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The Loves and Labours of Doris Sloane, Chapter 2

  • Posted on June 14, 2024 at 7:39 pm

by JetBoy & BlueJean


The next day saw me return to my usual self. Indeed, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed in a way I’d not experienced for a long time. I wondered if masturbating so freely had left me feeling like that, or if such a thing were even possible. If self-love was that effective a health tonic, surely everyone would be doing it, I reasoned. In my naïveté, I assumed it was mostly men who did that kind of thing, and if women were pleasuring themselves too, it must only be on the rare occasion. An indulgent sip from an exceedingly fine wine, if you will.

But there was something more important to think about – my strange encounter with Mrs. Shaw the day before. Sometimes the mind plays tricks on us, doesn’t it? We give more credence to an event than it warrants.

Do you mind me touching you like this? she had said, her hand resting on my exposed belly. What had that meant, exactly? Was it simply playful banter? Are you ticklish, Doris? Am I embarrassing you, Doris? 

And the way she’d looked into my eyes… Had I also misinterpreted that?

Good, Mrs. Shaw had half-whispered when I indicated that, no, I did not mind. Why was it good? And hadn’t she told me that I was lovely while her fingers briefly stroked the swell of my breasts? Or had I imagined those things?

Thinking can be both wistful and wishful sometimes, can’t it? And the mind can be a maze.


Monday morning was its usual chaotic routine of mobilisation. I roused the girls from their beds, Sophia bouncing to life like a jack-in-the-box, eager to experience the day, and Melinda shuffling around like a dormouse that’s just emerged from a long hibernation. Becky was capable of seeing to herself, and was usually up and about before me.

“So tired…” Melinda groaned with sleepy eyes, wrapping both arms around my waist and burying her head in my chest. Her hair was a mess of alarming peaks and stray wisps, lending her an adorably comic look.

“No time for cuddles, sleepyhead,” I told her. “Once you’ve dressed, washed, and brushed your teeth, I’m sure you’ll feel wide awake.”

“I’m not feeling well,” she declared with a sleepy grin. “I think I shall take the day off and go back to bed.”

“School is the best medicine for lazyitis,” I said, gently pushing her away. “Your uniform is freshly ironed and folded on your dresser. Once you’re dressed I’ll brush your hair for you.”

“We could say I was kidnapped by gypsies…”

“Uniform. Wash. Teeth. Thank you very much, Melinda,” I insisted, marching away to see how Sophia was doing.

A short while later the four of us were in Sophia’s bedroom, me brushing Melinda’s unruly hair, or at least attempting to, while Becky saw to Sophia in the same way. When I was still new to my job, I had thanked Becky for helping, only to be informed that she and her mother had been brushing the younger girls’ hair long before I arrived on the scene. Several weeks later, she seemed to be a little warmer towards me, and our morning grooming had become a comfortable and familiar ritual.

Becky sat on Sophia’s bed, tying her sister’s hair back into a ponytail while I continued to fight with Melinda’s wayward locks. A wisp of hair kept popping back up each time I attempted to batten it down. Brush. Flatten. Pop! Brush. Flatten. Pop! I glanced over at Becky in exasperation. A smile formed in one corner of her mouth.

Brush. Flatten. Pop! 

We both burst out laughing.

“Your hair’s got a mind of its own!” Sophia told her little sister.

“It’s not my fault! Stop laughing!” Melinda trilled in mock outrage, but soon enough she was giggling away with the rest of us.

Becky and I shared a brief glance. There’s nothing like laughter to break down barriers, and it seemed as if she and I might have found some common ground at last.

Mrs. Shaw was already in the dining room when I ushered the girls to the table for their breakfast. I half expected there to be an awkwardness between the two of us, and found it difficult to meet her gaze, but nothing in her demeanour seemed to indicate any change. She was perfectly polite as always, with that same sense of detachment a servant comes to expect from her mistress.

I remember feeling a touch of sorrow at that. Somehow, I had fooled myself into believing things might be different between us now, that the brief moment of intimacy we had shared might have advanced our relationship to a new level. Perhaps the way she’d looked after me when I was ill had kindled some need for a maternal figure – I had distant memories of my mother caring for me that way – or was it simply her friendship that I craved?

I berated myself for such foolishness. It was unfair of me to place that expectation on the woman who was my employer – childish, even.

Of course, I had got it all spectacularly wrong. As I would discover later that week.


It was late one evening, after the girls had gone to bed and I lay in mine reading a book, that I received an unexpected visit from Mrs. Shaw. The night was warm and clammy, and I had drawn the bedspread down to keep cool. My mistress was wearing a silvery satin nightgown, the thin fabric highlighting every curve of her body like a second skin. Her nipples were clearly outlined through the gauzy material, and I knew for certain she was naked beneath.

Mrs. Shaw closed the door behind her quietly and sauntered over to me without a word. Her eyes were deep pools of blue, heavy with what I thought might be inebriation, though when she leaned towards me I could smell no trace of strong drink.

She reached out to me, her fingertips caressing my cheek, and without thinking much about it, I placed my own hand atop hers.

“You’re a very pretty girl,” she murmured. “Did anyone ever tell you that, Doris?”

I shook my head, afraid that if I spoke it might emerge as a childish squeak.

“Well, it’s true.”

Her fingers brushed through my hair, now let loose to flow freely across my shoulders. Her other hand pushed the bedspread away from my legs, then found its way onto my bare knee.

Her words from a few nights earlier echoed through my head. Do you mind me touching you this way?

I felt her fingers trail up my inner thigh; slowly, tentatively, her eyes boring into mine, gauging my reaction, defying me to tell her no. But I said not a word, simply allowing her to continue.

She reached my mound, and when she discovered that I was also naked beneath my nightgown, a faint smile teased the corners of her mouth. I gasped and bit at my lip, a wave of pleasure rippling through me at the sudden contact. But my head swam with confusion, the suddenness of this new encounter leaving me no time to consider what was happening or where it was destined to lead.

As she slipped her fingers into the groove of my sex, my body yearned to reciprocate, to move in rhythm with her caresses. But my inhibition forced me to remain stock-still, the etiquette of passion as unfamiliar to me as Calculus or Latin.

“Mmmm… you’re all sticky,” Mrs. Shaw purred.

Her fingers pressed into me, ploughing through the moist warmth. I opened my mouth and gave a short moan, my doubts and fears melting away before the growing welter of animal lust that threatened to consume me. I wanted more, and this time couldn’t resist thrusting my hips forward, greedy for her touch.

“Am I making you feel good, pretty girl?” my mistress breathed, her lips brushing my ear. “Am I going to make you come?”

I felt my face burn at her candid words, but it was the burning between my legs that demanded attention. The climax washed over me with a relentless intensity, white hot waves of sharp brilliance that made me cry out.

It all happened so quickly. I hadn’t realised Mrs. Shaw was stroking my hair again, not until I caught my own scent on her fingers. She smiled down at me, and I noticed her satin gown had come loose at the top, leaving me a teasing glimpse of her breasts.

“Come with me,” she said, pulling me from the bed and to my feet. My legs were weak, but she was there to steady me.

“Where are we going?” I asked her.

“To my bed, of course,” she replied, with a look that told me everything I needed to know.

Back at the orphanage there were girls who wanted the love of other girls, rather than boys. Not such a surprising revelation, you might think, in an environment where males were almost entirely absent. But to my knowledge, such liaisons were rare indeed, and the punishment was horrible for any who were caught together that way. It had only happened twice in my years there.

And now Mrs. Shaw was offering this kind of love to me.

My first impression was one of incomprehension – that this beautiful and sophisticated woman harboured such tendencies seemed strange, given that she had been married to a man and was the mother of three children. Stranger still was the notion that she might feel this way about me, a mere servant girl. But the way she had caressed me was very real, and it made my heart race with trepidation and excitement. If there had ever been any doubt as to what that night was truly about, it evaporated there and then.

We tiptoed past the girls’ rooms and entered Mrs. Shaw’s chamber. She closed and locked the door behind her, and then we were standing facing one another. My mistress slipped the gown from her body and it seemed to melt into a pool of silver around her feet. I turned my gaze from her nudity, every fibre of my being telling me this wasn’t something I was permitted to see.

“Look at me,” she said, and I slowly raised my eyes. “You’ve never seen another grown woman naked, have you?”

I shook my head.

“Then look at me now, Doris. Take a good long look, and do it without shame. I want you to see. Do you understand?”

I did. I understood very well.

She was utterly beautiful. Her skin was a pale alabaster, a small dark birthmark upon one shoulder and another below her navel. Her breasts were petite but full, the nipples dark at their peaks. When my eyes travelled further down, I could only marvel at her child-bearing hips and the thatch of hair they framed so exquisitely.

She allowed me to admire her form a while longer, then urged me to reveal my own secrets. “Take your nightgown off. Let me see you.”

I hesitated briefly, then pulled the gown off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I stepped out of it and stood before her, hands protecting my modesty.

She came towards me and drew my folded arms away from my bosom. “There’s no need to be shy.”

I could see the hunger in her eyes as she took in the sight of me, and for the first time in my life I knew what it was to be an object of desire. She pushed me back towards the bed and I fell into its soft embrace.

“Let’s share one another, Doris,” Mrs. Shaw said, then lay down beside me, cupping my face in her hands. I closed my eyes as I felt her mouth brushing lightly against my own. The kiss was angel-soft, her lips barely there. I, of course, had never been kissed as a lover and found myself enthralled by her gentleness.

Then she grew more insistent, her lips parting, engaging with mine. I matched her movements as best as I was able, my mouth clumsy and hesitant. She nibbled briefly at my lower lip, and when she pressed her mouth to mine again, this time with an increased urgency, I felt her tongue tease at me. I gasped in surprise, and that only encouraged my mistress, allowing her to explore my mouth freely.

A raw heat pulsed through me like a fever, and I desperately wanted to respond in some way, but was too timid and unsure of myself to do much more than lie there and let my mistress have her way with me. Whatever I did, it was sure to be wrong.

But then her lips gently broke away, and I opened my eyes to see her peering down at me. “Was it not enjoyable?” she murmured, stroking my cheek.

I could feel the heat of her naked body, and wondered if I would even be able to speak. Somehow I summoned up the presence to whisper, “It was, Miss. It really was.”

“Then kiss me back, won’t you?” she replied with a gentle laugh. Before I had time to think, her mouth descended upon mine once more.

I was still shy, not sure I was equal to such reckless passion. But she encouraged me, humming approval as my tongue met hers, then drawing me into her mouth. Within moments I was kissing my mistress with a boldness I’d not known I possessed.

As our tongues danced, Mrs. Shaw climbed onto me, sliding a thigh between my legs. I spread myself open, welcoming her. Our breasts touched, nipples brushing together. My arms twined round her back, holding her naked body to my own.

And all the while we kissed and kissed, as if we were feeding on one another. I suppose that we were, in a sense.

Her lips suddenly departed, and a whimper escaped my throat, trailing off into a moan as I felt Mrs. Shaw’s warm mouth graze my neck. I’d never considered there might be other parts of the body made for kisses, besides the face and the hands. Clearly, I had much to learn when it came to the art of making love.

But then her lips journeyed even lower, trailing down my throat and further still to nestle between my breasts. I fixed my gaze on the ceiling, gasping for breath as the sweet face of my mistress pressed ardently against the swell of my bosom.

And when the warmth of her mouth enveloped the tip of my breast, a cry burst from my throat.

It was almost too much to bear. Mrs. Shaw’s tongue swirled about my throbbing nipple as she suckled from me. She shifted to the other breast, drawing it between her lips, and a second wave of ecstasy washed over me. My legs were trembling, and I could do nothing to stop them.

Her teeth raked lightly across my nipple, the small twinge of pain it brought instantly countered by the new surge of pleasure that thrummed through me.

Lifting her face from my titties, Mrs. Shaw moved in to kiss me once more, the full weight of her body now resting upon mine. I responded to my mistress and her attentions as eagerly as I was able, my tongue entwining with hers.

After a long moment she broke away to look down at me, a wry smile on her lips. “My goodness, Doris… I believe you have an instinct for this kind of thing.” I felt her warm hand cup my cheek. “A bit too shy, perhaps… but with time, you could become an incredible lover.”

A mere hour ago, I never would have entertained such a notion. Now, Mrs. Shaw’s words seemed to script out my destiny; fulfil every desire and longing I’d ever harboured. An incredible lover. The very idea thrilled me, made me hunger for everything my lady was willing to share.

She placed one more light kiss upon my lips, but darted away with a teasing smile before I could return it. I gawped as she raised herself into a sitting position to straddle my belly. My eyes were shy, peering into hers for a heartbeat, then flickering downward to study her exquisite form. She allowed me that willingly, hands resting on her hips so I could freely take in the sight of her.

The sudden desire to touch her body, to explore her with my fingers, was urgent and instinctive, but bashfulness stayed my hand, and I could only gaze at her longingly.

She knew my mind, though, and when my mistress reached out to take my trembling hand, pressing it between her own, her eyes never left mine. Then she placed it on her breast.

I cupped the creamy globe in my palm, the softness of it enthralling me, then allowed my hand to trace its curve. When the tips of my fingers lightly brushed the nipple, I was surprised and delighted to feel it stiffen. Mrs. Shaw gently moved my free hand to the other breast, and I found myself exploring both of them.

All I could think of was how much I wanted to kiss those lovely breasts – to suckle my lady’s nipples, just as she had mine. The impulse spoke both of the maternal and the sexual, and the mere thought of indulging in such a forbidden act made me shiver. I was beginning to realise just how powerful a concoction lust and shame could be.

Shyly, I met Mrs. Shaw’s eyes once more. “Please, Miss,” I whispered, licking my lips, “May I… may I kiss them?”

At that, she gave me the warmest of smiles, clearly pleased with my newfound boldness. “You may, Doris. In fact, I insist on it.”

Still straddling me, she brought her titties to my face. I could feel the raw heat of her sex pressing against my belly, but I had little time to think about that when Mrs. Shaw was offering a breast to my parted lips.

Without hesitation, my tongue emerged to lick at the proffered nipple. My mistress responded with a contented sigh. I licked again, and a shiver rippled through her. “Sweet girl,” she moaned. “That feels divine…”

Encouraged by her words, I drew the tip of her breast into my mouth, sucking gently. Mrs. Shaw gripped the headboard tightly, her breasts swaying before me. As I nursed from her, I let my tongue circle the nipple once, twice, thrice, four times. Then, as she had, I moved to the other breast, affording it the same attention. I could feel her heartbeat, racing as frantically as my own, and it thrilled me beyond measure to know that a mere girl like me could bring excitement to such a woman.

Suddenly she drew away, taking her breasts from me, but before I had a chance to feel disappointment, her mouth crushed into mine. My mistress was kissing me with a fierceness that sent hot flushes through my body. She unfastened her hair, and let it spill about our faces. I could smell her now – the sweet musk of clean sweat and arousal.

There was a hunger in her kiss that went far beyond my own adolescent imaginings of love. In the dog-eared romance novels some of the orphanage girls swapped illicitly between one another like contraband, the passions shared by the men and women who populated their pages seemed so… polite, almost formal. Those stories conveyed nothing of the raw urgency that radiated from Mrs. Shaw as her mouth feasted upon mine, nor the fiery heat of her cunny pressing into my flesh.

This was not the timid fumblings of young love, but the unbridled, animal lust of a woman who knew exactly what she wanted and would take it as her due. And I offered my soul up to that lust, opened myself to whatever delights my mistress would have me explore with her. Whatever she wants of me, I thought, my tongue mingling with hers, I will gladly give. 

Mrs. Shaw pulled away breathless, her eyes hungry with desire. “Are you ready to know more, girl?” she purred.

My reply was quick and resolute. “Yes. I am.”

She crawled over me on hands and knees, up towards the headboard, leaving me momentarily confused as to her intentions.

And then she was straddling my face. Her sex was poised just inches above me, every contour, every fold revealed in breathtaking detail. I couldn’t turn my eyes away, and why on earth would I even want to?

Mrs. Shaw touched the soft curls at the junction of her thighs, drawing them away from the smooth folds of her fleshy labia. Her fragrance enveloped me; thick and strong, yet undeniably feminine. She opened her womanhood to let me see the bright pink interior, and how it gleamed with moisture.

“Do you see here?” she asked, a finger sliding along a slender column of flesh, a hood from which a tender pink sliver protruded. “This is called the clitoris. It’s the centre of a woman’s pleasure.” Her fingers parted her labia to leave the sensitive node starkly exposed. “Will you kiss it, Doris?”

I gawped up at my mistress as her words rang through my head, shocked, no – scandalised by what she was asking of me.

To kiss a woman between her legs? Touch my lips to her most secret of places?

My belly quivered with apprehension – but I would not act like a timid child. My lady would have her desire.

Her hand cradled the back of my head and drew me towards her, but it was me who turned my chin upwards, me that firmly pressed my lips to the warm, moist flesh there, imprinting my kiss upon her clitty and making her gasp. I blushed hotly as I paused to sample the musky flavour lingering on my lips. It was an acquired taste, for sure, but one I thought I would quickly come to enjoy very much.

“Again,” Mrs. Shaw demanded breathlessly.

This time I didn’t need her to raise my head. My mouth found her again and I lingered there, exploring the other parts of her cunny with my lips and tongue until she pulled away. I looked up beyond her downy sex, past her belly and the soft curves of her breasts. She was smiling down at me.

“That was exquisite,” she told me, then flashed her eyes. “And now I’ll show you an even nicer way of doing it.”

With that, she twisted her body round, revealing an exquisitely apple-shaped bottom. She leaned forward over me, her hands guiding my thighs apart. Now I was as close and exposed to my mistress as she was to me. Her bottom was partially opened, leaving me a tantalising glimpse of her dusky rosebud. Even that forbidden place held its own undeniable allure.

Mrs. Shaw’s fingers framed my sex, her face dipping down to lay tender kisses on my lower belly. A whimper escaped me, but this was only the beginning of the pleasures to follow. Her soft lips trailed down to my pubis, nuzzling the sparse patch of hair that sprouted there.

I kissed the warm column of one thigh, then the other, my hands rising along her lovely legs to explore the smoothness of her skin before caressing the warm globes of her arse.

I felt her fingers brush my inner thighs, then her mouth was burrowing between them, a soft cry escaping my throat as her kisses adorned my cunny.

While her lips pressed ardently into my core, I grew bolder in my own actions – stroking Mrs. Shaw’s vulva; marvelling at the wetness I found there. I prised her apart as she’d done to me, trying my best to imitate the movements of her mouth and fingers, touching; teasing; tasting.

I could hear my lady’s breath quicken, and feel the small tremors that thrummed through her body. For a few brief moments it wasn’t clear to me what was happening, until I realised with astonishment that she was responding to my clumsy efforts. My head dropped away to gaze hungrily on her glistening sex, but when I brought my mouth to her again, eager to finish what I’d started, she suddenly shifted her weight and turned to face me.

My mistress kissed me, her tongue darting into my mouth. I realised I was tasting myself on her lips, just as she was surely tasting herself on mine. The wine of communion. The thought was a lust-driven blasphemy – and I embraced it wholly.

My body rose to meet hers and she pressed into me, skin upon skin. I could feel her teeth graze my neck, then a sharp nip upon the shoulder. Partake of my flesh. Sweet blasphemy! We writhed against one another, the sheets beneath us warm and damp. I was mad with lust – sick with it.

“Easy, easy!” she urged me breathlessly. “There’s no need to rush.”

I stilled myself as best I could, shaking like a leaf while she pushed my legs apart with her knee, then settled herself between them. When she moved, sliding her body upwards, her pubis tight against my own sex, I couldn’t help but cry out. She ground against me, rocking herself back and forth, causing the most incredible sensations to surge through my being.

I reached round her to cup her bottom, gripping each cheek in my hands so I could press her more firmly down onto my aching cunny. Fresh tendrils of pleasure bloomed, and I gasped with delight, spreading my legs further apart to give her full access to me.

It was exquisite; divine – the gradual, laboured, maddening climb to that pinnacle of pleasure, when every atom screams for release the moment before it arrives. Then that instant of indescribable bliss, when it engulfs you, pierces your sex and drives deep into your soul. Our cries filled the room in a desperate harmony as we came together, until finally my mistress slumped against me exhausted.

I lay in limbo for a timeless moment, feeling a contentment such as I had never known.

The sudden absence of Mrs. Shaw’s weight roused me from my stupor, and I opened my eyes to find her rising from the bed, her lovely arse swaying as she sauntered across the room. She planted herself in the upholstered chair by the dressing table, watching me intently as she slid her buttocks to the edge, then spread her long, slender legs apart.

“Come over here and taste me again, Doris,” she cooed. Leaning back in the chair, she brought both hands up to her breasts and set about kneading them.

As if in a trance, I arose, padding towards her on trembling legs, then kneeling between her pale thighs. My breath quickened as I lowered my face to her thick pubes, the lips of her sex parted just enough to reveal the rosy interior.

“Lick me,” she breathed. “Make me come.”

I searched out her wet centre with my tongue and tasted the sweet honey I found there, supping from her opening flower. As I grew bolder, I went at her more aggressively, enveloping her cunny with my mouth. She cried out, and that only encouraged me further. Moistening a finger, I used it to brush the inflamed nub that she’d had me kiss earlier.

I felt an unexpected surge of pride when Mrs. Shaw climaxed, bucking wildly in her seat, holding my face to her sex until the pounding waves of ecstasy seemed to subside. I drank deep of her essence, savouring the taste until she could take no more.

As I sat back on my haunches, Mrs. Shaw rose to her feet. “Very nice,” she murmured, patting my shoulder. “You should go back to your room now. It wouldn’t do for the girls to find us together like this.”

With that, she bent to gather up her silvery gown. I felt a fresh surge of desire when the rosy cleft of her vulva revealed itself. Already I craved more of her kisses, her soft hands upon my skin, the heat of her womanhood against mine.

Still, it seemed that I’d been dismissed, so picking up my nightgown from the floor, I left Mrs. Shaw’s room and scurried naked down the hallway to the stark silence of my own quarters, where I slipped into my nightie and crawled into bed.

Lying there, the scent of arousal lingering like an echo, a hundred questions whirled wildly through my mind like leaves caught up in the autumn wind. I found myself wishing Mrs. Shaw had offered me at least some token of her affection. Instead, she’d sent me away without so much as a parting kiss. Inexperienced as I was in matters of sex, I had no idea of what to expect from my mistress after our intimacies, and decided it might be best to simply carry on as if everything was normal.

Inside, though, I was a tangle of confused emotions. It had been a strange and extraordinary day, one that had taken me from girlhood to a new maturity in the space of a few hours. I had so much to think about… but a deep drowsiness took hold of me, and I quickly fell into the blissful oblivion of sleep.

Soon to come: Chapter Three!


Stranger in the Family, Chapter 5

  • Posted on June 10, 2024 at 4:38 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first four chapters, please see Stranger in the Family Chapter Links

Disaster befalls the Luna family of four when lightning strikes Walt, the father, and Kelly, the oldest child at eleven. Walt is killed outright, while Kelly is left in a coma that lasts for weeks. She finally emerges, to the overwhelming joy of her mother Linda and nine-year-old sister Gabby – but with no memory of her family or her life, and an altogether different personality. Kelly now speaks fluent Spanish, no longer eats meat and, most crucially, has a serious attraction to women and girls, despite never having had sex of any kind.

At first, Kelly openly flirts with every female in her presence – including her mother, her little sister, her Aunt Jan, and the neighbors: divorced mother Cheryl (Linda’s best friend) and her daughters – sixteen-year-old Ali, and nine-year-old Pam (Gabby’s best friend). But soon Kelly realizes that this direct approach is more apt to make others uncomfortable than entice them into bed, so she tones it down.

However, two members of Kelly’s family are fascinated by the eleven-year-old’s sexual vibe. The first is Gabby, who has already been playing masturbation games with her friend Pam, so Kelly is easily able to begin the seduction of her younger sister. The second is Aunt Jan, who is openly gay but secretly into underage girls, with a hidden library of illegal DVDs to prove it. And while Kelly’s mother Linda is thus far immune to her daughter’s sexual charms, she is thinking quite a lot about lesbian sex after the death of her husband. In fact, we learn that Linda and her sister Jan were lovers back in their teen years… and Jan is hinting she’d like to pick things up where they left off.

Around this time, Kelly visits neighbor Cheryl’s home for the first time since the accident. There, she is unable to restrain herself from coming on to Cheryl’s teen daughter Ali, then Cheryl herself. Kelly comes very close to scoring with Ali, but they get interrupted before it can happen.

The evening, Kelly makes love to Gabby for the first time. But it’s not quite enough to satisfy her appetite, so later, when her mother and little sister are asleep, Kelly slips out of bed and quietly exits her room…

…which brings us to this chapter. Please enjoy.

by Purple Les and JetBoy

Too restless and aroused to sleep, Kelly crept down the hall, thinking about lesbian sex and how to get it this late at night. An idea had occurred to her – risky, sure, but if she could make it happen, the payoff would be worth it and then some.

Upon reaching Gabby’s room, Kelly nudged the door open and peeked inside. Her little sister was sound asleep. Kelly tiptoed over to the bed and gently kissed Gabby’s cheek, then pulled the blanket up to the girl’s chin.

Kelly’s next destination was Linda’s room, where her mom was also dozing peacefully, enough of her upper half exposed to make it clear she was at least topless beneath the covers.

Idly caressing her nipples, Kelly toyed with the idea of carefully uncovering her mother, getting a good look at the woman’s bare body. She had yet to see Linda naked, a desire that had only grown more acute in the past couple of weeks.

Mulling it over, she finally shook her head. If Mom woke up, she’d totally freak out. Especially since I’m not wearing anything myself. 

She settled for kissing her mother’s cheek, just as she’d done for Gabby, turned to go – then paused in mid-motion when spied a basket of clean laundry that Linda hadn’t put away yet. Plucking one of Linda’s long t-shirts off the top, she slipped it on, then hastened downstairs.

Kelly’s sneakers were in the entryway closet. She stepped into them, crept into the kitchen and left the house through the back door, carefully closing it behind her. The night was cool, with a hint of rain in it. Kelly liked the thick sultry feel of the weather.

Wandering to the edge of the back yard, Kelly gazed at the neighboring house where Cheryl, Ali and Pam lived. It was completely dark, except for one upstairs window, and she caught a hint of motion in the room.

Bet that’s Cheryl’s bedroom, Kelly told herself. She stared up at that window, waiting for something to happen.

A few minutes later, A red-haired woman appeared. It was Cheryl, and her breasts were bare. Then another woman wandered into view, but Kelly couldn’t see her well enough to identify. They drifted together in a passionate kiss. Yes! Kelly silently exulted.

She advanced through the neatly manicured lawn to the rear entrance of Cheryl’s house. Finding it locked, she thought for a moment, then lifted up the welcome mat to reveal a key. Kelly unlocked the door, returned the key to its hiding place and went inside.

She bent to unlace her sneakers, stepping out of them. Tingling from head to toe with anticipation, Kelly silently padded up the carpeted stairs.

The door to Ali’s bedroom was open just an inch, a line of amber light spilling into the hallway.

There was nothing to see through the door but a large dresser, but Kelly clearly heard a girl’s voice gasp, “Yeah, Mom… mmmm yes, I’m almost there, d-don’t stop!”

Kelly’s jaw dropped. Good grief… Cheryl’s fucking her daughter! Oh wow, that’s so hot.

She looked across the corridor to Cheryl’s room… sure enough, the door was open and Ali’s mother wasn’t there. Huh. Wonder where Pam is? She tiptoed to the last door down the hall and carefully opened it. There was Pam, sprawled out on her bed in a long t-shirt. She’d kicked her blankets away. Creeping over to where the little girl lay, Kelly lifted the bottom of Pam’s t-shirt high enough to see that she was wearing panties.

Too bad, she thought. Oh, well… now that me and Gabby are having sex, I’ll get to see Pam naked soon enough. The next time those two get together, I bet Gabs tells her everything!

Backing out into the hall, Kelly gently closed the door, then padded back to Ali’s room. Standing near the opening, she could hear everything clearly.

“My goodness… I haven’t seen you come that hard in a long time,” Cheryl said. “What had you so worked up?”

“Hanging out with Kelly, Mom,” Ali replied. “God… that girl is a firecracker!”

“She is,” Cheryl said. “When she asked to touch my breasts, I thought she was joking at first. And when she started telling me what you two had been doing, I nearly lost it! So, tell me again, sweetie… what did you and Kelly get up to?”

“Um. she asked to touch my tits, too,” Ali replied. “Of course, I let her.”

“Oh, of course.”

“Then she wanted to lick my pussy. I mean, really wanted to! I felt like maybe I shouldn’t do stuff with Kelly, ‘cause of her accident… like, it would be taking advantage of her, y’know? But she was soooo fucking sexy! I couldn’t resist. I got naked for her, and she was just about to go down on me when you knocked.”

“Did she undress, too?” Cheryl asked her sixteen-year-old daughter.

“Oh, yeah – I forgot to tell you that. She took her top off. No tits yet, but the cutest little nipples…” Ali sighed. “She kept her jeans on, though. God, I’d love a good look at that hot little ass of hers.” A pause. “Would it be bad if I did stuff with Kelly, Mom? After what happened to her?”

“No, it’s okay, hon. It’s plain to see that she really, really wants to fuck. If Kelly offers to lick your pussy again, go for it.”

Ali laughed. “What about you, Mom? If she hits on you again, what happens then?”

“Oh, I’ll have that little tease riding my face before she can finish getting the words out,” Cheryl said. “By the way, were your sister and Gabby doing anything exciting when you went downstairs to get them? You never said.”

“It was way hot, Mom. They were in the playroom with their pants and panties down, kissing and touching each other’s pussies.”

Cheryl moaned. “Ohhhh, yes… They were kissing? That’s something new.”

“I know! Gabby showed her how. Pam told me about it while you were getting supper ready. Oh, and Gabby knows I taught Pam how to masturbate. And get this: Gabby wants to see me naked. Pam told her she’d ask me if I’d let her have a look.”

“And your answer was…?” Cheryl’s breath was getting short, so Kelly figured she was touching her cunt, or letting Ali do it for her.

“I told her I’d think about it. I wanted to find out what you thought, Mom.”

“T-tell Pam yes, Gabby can see you naked,” Cheryl moaned. “You should all undress together. Fuck! Just thinking about you and those two little girls, taking your c-clothes off, letting them look at your body… shit, I’m about to come!”

“You want to do it with them both – huh, Mom? Two pretty little-nine year-old girls. And one of them is your own daughter. That’s so totally perverted. I bet you’re thinking about it right now!”

“I am thinking about it. My pretty Pam, ooooohhh, such a sexy child. I’ve wanted her f-for so long…”

“Soon, Mom,” Ali said, “We’re gonna make it happen. You, me, Pam… Gabby and Kelly, too. We’ll all be lovers.”

“Ohhhhhh, sweetheart! I’m – I’m – I’M…” Cheryl gave a choked cry.

“Come for me, Mom.”

As deep moans of unleashed ecstasy issued from the bedroom, a grinning Kelly crept back down the stairs, considering her next move.

When she entered the family room, Kelly spied the TV remote on the coffee table. She seated herself on the couch, picked up the device and turned on the large flat screen set.

Traveling through the channels, Kelly soon found an adult network. Cool! Good for you, Cheryl, she thought. Those kinds of channels were blocked on the TV at home.

Seeking out a lesbian movie, Kelly hit the PLAY button, turning up the volume so it was sure to be heard upstairs. She shrugged out of the outsized t-shirt she wore, leaving her naked, then began to rub her slit as she watched five women in a daisy chain.

Upstairs, Cheryl lay stretched out on the bed, recovering from her orgasm. Ali was nuzzling her mother’s breasts, occasionally giving them playful little bites.

Suddenly Ali sat up, eyes wide. “Mom! I hear someone downstairs.”

They were silent for a moment, hearing the music that drifted up the stairs from the living room.

“Did I forget to turn off the TV?” Cheryl asked herself, then shook her head. “No. I shut it off, I’m positive!”

“M-maybe it’s Pam?” Ali offered, but she didn’t believe it. Her little sister was an incredibly sound sleeper who never got up in the middle of the night, not even for the toilet.

Quietly rising from the bed, Cheryl picked her silk robe up from the floor, where she’d discarded it upon entering her daughter’s room, and quickly slipped into it. She stepped into the hall and tiptoed down to Pam’s room, where she found her youngest sound asleep.

Turning back, Cheryl saw Ali hesitantly enter the hallway, a towel wrapped around her bare body.

Holding a finger to her lips, Cheryl whispered, “Get the phone and follow me. Stay a few feet behind, and be ready to dial 911. I’ll take a quick peek downstairs. If I wave my hand at you, call for the police.”

A moment later, Cheryl cautiously made her way down the stairs, with Ali lingering at the top. Reaching the bottom, she took a few steps toward the living room. Her eyes widened in surprise when she saw the image of two nude women sixty-nining on the TV screen.

As her eyes adjusted to the glow of the screen, she saw a figure on the couch. Carefully drawing closer, Cheryl realized it was her neighbor’s daughter Kelly, completely nude and fiddling between her legs. The girl’s nightshirt was draped over the sofa arm.

What on earth…? Cheryl asked herself. Oh my God, she’s getting off to lesbian porn! She paused to take in the incredible sight, watching the little girl rub her slit. Jesus, that’s so fucking hot.

Taking a few steps back, a grinning Cheryl beckoned her daughter downstairs. Wait until she sees this!

With a sigh of relief, Ali hastened to join her mother. “What’s going on, Mom?”

“Come and see,” Cheryl whispered. “Don’t make any noise.” They advanced into the family room.

Ali gasped when she saw a nude eleven-year-old Kelly on their couch, masturbating to the image of two naked women grinding their cunts together, their moans filling the room.

“Stay here,” Cheryl murmured, then drew closer to the panting girl. “Kelly, honey?”

Looking up at her mother’s friend, Kelly smiled. “Hi, Cheryl.”

“Is everything okay?” Cheryl asked as she came closer. “What are you doing, sweetheart?”

“I’m watching this sexy movie,” Kelly said.

“Um, well… I can see that. Looks like you’re really enjoying it, too. What I meant was… well, why are you watching it here?” As she spoke, Ali drifted into view, standing next to her mother.

“Oh, Cheryl,” Kelly sighed, “I was feeling so lonely all of a sudden, and Mom and Gabby are both asleep. I just wanted to come over here and hang out with you and Ali.” She nodded toward the television. “But when I saw your TV, I had to see if you’ve got the adult channels. Mom has those blocked in our house.” She continued to masturbate, glancing from Ali and Cheryl to the screen.

Still astonished, Cheryl shook her head. “So you sat down and…”

Kelly nodded. “I just wanted to know… but when I found this movie, I couldn’t help it. I had to make myself come. Soon as I was finished, I was gonna come up and look for you guys, honest! I saw your light on, so I knew you were still awake.”

“Kelly… I really need to call Linda, and let her know you’re here,” Cheryl said.

