A New Hope, Part Two

  • Posted on December 21, 2017 at 7:10 am

By No One

As Emilia followed Stella to her bedroom, she noticed how the young girl’s top had ridden up to her waist, and eyed that perfect little ass longingly, aching to touch it through those pretty blue panties.

Then, with a surge of excitement, Emilia realized she could do just that — hell, she was already way past the line of what was appropriate, and surely about to get a lot wilder.

Stepping up right behind Stella, she reached out to cup one of the girl’s lovely cheeks and gave it a squeeze. It was nice and firm — just that one touch made her heart skip a beat. Stella loved to swim, and it was clearly doing wonders to keep her butt toned and shapely.

Glancing over her shoulder, Stella flashed a heart-melting smile, one full of mischief. It left Emilia weak at the knees.
She couldn’t wait for them to reach the bedroom. As soon as they rounded a corner into the hallway, Emilia halted Stella with a hand on her arm, pressed her up against the wall and drew the young girl into a long, heated kiss.

“God, you’re so hot,” she whispered afterwards, her voice husky with desire, sounding strange even to her ears.

“Really? You think so?” Stella exclaimed with childlike delight. The way her demeanor kept changing from sexy vixen to exuberant little girl and back again was at once disconcerting… and oddly arousing.

“Yeah, you’re so sexy. Gotta admit, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you all night,” Emilia said, getting even more turned on by confessing something like that to a girl of eleven.

Stella’s blush managed to make her even cuter, if such a thing was possible. “I thought maybe you were checking me out, but… I kinda figured it was just in my head. Glad I was wrong!”

Stella took Emilia by the hand, and once more began to pull her towards her bedroom, clearly eager to get down to business. Emilia felt just the same, though when they passed by the master bedroom, a slightly different idea popped into her head.

“Hold on a second,” she said, stopping again.

A frowning Stella glanced back at her. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh, I was just thinking… you ever done it on your parents’ bed?” It was where she’d be sleeping, after all, though Stella’s parents surely hadn’t expected their daughter to share it with her.

Stella’s eyes widened as she digested Emilia’s question, a slow smile spreading on her lips. “No!” she squealed, bouncing on the balls of her feet. They grinned at each other, then the younger girl raced into her parents’ room and plopped down on the bed, patting the spot next to her.

Emilia didn’t need to be told twice. She swiftly followed, seating herself close to Stella, then before she could get a word out, the eleven-year-old threw both arms around her, claiming Emilia’s mouth in a messy kiss.

I could get used to doing this kind of thing regularly, Emilia thought, her pulse quickening.

Eager to take things a step further, she extended her tongue, and found Stella’s mouth only too eager to welcome her in.
Tentatively at first, she explored her partner’s mouth, then growing in confidence, she was soon teasing and playing with Stella’s tongue in some sort of sexy duel. She found the experience intensely erotic.

“Mmm,” she purred when their lips finally parted. “You were right, that’s pretty fun.”

“I know, right?” All smiles, Stella lay back on the bed, placing both hands behind her head. She watched Emilia expectantly, leaving her the choice of how to proceed.

Emilia’s eyes drank in the young beauty stretched out before her. Stella’s golden hair was fanned out around her angelic face, her pink top had lifted up to give a tantalizing peek at her belly, those cute blue panties hinted enticingly at the untold pleasures hidden beneath, and her legs were simply to die for.

Emilia hesitated. Spoiled for choice, she had a hard time deciding where to even begin. In the end, her hand shaking ever so slightly, she reached out to caress those lovely legs that she’d been admiring all evening. Up one leg, then down the other. Stella’s skin was silky smooth and a delight to lightly brush with the tips of her fingers.

Emilia let her hand roam up to Stella’s velvet-soft inner thigh, making the girl squirm in anticipation. Though she desperately wanted to go just a little higher and touch the treasure that those little panties were concealing, she decided to pace herself. Let’s save that part for last, she decided.

Instead, she turned her eyes to Stella’s exposed tummy. Leaning over, Emilia deposited a soft kiss on the cute belly button, then a few more around it, and finally a quick lick for good measure, making her partner giggle.

It was intoxicating to be so close to Stella, inhaling the nice, soapy smell of her skin, even getting a taste of her on the tongue. She longed to touch, to kiss, to love every bit of this little siren’s body.

Some parts more than others, of course. Taking the hem of the pink tank top between two fingers, she slowly lifted it, making a show of peeking underneath.

Stella grinned at her antics. “I can take it off if you want.” Sitting up, she began to do just that, but hesitated at chest-level. “Um, my boobs are real small, though,” she warned, a hint of insecurity in her voice.

“That’s fine, sweetie. I bet you’re just beautiful,” Emilia said, her eyes fixed on Stella’s skin as it was revealed.

