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Don’t Ask Me What Happened

  • Posted on June 3, 2020 at 6:10 pm

by Sheilamuffin

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2009}

My eight-year-old daughter comes into the bedroom. She is naked. She climbs on to my bed and straddles my face. And giggles.

Her slit is spread over my mouth, my nose pressed against her sweet little pucker. What should I do? What would you do?

No, I didn’t expect this. No, I didn’t put her up to it. Though I am a lesbian, there is no history of me doing sex things with my daughter.

Yes, I am aroused, The clean, sweet taste and smell of her, the lovely pink cleft of her bare vagina… I’d be crazy not to be aroused. But I am also amazed. The weirdest part was the giggle. Like she knew she was being naughty, and loved it. The way children take such pleasure from casual wickedness.

She wriggles, my darling Megan. I have made no move to push her off my face. I am supine, passive, awaiting outcomes. She wriggles, and I hear her girlish laughter again. I resist the temptation to explore her pretty little slit with my tongue.

But I want to. Despite myself. Despite my upbringing. Despite the terrifying taboos of pedophilia and incest.

“Mommy, please don’t be mad at me, okay?” she whispers.

You know those phrases in porn stories like “my cunt was on fire,” “I was dripping wet,” et cetera? Well, though I was more aroused than I could ever remember being, I can’t tell you about the state of my cunt right then… because my whole being was focused on the sweet hairless sex that was brushing my lips. I didn’t reply to Megan. I couldn’t. Surely if I so much as parted my lips, I would be kissing my eight-year-old daughter’s cunny.

“Becky dared me to.”

Oh. An explanation, then. Becky, my little girl’s best friend — same age, and already well aware of the effect sexy little girls had on certain twisted grown women — Becky had dared my Megan to sit on her mommy’s face. Well, there you are.

Megan continued to speak. “Becky and her mom do sex stuff, and she dared me to do something with you.”

I froze. Becky’s mom has sex with her daughter?

Megan’s voice fell to a soft murmur. “But it didn’t matter that she dared me to, Mommy. I… I kinda wanted to do this with you anyhow, after Becky told me about her mom.”

My heart was racing, sent into high speed by this bombshell. Megan wanted this, desired that I take her smooth, little-girl pussy into my mouth and pleasure her.

Which left me with a life-changing decision: should I have sex with my own daughter?

I knew what society would say… and pretty much everyone else I knew: absolutely not!

And yet. And yet.

Megan’s pussy is still positioned over my mouth, and I am finding it increasingly difficult not to give in to this sexual insanity that consumes me. To kiss that pretty little slit, to explore my child’s vagina with my tongue.

No. I have to resist. I push her away from me… not violently, but firmly.

“Mommy!” A cry of anguish. The sound of hurt feelings.

“Sorry, angel, but this is wrong.”

I take Megan in my arms and cuddle her, trying to reassure her that I love her. But not in that way.

She snuggles into me. The way little ones do. Nuzzling my breasts… then she was touching them with her hands, weighing their heft, teasing my aching nipples. Taking comfort from her mommy. Stealing my breath away.

I’m trembling from head to toe. Touch my breasts, you see, and I am lost in the most intense arousal. And Megan wasn’t just touching… she was making love to them. There was no other way to describe it.

“Sorry, Mommy,” she mumbles into my chest. “It was just a dare.” Her angel-soft lips brush my nipple, and it’s all I can do not to gasp.

Soothing words are needed here. Somehow, I summon them. “That’s all right, sweetie. Becky’s a very silly girl.”

More snuggling. “Mommy?”

“Yes, angel?”

“Mommy, I liked it… sitting up over your face. I — I kinda wish you had kissed me down there.” She pauses. “That’s what Becky’s mom does to her.”

Oh my God. This wasn’t going to go away. Because I had liked it, too. I wanted to know what it would be like to make a meal out of my daughter’s pretty pussy.

But the little angel on my left shoulder whispered: “No, it’s wrong!” To which the little demon on my right hissed: “Why? If you both enjoy it, what’s wrong?”

My cunt was on fire. I was dripping. I had to face the fact that I was totally aroused; madly in love. Megan was in my arms, naked, rubbing her face against my breasts, and I was responding naturally.

I am unable to keep the words from escaping my trembling lips. “That’s okay, sweetie… I liked it too.”

I did not just say that… okay, actually I did.

Come on, Sheila, I say to myself, think about what you’re getting yourself into here!

Incest. Lesbian incest with a child of eight.

“Mommy, are you okay? You’re breathing funny. You aren’t sick, are you?”

Sick? No. But yes. Well, hell, who knows? Love is love.

“No, I’m fine, baby. Come here, give Mommy a cuddle.”

And that was it. What do they call it — crossing the Rubicon?

No way out now. Megan’s naked body is pressed against mine, never mind the size difference, everything touching everything. Our lips meet in a kiss — clumsy, yes, but it’s also the sweetest kiss I’ve ever experienced. No tongues, just lips. Tongues come later.

No, you don’t want to know what happened next. You don’t get involved with this kind of stuff. Do you? DO you? You do? Well, I am happy to know that I’m not the only one, not the only mother who got into lovemaking with her underage daughter.

I hate those detailed descriptions you get in porn stories, you know, all that stuff about tongues probing and fingers probing and endless licking and flowing and orgasms like Niagara. It isn’t like that. It’s more like a dream, a stream that flows over you, sometimes rapids that make you breathless. But what you remember afterwards, and forever, is how you lost track of time. It’s as if the kissing and the touching and the probing tongues in mouth and pussy combine to make you lose track of your existence on the planet.

Sorry, but if you’ve never spent hours making love to an enthusiastic and responsive eight-year old, I can’t explain it to you any better than that. The fact that Megan is also my own child only makes my sin all the sweeter. Me and my daughter, against the whole damned world.


I am cradling my angel in my arms. My lips and chin are wet with her essence. We are both exhausted — stunned, even, by what we have done together. Megan can still speak. I can hardly breathe.

“Mommy, I love you.”

My little Megan means it, too, but in a whole new way. And I love my daughter like I never thought possible. It’s possible, though. Believe me.

The End


The Mark of a Good Babysitter

  • Posted on May 5, 2020 at 5:23 pm

By Honey West

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2006 }

So there I was, hanging from the fourth-floor balcony by my fingertips, and as my life flashed before my eyes, I was thinking, Maybe I should have had more sex before I died.

Okay, it sounds dramatic and cliched, I know. But I was hanging from this ledge, and the one thing I wanted to do before falling to my death was to throttle the little brat that got me in this fix.

My name is Stevie, by the way, and at that moment I was supposed to be babysitting.

The Carlsons live in the fourth-floor flat of this rather nice apartment complex. I live in the neighborhood nearby, and while school is out, once or twice a week I come and watch little three-year-old Amanda for the afternoon while Mrs. Carlson attends “charity events.” Like hell she does. What she’s really up to is getting royally laid by her lover or boyfriend or whatever.

Like clockwork, she’ll get home in time to pay for my services (rather well, actually), and push me out the door so she can change back into her oh-I’ve-been-working-all-day-around-the-apartment clothes before her husband gets home. She asks me to keep mum about her afternoons, so she doesn’t get simply inundated with requests to do community work. Yeah, right.

I’m sixteen and, if I do say so, well developed for my age. My boobs aren’t as big as my mom’s or Mrs. Carlson’s, but they do get envious looks from the girls in my class, and cause a distraction to the store managers as I ask if they’re hiring. They aren’t, incidentally, and that’s why I’m still earning money babysitting.)

I’ve gone through enough heavy petting and experimentation with boys to realize that I’m gay. To confirm this, I’ve been licking the pussy of my best friend Joanne for about six months now. We’re still rather new at it, and have to keep our sex games a secret — which isn’t easy, seeing as we’re constantly surrounded by family and friends. Luckily, my babysitting assignments sometimes give Joanne and me the privacy that we need to further explore the joys of lesbianism.

Sitting for little Amanda, though, is not one of those opportunities. In fact, this three-year-old monster is more like a walking advertisement for Ritalin. She’s constantly on the move, and always up to mischief if you don’t stay alert.

It was getting late, and Amanda’s mom would be home soon. Earlier that afternoon, as I settled her in front of some cartoons, I got a call on my cell phone from Mrs. Booker. They would not be going out tonight after all, and didn’t require my services. Damn! The Bookers had a baby that just needed occasional changing and minimal watching, so Joanne and I were planning on getting naked on their living room rug. Well, screw that plan. Still, that meant I had the night free. Maybe we could go to the movies and try something there.

As I tried to call Joanne, my cell phone started signaling that the battery was dying. The stupid phone usually went pretty quickly once the beeping began, so I knew I’d have a shot at maybe one quick call. I stepped out on the balcony to get a better reception, and that’s when it happened. As Joanne’s answering service kicked in, I heard the sliding door shut behind me and turned to see Amanda hit the switch. The little brat had just locked me out on the balcony!

“Amanda! Unlock this door!” I yelled.

She was giggling silently at me as I screamed at her. I knew she couldn’t hear me. The building faced a bunch of trees, but beyond that was a busy highway, so the glass doors and windows were made extra thick and soundproof. She could probably guess some of the obscenities I was hurling at her and did a triumphant little dance in front of me. I frantically motioned for her to unlock the door, hoping that she understood the seriousness of the situation. Instead, the little bitch went back to her stool in front of the TV and sat, calmly watching her cartoons! Ooohh! When I get my hands on her–

I looked at my watch. Holy shit, Mrs. Carlson will be home soon! How’s this gonna look — a three-year-old child with free rein of the house and me locked out on the porch?

I told myself not to panic, that the mark of a good babysitter is the ability to think through any emergency. I was pretty sure that the front door was unlocked. Call Joanne and see if she can rush over here. Shit! The cell phone was now officially dead. Okay, now I could panic. I pounded on the glass desperately, but Amanda chose to pretend I wasn’t there. I pounded some more. She got up, came over and drew the curtains closed! Aargh!

I looked around. The apartment was in the middle of an L-shaped building so I couldn’t see the balconies on either side. The only thing to do was drop down to the third-floor porch and hope that somebody was home or their door wasn’t locked.

It seemed like an easy plan, until I actually started dangling from the bars of the balcony. It was then that I started to consider just how much distance there was from one floor to another, and I didn’t seem to have the strength to pull myself back up. That’s it, I thought. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna fall three stories and I never got to say goodbye to Joanne — or kill the kid, for that matter.

I held my breath and swung my body back and forth. I let go when I thought my momentum was forward but miscalculated and my feet dropped right on the railing. Swinging my arms like windmills to keep from falling back I went face down onto a patio chair and hugged it like a friend. All right! Now I got to kill Amanda.

I sat in the chair for a moment. I’m not sure who lived below the Carlsons and it got me thinking: Be careful, you don’t want to scare some little old lady to death. The curtain was about three-quarters closed but I could see that a TV set was on inside. I cupped my hands to look in, and as my eyes adjusted they made out two little figures on the far couch.

Two little girls. Small frames. Maybe eight, maybe nine years old. One slim, waif-like girl with long blonde hair, holding what was obviously a toy doctor’s bag. The other girl had dark, shorter hair and was a little stockier. The nurse was wearing pants and a t-shirt, the stocky one wore a summer dress. As the slimmer child put on her red plastic stethoscope, the other one stood on the couch and bent over, pulling her dress up around her waist to reveal her white-pantied backside.

The thin girl pretended she was listening to something through the other’s bottom, moving the stethoscope around. I watched in fascination as the ‘nurse’ pulled her ‘patient’s’ panties down to her knees and began to probe around those smooth white globes. I couldn’t see the other girl’s face; she was patiently bent over with her ass in the air as her friend parted her cheeks to look at her little brown rosebud.

The thick patio glass took away some of the detail I was aching for, but I could see her bare, pouting pussy as the nurse drew closer to the area for a curious sniff. She ignored her medical equipment at that point and pushed her finger around and between the other girl’s cunt lips, then brought it to her nose.

At that point, I must’ve tapped my forehead against the glass. The nurse girl turned and saw me, and I knew right then that I had to act fast. I pulled on the sliding door and entered. Thank God it was unlocked!

The girls, understandably, screamed out. The stocky one fell forward as she hiked her panties back up. They both clambered together into the corner of the couch, frightened. Trying to calm them down as quickly as possible, I opted for an authoritative bearing.

“Stop it!” I commanded “You’re safe. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I went through a string of assurances that probably would have been more reassuring if I hadn’t been peeking through their third-story window. Using my best babysitting skills, though, I managed to calm them down a bit. Anyhow, I’m sure they felt as awkward at being caught playing Doctor as I felt being Voyeur.

“I’m Stevie,” I told them.

The girls glanced at each other. “I’m Beth,” the slender one said, “and this is Becky.”

“Pleased to meet you both. Now, why aren’t your parents home?”

The kids were quiet for a moment. Then Becky spoke up, “What makes you think they’re not home?”

“Because, silly, you wouldn’t be playing Doctor in the middle of the living room if they were within a mile of here.”

Beth started to speak. Becky tried to shush her, but I silenced her with a shake of the head.

“Our moms are at work, and we have to take care of ourselves. And…if we want to keep this nice place, well we have to be very fur… fru…”

“Frugal,” Becky offered quietly.

Frugal, and… well, my mom and her mom are working really hard, and if we can just behave ourselves for a few months we’ll be able to have money and go to real nice schools and… and…”

“Be a family,” Becky said quietly.

“And be a family!” Suddenly there was panic in her voice. “Please don’t tell anybody we’re here alone! It’s only for three nights a week!”

“Calm down, it’s okay,” I cut her off as I looked around. The apartment wasn’t stocked like the others in the complex. It was sparse. Two couches, entertainment center and TV along with a dining room table. But everything was neat and clean. And there were toys and dolls for the kids and educational primers on the table. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to slap or hug these women. Didn’t know them well enough, I guess.

Suddenly I could hear footsteps in the hallway. I ran up and put my ear to the door and was relieved to hear someone enter a neighboring apartment on this floor.

I turned back to the girls. “Okay, kids, listen carefully. I’m not going to tell anyone you’re home alone, got that? Now you have to promise not to tell anyone I was peeking through your window, deal? Good. Now, what time do your moms get home?”

Becky froze. Beth was also thinking the same thing. “They get off from their job at the restaurant at ten. Are you going to tell them…?”

I smiled. “How am I gonna tell what you two were doing if I wasn’t here? I just want to make sure you two will be okay on your own.”

“We always are,” Beth said with a bit of pride.

My mind was racing. There was a demon toddler upstairs doing God knows what, and I knew that my coming in the balcony like I just had and racing out the door like I was just about to must have seemed totally unreal to these kids. Well, it would certainly be a moment to remember.

I don’t know what made me so bold at that moment. I thought I might give the girls a quick hug before I left, but as they just stood there I reached out and took Beth’s hand, brought it up to my nose and found the scent of Becky on her finger. I sucked it into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, then smiled. “Mmm, very tasty.”

Their mouths were still hanging open as I left.

I ran upstairs. Thank God the door was unlocked. The first thing I saw was the stove. The little monster had turned on all four gas stoves and the kitchen was getting hot. After turning them off I hunted down Amanda and found her on the balcony, looking down — to see if I had jumped off, I guess.

She tried to run past me but I caught her arm, brought her to the couch and proceeded to give her the spanking she deserved. Her mother had told me in no uncertain terms that Amanda was to be spanked when she was bad.

Mrs. Carlson entered as I was administering the last few smacks.

“Bad night?” she grinned.

I let the child go, and she went screaming into her bedroom. “Sorry, Mrs. Carlson, but she locked me out on the balcony.”

She shook her head. “No need to apologize, Stevie. You did the right thing.”

Mrs. Carlson had a dazed, contented look on her face. That must have been some damn good loving she had. She looked at her watch and frowned, then picked through her purse to hand me my fee. When I took the money, I could tell that she reeked of sex.

She rushed me out the door. “Thank you, Stevie. See you next week.” I knew she was in a hurry to get into the shower.

In the hallway I saw that she’d given me twice what she usually paid, decided that she meant to do that and hopped down the stairs. I stopped for a moment outside Beth and Becky’s door, not sure why, and was about to keep going when the door popped open. The girls came out just as I was starting down the stairs. I paused in mid-step.

Finally, Beth spoke. “You’re a babysitter, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. So?”

She whispered to Becky, who nodded her head eagerly to whatever Beth said… and she reached into the pocket of her pants, took something out, and poked at it. Then she smiled up at me and held out what seemed to be three crumpled dollar bills and some change.

“Can you… can you babysit us?”

Oh, for crying out loud. Here this kid was standing with Disney doe eyes and what had to be her life’s savings, and all I wanted to do was to hook up with Joanne and do nasty things to her. I saw Becky peeking shyly at me, her toe scuffing the carpet. I studied Beth as he stood there with her arm stretched out offering the ball of green; I felt like I could put her in my shirt pocket and carry her around.

I knew inside I was thinking of talking to their mothers, maybe offer them a budget deal on babysitting or something. No promises. School would be starting soon, anyway. It wasn’t really my concern. It’s just that I didn’t like the idea of these two being unsupervised… oh, hell.

I took the money, walked into the apartment, then laid the bills and change down on the table, feeling pissed off and proud of myself at the same time. I wasn’t sure why.

The little imps — both ten, it turns out — stood together with excited looks and nervous giggles. They were lovely creatures, I had to admit it.

“Okay, I can’t stay the whole time… and I probably shouldn’t meet your moms this way. So let’s keep this a secret between us, okay?” They both nodded. “Now, what about dinner?”

Becky, it seems, was in charge here. “Take the dish from the fridge. Leave the foil on tight. Bake at 375 degrees for forty-five minutes. Take the foil off, CAREFULLY! Bake for another ten minutes. Microwave the corn that’s in the orange Tupperware. We get one piece of toast each and milk, not soda.”

“Becky washes, I dry,” Beth intoned, “Bath is at seven. We take turns and clean ourselves up good. Don’t leave a mess in the bathroom. We can stay up till nine.”

“Jeez, I’m impressed. What the heck do you need me for?”

“Company!” they chimed.

The meal went well, and I found I was enjoying myself. I called Joanne and told her another job had come up, but we would not be able to get together tonight. One of the moms called to make sure all was well, and the girls, as instructed, didn’t mention me. As the tykes methodically went through their dishwashing ritual, I sat, sipped a soda, and watched their little butts scurry about the kitchen.

The image of Becky’s bare bottom preyed on my mind, and I soon came to realize that the girls were viewing me pretty much the same way. At the dinner table, they kept stealing glances at my boobs through the concert t-shirt I wore, smiling secretly at each other.

Soon we were sitting on the couch, where I kicked off my shoes and got the lowdown from the girls about their moms.

“Her mom and my mom moved in together two months ago,” Beth told me matter-of-factly, “Becky is my new sister.”

“They lost all their money when Beth’s dad left.” Becky volunteered, “but now we’re together, and we’ll be just fine.”

Beth leaned forward and whispered, “Our moms are gay, but they don’t want us to know that.”

“Yeah,” Becky said, “so we pretend we don’t know!” They both broke into giggles.

I had to admit these tykes were growing on me. I’d never had a sister and loved the thought of suddenly acquiring two. It turned quiet for a moment. I became conscious of the fact that I had a girl sitting on each side of me and that they were staring at me intently, as if I was about to say Important Things. I could feel the heat of their bodies as they sat close to me.

“Thank you for not telling on us.” Beth piped up. “Um, you know.”

I looked down at Becky and her soft round face blushed. Despite her slight chunkiness, she was very pretty with small doll-like features that I could tell would evolve into Linda Ronstadt-like beauty. Beth had a natural loveliness, that wholesome All-American girl look. I felt my body starting to tingle as they sat closer, almost leaning into me. I could feel their eyes regularly shifting to my chest when they could.

I cleared my throat. “So. How long have you two been, you know, playing Doctor?”

They both blushed and looked down, then glanced at each other and smiled like secret lovers. “Yesterday.” Beth confessed, “And then today.”

“It was last night!” Becky lost her shyness for a moment, then turned quiet. “We, um, found a magazine in Mom’s drawer.”

Lesbian stuff.” Beth took over, “It was a little while before our moms came home, so we had to pretend to be asleep. But we looked at the pictures, then we looked in the mirror and we looked at each other and…” She smiled shyly, making a cute face.

I couldn’t keep from smiling. “And did you like what you saw?”

Beth grinned sheepishly and nodded. “Only… the pictures were of women and they had, like, hair and … boobs. And we know we’ll have that stuff when we grow up and all, but we… well we thought the pictures were really good and, um…”

“Can we see your boobs?” Becky blurted out. She then clapped her hands over her mouth, in shock at her own bluntness.

“Becky!” Beth hissed. Obviously, this subject was not supposed to be broached so soon.

I laughed out loud. It was an honest laugh. As a typical Cynical Teenager, I realized that I didn’t laugh like that too often. The girls, taking it wrongly, looked disheartened.

I hastened to reassure them. “Honestly, ladies, I’m quite flattered. Really, I am. But don’t you — I mean, haven’t you seen your moms’ boobs? Like, when they get dressed?”

“They don’t want us to know they’re gay, so I guess they don’t want us to see them naked, either,” Becky said as if that explained it all.

“Besides,” Beth said, “my mom doesn’t really have big ones. Neither does Becky’s.”

“Not as big as yours, anyways!” Becky exclaimed. She glanced at my chest, her eyes widened for a second, and then she nervously looked up at me, clearly flustered by what she’d seen. When I heard a small gasp from Beth, I looked down to see that my nipples had hardened, and were quite visible through my t-shirt. I was wearing my sexiest bra, one that didn’t conceal much.

Now I blushed and smiled. This world on the couch was now feeling closer and cozier.

Okay, let’s face it. I had now taken a hard left into Horny. And the thing is, I knew I was feeling something both familiar and strange at the same time while I hung out with these kids. Being a lesbian was nothing new to me, but this sudden sexual attraction I felt for these two cute little pixies, that blew my mind. I knew then that the oddness I’d been feeling was an urge to run my hands over their little-girl bodies.

I needed time to think about this. Three, maybe five minutes.

“Umm, Isn’t it time for your baths?”

“No, it’s early — OOWW!” Beth had kicked Becky’s shin.

“Actually, it is time for our baths,” Beth declared while Becky gave her a dirty look. We’ll go start the water.” The girls jumped up and ran to the hallway, stopped and turned to wait for me to follow them. I did.

The bathroom was spotless. It was also warm. The room was dotted with little fishes on the wall, and colorful Barbie bath products sat about the place. A thick long rug seemed to invite my bare feet to test its plushness. As the tub filled, Becky swished her hand through the water to check the temperature.

The sight of these little ones standing in front of a tub filled with steaming hot water made my heart melt like a snowball in an oven. Becky was still wearing her dress, Beth had her jeans on but had taken off her top and was modestly holding it over her flat chest. They were waiting for me to decide what would happen next.

I shut the bathroom door, pushed the lock in, and walked over to the toilet. I closed the lid and sat down, letting the humid warm vapors of the bathwater intoxicate me. I held out my arms and drew the young ones close to me, one girl, on either side. My hands began caressing their backs and Beth’s bare skin felt like velvet.

I looked into their faces, so entranced by their soft, young lips that I almost faltered in trying to sound serious. “Now you know we can’t tell anyone about this, right?”

“We know.” the girls said simultaneously and I felt strangely safe with this. I plucked Beth’s shirt from her hands and delighted at her flat chest and the puffy pink gumdrops that were her nipples. I playfully put my fingertips to each one and they grew into even bigger puffy pink gumdrops. Her body gave a shiver, and she giggled nervously. I remembered from experience that in playing ‘Doctor’ the emphasis was on exploration of the genitals. I figured I’d start these angels on what I always found erogenous.

“Watch this,” I winked to Becky and, like a vampire, descended on Beth’s nipple and heard her cry out ‘ohhh’ when my lips surrounded her mushroom bud. It felt rather strange not to feel my face push into a pillowy tit like my girlfriend’s. I wondered if the child was enjoying this, then I felt her arms wrap gently around my head, cradling me closer to her chest. I released her nipple with a loud pop, then chuckled at her expression of dazed arousal.

Becky had been watching with rapt curiosity and a bit of jealousy, so I reached under my shirt and unsnapped the front of my bra, took her hand and placed it on my bare breast. She glided her small hands over my boob as if shaping it, stopping to feel the hard nipple. Beth took charge of the other one and I sat back, marveling at two seven-year-olds feeling me up.

I could feel my pussy throbbing as their curious fingers molded and kneaded my sensitive orbs, each girl exploring me in her own way. They squealed with glee when I pulled my top off and really went to town, feeling the bottom swell of my breasts and tweaking the pointy tips. Feeling increasingly lightheaded, I began to stroke the girls’ hair and arms.

“That feels wonderful, ladies.” I could tell they loved it when I called them that. “Tell me, do you ever make yourselves feel good at night?”

Becky was on her knees, her face just inches from my swollen nipple. She paused at the question.

Beth replied first, though. “She wants to know if you come, Becky. Remember? Like I told you.” She looked at me and proudly said, “I can arggasm! Becky can’t, not yet. She told me.”

“I can too!” Becky said with an uncertain air. “I think.”

“Of course you can, honey,” I assured her, between gasps as Beth had decided to bury her face in my breasts. My, this child had potential. “You probably already have, you just haven’t given it your full attention yet. Now do me a favor and suck that nipple and I’ll show you what it’s like.”

I was feverishly horny as I popped my jeans and shoved a hand inside my panties. I was ready for a quick ‘arggasm’ and with two children suckling me I came as soon as my finger flipped across my clit. I tried to keep it reserved, so as not to scare the girls, but my body convulsed and shuddered as I came in for a landing.

When I refocused, both girls were watching me, their mouths agape. “Wow,” Beth said, eyes wide and grinning. I suspected that she hadn’t learned to come like that just yet.

“Are you okay?” Becky asked.

I guess I had that lazy smile that comes from a good explosion. “I’m wonderful, Becky. And I owe it all to you two.” They looked at each other and smiled proudly when I said that.

I pulled my hand out of my pants and absentmindedly twirled my gooey fingertip around the tip of my breast. It’s something I’ve always done, I guess. I was about to make a new suggestion when Beth lunged forward and suckled me anew, tasting the pussy juice I had traced on my nipple. Becky watched as I sucked the remaining honey from my finger, and I thrilled at the realization that I was about to do some serious teaching here.

Reaching around, I began gripping and groping the girls’ backsides through their clothes. It was an amazing sensation. It felt like I could grab Beth’s whole bottom in one hand, she was so petite. Becky had a bit more flesh to her and her thin dress allowed me to move her pliant cheeks about, gently squeezing her buns.

It was when they stripped completely that I knew that I was now a card-carrying member of the girl-lover’s club. Their flat boyish bodies, devoid of hips and beautifully smooth; the pink round nipples and, of course, those lovely soft-looking slits, each filling me with a longing to part those sweet lips for a peek at the treasures inside.

Slow down, I thought, let’s see what the girls think when I get naked. “Why don’t you finish undressing me?” I said.

They eagerly pulled off my pants and panties, then began to explore my bare body. I stood with my hands on my hips, legs apart as they explored every nook and cranny below my waist. They ‘oohed’ as they ran their fingers through my pubes. I noticed they were very much into scents as they sniffed around my pussy and ass.

Each took turns spreading my cunt-lips and cheeks and putting their noses up close to draw in my honey-laced muskiness. Oh, how I wanted them to push their tongues into me but I knew that, despite what they’d seen in a lesbian mag, I would have to lead by example.

First, I showed them how to kiss. I kissed Beth’s tender lips and, after some light pressing, let my tongue slip into her cool mouth. I could hear her sigh as I did this. When we broke apart, I suggested that she try that with her new sister. Soon she was kissing Becky with an affection that warmed my heart. I fought very hard not to finger myself while I watched.

As Becky laid back on the soft rug, I positioned myself over her as if doing a push-up. She giggled in anticipation as I lowered myself slowly, my boobs settling on her boyish chest. I let my body cover her as I kissed her mouth and then nibbled my way down her small frame. She got ticklish around her belly-button, which I tongued to her delight, but grew silent as I neared her hairless pussy.

As I gazed at the smooth crack, I could smell her little-girl perfume — and I swear, it was getting me high. Beth had crouched down and her face was inches from mine, watching every move I made. I reverently peeled Becky’s lips apart and my eyes and nose savored the pink flesh and sweet aroma of this lovely nude cherub.

She was delicious, to say the least. She gave a surprised sound as my tongue snaked into her tight hole with a circular, scooping motion, then moved up to her little bud, which I suckled gently, lost in this child’s body as I held her ass cheeks in my hands and feasted away.

I stopped and turned to Beth, who didn’t realize her tongue was protruding from her mouth as she watched me. “Take care of Becky’s nipples, sweetie. Both of them. It’s what sisters do.”

She did. I lapped away as I saw Beth’s baby-doll lips encircle her new sister’s nipple as she tweaked the other one with appropriately petite fingers. Soon Becky was panting and moaning. She started to draw her legs up so I helped her along and held them high, my mouth glued to her bald cunt. This exposed her little rosebud to me, and I just had to taste her there. I felt her wrinkled hole tighten as my lips gave it a puckered kiss. Concentrating on her slit, I nonetheless kept licking her anus when I was in the neighborhood, feeling it flex open and shut with every swipe of my tongue.

Her gasps became fast and furious as I ran my tongue back and forth, from her ass to her pussy. At one point I wrapped my lips around her clit and held it there, flicking it furiously with my tongue. Little Becky’s body began shaking and shuddering to the point that, as she climaxed, I think she peed a little into my mouth.

When I looked up, my chin was soaked with her juices and Becky had a flush of red across her chest as she lay there panting. Beth was stroking her face gently and looking at me, half-waiting for assurance that her sister was fine.

“Now that,” I said with a grin, “was a real arggasm.”

Beth insisted that it was her turn next, and that was the way the evening went. To prevent sibling rivalry, I gave equal attention to both girls; licking one and then the other, making sure they came the same amount of times. They would take turns with my body, exploring and examining, asking questions while licking my pussy.

I came two more times for them. Once, doing what I did the first time, only without my pants obstructing the view. They delighted in licking my juices from that one. The second one was probably a little odd to them; in my horny state I rubbed my slick wet cunt lips on Becky’s buns, humping her until I came again.

I was just getting started on the fine art of sixty-nining when I checked my watch. Damn. There was so much I wanted to do with these little imps, and the time had passed so quickly. I knew they needed time to get the bathroom and themselves cleaned up, so I reluctantly called things to a halt.

We soaked in the tub for about fifteen minutes, caressing and teasing each other, then I climbed out and got dressed. I guess I expected the girls to protest my having to leave, but they were in a state of dreamy exhaustion. We wiped the bathroom spotless, and I poured some bubble-gum bubble bath in the tub before pulling the shower curtain closed, to help cover up any tell-tale sex smells.

I told the girls to get ready for bed before I left, and they came back in lovely pink pajamas.

