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Learning Phase, Chapter 6

  • Posted on May 1, 2021 at 2:35 pm

By Nuit du Loup

On the opposite side of the house, Isana awoke before Sora did, which was very unusual for her. Being self-employed, she often slept in late when she could and snuggled deep into the nest of her bed. The change came because, for the second day in a row, she had the warm, enticing body of a girl in her arms. Ayaka’s form was spooned into hers and her face was nestled in the girl’s soft, brown hair. She breathed in deep, taking in Ayaka’s wonderful scent, tinged slightly with a female musk, and felt thankful for the fact that she was no longer alone in her bed and home.

“Are you finally awake?”

Isana started, hearing Ayaka’s amused voice without any warning that the girl was also awake. In response, she leaned up and playfully gave Ayaka’s left earlobe a soft nip before saying, “How long have you been up, hmm?”

“Hey!” Ayaka laughed and made a show of pretending to try and ward off Isana’s further nibbles and licks to her neck and ears. But making sure she never moved far enough to prevent Isana from doing so. “I always wake up with sunrise. I didn’t want to wake you up, though, because I’ve been enjoying this quite a bit. I like having your arms around me and just being with you feels wonderful.”

“So, no morning-after regrets, then?” Isana said with pure happiness in her voice in response to Ayaka’s words. Her hands slid up Ayaka’s bare belly and gently cupped her nicely growing, adolescent pair breasts. Ayaka sighed with pure pleasure and rolled her hips meaningfully into Isana, welcoming the caress. Then she sighed again, a little deeper this time, and began turning over in Isana’s arms.

When they were facing each other, Ayaka leaned in slowly and they kissed with passionate intensity. At first, Isana was surprised by the strength of Ayaka’s emotions, but she also felt touched and enflamed by them.  Ayaka’s words of the night before had not just been hormone-induced and it showed now. It was perhaps the greatest expression of love Isana had been given since the death of her adoptive mother. When Ayaka pulled back, she gave Isana a small return love-nibble to the tip of her tiny nose and smiled wide.

“Of course I have no regrets!” Ayaka declared straightforwardly. “I meant it when I said that I love you, and I’m more than happy that I had sex with you and slept in your arms. I hope to do so often from now on. Does that work?”

“Just making sure,” Isana grinned back. She threw her weight forward in a roll and Ayaka laughed in surprised delight as Isana pushed the girl over onto her back and then knelt on all fours over her. Still smiling, Isana moved in for the attack before Ayaka could protest and began nibbling, sucking, and licking at her pale-skinned neck and upper chest.

“Isana!”  Ayaka cried, her voice cracking in a loud series of laughs that were fighting through gasps of sexual pleasure. Then Ayaka’s smile matched hers and it was Isana’s turn to cry out because two slim fingers deftly found her soaked slit and easily pushed inside through the wetness. Isana was forced to raise her mouth to give voice to her enjoyment. Ayaka laughed exultantly and slid down the bed under her. A mouth found a turgid nipple and suckled hard on it.

Smirking, Isana quickly sat up and back onto her legs, despite the fact that she had quite enjoyed Ayaka’s oral ministration. Her smirk cut off into a chuckle when Ayaka followed her up without hesitation and pushed her backward. Isana landed on her back with a thump, and she was quickly surmounted by the excited teenage girl. Ayaka was breathing a little hard from the play and sexual teasing, but she was obviously enjoying herself and openly aroused.

“Mine again!” Ayaka crowed happily, dropping to retake a breast into her mouth.

Isana arched her back from the wonderful sensations and then turned the movement into a raised roll. Ayaka gave a startled yelp and moaned at being denied, and then her voice turned into a soft shriek as the sheet she landed on slid right over the edge of the bed and onto the floor. Isana followed quickly and found Ayaka belly down, her bare butt just rising up. Grinning, Isana slid on top of Ayaka facing towards her butt and held her place that way.

“Aww, that’s totally not fair, ah!” Ayaka’s words cut off satisfactorily when Isana licked right down the crack of Ayaka’s pretty pale ass, over her back hole and finally onto her very damp girlhood. For a moment Ayaka’s playful struggling ceased, but then she wiggled her butt a little and tried to complain in a voice filled with arousal. “Isana! At least let me turn over!”

“As long as you promise to stay still for now,” Isana agreed magnanimously, lifting slightly so that Ayaka could rollover. Once Ayaka’s pussy was before her once again, Isana descended and attacked, parting wet lips with her eager tongue and tasting once again the pure, delicious flavor of the girl. Ayaka gave one loud cry of joy and then realized what their positioning meant and decided the game was ended. Instead, she focused entirely on Isana’s bare slit, now an inch or two from her face.

Isana didn’t know how long they were like that, each of them giving pleasure to the other, but after a long while, Ayaka third or fourth orgasm flared and trembled below her. This made the girl’s assault on her own pussy redouble along with muffled moans. A minute later it was Isana’s turn again. When the wonderful tremor passed, she rolled off her new ward and onto her shaggy, sun-warmed rug and lay panting, feeling a warm elation inside.

When she rose up again, she sat there, furry tail twitching from her delight as she looked down at Ayaka’s beautiful, naked, and sweaty body. Ayaka was grinning back at up her as she too breathed deeply to calm down, not at all embarrassed by her nudity anymore. Isana loved it. Ayaka was a breathtaking girl and she was sliding quickly into a deep place in her heart. Not only did she have a sense of humor that clicked well with her own, she liked to play too and trusted her implicitly.  It made her wonder just what kind of surprises the other two girls were going to give her. Either way, she knew she and Ayaka had something special going on here.

Ayaka sat up too and leaned back on her arms, almost glowing from her multiple sexual releases and from the brief physical activity leading to it. She also had a small, amused smirk on her lips. “It’s probably a good thing you didn’t want us to call you Mom or anything like that.”

“Very true,” Isana snorted in agreement. “Part of the reason I didn’t want to be called that, other than it makes me feel like an old lady, is because doing fun things like this would seem weird in your head. I’m still boss lady around here, though; please remember that until you’re an adult.”

“I’ll remember,” Ayaka replied with affectionate amusement. “You’re our teacher, and kind-of-parent, and I love you.”

Isana glowed inside again at the word ‘love’ but she also saw the question in Ayaka’s expression, so she answered honestly and quickly. “I’m coming to love you too, Ayaka. There aren’t many girls who are willing to joke with me and have a nice wrestle for fun. Plus, you are quite mature for your age and obviously intelligent, not to mention easy on the eyes. And most of all, you are one of the three reasons I’m not lonely anymore.”

Ayaka colored at the compliments but she didn’t shy away. Instead, she just smiled and stood up, stretching herself a little which showed off her body in interesting ways. Isana had a great view from her vantage, but she stood as well after a moment of appreciation. “I think I need a shower,” Ayaka said then, looking down at herself in appraisal. Her youthful body was glistening with sweat and her lush, soft hair was heavily mussed and in need of a wash. “But I really want to see Sora and Karin first. It’s probably weird, but I miss them already.”

“It’s not weird,” Isana chuckled, her tail twitching a little faster now that she wasn’t sitting on it. “The four of us are family now, so it’s natural to want to see your younger sisters.”

“Families fight with each other all the time,” Ayaka replied, raising a finger to mark the point.

“Yes they do, unfortunately,” Isana acknowledged. “You’ll probably have squabbles with Karin and Sora too, but I hope that when those happen, we can work through them. You’re the big sister of the house, so they’ll both be looking up to you. For instance, Karin seemed more than happy to have you around yesterday, remember?”

“Okay, I guess I get your point,” Ayaka said, smiling calmly. “I still want to go see them though, but I want to get some clothes on first. This sex stuff is kind of neat and all, but I don’t think I want to walk around naked all the time. It just seems weird not to wear clothes around the house.”

“Well, while I can’t say the idea of always seeing you naked doesn’t appeal greatly, I never did that much before you guys showed up either. Clothes just make things more comfortable most of the time for some reason.”

“Are you saying that you did hang around your house naked sometimes?” Ayaka laughed.

“Oh sure,” Isana admitted freely. “On nice days I like to layout on one of the really thick rugs downstairs and take naked naps on them in the sun from a window.  It feels pretty good.”

Smiling in continued amusement, Ayaka retrieved her discarded towel and wrapped it around herself in a fashion that Isana thought was almost artful.  Isana followed her lead, and pulled on a loose pair of cotton shorts and an old blue t-shirt that had seen much better days but was as soft as sin itself on her skin. Once ‘dressed,’ they shared quick appraising glances, one which Ayaka seemed pleased with, and then they headed towards the door. Just as she and Ayaka were stepping out into the hallway, Sora rounded the corner and into view.

“Oh, Sora!” Ayaka said in a happy greeting, spying the younger girl immediately.

Sora slowed her pace. She was also wearing only her towel and it was showing off a lot of her smooth, bronze skin. Sora flicked her ears twice in pleased surprise at meeting them and her small lips curled into a smile. “Ayaka? Isana?” Her voice was warm with her obviously good mood. “Morning!”

“You seem to be in good humor today,” Isana observed, unable to help her mental and bodily excitement from flaring up momentarily. Sora seemed to have a new vibrancy to her amazing cuteness today and there was a significant absence of her usual initial shyness. She seemed a lot more comfortable with where she was and who she was with, for which Isana was glad.

“It’s been great!” Sora enthused brightly, leaning in when Ayaka pulled her in close for a tight hug, to which she smiled wider and flicked her ears again.

“Mmm, Sora, you’re so nice to hug and cuddle,” Ayaka sighed satisfyingly, loosening her hold a little. Then Isana saw her frown and sniff towards the younger girl. Isana was surprised at first but quickly chastised herself for forgetting that Ayaka had told her the day before that she too had a very sensitive nose from being what she was.  “Why do you smell like metal and…? Oh!”

Wondering what had Ayaka looking so flummoxed, Isana leaned in too and immediately caught the same two scents that Ayaka had. She knew what they were and so apparently did Ayaka. “You smell like blood Sora?” she said softly before her mental filters could catch the words.

Sora’s ears snapped downward in clear displeasure at her and Ayaka’s concerned frowns. “You said it was okay to do sex stuff,” she said accusingly, looking right into Isana’s eyes. It was a pleading expression, but there was anger there too; anger that was probably justified, because of Isana’s rash words.

“Yes, I certainly did say that,” Isana agreed, speaking calmly for both her own benefit and for the girls. “I do want you to be able to explore and enjoy that part of your life. I just want to make sure that you’re okay with not physically being a virgin anymore. You can only give it once and some girls place a very high significance to who breaks it. I am not angry with you; not at all. I’m just worried about you. That’s all.”

“Oh,” Sora said in a small voice, her ears lifted and she seemed mollified by the explanation. She stood silent, with one of Ayaka’s hands sliding silently into one of hers, and then her smile was born anew. “It’s okay though. I really love Karin and we did it together. It was special because I know Karin loves me too. She was worried too, so I’m sorry I got angry at you.”

Isana sighed as the tension went away. “Sora, it’s okay to get angry sometimes if you need to. But I am not at all used to being responsible for growing young girls, so little things are probably going to freak me out for a while. I know you’re not a little kid, and that goes for you too, Ayaka, but I am going to worry about you. It’s a part of who I am.”

“You’re supposed to worry about us,” Ayaka grinned. She leaned in and gave Sora a quick, sisterly peck near her lips. “So, you and Karin did have some fun after all. Was it nice?”

“Oh my gosh!” Sora flushed visibly, and her ears twitched violently, but she smiled joyously. Her eyes were bright with remembered excitement. “Karin is so awesome!”

“I’ll take that as a yes, then,” Ayaka chuckled and hugged Sora in again. Both girls were happy, sharing smiles filled by their new experiences. Ayaka was still curious though. “Did it hurt? When your hymen broke, I mean?”

“Uhm,” Sora fidgeted. To Isana’s amused eyes, she seemed to be trying to get Ayaka to tighten her hug again. “Not really. I was feeling really really good when it happened, and it was kind of like someone pinched me hard real quick, only it inside that place. I think it hurt more for Karin, though; she made a weird face when it happened. But I made her feel good, too—”

“Hey!”  They all turned to see Karin headed their way, her expressive face set in a curious smile.  She was dressed in a pair of denim shorts that were a tiny bit small and a sleeveless top. Karin too was blessed with a bit of a post-sex afterglow. Once again, Isana suppressed a flare of renewed arousal. “I was wondering why Sora was taking so long to change.”

“Sorry, Karin,” Ayaka said, gently letting go of Sora so she could give Karin a hug too. Karin accepted the embrace enthusiastically with flying arms. “Sora was just telling us about how nice you were to her, because Isana and I are nosy.”

“Hey! No bad puns!” Isana barked out with a surprised laugh. “It’s been a while since I heard that one, though.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Karin asked.

“They… umh… know we did stuff,” Sora said, a little shyly. “Ayaka smelled it on me.”

“Smelled?” Karin said in confusion. Then her expressions changed to a blushing one. “So, you guys know already?”

“Yes, we do, and no one is angry or upset about it at all,” Isana said quickly, trying to keep a repeat of Sora’s flare-up from occurring. “I’m just glad you guys had a good time and are fine with your decision. But are you okay Karin, Sora said it was more painful for you?’

Karin’s already dark skin deepened even further towards red, except where her small scale spots were. “I’m a little sore down there, but I don’t mind. I wanted to give Sora what she gave me. It was really special.”

“I know,” Isana replied, smiling a little easier and feeling amused again by Sora’s pleased, proud expression. “I can help with the soreness, though, and yours too, Sora — if you feel any.”

Isana reached out her hand, ran her fingers down from Karin’s collarbone and to the center of her chest. She let the magic in and around her to become visible to her eyes, her own aura touching on it. It shaped and responded to her call and in less than a second, she’d swept the young girl’s body for the damage and easily healed it with only a small pulse of blue light visible to the others. Finished, she pulled her hand back and saw that she had three sets of eyes looking at her in amazement.

“Whoa, I feel totally back to normal,” Karin said in wonder. Her gaze flicked over to Sora. “Sora, are sure you don’t feel anything?”

“It’s only a little bit,” Sora replied. “I’m okay.”

“Well, if you change your mind later I can still do something,” Isana said with a smile, waggling her fingers in the air in playful emphasis.

“Can I learn how to do that?!”

Isana turned to regard Ayaka and saw the girl looked extremely excited by what she’d seen. She was also staring at Isana’s hands intently. “If I can teach you how to use magic, then you can certainly focus on healing magics if you want to,” Isana explained. “Healing magic isn’t really an area where I’ve focused my own skills, but I do know enough to cover the basics. I also have several good volumes about the subject to help out.”

“What kinds of magic do you normally do?” Karin asked quickly.

“Well…if you had to give it a name, I guess you could call me a Maker,” Isana said after a bit of thought. “I know quite a bit about general magic use, which is why I’m so useful to the town, but what I’m really good at is making things; like the hot tub for example. I also enchanted the engine for my truck, the lift for my garage door, the terra-thermal water heater and lots of other things. Most of the magical things in this house have been made by me over the years.”

“Cool,” Karin replied, looking more impressed than Isana really thought she warranted, but it was nice anyways though.

“We’ll see if you still say that after you’ve spent a few years learning magic,” Isana countered. She gave her new little family a once-over. “Anyone object to breakfast before we get started?”

“Started?” Ayaka asked, smiling amusedly at the obvious cue.

“Yep, we’re gonna start the first magic lesson!”

Already?” Sora asked.

“Magic is a lifelong kind of thing,” Isana explained. “In order to learn its use and improve, you have to use it all the time. You’re going to do hundreds of little things, just so you can learn how it functions, its limitations, and the basic rules and laws that govern its use. The earlier we start, the more you can learn. All we’ll really do today though is quicken your natural gifts into life.”

“Well, I have no objection to some food!” Karin grinned, looking over at Sora. “Sora and me were planning on that before we ran into you guys.”

“Then how about you and I get started, while Ayaka and Sora put some clothes on?” Isana asked her.

“The towel look is very cute, Sora,” Ayaka said, smirking in a sisterly manner at the younger girl. “But let’s leave them to it.”

“Okay,” Sora agreed, smiling back.

Isana waited until Sora ducked into her room and Ayaka was rounding the corner to hers before she and Karin headed downstairs.  As they went, she and Karin debated the various merits of different breakfast foods they could prepare. Isana was seriously unused to being around someone with Karin’s level of sheer perkiness and vitality for an extended period of time. Not even Emi matched her. But it she was quite enjoyable to talk to, and Isana found herself laughing heartily long before they reached the kitchen. It was looking like a fun morning.

Coming soon: Chapter Seven!



Learning Phase, Chapter 5

  • Posted on March 23, 2021 at 2:44 pm

By Nuit du Loup

“Do you want a shirt or something to wear?” Karin asked Sora as they entered her bedroom. After the talk in the hot tub, she was oddly excited to have Sora in her room, with neither of them wearing a stitch.

“No, I’m fine,” Sora replied with one of her adorable smiles.  Karin had always thought her sister was amazingly cute. When they had undressed earlier, she had found it hard not to stare and had only felt a little better when she saw Sora was having the same problem.

They crossed over to Karin’s bed and she politely pulled back the covers. Sora smiled and flicked her ear appreciably. Then she dropped her towel and crawled naked into the bed. Karin did the same and followed. The bed was large so there was plenty of space, yet when she got in, Karin moved in close to Sora and they turned to face each other under the covers.

“Do you think what Isana told us is weird?” Karin asked.

“I don’t know,” Sora shrugged. “I think she was right though.”


“Uh-huh,” Sora smiled again. “I like looking at you naked, just like she said and I get all warm and tingly from it. I liked looking at her and Ayaka naked too. You’re all nice to look at and it feels good.”

“Well, I like looking at you too,” Karin admitted. “A lot actually. I meant it when I said you were cute. But I meant the other stuff. Isana sounded like it would be perfectly okay to want and have sex with you, her and Ayaka.”

“That is what she said,” Sora answered with a confused frown. “Why? I think it all sounded nice.”

“How do you know so much about sex anyway?” Karin frowned back. “I’m older than you, but you seem to know a lot.”

Sora blushed furiously, but she answered. “Marta liked to play with girls. One of the older girls came in sometimes and they would do stuff under the blankets. I never got to see much, but I knew that they were doing stuff. My other roommate, Crystal, touched herself in the open a lot too.”

“Wow, I had no idea,” Karin said, staring in amazement. “You never did anything?”

“No way!” Sora exclaimed, blushing to the tips of her long ears. “They were mean to me all the time and I would have been too nervous anyways.”

“But not here?” Karin asked, curious.

“I’m still nervous,” Sora admitted. “But I like you guys a lot.  You are always nice and you don’t treat me weird. And I trust Isana.”

“I really like her too,” Ayaka grinned. “She’s like a cool aunt or older sister. Though Ayaka feels a little like that too, at least to me.” Karin frowned then. “Where’d she go? To her room?”

“She went to Isana’s room,” Sora answered, with a smile. “After she said goodnight in the hall she hurried that way. I think she wants to be with Isana tonight. They were touching a lot in the tub.”

“They were?”

“Yeah, their hands were moving and I could see them touching under the water.”

Karin thought about that for a moment, “Do you think Ayaka is really over there having sex with Isana?”

“It looked like they both wanted to,” Sora said, shrugging again. This time the sheet slipped and exposed her naked chest. Karin’s eyes dropped and stared at the two hard, tiny nipples. When her eyes came back up, Sora looked pleased.

“You really don’t think it’s weird that I like looking at you so much?” Karin asked again.

“No,” Sora answered simply. She pulled on the sheet and Karin’s chest also became exposed. Sora reached out a small, curious hand and gently gave one of Karin’s much thicker nipples a pinch. Karin frowned at how good it felt but didn’t stop her. After a moment Sora pulled her hand away with a wider smile of pleasure.

Karin rolled her eyes, feeling amused now instead of worried. If there was no point in fighting it, she may as well enjoy it. So she reached out her hands and pulled Sora to her and then pulled the sheets back over both of them. When she saw how happy Sora was by her acceptance, Karin felt very warm and happy herself.

It felt really nice having Sora’s hot, naked skin against her own, and she could feel it when either of their nipples rubbed somewhere. One hand found its way to Sora’s rounded butt and it felt good there. “Okay,” she admitted. “This is actually very nice.”

“Hmmm, thank you, Karin,” Sora smiled at her from just inches away. Then Sora surprised her with a quick peck on the lips. Sora flushed again, and then she nuzzled her face down near Karin’s neck to hide it. “Thank you.”

“It’s all right,” Karin said, feeling hot from the brief kiss. “You’re my sister now, Sora, and I like you a lot. The kiss was nice. Can I have another one?”

Sora’s face came back into view and this time Karin kissed her. It was very brief and soft, but they found it immeasurably enjoyable. When they separated Sora settled her head on the pillow with a pleased sigh. Karin smiled affectionately.

“Sora, let’s just go to sleep like this, okay?” Sora nodded her more than willing acceptance and closed her eyes. “Goodnight.”

“Night, Karin,” Sora replied in a happy, dreamy tone.

Sora’s breathing evened out into a contented sleep and Karin decided to hell with being weird. She liked looking at her new sister and her kisses with Sora had felt awesome. It also felt nice to have Sora in her arms. Isana had told them earlier that this was only a beginning and she was looking forward to whatever else would come. Even the thought of having sex wasn’t really scary anymore. Instead she wondered if Sora would be willing to be her first.

But that could wait for now. So she laid her face down next to Sora’s, careful not to poke her with the curve of her horn, and went to sleep.


The soft, muffled sound of water rushing through pipes awoke Karin to a new day, but it was a cool, teasing breeze coming in through her open window and the warm place in the bed next to her that truly got her mind moving. She was still lying on her side and had one hand where another person had been only moments before. There was a sense of loss too, because of the person that was missing. She heard the door to the bathroom behind her click open and rolled over quickly, searching.

“Sora?!” Karin said excitedly, her eyes alighting upon the tantalizingly nude form of her new younger sister. Sora stopped in surprise at the call with one small hand upon the door jamb and her long, expressive ears flicked twice in question as her almond-shaped eyes locked onto Karin.

For a long, hushed moment, they sat still like that, watching each other. Karin for her part thankfully drank in Sora all over again, as if it was the first time.  Now that she knew the truth of what she’d been feeling inside lately, it was as if the knowledge had set part of her free, a part that was just now poking its head above ground. Seeing Sora again, after having spent the night cuddled together in the same bed, made her heart beat faster with the anticipation of… something.

Sora was so stunning to look at. It was this thought that was predominant in her thinking for many minutes.  Sure, Sora looked very young in every way, just like she herself did, but Karin very much enjoyed what she was seeing. She loved her sister’s long, midnight-dark hair and her smooth tan-colored skin that looked soft, smooth and touchable. She vaguely remembered the feel of it against her from last night and ached for it again.  She watched a slight flush suffuse Sora’s skin as the younger girl stood under her gaze; it went all the way up to her fascinating ears.

“Karin!” Sora exclaimed in her sweet voice, her ears drooping slightly in embarrassment. “You’re staring at me!”

“Hee hee,” Karin smiled and quickly slid to the edge of the bed and cast off the warm sheets as she swung her legs down and sat up straight, exposing herself. The same breeze that had been teasing her cheeks before caressed her whole body now and she felt her long, thick nipples hardening a little at the sudden temperature change, as well as for other obvious reasons. “I can’t really say I’m sorry, Sora. I like looking at you this way, because you’re so cute!”

“Oooh!” Sora moaned low, and her blushing increased dramatically. Her brown eyes though were solidly on Karin’s own nude form. Karin did nothing to impede her sister’s gaze. She wanted Sora to see her too.

Karin stood up, unable to be still any longer because her body was filled with an excited, sexual energy that was still very new and raw.  She crossed over the shag rug to Sora, until they were only a single step apart. She wasn’t much taller than her sister, so their eyes found each other with ease. Karin was still smiling warmly and she saw some of Sora’s reflexive shyness dissipating from her expression, which made her even prettier. Karin raised a hand slowly to the top of Sora’s small head and gently ran her fingers into and down the silky-smooth, black hair. They both shivered.

“Your hair feels so smooth and nice,” Karin observed aloud in wonder. It was like she was discovering Sora all over again and it was horribly exhilarating. She could feel something between her legs, like it was hot inside. Her heart was beating like a drum and she could imagine something like an electric tingle from her exploring fingers. Sora very seemed pleased at first by her compliment, but there was still a hint of stubborn discontentment in her eyes. “Did I say something wrong?”

“I don’t want to be cute.” Sora complained, even as she moved her head to aid Karin’s stroking. “It makes me sound like a little kid.”

“We’re both still kids!” Karin laughed easily. She leaned in on pure impulse and gave Sora a quick, but soft, peck on her tiny lips. Sora blinked, jerked her face back and gasped at her in surprise. Karin grinned even as her brain thrummed from the touch of their lips. “So what if you’re cute? I think you’re beautiful too, and pretty and adorable and totally huggable! It makes me want to hold you tight and touch you all day long!”

Following her own words, Karin reached out with her free hand, held Sora by her bare hip, and pulled her in close. Their unclothed bellies pressed together and they both let out simultaneous gasps from the warm skin-to-skin contact. Karin finished by wrapping that arm around Sora’s back, while the other one ran a finger lightly down Sora’s left ear. Sora squeaked and the ear twitched crazily for a second.

“Sorry, did that hurt you?” Karin asked, looking into her sister’s face intently.

“No!” Sora said quickly, relaxing very willingly into Karin’s hold with a smile in return. Karin loved it. She almost couldn’t believe what she was experiencing. “It felt good, but it kind of tickled a little… maybe. It was a nice tickle, though.”

“What if I do this instead?” Karin darted her face forward and quickly licked with her very long tongue down the top of the same ear.

“Karin!” Sora’s face reddened and she wriggled in Karin’s arms, which felt oddly good for both of them. “You licked me!”

“It looks like you liked it, though,” Karin laughed, greatly enjoying what they were doing. Sora felt so wonderful to hold onto, just like she had in bed during the night.

“Hmm, maybe, but it was kinda weird too,” Sora moaned, but her smile soon returned again. “This feels nice, though. You’re really warm, Karin. Your arms feel good too.”

“Yeah, it totally does feel awesome,” Karin agreed wholeheartedly. “Did you like sleeping with me too? Did you sleep okay?”

“Uh-hmm,” Sora affirmed quickly with a happy nod. Her shyness was almost completely gone now. “Sleeping with people feels really good. I liked doing it with you and Isana. Do you think Ayaka had a good night too?”

“Oh, sure!” The reminder that her new older sister had gone to have real, actual sex with Isana made her whole body tingle again. It also made her even more aware of Sora’s nakedness against her own body. “She’s with Isana, so she probably had a nice time. They were getting along really well, right?”

“She looked so excited last night,” Sora giggled pleasantly. Karin felt something on the outside of her thigh and a quick shiver went through her when she realized that it was Sora’s small hand. “Isana was touching her like this under the water and she seemed to like it a whole lot.”

“Well, it does feel kinda good,” Karin agreed, aware of every movement of that hand. Sora giggled at the comment again so Karin felt a little bold. “Come back to bed with me!”

She pulled back and grabbed Sora’s hand in one motion and before Sora had a chance to say a thing, Karin dragged her back towards her bed. Once her shock dissolved, Sora laughed happily and willingly allowed herself to be towed along. At the bed, Karin maneuvered Sora by her bare shoulders so that the back of her knees were against the edge of the bed and gently started to push her backwards. Sora got the idea quickly and fell back with a playful giggle, her arms spread, and then scooted back on her butt so she was all the way on.

Karin stared again for a moment at her naked sister, enjoying the sight immensely, and then climbed over her, straddling Sora at the waist. When she bent forward so that they were looking in each other’s eyes again, she saw pleasure and joy on her sister’s face at what was clearly happening.  Softly, Karin reached down with a hand and stroked over a cheek with skin the color of a warm wood. It was smooth and soft and she felt her own cheeks blush when Sora made a soft cooing sound and cuddled her face into the hand. It was a sound that made her whole being excited.

“Is it okay that I’m touching you?” Karin asked a little belatedly. She didn’t want her own excitement to cause Sora any kind of harm or to scare her. It was immensely important to her that Sora enjoyed everything.

“It feels nice, and I really like it,” Sora smiled with total trust in her expression. “I can touch you too, right?”

“Of course!” Karin replied immediately, lightly bumping her nose to Sora’s, which made the other girl giggle some more, which in turn made Karin feel hot all over again.  She rose back up, and one of Sora’s slim arms followed so that they were both touching the other’s face. Sora’s fingers were tiny, but she was gentle and her stroking felt right and very affectionate.

For the next little while, they played a kind of game in a very amiable silence that needed no words. Karin ran her hand along one of Sora’s skinny arms, feeling her smooth skin and a little warm sweat. Sora repeated the action on her own body, with skin-tingling results. Then Karin made Sora laugh when she felt over her tummy and around her cutely small belly button. Karin really wanted to lick it. Again Sora followed her lead and she could feel the heat between her legs turn into a tingly, humid hotness. They ran their hands over almost every inch of exposed skin on their upper bodies except for their breasts. When Sora knew they were next, her face slipped from joyful wonderment to slight concern.

“I don’t have anything there,” Sora complained in a soft, breathy voice when she saw Karin looking at her chest curiously.

“What are these then?” Karin replied with a friendly, sisterly laugh, running her hands up Sora’s stomach again to her almost-flat chest and circled each nipple with her middle fingers. Sora twitched and gasped at the sudden contact and Karin smiled wide as she felt rubbery flesh grow firmer at her touching. She kept tweaking at them and marveled at how such a simple thing could make Sora feel as good as her facial expressions suggested. When she stopped, she dropped her arms, deliberately inviting Sora to reciprocate.

“That was really nice,” Sora said with a happy sigh, her voice wispy. She was breathing a little harder and her skin looked flushed in a different way now that was exciting Karin. Sora slowly raised her arms and cupped her hands over Karin’s tiny breasts. “You have real boobs. I like them.”

“I have bumps,” Karin chuckled, really liking how it felt to have someone else touch her chest, especially a girl as special as Sora was fast becoming to her. She had discovered masturbation just over a year ago, after catching another, older girl at it in the bathroom one day, and she’d always liked tugging and playing with her long nipples, but Sora’s hands felt a hundred times better. She also liked that Sora seemed to like touching her a whole lot too. Sora’s happiness made her happy. “Ayaka’s the only one of us that has anything like real ones. Hers are probably bigger than Isana’s.”

“D’you think she’d let us touch them?” Sora asked with an amused smile, groping away happily at Karin. Then she giggled playfully and gave the big buds under her hands light pinches. Karin shivered hard at the surprise rush of pleasure that passed through her body and had to stop from arching herself. Her nipples had never felt that good before. It was like they’d been zapped.

“Do that again!” Karin gasped.

“Pinching them?” Sora asked, with a happy smile of accomplishment on her face. “It feels good?”

“Yeah!” Karin answered with a definite nod. “It makes me really tingle.”

“Hmmm,” this time Sora pinched both at the same time and when her fingers twisted a little as she applied pressure, Karin felt even better than the last time.

“Wow Sora,” Karin said in amazement, staring down at her adorable sister. She’d never have thought her breasts could feel so good. Wanting to see if Sora would like it too, Karin reached down with one hand and gave Sora’s left nipple a pinch.

