My Weekend Awakening (And What it Led To), Part Five

  • Posted on March 28, 2024 at 2:16 pm

A brief recap: Seventeen-year-old Katia goes to a motorcycle rally, where she has her first-ever sexual experience with two biker women named Fire and Trace. It’s enough to convince her that she is a lesbian. Upon returning home, Katia is alarmed to find herself attracted to her little sister Beth’s best friend Rachel who, like Beth, is only twelve. She tries to resist, but it doesn’t help that Rachel clearly has feelings for her. Beth is upset about this, but gets over it quickly. In fact, she ends up joining Katia and Rachel when they have sex, and Katia ends up going down on her little sister. In the following weeks, Beth gets into queer sex in a big way, eagerly seeking out new experiences. To that end, she finds herself very interested in getting close and intimate with Katia’s first lovers, Fire and Trace, when they drop by for a visit and Katia is out. What happens next? Read on and see…

by kinkychic, with additions from kinkys_sis and JetBoy

When my friends and occasional lovers Fire and Trace came by to visit and I couldn’t be there because my footy team was having practice, my little sister Beth offered to look after them.

She didn’t fool me a bit – I knew she had every intention of throwing herself at my mates, but I was sure they’d just blow her off. Beth was only twelve, after all.

Let’s just say that events didn’t play out like I expected. Eventually, I pieced the whole story together with help from Beth, Fire, and Trace after the fact. Here’s how it went down.


A vision of youthful beauty greeted Fire and Trace when the front door opened. They hadn’t seen Beth for six months, and she’d matured a bit in that time.

The cute twelve-year-old had clearly dressed to impress her big sister’s friends. She wore a flannel shirt, rolled up and tied across her midriff, none of the buttons fastened to reveal Beth’s budding chest. A short – very short – denim skirt barely covered her panties. The girl had well-toned thighs, a result of the sports she participated in.

Trace whistled and Fire said, “Fuck! You’re really growing up, kiddo.”

Beth was glowing inside. It was exactly the response she’d hoped for. Without too much exaggeration, she gave her arse a wriggle as Fire and Trace followed her into the kitchen.

“I made roast beef sandwiches,” Beth told her guests, pointing to a couple of plates, each holding a sandwich and a handful of crisps. “Want anything to drink with that?”

“A cold beer would be great,” Trace said.

“Yeah, we’re fuckin’ parched,” Fire added.

Beth knew her knickers would be exposed when she bent into the fridge to get their beers. To that end, she’d chosen to wear the skimpiest pair she owned. Katia had bought them for her as a Christmas gift, though she was obliged to keep them hidden from Mum. She felt sure Fire and Trace could see her slit if they were looking… and right then, Beth would have bet anything that they were.

When she turned back around, a bottle in each hand, the slack-jawed look on Fire’s face and the grin Trace wore told Beth everything she needed to know.

She set the two bottles on the table, but just as she reached into a drawer for the opener, Fire took hold of Beth’s arm, turning her to face them. “Look here, girl. Are you just a cunt tease, or are you really askin’ to be fucked?”

Beth was a bit startled by such a direct question, but she recovered right away. “I’m not asking, I’m telling. You’ve fucked my sister, why not me?” With that, she loosened the knot that held her shirt in place. “You just got a peek at my pussy… want a look at my tits?”

What tits?” Fire scoffed, giving Beth a shove hard enough to make the girl stagger backward. “Fuck off, you. I ain’t into kids.”

Hands on her hips, Beth glared at Fire. “No? The hell you’re not. I see how you’re lookin’ at me. I’m no bloody kid, either. I’m a sexy bitch, I’m queer as fuck and I’ll own your ass in bed.”