At the door, I asked if they would like to see me again and they lit up “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It blew me away. I was in love with these girls.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll figure out how to approach your moms and offer them a deal. I’m sure they don’t have this kind of schedule every night, right? Well, we’ll do what we can.”

The girls gleefully clapped and cheered. I made another attempt to make sure that they both understood the importance of keeping this a secret, but the kids frowned at me for even trying. I guess I knew that they could be trusted.

I knelt down and hugged them both. Sweet things, I could tell they were going to sleep soundly that night.

“Tell me, ladies… are you sure your moms never give you your baths?”

“Nope. Never,” Becky said.

“We always wash ourselves,” Beth stated.

“Good. Turn around. Both of you. And bend over.”

They looked at each but did so and I pulled Beth’s pajamas down and pulled her cheeks apart, gave her little rosebud a kiss and then a quick hard suck just to the side of it. I did the same to Becky and pulled their pants back up. Beth still had a look of surprise. The hickeys were light and would be gone in a few days, but they would be visible to the two ten-year-olds until then.

“What was that?” Becky asked, smiling with a tinge of embarrassment as she rubbed her butt.

“That, ladies, is the mark of a good babysitter.”

The End




  • Posted on January 11, 2020 at 4:13 pm

by A.P. Gilmore

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2008 }

When it happened, it was a hell of a shock. It started with a loud noise from above, we felt ourselves falling, then everything stopped with a loud screech. There we were, my daughter Sophie and me, trapped in the elevator.

I had taken my daughter with me to work, intending to stop there on our way to the mall. Sophie needed some new clothes, and as I hadn’t had enough real quality time with her in awhile, I took the day off and made plans to take her shopping. But the office called up to ask me to sign some crucial documents, so I had to go in for a few minutes, bringing my daughter with me so we could head straight for the mall afterwards. I worked on the 27th floor of a building in San Francisco, a litigator for a very old and successful law firm.

We’d been there for about ten minutes while Sophie sat at my desk, surfing the net on my computer… then we left, ready for a nice lunch together.

We were in the elevator and heading down to the lobby when somewhere near the ninth floor a mighty shudder hit. I instantly knew that we were in the midst of an earthquake. Suddenly we were plummeting, and Sophie and I were screaming in terror.

We dropped nearly to the bottom before the emergency brakes kicked in, bringing us to a screeching halt that made my ears ring.

“Mom, what happened?” she cried. We’d both been thrown to the floor. I held Sophie close to me, and even though I had relaxed a bit, my daughter was squeezing me with all her strength. The emergency lights were on, so at least we weren’t trapped in the dark.

“I think that was an earthquake… must have been pretty big, too, to cause the elevator to fall like it did.”

“Are we g-going to die?” Her voice was small, fearful.

“Sophie, I won’t lie to you… we’re in a jam, but I have to believe that once people realize we’re missing, they’ll figure out where we are and find us. But… with everything that might have happened, people might be too busy to help others at the moment.  So try to stay calm. I know it will be difficult, but let’s be strong for each other. Okay?”

It was a lot to ask of a fourteen-year-old, but she finally nodded in agreement. “Okay, Mom. I — I’ll try not to be so scared.”

“So maybe while we wait, we should just talk — to take our minds off things,” I murmured.

“Okay, what should we talk about?”

“Anything… let’s start with school, how are things going with you? What’s new?”

Sophie shrugged. “Oh, nothing much. Melissa has a new boyfriend.”

“Hmm. Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Mom, don’t ask me that, it’s embarrassing.”

I frowned. This wouldn’t do — I wanted my daughter to feel like she could talk to me about these kinds of things.

Suddenly, I got an idea. “Imagine there is a book in my hand,” I told her.

She seemed confused, but nodded. “O-okay. So… what book is it?”

“It’s the invisible book of rules about what moms and their kids aren’t supposed to talk about with one another. While we’re stuck in here, honey, I’m going to throw the book away. So until we are rescued, we can talk about anything, and we both should answer honestly. Whatever happens in this lift, stays in this lift. Okay, Sophie?”

“Okay, Mom. Um, I haven’t got a boyfriend, ’cause the boy I liked is going out with Melissa.”

“That’s a shame, honey. Anybody else you like?”

“Not really… I’m just not into boys that much. Most of ‘em are pretty dumb. Maybe I should wait a few years.”

“Life is too short to wait for things to happen, though. It’s awful if, years later, you regret not trying to get what you want.”

“So… do you regret anything that way?”

I took a deep breath, nodded and spoke. “Claire Armstrong.”

“Who is Claire Armstrong?”

“When I was going to college before I met your father, Claire was my roommate… and my best friend.”

“So what do you regret about her?”

I took another deep breath. “Never telling her I loved her, that I wanted to have sex with her.”

Her eyes went wide. “You mean like… boy and girl sex?”

“Yes, sort of, but… well, you know how sex can be enjoyed by two people of the same sex, like a woman with another woman, right? That’s what I wanted with Claire.”

“So, you really were in love with her?”

“Yes, very much. We’d known each other for about six months when I realized I liked her as more than a friend… much more. I wanted to at least talk to her about my feelings, but, well… she had a boyfriend and I never got the chance to say anything. Then I met your dad, not long after that. We got married, and I never saw Claire again.”

“Hmmm. Is that your only regret?”

“Not really, but it has been on my mind for years.” I paused, lost in thought. Deciding to be completely honest with Sophie, I added, “I often think about what it would be like… to make love with a woman. Just to see if I’d enjoy it.”

“That’s really sweet, Mom. Maybe when we get out of here, you could find Claire and tell her how you feel.”


She nibbled at her lower lip for a moment, then spoke. “I had a dream like that… about, um, being with Melissa, not so long ago. I was kissing her and… and stuff.”

I was intrigued, especially after what I had just told her — and, truth be told, a little aroused. “So… what happened? In your dream, I mean.”

“Well I had gym class that day… and I just happened to get a real good look at Melissa in the shower. She’s really pretty, Mom, and she has a nice body.” She paused. “So, um, that night I dreamed of her naked… and I was naked too. She came up and kissed me… and we kinda, well, touched each other.”

I nodded. Goodness, my daughter was having lesbian fantasies. I’d been interested in that kind of thing since I was a junior in high school, so I could relate to Sophie’s feelings. That included my girl’s attraction to her best friend Melissa, who was a major cutie.

Carefully I asked her, “Do you think you might like girls?”

“I don’t really know, I never knew girls could touch each other like that.” She thought for a moment. “I like girls better than boys, I think.”

“Hmm. You could like girls sexually. Maybe you should experiment with a girl sometime, make out with her a little bit and see how it makes you feel.” Deciding to throw restraint to the winds, I asked Sophie, “Do you masturbate?”

She blushed furiously, but managed to keep her cool. “Yeah, s-sometimes… why?”

“Well, if you like thinking about girls much more than boys when you touch yourself, then that’s a strong sign that you were meant to have a female lover. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, honey. We all want a romantic partner who can make us feel warm and tingly all over… and sometimes a woman simply needs to be with another woman.”

“Do you get that feeling with Dad?”

“Not really. He’s a good man, though, and I do love him… but I guess not completely.”

“Maybe you like girls more, Mom.”

“Maybe I do, honey. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, that’s true.”

She paused, then shyly asked, “Do you like to masturbate, too?”

Ordinarily, this would have been an awkward subject to talk about with my daughter. Right then, though, I was feeling anything but uncomfortable. In fact, I was actually getting wet from all this sex talk, especially now that I was remembering Claire.

“Of course I do, honey. Why do you ask?”

“I… I’m feeling all tingly and excited, Mom, and… well, I’d kinda like to, um, do it now. Touch myself, I mean. Can I, please?”

My heart began to throb with excitement. “S-sure, baby, you can… remember, we threw out the rule book for now, so go ahead. Make yourself feel good.”

Sophie unfastened her jeans, began to tug them down, then stopped, gazing shyly at me. “Do you want to touch yourself too, Mom?” she softly said. “You… you could if you wanted.” She blushed, suddenly unable to meet my eyes. “I’d, um, like to watch.”

I couldn’t believe what my daughter was saying, but I’d be lying if I said that the idea didn’t seem strangely inviting. “Why would you want to watch me masturbate?”

“Because… well, it would be really hot, Mom… you’re still t-totally sexy, you know… and I like the idea of, of d-doing that with you.” She giggled. “I want to with Melissa, but I’m afraid to ask her.” She gave me the sweetest smile. “Please, Mom?”

God, I knew that this was totally out of bounds… definitely not the sort of thing a mother should do with her daughter. But part of me was incredibly excited by all this, and I wanted so badly to get myself off. I made a decision.

“Okay, honey, I’ll masturbate with you… I can watch you too, right?”

She eagerly nodded as she took off her jeans. I figured that she’d just touch herself inside her panties, but Sophie slipped them off, too. Now naked from the waist down, she sat back and spread her legs as I studied her.

I had a lovely view of her pussy. At fourteen she seemed very nicely developed, with a light tuft of honey-blonde pubes. As I tugged off my own panties, I found myself wondering what the rest of her body looked like.

As she began to gently touch her pussy, I pulled my skirt up to my waist so Sophie could see my naked cunt. She gazed wide-eyed at it for a moment, then smiled at me as she cupped her vulva.

“You have a pretty pussy, Mom,” she cooed.

“Yours is beautiful too, angel,” I sighed as I began to fondle myself.

The elevator was quiet, except for the soft coos and moans we both began to make — and, soon enough, the wet sounds of our pussies as our fingering grew in intensity. I slipped two digits inside myself, just as my other hand began to unbutton enough of my blouse for me to slide a hand inside and caress my throbbing nipples.

Sophie copied me, reaching beneath her t-shirt to touch her own budding breasts. I was really turned on now, and removed my hand from inside my top, slipping it between my thighs to tease my clit while I fucked myself with the other hand — fingers pumping in and out in time with my heavy breathing.

Watching Sophie pleasure herself was just about the hottest sight imaginable. All I could think of was how beautiful my daughter was. I could not keep my lower body still as I began to move against my fingers, steadily edging toward what promised to be an earth-shaking orgasm. Sophie was clearly getting close herself — she was whimpering, her fluttering eyes drifting shut.

“Sophie… open your eyes, w-watch me come,” I moaned, needing my daughter to witness my climax more than anything in the world at that moment. I wanted her to see how turned on she made me, just by being there.

I guess she got even hotter, because Sophie suddenly began to pant furiously. “Oh, Mom, this feels so amazing — I’m g-going to come too!” she gasped, then cried out as she burst into orgasm.

It was an amazing sight; one that had me moaning in a climax of my own just seconds later. We both rode the crazy roller coaster of ecstasy, Sophie and I staring wide-eyed at one another as we came.

Finally we both sat slumped against the walls of the elevator, dazed and blissful.

After a few minutes, Sophie broke the silence.  “Wow, Mom… it’s never felt that good before.”

“For me either.” I gazed contentedly at my child. “I always wondered what it would be like to watch another woman masturbate. You are incredibly sexy, angel… and you made me come harder than I have in ages.”

“I did?” she cooed. I nodded.

She thought for a moment, then looking up at me, shyly spoke. “Mom… can I see what you look like with all your clothes off? I’ve never really seen a grown woman naked before… and even though you’re my mother, I would like to see you. Really see you.”

I knew where this might be headed, but was not about to stop now. If our lives were soon to end, I wanted to partake of this sweet, sensual experience that now offered itself to me. And even though Sophie was my daughter, I was getting a strong sense that maybe — just maybe — she wanted the same thing I did.

I’d never known I could feel this way, though it must have been lurking inside me before today. It was incredibly perverted, but I wanted to make love to my baby girl.

“Yes,” I replied, my heart going like sixty, “but I’d like to see you naked too, honey.”

She smiled and nodded her head, rising to her feet, then we began to undress ourselves fingers made clumsy with excitement. God, were we really going to bare our bodies for one another, just as we had our souls?

I stood and unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, removing it and then my skirt, then lastly my bra. Sophie slipped off her t-shirt, revealing her bare breasts.

Then we both just stood before each other, completely naked. Sophie’s breasts were lovely, still in the budding stage, and her hips were beginning to develop a womanly contour. God, she was such a flawless young woman. I felt almost tipsy at the sight of her, my pussy already becoming wet once more. Precious child.

My breasts had begun to sag a bit, but Sophie seemed to like them. She stared intently at my nudity as we faced one another, eyes dancing with excitement. I studied her body and face in awe — how amazing she was, how beautiful. How much I wanted her then.

Finally, I licked my lips and spoke. “Have you ever been kissed, Sophie?”

She shook her head.

“Would you like to try it with me?” I whispered.

She stood motionless for a moment — and just as I began to fear that I’d gone too far, my daughter smiled and softly said, “Yes.”

I moved closer towards her… without a word, we embraced. Our naked bodies were pressed together, and I gazed deep into my baby’s eyes as I brought my lips to hers. When our mouths touched, my daughter and I became lost in the most amazing kiss.

Sophie was a little clumsy at first, but she followed my lead, and our kiss quickly became increasingly sensual. I nibbled gently at her lower lip, then lightly teased it with the tip of my tongue. Her lips parted, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, kissing my daughter like a lover. She moaned, tilting her head as if to welcome me.

My hands slid down to cup Sophie’s bare bottom, drawing her tightly against me. Then her tongue shyly began to engage with mine, probing tentatively between my lips. I sucked it gently to encourage her. Soon her passion had risen to match my own, and we were kissing hungrily, our mouths sliding moistly together.

Sophie was trembling with excitement, grinding her slender body against my nakedness. Her thigh was pressing into my pussy in a delicious way, and I responded, easing my leg between hers until I felt the warmth of her slit touch my skin. And all the while we continued to kiss, again and again, as if we’d never get enough.

It was taboo, a sin. It was incest. Lesbian incest, with my 14-year old daughter… and I had never been so aroused in my life. I didn’t care how wrong it was, what Sophie and I were doing — or maybe that was what excited me so.

I could have kissed Sophie for hours, gladly — but I was hungry for more. The girl’s lips were delicious, her bare body sweet against mine, but now I yearned to taste the forbidden fruit of my daughter’s cunt.

Gently breaking away, I took Sophie’s hands in my own. “Honey, if these are our last few hours together, I want to share them with you in a special way. I… I want to make love to you, baby… would you like that?”

She gazed at me, her eyes shining with adoration. “Yes, Mom, I would. I don’t want to die a virgin. I want to know what sex is like… and I’d like you to be my first. I love you so much, and you are so beautiful.”

I took my skirt and spread it out on the floor, making an improvised bed for my child. Then I lay Sophie down upon it, kneeling next to her, touching her naked body… her arms, her shoulders, her tummy, her thighs. I allowed my fingers to caress my daughter’s budding breasts, brushing her nipples until they stiffened for me. I was smitten — a woman in love.

“Oh, baby… I have never, ever seen anybody as perfect as you.” I whispered. I leaned down to kiss Sophie again, my tongue darting into her mouth. She eagerly responded, kissing me back with an intensity that made my head spin.

Hungry for more of her, I nuzzled my way down to Sophie’s neck, placing a trail of kisses upon her sweet-smelling skin, smelling of the peach body wash she used. I licked a path between her breasts, then extended my tongue to tease my child’s left nipple before taking it into my mouth to suckle. “Oh, Mom,” she sighed, “that feels… wonderful.”

Her hand tentatively sought out my own breast, and I moaned around Sophie’s nipple as she fondled the tip to an aching hardness. Then I moved to my baby’s other breast, giving it the same loving attention.

Sophie was moaning loudly now, trying to grind her vulva against my leg, so I knew she was ready to experience oral for the first time.

I slowly moved down her body, leaving a moist trail as I licked and kissed her angel-soft skin, pausing a moment to bury my face in her tummy. The intoxicating scent of her arousal grew stronger as I drew closer to her sex, and it made my mouth water.

And then I was lying between Sophie’s trembling legs, her eyes huge as she watched me study her flower. It was one of the loveliest things I’d ever seen — a dewy pink slit, framed by a sprinkling of soft blonde down. I licked my lips as I inhaled deeply, savoring how good she smelled… then slowly moved in to place a gentle kiss upon my daughter’s cunt. A tiny cry escaped her lips, and I kissed her again, this time allowing my lips to brush and linger against the moist flesh.

Then my tongue emerged to take that first sweet lick…

“Ooooh… Mom!” Sophie gasped.

My baby’s pussy was warm, wet and luscious. I delved into her eagerly, licking the rosy cleft of her cunt with long strokes of my tongue that began down near her anus and trailed up to tease at the tiny button of her clitoris. Sophie rested her hands upon my head, her fingers tangling in my hair she began to grind against my mouth. Her juices were thick and sweet.

Tilting my head to one side, I slipped my tongue inside her and French kissed her pussy, fucking her with my mouth. Her body was quivering from head to toe, fists clenched tightly as I ate her.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d been fantasizing about lesbian sex for ages, and now I was finally getting to experience it for the first time — with my own underage daughter! Everything about what I was doing was wrong — except for how utterly right it felt. This was sharing love in a new way, being closer to my child than ever before. How could we not do this? I thought.

As if Sophie were reading my mind, she began to moan, “I love you, Mom. I love you. I love you…”

I needed to really possess my sweet daughter, though — wanted to truly make her mine. I lifted my head and gazed adoringly at Sophie. “Sweetheart… do you really not want to be a virgin anymore?”

She was panting, her eyes wild. “N-no, Mom… and I want you to do it to me. I love you way more than any s-stupid boy.”

I kissed her mouth, suddenly on the verge of joyous tears. “Oh, my sweet baby, I love you too — so very much. I’m going to put my fingers inside you to break your hymen. It will be a little painful, but I’ll be gentle as I can.”

I dipped my face between my daughter’s thighs and began to lick her clitoris, then slowly, slowly slid my fingers inside her. I pressed into Sophie’s vagina as far as I could until my fingers were touching her maidenhead… then I began to move them in and out in a steady rhythm. She was already very wet, so my fingers moved about inside her tight cunt quite easily. Her trembling hands were resting on my head, holding my face to her.

I sucked her clit between my teeth and nibbled at it, Sophie crying out loud as her pleasure soared. Between fingering my baby’s cunt and the oral action I was giving her, she was getting closer and closer to a wrenching climax. I guided her to the very precipice, then just as that first blast of ecstasy shook her body, pushed my fingers against her hymen and broke through.

My daughter screamed in an unimaginable blending of sexual bliss and pain, jolts of pleasure shaking her body as she came, her head bumping lightly against the carpeted floor of the elevator with each delicious spasm.

Finally her thin frame slowed, then stilled; and I collapsed on the floor next to her, both of us panting for breath. My fingers were still inside Sophie’s vagina, and after a minute I slowly removed them. They were sticky with her sexual essence and a hint of pinkness that could only be blood. An impulse gripped me that I found impossible to resist.

My heart throbbed as I brought my sticky fingers to my lips and licked them, savoring the warm, honeyed wine of my daughter’s essence. I sucked them clean, then opened my eyes to see Sophie giving me a look of adoration that nearly made me cry.

“Oh, Mom,” she whispered. “That was the most amazing thing ever… I can’t even say how I feel, it’s like I don’t care if we die now, I’m just about as happy as I’ve ever been. C-can I have a kiss?”

I lay down next to my daughter, claiming her mouth with mine, kissing her passionately. Her tongue emerged to lick its way around my sticky lips, and she purred with delight. Drawing away, she cooed, “Wow — is that what my pussy tastes like?”

I smiled, stroking her cheek. “Yes, baby. Yummy, isn’t it?”

Sophie nodded. “Mmm-hmm. Can I do that to you, Mom? I want to make you feel good now.”

“I feel good already, Sophie. Making love to you made me happy. But if you really want to lick me, then you can.”

Her eyes were shining. “Oh, I do want to… I’d love to t-taste your pussy.”

I lay on my back, parting my thighs. “All right, sweetheart. Just do what I did to you.”

Sophie climbed on top of me and kissed me hotly, plunging her tongue into my waiting mouth. I relaxed, letting my little girl have her way with me. Her lips trailed down to my chin, then along the curve of my neck. I moaned with delight as she placed an open-mouthed kiss between my breasts.

“Oh, my sweet Sophie…” I breathed, “Mommy’s precious daughter — please kiss m-my nipples, yes…”

“Okay,” she cooed, and drew the tip of my right breast into the heat of her mouth. I got so turned on as her teeth gently grazed my areola, then she began to suck my nipple, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. After a while Sophie shifted over to my right breast to repeat her exquisite oral loving, then resumed her journey down my body, heading towards my pussy. She left a trail of wet kisses over my tummy, pausing to flick her tongue in and out of my belly button.

And then my naked child was lying between my legs, studying a woman’s sex up close for the first time, eyes wide with wonder. She studied, then gently touched my moist flower, and I shivered in anticipation as Sophie took her fingertips into her mouth to taste me. She licked her lips appreciatively, then lowered her face to my cunt and started to lick.

Sophie was cautious at first, but in seconds she was going down on me with everything she had, humming joyously as she licked and sucked at the pink flesh that lurked within my pubic curls. She might be new to this, but I had to give her high marks for sheer enthusiasm for the task. I began to pant with pleasure, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

She raised her face from between my legs. “Your pussy is so pretty, Mom… and you taste so good!” Then she dove back in, her tongue exploring every inch of my vulva. It was lovely… but now I needed her to penetrate me.

“Put your fingers inside me, honey,” I gasped. “Mommy needs you to fuck her.”

My God — I don’t think I’d ever even used that word in front of my daughter. Now I was asking her to perform the very act of intercourse upon me. I needed to have my baby girl inside me, and I needed it now.

Sophie pushed two fingers into my vagina, and I moaned for another. She obliged, and began to work them in and out. It was amazing, but I suddenly realized that I could take all of her hand inside my body — and as soon as that thought hit me, I knew I had to make it happen.

“All of your fingers, Sophie!” I raved, half-delirious from pleasure and need. “Please, baby… put them all inside me.”

She paused in mid-motion… then a cry broke from my throat as I felt my daughter’s hand pushing its way into my vagina, one incredible inch at a time. She was opening my cunt with her bunched fingers, widening the entrance as her knuckles made it through. I was staring at the ceiling, trembling from head to toe, unable to speak.

Then with one last push, her hand was in me halfway up to her elbow… and I whimpered, fingers digging into the skirt on which I lay, biting my lower lip hard enough to draw blood. I managed to draw a deep breath, then spoke.

“Fuck me, Sophie,” I moaned, “fuck me hard!”

And that little hand began to move back and forth inside me, slowly at first.

She then started to lick around my clit as she fucked me, then she sucked it into her mouth — and the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced smashed into my frame like a tidal wave. It was one shock of pleasure after the next, stealing the breath from my lungs. I clutched my daughter’s head to me, holding her hot, sucking mouth in place as she stimulated my clit with her lips, all the while churning her hand about inside her mommy’s vagina. It was the greatest climax I’d ever had… enough to make me faint.

I came to quickly, though, my eyes fluttering open, gazing up to see my sweet Sophie gently shaking me. She was a bit panicky, so I reached out and drew her into my arms.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I soothed… then I saw the excited light in her eyes.

She shushed me. “Listen!”  After a moment I heard banging coming from above us, I thought the building was about to collapse… that is, until I heard shouts of “Hello?” Muffled, but unmistakably human.

“Hello, hello — we’re in here!” I cried.  We heard a male voice shout that they would be with us as soon as possible.

“Hurry — get dressed,” I breathlessly told Sophie. She nodded, and we quickly struggled into our clothes. Once we got ourselves presentable, I lit a few matches to mask the scent of pussy. That done, we simply waited to be rescued.

Then Sophie turned to me, reaching for my hand. “What are we going to do now? I mean, what happens when we get home? Can we make love again?”

I was thinking about the same thing. “I don’t know, honey… what do you think we should do?”

“I loved what we did, Mom… and I want to do it all the time.”

“Well, I liked it too, Sophie. But once we’re out of this elevator, the rules are back — and it’s very dangerous for you and I to have sex.”

She nodded sadly. “I know. Does that mean we won’t… be together anymore?”

I took my daughter into my arms. “I don’t think I can help myself, baby. After what we did, I want more of you. Much more. We can be lovers, I think… but we have to keep it a secret.”

“Like from Dad?”

“Especially from your father. We both love him, so we have to be especially careful. He’d be very upset if he knew we were doing these things. Okay?”

“Okay, Mom. I love you. More than… than anything!”

“I love you too, baby,” I cooed, drawing my little girl into a hungry kiss.

We were rescued about thirty minutes later. The elevator was stuck a few feet from the bottom, but nowhere near a door exit, so we had to be pulled through the roof.

We went straight home; that night, my boss phoned to give me a week off from work. I told my husband that I would sleep with Sophie for a couple of nights, that she was still a little scared after everything that had happened. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I needed to be with Sophie, craved her little-girl body, wanted us to fuck again — and for that week, we did, over and over. My daughter and I are now deeply in love.

I am back at work now, and missing Sophie already. But it’s not so bad; she and I will have plenty of opportunities to share our bodies in the days to come. As long as we’re careful, my daughter and I can be lovers for a long, long time.

The End


Missy’s Games

  • Posted on December 3, 2019 at 3:56 pm

by Moonglow

Reworked for Juicy Secrets by Corrigan


Missy is ten years old and loves to play games. One special Friday afternoon, she was at the grocery store with her mother and older sister. Missy wore a black sweater with dark blue jeans, white cotton panties and socks, and pink sneakers trimmed in silver.

Missy was a small girl with curly, dark brown hair that barely touched her shoulders. Being a little chubby gave her a cuddly and adorable look. Her rosy cheeks and twinkling brown eyes only added to the effect. Her bottom was a little overdeveloped for her age and had an adorable roundness. She had recently discovered that if she wiggled it when she walked, lots more people seemed to notice.

When she wore a sweater, the puffy nipples that tipped her baby-fat breasts looked like the start of real boobs. Missy’s tiny pink slit was surrounded by her darling plump little mound. She loved to spread her kitty open in front of a mirror to enjoy the view of all her tender pink parts. Her favorite sight was there, just below her slit – her anal bud. It was perfectly centered in her little ass. She loved to tease and flirt and show it off, especially to other girls and older women, just to see how they reacted.

Her twelve-year-old sister, Chelsea, wore a pink jacket and black tights. Underneath were a black training bra and black cotton panties. One look and anyone could see that Chelsea and Missy were sisters. The only difference was that Chelsea’s hair was a lighter shade of brown. Chelsea was also chubby in the same adorable way as Missy.

Being older, Chelsea was also more sexually developed. She was sporting B-cup breasts and had a small bush of soft hair above her vagina. Because she was plump like Missy, Chelsea’s boobs also looked bigger than they really were. And like Missy, she had a curvy posterior that bounced back and forth as she walked.

Chelsea and Missy were total show-offs. The loved exposing themselves wherever and whenever they could. At this moment however, they stood in front of the red DVD vending machine stuck in an argument over who was hotter – Scarlett Johansson or Kristen Stewart? Missy thought Scarlett’s big butt made her the sexiest while Chelsea said that Kristen’s slim and toned bottom was sexier.

“Stop arguing, you two!” scolded their mother. “We’ll rent them both. That way you’ll each get your favorite.”

Mom wasn’t just being generous. She also knew that seeing sexy actresses always put the girls in the mood for a little naughty fun.

“Mommy,” Missy asked as they were walking out the front door, “Can I ride home naked?” Apparently, Missy didn’t want to wait to start getting naughty.

The girls loved being naked in public, and doing it in the car was one of the best places. She didn’t even wait until she was in the car first, she simply started taking off her clothes in the parking lot. Soon her pink nipples and ample bottom were exposed to all the lucky onlookers. Missy didn’t mind – in fact, she loved showing off her plump little body where so many people could see her.

Once they were in the car and the groceries were stowed, Chelsea also started undressing for the ride home. All along the drive, Missy would watch for cars with pretty girls inside and wave to them happily and without embarrassment. Most of the girls laughed and waved back. Occasionally, Missy would press her bare ass against the glass and moon another driver. Even Chelsea got in on the fun, pressing her chubby backside against the glass as well. Shawna kept an eye out for anyone who might report them and spoil the fun. In the meantime, she could only laugh at her irrepressible girls.

When they reached the house, Missy was still naked and Chelsea’s butt was hanging out of her tights. They followed their mother down the stone path from the driveway to the front porch and finally into the house. Like most Fridays, Shawna was too tired to cook. She promised the girls that once the groceries were put away, they would order pizza. The girls were excited because this meant they could play The Pizza Dare Game. It was one of their absolute favorites.

Shawna had stumbled on someone’s online collection of Pizza Dare videos and was immediately hooked. Basically, a woman would order a pizza and then when the delivery person came, she would appear at the door either in tiny lingerie, a towel, or simply naked. She would then interact with the delivery person as if nothing were amiss. Usually, if the woman was wearing a towel, she would “accidentally” drop it and play off of the delivery person’s reaction.

Shawna had shown the Pizza Dare videos to the girls and they loved the idea. Since then, whenever they ordered pizza, one of the girls would go to meet the delivery person totally or mostly naked. The object of the game was to act as normal as possible until they were gone and, most important, not to burst out laughing.

Since Chelsea had done it the last time, it was Missy’s turn to answer the door. They had a nanny cam set up so they could record the whole thing. The girls loved it any time they were photographed or filmed. Both girls begged Shawna to make their videos public, until she explained that posting images online with underage girls in the nude could get her in big trouble. Fortunately, the girls understood, and just kept them for their own collection.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Shawna and Chelsea ran into Shawna’s room to watch the hidden cam image on the monitor. Missy confidently walked down the hall to the front door in nothing but her socks. With a big smile, she opened it wide for a pretty girl of about sixteen standing on the patio holding a pizza box.

“Oh, my gosh!” exclaimed the girl. She stared at the naked kid who beamed up innocently at her. Once the initial shock was over, the delivery girl smiled at this adorable, precocious girl.

“Hi there, sweetie. Did you order a pizza?”

Pizza Girl was about 5’5” with a slender figure. She had long blonde hair that just touched her shoulders, bright blue eyes, and a luscious tan complexion. Her breasts were 32C, which did not escape Missy’s notice. She loved boobs and Pizza Girl’s seemed enormous to a young girl like her.

“Yes,” Missy replied, pretending to ignore her nudity. “Well, my Mom did. I’ll go get the money for you.”

Missy turned away from the girl and walked towards her mother’s purse on a small table down the hallway. As she walked, she wiggled her bottom seductively. Pizza Girl stared, oblivious to the fact that she was being filmed by a hidden camera. Once she got the money, Missy took her time walking back down the hall to give Pizza Girl plenty of time to admire her. Missy smiled as she walked back towards the girl, who was now fixated on Missy’s cute puffy nipples and hairless pink mound.

“Here you go, umm…” Missy’s voice trailed off.

“Oh, my name is Hailey,” Pizza Girl replied. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Missy, nice to meet you,” said the little girl politely, extending her hand.

