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Learning Phase, Chapter 9

  • Posted on March 14, 2023 at 12:27 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Though she knew it was a little presumptuous, Ayaka was feeling very confident in the love she had for her new family. She’d never felt so at peace. That’s why she was so happy to be doing something as simple as going on a shopping trip with Isana and her two younger sisters.

As she opened the passenger-side door of Isana’s truck, stepped off the runner and lifted herself up into the seat, she closed her eyes and let the scent of the vehicle’s interior tease her nose. It smelled strongly of its owner, and she enjoyed that immensely. That comforting smell alone was enough to send a frisson of delight through her young body, despite the fact that she’d only just finished making love with Sora in the shower. And speaking of Sora…

Ayaka casually cast her green-eyed gaze over the seat into the back to watch as her new little sisters as they buckled into their seats. Sora was wearing her old dress well. She looked very pretty, the dress showing off her cute body in a very flattering way.

Sora saw her looking, and her smile grew a little wider at the shared moment. Ayaka returned the smile, feeling a small echo between her legs of the pleasure they’d shared.

“Come on, slowpoke!” Isana chided her in a playful tone, climbing into the driver’s seat and tucking her fluffy white tail around herself. “We can’t get moving until you’re buckled in too. I’m responsible for you girls.”

“We know you care,” Ayaka smiled, pulling down the seatbelt.

“She and Sora were just flirting some more,” Karin teased.

“Understandable, I suppose,” Isana said, smirking. She set her small leather purse into an alcove in the center island. “That is a cute dress, Sora.”

“Ayaka let me wear it,” Sora replied. Ayaka could almost hear her blushing. “She said me and Karin could borrow her stuff if we ask.”

“Me too?” Karin asked eagerly.

“Of course you can,” Ayaka replied instantly, wishing she could turn to look at her directly. Now that they were all in the enclosed space, their scents were wafting around, tickling her nose. Until Isana, she’d never met another person with her level of smell sensitivity. Sora’s was a lovely, sweet smell, combined with the soap from their shower and a lingering trace of her arousal. Karin’s scent was a little earthier, but very pleasant. Karin’s arousal was there too, combined with her own and Isana’s. Each personal scent had tiny nuances that changed slightly with their mood and health that she could pick up on. It was easier to learn what nuance went with what when she could observe a person for a while. “Sisters are supposed to share stuff, and I want to do what I can.”

“And speaking of clothes, we should get this little day trip started,” Isana announced. She pulled her ring of keys out from her purse and without even looking, slid a key into the starter. Instead of the rough grumble of a gasoline or alcohol engine, Isana’s truck starting was a deep hum that one could feel in her chest. With it came a newer sensation. Through that gate inside her, she could feel the magic stored in the truck being converted into mechanical motion. How that took place was unknown to her, of course, but the magic was a part of her, even more than before.

“That kind of tickles,” Karin commented from the back.

“You’ll get used to feeling magic soon enough,” Isana chuckled. This time when she waved her hand at the garage door, Ayaka saw the small glimmer of magic she gathered, seemed to mold and cast out. It flashed, and a corresponding flow of magic pulled the chains that lifted the door. Isana rolled the truck out and closed it behind them.

Unable to resist, Ayaka rolled down her window and took a deep breath of the forest smells. A rush of life and energy surrounded her, which was suffused into her body. It seemed to acknowledge her small part in its vastness. There were no words, of course, but there was a sense of greeting coming from all directions at once. Unconsciously, her gate opened a little and her magic mingled with that of the living world. Just rolling down Isana’s driveway was exciting from that perspective. They stopped at the road, and Isana reached over to gently run a hand up her thigh.

Ayaka had deliberately chosen a pair of jeans that were quite old and worn. The fabric was thin and showed off her legs, and she could feel every little thing through them. Isana’s soft touch made her shiver in the state she was in.

“Ayaka, kitten,” Isana said, voice just as gentle as her touch, but filled with warm affection. The words were enough to calm her mind again. “Please, I can’t drive with you radiating like that. It’s… very distracting.”

“Sorry,” Ayaka said sheepishly. Magic was leaking out from her like an invisible fog. She could see now that it was washing outward over the others.

“Not entirely your fault,” Isana smiled. “It just means we need to have a quick lesson. Imagine pulling your aura around you like a blanket. Then, gently close yourself to the flow of the magic.”

Ayaka tried to do that. Slowly, her aura responded to the mental command and she pulled it into herself. Then she focused on closing her life-gate. It obeyed immediately. When her magic dissipated, there were four almost simultaneous breaths of relief in the truck.

“Wow,” Karin said with a pleased burr to her voice. “That was kinda cool.”

“Lesson number two,” Isana announced. “All your magic is unique to each of you, but things like that will probably happen. It’s easy to let your aura leak out like that, and that will feel odd to non-magic users, especially if it carries an emotional side-band, like Ayaka’s. Try to hold your aura to you when in public, because otherwise, it can cause hassle and confusion. I do it out of reflex at this point. That was kind of a nice feeling though, Ayaka.”

Ayaka just smiled. It was embarrassing, but she’d already known that this whole magic thing was going to be interesting, and come with strange problems attached. Mostly though, she just felt a little warmed inside from Isana casually addressing her as “kitten.”. There’d been no hint of condescension in it, or sarcasm. It made her all the happier for choosing to spend last night with Isana, giving the woman her trust and the first glimmers of real love. Ayaka wished they weren’t driving so she could kiss her, among other things, but there was time for that later.

At that thought, Ayaka chastised herself. Only ten minutes from making love with Sora, and she was getting excited all over again, though it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Even before having sex with Isana last night, she’d known she was a very sensual person. She was used to masturbating two or three times a day and usually to more than one orgasm each time to feel satisfied. Only recently had Ayaka come to realize that she was only interested in other girls and women, after wondering about it since she was eight, when she first started having sexual thoughts.

This whole magic thing, though, was fiddling with her libido in a most interesting way. Taking long, slow breaths, she tried to banish her desire. It seemed to work – at least until Karin’s voice drifted forward.

She was apparently trying to whisper, but it was still loud enough to be heard. “So, what was she like?” Karin said in a low tone. Ayaka imagined Karen’s lips were close to Sora’s cutely expressive ears. Her own cheeks were flushed at this choice of topic, though, and Karin’s voice was kind of sexy when she spoke softly like that.

“You mean with Ayaka?” Sora whispered back. From the corner of her eye, Ayaka partially saw her leaning closer towards Karin.

“Yeah!” Karin enthused eagerly, still vainly trying to whisper. “She looked like she was gonna eat you alive there… and you guys were pretty noisy.”

“We told you! That was the magic stuff!” Sora complained, clearly embarrassed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Karin chuckled. “So? You obviously had a great time with her… Look, you’re blushing!.”

“Whatever! Fine, I’ll tell you,” Sora began. Ayaka could practically see Isana’s ears growing, and her smile was one of great amusement. “It was really intense, but in a good way. From her first crazy kiss until the end, my heart was beating so fast. She did stuff I never even thought of, and it was all amazing. I don’t think I can even take a shower without remembering what we did, and I know I’m looking forward to the next time.”

Ayaka was blushing at Sora’s praise, while Karen laughed. “How can a kiss be crazy?” she said.

“I don’t know,” Sora giggled. “It just was. I got all tingly from it, and I wanted her to kiss me like that forever. Ayaka’s kisses made me forget the world even existed, and there was nothing but the two of us.”

Isana glanced at Ayaka as she continued driving down the dusty road, giving the girl an amused smile. Then she gave a small cough to interrupt the conversation in the back. “Ladies, much as I’m sure Ayaka is enjoying the flattery, discussions like this should probably be avoided when you’re in public.”

“You heard us!” Karin said with alarm.

“Um, yes we did,” Ayaka responded, unable to restrain a smile of her own. “But I don’t mind. It’s not like I have anything to hide from either of you. Though I am happy to hear how much Sora enjoyed herself.”

“Uhhh, are we doing anything wrong?” Sora asked Isana, sounding a little worried.

“Not at all,” Isana quickly replied. “The laws regarding relationships like ours have been around for a while now and are clearly written. However, the law and public opinion are two different things. Most people know at least a hint of what witches are like these days. But seeing young girls like you openly talking about your sexuality might make them uncomfortable. You can show affection towards each other without a problem, but I wouldn’t do anything more overt, like blatantly sexual touching. In other words, Sora, you can show and say that you love Karin, maybe share a light kiss, but don’t start making out with her or anything else like that until people get used to seeing the four of us together.”

“Good to know,” Ayaka nodded, mentally filing that bit of info. “Not that I planned on getting that frisky in front of just anyone.”

They kept a good-natured chat going until the truck rolled to a gentle stop at the guard station on the road. The city of Arbor hadn’t bothered with such measures, and she found it comforting that this town actively chose to protect its people. Isana shared a quick, joking exchange with an impressively armed man in uniform and they were passed through without a hitch.

After about two miles, the road became paved and the ride was much smoother, with houses starting to appear. Unlike Arbor, the town of Willis was an amalgamation of old and new in a confusing hodgepodge of buildings, ruins, and lush overgrown spaces. Though it seemed a little disheveled at first, Ayaka quickly realized that this town wasn’t trying to hold back the resurgence of Mother Nature. Instead, they were willingly letting it move in with them and play a part in the town’s atmosphere. No property was without trees or bushes, and there were barely any lawns to be seen.

They rolled down one street of small businesses, like dentist offices and realtors, with their signs mounted from trees in front of their buildings. Shade was the rule here, and it felt good with the breeze that was slowly picking up.

“Where are we headed first?” Karin asked, leaning forward through the open middle of the front seats.

“I thought we’d get ourselves something to eat first, then do our shopping,” Isana replied, turning a corner. “I know of a really good place I want you girls to try before it gets busy.”

“Food sounds good to me,” Sora eagerly volunteered. Now that her shyness around them had dissipated, her sunny disposition was shining brightly. “What kind of place is it?”

“You’ll see in a moment,” Isana chuckled, clearly enjoying her moment of mystery.

They were in a busy commercial area now, and there was more traffic on the road with them. Most of their fellow motorists were in alcohol-fueled cars and trucks, with a scattered number of horses and bicycles. Isana started slowing at an elaborately carved sign that read MARCIA’S, in a weather-worn cursive script that was actually a bit charming. The driveway emptied into a spacious lot of gravel occupied by half a dozen other vehicles. A brown-and-white horse in full tack was tied at a post, calmly eating out of a wide wooden trough without a care in the world. Isana chose a spot in line with the other cars and parked. “All right girls, here we are!” she proudly declared.

“Where’s here?” Karin asked as they all climbed out of the truck. Ayaka was quite conscious of Karin’s interested gaze when she smoothed out her jeans, but made nothing of it. Instead, Ayaka’s attention was caught by the intriguing smell in the air after the dust started to settle. It made her mouth water almost immediately.

“You’ll find out inside,” Isana said, a mischievous grin set wide, an eagerly twitching tail going behind her. She led them across the lot, up a short set of wooden stairs with grip-strips, and into a wide foyer and waiting area. Standing at a small podium in the entryway to the rest of the building was an older girl in her late teens or early twenties with straw-blonde hair, looking perky and attractive in a smart uniform.

“Afternoon! Welcome to Marcia’s!” the girl exclaimed. “Wonderful to see you again, Isana… and a hearty welcome to you girls! Would you prefer a booth or a table?”

“A table should do fine. Thanks, Talia,” Isana replied.

“Sure thing!” Talia responded. “Follow me!”

The dining room of the restaurant seemed very pleasant, with an emphasis on being very light and open. The tables were grouped around low half-walls, all made of tastefully painted wood. The outer walls had large windows that let in the sunlight. One was cracked open for fresh air.

At various tables sat the other diners. Most were in pairs or small groups. The sole loner was a tall, gray-haired man sitting at a small table with an empty plate and a book before him. From his jeans and boots, Ayaka guessed him to be the owner of the horse. When they passed the first occupied table, she saw what they were eating and got a good whiff as well.

“Pizza?!” Karin gasped, beating Ayaka to the exclamation. Her fascinating, ruby-colored eyes were wide open.

“Yes, pizza – Italian, to be specific,” Isana said. “It’s one of my favorites.”

“They didn’t know what kind of place this was?” Talia asked as she led them to a table two over from the nearest group. She politely pulled out all four chairs for them. Ayaka deliberately sat next to Isana and smiled when Karin took the seat across from hers. Even though she was just in a t-shirt and jeans, Karin was still quite pleasant to look at and she let her expression show that.

Isana laughed “Nope, I made it a surprise. “And now I can finally qualify for the Lunch for Four special!”

“Is that what you’d like?”

“Yes, please!” Isana nodded and then looked around the table. “It’s two large pizzas, salad, cheese sticks and soda. Sound good?”

“I think we can trust you,” Ayaka said after sharing happy looks with her younger sisters. “Can I have iced tea instead of soda, though?”

“Sure!” Talia answered. The others made their beverage requests. Sora requested a lemon-lime soda, Isana got a cola, and Karin grinned when she ordered a cherry pop.

“They never had cherry soda at the orphanage,” Karin explained. “Whenever we had special dinners or whatever, they always chose the same, usual kinds. I only got to have some at school.”

Ayaka thought they’d have to wait a bit for their food to arrive, but this was one of those places that make their more popular items almost continuously during the busy hours of the day. In less than ten minutes Talia returned with another server and laid out one pizza covered almost entirely by sizzling pepperoni rounds, and a cheese pie that was so fresh from the oven that its topping was still bubbly. Next to come was a large tossed salad and a basket of cheese and garlic breadsticks.

When the plates were set and drinks poured, Talia lifted a slicer from her tray and deftly divided the pizzas with quick, professional strokes.

They each took a bit of everything, and then Ayaka lifted her first slice of pepperoni pizza to her mouth and took a generous bite. It was one of the single most delicious things she’d ever eaten. She was so involved in the taste and smell, that she completely ignored the tiny line of grease oozing down her chin until she felt a paper napkin wipe it clean.

She blinked back into focus and stared into Karin’s beautiful, laughing eyes, now inches from her own.

“Better?” her sister asked, smirking pleasantly as she sat back.

“Your eyes kinda went all… far away for a bit,” Sora added, her long ears perking up cutely.

Blushing a little, Ayaka set the remainder of the slice on her plate, absently licking her fingers clean. “It really was that tasty, at least to me. I loved it!”

“Then I’m glad we came here,” Isana said, casually touching her thigh. “I rather like that expression you made.”

From there lunch just got better. Ayaka loved the casual banter that already made them feel so much like a family. Karin’s gift for cheerful teasing was quite enjoyable and for a quiet girl, Sora had quite a few amusing anecdotes about things she’d seen at their old home. Seeing her get so animated in the retelling was a lot of fun. Then there was Isana, who genuinely seemed curious about all three of ‘her’ girls. Combine all that with such great food, and it was an amazing experience. By the time they walked back to the truck, everyone was well fed and happy.

“I feel fat now,” Karin remarked with a laughing sigh as she slumped back into the truck seat. “Does my stomach look bigger, Sora?” She tugged her top up, baring her belly.

“No, it still looks nice,” Sora answered frankly, enjoying the view Karin was giving her.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Karin… I ate more than both of you,” Ayaka quipped. She was sorely tempted to let the seat back a little and take a nap. Instead she curled a leg under herself and leaned against the door as a halfway appeasement to her body. “I feel huge.”

“Don’t worry, Ayaka. I still think you’re really hot!” Karin teased with a bark of laughter. Her eyes said the comment was a truthful one.

“Thank you, Karin,” Ayaka chuckled, thrilled by the compliment. “Where are we off to next, Isana?”

“Somewhere that will provide us a little exercise, to burn off that lunch,” Isana answered, starting the truck back up. “It’ll only take us a few minutes to get there, but then we have to walk.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ayaka sighed, relaxing against the door. Good as that pizza had been, she knew that it was a food to be eaten sparingly. Her body couldn’t handle much more than that. Leaning to the side as she was, Ayaka could see partially into the backseat where Sora appeared to be in a similar state, except she had Karin to lean against. Ayaka wanted to cuddle with someone, too, but… Oh well, I’ll be sure to make up for it later.

She recognized the streets now as some of the ones they’d gone down on their way to Isana’s, then her own house. That meant they were close to the hotel where they’d first met. That night was firmly planted in her memories.

Their destination was even more surprising than anything else thus far. Apparently, when the town was rebuilt after the Fall, the residents had decided to forgo the older, traditional town center style of planning. Instead, they’d built what Isana’s truck was now approaching, a large, semi-enclosed mall. The signs at the entrance to the parking lot indicated that not only was this a predominant area of commerce, it contained as well a number of civic facilities, including the town council building. The lot was a large, concrete space with numerous islands of greenery throughout. It fronted up to a kind of permanent pavilion area that acted as the main entrance to the mall.

The shopping center was only a ten minute drive from the restaurant, but the sight of the place left the girls silently astonished when Isana pulled into the lot, which was filled by a sizable number of vehicles of all varieties, including an unpaved area for horses and wagons. Ayaka remembered being told that the town was a small one, with an estimated population of 5,500 or so. From the number of people that seemed to be there, she figured this had to be the primary shopping location for the area.

It was built like the rest of the town – incorporating trees and bushes, but in a semi-arcade style. Instead of one massive structure standing in monolithic dominance, the shopping center was spread out over a wide area using multiple disparate buildings. Arched glass roofs covered the avenue walkways so that sunlight fell unimpeded onto the incorporated gardens. Even from the parking lot, Ayaka was impressed.

“Wow,” Karin breathed, leaning far forward over the seat to peer through the windshield. “That’s so cool!”

Since she was so close, Ayaka shifted in her seat and touched her cheek affectionately to Karin’s as they both took in the scenery. They both let out soft sighs and Ayaka felt a quick flash of magic from her sister, carrying a distinct twinge of pleasure. “This is an interesting town,” she said, then gave Karen a quick, loving peck on the cheek. “But we won’t see very much from inside the truck. I’m looking forward to helping you and Sora find new clothes.”

“Heh, is that where we are going first?” Karin asked Isana, with a definite tinge of red to her face. Her hand absently stroked the place Ayaka had kissed.

“Oh, I thought we’d get the household stuff out of the way, so we can have the rest of the afternoon and evening for fun,” Isana replied jovially. “It’s been a while since I’ve shopped with other girls, and I’m looking forward to that part too. So let’s head over so I can show you around!”

When they climbed out this time, they all felt and watched Isana lock her truck with a quick bit of magic. It was a neat little trick, but quite complicated, which Ayaka figured was probably the point. A lock doesn’t work if just anyone can undo it.

They clumped into pairs after all gathering together, Karin with Sora, and Ayaka close to Isana, then headed toward the entrance.

There were plenty of other people out as well, just as you’d expect of a busy commercial area. Ayaka was fascinated by all the activity. She saw families loading vehicles from a variety of different cart types, and other pairings of teenagers conversing in giggling knots. They passed by a small car where an older woman and two teenage children were emerging. Both teens, a boy and a girl, gave Ayaka and her new family considering looks. Karin gave her a playful poke from behind.

“That boy was staring at your chest, Ayaka!” Karin laughed, keeping her voice down.

“Boys tend to do that,” Isana chuckled.

“And some girls too,” Ayaka added, smirking back at her sister. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at them, Karin. Just be happy that I like you looking at me that way.”

“She even said we could touch her, all we want!” Sora giggled, joining in the fun.

“Such a generous sister you are,” Isana sighed theatrically, grinning and pointedly giving Ayaka a look. “But I think we should get off the topic of Ayaka’s pretty breasts for now.”

“I agree,” Ayaka smiled, not at all bothered by the attention. “Let’s focus on what we came here for.”

They crossed under the entry pavilion, which contained collection points for the different carts. There were the familiar ones as found in grocery stores everywhere, flatbeds for heavy loads, and a few others. They were being continually collected and corralled by employees wearing khakis and short sleeved polos. Isana grabbed a shopping cart and gestured for Karin or Sora to get a second one, then they entered the mall.

As Ayaka had expected, it contained all sorts of shops with different specialties. Close to the entrance were stores that sold items that were large, bulky and best kept close to the parking lot, like furniture or bicycles. Isana told them it was a throwback to how things had been a long time ago.

The path itself though was made of clean, well swept concrete slabs. Running down the center were planters with colorful varieties of blooming flowers. There were also topiary displays and small trees. When Ayaka saw a particularly pretty orchid on the cusp of blooming, she extended a curious hand and ran a finger down its velvety outer surface. A tingle of magic tickled inside her, and the flower opened fully before her. She blinked in a startled flinch and withdrew her hand. She turned to see Isana and her sisters watching her, but no one else had noticed.

“Sorry,” she said.

“No harm done,” Isana replied genially. “Plus, I doubt anyone around here would care about such a benign use of magic. Willis is fairly blasé about such things these days. You’d have to do something truly remarkable to warrant much attention. Why do you think no one takes even a second look at my tail, or my ears?”

Ironically, Isana’s comment was just in time for a small toddler being pushed in a stroller to point and yell, “Kitty!” at the top of her little lungs. The mother, a pleasantly plump woman with a cheerful demeanor, gave them a cheery wave in acknowledgment.

“So, they don’t mind magic here?” Sora asked as they continued down the walkway.

“We see it as more of a tool to be used like any other,” Isana answered. “For instance, I spend a lot of my time doing completely mundane things, like liquefying stone to assist in the digging of a well. Most people around here are also surprisingly educated about magic and those that can use it. That’s why they’ll have a general idea what it means for the four of us to be living together and won’t hold it against us. Thankfully, that group of crazy idiots in Arbor isn’t welcome here.”

“Thank goodness for that!” Karin snorted. “But on the plus side, it meant we get to live together. I don’t want to lose my new sisters, not ever!”

“We love you too, Karin,” Ayaka smiled.

“Ah! This is the store we want!” Isana broke in, pointing at a home goods store.

The next hour or so was a whirlwind. Ayaka was amazed at all the ordinary household things that were needed to maintain Isana’s home with three new housemates. They each got hampers for their clothes, as well as wash baskets and bulk size detergent. They also bought cleaning supplies and toiletries for each of their bathrooms. There were dozens of items in each of their carts by the time they were through, and Ayaka felt a little guilty when Isana wrote a check for it all at the register.

Isana must have noticed her student’s concern, because on their way out, she put an arm around Ayaka and drew her close. “Stop worrying about the money I’m spending,” she said.

Ayaka relaxed in the woman’s embrace. She’d always loved to touch those she cared for, and Isana was now the most important person in her life, with a hair-thin lead over Sora and Karin.

Isana continued. “I told you earlier… I have plenty of money and I’m enjoying this. I like that I now have a family to care for and support. Let me have fun spoiling you a bit, okay?”

“Sure,” Ayaka agreed, feeling better. She loved being surrounded by Isana’s scent, as well as the hand that oh, so casually stroked her backside in a gesture of intimate affection.

“Good, because now we can focus on the best part of this shopping trip,” Isana grinned. “I’ll admit to knowing nothing about clothes, since I usually just wear stuff I can work in, so I’m looking forward to seeing you work!”

“Who bought that outfit you were wearing when we met?” Ayaka asked in mild surprise. “You looked great in that.”

“All Claire’s doing, I’m afraid,” Isana admitted wryly. “She’s my usual shopping buddy, and her daughter acts as her sounding board. If I go by myself, I just end up buying purely practical stuff.”

Ayaka regarded both her sisters, who were listening in with amusement. “Are you sure you guys trust me to help you find new things to wear?”

“Sure!” Karin grinned, posing with one hand on her hip. “Both the outfits Sora wore today have been totally freaking cute on her. That dress makes me want to… to tackle her to the ground and kiss her!”

“Karin!” Sora’s ears twitched, then she spluttered into a giggle

“It’s true!” Karin replied unabashedly. “So I’d like to get some nice things, too.”

“Well, then… Do you know a good place to start looking?” Ayaka asked Isana.

“This way,” Isana replied with a grin and a leftward tilt of her head.

Five minutes and a short stroll later, they entered an area of the commercial center that seemed devoted to clothing stores. It was a particularly busy area, with quite a large number of fellow shoppers. Ayaka noticed that their little group was garnering curious looks from the other young people. As small a town as Willis was, the kids and teenagers probably all knew each other by face, if not name, so she and her sisters were something new and different.

Ignoring the attention, Isana guided the girls towards a store with fashionably dressed mannequins in the display windows. A discreet bell tinkled at their entrance.

The store was one of the largest that Ayaka had yet seen, filled with a vast array of women’s and girl’s clothing. One of the industries that made a quick bounce-back after the Fall had been the textiles industry. People always needed clothes, and many factories were still located near water, or other sources of natural power. The result was a plentiful supply of varied fashions. This particular store apparently catered to mid-level brands, some of which Ayaka had only seen in horribly out-of-date fashion magazines she’d only begun reading out of boredom.

“Well, you’re in charge now, Ayaka,” Isana teased.

“Ahh… okay,” she replied with a nod, taking in the surroundings more closely. It seemed to be divided into different departments, with the most heavily trafficked areas located away from the doors, requiring the customers to walk past the higher-priced sections first. Sales ladies in tasteful outfits were wandering about helping customers. There was no posted sign to delineate the different areas, so Ayaka simply led them around until they encountered an area with clothing styled and sized for teens and older girls.

“Do you guys see a fitting room?” she asked, glancing about

“Over there!” Karin pointed off to their left, where a woman and a very young girl were emerging from a doorway.

“Okay,” Ayaka said, turning to stare at her sisters. She regarded them thoughtfully, even though she knew exactly what they both looked like. Sora was slightly smaller than Karin, but had darker skin and a petite, still immature frame. She didn’t have much in the way of curves yet except for her lovely round butt, but she was still a delight to the eye. Karin was just beginning her growth into adulthood. She had the beginnings of breasts, a slight widening in her hips and a lean figure with no puppy-fat remaining. The skin speckles and her hair and eye colors were unique, as was the horn protruding from her forehead. Both girls made her mouth water, but that was for later, hopefully.

“Any preferences I should know about?” she asked.

Karin shook her head. “There’s no point in letting you do this if we tell you what we want!” she chided.

Nodding, Ayaka turned and plunged into the waiting racks. At first she just let her eyes roam, taking in the sights. The store’s stock was too large for her to see everything, so she just perused. A skirt caught her attention, so she grabbed one that looked close to Sora’s size. Then there was a pair of jeans, a top, and so on. Throughout her gathering, she was aware of the others following and watching her work, but she was focused on the task, determined to do right by her sisters.

Once she had a large number of pieces draped over an arm, Ayaka took a deep breath.

“Okay, let’s try a few things on,” she suggested, gesturing with her free hand at the fitting room. Leading them inside, she found a number of cubicles that were designed for use by people shopping with kids, and were a bit larger than single occupant ones. They all piled into the last one in the row.

“Clothes off!” she instructed, not bothering to hide how much she intended to enjoy this.

“I knew she’d get us naked eventually,” Karin quipped, undoing the catch on her pants. She slid them down her legs, kicking off her shoes, treating Ayaka to the sight of her nicely muscled legs. They were toned and smooth, leading up to her pink panties. They were snug-fitting, allowing a hint of her cleft to be seen.

“Did you play sports, Karin?” Ayaka asked, fascinated by the lithe interplay of Karin’s muscles. She knelt to run her fingertips up the smooth skin.

Karin shivered at the contact but made no sound or move of protest. “You can tell?” she replied, now casually pulling her t-shirt off, baring both her breasts and her wings. Ayaka had momentarily forgotten about the latter, and now she wondered if this store would do custom alterations. “I played soccer and softball for the school.”

“It shows,” Sora said, taking her own dress off. Though it had been only a few hours earlier, Ayaka could still remember what it was like to fondle her little sister’s beautiful body. Sora saw her watching, and gave Ayaka a knowing smile and an acknowledging ear-flick before telling Karin, “You have nice muscles and stuff.”

“Thanks,” Karin grinned, standing there in nothing but panties. Ayaka felt her arousal continuing to grow at the wonderful sight and proximity of Karin, wanting to make love with her again. She began to stroke Karin’s belly with her left hand, still caressing the girl’s legs with the right until she was touching her ass.

Karin responded with an increase in her breath rate and a widening of her stance, which made Ayaka’s heart beat faster in response. Karin’s scent filled her nose, making it clear that her sister was also getting in the mood for love.

With a jolt, Ayaka remembered where they were, and slowly stood, withdrawing her hands. “Okay, I think I got a little carried away there,” she apologized with a frustrated sigh. “Back to the clothes. Karin, can you try on this skirt?” She pulled the garment from the top of the pile, along with a matching top. “And this. As for you, Sora, I want you to put these jeans on.”

“Sure!” Sora responded, reaching for the pants. Karin gave Ayaka a knowing smile as she reached for the proffered clothes.

For the next who-knows-how-long, Ayaka had her sisters in and out of dozens of garments. She quickly established what they looked good in and what to avoid. For instance, she learned Karin didn’t like tight, restrictive clothing, but looked great in clothes that showed off her skin. A comfortable pair of jeans were fine for her, though. Tank tops that showed a hint of Karin’s midriff when she moved were especially nice, especially if you were looking at her with less than chaste thoughts. Karin cared less for full dresses, but Ayaka chose a few for her with open backs that worked perfectly.

Sora, being a little softer in body but also tiny, looked amazing in shirts and little tops. She was especially adorable in dresses, especially in light colors. The younger girl didn’t really care for jeans, but leggings were the exact opposite. When she slipped into a silky black pair, everyone in the cubicle stared at her in open admiration.

Between the two, Ayaka soon assembled enough items to fill her new sisters’ wardrobes. She also set aside a few things for herself. Isana just watched and provided a constant running commentary on each item, providing an honest second opinion, mostly ignoring Ayaka’s roaming hands on the girls when she helped dress and undress them.

“That looks really good,” Sora told Ayaka. She was wearing a short, half-pleated skirt and a string top. Ayaka was looking in the mirror, trying on a black-and-white dress she’d picked for herself.

“Seconded!” Karin eagerly agreed. “It shows you have cleavage.”

“Thanks, both of you… I guess,” she replied with a smirk.

Ayaka was enjoying herself immensely. She’d never had a day like this, where she could spend all her time with people she loved and felt comfortable with having fun. She’d learned new things about her family, which was also cool. For instance, she’d learned Karin had a very keen fascination with her breasts, which she didn’t mind a bit. She wasn’t generously endowed in that area, but they’d been steadily growing over the last year and she liked them so far. Karin seemed to agree.

“Do you think we have enough for a good start?” Isana asked, languidly sitting on the cubicle’s bench. She’d been enjoying herself unabashedly, her tail twitching with interest as the three of them tried on clothing in front of her.

“I’d say so,” Ayaka replied.

Isana gestured at the pile of garments they’d chosen. “Don’t you want anything more for yourself, Ayaka?”

“I’ve already got plenty of clothes,” said Ayaka, turning to face Isana as she disrobed once more, liking the gleam in the woman’s eyes. “But there is something all three of us need now, and that’s underwear. I’d like a few nicer, new things. Sora needs a whole bunch, and Karin’s probably not in much better shape.”

“Nope,” Karin agreed. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top that showed a lot of her upper chest. “But I did luck out a month ago, when they bought me a new pack of panties.”

“Gods, that place sounds more dreadful every time you talk about it,” Isana grimaced, standing up and stretching in a very cat-like pose. “Cute underwear I can do, though! Let’s put what we have so far in our carts, cash-out, then head over to another store I like.”


Karin felt tremendously thrilled and a little heated between her legs as they walked through the weird mall to the next store. Her attention kept darting back and forth from her sisters to their surroundings. At the moment, Ayaka was the primary focus of her excitement, though she was very happy to be walking with Sora close to her left side. She was wonderful to have nearby.

