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Close-Ups: Images of Desire

Chapter 1   While watching a modeling session featuring her eight-year-old daughter, Yukio finds herself becoming aroused.
Chapter 2   Alexandra, the photographer, persuades Yukio to join her little girl Linnie on the set.
Chapter 3   Caught up in the moment, Yukio explores a new intimacy with her daughter.
Chapter 4   The eroticism of the session mounts even higher… as does little Linnie’s excitement.
Chapter 5   Alexandra puts her camera to one side and joins mother and daughter in the fun and games.
Chapter 6   Our three characters bring things to a rousing, romantic climax, and love triumphs in the end.

Loving Lisa

Chapter 1   When her daughter brings a new friend named Lisa home for a dip in the pool, Roxanne Johnson discovers just how desirable an eleven-year-old girl can be.
Chapter 2   An unexpected moment of intimacy at a lakeside picnic brings Roxanne and Lisa much closer… later, Roxanne gets a glimpse of her daughter Vanessa in the nude.
Chapter 3   Invited over for a backyard barbecue, eleven-year-old Lisa takes her dance of seduction even further.
Chapter 4   Lisa has come by for a sleepover with Roxanne’s daughter Vanessa, and the three of them play party games that soon become very suggestive.
Chapter 5   Roxanne’s desire becomes almost unbearable when a game of Truth or Dare with the girls strays into dangerous territory.
Chapter 6   An adorable intruder visits Roxanne’s bed in the middle of the night. Fun and games soon follow.
Chapter 7   Roxanne and Lisa are both asleep after an incredible session of lovemaking… but the night holds one more surprise for them both!
Chapter 8   A blissful awakening for our loving threesome, before Roxanne and her daughter Nessa spend a romantic day together… which leads to an even more romantic evening.
Chapter 9   On the morning after, Roxanne and her daughter talk about what brought them together, then take their newfound love even further.
Chapter 10   A certain young friend drops by for a surprise visit. Fun and games of the hot, sexy, loving kind follow.
Chapter 11   The sex party continues. A climax is reached (several, in fact), and everyone lives happily ever after.

Lucky in Love

Chapter 1   When 10-year-old Chelsea catches her mother naked, nursing and fondling Chelsea’s baby sister Beth, the girl responds in an unexpected but thrilling way.
Chapter 2   After Mary bathes her 3-year-old daughter Beth and puts her to bed, she joins Chelsea in the tub for further sexual exploration.
Chapter 3   When Mary discovers that her daughters have become lovers, she decides to become far more intimate with little Beth than she has been.
Chapter 4   Mary makes love to her little girl Beth, now an adorable child of 4, for the first time. Older sister Chelsea comes home from school and eagerly joins in the fun.
Chapter 5   After pleasuring 10-year-old Chelsea in a public restroom and in the back seat of her car, Mary goes to her own mother Anne’s house to pick up Beth. Things get interesting.
Chapter 6   Mother, grandmother and two little girls lose all inhibitions in an incestuous, but very loving lesbian orgy, and live happily ever after.


Chapter 1   Two years on from her divorce, Jessica’s life is centered around raising her three daughters. Her friend Rachel thinks that it’s time for Jess to get back into sex again — only not with men.
Chapter 2   After making out with her friend Rachel while they watch lesbian porn, Jessica masturbates, not knowing that her twelve-year-old daughter Alice is spying on her while she gets off. Meanwhile, Rachel spends quality time with her babysitter.
Chapter 3   Jessica fools around with her sixteen-year-old employee Sally, and is caught in the act by her daughter Alice. Later, Alice confesses to her mum that she has been crushing on girls herself.
Chapter 4   Alice visits her mum’s room after hours, where they have a lengthy discussion about sex and their growing interest in lesbian love play. Things get out of hand.
Chapter 5  Jessica’s newfound lesbian desires have her lusting after nearly every attractive girl and woman she sees, but thoughts of her daughter still intrude.
Chapter 6  Jessica and Sally explore their new relationship… and Jessica’s daughter Alice is thinking about a certain girl as a possible sex partner.
Chapter 7  Jessica continues to grapple with illicit desires for her daughter while at home, then goes on a ladies’ night out with her friends that gets much wilder than she expected.
Chapter 8  Jessica enjoys an unbridled night of passion with her friend Rachel, then the two new lovers share some secrets about other lesbian experiences they’ve had…
Chapter 9  Jess has a wild, sexy morning with Rachel, then visits a friend. Alice teaches little sister Katie a few tricks she uses to pleasure herself.
Chapter 10  Jess delves deeper into a new intimacy with her daughter Alice. Meanwhile, Rachel is looking to take the relationship she has with her own child Bella into uncharted territory.
Chapter 11  Jessica’s best friend and sex partner Rachel has made plans to educate her twelve-year-old daughter Bella in the ways of love.
Chapter 12  Rachel’s sexual education of her daughter gets intense, and an unexpected interruption leads to the possibility of even more erotic fun and games.
Chapter 13  Jessica struggles with forbidden desire, Alice and Katie spend some quality time in the shower, then Jess and Rachel have a long conversation, mostly on matters sexual.
Chapter 14  Jessica has a town meeting to attend, so she leaves her oldest girl Alice in charge of the younger ones. Alice, however, has some very special ideas about how to have fun with her little sisters.
Chapter 15  Jessica has just caught her two oldest daughters Alice and Katie red-handed, having lesbian sex… a situation complicated by the fact that she herself has already made love twice to Alice. How will she respond to this new development?
Chapter 16  On the morning after, Alice and Katie decide to pay a surprise visit to their mother Jessica’s bed, waking her in a most delightful way.
Chapter 17  Anticipating an evening of pleasure with all three of her daughters, Jessica decides that the time is right for her to come out as a lesbian.
Chapter 18  Alice and Katie get an hour alone with their little sister Poppy, who they hope to entice into their sexy lesbian love play. Can they pull this scheme off before Mum gets home?

Susie’s Diary

Chapter 1   Having just turned 13, Susie is curious about her developing body. Luckily, her mother is there to provide guidance.
Chapter 2   Susie’s mom explains about how women can explore sex with one another; then, with the help of her sister Evie, gives Susie a demonstration.
Chapter 3   After sampling the pleasures of lesbian sex with her mom, Susie shows some of what she’s learned to her friend Claire.
Chapter 4   Susie delves even deeper into Sapphic sex — first with her mother, then with her new lover Claire.
Chapter 5   Hungry to make love but with her mom and Claire unavailable, Susie pays a visit to her Aunt Evie. Wild sex play ensues.
Chapter 6   Susie wants to get her mother and Claire into bed with her at the same time, and is working out how to make it happen.
Chapter 7   Susie shares her idea for a threesome with her mother, who approves. Then they adjourn for a stimulating afternoon of lovemaking.
Chapter 8   Susie and her mother pay a visit to Aunt Evie after school, and much fun is had by all.
Chapter 9   Still scheming to get her mother and girlfriend into a threesome, Susie gets a delightful surprise after she turns in for the night.
Chapter 10   Susie has Claire over to spend the night, and Susie’s mom engages in a little purposeful flirting with her daughter’s girlfriend.
Chapter 11   Her girlfriend Claire is temporarily grounded, but Susie has fun with her mother in the meantime.
Chapter 12   The big night is here at last — Claire is coming by for a sleepover, and this time Susie wants her mother to join in the action.
Chapter 13   Susie finishes her account of the sizzling night of passion and pleasure she enjoyed spent with her girlfriend — and her mother.

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