Hailey’s hands were warm and soft. When they touched, Missy’s felt a tingle in her kitty.

They both stood there for a few more minutes chatting and pretending that Missy’s nudity was perfectly normal. Their conversation was the typical getting-to-know-you type of stuff. Shawna had taught Missy how to make conversation easily and be sociable. Older people found it quite endearing.

Shawna and Chelsea continued watching on the computer. “I don’t think she wants to leave,” whispered Chelsea.

Hailey did seem quite reluctant to go. Finally, she gave Missy the pizza, waved goodbye, and walked out the door.

Missy put the pizza box down quickly and ran giggling into her mother’s room. Together, the three watched the video of Missy four or five times. Missy couldn’t believe how much fun it had been.

That done, the three ladies went back into the living room to eat their pizza and watch their movies. Shawna changed into a flimsy bathrobe. Both girls were quite content to remain naked and they lay on their bellies on the floor. They watched TV and Shawna watched them, all the while admiring their adorable fannies openly on display.

The pizza was now finished, and Shawna thought it was time for some fun.

“Would you girls like to play with your toys?” Shawna asked.

“Yes, please!” both girls cried. As Shawna got up to get the toys, the girls giggled in anticipation.

A few minutes later, Shawna returned with two butt plugs and a bottle of cherry-flavored lubricant. The girls squealed in excitement. In addition to showing off, both girls loved what they called ‘butt play’. For Christmas last year, Shawna bought each girl a latex butt plug to wear around the house (and sometimes out of the house for special occasions!) To her sweet darlings, the butt plugs were always a treat.

Shawna told Missy to stand and spread Chelsea’s ass cheeks wide so the plug could be inserted. Before inserting the plug, Missy decided to have a little fun. She spread Chelsea’s rear-end open and buried her face in her sister’s bottom, just like Shawna had taught them. Chelsea cooed with delight. Missy lovingly traced rings around her big sister’s anus with the tip of her tongue. Once Chelsea had loosened up a little, Missy began probing her pink hole with her slippery tongue. She then shoved her tongue as deep into her sister’s rectum as far as it would go, then removed it just as quickly. Chelsea gasped at the sweet sensation. Missy continued probing Chelsea’s ass a minute or two longer, until her rosebud was slick with saliva and ready for the toy.

Meanwhile, Shawna covered the plug with a heavy coating of lube. Once it was ready, Missy spread Chelsea’s cheeks apart once more. Shawna slowly pushed it into Chelsea’s rear end while the girl moaned. The sound began softly, then progressed to a cry of wanton pleasure as it slipped fully inside her.

Shawna then told Chelsea it was time to return the favor to her sister. They switched places and now it was Chelsea’s chance to lube up her little sister’s anus. Missy let out a gasp as she felt Chelsea’s saliva-covered index finger sliding into her butt. To Missy this felt so natural and so right. It got even better when Chelsea spread the ten-year-old’s smooth white cheeks once more to expose the hidden treasure that lay between them.

Shawna pressed the tip of the lubed butt plug against Missy’s waiting hole and began to push. The plug wasn’t that big, but Missy was still very tight. Chelsea spread her sister open as wide as she could and whispered encouragement to the little girl. Even with copious amounts of lube, the toy wouldn’t fit into her tiny anus.

“Here, sweetie,” Shawna said to Chelsea. “Hold this for a sec.”

Shawna handed the plug to her twelve-year-old daughter and moved to a kneeling position behind Missy. Shawna held Missy’s cheeks and spread them open. She lowered her face to Missy’s bottom and began licking the full length of her little girl’s ass from the top all the way to her slit. Finally, she focused on the little pink hole, probing deeply with her wet tongue into Missy’s backside. It wasn’t long before the child’s sphincter relaxed.

Now it was time for the toy. Shawna inserted the plug between Missy’s cheeks and began pushing. Missy groaned in pain and pleasure as she felt her anus stretching and the plug slide into place. She was delighted at how it filled up her beautiful bum.

It was time to watch the second video. The girls laid on the floor, their bodies touching side by side until the movie was over. While the credits rolled, Shawna announced that it was time for the family bath. The girls knew what that meant and jumped to their feet. They ran ahead of their mother to the master bathroom, giggling as their bums wiggled. The exposed ends of their butt plugs bobbed up and down like two little bunny tails.

Chelsea started the water running into the jacuzzi tub. It was oval-shaped, the perfect size for all three with room to spare. Missy added the bubbles until the tub was nearly overflowing. Shawna checked the water and decided the temperature was perfect.

With practiced ease, Missy and Chelsea both bent forward at the waist and spread their cheeks so that Mom could remove their plugs. Then the naked little girls climbed into the tub and waited for their mother to join them.

Shawna was about to strip off her bathrobe when suddenly the doorbell rang. The girls looked at their mother in surprise.

“Who is it, Mommy?” Missy asked.

“I’m not sure,” Shawna replied. “You girls get started and I’ll go find out.”

Shawna went back downstairs and walked towards the front door. She knew the material of her bathrobe was almost transparent but that never bothered her. She pulled aside the window curtain and looked outside to see none other than Hailey, the pizza girl, standing nervously outside the door. She had changed out of her work uniform and was wearing a tight tank top which revealed a lot of cleavage and a pair of tiny booty shorts. Shawna smiled lustfully to herself and untied the sash of her bathrobe. She swept it open slightly so that her large breasts and full bush would be easily in view. She opened the door to face the pretty teenager.

“Well, hello,” said Shawna warmly. “It’s Hailey, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am ” said the girl nervously as she fidgeted. She blushed slightly then licked her lips as she noticed Shawna’s breasts and bush directly across the threshold. She did a really bad job trying to pretend she hadn’t noticed.

“I’m Shawna, Missy’s mom.” the older woman replied. “Nice to meet you. Missy told me all about you. She was quite taken with you, I think.” Hailey blushed again at her comment. What brings you back to our doorstep so late, Hailey?”

“This might sound weird,” Hailey said, “but I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Missy all night. I wanted to stop by and say hello, I guess.”

“She’s quite a special girl, isn’t she?” Shawna asked coyly.

“Definitely, she really is something,” Hailey said with a shy laugh.

“Well, I’m sure Missy would be happy to see you again,” Shawna replied, “but I just put her and her sister in the bathtub…”

“Oh, well… um…”

“…would you like to join us?” Shawna asked without missing a beat.

Hailey’s eyes opened wide in surprise. She smiled eagerly in reply and nodded vigorously. Without a word, Shawna took Hailey by the hand and led her upstairs towards the bathroom. Shawna could feel the teenager’s eyes glued to her backside, clearly visible through the transparent bathrobe. Missy wasn’t the only one in the family who knew how to tease and entice a girl.

Once they were upstairs, Shawna paused before stepping into the bathroom. She pushed the door open a crack to peek inside. She gestured for Hailey to have a look. Hailey peered through and saw two naked young girls in the tub. They were locked in a deep, passionate kiss, and the sight took Hailey’s breath away.

Missy was straddling Chelsea’s lap, facing her big sister, with her open mouth pressed against Chelsea’s. Both girls had their eyes closed and their obvious enjoyment was clear to Hailey. Chelsea put her hands up to her little sister’s face and held it tenderly as their tongues entwined. Beneath the water, Missy’s hand was lovingly caressing her sister’s pussy. Chelsea dropped one hand from the ten-year-old’s face to return the favor. The girls began to moan softly into one another’s mouths as they fondled each other’s tender privates.

Finally, Shawna stepped past Hailey and into the bathroom.

“Girls, look, we have a visitor.”

The girls broke their kiss and turned toward the door as Hailey stepped inside. It was clear to the blonde teen that neither little girl was the slightest bit ashamed of having been caught in the act of kissing and fingering her sister. Just when Hailey thought the surprises couldn’t get any better, she noticed the two butt plugs sitting on the edge of the tub. She couldn’t believe her luck.

“Hailey!” Missy cried, climbing off her sister. Both girls stood to greet their guest. They turned to face her while still covered in soapy bubbles.

“Hi Missy,” Hailey replied with a smile.

“This is my other daughter, Chelsea,” Shawna said, introducing Hailey to her older daughter.

“Sweetie, this is Hailey. She’s going to be joining us for our bath.”

“Hi Hailey, it’s nice to meet you,” said Chelsea. Her eyes dropped to Hailey’s chest. “Wow, your boobs look even bigger up close!” Chelsea exclaimed as Hailey blushed once again. She wasn’t sure what Chelsea meant by that comment since Hailey was, of course, still unaware of the video she had unknowingly starred in with Missy.

“So, what are we waiting for?” Shawna asked.

She shrugged her shoulders and let the bathrobe fall to the tile floor. Now nude herself, she climbed into the tub to join her daughters. Hailey looked a little reluctant at first, then realized it was her turn to strip. With a laugh, she reached down to pull her tank top off over her head. The move revealed her large, firm breasts and both girls were now staring at them. Next, Hailey pulled her booty shorts down and removed her satin thong panties.

Hailey had a well-groomed bush of light-blonde pubic hair surrounding her vagina. The wondrous sight caused the girls to giggle. Neither of them had a real bush yet, and Missy had no hair there at all. At their age, both were naturally very curious about women’s pubes.

At last, Hailey stepped into the tub to join the threesome. They sat together and chatted at first, getting a little more comfortable with one another. It didn’t take long for Hailey to feel completely at ease with these adorable girls and their beautiful mother.

“So, Hailey, what brought you back to our house tonight?” Shawna finally asked.

“It was Missy,” Hailey said with a laugh. “I couldn’t shake the thought of her wiggling that cute little ass at me. I almost went out of my mind.”

Missy beamed at the compliment.

“I’ve never seen a young girl so comfortable being naked around a total stranger.”

“Oh, they both love being naked,” Shawna said as the girls nodded.

“I’d love to get a look at your bottom again, if you don’t mind,” Hailey asked Missy. “Yours too, Chelsea, if that’s okay. This time up close.”

Missy and Chelsea, of course, didn’t mind at all. Both girls stood up and turned their backsides towards their new friend. Hailey gasped with delight when she saw how pretty their plump bottoms were.

“Don’t be bashful, girls,” their mother said. “Let Hailey see your cute little rosebuds. Missy and Chelsea both giggled. Then, without a hint of shyness they bent forward and spread their butt cheeks apart to give Hailey a perfect view of their pink bum holes.

“Oh my gosh,” said Hailey. “They are so adorable.”

“Your turn!” Missy said, turning back around.

“Well, I guess it’s only fair,” said Hailey with a laugh. She stood up as bubbles dripped off her nude body. The girls both stared in wonder at her full teenage breasts and her wet bush. Hailey let them look for a moment, then turned around so that her perky bubble butt was facing the two girls. She cupped her cheeks and bounced them up and down a few times which caused both girls to squeal with delight. Then she herself leaned forward and spread herself open to give the girls a good, long look.

Missy reached out her small hand and began to fondle Hailey’s ass. Her mother gave her a stern look.

“Missy, it’s not polite to touch someone there without her permission,” she said. Missy withdrew her hand with obvious reluctance.

“I don’t mind, Shawna,” said Hailey. “Go ahead, girls. You can touch me all you want.”

Missy was ecstatic. She moved closer and soon her little hands were rubbing and squeezing Hailey’s perfect smooth ass. Chelsea moved closer too and now both girls were taking turns exploring their new friend while Shawna watched on with a smile. Hailey loved the feeling of so many little fingers fondling her bare backside. She wanted the experience to last forever.

When Hailey finally sat back down, both girls moved to sit on either side of her. Hailey put an arm around each girl’s shoulders and began gently pinching a nipple with each hand. Hailey was amazed that Shawna was simply allowing her to fondle her daughters’ breasts in full view as if nothing were amiss. But these two vixens weren’t content with simple nipple play for long.

Missy and Chelsea each lowered their mouths to Hailey’s perky breasts and began to suckle her hard nipples. Hailey put a hand on each girl’s head and stroked their hair affectionately as they licked and nibbled her. Shawna smiled approvingly at them all as if everything was perfectly normal.

“Okay, girls, time to finish up,” said Shawna, noticing how late it was getting. “Wash your bottoms and then we can get you two off to bed.”

As usual, Chelsea went first. She moved away from Hailey and stood up with her back turned towards her little sister. Shawna handed Missy a soapy washcloth, which she used to give Chelsea’s plump bottom a good scrubbing all over. She ran the cloth up and down Chelsea’s crack until the white suds were dripping out from between her cheeks. This was where they usually switched places so that Chelsea could clean Missy’s bottom.

Missy obviously had other ideas. “I want Hailey to wash me,” she announced boldly.

“Hailey, would you mind?” Shawna asked.

“Really? I was hoping you’d ask!” said Hailey, taking the washcloth Missy held out. She tried to contain her excitement, but failed at it completely. She had been thinking about this kid’s butt for hours, and now she was finally going to get a chance to fondle it.

Hailey took to the task with great enthusiasm. First, she soaped up Missy’s round little bum, loving how soft and smooth it was.

“Now bend forward, sweetie,” she said. “I don’t want to miss anything.”

Missy wasted no time, bending forward and shamelessly spreading herself open to give Hailey total access to her tiny anus. Hailey cleaned Missy’s crack thoroughly, and the girl giggled each time Hailey’s fingers brushed against her butthole. Missy’s giggles turned into gasps as Hailey began to press a soapy finger against the ten-year-old’s rectum. Hailey finally stopped when Missy looked like she was going to pass out from the pleasure, then finished by giving the child a loud, smacking kiss on each of her buttocks.

Once everyone was clean, Shawna ordered them all out of the tub. They dried each other off and left the towels on the rack. Nobody wanted to put their clothes back on. Shawna took Chelsea’s hand and Hailey took Missy’s. Shawna led them all into the master bedroom which had a king-sized bed perfect for their little group. The girls climbed onto the bed and waited for Hailey and their mother to join them.

Hailey crawled toward the girls with a sexy feline grace. She stopped directly between them, then cocked her head to one side to face Chelsea. Their faces were mere inches apart. The twelve-year-old smiled, then closed her eyes and puckered her lips for a kiss. Hailey was happy to oblige and pressed her lips lightly against Chelsea’s.

Not wanting to leave the younger sister out, Hailey turned her head the other way and gave Missy a kiss as well. But Missy didn’t want a quick peck like the one Chelsea had gotten. She moved in hard and pressed her small mouth firmly against Hailey’s. Surprised and pleased, Hailey responded in kind and the two kissed deeply. Missy parted her lips so Hailey slipped her tongue deep into the little girl’s mouth.

As they continued to kiss, their tongues wrestled and danced together. Wanting to participate, Chelsea slid her hand down Hailey’s belly and into her blonde bush. She stroked it lovingly as she watched her little sister making out with the pretty teen.

By now, Hailey was becoming wet from Chelsea’s insistent fingering. She broke her kiss with Missy, and turned towards the older sister. They locked lips, and soon Hailey and Chelsea were sharing a passionate French kiss. Chelsea’s fingers slipped between the lips of Hailey’s vagina, wriggling deeper and deeper inside her. Missy began fingering her new friend as well, and Hailey couldn’t stay still. She turned to face this way and that, taking turns making out with both girls as their fingers probed her relentlessly.

“Don’t forget, we also have toys to play with, girls,” Shawna said.

Reluctantly, the three young ladies broke up their kissing game.

“Can I go first, Mommy?” Missy asked.

“No, Missy got to do the Pizza Dare,” Chelsea complained. “I should get to go first.”

“Pizza Dare?” exclaimed Hailey. “I love those videos! It’s why I like to deliver pizza. I knew that’s what you were doing, and that’s why I played along. It’s also why I came back.”

“Well, since Hailey is our guest tonight, I think we should let her go first, don’t you?” Shawna asked. Both girls nodded in agreement. “And I think we should let her have first pick of the toys, too.”

“Ooh, lucky me!” Hailey replied.

Shawna brought the girl a wicker basket containing a collection of sex toys.

“Use mine!” Missy said, pointing to a little pink butt plug.

“That’s too small for her,” said Shawna. “Pick one of the bigger ones, those are mine.”

“Okay,” said Hailey, thinking. She pointed to a large yellow plug and said, “That one!”

Shawna plucked the yellow plug out of the basket and gave it to Chelsea, then handed a large, full bottle of baby oil to Missy, who needed no guidance on what it was for.

Once Hailey was on her belly, she raised her butt up slightly. Missy lay between her legs and spread her cheeks wide open. Next, she scooted up and happily buried her small face between Hailey’s tanned buttocks, working her tongue as deeply into the teen’s anus as she could. She didn’t stop until everything was nice and slippery and wet inside Hailey, who was panting with pleasure.

When she was satisfied Hailey was ready, Missy tested how loose the older girl was by burying two fingers up to the knuckle in Hailey’s butthole. Perfect! Everything was smooth and slippery. Next, Missy squirted baby oil all over Hailey’s backside and used her hands to rub it into every inch of the girl’s obliging rear.

Next, Missy spread Hailey’s cheeks open wide to allow Shawna and Chelsea a nice close-up view of Hailey’s wet asshole. Missy placed the tip of the plug against the teenager’s anus and began pressing it slowly, steadily, deeply into her rectum. Hailey’s face twisted with pleasure as she struggled to take the entire bulb of the plug. Once it was securely clenched inside her anus, Hailey let out a long, contented sigh.

“God, I feel so full,” she groaned. “It’s wonderful. Thank you, sweet girl!”

Now it was Chelsea’s turn. The twelve-year-old lay on her belly with her chubby white bum on offer. Chelsea selected her favorite butt plug, a translucent purple beauty with two bulbs on it. Missy immediately set to work, lubricating her big sister’s anal toy in her mouth.

While Missy continued, Hailey pressed her face deep into Chelsea’s ass crack. She used her wet tongue to plunge past the twelve-year-old’s rosebud and deep into her anus, using her saliva to lubricate everything she could.

Hailey loved how smooth and soft Chelsea’s butt cheeks felt against her face and the wonderful taste of her freshly-cleaned bottom. Chelsea began moaning more loudly as Hailey treated her ass to the same baby-oil massage she had just enjoyed. Soon, Chelsea’s entire butt was nicely oiled and her anus super-slippery.

Missy was now poised for action. She had her sister’s purple plug covered with her saliva. With a delighted smile, Missy slid next to Chelsea and began pushing the plug deep into the girl’s loose bum. Chelsea moaned and gasped as each bulb cleared her sphincter. Once it was in all the way, Chelsea lay there contentedly while rocking slightly to increase the sensation.

“How does that beautiful bum of yours feel now, Chelsea?” her mother asked.

“Oooh, Mommy, it feels reeealy great!” She was almost purring.

Finally, it was Missy’s turn. Instead of lying on her belly, she chose to get on her back, a pillow propping up her head. Chelsea straddled Missy’s head and lifted her sister’s bum up off the bed. holding her ankles and spreading the girl’s short legs wide apart.

Hailey took a second pillow and propped up Missy’s bottom from underneath, so her ass was totally accessible. Chelsea looked down lovingly at her sister. The child’s breasts, pussy, and anus were all in full view.

“I want to use your big green plug, Mommy,” Missy told her mother. “And I want Hailey to get me ready!”

Hailey couldn’t believe that this beautiful naked cherub of a girl was pleading to be violated in so many unimaginable ways. What had started as a routine pizza delivery several hours ago had now morphed into the fulfillment of all of Hailey’s wildest sexual fantasies at once! Her pussy was aching to be touched, and she suspected she could come just from thinking about it.

“Honey, that plug’s too big for you,” Shawna replied. “Why don’t you use one of yours instead?”

“No fair,” Missy complained, “you let Chelsea use it.”

“Chelsea’s bottom isn’t as tight as yours, Missy, I don’t want to hurt you,” her mother explained.

“I can take it, Mommy. All of it. I know I can!” said Missy. “Please let me try… Pleeease?”

“Okay,” said Shawna, “but we’ll have to make sure we really lube and stretch you first.”

“That’s why I want Hailey to do me!” Missy cried.

Shawna nodded to Hailey, who was now kneeling and licking her lips. She leaned down to whisper to Missy. “Okay, If that’s what you really want, I’d be happy to get you ready. I’m going to start with something very, very special that I know you’re going to love.“

Hailey moved to the end of the bed until she was face-to-face with Missy’s bald slit. Hailey knew from experience that her own pussy and anus were always more relaxed after an orgasm. She was sure that Missy would have a fighting chance with the large butt plug after a good climax.

Missy’s feet were still up in the air and Chelsea held her legs spread wide apart. The blonde teen spread open the little girl’s labia and licked at her delicious honeypot. Missy squirmed as Hailey took her time savoring the taste of this ripe pre-teen beauty. Hailey started by probing as deeply into Missy’s juicy girlhood as her tongue would allow. Once Missy was good and wet, she slipped a finger inside the child’s pink pussy, trailing her tongue up to firmly lick Missy’s little bud of a clit at the same time.

Missy had never experienced so much sexual stimulation all at once. She twisted and groaned and strained against Chelsea’s grip as she welcomed these new sensations. Hailey continued to stroke and lick the little girl’s beautiful pussy as Missy ascended higher and higher.

Suddenly Missy tensed every muscle in her body as she called out Hailey’s name over and over again. The walls of her vagina squeezed against Hailey’s finger and tongue, trying to wring every ounce of enjoyment from them. Missy’s spasms continued like shockwaves, starting at her kitty and shooting through her in all directions.

“Hailey, I’ve never felt like that before. What was… I mean, how did you…?”

“That was an orgasm, Missy. It’s the most amazing sensation in the world, especially when it goes on and on like yours just did.”

“I want to do it again! You’re the best, Hailey.”

“I’m pretty sure your Mom and sister are going to be helping you do just that. Hopefully that was just the first of many.” Hailey smiled as she hugged and kissed Missy.

“After you climax like that, your pelvic muscles relax and it’s easier to insert an anal plug.

“Or did you forget…?”

“No! I still want Mom’s green plug. Would you help me get it in there… please?”

Chelsea let go of Missy’s ankles and the ten-year-old turned over. Hailey began by gently slapping Missy’s fanny, making it jiggle adorably. Then she gently kissed the little girl on her right butt cheek, then on the left, then back to the right side. Missy’s skin felt so incredibly smooth and soft against her lips.

Squeezing Missy’s plump cheeks together, Hailey dragged her tongue along the length of the crack, then began hungrily kissing and licking every inch of the girl’s ample backside. She tasted so delicious that Hailey never wanted to stop.

Now she spread Missy’s ass wide open and buried her mouth in the little girl’s crack. It felt and smelled and tasted so fresh and innocent. She kissed the girl’s tender anus deeply and passionately, as if she had been French kissing the child’s mouth instead.

Chelsea knew it would soon be time for the big event, and she was determined to do her part. She began vigorously licking Mommy’s green plug until it glistened with the moisture from her mouth. Then Shawna handed her a bottle of cherry-flavored lube with a long dispenser tip to apply to the plug.

As Chelsea worked, Hailey licked and coated Missy’s anus with her saliva until finally, she had Missy ready. She fretted about whether the plug would safely fit, hoping that Missy would be able to take it all. The prospect of watching her try was thrilling.

Chelsea spread Missy’s chubby legs wide apart. Now Hailey inserted the tip of the lube bottle as deep into Missy’s bottom as she could, then squeezed. Missy squealed and giggled at the feeling. Pink gel was now leaking from Missy’s anus and down her crack.

It was time. Hailey got the wet plug from Chelsea and carefully pressed the tip against Missy’s little hole. Hailey’s pussy was dripping in anticipation of seeing this girl’s adorable butt stuffed with something so big.

Missy closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she tried to focus on taking the big toy into her body. Hailey pushed a little harder, and the ten-year-old began groaning at the sensation of being penetrated by something that large.

As the toy went deeper into her hole, Shawna told her how beautiful she looked. Chelsea added more words of encouragement for her little sister. Missy was sweating and grunting and her body glistened as she exerted herself. Finally, Hailey gave one last push and the plug slid in all the way.

Missy’s groans turned into whimpering sounds as her sphincter tightened around the neck of the plug. “See, Mommy, I told you I could take it all!” the little girl gasped proudly, trying to catch her breath.

Missy stood up carefully and walked back and forth across the room like a runway model. She loved the feeling of her bottom being so full. In fact, her mother loved the display so much that she told all three girls to pretend they were modeling butt plugs for a magazine. Each girl strutted and posed for Shawna.

Missy looked especially like a perfectly innocent little girl, at least until she spun around and revealed the base of the big toy sticking out from between her cheeks.

“I think it’s Mommy’s turn now!” said Missy.

“Uh-oh, Mommy’s turn for what, troublemaker?” Shawna replied.

“We’ve all had our bottoms filled up, and now it’s your turn!” the girl said.

“What should we fill it with?” Shawna asked.

“Maybe we could show Hailey the new game we’ve been playing!” Chelsea suggested.

“Yeah, Mommy, can we?” Missy asked.

“I would love that, girls,” Shawna replied. “Hailey, would you mind loosening me up a little back there?”

“I’d love to!” Hailey replied. “I’ve never done this to a grown woman before now. Which toy do you want to use?”

“We’re not going to use a toy; you’re going to use that slender hand of yours instead,” Shawna told her. Hailey looked surprised for a moment, then smiled mischievously at the idea.

“The girls love taking turns on me and it drives me crazy,” Shana continued. Your hand is about the same size as Chelsea’s. I’ve been fantasizing all night about your long fingers being stuffed all the way inside me. Would you do it?”

Hailey nodded silently. This was a night she’d never forget.

“We’ll get you ready first, just the way you like it, Mommy!” cried Missy.

Shawna bent over, spreading her ass cheeks with her well-practiced hands. Her girls pressed their mouths close together, and Shawna jerked as she felt two little tongues, taking turns licking her butthole. Hailey watched in awe as Chelsea licked up and down her mother’s crack before beginning to work on loosening up her hole. Chelsea then turned her face to Missy’s and the two sisters began to kiss deeply, sharing the taste of their beautiful mother’s ass.

Missy went next, licking Shawna up and down just as Chelsea had done, so happy to be showing love to her mommy this way. Chelsea spread Shawna’s butt cheeks as wide as she could and the ten-year-old spit into her mommy’s butt one last time before sharing another kiss with her big sister.

Once Shawna’s butt was well-lubricated, Chelsea grabbed the bottle of cherry lube and inserted the tip deeply into Shawna’s anus. She gave the bottle a long squeeze until the lube started flowing out of her ass like it had for Missy.

Hailey now coated her hand completely with the slippery lube. It was slender, but to her it looked too big to fit in a woman’s rectum. Shawna seemed confident, though, so Hailey didn’t hold back. She began with three fingers, easily working them deep into Shawna’s core. She added a fourth finger and worked it slowly inside until she felt the older woman relax. Finally, Hailey tucked her thumb into the palm of her hand and pushed.

“Unggghh… that feels so fucking good, Hailey.”

“Mommy said a bad word!” Missy said, giggling. At that moment, she was standing on the floor beside Hailey, looking down at her mom’s backside, now almost filled with Hailey’s hand. She reached out to touch the folds of her mother’s wet pussy and began sliding her fingers in and out. Her right hand found Hailey’s blonde bush, touching the teen’s cunt.

Hailey’s hand was now almost up to her wrist in Shawna’s anus. The woman moaned each time Hailey pumped her hand in and out of the opening. Thinking about how full her own plug made her feel, Hailey couldn’t imagine what Shawna must be experiencing, but the sexy single mother sure seemed to be enjoying it.

Suddenly the girls were standing on either side of Hailey, pressing against her and Shawna, anxious to show their new friend their special trick.

“Now it’s our turn!” Chelsea announced confidently.

The girls were anxious to show their new friend their special trick. Hailey removed her hand and stepped aside as the two sisters took her place. They each coated one hand with lubricant.

Shawna still lay face down on the bed with her eyes closed, but she knew what was coming next.

Okay, Mommy. Time to lift up your bum for your special surprise,” Missy announced.

Shawna lifted her ass up in the air. Chelsea slid her hand inside her mom’s anus, just as Hailey had. The woman groaned with pleasure as the sensation of fullness was restored.

Then, to Hailey’s surprise, Missy reached underneath her mom and slid her hand all the way into Shawna’s pussy. Shawna grunted at first. When Missy was fully inside, she let out a long cry of “Aaaaah, fuuuuck!”

Slowly the girls started to alternate strokes as they worked their fists in and out of their mother with a practiced rhythm. Hailey watched in amazement. One pushed in as the other pulled out… over and over again. It was the most erotic thing Hailey had ever seen. Soon the room was full of sucking and squishing sounds as the two girls continued fisting their own mother.

“Faster!” hissed Shawna, focused only on her rising pleasure.

The girls happily complied and began kissing their mother’s bottom all over. Finally, Shawna couldn’t hold back any longer — she bucked and thrashed against the tiny hands as they thrust deep inside her, crying and whimpering as her orgasm played out. With one final groan, she collapsed on the bed. The sheets were wet with saliva, lube and pussy juice. The girls held on, their hands still inside their mother’s holes as Shawna finally began to relax.

Shawna moaned weakly as she lay on the bed. “Mommy loves you so much… you are such good little girls… making Mommy’s bottom feel so good… my beautiful babies…”

The girls finally pulled their hands free from their mom’s stretched-out openings. Shawna lay there spent as all three girls exchanged glances.

“I’m still horny as hell!” Hailey declared. “Who wants to make love to me this time?”

“Me!” both girls cried in unison.

“Okay then, I guess it’s my turn to teach you girls a game. It’s called Daisy Chain.”

Soon, all three of them were stretched out on the bed, each girl firmly sucking and fingering the next girl’s pussy. First one would shake and spasm in pleasure, then another, until they had all come twice or more. At some point Shawna rolled over and joined in the fun. It was sheer bliss for all involved.

By this time, Hailey had come repeatedly and was happily spent. She was glad to have texted her mom earlier that she was staying overnight at a friend’s house. She would never have been able to drive after this.

Finally, exhausted, they lay together on the bed in a tangle of arms and legs.

“Oh my gosh, that was so much fun,” Chelsea said.

“Come here, girls,” said Shawna. “All three of you.”

Hailey, Missy, and Chelsea snuggled together naked with Shawna between the sheets.

“I can never thank you enough for this wonderful evening,” Hailey told them. “I hope you’ll be ordering another pizza soon!” They all laughed and hugged one more time.

The girls finally pulled out each other’s plugs and returned them to the toy box. Then they paired off to get some much-needed sleep. The lights went out, and soon all four drifted into a deep slumber to dream of the games they had enjoyed together.

The End


Kerb Crawl

  • Posted on November 21, 2019 at 3:59 pm

By Androgyne

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

As I step out of the shower, I realise how a vampire is supposed to feel when the thirst is on her. The hunger, the need — it takes priority over all other considerations, and the need is on me tonight, burning hard and deep.

