Ripples, Chapter 30

  • Posted on June 9, 2022 at 2:05 pm

A brief summary of what has transpired thus far, since the last chapter posted six fucking months ago. (To get a more detailed summary of the first 29 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a detailed list of the many characters in this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Deep breath. Here goes…

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and is struggling with her feelings about the whole affair.

Recently, Jess took her daughters to visit an acquaintance, Stella, for an afternoon barbecue. Stella’s twin daughters Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her girls, while Stella and Jessica’s daughter Alice immediately sensed a powerful attraction to one another.

As it transpires, Stella is a member of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out, Stella is looking to make her a member. She has taken a careful first step by inviting Jessica’s oldest girl Alice to a sleepover with her own daughters.

While this is taking place, Jessica’s sister Laura is dropping by for a long-awaited visit. And that, cats and kittens, is where our saga picks up its thread…


by Sapphmore and  JetBoy

As Stella was pulling into the driveway of her home with Alice in the passenger’s seat, Jessica was at home making preparations for dinner with her sister Laura. She’d whipped up a quick tomato, olive and caper sauce to accompany the gnocchi, which she’d bought fresh from Nico’s deli rather than make it herself, preferring to spend that time taking a leisurely bath.

Laura had phoned her up mid-afternoon, while Jessica was still pottering about in her bathrobe. “Hello, Jess… I just stopped for petrol, and thought I’d call to let you know that I’m about halfway there. Should be arriving around six.”

“Right on schedule, then,” Jessica replied, glancing at her watch. “Don’t eat anything on the way, little sister. I’m fixing dinner.”

“Oooh, and I had my heart set on a microwaved hot dog.”

“Ha bloody ha. See you at six.”

A moment’s silence, then: “Jess? I… I’m really looking forward to this evening. Just wanted you to know that.”

Feeling that familiar thrum of desire, Jessica smiled. “Me too, Laur. Ever since your last visit, I’ve been thinking about you.”

About your mouth, she silently added. Your hands, your fingers. About your breasts, that yummy arse. Your legs. Your cunt. Every inch of that ripe, lovely body. I saw you naked on your last visit, after we found you in bed with the girls… and the memory of it still lingers. I want you, Laura. I want to fuck my sister.

“Well, I guess I ought to, er, get going,” Laura said, a slight tremor in her voice.”Don’t want to hit traffic, after all. See you soon. Love you.”

“Love you, too. Bye.”

Placing her phone on the coffee table, Jess seated herself. Good thing I’ve not got dressed yet… I’d have needed to swap out my knickers for a dry pair. She felt a strong urge to masturbate, but had no intention of doing so, preferring to save her appetite for Laura’s arrival.

At some point, Alice phoned to let her mum know she was at Stella’s, taking a moment to gush about what a lovely day she’d spent at the art gallery. She’d also dropped a hint or two that her hopes of having sex that evening with Stella’s twin daughters – perhaps even with Stella! – were very likely to be realised. Wishing her twelve-year-old the best of luck, Jessica bid Alice goodnight.

Moments after that call, it was Rachel’s turn to ring Jess up. “I’m home, lover,” she said. “You can bring Katie and Poppy over any time.”

Jessica’s two youngest were disappointed to be missing out on an opportunity to see Aunt Laura – and, perhaps even share her bed again. However, the chance to spend a night with their mum’s lover Rachel and her daughters quickly smoothed over any wounded feelings. These days, the two families had more or less merged into a single one, differing from most in that the women and girls of this particular family were all sexually intimate. Poppy and Katie had both been with Rachel, but neither had ever spent the night with her… and they liked the idea of having sexy fun with their second mum and new sisters at a sleepover. It made them feel like grown-ups.

Jess walked the girls across the road to Rachel’s, telling them to have a good time, to which they responded with a giggle and Katie saying, “Oh, we will,” accompanied by a twitch of that pert little bum of hers, the kind that made Jess want to tug her nine-year-old’s shorts and knickers down, then bury her face between those petal-soft cheeks.

