My Weekend Awakening (And What it Led To), Part Four

  • Posted on March 14, 2024 at 1:59 pm

A brief recap: Seventeen-year-old Katia goes to a motorcycle rally, where she has her first-ever sexual experience with two biker women named Fire and Trace. It’s enough to convince her that she is a lesbian. Upon returning home, Katia is alarmed to find herself attracted to her little sister Beth’s best friend Rachel who, like Beth, is only twelve. She tries to resist, but it doesn’t help that Rachel clearly has feelings for her. Beth is upset about this, but gets over it quickly. In fact, she ends up joining Katia and Rachel when they have sex, and Katia ends up going down on her little sister. In the following weeks, Beth gets into queer sex in a big way, eagerly seeking out new experiences. To that end, she and Katia go shopping for a particular sex toy…

by kinkychic, with additions from kinkys_sis and JetBoy

It was Saturday, and Mum was off playing golf, so we naturally invited Rachel over. She arrived at lunchtime, gave Beth a quick hello, then came to find me.

Rachel was dressed in a t-shirt without a bra and yellow shorts so tight, they might as well have been painted on her arse. God, she looked stunning.

Reaching out to snatch her hand, I tugged that sexy little twelve-year-old onto the bed with me, my mouth finding hers in a kiss that got hot right away. Her kissing showed more confidence than before, and I wondered if she’d been practising with Beth. Somehow we managed to get ourselves undressed while we made out, leaving scattered clothes everywhere.

Rachel and I ground our naked bodies together, kissing again and again. Suddenly she broke away. “Will you lick me, Katia? I – I’ve been dreaming of you doing that.”

I saw the need in her eyes, and it turned me on in a big way. “I’d love to,” I told her, rolling onto my back. “Come kneel over my face, and I’ll lick you that way.”

Straddling me, Rachel carefully lowered herself to my mouth. I heard her sigh when I buried my lips in the warmth of her pussy, savouring the tart flavour as I explored her with my tongue.

I felt a gentle caress between my legs, and moaned, “Oh yes, Rachel,” before it struck me that she was gripping my head with both hands.

“It’s not Rachel, it’s me.” I heard Beth say. “Don’t see why I should get left out of the fun.” Working her fingers into my pussy, she began to slide them in and out – gently at first, then harder and faster.

I wasn’t sure if I approved of my little sister butting in while I fucked someone else, but after a few strokes, any resistance I had was gone. I was pumping my hips in time with Beth’s thrusts, trying to take her even deeper.

Meanwhile, I began to tease Rachel’s clit – swiping it with little flicks of the tongue, then taking it between my lips to suck as she rocked her hips, grinding that juicy cunt into my face.

Then I felt a tongue tickling my own clit. Oh God, my little sister was going down on me. Fuck, she was good for a beginner.

I knew I could come at any second, but chose to hold myself back while I worked to bring Rachel to her peak. It didn’t take long. Her arse lifted from my chest, a sharp scream escaping her lips as she let go and came into my mouth, her juices splashing my face and chest. She had a habit of doing that. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

Seconds later, my own pent up orgasm hit like a thunderbolt. I could hardly breathe, and my body had gone rigid. I began to shiver, then shake as a second orgasm rocked me to the core. Rachel was kissing me, her tongue in my panting mouth as I had another, smaller and final climax.

The last thing I remember was both girls resting their heads on my tits, swapping tongue kisses. I heard Rachel say, “She tastes nice, don’t you think?” Then I drifted off.

When I came to, the bed was rocking a bit. I opened my eyes and saw both girls, stretched out alongside me in a classic 69 position. They were sucking and slurping at each other. Beth was on top, pumping her thighs so her pussy rocked back and forth on Rachel’s tongue.

For a while I lay there quietly, taking in the incredible sight of two twelve-year-olds eating pussy. Soon, I needed to do more than just watch.

I tapped Beth on the arse. When her eyes opened, she knew right away what I wanted. She and Rachel made room for me, and I turned their sixty-nine into a daisy chain. I licked my little sister while Rachel went down on me, then we switched it round. What a morning!