Barely rubbed dry, I dump my towel onto the bathroom’s tiled floor and stride into the bedroom. Reaching for the body mist canister, on the dressing table, I envelop my naked body in a flowery haze, as I stand in front of the mirror. Still looking pretty good for forty-one, I tell myself.

I’m tallish though not towering, heavy breasts above the firm curve of my belly that bounce slightly as I move. My rounded thighs meet in the shaven triangle of my vulva and the damp sheen on my pouting labia isn’t just from the shower. I’m horny as hell and I need to get laid right away. Past time to get dressed and out to search for what I need to scratch my sexy itch.

On nights like these, the keyword is lightly-dressed. No panties or bra for starters, no stockings or tights… just a short pleated skirt, white blouse, and a pair of light moccasins since I’m driving.

I run a comb through my medium length brown hair, scoop up the car keys from the dresser, and then scamper downstairs toward the front door, pausing only to pick up my wallet before tapping in the alarm code to secure the house. Closing the front door behind me, I turn the key in the deadlock. The alarm on my people carrier bleeps as I press on the fob while trotting towards the big vehicle.

It’s late September, though the weather is still mild. If I feel a chill later there’s always the car’s heater, and I’ve a nylon windbreaker on the back seat. Sliding behind the steering wheel, I turn on the engine and reverse out of the driveway and into the crescent. Driving off into the gathering darkness, I know exactly where I’m heading for, Concert Road, and the area off it. It’s a happy hunting ground, most times!

The Concert, as its known locally, is an area of little housing and less shops. It’s mainly light industrial premises, so after dark it’s pretty much deserted. That is, until the working girls come out to play. At this time of night, I expect to find just what I’m looking for and badly need, someone to put out the fires building deep inside me the only way they can be extinguished — with a warm, wet mouth on my pussy.

I know this area like the back of my hand, so I’m there in no time. The first one I spot is pacing near a set of traffic lights. She’s not unattractive. but heavy built. I prefer them slender or skinny, so I cruise on by. The next qualifies on physique, but she looks really rough. I figure she’s on drugs or sick or both, so I pass her by as well.

Turning onto Calder Street, I can see someone in the distance, drawing closer. I begin to think, This could be the one.

She’s standing in the mouth of an alley, under a sodium street light. In the orange glow I can begin to make the girl out as I slow down to halt just short of her hangout. From here I can see that she’s tall, thin, young, and blond. In fact she’s really young, which suits me fine. The younger they are, the keener they are to please, less likely to just go through the motions. I flick the headlights on and off a couple of times to attract the girl’s attention, then wait as she ambles over.

There’s a chance she won’t take a lady customer; some of the girls and ladies won’t. That seems strange to me — why would a street girl who’ll take a cock up her rear without a condom have a problem with fingering a lady’s pussy?

At least I feel fairly confident that the police won’t be bothering me. They periodically have a blitz on kerb crawlers, but they’re hardly likely to worry about a lady who stops to ask for directions from someone standing on a corner. Also, in their innocence, they seem to find it hard to believe that a housewife would be out to pick up a hooker.

Coming nearer, I can see that this girl is really young. She’s loaded on the makeup, but looks no more than thirteen, and she’s kitted out about as provocatively as she can be. Her calf-length boots are loose on her because her legs are thin, as are her thighs — clearly visible, since her skirt is as brief as one of those fringe things you wrap around a birthday cake. Up close now, I can even see a flash of her panties. These are black, of course, and through the fine mesh of the girl’s blouse, her tiny breasts and perky little nipples draw my eyes.

Tapping the switch to roll down the window, I slide over to her side to make my play. “You wanna do some business, baby?”

She looks cool and unconcerned as she shrugs and moves closer, right up to my car’s door.

“Sure, lady, why not? I don’t do rough stuff and I don’t let my customers do it to me. Otherwise, anything goes.”

Jesus, she’s just what I’m after. I’m getting excited and hot just looking at her. The girl’s face is thin — like her body, but just as pretty, while her blond hair is fine, silky and cut really short.

Swinging open the passenger door, I gesture her inside. When she settles on the seat, that tiny skirt rides up high over her thin thighs to reveal the taut triangle of those skimpy black panties. She’s also wearing black and yellow hooped stockings, folded over just above her knees.

God, I want this so badly I’m shaking. “What’s your name, baby?”

“Chrissie! Christine, really, but everyone calls me Chrissie.”

“Okay, Chrissie. I’ll drive us somewhere quiet, where we won’t be disturbed. Do you know Purslow Park? Plenty of privacy there.”

Flipping open the glove compartment, I scramble a thin sheaf of banknotes out of my wallet and hand them to her. “Is that okay with you?”

She folds them and pushes them into the breast pocket of her blouse, scarcely seeming to look at them — but I’m sure she knows exactly what I’m paying her.

The girl dazzles me with a smile. “Lady, for that you get whatever you want, as often as you want!”

I’ve started the car once she’s hooked up her seat belt and we’re away down the deserted street. My hand drops onto her lean thigh to gently caress it.

“How long have you been doing this, baby? Don’t your folks worry about where you are at this time of night?”

She makes a face. “What the fuck do you care? Are you a social worker? You wanna talk, or do you want me to screw you?”

“Calm down baby, I’m just asking. You got paid and I’m gonna get fucked as good as you can do me. I’m just curious is all.”

“Oh, well I don’t suppose it’ll hurt to tell you. Dad’s in gaol, and Mum’s pissed most of the time. I do this for the money, what else? If I didn’t I’d have nothing to wear and fuck all to eat half the time. Are you happy, now you know?”

“I’m happy we’re heading for the park, baby. We’ll be there soon.”

The dark skies have now descended into a steady rain, which is good since not much will be moving in the park. The windscreen wipers are on fast, and my fingers are pressing against the crotch of Chrissie’s lacy panties.

She eases back in her seat and makes a noise a little like a cat purring. “You’re paying me, y’know! Do you get off on this?”

“My name’s Francis; my friends call me Frankie. And yes, I do get off on this. I love feeling up a girl and getting her panties damp.”

Right then, I swing my car left into Purslow Park. Through the curtain of rain, I can see that the place is almost deserted. A couple of cars parked, maybe people doing just what I’m gagging for. I hiss past them and head for a secluded spot under the trees. Swinging my car around, I reverse into the undergrowth and then shut off the engine. I can hear the car pinging as it cools, but the loudest sound is the rain rattling onto the roof.

“Let’s get into the back, baby. There’s more room there.”

I’ve got the car doors locked — it’s nighttime in an almost deserted park, and I don’t want any intruders bent on robbery or worse. In semi-darkness, I settle on the back seat, then turn to face my pick up.

“Warm me up first, Chrissie. I love having my nipples sucked, so start with them.”

Her movements are smooth as single malt scotch as she effortlessly pops open the buttons of my blouse from top to bottom, then tugs it out of the waistband of my skirt, over my shoulders, and completely off. Her mouth settles over one swollen nipple while her fingers tweak and tug at the other. I shift about on the seat, moaning softly with pleasure at how good it feels. Her sharp little teeth clamp down hard enough to cause pain… but I love the pain, and love it even more when she flicks her tongue at the tip of my breast. Then she twists my other nipple so hard that I yelp.

“God, Frankie, you got great nips; so big and hard.”

While she’s working my breasts, Chrissie slips her free hand under my skirt, up my thigh, then paused in mid-motion as she realises I’m wearing no panties. She recovers from this surprise quickly enough, though, and slides her fingers through the slick folds of my labia, probing the puffy lips till I’m wriggling on the seat cover, panting with helpless desire.

Pulling her lips from my bloated nipple with a smack as she withdraws her hand from under my skirt, Chrissie flashes me a wicked grin. “Y’wanna see all of me, Frankie?”

My throat’s so thick and dry I can’t get the words out, so I just give her a vigorous nod. Crossing her arms, she lifts the hem of her skimpy top and tugs it up and over her head. No bra, of course. Her small breasts are tipped with stiff, pointy nipples, and suddenly I want my mouth on them. A brief fumble with a button and zip and she’s wriggled out of her micro skirt. As Chrissie hooks her thumbs into the waistband of the black lace briefs, she smiles with even greater abandon before easing out of the wisp of black nylon.

Her panties dangle from a finger as she opens her thighs for me, showing everything. “Now you see my pussy, Frankie… so tell me, when do I get to lick yours?”

God, I’m absolutely burning for this young girl to do me. I can’t wait any longer, so the words spill from my lips as I flip my skirt up, putting myself on display. “Now, baby, do it now, go down on me!”

Kneeling before me, Chrissie pushes my thighs even farther apart as she leans closer, her breath warm on my wet flesh. Pursing her lips, she lets a stream of warm saliva drizzle on and into my cunt. With a fingertip, she gently smears it around my vulva and labia. Finally, when I think I can’t bear it for one more second, she leans in and kisses my quivering pussy.

I’m writhing on the seat when the tip of her tongue slides deep into my vagina. I throw one leg up onto the seat, stretching myself even wider. I know I can’t hold back, I’m going to come right away.

When it hits, my body bucks and arches like a bow. “Oh fucking hell, baby!” I cry.

I’m jerking and shaking in a brutally hard orgasm that rocks my bloody world, but ends a bit too soon for my liking, and the leg I laid across the seat is throbbing with a cramp, requiring a quick massage with both hands to ease it away.

It’s a good start to my evening, but I want and need more — at least, once my heart slows down and my breathing eases. I glance down at where Chrissie still kneels on the floorboard, and she’s looking up at me with that same wicked smile, her mouth smeared and glistening with my pussy cream.

“You want more, Frankie? Or do you need a rest? Old ladies get tired easy, don’t they?”

Cheeky little fucker! I’m paying good money for this, but sod it — she’s just too good with her mouth for me to get pissed off at for being a smartarse. “No, Chrissie,” I answer back. “I know what I want, and I want it now. I want you to fuck me bowlegged!”

When she stands, head ducked so as to avoid the car roof, I realise how tall she is, almost as tall as I am. I can feel the heat from her thin body as she gets on top of me, those hard little nipples grinding against my bigger, equally hard ones, sending what feels like electric current surging through my breasts. Then she presses her taut little pussy into my wet labia and begins to grind, her eyes dreamy with pleasure.

Fuck my old boots, this young hottie is bloody amazing! There’s an eagerness to Chrissie’s fucking that goes way beyond what she’s getting paid. This kind of enthusiasm can’t be faked — she’s into this in a big way.

Then all I know is ecstasy as she grinds her pussy into mine, her hands clutching my hips as she humps me, smooth and steady. I reach around and cup her silky buttocks, then raise myself to heave back against her, I’m breathing hard, sweat trickling between my breasts. I can feel my release rising inside me like a massive pressure front deep in my vagina, but I’m determined not to come so soon this time.

Her slick flesh slides over mine, and even in my shuddering pre-orgasmic state, I can see that this time Chrissie is on her way to coming with me. Her lips are drawn back, showing good teeth that gleam in the faint light, her head is thrown back, the tendons of her neck in taut relief as the young girl trembles in the face of her approaching climax. She’s pumping her hips faster and faster now, and we’re both on the verge of losing it; but she keeps hammering my crease with hers.

I stiffen, my whole body spasms, and then my orgasm explodes through me as I squirt my pussy nectar all over and into Chrissie’s satiny flesh. Meanwhile, Chrissie is erupting against me, caught up in a huge and shuddering climax of her own that leaves her slumped on top of me. While my heart thunders in my chest and waves of incredible heat and pleasure flood my body, I shake and tremble like a leaf in a gale. The rain is rattling on the roof of my car, and we both lay entwined, breathing like we’ve just run a marathon.

At last I stir, unknot myself from Chrissie’s velvety flesh, then prop my back against the seat while I get myself together once more.

As for Chrissie, she rears back and stretches luxuriously as if she’s waking from a nap. “Satisfied with what you’ve got for your money, Frankie?”

I’m getting value for money, but I’m not quite satisfied yet. “You’re good, baby, and you’re hot — but let’s go one more round!”

She smiles and snakes her way back towards me. “Anything you want, any way you want it, Frankie. You’re still in credit! What’s your pleasure, love?”

“Turn side on to face me, baby, and spread those lovely thighs.”

As she does so, I do the same, so we’re facing each other, my thighs spread wide — though not as wide as Chrissie’s supple body allows hers to go. Reaching forward I trail my fingers through her slick pussy then probe between her labia till I can ease two fingers deep into her pink seashell. Curving them inside the girl’s vagina, I begin to pump them hard into her.

Her hand moves between my sticky thighs to slide not two but three fingers into me, stretching my cunt just enough to make me grunt, then moan with delight. Face to face, we finger fuck each other with increasing vigor, and I try to time things so we get off together.

“Almost there, Chrissie,” I pant, “just a little longer… slower, baby, ooohh yeah. Mmmm, yes, right there, now! I’m gonna come now! Oooooooohhhh!”

Hooking my free arm around Chrissie’s neck, I yank the girl’s face to mine and plaster my lips to hers as we convulse in one more huge orgasm together. It seems to go on and on till we both slump down, burnt out and satisfied at last.

My car reeks of hot pussy, the windows are misted over, and the rain is still a steady drumming on the roof as we start to clean ourselves up. The old sports holdall under the seat yields a towel, some moist clean-up squares, a three-parts-full bottle of mineral water, and a small cylinder of a cheapish body spray, practically unused. In a little while, the evidence of explosive lesbian sex has pretty much vanished.

With Chrissie in the passenger seat beside me and belted in, I start my car up again and head for the park gates. This time, I turn right on the way out to head back the way we came. The rain has become mixed with frequent rattles of hail and I’ve cranked up the heater a bit.

Turning my head, I glance across at Chrissie to make conversation for the first time since we were done fucking.

“I’ll want more of you soon, baby. You’re some talent all right, and there’s more than a few things we didn’t do that we can do next time.”

Chrissie looks a little tired; even her wild sexiness seems to have subsided somewhat. She glances at me from under her lowered lashes. “So you got what you wanted, Frankie? No complaints?”

I give her my best “cougar” smile. “Well, I’m a tad tender after your vigorous attention, baby, but that was well worth it. How about you?”

“Yeah, me too,” she nods. “I came twice and I got paid for it, so I’m cool!”

“You want me to drop you off back at that alley in Calder Street, baby?”

For the first time since she got into my car she doesn’t look sexy, angry, or cocky. Indeed her expression is downright incredulous. As the wipers struggle to keep the screen clear, she turns to me. “Oh, Mum, look at it out there! It’s like the heavens have opened. Let’s go home!”

I can’t help but laugh. “Oh Jesus, Chrissie… the look on your face when I said that! Yeah, of course, we’ll go home. But how was that for role-playing?”

“Amazing, Mum. Can we do it again soon?”

“Oh, not too soon, I’ve got a lot of other exciting ideas lined up for us. Your Auntie Grace has given me one of her old nurse uniforms, so just wait till you find out what we’ll be doing that night! Anyway, let’s get home. Your dad’s on shift till 6 AM… so later on, if we’ve got some energy left, we could try a little late-night loving in your bed.”

Once again, my hand slides under my daughter’s skirt, caresses her slender thigh, then presses against the moist crotch of her skimpy briefs. She wriggles as she grins at me. “You really do like feeling up young girls’ wet panties, don’t you, Mum?”

“Just yours, baby… just yours!”

I accelerate the car as the first twinges of desire begin to return to my dampening pussy, headed for our home — and my daughter’s bedroom.

The End


The Notebook, Chapter 9

  • Posted on October 14, 2019 at 3:29 pm

by Ebo

“Wake up, sleepyhead.”

Dana smiled but didn’t open her eyes. The corners of her mouth turned up even more as Penny’s weight settled on the bed behind her. The covers were pulled up and a warm body pressed against her back. An arm went around her and Dana melted back into her stepmother. Dana sighed as Penny kissed her neck, just above the shoulder.

Glancing at her alarm clock, Dana said, “It’s early.”

It was Saturday, and she had been looking forward to sleeping in. Dana had stayed up late last night, putting the finishing touches on her latest story. According to the clock, she had only been asleep for four hours.

“I know,” Penny said, squeezing her tighter, “but your dad went to work, and I’m naked.”

Laughing, Dana rolled, so she was facing her stepmother. She lifted the comforter and saw the woman wasn’t lying. Dana didn’t drop the comforter back in place right away, admiring Penny’s lovely body. She didn’t get a lot of opportunities to look, and she wasn’t going to pass one up now.

“Why’d Dad go to work?” Dana asked, moving into Penny’s arms.

“Some new account he’s working on,” Penny said, kissing her.

Dana’s heart started beating faster as she felt the desire behind the kiss. Sleep was forgotten as her own passion welled up. She moaned as Penny’s hand stole under her shirt to cup one of her breasts. Dana let her own hand roam over Penny’s hip, sliding around to squeeze her buttock.

“How long do we have?” Dana asked, her voice thick with excitement.

“A couple of hours, at least,” Penny said, kissing Dana. “He took the time to put on a suit.”

Laughing, Dana said, “That’s never a good sign.”

Penny gave her a sexy smile, said, “Depends on your perspective.”

“I meant for him,” Dana said, kissing Penny, again. Thinking about something, Dana pulled back and asked, “How long has he been gone?”

A little sheepishly, Penny said, “About as long as it took to run up the stairs and take my clothes off.”

With a playful smile, Dana said, “Couldn’t wait to get in bed with me, huh?”

Meeting Dana’s eyes, Penny said, “No.”

Dana’s heart skipped a couple of beats when she realized that the woman meant it. Columbus Day was only a couple weeks behind them, but it seemed like an eternity to Dana. She was glad it felt the same way for Penny. She didn’t want to be the only one who was horny and frustrated.

Leaning in, she kissed Penny, feeling that pent-up desire in the eagerness of her stepmother’s kiss. Responding to that excitement, she let her hands roam over Penny’s lovely body, thrilling to the feel of warm skin under her fingertips. Dana moaned as Penny’s hand stole under her nightshirt to cup her breast, to tease the straining nipple.

Penny pulled back and smiled at her. “You’re wearing too much clothing.”

Dana sat up, pulled her shirt up and over her head. Tossing it aside, she saw Penny get to her knees and hook her fingers in Dana’s panties, tugging them off her hips, then down her long legs. The underwear joined Dana’s shirt on the floor as Penny moved atop her stepdaughter.

Opening her legs, Dana let Penny lie between them, then wrapped her legs around her waist.

Sensing what Dana wanted, Penny moved her hips, rubbing her lower abdomen against Dana’s. The grinding of their bodies had both of them moaning. Her hips still in motion, Penny leaned in and kissed Dana deeply.

“God, I’ve needed this,” Penny said, smiling at Dana, “Columbus Day ruined me.”

Around a moan, Dana said, “Yeah. I thought I was gonna have to wait for Thanksgiving.”

“How many days do you get off this year?” Penny asked, kissing the side of Dana’s neck just beneath her ear.

“Four,” Dana said.

“Maybe we’ll do a little shopping for the occasion in a minute,” Penny said.

“Does that mean what I think it means?” Dana asked, playfully.

Kissing her deeply, Penny said, “Like I said, Columbus Day ruined me. I want to see you in something scandalous again.”

“I want that from you, too,” Dana admitted, her heart racing as she thought about the lingerie Penny had bought for Columbus Day.

“We’ll do it, then,” Penny said, then a sexy smile spread across her lips. Later, of course.”

“Of course,” Dana said, pushing her hips up into Penny’s thrusts.

They were done talking, communicating only in moans and sighs as they found their rhythm. With a couple of hours on their hands, they weren’t in any rush. The slow grind of their bodies was a tease, but Dana loved the languid roll of Penny’s hips. She wasn’t in any danger of coming, but did enjoy the intimacy of their bodies moving in perfect harmony. She had been craving this closeness with her stepmother, and glad to finally be back in her arms.

When their pace started to quicken, Dana was ready for that, too. Penny seemed to know precisely what she wanted, needed. Maybe her stepmother was just a skilled lover or maybe it was what the woman wanted, too. Whatever the case, the roll of their hips came faster and faster to match their growing excitement. Their dueling cries of delight mingled in the air above them as they pushed each other closer and closer to their yearned-for release.

Their orgasms took them, but the lovers weren’t ready to stop. They switched positions, Dana moving atop her stepmother. Their bodies still sensitive from their first climax, the thrust and churn as they ground together felt amazing. Dana hugged her stepmother’s leg to her breast, focused on pushing against Penny. Sweat broke out on their skin as they strained toward another orgasm, lubricating the motion of their bodies.

Once they came for the second time, Penny and Dana were finally ready to stop, mostly because they were both gasping for air. As always, their lovemaking had become downright frantic in the end. Flopping on her back next to Penny, Dana laughed, “Holy shit.”

“Yeah,” Penny agreed.

“How long has Dad been gone?” Dana asked, trying to slow her breathing.

“Um,” Penny said, glancing at the alarm clock, “forty minutes, give or take.”

“So we still have time for another?” Dana said, with a playful smile.

Laughing, Penny said, “You’re going to have to give me a minute. I’m not as young as you.”


Dana looked around the restaurant, wondering why she was here. It was her favorite restaurant, but she kind of had a love-hate relationship with the place because of her father. It was usually bad news if he brought her here. He had a bad habit of using this place to soften the blow.

Looking over at her dad, Dana finally had to ask, “Why are we here?”

“What do you mean?” He asked.

She gave him a sour look. “You only bring me here if it’s bad news. So what is it?”

He gave her a sheepish smile, asked, “Do I really only bring you here when it’s bad news?”

“Pretty much,” Dana said.

Setting his fork down, her father said, “Remember when I went into the office last Saturday?”

“Yeah,” Dana said, and it wasn’t easy to keep the smile off her face. Smiling on the inside, she thought, It’d be hard to forget.

“Well, Dan offered me the lead on a new project we are starting up,” her father said.

“Okay,” Dana said, waiting for the bad news.

“If I take it, I’ll have to fly out to Tokyo in a couple of weeks. Just after Thanksgiving.”

“Tokyo? As in Japan?” Dana asked, her eyes wide.

“Yeah,” he said, meeting her eyes, “I’ll be out of the country for at least six months.”

“That’s…” Dana said, then ran out of words.

“I know,” he said, sighing, “I’ve been trying to be around more, to not let my work get in the way of spending time with my family. Now, this opportunity comes along and… Six months is a long time.”

“Will you get a raise?” Dana asked.

Laughing, he said, “Oh yeah. My salary would almost double. Corner office when I get back. Dan is talking about a partnership.”

“Then you have to go,” Dana said, meeting his eyes.

“I’d try to get back as much as I can,” he said, sounding guilty.

Dana smiled at him, said, “Tell Dan yes, that you’ll take the position. You can make it up to me when you get back.”

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Yeah,” she said.

“I- well… Okay,” he said, nodding, “I’ll tell him tomorrow.”

“Good,” she said, then started grinning, “since you are going to be Mr. Moneybags, soon… can I have a raise in my allowance?”

He laughed, “Maybe we’ll talk about it after I get my first paycheck.”

“I can lay a guilt trip on you about being gone for six months, if it’ll help,” Dana said, smiling playfully.

“We’ll talk about it,” her father said, then changed the subject, “Will you be okay with it just being you and Penny? You two seem to be hitting it off, lately.”

Just me and Penny, Dana thought, those words sinking in. If her dad took this position in Japan, it’d be just her and Penny in the house. She’d have the woman to herself. Her heart beating faster, she had to struggle to keep from smiling at the thought.

“Um… yeah, I think we’ll be okay,” Dana said, her voice sounding funny to her own ears. She glanced at her father, but he didn’t seem to notice it. She took a sip of her Coke, told herself to relax before she blew it.

“I was thinking… maybe when school is out for summer, I could fly you and Penny out to Tokyo,” her father said.

“That would be cool,” Dana said, torn between wanting to see Japan and wanting as much time as she could get alone with Penny.


Getting into the car, Dana felt almost giddy. She had just hugged her father goodbye and watched him make his way through security at the airport. She felt a twinge of guilt that she was more excited about getting home to be with Penny than being sad to see him off.

Dana glanced at her stepmother sitting in the driver’s seat next to her, and her heart was racing, but not as fast as her thoughts. She didn’t know what to expect, now that it was just Penny and her at the house, but her young, horny mind was showing her all kind of exciting possibilities. She was picturing Columbus Day, but for months on end instead of just one day.

Penny met Dana’s eyes, said, “I guess it’s just you and me, now.”

Grinning, Dana said, “Yeah.”

Penny laughed, said, “Let’s go home.”

As Penny started the car, Dana’s heart was racing. She has had two weeks to wonder what it was going to be like with her father out of country, two weeks to fantasize and let the anticipation build. Now that it was happening, she didn’t know what to expect.

Glancing at her stepmother, Dana thought about the curious relationship she had with the woman. To her, Penny was part mother, part lover, part fellow author, and a couple of other parts she didn’t even have a name for. The dynamic of their relationship had changed forever with Penny’s discovery of her fuzzy kitten notebook, then again that first time they slept together. Thinking about the next six months alone with Penny, Dana thought that dynamic was going to change, yet again.

The sexual tension that always sizzled between them had been kept largely in check by her father being around. Dana wasn’t sure what would happen now that he wasn’t there to act as a buffer. Smiling, she thought, Well, I have a good idea what will happen. I’m just not sure how far it’ll go.

Her mind left to stew in fantasies of the next six months, Dana barely noticed the ride home from the airport. She blinked in surprise as Penny pulled the car into the driveway and killed the engine. She smiled sheepishly at how lost in thoughts of Penny she had been the whole way home.

She followed her stepmother inside. Even as she pushed the door closed, she caught the woman’s elbow and moved into her arms. On tiptoes, she kissed Penny deeply.

Pulling back, Penny gave her an amused smile, said in a husky voice, “Slow down. We have six months to get to that.”

“Sorry,” Dana said, her cheeks hot, “I’ve been thinking about it all the way home.”

“Me, too,” Penny said, kissing her tenderly, “I was just thinking… maybe we should ease into it, these next six months.”

“Ease into it?” Dana asked.

Her smile turning up, Penny said, “Maybe make it through lunch without tearing each other’s clothes off.”

Laughing, Dana said, “You are asking an awful lot of me.”

“Well,” Penny said, kissing her, again, “I have some laundry to get started, dishes to wash, bills to pay… you know, the everyday things that need to get done.”

Groaning, Dana asked, “Can’t it wait?”

“No,” Penny said, amused.

“Fine,” Dana said, slipping out of Penny’s arms, “I’ll start the laundry and do the dishes.”

Laughing, Penny said, “Really? This is all it takes to get you to help out around the house?”

“If it gets us upstairs faster, yeah,” Dana said.

“Is it weird that I’m turned on all of a sudden?” Penny said, playfully.

Dana laughed and shook her head, said, “Yeah, it’s weird.”

“Must be a housewife thing, then,” Penny said, turning toward the kitchen, “having someone help with the housework is an aphrodisiac.”

“Well, I’m glad my doing the dishes is making you hot,” Dana said, heading toward the laundry nook.

“Oh, I was already hot,” Penny said, pulling her Ipad in front of her, “I just know if we don’t maintain some semblance of normalcy this next six months, this household is going to fall apart.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Does this mean I still have to go to school and wear clean underwear every day?”

“I’m afraid so,” Penny said, smiling at her.

Still laughing, Dana got a load of whites going, turning the knob to start the washing machine. As the water started to flow, she remembered the time she and Penny had fooled around in the laundry nook. The strong vibrations of the washing machine on its spin cycle had felt so good and Dana thought about sitting on it now to do something about her stymied desire to be with Penny. Unfortunately, the dishes weren’t going to do themselves, so she left the washing machine unmolested and headed back to the kitchen.

Looking at the full sink, Dana wondered how three people could make so many dirty dishes. She started rinsing them and loading the dishwasher, humming to herself as she worked. The mess in the sink slowly disappeared, and when she couldn’t cram any more dishes in the machine, she closed the door and started the timer.

“All right,” Dana said, drying her hands on a towel, “I’ve got a load of laundry started and the dishes are in the washer… what else?”

“The living room needs to be vacuumed,” Penny said, a hint of a smile on her lips.

“Oh, come on,” Dana said, giving her a look, “you’re just taking advantage of me, now.”

“A little,” Penny said, laughing.

“How about I make lunch?” Dana said, going to the fridge, “by the time we finish eating, I can put the clothes in the washer in the dryer and load another batch… The dishes will be done, too.”

Penny smiled at her, said, “Sounds like a plan.”

“And then we can go upstairs?” Dana asked.

“I think we’ll have indulged in enough normalcy by then, yeah,” Penny said, playfully.

Dana opened the fridge, looking inside. Spotting some leftovers from last night’s dinner, she grabbed the containers. She put two plates together, one for each of them, and put them in the microwave to heat up. When they were both hot, she brought them to the table. When she turned around from fetching some forks, she found Penny watching her.

“What?” Dana asked, going back to the cabinet for glasses. She set them on the table, then fetched a pitcher of iced tea from the fridge.

Penny waited until Dana sat down to ask, “When did you get so capable?”

“What do you mean?” Dana asked, pouring them a couple of glasses of tea.

“You started a load of laundry, did the dishes, made lunch…” Penny said, sounding impressed.

“I don’t know,” Dana said, blinking in surprise. Shrugging, she said, “I guess I learned from watching you. You always seem to manage to juggle everything without breaking a sweat. Dad would be a mess without you.”

“True,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“Are you having a mom moment?” Dana asked.

Laughing, Penny said, “Yeah, I think I am. My little girl is growing up.”

“Ugh,” Dana said, making a face, “don’t say it like that. It’s weird, all things considered.”

“I know,” Penny said, shaking her head.

“I love you, though,” Dana said, giving the woman an embarrassed smile, “Mom.”

Penny smiled warmly at her and, not for the first time, Dana saw the conflicting emotions in the woman’s eyes. Dana understood them all too well. Penny was part mom and part lover to Dana, the line between them blurring in confusing ways sometimes. Like now. This was the woman who had kissed her scraped knee to make it better when she was younger, but also the woman she intended to make love to after putting another load of laundry in the machine.

We’re kind of a mess, Dana thought, still thinking about the complicated relationship she had with Penny now, but I’m okay with that.

“Um, let’s eat,” Penny said, an awkward end to the conversation.

Dana ate with gusto, the food having held up pretty well even after being in the fridge overnight. Penny was an amazing cook and only youthful exuberance kept Dana from weighing five hundred pounds. She didn’t know what Penny’s excuse was for being in such good shape.

Lunch was eaten and the plates deposited in the sink. Dana was rinsing them off when she felt Penny press against her from behind. Dana smiled as the woman’s arms encircled her, and she pushed back into the woman.

“When you are finished here, come upstairs. I’m going to start a bath for us,” Penny whispered in her ear.

“A bath?” Dana asked.

“I love taking baths,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck, “and it’ll be nice to have some company this time. Your father never wanted to join me.”

“A bath sounds nice,” Dana said, even though she’d rather go straight to her bedroom instead.

“Good,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s shoulder. She released Dana, turning to head upstairs. Over her shoulder, she called, “Hurry.”