Please don’t,” Kelly begged. “I really came over here to… well, I wanted to ask you both a big favor.”

“What’s that?”

“Can you fuck me? I don’t want to be a virgin anymore,” Kelly said, gazing longingly into the woman’s eyes. “I’m afraid to do it myself, and I don’t like boys that way. You’re so beautiful, and I know you’d be gentle with me. Please? I’ll never tell, cross my heart.”

Cheryl gaped at the eleven-year-old, then at Ali. The look of desire in her daughter’s eyes was unmistakable. Ali wants this, Cheryl told herself. And damn it, so do I. If I let this chance pass me by, I’ll never stop regretting it.

Then her conscience weighed in. Can you really do this… have sex with Linda’s child? She’s still a little girl; hasn’t even had her period yet! It’s one thing to get yourself off thinking about Kelly, but taking her virginity? Think about the risk – you’d be putting your life on the line!

Cheryl pondered Kelly’s offer; weighing her sexual appetite against the consequences of sex with an underage girl. Finally, she reached a decision.

Taking the phone from Ali, she entered Linda’s number.


Linda was abruptly jolted from a deep sleep. Fumbling for her phone, she checked the caller ID and answered. “Cheryl? What’s wrong?”

“Everything’s okay.” Cheryl began. “Sorry to wake you, but, um, I had to let you know that Kelly’s here.”

“What? Wait, hang on!” Linda exclaimed. Before Cheryl could reply, Linda scrambled out of her bed and raced down the hall to Kelly’s room. Sure enough, her bed was empty, and a glance into Gabby’s room told her that Kelly wasn’t there, either.

Linda went to retrieve her phone, then realized she was still clutching it. “Why is she there?” she asked.

“She had a bad dream,” said Cheryl, giving Kelly a knowing smile. “You were asleep, so she wandered over here. I was still awake, so I guess she saw the light in my room.”

“Listen… she’s not naked, is she?”

How did she know that? Cheryl thought, but managed to laugh. “Naked? Of course not. She was wearing an extra-large t-shirt.”

“That used to belong to Walt,” Linda sighed. “Thanks so much for calling. I’ll be right over to get her.”

“Oh, there’s no need,” Cheryl said, giving Kelly a wink. “I already tucked her into the foldout bed in the study, and she’s sound asleep. Why not just let her stay put?”

“That would be so nice of you,.” Linda said. “You really don’t mind?”

“Don’t be silly! She’s always welcome here. I’ll send her home first thing tomorrow. Now get yourself back to bed and stop worrying.”

“Thanks so much, Cheryl. Good night.”

“Good night, Linda.”

Ending the call, Linda breathed a sigh of relief. She placed her phone on the nightstand and crawled back into bed.

Only now, she was wide awake. Shit – I’m too keyed up. As Linda tried to relax, the urge to masturbate came over her.

Oh, why not. It’ll help me get to sleep, Linda reasoned as she slipped out of her nightshirt and panties.

Cupping both breasts, Linda gently teased her nipples to aching stiffness, then she trailed a hand down her torso until it rested on her cunt. She began with one finger, sliding it up and down the moist cleft, opening herself up for more.

A memory suddenly flashed in her mind like lightning. She was standing in Kelly’s door, startled by the sight of her oldest daughter masturbating. God, the way she smiled at me, Linda thought. Like she didn’t even mind that I caught her in the act. 

Then she recalled what had occurred a few nights later, how she’d watched Gabby doing the very same thing. Her precious little girl, completely naked, fondling her bare slit. Much as Linda hated to admit it, the sight had aroused her. After all, I wasn’t much older than that when my sister and I started fooling around, she told herself.

That particular memory sent a wave of intense longing rushing through her. Damn, I miss Jan. Walt was a good, kind man and a wonderful husband, and my life isn’t the same without him… but he never satisfied me in bed the way my sister used to. 

Maybe it’s time for Jan and me to be lovers again. The very idea made her desire soar even higher.

Linda was plunging two fingers in and out of her sodden cunt, the liquid sound of her frantic thrusts beating out a hard rhythm to accompany her ragged breathing.

Once again, she wondered if Kelly and Gabby were experimenting with one another, just like she and her sister had. God, those were such lovely times. Never knew such excitement. What an incredible new world for two curious young girls to explore! 

Her longing for Jan seemed to grow stronger by the second. Oh, Jan, I love you… please, PLEASE fuck me like you used to.

Just like that, she was immersed in the fantasy. The two of them were in bed, naked and in heat, sharing caresses and deep, forceful kisses.

Jan flips me onto my back and licks a pathway down between my breasts. She’s hungry for little sister’s cunt… and I’m ready for her to taste it.

Suddenly Linda pictured her daughters standing nearby, watching them fuck.

The girls were both nude. Kelly was hugging Gabby from behind, a hand tucked between her baby sister’s thighs, two fingers gliding up and down the child’s virgin sex. Their eyes were glued to the lewd spectacle of Mommy, doing sexy things with Aunt Jan.

In Linda’s mind’s eye, she saw Gabby twist around to smile at her big sister… and Kelly kissed the happy nine-year-old, her tongue circling the girl’s mouth.

That was enough to spur Linda into a racking orgasm, one that shook her body like a rag doll in the grip of an angry child. She forced her fingers as deep as they could go, moving them around to grind against the walls of her vagina, all the while stimulating her clit with the thumb of the other hand.

It was a long, frantic ride, but it finally began to slow, then ease to a gradual halt. Linda lay quietly but for the hoarse sawing of her breath. In, out, in, out… she eased into the rhythm of it, growing drowsy.

As the tide gently carried her away, it occurred to Linda that maybe she shouldn’t be having sex fantasies that involved her underage daughters. But before her mind could apply itself to the right or wrong of it, she’d fallen into a sound sleep.


Setting her phone down, Cheryl joined Kelly on the couch, while Ali parked herself on a nearby ottoman.

“Are you sure that’s what you want, Kelly?” Cheryl asked, resting a hand on the girl’s shoulder. “To… to lose your virginity? And you want us to do it for you.”

Kelly nodded. “It’s totally what I want.” She looked from Cheryl to Ali. “I know you guys are having sex with each other, and it gets me crazy hot. I can’t think of anything better than having my first real fuck with a mom and daughter at the same time!”

Cheryl glanced at Ali. Her daughter was grinning hugely, the girl’s eyes dancing in anticipation. “Well, then,” she said, getting to her feet. “I suppose we should go upstairs.”

They made their way up to Ali’s bedroom, Cheryl leading Kelly by the hand.

Once she’d eased the door shut behind them, Cheryl murmured, “Kelly, if we do this with you, it’s really important that you don’t make a lot of noise. Pam is a pretty sound sleeper, but we still don’t want to risk waking her. She doesn’t know about me and Ali.”

“What if Pam did wake up, though?” said Kelly. “I bet she’d want to join in. She and my sister are doing sexy stuff together, y’know.”

“Sure,” Cheryl replied. “But I don’t think she’s quite ready to have sex with her mother or sister.”

We want her to, though!” Ali exclaimed.

“Maybe someday,” said Cheryl, followed by a wistful sigh.

Sprawling out on the king-size bed, Kelly began to masturbate, gently fingering her moist slit. “You’re both so… so hot!” she said, her gaze shifting from one to the other. “I liked seeing you naked before, Ali.”

Cheryl grinned. “Want to see her that way again?”

“Oh yes, please.”

Taking hold of Ali’s towel, Cheryl gently pulled it away, revealing her daughter’s nude body. Kelly moaned in delight as Cheryl began to fondle Ali’s breasts and hard nipples.

After a few kisses, Cheryl reached down and opened Alicia’s cunt with her fingers. “So… you wanted to lick my little girl’s pussy?”

Kelly’s face was flushed and her eyes half closed. She nodded. “Yeah. I did.”

“But then I interrupted you… didn’t I?”

Kelly took a deep breath before she answered, fighting to keep her voice steady. “You sure did, Cheryl. I almost had my tongue in Ali’s cunt, then you knocked on the door. I don’t know why she made me stop. How long have you and your mom been having sex, Ali?”

Mother and daughter glanced at each other. Cheryl gave a small nod, and Ali said, “A little over three years now.” She paused. “I was twelve when we first did it.”

So fucking hot,” Kelly moaned, She licked her lips and whispered, “Take your mom’s robe off, Ali. I want to see you naked together.”

Ali looked at Cheryl, who closed her eyes and let both arms fall to her side, smiling as she waited to be undressed. Pulling the sash on her mother’s robe, Ali slowly opened it before Kelly’s eager eyes as if she was unveiling a work of art, then pushed the silken garment over Cheryl’s shoulders, letting it slide down to the carpet.

Getting to her feet, Kelly walked in a slow circle around the two women. “You guys have such nice asses,” she said. “Seems to me that redheads always look really good from behind.” They were all nude. Hands on hips, she asked, “What about me? Do I look sexy with my clothes off? Do you like girls my age?”

Ali couldn’t restrain herself for another second. Without a word, she knelt before the young girl, put both hands on her slim hips and placed a tender kiss on Kelly’s bare labia, followed by a tiny lick.

Kelly gasped, and Cheryl said, “As you can see by Ali’s reaction… yeah, we love young girls.” Cheryl moved closer and, putting a hand on Kelly’s bare shoulder, added, “You’re absolutely luscious, Kelly. I’ve wanted you for years. I saw you in your little one-piece bathing suit when you were, I don’t know, seven or eight… and it made me so hot that I had to go up to my room and finger my cunt until I came while I watched you playing through my bedroom window. Now I’m finally going to fuck you.”

“And me!” exclaimed Ali, looking up at the younger girl. “I only wish Gabby could be here, too. I can’t decide which one of you gets me hotter!”

Kelly snickered. “So you like little girls, huh? Well, I know you taught your sister how to make herself come. Then she showed Gabby how. You and Pam touch your pussies together, huh? And then you go tell your mom all about it, I bet.”

“Every detail,” Cheryl answered with a smirk. “Then my big girl and I fuck each other silly.” She reached down to cup her daughter’s breast, then gave the nipple a playful tweak. Ali whimpered, her face resting against the softness of the eleven-year-old’s tummy.

Kelly gave a happy sigh as Ali trailed a finger along the crease of her sex. “But you haven’t licked Pam yet.”

“Not yet,” Ali answered, a bit impatient to get started on that pretty bare slit, so tantalizingly close to her lips. “But I want to… God, I want to!”

“I’ve licked Gabby’s pussy,” Kelly said. “It’s soooo sweet.” She seated herself on the end of the bed, legs spread wide apart. “If you want, Ali, you can do that to me while I tell your mom something.”

Still on her knees, Ali moved between Kelly’s thighs, bending down to lick over and around the young girl’s smooth slit. Loving the thick, earthy flavor, she pressed her mouth to the vaginal opening and eased her tongue inside

Cheryl moved closer to get a better view, and Kelly told her. “I’m gonna get Pam and Gabby to fool around with me really soon. Maybe tomorrow.” Putting her feet up on the bed, she spread her legs even wider, giving Ali full access to her cunt.

“Think about it, Cheryl,” Kelly continued. “Instead of just hearing about what they do, you can see Gabby and Pam fuck.”

Cheryl moaned, overwhelmed by images of underage lesbian sex. Her breath grew ragged as she pictured herself naked and in bed with two little girls, one of them her own child. It was an intensely powerful fantasy, the kind of forbidden scenario she’d masturbated to for years.

Kelly went on, her breath getting short as Ali went down on her. “I can make it happen. I already showed Gabby how girls have sex… and we c-can both teach Pam. Ooooohh, yeah… After that, it’ll be easy to bring Ali into it. Pretty soon, you – you’ll have all four of us m-making love to you. Oh. Oh, fuck. How’s that sound, Cheryl?”

Groping her throbbing pussy with one hand, Cheryl panted, “Yes. Oh, absolutely. I like that idea!”

“And it’ll happen, I, I promise. Mmmmm… an’ all I want from you is to fuck me first. Fuck me for real!” Kelly gasped, rolling her eyes.

Cheryl stared at the trembling eleven-year-old, weighing her options. Can I really do this? Break the hymen of a girl this young? She shook her head. Silly question. Of course I will. I’m taking a big chance, yeah… but how on earth can I resist the prize she’s offering? God, just the thought of finally getting Pam into bed! I’d run any risk for that.

“Alicia, sweetheart,” she told her daughter, “Don’t make Kelly come just yet. Let’s save it for when we’re giving her what she wants.”

“Cool!” Kelly squealed, gleefully clapping her hands. “Thank you, Cheryl!”

“My pleasure,” Cheryl replied. “Now scoot back some. If we’re doing this, you need to be lying all the way down.”

“Oh, yeah. Duh,” Kelly muttered. Ali sat back as the younger girl quickly arranged herself on the bed, both legs spread wide. “How’s this?”

“Perfect,” said Cheryl.

“Totally,” Ali echoed. Quickly crawling between Kelly’s thighs, she buried her tongue in the girl’s cunt, blissfully humming with each lick she took.

Cheryl looked on approvingly at the lewd scene, then stretched out alongside Kelly. “We’re gonna rock your world, kiddo,” she purred, just before plunging her tongue into the young girl’s mouth.

Kelly eagerly returned the ardent kiss, sucking on Cheryl’s tongue. Meanwhile, Cheryl began to toy with the barely-there mounds of her new lover’s breasts, rolling the nipples between finger and thumb.

Before long, Kelly had to tear her mouth away from Cheryl’s, panting for breath. “Oh, w-wow!” she gasped.

“Oh, we’re just getting warmed up, little girl,” said Cheryl. “I want a taste of you, too.”

Crawling down to the foot of the bed, she tapped Ali’s shoulder. When the girl looked up, Cheryl claimed her daughter’s mouth in a lustful kiss, then whispered, “It’s my turn, hon.”

“Sure, okay.” Ali shifted to one side, inviting her mother to feast.

As Cheryl moved in to take that first luscious lick, Ali slid up toward the headboard, took Kelly in her arms and began to kiss and fondle the girl.

When she tasted her own pussy on Ali’s tongue, Kelly moaned into their kiss. Fast approaching orgasm, she whimpered in frustration when, without warning, Cheryl raised her head.

Reaching into her daughter’s nightstand and feeling her way through the drawer’s contents, Cheryl took out a slender white vibrator, which she applied to Kelly’s clit for a moment. Twisting the base, she turned the toy on and began to run the pulsing tip around the eleven-year-old’s slit.

“Oh, yeah!” Kelly gasped. “That’s so f-fucking good.”

“Just you wait.” With that, Cheryl began to wriggle the buzzing toy into the child’s snug vagina.

“Ohhhhhhh,” Kelly cried, a shudder racing through her thin body.

Cheryl fed about an inch of the vibrator inside, withdrew it until only the tip remained, then penetrated Kelly again. In and out she went, going further with each careful stroke until the toy reached the barrier of  the girl’s hymen.

“Yeah, Mom.” Ali said in a hushed whisper. “Fuck her. She’s ready for it.” She was cradling Kelly’s head in her lap.

“Yeah!” Kelly urged, “Do it, Cheryl. Fuck me!”

Turning the vibe up a notch, Cheryl began to use shorter, harder thrusts. Kelly drew both knees up, holding her legs as far apart as she could. Now Cheryl could see the little girl’s anus, and found herself unable to resist reaching out and to stroke it with a fingertip.

“Mmmmm, Cheryl… I – I love you,” Kelly stammered, her face a portrait of raw desire. “Please, please go into me. Do it, be my first fuck!”

Biting her lower lip, Cheryl pushed through the girl’s hymen. Kelly gave a sharp scream of pain. Cheryl froze, then a smile slowly crossed her face as Kelly’s cry trailed into a whimper of ecstasy.

“Uh, yeah, Cheryl, oh, oh, oh yeah!” Kelly gasped out. “K-keep going.”

Emboldened by the young girl’s willingness to be taken, Cheryl fell into a steady tempo, working the sex toy back and forth, back and forth.

“Huh, huh, huh…” Kelly exhaled, in time with the pumping of her grownup lover’s arm. A sudden jerk shook her boyish frame, then she screamed again. But this time, there was only rapture. Kelly’s body was twitching, the child’s cries rising to a choked howl, then growing softer and slower as she came down from her orgasm, eventually collapsing in a sodden heap.

Cheryl switched the vibrator off and cautiously withdrew it. She was unable to tear her eyes away from Kelly’s face, somehow lovelier than ever in the aftermath of rapture. When she finally examined the toy, it was streaked a watery red.

Getting to her feet, the older woman padded into the bathroom, where she washed the vibrator clean, then moistened a washcloth, which she took back into the bedroom and used to wipe away the small amount of blood that stained Kelly’s sex and inner thighs.

Ali cuddled and fondled the younger girl while Cheryl cleaned her. “Just wait,” Kelly told the teen, “Soon you’ll not only be licking your little sister, but mine, too.”

Taking a long, luxurious stretch, Cheryl murmured, “Well, I guess we’d better get some rest. It’s late.”

“Not yet!” was Kelly’s response. “I still want to fuck you guys. Okay?”

Mother and daughter looked appreciatively at Kelly. Her slim build, that long sandy hair spilling over her shoulders. Those barely-there breasts and the sweet, smooth cleft of her pussy. The long tanned legs. But what really got them was the hunger Cheryl and Ali saw in the girl’s sparkling eyes.

When Kelly added, “Please? I really want to taste you – both of you. I – I’ll die if you don’t let me.” She was kneeling on the bed, both hands clasped together.

Ali and Cheryl looked at each other, then back at Kelly. “Well… I’m into it, Mom,” Ali said.

“Far be it from me to pass up a chance to get licked,” Cheryl chuckled. “Okay, Kelly – we’re all yours.”

The younger girl’s face was shining like the sun. Turning to Ali, she said, “I’ll get to your pussy soon, I promise. But first, I want to fuck your mom.”

“That’s cool,” Ali replied. “I totally want to see this!”

“Sure, Kelly.” Cheryl said. After all, she had yet to come that evening, though she’d been awfully close a few times. “Do whatever you want,” she added, cupping her sex.

“Get up on your hands and knees,” Kelly murmured, licking her lips.

Cheryl meekly complied, tingling all over as she wondered what this bold little girl had in mind for her.

“You’re so lucky, Ali,” said Kelly. Stationing herself next to Cheryl, the nude eleven-year old reached down to fondle the woman’s heavy breasts. ”I wish my mom was as fun and sexy as yours.”

“I think your mom is way hot,” Ali protested. “I’d do her in a heartbeat!”

“Yeah, I s’pose… but she isn’t into girls,” Kelly replied with a shrug. “Guess she misses my father too much.” She scooted beneath the kneeling Cheryl, her face directly below those generous breasts. “Oh, I still want to fuck Mother, if I can. I think maybe my Aunt Jan will let me have sex with her… if that happens, she can help me with Mother.” Parting her lips, she took Cheryl’s right nipple into her mouth to suck.

“Your mother’s sister Jan?” Cheryl shook her head. “Jesus, Kelly. Are there any women or girls out there who you aren’t trying to get into bed?”

Kelly giggled. “I can’t think of any!” Going up on her knees, she moved behind Cheryl and gave the woman’s shapely buttocks a few playful slaps with the palm of her hand. Not hard, just firmly enough to make a satisfying smack. Cheryl didn’t complain; just thrust her backside out even further.

Instead of spanking Cheryl again, Kelly began to pepper her bottom with kisses, purring with joy as she nuzzled the tender flesh. “So soft,” she sighed, then glanced over at Ali, who was working two fingers in and out of her cunt. “Hey, Ali,” she said, “what’s the wildest thing your mom likes to do when you two fuck? Anything really dirty?”

“You’re nearly doing it now,” Ali replied. “Mom’s a total ass freak. It’s not really my thing, but she loves to get her butthole licked.”

Kelly studied the woman’s ass closely. Putting both hands on the woman’s cheeks, she carefully spread them apart. “Is that true, Cheryl?” she asked.

“Yes, it is,” Cheryl whimpered, trembling in anticipation.

Taking a deep breath, Kelly gently blew into Cheryl’s ass crack. “Oh, God,” the older woman moaned. “Oh, my God.”

“Your butthole is so pretty,” Kelly cooed. “Like a little star.” With that, she bent to press her lips to Cheryl’s anus in an open-mouthed kiss. A moment later, the eager little girl licked the tight hole, and Cheryl slumped forward with an ecstatic groan. She buried her face in a pillow, ass jutting out while Kelly rimmed her.

Ali fucked herself even harder, her hand a blur as she watched Kelly tongue-fuck her mother.

Kelly finally raised her face, saying, “Cool. You really like that, huh? I can tell by how wet your pussy is.” Slapping Cheryl’s ass once more, she added, “I better give your cunt some love, too.”

Ali looked on in disbelief as Kelly arranged the fingers on her right hand into a sort of cone shape, then pushed them into Cheryl’s pussy. Twisting her wrist from side to side, it took the girl less than a minute to get her entire hand inside.

Somehow managing to stifle a scream, Cheryl gasped, “Oh, fuck yeah, Kelly. How’d you know? Fuck me hard, ooooohh, stick that hand in n-nice and deep. Oh, God, yeah! Oh, so good, d-don’t stop fucking me..!”

Eyes blazing with determination, Kelly fucked the forty-year-old woman, her arm pumping like a piston in and out of Cheryl’s hot, swampy vagina. “You like this, huh? A little girl’s hand in your pussy? Wow, you’re a  great big pervert.”

“Yes, yes I am,” Cheryl panted. “I c-can’t help myself. Even when I was a, a teenager, I’d fall in love with young girls. By the time Ali was four, I already knew I wanted t-to take her to bed. Oh, Kelly, yesssss! Fuck me, you little m-motherfucker.”

Kelly continued to ravage Cheryl’s cunt with her right hand, then brought the left down on the woman’s ass, the loud crack going off like a gunshot. Cheryl moaned, a hard shudder shaking her frame.

“You like that, don’t you?” Kelly growled.

“Oh, yes, God, yes.”

“Then come for me, you dirty bitch.” Kelly said. “Feel how deep my hand is in your cunt. Go ahead, come. Let your daughter see what a slut her mommy is.”

With those words, Cheryl went iron-rigid for a few seconds, then began to tremble and sob and gasp. She snatched at the bedclothes with both hands and, burying her face in them, screamed into the bed. Finally Cheryl collapsed on her side, curled into a ball, Kelly’s hand still filling her vagina. Nearby, Ali was writhing through her own orgasm, practically mauling her cunt.

Kelly gently stroked Cheryl’s back. “You had a good come, huh?”

Her eyes closed, Cheryl mumbled, “Mm-hmm. Ssssso good.”

“That makes me really happy,” Kelly cooed, all sweetness again. “Thanks for letting me do that to you, Cheryl. I loved it!”

There was a small refrigerator on the left hand side of the bed. Opening its door and reaching inside, Ali produced a bottle of water. She unscrewed the cap and handed it to her mother, who drained half the contents in a gulp. Cheryl then offered it to Kelly, who took a few swallows before passing the bottle to Ali to finish.

Setting the empty on top of the fridge, Ali leaned back against the headboard, propped up by several pillows, legs extended. Kelly thoughtfully studied the older girl, moistening her lips, then quickly straddled Ali’s lap, claiming her mouth in a hungry kiss.

Abruptly breaking away, she said, “Move your legs apart, Ali… I’m gonna lick your pussy now!” Rising to her feet, Kelly got down between the older girl’s parted thighs.

An awed Cheryl watched the scene unfold. It’s definitely happening, yeah… but it seems so incredibly unreal. Like something out of an illegal porn film. Ali was cupping her breasts, whimpering in ecstasy as Kelly’s tongue teased her slit.

Despite having climaxed just a few minutes earlier, Cheryl’s cunt was beginning to tingle and throb all over again. Of course, I am watching an eleven-year-old cutie go down on my daughter. And she wants to do the same to Pam, don’t forget that. As she pictured Kelly making love to her nine-year-old, Cheryl began to masturbate.

Kelly raised her head, looking over her shoulder at Cheryl. “You’re not done yet,” she said. “I licked your butthole… now come do that to me.” With that, she returned to her task, feasting on every bit of Ali’s sweet pussy.

Without a word, Cheryl moved forward, placing both hands on Kelly’s flawless bottom. Ali tugged at her nipples as she watched her mother carefully spread the little girl’s cheeks apart.

It was a breathtaking sight. Cheryl felt positively giddy as she gazed lovingly at Kelly’s pretty holes – the pink cleft of her sex, the darker whorl of her anus. God, she’s perfect, absolutely perfect.

Bending down, Cheryl began to kiss Kelly’s buttocks, basking in the enticing scent of the girl. She gave the left cheek a playful bite, then grinned when Kelly squealed in surprise – the sound muffled by Ali’s pussy, of course.

Cheryl ran her tongue across Kelly’s rump, then delved into the crack, licking her way to the child’s rosebud. She pressed against the taut pucker, seeking entry. Kelly whimpered her approval, sucking on Ali’s clit all the while.

Ali was studying Kelly’s face, fascinated by the dreamy light she perceived in the eleven-year-old’s eyes. It was an amazing thing to see – a little girl experiencing hardcore lesbian sex and loving it. Wonder if Pam will look like that when we fuck? Ali asked herself.

In the last few weeks, the desire she held for her younger sister had hardened into an obsession… and now Kelly was promising to help get Pam into her bed. Just imagining it was nearly enough to make Ali come, especially with this sexy nymph doing amazing things to her clit.

Seconds later, she was coming, barely remembering to stifle her ecstatic cries by clamping a hand over her mouth. Cheryl raised her head to watch her daughter’s orgasm, gently slipping a finger into Kelly’s rectum.

Kelly shivered when she was penetrated, but kept licking Ali’s pussy until the older girl pushed her head away, gasping “Okay, th-that’s enough.” Staring in awe at her underage lover, she murmured, “Oh, yeah, girl. I’m gonna keep that mouth of yours busy.”

Cheryl withdrew her finger from Kelly’s ass. “We’re going to wear you out, sweetheart. I think we all need to get some rest.”

“No, not yet!” Kelly protested, “I still want to…”

“Hush, now,” Cheryl said, interrupting the girl with a kiss., “Whatever you want, we’ll do it with you, I promise. But not tonight. It’s late, we’re sleepy, and tomorrow is another day.”

Ali moved to give their guest a kiss. “Oh, Kelly… that was amazing. You’re already an incredible lover.”

“Just you wait! I’m gonna teach everything I know to Pam and Gabby. They’ll be just as good as me!” She giggled. “Well… nearly as good!”

“Let me know when that happens,” Ali said, then gave an enormous yawn. “Well, I’m wiped out, so it’s time for me to turn in.” The naked teen crawled beneath the sheets.

“Goodnight, sweetheart.” Cheryl bent to kiss her daughter’s cheek.

“Thanks for everything, Ali,” Kelly said. “I loved making love with you.”

“Me too,” Ali said, her voice trailing into a deep yawn. “G’night, Kelly. G’night, Mom.”

Cheryl led Kelly from the room, turning out the light as she went, then gently closing the door. “Okay, Kelly… let’s get you settled in for the night. I’ll put you on the fold-out couch.”

“Aw,” the child pouted. “How come I can’t sleep with you?”

“Well, for one thing, Pam sometimes gets up before I do… and let’s face it, I’d have a hell of a time explaining why I’ve got the neighbor’s daughter in bed with me, and why she happens to be completely naked. Besides, if you slept with me, we’d just end up fucking again. That’s what you’re hoping for… isn’t it, you little schemer?”

“Um… yeah, kinda,” Kelly replied with a sheepish grin. “But, I mean…do you blame me? Sex is the best thing ever!”

”And you’ll get to do it again,” Cheryl said, giving the child’s bottom a pat. “I think that you and Ali are going to become new best friends. Which means you’ll be spending a lot of time hanging out here.”

“Okay, yeah. That sounds great!”

Cheryl took Kelly to the hall bathroom, where she gave the girl a new toothbrush, and they took turns brushing their teeth, then using the toilet.

“I’m in the mood for a shower,” Cheryl said. “Want to join me?”

“Sure!” Kelly replied with a delighted grin. Cheryl switched on the water, and they climbed into the tiled cubicle together.

The sight of the child’s bare body glistening with wetness, quickly revived Cheryl’s desire, especially when they were soaping one another. Somehow, she managed to confine their activities to a few passionate kisses, though a mischievous Kelly spent a little extra time washing the older woman’s cunt and anus.

Finally they emerged, their bodies a rosy pink, and toweled each other down.

“There we go. Now let’s get you tucked in!” They padded back to Cheryl’s room to retrieve Kelly’s t-shirt, then descended the stairs to the study, where Cheryl made up the sofa bed for her.

Kelly slipped beneath the sheet. “Thank you for making love to me, Cheryl… you and Ali,” she said. “It was wonderful.”

“My pleasure, sweetie,” Cheryl replied. “You get some rest, now.” She bent to kiss the little girl’s cheek, turned the light out, and returned to her room.

As she settled into bed, Cheryl marveled at the turn her evening had taken. I don’t know what changed Kelly, to make her the way she is now… but she’s the best thing to happen to me in ages. Something tells me that she’s going to take this family on one hell of a ride.

With a contented sigh, she nestled into the sheets and let herself drift into slumber.

Soon to come: Chapter Six!


Ripples, Chapter 38

  • Posted on June 1, 2024 at 2:04 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society.

Stella lays her cards on the table: she suspects Jess and Rachel of having incestuous relations with one or more of their girls, and proposes bringing their combined families together for a sex party (though she has yet to tell Jess anything about the Society just yet). Jess is open to the idea, and tentative plans are made.

In the meantime, Jess and Laura’s mother Ann has just returned from a lengthy sea cruise. Laura informs her sister of a secret their mum told her: that she herself has recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. This gets Jess thinking about the possibility of getting Ann to join in their incestuous relationship. She, Laura and Rachel discuss the idea, where they are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy, who is intrigued by the possibility of sex with her grandmother.

When Ann arrives, Jess informs her mother that she is in a committed relationship with Rachel, and now considers herself gay. Ann is delighted for her daughter, especially since she already knows and likes Rachel. Later that night, Ann tells Jess about her night of passion with Gina, a woman in her twenties who she met online by accidentally visiting the Woman Seeking Woman page at on online dating site.

Later, when she is tucked up in bed, Ann masturbates while remembering her sexual encounter with Gina.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Ann was in bed with the covers thrown back, legs lewdly spread as she pleasured herself. She’d packed nightwear for her stay at Jessica’s, but had elected to sleep in the nude.

She felt a bit uneasy about doing this in her daughter’s home, but that warm, steady throb beneath her belly would not be denied.

Who could blame me for indulging myself? she mused, lightly teasing her clitoris with a fingertip. Now that I’m having sex with women and enjoying it, lesbian activity seems to be turning up everywhere I go. And oh, mercy, how it excites me. 

Just the day before, Ann had been idling at a traffic stop while enroute to see Jess and the girls when her attention was captured by two lovely young women, strolling hand in hand down the sidewalk. They were so obviously in love that it quickened Ann’s heartbeat… and when they came together in a passionate kiss upon reaching the corner, she felt a surge of warmth that left her dizzy. I touched myself that night, too, she recalled.

Now she was spending the night at the home of her daughter Jess, who had just declared herself to be a lesbian, and in a long-term relationship with her best friend Rachel.

Circling a finger inside her vagina, Ann found herself picturing Rachel, wondering what she looked like naked. Then she visualised Rachel with Jessica, the two of them making love…

She winced. Don’t think of Jess like that… or Rachel, for that matter. it’s not right.

Trying to shift her mind elsewhere, Ann’s thoughts touched on her granddaughter Alice and the girl’s revelation at the dinner table, when she admitted to being gay, too. In fact, Alice and Rachel’s daughter Bella were now a couple… and it very much appeared that, young as they were, the two girls were already having sex.

Ann had been surprised, yet something about the girls and their relationship genuinely appealed to her. After all, I had crushes on other girls when I was Alice’s age. I even practised kissing with Jane Ratledge that one time. What if we’d gone further; taken off our clothes and explored one another? Sliding a second finger into herself, Ann tried to picture it.

But a pang of shame quickly followed. She was aroused, no question. But her memories of Jane dated back to when the girl was only eleven, and the thought of masturbating to them made her uneasy.

Best to think about Colette instead, she told herself. Funny thing; that ocean cruise was the excuse I used to distance myself from Gina after going to bed with her… and then what happens? I end up having sex with a different woman! 

Banishing guilty thoughts of Gina with a vow to phone her very soon, Ann let herself drift into a remembrance of Colette, the vivacious French woman with whom she’d enjoyed her second lesbian experience.

Ann had chosen that particular cruise as a refreshing alternative to the previous ocean trip she and her husband had taken, on which they’d been obliged to dash from port to port, restricted to a few hours to cram in the usual tourist sights, always having to keep track of time to make sure they were back on board prior to departure. An exhausting experience, one Ann had no wish to repeat. This time, she opted for a modestly-sized ship that, wherever it ended up, nearly always remained in dock for at least a day or two, which gave her sufficient time to explore. She had little to no interest in everyday tourist attractions, preferring to seek out the less-travelled corners and nooks of an unfamiliar town.

The cost of the cruise package she’d selected was considerable – not only due to its four-month duration, but also because she’d elected to stay in a top-end suite. Jess and Laura would probably have twin heart attacks if they knew how much I paid for this trip. Still, they’ve told me time and again to take a break and indulge myself. So I’m doing just that, and damn the expense.

A week or so into the cruise, Ann found herself encountering familiar faces at the dining table, and she would often continue to socialise with her new friends in the bar, the ballroom or the game room, where one could always find a hand of cards taking place.

There were many couples, some families, and a surprising number of single men and women. Some of these were clearly looking for love, even marriage; some were simply on the prowl.

Most passengers were only taking the cruise for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, so Ann was assured of a wide range of travelling companions. She danced with a few mature gentlemen, and was flattered by one particular man who was young enough to qualify as a boy toy.

It was all good fun, but Ann kept things casual, politely fending off any approaches from men who seemed to be looking for something more.

Truth be told, Ann couldn’t stop thinking about her lesbian experience with Gina. She didn’t consider herself in the market for a long term relationship, but that evening of sex with a woman had awakened something in her. She’d just begun to miss the intimacy of a man’s touch, then Gina had come along to throw a spanner into the works. Now Ann couldn’t quite work out what she wanted.

Why am I so bloody confused? she wondered, taking a brisk walk around the deck. Is it because Gina was so incredible in bed? Or could I actually be gay… only I’m too repressed to admit it, even to myself?

Whatever the answer, Ann was suddenly unable to work up much interest in involving herself with another male. More and more, she found herself noticing beautiful women on her strolls around the ship, often wondering what they looked like naked.

Thoughts of that night with Gina assailed her, leaving Ann hungry for the hands, the body, the mouth of the young woman. She even began to regret not having returned the favour, wishing she’d taken the opportunity to explore, even taste her lesbian friend.

I won’t let that happen again, she vowed. Next time I go to bed with a woman, I want the full experience, up to and including oral.

