Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two, Chapter 1

  • Posted on April 5, 2021 at 1:50 pm

Author’s Note: If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to refamiliarize yourself with the characters and the goings-on from the first book which can be found here.

By Amanda Lynn

Summer Vacation

Trish squeezed her eyes shut and arched her back. A soft guttural sound escaped her throat as a wave of euphoria spread through her body.

As with most mornings, before she’d even considered crawling out of bed to face the day, she’d started her routine: First, a stretch and a yawn. Then, if she was wearing any, her panties would be pushed down and off, landing on the floor as she kicked them away. Finding a comfy position, she’d spread her legs and touch herself. Small circles at first, gently rubbing her clit as the wonderfully familiar feeling would begin to build in her belly, then her pace quickening, pushing her fingers through her folds and deep into herself. She’d try hard not to make any noise. Her breathing always sounded loud to her ears, and she’d wonder if the squishing noises her hand was making could be heard from outside her bedroom door. Probably not.

Trish had been repeating this ritual practically every morning since she spent spring break in Alberta with her stepsister Monica. She’d been so oblivious to the joys of sex at the start of that visit, but Monica had taught her many wonderful things. They’d had sex with each other often, and Trish couldn’t get enough of it. Monica’s friend Gabby had even joined them for an afternoon of mind and body-numbing sex. It was a week Trish wouldn’t forget anytime soon.

When the last of the aftershocks faded, Trish sighed, content, and threw the covers back with one hand as she sucked her juices from the fingers of the other. Today was going to be a wonderful day, she was sure of it. Not only was it Friday, but it was also the last day of school before summer break, and it was her twelfth birthday, too!

Trish couldn’t help but giggle with excitement as she made her way to the bathroom. She felt a mile-wide grin spread on her face. Her best friend Cindy would be coming over to her house after school, staying for supper, and spending the night in celebration of her birthday and the start of summer.

But for Trish, there was one other thing that excited her most of all. In just under a week, she would be flying to Alberta to spend four weeks with her Dad, her stepmom Gwen, and of course, Monica. She missed the sex, but she missed Monica even more, it seemed, and she wasn’t sure what to think of that.

Stacey, Trish’s mom, was placing a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon on the table when Trish entered the kitchen. Stacey wore a pair of black bicycle shorts and a matching sports bra with a white tank top over that, ready for her morning run once Trish left for school. She had her hair tied back in a loose ponytail, and Trish couldn’t help but admire how pretty her mother was.

“Good morning, sweetheart, and happy birthday.” Stacey kissed her cheek after Trish had taken her usual spot at the table.

Trish beamed up at her “Thanks, Mom.”

“You must be super excited today. Last day of school, birthday party, a sleepover with your bestie…”

Trish nodded and shoveled the egg into her mouth as if she hadn’t eaten in a month. She swallowed and took a drink of her OJ. “Yeah! I can’t wait.” She giggled.

Stacey pointed at her with her fork. “Slow down and enjoy your food. I don’t need you to be choking, now, do I?”

“Sorry, Mom. Just excited to get this day started,” Trish said sheepishly, the heat crawling up her cheeks. She picked up a piece of bacon and bit off a small amount.

“It’s okay. I understand. I was a 12-year-old girl once too, ya know.” Stacey winked then pushed a slice of bacon into her mouth.

Forty-five minutes later, Trish was standing at the corner of Saint Germain and Falkirk streets, waiting for her best friend. The wait wasn’t long, and she smiled, seeing Cindy cross in the middle of the quiet suburban street and dash to her side.

Trish had always thought the girl cute. Curly red hair and sparkling blue eyes. Her fair skin was covered in freckles, which, sadly, had been a never-ending source of amusement for Bobby Baker and his minions. Life at school had been hard for Cindy when she first attended Ledbury Park Elementary. She was a quiet kid, usually sitting in the back of the class, trying not to draw attention to herself. And during lunch, she always sat alone, looking sad and lonely, and that had made Trish sad, too.

So, one day, four years ago, Trish sat at Cindy’s table during lunch and began talking to her. From that moment on, they quickly became inseparable. Even Bobby Baker stopped harassing her and other children. It seemed that he had picked on the wrong kid and found himself with two black eyes and a couple of teeth missing, courtesy of that kid’s big brother.

