My Cousin Nancy

  • Posted on July 30, 2020 at 3:23 pm

By Amanda Lynn

We had turned the lights off a while ago. The glow of the TV was the only thing breaking the shadows of the room. The movie we had picked was by no means scary, but my heart pounded in my chest nonetheless. I wondered if she could hear it. She was close enough. Her bare thigh was brushing against mine and our shoulders rubbed as we sat there on the sofa.

I was trying hard to control my breathing; it was quick and ragged, as we sat there in the dark. It wasn’t easy, trying not to reveal my excitement. Soft fingers glided gently over the skin of my inner thigh. They crept further up, never quite reaching the top. Then, they would travel back down, only to repeat the journey.

I swallowed hard, not daring to look at her in fear of breaking whatever spell I was under and she would stop. But how I wished she would move her fingers higher up my thigh. She would feel my wetness and know how much I ached for her touch.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s back things up a couple of days….

My name is Cassidy, or Cass for short. I am ten years old and live in the boring town of Boring, Montana. Honest, that’s its name. Our tiny town boasts a general store, church, post office, and a volunteer fire department. That’s it. It takes an hour by bus to get to school in the morning and another hour to get home. My family, that’s Mom, Dad, and me, live on a huge parcel of land. Our house is on one corner of the property, with the rest covered by apple and pear orchards. The farm has been in the family for many generations. When the fruit is ripe, the farmhands harvest it and we sell the fruit to the grocery stores in neighboring towns, and farmers’ markets, but most of the fruit goes to our distillery, which is also on our property, where it’s made into cider and wine.

Anyway, on this snowy weekend, I found myself at my aunt and uncle’s house a couple of towns over. My mom had entered a trivia contest on the radio a while back, and she won an all-expense paid, four-day vacation for two to Las Vegas. It was all very exciting at my place when mom told us the news. Daddy was happy but he didn’t think it was a good idea for him to leave the business for that long. That disappointed Mom but my uncle, Dad’s brother, said he would be more than happy to keep an eye on things while they were away. Daddy eventually agreed after much coaxing from Mom, and the evening before they were to catch their flight, they dropped me off there.

I was super thrilled to be there because I would be spending the weekend with my cousins Debbie and Nancy. The three of us have always gotten along great and enjoy hanging out whenever we get a chance. Debbie is eight and Nancy is fourteen, and over the last year, I developed the biggest crush on Nancy. She is so cool. The way she acts, the way she dresses, the way she wears her hair and makeup. She’s so pretty, with her brown hair hanging at her shoulders and big blue eyes that seemed to sparkle. Everything about her makes my pulse quicken. She’s always nice to me, of course, but it was obvious that she didn’t melt in my presence the way I did when she was around.

Something was different about her this visit, though. Not in a physical way, but more in the way she acted around me. When I arrived on Thursday it was around 7 PM. Nancy had been at a friend’s house and didn’t get home until 9, so I barely got to see her before bedtime. She did give me a big hug when she got home, though, and it seemed like she was never going to let me go, which I didn’t mind at all. Feeling her arms around me and her boobs pressing against my chest sent delicious tingles through me.

Nancy stayed with Debbie and me, chatting and catching up as we set up the foldout couch in the family room. Debbie’s room is small with a single bed, and as everyone knows, sleepovers are more fun when you’re in the same room. So, we picked the family room to sleep in. It was a basement apartment really, where my aunt’s mom had lived. When she passed a few years back, Nancy moved her stuff down to her grandmother’s old room. I thought Nancy was so lucky, to have a place of her own.

With the bed made, teeth brushed, and nightclothes on, Debbie and I crawled into the bed. Nancy wished us a good night as she touched my arm, letting her fingers trace its length. It was a wonderful feeling and I wished she wouldn’t stop. But she did, then gave me a big smile before heading down the hall to her room. Debbie and I talked quietly for a while until we both drifted off to sleep.

My bladder woke me the next morning. I groaned and stretched. The sofa bed was not as comfy as my bed back home. I stared up at the ceiling for a bit, letting the fog clear from my brain. Debbie was still asleep, her breathing slow and rhythmic. Not wanting to wake her, I gently pulled the covers aside and sat up, swinging my legs out of bed.

The bathroom was just to the left as you entered the hall, and as I made my way around the corner I froze. It seemed that Nancy was on her way to the bathroom too. I looked at her — stared, really. She was wearing a pair of light blue bikini briefs and nothing else. Her eyes went wide as mine traveled up her flat abdomen to her small breasts. She brought an arm up across her chest to cover them, but not before I got an eyeful of the creamy smooth skin and hardening nipples.

“Jeez, Cass. You scared the crap out of me,” Nancy chuckled.

“Sorry, I n-needed to pee,” I stammered.

She held out the arm that wasn’t covering those pretty boobs and indicated the bathroom. “After you.”

I smiled meekly at her and hurried into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I didn’t start breathing again until I was sitting on the toilet. All I could see in my mind’s eye were Nancy’s perky little boobs. I felt a spark of excitement that went straight to my clit. I moaned and immediately covered my mouth, hoping Nancy hadn’t heard it.

When I left the bathroom, I was a bit disappointed to see that Nancy had put on a T-shirt. She smiled and squeezed my shoulder as she passed me, closing the bathroom door behind her. The touch sent another shiver through me and the desire to touch myself caused my hand to wander on its own. The sound of Nancy’s voice singing from the other side of the bathroom door drew my attention to what I was doing. I yanked my hand from my panties before I had a chance to feel the dampness that was there.


“Good morning, sweetheart,” my aunt said from where she stood at the stove. I looked up from my plate of bacon and eggs as Nancy strolled into the kitchen. She looked stunning in a pair of snug jeans and a blue sweater. She wore her hair in a ponytail this morning and it swayed as she walked.

“Morning, Mom,” she said and gave her mother a peck on the cheek.

