part of… well, I guess we should call it our new family.”

“New family,” Katie murmured, nodding approvingly. “I like that.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Laura exclaimed. “Absolutely.” She was giddy, her cheeks flushed. “I spent so much of my life looking for pleasure, passion… how could I have known that what I really wanted was right here all along? Right here, with my beautiful big sister and her girls. Not to mention my big sister’s lover, and her girls.” She looked around again, from one smiling face to the next. “I adore you all.”

“We love you too, Auntie Laura!” Poppy exclaimed.

“Thank you, sweetheart,” said Laura, giving her niece a brief but heated kiss.

Jess turned to Bella. “So, tell me… how did it feel, taking control of a lover?”

“Oh, it was fun,” Bella replied. “I got pretty excited. But… I don’t think I could do anything like that for real, ‘specially with, um, someone I didn’t know. This was more like playing a pretending game, huh?”

“Well put,” Jess said. “I just wanted to show that you don’t always have to let the other person be in charge when you fuck. Maybe someday you could surprise Alice, or even your mum, by letting them know that you’d like to be the boss once in a while.”

“I guess,” said Bella.

“It can be lots of fun to make someone wait for what they want, tease them… even punish them. But you shouldn’t ever do things like that for the sake of being cruel.Like you said, Bella – it’s a game. One best played with someone you love.”

Laura spoke up. “Like you and I did last night.” She turned to Bella and the others. “You know, girls, I’ve wanted to have sex with Jess ever since I realised I was gay… then last night, it finally happened. And, I might add, she made me wait forever for my orgasm. It drove me mental – but when I finally came, it was amazing, a real wall-shaker.” She laughed. “Jess, I think that the next time you and I fuck, we should have all the girls there to watch. Consider that as my formal initiation into the… what did you call it, sis? Oh, yes – the New Family.”

“It’s as good a name as any,” Jessica said. “So, then… who’s ready for breakfast?”

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Ripples, Chapter 31

  • Posted on August 24, 2022 at 5:00 pm

by Sapphmore & JetBoy

As the Matthews sisters made their way into Jessica’s bedroom, Stella was ushering Alice into hers. eagerly followed by the giggling twins. All four of them were nude. Perhaps in anticipation of the sex play they were about to indulge in, Lacey was already hugging Sienna from behind, reaching around to cup her sister’s vulva.

Once inside, Alice now had a good look at the lavishly decorated room she’d only briefly glimpsed on her previous visit. Stella stood by to let Alice take it all in, seeing the surroundings through the girl’s eyes.

Naturally, there were pieces of art dotted about: a couple of nude bronzes, a few small photos and paintings depicting female bodies, some solo and some with two or three entwined forms, and a large oil painting dominating one wall on which she recognised the twins – naked, bodies twined together, their breasts and genitals strategically covered.

Turning to Stella, Alice asked, “Did you paint this? It’s really good.”

“Yes, Alice – the others, too.”

Lacey spoke up. “Mum has even more paintings of us – photos too. But we don’t put those up, ‘cos they’re a bit too naughty. We’ve even got some really hot videos, but we save them for…”

Stella shot her a warning glance, unseen by Alice.

…um, y’know, family movie nights,” the teen finished.

Stella caressed Alice’s arm. “We’ll have to see how naughty I feel when I paint you, love.” She sat down on the edge of her bed with the twins taking a place on either side, like some kind of nudist interviewing panel.

“So, Alice… as you see, we three have a somewhat unconventional mother-daughter relationship. Now you know the truth about us, what do you think?”

Alice knew she had to be careful here, so as not to give away her own family secret… at least until Mum decided it was okay. “I think it’s pretty cool. I mean, you’re not hurting anyone. So, um, how long have you been having sex together?”

Stella said, “Since the girls were ten.”

Sienna piped up. “We used to watch Mum with her girlfriends… then one night when she didn’t have one, we decided that her new girlfriends should be us!”

“That very evening, these little vixens crept into my bed and let me know in no uncertain terms that they wanted to be my new lovers.” She wrapped an arm around each twin, hugging them to her. “We’ve been fucking ever since.”

Alice detected a faint smile on Stella’s lips, and realised that the woman was waiting for her to react. She felt a twinge of nervousness, certain that her mum’s friend was harbouring strong suspicions about Alice and her family.

She’s waiting for me to tell them, Alice thought. But that only strengthened the girl’s resolve to do as Mum asked, to keep their secret. She smiled at Stella and the girls, saying nothing.

Clearly realising that Alice wasn’t ready to give anything away, Stella carried on. “Well, that’s enough about how we got here. I think it’s about time to see if what the twins say about you is true.” She held out a hand towards Alice, who took it and stepped forward, looking down at the nude woman and liking what she saw.

Stella seemed equally pleased. “You are exquisite,” she murmured, lightly running a fingertip over Alice’s nipple, making the young girl shiver. She cupped Alice’s face, drawing the girl close until their mouths met in a slow, sensuous kiss that lasted nearly a minute. While they kissed, Lacey and Sienna busied themselves caressing their mum’s bare body.

When they finally parted, Stella gave the twelve-year-old an appreciative look. “Mmmm, you’re a marvellous kisser, my sweet. You’ve been practising with your girlfriend, I can tell… Bella, isn’t it?”

Alice could only nod, already anticipating what lay ahead.

Stella turned to her daughters in turn, giving each one a brief but extremely heated kiss. She stretched out on the bed, gazing at Alice while slowly opening her legs. Sienna and Lacey positioned themselves at their mum’s side, then all three of them peered expectantly at their new playmate.

The reality of Alice’s first sexual foray outside the home was now sinking in. The twins weren’t much older than she was, so that had been like making love with her sisters, but Stella was something else again… an adult woman who wasn’t part of her extended family. The prospect was a little scary, but that only fed into Alice’s excitement.

Stella placed a finger at the bottom of her vaginal cleft and trailed it slowly upward, dipping it briefly into the juicy opening before she brought it up to her mouth. Sienna gave Lacey a nod, then the twins reached out, each gently placing fingers on either side of their mother’s labia, parting them to expose the fleshy spear of the woman’s clitoris.

Stella spoke. “No need to wait for an invite, Alice.” Her eyes seemed to beckon, saying, All yours, pretty girl. All yours.

The twelve-year-old crawled onto the bed, ready for action. She briefly studied the shaved vulva and the pink flesh on display, marvelling yet again at the wondrous variety of pussies she’d encountered since discovering her true sexuality – each one different, every one beautiful. Moving closer, she placed both hands on Stella’s thighs. Glancing up to see three faces smiling at her, Alice bent down to take her first lick.

She threw herself into the task at hand, combining and alternating lips, tongue, teeth and fingers on every inch of Stella’s cunt, determined to prove that she wasn’t some curious young girl experimenting with her sexuality. All thoughts of restraint abandoned, Alice eagerly set about demonstrating her skills as a lover.


That first lick sent a shiver of anticipation coursing through Stella’s body. The fierce need she’d carried for Alice since first encountering her at the barbecue had been massing and building all day – especially during their time together at the gallery. Now the sexy twelve-year-old was going down on her, and it was even better than she’d hoped. Stella knew her first climax would be a ferocious one, and it was going to happen very soon.

Stella’s head was spinning from Alice’s oral attack, her fogged brain barely able to formulate a coherent thought other than, My God, this girl is incredible! There’s no bloody way she learned this just from practising with Rachel’s daughter. 

What memories she had of Bella were dim, but she recalled a shy, quiet little girl who mostly stuck close to her mum.  No. Someone else taught Alice to eat pussy like that. But who? She hoped to find out.


Eager to get into the action, the twins teamed up to pleasure their mother. Lacey claimed Stella’s mouth in a hungry French kiss, while Sienna made love to her mum’s breasts. Then, exchanging bad-girl grins, they quickly switched places.

As Stella’s ecstasy mounted, she began to writhe and jerk on the bed. The twins glanced at each other again, clearly sharing the same thought.

When Sienna and Lacey discussed this sleepover with Mum a couple of days prior, there had been much speculation about whether Alice had been experimenting sexually with her younger sisters… or even with her mother. For that matter, could Rachel and her daughters be involved? They could only speculate, but the conversation had Stella and the twins so worked up that they stripped off right there and fucked on the living room floor.

Now, Alice was there, going down on their mum, and clearly making a spectacular job of it. In fact, she’d already taken Stella to the edge of orgasm several times without allowing her to go over.

Lacey and Sienna exchanged another knowing glance. They still weren’t sure who’d taught Alice how to eat pussy like that, but it hadn’t been her little girlfriend Bella Thomas.

Watching the twelve-year-old in action, Sienna found herself longing for the same kind of attention. She gave her mother one last passionate kiss, then crawled to the upholstered headboard and propped her back against it. Swinging a leg over Stella’s head, she lowered her sex to the woman’s waiting mouth. A blissful sigh escaped her lips as Mum’s warm, wet tongue went to work.

Lacey studied her sister, enthralled. Ever since she and Sienna first became lovers, the sight of her twin in sexual rapture always gave Lacey pleasure. Sometimes she pretended to be watching herself, thinking That’s how I look when her tongue is in me. Kneeling next to Sienna, she drew her sibling into a heated kiss. Sienna responded immediately, moaning into Lacey’s mouth as she continued to ride their mum’s face.

Suddenly Lacey broke away from her sister, scampering off the bed and onto her feet. Moving to the end of the bed, she stood over Alice, licking her lips as she stared at the girl’s exposed holes. She looks good enough to eat, Lacey told herself. And I’m feeling awfully hungry right now…


Still busy gulping down the copious flow of nectar from Stella’s cunt, Alice briefly paused as she felt one of the twins guide her into a kneeling position, then a hot, slippery tongue licked an upward path through her slit, gliding over the pucker of her anus. With a happy sigh, she returned to servicing Stella, taking the woman’s clitoris between her lips.

Glancing up to see Sienna astride her mum’s face, Alice marvelled at the reality of another family living the same taboo life as her own. I wonder how many more there are like us? she mused. Mummies secretly in love with their little girls, daughters who dream about seeing their mums naked. How many of them ever get to do something about those feelings? 

The very idea dazzled her. There’s got to be more families like ours, Alice told herself. There’s got to be! How could you settle for sex with a boy, once you’ve tasted love with your beautiful mummy?

The prospect of a wider circle of lesbian mums and daughters spurred her lust even higher. Trying not to let herself be distracted by the warm mouth that was attending to her outthrust holes, Alice slid two fingers into Stella’s vagina, then worked her thumb into the older woman’s anus. It was a technique she’d recently learned from Rachel, one she was eager to try out on her new lover.

Within sixty seconds, Stella was screaming her way through a pussy-muffled climax, her body shuddering frantically before she went completely limp, panting for breath. Lifting her face from the woman’s mound, then slowly withdrawing her fingers, Alice relaxed, resting on Stella’s quivering, sweat-glazed belly as if it was a pillow. Her arse was still raised, her cunt presented to Lacey, who was exploring its delights with a nimble, darting tongue.

It felt so good that Alice soon found herself unable to remain motionless. She had to raise herself up on both arms, gently rocking forward and back as a blissful haze enveloped her whole, the feeling she always got when an orgasm was beginning to build inside.


Up above, Sienna had dismounted her mum’s head and was bending down to kiss her, purring contentedly as she licked her own juices from Stella’s mouth and cheeks. Glancing at Alice, whose eyes were closed while she swayed to and fro, Sienna crawled toward Jessica’s daughter. Cupping the younger girl’s chin, she guided Alice’s lips to hers, and they kissed.


Struggling up onto both elbows, Stella watched her daughters make love to Alice. Sienna’s tongue was flickering in and out of the girl’s mouth like a flame, while Lacey knelt at the foot of the bed, dreamy-eyed with pleasure as she licked Alice’s anus. Stella pushed herself into a sitting position to get a better view of the action. Drinking in the lewd spectacle before her, she felt a rush of satisfaction that was quickly replaced by a longing for a taste of her friend’s daughter.

“Girls,” Stella called, and her daughters interrupted their work to look in her direction. “Mummy wants some time with our guest, too.”

Lacey and Sienna obligingly withdrew, and Alice opened her eyes to see a smiling Stella seated before her. The older woman reached out to cup Alice’s face in both hands, drawing her forward into a kiss. She tasted her cunt on the youngster’s lips, then allowed her tongue to delve into the twelve-year-old’s mouth.

When she broke away, Stella murmured, “Well, Alice, I have to say I agree with the girls; you have quite the bag of tricks. It’s easy to see that you’ve practised an awful lot with your girlfriend. The next time you come by for a sleepover, you simply must invite her.” Reaching out to touch Alice’s nipple, she circled the tender bud with a fingertip. “But for now, since both my girls have sampled your honey pot, I think it’s about time I had a taste.”

Taking Alice by her shoulders, Stella turned the girl round and gently laid her down on the bed, exactly where she’d been lying herself moments earlier. She moistened her lips at the sight of Alice’s reddened vulva, its soft down now glistening with her juices and Lacey’s saliva. Leaning in closer to breathe in the heady scent of pussy, Stella draped Alice’s legs over her shoulders, then took a long, slow lick through the sweet pink slit.

Stella had hungered for Jessica’s daughter ever since the young girl turned up at her afternoon patio party a few weeks earlier, and she’d obsessed about Alice ever since. Spending the day with her at the gallery had only whetted those desires… and waiting in the kitchen while the girls were fucking Alice upstairs had proven to be more than she could stand.

Now the prize was in Stella’s grasp. This lovely, eager, nymphet was spread out before her, completely on display and ready to be loved. Animal instinct told Stella to take what she wanted, to devour Alice in a lustful frenzy. But no; this tasty treat was meant to be savoured, lingered over. She used her tongue to toy with the vaginal cleft, her lips gently tugged at the thin labia, and her fingers lingered at the twin entrances to the twelve-year-old’s cunt and anus.


The twins had been seated on either side of their mum, but now they moved – Lacey onto the bed beside Alice, Sienna behind her mum. Lacey reached out to stroke Alice’s nipples before dipping down to take one between her lips, blocking Alice’s view of Stella. After a few moments, Lacey met Alice’s eyes, then moved up to kiss her, their tongues engaging in a playful duel.

Observing the action over Stella’s shoulder, Sienna reached round to cup her mum’s breast, rolling the nipple between finger and thumb. At the same time, her free hand found its way down to the crease of her mother’s bum cheeks, to seek out Stella’s lust-slicked cunt, where she briefly teased her mum’s clitoris before plunging a finger inside. Once it was coated with wetness, she removed that finger and brought it to Stella’s rosebud. Pressing against the taut pucker, it slid easily inside.


Stella lavished gentle attention on every part of Alice’s pussy, taking care to only briefly and occasionally stimulate her clitoris. She felt the young blonde writhing below, trying to grind the engorged nubbin into her face, but Stella continued to tease her underage partner.

After a few minutes of play, Stella used Alice’s juices to lubricate two fingers, then carefully placed them at the entrance of the girl’s vagina. As Alice’s body jerked in response to the woman’s tormenting fingers and lips, Stella began to ease those fingers inside, slowly opening the tight ring.

As she sensed Alice was fast approaching climax, Stella abruptly fastened her mouth to the girl’s clitoris, sucking and licking the fleshy button as her fingers sawed in and out of Alice’s freely flowing cunt, the warm juices soaking Stella’s hand. Fucking hell, what a juicy snatch this little minx has!

Withdrawing both fingers to a muffled cry of protest from Alice – who was still snogging Lacy – Stella quickly curled the index finger back inside, seeking the sweet spot she knew would push the young girl over the edge. It took a moment for her to locate, but Stella knew she’d hit the jackpot when Alice jerked violently, breaking away from her kiss, a ragged scream wrenched from her throat.

As Alice gave a final shudder, arching her hips up from the bed, Stella shoved a hand between her legs and began to masturbate, hard and fast. Sienna’s finger was rolling around inside her rectum, and it felt amazing. Soon enough, she was coming again.

Slumping forward, Stella rested her cheek on Alice’s thigh, but the scent of the twelve-year-old’s pussy proved too enticing to resist for very long. Positioning herself once more between the young girl’s legs, she used long slow strokes of her tongue to mop up the traces of nectar that glistened on Alice’s belly, inner thighs and vulva.

That task accomplished, Stella rolled onto her back to rest, giving Alice’s hip a gentle pat, then her eyes flew open when someone took hold of her hand. It was Lacey, who must have noticed the fluids that coated her fingers, evidence of what her mother had just been doing to their new lover. Stella gave her daughter a sleepy smile as Lacey took each finger into her mouth to suck.

Sienna suddenly appeared on Stella’s other side. “Your lips look delicious, Mum,” she said, then bent to kiss her. With a blissful moan, Stella accepted her daughter’s tongue, and they shared Alice’s flavour between them.

As Alice regained her breath and senses, she pushed herself up into a seated position, feeling a pang of renewed arousal at the sight of the twins, tasting her cunt on their mum’s mouth and fingers.

When they noticed that Alice had recovered from her climax, the Morrison trio paused to gaze fondly at their guest. Lacey broke the silence. “Well, that was fun!”

Alice couldn’t suppress a giggle, while Sienna and her mother both grinned.

“Oh, we’re just getting warmed up.” Stella declared. She got to her feet and moved around the room a bit to stretch her limbs, then looked down at a somewhat dazed Alice. Bending down, placing both hands on the bed to support herself, she gave the girl a tender kiss that still radiated passion, then whispered, “Are you ready for more, sweetheart?”

That surge of lust made itself known again, and Alice promptly replied, “Yes, please.”

Stella glanced around the room. Seeing the items she sought on the dresser, she caught Lacey’s eye and nodded in that direction. “Would you mind, darling?”

Lacey swivelled round and, on seeing what her mum wanted, her face lit up. She scampered to the dresser and came back to the bed dangling a pair of objects Alice recognised from her previous visit: two strap-on cocks.

Alice turned to Stella, who instead of reading curiosity on the twelve-year-old’s face, as she’d anticipated, saw a look more akin to… recognition.

At that point, she knew that the suspicions she harboured about Alice and her family had been spot on. There’s no way she learned to use one of these on her own, or with that girl Bella. A woman must have shown her how… and why would she need to keep that woman’s identity a secret from us, unless it was her mum?   

An image of Alice fucking her mum flashed in Stella’s mind like lightning. The impulse was there to question Alice, to get the girl to tell the truth about her relationship with Jess. Instead, she shelved those thoughts for later, reaching out to take the harness from Lacey.

“So, who wants to use these? Do I have any volunteers?”

Alice surprised everyone by throwing her hand up like the class swot. As Stella glanced at the twins, both girls raised their eyebrows. The little minx is full of surprises!

When Stella separated the two harnesses, Sienna reached out to grab the larger of the two and started stepping into the straps. Stella held out the smaller one to Alice, who plucked it from the woman’s hand, turned it over until she had it in the correct position. She bent slightly, lifting one foot through, followed by the other before pulling the harness up, deftly pulling the strap through the buckle and fastening it round her waist.

Stella gave the twelve-year-old an intrigued look. “Well, Alice, you clearly know how to wield a strap-on.”

It was immediately obvious that the girl was fumbling for an explanation. “Er, I’ve seen ladies use these on some of the sex videos me and Bella watched.”

With a wry smile, Stella responded. “Ahh, that explains it.”

Her cheeks flushed pink, Alice quickly averted her eyes, but not soon enough to conceal the realisation that she’d been found out.

Sienna was now lying on the bed, both legs draped over the edge, feet resting on the floor. Stella made a move towards her bedside cabinet for the small bottle of lube placed next to her radio alarm clock, but thought better of it. Instead, she knelt before her daughter and took the jutting latex prick into her mouth, fellating the toy until it glistened.

Turning to Alice, she read anticipation in the girl’s eyes. Firmly grasping the second cock, she lavished it with the same attention, all the while gazing into the twelve-year-old’s eyes. When she was satisfied, she moved to Sienna and straddled her, slowly lowering herself onto the dildo, pivoting her hips a few times to take its full length into her vagina. Bending forward, Stella drew Sienna into her arms, mother claiming daughter’s mouth in a lustful kiss.


Alice’s concern at having given herself away was all but forgotten as she watched the latex cock stretch Stella’s cunt, plunging in and slurping out. Then the twins’ mum looked back at her – and Alice knew right away what the woman wanted, without being told.

Drawing close, she placed the tip of her own cock against the fleshy star of Stella’s anus and began to press forward. She felt some resistance, but after a few seconds, the outer sphincter muscle gave way and she slid more easily than she’d expected into the woman’s arse. Stella’s hoarse cry of ecstasy seemed to fill the universe.

Sienna angled her hips upward to meet her mother’s downward motion. Alice hesitated a little before falling into Stella’s rhythm, but she quickly found a groove, thrusting her hips in time with Stella’s backward strokes. The trio of lovers built up a steady tempo, gradually accelerating their pace.


Lacey looked on, working out how to fit herself into the mêlée, then grinned as she noticed Alice’s cute bum. Catching the twelve-year-old’s eye, she moved in for a quick but ardent kiss, stroking the girl’s budding breasts. She paused to tweak a nipple, causing Alice to gasp and jerk her hips – which, in turn, caused Stella to moan at the unexpectedly deep thrust.

Lacey trailed her fingers down Alice’s ribs until she was kneeling behind the girl. Placing the palms of both hands on the smooth pale buttocks, she prised them apart to expose Alice’s sphincter, partly concealed by the strap-on’s leather harness. Dipping her head, she bathed it with her tongue, lavishing the dark pink hole. She sensed her mother was nearing a climax, Stella’s backward thrusts growing increasingly frantic.

It was too difficult for Lacey to keep rimming Alice – she was moving too much. Instead, she stood up behind the panting girl and replaced her tongue with a finger, which she inserted up to the third knuckle in Alice’s rectum. With her free hand, she reached round to stroke her new lover’s breasts.

Twisting her head round, Alice stared at Lacey – then the two girls met in a clumsy but heated kiss, their tongues sparring like fighters as the movement of the three joined bodies gradually shifted into overdrive.


Stella could feel them massing inside, tremors of growing ecstasy steadily pushing her toward something huge. She loved being taken in both holes at once, and the experience was just as awe-inspiring as ever. Especially so when it’s a sexy twelve-year-old girl who’s plowing my arse, helped out by my beautiful lesbian daughters…

Her climax hit like a body blow, crashing into Stella before she expected it. She emitted a guttural scream, throwing her head back, trembling helplessly. One, two, three violent jerks convulsed her frame, then she slowly went limp, slumping down onto Sienna, who wrapped both arms around the woman and held her close. Alice carefully withdrew the cock until it fell free from Stella’s arse.

Somehow, Stella mustered up the strength to push herself up, dipping her head to briefly kiss Sienna before the other dildo slipped out of her well-fucked cunt, standing upright just long enough to flop onto the bed. She looked up at her other daughter, who was sharing a deep, relaxed kiss with the underage nymph who had just sodomised her, and gave both girls a sleepy smile.

As Stella watched them, Lacey suddenly broke away from their guest, dropped to her knees, and engulfed the dildo jutting up from Sienna’s hips with her mouth, humming with pleasure as she sampled her mother’s honey. What a wonderful sight, Stella thought. My baby girl still loves the taste of her mummy.

Noticing that Alice was standing to one side observing the twins, Stella sat up to face the girl, swinging her feet to the floor. She paused to savour the sight of a young female sporting a strap-on cock… an image that always struck her as intensely erotic. A few times, she’d been rogered by girls who were even younger than Jessica’s daughter, especially on Switch Nights at the Society meetings.

Toys intended for full-on vaginal penetration weren’t used by most members of the Society when it came to sex with the younger girls, for fear that the kids might get carried away with them, resulting in injuries that could raise dangerous questions. But at home, her daughters loved to wield strap-ons and were well-versed in their use… at least partly, Stella suspected, for the degree of control it gave them over Mommy. And in truth, she did occasionally enjoy submitting fully to the twins, allowing them to use her like a cheap slag.

Alice, too, was clearly comfortable with fake cocks – how to wear one, how to use it. And I very much doubt that she and Rachel’s daughter learned this kind of thing on their own, Stella mused

She bent down to place a soft, sensuous kiss on Alice’s lips. “Thank you, sweetheart. That was… simply marvellous. Now let’s get this contraption off you.”

Alice stood still, for once speechless as she realised the enormity of what she’d just done.

Kneeling before the twelve-year-old, Stella began undoing the buckles until the leather straps lay tangled at Alice’s feet. Before she could step out of them, Stella reached out to caress the young girl’s small breasts, then flicked her tongue at a nipple, then sucked the whole breast into her hot mouth. She reached around Alice’s body to caress a smooth buttock, while the other hand slid up inside a creamy thigh until her finger found the girl’s moist vulva. Pressing against the opening, she eased it inside.

Stella heard a contented sigh, then she felt small hands resting on her head as she nuzzled the soft tummy, breathing in the perfume of Alice’s skin. After a few seconds of slow fingering, Stella took a quick glance over her shoulder, pleased to see the twins in the middle of the bed, twined together in a sixty-nine. Sienna’s strap-on had been unfastened and left on one of the pillows.