Smiling, Dana did just that. She rinsed the last of the dishes, then went to the laundry room to rotate loads between the two machines. She started to head upstairs, then quickly unloaded the dish machine and reloaded it with the last of the dishes. Starting it, she had to laugh. Penny had brainwashed her or something, used some Jedi mind trick to get her to do so much housework.

She ran upstairs to the bathroom. Opening the door, she was surprised to find the lights out and candles burning on the four corners of the tub. The air was redolent of the scented bubble bath Penny had added to the water, and soft music played from a little radio on the closed toilet seat.

Her back to Dana, Penny was undressing. From her spot in the open doorway, Dana paused to watch the woman shimmy out of her jeans.

Penny must have known she was watching, because she managed to make it as sensual as hell. Dana’s heart was racing as Penny pulled her shirt up and over her head, letting it fall to the floor. In just her bra and panties, her stepmother freed her long hair from its ponytail, running her fingers through it. Swallowing hard, Dana continued to watch as Penny reached behind her back, slipping the catches on her bra. Dana caught a glimpse of one breast as Penny shrugged out of it. Penny hooked her thumbs in her panties, working them free of her hips and down her long legs.

Finally turning around, Penny came to where Dana leaned against the door jamb. Stepping close, she began to undress Dana without a word. It didn’t take long before the girl was as naked as the woman. Taking Dana’s hand, Penny led her to the tub. The water was perfect, and Dana sighed as she sat down in the hollow of Penny’s legs. She leaned back into the woman, smiling when Penny put both arms around her. She hadn’t been too keen on a bath, had just gone along with it because it was what her stepmother wanted, but now she was glad Penny talked her into it. As far as foreplay goes, this was a very relaxing method.

“Thank you for doing the dishes and laundry,” Penny said.

“I just wanted to get you upstairs,” Dana said, smiling.

“Still, thank you. I’m going to need your help around here, with your dad out of town,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck.

“I know,” Dana said.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun, though,” Penny said, the smile on her face clear in her voice, “probably even some with our clothes on.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Wow.”

“I’m a little nervous, though,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck.

“Nervous?” Dana asked.

“It was hard enough to behave when your father was here, but now…”

Smiling, Dana said, “Do you really think you were behaving, even then?”

Penny laughed, said, “I guess not.”

“You are definitely on Santa’s naughty list,” Dana said.

“There’s no point in behaving now, then,” Penny said, her hand coming up to cup one of Dana’s breasts.

“No point,” Dana agreed, around a moan. Her nipple stiffened under Penny’s attention, ached sweetly. Penny kept it up until she didn’t think she could take any more.

“You know what my favorite part of taking a bath is?” Penny asked.

“What?” Dana breathed.

Penny leaned out of the tub, picked something off the floor, then said, “Playing with this.” She held something out for Dana to see.

“Is that… what is it?” Dana asked, taking it from her.

Penny pushed a button on the side and Dana laughed as it came buzzing to life in her hand. It was a vibrator, but not like any Dana had ever seen. It was aqua green and covered in soft silicone, had push buttons on the side instead of a knob.

“How many vibrators do you have?” Dana asked.

“This one is special,” Penny said, taking it from her.

“What’s so special about it?” Dana asked.

“This,” Penny said, slipping it between Dana’s thighs. Even underwater, it didn’t stop buzzing. Pressing the toy against Dana’s bud, she said, “It’s waterproof.”

“So it’s a bath toy?” Dana said, thinking that this was probably why Penny liked taking baths so much.

“Beats a rubber ducky,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck.

“Oh God,” Dana moaned, the vibrations working all through her body, “it definitely would have been easier to get me in the tub.”

“Then the problem would be getting you out,” Penny said, laughing.

Dana didn’t say it out loud, but she thought Penny was right. If she’d had one of these when she was younger and still taking baths, the water would have been cold by the time she got out.

The vibrator seemed to be designed to be used underwater, not just to be waterproof. Its vibrations seemed to cut through the water and she could feel it all over her body.

“Lean forward,” Penny said, putting her hand between Dana’s shoulder blades.

When Dana leaned forward, Penny urged her to keep going. On her hands and knees, Dana looked over her shoulder at Penny expectantly. Penny pressed the vibrator against her bud for a second, then let it slip higher. Dana gasped as the pulsing toy eased into her, moving deep inside of her slick core. Strong against her clit, the vibrating shaft drove her body crazy inside.

When Dana met Penny’s eyes, she saw that the woman knew how good this felt, knew what the vibrator was doing to her. That sexy little smile on Penny’s lips as she moved the toy slowly in and out said it all. That smile got Dana going almost as much as the vibrations working though her body. That smile was the reason Dana was on the Naughty List this year, because when Penny favored her with it, she knew they were in trouble.

Penny moved the toy in and out of her, angled downward so that each time it slid deep, it pressed deliciously against her g-spot. Getting to her knees, Penny leaned over Dana, sliding her free hand down the girl’s stomach and between her thighs. Dana moaned thickly as Penny’s fingers found her bud, teased it. The vibrator had already had her making these little wordless sounds of excitement, and the swirling pressure of Penny touch only made them louder.

Penny kissed Dana’s shoulder, then the space between her shoulder blades. As she kissed her way down Dana’s spine, a shiver raced up it. When she ran out of back, Penny lightly bit one of Dana’s buttocks, making her yelp in surprise. Looking back at the woman, Dana saw her mischievous grin.

Again, that smile got the better of her, and Dana felt herself start to come. Penny must have felt it too, because she pressed the vibrator against Dana’s G-spot and left it there. The strong vibrations against that very sensitive place sent Dana over the top.

Crying out, she climaxed hard, her whole body shaking like she was having a fit. Penny eased the toy out of her, making her hips jerk. Her fingers didn’t stop their lazy circles, but slowed down. The continued pressure on her clit kept her hips moving, kept the lovely sensations washing through her.

Her body a little jittery from coming so hard, Dana turned to face her stepmother and favor her with a dazed smile. Penny gave her a knowing smile and it made the girl laugh, saying, “Wow.”

“I thought you’d like this thing,” Penny said, turning the toy off.

“I do,” Dana said, taking it from her.

“I’ll buy you one for Christmas,” Penny said, leaning in for a kiss.

“I’m starting to have a collection, like you,” Dana said, thinking about the strap-on and vibrator hidden behind the bottom drawer of her dresser. There was some lingerie back there, too, including some she hasn’t gotten to wear yet. If her father ever found that hiding spot, she’d have a lot to explain.

“You have a ways to go to catch up with me,” Penny said.

Laughing, Dana asked, “How many sex toys do you have?”

Penny blushed, said, “Um… a lot of them are from my younger days. I was a bit more… adventuresome back then.”

“Wow,” Dana said, laughing harder. When she sobered up some, she said, “Maybe we can play with some of them together.”

“I already dusted off the box, cleaned them up,” Penny said, kissing her.

“You are definitely on the Naughty List this year,” Dana said, playfully.

“Well, even if Santa doesn’t bring us anything, we’ll still have plenty of toys to play with,” Penny said.

“Plenty?” Dana teased.

“Keep talking, and I won’t let you play with them,” Penny said. She laughed when Dana pretended to zip her lips, said, “That’s what I thought.”

Dana pressed the button on the side of the vibrator, and it came buzzing to life in her hand. Smiling, Penny moved to the opposite end of the tub, folding her arms on its lip, and looking over her shoulder at Dana. Penny looked so provocative like that, so sensual and tantalizing. Dana’s heart rate kicked up another notch, just looking at Penny’s incredible body so lovingly revealed.

Letting the buzzing toy settle to the bottom of the tub, Dana let her hands freely roam over Penny, exploring every inch of her. While Penny moaned and sighed with these caresses, Dana’s motivations were selfish — she couldn’t take her hands away from the woman, couldn’t stop touching her soft skin.

When the vibrator bumped against Dana’s knee, she looked down at it. The way Penny’s body swayed with her touch and the soft sounds of excitement that slipped from her slack mouth told Dana the woman was ready for the toy. A little reluctant to give up her exploration of Penny’s lovely body, Dana picked up the vibrator. She ran it up the inside of Penny’s thigh, making the woman shiver. When the buzzing shaft found her bud, Penny moaned thickly and her hips eagerly pushed against the toy.

Dana eased the vibrator into Penny when she thought the woman was ready for it. Taking her stepmother’s hand, she put it on the toy. Penny looked at her curiously and Dana just smiled at her, slipping around so that she was face to face with Penny, slouching low, her head barely above the water. Dana put her hands on Penny’s buttocks, pulling her forward. It took a moment, but Penny figured out what Dana wanted.

On her knees, Penny pressed her pussy against Dana’s mouth. Her back arched as Dana’s tongue found her clitoris. Rolling her eyes up at her stepmother, Dana smiled when she saw Penny’s eyes roll back in her head.

“Oh God, don’t stop,” Penny moaned, rubbing her pussy against Dana’s tongue. She had Dana’s cheeks wet from her writhing.

Her hands were jealous of her mouth and Dana ran them over Penny’s thighs and stomach, around to grab the woman’s buttocks. Penny thrilled to her touch, her cries of enjoyment encouraging Dana to keep going.

The vibrator and Dana’s hands and mouth were too much for Penny. Dana felt the woman start to come, rolled her eyes up to watch her stepmother give into ecstasy. She could see the tension building up inside Penny in her face, then there was a moment when Penny stopped breathing, her cry of rapture cut off halfway through.

It was that moment when the human body couldn’t take anymore, half a heartbeat before it exploded with pleasure. It was the eye of the hurricane, a moment of calm after the build-up of excitement and before the sensory overload of an orgasm. Then that moment passed and Penny cried out as her body spasmed. The vibrator slipped from her fingers, splashing in the water.

“Jesus,” Penny said, sitting back. Putting her back to the side of the tub, she gave Dana a dazed smile. “This is going to be a good six months.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Maybe more.”

“Maybe,” Penny said, fishing the still buzzing toy out of the water and turning it off.

“Are you really going to buy me one of those?” Dana asked.

“Probably,” Penny said, then smiled, “but not until your father gets back. Until then, you can use mine.”

“I take it I only get to use it with you,” Dana said, smiling.

“I guess you could play with it by yourself,” Penny said, leaning in for a kiss, “but it’s a lot more fun with someone else.”

Smiling at her, Dana said, “You could say that of most toys, adult or otherwise.”

“True,” Penny said.

“So when are we going to play with the rest?” Dana asked, wondering just what sort of things Penny had in her secret stash.

“Later,” Penny said, moving between Dana’s legs and leaning back into Dana. “We need to pace ourselves.”

Dana smiled, wrapping an arm around Penny. It was kind of funny, the way their positions had reversed since the beginning of their bath.

“I was thinking we could order a pizza for dinner… maybe rent a movie,” Penny said.

“You mean ‘Netflix and chill’?” Dana asked, laughing when Penny turned to look at her.

“And what do you know about that?” Penny asked, with a fake mom scowl.

“Nothing,” Dana said, grinning at her.

“Uh-huh,” Penny said, laughing, “I need to go back to monitoring your internet use.”


Dana sat with her back to her headboard, Penny’s old laptop on her knees. She’d just started a new story, was about a page and half into it, when there was a faint rapping at her bedroom door. She closed her computer in a panic, stuffing it under the pillow behind her. Belatedly, she remembered her father was out of town, and it could only be Penny knocking. She doubted that her stepmother would be upset to see her writing a new story.

Not waiting for a response, Penny poked her head into the room. Seeing Dana still awake, she came the rest of the way in, closing the door behind her. The darkness returned, but not before Dana spied the pillow in the woman’s hand.

“Um,” Penny said, coming to the bed, “can I sleep here tonight? I hate sleeping alone.”

Dana moved over, and Penny joined her on the bed. Looking at Dana sitting up, Penny asked, “What were you doing?”

“Writing,” Dana said, then sheepishly added, “I panicked when you knocked, and stuffed the laptop under my pillow.”

Penny laughed, said, “Quick reflexes, even if it was a waste of time.”

“Yeah,” Dana said.

“So what are you writing? Anything I can read?” Penny asked.

“Not really,” Dana said, reaching under her pillow to retrieve her laptop, “I’m only a page and half into it so far.”

“A new story?” Penny asked, her interest piqued.

“Yeah,” Dana said, then laughed, “but I’m not sure what it’s about, yet.”

“You’ve written a page and half and you still don’t know what it’s about?” Penny asked, amused.

“No,” Dana said, shaking her head.

“What’s the page and a half about?” Penny asked.

Dana opened her laptop and unlocked. Before she answered Penny, she skimmed what she had written. Frowning, she said, “Um, I’m not sure.”

Laughing, Penny said, “Okay.”

“Maybe I’ll try again tomorrow,” Dana said, closing out the document. The program asked her for a name to the document. She couldn’t really name it just yet, so she saved it as ‘A’.

She stuffed the computer under her bed. After she did it, she realized it was another wasted action. There was no one in the house to accidentally find it, except Penny. Since she hadn’t gotten in trouble the last time Penny found her writings, she didn’t expect to get in trouble now. Still, she left it under the bed.

“Could you set the alarm for me?” Dana asked, stretching out on her back.

“What time?” Penny asked, rolling on her side.

“Six-thirty,” Dana said, then sighing. It was back to school tomorrow.

Dana heard Penny fiddling with the clock, then the woman snuggled against Dana. Smiling, Dana closed her eyes in the dark. As she started to drift off to sleep, she wondered if this would be the new normal until her father returned, sleeping with Penny. She smiled, liking the feel of her stepmother’s warm body molded against her flank. She was still smiling as sleep claimed her.


Dana reached over Penny and hit the button on her alarm clock to silence its insistent bleating. She started to roll onto her back, when she frowned. Blinking a couple of times to clear the sleep out of her eyes, she saw the display still read six o’clock. She glanced at Penny, saw the woman was awake and smiling at her.

“Did you set it for six?” Dana asked, yawning.

“I did,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s bare shoulder, “I thought we might need the extra thirty minutes.”

Laughing, Dana said, “Did you now?”

“You can set it, again, if you want to go back to sleep,” Penny said, with a smile that pushed all thoughts of going back to sleep out of Dana’s mind, “or we could go brush our teeth and fool around in the shower.”

“Is my breath that bad?” Dana asked, sitting up.

“Nothing a toothbrush won’t fix,” Penny said, kissing her. “Come on.”

Dana followed her stepmother down the hall to the bathroom. While brushing her teeth, she kept stealing glances at Penny. The woman kept catching Dana at it, because she was looking, too. Dana suspected that there was definitely going to be some fooling around in the shower.

When the toothbrushes were hung up to dry, they piled into the shower. The hot water helped rouse Dana, but it was Penny’s lovely body pressed against hers that brought the girl fully awake. They took turns washing each other, and Dana realized they were going to need every extra minute Penny had given them when she set the alarm early. They were both still soapy when Penny’s hand slipped between Dana’s thighs. Moaning from the magical caress of Penny’s fingers, Dana let her own hand slid down Penny’s slippery stomach to tease her bud.

The shower stall was soon filled with their cries. Dana came first, but Penny climaxed while Dana was still trembling with hers. They drifting into each other’s arms, kissing and touching until the water started to turn cool.

Penny kissed her, said, “We better get out. I think we’ve used up all of the hot water.”

“Um, yeah,” Dana said, turning off the shower.

They dried off, and Dana wrapped a towel around her naked body. Penny slipped into her robe, then said, “I’ll get some breakfast started, while you get ready for school.”

“Okay,” Dana said, stealing one more kiss before heading to her room to get dressed.

Dropping the towel, she stepped into a pair of panties. Seeing something behind her underwear drawer, she smiled. It was her secret hiding spot for the naughty lingerie Penny had bought for her. Her smile widening, she toyed with the idea of wearing some of it for Penny that night.

Her already good mood elevated by the thoughts of the evening to come, Dana got into her school uniform and headed downstairs. Penny had put together a simple breakfast, and they ate standing up at the center island.

They had spent too much time in the shower, and Dana had to hurry if she was going to catch her bus. She ran upstairs to snag her backpack and a coat. She found Penny waiting for her by the door. The woman pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Pulling back, her stepmother smiled warmly at her and said, “Have a nice day at school.”

Her voice a little husky, Dana said, “Wow.”

Smiling, Penny said, “Bye, sweetie.”

“Bye,” Dana said, still a little dazed from the kiss.

She stepped outside, then had to shake her head and smile. As she walked toward the bus stop, there was a lightness in her step and she had to say, “Now, that’s how you start a day.”

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Companion Hotel, Room 319, Part Two

  • Posted on October 12, 2019 at 2:43 pm

by A Minor Paragon

Susan couldn’t stop thinking about the hot, wild evening she would soon be enjoying, having sex with an attractive woman and her little girl. She was already impatient, glancing at the clock over and over.

Finally, hungering for a glimpse of her newest guests in the altogether, Susan went up to the pool to make sure her two guests were enjoying themselves. She found Carolyn and her mother splashing each other and having fun, and nodded, satisfied. She didn’t get close enough to see anything, and the water mostly hid them anyway, but knowing they were both naked was almost satisfying in itself.

Patience, Susan… you’ll see all of her soon enough.

An hour later she checked up on them again, and found Carolyn’s mom lounging in a chair while a couple of guys were flirting with her daughter.

“Everything okay?” she asked, indicating Carolyn with a nod of her head.

“Oh, she’s loving the attention. Everyone wants to know what she’s doing here, but she won’t tell them, of course. I’m pretty sure she’s been, uh, politely propositioned a few times. And naturally, my daughter just had to go ask the lifeguard if she got asked to people’s beds a lot.”

“Oh, undoubtedly,” answered Susan. “Not that I keep track of that sort of thing.” Her eyes darted back and forth. “As long as you two are enjoying yourselves.”

The woman nodded. “It wasn’t as weird as I thought it would be.”

“What, sharing a pool with a bunch of naked swimmers? Nah, clothes are overrated. Once they come off, they’re all equal, so who cares? Anyway, I have to get back to work if I’m taking the night off. See you later!”

At about four-thirty, Susan changed into her maid outfit and waited for the call to bring up dinner. She couldn’t concentrate on her spreadsheets and kept bouncing around the office. Getting up, looking at the clock, checking her hair, sitting down again. Finally, the call came in, and Susan went to collect the cart to bring to 319.

“Room service,” she called, knocking on the door.

Carolyn’s mother opened it a crack. “Oh, I thought it was going to be — wait, it is you!”

“It’s me! May I come in?”

“Of course.” She opened the door wide. “But why are you–”

“Your daughter did express her preference for a maid, did she not?” she asked with a grin. “Well, here I am!”

“I have my own maid, I have my own maid!” singsonged Carolyn, jumping up from the couch.

Susan glanced back and forth between the two. While her mother had put her clothes back on, Carolyn was totally naked, and Susan liked what she saw.

“Yeah, she wouldn’t get dressed again. Walked back here in a towel, and my little girl has been naked ever since,” explained her mother. “As it’s a sort of special occasion, I allowed it.”

“I’m not complaining,” Susan assured her, finding it hard to take her eyes off the girl. Her skin was smooth and flawless — hardly tanned, because summer had really only just begun. Her chest had only the merest bumps leading down to a slightly narrowed waist and a sweet pink pussy. And those legs, those slender, beautiful legs! Susan couldn’t wait to run her hands over them.

“By the way, how old are you, Carolyn?” she asked, closing the door behind the food cart.

“Ten. I’ll be eleven in a couple of months.”

“Be sure to invite me to the party!” Susan joked. “So, what do you think?” She gave a twirl, and Carolyn clapped appreciably.

“The service is great here, and the maids are all so pretty,” the girl then said, pretending to write in a small notebook. “Note to self: figure out if I should recommend this place to all my friends, or try to keep it a secret. What to do…”

Susan laughed. “Come eat before it gets cold.”

Carolyn skipped over to the table, and her mother clucked her tongue “At least put some clothes on before you eat.”


“Think about it this way,” Susan explained. “How is your mother going to slowly strip you naked after dinner if you aren’t wearing anything?”

“I guess that all depends on your staying here for the night… doesn’t it?” she slyly hedged, looking at her mother.

“Oh, she can stay,” her mother agreed, giving a helpless shrug. “God, what would your father say about… about any of this?”

“Yay! Thanks, Mom. I love you!” Carolyn hugged her mother, then ran off to the other room.

“Thanks, Carolyn’s mom!” Susan said, her heart already beating a little faster.

“It’s Jane, actually,” the woman sighed. “I’m mostly doing this for her. She’ll never stop nagging me until I give her what she wants.”

Sure, just keep telling yourself that.

Moments later, after Susan had set the table for them all, Carolyn reappeared in a mostly strapless dress and seemed almost shy for the first time. Her arms were bare and the dress was held up by a simple black cord that went around her neck and into the front. The top part was a light blue, ruffled in alternating layers, three black and white polka dots, three with a darker blue stripe pattern. She had on dark stockings, but had gone barefoot, and a thick white hairband held her tresses back.

Jane looked her daughter over. “Oh, that’s what you had in the bag you wouldn’t show me. Very sexy.” Then she looked back to Susan. “Now I feel underdressed.”

Susan only smiled. Don’t worry, we’ll be taking it all off soon.

“Yeah, Mom, I wanted to dress up for you. Do… do you like it?” she shyly asked, coming over to where Susan sat.

“I sure do,” Susan answered. “You’ve beautiful, no matter what you wear.”

“Thanks!” Her face lit up and suddenly Carolyn was her old self again, twirling to show off, all but bouncing in her seat.

They sat down to dine, but all were too excited to eat very much. Mother and daughter both complimented her on the food, though.

Finally Susan cleared the plates away and put them back on the cart, and both mother and daughter were at a loss as to what to do.

Susan laughed, grabbing one hand from each of them. “Come on, you two. Don’t chicken out on me now!” She started leading them towards the couch.

“It’s just it happened so naturally the last time,” protested Jane.

“Yeah, I’m sorta nervous right now,” admitted Carolyn.

Susan noticed that the child was trembling a little. “Hey, me too. It’s always different and always new, and you two are the newest. Jane, you sit here.” Susan let go of her hand and gave her a little push, sitting her down on the couch. “Carolyn, you stand right here. That’s it. Stay.”

Letting go of the girl’s hand, Susan plopped down next to her mother, who glanced her way. “Not me, Jane! Susan protested. “Look at her. Look at your daughter. Look at how beautiful she is right now, in that dress that she secretly packed in order to look her best for you.” Jane did. “What was she thinking as she put it on? Was she excited, was she nervous? Was she feeling your fingers slowly caressing those bare arms, up to that strap, then pulling it over her head? Was she imagining her tingling skin, revealed inch by inch as you slipped it off her? And those legs, those lovely legs of hers. Can she feel you tugging those stockings off? Can you see yourself doing that?”

“Yes,” Jane answered softly.

“Carolyn, look at your mother, imagining all those things about you. But she doesn’t have to imagine, does she? You’re right there in front of her. You’ve kissed her, held her in your arms, touched her, tasted her, loved her, gone to sleep in her arms. Are you thinking about kissing her again, right this minute?”

“Yes,” the child whispered, a dazed expression on her face

“Get a little closer,” Susan continued. “That’s it. Take your mom’s hands, just like that. Feel them, are they warm? Is she nervous? There’s no need to be, look into each other’s eyes. Yes, a little closer. See the love you both have for each other? Carolyn, you were actually inside your mother’s body for nine months. Right inside her! You can be that close again, she’s right there. You’re almost touching now, you’re so close. No more need for thought now, just close your eyes, both of you, and love one another…”

Daughter and mother melted into each other’s arms, their lips coming together softly, eagerly.

Susan smiled, watching for a moment, then getting up and turning the light down. There was only the faintest glow illuminating the two lovers, and Carolyn was now kneeling atop her mother’s legs, dress pushed up around her thighs, as the two hungrily kissed again and again.

Susan came back to them, kneeling down to gather Carolyn’s hair and move it to one side. “You two look so amazing like that,” she whispered into Carolyn’s ear. “You just keep that up.” She gently took the hairband from atop Carolyn’s head and set it aside, then gently ran her fingers across the child’s scalp and down, following that soft waterfall of hair. It was just as nice to touch as Susan had hoped, and she breathed in the light hint of shampoo that still lingered there.

She trailed her fingers across Carolyn’s back and down her bare arms, savoring the feeling of that smooth skin, then went up and into the girl’s armpits, wiggling her fingers and causing Carolyn to laugh into her mother’s mouth and squirm a little while she was tickled.

Susan bent and gently kissed the girl’s neck, still rubbing her arms up and down, up and down. After a moment of that, she took hold of Carolyn’s dress, tugging it up and off. Her smooth, bare back was revealed, and Susan’s fingers traveled up and down that beautiful skin, finding the edges of her shoulder blades and spine, then slipping around front to caress her budding breasts and tiny nipples.

Carolyn sighed with pleasure, and allowed herself a moment of feeling her mother’s body pressed into hers, along with her lips, enjoying the hands of this wonderful stranger.

She broke off kissing her mother. “Keep undressing me,” she whispered, and backed off the couch again until she was standing. She turned to face Susan and put both hands on her face, then gently guided the woman to her waiting lips.

Susan was thrilled. This girl’s lips were small and soft, but full of passion as the two began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues. Susan felt her wiggling, and opened an eye to see her mother running her hands down the length of her daughter’s body, nails and fingertips gliding across the soft nylon stockings.

Jane’s hands traveled up and down Carolyn’s body several times as the child kissed Susan, but finally on the way down the girl’s her mother put both hands inside her panties, cupping her little girl’s taut bottom. That made Carolyn squirm a little, but her mother didn’t let it last as she took her hands out and grasped the waistband of those pretty panties, drawing them downwards.

The girl was now naked again, and Susan took a step back to look at her in the dim lighting. “You’re so beautiful,” she breathed, wanting to do so much more to this nymphlike creature.

Carolyn just smiled in reply. “Mom next,” she said, turning back to Jane and pulling her to her feet. “You take the top.” She went for the button on her mother’s jeans, and instead of going around, Susan pressed her body close to Carolyn’s, reaching for the bottom of her mother’s shirt.

“Arms up,” she said with a grin, and Jane complied. With her shirt now nearly off but still across her arms, Susan leaned past Carolyn and stole a kiss from her mother, who seemed a little surprised but accepted it.

“That was a mean trick,” Jane complained when Susan broke it off. But she was smiling as she said it.

“Do it again!” commanded Carolyn, tugging her mom’s jeans down.

“Yes, mistress,” complied Susan, encircling Jane’s waist as Carolyn stepped out of the way. They drew close together, their lips meeting once again as Susan’s fingertips lightly brushed her back on the way up to the clasp of her bra. She unhooked it but kept kissing her, feeling the difference between her new lovers. In the span of a minute, I’ve kissed both a mother and a daughter. Now I want to see how different they taste. She helped steady Jane as the woman stepped out of her jeans, and Susan reluctantly broke off their kiss, taking the bra with her.

“Together?” asked Carolyn, taking one side of her mother’s panties.

“Together,” agreed Susan, taking the other. They were pulled down, and Susan finally got a good look at a naked Jane.

“Oh, very nice,” she purred, her eyes tracing the swell of her breasts, down past her belly button and to her baby-smooth pussy.

“You shaved!” exclaimed Carolyn excitedly. “You’re the greatest, Mom! Oh, that’s going to be so much better. I can’t wait to lick you!”

“Enough about me,” Jane admonished, a finger in the air. “Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?” Both looked over at Susan.

“Yeah!” Carolyn squealed. “Strip the maid!”

Susan held her arms out to the side and allowed her uniform to be taken off by the two, mother and daughter working together. Susan now stood as naked as the others, thrilled at being admired by her new lovers, just as she had admired them earlier. She looked good, and was proud of her body. “Come on, you two,” she said, grabbing each around the waist. “Why stare when you can touch? Here, let me show you how soft our beds are.”

The three stepped past the clothes that were now strewn everywhere, making their way to the bedroom. Carolyn slipped out of Susan’s grasp and jumped onto the bed, lying down on her back. She threw her arms open dramatically.

“Take me, both of you. I’m yours forever!” she giggled.

The two older women crawled towards her, Susan to the left and her mother to the right, and each ran a hand from the girl’s cute little toes up her leg and across her chest.

Carolyn shivered and closed her eyes. “More.”

Glancing at each other, the women crawled to either side, then began slowly kissing their way up Carolyn’s legs, gently biting and licking her smooth, flawless skin.

“Oh, that feels sooooo good,” Carolyn cooed. “Keep… keep going, please.” They didn’t need any urging, kissing their way up to the young girl’s moist pussy, but giving it only the merest of kisses on the way up. “No, please!” she pleaded, spreading her legs wide. “Kiss me there!”

Jane looked questioningly at Susan, who nodded. “Okay, you go first… but I want to lick her too, so no fair making her come right away!”

Susan continued to kiss her way up Carolyn’s body as the girl’s mother began to gently lick her pussy, causing Carolyn to moan wordlessly. Susan swirled around a nipple with her tongue, then sucked it as hard as she could, then gently using her teeth to tease the erect bud. After a moment, she shifted to the other nipple, all the while stroking Carolyn’s body wherever she could reach. Finally, she returned to the girl’s pretty mouth, gently kissing her and muffling her moans.

Carolyn returned the kiss, her tongue joining in the loveplay, then broke away from Susan, gasping, “Switch places now, please? I’m so close. I want to kiss Mom when I come!”

With a final peck, Susan yielded her place to Jane, slid between the little girl’s thighs and fitted her mouth to Carolyn’s pussy. She alternated between plunging her tongue into the child’s vagina as far as it could go, then lightly flicking her clit and sucking it over and over. She wanted to keep Carolyn on the edge as long as she could, wanted to savor this beautiful girl to the full, to drive her out of her mind with pleasure.

It seemed to be working. Carolyn’s cries, now muffled by her mother’s mouth, grew more frantic. Her skin was slick with sweat, and Susan’s tongue thrust in and out of the ten-year-old’s moist opening.

Finally Susan relented, focusing on the young girl’s button until she drove her over the edge. She felt the orgasm surge through Carolyn’s body, pulsing and raging as the child allowed herself to let go. Susan used tender kisses to ease her down gently, finally withdrawing and sitting back on her knees, smiling at the panting girl.

“That was… the best,” gulped Carolyn, getting her breath back. “You’re both so, so amazing!”

Susan lay down on her side next to Carolyn, nestling close to her as Jane snuggled into the other side of her daughter, their legs entwined as they allowed the girl to recover. The women couldn’t stop smiling at each other as they both continued to tease little Carolyn’s nipples, fingers meeting and brushing together on her flat chest.

Finally, Carolyn extracted herself from between the two women and commanded Susan and her mother to “scoot together,” which they did, lying on their backs, bodies touching. They clasped hands as Carolyn began to fondle them both, teasing their pussies with her fingers.