“Get yourself some orange juice and have a seat. Your breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

Nancy poured her juice and our eyes met when she turned toward the breakfast table. Her smile was so sweet, and she gave me a playful wink. My heart skipped a beat and when she passed behind me to get to her chair, she ran her fingertips across my shoulders. I stiffened for just a second, then relaxed, enjoying the sensation. I had to squeeze my thighs together to quell the familiar pulsing between my legs. She moved to her chair and I instantly missed the touch when it was gone.

I smiled back at her as the warmth crawled up my neck. “Hi,” I said softly.

“Hi,” she replied. “Did you sleep okay on the sofa bed?”

I nodded and had to pull my gaze away from Nancy’s sparkling blue eyes. Having sensations between my legs like I did right then was not new, but this time they seemed different. More intense, more urgent, and I wasn’t sure what it meant.

I had been exploring my body for almost two years. Touching and rubbing my clit. Slipping a finger inside my pussy and teasing my bum, humping my teddy bear or pillow until that pleasant warmth washed over me. Usually, my explorations happened when I went to bed. But sometimes, when I was home alone, I would strip naked and dance around the house. Once I even humped the arm of the sofa in the living room. It felt so naughty, and made that warm feeling even stronger.

Glancing over at Nancy, I wondered if she ever did things like that. If she ever touched herself at night. What did she think about when she did? An image of a topless Nancy dressed in blue panties humping a pillow flashed through my mind and I had to fight the urge to touch myself. What the hell was happening to me?

“Are you okay, Cass?”

“Huh? What?” I said. Nancy was looking at me, an eyebrow raised. A renewed warmth climbed my face.

“You were staring off into space,” Nancy said with a chuckle.

“Oh.” I swallowed. “I’m fine.” I gave her a sheepish smile and turned back to my breakfast. Geez, get a grip. I forced the naughty thoughts from my head. It wasn’t like Nancy would ever want to do anything with me. Besides, I wouldn’t even know what to do if she did. I knew about the mechanics of sex, what a man and a woman did together. I also knew what it meant to be gay, and what two women could do together made me curious.

The only incident I ever had that could be remotely considered a sexual experience with someone else was the time last summer, behind the school when Billy Green dropped his pants and dared me and my friend, Sarah, to do the same. Sarah did so gladly and I, not wanting to seem the wimp, reluctantly followed. I spent more time looking at Sarah’s pussy than Billy’s little cock, though. When he dared us to suck it, Sarah was happy to. I thought it was gross and refused. It was that night, as I touched myself and images of Sarah’s bald slit filled my mind, that I wondered if maybe I was gay.

When we finished eating and had helped clear the dishes, we headed back to the family room. Debbie and I were going to play with her Barbies, and it looked as if Nancy was going to her room, but before she disappeared down the hall she stopped and turned to us.

“Hey, guys,” she said, “how about we head to the hill and go sledding?”

Debbie beamed. “Yeah! Can we?”

“Sure. Cass, you up for it?”

“Okay, sounds like fun,” I said, happy to be spending some more time with Nancy.

The three of us hurried upstairs and put on coats, hats, boots, and gloves. Nancy retrieved three sleds from the shed and handed each of us one. The late morning air was crisp, and our breath billowed like smoke as we trekked off down the road to a large hill. We had the hill to ourselves today and by the look of the virgin snow that blanketed it, no one had been here in a while.

“Let’s race down,” Nancy suggested when we reached the top.

Debbie and I eagerly agreed, and we lined up, side by side on our sleds. Nancy counted down. “One, two, three, go!” We pushed through the snow with our hands until gravity took over. It wasn’t a quick race, as the snow on the hillside was deep. It would take a few runs to pack it down and make it more fun.

After our fourth or fifth trip down the hill, our speeds did indeed increase. The three of us whooped, cheered, and laughed as we whizzed down the hill, but climbing to the top repeatedly became tiring so we took a break and Debbie suggested we build a snowman. We gathered sticks for arms from a nearby tree line and small stones from the edge of the road to make the eyes, nose, and mouth.

I was standing back admiring our work when a snowball smacked me in the back of the head. I turned to see Nancy pointing at me, a big grin on her face. She reached down and picked up some more snow to make another ball.

“Oh no, you don’t!” I called as I hurriedly made my own.

Her second snowball caught me in the shoulder just as I threw mine. It landed in the middle of her chest. Lucky snowball. Two more flew between us, each hitting their targets. Then, not expecting it, Nancy was hit from another direction. Debbie had joined in and was apparently on my side.

“Two against one, I see,” Nancy laughed and tossed her next round at her sister. Between the two of us, it didn’t take long to drive Nancy to her knees where she begged for mercy. Debbie cheered and jumped on her sister, knocking her onto her back. I moved quickly to Nancy’s side and laughed as I looked down at the two of them. I wanted to be down there too, rolling around with Nancy, but didn’t know if I should.

My doubt was soon put to rest when Nancy reached up, grabbed my hand, and yanked me down with them. I landed directly on top of the teen. My leg between her thighs, my chest pressing against her breasts, my face just inches above her. I froze and stared into her eyes as my heart thumped in my chest.

“Are you going to kiss?” Debbie asked teasingly.

“What? No!” I said, but before I could move, Nancy leaned up, gave me a quick peck on the lips, then rolled me onto my back and tried to tickle me. Which wasn’t easy through a thick winter coat. I laughed and squirmed, but enjoyed her touch anyway. Not wanting her sister to feel left out, she switched her attention to Debbie after a moment or two.

That was when I tackled Nancy, and Debbie joined in. I tried to tickle under her arms but her squirming from side to side caused my hands to play across her chest more than once. I told myself it was my imagination, but I was sure I could feel her boobs through the layers of clothes. If I was touching them, Nancy didn’t seem to mind, or she didn’t notice.

Exhausted, the three of us collapsed onto the snowy ground and stared up into the sky as we caught our breath. But lying still made us aware of the cold that was piercing our skin.

