Ripples, Chapter 38

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A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society.

Stella lays her cards on the table: she suspects Jess and Rachel of having incestuous relations with one or more of their girls, and proposes bringing their combined families together for a sex party (though she has yet to tell Jess anything about the Society just yet). Jess is open to the idea, and tentative plans are made.

In the meantime, Jess and Laura’s mother Ann has just returned from a lengthy sea cruise. Laura informs her sister of a secret their mum told her: that she herself has recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. This gets Jess thinking about the possibility of getting Ann to join in their incestuous relationship. She, Laura and Rachel discuss the idea, where they are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy, who is intrigued by the possibility of sex with her grandmother.

When Ann arrives, Jess informs her mother that she is in a committed relationship with Rachel, and now considers herself gay. Ann is delighted for her daughter, especially since she already knows and likes Rachel. Later that night, Ann tells Jess about her night of passion with Gina, a woman in her twenties who she met online by accidentally visiting the Woman Seeking Woman page at on online dating site.

Later, when she is tucked up in bed, Ann masturbates while remembering her sexual encounter with Gina.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

Ann was in bed with the covers thrown back, legs lewdly spread as she pleasured herself. She’d packed nightwear for her stay at Jessica’s, but had elected to sleep in the nude.

She felt a bit uneasy about doing this in her daughter’s home, but that warm, steady throb beneath her belly would not be denied.

Who could blame me for indulging myself? she mused, lightly teasing her clitoris with a fingertip. Now that I’m having sex with women and enjoying it, lesbian activity seems to be turning up everywhere I go. And oh, mercy, how it excites me. 

Just the day before, Ann had been idling at a traffic stop while enroute to see Jess and the girls when her attention was captured by two lovely young women, strolling hand in hand down the sidewalk. They were so obviously in love that it quickened Ann’s heartbeat… and when they came together in a passionate kiss upon reaching the corner, she felt a surge of warmth that left her dizzy. I touched myself that night, too, she recalled.

Now she was spending the night at the home of her daughter Jess, who had just declared herself to be a lesbian, and in a long-term relationship with her best friend Rachel.

Circling a finger inside her vagina, Ann found herself picturing Rachel, wondering what she looked like naked. Then she visualised Rachel with Jessica, the two of them making love…

She winced. Don’t think of Jess like that… or Rachel, for that matter. it’s not right.

Trying to shift her mind elsewhere, Ann’s thoughts touched on her granddaughter Alice and the girl’s revelation at the dinner table, when she admitted to being gay, too. In fact, Alice and Rachel’s daughter Bella were now a couple… and it very much appeared that, young as they were, the two girls were already having sex.

Ann had been surprised, yet something about the girls and their relationship genuinely appealed to her. After all, I had crushes on other girls when I was Alice’s age. I even practised kissing with Jane Ratledge that one time. What if we’d gone further; taken off our clothes and explored one another? Sliding a second finger into herself, Ann tried to picture it.

But a pang of shame quickly followed. She was aroused, no question. But her memories of Jane dated back to when the girl was only eleven, and the thought of masturbating to them made her uneasy.

Best to think about Colette instead, she told herself. Funny thing; that ocean cruise was the excuse I used to distance myself from Gina after going to bed with her… and then what happens? I end up having sex with a different woman! 

Banishing guilty thoughts of Gina with a vow to phone her very soon, Ann let herself drift into a remembrance of Colette, the vivacious French woman with whom she’d enjoyed her second lesbian experience.

Ann had chosen that particular cruise as a refreshing alternative to the previous ocean trip she and her husband had taken, on which they’d been obliged to dash from port to port, restricted to a few hours to cram in the usual tourist sights, always having to keep track of time to make sure they were back on board prior to departure. An exhausting experience, one Ann had no wish to repeat. This time, she opted for a modestly-sized ship that, wherever it ended up, nearly always remained in dock for at least a day or two, which gave her sufficient time to explore. She had little to no interest in everyday tourist attractions, preferring to seek out the less-travelled corners and nooks of an unfamiliar town.

The cost of the cruise package she’d selected was considerable – not only due to its four-month duration, but also because she’d elected to stay in a top-end suite. Jess and Laura would probably have twin heart attacks if they knew how much I paid for this trip. Still, they’ve told me time and again to take a break and indulge myself. So I’m doing just that, and damn the expense.

A week or so into the cruise, Ann found herself encountering familiar faces at the dining table, and she would often continue to socialise with her new friends in the bar, the ballroom or the game room, where one could always find a hand of cards taking place.

There were many couples, some families, and a surprising number of single men and women. Some of these were clearly looking for love, even marriage; some were simply on the prowl.

Most passengers were only taking the cruise for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, so Ann was assured of a wide range of travelling companions. She danced with a few mature gentlemen, and was flattered by one particular man who was young enough to qualify as a boy toy.

It was all good fun, but Ann kept things casual, politely fending off any approaches from men who seemed to be looking for something more.

Truth be told, Ann couldn’t stop thinking about her lesbian experience with Gina. She didn’t consider herself in the market for a long term relationship, but that evening of sex with a woman had awakened something in her. She’d just begun to miss the intimacy of a man’s touch, then Gina had come along to throw a spanner into the works. Now Ann couldn’t quite work out what she wanted.

Why am I so bloody confused? she wondered, taking a brisk walk around the deck. Is it because Gina was so incredible in bed? Or could I actually be gay… only I’m too repressed to admit it, even to myself?

Whatever the answer, Ann was suddenly unable to work up much interest in involving herself with another male. More and more, she found herself noticing beautiful women on her strolls around the ship, often wondering what they looked like naked.

Thoughts of that night with Gina assailed her, leaving Ann hungry for the hands, the body, the mouth of the young woman. She even began to regret not having returned the favour, wishing she’d taken the opportunity to explore, even taste her lesbian friend.

I won’t let that happen again, she vowed. Next time I go to bed with a woman, I want the full experience, up to and including oral.

Just then, Ann spied an attractive fortyish blonde in a skimpy bikini, lounging in a deck chair. The sight gave her a delicious prickle of arousal. She pictured herself going down on this woman, surprised by how much she liked the idea.