Just then, Ann spied an attractive fortyish blonde in a skimpy bikini, lounging in a deck chair. The sight gave her a delicious prickle of arousal. She pictured herself going down on this woman, surprised by how much she liked the idea.

That settles it, she decided. I wasn’t exactly planning to have sex on this cruise… but if I do, it won’t be with a man. She had no idea how to make that happen, but intended to keep her eyes open for a potential female partner.

Ann’s chance came in the last month of the cruise, when she was dining at the Captain’s table for the second time. That evening, she’d been seated next to a French woman and her daughter. They were introduced as Colette, who was forty-five, and her daughter Coralie, a cute girl of eleven. Like Ann, Colette was a widow.

There was one other thing the two women had in common: they both ran their own companies. While Ann had acted as her husband’s business advisor, then took up the reins on his death, Colette built and ran her own publishing house in Paris. Ann admitted she was considering selling off the firm, but wasn’t sure if she was ready for retirement.

Ann found Colette to be personable, intelligent and very witty, while Coralie was quite the little charmer herself, with impeccable manners for a girl so young. They bonded quickly, and over the next few days, the two women visited many of the sights together. In the evenings they socialised, sometimes with Coralie, though the girl occasionally chose to participate in the children’s activities.

By that point, Ann had had enough of men seeking out her company, so she was pleased that they seemed to refrain from approaching her when she was in Colette’s presence. “It is a strange thing,” Colette told her, “but I have noticed that on these ocean cruises, the males do not hunt in pairs… so when you are with me and I am with you, we are in no danger of being bothered.”

It was after a long day of sightseeing and buying gifts that Colette asked Ann to join her in their suite after dinner, to enjoy a change from the loud evening entertainment. “Also, I bought a bottle of very good wine, and I know of no one else I would rather share it with.”

“I’d be delighted,” Ann replied.

Moments later, they sat on the balcony with wine glasses in hand, taking advantage of the sea breeze while chatting about the places they’d visited. Coralie had spent her evening at the children’s disco and returned by 10 PM feeling sleepy, so she retired to her small bedroom. The evening eventually grew chilly, so the women moved inside, where the conversation turned to their relationships.

Ann had lost her husband five years earlier, while Colette had been a widow for just over a year, with precious little time to reflect on life as a single woman with a daughter. She’d taken this cruise to help her recover from the arduous task of sorting her husband’s affairs.

In her perfect English, flavoured by that seductive Gallic accent, Colette spoke. “Ann, may I ask you a personal question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Don’t you miss the company of someone to share your thoughts with and, well, enjoy sexual intimacy? You are a very attractive woman… surely men must approach you all the time.”

Ann shrugged. “I have a few male friends I’ve known for years. When I need someone to accompany me to the theatre, or dinner, I ring one up, but I’ve never slept with any of them. My business is dominated by men, and a few have tried to woo me, but I’m wary of their motives. On the other hand, I have been thinking about sex more often of late.” She didn’t mention that those thoughts were almost exclusively of other women. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, as you understand, I have been busy since the death of my husband, trying to sort out his affairs, looking after my daughter and my work. But now I have some time to think, I am not sure I will ever have a… a permanent relationship again. I am not looking for anyone right now, it is too soon. But…”

Touching her new friend’s shoulder, Ann murmured, “Colette, you are a very beautiful woman, and still young. In time, you’ll meet someone.”

“Perhaps, but my husband and I had a very special relationship. We were very passionate, and… I hope you will not think badly of me, but we both used to enjoy the company of others.”

Ann was startled, but did her best to conceal it. “Others?”

“We engaged in intimate activities with different partners. I was never with another man, you understand, but I sometimes did share pleasure with other women. I am bisexual, you see. Does that shock you?”

Colette’s revelation caught Ann by surprise. She was still very much interested in finding a female partner on the cruise, but had assumed all along that her new friend was completely straight. “Um… no, I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but perhaps that’s because my youngest daughter has been a lesbian since she was twelve or thereabouts. She’s told me things… not in detail, of course.”

“When I was younger, all my lovers were women, but then I met my husband. He allowed me to indulge my desires – but of course, so did he. I suppose it would be more correct to call myself a lesbian now, as I have no plans to give myself to a man again.” Colette paused, gazing thoughtfully at her new friend. “Have you ever been with a woman, Ann?”

Ann felt her face betray her, and saw right away that Colette had noticed. “Never during my marriage,” she replied, “or before I was married, either.”

“More recently, then?”

“After my husband passed, my daughters kept saying I should think about dating. Just a few days before this cruise, I decided to look online, just out of curiosity. I accidentally went to the wrong site, then found myself talking to another woman. We hit it off, and before I knew it, I’d agreed to meet her.”

“And what happened?”

Her face growing hot, Ann blurted, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this!”

Colette smiled. “My dear Ann, you and I are women of the world, and I hope we have become very good friends, so please, I would like it very much if you shared this with me.”

“I did meet her for a drink, but she was much younger than I expected… only twenty-eight!”

“So did you become intimate?”

Ann hesitated – but by then, what was the point in being anything but honest? “Yes, we did.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh heavens, yes! It was amazing, unlike anything I’d ever known… but I also think it all happened a bit too fast for me. Good as it was, the whole experience left me a little unnerved.”

“Are you going to see her again… or perhaps explore sex with another woman?”

Ann nodded. “I’m certainly thinking about it. Sometimes I want to, very much… other times, I’m not so sure.” She gave a nervous laugh. “A week ago, I promised myself I’d try my damnedest to go to bed with another woman before the end of this cruise. The next day, I was having second thoughts.” She sighed deeply. “It shouldn’t be this bloody difficult, figuring out whether I’m a lesbian or not.”

Colette murmured, “You wish to explore your sexuality further, but aren’t sure how to go about it.”

“I suppose that’s it, yes. I need an instruction manual, and there isn’t one.”

Colette set her glass down, turning to take Ann’s hands. “I think you will find it difficult to work out your sexual preference, at least until you have experienced more of what it is like to be with a woman.” She paused, then continued. “Ann, I have had many lesbian encounters in my life. If you’re willing, I’d be thrilled to make love to you.”

Ann was taken aback. “Colette, I don’t know… You and I have become good friends, and I was hoping to stay in touch, even meet again. I wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of what we have.”

“Dearest Ann, I assure you that nothing will stop us being friends. On the contrary, my offer is made in the spirit of true friendship. You are trying to find your way, and I want to help.” With a wry smile, she added, “I must confess, however, that my motives are not completely unselfish. You are a most desirable woman, and I’ve wanted to share your bed ever since we met.”

“Oh, my goodness,” Ann mumbled, her heart pounding. “I… I’m not sure what to do.”

Recognising her friend’s conflicting desires, Colette reached out to caress Ann’s face. Their eyes met, and Colette drew closer to place a feather-like kiss on the older woman’s lips.

Ann didn’t pull away, so Colette risked a second kiss. This time she applied a little more pressure, allowing her mouth to linger. There was still no resistance. Encouraged, Colette gently slipped her tongue between Ann’s lips, choosing that moment to rest a hand on her English companion’s thigh.

As their kiss gradually deepened, Ann shyly met Colette’s tongue with hers. She felt her friend’s left hand glide down to stroke her neck, while the right hand continued a lazy path beneath her dress. Ann gave a sharp gasp as Colette’s fingers touched the front of her dampening knickers, and the two women broke apart.

Rising to her feet, Colette gazed into Ann’s eyes for a moment before extending a hand. “Shall we go into the bedroom? We don’t want to wake Coralie.”

Ann glanced at the child’s closed bedroom door, then at the proffered hand. She hesitantly reached out to take it. The next thing she knew, Colette was guiding her to the master suite, pausing to switch off all but one of the lamps along the way.

Once inside her room, Colette nudged the door until it was nearly closed, then turned to face her guest. “If you do not wish to do this, we can stop,” she murmured. “We will still be good friends, and I will not think any less of you. But if you stay, I believe you will return to your home knowing better what you want.”

At that moment, Ann made her decision. Being afraid… it’s not me, not how I’ve lived my life. The door is open; I only have to step through it. Perhaps I’ll feel regret, maybe I’ll find fulfilment. Either way, I’m bloody well not going to spend the rest of my days wondering which.

Rather than give Colette an answer, Ann stepped forward until their bodies nearly touched. Tilting her head slightly, she placed a soft kiss on the full lips of her would-be lover, then whispered, “I want to do this.”

Colette smiled. “Bien ma chérie! Now I will pleasure you.” She spread her arms, as if offering herself up. “Would you like to undress me?”

With clumsy hands, Ann undid the buttons on Colette’s blouse, then carefully removed it, draping the garment over the back of a nearby chair. The French woman turned slightly so Ann could pull down the zip on the side of her skirt, which soon slipped down her legs to the floor.

Colette stood before Ann in an elegant black bra and panty set and nude hold-up stockings. Ann was about to reach for the clasp of the bra when Colette had moved closer, pressing their bodies together. “I cannot wait, my sweet,” the younger woman murmured as she reached round to find the zip at the back of Ann’s dress. “I must see your beautiful body.”

She made short work of it, leaving Ann in her own underthings.

Resisting the impulse to cover herself, Ann managed to let both arms hang at her sides, relieved to have  chosen her nicer lingerie to wear that evening. True, they seemed downright plain compared to Colette’s sexy display, but the gleam in her friend’s eye assured Ann that she had nothing to feel ashamed about.

Touching a finger to Ann’s lips, then tracing a line down to the catch of her bra, Colette purred, “My dear Ann, I can see you have taken good care of yourself. You are an exquisite flower, still very much in bloom. I think in your youth, you must have broken the hearts of many men… and boys.”

Ann reddened at the compliment. “I’ve only been with one man… my husband. We married young and I always saw him as my soul mate, so I never strayed.” Pausing for thought, she added, “The only other person I’ve been to bed with was Gina – that’s the young woman I told you about.” She gazed shyly at Colette. “So you’ll be my – my third…”

“Lover?” Colette touched her chest. “Ma cherie, I am honoured.” She studied Ann for a moment. “Tell me, my friend… do you ever pleasure yourself?”

Ann felt her cheeks redden anew at Colette’s intimate, unexpected question, but thought it best to be frank. “Not often, honestly. The only time lately was after my – my experience with Gina. I was thinking about that night with her, and… it just happened.”

“Well, in that case, my first lesson will be to help you get to know your body a bit better. Will you allow me to teach you, my sweet?”

Ann nodded, a pulse of excitement growing inside.

Colette deftly unhooked the clasp at the front of her bra and let it drop to the thick carpet, then watched as Ann reached behind to remove hers. Drawing closer, Colette bent down to lick each of Ann’s already hardened nipples.

“Oh, Colette,” Ann whispered, “that feels divine…’”

Going down on her knees, Colette grasped the waistband of Ann’s panties and slowly, slowly pulled them down, humming her approval as her new lover’s mons was bared. “You have a beautiful cunt, Ann,” she purred, pausing to trace the slit with the tip of a finger.

Ann moaned, overwhelmed by Colette’s touch, as well as the frankness of her language. Her fear had all but evaporated, leaving her helpless with desire, eager to experience lesbian love again. Maybe I really am gay, she thought. This feels so perfect, so right for me. She felt Colette slide her knickers the rest of the way down, and carefully stepped out of them.

Now completely nude, Ann watched Colette lean in to place light kisses around her navel, then move lower, her tongue tracing a pathway down toward her vulva, only to veer to the left. Ann gasped, then moaned when Colette placed both hands on either side of her auburn bush, using gentle pressure to ease her labia apart. The younger lesbian gave Ann a lustful look, then dipped forward to gently lick her swollen clitoris.

Ann’s legs began to tremble, and she placed both hands on Colette’s head so as to maintain her balance. Somehow, it caught her by surprise when the French lesbian leaned in again, this time fitting her mouth to Ann’s cunt, driving her tongue into the hot, juicy tunnel with a single thrust.

“Oooohhh!” Ann cried, swaying dangerously. But an instant later, Colette withdrew again, licking her lips. “We must take our time, ma cherie,” she purred, rising to her feet. “This moment cannot be rushed.”

Ann gritted her teeth, fighting an impulse to seize a handful of Colette’s hair and force the woman’s face between her thighs. Instead, she took a long, deep breath.

Seemingly oblivious to her partner’s frustration, Colette casually stretched her limbs, as a dancer might. “Tell me, Ann,” she murmured, “when you were with your young friend, did you do anything to give her pleasure?”

Feeling her face grow hot again, Ann sighed. “No… I didn’t. It wasn’t fair of me, of course. I was too shy, frightened, whatever. Gina didn’t seem to mind, but…” She shrugged. “I feel guilty about it now, mind you. And I swore that if I ever made love with a woman again, I’d do whatever it took to satisfy her.” She gave Colette a bashful smile. “We’ll see how that goes.”

“Excellent!” Colette declared with a pleased smile. “I am very much in a mood to be satisfied.” Cradling a breast, she seemed to present it to Ann.

Realising what Colette wanted, Ann bent to flick forward and flicked at the nipple with her tongue. “Ah, yes, that feels lovely,” she heard the French woman purr. Encouraged by this response, Ann licked a circle round the tip of the breast, then took it between her lips to suckle. “Yes,” she heard Colette say. “Yes.”

Ann moved to the other nipple, nursing it to stiffness. Meanwhile, she was fondling the unoccupied breast, loving how full and soft it felt to her hand. No wonder boys like doing this so much, she thought.

Much as she enjoyed showering affection on Colette’s chest, Ann was also anxious to prove herself as a lover. Going to her knees, she pressed kisses into her partner’s belly, impulsively allowing her tongue to dart into the navel.

One bridge remained for Ann to cross. Drawing away, pausing to catch her breath, she gazed at the gauzy material of Colette’s panties, now inches from her face. With trembling hands, she reached up to take hold of the waistband, slowly pulling the exquisite lingerie down to expose a hairless vulva. Pausing to breathe in the heady scent, she nodded. Very nice.

Ann was ready. She positioned her hands just as Colette had, resting a thumb on either side of the woman’s slit and prising the labia open to reveal the gleaming pink interior of the vagina. Without hesitation, she moved forward, her tongue emerging to touch the small nub of flesh that was her lover’s clitoris.

Her touch was light at first; sampling the flavour and texture, liking what she found. The aroma of cunt was stronger here, intoxicating her senses. She wanted more. Ann began to apply her tongue in earnest, licking eagerly at the juicy flesh – even burying her mouth in it, kissing Colette’s sex as if it was her mouth.

Ann loved it. The taste, the smell, the warmth and wetness of a woman intoxicated her, had her soul soaring. Much as she’d enjoyed coupling with her husband, the act had never stimulated her like this. I could come this way without even touching myself, she marvelled. Pressing her tongue as far into Colette’s vagina as it could go. Ann plunged it in and out, attempting to fuck the younger woman. By then, the lower part of her face was positively dripping with nectar.

Taking a different tack, Ann began to swirl her tongue around in a circular motion – but before she could get very far with it, Colette pulled back, breaking their contact. Taken aback, she peered up at the woman, but Colette simply reached down to cup each side of her face, gently urging Ann to stand.

Once the two women were facing each other, Colette moved forward to claim a kiss. Ann detected a different flavour on the lips of her new friend, trying to place it for a moment before realising it had to be the taste of her own sex. I should have recognised that right away, she chided herself. I’ve been neglecting my sexual needs for much too long. Well, here’s my chance to do something about it. Their bodies were pressed snugly together, hands roving as their tender but passionate kiss continued.

Upon breaking apart, both were breathing heavily. At first, neither spoke, but it was the French woman who broke the silence. “I think that you already know your destiny Ann, as I do mine. Come, let us get more comfortable.”

She led Ann to the bed, arranging her so she was sitting back against the pillows with both knees up, then seating herself before her partner. “Open your legs, ma cherie,” Colette said. When the older woman did so, she added, “Now touch yourself.”

Ann began to rub up and down her slit, then focused on her clitoris – making tiny circles with her finger, occasionally dipping between her labia for lubrication. Aroused as she was, Ann had yet to come that night, and by then she was practically gasping for it. Soon she was rubbing faster as that lovely pulse between her thighs grew more and more intense.

“Slow down, Ann,” Colette said. “It is not time for you to finish yet.”

“Colette!” Ann cried. “I – I can’t wait any longer, for God’s sake. You’re killing me!”

“Just a little longer, my English rose. I am going to show you pleasure such as you have never seen, but you must trust me.”

Gritting her teeth, Ann slowed the pace, confining her movements to feather-light strokes… but even those were stimulating enough to steadily nudge her toward what promised to be an absolute stonker of a climax.

Colette moved forward to place her legs either side of Ann’s, then she began to copy her lover’s actions. They gazed into each other’s eyes while masturbating, though Ann kept stealing glances of her French partner’s cunt, as much as she could see past Colette’s busy fingers. Surprised by how much it aroused her to watch another woman pleasure herself, Ann wondered if she looked that sexy while having a fiddle.

Abruptly withdrawing her fingers, Colette proffered them to Ann to taste. Ann eagerly took the glistening digits into her mouth, getting another taste of her friend’s pussy. Savouring the sharp, tangy flavour, Ann barely noticed when her own hand was taken from between her thighs, but she shivered when Colette’s tongue began to toy with her fingertips.

After a moment, Colette pressed Ann’s hand to her breasts. “Thank you for indulging my wishes, ma cherie. Now, your patience will be rewarded.” Patting the bed, she added, “Lie down. Knees up, legs apart.” Ann was quick to obey, opening herself up in an extraordinarily lewd fashion. Spread out like a tart, she told herself.

Colette reached out to carefully stroke Ann’s exposed labia, avoiding her clitoris for the moment. Instead, she plunged a finger deep into the hot, dripping orifice of her English friend’s vagina, working it in and out. She soon added a second finger, then began to twist and twirl them about inside the lust-slicked tunnel, never breaking eye contact with Ann throughout.

Once she had Ann squirming with pleasure, Colette applied her tongue to the older woman’s clit. This sent a hard jolt through Ann’s body, and Colette responded by driving her fingers even deeper, thrusting them harder and faster into her lover’s cunt. Getting a strong rhythm going, she took Ann’s clitoris between her lips and sucked, simultaneously teasing the pink morsel with lightning-fast flicks of the tongue.

“Ohhh, Colette… m-my God, Colette!” Ann cried, her lust snarling inside like a caged beast, desperate for release. She was close, so damned close

Then she felt something slide between her buttocks to press against the pucker of her anus – and before she could draw another breath, Colette’s finger penetrated her rectum with a single stroke.

Ann went off like a firework, her body enveloped by a blinding wave of heat and light. She thrashed about on the bed, mewling helplessly as Colette fucked her with both hands, the French lesbian’s lips still attached to her clitoris.

She longed to scream, knowing she shouldn’t. Snatching up a fistful of the blanket, Ann covered her mouth, then poured out her ecstasy in a long, muffled bellow as her climax reached its peak. Her body jerked violently, then she went limp.

Colette seemed to sense that Ann had had enough, giving her sex a parting kiss before stretching out to lie alongside the dazed, winded woman. She gently brushed Ann’s face with her lips, then the two lovers drifted together, their mouths meeting.

Ann surprised herself by making their kiss a passionate one, spearing her tongue between Colette’s lips. She eagerly tasted herself, licking all traces of her essence from around and inside the French woman’s  mouth. Despite her weariness after what had to be the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced, Ann could only think of how much she wanted to make love to the lovely widow lying in her arms.

Breaking away, she looked up into Colette’s eyes, something passing between them to acknowledge the sensual delights they had just shared. “Thank you,” Ann whispered.

Colette smiled. “Dearest Ann, the night is young… and we are just beginning.”


Having lost all track of time, Ann was surprised when a glance at the clock resting on Colette’s night table revealed that just over two hours had passed by the time they flopped, sweaty and exhausted, on the bed.

Ann couldn’t recall the last time she’d been so relaxed… or so satisfied. Much as she’d enjoyed her first lesbian experience with Gina, sex with Colette was the best she’d ever had. This time, at least, I gave as good as I got.

Closing her eyes, she thought about the things they’d done.

After Ann’s first orgasm, the pair of lovers had reversed their roles. It was Ann’s turn to pleasure Colette, to fully explore the body of another woman for the first time. She refused to allow her lack of experience to get in the way of making love, trusting her intuition and enthusiasm to carry the day.

As it transpired, that was enough. Ann had a lovely time showering affection on Colette’s breasts, but found herself a little nervous when the time came to go down on her friend. She chose to begin slowly, getting to know the geography of a woman’s cunt in a whole new way. Actually, Ann had never uttered the word cunt in her entire life, but Colette insisted she use it while they had sex.

After a tentative lick or two, Ann threw herself into the act, embracing cunnilingus with a surprising fervour. She loved Colette’s taste, her scent, how incredibly juicy she was and the astonishing heat of her. She loved how messy it was to please a woman with her mouth, the lower half of her face coated with the thick, pungent fluids.

Best of all was how deliciously wicked it made her feel. I’ve been good for too damned long, she realised, adorning her partner’s cunt with deep, open-mouthed kisses. Well, now I’m making up for it.

Soon Colette was moaning loudly as she came in Ann’s mouth.

Afterwards, they nestled in each other’s arms for a while, occasionally exchanging kisses. Soon enough, the embers of desire began to smoulder anew, and those kisses grew increasingly passionate.

Eager to make the next move, Ann began to toy with her French partner’s mons. Colette relaxed, purring contentedly as Ann masturbated her, then abruptly sat up. “Don’t make me come yet, ma cherie… I want to show you another way two women can make love.”

She coaxed Ann into a position where they were seated face to face, their vulvas touching. “Now,” she said, “we rub together.” She gave her hips an experimental grind.

Ann’s eyes flew wide open. “Oh, my stars,” she moaned. “That – it feels lovely.”

“Shall we fuck, then?” Colette’s eyes danced as she angled her pelvis forward.

“Ohhhh!” Ann gasped. “Y-yes, my love. Let’s fuck.”

They started slowly, but soon the two lovers were in frantic motion, hips churning as their cunts came together in the lewdest of kisses.

This time, they came simultaneously, their cries mingled in a rising crescendo. Finally, they lay exhausted, panting for breath, bodies glazed with perspiration. There was a huge damp spot on the bed from where their sexes had ground together. “We left a bit of a mess on your sheets,” Ann mumbled.

“Oh, this does not bother me,” Colette replied. “The smell of a woman’s pussy… it is better than the finest perfume.” Then she chuckled. “You know, I like to imagine the maid coming in to change these sheets when I am not here. In my mind, I see her overcome by the scent. She removes her clothing, stretches out on the bed and plays with her cunt until she comes, adding her essence to ours.” She sighed. “A pity, then, that she will take the soiled sheets with her when she leaves. I would very much like to sample her fragrance.”

Ann stared at her friend in disbelief, then began to laugh. “Gracious, Colette… you certainly have a vivid imagination!”

Colette shrugged. “I prefer how the Americans say it: ‘You’ve got a dirty mind’.”  By then, they were both grinning.

Going up on all fours, Colette swivelled around to lie alongside Ann. She gave her friend a tender kiss, then murmured, “Are you ready for more, sexy lady?”

More?” Ann gasped. “I don’t think I’m capable, Colette. I mean… I’ve already come twice!”

“Hmmph. Twice is nothing. I once reached orgasm eight times in a single evening.” Suddenly rolling on top of her older partner, Colette declared, “You will come once more tonight, ma cherie. And you will cause me to come, too. That much, at least.” Slipping a hand between Ann’s thighs, she got to work.

Though Ann was certain she’d reached her limit, Colette’s expert fingers told a different story, coaxing that sweet, lustful fire forth until Ann’s breath was ragged… and her cunt was beginning to drip all over again.

Once she had her lover squirming with renewed arousal, the French lesbian whispered, “Now are you ready, my sweet?”

“Yes,” Ann said. “And I’m ready t-to return the favour, too.” Seizing Colette’s free hand, she brought it to her lips to kiss.

“Magnifique!” Colette exclaimed. “I think, for our last, how do you say it, round of lovemaking, we should satisfy each other with our mouths.” She gave Ann a knowing smile. “You know soixante-neuf, yes? What you English call ‘sixty-nine’?”

“I… I do,” said Ann, “though I’ve never actually done it before. My husband and I did sometimes indulge in, er, oral sex, but we never did it to each other at the same time.” Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Ah, then I will be your first,” Colette said. “I am honoured.” She rolled onto her back. “Get on top, dear Ann, and feed me your cunt. Once more, we shall make glorious love.”

A moment later, the two women were engaged in a classic sixty-nine. Anne enjoyed it immensely, liking the idea of pleasure both given and received. She began to experiment with her oral technique, taking cues from Colette and trying them out herself.

It was during this bout of sexual activity that Ann got an unexpected shock.

Colette was licking ferociously at Ann’s pussy while using a finger to stimulate her anus, carefully pressing the tip inside, then up to the third knuckle. Ann gasped, needing a moment to breathe as Colette probed her rectum, so instead of continuing to lick, she began to stimulate her lover’s clit with a finger.

Detecting movement in the corner of her eye, Ann glanced to the side to see Colette’s little girl Coralie standing just outside the bedroom door.

Her body gave an involuntary jerk at the sight, but Colette must have taken that as a sign of Ann’s imminent climax, because she failed to notice her daughter.

As she gawped at the pretty eleven-year-old, Coralie held a finger to her lips, silencing Ann before she could alert Colette to the child’s presence.

Oh my God, Ann thought, she’s watching her own mum having lesbian sex! With me!

Then she noticed something that shocked her even more. Coralie had a hand under her nightdress and was touching herself between the legs. Ann couldn’t actually see the child masturbate, but the movement of her arm made it transparently clear what she was up to. Coralie had her nightie hoisted up with the other hand, high enough to reveal her lack of panties.

Wondering whether or not to speak up about the girl’s presence, Ann quickly decided against it. She’s only showing curiosity, she told herself. And I’d rather not get her in trouble. Then it struck her that in her distracted state, she’d stopped touching Colette’s pussy, and she felt a twinge of panic. I have to keep making love to her, or she’ll see Coralie. Goodness me – how on earth did I get drawn into this?

As Colette’s hips shifted impatiently, Ann hastily resumed her licking, her tongue gliding up and down the rosy cleft of her friend’s cunt, occasionally stealing glances at the little girl.

At first, the situation felt awkward. I’m putting on a sex show for a child, for Christ’s sake! But soon, Ann was surprised to find herself growing mildly stimulated, even excited by the sheer lewdness of performing for an audience – even when the audience consisted of an eleven-year-old girl.

This was an unexpected revelation, to be sure. As far as she knew, Ann had never been prone to exhibitionist tendencies, yet something about being watched while she made love with Colette resonated deep inside, made her feel deliciously wicked.

By then, Ann was maintaining steady eye contact with Coralie, openly pleasuring the girl’s mother as the girl pleasured herself. If she’s going to watch, Ann decided, she might as well see everything. So instead of burrowing her tongue into Colette’s vagina, she chose to tease her lover’s clitoris with quick flashing licks. This gave Coralie an excellent view of the action… and Ann didn’t have to look away from the voyeuristic child.

Feeling especially bold, Ann paused to thrust a finger into Colette’s wetness before using it to penetrate her anus, eliciting an appreciative roll of her partner’s hips. She worked that finger around inside until Colette was moaning in ecstasy.

Knowing it was time to bring the younger woman off, Ann bent to take Colette’s clit between her lips to suck. Colette immediately did the same… and within seconds, both women cried out as their orgasms came crashing down.

As soon as she was able, Ann raised her head – just in time to see Coralie blow her a kiss and scuttle away – back to her room, surely.

The two lovers lay quietly, side by side, until Ann finally said, “That was lovely… all of it. I can’t recall ever being so thoroughly satisfied.”

“The pleasure was mine, ma cherie. I hope that now, you understand how good it is for women to share love with one another.”

Ann gave a shy nod. “I couldn’t agree more. Consider me a convert.” They met in a brief but ardent kiss. “I know you’ll be leaving the cruise in a few days,” she added, “but I’d love to do this with you again.”

Colette’s smile was downright radiant. “And so we shall. My daughter and I are aboard for two more nights, and you will share my bed for both of them.”

A tiny shiver ran through Ann’s body at the mention of Coralie. She wondered what the child was doing at that moment. Is she touching herself again, thinking about what she saw us doing? Or did she already come? For that matter, is a girl that young capable of reaching orgasm?

These thoughts were making Ann somewhat uneasy. You just made love with a beautiful woman, she reminded herself, and it was incredible. Enough to make it clear that you’re bisexual, at least… and very possibly a lesbian. Why would you want to dwell on your partner’s little girl? 

Still, she couldn’t refrain from wondering about Coralie. It seemed so odd that a child of eleven would be aroused by the sight of her mother having sex, especially sex with another woman…

Enough! Ann slowly sat up; stretched. “I should get back to my cabin before I fall asleep,” she said.

“Don’t,”  Colette replied. “There is no need. You can stay with me tonight.”

“Well… I ought to leave before Coralie wakes up. She might wonder why I’m here.”

Colette smiled. “My daughter knows I prefer women, ma cherie. Just yesterday, she asked me if I wanted to take you to bed. I told her yes, I did, and she said, ‘You should hurry, maman. There is not so much time left’.” She laughed. “I think she approves of you.”

“Oh, my,” Ann mumbled, feeling her cheeks grow warm.

“So you will spend the night here, yes?” Colette patted the bed.

Not knowing how else to respond, Ann meekly lay down next to her friend turned lover. Well, why not? It’s been too long since I’ve had someone to hold while I slept… and I do like Colette very much. 

She gave an enormous yawn, then settled in until their bodies were lightly touching. “Goodness me, I’m exhausted!”

“Me too,” Colette agreed. “We had – how do the Americans say it? – quite a workout.”

“Well worth it, though,” Ann said. “I’ve not been this relaxed in weeks.” Finding her friend’s hand, she gave it a squeeze. “Goodnight, Colette. Thank you for… for everything.”

Turning her head, Colette touched her lips to Ann’s cheek. “Merci a vous, my sweet. And goodnight to you.”

Tired as she was, Ann’s mind was so filled with impressions and images that she expected to remain awake for a while. Her biggest concern was the conflicted feelings she had about Coraline, how aroused she’d been to have a little girl see her fuck.

It wasn’t because she’s so young, she assured herself. Not because she’s Colette’s daughter, either. Let’s say it was the idea of someone, anyone, watching me make love to a woman. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist after all, simple as that!

Her conscience somewhat eased, she soon drifted off.


Ann awakened early, just after sunrise. Colette roused herself soon thereafter, then spied Ann fastening the clasp on her brassiere.

Sitting up in bed, the sheet fell away to bare her breasts. “You know, breakfast is still at least an hour away. If you wish, we could continue your… education.” She was casually teasing her right nipple with the tip of a finger.

The sight of Colette’s body was awakening familiar longings in Ann, already pulsing between her thighs.The temptation was there to strip off her lingerie, get back into bed with her French lover and let things happen. I could have her cunt for breakfast… that seems awfully appealing right now. 

But no; Ann needed to be up and about for what promised to be a busy day. “I’d love to, Colette… but there isn’t time. I need to have a shower and get ready for today’s trip.”

Pushing back the bedclothes, Colette got out of bed, padded naked over to Ann and took both her hands. “I hope you do not regret what happened between us.”

Ann reached up to cup the younger woman’s face. “No, not at all. It was wonderful, and I want to experience more. Does that invitation to share your bed tonight still stand?”

Colette’s smile was downright dazzling. “It does. We shall make sweet love again, and I will show you more of what I know of pleasing women.” She reached for a negligee that had been draped across a nearby chair and slipped into it. “You had best finish dressing and leave, Ann, before I drag you back into bed. The sight of you in your underthings has put me in a lustful mood.”

“Are you ever not feeling lustful?” Ann teased, stepping into her dress.

“Never,” Colette replied, shaking her head. “Whatever delights there are in this world, I want to indulge in them all – openly, with no shame or regret.” She touched Ann’s shoulder. “I think you have been holding yourself back, Ann. It is time for you to live, ma cherie… time to take the cup and drink deep.”

Seated on the bed, still holding one shoe, Ann gave a thoughtful nod. “You’re right,” she said. “Funny that I never saw it that way.” She put on her shoe, then stood. “I’m glad we have become so close, Colette. You’ve been very good for me.”

They met in a tender kiss, then Colette accompanied her guest to the door. “Let us meet at the starboard restaurant for coffee, then we shall go ashore. Ten o’clock, yes?”

“I’ll be there,” Ann replied.


Late in the afternoon, Ann, Colette and Coralie returned to the ship, all carrying shopping bags. Upon entering the cabin, Colette said, “I must visit the ship’s pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Ann, would you keep Coralie company until I get back? I only need a few minutes.”

“Oh, of course!” Ann replied, digging through one of the bags for her receipt. “Take your time. We’ll be fine here.” But as the cabin door closed, she realised it was the first time she’d been alone with the girl since the night before. Now she found herself at a loss for words.

Coralie spoke up. “Ann, I have very much enjoyed the company we have had with you. Perhaps one day I will meet your granddaughters.”

As always, Ann was charmed to bits by the eleven-year-old’s continental manners. She’d had to assure Coralie several times that it wasn’t necessary to address her as “Madame Ann.”

“I would like that very much, my dear. You would get on very nicely with them, I’m sure.” Should we talk about what she saw? Ann asked herself. She hesitated, then said, “Erm, Coralie… do you remember last night?”

The girl nodded. “Yes. I was thirsty and went to get some water.”

“About what you saw…”

“I am sorry. I saw you with Maman, and I had to watch. Are you going to tell her?”

“Not if you don’t want me to. It will be our little secret.”

“You were beautiful together,” said Coralie, a hint of pink appearing in her cheeks. “Will you make love again with my mother?”

Ann felt a little embarrassed, but thought it best to be honest. “Well, yes. She invited me to sleep with her tonight.”

“I have seen Maman with other women before. We have a downstairs room with a very big sofa, and she likes to make love there. I would watch from the stairs. They never saw me.”

“Do you like to, um, touch yourself when you watch her? I… I saw you doing that last night.”

Coralie smiled. “Yes, I do. You see, I am lesbian, like Maman. I have not yet made love, but I want to.”

“Oh, my,” Ann replied. “That’s a big decision for someone as young as you. Is there a girl you like, then? One of your schoolmates, perhaps?”

“I like women more than girls.” Taking hold of the hem of her dress, Coralie slowly raised it. “Do you think I am pretty, Ann?”

Ann’s heart was racing, her eyes huge as she stared at the child’s smooth slit. Beneath her skirt, Coralie was completely bare. She looked from the delicate pink cleft to the calm face of the eleven-year-old girl, then back again.

“Well, yes… y-you are pretty.” What else could she say? Anyhow, it was true. Coralie was genuinely lovely, every bit of her.

“If you want to touch me, you can. I would like that very much.”

“Oh, sweetheart… I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to your mother. She’d be very upset with me.”

Letting her dress drop, Coralie moved to the sofa and sat, her expression glum. “I am sorry, Ann. It was wrong for me to ask that.” She sighed. “I know I am too young for sex with a woman… but I want to so much! It seems like forever before I will be old enough.”

