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Extended-length stories by Cheryl Taggert…

Aunt Lisa’s Summer with Jenny

Chapter 1   The Arrival: Jenny arrives for a summer with her sexy Aunt Lisa and discovers to her delight that her aunt is more than sexy, she’s hot!
Chapter 2   The Pool and the Roller Coaster: After their little encounter during the shaving episode, Lisa and Jenny end up in the pool and Jenny learns the meaning of “riding the roller coaster.”
Chapter 3   The Seduction of Tammy: Young Tammy, a neighbor Jenny has gotten to know on previous visits, comes for a sleepover, and Lisa and Jenny help her come AT a sleepover.
Chapter 4   Youth Movement: Cheryl, Tammy’s mother, confesses the hot story of how she got involved with her daughters.
Chapter 5   Only the Beginning: After a hot story, what’s better than having sex? Having sex with young girls, of course.
Chapter 6   Tina and Erin’s Adventure: After Lisa’s daughters must come home early from their vacation with their father, they are initiated into the playtime by their cousin and young neighbors…while Cheryl and Lisa watch from Lisa’s bedroom window.
Chapter 7   Life is a Movie: Lisa hatches a plan to make a lot of money with their new lifestyle.
Chapter 8   The Family Business Thrives: The story ends as our heroines, adults and children, find a distributor for their loving movies involving unforced sex, not the usual threat-filled films so often found in the genre.

Island of Joys

Chapter 1   Two women and their young daughters traveling to Australia from their homes in San Francisco become shipwrecked on a desert island in the Pacific.
Chapter 2   A conversation about the facts of life leads to more than anyone planned.
Chapter 3   The impromptu orgy continues, leading to a whole new freedom for everyone.
Chapter 4   A middle-of-the-night party leads to a serious conversation between Beverly and Sharon.
Chapter 5   Sharon tells Beverly about her miserable life with her husband, but what the talk leads to is observed by someone, who is then observed herself.
Chapter 6   Sharon discovers something nobody expected, and after Beverly discusses this discovery with the children, a small orgy breaks out!
Chapter 7   Sharon is seven months pregnant and waiting to give birth to her son or daughter while raging hormones make her more sexually aroused than she’s ever been before. Then she’s at nine months and gives birth. It’s a…!
Chapter 8   Sharon has her babies, and after they get old enough, the children are taught how to make love. They may be young, but they’ve been watching their sisters and mothers having sex since birth, so of course they are eager!
Chapter 9   Eight-year-olds Laura and Amanda sneak away one night to exchange marriage vows and make love, but they have company they don’t see watching them. Then the person watching joins them to discover she has a special talent.