That settles it, she decided. I wasn’t exactly planning to have sex on this cruise… but if I do, it won’t be with a man. She had no idea how to make that happen, but intended to keep her eyes open for a potential female partner.

Ann’s chance came in the last month of the cruise, when she was dining at the Captain’s table for the second time. That evening, she’d been seated next to a French woman and her daughter. They were introduced as Colette, who was forty-five, and her daughter Coralie, a cute girl of eleven. Like Ann, Colette was a widow.

There was one other thing the two women had in common: they both ran their own companies. While Ann had acted as her husband’s business advisor, then took up the reins on his death, Colette built and ran her own publishing house in Paris. Ann admitted she was considering selling off the firm, but wasn’t sure if she was ready for retirement.

Ann found Colette to be personable, intelligent and very witty, while Coralie was quite the little charmer herself, with impeccable manners for a girl so young. They bonded quickly, and over the next few days, the two women visited many of the sights together. In the evenings they socialised, sometimes with Coralie, though the girl occasionally chose to participate in the children’s activities.

By that point, Ann had had enough of men seeking out her company, so she was pleased that they seemed to refrain from approaching her when she was in Colette’s presence. “It is a strange thing,” Colette told her, “but I have noticed that on these ocean cruises, the males do not hunt in pairs… so when you are with me and I am with you, we are in no danger of being bothered.”

It was after a long day of sightseeing and buying gifts that Colette asked Ann to join her in their suite after dinner, to enjoy a change from the loud evening entertainment. “Also, I bought a bottle of very good wine, and I know of no one else I would rather share it with.”

“I’d be delighted,” Ann replied.

Moments later, they sat on the balcony with wine glasses in hand, taking advantage of the sea breeze while chatting about the places they’d visited. Coralie had spent her evening at the children’s disco and returned by 10 PM feeling sleepy, so she retired to her small bedroom. The evening eventually grew chilly, so the women moved inside, where the conversation turned to their relationships.

Ann had lost her husband five years earlier, while Colette had been a widow for just over a year, with precious little time to reflect on life as a single woman with a daughter. She’d taken this cruise to help her recover from the arduous task of sorting her husband’s affairs.

In her perfect English, flavoured by that seductive Gallic accent, Colette spoke. “Ann, may I ask you a personal question?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Don’t you miss the company of someone to share your thoughts with and, well, enjoy sexual intimacy? You are a very attractive woman… surely men must approach you all the time.”

Ann shrugged. “I have a few male friends I’ve known for years. When I need someone to accompany me to the theatre, or dinner, I ring one up, but I’ve never slept with any of them. My business is dominated by men, and a few have tried to woo me, but I’m wary of their motives. On the other hand, I have been thinking about sex more often of late.” She didn’t mention that those thoughts were almost exclusively of other women. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, as you understand, I have been busy since the death of my husband, trying to sort out his affairs, looking after my daughter and my work. But now I have some time to think, I am not sure I will ever have a… a permanent relationship again. I am not looking for anyone right now, it is too soon. But…”

Touching her new friend’s shoulder, Ann murmured, “Colette, you are a very beautiful woman, and still young. In time, you’ll meet someone.”

“Perhaps, but my husband and I had a very special relationship. We were very passionate, and… I hope you will not think badly of me, but we both used to enjoy the company of others.”

Ann was startled, but did her best to conceal it. “Others?”

“We engaged in intimate activities with different partners. I was never with another man, you understand, but I sometimes did share pleasure with other women. I am bisexual, you see. Does that shock you?”

Colette’s revelation caught Ann by surprise. She was still very much interested in finding a female partner on the cruise, but had assumed all along that her new friend was completely straight. “Um… no, I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but perhaps that’s because my youngest daughter has been a lesbian since she was twelve or thereabouts. She’s told me things… not in detail, of course.”

“When I was younger, all my lovers were women, but then I met my husband. He allowed me to indulge my desires – but of course, so did he. I suppose it would be more correct to call myself a lesbian now, as I have no plans to give myself to a man again.” Colette paused, gazing thoughtfully at her new friend. “Have you ever been with a woman, Ann?”

Ann felt her face betray her, and saw right away that Colette had noticed. “Never during my marriage,” she replied, “or before I was married, either.”

“More recently, then?”

“After my husband passed, my daughters kept saying I should think about dating. Just a few days before this cruise, I decided to look online, just out of curiosity. I accidentally went to the wrong site, then found myself talking to another woman. We hit it off, and before I knew it, I’d agreed to meet her.”

“And what happened?”

Her face growing hot, Ann blurted, “I can’t believe I’m telling you this!”

Colette smiled. “My dear Ann, you and I are women of the world, and I hope we have become very good friends, so please, I would like it very much if you shared this with me.”

“I did meet her for a drink, but she was much younger than I expected… only twenty-eight!”

“So did you become intimate?”

Ann hesitated – but by then, what was the point in being anything but honest? “Yes, we did.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Oh heavens, yes! It was amazing, unlike anything I’d ever known… but I also think it all happened a bit too fast for me. Good as it was, the whole experience left me a little unnerved.”

“Are you going to see her again… or perhaps explore sex with another woman?”

Ann nodded. “I’m certainly thinking about it. Sometimes I want to, very much… other times, I’m not so sure.” She gave a nervous laugh. “A week ago, I promised myself I’d try my damnedest to go to bed with another woman before the end of this cruise. The next day, I was having second thoughts.” She sighed deeply. “It shouldn’t be this bloody difficult, figuring out whether I’m a lesbian or not.”

Colette murmured, “You wish to explore your sexuality further, but aren’t sure how to go about it.”

“I suppose that’s it, yes. I need an instruction manual, and there isn’t one.”

Colette set her glass down, turning to take Ann’s hands. “I think you will find it difficult to work out your sexual preference, at least until you have experienced more of what it is like to be with a woman.” She paused, then continued. “Ann, I have had many lesbian encounters in my life. If you’re willing, I’d be thrilled to make love to you.”

Ann was taken aback. “Colette, I don’t know… You and I have become good friends, and I was hoping to stay in touch, even meet again. I wouldn’t want anything to get in the way of what we have.”