Fire stared incredulously at the defiant preteen. It’s all bullshit. Nothing but a lot of attitude from a brat with a big mouth. And yet… she recognized the deep-banked lust in Beth’s eyes; had gotten similar looks many times when out clubbing, only those came from seasoned dykes twice this girl’s age. Not to mention she’s damn sexy for a little girl. Could this kid be the real deal? Nah, she’s bluffing, must be. “Do you… do you even know how women fuck? Ever eaten pussy; fingered a cunt?”

Beth’s gaze never wavered. “Yeah. Those things and more, lots more.”

Trace had been watching the exchange between Beth and her lover. She knew Fire well enough to recognise that this girl was getting to her, no matter her claims to the contrary.

“Babe,” she murmured, touching her partner’s shoulder. “She may be young, but this girl wants to rock our world… what the fuck, let’s give her a chance to show us what she’s got.” She casually unfastened the top button of her leather pants. “She’s a sex bomb about to go off!”

Slowly shaking her head, Fire said, “I don’t know, Trace. She’s hot as hellfire, but this is… it’s crossin’ a real line for me.”

Beth glared at Fire. “Fuckin’ look at me, will you? I mean, really look. Think I’m just a dumb kid who don’t know what she’s about?

“I’ve watched you both fuck my sister, y’know. Well, me and my sister fuck too – we’ve been at it for ages. Now it’s time for you to do me.” Beth hoisted her shirt to expose her cunt, clearly visible through the see-through knickers she wore.

Fire was in a daze, lost in the vision of youthful beauty standing before her. “Christ almighty,” she whispered. She was tottering on the brink of giving in, and Beth and Trace both saw it.

Trace grinned at the twelve-year-old. “C’mon, Beth. If she’s not got the bottle to make a move, me an’ you will fuck her.”

“Let’s do it!” Beth cried, lunging for Fire.

They hit the kitchen floor with a dull thud. Beth and Trace were holding Fire down, although, in truth, the well-built lesbian could have easily thrown them both off. Beth’s lips found Fire’s, but when the woman froze, the girl pulled back.

“Kiss me!” Beth hissed. “You know you want it, so stop fuckin’ about!”

For a heartbeat, Fire glared up at Beth… then with a growl of, “Little cunt,” she pulled the girl into a bruising kiss. Beth almost panicked but, realising that she’d won the game, was quick to respond. She ground down hard between Fire’s legs. Their vulvas pressing together, they moaned into their kiss.

In the meantime, Trace was struggling to get the others undressed. Finally, she protested, “For fuck’s sake, you lot! Hold up for a sec, so we can get naked.”

Beth and Fire paused to exchange a look, then they both grinned as if to say, Yeah, let’s do her, too!

Fire lunged out to seize Trace, who squealed as she was unceremoniously pulled into the clinch. Now their duo was a threesome.

In the midst of groping, fondling and kissing one another, the trio lovers eventually managed to get out of their clothing, which was scattered all over the kitchen. Now naked, Beth leapt to her feet. “Come on, let’s go upstairs!”

“Suits me,” said Fire, getting to her feet. “I’m too sodding old to fuck on a tiled floor.”

Beth marched up the staircase with Trace and Fire behind, who were both enthralled by the sight of the preteen’s jiggling bum. Entering Katia’s room, Beth threw herself on her big sister’s bed, bouncing a few times before she came to a rest on her knees. The others quickly joined her.

Stretching out, Trace said, “I wanna lick you, Beth. Give me your pretty pussy.”

Fire laughed, patting Beth’s arse. “Go on, girl – fuck her face.”

Quickly straddling Trace’s head, Beth covered the lesbian’s mouth with her cunt, sighing blissfully as the cute biker girl got to work. Meanwhile, Fire flopped down between Trace’s thighs, pressing a messy tongue kiss into her lover’s shaved vulva.

Beth pumped her hips, grinding against Trace’s hot, sucking mouth, humming her approval, beside herself with joy. She’d fantasised for weeks about getting down and dirty with the tough, sexy dykes who got her big sister into lesbian sex. Now, at long last, the twelve-year-old had exactly what she wanted.

