The Dress Shop

  • Posted on April 27, 2016 at 10:29 am

By Marie LeClaire

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in August 2008 }

You must have read about it, because it made headlines in our newspaper and even CNN news. “Woman Doctor Accused of Fondling Young Female Patient,” it said. Although she wanted it as much as I did, and there was no proof so they couldn’t press charges, the hospital let me go.

I had a little money saved, so I decided to try the business world. Although medicine had been my life up to this point, I thought, since I liked clothes, to open a dress shop, which I could run alone. I stocked fashionable dresses, casual wear, and lingerie, and sold them at reasonable prices. It took time but I built up a reputation of giving good value for the prices I charged, and I gave each customer personal service.

Since being let go by the hospital, and my new shop, I didn’t have time to form any new relationships with other women, so I had to be satisfied with my fingers and vibrator. It also helped to fantasize after seeing a young customer undressing.

Saturday started the same as any other. Some regular customers, or some passing trade and the window shoppers, who tried everything on, then bought nothing.

I was tidying up after one of these at about 4 PM, when this very attractive woman of about thirty-five came in accompanied by a pretty young girl of about fifteen. I judged they were mother and daughter, and left them to look in peace.

I couldn’t help noticing how attentive they were to each other, holding up dresses and pointing out different outfits. They looked so attractive and so happy, I felt a pang of envy. I went over to them and introduced myself, “Hello, I’m Doctor, err Marie LeClare,” I said, “I own the shop. Can I help you find something?”

“I’m Tammy, and this is my daughter, Jena. We’re looking for a new dress for Jena, something sexy for a party we’re giving this weekend.”

“First let me look at you, Jena,” I said, “I need to get an idea of what will suit you and what your size is.”

Jena turned and walked up and down like a model, so that I could have a good look at her. I felt my cheeks flush, as I realized what a beautiful sexy girl she was.

Women had always attracted me sexually, and this girl was something special. She was tall and slender, but with a curvy figure, and a nice tight ass. Her blonde hair framed the sweetest innocent face. As she noticed me staring, she smiled widely. “I think I’m going to enjoy this, I can’t think why we haven’t been here before.” She laughed.

Tammy looked on indulgently. I thought she wouldn’t have been so content if she could have known what I was thinking about her daughter, and how I’d like to make love to her.

However she suddenly spoke. “Marie, I just noticed it’s getting close to closing time. I wonder if we could impose on you to stay open a little longer. I promise we’ll buy something. Would you mind us staying for a while?”

“Of course not,” I replied. “That way I can spend some time with you both and you can choose something really special.” I went across to the shop door, locked it and pulled down the blind as I put the CLOSED sign on the door.

Thank you so much,” said Tammy, “Now we can relax and enjoy ourselves, knowing we will not be disturbed.”

Jena had been looking at the clothes on display. She picked out two dresses to try on, and went into the changing room. I stood beside Tammy’s chair. “Jena wants to make an impression at the party,” said Tammy. “I want her to have something especially sexy.”

“I am sure she will be spectacular at the party,” I replied.

Just then, Jena came out wearing a mini green satin dress. It had a plunging neckline and the skirt was split to the thigh. She looked ravishing, and I felt another flush as I saw the upper curves of her breasts and the long muscular legs from her ankles to her hips.

“That looks lovely,” said Tammy. “Except that I can see your bra straps.” She turned to me. “Do you think Jena should wear it without a bra, Marie?”

I swallowed, “That would be best, I agree,” I said. “Underwear always spoils the line.” The mere thought of seeing her in that dress without a bra made my mouth water, and my pussy moist.

I was startled to hear Tammy say, “Marie, would you be a dear and help Jena to get the right look. Don’t bother with the changing room. It’s only us here.”

I dazedly found myself going over to the sexy teenage girl, stood behind her and with trembling hands, undid the zip at the back of the dress and let it fall to the ground. The girl stood there in front of her mother and me in just bra and pants. “Now take off her bra, please, Marie,” suggested Tammy.

I released the hooks between her shoulder blades and taking a deep breath, I let it go. Her flawless back was in my sight, the skin creamy and smooth.