“Dearest Ann, I assure you that nothing will stop us being friends. On the contrary, my offer is made in the spirit of true friendship. You are trying to find your way, and I want to help.” With a wry smile, she added, “I must confess, however, that my motives are not completely unselfish. You are a most desirable woman, and I’ve wanted to share your bed ever since we met.”

“Oh, my goodness,” Ann mumbled, her heart pounding. “I… I’m not sure what to do.”

Recognising her friend’s conflicting desires, Colette reached out to caress Ann’s face. Their eyes met, and Colette drew closer to place a feather-like kiss on the older woman’s lips.

Ann didn’t pull away, so Colette risked a second kiss. This time she applied a little more pressure, allowing her mouth to linger. There was still no resistance. Encouraged, Colette gently slipped her tongue between Ann’s lips, choosing that moment to rest a hand on her English companion’s thigh.

As their kiss gradually deepened, Ann shyly met Colette’s tongue with hers. She felt her friend’s left hand glide down to stroke her neck, while the right hand continued a lazy path beneath her dress. Ann gave a sharp gasp as Colette’s fingers touched the front of her dampening knickers, and the two women broke apart.

Rising to her feet, Colette gazed into Ann’s eyes for a moment before extending a hand. “Shall we go into the bedroom? We don’t want to wake Coralie.”

Ann glanced at the child’s closed bedroom door, then at the proffered hand. She hesitantly reached out to take it. The next thing she knew, Colette was guiding her to the master suite, pausing to switch off all but one of the lamps along the way.

Once inside her room, Colette nudged the door until it was nearly closed, then turned to face her guest. “If you do not wish to do this, we can stop,” she murmured. “We will still be good friends, and I will not think any less of you. But if you stay, I believe you will return to your home knowing better what you want.”

At that moment, Ann made her decision. Being afraid… it’s not me, not how I’ve lived my life. The door is open; I only have to step through it. Perhaps I’ll feel regret, maybe I’ll find fulfilment. Either way, I’m bloody well not going to spend the rest of my days wondering which.

Rather than give Colette an answer, Ann stepped forward until their bodies nearly touched. Tilting her head slightly, she placed a soft kiss on the full lips of her would-be lover, then whispered, “I want to do this.”

Colette smiled. “Bien ma chérie! Now I will pleasure you.” She spread her arms, as if offering herself up. “Would you like to undress me?”

With clumsy hands, Ann undid the buttons on Colette’s blouse, then carefully removed it, draping the garment over the back of a nearby chair. The French woman turned slightly so Ann could pull down the zip on the side of her skirt, which soon slipped down her legs to the floor.

Colette stood before Ann in an elegant black bra and panty set and nude hold-up stockings. Ann was about to reach for the clasp of the bra when Colette had moved closer, pressing their bodies together. “I cannot wait, my sweet,” the younger woman murmured as she reached round to find the zip at the back of Ann’s dress. “I must see your beautiful body.”

She made short work of it, leaving Ann in her own underthings.

Resisting the impulse to cover herself, Ann managed to let both arms hang at her sides, relieved to have  chosen her nicer lingerie to wear that evening. True, they seemed downright plain compared to Colette’s sexy display, but the gleam in her friend’s eye assured Ann that she had nothing to feel ashamed about.

Touching a finger to Ann’s lips, then tracing a line down to the catch of her bra, Colette purred, “My dear Ann, I can see you have taken good care of yourself. You are an exquisite flower, still very much in bloom. I think in your youth, you must have broken the hearts of many men… and boys.”

Ann reddened at the compliment. “I’ve only been with one man… my husband. We married young and I always saw him as my soul mate, so I never strayed.” Pausing for thought, she added, “The only other person I’ve been to bed with was Gina – that’s the young woman I told you about.” She gazed shyly at Colette. “So you’ll be my – my third…”

“Lover?” Colette touched her chest. “Ma cherie, I am honoured.” She studied Ann for a moment. “Tell me, my friend… do you ever pleasure yourself?”

Ann felt her cheeks redden anew at Colette’s intimate, unexpected question, but thought it best to be frank. “Not often, honestly. The only time lately was after my – my experience with Gina. I was thinking about that night with her, and… it just happened.”

“Well, in that case, my first lesson will be to help you get to know your body a bit better. Will you allow me to teach you, my sweet?”

Ann nodded, a pulse of excitement growing inside.

Colette deftly unhooked the clasp at the front of her bra and let it drop to the thick carpet, then watched as Ann reached behind to remove hers. Drawing closer, Colette bent down to lick each of Ann’s already hardened nipples.

“Oh, Colette,” Ann whispered, “that feels divine…’”

Going down on her knees, Colette grasped the waistband of Ann’s panties and slowly, slowly pulled them down, humming her approval as her new lover’s mons was bared. “You have a beautiful cunt, Ann,” she purred, pausing to trace the slit with the tip of a finger.

Ann moaned, overwhelmed by Colette’s touch, as well as the frankness of her language. Her fear had all but evaporated, leaving her helpless with desire, eager to experience lesbian love again. Maybe I really am gay, she thought. This feels so perfect, so right for me. She felt Colette slide her knickers the rest of the way down, and carefully stepped out of them.

Now completely nude, Ann watched Colette lean in to place light kisses around her navel, then move lower, her tongue tracing a pathway down toward her vulva, only to veer to the left. Ann gasped, then moaned when Colette placed both hands on either side of her auburn bush, using gentle pressure to ease her labia apart. The younger lesbian gave Ann a lustful look, then dipped forward to gently lick her swollen clitoris.

Ann’s legs began to tremble, and she placed both hands on Colette’s head so as to maintain her balance. Somehow, it caught her by surprise when the French lesbian leaned in again, this time fitting her mouth to Ann’s cunt, driving her tongue into the hot, juicy tunnel with a single thrust.

“Oooohhh!” Ann cried, swaying dangerously. But an instant later, Colette withdrew again, licking her lips. “We must take our time, ma cherie,” she purred, rising to her feet. “This moment cannot be rushed.”

Ann gritted her teeth, fighting an impulse to seize a handful of Colette’s hair and force the woman’s face between her thighs. Instead, she took a long, deep breath.