I Was the Daughter of a Porn Star

Who’s Who in the story – a list of characters

PART ONE:  The Childhood Years
Chapter 1   My Lifelong Sexual Adventure Begins at Age Six: Young Cheryl catches her mother, a porn star, “alone” and helps her come. Later, her young sex life improves as others join in on the fun.
Chapter 2   Mommy’s Workplace and The One Who Complained: A woman employed on the set where Cheryl’s mom works has problems with involving a girl so young in sex — until she is shown the light.
Chapter 3   A Friend My Own Age: After having sex with the new porn star, Cheryl makes a move to get to know a girl at school better. The successful seduction of Deanna begins their little-girl love affair.
Chapter 4   I Make Plans with Deanna: The girls catch their mothers in an embrace; Cheryl catches Deanna’s sister Elizabeth “toying” in the shower; and Deanna sets off for the thrill of a lifetime.
Chapter 5   Deanna Visits a Porn Set: After allowing the adults working for the film crew to watch Cheryl and Deanna in a hot 69, the girls are both allowed on the set, and fireworks go off while the girls get off.
Chapter 6   Tera’s Orgy with the Girls: Tera, the production assistant, breaks down and has a private orgy with the girls.
Chapter 7   The Seduction of Nikki: Tera brings her little daughter, Nikki, over to Cheryl’s house so she and Deanna can seduce her with sex games.
Chapter 8   Nikki’s First Orgy: Tera finally has sex with her daughter, and Cheryl, her mom, and Deanna aren’t exactly playing bridge themselves.
Chapter 9   Getting Elizabeth Involved: Cheryl and Deanna put on a show for Deanna’s older sister, become voyeurs themselves, and finally involve Elizabeth in a threesome.
Chapter 10   Broadening My Horizons: When Cheryl’s mom tells her Deanna’s mother wants to be seduced by Cheryl, she begins the seduction with a sexy striptease and a slightly open bedroom door.
Chapter 11   Results of Seduction: After midnight, Cheryl sneaks into Deanna’s mother’s room to find her awake and masturbating. One thing leads to another, which leads to even more. Before everything is done, the daughters are having sex with their mom, too.
Chapter 12   The Mini-Orgy: When Cheryl’s mom arrives to pick her up from Deanna’s the morning after the incestuous orgy, Cheryl’s plan results in yet another all-girl morning of sex.
Chapter 13   Adventures in Babysitting: Cheryl’s job babysitting Emily ends up having some fringe benefits. (Warning: a dog’s tongue gets involved.)
Chapter 14   More Babysitting Adventures: More sex for Cheryl as she finds a homemade DVD of Emily’s mom and twin sister, which leads to having fun with Emily’s mother.
Chapter 15   Aunt Emmy’s Visit: Cheryl’s Aunt Emmy, first met in chapter one, visits, and the results are no surprise.
Chapter 16   You Call This a Seduction?: Cheryl and her Aunt Emmy visit the home where Cheryl does her babysitting…and seducing…and more fun ensues.
Chapter 17   Mom Buys Me a Special Present: Nine-year-old Cheryl is bored, but her mom has the perfect solution.
Chapter 18   The Two-Family Orgy: When Deanna gets home from her vacation, Cheryl and her mom end up making special arrangements with her, as well as with Deanna’s mother, Jessie, and sister, Elizabeth. Then they arrive home to discover someone has stopped by as well. Let the fireworks begin!
Chapter 19   Phone Sex and the BIG Surprise: Cheryl eavesdrops on a phone call and gets quite a shock as she listens to her mother engaging in phone sex. Then Cheryl is so excited she calls Deanna for a little phone sex of her own.
Chapter 20   My Birthday and the Game: Cheryl’s birthday party arrives, and she invents a new game for the occasion, a game everyone enjoys quite a bit!
Chapter 21   The Learning Process Can Be Scary: Cheryl begins to learn about the seamier side of the sex industry, as well as more about her mom’s past. Then Grandma arrives, and something unusual happens at the airport.
Chapter 22   Grandma’s Visit: Things heat up between Cheryl and her grandmother, and then there’s more. Much more.

