Amanda Lynn

A Christmas Wish

One Christmas Eve a young girl’s wish comes true.

A Girl Named Charlie, 9 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Unexpected discoveries, unexpected encounters, and unexpected love between girls and women.

…And Debbie Makes Three

A companion story to My Cousin Nancy

The Holly and the Ivy, 5 chapters

Dealing with bitter disappointment, a young woman finds that fate has some lovely surprises in store for her.

Jeannie and the Bottle, 5 chapters

Women enjoying each other’s bodies, fulfilling their hottest fantasies… some of this happened in real life, but how much?

Lessons Learned, 4 chapters

Is Jessica’s beautiful blonde high school history teacher really flirting with her, or is she only imagining that?

Moonlight Desires, 2 parts

A teenage girl has an unusual fascination with the moon, a sexual obsession.

My Cousin Nancy

The surprise weekend getaway for two for her parents has ten-year-old Cassidy staying with her cousins where she gets a surprise of her own.

Piper’s Mom, 14 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Stephanie has a little girl called Piper, and Piper has a teenage babysitter named Amber. Soon the fun will begin.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book One, 6 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

Spending Spring Break with her dad and his new family, 11-year-old Trish learns fun, new ways to spend her time with the help of her Step-sister.

Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, 13 chapters  (see Chapter Links for descriptions)

School’s out and Trish is set for a summer full of steamy fun both at home and out west with Monica.


She was like a little sister; until she became more.

8 Comments on Amanda Lynn

  1. Danhy says:

    Hi A.L.
    I was Wondering if you might know why my wickr name is posted at the top of the stin touch page. (Dlishs) Looks like it’s being flagged or something. Just curious. Thanks

  2. Jennifer says:

    Have you ever written a story based on a reader’s fantasy?

    • Amanda Lynn says:

      Yes. A Girl Named Charlie is based on a story idea by one of our readers.
      (Edit: I believe it was your suggestion, Jennifer)

  3. Juan says:

    Hey Amanda Lynn I love your work. Can’t wait to read more.

  4. Michael v. says:


    First, I want to thank your wonderful talent for writing ✍️ sizzling 🔥lesbian erotica of the highest caliber. You are a master wordsmith. I have read all your stories on this list, while I eagerly await any further submissions to your list I also read any and all new submissions as they are posted.

    Second, I was on the Leslita link on the 2020 listing under your name. I have really enjoyed working my way done about halfway so far. Unfortunately, on the “Diary” story at the end of chapter 13, I attempted to connect to chapter 14 but the page that came up was the dreaded “404 page not found” error 😢! As you can imagine, I’m so disappointed that I can’t continue the story to its conclusion…please help me find a way to read the”the rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say on the radio!

    For you youngin’s, that was before smartphones and when the internet was dialup 😂🤣😂!

    Amanda, can you also tell me how many chapters am I missing? If is not possible to fing the rest of the story, can you please 🙏 maybe hit the highlights in a paragraph so I have some closure. I really became quite fond of Jacqueline’s journey and would appreciate something like an epilogue.

    Thank you in advance for consideration of my request,

    Here is my email: [email protected]

    P.S. You can post it on the contact list so any ladies who wish to chat about our shared appreciation of lesbian and love sweet consensual relationships with young preteen girl thru more mature lesbians is welcome to contact me.

    • No One says:

      Um, you’re a little confused. “Amanda Lynn” here and just “Amanda” on Leslita are different people.

      Also, the multi-part “Dear Diary” series you’re referring to is actually written by Jacqueline_B, though it was linked at the end of Amanda’s story of the same name for some reason, possibly by mistake. Anyway, you can find an old version of the page that has all of Jacqueline_B’s stories on the Internet Archive here:

      For some reason, it looks like Dear Diary part 17 was published before part 14, and there’s no part 15, so maybe there was a mistake in the numbering, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

  5. MaddieIL52 says:

    Amanda Lynn,

    I’ve loved this site for years and your writing is part of the reason I do. I wonder if there’s anything in the works for UAM? Books 1 and 2 seem to practically beg for more to be written.

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