Seemingly oblivious to her partner’s frustration, Colette casually stretched her limbs, as a dancer might. “Tell me, Ann,” she murmured, “when you were with your young friend, did you do anything to give her pleasure?”

Feeling her face grow hot again, Ann sighed. “No… I didn’t. It wasn’t fair of me, of course. I was too shy, frightened, whatever. Gina didn’t seem to mind, but…” She shrugged. “I feel guilty about it now, mind you. And I swore that if I ever made love with a woman again, I’d do whatever it took to satisfy her.” She gave Colette a bashful smile. “We’ll see how that goes.”

“Excellent!” Colette declared with a pleased smile. “I am very much in a mood to be satisfied.” Cradling a breast, she seemed to present it to Ann.

Realising what Colette wanted, Ann bent to flick forward and flicked at the nipple with her tongue. “Ah, yes, that feels lovely,” she heard the French woman purr. Encouraged by this response, Ann licked a circle round the tip of the breast, then took it between her lips to suckle. “Yes,” she heard Colette say. “Yes.”

Ann moved to the other nipple, nursing it to stiffness. Meanwhile, she was fondling the unoccupied breast, loving how full and soft it felt to her hand. No wonder boys like doing this so much, she thought.

Much as she enjoyed showering affection on Colette’s chest, Ann was also anxious to prove herself as a lover. Going to her knees, she pressed kisses into her partner’s belly, impulsively allowing her tongue to dart into the navel.

One bridge remained for Ann to cross. Drawing away, pausing to catch her breath, she gazed at the gauzy material of Colette’s panties, now inches from her face. With trembling hands, she reached up to take hold of the waistband, slowly pulling the exquisite lingerie down to expose a hairless vulva. Pausing to breathe in the heady scent, she nodded. Very nice.

Ann was ready. She positioned her hands just as Colette had, resting a thumb on either side of the woman’s slit and prising the labia open to reveal the gleaming pink interior of the vagina. Without hesitation, she moved forward, her tongue emerging to touch the small nub of flesh that was her lover’s clitoris.

Her touch was light at first; sampling the flavour and texture, liking what she found. The aroma of cunt was stronger here, intoxicating her senses. She wanted more. Ann began to apply her tongue in earnest, licking eagerly at the juicy flesh – even burying her mouth in it, kissing Colette’s sex as if it was her mouth.

Ann loved it. The taste, the smell, the warmth and wetness of a woman intoxicated her, had her soul soaring. Much as she’d enjoyed coupling with her husband, the act had never stimulated her like this. I could come this way without even touching myself, she marvelled. Pressing her tongue as far into Colette’s vagina as it could go. Ann plunged it in and out, attempting to fuck the younger woman. By then, the lower part of her face was positively dripping with nectar.

Taking a different tack, Ann began to swirl her tongue around in a circular motion – but before she could get very far with it, Colette pulled back, breaking their contact. Taken aback, she peered up at the woman, but Colette simply reached down to cup each side of her face, gently urging Ann to stand.

Once the two women were facing each other, Colette moved forward to claim a kiss. Ann detected a different flavour on the lips of her new friend, trying to place it for a moment before realising it had to be the taste of her own sex. I should have recognised that right away, she chided herself. I’ve been neglecting my sexual needs for much too long. Well, here’s my chance to do something about it. Their bodies were pressed snugly together, hands roving as their tender but passionate kiss continued.

Upon breaking apart, both were breathing heavily. At first, neither spoke, but it was the French woman who broke the silence. “I think that you already know your destiny Ann, as I do mine. Come, let us get more comfortable.”

She led Ann to the bed, arranging her so she was sitting back against the pillows with both knees up, then seating herself before her partner. “Open your legs, ma cherie,” Colette said. When the older woman did so, she added, “Now touch yourself.”

Ann began to rub up and down her slit, then focused on her clitoris – making tiny circles with her finger, occasionally dipping between her labia for lubrication. Aroused as she was, Ann had yet to come that night, and by then she was practically gasping for it. Soon she was rubbing faster as that lovely pulse between her thighs grew more and more intense.

“Slow down, Ann,” Colette said. “It is not time for you to finish yet.”

“Colette!” Ann cried. “I – I can’t wait any longer, for God’s sake. You’re killing me!”

“Just a little longer, my English rose. I am going to show you pleasure such as you have never seen, but you must trust me.”

Gritting her teeth, Ann slowed the pace, confining her movements to feather-light strokes… but even those were stimulating enough to steadily nudge her toward what promised to be an absolute stonker of a climax.

Colette moved forward to place her legs either side of Ann’s, then she began to copy her lover’s actions. They gazed into each other’s eyes while masturbating, though Ann kept stealing glances of her French partner’s cunt, as much as she could see past Colette’s busy fingers. Surprised by how much it aroused her to watch another woman pleasure herself, Ann wondered if she looked that sexy while having a fiddle.

Abruptly withdrawing her fingers, Colette proffered them to Ann to taste. Ann eagerly took the glistening digits into her mouth, getting another taste of her friend’s pussy. Savouring the sharp, tangy flavour, Ann barely noticed when her own hand was taken from between her thighs, but she shivered when Colette’s tongue began to toy with her fingertips.

After a moment, Colette pressed Ann’s hand to her breasts. “Thank you for indulging my wishes, ma cherie. Now, your patience will be rewarded.” Patting the bed, she added, “Lie down. Knees up, legs apart.” Ann was quick to obey, opening herself up in an extraordinarily lewd fashion. Spread out like a tart, she told herself.

Colette reached out to carefully stroke Ann’s exposed labia, avoiding her clitoris for the moment. Instead, she plunged a finger deep into the hot, dripping orifice of her English friend’s vagina, working it in and out. She soon added a second finger, then began to twist and twirl them about inside the lust-slicked tunnel, never breaking eye contact with Ann throughout.

Once she had Ann squirming with pleasure, Colette applied her tongue to the older woman’s clit. This sent a hard jolt through Ann’s body, and Colette responded by driving her fingers even deeper, thrusting them harder and faster into her lover’s cunt. Getting a strong rhythm going, she took Ann’s clitoris between her lips and sucked, simultaneously teasing the pink morsel with lightning-fast flicks of the tongue.