PART TWO:  The Teen Years
Chapter 23   Life with Jenna and Plans are Made: It’s three years later… the sex is still very hot, but now there’s a new revelation.
Chapter 24   Jenna’s Big Secret: While Kayleigh talks to the private detective, Jenna tells her life’s biggest secret.
Chapter 25   Carmen’s First Attempt at Seduction: After Cheryl and Jenna eavesdrop on Carmen’s attempt to seduce her sister, trouble brews. Then Gwen, the private detective trying to find out what happened to Cindy, interviews one of the call girls. And what is the call girl doing with her foot??
Chapter 26   An Evil Lurks: Cheryl discovers Carmen’s sister, Clare, is not at all what she expected, and plans must be made because of her. Meanwhile, Deanna is over for both the plans and some fun, which includes Jenna and Kayleigh as well.
Chapter 27   Gwen Learns Many Things: Gwen, the private detective, remembers her past sexual encounters before arriving at Kayleigh and Cheryl’s, where she gets several surprises.
Chapter 28   A Little Matter of PHS: Clare instructs Cheryl to go without panties all day at school and flash several people. This leads to some rather interesting developments.
Chapter 29   Blackmail Isn’t for Everyone, But It Will Do: Clare shows up to victimize Cheryl and Jenna both as she continues her blackmail of the girls. Will Cheryl’s and her mother’s plan to turn the tables on Clare work?
Chapter 30   Marie’s Challenge and Confession: Marie takes Cheryl to join her in some naughty play, and the girls make plans to meet later, as they did the day before. This time, though, their adventure turns out quite differently. Finally, Marie confesses something to Cheryl that seals their friendship completely.
Chapter 31   Marie Spends the Night – After an Interesting Friday at School: Marie comes to spend the night for the first time, where some romantic confessions are one of the night’s highlights, but not before some more drama at school.
Chapter 32   Explaining Love and Other Bad News: Cheryl’s morning is heavenly as Jenna joins in on the fun with Marie, not to mention Mom. But the afternoon brings dark clouds of misery. Is this really the end of one of Cheryl’s most treasured relationships?
Chapter 33   Miserable Happiness, the Oxymoron of My Life: Cheryl is miserable over Deanna’s response to Marie. However, the girls’ mothers decide something must be done about it and take steps to get the two back together. Will it work, or will the girls’ pride get in the way?
Chapter 34   Finding the Thrills Behind Sadness: There is really bad news regarding the hunt for Cindy, and Cheryl consoles Jenna in a very loving way. Then Cheryl has a most interesting conversation with Ms. Patterson at school, followed by yet another encounter in a bathroom stall.
Chapter 35   Conversations – and Other Things – with Ms. Patterson, a.k.a. Danni: Cheryl makes an after-school date with Ms. Patterson, who has requested Cheryl call her Danni when they are “alone” with each other. This leads to many wonderful experiences for everyone involved.
Chapter 36   Danni’s Fun and Gwen’s Meeting — a Study in Contrasts: Danni has fun with Cheryl and her family after joining them at their home, where some more of her life is revealed. Then Gwen discovers danger isn’t just for call-girls.
Chapter 37   The Slumber Party, Part I: After we find out what happened with Gwen, we get to look in on the beginning of a very sexy party at Marie’s. Can you guess which adult wants to join in?
Chapter 38   The Slumber Party, Part II, or Riding the Pussy-go-round: All slumber parties must come to an end, but WHAT an end!
Chapter 39   Unexpected Visitors: Gwen gets the surprise of her life when she gets home from shopping, and so do Cheryl and her family when they watch a revealing video.
Chapter 40   Speaking of Bombshells: Cheryl learns something that she didn’t know that will affect her the rest of her life. Then we learn a few things about her summer and a new game she and Jenna have. And this time, there’s a voyeur enjoying this particular game.
Chapter 41   Full Time Companionship: Cheryl is growing up, and now she has a full-time job in the summer. But will there be any fringe benefits?
Chapter 42   Trouble in Paradise: Erin is a bit reluctant to do more than masturbate together. Can Cheryl convince her that in this case, less is NOT more?
Chapter 43   The Final Seduction of Erin Hartley: Success at last! Erin “comes” on board for all the fun two girls can have.
Chapter 44   Erin Learns About My Life: Cheryl brings Jenna over, with Ms. Hartley’s permission, and the two younger girls get along quite well. Amazingly well, in fact.
Chapter 45   Meanwhile: We discover what’s been happening with Cindy and Gwen. And who’s that young girl in bed with the private investigator?
Chapter 46  News and A Daring Seduction Attempt: Cheryl and her family receive the latest news on Cindy the day Erin is coming for an overnight stay. Also, Cheryl learns Erin is playing with fire.
Chapter 47  And Now for a Little Orgy: Erin has arrived for the sleepover, and things get rather hot with Cheryl’s family.
Chapter 48  A Night of Seductions: What Cheryl sees in the middle of the night leads to a special game of Sleep Seduction.
Chapter 49  Two Conversations: First, there’s a serious conversation between Cheryl and Kayleigh, her mom, followed by Ms. Hartley having lunch with Kayleigh and having an even more serious conversation with Cheryl. Will Cheryl lose the best job she could ever have?
Chapter 50  The Call — Yes, THAT Call: Gwen arranges for Jenna to finally talk to her mother.
Chapter 51  Important Changes for Erin: Erin shares what her mom told her about the conversation with Cheryl, which leads to some expected fun, and Cheryl gets home to find out about the phone call to Colombia. Then there’s a surprise waiting for Cheryl that Friday when she gets to work.
Chapter 52  The Lesson: Cindy teaches two little girls about lesbian sex, and we all know what that leads to, right? Yep… orgasms!
Chapter 53  Poolside Sex and Plans Are Made: Marie visits Cheryl for some skinny-dipping fun and the family gets a shock when they speak to Cindy on the phone again. We also learn of various plans being made, even an ominous one by Pablo.
Chapter 54  Erin’s Masturbation Story and the Unbelievable Consequences: Cheryl hears about Erin’s night masturbating in front of her mother, which leads to more than anyone bargained for.
Chapter 55  Talk About Your Extroverts!: Cheryl and Erin put on quite a show for Erin’s mother, Peyton Hartley, who explains a few facts of life to her daughter when all is said and done.
Chapter 56  Cindy’s Surprise Visitors: When Cindy is visited by a couple of friends in Colombia, their demonstration of a special talent completely amazes our kidnapped heroine.
Chapter 57  Rescue Plans and Finality: The rescue plan is hurriedly finalized, Cheryl has a revealing talk with Jenna, and she finally realizes the orgy they have afterwards could be the last time they are all together to make love.
Chapter 58  Nocturnal Wanderings – Farewells and Love: While worrying about tomorrow’s rescue, Cindy gets another nighttime visit. Meanwhile, Kayleigh makes a nocturnal visit of her own.
Chapter 59  The Rescue, Part One: The rescue begins, but the best laid plans of mice and men — not to mention beautiful women — often go awry.
Chapter 60  The Rescue, Part Two: The rescue continues. But when plans go awry, sometimes people die. Will that happen in this case? And if it does, who will suffer the ultimate loss? And how many?