“Happy birthday!” Cindy said. Her smile was bright, and she bounced on her toes, as excited as Trish was.

“Thanks. I can’t wait for this day to end. I don’t know why we even need to be here. It’s not like we’re gonna do anything on the last day!”

“I know, right?” Cindy agreed as they crossed at the intersection and headed onto school property. “We should just skip.”

Trish stopped and stared at her best friend. “Really? You? Miss perfect attendance wants to skip?”

Cindy stared back, her expression deadpan. Then the corners of her mouth curled up, and she laughed. “Nah. Just yanking your chain, Trish. Let’s go.” Cindy dashed off toward the school with Trish right on her heels.

As they had expected, not much happened during the day. They turned in their textbooks, then some fun activities took place on the sports field, and teachers barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers for the students. By one o’clock, Trish and Cindy were heading out of the school. As planned, Cindy would go to her house first to grab her overnight bag then meet Trish at her place a little later.

After Cindy arrived and her stuff was put in Trish’s room, Stacey drove them to the theatre to catch the latest Marvel movie, then it was back to Trish’s for pizza and birthday cake.

“Oh my gosh! This is so good. But I am stuffed,” Cindy said after swallowing the last morsel of her piece of chocolate cake.

“Yeah, Mom.” Trish pushed her empty plate away. “The cake was awesome. Thanks.”

Stacey chuckled. “You are very welcome. Now, help me clear the table, then presents.”

The girls hopped up and quickly gathered all the plates, glasses, and cutlery. As Trish loaded the dishwasher, Cindy grabbed a dishcloth and wiped down the table. Once done, they moved into the living room. Trish sat on the sofa beside Cindy, bubbling over with excitement. Stacey took a brightly wrapped present from the coffee table and sat in the armchair across from the girls.

“Now, this present is from both your father and me. We talked and agreed that you should have a new, better computer to use. That one,” Stacey nodded toward the desktop PC that sat on a small desk, “is useless and needs to be replaced.” It was a dinosaur, barely able to run the latest version of Windows.

Trish’s eyes widened at the implication. She bounced on her seat, barely able to hold her anticipation. Stacey smiled and handed her the gift.

As Trish tore at the paper, her mother continued, “I never use that PC since I got my laptop, so your father and I figured you should have your own as well.”

“Omigod! This is awesome,” Trish squealed as she pulled the shiny pink laptop from the box. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She glanced at Cindy, who was smiling just as brightly, then she set the computer on the table and dashed to her mother, giving her a huge hug.

“You are very welcome, sweetheart. We hope you enjoy it and trust you to use it appropriately,” Stacey said.

Though her mom was still smiling and happy, Trish could tell she was also being serious. She wasn’t quite sure how she could misuse a computer, though. What was that term she had heard several times before? Watching porn, was it? Maybe that was what her mom meant. “I will, Mom. Promise.”

Trish opened the rest of her gifts. Her mom had bought her some new clothes and the next book in the series she was reading, and both sets of grandparents sent her a card with money. When Cindy handed her the present she had brought, Trish noticed it had a bit of weight to it, even though it wasn’t large. Pulling the paper off, she was delighted to find the complete boxed set of her favorite TV show on Blu-ray.

“Oh, wow, Cindy! Thank you so much!” She pulled her best friend into a big hug.

“You’re welcome.” Cindy giggled, glad that she had picked the right gift.

“Okay, that’s everything,” Stacey said. “I’ll finish cleaning up. You two go do… whatever.” She waved a hand at them then began to pick up the shredded wrapping paper.

“Thanks, Mom.” Trish and Cindy stood and gathered up the gifts before heading up to Trish’s bedroom.

With the door closed, and music playing, Cindy plopped down on the bed, resting with her back against the headboard. Trish busied herself, putting away her new clothes and stashing the birthday money in her wallet. “Thanks again for the present. That was so cool.”

“No sweat. That’s what besties are for.” Cindy smiled brightly.

Trish crawled onto the bed and sat beside Cindy, their shoulders touching. They sat there for a long while, listening to the music and chatting about this and that. They were both glad that school was over for the year. Trish had deliberately avoided bringing up her trip to Edmonton as they would both be sad at being apart for so long. But Cindy had some news of her own that made it not so bad.

“Yeah, Mom told me this morning,” Cindy explained. “I was so excited about your party and stuff, I forgot to tell you.”