“She looks really happy,” Sora softly said, seemingly out of nowhere. She was pushing one cart, and Isana steered the other.

“Ayaka, you mean?” Karin responded, noting the graceful way Ayaka walked a few feet in front of them.

“Yeah,” Sora giggled, turning to give Karin a smile. “I think today was special for her.”

“It was for us, too,” Karin replied, remembering how great a time she’d had with Isana in the bath. Both the sex and the honest conversation they’d had would stick with her for a long while. “I see what you mean, though – she’s been smiling all day.”

“And she’s had that look, too,” Sora said, her ears flicking excitedly.

“What look?” Karin asked, studying Ayaka to see what Sora saw.

Sora just laughed merrily, then answered, “If you ask, she will definitely say yes.”

Karin stared at Sora for a moment and then felt her cheeks grow hot. She’d been hoping for a chance to have sex with Ayaka soon. There wasn’t an identifiable reason, but she found herself admiring and really looking up to her slightly older sister. Isana was already an important figure in her life, and she loved Sora fiercely, but there was just something about Ayaka that made her feel comforted and looked after, not to mention extremely aroused. After making love to Isana and Sora, she wanted to share that deep, intimate connection with Ayaka too. She longed to know what it would be like to spend a whole night in Ayaka’s arms. And Sora had seen right into her feelings.

“You think so?”

“I know so,” Sora replied, “cause she wants it too. She looks at you the same way she does me and Isana. She loves us all a whole lot, too… but she’s been staring at you all day.”

Karin sighed happily. “So… she’s intense, you said?”

This time Sora’s giggle was very girlish, and her voice dropped a little. “Hee hee, yeah… I still feel all tingly remembering it. She’s fun.”

Karin was going to ask Sora to elaborate, but then they arrived at their destination. It was clearly a lingerie shop – a popular one, going by the number of women going in and out. Soon, she would get to see Ayaka try on pretty underwear.


Ayaka’s eyes widened as they entered the lingerie shop. It was filled with racks and stands of all sorts of interesting underthings. Women alone, in pairs, or in small groups were being attended by friendly store staff, just like the stunning redhead who was approaching them with a wide smile.

She was a tall woman – thicker-boned, but very attractive and well endowed, her chest partially hidden by a mane of long auburn hair. “Isana!” she said in a familiar tone. “I haven’t seen you around in weeks!”

“It’s good to see you too, Cally,” Isana replied genially. “I tend not to buy new clothes until Claire gets frustrated with me walking around looking like a rag doll.”

“Who are these lovely ladies with you?” Cally asked. Her eyes gave the three girls a professional once over.

“Well, the girls here are now my apprentices,” Isana explained. Ayaka was very warmed by her proud smile. “We’re having a bit of a spree to get them situated. They are all in need of new underwear.”

“Which we are happy to help with, of course,” Cally answered. She looked right at Ayaka now. “You aren’t wearing a bra, I see. Do you know your size…?”

“Ayaka,” she answered. “No, I’ve never worn one.”

“Well, we’ll take care of that,” Cally said. “Once sized, you’re good for all the brands we carry. But there’s going to be some variation in standards if you go elsewhere, just so you aren’t surprised when you shop at other stores later on.” She appraised Karin next. “And you’re just about to where you’ll start needing a bra too, but we carry some very nice, fashionable looking undershirts and camis that will look marvelous on you until then.” She gestured towards them. “Follow me into the back.”

They ended up in a ‘room’ that was mostly just separated by a dividing wall from the sales floor. Inside, women were in various stages of dress, accompanied by staff members. A woman that looked to be very pregnant was having a rather animated conversation with an employee about nursing bras.

Cally brought them to a small table where she picked up a cloth tape measure. “Top off, Miss Ayaka.”

Taking a deep breath, Ayaka calmly removed her shirt. Once more she was topless, but the store’s atmosphere and Cally’s professional demeanor put her at ease right away.

Cally moved toward her and, unfurling the tape measure, Ayaka’s measurements were taken.

“Hmm,” Cally murmured, jotting the numbers down in a notepad. “Thirty-two in the upper-B or lower C cup range… and you’re still growing. We’ll have to try both sizes and see which is more comfortable for you. Do you have a preference in style?”

“Not really,” Ayaka replied. “But I’d like something more than just a plain old bra. I want a few that are at least a little, um…”

“Sexy?” Cally chuckled. “I can work with that.” She turned to the younger girls. “What about you two? And what are your names?”

“I’m Karin,” Karin said. “I have no idea at all… but I liked the undershirt idea you mentioned.”

“Sora,” the young girl answered. “I just want some nice stuff.”

“We can certainly handle that,” Cally replied. “Let me grab a few selections to start with for each of you.”

When she left, Ayaka turned toward Isana. “I really didn’t expect a store like this.”

“They’re the best in town because they really appreciate their customers,” Isana answered with a grin. “I just want all three of you to have things you’ll be happy to wear.”

Cally returned with a large number of things on hangers. Another girl with her had more, and they set the lot down on the table. There were bra and panty sets in all sorts of different styles, prints and materials, as well as individual items. Some were very lacy and eye-catching. Cally picked out one, a black silk bra, and walked around behind Ayaka. “Arms!” A bit startled, Ayaka lifted her arms at the prompt and slipped into the straps, eyes widening as her breasts were fitted into the cups and the catch was fastened.

Ayaka turned slightly to see herself in a nearby mirror. She flushed at the sight. It was such a simple thing, but to her eyes the bra made her look much more mature, maybe even enticing. It felt light and comfortable, too. She barely noticed the feel of the straps, which gave her breasts a slight lift.

Cally felt over everything, checking the fit, and made thoughtful noises. Then she moved around to face Ayaka and smiled. “I was right – the small C fits you nicely and gives you room to grow. How do you like this style?”

Ayaka turned to see her family’s response. Isana had a hungry, pleased smile, Sora was staring with her ears flicking in open interest, and Karin had wide, wandering eyes that made Ayaka feel excited all over again. She also liked the delicate look of the material; it seemed to accent her body.

“I think it’s perfect,” she replied.

This earned her a pleased smile from the saleswoman. “I see. If you want to impress and look good, we have plenty more. Let’s try another one.”

Ayaka tried on many different bras and panties, including some that made her blush to wear. The others were free with their opinions and she was grateful for their input. Though she was somewhat surprised when Sora said, “I’d love to see you in a thong, Ayaka,” she tried one on. It wasn’t comfortable to wear for a long time, but she picked one to wear just for her sister. All the while they chatted comfortably with each other and with the store’s staff, who were friendly and personable. Isana seemed to know most of them and Ayaka saw her talking with most of them. Isana got one to sneak out and surprise all three of them with big, fluffy white robes for the hot tube.

Karin got a similar treatment, trying on some rather pretty cami’s and undershirts. Ayaka tried not to stare lovingly at Karin’s prominent nipples, but it was hard. Then Karin and Sora picked out everyday-wear panties from a wide selection, as well as a few nicer pairs that nearly had her drooling.

The store also sold women’s accessory items, and Ayaka got clips and ties for both girls’ hair. With Cally’s permission, she used a few right there in the store to give Sora a very cute twin-tail look, then she layered Karin’s hair a bit, which looked amazing on her.

By the time they were done, Isana was given a rather hefty bill, which she paid with a wide smile. Loaded up with their purchases, the happy foursome set off for their next adventure.

Soon to come… Chapter Ten!


Learning Phase, Chapter 8

  • Posted on February 9, 2023 at 3:54 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Since she’d awakened that morning and had sex for the very first time, Sora had discovered a love for her new witch friend Karin that made her feel warm all over. Then she’d spent the rest of the morning tagging alongside Ayaka, who felt more like a caring older sister with every passing minute. Ayaka had even helped her get dressed in a way that made the shabby clothes she owned look pretty good. Now they were entering Ayaka’s bathroom where they were going to shower together… and hopefully, other things. Ayaka wanted to have sex with her and that was a big crazy thrill.

“Here we are!” Ayaka chirruped as they walked into the green and white tiled room. It was cheerfully lit by sunlight spilling from wide, high windows. Ayaka’s toiletries were laid out neatly on the marble counter in the vanity and toilet area. Sora finally let go of her sister’s hand, feeling a renewed warming between her thin legs. She was already hot and damp down there, and the way Ayaka smiled before she stooped to retrieve a pair of fluffy pine-green towels from the cabinet stirred Sora up even more.

They padded into the bathing area, with its large, multi-person stone tub and a spacious, glass-walled shower cubicle set into one corner. Soro felt a tremor of nervousness. Would Ayaka be disappointed with her after making love with Isana? Ayaka seemed so much more mature than she was that it made her feel downright childish. But Soro’s worries evaporated when Ayaka stopped, turned, and smiled. Her face said it all. Ayaka was excited, too!

“Can I please undress you, Sora?” Ayaka asked politely, her voice warm with desire as she hung two towels on a shiny chromed rod mounted outside the shower door. Her motions were leisurely and sure, but Sora could tell that she was breathing a little harder than normal. Smelling her, maybe? She didn’t know, but she could feel herself responding to the older girl’s open sexuality. It gave her a wonderful sense of heated anticipation.

“I don’t mind,” Sora quickly replied. She just wanted Ayaka’s attention, whatever it was. She wanted to feel and experience the older girl’s excitement for her, and to show hers as well. Just like with Karin, she found herself aching to touch Ayaka.

Ayaka approached again, this time taking Sora by the hips to hold her in place, then gently tilted the young girl’s face up with a touch on the chin and kissed her.

The kiss was amazing, filled with a smooth, fiery passion that stunned Sora. Her bare toes curled from the sensory and emotional overload. She had to hold onto Ayaka’s waist to keep from losing her balance, because everything felt so nice and fuzzy inside her head.

Karin’s kisses had been gentle, filled with a sense of exploration as they learned about this new kind of love. Ayaka’s kiss was no less loving, but there was an exhilarating heat behind it that hid nothing and told so much. Sora moaned and melted in the sweet onslaught, happily parting her lips for Ayaka’s questing tongue as she molded her body into her sister’s taller frame. For a long, lovely while, their mouths made love with abandon.

“Oh my God!” Sora squeaked when Ayaka finally relinquished her lips, the older girl’s hands still firmly clutching her bottom. Sora’s eyes were wide open, her heart beating out a wild drum solo. She also felt a great deal of wetness in her panties. It was like this morning all over again, but faster and harder. Sex with Ayaka was going to be a wholly different experience, and now she wanted it even more.

“Sorry, I’m a little hyped up,” Ayaka said, sounding a little chagrined – but also very much aroused, if the slight burr in her voice was anything to go by. “Did I hurt you? Am I going too fast?”

“Oh, no!” Sora shook her head emphatically, still reeling a little. Her puss felt drippy and hot, making her panties somewhat uncomfortable. She wanted, needed, to be touched some more. “It was so exciting… and crazy. I didn’t know kisses could be like that!”

“I think there are all kinds of kisses,” Ayaka said, clearly pleased by the answer. At least, her fondling hands on Sora’s butt and her relaxed stance suggested she was. “I enjoy all your kisses too, Sora… like those really nice ones you gave me in the woods. You’re my amazing little sister, and it makes me happy when you kiss me; that’s how I know you love me too. So, a kiss can say a lot of things.”

“What did those ones just now mean?” Sora giggled, enjoying how Ayaka was making her feel. She wanted a lot more of it.

“They mean, my sweet…” Ayaka paused to kiss Sora deeply again, her soft curls of cinnamon hair falling around their faces, “…that I really want to get to know you better. I’m so happy to have you as a younger sister. I just wish I’d gotten to know you before now. I’ve clearly missed out.”

Sora’s heart thrummed again. A few days ago her existence was barely even noticed in the orphanage, and when it was, she was being bullied or insulted. Now she had the loving attention of girls like Karin and Ayaka – Isana, too.

This time it was her turn to rise up and kiss Ayaka, eager to return the passion she’d received just a moment ago.

Ayaka made a happy moaning noise into their kiss, then Sora felt hands roaming around her skirt. The catch was undone easily and the garment fell to the floor. Her shirts were next, so they had to pause their kissing to let them pass over her head. Then Ayaka knelt to slowly draw Sora’s old, worn-out panties down her skinny legs. Sora eagerly stepped out of them, and Ayaka promptly gave her belly-button a wet kiss while her hands went around to cup her young lover’s bottom once more.

“You really shouldn’t feel weird about being so cute,” Ayaka sighed, rising again to her feet to look Sora’s bare body up and down. “I think you look amazing as you are, and I have no doubt you’ll be an absolute stunner when you grow up.”

“Karin said the same thing,” Sora replied with a nervous laugh. She loved the way both girls looked at her.

“Smart girl,” Ayaka agreed cheerfully. “Now it’s my turn to get naked.”

Ayaka stripped quickly and efficiently, tossing her clothes on top of Sora’s. Like in the hot tub, when Sora first saw Ayaka in the nude, she felt awed. Halfway to being a woman, Ayaka was so lovely that Sora just wanted to sit and stare at her for a while. Her pale skin was flawless, and she had actual curves to draw the eye, unlike Sora’s boyish frame. Just seeing her filled Sora with desire.

But a big part of what drew Sora was how confidently Ayaka stood before her with no clothes on, on open display for Sora to enjoy. She liked how she looked and wanted Sora to feel the same.

Sora stepped towards her, hand rising to cup a warm, soft breast, its hardening nipples teasing her palm. It felt so fantastic, yet completely natural to touch her, and Ayaka’s pleased sigh gladdened Sora’s heart.

“Me and Karin were wondering what it would be like to feel your boobs,” Sora said, her mind feeling a little fuzzy from the sexual cravings that were filling her. She was actually touching Ayaka’s breasts, and they felt amazing! “We don’t really have any yet.”

“They’ll show up eventually,” Ayaka laughed gently, letting Sora fondle her. “But sure; go ahead and tell Karin that if she wants to feel mine, she can do it whenever she wants. I really like having them touched, just like you’re doing now. But we really should get in the shower soon; it’s what we came here for.”

“Aww,” Sora mock-pouted, reluctantly dropping her hand before breaking into giggles.

“You can feel me up all you want in a minute – I’ll let you wash them for me!” Ayaka chuckled delightedly. When she turned around to open the shower door, her smooth, pale back drew Sora’s gaze down to the cleft of her ass. It spread a little when Ayaka leaned in to turn the control dials, exposing a cute tan bottom hole and the wet lips of her sex. Sora shivered.

Water gushed loudly from the big shower head, and steam rose quickly. Ayaka crossed to the shower-room window and cracked it to allow fresh air in. Turning to Sora, she extended an inviting hand. Sora eagerly took it, letting herself be drawn into the hot cascade.

“Ooh!” The water was hotter than Sora liked it, but it wasn’t really uncomfortable.

“I can turn it down a little,” Ayaka offered, carefully making the adjustment. They stood side-on in the spray, letting it soak them. Sora loved how the water seemed to highlight Ayaka’s curves. The older girl’s upturned nipples were like little rocks in the flow of a river that ran down her smooth belly and through the small patch of pubic curls.

“It’s fine,” Sora said, not wanting any more distractions.

“Good!” Ayaka reached for a bar of soap that sat next to a bottle of shampoo on a wall shelf and quickly built up a thick lather in her hands. Then they were touching Sora, anointing her body. “Oh, Sora,” Ayaka said a little breathily. “I’ve been wanting to touch you like this all day.”

Sora instantly decided that she loved being washed by Ayaka. Her hands were strong, yet gentle as they slithered down her arms, the fingertips pressing just hard enough to tease her nerves, even when they went over her own hands. She felt a sensual quiver in her chest during that slow process, loving the way Ayaka washed each digit of her hands with an exhilarating thoroughness. She’d had no idea something so simple as having a naked girl wash her hands could be so stimulating. Ayaka went on to massage her tan-skinned back, lingering over each bump of the spine, then down towards her rounded bottom.

“Isana was right, you do have a great butt,” Ayaka laughed playfully from behind her.

Sora twitched in sudden surprise when she felt a completely new sensation. Ayaka’s soapy fingers delved into her anal cleft, caressing her cheeks and swirling around her dirty place. The biggest jolt came when a slender finger tip popped right into her rectum.

“Ah!” Sora gasped, a shock jolting right up her spinal column, then down and into her hotly soaked puss. “Omigod, you’re in my butthole!” she exclaimed, torn between wanting more of this odd stimulation and hoping Ayaka wasn’t grossed out from fingering her there.

“I know I am… does it feel good?” Ayaka asked, that sexual purr returned to her voice.

“Uh-huh,” Sora moaned, feeling Ayaka’s finger going deeper in small thrusts. She was having butt sex, and liking it! “But it’s dirty in there… isn’t it?”

“Not any more, it’s not!” Ayaka laughed, using her other hand to give her left cheek a suggestive squeeze. “I’ve only heard about doing this… but once I saw that cute butt of yours, I knew I had to touch it and make you feel good.”

When Ayaka finally withdrew her finger, Sora felt its loss and wanted it back in her bottom. But that was forgotten when Ayaka knelt behind, slowly washing her way down each leg, pausing to scrub her feet in exacting detail. Each little toe was given full attention, sending trills of pleasure though Sora’s body.

But there was an even finer thrill to come. Ayaka rinsed Sora’s backside with the heated water, then pried the younger girl’s buttocks apart and began licking the crack of her ass.

Ayaka!” Sora gasped, her eyes suddenly huge. “What are you doing!? You shouldn’t be – oooohhh, oh wow, that feels ssssso nice…”

Pressing her face against the steamy tiled wall, she felt a pair of hands slide up her body again. Then Ayaka stood, pulling Sora back against her so that the younger girl’s head rested on her breast like it was a pillow.

Sora turned her head to see a tan, upturned nipple right next to her face. She wanted to touch it, to find out how it would feel in her mouth. But before she could, Ayaka reached around and began to caress her flat chest, teasing the tiny nipples until they grew stiff.

“See, this is a much better way to take a shower,” Ayaka sighed in her ear. “I love touching you so much. I love you, little sister.”

“Did you do this with Isana, too?” Sora gasped as Ayaka’s hands and fingers roamed her bare body. “You look at her differently now.”

“Well,” Ayaka’s voice dropped a little deeper, “yes, I did. Last night was the single most amazing time I’ve ever had. Isana makes me feel something strange, terrible and wonderful at the same time. I don’t want to say what it is yet, just that it makes me feel… whole, somehow. But I love you too, Sora, and Karin as well. You’re my new, precious sisters. Now that I have you, I won’t let you go.”

As she spoke, Ayaka slipped a hand right between Sora’s open legs. The girl gasped out a joy-filled cry of delight at finally being touched there. “Ayaka!” she blurted, her voice hoarse and laden with lust.

“You had a good time with Karin too, right?” Ayaka asked.

Sora could barely hear the words. Her entire being was focused on the finger that was gently parting her juice-soaked labia. It sent a shiver through her that felt like an earthquake of refined, torturous pleasure. All she could do was nod.

The finger withdrew, and Sora was turned around to face her lover. She gently leaned back against a tile wall, her mind spinning from so much unreleased energy humming inside her.

“Let me try doing something nice to you,” Ayaka said, green eyes shining.  She knelt once more with her eyes focused on Sora’s wanton sex. Sora just watched in wonder as her older sister’s face went between her legs. Something soft, hot, and wet lapped over her sensitive lips, sending a pleasurable quiver through her body, like nothing she’d ever felt before. Ayaka was licking her puss! She couldn’t wait to try doing this herself. Karin would love it, because she certainly did.

Sora gasped and fidgeted against the wall, surrendering to the assault of Ayaka’s ceaseless tongue upon her dripping slit. She felt her tight lips spread open by gentle fingers, exposing her inner pinkness to the older girl’s oral attack. Ayaka’s tongue even slipped a short way inside her hole, but a finger replaced it so it could focus on that little fun bump, her clit.

When she heard and felt Ayaka moan into her puss, Sora noticed that the girl’s other hand was between her own legs, rubbing with abandon.

As her pleasure rose, Sora became aware of her magic moving again. It sang along her nerves like a strange symphony. Then it reached out from her, mingling with the powerful music and light of Ayaka’s aura, and they mingled, joined together in the heat of lovemaking.

Finally the great crest came, and Sora’s body was thrown into beautiful agony, convulsing into a mind-wiping orgasm that roared through and around her. Ayaka joined in, peaking on her fingers, and the magic exploded from them in an ephemeral blast.

In an instant, all of the water in the cubicle – on the floor, their bodies, or flowing from the showerhead, shot straight up at the ceiling in one massive heave. The sound of the wet crash was deafening, pounding on their already overloaded senses. Panic jolted through Sora, but everything snapped back into sharp focus when she found herself half-sitting on Ayaka’s kneeling legs, her lips locked in an intense kiss with her sister. The magic surrounding them suddenly vanished, and the water flooded down, soaking the entire bathroom. Then they were panting, their hands joined, fingers twined.

That was sure something,” Ayaka gave a tired laugh, hugging Sora close. Their bare skin was hot where their bodies touched. “I felt your magic this time, Sora. It was inside me when we came. I tasted it, like I tasted you. God, that was something amazing, little sister. You’re awesome!”

“I think I need to sit down,” Sora sighed, still trembling a little from the massive release. Her magic seemed calmer now inside her, as if fully content.

Ayaka gently lowered Sora, resting her against the wall, then sat beside her, the shower still streaming away overhead. Ayaka’s pale skin was very flushed and she was somehow even more beautiful that way. Sora had felt it too at the end, how they’d been joined physically and magically. She crawled into Ayaka’s wet, naked lap and felt arms encircle her again. It was so good to be this way, just being held by a loving older sister, their bare bodies nestled together. “What was that?” she asked eventually.

“An orgasm, I think,” Ayaka chuckled. One hand went away, Sora heard a soft click, and something that smelled nice, like herbs, dribbled onto her head. Her eyes closed as soothing fingers washed her hair and massaged her scalp. “That was something special, though. We shared something, Sora.”

“I liked it,” Sora sighed contentedly, Her body still tingling from the continued contact. “I want to do this a lot, with everyone.”

“I’ll be happy to be with you any time,” Ayaka responded, she leaned Sora’s head back and into the spray, rinsing the shampoo out. “I’d really like to sleep with you in my arms too. Do you want to wash me, or do you need to rest some more?”

Sora perked up at that, and quickly nodded. Ayaka chuckled at her response, and they slowly got to their feet. Sora retrieved the soap from the floor and eagerly lathered up her hands. Applying the soap, she quickly understood why Ayaka had enjoyed washing her so much. There was just something fun about the activity and she liked being able to feel every part of Ayaka’s body. Her skin was so soft and supple. She even cleaned Ayaka’s bottom hole, which made them both giggle with delight.

Sora was fascinated by Ayaka’s slit, too. The patch of hair above it was curly and soft to the touch, and Ayaka made funny cooing sounds when she rubbed the tender pink flesh. After she was done with Ayaka’s legs, Sora was thrilled to realize that her sister was getting aroused again. She had her eyes closed, was breathing deeply and slowly, her nipples were hard, and her slit was engorged and slightly open.

Once again, Sora began to touch Ayaka between the legs. Her fingers found the clit bump at the top, and she stroked it the same way she’d learned with Karin. Ayaka arched her body in response, moaning with near-animalistic joy. After only a few short minutes under Sora’s stroking, Ayaka shuddered and threw her head back, a silent groan seeping out while their magic mingled and shared yet again. Sora continued to pleasure the older girl, watching in awe as Ayaka roiled and writhed in the pleasure she was receiving.

Suddenly another, bigger release went through Ayaka, and one last blast of magic washed over them both. Ayaka’s hand abruptly came down to trap Sora’s fingers in place, clutching it until the magic slowly faded.

Finally opening her eyes, Ayaka raised Sora’s hand to kiss her fingers, wearing a blissful smile

“Was it good?” Sora asked, proud that she’d caused Ayaka to orgasm multiple times. She loved that she was capable of doing something like that. Her magic now felt calm, resting like an electric ball in a deep place inside, somewhere beneath her belly.

“It was great,” Ayaka said lovingly with a prolonged sigh, even more flushed than before with her pale skin tinted pink. Her breathing was becoming less ragged, and she gazed at Sora with adoring eyes. “Can you help me wash my hair? There’s a lot of it to wash, and the others are probably waiting on us.”

Sora was more than happy to do so. The hair was pretty thick while wet, so it was a bit of a job, but an enjoyable one. She especially liked how calm and content Ayaka seemed while she did it, a small smile gracing the older girl’s lips that was for her alone. Once the shampoo was rinsed out they were both clean, relaxed, and happy.

The clothes they’d left on the bathroom floor were soaked, of course, which made them both laugh as they remembered how their magic had drenched everything in the room. Ayaka quickly hung them on another rack to dry and procured fresh towels for them both. They dried each other, and then they went into Ayaka’s room, Ayaka bringing along her hairbrush. “Sit down, Sora,” she said.

While she wasn’t quite as gentle as Isana, Sora very much enjoyed being groomed and brushed by her older sister. Then she did Ayaka’s hair, bringing back the soft, cinnamon cascade. She buried her face into it for a moment when she was done, savoring its smell and softness.

“Now for clothes,” Ayaka said, padding over to her dresser. Sora was curious to see what she had in there. The older girl slid open a drawer and spent almost no time searching before she pulled out a short, sky-blue halter dress made of a very light material. “Here!” Ayaka held the garment out to her. “This is way too small for me now, but I think it’ll look good on you.”

Sora took it enthusiastically, quickly pulling it up her body and slipping the neck strap on. When she let go, it settled and hung far too low at the top. If she moved at all, one of her nipples would show, never mind what would happen if she bent over.

“Easily fixed,” Ayaka insisted, stepping towards her. Deft fingers wove behind Sora’s head. This time when the dress settled in place it was just right, only showing part of her upper chest. Sora decided that it really was nice, much better than anything she owned. It was light, attractive and quite comfortable. She looked up into sister’s warm smile. “You like it?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Sora flung herself at Ayaka and they fell, laughing delightedly, onto Ayaka’s bed. Sora clung to the girl, lying on top of her. She purred contentedly as gentle hands caressed and tickled her ears. Not exactly like Karin’s adoring touch, but it sent a message of affection that she understood without words.

“If you guys ever want to borrow clothes from me, feel free to come and ask,” Ayaka said.

Sora was very conscious of Ayaka’s naked body against her clothed one, and found herself wanting to make love with her sister again. On the other hand, she suspected that Isana and Karin were beginning to wonder where she and Ayaka were. Reluctantly, she climbed off Ayaka and got to her feet.

Ayaka was unhurried about getting up. It took her only a moment to slip on a dark shirt over a white tank top that settled over her breasts in a most enticing way. A worn-in pair of jeans came next, leaving her perfectly presentable.

“Ready to go down and check on the others?” Ayaka asked once they were both dressed.

Sora was very ready. Much as she loved being with Ayaka, she missed Karin and Isana. So she nodded her agreement, and off they went.

Upon coming downstairs, they found Isana lying on the couch in the shaded sunlight, with Karin serenely napping in her arms, with Isana gently stroking one of the girl’s small wings. It was a beautiful, peaceful scene and Sora made a mental note to treat Karin’s wings the same way the next time they were together. Isana’s longer white hair was mixed together with Karin’s wine-red, making for an interesting contrast since their faces were so close.

Sora saw something in their faces. It was the same hint of something, like a glow, that she’d noticed on Ayaka’s face earlier… and on Karin’s that morning. She figured that meant they’d made love too, and were resting it off. Actually, a nap sounded like a good idea, she decided.

“Welcome back, you two,” Isana said, lifting a hand to slowly stroke Karin’s hair in an affectionate manner that made her look very motherly. She caressed a soft cheek, and Karin stirred, groaning a little at being disturbed from her rest. Her eyes flickered open, and Isana laughed, then she looked back up at the others, still smiling. “You guys made quite a ruckus. Karin here wanted to go up and look in on you, but I, um, sort of distracted her. Then we took a nap together.”

Sora felt her ears get hot, but Ayaka guided her over to the other sofa and pulled her down into a warm embrace that she couldn’t help but sink into. Once they were comfortable, Ayaka explained what happened upstairs. She didn’t go into explicit detail about the sex stuff, thankfully, describing instead the feeling of their magic flaring up unexpectedly. Sora shivered in remembrance, feeling her nipples harden again as her magic burbled from the memory.

“Don’t worry about it,” Isana chuckled when Ayaka was done. Karin was fully awake now, but she didn’t budge from Isana’s arms. “I expected your magic to interact somehow, because it’s still trying to settle in and get to know you. I also knew all of us were going to want sex very badly… that’s how things work with witches. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, though. I know Karin and I did. In fact, it was one of the nicest baths I’ve had in years!”

“Yeah, but it wore me out,” Karin laughed, clearly enjoying Isana’s caresses. “Nothing weird happened with us, though; we just had a nice bath, and… well, you know.”

“That’s because I was shaping and controlling the interaction of our auras and directing the energies,” Isana explained. “With both Sora and Ayaka being new and untrained, their unstable magic found a random but generally benign purpose to expend itself on when it reacted to their emotions. It made for an interesting event at least. I’m just happy you all enjoyed the experience.”

“I loved being with Sora,” Ayaka said, smiling. Sora melted deeper into the hug, feeling the simple conviction in Ayaka’s words. “Do we have plans for the afternoon?”

“Well,” Isana said, “I thought we’d go into town again today.”

“Where in town?” Karin asked, quickly stirring further from her languid state.

“I noticed that none of you have very many things like clothes or personal items, so I wanted to remedy that. Plus, we need a few other necessary things. Karin reminded me that none of you have hampers or trash cans for your rooms, for instance. It’ll take overnight at the minimum for your magic to settle, so I figured we could make a nice evening of it.”

“We’re getting new clothes!” Sora gasped.

“Yep, it’s not like I’m anywhere close to short on money. It’ll be entertaining and useful at the same time,” Isana explained.

Sora squirmed, eagerly looking up into Ayaka’s green eyes. “Can you help me find nice stuff? I like the kind of clothes you wear.”

“Of course I will,” Ayaka agreed with proud, sisterly pleasure in her voice, expression, and touch. “It’s what cool big sisters are for!”

“Me too, Ayaka!” Karin enthused. “Please?”

“You too, Karin,” Ayaka replied. “I’m more than happy to help.”

“Then let’s all pile into the truck and hit the road!” Isana announced, catching the rising mood. “We’ll have lunch out… maybe dinner.”

Ten minutes later, Sora was in the backseat of the vehicle with Karin. Both of them were quite glad to be close to each other again, and Sora shared a few deep looks with the girl that filled her with that new, special warmth. Isana drove, Ayaka was next to her and almost radiating her happiness. They all laughed and joked and talked as they rode along. It was immensely fun.

To Sora, this already felt like her family. None of them were related by blood, but she loved them anyway. And best of all, they loved her back, and each other too. For whatever reason she’d been blessed with this stroke of good fortune, Sora was thankful.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 7

  • Posted on January 11, 2023 at 3:10 pm

Note from JetBoy: Let’s welcome this fine story back, after far too long without a new installment… for which your humble Porn Whisperer takes full blame. I got the chapters messed up while involved in too many other stories and simply lost track of it. Heartfelt apologies to Nuit du Loop and all Juicy Secrets readers. Please line up on the right to join in administering my richly deserved ass-kicking.

It’s a complex story, by the way — you might find it worth your while to read it over again after the long hiatus.


By Nuit du Loup

Sora closed the door behind her and listened as Karin and Isana walked past. She still felt a sense of excitement inside, and her puss, as Karin called it, was still warm from the fresh memory of what the two of them had done in bed together last night. It was probably her imagination, but her skin seemed to feel tingly where Karin’s hands had been.