Rachel’s daughters Bella and Cindy greeted the girls with hugs, then scampered away with them into the kitchen, “We’re making pizza!” Cindy announced just before they disappeared.

“Don’t leave a mess!” Rachel called as she watched the girls rush off, then turned to Jess, shaking her head. “It’ll look like a sodding hurricane went through by the time they’re done.” Reaching for her lover’s hand, she gave it a squeeze. “How are you doing, then? Ready for a hot, sweaty romp with your sister?”

“Gasping for it,” Jess replied. “And after speaking with Laura a few minutes ago, I’m fairly certain she wants it as much as I do.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “‘Fairly certain’, she says. Listen, I saw how she looked at you when we caught her with the girls. I’d bet Laura’s been crushing on you since she first started liking girls.”

“If she felt that way back then, I certainly never knew,” Jess replied with a shrug. “Wonder what I’d have done if she’d made a play for me when I was, oh, sixteen or so? Anyhow, what matters is how she feels now.”

Slipping an arm round Jessica’s waist, Rachel murmured, “Pay close attention when you fuck her… I’ll want all the details.” Exchanging smiles, they drifted together in a long, heated kiss.

A ripple of laughter was heard from the kitchen, and the two lovers broke apart to glance in that direction. “It’s going to be a hell of a night,” said Rachel. “In bed with four little girls at once! I’ll be one well-fucked lesbian when the sun comes up.”

“You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for,” Jess said with a wry grin. “By the time that lot is done with you, you probably won’t be able to walk.”

“Then I’ll go round on all fours… it’ll be worth it, believe me,” Rachel replied. “I’ve got some fun and games planned that should really get the girls hot and juicy.”

Jess parted her lips to speak, then shook her head instead. “I’m not even going to ask.”

“I’ll tell you this much: the last time I was with Poppy, she got four fingers into my bumhole… Tonight, I hope to take her whole hand.”

“Dirty cow,” said Jessica with a snort of laughter. “I’d best get back home before you corrupt my delicate sensibilities.”

“Ha – that ship’s long sailed!” They kissed briefly and said their goodbyes, then Jess returned home to finish getting ready.

Trawling through her lingerie drawers, she looked through gauzy panties, silken bras, sexy stockings and more, all top-line items from her shop. Funny thing, she thought. I bought most of these things to impress men – Mark, or the handful of guys I went out with after the divorce – and none of them were worth the bother. Now I’m making myself look hot and fuckable for my own sister. 

Jess felt a delicious shiver of anticipation when she found the pieces that always got a strong reaction from her ex. Before he moved onto pastures new, she told herself, stripping off her t-shirt and sweatpants. His bloody loss.

Now nude, she slipped into a lime-green quarter-cup bra that maximised her firm breasts, but did nothing to conceal her already aroused nipples, followed by micro-thin panties, a garter belt and ultra-sheer stockings. Fastening the garter clips, she turned to the wardrobe where her best dresses were kept, the ones reserved for special occasions.

She searched through the rack before settling on a short body-hugging dress with a zip front from top to bottom that she only ever wore when her objective was a romp in the sack. She finished off the look with high heels – not very practical for moving around a kitchen with pots of hot water and pasta sauce, but tonight, practicality was going out the window in favour of out-and-out seduction.

Appraising the image in the mirror, she nodded in approval, then made her way downstairs.

As she checked the kitchen wall clock, the doorbell rang. She quickly checked the sauce and turned the water on for the pasta, keen to get dinner out of the way quickly. Hastening to the front door, she opened it to greet her sister – who was almost unrecognisable from the Lara Croft lookalike of her last visit, the night she accidentally interrupted the family orgy.

Jessica’s heart jumped as she took in Laura’s emerald green satin blouse and how it set off her copper hair, now loose instead of constrained in a ponytail. Her eyes travelled down to take in the short burgundy leather miniskirt that set her sister’s legs off beautifully – then widened when she noticed that Laura had even worn high heels for the occasion.

In turn, Laura was enthralled by Jessica’s elegant, yet sexy ensemble, but she was first to recover. With a wry smile, she murmured, “Well, Jess… are you just going to stare at me all night or invite me in?”