“That’s okay. Tell me the details.” Trish turned on the bed to face her friend and sat cross-legged.

“So, we’re flying out to Vancouver the week after you go to your dad’s. We will be visiting my aunt Marcy and my cousins, Holly and Ivy,” Cindy said excitedly.

“Cool. Are they our age? How long will you be gone?”

“They’re twins and yes, the same age. Mom said we’ll be there for two weeks, but we’re going to do some sightseeing and stuff, too.”

“Sounds like you’ll have a blast.”

“Yeah. This will be my first time on a plane. What’s that like?” Cindy looked at her with wide eyes. She was excited about the idea of flying.

“It’s cool, I guess,” Trish said with a shrug, playing the seasoned traveler.

“I bet it is.” Cindy looked over at the new laptop and pointed. “Hey, let’s get into our PJ’s and set up your computer.”

Trish nodded in agreement and slid off the bed with Cindy doing the same. They both quickly stripped down to their panties, neither feeling the least bit modest in front of the other, then slipped on a long tee-shirt. But not before Trish let her eyes travel over the nearly naked body of her best friend while Cindy had her back turned. Damn, she had a cute bum. Her budding breasts and panty-clad pussy were visible in the mirror attached to her dresser. Trish swallowed, her vaginal muscles clenching involuntarily as a little tingle of pleasure pulsed through her. No, no, no, Trish scolded herself. She tore her eyes away and grabbed the laptop from the dresser as Cindy pulled hers from her bag.

The two then made themselves comfortable, side by side on the bed. Cindy left her laptop closed and at her feet as she watched Trish fire hers up. For the next little while, they busied themselves setting up her Wi-Fi connection, email, and other programs she would regularly be using. Once done, they browsed for a while and watched some videos on YouTube, singing along with the music videos or laughing at some fail compilations.

“I want to show you a site I found the other day,” Cindy said quietly like it was a secret or something.

“Okay. What’s the address?” Trish asked, ready to type it in.

Cindy shook her head and grabbed her laptop. “No, we’ll use mine. It’s kinda naughty, and your mom knows about computers and might find out. My parents are sorta dumb when it comes to computers and stuff.” She giggled, her face turning pink.

Trish was intrigued now. The thought of something naughty sent shivers up her spine. “Okay,” Trish said, closing her laptop and setting it aside as Cindy opened hers and turned it on. It only took a few moments to log on to the net, and Cindy opened the browser and clicked on a bookmark.

“View-Me?” Trish asked, reading the name of the site when it appeared. It didn’t seem naughty, not the homepage anyway. There were a bunch of pictures of people that were nothing special.

“Yeah. It’s a live video chat thing where you can watch people doing stuff,” Cindy said, barely above a whisper.

“Stuff? What kinda stuff?”

Cindy logged into the site then went to the favorites tab. She scrolled down until she found a particular username and clicked on it. Instantly, a live video feed from Cherry282 came to life. Trish gasped at the scene.

The image showed a bedroom, obviously belonging to a young girl. It was decorated in pinks and yellows. The comforter was splashed with cartoon characters from Frozen, and Trish could see a stuffed unicorn on her dresser. But she didn’t need those clues because the girl was right there on the bed, facing the camera. She appeared to be the same age as Trish and Cindy, wearing a tee-shirt as they did… but unlike them, she was not wearing panties.

Much to Trish’s surprise, the girl was on her knees, holding her pussy open for the world to see.

“Oh my God!” Trish gasped. She glanced over at Cindy then back to the screen, amazed that something like this existed—and at how fast she was getting turned on. “Can she see us? Does she know we’re watching?”

Cindy shook her head. “She knows I’m logged on and in her chatroom.” She pointed at a chat window to the right of the video. “And she can see all these comments, but she can only see someone who’s watching by going into a private chatroom with them.”

“Wow. That’s wild.” Trish watched as the young blonde toyed with her clit and leaned in, apparently reading the comments as they scrolled by. “Is there sound?”

“Yeah.” Cindy increased the volume a bit, and Trish could hear the girl talking and answering the questions from the chat.

“Are there a lot of girls doing this on here?” Trish could feel the heat between her legs, and her cheeks growing warm as a result.

“I’ve only seen a few. But this one has been on every night this week.”