Reassured, Stella finished pulling off the garment in one quick motion, then bravely presented herself for Emilia’s inspection. She had the cutest little bumps, topped by slightly puffy nipples. No need for a bra just yet, but the girl would probably require one before long.

Emilia stared for a moment, overwhelmed by how sexy and alluring this topless little girl was. “Well, look at that, I was right,” she finally said, with a wink. “You are beautiful.”

“Um, thanks,” Stella replied — blushing, but clearly pleased.

Suddenly drawn forward by an urge beyond her control, Emilia found herself mere inches from Stella’s tempting chest. Gazing up into the girl’s eyes, she flicked her tongue over a nipple, watching as Stella gasped in response.

“Sensitive, huh?” Emilia asked, pleased with the reaction.

“I… I guess so.” Stella seemed surprised. Emilia wondered if that was the first time she’d experienced that feeling.

Taking the nipple into her mouth, Emilia took a moment to gently suck on it, then moved to the other breast, tracing circles around its areola with her tongue.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” Stella murmured.

Straightening herself, Emilia smiled at the girl. God, she was so sexy in just her panties. Wrapping her arms around Stella, she pulled her in for a deep and passionate kiss. She let her hands roam over her young partner’s body as their tongues tangled, one drifting down the girl’s back to grab at her ass, the other caressing her budding breasts. Stella moaned her appreciation into Emilia’s mouth.

After a long moment, they had to take a breather, both of them panting as they eyed each other. “Can I see yours too, now?” Stella suddenly asked, looking pointedly at Emilia’s chest.

“Oh, um, sure. I guess that’s only fair.” Emilia grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and off over her head. Reaching behind to unhook her bra, she hesitated briefly, suddenly feeling a little self-conscious. It seemed silly — it wasn’t like she had anything to envy Stella for in that department — but still, it was the first time she’d be undressing in front of a lover.  After a shaky chuckle, she fought off the nervousness, undid the hooks, and let the bra slide down her arms.

“Woooow,” Stella exclaimed, wide eyes fixed on Emilia’s bare tits.

“Thanks, um, I think,” Emilia said, laughing. In her view, there was nothing too special about her modest B-cups, but Stella’s reaction was making her feel like a busty top model for the first time in her life. And maybe the last, she told herself, but what the hell, it’s pretty flattering.

Her heart rose in her throat when she saw Stella reach out to touch, but the girl seemed to change her mind midway, letting her hand fall back. Disappointed, Emilia was about to assure her that touching was just fine, but she soon realized that her partner had another idea in mind.

Stella leaned in, just as Emilia had done earlier, until her face was level with one breast. Looking up with a playful glance, she slowly extended her tongue, then flicked it around Emilia’s nipple.

“Ah!” Though she’d been fully expecting the contact, Emilia couldn’t help gasping at the electric sensation of it — like an erotic bolt of lightning going straight down to her already-soaked pussy, driving her wild with desire.

Grinning at the reaction, Stella continued to tease the rapidly hardening nipple with her tongue, pausing to exclaim, “Oh, it’s getting all stiff!”

“Mmm-hmm. That means you’re — ah! — doing a wonderful job.” Stella switched sides to give her other breast some love as well, and Emilia moaned, “God, this feels good.”

“Told you!” Stella pulled back a little, then, with a lecherous smile on her lips, cupped Emilia’s breasts with both hands, fondling them to her heart’s content. “Wow, your boobs are so great.”

Emilia let out a happy sigh, loving how Stella’s hands felt on her sensitive flesh. “Glad you like ‘em. They sure like you right now,” she said, winking.

She was trying her best to seem relaxed, but the truth was that Emilia had never known such intense excitement. If things already feel this great, what’ll it be like when we actually get to —

“Hey, let’s get all naked!” Stella suddenly said, apparently thinking the exact same thing. Without waiting for a reply, she hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down to her ankles, then kicked them to the floor. Now completely nude, the girl sat back, one leg straight, the other folded under her, giving a perfect view of her sex — maybe it was simple immodesty, but the look in Stella’s eyes suggested she knew exactly what she was doing.

Emilia stared at the little girl’s pussy, perfectly smooth, perfectly formed like a little peach, perfectly sexy and inviting. She swallowed, her mouth already watering at the wicked possibilities going through her mind.

“Your turn,” Stella reminded her with an arched eyebrow.

“Oh, right.” Emilia gave herself a shake and got to her feet. She took her time undoing her shorts, all the while enjoying Stella’s look of rapt attention. Then, turning her back to the girl, she slowly pulled down her shorts, bending over to get them to her feet, in what she hoped was an appropriately sexy striptease.