PART THREE:  The Young Adult Years
Chapter 61   The Aftermath and the Summer Before College: Cheryl has graduated from high school and now that she’s 18, she wants to earn some money following in her mother’s footsteps. She attends a party at her mother’s director’s house, and makes a couple of exciting discoveries.
Chapter 62   A Big Surprise for Callie: Cheryl, Deanna, and Callie have their own orgy in Callie’s room. Then someone walks in to find them. Will this be a good thing or bad?
Chapter 63   Cheryl’s Commercial Movie Debut: Cheryl and Deanna begin their porn careers, but Cheryl is a bit ‘out of sorts’ and even she doesn’t understand why. And Cheryl plans to study WHAT in college??
Chapter 64   The Movie: Cheryl makes her porn movie debut with her mom and Deanna.
Chapter 65   College Begins: Cheryl and Deanna begin college with registration and an assembly for entering freshmen at UCLA. While there, Cheryl notices another young lady and is immediately interested.
Chapter 66   My Family’s Orgasmic Send-Off to College: Cheryl wakes up on her last day before classes to a wonderful surprise that makes her feel, well, VERY good!
Chapter 67   Life at UCLA: Cheryl’s first day at UCLA isn’t very good, but her second day makes up for it. However, it’s the third day that has the biggest surprise for our heroine.
Chapter 68   Lisa and Brenda, Jenna and Me: Cheryl tries to rectify the mess she helped create between Brenda and Lisa, and finds solace with Jenna.
Chapter 69   The Halloween Party: Cheryl attends a Halloween party and gets an unexpected surprise.
Chapter 70   Genie in a Bottle: Cheryl wonders about her relationship with Lisa and fills her family in on the night before. Worries mount but then are relieved when Lisa calls.
Chapter 71   Getting to Know Each Other, Part One: Cheryl goes to Lisa’s for dinner, and Cheryl and Lisa’s mother meet and talk to get to know each other better, not to mention revealing some personal things. Then when Cheryl meets to chat with Lisa, revelations abound!
Chapter 72   Getting to Know Each Other, Part Two: Cheryl talks to Lisa and they exchange some interesting news about their pasts with each other. And there’s even a surprise from Lisa’s sister, Rachel. But it’s Cheryl and Lisa’s plans for the evening that hold the most sizzle.
Chapter 73   Lisa’s First Sleepover, Round One: Lisa has a sleepover with Cheryl — well, Cheryl and her entire family — but there isn’t much sleeping going on.
Chapter 74   Lisa’s First Sleepover, Round Two: The erotic orgy continues, but after the loving is over, Lisa gets a disturbing phone call.
Chapter 75   Another Solution to Clare: A message from Clare sends Cheryl into a rage, but the next day she speaks to her enemy, and a solution comes to mind. Now if they could only make it work. The relief leads to some fun for Cheryl and Lisa at the end of the day.
Chapter 76   Bye-Bye, Clare? Hello, Zelda!: Cindy and Cheryl have a little phone time with Lisa. Then Cheryl and Lisa put their plan into effect. Later, the girls spend another night at a fancy hotel, this time with some extraordinary room service.
Chapter 77   The Things You Learn in Child Psychology Labs!: Cheryl’s involvement in the lab for her child psychology class leads to meeting Amber, a rather precocious ten-year-old, and her best friend, Chelsea.
Chapter 78   More Conference Room Fun: Cheryl’s interview with Amber and Chelsea gets even more interesting. Then Cheryl is greeted with a surprise on her return to the girls’ classroom the next week.
Chapter 79   The Eighteen-and-Under Orgy: Cheryl, Lisa, and Rachel take Chelsea, Amber, and another friend of theirs to the mall, with an unscheduled stop on the way there, and a planned stop later at Cheryl’s house. There’s a surprise waiting for them at Cheryl’s, however, and things get really hot then.
Chapter 80   The Eighteen-and-Under Orgy, Part Two: The orgy continues.
Chapter 81   Surveys and Sex: Cheryl begins her study of women who became sexually involved with someone at an early age, and her first interview is hotter than a day on Venus.
Chapter 82   Andrea’s Story, Part Two: Andrea continues her story, resulting in quite a nice time for all of the girls.
Chapter 83   Pleasures in Thousand Oaks: Cheryl and Lisa interview a beautiful woman who has a daughter, age nine. Of course, nothing could happen with the child around, right?
Chapter 84   Romance in the Rain: Cheryl’s plan for a romantic getaway where she can propose to Lisa during spring break runs into trouble, nearly becoming a washout.
Chapter 85  Wedding and Honeymoon Plans Accompanied by Occasional Orgies: Kayleigh tells the girls what she’s giving them for a wedding gift, which leads to a lot of fun. Then the girls are surprised by an unexpected visitor, but everyone handles it well. Extremely well, in fact!
Chapter 86  The Good News, the Wedding, and the Seduction: The wedding party makes it to Amsterdam after receiving some good news, and sparks fly when Cheryl meets Lisa’s cousins. But who ends up in bed with them in the end is the real surprise.
Chapter 87  The Honeymoon, Lily, and Laura: On their honeymoon, the newlyweds talk about the change in Lisa’s mom before flying off to London, where they meet a very interesting mother and her daughter.
Chapter 88  The Circle of Abundant Happiness: As we reach the end of this long tale, Cheryl and Lisa meet someone who ends up defining their lives.
Afterword  A few notes on the writing of this story and some of the reality behind where various situations and characters sprang from.