“Now the panties, Marie.” Tammy obviously hadn’t realized the effect her daughter was having on me. I bent and slipped the panties down, to find a perfect little round ass inches from my face. Did I detect a faint musky scent?

“Turn around, darling,” Tammy told her daughter.

My hand flew to my mouth to stop the gasp I couldn’t help making. They both laughed to see my reaction. “It is okay,” said Tammy, “She always has that effect on people who see her body for the first time. Isn’t she the most perfect thing?”

And she was. Even in front of her mother, I couldn’t risk losing this chance to inspect this beautiful teenage girl’s body. I let my eyes travel over the young girl-flesh. The tiny pink feet, slim calves and long smooth thighs. A perfect triangle of silky fur, a flat belly with its dimpled bellybutton and two wonderful high firm breasts. Her nipples were brownish pink and puffy and I could only imagine what they would look like when her excitement made them erect, and how they would taste. This lovely body was crested by a wonderful virginal face.

As I stood there staring with my mouth open, Tammy said, “Jena, darling, I think Marie likes you!”

That ironic remark broke the ice and we all laughed. “Now try the dress, dear.”

I helped Jena to put the green satin on again. She certainly looked more sexy without underwear, but there was still one thing missing. Did I dare mention it? Did I have the nerve? What would they think? Throwing caution to the wind, I decided to try.

“Tammy,” I hesitated, then seeing the mother’s encouraging smile, “it would be even more perfect if her nipples were erect!”

“Of course, how clever you are, Marie,” she agreed, and told her daughter to play with her nipples to excite them.

“Oh, Mom,” Jena said, “You know it is more exciting to have someone else do it for me. Couldn’t we ask Marie to?”

Tammy turned to me, pointed at Jena and said, “Do you mind?” In no way did I mind.

I went behind the young girl where she was standing, facing a mirror. I saw my own hands slipping under her arms and the fingers slowly moving up to the mounds under her dress. I was just about to cup her breasts when I heard Tammy’s voice. “No, Marie, take the dress off first.”

I swallowed nervously, beads of perspiration appearing on my forehead. This was rapidly getting out of hand. I released the zip and the dress fell in a puddle around Jena’s feet.

Now I was standing behind this gorgeous girl looking at her totally naked body in the mirror. Once again my hands crept around the slim body and this time I cupped the perfect flesh of her breasts in my waiting hands. I weighed them in my hands. They felt so firm and heavy. Jena leaned her head back and I gently kissed her smiling lips.

She responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth. I realized how hungry I was and how long it had been since I had had sex, except of course for my vibrator or fingers.

Now overcome with lust, I grabbed her nipples between my fingers and thumb and pinched, pulling and twisting them as my lust built.

Our kiss went on and on. I forgot about the mother watching me enjoying her daughter, all I thought of was my own passion. Oh, how I wanted that girl.

Suddenly I heard a soft clapping. I remembered where I was and let the body in my arms go, thinking to myself, I’m really going to go to jail this time. What’s the penalty for lesbian rape? I wondered.

But then I saw the proud smile on Tammy’s attractive face. “Why don’t you lie down together on the couch?” she suggested. “You would both be much more comfortable there.”

I took her daughter Jena by the hand and led her over to the couch I keep for customers. Gently I laid this beautiful baby girl down and knelt beside her. Tammy moved her chair to come and sit beside us where she could see every detail of our passion.

My inhibitions gone, I again touched her pouty lips with mine, then traced the outline of her lips with the tip of my tongue before I penetrated her warm mouth.

As our tongues danced, I allowed my hand to drift to her breasts and played with her nipples. Breaking our kiss, my mouth and tongue explored her silky neck. My tongue licked a path to her breasts, leaving a little wet trail as my hand caressed her tummy. As my mouth found her little nipple I allowed my tongue to lick in a little circle around it while my hand played with her other nipple, running my fingernail across the tip. Opening my mouth, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and nursed like a baby.

Dragging my teeth on her little nipple I heard her soft moans, and knew where my mouth was headed next.