Susan shivered with pleasure, feeling those tiny fingers explore her cunt — now lightly touching, now hard, now plunging inside her and wiggling delightfully. She had both eyes closed, listening to Jane giving little gasps of pleasure, and suddenly Susan knew why when she felt Carolyn’s mouth cover her slit, and a moan escaped her lips as the ten-year-old’s tongue and fingers began pleasuring her together.

Back and forth Carolyn went, shifting between her mom and Susan. With the light touch of her fingers keeping them excited and her mouth taking them steadily higher, Susan felt as if she would explode into tiny bits if she didn’t get her release soon.

Soon. Oh, don’t stop. Oh God, no, right there, yes.

The women looked toward each other at the same time, and something they saw brought them together in a kiss that quickly grew hot, their tongues eagerly tangling and twining.

Carolyn lifted her head to gaze at her grownup lovers as she continued to gently finger their pussies, her heart glowing with happiness. Her mom was so beautiful, and watching her kiss this other woman, hearing the sounds of pleasure that she was making happen, smelling her, tasting her… She’d never loved her more than at this moment. That her mother had agreed to allow a stranger into this, just for her, and to have it working out so well…

“Please, baby,” her mother cried. “Make me come!”

Grinning, Carolyn attacked her mom’s pussy again with lips and tongue, driving her over the edge while she increased the intensity of her other hand between Susan’s legs, causing both women to stiffen and fill the room with sounds of rapture as they went over the edge together.

Finally they collapsed, eyes glazed, and Carolyn slowly withdrew her fingers. Susan and Jane were both looking up at her, smiling contentedly, and she slowly bought those wet fingers to her mouth and sucked them.

“You’re pretty good at that,” Susan managed.

“Thanks! Um, I’m gonna kiss my mom for a bit, if that’s okay.”

Susan smiled. “Long as I get a turn.”

Turning to Jane, Carolyn kissed a pathway up her mother’s body, finally settling on top of the woman and wrapping both arms around her. “Hi, Mom,” the young girl said, “I love you.”

“Oh, my sweet baby girl,” Jane whispered, tears in her eyes, “I adore you. Why did I try to fight this? It feels so good, so right, us being lovers. I’m yours, darling.”

They kissed, and while they did, Carolyn felt Susan start playing with her hair, arranging the long tresses to fall to either side, so that her backside was uncovered. Then she felt fingers gently trailing up and down her back, across her bottom, down her legs. The child gave a little shiver when she felt Susan’s touch lingering between her legs, like a promise of pleasures to come.

Carolyn and her mother kissed for some time, still coming down from the high of their lovemaking, then the little girl switched over to Susan.

Susan felt the weight of this wonderful girl on her body as their lips came together. She drew Carolyn closer, her hands on her firm little butt, then gliding up to caress her back and shoulders. Now it was her turn to be tented under the canopy of that wonderfully soft hair, which her mother began to arrange just as she had done. It surrounded her, brushed her skin, made her more aware of this tiny angel in her arms.

How could it have taken so long for me to explore the delights of love with a little girl? Susan asked herself. I can’t let this be the last time, I absolutely can’t.

Time seemed to lose all meaning as she made out with Carolyn. Did they kiss for minutes, or hours? It seemed like both, and when Carolyn broke away, Susan felt it wasn’t enough. Never enough, she thought, as this beautiful girl looked down at her and smiled. “You and Mom next. I want to watch.”

But I want more of you.

Patience, there’s still plenty of time.

Susan turned to Jane as she crawled to the side, the two of them coming together. How different, she thought, as their breasts pressed together. But nearly as nice, honestly. As they shared hungry kisses, she felt Carolyn’s hands touching them both, running back and forth across their bodies.

“Let me taste you,” Jane whispered, breaking the kiss. Susan nodded, and both women scooted down the bed a little more toward the center, where Susan turned around and dipped her head between Jane’s legs.

“Oh, yeah, that’s so cool!” exclaimed Carolyn as her mother and Susan each began licking and nibbling at the other. Jane’s cunt was hot and juicy, and Susan, arms wrapped around the mother’s legs, was able to caress the edges of the woman’s labia and spread them, inserting a finger as her tongue danced about the erect clit. Carolyn slipped a pillow under her mother’s back so Jane would be more comfortable, then she watched from various angles as the two women swiftly brought one another to orgasm.

Putting Carolyn back in the middle, Jane and Susan recovered while stroking, nuzzling and caressing the young girl until she was squirming frantically, begging them to stop teasing her.

Soon the three lovers arranged themselves in an oral circle, mouths to cunts. This time it was the child’s mother who lay between Carolyn’s legs, while Susan positioned herself so she could be licked by the ten-year-old, while bringing the girl’s mother to a wonderful high with her lips and tongue. Somehow, they all managed to come one last time.

Exhausted, Susan got up and turned the lights out, while mother and daughter slipped under the sheet. Susan joined them so that Carolyn was nestled in the middle, and the three lovers fell asleep in each other’s arms, feeling warm, secure, and very satisfied.


The next morning, after a bit more fun and a long hot shower together, Susan invited the pair to stay again, telling them, “You can spend as many nights here as you want here for free, as long as I can join you both in bed.”

“Thank you, Susan,” Jane said. “We had a lovely time with you, and we’ll definitely be back. You helped me understand my true feelings for Carolyn, and I’ll be forever grateful for that.”

“Yeah — thanks, Susan!” Carolyn squealed. “Now me and Mom are really in love, and it might not’ve ever happened without you. I can’t wait to come back, so we can do stuff with you again!” She threw her arms around Susan, hugging her tightly.

Susan escorted her guests down to the lobby. They exchanged warm kisses, then Jane and Carolyn left, turning to wave goodbye as they went. Watching her new lovers cross the parking lot to their car and get inside, Susan turned to go upstairs to her office, a smile of perfect contentment on her lips.

The End


The Notebook, Chapter 8

  • Posted on October 4, 2019 at 2:20 pm

by Ebo

Dropping her backpack by her bedroom door, Dana shrugged out of her coat. As she was hanging it up, she noticed a box sitting on her bed. Moving closer, she saw the Amazon Prime tape that sealed it, and her heart started beating faster.

My Columbus Day outfit has arrived, Dana thought, smiling as she picked up the box. Glancing at her alarm clock, she thought she had enough time to try it on before her dad got home. She ripped the box open, saw the gauzy pink and black lingerie and started smiling. Taking it out of the box, she held it up. It looked even sexier than it had on her computer screen.

Chewing on her lip, she wondered if she would look good in it. Most lingerie wasn’t designed for a girl with her body type. What if she looked stupid in it? Like a little girl playing dress-up?

The main character in Playing Hooky had had similar anxieties, and Dana wondered if she had poured some of her own self-doubts into the girl. It had turned out all right for the girl in the story, but that was a work of fantasy. What if Dana’s story didn’t have the same happy ending?

She was almost too scared to try it on because if it didn’t fit her right, her plan would fall apart. She wanted Penny to look at her and not be able to stop. That was what she wanted from the lingerie. If it didn’t look good on her…

Standing up straighter and putting her shoulders back, Dana said, “It’s going to look amazing. Penny is going to love it, and that is all there is to it.”

She didn’t completely buy her own bullshit, but started undressing to try it on anyway. She unzipped her skirt, wriggling out of it. Kicking it aside, she unbuttoned her white blouse. It joined the skirt on the floor near her hamper. Reaching behind her, she undid the clasps of her bra, slipping out of it. In just her panties, she reached for the bustier. Slipping it over her head, she smoothed it into place. Her heart started beating faster when it fit her perfectly, but she knew that was only half of it. Just because it fit, didn’t mean it would look good on her. She avoided looking in the mirror as she slipped out of her panties and into the impossibly small thong. She laughed at how little it covered and squirmed at the string between her buttocks. Sitting on her bed, she took off her shoes and rolled down her black knee socks. Dana slipped into the silky nylons, loving how her legs appeared when sheathed in black hosiery. If nothing else, that much of her would look good.

Holding her breath, she stepped in front of her mirror and gasped. She put her hand to her mouth, laughing excitedly.

“Oh, wow,” she said, barely believing her eyes, “Penny is going to love this!”

The stretchy material of the bustier clung to her young body in all the right places, pushed her breasts up and gave her more cleavage than she thought she could muster. Coupled with the nylons, the lingerie made her look inappropriately sexy, considering her age. As she turned this way and that, her fears were assuaged. She didn’t look foolish or like a little girl playing dress-up. Surely it wasn’t true, but the lingerie looked like it was meant for her.

She didn’t want to take it off, wanted to run downstairs and show Penny now. She knew that her stepmother wouldn’t mind seeing her in the bustier, but Dana knew Penny liked to wait, liked to let the anticipation build. She smiled at her reflection, admiring the lingerie for a second longer before turning from the mirror and undressing.

Dana slipped everything back in the box except the extra surprise she had bought for Penny and her to play with on Columbus Day. Looking at it now, she wondered if she hadn’t bitten off more than she could chew. The product descriptions had listed dimensions, but it was bigger than she expected. A lot bigger.

Shoving it under her bed, she quickly got dressed in a pair of snug jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt, then ran downstairs to find Penny before her dad got home. Penny was in the living room, watching TV. Dana sat on the woman’s lap, giving her a big, toe-curling kiss.

Laughing, Penny husked, “Well, hi.”

“I just tried on my Columbus Day costume,” Dana said, smiling.

“I’m guessing it fits,” Penny said, her eyes flashing at Dana.

“Better than it has any right to,” Dana said, kissing Penny, again, “I can’t wait for you to see me in it.”

“I can’t wait, either,” Penny said, excitement creeping into her voice, “just four more days.”

“Then I’ll finally get to see what’s in my present,” Dana said, pouting playfully, “I’ve had to wait longer than you.”

“Just four more days,” Penny said, kissing Dana. It deepened more than either of them expected, lingered much too long. When Penny finally pulled back, she favored Dana with a sheepish smile, said, “Four long, long days.”

Laughing, Dana said, “God, Friday needs to hurry up and get here.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, fanning herself, “you better get off my lap. I need to calm down before your dad gets home.”

“Got you all hot and bothered, did I?” Dana asked, grinning.

“You have no idea,” Penny said, stealing one more kiss before shooing Dana off her lap.

“Do you still have any of that wrapping paper? I want to wrap your ‘gift’,” Dana said.

“I think there is some in the upstairs closet,” Penny said, straightening her clothes.

“Okay,” Dana said, heading upstairs. Dana felt Penny’s eyes on her as she climbed the stairs and she gave the woman her best sexy walk. Smiling, Dana thought she had definitely put herself back in her stepmother’s thoughts, where she wanted to stay.

She found the wrapping paper right where Penny said it would be and took the rollback to her room. Sitting on her bed, she wrapped the box in which the lingerie had arrived. She was just putting the finishing touches on it when her father’s car pulled into the driveway. Giving the gift to Penny would have to wait, so she shoved it under the bed with her other purchase. Smiling, she thought she’d have to wait until everyone was asleep to wrap that one.


Dana opened her eyes, looking at her alarm clock. She had set it for seven-thirty, so she would be getting up just as her father was getting ready to leave for work. She’d have enough time to grab a shower and get ready to celebrate her new favorite holiday — Columbus Day- with Penny. The only problem was her alarm clock read five-thirty-seven and she was too wide awake to get back to sleep.

Giving up on the Sandman, Dana reached under her bed and pulled out Penny’s old laptop. Sitting up, she leaned against her headboard and put the computer on her lap. She let it boot up, looking at the door to the hallway. Even in the early morning gloom, she could see the towel she had put across the gap between the door and the floor. Smiling, she thought, I’m getting good at being bad.

She opened her email, saw a new message from Penny. Smiling, she opened it and laughed. It was just a three-word message: Happy Columbus Day!

Dana thought about writing her back but she’d probably see her stepmother in person before the woman would get a chance to read her email. Closing out her email, Dana wondered if Penny was as excited about today as she was. This week of waiting had been torture, the anticipation building and building until she could barely get to sleep last night.

This is worse than Christmas, Dana thought, amused. It did feel a bit like Christmas, though. Hell, there was even a present for her to open.

Thinking about the gift-wrapped box in her closet made her heart beat faster. Not for the first time since Penny sprang this Columbus Day thing on her, Dana wondered what sort of sexy lingerie Penny had bought to wear for her. The more her imagination ran away from her, the more she really needed her dad to hurry up and go to work.

I wonder if Penny is as anxious to see what I bought, Dana thought, chewing on her lip. She liked to think Penny was lying awake like she was, liked to think her stepmother had found it hard to get to sleep last night, as she had. Dana hoped Penny was a horny mess like she was.

She glanced at the alarm clock, groaned when she saw only fifteen minutes had passed. She needed something to distract her for a couple of hours. She opened a blank Word document, thinking she might start a new story. Staring at the blinking cursor in all that white, she waited for inspiration to come, but none did. After only a couple of minutes, she closed the unaltered document.

Pulling up her email, again, Dana looked at the little window in the lower-left corner. She chewed on her lower lip, wondering if Penny was up, then she wondered if she should risk it. If her stepmother was awake, she was probably in bed still. With her father beside her, it seemed dangerous. Especially since they were so close to finally having some time together.

There was a chime and a new message appeared in the box. Dana smiled when she read it: Can’t sleep, either?

Dana typed: No. Too excited.

Penny sent back: Me, too. I’ve been lying here making myself a horny mess thinking about you.

That line got Dana’s heart beating faster. Her hands were shaking a little as she typed: I know the feeling.

Penny: I had to move to the armchair, so I wouldn’t wake your father

Laughing, Dana typed: So I can say all the naughty things I want to do to you, now?

There was a slight pause, then Penny sent back: Better not. It’s hard enough to resist the urge to come down the hall and crawl into bed with you

Her heart beat even faster, Dana typed: I wouldn’t mind the company. We could start celebrating Columbus Day early.

Penny: That’s not helping

Dana could almost see Penny looking at the door to the hallway, trying to resist the urge to walk through it and down the hall to her room. It made Dana feel sexy, desirable and indeed desired. If a woman as beautiful as Penny could find her so tempting…

Unable to resist, Dana sent: Would it help, if I told you I’m wearing just a pair of panties and nothing else?

Penny: That would be the opposite of helping

Smiling, Dana typed: Dad doesn’t get up for what, another hour and a half?

Penny: I’ve already thought about that

Dana said out loud as she typed, “Come keep me company for an hour. Dad will never know you are gone.”

Holding her breath, Dana waited for Penny’s response. She wouldn’t mind if Penny did indeed keep her company for a while but mostly she just wanted to put the thought in her stepmother’s head. She frowned when there was no answer from Penny right away. The pause seemed to stretch longer than it should and she kept hoping to see the three dots in an oval that signified Penny was typing.

The doorknob to her room turned and Dana closed her laptop in a hurry, stuffing it under her covers. It was probably Penny, enticed into keeping her company, but it might not be. She didn’t want her father to walk in on her with the laptop on her knees. She didn’t have a laptop of her own and he’d be suspicious of her having one now. The last thing she wanted for him to look at the contents of the computer. There was so much incriminating material- stories, pictures (a dozen or so of Penny, at that), videos. Her browsing history alone would see her grounded for the rest of her life.

She relaxed when she saw it was Penny. She wore an oversized sleep shirt and her hair was mussed from sleeping on it. Dana thought she looked beautiful.

Penny stopped just inside the room, looking at Dana. Her eyes narrowing, she said, “I thought you were just wearing a pair of panties?”

Looking down at her t-shirt, Dana laughed. She pulled the t-shirt up and over her head, tossing it aside. Smiling playfully, she said, “I am.”

“So you lied to get me over here,” Penny said, crossing the room to the bed. She crawled under the covers when Dana moved over.

“Couldn’t wait to do this,” Dana said, kissing Penny deeply, “Happy Columbus Day!”

“Mm… It’s starting to be,” Penny said, smiling at Dana.

“I wasn’t sure if you come,” Dana said, snuggling against her stepmother.

“I probably shouldn’t have,” Penny said, shaking her head.

“I’m glad you did though,” Dana said, tilting her head up for a kiss. Penny kissed her tenderly.

“Set your alarm,” Penny said, laughing when Dana raised her eyebrows, “in case we get… Um, distracted.”

Smiling at her, Dana asked, “Do you think we’ll need it?”

“Just in case,” Penny said, kissing her.

When it started to get away from them, Dana rolled onto her side and set her alarm for thirty minutes before her dad was supposed to get up. Looking back at her stepmother, Dana smiled and said, “Yeah, I think we’re going to need it.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, kissing Dana. This time, they didn’t have a reason to stop and the passion welled up between them in a hurry. The sexual tension that had been building up and building up since that weekend they spent together finally reached critical and they were pawing at what little clothing they were wearing.

As Penny’s sleep shirt was tossed aside, the woman said, “We need to be quiet.”

“I’ll try,” Dana said, kissing her. She slid her hand up Penny’s flank to cup her breast, and the woman moaned as her nipple dragged across Dana’s palm. Smiling playfully, Dana said, “Shh.”

“We are so going to get busted,” Penny said, rolling Dana onto her back. Getting to her knees, Penny shucked her panties, and they ended up on the floor with her sleep shirt. Naked, she hooked her fingers in Dana’s panties and pulled them off, too.

“We’ll be okay… If Dad didn’t wake up when you got out of bed, he won’t wake up now,” Dana said, smiling.

“I hope you’re right,” Penny said, nudging Dana’s legs open. She lay between them, leaning in to kiss Dana as her hips started to rock back and forth.

Dana wrapped both legs around her stepmother, crossing her ankles. She moaned softly as little waves of pleasure started washing through her young body, and she reminded herself she had to keep quiet. It wasn’t going to be easy, the lovely friction of hers and Penny’s bodies coming together felt so good.

“God, I’ve needed this for so long,” Penny said, kissing Dana excitedly.

Dana’s heart started racing, hearing that Penny’s frustration matched her own. The little games they played — the flirting, the back and forth by email, the naughty photos and stories — was fun and exciting, but this was what both of them had craved. They’d had a little taste of being together, then were denied this intimacy, so close to each other but still out of reach.

“Me, too,” Dana said, in a breathy moan.

Her fingers dug into Penny’s shoulders as the woman’s hips started moving faster, those little waves of pleasure coursing through her young body cresting higher and higher. She met Penny’s eyes in the early morning light, and she saw the woman was feeling it, too.

She knew that it wouldn’t be long for either of them. They’d had months of foreplay, after all. Their pace became almost frantic as they pushed themselves closer and closer to a climax that was sure to rock them both to pieces. Try as they might, they couldn’t completely hold in those cries of excitement that kept wanting to escape. Penny buried her face in Dana’s neck, muffling her little wordless sounds of enjoyment. Dana bit Penny’s shoulder to do the same.

“Oh God, I’m going to come already,” Penny breathed in Dana’s ear.

Dana was right there with her, tension already building up inside in anticipation of that beautiful explosion of pleasure. Penny’s hips began to lose their grace, as she started to come, but she held it together long enough to bring them both to a mind-numbing, body trembling climax. Dana’s eyes closed her eyes, and she hugged Penny tightly as she basked in the lovely afterglow, feeling as light as a feather stirred to flight by a summer breeze.

After a moment, she opened her eyes and met Penny’s. They started laughing, amused by their exuberance. The desire and passion between them had gotten away from them a bit.

Penny kissed Dana tenderly, smiled as she said, “I don’t know what it is, but when I’m with you I’m as horny as a teenager.”

“Me too,” Dana said, making Penny laugh, “oh wait, never mind.”

“At least you have an excuse,” Penny said, smiling at her.

“I guess I’m just irresistible,” Dana said, playfully.

Penny met her eyes, said, “You are irresistible. Trying to behave around you is impossible.”

“Well,” Dana said, kissing her, “maybe we can find a way to misbehave some more.”

“There you go,” Penny said, smiling warmly at her, “being all irresistible, again.”

“Just something to think about,” Dana said.

“Believe me, I’m thinking about it,” Penny said, kissing her.

Without a further word, they fell back into making love. This time they weren’t in any hurry, kissing and touching more. At some point, Dana ended up on top, holding herself up with her weight on her arms so she could really grind against Penny. Penny pushed her hips up into Dana, and the meetings of their bodies had their nerve endings singing.

As passion started to build between them, so did their pace build up a head of steam. Penny’s hands were on her buttocks, urging her to go faster and faster. The lovely sensation was too much to bear, and Dana felt herself start to come. Penny met her eyes, and Dana saw her stepmother was almost there, too. One, two, three more rolls of her hips and Dana lost herself to her orgasm. Even through the haze of pleasure, she felt Penny come undone beneath her, could feel the woman climaxing.

Dana was gasping for air, but she still had to kiss Penny. Penny kissed her back, her hands on Dana’s cheeks.

“God, that was so good,” Penny said, smiling at Dana.

“Yeah,” Dana said, stealing another kiss. When Penny finally unlocked her legs, Dana rolled off her, stretching out on her back next to Penny.

Moving against Dana, Penny said, “Not a bad start to Columbus Day, huh?”

Laughing, Dana said, “No. Not a bad start at all.”

“Of course,” Penny said, kissing Dana’s neck, “if we keep this pace up, I’ll be in traction by the time your dad gets home.”

“We’ll pace ourselves,” Dana said.

Smiling at Dana, Penny said, “With you, I’m not sure I can.”

Her heart skipping a beat, Dana kissed her deeply. She jumped when the alarm started bleating its one note song. Laughing, she gave Penny a sheepish grin and rolled over to turn it off.

“Hit snooze,” Penny said.

Dana glanced at her, raised her eyebrows questioningly.

With a playful smile, Penny said, “I need eight more minutes.”


Fresh from her shower and wearing only a pair of panties and a t-shirt, Dana headed downstairs. Penny had showered first and was probably making breakfast. She found Penny in the kitchen, the makings of pancake batter spread out on the counter. Dana leaned against the archway, watching the woman work. Back in her oversized sleep shirt, her long legs bare, Penny was easy to look at.

Eventually, Dana entered the kitchen, moved behind the woman and embraced her from behind. Penny inhaled sharply when Dana’s hands came up to cup her breasts. She moaned as Dana teased her stiffening nipples, pressing back against Dana.

“You should stop that,” Penny said, her voice thick with excitement, “it wouldn’t do to get busted now.”

“You are probably right,” Dana said, letting one hand slip down Penny’s taut stomach and between her thighs. She massaged Penny’s bud through the thin panties she wore.

With a laugh that was half a moan, Penny said, “I need to finish breakfast.”

“Can I help?” Dana asked, removing her hand from between Penny’s thighs.

Penny turned to look at her, saw what she was wearing. Dana smiled when the woman’s breathing got a little funny. Ever since Penny admitted her little fantasy about Dana walking around in just panties and a shirt, Dana found an excuse to do it as much as she could. She did it so often now that her father didn’t even raise his eyebrows anymore. Frequency didn’t detract from Penny’s reaction to seeing Dana in just some cute panties and a t-shirt, though. If anything, it made her more excited, knowing Dana did it just to toy with her.

“You are such a tease,” Penny said, meeting Dana’s eyes.

“I know,” Dana said, stealing a quick kiss, “what do you want me to do?”

“Um, you can start some coffee, then set the table,” Penny said.

Dana got the coffee going as Penny started dropping pancake batter on the hot griddle. As she reached up to get the plates out of the cabinet, she felt eyes on her backside. She glanced at Penny, caught the woman looking. Laughing she said, “Don’t let Dad catch you staring at me like that.”

“If you didn’t want me to stare, you should have worn pants,” Penny said, pointing at her with the spatula.

“I never said I didn’t want you to look. I love when you look at me like that,” Dana said, playfully, “I think it might make Dad a little jealous if he caught you, though.”

“You are probably right,” Penny said, laughing, “although jealous might not be the right word.”

Dana set the table for the three of them, adding silverware to the plates. She was just sitting down when Penny took the plate in front of her and loaded it up with a healthy stack of pancakes. A bottle of syrup and a tub of butter appeared on the table, and Dana’s mouth started watering. Smothered in melted butter and thick syrup, the pancakes looked as delicious as they smelled. The first bite proved they tasted even better than they looked.

“These are so good,” Dana said, sighing happily.

“What’s so good?” Her dad asked, coming into the kitchen.

“These,” Penny said, handing him a plate of pancakes. He accepted the plate, giving Penny a quick kiss.

Sitting down next to Dana, her father asked, “Why aren’t you dressed for school?”

“It’s Columbus Day,” Penny said, setting a steaming mug of coffee in front of him, “no school.”

“I don’t understand why this is a holiday,” he said, sipping his coffee, “the guy got lost, thought he was in India.”

Dana laughed, rolled her eyes. When her dad gave her a look, she said, “Come on, Dad. You say the same thing every year. Accident or not, he discovered America.”

“Tell that to the Vikings, who made it here before old Christopher Columbus got lost,” her father said, then changed his mind, “even better, tell that to the Indians.”

Penny sat down with her plate of pancakes, said, “You are just crabby because you have to go to work and Dana is off.”

Laughing, he said, “You’ve got me there.”

“Sucks to be you,” Dana teased, drawing another look from her father. She smiled sweetly.

“If you don’t have school, why are you up? I figured you’d be asleep until noon,” her father said.

“Pancakes,” Dana said, popping a bite in her mouth and sighing happily.

“Is that what it takes to get your lazy butt out of bed?” He said, taking a bite of his own pancakes.

“Doesn’t hurt,” Dana said, smiling.

“Well, what do you have planned for your day off?” Her father asked. He wasn’t looking up, engrossed in his breakfast.

Unable to resist, Dana met Penny’s eyes, said, “I plan to spend the day in bed.”

Penny hid her smile behind her coffee mug, but she winked at Dana.

Her dad shook his head, laughed, “Lucky kid.”

“You have no idea,” Dana said, winking back at Penny.


With a belly full of pancakes, Dana went upstairs. She stood at her window, watching her dad getting in his car. Her heart started racing as she watched him back out of the driveway and into the street. She watched until he disappeared from view, then dug her gift for Penny out of its hiding place. She ran downstairs, found Penny putting up the last of the breakfast dishes. Hearing her enter the kitchen, Penny turned and leaned against the sink, her sleep shirt riding high on her thighs. She started smiling when she saw how excited Dana was.

“He’s gone!” Dana said, holding out the gift-wrapped box.

“I know, I was watching as he pulled away,” Penny said, accepting the box. “Help me put these dishes up, then I’ll give you my present.”

They hurried to put everything up. Finished, Dana followed Penny to the master bedroom. She watched as her stepmother fetched the festively wrapped package from its hiding place, her heart racing in her breast. The time for the big reveal had finally come. She’d get to see Penny in whatever naughty bit of lingerie she had picked out for Columbus Day. She had been waiting impatiently for this moment all week, and it was finally here.

Penny held out the package to Dana, said, “I can’t wait to see what you bought.”

“This week has been torture,” Dana said, nodding at the box on the bed, the one that contained the lingerie Penny had bought, “having that in my room and not being able to open it.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, sighing, “torture is the word.”

“No more waiting,” Dana said, starting to open the box in her hand.

“Not here. Go put it on in your room,” Penny said, smiling at Dana, “I’ll be there as soon as I change.”

“Don’t keep me waiting,” Dana said.

“Wouldn’t think of it,” Penny said, stealing a kiss, “now go.”

Dana left Penny to change into her lingerie, ran to her bedroom. She tore open the wrapping, spilling her bustier and accessories out on the bed. Her hands were shaking as she started getting undressed. She laughed at her eagerness, made herself slow down. She smoothed the bustier into place, then sat on her bed to roll her stockings onto her legs. The garters gave her fits, but she managed to fasten them. Standing up, she stepped into the tiny thong, once again laughing at how little there was to it.

Going to her closet, she pulled a shoebox down from the shelve above her clothes rack. Opening it, she saw the heels Penny had bought her for their ‘date’. Black with three-inch heels, they were by far the sexiest shoes she owned, were probably too sexy for a girl her age. She loved these shoes and had been looking for a reason to break them out, again. She thought they would go nicely with her bustier, the shoes matching the black detailing.

She put on some strawberry flavored lip gloss, ran her brush through her hair. She glanced at the door, wondering how long Penny was going to make her wait before walking through it in something scandalous. She looked around the room, not sure what to do now that she was ready.

Luckily, Penny didn’t make her wait much longer. There was a knock, then Penny asked through the door, “Can I come in?”

Her heart racing, she said, “Yeah.”

The door opened, and Dana gasped as Penny stepped into the room. She had known Penny would be wearing something sexy and probably revealing, but her imagination had failed her. Dressed in a white corset with light blue lacing up the front and a white lace ruffle on the bottom; white lace topped stockings with a light-blue back seam held up with attached garters; and a white ribbon choker, dainty and incredibly sexy on Penny’s graceful neck. Penny had fixed her hair, done her makeup and Dana couldn’t stop staring at her.

“Dana, I–” Penny said, putting her hand to her mouth. Her eyes were wide as she looked at Dana.

The surprise in Penny’s eyes gave way to excitement and Dana shivered at the lust in them. The lingerie had had the desired effect, had left Penny speechless. Feeling incredibly sexy, Dana did a slow spin for Penny, loving the woman’s reaction.

“Wow,” Penny managed to say.

“You, too,” Dana said, shaking her head, “I tried to guess what you’d be wearing… I wasn’t even close. You… you look so… God, it was so worth the wait!”

Penny smiled at her, said, “I don’t know… If I had known that was in the box, I don’t think I could have waited.”

“You like it?” Dana asked.

Crossing the room, Penny took Dana in her arms and gave her a very heated kiss. Pulling back, Penny gave her a smile that made her heart skip a few beats, said, “I love it. It’s the sexiest Columbus Day outfit I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t know,” Dana said, smiling at her, “yours is hot, too.”

“That story you wrote — ‘Playing Hooky’… When your young girl character wanted her stepmother to like the lingerie she had bought… ‘I want her eyes to get wide, and her jaw hit the floor. I wanted to make her weak in the knee like she made me, wanted her heart to race. I needed her to think I was beautiful and sexy and irresistible’.”

Surprised, Dana said, “You are quoting my story?”

“I loved that story, must have read it a dozen times since you sent it to me,” Penny said, smiling at her, “I know that line by heart. It’s my favorite part.”

“Oh,” Dana said, her heart beating a little faster.

“Is that what you wanted, too?” Penny asked, meeting Dana’s eyes, “for my eyes to get big and my jaw hit the floor? To make my knees weak and my heart race? For me to think you are so beautiful and sexy and irresistible?”

Dana nodded, holding her breath.

Penny’s hand came up and touched Dana’s cheek lovingly, said, “It did that and more. You are beautiful, and you in this lingerie will haunt my fantasies forever. I can’t get over how amazing it looks on you.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Dana said, her heart all stupid in her breast.

“I love it,” Penny said, kissing her deeply.

Dana could feel just how much Penny loved it in her kiss, the eager caress of her tongue as her stepmother drew her in. Kissing her back, Dana thought, And let the celebration begin, again!