Beth had worked herself into a state of lustful anticipation long before Fire and Trace arrived, so it was no surprise that she was soon surging towards what promised to be a real screamer of an orgasm. She felt Trace lift her just long enough to grab a quick breath, then attack her clit once more.

All of a sudden Fire got to her feet, straddling either side of Trace’s body. She grabbed a fistful of Beth’s hair and pulled hard, thrusting her hips forward as she brought the young girl’s face to within an inch of her thick, unshaved bush.  “You want a piece of me, little girl? Here it is. Still up for this?”

Beth stared in awe at the woman’s pussy. In contrast with Fire’s violet and black hair, her pubes were a dark brown. The labia were dark pink, framing the brighter pink of the juicy opening. The scent was strong and enticing, and Beth inhaled deeply, letting it fill her nose.

Fire growled, “Eat my cunt, girl.”

Beth didn’t pause to think; just went straight for Fire’s clit, briefly sucking the engorged nubbin before giving it a nip with her front teeth – not too hard, but it was enough to make the woman shriek.

Oh, shit, Beth thought, I went too far there. She tensed, waiting for a hard slap. Instead, Fire ran a hand through her hair, moaning, “Fuck, yes.” The expression on her face spoke of danger and ravenous need. Somehow, it put Beth in mind of a drawing of a hungry wolf, an image she recalled from her old book of Grimm Brothers fables. Such a look would have frightened most, but Beth felt only joy, knowing she had this big, amazing woman under her control.

Beth’s grasping hands explored the big woman’s thighs, the muscles tensing like coiled springs. God, she’s incredible, Beth told herself. So strong, knows just what she wants. I hope she plans to fuck me. Her cunt was practically dripping at the thought of being taken by this rough lover.

Fire was dripping too. She had the juiciest pussy Beth had ever licked, its essence coating the whole lower half of her face. And she tasted amazing, the sharp, tangy flavour warming Beth’s tongue like wine. As she burrowed deeper, trying not to lose a drop, a hand appeared just above Fire’s pubes, two fingers descending to toy with the older lesbian’s clit. It wasn’t Fire’s hand, so Beth knew Tracy was helping.

As she continued to lick and suck, Beth was observing Fire’s face. The snarl had gone, leaving only pleasure – perhaps a hint of astonishment as well.

If Beth wasn’t occupied with going down on the woman, she’d have gone into a victory dance. Fire thought I was just a silly kid pretending to be gay, and didn’t know nothin’ about how to fuck a woman. Guess I showed her!

It was a good thing Fire had been clutching Beth so tightly, else she most likely would have been thrown off the bed when the woman thrust her hips out, a hoarse scream breaking from her lips as she came. Fire began to shake violently, grinding her sex into the young girl’s face. As for Beth, she continued to eat her new lover’s pussy as vigorously as she could. She’d never seen an orgasm quite so intense.

Finally Fire gasped, “Enough!” pushing Beth’s head away.

Glowing with pride, Beth backed off, but continued to nuzzle Fire’s generous thighs as the woman lay panting, her breasts rising and falling. Trace leaned back against the upholstered headboard, absently tasting Fire’s juices from her fingers.

Beth was resting her head in Fire’s lap, breathing in the thick aroma of cunt when a coarse hand seized her arm, pulling the girl up. Fire was now in a seated position, her eyes boring into Beth’s, then their mouths were crushed together in a bruising kiss.

Oh, yeah, it’s my turn now, Beth thought, her pulse galloping.

Fire’s hands were rough on Beth’s body – pawing her arse, groping her legs, her nipples tweaked and tugged. Then the biker babe’s fingers were busy working her clit, and Beth gasped, “Ohhh… oh, fuck!”

“Yeh, that’s gonna happen,” Fire growled, toppling Beth onto her back with a single nudge.

Beth spread her legs wide open seconds before her bare slit was covered by Fire’s hot, eager mouth, a tongue immediately drilling into the twelve-year-old’s vagina.