Glancing over her shoulder, she was satisfied to see the naked desire in Stella’s eyes. The sight of lust on such an angelic face served only to fuel her own hunger even further. She gave her ass a little shake, hoping to excite the girl even more.

Truth be told, teasing Stella was only one reason she’d turned around. The other was that she’d been certain there would be an embarrassingly large damp spot on the front of her panties and, looking down at herself now, she saw that her arousal was indeed quite evident.

The soiled panties quickly followed her shorts to the floor. Then, not quite sure how to do a very sexy reveal, Emilia simply turned around to face Stella again. “Ta-da!” she announced with a self-conscious titter.

Stella’s eyes roamed over Emilia’s body, a wide grin illuminating her face. Clearly, she had enjoyed the little show.

“Um, sorry, I’d have shaved down there if I’d known we were gonna be, uh… you know,” Emilia said, suddenly feeling a little insecure as she sat back down next to the smooth and sexy young girl. Though no one else had ever seen the results until now, she sometimes shaved off her pubes just in case, or when she wanted to feel sexy. It had been a while since the last time, but thankfully she wasn’t all that hairy anyhow.

“Oh, no! I like your hair,” Stella assured Emilia — a novelty for her, maybe? In any case, the younger girl’s eyes were now intent on Emilia’s bush. As if hypnotized, she reached out for it, then paused just a few inches short, looking up with a question in her eyes.

Heart hammering, Emilia gave a quick nod. Things were getting intense, and fast.

She felt Stella’s fingers brush through her pubic hair — light as a feather at first, nearly driving her mad with anticipation. Then the young girl pushed deeper, cupping Emilia’s sex. She slipped a finger between her slick folds, then quickly added another.

“Ah! Oh God!” Emilia cried out as she felt the intimate touch of a lover for the first time. Little wet noises as the fingers moved up and down her slit left no doubt as to how turned on she was. Stella didn’t comment — her knowing smile said it all.

Emilia couldn’t believe how great this was. How did Stella’s fingers somehow feel so much better than her own? She stared wonderingly at the little girl, this innocent-looking angel who was busy fucking her.

Stella looked so sexy and gorgeous, nibbling her lower lip as she concentrated on her erotic task. Emilia wanted to please the girl as well, and she reached out for a tentative squeeze of her ass, a pinch of a nipple — but it was too difficult to focus through the haze of her own bliss.

In fact, she was surprised to feel a familiar tension building up inside her. God, am I getting close already? This had to be some sort of record. At that moment, though, Stella’s fingers slowed, and the feeling melted away.

Emilia gave the girl a look of desperation. “Please don’t stop, sweetie,” she begged.

Stella offered a sheepish smile. “Oh, sorry. Just, um… is it okay if I… put a finger, um, inside?”

Emilia very much liked the sound of that. “Oh. Yeah, of course! Please do.”

The smile turned into a naughty grin. “Cool! Stacy was kinda scared to try that.”

Emilia was only too happy to let the young girl carry out her fingering fantasy. She gasped when Stella’s index finger entered, carefully at first, then slowly began to probe her. Extending her arms behind her for support, she began to push back against her partner’s hand. Soon they had a pleasurable rhythm going.

Stella’s brow was furrowed as she focused on the task, but she still seemed to be pleased with this new experience. After a moment, evidently feeling adventurous, the girl inserted a second finger, much to Emilia’s delight. Those fingers felt amazing inside her vagina, but when Stella also pressed a thumb to her clit…

“Oh God, yes! Fuck!” Emilia cried out. Then, realizing she’d let slip an F-word, she clamped a hand over her mouth — though Stella only gave her an amused look. It was a pretty silly thing to worry about when they actually were fucking.

The intensity of Emilia’s pleasure quickly chased away her embarrassment. In fact, she was having trouble keeping herself upright, so she lay back, supported only by her elbows so she could keep watching Stella. The sight of the young girl pistoning two fingers into her sex was driving Emilia wild, the dam of her built-up ecstasy about to crack and burst. “Yes, yes, sweetie, yes! You’re g-gonna… make me… aaaah!”

Her head rolled back as a mighty orgasm overwhelmed her. She gave voice to her pleasure in hoarse cries while her body thrashed near-uncontrollably. Her bliss went on and on, longer than she’d ever thought possible, her every nerve on fire.

Finally, her body went limp, and she lay motionless, panting hard, her mind unable to fully process the pure joy she’d just experienced. She sensed Stella’s motion, felt the girl stretch out next to her.

“Did you get off? Was it a nice one?” the girl asked, her innocent voice at odds with what she was asking.

“Oh my God…” Emilia mumbled, still trying to catch her breath. “You’re… really good at that…” She’d never come that hard, not ever. Opening her eyes to gaze at her underage lover, Emilia gave the girl a weary smile. Stella grinned back, looking very proud of herself.