Now she regretted getting angry at Isana. It made sense that she worried about them. It was one of the things that made Sora trust her. But Isana hadn’t yelled back or anything. She’d just smiled and made her feel better, then did the same for Ayaka.

Using the magical dial thing, Sora turned up the brightness of her bedroom lights, wondering again whether she ought to have picked a room with a window. Karin’s room was lovely with the sun and breeze coming in, and she had a bathroom right next door. Sora was worried that the others would think she was acting like a little kid if she asked to change rooms.

Her initial impulse to stay as close as possible to Isana seemed childish now. But she’d been so captivated by the woman’s open friendliness and warmth that she wanted to keep it nearby, as if Isana might suddenly disappear for some reason. Isana was the first adult she’d ever met that made her feel safe, and in a way she’d never experienced before. But now she also had Ayaka, who really did give the nicest hugs, and Karin, who made her heart feel funny even while she did odd things. She had three new friends who liked her and weren’t ever mean. She wasn’t even bothered by Karin’s teasing anymore.

Like Karin, all Sora’s things were still in her luggage. She frowned at the bag. Since she’d been younger, more timid, and less outspoken than most of the girls in the orphanage, all her clothing had been multi-generational hand-me-downs. Nothing looked good on her, except for the outfit those two nice women had bought for her on the night she’d met Isana and the others.

She sighed. It wasn’t as if she could make something better appear because she wanted it to. Instead, she crouched down, unzipped the bag, then dumped the contents onto the bed she had yet to sleep in. A pile of assorted clothing spilled out, in the reverse order they’d been packed. Some items tumbled off onto the floor, and an ambitious balled-up pair of socks rolled all the way to the far wall.

Since they’d been in her top drawer before, Sora’s underwear was packed at the bottom of the bag, and now they’d found their way to the top of the pile. She selected a pair of pale green panties that had once been a much darker shade, and tugged on her towel to let it drop to the floor.

Being naked again made her smile, another reminder of the sexy things she’d done. She wasn’t a little kid anymore. She’d been in a tub with three other girls, and slept naked with two of them. She’d even had real, actual sex with another girl, one that she was sure she loved. Soon she’d be learning magic with the others, too.

But that was for later. Sora’s tummy rumbled to remind her about breakfast, so she pulled her panties on, ignoring the slight looseness of the waistband. Hand-me-down underwear was gross, but it was all she had.

A soft knock sounded at the door. “Sora?” came Ayaka’s friendly call.

Sora blushed, her ears drooping for a moment. But she rallied her nerves, reminding herself that there was no need to be self-conscious here. “Come in,” she said, still feeling a hint of shyness when Ayaka opened the door and entered.

At the sight of her fellow student, Sora let out an involuntary ‘ooh’ noise that made her cheeks warm with embarrassment.

“You like it?” Ayaka sounded pleased. She turned from side to side, showing off the pale yellow sundress she wore. It had two thin straps at the shoulders and hung just low enough to show a tiny hint of cleavage, with the hem at mid-thigh. It had a white, barely visible leaf pattern and a waist sash that hung untied around the back.

Sora couldn’t tear her eyes away. Ayaka was so beautiful, even with her lush hair a little mussed.

“Hey, Sora?” Ayaka said, “I was hoping you could help me get this sash tied, then, um, maybe come down to  breakfast with me…?”

“You… you look so pretty,” Sora breathed, a tiny bit jealous that Ayaka had something so nice to wear, but she was also more than a little awed by the effect. She also had the sudden resurgence of an urge to touch Ayaka’s hair. It looked so wonderfully soft.

“Really? Thanks, Sora,” Ayaka smiled back. “What’s up?”

Realizing she’d been caught staring, Sora decided to go ahead and ask. “Can I touch your hair?”

“My hair?” Ayaka laughed, but in a very nice way that made Sora feel good inside. “Sure thing, but can you also do the tie of my dress up while you’re back there?”

Sora nodded, not even noticing that all the while, Ayaka had been enjoying the sight of her nude body.

When Ayaka turned around, Sora grasped the two ends of the sash and pulled it just tight enough to cinch in the waist, then tied it in a loose knot like she would with a hair ribbon. The task accomplished, she eagerly wove her fingers through the thick curtain of Ayaka’s cinnamon-hued hair.

Just like she’d imagined, the girl’s hair was so soft she found herself hugging Ayaka from behind and burying her face in it. It felt lovely, and had a nice smell that she would forever associate with her older sister. That, in turn, reminded her that she had a question.

“When you said that earlier, about smelling me,” Sora said, raising her face. “Can you really tell when girls have been doing sex with each other?”

Ayaka gave a soft chuckle, and Sora felt gentle hands covering hers. Ayaka explained all about how she and Isana had sensitive noses – Isana, because she was half cat-woman, and Ayaka because she was some-kind of wolf land-deity thingy. Sora didn’t exactly understand that part.

It sounded like Ayaka could turn herself into a wolf or something, but Sora had never seen her do that, so she asked, “How come you never become a wolf?”

“I’ve never tried, actually,” Ayaka admitted a little sheepishly. “The city made me too weak to even try; now I’m kind of afraid to.”

“Isana could probably fix it if you mess up,” Sora reasoned.

“Hmm, maybe,” Ayaka replied thoughtfully. “I’ll ask her about that later. But as much as I really like it when you hug me, we’re supposed to be heading down for breakfast with the others.”

“You feel and smell so good, though,” Sora explained with a smile, finally letting Ayaka go. Then she frowned at her pile of clothes, still strewn about on the bed. “I don’t have anything that looks as nice as your dress. All I’ve got is a bunch of old stuff that used to belong to someone else.”

“Yeah, those panties you have on look pretty worn out,” Ayaka said, giving her a careful look-over, and this time Sora did notice that Ayaka was clearly enjoying the sight of her body. It made her tingle nicely between the legs. “But I only have this dress because another girl thought it was ugly and wanted to give it away. Total luck there. But let me have a peek at what you’ve got. I can’t believe there isn’t something you’d look good in.”

Sora watched, fascinated, as Ayaka combed through her clothes like a woman digging for treasure – which, she thought, was exactly what the girl was doing. Sora never had a choice about what clothes she was given, but Ayaka seemed to have a clear idea about what went with what. She started sorting things into new, smaller piles, including one that Sora knew had to be a discard pile.

Finally, Ayaka handed her a dark denim skirt, a forest-green tank top, and a faded, checked yellow and white button-up shirt. “This way, we’ll match a little bit,” she said. “Too bad you have the same underwear problems I do. Those look uncomfortable.”

“Yours are like that?” Sora asked, gratefully taking the clothes, which really did look like a nice ensemble. She’d never noticed before, which made her wonder if what other things she owned were better than she thought.

“Yep,” Ayaka sighed overdramatically. “The problem with being a growing teenage girl in that place is most of my stuff doesn’t fit very well. Most of my panties are much too small and really start to pinch late in the day – or they ride up, which is worse. And they never gave me any bras, just told me I’d get some later. Well, later never came. All I have are these thin, worn-out undershirts, see?” She pointed towards her chest, and Sora noticed Ayaka’s nipples showing through. “Check it out – I see you naked, and poof, instant nippliness!”

Sora dressed quickly, and Ayaka made her turn around slowly so as to get a good look. Giggling a little, complied, smiling hugely when she saw the appreciation in Ayaka’s bright green eyes. If it got a reaction like that, or the look Karin had given her earlier, maybe being cute wasn’t so bad.

Ayaka was nice enough to offer to help Sora put away her clothes, and to go through them later to look for other possible outfits. She may not have been her real older sister, but Sora sure thought Ayaka acted like one. It made her want to hug the older girl again.

They went downstairs together. Sora kind of wanted to hold Ayaka’s hand, but that was childish, so she put the idea out of her head. It was enough that Ayaka slowed her pace to remain close by.

When they got to the kitchen, both girls had a laugh at Karin’s totally serious expression as Isana showed her how to make French toast. Karin’s hair was still mussed from their earlier fun and even tangled around her horn a little, but seeing her again made Sora’s puss feel warm and gooey when she remembered the pleasures they’d shared.

“Wow, you’re looking very nice this morning, you two,” Isana said in cheery greeting, while Karin placed a batter-covered bread slice onto a greased skillet over the stove. It sizzled very nicely. On the breakfast table were bowls of cut strawberries with smaller bowls of real cream for dipping. A jug of milk and a pitcher of grape juice sat in the center, surrounded by a set of white ceramic plates.

“Ayaka helped me pick stuff out,” Sora admitted, not wanting to take undue credit for her outfit.

“Phhfft,” Ayaka sputtered with a happy laugh and a sisterly smile. “You’re crazy cute, Sora. All I did was frame it a little. I’m good with colors.”

They both went over to the booth and slid all the way in. It was fun, sitting side by side with Ayaka, watching Karin learning to cook under Isana’s eyes. Ayaka even put an arm round her shoulders, and seemed quite pleased when Sora leaned comfortably against her.

They talked about a bunch of random stuff – which Sora loved, because she’d never just sat around and talked with anyone before yesterday. Even better, Ayaka never once made her feel dumb.

“All finished!” Karin announced with accomplished pride. She and Isana each carried a plate stacked with steaming French toast. Isana also had a jug of real maple syrup, something none of them had ever tasted before. They’d always had the fake stuff back at the orphanage.

“Looks great, Karin!” Ayaka said, assessing the arriving food with a hungry gaze.

“It is!” Karin agreed with a grin. “Well, all except for the bottom two. Those were the experiments.”

“We’ll still eat them,” Isana chuckled, plopping a dish of butter on the table. “Cooking is just like magic, girls. You get better by doing it.”

Karin and Isana seated themselves with the others. Then the food was passed around, and Sora got another pleasant surprise when Isana revealed that Karin was the one who had asked for strawberries, remembering that Sora liked them from when they’d been in the garden on the previous day. That gave Sora the special feeling all over again. No one had ever done something sweet like that, just for her.

Breakfast was wonderful. Unlike meals at the orphanage, no one ignored Sora because she was the littlest one. When she talked, they listened. She’d never before felt so much like she was part of something. The food was amazing, too. Ayaka even made a point of choosing one of the two ‘experimental’ toast slices for herself, eating them with genuine enjoyment. Sora relished the juicy, red strawberries, which were even tastier with the fresh cream. Then it was her and Ayaka’s turn to wash up afterward, which was actually kind of fun..

“Now, it’s time to wake up your magic, girls!” Isana announced, once everything was either put away or drying in the sink rack. She was in a good mood and her white furred tail was twitching happily. “Outside, everybody!”

After slipping on shoes, they filed into the garage, each of them feeling more than a little excited. Isana waved a hand towards the garage door and it rolled obediently upwards. Like all the other times Isana had done magic, Sora felt a warm tingle deep inside, just above her groin, and almost thought she could see something too.

Isana was moving quickly now.  She went to her huge truck, pulled a big tool chest out of the bed and set it down on the concrete. Then she went to the other side of the garage to a set of wall-mounted cabinets, weaving her way through the random stuff that filled the space. From there she brought back a huge, folded blanket that was almost too big and awkward for her to carry.

“I’ll carry that,” Ayaka volunteered, awkwardly shouldering the dark blue blanket. It was a bit frayed, and in a dark blue color.

“Woo, thanks!” Isana said with a chuckle. She picked her toolbox up and gestured for them to follow her, so they did.

They tramped into the woods, following a vague trail through the low underbrush. Now that the sun was all the way up, it was a little hotter than the day before and a bit more humid as well. It wasn’t uncomfortable, though. Sora liked the woods, and she found herself hoping that they would see those cute foxes again.

Ayaka seemed the happiest of the group, though. She was smiling, breathing deeply as if she really enjoyed the fresh air of the outdoors.

“Do I seem weird?” Ayaka suddenly asked Sora, noticing the girl’s curious looks.

“No,” Sora answered honestly. Actually, she thought Ayaka fit in this place quite nicely and said so. Ayaka just laughed and gave her a one-armed hug.

After a while, they came to a sunny clearing. A picnic table that sat off to one side told them it was artificial, but Sora thought it was pretty with the sun shining through a thin cover of leaves. It was carpeted with long, lush grasses and lots of dead sticks and other foresty things.

Taking a look around, Isana made a snorting noise – and Sora felt the magic tingle again. This time it was a giant, invisible broom, which suddenly appeared to sweep all the fallen branches and other poky things away to one side.

“There,” Isana said with satisfaction. “Ayaka, can you set the blanket out?”

They all got out of the way and Ayaka snapped her arms, casting out the big square of cloth. It settled with a soft hushed sound upon the grass. Isana gestured for them to sit down on it, so they did. Isana set her box aside and then plopped herself down, legs out before her, only pausing to adjust her tail a little.

“Okay, girls,” Isana said. “Like I told you in the kitchen, all we’re going to do right now is to wake up your magic, so that it and your body can get used to each other and get in sync. What I am going to do is a bit like a noise that wakes you up before your alarm clock does.”

“Why are we out in the woods?” Karin asked, looking around at the abundant greenery. The sounds of birds and other small animals made for a nice background.

“Two reasons,” Isana replied. “First, it’s a nice day out and I enjoy the outdoors. Second, and more relevant, there are occasions when a person’s magic wakes up and a random flare of nascent power does something completely random. It can actually do damage. I was lucky when I was a girl; I only turned every surface of a small room neon orange. I’m just trying to minimize collateral whatever.”

Sora felt a little relieved. She’d actually been a little worried she might make it rain again or something like that. She frowned, though, when Isana held out a welcoming hand to her.

“Come on, Sora… you’re first up since your magic is closest to the surface. Just sit down on my lap, facing outwards towards the others, and lean back against me.” When the girl obeyed, she continued. “Now relax, and let me do my magic thing.”

Sora felt a shiver of worry, but when she glanced at her new older sisters, both gave her encouraging smiles, Karin making a pushing motion with her hands. So Sora shoved down her anxiousness and leaned back into Isana, whose small hands found her hips. Sora liked the touch, gentle yet in control at the same time.

“Now, just stay calm and let your magic wake up slowly and naturally,” Isana said quietly near her left ear. Her breath teased over her skin. “It feels a little different for everyone, but you’ll definitely know when it happens. If it seems scary, just remember I’m right here with you. I won’t let you be hurt. Okay?”

“Okay,” Sora replied, steeling herself to the task at hand.

She had no idea what to expect, but did trust Isana. It was wonderfully soothing when the woman began to rub her bare belly with one hand in a circular motion. The caress went almost all the way up to her chest, then back down to the hem of her skirt. It felt good and gave her a little of that aroused feeling, but mostly it was relaxing. She closed her eyes and sat quietly, waiting.

It started deep inside. Just below her tummy, inside her pelvic area, she became aware of a growing sensation. At first there was just a tiny tickle that she couldn’t quite describe. It made her smile, though. It grew quickly, filling her belly with a fire that tingled with loosened electricity. Out and up it spread, suffusing her torso, then outward along her limbs.

She felt her nipples hardening to sensitive little pebbles and her skin grew damp as her body tried to cool itself with sweat. Her breathing increased, too, as her body demanded more oxygen to help energize these changes. Without changing, Isana’s strokes became enticing as well as soothing. Unconsciously Sora arched her back into the woman, feeling something crazy rushing up her spine and into her head like an explosion.  There was a brief, startling moment when she thought she might suffocate, then all her breath rushed out in one, great exhalation, sending leaves rustling and drawing surprised gasps from her sisters when it swept over them. The forest around them rustled in hushed agitation for several minutes afterward.

There was a gap in her recollection, but slowly Sora felt herself calming down. Her muscles felt like she’d used all of them hard, kind of like after a good exercise routine at school. Her stomach felt empty, even though she’d just eaten a huge breakfast. The soft shirt was now rough on her little nubs, the sexual tension burning low. What she still had though, was a sense of energy that ran through her nerves. It was in constant motion, and alive, but Sora knew it was a natural part of what she was. It was hers.

That is your magic,” Isana whispered in her left ear, nuzzling it a little, which felt nice. “From now on, it’s your constant companion. It’s still small, but as you grow and learn, it will too. It’s also something to enjoy. Can you stand up, or do you need a minute?”

Opening her eyes, Sora gasped. The energy in her body thrummed and the world took on a slightly different appearance. The forest was still there, of course, but now she could sense the magic behind it. Karin looked like a sparkler, with an aura that was fizzling and glowing erratically. Ayaka… the sight of Ayaka made her stop breathing for a long moment. In that weird sight, her glowing aura was the same ‘color’ as the magical glow of the forest, but especially pretty, like seeing a glorious sunrise but somehow even more profound.

After a moment or two, the magical vision slowly faded and the normal forest had returned. She tried to rise but her legs felt weak.

“Just crawl over,” Ayaka suggested, sitting down and extending her arms. “Karin’s next up.”

Sora realized that she really did want to be held, so she rolled off Isana, giggling when her leg got caught for a second, and crawled over to the others. Karin stooped to give her a quick, but very nice peck on her lips before taking her place with Isana. Sora slid easily into Ayaka’s arms, resting there with her head against a softly rounded breast. Then they both shifted a little to watch Karin’s turn. Somehow they both knew it was important that they each witness the awakening of the others.

It’s part of the sisterly love thing, Sora thought.


Karin fidgeted a little when she settled onto Isana’s lap, getting comfortable for what was to come. Her heart was beating fast with excitement after watching Sora, knowing she was next to experience whatever it was. Isana’s warm hands slid around her middle, slipping under the shirt like they had with her younger sister. She felt and heard Isana inhale deeply, and the exhalation tickled the nape of her neck. It was an oddly intimate act. She thought she could detect Isana’s heart, matching the rhythm of hers.

“Same thing as with Sora,” Isana said in a breathy voice, speaking very softly by her ear. “Are you ready?”

“Are you okay?” Karin asked, wondering why Isana sounded like that.

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine,” Isana laughed gently, kissing her neck affectionately. “But everything you guys feel while going through this, I do too. It’s a kind of feedback. Also, I can feel all your raw magics mingling with mine, which is really putting me into a certain mood. This is also why I might feel you up a little more than I did with Sora. I won’t be able to help that.”

“Okay,” Karin answered, not minding in the least that Isana might touch her that way. “Start whenever you want.”

For Karin, the first sensation of her magic was a startling one. The rubbing of Isana’s hands lulled her into a drowsy calm. Then, out of nowhere, a jolting series of little ripples, like a wake of static electricity, rolled over every inch of her skin.  It wasn’t painful, but it made her shudder and gasp as sensitive places were stimulated. Her puss was suddenly wet, and she could feel her arousal growing. It made her want to kiss someone. The sizzling energy drove into her body in one massive assault, causing a small release between her legs.

When calm returned, she was breathing hard. Isana was gently kissing and licking at her neck in a manner that was both comforting and extremely sexual. She was panting right along with Karin.

When Karin opened her eyes, which she didn’t remember having closed, she saw the auras. To her, Ayaka was like a hot fire on a winter night, blazing with life and seeping into the world around her. Sora’s aura reached out to touch hers like a living wave of sunlight, and they intermingled for a moment, tasting each other before she felt a tender pull that separated them. Then the sight went away, like water running down a drain.

Both her sisters were watching with warm, loving eyes. She could feel their caring for her. Karin wanted to rush over to them, so Ayaka could wrap both arms around her while Sora, who made her heart tingle even now, kissed her again with the same passion they’d discovered only hours before.

A soft rush of wind against her cheek returned Karin to normal thought.

“Welcome back,” Isana teased in her ear. She was still touching her a little, but only around the waist. “That was pretty exciting!”

“Have you done this before?” Karin asked, calming down. She felt amazingly drained, even though she could feel her magic fizzing away inside like an eager puppy.

“Nope, you three are my first,” Isana chuckled, gently nudging Karin to climb out of her lap. “This is a learning experience for me, too! Now come on, I need to do Ayaka too.”

“Mmm, okay,” Karin groaned, rising to her feet.

Ayaka breathed deeply, forcing herself to relax as Karin stood and slowly made her way over on unsteady legs. Sora was still nestled in her arms; so she tenderly gave one long ear a single-finger caress, drawing out a tiny, pleased whimper.

“Sora, can I let Karin hold you?” Ayaka murmured. “I have to be with Isana now.”

“Okay,” Sora sighed, sitting back slowly onto her haunches. Ayaka gave her a soft kiss on the lips, feeling a flash of joy when Sora returned it. Then she was standing, and Karin was moving to sit behind Sora, holding the girl the same way she had.

Ayake shared a smile with Karin before she crossed over to join Isana. She recognized the state Isana was in, and her body responded instinctively to her teacher’s arousal. But before she could do anything about it, Isana chuckled and tugged her down by an arm, making Ayaka yelp, then laugh happily in surprise.

“That will come later, my little kitten,” Isana said pleasantly, making her flush at the endearment. Ayaka had fallen side-saddle, so she had to adjust a little to sit in the right position. Isana helped, even if a hand did rub a little suggestively inside her thigh. Once in place, Isana made no pretense about not feeling her up, the way she had with Karin and Sora. Ayaka really didn’t mind, though. Not at all.

“Now, let us see what we have here,” Isana said, her voice dropping again as she went to work. Something probed inside Ayaka, exploring her deep inside in a way that left her completely at ease. When the touch encountered that special place inside her mind and body, where she was aware of all the wonderful natural life surrounding her, Ayaka gasped.

“Here we are indeed,” Isana exclaimed softly, giving the girl’s breast a gentle squeeze. “Ayaka, you have a beautiful gift inside you, too.”

Suddenly, it was as if a gate of some kind had been thrust open inside her. All the vitality of the forest, of the entire world around her, was instantly connected to her very being. It was spicing the air she breathed and filling the ground beneath her feet. Life and magical power were one and the same, shared like a blessing. With the gate open, all that vigor flowed through her, exciting and enlivening her. It defined the word ‘magical’.

She became aware of Isana’s magic, enfolding her and caressing her like the lovers they were now. Ayaka’s arousal flared anew, as she and Isana touched physically and magically, sharing their all with each other. Her sisters, too, were changed before her newly awakened eyes.  She could feel their life too and see it as flames of light. Through the nearly-infinite living connections of the world, her magic touched theirs and she tasted their auras, knowing them deeply. It was, perhaps, one of the most intimate and special moments she’d ever experienced, only bested by her first lovemaking with Isana.

“Is that… Ayaka?” Karin said softly, her voice a rasp. Both of the younger girls were staring at her in wonder.  She could see their magic in their eyes. “I can feel her.”

“So warm,” Sora said, closing her eyes for a moment as if savoring the experience.

When Ayaka began to feel tired, a gentle, ephemeral awareness guided her mind into closing the Life-Gate. When it was shut, and she was once again returned to the comforting blanket of life, she knew it was no longer locked to her. She could open it again at any time. But a sharp and not unpleasant nip of Isana’s teeth jolted through her body from the right ear, slamming her back into waking consciousness.

Before Ayaka could say anything at all, Karin and Sora were coming at them both in an excited rush. Sora won, climbing directly onto Ayaka which made Isana grunt from the added weight. Slim arms held her tightly, even as she was aware of Karin hugging them all. The moment lasted for a bit, but it grew too much for poor Isana.

“Um, not to be the downer here, but I need to be able to feel my legs again!” she declared. They all broke into laughter, knowing they’d shared something wonderful that morning. Then they all slowly clambered to their feet, though Ayaka still had a cuddly Sora nestled in her arms. Isana jiggled her legs to get the blood flowing, then stood as well. She gave them all a proud, if very aroused, smile, her tail swishing happily. “Congrats, girls! Now you’re all officially witches!”

“That was so cool,” Karin enthused, looking down at herself as if she could see the change wrought upon her body. Then she looked up. “I felt yours, Ayaka.”

“It felt really nice, like your hugs,” Sora added, making no move to end their embrace.

“Ayaka is more unique than most,” Isana said. “Explaining it right now would take a while, but I have to repeat what I said a moment ago: your magic is beautiful, Ayaka.”

“Thanks… I think,” Ayaka replied, sharing a smile with Isana.  She wanted very badly to take care of the heat between her legs. Isana must have noticed, because her smile became a knowing one.

“Girls, I know exactly how you’re all feeling right now,” Isana said candidly. “Now that your magic is newly awake, you’re going to have moments like this. It’s part of what I explained to you last night about being a witch. So, why don’t we head back to the house and we can all wash up and well… cool down and enjoy the moment a little. I sure intend to.”

Ayaka had to disengage herself from Sora long enough to refold the blanket, then she held the girl’s hand as they walked back to the house. Karin did the same with Isana, who was more than happy to have her close company. There was a definite air of sexual intimacy tying them together through their growing bonds, and now through their awakened magical abilities. But Karin was still Karin, so they also enjoyed a bit of levity as she expressed her curiosity about Isana’s magical equipment toolbox. It turned out it was only a magic emergency kit.

When they were back home, Ayaka knew what she really wanted to do. After last night, she wanted to be grown-up about things and enjoy being with her new family. She saw no reason to be shy about her intentions.

“Sora,” she said, pausing as they made their way upstairs. Sora looked up, ears flicking in happy acknowledgment. “Would you like to take your shower with me?”

“A shower with you?” Sora flushed with excited wonder. “Really?!”

“Yes,” Ayaka grinned. “We can have a little fun together. Sounds good?”

“Yeah!” Sora nodded enthusiastically. Even though it was only a few hours from her first time with Karin, Sora was just as interested as Ayaka was.

A few feet away from them, Karin gave Isana a hopeful look.

“That means you’re with me,” Isana laughed, playfully ruffling Karin’s hair, then pulling her into a hug. “Go grab your stuff and meet me in my room. We’ll have some fun too.”

Karin whooped happily and bounded up the stairs, dodging a swat to the bottom from Isana, who followed behind her at a more sedate pace.

“Come on, then,” Ayaka tugged Sora’s hand, and they too continued upwards.

On to Chapter Eight!


Just This Once

  • Posted on November 17, 2021 at 4:14 pm

Note from JetBoy: Readers, I’m tickled pink to welcome the highly esteemed and thoroughly stimulating erotic fiction of eloquent delinquent back to Juicy Secrets. He’s written quite a bit since his last post, and we intend to showcase the lot of it here. Here’s a morsel to whet your appetite…


By eloquent delinquent

The best part was the quiet, Sharon thought as she lay suspended in the hot, fragrant water of her bath. She’d read about isolation chambers in college – pods that sealed the person within from any outside stimulus – and in her house, this tub, at this time of night, was as close as she was going to get. Close enough, she figured, sinking deeper into the embrace of the bathwater, this is heavenly.

It wasn’t like she didn’t love her life – Sharon was still proud she’d left her philandering husband, and she adored her daughters Hayley and Beth – but she still treasured these calm, luxurious moments. The girls weren’t difficult, but they were very busy, and the administrative work she did to keep them all comfortable had its inevitable stresses. This little evening window when the girls were entertaining themselves with TV or games was the best she could manage for herself. But here, all that seemed to vanish, dissolving into the hot water, carried away by the steam into the peaceful silence.

She felt her senses rising, filling the calm. Hearing the slight slip and slop of the water, head filling with the wildflower scent of bath salt, closing her eyes and following the slow rhythm of her breathing. And, as always, Sharon became aware of her body, seeming to melt into the pleasure of the bath, savoring every soapy caress she gave herself. And after rinsing, her hand inevitably trailed down beneath the water, settling on her aroused cunt. She languidly stroked her sex, letting the urgency build, no need to rush…

Hayley found herself moving before she’d really made up her mind. As she reached out to push the bathroom door wide open, she realized that acting this way really wasn’t that new to her. And of course, she felt a pang of guilt, knowing that Mommy was having special quiet time in the bath, but she couldn’t stop herself. She was done with peeking – she had to know, to be part of it.

With her eyes closed, Sharon’s first hint of her sanctuary being disturbed was a sudden swirling of cool air among the steamy. She never heard the knob turn, and why would she? Sharon always left the door open just a crack to let some of the steam out. She startled, stiffening, her fingers froze where they were stroking her cunt. She knew from the sound of bare feet hitting the floor that it was her eight-year-old before she even opened her eyes.

And then there she was Hayley, with the same dark hair as her mother, standing close in her thick terry bathrobe, with a nervous smile on her face. Her daughter suddenly seemed very tall, and Sharon felt very naked. Could the eight-year-old see her mother’s hand nestled on her pussy? Now that she’d barged in, Sharon felt pinned.

The mother had to clear her throat to find her voice. “Are you okay, honey?”

“Um, yeah. Okay.” That strangely beguiling smile never left Hayley’s face. Sharon was aware of her daughter’s eyes roving all over her nude body in the water, and the sense of being the object of such a curious, hungry gaze left her with a queer, disturbing feeling that wasn’t entirely unpleasant.

“I’m having my bath, Hayley,” Sharon stated the obvious. “Is there something that can’t wait?”

With a slight shake of her head, the girl simply asked, “Is it nice?”

Sharon felt herself caught in another way. Was what nice? Was Hayley looking between her legs? “You… you mean the bath?”

“Uh-huh,” her daughter replied, nodding with play-acted innocence. “You take one almost every night. It must be nice.”

“It is. But part of what makes it so nice is that I have some privacy.”

“Um. I know Mommy. I’m sorry, I don’t mean to bug you.”

“It’s okay, honey, just… What’s going on?”

Hayley bit her adorable lip before she could manage, “I wanna get in with you. It seems so nice.”

Sharon surprised herself when she found herself asking, “Where’s your sister?”

“She’s already in bed, reading that book again. She might be asleep already.”

The mother knew she was letting boundaries slip. If she ever wanted to keep this time private, she should send Hayley packing right now. But instead, she felt her fingers twitch against her cunt, sending a shiver of joy through her. Sharon was surprised again as she relented, saying, “Okay, but just this once.”

Bouncing a little with delight, the daughter practically threw her robe on the bathroom floor, and as Sharon moved to make room, her eyes lingered on her daughter’s body. She was growing so fast! She had these subtle curves she didn’t have even six months ago, and the nipples topping the immature pads of her breasts were so cute and hard! She noted the blush in her daughter’s cheeks, matched by (when she took a furtive glance) the pink surrounding Hayley’s demure hairless slit. It made Sharon wonder if her daughter ever felt arousal.

The thought gave Mommy a kind of vertigo, teetering on the edge of something she shouldn’t think about. It’s because I’m so wound up I’m thinking like this, Mommy reasons. I wish I could’ve come before she got in here.

Taking a breath she didn’t realize she was caught, Sharon said, “Shut the door, don’t let the cold in.” When the eight-year-old spun playfully to obey, the mother found herself looking at the girl’s high, supple butt, feeling a pang of admiration. It had to be admiration, right? I’m checking out my daughter’s ass.

But then Hayley was placing a dainty pointed toe into the hot, sudsy water, and Mommy had her legs pressed against the sides of the tub to make room for her. At least the adjustment had allowed her to move that incriminating hand off her cunt. But as the pretty girl lifted her other foot to get in, Sharon found herself furtively, guiltily peering up between her daughter’s legs, spying more of her delicate pussy and the shadow of her soft ass cheeks obscuring her naughtiest place.

Her pulse suddenly pounded in her throat. Under the water, she jumped a bit as her fingertip grazed her own clit without her even thinking about it. How’d that get back down there?

The girl settled into the water with a sigh that sounded very sensual to her mother. Hayley loved the smell of Mommy’s bath, and just her mother’s presence here, where she always seemed so calm and nice. Mommy was always happy and relaxed after she had private bath time, and her daughter wanted to feel that way, too.

Hayley had another reason for going in there, a secret one she never told anybody. She liked seeing Mommy naked. She didn’t know why, really, it just made gave her this rush of happy feelings, left her breathing deep with her skin feeling all warm and nice and a kind of heavy feeling deep in her tummy.