Looking back at their guest, she asked Alice, “Shall we join them?”

Alice smiled. “Sure.” With that, she crawled onto the bed, making her way to the raised bum of whichever twin was on top – Lacey, actually. Without hesitation, she parted the pale globes of the teen’s arse and attacked the crevice with her tongue.

Once again, Stella again marvelled at Alice’s seemingly boundless appetite for sex. No doubt about it, the Society is going to adore this girl… every bit as much as they’ll love her mum. Then there’s Jessica’s two little ones – wonder if they’re part of any family sex games? Sienna and Lacey seem to think so…  

She gave her head a little shake to clear it. Enough thinking for now… let’s enjoy this hot sex show! 

Climbing onto the bed, Stella shoved a few pillows against the headboard, then sat back to watch the three blonde girls, her hand dipping between her legs now and then to toy with a very sensitive clit as she watched Alice feast on Lacey’s anus, sometimes dipping her head to share a messy kiss with Sienna.

But when she caught Stella’s eye, Alice abandoned the duo to crawl over to their mother, surprising her again when, instead of taking a kiss or diving between the older woman’s splayed legs, Alice stood just above, holding onto the headboard for balance, and brought her cunt to Stella’s mouth.

The next hour was filled with different combinations of the four blondes, with one or two pausing now and then to catch their breath until, finally, exhaustion had claimed them all. Sienna was the last one to come, and she pulled up the quilt to cover everyone. Stella and Alice were snuggled up in the middle, with one of the twins on each side.

When Stella closed her eyes for the last time that night, a satisfied smile lingered on her face as she recalled the evening’s debauchery. Her final thought before drifting off was, I’ll have a little chat with Alice in the morning. It’s high time for us to lay our cards on the table.


Jessica woke early, a habit born from necessity when raising three young girls and running a business. She watched Laura doze for a while, contemplating the ever-expanding sexual dynamics of her family, toying with the notion of waking her for sister another round of lovemaking. After all, we’ve got a lot of time to make up for, Jess thought.

Finally deciding to let Laura sleep, she slipped carefully and quietly from beneath the sheets and padded to the door, plucking her dressing gown from its peg as she left the bedroom.

In the kitchen, she decided to make proper espresso rather than take the quick option of the machine. By the time she’d washed up from last night’s dinner and got out a couple of the small cups and saucers, the silver pot hissed and gurgled. She poured herself a cup of the strong, aromatic coffee, then added a sugar cube with the tiny spoon. She was stirring it when she heard footsteps on the stairs.

She looked up to see a sleepy-eyed Laura in the doorway, barefoot and wearing one of her especially short robes she’d worn to inflame the passions of Rachel and the girls. The sash was loosely tied, but failing to hold it closed.

Jessica’s heart dropped a beat. Fuck me, she looks hot!  

As she checked her sister out from top to bottom, Laura also glanced down at herself. “This is all I could find to wear,” she said. “Is it okay?”

“Of course, Laur. You look good enough to eat. Though coming down naked would have been even nicer.” There was a moment of awkward silence before Jess spoke again. “So… no regrets?”

Laura made her way over to Jess, who was perched on a stool at the breakfast bar. She stood before her sister for a moment, then cupped Jessica’s face in both hands and gave her a loving kiss. Breaking away, she whispered, “None whatsoever.”

Jess got up to fetch the coffee pot from the stove. She poured some into the other cup, nudging it toward her sister. “I’ll bet you could use this.”

“True that.” Laura seated herself on the other stool. “Why didn’t you wake me?”

“Oh, believe me, I was sorely tempted… but you looked so sweet and peaceful, I thought I’d let you lie in.”

“I’m an early bird most days, but I guess that was a big night.” Laura took a sip of coffee.

“It certainly was.” Jess gave her sister’s arm an affectionate squeeze. “My only regret was that we didn’t do this sooner. Although I guess if I’d become a lesbian back then, I wouldn’t have had the girls… and this might never have happened anyhow. Still, better late than never, eh?”

“Well, I’m certainly happy about it.” Laura said. “After all this time, I finally fucked the girl of my dreams.”

“I love you, too.” Jess took her seat on the other stool. “I was thinking about how I’m going to tell Mum – about me and Rachel, that is, not the rest of it. God, I dread to think what she’d say about that. Still, I’m hoping she’ll be okay with it, like she was when you came out. I mean, it’s not as if she missed out on having grandchildren.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure she’ll take it better than you think.”

Jessica peered inquisitively at her sister. “What makes you so sure of that? I mean, both daughters being gay, especially when one was married with kids? That’s got to come as something of a shock.” She noticed that Laura had drained her cup. “Want a refill?”

“No, thanks. Jess, there’s something I think you should know.”

Jessica arched an eyebrow. “Yes…?”

“Mum’s been with another woman.”

What? Are you joking? When was this? Who with?”

“It happened a few months ago,” Laura began. She’s been on the odd date since Dad died – nothing special, more for companionship than a relationship. Anyhow, Aunt Adele told Mum it was about time she got back in the game for real, and suggested looking at online dating sites. I’m sure she’ll give you the full Monty, but apparently Mum clicked on the wrong link and ended up looking at a ‘woman seeks woman’ page.

“She got curious – cos of me, I suppose – and began to look around a bit. Well, she started chatting to one of the women there. I’m still not sure how it happened – hell, I’m not sure if Mum knows – but they ended up going on a date.”

“I… I’m positively gobsmacked,” Jess said, still wide-eyed. “So, did they, er, do the deed?”

“When I asked for details, she wouldn’t tell me much at first, but I got Mum to say that she’d been ‘intimate’. I couldn’t let her leave it at that. Thought I might have to waterboard her for an answer, but she finally admitted that she and this woman did have sex.”

“Bloody hell…”

“The thing is, Mum got cagey when I asked for details about, y’know, the other woman – where she was from, what she did for a living, was she married and just looking for fun, how old she was… that type of thing. It was the last question she was really vague on. Anyway, I pressed her, and finally got Mum to admit that the woman was in her thirties.”

“Wow, this is big news. Why didn’t she tell me?”

“Oh, Mum was worried about what you’d think. She felt at her age, dating someone that young might be seen as, well, sort of creepy. Anyway, I told her she had nothing to be worried about; there are lots of younger women who are into mature ladies. I’m sort of that way myself.”

Jessica grinned. “Does that make me one of your ‘mature ladies’, then? Don’t even think of answering that, by the way. So… is Mum still seeing her?”

“Don’t know, actually. I did get her to admit it was some of the best sex she’d ever had… but when I asked if she was going to see the woman again, Mum told me she wasn’t sure yet.”

“My, my,” Jess said, stroking her chin. “Sounds like our mother has made the transition from ‘straight,’ to ‘questioning’.”

“Well, if you ask me,” Laura declared, “she’s pitching for our team now. The last time we spoke, I brought up this mysterious acquaintance of hers, but Mum dodged the subject completely. And the only reason I can think of for her being so close-mouthed on the subject at this point – oh, I don’t know, call it female intuition, but I think Mum’s still seeing this woman, which means she’s also fucking her… and I suspect it’s difficult for her to adjust to the idea that she might be a lesbian.” She gave a small shrug. “I guess we’ll just have to ask her about it – after she finds out about you and Rachel, that is.”

“Yes, and that’s all she’ll find out, hopefully. I’ll need to have a serious talk with the girls about being extra careful while Mum’s here. Being gay is one thing, but incest with my daughters? My sister? There’s no bloody way she could deal with that.”

“I’m still having a bit of trouble with it myself,” Laura sighed, then registered her sister’s sudden frown. “Oh, don’t worry, big sister. Maybe it’s a case of thinking with my cunt instead of my brain, but I’m still very much part of whatever you call this.”

“The Family Love Club, that’s how Poppy puts it. And you’re almost part of it, kiddo.”

“What do you mean, almost?”

Jessica gave her sibling a wry smile. “You’ve not completed the membership tests.” Seeing the quizzical look on Laura’s face, she elaborated. “First, you haven’t been with Alice yet. Believe me, you won’t know what hit you, sharing a bed with that one. I swear, she must have been gay in an earlier life. Then there’s Rachel, who’s champing at the bit for some hot sister action with us both. And let’s not forget about Bella, Rachel’s oldest. She’s a bit shy, but incredibly sweet.”

Playfully cupping a breast, Laura said, “Believe me, I’m looking forward to enjoying myself with all of them. So when is your new, improved, supersize family due home?”

Looking over her shoulder at the large wall clock, Jess said, “It’s still early, so they probably won’t be home any time soon.” She snickered. “Mind you, I doubt Rachel will be fit for anything after a night with the girls.”

“But she’ll be wearing a smile.” Laura murmured. She briefly imagined herself in Rachel’s place, sharing a bed with four cute, energetic and very eager little lesbians, and felt an awakening twinge between her legs.

Jessica’s expression turned serious. “Laura, there’s something else I need to tell you about – two things, really. I want to be open about everything that’s been going on since… since I figured out the truth about myself.”

“Christ, Jess – what else is there?”

Jess took a deep breath. “So, I told you about Alice spending yesterday with Stella at the gallery, then having a sleepover with her twins? There’s more to it than that, a lot more. It seems that when we went to Stella’s for a barbecue a couple of weeks ago, Alice saw some things that convinced her the twins are fucking each other. Not only that, but she thinks they might also be having it off with their mum.”

“Stella is doing her daughters, too?” Laura’s face was a portrait of disbelief.

“I know it sounds crazy… but at the time, enough happened to indicate that something untoward is going on there, and that it may well involve incest. I’ll share the sordid details with you later tonight, when Alice and her sisters are here to help me tell you all of it.”

“And this has something to do with Alice spending the night at Stella’s…?”

“Indeed it does,” Jessica replied with a nod. “It’s obvious that Stella and her twins want sex with my oldest… and believe me, Alice loves that idea. So when Stella invited Alice over, we decided that she should accept.”

“Christ, Jess – you don’t think that’s sending Alice into a lion’s den? She’s only twelve!”

“Believe me, that girl can handle herself,” Jess said. “Alice won’t do anything sexual that she doesn’t want… which isn’t much, anyhow. Besides, Stella is one of my best friends, and I trust her implicitly. She’d never do anything to hurt my daughter.

“One thing I did discuss with Alice is the importance of keeping our family secret, and she promised not to give anything away. Of course, if Stella and the twins really are fucking… well, we’ll definitely want to reach out to them, if you know what I mean. But I made it clear to Alice that I’d be the one to make that move – not her.”

Laura still seemed a bit doubtful, but she’d always trusted her big sister’s judgement. “You said there were two things to discuss. Fuck me, I can’t even imagine what else you’ve been up to!”

“There is someone else I’ve slept with. Remember Sally, from the shop?”

“Not that young blonde teenager with the big tits? Bloody hell, Jess, that’s taking a chance. What if she starts posting stuff online about you?”

Jess rolled her eyes. “Yes, her… and she’s not some naive schoolgirl ninny, for goodness’ sake. Sally knows about Rachel, but not what we get up to with our daughters. Basically, she came round one day and said she wanted me to teach her about sex between women. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up in bed.”

“And this was after you first got together with Rachel?”

“Around the same time, really… but it was well before she and I decided we wanted a serious relationship. I told Rachel about it, of course. The thing is, she’d had a little dalliance of her own with this local girl named Millie. You’ve not met her – she babysits for us sometimes.

“Anyway, after Sally and I made love, I told her she really should be with someone her own age… but she had no idea how to find a potential girlfriend, and was too nervous about coming out at school. That’s when Rachel and I came up with a marvellous plan to fix Sally up with Millie. We invited them both over to Rachel’s for what turned out to be a surprise sex party, then steered them into each other’s arms.”

A dazed Laura slowly shook her head. “I don’t know what to say, Jess. You – you’re really embracing this new lifestyle!”

“With both arms. Mind you, Millie and Sally are now an honest-to-goodness couple, so I doubt I’ll be dipping into that cookie jar any time soon. Of course, they might need a refresher course one day…” Jessica gave her sister a sideways glance. “You’re not having second thoughts about this, are you?”

“About us? God, I don’t know. Well, no, I’m not – but this is a lot for me to take in.”

Jess rose from her stool, standing before Laura. “Well, just in case you’re having doubts…” Reaching down, she tugged at the loose belt of the thin robe her sister had borrowed, opening it to expose Laura’s bare body.

Laura’s eyes were filled with longing. “Oh, Jess…”

Gently tilting Laura’s head back, Jess bent down to claim a deep kiss before assisting the younger woman to her feet. They stood facing each other, lost in renewed desire. Jessica reached out to touch Laura’s taut belly, then dipped a hand between her sister’s legs to caress the warm, wet vulva. “Shall we go back to bed?” she murmured.

Laura could only nod assent, all doubts replaced by the memory of the previous night’s ecstasy. Jess shrugged off her own robe and taking Laura’s hand, mounted the stairs.

In the bedroom, they kissed lovingly before Jess took control of her little sister. She sat on the edge of the bed with thighs parted, a fire in her eyes that left no doubt as to what she wanted.

Without a word, Laura dropped to her knees to worship her sister’s cunt, burying her mouth in the soft pubes. She explored the hole with a probing tongue, then spent several minutes lavishing attention on Jessica’s clit.

Once Jess slumped backwards and began to moan, Laura decided to blow her sibling’s mind with a special move, one she often deployed to drive lovers wild.

Thanking providence that she’d thought to trim and file her fingernails the day before, Laura inserted her middle finger into Jessica’s pussy, seeking and finding the G-spot. When a spasm shook her sister’s frame, Laura added a second finger, then a third. Twisting them round to generate lubrication, aided by her tongue, she added her pinky to the mix.

Sprawled out on her back, Jess felt something different. She was reminded of the time Alice fucked her with Rachel’s biggest dildo on the night of their momentous family orgy, the only time she’d been penetrated by that monster.

She managed to lift her head to peer at Laura, who grinned at the puzzled look on Jessica’s face. “It’s okay, sis, I’m pretty sure you’ll love this. You may see yourself as a seasoned lesbian by now, but I’ll bet you’ve not been fisted yet.”

Actually, Poppy had once inserted her whole hand into Mummy’s cunt. But she was only seven, after all, with the hands of a child. Jess lay back, bracing herself for what promised to be a hell of a ride.

“Put your feet up on the bed, Jess,” Laura said, and Jess quickly complied, realising that the tables had been turned; her younger sister was now in charge.

Laura continued to twist her four fingers about until she felt Jessica’s copious fluids coating them. She carefully withdrew her fingers, just far enough to permit  the thumb to join them, then began to ease all five digits back into the dripping maw.

Still gently rotating her hand to and fro, she folded her thumb beneath the four fingers until she was making a fist. Okay, sister dear… get ready to rumble.

Pushing forward, Laura felt the opening of Jessica’s vagina stretch and give, permitting her entry a millimetre at a time until it slipped through the tight ring.

“Oh fuck, Laur. That’s… oh, m-my God!”

Her hand now curled into a ball, Laura began to gently move her arm back and forth, all the time turning her wrist this way and that.

It was like nothing Jess had ever felt. Laura’s knuckles pushed against the walls of her cunt, the tiniest movements wrenching her body as if she’d been caught up in an earthquake. She thrashed about on the bed, which only made the sensations more intense.

After a minute or so of hard fucking, Jess screamed out in ecstasy, clutching handfuls of the sheets.

Laura slowed her thrusts and relaxed, straightening her fingers as her sister’s orgasm gradually subsided.  She knew Jessica’s vagina had to be especially tender, and took pains to be gentle while slowly extracting her hand.

As Laura’s fingers emerged, her sister’s cunt suddenly spasmed, squirting a small stream of fluid that hit Laura square in the face.

Alarmed, Jess cried, “What the fuck was that? Omigod, did I just piss on you?”

Laura had to snicker at her sister’s horrified reaction. “No, it’s not piss. You squirted, Jess. It’s not all that unusual, really. I’ve had lovers who went off like water cannons when I fisted them.”

Jess shook her head in awe. “I’ve never done anything like that before… not even when Poppy put her hand into me.”

“It’s got something to do with creating pressure, I think.”

“Well, it was fucking amazing.”

Laura licked at her fingers and the back of her hand, unwilling to waste a drop of her sister’s essence. Jess drew her in for another kiss, then stood up, pulling Laura to her feet. She urged her younger sibling onto the bed, positioning her on all fours.

Laura’s head rested on the bed and her arse jutted up and out, presenting Jess with a mouthwatering view. Spreading her sister open with both hands, she leaned in and took a long slow lick, trailing her tongue from the tip of Laura’s clit to the pucker of her anus. Bringing her fingers into play, she slipped two into the juicy cunt, kissing her sibling’s rosebud like a lover’s mouth.

As Laura’s juices began to flow, she was startled to hear the familiar voice of Katie calling out, “Mum, we’re ho-ome!”

Raising her face from Laura’s bum, Jess called, “We’re up here.”

Laura pulled away, searching round for something to cover herself with – but Jess gripped her shoulder, the fingers of the other hand still sheathed in Laura’s pussy. “No, you don’t. Stay where you are. This party’s just beginning, little sister.”

Laura meekly submitted to Jessica’s will, though still reluctant to be caught in this situation. They heard the thunder of steps up the stairs before Katie and Poppy appeared in the doorway.

Jess gave her daughters a big smile. “Morning, girls. I didn’t expect you this early!”

The girls giggled, but before they could answer, Rachel appeared behind them. “They woke me up at the crack of dawn,” she said. “Bet you can guess how.”

“Oh, I’ve been awakened that way myself, believe you me!” Jess replied with a chuckle.

Rachel tilted her head slightly, intrigued by the view of Jessica’s sister – naked, on all fours, looking back over her shoulder with flushed cheeks. “Hello Laura,” she purred. “So nice to see you again. Guess I don’t need to ask how last night went.”

As Jess withdrew from her sister’s cunt, Laura slowly turned round and carefully seated herself on the bed, forcing herself to make eye contact with her sister’s lover. Lustful desire was clearly written on Rachel’s face.

Jess padded over to her daughters, giving each a brief but lustful kiss on the mouth. Both little girls responded in a similar way – licking their lips, enjoying the familiar flavour of Auntie Laura’s cunt. As she straightened, Jessica was about to kiss Rachel, but a wicked idea popped into her head. She turned to see Laura staring at them, arms covering her breasts as she sat quietly, still uncertain of how to react.

Turning back to Rachel, Jess offered two pussy-coated fingers to her lover. Rachel drew them into her mouth and sucked the nectar from them, all the while staring at Laura, who shivered at the sight.

Jessica gestured toward the bed. “Care to join us, Rach?”

“There’s nothing I’d like more. Unfortunately,” she sighed, “I have to be at work in half an hour. I finish early this afternoon, though, so what if I come back then? In the meantime, I could return the favour and send over a couple of young cuties who would love to be a part of this.”

“That sounds wonderful. We’ll keep it hot for you.”

Turning to Katie and Poppy, Rachel knelt before them. “Thank you girls. Last night was lovely.”

Both girls embraced the older woman. Poppy said, “Thanks, Mummy Rachel. It was fun!”

As she stood, Rachel said, “I’m looking forward to getting to know you better, Laura. Much better.”

Laura managed to mumble, “Me too,” giving her sister’s lover a bashful smile.

Blowing kisses, Rachel exited. Jess made to follow, then turned back to the girls. “Well? Don’t keep your auntie waiting, you two.”

“Yay!” they cheered, then Poppy and Katie started stripping off their clothes.

Still nude, Jess walked Rachel downstairs. At the front door, Rachel turned. “So, I assume your evening with Laura went according to plan.”

“There were a couple of moments when I wasn’t sure. I told her everything; it seemed best not to keep secrets. She knows about Sally and Millie, and about Alice, whatever she’s up to at Stella’s place.”

“Getting ravished by the whole family, we hope. How did she take it?”

“Surprisingly well. Oh, by the way, Laura had a surprise of her own to share. She told me that our mother has been on a date with a woman – and sex was definitely involved!”

“Get away! Ann’s taking a walk on the wild side?”

“So I’ve been told. Mum gets back from her cruise in a few days, so I’ll tell her about us. Not everything, obviously.”

“Well, maybe she takes after her daughter. Your mother might just make up the full family set!”

Jess shook her head. “Christ, I can’t even imagine how she’d respond to something like that! No, we have to keep that part of our relationship completely secret.”

“All I know is that Ann is still an amazingly attractive woman,” Rachel murmured, slipping a hand between Jessica’s thighs. “Don’t you dare tell me the idea hasn’t crossed your mind.” Her smile seemed to radiate wickedness.

Her heart racing, Jess twisted away. “I don’t want to talk about that, Rachel. This situation is already crazy enough!”

Knowing she’d gone too far, Rachel drew her lover in for a gentle hug. “Sorry, Jess,” she whispered. “Guess I’m too perverted for my own good, eh?”

“I wouldn’t have you any other way, you cow,” Jess said, then broke their embrace. “You’re going to be late if you don’t get a move on. Remember, you were going to send your girls over. Don’t tell them what it’s about, though – let it be a surprise. And hurry back yourself – soon as you can!” They shared a kiss, then Rachel was gone.

Perching on the arm of the sofa, Jess patiently waited. A minute later, there was a knock on the door.

Jess opened it, mindful of her complete lack of clothing. As she closed the door behind Bella and Cindy, they stared at her, both visibly excited.

“Morning, girls. We have a lovely surprise waiting for you upstairs.”

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Ripples, Chapter 30

  • Posted on June 9, 2022 at 2:05 pm

To get a detailed summary of the first 29 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)


by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

As Stella was pulling into the driveway of her home with Alice in the passenger’s seat, Jessica was at home making preparations for dinner with her sister Laura. She’d whipped up a quick tomato, olive and caper sauce to accompany the gnocchi, which she’d bought fresh from Nico’s deli rather than make it herself, preferring to spend that time taking a leisurely bath.

Laura had phoned her up mid-afternoon, while Jessica was still pottering about in her bathrobe. “Hello, Jess… I just stopped for petrol, and thought I’d call to let you know that I’m about halfway there. Should be arriving around six.”

“Right on schedule, then,” Jessica replied, glancing at her watch. “Don’t eat anything on the way, little sister. I’m fixing dinner.”

“Oooh, and I had my heart set on a microwaved hot dog.”

“Ha bloody ha. See you at six.”

A moment’s silence, then: “Jess? I… I’m really looking forward to this evening. Just wanted you to know that.”

Feeling that familiar thrum of desire, Jessica smiled. “Me too, Laur. Ever since your last visit, I’ve been thinking about you.”

About your mouth, she silently added. Your hands, your fingers. About your breasts, that yummy arse. Your legs. Your cunt. Every inch of that ripe, lovely body. I saw you naked on your last visit, after we found you in bed with the girls… and the memory of it still lingers. I want you, Laura. I want to fuck my sister.

“Well, I guess I ought to, er, get going,” Laura said, a slight tremor in her voice.”Don’t want to hit traffic, after all. See you soon. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

Placing her phone on the coffee table, Jess seated herself. Good thing I’ve not got dressed yet… I’d have needed to swap out my knickers for a dry pair. She felt a strong urge to masturbate, but had no intention of doing so, preferring to save her appetite for Laura’s arrival.

At some point, Alice phoned to let her mum know she was at Stella’s, taking a moment to gush about what a lovely day she’d spent at the art gallery. She’d also dropped a hint or two that her hopes of having sex that evening with Stella’s twin daughters – perhaps even with Stella! – were very likely to be realised. Wishing her twelve-year-old the best of luck, Jessica bid Alice goodnight.

Moments after that call, it was Rachel’s turn to ring Jess up. “I’m home, lover,” she said. “You can bring Katie and Poppy over any time.”

Jessica’s two youngest were disappointed to be missing out on an opportunity to see Aunt Laura – and, perhaps even share her bed again. However, the chance to spend a night with their mum’s lover Rachel and her daughters quickly smoothed over any wounded feelings. These days, the two families had more or less merged into a single one, differing from most in that the women and girls of this particular family were all sexually intimate. Poppy and Katie had both been with Rachel, but neither had ever spent the night with her… and they liked the idea of having sexy fun with their second mum and new sisters at a sleepover. It made them feel like grown-ups.

Jess walked the girls across the road to Rachel’s, telling them to have a good time, to which they responded with a giggle and Katie saying, “Oh, we will,” accompanied by a twitch of that pert little bum of hers, the kind that made Jess want to tug her nine-year-old’s shorts and knickers down, then bury her face between those petal-soft cheeks.

Rachel’s daughters Bella and Cindy greeted the girls with hugs, then scampered away with them into the kitchen, “We’re making pizza!” Cindy announced just before they disappeared.

“Don’t leave a mess!” Rachel called as she watched the girls rush off, then turned to Jess, shaking her head. “It’ll look like a sodding hurricane went through by the time they’re done.” Reaching for her lover’s hand, she gave it a squeeze. “How are you doing, then? Ready for a hot, sweaty romp with your sister?”