Standing aside, Jess gestured her sister indoors. “Sorry, sis. I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you in anything but baggy shirts, jeans and trainers.”

“Well, as my big sister owns a fashion store, I thought I’d make an effort.”

“And you’ve scrubbed up very nicely.”

Looking Jessica up and down, admiring her womanly curves, Laura looked into her big sister’s eyes before responding, “And you look amazing… as always.”

Moving towards Laura, Jess planted kisses on both her cheeks, followed by a warm embrace, the kind they’d shared many times before. For a moment as they parted, they looked into each other’s eyes, then Jess reached out to cup her little sister’s face and placed a gentle but more than sisterly kiss on her lips, letting it linger.

Laura flushed a little as they drifted apart, then held up a bottle of wine. “Um, I brought this.”

“Ah, so that’s why you only hugged me with one arm.” Jess accepted the bottle and, out of habit, checked the label. “My, my… a 1985 Montepulciano!”

“Is that okay? My boss gave it to me. Knowing how much you love Italian wine, I figured we could share it.”

“Well, she must be very satisfied with your work. From what I remember in those classes I took, this is an excellent vintage, and should go nicely with the pasta sauce I’ve made. Come into the kitchen, it’s nearly ready.”

“Feels like I haven’t been to dinner here for ages,” said Laura. “Unless someone takes me out while I’m on assignment, I tend to get takeaways. Which is why I have to spend so much time at the bloody gym!”

As Jess went to the stove to check the sauce, Laura leaned back against the island glancing round to note the dinner table, set formally for two with candles flickering. “Aren’t the girls joining us?”

“No, Alice spent the day on work experience at Stella’s gallery, and is having a sleepover with her twins. Katie and Poppy are staying over at Rachel’s.” She turned round to face her sister. “I wanted it to be just us, so we could have a nice quiet dinner together and catch up.”

Laura felt an unexpected twinge of disappointment when she realised that another round of sex with her nieces wasn’t on the cards. That, however, was quickly replaced by excited anticipation as she imagined what her big sister had planned for their evening. “Oh, okay… I suppose we do have stuff to talk about.”

“But not just yet,” Jessica insisted. “First, let’s enjoy our dinner and get caught up on what we’ve each been doing for the last three months.” Turning to Laura, she hugged her again. “I’ve missed you, sis; so have the girls. And when Mum gets back from her cruise next week, we’ll all be together again.”

Laura was about to ask Jess what she was going to tell their mother about her new relationship with Rachel, then completely forgot to – because as Jessica returned to the stove, Laura took in sight of the woman rather than her sister.

She’d already noticed Jessica’s prominent nipples, clearly outlined through that tight dress. Then as her big sister turned back to the stove, Laura’s eyes were drawn to the curve of her bum, barely constrained by the clingy material. She glanced down further, taking in those long, lovely legs.

As she admired the view, Jess bent to open a cupboard and pull out a colander, exposing the dark band of stocking tops that prompted a sharp drawing of breath from Laura.

Straightening up, Jessica lifted the large pot from the stove, carrying it to the sink to drain the gnocchi. As she turned back to dish up the first serving, she noticed where Laura’s eyes were centred.

Jess arched an eyebrow. “Now who’s staring?”

Flustered at being caught, Laura’s cheeks reddened. “Sorry Jess, I was just thinking… how fucking great you look for a mother of three kids. Christ – you’re more beautiful than ever!”

Jess just smiled.

They ate dinner and chatted like any other sisters who haven’t seen each other for a while. Jess wanted to hold off any discussion where sex might rear its head until later, when they were sitting comfortably over the wine, so she appreciated it when Laura asked about how her business was doing. Jess talked about how she was considering expanding into another store, then they chatted for a bit about the local council meetings and their debates over planning decisions.

As Laura had been away while their mother was on her cruise, she’d only managed the odd phone call, so Jess gave her an update of their mum’s trip and all the lovely places she’d visited, while they enjoyed a Limoncello cheesecake dessert – also purchased at Nico’s. Afterwards, they cleared the table and put everything in the dishwasher, then went into the lounge to relax, grabbing wine glasses and the bottle along the way.