Taken by a sudden wave of lust, Emilia wrapped both arms around the girl’s neck and drew her in for a grateful kiss that quickly grew heated. “Now, I believe it’s your turn,” she said afterwards, gently rolling Stella onto her back.

Their lips met again while Emilia let her hands wander all over the girl’s body, reveling in the warmth and softness of her skin. Her fingers brushed lightly against Stella’s breasts, her belly, her thighs — every touch leaving little goosebumps in its wake.

“That tickles,” Stella said, giggling. “But… in a nice way.”

Emilia smiled as she continued to caress her young partner. She had dreamed of being with another girl for so long, and thus far the experience more than lived up to her lofty expectations. Simply touching Stella was making her heart flutter again, but there was a certain special spot on the girl’s body that Emilia ached to explore more than any other.

Gazing into Stella’s eyes, she let a finger trail lightly across the girl’s sex, tracing the outlines of her lips. She got a cute little gasp in response, which only made Emilia want to give Stella more of the same. She did just that, the tip of her finger slowly brushing up and down the cleft of her little lover’s slit.

Though she enjoyed taking her time, savoring every detail, an impatient whimper from her partner made it clear that Stella was ready to be taken to the next level. Still holding the girl’s gaze, Emilia pressed in with her finger, slipping between Stella’s pussy lips and discovering with delight that the little minx was just as wet as she’d been herself.

“Mmmm,” Stella purred, music to Emilia’s ears.

It was thrilling to watch those mesmerizing eyes glaze over in pleasure as Emilia began to rub Stella’s little treasure in earnest. Soon, impassioned moans were escaping the young girl’s lips. Wow, this is so hot! Emilia thought. She was rapidly coming to the conclusion that giving pleasure was every bit as great as getting it.

Wanting more of her lover’s delicious body, Emilia lowered her mouth to Stella’s stiffened nipples — sucking on one, then the other, then teasing them with her tongue. Judging by the tremors racing through the girl’s slight frame, Emilia was doing an excellent job of pleasuring her.

After a moment, glancing down to where her hand was still busy between Stella’s legs, Emilia decided that there was another, better use for her tongue. Her mouth was already watering at the thought. “Hey, Stella…” she began as her fingers slowed in their movements.

“Hmm?” Stella, eyes closed, her lips pursed in annoyance at the interruption.

“I wanna try… the tongue thing, alright?”

“Oh!” Stella raised herself on her elbows to gape at Emilia. “Really? O-okay.” She seemed both excited and a little apprehensive.

Emilia flashed a reassuring smile, then began to kiss her way down the girl’s body, her heart pounding faster the closer she got to her goal. Stella was already squirming in anticipation, but Emilia just had to pause for an instant to admire that perfect little pussy up close. From this intimate distance, she could see there actually was just a hint of golden down starting to grow on the child’s vulva. It was a sight that thrilled her to the core.

She inhaled deeply, taking in the intoxicating scent of arousal, then deposited a soft kiss on Stella’s sex. Then another, and another, encouraged by the gasps that the girl let out each time Emilia’s lips touched her pussy.

When Stella began to thrust her hips forward, Emilia decided to let the girl have what she wanted. She slipped her tongue between her partner’s nether lips, letting it trail the length of the slit, relishing her first taste of another girl. The flavor didn’t seem all that different from her own, which she’d sampled many times while imagining a situation just like this one — but the source made it seem all the more luscious.

While it was true that Emilia lacked hands-on experience when it came to sex, she did have a very good idea of what to do thanks to rather extensive internet “research.” In fact, an erotic story she’d once read had mentioned that tracing the alphabet with the tongue was a good technique to try at first, so she set out to do just that.

“Ooooh! Oh my God, that feels soooo good,” Stella gushed, apparently enjoying the whole set of letters, though unsurprisingly showing some preference for those that brushed her clitoris. Capital T’s were a big hit.

Stella’s breathing was getting short, her cries growing progressively louder. Determined to make her little lover’s orgasm a memorable one, Emilia began focusing more on Stella’s pleasure bud, rapidly flicking her tongue over it, increasingly eager to hear the girl scream in ecstasy.

“Ah! Emmi, yes!” Stella cried out.

Emilia smiled when she felt her partner’s fingers tangling and tightening in her hair, and decided that she could really get used to having a pretty girl shout out her name in the throes of pleasure. Knowing Stella was getting close to her release, she kept licking that sweet pussy for all she was worth, even though her jaw was starting to ache a little.

It only took a few more seconds before a great spasm shook Stella’s body, then wordless, blissful cries escaped her lips as her thighs clamped around Emilia’s head.