“Gasping for it,” Jess replied. “And after speaking with Laura a few minutes ago, I’m fairly certain she wants it as much as I do.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “‘Fairly certain’, she says. Listen, I saw how she looked at you when we caught her with the girls. I’d bet Laura’s been crushing on you since she first started liking girls.”

“If she felt that way back then, I certainly never knew,” Jess replied with a shrug. “Wonder what I’d have done if she’d made a play for me when I was, oh, sixteen or so? Anyhow, what matters is how she feels now.”

Slipping an arm round Jessica’s waist, Rachel murmured, “Pay close attention when you fuck her… I’ll want all the details.” Exchanging smiles, they drifted together in a long, heated kiss.

A ripple of laughter was heard from the kitchen, and the two lovers broke apart to glance in that direction. “It’s going to be a hell of a night,” said Rachel. “In bed with four little girls at once! I’ll be one well-fucked lesbian when the sun comes up.”

“You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for,” Jess said with a wry grin. “By the time that lot is done with you, you probably won’t be able to walk.”

“Then I’ll go round on all fours… it’ll be worth it, believe me,” Rachel replied. “I’ve got some fun and games planned that should really get the girls hot and juicy.”

Jess parted her lips to speak, then shook her head instead. “I’m not even going to ask.”

“I’ll tell you this much: the last time I was with Poppy, she got four fingers into my bumhole… Tonight, I hope to take her whole hand.”

“Dirty cow,” said Jessica with a snort of laughter. “I’d best get back home before you corrupt my delicate sensibilities.”

“Ha – that ship’s long sailed!” They kissed briefly and said their goodbyes, then Jess returned home to finish getting ready.

Trawling through her lingerie drawers, she looked through gauzy panties, silken bras, sexy stockings and more, all top-line items from her shop. Funny thing, she thought. I bought most of these things to impress men – Mark, or the handful of guys I went out with after the divorce – and none of them were worth the bother. Now I’m making myself look hot and fuckable for my own sister. 

Jess felt a delicious shiver of anticipation when she found the pieces that always got a strong reaction from her ex. Before he moved onto pastures new, she told herself, stripping off her t-shirt and sweatpants. His bloody loss.

Now nude, she slipped into a lime-green quarter-cup bra that maximised her firm breasts, but did nothing to conceal her already aroused nipples, followed by micro-thin panties, a garter belt and ultra-sheer stockings. Fastening the garter clips, she turned to the wardrobe where her best dresses were kept, the ones reserved for special occasions.

She searched through the rack before settling on a short body-hugging dress with a zip front from top to bottom that she only ever wore when her objective was a romp in the sack. She finished off the look with high heels – not very practical for moving around a kitchen with pots of hot water and pasta sauce, but tonight, practicality was going out the window in favour of out-and-out seduction.

Appraising the image in the mirror, she nodded in approval, then made her way downstairs.

As she checked the kitchen wall clock, the doorbell rang. She quickly checked the sauce and turned the water on for the pasta, keen to get dinner out of the way quickly. Hastening to the front door, she opened it to greet her sister – who was almost unrecognisable from the Lara Croft lookalike of her last visit, the night she accidentally interrupted the family orgy.

Jessica’s heart jumped as she took in Laura’s emerald green satin blouse and how it set off her copper hair, now loose instead of constrained in a ponytail. Her eyes travelled down to take in the short burgundy leather miniskirt that set her sister’s legs off beautifully – then widened when she noticed that Laura had even worn high heels for the occasion.

In turn, Laura was enthralled by Jessica’s elegant, yet sexy ensemble, but she was first to recover. With a wry smile, she murmured, “Well, Jess… are you just going to stare at me all night or invite me in?”

Standing aside, Jess gestured her sister indoors. “Sorry, sis. I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in anything but baggy shirts, jeans and trainers.”

“Well, as my big sister owns a fashion store, I thought I’d make an effort.”

“And you’ve scrubbed up very nicely.”

Looking Jessica up and down, admiring her womanly curves, Laura looked into her big sister’s eyes before responding, “And you look amazing… as always.”

Moving towards Laura, Jess planted kisses on both her cheeks, followed by a warm embrace, the kind they’d shared many times before. For a moment as they parted, they looked into each other’s eyes, then Jess reached out to cup her little sister’s face and placed a gentle but more than sisterly kiss on her lips, letting it linger.

Laura flushed a little as they drifted apart, then held up a bottle of wine. “Um, I brought this.”

“Ah, so that’s why you only hugged me with one arm.” Jess accepted the bottle and, out of habit, checked the label. “My, my… a 1985 Montepulciano!”

“Is that okay? My boss gave it to me. Knowing how much you love Italian wine, I figured we could share it.”

“Well, she must be very satisfied with your work. From what I remember in those classes I took, this is an excellent vintage, and should go nicely with the pasta sauce I’ve made. Come into the kitchen, it’s nearly ready.”

“Feels like I haven’t been to dinner here for ages,” said Laura. “Unless someone takes me out while I’m on assignment, I tend to get takeaways. Which is why I have to spend so much time at the bloody gym!”

As Jess went to the stove to check the sauce, Laura leaned back against the island glancing round to note the dinner table, set formally for two with candles flickering. “Aren’t the girls joining us?”

“No, Alice spent the day on work experience at Stella’s gallery, and is having a sleepover with her twins. Katie and Poppy are staying over at Rachel’s.” She turned round to face her sister. “I wanted it to be just us, so we could have a nice quiet dinner together and catch up.”

Laura felt an unexpected twinge of disappointment when she realised that another round of sex with her nieces wasn’t on the cards. That, however, was quickly replaced by excited anticipation as she imagined what her big sister had planned for their evening. “Oh, okay… I suppose we do have stuff to talk about.”

“But not just yet,” Jessica insisted. “First, let’s enjoy our dinner and get caught up on what we’ve each been doing for the last three months.” Turning to Laura, she hugged her again. “I’ve missed you, sis; so have the girls. And when Mum gets back from her cruise next week, we’ll all be together again.”

Laura was about to ask Jess what she was going to tell their mother about her new relationship with Rachel, then completely forgot to – because as Jessica returned to the stove, Laura took in sight of the woman rather than her sister.

She’d already noticed Jessica’s prominent nipples, clearly outlined through that tight dress. Then as her big sister turned back to the stove, Laura’s eyes were drawn to the curve of her bum, barely constrained by the clingy material. She glanced down further, taking in those long, lovely legs.

As she admired the view, Jess bent to open a cupboard and pull out a colander, exposing the dark band of stocking tops that prompted a sharp drawing of breath from Laura.

Straightening up, Jessica lifted the large pot from the stove, carrying it to the sink to drain the gnocchi. As she turned back to dish up the first serving, she noticed where Laura’s eyes were centred.

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Now who’s staring?”

Flustered at being caught, Laura’s cheeks reddened. “Sorry Jess, I was just thinking… how fucking great you look for a mother of three kids. Christ – you’re more beautiful than ever!”

Jess just smiled.

They ate dinner and chatted like any other sisters who haven’t seen each other for a while. Jess wanted to hold off any discussion where sex might rear its head until later, when they were sitting comfortably over the wine, so she appreciated it when Laura asked about how her business was doing. Jess talked about how she was considering expanding into another store, then they chatted for a bit about the local council meetings and their debates over planning decisions.

As Laura had been away while their mother was on her cruise, she’d only managed the odd phone call, so Jess gave her an update of their mum’s trip and all the lovely places she’d visited, while they enjoyed a Limoncello cheesecake dessert – also purchased at Nico’s. Afterwards, they cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, then went into the lounge to relax, grabbing wine glasses and the bottle along the way.

As Laura took a seat on the sofa, Jess positioned herself at the opposite end. Slipping off her shoes, she turned to Laura and drew her legs up and onto the seat, hoping that her sister’s eyes would be drawn to the enticing shadows beneath her dress.

Settling in, Jess asked Laura about her latest assignment, the one where she’d written a lengthy article about the recent phenomenon of large, invitation-only parties for lesbians. Having read and enjoyed the piece, Jess had begun to wonder if she might like to take part in such an event, now she was comfortable with her identity as an out lesbian.

“Do they ever hold those sorts of parties in England?” she casually asked.

Laura shrugged. “Sure. You just need the right contacts to get an invite. The membership fees are insane, though.”

“Tell me this, little sister: while you were covering this story, did you ever happen to… take part in the proceedings?”

Briefly hesitating, Laura chose to be frank. “Well, I am an outsider, and have to keep things professional. But there was one party in Paris…”

At Jessica’s urging, Laura told her about the threesome she’d participated in with the businesswoman and the party hostess. She didn’t go into much detail at first but, as her sister pressed for more, she ended up divulging the story in explicit detail, which only fed the fire in Jessica’s eyes.

Then it was Jessica’s turn to share her story, about how she turned from a model wife to a lesbian who has sex with her own daughters. She told it all, too – starting with the night when she and Rachel watched an all-woman porn film and masturbated together, not knowing that her oldest daughter Alice was spying on them. Jess went on to describe how Alice, despite a near-complete lack of experience, had somehow managed to seduce her, then how she’d gone on to bring her younger sisters into the sexual games.

“Now, while that was going on, Rachel and I were having it off, too… and she was enticing her daughters into bed.”

“Did you know about that at the time?” Laura asked, conscious of a rising heat between her legs.

“Oh, yes. There were no secrets between us. We encouraged each other, you see. That’s when Rachel and I decided to make a go of it as a real couple.”

“With all your daughters joining in.”

“That came a bit later, after all the girls became involved,” said Jess, “but yes, that was what we wanted. The night you caught us was the first time we came together as a… a family of lovers.” She decided not to tell her sister just yet about their activities outside the extended family, including what Alice was up to right then at Stella’s place. Don’t want to give her too much to think about, Jess told herself.

Laura stared at her sister as though she’d become a complete stranger. “Wow. I mean… even weeks later, I don’t know what to think about this. It’s one thing to switch sides later in life, or when a marriage fails, but to go from what you had with Mark to a – an entire family of lesbian lovers, little girls included? In three bloody months?”

Sensing the conversation was steering the mood in the wrong direction, Jess brought it back to the morning after the family orgy. “Believe me, Laura, I’m as shocked as you in how far I’ve come… we’ve come, in such a short time. I fought with the idea of making love to Alice, and it took a long time before I was comfortable with letting Katie and Poppy get involved.

“But it made our family bond even stronger… and the girls are happier and more confident than I’ve ever seen them. You got to see that first hand, the last time you were here – remember?”

Laura did remember – and a shiver ran through her at the mention of how she’d been seduced by her two youngest nieces and Rachel’s daughter Cindy, each of them less than ten years old. She had given herself over completely, too, revelling in their heated lovemaking. The idea of sex with a little girl had never crossed her mind before, but being with these three young lovelies had Laura drunk with passion. Weeks later, the memory of going down on seven-year-old Poppy was crisp and clear, as if the taste still lingered on her lips.

Since then, Laura had been on an emotional see-saw, veering from the guilt she felt at having molested underage girls – only made worse by her blood relation to Katie and Poppy – to a wild, heedless appetite for more of the same. And as the days passed, Laura’s desire was beginning to win out over her shame. She masturbated constantly to memories of that incredible night of forbidden love… and found herself responding to the sight of other underage girls.

Like at the gym pool last week – that little blonde, not a day over eleven, wearing what had to be her very first bikini… She remembered getting out of the pool herself when the girl did, hoping to get a glimpse of her naked in the open changing area.

Thrusting the memory away, Laura said, “I know Jess, I know. I can’t claim any moral high ground, not after what I did with the girls… but it’s still a lot for me to take in. Since… what happened with the girls, I can’t stop thinking about it. Christ, it might well the best sex I ever had, but that doesn’t make it right. Half of me wants more – probably more than half, if truth be told, but I can’t stop worrying about the consequences. I mean, do you have any idea what would happen if someone found out and grassed on you? You’d lose the girls for certain, maybe go to prison.”

Jess slowly nodded. “I know all that, but it’s not as if we’re snogging our daughters at the school gates. We told the girls right at the start that they mustn’t do or say anything about what we do behind closed doors, and they understand completely.”

Reaching out, she took Laura’s hand. “What we have is something special… and we all want you to be a part of it, especially the girls. Look, Laura, we’re not pushing you into anything you’re not comfortable with. I saw something in your eyes when Rachel and I burst in on you, and I’m not just talking about the girls.”

To add weight to her words, Jess casually stretched one leg, watching her sister’s eyes flicker down as she caught sight of the pale thighs just above those sexy stockings.

“We both noticed how you looked at me when I was standing naked in front of you. Rachel said afterwards that you clearly wanted to make love to me, right there and then.”

Suddenly unable to meet her big sister’s eyes, Laura stared down at her hand, which Jess was cradling in her lap. Taking a deep breath, she spoke. “I don’t know what came over me, Jess, but seeing you standing there in all your glory… it brought back memories of when we were younger, and when I realised I might be gay. You were the perfect girl, and I was a tomboy. I used to steal glimpses of you, and it gave me feelings that I didn’t understand… feelings that frightened me.”

Laura told Jess about how she’d started experimenting with girls at university, when that kind of thing was becoming more commonly accepted. She did sleep with a man now and then, but then one of the older female lecturers came onto her, they started a secret relationship, and that was when Laura decided she was a lesbian. She soon found herself gravitating towards older women, but still harboured a secret longing for her big sister.

“I suppose I’d wanted you for a long time, before I even recognised my sexuality,” she continued, “but it wasn’t until this one night that I understood my true feelings.” She paused, sighed. “I was taking a break from studying, looking through my photo album… and found a snap of you in that dark blue swimsuit you used to have. Remember?”

Jess smiled. “I certainly do.”

“Something about that picture… well, it really hit me where I live. Before I knew it, I was flat on my back with a hand buried in my knickers, caught up in this crazy fantasy of fucking you.” She slumped back into the sofa. “I came so hard that… that I cried afterwards.” She looked up at Jess, giving her sister a sad smile. “I’ve wanted you ever since.”

Jessica had listened intently, then after a moment’s silence, reached out to place her wine glass on the coffee table. Swinging her legs off the sofa, she stood up and looked down at Laura, reaching out to her. Laura allowed Jess to pull her up until they stood facing each other. As she’d done when her sister first arrived, Jess put a hand under Laura’s chin and placed a gentle but sensuous kiss on her lips.

Laura’s hands hung limply by her side as she let herself be kissed, and after a few seconds, Jess broke away to see her little sister swaying ever so slightly where she stood, eyes still closed as if in a trance. With a satisfied smile, she moved in to nuzzle Laura’s ear, then whispered, “Well, I think it’s time we made your crazy fantasy come true.”

Taking Laura’s hand, Jess led her sister out of the room and up the stairs. Meekly allowing herself to be led, Laura was brought into the bedroom, to the foot of Jessica’s bed. Without breaking eye contact, Jess reached for Laura’s blouse and slowly unfastened each button, then slipped both hands inside to slip it off her sister’s shoulders, letting it fall down her arms and to the floor, revealing a pretty dark green lace bra.

“Very nice,” Jess purred. She ran both thumbs over the hardened nipples and felt Laura shiver.

Still holding her sister’s gaze, Jess moved closer until their breasts were touching. She reached behind to grasp the zip of Laura’s leather mini, tugging it down until the sexy skirt dropped to the floor. Taking a couple of steps back, Jessica appraised her little sister as a lover for the first time.

Laura stood nervously, as though auditioning for a movie role. She congratulated herself for choosing decent lingerie for her date with Jess. Much of her nicest underwear had been gifts from lovers, but since spending so much time among glamorous lesbians on her last couple of assignments, Laura had begun to build her own collection of intimate apparel.

Jess slid her fingers beneath the straps of the green bra, slipping them over Laura’s shoulders, then reached back to undo the clasp, pulling the flimsy garment forward to uncover small but shapely breasts that Laura always wished had been bigger. Finally breaking eye contact, Jess looked down at Laura’s body. She dipped her head but, instead of kissing Laura’s mouth, bent lower to nuzzle her sister’s neck, tracing a line with lips and tongue over the collarbone, then trailing petal-light kisses downward until she reached the younger woman’s breasts. As Jess flicked lightly at an engorged nipple with the tip of her tongue, Laura’s head fell back and her breathing became ragged, her chest heaving, nerves jangling like a first-timer.

Jessica continued her slow journey down the terrace of Laura’s ribs until she reached the flat, toned tummy. Dropping to one knee, she grasped the waistband of the matching green panties, her tongue following their descent as she eased them down.

As those already damp knickers slid past Laura’s knees and fell to the floor, Jess helped her sister to step out of them, leaving Laura naked, legs parted. Running her hands back up her sister’s toned thighs, Jessica used both thumbs to spread her labia apart, exposing the hooded clitoris. Jess glanced up to see Laura staring down at her, then moved in to flick her tongue against the pink morsel.

Despite it being the lightest, most fleeting contact imaginable, Laura jerked and inhaled sharply, clutching at Jessica’s head with both hands. Intent on prolonging her sister’s frantic need for release, Jess held back, resisting the pressure of the hands that now urged her in. Instead, she pulled away, rising to her feet.

Laura felt a jolt of panic, suddenly afraid that Jess had changed her mind. She relaxed somewhat at the sight of her sister’s smile, but still found Jessica’s behaviour puzzling.

Is she teasing me? Laura wondered. Anticipation of this long-desired reunion with Jess had only sharpened her appetite, leaving her desperate for the sweet oblivion of orgasm.

Jess leaned in for another kiss, but rather than the gentle caress of the previous kisses, she now crushed her mouth against Laura’s, forcing a probing tongue between her sibling’s parted lips. Now Laura responded, using the years of experience gained from the many women she’d been with – throwing both arms around Jessica’s neck as if to make sure she couldn’t get away.

After a couple of minutes of feverish kissing, they broke for air. By then, Laura was almost panting for breath, more from her excitement than any physical reaction. As Jess moved back, Laura reached for the zip on her sister’s dress with hands made clumsy by lust. “Now you,” she said.

But Jess seized her wrists. “Uh-uh. Patience, lover.” She took a few steps back, amused at the dismay on Laura’s face. Taking hold of the zip herself, she drew it down as slowly as possible while her sister watched.

As the dress parted, Laura could see the bright green of the barely-there bra, followed what seemed like minutes later by the matching panties and garter belt. Eventually Jess shrugged her shoulders and the dress slid off. As it fell to the carpet, Laura drank in the vision of mature beauty that stood before her. She made a move forward, but Jess raised a hand to halt her in mid-step.

Reaching down to the waistband of her panties, Jessica pushed them down a couple of inches to expose a perfectly manicured triangle of close-cut pubes, then further, displaying the cleft of her sex. She gently tugged at her labia with one hand while she dipped a finger into the crevice below, sliding it down, curving the tip inside before withdrawing. Laura could only stare as Jess raised the hand to her mouth, extending her tongue to trail it along the length of the glistening finger, then closed her lips around it to suck like a peppermint stick.

Almost without thinking, Laura slid a hand down to her own shaved cunt, but started as Jess exclaimed, “No! No touching yet… just watch.”

The younger sister narrowed her eyes. “What the actual fuck, Jess? I’m not some stranger you picked up in a pub. We both want this… what’s with all the bloody teasing?”

Jess smiled. “Well, sis, you’ve waited all these years to get me between the sheets, so another couple of minutes won’t kill you. I’ve learned a few things since Rachel and I fucked for the first time. Now behave yourself, and you’ll get your treat soon enough.”

“Oh… fine,” Laura muttered, then nodded. She was used to being the passive partner in relationships with her older lovers, so doing the same with her older sister didn’t feel especially strange. Taking a deep breath to still her restless energy, she let both hands fall to her sides awaiting Jessica’s next move.

Pleased to see Laura accept the situation, Jess smiled. Oh, she felt a hint of some guilt for tormenting her sister this way, but the chance to reprise the role she and Rachel had played with Sally and Millie the week before was too delicious to pass up. She could see the fire and yearning in Laura’s eyes, and it turned her on something fierce. Still, I shouldn’t torment her any more, poor thing.

She dipped her hand again, this time sliding two fingers into her sodden cunt, then began to fuck herself, plunging in and out to coat them in warm, thick nectar. But before her pleasure could reach the point of no return, Jess withdrew her hand, then extended it to her sister.

Laura immediately seized her sister’s wrist, determined that Jessica would not deny her this time. She took the wet, gleaming fingers into her hungry mouth, purring contentedly as she sucked them clean.

Jess slowly moved backwards, leading Laura along until she felt her legs touch the accent chair. Taking her hand back, she claimed her sister’s mouth in a hard, probing kiss. Abruptly breaking away, she fell back into the seat, sliding her bum to the chair’s edge. When their eyes met, Jess pushed her panties down a few inches further in open invitation.

Needing no further instruction, Laura dropped to her knees and wrenched the bottle-green knickers away with a hard tug, not caring a fig if she damaged them.

Her legs now free, Jess quickly hooked them over the arms of the chair, proffering her open cunt to Laura. Her sister didn’t hesitate, immediately burying her mouth in the juicy pink flesh to feast. The moist, messy sounds of cunnilingus filled the room.

Jess gasped as Laura’s tongue plunged in and out of her like a fat, slippery finger… then her sister was sucking at the dripping hole. Drinking from the holy grail, she thought, and the thought made her smile.

Caught up in a frenzy of lust, Laura went down on Jess with everything she had. She hadn’t expected to be teased, much less that her sister would be so goddamned good at it, and now she had something to prove. Years of repressed hunger for Jess had been held at bay by an assortment of relationships, some lasting, most fleeting. Now she was free to love her sister the way she’d longed to, ever since she began to struggle with her feelings for other girls. And she was first, Laura reminded herself. Jess helped me understand myself, who I really was. And now, after all this time, I’m making her mine.

Laura brought all her best oral tricks into play as she made love to Jessica – swirling her tongue around inside the vagina, nibbling at the erect clitoris, bathing the vulva in long trailing licks, darting down to tease the rosebud and more. Then she brought her fingers into the action – stimulating one spot while her mouth and tongue serviced another, then shifting tactics yet again.

All she wanted was to satisfy the object of her youthful dreams, the amazing woman who was now laid bare and open before her. My sister.

Jessica’s head was spinning from what felt like a myriad of mini-orgasms as Laura did unimaginable things with her mouth, lips, even teeth, probing both holes with fingers and tongue. She clutched Laura’s head, fingers wound into her younger sister’s coppery mane. If she stops now, Jess told herself, I’ll bloody well strangle her.

After what seemed like an age of relentless stimulation, Jess could no longer hold back – and with a loud, hoarse cry, she came. Her body jerked violently, then she trembled as if in the grip of a seizure.

Unable to keep pleasuring Jess with her mouth, Laura sat back on her haunches, catching her breath as she used two fingers to stimulate her lover’s clit, observing the throes of her sister’s ecstasy with a satisfied smirk. Then she licked her lips, savouring the traces of pussy that coated them.

As Jessica’s climax subsided, she opened her eyes to see Laura sitting at her feet. With a sleepy smile, she mumbled. “My goodness… you really have been bottling that up for a while, baby sister.”

“More than fifteen years,” Laura said. “It was worth the wait.”

Jess felt for her sister’s hand, squeezed it. “I love you, Laura.”

“I love you too,” Laura whispered, bending down to Jessica’s knee, brushing it with her lips. Enticed all over again by the thick, rich scent of her sister’s pussy, Laura began to slowly kiss a pathway up the sheer nylon until she reached the silky-smooth thigh. Continuing upwards, she paused briefly to adorn that lovely cunt with a tongue kiss, getting another taste of Jess before moving on to nuzzle her soft tummy. From there, Laura made her way up to those shapely breasts, the ones she’d envied since puberty, and buried her face in their softness.

When she finally looked up and met her big sister’s gaze, Jess cupped Laura’s chin, drawing her into a loving kiss that lasted a long, lovely while.

Finally, Jess broke away, “Does this mean you want to join us? To be a part of our… special family?”

Laura shrugged. “How can I not? I’ve wanted this for years. Well, you, I mean, but everything else is just icing on the cake, far as I’m concerned. I want to make love with the girls again – only this time, with Alice included. I’d definitely be into fucking Rachel as well. But Christ almighty, how am I going to find time to do any sodding work in the midst of this non-stop sexfest?” She laughed, her cheeks slightly flushed. “God only knows what other kinky stuff you’ll have me trying – but yeah, I’m in.”

“I know Rachel can’t wait to fuck you… and Alice is still peeved that she never got the chance when you were here last. But before any of that happens, it’s my turn.”

Pushing herself up from the chair, Jess reached behind to unhook her bra, then bent down to remove the suspenders and belt, carelessly tossing these fine things to one side. Kneeling before her sister, Laura rolled the sexy stockings down, and Jess lifted each foot in turn so they could be slipped off.