“Ooh!” Sora’s eyes opened wide.

“See?” Karin laughed. “It’s a lot better when someone else does it.”

“I feel really good,” Sora said, her smile proclaiming how good a time she was having. Then she frowned again in confusion. “Karin, why is there something hot and wet on my legs?”

At first Karin was confused too and looked down. She rose up a little for light and saw that her still hairless lower lips were incredibly wet and slightly open from her excitement. Below her, right under where her crotch had been, was a wet spot on Sora’s thigh. She saw it all and smiled at Sora as desire bloomed in her mind again. “It’s from me, and maybe you a little too, Sora. Did you have sex-ed in school yet?”

“No, that’s next year,” Sora replied warily, but obviously curious. “It’s from that place?”

“Yeah!” Karin laughed, and saw a funny expression forming on her sister’s face that made her laugh harder. “It’s not gross at all, and it’s not pee. Haven’t you ever played with yourself down there?”

Sora’s face became less happy again. “I wanted to try it because my roommates did it a lot, but not with them there. I never really had time alone. Somebody was always around and I was too scared to try it in the showers. Is it nice?”

“Oh yeah, totally,” Karin answered emphatically with a nod. She leaned in close again so their faces were only inches apart. Sora even smelled good. “If you ever want to do it now that we live here, and you will want to, go right ahead and do it. If you ever want some time alone, you tell me and I’ll go. If you want to play with your puss, none of us will make fun of you, because I know Ayaka does it, and there’s no way Isana went years without doing it either. So relax and smile again, I like that a lot better.” She finished with a soft kiss to the tip of Sora’s nose.

“Okay, I will,” Sora laughed, her smile returning. “So what’s the wet stuff?”

“Wellll… girls make some kind of slippery liquid from the sex and baby hole, the vagina I think, to make it easier for a penis to slide inside,” Karin informed her, making a vague thrusting gesture with a hand and finger in the air that Sora laughed very hard at. “I don’t remember what it’s called exactly, but that’s not important anyways. It comes out of girls when we are excited and want to do sex stuff. It means we’re horny!” They both laughed at that. “It felt really good when you were touching me, so of course I got wet.”

Sora seemed content with the answer and Karin felt kind of proud at being able to be the older, informed sister. Then Sora’s expression became even more excited and Karin’s heart beat a little faster in an instinctive response. Sora’s face came up towards hers and Karin felt surprise and then a heady rush of pure pleasure as small, warm lips touched onto hers again in a real kiss.

“I really like kissing you,” Sora explained softly, her cheeks reddening under Karin’s wondering eyes. “It feels special.”

In response, Karin rested herself more fully onto Sora, and they both moaned deeply as she kissed Sora back and held her tightly.  This time it was a much longer kiss; a real kiss containing all their new emotions. They were both inexperienced, so it was a bit clumsy at first, but neither of them would have had it any other way in that moment. Instead their eyes slowly closed and they kissed again, and again, learning from each other’s lips.  Karin loved the soft, electric feel of the act and her brain buzzed from both her own pleasure and Sora’s.  The fact that she made Sora feel good enough to moan almost nonstop made it a thousand times more exciting.

As they slowly explored each other’s lips, the kisses grew deeper and more passionate and lovingly intimate. Both of them lost their last traces of shyness around each other and just enjoyed the physical act of loving the girl in their arms.  When Karin parted her lips at one point, Sora did the same and for the first time, their tongues touched and slid together.  Karin felt a quiver run through Sora that was echoed within her own body and then their lips separated and their lidded eyes carried deep emotions for a few minutes of stillness. Karin saw the seeds of real love for the first time in her young life and it made her mind buzz.

“Kissing is so nice,” Sora commented eventually, affectionate eyes shining in open wonder. She was also breathing a bit harder. “Thank you, Karin.”

Karin snorted a soft laugh and smiled anew, hugging Sora a little tighter. “See, you don’t have to thank me, because I enjoyed that just as much as you did. We did it together. But I think I’m going to be kissing you a lot from now on if it’s like that! So be warned!”

“Okay!” Sora agreed, playfully giving Karin another quick kiss. “Me too!”

Karin became distinctly aware again of the hot wetness between her legs that had apparently quadrupled from Sora kissing her. It felt messy. She really wanted to do something about that now, but something else entered the fore of her mind in relation. She wanted to see all of Sora, especially the special places.

Slowly, so as not to alarm Sora too much, Karin started to slide down her sister, back towards the edge of the bed. Sora watched on curiously and Karin felt warm inside at the trust being given to her.  She wanted to make Sora feel really good and at the same time, learn more about her while keeping that faith. When she was kneeling between Sora’s spread legs, Karin bent forward and down again towards the ‘v’ of her goal.

As her face drew closer, she heard Sora’s breathing increase greatly, but she said nothing in objection and actually rose up on her elbows to watch. Karin though was focused. She stopped with her face a foot away from Sora’s young pussy.

“It’s so pretty, Sora,” Karin said in undiluted awe. This was the first time she’d ever actually had a good, close look at what was between a girl’s legs. She’d never even looked at her own very well, but resolved to fix that soon. Sora’s flower was nestled between her smooth thighs and below a very pronounced pubic mound that was devoid of any hair.  There was a pair of puffy outer lips with bright pink wetness peeking from her slit in between.  At the top, Karin could make out Sora’s cute little bump.

“You think it’s pretty down there?” Sora asked.

“Yeah!” Karin affirmed, breathing in a scent of female muskiness. It kind of made her thirsty. “It even smells pretty!”

“Karin! Don’t smell me!” Sora complained, reflexively trying to close her legs. Karin’s head became trapped in a quite wonderful place, nose almost smushed right into Sora’s sex. She breathed in deeply again, and because she liked the smell so much, she pushed forward the last bit and used her nose to rub side-to-side over the little bump Karin knew felt good to touch.

“Oh!” Sora’s legs popped back open and Karin looked up to see Sora staring down at her in astonishment. “What was that?!”

“It’s your bumpy spot, your clit,” Karin answered with a pleased grin. She pulled back just a smidge, aware that her nose was wet now, and raised her right hand to tap her index finger lightly on the indicated spot. Sora twitched. “It gets really sensitive and feels good to touch, right?”

“Yeah,” Sora replied. “Is your nose wet from me?”

“Ah-hmm,” Karin nodded happily. She ran her finger down the soft lips of Sora’s puss and felt her own tingle at the action. They felt slippery, soft and hot. When her digit was coated in a wet sheen, she thrust it up towards Sora’s face. “See? That’s from you, and it smells good.”

Sora used her own hands to hold Karin’s still and sniffed experimentally. “It’s not awful,” Sora said with relief and ran her fingers over Karin’s. “It really is slippery though.”

“Yep, but let me show you what this place is good for now,” Karin said, pulling her hand back. She laid it gently over Sora’s entire vaginal area and rubbed over it. Sora’s lower lips were engorged and very aroused and Karin’s actions produced small gasps of wondrous pleasure from the young girl.  Then Karin slowly used her fingers to tenderly spread Sora’s open and they both gasped, if for different reasons.

“The sex-ed lady was right, it’s like a beautiful pink flower,” Karin said in amazement, feeling totally electrified by the sight of Sora’s most intimate place.  There was also a feeling of awe that Sora was doing this with her and trusted her to make it feel good. She could see everything; including the tight looking hole that was leaking juices. A sharp intake of breath when her thumb stroked down one of the lips from Sora reminded Karin that she was here to please now, not to play tourist on her sister’s cute body.

Deciding to imitate on Sora what she liked to do when she masturbated, Karin started to rub with a pair of fingers up and down the lips and the tender, pink insides. It soon got even wetter down there because Karin paid very close attention to Sora’s face, learning which places made her gasp or otherwise respond in sexual delight. It was also kind of neat to see the expressions Sora made. Karin’s hands got so slippery eventually that her finger accidentally slipped deep inside Sora’s very tight hole and they both jolted in surprise as vaginal muscles squeezed the invader.

“Karin!” Sora exclaimed loudly and sharply. Her eyes were wide open and her breathing sounded ragged. Sweat made her skin glisten. “I can feel your finger in me! It’s inside!”

“Did I hurt you?” Karin asked quickly, feeling hot, wet muscles squeezing hard onto her finger in pulses.

“Uhm…” Sora seemed too confused and aroused to talk and she shivered hard all over. Then, in concern for her sister, Karin tried to pull her finger out, but it dragged over Sora’s erect clit on the way and the younger girl went rigged while gasping for air. Karin felt a hot liquid pouring onto her hand. She raised it hurriedly in panic, and then realized Sora had just had a powerful orgasm. So good that Sora kind of just laid there for a bit,  not moving.

“Are you okay?” Karin asked.

“Karin…”Sora’s voice was wistful and soft as she lay dreamily on the bed. “I feel so good.”

Karin let out a relieved sigh that stopped cold when she saw her hand. A pinkish-redness was in the wet stuff coating the finger she’d accidentally put inside Sora. She’d taken Sora’s virginity.  She didn’t know if that was good or bad. Would Sora hate her for it?

“What’s wrong?”

Karin looked back up and saw that Sora was giving her a glorious smile and her face looked radiant in its sweaty messiness. She looked like she’d just experienced the most wonderful thing ever.  Karin couldn’t lie to Sora about this though, so she raised the hand. “I broke your hymen.”

Sora stared at her for a moment, still looking happy, but confused by Karin’s concern. “Is that bad?” she asked. “Aren’t you supposed to let someone you love do that? I saw that in movies and stuff.”

“Yeah!” Karin replied, feeling worried.

“Then… it’s okay,” Sora said, as if it was totally obvious. For a moment, all Karin felt was confusion, then Sora’s face brightened in realization of this and she giggled. Then she sat up rapidly and flung her arms around Karin where she once again found small lips pressed to hers.

The kiss was amazingly intense. Karin had never seen Sora so determined, but she could feel her little sister’s fierce emotions through the act and her heart was thundering in response. After almost five minutes of being thoroughly kissed and kissing back, Karin pulled away.

“You’re not angry with me then?” Karin asked slowly, keenly feeling her own arousal burning away.

“Why?” Sora laughed. “It kinda hurt and felt good at the same time, but I was already feeling so good that when you pulled your finger out, I went boom!”


“My… uh, puss…” Sora scrunched her face over an appropriate term for her sex, “When it exploded and made me shake and feel shivery good. But that doesn’t matter.”

“It doesn’t?”

“No!” Sora beamed and her ears were quivering as her cheeks reddened. “You’re my sister, and I love you, so it’s okay.”

“You love me already?” Karin felt her cheeks heating and she also felt a renewed desire to kiss her sister, but she held back for now.

“Mmm-hmm,” Sora giggled, and snuggled close again. At first Karin didn’t get why Sora turn her head as she did so, but then she realized what Sora actually wanted and let out a laugh of her own and then licked at her sister’s long ear. Sora’s pleased giggling redoubled. “It feels so nice.”

“Now you know what an orgasm feels like,” Karin said, enjoying the closeness.

“Did we have sex?” Sora asked excitedly, jerking her head back to look Karin in the face while beaming happily.

“Uhm, kind of, I think,” Karin answered slowly, unsure. “I had sex with you at least, because I made you come.”

Sora’s almond eyes widened and she looked suddenly intent. “Can I do it to you now?” Karin could tell this meant a lot to Sora, because there was a hint of vulnerability in her expression. “Then it has to count, right?”

“Do you want me to lie back like you were?” Karin asked instead, more than happy to let Sora do almost anything she wanted.

“Yes!” Sora became animated again with her ears twitching wildly with her excitement. Karin let herself be turned and pushed onto her back. She spread her legs and almost laughed at how eagerly Sora squirmed down between them.  Wanting to be able to see at least a little, Karin dragged over a couple pillows and propped her head up as Sora got herself into place, imitating what Karin had done to her. Karin found it quite exciting to see her sister’s face looking between her legs so attentively.

“It’s all drippy wet,” Sora said with her most cheerful giggle. She looked up and Karin saw laughter in her brown eyes. Sora was certainly enjoying herself.  Then the eyes went back to work and Karin jumped when she felt a finger press rather firmly onto her very sensitive clit. “Your bumpy thing is kinda big, and it’s hard and squishy at the same time.”

Karin didn’t know where Sora got the idea, but as with her nipples, the girl gave her tender organ a solid pinch and Karin felt like she almost wet herself; it felt so odd and wonderful at the same time. Sora seemed fascinated by her clit and Karin’s mind went a little blank from the sensations of small fingers exploring her slit while her bud was relentlessly attacked. She could feel herself being opened up, but it was a detached sensation, buried in with all the pleasure.  She did notice however, when Sora’s finger slipped inside her pussy and filled her.

“Ow!” Karin couldn’t help the painful exclamation of Sora finding her own virginal barrier. Sora paused and looked up at her with such a look of hopeful love that Karin nodded her acceptance immediately and without fear. She would give to Sora what Sora had given to her. “Go ahead.”

Sora smiled joyously and Karin felt her mind weaken again as the fingering of her pussy resumed with gusto.  Sora seemed to know that breaking Karin’s hymen would be more painful than her own experience and she slowly worked that finger in and out of her wet entrance. When Sora finally plunged it all the way in, the pain was sharp and distinct, but Sora gave her no respite to dwell on it. Instead her finger thrust inside vigorously, driving her body onward.

“Sora…” Karin whispered, clawing her hands into the bed-sheets. Her sister’s finger was pressing very firmly on the inner wall of her vagina as it invaded, and she felt something like a strong need to pee, even as she felt her orgasm rising like an agitated snake. The tension grew and grew, seemingly without end, even as that odd pressure increased in an almost painful parallel.  Finally her body could hold on no more. “Oh… God! Sora!”

The orgasm was like a wonderful, most pleasurable punch to the gut and head. Her body curled reflexively and she felt the pressure in her groin release all at once.  Sora yelped loudly in shock about something, but for several minutes Karin was captive to her body’s need to reset back to sanity. When she did settle back down, breathing hard as if she’d run a mile, she found that she was being hugged very tight by Sora, who was smiling proudly.

“Now we really had sex!” the younger girl laughed. There was not one sign at all that she regretted anything.

“I’d say so!” Karin agreed and then noticed something. “Sora, why is your chest and neck all wet?”

“Your juice stuff squirted out on me,” Sora said with her now ubiquitous giggle, that Karin was fast learning to love. “I thought it was pee at first, but it doesn’t smell like pee at all.”

“Sorry,” Karin said, laughing as well. She felt so much better now than playing with herself ever did. She wrapped her own arms around Sora and returned the embrace. Rolling them over so that she was on top again, Karin gave Sora a long, deep kiss. More kissing naturally followed until they both lay still, feeling oddly content.

“I love living here,” Karin said after a long while of companionable silence filled only by the birdsong from outside and Sora’s soft breathing. They’d shifted onto their sides a little so that Sora could nuzzle her face in by Karin’s neck. “I have a new kind-of-mom, my own room, a cool older sister, and an awesome little sister.”

“I love you too,” Sora replied, a pleased tone warming her voice. “Can we do this again?”

“Of course we can,” Karin said immediately, stroking one of Sora’s ears and drawing out a soft coo. “I loved every minute of it. You can also sleep with me whenever you want. But remember about Ayaka. I like her too, and Isana.”

“I know!” Sora giggled. “I want to try touching Ayaka too; she’s really nice for an older sister. Do you think she’ll want to?”

“She said last night that she was okay with things, but we probably shouldn’t be pushy,” Karin mused. “But I love her too, Sora. She gives wonderful hugs. Plus, I know Isana would love it if we wanted to do things with her. She sounded so happy that we didn’t freak out last night.”

“She feels nice too,” Sora agreed. “She grabbed my butt when we were in bed and I think she liked it.”

Karin frowned, and then moved her arms so that she could grope Sora’s butt properly. Sora gave a pleased giggle at the act and wiggled her behind encouragingly. “Your butt is pretty nice, Sora,” Karin told her, smiling. “It’s so round and soft.”

“And it feels good,” Sora smiled back and rubbed herself against Karin. When Sora’s smooth belly pressed over her mound, Karin felt a new pressure that was gaining strength and grimaced at the interruption.

“That was a weird face,” Sora informed her unnecessarily.

“Yeah, I know, but I have to pee really badly,” Karin admitted.

“Oh!” Sora responded with another laugh and an amused wiggle of her ears. “But I don’t want to let go. This feels too nice.”

“Sora!” Karin moaned, feeling Sora wriggle herself. “I really am going to pee on you if I don’t go now.”

“Eeww,” Sora laughed, sliding back jokingly on the bed and letting Karin free.

“Yeah, eeww,” Karin agreed as she crawled around Sora and quickly darted into her bathroom and towards her toilet under the small bathroom window. When she seated herself, she saw Sora had followed her inside and was watching her pee with open curiosity. “Are you watching me?”

“I’ve never seen another girl pee before,” Sora said, inquisitive eyes locked on Karin’s crotch. “It kinda looks funny this way.”

When Karin was done, feeling a little pleasantly sore from their activities, and also a little bemused by her sister’s odd interest in her bodily functions, her eyes flicked over her huge bath and an idea for later flickered into life. But there was also a rumble in her belly for food. Grinning, she snatched Sora’s hand and yanked her sister into her lap with a yelp.

“Okay, then,” Karin said once Sora was straddling her with an expression that said she very much liked being in that position. “What do you want first, food or a bath?”

“Hmmm,” Sora mused over the question for a moment and then smiled with a chagrined look. “Breakfast. I’m really hungry.”

“Food it is, then!” Karin agreed, unable to decide if she was disappointed or not because her own stomach seemed to agree with Sora. She got them standing again and they walked back into the bedroom. Karin gestured towards the pile on the floor containing Sora’s towel and her clothes from the previous night. “Do you want to go and grab some fresh clothes and meet me back here?”

“Sure!” Sora quickly wrapped herself in the towel to hide her nudity and held her dirty clothes in her arms. At the door, she turned and they shared one more lingering series of kisses before she giggled and bounced out for her room.

Karin felt a moment of mystified loss when Sora was gone, but it only lasted a moment. She’d see her again soon enough and she also wanted to see Ayaka and Isana.  But she didn’t want to interrupt her older sister, so she set her own dirty clothes aside with a mental note to ask about a hamper of some sort. Then she dug through her bag and pulled on a pair of plain pink panties, cut-off jean shorts and a loose, white tank-top shirt. Once done, she started loading the rest of her few belongings into her dresser as she awaited Sora’s return.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 4

  • Posted on February 25, 2021 at 3:02 pm

By Nuit du Loup

By the time they got back to the house, the girls had discovered a number of very interesting things. Notable among them was that there was a den of foxes nearby that came and stole Karin’s strawberries that she’d picked at the garden when she set them down for a moment and that Isana’s wondrous marvels did not include a portable toilet. The latter was discovered by all three girls at one point or another when they refused to go back early for a break.  Having done it many times before, Isana had no qualms about peeing in the woods, but the girls were city folk and found it quite embarrassing when they had to duck behind a tree for a moment. They also returned very hungry.

Dinner was a raucous meal of laughing girls and good food.  Isana wasn’t all that bad a cook, and she was more than a little proud when the girls deemed dinner-worthy.  They spent an entire hour reminiscing about things, and even quiet Sora had plenty to say. While the girls may not have been very close when they arrived, it was clear even now that they enjoyed each other’s company. It made Isana glad that she’d accepted them into her home.

When Isana left them to their happy conversations in order to wash up the dinner dishes, she was a little surprised when Ayaka came up to her side shortly after and started to dry things for her. When she raised an interrogative eyebrow, Ayaka smiled warmly.

“Sora and Karin washed and dried at breakfast, so it’s not right for me to skip out,” Ayaka explained smoothly. “Besides, Sora got Karin to tell her about the foxes again. That girl thinks they’re the cutest things on earth now.”

While Ayaka was waiting for another dish to dry, Isana noticed how she kept rubbing at her thighs. “A little sore?” she asked in concern.

“Yeah, I haven’t ever walked that much before at one time,” Ayaka smiled ruefully. “If anything else, living here is going to have me in much better shape. I just wish the process of getting there wasn’t so uncomfortable. My leg is so stiff that I know it’s going to hurt even more tomorrow.”

“Which is why we’ll take care of it tonight, with my secret room,” Isana replied teasingly, handing over another dish.

“You keep hinting about this great place of yours,” Ayaka said, willingly rising to the bait. “Is this also where you’re going to explain things to the other girls?”

“Yes, it’s an appropriate place for many things,” Isana replied cryptically.

“A place that lies beyond that mysterious door on the north side of the house?” Ayaka countered, enjoying the game.

“I see my subtlety was wasted on you,” Isana grinned, washing the last plate. “In the future, I’ll have to remember that quick mind of yours.”

“At least now you know about it,” Ayaka agreed loftily. She dried the dish and placed it neatly in the stack with the rest and put the lot of them back into their cupboards. “So when are you going to reveal this wonderful secret to us?”

Isana glanced toward the windows and saw that it was nicely dark outside. This deep into the forest, the sunset fairly early from the thick foliage. “We can go any time now,” she replied. “Assuming you can convince the other two to suspend their conversation.”

Ayaka gave a snort of amusement and shook her head. “Honestly, I really wish they had given us some warning that you had an odd sense of humor. Karin thinks I’ve already wormed it all out of you and she’s tried several times to get me to talk, and Sora somehow seemed to be conveniently close by to overhear each time. I don’t think it will take much convincing.”

Ayaka returned to the table and as promised, Sora and Karin were both more than eager to postpone Sora’s interrogation about the foxes for another time. She earned a darkly humorous smile from Ayaka when she dithered a bit and took her time walking back through the house to the door into her special room. She really liked Ayaka’s sense of humor and it seemed the girl was willing to put up with hers.

A tap on the wood and a tiny jolt of magic undid the lock she’d set, just in case one of the girls had gotten curious enough to try and sneak a peek. This earned her another amused snort from Ayaka, but she blithely ignored it. When she opened the door she led them into a very small chamber with another door at the end and blue tiled walls. One wall held several fluffy bathrobes on hooks, including a smaller girl-sized one Emi wore when she visited. The other side had a wicker rack with several white towels on top that were even fluffier than the robes, and several empty shelves below them. They all stood elevated slightly from the tile floor on wooden slats. Isana gently closed the door behind them.

“What are these for?” Sora asked, feeling the softness of a towel.

“You’ll see in just a second,” Isana said, then led them through the second door.

The large, spacious room they entered glowed hauntingly with the silver of moonlight and Isana felt a moment of pride at the silence from the girls. The octahedral walls were made entirely of slightly opaque glass and rose up to the crystal clear glass roof and the stars above. The moonlight seemed to flow down and accentuate the joining points of the structure until it seemed as if they stood inside a gleaming glass cage. The effect grew even greater when Isana made a gesture and the walls became clear as well, showing a nighttime forest.

The room was just over thirty feet across with the center taken up by a large octagonal pool of water. Vapor rose from the water and its warm humidity clung to their skin in the heated air. Around the pool were several comfortable benches, chairs and couches that she treated regularly to prevent mildew or fungus from growing. Small crystals like she’d made to light the girls’ rooms hung suspended over several of the pieces, but were currently quiescent.

“What is this place?” Sora asked quietly, eyes wide.

“I found the original plans for the house a few years back, but when they built the house they must have come up a little short on funds, so they left this room unfinished. All that was here were the glass walls and ceiling. The floor was left as bare dirt, of all things,” Isana smiled at the memory of how bad this place had looked originally. “I liked the original idea a lot better and decided to make a project out of it. What you see is the product of two years of my own planning, enchanting, and the hard work of a contractor friend I know from town. The blueprints call this room a solarium, but I have always found it to be even more enjoyable by moonlight.”

“You did all of this on your own?” Ayaka said in amazement, looking up into the night sky. “It’s beautiful, but it must have been a lot of work.”

“Oh, it was,” Isana assured her. “But stuff like this is what I like to do when I’m not on a job for the town. I fiddle around and make things. This was just one of my larger and more enjoyable projects. Others, like my truck or the garage door, were more practical.”

“What’s that pool?” Karin asked, moving further in to touch the water’s surface. “It’s hot!”

“That’s why they used to call something like that a hot tub,” Isana laughed. “Watch this.” She knelt down and tapped her finger on a small silver circle on one side of the tub and then the water erupted into a bubbling, seething, froth.

“Are you saying we can get into this ‘hot tub’ of yours?” Ayaka asked with a growing, excited smile. She had moved forward and was standing close by again.

“Of course I am,” Isana answered immediately. “I made it to be enjoyed.”

“What do we wear?” Karin asked, looking eager to try it out. “They never bought us bathing suits.”

“You’re not supposed to wear anything,” Isana answered casually as if that was obvious. “It would detract from the experience.”

“We have to be naked?” Sora asked shyly, but then she glanced at Isana in a thoughtful way.

“I suppose you could wear your underwear if you really have to, but it feels a lot better au naturel,” Isana shrugged. “I’ve had Emi and Claire over a few times, and they seem to like it.”

“I don’t mind,” Ayaka said calmly, drawing everyone’s attention. Even Isana was a little surprised. She had expected all three of them to insist on wearing something their first time. But Ayaka seemed fairly relaxed about the idea and when their eyes met, Isana realized Ayaka had been thinking about their discussion earlier. “I don’t see what’s so bad about it.”

“But you’d be naked,” Karin argued. “Na-ked.”

“So? You’ve already seen Isana nude and I know you had the same lack of privacy back at the orphanage that I did,” Ayaka argued back. “I’m getting in. Do we just put our clothes on the rack in the small room?”

“Yeah, as you probably already noticed, the humidity will have them fairly damp soon if they are in here,” Isana answered with a smile. “Karin, if you’re uncomfortable being naked, just wear your panties in.”

Ayaka was already headed towards the small buffer room, and it was plain that Sora and Karin were conflicted as to what they wanted to do. Both were eager to get in the water, but neither was sure they wanted the other part. Isana followed Ayaka and when they were alone in the smaller chamber, Ayaka let her own shyness show.

“I can’t believe I agreed to this so easily,” Ayaka admitted once she realized Sora and Karin hadn’t followed them in yet.

“It’ll be fine,” Isana assured her with a smile. “You’ll love it, and it’ll help with your sore legs too. Will it make you feel any better if I go first?”

“Yeah, that would help… maybe,” Ayaka laughed. “But I already said I’m doing this, so I will. I’m just nervous.”

“Good,” Isana said and grabbed the hem of her shirt. She drew the garment off in one smooth pull and calmly placed it, folded, onto the rack. Isana smiled amusedly when she saw Ayaka’s gaze settle onto her pink nipples. They were visibly hard already, but there was nothing she could do about that. Instead, she slipped both her shorts and panties off in one go, displaying her hairless womanhood to the girl. They joined her shirt on the rack.

“Does that attraction and desire you were talking about affect other people?” Ayaka asked, not moving her eyes away from Isana’s body. She looked a little flushed.

“I’m not sure,” Isana said gently, not hiding her nudity at all. Her tail was twitching from her amusement. “At least now I know you don’t think I’m ugly.”

“Heh, hardly,” Ayaka smiled widely again. “Karin was telling me earlier how nice you looked; now I understand why. It’s actually hard to look at you and not feel excited. It’s a weird feeling, but really nice too. Now it’s my turn.”

Ayaka took a deep breath and after locking her eyes onto Isana’s, she pulled off her tank top and laid it down next to Isana’s clothing. Not pausing to let nervousness stop her half way, Ayaka quickly popped the snap on her jeans and drew them down her smooth, pale legs. Last to go was a pair of low-cut, green panties. Once she had her clothes stacked, she stood nervously in front of Isana as if waiting for judgment.

Isana let her eyes roam, drinking the gorgeous girl in. She was naturally on the thin side with a lithe musculature and somewhat narrow hips. Her skin was silkily smooth except for the very fine hair on her arms and a small brown tuft of hair over the closed lips of her womanhood. Only a tiny peek of the inner lips could be seen. Ayaka’s growing breasts had proud, slightly upward pointing nipples that were cutely small with lightly tan areolas. They too were hard, and looked tasty. Isana also loved how Ayaka’s long hair hung down to the rounded bubble shape of her butt.

“Ayaka,” she said softly and a little lustily after the moment passed. “If you’re worried about how I think of your appearance, don’t. You are one of the most stunning girls I have ever seen, and that was before you even took your clothes off. Now you’re even more so. I know this will be hard to believe, but I do think you’re even more beautiful than me!”

“Thanks for that last part,” Ayaka said, grinning after barking out a surprised laugh. “I really look all right?”

Isana rolled her eyes. “Gods, Ayaka, I don’t think I can even look away from you right now. When I said stunning, I was entirely serious. I want to touch you so bad that it almost hurts.”

“So what do we do now?” Ayaka asked, her face turning a little red as she instinctively tried to hide her hardening nipples with an arm. She seemed very pleased and excited by the compliments.

“We go out there,” Isana said, pointing at the closed door to the room. “Then we walk to the tub and climb in. Once we’re enjoying ourselves we’ll wait for the other two and then we’ll all enjoy the water together.”

“Sounds like a genius plan,” Ayaka smiled, looking Isana over again. “Hard to believe you’re only a decade older than me.”

“It’s an important decade,” Isana agreed with a grin. “Are you still nervous?”

“Not really,” Ayaka said after a thoughtful moment. “I think I’m more excited now than anything else.”

“Even about the sex stuff?” Isana asked.

Ayaka gave her a very amused smirk. “Isana, I’m fourteen years old. I can assure you that I’ve seriously thought about sex long before your revelation and have become well acquainted with my right hand.  Before today I had just assumed I’d end up fooling around with a boy someday, but after having thought about it since this morning, I think I like the idea of this better. I mean, I’m looking at you right now and wondering what it would be like for you to touch me. All I want now is for Karin and Sora to be okay with it too. I am totally fine with this.”

“Wow,” Isana was impressed. She’d been a lot younger than Ayaka her first time, but she’d also had a lot more time to think about it when her adoptive mother explained things. Yet here Ayaka was, admitting freely that she wanted to have sex with her too. “I’m convinced. Now let’s head back out there before they wonder what’s going on in here.”

“Okay,” Ayaka agreed, taking a deep breath again. After a moment of indecision, she held out an asking hand. Isana smiled wider and took it before she opened the door and they re-entered the solarium.  Twin intakes of breath greeted them from one of the couches where Karin and Sora sat. It appeared they had been waiting to see what Ayaka did first.

“See, it’s not bad at all,” Ayaka told them confidently, even though her grip on Isana’s hand was tight from nerves. She stood next to Isana and neither of them made a move to hide the choicer bits. “There’s nothing to get freaked out about.”

“Wow, Ayaka,” Karin said slowly after a moment of silence. “Did you know that you look really pretty with no clothes on?” Sora nodded her silent agreement with the statement. “I knew Isana was already, but you’re nice too.”

“Thanks, Karin,” Ayaka said happily, and shared a knowing smile with Isana. “Now you two go in there and change too. No more excuses.”

Karin and Sora exchanged a long glance, but it was Sora who answered. “Okay.” They then stood, entered the other room, and closed the door.

“I thought you said you were fine,” Isana teased, leading Ayaka over to the hot tub. “Step down close to the wall, there’s a shelf there for sitting on.”