As Laura took a seat on the sofa, Jess positioned herself at the opposite end. Slipping off her shoes, she turned to Laura and drew her legs up and onto the seat, hoping that her sister’s eyes would be drawn to the enticing shadows beneath her dress.

Settling in, Jess asked Laura about her latest assignment, the one where she’d written a lengthy article about the recent phenomenon of large, invitation-only parties for lesbians. Having read and enjoyed the piece, Jess had begun to wonder if she might like to take part in such an event, now she was comfortable with her identity as an out lesbian.

“Do they ever hold those sorts of parties in England?” she casually asked.

Laura shrugged. “Sure. You just need the right contacts to get an invite. The membership fees are insane, though.”

“Tell me this, little sister: while you were covering this story, did you ever happen to… take part in the proceedings?”

Briefly hesitating, Laura chose to be frank. “Well, I am an outsider, and have to keep things professional. But there was one party in Paris…”

At Jessica’s urging, Laura told her about the threesome she’d participated in with the businesswoman and the party hostess. She didn’t go into much detail at first but, as her sister pressed for more, she ended up divulging the story in explicit detail, which only fed the fire in Jessica’s eyes.

Then it was Jessica’s turn to share her story, about how she turned from a model wife to a lesbian who has sex with her own daughters. She told it all, too – starting with the night when she and Rachel watched an all-woman porn film and masturbated together, not knowing that her oldest daughter Alice was spying on them. Jess went on to describe how Alice, despite a near-complete lack of experience, had somehow managed to seduce her, then how she’d gone on to bring her younger sisters into the sexual games.

“Now, while that was going on, Rachel and I were having it off, too… and she was enticing her daughters into bed.”

“Did you know about that at the time?” Laura asked, conscious of a rising heat between her legs.

“Oh, yes. There were no secrets between us. We encouraged each other, you see. That’s when Rachel and I decided to make a go of it as a real couple.”

“With all your daughters joining in.”

“That came a bit later, after all the girls became involved,” said Jess, “but yes, that was what we wanted. The night you caught us was the first time we came together as a… a family of lovers.” She decided not to tell her sister just yet about their activities outside the extended family, including what Alice was up to right then at Stella’s place. Don’t want to give her too much to think about, Jess told herself.

Laura stared at her sister as though she’d become a complete stranger. “Wow. I mean… even weeks later, I don’t know what to think about this. It’s one thing to switch sides later in life, or when a marriage fails, but to go from what you had with Mark to a – an entire family of lesbian lovers, little girls included? In three bloody months?”

Sensing the conversation was steering the mood in the wrong direction, Jess brought it back to the morning after the family orgy. “Believe me, Laura, I’m as shocked as you in how far I’ve come… we’ve come, in such a short time. I fought with the idea of making love to Alice, and it took a long time before I was comfortable with letting Katie and Poppy get involved.

“But it made our family bond even stronger… and the girls are happier and more confident than I’ve ever seen them. You got to see that first hand, the last time you were here – remember?”

Laura did remember – and a shiver ran through her at the mention of how she’d been seduced by her two youngest nieces and Rachel’s daughter Cindy, each of them less than ten years old. She had given herself over completely, too, revelling in their heated lovemaking. The idea of sex with a little girl had never crossed her mind before, but being with these three young lovelies had Laura drunk with passion. Weeks later, the memory of going down on seven-year-old Poppy was crisp and clear, as if the taste still lingered on her lips.

Since then, Laura had been on an emotional see-saw, veering from the guilt she felt at having molested underage girls – only made worse by her blood relation to Katie and Poppy – to a wild, heedless appetite for more of the same. And as the days passed, Laura’s desire was beginning to win out over her shame. She masturbated constantly to memories of that incredible night of forbidden love… and found herself responding to the sight of other underage girls.

Like at the gym pool last week – that little blonde, not a day over eleven, wearing what had to be her very first bikini… She remembered getting out of the pool herself when the girl did, hoping to get a glimpse of her naked in the open changing area.