Keyed up as she was, it only took a minute or so before Beth was squealing through her own orgasm, one so intense that she was pounding the bed with her fists. It was a glorious release, heightened by a genuine sense of achievement.

Once the two lovers caught their breath, they teamed up on Trace, getting her up on all fours. Still thirsting for the taste of cunt, Beth slid underneath the cute lesbian to feast on her slit, while Fire eased two fingers into her partner’s anus, steadily working them in and out until Trace went off. It was a far more gentle release than Fire’s orgasm had been, but Trace was satisfied and then some, sighing, “Fuckin hell, that was lovely.”

Fire had brought her beer into the bedroom, and now she sat back against the headboard, taking a long pull from the bottle. Now her tattoo could be seen properly: a grinning devil thrusting a long spear that disappeared between the lips of her pussy.

Fire laughed when she noticed Beth’s stare. “You like my tat? Well, you’re a bit of a devil yourself, kid. Hey, you done a bloody good job. Who the fuck would’ve guessed?” She took another swig, emptying her bottle. “Hey, can I have another beer? And get yourself one, too. You fuck us, you drink with us!”

Giggling, Beth padded down to the kitchen, where she took three beers from the fridge, which she soon brought up to the bedroom and passed around. Popping the tops, they all drank.

Beth was gleefully happy, now that these thrilling, sexy dykes had fully accepted her. Wonder if they’re in the mood to have some more fun? she asked herself. Only one way to know for sure

“So, Fire… d’ya still think I’m just a kid? Or maybe you’d like me to fetch one of my toys and give your arse a good shagging?” Beth asked.

Both women stared, taken aback. Finally Fire asked, “You sayin’ you got a strappy, Beth?”

“Actually, I’ve got a couple of ‘em.”

Fire broke into a grin. “Well fuck me, girl, you’re full of surprises. Listen, I’m sorry for treatin’ you like a brat. Reckon I underestimated you in a big way. Now, about that strappy… you gonna fetch it, or what?”

Beth fetched back two, along with a tube of lubricant. One of the strap-ons had just a single modestly-sized cock attached. The other had three: a larger and a smaller one, both jutting outwards, and a medium-sized dildo pointing inwards to penetrate the wearer.

Fire and Trace watched as Beth lubricated the trio of cocks. Carefully working the inner one into her vagina, she then fastened the harness around her waist.

She passed the other strap-on to Trace, along with the lube. “You can fuck my arse while I fuck Fire. Check it out – with this strappy, I can do her back and front at the same time!”

Fire wore an expression of purest amazement as she stared at Beth. “Fuck girl, you really are a sex freak.” Glancing at Trace, she added, “C’mon lover – put that thing on, and let’s get down to it!” Getting on her knees, she presented her cunt and arse to the twelve-year-old. “Make it hard, girl… rough as you like.”

As she penetrated Fire, Beth felt Trace nudging the dildo at her nether hole. “Go slow, Trace. I’ve not been fucked in the bum that many times.”

Fire just grunted as the two dildos filled both her cunt and rectum. She pushed back, enough to make sure the third one was buried in Beth’s pussy. Meanwhile, Trace was slowly pressing her cock into the young girl’s rectum.

Beth was in heaven. She’d never been done in both holes before, and the sensation was so wonderful that she felt like crying. Not that Beth had the slightest intention of shedding tears in Fire’s presence.

She began to move, working those twinned cocks in and out of Fire. The rough biker girl could often seem frightening, but she sure didn’t seem like that now.

Oh, God, this is so good, so good! Those latex pricks were now slowly churning around inside Beth’s body, and she saw sparks behind her eyes with every movement. She gave herself over to the pleasure, allowing it to consume her whole.

And through it all, Beth continued to work her hips, rogering Fire as best she could.