“Ohhh, Colette… m-my God, Colette!” Ann cried, her lust snarling inside like a caged beast, desperate for release. She was close, so damned close

Then she felt something slide between her buttocks to press against the pucker of her anus – and before she could draw another breath, Colette’s finger penetrated her rectum with a single stroke.

Ann went off like a firework, her body enveloped by a blinding wave of heat and light. She thrashed about on the bed, mewling helplessly as Colette fucked her with both hands, the French lesbian’s lips still attached to her clitoris.

She longed to scream, knowing she shouldn’t. Snatching up a fistful of the blanket, Ann covered her mouth, then poured out her ecstasy in a long, muffled bellow as her climax reached its peak. Her body jerked violently, then she went limp.

Colette seemed to sense that Ann had had enough, giving her sex a parting kiss before stretching out to lie alongside the dazed, winded woman. She gently brushed Ann’s face with her lips, then the two lovers drifted together, their mouths meeting.

Ann surprised herself by making their kiss a passionate one, spearing her tongue between Colette’s lips. She eagerly tasted herself, licking all traces of her essence from around and inside the French woman’s  mouth. Despite her weariness after what had to be the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced, Ann could only think of how much she wanted to make love to the lovely widow lying in her arms.

Breaking away, she looked up into Colette’s eyes, something passing between them to acknowledge the sensual delights they had just shared. “Thank you,” Ann whispered.

Colette smiled. “Dearest Ann, the night is young… and we are just beginning.”


Having lost all track of time, Ann was surprised when a glance at the clock resting on Colette’s night table revealed that just over two hours had passed by the time they flopped, sweaty and exhausted, on the bed.

Ann couldn’t recall the last time she’d been so relaxed… or so satisfied. Much as she’d enjoyed her first lesbian experience with Gina, sex with Colette was the best she’d ever had. This time, at least, I gave as good as I got.

Closing her eyes, she thought about the things they’d done.

After Ann’s first orgasm, the pair of lovers had reversed their roles. It was Ann’s turn to pleasure Colette, to fully explore the body of another woman for the first time. She refused to allow her lack of experience to get in the way of making love, trusting her intuition and enthusiasm to carry the day.

As it transpired, that was enough. Ann had a lovely time showering affection on Colette’s breasts, but found herself a little nervous when the time came to go down on her friend. She chose to begin slowly, getting to know the geography of a woman’s cunt in a whole new way. Actually, Ann had never uttered the word cunt in her entire life, but Colette insisted she use it while they had sex.

After a tentative lick or two, Ann threw herself into the act, embracing cunnilingus with a surprising fervour. She loved Colette’s taste, her scent, how incredibly juicy she was and the astonishing heat of her. She loved how messy it was to please a woman with her mouth, the lower half of her face coated with the thick, pungent fluids.

Best of all was how deliciously wicked it made her feel. I’ve been good for too damned long, she realised, adorning her partner’s cunt with deep, open-mouthed kisses. Well, now I’m making up for it.

Soon Colette was moaning loudly as she came in Ann’s mouth.

Afterwards, they nestled in each other’s arms for a while, occasionally exchanging kisses. Soon enough, the embers of desire began to smoulder anew, and those kisses grew increasingly passionate.

Eager to make the next move, Ann began to toy with her French partner’s mons. Colette relaxed, purring contentedly as Ann masturbated her, then abruptly sat up. “Don’t make me come yet, ma cherie… I want to show you another way two women can make love.”

She coaxed Ann into a position where they were seated face to face, their vulvas touching. “Now,” she said, “we rub together.” She gave her hips an experimental grind.

Ann’s eyes flew wide open. “Oh, my stars,” she moaned. “That – it feels lovely.”

“Shall we fuck, then?” Colette’s eyes danced as she angled her pelvis forward.

“Ohhhh!” Ann gasped. “Y-yes, my love. Let’s fuck.”

They started slowly, but soon the two lovers were in frantic motion, hips churning as their cunts came together in the lewdest of kisses.

This time, they came simultaneously, their cries mingled in a rising crescendo. Finally, they lay exhausted, panting for breath, bodies glazed with perspiration. There was a huge damp spot on the bed from where their sexes had ground together. “We left a bit of a mess on your sheets,” Ann mumbled.

“Oh, this does not bother me,” Colette replied. “The smell of a woman’s pussy… it is better than the finest perfume.” Then she chuckled. “You know, I like to imagine the maid coming in to change these sheets when I am not here. In my mind, I see her overcome by the scent. She removes her clothing, stretches out on the bed and plays with her cunt until she comes, adding her essence to ours.” She sighed. “A pity, then, that she will take the soiled sheets with her when she leaves. I would very much like to sample her fragrance.”

Ann stared at her friend in disbelief, then began to laugh. “Gracious, Colette… you certainly have a vivid imagination!”

Colette shrugged. “I prefer how the Americans say it: ‘You’ve got a dirty mind’.”  By then, they were both grinning.

Going up on all fours, Colette swivelled around to lie alongside Ann. She gave her friend a tender kiss, then murmured, “Are you ready for more, sexy lady?”

More?” Ann gasped. “I don’t think I’m capable, Colette. I mean… I’ve already come twice!”

“Hmmph. Twice is nothing. I once reached orgasm eight times in a single evening.” Suddenly rolling on top of her older partner, Colette declared, “You will come once more tonight, ma cherie. And you will cause me to come, too. That much, at least.” Slipping a hand between Ann’s thighs, she got to work.

Though Ann was certain she’d reached her limit, Colette’s expert fingers told a different story, coaxing that sweet, lustful fire forth until Ann’s breath was ragged… and her cunt was beginning to drip all over again.

Once she had her lover squirming with renewed arousal, the French lesbian whispered, “Now are you ready, my sweet?”

“Yes,” Ann said. “And I’m ready t-to return the favour, too.” Seizing Colette’s free hand, she brought it to her lips to kiss.

“Magnifique!” Colette exclaimed. “I think, for our last, how do you say it, round of lovemaking, we should satisfy each other with our mouths.” She gave Ann a knowing smile. “You know soixante-neuf, yes? What you English call ‘sixty-nine’?”