That Wednesday was Rachel’s birthday. She was over the moon at finally being a teenager. While Mum was out working in the garden, I gave my twelve-year-old girlfriend her present, then watched as she opened the little parcel. Her eyes went wide when she saw the gold necklace and heart shaped pendant. The heart was inset with beautiful white stones.

Tears came to her eyes. “Oh Katia, it’s gorgeous. God, I love it so much.” She leaned in and kissed me until I pulled away, which caused her to pout a bit… at least, until I withdrew the second parcel from beneath my pillow and handed it to her. “Here’s one from Beth and me.”

“I picked this out,” Beth said, rubbing her hands together. “Just wait… you’re gonna love it.”

Again, Rachel hastened to unwrap it. This time, her jaw dropped and she cried, “Yes! God, yes!” It was a rabbit vibrator exactly like the one Beth owned, but in a different colour.

“It’s already got batteries in it, so you two take it up to Beth’s room and have some fun.”

“But, Katia,” she protested, looking from me to my sister, “we should all be together!”

I patted her leg. “I know… but we can’t, not when Mum’s at home.”

“She’s right, Rach,” Beth said. “If Katia hangs out with us for that long, Mum’ll think something weird’s going on.”

“So off you two go and play. I do expect a full report, though.”


As the weeks passed, life for the three of us seemed to get better and better. I completely embraced my lesbian identity – even coming out to Mum, who couldn’t have been more supportive. “I had it off with a few girls when I was your age,” she told me. “Your father never knew about that.”

“Maybe you ought to try it again, Mum,” I said. “Folks aren’t as weird about that kind of thing as they used to be.”

She gave a thoughtful nod. “Maybe I should.”

Beth wanted to come out too, but decided not to say anything to Mum until she was fifteen. “She’d only tell me I was too young to have a girlfriend,” she said. At any rate, Beth still had Rachel as a sex partner… and me. I hadn’t planned to fuck my sister on a regular basis, but it was far too easy for us to fall into bed together when we were both in a lustful mood. Finally, I had to accept that Beth and I were lovers, and it was practically the same as what I had going with Rachel.

My sister and I also visited Saphoria regularly to chat with our hot online friends and girlfriends. Rachel often joined us, because she didn’t dare visit the site from her home. She had very religious parents who constantly checked up on her internet activity. So whenever Rachel dropped by, she always took a few minutes to get caught up with the girls she liked to chat with. Sometimes my sister and I got to watch her masturbate. Sometimes we’d join in.


One afternoon, Fire and Trace dropped by while Mum was off on a visit to my Aunt Gemma. The way it usually went, Beth would disappear to do something on her own when my friends were there, like go to the mall or the library, or simply adjourn to her room. Things had changed, though, now that my sister and I were having frequent sex. This time, Beth chose to stick around. I had a sneaking suspicion of what she was up to… and what happened next proved me right.

When Fire shrugged out of her leather jacket, her unrestrained tits were all but visible through the skimpy vest thing she wore. That’s when I saw Beth staring. Fuck, her tongue was practically hanging out! She soon became aware that I was watching her. A deep flush appeared on her cheeks, she hastened off to her bedroom… and that’s the last I saw of her until Mum got home and we came down for supper. I’d spent the whole afternoon getting down and dirty with Trace and Fire, and it wouldn’t have surprised me one bit to find out Beth had her ear pressed to the wall, a hand buried in her knickers while she listened to us fuck.

Later that same night, Beth came into my room to ask me, “Hey, Kat – don’t you think it’s time you got yourself a strappy?”

Okay, that caught me by surprise. “And why do I need a strap-on cock?”

Beth rolled her eyes. “To fuck other girls, you eejit!”

“Oh, I see. And might you be one of these ’other girls’?”

Give my sister credit – she managed to look slightly embarrassed. “Well… yeah. I mean, it seems like all the girls on Saphoria want to fuck me. I want to know what it’s like!” Drawing closer, she nuzzled my ear, whispering, “C’mon, wouldn’t you like to shag your little sis?” She giggled. “I totally wanna do it to you, Katia… front and back!”

I stared at her. “You’re serious.”