Ann sat next to the child, gently taking her hand. “It’s part of growing up, I’m afraid. We all go through it – wanting to do grownup things, then having to wait. As far as making love goes, it would be a much better idea for you to stick to girls your own age… for now, at least.”

“I suppose you are right,” Coralie murmured. She looked up at Ann. “May I tell you a secret?”

What could possibly be left for her to tell? Ann wondered, somewhat bemused. “Of course you can.”

The girl leaned in a bit, lowering her voice to just above a whisper. “There is one woman I would like to do sex with more than anyone.” She giggled. “Even more than you, Ann!”

“Now who might that be?” Ann teased. “One of your teachers?”

“No.“ Coralie shook her head. “It is my mother.”

Ann’s head swam. Having this little girl attempt to seduce her had been shocking enough, but this was something altogether different.

“I am not meant to want Maman this way, I know,” Coralie said, followed by a wistful sigh. “But I can not change the… the way my heart feels. She is so beautiful, so sexy. I have seen her naked many times, and it makes me, what is the word…” She fluttered her fingers over her bare arms.

“…Tingly?” Ann suggested.

“Exactement! Yes!” the girl exclaimed. “It makes me want to touch myself when I think of her.” She gave Ann a bashful smile. “When I watched you and Maman together, I was wishing to be naked too, there with you both, all of us making love.”

Ann took a deep breath, trying to keep calm. A deep throb was making itself felt between her thighs, and she could feel her panties growing damp. Oh, stop it, she admonished herself. You cannot possibly be aroused by this.

She was struggling with how to respond to this latest revelation when Colette’s key card could be heard in the door. Thank Christ for that, she thought, composing herself.

Colette entered, a small bag in one hand. “Thank you, Ann, for keeping my daughter company. Coralie, you should change into your swimsuit if you still wish to go to the pool.”

“Yes, Maman.” The girl dutifully rose, then beamed at Ann. “Thank you for keeping me company. I hope I will see you again very soon.”

Something in Coralie’s eyes made Ann shiver inside. Is she hoping to spy on us again…? “Oh, I’ll see you both at dinner, never fear,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Good!” Coralie said, then stepped in to wrap her arms around the woman’s waist.

Ann returned the eleven-year-old’s hug, acutely aware that the girl was completely naked beneath her dress.

Then Coralie was skipping away toward her bedroom, but just before making her exit, she flipped her skirt up for an instant, flashing her bare bum at Ann. Thankfully, the girl’s mum was facing away and failed to notice anything untoward before Coralie vanished, closing the door behind.

Colette turned to Ann. “It seems you have made quite an impression on my daughter.”

More than you know, Ann mused. “She is adorable… and oh my, such a well-mannered girl. She very much wants to meet my granddaughters, so you must both pay a visit if you come to England.”

“I would be delighted to see you again, ma cherie.” She seized Ann, drew her into a passionate embrace. They shared a heated kiss, then Colette added, “I also wish to meet your granddaughters… and your daughters, as well. You are such an extraordinary woman, then I am sure your family will be the same.” She gave Ann’s earlobe a light nibble. “And of course, I will be most eager to fuck you again.”

Ann had to laugh. “Don’t worry… you’ll get your chance tonight,” as Colette saw her to the door, where she gave her lover one last brief kiss. “I’ll see you at dinner.”


The sex that evening was even better than the previous night. This time, there was no hesitation on Ann’s part – once Coralie had turned in, she was more ready to get naked, climb into bed with Colette and lose herself in carnal bliss.

As promised, Colette was happy to show her other techniques women could use to please one another. First, she got Ann up on all fours, then spent a long while showering her arse with attention – licking her anus, then probing it with two fingers. Ann found that somewhat uncomfortable at first, but once she managed to relax, it felt absolutely divine. And when Colette began to tease her clit at the same time, Ann came on the spot – so intensely, she nearly fell off the bed.

Once she’d caught her breath, another surprise awaited Ann. Undoing the clasps on a leather satchel, Colette reached into a leather satchel to take out an eight-inch strap-on, complete with harness. It had been a few years since Ann last had sex with her husband, and the sight of that latex cock made her cunt drip. She watched Colette fasten the harness round her waist and coat the strap-on with Astroglide, eagerly anticipating how it would feel inside her.

Ann lay back with legs spread wide, mewling with delight as Colette mounted her, feeding the toy into her cunt an inch at a time. Once their bodies were pressed snugly together, Ann whispered, “Fuck me.”

Being taken by Colette was an amazing experience. The younger woman had remarkable stamina, and knew how to work her strap-on in every way imaginable – and a few ways Ann could never have imagined. In the end, she came too many times to count.

But the whole time, Ann kept wondering if Coralie would put in an appearance. She kept stealing surreptitious glances at the entrance, but the girl never showed. To her dismay, Ann wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

This is ridiculous, she thought. Why would I want an eleven-year-old girl to watch me having sex?

And yet, there was something oddly exciting about Coralie and her illicit desire; something Ann couldn’t quite put into words. It was flattering to be wanted that way, even by a child. And she wants her own mother even more, for Christ’s sake!

Since Coralie’s revelation, Ann’s thoughts had returned again and again to Coralie’s confession about her incestuous longings, perhaps because the very idea seemed so incredibly strange. And that led to other, even stranger notions.

Did Laura ever have those kinds of feelings for me? Ann wondered. Surely not. But the idea nagged at her like an aching tooth. And the night before, she’d awakened from a dream of Colette and Coralie, naked and in bed together, kissing like passionate lovers.

Now she was resting next to a slumbering Colette, unable to stop thinking about her lover’s little girl. Not that I’m lusting after her, she told herself. That would be wrong on so many levels. But she is a fascinating creature, no doubt about that. Wonder if she’ll ever summon up the nerve to make a play for her mum?

Her mind was a whirl of impressions and thoughts about lesbian love, girls and women, but somehow she finally managed to drift off.


Back in the here and now, lying nude beneath the sheets of her daughter Jessica’s guest room bed with a busy hand between her legs, Ann found herself on the brink of orgasm. She snatched up a pillow to stifle her groans as shockwaves of ecstasy buffeted her shapely frame.

As her climax subsided, Ann sat up in bed and listened, fumbling for an explanation in case Jess or one of the girls had heard her come and came running to investigate.

Thankfully, the house remained silent. Ann took a sip of water and settled back into bed, pondering the question of her sexuality. Not really a question anymore, she told herself. I’m at least bisexual now… and at the moment, I’m not really in the mood to involve myself with a man. Just like Colette, I suppose.

Why, then, was she having such trouble being open with her family about it? She’d admitted to the one night stand with Gina, but had yet to inform Jess or Laura about her far more involved affair with Colette. She’d decided earlier to tell her daughters everything the next day; now she was having second thoughts again.

Then she had an idea. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss this with Laura first. If anyone can help me finish coming out, it’s my youngest.

Reassured, she settled in. A few minutes later, sleep claimed her.

Eventually to come (fairly soon, we hope): Chapter Thirty-Nine!


The Loves and Labours of Doris Sloane, Chapter 1

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Note from BlueJean: Sometime in the latter half of 2022 I happened to ask JetBoy if I could tinker with an unfinished story of his. Foolishly, he gave me his blessing, and so I began scribbling in earnest, gleefully adding brand new scenes, including one that involved a ferret running amok in a car. Having read my radical retelling of the first chapter, JetBoy very calmly explained that it wasn’t really what he had in mind. After apologising profusely and promising it would never happen again, I set to work on a more restrained effort, and over the course of many months, he and I tossed the story back and forth like two tennis players with a word ball, adding new parts, expanding others, reworking dialogue, and fleshing out characters. The result of our considerable labours awaits you below – a story entirely devoid of ferrets.

Note from JetBoy: In the midst of editing work on BlueJean’s “The Beekeeper’s Daughters” (if you haven’t read that story yet, why the hell not?), I offhandedly told him that I had an unfinished novel, set nearly a century ago in England, that I’d been chipping away at for ages. Curious, he asked me to send him what I’d composed thus far; I did so, then forgot he’d even asked to see the thing. Imagine my surprise when, a few months later, BlueJean asked if I’d be okay with him putting in some work on it. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better person for the job, so he got the go-ahead. 

When I got my first piece of reworked text, I was horrified by how many changes he’d made. (I imagine a few dozen past and present Juicy Secrets authors muttering, “Now YOU know how it feels, dickweed.”) But upon taking a closer look, I noticed that most of the alterations didn’t alter as much as I’d thought, and nearly all of them were spot-on. I went through what he’d done, making changes and additions of my own, then threw it back to him…. aaaaaannnnnnd just like that, we were off and running.

Since BlueJean writes at least ten times faster than I do, he ended up composing a hell of a lot of the new material which, like everything else, got passed back and forth until we were both satisfied with the result… though I contributed new scenes as well. At this point, we’ve been through the text so exhaustively that it’s hard to say who did what – a collaborative work in the very best sense of the word. And if I may speak for both BlueJean and myself, we are well pleased with the final result. It’s not Lolita, admittedly… but for a couple of amateur authors, it ain’t too shabby. 

So here it is, dear friends – Chapter One of the BlueJean/JetBoy lesbian novel. Hope you like it. 


By JetBoy and BlueJean


I am old now, so I will tell my story while I still have the time and memory to do so. For whom I recount it, I’m not sure – this is certainly not a tale for grandchildren, or for the pensioners I play bridge with on Thursday afternoons. Perhaps I tell it for myself, to gather it all together in one place, that I might make sense of those years and all that happened in that old house.

Yes. For myself, then.

I was left an orphan at the age of eight when my parents perished in a ballroom fire one New Year’s Eve. There were no living relations to take me in, so I was thrown on the mercy of the state, who subsequently shunted me into a Catholic institution for girls with no families – a dreary, miserable place that seemed to exist solely to wring all the life and hope from those who washed up there. Even at my tender age, though, I had a fierce determination to make something of myself.

The orphanage allowed no idle hands. We were apprenticed in various vocations suitable for young ladies on the lower rungs of society – maids, secretaries, house cleaners, cooks. In many ways, those institutions served as human factories, churning out cheap labour for the privileged few. As one of the brighter girls, I was trained in the role of caring for children. In those days it was quite common for families to take girls from orphanages for live-in jobs as nannies and governesses when they came of age.

As it happened, I turned out to be rather good with children, having become a sort of mother figure to several of the younger girls. I could also read and write well, and came to be quite deft with a needle and thread. So when Mrs. Victoria Shaw, a widow with three daughters, came looking for someone suitable to look after her girls, the sisters presented me to her as a potential candidate. I was terribly nervous that day, enough that I could barely meet her gaze, but she seemed to approve of me, and I was given the position.

This was a most fortunate turn of events. If I did the job well and gave no cause to displease my employer, I might have a home with the Shaws for at least two years, possibly even longer. As I had not a soul to call family, this was perhaps my only opportunity to free myself from the stigma of poverty and charity; to find my own way in the world.

So I packed my meagre belongings: three dresses, two changes of underwear, a single pair of shoes, a bracelet that had belonged to my mother and a Bible given me by the Mother Superior, a parting gift that was surely intended to remind me that though I had managed to escape their grasp, God would still be watching. I would later abandon it on the train, taking great satisfaction in that small act of defiance. I left without a backward glance, accompanied to the station by one of the sullen drabs who worked in the orphanage kitchen. There, I boarded the train that took me to Croydon, from where I would make my way to Shadowglen, the house where the Shaw family resided.

The year was 1935, and I had only just turned sixteen.


Shadowglen was to the south of Croydon, on the rural outskirts of London. I would surely never have found it on my own if my new employer hadn’t arranged for one of the locals to meet me at the train station, a rather rumpled old man who took my case and placed it on the backseat of a battered old truck, then opened the passenger door for me. “Doris, is it?” he croaked. “I’m to bring ya to Mrs. Shaw’s.”

“Oh, thank you, that’s very kind,” I replied as I climbed inside. The old man shut the door, then hobbled round to the front of the vehicle to crank up the engine, a feat that seemed to require considerable effort, as well as some choice language. When eventually the truck spluttered to life, he shoved himself behind the wheel without a word and we were on our way.

I hadn’t seen the countryside for many years – when I’d been very small and my parents had still been alive – so the ride to Shadowglen was a wondrous slideshow of greens and browns and yellows. The bright vibrancy of it all amazed me – a treat for the eyes after the dull grey spaces of an orphanage that seemed to drain the colour from anything it touched. And the air was so clean. When one has experienced the dirty green smog of London, the country is… well, a breath of fresh air. I wanted to gulp it down like cool water.

The old man didn’t seem to be one for conversation, but I was content to enjoy the scenery with the window wound down and that wonderful air rushing against my skin. After a couple of miles, he turned his truck onto a road that, I soon realised, wasn’t a road at all, but the thoroughfare of a large house that, for all my guileless naivety, seemed more like a palace. Was this really to be my new home?

After thanking the man and retrieving my case, I climbed the steps of the main entrance and stood poised at the doors. Steeling myself, I timidly raised the heavy brass knocker and brought it down, the loud crack making me jump.

Expecting a butler or housemaid to answer, I was surprised when Mrs. Shaw herself came to the door.

This was the first time I had met my new mistress since her visit to the orphanage, and it was only now that I became fully aware of her beauty. She was tall and slender, with dark blonde hair that hung loose around her shoulders, and striking blue eyes you could easily lose yourself in. Her smile radiated warmth, and at the sight of it I felt my nervousness ease somewhat.

“You’re here at last,” she said. “Welcome to Shadowglen.”

I dipped into a little curtsey, just the way I’d been taught. “Thank you, ma’am.”

“’Mrs. Shaw,’ will do just fine, I think,” she told me. Turning on her heels, she seemed to float across the floor with the smooth elegance of a dancer. I lingered on the doorstep, unsure if I was supposed to follow or not, until she peered back at me and extended a hand. “In you come, then. Let me show you around.”

As I hesitantly ventured inside, she added, “I’m afraid I was unable to meet you at the station myself. One of the tyres on my automobile is flat as a pancake, so I was obliged to have our gardener, Mr. Farnsworth, fetch you here. I trust the ride was satisfactory?”

“It was fine, ma’am – er, Mrs. Shaw, I mean,” I answered, wincing inside at how scatterbrained I must’ve seemed. Fortunately, my new employer didn’t seem to notice.

She gave me a tour of the house, or at least the parts that were relevant to my job – the kitchen and scullery, the dining hall, the drawing room. When we were done with the ground floor, I followed her upstairs. At the end of a lengthy passage was the room I would call home.

“It’s a little on the small size, but I do hope it’ll suffice,” Mrs. Shaw said as she took my case from me, setting it down on a sturdy wooden chest of drawers.

I could only stand there and gawp. I’d not had a room of my own since I was a child, and was astonished that this one would be all mine. Beside the chest of drawers, on which a mirror rested, was a large wardrobe, cut from the same dark wood. Blue curtains framed a window that looked out onto a well-kept garden, their colour matching the wallpaper and the eiderdown on the bed. The bed itself was small, but looked infinitely more comfortable than the cold metal bunks we made do with in the orphanage dormitories.

“Oh, Mrs. Shaw, it’s… it’s lovely!”

While I’d been gazing around me in awe, Mrs. Shaw was peeking inside my little case. “Dear me! Is this all you’ve brought with you?”

“It’s… all I have,” I mumbled, shamed yet again by my wretched poverty.

She looked at me thoughtfully for a few moments, then reached out to give my hand a squeeze. “Don’t worry. There’s a seamstress in town. We’ll bring her over to measure you for some new things.”

I thanked my new mistress, grateful for her generosity, but it did sting my pride a little. Once I had the means to do so, I would march up to the shops, head held high, and buy whatever I needed with my own money.

Mrs. Shaw placed a hand upon my shoulder. “Come now. I’ll introduce you to the girls. They’re most eager to meet you.”

With that, we left my new room and went back through the hallway. “My daughters have only had one other nanny,” I was told. “Miss Haggerty had been with my family for many years. She took care of me as a child, actually.”

We reached a door with a little plaque on it that read Rebecca, the name surrounded by brightly painted flowers. “She came into a bit of property in Essex, and chose to retire, and I made the decision to seek someone… nearer the girls’ age as a replacement.” Mrs. Shaw carefully studied my face. “I feel certain, Doris, that you will work out quite nicely.”

She rapped her knuckles on the door and briskly opened it to draw me into a cheerfully-lit bedroom.

Three girls awaited me within. The eldest lay on her belly on a four-poster bed, while the younger two sat cross-legged on a rug spread before a small hearth.

“Here she is, children!” Mrs. Shaw announced.

I stepped out from her shadow and adopted a confident stance – back straight, hands resolutely linked in front of me. In truth, I was a tad nervous, but determined not to let it show. “Good afternoon, girls. My name is Doris Sloane.”

Mrs. Shaw pointed to each girl in turn. “This is my eldest, Rebecca. And there’s Sophia. And finally, my baby, Melinda.”

The two youngest girls found their feet and stood before me in what seemed to be a combination of respect and curiosity, but the older daughter just looked me over, making no effort to move from her place on the bed.

I already knew their ages. Rebecca seemed older than her fourteen years. Sophia, the middle child, not quite twelve, gave me a little wave.

Ten-year-old Melinda pouted. “I’m not a baby, Mummy,” she complained, but her frown quickly dissolved into giggles when Mrs. Shaw wrapped both arms round her waist and lifted her from the ground, then peppered the child’s face with kisses.

“I’ll leave you all to get acquainted. Supper will be at the usual time,” Mrs. Shaw told us as she made for the door. I smiled my thanks and gave her a nod of the head before turning my attention back to the three pairs of eyes watching me carefully.

“I only like for Mother to call me Rebecca,” the eldest girl stated – a touch haughtily, it seemed to me. I hoped I wouldn’t have any trouble from her. “Would you call me Becky instead?”

“I’d be happy to, Becky,” I replied. “If that’s what you prefer.”

“Mummy says you’re an orphan,” Melinda blurted out. “What happened to your parents?”

An alarmed Becky immediately shushed her youngest sister, while Sophia hissed, “Shut up, Melinda!”

The child was quite embarrassed, but I took no offence at her curiosity. Taking a place on the rug, I told them what had befallen me – that my parents had died; about my time at the orphanage. True, it wasn’t entirely proper for a nanny to tell her life story to the children she was caring for, but better to quell the whispers sooner rather than later, I thought. And besides, I wanted to establish a rapport with my charges, to show them I could be confided in. To me, trust was as important as respect.

The two youngest had what seemed like a million more questions, but Becky was still quietly appraising me, chin propped up on her hands while she listened to us chat, saying so little that it was hard to know whether she approved of me or not.

“I hope we can be friends,” I told them all when there was a pause in the conversation.

“Mother says you’re mainly here to help with Melinda and Sophia,” Becky told me. “I’m old enough to look after myself.”

I thought it best to let that pass for the moment. Mrs. Shaw’s eldest would either warm to me or she would not. Time would tell.

“Do you like George Formby?” asked Sophia, and Melinda merrily tinkled away on an invisible ukulele.

“I know who he is, but I’ve not really heard many of his songs,” I explained. “We… well, we were never allowed to listen to that kind of music at the orphanage. Just hymns, mostly.”

An expression of outrage flashed across the eleven-year-old’s face. “That’s awful!” she cried, as if I’d told her the nuns kept us chained to the walls at night. “We have a wireless downstairs. They play George Formby numbers quite often. And jazz, too.” She offered me a shy smile. “Would you like to listen with me after supper?”

“Of course,” I told her, glad for any opportunity to get to know the girls better.

The sharp tinkling of a bell came from downstairs, and the girls rose to their feet. “That means it’s time for dinner,” Melinda told me.

I took her hand in mine. “Lead the way, then!”

The ten-year-old smiled proudly, and the four of us made our way downstairs to the dining room.


Those first few days and weeks at Shadowglen took some getting used to. When not occupied with the two youngest children, I was familiarising myself with the layout of the sprawling house and learning the ins and outs of housework, laundry and clothing repair, as well as numerous errands that took me into town and back. I threw myself into the work, and – exhausting though it could be – enjoyed keeping busy.

Much of Mrs. Shaw’s day was occupied with the running of her late husband’s company from the study she now called her own. Often she would venture into London – whether for business or social calls, I wasn’t sure, and it was certainly not my place to ask. I was amazed to see she owned her own automobile, and even more so to see her behind the wheel. A woman driving was practically unheard of back then, and it spoke much of her independence and strong character.

So it fell to me to make sure the children had their breakfast and got off to school on time, that their uniforms were clean and smart, and that they attended to their homework at night. During the day I mended their clothes, cleaned their rooms or ran errands for Mrs. Shaw.

There was plenty to be done, but somehow I still managed to find some free time for myself on occasion. The garden was a great pleasure to me during those days. The best the orphanage could offer was a high-walled backyard every bit as cold and glum as its interior, so sitting on the well-kept lawn of a beautiful house to eat my lunch or simply unwind felt rather decadent.

Shadowglen’s cook, Mrs. Broomfield, was a plump woman with a no-nonsense attitude but a kind heart who sometimes needed assistance in the kitchen. She lived down in the nearby village, and came to the house most days to prepare meals. She and I forged a quick friendship, and I was given the extra task of serving breakfast to Mrs. Shaw and the girls.

It was a thorough, but fairly steady routine, and after the first two weeks I felt comfortable with the workings of the household, and content with my new life.

As the weeks passed, I came to know the Shaw girls and their very different personalities.

At ten, Melinda was a little on the shy side, but her affection knew no bounds. She loved to be cuddled, and we soon grew close enough that she would often find a place on my lap during the evenings while we sat in front of the fire in the drawing room. She loved stories, and I would read to her as she lay tucked up in bed – though sometimes, if a tale was especially thrilling, she would insist on discussing the finer points of it with me when it was long past time to turn the light out and go to sleep. She was quite the budding horticulturist, and took great pride in her ability to name all the different plants and flowers in the family garden. Melinda was an unofficial assistant of sorts to Mr. Farnsworth, the taciturn old man who came by several times a week to maintain the grounds of Shadowglen. She was the only one there who could get much more than a nod out of him.

Eleven-year-old Sophia was the mischievous pixie, brimming with youthful energy. If a set of feet was heard racing up and down the stairs or dashing down the hall, they were certain to be hers. She had an insatiable curiosity about everything under the sun, equally content to watch a bird building its nest as she was studying the great fold-out atlas Mrs. Shaw had given her as a birthday gift. If Melinda’s great love was stories, then Sophia’s was undoubtedly music. Much of her time was spent listening raptly and sometimes dancing or singing to tunes on the wireless, until some distraction caught her attention and away she would fly, eager for a new adventure.

Becky was quiet, contemplative; perhaps even a little withdrawn. She was a voracious reader, and would often retreat to her room to bury herself in some book or another. Being the eldest at fourteen, she required much less attention than her younger sisters, so I didn’t have an opportunity to spend as much time with her.

I sensed a sadness in Becky that left me puzzled at first – she seemed to lack for nothing in life, after all – until I recognised the same melancholy in her that sometimes settled over me. I suspected my own fits of depression stemmed from the death of my parents, and I wondered if hers had something to do with the loss of her father. Since she was closest to my age, I hoped the two of us would become friends, but she remained distant – not hostile, simply aloof.


A month after my arrival, Mrs. Shaw summoned me to her study. I sat in the chair opposite her desk, nervously wondering if I had done something to displease her, but she simply asked me how I was settling in and whether the girls were behaving themselves under my care. Then she told me there was no need to address her by her surname anymore. “You may call me ‘Miss’ from now on,” she said, gently resting her hand upon mine. My cheeks coloured a little as I thanked her.

Not long after that, Mrs. Shaw gave me a gift that has sustained and enriched my journey through life – the love of books.

We had been taught our letters at the orphanage, but only for the purpose of studying the Good Book, or the old eighteenth and nineteenth century morality tales that we were expected to read to the younger children in our care. Genuine literature was frowned upon, seen as a corrupting influence by the harridans who controlled our lives. Those few girls who loved to read were mocked by the sisters for “putting on airs,” which all but ensured they would be teased and tormented by the others. And any girl caught with a book from the notorious Prohibitorum List – Madame Bovary, Canterbury Tales, Lady Chatterley’s Lover and numerous others – was soundly punished, and the offending tome consigned to the kitchen stove. “This is the only suitable book for a young lady,” our Sister Agatha routinely declared, brandishing her Bible like a weapon.

In that way, I’d attained womanhood with little to no interest in reading for pleasure. It took me by surprise, then, to see how devoted Mrs. Shaw was to her books. Her study held a generous library, and each day my mistress would pass an hour or two there, curled up in her chair with one of the many volumes that crowded the old oaken bookcases.

I suppose it was inevitable that I would wander into her study in my spare time to gaze at the well-stocked shelves, curious about their contents.

Eventually, I took one down, intrigued by its title: The Old Curiosity Shop. I opened it to the first page, read a few lines, and soon found myself caught up in the characters and their story. Without giving it much thought, I drifted over to the nearest chair to read a little more.

I was wrenched back into the here and now when I noticed my mistress standing in the open doorway, watching me.

I leapt to my feet, snatching the book just in time to prevent it from tumbling to the floor. “I – I’m sorry, miss!” I stammered, suddenly numb with horror. I’d been caught snooping. This was a disaster.

But Mrs. Shaw was quick to calm me. “You’ve done nothing wrong, Doris. Everyone in this house is allowed to use the library.” She paused, noting the volume I held. “The Old Curiosity Shop, eh? That was one of my favourites when I was your age. Have you read Dickens before?”

“No, miss,” I meekly replied. “We didn’t have many books at the orphanage… mostly just for children. For us to read to them, you see, when we went into service.”

She frowned. “So… you weren’t encouraged to read for yourselves? For pleasure?”

I shook my head. “Not really, miss.” I gave an unsteady laugh. “We… we weren’t supposed to do much of anything for pleasure.”

“Appalling,” Mrs. Shaw muttered. She seemed lost in thought for a moment, shaking herself out of her reverie with a comforting hand upon my arm. “My dear, you are well clear of that horrid place.”

Then she smiled at me, and dear reader, it was like the sun emerging from behind a dark cloud. Of all the things I remember about my mistress, it’s her beautiful smile that shines brightest in my memory. The way it would draw out her dimples and make her eyes sparkle like precious pale sapphires lingers in my mind to this day.

She gestured toward the book I held so reverently. “Doris, it would make me very happy if you were to take this with you. Read it at your leisure; bring it back when you’re done. Then you may take another – any you like, as often as you want. Books are meant to be shared and enjoyed by all.”

Something about Mrs. Shaw’s gesture touched me deeply. I’d had ample reason to note her kindness, but this meant something more to me, somehow. My mistress was allowing me a level of privilege that felt almost… intimate.

I thought of the satisfaction Mrs. Shaw took from her reading, realising for the first time that I might have that very same sense of fulfilment for myself. There they were, lined up and waiting, each book a world waiting to be explored. In opening her library to me, she was inviting me into a new, better life.

Thank you, miss,” I whispered, hugging the volume of Dickens all the more tightly, overwhelmed with gratitude. I surely would have seized her hand and brought it to my lips to kiss, had a mere servant girl been permitted such a liberty.

I think she might have been a little embarrassed by my response to her generosity. She gave my arm a reassuring squeeze. “You’re welcome, Doris. Let me know when you’ve finished the book. You can share your thoughts on it.” With a wistful smile and a satisfied sigh, she murmured, “Yes. Good,” then drifted from the room.

For a moment I stood there, unsure what to do next. I wanted to spend more time with Mrs. Shaw, to gaze at that lovely face, hear her soothing voice. At the same time, I wished to immerse myself once more in The Old Curiosity Shop. But a glance at the clock told me the girls would be home soon, so I carried the precious volume back to my room, where I placed it on the night table.

Within two weeks I was reading as often as I could spare a moment, devouring one book after another. True to her word, Mrs. Shaw let me borrow from the library whenever I liked. And she always managed to find time to chat with me afterward about the stories and characters. At first I was timid and self-conscious about voicing my own impressions, but my mistress managed to draw me out, encouraging me to speak freely. She treated me as a friend, something no adult had ever done before.

I quickly came to relish our conversations, and began asking Mrs Shaw to recommend books she especially loved, that I might enjoy them as well. Sometimes when poring through a novel, I found myself pretending she was reading it too, enjoying the story along with me.

My admiration for Mrs. Shaw, I was beginning to realise, was straying into the realm of infatuation. She was like no woman I had ever known – strong-willed and extraordinarily beautiful, with a sense of elegance and poise that fascinated me. I believe every young girl needs an older woman to look up to, and in Victoria Shaw, I had found mine. My secret dream was that I might become like her someday, once I’d found my place in the world.

I slowly settled in, feeling more a part of the Shaw household with every passing day. It was the first time in my adult life that I had ever truly experienced a sense of belonging. I was content. And it was a very good feeling indeed.


The day things changed for me came six weeks after I took my position with the Shaws.

I remember starting awake in the middle of the night, a cold sweat clinging to my body, my breath coming in short, sobbing rasps. The nightmare was a familiar one: my mother and father reaching out to me from the flames of the ballroom, their screams, the reek of burning flesh. In fact, I had not been there that night, but in my dream I was always present – frozen in place, unable to help them.

I lay there in the dark and wept, my head throbbing painfully.

I was unable to rise the following morning. When Melinda came to find out why I hadn’t been there to help her dress and braid her hair for the Sunday church service, I told her I was feeling unwell with a bad head. But I was harried by guilt, and knew I should drag myself out of bed and soldier on, or at least explain to Mrs. Shaw why I wasn’t there, attending to her daughters.

As it happened, the lady of the house came to me instead. Her blonde hair was swept back into a neat bun and she was wearing her Sunday best. She gave me a glass of water, then dropped two small white pills into my palm. “Wash those down, they’ll help with your headache.”

“I’m so s-sorry, Miss!” I stammered, my tears welling up all over again. “I – I’ll make up the time, I promise!”

Shushing me, Mrs. Shaw placed a hand upon my damp brow. “There’s no need to apologise. Try to get some sleep, and I shall come see you when we return from church.”

She closed the bedroom door and several minutes later I could hear the sound of her car disappearing up the driveway. I pulled the covers up around my pounding head, and eventually an uneasy sleep took me.


I awakened some time later to the sound of my bedroom door opening, then footsteps on the hard floor. The aspirin had softened the edges of my headache, but melancholy still coloured my soul.

I had been beset by these fits of depression for years, not frequently, but often enough to dread those times when they descended upon me. I saw it as a weakness, and grew infuriated with myself whenever these attacks occurred. I’d hoped that Mrs. Shaw would never see me in this state. Would she think less of me for it, or simply assume it was nothing more than a bad head and leave it at that?

She pulled a chair next to my bed and sat down. “How do you feel?”

I could smell her perfume. The scent awakened a strange longing in me, one I couldn’t put a name to. “Much better, thank you.”

“I’ve asked the girls not to bother you for the rest of the day.” She tugged her white kid gloves from her hands, then placed a palm against my brow. “You’re very warm. I hope you don’t have a fever.”

I stiffened a little at the sudden contact, but beneath that, something else stirred, something I would not – could not – entertain. “I don’t think I do, Miss.”

Mrs. Shaw must have sensed my unease, and sought to reassure me. “I have raised three girls, you know… and looked after them when they fell ill.”

Her hand remained upon my brow, her thumb gently stroking my temple. With the other hand, she slowly pulled the covers down to my waist.

“W-what are you doing, Miss?” I asked in a small voice.

“Checking to see if your skin is flushed. A fever will show most prominently upon the chest.” She began to unhook the buttons on my nightgown.

“I don’t think it’s a fever, Miss,” I protested, fighting the impulse to push her hands away. “I feel much better now.”

“Shhh… don’t argue. It won’t hurt to see.”

She pulled the gown open, baring my breasts. I attempted to cover them with my hands but Mrs. Shaw would have none of it. “Now, now. There’s no need for modesty between the two of us. I should think you were used to this kind of thing, being around other girls all those years.”

Needless to say, Mrs. Shaw understood little of our lives at the orphanage. We girls were seldom exposed to nudity, even our own. The sisters taught us that the body was a shameful thing, a vessel for sin. We dressed and undressed in near darkness, and bathed quickly in tiny isolated cubicles. To allow one’s nakedness to be seen by others was considered wanton, and any girl caught at it was sure to be punished.

I think I understood the folly of such oppression at the time, even if I was too young to express it in words. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to keep my head down and toe the line with the rest of those unfortunate souls. To do otherwise would have been a folly all its own. And yet, the daily rituals we endured had become so rehearsed, so ingrained, that my unexpected state of undress, and this sudden intimacy with Mrs. Shaw left me feeling vulnerable, even threatened.

Her eyes met mine, and something passed between us. She placed a hand upon my chest and stroked me there, her fingers brushing against the swell of my burgeoning breasts. “You’re quite lovely,” she told me softly, and I felt my face warming. “I don’t believe you have a fever. But you’re to stay in bed for the rest of the day. I shall bring you some soup later.”

Her hand trailed down to my belly, and a shiver thrummed through me. She looked into my eyes again. “Do you mind me touching you like this?”

I shook my head. What else was I to do? Slap her hands away and tell her to leave? She was my employer, and I didn’t have the luxury of jeopardising my position. But in truth, although alarmed at the way she allowed her hands to wander, the attention was not entirely unwelcome.

Suddenly her mouth was close to my ear. “Good,” she murmured, and in the next moment was gone from the room.

I lay there in a daze, my nightgown slung open, the sound of my own breathing loud in my ears. Somewhere out in the garden I could hear the girls playing in the afternoon sunshine, and the strangely comforting rattle and clunk of a push mower moving across the lawn.

Mrs. Shaw had left me wanting – awakened something that demanded attention. Sometimes, at night, as we lay in our beds in the orphanage, that same need had found me, found some of the others too, I suppose.

I have already told of how we were expressly forbidden to touch ourselves in ways deemed inappropriate, but it bears repeating, if only so you understand how a child’s innocent, inquisitive nature can be hollowed out and replaced with guilt and shame. It was drummed into us by the sour creatures who ruled our lives that masturbation was a mortal sin, that we were risking our very souls for a moment’s fleeting pleasure. We were taught to wash certain parts of our bodies as quickly as we were able when bathing, lest we succumb to earthly temptation. The sleeping quarters were policed after hours, and any girl caught touching herself was marched before us all the next day after morning prayers and punished for her actions.

We all knew the consequences of being caught – the bite of the cane across the palms, the shaming that accompanied it. And there were always tattletales, eager little sister’s pets who would do just about anything to get into the good graces of those monstrous harridans.

But sometimes the calling was simply too great, and in the dark, fingers would snake down beneath blankets, quiet, quiet, as quiet as can be.

This time, there was no one to hear me. It was my room. Mine alone. And my nightgown was open, and my hand was upon my belly, and a cool breeze blew across my bare skin from the open window.

With an eye towards the door, I touched myself – hesitantly at first, just a fingertip trailing along the warm cleft of my vagina. My other hand found a breast and kneaded it softly, a shared rhythm with the finger that had found the opening to my womanhood and was now probing the moist warmth within. When the liquid sounds of my exploration shattered the silence, I froze briefly, then remembered there was no one there to inform on me. Alone. So wonderfully alone.