Sure enough, Penny broke the kiss to move onto Dana’s bed, stretching out on her back. Dana crawled onto the bed, leaning in to kiss her stepmother. It lingered awhile, neither of them in any hurry to break it. With almost seven hours left to kill, they could take their time.

Finally pulling back, Penny gave Dana a curious look, said, “You taste like strawberries.”

“Lip gloss,” Dana said, laughing.

“Ah. I thought you were hiding strawberries somewhere,” Penny said, smiling playfully at her.

“And a can of whipped cream?” Dana asked.

“I think there is one downstairs,” Penny said, amused.

“I’ll keep that in mind for later,” Dana said, kissing Penny, again.

Her stepmother sighed when Dana pressed her lips to the graceful curve of her neck, then her collarbone. Running her hands up Penny’s flanks, she could feel the boning in the corset as it reshaped Penny’s already lovely body. Luckily they stopped just underneath Penny’s breasts, and Dana cupped them, kneaded them through the satiny material. Penny moaned, her back arching off the bed as she pushed her breasts into Dana’s hands eagerly.

Dana moved lower, pushed Penny’s long legs open. She glanced up at Penny as she pulled the little matching thong to one side. Smiling, she saw Penny holding her breath in anticipation. Not keeping her stepmother waiting, Dana ran her tongue across Penny’s bud, and Penny let out her breath in a moan. The two orgasms earlier hadn’t completely quelled the desire in Penny, it would seem.

She did say she couldn’t control herself, Dana thought, her heart getting a little funny in her breast. She kind of liked the idea of being the bane of Penny’s self-control, a temptation. Lord knows, Penny was one for her.

The caress of Dana’s tongue against her bud had Penny moaning and making these little wordless sounds of enjoyment. It was a good thing they didn’t need to be quiet anymore. Dana wet two fingers with saliva and eased them into Penny’s ready pussy. Penny’s back arched off the bed as Dana found that magic button inside, teased her g-spot with little come-hither motions. Penny clutched at the covers as those two sensations melded into one, her body going crazy.

“God, I’d forgotten how good you are at this,” Penny said, moaning thickly.

Smiling up at her, Dana thought, Never did send her the article I read about this.

The caress of her tongue across Penny’s bud and the pressure of her fingertips teasing Penny’s g-spot had the woman writhing in pleasure. Penny’s hips moved with a mind of their own, pressing her pussy eagerly against Dana’s mouth. Her cries of enjoyment filled the bedroom, growing louder as she became more and more excited.

“Oh God,” Penny said, her eyes widening. Dana saw her stepmother’s stomach muscles tightening, heard her stop breathing and knew the woman was close. She rolled her eyes up and saw the slack-mouthed, eyes-rolled-back look of bliss, didn’t look away as she brought Penny to a body-shaking orgasm. She eased her fingers out of Penny, massaging her labia to keep the lovely sensations washing through her stepmother.

Dana crawled up Penny’s supine body, giving her a lingering kiss before hopping off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Penny called, rolling on her side to watch as Dana went to her dresser.

Dana pulled the bottom drawer out, setting it aside. She reached in and found the gift-wrapped box inside the void. Bringing it out, she showed it to Penny, said, “I bought you a second Columbus Day gift.”

“You did?” Penny asked, sitting up, “What is it?”

Coming to the bed, Dana handed the present to her, said, “Open it and see.”

Penny looked at her a second, then at the box in her hand. She ripped the wrapping open, then opened the box. Her eyes got wide as she pulled the strap-on harness and dildo out of the box. Laughing, she looked at her stepdaughter. “What the hell, Dana?”

“I was going to get one like the one in the video — you know, where the stepmother takes the girl shopping for lingerie — but the review said it was hard to use. A bunch of people recommended this instead,” Dana said, crawling onto the bed.

Looking from the harness to Dana, Penny asked, “Is this for you or me?”

“Us,” Dana said, smiling.

“I mean do you want to wear this or… me?” Penny asked.

“Um, both,” Dana said, then blushed, “or I did before I saw it. It’s kind of…big. I read the dimensions on the website, but I guess I didn’t understand what they meant.”

“It is pretty… adventurous,” Penny said, laughing. She gave Dana a curious look, asked, “Do you think you’re ready for this? Well, not this, but something like it?”

“That’s sort of the other surprise,” Dana said, blushing, “I’m not a virgin, any more.”

“Your not?” Penny asked.

“I don’t know how it happened, but no,” Dana said.

“Huh,” Penny said, then nodded. She got off the bed, said as she walked toward the door, “I’ll be back.”

“Where are you going?” Dana asked.

Pausing with her hand on the door, Penny turned to Dana and said, “You’ll see.”

Dana waited, wondering what Penny was doing. She didn’t have to wait long, then Penny was back with a dusty locked box. Dana watched with interest as Penny put in the combination, then popped the lock. The hinges protested as Penny opened the lid. Dana laughed at what she saw inside, and it was her turn to say, “What the hell, Penny?”

“These are from my college days,” Penny said, digging around in the box, “and this is probably more your speed. That is, if you are sure you want to do this.”

Dana took the much smaller, pale blue dildo from Penny. It was about the size of her vibrator, so she thought it should be okay. It definitely wasn’t as intimidating as the one she’d bought.

“Will it work with the harness?” Dana asked.

“Should,” Penny said, then smiled and held up something else, “I have that covered, too, if it doesn’t.”

“Wow,” Dana said, laughing, “what else do you have in there?”

“Let’s see how this goes,” Penny said, closing the box, “then we’ll worry about what other toys I have in here.”

Penny picked up the harness Dana had bought off Amazon, undid the retaining straps and pulled the dildo out. She slipped the pale blue one in and secured the straps, again. Showing it to Dana, she said, “Stand up.”

Dana got to her feet, and Penny had her hold the harness in place, while she tried to fasten the straps. Pulling it off, Penny said, “We will have to add some holes for you, but I think you’ll be able to wear it when it’s your turn.”

“My turn?” Dana asked, raising her eyebrows.

“You said it was my gift,” Penny said, smiling as she stood up, “that means I get to play with it first, right?”

“Um, sure,” Dana said.

“Now is your time to chicken out,” Penny said, smiling playfully at her, “if you let me put it on…”

“Put it on,” Dana said, handing Penny the harness, “I’ve been dying to try this thing out all week, and that was when I was a little scared of the dildo.”

Laughing, Penny said, “That thing is scary.”

“It didn’t look that big in the picture,” Dana said, blushing.

“God, I wish I was a fly on the wall when you were looking for a strap-on,” Penny said, laughing harder.

“Next time, I’ll let you help me pick something out,” Dana said.

Penny sobered up some, and she gave Dana a playful smile, said, “Next time?”

“Next time,” Dana said, smiling at her. She saw the idea intrigued Penny and her heart started beating faster when she thought Penny was thinking about ‘next time’.

“We’ll see about next time,” Penny said, then started slipping into the harness, “let’s see how today goes.”

“Okay,” Dana said, thinking Penny was already thinking about a new toy for them to play with.

Dana watched as Penny secured first one hip, then the other, adjusting the harness until she had it like she wanted. Just like that, Penny had sprouted a pale blue penis, about six inches in length and a little over an inch in diameter. With a mixture of apprehension and excitement, Dana wondered how it was going to feel inside of her.

As she moved back and Penny crawled onto the bed with her, Dana thought, This is really about to happen. Penny is going fuck me with that dildo.

She was wrong, though. Penny moved between her legs, spreading them wide, then lowered her mouth to Dana’s bud. The caress of her tongue drew a moan to Dana’s lips, then another. Dana wondered what Penny was up to, but trusted the woman enough not to ask. She was sure Penny knew what she was doing.

Besides, what Penny was doing to her felt amazing. The last thing she wanted to do was to tell the woman to stop. Dana put a hand on the back of her stepmother’s head so that she couldn’t getaway. Penny rolled her eyes up at Dana, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth as she drove Dana crazy with her able tongue.

When Penny slipped a finger into her mouth, and it came out glistening with saliva, Dana realized what was happening. She accepted the finger without pain, moaning as it slipped deep into her slick sex. Her back arched as Penny found her g-spot, intense pleasure washing through her young body as Penny teased it.

Dana gasped as a second finger joined the first, moving slowly in and out of her. Penny’s mouth returned to her bud, the hot, wet flick of her tongue and the thrusts of her fingers making Dana cry out in enjoyment.

No wonder Penny came so hard when I did this to her, Dana thought, feeling the first stirrings of an orgasm. Her fingers tightened in Penny’s hair as the woman pushed her closer and closer to coming. Her eyes squeezed shut as her body exploded with pleasure and shook through her climax like someone pitching a fit.

Penny leaned in to give Dana a slow, lingering kiss. Distracted by the kiss, Dana didn’t notice Penny moving until she felt the rubber tip of the dildo press against the opening to her vagina. Breaking the kiss, she saw Penny was now on her knees between her thighs. Penny met her eyes and, when Dana nodded, pushed her hips slowly forward.

Dana’s body stretched to take the dildo in, and it bit deep, much deeper than Penny’s fingers. Still sensitive from coming so soon ago, she moaned thickly feeling it inside of her. Penny hesitated, not moving as she gave Dana a questioning look. Dana bit her lip and nodded, again. Penny’s second thrust felt even better than the first and the third better than that one. Each time the dildo moved inside of her, it forced a little cry of pleasure from her.

“That feels so good,” Dana moaned, her fingers digging into her covers.

Penny kept it nice and slow until Dana was ready for more, then let her pace increase. Her stepmother leaned forward, putting her weight on her arms, so she could let her stroke open up. Each long thrust was a sweet torture on Dana’s young pussy, too much for her to stand. She thought she was going to come already.

Dana gasped as Penny eased out of her and patted her on the outer thigh, said, “Get up.”

Realizing what Penny wanted, Dana got to her hands and knees. As Penny moved behind her, Dana looked over her shoulder at her stepmother. One hand on Dana’s hip and the other guiding the dildo, Penny entered Dana, again. Dana gasped as the rubber penis rubbed against her insides a different way, the change of angle making a huge difference.

The shift in position delayed her orgasm but didn’t completely alleviate the tension in her young body. Still, Penny kept her pace slow, teasing Dana right at the edge of coming.

Coming to a stop, Penny put her hand between Dana’s shoulder blades, gently pushing down. Dana put her cheek on her folded arms, looking back at her ass up in the air. Penny’s first thrust made her cry out as it hit just the right spot. The next one made her cry out again, and she decided she liked this position best.

So far, Dana amended, thinking there were a whole lot of positions she hasn’t experienced yet.

Penny leaned forward, her arm snaking around and down until her fingers found Dana’s tender bud. As Penny rocked her hips back and forth, she massaged Dana’s clit. The one-two punch of pleasure did Dana in, and she felt the orgasm Penny had been teasing her with come alive inside. This time Penny didn’t hold her back from it, let the orgasm have its way. Slow and easy thrusts of Penny’s hips made Dana gasp and kept the lovely sensations rolling through her.

Easing out of Dana, Penny ran her hands down Dana’s back, onto her shoulders. She pulled Dana to her knees, embracing her from behind. Dana sighed as Penny kissed her neck, her shoulder. She turned until she was facing Penny, kissed her deeply. As she moved into Penny’s arm, she felt something poking her in the hip, belatedly remembering the dildo.

Penny smiled at her, said, “I guess you were ready.”

“I guess so,” Dana said, laughing.

“I’d ask how you liked it, but…” Penny said, her smile widening.

“It was… well, you saw how it was,” Dana said.

“I did,” Penny said, kissing her.

“Does that mean it’s my turn to play with our new toy?” Dana asked.

“We’ll have to add some new holes. You’re a little too skinny,” Penny said.

“Well, yeah,” Dana said, laughing.

“Good news is,” Penny said, winking, “you’ll be able to grow into it.”

“Think I’m going to need it in the future, huh?” Dana asked, playfully.

“Don’t you?” Penny asked, with a look that made Dana forget to breathe for a few seconds.

“Yeah,” Dana said, her heart racing.

“Come on,” Penny said, getting off the bed, “let’s go put some holes in this.”

They didn’t bother with robes, walking downstairs in their Columbus Day outfits. Dana couldn’t help but think today would be a bad day for her dad to come home early as she followed Penny into the kitchen.

From the junk drawer, Penny pulled a pair of pointy scissors and a marker. With Dana’s help, Penny held the harness in place, making marks with the marker where the new holes needed to be. When she had both hips marked, she took the harness to the center island, used the scissors to poke a starter hole in each side. Going back to the junk drawer, she found a screwdriver, which she used to widen the holes she had made in the leather.

After examining her handiwork, Penny held the harness out to Dana, smiled, and said, “Try it on.”

Getting into the thing turned out to be trickier than it looked and Dana looked at Penny for guidance. Penny laughed and showed her how to fasten one leg, then slip into it. Feeling kind of dumb, Dana managed to get the other side secured. It seemed to fit right, but she had no way of knowing if that were the case. Again, she looked to Penny for guidance.

Stepping close, Penny checked the fit, then smiled at Dana, “Congratulations. You are officially strapped into a strap-on.”

Dana looked down at herself and had to laugh, “All right, this is just weird.”

“Yeah,” Penny said, smiling.

Bouncing on her heels, Dana shook her head at the comical swinging of the dildo.

“You ready to go back upstairs and give it a test run?” Penny asked.

“Um, yeah,” Dana said. She followed Penny upstairs, walking a little funny because the bob of the dildo was distracting. She finally had to grab it to keep it from swinging. Dana wondered if she looked as goofy as she felt.

In Dana’s room again, Penny urged Dana to stretch out on her back. Propped up on her elbows, Dana watched as Penny straddled her hips, then lowered onto the jutting dildo. With her hand, Penny guided it home, sinking onto it until it disappeared inside of her. Stooping, Penny gave Dana a quick but heated kiss. Straightening back up, Penny moved up and down on the dildo, moaning each time the dildo bit deep.

Dana’s eyes widened as Penny’s every movement translated through the strap-on to her, rubbing against her bud deliciously. It didn’t feel as good as being on the other end of the harness, but it still felt much better than she had expected.

Seeing Dana’s reaction, Penny said around a moan, “This harness is nice, but some of them have a vibrating egg or a second dildo, so the wearer gets more out of it.”

“This is why you’re helping me pick out the next sex toy I buy,” Dana said, smiling playfully.

“Sounds like a plan,” Penny said, leaning in for a kiss.

I think she means that, Dana thought, her heart racing. It wasn’t so much the additional sex toys that had her heart beating a mile a minute but the implied more time spent together like this, all tangled up on Dana’s bed. Clothing optional.

Penny distracted Dana from her thoughts, by urging her to sit up. Without easing off the dildo, Penny poked her long legs out behind Dana, sitting on Dana’s lap facing her. Penny showed Dana how to cross her legs Indian style and sat in the hollow of her legs. Smiling, Penny wrapped her arms around Dana’s neck as she began to roll her hips into the dildo.

“This is my favorite position,” Penny said, kissing Dana, “it’s very intimate. You can look your partner in the eyes, creating this connection.”

Dana saw what Penny was talking about and it was indeed very personal. It was kind of sexy, seeing Penny’s eyes widen just a little bit every time the dildo moved inside of her. She could almost feel the pleasure the woman was experiencing. It was sharing on a whole other level. Leaning in, she gave Penny a tender kiss.

As a writer, it was a moment she’d never forget, would have to figure out a way to put it in one of her stories. If she could convey that connection in words, if she could make the readers feel like she did looking into Penny’s eyes and seeing the woman’s desire, her pleasure in them, then she would have the hottest story she’d ever written.

Finding those words would have to wait, though. Her very beautiful and sexy stepmother was a distraction sitting on her lap. Smiling, Dana found another reason to like this position as her hands came up to cup Penny’s breasts.

Penny’s hips were rolling against the dildo faster, her little cries of enjoyment getting louder. Penny buried her face in Dana’s neck, her fingers digging into Dana’s shoulders. Dana didn’t need to look into Penny’s eyes to know the woman was rocking her way towards an orgasm. With her hands on Penny’s buttocks, she helped the woman really ride the dildo. Penny’s grip on her shoulder was almost painful as she started to come, but Dana hardly noticed. As Penny’s body began to lose its grace, Dana pushed her hips up into the woman, finishing her off. With her cry of ecstasy muffled against Dana’s neck, Penny came hard, trembling as she clung to Dana.

Eventually, Penny pulled back, smiling at Dana. It was a slightly dazed smile, and Dana laughed, kissed her.

Penny glanced at Dana’s alarm clock, laughed and said, “Jesus! It’s not even ten o’clock yet.”

“We still have a long time to spend together,” Dana said, smiling at her stepmother.

Laughing, Penny kissed her said, “I’m not as young as you. We need to pace ourselves.”

“So you keep saying,” Dana said, amused.

Shaking her head, Penny said, “I’m going to be so sore tomorrow.”


“The water feels amazing.”

Dana had to agree, leaning back into Penny.

Their desire finally sated, they had gone downstairs for something to eat. Dana had been surprised just how hungry she was, the pancakes from breakfast long since burned off in their passionate lovemaking. They talked about story ideas as they ate and Penny came up with the idea of doing a co-authored story, one with dual narratives — Dana would pen the girl’s side of the story, Penny the adult’s. By the time they finished eating, Dana was getting excited about the project, thought it would fun to tell a story from two different points of view.

After eating, they had decided on taking a bath together. That was where they were now, Penny sitting at the back of the tub with Dana between her legs. They had turned out the lights and lit a couple of candles. A bottle of wine sat on the closed toilet lid, and they each had a glass.

“To the best Columbus Day ever,” Penny said, holding up her glass.

Smiling, Dana clinked her glass to Penny’s, said, “The best Columbus Day ever.”

Dana took a sip of the burgundy-colored liquid in her glass and thought, I think I’m starting to like the taste of wine.

Penny kissed Dana’s neck, said, “So, Thanksgiving is coming up next month.”

Laughing, Dana asked, “Already making plans for that four day weekend?”

“Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to wait that long,” Penny said.

Dana smiled, getting the feeling that Penny would be back in her bed before there was a turkey on the table. Somehow, some way…

On to Chapter Nine!


Companion Hotel, Room 319, Part One

  • Posted on October 2, 2019 at 3:07 pm

by A Minor Paragon

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in September 2016 }

Walking in from the sunny parking lot, the cool air of the hotel raised goosebumps on the bare skin of the two people entering the lobby, making them shiver a little. The taller of the two had eyes that darted around nervously, coming to rest on the woman behind the counter that she reluctantly stepped up to, dropping her suitcase in front of it. The shorter looked around with far more interest, taking in the lush furniture and public access PCs that made the waiting area of the front entrance so inviting.

Fancy, she thought.

“Welcome to the Companion Hotel,” said the woman behind the desk, looking the two over. “How can I help you today?”

“I’d like to… book a room? For tonight,” was the hesitant reply, and the receptionist could see why.

“There is a more traditional hotel just a couple of miles down the road,” she offered. “Are you sure this is where you would like to say? Our rooms are a bit more expensive than you might be used to.”

“I’ve read your website. I think this is where we need to be.”

“I see.” The receptionist paused for a moment. “You are aware of what goes on in this hotel?”

“The website was very clear. I don’t think I’ll be using your, er, services… but I’ll sign the forms and such just the same. Like I said, the website was very clear.”

The receptionist looked a little uncomfortable and fidgeted a bit, looking down. She raised her eyes back to the person she was speaking to. “It’s just we don’t get too many… perhaps it would be best if you spoke to the owner. Would you mind waiting for just a moment?”

The woman sighed. “I suppose that’s for the best.”

“I’m sorry about this, but you must realize that this isn’t the normal situation for us.”

“I do. I understand, honestly.”

The receptionist looked a bit relieved that this person didn’t seem to be in a mood to make much of a fuss. “If you’d like to have a seat over there,” she pointed to the couches set up to the right of the entrance doors, “she’ll be right out to see you.”

“Thank you.” The suitcase was picked up and lugged over to the chair indicated by the receptionist.


The phone in the office chimed softly, and Susan, the owner of the hotel, looked up from the spreadsheet she was working on to grab it. What? An interruption in the endless paperwork it takes to run this place? Say it isn’t so!

“Susan here,” she announced into the receiver.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, ma’am, but there’s someone who wants to book a room for tonight.”

A good-natured laugh burst forth from Susan’s lips. “We are still a hotel, right? The building didn’t become a pet store when I wasn’t looking?”

“It’s the, um, nature of the people that want to book the room.”

Susan began to get excited. “Is it aliens? Or time-traveling monks from the future who wish to shake the hand of the woman that began the Great Liberation that persists to the year eight thousand? Sentient flying dolphins? Don’t leave me in suspense, Jenni!”

Jenni whispered into the mouthpiece. “I think you’d better come up and see for yourself.”

That set Susan back. “Do I need to alert security?”

“It’s nothing like that. Please, just come and see.”

With a sigh, Susan murmured, “Very well, I’ll be there in a second.”

“Thank you.” Odd, she sounded quite relieved. What in the world is this about?

Susan saved her work and locked the machine, then went over to the elevator and took it up to the lobby. As she turned the corner she looked over at Jenni, who pointed toward the waiting area. Susan looked in that direction, and decided it was probably best that Jenni had called her up.

Sitting in one of the chairs was a woman, tapping one heel and looking a bit haunted, while a young girl nearby was jumping from one black tile on the floor to another without a care in the world. The woman was wearing jeans and a white short-sleeved top, with shoulder-length hair pulled back into a ponytail. A large watch adorned one wrist, and she was wearing sandals and a heart-shaped pendant around her neck.

The girl, by contrast, had the longest hair she’d ever seen on someone that young, and it was being flung about as she jumped from tile to tile. She was wearing sneakers, black shorts, and a purple sleeveless top. The woman’s hair was a light blonde, but hers was darker, and Susan could see it was wavy and thick. It reached past her cute little bottom, and Susan wondered how she managed not to get it caught on everything she happened to pass by.

She went over to the pair. “Hello there, I’m Susan,” she began, holding out a hand to the older woman. “I’m the owner, summoned forth from my dungeon lair like the proverbial genie, to make all your wishes come true.”

The woman stood up and shook it, and the girl skipped over to join them. “Nice to meet you.”

“Do you really own this whole place?” asked the girl. “It’s great!”

“Why thank you,” replied Susan. “But if I put you in charge, you wouldn’t think so highly of it. The paperwork, you wouldn’t believe it. But that’s not why you’re here. Or is it? Do you want to buy the place?”

“Uh, no,” said the older woman. “We’re here because… uh… well…”

Susan glanced over at the girl, who was beaming at her. Wow, what a cutie. Look at that smile, and that cute missing tooth! She has such faint eyebrows, that’s odd. But those sparkling eyes make up for it, and that dimple… Focus, Susan!

“I take it the situation is a bit complex?” she said.

“You might say that,” sighed the woman.

“Why don’t you come down to my office and explain it?” Susan offered, and the woman looked relieved.

“That would be great.”

“This way.”

The girl took her mother’s hand, the one that was not holding the suitcase, and Susan led them to the elevator.

“I’m Carolyn,” said the girl after the doors had closed.

“Oh, yes, and I’m… uh…” This woman seems to be having trouble remembering her own name.

“You don’t have to give me a name if you don’t want to. I’m not asking for your ID or anything. And the hotel does accept cash, no questions asked.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just, even in a place like this, I’m not sure…” She lapsed into silence.

The young girl made a face. “You worry too much, Mom!”

Well, at least she hasn’t grabbed this girl off the street, so that’s a bit of weight off my mind. Unless the girl was just told to call this woman ‘Mom.’ I can probably find that out later. “Well, until you’d like to tell me, I’ll just call you ‘Carolyn’s Mom’, if that’s okay?”

“You might be throwing me out in a minute, so I guess it doesn’t matter.”

“I’m sure she’ll be fine with it, Mom.”

The elevator doors swished open, and Susan led the two into her cramped office, offering them the only chairs in the room while she closed the door.

“So, unless the FBI has bugged this room again, it’s just us. What’s on your mind, Carolyn’s Mom?”

“Did they really bug your office?” Carolyn interrupted, eyes wide.

Susan laughed and waved her hands. “They better not have. No, that was just a joke.”

“Oh.” She seemed disappointed.

“I’m not sure how to say this,” her mom began. “I guess it’s just better to come right out with it. If you throw us out or whatever, you throw us out. The truth is, my daughter and I… we’ve, uh… been intimate with each other.”

“Just say we have sex, Mom. God!” Carolyn rolled her eyes. “She runs a hotel where people go to have sex with the maids, right?”

Carolyn’s mother flushed bright red, looking mortified. “Honey, you can’t just say stuff like that!”

“Sure you can, I just did.” She turned back to Susan. “Can I really do stuff with any of the maids here?”

Susan broke into a wide grin, both at the deeper shade of crimson her mother was now showing, and the question. “Indeed — when you’re older, at least. I want to change laws, but I can only change one at a time. I have to pick my battles. Why? Was there one you had your eye on already? Our website is fairly extensive in listing those that work here.”

The girl shrugged. “The receptionist was pretty cute. She isn’t a maid, but she’s the only one I’ve seen so far. I didn’t get into that part of the website.”

“Really? I work here.”

“Oh, yeah. Hmmm…” Carolyn looked Susan up and down, nodding. “Yeah, you look nice. Very nice.”

The woman released the girl’s hand and buried her face. “Carolyn!”

“What? Oh, Mom, she isn’t as good looking as you, if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“That’s not what I meant!”

“Wait, the girl at the front desk, or me? She’s usually taken anyway,” explained Susan. “Working at the front counter, she gets a lot of offers. She usually has her pick of guests. Me, on the other hand… well, owning the place I pretty much get my pick too, now that I think about it.” She winked and Carolyn giggled.

“Cool. I want to work here when I grow up!”

The woman glared at her daughter. “You will not!”

“Why not, Mom?”

She sputtered a bit in reply.

Steering back to the topic at hand, Susan spoke. “Anyway, the subject at hand is the two of you. So you’ve had sex, eh?”

Her mother looked resigned. “A couple of months ago. My husband was away on business, and it was a very warm evening. I went to take a shower, to cool off. Suddenly the door opened and there was Carolyn, totally naked and coming into the room like it was nothing.”

“Actually, I was totally nervous,” the child admitted.

“So were you surprised?” Susan asked the girl’s mother, leaning forward a little.

“Uh, yes? Shocked is more like it. ‘What are you doing?’ I asked her.” She turned to the girl. “What was it you said?”

“Um, ‘I’m taking a shower with you,’ I think. I don’t really remember.”

“So… did you let her stay?”

She nodded. “I thought it was odd, but she slid the door open and got in with me. I washed her hair, I just love my little girl’s hair…” She idly trailed a hand through it.

“I love it too!” admitted Susan. “It must be inconvenient to wear it so long, but it looks lovely on you. So what happened then?”

“You really want to hear this?”

“Oh, yes!”

“Okay, I guess. After I washed Carolyn’s hair, I was going to wash the rest of her, too. So I reached for the washcloth, but she took it away from me and just said, ‘Use your hands, Mom.'”

“And you did?” Susan imagined this cute little girl, dripping wet with her hair all stuck together and dark from being washed, Mommy’s hands running up and down her slick body.

“God help me, I did. It was just such a surreal scene, I couldn’t even believe it was happening.”

“It felt really good,” Carolyn put in.

“I can imagine.”

“After that, we sat and dried her hair, and she took my hand as we headed to the bedroom. I figured she would head back to her own room, but when I tried to pull my hand away she just held it tighter.”

“I told her I wanted to sleep with her that night, and we both got into bed, still holding hands,” Carolyn explained. “Me and Mom were facing each other, and we were both still totally naked, and my heart was going a million miles an hour!”

“I didn’t know what to expect, but then she said, ‘I love you, Mom.’ Her voice was so soft. I told her I loved her too, and suddenly she was… was…”

“I kissed Mom,” Carolyn giggled, putting her hands over her mouth. “That really surprised her!”

The woman shook her head. “You have no idea. I thought she was just, you know, kissing me goodnight, but then she didn’t pull away and the kiss went on and on, and suddenly her tongue was in my mouth, and… well, let’s just say that things got more intense from there.”

“So you both had an amazing night of lovemaking, that’s what you’re saying.”

I sure did!” agreed Carolyn. “It was exactly what I wanted. But Mom said we couldn’t ever do that again, and she wouldn’t talk about it the next day.”

“Well, it’s a big step for a mother to take, becoming lovers with her little girl,” admitted Susan. “What made you kiss her in the first place?”

“I love my mom,” the child explained as if it was that simple. “And I wanted to show her just how much. Kissing and stuff, that’s what her and Dad do all the time. Why can’t I do it with her, too?”

Susan couldn’t help but smile. “Because someone hundreds of years ago decided you shouldn’t.”

“That’s stupid.”

“Oh, probably. But that’s how it is.”

“So anyway, now you know,” the girl’s mother said. “The rest you can probably guess.”

“Maybe. You want to find her someone here to make love to? Satisfy her, and then she’ll stop pressuring you about it?”

“What? No! All she wants is to have sex with me again!”

“Yeah, I want to be Mom’s lover for always,” Carolyn said, a dreamy cast to her eyes. “But she says we can’t do stuff like that at home, so I made her bring me here!”

“She won’t let up for a moment,” the girl’s mother said with a sigh. “Finally, I just… gave in.”

“Oh!” Realization dawned on Susan’s face. “You thought that we might be okay with the idea of the two of you being lovers, given what goes on here.”

“Are you? Okay with it, I mean.”

Susan considered. “Maybe. I’m considering it.”

“How did you start this place, anyway?” asked Carolyn.

“That’s easily enough told. You know what prostitution is, right?”

“I think so…”

“It’s paying someone to have sex with you. Now, if I were a filmmaker I could pay two people to have sex with each other, film it, and that would be fine. But one person directly paying another? Oh, no, that’s bad.”

“More of that hundreds-of-years-ago stuff, I bet.”

“Exactly. So I thought, what about a place where people could go, have a great time, but still be legal? A hotel, I thought, but with a twist.”

Carolyn’s mother looked a bit interested, despite herself. “So you opened the Companion Hotel?”

“That’s right. Here, every employee from the maids to the chef knows they can be asked at any time to spend the night with a guest. And if respectfully asked, and they don’t have a prior claim, they’re expected to say yes. I’ve got an app and everything, so you can see my entire staff, schedule a ‘speed date’ to ‘ask them out,’ the whole ten yards. I always go the extra yard,” she added with a wink to Carolyn. The child giggled.

“Isn’t that a little dangerous?” the woman asked.

“Not really. I have two nurses and a full-time doctor on staff, and every employee must have monthly STD testing done. Even I do. The hotel provides protection at no cost, everyone is expected to use it, and I pay for any birth control methods chosen if their insurance doesn’t. The nurses hold regular safety workshops, and sex training workshops too!”

“Oh. But actually I meant, you know, someone being raped or something.”