At first, seeing Mommy undressed was an accident, coming into the bathroom too soon after she showered or wandering into her bedroom to ask a question. But now she did it on purpose, in secret, spying.

She’d been spying tonight even, just before she joined Mommy in the tub, watching through a crack in the door as she slipped off the robe, then ran the water all naked and kind of thoughtful, then slid into the steamy water. After a few minutes, she seemed to be doing something under the water, something that made her look like she was kind of dreaming.

That dreamy look made daughter feel crazy all of a sudden. She ran back to her room, shucked off her jammies, and slipped on her soft bathrobe. Her sister Beth had looked from her book and stared at her like she was crazy. Then she took a couple of brave breaths and pushed open the bathroom door.

And now she was in the bath with Mommy! She felt giddy but tried to act calm like her mother. Mommy could tell though, and since she faced her mother as she lowered herself down, she could see the indulgent smile on Mommy’s face. She smiled back.

Hayley slid down and down into the welcoming warm water that smelled so yummy, like Mommy cuddles. She kept going even after her butt bumped the bottom, letting herself settle until she was up to her chin. This required some arranging – her knees sloshed out of the water a little as she felt her feet run up the soft insides of Mommy’s thighs, and the girl moved her ankles up and over her mother’s legs. She ended up with a foot wedged between Mommy’s hips and the sides of the tub, sitting while resting back on her hands.

When Sharon saw her daughter in this position her cunt started to throb, begging for the caresses she was giving it only moments earlier. Through the suds, she got glimpses of her daughter’s parted thighs, her childish supine body. It’s almost like she’s displaying herself, she thought. Could that be true?! Or was this just an innocent, thoughtless posture?

Her feelings whipsawed inside her. These thoughts – these reactions – were bad, so bad. But she couldn’t deny they were happening. Sharon’s mind spun out excuses – it was because she’d been playing with herself, it was because she hadn’t had a real sex partner in god knows how long, it was that second glass of wine after dinner. But none of that changed the rising arousal she felt toward her eight-year-old daughter, splayed before her.

“Do you do special things when you get to have a bath alone?” Hayley asked.

Jerked from her rationalizations, alarm bells rang in Sharon’s head. She had the door open just a crack to let out the steam – did her daughter peek in on her? “What kinds of things?”

Her daughter shrugged cluelessly. “I dunno. Something that makes you really happy? You’re always happy after you have special bath times.”

“Did you see me doing something just now?”

The girl shrugged again, wordlessly, but this time her face blazed red and her chin ducked under the water.

“It’s not nice to spy,” Mommy said sternly, but her heart continued to thump, the pulse echoing between her open legs.

“I didn’t mean to,” Hayley whimpered, “but you looked like you were having a pretty dream, I couldn’t help it.”

So she liked what she saw, Sharon thought, and that dizzy, thrilling feeling passed through her again. “Well, I guess that’s okay, just this once.”

Relief visibly washed over Hayley, and she smiled.

“Do you know what I was doing to get that pretty feeling?”

She sat up a little, curious, shaking her head.

“Do you ever touch yourself between your legs?”

Another shake of the head, this one much slower, eyes much wider. “You mean on my kitty?” An edge of disgust crept into her voice.

Her mother nodded just as slowly, thinking that her daughter had forgotten a lot since she was a toddler, when she often had her hand down her diaper and a cute, dopey smile on her face as she rubbed herself. The memory made her feel drunk with horniness.

So she told her, “Your kitty isn’t just for making pee. It also wants to make you feel good.” She moved her hand, squeezing and cupping her own breast, lifting the nipple clear from the water. “Your whole body can help you feel nice, but your kitty can make you feel pretty in a special, secret way. Sometimes that’s what I do here in the bath.”

Hayley was dumbfounded – she knew all about how doing secret naughty things could make her feel clever and special, but touching where she made pee? But that’s what she’d thought Mommy was doing, what she said now only confirmed her suspicions. And just then her own kitty felt very puffy, tender, and tingly, so she sat there, a tumble of confusion, and tried to figure it out.

“How?” the girl finally said, and Sharon felt her own sudden confusing rush of feelings – relief, excitement, shame, lust. Her daughter didn’t see this tumult, just blinked heavily as she added, “Can you show me?”

Mommy licked her lips and said, “Okay, but just this once.”

Giving her nipple an electrifying flick, Mommy’s hand slipped back underneath the water, trailing down her round tummy. She went slowly, hardly believing what she was doing, cautioning herself to stop, daring herself to go on.

Hayley was sitting up, ends of her dark hair trailing in the water, her gaze following Mommy’s hand. She reached out and pushed some bubbles aside.

Mommy asked her, “Can you see?”

She nodded, “Uh-huh,” even though it was wavy and hardly seemed real. That was Mommy’s naked kitty down there, so close to her own. It was pink and kind of open to something even pinker, and on the top was a little rectangle of dark thick hair. She vaguely wondered how it got to look that way. But mostly she was looking at Mommy’s hand, her own heart pounding as her mother’s fingertips actually touched around her grownup kitty.

This was so bad! This was a big naughty secret but Mommy was showing her anyway. She felt a huge surge of love for her mother, because suddenly she felt like a big girl, not just allowed to see Mommy naked, but to see her bad secrets, too.

Sharon shivered when she first smoothed over her labia. The pit that yawned in her stomach was half apprehension, and half yearning need. What she was doing with her daughter was so wrong – was it incest? – but at this moment in her heart it felt gentle and natural, a mother teaching her daughter an intimate joy. Some part of her mind rebelled, How can you think this way?!

But then she strummed over her throbbing pussy again, and the pleasure raced up her body. Her daughter, gazing raptly at her mother’s sexual display, noticed this shimmer and looked up to Mommy’s face with the slightest, wondering grin.

“Is it good?” she asked.

“Mmmm,” Sharon sighed in reply. “It’s yummy. And see? You just lightly touch and stroke your kitty at first, giving yourself these little shivers. Your kitty will tell you when it wants more, and then you can make it feel hotter and wilder, or you can just tease it, and make it tell you louder inside what it wants. It’s called playing with yourself for a reason.”

Hayley found her own hand running up and down her torso, from her belly button to her neck. Her nipples were really hard, and gave a little warm whoosh feeling as she passed over them. She didn’t know why she was doing it, only that she needed to and it felt nice. “Are you just petting right now, or is this the teasing part?”

A devilish little smile came onto Mommy’s face that the girl had never seen before. It made her think that her mother might eat her all up, and that she might like it if she did. Under the water, her fingertips continued to trace and stroke and diddle. “It’s so much teasing. I was doing the petting before you came in… but you know that already, don’t you?”

Blushing so hard she could feel it in her hair, the girl gave a helpless giggle. Then she settled back down, entranced by watching Mommy’s hand play with her pink kitty. She hesitated, then blurted, “What happens next?” Immediately she regretted it, because as much as she wanted to see more, she never wanted it to end.

Mommy brought her fingers together, and nestled them onto her pussy. “At the top of your kitty, you’ll get a little bump when you’re excited and want to feel good. I’ve got the tips of my fingers over it right now.” She searched her daughter’s face, then looked down between her slender legs and swallowed. “I bet you have a bump there right now. Check and see.”

“Touch my kitty?”

“It’s okay. Just this once.”

Hayley found she couldn’t bear to stop her hand from petting the front of her body, so she leaned forward to free up the hand she was leaning on, and brought it around, poised over her naughty area.

Looking down into the water, the girl asked, “Can you see?”

“Yes honey, go ahead.”

“Right here?” her hand hovered just above her kitty. It was shaking a little.

“Down just a bit… There, just there. Feel around and see if you don’t touch your bump.”

She did as she was told, so aware of Mommy watching her do this. It made her embarrassed and excited at the same time – is that how Mommy felt? But then her fingertips bumped and nudged her kitty, and she forgot about anything but the sudden flood of sensations.

It was like she was two different people. To her fingers, her kitty felt so soft and tender and warm, even in the warm bathwater. To her kitty, her fingers were dancers shooting wild happy feelings into her middle with every unsure step. “I dunno,” she said.

“Oh come on,” Mommy chided affectionately, “don’t you remember how?”

Those words didn’t make any sense to Hayley at first. But as she kept lightly fondling her kitty, something happened. She had this strong, fuzzy memory of lying back on a padded table. She had no clothes on, the air was cool, and everything looked so much bigger. Especially Mommy, and in this memory she looked up at Mommy through her own parted legs, her little feet in the air, and her own hand eagerly rummaging between her legs, sending up sensations much like she was feeling just then, in the tub. And in her mind she saw Mommy leaning over as she did it, smiling sweetly, her big warm hand caressing the backs of Hayley’s chubby legs.

Could that have happened?! Was it a dream? She started and gasped a little, very confused again, and she tried to look closer at the memory. But it just kind of slid out of sight, and that was because her kitty was telling her to touch it some more. She thought Mommy said it that she was being funny, like in a story, but it really felt that way. She gazed down into the water at her naked kitty, and her hand there, looking more intently at what she was doing.

“That’s the spot, baby, push in a little. It’ll open and then you can feel inside.”

The girl hardly believed this, but Hayley pressed just a little and it’s just like Mommy said. The soft puffy sides pushed back and what was underneath felt hot and slick and so tender and delicate. Her kitty sent these waves of yummy feelings up her back, into her belly, depending on how she moved. Glancing at her mother’s hand, she inched up a little more toward the top.

An amazing hot feeling crashed through her, so crazy, so delicious! This little noise caught in her throat. Her fingers froze for a second, so surprised by the intense sensation, but then she can’t help but test it again, and it was there! Just as crazy, and maybe even a little stronger. She pressed and pressed, and slowly through the flashes of delight rocketing to every part of her, her fingers sent the message that they had found the bump. The bump was the feelings and the feelings came from touching the bump!

Her little mind blanked out, only able to feel, needing to touch and feel, so good and feeling better each time she touched it. Those feelings gave her a sense of climbing. But they got even more intense, her body quivered, her pulse raced, it felt like panic, like she was about to pee herself. It started off nice but now it was scary, too.

Sharon saw her girl, and after a moment of enthralled masturbation that turned the mother on more than she could admit, Hayley suddenly lifted her hand away from her sweet little quim. She looked up at Mommy, flushed, breathing fast, her eyebrows high on her forehead and a wild, uncertain look clouding her pretty face.

“You found it, didn’t you?”

“Um, hah, yeah.”

“Did you like it?”

“Kinda,” Hayley responded. She couldn’t say no, because even though it scared her, part of her wanted to go back right then and touch it some more. “It’s strong.”

“Yes,” Mommy agreed emphatically. She reached through the water with her free hand and gripped her daughter’s calf, rubbing from knee to ankle. “It’s okay, sweetie. Your kitty hides your strongest secrets, so you have to listen to it. You have to be ready to let you carry you off.”

The girl blinked in astonishment at her mother. That was exactly how it felt – like she was going to be carried off, not in control of the feelings any more. The feelings would have been controlling her. “Is that how it’s s’posed to be? Is that good too? Is that what you wanna do when your kitty tells you?”

Sharon gave that hungry smile again without knowing it, only seeing the thrill cross her daughter’s face. “That’s what you want to do.” And just saying it broke something loose in the mother, and she began to masturbate her aching cunt, purring to the girl, “I rub on my bump when my kitty tells me. I put my fingers inside myself when my kitty tells me. I rub it and let go and get carried away to the most special feeling of all, and when it’s over I feel so light and happy.”

“Happy,” Hayley echoed, but she’s mostly distracted by what her Mommy was doing. She was enthralled watching her grownup naked body while she rubbed down there, almost like hypnotized, feeling hot and still and antsy all at once. It was the way Mommy’s body rose and fell, mostly from her hips, it made the water roll through the tub. She felt little twitches in Mommy’s legs.

Mommy let go of her leg, putting that hand back on her big soft breast. The girl stared at Mommy’s other hand more – she was rubbing down there so hard, so fast, it made what she’d done to her own bare kitty look like baby stuff.

But the thing Hayley stared at most was Mommy’s face. Her eyes were closed, so she could look all she wanted and not be nervous. Her mouth was open just a little, her nostrils flared, and her breath was deep and kind of shaky, getting shakier. Every once a little noise would come out, like a grunt or a whine, almost like it hurt. Her whole face was kind of like that as she went faster and moved up and down more, like it was a pretty dream but it was like struggling too.

Hayley thought about how the bump had made her feel, and figured this would be what getting carried away looked like, happy and yummy and shocking and crazy all at once.

And as she thought that Mommy stiffened all over except for her hand, which was rubbing fast as ever. Her mouth opened big but there was no breath; her face turned red. Her legs trembled.

Just before Hayley could ask if she was okay, Mommy heaved and shivered and made these loud whimpering noises but she was smiling with her eyes pinched shut the whole time. Her body started to move up and down again, but it was harder than before, like each time was a big shudder – some of the soapy water sloshed out onto the floor. Those shakes came less and less, and they were softer each time, until she stopped. And then she seemed so lazy and relaxed, so very pretty. It’s left the girl more excited than ever, something so amazing and secret and beautiful.


Sharon opened her eyes to find her daughter’s stunned face peering back. The smile she meant to be reassuring felt drunken as she tried to make it, but the girl smiled timidly back just the same. Hayley looked around, casting about for words, and then asked, “Did… um, did you get carried away?”

“Ohhh, yes, sweetie, yes I did.”

Her daughter sat facing her, quiet for a long time. To Sharon, it looked as though the girl was just rocking gently, maybe a bit nervous about the spectacle her mother created just before. But for Hayley, it’s like there were waves splashing around her insides. Her hips and tummy were telling her to move in a way she wasn’t familiar with, and so she didn’t but the urge was so strong that she ended up rocking back and forth a bit anyway. And her kitty and her bump were talking to her, so loud that she couldn’t really think about much else.

So she blinked and squeezed her hands together and asked, “Could something like that… could it happen to me?”

“It will, honey, it will when you’re ready.”

Mommy wasn’t getting it, so she stretched her arms out nervously and asked, “Could it happen now?”

It was Sharon’s turn to look stunned and blink. Her tongue felt thick when she replied, “If you want to.”

“But I don’t know how,” Hayley said. “Could you make me?” And then her gaze slid off to the side. “Sorry.”

That vertigo feeling was gone; Sharon was now in freefall. Her pussy, satiated just a minute ago, began to throb again with a fresh and eager appetite. For her little girl, for her body, for her dainty cunt, for her helpless bliss.

She reached up out of the water and cupped the anxious, pretty face of her baby. Some of the girl’s nervousness cleared, and she offered her mother a fragile little smile.

“It’s okay, baby,” she soothed, “you can want that. It’s naughty for me, but Mommy will rub you there, Mommy will make you, just this once.”

Hayley’s smile grew, knowing Mommy was going to help take care of her, and answer the demands of her kitty and let her think again. She looked down at herself, at her shaky, excited body, unsure what to do.

Forcing herself up a bit more into a sitting position, Mommy waved her daughter over. “Come here, baby. Turn around and lean back against me.”

There was a moment of movement and the water moved and sloshed and sounded very loud. Daughter noticed that most of the bubbles had dissolved, and just before she turned she could see Mommy’s naked body very clearly. She wanted to keep looking but then she was trying to sit and could feel Mommy’s plush boobies on her back and that was even better.

The girl didn’t really understand why Mommy kept stopping her from actually sitting on the tub floor or on her lap, but shifting her around until daughter perched kind of awkwardly with one butt cheek on Mommy’s leg, and the other one resting in between. She could feel the kind of prickly hairs from the top of Mommy’s kitty and the soft heat lower down against her behind, and she kind of liked that.

Sharon spent her time getting them into position, with her hips tipped back and her knees poking up out of the water. Her daughter’s sweet little ass was right up against her aroused cunt – already she could feel her own pulse down there – and she could still get to her baby’s adorable pussy easily enough.

Raising her arm out of the water, she said, “Put your hand over my hand. That’s right, like that, fingers on top of fingers. I want you to feel what I’m doing, so you can do it later if you want to.”

The girl turned; they were close enough that Sharon could feel the warmth of her daughter’s breath on her cheek. Hayley asked, “Will I get to have special bath time, too?”

“You don’t need to be in the bath for this,” Mommy answered, perplexing her daughter.

But there was no time to ask because Mommy was already lowering her hand into the water, toward Hayley’s kitty. Mommy’s other hand wrapped around her chest and drew her back, resting against Mommy’s warm, silky skin.

And then she could feel Mommy’s hand, and her own, sliding up her leg and then the sweet, ticklish feeling as she touched her kitty so lightly. At the same time she seemed to move a little under the girl’s butt, so Hayley went very still so Mommy could do what she wanted.

With Sharon’s first touch on her little girl’s smooth pussy, she knew she was a goner. Her hips flexed instinctively, mashing hot pleasure from the softness of Hayley’s young supple ass. Sharon was touching her, she was touching her daughter sexually, and as her fingertips smoothed up and down that dainty cleft she felt a flood of love and lust crash over her heart. So soft and tender in the warm water, she gently caressed and diddled, feeling her daughter relax against her, feeling her little fingers on top of her own, following her every move.

She placed a long, soft kiss on her daughter’s hot cheek, marveling at the way the maternal and the erotic were twining together inside her, were starting to seem natural… even beautiful. Hearing her daughter’s breathing deepen, feeling her adorable little body softly squirm against hers, it felt so right, to be sharing this with her.

And when the girl’s legs sagged open, Sharon knew she was ready. She pressed against the puffy edges of her daughter’s slit, parting them and revealing the hot exquisite petals nestled so tightly inside. That’s when Hayley began to mew and whine softly. Instead of watching her mother’s hand, her eyelids slid shut, her head lolling back against Mommy’s waiting shoulder.

Mommy’s touch went places Hayley never imagined, these feelings soared and flashed through her. The girl couldn’t resist the wild sensations of pleasure, didn’t want to, she felt herself melting into her mother’s luscious touch between her legs. Her body gave her that urge again, and this time she didn’t fight it, and suddenly she was rocking her hips kind of like how Mommy did, up and down, pushing her kitty into her mother’s clever fingers, which only made it feel better.

And even as those crazy feelings began to rise, as Mommy rubbed her joyous little bump as part of her play, Hayley just surrendered, knowing Mommy loved her and wouldn’t let this amazing joy turn bad.

Her daughter’s instinctive fuck motion humped the girl’s ass into Sharon’s increasingly heated pussy, and the mother was able to gauge the eight year old’s natural need from it. She adored her daughter even more at that moment, knowing the brave little thing was letting the sexual feelings move through her, letting her body awaken to the joy of erotic passion.

Sharon played with her clit, and the entrance to her vagina, and the tenderness of her tiny labia, letting Hayley’s feelings climb without overwhelming any of them, encouraging her to the peak of her excitement without forcing it.

And the girl did climb – oh, how she rose! Sharon felt her gyrations get faster, stronger, frenzied. She pulled tight to keep the girl’s lithe body from writhing away, her little butt humping against Mommy’s grateful cunt like she knew what she was doing. Sharon pushed up into her own steadily wilder rhythm, letting it carry her up, too, their desperate hips causing the water to slop around the tub.

Hayley started to gasp and coo and whine, and she couldn’t help any of it, was nearly mindless, just a body with Mommy playing at its center, and she was filling up with delight, filling up, up…

“I love you, sweetheart,” Sharon breathed into her daughter’s neck as she began to lose control, actively fucking her daughter’s butt cheek, circling in on the girl’s clit as her own began to sing.

“Ooo, ooo!” Hayley cried as the great panicky feeling swept closer, but it felt so good, she was so full of excitement it didn’t matter if it was scary, only that she kept being touched, only Mommy rubbing her kitty…

Suddenly her whole little body went tight – she was too full of joy, there was nowhere left to go. She made a few loud whimpers before she managed, “Mama! Mama!” like a little baby, and then she felt her tummy clutch and all this electric bliss rushed out of it, through her, everywhere, she was made of this, her whole body was Mommy rubbing her kitty.

Feeling her little daughter come, straining and quivering and jerking with the passion of it, moved Sharon deeply. Even as she felt the girl’s hot pee jet out in the throes of her climax she kept lovingly diddling her.

Seeing the girl’s pretty face bloom in ecstasy, Sharon had never felt happier for her daughter, never felt that they were closer or had ever shared love as good, as primal, as this. The sheer joy of knowing that it was incest that brought them here, sparked the mother’s second orgasm, and she rolled through it, nuzzling her daughter’s neck while the girl wound down from her very first orgasm.

They both sank into the water, languidly and sleepily, and Sharon only noticed then that it was starting to cool. She roused her daughter, who blinked open her heavy eyelids and chuckled.

“You made me carried away,” Hayley said in a syrupy voice.

“Yes, and you were so pretty, baby.”

“I felt really really pretty. It was okay that it was a little scary.”

“I’m so glad you liked it,” Mommy said, and kissed her again on the cheek. “Come on, let’s get out before we get all pruny.”

They climbed out on wobbly legs, using each other for support. Daughter ended up sitting against the edge of the tub as Mommy opened the drain and got them both towels.

Sharon dried herself vigorously, loving the feeling of the rough terry cloth against her tingling skin. After ruffling the towel through her hair, she looked down at her daughter, who held her own towel listlessly in one little hand. The other was lightly petting between her legs, looking down at her own hand as it curiously stroked there. Hayley hummed.

“Let’s get you dry, honey,” Sharon said, plucking the towel away from the girl and fluffing her over her head, shoulders, and back. As she moved to towel down the girl’s front, Hayley moved her hand away from her quim, but by the time the mother finished, it was back again. Have I created a monster? she wondered.

Part of her hoped she had.

“You said you don’t have to do it just in the tub,” Hayley finally said, still lightly touching her kitty. It tingled and felt tender and welcomed her soft touches.

Mommy knelt and started toweling the girl’s legs, starting at her foot and working her way up. “That’s true,” Mommy said, “but it always needs to be done in private. It’s a secret, especially for little girls.”

Hayley grinned sweetly. She liked that Mommy let her have this secret, and she liked how Mommy opened up her legs while she was drying them. Now Mommy could see her having her secret, as she kept petting her kitty right in front of her. It made her feel good when Mommy looked at her naked; she wondered if it was as much fun for her as when she looked at Mommy naked, like she was right then.

“So, if I wanted, I could do it here, too,” Hayley said. Mommy was on her knees, between her legs, right at her eye level, and the eight-year-old looked frankly at her.

Then Mommy did something funny. She set the towel aside, wrapped a hand around each of daughter’s slim spread thighs, and bent down, and down, until her head was right between her legs, almost touching her sweet spot. Seeing her so close, Hayley drew her hand away.

Mommy looked up at her with a naughty look in her eyes. She bent even closer, licked her lips, and when she murmured, “Just this once,” the girl could feel her breath on her bare kitty. She gasped at the thrill of that warm breath on the tenderness of her sex, but when Mommy’s wet tongue followed just a second later, Hayley cried out in a way she never had before, tangling her fingers in her mother’s dark hair.

The End


A Model Companion, Part Two

  • Posted on October 26, 2021 at 3:05 pm

By Louisa May

“Hey, how come I have ninety-seven bags and you have two?” Valerie was scowling as she lugged her purchases into the elevator, Lara close behind.

“Because I am young and dainty, and you are my servant,” the girl replied.

“Hmmph,” mock-grumped Valerie, who had to admit to herself that little Lara was a dainty-looking creature. “What’s in those two bags, anyhow? Crammed full of brand new thongs for eleven-year-old supermodel Lara Lofgren, huh? Go on, admit it.”

“Hey!” Lara swung her bags at Valerie’s knees, a slight blush appearing on her pale cheeks. “I didn’t get any thongs, smarty! Oh! But yesterday, when me and Mom were at the grocery store? There were some older kids from school there, one of them bent over at the paying line, and we saw her thong! It was totally showing over her jeans!”

“It’s the style, I guess,” Valerie murmured as they arrived at her floor. The door slid open; they emerged.

“Yeah. My school’s getting so weird these days… yeek!” Lara exclaimed as Valerie opened the door to her apartment. “Oh! There’s something I wanted to tell you about.” She absently handed her packages to Valerie, who placed them on the floor by the couch with her own bags.

Valerie couldn’t help but be amused by Lara’s quicksilver tendency to shift the topic of discussion at the drop of a hat. Of course, she was only eleven. Seating herself on the arm of the couch, she murmured, “Tell me what?”

“Well.” Lara took the stage in front of Valerie, highly animated in white tennis shorts and Card Captor t-shirt, her small, delicate hands rising to frame the story. “Last week, at my friend’s house, her boyfriend was there, and he tried to kiss me!” She nodded sagely. Valerie’s brows rose. “Well, actually, he did kiss me. When Amber wasn’t there. And you know what?”


“He was So. Yucky. Eeeeuugghh!” She put both hands to her face. “He was, like, all sticking his tongue out, slobbering all over me… Uggghh!” She shuddered, then frowned at Valerie. “Is that how boys always kiss?”

“Well, it depends.” Valerie folded her arms across her chest. “I guess it’s how that boy kisses.”

“Well, if that’s kissing,” Lara seated herself on the coffee table, “I’m done with it. Forever.”

“Noooo… that’s definitely not kissing, not the way it’s supposed to be.”

“‘Cause, last summer a boy kissed me, and it was just… boring. Like a long, boring old movie.”

“Oh, Lara, kissing can be great.”

Lara looked up at Valerie, doubtful. “Really?”

“Sure.” Valerie tilted her head, observing the girl. “These guys were both amateurs. They don’t know any more about kissing than they do about… astronomy!”

Lara smiled. “Doofuses, you mean.”

“Yes. Doofuses, indeed.”

Lara took a big breath and let it out. “But I’m kind of a doofus too, I guess, ’cause I don’t know any more about kissing than they did.”

“Hm.” Valerie sat, her lower lip pushed out as she thought. She opened her mouth, then thought better of it. Lara looked up at Valerie, eyes wide; a questioning look.

Oh, what the hell. “You want to learn?” Valerie asked.

Lara’s eyes rose. “About kissing?” A grin, a blinding twinkle in her eye.

Valerie rolled her eyes. “No, astronomy. Doofus.”

Lara stuck her tongue out, then smiled shyly. “Um… maybe I do. Yeah.”

Valerie sat on the couch, then patted the cushion next to hers. Lara scrambled around the coffee table and plunked down next to her, legs together, hands clasped studiously in her lap.

“Okay.” Valerie took a breath. “Breathe in,” Lara did, a small, very intrigued smile on her face. “Now out.” Again, the child obliged. Valerie looked down at that pretty, pretty face and shook her head, dazzled by Laura’s innocent beauty. “I’m going to teach you by kissing you. Is that okay?” Lara gave a quick, very eager nod. “Okay.” She leaned over until they were almost touching nose to nose, the girl’s eyes widening as Valerie drew closer.

Just as her lips were about to brush Lara’s, Valerie sat back, considering. “Y’know…” she said, “why don’t you sit on my lap? It’ll be easier.”

Lara hastened to obey, resting her pert little bottom sideways on Valerie’s thighs, the child’s sneakered feet dangling down.

“Yeah, that’s better. Okay. Ready?”

Lara’s lips were trembling. “Yeah…”

Valerie smiled. “Boy, I never coached anyone through a kiss before, it feels a little strange. But. First.” She gazed into Lara’s wide, blue eyes. “You know how much I care about you, right?” Lara nodded. “And that you’re my best, best friend.”

Lara blushed, and her eyes filled a little. She took a deep breath, then almost whispered. “You’re my best, bestest friend too, Valerie.” She swallowed. “R-really.”

“Good. See, it’s all about kissing someone you care about. Otherwise, you might as well not bother.”

“Cause then,” Lara declared, “you’ll be kissing doofuses.”

Valerie grinned, and put a finger to Lara’s cute button nose. “Yep, that’s right. So first,” she leaned slowly into Lara’s face, “we say hi.” She touched noses, and looked cross-eyed into Lara’s eyes. “Hi.”

Lara giggled. “Hi.”

“Then a little touch, to get to know you.” She just brushed Lara’s soft, trembling lips with her own. “Now you do that to me.”

Lara closed her eyes and, puckering a bit, briefly touched her lips to Valerie’s mouth.

“There. Not too bad so far, huh?” Lara shook her head. “Good. Now let’s let our lips be relaxed, and just kiss and nibble for a little bit. Okay?”

“Um, okay.” Lara made a tragic, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing face.

“No, no, don’t tense up on me, sweetie. You’re doing great. My crystal ball predicts that you’re going to be an awesome kisser.”

“You — you really think so?”

“I know so. Now let’s do this.” Valerie leaned in, gently touched her lips to the corner of Lara’s mouth, then drew back. Lara hesitated for a couple of heartbeats, then did the same. Little bird kisses, thought Valerie. Then she moved in to playfully nibble Lara’s lower lip.

Catching Valerie by surprise, Lara responded by fastening, lightly, on her friend’s upper lip. She liked the feel of its plumpness. Valerie was so gentle, too — a far cry from stupid boys and their forceful way of kissing.

And as Valerie’s lips parted, Lara found her own smaller lips pleasantly surrounded by the woman’s warmth. Wanting more, she began to press forward, drifting into a warm, happy place she seemed to share with Valerie; the two of them reduced to lips, mouth, and breath.

So when the slow, warm thickness of Valerie’s tongue joined the dream, Lara could only meet it with her own, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She sensed a heat, a lovely, lovely longing, and felt a humming that seemed to radiate through her body.

Lara’s mouth and lips were open now as she surrendered completely to Valerie, her eyes squeezed shut. She drank Valerie up, breathing deeply through her nose. Every so often a little cry would escape her as she came up for air; then she’d dive back into the kiss, back into the lips and arms and love of her older friend.

Indeed, Lara had wrapped both arms around the woman, hugging her as tightly as she was able, vaguely aware of Valerie’s erect nipples, barely covered by her thin top.

With a stifled gasp, her pulse racing like mad, Valerie gently drew herself away from Lara. There was a soft wet kissing sound, and a thin string of saliva.

Lara sat statue-like, arms still open, eyes closed, her wet, pink lips slightly parted. After a moment, her eyes opened. She looked around as if she’d just descended back to earth from paradise.

Maybe she really did, Valerie thought. She gave the girl a hesitant smile. “Was that okay?”

Stunned into silence, Lara just stared at Valerie for the longest time — so long that Valerie started to grin, then to giggle.

Lara finally joined her, a near-hysterical edge to her laughter. When it wound down, she took a deep, deep breath, then another. Then, affecting a look of mild boredom, she shrugged. “Yeah, it was okay.” And she fell back onto the couch, squealing “Gaaaah!” Quickly sitting back up, she said, “Omigosh, Valerie! That was… whoa, it was the best thing ever!”

Valerie reached out to tap Lara’s bare knee. “So. Kissing can be good, right?”

The child slowly nodded. “Yes. Kissing can be good. Yes.” She gave Valerie a bashful smile, then added, “With you.”

Valerie looked down at her younger friend with a solemn smile. “Yes. Lucky me.” She touched Lara’s cheek. “And maybe, eventually, with the right guy.”

“No, thanks!” Lara said, making a face. “Buncha doofuses.”

“Some, not all,” Valerie stood. She picked up a bag. “Now. Shall we hit the swimming pool downstairs?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Just like that, Lara was her usual bouncy self.

Valerie had retrieved a package and handed it to the girl. “For you, my lady.”

One glance had Lara bouncing even higher. She danced a butt-wiggle, the package raised triumphantly over her head. “Yay! I got a bikiiii-ni, I got a bikiiii-ni!”