Chapter 1   Cheryl celebrates her 21st birthday by making a wish on a star and waking up the following day as her 9-year-old self with her 21-year-old mind. Ever think, “Gee, if only I knew then what I know now”? She gets that chance!
Chapter 2   Cheryl wears clothes left behind by her best friend Anne’s sister, who is 9, to go to the local YWCA for a swim. Once there, she meets an unaware Anne, which leads to a most interesting situation in the locker room.
Chapter 3   After convincing Anne she is who she says she is, Cheryl ends up having fun with Anne and her little sister, 9-year-old Becky, who is thrilled to be having sex with a girl her age, or at least one who appears to be her age.
Chapter 4   Cheryl, Anne, and Becky have some wild sex, and Cheryl gets an idea based on something the sisters said about their mom, and the real fun begins.
Chapter 5   Cheryl sets up a seduction of Laura, Anne and Becky’s mother, and gets the sisters involved as well, which creates a happy ending and a life decision by Cheryl that is heavily influenced by what has happened to her the past two days.

Nanny for a Night

Chapter 1   A Job With Fringe Benefits: Nineteen-year-old Cheryl begins a pleasurable adventure in babysitting.
Chapter 2   An Unexpected Visitor: Terri, Christy and Trish’s mother, arrives unexpectedly for a surprise breakfast. Good thing she’s open-minded about what the menu will be.
Chapter 3   Another Overnighter Begins! : Lynn and Lori become Cheryl’s next young charges as Cheryl must convince the older girl, Lynn, that they will have fun. Wonder what that will involve?
Chapter 4   Lynn and Lori’s Movie Night: The promise of adult movies brings about a very hot night for Cheryl and the girls.
Chapter 5   The Lesson from Eavesdropping: Cheryl inadvertently overhears a conversation between Lynn and Lori’s parents that reveals much more than what they would want everyone to know, which leads to…well…what else?
Chapter 6   Getting to Know Gina: Emboldened by what she knows from the overheard conversation, Cheryl has fun with Gina.
Chapter 7   The Joy of Sex-E Mail Correspondence: An exchange of emails between Cheryl and Gina reveal how Gina ended up having sex with her daughters.
Chapter 8   The Hired Help: Cheryl decides her new business needs an employee, and when Lisa applies, she’s found her co-worker. Then Cheryl visits Lisa’s home, and the sparks fly as Lisa decides to take in some nude sunbathing, which leads to…well, not sex with each other, exactly, but the next best thing.
Chapter 9   Eavesdropping Again: Cheryl drops in to check on Lisa, who is on her first overnight sitting job, and makes a hot discovery.
Chapter 10   Kay and Lisa Provide Different Surprises: So what’s a little orgy among friends? Fun, that’s what! And Kay proves to LOVE fun like that!
Chapter 11   Major Life Decisions: Cheryl stresses over her feelings for Lisa. She hadn’t wanted to fall in love, but life is what it is, and she was in love. Will she accept it or move on instead? A romantic yet problematic chapter ends this story.