“Oh, that kind of danger. Well, I employ a martial arts master to teach self-defense classes, too. I also have a security guard for each floor on regular patrol, listening for any kind of struggle. They’re authorized to open any door at any time to check up on people if they have a good reason to. It’s in the paperwork you have to sign to stay here, that you agree to that.”

“What does all that have to do with pr-prostitution?” asked Carolyn.

“That’s the beauty of the whole system! My employees are contractually obligated to refuse to accept anything, money, gifts, favors, whatever — for their ‘activities.’ But nothing says I can’t pay my employees whatever I want, so typical salaries are double that of the national average. Of course, that money has to come from someplace, so the rooms are more expensive too. It all works out.”

“So if one of your employees happens to ‘hook up’ with a guest after their shift is over, that’s their business, right?” asked the mother.

“Exactly. I can’t do anything about that,” Susan answered with a grin.

“And if it happens over and over…”

“I can’t help how beautiful some people are. I hired a lot of sexually magnetic women, you can’t sue me for that.”

“Wow, you’re so smart!” Carolyn gushed, looking impressed. “That sounds like a great idea!”

“Thanks. I hoped it would work out, and it did. This hotel is extremely popular. People come from all over the world to sample what we have to offer.”

“I have no doubt,” muttered Carolyn’s mom. “So… will you let us stay, or not?”

Susan weighed her options carefully. This woman seemed to be somewhat torn — both wishing for Susan to tell her to go away, and inviting her and Carolyn to stay for the night.

Finally. Susan decided that she needed a little more information. Turning to the mother, she said, “Would you mind waiting out in the hall for a moment? I want to ask your daughter a few things in private.”

The woman began to protest, but Carolyn shushed her. “It’s okay, Mom. It’s not like I can go anywhere,” she said, indicating the small office.

“Oh, all right,” the girl’s mother, sighed.

“You can wait right outside, it won’t take a moment.” Susan opened the door for her and the woman exited. Then Susan closed the door and as quietly as she could, locked it.

The girl seemed a little nervous, and Susan held both her hands up. “It’s okay, Carolyn. I just have to ask you something. Do you want me to call security and have her removed?”

Carolyn seemed baffled. “What? Why?”

“Is this woman’s story true? You really are her daughter?”

“Of course I am, who else would I be?”

Susan shook her head. “I don’t know, I’m not a mind reader, am I? If you needed to get away from her for some reason, this would be the time to say so. I need to know before I let you both stay here.”

“It’s fine, I want to be here. I’m the one that found this place, so we could get naked and have a good time without worrying about Dad catching us, y’know, doing sex. That’s what Mom’s really scared of. She says even a regular hotel would be dangerous if someone heard us and called the cops. I figured here with the door closed, no one would know how old I was.”

Susan sat down across from the little girl and looked her in the eye. Taking Carolyn’s hands, she asked her, “You’re not being forced to say that, then. Your mother hasn’t hurt you, or bullied you into saying these things? Threatened you somehow?”

“No, nothing like that. I adore her!”

“And you started this? That first night you had sex, she didn’t force you into it?”

Carolyn shook her head. “I started it — in the shower as I said. She started touching me and it felt really good, I didn’t want her to stop. That’s why I followed her into bed, and we were so close and she felt so warm… I just had to kiss her.” She blushed and looked down, but then met Susan’s eyes again, smiling. “And then, I didn’t want to stop!”

She seems sincere, at least. “I had to ask.”

Carolyn sighed. “I know. It’s so, so stupid. Can’t I just love Mom the way I want?”

“Society says… no. First, because you’re underage, second because you’re not supposed to have sex with your own mother. Luckily, you came to see me, and I’m only one woman, not society at large.”

“So… can we stay?” Carolyn’s face lit up again.

Susan looked the girl up and down, pondering the situation. I guess as long as she really does want this, there’s no real harm in it. And they’ve already had sex once, so the “damage,” whatever that means, has already been done.

“Probably,” she said at last. “Now let’s let your mother back in, before she gets worried.”

“Oh thank you, thank you!” Carolyn cried, throwing her arms around Susan in a hug. Her heart throbbing, Susan returned the child’s embrace. Oh my, I could get used to this…

When she let go, Susan hastened to unlock the door and let her mother back inside. Carolyn was bouncing with excitement, and her mother gave the girl a quizzical look.

“She said we could probably stay!”

“Probably?” she asked, looking over at Susan.

“There is one itty bitty concession you have to make.” She did an impression of a certain half-woman, half-octopus. “Really just a token, merely a trifle!”

“That’s from The Little Mermaid!” chirped Carolyn.

“That movie came out before you were born… how did you know that?” Susan said.

“So? I’ve only watched it, like, a dozen times.”

“Me too,” admitted Susan with a shrug. “That Ariel, she’s a real cutie, am I right?” Carolyn grinned at her.

What concession?” demanded the girl’s mother.

“Welllll,” she drew out, “Carolyn here insists this is all exactly as described. She’s just a normal girl, with a normal life, who happens to want to have sex with her mom. I’m inclined to believe her. But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can stay, but to make sure everything stays all ponies and rainbows, I’m going to have to include myself in your activities.” She shook her head in mock resignation. “It’s the only way I can be sure that the sex really is consensual, like your daughter claims. I mean unless you’ll let me film it.”

“What?” Carolyn’s mom gasped, her hands flying over her mouth. “You want to what?”

“I want you both,” Susan said with a grin, pointing at them. “More your daughter than you, I’ve had women before. Someone this young, though… that’s going to be a new experience. Owning this place, I’ve been in the beds of all sorts of people. Young, old, men, women. Each with their own story, each with their own reasons for being here. But a girl this young, and with her mother along for the ride? When will I ever get another chance like this?”

“But… but…” Carolyn’s mother sputtered. “Another woman? I mean, I’m married!”

“What’s that?” Susan cupped a hand over her ear. “I’m hearing the voices of people hundreds of years dead again. You’re asking me to allow you to have sex with someone outside your marriage. You aren’t married to your daughter, after all. Why would adding me to the mix be any different? And you’re daughter’s a woman, so I know that part doesn’t totally turn you off.”

The woman sat down with a thump. “I just… I don’t know.”

“What about you?” Susan asked Carolyn. “This is, after all, your show.”

“Gee, I don’t know either. I mean, I just wanted my mom. But I suppose having you there wouldn’t be that much more weird, right? And you are pretty hot.”

“As long as you’ll both think it over. I’ll tell you what; take a couple of hours to consider, I don’t need an answer right this second, and you guys have all night to play. You’re not jumping into bed with each other at this hour of the day. I’ll get you a room so you can put your luggage away, and you can enjoy the pool, or play some video games in the arcade. Whatever. Have dinner brought to your room and I’ll be the one to deliver it. You can give me your final decision then. We eat, and if I can stay, we can all sleep in one bed.” She leaned over to Carolyn and whispered, “They’re very comfortable!” She straightened up again. “If not, well, you get to stay in the finest hotel in the area, have some great food because I hire the best, but you sleep apart. I’ll even make the offer more attractive. You can stay on the house if I get to spend the night with you both. How does that sound?”

The mother frowned. “A little like blackmail?”

“Huh? Blackmail would be me filming you both without you knowing, and then demanding money after you left to keep me from calling the police. I’m going to be there with you, after all — I can’t blackmail myself. I’m just letting you stay in my hotel free of charge, for absolutely no reason. Maybe you’re our ten-thousandth guest or something. I don’t know.”

“I guess if it’s the only way…” Carolyn’s mother began, looking over at her daughter.

“We can talk about it, Mom — but for now, which way to the pool?”

I bet all that hair looks gorgeous floating in a cloud around her head underwater. Susan stood. “Let me get you both a keycard first.” She programmed two cards, handing them over to the pair. “You’re in room 319, and the card will open a locker for you to put your clothes in. As a note, the pool is no swimsuits allowed. It’s pretty quiet at this time of day, though. I hope that’s okay?”

The woman slowly stood. “There aren’t going to be people… having sex in the pool, are there?”

Susan shook her head. “The rules are posted everywhere. No intimate contact outside of rooms, especially in the pool.” She winked at Carolyn again. “Unless it’s reserved for that, after hours.” At that, Carolyn had a wicked little smile on her face.

But the girl’s mother was more practical, looking at the card. “If the card opens the locker, and we have to be naked, where do we put the card? Just leave it with a towel and hope someone doesn’t walk off with it?”

“This is an upscale hotel, you know,” Susan said with mock outrage. “The locker takes the card and your picture. When you come back, it takes your picture again. If they match, you get the card and your things back. That way, you don’t have to carry anything. You can pick up a towel at the pool when you’re ready to dry off. You don’t need to bring one along.”

“Cool,” said Carolyn.

“I guess if it works.”

“It was a custom solution. I employ some tech people to maintain the website, and the network around here, and whatever else I need them to do.”

“Just how expensive are the rooms here?”

Susan laughed. “If you have to ask…”

The woman nodded. “You can’t afford it. I get it. Is there a guard at the pool?”

“There’s a lifeguard. Don’t worry, she takes martial arts too. The men won’t bother you, beyond polite conversation anyway. Not unless they want to get reported and thrown out.”

The woman looked at her daughter. “I suppose you’ll find out what they look like sooner or later.”

“What, guys? Mom, I already know.” She laughed. “What do you think the internet is for?”

“Oh, God!” The girl’s mother colored again.

So Susan sent the two lovers on their way, with a promise that she would see them later. As the elevator doors began to close, Carolyn gave Susan a big smile and a little wave, and Susan waved back.

With that, she went off to do a few things, like assigning herself to be the “maid” for that room, so she would be notified when they called room service. She also reassigned the regular person, and entered the room as occupied in the system so it didn’t get double booked.

My, oh my, Susan thought, unable to keep from grinning. I’m in for one amazing night!

Check in to Part Two!


Barbie Has Her Way, Part Two

  • Posted on September 24, 2019 at 2:23 pm

by Barbie Doll

A predictable pattern soon developed between Angela and me. I would tell my mom that I was meeting a friend at the mall and would leave the house around 10:00 a.m. each Saturday morning, then walk the two blocks to the place where Angela would be picking me up. She would drop off her seven-year-old daughter Cheryl for her ballet lesson, and arrive at our meeting place about 10:15. During the short drive to her apartment, she would tell me how much she missed me and how she wished we could be together more often.

Her desire played right into my hands. I knew I was the one in control and I was not about to relinquish my position of dominance. I would ask her the same question on the drive to her place. “How many times have you jilled off for me since last Saturday?” She told me that she did it every night in bed before going to sleep. I would proceed to tell her she was a “dirty, slutty mommy” and asked her if she thought she deserved to be punished for her filthy behavior. That kind of thing got her so aroused that she couldn’t sit still.

I would place my hand under the hem of her skirt and gently squeeze the soft, smooth skin of her inner thigh. She had learned her role well and would always respond by saying, “Yes, baby doll, your pervert mommy deserves a spanking for being so naughty.”

When we were only a couple of blocks from her place I would slowly move my hand up her thigh until I reached her crotch. As I had instructed her previously, Angela never wore panties when she picked me up on Saturday mornings. As always, her pussy was hot and wet and I easily slipped my middle finger into her love tunnel. She let out a moan as I slowly moved my finger in and out of her cunt.

After a dozen or so strokes I knew she was close to coming. I would then remove my wet finger, bring it up to my nose and inhale deeply, then lick her juices. “You taste especially nice today, Mommy,” I would tell her.

As soon as we arrived at her apartment I would let her kiss me and feel me up for a few minutes. I would then tell her she was a dirty pervert for trying to take advantage of an innocent little twelve-year-old girl like me. We both loved playing our respective roles.

After Angela said she was sorry, I would tell her that I might forgive her, but only if she was prepared to accept her rightful punishment. Of course, she was only too willing to be punished if the reward was to molest a preteen girl. I instructed Angela to strip naked for me and to lie across my thighs for her spanking. She was, as always, very eager to comply.

I began smacking her ass cheeks as hard as I could. Even in the dim light, I could see her ass turning a bright pink color. When I was done spanking my mommy and her sobs subsided, I became a shy little girl — which was what really turned her on. I let her undress me and lead me by the hand to her bedroom.

For the next hour or so I licked and sucked her ample breasts, finger fucked both her pussy and her back hole, then I let her do what she wanted to me. We ended up in a sixty-nine position, which was especially exciting for me because I could feel the heat emanating from her freshly spanked ass cheeks as I drank the sweet juices from her pussy. Afterward, we cuddled for a long while, completely satisfied.

Eventually, we got up, shared a quick shower and got dressed. Angela drove me to our meeting place and dropped me off, then went to pick up her little girl Cheryl at the dance studio.


A couple of Saturdays later, Angela picked me up and explained that her daughter wouldn’t be going to her ballet lesson that morning because it was her best friend’s birthday and she was going to the girl’s party. I’d never met my lover’s daughter, but knew from what Angela had told me that Cheryl was a somewhat shy child of seven.

When we got to the apartment Angela introduced me to her daughter as someone who might babysit for her one day. Cheryl was a beautiful child wearing a satin party dress, white ankle socks and black patent leather shoes.

Suddenly Angela made a face and said “Damn!” under her breath. “I just thought of something,” she continued. “I forgot to get a birthday card for your friend,” she told her little girl. “Why don’t you stay here with Cheryl while I dash over to the card shop, Barbie. I won’t be more than twenty minutes.”

I said that was okay with me, and Angela quickly left.

Little Cheryl kept looking at me in a strange kind of way as she perched on the sofa across from where I was sitting. I suddenly realized that she was sitting with her legs apart and her dress had drifted about halfway up her thighs. I could clearly see the white crotch of her panties. I didn’t know what came over me, but I couldn’t take my eyes off that little patch of white cotton. Surely this little seven-year-old was unaware of what she was doing and the effect it was having on me.

Was I feeling something like Angela’s lust for younger girls? How could I be having thoughts like these at age twelve?

I forced my eyes away from the child’s panties and up to her face. I thought I detected a slight smile as our eyes met. I suddenly felt the need to say something. “Cheryl, honey, I can see right up to your panties when you sit like that,” I said.

“I know,” she answered, “but you must like looking at them, because you’ve been staring for a long time.”

I really didn’t know what to do next. I was definitely turned on, but should I just change the subject and hope that would be the end of it? Or should I find out if this little minx really was trying to seduce me?

I looked at the clock on the wall and realized Angela would likely be back in about ten minutes, then decided to take one more step down this very dangerous path. “Do you like showing off your panties to everyone?” I asked very calmly, despite my mounting excitement.

“No, just people I like,” she answered.

“If you really like someone, would you let them touch your panties?” I asked. She nodded her head indicating that would be okay.

I got up from where I was sitting and sat down beside Cheryl. “Would you let me see them again?”

Cheryl immediately got to her feet, stood in front of where I was seated and slowly lifted her party dress up to her waist. What I was about to do gave me a serious rush, and I could feel my pussy get wet in a big way. “Very pretty Cheryl… can I touch your panties, sweetie?’ I asked her.

“Okay,” she whispered. The situation was almost surreal and so improbable. Here I was at age twelve, about to introduce my lover’s seven-year-old daughter to the world of lesbian sex. I was starting to think that perhaps I was not that unlike Angela, and shared her fetish for girls much younger than myself.

I took another quick look at the clock on the wall and knew it would not be long before Angela returned from the mall. It was risky, but I was too excited to pass up this opportunity. I reached around Cheryl and placed a hand on her panty-clad bum. I caressed her there as I slipped my other hand beneath her skirt. I swear, I could actually see the faint outline of her delicate little pussy lips through the crotch of her panties.

Glancing up, I saw that Cheryl’s eyes were closed, her mouth hanging slack. I placed my middle finger on her panty crotch and began to trace it gently up and down her slit. Very soon she was pushing her pelvis forward, attempting to increase the pressure of my strokes.

“It feels nice… doesn’t it baby,” I said in little more than a whisper.

“Oh, yeah, it feels really nice. Barbie. Please keep doing it,” she answered.

I was insanely aroused, but also getting panicky as time was quickly closing in on us before Angela got back home. Just a couple more minutes and I’ll stop, I thought.

Without asking, I hooked two fingers into the elastic waistband of Cheryl’s panties and lowered them about halfway down to her knees, exposing her smooth slit. Now, without any barrier, I moved my middle finger back to her opening and applied a little pressure. To my surprise and delight, she was wet there, which allowed my finger to penetrate about half an inch into her vagina.

When my finger made contact with her tiny clit, she jumped. Then I gently rubbed the little nub for not more than half a minute, and her body began to shake. I pulled Cheryl close to me, to prevent her from collapsing on the spot. Then I felt wetness on my finger as she came. It was little more than a dribble, but I couldn’t resist bringing my wet finger up to my mouth to sample the sweet nectar.

I decided not to push my luck any further, as Angela would be arriving shortly. I quickly pulled the child’s panties up and told her to hurry to the bathroom, clean herself up with a damp washcloth, then put on a clean pair of panties.

A short time later I heard the door to the apartment open and Angela appeared. “Where’s Cheryl? she asked.

“She had to go to the bathroom,” I answered.

We’d been lucky. If Angela had arrived a few minutes sooner, I would have been caught red-handed. Angela was soon ready to take Cheryl to the birthday party, and asked if I wanted to come along with her. I declined and said I would watch TV until she returned.

By then, I was so fucking hot that as soon as they left, I undid the buttons and zipper on my jeans and jilled off to an amazing orgasm. I decided not to wash my hand, knowing that Angela would want to taste my juices as soon as she returned.

I knew I wanted to play more sex games with Cheryl… and I also wanted to keep doing dirty things with Angela, my special mommy.


I was facing quite a challenge. The dynamics of our relationship had now changed dramatically. Both Cheryl and I were now back in school after summer vacation. More significant, however, was the fact that Cheryl had completed her ballet lessons, which meant Angela and I no longer had the hour or more alone each Saturday morning. Angela and I were as hot for one another as ever, but now we only had fleeting moments to fuck when Cheryl wasn’t there.

Complicating the situation still further was the fact that that I was hot for seven-year-old Cheryl, and whenever I was around, she kept giving me smoldering looks that made it obvious how much she wanted me. Finally, Cheryl had no idea that her mother and I were lovers, and Angela was equally unaware that I’d recently introduced her daughter to lesbian sex. It was a lot for a girl of twelve to deal with.

Most of my intimate activity with Angela was now confined to the short car rides to and from her apartment. Usually, she would briefly park in a relatively secluded spot, and after a few French kisses and fondling, we would finger fuck each other until we both got off. Other than that, our only opportunities for privacy came when Cheryl was engrossed in a TV show or talking to a friend on the phone. On these occasions, Angela would quietly slip into her bedroom and I would follow closely behind. These sessions were always brief, so neither of us ever bothered to wear panties on Saturday morning.

Then, about three weeks into the new school year, something unexpected happened. Angela had picked me up as usual just after 10:00 AM. I was extremely horny that day and had a hand under my lover’s skirt within seconds. She was very juicy, and my index finger easily penetrated her cunt.

“You’re really fucking wet today, Mommy,” I said.

“God, yes, baby doll. Mommy wants to lick your sweet little pussy so badly,” she moaned. “Maybe what we can do is this. I’ll tell Cheryl I am taking you to the mall before I drop you off. That will give us more time to be together… and we can park in a place I know where we will be very private and secure.”

“Sounds good,” I replied, bringing my juice-covered finger up to Angela’s face for her to taste.

When we arrived at the apartment and I greeted Cheryl, my mind jumped back to the time I had my hand inside her panties and was running my finger gently up and down the soft, smooth cleft of her hairless sex. I could see the desire in her eyes, and the thought of a seven-year-old girl lusting after me that strongly had my cunt on fire.

The moment was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing, and Angela went to answer it. Too busy exchanging lustful looks with Cheryl, I didn’t pay much attention until I overheard Angela tell the caller that she would be there as soon as possible.

After hanging up, she explained to Cheryl and me that her best friend Mary’s car had stalled with a dead battery. Angela was going to drive to where Mary was stranded, drive her to a service station and arrange for a tow truck to tow the car back to the service station where a new battery would be installed.

“It’ll take at least an hour,” Angela said with a sigh. “Do either one of you want to come along?”

I immediately recognized this unexpected development as an opportunity to finally get some time alone with Cheryl, so I said, “I’ll just hang out here if you don’t mind. I’ve got a bit of a headache.”

I could see that Angela was disappointed, but gave me a smile. “What about you, sweetie?”

Clearly, Cheryl also recognized this as a chance to be alone with me, because she shrugged and said, “I kinda need to get my homework done, Mom.”

Angela seemed to understand our reluctance to hang around waiting for a tow truck. “Okay, well, I’ve got to go deal with this. Sorry. I’ll pick us up a pizza on the way home.” She grabbed her purse and car keys from the kitchen counter.

Two minutes later I was alone with Cheryl. I knew what she was expecting, what she wanted. I wanted the same thing, of course, but decided to have a bit of perverse fun first.

Cheryl looked at me pleadingly; anxiously awaiting a reassuring comment. Instead, I reached for the remote. “What do you want to watch, sweetie?”

The look on her face was as revealing as anything she might have said. Her eyes were mournful, her mouth set in a pout.

I knew I was being a bitch, and decided to play nice instead. “If you don’t want to watch TV, is there something else you’d rather do?” I asked, arching an eyebrow.

After a moment’s silence, she said, “Can we, um… you know, Barbie!”

“You’ll have to tell me what it is you want, sweetie,” I said.

There was another long pause while Cheryl worked up the courage to respond. Finally she blurted out, “Do you want to see my panties again?”

Now the genie was out of the bottle, so to speak. “You mean like before, when your mommy wasn’t here?” I asked.

“Yes, yes! Please Barbie, please can we do that again?”

I gave her a very serious look. “Have you told anybody about our little secret?”

“No, Barbie, remember? I promised not to tell anyone, and I always keep my promises,” she reassured me. I believed her.

“Fair enough. Then I want you to go to your bedroom, take off your t-shirt and shorts and come back to the living room with just panties on. Okay?”

There was no hesitation on her part and in less than a minute,  Cheryl reappeared dressed only in a pair of panties. Not just any pair, but the same ones she’d worn when I first made love to her. I smiled knowingly.

“Now stand in front of where I’m sitting, facing me.” She complied immediately and I spread my legs, drawing her closer to me and placed my hands on her tight little ass.

“You remember us doing this before, don’t you?” I asked.

“Oh yeah, Barbie… I loved it when you touched my thingy,” she said.

“Well, ‘thingy’ is not the right word,” I answered. “On little girls like you it’s sometimes called a kitty, and on grownups like your Mommy, it’s called a pussy, or a cunt.”

I began giving her little kisses on her forehead, her cheeks and finally on her lips. At the same time I continued to fondle her delicious little bottom.

“Cheryl… would you like me to show you how grownups kiss?” I asked her.

She tried to keep cool, but her eyes were dancing with excitement. “Okay,” she answered.

I told her to open her mouth a little when she felt my lips touch hers. When they met, I gently licked her upper lip, then gently and slowly pushed my tongue into her warm, wet little mouth. Cheryl caught on quickly and began to kiss me back.

Soon I was sucking on her tongue in the way I imagined a girl or woman would suck on a boy’s cock. She was either a natural or a fast learner because soon she was doing the same to me. By then, my pussy was really dripping.

I hooked my fingers around the waistband of Cheryl’s underpants and slowly tugged them down to her feet. She stepped out of them, and I held them to my face to drink in her scent before putting them to one side.

Placing my middle finger on her bare slit, I pushed it inside her about half an inch deep. She was incredibly wet, more that I would have expected from a child of seven. On impulse, I leaned forward and pressed my lips against Cheryl’s sex while my hands caressed her bottom. I pushed my tongue between her labia and slowly drew it upward until I came in contact with her tiny clit. She shuddered, and I realized that I’d just given her a mini orgasm.

I stood up and quickly discarded my jeans. As I wasn’t wearing panties, Cheryl had her first real look at my cunt. In little more than a whisper, she said, “Can I please touch your kitty, Barbie?”

How could I deny a request like that? I took her small hand and pressed the middle finger against the opening to my vagina.

“Your kitty is really wet,” she said.

“I know sweetie, it’s because I’m so horny,” I answered.

“Horny? What does that mean?” she asked, in a voice filled with innocence.

I smiled. “It means that I really want to keep doing what we’re doing, so I can have that nice tingly feeling, just like you did a few minutes ago when I was kissing your kitty,” I answered. This explanation seemed to satisfy Cheryl’s curiosity, at least for the time being.

I moved her finger up through my swollen labia until it came in contact with my clit, which by now had become fully erect and was peeking out from its hood. I began to move her finger in a circular motion against the swollen bud, then took my hand away and told her, “Keep doing that, Cheryl.” She continued the circular motion without any further prompting from me. God, it felt incredible.

Within a short time she brought me to a very satisfying orgasm. It took a minute or two to regain my composure.

I decided it would be nice to reward Cheryl for getting me off, so I got her to lie down on the sofa and open her legs. I got down on my knees beside the child and placed one hand on her vulva, then bent forward to lick her nipples.

Even though I’d had a nice climax just moments ago, I was feeling very aroused again. I got up and sat on the edge of the sofa, which allowed me to masturbate Cheryl with one hand and finger fuck myself with the other.

I was getting close to coming all over again when I suddenly heard a noise at the entrance to the living room. I looked up, and standing there watching us was Cheryl’s mommy Angela.

I knew I was in big trouble. Many different scenarios were going through my mind, all of them bad. I fully expected Angela to start screaming and calling me all kinds of nasty names, then ordering me to get out of her house and to never come near her or Cheryl ever again. That is, if she didn’t call the police on me.

But the explosion I was expecting never happened. Instead, Angela seemed frozen on the spot, her eyes focused on me. My mind was still in overdrive, terrified about what Angela would do to me for what she had to see as a complete betrayal on my part.

I figured that she wouldn’t hurt me physically, then I realized that she couldn’t risk turning me in without incriminating herself. I was also underage, after all. If necessary, I could easily play the part of the innocent preteen who had been led down the path of debauchery by a grown-up pervert, though I prayed it would never come down to that.

The long uncomfortable silence was broken when Cheryl said, “Why did you stop, Barbie?” She had no idea that her mother had returned and was watching us.

I stared at Angela, expecting some sort of reaction — but she remained motionless and silent. Her inaction made me feel a bit more confident, and my devious nature began to emerge once again.

“Do you like what I’m doing to you, sweetie?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah, it feels soooo nice, Barbie,” Cheryl answered.

“Have you ever done this with anyone else?” I asked her.

“No, but I think about doing it with other people.”

I began to finger her bare cunt again while continuing to probe her on this topic, and she confessed that she sometimes thought about having sex with her teacher, Miss Blythe.

“Anyone else?” I asked her, still looking at Angela.

“Well… there is someone else, but I don’t think I should tell you who it is,” Cheryl answered shyly.

“If you tell me, I promise to keep it a secret,” I said.

After a long hesitation she softly said, “It’s… it’s Mommy.”

This was a rather shocking confession — but I also quickly realized that a golden opportunity had just presented itself to me.

Keeping my eyes glued to Angela, I said, “Maybe your mommy would like to do it with you, too.”

Her eyes widened. “You think so? Oh, wow, that would be the best! She’s so beautiful, and I love her so much…” She gave a wistful sigh. “It prob’ly won’t ever happen, though.”

With a tilt of my head, I indicated to Angela that she should come closer. She hesitated for a moment, then began taking a series of halting steps toward us, as if she was in a trance. I glanced at Cheryl and noted that her eyes were closed.

When Angela reached the sofa, I reached out, took her hand in mine and gently pulled her into a sitting position next to me. I slowly guided her hand until it came to rest on Cheryl’s thigh. I moved closer to Angela and whispered in her ear, “Do it, Mommy. You know you want to, and Cheryl wants you to. Don’t deny yourself.”

I watched, almost mesmerized, as Angela’s hand moved slowly upward until her fingers were lightly touching her child’s smooth slit.

I leaned over and planted a deep French kiss on my older lover’s mouth. “Touch her pussy, Mommy… just like you do it to me,” I whispered.

At this point, Cheryl must have sensed something was going on. She opened her eyes, then gasped in shock. “M-Mommy… what are you doing?”

By then any inhibitions Angela may have held had vanished completely. “I want to make my baby girl feel good. Would you like that, sweetheart?” she said.

Cheryl gazed up at her mother with adoring eyes. “Oh yes, Mommy. There’s nothing I want more.”

“Would you like it if Mommy kissed your kitty?” I asked Cheryl.

“Oh yes, yes.” Tilting her head up, she gave her mother an angelic smile. “Please Mommy, kiss my kitty… that’s what Barbie did before you came home,” the child answered. “I love how that feels.”

I’d never seen Angela more turned on. Within seconds she had positioned herself between Cheryl’s legs and was going down on her little girl.

God, what a turn on it was for me to watch my lover licking the cunt of her seven-year-old daughter. As I watched, I couldn’t keep myself from masturbating. But the urge to participate in the lovemaking was too powerful to resist, so I got up and perched on the far end of the sofa.

Angela was on hands and knees, servicing her child, so I knelt behind her, reached out and pulled the hem of her skirt up to her waist. I was delighted to see that, in her haste to get away to help her friend, Angela had neglected to put on panties. Within easy reach were her juicy cunt lips and her dark-rimmed asshole.

I couldn’t resist, Burying my face between Angela’s cheeks, I began to kiss and lick her anus. I’d never done that before, but was feeling especially perverted right then. This encouraged Angela to become even more aggressive in licking her little girl.

I’d fucked Angela often enough to know when she was close to coming. I licked a path from her ass crack to her clit, and within seconds she went off in a mind-blowing orgasm. Dear little Cheryl followed soon after with her own climax.

It took a few minutes for mother and daughter to come back down to earth. Angela was lying on her back with Cheryl nestled on one side of her and me on the other. A tight squeeze, but it felt lovely. I leaned over and attached my lips to one of Angela’s fat nipples. Cheryl picked up on this and began sucking on the other nipple.

“So beautiful,” Angela whispered, savoring the attention she was receiving from the two of us. She let us pleasure her for a couple of minutes, then said, “Here, let me show you two something really nice. It’s a way that we can all three make love to each other at the same time.”

Angela positioned herself with her head at the top end of the bed. Next, she instructed me to lie in the opposite direction so that my head was even with her pussy. Cheryl then was placed facing me, but with her bare slit just above her mommy’s face. With a little shifting of our respective positions, it was possible for me to lick Angela’s pussy, while Cheryl went down on me and Angela ate her daughter. We did this for a long while, occasionally reversing direction, until Angela and I had both come twice and Cheryl had added another orgasm to her total.

In the weeks that followed, this became one of our favorite ways of fucking. And we did continue to fuck, regularly.

After that eventful Saturday morning, my visits were no longer fraught with problems, like trying to sneak a few brief moments with Angela while Cheryl was occupied with something else. My lover’s child was now a full participant in our sex play. She is now a preteen of twelve, and we are all still involved in this beautiful three-way relationship.

The End