Thrusting the memory away, Laura said, “I know Jess, I know. I can’t claim any moral high ground, not after what I did with the girls… but it’s still a lot for me to take in. Since… what happened with the girls, I can’t stop thinking about it. Christ, it might well the best sex I ever had, but that doesn’t make it right. Half of me wants more – probably more than half, if truth be told, but I can’t stop worrying about the consequences. I mean, do you have any idea what would happen if someone found out and grassed on you? You’d lose the girls for certain, maybe go to prison.”

Jess slowly nodded. “I know all that, but it’s not as if we’re snogging our daughters at the school gates. We told the girls right at the start that they mustn’t do or say anything about what we do behind closed doors, and they understand completely.”

Reaching out, she took Laura’s hand. “What we have is something special… and we all want you to be a part of it, especially the girls. Look, Laura, we’re not pushing you into anything you’re not comfortable with. I saw something in your eyes when Rachel and I burst in on you, and I’m not just talking about the girls.”

To add weight to her words, Jess casually stretched one leg, watching her sister’s eyes flicker down as she caught sight of the pale thighs just above those sexy stockings.

“We both noticed how you looked at me when I was standing naked in front of you. Rachel said afterwards that you clearly wanted to make love to me, right there and then.”

Suddenly unable to meet her big sister’s eyes, Laura stared down at her hand, which Jess was cradling in her lap. Taking a deep breath, she spoke. “I don’t know what came over me, Jess, but seeing you standing there in all your glory… it brought back memories of when we were younger, and when I realised I might be gay. You were the perfect girl, and I was a tomboy. I used to steal glimpses of you, and it gave me feelings that I didn’t understand… feelings that frightened me.”

Laura told Jess about how she’d started experimenting with girls at university, when that kind of thing was becoming more commonly accepted. She did sleep with a man now and then, but then one of the older female lecturers came onto her, they started a secret relationship, and that was when Laura decided she was a lesbian. She soon found herself gravitating towards older women, but still harboured a secret longing for her big sister.

“I suppose I’d wanted you for a long time, before I even recognised my sexuality,” she continued, “but it wasn’t until this one night that I understood my true feelings.” She paused, sighed. “I was taking a break from studying, looking through my photo album… and found a snap of you in that dark blue swimsuit you used to have. Remember?”

Jess smiled. “I certainly do.”

“Something about that picture… well, it really hit me where I live. Before I knew it, I was flat on my back with a hand buried in my knickers, caught up in this crazy fantasy of fucking you.” She slumped back into the sofa. “I came so hard that… that I cried afterwards.” She looked up at Jess, giving her sister a sad smile. “I’ve wanted you ever since.”

Jessica had listened intently, then after a moment’s silence, reached out to place her wine glass on the coffee table. Swinging her legs off the sofa, she stood up and looked down at Laura, reaching out to her. Laura allowed Jess to pull her up until they stood facing each other. As she’d done when her sister first arrived, Jess put a hand under Laura’s chin and placed a gentle but sensuous kiss on her lips.

Laura’s hands hung limply by her side as she let herself be kissed, and after a few seconds, Jess broke away to see her little sister swaying ever so slightly where she stood, eyes still closed as if in a trance. With a satisfied smile, she moved in to nuzzle Laura’s ear, then whispered, “Well, I think it’s time we made your crazy fantasy come true.”

Taking Laura’s hand, Jess led her sister out of the room and up the stairs. Meekly allowing herself to be led, Laura was brought into the bedroom, to the foot of Jessica’s bed. Without breaking eye contact, Jess reached for Laura’s blouse and slowly unfastened each button, then slipped both hands inside to slip it off her sister’s shoulders, letting it fall down her arms and to the floor, revealing a pretty dark green lace bra.

“Very nice,” Jess purred. She ran both thumbs over the hardened nipples and felt Laura shiver.

Still holding her sister’s gaze, Jess moved closer until their breasts were touching. She reached behind to grasp the zip of Laura’s leather mini, tugging it down until the sexy skirt dropped to the floor. Taking a couple of steps back, Jessica appraised her little sister as a lover for the first time.