Unfazed, perhaps even excited to have her face trapped against a lover’s sex, Emilia didn’t relent in her tongue action, striving to give Stella the greatest orgasm possible. Finally, the girl’s moans faded and her body went limp.

Licking her lips, Emilia crawled up and stretched out next to Stella, watching her slowly recover her breath. She was very pleased with herself, having given this little angel what looked like one hell of a climax. “Not bad for a beginner, huh?” she said, placing a kiss on Stella’s shoulder.

The girl laughed. “Yeah! Oh my God, it’s amazing with the tongue!” she exclaimed, snuggling up against Emilia.

“I thought you might like that.” Emilia rolled onto her back, pulling Stella’s bare body on top of hers.

“It, um… it wasn’t gross, though, was it?” Stella nervously glanced at Emilia.

“No, sweetie. Actually, you’re delicious.” Emilia winked, then snapped her teeth together, pretending to take a bite out of Stella’s nose. She’d definitely loved it, her first time going down on a girl.

Stella giggled, then laid her head down on Emilia’s chest, their legs in an affectionate tangle. She seemed to be resting peacefully.

Emilia pondered what had just happened. She had a hard time believing that an ordinary night of babysitting had turned into this unbelievable experience. I just had sex, she thought, wondering if she should feel more grown-up somehow. With an eleven-year-old, she reminded herself. There was still some residual guilt about that in the back of her mind, but it wasn’t as heavy a weight as she might have expected. The sex had been incredible, and Stella had obviously enjoyed it as much as she did. Should she really feel bad about it?

Maybe she’d feel differently about it later, when she wasn’t dazed from lovemaking. For the moment, though, Emilia had to admit she was still turned on. Eating Stella’s pussy had excited her immensely, and now she was becoming keenly aware of the young girl’s body pressed against hers, especially Stella’s thigh, which was resting against her sex. Squirming a little, Emilia wondered if her new lover had the energy for some more fun.

As if on cue, Stella lifted her head, a knowing look in her eyes. This little girl was dangerously perceptive. With a playful smile at the corner of her mouth, she allowed a hand to slowly trail across Emilia’s ribs up to one breast, then casually toyed with the nipple until it stood rigid at attention. “More?” she asked, all sweet innocence.

“God, please,” Emilia breathed, renewed desire creeping into her voice.

Looking satisfied with that answer, Stella lowered her mouth to Emilia’s other nipple, taking it between her lips to gently suckle. Soon, it was just as stiff as the other one. Then Stella took some time alternating between Emilia’s breasts, pleasuring one, then the other.

Emilia ran her fingers through Stella’s lovely golden hair, enjoying the delicious sensations the girl’s tongue was giving her. She could feel her pussy getting wet all over again — Stella certainly knew how to get a girl worked up!

“Ooooh!” she squealed when she felt her lover’s thigh press harder against her slick sex. It was hardly an accident — an instant later, Stella repositioned herself so that her thigh was firmly wedged between Emilia’s legs. She began to move her hips in a steady rhythm, thrusting forward and putting an exquisite pressure on Emilia’s pussy — surely getting her leg wet with love juice in the process.

After a moment, Emilia noticed Stella’s breath starting to accelerate as well, then felt a warm wetness on her own thigh. She realized that the girl was humping her at the same time, giving herself the same pleasure that Emilia was enjoying.

Their eyes met and they exchanged quick grins as Emilia began pushing back, the two of them falling into an increasingly brisk tempo. Soon, the room was filled with the sound of panting and wet slapping noises.

Suddenly, the young girl paused in mid-motion. “Hold on!” she gasped, “I’ll… I’ll show you another way — it’s even better!” Dismounting, Stella knelt between Emilia’s legs instead, pushing them apart, then leaned forward until she was nearly lying on top of Emilia, supported by her elbows. Now their sexes were brushing against each other.

Emilia gasped when Stella pushed down with her hips, grinding their pussies together. Quickly getting the idea, she spread her legs even further, then began to thrust back against her lover. She’d seen this kind of thing done in sex videos before, though not quite in this position. “Mmm, this is nice,” she murmured.

Stella nodded, her eyes already half-closed and glazed over. She’d obviously tried this before, her hips churning in a steady rhythm that soon had them both whimpering.

Emilia let her hands roam over her lover’s back, slowly caressing their way down to Stella’s tight little ass. She cupped it with both hands, pulling the young girl against her even harder, mashing their slits together. It felt intensely sensual to have sex this way, their pussies sharing the most intimate kiss, the juices mingling.

Frustratingly, though, as exciting as the position was, Emilia was feeling her pleasure leveling off. It felt good, but she suspected this wouldn’t be quite enough to get her off. She wasn’t quite getting the friction  on her clit that she craved, and squirming around in an attempt to improve her position proved to be increasingly awkward.