The whole time I was out, I couldn’t stop worrying about what my little sister was up to. I’m no fool; I knew she had a serious case of the hots for Fire and Trace. Ever since deciding she was gay, Beth was like a kid in a sweet shop, wanting every girl and woman she saw.

Just a week earlier, after a lively workout in bed, she’d asked me, “Katia? Do you ever think about… having sex with Mum?”

I admit it – that shocked me. “Beth! Fucking hell, what are you on about?”

“Oh, come on,” she fired back. “Me and you are doing it. You’re totally fine with that, right? If I can fuck my sister, why can’t I fuck my mother?”

I found myself fumbling for an answer. “It just seems weird,” I finally muttered.

“Not to me,” Beth cooed, slipping a hand between my legs. “You gotta admit, she still looks good, right?” Her lips brushed my ear as she whispered, “I saw Mum getting undressed last night. She was stripped off to her knickers…” Beth gave a long, low whistle. “Fuck me, she looked good. I had to shut myself up in the loo and rub my pussy ‘til I came.”

“You’re bloody mental,” I told my sister. “She’d never go for it. Mum’s not into women… and you can’t seriously think she’d ever have sex with us!”

Her lips drifted close to mine. “You never know…”

And just like that, we were kissing, which soon became fucking. It was awesome, too – a real wall-shaker.

Afterward, I told Beth. “Look, don’t try making a move on Mum. I’m serious. You could end up ruining everything!”

“You’re no fun,” she pouted. “Fine, whatever.”

So that was that… or so I thought. But then I noticed that my little sister was dressing a lot more casually around the house, spending most of her time in a t-shirt and panties. Mum made a comment about it, but Beth just shrugged and said she felt more comfortable that way.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, Beth’s observations had me checking out Mum myself! I began to have unwanted thoughts about what great shape she was in, picturing her naked, wondering if she’s really never done anything sexual with a woman. Or maybe another girl, back when she was our age.

I didn’t want my relationship with Mum to change, and had no intention of attempting to entice her into bed. Which isn’t to say the thought never occurred to me, or that it didn’t keep me from occasionally getting aroused by the sight of my mother. All thanks to my little sister.

Damn you, Beth, I sometimes thought. You’ve opened bloody Pandora’s box!

So I knew she would all but throw herself at Fire and Trace, probably wearing those see-through panties I got her for Christmas. I’d toyed with the notion of having a word with her before I left, but it wouldn’t have done a bit of good with my headstrong sister. Instead, I was relying on my friends to give her the brushoff.  Try as I may, I couldn’t imagine those two having it off with a girl of twelve. Turning onto my street, I told myself, Hope Beth’s not too disappointed. Maybe I’ll slip into her room tonight – that ought to cheer her up.

Fire’s bike was still parked out front, so when I entered the house, I was expecting to see her, Trace and Beth hanging out in the living room. But no one was there. Then I heard a long, low moan coming from upstairs, a moan I knew all too well.

I don’t believe this, I told myself, hastening up the stairs. I don’t fucking believe it!

I knew sex was going on, but I didn’t expect to find it happening in my bedroom… and what I saw there shook me up in a big way. Fire was on her knees, arse up, her upper half spread out on the bed. Beth was fucking Fire from behind, all the while getting shagged herself by Trace.

All I could do was shake my head. Little sister was clearly having the time of her life. How the fuck did she manage to get two grown women into this incredibly hot threesome?

Beth was banging Fire for all she was worth, a determined set to her jaw. Trace wasn’t moving much, letting my sister’s movements do the work. Wait a minute… is Beth taking Trace in her arse? Jesus. The girl’s got nerve, I’ll say that.

Fire was growling, “Harder, bitch, harder! Make me feel it.”

Beth was muttering, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” in time with her strokes.

Only Trace was quiet, focussed on pleasuring my little sister without doing her an injury. Approaching from behind, I slipped a hand between Trace’s thighs and slid two fingers into her cunt.