Another eye-roll. “Of course I am; wouldn’t ask otherwise. We’ve done everything else, right? It’s time we fucked each other for real. Rachel, too. Bet she totally wants to!”

I had to admit it – the idea of fucking Rachel really appealed to me. And to be honest, I wanted to do the same to my sister.

But Beth hadn’t quite finished. “See, when I tell my friend at Saphoria what I want her to do to me, I need to know what I’m talking about, really know. She’s clever and experienced, and I’m still learning this stuff. I don’t want her to think I’m just a dumb kid, y’know?” She gave me a big smile. “If you fuck me for real, then I can be real.”

Wow… that’s some genuine insight from my little sis, I told myself. When did she get so mature for her age?

I was convinced… and that meant another visit to Ann Summers to shop for sex gear. Beth was right, though – it was the next logical step for us.


On our previous trip to Ann Summers, Beth and I had been assisted most ably by a sexy young lesbian named Stevie. We were pleased to see her again, but she was flat-out delighted, looking at my sister in a way that convinced me she had a major thing for little girls.

Stevie’s face was a picture when I told her Beth and I were shopping for a strap-on. She took a quick glance around to make sure there was no one anywhere near us, then asked, “So, you two gonna use it to fuck each other? Maybe someone else?”

For very obvious reasons, we’d never told anyone about what Beth, Rachel and I got up to behind closed doors. Stevie seemed like a co-conspirator of sorts, having sold us our collection of sex toys… still, I was hesitant to share my intimate details. After all, I was having it off with two underage girls, one of whom was my  own sister.

Stevie saw my apprehensive look. “Don’t worry, girls,” she murmured, touching my arm. “I treat all my customers with the utmost discretion. Wouldn’t have a job here for long if I went about blabbing secrets!”

Beth, of course, didn’t hesitate. Pointing at me, she said, “My big sister and I fuck each other… and we also fuck my best friend. The strappy is for all three of us.”

To her credit, Stevie didn’t look at all shocked – in fact, she broke into a huge grin. “I knew it. You two look sooo much alike! Some people think it’s weird, sisters doing each other… but not me. I’ve got an epic case of the hots for my big sissy, but she only likes blokes.” Reaching out, she took a box from the shelf, which she handed it to me. “This is the strap-on set I’d recommend, if you’re new to it.”

I studied the package… yeah, it looked just like what we wanted. Two bright red latex cocks in different sizes, plus a leather harness.

“Use the small one to start with,” Stevie told us, “then once you’re comfy with it, you can try the big boy.” Turning to Beth, she added, “You and your friend should probably stick to the small one for a couple of years. Believe me, you do not want a sex toy injury at your age.”

“Yeah, I think we’ll take this,” I said. “Look good to you, sis?”

“Looks great!” Beth exclaimed, eagerly nodding.

Stevie led us to the register, where I took out our carefully hoarded cash. Like last time, she rang it up with her employee discount. Putting our purchase in a bag, she handed it to my sister.

“Can I be a bit forward here, Beth?” she said, suddenly shy. “I don’t normally act this way with customers, but, um… I’m very attracted to you, and I’d love to show you my collection of toys. Maybe if you’re into it, we could even…” She left the sentence unfinished, her cheeks now flushed pink.

It was Beth’s turn to make sure we were unobserved. She stepped close to Stevie, went up on tiptoe and gave her a gentle kiss. “If you wanna fuck me, say so, okay? I’m no dumb little kid.”

What she did next made even my jaw drop: Beth placed a hand on the crotch of Stevie’s tight leather pants, cupping her pubis. “Ask my sister, she’ll tell you. I’m an amazing lover.”

Stevie looked at me, eyes wide in astonishment. “Is she serious?”

Beth didn’t wait for me to answer. Instead, she began to rub Stevie’s cunt through her trousers, staring into the woman’s eyes. “You want sex with me, right?” she said. “I mean, you’re inviting me over to check out your sex gear, for fuck’s sake. Or are you just playing a game with me? Well, I’m not playing now, I’m calling you out. Are we getting together to do this thing, or what?”