Trish swallowed as the girl slipped a finger into her pussy at the request of a viewer. Damn, it was so hot. Trish knew she would need to get herself off before the night was through. She wondered if Cindy was getting just as turned on by the show. And if she masturbated when she was home alone watching these girls on screen.

A thought occurred to her then, and she looked over at her friend. Did Cindy like girls, too? Sex wasn’t something they ever talked about or even hinted at. Trish couldn’t have, anyway, not knowing anything about it before spring break.

They were sitting cross-legged again, and Cindy had an arm resting on her thigh. Her hand was hidden under the hem of her tee-shirt and Trish wondered if maybe she was doing some fingering of her own.

“Wow,” Trish whispered. “Have you ever… you know… done that?” She pointed at the girl on screen, her fingers now a blur over her clit.

“What? Play with myself or do it online?” Cindy asked.

The thought of Cindy liking sex, and liking girls as well, was a relief. At least she assumed Cindy liked girls. Why else would she be watching them masturbate online? Trish had always thought Cindy pretty, but since her week with Monica, she’d realized she found Cindy desirable. But as much as she wanted to tell Cindy, she’d been afraid. Afraid she might scare her away and ruin their friendship. This new insight into her best friend’s sexuality brought the possibility one step closer. “Either.”

“I’ve never done anything online… but it kinda crossed my mind.” Cindy gave her a sly grin and pointed at the girl on the screen who was on the brink of orgasm. “And everyone masturbates. Right?”

Trish’s eyes went wide. Holy crap! Here she’d thought she knew everything about her best friend, but it turned out she didn’t. If Cindy had confided in her about the whole masturbating thing earlier, Trish could have been enjoying orgasms long ago. “Yeah. Right. Of course,” she stammered.

Cindy studied her closely, squinting as if trying to bore into her head. “You do masturbate… right?” she asked. Cindy must have seen the blush on Trish’s cheeks. “I mean… I do it, so I figured you did too. I mean…”

“No. Yes. I mean,” Trish stammered again. “Yes, I do. Like everyone…” she sighed and glanced up at Cindy. “To be honest, I only started doing it a few months ago.” There was no need to let her friend know about everything else that happened during spring break.

Cindy smiled sweetly. “It doesn’t matter when you start, and I’m sorry if I embarrassed you. I didn’t mean to.” Cindy touched Trish’s knee, causing her to jump. “Sorry.”

“No. No. It’s okay, and you didn’t embarrass me,” she lied. The touch hadn’t scared her. Instead, it had sent a very pleasant jolt right up to her core. Trish looked back at the screen, but the video feed was gone—the girl had enjoyed her orgasm for tonight.

“So, you want to give it a try?”

Trish’s head snapped back to her friend. Her mouth dropped, her eyes widened, and her clit jumped to attention and screamed, fuck yeah! She knew damn well what but asked anyway. “Give what a try?”

Cindy grinned. “Go online. Start our own chat room. Do something naughty?”

Trish swallowed and cocked her head. “Who are you, and what have you done with Cindy?” She paused for a response, but Cindy just kept on grinning. Trish felt a playful smirk form on her lips, too. “So, you want to masturbate together? Online? Is it safe? What if someone recognizes us?”

Cindy shook her head. “Pretty slim chance that anyone we know would be on here, and we can keep the camera pointed down a bit, so our faces aren’t in the shot.”

Trish’s belly was flip-flopping, and her clit was throbbing at the idea. This was freaking nuts. “Okay,” she finally decided. “Let’s do this.”

The live chat was quickly set up, and the two girls were soon chatting with those who had joined their room. It didn’t take too long before the comments turned to naughty requests, mostly thanks to Cindy putting that suggestion out there.

They ignored the crude and disgusting ones, which were in the majority. Then came a request from user Janet232. Kiss was all it said. Cindy and Trish looked at each other and giggled. This was an excellent place to begin their evening of naughtiness. Trish’s body was thrumming, and she was more than ready to start.

As far as she knew, Cindy had never kissed anyone, so she made the first move. She leaned in, puckered, and closed her eyes. Meeting Cindy’s lips, she was surprised at how soft and moist they were. It didn’t take long before something was pushing against her lips, trying to gain entrance to her mouth. Cindy’s tongue. Oh, man! Will the surprises never end?