“I… I do,” said Ann, “though I’ve never actually done it before. My husband and I did sometimes indulge in, er, oral sex, but we never did it to each other at the same time.” Her cheeks were slightly flushed.

“Ah, then I will be your first,” Colette said. “I am honoured.” She rolled onto her back. “Get on top, dear Ann, and feed me your cunt. Once more, we shall make glorious love.”

A moment later, the two women were engaged in a classic sixty-nine. Anne enjoyed it immensely, liking the idea of pleasure both given and received. She began to experiment with her oral technique, taking cues from Colette and trying them out herself.

It was during this bout of sexual activity that Ann got an unexpected shock.

Colette was licking ferociously at Ann’s pussy while using a finger to stimulate her anus, carefully pressing the tip inside, then up to the third knuckle. Ann gasped, needing a moment to breathe as Colette probed her rectum, so instead of continuing to lick, she began to stimulate her lover’s clit with a finger.

Detecting movement in the corner of her eye, Ann glanced to the side to see Colette’s little girl Coralie standing just outside the bedroom door.

Her body gave an involuntary jerk at the sight, but Colette must have taken that as a sign of Ann’s imminent climax, because she failed to notice her daughter.

As she gawped at the pretty eleven-year-old, Coralie held a finger to her lips, silencing Ann before she could alert Colette to the child’s presence.

Oh my God, Ann thought, she’s watching her own mum having lesbian sex! With me!

Then she noticed something that shocked her even more. Coralie had a hand under her nightdress and was touching herself between the legs. Ann couldn’t actually see the child masturbate, but the movement of her arm made it transparently clear what she was up to. Coralie had her nightie hoisted up with the other hand, high enough to reveal her lack of panties.

Wondering whether or not to speak up about the girl’s presence, Ann quickly decided against it. She’s only showing curiosity, she told herself. And I’d rather not get her in trouble. Then it struck her that in her distracted state, she’d stopped touching Colette’s pussy, and she felt a twinge of panic. I have to keep making love to her, or she’ll see Coralie. Goodness me – how on earth did I get drawn into this?

As Colette’s hips shifted impatiently, Ann hastily resumed her licking, her tongue gliding up and down the rosy cleft of her friend’s cunt, occasionally stealing glances at the little girl.

At first, the situation felt awkward. I’m putting on a sex show for a child, for Christ’s sake! But soon, Ann was surprised to find herself growing mildly stimulated, even excited by the sheer lewdness of performing for an audience – even when the audience consisted of an eleven-year-old girl.

This was an unexpected revelation, to be sure. As far as she knew, Ann had never been prone to exhibitionist tendencies, yet something about being watched while she made love with Colette resonated deep inside, made her feel deliciously wicked.

By then, Ann was maintaining steady eye contact with Coralie, openly pleasuring the girl’s mother as the girl pleasured herself. If she’s going to watch, Ann decided, she might as well see everything. So instead of burrowing her tongue into Colette’s vagina, she chose to tease her lover’s clitoris with quick flashing licks. This gave Coralie an excellent view of the action… and Ann didn’t have to look away from the voyeuristic child.

Feeling especially bold, Ann paused to thrust a finger into Colette’s wetness before using it to penetrate her anus, eliciting an appreciative roll of her partner’s hips. She worked that finger around inside until Colette was moaning in ecstasy.

Knowing it was time to bring the younger woman off, Ann bent to take Colette’s clit between her lips to suck. Colette immediately did the same… and within seconds, both women cried out as their orgasms came crashing down.

As soon as she was able, Ann raised her head – just in time to see Coralie blow her a kiss and scuttle away – back to her room, surely.

The two lovers lay quietly, side by side, until Ann finally said, “That was lovely… all of it. I can’t recall ever being so thoroughly satisfied.”

“The pleasure was mine, ma cherie. I hope that now, you understand how good it is for women to share love with one another.”

Ann gave a shy nod. “I couldn’t agree more. Consider me a convert.” They met in a brief but ardent kiss. “I know you’ll be leaving the cruise in a few days,” she added, “but I’d love to do this with you again.”

Colette’s smile was downright radiant. “And so we shall. My daughter and I are aboard for two more nights, and you will share my bed for both of them.”

A tiny shiver ran through Ann’s body at the mention of Coralie. She wondered what the child was doing at that moment. Is she touching herself again, thinking about what she saw us doing? Or did she already come? For that matter, is a girl that young capable of reaching orgasm?

These thoughts were making Ann somewhat uneasy. You just made love with a beautiful woman, she reminded herself, and it was incredible. Enough to make it clear that you’re bisexual, at least… and very possibly a lesbian. Why would you want to dwell on your partner’s little girl? 

Still, she couldn’t refrain from wondering about Coralie. It seemed so odd that a child of eleven would be aroused by the sight of her mother having sex, especially sex with another woman…

Enough! Ann slowly sat up; stretched. “I should get back to my cabin before I fall asleep,” she said.

“Don’t,”  Colette replied. “There is no need. You can stay with me tonight.”

“Well… I ought to leave before Coralie wakes up. She might wonder why I’m here.”

Colette smiled. “My daughter knows I prefer women, ma cherie. Just yesterday, she asked me if I wanted to take you to bed. I told her yes, I did, and she said, ‘You should hurry, maman. There is not so much time left’.” She laughed. “I think she approves of you.”

“Oh, my,” Ann mumbled, feeling her cheeks grow warm.

“So you will spend the night here, yes?” Colette patted the bed.

Not knowing how else to respond, Ann meekly lay down next to her friend turned lover. Well, why not? It’s been too long since I’ve had someone to hold while I slept… and I do like Colette very much. 

She gave an enormous yawn, then settled in until their bodies were lightly touching. “Goodness me, I’m exhausted!”

“Me too,” Colette agreed. “We had – how do the Americans say it? – quite a workout.”

“Well worth it, though,” Ann said. “I’ve not been this relaxed in weeks.” Finding her friend’s hand, she gave it a squeeze. “Goodnight, Colette. Thank you for… for everything.”

Turning her head, Colette touched her lips to Ann’s cheek. “Merci a vous, my sweet. And goodnight to you.”

Tired as she was, Ann’s mind was so filled with impressions and images that she expected to remain awake for a while. Her biggest concern was the conflicted feelings she had about Coraline, how aroused she’d been to have a little girl see her fuck.