The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club

      Keeping them straight in the Pussycats Club – a list of characters
Chapter 1   Heather and Susan, two sexually precocious 12-year-olds, wander away from a school event for some fun in the woods. But who is that following them?
Chapter 2   The girls arrive home and Heather’s younger sister, Tina, who is 11, joins in the end-of-school-year fun. Meanwhile, Jennifer and Lisa, the girls’ teachers, have their own fun after a very arousing day.
Chapter 3   Heather and Tina have some morning excitement, but there seems to be an audience.
Chapter 4   Heather and Tina’s mother, Cheryl, makes her move on her younger daughter, and a day of sexual frenzy starts.
Chapter 5   Cheryl and Tina make their way to the mall, where they interrupt a clandestine meeting between Heather, Susan, and their teachers Jennifer and Lisa.
Chapter 6   Tina completes her fast seduction of Becca, the girl at Subway, changing Becca’s life forever.
Chapter 7   The orgy is getting underway at Jennifer’s and Lisa’s condo, but there’s an unexpected visitor!
Chapter 8   Leaving work for the orgy, Becca calls her friend Carolyn to tell her she can’t come over after all, and secrets are revealed.
Chapter 9   After figuring out what to do about Monica’s unexpected arrival, the orgy gets into full swing, and there is always what’s happening in Carolyn’s bedroom to wonder about…
Chapter 10   We learn that Susan has a secret desire and find out exactly what happened in Carolyn’s bedroom.
Chapter 11   Mia Thomas, Susan’s mother, is awakened by a disturbing dream and must face what it might mean. Meanwhile, Susan makes plans to ask her mom about sex. Who knows where that might lead?
Chapter 12   Monica has breakfast with her mom after a restless night and the conversation takes an interesting turn.
Chapter 13   Susan and her mother have the talk Susan wants to have, but the results are more than either of them bargained for, yet more than either hoped for.
Chapter 14   Susan gets more than she hoped for when her mom tells her about the sexy dream she’d had the night before. Lucky Susan (and Mia)!
Chapter 15   First, Carolyn and Candace have phone sex with Becca. Then, Monica and her mother, Ashley, increase their intimacy more than either of them ever thought they would.
Chapter 16   When Mia brings her daughter Susan over to Cheryl’s house for a sleepover with Cheryl’s daughters, the two moms end up sharing confidences – as well as their daughters!
Chapter 17   Becca’s threesome with Carolyn and Candace is everything she hoped for… and more!
Chapter 18   Carolyn and Candace must face the music when their mom, Donna, figures out what’s been going on.
Chapter 19   When Donna tells Daphne they need to talk because she knows about her special times with the girls, sparks fly. But what kind of sparks?
Chapter 20   Phone calls bring news and plans. VERY nice plans, in fact! And you won’t believe who Becca’s cousin is!
Chapter 21   Monica enters Susan’s home and gets more than she anticipated. Let’s just say, she likes the idea of “the more, the merrier”!
Chapter 22   Becca arrives for her extended stay at Carolyn’s, and a number of things “come” together!
Chapter 23   Becca’s time at Carolyn and Candace’s for nearly a week of sex, sex, and more sex continues. Now, all they need to do is convince Donna they should have the orgy.
Chapter 24   Donna enjoys her sister’s movies with Carolyn, Candace, and Becca. Meanwhile, who’s that ringing Lisa and Jennifer’s doorbell early in the morning?
Chapter 25   Lynn and Lori, from “Nanny for a Night,” make their appearance. Then their mother Gina shows up, and her phone call to her niece Becca is so erotic it leads to many orgasms for quite a few people. Of course, it may even lead to many orgasms for our readers as well…
Chapter 26   As seventeen horny women and girls begin preparing for the big lesbian orgy, they make a promise of no sex until it starts. But, well, sometimes things happen.
Chapter 27   Women and girls start arriving for the orgy, but not until Donna and the girls get cleaned up — and what’s that Donna’s doing with Candace in the shower? Also, as Becca evaluates her life, she begins to realize the effects her new lifestyle will have on her future.
Chapter 28   The card “pairing up” game gets underway, and things get steamy. Then the REAL fun starts!
Chapter 29   The party moves into and around the pool and hot tub. They don’t need water to get themselves wet, though.
Chapter 30   The orgy ends with some fun with the suitcase’s contents and a sexual free-for-all. Then Heather and Susan are reminded of something they had decided but forgotten.
Chapter 31   Becca goes home with a desire to have sex with her mother. Strangely, whether or not she does is up to you, the reader! Enjoy this final “chapter with a twist” of The Secret Society of the Pussycats Club, which was the first erotic story I ever began to write.

Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves

Chapter 1   Tracy has a problem, but there is a solution, and it involves a certain movie…
Chapter 2   Watching the movie together sparks quite a change in Tracy’s relationship with her daughters.
Chapter 3   Naked breakfast and a surprise visitor lead to a rather interesting morning!
Chapter 4   The girls make love as their mother and Sandra watch, and finish up by licking the women to powerful orgasms. Then plans for more fun are made. But will those plans work out?
Chapter 5   After the girls are caught together having fun, confessions are made, and an orgy ensues, but not just with the two moms and their daughters.
Chapter 6   Sandra has fun with her daughters one morning, and Kate heads off to have fun with Linda and Mandy, the eight- and six-year-old sisters. On the way to their house, she meets Becky. Another girl to have fun with?? Only time will tell.
Chapter 7   Kelli finds that she’s too late to enjoy fun with Laura and Emily, so she goes in search of her sister, Kate. What she finds is totally unexpected, though.
Chapter 8   When Becky discovers her new friend Kelli is not home, she decides to turn to somebody else — who has also been thinking of Becky in that way.
Chapter 9   Tanya and her little sister Becky make love again, but this time someone overhears and there are consequences.
Chapter 10   Tanya and Becky make love in front of their mother and aunt before things get even more interesting. Meanwhile, Kelli reminisces about the unexpected trip they had taken.
Chapter 11   A sleepover involving horny teenage girls… any guess as to what might happen?
Chapter 12   Corinne gets involved with Laura and her younger sister, Emily, but it’s the other participant that surprises her.
Chapter 13   Laura and Corinne talk before going to sleep, until dreams wake someone else up and lead to more fun.
Chapter 14   Corinne talks with Sandra while Laura and Emily have fun in the family room, leading to a little show by Corinne after breakfast. Then we are once more with little Becky, who wants a playmate her own age. What she will do to get one is interesting, to say the least, and might even lead to more fun with someone else one day.
Chapter 15   Sandra has an interesting talk with Corinne’s mom, and Becky and Lexi have a lot more fun than just playing sex games with Barbies.
Chapter 16   Gayle and her daughter Corinne have a conversation that should have happened years ago, leading to some powerful results. How powerful? Read for yourself.
Chapter 17   Becky and Lexi enjoy fun with each other and Becky’s older sister, Tanya. Then the girls’ mother, Callie, gets home and . . . well, read for yourself!
Chapter 18   Lexi finds more than she expected when she snoops in her mother’s bedside table for the first time. Then when she calls her aunt over to talk about what she found, plans are made–erotic plans.
Chapter 19   Candace gets her older sister Pauline to confess a few things before making her own confession, and the fun that ensues from all this honesty is more than hot. It’s volcanic! And what is that in Pauline’s closet?.

When the Past Meets the Present

Chapter 1   A mother reminisces about early sexual contact with her daughters, but when she catches her older daughter masturbating, things progress to what she’d wanted to do for years.
Chapter 2   After granting 9-year-old Emily her wish to watch her masturbate, Cheryl finds out quite a few things, including that her younger daughter is involved with Emily and Emily’s friend.
Chapter 3   After finding out her most recent lover shares her desires for her daughters, Cheryl plans to involve her lover in the forbidden love she and Emily have begun to share.
Chapter 4   Lisa, Cheryl’s most recent lover, shares in the fun times, and both Lisa and Cheryl are in for a surprise, and a long-term relationship between the two women is born.
Chapter 5   Cheryl and Lisa involve Sara, Emily’s friend, and her mother, after a bold confrontation.

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  1. Maddie says:

    I was re-reading Cheryl’s “Tracy’s Dilemma and the Tapestry It Weaves” and wondered if there were any notes or plot arcs she had forwarded for editing. She was such an excellent writer in the genre.

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