Stevie was struggling to pull herself together… which wasn’t easy, because Beth’s hand was still busy between her legs. Finally she pulled away from my sister, panting for breath. Grasping Beth’s shoulder, Stevie said, “Come with me, you two.”

She led us through a door at the back, which led into a small room crammed with boxes of all shapes and sizes. A counter ran along one wall with a computer terminal at one end. Shutting the door with a kick, Stevie drew Beth into her arms, and they came together in a passionate kiss.

When Stevie broke away, she unbuttoned her pants with a violent tug, pulled the zipper down to reveal black knickers, then leaned back against the long counter. “Okay,” she growled, eager for Beth’s caress, “okay. Do what you want to me.”

With an angelic smile, my sister pushed her denim shorts down to the floor, along with her underpants. “You touch me too,” she said. Reaching for Stevie’s hand, she placed it on the rise of her bare vulva.

Stevie looked as if she might keel over in a dead faint. I guess she’d been dreaming of fondling a little girl for a long time, and her fantasy was finally coming true. “Oh God, oh my fucking God,” she whispered, her fingers trailing through my sister’s cunt.

“Yeah,” Beth cooed, flashing that naughty-girl grin that never failed to get my motor humming. She shoved a hand into Stevie’s knickers and got to work.

By then, they were both so keyed up that there was no way this could last for long. Stevie was first to get off, hissing, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Beth hit her peak seconds later, mewling wordlessly as she came.

Stevie and my sister came together in a breathless embrace, holding one another while they recovered. Beth was first to pull away. She licked at her wet fingers, then took them into her mouth. Mmmmm, lovely,” she said. “Your cunt tastes yummy… like a ripe pear.”

Stevie stared at Beth for a moment, as if she couldn’t believe what had just happened. “I think you and me are gonna fuck again really soon, girl. A hot, wet, nasty fuck.” She glanced at me, “Is that okay with you? Don’t worry, I’ll treat her right.”

“I don’t tell my sister what to do,” I said. “If Beth trusts you, that’s good enough for me.”

I’m into it,” Beth announced. “Here, let me see your phone.” Stevie handed it over, and my sister entered her number into it. “There you go. If my mum answers, tell her you’re a friend of mine from school.”

“I will,” Stevie said. “Hey, Beth, how about one last kiss before I kick you guys out?”

Without a word, Beth drifted into the older girl’s arms, and they kissed passionately. I picked up our bag, and we exchanged goodbyes with Stevie before setting off for home.

As we got on my motorcycle, Beth with our bag tucked under her arm, she said, “I bet you’re pretty wet right now, huh?”

“Spot on, Sherlock,” I replied. “You guys put on one amazing show.”

I felt her lips graze my ear. “Tell you what. Mum won’t be home for another couple of hours… how ‘bout I put this new strappy on and shag the arse off you?”

Oh, my God, what a wonderful idea. “I could go for that,” I admitted, trying to seem calm about it.

She kissed the back of my neck. “Then get this machine moving, big sister!”

An hour or so later, Beth and I were nestled together in my bed, completely naked and very satisfied. Our new sex toy had worked beautifully. We tried it doggie style at first, but my sister was a little too short to make that work. So I lay on my back with my legs spread, then Beth got on top and went into me.

It was perfect, absolutely perfect! I really liked being able to kiss Beth while we fucked. She and I held each other like we couldn’t get close enough, our tongues playing lovely games as she pumped that slippery cock in and out, in and out.

When I came, it was the best orgasm ever. Afterward, Beth told me that I nearly threw her off the bed! She wanted me to fuck her with the smaller cock right away, but I talked her into waiting until we had more time to do it right. Instead, she sat on my face and I licked her until she came.

Beth did end up getting together several times with Stevie, but it was tricky – her work routine didn’t fit well with Beth’s school hours. Besides, it was a nine mile bus ride into the city.

Once they tried to fuck in the Ann Summers stock room, but came very close to getting caught by Stevie’s boss. They didn’t try that again.

It was some time later that Beth told me Stevie was a bit too kinky for her taste. She had all kinds of bondage stuff and wanted to tie my sister up. She also really liked to be peed on, and talked Beth into doing that to her once. “It’s not for me,” was all Beth had to say about that.