I felt the tide rising within me, but with nothing to fear and no urgency to finish, this time it was mine to control, mine to make wax and wane as I saw fit. So I denied myself the release I craved for a long, wondrous while; taking myself to the very brink of ecstasy several times before allowing the waves to carry me over.

And I plummeted headlong into that delicious abyss… the sweet death that, strangely enough, was also a giver of life. And at that moment, dear reader, I was very much alive.

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Stranger in the Family, Chapter 4

  • Posted on May 21, 2024 at 2:16 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

School was over for the summer. Linda felt uneasy about leaving her daughters at home alone, so she got herself set up to work in her study. It worked out even better than she’d hoped – without the daily interruptions that always seemed to occur in the office, she was getting a greater amount of work done, and she appreciated having more time to spend with the girls.

Linda was beginning to suspect her concerns about Kelly had been premature. After Jan’s visit, her oldest daughter had stopped dropping comments about sex and nudity, and she didn’t seem to be checking out other girls anymore. Kelly still hadn’t regained her memory, but at least she was behaving more like a normal child of eleven.

On their first Monday away from school, Kelly and Gabby were throwing the Frisbee out back. Gabby had just made a deft catch when their neighbor Cheryl’s sixteen-year-old daughter Alicia crossed over into their yard.

“Hiya, Ali!” Gabby called with a wave.

“Hi,” Ali replied as she looked at the nine-year-old in a way that Kelly instantly recognized. Gabby was wearing a pair of snug shorts that displayed her legs and bottom to impressive effect – sure enough, that was where Ali’s eyes went first.

“Hey, Gabby?” said Ali. “Pam wanted me to ask if you’d like to come over and play with her. She’s down in our basement.”

“Cool! Just let me ask Mom,” Gabby said as she turned and ran toward the house. Alicia touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip for a moment, watching Gabby’s ass as she ran toward the house.

Not having met Ali yet, Kelly drifted over to the older girl, noting that she looked like a younger version of her mother. Ali’s breasts were smaller than Cheryl’s, but they were the ideal size for the younger girl’s slender frame. Kelly liked Ali’s red hair, and her butt looked incredible in the tight jeans she wore.

“Hello,” Kelly said. “I know you know me, but I can’t remember you. Sorry.”

“It’s okay – I know what happened,” Ali said with a sympathetic nod. Kelly saw the older girl’s eyes flicker down to her chest for an instant before adding, “You can spend some time with me if you like, Kelly. We can go up to my room.”

“Did we used to hang out?” Kelly asked.

“No, not really,” Ali admitted. “But we’d all play games together sometimes.”

“Did we ever take our clothes off when we played?” Kelly asked.

Ali’s eyes widened. “You mean… completely naked?”

“Yeah. Did we ever?”

Ali laughed, but only to cover her surprise at the question. “No. I don’t know where you got that idea.” she said. “I meant, like, we mostly played board games, pick-up-sticks and stuff like that. I do remember one time when we were having a game of freeze tag… indoors, ‘cause it was raining. Everyone was running around a lot, so we ended up playing in just our underpants and t-shirts.” She laughed. “Actually, Pam and Gabby didn’t even bother with the t-shirts! Oh, wait, I remember now – when we started taking stuff off, you got embarrassed and left the room.”

“Really? But that sounds like so much fun!” Kelly said. “And I was all embarrassed, huh? Boy, I sure was different back then.”

Gabby appeared at the back door. “Mom wants to know if your mom’s home, Ali.”

“Yes,” Ali replied. “It’s okay with her.”

With a joyful whoop, Gabby bounded into the yard, racing toward the Benton home, yelling as she ran, “See you guys later!”

The two older girls waved, then Ali smiled. “Actually, playing naked sounds like a lot of fun. I’d be up for doing it… if everyone else did.”

“Me too,” said Kelly. She was still checking Ali out. In addition to her nice figure, she also had a pretty face. And she was dressed to perfection, in denim shorts that showed off her long, shapely legs, plus a tight t-shirt that displayed her titties to impressive effect.

Ali had been doing some looking of her own. She loved the cute tomboy thing Gabby had going, with blue cotton shorts that were a little too small for her, a baggy football jersey, battered sneakers and white socks that came up to her knees.

But the sight of Kelly really got her juices flowing. Kelly had on a pair of worn denim jeans and a powder blue t-shirt that was so thin, the girl’s budding breasts and puffy nipples could practically be seen through the fabric.

Touching Kelly’s arm, Ali said. “C’mon, let’s go inside.” Side by side, they made their way toward the house.

Once indoors, they found Ali’s mom Cheryl seated in the study, using the computer.

“Hi, Mrs. Benton,” Kelly said, smiling at the very attractive older woman. “Thanks for letting me and Gabby come over.”

“You’re welcome any time, hon,” she said. “But please, don’t call me ‘Mrs Benton.’ It’s ‘Cheryl.’ She gave the pretty eleven-year-old a wink.

“Okay, Cheryl,” Kelly replied. “Next time I won’t forget.”

“Mom, I’m gonna show Kelly my room,” Ali said as she put a hand on the younger girl’s shoulder and guided her to the stairs.

“Have fun.” Cheryl said.

Once the girls were gone, she brought the Porn Hub site back up and clicked PLAY on the lesbian video she’d paused a moment ago. Sitting back, she slipped a hand into her sweatpants.


Gabby thundered down the basement steps, shouting, “Heyyyyy, Pam! I’m hee-ere!”

“Hi, Gab.” Pam gave her best friend a hug.

Gabby returned the embrace, and the two girls flopped down next to each other on the sofa. “Whatcha wanna do?” Gabby asked.

Pam shrugged. “Whatever you feel like doing.”

“Wanna hear something amazing? I mean, totally amazing.”

“Sure.” Pam smiled.

“If I tell you, you’ve gotta promise to keep it secret. Okay?”

“Sure, I promise.” By then, Pam’s interest was fully aroused.

“Um, well, a couple nights ago we all went out to eat,” Gabby began, lowering her voice. “My sister didn’t have any underpants on.”

“How’d you know that?” Pam asked. “Did she tell you?”

“I’m getting to it, doofus! So when we were walking home…” The girl paused for dramatic effect. “Kelly lifted up the back of her dress and showed me her butt.”

Pam’s mouth dropped, and a hint of pink appeared in her cheeks. “Wow! She really did that? Out in the street? And, and she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress?”

“For real! I mean, no one saw her but me… my mom and my aunt were walking in front of us. But that’s not even the coolest part!” Gabby smiled, savoring the moment.

“What? Tell me!”

When we got home, me and Kelly went into the back yard… and she took her dress all the way off! She just had on her sneakers and socks and she stood right there, bare naked. I could see everything. It was so wild!”

“Gosh, I would love to have seen that.” Pam said. “Your sister’s so pretty. Bet she’s got a great body!”

“Oh, she does,” Gabby said. “So… have you ever seen Ali naked?”

Pam fell silent, pursing her lips. Finally, she spoke. “If I tell you something private, will you promise to keep it secret forever, Gabby? Cross your heart?”

“Promise,” Gabby said solemnly as she drew a large invisible X on her chest with a finger.

It was Pam’s turn to speak quietly. “Sometimes me and Ali get naked and touch our kitties together, the same way me and you do. She’s the one who showed me how.”

“Oh, wow!” Gabby gasped. “Does she look good with no clothes on?”

“Well, her boobies are big and soft. And her – her nipples, they swell up when she touches them,” Pam answered. Both girls giggled. “She has hair over her kitty, too. Does Kelly have any?”

“No. Not yet. She still looks like us down there. She’s got nice little titties, but I didn’t get to feel them.” Gabby gave her friend a thoughtful glance. “Hey. You wanna?” She felt that hot urge between her legs again.

“Sure,” Pam answered, knowing exactly what Gabby meant. Standing up, she unfastened her jeans and, with one motion, pushed them to her ankles along with her panties, then sat back down, both legs spread apart.

Pausing long enough to take a good look at her half-naked friend, Gabby shoved the shorts and panties she wore down to her ankles. She sat with legs parted, holding the bottom of her shirt up so Pam could see everything, too.

With her free hand, Gabby slowly trailed a finger through her moist labia, and Pam began to touch herself in the same way.

“I wish I could see you and Ali doing this,” Gabby said as she circled the opening of her vagina with a finger tip.

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah, that would be fun. I’ll see if she wants to.”

“Honest? Ali wouldn’t be mad at you for asking that?”

Pam shrugged. “She wouldn’t get mad. She might say no, but she wouldn’t get mad.”

“Ever see your mom naked?” Gabby asked. “I think she’s beautiful.”

Pam began to move her finger faster. “No. I mean, yeah, she’s pretty I guess, but I never saw her naked. What about your mom?”

“Nope. But you know something? I’d really like to.” Gabby watched as Pam rubbed the special place at the top of her kitty, then she did the same. “Ever since I saw Kelly with her clothes off, I’ve been kinda wanting to see Mom that way. Aunt Jan, too.”

“Maybe now that Kelly let you see her, you guys can do this together,” Pam said, nodding toward her busy hand.

Gabby pondered that notion. “I’d like that. Oh, I forgot to tell you – Kelly also taught me how to kiss. Sexy kiss.” Pam made a face. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. But you know what? It feels totally great.” She edged closer to her friend. “Wanna try it with me?”


Upstairs, Kelly looked around Ali’s room, liking what she saw. The bed was covered with stuffed animals. Not only did Ali have her own bathroom, there was also a flat screen TV and a small refrigerator.

“What an awesome place!” Kelly exclaimed. “If I lived here, I’d never come out!” She wandered around, taking it all in. “Man, this bed is huge. If you had a slumber party, everyone could sleep here.” Kelly flopped down on her back in the bed’s center.

“It’s king-size,” Ali said. “This used to be the master bedroom. After Mom got divorced, she didn’t want this room anymore, so she swapped with me. I love it.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Kelly replied. “Um, Ali? Would you let me touch your boobs?”

Ali gave a short embarrassed laugh. “What?”

Kelly smiled. “Can I touch your boobs? I mean they look so nice… I just wonder what they feel like.”

Ali shrugged, trying to maintain her cool exterior. “Well, I suppose they feel like yours do. Mine are just bigger, that’s all.” Ali sat down on the bed, gazing thoughtfully at the younger girl. “Y’know, Kelly, you really do seem different…”

“Really? How?”

“Well,” Ali started, “You’re so… so forward. You never would’ve asked to feel my tits before, even if you wanted to. Which I don’t think you ever did, by the way. And you used to always wear a training bra, but now… well, I can make out your breasts. And your nipples are showing!”

“I don’t really have anything yet,” Kelly said. “But you can see them if you like. That is, if I can see yours.” Without waiting for a response, she sat up just long enough to pull her shirt up and off, then toss it aside. Lying back, she began to circle the small pink nipples with the tips of her fingers, looking expectantly at Ali.

“Uh, okay, sure. Why not?” Alicia said, tugging her shirt off, which she carelessly draped over the arm of her desk chair. Reaching behind her back, she undid the bra, letting it slide down her arms and to the floor. She climbed on the bed and crawled over to where Kelly lay.

“Like them?” Ali purred, cupping both breasts in her hands.

“Sure do,” Kelly answered as she got up on her knees and reached out to touch a breast. “Yeah… nice and soft! Thanks, Ali, this is way cool.” She leaned forward to take one of Ali’s nipples between her lips, sucking at the swelling bud.

Ali felt her heart begin to pound. “That feels so nice, Kelly,” she whispered.

Glancing up at the older girl, Kelly switched to the other nipple. She began to shift back and forth, nursing from one breast while she fondled the other.

Ali loved what this cute eleven-year-old was doing to her, but she found herself feeling a bit uncomfortable with how fast this was happening. Don’t rush this, kiddo, she admonished herself. You could get into some major trouble if you’re not careful. “Hey, I really like this. But, um, we better stop now.”

“Ali?” Kelly said, gazing deep into the teen’s eyes. “I’d love to lick your pussy.” Ali’s mouth dropped. “I’ve never done it before… at least, I don’t think I have. But I’ve really been wanting to try it.”

Ali gaped at the younger girl, trying to make sense of what was happening. Wow… I think she really means it! It’s illegal as hell… but how fucking cool would that be, letting a little girl go down on me? It flew in the face of common sense, but her resolve was evaporating like morning mist.

She’d been lusting after her little sister Pam for at least a year, but hadn’t summoned up the nerve to make a move on the girl. Luckily, Pam herself had come to Ali with questions about her body. The opportunity to play the helpful older sister and get the younger one naked had been irresistible. That very night, Ali taught Pam how to masturbate.

Not only did Pam love making herself come, she quickly decided it was much more fun when she and Ali touched themselves together. Ever since, the two sisters had been doing just that – and Ali was fairly certain Pam was also masturbating with her little friend Gabby.

Ali hadn’t taken things any further with Pam, but some time soon, she intended to suggest that they touch each other’s pussies, just to see if her sister would go for it.

Now another young girl, one just a couple of years older than Pam, was offering Ali oral sex. I can’t say no to this, she quickly decided. I can’t. I’d regret it forever.

“If that’s what you want,” Ali said as she got to her feet, “Then yeah, I’m into it. But you can’t breathe a word about this to anyone. Even your sister.” Facing Kelly, she slowly undid the button on her shorts, then wriggled the denim cut-offs down until she could step out of them, revealing red satin panties.

So sexy,” Kelly whispered, almost to herself.

Ali spun around, displaying her barely covered ass to the eleven-year-old. Gazing over her shoulder, she said, “Do you think I have a nice bottom?”

Kelly replied by stuffing a hand down the front of her jeans, “Yes. I love your bottom. Oh, Ali… I’ll do anything you like. Lick your pussy, put my fingers in you, rub our c-cunts together. Anything.” The girl’s breathing grew unsteady as she masturbated. “Want me to lick your butthole? I’ll do that, too.” She’d recently encountered a film clip of one lesbian rimming another while roaming the internet – and after the shock wore off, found herself eager to sample this new pleasure.

Her back still to Kelly, Ali slowly, slowly pulled her panties down until she was bent all the way over, giving the younger girl a good look at her holes. Her heart was racing like mad as she heard Kelly murmur, “Your pussy is soooo pretty, Ali… so pink and juicy, it looks like a yummy piece of fruit. Oh, God, I want to taste you, Ali, please let me taste you…”


Downstairs, Cheryl was watching a film clip of two teenage girls and an older woman enjoying a heated threesome. Her sweatpants were undone, and she had a hand in her panties, plunging two fingers in and out of her throbbing vagina.

Suddenly Cheryl’s phone chimed, making her jump. She saw on the caller ID that it was Linda calling. “Damn it,” she muttered, letting the phone go off twice more while she composed herself. Then she picked it up, making sure to do so with the left hand.

“Hi, Linda,” she said.

“Hey, Cher. Can you send Kelly and Gabby home? Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

“No problem. What’s on the menu?”

“Oh, an asparagus casserole,” Linda replied. “Kelly gave up eating meat, so I’ve had to get really creative in the kitchen.”

“Hmmm… I’ve never made that before. You’ll have to give me the recipe some time. Anyhow, I’ll give the girls a nudge in your direction.”

“Better give them more of a shove… I’m setting the table now. Thanks, babe!”

“Bye, then,” Cheryl said, putting the phone back in the charger. With a wistful sigh, she closed out her Porn Hub session, popped into the kitchen to wash her hands, then began climbing the stairs to Ali’s room.


Ali stood by the edge of the bed, spreading her labia with two fingers to reveal the rosy interior of her cunt. “Like what you see, Kelly?” she said.

“Yeah,” a wide-eyed Kelly sighed. “I love looking at your pussy.”

“You really want to taste me?”

“Yes, please, Ali… I really, really want to.”

“Give me your hand,” the teen demanded.

Kelly extended her arm, and Ali placed the palm of the younger girl’s hand against her wet pussy. She worked it up and down a few times, then guided Kelly’s finger into her tight vagina.

“Oh, my gosh,” Kelly said, “you’re so hot inside!”

“You make me hot,” Ali replied. “Now take your finger out and lick it.”

Slowly withdrawing her finger, Kelly studied it, smiling at how slick it was with Ali’s love honey. She ran her tongue up its length, then slipped it into her mouth to suck.

“Let me have more, Ali,” Kelly pleaded when her finger was clean. “Let me lick you now. Pretty please?”

Ali smiled. “I think we’re going to have a real nice summer, you and me.” She lay back on the bed, parting her thighs.

Kelly crawled between the teen’s legs, lying down with her face a few inches away from Ali’s juicy cunt. It was breathtakingly lovely, a pink flower framed by a neatly trimmed tuft of bright red curls. Moistening her lips in anticipation, Kelly reached out to graze the slit with a fingertip.

“You’re so sexy, Ali,” she whispered. “I’ll do this to you anywhere, any time you want.”

Propped up on her elbows, Ali gazed hungrily at her eleven-year-old lover. What a vision she was; topless, long sandy hair spilling onto her bare shoulders, eyes glazed with desire. She looked down further, checking out Kelly’s pert little ass. It looked so yummy, thrust out and up in those tight blue jeans. I should’ve asked her to get naked too, she told herself. Oh, well, we’ll get to that.

Kelly drew closer to Ali’s pussy, parting her lips, about to take that first lick… then a brisk knock on the door caused both girls to start.

“Girls?” It was Ali’s mother Cheryl. “Can I come in?”

Ali was about to speak, but Kelly immediately came out with, “Sure, come on in!”

The knob turned, then jiggled, but the door didn’t open. “It’s locked.” Cheryl said on the other side.

“Just a sec, Mom,” Ali called, staring in disbelief at a giggling Kelly. “Put your shirt back on!” she hissed at the girl.

As Kelly calmly put her shirt back on, Ali pulled on her own top and then yanked on her shorts, pausing to nudge her panties and bra under the bed.

When Ali opened the door, Cheryl peered inside, arching an eyebrow at the two girls. Kelly was seated on the bed, sniffing her finger.

“Kelly,” Cheryl said, “Your mother just called. She wants you and Gabby to come home. Okay?”

“Sure,” Kelly said, rising to her feet. Cheryl couldn’t help but notice the girl’s erect nipples through the thin top she wore. She gave Alicia a thoughtful look.

“Well, I’ll let Gabby know,” Cheryl said, turning to leave.

“I’ll do it!” said Ali, fairly certain she knew what her little sister and Gabby were up to in the basement. She hastened out of her room and down the stairs.

Cheryl and Kelly followed a moment later. As they passed by the computer, Kelly paused to study the screen, which showed a portrait of Cheryl, Ali, and Pam, all smiling.

“I was just, um, going through my email,” Cheryl explained, checking to see if there was any lingering evidence of what she’d really been up to.

“I like to look at porn on my computer,” Kelly said. “Or sexy stories. There’s this one site, it’s called the Juicy Secrets Club. Have you ever seen it? Wow, it’s super hot!”

Cheryl could only stare at the girl in utter shock. What the…?

“Can I touch your tits, Cheryl?” Kelly asked.

Cheryl finally managed to speak, “Young lady, you shouldn’t be asking questions like that. But, um, if you really want to feel a woman’s breasts, you should talk to your mother.”

Kelly sighed. “I can’t ask her to do anything like that. She’d say no for sure.” She looked Cheryl up and down, in a way that made her interest very obvious. “I was hoping you might let me, though.”

Before Cheryl could summon up a coherent reply, Kelly extended her finger to Cheryl. “Smell this.”

Her curiosity won out. Cheryl hesitantly sniffed Kelly’s finger. She recognized the scent right away, but didn’t say so.

“Ali was pretty cool about me doing stuff to her,” Kelly continued. “She let me feel her boobies… and I got to touch her pussy, too!” She paused. “I was just about to lick her when you knocked on the door.”

Just then Gabby appeared, followed by Ali. Cheryl was searching for something to say to Kelly, drawing a complete blank.

“Thanks for letting us come over, Cheryl!” Gabby exclaimed.

“Yeah, thanks. Bye!” Kelly said with a little wave. She took Gabby’s hand, and they left together. Kelly was pleased by the puzzled looks she saw on the faces of mother and daughter.


 After dinner, a couple of Linda’s co-workers dropped by. It was a social call, but they also intended to discuss work-related matters.

“We need a bit of privacy, girls,” Linda told her daughters. “Could you two spend some time upstairs tonight? I’ll let you stay up an hour later tomorrow.”

“Sure, Mom. C’mon, Kel.” Gabby took her big sister’s hand and led her up the stairs. “Let’s go to my room. I’ll teach you how to play Chinese checkers.”

Kelly sat on Gabby’s bed watching her sister get the game out and set it up on the floor. Gabby looked up at Kelly, clearly thinking about something, then got up and moved over to the door, where she stood listening for a moment. Satisfied by what she heard, Gabby closed the door, then turned to her sister.

“I know I said we’d play a game, but, um… can we maybe kiss some more instead?”

Kelly smiled. “Sure.” Now it begins, she thought. Stretching out on the bed, she gazed expectantly at her little sister.

Gabby crawled onto the bed, then lay down on top of Kelly, sighing blissfully as she settled into her older sibling’s arms. She gave Kelly a soft, shy kiss.

Kelly’s desire was a roaring fever that seemed on the verge of consuming her completely. She wanted to fuck her sister, to taste and touch every inch of her childish body. At the same time, she knew it wouldn’t do to come on too strong and risk frightening the little girl. Remember, she’s only nine. So she kept their kisses gentle and innocent, resisting an urge to slip a hand between Gabby’s thighs and fondle her bare vulva. Let her decide how far we go, Kelly told herself

It was a sound strategy, because after a minute or two of light kisses, Gabby broke away. “Can we use our tongues? The way we did it last time. Um, and I liked how you touched my bottom when we kissed, too.”

“Okay,” Kelly murmured, twining her arms round Gabby’s neck, drawing the girl’s mouth to hers. They met in a kiss that quickly grew heated. Their tongues met, mingled, then entered into a lustful dance.

Kelly was thrilled to pieces by Gabby’s eagerness, her willingness to learn and explore. She allowed her hands to glide down her sister’s back until they were cupping the child’s pert little ass through her shorts.

Gabby moaned as Kelly ran a finger through the cleft between her cheeks. “That feels sooooo good,” she whispered. “You’re the best big sister ever.”

“The best ever…?” Kelly teased, busy placing tiny kisses on Gabby’s chin, her jaw, her neck.

“Well, yeah! I mean, you’re teaching me such cool stuff.” Suddenly Gabby raised her head. “Hey, guess what I did today!”

Right then, Kelly wasn’t too keen on playing guessing games with her sister – she wanted to make out. Gotta be patient, though. “I give up. What?”

“Today, while I was down in the basement with Pam… I taught her how to kiss! Just like you did with me!”

“No kidding! Did she like it?”

“She LOVED it,” Gabby replied, looking a bit smug. “Not only that – while we kissed, we touched ourselves!” She made a face. “We didn’t get to finish, though. Ali came down to get me after Mom called, so we had to pull our pants back up.”

Kelly playfully mussed her little sister’s hair. “Poor kid. You can touch yourself now, if you want.”

“Well, um… there’s something else I’d kinda like to try. Remember when me and you kissed the first time? You said that doing that would be even better if we…” She trailed off.

Kelly felt herself light up like a Roman candle inside, but kept her expression neutral. “If we what?”

“Um, you know,” Gabby mumbled, suddenly unsure of herself.

Kelly pretended to think for a moment, then replied, “You mean, if we take all our clothes off first?”

“Yeah!” the nine-year-old exclaimed. “Can we do that?”

“You really want to?” Kelly asked, still trying to seem casual.

“Yeah, please! I really do,” Gabby said, getting up on her knees.

“Okay, then,” Kelly said. Rising to her feet, she stood for a few heartbeats, gazing affectionately at her little sister. The fantasy she’d entertained ever since returning to the world was about to become real.

Gabby watched wide-eyed, heart pounding as Kelly took her socks off, then took hold of the hem of her blue t-shirt, slowly tugging it upward. As her older sister’s breasts came into view, Gabby began to remove her own clothes. First, she reached up under the long t-shirt and pulled her shorts off.

Unfastening her jeans, Kelly shoved them down to her ankles, then carefully stepped out. She picked up the jeans and folded them, well aware that her sister was watching. Now all she wore was a pair of green cotton panties.

Gabby pulled her shirt off and let it drop to the floor, all but hypnotized by the sight of Kelly slipping her panties down and off.

Now naked, Kelly turned to her sister, all smiles. Gabby clumsily pulled off one sock, then the other, finally wriggling out of her white underpants.

“Nice,” Kelly murmured, studying the nude little girl. Padding over to the bed, she lay down and sprawled out, parting her legs. Gabby shivered as she stared at Kelly’s smooth slit, now slightly open.

“You… you’re so pretty,” Gabby breathed.

“C’mon, sis,” Kelly said. “Let’s have some fun.”

Trembling with excitement, Gabby crawled back on top of Kelly, nestling in the preteen’s embrace.

“Does this feel good?” Kelly asked, rubbing noses with her sister.

“Mmmm, yeah!” Gabby said. “Um, okay, so… let’s do what we were doing when we had our clothes on!”

Without a word, Kelly kissed Gabby, pushing her tongue into the child’s mouth. Gabby gave a little squeak of surprise, but recovered quickly, meeting Kelly’s passion with her own.

They kissed for a long, beautiful while. Kelly could feel her little sister’s heart pounding against her own chest. She began to fondle Gabby’s ass, caressing the taut globes – so firm, yet so amazingly soft.

Kelly let her fingers stray into the cleft between, lightly stroking the warm pucker of her baby sister’s anus. Gabby was squirming a bit, working her smooth vulva against Kelly’s tummy.

After a minute or so of this, Gabby broke their kiss to pant, “This – oh, wow, this is s-so nice. I didn’t know it felt good to – to have someone touch your butthole.”

Placing a few tender kisses on the nine-year-old’s ear, Kelly whispered, “D’you wanna keep doing this? Or can I do something extra special… something that’ll make you come?”

Gabby thought about it for a moment, then said, “Make me come.”

Kelly rolled Gabby onto her back, then knelt beside the girl, resting a hand on her belly. “I’ve never done this before… at least, I don’t think I have. So tell me if I do anything you don’t like. Okay?”

“Okay,” Gabby said. “Um, what are you gonna do?”

Bending down, Kelly gave Gabby a brief but ardent tongue kiss. Gazing into her sister’s eyes, she said, “I’m gonna make love to you.”

Gabby’s mouth fell open. “You mean… we’re gonna have sex?”

“Well, yeah. Unless you don’t want to.”

“Are you… do you like girls, Kel?” Gabby asked. “I mean, like like them?”

“I do,” Kelly replied.

“So you’re a, a lesbian, huh?”

“I am, yeah, but… y’know something, Gab? I think you might be gay, too.”

Gabby’s eyes grew huge. “Me?” she squeaked.

“I mean, you and Pam are sort of like girlfriends, right? Just today, you taught her how to kiss, you’ve touched each other’s pussies… and it’s not as if you care that much about boys, right?”

Gabby pondered her big sister’s words. “Holy cow,” she breathed. “I… I thought me and Pam were just having fun!” She stared at Kelly. “I dunno, maybe one day I’ll want a boyfriend… but you’re right, I like girls more.” She gave her sister a bashful grin, “So – so you really want to m-make love to me…?”

“I sure do,” Kelly answered, taking Gabby into her arms.

After a moment’s thought, Gabby slowly nodded. “Then you can.” She closed her eyes, parting her lips ever so slightly.

Kelly knew what the girl wanted. She moved in to kiss her sister yet again, her tongue darting into Gabby’s mouth for an instant before she began to nuzzle her way downward, trailing kisses along the softness of the nine-year-old’s neck.

“Oh,” Gabby moaned. “Ohhh.”

Continuing her journey, Kelly reached the plain of Gabby’s chest. The girl had no breasts yet, not even the first swellings – but her nipples were pink and enticing, like strawberry candy. Kelly teased one with a flick of the tongue. Her sister gasped, then that trailed off into a whimper as Kelly took the tiny bud into the heat of her mouth and began to suck.

“So good. Oh, so nice…”

Kelly coaxed the left nipple to stiffness, then did the same to the right one. The scent of Gabby’s skin was exquisite – warm and sweet, just the way you’d expect a little girl to smell.

Hungry to explore the rest of her sister’s body, Kelly moved downward, leaving a trail of tender kisses along the way. She buried her face in the amazing softness of Gabby’s tummy, pausing to savor the moment. She’s perfect, absolutely perfect. I’m so in love with her.

But Kelly couldn’t linger. She had one tune left to whistle, one bridge to cross.

She stretched out between her sister’s thin legs, marveling at the beauty of Gabby’s slit – a gently curved cleft with a hint of rosy labia; a spring flower soon to bud. The aroma was similar to that of her own, yet enticingly different.

Kelly took a long, deep breath of it, then looked up at her sister. “Do you know what I’m gonna do now?”

“I – I think so,” Gabby said in a tiny voice.

She’d heard whispers about oral sex from her friends at school, and discussed it with Pam, both of them wondering what it was like to have your kitty licked. It seemed like a distant fantasy, something that wouldn’t happen to either of them until they were going out with boys… and that seemed like an eternity away to nine-year-old Gabby. She didn’t even like boys that much.

Now she was on the verge of experiencing that pleasure for the first time, and it wouldn’t be some smelly, bratty boy doing the licking – but her sweet, beautiful sister, who she loved more than just about anything.

Gazing steadily into Gabby’s eyes, Kelly parted her lips, extending her tongue to lightly trace the child’s opening with the tip.

“Ooooohhh!” Gabby exclaimed.

Kelly quickly raised her head. “You can’t make a lot of noise, sis. We don’t want Mom to catch us!”

Gabby hastily clamped a hand over her mouth, and a satisfied Kelly returned to her work. She took several longer, deeper licks, then paused to savor the first taste of a young girl’s pussy. It was even nicer than she’d hoped, with a sharp tang like some mysterious fruit.

Wanting more, Kelly fastened her mouth to Gabby’s vulva, pressing her tongue into the snug opening. The tart flavor was even stronger inside, and Kelly sucked at the juicy cleft while probing it.

Gabby stared sightlessly at the ceiling, lost in the most incredible feelings, so good that words could barely capture them. It’s like I’m made of light, and I’m shining. Shining! She felt warm and tingly all over.

Pausing in her licking, Kelly raised her head. “Is that okay, Gabs? Should I do anything different?”

The nine-year-old’s reply was to lie back and spread her legs further apart, then she drew her knees up to her chest, locking both arms around them. “Just like you’re d-doing now,” Gabby gasped. “It’s… oh gosh, it’s perfect, Kelly. Keep licking, please. I, I love it!”

Kelly smiled at her little sister. “You’ve got such a pretty pussy… I could look at it for hours.

“Yeah, but don’t just look,” Gabby pleaded. “Do it to me some more!”

“I can see your sweet little butthole, too,” Kelly said. “So… you like me licking you?”

Oh, yeah,” Gabby replied with an emphatic nod. “You – you’re not gonna stop now, are you?”

“Only if you want me to stop,” Kelly said.

Gabby giggled. “No. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“Okay, cutie… but I have to do this first.” Crawling alongside Gabby, she bent to kiss her sister on the mouth.

Gabby hesitated, then met Kelly’s tongue with hers. The kiss tasted different this time, and she was quick to figure out why. Wow, her mouth was on my kitty, now she’s kissing me with it. I guess that’s okay, or she wouldn’t do it. Hmmm, it tastes kinda nice…

The younger girl was still holding herself open, and Kelly quickly returned to where she’d been, lying between Gabby’s legs. She claimed the warm, wet slit with a lover’s kiss, the same way she’d done with her sister’s mouth.

Settling in, Kelly took her tongue on a grand tour of Gabby’s cunt, licking up and down through the little girl’s labia until it began to drip with honey.

Kelly let the tip of her tongue linger at her sister’s tiny clit. She licked it a few times – drawing a gasp with each swipe of the tongue – then went back to tracing Gabby’s little pussy lips, coaxing out the nectar.

But there was more exploration to be done. Kelly’s next stop was the nine-year-old’s bottom. She licked up and down through the crack, then circled the rosebud with the tip of her tongue. When she heard Gabby moan, Kelly pressed her tongue against the tiny puckered hole, seeking entry.

“Oh, Kelly… I love you forever and ever,” Gabby breathed as Kelly drew back and popped a finger into her mouth. Once it was wet, she placed it against her sister’s anus, then carefully eased it into the warm snugness of her rectum.

“Ohhhhhh… oh, wow, that feels so weird,” Gabby moaned. But when Kelly paused, the younger girl quickly added, “I like it, though – d-don’t stop!”

Once her finger was buried up to the third knuckle in Gabby’s ass, Kelly returned to her little sister’s clit, taking it between her lips. The girl would soon be approaching orgasm, and Kelly was determined to make it an unforgettable experience. Hope you’re ready for this, kiddo.

She began to gently suck at the tiny nubbin, teasing it with her tongue, then started rolling her finger around inside Gabby’s bottom. Seconds later, her sister began to tremble, mumbling, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ohhhhhh…”

Soon, she was shaking all over, mewling wordlessly, then suddenly went rigid. A little squeak escaped her lips, an enormous shudder rocked her body, then another. Releasing her legs, the child clasped both hands over her mouth – and just in time, if her muffled cries were anything to go by. Small convulsions were racing through Gabby’s thin frame as she rode the crazy merry-go-round of her climax. Kelly kept nursing the little girl’s clitoris, that finger still wriggling around in her butthole.

“Stop!” Gabby blurted, pushing Kelly’s head away from her throbbing sex. “I c-can’t anymore…”

Sitting back on her haunches, the eleven-year-old gazed down at her panting sister. She sighed, a blissful smile on her honey-coated lips. Gabby’s cheeks were flushed, her hair mussed… yet somehow, she’d never seemed lovelier.

I guess sex does that to you, she decided. Especially if it’s your first time. Kelly had to laugh when she remembered that, far as she knew, it was her first time, too.

Gabby’s eyes fluttered open. “I love you, Kelly,” the girl murmured.

Playfully tousling Gabby’s hair, Kelly said, “I love you too, little sister.”

Gabby extended her arms. “Can I have a kiss, please?”

Kelly drifted into her sister’s arms, their mouths coming together. As they shared a hungry kiss, Gabby sucked on Kelly’s tongue and licked her lips and chin, purring with pleasure all the while.

Looks like she likes the taste of pussy, Kelly thought. That’s a good sign.


Downstairs, Linda’s coworkers had just departed. Linda gathered up wine glasses and put them in the kitchen sink, then went upstairs to check on the girls.

She felt a twinge of concern upon realizing that Kelly’s room was empty. Moving down the hall to Gabby’s closed bedroom door, she gave a single knock. “Girls?”

When Kelly called out, “Come in,” an image suddenly flashed in Linda’s mind: her daughters, completely naked and in a sixty-nine position, eating each other’s smooth pussies.