Taking Laura’s hand, Jess helped her to rise, then sent the younger woman falling back onto the bed with a nudge. Laura propped herself up on both elbows, her thighs wide apart, ready for anything.

Now Jess was the one kneeling, moistening her lips at the sight of her sister’s open slit, watching a trickle of nectar oozing down and into the crack of Laura’s arse. ”God, little sister… you have a beautiful cunt,” she breathed.

Jessica took hold of Laura’s calves and raised them, draping a leg over each shoulder, then slowly drew closer. She inhaled deeply, drinking in the rich scent of her sister. Glancing up, she saw Laura watching.

“I haven’t been at this as long as you,” Jess said, “but I’ve learned a few things.” With that, she dipped her head down, taking the first taste of her little sister.

Her lovemaking was nothing like the lustful frenzy Laura had been caught up in. Jess wanted to fully savour the experience of going down on another family member for the first time. There was plenty to enjoy, too – the tart, intoxicating flavour of Laura’s pussy, its tart honey, flowing so thickly that Jess couldn’t capture it all, the liquid sounds of her mouth as she sucked and slurped at the juicy flesh.

She couldn’t resist the impulse to tease Laura just a bit more, taking her to the edge and easing back a few times until her sister was on the verge of a complete meltdown. Finally, Jess took Laura’s clit between her lips to suckle,  its rosy tip with a few rapid swipes of the tongue.

A hard shudder shook Laura’s body, then she screamed as her orgasm came down like a flash flood – smashing into the helpless lesbian, tossing her hither and yon, then carrying her away, finally depositing her wracked frame on a quiet shore.

Left winded and spent, Laura began to cry.

Jess stretched out alongside her sister, kissing the tears away. After a while she rose, went to the door to turn off the main light, then returned to the bed, leaving the room illuminated by the light of a single lamp. The two lovers lay on their sides sharing a gaze of pure adoration, then came together in a tender kiss.

Their passion roused once more, the sisters made love again, this time slowly, gently. Afterwards, physical and emotional exhaustion overtook them and they fell asleep, Jess cuddling Laura to her like a child.

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Ripples, Chapter 29

  • Posted on December 3, 2021 at 3:50 pm

For a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples


by Sapphmore &  JetBoy

Now that Sally and Millie had become lovers, thanks to the patient efforts of their mentors Rachel and Jessica, the two older women were ready to be pleasured themselves — especially Rachel, the only one of the group who had yet to come. She was clutching a strap-on cock, offering it to the girls.

Sally was first to move, reaching out for the bright pink sex toy, but then Millie spoke up. “Um, Sally?”

Pausing in mid-motion, Sally glanced back at her new girlfriend. “What’s up?”

Millie was blushing slightly as she said, “I know, um, that you wanna fuck Rachel… but before you do, can I eat her pussy? She’s the one who taught me all about bein’ a lesbian, y’know… I never got the chance to return the favour, and I’d really like to.”

“Oh, sure!” Sally said, then turned to Jessica. “Guess it’s you and me, then.”

“I’m fine with that,” Jess said, licking her lips.

Dropping the pink phallus on the bed, Rachel leaned back against the pillows and spread her legs apart. Noticing that Millie was just staring, she prompted, “Waiting for an engraved invitation, love?”

Millie started, then gave her head a brisk shake. “Sorry, Rachel,” she said, moving closer. “Your pussy, it’s beautiful.” She giggled. “Actually, I’m startin’ to think that I just like lookin’ at ladies’ cunts!” The eager teen laid down between Rachel’s splayed legs, ready and then some to claim her prize.

Over the next hour, the two women tutored their younger charges in the ways of lesbian love. Millie got to taste the object of her sapphic fantasies, then Jessica rode Sally’s face.

Two orgasms later, Sally enjoyed the new experience of fucking a woman with a strap-on, while on the receiving end of the slippery cock, Jess licked Millie’s cunt for the first time. Rachel was kneeling next to Sally, probing the young blonde’s anus with two fingers while they shared deep tongue kisses.

Eventually the two women and their students lay exhausted and slick with sweat, the heavy odour of sex pervaded the room. Jess recovered first, leaning over to place a light kiss on a spent Millie’s lips. Sally lay back, her chest rising and falling, the pink dildo jutting obscenely from her groin. Rachel had the toy in her mouth, savouring the familiar taste of her lover. Once she’d licked it clean, she crawled over to Jess and placed a tender kiss on the woman’s lips.

Jessica’s eyes drifted open. “You must have had enough by now, you randy cow!”

Rachel grinned. “Never.” Rolling onto her back, she pulled Jess on top of her.

They broke apart when Millie slowly rose from the bed, assisting an unsteady Sally. The girls stood hand in hand, exchanging affectionate glances. Nestling in each other’s arms, the two women smiled at their conquests, then each other, thoroughly pleased by how their scheme had played out.

Sally spoke. “Umm, Rachel, could I maybe… I mean we, me and Millie, um, borrow this?” She gestured down at the protruding cock, still fastened about her waist.

Rachel nodded, pointing at the cedar chest at the side of the bed. “Well, I do have quite a collection, as you can see.” Sally peered down into the toy box, awed by the dizzying array of sexual contraptions. “So let’s just call it a study aid, to assist you with your homework. Truth be told, Jessica and I usually go with one of the larger ones, ourselves. Maybe next time, we’ll move on from the training model and introduce you girls to something a bit more… challenging.”

The thought of that prospect sent a thrill running through both girls, and they shared an excited glance. Unbucking the straps, Sally removed the pink dildo, then carefully stashed it in her purse.

The women watched as Millie and Sally got back into their clothes, then Rachel stood and pulled two robes from hooks behind the door, tossing one to Jess. “We’ll see you to the front door,” she told the girls.

In the downstairs hall, kisses and embraces were exchanged all around.

“Thanks so much for the lessons,” Sally exclaimed as she hugged Jess.

“And for, um, hooking us up,” Millie added, giving Sally an adoring glance. “I never had this good a time with a bloke, that’s for sure!”

“Aw, thanks, love,” Sally said, leaning in to give her new girlfriend a gentle kiss.

Saying their goodbyes, the girls set off, turning to wave when they were halfway down the stairs, then headed on towards the street, whispering and giggling, still holding hands.

The women went back upstairs, and Jess shrugged out of the robe. She bent to pick up her skirt, but was interrupted by Rachel’s voice.

“And where do you think you’re going, Jessica Matthews?”

Jess turned to see her lover standing by the bed, her own robe carelessly discarded, holding up what looked like an eighteen-inch sausage with a cock head on each end.

“You’ve got to be kidding! We’ve just spent the last two hours shagging a couple of teenagers silly… and now, you want more?”

Rachel simply cocked an eyebrow.

With a devil-may-care shrug, Jess dropped the skirt. “What the hell, it’s my day off.”

First, they fucked. Then they made love.

An hour later, with Jess turning down the offer of a shower in favour of a long soak in her bath when she got home, they were dressed and sat in the kitchen drinking herbal tea.

“Almost forgot — I’ve a tidbit of news,” Jess began. “The last time we spoke, I mentioned that Stella rang to offer Alice the chance to spend this Saturday at her gallery… and to have a sleepover with the twins that same night.”

“Rachel nodded. “I remember… and from what you told me, I’d say that Stella’s got more than a lesson on the Italian Renaissance in store for your little sexpot.”

“Mmm. Anyhow, my sister Laura rang last night to ask if she can come over this weekend.”

“Oh? Well, that sounds promising.”

“I hope so. I’m sure Alice will be miffed about being away from home, seeing as she missed out before when the three little ones seduced Laura.”

“I remember,” Rachel sighed. “Fuck me, I’d love to have seen that little scenario unfold.”

“We caught the end of it, at least. Anyway, I wanted to spend some quality time with Laura on Saturday, so she and I can… well, make up for lost time, if you know what I mean. Would you mind?”

“Of course not, lover — as long as I get a rain check to join in on any hot sister-on-sister action.”

Jess hugged her. “If I do get into her knickers, you’ll be next in line. Here’s the thing, though — I came up with a way for you to get your jollies while I’m with Laura.”

Rachel’s eyes lit up. “Do tell.”

“Simple — we have Katie and Poppy drop by that same night for a sleepover with your girls.”

“My, my… you really know the way to a lesbian’s heart, don’t you? A night of fun and games with four little girls… yes, I think that just might be enough to keep my jealousy at bay. By the way, I was thinking that we really need to take you shopping for your own collection of sex toys, if only so you can finally bin that cheap shit plastic vibrator of yours.”

“You’re right — I’m long overdue for that. Where’d you get your gadgetry, then?”

“This discreet little shop near Covent Garden… I haven’t been for ages, but they’re still open for business, I checked. We could make a day of it — get a babysitter, take in a show and dinner, maybe stay overnight and test out your new sex gear.”

“Sounds good; I could ask Laura to stay with the girls… unless she decided that incest isn’t her thing after all.”

Rachel had that wicked glint in her eyes. “I don’t believe that for a bloody minute. I’ll guarantee you this: ever since that night with the girls, your sister has thought of precious little else. Not only that, I’m convinced she’s nursing a Godzilla-sized crush on you.”

“You think so? That’s certainly what I’m hoping for.”

“I know so. Remember how freaked out Laura was after we caught her with our kids?” Jess nodded. “I guess you were too busy calming her down to notice, but she was checking you out in a big way — and liking what she saw. It’s probably the first glimpse she got of big sister in the nude since… since figuring out she was queer. Christ almighty, I was half expecting her to reach out and start fingering you!”

Jess laughed. “Well, if things work out as they ought, we’ll be between the sheets soon enough. Then, while you and I are on our little sex toy excursion, Laura can get herself ravished by five underage girls.”

“Paradise on earth,” said Rachel, rolling her eyes heavenward.

Rising from her seat, Jess languidly stretched her limbs, still a bit achy from their vigorous workout in the bedroom. “I’d best be on my way. School’s out before long.”

“Catch you later, lover,” Rachel purred, giving Jess a wink.

They shared one last heated kiss, then Jessica made an exit, crossing the street to her home.

After a soothing bath, she barely had time for a cup of tea and a slice of cake before it was time to pick up the girls. After dinner, she told her daughters about Laura’s impending visit, and although the younger girls were disappointed they wouldn’t get to play with their auntie again, they were looking forward to visiting the other half of their family for a slumber party.

Alice was irked by the thought of missing out on the chance to spend time with her aunt — especially since, unlike her younger sisters, she had yet to explore sex with Laura. “Why’s she got to come on Saturday?” Alice pouted, still slouched at the dining table after Katie and Poppy had wandered upstairs, hand in hand.

Seating herself across from Alice, Jess said, “I know how much you’d love to be with your aunt, sweetie… but we don’t even know if Laura wants to join in our… our family activities. All I know is that she asked to get together so that she and I could talk. You wouldn’t want to pressure her for sex, would you?”

“Guess not,” Alice replied with a sigh.

“She’ll still be here when you get home from Stella’s, you know. I promise, if Laura is willing, you’ll be in bed with her that same night. In the meantime, why don’t you invite Bella to spend the night on Friday?”

Alice nodded, smiling once more. “I’ll do that. Thanks.” She rose, turned to go, then paused. “Um… if I get to do stuff with Aunt Laura, it doesn’t have to be just me in bed with her… I think it would be good if Katie and Poppy were there, too. And also you, Mum!”

Jess had to smile. “Come here, love,” she murmured, patting her thighs.

Nestling into Jessica’s lap, Alice glanced shyly at her mother. Slowly, gradually, they drifted together in a tender kiss that quickly mounted into much more.

They finally parted. “Have you done your homework?” Jess asked.

Alice grinned. “Took care of it already.”

“Well, before you phone Bella with the good news, why don’t you and I go upstairs and look in on your sisters? They’ve surely gotten out of their school uniforms by now… and I’m guessing that they’ll be in the mood for some stimulating company.”

“Sounds like a plan to me, Mum.”

Jess and Alice made their way up the stairs, casually shedding their clothes along the way.


That Friday night, Jess and her two younger daughters indulged in a round of gentle lovemaking, leaving their big sister alone with her girlfriend in the room next door. Poppy and Katie wanted to fetch the older girls and make the evening into a full-on sex party, but their mother vetoed the idea. “Let’s give Alice the chance to spend some private time with Bella,” Jessica told them.

“Can I lick your bum some more, then?” Poppy shyly asked.

“Of course you can, angel,” Jess replied, getting up on all fours. Within sixty seconds, they were pleasuring one another all over again.


Jess woke early on Saturday morning, went down to the kitchen to get breakfast started, then traipsed back upstairs to awaken the girls. Once everyone had showered, eaten and put on clothes, she walked Bella back across the road to Rachel’s. After kissing and thanking Jess, Bella went up to her room to read.

“How was it?” Rachel asked, gesturing toward the sofa. The two women seated themselves side by side. Rachel was wearing a dark blue dress that showcased her legs to impressive effect.

“Well, judging by the noises from Alice’s room, she and Bella had a marvelous time. Katie and Poppy spent the night with me, and we kept to ourselves — though I couldn’t resist stealing a quick peek at Bella and Alice through the bathroom door. I don’t know what videos our eldest girls have been watching, but they seem to have become quite creative in bed. Hopefully, they’ll try some of those new ideas out on us. How was your evening?”

Rachel gave a satisfied nod. “It was nice to spend some quality time with Cindy. My God, that girl is a wild animal in bed! Mark my words, she’s going to make some lesbian nymphomaniac very happy someday.” She snickered. “Until then, that little vixen is ours.”

“You’ll have to let me borrow her sometime. Listen, I’m taking Alice to the gallery, then the girls and I are doing the shopping. What time should I bring them over tonight?”

“I should be home from work around five-thirty… Hmmm, I’ll call you when I get in. It’ll give you more time to clear things up with Laura. Hopefully, she’s decided to join our little sex club.”

“After the number our clever little girls did on her, it’s hard to imagine that she wouldn’t want in. All I can say is that if she’s in the mood to fuck, I’ll damn well give her what she wants. After that, Alice has more or less laid claim to her… but let’s not count our chickens. Everything hinges on what Laura has to say to me, whatever that is.” Placing a hand on Rachel’s thigh, she allowed her fingertips to glide over her lover’s soft skin. “God, you look stunning in that dress. Are you wearing anything underneath?”

Rachel smirked. “That’s for me to know and you to find out.”

“Don’t tease me, wench,” Jess said, arching an eyebrow. “You know perfectly well that I have to pick up the girls in fifteen minutes.”

“Pity… and for the record, I’m completely bare beneath this dress.”

“Christ, you are brutal,” Jess sighed. “Listen, before I forget, I think we have another potential convert who’s thinking about dipping her toes in the lesbian pool.”

“Well, that’s a poetic image. Let me guess… Serena. She went home with that Karen Gregson at our girls’ night out, did she not?”

“Yes, and I’ve got to give her a call and get all the juicy details. It’s not her, though. It’s Caterina.”

Rachel gasped in surprise. “Your second in command? Are you joshing me?”

“It seems she’s not had much luck with men for a while, so I sort of suggested she think about dating a woman. Well, ever since I told her about you and me, she’s been doing a spot of online research, if you know what I mean. I think with a little guidance, Cat just might take the plunge.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “Fuck me, Jess… do you intend to work your way through all your employees?”

“Oh, no, not me… my plate’s rather full right now. Hooking her up with Stella crossed my mind for about two seconds, but I think her twins would be a bit too hot for Cat to handle. I’m sure that Stella’s girls would adore that hot daughter of hers, though.”

“Cat’s daughter? Um…  Fiorella, right? Oh, yes, she is quite scrumptious. So what’s your idea about how to hook Caterina up?”

“Oh, I was thinking about taking her to another girls’ night out. Cat didn’t fancy using a dating site, as she’d rather cozy up to someone she already knew. Problem is, the only lesbians she knows are, well, you and me.”

“Well… we could give her some pointers, now we’ve had some experience in tutoring novice dykes.”

“Too close to home, love.” Jess glanced at her watch; clucked her tongue. “Oh, my — I really must be on my way.” She looked Rachel up and down again, nodding in appreciation. “You’ll have to wear that dress for me again someday, so I can strip it off you.”

With a brief but affectionate kiss, they parted, and Jess went back home to pick up the girls.

It was still early, but by the time they arrived at Stella’s gallery, she was just opening up for the day. Jess parked, then turned to Katie and Poppy. “You two wait in the car, okay? I’ll be back in a tick.”

“Okay, Mummy,” Katie replied.

A moment later, Jessica and Alice were at the front desk of the gallery greeting Stella, who wore a white blazer over a matching skirt. She greeted them with hugs, then kisses on both cheeks.

Alice was thrilled to be treated as an adult rather than a child, but found herself somewhat distracted as Stella bent to retrieve her glasses from the desk, the woman’s open blazer front making it clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Morning, Jess. Hello, Alice! I hope you’re going to enjoy yourself today. I have an artist coming in to show me some of her new pieces. Actually, you know her, Alice — it’s Reiko Shimizu, Azumi’s mum. You can tell me what you think of her work.”

Alice remembered the conversation with her mum about Azumi’s mother being a lesbian, just before she herself told Mum that she liked girls. “I’m really excited about today, yes… Azumi’s one of my friends and I’ve only ever seen photos of her mum’s work on a mobile.”

Watching Jessica closely, Stella said, “I’ll take really good care of Alice, don’t worry. I’ll bring her back on Sunday afternoon, if that’s okay.” She chuckled. “Knowing my girls, they’ll have her up all night. It’s like herding cats, trying to rouse them in the morning.”

The undertone of Stella’s comment and the twinkle in her eyes wasn’t lost on Jessica, She was already forming a mental image of that scene — the naked twins dozing peacefully, an equally nude Stella nestled between them. “That’s fine, Stel. My sister is visiting for a few days, so giving Alice a lift home would be very helpful.” Reaching for Stella’s hand, Jess gave it a squeeze. ”I really appreciate you doing this for my daughter.”

“Yes, thanks so much, Ms. Morrison!” said Alice.

“Believe me, the pleasure’s all mine,” Stella said, wearing a smile that spoke volumes. “And do call me Stella, Alice — everyone else does!”

Turning to Alice, Jess kissed her forehead and said, “Have a good time, sweetie,” followed by a wordless look meant to urge her daughter to be careful, then took her leave.

As Alice watched her mum get back in the car, she exchanged smiles and waves with her younger sisters in the back seat. While the girl was distracted, Stella looked appreciatively at her, liking what she saw — this blue-eyed, long-haired blonde, looking positively luscious in a short, colourful gypsy-style dress that set her bare legs off to impressive effect. Though only twelve, there was a certain presence about the girl that intrigued Stella, even stoked her growing lust. She could scarcely believe that this little honey was not yet a teenager.

As Alice turned back to Stella, a hint of a smile formed in the corner of her mouth as she caught the woman’s glance traveling up from her legs to her face. Good, she’s checking me out.

“Let’s put your bag in my office,” Stella said, “then I’ll show you around.” She walked quickly past Alice, mounting the stairs located at the rear of the gallery. She went a few steps ahead, suspecting that the girl’s attention would quickly be drawn to her bum — especially since Stella had elected to go without panties.

Unable to restrain her curiosity, she glanced back… sure enough, Alice was looking, wide-eyed with awe. Stella winked, flashing the same wry smile she’d seen on Alice’s face moments earlier.

Even though she’d been unable to resist the chance to tease Jessica’s daughter, she thought it best to approach the rest of the day with a more professional demeanour, and set about making Alice’s day one where she would actually learn something about the art dealer’s world.

Once Alice’s overnight bag was stashed in her office, Stella told her about some of the pieces she had before showing her round. Most of the upstairs was dedicated to storage, but in the centre of the large open space was a brightly lit long table, covered by cloths and filled with an array of tools and pots.

“This is where we do restoration work to prep some pieces for display or sale. Some of the painters don’t present their work as well as they might, so we sometimes put their canvases in a new frame. Other times we have cleaning, small repairs or touching up to do.” She pointed toward a door at the back. “That room is where we do some of the work that’s a bit messy; we have extractor fans to keep dust out. My team can do some of the work, but I commission experts for specialist jobs when I need them. You’ll see we have a lot of cameras and other security… at any given time there’s probably over a million pounds worth of art here.”

Alice was genuinely interested in the day-to-day workings of the gallery, impressing Stella with some very intelligent questions that had the woman forgetting, at least for the moment, her ulterior motive for offering the girl a ‘bring-your-friend’s-sexy-young-daughter-to-work-day’.

Upon returning to the downstairs area, Stella gestured toward another door at the back.

“That’s another workshop, one for the items too large to be carried upstairs. There’s also a small kitchen, where we sort the refreshments for invite-only events. If you look behind, up those other stairs, there’s a mezzanine level we use to display smaller collections.”

The tour concluded, Stella showed Alice her latest acquisitions. There were a few dozen paintings, a small photography exhibit, various sculpted works done in all manner of materials, and a room featuring ceramics and jewellery.

Alice was enthralled. “Oh, my… this is incredible. Where do you get everything?”

“Oh, that’s the fun part of owning a gallery. I’ve built up a lot of contacts and I get to travel a lot, especially around Europe — mainly France, Spain and my favourite, Italy. There’s London, of course, and a largeish artistic community in Cornwall. Sometimes a client asks for a particular piece that I’ll try to find. I negotiate with the artist or seller, then whack on my commission — plus expenses, of course.”

Glancing round, Alice asked, “Um… is there anything of yours here?”

Stella arched an eyebrow. “What makes you think I’m an artist?”

“Well, you sort of look like one; the way you dress and stuff.”

“Oh really, and how is that?” Stella responded, a little amused.

Alice was feeling nervous, hoping she hadn’t given offense. “Er, a bit like in the Sixties, like you see in the films from back then. I don’t mean that you’re, y’know, old-fashioned, though. I think you’re really cool!”

“That’s very perceptive of you, Alice. As a matter of fact, I got my art degree at Oxford, then spent a year in Florence and I do have a couple of pieces here, some at home. But to be honest, I haven’t painted in a long while; I just can’t find the time.”

“Can I see some of your stuff?”

“Of course. How about you, then? I know you like art, but do you paint or draw?”

“Well, I’ve done some drawings, and my art teacher says they’re good… but, I mean, she probably means good for a schoolgirl.”

“Hmm. Well, you’ll have to show me some of your work some time. After all, I’m the artist.”

A voice interrupted their conversation. “And a fine one indeed, Stella.”

Alice and Stella turned to see an elegantly dressed woman standing behind them, a younger woman next to her.

Stella moved towards the woman and they kissed cheeks. “Blanche, how are you?”

“Very well, thank you.” Turning to Alice, the woman said, “And this enchanting young lady is Jessica’s daughter Alice, if I’m not mistaken…?”

Surprised that the woman recognised her, Alice hastened to reply. “Um, yes, I am. Hi, Ms Turner.”

“Lovely to see you again. This,” Blanche nodded toward the woman at her side, “is my assistant Grace.” Alice and Grace exchanged nods. “Your sisters came to my daughters’ party a few weeks ago, but I haven’t seen you for some time. I must say, you’ve grown into a lovely young lady.”

“Thanks, Mrs Turner; that’s very nice of you. Um, is that dress from Mum’s shop? She’s always saying that you’re her best customer.”

Blanche laughed. “You are absolutely correct, sweet child… this is from your mother’s shop. She always has such beautiful things. So, Alice, are you thinking of becoming an artist?”

“Er, thinking about it, yes.”

Stella spoke. “Jessica mentioned that Alice was interested in art, so I suggested a day at the gallery.”

“Oh, how wonderful,” said Blanche, beaming. “So good to see successful women offering encouragement to our young girls.”

Turning to Alice, Stella said “Blanche is my best client too, Alice. Not only that, she has contacts all over Europe, people who have something to sell or who appreciate beautiful things.”

The look in Stella’s eyes hinted that there was some kind of hidden meaning behind those words, but Alice was too overwhelmed to put much thought into it.

“I assume you’ve come for your new piece, Blanche,” said Stella. “It’s in my office. Come with us, Alice; I think you’ll appreciate this.”

Soon Alice was seated on a luxurious leather sofa between Blanche and Grace, declining the offer of an espresso. Intrigued as she was by Blanche’s purchase, the twelve-year-old couldn’t help but feel somewhat light-headed in the presence of these beautiful women. She couldn’t stop thinking about Stella, completely naked under her dress, while Blanche’s low-cut blue number revealed the fullness of her breasts in a most tantalising way. Somehow, though, Alice was especially attracted to Grace, who had lustrous curly hair, enchanting blue eyes and a gently smiling mouth that seemed to be made for kisses.

Stop thinking about sex all the time! Alice admonished herself. God, you’re turning into a big pervert…

While the girl struggled with her arousal, Stella was unlocking a cabinet behind her desk, from which she extracted a large box, placing it on the coffee table. She slit the box open with a penknife, then reached inside to cautiously remove a heavily wrapped object. Slowly unwinding layer upon layer of bubble-wrap, paper and finally a sheet of soft cloth, Stella revealed a bronze sculpture about eighteen inches high.