It wasn’t because she’s so young, she assured herself. Not because she’s Colette’s daughter, either. Let’s say it was the idea of someone, anyone, watching me make love to a woman. Maybe I’m an exhibitionist after all, simple as that!

Her conscience somewhat eased, she soon drifted off.


Ann awakened early, just after sunrise. Colette roused herself soon thereafter, then spied Ann fastening the clasp on her brassiere.

Sitting up in bed, the sheet fell away to bare her breasts. “You know, breakfast is still at least an hour away. If you wish, we could continue your… education.” She was casually teasing her right nipple with the tip of a finger.

The sight of Colette’s body was awakening familiar longings in Ann, already pulsing between her thighs.The temptation was there to strip off her lingerie, get back into bed with her French lover and let things happen. I could have her cunt for breakfast… that seems awfully appealing right now. 

But no; Ann needed to be up and about for what promised to be a busy day. “I’d love to, Colette… but there isn’t time. I need to have a shower and get ready for today’s trip.”

Pushing back the bedclothes, Colette got out of bed, padded naked over to Ann and took both her hands. “I hope you do not regret what happened between us.”

Ann reached up to cup the younger woman’s face. “No, not at all. It was wonderful, and I want to experience more. Does that invitation to share your bed tonight still stand?”

Colette’s smile was downright dazzling. “It does. We shall make sweet love again, and I will show you more of what I know of pleasing women.” She reached for a negligee that had been draped across a nearby chair and slipped into it. “You had best finish dressing and leave, Ann, before I drag you back into bed. The sight of you in your underthings has put me in a lustful mood.”

“Are you ever not feeling lustful?” Ann teased, stepping into her dress.

“Never,” Colette replied, shaking her head. “Whatever delights there are in this world, I want to indulge in them all – openly, with no shame or regret.” She touched Ann’s shoulder. “I think you have been holding yourself back, Ann. It is time for you to live, ma cherie… time to take the cup and drink deep.”

Seated on the bed, still holding one shoe, Ann gave a thoughtful nod. “You’re right,” she said. “Funny that I never saw it that way.” She put on her shoe, then stood. “I’m glad we have become so close, Colette. You’ve been very good for me.”

They met in a tender kiss, then Colette accompanied her guest to the door. “Let us meet at the starboard restaurant for coffee, then we shall go ashore. Ten o’clock, yes?”

“I’ll be there,” Ann replied.


Late in the afternoon, Ann, Colette and Coralie returned to the ship, all carrying shopping bags. Upon entering the cabin, Colette said, “I must visit the ship’s pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Ann, would you keep Coralie company until I get back? I only need a few minutes.”

“Oh, of course!” Ann replied, digging through one of the bags for her receipt. “Take your time. We’ll be fine here.” But as the cabin door closed, she realised it was the first time she’d been alone with the girl since the night before. Now she found herself at a loss for words.

Coralie spoke up. “Ann, I have very much enjoyed the company we have had with you. Perhaps one day I will meet your granddaughters.”

As always, Ann was charmed to bits by the eleven-year-old’s continental manners. She’d had to assure Coralie several times that it wasn’t necessary to address her as “Madame Ann.”

“I would like that very much, my dear. You would get on very nicely with them, I’m sure.” Should we talk about what she saw? Ann asked herself. She hesitated, then said, “Erm, Coralie… do you remember last night?”

The girl nodded. “Yes. I was thirsty and went to get some water.”

“About what you saw…”

“I am sorry. I saw you with Maman, and I had to watch. Are you going to tell her?”

“Not if you don’t want me to. It will be our little secret.”

“You were beautiful together,” said Coralie, a hint of pink appearing in her cheeks. “Will you make love again with my mother?”

Ann felt a little embarrassed, but thought it best to be honest. “Well, yes. She invited me to sleep with her tonight.”

“I have seen Maman with other women before. We have a downstairs room with a very big sofa, and she likes to make love there. I would watch from the stairs. They never saw me.”

“Do you like to, um, touch yourself when you watch her? I… I saw you doing that last night.”

Coralie smiled. “Yes, I do. You see, I am lesbian, like Maman. I have not yet made love, but I want to.”

“Oh, my,” Ann replied. “That’s a big decision for someone as young as you. Is there a girl you like, then? One of your schoolmates, perhaps?”

“I like women more than girls.” Taking hold of the hem of her dress, Coralie slowly raised it. “Do you think I am pretty, Ann?”

Ann’s heart was racing, her eyes huge as she stared at the child’s smooth slit. Beneath her skirt, Coralie was completely bare. She looked from the delicate pink cleft to the calm face of the eleven-year-old girl, then back again.

“Well, yes… y-you are pretty.” What else could she say? Anyhow, it was true. Coralie was genuinely lovely, every bit of her.

“If you want to touch me, you can. I would like that very much.”

“Oh, sweetheart… I can’t do that. It wouldn’t be fair to your mother. She’d be very upset with me.”

Letting her dress drop, Coralie moved to the sofa and sat, her expression glum. “I am sorry, Ann. It was wrong for me to ask that.” She sighed. “I know I am too young for sex with a woman… but I want to so much! It seems like forever before I will be old enough.”

Ann sat next to the child, gently taking her hand. “It’s part of growing up, I’m afraid. We all go through it – wanting to do grownup things, then having to wait. As far as making love goes, it would be a much better idea for you to stick to girls your own age… for now, at least.”

“I suppose you are right,” Coralie murmured. She looked up at Ann. “May I tell you a secret?”

What could possibly be left for her to tell? Ann wondered, somewhat bemused. “Of course you can.”

The girl leaned in a bit, lowering her voice to just above a whisper. “There is one woman I would like to do sex with more than anyone.” She giggled. “Even more than you, Ann!”

“Now who might that be?” Ann teased. “One of your teachers?”

“No.“ Coralie shook her head. “It is my mother.”

Ann’s head swam. Having this little girl attempt to seduce her had been shocking enough, but this was something altogether different.

“I am not meant to want Maman this way, I know,” Coralie said, followed by a wistful sigh. “But I can not change the… the way my heart feels. She is so beautiful, so sexy. I have seen her naked many times, and it makes me, what is the word…” She fluttered her fingers over her bare arms.