Linda shivered as she turned the doorknob and entered. She felt both relieved and ridiculous to see Kelly and Gabby fully dressed, stretched out on the carpet across from each other, playing Chinese checkers.

“Thanks for being so good while we had company, girls,” Linda said. Glancing at her watch, she added, “You can finish this game, but then it’s time for bed. Come kiss me goodnight.”

Gabby bounced to her feet, closely followed by Kelly. They each gave their mother a hug and a peck on the cheek, then returned to the game.

Linda studied her daughters for a moment as they played. Such wonderful girls. She blew them a kiss they didn’t notice, then turned to go.

Making her way down the hall, she chided herself. You’ve really got to forget this whole silly notion of Kelly coming on to Gabby, trying to initiate her into sex. Maybe Kelly hasn’t recovered her memory, but she hasn’t been acting oddly either, not anymore. 

Then again, is it really such a big deal if the girls experiment with one another? Entering her bedroom, then closing the door, Linda began to undress. It didn’t do any harm to Jan and me. In fact, the only thing I sometimes regret is that we stopped making love. It was the right decision, though. 

So why did Jan offer to share my bed on her last visit? And, damn it, why do I keep thinking about it… and wishing I hadn’t said no?

She brushed her teeth, thought about putting on pajamas, finally deciding to sleep in the nude.

Getting to sleep was a struggle at first. She couldn’t get Jan off her mind. I’ll bet she still looks great with her clothes off. I wonder what it would be like, making love with her again?

In the end, she masturbated herself to orgasm, buoyed by memories of sex with her sister. It was lovely, at least until that image of her daughters popped up again, the one of Kelly and Gabby engaged in mutual cunnilingus. The vision came to Linda mere seconds before she came.

Afterward, she lay quietly, feeling lonely and confused. Jesus, I need to get laid.


Kelly peered at the alarm clock on her nightstand: 11:10. Putting her book down, she quietly slipped out of bed. She was nude.

She’d masturbated to orgasm a couple of hours ago, but after sex with Gabby, touching herself wasn’t nearly enough to give the eleven-year-old what she craved. Her body pulsed with lust.

Kelly’s first real taste of lesbian lovemaking had whetted her appetite to a razor-keen edge. She longed to be fucked, to get hot and crazy with a cute girl – or a sexy woman. How can I make that happen? She gazed out the bedroom window, thinking it over, then smiled.

Making her way to the bedroom door, Kelly slipped into the darkened hallway – still naked, and on the prowl for adventure.

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Stranger in the Family, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 7, 2024 at 3:13 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

As Linda walked along holding her sister’s hand, she felt a warmth that was more than the pleasant summer day. Linda felt alive again with the late afternoon sun on her face. Her precious daughters were walking ahead. She could hear them chat and laugh as they held hands.

It’s so nice to spend time with family, Linda thought. Poor Walt, it’s awful that he can’t be here now. At least Kelly is still with us, even if she’s still not quite herself. She and Gabby seem closer than ever, though. That’s a good thing.

Soon they were approaching a door that read Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. Racing ahead, Gabby pushed the door open, and the others followed her inside. An elderly man in a black suit with thick white hair and a rugged yet gentle face looked up as they came in. His dark brown eyes lit up as he saw Linda.

He came over and took Linda’s hands in his, “Ah, Linda. We have missed you. Such a bad thing, what happened. Walt, he was a fine man. How are you doing, then?”

“Just… carrying on,” Linda said, giving the man a sad smile. “You know.”

Luigi nodded. “Sure, I know.” He smiled at the others, including Kelly, who showed no sign of recognition.

“Hiya, Mr Luigi!” Gabby exclaimed, giving the old Italian a wave.

He knelt before her. “Ah, Gabby, my bellissima… would you like a table or booth today?”

“Oh, please, can we have our booth?” Gabby asked.

Luigi quickly glanced at Linda, who went a bit pale but gave a slight nod.

Rising to his feet, he led the family through the restaurant. “Yes, yes, of course. I put you in your booth by the window. When people walk by, they see all the malto bella women sitting here and they will flock in.”

Pausing to pick up four menus, Luigi led the family to what had always been Linda and Walt’s booth.

Kelly peered around at the dark wood-paneled walls, which were bedecked with old photographs, then she smiled at the sight of the long red-and-white checkered tablecloths. A Chianti bottle with a candle rested in the center of the table, and Luigi lit the candle with a flourish.

Once everyone was seated, Luigi handed them each a menu. “Gina will be your waitress tonight,” he said. Reaching for a large pitcher, he carefully filled the four water glasses. Turning to a woman in her early twenties with short, dark hair and a pleasing figure, he said, “Gina, you take extra good care of my friends.” He turned to leave, then paused. “Oh, and bring an order of garlic bread for my bellissima Gabby. Yes?”

“Yes!” Gabby answered, gleefully clapping her hands.

Gina introduced herself, then listed the specials for the evening. “Can I get drinks for anyone?” she added.

“Do I know you?” Linda said. “I feel like we’ve met.”

Gina laughed. “I’m one of Luigi’s granddaughters, working off my college loan.”

“That’s it,” Linda smiled, “You’ve got your grandmother’s eyes. She was a remarkable woman.”

“She was,” Gina said. “I miss her. So, um, to drink…?”

“I’ll have a root beer, please,” Gabby said.

Kelly looked up from the menu. “Um, iced tea.”

“How’s your Merlot?” Jan asked.

“We have Stags’ Leap Merlot. It’s been getting rave reviews,” the waitress replied.

Jan turned to her sister. “Sound good to you?” Linda nodded. “We’ll have a carafe, then.”

Gina nodded. “I’ll be right back with the drinks,” then made her way toward the bar.

Kelly was looking around the room. “What’s that thing?” she asked, pointing.

Gabby chirped, “That’s a jukebox. It plays music and has sparkly lights. C’mon, I’ll show ya how it works! Mom, can I please have some quarters?”

Linda fished around in her purse until she found some quarters. She handed them to Gabby, who led Kelly over to the vintage machine.

“That’s been here forever,” Linda said as she and Jan watched Gabby and Kelly looking at the list of old 45’s that the jukebox contained.

Gina returned, a trayful of drinks in hand. “I’ll be right back with the garlic bread,” she said, setting the glasses down.

Linda and Jan clinked their glasses together. At that instant a record began to play, and they both paused, staring at each other as Frank Sinatra sang, “As Time Goes By.”

“Our song,” Linda said. “Did you tell them to play that?”

“No,” Jan said, “How could they have known?”

Linda held up her glass. “To old times, Jan.”

“To old times, sis.” Jan said, and they touched glasses again.

The girls came back to the table as the garlic bread arrived, Gina took their dinner orders, then left with a smile.

As they each helped themselves to the warm bread, Linda spoke up. “Who picked that song out?”

“I did.” Kelly answered. “I liked the name of it. Why?”

Jan said, “When we were much younger, I took your mom to see a very old movie at the local college. Casablanca. A very exciting, very romantic World War Two movie.”

“I’d never heard of it or the actors, even,” Linda said. “It was in black and white, so I didn’t want to go.”

“But by the time it ended,” Jan continued, “Your mom was crying her eyes out.”

“It was so sad and beautiful,” Linda sighed.

“Anyway, that song plays a very important part in the movie,” Jan explained to the girls.

“It’s just kind of special to us,” Linda said, quickly wiping away a tear. “Well, we’ll always have that movie. Right, Jan?”

Jan refilled the wine glasses. She picked hers up and said, “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.”

Linda smiled. They clinked glasses and drank while the girls looked at them, utterly mystified.


When everyone was done eating, Gina returned to the table. “Good job, ladies. No boxes for leftovers, I see! So… anyone have room for dessert? Some coffee, perhaps?”

Gabby’s eyes lit up. “Dessert? Yeah!”

Jan groaned. “Kids,” Linda mumbled, rolling her eyes. “Where in God’s name do they put it?”

Clearing the dishes away, Gina laughed. “I’ll bring the menu.”

Soon, Gabby was studying the dessert menu while Linda and Jan nursed the last of their wine.

“Y’know,” Kelly said, “that woman over there looks very glamorous. Her makeup and hairdo are just right. Fancy clothes and all that. Still, she’s not nearly as pretty as Gina.” She smiled at her mother and aunt. “But Mother, Aunt Jan… you guys are truly beautiful. Your beauty shines from within.”

“Aw, Kelly,” Jan said. “That’s so sweet.”

Linda raised an eyebrow, gazing in wonder at the daughter she didn’t seem to know anymore. “Thanks, hon,” she murmured.

“Mom, I’d like the cannoli, please,” Gabby said, looking up from the list of treats.

“Ooooh… they do have a marvelous cannoli here,” Linda said. “Well, I thought I was full.”

When Gina came back, Linda ordered two cannolis to split between the four of them.

After Gina brought their desserts, Kelly was watching the cute waitress as she walked away. “She’s really cute, huh? It would sure be cool to see her naked.”

“Kelly Luna!” Linda gasped. “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Why not?” Kelly asked, frowning. She turned to her little sister. “Gabby, don’t you think Gina is pretty?”

Gabby shrugged. “Um, yeah… sure she is.”

“Do you think she’d still be pretty with all her clothes off?” Linda and Jan exchanged concerned glances.

“Sure!” Gabby replied, giggling at her big sister’s naughtiness.

“Aunt Jan,” Kelly said, looking back and forth from her to Linda, “There’s nothing really bad about going naked, is there?”

Jan was getting flustered now, almost as much as her sister. “No, not really… but there’s a time and a place for everything. And, young lady, this is not the time or the place for that kind of talk,” she said in a firm tone.

“Um, Gabby, let’s play some more records. Okay?” Linda said.

By then, the restaurant had become loud and busy. “It’s getting a little late,” said Jan. “We really should go. Why don’t you two wait outside? Kelly can stay with me while I take care of the check.”

“Yes, good idea. I could use some air,” Linda said. “Come on, sweetheart.” She led a slightly confused Gabby toward the exit, pausing on the way to say goodbye to Luigi.

As they left, Gina dropped the check off while on her way to another table with a tray of drinks. As Jan looked it over, trying to decide what to say to Kelly about her behavior, she noticed the girl was squirming in her seat, slouching a bit. What’s she up to now? Jan wondered.

Glancing back at the check, Jan hastily took out her credit card and then placed it on the little tray. Returning her attention to Kelly, she was taken aback by the eleven-year-old’s knowing smile.

Kelly spoke before she could. “Y’know, thinking about seeing Gina naked sure made my panties wet.”

With that, Jan instantly realized what Kelly had been doing a moment ago when she was making those odd movements: slipping out of her panties. Oh, no. NO.

Sure enough, Kelly produced a pair of blue cotton panties from beneath the table, dangling them from her fingers. “See, Aunt Jan? Right in the front..”

Shocked, Jan snatched the panties from the girl’s hand, stuffing them in her purse. Gina approached a moment later, and Jan wondered if she – or anyone else, for that matter – had seen what Kelly did.

Gina didn’t seem to have seen anything unusual. She picked up the credit card and check and said, “Be right back.”

“Kelly, my God – I don’t know what to do with you,” a flustered Jan said.

Kelly just smiled. “What would you like to do to me, Aunt Jan?”

Jan gaped at her niece, trying to formulate some sort of reply and failing. Which, I’m sure, has nothing whatsoever to do with how fucking turned on I am right now. Jesus, she looks so much like Linda did at that age… I’ll bet she tastes every bit as sweet, too.

Just then, Gina returned with the receipt. “Thanks so much for coming,” she said. “You ladies have a lovely evening.” With a warm smile, she walked away.

Jan put down a generous tip and signed her name. As she slipped the credit card back in the wallet, then returned it to her purse, her attention was captured by the sight of those cute blue panties. I swear, I can actually smell them. 

While Jan wasn’t looking, Kelly wrote Call me, Gina! on the back of the slip, along with her phone number and name, accompanied by a little heart. She put the pen down just in time, an instant before Jan glanced up at her.

“Okay,” Jan said, “let’s go.”

She needed to have a serious chat with Kelly, that much was true… but right then, Jan was at a complete loss. In all her years studying and practicing psychiatry, she’d never encountered anything like this.

Once outside, the four of them set off for home. It felt good to be walking off the large meal. This time, Jan and Linda walked in front with Kelly and Gabby following.

Kelly whispered to Gabby, “Watch this.” She took a couple steps ahead of Gabby, looked over her shoulder, then tugged up the back of her dress to expose her bare bottom, which she shook at her sister..

Just ahead, the adults heard Gabby gasp, “Kelly!”

Jan and Linda quickly looked back – but there was nothing to see. Gabby was giggling and her cheeks were a bit flushed, but that was all.

Kelly flashed her sister a few more times on the way home. When she did, Gabby kept silent, unwilling to spoil this exciting new game. Once, Gabby even pulled up the back of Kelly’s dress herself, wanting another glimpse of her sister’s bare butt, and Kelly just smiled.

Gabby was having a wonderful time. She got to look at Kelly’s bottom over and over again, and the sight of it was giving her that weird thrill she liked so much. It was the same feeling Gabby got when she and Pam took off their clothes and touched between their legs while watching each other. It’s that new word I learned, Gabby thought. Masturbate. And Kelly touches herself down there too! SO cool.


Back home, Jan and Linda went indoors to unwind with another glass of wine. Kelly and Gabby wandered into the back yard to enjoy the twilight, serenaded by the music of chirping crickets.

“I liked that a lot, Kelly,” said Gabby.

“What?” Kelly asked. Then she grinned. “Oh… you mean seeing my bottom, huh?”

“Yeah.” Gabby said, looking around the yard. Certain that no one was watching, she said, “Do it again, okay?”

“Okay.” Kelly agreed. This time, instead of just flashing her ass, she pulled her dress up and over her head. Now she was nude except for her socks and sneakers, holding the dress in one hand and smiling at her little sister.

“Whoa!” Gabby exclaimed in a whisper as she walked around her sister, taking in every inch of her bare body. She could make everything out in the dimming light of the evening. Much as she liked looking at her big sister’s beautiful bottom, now she could see the front part too.

Gabby was having that hot crazy feeling again, stronger than ever before. Her sister was so pretty with no clothes on! Gabby liked everything she saw. Kelly’s titties were just beginning to show, and she had a girly shape around her hips and waist. Gabby was interested to see that Kelly’s kitty wasn’t very different from hers, a smooth, slightly pouting cleft. Guess she hasn’t started growing hair down there yet, she thought. Who cares, it’s nice like it is.

“This is so cool, Kelly,” Gabby gushed, “I can see your kitty!” She shook her head, awed. “I mean, wow, you’re bare naked outside and, and everything. This is so wicked!”

“You think it’s hot, huh? Me taking my clothes off outdoors?”

“Yeah.” Gabby said as she squatted down, wanting a closer look at Kelly’s private places. “But really, I’d like seeing you naked anywhere.” She felt strangely restless, unsure what to do with her hands. “Hope I get to be as beautiful as you when I get older.”

They heard Linda call out, “Girls! Come inside, now – it’s getting dark.”

Startled, Gabby jumped to her feet. Kelly pulled her dress over her head and wriggled back into it. “Don’t worry, sis.” she said. “Mom can’t see us back here.”

God, being naked is even more fun than I thought, Kelly told herself as they made their way indoors. And I love how Gabby is so much into looking at me. She liked it a lot when we kissed, too. But can I get her to do more than that?

Once inside, the girls played a board game with the adults. When the game was over Linda looked at the wall clock, then said, “Time for bed, girls.”

Saying their goodnights, Kelly and Gabby went upstairs. A few minutes later, Gabby padded down in her pajamas to give her mommy and aunt a hug and a kiss apiece before heading up to her room. Kelly didn’t come back.

“Think I’ll turn in, too,” Linda said, standing. “Let me get you some blankets.” She fetched bedding from the linen closet, then began to make up the couch.

Watching Linda, Jan felt old familiar desires stirring inside. It’s been so damned long, she thought. And I’m just tipsy enough to do something about it.

Rising to her feet, she moved over to where her sister was working and touched her shoulder. “I could just share your bed.”

Linda paused in mid-motion. She thought for a moment, then shook her head. “You put an end to that a long time ago.” Placing a pillow by the armrest, she turned to Jan, kissed her cheek and murmured, “Goodnight,” before making a quiet exit.

Jan watched her sister go. Yes, I did end it. But I had to.

Upstairs, Linda decided to check in on her daughters before turning in. After knocking on Kelly’s door, she heard her oldest daughter say, “Come in.”

As Linda turned the knob, she suddenly recalled how she’d walked in on Kelly when the girl was masturbating – but it was too late, the door was opening. A wash of relief passed through Linda to see that Kelly was only reading a book. She had the covers pulled up, but Linda noticed her daughter’s shoulders were bare. Is she wearing anything under those blankets? she wondered.

“Don’t stay up too late,” Linda said as she bent to kiss the top of Kelly’s head.

“Goodnight, Mother,” Kelly said, giving Linda a warm smile.

Smiling back, Linda closed the door gently as she stepped into the hall, making  her way to Gabby’s room.


Downstairs Jan turned out the lights, then undressed completely, spreading her top out on the sofa to sit on.  She reached for her purse, opening it to take out Kelly’s panties.

Clutching them to her face, Jan breathed in their scent as she began to masturbate. Soon she was very wet and used Kelly’s panties to keep her pussy honey from getting on the sheets.

That little vixen Kelly… she’s practically daring me to fuck her, Jan thought. And I want to, damn it. God, she turns me on. And Linda. I’d give anything for us to be lovers again. 

She fingered herself harder, deeper. What a situation. I’m hot for my niece and my sister at the same time! And Gabby is so fucking adorable – no, DON’T go there. Think about Linda. How it used to be. How it could be again.

What if Linda let me share her bed after all, then Kelly came into her mom’s room and caught us together? Would she run away… or would she get naked and climb into bed with us? Oh God, that’s so fucking wild…

Jan jerked violently as a frenzied climax washed over her.


Gabby was restless, unable to fall asleep. Too much for her to think about. It was so nice, seeing Kelly with no clothes on. She gently toyed with the special, secret place between her legs.

But it wasn’t enough. Gabby needed the harder touches, the kind she liked to do when her friend Pam was watching. Pushing the covers to one side, she pulled her pajama bottoms down and off, followed by her underpants. Gabby turned onto her tummy and began to grind against her hand.

I wanna kiss Kelly again, that was the greatest! Wonder if she really meant it when she talked about us kissing when we’re both naked? She must have, or she wouldn’t of got undressed for me tonight. Bet she’d do it for me again if I asked. 

Those good feelings were growing, getting stronger.


Gabby’s door was slightly ajar, as it always was. She didn’t like it to be closed all the way. Linda was just about to enter, but froze when she heard the bed creaking slightly.


Hesitantly drawing closer, Linda peeked through the gap, stunned by what she saw. The bluebird-shaped night light was enough to reveal Gabby’s bare bottom, slowly moving up and down. It took Linda a moment to grasp the significance of what she saw.

She’s masturbating, Linda realized. She was rooted to the spot, unable to turn away. I wonder when she started doing that? I shouldn’t watch. But it’s such a lovely sight, my baby girl learning about her body.

Gabby’s buttocks suddenly began to tighten and relax over and over. She’s coming, Linda told herself. The child’s movements grew slower until she lay motionless. After a moment, Gabby pulled the covers over her bare lower half, settling in with a contented sigh.

Her mind in a whirl, Linda crept to her own room and shut the door. Quickly stripping, she stretched out  on top of her bed, not bothering to get under the covers. She began to touch herself, letting her hands roam everywhere within reach. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. I haven’t masturbated since Walt died.

Linda slipped a hand between her legs, startled by the wetness she found. What’s wrong with me? I’ve seen both my daughters masturbate… and it turned me on! Then there’s Jan – did she really ask to have sex with me again, after all these years? I was tempted, too. If she’d kissed my neck or touched my ass, I might’ve let Jan have what she wanted.

This is crazy, Linda mused. Somehow, everything in my life is conspiring to make me think about sex!

As Linda masturbated, images of Kelly and Gabby touching themselves preyed on her, made her uneasy. But it wasn’t enough to make her stop. Unwanted thoughts elbowed their way into her consciousness, thoughts she couldn’t wish away.

From out of nowhere, a new vision emerged: she was still masturbating, but now Kelly and Gabby were watching, both of them nude. They were fascinated, eagerly watching, wanting to see Mommy make herself feel good.

Linda came hard, her breath hissing through clenched teeth. But each pulse of pleasure crashed against the icy, forbidding wall of her conscience.

She sobbed helplessly in the aftermath of her orgasm, feeling shame and disgust with herself. The sheets were now wet with her fluids, the pillow damp with tears.


In her room Kelly sat upright, eyes closed, hands resting on her thighs. The very air seemed to hum with sexuality. She drank it in, let it warm her. They’re all getting themselves off… and I’m making it happen. 

Those lovely sensations were building inside, taking Kelly where she wanted to go. She didn’t even have to touch herself. Closer… closer… there it is.

The girl’s mouth tightened as she came. She rode her orgasm to its peak, then slowly relaxed as ecstasy faded into a blissful glow.

Kelly’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled. It won’t be long now. I can almost feel it. I’ll have Gabby first. Then Aunt Jan. And once the three of us are together, turning Mom should be easy. We’ll all be lovers. 

With a satisfied yawn, she slipped beneath the blanket and settled in, falling asleep almost immediately.

On to Chapter Four!


The Star Card

  • Posted on April 27, 2024 at 6:14 pm

Note from JetBoy: I’m up against a momentary shortage of material for the site, though several crucial works are close to completion. That means it’s time for a story from (drum roll, please…) JetBoy’s Dead Dog files!

Years ago, when Lesbian Lolita was still going great guns, a bunch of writers took on the task of writing a story exactly 525 words long. This was one of my contributions. For our wicked purpose, I have fleshed the story out to about twice its original length. Less terse, more perverse – that was the objective. Hope you like it.

By JetBoy

I’m seated at the kitchen table in my black pantsuit, sipping coffee before leaving for the office, when my sixteen-year-old daughter Kim traipses downstairs, looking absolutely luscious in a silk teddy.

“Morning, Mom,” she drawls, bending down to kiss me. Sighing as her tongue circles my mouth, I reach around to lovingly cup my daughter’s bottom. Mmmm, no panties. Her fingers slip inside my top as we continue to kiss, idly brushing a nipple.

On the verge of losing myself in Kim’s embrace, I manage to break away. “Honey, we don’t have time for this. I’ve got to leave for work. And why aren’t you dressed?”

Kim’s grin makes me quiver inside. “Oh, I’m not going to school, Mom… and you’re staying home with me.” She places a small piece of paper on the table. “I’m playing a Star Card.”

I stare at it — a square of white paper with a gold star pasted on.

When my daughter and I became lovers a year ago, we quickly discovered a mutual enjoyment of sex games, and the Star Card was one of our favorites. To play a card means that you are the absolute mistress of the other for the entire day. What you say goes, and every order you give must be obeyed, no matter how outrageous.

Kim and I each get four Star Cards at the beginning of the year, to use as we pleased. Now, she was hitting me with one.

Pulse racing beneath my calm exterior, I place both hands in my lap and gaze up at my daughter meekly, awaiting orders.

“Good girl, Mommy,” she says with a nod.

Kim never calls me “Mom,” when we fuck – just “Mommy.” It adds a note of kinkiness to the proceedings, as if what we were already doing wasn’t twisted enough. She often expresses regret that we weren’t having sex back when she was ten or eleven… the same age she was when I began to think the feelings I had for my daughter were something more than motherly.

That’s how we first became intimate, actually. Kim was perceptive enough to recognize my hidden desire, then decided the idea appealed to her. So I came home from work one day to find her in my bed, wearing nothing but a smile. She’d just turned fourteen.

Even if I didn’t get to couple with Kim when she was still a little girl, we make up for that missed opportunity in another of our games, where Kim pretends to be the third grader she once was. Sometimes I entice her into bed, sometimes she is the seducer. Do I seem even more perverse to you if I admit how incredibly hot that game makes me?

Now my daughter stands before me, arms folded. “Take your clothes off.”

I rise and slowly undress, one piece at a time, carelessly tossing aside each item until I’m standing naked before her.

“Now call the office and tell them you can’t come in today, ’cause your daughter’s sick.” Kim giggles. “You won’t even be lying,” she adds, gently taking the tip of my left breast between two fingers, “’cause you’ve got a sick, perverted little girl who needs Mommy’s special care.” Her fingers close like a steel trap to scissor my nipple. I bite my lip hard enough to draw blood, trying not to cry out loud.

When she releases me, I take up my phone and call Helen at the office, spinning some nonsense about needing to stay home and look after Kim. She’s got an upset tummy, I tell her.

I set the phone down, and my daughter tugs me to her, kissing me roughly — fucking my passive mouth with her tongue before dismissing me with a sharp smack on the butt. “Now go upstairs, get on your bed on all fours and wait for me. I’m gonna have my way with you.”

“What’ll you do?” I meekly ask. It’s all a performance, though. In truth, I’m feeling mischievous, in a mood to toy with one of our rules.

Her eyes widen in surprise, then narrow. When we play Star Card, the bottom isn’t ever supposed to question the top’s decisions. And Kim can be a very aggressive top.

So she slaps my ass hard, and I gasp in a mix of pain and pleasure.

“None of your business, bitch!” she snaps. “How about this: whatever I fucking want to.” She brutally plunges two fingers into my already wet vagina, and I see stars. “Maybe I’ll keep spanking you, turn your ass a nice shade of red. I could put on my strap-on and fuck that snug asshole of yours… or ride your face like a saddle.” She draws closer, her tongue emerging to tease my ear. “Maybe I’ll push my whole hand into your cunt again, Mommy. How’s that sound?”

It sounded incredible. I quiver at the thought of it. Last time she’d fisted me, I was sore for days… but I’d also come five times in as many minutes.

“Got a special surprise for you this time, Mommy dearest,” Kim coos, extracting her fingers from me, then twisting my face to hers. “You know Panorama Point, right?”

I nod. It was the local teen make-out spot. Seventeen years earlier I’d been impregnated there with Kim. Of course that was before I became a lesbian, one with a helpless crush on her preteen daughter.

“Well, I’m taking you there tonight. We’re gonna park the car, climb in the back, get naked and fuck.”

My head spins. Sex with Kim… in public? Sheer insanity — but the idea has my pussy dripping.

She strips off her teddy and casts it aside to bare her body completely, a smile on her lips that positively drips with lust. “Actually, you can forget about going upstairs for now. I think it’s time to remind you who’s calling the shots today, Mommy.” Placing both hands on her hips, her smile suddenly a scowl, she hisses, “Down on your knees!”

I hasten to obey.

She towers over me like a goddess. “Kiss my cunt.”

Head spinning, I am drawn to her, enticed by the thick aroma of my daughter’s arousal. Soft pubes tickle my nostrils as I bury my lips in the raw heat of a young woman. This is no punishment, though Kim treats it as such. I am passionately in love with my demanding child, and the warm nectar of her sex is nourishment to me. I love the taste, love to feel her honey coating my mouth and chin.

“Oh, yeah,” Kim purrs, “that’s it, Mommy. God, you’re such a tramp, aren’t you? Down on the floor like a fuckin’ dog, eating your daughter’s pussy. Mmmmm, yeah, keep sucking my clit. Ohhh, yeah, j-just like that… Ahhhhhhh!”

She comes in my face, and I gulp down every drop of her essence. My daughter’s grip tightens as I drink from her, the fingernails digging into my scalp. It hurts, but I calmly accept the pain, proof of the devotion I feel for my teenage mistress.

I’m not always inclined to be submissive, mind you. But when Kim takes charge, I find it incredibly easy to drift into the role of her fuck toy, ready and willing to take whatever punishment – and pleasure – my girl chooses to dish out.

Perhaps that’s because even when Kim rides roughshod over me, her love is a tangible, living presence I can practically reach out and touch.

I’m still on my knees waiting for Kim’s instructions. Instead she gets down next to me, grinding her bare body into mine. “Well done, Mommy,” she whispers, then licks my ear. “My hot, sexy mommy lover. You just earned yourself a treat.” She cups my ass, then her hand delves lower, seeking my womanly center.

A shivery sigh escapes me as Kim’s fingers muscle their way into my vagina. She begins to work them in and out, occasionally making a wriggling motion that takes my breath away.

“Touch your clit,” she growls. “I wanna see you come like a fucking wildcat.” Somehow she manages to force herself even deeper into me.

That’s one of many things I love about my daughter. No matter how rough or cruel she is when playing a Star Card, Kim always leaves me fulfilled. Sometimes she’ll stretch my release to the breaking point, teasing me until I’m ready to scream… but I always get satisfaction in the end.

With Kim fingering my cunt and me tweaking my clitoris, there’s no way I can restrain the rising storm for long. Soon enough, I’m whimpering through an orgasm that leaves me dazed, dizzy and very content.

I feel Kim nuzzling my neck. I turn to her, and we come together in a fierce but intensely loving kiss. Our tongues engage, sparring playfully. It revives me, rekindles my lust.

When we finally part, she gives me a sweet smile and caresses my cheek, then Kim steps back into her dominant role. She rises, moves to the sofa and sits.

Fixing me with a penetrating gaze, she says, “Now go upstairs and kneel on my bed, Mommy. Maybe I’ll be up soon, maybe not. But when I do, your ass had better be up and ready for me.”

I mount the stairs, anticipating hours of forbidden pleasure — but I’m also imagining what I’ll do to shake Kim up when it’s my turn to take charge of her. I’ve got three Star Cards of my own left, after all.

The End


Stranger in the Family, Chapter 2

  • Posted on April 21, 2024 at 1:41 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

Linda did her best to make everything seem normal in her home after Kelly’s return from the hospital. But that was the very problem – nothing was normal, not anymore. Her oldest daughter had no real idea who she was. Kelly had no memories of her late father or the family dog, both killed in the same lightning storm that had stolen her past. She couldn’t remember her mother Linda or her little sister Gabby, even though she was home and living with them again. For the eleven-year-old, life had begun when she awakened in a hospital bed.

Kelly often found herself wondering about her previous life. What she felt like now seemed right to her somehow, though she sensed that her other self had been very different. The world was a mystery to the girl, one she hoped to solve, given time.

On Saturday after lunch, Linda had news to impart. “Aunt Jan is coming over today, girls,” she said with a smile for her daughters.

“Aw, cool!” Gabby exclaimed. Turning to Kelly, she said, “You’ll like Aunt Jan, Kelly… she’s the best!”

“I need some time to straighten up before Jan gets here,” said Linda. “Gabby, how about taking Kelly over to Cheryl’s to…” She paused, searching for the right word, then shrugged and said, “Well, to meet them, I guess. Kelly, I’m hoping that if you spend time with people you knew before, it just might help you to remember again. Okay, honey?”

Kelly said, “Yes, Mother, I understand.”

Jumping up, Gabby seized her big sister’s hand. “C’mon, Kelly! It’s nice out. We’ll walk over to Cheryl’s, and we can see if you know them or not.”

Kelly couldn’t resist the little girl’s enthusiasm. Off they went, little Gabby whistling a happy tune as she marched toward the front door. She was wearing faded denim shorts that fit well last summer, but were now a bit too snug. Kelly’s eyes were drawn to the nine-year-old’s cute butt as she followed.

Linda couldn’t help but notice that, once again, Kelly was checking out her younger sister. She sighed deeply, shaking her head when the door closed.

Gabby was chatting away about anything and everything as they made their way to Cheryl’s house. Kelly listened closely, studying the surroundings in this older but well-kept neighborhood.

When they arrived, Kelly realized that Cheryl’s home was directly behind theirs, though Gabby had insisted on going the long way around, reveling in her new role as tour guide. Backyard neighbors, Kelly told herself as they marched up the front steps.

Gabby knocked excitedly on the door, and an attractive red-headed woman opened the door, a big smile on her face. “Hi, Gabby!” she said, giving the child a quick hug, then turned to Kelly. “I’m Cheryl. I don’t suppose you’ll remember me, but that’s okay. You’re always welcome here.” She stepped to one side before Kelly could reply, beckoning them indoors. “Come in, come in!”

The girls entered. “Is Pam downstairs?” Gabby asked.

“She is… and waiting for you, I’m sure,” Cheryl replied, patting the girl’s shoulder. “Go right down. We’ll have cookies later.”

“Okay!” With that, Gabby whisked Kelly away, leading her down a flight of stairs to a basement playroom. There, they found nine-year-old Pam, Gabby’s best friend.

Introductions were made, then Pam said, “Wanna play Barbies?”

“Um…. maybe?” Gabby replied. She liked the idea, but didn’t know how her big sister felt about playing with dolls.

“You guys go ahead,” Kelly said. “I’d rather watch.”

Gabby seemed uncertain. “Are you sure?”

“Totally sure.” Kelly seated herself on a nearby sofa.

Soon the younger girls were engrossed in their game. Kelly watched with interest, occasionally joining in the conversation. She noticed that Pam and Gabby frequently changed the clothes on the Barbie dolls.

As they chatted, Kelly learned that Pam’s mother Cheryl was forty and had been divorced for nearly ten years. She also found out that Cheryl had a second daughter, sixteen-year-old Alicia. Just from listening, Kelly found out that Ali, as Alicia liked to be called, had her own room and bath.

Kelly paid close attention to Pam while the girls played, noting that she bore a distinct resemblance to Cheryl. Both were ginger and fair-skinned, with a smattering of freckles. They both have really nice asses, she thought. I’d love to see them naked.

She’d been having similar thoughts about Gabby. Her mother too, for that matter. There were lots of photos of women without clothes on the internet – even some of young girls – and Kelly enjoyed looking at them. But these seemed less and less satisfying of late. The women and girls in her everyday life, that was what Kelly really wanted to see – completely bare, letting her look at everything they had. She kept trying to picture Gabby and Pam in the nude.

After an hour or so, Gabby said, “Hey, I bet Aunt Jan’s here by now!” Getting up, she smiled at her friend. “Sorry, Pammy, but we gotta get back home.”

Kelly rose, too. “It was nice to meet you, Pam.” Taking the girl’s hand, she gave it a gentle squeeze. “I liked hanging out with you. Let’s do it again soon, okay?”

Something about the look Kelly gave Pam made the younger girl blush. “Um, sure!” she replied.

The sisters made their way back upstairs, With a brief goodbye and thanks to their hostess, Gabby her big sister out the back door, crossing through both yards to reach their home.

Bursting through the door, Gabby bounded into the kitchen, yelling “We’re hooooome!” then raced into Jan’s arms before her aunt could get to her feet. They shared a warm embrace, Jan enfolding the nine-year-old in her arms.

Yeah, I remember her from Mother’s photo album, Kelly told herself. What was it she told me about Aunt Jan? In her late thirties, a psychiatrist, never got married. Holy smokes, she’s even sexier than her picture.

While Jan spun a squealing Gabby around, still hugging her, Kelly compared the two sisters. Jan was nearly a head taller than Linda. Her body was tight and trim, as if she worked out regularly. Linda had a nice figure too, but softer, more delicate. Then there was little Gabby – so young and energetic. Kelly couldn’t decide which one turned her on more.