Laura stood nervously, as though auditioning for a movie role. She congratulated herself for choosing decent lingerie for her date with Jess. Much of her nicest underwear had been gifts from lovers, but since spending so much time among glamorous lesbians on her last couple of assignments, Laura had begun to build her own collection of intimate apparel.

Jess slid her fingers beneath the straps of the green bra, slipping them over Laura’s shoulders, then reached back to undo the clasp, pulling the flimsy garment forward to uncover small but shapely breasts that Laura always wished had been bigger. Finally breaking eye contact, Jess looked down at Laura’s body. She dipped her head but, instead of kissing Laura’s mouth, bent lower to nuzzle her sister’s neck, tracing a line with lips and tongue over the collarbone, then trailing petal-light kisses downward until she reached the younger woman’s breasts. As Jess flicked lightly at an engorged nipple with the tip of her tongue, Laura’s head fell back and her breathing became ragged, her chest heaving, nerves jangling like a first-timer.

Jessica continued her slow journey down the terrace of Laura’s ribs until she reached the flat, toned tummy. Dropping to one knee, she grasped the waistband of the matching green panties, her tongue following their descent as she eased them down.

As those already damp knickers slid past Laura’s knees and fell to the floor, Jess helped her sister to step out of them, leaving Laura naked, legs parted. Running her hands back up her sister’s toned thighs, Jessica used both thumbs to spread her labia apart, exposing the hooded clitoris. Jess glanced up to see Laura staring down at her, then moved in to flick her tongue against the pink morsel.

Despite it being the lightest, most fleeting contact imaginable, Laura jerked and inhaled sharply, clutching at Jessica’s head with both hands. Intent on prolonging her sister’s frantic need for release, Jess held back, resisting the pressure of the hands that now urged her in. Instead, she pulled away, rising to her feet.

Laura felt a jolt of panic, suddenly afraid that Jess had changed her mind. She relaxed somewhat at the sight of her sister’s smile, but still found Jessica’s behaviour puzzling.

Is she teasing me? Laura wondered. Anticipation of this long-desired reunion with Jess had only sharpened her appetite, leaving her desperate for the sweet oblivion of orgasm.

Jess leaned in for another kiss, but rather than the gentle caress of the previous kisses, she now crushed her mouth against Laura’s, forcing a probing tongue between her sibling’s parted lips. Now Laura responded, using the years of experience gained from the many women she’d been with – throwing both arms around Jessica’s neck as if to make sure she couldn’t get away.

After a couple of minutes of feverish kissing, they broke for air. By then, Laura was almost panting for breath, more from her excitement than any physical reaction. As Jess moved back, Laura reached for the zip on her sister’s dress with hands made clumsy by lust. “Now you,” she said.

But Jess seized her wrists. “Uh-uh. Patience, lover.” She took a few steps back, amused at the dismay on Laura’s face. Taking hold of the zip herself, she drew it down as slowly as possible while her sister watched.

As the dress parted, Laura could see the bright green of the barely-there bra, followed what seemed like minutes later by the matching panties and garter belt. Eventually Jess shrugged her shoulders and the dress slid off. As it fell to the carpet, Laura drank in the vision of mature beauty that stood before her. She made a move forward, but Jess raised a hand to halt her in mid-step.

Reaching down to the waistband of her panties, Jessica pushed them down a couple of inches to expose a perfectly manicured triangle of close-cut pubes, then further, displaying the cleft of her sex. She gently tugged at her labia with one hand while she dipped a finger into the crevice below, sliding it down, curving the tip inside before withdrawing. Laura could only stare as Jess raised the hand to her mouth, extending her tongue to trail it along the length of the glistening finger, then closed her lips around it to suck like a peppermint stick.

Almost without thinking, Laura slid a hand down to her own shaved cunt, but started as Jess exclaimed, “No! No touching yet… just watch.”

The younger sister narrowed her eyes. “What the actual fuck, Jess? I’m not some stranger you picked up in a pub. We both want this… what’s with all the bloody teasing?”