“I thought I was,” Ayaka shrugged, smiling ruefully. She gingerly stepped into the water. Isana hadn’t let go of her hand yet, and Ayaka didn’t seem to want to either. Ayaka let out a pleased sigh as she stepped down to the bottom which made the water level just over her shoulders. After a moment, she rose up a little again as she found the seat and moved onto it. “God, this is nice! You weren’t kidding at all.”

“Indeed, it is very nice,” Isana agreed. She got in too and sat very close to Ayaka on the next seat to her left. After a moment of silence, Ayaka scooched a little until their arms were touching. Then they both shared another smile and laid back to wait.

A few minutes later they heard the door to the undressing room open. Ayaka started to turn around to look, but Isana put a hand on the girl’s thigh and shook her head with a small smile. Ayaka got the hint and stopped. She also made no move to object about the placement of Isana’s hand. A second later the smacks of bare feet sounded and the two younger girls came into view together.

Isana’s eyes widened and her hand gave Ayaka’s leg a soft squeeze. Karin had a beautiful, darkly tanned skin tone and her body was at just the beginning of adolescence. She is very skinny with the small speckles of scale spots everywhere.  Her tiny breasts were like halves of mandarin oranges with big, darker colored nipples. Karin stopped in front of them, on the other side of the tub, with her legs slightly spread and with her arms crossed, so she and Ayaka had a good view of her smooth, tightly closed pussy. Ayaka also seemed to like the view as much as she did because she was breathing faster again and Isana could feel her muscles tensing and releasing.

Sora followed Karin and was no less appealing. Her skin was a lighter tan than Karin’s, but it went very well with her silky, dark hair. She had no breasts to speak of yet, but Isana liked Sora’s very tiny nipples. Her butt had a very nice round shape that Isana had already sampled this morning and when she turned a little, they saw her pretty, almost hidden slit.

“You’re not so bad either, Karin,” Ayaka said, speaking first. She smirked and then addressed Sora. “And you’re very cute looking, Sora.”

“Really?” Karin asked, looking over herself and then Sora. “I thought she was cute too, but she didn’t believe me.”

“I don’t know if I want to be cute, though,” Sora complained.

“There’s nothing wrong with being cute,” Isana assured her, knowing her arousal would be noticed soon if this kept up. “I think you both have no reason at all to be ashamed of how you look. Now join Ayaka and me over here and get in.”

“Careful, Sora,” Ayaka said in warning. Her hand had settled onto Isana’s and was rubbing on it slowly. “It’s pretty deep in the middle, but there are seats around the sides.”

They made their way over and with just a little assistance from Karin and Isana; Sora climbed in on Isana’s other side and was seated.  Her eyes were wide from the sensation of hot, churning water all around her, but she seemed to like it. Karin just grinned and got in next to Sora.

“Nice, huh?” Isana asked proudly.

“Yeah!” Karin answered emphatically. They had to sit up straight in the seats to keep their heads above the water, but neither seemed bothered by that. Karin wiggled to get comfortable and then closed her eyes. “I feel good.”

“I like it too,” Sora agreed quickly, a smile on her face. “Can we use it a lot?”

“I use it at least four or five times a week,” Isana answered. “Sometimes I just don’t have time to laze about in here, but I do so when I can, especially at night. If I work a really long and hard day, I like to come here first when I get home to relax and unwind. It also helps calm me down whenever I’m upset about something.”

“Well, my legs certainly feel a lot better,” Ayaka said, smiling and giving Isana’s hand a pointed rub. Isana returned the expression and started to slowly run that hand up and down Ayaka’s leg. Ayaka’s smile widened and she leaned closer into Isana and closed her eyes.

For a while they all just sat in the nighttime silence and heat of the hot tub and just enjoyed it. All three girls had their eyes closed and Isana made a mental note to warn them about the dangers of actually falling asleep in the water if they were alone. Isana though had her eyes open and instead of feeling calm, she was terribly excited and almost painfully aroused. Ayaka had lain fully against her and their skin contact was enticing her greatly. She removed her hand from Isana’s thigh and smiled when the girl made a soft whine of disapproval. Ignoring that, she instead put the arm around the girl’s back and held her. Ayaka apparently liked this much better and put her head onto Isana’s shoulder with another pleased sigh.

“I think I like this very much,” Ayaka whispered softly a little later. Isana felt a small hand touch hesitantly onto her own leg. Then it began to rub like Isana had done to her. “We are so lucky to end up here with you.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Isana replied, just as softly. Sora and Karin didn’t appear to have overheard. Karin was softly humming and Sora seemed to know the tune because her head was bobbing slightly in time to the song. “I’m very glad you girls are here too. Do you mind if I start things soon?”

“Sure,” Ayaka shrugged slowly. “Just let me know when it’s time. Till then, I just want to lie against you like this for a while because it feels just as good as the water, maybe even better.”

Isana was more than pleased to let Ayaka enjoy herself.  Until now, she hadn’t realized just how alone she had truly been these last few years. The arrival of these girls however slammed home the fact that she had been fighting her nature and that had left a hole in her life. Now she had three wonderful people in her home.  The girl in her arms amazed her especially because not only had she accepted Isana’s nature, but had embraced it fully and returned her feelings.

“Thank you, Ayaka,” Isana whispered, briefly rubbing their cheeks. Ayaka sighed and returned the gesture.

“Isana, you’re the nicest person I’ve known in a long time,” Ayaka said. “I liked you as soon as I met you, and so did the other girls. You’re giving me the opportunity to become important in your and their lives. I should be the one thanking you.”

“What are you guys whispering about?” Karin asked sleepily. She still had her eyes closed. At the question though, Sora opened hers in curiosity.

Isana met Ayaka’s gaze and they both decided at the same time that they may as well get things over with. “Sorry, we didn’t want to disturb you guys. We were just talking about something I need to discuss with the both of you. Ayaka knows already, because we talked about it while you guys were in the shower this morning.”

“Is it something bad?” Sora asked worriedly.

“No, not at all,” Isana answered reassuringly. “It just has to do with the three of us being witches. Ayaka will be directly involved too, because she lives here with the three of us.”

“I knew you were hiding something,” Karin smirked at Ayaka. “So, why did you wait until now?”

“Because our current location and situation might help you understand a little better,” Isana said. “Now let me explain. You can feel free to ask questions. Understand?”

Heads nodded.

“Okay,” Isana said, unconsciously shifting her body as she began. “When a girl is a witch and especially when their power is awakening or is about to, there are changes that occur in that person. They are usually fairly subtle at first, as they are right now in you Karin.” Karin blinked at being mentioned, but stayed quiet. “Specifically, I’m talking your sex drives and related desires.”

“Our what?!” Karin said, surprised. Sora’s eyes were very wide.

“Sex drives, Karin,” Isana said, unable to suppress an amused smile. “Witches’ bodies and minds are slightly different from a base human. One major difference is that we tend to want sex quite a bit more. We are very easily aroused too. In addition to this, witches are almost always attracted only to other women and especially other witches. Many centuries ago, it was why women in villages would sneak off into the woods to meet with their covens. They desired each other’s company so they met secretly for sex and companionship. It’s also why you two have been feeling different lately.”

“Different?” Karin asked.

“Yes, different,” Ayaka interjected. “Karin, think about it. Why have you been hugging us so much lately? Why were you so entranced when you saw Isana naked this morning? Why did you stare so much when we came out naked just a bit ago?”

“Sora,” Isana said gently as Karin frowned and thought over Ayaka’s question. “Do you understand what it is I’m talking about?”

“I do,” Sora nodded. “I kind of know what sex is. I heard other girls talk about it. I’ve always thought girls were pretty.”

“What about when you’re around me or the girls now? What is it you want to do?”

“I really want to be around you guys all the time,” Sora answered. “It feels really nice when I touch you and I get hot inside.”

“That just means you’re feeling aroused,” Isana informed her with a smile. “When a girl is very attracted to someone and wants to do sex related things, she feels hot. I bet you also get wet between your legs.”

“Yeah!” Karin said, perking up at the same time that Sora nodded. “I feel all warm and gooey sometimes, like this morning when I was hugging Ayaka.”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about,” Isana said, nodding to them. “But this is only the beginning for both of you. Witches tend to form very tight knit relationships with those they live with over time, and it is very likely we will now too. I’m warning you about this because I don’t want you to freak out.”

“Are you the same then?” Karin asked.

“Definitely,” Isana laughed. “I have a very high sex drive, even for a witch.”

“Then how come you live alone?” Sora said.

“Well, kind of like you guys, I was adopted when I was very young. I was only two, I think. But my magic awoke very early when I was only seven. At that time, the focus on my sexual attention was on my adoptive mother. She recognized the signs and until she died in an accident in town, she was my sole partner. After that,” Isana shrugged. “I’m not sure. I just never approached anyone or tried to seek new relationships.  For the last four years I took care of things by masturbating at least twice every day, and that took a bit of the edge off. I don’t know why I secluded myself, but it was after you guys came that I realized that I really have been terribly lonely. We witches thrive in the close company of others, and I didn’t have that. But now I do.”

“Okay,” Karin said slowly. “So what you’re saying is that pretty soon I’m going to want badly to do sex things with everyone?”

“Yes, and you too, Sora,” Isana answered. “So if you see me naked and it excites you, that’s perfectly fine and normal. I know it’s weird, but I think you’ll find that it’s actually very nice.”

“But what about Ayaka?” Sora asked, worried about her new sister.

“Ayaka and I have already talked it over and she doesn’t mind at all that you two and I are going to want to have sex with her,” Isana smiled and pulled a happily smiling Ayaka close again. “Even if she doesn’t want me to make her a witch too, she’ll be willing.”

“Wait a minute!” Ayaka turned a little and gazed with wide eyes at her. “You can make me a witch?”

“Oh, yes,” Isana grinned. “Most people can learn magic to some degree, and women become witches when they do. Natural witches like Karin and Sora have natural talent and strength, and they’ll use magic whether they want to or not. So if you want, I’d be willing to try and teach you as well. If you do, you’ll have the same strong urges we do.”

“I’d like that,” Ayaka replied eagerly. Then she smiled at her sisters. “Isana’s right, I’m not going to shove you away just because you feel like hugging me or more.”

“So it’s a good thing I feel this way?” Sora asked. Karin nodded as if to second the question.

“Yes,” Isana answered. “I want you to enjoy it too. So just take things at a pace you’re comfortable with.”

“Hee hee, cool,” Karin said, blushing a little and smiling. “It is weird, but I think I understand what you mean about feeling and acting differently. I just never noticed it before. Thanks for explaining it.”

“No problem,” Isana responded warmly. “Are you going to be okay too, Sora?”

“I think so,” Sora said slowly.

“Sora, just think of it to mean that we’ll be very close sisters,” Ayaka said. “Plus, you don’t have to do anything right away. Just think it over tonight, and I think you’ll see it as a good thing.”

“Yes,” Isana agreed. “Sleep on it, both of you. It’s bedtime anyway, and we’ll be all wrinkly if we stay in here much longer. We’ll talk about it again in the morning or whenever.”

“Okay,” Karin agreed. “But can we use this tub whenever we want now?”

“Yeah,” Sora grinned. “I like it a lot.”

“Of course you can,” Isana laughed. “The only rule is that you can’t be in it alone. I don’t want one of you falling asleep and drowning.”

“I think we can work with that rule,” Ayaka said, wriggling a bit. “A bed does sound pretty good right now. Let’s head upstairs, you guys.”

Ayaka moved away from Isana, a move that saddened them both a little, and then pulled up into a sitting position on the clay tiles of the floor as water cascaded down off of her body. She was still stunning in the moonlight and Isana watched amusedly as Karin and Sora stared at her. Isana followed Ayaka out, which spurred the other two on as well.

Dripping wet, they all made their way to the smaller room. As they went, eyes roamed freely. Now that everyone knew what was going on, it was as if everyone was testing out new waters yet again.  Once inside, Isana snagged one of the towels and before Ayaka could grab one as well, Isana stopped her in place and started to dry. Isana made sure to be quick and efficient, but she could tell Ayaka was really enjoying the physical attention.

“Sora, Karin, why don’t you guys help dry each other too?” Isana suggested with a smile. “I think you’ll like it.”

“You want to?” Karin asked, looking at Sora. In answer Sora went over, picked up a towel, and smiled. Karin raised her arms, and Sora started drying her off. Isana slowed her own work on Ayaka to more fully appreciate the feel of the girl. Once she was dry, Isana handed her the towel and they switched places.

Ayaka was hesitant at first when the towel touched Isana, but as her hands moved, she grew bolder. Isana even gave her a very wide smile when Ayaka dried off her breasts. Across from them, Sora was getting toweled by Karin and from the looks on their faces, they liked it immensely.

Once they were all dry, Isana gave each girl a fresh towel to go upstairs in, since putting on clothes seemed like a hassle at the moment. Then Isana sent them on ahead as she shut down the tub.

When she too made her way up to her bedroom, she wasn’t all that surprised to find Ayaka waiting for her there. Ayaka was still wrapped in her white towel, but it rode high enough that the round curve of her butt was plain to see because she was bent over and checking out the big bed. When she heard Isana close the bedroom door, Ayaka turned towards her with a small, nervous smile on her face. Isana approached her without speaking and gently cupped Ayaka’s face in her hands. Ayaka smiled wider and her fear lessened.

“You don’t have to rush this,” Isana told her, ignoring the hot wetness she felt running down her leg. Her body knew what it wanted, but she would deny it if Ayaka truly wasn’t ready.

“I know that,” Ayaka answered. “But I want to. I’m nervous because I’ve never done this before, but I really want to spend the night with you. I want you to be my first, but I’m not sure what to do.”

“What about the others?” Isana asked, breathing a little heavier now that she knew that Ayaka was okay with this.

“Karin asked Sora to sleep with her this time,” Ayaka answered with an amused smile. “I don’t think Karin is going to be doing anything like this, though. I think they’ll just sleep together naked.”

Isana looked into the deep wells within Ayaka’s eyes and saw both a growing love and a mirror of the same sexual hunger that burned inside her own body. Very slowly she leaned in, tilted Ayaka’s face a little, and kissed her. Isana kept the kiss soft and loving, and felt Ayaka’s hand come up onto her face as well. They kissed for a long time and Isana gradually increased the intensity.

Ayaka’s soft moan of pleasure filled her with unparalleled joy when it drifted to her ears. Isana moved her free hand down and slowly loosened Ayaka’s towel. Ayaka made no move or sound of protest and it dropped to the floor. Then Isana undid hers, and they were once again naked. In response, Ayaka pressed herself closer and their skin was hot.

Isana shuffled them towards the bed, but didn’t break the kiss. She rested one hand on Ayaka’s firm behind and began to squeeze and caress it. This brought more moans from the girl, then Isana let out one of her own as she felt Ayaka grab onto her ass. Once she had Ayaka’s legs against the bed, she finally removed her lips.

“Climb on,” Isana said softly.

Ayaka complied, moving to the middle and lying back onto the cushioning pile of blankets and such. Isana followed, crawling towards the girl. Ayaka watched her with desire on her face, then a small tear started to roll down a flushed cheek.

“What’s wrong?” Isana said, up on all fours over the girl. She leaned down and kissed the tear before it could fall, then continued to place kisses on Ayaka’s neck and up near her ear.

“Nothing’s wrong,” Ayaka said with a happy smile. “This just feels perfect. You took me and the others into your house, and it feels as if I’ve waited my whole life to come here. You’re making us a part of your life and I can see in everything you say and do that you really care. I know it’s silly to say this since I’ve only known you for two days, but I think I love you.”

“You’re not silly,” Isana said, rising up to look Ayaka in the eyes. “I told you and the others in the solarium, you have, all three of you, filled a hole I didn’t know I had. From now on we’re a family, and you are an important part of it. We’ll all live and grow together here.”

Isana leaned in again and, starting from her mouth, she began kissing her way down Ayaka. First she spent a little time nuzzling and licking at her neck. Then she went a little lower, kissing very lightly over the young girls’s chest, just above her tantalizing breasts. Ayaka’s breathing increased and a reddish, excited flush suffused her skin. They were both starting to sweat a little, but Isana thought it just made Ayaka even more appealing.

She kept up the teasing kisses for a while, going up and around each of the firm, youthful mounds. As she treated one, her hand would trace slowly and lightly over the other. Ayaka was squirming with need beneath her, but Isana wanted Ayaka’s first time with her to be special. So when she finally gave one of Ayaka’s rock-hard nipples a teasing flick with her tongue, the girl gasped and arched up to her with a hiss. As soon as she did this, Isana switched back to the teasing kisses.

She let Ayaka relax, and then went for the other nipple and took it into her mouth. Ayaka mewled in pleasure and Isana felt a small shudder pass through her own body. She had always liked sucking on a girl’s breasts, and Ayaka’s were heavenly.

They were both sweating a great deal more by now and Isana could smell Ayaka’s arousal on the air. That female musk was exciting and it made her mouth water. Her own pussy was like a leaking faucet.

Ayaka was in a sexual fog when Isana slowly kissed down her smooth stomach. Muscles twitched as she descended and Isana knew Ayaka was feeling every touch with pleasure. A glance upward showed the girl’s face with eyes closed. Ayaka’s small hands were clenched tight to the bed sheets.

When she reached Ayaka’s sparse patch of juice-soaked pubes, Isana nuzzled her face into it and inhaled. This excited both of them, and Isana knew it was time to finish the girl off.

Ayaka’s pussy was inflamed with demanding arousal and it glistened slightly in the moonlight coming from the window. The outer lips had parted slightly from the girl’s excitement and Isana smiled when she saw a hard, very aroused clit peeking out. A small wet spot was forming on the bed, just below the crack of Ayaka’s butt.

She kissed down through Ayaka’s pubes, wetting her face and moved to the side. First she licked slowly and deliberately around the sides of Ayaka’s pussy. Ayaka moaned and wriggled with need, but Isana was patient. She cleaned up all the delicious wetness she found with her tongue and worked her way toward Ayaka’s creamy center. She got a particularly pleasant response when her tongue grazed the cute pucker of Ayaka’s asshole. Ayaka shivered and Isana thought she might have had a small preliminary orgasm.

With her fingers and her mouth, she cleaned Ayaka’s soft, lower lips even as they got wet again. She let one finger rub in circles around the entrance to Ayaka’s questing pussy, then slowly sank it in. After a very short distance she encountered the girl’s hymen and withdrew. She continued the shallow thrusts, and Ayaka twisted her body and groaned loudly with need.

Isana smiled inwardly, knowing just how badly Ayaka wanted her release. So she moved slightly and sucked the girl’s tiny clit into her mouth with a firm suction and clamped with her lips. Ayaka’s entire body arched into a bridge as she came hard and Isana’s finger was suddenly trapped by a tightly clenching pussy. Then Ayaka dropped hard to the bed and Isana moved up quickly to take the girl into her arms. Ayaka’s arms wrapped tightly around her and the girl shuddered several times before she relaxed and lay limp, panting hard.

Knowing she was a bit hypersensitive at the moment, Isana gently trailed her fingers over Ayaka’s stomach and breasts. It soothed the girl, and she saw life returning. Isana leaned in again and kissed her lightly on her lips. Ayaka’s lips opened and their tongues played together.

“How was it?” Isana said softly when she withdrew again.

“So good that I don’t think I can move,” Ayaka smiled and giggled softly as they gazed at each other. “My whole body is still tingling. I know I’m going to remember that for the rest of my life.”

“Then I’m glad you enjoyed your first time,” Isana smiled. Her own pussy was practically quivering and she couldn’t help gently rubbing it into the bed sheets. “I’d hoped it would be special for you.”

“It was,” Ayaka grinned. Then she noticed Isana’s movements and Isana saw excitement bloom in those young eyes again. Isana stopped her humping of the bed and turned on her side next to the girl a little so Ayaka could see all of her again. Then Ayaka touched the wetness around her mouth that had come from Isana’s face and tasted her fingers. “Is this from me?”

“It is,” Isana nodded and wiped her own face with a hand.

Ayaka appeared thoughtful for a moment, and then she wriggled down the bed until her face was even with Isana’s crotch. Ayaka reached out, grabbed her by her ass and pulled in. Isana involuntarily wrapped her legs around Ayaka and moaned like an animal. Ayaka was clumsy and inexperienced, but that didn’t make her tongue any less pleasant. Isana stayed silent and let Ayaka do what she wanted. When Ayaka found her clit, Isana cried out harshly and realizing that this was the right spot, Ayaka’s tongue was merciless.

The first orgasm took Isana by surprise. It ripped out of her like a force of nature and still Ayaka continued. She wanted to tell her to stop and let her rest, but her mouth wouldn’t work right. All that came out her were mumbled half-words and groans. Then her second orgasm slammed home and it was like having an eruption between her legs.

When she came to and found herself panting on her back with Ayaka gently sucking on her right breast, Isana felt like she must have died. Her muscles had a pleasant soreness and she could feel a nice throbbing from her clit. She could feel wetness under her ass, and the more than pleasant warmth of Ayaka lying against her as she suckled.

“Are you awake?” Ayaka asked, releasing the nipple with a soft pop. She moved up and they kissed again. Isana could taste a little of herself there, but she didn’t mind at all. She just enfolded Ayaka in her arms.

“Thanks for that,” she said after a while.

“I liked doing it,” Ayaka grinned. “I might have been nervous about having sex earlier, but it feels amazing and it was just as fun touching you as it was being touched by you.” She used a hand and gently squeezed Isana’s right breast. “I also found out that I like sucking on these and playing with them. Mine felt awesome when you did them, too.”

“Well, since you live here now, and you’ve found that sex is fun and exciting, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for more of both,” Isana said, caressing an ear with a finger. Ayaka smiled at the touch and they moved closer again.

“It was exciting,” Ayaka confirmed. “I’m still excited, but it feels like I’ve been running for hours.”

“There’s no hurry, Ayaka,” Isana chuckled. “Neither of us is going anywhere. I won’t disappear if we go to sleep. I’m pretty sleepy myself. So let’s get under the sheets before we get cold.”

Ayaka agreed, and Isana found a place for them to wriggle under.  Once they were in place, Isana pulled Ayaka into her body and they spooned together. Ayaka settled down onto her pillow, enjoying the embrace, and Isana did the same behind her. It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 3

  • Posted on January 28, 2021 at 2:58 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Karin awoke slowly the next morning and for just a moment she felt surprised that she wasn’t in the room she shared with three other girls at the orphanage. Instead she lay curled under blissfully warm sheets in what to her was a massive sized bed. The room itself was also far larger than her old one and it seemed sadly empty and bare with just the bed and the dresser. Then she remembered where she was and how she had gotten here and a fire of happiness flooded through her body.

“My own room!” she giggled to no one in particular, grinning like an idiot.

She turned the rest of the way onto her stomach and stretched her body to loosen up a little. Most people would have done that on their back, but her wings made anything in that position uncomfortable or awkward. Her wings were also the reason she slept topless. The unrestricted feel was a lot more comfortable.

For a brief moment, she hugged one of the half-dozen pillows that had come with the bed and remembered the night before; the night she, Ayaka, and Sora had become sisters in Isana’s home. Isana’s hug had been so warm and welcoming that she couldn’t help feeling a little gooey inside. She could almost feel a remembrance of it even now. Then Karin rolled more onto her side as a loud cacophony of birdsong arose from outside her window and diverted her attention.

Curious, she pushed up and then slipped out of the bed. It was summer and the warmth from the rising sun made standing on the bedside rug in just a pair of pink and white striped panties perfectly comfortable. So she strode to the window as she also stretched out her wings and gave them a few quick flaps to loosen those muscles up too.

The window was a large one. Had she stood on the sill, it was taller than she was tall with an arched top. Brackets on either side near the top showed where curtains must have hung at one time, but now the window was bare. The deep sill was just above waist height, so she found it easy enough to lift up and sit on it sideways to look out from her new forest-bound home.

The forest was why she was unconcerned about anyone outside seeing her undressed. No one was out there to see her skinny, tan-skinned body and her tiny breasts. The only people that might see her would be the other girls and Isana, and she felt unconcerned about them walking in and seeing her mostly naked; instead her eyes widened in joy at the sight before her.

Outside the window was a panorama of green growing things.  Massively thick trees, exploding with vibrant green foliage covered the land in all directions for as far as she could see. Under them was dense undergrowth with a wild variety of different plants. In the distance, she could see a small group of deer walking calmly through the brush, stopping occasionally to nibble at something.  They were led by a proud-looking stag with an impressive rack.

Closest to her window was a particularly massive oak tree. In its branches was a flock of small, noisy birds, sparrows maybe. She saw nests in some of the branches and wondered how many of them lived in the tree. In all, it was the biggest profusion of nature and life that she’d ever seen. Ayaka would love it.


Thinking of Ayaka and then Sora, Karin slipped back down to her feet with the intent to find them. They, along with Isana, were her family now and she wanted to see them. She detoured on the way to the bag with her clothes to pee first and that took a bit.  She’d been more than a little impressed by the bathroom the night before and now that she saw it in daylight it was even more so.  The floor and the bottom half of the walls were tiled in a black and white pattern. The bathing area with its big tub and separate shower unit were in an almost separate alcove from the toilet and double sink. She was determined to try out that shower soon since all they’d had before were bathtubs. Then she went back and unzipped the lumpy luggage bag and tried to decide what to wear, which made her giggle again.

Normally she didn’t really care what she wore and just threw things on. Now she was suddenly worried about making the right impression on the others, even though Ayaka and Sora had seen everything she owned a thousand times. The only person for whom something would be new would be Isana, and Isana had told her the night before during the dinner that she thought her outfit had been cute.

Going with that, she pulled out the only other skirt she had. It was a white one that hung to just above her knees. Then she took out a loose,black strapped top that had a back low enough that it hadn’t needed to be modified to allow for her wings. She left her feet bare because she was already starting to like the contrasting feel of the smooth wood floors and the thick rugs Isana had laid over them in places. Once finished, she decided to head to Ayaka’s room first since she knew Ayaka always woke up early.

“Come in!” Ayaka called pleasantly when Karin knocked on her closed door. Knocking was one of the primary rules back at the orphanage where privacy had been a scarce thing.

“Morning Ayaka!” Karin called back, popping eagerly into the room. She was unsurprised to see that the bed was made and Ayaka’s luggage bag lay empty next to the dresser. Ayaka herself was sitting just as Karin had been in her own window. She was dressed casually in a pair of loose jeans and a white tank top. “Enjoying the view?”

“You have no idea how wonderful this place feels,” Ayaka sighed, closing her eyes and then breathing deeply. “It screams ‘you are home’ to every bone in my body.”

“It feels like home to me too,” Karin giggled, and approached her new sister and hugged her left, outward arm. Karin breathed deep too, smelling the herbal shampoo of Isana’s that Ayaka had used.  Ayaka’s eyes blinked open in surprise at the hug and Karin grinned playfully at her. “This is our home now, Isana said so. That means we’re sisters.”

“So she did,” Ayaka smiled back, “and I suppose we are sisters now Karin. It makes me sorry we didn’t hang out much before we came here, even though we lived in the orphanage together for years.”

“Hey, there were over a hundred girls there,” Karin said easily. “Plus, you were there longer than I was and already had friends.  I would just have been a new weird girl with dragon wings and a big horn.”

“I’ve always liked your wings,” Ayaka said, turning her head to look at Karin directly. Karin saw she was entirely sincere and greatly appreciated the comment. “We’re only half a year apart in age, so I should have talked to you more. I suppose that’s a moot point though. Now we’ll live together from here on out, and with Sora too, so we’ll have plenty of time for getting to know each other.”

“And it’s a lot better than the city,” Karin added, nodding to the scenery outside the window.

“It’s certainly my kind of place,” Ayaka agreed. “It just feels so good!”

“Good people, great place,” Karin smiled and hugged Ayaka a little closer. “The only thing missing is a great breakfast!”

Ayaka snorted a surprised laugh, “I was actually thinking something like that myself. Do you think Isana would mind if we made something for everyone?”

“Dunno,” Karin shrugged. “But she said multiple times that we should make ourselves at home. Plus, she’s amazingly nice and she gives out great hugs.”

“Is that what prompted this one?” Ayaka asked in amusement. “And what does that have anything to do with her letting us make breakfast?”

“I was just emphasizing how nice she is,” Karin smiled. “As for this, I just like hugging people. It feels good.”

“Well, thank you for it,” Ayaka replied. “It does feel nice. But can you let me down? I’d like to have some food done by the time Isana wakes up.”

“What about Sora?” Karin asked as she obliged.

“Let her sleep too,” Ayaka said, smiling warmly and tucking some of her brown curls behind an ear. Karin had never thought about it much before now, but Ayaka was really pretty and she found that she enjoyed looking at the slightly older girl. “This may sound a little insulting, but there’s just something about Sora that makes me want to dote on her.”

“Same here,” Karin grinned. “Now let’s head downstairs.”

Ayaka slid down off of the windowsill and Karin felt her eyes involuntarily watch her new sister’s lithe movements. Ayaka had always been a lot more graceful than any of the other girls and Karin liked watching her move. Lately that interest had been increasing and it never occurred to her to question why that was. It was just something nice she liked about Ayaka.

They descended back down to the kitchen and both of them stood silent in a moment of pure awe when they entered the room. The morning sun was streaming in through the many windows, including the large bay one and the forest scene outside was just as stunning as it had been when viewed from the second floor. The room, with the polished counters, gleamed in the sunlight. As Karin took it all in once again, she could see an appreciative smile on Ayaka’s lips. No doubt she was also enjoying the orderly cleanliness of the place as well.

“What should we make?” Karin eventually asked, breaking the moment.

Ayaka blinked and cocked her head thoughtfully. “I’m not really sure. We’ll have to see what she has. Can you look in that door over there, that’s probably the pantry Isana mentioned. I’ll look through the refrigerator.”

They parted briefly to inspect the food stores. After comparing their finds and dithering over complexity and time, they decided to keep things simple and make a pot of oatmeal along with some bacon. The bacon in particular was something they were both eager to try as it was a luxury the orphanage had been unwilling to purchase. Ayaka was known as one of the better cooks back in their old home, so Karin felt safe in letting her attempt to cook the new delicacy.

As they had hoped, it was a meal that was quickly prepared, and soon the delicious smell of the cooking bacon was filling the house.  Karin could feel her mouth-watering and even though she was trying to maintain her normal mature attitude, she could see that Ayaka was just as eager as she was to finally eat the stuff.

“Should I go and wake the others?” Karin asked excitedly when the bacon was spitting and popping and a nice crispy brown. The pot of oatmeal next to the meat was bubbling thickly.

“May as well,” Ayaka agreed. “It’ll only be a few minutes more.”

Leaving Ayaka to watch over the food, Karin made her way back to the stairs and bounded happily up them. Once upstairs Karin decided to wake Sora first since she knew that her youngest sister would enjoy helping her wake Isana up. Sora had taken immediately to Isana and it had been readily apparent how much Isana returned that feeling. It was a surprise then when Karin knocked on Sora’s door and got no reply at all.

Curious, she slowly opened the door and peeked inside. What she found was a completely dark room. There were no windows to provide some light, so Karin touched her hand to the wall and turned the magic dial so that the light crystal things lit up. What she found then was a completely empty room and a mussed bed that looked like no one had slept in it. Feeling confused, Karin wondered if maybe she had somehow passed Sora by going up the back stairway and Sora was already downstairs. Shrugging, she turned the lights back off and crossed over to Isana’s door.