Startled, she looked back at me, then flashed a grin. “Hey, Kat. Come join the party!” I let my fingers reply for me.

Beth glanced over her shoulder, our eyes meeting – and that was when she came. It was something to see, too. I thought she might shut down completely. Of course, she’d never used a strappy with anyone but me… and now she was getting it in both holes at once.

Fire came an instant later, bellowing like a bear. She and Beth seemed to collapse together, leaving my sister draped across Fire’s back like a cape.

I was still finger-fucking Trace, and a hard jerk shook her body when I rubbed her clit with my thumb. I did it once more, and it was enough to push her over the edge. She arched her back, giving a long, drawn-out cry that mounted into a squeak before going limp. She went sideways, and the others went with her.

There they lay, bare bodies pressed together, dildos still buried inside their various openings.

When Fire’s eyes opened, she saw me sitting there. “Damn, Katia, why didn’t you tell us about this kid sister of yours? She fuckin’ tore me apart… and I loved it!”

I had to laugh. “You wouldn’t have believed it if I had told you, Fire.”

Her eyes drifted shut. “Yeh, guess you’re right. But she sure showed us… didn’t she, Trace?”

Trace slowly rolled onto her back, her latex cock slipping out of my little sister’s bum. “Fuck, yes.”

Even if I’d come late to the party, I had to get in on this. Tugging my t-shirt up and off, I let it drop to the carpet, followed by my bra. Then I unfastened my jeans.

I saw the smirk on Beth’s face, and told her, “Shut up, you.”


Not long after that, CoVid came along, and with it, visiting restrictions. I wasn’t able to meet up with Tabitha, and online sex left her dissatisfied. Ours had never been an especially romantic relationship, so I guess it was inevitable that we began to drift apart.

Then a friend rang to pass the word along that Tabitha was cheating on me. Under the circumstances, it seemed best to make a clean break with her. I gave Tabitha a call to make it official, and let her know we were still mates.

Being cut off from the world was a crap situation, so thank fuck I had Beth around. My sister and I were having it off nearly every day, and the sex was bloody incredible. Because Mum was stuck at home along with us, the only safe time for Beth and me to get down and dirty was at night. Lucky for us, our mother is a sound sleeper – once she’s under for the night, nothing wakes her up.

A few weeks into the pandemic, I noticed Beth was spending a lot of time using the word processor. Naturally, I couldn’t help wondering what that was all about, but she wasn’t volunteering any information.

Finally, I came right out with it. “What’s with all this work you’re doing on the laptop, sis?”

She looked over her shoulder at me with a cute little smile. “Well… I’m writing a sex story.”

That surprised me. “No fooling! Is it a long one? You’ve been working on it for days.”

“Oh, this is just my latest story,” she replied. “I’ve already finished… let’s see… five more.”

She’d written five dirty stories? My curiosity now fully aroused, I asked her, “Are you going to let me read them? If they’re private, that’s fine, but I’d love to see what you’ve done.”

Beth actually blushed a bit. “Well… I guess, But you gotta promise not to laugh if it’s no good, okay?“

I solemnly swore to be kind. She opened up a folder on the desktop that I’d never noticed, then got up. “Go ahead,” she murmured, offering me her chair. “Call me when you’re done,” she added, leaving the room.

So I read one of Beth’s stories, and oh, my God! Hot or what? It was about a teenage girl who gets visited by a mysterious female spirit, which leads her to becoming lovers with her best friend. My knickers were pretty damp by the time I finished. I couldn’t help myself – I had to read the rest.

As it turned out, I loved every one of Beth’s stories. They were intensely sexy, but the characters were well-drawn as well, and she had quite a knack for inventing scenarios. Every one depicted lesbian sex… and it was transparently clear that she’d put our own lovemaking to good use. I’d dabbled in writing erotica myself and had posted the occasional sex story, but Beth had taken it to a whole new level.