“We should head home,” Nancy said. “I don’t know about you two, but my pants are soaked.”

Debbie and I agreed. My pants were wet all right, but it wasn’t just from the snow. We got to our feet, grabbed our sleds, and trudged home.

Once inside and rid of our winter clothes, Nancy suggested we change into something dry. Debbie headed off to her room and I followed Nancy downstairs.

“I may need a crowbar to get these jeans off,” I said as I popped the button. They were snug and hard enough to get off when they were dry, let alone soaking wet. Nancy stopped in her tracks, then turned and approached.

“Let me help,” she said as a mischievous grin crossed her face.

I swallowed, both excited and nervous about what she was going to do. She stood in front of me and pulled down my zipper. Grabbing the jeans at the waist, she yanked them down over my hips, then with a gentle shove pushed me onto the sofa. I fell back with a yelp and watched her wide-eyed as she, in one fluid motion, pulled my pants by the cuffs, down and off.

“Is your shirt wet, too?” she asked, looking down at me with a smile.

I nodded. “Yeah.” Nancy reached down and pulled my sweater and T-shirt from my body.

“Your legs are red from the cold, let me warm them,” Nancy said and knelt in front of me. She placed her hands on my thighs and rubbed the slightly numb skin.

I was enjoying Nancy’s attention, and the warmth of the room on my frozen skin was soothing. So much so in fact that my nudity didn’t register with me, at least not until I took a moment to glance down at her hands. Yes, my legs were red. Nancy’s hands were moving up and down my thighs creating heat from their friction as well as other pleasant sensations. Also, my panties were gone. Where were my panties? I glanced down to where my discarded jeans lay in a crumpled heap on the floor, and tangled in the soaked denim were my panties. Nancy had pulled them off along with my jeans. Did she do that on purpose?

Modesty should have had me covering myself, but I didn’t. Instead, I swallowed nervously and spread my thighs. Just a little. Just enough for Nancy to get a good look if she wanted. And she did. Her gaze darted to my pussy and stayed there for a long moment. She grinned and slid her hands to the inside of my things, moving upward. I held my breath, wondering how far she would go.

Debbie picked that moment to come bounding down the stairs, causing Nancy to jerk her hands away and stand. Damn. Couldn’t Debbie have waited a few minutes more?

Nancy gave me an apologetic smile and wink before hurrying off to her room to change. I sighed and grabbed my overnight bag for some dry clothes.

“Aren’t you dressed yet?” Debbie said looking up and down my naked body.

“I had some trouble getting my pants off because they’re wet,” I said hoarsely. It wasn’t a complete lie.

She studied me for a moment, a strange smirk on her lips, then turned and headed for her Barbies. I stood there in all my naked glory, wondering what that smirk was about.


It had taken what felt like forever for Nancy to come out of her room after she had gone to change. When she finally did, we spent the rest of the afternoon playing Uno on the family room floor. Even though it was the middle of winter, the three of us were wearing T-shirts and shorts. The wood stove that sat in the corner of the family room was going strong, keeping us toasty warm.

We sat in a loose circle, far enough apart so as to not see each other’s cards, but not so far as to prevent Nancy from occasionally reaching over and running her fingers up my back or across my thigh. Each time she touched me a bolt of excitement shot through my body. Her teasing touches continued until we were called for supper.

Unlike breakfast and lunch, where the three of us sat at the kitchen table, supper was eaten in the dining room. My uncle sat at the head of the table while my aunt sat at the foot. Nancy and I were side by side while Debbie sat across from us.

“What did you girls do today?” My uncle asked, spooning some peas onto his plate.

“We went sledding and built a snowman and had a snowball fight,” Debbie answered enthusiastically.

“Is that right?” he replied with a chuckle, then asked Nancy, “Please pass the biscuits, sweetheart.”

“Sure, Daddy,” she said and passed him the plate of warm biscuits. Once he had taken it, her hand moved beneath the table and to my thigh. I jerked at the unexpected touch, my face along with other parts of me warming instantly. A glance around the table told me that no one had seen my reaction.

She left it there for several moments, caressing that spot. Soon her fingers traveled up and slipped under the hem of my shorts. I swallowed the mashed potato that was in my mouth and had to take a long drink of water. I squirmed in my chair and shot her a look. I wanted her hand there. I wanted her to touch me, but damn, not at the supper table.

Nancy gave me a saucy grin and withdrew her hand. I breathed a silent sigh of relief, even though my body was disappointed.

We enjoyed our meal and pleasant conversation, after which Nancy and I helped my aunt with the cleanup and washing the dishes.

The three of us soon found ourselves in the family room once again, carrying on with our card game. “You guys want to watch a movie?” Nancy asked after we had played a few rounds.

“Can we watch Frozen 2?” Debbie asked with a big smile on her face.

Nancy groaned. “Again? You’ve seen it a hundred times I’m sure.”

“I haven’t seen it yet,” I added.

Nancy grimaced and sighed. “Fine. Frozen it is. Why don’t you two get into your nightclothes and I’ll make us some popcorn?”

Debbie and I agreed and quickly stripped. She put on a pair of pajamas, while I pulled on my favorite nightshirt. It looked more like an oversized T-shirt that came to mid-thigh, but it was comfy. When Nancy returned a few minutes later with a big bowl of buttery popcorn and three glasses of pop, all balanced on a tray, she looked at me and grinned.

“That looks comfortable.” She nodded her head at my sleepwear. “I think I’ll change too,” she added, setting down the bowl. She was back a few moments later wearing a light blue tank top that hugged her boobs and left bare a huge expanse of skin above the waistband of her matching panties. My eyes were drawn to her shiny belly button piercing that swayed as she moved. I swallowed hard and forced myself to look away from the jewelry and right into her sparkling eyes.

