Amanda Lynn

A Girl Named Charlie, 9 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Unexpected discoveries, unexpected encounters, and unexpected love between girls and women.

The Holly and the Ivy, 5 chapters

Dealing with bitter disappointment, a young woman finds that fate has some lovely surprises in store for her.

Jeannie and the Bottle, 5 chapters

Women enjoying each other’s bodies, fulfilling their hottest fantasies… some of this happened in real life, but how much?

Lessons Learned, 4 chapters

Is Jessica’s beautiful blonde high school history teacher really flirting with her, or is she only imagining that?

Moonlight Desires, 2 parts

A teenage girl has an unusual fascination with the moon, a sexual obsession.

My Cousin Nancy

The surprise weekend getaway for two for her parents has ten-year-old Cassidy staying with her cousins where she gets a surprise of her own.

Piper’s Mom, 14 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Stephanie has a little girl called Piper, and Piper has a teenage babysitter named Amber. Soon the fun will begin.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Spending Spring Break with her dad and his new family, 11-year-old Trish learns fun, new ways to spend her time with the help of her Step-sister.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, 13 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Schools out and Trish is set for a summer full of steamy fun both at home and out west with Monica.


She was like a little sister; until she became more.

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