This time she simply opened the door a little and stuck her head inside. Karin’s eyes widened when she took in the room.  Thick shaggy rugs lay over the floor everywhere and the middle of the room was taken over by the most massive bed she had ever seen.  The big dresser against one wall and a few other tables seemed to be crowded aside by the bed. Since it was on the east side of the house, the sun was bright and warm here, filling the space. Karin slid slowly into the room and marveled at the random collection of blankets and pillows covering the bed.

Once she was closer she found Isana’s face by her snow-white hair and she also found where Sora had gotten to. The two of them were snuggled close together and Karin had to smile at the peaceful scene. It looked so inviting that she was extremely tempted to join them. But breakfast was waiting and a fresh whiff of bacon in the air made her tummy rumble.

She made her way to the right side of the bed and to her great amusement the bed was so huge that she couldn’t get near Isana from the side. Since she was more than willing to see how this weird bed felt, she climbed up onto it and crawled toward its occupants. They were both lying on their sides with Sora’s back to Isana’s front, so Karin reached for the bump where Isana’s shoulder had to be.

“Isana,” she whispered gently. “Sora. Do you guys want some breakfast?”

“Hmmmmwa?” Isana mumbled something and suddenly a slim, naked arm snaked up and Karin yelped in surprise as she was pulled downward.


Isana jerked awake as a soft, girlish sound of shock burst out near her ears and a large, warm something landed on top of her. Sora was also jolted into wakefulness and both their eyes locked onto the person that Isana realized she had pulled onto them unconsciously.

“Oh holy damn!” Isana swore, seeing Karin’s face near her own. “Are you both alright?”

“Hehe, yeah,” Karin laughed, pulling herself upright again. From the positioning, this had her straddling both her and Sora’s legs. “Sorry, I was just trying to see if you guys wanted some breakfast, me and Ayaka made some.”

“I’d love some,” Isana smiled up at her. Then she looked into Sora’s face which was only inches from her own. “Are you okay too Sora?”

“I’m fine,” Sora replied with her own smile. “I was just surprised. Thanks for making food, Karin.”

Karin shrugged and colored a little. “Ayaka’s doing most of the hard work. I just stirred the oatmeal. Did you sleep here the whole night?”

Sora’s face turned a bit pinker and Isana had to smile. “I was fine with it Karin,” Isana answered for her. “As you can see, I have a huge bed.”

It was then Isana realized where her other hand was. Since they had turned a little and were now facing each other, her lower hand was wrapped around and holding onto a pleasantly warm and soft place. Namely Sora’s round little butt, and from the skin contact and how far inside her fingers were, Sora wasn’t wearing any panties. Once she realized this, her hand unconsciously gave that butt a soft squeeze. Sora made a sighing sound but otherwise said nothing about it except to smile a little more. Isana felt an aroused heat wash over her and it was all she could do not to give Sora’s happy lips a morning kiss. When Karin leaned in curiously, Isana wanted to kiss her too. That reaction meant they needed to have their little talk very soon.

“Can you let us get up?” Isana asked Karin jokingly. “I need to make a quick stop before I eat.”

“Sure,” Karin replied, sliding herself off to one side. Isana saw she was wearing another skirt and a shirt that was cut low and showed off a lot of nice skin as well as Karin’s wings. Isana then loosened her grip on Sora’s more than pleasant anatomy and nudged the girl with a hip. Sora got the hint and squirreled her way up and out of the covers. The two girls descended to the floor as Isana squirmed her own way clear. Then she heard a pair of gasps. She’d forgotten she was naked.

“Sorry,” she said, giving both of the staring girls an apologetic smile and sat on the edge of the bed. “I can’t stand wearing clothes in bed. I hope this doesn’t bother you.”

“Ah…not at all,” Karin mumbled, not taking her eyes off of Isana’s slim form. Isana smiled wider in understanding. Karin too was a witch and had to be feeling the urges; even though her magic had yet to awaken on its own. “You’re very pretty.”

“Thank you, Karin,” Isana replied happily.

“I don’t mind either,” Sora quickly added, not moving her gaze. Then her eyes flicked up to Isana’s, reddened and her ears drooped down with embarrassment.

“Sora, it’s not that big a deal if you look at me naked,” Isana laughed gently. “Why would I mind this after you slept against me the whole night?”

Sora perked back up at this and Isana saw an amused glint to Karin’s eyes. Chuckling silently to herself, Isana rose to her feet and arched her back to stretch it. She knew she was flaunting herself, but it was very much a part of her nature to do so in front of girls she was attracted to, and had they looked, both girls would have seen her tail tip twitching in a happy motion.

“Sora,” she said, glancing at the girl. “Why don’t you go get dressed while I take care of my business? Karin, go on down and tell Ayaka we’ll be right there. That bacon smells too good to miss.”

“Yeah it does,” Karin sighed wistfully. Then she playfully nudged Sora who was sniffing the air thoughtfully. “Come on Sora, Ayaka’s got to be nearly dying down there, smelling that and being forced to wait for us.”

The two girls left with Karin getting more a few giggles out of the younger girl as they went. Once they were gone, Isana made her way into her spacious bathroom and did her business quickly. She was extremely tempted to make use of her fingers to scratch a certain itch, but she normally got really noisy and she didn’t want the girls to walk in on that just yet, at least not until she explained everything to them. After washing her face, she dressed quickly into a pair of loose shorts and a sleeveless shirt.

As she exited the room, the smell of the cooking food grew stronger and she let her stomach guide her downstairs. When she entered the kitchen Sora was seated at one of the island stools, happily watching a conversation between Karin and Ayaka who stood very close by the stove. The two older girls spotted her first and they separated with Ayaka’s cheeks reddening. Isana couldn’t help the amused smirk that bloomed on her lips and as she sat down next to a visibly pleased Sora, then she greeted the young teen.

“Morning Ayaka, Karin tells me you’ve been busy cooking breakfast for us all.”

“We just wanted to do something nice to thank you for taking us in,” Ayaka answered as she picked up a spatula and smoothly removed finished slices of bacon from a pan and onto a plate. She had made an impressive pile of it.

“You’re welcome then,” Isana replied appreciably. “I take it that Karin told you about upstairs since you won’t look at me?”

“What?!” Ayaka jerked and finally looked straight at her. Karin looked worried.

“It’s alright,” Isana laughed gently. “I don’t mind.  Relax. I told you last night that I don’t want any of you to be embarrassed around me. That includes seeing me naked.”

“Why were you naked?” Ayaka asked, now sounding much more curious than worried.

“I hate wearing clothes in bed,” Isana said with a casual shrug. “It’s no big deal.”

“She’s right,” Karin said, cocking her head as she thought of something. “I don’t wear a shirt at night because of my wings, so I’m almost naked too.”

“See,” Isana said. “Now come on, I want to eat the food you two made.”

“Sure,” Ayaka replied, perking up considerably.

Since there were only three stools at the island, Isana had them move everything to the breakfast nook where she slid all the way inside the booth. Sora quickly claimed the seat on one side of her and Ayaka slid in on the other side since Karin volunteered to bring over the food and stuff. Both the oatmeal and the bacon tasted wonderful and all three girls exclaimed over the meat. She found out then that they’d never had it before.

Throughout the meal, Isana kept the conversation light and asked how they’d liked their first night in their new home. On this subject, Ayaka was particularly joyful. She spent at least forty minutes just describing what she saw outside her window earlier with a few comments from Karin thrown in. She did see all three of them giving her glancing looks, but whenever she caught them at it she made sure to smile reassuringly, and eventually, even Ayaka started to smile back. When the meal was finished, Sora and Karin volunteered to wash up. That left just Isana and Ayaka still sitting together.

“Do you guys want to continue the house tour?” Isana asked them as she watched the two girls cleaning the dishes. Ayaka had wondered what her tail felt like so she was feeling pretty good as the girl stroked her furry appendage. Ayaka seemed to like doing it so neither of them had stopped it yet. “Or did you guys already look around everything down here

“Just the pantry,” Karin answered. “You’ve got enough dry and canned food in there to feed a small army!”

“A small army or three growing girls?” Isana replied with a laugh. “Claire’s been telling me that nothing eats more food than a group of teenagers. How old are you girls anyway? I never did ask.”

“I’m the oldest,” Ayaka volunteered. “I just turned fourteen last month on the tenth.”

“Thirteen,” Karin said with a smile. “I’m only six months younger than Ayaka, but she’s definitely the older, more mature sister of the three of us.”

“I’m twelve now,” Sora answered proudly. Karin had put her in charge of drying and her small hands were deft with a towel. “My birthday isn’t until December though.”

“Nice,” Isana nodded. “If someone didn’t tell you already, I’m twenty-five and my birthday is in March. ”

Once the dishes were done, they separated once again at Isana’s urging to take showers and freshen up for the day. Since she had already taken one, Ayaka went into the living room to wait for everyone else. When Isana was finished with her very quick shower and returned, she found the girl staring out into the peaceful forest outside while sitting with legs curled up on her big comfy couch. It was older than she was and had been reupholstered several times, but it was always anyone’s favorite seat. Not really knowing why Isana sat right behind Ayaka and pulled the girl back into her arms and against her chest. Ayaka let her do so without complaint and didn’t even object when Isana leaned forward to rub their cheeks together and fold them into a hug.

“You really do have a lot of cat-like behaviors,” Ayaka commented after a few minutes passed. She sounded amused. “What does the cheek rubbing mean? You’ve done it with all of us I think.”

“You know how cats mark things as theirs?” Ayaka nodded. “Well I, like most cats, have small scent glands near there. It secretes into the oils of my skin and when I rub something it leaves a scent marker I can pick up on. It marks something or someone as mine to any other creature that can smell it.”

“Well, I can smell it too,” Ayaka laughed amusedly. “I have a sensitive nose.”

“I can try not to do it to you if you don’t like it,” Isana said, frowning.

“No, I like it actually,” Ayaka replied and settled even deeper into the hug. “It made it more peaceful somehow being able to smell you on me when I went to sleep last night. It’s like having you with me even when you’re not there. I was just curious. Thanks for explaining it.”

“No problem,” Isana said affectionately. “I’m perfectly comfortable with explaining anything about me you want.  Everything here is probably new and weird, so if you want to know something, just ask.”

“You’re surprisingly nice,” Ayaka replied. “I really didn’t know what to expect when they said they had found us a place to live and I half expected it to be like the orphanage all over again, except smaller. But it’s not like that at all. This place is wonderful and I could never have sat and relaxed like this with anyone there. It just makes me wonder if there’s a catch to it all or something that I haven’t seen yet.”

“There’s no catch,” Isana assured her quickly. “You girls are an unexpected blessing to me as well. Before now, I actually liked living alone. Now I have you three to cuddle with and I think I’m gonna love it.”

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ in there somewhere,” Ayaka laughed. “What is it? It can’t be that bad right?”

“No, it’s not bad at all really,” Isana admitted. She was going to have to have this talk with all the girls, but Ayaka wanted to know and it made sense for the older and more mature girl to know what was going on. “It just has to do with the nature of witches and any girls that live with and around them.”

“Arbor has quite a few witches,” Ayaka commented. “I’ve never heard anything bad about them.”

“Like I said, it’s not bad, just different,” Isana replied and made sure she still heard both Sora’s and Karin’s showers were still running. “Did you notice how fascinated both Sora and Karin were about seeing me naked?”

“I did,” Ayaka replied, her cheeks reddening. Her voice however remained steady. “I also noticed that they have both started touching people a lot more than they used to. Sora used to be too shy, but now she always wants to be near you. Is that all part of it?”

“Yes,” Isana admitted and smiled. “That’s very observant. They are doing that because they, like me, are witches. All sorts of people can use magic and manipulate it in different ways, but witches and the exceedingly rare male sorcerers are born with it in their blood. We will use magic whether we like it or not. But it comes with a few side effects.”

“The touching stuff?” Ayaka guessed.

“Yep,” Isana agreed. “That comes from an extremely powerful inclination in witches to be around and become close to other women and girls; especially if they too are witches. Witches also have an overly active sex drive and a libido you wouldn’t believe.  What Sora and Karin are feeling is the beginning seeds of that and the instincts that come with it. They are probably too young and sheltered to realize that what they are feeling is strong sexual attraction.”

“You don’t think I’m too young to understand?” Ayaka said quietly as she digested what she’d been told.

“You have a very clear head for a girl your age,” Isana chuckled and tightened the hug again. “You had the observation skills to notice things were different, so I told you why.”

“So what you’re saying is that witches want to be with other girls?” Ayaka asked thoughtfully. “And that this is only the start for those two? What about you?”

“Me too,” Isana admitted freely. “My body is screaming at me about it all the time. I have an extremely strong desire for all three of you, but unlike them I know what it is and can ignore it, despite how uncomfortable and disappointing that feels. It helps though when I hold you like this. The other two are going to be showing stronger signs of this and I suspect that Karin at least will figure out soon what it is she suddenly wants from us. I was planning on having a small talk about it with all of you to explain it. But you just happened to hit on the subject early.”

“Lucky me,” Ayaka chuckled. “So what usually happens in a situation like this?”

“Usually,” Isana said carefully, “the people involved just allow things to happen naturally. It’s the reason why if you ask or check, most witches prefer to live in group homes with others like them or with women. It’s also the origin of covens.”

Ayaka sat silent for a long moment and in the silence they heard one of the showers shut off. Isana knew from her familiarity with the house that it was Sora’s bathroom. “You mean the witches and women that live with them just have sex with each other?” Ayaka eventually asked.

“Yes,” Isana answered honestly. “I’m not saying that such houses are constantly running orgies or something. Witch households almost always develop extremely tight bonds with their members, regardless of age. Rebecca and Maya both knew that when they asked me to take you guys in. You just got lucky that I’m still a sexy young lady and not some old biddy.”

“Sexy lady huh?” Ayaka barked a laugh. “That’s some opinion you have of yourself, but I get what you’re saying. It could have been worse, right?”

“Right, for instance, the three of you could have been separated completely where none of you would have someone you knew. This way you and the other girls know each other and have at least that connection. Plus, I can guarantee you that I will never, ever, force my attentions on you or the others. If you don’t want to have sex with anyone, you don’t have to.”

“But I can tell from your tone that it will be very hard to resist doing so and that you think I’d be missing out,” Ayaka’s wry amusement burst out into clear laughter. Ayaka squirmed around in the seat until they sat facing each other and Ayaka looked very pleased. “Thanks for explaining all of this to me like an adult. I know you probably could have just let things happen as they would, but I’m glad I know what will be going on around here soon. I think we’re actually pretty lucky to have ended up here.”

Isana blinked. “So, you’re not upset by it at all?”

“From what you just told me, getting upset about it would be about as useful as screaming at a tornado,” Ayaka smirked. “I admit that I think it’s really weird and knowing that Karin and Sora are going to start coming onto me is even more so, but now at least I’ll have a clue and I won’t accidentally hurt their feelings. Plus it explains why Karin was hugging me so much and why Sora has attached to you. When will you tell them?”

“I’m not sure,” Isana frowned. “It has to be soon though. Karin is old enough and smart enough to work out that she’s sexually attracted to everyone in the house and I have no idea where that will lead her. Sora on the other hand probably has no idea why she is so fascinated by me and why she enjoyed sleeping with me so much.  What do you think? You’ve known them longer than I have.”

“Isana, none of us were very close when we lived at the orphanage,” Ayaka laughed. “I only saw Karin at meal times because we had different friends and Sora mostly kept to herself. Sora is much too quiet a person to have survived there much longer I think. But you’re probably right about Karin; she’ll have it worked out pretty soon. It’s embarrassing, but I was actually surprised when I found out how smart she is a couple of years ago. So I would say to tell them as soon as possible for Sora’s sake more than Karin’s.”

Isana sighed heavily. “Then I suppose I may as well do it today. Thanks for being so understanding about all this.”

“Heh, from what you described, I thought it all sounded kind of nice,” Ayaka smiled pleasantly. “And I was quite enjoying you holding me just now, just so you know.”

“Whoa! Cool room!” they both turned and sat normally on the couch as Karin and Sora walked in together. Sora’s expressive ears were flicking about with interest, and it didn’t pass Ayaka’s notice that Karin had her arm wrapped casually around the younger girl.

Isana was, however, very proud of her living room. Like her bedroom, she had put it together for the purpose of comfort first and visual appeal second. That meant that nothing in the room really matched well, but by coincidence, it did have a sort of eclectic charm.

Aside from the big sofa on which she sat, Isana had kept her adoptive mother’s antique coffee table as a centerpiece. It was a massive thing that she could never have moved except with magic or a team of four burly men. There was a second sofa across from the one she sat on that was made of a red material and then two lounge chairs on either end of the sofas. The sofa Isana and Ayaka sat on ran along one outside wall that was lined with windows. The end wall of the rectangular space was taken up by a large, obviously well-used fireplace made of river stones. The only entrances to the room led to the dining room and the smaller door that led to the study/library.

As they entered, Karin wriggled her toes into the now ubiquitous heavy shag rug and it was plainly obvious that she liked it.  Isana liked to do the same thing, but what she liked about this room was that on really warm days she could lie out and take naps on that rug.

“Thank you, Karin,” Isana said by way of greeting. “I’m not much of a decorator, but it is comfy here.”

“The shower was even better though,” Karin said. She and Sora went around the second couch and sat in it across from them. “Even Sora took a long one.”

“I’ve never been in a shower before,” Sora said, defending herself. “And you took longer than I did.”

“Very true,” Karin chuckled in admission. “But it was nice right?”

“It was,” Sora agreed. “The water stayed nice and hot.”

“So, when does the tour start back up?” Karin asked.

“Right now if you like,” Isana answered.

Since there was only the first floor and the basement left to show the girls, the tour was a fairly quick one. Ayaka and Sora were both a little impressed by the collection of books she had in her library and both of them wore smiles when they left because Isana happily told them they could read whatever they wanted out of it. The really dangerous magic books were kept in a lockable case in the basement, so nothing in them would cause undue harm.  The girls were rather disappointed though when she teasingly decided to save her special room until later and they walked right past its door.

They were also excited and disappointed when she took them down into the basement. The first half of the large underground space was storage and utilities. Here she kept a large sundry of things and trying to explain them all would have taken days. Instead, she told them they were free to explore it all as long as they didn’t break anything too expensive. The back half of the basement was the space she reserved for her lab.

Every witch and competent magic-user had a lab or a space like it. It was where she performed major workings of magic and created magical concoctions. On one side of the lab she had carved and then inlaid with a special alloy, a ten-foot magical circle with extremely intricate glyphs. If she was doing anything really dangerous, she did it inside there. The girls were especially fascinated by the shelves she kept of ingredients and components she used in magical workings or mixtures. The pride of this collection was the ever-burning phoenix feather she kept in a protective glass enclosure.

Since it was only early afternoon still when she was finished showing off the house, Isana decided to show her girls the other interesting location on her property.

“Why do we need to go there in the truck if it’s on your property?” Karin asked as they all climbed into the vehicle.

“Because, by the time my mother and grandmother before her were done, the property grew to over fifteen square miles,” Isana answered with an amused smile. “You can walk if you want to, but we’re headed to the far northern part. That’s a five-mile trek, not including the hills and valleys.”

“Oh, then the truck is just fine,” Karin smiled, buckling in for emphasis.

“How do you own so much land?” Ayaka asked. She was sitting in the back with Sora this time.

“It started with my great-something grandfather,” Isana replied, starting up the truck and opening the garage door with a hand wave of magic. “After the Fall, he saw a bunch of empty land laying around with no ownership claims on them anymore and he began snatching them up. At first, they were very small bites and when the local governments settled down, they hadn’t realized he’d amassed so much. Then it just continued that way for a couple of generations until it reached its present size. Now it’s like owning my own private forest preserve.”

“The forest covers over half the state now,” Karin pointed out.

“And I own this small chunk of it,” Isana grinned. She turned the truck to a continuation of the long driveway they’d come up the night before. It kept on going, deeper into the dense woods. Since it was much less frequently traveled, it was also far bumpier and a little overgrown in places.

“Is the forest safe to walk around in?” Ayaka asked. She had her window rolled down and was looking out it as the fresh, clean air blew into the vehicle.

“If you’re careful and you don’t head into it alone, or at night,” Isana answered. “There are a few of the newer magical creatures about, but my wards keep them clear of the immediate area around the house. There are bears around this area and I’ve heard and seen the tracks of a pack of wolves. The wolves would be a lot more dangerous at night than they are by day. Bears though won’t bother you much as long as you don’t bother them or their young and the wolves usually steer clear of noisy humans. But I’ll give you each a few protective charms anyways. That way I’ll feel calmer about you roaming around.”

Since it was a relatively short drive through the rough landscape of the forest, they arrived at their destination quickly. The first sign they had arrived was that they popped out of the forest into a clearing that was almost blindingly bright from the now direct sunlight. The clearing was a very large oblong area that was just over a hundred yards long and ran right up to the shoreline of a substantial lake.

“Whoa, there’s a lake here?” Karin asked unnecessarily as all three girls had seen it now.

“Actually, there are quite a few lakes hidden inside the forest now,” Isana informed them. “This one was man-made originally, but even though the dam that caused it to form is long gone, it still remains.”

“What are all these plants growing all over the place?” Sora asked as they drove past a large plot of tomato plants.

“It’s a huge produce garden,” Ayaka answered with understanding in her voice. “I wondered why you had so much canned food and jars.  You grow it here.”

“Yep,” Isana affirmed with a proud smile. “I cheat a lot by using magic to keep pests and critters away from it all, but it gives me a nice side income. Usually, I hire a few teenagers from town that want some spending money and they help me harvest it all periodically and then I sell what I don’t eat to a grocer. A lot of people that live out in the boonies like me grow food to help out the town, and to make a little extra money, and to have great tasting fresh produce. On the other side of the lake, there is a really nice guy with apple and cherry orchards. You wouldn’t believe how much money he makes.”

“It looks like a lot of work,” Karin commented warily as the truck rolled to a stop in front of a large utility shed.

“It’s not that bad,” Isana laughed. “Remember, I cheat.”

Isana climbed out of the truck and once she was on the ground she placed two fingers into her mouth and blew out a deafening whistle that echoed oddly over the waters of the lake. Once it died down, Isana cupped her hand around her mouth and yelled “Shasta!”

When the girls joined her they were looking at her very oddly and she didn’t really blame them. She knew how she appeared. But before any of them could ask a question, thousands of small balls of light lifted up all around them in the fields and began to fly around in agitation. Isana smiled at the confusion this caused the girls and waited for the brighter yellow ball that zipped in their direction.

It halted directly in front of Isana’s face and the light dimmed slightly to reveal a tiny, but proportionally plump, naked woman with vividly painted body art and a pair of nearly invisible dragonfly wings.

“Oiyo, Isana, what are you doin’, callin’ me with strange whelplings about you?” the tiny person asked in an angry huff.

“Shasta, these girls are now family to me. They will be living in my home and will have free roam of my property. I called to you so that you would know them and so your clan would not cause them harm.”

“A family now, Isana?” Shasta said in a long string of chuckles. “Two are wee witchlings and the third, oh, a daughter of the earth, what a strange lot you show me.”

Isana smiled at the expressions on the girl’s faces, but it was Sora who spoke first.

“Are you a real fairy?” Sora asked, clearly amazed and impressed.

“Ach! She doesn’t believe I’m real!” Shasta crowed dramatically. Then she clutched a hand to her chest and fell backwards down to the grass as her light dimmed. Sora and the others gasped in surprise and the beginnings of horror.

“Shasta,” Isana growled warningly. The fairy’s light gleamed bright again and then the little person zipped up into the air with a cackle of laughter. Little squeaks of amusement chorused around them from the multitude of other fairies.

“Ahahaha, no one teaches the young ones the classics anymore,” Shasta laughed and then bowed expressively towards Sora. “Aye, tis a fairy I am and a leader of this fine clan, little elf blood witchling. By way of a bargain, the Lady Isana gives us safe and home and a portion of vittles. We tend the green things and make them grow. Honor and privilege and well met.”

“Oh, thank—” Ayaka cut off sharply when Isana gestured quickly to her.

“Sorry,” Isana apologized to the girl. “But it’s never a good idea to thank a fey creature. Some will take it to mean you owe them a debt. Shasta is a well behaved fairy, but if you meet others like her, it would be very bad to say that.”

“Okay,” Ayaka said thoughtfully. “Then I am honored as well, and we are well met.”

“O-ho,” Shasta cackled. “A smart and quick-minded one is the Mother born girl. It really is a wonderfully strange day to meet a silver one, a dragon brood and one like this one. I will watch over them, Isana, never fear. The clan is always in your service. Good day to ye!”

With that Shasta zipped away and all of the floating balls of light flew back down to the various plants they were charged with tending. When Isana turned, it seemed none of the girls knew quite what to make of what just happened.

“Well, now you’ve met Shasta and the real secret behind my lovely garden,” Isana laughed. “She didn’t mean any insult by the names she called you, she just has that odd manner of speech.”

“She said they serve you, though,” Karin said wonderingly.

“We made a bargain many years ago,” Isana answered. “After I saved some of them during a particularly bad storm, I agreed to let them live within my protective warding for as long as they maintained the gardens. They also have permission to eat a small portion of what is grown. It’s a win for both sides.”

“I liked her,” Sora decided. “How many of them live here?”

“No idea,” Isana answered. “Every year a small group of them leave to found their own clans; yet whenever I come down here, there are always at least several hundred of them.”

Karin wandered away a little towards the lake. Since it wasn’t a naturally made lake, there wasn’t much sand on the shoreline that comes with the inevitable erosion on an older body of water.  Instead it was mostly mud except for a small cleared area where Isana had added her own sand. Isana knew what question was coming next.

“Can we swim in the water?” Karin asked, just as Isana knew she would. In answer, Isana approached the shore and grabbed a rope that was staked to the ground near the small beach and trailed into the water after a meter or so, a small object came out of the water with the rope tied around it. What it was a glass ring with a bulge on one side. The glass bulge currently had a green middle.

“See this,” the girls nodded. “Whenever you want to swim you have to check this. I have some very strong wards protecting this little beach, but they wear down fast. If you pull this out and it’s red, that means the ward has failed and whatever new little creatures live in this lake can get to you. You’ll know if it fails while you’re in the water because this thing will send out a really bright pulse of light and a small shock to stun anything that might be nearby so you can get out. The wards only extend out about twenty feet so don’t go any further than that.”

“Okay, so maybe swimming doesn’t seem like such a great idea,” Karin laughed a little darkly. Both Sora and Ayaka were looking at the placid water warily.

“What lives in the lake?” Sora asked after a moment.

“I have no idea actually,” Isana admitted. “But after the Fall, some really nasty things have taken up residence in lakes, rivers and oceans. I tried quite a few searching spells on this lake and all I can tell you is that something large does live in it now and my wards have been shattered three times. I swim occasionally when the mood strikes, but I’m always very careful about it.”

“I think I can skip on the lake then,” Ayaka said wryly. I’m fine with just the forest, the wonderful house, and the gardens.”

“Same here,” Sora agreed. She gave the water a pointed look and took a deliberate step away from it.

From there they spent the rest of the morning and most of the afternoon wandering around the gardens and in the woods around them. The girls were eager to explore everything and when they drove back up to the house, they explored around that too. Isana subtly kept them away from the north side of the house so they wouldn’t see her secret room and spoil the surprise. She suspected that Ayaka caught onto the ruse about mid-afternoon, but she just smiled and took the lead on their wandering trek.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 2

  • Posted on January 9, 2021 at 3:13 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Three days later, Isana was once again back at Claire’s hotel.  This time she was in one of the private dining rooms that Claire rarely ever used. It was a remnant from over a century ago when the Hotel had been a very busy place and traveling businessmen would meet here.

The floor was made of a highly polished, golden-colored hardwood and the table running down the middle of the rectangular chamber would have cost more than some cars way back when it was made. A crimson tablecloth added to the richness of the décor as did the elaborate light fixture on the ceiling. It was a complicated weaving of glass that filled the room with warm light.

“Will you quit fidgeting all about?” Claire chastened Isana in a huff as she ran a fine brush through her fine white hair. “If you don’t I’ll have to do this!”

Isana felt one of Claire’s fingers scratch teasingly behind her right cat ear in a certain place and an involuntary shudder went up Isana’s spine. She arched her back in response and a surprised hiss escaped her mouth. Claire continued to rub the sensitive spot and it rendered Isana useless.

“Mom! Stop that!” Emi cried. She was kneeling behind the chair in which Isana was sitting. She had volunteered to brush out her tail so the white fur looked fluffy. Claire’s actions were making her tail whip around uncontrollably into the girl’s face. “I can’t work like this!”

“I will if Isana is going to stop being a baby,” Claire said primly, looking into her hazel eyes with intelligent brown ones. “She was the one who asked us to do this.”

“O-okay,” Isana gasped out. “Just stop doing that!”

“Good,” Claire responded with satisfaction and withdrew the finger. “You really shouldn’t have told me about that spot.”

“I regret it all the time,” Isana replied, gasping for breath.  That spot by her ears was extremely stimulating and her entire body was flushed. The brushing resumed from both of her friends and she tried to calm her nerves.

In just moments she would be meeting the three girls that she’d be taking in and it was driving her nuts. She’d arrived at the hotel in a near panic and it had taken nearly an hour for Claire to calm her down enough to put on the nice, patterned, dark-purple skirt she’d brought and the matching black spaghetti-strap top. Then she’d realized that her hair and tail were a complete mess.

“What are you so worried about?” Emi asked, holding her tail still and brushing it out some more in long, soothing strokes. “I think it’ll be fun to have more girls around here.”

“You just see possible new playmates,” Claire smiled. “Isana’s going to be responsible for feeding them, clothing them, teaching them—”

“Okay, okay, that’s enough of that!” Isana huffed, ending the list. “I just want to make a good first impression.”

“I see,” Claire said, setting the brush aside.

“Am I done?” Isana asked.

“You look perfectly fine,” Claire assured her, still sounding amused. “Emi, why don’t you go out and wait in the lobby now. It’s just about time for them to arrive.”

“Okay!” Emi popped up to her feet and bounded out of the room, radiating excitement with every fiber of her body.

“Maybe Emi should adopt them instead of me?” Isana said, smirking at her older friend.

“She’d love that,” Claire chuckled. “But give her a couple of days and they’d be helping her clean and cook.”

“If they are even old enough for that,” Isana sighed. “I can’t believe I forgot to ask how old they were.”

“Well, we’ll be finding out very soon,” Claire responded, looking over the set places at the table with a professional’s meticulousness.

The wait wasn’t very long. Even though Isana could swear several hours passed by, Claire insisted later that it was only fifteen minutes. The arrival of the group from Arbor was announced by only a single knock of warning on the door. Then the door swung open and Emi held it open with a welcoming gesture. When no one followed her, Emi looked back into the empty doorway in confusion. Emi, Isana and Claire all frowned, but before anyone could move and inquire as to what was going on, a soft voice hissed, “Just go!” and a short, young girl stumbled into view, obviously recovering from an unexpected shove.