She grinned at me, then squatted in front of the shelves that held books and DVDs. As she searched, I found myself once again gazing at her bare skin and fixated on the exposed bit of her butt crack. My stomach and pussy clenched when I thought about how easy it would be just to reach out and pull the material of her panties down farther. Damn, she was sexy.

“Here it is,” Nancy said and stood. I jumped, startled out of my trance. God, I needed to get a grip. She popped the DVD into the machine and turned on the TV. I sat at one end of the sofa while Nancy sat next to me and Debbie took up a spot at the other end.

Nancy reached up to flick off the light switch, which was positioned on the wall above my head. When she did so, she leaned against me, one of her breasts tantalizingly close to my face. I couldn’t help but look. The boob strained against the material and I could make out the areola and bud of her nipple. My mouth went dry and I had to lick my lips.

“Like what you see?” she said in a hushed voice as the room darkened.

I didn’t reply. I’m not sure I could have anyway. Nancy settled into her spot, her thigh touching mine. I was sure there was enough room between her and Debbie that she could have shuffled over a bit. But apparently, she didn’t want to, and for that I was glad.

We sat in silence. Watching the movie and munching on popcorn. The warmth from the wood stove was pleasant but not as pleasant as the heat that radiated from Nancy. We weren’t long into the movie when a gentle touch to my knee sent a tingle through me. Nancy’s hand was resting there, doing nothing else. I swallowed and glanced at her. She looked straight ahead, never taking her eyes from the movie.

“Do you think she’s pretty?” Nancy whispered.

“Huh? Who?” I said, confused by the question.

Nancy nodded at the screen. “Elsa. Do you think she’s pretty?”

“Yeah, I guess so,” I replied.

“I bet the rumors are true.”

“What rumors?” I asked.

“That she’s a lesbian,” Nancy said. She moved her hand then. From my knee to my thigh. “I bet she’s even fooled around with Anna.”

I looked at her in utter shock. “They’re sisters.”

Nancy shrugged. “True, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t,” She chuckled and caressed my leg from my knee to a spot midway up my thigh.

Images of Elsa and Anna, naked and exploring each other’s body, plus Nancy’s touch had my body on fire. The desire between my legs was strong and I knew my panties were wet.

Her fingers moved to my inner thigh, gently stroking my skin, getting ever closer to my center. But then she would retreat and repeat the process. Her teasing went on for what seemed like forever. Up to my thigh then back again, so damn close but not quite. I knew my body was quivering, I knew my breathing was ragged. I knew I was only a touch away from coming.

Once more her hand moved upward, but this time she brushed the edge of my panties. My chest tightened. Was this it? Was she finally going to touch me? She hesitated there, her finger toying with the edge of my underwear. I wanted to scream, I wanted to grab her hand and press it against my aching pussy.

Her hand moved, this time up to my hip bone. I opened my mouth to speak but snapped it shut as Nancy’s hand cupped my panty-clad pussy. I held my breath, not daring to move. Surely, she could feel the wetness seeping through the fabric. When her hand moved, I thought she was pulling it away in disgust. Instead, she gently caressed me. One finger pushed against my folds then to my clit. The feeling was electric. Sensations I had never felt before shot from my clit. I gasped and my pelvis thrust upward.

My orgasm was intense, much more intense than anything I had ever given myself. My body stiffened for a moment. I gripped the seat cushion and bit down on my lip to keep from crying out. Debbie was just a few feet away, and she didn’t need to see me coming at her sister’s hand.

Quite aware of what she had done to me, Nancy stilled her hand but didn’t remove it. Slowly my world returned to normal and I dared a glance at her. Nancy simply grinned and turned her attention back to the movie. I peeked over at Debbie, who was much too interested in what was happening on the TV to notice the naughtiness her big sister was up to.

Warmth climbed my face as the realization of what had happened hit home. Nancy, the older girl that I had such a crush on, had made me come. Damn, I was in heaven. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine this would happen. Nancy’s hand moved against my still sensitive skin, her finger making little circles over my clit. My hips jerked in response. Was she trying to make me come again?

As my heart began to pound again, I wondered what it would be like to touch her. Would she let me? Tentatively, I placed a shaky hand on her leg. Her skin was warm and soft to the touch and it only took a second or two to work up the courage to explore further. Following her example from earlier, I let my hand travel up and down her thigh. I moved slowly, enjoying its smoothness, working my way closer to her pussy. Dare I be so bold? Would she let me do this? My pussy throbbed, both from Nancy’s continuing caresses and my lustful desires.

It was then the door to the family room opened. The sound of someone descending the stairs made Nancy and me pull our hands away and quickly adjust our positions. I looked up at my aunt and smiled, hoping we looked innocent, even though I felt anything but.

“Is the movie almost over, girls? It’s getting late,” she asked.

“Just about, Mom. Five minutes or so,” Nancy replied.

“Okay then,” she said, picking up the tray with the empty popcorn bowl and glasses. She gave Nancy and me a strange look. God, could she tell that something had happened between us? I was thankful for the low lighting in the room that hid the blush on my cheeks.

“Goodnight, girls,” she said, then headed back up the stairs.

When the door closed, Nancy and I both breathed soft sighs and settled back into the sofa. A wave of disappointment washed over me when I realized Nancy wasn’t going to put her hand back on my pussy. Did the visit from her mother scare her?

The movie ended and Nancy stood and switched off the TV. She stretched and yawned, and my eyes were drawn to her exposed belly and the blue panties with a very noticeable wet spot. A smile tugged at my lips, knowing I was probably responsible for that.

“Night, you two,” Nancy said, then headed off to her room. I watched after her, saddened that our bit of naughty fun was over.

Debbie had removed the cushions for the sofa, and I helped her pull out the bed. Once it was set up, we crawled in and got comfy. I lay there staring up at the ceiling, my head replaying what had happened.

“Did you like the movie?” Debbie asked in a sleepy voice.