Stella certainly didn’t seem to have that problem. She was rolling her hips with obvious intent, grunting with pleasure at each push against Emilia’s sex. She clearly knew exactly what she was doing — lots of practice with Stacy, maybe? — and looked to be well on her way to a nice climax.

Emilia watched the young girl exerting herself. Stella’s hair was sticking to her face with sweat, her breath was ragged, her eyes shut tight and her mouth slack — and somehow, she’d never seemed so beautiful. It was amazing to observe this little angel in the throes of passion, pleasure written on her lovely face.

“Oooh! Yeah, c-come for me, sweetie!” Emilia gasped.

It didn’t take long at all before Stella did just that. She let out a quick blissful cry and pushed herself down hard against Emilia, then her body went rigid, her mouth wide open in a long, silent moan. She was even more beautiful mid-orgasm, if such a thing was possible, despite her face being twisted in a grimace of ecstasy.

Emilia felt her own excitement surge, and her pleasure peak, but not quite enough to join her partner in release. When Stella finally went limp and collapsed on top of her, breathing hard, Emilia wrapped both arms around the girl in a tight hug, kissing her hair and inhaling the sweaty-but-sexy scent of her skin.

They spent a while lying together while Stella recovered — it was a good thing the young girl didn’t weigh much. Emilia enjoyed the closeness of their embrace, though she still needed relief from her own sexual tension.

“Mmm, that was good,” Stella said when she could speak again, a big satisfied smile on her lips as she looked up at Emilia. “Oh! But you didn’t get one, right?” she realized after an instant, pushing herself up with some effort.

Emilia had to chuckle at the girl’s reaction. “That’s okay, sweetie, take your time,” she said, feigning patience she didn’t really feel.

Stella’s gaze shifted from Emilia’s face to her sex, then back again. “Do you, um… do you want me to do it with my tongue?”

Emilia’s breath caught in her throat. In fact, there was nothing she desired more in the world. “Well, you don’t have to, if you don’t feel like it,” she made herself say, “but if you want to give a try, I’m sure I’d love that.”

She watched the young girl hesitate for a moment, fervently hoping she was feeling up for a new experience. Then with a shy smile, Stella slowly knelt down between her legs, taking a moment to inspect Emilia’s pussy up close.

Simply feeling Stella’s breath on her intimacy was enough to turn Emilia’s arousal up to eleven. She jumped a little when Stella used two fingers to spread her nether lips, the contact electric. “It’s beautiful,” the girl murmured, fascinated.

Stella’s tongue darted out for a quick lick, then the girl paused to sample the nectar. Emilia whimpered, desperate for more. Oh God, please don’t stop!

Apparently satisfied with the taste, Stella extended her tongue again to leisurely explore the folds of Emilia’s sex, taking time to probe and poke at every spot, though favoring the engorged clit, much to Emilia’s delight.

Raising herself up on her elbows, Emilia stared, mouth agape, at this angelic face between her legs, doing such a wonderful job of licking her pussy. Though she didn’t exactly have the experience to make comparisons, she deemed Stella to be a natural at oral sex. Holy fucking shit, this is amazing, she thought, but allowed herself only a restrained groan, struggling to avoid swearing out loud.

Pausing her delicious tongue movements for a moment, Stella looked up and said, “You can say dirty words if you want.”

Emilia raised an eyebrow, wondering if the girl might be some kind of Jedi mind reader. “Yeah, okay, I guess it doesn’t matter at this point,” she conceded. “But please don’t stop, it feels so fucking good.”

Stella grinned widely, then went right back to her task, her tongue rapidly flicking up and down Emilia’s slit, sending heavenly sensations through her core.

“Oh my God, yes! Sweetie, that feels incredible!” She wouldn’t be able to last very long at this rate, especially since Stella seemed to redouble her efforts when Emilia cried out. That was fine, though — at this point she was more than ready for a mind-shattering orgasm.

A loud cry forced its way past her lips when Stella’s tongue circled her clit. “Ah! Fuck! Yes, Stella, right there. Please!”

Stella didn’t need to be persuaded. Concentrating all her attention on Emilia’s pearl, she very soon pushed her over the edge.

Ecstasy flooded Emilia. She quickly lost all sense of awareness, except for the unbelievable pleasure that spread in waves through her, again and again. Her previous orgasm had been surprisingly strong, but this one was undeniably the best of her life.

As the overwhelming sensations faded and Emilia slowly became aware of her surroundings again, she felt Stella slip into her arms.
“You’re right, that was yummy,” the girl said, giggling — and very pleased with herself.