Valerie had already begun to disrobe. As Lara quickly unwrapped her new bathing suit, she couldn’t help marvelling at her older friend’s wonderfully sensual body: the tight flat belly, the smooth, lithe thighs, and ohh, those breasts, the nipples still visibly swollen. But Lara’s most favorite part of Valerie was her luscious, apple-shaped bottom.

“Come on, hurry up, girl — the pool’s drying out!” Valerie said. Lara had slowed down, fascinated by the view of her older friend, and now hurriedly shucked the rest of her clothes.

Now naked but for her socks, Lara bent over to remove those as well. Just as she’d slipped off the left one, she heard Valerie say, “Wait.” Lara turned to look questioningly at Valerie, still holding her sock.

“I just had to look at you.” Valerie took a step closer. “SO perfect, my God.”

Lara was pleased, though she still felt a bit shy. She’d been naked with Valerie before, but never on display like this.

“You don’t mind letting me see all of you, right?” Lara quickly shook her head. She didn’t mind, not at all. “I love your skin, Lara. It’s… it’s absolutely flawless!”

“Thank you, Valerie,” the girl replied. “I like… you looking at me.”

It was more than just looking, really — Valerie was gazing at her as if she was a work of art. She put a hand on Lara’s shoulder, stroking the soft skin. “God. You’re amazing.” The hand traveled along the girl’s neck, then across the upper chest, just above her barely-there breasts, causing the nipples to stiffen.

“Now turn around,” said Valerie. Lara silently obeyed, feeling herself blush all over. That made her blush even more.

Valerie noticed, which only added to her arousal. Lara’s skin seemed so pale and fine that it was almost translucent. Unable to take her hand away, she allowed it to glide slowly down the girl’s back, enjoying the perfect smoothness. Then Valerie was cupping that perfect little bottom, slightly upthrust and rounded. The cheeks contracted to her touch. She felt the tension, how it almost raised Lara up on tiptoe.

Stepping away, nervously toying with her fingers, Valerie said, “Thanks, Lara. You — you’re a lovely girl.”

Lara seemed flustered — guilty, even. “I was… I didn’t…”

“It’s fine, kiddo.” Valerie lightly smacked Lara’s thigh, back to her cheerful self in an instant. “But now, we’ve gotta hustle if we want any quality pool time!”

Disoriented for a few heartbeats, Lara quickly struggled into her suit, then followed her friend into the hallway.


Two hours later, Lara and Valerie lay side by side, dozing peacefully.

They’d swam and cavorted in the pool for a good long while, then shambled back upstairs exhausted. So Valerie took out a silk nightie that was too small for her and offered it to Lara, then selected one for herself. Stripping out of their sodden bikinis, they donned the nighties, tucked themselves into Valerie’s bed and slept.

Slowly drifting into wakefulness, Valerie blinked her eyes open, then glanced to the left. There was little Lara, studying her intently.

Valerie hoisted herself into a sitting position, where she yawned and stretched. “Ooooggghhh! Good morning, Glory. Well, okay, it’s really afternoon. Have a good nap?”

“Uh-huh,” Lara said, then fell silent, continuing to gaze at Valerie.

Valerie smiled at the girl, waiting for her to speak, finally murmuring, “Yes?”

Lara took a breath; let it out. “Well…”

“What is it, sweetie? Is anything wrong?”

Lara let her head fall face-first into the side of Valerie’s pillow. After a long pause, she looked up. “Y’know this afternoon?”

Valerie shrugged. “I’m acquainted with it, sure.”

“Well, I… ohhh!” Once again, the child went face down into the pillow.

“Here,” Valerie said, reaching out for Lara, drawing her close, lying back until the girl was stretched out on top of her. Their eyes met, and Lara’s surprised look transformed itself into a blissful smile. Valerie smiled back. The girl rested on Valerie’s breast, listening to the beating of her friend’s heart.

“Feeling better?” Lara nodded, still listening. “Good. Now tell me what’s on your mind.”

Lifting her head slightly, Lara looked at Valerie. “When… when we were putting on our bathing suits, and…” She’s so adorable when she blushes, Valerie thought. “…and you were t-touching me…”

Valerie smoothed the back of her hand against Lara’s baby-soft cheek. “Ah, yes… when I was admiring that perfect skin of yours, right?”

Lara tilted her head into Valerie’s hand, like a friendly cat would. “Yeah… and when you were touching me… it made my bottom squunch up. ”

“Well, I guess it might’ve felt a little weird to you, that’s–”

“No, no!” Lara interrupted, shaking her head fiercely. “It wasn’t weird! I wanted you to touch me! But my bottom just… squunched up, all by itself! I didn’t squunch up, my bottom did!”

Valerie smiled. “Okay, my lovely little lady.” She carefully brushed a fine lock of blonde hair from Lara’s face. “Thank you for explaining.”

“Because…” Lara’s eyes flickered for an instant, peeking down the front of Valerie’s nightie. “Because I did want you to touch me, touch my bottom. I — I liked it.”

“Did you?”

Lara nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Valerie carefully placed her hand on Lara’s thin back. She stroked the girl through the silk, her fingers gliding up and down, up and down.

Lara’s eyes drifted shut, a blissful sigh escaping her lips. “Yeah… I like it when you touch me.”

Valerie allowed her hand to travel down the eleven-year-old’s back and over her bottom, coming to rest on the soft, bare skin of her upper thigh.

“Like that — all over,” the little girl whispered. “Oh, Valerie…”

Now the hand moved upwards, over the bare thigh, over the beginning of Lara’s taut bum. The silk nightie moved with her, and soon the child’s backside was completely uncovered. Valerie slowly circled the warm, bare globes, cupping each one in turn.

“Mmm…” Lara purred, resting her head on Valerie’s chest once more. After a few more caresses, her head popped up again. “Can I tell you a secret?”


Lara’s lips brushed Valerie’s ear as she whispered: “When you put Vaseline in my bottom, I really, really liked that.”

Valerie felt herself getting very, very turned on. She’d never dreamed that a girl this young could have such an effect on her, but the wetness between her legs was evidence enough. “You did, huh?”

“Uh-huh…” Lara’s bottom began to move along with Valerie’s hand. “Y’know what else?”

“What, you little devil?” Up close, Lara’s scent was intoxicating. Valerie breathed deeply of the delicate yet earthy aroma.

“Last night, I snuck the Vaseline out of Mom’s bathroom after she fell asleep… then when I was in bed, I sort of pretended my finger was your finger. I, um, dunked it in the Vaseline, then I put it in my b-bottom…” Her breathing was getting heavier.

Valerie whispered, “What if I pretended there was Vaseline on my finger? Would you like that?”

All Lara could do was nod, slowly spreading her legs in open invitation. Valerie trailed her finger down the girl’s spine until it nestled in the humid valley between her buttocks, smiling as Lara’s bottom rose to the touch. Valerie’s fingertip traced the tender, finely wrinkled cleft; Lara’s breath grew hot and urgent in her ear.

Now Valerie began to press forward, her finger circling the taut anus, seeking entry. And as she began to penetrate Lara’s rectum, the girl made a tiny mewing sound, a mew that grew into a choked cry when that probing digit entered her up to the third knuckle. Valerie began to withdraw, but Lara’s bottom clenched down on her finger.

The girl shook her head, almost violently. “N-no, no… don’t take it out,” Lara was trembling from head to toe, her forehead beaded with sweat. Looking up at Valerie with an angelic smile, she whispered, “Can you feel it? I’m not squunching you out, I’m squunching you IN.”

Lost in a surge of desire that left her dizzy, Valerie bent to nuzzle Lara’s elegant neck. The girl started, opening her eyes to gape at Valerie, then kissed her, immediately accepting Valerie’s questing tongue.

As their kisses became increasingly wild and passionate, it struck Valerie that with her finger buried in Lara’s bottom, the girl’s slit was in reach of her thumb. Without hesitation, she began to stroke her little friend’s wet, warm pussy.

A shudder of pleasure raced through Lara’s slender form and she stared, panting, at Valerie. “I — I touch m-myself there, too!” she gasped, then crushed her mouth into Valerie’s, hungry for more kisses.

As Valerie’s thumb prodded and stroked Lara’s tiny clitoris, the girl gyrated wildly, her hips churning, her bottom clenching and unclenching, her sex oozing honey. Soon she was too out of breath to kiss, and had to break away to moan, to cry, to howl — then she’d dive back, whimpering into Valerie’s mouth as that lovely heat between her legs mounted into an inferno.

And when Lara came for the first time, she cried out, among many other things, “OhhhHHhh Valerie, Valerieeeeee, I love you, I love you!”

The End? Perhaps not… what do you think, readers?


A Model Companion, Part One

  • Posted on October 10, 2021 at 2:38 pm

By Louisa May

Note from JetBoy: Those of you who have been enjoying this kind of erotica for a long while are surely familiar with the wonderful and very sexy lesbian fiction of Louisa May — first appearing at the Nifty Archive, then finding a second home at Lesbian Lolita. More than anyone, Louisa May inspired me to try my hand at writing erotica… but please, don’t blame her for that.

It’s been a long while since she’s been heard from, so imagine our surprise and delight when she turned up in our Comments section, responding to praise for her stories, some of which grace our archive. Seems that Louisa May more or less stumbled onto our humble site, and was delighted to discover that folks are still reading and getting off to her work.

Now that she’s back among us, it was decided that we needed more of her vintage stories at Juicy Secrets. Hence, we present this gem from 2005. Thanks, Louisa May, for all you’ve given us. We love you!!


“Valerie! Lara, look who’s here — it’s Valerie!”

Lara followed her mother into the small dressing room and dropped her rather heavy knapsack onto an empty chair by the door. “Hi, Valerie,” she grinned, shy but happy to see her attractive older friend again.

“Hey, Squirrel!” At the locker across from Lara’s dressing table, Valerie had turned at their entrance. She seemed genuinely glad to see the girl. “So I guess it’s you and me again, huh?”

As Lara started to answer, her mother cut in. “Well, you two are so darling together, how could they not do another shoot?” She fussed with Lara’s hair as the girl sat at her beauty station and took out various cosmetics from her voluminous bag. “And next, I suppose, will be the fall line, and then maybe a Christmas special…”

Valerie sifted through the various outfits that hung, unassigned as of yet, in the corner. “Well, I don’t want to be counting any chickens…”

“No, of course not.” Lara’s mother had taken out a hairbrush.

“…`Cause all of a sudden, y’know, the powers that be decide they’re seeing too much of us.”

Lara gritted her teeth as her mother dragged the brush through her fine blond hair.

“Two shoots?” said Valerie, rolling her eyes. “Too much? Well, that’s just silly.”

Lara winced. “Mom… ow?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, honey.” She dropped the brush in her purse and patted the girl’s head. “Sometimes I get to feeling like I’m brushing Puffy!” She nodded to Valerie. “Our dog.”

“Well, Puffy likes it. I don’t.”

“I know, sweetie, I said I was sorry.” The stoutish woman blew out her cheeks, thoughtfully drumming her fingers on Lara’s dressing table. After a moment’s hesitation, she spoke. “Honey? You think you’d be all right if I hit Bloomingdale’s for a while?”


“Sure? Because I don’t have to–”

Lara turned. “Really, Mom, yes. Yes. I’ll be fine. Valerie’s here.”

Her mother turned to Valerie. “Is that okay?”

The young woman shook her head. “Nope, sorry, not in my contract.” She grinned. “Of course it’s okay, what the heck do you think?”

“Well…” Lara’s mother picked up her purse. “Thank you.”

“Hey, I’m just gonna be here working. So’s she.”

“Fine, then. Have fun, honey.” She kissed the air by Lara’s cheek and headed out the door. “I certainly will!” And she was gone.

Lara stretched her arms out wide. “Aaaah! Free at last!”

Valerie smiled. “A bit of a pill sometimes?”

Lara made a face. “Sometimes!”

“Well, I’ve never been a mom, and certainly never the mom of an eleven-year-old, so I can’t do any judging.”

“Yeah but you’ve been a just-plain person, and sometimes, my mother is so… ooooeeeeeyyyuuaaahh!” And her fists and head came down on the table.

“Oo-ee-yuh. Yes, definitely. Took the words right out of my mouth.”

“Hello, ladies!” The door swung open and a small bulldog of a woman strode in carrying a big box. “First outfit on the right. And here, I’ve got unders, unders.” She held the box to her chest. “Light or white, and no colors.”

She turned to Valerie, who rummaged through the box and fished out a couple of lingerie packages. “These’ll do for me.”

The bulldog swung over to Lara. “You?”

Lara looked to Valerie, who translated. “Gotta have white or light-colored underwear for the shoot.”

“Oh. I think–” Lara peeled her jeans down to reveal a patch of pink.

The bulldog shook her head. “Nope. Here you go.” She dug into her box of tricks and produced a package. “Thong. Petite.”

Thong?” Lara looked somewhat stricken.

“Yep. Can’t have any lines showing for them shorty-shorts. Gotta be nice and smooth for that sexy little butt of yours.”

“Um, sure.” Blushing hugely, Lara accepted the package.

“Okay, Miss Manners. I think we have what we need.” Valerie’s arched eyebrow made its point.

“Thank you ladies. Any questions, I’ll be in the shop down the hall.” Bulldog bustled out.

“A thong.” Lara stared at the package as if it held narcotics.

“No biggie. I’ve been wearing them for a looong time.” Unfastening her jeans, Valerie pushed them down to her feet. Lara hesitated, then did the same. She noticed that sure enough, Valerie wore a white thong.

“Why’d you take them from her box? You’re already wearing what they want, aren’t you?”

Valerie smiled and winked. “Never pass up a free pair, right? It’s not like they pay us enough anyway.”

“Ohhh.” Lara had stripped down to pink panties and a training bra. Valerie couldn’t help marveling at what an amazingly pretty girl she was. An adorable face, and such flawless skin! Just… perfect, she thought.

“There’s a bathroom right around the corner if you want to change in there.”

“Oh, no, I just…” Gingerly opening the daunting package, Lara weighed the skimpy item in her hand. “I never wore one of these before.”

“It’s like a bathing suit bottom, only smaller.” Valerie stood at the rack, perusing the product. Lara found herself looking at the woman’s back; the smooth muscles and firm, womanly bottom. She liked looking at Valerie’s bottom. Suddenly aware of being distracted, Lara stepped out of her panties with a sigh.

Having selected her own outfit, Valerie turned to see Lara, now naked but for her bra and socks. She felt a little tingle beneath her belly, deep down. Wow, she thought. This girl’s only eleven, and I’m feeling attracted to her. Hmm.

She told herself not to stare… after all, the poor girl had enough on her plate at the moment. Instead, Valerie concentrated on putting on her summer wear.

“Oww…” As Lara padded over to the clothes rack, she wriggled her bottom.

“Feels weird?”

Lara picked at the thong. “Not just that, it’s…” Reaching behind, she plucked at it again, but to no avail. She looked at Valerie. “See… I got a mosquito bite right…”

“Ooh, yeah–”

“I mean, it’s right there, right on my, um, bottom hole–”

Valerie made a face. “Yikes. That’s one determined mosquito.”

“Yeah… but I scratched it b-back there, and it got kind of–”


“No, I don’t think so, just… really sore. And now…” And Lara tried plucking at the thong again.

“Well… here’s the thing, kiddo. I have this trick, way back from my dancing days.” Valerie reached into her purse, then produced a jar of Vaseline. “Ta-dah! Never leave home without it.”

“That… helps?” Lara stood in place looking perfectly scrumptious, using one hand to hold the thong away from her bottom.

“Oh, sure. Here.” Lara took the jar. “Just smear a gob of it on your butthole. Keeps it from chafing.”

“`Kay.” Valerie busied herself with her outfit while Lara opened the jar. The woman smiled to herself as the girl made sounds of increasing frustration. Eventually, a small explosion. “OHHhh! I can’t…” She let out a sigh. “I’m such a klutz.”

“What, honey?”

Lara was near tears. “I just can’t… put it on and hold the thong away at the same time. It’s like I need three hands!”

Valerie found herself taking a small breath, trying to steady her racing heart. “Want some help?”

The plaintive look Lara gave her would have melted a glacier. “Could you? Please?”

“Easy-schmeasy. Turn around.” Lara complied, and Valerie scooped up a generous dollop of Vaseline. “Okay, just… open yourself up a bit.” A bit disorienting, this — and, wow, what is going ON here with me? she thought. Watching Lara reach back and use one hand to move the thong and the other to spread her crack open. And there was the poor little mosquito-bitten area, pink on pink.

As Valerie’s finger touched the lubricant to Lara’s pert little rosebud, the muscle tightened, and the tiny hole seemed to wink. Valerie tried to remain as professional as she was able while painting the tender area with the Vaseline.

“There… that should do it,” she said, hearing a slight shakiness in her voice. She gave a playful slap to the flawless bottom, taking note of its velvety softness. “All done.”

Lara turned, her cheeks crimson. Something about the child’s awkwardness endeared her to Valerie more than ever. “Well, that was the weirdest thing!” Lana declared. “I mean… you had to touch my butt! My butthole, even! God, it’s — it’s so embarrassing!”

Valerie grinned. “Hey, it wasn’t so bad. Hardly stinky at all.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Lara cried, covering her face with both hands. Valerie was about to offer comfort, then she realized, to her relief, that the little girl was giggling.

“No, really,” and Valerie reached out to touch Lara’s flushed cheek. “I know how it feels to get chafed down there, and it’s no fun. So, really, I’m glad to help.”

Lara rubbed her face against Valerie’s palm, much like a cat would. “Aw, that’s so sweet. Thank you.”

“Yup.” Valerie patted the girl’s cheek, then let her hand drop. “C’mon now — let’s see what goofy things they gave us to wear!”


Three hours later, a breathless young woman and a weary little girl swept back into the dressing room.

“Whoa! I am pooped!” Lara gasped, flopping into the nearest chair.

“Yeah, four outfits in one shoot.” Valerie began shucking her clothes. “That’s pushing it, even for them.” She stepped out of the svelte black slacks, then unhooked her bra.

“It’s the most I ever did at once,” Lara said. With a sigh, she stood and began to unbutton her top.

“Oh, they just wanted to see how much they could get out of us without having to pay more.” She tossed the bra in her bag and massaged her breasts. “Aaaah, blessed relief!”

Lara watched. Clearly, her comfort level with Valerie had risen dramatically since the Vaseline incident. She parted her lips to speak, hesitated, then came out with it. “Your breasts are so beautiful.”

Valerie smiled as she continued to massage herself. “Why thank you, sweetie. What a nice thing to say.”

“I mean it.” And she did. Valerie was the most beautiful woman Lara had ever seen, and looked even better out of her clothes. “They’re — they’re gorgeous. Just like you.”

“Oooh, keep it coming.”

Lara’s eyes widened. “Omigosh, look at your nipples!” The combination of Valerie’s massaging and Lara’s admiration had aroused the young woman’s dark nipples, and they were now visibly erect.

“Yeah,” said Valerie, looking down at them. “All these nice things you said to me… I guess it turned them on.”

“They’re like… I don’t know, like little brown fingertips or something.”

Valerie smiled. “Or something, yeah.”

Lara tilted her head to look, her cheeks slightly flushed. “How d-do they feel, um, when they get like that?” She frowned down at her own chest. “Mine are too small.”

Valerie had an extremely wicked impulse, then thought better of it. But watching Lara, noting the obvious interest in the little girl’s eyes… in the end, her hunger was too powerful to resist.

“Why don’t you touch them?” said Valerie. “Find out for yourself. I don’t mind.”

Lara’s eyes widened. “Really?”

Valerie nodded, moving closer to the girl.

“Um, sure,” Lara said. Okay.” With a shy grin, she reached out, extending a finger.

Valerie let both arms hang at her sides and waited, eager to be touched. When the child’s fingertip brushed the tip of her breast, it was the merest hint of pressure, barely anything — but it sent a wave of arousal bolting through Valerie, one so strong that she couldn’t stifle a low groan.

Lara immediately snatched her hand away. “What?” she blurted, her face a picture of concern.

Valerie smiled, shaking her head. “No, no, it’s nothing… that just felt really good, and I, um, wasn’t quite prepared for it.”

“My finger felt good? On — on your nipple?”

“Better than I thought it would. Much better.” She took a deep breath. “So what did it feel like?”

“Umm… can I touch it again?”

“Hmm, let me think about that… YES?”

Lara giggled. “Good.” Again the girl’s finger extended towards the now-swollen nipple, which had grown even bigger since she’d first touched it.

“Take it between two fingers, Lara… give it a squeeze. Oooohhh, yessss… just like that!”

“It’s so long,” breathed Lara, rolling Valerie’s dark nipple. “Ooh, it’s hard and soft!” She gave it a gentle, experimental tug.

Valerie’s eyes were half-shut, her mouth hanging slack. “Oh, GOD yes. Squeeze it… and pull on it. Do both. Both, honey. Mmmmm, yes!”

Lara was fascinated, and quite excited herself. This was like a dream come true for her, even though it was unlike any dream she’d ever had. She was giving her grownup friend good feelings, sexy feelings. And her friend was loving it, making frantic little humming noises as Lara squeezed both her nipples, circling them around in her fingers before she pulled at them, the way Valerie wanted.

“Ohhh… oh yeah,” Valerie panted, then she suddenly clutched at Lara’s arms. “That’s enough,” she said, gently removing the little girl’s hands from her breasts. She’d already come once, and felt certain that another orgasm would be much too conspicuous. And she didn’t want to scare Lara away. In truth, Valerie wasn’t sure what she wanted, but was beginning to suspect that it was something very risky.

“Did it feel good?” Lara was all enthusiasm, like a little puppy.

Valerie slowly nodded. “Ohh, Lara… that was way better than any massage I’ve ever had.”

“Oh, yay! I wanted to pay you back, You know, for the Vaseline.”

“Well, then, I hope you need Vaseline a lot more often!”

Lara made a face. “Yikes!” But then she laughed.

As they dressed, Lara was finally able to peel the thong from between her buttocks, then step back into her comfortable old pink panties. “Oh wow, that’s so much better.”

“Lara?” Valerie asked the girl, “would you like to spend an afternoon with me sometime? Just shopping, or seeing a movie, or whatever?”

Lara’s face positively lit up. “Are you kidding? That would be GREAT!”

“We’ll have to check with your mom.”

“Oh, she’ll love to have some time to herself. That’s what she always says, you know: “I never have time to myself!” Besides, she thinks you’re awesome.”

“Sounds good, then.” Valerie planted a kiss on Lara’s forehead, then touched her nose. “Let’s keep all that Vaseline, nipple-rubbing stuff to ourselves, okay? Secrets between friends.”

Lara blushed and smiled; a confidante! She nodded eagerly. “I can keep a secret.”

“Okay, kiddo, see you soon. Here’s my phone number, you can give it to your mom.”

“Or just keep it for myself,” Lara replied, pressing the piece of paper to her chest.

“Or that, yeah.” Another kiss, quick on the lips this time. “Bye, love.”

Lara was breathless. “Bye.”

With a final wink, Valerie made her exit.

Lara stared after her friend, even after the door had shut. “Whoa,” she whispered, standing there in her panties and nothing else.

On to Part Two!


Mommy and Thea

  • Posted on August 23, 2021 at 2:12 pm

Note: This story first appeared at the Nifty Archive earlier this year. I fell in love with it, and wrote the author to tell her as much, along with a link to Juicy Secrets. She sent a gracious reply. I was quick to ask her if we could post “Mommy and Thea” here, and she consented.

Thanks, Mindy. We love your story, and look forward to more gems from your deliciously wicked imagination.


by Mindy Max

It’s only natural for a mother to fall in love with her daughter. But to fall in lust with her? And at such a tender age, too…

From the moment Thea was born, she was my world. Mind, body, and soul. I’d never felt such emotion — not even for her father, sweet man that he is. This little girl, only seconds old at the time, became my reason for living. Nothing could sway me from my devotion, and nothing has since.

For most of her life it was just Thea and me. Her father, Matt, is an army mechanic, and for whatever reason can’t get enough of deployment. Which is fine. The selfish part of me is glad I don’t have to share. This little girl is all mine, and I’m all hers.

Matt wasn’t there when Thea and I determined that only she should decide when to stop breastfeeding. It was how we bonded, after all. What kind of person would take that away from a child before she was ready?

I watched her grow from an infant to a toddler to a child, with black curls growing long and wild around her chubby cheeks. It was only the two of us when she lost her front teeth, and it was me who soothed her as she cut a second set.

In all that time her eyes continued to sparkle like emeralds, wide enough for a woman to lose herself in. So full of life, wonder, and joy, coupled with a shy smile and a giggle like music.

There was nothing I wouldn’t do for my Thea, if she only asked.

At nine years old, she still bolted in the door the second she was off the school bus. Wherever I was in the house she would find me, drag me to the sofa, and wait impatiently until I sat. How can anyone say no to such a sweet, pouting face? Especially when all she wanted was to be close to Mommy.

I lifted my shirt, and was already dripping. There’s no bra. I’ve long failed to see the point of them. All they do is get in the way.

Thea latched onto my nipple like a starving animal, gorging herself on my breast. Already the weight of my chest eased as she gulped down the sweet tasting milk. She sucked eagerly, as though it would make the milk come faster, thicker.

She never knew how wet that made me – feeding her, filling her belly, her diminutive tongue swirling about on the tip of my breast…


I know what you’re thinking. It’s immoral to be aroused by a child, especially one so young and innocent. And you’re right. I would never, ever do anything to harm Thea. My constant arousal never being sated is a small price to pay for her safety.

Besides, that’s what sex toys are for… and my husband, whenever he was around.

All of that changed one afternoon when, in the middle of nursing, Thea’s hand became… curious.

I was staring down, lost in my little girl’s dreamy expression, when she suddenly let out a moan. I jumped. At first I thought Thea was in pain, but then I saw her little fingers under the hem of her tartan school dress, pushing aside the seat of her lilac cotton panties, pressing into her hairless crease.

My heart stopped. This was my daughter, just nine years old, playing with herself while nestled in her mommy’s lap!

What should I have said? What should I have done? To this day, I’m still not sure.

One thing was for certain — I wasn’t about to reprimand Thea for what she was doing. Girls have a hard enough time in this world without being shamed for exploring pleasure, and I wasn’t about to turn into my mother, doling out punishment for something that comes naturally.

My hand ran down the length of her arm, reluctant to pull Thea from herself. She was clearly enjoying the sensation, nursing from her mommy and touching her tender, virgin cunt.

Oh, God. I shiver just to think about it!

Finally, my better nature won, and I nudged my little girl’s hand away. “No, sweetie. That’s something you should only do in private.”

My chest tightened. I was being a good mom, wasn’t I?

Thea pulled away with a pout. My semi-deflated breast flopped by her ear. “But Mommy,” she whined, “we are in private!”

“Private even from Mommy,” I told her.

For reasons I can barely grasp, my heart was breaking. I’m not used to saying ‘no’ to Thea at the best of times.

She frowned but didn’t argue, and turned in my lap to feed on my other breast.

I never want to be away from my Thea, and yet I suddenly couldn’t wait to be alone with the bedroom door locked. There was a warmth pulsing between my thighs, crying out for attention.


The next week passed without incident. Thea, it seemed, had gotten the message. A gentle reprimand about the personal nature of self-pleasure, something that not even mommies are allowed to be part of.

What a cruel world we live in.

I couldn’t shake the image from my mind; my daughter, aware enough of her body to find pleasure in it — stroking her mound, teasing the labia with an eager finger. The thought followed me wherever I went.

From the moment she boarded the school bus I was in the bedroom, pressing a wand between my legs turned to its highest setting. I tried in vain to think of something else — anything else! My husband, other men, other women… but all paths led back to my little girl.

Her perfect smile, her round little nose… her smooth, soft body. How it would feel for her to taste my…


Orgasm after furious orgasm couldn’t fully dispel my desire, even after rubbing my clit raw. But this was all I could allow myself; the price I had to pay to be a good mother.


One night, my poor, darling girl developed a cough.

“Mommy,” she said. “My chest hurts.”

She’d suffered the whole day at school, and wasn’t her usual, vibrant self when she arrived home. Even the comfort of being nursed by her mommy failed to lift Thea’s spirits.

As if to drive the point home, Thea — usually so keen to cling to the very last moments of the day — didn’t argue when I suggested an early bedtime. The poor dear was beyond exhausted.

Despite the forbidden thoughts I’d been entertaining, it was a perfectly innocent act, changing Thea into her nightgown. Any sense of arousal took a distant second to concern for her well-being, beautiful as she is in the nude. She needed a mother’s touch, not one of a denied would-be lover.

She crawled into bed and leaned against the wall obediently. Thea was always a joy, even more so when she didn’t make a fuss.

Taking out the jar of Vicks, I murmured, “I’m going to put some ointment on your chest, sweetheart. It will help you breathe.”

“Okay, Mommy,” she said.

I undid the buttons of Thea’s nightie, exposing the baby smoothness of her skin and the subtle dip of her ribs. I had to keep from gasping. The urge to lean down and pepper her with kisses, to taste her flawless body was overwhelming. Resisting temptation took more fortitude than I knew I had.

But where my lips were wanting, my fingers were sated. I rubbed the pungent ointment into her chest, and inhaled the heady mix of oils, all the while stealing this most intimate caress.

One day some man, some woman would be there to sample the fruits of her body as she presented them; but for the moment they were mine, despite being limited by her age.

No. I mustn’t think those thoughts. I’m her mother — a chaste protector, nothing more.

But that changed when my little girl groaned. It was sensual, needy, and took me completely off guard. I was frozen as Thea arched into my hand, guiding it toward the small, unassuming nub of her breast.

Again I stood at the threshold, face to face with the ultimate taboo.



Taking a child’s trust in my hands and exploiting it for my own ends. Dare I?

Thea was begging for it…

No. She couldn’t know what she was doing. She was a child, only aware of the sensation coursing through her young body, unaware of the weight of her actions; ignorant of the risk a parent takes when they harbor such feelings.

I said nothing. I did nothing. Her barely-there breast seemed to grope itself, pressing into my hand.

My breath grew short; my heart was beating to the point of explosion. I could feel my child’s heart beating too, somehow steady in the realm of the forbidden.

What to do?

“Mommy?” she whispered.

I gulped. “Yes, baby?”

Thea took my wrist in her tiny hands and guided it downward, downward, towards the place that burned between her legs. My mouth dropped as contact was made and held. My gosh, I didn’t know little girls could get so wet!

Despite her exhaustion, Thea’s smile was brighter than I’d ever seen it before. She wanted this, without question, and I shivered as she clasped her thighs around my fingers.

I twitched by reflex, stroking her slit without thinking. God, the sound of her whimpering, lost in delight! How could I refuse her?

“Thea…” I said, my voice shaking.

She pulled closer, her sparkling green eyes locked on mine. “I know it’s naughty, Mommy… but I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I don’t want you to get in trouble.”

Maybe she did understand. But she couldn’t, could she?

Thea answered that question with a kiss, more fiery and passionate than any I’d experienced before. Her lips parted wide, her sweet little tongue rolled around mine.

It would have taken some kind of super woman to hold back the tide of lust. Nine-year-old Thea proved a greater temptation than reason, and I surrendered completely.

I pushed her to the mattress. She landed with a giggle, flashing the dampness of her panties at me.

There must have been a hunger in my eyes, because Thea didn’t question my intent, not for a second.

I pounced like an animal, pressing between the bow of my daughter’s thin legs, thirsty for her sex, for her soft skin, for her lover’s kiss, for her everything. How had I resisted this angel for so long? How much did I risk, just for this moment? Now that I’d tasted her passion, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

And neither would Thea. Every caress, every kiss, had her begging for more. She clung to my neck for dear life, as though she would suffocate without my love.