She parted her lips and allowed entrance. Cindy’s tongue swirled around as the girl brought a hand to the back of Trish’s head, holding them together for several moments before breaking the kiss. Trish just stared at her, blinking, both breathing a little harder.

Cindy winked and turned back to the screen. “How about this one?” she said, pointing at a request from BoPeep1210.

Trish looked. Take off your panties and show us your pussies, it read.

There was no discussion between them, for when Trish looked to Cindy, her friend was already pulling off her underwear. Trish only hesitated for a second before pulling her own off. They got on their knees, and like the girl they had watched earlier, they spread themselves for the camera.

It went on like this for a while. People wanted to see their vaginas or clits or assholes. The entire time, Trish stole glances at her friend’s glistening pussy. Cindy was just as aroused as she was. When Trish saw a request that they masturbate, she pointed it out to Cindy.

“Finally,” Cindy said. “I’ve needed to come for a while.”

Again, Trish looked at her cute—no, her damn sexy—redheaded friend. Where had this side of her been for the last few years? As they positioned themselves so their voyeuristic audience could watch them rub one out, Trish hoped someone would suggest that they go down on each other. Honestly, she was surprised no one had yet. And if someone did, she hoped even more that Cindy would be game.

As they knelt there rubbing themselves, Trish knew it wouldn’t take her long to come, and judging by the sounds Cindy was making, her friend was close as well. It was then that someone suggested they finish each other off at the same time. Neither of them had to think about it. It was the next logical step. Trish touched Cindy’s pussy, and Cindy touched hers. The jolt of electricity that shot through her at that moment was enough to make Trish fall back, but she caught herself with her free arm and returned to the task.

Cindy’s pussy was soft and wet. God, she couldn’t believe she was doing this. She explored her best friend’s slit while Cindy did the same to her. Trish moaned when Cindy slipped a finger inside her, then she reciprocated, and Cindy bucked. Their hips rolled in unison as they fingered each other with abandon.

Soon, the orgasms overtook them, and they collapsed back onto the bed. They lay there together, panting, ignoring the comments popping up on the laptop. After a time, they sat up. Minds hazy with the afterglow, they didn’t give much thought to the idea of keeping their faces from view anymore.

“Blue, how about you give Red’s clit a nice kiss?” a commenter had typed.

Trish looked at Cindy. “Blue?”

Cindy pointed at the tee-shirt Trish wore. It was blue. Then she pointed to her hair. Red, of course.

“Oh,” Trish said slowly. The throb between her legs was outpacing the pounding in her chest, even though she’d just come. Cindy shrugged and spread her legs for her. Trish swallowed and raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

Cindy nodded and gave her a wink. God, this day kept getting better and better.

Trish moved into position. The scent of Cindy’s arousal filled her nostrils and caused a fresh release of her juices. Slowly, she lowered her mouth and touched her friend’s swollen clit. She kissed it, then kept her mouth there, unmoving, letting Cindy’s juices seep past her lips until she could taste the tanginess.

Cindy had twitched at first contact then settled. But when Trish pulled away and looked up at her friend, she saw that Cindy’s chest was heaving, her breathing was shallow and rapid, and her eyes were glazed over. Had she made Cindy come again? Or was Cindy about to when Trish stopped?

Trish just stared at her for the longest moment. “Are you okay?” she whispered.

Cindy was beginning to calm. She nodded.

“Don’t leave her hanging! Make her come. Lick her pussy.” Trish read the newest comment aloud. She looked back to Cindy, swallowing hard and hoping her friend would agree.

“Please, Trish. I’m so close. It’s never been so quick before.” Her voice was quiet, quivering, and maybe a bit unsure. But Trish could hear the need, the want, in it.

“Okay,” she croaked.

“Close that first.” Cindy pointed at the laptop.

Trish did so without question, imagining the chorus of moans and curses coming from their viewers. This was much too intimate to share, and she was glad Cindy had asked her to end the video stream. She moved into position again and gently spread Cindy’s legs. She studied the girl’s pussy for a moment, noticing just now the small patch of fine red hair on her mons. It was so fine in fact that it was almost blonde.

She looked up at Cindy, her friend’s expression a mixture of need, fear, and excitement. Trish was just as nervous. This was a big step for their friendship, and she hoped doing this wouldn’t ruin it. “Ready?” Trish asked.

Cindy gave her a slight nod.