The very pretty young girl looked to be somewhere around eleven or twelve and was only a couple inches shorter than Isana herself.  She wore a dark pair of jeans, a pink long-sleeved shirt and a navy vest that buttoned up the front. When she recovered her balance, dark, almond-shaped eyes swept the room nervously and small hands clasped into fists of fear. Isana’s eyes widened a little as she took this beautiful girl in and she noticed a naturally tan complexion, small facial features and long, silky black hair.  But what stood out most were the two thin, six inch long and pointed ears that twitched and quivered from the girl’s obviously strained emotions. She was so adorably cute that Isana felt an odd flutter inside her heart.

“Say something, dummy!” said the soft hiss again. The visible girl paled a little, but her eyes finally locked onto Isana’s face and it became clear her own description had been given. The girl stared at her for a long couple of seconds and Isana felt her own fears vanish entirely.

“Hello,” Isana said with a warm smile of friendly greeting. How on earth could she be nervous when this young lady looked terrified? “I’m Isana. Did Rebecca and Maya tell you about me?”

The girl nodded, easing up a bit. Her expressive ears lifted up as some of the fear went away. “I’m Sora,” the girl said in a soft, sweet voice.

“Well, Sora,” Isana replied, savoring the name. “I was told that they weren’t going to be giving you any food so that you’d be hungry when you got here. Would you and your friends like to come in and eat with me so we can get to know each other? I promise that I’m not scary or mean at all.”

“She’s really nice,” Emi said, adding her two cents. The girl glanced at Emi and then slowly walked into the room. Isana stood and they met halfway into the room. She reached out a hand and Sora took it with a growing smile that really lit up her face. As Isana led the no longer nervous girl to the dinner table, Isana addressed the two that were still hiding behind the doorway.

“Would the two of you like to eat as well?”

“Is she nice?” asked a calm female voice. It wasn’t the same one that had been whispering earlier.

“I think so,” Sora answered, now looking at Isana very curiously. She seemed especially interested in her cat ears. Smiling wide in amusement, Isana ducked her head toward the girl and was rewarded with a short giggle of delight as the girl reached out a hand and softly touched those ears. “They’re so soft and furry!”

“Glad you like ’em,” Isana grinned. Then she gave the girl a conspiratorial wink, “Looks like it’s just going to be you, me, and my friends eating.”

“What?” The squawk was followed by the head of another young girl as she peeked into the room and saw Sora at ease, happily stroking Isana’s fur covered ears. This girl had very dark, almost wine-colored red hair and a darkly tan complexion. A smooth, white horn came out from the very top center of her forehead and then curled up along the scalp only to curl back upwards at the tip. Her eyes were also a fierce red in color and had a more angular shape. Her nose was small and very slim and her lips were opened in surprise.

The rest of the girl followed after a moment and Isana saw she had to be a year or two older than Sora. She was dressed in a short, black skirt that was deliberately tattered and a black long-sleeved shirt that curved over the small buds of breasts. There were odd speckles on her skin in places. The new girl watched for a second and then the third and final girl stepped into the open.

“See, Karin?” the third girl said to the second in a tone that suggested a tried patience. “There was nothing to worry about.”

The third girl was obviously the oldest or most mature of the three by a tiny bit from her attitude. She stood a couple inches taller than Isana would, an easy feat, and her face looked like she was a bit miffed at the second girl, Karin. She had long, curly, cinnamon-brown hair that fell to her thin waist. Her movements were much more sure and graceful than the other two and her green eyes were extremely intelligent ones. She wore a thigh length skirt of dark blue and a very tasteful green halter top. Isana felt a moment of amusement when she saw that this young lady’s breasts were already a tiny bit bigger than own small endowment. Isana regarded these two calmly and she realized that all three girls were very pretty.

“So, your name is Karin?” Isana asked the second girl.

“Ah-huh,” the girl answered with an urchin grin. “Nice to meet yah!”

“I guess that leaves me,” girl number three laughed. “Sorry about Karin, she insisted on checking you out first. I’m Ayaka.”

“It’s alright,” Isana said with an easy shrug. “Nice you meet you too, Karin and Ayaka. But why did you send poor Sora in first?”

“Because she’s so cute and adorable!” Karin laughed, “and she’s really shy so if she trusted you, so could I.”

“And you?” Isana asked the oldest girl.

“I wanted to come in right off,” Ayaka answered easily. “I had to humor Karin though so I hung back. But Sora seems remarkably taken with you already.”

Sora just smiled and pulled her hand back to lay it on Isana’s arm. “She’s nice,” the girl said as if that answered everything.

“So we see,” Ayaka replied with a sisterly smile in return. “But you mentioned food?”

“I did,” Isana confirmed and glanced towards Claire, who had retreated to lean against the far wall with Emi to watch. “This is Claire, a very good friend of mine and the owner of this hotel. Emi there is her daughter.”

“We met at the door,” Karin nodded, walking over and seating herself next to Sora with a playful flounce. Ayaka snorted in amusement and calmly sat on Isana’s other side. Now that she was closer, she could see the flecks on Karin’s skin looked a bit like scales.

“Well, Claire and Emi have prepared a very nice dinner for us,” Isana told them. “Where are Rebecca and Maya?”

“They handed us off to Emi and told us to enjoy ourselves with you,” Ayaka replied with an amused roll of her eyes. “It is nice to meet you, Claire, thanks a lot for the dinner.”

“No problem at all,” Claire grinned back. “I’m just happy you girls are going to take care of my friend from now on. I’ll go grab the grub and be right back. Come on, Emi.” She and her daughter slipped from the room and Isana regarded her new charges.

“Are you really a witch?” Karin asked after a moment. She was looking around Sora at her inquisitively. She definitely had a mischievous demeanor.

“Yeah!” Sora said, perking up considerably to match Karin’s expression. “Are you really gonna teach us magic?”

In answer to Karin’s question Isana flicked a finger towards a glass of water in front of her place at the table and the liquid inside exploded up into the air. As the girls gasped in surprise, all the water shifted and in the next instant a veritable hoard of ice crystal butterflies were flapping around the room in a loose cloud. Her audience gaped at them.

“They’re so pretty,” Sora said in visible wonderment. “Will I be able to do that?”

“I have no idea,” Isana shrugged, answering honestly. “Like all other things, some people have specific skills when it comes to magic and some are good with a lot of things. But I’ll teach you all, everything I can. Are you a witch, Sora?”

“You bet she is,” Karin snorted, and gave Sora a quick smile to show she didn’t mean it in an insulting way. “Last week we were all woken up in the middle of the night because she started screaming in a panic. Somehow there was a tiny rainstorm going on in her room. There were clouds and lighting and everything! It lasted for almost twenty minutes before it went away.”

Sora flushed with embarrassment, her ears drooping, and Isana chuckled. When the girl cringed at her laugh, Isana reached out a reassuring hand and stroked the top length of Sora’s left ear affectionately. Sora blinked in surprise at the gesture and then leaned in close for another. Isana smiled as she obliged and addressed all of the girls as she gave the ear a few more strokes.

“Don’t ever be embarrassed around me. I can guarantee that I’ve probably done something just as bad or worse in my past, so any problem you girls cause won’t be that big a deal to me. You will cause problems because magic is funny that way, but I won’t insult or mock you when it happens. For example, I can top Sora’s little rainstorm. I once caused every toilet and sink in a small office building to overflow at the same time.”

“Even ones people were sitting on?” Karin asked, breaking out into laughter.

“Every single one,” Isana confirmed with a grin. “Including the one I was sitting on at the time.” Even Ayaka burst into giggles at this and a visibly amused Sora was leaning in close enough now that Isana put an arm around her in hug. “So, other than Sora, who is the other witch?”

“That would be me,” Karin said, reigning in her giggles. When she leaned forward Isana noticed something odd lying against the back of her shirt. Karin saw her gaze and after visibly thinking it over, she raised a pair of small, bat-like wings outward from her back. “Are they weird?” she asked tentatively.

“No more than the fact I have a tail and cat ears,” Isana assured her. “I still think you’re incredibly pretty. Can I ask what you are?”

Karin beamed at the compliment and shrugged, “I was told that I have dragon blood in me. I don’t know what that really means entirely, but it’s why I have these wings and the horn.”

“And she breathes fire,” Ayaka said, smirking at the younger girl. “I noticed you left that bit out.”

“Spoilsport,” Karin grumped with a smile, and then stuck out a very long tongue at her. When Isana raised an eyebrow at her, Karin pursed her lips and a tiny flame licked out into the air.

“So what about you?” Isana asked Ayaka.

“I’m not a witch at all,” the oldest girl replied pleasantly with no hint of jealousy of the other two. “But what I am is an Okami.”

“Okami?” Isana said. She’d heard that term somewhere.

“A wolf-kin land deity,” Ayaka answered helpfully. “That doesn’t mean I’m a goddess or anything that impressive, but I can shapeshift and a few other things. The deity part originates from the fact that my power comes from the nature energy in the land around me. In Arbor I could hardly do anything because of the city.”

“Isana!” they all turned at the exasperated moan and saw Claire pushing in a trolley cart laden with food. Emi followed in behind her with another one and they did so while walking through the ice butterflies. “How can I see what I’m doing with these things all over the place?”

“Sorry,” Isana chuckled. “I was just giving the girls a brief demo.”

She waved her left hand and all the butterflies melted into water and then streamed through the air and back into her glass. She smiled at the looks of disappointment on every face except Claire’s. She was becoming a bad influence around here.

Claire and Emi brought the carts to the end of the long table and began setting out plates in front of everyone already seated and also at their own places on the other side. Tonight they were having chicken cacciatore and it smelled absolutely divine. The girls apparently agreed because all their faces lit up when the food was laid out and the smell of the pasta and sauce wafted up. This was one of Isana’s favorites. Next to come were big bowls of buttery breadsticks and smaller ones of salad. Lastly, Emi poured some fresh lemonade for everyone and then both she and her mother took their seats.

“It smells great,” Isana said to Emi, since she knew who had probably made the main dish.

“It should,” Claire snorted as Emi blushed. “Once she knew it was your favorite, she made damn sure she could make it perfectly. We were eating the leftovers for a week. Go ahead and dig in, girls!”

Not needing any more encouragement than that, everyone gleefully reached for their silverware. Since there was a momentary pause in the conversation, Isana looked over the girls again and thought that maybe it really would be nice having them around. They had such diverse personalities that she didn’t doubt that things would be interesting and in just meeting them she felt a warm glow.

“This is really good!” Sora said, smiling at Emi. “Did you really make it?”

“Yep!” Emi nodded in a proud affirmative. “I always make the food whenever Isana eats here. My mom has been teaching me everything she knows.”

“Are you guys family?” Karin asked, stabbing a hunk of salad and popping it into her mouth.

“No,” Claire said with an amused smiled. “But Isana may as well be. She and I have been friends for over two decades and she was there at the hospital when Emi was born, so she’s known my daughter literally since birth. She’s like the crazy aunt or something like that.”

“You don’t seem that crazy,” Ayaka said, laughing and looking amusedly at Isana.

“I dunno, she might be right,” Isana smirked playfully. “In fact, just the other day I fought a giant chicken all by myself.”

“A giant chicken?” Karin asked with interest.

“Yeah, a giant chicken that breathed fire and had talons that could tear up concrete,” Isana grinned back at the girl.

“It’s her job,” Claire interjected, deflating Isana’s boasting.

“Your job is to fight giant chickens?” Karin asked disbelievingly.

“Not quite,” Isana laughed. “When the town has a magic related problem and they can’t solve it themselves or they want a magical working, they give me a call and I get paid to fix things. It just happened to be a giant chicken this week. Since I’m just about the only magic user around, I get all sorts of different requests.”

Isana reached for her napkin to wipe some excess butter off her fingers and her arm brushed against Sora’s. It was then she noticed that the girl had moved her chair very close without Isana noticing and the contact sent warmth flooding through her. Sora smiled pleasantly at her at the touch and Isana had to once again remark mentally that Sora was a very good looking young girl. Feeling a need to distract her thoughts from that track, Isana was thankful when Ayaka asked a new question.

“Do you live close by here?”

“No, not really close at all,” Isana answered quickly. “I live about ten miles outside of town in the middle of the deep forest.”

“All by yourself?” Sora asked.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t that bad,” Isana assured her. “Now you girls will be around to keep me company.”

“Her house is huge!” Emi added.

“Cool,” Karin smiled. “But what…”


The rest of the dinner passed good naturedly and Isana was more than a little pleased that Ayaka, Karin and Sora were relaxed about being with her. She had worried that they might resent her for pulling them away from the home they had known, but it seemed the exact opposite was true. They seemed very pleased that they would finally have a house and a home that was truly theirs and not a communal place. They also seemed exceedingly happy with the fact that the four of them would essentially be a family from now on.

The only thing that gave her pause was the odd quaver she felt whenever she looked at Sora. The girl seemed to be becoming much attached to her and a certain something inside her was very happy with that. It had been years since she had last had a lover, but she recognized the signs of physical attraction when either of them looked at the other. That could make things weird soon, but she hoped she could explain things clearly to all the girls before anything happened and something would. Sora’s magic was awakening much to strongly for them to resist the desire for very long, even if Sora didn’t yet realize what it was she was feeling.

Eventually all stomachs were full of good food, and it was time for Isana to take the girls to their new home. Claire and Emi escorted them to the lobby where the girls’ bags were waiting, and Isana could see that Emi was sad to see her new friends leaving already. Claire’s daughter, despite being younger than all three of the others, had been a hit. So as they walked out of the hotel’s doors it was with exchanged promises to see the others again. When the door shut, it was just Isana and her three new charges standing out in the late evening sun.

“Well,” Isana said with a content smile as a soothingly warm breeze sighed through the air. “You girls ready to see your new home?”

“Of course we are,” Ayaka laughed brightly, speaking for the others from their similar expressions. “How are we getting out there?”

“In that!” Isana grinned proudly, pointing at the red behemoth truck she drove. It was one of the few powered vehicles in the small lot. Around back would be the stable for those that rode in on horses and a storage space for bikes. “That monster is mine.”

All three girls looked at the huge vehicle and Karin seemed to try and fit them together in her head.

“That is yours?” Karin asked in amazement. “You could pitch a tent and live in the bed of that thing!”

“It is just a tad large,” Ayaka added diplomatically, but she actually seemed a little impressed.

“I like it,” Sora said last. She frowned at the looks from the other girls and felt a need to defend her opinion. “It’s cool looking.”

“Thank you Sora. I’m glad somebody likes it,” Isana said with a rueful smirk. “Now come on. Time’s wasting away.”

She led them over to the truck and unlocked the passenger side first with a simple wave of her hand. In a move that apparently surprised the other two girls, Sora quickly moved forward to claim the front passenger seat. Karin and Ayaka obliged their youngest sister and even helped her climb up into the seat. Karin climbed in behind Sora in the backseat of the cab and Ayaka followed Isana around to the other side and helped load all the bags into the truck bed. Once they were all aboard, Isana made them all buckle their seatbelts before tapping a small copper plate near the steering column.

The magical engine revved up with a deep, powerful hum and Isana saw her passengers exchange doubtful looks. Isana just smiled, backed her truck out of the parking space and drove out onto Main Street. Isana stayed silent as she drove because the girls were far too interested in their new surrounding for her to interrupt them. Occasionally one would point out something particularly interesting and then the others would quickly turn to marvel as well. It was terribly cute.

When they hit the guard station they were quickly passed through the checkpoint since they were leaving, not entering. Then Isana really put the truck into gear and allowed the powerful engine she and a real mechanic had put together to show its stuff. Surprised gasps came from the girls and she smiled proudly as they saw how fast they were now chewing up the miles. Most drivers might have worried about hitting one of the many deer that often strayed onto the road and kept to a slower speed, but Isana had carefully worked layers of shields onto the front and the rear of the vehicle to shrug off any collisions. There was also a spell worked into the headlight lamps that projected a long range ward that would warn of anything ahead, but the road was completely clear all the way home.

When they finally reached the turn off onto Isana’s property, it caught the girls by surprise. Unless you knew to look for the massive pair of trees that framed her driveway, you’d drive right past it. She always got complaints from mail carriers because whenever a new guy got assigned to this route, he or she always took more than one try to find it. But Isana plowed the truck into the dark forest drive without any hesitation.

The driveway, if that was even the right word for it, went another half a mile into the dense, shadowy woods. The sun had almost completely fallen by now and that meant that her headlights were just about the only things lighting up the way except for the occasional shaft of dim moonlight. Isana waited to see who would spot the house first and she smiled when she heard Ayaka’s gasp.

“Is that it,” the girl said, dropping her air of maturity for the moment, “That dark shape in the woods ahead?”

“Where?” Sora asked eagerly, leaned forward to peer through the windshield. Her ears quivered in excitement.

“It’s up there, on that big rise,” Karin said, pointing forward over the front seat so that the youngest girl could sight down her arm. “It’s that big, blocky shadow. It’s huge!”

“Emi was right,” Ayaka agreed softly.

“Why did you build such a big house in the woods?” Sora asked.

“I didn’t build it!” Isana laughed. “I’ve made plenty of changes, but I certainly didn’t build it. The great-great grandfather of the woman that adopted me had it built over two-hundred years ago, back when her family had been much larger, wealthier, and lived in a big extended group. I think there were actually six different families within the main family living in it at one point. But most of those moved away or died during the Fall. I inherited it from my master and adoptive mother when she died in an accident.”

She rounded the last bend in the snaky drive and slowed down in the wide, open space in front of her garage with the crunch of gravel. Behind that garage loomed the massive two-story structure of the house itself. The outside wall of the house was built of well-fitted, dark-colored stone blocks. Isana knew that must have cost a dear fortune, but the result was a very well insulted house that could withstand even the harshest weather conditions.  The garage though was a wooden shingled add-on to the main structure.

Isana flicked a hand towards the garage and the double-wide door rose up smoothly on its track and a light flicked on inside. Using the open space to turn around, Isana deftly backed her truck up into the garage with the smooth ease of long familiarity. Once she was satisfied she was in far enough, another hand wave had the door closing again.

“Well, we’re here!” Isana said, turning a little to see all three girls. Sora was looking at the collection of random junk filling the remainder of the garage with open curiosity and her long ears were flicking. Karin and Ayaka were far more interested in the door that led into the house.

“You’re really alright with us moving in with you?” Ayaka asked after a brief silence.

“I didn’t drive you all the way here just to show you my awesome garage,” Isana laughed, smiling her assurance at the girl. “At first I was just as nervous as you guys were, but so far I like what I’ve seen and I like all of you. So hop on out so we can get inside. I spent all day yesterday cleaning and stuff and I’d hate to have wasted all of that.”

Isana followed her own words by climbing out of the driver’s seat. Sora quickly followed suite and when she came over and stood close, Isana felt perfectly natural in putting arm around the girl’s shoulders again. Sora didn’t complain at all at the action and even moved a little closer. The two older girls followed more slowly, but that was only because they had each paused to lock their doors on the truck which Sora hadn’t even thought to do. They were also thoughtful enough to grab the three luggage bags.

Isana walked them over to the house door and placed her free hand on the red painted oak. The complicated and powerful wards of the house recognized her instantly and the sturdy bolts locking the door came undone. They entered into a small mudroom and when Isana kicked off her shoes onto a reed mat, the girls politely did the same. Then they finally entered into the main house.

The house was dark from the evening light outside, but there was just enough to see that the first room was the spacious kitchen and adjoining dining room. Since it had mostly just been her living alone, both were very clean and organized. The kitchen had a small island with a few barstools, a breakfast nook with a large bay window, and a long set of cabinets and polished stone countertops with a range and magically cooled refrigerator at one end. The dining room just had one long table of dark oak that could seat ten in its cushioned ladder-back chairs.

Isana willed a large cluster of small gem-like lights into being and they floated up into the air and scattered near the ceiling.  When the rooms were more fully illuminated, the girls wandered more deeply inside to look around their new home.

“Feel free to poke around,” Isana assured them when she saw Karin hesitate to open a cabinet to look inside. “This is your house, too.”

“How many rooms does it have?” Sora asked, not moving very far away from where Isana watched. She seemed content to watch the other two.

“Well, there are four master-style bedrooms and three more regular ones. Then there are two additional full bathrooms upstairs and a half-bath down here. The bottom floor has the living room, a small library or study, a pantry, these two rooms, and a certain, special room that I had remodeled and did some work on myself.”

“How is it special?” Karin asked, pausing in her inspection of the inside of the refrigerator. She ended the sentence with a long, tired yawn. Isana could understand how the girl felt. She’s been so nervous that she hadn’t slept at all the previous night and her own body wanted a bed badly.

“I’d rather show you than tell you,” Isana smiled. “But I think we can save a grand tour for in the morning when the sun is up. You all look kind of bushed and I think we should get your bags up to your bedrooms before you’re too tired.”

“Can we pick our own room?” Ayaka asked, turning around excitedly from her inspection of the cabinets. Her delight at the house was apparent and Isana was very happy to see it.

“As long as you don’t fight over them,” Isana agreed amiably. She grabbed Sora’s bag from where Karin had set it down and led them to the back staircase that led from the kitchen and up to the second floor. The upper floor had a square of hallways with the rooms around and inside it. Once up there Isana pointed toward the partially open door on the outside of the East hallway. “That door there is my room, so pick any other one you want.”

Karin and Ayaka both separated eagerly to search inside the other rooms and a cluster of the light gems kept pace. Sora however hesitated and then took her bag and walked straight to the door that was exactly opposite from Isana’s. She opened it and after giving it the briefest glance came right back after dumping off her luggage inside the door.

“I’ll take that one,” Sora said matter-of-factly with a warm smile.

“You’re sure?” Isana asked. “The middle rooms don’t have any windows.”

“That’s alright,” Sora replied happily. “I just want one that’s near yours and that one is right across the hall.”

Well, if you’re happy then I’m happy,” Isana shrugged. “Let’s see how the others are doing.”

Predictably enough, they found Karin flopped on her back in the queen-sized bed of the master bedroom that was on the opposite side of the house from Isana’s. The room had the bare essentials, like a dresser, closet and a rug over the wooden floor, but it was otherwise undecorated. When they walked in Karin had a wide smile on her face and was watching the slowly circling trio of light gems above her.

“I see you like this one?” Isana laughed.

“Uh-huh,” Karin agreed quickly, sitting up. “Sora, come lay on this thing with me. I’ve never been on a bed this comfortable before.” Sora joined Karin on the bed and immediately agreed with the older girl; then an amused snort came from the doorway.

“Find one you like?” Isana inquired as Ayaka entered the room and stood next to her.

“Yeah, the north master bedroom,” Ayaka smiled back. “I tested my bed out too. Which one did you pick Sora?”

“The one across from Isana,” Sora answered, rolling up into a sitting position to look at them.

“Nice,” Ayaka nodded as if that had been expected. “You were right, Isana. I think we can wait for morning to look around. I’m more than ready to go back to that bed.”

“Cool, then let’s get a few necessities from the closet,” Isana replied.

They followed her back out into the hallway were she then led them to the large walk-in size storage closet. They continued to follow her inside and she took them to stacks of neatly folded sheets and blankets on shelves.

“These stacks,” Isana waved at several stacks of matching sets, “are for the queen-size beds. So Karin and Ayaka, you go ahead and grab one you like. Sora, you need one of those on the next shelf up. Do any of you need help making your bed?”

“No way,” Karin laughed, taking down a set of red bed clothes.  Ayaka had chosen a patterned purple one and Sora’s was a light blue floral. “We had to make our beds every day back at the orphanage and wash the sheets once a week. So we’ve had lots of practice.”

“Did you have your own rooms?” Isana asked curiously as they exited the closet.

“No, we all had one or two roommates,” Ayaka answered. “The three of us all had different rooms there.”

“I didn’t like mine,” Sora said, frowning.

“Yes, well, Marta certainly isn’t here,” Ayaka said, smiling at Sora. “None of us are going to bully you. We’re sisters now.”

“This Marta person was unpleasant, I take it?” Isana asked, automatically disliking anyone who’d act that way toward Sora.  The wave of protectiveness surprised her, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

“Yeah!” Sora responded, fuming cutely. “She always messed with me and my stuff or stole things.”

“I tried saying something to the women that ran the place, but they didn’t really care,” Ayaka sighed. “The three of us weren’t very popular with the others.”

“I heard,” Isana nodded sadly. “But you’re here now and I sure as hell won’t ignore you. I’m hoping that you’ll love it here.”

“Us too,” Karin smiled happily.

“Well, while you guys are making your beds, I need to go get something that I prepared for each of you,” Isana said. “I’ll be back in two minutes, okay?”

They separated to their respective rooms, lights following, and Isana watched them for a moment before she ducked back downstairs. In the living room she picked up three smallish baskets she’d filled with a few items for the girls. Then she went back up the main stairs and made her way to Ayaka’s room this time. It matched Karin’s except for a slightly larger window on the far wall. She found the girl there, flinging out the third and top sheet over the bed. When it settled onto the others, Ayaka quickly and efficiently smoothed it out and had it tucked in. Finished, Ayaka turned around and wore a smile of satisfaction. She was visibly happy that Isana had come to her new room.

“You have had a lot of practice,” Isana noted, nodding appreciatively toward the bed. “That was pretty fast.”

“I’m good at these kinds of things,” Ayaka replied with a slight reddening of the cheeks, but she seemed proud and happy at the compliment. “Actually, I kind of like making a place clean and orderly and doing small chores like this. It used to drive my roommates nuts.”

“I have no complaints,” Isana chuckled. “Here.”

Ayaka took the basket just as the other two joined them again.

“What is that?” Karin asked.

“There’s one for each of you,” Isana told her, handing them each their basket. “I didn’t know what you had in terms of basic supplies, so I made up a basket with all of them. There’s soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, a hairbrush, and since I forgot to ask how old you guys were I added razors, shaving cream and other hygiene items. I also bought you each a few brand new towels for each of the bathrooms.

“Wow,” Ayaka said, looking through her basket. “This is really cool. I was actually a bit nervous before coming here about asking to borrow stuff from you. But this has everything. Thanks so much!”

“Yeah, this is cool…um Ms. Isana?” Karin floundered as it was the first time any of the girls had tried to address her by name.

“Just plain Isana is fine,” she smiled. “Now I need to do one last thing before we all turn in.”

She walked over to the wall next to the doorway and placed her hand over it. Bluish light glowed between her hand and the wall and it quickly gathered together into a think-lined circle of light. Sort of like a vertically aligned halo. A thin white line cut the circle at about the six o’clock position. When she took her hand away it seemed to sink into the wall and disappear.

“What was that?” Sora asked, walking up close to get a better look.

“It controls those,” Isana said, pointing at the gem lights in Ayaka’s room. “Ayaka, can you come here a moment?”

“Sure,” Ayaka said cooperatively, and stood next to her.

“Hold your hand up like I just had mine near the wall by the door.” Ayaka did so and the circle rose up out of the wall. Ayaka blinked at it in surprise. Isana smiled at the expression. “Now you can use your finger to rotate the circle, which will dim or brighten the lights. I’ll do this in all your bedrooms and bathrooms since you haven’t learned to use your own magic yet.”

“Cool,” Sora said, and watched even closer when Isana repeated the magic in the spacious bathroom.

“Do you need anything else before I do Karin and Sora’s rooms and then head to bed?” she asked Ayaka when she was done and they all stood by the door.

Ayaka stood there for a moment and Isana saw she was visibly warring over some decision. Then the girl sighed in resignation and leapt forward, embracing Isana in a tight hug. Isana chuckled at first, realizing Ayaka had been debating how “mature” she should be, but then sighed in a pleased tone and gave a soft rub of her cheeks against Ayaka’s. Ayaka made a pleased sound too and then they separated.

“That was very nice of you,” Isana said, smiling at the girl. “I’ll see you in the morning, Ayaka.”

“Yeah,” Ayaka agreed, apparently a little embarrassed but also happy. “In the morning.”

After leaving Ayaka’s room Isana made up the lights in Karin’s room just as she had in Ayaka’s and the girl found them briefly fun to play with. Then when she was going to leave and do Sora’s, Karin wanted a hug too. It was then Isana found out just how affectionate a person Karin was. Once they were together Karin didn’t seem to want to let her go. But Isana also found out that the junction of Karin’s wings was a ticklish place and they separated with Karin giggling like crazy.

“Aww, that was mean,” Karin laughed, dropping onto her bed heavily as she caught her breath.

“Just be thankful Claire and Emi aren’t here,” Isana replied. “Those two will remember every weak spot you have.”

“What’s yours?” Karin said, her giggles subsiding.

“I’m not going to tell you that so easily,” Isana smirked. “But what I will say is that Sora here was the closest to finding it out.”

“I was?” Sora asked with her eyes wide. “But all I did was… oh!”

“Where is it?” Karin asked eagerly, leaning forward.

Sora reached up a hand towards Isana and then paused with a frown.

“It’s alright, Sora,” Isana laughed. “I suppose it’s only fair to show her since I found hers just now. Go ahead.”

Sora’s small hand continued up to her head and Isana felt those small fingers scratching near her ears. Using her own hands, she adjusted them slightly until they hit the sweet spot. It was readily apparent when it happened because Isana felt her knees try to buckle from the pleasurable feeling Sora was giving her and she couldn’t help letting out a sharp hiss. Sora gasped in surprise and jerked her hand away.

“I didn’t want to hurt you!” Karin exclaimed in shock, misinterpreting Isana’s reaction. Isana heard a strangled sound and as her head cleared she saw Sora was clenching her hands tightly. Her face said she was ready to cry, and Karin wasn’t much better. “Why did you do that?”

“It didn’t hurt me at all,” Isana said, smiling wide to show she meant it. “It was just the opposite, in fact.”

“Huh?” Karin looked confused.

“Haven’t you ever seen that on some cats that if you scratch in just the right spot they go all gooey and beg for more?”

“Yeah,” Sora answered, still looking at her worriedly.

“Well, that was my spot. It just feels really damn good; so good that I almost can’t do anything else and it seems that Sora’s fingers were especially good.”

“You liked it?” Sora asked, perking back up.

“Oh, yeah!” Isana grinned. Then she looked warmly at Karin. “That’s why it’s my weak spot.”

“I’ll remember it,” Karin smiled back, wiping her eyes.

“Hah, goodnight Karin,” Isana said, shaking her head in amazement.

“G’night!” Karin returned. “And you too, Sora.”

Sora’s room was the fastest to do since it was only the one bedroom. In contrast, Sora’s goodnight hug took the longest of all. Isana couldn’t bring herself to do what she had with Karin.  In Sora she felt someone that badly wanted to be loved, and the girl was probably betting everything on Isana. It probably didn’t help that Isana knew she must be experiencing some new feelings and desires, now that her gift as a witch was blossoming on its own. That made Sora a lot more fragile than the other two girls, and something inside her responded strongly to that.

After a while of just sitting on Sora’s bed hugging the girl in peaceful silence, Isana reached over to the basket of stuff which Sora had placed on a small bedside table, and took out the hairbrush.  Sora very willing moved onto her lap, facing outward, and Isana began to gently brush the girl’s long, silky hair.

After about fifteen minutes of this treatment Isana smiled when she saw that the soothing feeling of the brush was having its desired effect. Sora’s eyes were drooping and her breathing had become slow and steady.

“Time for sleep,” Isana said then. She pulled back the covers and laid Sora down. “You should change your clothes for bed. Goodnight, Sora.”