Our clothes vanished in a whirlwind. No more nightie, no more panties, no more camis and yoga pants. Just a woman and a girl, naked in body and soul. If ever there was a perfect moment between mother and child, it was that.

How long had my hunger for Thea been mounting? Months, at least, despite my every attempt to deflect that need with masturbation. That lust broke into the open right then and there, sweeping romance aside. We’d waited too long for this, and now it was happening.

I clasped the back of Thea’s knees and splayed her legs wide, making room to dive into her baby cunt. Her sex was perfect — smooth, hairless, and without blemish; just soft enough with muscles developing under a trace of baby fat.

“Please, Mommy!” I heard her beg.

As though I needed encouragement! Her taste was as sweet as sugar; sweeter than my own, the only flavor of pussy I knew. My tongue lashed between tight, virginal labia, searching for her honey pot with a fervor I’d never known.

To think that I was capable of this. Sex with a child, lovemaking better than any I’d experienced before.

No, not just any child — Thea. My daughter. The love of my life, now and forever.

My tongue ran along her opening, moving the length of her slit. Thea giggled and squealed, having the time of her life! And then I’d discover a new corner, a new technique, prompting her to shiver in ecstasy.

She clasped her legs and thrust her mound toward me, as if asking me to swallow her whole.

With gentle, deliberate licks I soon discovered a tiny bump — her underdeveloped clitoris, barely protruding from its fold. Yet for such a small thing, it stirred up a massive surge of pleasure, pushing my little girl higher on the tidal wave to her climax.

What a delight it was to see Thea that way, to know that I was showing her how beautiful, how perfect sex could be. Few parents ever had such an active hand in the sex lives of their children, and after making love to Thea, I was convinced more than ever that a mother’s touch was required to set the standard.

Thea’s breath stilled. She was close. So close!

I didn’t let up for a second. She would experience her first orgasm if it was the last thing I ever did, and it would be spectacular.

“Mommy!” she gasped. “I… I hafta wee!”

I raised my lips from her cunt to say, “Just let it go, sweetheart.”

And she did, in wave after wave, lost in euphoria, a clear stream of liquid squirting from between her thighs.

There is some argument as to whether or not female ejaculate is the same as urine, but I didn’t much care. I was so thirsty for my child that I swallowed all I could, and sucked at her slit for more. Her sweet, tangy taste delighted me.

Bleary and spent, my darling girl reached out to cling to me. I drew her into my arms. My own pleasure could wait awhile until she settled. I had a maternal duty to tend to.

Perhaps Thea could be convinced to return the favor, but next time. The two of us had broken more than enough boundaries for one night, and my child needed rest.

Thea nestled against me, still shivering from the pleasure she’d received. Her head found a home between my collar bone and neck. Her hot breath tickled, and assured me that she’d never been so alive.

“I love you, Mommy,” she murmured.

With a gentle finger I traced circles on her back. “And I love you, cupcake. Now and always.”

I planted a kiss on her forehead, then she leaned up to kiss me on the lips. It was an adult kiss; gentle, but still loaded with desire.

She pulled away and beamed, nibbling at her lower lip as only a child with a secret can.

“Mommy?” she asked.

“Yes, baby?”

“Can we fuck again? Lots and lots?”

I narrowed my gaze, more curious than anything. “Where did you learn that word, little miss?”

“Some kids at school told me about it,” she said.

“Uh-huh. And I suppose you had to try it out for yourself.”

She smiled. “Yeah!”

What a beautiful child. I leaned down and kissed her again. “We can fuck as many times as you like, Thea. So long as we keep it a secret between us, okay?”

She nodded obediently. I could see that she understood.

I continued to cuddle my little girl, losing myself in the love that shone in her eyes. I knew that the pleasure we’d just shared was just as important to her as it was to me, and I was glad about that. Maybe I wasn’t a selfish parent after all.

“Mommy?” she asked again. “When I grow up, can we get married?”

My heart skipped. What a beautiful thing for my child to want!

“Girls can get married to other girls,” she added, “and there’s no girl I love more than you, Mommy.”

Between my daughter and my husband, I knew who I truly wanted.

“Of course, my darling,” I whispered. “I’d love nothing more.”


A lot had changed in the last two years; more than simply becoming a lover to my pre-adolescent daughter.

Thea’s father and I divorced not long after that first steamy night. Though he could never know what had changed between us, he knew it to be profound. It was better that way. He and Thea had never quite bonded, and he didn’t want to be a parent — not really.

He left with little protest. Perhaps he thought I was a lesbian. I don’t know if that’s true, but my preferences were swinging decidedly one way — only not just to females, but to little girls whose bodies were still budding. So innocent, sweet, and thirsty below the surface.

Now ten years old, Thea was a fiend for sex. After her first period she became ravenous, grinding against every surface, searching for random objects to thrust into her cunt every time my fingers weren’t available. Like mother, like daughter.

She was unashamed of desire, not like other girls her age. The swell of her nipples opened a new world of excitement, where the aches of growth were quelled by my swirling tongue. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear she got off on the cocktail of pain and pleasure.

Thea doesn’t breastfeed anymore. Sometimes I miss that connection, wishing I could express milk as she played with my breasts. Now her lips envelop me with lust, not for closeness.

Sometimes it’s strange to see my little girl working her way toward being a wanton slut. I don’t say that to degrade her. Every girl should take charge of her sexuality, and Thea owned hers with a fervor I could only dream of at her age.

Our relationship wasn’t exclusive. Though she’d sworn never to share our secrets outside the bedroom, that didn’t stop her from drawing other girls into hers.

How many times had I stood outside Thea’s door, listening to the stifled moans of another virginal tween? She must have birthed at least a dozen little dykes, fingering and licking their sticky slits like nobody else could.

Still, a piece of my heart broke each time, knowing that she loved other girls as well. Thea was my one and only, and I, her mother, was just one of many.

I tried dating other women. Many younger than I was, barely adults themselves. Nothing ever took.

Only Thea would do.

Yet in spite of my pining, I eavesdropped on every encounter, dreaming of every touch, while fingering myself outside her door. It took everything I had to keep from screaming as I circled my clit. Just the sound of my little girl fucking inspired juices to run down my legs and thighs, leaving me a sticky mess.

On most nights we slept together. Thea never protested about bedtime, so long as I was there to lie with her. We’d abandoned the need to dress ourselves, and nothing is better than the feel of skin against skin.

She curled into me, back pressed against my breasts. Despite her growth, she still fit the shape of my body as though born for it.

I reached around her, resting my hand in the dip above her hip bone, then began to trace lines with a finger — along her collarbone, under the budding of her chest, down the small curve of her belly, and through the fine hairs sprouting between her legs.

Thea gripped my hand reflexively between her thighs, but fought to pry them apart. Her battle was in no way aided by the soft bites I applied to her shoulder, her neck, her jaw, her cheek.

God, the taste of her! So smooth, so soft, so sweet. And I was intoxicated by the smell of berry shampoo that she loved.

Once again I asked myself: How does a mother get to be so lucky?

“Mom,” she moaned, pressing her hips down against my fingers. Nobody had ever wanted anything as much as my girl wanted me.

“Yes, my darling?”

She whimpered as I ran the tip of my finger between her labia, then betrayed a wanting gasp. I could practically hear her eyes rolling back.


“Use your words, princess,” I told her. “Tell me what you need.”

Thea scrambled through the haze of arousal to find them. “I… I need you, Mom… I need you inside me.”

A wry smile twisted my lips. “What’s the magic word?”

Please, Mom!” she cried. “Fuck my pussy with your fingers! Please!”

How can anyone refuse such a heartfelt request? I did as she asked, and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt. Once she’d been incredibly tight down there, but daily practice had made entering her all too easy.

Thea bucked back and forth against me, throwing one leg over mine for easier access, giving me room to plunge into her. My fingers curled, running along the heat of her inner wall, stroking that tender spot that launches every woman to Cloud Nine.

At Thea’s age it must have been even more sensitive, as she could not go a day without me touching her there.

My little girl rolled onto her back so she could face me, reaching to grab a handful of my hair. She peered up with clear green eyes that shone between gasps. I could see the rapture growing inside her, mounting toward its peak.

That look was my world. I lost myself in those soulful eyes as my Thea begged and pleaded for something that only I could give her. Who needed other girls when Mommy loved you the most?

My daughter’s vagina tightened around my fingers. She was close.

The moment Thea’s orgasm tipped over the edge I claimed her mouth with mine, sparring with her tongue, swallowing her moans with a fiery kiss. She couldn’t be any more beautiful if she tried.

This girl, not yet a young woman, was my everything. There was nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her, if only she asked.

Thea collapsed into my arms and I drew her close. She was the perfect little spoon, and I was all too happy to nestle with her. At least from the front she couldn’t feel the sudden rush of cold in my veins, or see the tears pricking my eyes.

“I love you, Mom,” she murmured.

I kissed the back of her neck. “And I love you. So, so much.”

It would be a moment before she recovered enough to give me the same attention, when she would plunge between my legs and give Mommy an orgasm of her own. So we just held each other, and I tried not to think about tomorrow.

Thea shifted about in my arms. “Is everything all right?” I asked.

She nodded. “I’m just thinking is all.”

I brushed a curly black lock behind her ear and gave it a loving nip. “About what, my darling?”

Thea hesitated, and gripped the arm I’d wrapped around her with both hands.

“I don’t wanna fuck other girls anymore,” she said.

My heart stopped. What could this mean? Was it over between us? I couldn’t let my feelings get the better of me, not when my daughter needed support. Maternal instinct took over where desire would overwhelm.

“Why’s that, my love?” I said, fighting to strip the panic from my voice.

“Because,” she said.

Thea turned in the bed so we were facing each other. Even in the dark the girl’s eyes shone like emeralds, bright as bright could be. I wanted to kiss her soft little smile, but knew I had to wait.

“There’s only one woman I want to be with,” she said, never once looking away.

I was speechless. For the first time in however long I didn’t see the brave, confident lover I’d welcomed into my bed, but a little girl who couldn’t know what she was saying. Even if it was a dream come true, I couldn’t allow feelings to crush my reason.

Tears rolled down my cheeks, but I forced a smile. I stroked Thea’s cheeks and leaned in to kiss her brow.

“There’ll be others,” I said. “You’ll grow up and find a girlfriend your own age, or a boyfriend.” The words were like a knife to the gut, but what kind of parent would I be if I didn’t say them?

Thea reeled. “Boyfriend? Seriously, Mom, don’t be gross.”

I laughed weakly. Of course. I should have known better.

She leaned closer and pressed her brow against mine. We rubbed noses, just like the Inuits — like I used to do with her when she was a toddler.

“I’ll love you forever, Mommy,” she said. It’d been years since she called me that. “I’ve always wanted to marry you, ever since I was little.”

She couldn’t mean that. She couldn’t!

Thea rolled to the other side of the bed and pulled a small velvet box from the drawer. My eyes grew wide. She couldn’t know about that, could she? I’d bought it in a moment of weakness, but I never was able to…

She opened it, revealing the sparkling green stone inside, encased in a silver band. If one were to look closely on the inside of that band, they’d read the words To my dear Thea, who I will love now and forevermore.

“Mom,” she said, blinking through tears of joy in her eyes. “I want to be your wife, more than anything!”

It was a dream come true — my only daughter, wanting to be together like this. I cried and threw myself into her kiss. Then I asked for her hand in marriage.

Of course, she said yes.

The End

Author’s note: Mindy Max is a romantic pervert with a special love for a certain kind of motherhood. She’s open to requests, though only a rare few may take her fancy. She writes for the love of writing and celebrates the chance to share naughty words with you all.


Learning Phase, Chapter 6

  • Posted on May 1, 2021 at 2:35 pm

By Nuit du Loup

On the opposite side of the house, Isana awoke before Sora did, which was very unusual for her. Being self-employed, she often slept in late when she could and snuggled deep into the nest of her bed. The change came because, for the second day in a row, she had the warm, enticing body of a girl in her arms. Ayaka’s form was spooned into hers and her face was nestled in the girl’s soft, brown hair. She breathed in deep, taking in Ayaka’s wonderful scent, tinged slightly with a female musk, and felt thankful for the fact that she was no longer alone in her bed and home.

“Are you finally awake?”

Isana started, hearing Ayaka’s amused voice without any warning that the girl was also awake. In response, she leaned up and playfully gave Ayaka’s left earlobe a soft nip before saying, “How long have you been up, hmm?”

“Hey!” Ayaka laughed and made a show of pretending to try and ward off Isana’s further nibbles and licks to her neck and ears. But making sure she never moved far enough to prevent Isana from doing so. “I always wake up with sunrise. I didn’t want to wake you up, though, because I’ve been enjoying this quite a bit. I like having your arms around me and just being with you feels wonderful.”

“So, no morning-after regrets, then?” Isana said with pure happiness in her voice in response to Ayaka’s words. Her hands slid up Ayaka’s bare belly and gently cupped her nicely growing, adolescent pair breasts. Ayaka sighed with pure pleasure and rolled her hips meaningfully into Isana, welcoming the caress. Then she sighed again, a little deeper this time, and began turning over in Isana’s arms.

When they were facing each other, Ayaka leaned in slowly and they kissed with passionate intensity. At first, Isana was surprised by the strength of Ayaka’s emotions, but she also felt touched and enflamed by them.  Ayaka’s words of the night before had not just been hormone-induced and it showed now. It was perhaps the greatest expression of love Isana had been given since the death of her adoptive mother. When Ayaka pulled back, she gave Isana a small return love-nibble to the tip of her tiny nose and smiled wide.

“Of course I have no regrets!” Ayaka declared straightforwardly. “I meant it when I said that I love you, and I’m more than happy that I had sex with you and slept in your arms. I hope to do so often from now on. Does that work?”

“Just making sure,” Isana grinned back. She threw her weight forward in a roll and Ayaka laughed in surprised delight as Isana pushed the girl over onto her back and then knelt on all fours over her. Still smiling, Isana moved in for the attack before Ayaka could protest and began nibbling, sucking, and licking at her pale-skinned neck and upper chest.

“Isana!”  Ayaka cried, her voice cracking in a loud series of laughs that were fighting through gasps of sexual pleasure. Then Ayaka’s smile matched hers and it was Isana’s turn to cry out because two slim fingers deftly found her soaked slit and easily pushed inside through the wetness. Isana was forced to raise her mouth to give voice to her enjoyment. Ayaka laughed exultantly and slid down the bed under her. A mouth found a turgid nipple and suckled hard on it.

Smirking, Isana quickly sat up and back onto her legs, despite the fact that she had quite enjoyed Ayaka’s oral ministration. Her smirk cut off into a chuckle when Ayaka followed her up without hesitation and pushed her backward. Isana landed on her back with a thump, and she was quickly surmounted by the excited teenage girl. Ayaka was breathing a little hard from the play and sexual teasing, but she was obviously enjoying herself and openly aroused.

“Mine again!” Ayaka crowed happily, dropping to retake a breast into her mouth.

Isana arched her back from the wonderful sensations and then turned the movement into a raised roll. Ayaka gave a startled yelp and moaned at being denied, and then her voice turned into a soft shriek as the sheet she landed on slid right over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Isana followed quickly and found Ayaka belly down, her bare butt just rising up. Grinning, Isana slid on top of Ayaka facing towards her butt and held her place that way.

“Aww, that’s totally not fair, ah!” Ayaka’s words cut off satisfactorily when Isana licked right down the crack of Ayaka’s pretty pale ass, over her back hole and finally onto her very damp girlhood. For a moment Ayaka’s playful struggling ceased, but then she wiggled her butt a little and tried to complain in a voice filled with arousal. “Isana! At least let me turn over!”

“As long as you promise to stay still for now,” Isana agreed magnanimously, lifting slightly so that Ayaka could rollover. Once Ayaka’s pussy was before her once again, Isana descended and attacked, parting wet lips with her eager tongue and tasting once again the pure, delicious flavor of the girl. Ayaka gave one loud cry of joy and then realized what their positioning meant and decided the game was ended. Instead, she focused entirely on Isana’s bare slit, now an inch or two from her face.

Isana didn’t know how long they were like that, each of them giving pleasure to the other, but after a long while, Ayaka third or fourth orgasm flared and trembled below her. This made the girl’s assault on her own pussy redouble along with muffled moans. A minute later it was Isana’s turn again. When the wonderful tremor passed, she rolled off her new ward and onto her shaggy, sun-warmed rug and lay panting, feeling a warm elation inside.

When she rose up again, she sat there, furry tail twitching from her delight as she looked down at Ayaka’s beautiful, naked, and sweaty body. Ayaka was grinning back at up her as she too breathed deeply to calm down, not at all embarrassed by her nudity anymore. Isana loved it. Ayaka was a breathtaking girl and she was sliding quickly into a deep place in her heart. Not only did she have a sense of humor that clicked well with her own, she liked to play too and trusted her implicitly.  It made her wonder just what kind of surprises the other two girls were going to give her. Either way, she knew she and Ayaka had something special going on here.

Ayaka sat up too and leaned back on her arms, almost glowing from her multiple sexual releases and from the brief physical activity leading to it. She also had a small, amused smirk on her lips. “It’s probably a good thing you didn’t want us to call you Mom or anything like that.”

“Very true,” Isana snorted in agreement. “Part of the reason I didn’t want to be called that, other than it makes me feel like an old lady, is because doing fun things like this would seem weird in your head. I’m still boss lady around here, though; please remember that until you’re an adult.”

“I’ll remember,” Ayaka replied with affectionate amusement. “You’re our teacher, and kind-of-parent, and I love you.”

Isana glowed inside again at the word ‘love’ but she also saw the question in Ayaka’s expression, so she answered honestly and quickly. “I’m coming to love you too, Ayaka. There aren’t many girls who are willing to joke with me and have a nice wrestle for fun. Plus, you are quite mature for your age and obviously intelligent, not to mention easy on the eyes. And most of all, you are one of the three reasons I’m not lonely anymore.”

Ayaka colored at the compliments but she didn’t shy away. Instead, she just smiled and stood up, stretching herself a little which showed off her body in interesting ways. Isana had a great view from her vantage, but she stood as well after a moment of appreciation. “I think I need a shower,” Ayaka said then, looking down at herself in appraisal. Her youthful body was glistening with sweat and her lush, soft hair was heavily mussed and in need of a wash. “But I really want to see Sora and Karin first. It’s probably weird, but I miss them already.”

“It’s not weird,” Isana chuckled, her tail twitching a little faster now that she wasn’t sitting on it. “The four of us are family now, so it’s natural to want to see your younger sisters.”

“Families fight with each other all the time,” Ayaka replied, raising a finger to mark the point.

“Yes they do, unfortunately,” Isana acknowledged. “You’ll probably have squabbles with Karin and Sora too, but I hope that when those happen, we can work through them. You’re the big sister of the house, so they’ll both be looking up to you. For instance, Karin seemed more than happy to have you around yesterday, remember?”

“Okay, I guess I get your point,” Ayaka said, smiling calmly. “I still want to go see them though, but I want to get some clothes on first. This sex stuff is kind of neat and all, but I don’t think I want to walk around naked all the time. It just seems weird not to wear clothes around the house.”

“Well, while I can’t say the idea of always seeing you naked doesn’t appeal greatly, I never did that much before you guys showed up either. Clothes just make things more comfortable most of the time for some reason.”

“Are you saying that you did hang around your house naked sometimes?” Ayaka laughed.

“Oh sure,” Isana admitted freely. “On nice days I like to layout on one of the really thick rugs downstairs and take naked naps on them in the sun from a window.  It feels pretty good.”

Smiling in continued amusement, Ayaka retrieved her discarded towel and wrapped it around herself in a fashion that Isana thought was almost artful.  Isana followed her lead, and pulled on a loose pair of cotton shorts and an old blue t-shirt that had seen much better days but was as soft as sin itself on her skin. Once ‘dressed,’ they shared quick appraising glances, one which Ayaka seemed pleased with, and then they headed towards the door. Just as she and Ayaka were stepping out into the hallway, Sora rounded the corner and into view.

“Oh, Sora!” Ayaka said in a happy greeting, spying the younger girl immediately.

Sora slowed her pace. She was also wearing only her towel and it was showing off a lot of her smooth, bronze skin. Sora flicked her ears twice in pleased surprise at meeting them and her small lips curled into a smile. “Ayaka? Isana?” Her voice was warm with her obviously good mood. “Morning!”

“You seem to be in good humor today,” Isana observed, unable to help her mental and bodily excitement from flaring up momentarily. Sora seemed to have a new vibrancy to her amazing cuteness today and there was a significant absence of her usual initial shyness. She seemed a lot more comfortable with where she was and who she was with, for which Isana was glad.

“It’s been great!” Sora enthused brightly, leaning in when Ayaka pulled her in close for a tight hug, to which she smiled wider and flicked her ears again.

“Mmm, Sora, you’re so nice to hug and cuddle,” Ayaka sighed satisfyingly, loosening her hold a little. Then Isana saw her frown and sniff towards the younger girl. Isana was surprised at first but quickly chastised herself for forgetting that Ayaka had told her the day before that she too had a very sensitive nose from being what she was.  “Why do you smell like metal and…? Oh!”

Wondering what had Ayaka looking so flummoxed, Isana leaned in too and immediately caught the same two scents that Ayaka had. She knew what they were and so apparently did Ayaka. “You smell like blood Sora?” she said softly before her mental filters could catch the words.

Sora’s ears snapped downward in clear displeasure at her and Ayaka’s concerned frowns. “You said it was okay to do sex stuff,” she said accusingly, looking right into Isana’s eyes. It was a pleading expression, but there was anger there too; anger that was probably justified, because of Isana’s rash words.

“Yes, I certainly did say that,” Isana agreed, speaking calmly for both her own benefit and for the girls. “I do want you to be able to explore and enjoy that part of your life. I just want to make sure that you’re okay with not physically being a virgin anymore. You can only give it once and some girls place a very high significance to who breaks it. I am not angry with you; not at all. I’m just worried about you. That’s all.”

“Oh,” Sora said in a small voice, her ears lifted and she seemed mollified by the explanation. She stood silent, with one of Ayaka’s hands sliding silently into one of hers, and then her smile was born anew. “It’s okay though. I really love Karin and we did it together. It was special because I know Karin loves me too. She was worried too, so I’m sorry I got angry at you.”

Isana sighed as the tension went away. “Sora, it’s okay to get angry sometimes if you need to. But I am not at all used to being responsible for growing young girls, so little things are probably going to freak me out for a while. I know you’re not a little kid, and that goes for you too, Ayaka, but I am going to worry about you. It’s a part of who I am.”

“You’re supposed to worry about us,” Ayaka grinned. She leaned in and gave Sora a quick, sisterly peck near her lips. “So, you and Karin did have some fun after all. Was it nice?”

“Oh my gosh!” Sora flushed visibly, and her ears twitched violently, but she smiled joyously. Her eyes were bright with remembered excitement. “Karin is so awesome!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Ayaka chuckled and hugged Sora in again. Both girls were happy, sharing smiles filled by their new experiences. Ayaka was still curious though. “Did it hurt? When your hymen broke, I mean?”

“Uhm,” Sora fidgeted. To Isana’s amused eyes, she seemed to be trying to get Ayaka to tighten her hug again. “Not really. I was feeling really really good when it happened, and it was kind of like someone pinched me hard real quick, only it inside that place. I think it hurt more for Karin, though; she made a weird face when it happened. But I made her feel good, too—”

“Hey!”  They all turned to see Karin headed their way, her expressive face set in a curious smile.  She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts that were a tiny bit small and a sleeveless top. Karin too was blessed with a bit of a post-sex afterglow. Once again, Isana suppressed a flare of renewed arousal. “I was wondering why Sora was taking so long to change.”

“Sorry, Karin,” Ayaka said, gently letting go of Sora so she could give Karin a hug too. Karin accepted the embrace enthusiastically with flying arms. “Sora was just telling us about how nice you were to her, because Isana and I are nosy.”

“Hey! No bad puns!” Isana barked out with a surprised laugh. “It’s been a while since I heard that one, though.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Karin asked.

“They… umh… know we did stuff,” Sora said, a little shyly. “Ayaka smelled it on me.”

“Smelled?” Karin said in confusion. Then her expressions changed to a blushing one. “So, you guys know already?”

“Yes, we do, and no one is angry or upset about it at all,” Isana said quickly, trying to keep a repeat of Sora’s flare-up from occurring. “I’m just glad you guys had a good time and are fine with your decision. But are you okay Karin, Sora said it was more painful for you?’

Karin’s already dark skin deepened even further towards red, except where her small scale spots were. “I’m a little sore down there, but I don’t mind. I wanted to give Sora what she gave me. It was really special.”

“I know,” Isana replied, smiling a little easier and feeling amused again by Sora’s pleased, proud expression. “I can help with the soreness, though, and yours too, Sora — if you feel any.”

Isana reached out her hand, ran her fingers down from Karin’s collarbone and to the center of her chest. She let the magic in and around her to become visible to her eyes, her own aura touching on it. It shaped and responded to her call and in less than a second, she’d swept the young girl’s body for the damage and easily healed it with only a small pulse of blue light visible to the others. Finished, she pulled her hand back and saw that she had three sets of eyes looking at her in amazement.

“Whoa, I feel totally back to normal,” Karin said in wonder. Her gaze flicked over to Sora. “Sora, are sure you don’t feel anything?”

“It’s only a little bit,” Sora replied. “I’m okay.”

“Well, if you change your mind later I can still do something,” Isana said with a smile, waggling her fingers in the air in playful emphasis.

“Can I learn how to do that?!”

Isana turned to regard Ayaka and saw the girl looked extremely excited by what she’d seen. She was also staring at Isana’s hands intently. “If I can teach you how to use magic, then you can certainly focus on healing magics if you want to,” Isana explained. “Healing magic isn’t really an area where I’ve focused my own skills, but I do know enough to cover the basics. I also have several good volumes about the subject to help out.”

“What kinds of magic do you normally do?” Karin asked quickly.

“Well…if you had to give it a name, I guess you could call me a Maker,” Isana said after a bit of thought. “I know quite a bit about general magic use, which is why I’m so useful to the town, but what I’m really good at is making things; like the hot tub for example. I also enchanted the engine for my truck, the lift for my garage door, the terra-thermal water heater and lots of other things. Most of the magical things in this house have been made by me over the years.”

“Cool,” Karin replied, looking more impressed than Isana really thought she warranted, but it was nice anyways though.

“We’ll see if you still say that after you’ve spent a few years learning magic,” Isana countered. She gave her new little family a once-over. “Anyone object to breakfast before we get started?”

“Started?” Ayaka asked, smiling amusedly at the obvious cue.

“Yep, we’re gonna start the first magic lesson!”

Already?” Sora asked.

“Magic is a lifelong kind of thing,” Isana explained. “In order to learn its use and improve, you have to use it all the time. You’re going to do hundreds of little things, just so you can learn how it functions, its limitations, and the basic rules and laws that govern its use. The earlier we start, the more you can learn. All we’ll really do today though is quicken your natural gifts into life.”

“Well, I have no objection to some food!” Karin grinned, looking over at Sora. “Sora and me were planning on that before we ran into you guys.”

“Then how about you and I get started, while Ayaka and Sora put some clothes on?” Isana asked her.

“The towel look is very cute, Sora,” Ayaka said, smirking in a sisterly manner at the younger girl. “But let’s leave them to it.”

“Okay,” Sora agreed, smiling back.

Isana waited until Sora ducked into her room and Ayaka was rounding the corner to hers before she and Karin headed downstairs.  As they went, she and Karin debated the various merits of different breakfast foods they could prepare. Isana was seriously unused to being around someone with Karin’s level of sheer perkiness and vitality for an extended period of time. Not even Emi matched her. But she was quite enjoyable to talk to, and Isana found herself laughing heartily long before they reached the kitchen. It was shaping up to be a fun morning.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 5

  • Posted on March 23, 2021 at 2:44 pm

By Nuit du Loup

“Do you want a shirt or something to wear?” Karin asked Sora as they entered her bedroom. After the talk in the hot tub, she was oddly excited to have Sora in her room, with neither of them wearing a stitch.

“No, I’m fine,” Sora replied with one of her adorable smiles. Karin had always thought Sora was amazingly cute. When they had undressed earlier, she had found it hard not to stare and had only felt a little better when she saw Sora was having the same problem.

They crossed over to Karin’s bed and she politely pulled back the covers. Sora smiled and flicked her ear appreciably. Then she dropped her towel and crawled naked into the bed. Karin did the same and followed. The bed was large so there was plenty of space, yet when she got in, Karin moved in close to Sora and they turned to face each other under the covers.

“Do you think what Isana told us is weird?” Karin asked.

“I don’t know,” Sora shrugged. “I think she was right, though.”


“Uh-huh,” Sora smiled again. “I like looking at you naked, just like she said… and I get all warm and tingly from it. I liked looking at her and Ayaka naked, too. You’re all nice to look at and it feels good.”

“Well, I like looking at you too,” Karin admitted. “A lot, actually. I meant it when I said you were cute. But I meant the other stuff. Isana sounded like it would be perfectly okay to want and have sex with you, her and Ayaka.”

“That’s what she said,” Sora answered with a confused frown. “Why? I think it all sounds nice.”

“How do you know so much about sex, anyway?” Karin frowned back. “I’m older than you, but you seem to know a lot.”

Sora blushed furiously, but she answered. “Marta liked to play with girls. One of the older girls came in sometimes and they would do stuff under the blankets. I never got to see much, but I knew that they were having sex. My other roommate, Crystal, touched herself in the open a lot too.”

“Wow, I had no idea,” Karin said, staring in amazement. “You never did anything?”

“No way!” Sora exclaimed, blushing to the tips of her long ears. “They were mean to me all the time… and I would have been too nervous anyway.”

“But not here?” Karin asked, curious.

“I’m still nervous,” Sora admitted. “But I like you guys a lot.  You’re always nice and you don’t treat me weird. And I trust Isana.”

“I really like her too,” Ayaka grinned. “She’s like a cool aunt or big sister. Though Ayaka feels a little like that too, at least to me.” Karin frowned. “Where’d she go? To her room?”

“She went to Isana’s room,” Sora answered, with a smile. “After she said goodnight in the hall she hurried that way. I think she wants to be with Isana tonight. They were touching a lot in the tub.”

“They were?”

“Yeah, their hands were moving and I could see them touching under the water.”

Karin thought about that for a moment, “Do you think Ayaka is really over there having sex with Isana?”

“It looked like they both wanted to,” Sora said, shrugging again. This time the sheet slipped and exposed her naked chest. Karin’s eyes dropped and stared at the two hard, tiny nipples. When her eyes came back up, Sora looked pleased.

“You really don’t think it’s weird that I like looking at you so much?” Karin asked.

“No,” Sora answered simply. She pulled on the sheet and Karin’s chest also became exposed. Sora reached out a small, curious hand and gently gave one of Karin’s much thicker nipples a pinch. Karin frowned at how good it felt, but didn’t stop her. After a moment Sora took her hand away with an even bigger smile.

Karin rolled her eyes, now feeling amused instead of worried. If there was no point in fighting it, she might as well enjoy herself. So she reached out, drew Sora to her, then pulled the sheets back over them both. When she saw how happy Sora was, Karin felt very warm and content.

It felt really nice having Sora’s hot, bare skin against her own, and it was lovely when their nipples brushed together. One hand found its way to Sora’s cute bottom, and it felt really good there. “Okay,” she admitted. “This is actually very nice.”

“Hmmm, thank you, Karin,” Sora smiled at her from just inches away. Then Sora surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. Sora flushed again, and then she nuzzled her face down near Karin’s neck, suddenly embarrassed. “Thank you.”