The intoxicating scent of Cindy’s sex greeted her again as Trish placed a trail of kisses along the girl’s thigh until she reached the apex. She kissed the outer lips then the clit before pushing the flat of her tongue along the length of her best friend’s pussy.

Cindy moaned, pushing her hips up in response. Trish played her tongue up and down, dipping into the girl’s core before teasing and chasing the sensitive bud. As she sucked it into her mouth, Cindy bucked and dug a hand into Trish’s hair, holding her head in place. Soft pleas from above made Trish work a little harder. She was rewarded with a strangled cry, and Trish felt her friend stiffen and arch.

Trish kept her mouth on Cindy’s sex as the girl twitched with each aftershock. Soon, she relaxed, resting back onto the bed, her grip on Trish’s hair eased. When she finally let go, Trish moved to lay beside her.

“You okay?” Trish asked softly.

Cindy turned to her, a warm, happy smile on her face. “Yeah. That was awesome!” Her face reddened slightly. “I’ve never done that before.”

The confession surprised Trish. Cindy had seemed so confident, so sure of herself that Trish had assumed Cindy must have had some measure of sexual experience. “Never… been licked?”

Cindy’s blush deepened. “Never done anything with anyone. Just me and my fingers.” There was a pause. “Have you? I mean, you seemed okay with it, and you knew what you were doing down there. At least it sure felt like it from my end.” Cindy’s nervous giggle sounded sweet to Trish’s ears, and another wave of arousal added to her already wet pussy.

Trish deflected, not sure if she was ready to tell Cindy about everything that happened during spring break. “I didn’t know you were into girls. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” She chuckled softly. “You’ve never said anything.”

Cindy shrugged. “I wanted to tell you. But I wasn’t sure how’d you react. You’re my best and only friend and I didn’t want to screw that up.”

She looked at the cute redhead for a moment, studying her. A small smile pulled at Cindy’s lips, and her blue eyes sparkled. “So, what changed?” Trish asked. “I mean, the naughty website and the kiss and the touching and the…” Trish blushed at the thought of licking Cindy’s pussy.

“You did,” Cindy replied. “You seemed different right after spring break. I thought I was imagining things at first, but then I saw it, the way you were looking at other girls at school. The way you looked at me when you thought I couldn’t see.” Cindy laughed. “I saw you checking me out in the mirror when we got changed, ya know.”

Trish’s heart was thumping so hard, she thought it might burst right out of her chest. “I… um…”

“It’s okay, Trish. I’m glad you decided to come out, or whatever happened while you were away. And I’m glad you were my first.”

“So, what does this mean?” Trish was confused. “For our friendship? For us?”

“It doesn’t have to mean anything if you don’t want it to. Other than we have something new and fun to do together.” Cindy grinned mischievously and waggled her eyebrows.

Relief washed over Trish. She was glad that their friendship was still intact, and that Cindy didn’t want them to be girlfriends. If all she wanted was to have sex occasionally, then that was great. She wondered what Monica would think about it. A little pang of guilt shot through her then. Why? Why did she feel guilty? Surely not because she was probably going to have sex with Cindy on the regular…

Her thoughts were interrupted when a warm hand moved behind her neck and pulled her down. Soft lips touched hers, and suddenly Cindy was kissing her. Hard. There was a loud moan, and Trish wasn’t sure which of them made it. She moved into Cindy’s arms and lay partially on top of her, draping a leg across the girl. Her pussy pressed against Cindy’s thigh, sending electric shocks coursing through her. She kissed her friend hungrily, rolling her hips, looking for release, and feeling herself close already.

Cindy pushed her away, breaking the kiss. “No!” she panted. “Not like that.”

Trish was confused. But only for a moment as it became apparent what Cindy meant as she rolled Trish onto her back. She craned her neck to watch as the cute redhead moved down Trish’s body and spread her legs wide, much like Trish had done to her, not that long before.

Cindy’s mouth on her clit sent shockwaves through her body that quickly overwhelmed her. After just a few licks, a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. She had to bite down on her fist to keep from screaming out. Her body twitched with many pleasant aftershocks, much to her delight. Cindy stayed with her, gently licking and kissing the sensitive flesh of her pussy.

When it was done, Cindy moved up beside her, and they kissed. Trish could easily make out the taste of her juices on Cindy’s lips, cheeks, and chin. “Wow. That was wonderful,” Trish said.