“It felt real ‘yummy’ for me, too… My God…” Emilia breathed. Though still feeling weak, she drew Stella close for a brief kiss, tasting herself on her young lover’s lips.

Stella rested her head on Emilia’s chest, sighing contentedly. Emilia gently caressed her back, hoping the girl was feeling as sated as she did. In fact, she couldn’t remember ever being so relaxed, and a warm sensation between her thighs felt like the faint afterglow of the intense fire from earlier.

Sex was really amazing, she reflected. Even with a little girl. Especially with a little girl, maybe? She still wasn’t entirely certain of her feelings on the matter, but that analysis could definitely wait until later. For now, Emilia was entirely at peace with herself, a lot more hopeful about her life, and happy just to hold Stella in her arms.

Her eyelids were heavy, her mind growing cloudy. The only hint of worry that remained was about how much trouble she’d be in if anyone ever knew what had happened today — what might very well continue to happen, if she was being honest. After all, it had been all too easy to guess the secrets of Stella’s sexuality earlier…

“Hey, sweetie…” she murmured.

“Hmm?” Stella sounded as sleepy as Emilia felt.

“Remember, no telling. And… you have a terrible poker face, by the way. We’ll have to work on that before your parents come home.”

The girl chuckled. “‘Kay,” she said, hugging Emilia tighter.

Figuring that they were both exhausted, Emilia reached out to turn off the lamp on the bedside table. Who knew that the secret of getting kids to bed early was to give them a couple of good orgasms?

Remembering their original plans for the evening, Emilia had to smile. So much for watching the whole Trilogy, she thought just before drifting off to sleep.

The End


29 Comments on A New Hope, Part Two

  1. Amanda Lynn says:

    DAMN, but that was hot! Another awesome story from (No One). Now, if we could just get him to write more often. 😛

    • No One says:

      I wish I could…

      But thanks. 😛

      • zayne says:

        Well, I wish that one was a little longer as I felt like their was more you could’ve added to this story, but maybe you could write something like this story, young teen with an even younger tween and honestly the thing that always draws me to your stories are your titles, so keep up the great work on the flashy titles, who would’ve thought a story called A New Hope would’ve given me a big boner.

        • No One says:

          Yeah, there are always ways to take a story further. I just set out to write a quick one-shot story with this one, and it already turned out bigger than I expected. I did get ideas for what would happen next while writing it, so who knows, maybe I’ll do a follow-up at some point. If I just keep going with every story I begin, though, I’ll never have time to write new ones. 😉

          I find it interesting that you noticed my titles. I’m usually not satisfied with them at all, actually. Though in the present case, for once, I do think it fits perfectly. 🙂


  2. cherryco says:

    DAMN, that was hot! Good thing I put a towel down, cause this made me leave a BIG wet spot. Loved it!

  3. Swan says:

    Great story, I loved it. I hope you have time to return to finishing ‘Unexpected Delights’ soon.

    • No One says:

      Thanks! And yes, a new chapter for Unexpected Delights is my next project. No promises on when it will be done, though.

  4. Purple Les says:

    I’m with the crowd here. Loved this story. thanks.

  5. Myka says:

    Heaven to read … and best read lying down for me (Grin)

  6. No One says:

    Thank you Purple Les and Myka!

  7. 3FingersNeat says:

    That is a great story!
    Thank you!

  8. David says:

    WOW what a finish! That was one of the hottest love scenes I have ever read. So erotic as I pictured the two of them naked rubbing their bodies together and the orgasms from licking each other. Great job No One, looking forward to reading more from you.

    • No One says:

      Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it so much and took the time to comment. And be sure to read all my stories, if there are any other you haven’t read yet. 😉

  9. Mike says:

    Absolutely fantastic, and the sex descriptions were amazing

  10. kinkys_sis says:

    The best thing for a story like this is having someone reading it with you. It gets to be fun… and I do love having fun.

    Thank you.