The piece depicted three nude females, one standing with her head thrown back, resting both hands on the heads of two other smaller, much younger girls who knelt at her feet. Each of the little girls was embracing one of the older girl’s thighs with one arm, reaching up with the other to cup her bare breast.

Alice drew an intake of breath, mesmerised not just by the subject, but the sheer beauty of the forms. They seemed to move before her eyes, the kneeling girls embracing and nuzzling the standing woman, urging Alice to reach out, to leave her clothes behind and mingle with them.

Blanche had both hands clasped before her, as if she was worshipping the image, “Oh my, Stella… it’s divine. The photos you sent me don’t do it justice.” She glanced at the girl. “What do you think, Alice?”

Alice was staring at the statue, conscious of a growing warmth between her legs. Suddenly realising that Blanche was addressing her, she hesitantly answered. “It’s… beautiful. Almost alive.” She paused to think, then added, “They want something — the, the girls. And that wanting, it, um, feels really good.”

“Interesting,” Blanche said. “What is it that they want, then?”

They want to fuck, Alice thought. Isn’t it obvious? She imagined herself in that same position, with an equally nude Katie and Poppy nuzzling her legs. Still gazing at the bronze, she quietly said, “Love.”

She glanced up, only to find all three women looking at her. For a thrilling moment she felt like a gazelle cornered by hungry predators, then their faces broke into approving smiles.

Stella broke the silence. “Well, not exactly a Sunday Times art critic assessment, but I couldn’t have put it better myself.” She touched the girl’s shoulder. “Well spoken, Alice.”

That was when Grace extended a hand to display her watch. “I’m sorry, Blanche,” she said, wincing slightly, “but we need to get going if you want to make the board meeting on time.”

Lowering her voice to a murmur, pretending to keep her assistant from hearing, Blanche leaned in to Alice and said, “Grace orders me around like a staff sergeant, but I’d never get a thing done without her. Mind you, I would never tell her that, else she’d ask for a raise.”

Everyone laughed, Grace included. Her eyes met Alice’s, and she gave the twelve-year-old a warm, knowing smile.

Alice quickly looked away, feeling her face grow hot. Luckily, Blanche’s attention had shifted to the bronze, and neither she nor Stella noticed the girl’s embarrassment.

“Stella, darling… I simply must go to this meeting, and I’d prefer not to leave this exquisite piece in the car. Would you mind holding on to it for me?”

“Not at all, Blanche. Tell you what — I’ll bring it over Sunday night, after I take Alice home. She’s having a sleepover with the twins tonight, you see.”

“Oh, really? Now, that sounds like fun.” Once more, the elegantly dressed Blanche turned to Alice. “You know, I have quite a few other pieces of art at my home, and I do love to show them. Perhaps you’d like to come over for tea some time…?”

Alice couldn’t help but smile. Wow, this day just keeps getting better! “Thank you, Ms Turner… I’d like that very much.”

Resting a hand on Alice’s knee, Blanche smiled. “I’ll get Grace to check my schedule and call Jessica in a couple of days.

“She does have a very impressive collection,” Stella said. “I ought to know, too — the lion’s share of them came from this shop.”

“Actually, I obtained a stunning canvas you’ve not seen yet,” Blanche said. “One from the Oswald Richter gallery. I look forward to showing it to you, Stella. The model is this gorgeous adolescent Thai girl–” Suddenly noticing the composed expression on the face of her assistant, Blanche quickly got to her feet. “But I’ve really got to go now, before Grace seizes my leg and drags me out. It was lovely to see you again, Alice. Enjoy your day, and your sleepover. I’ll call you later, Stella.”

As Blanche and Grace each hugged Stella in turn, Alice gazed thoughtfully at the sculpture. She knew that Mrs Turner was married to some property bigwig, but the bronze hinted at a possible interest in lesbian erotica. Also, was she maybe… flirting with me a little bit? She was still wondering about that as the two women made their exit, briefly pausing to wave through the open doorway.

Stella re-wrapped the statue and returned it to the box, then led Alice back into the gallery. There she continued the girl’s education, explaining where she’d bought the artworks and, in some cases, their historical origin.

As they stood back and listened as one of the gallery employees presented a large metal sculpture to a possible customer, a smartly-dressed young woman came up to tell Stella that Reiko Shimizu had arrived and was waiting in the rear workshop. With a soft, “Thanks, Gillian,” Stella immediately headed in that direction, Alice close behind, Gillian bringing up the rear.

Upon entering the workshop, Alice gave a bashful smile when she saw Reiko — the mother of her good friend Azumi, and the first out lesbian she’d ever known. Stella gave the diminutive Japanese woman a warm greeting, then Reiko noticed Alice.

Hello, Alice… what a good surprise! Are you working here on — what do they call it? A… a internship?”

“Hello, Ms Shimizu. No, um, Stella is letting me spend the day here learning about art. She said you were coming in, and I’d get to see your new work.”

Reiko smiled. “Well, I hope you like it.”

As Gillian, the assistant, helped Reiko unpack and set up her canvases, Stella turned to Alice.

“You know, most visual artists stick to one medium, such as painting or sculpture and so on, but Reiko is skilled at whatever she turns her hand to. Her canvases are beautiful and striking, and her photographs always seem to capture the essence of the subject, but she can just as easily turn her hand to sculpture or jewellery… and I’ve no doubt that she could weave a stunning basket if she so chose. I never know what Reiko will be bringing to the gallery, but it always sells.”

Reiko responded. “And Stella always get a very good price for it. That is one of the reason I bring her much of my work — nearly all of it. Oh, unless it is… special commission,” she added, giving a dismissive wave, “but I am — what is the word? — choosy, yes, of who I take those from.”

By then, Gillian had arranged a setup of three easels, each with a light linen cloth draped over the painting. Reiko removed these, then folded back the protective paper covers, standing back to allow the others to see.

The three large canvases were frameless and had one theme: naked women with tattoos. The first was of a woman seated on a bed facing a window, leaning to one side and supporting herself on one arm, She was looking back over her shoulder, a large, colourful phoenix adorning her back.

The second was a woman lying on her stomach with a string of intricate Japanese symbols tattooed down her spine and spreading over her buttocks. Alice felt a twinge of arousal at the view of the woman’s gorgeous bum.

The third was of a woman standing front on with a large tattooed snake winding round her body, starting at her neck. The reptile emerged from between her thighs, curling its way up the left hip, with the head of the snake, its fangs bared, on her lower belly.

Stella’s expression was rapturous, almost hungry. “Oh, Reiko… these are magnificent. Look at the detailing on those tattoos!” She studied them for a moment, thoughtfully stroking her chin. “I might try to sell these as a set — if so, I have a certain client who ought to be interested.” She glanced at Alice. “What do you think?”

“Wow, I love them,” Alice said, shaking her head in awe. “They must have taken ages to do.” She moved closer, wanting to take in every detail.

“Three months, nearly,” said Reiko. “Do you paint, Alice?”

“Well… I do some drawing. My stuff’s okay, I guess — but I could never paint something with this much detail. Mostly I draw the countryside, but I’ve done some animals and, and my youngest sister one time, only her head. But this…” she indicated the third canvas, “…this is so, so intricate. The skin is perfect! I like the way you can see her muscle tone, and her face looks like she’s hiding a secret.” Turning back to the first painting, she pointed at the seated woman. “Um, is that your girlfriend? It sort of looks like her.”

Reiko was impressed that someone so young had such a keen eye, but was somewhat taken aback at the mention of her lover. “Nadya? Er, yes.. She helps me to get the pose right, but only sometimes I use her for my model. She has tattoos, yes, but not so large as this.” She gave Alice a curious glance. “Have you met Nadya before? I do not recall… ah, wait. You know of her because of my daughter?”

“Well, I see her when she comes to pick Azumi up from school, so I asked who she was. Nadya looks pretty cool; I think she’d look great if you painted her just as she is.”

“I will tell her you said that, Alice,” Reiko replied with a smile. “Thank you very much. You seem to know much about art, for one so young. Perhaps someday, I will see your work on these walls.”

“That would… oh, wow, it would be incredible,” Alice said, looking around the workshop, imagining a painting of hers being prepared for display.

“You could do some portraits of those adorable sisters of yours,” Stella said. “That is, if you can get them to stay still long enough. It can be tricky, having young girls as your models. Of course, you could always work from photos.”

“You are most lovely yourself, Alice,” said Reiko. “If you ever wish to sit for me, I would be very interested to paint you.”

“Um, sure!” a dazed Alice exclaimed.

“You know already where to find me,” Reiko said, a twinkle in her eye, “but here, take my card.” She produced a multicolored business card and handed it to Alice. “Even if you do not come to pose, it will be good for you to visit.”

“I’ll do that,” Alice said, feeling a little embarrassed. She’d been neglecting Azumi of late, caught up in exploring her lesbian identity. The last time they’d hung out, all Azumi wanted to discuss was boys she liked. Maybe I should just tell her I’m gay… bet she’d be cool with that.

With a quick glance at her watch, Stella approached Reiko with a clipboard. “Here you are.” As the lovely Japanese woman signed the document it held, Stella said, “Now, before I make any calls to the client I have in mind, I’ll display these for a few days without a price to generate some interest. I’ll let you know what I think we can get for them very soon.”

“Of course, Stella.” Reiko picked up her shoulder bag. “Alice, I will ask Azumi to invite you over. Then you can see my studio.”

“Really? That would be so cool! Thanks, Ms Shimizu. Tell Azumi I’m sorry for being, um, so out of touch. I’ve had a lot of studying to do.” Just not school stuff, she thought.

They exchanged hugs and goodbyes, then Reiko took her leave.

“Well, then,” Stella said, briskly rubbing her hands together. “What can I show you next?”


Alice spent the rest of the day shadowing and helping Stella and her team work, selling to prospective customers, preparing work for display, drafting and printing the cards describing the artwork and wrapping pieces for delivery. She even chatted with a couple of customers.

Gillian and Fiona, the two salesgirls — or art consultants, as Stella preferred to call them, quickly took a liking to Alice, and joined their boss in giving her interesting tidbits of information. By the time Stella had switched the handmade neon sign in the window to CLOSED, Alice was shocked by how quickly the day had flown by.

After letting her team out, Alice followed Stella up to the office, where she collected her bag, and Stella picked up the box containing the bronze statue. As switched off her laptop, Stella asked Alice, “So, did you enjoy your first day in the crazy world of modern art?”

“Oh, yes… it was amazing. There’s so much to learn! I’m sure now that I want a career in art, but I’m not sure exactly what.”

“I recommend that you try different things, not just drawing and painting. You’ll see when you visit Reiko’s studio. Everyone’s snapping selfies these days, but what you learn about light and texture as a painter will sharpen your skills as a photographer. You should take some art classes, that’s the best way to learn the basics.” Glancing up at the clock, she added, “Now let’s get this place locked up and head for home, before Sienna and Lacy get into a lather wondering where we are.”

“Thanks so much, Stella.” Alice wrapped both arms around the attractive older woman. “This has been one of my favourite days ever!”

As Stella returned the hug, she smiled, thinking about her real reason for inviting this enchanting youngster to stay over. And if I know my girls, they’ll be making this one of Alice’s favourite nights, too!

Carefully packing the statue in the boot of her car, then covering the box with heavy blankets, Stella set the security system before she and Alice climbed inside. As she turned to place her handbag on the back seat, Stella stole a surreptitious glance at the teen’s bare legs. The move caused her jacket to open slightly, allowing Alice a glimpse of a full breast.

“You know, Alice,” Stella began, “I was quite impressed with how you really mucked in and got involved today. You’re a remarkable young woman, you know — charming, intelligent and very, very beautiful. Reiko clearly thinks so, too.” She hesitated, then continued. “I am a bit sorry that she invited you to pose for her… you see, I’d planned to ask you the very same thing.”

Really?” Alice gave a shaky laugh. “Wow, two offers to model in one day!”

“In your case,” Stella continued. “I’d like to do something… well, a bit special.” She paused. “Okay, I’m just going to come right out with it and ask: how do you feel about posing nude?”

Alice stared through the windshield at nothing in particular, tingling all over as she imagined it. Omigod, that would be SO HOT. She’d only had suspicions before, but now she was certain that Stella Morrison meant to get her into bed. Wonder if she’ll want to fuck before I pose — or after?

“Um, I’ll okay it with your mother, of course…” Stella added, a bit unnerved by the girl’s lack of a response.

“She won’t mind!” Alice quickly replied, then turned to the older woman, a hint of pink in her cheeks. “Sure, yeah, I’ll do it.”

“Wonderful!” Stella exclaimed.

“Um, Stella? Would you, maybe… pose nude for me, then?” The woman’s eyes widened, and Alice hastened to add, “I’ve never had the chance to draw someone with their clothes off, and I’d really like to!”

Stella slowly nodded, smiling as she gazed into the twelve-year-old’s eyes. “Of course I will,” she said.

“Aw, thanks… that’s so nice of you!” Alice leaned over, intending to hug the woman again — but briefly lost her balance, catching herself with a hand on Stella’s bare thigh.

A wave of arousal flowed through the girl as she raised her face, only to find her nose nearly touching Stella’s. The woman’s eyes, so warm and full, enthralled Alice — and she felt an impulse that was too powerful to deny. Surprising Stella, Alice placed a brief, gentle kiss on the gallery owner’s mouth, then sat back and fastened her seat belt.

Stella sat motionless for a moment, caught up in a mood of eager anticipation. My God, this girl… she’s got me feeling like I’m on my first date. Somehow managing to compose herself, Stella switched on the ignition, put her car into gear and set off.

They were silent for a couple of minutes, then Alice hesitantly began to speak, asking about some of the pieces she’d seen that day. As she answered the girl’s questions, Stella found herself wishing that her own daughters took half as much interest in the gallery.

Upon arriving at Stella’s home, Lacey and Sienna both came racing down the stairs to meet their guest, greeting her with hugs.

“Thanks for coming, Alice!” Sienna exclaimed, all but bouncing in place. “We’re gonna have sooo much fun!”

Lacey took Alice’s hand. “C’mon upstairs and listen to music with us!”

“Or we can play video games,” Sienna said. “We’ve got a couple of new ones we’ve not even opened yet — we can learn how to play ‘em together!”

“Girls! If you don’t slow down, you’ll have poor Alice exhausted and ready for bed before we’ve eaten dinner,” said Stella as she set her handbag down on the coffee table. “Give the girl a chance to catch her breath, for goodness sake. Besides… before you spirit her away, she ought to ring her mother.”

“Oh, yeah, I really should,” Alice said, reaching for her cell phone. “I’ll make it quick, I promise,” she told the impatient twins as she punched in the number, drifting to the other side of the room.

“Hi, Mum!” she said when her mother answered.

“Hi, sweetie… are you still at the gallery? Having a good time?”

“It was great, Mum. I’ll tell you all about it when I get home. I’m at Stella’s place now, and just thought I’d check in with you.”

“Thanks for keeping in touch, love. Here’s hoping you get everything you want tonight.”

“Oh, I’m pretty sure I will,” Alice said, glancing at the twins and liking what she saw. They were both wearing impossibly small shorts and skimpy, midriff-baring tops. Their clearly outlined nipples made it obvious that the girls had gone braless, and they didn’t seem to have bothered with knickers, either. “Okay, Mum.. I’m gonna hang out with Sienna and Lacey for a while.”

“Sounds delightful. Kiss them for me… anywhere you like.”

“I’ll do that. Goodnight, Mum. Love you.”

“Love you too, sweetheart.”

Alice pocketed her phone and made her way back over to where the twins stood. “Okay, that’s done… shall we go listen to music?”

“Yeah, but not upstairs,” Lacey said.

“We had a better idea,“ Sienna said. “Let’s go out to the hot tub instead. The sound system isn’t as good as the one in our room, but we’re so in the mood for a good soak. What do you think?”

“Sure… let’s do that!!” Alice said.

“Mo-om! Can we use the hot tub?” Lacey cried.

“Until it’s time to eat,” Stella said, shrugging out of her coat, “and don’t have the music too loud. Once I’ve changed, I’ll be starting dinner. Alice, is pasta e piselli okay? It’s conchiglie — pasta shells, that is — in a tomato sauce with peas.”

Alice nodded. “That sounds really good.”

“C’mon, guys!” Lacey urged. “Let’s go upstairs, get out of these clothes and grab some towels!” With that, she and Sienna raced up the stairs.

Quickly seizing her bag, Alice followed close behind. “Lucky thing I brought my swimsuit,” she said as they reached the top. “I was hoping we could use the hot tub.”

The twins giggled. “A swimsuit? Don’t worry about that,” said Sienna. “No one can see into the garden, so we always go naked. It’s lots nicer that way.”

Yes! Alice thought, but did her best to seem surprised. “Is your mum okay with that?”

Lacey shrugged. “Why not? We’re all girls together; no need to be shy. Mum never wears anything in the tub, either.”

Following the twins to their room, Alice asked, “So, um, where am I sleeping tonight?”

“What do you mean, where?” a puzzled Sienna replied. “This is a sleepover, silly! We’ll all stay in one room, like we’re camping out.”

Upon entering the bedroom, Lacey and Sienna stripped off before Alice had even undone a button, standing naked and unabashed before their guest. ”Well, hurry up, slowcoach!” Lacey said.

Her heart racing, Alice quickly undressed as the older girls looked on. Once she was nude, the twins took a long appraising look up and down her body, exchanging eager grins before they turned and raced out of the room, Lacey shouting, “Last one in pays a forfeit!”

At the foot of the staircase, Stella was about to go up to her own room when she heard the thundering of bare feet and looked up to see her nude daughters barrelling down the stairs in her direction. She stepped to one side, barely avoiding the stampede as Lacey and Sienna flashed past. Bringing up the rear was Alice, who hesitated halfway down when she saw Stella, then went down a little further before pausing a few steps from the bottom.

She gave the older woman a sheepish smile. “Um… they said it was okay.”

“Oh, it is,” Stella murmured, openly admiring the less developed, yet no less desirable body of the preteen girl.

Alice continued down the stairs, pleased by the effect her nudity had on Stella, who wasn’t even bothering to hide her desire. She walked past the woman with a knowing smile, passing through the doorway into the dining room, then turned back to see Stella a couple of steps up, still looking. Giving her a saucy wink, Alice turned away, calling after the twins. “Hey, wait for me! That wasn’t fair, you two had a head start!”


Serenaded by the sounds of three young girls screaming and laughing, Stella went up to her room, which overlooked the rear garden. She casually stripped naked, then padded over to the window to look down at the hot tub. She began to lightly tease her clitoris, anticipating the sexual delights she hoped to experience later. The impulse was there to masturbate herself to orgasm, but Stella paused. No, she told herself. Save it for later. Good things come to those who wait.

She pulled on a loose vest and shorts, nothing on underneath, then went downstairs to start dinner. Once the sauce was simmering, Stella poured a glass of wine and seated herself by the kitchen window, the perfect place to observe the hot tub without being seen. Taking a sip from her glass, she watched the girls entertain their guest.


The girls sang along with a couple of their favourite songs and splashed around for a while, finally settling down and enjoying the caress of the heated water.

Lacey decided to probe their guest a little. “So, Alice… have you got a boyfriend yet?”

Fully aware of what Lacey was up to, Alice promptly replied, “No, I’m a bit young to go on dates. Anyway, the boys in my class are all complete muppets.”

The twins giggled, and Sienna said, “Well, we’re old enough to date, but yeah, boys are knobs — a bloody waste of time, really. Who knows, we might date boys someday, but only to switch off and see if they can tell us apart.”

“It’s not worth the fuss,” Lacey declared. “We have fun together instead. Don’t we, sis?”

Sienna answered in a low, seductive voice. “Oh, yeah, we know lots of ways to enjoy ourselves. Hey, Alice, you know what we really like to do in here? Sit on the jets. It feels fuckin’ awesome.”

“Here, I’ll show you what we do.” Lacey adjusted her position on the seat until the bubbles that had been rising to the surface of the warm water disappeared. “Oooooh, nice!” she squealed, then moved to one side. “Here — you try it, Alice.” Taking her arm, Lacey guided Alice over to the same spot, carefully positioning her with one hand on the twelve-year-old’s back, the other on her left thigh. Sienna moved in to assist.

The twins holding her in place, Alice started as her groin was massaged by a rush of propelled water. The unexpected sensation quickly turned to pleasure, and she shifted her hips to seek out the best position.

Exchanging a quick grin, Sienna and Lacey leaned in further, each resting a hand on one of Alice’s thighs, then they gently coaxed them apart. Her eyes dancing with excitement, Lacey slowly trailed her fingers upward until they met the pliant flesh of the younger girl’s vulva.

Her eyes popping open, Alice swivelled her head to the right, only to be confronted by the smiling face of Lacey, barely an inch from hers. The teen’s predatory gaze held Alice as Lacey’s finger made contact with her clitoris.

Alice inhaled sharply — but before she had time to react beyond that, she felt a hand caress her breast, a finger twirling around the nipple, and abruptly turned left to see a mirror of the face on her right. She glanced back at Lacey, then returned to Sienna, all but vibrating with anticipation. Things were working out just as she’d hoped.

With her free hand, Sienna lightly cupped Alice’s face, then used it to pull the younger girl closer, capturing her mouth in a tender kiss. Alice surrendered to the gentle probing tongue until Sienna pulled away with a delighted giggle. Then Alice was turned to the right to receive something very similar from Lacey.

A few seconds later, Lacey broke their kiss. Grinning at their guest, she murmured, “I’ve got a feeling we’re gonna have some serious fun later.”

Wondering if Stella was watching, secretly hoping that she was, Alice looked in the direction of the patio door. “Um… should we be doing this?” she said, affecting an air of concern. “What if your mum sees us?”

The twins laughed. “Don’t you worry about Mum,” said Lacey. With that, both girls leaned across her and kissed; their joined lips and twirling tongues not two inches from her own.


Stella was still seated by the kitchen window, watching her girls set about seducing their guest. As they closed in on Alice, their hands brushing the twelve-year-old’s bare body, she pressed a hand against her sex, pushing the thin material into her throbbing crease. Fighting a strong temptation to abandon dinner and join her daughters, Stella forced herself to turn away and return to the kitchen.

After all, she told herself, I don’t want to come on too strong. Best to be patient, give the girls time to bring Alice to the boil. Her friend’s daughter was definitely into women — Stella had picked up enough clues from the girl that day to feel certain of it. Still, sharing bed with a pair of teenage twins and their mother might not fall into a twelve-year-old’s comfort zone.

There’s something about her, though… Stella mused. I can’t help but feel that our little Alice is up for any kind of kinky fun we can dish out.

Drifting back to the open door, she announced, “Girls, I’m just about to put the water on for the pasta. Time to come out.”

Just as they’d planned, Sienna responded by shouting, “Hey, Mum? We forgot to get towels. Can you bring us some?”

Stepping into the downstairs bathroom, Stella took three towels from a small linen closet, then stepped outside, heading toward the hot tub just as three naked, dripping beauties exited the gazebo

She handed them one towel apiece. “Dry off, then get yourself dressed, girls. Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.” With a last appreciative glance at Alice, she went back inside.

Stella was about to dish up the meal by the time the three girls had dressed — if you could even call the barely-there vest and shorts outfits the twins wore dressed — and made their way to the kitchen, where a tantalising scent perfumed the air.

As the girls seated themselves, Stella asked, “Alice, does your mum let you have wine?”

“Just a little… on special occasions.”

“Well, I think today counts as a special occasion, don’t you? After all, you had your first work experience, and this is your first sleepover with the twins. I’m sure Jessica would be okay if I let you have a taste.”

Stella poured them each a small glass of red wine, then served up the pasta with a large wooden spoon. She seated herself, and they all tucked in.

“Oh, my, this is delicious!” Alice declared after her first bite.

“Yeah, it’s great, Mum,” Lacey said. Sienna nodded in agreement, her mouth full.

Stella beamed. “Thank you, girls.”

The conversation flowed mainly between art, clothes and school, with the occasional piece of gossip about other pupils or teachers, just like any other family meal.

When Alice offered to help with the washing up afterward, Stella gave her daughters a pointed look. “Did you hear that, girls?”

Lacey shrugged. “We would offer to help, Mum, but you know we’d just get in the way and make a big mess.”

“Besides,” Sienna chimed in, seizing Alice’s arm, “we have to entertain our guest!”

Stella rolled her eyes. “In that case, you’d better go and watch a movie or something in the living room. We wouldn’t want you girls to tire yourselves out, after all.” The twins giggled and dragged Alice into the adjoining room.

As Stella cleared away the dishes and washed up, she heard boisterous laughter and smiled to herself, then stared out the window, feeling a bit wistful as she thought about the eventuality of her twins growing up and moving away. While Lacey and Sienna often behaved in a scatterbrained fashion, loved causing havoc and only seemed to be interested in clothes, the girls were actually extremely clever, with a real possibility that they would both get to university. That time was drawing nearer each term, and the thought of living alone in this house without their chaos and noise filled her with sorrow.