“Yeah, it was good,” I replied. Actually, I had missed a good chunk of it, as I was too engrossed in what Nancy was doing to me. My clit twitched at the memory. It was going to be hard to get to sleep that night.


I laid there in the dark, Debbie’s rhythmic breathing the only sound. Though my body had calmed, my mind was still playing the scene over and over. Nancy had rubbed my pussy and made me come. I absently slid my hand between my legs, I was wet. Damn! I would have to change my panties again.

I sighed quietly, leaving my hand where it was. That familiar sensation was growing between my legs again. Maybe if I make myself come, I’ll fall asleep. But can I do it here? What if Debbie were to wake and catch me? Taking my hand away I rolled onto my side and squeezed my thighs together, hoping the pleasant ache would go away.

The faint glow from a light split the darkness of the hallway, then the bathroom light came on, soon to be blocked by the door. The quiet of the basement was disturbed by a flushing toilet and water running from a faucet. Moments later the door opened, the light remained on. Soon a figure stood silhouetted in the entryway to the family room. I watched in curiosity, then held my breath as Nancy moved to my bedside.

She knelt. “Can’t sleep?” she whispered. Somehow, she had seen my open eyes in the darkness.

“Not really.”

“Is it because of what happened? Did I upset you? Scare you?”

“Yes, it’s that, but you didn’t upset me or scare me.” I smiled up at her, and a tingle ran through me at her closeness. “I really liked what happened.”

“Oh?” Nancy paused for a long moment. “I can’t sleep either… because of that.” She shifted her position and looked over at where Debbie slept. “Do you want to come to my room and…um…talk?”

Shock, excitement, fear. That’s what I was feeling at that moment. I wanted to, but I couldn’t find my voice. I simply stared at her, willing myself to do something.

“It’s okay if you don’t,” she said as she stood. I couldn’t mistake the disappointment in her voice.

“I do,” I croaked out.


“Yeah.” I carefully slipped out from under the covers and stood. Nancy took my hand and, maybe a bit eagerly, led me down the hall.

Closing her bedroom door, she crawled onto the bed and laid on her side. She patted the spot beside her then motioned for me to join her. My belly tightened as I took in her form. She had changed her clothes since she said goodnight. Her blue tank top had been replaced with a pink and white striped sleep shirt. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing anything underneath. Her long legs were bare, and her smile was inviting.

Hurriedly I moved to the bed and laid beside her, nervous and excited. Wondering if she just wanted to talk or, maybe, wanted to continue with what had happened on the sofa. We lay there on our sides, resting on our elbows and looking at each other. After a moment, she reached over and caressed my upper arm.

“I’m glad you liked what happened. I did too,” Nancy said softly, then chuckled. “I didn’t mean for it to go that far though, to make you come.”

I felt the heat climb my face and had to look away. “I…I…didn’t mind at all,” I stammered. “I was kinda hoping you would touch me…like that.” When I looked back at her, she was grinning from ear to ear.

“Yeah? Has anyone ever touched you like that before?” she asked.

I shook my head. “No. No one.”

Her hand had wandered from my shoulder to my hip, making it hard to control the urge to reach out and touch her.

“Do you touch yourself? Your pussy?” she asked, and continued before I could respond. “I do it most nights, but it feels so much better when someone else does it.”

I stared at her. Someone else? I tried to picture Nancy with another girl, maybe one of her friends, naked and touching each other.

“What?” she said, one eyebrow raised. “Didn’t my touching you feel better than doing it yourself?”

My cheeks warmed again. Damn right it did. “Yeah,” I chuckled.

She scooted a bit closer, her hand now running the length of my thigh, and leaned in close. “I’d like to kiss you now. Would that be okay?”

I swallowed. Oh my God! She wants to kiss me! I nodded, unblinking, and unable to speak.

Her lips parted slightly and touched mine. The warmth of her lips ignited a fire in me that I didn’t know how to quench. The hand on my thigh moved to my back of my head, and I felt myself being drawn into her.

Her fingers tangled in my hair and my eyes closed when her tongue brushed against my lips. A low moan escaped my throat and my body seemed to act on instinct. I had no idea how to kiss anyone, yet my lips parted, and my tongue found hers. They danced and twirled together, our mouths moving against each other.

Nancy moved, rolling me onto my back. Her hand slid across my shoulder and down my chest until she was able to finger the hem of my shirt.

“Can I take this off you?”

I brought a hand to my belly, holding my shirt in place. Why was I being so shy? It hadn’t bothered me when Nancy saw me naked earlier. Was it nerves that were making me hesitate? Fear of what was to come, maybe.

Nancy smiled, sensing my reluctance. She sat up and swiftly pulled her top off, then lay back, lifted her hips, and peeled off her panties. I stared in awe; my sexy cousin now completely naked. My eyes were drawn to her supple breasts, then down to the trimmed patch of curls just above her slit. My heart pounded in my chest and my pussy throbbed for some attention.

“How about now?” she asked, pulling gently at my shirt.

“Okay,” I whispered shyly.

I took my hand away and sat up as Nancy pulled the garment up and off. She pushed me back down and caressed my flat chest, pausing at a nipple and playing with it for a moment.

“You’re very sexy,” she said.

I raised an eyebrow. “Sexy? I don’t have any boobs yet.”

“You will one day, and yes, you’re sexy,” she replied as she leaned down and softly kissed a nipple.

I gasped at the touch, amazed at how sensitive it was. She sucked gently and let her tongue explore the tiny peak. I groaned as little tendrils of pleasure weaved their way through me. As Nancy’s mouth played with my sensitive nipples, a hand moved down until she cupped my pussy, just like she’d done on the sofa. I arched my hips upward, her touch setting my body on fire.

“Umm, you’re wet,” she cooed, “I’ll need to take these off you, too.”

I pushed myself up onto my elbows and watched her. My body trembled as she gently pulled my underwear down my legs and off. I was now as naked as she was. Nancy paused for a moment, studying my exposed pussy, a smile on her face. Pushing my thighs apart, she looked up at me.