Isana stood slowly and left Sora’s bedroom, closing the door behind her. She then crossed to her own bedroom feeling ready for her own bed. She’d long since made the room hers in almost every way, but her bed was the most unique. It was a massive nest-like collection of blankets, pillows, comforters and sheets that covered the biggest bed she’d been able to purchase. After a brief pit stop in her bathroom to pee and shed all of her clothes, she made her way to it and climbed inside that nest. It took only moments for her naked body to feel comfortable and warm. Then a light knock sounded from the partially closed door.

“Yeah?” she called out.

The door cracked open slowly and Sora stepped inside, bathed in moonlight from the window. She was dressed only in an oversized t-shirt that went down to her knees and Isana saw cute little toes curling into the thick, heavy shag of the rug she’d put down on the wooden floor. Sora took in the room with a tired glance and then locked onto her face.

“Need something?” Isana asked pleasantly, knowing only her head was sticking out of the mass on her bed.

“Can… can I sleep in here with you?” Sora asked. Her hands clenched onto the shirt and then released it in an idle fashion. “Please?”

Isana knew that she should probably make Sora get used to her own room, but something else stopped her. She was too tired and comfortable to think of what that was at the moment though. Instead, she nodded her acceptance.

“Come on.”

Sora’s face brightened immediately and after quietly closing the door again, she quickly climbed onto the bed. At first, she seemed very confused by all the blankets and stuff but she crawled her way to Isana and wriggled down next to her. Isana wrapped her arms around Sora until they were snuggled together with Sora’s back to her front. There was a small moment of surprise when Sora realized she was completely naked, but they were both too comfortable to deal with that right now. Instead, Sora just sighed happily and relaxed in the embrace.

Minutes later, they were both asleep.

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Learning Phase, Chapter 1

  • Posted on December 6, 2020 at 3:43 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Note from JetBoy: Old acquaintances of the vintage Lesbian Lolita site will surely recall the exquisite stories of Nuit Du Loop. Through the years, we’ve had requests for more of his work to be posted here — but I always resisted, thinking of the lion’s share of his writing more as high-quality fantasy fiction than pure erotica, despite the lesbian content.

What changed my mind was the two Tequila Kid sagas that I had the good fortune to edit for Purple Les. These were high-quality Old West tales with lesbian content… and all of a sudden, Nuit’s stories seemed like a natural fit for Juicy Secrets.  So relax, settle in and enjoy, taking into account that it takes a while to get to the actual sex. The wait is worth it, I promise.


The warm summer sun was beautiful that day. The cloudless sky was a clear, azure strip seen through a break in the trees caused by the dry, dusty road that cut a narrow swath through the dense forest. As Isana cruised with reckless speed down that road in the red behemoth of her pickup truck, she considered how perfect the day seemed. Her lively, ice-blue eyes took in the world around her with open enjoyment because she loved the wildness of it.

She hit a particularly large pothole in the road, she bounced up in the seat and caught a bit of her reflection in the rearview mirror. Long, snow-white hair cascaded down from a small head and framed her almost childlike face. The sight made Isana smile wryly in amusement. Her face wasn’t the only thing childlike about her appearance.

She was twenty-five years old, as of her birthday two months past. Yet when people looked at her, their first impression often put her at least a decade less than that. This was mostly because she was incredibly short at about four and a half feet tall and her face was blessed with what her close friends called “dainty” features. Her nose was tiny, her lips were small and thin and her eyes, which turned up slightly on the outsides, usually held delighted amusement. Her body was lithe and skinny with small, handful-sized breasts and what she considered a pleasantly rounded backside.

She looked the way she did because she wasn’t human, or at least not entirely so. She wasn’t sure, because her mother hadn’t stuck around after she’d been born and the woman who had adopted her hadn’t known either. From what she knew, her mother was a bakeneko, a kind of feline shapeshifter, and her father’s identity was entirely unknown. From this uncertain parentage, Isana had been blessed with the white hair, the small, fully functional, and triangular cat ears that poked up from the top of her head, a long, fluffy white tail and a few other things. Isana didn’t really mind how she looked, but it sometimes made introductions with strangers more difficult.

Thankfully, most people were used to seeing the odd and the strange these days. A century ago, when magic had first exploded into the world during the event now called the Great Fall, new creatures and part humans like herself had begun appearing even as billions of people worldwide were dying from the collapse of technology and strange magical cataclysms. But humanity was resilient, and now if someone saw something strange, he just went about his business unless it represented a threat. There really were threats and dangers in this new world; many of them in fact, but the current population of the planet, all 1.1 billion, was determined to make it safe again.

A dark shape inside the dense trees ahead and to the right caught Isana’s attention. Seconds later the truck rumbled past the object, and Isana’s smile grew bigger. The shadow was the ruined remains of a large structure from before the Fall. There were a great many like it littered around, but this particular one meant that she was only a mile from the town of Willis. It was a small place with less than ten thousand people, but it, and the surrounding area, was her home territory.

A short time later, Isana slowed her magically powered mechanical beast as she approached a small white shack on the right side of the road. Tied to the shack at a sturdy post were three massive horses. When she came to a stop in front of the barricade sticking out from the shack, the nearest horse in the line eyed her aggressively and stomped a hoof hard enough into the dusty ground to get its threat across. Isana never got on well with horses. They didn’t like the way she smelled.

“Good morn’ ma’am.”

A tall, unfamiliar blonde man in the crisp blue trousers, white shirt and crossed red bandoliers of the Town Patrol uniform exited the shack from the only door and rounded the vehicle. His weapon belt held both a large caliber handgun and a curved saber. All town patrolmen knew how to fight with blades, bullets and their own two hands. They kept the general peace, enforced the law and kept the nasty supernatural things from trying to take bites out of the town. This man looked confident and competent in his own strength. Exactly the type of guy they posted on the roads into town.

“Morning, officer,” Isana replied cheerfully. “Are you new to the Town Patrol?”

“Yes, I am,” the man smiled back, obviously proud of his accomplishment. “I finished my training last week. Can I ask your business in town and your name?”

“Isana Tyler,” she answered. “I’m here to deal with that little chicken problem you’re having.”

The officer looked at her dubiously.

“She’s not lying, Mark,” the second gruff, male voice came from another much larger and more muscular man coming out of the shack. He smiled and nodded at her in greeting. Isana nodded back, for she knew Sergeant Meyers well. “She may look like a fragile little thing, but Isana there can turn you or the entire town inside out with a flick of her finger if she cared to. Haven’t you heard of or seen our resident witch before?”

“Uh…no. I’m sorry, ma’am,” the younger man said in quick apology. “Headquarters mentioned you, but they didn’t give me a description.”

“That’s because Captain Keller likes his little jokes,” Meyers sighed. “Thanks for coming, Isana. Even those two pretty boys from the Magical Defense Unit haven’t been able to solve our little problem.”

Isana grinned; Meyers sure knew how to flatter a girl. Too bad for him she only liked women. “You should give them more credit, Meyers. They have learned some magic, and they were a lot of help when that creek flooded last year and washed out that bridge. Where do I need to go?”

“It’s down in the old industrial area. The rest of the boys have it holed up inside that big bottling plant,” Meyers sighed. “It’s a good thing they built that place with corrugated steel, or we’d have even bigger problems with fires. Just let me raise the barricade for you.”

Meyers walked toward the mount for the wooden spar, then levered it upwards and out of the way. At the same time, a hundred feet of roadway and grass ahead of her down the road rippled as massive wards and defensive spells were temporarily put to sleep. Those were the true barricades barring the road. If someone blew through or hopped the physical barrier, then the magic on the other side would tear them apart — or something equally final and unpleasant. Though neither patrolman knew it, Isana had been the one to lay those spells and she could have disabled them easily. Instead, Isana drove on down the road to the town.

The town of Willis was a bizarre hodgepodge of surviving pre-fall buildings with newer structures interspersed around them along brick-paved roads. It had never been very large, but it had the things necessary for a population center to survive and thrive. There was plenty of food, fresh water and a strong sense of community.  While most of the major cities were great, moldering mausoleums to their long dead residents, Willis had actually improved in the last hundred years. Isana loved the town and knew a large number of people here personally. Occasionally she regretted that her own home was fifteen miles to the west and deep inside the forested lands which Mother Nature was rapidly reclaiming as her own. But she loved her house too much to give it up, and she also liked the peace and quiet.

The industrial area she arrived at was a small clump of old factories and warehouses on the north edge of the town. It was largely abandoned, and the town had been planning for ages to tear it all down and reclaim any useful metals and glass. The smelter to melt down the metals was already being built. For now, it was an unsightly, rusting mess that attracted the occasional creature looking for a new den. The building Isana headed to had once been the bottling facility for a long-dead beverage company. Now it was an ugly hulk surrounded on all sides by a couple of dozen men and women wearing the Patrol uniform.

They watched her approach, and she saw relief on many of their faces. There was also a little resentment from a few of the younger ones, probably those who felt that they could handle this on their own. She ignored them all and drove around the perimeter until she saw an older, rough-hewn man wearing a wide-brimmed brown hat with the rest of the uniform. He and six other men stood in the weather broken expanse of the former parking lot. Their horses were tied up a good distance away in a small grassy clearing. It was cheaper, even for cops, to use horses instead of cars. When she brought the truck to a crunching halt and stepped out into the sunlight she understood why the horses were so far away. The air reeked of sulfur.

“Phew, that is one hell of a stink!” she complained cheerily, wrinkling her cute, sensitive nose. “Good to see ya again, Captain Keller!”

“Isana!” the older man sighed. “I know I’ve told you this a dozen times, but you’ve done more than enough around here to call me by my first name.”

Isana waved her hand dismissively as she approached. Once she called someone by something enough times, it took a near act of god to make her change. “Are you sure of what you’ve got in there?”

“Definitely,” Keller responded firmly once they stood facing each other. He, of course, had to look down to meet her gaze. “Dan Crosswell smuggled the damn thing in from the Detroit wasteland, where he says he bought it from a weird dealer. He confirmed that it’s a basan. Claims it was nice and docile when he bought it here, and he has no idea why it decided to go nuts today.”

Isana snorted. “Did he say what he planned to do with a giant chicken that spits fire and has major territorial issues?”

“No, he didn’t,” Keller responded dryly. “Is it going to be a problem?”

“No way!” Isana laughed, propping her fists against her denim-clad hips. The pose made her loose tank top rise up a little to expose her toned belly. “Give me twenty minutes, max, and I’ll have it all wrapped up for you.”

“What if it makes a fuss?” asked a youngish brunette woman in her early thirties. Alisha Waters was Keller’s second in command.

“Then I’ll cook it and turn it into dinner for the lot of us,” Isana said confidently. “Do I need to know anything else before I head inside?”

Keller thought about it for a moment, and then he blinked and nodded. “Yes, but it’s unrelated to the current problem. There are two women from the Arbor City Council that have been asking how to contact you. They’re staying at the Heaven’s Rest hotel. I promised I’d pass on the word from them.”

Isana frowned and mulled it over. Arbor was the nearest city to Willis, and she couldn’t think of a reason why they would need her for anything. She knew that they had some social unrest issues, but they also had a strong police force, a battalion of MDU troops and at least five witches and mages comparable to herself. Still coming up blank, she shrugged and decided to go and see the two women when she was done here.

“Thanks for letting me know,” she said to the captain. “See you in a bit!”

She turned towards the building and saw that the front windows of the office section were long broken, and the only door on this side of the building hung open on corroded hinges. Isana made her way over and without pausing, entered inside. She studied a time-worn fire escape plan near the doorway on the wall, then ducked into the long hallway that would take her to the main production room.

Her eyes quickly adjusted to the gloomy light and she became aware of a rough scratching sound coming from ahead. After a short distance over moldy, rotted carpeting she came to another doorway and shoved it open. The metal door swung hard with a screech and slammed against the wall with a nearly deafening bang. Across a wide expanse of open concrete and a jumbled assortment of collapsed machinery, a feathery creature squawked in indignant surprise and pushed itself up onto the massive talons that were its feet.

It looked exactly like any other chicken you might see. This one just so happened to stand three feet tall at the head and probably weighed as much as she did or more. It was called a basan, a type of yokai from Japanese mythology. Its feathers were made from an asbestos-like material, and even from where she stood Isana could see that the talons were scoring long grooves into the concrete floor. It also spat flame and often consumed the burned flesh of its victims.

The large fowl twitched its head back and forth, looking at her through black, angry eyes. When Isana started to walk towards it, it began to rustle its wings in a physical display of warning. Isana continued forward unabated. At about fifty feet or so away the bird jerked its head, squawked again, and then spat liquid fire in her direction.

Like all fire, it expanded as it moved outward, and the white-hot gout became a fan of deadly heat. Not the least bit surprised at this action, Isana casually flicked out a finger on her right hand, and the oncoming flame broke like water on an invisible bow ten feet ahead of her. An inferno raged all around her but she continued walking calmly forward. When the first salvo ran down, the basan seemed indignant that the interloper in its midst hadn’t become a crispy critter for it to eat. Isana smiled at it and she knew a predatory light was in them. The feline in her saw weak prey.

“Try that again,” she taunted playfully, laughing. “You’re not even making me work here.”

Another blast of fire raced out at her and again Isana shunted it aside with little effort. The factory around her, however, was another story. The machinery was drooping and sagging like soft wax and there were places where the metal glowed with heat. The concrete floor had shrugged the heat off except that any moisture had been vaporized away. Isana found the air was fast becoming dangerous to breathe from the fumes and the stench was almost overwhelming.

“My turn!” she laughed at the bird and took a deep breath.  Placing the first two finger over her mouth in a ‘v’ she blew out hard and this time a cone of fire exploded out away from her and towards the shocked basan. The giant bird dropped to the ground where it stood, over a tangled mess of old electrical cables and ducked its head under a wing just in time as the fire crashed over it.

While it was still hiding Isana reached up, plucked a single white hair from her head and worked a larger bit of magic. The strand of hair glowed golden and when she let go, it shot like a needle across the gap and right at the bird. Faster than a striking snake, the hair wrapped itself around the beak of the creature and tied it as tight as steel cables would have. Then the hair split, grew longer and shot out again to entangle and snare the legs and wings. When it was done, Isana had herself a giant trussed-up chicken.

“Just like I said,” Isana smiled. “Ten minutes.”


When Isana finally made it to the Heaven’s Rest Hotel, she was in a very good mood. It had taken nearly another thirty minutes to get the squirming basan loaded into the bed of a trailer. Even though she’d only been called in to deal with the capturing part, she’d stuck around to lend a hand with the rest of the grunt work because she never liked dumping things onto other people. Now she had the nice glow of accomplishment to keep her mood soaring.

The Heaven’s Rest Hotel was in what passed for a downtown district in the small town. It was nestled between the town hall building with its old Greek style columns and the public library. As far as Isana knew, it had always been a hotel, even before the Fall, and was a couple of centuries old. The current proprietor, Claire Renow, was a young woman not much older than Isana herself and she was well known in town for her odd sense of humor. She had inherited the building from her father, who had seen the niche for a hotel when all the franchise companies crashed with the rest of the world and vanished. Now it was the place to stay when you visited Willis. It was also a place Isana was intimately familiar with, because the bar and grill that occupied the ground floor of the six story structure was one of her favorite haunts. That, and she knew the owner quite well.


Isana instinctively stopped at the familiar cry of her name on her way through a beautiful front entrance made of polished copper and glass. A second later a weight hit her and her arms encircled around the skinny body of Emi, Claire’s ten-year-old daughter, bringing her in for a fierce hug as a deep purring thrummed inside her chest. She’d known the child literally since birth, since she and the mother were close friends of old. Back then she’d still been an apprentice witch, but she still loved Emi dearly.

“One of these days I’m going to miss, you know,” she said laughingly in the girl’s ear. She then rubbed their cheeks together affectionately. “Then we’ll both go splat onto the floor.”

“You haven’t yet,” Emi giggled, pulling back. Today she was dressed in a navy dress with a small white smock over it. “Are you here to see Momma?”

“I’d never stop in and not talk to her,” Isana answered as she stood back. “But I was told that there were people staying here that want to talk to me.”

“The Arbor ladies?” Emi asked curiously. “They are the only ones staying with us right now.”

“Yep, I—”

“Emi, where did you get off to?!” Isana cut off as Claire came bustling into the foyer of the hotel from a side hall. It was a very plush room with comfortable chairs, warm lighting, and a big front desk where the desk clerk, Bill, sat in his dress black slacks and pressed white shirt. Claire’s eyes locked onto the two of them. “Oh, Isana! I see you’re the one making her slack off again.”

“Yeah, so don’t go blaming Emi,” Isana responded with a grin. Claire was a vibrant, energetic woman in her early thirties. She stood almost two feet taller than Isana and had long, naturally curly chestnut hair, just like her daughter. As always, she was dressed conservatively in a long skirt and a white sleeveless shirt. She was a somewhat well endowed woman and her chest cushioned their friendly hug when they came together.

Despite Isana’s preference for women and Claire’s obvious good looks, there had never been anything like that between them. Claire definitely knew what Isana’s interests were, and never made a big deal of it. They were good friends, and that was the way they liked it.

“You know, I blame all my troubles on you,” Claire grinned back. “At least one of those old stories about witches has to be true.”

“Well, if your milk curdles prematurely and your cows are born with two heads, we’ll know!” they shared another laugh and Isana nodded towards Emi. “What did I interrupt?”

“Oh! I’m supposed to be washing and folding the dinner linen!” Emi squeaked and looked apologetically at her mother.

“It’s all right,” Claire smiled. “Isana doesn’t visit us often enough, so I suppose it’s understandable that you’d want to talk to her. Just make sure your lunchtime chores are done.”

“They are,” Emi smiled joyously. “Isana said she came to see our guests.”

“I know,” Claire said, looking back to Isana. “Will you have lunch with us? They’ll probably be coming down for their own meal soon.”

“Sounds great,” she replied easily. “What am I eating today, Emi?”

Emi thought about the question for a moment. They had established a small tradition between them that whenever Isana ate at the hotel, Emi would choose for her. “The roast beef sandwich with broccoli and cheese soup?”

“Sounds excellent,” Isana agreed, feeling herself salivate at the mention of the meal. She let herself be led by Emi into the main dining room. It was a very comfortable space with scattered tables and booths, all with dark wood and red upholstery. The walls and pillars of the room were also made of naturally dark woods. Along one long wall was the bar and the doors into the kitchen. At the moment it was completely empty. After sitting at a barstool and nodding to Jenna, the bartender, Emi disappeared into the kitchen. Claire had already gone back to getting things ready for the day.

The food didn’t take long to make so only moments later she was slurping down the delicious soup and savoring every bite of the sandwich. Despite her young age, Emi was well on her way to becoming a first-class cook. Starting about a year ago, every meal that Isana ate at the hotel had been made by the girl, and each time it only got better. There had of course been the occasional miss or flop, but Emi always wanted to learn something new. When it became time, Isana had no doubts that Emi would take over the hotel and it would run better than ever.

“So, how is it?” Emi said, watching intently from her perch on the next stool. Isana knew her opinion carried great weight, so she made sure she knew her answer.

“The soup is great,” Isana said with complete honesty. “The cheese is perfect and the broccoli is nice and soft. Did you bake the bread for the sandwich?”

“No,” Emi held up her small hands. “I’m not strong enough to knead the dough. I get tired or cramped too soon.”

“But you made the rest of it?”

“Yep!” Emi was practically glowing from the accomplishment. “I made a whole batch of the soup last night, so there’s plenty more if you want it.”

“No, I think I’m good,” Isana smiled and patted her belly. “Unlike you, this is as tall as I’m getting, and I have no desire to become any rounder. Plus, I’d have to work for any more than this, and your mom had that look in her eye today that says that wouldn’t be any fun.”

Isana idly picked up a pristinely white linen napkin that sat at the seat next to her. When she saw Emi watching her still, she grinned and pulled a little magic together. While most witches and magic users in general needed spell words, arias, or incantations to make magic work, Isana had always been able to manipulate it with only her will. Now she crumpled the napkin inside one hand and then clapped it together with the other. Weaving the magic tighter, she locked onto Emi’s eyes for a moment and gestured towards her hands with her head. Emi’s eyes widened with delight.

Following the silent instruction, Emi reached out a hand and Isana lifted her hands apart just a crack. Emi’s little fingers probed inside and Isana’s smile widened when she heard the girl’s gasp.  When Emi pulled her hand back she had a long green stem between two fingers. When she felt it was right, Isana parted and withdrew her hands completely and Emi was left holding a real white chrysanthemum.

“Cool,” Emi breathed out, marveling at the flower in her hands.

“Isana! How many times must I tell you that my supplies are not for you to be magicing with?” Claire was striding into the room as both Isana and the woman’s daughter turned toward the doorway. Behind the stern-faced Claire were two women. One was a tallish redhead with short cropped hair, in her late twenties or so. Her partner was at least a decade older, a petite brunette. She held a finger-thick folder. Both were dressed professionally. Behind them walked a man that Isana knew well, the Willis town councilman Tony Reffit. He was an older, balding man with many laugh lines on his face. Neither of the women seemed surprised by her appearance, so Isana assumed Claire must have warned them.

“I can change it back,” Isana said, trying to reassure her friend.

“That’s not what I’m worried about,” Claire sighed. “I can still remember that little mess you made at Emi’s birthday party three months ago. It took hours to round up all those little birds.”

“They were so pretty, though!” Emi giggled, ignoring the slightly cross look her mother passed her way. She raised the flower back up. “I like the flower, but we need the napkin more.”

“See? Emi is most definitely your daughter,” Isana replied jovially. She took the flower, held it by the end of the stem, and flicked her wrist. In the next instant the napkin drooped back down and then Emi expertly folded it and put it back in its place. Isana then stood to her full, unimpressive height and acknowledged the others with an inclination of her head.

“Good afternoon,” she said in polite greeting. “I hear that you have a need to speak to me?”

“Yes, we do indeed,” smiled the older of the women. Her voice sounded dreadfully tired. “I am Councilwoman Rebecca, and my companion is Maya Detwiler, the current head of the Arbor Coven of Magic, which is the body that governs the magic users in our city under the oversight of the Council. Would you be willing to join us at a table so that we can sit and discuss something?”

“Sure,” Isana responded amiably. “I’ve already eaten so feel free to order something. I won’t think it to be rude.”

“Thank god!” Councilman Reffit chuckled as Claire cleared a circular table in the center of the room near one of the support pillars.  The table had four ladder-back chairs with comfortable wine-colored cushions on the seats. A matching tablecloth draped low and on it were clear glass salt and pepper shakers. At each place were more of the linen napkins, except these were black. Isana allowed the others to be seated first, then took her place and tucked her tail between the chair slats.

“What can I get you?” Claire asked in renewed perkiness. Isana’s friend loved running the hotel and restaurant, and it showed in her manner.

“That soup smelled wonderful,” Reffit smiled. “I’ll have a large bowl of it and some bread.”

“I’ll have a plate of the spaghetti.” Detwiler said, speaking for the first time. Her voice had a clipped harshness to it, yet it didn’t seem at all unkind. “Is the sauce very meaty?”

“It can be,” Claire shrugged. “We’re more than happy to make it the way you like it.”

“Oh!” Detwiler thought for a moment. “Then I’ll have it thick with some garlic toast on the side.”

“I’ll have what she had,” Rebecca smiled, pointing toward Isana. “She seemed to like it a great deal.”

“That’s because Emi made it,” Isana grinned, speaking loud enough for the girl to hear the compliment and giggle happily on her stool. “Got any pie, Claire?”

“When don’t we have pie when you’re here?” Claire laughed. “I’ll have all your food out to you in a bit.”

“Well, while we’re waiting for the food, can you tell me how I can help you?” Isana asked pleasantly. She saw that Maya was watching her twitching tail curiously.

Rebecca grimaced. “It’s a complicated matter that we wish we could deal with ourselves. Unfortunately, current events have forced us to seek outside help. When we made inquiries, Councilmen Reffit responded to us and let us know to approach you with this.”

“I see,” Isana responded pleasantly. “But that doesn’t tell me much.”

“No,” Rebecca agreed. “But have you heard of the unrest that has been building in our city?”

“Only a little,” Isana admitted. “I confess that I haven’t given much attention to the rumors of events outside of Willis lately.”

“Well, unfortunately ‘unrest’ is now an understatement for what is going on back home,” the older woman said in a sour, displeased tone. “The main problem is an explosively growing dislike and outright hatred towards non-humans and magic users in general. We don’t know what or who is fueling this, and there haven’t been any signs indicating it will settle down.”

“But you guys have many times more of both than we do,” Isana said, feeling shocked. “Hell, I think I might be one of the few trained magic users in Willis. I know the MDU boys have a decent punch, but most of the others are just folks with one-trick talents or self-taught things.”

“That does about sum things up,” Reffit confirmed. “There are one or two others, maybe.”

“Yes, and that is all part of what we want to discuss,” Detwiler nodded.

“What she means,” Rebecca continued, “is that we would like to help add to your local talent pool while also doing a great humanitarian service.”

“That sounds a bit ominous,” Isana frowned.

“I suppose it was,” Rebecca replied, not smiling at all. “That is because we want to ask a great deal of you. Because of our social problems, we have another new one as a result. That problem has to do with three young girls.”

“How are these girls a problem?” Isana asked. “What have they done?”

“Nothing,” Rebecca said with a sad smile. “The problem lies in the fact that none of them are human and two of them visibly so. This is further exacerbated because two of those are natural witches…” Isana winced mentally at that. “…and the third has innate magical abilities. All three have been living in an orphanage in Arbor, but now there’s a lot of stink rising up about them. For some reason the mob had focused a large amount of their hatred on them.”

“That… that’s so flipping stupid!” Isana hissed, bearing her teeth in a very feline manner.

“It is,” Rebecca agreed, showing her own displeasure. “But also unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to keep the crime down and also post constant guards to keep the girls safe when the other kids around them are starting to pick up on the hatred of the adults.  There have already been several incidents.”

“Kids can be crueler sometimes when they ape their elders,” Isana said. “I’m guessing that you’d like to move them here?”

“That’s exactly what we want to do,” Rebecca agreed readily.  “But specifically we’d like you to take them in.”

“Me!” Isana jerked upright in her chair. She could feel her upper cat ears twitching along with her tail from her growing agitation.

“Yes, you,” Reffit answered amiably. “Isana, you just said it yourself. You are the only true magic user in this town, and like you, two of these girls are natural witches. You are the only one who can train them and show them how to use their magic safely, and we see no reason to separate them from each other. Also, you live in that great big house out in the forest by yourself. Doesn’t that get lonely?”

“I like having my solitude and peace,” Isana retorted confusedly, not knowing what to object to first. Her voice notched up higher in panic. “Why couldn’t we just make it like school or something? The girls could live with someone else and I can teach them there.”

“Isana,” Maya said in a soothing tone. “I too am a witch, just like you. So I ask this: how did you learn your magic?”

Grimacing in reluctance, Isana answered. “I lived with the woman who raised me, and at the same time I was her apprentice. I lived and learned from her until she died five years ago.”

“I learned the same way, through a live-in apprenticeship,” Maya agreed knowingly. “Learning magic means living with it and constantly being around a master. One of these girls has already had her magic awaken, and it is causing her a great deal of stress and unpleasantness.”

“But I am not a mother figure,” Isana argued. “Wouldn’t you want someone a little older? You know what inevitably happens when witches live together.”

“We do,” Maya agreed again, this time with a wide smile. “But we’ve been told that you have never done anything to harm anyone who doesn’t try to harm you, and you’ve always been kind and generous. We all agree that you are the perfect person. We trust you implicitly.”

“You’ve always been great with kids!” Claire added as she walked over with a tray filled with food. Isana’s nose and eyes quickly found the generous slice of blueberry pie topped with a sizable scoop of ice cream. Claire gave her a knowing smirk, then passed her the pie last. “Isana, you’ve always been willing to watch other peoples’ kids before. I know I’d trust you with Emi in a heartbeat, and she loves you so much.”

“Yeah!” Emi cheered, obviously still listening in.

“Thanks, Emi,” Isana smiled wryly. Then, after relishing a mouthful of pie, she addressed the visitors. “There’s no other option?”

“None that wouldn’t carry a far higher price and would force us to split the girls up, which would be painfully disruptive to them.  You have both the ability and the resources to make this possible.”

Isana frowned unhappily under the hopeful looks from the visitors from Arbor, the Willis Councilman and even Claire and Emi. She felt like she was being emotionally and morally blackmailed. But she also couldn’t fault them for coming to the conclusion they had.  Her home was indeed a very large one, with many empty bedrooms, and her own gardens produced more than enough produce to feed at least half a dozen people. But she didn’t like the idea of taking on such a substantial commitment out of nowhere.

Her adult life so far had mostly been one of easy living and freedom. She’d never before been fully responsible for the lives of others, especially young people. The thought of having kids herself was something she had seen as far into her future. Now she was looking at three girls who would depend on her for almost everything. It frightened her more than anything had in years.

“Isana, you can’t tell me to my face that you aren’t lonely,” Claire said, smiling. “Every time something calls you into town, you come speeding in as fast as you can. Then you spend as long a time as possible here before you head back. Emi and I love when you visit, you know that, but with these girls, you can have your own family. It would be both a challenge and a joy, I think.”

“Hmmm,” Isana propped her head into her hands and really thought about it. Her eyes strayed over towards Emi, and the girl gave her an eager thumbs-up gesture. That enthusiasm made her snort a laugh. If Emi approved, how could she not?

Sighing deeply, Isana ate a few more bites of the wonderful pie before saying another word. If she was going to possibly doom herself, she wanted to at least enjoy dessert first. She knew the others were watching her closely the entire time. Then Claire cracked a happy grin.

“You’re being stubborn, Isana,” she laughed jubilantly.

“I just think there has to be a better alternative,” Isana insisted, trying not to let her friend get so much satisfaction out of this. Then she nodded her head towards the other two women. “I suppose, if this is the best way, then I will agree to do this for the girls and take them in. You sure there’s no alternative?”

“Not without major sacrifices, like we said,” Rebecca answered, smiling widely. “Thank you so much for doing this. They really are wonderful girls.”

“I guess that’s some comfort,” Isana said, smiling in resignation and defeat. She really was a sucker for charity. Her brain was already whirling with thoughts on everything she’d have to change and do. It was a lot. “When were you planning on bringing them?”

Now Rebecca looked sheepish. “Well, we’d originally planned on having to wear you down over several days,” she said unapologetically. “But it seems that was unnecessary.”

Isana didn’t know how to respond to that, so she kept safely silent and Rebecca went on.

“I know their bags are already packed and ready to go, so how about we…” She gestured toward the door.

On to Chapter Two!


Kirsten’s First Experience, Part Two

  • Posted on July 16, 2020 at 2:57 pm

by Muffi

Kirsten and I nearly made it to my place before it started raining, but it came down so hard that we got soaked to the skin. We stomped in the back door, only to be greeted by my mom, who took one look at us and ordered us to stay right where we were, dripping in the middle of the kitchen. We were both giggling like crazy.

Mom came back with two bathrobes for us and told us to go in the pantry and get our wet clothes off before we did anything else. I told her that I’d invited Kirsten over so I could help her with her homework, and that we wanted to have a sleepover.