“It’s okay,” Karin said, feeling hot from the brief kiss. “You’re my sister now, Sora, and I like you a lot. The kiss was nice. Can I have another one?”

Sora’s face came back into view and this time Karin kissed her. It was very brief and soft, but they found it immeasurably enjoyable. When they separated, Sora settled her head on the pillow with a pleased sigh. Karin smiled affectionately.

“Sora, let’s just go to sleep like this, okay?” Sora nodded her more than willing acceptance, then closed her eyes. “Goodnight, Sora.”

“Night, Karin,” Sora replied in a happy, dreamy tone.

Sora’s breathing evened out into a contented sleep, and Karin decided to hell with worrying about being weird. She liked looking at her new sister, and her kisses with Sora had been awesome. It also felt nice to have the girl in her arms. Isana had told them earlier that this was only a beginning, and she was looking forward to whatever else would come. Even the thought of having sex wasn’t really scary anymore. Instead, she wondered if Sora would be willing to be her first.

But that could wait for now. So she laid her face down next to Sora’s, careful not to poke her with the curve of her horn, and went to sleep.


The soft, muffled sound of water rushing through pipes awoke Karin to a new day, but it was a cool, teasing breeze coming in through her open window and the warm place in the bed next to her that truly got her mind moving. She was still lying on her side, and had one hand where another person had been only moments before. There was a sense of loss too, because that person was missing. She heard the door to the bathroom behind her click open and rolled over quickly, looking up.

“Sora?!” Karin said excitedly, her eyes alighting upon the tantalizingly nude form of her new younger sister. Sora stopped in surprise at the call with one small hand upon the door jamb and her long, expressive ears flicked twice in question as her almond-shaped eyes locked onto Karin.

For a long, hushed moment, they sat still like that, watching each other. For her part, Karin thankfully drank in the view of Sora all over again, as if it was the first time. Now that she knew the truth of what she’d been feeling inside lately. It was as if the knowledge had set part of her free, a part that was just now poking its head above ground. Seeing Sora again, after having spent the night cuddled together in the same bed, made her heart beat faster with the anticipation of… something.

Sora was stunning to look at, and Karin very much enjoyed what she was seeing. She loved Sora’s long, midnight-dark hair, and her smooth tan-colored skin was soft, smooth, and touchable. She remembered the feel of it against her from the previous night and ached for it again. She watched a slight flush suffuse Sora’s skin as the younger girl stood under her gaze; it went all the way up to the tips of her ears.

“Karin!” Sora spoke softly in her sweet voice, her ears drooping slightly in embarrassment. “You’re staring at me!”

“Hee hee,” Karin smiled and quickly slid to the edge of the bed, casting off the warm sheets as she swung her legs down and sat up straight, exposing herself. The same breeze that had been teasing her cheeks before caressed her whole body now, and she felt her long, thick nipples hardening a little at the sudden temperature change, as well as for other obvious reasons. “I can’t really say I’m sorry, Sora. I like looking at you this way, because you’re so cute!”

“Oooh!” Sora moaned low, and her blushing increased dramatically. Her brown eyes, though, were focused on Karin’s own nude form. Karin did nothing to impede her sister’s gaze. She wanted Sora to see.

Karin stood up, unable to be still any longer because her body was filled with an excited, sexual energy that was still very new and raw.  She crossed over the shag rug to Sora, until they were only a single step apart. She wasn’t much taller than her sister, so their eyes found each other with ease. Karin was still smiling warmly and she saw some of Sora’s reflexive shyness dissipating from her expression, which made her even prettier. Karin raised a hand slowly to the top of Sora’s small head and gently ran her fingers into and down the silky-smooth, black hair. They both shivered.

“Your hair feels so smooth and nice,” Karin observed aloud in wonder. It was like she was discovering the girl all over again, and it was exhilarating. She could feel something between her legs, like she was hot inside. Her heart was beating like a drum and she could imagine something like an electric tingle from her exploring fingers.

Sora seemed pleased at first by the compliment, but there was still a hint of stubborn discontentment in her eyes. “Did I say something wrong?” Karin asked.

“I don’t want to be cute.” Sora complained, even as she moved her head along with Karin’s strokes. “It makes me sound like a little kid.”

“We’re both still kids!” Karin laughed. She leaned in on pure impulse and gave Sora a quick, soft peck on her lips. Sora blinked, jerked her face back and gasped at her in surprise. Karin grinned, even as her heart thrummed from the touch of their lips. “So what if you’re cute? I think you’re beautiful too, and pretty and adorable and totally huggable! It makes me want to hold you tight and touch you all day long!”

Once she’d finished speaking, Karin reached out with her free hand, touching Sora’s bare hip, and pulled her in close. Their unclothed bellies pressed together and they both let out simultaneous gasps from the warm skin-to-skin contact. Karin finished by wrapping her arm around Sora’s back, and with her free hand, she lightly ran a finger down Sora’s left ear. Sora squeaked and the ear twitched for a second.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” Karin asked, looking into her sister’s eyes.

“No!” Sora said quickly, relaxing very willingly into Karin’s embrace with a smile in return. Karin loved it. She almost couldn’t believe what was happening between them. “It felt good, but it tickled a little… maybe. It was a nice tickle, though.”

“What if I do this instead?” Karin darted her face forward and quickly licked down the top of the same ear with her very long tongue.

“Karin!” Sora’s face reddened and she wriggled in Karin’s arms, which felt oddly good for both of them. “You licked me!”

“It looks like you liked it, though,” Karin laughed, enjoying what they were doing. Sora felt so wonderful to hold, just like she did while they were in bed last night.

“Hmm, maybe, but it was kinda weird, too,” Sora moaned, but her smile soon returned again. “This feels nice, though. You’re really warm, Karin. Your arms feel good too.”

“Yeah, it totally does feel awesome,” Karin agreed wholeheartedly. “Did you like sleeping with me? Did you sleep okay?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Sora affirmed quickly with a happy nod. Her shyness was almost completely gone. “Sleeping with other girls feels really good. I liked it with you and Isana. Do you think Ayaka had a good night too?”

“Oh, sure!” The reminder that her new older sister had gone to have real, actual sex with Isana made her tingle again. It also made her even more aware of Sora’s nakedness, pressed against hers. “She’s with Isana, so she probably had a nice time. They were getting along really well, right?”

“She looked so excited last night,” Sora giggled. Karin felt something on the outside of her thigh, and a quick shiver went through her when she realized that it was her new sister’s hand. “Isana was touching her like this under the water, and she seemed to like it a whole lot.”

“Well, it does feel good,” Karin agreed, aware of every movement of that hand. Suddenly feeling bold, she whispered, “Come back to bed with me!” She pulled back and grabbed Sora’s hand in one motion — and before the startled girl had a chance to say a word, Karin dragged her back towards the bed.

Once her shock dissolved, Sora laughed happily, willingly allowing herself to be towed along. At the bed, Karin maneuvered Sora by her bare shoulders so that the back of her knees were against the edge of the bed, then gently pushed her backward. Sora got the idea quickly and fell back with a playful giggle, her arms spread, then scooted back on her butt until she was lying down.

Karin stared again for a moment at her naked sister, then climbed over her, straddling Sora at the waist. When she bent forward so that they were looking into each other’s eyes again, she saw pleasure and joy on her sister’s face. Karin reached out to stroke Sora’s cheek — admiring the girl’s skin, which was the color of warm wood. It was smooth and soft and she felt her own cheeks grow hot when Sora made a soft cooing sound and nestled into her hand. It was a sound that thrilled Karin from head to toe.

“Is it okay that I’m touching you?” Karin asked, a little belatedly. She didn’t want her excitement to cause Sora any kind of harm or to scare her. It was immensely important that Sora enjoyed this.

“It feels nice, and I really like it,” Sora smiled with total trust in her expression. “I can touch you too, right?”

“Of course!” Karin replied immediately, lightly bumping her nose to Sora’s, causing the other girl to giggle some more, which in turn made Karin feel hot all over again.  She rose back up, and one of Sora’s slim arms followed so that they were each touching the other’s face. Sora’s fingers were tiny, but she was gentle and her stroking felt very affectionate.

They began to play a kind of game in a very amiable silence that needed no words. Karin ran her hand along one of Sora’s slender arms, feeling her smooth skin. Sora would then repeat the action on Karin’s body, with skin-tingling results. Then Karin made Sora laugh when she touched her tummy and around her cute little belly button. Karin found herself wanting to lick it. Again, Sora followed her lead, and she could feel the heat between her legs turn tingly and humid. They ran their hands over almost every inch of exposed skin on their upper bodies except for their breasts.

When Sora knew these were next, her face slipped from joyful wonder to embarrassment. “I… I don’t have anything there,” she said in a sorrowful voice when she saw Karin looking at her chest.

“What are these, then?” Karin replied with a friendly, sisterly laugh, running her hands up Sora’s belly to her almost-flat chest, circling each nipple with her fingers. Sora twitched and gasped at the sudden contact, and Karin smiled as she felt the pert buds grow firm to her touch. She kept tweaking them, marveling at how such a simple thing could make Sora feel as good as her facial expressions suggested. When she stopped, she dropped her arms, inviting Sora to return the favor.

“That was really nice,” Sora said with a happy sigh, her voice wispy. She was breathing a little harder and her skin looked flushed in a different way now, a way that Karin found exciting. Sora slowly cupped her hands over Karin’s tiny breasts. “You have real boobs. I like them.”

“They’re just bumps,” Karin chuckled, really liking how it felt to have someone touch her chest, especially a girl as special as Sora was fast becoming to her. She’d discovered masturbation just over a year ago, after catching another, older girl at it in the bathroom one day, and had always liked to tug and play with her long nipples, but Sora’s hands felt a hundred times better. The girl seemed to like touching her, too. “Ayaka’s the only one of us that has anything like real ones. Hers are probably bigger than Isana’s.”

“D’you think she’d let us touch them?” Sora asked with an amused smile, happily fondling Karin. Then she paused to give each of the girl’s nipples a gentle pinch.

Karin shivered at the surprise rush of pleasure that passed through her body. Her nipples had never felt that good before. It was like they’d been zapped. “Do that again!” she gasped.

“Pinching them?” Sora asked, with a happy smile of accomplishment on her face. “It feels good?”

“Yeah!” Karin answered with a definite nod. “It really makes me tingle.”

“Hmmm.” This time Sora pinched both at the same time and when her fingers twisted a little as she applied pressure, Karin felt even better.

“Wow, Sora,” Karin said in amazement, staring down at her adorable sister. She’d never have thought her breasts could feel so good. Wanting to see if Sora would like it too, Karin reached down with one hand and gave Sora’s left nipple a pinch.

“Ooh!” Sora’s eyes opened wide.

“See?” Karin laughed. “It’s a lot better when someone else does it.”

“That felt really good,” Sora said, her smile proclaiming how good a time she was having. Then she frowned again in confusion. “Karin, why is there something wet on my legs?”

At first Karin was confused too and looked down. She rose up a little for light and saw that her still hairless lower lips were incredibly wet and slightly open from her excitement. Below her, right under where her crotch had been, was a wet spot on Sora’s thigh. She looked up to smile at the younger girl as her desire bloomed all over again. “It’s from me, and maybe you a little, Sora. Did you have sex-ed in school yet?”

“No, that’s next year,” Sora replied warily, but obviously curious. “It’s from, er, that place?”

“Yeah!” Karin laughed, and saw a funny expression forming on her sister’s face that made her laugh harder. “It’s not gross at all, Sora, and it’s not pee. Haven’t you ever played with yourself down there?”

Sora’s face became less happy again. “I wanted to try it because my roommates did it a lot, though not with them there. But I never had any time alone. Somebody was always around, and I was too scared to try it in the showers. Is it nice?”

“Oh yeah, totally,” Karin answered emphatically with a nod. She leaned in close again so their faces were only inches apart. Sora even smelled good. “If you ever want to do it now that we live here, and you will want to, go right ahead. If you ever want some time alone, you tell me and I’ll go. If you want to play with your pussy, none of us will make fun of you. Because I know Ayaka does it, and there’s no way Isana went years without doing it either. So relax and smile again, okay? I like that a lot better.” She finished with a soft kiss to the tip of Sora’s nose.

“Okay, I will,” Sora laughed, her smile returning. “So what’s the wet stuff, if it isn’t pee?”

“Wellll… girls make some kind of slippery stuff from the sex and baby hole, the vagina I think, to make it easier for a penis to go inside,” Karin informed her, making a vague thrusting gesture with a hand and finger in the air that made Sora giggle. “I don’t remember what it’s called exactly, but that’s not important anyway. It comes out of girls when we are excited and want to do sex stuff. It means we’re horny!” They both laughed at that. “It felt really good when you were touching me, so of course I got wet.”

Sora seemed content with the answer, and Karin felt pride at being able to be the older, informed sister. Then Sora’s expression became even more excited, and Karin’s heart beat a little faster in an instinctive response. Sora’s face came up towards hers and Karin felt surprise, then a heady rush of pure pleasure as small, warm lips touched hers again in a real kiss.

“I really like kissing you,” Sora explained softly, her cheeks reddening under Karin’s wonder-filled eyes. “It feels special.”

In response, Karin rested herself more fully on Sora’s slim body, and they both moaned deeply as she returned Sora back and held her tight.  This time it was a much longer kiss, containing all their thrilling new emotions. Both girls lacked experience, so their lovemaking was a bit clumsy at first, but neither of them would have had it any other way. Their eyes slowly closed and they kissed again — then again, learning from each other’s lips as they went. Karin loved the soft, electric feel of the act and her brain buzzed from both her own pleasure and Sora’s.  The fact that she made Sora feel good enough to moan made it a thousand times more exciting, too.

As they explored each other’s lips, the kisses grew deeper and more passionate and lovingly intimate. Both girls lost their last traces of shyness around each other and just enjoyed the physical act of loving a girl. When Karin parted her lips at one point, Sora did the same and for the first time, their tongues touched and slid together. Karin felt a quiver run through Sora that echoed in her own body, then their lips separated and their lidded eyes carried deep emotions for a long moment of stillness. Karin saw the beginnings of real love for the first time in her young life and it made her head spin.

“Kissing is nice,” Sora eventually said, her affectionate eyes shining in open awe. She was also breathing a bit harder. “Thank you, Karin.”

Karin snorted with laughter, then smiled anew, hugging Sora a little more tightly. “You don’t have to thank me, because I enjoyed that just as much as you did. We did it together. But I think I’m going to be kissing you a lot from now on, if it’s like that! So be warned, okay?”

“Okay!” Sora agreed, playfully giving Karin another quick kiss. “Me too!”

Karen became distinctly aware again of the hot wetness between her legs, which had apparently quadrupled from Sora kissing her. It felt messy. She really wanted to do something about that, but then another thought entered her mind. She wanted to see all of Sora, especially the girl’s special places.

Slowly, so as not to alarm her sister too much, Karin started to slide down towards the edge of the bed. A curious Sora watched on, and Karin felt warm inside at the trust being given to her.  She wanted to make Sora feel really good, and at the same time, learn more about her while keeping that faith. When she was kneeling between Sora’s spread legs, Karin bent forward and down again towards her goal.

As her face drew closer, she heard Sora’s breathing increase greatly, but the girl said nothing in objection and actually rose up on her elbows to watch.

Karin paused with her face a foot away from Sora’s young pussy. “It’s so pretty, Sora,” she said in undiluted awe. This was the first time she’d ever actually had a good, close look between another girl’s legs. She’d never even looked at her own very much, but resolved to fix that soon. Sora’s flower was nestled between her smooth thighs, below a very pronounced pubic mound that was devoid of hair. There was a pair of puffy outer lips with bright pink wetness peeking from in between. At the top, Karin could make out Sora’s cute little clit.

“You think it’s pretty down there?” Sora asked.

“Yeah!” Karin affirmed, breathing in a scent of female muskiness. “It even smells pretty!”

Karin! Don’t smell me!” Sora complained, reflexively trying to close her legs. Karin’s head became trapped in a quite wonderful place, her nose almost pressed right into her sister’s sex. She breathed in deeply again and, because she liked the aroma so much, used her nose to rub side-to-side over the little bump that felt good to touch.

“Oh!” Sora’s legs popped back open and Karin looked up to see Sora staring down at her in astonishment. “What was that?!”

“It’s your pleasure spot, your clit,” Karin answered with a pleased grin. She pulled back just a bit, aware that her nose was wet, and lightly tapped her index finger on the indicated spot. Sora twitched. “It gets really sensitive and feels good to touch, right?”

“Yeah,” Sora replied. “Is your nose wet because of me?”

“Mmm-hmm,” Karin nodded happily. She traced along the soft lips of Sora’s opening, which felt deliciously hot and slippery. When her finger was coated with wetness, she thrust it up towards Sora’s face. “See? That’s from you, and it smells good.”

Sora used her own hands to hold Karin’s still and took an experimental sniff. “It’s… it’s not awful,” she said with relief. “It really is wet, though.”

“Okay, let me show you something incredible,” Karin said, taking her hand back, gently laying it on Sora’s vulva and beginning to rub the younger girl. Sora’s lower lips were engorged and very aroused and Karin’s actions produced small gasps of pleasure from the young girl.

Then Karin slowly spread Sora open and they both gasped, if for different reasons.

“The sex-ed lady was right, it’s like a beautiful pink flower,” Karin said, totally electrified by the sight of Sora’s most intimate place. She had a feeling of awe that Sora was letting her do this, trusting her to make it feel good. She could see everything, especially the tight little hole as it leaked juices. A sharp intake of breath when her thumb trailed down Sora’s labia reminded Karin that she was there to please her sister, not to play tourist on the girl’s cute body.

Deciding to imitate what she liked to do when she masturbated, Karin started to rub Sora with two fingers, up and down the lips and over the tender, pink insides. It soon got even wetter down there because Karin paid very close attention to Sora’s face, learning which places made her gasp or otherwise respond in sexual delight. Karin’s hands got so slippery that her finger accidentally slipped deep inside Sora’s very tight hole and they both jolted in surprise as the girl’s vaginal muscles gripped the invader.

“Karin!” Sora exclaimed loudly and sharply. Her eyes were wide open and her breathing sounded ragged. Sweat made her skin glisten. “I can feel your finger in me! It’s inside!”

“Did I hurt you?” Karin asked quickly, feeling hot, wet muscles squeezing her finger in pulses.

“Uhm…” Sora seemed too confused and aroused to talk and she shivered all over. Concerned for her sister, Karin tried to pull her finger out, but it brushed Sora’s erect clit on the way and the younger girl went rigid while gasping for air. Karin felt a hot liquid pouring onto her hand. She nearly panicked, then realized that Sora had just had a powerful orgasm. So good that Sora kind of just laid there for a bit, unmoving.

“Are you okay?” Karin asked.

“Oh, Karin… “Sora’s voice was wistful and soft as she lay on the bed, gazing at the ceiling with dreamy eyes. “That was so good.”

Karin let out a relieved sigh that stopped cold when she saw her hand. A pinkish-redness was in the wet stuff coating the finger she’d accidentally put inside Sora. She’d taken the girl’s virginity. She didn’t know if that was good or bad. Would Sora hate her for it?

“What’s wrong?”

Karin looked back up and saw that Sora was giving her a glorious smile and her face looked radiant in its sweaty messiness. She looked like she’d just experienced the most wonderful thing ever. Karin couldn’t lie to Sora about this though, so she raised her hand. “I… I broke your hymen.”

Sora stared at her for a moment, still looking happy, but confused by Karin’s concern. “Is that bad?” she asked. “Aren’t you supposed to let someone you love do that? I saw that in movies and stuff.”

“Yeah,” Karin replied, suddenly worried.

“Then… it’s okay,” Sora said, as if it was totally obvious.

For a moment, all Karin felt was confusion, then Sora’s face brightened in realization of this and she giggled. Then she sat up rapidly and flung her arms around Karin where she once again found small lips pressed to hers.

The kiss was amazingly intense. Karin had never seen Sora so determined, but she could feel her little sister’s fierce emotions through the act and her heart was thundering in response. After almost five minutes of being thoroughly kissed and kissing back, Karin pulled away.

“You’re not angry with me then?” Karin asked slowly, keenly feeling her own arousal burning away.

“Why?” Sora laughed. “It kinda hurt and felt good at the same time, but I was already feeling so good that when you pulled your finger out, I went boom!”


Sora scrunched her face as she tried to come up with an appropriate term for her sex. “”My… uh, pussy.” When it exploded and made me shake and feel shivery good. But that doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No!” Sora beamed and her ears were quivering as her cheeks reddened. “You’re my sister, and I love you, so it’s okay.”

“You love me already?” Karin felt her cheeks heating and she also felt a renewed desire to kiss her sister, but she held back for now.

“Uh-huh,” Sora giggled, and snuggled close again. At first Karin didn’t get why Sora turned her head as she did so, but then she realized what Sora actually wanted, let out a laugh of her own, then licked at her sister’s long ear. Sora’s pleased giggling redoubled. “It feels so nice.”

“Now you know what an orgasm feels like,” Karin said, enjoying the closeness.

“Did we have sex?” Sora asked excitedly, jerking her head back to look Karin in the face while beaming happily.

“Uhm, kind of, I think,” Karin answered slowly, unsure. “I had sex with you, at least… because I made you come.”

Sora’s almond eyes widened and she looked suddenly intent. “Can I do it to you now?” Karin could tell this meant a lot to Sora, because there was a hint of vulnerability in her expression. “Then it has to count, right?”

“Do you want me to lie back like you were?” Karin asked instead, more than happy to let Sora do almost anything she wanted.

“Yes!” Sora became animated again, her ears twitching wildly with excitement.

Karin let herself be guided onto her back. She spread her legs, then grinned to see how eagerly Sora squirmed down between them. Wanting a better view, Karin dragged over a couple pillows and propped her head up as Sora got into place, imitating what Karin had done to her. Karin found it quite exciting to see her sister’s face looking between her legs so attentively.

“It’s all drippy wet,” Sora said with her most cheerful giggle. She looked up and Karin saw laughter in her brown eyes. Sora was certainly enjoying herself. Then the young girl went back to work, and Karin jumped when she felt a finger press rather firmly onto her very sensitive clit. “Your bumpy thing is kinda big, and it’s hard and squishy at the same time.”

Karin didn’t know where Sora got the idea, but as with her nipples, the girl gave her tender organ a solid pinch and Karin nearly wet herself; it felt so odd and wonderful at the same time. Sora seemed fascinated by her clit and Karin’s mind went a little blank from the sensations of small fingers exploring her slit while her bud was relentlessly attacked. She could feel herself being opened up, but it was a detached sensation, buried in with all the pleasure.  She did notice however, when Sora’s finger slipped inside her pussy and filled her.

“Ow!” Karin couldn’t help the painful exclamation of Sora finding her own virginal barrier. Sora paused and looked up at her with such a look of hopeful love that Karin nodded her acceptance immediately and without fear. She would give to Sora what Sora had given to her. “Go ahead.”

Karin felt her mind weaken again as Sora eagerly resumed her fingering. Sora seemed to know that breaking Karin’s hymen would be more painful than her own experience and she slowly worked that finger in and out of her wet entrance. When Sora finally plunged it all the way in, the pain was sharp and distinct, but Sora gave her no respite to dwell on it. Instead her finger thrust inside vigorously, driving her body onward.

“Sora…” Karin whispered, clawing her hands into the bed-sheets. Her sister’s finger was pressing very firmly on the inner wall of her vagina as it invaded, and she felt something like a strong need to pee, even as she felt her orgasm rising like an agitated snake. The tension grew and grew, seemingly without end, even as that odd pressure increased in an almost painful parallel. Finally her body could hold on no more. “Oh… God! Sora!”

The orgasm was like a wonderful, most pleasurable punch to the gut and head. Her body curled reflexively and she felt the pressure in her groin release all at once. Sora yelped loudly about something, but for several minutes Karin was captive to purest ecstasy. When she did settle back down, breathing hard as if she’d run a mile, she found that she was being hugged very tightly by Sora, who was smiling at her.

“Now we really had sex!” the younger girl laughed. There was no indication that she regretted anything.

“I’d say so!” Karin agreed and then noticed something. “Sora, why is your chest and neck all wet?”

“Your juice stuff squirted out on me,” Sora said with her now ubiquitous giggle, that Karin was fast learning to love. “I thought it was pee at first, but it doesn’t smell that way at all.”

“Sorry,” Karin said, laughing as well. She felt so much better now than playing with herself ever did. She wrapped her own arms around Sora and returned the embrace. Rolling them over so that she was on top again, Karin gave Sora a long, deep kiss. More kissing naturally followed until they both lay still, feeling oddly content.

“I love living here,” Karin said after a long while of companionable silence filled only by the birdsong from outside and Sora’s soft breathing. They’d shifted onto their sides a little so that Sora could nuzzle her face in by Karin’s neck. “I have a new kind-of-mom, my own room, a cool older sister, and an awesome little sister.”

“I love you too,” Sora replied, a pleased tone warming her voice. “Can we do this again?”

“Of course we can,” Karin said immediately, stroking one of Sora’s ears and drawing out a soft coo. “I loved every minute of it. You can also sleep with me whenever you want. But let’s not forget about Ayaka. I like her too, and Isana.”

“I know!” Sora giggled. “I want to try touching Ayaka too; she’s really nice for an older sister. Do you think she’ll want to?”

“She said last night that she was okay with things, but we probably shouldn’t be pushy,” Karin mused. “But I love her too, Sora. She gives wonderful hugs. Plus, I know Isana would love it if we wanted to do things with her. She sounded so happy that we didn’t freak out last night.”

“She feels nice too,” Sora agreed. “She grabbed my butt when we were in bed and I think she liked it.”

Karin frowned, and then moved her arms so that she could grope Sora’s butt properly. Sora gave a pleased giggle at the act and wiggled her behind encouragingly. “Your butt is pretty nice, Sora,” Karin told her, smiling. “It’s so round and soft.”

“And it feels good,” Sora smiled back and rubbed herself against Karin. When Sora’s smooth belly pressed over her mound, Karin felt a new pressure that was gaining strength and grimaced at the interruption.

“That was a weird face,” Sora informed her unnecessarily.

“Yeah, I know, but I have to pee really bad,” Karin admitted.

“Oh!” Sora responded with another laugh and an amused wiggle of her ears. “But I don’t want to let you go. This feels too nice.”

“Sora!” Karin moaned, feeling Sora wriggle herself. “I really am going to pee on you if I don’t go now.”

“Eeww,” Sora laughed, sliding back on the bed and setting Karin free.

“Yeah, eeww,” Karin agreed as she quickly darted into her bathroom and towards her toilet under the small bathroom window. When she seated herself, she saw Sora had followed her inside and was watching her pee with open curiosity. “Are you watching me?”

“I’ve never seen another girl pee before,” Sora said, inquisitive eyes locked on Karin’s crotch. “It kinda looks funny this way.”

When Karin was done, feeling a little pleasantly sore from their activities, as well as a little bemused by her sister’s odd interest in her bodily functions, her eyes flicked over her huge bath and an idea for later flickered into life. But there was also a rumble in her belly for food. Grinning, she snatched Sora’s hand and yanked her sister into her lap with a yelp.

“Okay, Sora,” Karin said once Sora was straddling her with an expression that said she very much liked being in that position. “What do you want first, breakfast or a bath?”

“Hmmm,” Sora mused over the question for a moment and then smiled with a chagrined look. “Breakfast. I’m really hungry.”

“Food it is, then!” Karin agreed, unable to decide if she was disappointed or not. After all, her own tummy seemed to agree with Sora. She got them standing again, and they walked back into the bedroom hand in hand. Karin gestured towards the pile on the floor containing Sora’s towel and her clothes from the previous night. “Do you want to go and grab some fresh clothes, then meet me back here?”

“Sure!” Sora quickly wrapped herself in the towel to hide her nudity and snatched up her dirty clothes in both arms. At the door, she turned and they shared one more lingering series of kisses before she giggled and bounced out, headed for her own room.

Karin felt a moment of mystified loss when Sora was gone, but quickly recovered. She’d see her again soon enough, and she also wanted to spend time with Ayaka and Isana. Setting her own dirty clothes aside with a mental note to ask about a hamper of some sort, Karin dug through her bag and pulled on a pair of plain pink panties, cut-off jean shorts and a loose, white tank-top shirt. Once done, she loaded the rest of her few belongings into the dresser as she awaited Sora’s return.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 4

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By Nuit du Loup

By the time they got back to the house, the girls had discovered a number of very interesting things. Notable among them was that there was a den of foxes nearby that came and stole Karin’s strawberries that she’d picked at the garden when she set them down for a moment and that Isana’s wondrous marvels did not include a portable toilet. The latter was discovered by all three girls at one point or another when they refused to go back early for a break.  Having done it many times before, Isana had no qualms about peeing in the woods, but the girls were city folk and found it quite embarrassing when they had to duck behind a tree for a moment. They also returned very hungry.

Dinner was a raucous meal of laughing girls and good food.  Isana wasn’t all that bad a cook, and she was more than a little proud when the girls deemed dinner-worthy.  They spent an entire hour reminiscing about things, and even quiet Sora had plenty to say. While the girls may not have been very close when they arrived, it was clear even now that they enjoyed each other’s company. It made Isana glad that she’d accepted them into her home.

When Isana left them to their happy conversations in order to wash up the dinner dishes, she was a little surprised when Ayaka came up to her side shortly after and started to dry things for her. When she raised an interrogative eyebrow, Ayaka smiled warmly.

“Sora and Karin washed and dried at breakfast, so it’s not right for me to skip out,” Ayaka explained smoothly. “Besides, Sora got Karin to tell her about the foxes again. That girl thinks they’re the cutest things on earth now.”

While Ayaka was waiting for another dish to dry, Isana noticed how she kept rubbing at her thighs. “A little sore?” she asked in concern.

“Yeah, I haven’t ever walked that much before at one time,” Ayaka smiled ruefully. “If anything else, living here is going to have me in much better shape. I just wish the process of getting there wasn’t so uncomfortable. My leg is so stiff that I know it’s going to hurt even more tomorrow.”

“Which is why we’ll take care of it tonight, with my secret room,” Isana replied teasingly, handing over another dish.

“You keep hinting about this great place of yours,” Ayaka said, willingly rising to the bait. “Is this also where you’re going to explain things to the other girls?”

“Yes, it’s an appropriate place for many things,” Isana replied cryptically.

“A place that lies beyond that mysterious door on the north side of the house?” Ayaka countered, enjoying the game.

“I see my subtlety was wasted on you,” Isana grinned, washing the last plate. “In the future, I’ll have to remember that quick mind of yours.”

“At least now you know about it,” Ayaka agreed loftily. She dried the dish and placed it neatly in the stack with the rest and put the lot of them back into their cupboards. “So when are you going to reveal this wonderful secret to us?”

Isana glanced toward the windows and saw that it was nicely dark outside. This deep into the forest, the sunset fairly early from the thick foliage. “We can go any time now,” she replied. “Assuming you can convince the other two to suspend their conversation.”

Ayaka gave a snort of amusement and shook her head. “Honestly, I really wish they had given us some warning that you had an odd sense of humor. Karin thinks I’ve already wormed it all out of you and she’s tried several times to get me to talk, and Sora somehow seemed to be conveniently close by to overhear each time. I don’t think it will take much convincing.”

Ayaka returned to the table and as promised, Sora and Karin were both more than eager to postpone Sora’s interrogation about the foxes for another time. She earned a darkly humorous smile from Ayaka when she dithered a bit and took her time walking back through the house to the door into her special room. She really liked Ayaka’s sense of humor and it seemed the girl was willing to put up with hers.