“You okay?” she asked.

I nodded. It seemed that nodding was all I could do now, since my throat was dry and my voice had disappeared. Nancy caressed my inner thighs, moving ever closer to my pussy. My chest heaved with each breath as my excitement and desire grew.

I sucked a breath and jerked when her thumb touched my clit. That familiar pressure was quickly building, and I knew It wouldn’t be long before I came. Nancy must have known that as well, for she took her hand away. I struggled to keep from falling back onto the bed as Nancy ran her finger through my wetness and circled the entrance. I lost the struggle when one slender finger slipped inside. I fell back onto the bed and fisted the sheets, the pleasure almost too much to bear.

Then something happened, something that I never expected. A tongue swept up my pussy, from my opening to my clit. I had to bite down on my fist to keep from crying out. Pleasures I never knew were possible coursed through me. Nancy’s tongue explored my folds, then dipped into my entrance before moving back to my clit. She teased it, circling her tongue around, flicking once, twice, three times. I was going wild with need. My hips moved on their own, thrusting up to meet her mouth.

When she sucked my swollen clit between her lips, I arched and tangled my fingers into her hair. I stopped breathing and tensed when a powerful orgasm rushed through me. My senses overloaded as lights flashed behind my eyes.

Nancy held me, her mouth on my pussy and her hands on my hips. She gently licked and kissed as I relaxed, my body twitching from the repeated aftershocks. Nancy crawled up beside me moments later and kissed me. Her lips were moist with the familiar taste of my arousal. I wrapped my arms around her as we kissed, and it felt good.

“Are you okay?” Nancy asked softly.

“Yeah,” I answered, dizzy from what had just happened. “Nobody’s ever…”

“Licked you?” shehe finished for me. “Did you like it?”


She grinned and rolled on to her back, pulling me on top of her. She spread her legs, allowing mine to fall between. Grabbing my butt, Nancy pulled down and up, grinding her pelvis into me.

“Move your hips, rub your pussy on mine,” Nancy whispered and began to move against me.

I was confused by the request but did as she asked, awkwardly at first, but I soon found a rhythm that matched hers. New and wonderful sensations coursed through me. I was climbing again, our movements quickening. Nancy moaned, her hands dug into the cheeks of my ass, urgently pulling me against her.

Feverishly I humped my juice-slickened pussy against hers. My clit was throbbing, wanting more. My hands gripped her shoulders and I buried my face in the crook of her neck as I thrust.

“Don’t stop,” she panted, “I’m gonna come.”

I was on the brink of another orgasm, and hoped I could hold on long enough for Nancy to come too. I held tighter, trying to delay the inevitable. Nancy stiffened below me moments later and buried her face into my shoulder, crying out her release. A couple more thrusts, and I too was sent over the precipice.

We lay still. Our rapid breathing was the only sound in the room. As I rested there on top of my cousin, calming my breath, I watched her small breasts rise and fall as she breathed. I caressed one, playing with the stiff nipple. Nancy made a soft noise but didn’t protest. I wanted to kiss it, to suck it. Surely, she wouldn’t mind if I did. Would she?

Hesitantly, I adjusted my position and brushed my lips across her nipple. Nancy sucked in a breath, but remained still. I kissed it, then let my tongue explore the pebbled flesh, savoring the salty taste. There was a moan from above and a hand rested on the back of my head.

“That feels nice,” Nancy said huskily, “don’t stop. Do what you want to me.”

Her words excited me. Do what you want to me. What did I want to do? I had no idea. All I knew was touching myself, playing with my pussy. It would be the same thing touching hers. Right? With a new sense of courage, I slid my hand down her side and over her belly. I paused and played my fingers in her curls, then formed them into a V and traced the outside of her pussy. Her pelvis twitched and Nancy’s heart pounding beneath my cheek.

“Yes,” she hissed.

She was wet. Her folds were smooth to the touch. I lingered there, stroking up and down for several moments. Nancy’s breath rasped and she quivered beneath me. Finding her entrance, I slipped my middle finger inside. I pushed in deep, eliciting a groan from Nancy. I pulled out, slipped a second finger in and pumped, the way I did to myself. Her hips pushed up and she grasped my hand.

“Faster,” she croaked and guided my hand, increasing the pace.

She released my hand after a moment and clutched the bed sheets. I smiled as she writhed, knowing I was giving her such pleasure. I repositioned myself and knelt between her legs, giving myself a better angle to finger her pussy and a better view. Spying her erect clit, I remembered her mouth on mine and wondered what it was like. What it was like to lick another girl there. I needed to know. I slowed my hand and withdrew my fingers.

Nancy looked up at me. Eyes wide open in disbelief. “No,” she whimpered, her head shaking slowly, “don’t stop.”

“I want to lick you,” I said bravely.

The shake turned to a nod. “Oh…okay. But only if you want to,” she panted.

“I do.” I lowered myself between her legs, my face only a couple of inches from her pussy. It was puffy and pink with arousal. The flesh was wet and glistened from clit to entrance and beyond. A scent filled my nostrils that was sweet with a touch of muskiness.

Tentatively, I stuck my tongue out far enough for the tip to touch her folds. So far so good, no nasty taste. I pushed deeper. A flavor of tart and sweet teased my taste buds and I found it intoxicating. I flattened my tongue and eagerly explored my cousin’s slit. I marveled at the textures of her pussy making my way down to her entrance. I found it and circled it for a moment before dipping inside. Nancy squirmed and once again a hand found the back of my head. I pushed in deeper and as her hips raised, I could feel the contractions of her muscles on my tongue. How awesome was this? I was licking a pussy and loving it. I knew I wanted to do this again and again.

A gentle push on my head guided my attention upward until I found her clit. Nancy held my head there, a second hand joining the first. I played with the swollen bud, circling and flicking it much as she had done to me.