Then, of course, there was the sex. My god, the sex!

Since realising she was a lesbian at thirty-five, Stella had been with many women and no small number of very young girls, but the twins… they were something special. Despite no longer being the preteen lovelies usually doted on by the Society ladies, they were the most popular of the members’ daughters, and not just because they were the only twins. Their enthusiasm and adventurous nature meant their lucky partners could never be sure of what new delights awaited them. Sienna and Lacy were also brilliant with the younger girls, teaching them bedroom skills that could be relied on to drive other women wild.

Stella’s daughters had first crept into her bed on a cold, stormy night, shortly after the divorce. It was all quite innocent, and she was in need of comfort, so she let them stay, one nestled into her on each side. Over the next few years this would happen again every once in a while, though Stella would ask the girls to stay in their own beds on nights when she was entertaining a lover.

It was not long after the twins turned ten that Stella’s relationship with them changed forever.

After the split with Graham, she’d put all her energy into the gallery and her daughters, with social activities that were mostly linked to work. She had a couple of unsatisfactory dates with men, but a young female artist had rekindled the lesbian desires she’d experienced during her university days. It was more than enough to convince Stella that she was gay.

Over the next year, she sought out any opportunity to satisfy her desire for women of all ages, but she tended to favour younger lovers, occasionally bringing one of them home. In leaner times, she relied on a growing collection of sex toys, but whenever the twins came into her bed, she used her fingers — that is, once she felt sure that they were asleep.

One night Stella was thinking about an especially steamy evening she’d had at university, one where her two roommates and a tutor drifted into a lesbian foursome after a drunken night out. As she slipped a hand into her panties and began to masturbate, Stella felt a hand cover hers beneath the quilt. Startled, she turned to see Lacey, gazing at her in the gloom. Before she could respond, she felt the weight of another hand and froze. Turning the other way, she saw Sienna, a sweet smile on the girl’s lips.

“Um… what are you doing, girls?”

Lacey had spoken first. “We just want to make you feel good, Mummy.”

“We know you get sad, sometimes,” Sienna said, “but not when a pretty lady sleeps in here with you.”

They continued to speak, trading comments back and forth. “We see you doing things with them. Y’know, kissing and touching and… other stuff.”

“It looks like you’re having lots of fun.”

“And sometimes when we’re in your bed, you touch your naughty bits. That looks like fun, too!”

Pushing their hands away, Stella reached sideways to switch on her bedside lamp, then sat up, giving the twins a stern look. “Girls, that’s grownup stuff. You shouldn’t be watching, and you really aren’t supposed to touch Mummy like that.”

Sienna frowned. “But it makes you feel good, doesn’t it?”

“Well, yes, but… look, that’s not the point! It’s not something mummies and daughters should do.”

“Why not, Mummy?” asked a pouting Lacey. “Can’t we make you happy?”

Four years later, Stella recalled the way she’d hesitated, struggling with how best to respond to the twins. That pause! she told herself. It’s when I missed my chance to stop them, to send those little imps back to bed and pretend that they’d never offered to fuck me — even if they weren’t even sure what fucking was.

That was a pivotal point in her relationship with the girls. In the instant before Stella could speak, Lacey had slipped a tiny hand into her mummy’s damp knickers. By the time she registered the move and was about to seize her daughter’s wrist, Lacey’s finger brushed her throbbing clitoris.

The sensation was dizzying, causing Stella to draw a sharp intake of breath. Before she knew it, Sienna had reached up to pull down the front of her negligee, baring her left breast. The child gave the creamy globe a brief caress, then bent down to take a swelling nipple into her mouth. This was quickly followed by Lacey giving the same loving attention to the other breast. Both girls were nursing from their mummy, just as they had as babies ten years earlier.

She’d been a long time without, and the urge to surrender proved too strong to resist. When little Lacey threw back the quilt, slipped down between Mummy’s legs and clumsily tugged her panties down and off, Stella abandoned all sense of right and wrong, letting her children do what they wanted.

She cried out loud when Lacey burrowed between her legs and began to lick, the ten-year-old clearly copying what she’d seen her mummy’s lovers do. Then she felt warm, tender lips caressing hers — the lips of her daughter Sienna.

This was arousal such as Stella had never known, and she was enjoying it with her own children. Cupping Sienna’s sweet face in both hands, she kissed the child like a lover, her excitement ratcheting up a notch when their tongues met and mingled.

The rest of that night had left her drained, both physically and emotionally, but she’d never been happier. Years later, Stella still felt a measure of surprise at the ease with which she’d returned the favour to her twins, tasting their virgin cunts. Then she rimmed them, something the girls had never seen her do with a partner. Afterwards, they exchanged passionate kisses and words of devotion.

From that evening on, Sienna and Lacey were her lovers. A year later, she’d introduced them to the Society, not long after becoming a member herself. She’d fucked them hundreds of times, both individually and together. It has been a while since the three of us have shared a younger girl, though, she reminded herself, thinking of Alice and how absolutely scrumptious the little nymph was.

Putting the last dish in the rack to dry, she strode over to the living room door and peered into the room. “Girls, I’m going to be in the study. Please try to keep the noise down.” The girls were sitting closely on the sofa, with Alice nestled snugly between the twins. They were still dressed, though.

Sienna responded. “Okay, Mum. We’re about to go upstairs and listen to music.”

With one last smile for Alice, Stella left the room, heading down the hall to her study. Once inside, she closed the door and sat at the desk, pausing to study a photo of the girls, feeling those familiar urges. It’s been four years since that first night with my daughters… and the hunger I feel for them is stronger than ever. How is that possible?

She absentmindedly dropped a hand to her lap, but quickly admonished herself. Pushing all thoughts of sexy young girls from her mind, Stella began to open her emails and consult catalogues, throwing herself into her work — only to be interrupted a few minutes later when she heard the girls running upstairs.

I’ll give them a couple of hours; well, maybe one hour, that should be long enough.


The three girls entered the bedroom — whichever ones the twins were sharing, Alice couldn’t remember.  As for Sienna and Lacey, they were giddy at the prospect of welcoming a newcomer to their bed, as well as getting ‘caught’ by Mum if everything worked out as expected.

Alice was beginning to feel a hint of uncertainty. She was looking forward to exploring sex with these older girls, not least because they were sisters, but she still wasn’t exactly sure where their mother fit in. Is Stella really okay with me and her girls fucking? Does she want me, too? And is there a chance that maybe, just maybe Stella will join us in bed…? 

She wasn’t sure how this was going to play out, but was determined to savour whatever pleasures the night had in store. Alice couldn’t let herself get carried away and let anything slip about the special, hidden love she enjoyed with her mum and her sisters. Keep the secret, she reminded herself as Sienna’s fingers trailed down her arm in a most provocative way. Keep the secret.

Lacey bent over a desk to tap the keyboard of an open laptop. It brought a large monitor on the wall to life, a music video appearing on the screen that featured two young schoolgirls singing and dancing in the falling rain. Alice recognised it as the first time she’d ever seen two girls kiss. It was “All the Things She Said’ by the Russian duo t.A.T.u. She recalled her disappointment when she looked them up on Wikipedia, only to find out that they weren’t real lesbians.

As she perched on the edge of the bed, the twins began to sinuously gyrate around each other, but without touching, their arms swaying. It was an incredibly sensuous dance, that much could be seen in the girls’ eyes — as if they were making love with no physical contact. Alice stared at the twins, enthralled by the strangely lewd spectacle.

As the video ended, another sprang to life; one Alice didn’t recognise — not that she was paying much attention to it anyhow. She did notice two barely-clad women cavorting on the screen, but the sight of Sienna and Lacey imitating these dancers was far more rewarding. Sienna suddenly reached out to snatch Alice’s hand, pulling her into the mêlée.

The twins whirled and writhed around to dizzying effect as they circled Alice, sometimes sandwiching her between them for a heartbeat or two before resuming the dance. Every now and then a hand brushed a part of her body, just enough to tease — but after a minute or two Sienna placed both hands on Alice’s hips, drawing her in until their bellies touched. Before Alice could respond, she felt stiffened nipples press into her back as Lacey cushioned her from behind, the girl’s hands drifting forward to settle on her breasts.

It had been an incredibly arousing day for Alice — not just the anticipation she’d felt before even stirring from bed, but the subtle flirting with Stella, as well as her discovery that the woman was stark naked under her dress, along with the intensely sexual aspect of some of the artworks she’d seen at the gallery, especially the nudes Reiko had brought in to show. Her knickers had already dampened several times.

Now she was trapped, gloriously trapped between two sweet-smelling, scantily clad girls, both of them bent on getting her naked and between the sheets. Her excitement was at fever pitch.

Alice felt the warm caress of Lacey’s breath as the older girl dipped down to lick a pathway up to her ear. With a tiny gasp, Alice let her head loll back, and Sienna was quick to move in, fastening her lips to the twelve-year-old’s neck like a vampire — though with a far gentler bite. Trailing kisses upward, she sought out Alice’s mouth with hers.

Her heart pounding a frantic tattoo, Alice parted her lips, welcoming the teen girl’s searching tongue. They shared a long, hungry kiss, then Lacey leaned over Alice’s shoulder, and Sienna broke away to kiss her sister with the same lustful fervor.

The moment was interrupted when the music video ended and an advertisement kicked in. “Ugh! Whatever!” Lacy cried, stomping over to the keyboard to silence the toffee-voiced announcer with a defiant tap of the finger.

No one spoke. As the twins grinned knowingly at Alice, she wondered what their next move would be. This was unfamiliar ground for her; when it came to sex, she was used to taking more of a lead in the safe environment of her extended family. For the moment, at least, her desire for these girls and their mother held sway over whatever concerns she felt.

Keep the secret, she told herself once more. That’s the important thing.

It was Sienna who asked the first question. She and her sister seated themselves on the bed, indicating that Alice should sit between them.

“So, Alice… I think you’ve done this before, so you must have practised with someone. You’ve not had a boyfriend, that’s what you told us, right?” Alice nodded. “So you must have kissed a girl, like one of your friends… or someone else, maybe?”

“Actually, I have a girlfriend.”

“Cool!” Lacey exclaimed. “A proper girlfriend, then! Me and Sienna thought you’d might’ve been trying it out with someone like… I don’t know, one of your sisters?”

Alice pretended to be surprised. “Katie? Or Poppy? What on earth made you think that?”

Lacey shrugged. “When you came to lunch and we were changing into our new outfits, your sisters, both of them, seemed to really like seeing us naked… and touching us.”

“We got the feeling that maybe you guys play around sometimes,” Sienna chimed in. “Nothing wrong with that, mind — all cool girls should fuck their sisters. You prob’ly noticed that Lace and I like to do stuff with each other.”

Alice decided to skirt that part of their inquiry. “Well, I’m doing stuff with Bella Thomas.”

This revelation seemed to surprise Lacey. “No! Shy little Bella?”

“Actually, sis, she’s not that little,” Sienna said. “Bella’s getting a nice pair of tits. Be just like her mum’s in a few years, I shouldn’t wonder.”

“She’s not that shy anymore, either,” Alice added.

Turning to their guest, Sienna resumed her line of questioning. “So, have you done very much with her? Yeah, you guys kiss, but I bet you love touching those cute little tits, too. Ever go further than that?”

“Um, yeah, we’ve done… well, pretty much everything. We’re both lesbians,” said Alice.

“Ooooh! Did you hear that, Lace?” Sienna squealed. “Alice is a lesbian, same as her mum. That’s so cool; she’s just like us!”

“So when did you know?” asked Lacey. “Did you and Bella become gay when your mums did?”

“Actually, it was about the same time, but I was thinking about girls before that. I spoke to Mum about it, not long before she got together with Rachel.”

“Hmmm, that’s interesting. So did your mum teach you anything about lesbian stuff?”

Knowing full well what the twins were hinting at, Alice answered carefully. “Well, she, um, helped me find  information online… you know, stuff for girls who think they might be gay and have loads of questions about it.” In fact, her mother had done no such thing, but it sounded convincing. “And when I looked round on my own, I found a bunch of super sexy lesbian stories… videos, too!”

“Sweet!” Lacey was practically bouncing where she sat. “We love watching lesbian videos, ‘specially ones with older women and young girls. Oh, and the ones where a mother is having it off with her own daughter… fucking hell, that’s hot! Ever watch anything like that?”

She had, but Alice chose to keep that to herself for the moment. “Mums and daughters having sex? Wow… I might have done, but to tell the truth, I always watch those kinds of videos with the sound turned down, so Mum won’t catch me.”

Lacey giggled. “You never know — if that happened, she might strip off and watch it with you!”

Before Alice could respond, Sienna spoke up. “Y’know what, sis? I think Alice should show us what she’s learned about being gay. Then we can show her what we know. It’ll be like a school project!”

“Ooooh, that sounds like a great idea! What do you think, Alice?”

By then, Alice was ready for anything these sexy older girls wanted, but couldn’t resist the chance to play hard to get. “Well, I don’t know. Sure, it’s always nice to learn new things, and you guys are really cute, but I’d be cheating on Bella. She is my girlfriend, after all.”

“Oh no, we wouldn’t want you to cheat,” Lacey protested.

“Yeah, we’re not trying to break you guys up or anything,” Sienna added. “Think of it as a chance to get even better at being a lesbian. I mean, Lace and I have been having sex for, like, four years! We can teach you all the tricks we know, then you can use them with Belle!”

“And hey, if she’s into it, we’d be way into having you both over for some four-way fun.”

Alice fought back the urge to giggle. Bloody hell, do these two want to fuck or what? “Well, when you put it like that,” she said, pretending to mull it over, “I suppose it would be okay.” Anyhow, Bella is probably having it off right now with my sisters… Katie is sucking her nipples, and Poppy’s tongue is up her bum.

Grinning at each other, the twins reached out and exchanged a quick high five, then Sienna jumped up to stand in front of Alice. “C’mon, let’s get naked!”

Alice glanced towards the door, feigning concern. “What about your mum? What if she comes up? Shouldn’t we, um, close the door at least?”

Lacey shook her head. “Don’t worry about Mum, she’ll be working in her study for hours. And we should leave the door open, then we’ll hear her if she’s coming.”

Yeah, sure… like she’d even make a sound on that thick carpet. By then, Alice was convinced that Stella would be dropping in on their little party at some point.

Lacy rose from the bed, approaching her sister. She crossed her arms to grasp the bottom of her vest and began to take it off when Sienna stopped her. “Hold on, sis,” she said. “Let’s do this properly. I think we should have our guest undress us.” She turned to look at Alice.

From her sitting position, Alice reached out to slowly tug at the sides of Sienna’s tiny cotton shorts until they slipped to the floor. She hesitated for a moment to study the short-cropped triangle of blonde pubes above the smooth, peachy pussy she remembered from her previous visit. Now able to study it up close, she admired the neatly manicured tuft. She reached out to stroke the older girl’s vulva, letting a finger glance over the erect little trigger of her clit — causing Sienna to start at the unexpected caress.

A slight movement to the left diverted her attention to Lacey, and Alice reached out to pull her shorts down. Looking from one pussy to the other, she noted they were indeed identical twins. Tearing her eyes away from the tantalising view, she looked up into their smiling faces. Alice couldn’t put her finger on how, but she was able to tell the difference between them.

She got to her feet, and Sienna lifted her arms, inviting their new partner to continue undressing her. Alice lifted the older girl’s vest up and off to reveal a luscious naked blonde, one who could almost be an older version of her. After divesting Lacey of her top, Alice glanced from one to the other — contemplating the next move, but first casting an admiring eye of the twins’ flawless breasts, now awaiting her attention. While not yet as full as they would surely be when the girls matured, they were beautifully shaped with pert pink nipples that were already fully erect.

Alice reached out to both girls, taking a breast in each hand. She cupped, then caressed the soft, pale globes, teasing the nipples with strokes of the thumb before lightly pinching and rolling them between her fingers. The twins gave simultaneous moans, and Alice broke into a pleased grin.

Deciding to focus on one girl at a time, a single step brought her close to Sienna, enough that their bodies were nearly touching. Alice gazed at the girl for a moment, letting it be known without words that she was more than just a new plaything for the twins. Sienna actually shivered in anticipation when she read the confidence in Alice’s eyes, just before the twelve-year-old went up on tiptoe to claim her mouth in a heated kiss. This startled Sienna for a nanosecond, but she recovered quickly, meeting and matching her new lover’s ardor.

Lacey was also taken by surprise to see Alice come on so strongly. She was tempted to join in, but held back for the moment, wanting to watch her sister get taken by a younger girl. With one hand, she fondled her breasts, allowing the other hand to slip between her legs.

As their tongues darted and danced, Alice explored Sienna’s bare body with both hands, giving the teen’s bum a playful squeeze before she broke away, dipping down to take a nipple between her lips. She began to slowly trail her fingertips between Sienna’s breasts, continuing downward until she found the feather-soft curls that adorned the teen’s pubis. Parting her fingers slightly, Alice eased her middle finger into the juicy cleft — applying brief hints of pressure to the prominent clitoris, then taking long, steady strokes up and down through Sienna’s labia.

Sienna was moaning while Lacey looked on, caressing and fingering herself more frantically by the second as she Alice made love to her sister, pretending that she was seeing herself being pleasured.

Suddenly Alice hooked a finger into Sienna’s cunt, causing the teen to cry out loud. With shaking hands, Sienna clutched the younger girl’s face to her chest. Alice began to thrust that wicked finger in and out, her tongue emerging to lap at the teen’s nipples.

It was all too much for Lacey — she had to be part of this. Quickly moving to her sister’s side, she crushed her mouth to Sienna’s in a hard, possessive kiss.

A few heartbeats later, Lacey broke away, nuzzling a path down Sienna’s neck as she moved to stand behind the girl, reaching around to caress her free breast as she watched Alice, noting the twelve-year-old’s skill at fingering pussy. There’s no bloody way she learned that from Bella, Lacey told herself. Resting her chin on Sienna’s shoulder, she gave her sister’s nipple a pinch, a bit harder than she intended to. Sienna responded with a shiver, then reached around to stroke the back of Lacey’s head.

Lacey’s other hand was resting on her sister’s hip, but as her arousal grew, she slipped it down to caress Sienna’s smooth bum, then traced the anal cleft with two fingers. Pausing in mid-caress, Lacy brought that hand to her mouth to coat a finger with saliva, then sought out her twin’s rosebud once more. Pressing the fingertip between the supple globes, she penetrated her sister’s anus, going further and deeper until nothing but a thin hot wall of flesh separated her finger from Alice’s.

In the meantime, Alice was finding it difficult to keep Sienna’s nipple in her mouth, due to the older girl’s jerking movements, so she raised her head — but before working out her next move, Sienna began to come, her body trembling almost violently. Seizing Alice’s face between both hands, she pulled the preteen into a frantic kiss as she rode out her climax.

Soon, however, Sienna was out of breath and had to break away — and that was when Lacey, hungry for her own taste of Alice’s mouth, took a step round her sister to embrace their new playmate and kiss her. Alice let herself be enveloped in Lacey’s arms, withdrawing her finger from Sienna’s cunt.

Though still recovering from orgasm but eager for more lovemaking, Sienna began to undo the buttons on the younger girl’s plaid shirt, slipping a hand inside to caress Alice’s small breasts. Greedy to get at her new lover’s treasures, Sienna dropped to her knees and grappled with the buttons of the denim miniskirt, dragging it down as soon as enough were undone to allow it. The skirt puddled around Alice’s ankles,  revealing that the girl hadn’t bothered putting her panties back on after their soak in the hot tub. Ready for more action, Sienna thought. I like that in a girl.

Without waiting for Alice to step out of the pooled skirt, she rose to her feet and joined the embrace, giving and receiving kisses in turn. After switching from one to the other, then coming together in a clumsy but very hot meeting of mouths and tongues in a tussle for dominance.

Finally the three girls broke apart — all panting, all smiles.

Sienna gazed knowingly at Alice. “I think you’ve got a lot more experience at this than you’re letting on.”

“Well, me and Bella got a lot of ideas from the videos we watched. And we have sex pretty much every chance we get,” Alice responded. “Um, our mums even let us sleep together!” She forced herself to maintain eye contact with the twins, and keep her voice steady.

Lacey and Sienna stole a quick glance at one another, both girls certain that there was a lot more to it than Alice was admitting. Turning to their new playmate, they gave her a push, causing the twelve-year-old to fall back onto the bed. Lacey quickly joined her, kneeling next to Alice’s head.

Looking down, she said, “You’ve got talented fingers, I’ll say that… and you sure know how to kiss. Let’s see how good you are at eating pussy,” Straddling Alice’s face with a knee on each side, Lacey lowered her pussy to an open and eager mouth.

Just as Alice extended her tongue to lick at the juicy flesh, she felt her own knees being spread apart and a warm, wet mouth covering her throbbing cunt, then Sienna’s tongue began to glide up and down, up and down. It felt incredible; possibly the best oral she’d ever had.

Before very long, Sienna’s skills were pushing Alice to her limit, but she refused to let that distract her from pleasuring Lacey. She licked wildly at the girl’s dripping slit, her mouth and chin dripping with nectar, the tang of it tart and luscious.

Wanting to impress the twins, Alice firmly grasped Lacey’s bum, urging her forward until she gained access to the girl’s bum crack. Using her fingertips, she prised the cheeks apart, drew in closer and bathed the taut rosebud with a long swipe of the tongue.

This drew a surprised yelp from Lacey. “Oh… oh fuck, yes!”

Hearing and seeing her sister’s reaction, Sienna looked up, seeing at once what had caused it. She learned that from practising with Bella, did she? What a load of bollocks. In her mind, there was no doubt that this preteen minx had done a lot more than watch porn videos and experiment with her girlfriend. On the other hand, the sudden thought of Bella Thomas prompted Sienna to picture the blossoming brunette. Yeah, she’s growing up a treat, that one. We should get Alice to bring her to the next sleepover. 

Returning to the task in hand, Sienna decided that it was only fair for Alice to receive the same pleasure she was giving her sister. Lifting the younger girl’s hips slightly, she licked a trail down to her anus, circling the tight opening a few times before pressing against the tight hole with a stiffened tongue, pleased to hear Alice moan her approval into Lacey’s arse.


A few minutes after the girls made their way up the stairs, Stella carefully opened her study door. Although she’d intended to allow her daughters an hour or so to work their magic on young Alice, she reasoned that it made sense for her to remain alert and listen in case the twins called her, or if things got so loud and wild that there was no point in delaying her own entrance. So she sat back and waited at her desk, idly glancing through a new catalogue from one of her preferred European designers. She couldn’t focus on it, though — too busy thinking about what her daughters were up to.

At first Stella heard music coming from the girls’ room, followed by muted conversation; then it had gone quiet. She contemplated stepping out into the hallway and edging closer to that bedroom door, but forced herself to remain seated. She looked at the monitor without focusing, then turned to her picture of the girls. Slipping a hand into her open blouse, she gently teased a nipple into throbbing hardness.

You’re acting like a besotted schoolgirl, she admonished herself. Easy to see why, though — that Alice is a real find. I can’t recall the last time I wanted a new girl so badly.

Just as Stella was reminding herself for the umpteenth time to be patient, she heard the unmistakable cry of a young girl in the throes of sexual rapture, rolling down the stairs like lava from a volcano.

Without bothering to switch off her laptop, she swivelled round in the chair, stood and moved to the stairs. Taking each step slowly, she ascended, passing her room and stopping just before Lacey’s door as she heard muffled moans and the sounds of slurping on wet flesh. Edging forward, she saw one of her twins astride Alice’s face, the other feasting between her legs. From her vantage point, even she couldn’t tell which twin was giving, which was receiving.

Stella reached down to palm her tingling cunt, then turned away to lean against the wall, closing her eyes as she slipped that hand inside her cotton shorts.

It’s definitely time. Hastening into her room, she hurriedly pushed down the shorts and lifted the vest over her head, dropping it where she stood. Now nude, she quickly tiptoed back to Lacey’s door, which she gently nudged all the way open before positioning herself in the entrance.

Stella began to please herself, squeezing a breast with one hand while the other found its way between her legs. Though seething with lust, she restrained the impulse to call attention to herself, wanting to take in the tableau for a while longer before she was discovered.

As she looked on, all the while lovingly stimulating her clitoris, the twin she now recognised as Lacey cried out in response to something Alice must have done to her, then blurted, “Oh… oh fuck, yes!” Looking closer, Stella was shocked, yet thrilled to see that this supposedly inexperienced girl of twelve was rimming Lacey. No hesitant flicks of the tongue, either — Alice was eagerly making love to the older girl’s anus, bathing the dark pink crevice with long, adoring licks.

Stella smiled. My God, this girl! I think I’m in love. 