All three of them, Kelly decided.

These thoughts were interrupted by Jan carefully setting Gabby down. “Oh, my… you’re really growing up, Gabby. You’ll be spinning me around the room in a year or two!”

Then Jan turned to Kelly, their eyes meeting. “How about a hug for your aunt?” the woman murmured, extending her arms.

Linda gave her sister a surprised glance. She figured Jan would get a handshake at best. So she was flat-out astonished to see Kelly walk over and wrap both arms around Jan’s midsection, hugging her close.

Then Linda’s surprise turned to concern when she noticed her daughter’s hands lingering at the top of Jan’s shapely ass. At the same time, Kelly was resting her cheek against Jan’s soft bosom.

The girl’s expression was one of perfect innocence. Too innocent, Linda told herself.

Kelly seemed to hold the hug just a moment too long. Her eyes met Jan’s as she finally backed away, and she gave her aunt a look that shook the woman to the core. It was a deep, hungry gaze, the kind Jan knew from the lesbian bars she frequented. It caught her completely off guard.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aunt Jan,” Kelly said warmly. “Sorry I can’t remember you from before, but I hope we can really get to know each other now.”

Trying to conceal the shock she felt, Linda spoke up. “Jan wants to take us out to dinner. So in about an hour or so, I’d like you girls to go get cleaned up… and put on something nice, please.”

“Come on, Gabby,” Kelly said, turning to her little sister. Placing both hands on the girl’s shoulders, she steered Gabby out of the room, heading for the stairs.

Jan and Linda could hear Kelly say, “We’ve got lots of time to find something to wear. Tell you what – you pick something out for me, Gabby, and you can watch me try it on.”

Linda’s eyes widened in alarm. “Gabby!” she called out.

The nine-year-old’s head appeared in the doorway. “What’s up, Mom?”

“I… I need you to see to the vegetable garden. It’s your turn this week.”

“Aw, Mom… can’t I do it later? Me and Kelly were gonna pick out clothes for tonight.” Gabby pouted. Now Kelly could be seen, standing close behind her.

Linda gave her youngest daughter a stern look, and a sulking Gabby trudged over to the back door and went outside.

“How about hanging out with us for a while, Kelly?” Jan asked.

“I need to go up to my room for a few minutes, Aunt Jan,” Kelly said, hooking a thumb into the waistband of her shorts. “I won’t be very long. Then we can have a nice chat.” With a wink, she disappeared. The sound of her feet could be heard as she climbed the stairs.

Turning to Jan, Linda said, “Okay, that’s what I was telling you about. So… is it me? Am I crazy? Or is Kelly behaving like… like a horny high schooler?”

“Has she shown any interest in boys since this began?”

Linda shook her head. “No. Just girls… and women… and her nine-year-old sister, for God’s sake! She’s even been flirting with me, I swear. And you – I saw the way she looked at you just a minute ago!” She gestured helplessly. “You’re a psychiatrist, Jan. Tell me, what’s your take on all this?”

“Well… first, I need to know what you think, Linda.”

“Damned if I know what to think! You haven’t even heard the worst of it. I knocked on Kelly’s door yesterday afternoon. She told me to come in. When I did, there she was on the bed, completely nude, knees pulled up to her chest and masturbating. I left right away, but that image was burned into my mind.”

Jan tried to take that in stride – though all the while she was thinking, I can’t think of anything I’d rather have burned into my mind.

Linda continued. “Later I asked Kelly, why on earth did you invite me into your room while you were doing that? She told me that she didn’t care if I watched her – that she liked being watched. Keep in mind, this is the same girl who got horribly embarrassed when her skirt blew up at the beach last summer and we saw her panties for a few seconds.” She sighed heavily. “I’m at my wit’s end, Jan.”

“Tell you what… let me have a little chat with her.” Jan said, rising to her feet.

“If you think it will help,” Linda replied. “Thanks, big sister.”

“Hey – that’s what family is all about.” Jan turned and headed up the stairs to her niece’s room, nearly trembling with excitement.

She’d been grappling with sexual fantasies of her nieces for several years now, ever since seeing the girls sprawled out in front of the TV in nothing but panties. Jan kept stealing glances at their bare chests, their pert little bottoms.

Later that evening she fingered herself to a massive orgasm, caught up in a vision of licking Gabby’s bare slit while Kelly went down on her. Ever since then, Linda’s daughters had starred in more than a few of Jan’s wildest fantasies.

And now she’s flirting with me, for fuck’s sake! It took a lot to unnerve Jan, but Kelly’s behavior had thrown her off in a major way. Linda’s right, she told herself, drawing closer to Kelly’s room. Something’s definitely wrong with the girl… but what? I’ve never seen a case like this.

Bracing herself with a deep, calming breath, Jan knocked on the door. She heard her niece say, “Come in.”

Jan opened the door and froze. Oh, my God. I don’t believe this.

Kelly knelt on the floor. She was completely nude, holding a hand mirror between her spread legs and studying her bare slit in the glass. Without looking up, she said, “I still have my hymen, Aunt Jan.”

Still frozen in the doorway, Jan could only stare as Kelly continued. “Would you break my hymen for me? I don’t mean right now, but someday.”

From the moment Kelly laid eyes on her aunt, she recognized her to be gay. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but there was no doubt in her mind that Jan liked women. Maybe girls, too? Kelly wondered.

Jan felt faint as she closed the door and slumped back against it. Staring at her naked niece, she tried to remain calm.

“Kelly… why on earth would you want me to take your virginity? Shouldn’t you ask someone you really like to do that for you…?” Her voice trailed off as she found herself ensnared by the girl’s hazel eyes.

Kelly was smiling. “I really like you, Aunt Jan. I’m sure I loved you, before I forgot everything. I trust you, too. And you’re beautiful.” Rising to her feet, she stood before the woman, her body on open display. “It would make me really happy if you’d be my first.”

Her head swimming, Jan struggled to keep some semblance of control. “That’s a… it’s a very big thing you’re asking me to do, sweetheart. I – I’ll have to think about it, okay?”

Why are you telling her that? she admonished herself. Say no, you can’t do this – then get the hell out!

Instead, Jan took a hesitant step into the room, drawing closer to her niece. God, she’s beautiful. Even more than I imagined. “Have you, um, put your finger inside yet?” she asked.

“Only a little bit. It kinda hurts if I do more than that,” Kelly answered, looking up at her aunt, still smiling. “That’s why I was hoping you would help me. You’d be gentle, I bet.”

“I…” Jan was at a complete loss.

Taking a step toward the older woman Kelly asked, “Do you like seeing me naked, Aunt Jan?”

Jan couldn’t help but look the child up and down, thrilled in spite of herself by Kelly’s bout of exhibitionism. Her heart was still pounding, though, and it took everything she had to maintain a calm demeanor. “I’m not shocked, or bothered,” Jan murmured. “You are lovely, I will say that. Do you like being nude in front of others?”

“Long as it isn’t boys looking at me… or men,” Kelly replied with a shrug. “I don’t want them seeing me with my clothes off. I’m a lesbian. Like you, Aunt Jan.”

Startled, Jan blurted “How did you know that?” She’d never hidden her sexuality, but never advertised it, either. “Did your mom tell you I was gay?”

Kelly shook her head, still wearing that mysterious smile. “I just knew.”

“What about you, then? Have you… done anything with anyone?”

“Not yet,” Kelly admitted. “I looked around the internet… y’know, checking out different kinds of porn. Most of it was pretty boring. I couldn’t find what I really wanted to see.” She seated herself on the edge of the bed, her legs carelessly spread apart.

“What was that?” Jan asked, trying not to stare at Kelly’s smooth slit.

Still holding her aunt with a steady gaze, Kelly said, “I wanted to see women having sex with girls who were around my age. Especially moms doing it with their daughters.” She shrugged. “Oh sure, I found stuff that pretended to be like that. But it was all grownups. I couldn’t find any lesbians who were young, like me.”

Good grief! Jan thought, suddenly feeling dizzy. How could her tastes be so similar to mine? All those bootlegged DVD’s of women fucking little girls, so carefully hidden in my basement… they could’ve been made especially for her!

“It’s just as well you didn’t find anything like that, sweetheart,” she said. “That sort of porn is illegal to make, watch, or own.”

“That’s okay, ‘cause I found something else I liked,” Kelly cooed as she lay back on the bed, her legs still wide apart. “It’s this website full of stories. Nice hot stories about girls and moms and sisters, doing sex stuff with each other.” She began to lightly run a finger up and down the rosy cleft of her cunt. “Aunt Jan? Does it look like I’m touching myself the right way? I’m still learning how.”

Jan watched her niece Kelly masturbate for a moment. “There’s no right or wrong way,” she finally said. “One thing: you should concentrate more on your clit. Do you know where that is?”

“Sure do.” Kelly replied with a giggle. “I found that on the internet, too!” Spreading her labia open, the nude eleven-year-old teased her tiny clitoris, sighing with pleasure.

Jan was teetering on the brink of giving in to her hidden desire – climbing on the bed, burying her face between Kelly’s thighs and drinking from that pretty pink slit. She imagined tasting it, the tangy flavor of a little girl strong and sharp on her tongue.

No, I can’t. I can’t do this! Jan thought, now desperate to escape.

“Um, well, I’ll g-give you some privacy,” she stammered, doing her best to make a dignified exit, closing the door behind her, feeling her face grow hot when she heard Kelly giggle on the other side. God, this girl has me tied in knots.

Detouring into Linda’s bathroom, Jan splashed cold water on her face until her heart had slowed to its normal rhythm. Once she’d calmed herself, Jan descended the stairs to rejoin Linda in the family room.

“You’re right, little sister,” she began, “Kelly is thinking quite a lot about sex. Oh, and by the way, don’t refer to yourself as ‘crazy’ again, okay? We don’t use that word anymore.”

“Sure, sure,” Linda replied. “So… what did you two talk about?”

Jan studied her sister’s reaction as she shared a carefully parsed version of what Kelly had said and done in her bedroom a few minutes earlier. She didn’t mention the girl’s obsession with incest, but told her sister that Kelly had admitted to being gay, and how she’d touched herself while Jan was watching.

She was reassured to see that Linda wasn’t extremely upset, just concerned. And there was something else in her response that Jan couldn’t quite put a finger on, something that had her thinking, Is it my imagination, or is my sister a little turned on?

As they conversed, Gabby came in from weeding and watering the small vegetable garden. She went into the kitchen and washed her hands in the sink. Linda and Jan continued their discussion in a lower tone of voice, assuming that Gabby couldn’t hear them.

They ended the conversation a moment later as Gabby emerged from the kitchen. “Can I please go pick out my clothes now?” she beseeched.

“Sure, hon. And thanks for taking good care of the garden.”

“No problem!” the cute nine-year-old chirped, her perky self once more. She raced up the stairs.

Jan turned to her sister. “Linda, could I use your computer?”

“If you like,” Linda said, “But why use my old relic instead of that snazzy tablet you’ve got?”

“Oh,” Jan improvised, “It keeps crashing on me. Don’t know why I even brought the damn thing with me. Force of habit, I guess.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Linda said.

Jan made her way to Linda’s study, where she booted up the old tower. She searched the browser history, fairly certain that her sister never bothered to clear it.

After a couple of minutes, Jan’s suspicions were confirmed. Starting a couple of weeks after Walt’s death, Linda had been visiting erotic websites on a fairly regular basis. And while some of the porn she’d been consuming was heterosexual in nature, the vast majority of photos and film clips featured women loving women.

“In-ter-es-ting,” Jan muttered as she negotiated her way through the sites Linda liked to visit, nodding approvingly at her sister’s taste in women.

Linda told me more than once that she couldn’t imagine loving any man but Walt. Who knows? Maybe she meant that literally. 

Jan idly drummed her fingers on the desk as she pondered her sister’s situation… and what it might mean for them both. Does Linda even think about me that way any more? Does she miss what we used to have? 

She felt a steady throb between her thighs at the very idea of becoming her sister’s lover again.


“Come in.” Kelly said in response to the knock at her door.

Gabby entered to find Kelly wearing a cornflower blue sundress that came down past her knees. She had no idea that all Kelly wore underneath were sky-blue cotton panties.

“Huh,” Gabby said. “That’s just what I was gonna pick out for you to wear.”

Sitting down at the end of her bed, Kelly patted the spot next to her. Gabby sat down next to her big sister, giving her a big smile. “What’s up, Kel?”

“There’s something I’ve been wondering about, Gab,” Kelly said, taking the younger girl’s hand. “Um… was I a good sister to you? Y’know, before I lost my memory. Hope I wasn’t ever mean or anything.”

“No, you weren’t much different than you are now,” Gabby said. “You’re not as bossy, I guess. I think you’re more fun now, too.” Gabby looked down at her sister’s hand, resting on hers. “And this is nice. You wouldn’t of held my hand and just, y’know, talked with me like this before.”

That made Kelly smile, and she gave Gabby a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“There’s something else I was wondering. Did we ever get naked together or anything like that?”

Gabby giggled, her cheeks flushing ever so slightly. “There was this one time when you’d just got out of the shower and only had on a towel. And when I yanked it off you, you had a fit. That’s all I can remember.” She concentrated for a moment, then shook her head. “I don’t think we’ve seen each other with no clothes on since we were real little, taking our baths together.”

“When would that have been?” Kelly wondered.

Gabby shrugged. “Don’t know. Maybe when I was four or five.” Looking down at her hands, she added, “I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked now. You’re really pretty!”

Kelly gave her sister’s hand a light squeeze. “Hey, when you were downstairs before, did you hear Mom and Aunt Jan talking about me?”

“Yeah,” Gabby answered. “They were being pretty quiet, too. Bet I wasn’t supposed to hear!”

“Hmm. What did they say?”

The nine-year-old scrunched up her face and thought for a moment. “They said you, um, master rate a lot? Something like that.”

“Master rate?” Kelly repeated with a grin. “I think they said masturbate, Gabby.”

“Yeah,” Gabby said brightly. “That’s the word. What’s it mean, Kelly?”

“You know,” Kelly said, “Playing with yourself.”

This time, Gabby’s face turned bright pink. Looking away again, she gave an embarrassed laugh. “Yeah, I know what that means.” She glanced up at her older sister. “Uh… do you do it a lot, Kel?”

“Yep,” Kelly said. “Do you? Are you sure you know what it means?”

“I do!” Gabby protested. “It means to touch between your legs. Um, right?”

“Right.” Kelly replied. “You ever try it?”

“Um, yeah… I just started a couple weeks ago.”

“Tell me more,” Kelly said.

“Well… my friend was talking about it, and she showed me how, and we do it together now,” Gabby said.

“Is that your friend Pam?” Kelly asked.

Looking a bit worried, Gabby was quiet for a moment before finally saying, “Yeah, but it’s a secret. You won’t tell on us, will you?”

“Of course I won’t,” said Kelly. “Sisters gotta look out for sisters. So, um… do you guys ever kiss?”

“Yuck! No way,” Gabby said, making a face. “We just watch each other.” With a nervous laugh, she leaned in and whispered, “Sometimes I touch her down there… and she touches me!”

“Well, that’s cool.” Kelly smiled. “But listen – kissing’s really nice too.”

“On the mouth? That’s gross,” the younger girl insisted, giving her head a defiant shake.

“How can you say that if you’ve never even done it?” Kelly asked. “You haven’t, huh?”

“Well, no.”

“How ‘bout this… let me kiss you. Just to show you what it’s like.”

“But – but you’re my sister! And a girl!”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Girls can kiss other girls, doofus. And so what if I’m your sister? Aren’t I s’posed to teach you grownup stuff?”

Gabby thought for a moment before shrugging. “Okay, I guess. But you gotta stop if I say stop!”

“Bet you won’t say it,” Kelly murmured, already drawing closer. She gently pressed her mouth to Gabby’s lips, allowing it to linger, then gave her a few more kisses, letting the love she felt for the girl flow into each one.

Kelly began to wander, kissing the corner of Gabby’s mouth, the lower lip, the chin. She could actually feel her sister’s resistance melting away.

Finally breaking away, Kelly carefully studied the younger girl’s face, pleased and thrilled to note that Gabby’s cheeks were flushed, her breath shaky.

When she realized that no more kisses were forthcoming, Gabby opened her eyes. “Um… are we done,  then?”

“That depends. Did you like it?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, I did! You’re right, it wasn’t gross at all.” Gabby hesitated, then, suddenly shy, asked, “Could I have one more? Please?”

“I’ll give you all the kisses you want, sis.” Scooting backwards, Kelly stretched out on the bed, then reached out to her sister with both arms. “Lie on top of me.”

“Er, okay.” Gabby looked somewhat confused, but did as she was told.

Resting a hand just above her sister’s bottom, Kelly cupped the back of Gabby’s head as she moved in for a kiss… then another. These were soft and tender like before, but Kelly was impatient to go further. Extending her tongue, she traced a line along the child’s lower lip.

Gabby gave a little astonished gasp – and that was when Kelly went for broke, her tongue darting into the nine-year-old’s mouth.

Startled, Gabby nearly jerked away – but Kelly held her tightly, long enough for the younger girl to adjust to this new kind of kissing. A moment later, Gabby relaxed in her big sister’s embrace, a blissful moan escaping her throat.

A raw, heated rush of excitement surged through Kelly when Gabby began to respond, her tongue shyly emerging to play. She was hesitant at first, but soon the two sisters were kissing like lovers.

Eager to take things even further, Kelly allowed her hand to slide down until she was fondling Gabby’s tight little ass – cupping the tender cheeks, playfully squeezing them, trailing her fingertips through the cleft of the child’s buttocks.

She ached to reach lower still and touch her baby sister’s pussy, feel the warmth of it through those tight shorts Gabby wore, but thought better of it. Shouldn’t go that far just yet, she decided.

The girls were so caught up in their kissing that it came as a shock when Linda called them from the foot of the stairs. “Kelly? Gabby? Hurry up, you two – it’s nearly time to go!”

Gabby scrambled to her feet in an instant, then paused, as if deciding what she was supposed to do next, then gave a shaky laugh. “That scared me,” she said, placing a hand on her chest.

“So, little sister…  do you like kissing?” Kelly asked.

“Can we do it again some time?” Gabby replied with a hopeful smile.

Kelly laughed. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Of course we can. Whenever you like.”

“Can we kiss like we did just now?” Gabby asked shyly, “With me laying on you, and using our tongues and stuff. And – and you touching my bottom?”

“I’d love to.”

The child gleefully clapped her hands. “Thanks, Kelly. Wow, that was the best!”

Gazing into her little sister’s eyes, Kelly said. “Imagine this, then. You and me kissing like that, only both of us are bare naked.”

Gabby’s mouth went slack, and she stared at Kelly. For a moment she seemed about to reply, then finally mumbled, “I better go get dressed,” and hastened off to her own room.

Kelly watched her sibling move down the hall, satisfied with her accomplishment. Good job, she told herself. She’ll be thinking about that for days. And then there’s Aunt Jan. Sure, she was trying to play it cool, but I know she liked what she saw when I was naked.

Pausing at the mirror to brush her hair, Kelly made her way downstairs and sat in the overstuffed armchair. Her mother and Aunt Jan were relaxing on the couch with cups of coffee.

Kelly felt certain that they’d been talking about her. I wonder how much Aunt Jan told Mom about our little chat. Picking up a magazine, she idly thumbed through it, occasionally glancing up at the two women, always smiling when one of them looked over at her. Jan seemed especially restless, unable to keep her legs still. Bet that’s ‘cause of me, Kelly thought.

The tension was broken by Gabby thundering down the stairs and shouting, “I’m rea-dy!” She had chosen a yellow sundress very similar to the one Kelly wore. “Come on, let’s go. I’m starving.”

Wow, she looks good in that, Kelly told herself as everyone got up to leave. And she isn’t even trying to be sexy, she just is.

The restaurant was fairly close by, so they didn’t bother taking the car. As they walked in that direction, Gabby began to run ahead of them. Kelly soon caught up to her, laughing, “Hey, slow down, Turbo Girl!” she said. “The grownups can’t keep up.”

Gabby was beaming, in a giddy mood. “Thanks for being so nice to me, Kel. You’re the best big sister in the whole world.”

Without a word, Kelly took Gabby’s hand, and they walked on together.

A few yards back, Linda and Jan looked at each other, exchanging smiles at the sight of the two girls. Somehow they found themselves holding hands, too.

On to Chapter Three!


Stranger in the Family, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 9, 2024 at 2:05 pm

Introduction by JetBoy: This is the first installment of a short novel that’s been in the works for nearly two years, finally completed a few weeks ago. My long-distance friend Purple Les (who created the pair of Tequila Kid sagas that I had the great fortune to edit for this site) sent me the first few chapters, asking if I thought they were any good. (She’s a modest one, our Les.) I told her YES, it was excellent; please finish it. She did, and I got down to editing.

As sometimes happens, I had quite a few suggestions and ideas to contribute to the story… most of which Les was happy to accept. Eventually, Les generously offered to share the writing credit with me. That said, I insisted that she be the deciding vote if we disagreed on anything. Almost never happened, though. 

Editing “Stranger in the Family” was a delightful experience. Working on it became one of my favorite ways to unwind after a hard day on the sales floor. 

Rest assured, this story is CRAMMED with sex, but it takes a couple of chapters to get seriously hot. Your patience will be amply rewarded, I promise.

Les, as always, was an ideal partner, one I am VERY eager to work with again, anytime she likes. Thanks for everything, my friend. 

Okay, I’ll shut up and let you readers get to it. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a comment! 



Dedicated with love to the memory of Cheryl Taggart


By Purple Les and  JetBoy

It was the worst moment of Linda’s life.

April Fourth. A warm day, more than usual for that time of year in New England. Eight in the morning, and already 29 degrees Celsius. It was obvious that a storm was brewing. The sky had darkened, enough so that Linda had switched on some of the lights in the house.

Linda’s nine-year-old daughter Gabby was up in her room. Linda’s husband Walt and their daughter Kelly, who had recently turned eleven, were off on a walk around the neighborhood with Toby, the family dog.

A crack of thunder boomed, then slowly unrolled through the sky. Linda glanced nervously through the living room window. What’s taking them so long? she wondered.

For the umpteenth time, Linda opened the front door, looking down the street for the rest of her family. To her relief, she spied Walt and Kelly coming down the sidewalk, Toby scooting merrily ahead on his leash. Thank goodness, Linda thought, and waved as they approached.

“Let’s hurry, Daddy!” Linda heard Kelly exclaim. “When thunder roars, head indoors.”

Linda couldn’t help but smile. Kelly was always the practical one, at times almost a second mommy to her younger sister.

Holding the front door wide open, Linda shouted, “Come on in, you two! It’s going to pour any second.” She watched them hurrying up the front walk, Toby leading the way.

A bolt of lightning ripped the sky apart, in a flash so bright that the world looked like a photo negative for a second. The windows of the house rattled, almost loudly enough to drown out Linda’s scream of horror.

The rest was a blur. Linda running down the walk, crying, “No, no, no, no, NO!” Little Toby’s fur, burnt and smoking. Walt’s body twisted into an impossible position on the sidewalk. Kelly stretched out on the lawn, her clothing in tatters. The neighbors rushing out to witness the horrific scene. The sirens. The ambulances, their red lights strobing. The paramedics, one of whom was a tall black man who Linda heard reporting, “The man’s dead. The little girl’s still breathing, though.”


Seated at the kitchen table two months later, Linda thought back on all that had happened since that grim day. Her oldest daughter Kelly hospitalized, still in a coma after all these weeks. Walt’s funeral. The endless grief – not just hers, but that of her youngest, nine-year-old Gabby, who still cried herself to sleep most nights, sometimes even wetting the bed.

Thankfully, Linda’s older sister Jan had insisted on coming to stay with them, doing whatever she could to ease her sibling’s burden, including seeing to the funeral arrangements. Many of the neighbors had lent a hand as well – especially Cheryl Benton, a good friend who lived next door. She’d brought over hot meals for the first week or so, and looked after Gabby when Linda was too overwhelmed by grief to cope.

Jan stayed as long as she could, but was obligated to return to her psychiatric practice after two weeks. It was a tearful parting, though she promised to return as often as possible.

Linda’s new routine was a difficult one. Up at five-thirty in the morning, unable to do much of anything until she had that first cup of coffee, then an hour or so on her own to think about the day ahead. Around seven, it was time to get Gabby up and ready for school. Linda didn’t bother making breakfast for herself, just finished up whatever her little girl hadn’t eaten. It wasn’t as if she had much of an appetite, anyhow. Linda made sure Gabby showered and brushed her teeth, then picked out clothes for her daughter to wear.

After gathering up the nine-year-old’s school books and supplies to stuff into her backpack, Linda walked Gabby over to Cheryl’s house. Since she also had two daughters, Cheryl and Linda would take the four girls to school on alternating days. But after Walt’s death, Cheryl insisted on doing the driving herself for a few weeks, at least. “Go spend some time with Kelly, hon,” she said.

Linda was immensely thankful to her friend. I couldn’t get through this without her, she often thought. The affection that Cheryl lavished on Gabby was especially helpful. Her daughter Pam was Gabby’s best friend, and if anything, they had become even closer of late. Cheryl’s older daughter Alicia made a point of showing kindness to Gabby too, often hanging out with the two younger girls.

Once Linda left Gabby with her neighbor, she got in the car and drove to the hospital to visit her comatose daughter Kelly. Linda would hold Kelly’s hand and talk to her. All the nurses knew Linda, and with all the time spent at her daughter’s side, she’d got to know them too.

The doctors had repeatedly assured Linda that Kelly was not brain dead. She was breathing on her own, there was no apparent head damage, and they felt certain she would emerge from the coma at some point. Linda couldn’t quite convince herself that was true.

From the hospital, she was off to work. The boss had offered to let her take a month off, but Linda refused, insisting that the job kept her from dwelling on problems. After work, she nearly always stopped by the hospital to see Kelly.

Arriving home, Linda dropped by Cheryl’s to fetch her daughter, and Cheryl would frequently invite her to stay for supper. Sometimes she did, but lately, she was more likely to politely refuse, taking Gabby home and fixing them both an evening meal. It was important, she knew for them to try their best to get back to some sort of family routine. Gabby seemed to understand, and never complained about having to say goodnight to Pam.

On weekends, Linda took Gabby with her to the hospital. Like her mother, Gabby would also talk to her big sister. She always spoke to Kelly as if the girl was just resting her eyes.

Linda sometimes had to choke back tears as she overheard Gabby saying things like, “I know you’ll wake up soon. You’ll see. I love you, Kelly.”

Linda studied her two girls, feeling overwhelmed by mixed love and sorrow. There she was, her little Gabrielle. They called her ‘Gabby’ because she’d always been a chatterbox. Gabby had her late father’s dark hair, his piercing blue eyes and Linda’s pert upturned nose. Gabby wore her hair short with bangs and over her ears, giving her face a rounded look. She had the slender limbs and tight body one expected to see in an active child of nine.

Then there’s Kelly. Linda thought. My wounded angel.

Kelly’s long hair was a sandy blonde like Linda’s. Her face was now pale instead of its usual light tan with apple cheeks. Her lips were still full, but had lost their redness. Kelly had Walt’s nose, straight with just a little bump near the top to give it character. If her eyes were to ever open again, one would see a beguiling hazel color just like that of her mother. But they remained closed, the long dark eyelashes motionless.

Kelly had been a very active, vivacious girl. Now she lay still and quiet, tubes going in and out of her body.

Linda looked from one daughter to the other. So similar yet so different, but it was easy enough to tell they were sisters.

The weekends were a little easier for Linda, if no less busy. Saturday was shopping and house cleaning, laundry, and paying bills. Sunday she would spend time with Gabby. But each and every day included a visit to Kelly. Linda forced herself to stay occupied, using whatever means available to avoid dwelling on what had happened. On what she’d lost.

There was one bright spot in the midst of it all. Walt’s life insurance had paid off handsomely. Though far from rich, Linda wouldn’t be living hand to mouth.


It was on a Friday near the end of May when it happened. Linda was dressed in jeans and a sweater for Casual Day at work. That’s when she noticed that her clothes seemed to fit rather loosely. Stepping onto the bathroom scale, Linda was startled to notice that she’d lost thirty pounds over the last two months. She gave a wistful smile at having achieved the weight she had before giving birth to two girls. Only now, I’ve got no one to look good for.

Linda’s reverie was cut short by the phone ringing. Gabby reached it first. A shiver went up Linda’s spine as Gabby shouted, “Mommy, it’s the hospital for you!”

“Yes, of course, I’ll be there right away.” Linda said to the nurse on the phone.

After hastily dropping Gabby off at Cheryl’s, Linda ran to the car and sped to the hospital. All the way there the words repeated in her head. “Hi, Mrs Luna. There’s been a change in Kelly’s condition. Can you please come by?”

Minutes later, a dazed, breathless Linda stood in the doorway to Kelly’s room, staring at her daughter in utter disbelief. Kelly was sitting up in bed. All the tubes had been removed.

Linda took a step closer, then hesitated.

A nurse was chatting with Kelly. The nurse was speaking Spanish. Kelly was also speaking Spanish. She briefly glanced at her mother, but didn’t react in any way.

Noticing Linda in the doorway, Nurse Cruz hastened over to her.

“I’m so happy for you, Linda.” Nurse Cruz said. “Kelly is doing so good. Alert and talking to me. I didn’t know she could speak Spanish. Do you speak it, too?”

Linda shook her head in bewilderment, saying, “No, I don’t. Kelly didn’t either…” She trailed off as the doctor approached.

“Good morning, Mrs Luna,” Doctor Phelps said. “Er, before you go in to see Kelly, we need to talk.” He led Linda a few steps down the hall. “As you see, your daughter has come out of the coma. She seems fine; healthy.”

“But?” Linda finally said. Something was wrong – she sensed that right away. What was it?

“But… she has no memory of who she is.”

Linda’s head swam. She’d finally got her little girl back… only to discover that Kelly, the real Kelly, was still missing. My poor child, she thought, overwhelmed by a surge of despair.

“This kind of thing can happen,” the doctor continued. “It isn’t usually a permanent condition, though. We think it may be best if we introduce you to her now. Then, if that doesn’t jog her memory we’d like you to return tomorrow. Bring her sister. Maybe bring a photo album, perhaps a favorite toy or book… or any object you can think of that has a special significance to her.”

“You – you said it might not be p-permanent,“ Linda stammered. “How long do you think…?”

Dr Phelps was already shaking his head. “There’s no way to know, Mrs Luna. Things may come to her all of a sudden when she sees you. Or she may recall little by little. There’s at least a chance that Kelly’s memory may not come back at all. Or take years. All we can do is wait and see.” He paused, studying the distraught mother. “Are you able to see her now?”

Taking a deep breath, Linda braced herself. “Yes… yes, I am.”

With a slight tilt of the head, Dr Phelps led the woman back to Kelly’s room.

Linda struggled to maintain a cheerful demeanor as she approached her daughter. Kelly studied her mother’s face. Linda recognized that expression. It was the look Kelly had whenever she was introduced to someone new, or encountered a stranger. A polite, friendly, yet impersonal look.

“Kelly… this is your mother,” Dr Phelps said.

Carefully seating herself on the edge of the bed, Linda reached for Kelly’s hand. But the girl drew back, a touch of uncertainty in her eyes.

“Kelly, honey,” Linda said. “It’s Mom. Don’t you remember me…?”

The bewildered look on Kelly’s face softened, but she slowly shook her head. “You seem like a nice lady, but I don’t know you.”


Linda decided to keep Kelly’s condition a secret, at least for the moment. She did tell her friend Cheryl, as well as her boss, who gave her flexible work hours for as long as she needed them. “Your daughter comes first,” he’d told her.

Linda also called her sister Jan. She’d managed to keep herself together in Kelly’s presence and for the rest of that day, but upon hearing Jan’s voice, Linda began to cry. She sobbed for nearly eight minutes, with Jan crooning, “It’s okay, sis… let it all out.”

Once she managed to calm herself, Linda blew her nose, then said, “Thanks, Jan. I… I just feel so damn helpless. My own daughter doesn’t know me, for Christ’s sake! She’s become a stranger.”

“I’ve seen all sorts of case histories concerning this sort of thing,” Jan said, trying to comfort her younger sister. “People speaking foreign languages they didn’t know before. Personality changes. Memories of events that never really happened. All sorts of things. Just be glad she’s out of the coma and alive and well. I know it hurts to have your daughter back, but not… all the way back. Give her time. I’ll come down for a visit as soon as I can.”

“That would be great. Okay, I’ve got to go tuck Gabby in. Goodnight, Jan.”

“Bye, Linda. Love you.”


The next morning, Linda took Gabby with her to the hospital. They brought along a family photo album and Kelly’s beloved teddy bear.

When they emerged from the elevator, Gabby raced into Kelly’s room and jumped on the bed. Hugging her big sister tightly, she exclaimed, “I’m sooooo glad you’re awake again, Kelly!”

Still feeling somewhat unsettled, Kelly patted the little girl’s back and said, “Uh, okay. Thanks.”

She listened as her supposed mother and sister made conversation. Nothing they said or anything about them seemed familiar to her. They seem nice enough people, she mused. Could they really be my family?

Kelly pointed to a girl in a photo with Gabby and Linda. “Who’s that?” she asked.

“That’s you, sweetheart.” Linda said gently.

Finding a hand mirror, Gabby handed it to her sister. “Here… see for yourself.”

Kelly looked in the mirror, then at the picture. “It does look like me.” she admitted. “But I don’t… I can’t remember you, or… or anything, really.”

Gabby hugged Kelly again, “I’m your little sister.”

“I guess,” Kelly sighed. “Maybe it will come back to me.”

“I know you can’t remember me yet,” Gabby murmured, “but I still love you.” She planted a kiss on her big sister’s cheek.

“I guess that’s enough for one day. We’d better get going. You should rest,” Linda said.

As she picked up her purse, Linda stole a glance at Kelly, who was frowning as she thumbed through the rest of the photo album. It was clear to see that none of the pictures meant anything to her.

“Goodnight, sweetie,” Linda said.

“Bye, Kelly!” Gabby cheerfully exclaimed. “See you later.”

“Okay,” Kelly replied, watching the woman and girl as they exited her room.

I kind of like them, she thought. The little girl’s way cute. That Linda is sexy, but she wears boring clothes. I can tell that they love me, but I still don’t know who they are, really. ‘Kelly’ doesn’t even feel like my real name. Then again, what else does?

Kelly began to pore through the photos again, pausing when she came across a photo of Linda, Gabby, this Jan lady who was supposed to be an aunt, and herself, all in bathing suits. Hmm… too bad they don’t have any nude pics in here. Yeah, right – like there even would be anything like that in a family photo album. She traced Linda’s body with the tip of a finger. Nice… really nice. And this Aunt Jan looks a lot like her, only even more sexy. Hope I get to meet her really soon.


A few days later, Kelly was released from the hospital. Her memory was still gone, and a few bruises still lingered, but otherwise she was in perfect health.