Kissing and licking under her breast, my mouth continued to explore her soft tummy until it found her sexy belly button. Since I’ve always had a fetish for tummies, I paid homage to hers with a passion, fucking her belly button with my tongue as my hand crept down to part her beautiful legs. I was oblivious to everything except to taste her young pussy, so my tongue continued to explore more until it found her mound, and then her wonderful pussy. Stopping for a moment to breath in her wonderful scent, I kissed her pussy through her tantalizing fur.

As my tongue licked her delicate folds, my hands caressed her inner thighs. She was so hot and wet and so was I.

With my thumbs I parted her pussy lips so I could lick her inner pink lips, before plunging my tongue in deep to probe her pussy walls. Then I licked in a little circle around her hood and clit, sucking hard to free her clit from its protective covering. Cupping my tongue, I drew her clit into my mouth as I allowed my middle finger to enter Jena’s pussy, finger fucking her as I sucked on her little swollen clit like a straw.

I was surprised to see Tammy’s hand caressing Jena’s perfect breasts. Nodding in approval, she had hiked up her own dress and was madly finger fucking herself as she watched us in our passion.

“Yes, fuck her, Marie, make my darling cum,” Tammy said. By this time Jena was squirming in ecstasy.

As I tongue fucked her, I reached my fingers to her swollen little clit and patted it quickly.

She came in a gush, bathing my face with her sweet honey.

As I sat back I saw that Jena and Tammy were kissing passionately as Tammy continued to finger herself, moaning her orgasm into Jena’s mouth.

Now I finally understood their relationship.

Since I had enjoyed the session so well, I couldn’t resist giving Jena the green satin. I wanted her to look her best for the party they were planning.

As they were preparing to leave Tammy said, “We’re going to be steady customers,” and Jena said, “Oh yeah.”

Little did I know when the two new customers walked into my shop that day that my life was about to be changed. I now have several new friends, due to them, and often visit their homes.


11 Comments on The Dress Shop

  1. Evan says:

    Mmm delicious fun in the back room. Is there a chapter 2?

  2. Dick says:

    A very hot story and very well written.

  3. Terry slade says:

    Done it for me , very good

  4. Janette Parmer says:


  5. David says:

    Very hot and erotic! Well written and detailed.

  6. Ivor says:

    Wow very sexy young girl

  7. Michelle brown says:

    Yes so loving and delightful we we discover how new friend s arrive

  8. Lance says:

    Such a hot story. Too bad no more chapters.

  9. ian love says:

    Very hot story!!! A variation on this could be a single/divorced mom with 1 or more teen daughters thinking of moving house. They are being shown around one for sale by a hot lesbian who decides she wants to get in all of their pussies!!!

  10. Mystery Mouse says:

    Hmm. I don’t know how I feel about this one.

    There are some neat bits in the sex scene, that’s true. It’s well put together and there’s some good word choices in there.

    But the beginning of the story just casts a shadow over the rest of it for me. Knowing the protagonist got in trouble for doing something with somebody young makes her seem a little predatory.

    Which is unfair, really. This is the sort of taboo that would get anybody in hot water, no matter how willing the participants were. But being reminded of that put a bad tone on the story.

    Personally I’d either cut that bit out, there’s really no need for it in terms of plot or character development, or I’d double-down on it. Instead of a random mother and daughter visiting the shop, I’d have it be the patient from the hospital. That’d link the intro to the main plot, and add a little depth to the relationship.

    But a lovely story, nonetheless. Lesbian Lolita is definitely missed.

  11. Sapphmore says:

    I have 126 lesbian stories by a Marie LeClare (without the ‘i’ – check on her (?) 214 stories on NIFTY ( ), coincidentally including one called ‘The Dress Shoppe’ but not the same story. They are almost all very short stories written in the first person, with no standout issues with grammar and I think the author does have talent but I’d certainly like to see some longer ones. Whilst they are mostly quite hot in terms of the scenarios, they are pretty direct in getting to the sex, even for short stories. I’d say the author is female due to the way they’re written (the ladies here might beg to differ) but I’d like to see some of them expanded.

    This link is for the Lesbian Leslita stories, or probably at least most, and you can sort by author or title

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