Jess smiled. “Well, sis, you’ve waited all these years to get me between the sheets, so another couple of minutes won’t kill you. I’ve learned a few things since Rachel and I fucked for the first time. Now behave yourself, and you’ll get your treat soon enough.”

“Oh… fine,” Laura muttered, then nodded. She was used to being the passive partner in relationships with her older lovers, so doing the same with her older sister didn’t feel especially strange. Taking a deep breath to still her restless energy, she let both hands fall to her sides awaiting Jessica’s next move.

Pleased to see Laura accept the situation, Jess smiled. Oh, she felt a hint of some guilt for tormenting her sister this way, but the chance to reprise the role she and Rachel had played with Sally and Millie the week before was too delicious to pass up. She could see the fire and yearning in Laura’s eyes, and it turned her on something fierce. Still, I shouldn’t torment her any more, poor thing.

She dipped her hand again, this time sliding two fingers into her sodden cunt, then began to fuck herself, plunging in and out to coat them in warm, thick nectar. But before her pleasure could reach the point of no return, Jess withdrew her hand, then extended it to her sister.

Laura immediately seized her sister’s wrist, determined that Jessica would not deny her this time. She took the wet, gleaming fingers into her hungry mouth, purring contentedly as she sucked them clean.

Jess slowly moved backwards, leading Laura along until she felt her legs touch the accent chair. Taking her hand back, she claimed her sister’s mouth in a hard, probing kiss. Abruptly breaking away, she fell back into the seat, sliding her bum to the chair’s edge. When their eyes met, Jess pushed her panties down a few inches further in open invitation.

Needing no further instruction, Laura dropped to her knees and wrenched the bottle-green knickers away with a hard tug, not caring a fig if she damaged them.

Her legs now free, Jess quickly hooked them over the arms of the chair, proffering her open cunt to Laura. Her sister didn’t hesitate, immediately burying her mouth in the juicy pink flesh to feast. The moist, messy sounds of cunnilingus filled the room.

Jess gasped as Laura’s tongue plunged in and out of her like a fat, slippery finger… then her sister was sucking at the dripping hole. Drinking from the holy grail, she thought, and the thought made her smile.

Caught up in a frenzy of lust, Laura went down on Jess with everything she had. She hadn’t expected to be teased, much less that her sister would be so goddamned good at it, and now she had something to prove. Years of repressed hunger for Jess had been held at bay by an assortment of relationships, some lasting, most fleeting. Now she was free to love her sister the way she’d longed to, ever since she began to struggle with her feelings for other girls. And she was first, Laura reminded herself. Jess helped me understand myself, who I really was. And now, after all this time, I’m making her mine.

Laura brought all her best oral tricks into play as she made love to Jessica – swirling her tongue around inside the vagina, nibbling at the erect clitoris, bathing the vulva in long trailing licks, darting down to tease the rosebud and more. Then she brought her fingers into the action – stimulating one spot while her mouth and tongue serviced another, then shifting tactics yet again.

All she wanted was to satisfy the object of her youthful dreams, the amazing woman who was now laid bare and open before her. My sister.

Jessica’s head was spinning from what felt like a myriad of mini-orgasms as Laura did unimaginable things with her mouth, lips, even teeth, probing both holes with fingers and tongue. She clutched Laura’s head, fingers wound into her younger sister’s coppery mane. If she stops now, Jess told herself, I’ll bloody well strangle her.

After what seemed like an age of relentless stimulation, Jess could no longer hold back – and with a loud, hoarse cry, she came. Her body jerked violently, then she trembled as if in the grip of a seizure.

Unable to keep pleasuring Jess with her mouth, Laura sat back on her haunches, catching her breath as she used two fingers to stimulate her lover’s clit, observing the throes of her sister’s ecstasy with a satisfied smirk. Then she licked her lips, savouring the traces of pussy that coated them.

As Jessica’s climax subsided, she opened her eyes to see Laura sitting at her feet. With a sleepy smile, she mumbled. “My goodness… you really have been bottling that up for a while, baby sister.”

“More than fifteen years,” Laura said. “It was worth the wait.”