The whole time I was reading, I could sense Beth out there, prowling the house like a restless cat while she awaited my verdict. Finally taking pity on my sister, I called for her, and she raced back into the room.

I said, “Oh Beth, they’re amazing stories, every one of them. Well done, you dirty little sod.”

She couldn’t stop grinning. “You liked ‘em, then?”

Reaching out to take Beth’s hand, I pulled her into my lap. “Let me put it this way, baby sister… once Mum goes to bed tonight, I’m gonna fuck you silly.” Licking a pathway up her neck, I gave Beth’s earlobe a playful nip, and she squealed with delight.

Sure enough, we did have sex that evening, and it was great as always. Afterwards, while we snuggled together, I said, “You ought to post those stories at an erotic website, Beth.”

She liked the idea, so I got out of bed, turned on my laptop, and cruised the internet for good story sites. Before long I found one that was all lesbian fiction. After checking out a couple of the stories, I told Beth, “I think this is the one. Take a look.”

My sister trawled about for a bit, then nodded. “Yeah, this is good.”

A week later, her first story was up, and it made quite a splash. I thought it was beautiful, and so did everyone who left a comment. She gave them a few more of her stories, and the site ran then all. My Beth had become a real writer!

You might be wondering why I just called her ‘my Beth.’ Here’s why.

One day, I got the surprise of my life when Beth presented me with an engagement ring, getting down on her knees to say, “Katia, I’ll always love you, ‘cos you’re my amazing, beautiful big sister… but I’m in love with you, too. Will you marry me? I have no idea when or even if we can make it happen, but d’ya want to?”

I’d love to tell you that I said something memorable, but instead I started to cry.

Beth took me in her arms without a word, holding me close. Thankfully, I quickly managed to recover, and told my sister, “Of course I’ll marry you.”

We have been engaged for over two years now and are crazy about each other. Honestly, I’ve never been happier. We still have online friends, just not ‘special’ ones… and we’re allowed to have sex with other girls and women, but only when Beth and I are both there to share. That includes Fire and Trace, who ended up getting married. They settled down just a few miles away, and are now our best friends.

Beth still insists she wants to get our mother into bed with us. I’m still uncertain how I feel about that, but I’m open to persuasion. Who knows? One day, you might see a sequel to this story. As of now, though, Mum doesn’t even know her daughters are lovers, so I suspect Beth’s fantasy is destined to remain just that.

My sister and I are still composing and posting erotic stories. We often offered ideas, input and assistance to one another, and eventually, it struck us that Beth and I work better as a team. These days, we post more stories than ever, and they always seem to go down a treat with our readers.

It would be lovely to take our stories to a bigger audience, but we know that will never happen. Doesn’t bother us, though. When it comes to fans, my sister and I will gladly settle for quality over quantity.

So that’s how things stand with us. Life goes on, and you know what? It’s just great.


I leave my readers with a question. How much of what you’ve just read is true, and how much is just a wild fantasy? Don’t ask, I won’t answer.

Now, about our latest story…

“Hey, sis, c’mere.”

Beth enters, leaning against the door frame, wearing nothing but gauzy blue knickers, cute tiger-feet socks and a smile. “What’s up, Kat?”

“There’s a scene I want to practise before I put it into words,” I explain. “See, I’m sitting at my desk, writing. You come creeping in on your hands and knees, and crawl underneath the desk. Once you’re down there, you notice right away that the seat of my chair is wet.”

“Which, I’m sure, has nothing whatsoever to do with the sizzling hot story you’re working on,” she purrs, coming closer.

“Maybe it does,” I reply. “Anyway, you nudge your head between my knees, getting close enough to smell how aroused I am.”

Very aroused,” Beth says, now working her way beneath my desk.

“Your hair is tickling my thighs as your head gets closer.” I feel her breath caress my vulva, and then… “Oh, Beth, fuck that f-feels good.”

My fingers are hovering just over the keyboard. Turns out, it’s not at all easy to type with a warm, wet tongue bathing your pussy. Hmmm… maybe I’ll take a little break.