A movement at the foot of the bed drew her attention to Sienna, who had just looked up at her sister. She must have realised what Alice was doing, as she then tilted her new friend’s pelvis back just enough to expose the girl’s bum hole, then applied her tongue to the tiny pucker. Pausing just long enough to sweep her hair back, Sienna spied her mother, now nude and masturbating in the open doorway. With a quick wink, she went back to her task. Stella gave her daughter a nod of approval, but Sienna wasn’t looking.

By then, still perched on Alice’s face, Lacey was aching to come. Shifting backwards, she offered her young lover access to her cunt once again, then whimpered as the girl gave her what she craved. She bent forward, head hung low, a hand on the bed to support herself, trembling all over as Alice suckled her clitoris.

Stella’s excitement only intensified as she watched Lacey, that familiar expression her daughter always wore when she approached climax. I’ll never get tired of seeing her come, she thought.

When the teen came, she shook, stiffened, then slumped down onto Alice. A moan of protest alerted her that she was almost suffocating the younger girl, so Lacey quickly rolled off to one side, catching sight of her mum in the process. Before Alice could open her eyes and notice Stella standing there, Lacey quickly moved to kiss her, purring contentedly as she tasted herself on the twelve-year-old’s lips and tongue.

Meanwhile, Sienna was still sprawled between Alice’s thighs, bent on giving her a real wall-shaker of an orgasm. She worked magic with her mouth and tongue on the girl’s lightly-downed cunt, while her finger twisted around and around inside Alice’s hot, slippery rectum. Finding the tiny but visibly erect clitoris, Sienna took it between her lips to nibble, a trick she used to drive lovers absolutely wild.

Sure enough, a violent jerk raced through Alice’s slight frame, and she wrenched her mouth away from Lacey’s, completely forgetting to be quiet as her animal-like cry filled the room. She rocked forward and back, the breath harsh and ragged in her throat. Sienna wouldn’t stop, playing her young partner’s clit like a virtuoso until Alice pushed her face away with quivering hands.

As the spasms subsided and her heartbeat steadied, Alice gave Lacey a sleepy smile, then glanced down at Sienna, who was licking her lips. Just then, Sienna turned to look towards the door, a victorious smirk on her lips. Following her gaze, already suspecting what she was going to see, Alice froze at the sight of the twins’ mother, standing in the open doorway.

For a fraction of a second, overwhelmed by panic, Alice felt the urge to snatch up a pillow and cover her nakedness before she noticed that Stella was nude herself. Not only that, the luscious blonde was openly masturbating.

Oh, wow… this really is happening!

At that instant, Alice realised that despite how much she’d pictured herself fucking the twins and their mum together, she hadn’t believed that her fantasy would come true, not really. But it was.

Alice found herself unable to speak as Sienna uncurled her body, rose from the bed and strutted over to where her mother stood, her hips swaying in a most provocative manner. Stella pulled her in with an arm around the girl’s waist, and they came together in a brief but torrid kiss before parting with a shared smile. Alice saw Stella lick her lips, clearly enjoying the flavour of pussy that lingered on her daughter’s mouth. My pussy, Alice told herself.

Stella’s hand was still busy, two fingers sawing in and out of her cunt — but Sienna interrupted her mum’s movement, taking that hand between hers and bringing it to her face, where she took Stella’s wet fingers into her mouth. Once she’d sucked them clean, Sienna tilted her head up for another juicy kiss before leading her mum over to the bed.

As Stella looked down at Alice, who was relaxed but waiting for the older woman to make the first move, Lacey crawled over to her mum to get a long, heated kiss of her own, their tongues engaging in an ardent dance.

When they drifted apart, Stella gazed down at the awed youngster, the girl she’d been craving all day long — her mouth, her cunt, her ripening body, those enchanting eyes — now, finally within her grasp. She bent down, gently taking Alice’s face in her hands, and placed a tender kiss on the girl’s lips. Alice closed her eyes, lost in the moment she’d hoped for so fervently.

Stella sat back on her haunches, admiring the trio of nude girls. Her grinning daughters were seated on the bed, while Alice was stretched out, looking around at her new lovers with dreamy eyes. With a contented sigh, Stella murmured, “Well, girls, I can see that you’ve been enjoying yourselves.”

“Definitely, Mum,” Sienna piped up. “Guess what? Alice has a girlfriend — Rachel Thomas’ daughter Bella, remember her?” Stella nodded. “Well, they’ve been practising at sex. And she’s got bloody good at it, too! I think she ought to show you how much she knows.”

“So, Alice, it seems that you’ve been keeping a rather naughty secret,” Stella said, “As you can see, we’ve a secret of our own. Would you like to… learn more about us?”

“Yeah,” answered Alice, slowly sitting up. “Yeah, I would.”

“Good. Now, why don’t we move this little party to my room? The bed there is big enough for games of, shall we say, a more group-oriented style… as my daughters will be the first to tell you.”

Alice allowed Stella to take her hand and lead her from the room, followed by the giggling twins.

A few miles away, Laura was following her sister Jessica upstairs.

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Honeysuckle, Part Two

  • Posted on November 28, 2021 at 3:41 pm

By JetBoy

I wasn’t sure what time Mya and I woke the next morning — around six, perhaps. I had more important things to do than look at the clock. We smiled knowingly at each other, and then she shifted around on the bed, bringing her mouth to my sex and her sex to my mouth.

In the light that shone through the blinds, I could see every detail of Mya’s womanhood, I could tell where my tongue would go when I licked her. I let my hands glide all over her bottom, marveling how that part of her was so firm, yet so soft.

Touching her that way inflamed me even more, and I followed a wicked impulse that had me trailing my tongue to the cleft of Mya’s ass and licking her there — something I’d never tried with a lover.

And then she was using her fingers to pleasure my anus as well, her thumb deftly manipulating my clit all the while. I gasped as she penetrated me, her digits twisting about inside my rectum. Deciding to up the ante further, I began to masturbate Mya while licking at her rosebud.

My own emotions were a fire inside me, swiftly mounting until I came in an incandescent burst of pure heat and light, exploding in my head like a sun gone nova. Without meaning to, I fell asleep seconds later.

When I woke, the sun was higher in the sky, and I was alone. I rolled over to peer at the clock — nine-thirty. I lay back, feeling warm and content, sated with the memory of my first lesbian experience.

I sighed wistfully — already missing Mya, but not unhappy to be alone right then. I needed time to think. Already, hard questions were making themselves known, demanding answers.

First question: how could I have done what I’d done? I’d made love to a teenage girl! Not just once, but twice — and when I awoke, my first thought was of having her yet again!

Then I laughed at myself. Who made love to who last night? Mya had seduced me, and I’d responded. What was it she’d said — that making love to a woman was easy as falling off a skateboard?

I hadn’t fully understood her at the time, but now I did. Relax, let go, let things happen. Live life in the now. If you want someone, and that someone wants you, it’s okay to give in. Don’t get in the way of nature and you’ll be fine. I nodded to myself, reassured.

Next question: had I fallen in love with Mya?

I pondered, studying the mixed shapes of light and shadow on the wall opposite the window. After a moment’s reflection, I had to shake my head. No, I wasn’t in love. Mya had desires, I had desires. We’d been together and satisfied them. There had been no vows of love, no demands for fidelity.

With a rush of insight, I knew I’d just had a one-night stand — the first in my life — and finally understood why so many people indulged in them.

That left one remaining question: was I now a lesbian? That one I wasn’t so certain about…

I heard faint murmurs in the hall outside my bedroom, giving me just enough time to cover myself. The door opened, Mya poked her head in. “You awake?” I hesitantly nodded, and she grinned happily. “We’ve got a surprise for you.”

She came inside, and I saw she was dressed in a blouse and skirt. I wasn’t sure if I was disappointed or relieved. Then my daughter Kellie followed her in with a tray and placed it in my lap. Kellie’s friend Becka — her girlfriend, I reminded myself — was a step behind, bearing a glass of orange juice.

“We fixed this for you, Mom,” Kellie told me, “to say thank you for everything. All the hard work you did.”

It had to be obvious that I was naked beneath the sheet that I was clutching to my chest — and anyhow, the room probably reeked of lesbian sex. Kellie and Becka were freshly showered, bright-eyed and all smiles. It wasn’t hard to figure out why they were so chipper. I stared down at breakfast, trying to conceal my embarrassment.

“Um… is it okay if Becka hangs out for awhile?” Kellie asked, and I nodded.

Anything you want, daughter mine. Anything at all. I have no earthly idea what I’ll say if you ask me what I was doing last night.

Mya smiled sweetly. “Gladys, enjoy. Take your time getting up, okay?”

Then the girls were gone and I was left with two scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and pancakes generously anointed with maple syrup. It was a genuinely nice gesture, downright touching.

Picking up the fork, I took a bite of egg, pleased to see that Kellie remembered how I liked them — with a sprinkling of pepper on top. Mmmm, pretty good. Suddenly realizing how hungry I was, I tucked into this unexpected feast, cleaning my plate in short order.

After eating, I hit the shower. The previous day’s mixture of hard work and wanton pleasure had left me a bit achy, and it felt wonderful to let the steaming hot water caress every inch of my body.

I was just toweling off when Mya stuck her head in the bathroom. I saw her gaze approvingly at my nudity; then she smiled, arching an eyebrow in a very flirtatious way. “One of the girls’ moms just showed up, I told her you were in the shower.”

She winked, then vanished; leaving me all quivery inside, longing to kiss her, to take off that cute dress and have her right here on the bathroom floor. And I had a sneaking suspicion that she might’ve actually let me, too.

Shrugging off my lewd daydream, I hurriedly got dressed and emerged from the bathroom to say hello. The woman — my mind was in such a whirl that her name didn’t even register — thanked me, then left with her daughter.

In the next hour there was a steady stream of girls exiting, thanking me on the way, some picked up by parents, some not. I found myself wondering how many of the mothers knew about the kind of party we’d had, then thrust the thought away so I could greet them without feeling awkward.

Then Mya came over to me. “I’ve got to run. Thanks, Gladys.”

I met her eyes, suddenly feeling absurdly shy. “When can I see you again?” I asked, lowering my voice.

“I’ll call later this week,” Mya told me. “Thanks a million — it was wonderful.” There was a warmth in her smile that made me want so badly to kiss her…

“You’re welcome any time, Mya,” I said, feeling oddly embarrassed at how desperately I wanted to get her back in bed with me — and as soon as possible.

She winked, squeezed my hand, then left.

A few minutes later Kellie and Becka wandered into the kitchen, hand in hand. Everyone else was gone.

My daughter smiled sweetly at me. “Can we skinny-dip, Mom…?” Kellie asked.

Hesitantly, I nodded. Kellie squealed with excitement, and then the two of them raced from the room. Ah, teen love… so sweet.

I leaned back against the wall, thinking about how I had changed since last night. That question again: was I a lesbian now? 

Bisexual, at the very least, I thought. Mya had pleasured me in a way that made the prospect of being with a man seem utterly mundane.

Outside, the laughing and splashing had stopped. I got up and went over to the window. Kellie and Becka were standing naked on the edge of the pool, passionately kissing. Becka was fondling Kellie’s bare bottom as well. A tendril of arousal spun through me, and I shook my head to clear it, chiding myself.

Deciding to give them some privacy, I picked up a book I’d been reading and stretched out on the sofa. My mind was elsewhere, though, and I ended up dozing off.

Someone touched my shoulder. “Mom.”

I gazed affectionately up at Kellie, letting the fog of sleep drain away. “Hmmm?”

“Can we give Becka a ride home?” Kellie asked.

I nodded, raising myself into a sitting position to stretch my arms. “Let me get my jacket.”

Not much later we were back, and I wandered into the living room, contentedly settling down in the easy chair. Kellie came over to where I sat and surprised me by climbing into my lap to nestle, wrapping both arms around my neck.

“Thanks, Mom. For everything.”

I cuddled her to me. “You’re welcome, hon. I really appreciate the breakfast in bed, by the way.”

“So, Mom…” Kellie gazed up at me, then hesitated.

I raised an eyebrow. “Yes…?”

“Did you and Mya, um, have a good time last night?” She was blushing.

I laughed affectionately. My sex life — or for that matter, my sexuality — is something Kellie and I never really discussed. Now, though, things had changed for both of us, and I felt a sudden desire to be honest with my child.

“It was wonderful,” I murmured, blushing a bit myself. “I’ve never… been with a woman before, and Mya was, well, incredible. She taught me everything.”

“Do you think you’ll ever do it again?” she asked softly.

“Oh, definitely,” I smiled. “It was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“So, you don’t mind about Becka and me?” she asked. “You don’t think we’re — well, too young to be girlfriends?”

I kissed the top of her head. “No, sweetie. When I was your age, I missed out on a whole lot of experiences. I don’t want you to be like that. If you and Becka are in love, then there’s nothing wrong with — with expressing that love in a physical way.”

Kellie tilted her face up to mine, her arms still twined around my neck. “Thanks, Mom,” she sighed. “Gosh, I sure do love you…”  She raised herself slightly, brushing my cheek with her lips.

What made me do what I did then? Everything, really. Curiosity, hunger, the lust still burning inside me for Mya, the knowledge that my daughter was also experimenting with girls.

I turned my head slightly; returning Kellie’s kiss, allowing it to linger. Her lips parted for me, and I found myself lightly teasing my baby’s mouth with the tip of my tongue.

I drew back and looked at Kellie, who smiled adoringly, her face warm with desire — and then she closed her eyes, pressing herself into me.

Our mouths met again. This time Kellie kissed me like a lover, her tongue darting between my lips. I was stunned, but only for a moment — and before I knew it I was returning her kiss measure for measure, Frenching my daughter with a passion I had never felt for any man, even her father. Our mouths slid together moistly, tongues mingling in a dance of love that left me breathless.

After a bit, Kellie pulled back, looking up at me. Her voice was soft, sweet, and dripping with lust. “Touch me, Mom… please, touch me. I need you.”

“I… I need you too,” I whispered, once again claiming her lips with mine, kissing her deeply, exploring Kellie’s mouth with my tongue. I was no longer capable of reason. All thoughts of right and wrong, of breaking the taboo of incest, and lesbian incest at that — they melted away in the heat of my desire for Kellie. This felt so good, so right. How could I not make love to my daughter?

I popped the button of Kellie’s jeans, then slowly undid her zipper. My hand slipped inside, then under the waistband of her powder-blue panties to touch her vulva. God, she was so wet down there! She squirmed in my lap, moaning deliriously as I fondled her.

I explored Kellie’s slit with curious fingertips, then allowed my thumb to brush her clit. She gasped with delight, pressing my hand tightly between her thighs. She threw her head back, panting helplessly, then a wild cry broke from her throat as she came. Her body went rigid for a long, breathless moment — then with a long sigh, she went limp against me, but her hand stayed on mine.

Finally she raised her flushed face to gaze at me, grinning sheepishly. “Wow… I guess we’re pretty perverted, huh?”

I shook my head, murmured, “No, not that,” then kissed her lightly. “I don’t know exactly what I’d call this, or what it makes us… but I don’t think many mothers have a closer relationship with their daughters.”

Kellie had an expression on her face that I couldn’t read, and I sensed she was about to say something important. “Mom,” she began, then paused to caress my hand, still lingering inside her panties. “I’ve dreamed about you, about me… being together this way.”

That did surprise me. “You have? For how long?”

She shrugged. “Ever since I knew I liked girls.” She leaned into me, nuzzling my neck. “God, you can’t imagine how many times I’ve wanted to kiss you.” Her mouth trailed down to touch my chest, just above the top button of the blouse I wore. “Kiss you, and touch you… all over.” She placed a hand on my left breast. I hadn’t bothered with a bra, so my top wasn’t much of a barrier.

“You can, Kellie,” I whispered. “Do whatever you want to me.” My legs were trembling. I burned for my child, body and soul. It seemed fantastic, impossible to believe — but I’d never wanted anyone so badly, even after my time with Mya last night.

Her eyes shining with love, Kellie started undoing the buttons of my blouse.

Within minutes we were lying entwined in my bed, I was nude and so was she, our legs were forked wide apart, our sexes pressed tightly together. Kellie was clutching my thigh; as for me, I was cupping her luscious bottom.

My daughter frantically ground her cunt against mine and I responded in kind, giving as eagerly as I was getting. It felt unimaginably lovely, the friction of two women fucking — especially when our clits touched, that divine contact practically an orgasm in itself.

Then Kellie’s body shuddered in ecstasy once more, and mine rose to meet her as we both came.

It was beautiful, dreamlike and rapturous, all at once. And even though we were indulging in the taboo of incest, I felt not an iota of guilt or shame. In its place, there was a calm acceptance that told me how much I loved this wondrous sharing with Kellie. That’s what it was, more than anything — sharing.

We lay together in a sweet, sweaty tangle of warm flesh, my baby resting on top of me. “Oh, my angel…” I kissed her tenderly.

“God, Mom…” she sighed, “that was the best.”

I saw Kellie’s eyes on me; felt myself caressed by her trusting gaze. Suddenly I felt a twinge of guilt. How could I do this with my own daughter? Much less enjoy it more than any sex I’d ever had — even more than the blissful lovemaking I’d shared with Mya?

Kellie must have seen the concern in my eyes. “Mom,” she smiled, kissed me lightly on my nipple. “No regrets, please. You’re the best mother in the world,” she said confidently, “even without this.” Then she gently moved her pelvis against mine. “With it…” she sighed, her face alight with pleasure, “you’re a — a fucking goddess.”

I usually scolded Kellie when she used language like that. But right then, with the two of us stark naked, basking in the aftermath of forbidden love… it seemed wiser to let it slide. Besides, I liked the idea of being a goddess, fucking or otherwise.

She stroked my breasts as she gazed dreamily at me. “There is nothing I’d rather do now, do tonight, do tomorrow… do for all of next year than make love to you, Mom. I can’t find the words to tell you how much I wanted this.”

“It was wonderful, Kellie,” I told her soberly, “but we’re not girlfriends, we’re a mother and daughter. I’m not sure that this is… the right thing for us.”

She smiled. “But Mom, we’re both women, too, with human needs. Your needs didn’t go away when Dad left. Me, I’m just learning about mine. All we’re doing is… we’re helping each other. Our world’s not going to come crashing down around us if you and I make love.”

“But it might… if anyone found out what we were doing,” I said, giving voice to an inkling of fear.

Kellie smiled. “Mom, I will never, ever tell anyone about this. Never. No hints, no nothing.” She put a finger to her lips. I nodded and she continued. “And, oh yeah, I know kids aren’t s’posed to say it… but hey, we goof up sometimes. If I do, you can tell me. I don’t have to agree, but if I turn out to be wrong — well, you get to give me the big ‘I told you so.’ Fair enough?”

I held her gaze, feeling my tension ease in the face of her confidence. When did my daughter of fifteen become so knowing, so wise?

“Kellie, if I screw up… would you tell me?”

“If you want, I will,” Kellie said with a nod.

I gave her a shaky grin. “Okay, then. How about a mom who… who has sex with her own daughter? Does that count as ‘screwing up?'”

She laughed. “Oh, mothers and daughters loving one another like we just did… I’m sure it doesn’t happen very often. But I bet it happens more than most people think.”

It was kind of an exclamation mark to things. Kellie pushed me back on the bed, crawled between my legs and started licking my clit. After a few minutes I came — but she didn’t stop, bringing me to orgasm once more.

Once I regained my breath I reached down to take her hand, guiding her up to kneel above my face, just the way I’d done it with Mya, so I could give my daughter the same pleasure she’d given me.

I gazed, utterly enthralled, at Kellie’s sex. Her lightly downed slit, glistening with the dew of her excitement, was the loveliest sight imaginable. I breathed deeply of my girl’s intoxicating scent as I gently opened her with trembling fingers. Then slowly, wanting to savor the moment, I extended my tongue to take that first loving lick.

“Oh, Mom,” she whimpered, “you make me so happy…”

The taste of my daughter thrilled me. I began to lick her up and down, pressing my face into her wetness, thirsting for the warm wine of her sex. Kellie’s pubes were downy soft against my lips, but they quickly became damp and sticky as I ate her. Wanting more, I used my tongue to press inside her vagina, probing as deeply as I could go. It didn’t take long until Kellie was rocking atop my face, moaning with delight as I ate her.

And then she was coming, shivers of orgasmic pleasure surging through her body, gasping over and over again, “I love you, Mom. I love you. Oh, Jesus, I love you…!”

I took my daughter through her climax and, remembering what she had just done to me, moved to her clitoris, taking it between my lips to suckle until she came again.

Finally she simply went limp, slumping to one side to lie next to me. Kellie was panting like she’d run a marathon, flushed from head to toe, her hair askew — yet somehow, she was even lovelier. My heart seemed to expand in my chest, and I wondered with a start if I was falling in love with her. God, my own daughter.

I reached for her, drawing her close to me, and she curled up in my arms. “Mmmm,” Kellie sighed.

“Mmmm… yeah, that’s how I feel, sweetheart,” I chuckled.

“Love you,” Kellie said, her eyes vague, almost asleep. “So much…”

“Love you too, sweetie,” I told her. My body relaxed against hers, and we both dozed peacefully.

When we awoke, there was no regret, no moments of awkwardness. Our eyes met, Kellie smiled lovingly, and we both laughed with joy in our hearts.

I took her hand, pressing it to my lips. “I can’t believe this has actually happened between us,” I whisper, “but I’ve never been so… so content.”

“Me too, Mom,” she cooed.

“W-what happens now?” I murmur, suddenly a little awed by the enormous feelings bubbling inside me right then. Was I really going to be my daughter’s lover?

She smiled, touching my nose with a playful finger. “First…” she giggled, “I think we need to take a shower.” She freed herself from our embrace, rose to her feet, then added, “Together, I mean,” reaching for my hand.

I rose to stand alongside her and, hand in hand, we padded naked through the house to my bathroom.

I hadn’t planned to make love to Kellie again so soon. But once we were standing beneath the flowing hot water in a delicious haze of steam, soaping each other’s bodies — well, I suppose we were bound to be carried away.

First I made Kellie come with slippery fingers, teasing her cunt while I sucked her nipples in turn. Then she made me turn toward the wall of the shower stall and bend over, saying she had something she wanted to try.

Oh, my, did she ever — my wonderful daughter parted my buttocks and began to lick my asshole. The lovely tickly sensation of her tongue against my anus had me shaking like a leaf in a gale.

Then her fingers stole between my thighs to tenderly stroke my clitoris, and I exploded in an orgasm that had me seeing stars. The next thing I remember was sitting dazed against the wet tile, Kellie’s arms around me. I tilted her face up to mine, and we kissed, our tongues dancing together. My heart seemed to glow with the love I felt for my daughter at that moment.


Things changed between me and Kellie after that morning, and unquestionably for the better.

You must understand, though, that what she and I had never blossomed into a full-fledged romance. We were still mother and daughter at the breakfast table, when I got home from work when we went shopping. Then Kellie would give me that special look, and suddenly my child and I were making love again.

We fucked in both our beds, on the couch, in the shower, in the hallway, by the side of the pool — even on the kitchen table a time or two. And once, in a crazy mutual dare, we drove up to the local make-out spot, got naked and had wild sex in the car.

We are still intimate, and blissfully happy with that. Kellie is still girlfriends with Becka, and I still enjoy an occasional night of sexual abandon with Mya, along with a couple of other women I’ve gotten to know since learning the truth about myself.

But the secret passion that my daughter and I share brings me a special kind of happiness that I’ll cherish for the rest of my life, even if the sexual side of it doesn’t last.

I wanted to write about my relationship with Kellie to show that incest is not always wrong or harmful. In fact, my daughter and I love each other more than ever.

Here’s what happened between us last night.

It had been a long, frustrating day at work. I was fairly exhausted, so Kellie and I just made sandwiches and had a quiet dinner. I went upstairs afterward, planning on turning in early.

I took a hot shower, which served to revive me. In fact, as I washed my body, I began to feel stirrings of desire. I’d felt tired before, but now I was quickly finding myself in the mood for some of my daughter’s sweet loving.

I exited the shower, quickly dried myself and slipped into a robe, then peered down the hall, delighted to see that the light was on in Kellie’s room. I padded down to her door, tapped once, then pushed it open.

My timing had been impeccable. Kellie was lying nude on top of the covers with thighs parted wide, a hand tucked between her legs, two fingers buried in her pussy. She had her window open, and the sweet scent of honeysuckle perfumed the bedroom.

“Like some company?” I asked, casting my robe aside and standing naked before her.

Mom!” Kellie squealed with delight. “Yeah, totally… I thought you’d be too tired to play tonight.”

I moved to the side of the bed and reached down to lightly caress my daughter’s mons. “Oh, I’m never too tired to make you feel good, angel.” I traced along the line of her slit with my index finger, giving Kellie a saucy wink. “What’s your pleasure, treasure?”