She smiled. “That’s fine,” she said. “Kirsten can keep you out of our hair tonight.”

We headed into the pantry, and I closed the door behind us. We started peeling each other’s clothes off quickly. In the dim light, I could just barely make out the swollen little nipples on Kirsten’s chest. We stood there for one second, staring at each other, and then I cupped her face in my hands and leaned down to kiss her again; the same kind of gentle, lingering kiss. This time I felt her lips moving against mine in response.

My heart was racing. I pulled away, motioning to Kirsten to get into the bathrobe. We came out of the pantry giggling again, and brought our wet clothes to the laundry room.

“Since you two are already soaked,” my Mom said, when we returned to the kitchen, “you might as well finish what you started, and get your showers out of the way now. I’ll have something ready for you to eat when you’re done.”

“Okay,” I said. “C’mon, Kirsten, let’s get cleaned up.”

Kirsten grabbed the tote bag with her clothes in it and we headed upstairs.

I was beside myself with excitement. Now that I’d decided that I was going to let this happen, I was looking at Kirsten in a whole new way. I guess if I have to be honest, that first night it was more about me just wanting to get my hands on her than anything else. I wish I could say it was all about love, but that night it wasn’t. I just wanted her. It wasn’t until later that I figured out I was in love.

I mean, it wasn’t all just about me being horny. It’s like, I was really flattered to know that she had such a crush on me. I guess I also wanted to be her teacher, you know? I wanted to be the one who showed her how nice it can be to love another girl. And now that I knew about her crush, I was noticing things. Like how she looked at me, that look of admiration in her eyes when they met mine. How she blushed lightly and acted all shy when I complimented her.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I was hot for her, too. Actually, I was kinda shocked at just how hot I was.

I’m pretty lucky. I’m an only child, and my parents use the master bedroom downstairs. They have their own bathroom, too, so I pretty much get the whole second floor to myself. It’s almost like having my own apartment, except I don’t have a kitchen up there. So I had a lot of privacy.

We went into my bedroom first, so Kirsten could leave her tote bag there. Then we went straight to the bathroom together. The really cool thing was that even if anyone noticed we were taking a shower together, they wouldn’t wonder why. We’re both girls, and no one would ever be suspicious. As long as we were quiet, we could pretty much do whatever we wanted to, and no one would ever know anything.

I closed the bathroom door behind us, and turned to look at Kirsten. She was just staring at me with a little smile on her face. I smiled back at her.

I reached in and turned on the water in the shower, then turned around and took my bathrobe off. Kirsten blushed a little, then untied her robe and let it fall to the floor. Her blush deepened.

“I can’t believe this is really happening,” she said in a near whisper.

I sat down on the lid of the toilet and looked at her seriously.

“Kirsten, are you sure about this?” I asked. “I mean, we don’t have to do anything, you know. Only if you’re really sure. And only what you’re comfortable with.”

She shook her head emphatically. “No, I want to,” she said. “It’s just…”

“It’s just what, sweetie?” I said quietly.

Her eyes fell to the floor. “It’s just… I don’t know what I’m s’posed to do,” she said. “And besides, look at you! You’re so gorgeous! And you have boobs already and everything. I’m still built like a little girl. I’m not sexy. I don’t get why you’d even want to do anything like this with me.”

I reached out and took her little hand in mine, pulling her closer to me. With my other hand, I reached out and lifted her chin, making her look at me.

“You listen to me, Kirsten,” I said softly. “You are beautiful. And you are sexy.”

My hand fell to her chest, my fingers brushing lightly over her puffy nipples as I stared into her eyes.

“You do so have boobs,” I said. “They just aren’t done growing yet. But they’re beautiful the way they are.”

I let my hand fall lower, so that my fingers traced through the sparse, silky hair just beginning to grow on her pussy.

“And as for being sexy… listen, you have me so excited right now that I can’t stand it. You did that to me, sweetie. So I don’t want to hear you say you’re not absolutely gorgeous, do you hear me?”

She nodded, but she still looked doubtful. I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, hugging her face to my breasts. I felt her arms slide around my face as she hugged me back, and felt her sigh deeply.

“As for not knowing what to do,” I said, “you just relax, okay? I’ll show you what to do. Everyone has to learn, it’s not something that you start out understanding.”

I leaned down and found her mouth with mine, giving her another of those long, slow, gentle kisses. I felt her breathe in sharply, then her lips began to move against mine. This time, I parted my lips slightly, and traced a light trail over her bottom lip with my tongue. I felt a tiny shudder run through her body. Hesitantly, her lips parted just a little, and I felt the tip of her little tongue against mine. That made me shiver. I pulled away and gazed into her eyes.

“You are so beautiful,” I whispered. She rewarded me with one of her sweet blushes.

“C’mon,” I said, “let’s get showered and downstairs to eat. Then we’ll have the whole night to ourselves.”

Kirsten grinned and nodded, letting me lead her into the shower by the hand. The hot water felt wonderful! We stood under the spray wrapped up in each other’s arms for a few moments, then I let go of her and reached for the bottle of body wash. I squeezed some into a washcloth, and then started to scrub away at Kirsten’s body. First I washed her face, slowly and gently, and let her rinse the soap off. Then I started on the rest of her.

Her hair had darkened in the water, and it was plastered down against her back. I scrubbed slowly over her chest, lingering at each puffy nipple, using the rough material to stimulate them. I watched as they tightened, contracting and rising up as her breathing quickened. I scrubbed down across her belly, then I turned her and started on her back. As my hand moved lower, I noticed that her cute little had suddenly turned into a small, firm, well-formed ass that I thought was sexy as hell.

I squatted down and began washing her legs. They were slender and well formed. As I reached one foot, I told her to lift it so I could wash it. She picked her foot up and I held it in my hand, smiling as she giggled when I scrubbed between her toes. I repeated that with her other foot, and then began to wash the front of her legs, starting at her ankles and working my way up slowly. I’m not stupid. I’d saved the best part for last.

I was on my knees in front of her now, Her picture-perfect little pussy just a few inches from my face. I could see the sparse, baby-fine hair that was beginning to grow there, forming a tiny little “V” shape that just ended at the very beginning of her slit. Even though I’ve heard it described this way a lot, this was the first time that I really understood what was meant by a girl’s pussy resembling a peach.

Her outer lips were puffy, almost fat. Her mons had a prominent swell, giving her whole pussy almost a heart shape. I know I haven’t really seen a lot of other girl’s pussies, but I thought that Kirsten’s was the most beautiful one I’d ever seen. I dropped the washcloth, squeezed some body wash into my hand, and began to gently clean her vulva. The soap made her skin slippery, and my hands glided effortlessly over her soft pussy, between her legs, then back out again.

Kirsten parted her legs slightly, giving me easy access to the sweet little treasure between her legs. I glanced up to see her watching me intently. I smiled at her.

“So beautiful,” I whispered.

She smiled shyly at me, then closed her eyes as my finger slid between the puffy folds of her outer lips, gliding through her warm slit. I felt the tiny button of her clitoris, still hidden beneath its hood, but definitely beginning to swell. I continued to slide my hand back and forth, my middle finger stroking her from clit to anus and back again. I used my fingernail to tease at her crinkled rosebud each time my finger started its return trip to her clit.

I decided to be a bit of a tease. I stood up, letting my hand make one last, slow trip across the warm, slick skin of her soft mons. She whimpered a little when I stood, her eyes opening to search my face.

“Your turn,” I said, smiling.

Kirsten’s eyes widened for a moment in surprise, like she hadn’t thought I’d actually let her touch me. Then she smiled bashfully. She picked up the washcloth that I’d left on the floor of the shower, and squeezed a dollop of body wash into it. Her hands were trembling slightly as she began to soap me.

She mimicked the way I’d bathed her. She started by washing my face, then letting me rinse the soap. She hesitated for a moment, searching my eyes, before she brought the washcloth to my breasts. I smiled, trying to encourage her to continue.

Kirsten lathered my breasts, watching closely as my nipples tightened and stood erect. I brought one hand up, and brought her free hand to my right breast, showing her without words how to tease and play with my nipple. She smiled when she heard me gasp, my mouth dropping open. I leaned back against the wall of the shower, looking down to watch her as she continued.

She scrubbed at my belly with the washcloth, then, just like I’d done with her, she turned me and began to wash my back. When she got to my ass, her hands lingered, a lot longer than they needed to just to clean me.

I smiled. I guess she’s into butts, I thought. That was fine with me. She could could play with my ass all she wanted.

She did the backs of my legs and feet next, turning me again so she could wash up the front of my legs. I found myself growing short of breath as her hands moved higher; finally, she stood in front of me and slowly slid her hand between my legs, making me moan as her fingers brushed my slit. I leaned back against the wall again and closed my eyes, letting her explore and get accustomed to what she was doing.

Almost automatically, my legs parted so Kirsten could have plenty of room to explore. I keep myself well trimmed, with just a small landing strip above my cleft, so her hand was sliding back and forth over bare skin. She was kind of clumsy, but what she was doing felt so good! I sighed and opened my eyes. Kirsten was staring up into my face, watching my reactions to her small, soft hand gliding over my sex. I took a deep breath and smiled, straightening away from the shower wall.

Gently, I reached down and took her hand, smiling at her. “We better hurry,” I said. “My mom’s gonna wonder where we are. The sooner we go eat, the sooner we can come back up and be alone together.”

She smiled, a pretty, shy little smile, and wrapped her arms around me in a hug. I hugged her back, then I let go of her, picked up the shampoo, and squeezed some into my hand. I handed the shampoo to her, and started washing my hair. Kirsten did the same, and soon we were both stepping from the shower, reaching for towels and drying ourselves off. We put our robes back on and went back to my room. We both put on panties and oversized t-shirts, then we went downstairs to eat.

My parents kinda droned on and on through dinner. I was sort of paying attention, but not really. Finally we were done, and Kirsten and I brought our plates and things to the kitchen. We went back in the dining room, and I kissed my mom and dad.

“Night, Dad,” I said. “Night, Mom. We’re gonna go do our homework and then go to bed.”

“Night, Mr. and Mrs. Andrews,” said Kirsten. “Thanks for lettin’ me stay tonight.”

My parents said good night to both of us, and Kirsten and I went upstairs to my room.

As soon as I closed my bedroom door, I turned and put my arms around Kirsten, kissing her. I still took it slow, because I didn’t want to freak her out. When I parted my lips, though, her little tongue darted out to meet mine, and it wasn’t long before the kiss had deepened, and we were exploring each other’s mouths hungrily.

I reached between us, and untied Kirsten’s bathrobe. I pushed it back, letting it fall to the floor, then reached down and lifted her t-shirt. Breaking the kiss just long enough to pull it over her head, I helped her help me get my robe and shirt off, too, and then we were kissing again, warm skin pressing and rubbing against warm skin. One of my hands slid down her back, sliding under her panties to cup her small, firm ass, squeezing it with my fingers.

I broke the kiss, standing and staring into Kirsten’s eyes. “God, you’re so lovely, babe,” I whispered.

I watched her blush and smile shyly, ducking her head. “So are you,” she whispered.

I stepped away from her for a moment, and turned on my radio, keeping the volume down. Just enough so we could hear it in the background. I made sure my door was locked, then I took Kirsten’s hand and led her to my bed. I squatted down for a second, long enough to help her step out of her panties, then stood and quickly took mine off. We lay down side by side, staring into each other’s eyes.

Her eyes slid away from mine for a moment. “I’m scared you aren’t gonna like b-being with me,” she said softly.

I lifted her chin and looked at her. “Why would you think that?”

“Cos I don’t know what I’m s’posed to do,” she said. “What if I do it wrong?”

“Shhhh…” I pulled her face into my neck, shushing her, stroking her hair. “sweetie, you can’t do anything wrong. You’re here with me right now, and that’s the most perfect and right thing in the world. Right now, I just want you to be here, and let me do what needs to be done, okay?”

I felt her nod against my neck. “Okay,” she said softly.

I took her head in my hands and looked in her eyes again. “Just kiss me for a little while,” I said. “Please?”

We sighed in unison as our lips came together in a kiss. I slid one arm beneath her neck, cradling her head with it. As the kiss lingered and deepened, my other began to explore her small body, just stroking her, up and down. I felt her shiver as my fingernails grazed over her skin. I shifted my top leg, sliding it between her legs and bringing it up so that my thigh was pressed against her soft, warm pussy. I felt her sigh as she pressed her hips forward, rubbing herself on my leg.

My hand reached down and cupped one cheek of her soft ass, my fingers digging into her flesh, pulling her tighter to my thigh. As I helped her, pressing my leg more tightly against her swollen outer lips, I felt one of her hands reach up, tentatively stroking my breast. I broke the kiss for a moment.

“Oh, yes, baby,” I breathed, “touch me, please…”

I leaned back in, sighing as I placed feather-soft kisses on Kirsten’s neck and ear now, nuzzling into the crook of her shoulder. I felt my nipple tighten as her small fingers gently tugged and pinched at it. Letting go of her ass, I let my hand slide slowly up over her hip, sliding it between my thigh and her mons, my finger gently separating her puffy outer labia. I heard her gasp as my fingernail scraped over the tiny bud of her clit, hidden under its delicate hood. Her hips twitched forward sharply.

I sucked in a deep breath. I wanted her. I wanted to just eat her up, completely. I shifted suddenly, rolling Kirsten to her back so that I was on my hands and knees above her slender body. Her hands were on my shoulders now as she stared up at me, a shy smile on her face. I leaned down and kissed her lightly.

“You just relax, pretty girl,” I said softly. “Just relax, and let me love you.”

Kirsten’s blush deepened. I slowly leaned down to kiss her again, this time more aggressively. When I felt her tongue touch mine, I pushed past it, sliding my tongue into her mouth. She tasted sweet and clean. Our lips moved hungrily as our tongues tangled together. I felt my breath coming faster, felt a warm dampness growing between my legs.

Gasping, I broke the kiss with a wet smacking sound. I rose up, my ass resting on her at the top of her thighs. Bringing my hands up, I stroked her face for a moment, smiling at her, then slid my hands down so I could toy with her nipples.

She had just the beginnings of breasts. Her nipples were puffy, the palest pink, capping two tiny mounds. I stared in awe, watching my fingers trace light circles over them, then looked up at Kirsten again.

“You’re so very beautiful, girl,” I whispered.

Her eyes fell away from mine, but I saw the delighted smile that came across her face at my words. She blushed deeply again – God, she’s so pretty when she blushes for me! Her hair was fanned out around her head and shoulders, framing her upper body in caramel-hued softness. I brought my thumbs and forefingers together and began to gently pinch at her nipples, smiling when I saw her eyes widen, her mouth opening slightly in surprise at the sensation.

I let my hands fall away, tracing soft trails down her sides, across her belly, then back up over her ribs to her chest again. I kept this up, stopping each time to toy with her pretty nipples. Before long, I was being rewarded with soft gasps and whimpers.

I shifted position again, nudging her legs apart with one knee, holding myself up on my elbows so that my face hovered over her chest. I could feel the heat of her pussy pressed against my belly, soft and damp. Slowly, I ran my flattened tongue over the surface of one tiny breast. I lifted my head and blew gently on the wet skin, watching her nipple crinkle slightly, tightening and contracting. Lowering my head again, I drew the entire little mound into my mouth, sucking gently, lightly scraping it with my teeth.

I felt Kirsten’s hands move to my upper arms, gripping them tightly as she let out a breathy whimper. I caressed and pinched lightly at her other nipple with my fingers, while my mouth lingered, refusing to let go of this sweet morsel of flesh it had captured. When I could finally force myself to let it go, it was only to switch sides, so that I could taste her other nipple as intimately as I had the first.

I felt like I was drowning in her. My pussy was responding eagerly to what I was doing, leaking wetness, grown warm and swollen; hungry. Honestly, I couldn’t remember ever feeling so turned on. But I could wait. For now, I wanted to taste every inch of Kirsten’s body. I wanted to drown in the sight, the smell, the taste, and the sound of her.

I slid down a little, placing soft wet kisses on her belly, trailing my tongue over her skin. As I moved lower, my hands gripped her sides, my thumbs caressing first her ribs, then the softness of her waist. I pushed one breast against her now thoroughly wet pussy, coating my nipple with the sweet nectar leaking from her. I was close enough now that I could smell her fragrance, musky and sweet. Her scent was barely there, but noticeable enough to make me feel lightheaded. As I continued to explore her, I found myself thinking that I had brought perfection into my bed.

I slid lower.

I kissed and licked a trail down over Kirsten’s left hip, stopping for a moment to suck lightly at her hip bone. Moving further down, I lingered for long minutes at her thighs, kissing, licking, nibbling lightly with my lips and teeth. From where I was positioned now, I could look up and see her sweet center, opened slightly for me like a little flower just beginning to bloom. It glistened wetly before me, inviting me to come closer. To taste. To drink from her.

Slowly, I trailed my lips along the inside of her right thigh, until I was close enough to brush my nose over the wet heat of her cunt. I heard her gasp at that first contact, then a sharp, “Oh!” escaped her as my lips pressed themselves to her sex.

She smelled like heaven, and I couldn’t wait any longer. I extended my tongue, and gently ran it along the length of her wet cleft, tasting the sweetness of her for the first time.

We moaned in unison as Kirsten’s hips tilted upward, her pussy sliding firmly against my mouth. My tongue dug deeper, gently parting the soft, firm folds, exploring everywhere.

“Oh, Jess...” The sound was half moan, half sigh, long and drawn out.

I shifted again, lifting my head reluctantly from its warm resting place. Sliding one hand beneath her ass, I used my other to gently open her delicate pussy with my fingers. Bright pink little folds greeted my eyes as I parted the outer lips. With one finger, I gently rolled the protective little hood back from her clit, exposing its tip. It nestled there, waiting for me to worship it with my mouth. I was anxious to do just that.

Softly, I trailed my finger over the sensitive little nubbin. The moment I touched it, Kirsten’s hips shot up from the bed. She sucked in a deep breath, her little pussy now twitching up and down beneath my hand.

Quickly, I drew my finger away, replacing it with my mouth. I closed my lips over her wetness, gently drawing her clit into my mouth, flicking it with the tip of my tongue. I began to suck at it lightly.

I felt Kirsten’s hands slam against the back of my head, her fingers clutching at my hair. Still holding her clit in my mouth, I brought my hand down, until I could nudge just the tip of my little finger into her tight little opening. I didn’t want to go too far, but I wanted her to feel me inside of her. Her tight little opening clenched on my finger, a small flood of sweet wetness leaking out to coat it. I moved my head just long enough to lap greedily at it, then I sucked her clit back into my mouth again.

Moving my finger in a back and forth motion, not really entering her very far, more just pushing against her opening then backing off again, I sucked down hard on her clit. My tongue danced across it. Her fingers tightened even more in my hair, shoving my face downward as her hips moved in quick circles, grinding her pussy into my face. She was panting now, fast and hard, her back arched off the bed.

Mewling little moans were coming from her throat in a steady stream as she came closer and closer to the peak. As she drew ever nearer to the inevitable explosion, she began to whisper my name hoarsely.

“Oh, Jess… oh, Jess… oh, J-Jess…” Over and over, without stopping.

I moaned my encouragement to her, urging her on, wanting to feel, taste, smell, see her first real orgasm.

Suddenly, with a long, throaty moan, her body went absolutely rigid and still. The moan cut itself off, and she hung there, her hips and lower back off the bed, tense and stiff. The moan came again as she began to shudder violently. Her face, when I rolled my eyes up to look at her, was twisted in ecstasy, her mouth hanging open, eyes clenched shut.

I let my mouth ride her clit through the orgasm. It went on and on, until finally, she collapsed on the bed. She continued to shudder and twitch, aftershocks coursing through her body.

Finally, I let go of her clit. I ran my tongue over her sex, cleaning up the sweet wetness I found there, savoring every drop as it rolled into my mouth. When I had searched out every trace, I lay there with my head on her upper thigh, stroking her mons, placing light kisses there now and then. Her hands toyed with my hair as her breathing slowly began to return to normal.

I crawled up to lay beside her, cradling her head to my breasts. I kissed her lightly on the lips, once, twice, then a third time. Finally, she sighed deeply and lifted her head to look at me, smiling shyly.

“Jess,” she whispered. “That was… oh my God, it was amazing…”

I smiled, stroking her cheek. “So you liked it?”

She nodded. “I never… I mean, I’ve touched myself. But it was never like that!”

I kissed the tip of her nose. “I’m glad you liked it, pretty girl,” I said. “I loved it.”

She blushed. “But you didn’t…” She hesitated. “I mean, you didn’t… well, you know. You just did it for me.”

“Sometimes, pretty girl, that’s more than enough,” I said softly.

“Are you sure?” she asked. “I’ll do it for you, if you want me to try. But I’m scared. I don’t wanna mess it up and ruin it.”

“Kirsten,” I said quietly. “You’ve already done it for me, just by letting me make love to you. There’s no rush. We have lots and lots of time, you know. When you’re ready, you’ll know. Until then, let’s just do what you feel comfortable with, okay?”

She snuggled down into my breasts. “Jess?” she whispered.

“Yes, baby?”

“I think I love you.”

I pulled her tightly to me as my breath caught in my throat. I stroked her hair, surprised at the depth of what I was feeling for her in that moment. This night may have started out being more lust than anything else for me, but that wasn’t the way it was ending.

“You know what, pretty girl?”

She looked up at me.

“I think I love you, too.”

That shy smile crossed her face again, accompanied by it’s constant companion, the pretty blush. We fell asleep that way, wrapped up around each other. We woke in exactly the same position.

That all happened a little more than six months ago. Since then, Kirsten and I have spent every possible moment together. Some people think it’s a little odd that I like to spend so much time with a kid so much younger than I am, but we don’t care. I sit with her every day after school, so it’s only natural that we’d be close friends, right? My parents are proud of me for looking out for Kirsten the way I do, and her mom is grateful that she has someone she looks up to as such a close friend.

It works perfectly for us.

Kirsten has become incredibly skilled at making love to me. Now, whenever we’re together, we both come at least two or three times, usually more. She’s especially adept at pleasuring my ass, and really enjoys licking my anus. But honestly, there’s not a part of each other’s bodies that we haven’t explored.

She’s the most amazing little lover in the world, and as long as she wants me, I’ll never leave her.

The End


Don’t Ask Me What Happened

  • Posted on June 3, 2020 at 6:10 pm

by Sheilamuffin

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in July 2009}

My eight-year-old daughter comes into the bedroom. She is naked. She climbs on to my bed and straddles my face. And giggles.

Her slit is spread over my mouth, my nose pressed against her sweet little pucker. What should I do? What would you do?

No, I didn’t expect this. No, I didn’t put her up to it. Though I am a lesbian, there is no history of me doing sex things with my daughter.

Yes, I am aroused, The clean, sweet taste and smell of her, the lovely pink cleft of her bare vagina… I’d be crazy not to be aroused. But I am also amazed. The weirdest part was the giggle. Like she knew she was being naughty, and loved it. The way children take such pleasure from casual wickedness.

She wriggles, my darling Megan. I have made no move to push her off my face. I am supine, passive, awaiting outcomes. She wriggles, and I hear her girlish laughter again. I resist the temptation to explore her pretty little slit with my tongue.

But I want to. Despite myself. Despite my upbringing. Despite the terrifying taboos of pedophilia and incest.

“Mommy, please don’t be mad at me, okay?” she whispers.

You know those phrases in porn stories like “my cunt was on fire,” “I was dripping wet,” et cetera? Well, though I was more aroused than I could ever remember being, I can’t tell you about the state of my cunt right then… because my whole being was focused on the sweet hairless sex that was brushing my lips. I didn’t reply to Megan. I couldn’t. Surely if I so much as parted my lips, I would be kissing my eight-year-old daughter’s cunny.

“Becky dared me to.”

Oh. An explanation, then. Becky, my little girl’s best friend — same age, and already well aware of the effect sexy little girls had on certain twisted grown women — Becky had dared my Megan to sit on her mommy’s face. Well, there you are.

Megan continued to speak. “Becky and her mom do sex stuff, and she dared me to do something with you.”

I froze. Becky’s mom has sex with her daughter?

Megan’s voice fell to a soft murmur. “But it didn’t matter that she dared me to, Mommy. I… I kinda wanted to do this with you anyhow, after Becky told me about her mom.”

My heart was racing, sent into high speed by this bombshell. Megan wanted this, desired that I take her smooth, little-girl pussy into my mouth and pleasure her.

Which left me with a life-changing decision: should I have sex with my own daughter?

I knew what society would say… and pretty much everyone else I knew: absolutely not!

And yet. And yet.

Megan’s pussy is still positioned over my mouth, and I am finding it increasingly difficult not to give in to this sexual insanity that consumes me. To kiss that pretty little slit, to explore my child’s vagina with my tongue.

No. I have to resist. I push her away from me… not violently, but firmly.

“Mommy!” A cry of anguish. The sound of hurt feelings.

“Sorry, angel, but this is wrong.”

I take Megan in my arms and cuddle her, trying to reassure her that I love her. But not in that way.

She snuggles into me. The way little ones do. Nuzzling my breasts… then she was touching them with her hands, weighing their heft, teasing my aching nipples. Taking comfort from her mommy. Stealing my breath away.

I’m trembling from head to toe. Touch my breasts, you see, and I am lost in the most intense arousal. And Megan wasn’t just touching… she was making love to them. There was no other way to describe it.

“Sorry, Mommy,” she mumbles into my chest. “It was just a dare.” Her angel-soft lips brush my nipple, and it’s all I can do not to gasp.

Soothing words are needed here. Somehow, I summon them. “That’s all right, sweetie. Becky’s a very silly girl.”

More snuggling. “Mommy?”

“Yes, angel?”

“Mommy, I liked it… sitting up over your face. I — I kinda wish you had kissed me down there.” She pauses. “That’s what Becky’s mom does to her.”

Oh my God. This wasn’t going to go away. Because I had liked it, too. I wanted to know what it would be like to make a meal out of my daughter’s pretty pussy.

But the little angel on my left shoulder whispered: “No, it’s wrong!” To which the little demon on my right hissed: “Why? If you both enjoy it, what’s wrong?”

My cunt was on fire. I was dripping. I had to face the fact that I was totally aroused; madly in love. Megan was in my arms, naked, rubbing her face against my breasts, and I was responding naturally.

I am unable to keep the words from escaping my trembling lips. “That’s okay, sweetie… I liked it too.”

I did not just say that… okay, actually I did.

Come on, Sheila, I say to myself, think about what you’re getting yourself into here!

Incest. Lesbian incest with a child of eight.

“Mommy, are you okay? You’re breathing funny. You aren’t sick, are you?”

Sick? No. But yes. Well, hell, who knows? Love is love.

“No, I’m fine, baby. Come here, give Mommy a cuddle.”

And that was it. What do they call it — crossing the Rubicon?

No way out now. Megan’s naked body is pressed against mine, never mind the size difference, everything touching everything. Our lips meet in a kiss — clumsy, yes, but it’s also the sweetest kiss I’ve ever experienced. No tongues, just lips. Tongues come later.

No, you don’t want to know what happened next. You don’t get involved with this kind of stuff. Do you? DO you? You do? Well, I am happy to know that I’m not the only one, not the only mother who got into lovemaking with her underage daughter.

I hate those detailed descriptions you get in porn stories, you know, all that stuff about tongues probing and fingers probing and endless licking and flowing and orgasms like Niagara. It isn’t like that. It’s more like a dream, a stream that flows over you, sometimes rapids that make you breathless. But what you remember afterwards, and forever, is how you lost track of time. It’s as if the kissing and the touching and the probing tongues in mouth and pussy combine to make you lose track of your existence on the planet.

Sorry, but if you’ve never spent hours making love to an enthusiastic and responsive eight-year old, I can’t explain it to you any better than that. The fact that Megan is also my own child only makes my sin all the sweeter. Me and my daughter, against the whole damned world.


I am cradling my angel in my arms. My lips and chin are wet with her essence. We are both exhausted — stunned, even, by what we have done together. Megan can still speak. I can hardly breathe.

“Mommy, I love you.”

My little Megan means it, too, but in a whole new way. And I love my daughter like I never thought possible. It’s possible, though. Believe me.

The End


The Mark of a Good Babysitter

  • Posted on May 5, 2020 at 5:23 pm

By Honey West

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2006 }

So there I was, hanging from the fourth-floor balcony by my fingertips, and as my life flashed before my eyes, I was thinking, Maybe I should have had more sex before I died.

Okay, it sounds dramatic and cliched, I know. But I was hanging from this ledge, and the one thing I wanted to do before falling to my death was to throttle the little brat that got me in this fix.

My name is Stevie, by the way, and at that moment I was supposed to be babysitting.

The Carlsons live in the fourth-floor flat of this rather nice apartment complex. I live in the neighborhood nearby, and while school is out, once or twice a week I come and watch little three-year-old Amanda for the afternoon while Mrs. Carlson attends “charity events.” Like hell she does. What she’s really up to is getting royally laid by her lover or boyfriend or whatever.

Like clockwork, she’ll get home in time to pay for my services (rather well, actually), and push me out the door so she can change back into her oh-I’ve-been-working-all-day-around-the-apartment clothes before her husband gets home. She asks me to keep mum about her afternoons, so she doesn’t get simply inundated with requests to do community work. Yeah, right.

I’m sixteen and, if I do say so, well developed for my age. My boobs aren’t as big as my mom’s or Mrs. Carlson’s, but they do get envious looks from the girls in my class, and cause a distraction to the store managers as I ask if they’re hiring. They aren’t, incidentally, and that’s why I’m still earning money babysitting.)

I’ve gone through enough heavy petting and experimentation with boys to realize that I’m gay. To confirm this, I’ve been licking the pussy of my best friend Joanne for about six months now. We’re still rather new at it, and have to keep our sex games a secret — which isn’t easy, seeing as we’re constantly surrounded by family and friends. Luckily, my babysitting assignments sometimes give Joanne and me the privacy that we need to further explore the joys of lesbianism.

Sitting for little Amanda, though, is not one of those opportunities. In fact, this three-year-old monster is more like a walking advertisement for Ritalin. She’s constantly on the move, and always up to mischief if you don’t stay alert.

It was getting late, and Amanda’s mom would be home soon. Earlier that afternoon, as I settled her in front of some cartoons, I got a call on my cell phone from Mrs. Booker. They would not be going out tonight after all, and didn’t require my services. Damn! The Bookers had a baby that just needed occasional changing and minimal watching, so Joanne and I were planning on getting naked on their living room rug. Well, screw that plan. Still, that meant I had the night free. Maybe we could go to the movies and try something there.

As I tried to call Joanne, my cell phone started signaling that the battery was dying. The stupid phone usually went pretty quickly once the beeping began, so I knew I’d have a shot at maybe one quick call. I stepped out on the balcony to get a better reception, and that’s when it happened. As Joanne’s answering service kicked in, I heard the sliding door shut behind me and turned to see Amanda hit the switch. The little brat had just locked me out on the balcony!

“Amanda! Unlock this door!” I yelled.