A tap on the wood and a tiny jolt of magic undid the lock she’d set, just in case one of the girls had gotten curious enough to try and sneak a peek. This earned her another amused snort from Ayaka, but she blithely ignored it. When she opened the door she led them into a very small chamber with another door at the end and blue tiled walls. One wall held several fluffy bathrobes on hooks, including a smaller girl-sized one Emi wore when she visited. The other side had a wicker rack with several white towels on top that were even fluffier than the robes, and several empty shelves below them. They all stood elevated slightly from the tile floor on wooden slats. Isana gently closed the door behind them.

“What are these for?” Sora asked, feeling the softness of a towel.

“You’ll see in just a second,” Isana said, then led them through the second door.

The large, spacious room they entered glowed hauntingly with the silver of moonlight and Isana felt a moment of pride at the silence from the girls. The octahedral walls were made entirely of slightly opaque glass and rose up to the crystal clear glass roof and the stars above. The moonlight seemed to flow down and accentuate the joining points of the structure until it seemed as if they stood inside a gleaming glass cage. The effect grew even greater when Isana made a gesture and the walls became clear as well, showing a nighttime forest.

The room was just over thirty feet across with the center taken up by a large octagonal pool of water. Vapor rose from the water and its warm humidity clung to their skin in the heated air. Around the pool were several comfortable benches, chairs and couches that she treated regularly to prevent mildew or fungus from growing. Small crystals like she’d made to light the girls’ rooms hung suspended over several of the pieces, but were currently quiescent.

“What is this place?” Sora asked quietly, eyes wide.

“I found the original plans for the house a few years back, but when they built the house they must have come up a little short on funds, so they left this room unfinished. All that was here were the glass walls and ceiling. The floor was left as bare dirt, of all things,” Isana smiled at the memory of how bad this place had looked originally. “I liked the original idea a lot better and decided to make a project out of it. What you see is the product of two years of my own planning, enchanting, and the hard work of a contractor friend I know from town. The blueprints call this room a solarium, but I have always found it to be even more enjoyable by moonlight.”

“You did all of this on your own?” Ayaka said in amazement, looking up into the night sky. “It’s beautiful, but it must have been a lot of work.”

“Oh, it was,” Isana assured her. “But stuff like this is what I like to do when I’m not on a job for the town. I fiddle around and make things. This was just one of my larger and more enjoyable projects. Others, like my truck or the garage door, were more practical.”

“What’s that pool?” Karin asked, moving further in to touch the water’s surface. “It’s hot!”

“That’s why they used to call something like that a hot tub,” Isana laughed. “Watch this.” She knelt down and tapped her finger on a small silver circle on one side of the tub and then the water erupted into a bubbling, seething, froth.

“Are you saying we can get into this ‘hot tub’ of yours?” Ayaka asked with a growing, excited smile. She had moved forward and was standing close by again.

“Of course I am,” Isana answered immediately. “I made it to be enjoyed.”

“What do we wear?” Karin asked, looking eager to try it out. “They never bought us bathing suits.”

“You’re not supposed to wear anything,” Isana answered casually as if that was obvious. “It would detract from the experience.”

“We have to be naked?” Sora asked shyly, but then she glanced at Isana in a thoughtful way.

“I suppose you could wear your underwear if you really have to, but it feels a lot better au naturel,” Isana shrugged. “I’ve had Emi and Claire over a few times, and they seem to like it.”

“I don’t mind,” Ayaka said calmly, drawing everyone’s attention. Even Isana was a little surprised. She had expected all three of them to insist on wearing something their first time. But Ayaka seemed fairly relaxed about the idea and when their eyes met, Isana realized Ayaka had been thinking about their discussion earlier. “I don’t see what’s so bad about it.”

“But you’d be naked,” Karin argued. “Na-ked.”

“So? You’ve already seen Isana nude and I know you had the same lack of privacy back at the orphanage that I did,” Ayaka argued back. “I’m getting in. Do we just put our clothes on the rack in the small room?”

“Yeah, as you probably already noticed, the humidity will have them fairly damp soon if they are in here,” Isana answered with a smile. “Karin, if you’re uncomfortable being naked, just wear your panties in.”

Ayaka was already headed towards the small buffer room, and it was plain that Sora and Karin were conflicted as to what they wanted to do. Both were eager to get in the water, but neither was sure they wanted the other part. Isana followed Ayaka and when they were alone in the smaller chamber, Ayaka let her own shyness show.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this so easily,” Ayaka admitted once she realized Sora and Karin hadn’t followed them in yet.

“It’ll be fine,” Isana assured her with a smile. “You’ll love it, and it’ll help with your sore legs too. Will it make you feel any better if I go first?”

“Yeah, that would help… maybe,” Ayaka laughed. “But I already said I’m doing this, so I will. I’m just nervous.”

“Good,” Isana said and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She drew the garment off in one smooth pull and calmly placed it, folded, onto the rack. Isana smiled amusedly when she saw Ayaka’s gaze settle onto her pink nipples. They were visibly hard already, but there was nothing she could do about that. Instead, she slipped both her shorts and panties off in one go, displaying her hairless womanhood to the girl. They joined her shirt on the rack.

“Does that attraction and desire you were talking about affect other people?” Ayaka asked, not moving her eyes away from Isana’s body. She looked a little flushed.

“I’m not sure,” Isana said gently, not hiding her nudity at all. Her tail was twitching from her amusement. “At least now I know you don’t think I’m ugly.”

“Heh, hardly,” Ayaka smiled widely again. “Karin was telling me earlier how nice you looked; now I understand why. It’s actually hard to look at you and not feel excited. It’s a weird feeling, but really nice too. Now it’s my turn.”

Ayaka took a deep breath and after locking her eyes onto Isana’s, she pulled off her tank top and laid it down next to Isana’s clothing. Not pausing to let nervousness stop her half way, Ayaka quickly popped the snap on her jeans and drew them down her smooth, pale legs. Last to go was a pair of low-cut, green panties. Once she had her clothes stacked, she stood nervously in front of Isana as if waiting for judgment.

Isana let her eyes roam, drinking the gorgeous girl in. She was naturally on the thin side with a lithe musculature and somewhat narrow hips. Her skin was silkily smooth except for the very fine hair on her arms and a small brown tuft of hair over the closed lips of her womanhood. Only a tiny peek of the inner lips could be seen. Ayaka’s growing breasts had proud, slightly upward pointing nipples that were cutely small with lightly tan areolas. They too were hard, and looked tasty. Isana also loved how Ayaka’s long hair hung down to the rounded bubble shape of her butt.

“Ayaka,” she said softly and a little lustily after the moment passed. “If you’re worried about how I think of your appearance, don’t. You are one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen, and that was before you even took your clothes off. Now you’re even more so. I know this will be hard to believe, but I do think you’re even more beautiful than me!”

“Thanks for that last part,” Ayaka said, grinning after barking out a surprised laugh. “I really look all right?”

Isana rolled her eyes. “Gods, Ayaka, I don’t think I can even look away from you right now. When I said stunning, I was entirely serious. I want to touch you so bad that it almost hurts.”

“So what do we do now?” Ayaka asked, her face turning a little red as she instinctively tried to hide her hardening nipples with an arm. She seemed very pleased and excited by the compliments.

“We go out there,” Isana said, pointing at the closed door to the room. “Then we walk to the tub and climb in. Once we’re enjoying ourselves we’ll wait for the other two and then we’ll all enjoy the water together.”

“Sounds like a genius plan,” Ayaka smiled, looking Isana over again. “Hard to believe you’re only a decade older than me.”

“It’s an important decade,” Isana agreed with a grin. “Are you still nervous?”

“Not really,” Ayaka said after a thoughtful moment. “I think I’m more excited now than anything else.”

“Even about the sex stuff?” Isana asked.

Ayaka gave her a very amused smirk. “Isana, I’m fourteen years old. I can assure you that I’ve seriously thought about sex long before your revelation and have become well acquainted with my right hand.  Before today I had just assumed I’d end up fooling around with a boy someday, but after having thought about it since this morning, I think I like the idea of this better. I mean, I’m looking at you right now and wondering what it would be like for you to touch me. All I want now is for Karin and Sora to be okay with it too. I am totally fine with this.”

“Wow,” Isana was impressed. She’d been a lot younger than Ayaka her first time, but she’d also had a lot more time to think about it when her adoptive mother explained things. Yet here Ayaka was, admitting freely that she wanted to have sex with her too. “I’m convinced. Now let’s head back out there before they wonder what’s going on in here.”

“Okay,” Ayaka agreed, taking a deep breath again. After a moment of indecision, she held out an asking hand. Isana smiled wider and took it before she opened the door and they re-entered the solarium.  Twin intakes of breath greeted them from one of the couches where Karin and Sora sat. It appeared they had been waiting to see what Ayaka did first.

“See, it’s not bad at all,” Ayaka told them confidently, even though her grip on Isana’s hand was tight from nerves. She stood next to Isana and neither of them made a move to hide the choicer bits. “There’s nothing to get freaked out about.”

“Wow, Ayaka,” Karin said slowly after a moment of silence. “Did you know that you look really pretty with no clothes on?” Sora nodded her silent agreement with the statement. “I knew Isana was already, but you’re nice too.”

“Thanks, Karin,” Ayaka said happily, and shared a knowing smile with Isana. “Now you two go in there and change too. No more excuses.”

Karin and Sora exchanged a long glance, but it was Sora who answered. “Okay.” They then stood, entered the other room, and closed the door.

“I thought you said you were fine,” Isana teased, leading Ayaka over to the hot tub. “Step down close to the wall, there’s a shelf there for sitting on.”

“I thought I was,” Ayaka shrugged, smiling ruefully. She gingerly stepped into the water. Isana hadn’t let go of her hand yet, and Ayaka didn’t seem to want to either. Ayaka let out a pleased sigh as she stepped down to the bottom which made the water level just over her shoulders. After a moment, she rose up a little again as she found the seat and moved onto it. “God, this is nice! You weren’t kidding at all.”

“Indeed, it is very nice,” Isana agreed. She got in too and sat very close to Ayaka on the next seat to her left. After a moment of silence, Ayaka scooched a little until their arms were touching. Then they both shared another smile and laid back to wait.

A few minutes later they heard the door to the undressing room open. Ayaka started to turn around to look, but Isana put a hand on the girl’s thigh and shook her head with a small smile. Ayaka got the hint and stopped. She also made no move to object about the placement of Isana’s hand. A second later the smacks of bare feet sounded and the two younger girls came into view together.

Isana’s eyes widened and her hand gave Ayaka’s leg a soft squeeze. Karin had a beautiful, darkly tanned skin tone and her body was at just the beginning of adolescence. She is very skinny with the small speckles of scale spots everywhere.  Her tiny breasts were like halves of mandarin oranges with big, darker colored nipples. Karin stopped in front of them, on the other side of the tub, with her legs slightly spread and with her arms crossed, so she and Ayaka had a good view of her smooth, tightly closed pussy. Ayaka also seemed to like the view as much as she did because she was breathing faster again and Isana could feel her muscles tensing and releasing.

Sora followed Karin and was no less appealing. Her skin was a lighter tan than Karin’s, but it went very well with her silky, dark hair. She had no breasts to speak of yet, but Isana liked Sora’s very tiny nipples. Her butt had a very nice round shape that Isana had already sampled this morning and when she turned a little, they saw her pretty, almost hidden slit.

“You’re not so bad either, Karin,” Ayaka said, speaking first. She smirked and then addressed Sora. “And you’re very cute looking, Sora.”

“Really?” Karin asked, looking over herself and then Sora. “I thought she was cute too, but she didn’t believe me.”

“I don’t know if I want to be cute, though,” Sora complained.

“There’s nothing wrong with being cute,” Isana assured her, knowing her arousal would be noticed soon if this kept up. “I think you both have no reason at all to be ashamed of how you look. Now join Ayaka and me over here and get in.”

“Careful, Sora,” Ayaka said in warning. Her hand had settled onto Isana’s and was rubbing on it slowly. “It’s pretty deep in the middle, but there are seats around the sides.”

They made their way over and with just a little assistance from Karin and Isana; Sora climbed in on Isana’s other side and was seated.  Her eyes were wide from the sensation of hot, churning water all around her, but she seemed to like it. Karin just grinned and got in next to Sora.

“Nice, huh?” Isana asked proudly.

“Yeah!” Karin answered emphatically. They had to sit up straight in the seats to keep their heads above the water, but neither seemed bothered by that. Karin wiggled to get comfortable and then closed her eyes. “I feel good.”

“I like it too,” Sora agreed quickly, a smile on her face. “Can we use it a lot?”

“I use it at least four or five times a week,” Isana answered. “Sometimes I just don’t have time to laze about in here, but I do so when I can, especially at night. If I work a really long and hard day, I like to come here first when I get home to relax and unwind. It also helps calm me down whenever I’m upset about something.”

“Well, my legs certainly feel a lot better,” Ayaka said, smiling and giving Isana’s hand a pointed rub. Isana returned the expression and started to slowly run that hand up and down Ayaka’s leg. Ayaka’s smile widened and she leaned closer into Isana and closed her eyes.

For a while they all just sat in the nighttime silence and heat of the hot tub and just enjoyed it. All three girls had their eyes closed and Isana made a mental note to warn them about the dangers of actually falling asleep in the water if they were alone. Isana though had her eyes open and instead of feeling calm, she was terribly excited and almost painfully aroused. Ayaka had lain fully against her and their skin contact was enticing her greatly. She removed her hand from Isana’s thigh and smiled when the girl made a soft whine of disapproval. Ignoring that, she instead put the arm around the girl’s back and held her. Ayaka apparently liked this much better and put her head onto Isana’s shoulder with another pleased sigh.

“I think I like this very much,” Ayaka whispered softly a little later. Isana felt a small hand touch hesitantly onto her own leg. Then it began to rub like Isana had done to her. “We are so lucky to end up here with you.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Isana replied, just as softly. Sora and Karin didn’t appear to have overheard. Karin was softly humming and Sora seemed to know the tune because her head was bobbing slightly in time to the song. “I’m very glad you girls are here too. Do you mind if I start things soon?”

“Sure,” Ayaka shrugged slowly. “Just let me know when it’s time. Till then, I just want to lie against you like this for a while because it feels just as good as the water, maybe even better.”

Isana was more than pleased to let Ayaka enjoy herself.  Until now, she hadn’t realized just how alone she had truly been these last few years. The arrival of these girls however slammed home the fact that she had been fighting her nature and that had left a hole in her life. Now she had three wonderful people in her home.  The girl in her arms amazed her especially because not only had she accepted Isana’s nature, but had embraced it fully and returned her feelings.

“Thank you, Ayaka,” Isana whispered, briefly rubbing their cheeks. Ayaka sighed and returned the gesture.

“Isana, you’re the nicest person I’ve known in a long time,” Ayaka said. “I liked you as soon as I met you, and so did the other girls. You’re giving me the opportunity to become important in your and their lives. I should be the one thanking you.”

“What are you guys whispering about?” Karin asked sleepily. She still had her eyes closed. At the question though, Sora opened hers in curiosity.

Isana met Ayaka’s gaze and they both decided at the same time that they may as well get things over with. “Sorry, we didn’t want to disturb you guys. We were just talking about something I need to discuss with the both of you. Ayaka knows already, because we talked about it while you guys were in the shower this morning.”

“Is it something bad?” Sora asked worriedly.

“No, not at all,” Isana answered reassuringly. “It just has to do with the three of us being witches. Ayaka will be directly involved too, because she lives here with the three of us.”

“I knew you were hiding something,” Karin smirked at Ayaka. “So, why did you wait until now?”

“Because our current location and situation might help you understand a little better,” Isana said. “Now let me explain. You can feel free to ask questions. Understand?”

Heads nodded.

“Okay,” Isana said, unconsciously shifting her body as she began. “When a girl is a witch and especially when their power is awakening or is about to, there are changes that occur in that person. They are usually fairly subtle at first, as they are right now in you Karin.” Karin blinked at being mentioned, but stayed quiet. “Specifically, I’m talking your sex drives and related desires.”

“Our what?!” Karin said, surprised. Sora’s eyes were very wide.

“Sex drives, Karin,” Isana said, unable to suppress an amused smile. “Witches’ bodies and minds are slightly different from a base human. One major difference is that we tend to want sex quite a bit more. We are very easily aroused too. In addition to this, witches are almost always attracted only to other women and especially other witches. Many centuries ago, it was why women in villages would sneak off into the woods to meet with their covens. They desired each other’s company so they met secretly for sex and companionship. It’s also why you two have been feeling different lately.”

“Different?” Karin asked.

“Yes, different,” Ayaka interjected. “Karin, think about it. Why have you been hugging us so much lately? Why were you so entranced when you saw Isana naked this morning? Why did you stare so much when we came out naked just a bit ago?”

“Sora,” Isana said gently as Karin frowned and thought over Ayaka’s question. “Do you understand what it is I’m talking about?”

“I do,” Sora nodded. “I kind of know what sex is. I heard other girls talk about it. I’ve always thought girls were pretty.”

“What about when you’re around me or the girls now? What is it you want to do?”

“I really want to be around you guys all the time,” Sora answered. “It feels really nice when I touch you and I get hot inside.”

“That just means you’re feeling aroused,” Isana informed her with a smile. “When a girl is very attracted to someone and wants to do sex related things, she feels hot. I bet you also get wet between your legs.”

“Yeah!” Karin said, perking up at the same time that Sora nodded. “I feel all warm and gooey sometimes, like this morning when I was hugging Ayaka.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” Isana said, nodding to them. “But this is only the beginning for both of you. Witches tend to form very tight knit relationships with those they live with over time, and it is very likely we will now too. I’m warning you about this because I don’t want you to freak out.”

“Are you the same then?” Karin asked.

“Definitely,” Isana laughed. “I have a very high sex drive, even for a witch.”

“Then how come you live alone?” Sora said.

“Well, kind of like you guys, I was adopted when I was very young. I was only two, I think. But my magic awoke very early when I was only seven. At that time, the focus on my sexual attention was on my adoptive mother. She recognized the signs and until she died in an accident in town, she was my sole partner. After that,” Isana shrugged. “I’m not sure. I just never approached anyone or tried to seek new relationships.  For the last four years I took care of things by masturbating at least twice every day, and that took a bit of the edge off. I don’t know why I secluded myself, but it was after you guys came that I realized that I really have been terribly lonely. We witches thrive in the close company of others, and I didn’t have that. But now I do.”

“Okay,” Karin said slowly. “So what you’re saying is that pretty soon I’m going to want badly to do sex things with everyone?”

“Yes, and you too, Sora,” Isana answered. “So if you see me naked and it excites you, that’s perfectly fine and normal. I know it’s weird, but I think you’ll find that it’s actually very nice.”

“But what about Ayaka?” Sora asked, worried about her new sister.

“Ayaka and I have already talked it over and she doesn’t mind at all that you two and I are going to want to have sex with her,” Isana smiled and pulled a happily smiling Ayaka close again. “Even if she doesn’t want me to make her a witch too, she’ll be willing.”

“Wait a minute!” Ayaka turned a little and gazed with wide eyes at her. “You can make me a witch?”

“Oh, yes,” Isana grinned. “Most people can learn magic to some degree, and women become witches when they do. Natural witches like Karin and Sora have natural talent and strength, and they’ll use magic whether they want to or not. So if you want, I’d be willing to try and teach you as well. If you do, you’ll have the same strong urges we do.”

“I’d like that,” Ayaka replied eagerly. Then she smiled at her sisters. “Isana’s right, I’m not going to shove you away just because you feel like hugging me or more.”

“So it’s a good thing I feel this way?” Sora asked. Karin nodded as if to second the question.

“Yes,” Isana answered. “I want you to enjoy it too. So just take things at a pace you’re comfortable with.”

“Hee hee, cool,” Karin said, blushing a little and smiling. “It is weird, but I think I understand what you mean about feeling and acting differently. I just never noticed it before. Thanks for explaining it.”

“No problem,” Isana responded warmly. “Are you going to be okay too, Sora?”

“I think so,” Sora said slowly.

“Sora, just think of it to mean that we’ll be very close sisters,” Ayaka said. “Plus, you don’t have to do anything right away. Just think it over tonight, and I think you’ll see it as a good thing.”

“Yes,” Isana agreed. “Sleep on it, both of you. It’s bedtime anyway, and we’ll be all wrinkly if we stay in here much longer. We’ll talk about it again in the morning or whenever.”

“Okay,” Karin agreed. “But can we use this tub whenever we want now?”

“Yeah,” Sora grinned. “I like it a lot.”

“Of course you can,” Isana laughed. “The only rule is that you can’t be in it alone. I don’t want one of you falling asleep and drowning.”

“I think we can work with that rule,” Ayaka said, wriggling a bit. “A bed does sound pretty good right now. Let’s head upstairs, you guys.”

Ayaka moved away from Isana, a move that saddened them both a little, and then pulled up into a sitting position on the clay tiles of the floor as water cascaded down off of her body. She was still stunning in the moonlight and Isana watched amusedly as Karin and Sora stared at her. Isana followed Ayaka out, which spurred the other two on as well.

Dripping wet, they all made their way to the smaller room. As they went, eyes roamed freely. Now that everyone knew what was going on, it was as if everyone was testing out new waters yet again.  Once inside, Isana snagged one of the towels and before Ayaka could grab one as well, Isana stopped her in place and started to dry. Isana made sure to be quick and efficient, but she could tell Ayaka was really enjoying the physical attention.

“Sora, Karin, why don’t you guys help dry each other too?” Isana suggested with a smile. “I think you’ll like it.”

“You want to?” Karin asked, looking at Sora. In answer Sora went over, picked up a towel, and smiled. Karin raised her arms, and Sora started drying her off. Isana slowed her own work on Ayaka to more fully appreciate the feel of the girl. Once she was dry, Isana handed her the towel and they switched places.

Ayaka was hesitant at first when the towel touched Isana, but as her hands moved, she grew bolder. Isana even gave her a very wide smile when Ayaka dried off her breasts. Across from them, Sora was getting toweled by Karin and from the looks on their faces, they liked it immensely.

Once they were all dry, Isana gave each girl a fresh towel to go upstairs in, since putting on clothes seemed like a hassle at the moment. Then Isana sent them on ahead as she shut down the tub.

When she too made her way up to her bedroom, she wasn’t all that surprised to find Ayaka waiting for her there. Ayaka was still wrapped in her white towel, but it rode high enough that the round curve of her butt was plain to see because she was bent over and checking out the big bed. When she heard Isana close the bedroom door, Ayaka turned towards her with a small, nervous smile on her face. Isana approached her without speaking and gently cupped Ayaka’s face in her hands. Ayaka smiled wider and her fear lessened.

“You don’t have to rush this,” Isana told her, ignoring the hot wetness she felt running down her leg. Her body knew what it wanted, but she would deny it if Ayaka truly wasn’t ready.

“I know that,” Ayaka answered. “But I want to. I’m nervous because I’ve never done this before, but I really want to spend the night with you. I want you to be my first, but I’m not sure what to do.”

“What about the others?” Isana asked, breathing a little heavier now that she knew that Ayaka was okay with this.

“Karin asked Sora to sleep with her this time,” Ayaka answered with an amused smile. “I don’t think Karin is going to be doing anything like this, though. I think they’ll just sleep together naked.”

Isana looked into the deep wells within Ayaka’s eyes and saw both a growing love and a mirror of the same sexual hunger that burned inside her own body. Very slowly she leaned in, tilted Ayaka’s face a little, and kissed her. Isana kept the kiss soft and loving, and felt Ayaka’s hand come up onto her face as well. They kissed for a long time and Isana gradually increased the intensity.

Ayaka’s soft moan of pleasure filled her with unparalleled joy when it drifted to her ears. Isana moved her free hand down and slowly loosened Ayaka’s towel. Ayaka made no move or sound of protest and it dropped to the floor. Then Isana undid hers, and they were once again naked. In response, Ayaka pressed herself closer and their skin was hot.

Isana shuffled them towards the bed, but didn’t break the kiss. She rested one hand on Ayaka’s firm behind and began to squeeze and caress it. This brought more moans from the girl, then Isana let out one of her own as she felt Ayaka grab onto her ass. Once she had Ayaka’s legs against the bed, she finally removed her lips.

“Climb on,” Isana said softly.

Ayaka complied, moving to the middle and lying back onto the cushioning pile of blankets and such. Isana followed, crawling towards the girl. Ayaka watched her with desire on her face, then a small tear started to roll down a flushed cheek.

“What’s wrong?” Isana said, up on all fours over the girl. She leaned down and kissed the tear before it could fall, then continued to place kisses on Ayaka’s neck and up near her ear.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Ayaka said with a happy smile. “This just feels perfect. You took me and the others into your house, and it feels as if I’ve waited my whole life to come here. You’re making us a part of your life and I can see in everything you say and do that you really care. I know it’s silly to say this since I’ve only known you for two days, but I think I love you.”

“You’re not silly,” Isana said, rising up to look Ayaka in the eyes. “I told you and the others in the solarium, you have, all three of you, filled a hole I didn’t know I had. From now on we’re a family, and you are an important part of it. We’ll all live and grow together here.”

Isana leaned in again and, starting from her mouth, she began kissing her way down Ayaka. First she spent a little time nuzzling and licking at her neck. Then she went a little lower, kissing very lightly over the young girls’s chest, just above her tantalizing breasts. Ayaka’s breathing increased and a reddish, excited flush suffused her skin. They were both starting to sweat a little, but Isana thought it just made Ayaka even more appealing.

She kept up the teasing kisses for a while, going up and around each of the firm, youthful mounds. As she treated one, her hand would trace slowly and lightly over the other. Ayaka was squirming with need beneath her, but Isana wanted Ayaka’s first time with her to be special. So when she finally gave one of Ayaka’s rock-hard nipples a teasing flick with her tongue, the girl gasped and arched up to her with a hiss. As soon as she did this, Isana switched back to the teasing kisses.

She let Ayaka relax, and then went for the other nipple and took it into her mouth. Ayaka mewled in pleasure and Isana felt a small shudder pass through her own body. She had always liked sucking on a girl’s breasts, and Ayaka’s were heavenly.

They were both sweating a great deal more by now and Isana could smell Ayaka’s arousal on the air. That female musk was exciting and it made her mouth water. Her own pussy was like a leaking faucet.

Ayaka was in a sexual fog when Isana slowly kissed down her smooth stomach. Muscles twitched as she descended and Isana knew Ayaka was feeling every touch with pleasure. A glance upward showed the girl’s face with eyes closed. Ayaka’s small hands were clenched tight to the bed sheets.

When she reached Ayaka’s sparse patch of juice-soaked pubes, Isana nuzzled her face into it and inhaled. This excited both of them, and Isana knew it was time to finish the girl off.

Ayaka’s pussy was inflamed with demanding arousal and it glistened slightly in the moonlight coming from the window. The outer lips had parted slightly from the girl’s excitement and Isana smiled when she saw a hard, very aroused clit peeking out. A small wet spot was forming on the bed, just below the crack of Ayaka’s butt.

She kissed down through Ayaka’s pubes, wetting her face and moved to the side. First she licked slowly and deliberately around the sides of Ayaka’s pussy. Ayaka moaned and wriggled with need, but Isana was patient. She cleaned up all the delicious wetness she found with her tongue and worked her way toward Ayaka’s creamy center. She got a particularly pleasant response when her tongue grazed the cute pucker of Ayaka’s asshole. Ayaka shivered and Isana thought she might have had a small preliminary orgasm.

With her fingers and her mouth, she cleaned Ayaka’s soft, lower lips even as they got wet again. She let one finger rub in circles around the entrance to Ayaka’s questing pussy, then slowly sank it in. After a very short distance she encountered the girl’s hymen and withdrew. She continued the shallow thrusts, and Ayaka twisted her body and groaned loudly with need.

Isana smiled inwardly, knowing just how badly Ayaka wanted her release. So she moved slightly and sucked the girl’s tiny clit into her mouth with a firm suction and clamped with her lips. Ayaka’s entire body arched into a bridge as she came hard and Isana’s finger was suddenly trapped by a tightly clenching pussy. Then Ayaka dropped hard to the bed and Isana moved up quickly to take the girl into her arms. Ayaka’s arms wrapped tightly around her and the girl shuddered several times before she relaxed and lay limp, panting hard.

Knowing she was a bit hypersensitive at the moment, Isana gently trailed her fingers over Ayaka’s stomach and breasts. It soothed the girl, and she saw life returning. Isana leaned in again and kissed her lightly on her lips. Ayaka’s lips opened and their tongues played together.

“How was it?” Isana said softly when she withdrew again.

“So good that I don’t think I can move,” Ayaka smiled and giggled softly as they gazed at each other. “My whole body is still tingling. I know I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life.”

“Then I’m glad you enjoyed your first time,” Isana smiled. Her own pussy was practically quivering and she couldn’t help gently rubbing it into the bed sheets. “I’d hoped it would be special for you.”

“It was,” Ayaka grinned. Then she noticed Isana’s movements and Isana saw excitement bloom in those young eyes again. Isana stopped her humping of the bed and turned on her side next to the girl a little so Ayaka could see all of her again. Then Ayaka touched the wetness around her mouth that had come from Isana’s face and tasted her fingers. “Is this from me?”

“It is,” Isana nodded and wiped her own face with a hand.

Ayaka appeared thoughtful for a moment, and then she wriggled down the bed until her face was even with Isana’s crotch. Ayaka reached out, grabbed her by her ass and pulled in. Isana involuntarily wrapped her legs around Ayaka and moaned like an animal. Ayaka was clumsy and inexperienced, but that didn’t make her tongue any less pleasant. Isana stayed silent and let Ayaka do what she wanted. When Ayaka found her clit, Isana cried out harshly and realizing that this was the right spot, Ayaka’s tongue was merciless.

The first orgasm took Isana by surprise. It ripped out of her like a force of nature and still Ayaka continued. She wanted to tell her to stop and let her rest, but her mouth wouldn’t work right. All that came out her were mumbled half-words and groans. Then her second orgasm slammed home and it was like having an eruption between her legs.

When she came to and found herself panting on her back with Ayaka gently sucking on her right breast, Isana felt like she must have died. Her muscles had a pleasant soreness and she could feel a nice throbbing from her clit. She could feel wetness under her ass, and the more than pleasant warmth of Ayaka lying against her as she suckled.

“Are you awake?” Ayaka asked, releasing the nipple with a soft pop. She moved up and they kissed again. Isana could taste a little of herself there, but she didn’t mind at all. She just enfolded Ayaka in her arms.

“Thanks for that,” she said after a while.

“I liked doing it,” Ayaka grinned. “I might have been nervous about having sex earlier, but it feels amazing and it was just as fun touching you as it was being touched by you.” She used a hand and gently squeezed Isana’s right breast. “I also found out that I like sucking on these and playing with them. Mine felt awesome when you did them, too.”

“Well, since you live here now, and you’ve found that sex is fun and exciting, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for more of both,” Isana said, caressing an ear with a finger. Ayaka smiled at the touch and they moved closer again.

“It was exciting,” Ayaka confirmed. “I’m still excited, but it feels like I’ve been running for hours.”

“There’s no hurry, Ayaka,” Isana chuckled. “Neither of us is going anywhere. I won’t disappear if we go to sleep. I’m pretty sleepy myself. So let’s get under the sheets before we get cold.”

Ayaka agreed, and Isana found a place for them to wriggle under.  Once they were in place, Isana pulled Ayaka into her body and they spooned together. Ayaka settled down onto her pillow, enjoying the embrace, and Isana did the same behind her. It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

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