The End


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  1. Kim & Sue says:

    EXtremely hot. Just a wild last chapter. Done just right we feel. Love the bit at the end where we get a behind the scenes peak, or do we?

    Great writing, beautifully done. Nice finish to a very good tale.

    • Kim & Sue says:

      PS why don’t the author names not light up anymore to take you to their stories?

      • kinkys_sis says:

        That’s a good point you just raised there. It seems a bit random with guest authors whether or not there is a link from the author’s name.

        I hadn’t noticed before, but none of my stories link from my name. I wondered for a moment, that maybe it was a guest author thing, but when I check, I find some are linked.

  2. JetBoy says:

    My fervent thanks to kinkychic, who so generously allowed me to accompany her on the journey that was to become this story. I had a marvelous time, and was quite happy with the final result. It’s a Kinky miracle!

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    What a perfect ending!!!(?) – From the sex scenes, to the intriguing question posed to the readers at the end, it was all very stimulating and satisfying. Of course, as a fan of the sisters kinky and JB, I would undoubtedly be more stimulated and satisfied if there was a sequel to this wildly erotic tale. *Hint Hint* Thanks to all at JS who contributed to the production and publishing of this work of erotic art ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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    WOW!! I am very impressed😉! This story, all five parts, is most excellent indeed. I think that you might want to think about, Sisters Kinky and JB, a sixth part that includes Mum and a friend of Beth’s. That is the only thing that would make this better with that little loose end tied up.

    Very good job, guys.

  5. kinkychic says:

    I suppose I’m of that age that loves to be loved. But then I guess, we all do. If my sister loves me and my readers also, what more could I want?

    The final chapter was very much our ideas but much of JetBoys words. We appreciate that.

    Thanks guys for your kind comments.

    On a more family note. Sis has now finished her exams (results not until August but she has every confidence of a job well done) – career decisions are now her main concern. But she can let her hair down for a while and hopefully write one or two more sexy stories.

    I promise nothing – but we will give some thought to a follow on.

    • Captain Midnight says:

      Congratulations to Sis!

      • kinkys_sis says:

        Thank you, it’s appreciated.

        I thought the stress from a whole load of exams was bad enough, but now, deciding what I do is creating even more pressure.

        I have the opportunity to sign for a major football club as a professional player. My problem is that I doubt I am good enough to ever be a top player. Neither is it how I planned my future. Decisions!

        ps. Thanks to you others for the story comments. xx

        • Erocritique says:

          First off: Congrats on your exams and the success of this collaboration with your sis and JB. Second: I wouldn’t get too stressed about future endeavors. You have shown in your writing that you work hard and are dedicated to improving. Whatever field you go into, (or onto), that work ethic and determination to continually improve will serve you well. You also have youth on your side, which allows for some trial and error in your career path. Don’t sweat it too much. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

        • ClitLicker says:

          As an ex-teacher (and feel free to ignore the following unsolicited advice) I’d say if you’ve got your A-levels under your belt and you’ve got the talent to play sport at a high level: go for it. You can go go University later but you can’t start a sporting career later.

          Whatever you do, do it as well as you can and PLEASE keep writing these wonderful stories in your spare time.

  6. Debbie L says:

    Fantastic from start to finish. Utterly fantastic.

  7. kinkys_sis says:

    @Erocritique – Thanks for your thoughts. Every time you see a young girl football player on tv, you’re going to wonder… ‘Could that be kinkys_sis?’

    @Debbie L – We’re happy you enjoyed it… now for the next story.

  8. JetBoy says:

    Many, MANY thanks to all those who read and loved this story. We love you too.

  9. Rachel says:

    I’ve said elsewhere that the links for this chapter after chapter four and in Guest Author Chapter Lincs do not work. However, I have found it another way. And, oh goodness, am I glad I did. Brilliant!!

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