Jess felt for her sister’s hand, squeezed it. “I love you, Laura.”

“I love you too,” Laura whispered, bending down to Jessica’s knee, brushing it with her lips. Enticed all over again by the thick, rich scent of her sister’s pussy, Laura began to slowly kiss a pathway up the sheer nylon until she reached the silky-smooth thigh. Continuing upwards, she paused briefly to adorn that lovely cunt with a tongue kiss, getting another taste of Jess before moving on to nuzzle her soft tummy. From there, Laura made her way up to those shapely breasts, the ones she’d envied since puberty, and buried her face in their softness.

When she finally looked up and met her big sister’s gaze, Jess cupped Laura’s chin, drawing her into a loving kiss that lasted a long, lovely while.

Finally, Jess broke away, “Does this mean you want to join us? To be a part of our… special family?”

Laura shrugged. “How can I not? I’ve wanted this for years. Well, you, I mean, but everything else is just icing on the cake, far as I’m concerned. I want to make love with the girls again – only this time, with Alice included. I’d definitely be into fucking Rachel as well. But Christ almighty, how am I going to find time to do any sodding work in the midst of this non-stop sexfest?” She laughed, her cheeks slightly flushed. “God only knows what other kinky stuff you’ll have me trying – but yeah, I’m in.”

“I know Rachel can’t wait to fuck you… and Alice is still peeved that she never got the chance when you were here last. But before any of that happens, it’s my turn.”

Pushing herself up from the chair, Jess reached behind to unhook her bra, then bent down to remove the suspenders and belt, carelessly tossing these fine things to one side. Kneeling before her sister, Laura rolled the sexy stockings down, and Jess lifted each foot in turn so they could be slipped off.

Taking Laura’s hand, Jess helped her to rise, then sent the younger woman falling back onto the bed with a nudge. Laura propped herself up on both elbows, her thighs wide apart, ready for anything.

Now Jess was the one kneeling, moistening her lips at the sight of her sister’s open slit, watching a trickle of nectar oozing down and into the crack of Laura’s arse. ”God, little sister… you have a beautiful cunt,” she breathed.

Jessica took hold of Laura’s calves and raised them, draping a leg over each shoulder, then slowly drew closer. She inhaled deeply, drinking in the rich scent of her sister. Glancing up, she saw Laura watching.

“I haven’t been at this as long as you,” Jess said, “but I’ve learned a few things.” With that, she dipped her head down, taking the first taste of her little sister.

Her lovemaking was nothing like the lustful frenzy Laura had been caught up in. Jess wanted to fully savour the experience of going down on another family member for the first time. There was plenty to enjoy, too – the tart, intoxicating flavour of Laura’s pussy, its tart honey, flowing so thickly that Jess couldn’t capture it all, the liquid sounds of her mouth as she sucked and slurped at the juicy flesh.

She couldn’t resist the impulse to tease Laura just a bit more, taking her to the edge and easing back a few times until her sister was on the verge of a complete meltdown. Finally, Jess took Laura’s clit between her lips to suckle,  its rosy tip with a few rapid swipes of the tongue.

A hard shudder shook Laura’s body, then she screamed as her orgasm came down like a flash flood – smashing into the helpless lesbian, tossing her hither and yon, then carrying her away, finally depositing her wracked frame on a quiet shore.

Left winded and spent, Laura began to cry.

Jess stretched out alongside her sister, kissing the tears away. After a while she rose, went to the door to turn off the main light, then returned to the bed, leaving the room illuminated by the light of a single lamp. The two lovers lay on their sides sharing a gaze of pure adoration, then came together in a tender kiss.

Their passion roused once more, the sisters made love again, this time slowly, gently. Afterwards, physical and emotional exhaustion overtook them and they fell asleep, Jess cuddling Laura to her like a child.

On its way (with less of a wait this time, we swear to God): Chapter Thirty-One!


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      Thanks, we’re glad you like it, and happy to oblige – the second draft of the next chapter is already done and Jetboy is working on it again now, so we’re pretty confident you won’t have to wait another six months this time.

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        Anyway, that’s my theory.

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