“Hand, fingers, mouth, tongue… whatever, Mom,” she giggled, “just make love to me…”

My eyes locked with hers, I knelt between Kellie’s spread legs and licked around the vaginal cleft, teasing her until she was on the verge of screaming… then I opened her with my fingers and pressed kisses into the fiery pink flesh, her honey already flowing freely.

I sucked and licked at my daughter until she climaxed, the room ringing with her cries of ecstasy. Then I relaxed as she regained her breath, resting on Kellie’s thigh until she reached down to give my shoulder a squeeze.

“C’mere, Mom,” she murmured seductively, “I want a kiss.”

I crept into Kellie’s arms and she embraced me, her mouth seeking mine. She kissed me hungrily, her tongue circling my parted lips, humming with satisfaction as she tasted herself.

Without a word, Kellie urged me up and into a kneeling position just above her face. I was trembling in anticipation, longing to feel the touch of my baby’s mouth.

Then she was licking me, exploring my cunt with an eager tongue. I moaned, my very being enveloped in a joy so real and perfect that I could almost reach out and touch it. How many mothers in the world were blessed like this, with a child who loved them as unselfishly as my Kellie loved me?

She caressed my ass, her thumbs trailing up the crack; then her tongue flickered inside to lick there. Meanwhile, her fingers stole between my legs to toy with my clit as she firmly pressed the tip of her tongue into my anus, seeking entrance.

I howled as a massive orgasm crashed into me almost before I’d expected it, shaking my body like a rag doll.

I was dazed, concussed, yet somehow still perched atop my daughter’s face. Somewhere in the thick haze, I sensed Kellie nuzzling my thighs, heard her coo, “Oh wow, Mom… that was awesome.”

Carefully raising myself from Kellie, I flopped down next to her, exhaling noisily. Turning to me, she cupped my face in both hands and pressed her mouth to mine, feeding me her tongue. I responded in kind, and we spent a while sharing languid kisses.

Breaking away with a tiny peck on the tip of my nose, Kellie sat up and stretched her body, yawning contentedly. “Mmmmm… I’m gonna sleep like a big ol’ baby tonight!” She lay back down, snuggling into me. “Thanks, Mom. Love you lots.”

I touched my lips to her sweat-glazed brow. “I love you too, angel,” I whispered. “You’re everything to me.”

She soon dozed off. I cuddled Kellie for a while longer, blissfully happy just to be next to her — my daughter, my companion, my best friend, my lover.

The End


Honeysuckle, Part One

  • Posted on November 9, 2021 at 3:23 pm

Author’s Note: This story was adapted from a tiny portion of an incredibly lengthy lesbian novel called “Laura Alban Hunt,” by Gina Marie Wylie. Needless to say, that fragment of plot got expanded considerably in the process, and none of the verbiage of the original remains… so don’t blame Ms. Wylie if you dislike the result. Thanks to her for the inspiration — and to you, of course, for reading it.


By JetBoy

Late one March, my daughter Kellie asked if she could invite some girls from her class over on a Saturday afternoon. First they would go to a movie, return to the house for a pool party, then dinner, followed by a sleepover. That night would change my life forever.

Kellie had been a big help in getting me over my heartbreak when her father walked out on us to shack up with some teenage girl he hooked up with on the internet. The divorce had hit Kellie hard, too, but she summoned up the inner strength that I lacked to help me through the bad days, the times when I felt utterly worthless as a wife and a woman.

The affection Kellie gave me was a lifesaver. More than once a warm hug or a hand on my shoulder made all the difference, helped me to see the world in future tenses instead of wallowing in defeat. My child of fifteen had become my best friend, just when I needed a friend most.

That Saturday of the sleepover dawned brightly. I was up early getting everything ready, happy that I could do something for Kellie to reward her for being a truly amazing daughter. There were what seemed like a thousand little tasks involved in playing hostess to a dozen teenage girls, but I rolled up my sleeves and got to work with a will.

Kellie’s best friend was Becka Kempner, who lived about a mile away and shared in the same homeroom with her at the local high school. The two of them were inseparable. Becka was about five-six, blonde and blue-eyed, and already a gorgeous young woman. She was a cheerleader, and had gotten Kellie involved with it as well. My daughter was the newest member of the squad, and she loved it. In fact, all the girls at the sleepover were cheerleaders.

This story really begins during the pool party. A pack of girls were laughing, shrieking, racing about and splashing water all over the place while I was in the kitchen, working on dinner. Our house had a built-in brick barbecue a short distance from the pool, though I’d never barbecued anything in my life — that had been my ex-husband’s job. I figured that I had to learn how sometime, though.

I got the charcoal lit, then carefully arranged hamburgers, hot dogs, marinated chicken breasts, sliced peppers and asparagus spears on the grill. It was tricky at first; with so many items cooking at once, I was frantically flipping them over and shuffling them around so nothing would burn. Eventually, though, I found my groove, feeling like a master chef as I loaded up several large platters with sizzling cuts of meat and roasted vegetables.

Luckily, the girls seemed to be enjoying themselves while I labored over the grill, so I didn’t have to worry about keeping them happy. They sat outside on the deck, their activity now centered around our two picnic tables, pushed side by side. The air was alive with the hubbub of teenage girls, chatting animatedly about everything under the sun.

Finally laying my barbecuing tools to rest, I hastened to the kitchen for the beverages. I had lemonade, soda and fruit juice for the girls to drink, along with a few cold beers stashed away for myself. I grabbed a couple of pitchers from the fridge, carefully carrying them back out to the patio.

Just as I emerged, a lithe, slender girl with golden-blonde hair stood up from her chair and stretched. Her movements were like something out of a sexy beach movie — back arched, arms above her head, a smile of perfect contentment on her lips.

Then her gaze fell upon me, and I could see immediate interest in her eyes.

I’d been checked out by men before, so I knew what it felt like to have someone look at me with frank desire. Never before, though, had I been so openly appraised by a teenage girl. Her eyes swept over me, taking in every inch of my body and liking what she saw. Then she gave me a knowing smile, slowly moistening her lips with the tip of the tongue.

I felt as if this lovely young woman had just stripped me naked, then posed me for her erotic scrutiny.

She had on a two-piece suit that was actually more modest than the barely-there bikinis most of the other girls were wearing — but modest or not, my eyes were drawn to her breasts, the girl’s nipples visibly erect beneath her top.

Bumping against a deck chair in my distracted state, I nearly lost my balance. I froze where I stood, then carefully turned to set the pitchers I was carrying next to the ice bowl. My pulse throbbed as I struggled to contain a sudden surge of warmth that was coursing through my body — a heat that had nothing to do with temperature outdoors.

Heart pounding, I hastened back to the sanctuary of the kitchen as quickly as I was able. Safely inside, I paused for what seemed like the first time in hours, propping myself against the counter. What on earth had happened just then?

Too much sun, I told myself, unable to believe that I’d just been sexually aroused by a high school girl. Nor was it easy to accept just how intense my arousal had been in that instant.

Then I laughed at myself. Damn, it was time for me to get myself back on the dating circuit if the sight of a young cutie in a bathing suit could get me excited!

Taking a deep, calming breath, I busied myself in the kitchen, cleaning up the mess. By this time, there was a lot of it.

As I worked over the sink, some of the girls brought in plates, cutlery and glasses. One of them lingered, taking a sponge and wiping down the counter while I loaded the dishwasher. This happened to be the girl who had captured my attention earlier.

I nervously stole a glance at her, absurdly relieved that I didn’t feel that surge of sexual heat again. Maybe it was just a flash of the middle-age crazies, I told myself.

Fitting the last plate into the dishwasher, I measured in a cup of liquid soap, closed it and flicked the ON switch. The machine began to churn noisily. When I turned around the girl was still there, smiling at me. The others had wandered back outside.

“Hi. I’m Mya Leonhart,” she said warmly, extending a hand. “I’m also the assistant choreographer for the Homewood squad.”

Oh, yes, I remembered — Kellie had mentioned her before. “Hi, Mya.” Believe it or not, that was all I could think of to say. I felt fairly ridiculous, like a timid young boy might when encountering a lovely girl.

“So, tell me, Kellie’s mom… do you have an actual name?” she said teasingly.

I gave her a shy smile. “Oh, sorry. It’s Gladys.”

Mya laughed. “That’s beautiful,” she sighed. “It sounds like one of those lovely old names that no one gives their kids anymore — but they should.”

“Like, say… Melvin?” I suggested.

She giggled. “I can’t really see you as a Melvin. You’re much too beautiful and feminine for that.”

I was just beginning to relax when Mya suddenly drew close, touching my bare shoulder. Leaning in, she  placed a warm kiss on my cheek. “Thanks for being such a lovely hostess, Gladys,” she murmured, her lips lightly brushing my ear. Then she stepped back, giving me a radiant smile. “See ya later.”

I nodded, trying my damnedest not to blush, certain I was anyhow. And just like that, she turned and padded away to rejoin the party.

Who was this girl? And why was being in her presence making me feel like a bashful eighth grader?

That afternoon taught me something I’d never before understood: when a woman wants to seduce, she goes at it differently than a man does. Men like the pursuit itself, but only if they’re assured of scoring in the end. If they could simply skip the chase and zip right ahead to the conquest, most guys would be completely satisfied.

A woman, on the other hand, enjoys seduction on its own terms. She’s still interested in catching her prey but relishes the act of stalking itself, taking time to savor the game.

As the day’s light waned and vanished completely, the party moved inside to the living room. Kellie and her friend Becka poked through the CDs and put one on. Soon several of the girls were dancing. The rest stood around chatting, relaxed and in a mellow mood.

Figuring that an adult’s presence might put a bit of a damper on the festivities, I adjourned to my bedroom, relaxing with a paperback thriller I’d been working on. Oddly enough, I found my attention drifting; visions of that beautiful blonde Mya distracting me from the story. I could still feel the whisper-soft caress of her lips on my cheek.

Finally I put my book aside with an impatient sigh, roused myself and left my room to peek in on the girls. I told myself I was just seeing if anyone needed a snack, an extra pillow for the night, even an aspirin. Deep down inside, though, I really wanted another glimpse of Mya.

Trying not to be obvious about it, I peered into the living room. The overhead light had been turned off, the space illuminated by matching table lamps on either side of the sofa. I noticed that most of the girls were still in their bathing suits, some of them dancing together.

I didn’t see Mya at first, but then spied her, perched on the arm of an accent chair, nodding her head to the music. Suddenly she turned in my direction, almost as if she’d sensed my presence. Breaking into a warm smile, Mya beckoned me to her. I cautiously drew nearer.

“Where’d you go, Gladys?” she cooed, reaching out to grasp my hand. “I thought you’d abandoned us!” She was still wearing that sexy white bikini, and I had to fight the impulse to steal a look at her breasts, to see if those nipples of hers were erect again.

Instead, I stared at her for a brief eternity, that tongue-tied awkwardness of mine returning with a vengeance. Say something, damn it. “Oh… well, I didn’t want anyone to feel like I was, um, supervising things… so I thought I’d, you know, give you girls some s-space,” I stammered, certain that I sounded like a complete idiot.

“Well, you don’t have to give me any space,” Mya said, her sparkling blue eyes gazing deep into mine. “In fact, I need some stimulating company.” She glanced around the room, then back at me. “Know what I like best about parties?”

What I wouldn’t have given for a witty reply! But standing there, my hand still in hers, I could only say, “Uh… what?”

“Meeting new people,” she answered, “and you’re the only one here who I just met today.” Bending down slightly, Mya patted the seat of the chair. “Spend some time with me, Gladys. I’d like to get to know you better.”

I meekly sat, and Mya rose from the chair arm to plunk herself down on the ottoman, sitting close enough to me for our knees to almost touch. Once more, she turned on that dazzling smile. “Now, Kellie’s mom… tell me everything.”

I felt awkward at first, but Mya had a way of putting me at ease. Before long, I was giving her a thumbnail version of my life story. I didn’t do all the talking, mind you — Mya was receptive to my questions, telling me about herself. She was seventeen, but there was a completeness to her that one seldom found in girls her age — or grown women, for that matter. I was thoroughly charmed.

I glanced about the room a time or two, making sure that my presence wasn’t resented by the other girls. Everything seemed fine; nobody appeared to mind me being there. Even my daughter Kellie, bless her, gave me a big grin and a wink when she spied me chatting with Mya.

Suddenly Mya broke off in the middle of a sentence, her attention captured by Aretha Franklin singing “Respect.”

“Oooh, I love this song!” she squealed. Placing a hand on my knee, she leaned closer. “Dance with me?”

I studied her, wondering if that was a good idea, then decided that I couldn’t think of a graceful way to say no. I nodded, and she gave me a radiant smile, extending a hand.

My pulse began to throb as I rose to my feet. I’d enjoyed our conversation so immensely that my attraction for Mya — and I had to be honest with myself, that’s exactly what it was — had been momentarily forgotten.

Now she was leading me into the center of the room to dance, looking incredible in her bikini.

Mya was a very good dancer, graceful yet uninhibited. As for me, I was clumsy at first, but soon managed to find a groove, shimmying and strutting like I was still in college. “Whoo!” she exclaimed. “You go, girl!”

We danced to a few fast songs, and then the music segued to a slow, romantic Al Green number. She drew closer, slipping a bare arm around my waist, and I nervously placed mine around hers.

As we moved together, Mya and I spoke of this and that — what they call “light conversation,” though God only knows what I was contributing. All I really noticed was Mya’s warm skin under my hand, coupled with the memory of that earlier flash of arousal I’d felt earlier. Somehow, I managed not to stumble.

The song faded down and out, and another uptempo song began. Mya smiled. “Shall we?” she said, gesturing towards the sliding glass door that led out to the back yard.

I followed her outside. It had cooled; the air still and soothing after the day’s heat. The thick, sweet scent of honeysuckle perfumed the air. We stood quietly for a moment, watching the lights around the pool deck sparkle on the gently rippling water.

“Can I ask a favor of you, Gladys? It’s kind of important,” Mya asked me, breaking the silence.

“Um, sure,” I replied. “I mean, you can always ask.”

She gestured at the house. “I’d like to ask — God, how can I put this?” She paused, took a deep breath. “I know that I invited you to join the party in the first place, but now… If it’s okay, could you not go back into your living room for the rest of the evening?”

I was flabbergasted. “But… why?”

Mya gave me a shy smile. “Because tonight is — well, let’s just say that it’s one of the squad’s special nights.”

“Special?” I asked. “What’s so special about this night?”

She answered simply. “Girls… being intimate together, Gladys. A night of sharing.”

I stood there frozen, confused. What was she saying…?

She continued to look at me, her eyes friendly. “Gladys, you’re clearly an understanding person… and I’m sure that you don’t see anything wrong with girls who like other girls. You see, we’re a small circle of friends; we almost never go outside it.” She grinned. “So we have these parties, where we can do the things we want with each other.”

“I — I’m not s-sure I understand,” I stammered.

Extending a slender arm, Mya pointed at the house. “If you went back inside now, Gladys, the music would still be going, but the dancing is becoming, well, something more. The girls would be paired off; sharing soft kisses, light touches. Then the kissing will become hotter, more passionate. They’ll undress each other, lie down together. And then…” Mya shrugged, still smiling warmly. “Come morning, there will be a lot of happy girls in there, ready to face the new week.” She paused, nibbling her lower lip, then added, “Your daughter and Becka Kempner are in love, you know.”

My head spun. I’d had no idea, not an inkling. I never even knew that Kellie was into girls…

Mya studied me thoughtfully. “Are you upset?”

I numbly shook my head. “I… I didn’t know.” I took a deep breath. “I’m just — surprised, I guess. Not upset, no.” I managed a smile. “She’s my daughter, it’s her decision to make, and I’ll always support her.” I raised my eyes to Mya’s. “I only wish she’d trusted me enough to tell me this herself.”

Mya reached for my hand. “She does trust you, Gladys, and as for telling you… well, she just did.” She laughed gently. “Kellie’s been dealing with these feelings for awhile now, and she finally decided that she prefers girls to boys. This is new to her, too.”

“So… about this party,” I asked, “it’s basically, um, a night where the girls have sex with each other?”

“That’s right,” Mya said. “It’s a chance for us cheerleaders to be intimate together.” She smiled wryly. “The ones who like to play with girls, anyway. Not all of us do.”

I studied her face. “What about you?” Then I realized that she was still holding my hand.

“Let me answer your question with a question,” she replied. “Do you know what the best part is about you leaving the girls alone for the rest of the night? Besides giving them the chance to enjoy a sweet, loving time together?”

“No,” I softly answered.

Mya squeezed my hand. “You get to give me a tour of your bedroom.”

I stood rooted to the spot, heart racing. All sorts of half-formed impressions danced through my mind. No matter how aroused I was at that moment, was I ready for my first sexual experience after the divorce? And… did I want that experience to be a lesbian encounter with a high school girl?

My eyes met hers, and she gave my hand a squeeze before releasing it. Her arms twined silkily around my waist and, without a word, she kissed me. No schoolgirl peck, but a firm, openly sexual kiss. Her tongue flickered against my lower lip, seeking entrance.

Without hesitation I opened to her; opened my mouth, my body, my soul.

There was nothing timid about Mya, I’ll say that. Incredibly sweet, yes, but also a girl who knew what she wanted and took it. Her arms tightened around me, drawing me nearer, and I was powerless to resist. Not that I resisted, mind you — no, not for an instant.

Mya kissed me the way I liked best: hungry, confident and with passion, telling me without words that, for this moment, I was hers.

After a few seconds, I broke away, trembling. “I’ve n-never been with a woman before…”

Mya laughed gently. “You already know how… every woman does. It’s easy as falling off a skateboard.”

I giggled, in spite of myself. “I’ve never even been on a skateboard. I was always afraid I’d break my arm or… or something.”

“You don’t have to be afraid with me, Gladys.” She lightly grazed my lips with her fingertips, and I couldn’t help but kiss them. “I’ll be there to catch you.”

As she spoke, her hands had slipped beneath my blouse to unhook the bra catch. Then her mouth found mine once more. As we shared a gentle but lust-filled kiss, I felt her fingers travel down my chest, deftly unfastening each button. It was a universe away from what I’d been accustomed to in high school, those dates spent in the backs of borrowed family cars with shy, clumsy boys.

The last button undone, Mya’s fingers brushed along my bare shoulders as she spread my top wide open. It slid down and off, falling to the deck. My bra soon followed.

Mya was the most giving lover I’d ever had, intent on my pleasure alone. Even as she unfastened the faded jeans I wore, her lips were nuzzling my breasts, pausing to adorn each nipple with a kiss.

Then she slipped a hand in my panties to explore, finding the warmth and wetness concealed within my untrimmed curls — first with her fingers, then with her tongue as she knelt before me, sliding my sodden knickers down to ring my ankles.

I had my first orgasm seconds later when Mya lightly nibbled at my clit, the sheer velocity of it stealing the breath from me. I don’t think I’d ever gotten off so quickly before.

Somehow Mya and I made it over to one of the thickly padded deck lounge chairs, where we lay together, bodies lovingly entwined. I was completely naked, she still wore her bathing suit.

I held my new lover in a happy daze, head spinning at the realization of what I’d just done — and how much I’d enjoyed it.

I felt fingers graze my cheek, and opened my eyes to see Mya smiling at me. “My goodness… you’re a very responsive lover,” she said. “I think that you’ve wanted something like this for a long, long time, Gladys, only you just didn’t know it.”

I took a moment to ponder Mya’s words… marveling all the while at what she’d just called me. Lover. How long had it been since anyone had referred to me that way, even my asshole of a husband?

“Hmmm, maybe,” I finally said. “What you did to me… God, it felt so, so right. Righter than any sex I’ve ever had.”

Mya laughed. “Now that’s a compliment I’ll hang onto forever!” She paused, taking a deep breath. “What is that smell, Gladys? Flowers? It’s absolutely enchanting!”

“Honeysuckle,” I replied, stroking the girl’s bare back, wondering if I should unfasten her bikini top. “It grows wild in these parts. Most folks don’t like having it in their yards, and go to a lot of trouble to grub it out. It’s a bitch to get rid of, too. Me, I’ve always loved the scent, so I just let it grow, trim it back every few weeks.”

“Well, I love it,” she sighed. “The perfect fragrance for romance.”

“Speaking of which… “ I touched her cheek, “um, what happens now?”

That made her grin. “Well… you still haven’t given me that grand tour of your bedroom,” she cooed. “Wanna go inside and play some more?”

Well, that was the million-dollar question, wasn’t it? Common sense told me to politely bid this young girl goodnight, thank her as nicely as possible for making me feel so good, then make my escape. Hide in my room for the rest of the evening and leave the other girls to their sex games. Try to work out what I would say to my daughter tomorrow.

But that wasn’t what I wanted. Not even close. Every fiber of my being ached to explore this new side of my sexuality with Mya, to abandon my sensible self for the moment.

I haven’t even made her feel good yet, I told myself — and a rush of desire mixed with astonishment surged through me as I realized just how badly I longed to make love to this beautiful girl.

I sat up, took a deep breath, slowly stood, then gazed into the warmth of Mya’s eyes. “Let’s go,” I said.

Without a word, leaving all my clothes scattered on the deck, I led her indoors through a side entrance. By the time we reached my room, Mya was naked, the halves of her bikini dangling carelessly from one hand.

I closed the door behind us, dimmed the lights down to a suitably intimate setting, then turned to Mya. For the first time in my life, I looked at another woman with stirrings of lust.

She was as much girl as woman, actually — slim without being skinny, with elegant limbs and slight but flawless breasts. Her nipples were visibly erect again, only this time they weren’t concealed by a bathing suit. A shiver ran through me as I imagined sucking them. Her pubes were a sparse triangle, the color of honey.

Letting her bathing suit drop to the carpet, Mya moved into my awaiting arms, crushing her mouth to mine, tongue darting between my parted lips.

We fell onto the bed without breaking our embrace. Mya and I kissed and groped one another frantically, making out like lust-blinded teens.

Then she was straddling me, her warm, wet sex grazing my belly, staring down at me with hungry eyes. “What do you want to do now, Gladys?” she cooed. “Tell me.”

God, she knew what I needed, could read it on my face plain as day. But she wanted to hear me say the words.

“Oh, Mya,” I whispered, “I — I want to taste you.”

She placed a hand on my shoulder, gently pressing me back. “I think that can be arranged,” she giggled, moving forward until her sex was just above my face.

As I gazed at her lightly-downed vulva, it struck me just how young Mya was. She’s practically still a girl! my conscience protested. Then I realized that Mya might not be fully adult, but she was certainly sexually mature. Maybe more than I was.

I raised my head and hesitantly licked her, delighted to find that Mya’s cunt was tart and luscious. I took my time at first, tentatively exploring her with my tongue.

Then the scent, the taste, the wet warmth of Mya overwhelmed me, caught my soul in a snare of wanting. I was a greedy child discovering a fresh new delight, eager for more of everything.

I buried my face between her thighs, mouth covering the moist slit, pleasuring this teenage girl with utter abandon. Any way you can conceive of making oral love to a woman, I did it, learning what she liked as I went. I felt her warm fluids coating my lips and chin as I plunged my tongue into her, over and over again.

Fucking her with my mouth, I told myself, amazed. That’s what I’m doing.

Finally I centered my attention on Mya’s clitoris, lightly nibbling at the inflamed pearl, just like she’d done it to me out by the pool — and my young lover cried out, panted hoarsely for a long, incredible moment, then finally slumped forward, purring with contentment.

Damn, Gladys,” she panted, settling down into the crook of my arm. “It’s hard to believe you’ve n-never done that before!”

All I could think of to say was, “Um… so, you liked it?”

“Liked it?” Mya giggled, then gave a blissful sigh. “Oh, I liked it and then some…”

I rested my hand on Mya’s hip, but it wanted to explore, so I let it drift over the unimaginable softness of her belly, then up further until I was cupping her breast. My heart seemed to skip a beat when I felt her nipple stiffen against my palm.

I sensed lust renewing itself as a prickle of heat between my thighs, then felt my face go hot at Mya’s knowing giggle. “Oh, Gladys… you’re get-ting hot and bo-thered a-gain…” she sang.

“I — I never cooled down, I don’t think,” I admitted.

Mya placed a dainty kiss upon my nose. “It’s late, Gladys, and we’ve just had one hell of a workout. Let’s save something for when we wake up.” She grinned. “Sex in the morning between two girls, when the day is new… Mmm, trust me, there’s nothing like it.”

I glanced over at the clock on the nightstand, figuring it to be about eleven-thirty or midnight, startled to see that it was just after two AM. Definitely after my usual bedtime.

As if the clock had given me permission, I suddenly felt drowsy. Relaxing into the embrace of my bed and this lovely naked girl, I sighed in perfect contentment. “Okay, then,” I said. “Good night, Mya.”

“Good morning,” Mya murmured, “and thanks for everything. You’re a wonderful lover.”

It didn’t take but a little while before Mya was dozing peacefully, her breathing slow and even.

I mused on what an eventful day it had been, in more ways than one — and somehow, fell sound asleep in the midst of my reverie.

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