“God, yes,” Nancy moaned

Encouraged, I sucked on the swollen bud, earning me another moan from above. I alternated between sucking and using my tongue on her clit, hoping I was doing okay. Nancy’s reactions chased away any doubt I had. Her hips bucked and her fingers tightened in my hair. Finally, she pushed up and held my head still.

“Yes, yes, yes…Fuuck!” Nancy kept her voice low, but had we been alone in the house I’m sure she would have screamed out the words. She held me there, her body quivered and jerked a couple of more times before she relaxed. She released my head and beckoned me up, kissing me passionately. God, what a kiss it was. My toes curled and my body came alive with need once again.

“That was…wow!” Nancy said with a broad grin. “Are you sure you’ve never done that before?”

A blush climbed my cheeks and I shook my head. “No. Never.”

“Well, you’re a natural.”

I giggled. Happy that I had pleased her. I wondered how many times or how many girls she had done it with to know that I was a natural. Of course, I was too shy to ask that.

“You’re pretty good at it too,” I said.

Nancy smiled mischievously. “Practice makes perfect, I guess,” she replied, then pushed me onto my back, slipping a hand between my legs as she kissed me again.


A nudge on my shoulder woke me some time later. The pale pre-dawn light was chasing away the darkness. I opened my eyes and looked straight into the eyes of some half-naked rock star on a poster pinned to the ceiling. A smile pulled my lips up, remembering where I was and the wonderfully naughty things Nancy and I had done the night before. I rolled onto my side and saw Nancy looking at me, a smile on her face as wide as mine.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Morning,” I yawned, “what time is it?”


I snuggled into Nancy and closed my eyes. I had never slept in anyone’s arms like we had last night, but I wanted to do it again, preferably with Nancy. “Let’s go back to sleep then.”

Nancy chuckled and wrapped me in an embrace. “I would love to, but we can’t. You need to go back to your own bed before Debbie or anyone else wakes up.”

“Do I have to?” I whined into her neck.

“Yes,” she said. “The last thing we want is to get caught.”

“You’re right, I guess.” Reluctantly I pulled away and stretched. I threw the blankets back, but before I could get up, Nancy pushed her mouth to mine for a slow kiss. I wrapped my arms around her and melted. I caressed the naked skin beneath my hands and heat shot to my core. I moaned.

Nancy pulled away. “By the sound of that moan, you better get going. We don’t have time for another round.” She chuckled and pointed to the bedroom door.

I swatted her arm playfully and pouted. “You’re mean.”

“We still have tonight,” she said with a flirty wiggle of her eyebrows.

I beamed at the suggestion. “Okay then. See ya later.” I quickly gathered my panties and nightshirt and dressed before I slipped out of Nancy’s bedroom.

In the family room, I tiptoed to the bed where Debbie lay. Her back was to me and her breathing was slow and steady. Carefully, I climbed in beside her and rested my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

“She’s good, isn’t she?” a groggy voice beside me asked.

My eyes snapped open, and my heart tried to jump from my chest. “What?”

“I said, she’s good, isn’t she?.”

“Who? Wh-what?” I stammered.

Debbie rolled onto her back and turned her face to look at me. She narrowed her eyes and gave me that, don’t be so stupid look. “Nancy, of course. That’s where you were all night, right? Getting your pussy licked.” She said it so nonchalantly. As if someone having sex with Nancy was an everyday thing.


“That’s what I thought.” Debbie yawned and rolled onto her side. “Now go back to sleep, we can all have fun later.”

What the hell just happened? Had Debbie heard us having sex? She obviously didn’t care. Maybe she was used to hearing Nancy having sex with girls. I looked over to where Debbie lay, her back to me. Her regular breaths told me she had drifted back to sleep.

A thought occurred to me then. Debbie had just said we can all have fun. What did that mean? Did Debbie and Nancy…? Nah! Couldn’t be. Could it?

I glanced at the darkened hallway leading to Nancy’s room, then to Debbie again, picturing the younger girl naked. Picturing her naked in Nancy’s bed. I stifled a moan. I wouldn’t be able to sleep now. I wished for the hours to fly by. I couldn’t wait to see what the coming night would bring.


The End


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  1. Quinlan says:

    Cute and hot at the same time. A sequel seems to be in the cards.

  2. JetBoy says:

    If you’re like me, you will be thrilled to see a new Amanda Lynn story at Juicy Secrets, especially when it’s as fine and hot as this.

    Now go read more of her work, if you haven’t yet. Any of them will do, but I especially recommend “Piper’s Mom.” Yum!

    • Mirza says:

      Hi JetBoy,

      Just a quick note to say that Chapter Link for Amanda Lynn’s stories doesn’t seem to take you to chapter links, but right to the first chapter of the story.

  3. kim says:

    We loved ‘Piper’s Mom’ too, and Unaccompanied Minor, Book One. Amanda Lynn, we loved this story. The age differences the relationships and descriptions from ten year old Cass were well done.

    The teases Cass got from Nancy and at last true fulfillment from her older cousin. The great tease at the end was hot in and of itself and how we wished there would be another chapter, but we can use our dirty little minds I guess.

    Thanks for writing this, Kim & Sue

  4. Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

    Hey, Amanda!

    What a great, great story!…loved every sentence, but I got called away from the computer just as I got to the part where Cass, in the morning needing to pee, meets Nancy in the hall and is mesmerized by her sweet little breasts…Mmm, what a beautiful mental image!
    Some time later, I got to read the remainder, and what a pleasant read is was.

    The teasing fun that Kim (from Sue & Kim) mentioned in her comment, was so tantalizingly good! Nancy certainly knew how to push all Cass’ cute buttons, as well as all us reader’s. Their delicious lovemaking later on was extraordinary! and so well described, with such lovely detail and realism.