“…Tingly?” Ann suggested.

“Exactement! Yes!” the girl exclaimed. “It makes me want to touch myself when I think of her.” She gave Ann a bashful smile. “When I watched you and Maman together, I was wishing to be naked too, there with you both, all of us making love.”

Ann took a deep breath, trying to keep calm. A deep throb was making itself felt between her thighs, and she could feel her panties growing damp. Oh, stop it, she admonished herself. You cannot possibly be aroused by this.

She was struggling with how to respond to this latest revelation when Colette’s key card could be heard in the door. Thank Christ for that, she thought, composing herself.

Colette entered, a small bag in one hand. “Thank you, Ann, for keeping my daughter company. Coralie, you should change into your swimsuit if you still wish to go to the pool.”

“Yes, Maman.” The girl dutifully rose, then beamed at Ann. “Thank you for keeping me company. I hope I will see you again very soon.”

Something in Coralie’s eyes made Ann shiver inside. Is she hoping to spy on us again…? “Oh, I’ll see you both at dinner, never fear,” she said, getting to her feet.

“Good!” Coralie said, then stepped in to wrap her arms around the woman’s waist.

Ann returned the eleven-year-old’s hug, acutely aware that the girl was completely naked beneath her dress.

Then Coralie was skipping away toward her bedroom, but just before making her exit, she flipped her skirt up for an instant, flashing her bare bum at Ann. Thankfully, the girl’s mum was facing away and failed to notice anything untoward before Coralie vanished, closing the door behind.

Colette turned to Ann. “It seems you have made quite an impression on my daughter.”

More than you know, Ann mused. “She is adorable… and oh my, such a well-mannered girl. She very much wants to meet my granddaughters, so you must both pay a visit if you come to England.”

“I would be delighted to see you again, ma cherie.” She seized Ann, drew her into a passionate embrace. They shared a heated kiss, then Colette added, “I also wish to meet your granddaughters… and your daughters, as well. You are such an extraordinary woman, then I am sure your family will be the same.” She gave Ann’s earlobe a light nibble. “And of course, I will be most eager to fuck you again.”

Ann had to laugh. “Don’t worry… you’ll get your chance tonight,” as Colette saw her to the door, where she gave her lover one last brief kiss. “I’ll see you at dinner.”


The sex that evening was even better than the previous night. This time, there was no hesitation on Ann’s part – once Coralie had turned in, she was more ready to get naked, climb into bed with Colette and lose herself in carnal bliss.

As promised, Colette was happy to show her other techniques women could use to please one another. First, she got Ann up on all fours, then spent a long while showering her arse with attention – licking her anus, then probing it with two fingers. Ann found that somewhat uncomfortable at first, but once she managed to relax, it felt absolutely divine. And when Colette began to tease her clit at the same time, Ann came on the spot – so intensely, she nearly fell off the bed.

Once she’d caught her breath, another surprise awaited Ann. Undoing the clasps on a leather satchel, Colette reached into a leather satchel to take out an eight-inch strap-on, complete with harness. It had been a few years since Ann last had sex with her husband, and the sight of that latex cock made her cunt drip. She watched Colette fasten the harness round her waist and coat the strap-on with Astroglide, eagerly anticipating how it would feel inside her.

Ann lay back with legs spread wide, mewling with delight as Colette mounted her, feeding the toy into her cunt an inch at a time. Once their bodies were pressed snugly together, Ann whispered, “Fuck me.”

Being taken by Colette was an amazing experience. The younger woman had remarkable stamina, and knew how to work her strap-on in every way imaginable – and a few ways Ann could never have imagined. In the end, she came too many times to count.

But the whole time, Ann kept wondering if Coralie would put in an appearance. She kept stealing surreptitious glances at the entrance, but the girl never showed. To her dismay, Ann wasn’t sure whether to be relieved or disappointed.

This is ridiculous, she thought. Why would I want an eleven-year-old girl to watch me having sex?

And yet, there was something oddly exciting about Coralie and her illicit desire; something Ann couldn’t quite put into words. It was flattering to be wanted that way, even by a child. And she wants her own mother even more, for Christ’s sake!

Since Coralie’s revelation, Ann’s thoughts had returned again and again to Coralie’s confession about her incestuous longings, perhaps because the very idea seemed so incredibly strange. And that led to other, even stranger notions.

Did Laura ever have those kinds of feelings for me? Ann wondered. Surely not. But the idea nagged at her like an aching tooth. And the night before, she’d awakened from a dream of Colette and Coralie, naked and in bed together, kissing like passionate lovers.

Now she was resting next to a slumbering Colette, unable to stop thinking about her lover’s little girl. Not that I’m lusting after her, she told herself. That would be wrong on so many levels. But she is a fascinating creature, no doubt about that. Wonder if she’ll ever summon up the nerve to make a play for her mum?

Her mind was a whirl of impressions and thoughts about lesbian love, girls and women, but somehow she finally managed to drift off.


Back in the here and now, lying nude beneath the sheets of her daughter Jessica’s guest room bed with a busy hand between her legs, Ann found herself on the brink of orgasm. She snatched up a pillow to stifle her groans as shockwaves of ecstasy buffeted her shapely frame.

As her climax subsided, Ann sat up in bed and listened, fumbling for an explanation in case Jess or one of the girls had heard her come and came running to investigate.

Thankfully, the house remained silent. Ann took a sip of water and settled back into bed, pondering the question of her sexuality. Not really a question anymore, she told herself. I’m at least bisexual now… and at the moment, I’m not really in the mood to involve myself with a man. Just like Colette, I suppose.

Why, then, was she having such trouble being open with her family about it? She’d admitted to the one night stand with Gina, but had yet to inform Jess or Laura about her far more involved affair with Colette. She’d decided earlier to tell her daughters everything the next day; now she was having second thoughts again.

Then she had an idea. Tomorrow, I’ll discuss this with Laura first. If anyone can help me finish coming out, it’s my youngest.

Reassured, she settled in. A few minutes later, sleep claimed her.

Eventually to come (fairly soon, we hope): Chapter Thirty-Nine!


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