  11. Mireille and Susy says:

    Dear No-One, spot on, this is the last of your offerings (for the moment) and Mireille and I, have enjoyed them all. This is not merely a comment because we feel we should say it as we have “known you” for – goodness knows – how long is it? Jen and I (which I showed Miri) first saw your comment on Ebo H. A. Chapter12 Dec14 2015 and have followed them all until we found you on JS. and you too, “have a real knack for writing memorable characters with fun personalities, as well as sexy situations to put them in.”
    This wonderful story is certainly one of them.
    Only when we got to the end did we appreciate the title’s two pronged connection: the obvious one of Emilia hoping for some sex – then the other, connection to Star Wars lV – when “A New Hope” crawls up the TV screen. Speaking of which – unknowingly – you’ve dropped me in it – yet again – one guess? Tell us if you guessed correctly? My darling wife loved every minute of every hour of Star Wars. More of that elsewhere – eventually.
    You recall we let the computer read to us, well, at the beginning of your story, you do lead us on. Mireille said, “Quick Susy stop it reading.” I did so, then we had a ten minute debate as to weather or not, Jodie would end up in bed with Emilia – then we came to the “God sorry I asked” and I then explained the verb duped to my lovely Belgium wife. Oddly enough, their word is very similar.
    An unusual happenstance between these two females, which we feel is rare and the portmanteau, therefore very apt due to this rarity. What Mireille and I felt during the tale is role reversal due directly to age and knowledge. At the beginning, we have an elder, in charge, quite rightly, because of her role as baby sitter – in charge and expected to be so.
    Then, because of Jodie’s throwaway line about Emilia’s wish to spend the night with a cute girl – well there you go – had her thinking about just how much the “young girl” had developed but tonight “she looked more like a young woman than ever.”
    “Though Emilia had been hunting for details about Stella’s sexual experiences, now it felt like she’d become the prey instead, as if a cute puppy she’d been chasing turned out to be a hungry wolf. Stella’s gaze, erotic beyond her age, was quickly conquering Emilia’s misgivings, and she had to look away for a moment to be able to think at all.”
    We thought, that due to Stella’s experiences, at times, she may have felt as if she was in charge and Emilia may have felt like the student. This is just our opinion and we may be way off centre.
    In part, a huge role reversal with the younger, yet more experienced girl leading the events. Mireille believes Emelia showed her Jodie’s sexual escapades to see where this might lead – even though she harboured the guilt element. Quite a natural feeling, although as we have seen can soon be overcome (no pun intended) by the gratification sex can bring even though an 11 year old is involved – a reasonably experienced 11 year old. It was knowing this latter fact, that guilt – in part was removed – or was she just desperate for sex with another?.
    Emilia referred to Stella as a “kid” but on becoming more relaxed with the inevitable, then used “young girl”.
    “One glance into those beguiling green eyes and Emilia felt her scruples dwindling out. “God, I want you,” she whispered, amazed to hear herself say the words. “I… I really do.”
    Emilia may want Stella but she realises this young lady is far more worldly wise than she is – four times in a row but realises something else also – Stella is missing her sex and just now Emilia is the only person who can give it to her.
    We read your “back to taste” in this super story and if we are talking about the alphabet – have a go at the Russian – it’s also got 33 letters and some are better than “T”
    It was good to know that she did feel some form of guilt – after the event yes – but then it would be??
    When Emilia was aghast at dropping the F word, Mireille said it reminded her of Rain. I asked why and she said because in Remnants, Rain trotted it out and Zee remarked – “you said a bad word”. I’d forgotten that but my darling has a super memory.
    Over the course of our years and emails and comments, we hope we have been both objective and reasonably thorough and knowingly, made those remarks we felt you would appreciate and the praise, is something you richly deserve. Keep on writing No One and more chapters of this super story and Remnants, are two of which we would enjoy.
    Love as always, Mireille and Susy xxx.
    PS Thanks for help, email still down, soon to be fixed. Spain until Oct.Sx

    • No One says:

      Hello! Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on all my stories. I can also finally say that there will be a new one quite soon!

      As you’ve realized, this one was very much about reversing the usual expectations, with the child taking on the role of teacher to the older girl. There’s just something quite alluring about the idea of a precocious little girl taking charge of the situation, isn’t there?

      I’m glad you enjoyed the double meaning of the title. I had fun with that one (even though I guess it’s a bit on the nose).

      I wonder, did you happen to spot the link between A New Hope and another one of my stories?

      Also, are you saying you’re still locked out of your email? Answering the questions about previous subjects didn’t help?

  12. kinkychic says:

    Little_sis commented on this story quite some time ago. At the time, I was in too much of a state to add my thoughts … then I forgot.

    Now that it’s posted again, I just got to re-read it; unfortunately, alone this time.

    It’s been said above already … but beautiful hot stuff!

    • No One says:

      Thank you, much appreciated!

      I haven’t had the time to catch up on the new adventures of Captain Bren yet, but I’ll comment when I eventually do.

  13. CPJ says:

    Wow! What a vivid, erotic story! Bravo!

  14. theflash says:

    Great story Loved it Will there be a part 3

    • No One says:

      Hi, thank you! I have no plans to continue this story at the moment. I think it works fairly well on its own.

      Thanks for commenting.

  15. sue says:

    My favorite fantasy. Two girls, teen and preteen, the preteen bolder and with a little experience but wanting more. Very well done story with honest emotions and thoughts. Lovely and hot.

    • No One says:

      Thanks a lot, Sue! I have to agree (of course) that it’s quite a sexy theme. I always appreciate your comments and your continued presence on the site.

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