    Some of the really good details, like how when Debbie “catches” Nancy and Cass as they were removing their wet clothes from sledding, with Cass being naked and Debbie smirking as she gave a lingering look, planting the seed of suspicion (in our minds) that Debbie knew something more than she let on, was super good!

    And these few lines, also delicious:


    ” Do you touch yourself?, your pussy?” she asked, and continued before I could respond.
    ” I do it most nights, but it feels so much better when someone else does it.”

    I stared at her. Someone else? I tried to picture Nancy with another girl,maybe one of her friends, naked and touching each other.

    “What? she said, one eyebrow raised. “Didn’t my touching you feel better than doing it yourself?”

    My cheeks warmed again. Damn right it did. “Yeah,” I chuckled.


    Mmm! Damn right, indeed!

    Another wonderful, amazing story,Amanda! satisfying in every respect, and I’m in complete agreement with reader Kim, in that, I’m wishing it had another chapter also, to further explore the myriad possibilities of the fun that Nancy,Cass and Debbie could have together…

    Thanks for all you do at JS and for writing and presenting us with another awesome story!


  5. chef73 says:

    Another good story to read on a raining afternoon thanks. Like the pic. also. Keep writing.

  6. cherryco says:

    Oh, wow, I LOVED this story! And yes, please give us another chapter!

    What interested me was the part where Nancy and Debbie’s mother seemed to smell sex in the air, but didn’t say anything about it. Could there be even more to this story than we thought?

  7. David says:

    Very erotic Amber, love the detail and the build up to the final night. I like the others would love to see a sequel to this one also but my imagination can fill in my own sequel. Thanks Amber, I love all your work.

    • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:


      Just figured out how you might have come to type Amber instead of Amanda…
      subconsciously you transposed the well known porn actress Amber Lynn from the ’70s and ’80s with Amanda Lynn from out current time.
      One, which gained notoriety from visual sex acts, the other, we readers all love and respect,from more esoteric thought endeavors. The male brain is weird, no getting around it.
      Just my tongue-in-cheek interpretation…


      • David says:

        That could have been part of the problem E,T&A, I have watch a lot of Amber Lynn in my time! The other part was probably that I was thinking with my other brain, that men do a lot! lol

        • Euphorsyne, Thalia & Aglaia says:

          Yes, yes, the other brain! male humans are just the opposite of the prehistoric creature, the Stegosaurus, which had a walnut sized brain in it’s skull, and a much larger brain internally located between it’s hips…wonder if they ran after the females tail first?, probably why they went extinct…
          fun to speculate, though!


  8. Tim and Litka says:

    So good to see you writing again Amanda. It’s been too long for me without one, especially one as hot and well written as this.
    Just hope that there is a part 2 somewhere pending.
    Loved it thanks.

  9. Amanda Lynn says:

    Thank you, everyone, for taking the time to read and enjoy my story. It is appreciated.

    And David, I will pass on your praise to this mysterious Amber person if I ever meet her. 😛

    • sue says:

      Hey, Amber Lynn, ; ) great to know you are working on Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two. We’re sure whenever we readers get to see it, that it will be worth the wait. In the mean time we’ll check out Book One again. And this story certainly is reread-able.

      Kim & Sue

  10. Amanda Lynn says:

    PS: I have not forgotten about Trish and friends. Unaccompanied Minor, Book Two is coming along, albeit very slowly. I have several more delicious things in store for our girls and I don’t want to rush them. So, I am not going to speculate on a release date.

  11. Tina says:

    I’m so horny, I remember when my cousin and I would play mommy and daddy. And she would grinding against me it felt so good. And she would touch me in my private place. That was a great summer. We’re both married now but I still get wet thinking about that summer.

  12. Henrik says:

    what a very nice and Beautiful Story. I was so in love with These 3 Girls.
    Is there coming a second part?
    this will be very nice.
    Espacially what will happen, when all 3 Girls are together the following night.
    Kind regards

  13. David says:

    OMG Amanda, I am so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking! I guess I had a brain fart, lol Sorry for calling you Amber. I love your work Amanda, all you stories get me so excited. I hope you forgive me!

  14. No One says:

    Very sexy tale! Loved the build-up with all the teasing. Cass certainly made some surprising discoveries that weekend. A sequel might be fun, but of course I also understand the appeal of writing a quick standalone story.

    Now I have to wonder if you’re the one reading my mind, though, because I had an idea for a story about a preteen/teen cousin pairing that also involved Frozen… 😉

    And for all those waiting for Unaccompanied Minor Book 2, I may have had a sneak peek, and let’s just say that I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

  15. Eleonora says:

    Bellissimo racconto, molto verosimile e senza quei fatti assurdi di troppi racconti. Se istituissero un premio Nobel per la letteratura erotica, di certo ti prederesti il Nobel. Complimenti da parte di una donna (31 anni) che da ragazzina provai qualcosina di simile. Ciaooooo

    Google Translation: Beautiful story, very likely and without those absurd facts of too many stories. If they instituted a Nobel Prize for erotic literature, you would certainly take the Nobel Prize. Congratulations from a woman (31 years old) who as a little girl tried something similar. ciaooooo

  16. Amanda Lynn says:

    Thanks for the comments, everyone. It does a heart good.

  17. Jack says:

    What an incredibly hot tale! I can’t wait for the more that is hopefully coming! Just enough unresolved erotic tension to leave room for plenty more deliciousness as you wrote into this one, Amanda! Thank uou!!!

  18. Keiko says:

    Hi Amanda: I like the way the story ends the way it does… there is nothing wrong with my imagination and i will use it gladly… i am so excited to know you’re still writing… i am too on occasion… my work is currently in the capable hands of Jetboy for editing…

  19. Amanda Lynn says:

    Thank you, Jack and Keiko. I am happy with the way I ended the story as well. That doesn’t mean I won’t revisit it in the future though. 🙂 Right now I need to concentrate on UM2 and my real-world novel.

  20. AndyW says:

    Lovely characters and a wonderful story

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