“Really? I did okay?”

“You were amazing. I’m sorry I didn’t last very long.”

Cindy shrugged. “That’s okay. Maybe next time we can take it slower. And without the internet.”

Trish felt her pussy clench and relax at Cindy’s sexy grin. Then Cindy kissed her, and she knew there wouldn’t be much sleep to be had tonight. For the rest of the night, they continued to explore each other’s bodies until the orgasms finally sapped the last of their strength. Turning off the lights, they crawled under the covers and drifted off into a dreamless sleep.


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  1. John says:

    Really,really HOT!! Thanks

  2. JetBoy says:

    Since Amanda puts so much into the day-in, day-out of Juicy Secrets, we don’t get as much of her fiction as I’d prefer. Luckily for us, she continues to write. I’ve had the privilege of reading the entirety of Book Two, and promise all of you that it’s well worth the wait.

    Book One is also available here, if you need to reacquaint yourself with this excellent sapphic saga.

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    Awesome continuation of Amanda’s sexy previous “Unaccompanied Minor” book.
    Loved the opening paragraph, with it’s suggestive promise of some more delightful young girl sexual explorations that were to follow. Also loved the plot device of referencing the popular use by some intrepid teenagers, of internet chat rooms, that sometimes devolve into outright “in your face” sex shenanigans..not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂
    Also loved the innocent confession by Cindy to Trish, after she obviously experienced her first, person to person induced orgasm, as this passage shows:
    …Cindy turned to her, a warm, happy smile on her face. “Yeah. that was awesome!” Her face reddened slightly. “I’ve never done that before.”

    The confession surprised Trish. Cindy had seemed so confident, so sure of herself that Trish had assumed that Cindy must have had some measure of sexual experience. “Never…been licked?”

    Cindy’s blush deepened. “Never done anything with anyone. Just me and my fingers.” There was a pause. “Have you? I mean, you seemed okay with it, and you knew what you were doing down there. at least it sure felt like it from my end.”
    Cindy’s nervous giggle sounded sweet to Trish’s ears, and another wave of arousal added to her already wet pussy.
    Oh,yes! This kind of beautiful attention to realism and detail makes reading Amanda’s story so wonderful!…

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    MMMM Amanda, from the time I saw the notice in my email I was excited to read this. I remembered how hot Book 1 was and couldn’t wait to dig into this Book. So hot and well detailed! I love your writing and so look forward to the next chapter, I do hope it comes soon. Thanks Amanda for this erotic story.

  5. Joe says:

    Amanda, I so loved the start of Book II. You are an amazing writer. You bring everyone to life with the detail and the passion. I am looking forward to more of Book II and maybe Book II in the future.
    Keep writing. You are amazing.

  6. Tim says:

    I agree with Jetboy. We don’t get enough of Amanda’s great writing, and this just shows why we always want more. Lovely story, nice and erotic, and so well written. Thanks Amanda!

  7. Captain Midnight says:

    I am so so so so glad to see the second book come up! Having Cindy in the story was nice. I was so surprised that Holly and Ivy were her cousins; we had never heard of Marcy having a sister (or brother) in her two stories to date. Will we see Cindy again sometime? Meanwhile, it is great to have Trish returning and learning how to take charge in lovemaking. I bet Alberta in the summer will be fun in more than one way!

  8. Erocritique says:

    I was a huge fan of Book I and Book II is off to a great start. I am a bit worried about the girls cam play though; I don’t think it will/would go undiscovered. They should be really careful about such risky risqué behavior.

    Trish’s sex education continues to progress at an incredible pace. She’s going to turn into a little slut if she isn’t careful 😉

  9. No One says:

    Good to see this one at last making its way into the (virtual) hands of readers. I know that Amanda has been working hard on it for quite a while. I will admit I’ve already had the chance to read the whole series, and I don’t think anyone will be disappointed by what’s in store for young Trish and her friends! Enjoy, and congrats to Amanda on a job well done.

  10. tractorboy says:

    thanks for sharing

  11. kim says:

    had to give this an excellent star vote. Amanda Lynn’s stories never let us down. Wonderful loving sex of our favorite kind, along with fun characters.

    Thank you for not only doing a great job on the site, but for another great story.

    Kim & Sue

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