A few months drifted by. Rachel found a new girlfriend, one her own age, and decided to commit to a full-time relationship. She remained friends with Beth and me, but we were no longer lovers.

Not long after that, I was asked out on a date by a girl on my soccer team named Tabitha who had flirted with me a few times. I accepted, not expecting much.

I was wrong. That evening was the beginning of a short but intense affair. Tabitha was two years older, with a reputation for making conquests that never became serious relationships. She told me it was different this time, that she’d wanted me ever since we first met. That’s why she persisted until I gave in.

I soon realised that although we got on well together and I enjoyed her company, I didn’t have true romantic feelings for Tabitha. But I was perfectly happy to drift along with her in a casual way. I’ll say this, too: she was a marvellous lover.

Tabitha wanted to know how I came to prefer girls to boys, and I told her all about my first time at the bike rally, when Fire and Trace had first befriended me, then taught me all about lesbian sex. She loved the story, and insisted on hearing every detail, often right before the two of us had sex

Speaking of Fire and Trace, they still dropped by from time to time. We had become firm friends as well as occasional sex partners. Even Mum, who had been unnerved by Fire at first, had come to like them both, though had no idea that the three of us were fucking. My mother was okay with me being gay, but indulging in threesomes would have been too wild a notion for her liking.

Beth, on the other hand, very much wanted to get in on what we had, though she never said as much to me. She was determined to seduce Fire and Trace without any help at all from her big sister… and on one particular visit from my older friends, Beth made her move.

I was idly doing homework when my phone buzzed, walking itself across the bedside table toward the edge. Snatching it up just in time, I thumbed the screen, thrilled to see Trace’s name.

I quickly answered. “Hiya, sexy. How’s everything?”

“Never better, sweetheart. Hey look, we’re gonna be swingin’ by your way in a couple of hours. Thought we might drop by for a bite… and more, if you’ve got the time, cookie. What d’ya reckon?”

“Oh, shit! I have to leave in half an hour for footy practice,” I told her. “But listen, my little sister will be here. She can knock together a couple of sandwiches for you guys.”

I heard her chuckle, “That’s cool, babe. I like your sister, she’s a sexy little bitch and she fuckin’ knows it. Way too young for us, but I reckon she’ll be a stunner in five years or so.”

“Okay, then. Shit, I’m totally in the mood to wreck the bed with you and Fire. If you could maybe stick around until two-ish, I’ll make it home…”

“Yeh, maybe we can do that. See you then, girl!”

I let Beth know they were coming before I left. I saw a sly grin briefly touch her face. It was obvious what she was thinking. Not a chance, I thought, but didn’t say anything.

As it turned out, I underestimated my little sister in a big way.

On to Chapter Five!


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  1. Kim & Sue says:

    Very fine chapter. We gave 5 stars.

  2. Erocritique says:

    Well, I guess we did sorta get a Beth and Stevie chapter after all. Very hot. Also: It was very mature of Beth to exercise her agency when it came to what she accepted from a sexual partner. I did find it somewhat bittersweet to hear about the various changes in the girls’ relationships; but that’s life.- And now things are set up for Beth to seduce Fire and Trace; just in time for Katie to arrive back home. I don’t think the older girls are going to know what hit them when Beth is finished. The final chapter promises to be something special. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Don’t stop! Don’t! This is an amazing story.

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    I love Ann Summers but I never get a salesgirl like Stevie. I once dropped a few hints to a pretty girl but all I got in return was a strange look.

    Am I alone in noticing that I was rooting for Katia in the first chapter but now I only have Beth on my mind?

    It’s a shame that this lovely story is due to end with the next chapter.

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    Again, some much-appreciated comments – thank you all.

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    • kinkychic says:

      Thanks, Debbie.

      I envy authors who travel the world to do research for their writing. We did our bit with several visits to an Ann Summers store, and yes, we have been inside the stockroom! Stevie — not her real name — has moved to a bigger branch in another city but still keeps in touch with Sis.

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    The link to the next chapter does not work. Nor does it Guest Authors. I presume it’s been published as you have now posted later stories.

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