When Linda pulled into the driveway of their home and parked, Kelly emerged from the car and made her way indoors, then wandered on her own about the house for a while. It seemed like a nice place to live, but remained unfamiliar.

Later, Linda and Gabby showed Kelly around. Took her to her bedroom, the basement, the backyard, the bathroom she shared with her sister. Nothing came back to her.


After a few days, Linda phoned Jan. She told her sister that, though Kelly’s memory had yet to return, she was holding up well and had adjusted nicely to what was for her, a new life. Nonetheless, Jan quickly detected a note of tension in her younger sibling’s voice. Finally, she asked what was wrong.

“Oh, it’s Kelly. She’s so… so different,” Linda began.

“Like how?” Jan asked.

“Well, she used to sleep late all the time. Now I’m not sure if she sleeps at all. She’s always up and dressed before I am. She won’t eat meat anymore. Kelly used to love bacon, and when I served it for breakfast she was disgusted. She started calling me ‘Linda.’ I asked her to please use ‘Mom’ instead, and now she addresses me as ‘Mother’. And my God, the whole thing with her speaking Spanish! Would you believe, her new favorite TV station is Telamundo?”

“It’s different, sure,” Jan replied, “But that’s not too bad. Is that all that’s bothering you?”

“No… no, it’s not. Maybe you can help me understand what’s happening with Kelly, because I sure don’t. So last night, the three of us were watching the Frozen DVD.”

“Oh, that’s awful, you poor thing.” Jan teased.

“Not helping, Jan,” Linda fired back, tightening her jaw.

“Sorry, sorry,” Jan quickly said. “Wow, this really is serious, huh? Go on, sis – tell me everything. No more jokes, I promise.”

Linda was silent for a moment, then continued. “Gabby was lying on the floor on her tummy watching the movie. Totally caught up in the story, even though she’s seen it at least a dozen times. I had a magazine, so I was mainly focused on that. At some point I looked up at Kelly, and she… she had a hand in her pants. It was pretty obvious what she was up to.”

“She was masturbating?” Jan gasped.

“And how. I mean, it was unmistakable. The hand movements, the look on her face…” Linda answered.

“So… did you say anything to her?”

“I took Kelly aside and told her it’s okay to do that, but only in private, in her room. Then… I don’t know why, but I asked if it was something about Frozen that, y’know, got her excited.”

“What did she say?” Jan inquired after a long pause from Linda.

“Kelly told me it wasn’t just the movie… though she did find herself wondering if the two sisters were really lovers.”

That doesn’t sound like Kelly,” Jan said.

“Oh, there’s more. She told me that what really got her worked up was looking at Gabby’s bottom.”

On the other end of the phone line, Linda heard Jan gasp in astonishment. “She didn’t.”

“She did. And when she saw the look on my face, Kelly said, ‘Don’t worry, Mother. I wouldn’t do anything with Gabby. She’s too young. Besides, I think women are way sexier.’ You should’ve seen the look she gave me right then… I felt as if I’d been stripped naked on the spot! Then she said, ‘I guess I’m gonna go up to my room for a little while.’ Jan, she winked at me when she said that.”

“Damn,” Jan muttered. “I see what you mean, sis. That’s odd behavior for an eleven-year-old… not to mention totally out of character for Kelly.”

“Right? I mean… am I crazy, or does that sound as if my own child is flirting with me?”

“Tell you what. Linda: I’ll come by this weekend. We’ll talk, and I’ll spend some time with Kelly. I’ll try to get some idea of where her head’s at.”

“Thanks, Jan. Seriously, I’m at my wits end. I mean she’s still a good girl, but this stuff she’s saying. I don’t know what to do. See you Saturday, then?”

“I’ll be there early in the afternoon. Okay?”

“Fine with me. Bye, Jan. Love you.”

“Bye, love you too.” Jan said, then laid her phone down. What the fuck? she thought, her heart throbbing. Damn, I need to take out the box. I’ve been a good girl; haven’t gone there in a while. But this news about Kelly… Jesus, it’s got me worked up.

Jan descended into the basement of her suburban home, picking her way through the clutter to a large box marked FOR SALVATION ARMY. Opening it up, she reached down into various discarded items and pulled out a shoe box. Jan flipped the lid open and withdrew a scuffed pair of pumps, then carefully removed the false bottom of the box.

Inside there was a sheaf of five homemade DVDs in white paper sleeves, held together with a rubber band. Next to these was a plastic baggie holding a dozen or so neatly-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Jan unzipped the baggie, took out a joint and placed it behind her ear.

Removing the rubber band, she spread the DVD’s out on a nearby table. Sometimes she would close her eyes and just pick one at random. Right then, though, Jan knew exactly which disc she wanted. Reaching for the one marked F f f, she hurried back upstairs.

In her bedroom, Jan grinned in anticipation as she loaded the DVD player, then turned on the large flat screen TV. She took a cheap plastic lighter from her nightstand, fired up the joint, took a deep pull and held it in for ten seconds before exhaling. Seating herself on the bed, she leaned back against the thickly upholstered headboard. She took a few more hits, then gently stubbed the half-smoked joint out in a nearby ashtray.

Now feeling a nice buzz, Jan glanced up at the disc menu on her TV screen. Show time. She used the remote to kick off the clip entitled, Two Moms, Four Kids, then hastily wriggled out of all her clothes.

The scene began with a large bed on which four young girls were gathered. All of them were completely naked and adorable, their ages ranging from somewhere around seven or eight to preteen. The older two were going down on the littler ones, who were sharing a very passionate kiss.

“Mmmm yes,” Jan said out loud. Slipping a hand between her thighs, she began to masturbate.

As the girls continued to make love, two clothed women entered the scene – a blonde and a redhead. “Girls! What on earth are you doing?” the blonde exclaimed.

“Mommy!” cried one of the youngest girls. Scrambling to her feet, she seized the blonde’s hand. “Come and play with us!”

Jan took a small vibrator out of the nightstand. Taking the tip into her mouth to moisten it, she brought the toy to her cunt and penetrated herself with a single stroke. On the screen she watched the redhead kissing one of the older girls, while the other three youngsters stripped the blonde woman bare.

Jan switched on the vibe and, as the scene built into a full-on sapphic orgy, worked it in and out of her vagina until she had a furious orgasm that left her wide-eyed and panting.

The next scene featured a short-haired teen making love with two twin girls who couldn’t have been a day over six. They were shy, but the older girl gently persuaded her little friends to undress, then join her in bed. Before very long, the children were eagerly immersing themselves in the delights of lesbian sex. One of them even licked the teen girl’s anus before they were done.

Bringing herself to a second climax just as the film clip was drawing to a close, Jan paused the DVD, taking a moment to rest and smoke the rest of her joint before watching another couple of scenes. Finally she rose, stretched, then padded back down the basement to return the DVD to its hiding place. After a detour through the kitchen for a bowlful of ice cream, Jan went back upstairs, brushed her teeth, then crawled into bed.

Just before she dozed off Jan thought, There, got that out of my system. Now I can focus on Linda and the girls and not obsess about sex… and I’ll be able to have a quiet chat with Kelly without thinking about how utterly desirable she is. 

I’ve got to give them the right kind of help. That means forgetting about my own sexual appetite, at least for the time being.

Moments later, she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

On to Chapter Two!


Ripples, Chapter 37

  • Posted on March 23, 2024 at 3:03 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society.

Stella lays her cards on the table: she suspects Jess and Rachel of having incestuous relations with one or more of their girls, and proposes bringing their combined families together for a sex party (though she has yet to tell Jess anything about the Society just yet). Jess is open to the idea, and tentative plans are made.

In the meantime, Jess and Laura’s mother Ann has just returned from a lengthy sea cruise. Laura informs her sister of a secret their mum told her: that she herself has recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. This gets Jess thinking about the possibility of getting Ann to join in their incestuous relationship. She, Laura and Rachel discuss the idea, where they are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy.

When Ann arrives, Jess informs her mother that she is in a committed relationship with Rachel, and now considers herself gay. Ann is delighted for her daughter, especially since she already knows and likes Rachel. Later that night, Ann tells Jess about her night of passion with Gina, a woman in her twenties who she met online by accidentally visiting the Woman Seeking Woman page at on online dating site.

After their conversation, Ann goes back to her place for the night, and Jess goes upstairs, in the mood for some special fun with her girls.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and JetBoy

Now that Jessica’s mother Ann was back from her luxury sea cruise, the plan was for her to visit for a few days, so as to spend some time with her family. Before that could happen, though, Jess had a serious discussion with her daughters about being careful what they did and said in front of their grandmother.

“We can’t let her know the family secret,” Jess said, which is how they often referred to the incestuous lesbian antics they were currently engaged in with Rachel and her own girls.

“But Grandma is part of the family too,” Katie protested. “Why can’t we tell her? What if she wants to do sex stuff with us?”

“Yeah, what if she does, Mummy?” Poppy chimed in. “Now that Grandad is gone, she doesn’t have anybody.”

“We’ve discussed this, girls,” said Jess. “To most people, what we’re doing is very, very wrong… and if the wrong people find out, it would destroy our family. If Grandma found out, I don’t think she’d tell on us, but she might be upset. So much that she’d never speak to us again.”

“Never ever?” replied an astonished Katie.

Jess shook her head. “You have to understand, girls… we’re committing incest, and all three of you are underage. That would be enough to land us grownups in prison if we were found out. You would be taken away from me, and I’d never see you again. I don’t know if Grandma would agree with that, but she might. We can’t be sure how she’d feel about what we’re doing, so we can’t tell her about it. Any of it.”

“That’s not fair,” Poppy pouted.

Acting on impulse, Jess decided to be completely honest with her daughters. “Look… to tell the truth, I think it would be great if we could get Mum involved. So would Aunt Laura. We both want to make love to her, just like you do. How about this: Laura and I will sound her out; try to get an idea of how she’d feel about sex with one of us. Not you girls, though. That’s too big a step for her… at first, anyway. If we can somehow persuade her to join us in bed, we will. All I need from the three of you is to keep the family secret. Nothing more than that. Fair enough?”

Alice spoke up. “Do you think it could happen – that she’d want to make love to you? Or Aunt Laura?”

Jess shook her head. “Probably not. It’s worth looking into, though.” Rising to her feet, she added. “Oh, there’s one other thing. Alice, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to tell Grandma about you and Bella being girlfriends.”

““Um, yeah, sure,” Alice replied. “That’s a good idea… letting her know that I’m gay, too. Actually, why don’t you let me tell her?”

“Hmm. I don’t see why not.”

“Cool!” Katie exclaimed. “Can I do that too, Mum? Say that me an’ Cindy are lovers?”

“Better not,” said Jess. “But you and Poppy can tell Grandma how much you like the idea of your sister having a girlfriend.”

“We can do that,” Poppy solemnly announced.

“Wait, Mum,” Alice said. “If Grandma knows about me and Bel, it’s also okay for her to know we fool around with each other, right? I mean, we won’t talk about it, or, y’know, fuck in front of her… but I don’t want to pretend we’re just kids with a crush on each other, holding hands.”

Intrigued, Jess mulled that over. “I guess that’s okay… just don’t be too obvious about it. Best not to shock your grandmother too much. Be subtle.”

“Oh, I can do subtle…” said Alice, slowly hoisting her skirt up to reveal bright red knickers.

“Smartarse,” Jess fired back, trying and failing to restrain a grin. “Now scoot upstairs and get changed out of those school clothes!”


Ann arrived on Wednesday afternoon, just before the girls came home from the last day of term. Once everyone had gathered together in the family room, Alice linked Grandma’s phone to her laptop, then they went through many of the hundreds of photos she’d taken during her vacation. Jess had invited Laura, but she’d been obliged to attend some society function with her boss.

As for Rachel, Bella and Cindy, they arrived just after five-thirty. Ann greeted them warmly, then gave Rachel a big hug, expressing her joy that Jess had finally found a love partner who made her happy.

Before dinner was served, Alice took Bella to one side. “I want to tell Grandma about us being girlfriends, Bel,” she murmured. “Is that okay with you?”

“Sure,” Bella replied. “It’s not like we’re keeping it a secret.” By then, both girls had already come out to their friends at school.

“Good. I think she’ll like the idea. I hope so, anyway!” She gave Bella’s hand a squeeze, and they rejoined the others.

A few minutes later, they all sat down to a meal of courgette risotto, followed by Banoffee Roulade for dessert. Conversation was lively during the meal. Ann answered questions about some of the places she’d visited, and the girls told Ann how much they liked being one big family.

“It’s the best. Now I’ve got two extra sisters!” Katie exclaimed.

“Times certainly have changed… and for the better,” Ann said. “I knew a girl who was gay when I was at school, but she had to keep it a secret. The other girls would have made her life a misery if they’d known.”

“Good thing it’s not like that any more!” Alice exclaimed. “I wouldn’t ever want to have to hide how I feel about Bel.” She kissed Bella’s cheek, then turned to a very astonished Ann. “We’re girlfriends now, Grandma.”

“Oh… oh, my,” Ann said. She looked over at Jess.

“It’s true, Mum,” said Jess. “I thought it should be their decision as to whether to tell you or not.”

“Well… congratulations!” Ann finally replied, breaking into a big smile. “I’m sorry, girls. You just caught me by surprise. I’m very happy for you both.”

Katie spoke up. “Yeah, aren’t they cute?” After a moment’s pause, she added, “Maybe I’ll be a lesbian, too. I sure can’t imagine falling in love with some stupid boy.”

“Girls are way nicer,” Poppy declared, nodding her head.

Ann laughed, wrapping both arms around Poppy. “You might change your mind about that in a few years. Or maybe not. What’s important is to find someone you love, and who loves you. That’s where true happiness is found.” She rolled her eyes. “Listen to me… I sound like a greeting card!”

“Well, I love Bel,” Alice said, giving the girl’s hand a squeeze.

“And I love you, Alice,” Bella replied.

The girls drifted together in a kiss that didn’t quite become passionate, but it certainly lingered. Finally they parted, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Jess chose to break the silence. “All right, girls, it looks like everyone’s finished with dessert, so why don’t you go watch TV or something while the grownups wash up.”

That suited the youngsters, who migrated from the room… though it didn’t escape Jessica’s attention that a couple of them could be heard climbing the stairs. Guess Alice and Bella are in the mood for something a bit more stimulating than the telly, she told herself, gathering up the dessert plates.

Ann rose from her seat, but before joining the cleaning-up effort, she drew a surprised Rachel into a warm hug, murmuring, “Rachel, I’m so pleased that you and my daughter are an item. You seem perfect for each other.” Gently breaking away, she added, “Are you two going to tie the knot anytime soon? I need an excuse to buy myself a new hat.”

Feeling definite stirrings of desire for her lover’s mum, Rachel took Ann’s hand, giving it a squeeze. I see why Jess wants her so much.

“To be honest, Ann, we’ve not given it much thought. At the moment, Jessica and I are still getting settled into being lovers. That said, don’t be surprised if we do get married at some point.” Rachel looked over at Jess. “I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share my life with.”

In response, Jess dropped the towel she was using and walked over to wrap both arms around her lover, drawing Rachel into a tender kiss. It quickly grew heated, then Jess abruptly broke away.

“Sorry, Mum,” she mumbled, looking somewhat abashed. “I got carried away.” In fact, she’d staged that kiss for Ann’s benefit, and was thrilled to see that her mother wasn’t at all offended.

“Don’t be silly, Jessica,” Ann replied. “I’m delighted to see you both so happy, and enjoying one another. It’s easy to see the two of you are in love.”

“And so we are,” Rachel said, her arm wrapped around Jessica’s waist.

“Now that you’re merging families, are you thinking of sharing a home at some point? It would be lovely to have the lot of you in one house.”

Jess shrugged. “We’d love that, but neither of ours are big enough… and finding a house in the right size won’t be easy.”

“That’s true, I suppose.” Ann said with a thoughtful nod, then added, “You know, I’d be happy to help you buy a new home. You and Laura will get everything eventually, so why shouldn’t I be there for you now?”

“Don’t talk like that, Mum! Unless there’s something you’re not telling us.”

Ann laughed. “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with me. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. Still, if you need a helping hand, I intend to provide it. But enough of this talk; let’s join the girls.”

As they made their way into the family room, Jess noticed that, sure enough, Alice and Bella had slipped away, no doubt for a quick romp in Alice’s bed. I hope they closed the door, at least.

Ann clearly noticed the girls’ absence, but said nothing. Instead, she gave her mobile phone to Katie, who hooked it up to the TV so Grandma could show the rest of her vacation photos.

About ten minutes later, Alice and Bella rejoined the gathering. It wasn’t immediately obvious what they’d been up to, but Bella’s hair was slightly mussed… and Jess was certain that she could catch the aroma of cunt coming from at least one of the girls.

Once again, there was no reaction from Ann, though Jess suspected her mum had sussed out what was going on. She’s got to assume they’re having sex, she thought. At least they weren’t too obvious about it. This was Alice’s idea, I’ll wager. 

Ann had an excellent eye for compelling sights, so viewing her pictures was an enjoyable way to pass the time. The girls were especially enchanted by dozens of photos of masked dancers Ann had captured at a Haitian street festival.

At one point, a photo appeared of an attractive middle-aged woman in a two piece bathing suit, both her arms wrapped around a cute preteen girl. They both wore big smiles.

Poppy spoke up right away. “Who’s that, Nonna?”

Ann seemed briefly distracted by the image. “Hmm? Oh, that’s Collette and her little girl Coralie. I made friends with them on the cruise. They’re French.”

With that, she advanced to the next picture, but Jess couldn’t help but notice that there were at least half a dozen more photos of Collette, some with her daughter, some without… and one especially cute shot of Coralie, posing on the edge of a diving board in a surprisingly skimpy bikini. Ann passed through these with little or no commentary.

Interesting, Jess mused. There had been very occasional photos of other passengers and crew members, but only Collette and her child appeared in more than one. Wonder if Mum was attracted to this woman?

When the last photo had been viewed, the adults and children drifted easily into casual conversation, with Ann regaling the others with stories of when Jessica and Laura were girls, while Jess shared a few choice anecdotes of her own.

It was nearing ten o’clock when Cindy gave a big yawn. “Oops, ‘scuse me,” she said.

Rachel laughed. “I know one little girl who’s up past her bedtime!” She got to her feet. “Jess, Ann, it’s been lovely, but I think we’ll have to call it a night.”

They gathered at the front door, both families exchanging hugs and occasional kisses. Cindy and Bella  surprised Ann, embracing her with just as much warmth as if she was their real grandmother.

Rachel hugged her next, and Ann wrapped both arms around her daughter’s lover, murmuring, “Rachel, you’re the best thing to happen to Jessica in a long while, and your girls are adorable.”

Backing away slightly, Rachel gazed at the older woman’s smiling face. “Thanks, Ann. You’re pretty amazing yourself… and I look forward to getting to know you better.” Seized by a crazy impulse, she leaned in to place a brief but warm kiss on Ann’s mouth before breaking their embrace.

Caught by surprise, Ann felt her cheeks grow warm. She fumbled with her purse, draping the strap over her shoulder – then noticed Alice and Bella off in the corner, caught up in a deep, passionate kiss of their own. The sight transfixed Ann, made her pulse throb.

Goodness, those two,” Jess murmured, resting a hand on her mother’s shoulder. “Like kids in a candy store, I swear. Sorry if they’re a bit much, Mum.”

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Ann quickly said. “They – they’re beautiful together.” She and Jess watched as Alice slid both hands Bella’s back down to fondle her arse.

“Um, girls…” Rachel called, now standing near the door with Cindy, “I hate to break this up, but it really is time to say goodbye.”

Breaking their kiss, the preteens shared a wistful look, then Bella said, “Hey, Mum? Can Alice and me have a sleepover tonight?”

“Oooh, yeah!” Alice squealed. “That’s right – no school tomorrow!” She looked from Rachel to Jessica. “Can we, can we? Please?”

Jess laughed. “I don’t see why not. What do you think, Rach?”

“I’m fine with it,” Rachel replied. “Need to fetch anything before we go, Alice?”

“Nope! I’ve already got extra clothes and a toothbrush at your place.” Taking Bella’s hand, she joined the others by the front entrance. “Goodnight, Mum. Love you,” Alice said, giving Jess a quick hug.

“Love you too. Listen, be sure to get home before breakfast… you and Kate have that appointment with the dentist tomorrow.”

Alice made a face. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” She reached out to her grandmother, and they embraced. “It’s so good to have you here, Gran. Hope you can stay for a long time.”

“Oh, I’ll do my best,” Ann said with a wink. “Goodnight… all of you.”

More hugs, more farewells, then Rachel and the girls were gone. Katie and Poppy went upstairs to prepare for bed. A few minutes later, Jess and Ann came upstairs to tuck them in, then returned to the kitchen, where Jess poured wine for them both.

“So, Mum… what do you think of Rachel?” Jess said, handing her mother a glass.

“She’s good for you,” Ann replied. “Exactly what you needed after that bastard Mark slung his hook. I’ve never seen you so… so satisfied.”

“Oh, Rachel definitely knows how to satisfy. What about you, Mum? Are you thinking of finding a steady girlfriend?”

Ann frowned slightly. “Jessica… I had sex with another woman. That doesn’t make me a lesbian, even if I did enjoy it. Right now, all I want is to spend time with my family. There’s no need to make any major decisions about my sexual preference.”

Jessica folded her arms. “You’re not seeing the big picture, Mum. What if Gina gets in touch with you? Would you go on another date with her? You’re still a beautiful woman, and it’s been five years since we lost Dad. You need to dip your toes in the water again!”

“With another woman, you mean.”

“Well, you did enjoy it the first time. It could be even better if you really got to know a woman before making love with her.”

“I got to know Gina perfectly well, thank you.”

“Then call her. Go out with her again.”

Ann sighed. “I… I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“Oh, Mum… What’s holding you back? Worried about what people might say?”

“Well, that is something that concerns me. I don’t want to be the subject of local gossip, with the locals  staring and muttering, ‘Here comes the old dyke’, when I pass them in the street. No offense.”

“None taken… but who even thinks like that any more? No one you’d want to be friends with, I’ll wager.”

Ann thought about that. “I suppose that’s true.”

“Mum, you should at least try it again. Once more. Otherwise, you could be missing out on something beautiful. Something lasting.”

“You may be right,” Ann said, nodding thoughtfully. “I don’t want to close myself off, that’s true.” Stifling a sudden yawn, she stood. “Oh, my. Time to turn in, I think.”

Jessica also got to her feet. “Fine… but this discussion isn’t over, Mum. I will talk you into having sex with a woman again, be it Gina, some hottie Laura knows from the gay bar circuit, or – who knows? – a friend of yours who wants to get her horizons expanded.” They made their way into the family room, headed for the stairs.

“I’ll expand your bloody horizons, young lady!” Ann fired back, then gave a snort of laughter. “At least let your poor old mum off the hook for tonight… I’m positively knackered. You can finish selling me on the lesbian life at breakfast.” Briefly hugging her daughter at the foot of the staircase, she said, “Thanks, dear, for caring so much.”

“You deserve it, Mum,” Jessica murmured, holding the woman close. “Now fuck off to bed.”

Ann laughed again, patting her daughter’s back. “You too, love… you too.”


A short while later, once Ann had unpacked her bag in the guest room, she seated herself at the dresser mirror, contemplating her daughter’s words as she brushed her lustrous red hair.

She paused in mid-brushstroke to study her reflection. Not bad for fifty-eight… but I think Jess is pushing it when she says I’m beautiful. Still, I suppose most daughters feel that way about their mums.

Unfastening the buttons of her blouse, Ann slipped it off, leaving her in a plain white bra that she reached behind to unclip, pleased to note that her breasts had fared well against the test of time. Cupping them, she tested their heft, then tweaked the plump nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, sighing at the prickle of arousal it gave her.

She stood to unzip her knee-length skirt, letting it drop to the floor before bending to pick it up to drape over the back of the vanity chair. Her practical and comfortable knickers only served to remind her that she was sorely in need of some provocative lingerie. If I’m putting myself out there, it’s time to get used to dressing for a lover again. I’ll drop by Jessica’s shop… she’ll help me pick out something especially sexy.

In her imagination, Ann stood before Gina, slowly undressing to reveal a saucy bra-and-knicker set. The look in her eyes as she drinks in the sight of her older lover dressed in skimpy black lace… oh, she likes what she sees.

Grasping the waistband of her panties, Ann shoved them to her ankles with a single swift motion, then cast them away with a contemptuous flick of the foot.

She studied her bare body, recalling the extra pounds she’d added on the first month of the cruise, what with the rich food and fine wines on offer. Thankfully, Ann soon decided to balance the constant pampering and luxury of life on an ocean liner with regular exercise.

Thinking again about that amazing evening with Gina, Ann reached down to cup her vulva, letting the neatly trimmed pubes tickle her palm. Jess is right – you really should ring her up.

When she’d gone back to the attractive young lesbian’s flat, Ann knew something was going to happen, but didn’t allow herself to think beyond that. It  was enough to know that she was attracted to Gina, distinctively aroused, and curious about sex with a woman.

Gina had shyly asked for permission to kiss Ann… an invitation the older woman found herself unable, even unwilling to refuse. She tensed briefly when their mouths met, then relaxed into the experience. And what a marvellous kiss it had been! – tender and sensuous, soft as a whisper, yet amazingly intense. Before she knew it, Ann was responding, her tongue joining in the dance.

Somehow, Gina had undone Ann’s top and was cupping her breasts, whispering, “You can touch me if you like.”

Hesitantly reaching out, Ann placed both hands on her new friend’s chest, gasping as she realised Gina wore nothing beneath her blouse. The young woman’s breasts were small, but felt very nice to the touch. Ann found herself wanting to see them. Reaching for a button, she whispered, “May I?”

“Please do,” Gina replied, her eyes shining with affection.

Ann’s fingers were clumsy, but she managed to get four buttons undone, enough to reveal Gina’s bare upper half. The creamy globes were flawless, capped with visibly erect nipples. She began to reach for one, then faltered, suddenly unsure of herself.

But Gina quickly seized Ann’s hand, pressing it to her breast. “It’s okay,” she said.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Ann explored the body of another woman for the first time. Gina’s skin was wondrously soft, like that of a child, and the thought of lying naked with her gave Ann a delicious shiver. Can I really do this? she wondered.

The next thing she knew, Ann was allowing herself to be led into an adjoining bedroom. Gina had kissed her once more, then gestured at the foot of the bed, whispering, “Take a seat.”

Ann meekly obeyed, then sat mesmerised as Gina slowly and seductively began to remove her clothes. She stepped out of her shoes, nudging them to one side, then stripped off and discarded her unbuttoned top. The skirt followed, falling down to puddle at Gina’s feet.

Ann could only stare, a storm of emotions raging inside at the sight of the now nude young woman. She’d gone without knickers, too! “Surprised?” Gina asked, wearing nothing but a mischievous grin.

Taking time for a really good look, Ann has to admit it – she liked what she saw. Gina’s pubes were thick and lush, but trimmed into a fairly neat triangle. Ann now saw that the young woman’s underarms were unshaven, and was surprised to find that attractive.

Moving close, Gina reached out to take Ann’s hands, which she placed on her luscious breasts. “Touch me,” she whispered.

As Ann obligingly began to fondle the small but flawless globes, she felt Gina undo the clasp of her skirt – and another surge of nervousness raced through her. What am I doing here? Am I really about to have sex with a woman who’s younger than my own daughter, for Christ’s sake? Yes, she was excited, but it didn’t feel right.

Backing away, she said, “Gina, you’re very sweet, but I… I’m not sure I’m ready to do this.”

“You are ready, Ann,” the young woman murmured, drawing close. “But you’re on the verge of something new, and it’s frightening.” Gina took both her hands. “Don’t be afraid. Let me show you how wonderful it is, being loved by a woman.” Pausing to give the older woman a tender kiss, Gina added. “I like you so much, Ann. Please… please give me this chance to make you happy.”

As Ann struggled for the words to express her uncertainty, she found herself distracted by the warmth of Gina’s hazel eyes. The longing she saw in them…

This is silly, she thought. When did I become so damned cautious?

Gina was deftly undoing the front catch of Ann’s bra, peeling it away to bare her breasts. Resisting an impulse to cover herself, Ann managed to remain still as the young woman began to tease her nipples, gently squeezing, then tugging them. She let her eyes drift shut, summoning up memories of how much she loved to be fondled this way.

It’s been too long, she told herself. I deserve this. And I don’t want to hurt Gina’s feelings.

Then and there, she made her decision. Looks as if I’ll be learning about sex with a woman tonight. She smiled, thinking of her gay daughter. Wonder what Laura will say?

As Ann opened her eyes, Gina was unfastening the remaining buttons on her blouse, then easing it over her shoulders. Ann shrugged the beige top away, letting it drop to the carpet.

“My God, you’re lovely,” Gina breathed, cupping the woman’s generous breasts, savouring their heft. Suddenly dipping down, she captured Ann’s right nipple between her lips.

“Oh,” Ann moaned, “oh.” Without a second thought, she cradled Gina’s face to her chest, thinking, Oh, my goodness… she’s really good at this. She shivered, then inhaled sharply when Gina licked the tip of her breast, then gave the engorged nipple a playful bite. Switching to the other breast, Gina took it between her lips to suck.

In the meantime, the young lesbian was also tugging at the zipper of Ann’s skirt. As the garment slid to the floor, Gina slipped a hand down the back of Ann’s cotton knickers to pull the woman in for another kiss. As they moulded together, the sensation of moving against the soft, supple body of another woman had Ann tingling deliciously.

The next few minutes became a jumble for Ann as she allowed Gina to remove every remaining stitch of her clothing, then lay her back on the bed. There she was, a woman of fifty-eight, a grandmother and a widow, stark naked and spread out for the sexual pleasure of a lesbian woman nearly half her age. Putting it in those terms made the whole situation seem ridiculous, perhaps, but that didn’t matter to Ann. Not any more. She ached to be taken by this strong, confident woman who loved women… and Gina knew it.

Now Gina was kneeling above her, a fire in her eyes that took Ann’s breath away. “I’m going to fuck you now,” she said.

“Yes,” Ann moaned. “Do it to me, please…”

Gina shook her head. “Say the words, Ann. Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me, Gina!” She might have said more, but just then the young woman’s mouth covered hers. Ann gladly surrendered – accepting Gina’s tongue, responding with her own.

The lovemaking that followed was unlike any sexual experience she had ever known. After a few minutes of deep French kisses, Gina spent a long, lovely while pleasuring Ann’s breasts and belly before nuzzling a pathway way down to her vulva. Pressing her mouth into the juicy flesh, she began to lick.

When Ann was still having regular sex with her husband Richard, he’d obligingly attempted oral on his wife a few times, and it did feel nice. But now Gina was going down on her, and it was a revelation. She took Ann to the brink of orgasm again and again, but refused her that final release.

Finally, when Ann was on the verge of howling in frustration, the young lesbian centred her attention on her older lover’s clitoris, taking it between her lips and rapidly flicking the swollen nubbin with the tip of the tongue.

Ann exploded in a convulsive orgasm that had her clamping a hand to her mouth to muffle the screams. She  bucked and thrashed about as Gina’s hot, sucking mouth paid lustful tribute to her cunt. And those surges of ecstasy kept coming, more of them even when Ann was certain there could be no more.

After God only knew how many orgasms, Ann lay spent and dazed, gradually coming to her senses at the sound of her partner’s cries. Gina was lying alongside, frantically masturbating. She was frantically plunging two fingers into her vagina, liquid sounds echoing in the room with every thrust. A choked cry escaped her throat, a violent jerk shook her body, then she lay silent.

Startled, yet stimulated by the young lesbian’s brazen display, Ann stared at Gina, resisting the growing heat she felt mounting inside. Christ, I already want more.

Once she’d regained her breath, Gina hoisted herself into a sitting position, stretched her incredible body, then bent to place a gentle kiss on Ann’s lips. “That was amazing,” she said. “Will you be staying the night? I’d love it if you did.”

“Um, well,” Ann mumbled, “I really ought to go. I’ve got to feed the cat.” A lie – she hadn’t owned a cat in years. But those uneasy feelings were making themselves known again, and she needed time to think.

Getting to her feet, Ann began to fumble about for her clothes. She was relieved that Gina didn’t protest, just sat back against the headboard and watched her dress. Once she’d done up the last button of her top, Gina rose from the bed, padding over to give her a hug.

“I had a wonderful time,” Ann said, already feeling guilty about her rudeness. “Thank you, Gina.”

“I’d love to see you again,” Gina murmured. “Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to go steady… but we could maybe get together some time…?”

“It can’t be anytime soon, I’m afraid.” Ann replied. “That ocean cruise I mentioned… Remember? My ship sails in a few days. But, um, I’ll ring you when I get back.”

Gina smiled – a bit wistfully, Ann thought. “I’ll hold you to that,” she said. “Have a wonderful time, Ann.”

The younger woman, still nude, escorted Ann to the front door, where they embraced once more. “Good night, dear,” Ann said.

“Good night,” said Gina.

As Ann left, walking along the hallway of the apartment block, she turned to see Gina in her doorway, waving. She waved back, then hurried outside to the street, fumbling in her purse for her phone to call a taxi.

You behaved abominably, she chided herself. After that, I can’t see why Gina would give you the time of day.

Later that night, Ann had masturbated properly for the first time in years. She was still troubled, still uneasy with the possibility she might be gay. It shouldn’t bother me – and yet, it does. But the memory of sex with Gina kept unscrolling inside her head like a dirty movie. Finally, she gave in.


Months later, studying at her reflection in the mirror, she shook her head. I really do need to phone Gina, she thought. Even if we never have sex again, it would be nice to have her as a friend.

She gave a brief laugh. Who am I trying to fool? Even if we just met for coffee, I’d end up at her place or mine, naked and flat on my back.

Still nude, Ann seated herself on the edge of the bed, wondering why she had yet to tell her daughters everything. Especially Laura, who would have understood without judgement. And now Jess is gay too… so what reason do I have for being so bloody secretive? At this point, it’s just silly.

Then and there, Ann decided to tell her daughters everything. The fantasies she’d indulged in, her occasional attraction to beautiful women she saw, the lesbian websites she’d just begun to investigate and enjoy – but most of all, she needed to tell Jessica and Laura about her second dalliance with another woman.

It had been an incredible experience, enough to convince Ann that, even if she still felt uncertain about being openly gay, her heart’s desire was for a female lover.

Getting to her feet, Ann padded around to the side of the bed and slid beneath the covers. She rarely slept naked, but that evening, it felt right. She took a sip of water before switching off the bedside lamp, then lay back, the blankets pulled up to just below her breasts.

She stared up at the moonlit ceiling. Placing a hand on her vulva, she let it rest there while she concentrated on one special moment of her holiday – the dinner at the Captain’s table when she first encountered Collette.

Ann felt a pleasant tingle make itself known beneath her belly as she pictured the lovely face and beautiful body of her French sex partner. I’ll have to relieve myself tonight, she decided. Otherwise, I won’t get to sleep anytime soon.

Gently moving her hand, Ann fed that warmth, allowing herself to drift into the memory of that incredible evening.

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