She was giggling silently at me as I screamed at her. I knew she couldn’t hear me. The building faced a bunch of trees, but beyond that was a busy highway, so the glass doors and windows were made extra thick and soundproof. She could probably guess some of the obscenities I was hurling at her and did a triumphant little dance in front of me. I frantically motioned for her to unlock the door, hoping that she understood the seriousness of the situation. Instead, the little bitch went back to her stool in front of the TV and sat, calmly watching her cartoons! Ooohh! When I get my hands on her–

I looked at my watch. Holy shit, Mrs. Carlson will be home soon! How’s this gonna look — a three-year-old child with free rein of the house and me locked out on the porch?

I told myself not to panic, that the mark of a good babysitter is the ability to think through any emergency. I was pretty sure that the front door was unlocked. Call Joanne and see if she can rush over here. Shit! The cell phone was now officially dead. Okay, now I could panic. I pounded on the glass desperately, but Amanda chose to pretend I wasn’t there. I pounded some more. She got up, came over and drew the curtains closed! Aargh!

I looked around. The apartment was in the middle of an L-shaped building so I couldn’t see the balconies on either side. The only thing to do was drop down to the third-floor porch and hope that somebody was home or their door wasn’t locked.

It seemed like an easy plan, until I actually started dangling from the bars of the balcony. It was then that I started to consider just how much distance there was from one floor to another, and I didn’t seem to have the strength to pull myself back up. That’s it, I thought. I’m gonna die, I’m gonna fall three stories and I never got to say goodbye to Joanne — or kill the kid, for that matter.

I held my breath and swung my body back and forth. I let go when I thought my momentum was forward but miscalculated and my feet dropped right on the railing. Swinging my arms like windmills to keep from falling back I went face down onto a patio chair and hugged it like a friend. All right! Now I got to kill Amanda.

I sat in the chair for a moment. I’m not sure who lived below the Carlsons and it got me thinking: Be careful, you don’t want to scare some little old lady to death. The curtain was about three-quarters closed but I could see that a TV set was on inside. I cupped my hands to look in, and as my eyes adjusted they made out two little figures on the far couch.

Two little girls. Small frames. Maybe eight, maybe nine years old. One slim, waif-like girl with long blonde hair, holding what was obviously a toy doctor’s bag. The other girl had dark, shorter hair and was a little stockier. The nurse was wearing pants and a t-shirt, the stocky one wore a summer dress. As the slimmer child put on her red plastic stethoscope, the other one stood on the couch and bent over, pulling her dress up around her waist to reveal her white-pantied backside.

The thin girl pretended she was listening to something through the other’s bottom, moving the stethoscope around. I watched in fascination as the ‘nurse’ pulled her ‘patient’s’ panties down to her knees and began to probe around those smooth white globes. I couldn’t see the other girl’s face; she was patiently bent over with her ass in the air as her friend parted her cheeks to look at her little brown rosebud.

The thick patio glass took away some of the detail I was aching for, but I could see her bare, pouting pussy as the nurse drew closer to the area for a curious sniff. She ignored her medical equipment at that point and pushed her finger around and between the other girl’s cunt lips, then brought it to her nose.

At that point, I must’ve tapped my forehead against the glass. The nurse girl turned and saw me, and I knew right then that I had to act fast. I pulled on the sliding door and entered. Thank God it was unlocked!

The girls, understandably, screamed out. The stocky one fell forward as she hiked her panties back up. They both clambered together into the corner of the couch, frightened. Trying to calm them down as quickly as possible, I opted for an authoritative bearing.

“Stop it!” I commanded “You’re safe. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I went through a string of assurances that probably would have been more reassuring if I hadn’t been peeking through their third-story window. Using my best babysitting skills, though, I managed to calm them down a bit. Anyhow, I’m sure they felt as awkward at being caught playing Doctor as I felt being Voyeur.

“I’m Stevie,” I told them.

The girls glanced at each other. “I’m Beth,” the slender one said, “and this is Becky.”

“Pleased to meet you both. Now, why aren’t your parents home?”

The kids were quiet for a moment. Then Becky spoke up, “What makes you think they’re not home?”

“Because, silly, you wouldn’t be playing Doctor in the middle of the living room if they were within a mile of here.”

Beth started to speak. Becky tried to shush her, but I silenced her with a shake of the head.

“Our moms are at work, and we have to take care of ourselves. And…if we want to keep this nice place, well we have to be very fur… fru…”

“Frugal,” Becky offered quietly.

Frugal, and… well, my mom and her mom are working really hard, and if we can just behave ourselves for a few months we’ll be able to have money and go to real nice schools and… and…”

“Be a family,” Becky said quietly.

“And be a family!” Suddenly there was panic in her voice. “Please don’t tell anybody we’re here alone! It’s only for three nights a week!”

“Calm down, it’s okay,” I cut her off as I looked around. The apartment wasn’t stocked like the others in the complex. It was sparse. Two couches, entertainment center and TV along with a dining room table. But everything was neat and clean. And there were toys and dolls for the kids and educational primers on the table. I couldn’t tell if I wanted to slap or hug these women. Didn’t know them well enough, I guess.

Suddenly I could hear footsteps in the hallway. I ran up and put my ear to the door and was relieved to hear someone enter a neighboring apartment on this floor.

I turned back to the girls. “Okay, kids, listen carefully. I’m not going to tell anyone you’re home alone, got that? Now you have to promise not to tell anyone I was peeking through your window, deal? Good. Now, what time do your moms get home?”

Becky froze. Beth was also thinking the same thing. “They get off from their job at the restaurant at ten. Are you going to tell them…?”

I smiled. “How am I gonna tell what you two were doing if I wasn’t here? I just want to make sure you two will be okay on your own.”

“We always are,” Beth said with a bit of pride.

My mind was racing. There was a demon toddler upstairs doing God knows what, and I knew that my coming in the balcony like I just had and racing out the door like I was just about to must have seemed totally unreal to these kids. Well, it would certainly be a moment to remember.

I don’t know what made me so bold at that moment. I thought I might give the girls a quick hug before I left, but as they just stood there I reached out and took Beth’s hand, brought it up to my nose and found the scent of Becky on her finger. I sucked it into my mouth, swirled my tongue around it, then smiled. “Mmm, very tasty.”

Their mouths were still hanging open as I left.

I ran upstairs. Thank God the door was unlocked. The first thing I saw was the stove. The little monster had turned on all four gas stoves and the kitchen was getting hot. After turning them off I hunted down Amanda and found her on the balcony, looking down — to see if I had jumped off, I guess.

She tried to run past me but I caught her arm, brought her to the couch and proceeded to give her the spanking she deserved. Her mother had told me in no uncertain terms that Amanda was to be spanked when she was bad.

Mrs. Carlson entered as I was administering the last few smacks.

“Bad night?” she grinned.

I let the child go, and she went screaming into her bedroom. “Sorry, Mrs. Carlson, but she locked me out on the balcony.”

She shook her head. “No need to apologize, Stevie. You did the right thing.”

Mrs. Carlson had a dazed, contented look on her face. That must have been some damn good loving she had. She looked at her watch and frowned, then picked through her purse to hand me my fee. When I took the money, I could tell that she reeked of sex.

She rushed me out the door. “Thank you, Stevie. See you next week.” I knew she was in a hurry to get into the shower.

In the hallway I saw that she’d given me twice what she usually paid, decided that she meant to do that and hopped down the stairs. I stopped for a moment outside Beth and Becky’s door, not sure why, and was about to keep going when the door popped open. The girls came out just as I was starting down the stairs. I paused in mid-step.

Finally, Beth spoke. “You’re a babysitter, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. So?”

She whispered to Becky, who nodded her head eagerly to whatever Beth said… and she reached into the pocket of her pants, took something out, and poked at it. Then she smiled up at me and held out what seemed to be three crumpled dollar bills and some change.

“Can you… can you babysit us?”

Oh, for crying out loud. Here this kid was standing with Disney doe eyes and what had to be her life’s savings, and all I wanted to do was to hook up with Joanne and do nasty things to her. I saw Becky peeking shyly at me, her toe scuffing the carpet. I studied Beth as he stood there with her arm stretched out offering the ball of green; I felt like I could put her in my shirt pocket and carry her around.

I knew inside I was thinking of talking to their mothers, maybe offer them a budget deal on babysitting or something. No promises. School would be starting soon, anyway. It wasn’t really my concern. It’s just that I didn’t like the idea of these two being unsupervised… oh, hell.

I took the money, walked into the apartment, then laid the bills and change down on the table, feeling pissed off and proud of myself at the same time. I wasn’t sure why.

The little imps — both ten, it turns out — stood together with excited looks and nervous giggles. They were lovely creatures, I had to admit it.

“Okay, I can’t stay the whole time… and I probably shouldn’t meet your moms this way. So let’s keep this a secret between us, okay?” They both nodded. “Now, what about dinner?”

Becky, it seems, was in charge here. “Take the dish from the fridge. Leave the foil on tight. Bake at 375 degrees for forty-five minutes. Take the foil off, CAREFULLY! Bake for another ten minutes. Microwave the corn that’s in the orange Tupperware. We get one piece of toast each and milk, not soda.”

“Becky washes, I dry,” Beth intoned, “Bath is at seven. We take turns and clean ourselves up good. Don’t leave a mess in the bathroom. We can stay up till nine.”

“Jeez, I’m impressed. What the heck do you need me for?”

“Company!” they chimed.

The meal went well, and I found I was enjoying myself. I called Joanne and told her another job had come up, but we would not be able to get together tonight. One of the moms called to make sure all was well, and the girls, as instructed, didn’t mention me. As the tykes methodically went through their dishwashing ritual, I sat, sipped a soda, and watched their little butts scurry about the kitchen.

The image of Becky’s bare bottom preyed on my mind, and I soon came to realize that the girls were viewing me pretty much the same way. At the dinner table, they kept stealing glances at my boobs through the concert t-shirt I wore, smiling secretly at each other.

Soon we were sitting on the couch, where I kicked off my shoes and got the lowdown from the girls about their moms.

“Her mom and my mom moved in together two months ago,” Beth told me matter-of-factly, “Becky is my new sister.”

“They lost all their money when Beth’s dad left.” Becky volunteered, “but now we’re together, and we’ll be just fine.”

Beth leaned forward and whispered, “Our moms are gay, but they don’t want us to know that.”

“Yeah,” Becky said, “so we pretend we don’t know!” They both broke into giggles.

I had to admit these tykes were growing on me. I’d never had a sister and loved the thought of suddenly acquiring two. It turned quiet for a moment. I became conscious of the fact that I had a girl sitting on each side of me and that they were staring at me intently, as if I was about to say Important Things. I could feel the heat of their bodies as they sat close to me.

“Thank you for not telling on us.” Beth piped up. “Um, you know.”

I looked down at Becky and her soft round face blushed. Despite her slight chunkiness, she was very pretty with small doll-like features that I could tell would evolve into Linda Ronstadt-like beauty. Beth had a natural loveliness, that wholesome All-American girl look. I felt my body starting to tingle as they sat closer, almost leaning into me. I could feel their eyes regularly shifting to my chest when they could.

I cleared my throat. “So. How long have you two been, you know, playing Doctor?”

They both blushed and looked down, then glanced at each other and smiled like secret lovers. “Yesterday.” Beth confessed, “And then today.”

“It was last night!” Becky lost her shyness for a moment, then turned quiet. “We, um, found a magazine in Mom’s drawer.”

Lesbian stuff.” Beth took over, “It was a little while before our moms came home, so we had to pretend to be asleep. But we looked at the pictures, then we looked in the mirror and we looked at each other and…” She smiled shyly, making a cute face.

I couldn’t keep from smiling. “And did you like what you saw?”

Beth grinned sheepishly and nodded. “Only… the pictures were of women and they had, like, hair and … boobs. And we know we’ll have that stuff when we grow up and all, but we… well we thought the pictures were really good and, um…”

“Can we see your boobs?” Becky blurted out. She then clapped her hands over her mouth, in shock at her own bluntness.

“Becky!” Beth hissed. Obviously, this subject was not supposed to be broached so soon.

I laughed out loud. It was an honest laugh. As a typical Cynical Teenager, I realized that I didn’t laugh like that too often. The girls, taking it wrongly, looked disheartened.

I hastened to reassure them. “Honestly, ladies, I’m quite flattered. Really, I am. But don’t you — I mean, haven’t you seen your moms’ boobs? Like, when they get dressed?”

“They don’t want us to know they’re gay, so I guess they don’t want us to see them naked, either,” Becky said as if that explained it all.

“Besides,” Beth said, “my mom doesn’t really have big ones. Neither does Becky’s.”

“Not as big as yours, anyways!” Becky exclaimed. She glanced at my chest, her eyes widened for a second, and then she nervously looked up at me, clearly flustered by what she’d seen. When I heard a small gasp from Beth, I looked down to see that my nipples had hardened, and were quite visible through my t-shirt. I was wearing my sexiest bra, one that didn’t conceal much.

Now I blushed and smiled. This world on the couch was now feeling closer and cozier.

Okay, let’s face it. I had now taken a hard left into Horny. And the thing is, I knew I was feeling something both familiar and strange at the same time while I hung out with these kids. Being a lesbian was nothing new to me, but this sudden sexual attraction I felt for these two cute little pixies, that blew my mind. I knew then that the oddness I’d been feeling was an urge to run my hands over their little-girl bodies.

I needed time to think about this. Three, maybe five minutes.

“Umm, Isn’t it time for your baths?”

“No, it’s early — OOWW!” Beth had kicked Becky’s shin.

“Actually, it is time for our baths,” Beth declared while Becky gave her a dirty look. We’ll go start the water.” The girls jumped up and ran to the hallway, stopped and turned to wait for me to follow them. I did.

The bathroom was spotless. It was also warm. The room was dotted with little fishes on the wall, and colorful Barbie bath products sat about the place. A thick long rug seemed to invite my bare feet to test its plushness. As the tub filled, Becky swished her hand through the water to check the temperature.

The sight of these little ones standing in front of a tub filled with steaming hot water made my heart melt like a snowball in an oven. Becky was still wearing her dress, Beth had her jeans on but had taken off her top and was modestly holding it over her flat chest. They were waiting for me to decide what would happen next.

I shut the bathroom door, pushed the lock in, and walked over to the toilet. I closed the lid and sat down, letting the humid warm vapors of the bathwater intoxicate me. I held out my arms and drew the young ones close to me, one girl, on either side. My hands began caressing their backs and Beth’s bare skin felt like velvet.

I looked into their faces, so entranced by their soft, young lips that I almost faltered in trying to sound serious. “Now you know we can’t tell anyone about this, right?”

“We know.” the girls said simultaneously and I felt strangely safe with this. I plucked Beth’s shirt from her hands and delighted at her flat chest and the puffy pink gumdrops that were her nipples. I playfully put my fingertips to each one and they grew into even bigger puffy pink gumdrops. Her body gave a shiver, and she giggled nervously. I remembered from experience that in playing ‘Doctor’ the emphasis was on exploration of the genitals. I figured I’d start these angels on what I always found erogenous.

“Watch this,” I winked to Becky and, like a vampire, descended on Beth’s nipple and heard her cry out ‘ohhh’ when my lips surrounded her mushroom bud. It felt rather strange not to feel my face push into a pillowy tit like my girlfriend’s. I wondered if the child was enjoying this, then I felt her arms wrap gently around my head, cradling me closer to her chest. I released her nipple with a loud pop, then chuckled at her expression of dazed arousal.

Becky had been watching with rapt curiosity and a bit of jealousy, so I reached under my shirt and unsnapped the front of my bra, took her hand and placed it on my bare breast. She glided her small hands over my boob as if shaping it, stopping to feel the hard nipple. Beth took charge of the other one and I sat back, marveling at two seven-year-olds feeling me up.

I could feel my pussy throbbing as their curious fingers molded and kneaded my sensitive orbs, each girl exploring me in her own way. They squealed with glee when I pulled my top off and really went to town, feeling the bottom swell of my breasts and tweaking the pointy tips. Feeling increasingly lightheaded, I began to stroke the girls’ hair and arms.

“That feels wonderful, ladies.” I could tell they loved it when I called them that. “Tell me, do you ever make yourselves feel good at night?”

Becky was on her knees, her face just inches from my swollen nipple. She paused at the question.

Beth replied first, though. “She wants to know if you come, Becky. Remember? Like I told you.” She looked at me and proudly said, “I can arggasm! Becky can’t, not yet. She told me.”

“I can too!” Becky said with an uncertain air. “I think.”

“Of course you can, honey,” I assured her, between gasps as Beth had decided to bury her face in my breasts. My, this child had potential. “You probably already have, you just haven’t given it your full attention yet. Now do me a favor and suck that nipple and I’ll show you what it’s like.”

I was feverishly horny as I popped my jeans and shoved a hand inside my panties. I was ready for a quick ‘arggasm’ and with two children suckling me I came as soon as my finger flipped across my clit. I tried to keep it reserved, so as not to scare the girls, but my body convulsed and shuddered as I came in for a landing.

When I refocused, both girls were watching me, their mouths agape. “Wow,” Beth said, eyes wide and grinning. I suspected that she hadn’t learned to come like that just yet.

“Are you okay?” Becky asked.

I guess I had that lazy smile that comes from a good explosion. “I’m wonderful, Becky. And I owe it all to you two.” They looked at each other and smiled proudly when I said that.

I pulled my hand out of my pants and absentmindedly twirled my gooey fingertip around the tip of my breast. It’s something I’ve always done, I guess. I was about to make a new suggestion when Beth lunged forward and suckled me anew, tasting the pussy juice I had traced on my nipple. Becky watched as I sucked the remaining honey from my finger, and I thrilled at the realization that I was about to do some serious teaching here.

Reaching around, I began gripping and groping the girls’ backsides through their clothes. It was an amazing sensation. It felt like I could grab Beth’s whole bottom in one hand, she was so petite. Becky had a bit more flesh to her and her thin dress allowed me to move her pliant cheeks about, gently squeezing her buns.

It was when they stripped completely that I knew that I was now a card-carrying member of the girl-lover’s club. Their flat boyish bodies, devoid of hips and beautifully smooth; the pink round nipples and, of course, those lovely soft-looking slits, each filling me with a longing to part those sweet lips for a peek at the treasures inside.

Slow down, I thought, let’s see what the girls think when I get naked. “Why don’t you finish undressing me?” I said.

They eagerly pulled off my pants and panties, then began to explore my bare body. I stood with my hands on my hips, legs apart as they explored every nook and cranny below my waist. They ‘oohed’ as they ran their fingers through my pubes. I noticed they were very much into scents as they sniffed around my pussy and ass.

Each took turns spreading my cunt-lips and cheeks and putting their noses up close to draw in my honey-laced muskiness. Oh, how I wanted them to push their tongues into me but I knew that, despite what they’d seen in a lesbian mag, I would have to lead by example.

First, I showed them how to kiss. I kissed Beth’s tender lips and, after some light pressing, let my tongue slip into her cool mouth. I could hear her sigh as I did this. When we broke apart, I suggested that she try that with her new sister. Soon she was kissing Becky with an affection that warmed my heart. I fought very hard not to finger myself while I watched.

As Becky laid back on the soft rug, I positioned myself over her as if doing a push-up. She giggled in anticipation as I lowered myself slowly, my boobs settling on her boyish chest. I let my body cover her as I kissed her mouth and then nibbled my way down her small frame. She got ticklish around her belly-button, which I tongued to her delight, but grew silent as I neared her hairless pussy.

As I gazed at the smooth crack, I could smell her little-girl perfume — and I swear, it was getting me high. Beth had crouched down and her face was inches from mine, watching every move I made. I reverently peeled Becky’s lips apart and my eyes and nose savored the pink flesh and sweet aroma of this lovely nude cherub.

She was delicious, to say the least. She gave a surprised sound as my tongue snaked into her tight hole with a circular, scooping motion, then moved up to her little bud, which I suckled gently, lost in this child’s body as I held her ass cheeks in my hands and feasted away.

I stopped and turned to Beth, who didn’t realize her tongue was protruding from her mouth as she watched me. “Take care of Becky’s nipples, sweetie. Both of them. It’s what sisters do.”

She did. I lapped away as I saw Beth’s baby-doll lips encircle her new sister’s nipple as she tweaked the other one with appropriately petite fingers. Soon Becky was panting and moaning. She started to draw her legs up so I helped her along and held them high, my mouth glued to her bald cunt. This exposed her little rosebud to me, and I just had to taste her there. I felt her wrinkled hole tighten as my lips gave it a puckered kiss. Concentrating on her slit, I nonetheless kept licking her anus when I was in the neighborhood, feeling it flex open and shut with every swipe of my tongue.

Her gasps became fast and furious as I ran my tongue back and forth, from her ass to her pussy. At one point I wrapped my lips around her clit and held it there, flicking it furiously with my tongue. Little Becky’s body began shaking and shuddering to the point that, as she climaxed, I think she peed a little into my mouth.

When I looked up, my chin was soaked with her juices and Becky had a flush of red across her chest as she lay there panting. Beth was stroking her face gently and looking at me, half-waiting for assurance that her sister was fine.

“Now that,” I said with a grin, “was a real arggasm.”

Beth insisted that it was her turn next, and that was the way the evening went. To prevent sibling rivalry, I gave equal attention to both girls; licking one and then the other, making sure they came the same amount of times. They would take turns with my body, exploring and examining, asking questions while licking my pussy.

I came two more times for them. Once, doing what I did the first time, only without my pants obstructing the view. They delighted in licking my juices from that one. The second one was probably a little odd to them; in my horny state I rubbed my slick wet cunt lips on Becky’s buns, humping her until I came again.

I was just getting started on the fine art of sixty-nining when I checked my watch. Damn. There was so much I wanted to do with these little imps, and the time had passed so quickly. I knew they needed time to get the bathroom and themselves cleaned up, so I reluctantly called things to a halt.

We soaked in the tub for about fifteen minutes, caressing and teasing each other, then I climbed out and got dressed. I guess I expected the girls to protest my having to leave, but they were in a state of dreamy exhaustion. We wiped the bathroom spotless, and I poured some bubble-gum bubble bath in the tub before pulling the shower curtain closed, to help cover up any tell-tale sex smells.

I told the girls to get ready for bed before I left, and they came back in lovely pink pajamas.

At the door, I asked if they would like to see me again and they lit up “Yes! Yes! Yes!” It blew me away. I was in love with these girls.

“Okay,” I said, “I’ll figure out how to approach your moms and offer them a deal. I’m sure they don’t have this kind of schedule every night, right? Well, we’ll do what we can.”

The girls gleefully clapped and cheered. I made another attempt to make sure that they both understood the importance of keeping this a secret, but the kids frowned at me for even trying. I guess I knew that they could be trusted.

I knelt down and hugged them both. Sweet things, I could tell they were going to sleep soundly that night.

“Tell me, ladies… are you sure your moms never give you your baths?”

“Nope. Never,” Becky said.

“We always wash ourselves,” Beth stated.

“Good. Turn around. Both of you. And bend over.”

They looked at each but did so and I pulled Beth’s pajamas down and pulled her cheeks apart, gave her little rosebud a kiss and then a quick hard suck just to the side of it. I did the same to Becky and pulled their pants back up. Beth still had a look of surprise. The hickeys were light and would be gone in a few days, but they would be visible to the two ten-year-olds until then.

“What was that?” Becky asked, smiling with a tinge of embarrassment as she rubbed her butt.

“That, ladies, is the mark of a good babysitter.”

The End




  • Posted on January 11, 2020 at 4:13 pm

by A.P. Gilmore

Reworked by JetBoy for Juicy Secrets

{ This story was originally posted at Lesbian Lolita in March 2008 }

When it happened, it was a hell of a shock. It started with a loud noise from above, we felt ourselves falling, then everything stopped with a loud screech. There we were, my daughter Sophie and me, trapped in the elevator.

I had taken my daughter with me to work, intending to stop there on our way to the mall. Sophie needed some new clothes, and as I hadn’t had enough real quality time with her in awhile, I took the day off and made plans to take her shopping. But the office called up to ask me to sign some crucial documents, so I had to go in for a few minutes, bringing my daughter with me so we could head straight for the mall afterwards. I worked on the 27th floor of a building in San Francisco, a litigator for a very old and successful law firm.

We’d been there for about ten minutes while Sophie sat at my desk, surfing the net on my computer… then we left, ready for a nice lunch together.

We were in the elevator and heading down to the lobby when somewhere near the ninth floor a mighty shudder hit. I instantly knew that we were in the midst of an earthquake. Suddenly we were plummeting, and Sophie and I were screaming in terror.

We dropped nearly to the bottom before the emergency brakes kicked in, bringing us to a screeching halt that made my ears ring.

“Mom, what happened?” she cried. We’d both been thrown to the floor. I held Sophie close to me, and even though I had relaxed a bit, my daughter was squeezing me with all her strength. The emergency lights were on, so at least we weren’t trapped in the dark.

“I think that was an earthquake… must have been pretty big, too, to cause the elevator to fall like it did.”

“Are we g-going to die?” Her voice was small, fearful.

“Sophie, I won’t lie to you… we’re in a jam, but I have to believe that once people realize we’re missing, they’ll figure out where we are and find us. But… with everything that might have happened, people might be too busy to help others at the moment.  So try to stay calm. I know it will be difficult, but let’s be strong for each other. Okay?”

It was a lot to ask of a fourteen-year-old, but she finally nodded in agreement. “Okay, Mom. I — I’ll try not to be so scared.”

“So maybe while we wait, we should just talk — to take our minds off things,” I murmured.

“Okay, what should we talk about?”

“Anything… let’s start with school, how are things going with you? What’s new?”

Sophie shrugged. “Oh, nothing much. Melissa has a new boyfriend.”

“Hmm. Have you got a boyfriend?”

“Mom, don’t ask me that, it’s embarrassing.”

I frowned. This wouldn’t do — I wanted my daughter to feel like she could talk to me about these kinds of things.

Suddenly, I got an idea. “Imagine there is a book in my hand,” I told her.

She seemed confused, but nodded. “O-okay. So… what book is it?”

“It’s the invisible book of rules about what moms and their kids aren’t supposed to talk about with one another. While we’re stuck in here, honey, I’m going to throw the book away. So until we are rescued, we can talk about anything, and we both should answer honestly. Whatever happens in this lift, stays in this lift. Okay, Sophie?”

“Okay, Mom. Um, I haven’t got a boyfriend, ’cause the boy I liked is going out with Melissa.”

“That’s a shame, honey. Anybody else you like?”

“Not really… I’m just not into boys that much. Most of ‘em are pretty dumb. Maybe I should wait a few years.”

“Life is too short to wait for things to happen, though. It’s awful if, years later, you regret not trying to get what you want.”

“So… do you regret anything that way?”

I took a deep breath, nodded and spoke. “Claire Armstrong.”

“Who is Claire Armstrong?”

“When I was going to college before I met your father, Claire was my roommate… and my best friend.”

“So what do you regret about her?”

I took another deep breath. “Never telling her I loved her, that I wanted to have sex with her.”

Her eyes went wide. “You mean like… boy and girl sex?”

“Yes, sort of, but… well, you know how sex can be enjoyed by two people of the same sex, like a woman with another woman, right? That’s what I wanted with Claire.”

“So, you really were in love with her?”

“Yes, very much. We’d known each other for about six months when I realized I liked her as more than a friend… much more. I wanted to at least talk to her about my feelings, but, well… she had a boyfriend and I never got the chance to say anything. Then I met your dad, not long after that. We got married, and I never saw Claire again.”

“Hmmm. Is that your only regret?”

“Not really, but it has been on my mind for years.” I paused, lost in thought. Deciding to be completely honest with Sophie, I added, “I often think about what it would be like… to make love with a woman. Just to see if I’d enjoy it.”

“That’s really sweet, Mom. Maybe when we get out of here, you could find Claire and tell her how you feel.”


She nibbled at her lower lip for a moment, then spoke. “I had a dream like that… about, um, being with Melissa, not so long ago. I was kissing her and… and stuff.”

I was intrigued, especially after what I had just told her — and, truth be told, a little aroused. “So… what happened? In your dream, I mean.”

“Well I had gym class that day… and I just happened to get a real good look at Melissa in the shower. She’s really pretty, Mom, and she has a nice body.” She paused. “So, um, that night I dreamed of her naked… and I was naked too. She came up and kissed me… and we kinda, well, touched each other.”

I nodded. Goodness, my daughter was having lesbian fantasies. I’d been interested in that kind of thing since I was a junior in high school, so I could relate to Sophie’s feelings. That included my girl’s attraction to her best friend Melissa, who was a major cutie.

Carefully I asked her, “Do you think you might like girls?”

“I don’t really know, I never knew girls could touch each other like that.” She thought for a moment. “I like girls better than boys, I think.”

“Hmm. You could like girls sexually. Maybe you should experiment with a girl sometime, make out with her a little bit and see how it makes you feel.” Deciding to throw restraint to the winds, I asked Sophie, “Do you masturbate?”

She blushed furiously, but managed to keep her cool. “Yeah, s-sometimes… why?”

“Well, if you like thinking about girls much more than boys when you touch yourself, then that’s a strong sign that you were meant to have a female lover. There’s nothing at all wrong with that, honey. We all want a romantic partner who can make us feel warm and tingly all over… and sometimes a woman simply needs to be with another woman.”

“Do you get that feeling with Dad?”

“Not really. He’s a good man, though, and I do love him… but I guess not completely.”

“Maybe you like girls more, Mom.”

“Maybe I do, honey. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, that’s true.”

She paused, then shyly asked, “Do you like to masturbate, too?”

Ordinarily, this would have been an awkward subject to talk about with my daughter. Right then, though, I was feeling anything but uncomfortable. In fact, I was actually getting wet from all this sex talk, especially now that I was remembering Claire.

“Of course I do, honey. Why do you ask?”

“I… I’m feeling all tingly and excited, Mom, and… well, I’d kinda like to, um, do it now. Touch myself, I mean. Can I, please?”

My heart began to throb with excitement. “S-sure, baby, you can… remember, we threw out the rule book for now, so go ahead. Make yourself feel good.”

Sophie unfastened her jeans, began to tug them down, then stopped, gazing shyly at me. “Do you want to touch yourself too, Mom?” she softly said. “You… you could if you wanted.” She blushed, suddenly unable to meet my eyes. “I’d, um, like to watch.”

I couldn’t believe what my daughter was saying, but I’d be lying if I said that the idea didn’t seem strangely inviting. “Why would you want to watch me masturbate?”

“Because… well, it would be really hot, Mom… you’re still t-totally sexy, you know… and I like the idea of, of d-doing that with you.” She giggled. “I want to with Melissa, but I’m afraid to ask her.” She gave me the sweetest smile. “Please, Mom?”

God, I knew that this was totally out of bounds… definitely not the sort of thing a mother should do with her daughter. But part of me was incredibly excited by all this, and I wanted so badly to get myself off. I made a decision.

“Okay, honey, I’ll masturbate with you… I can watch you too, right?”

She eagerly nodded as she took off her jeans. I figured that she’d just touch herself inside her panties, but Sophie slipped them off, too. Now naked from the waist down, she sat back and spread her legs as I studied her.

I had a lovely view of her pussy. At fourteen she seemed very nicely developed, with a light tuft of honey-blonde pubes. As I tugged off my own panties, I found myself wondering what the rest of her body looked like.

As she began to gently touch her pussy, I pulled my skirt up to my waist so Sophie could see my naked cunt. She gazed wide-eyed at it for a moment, then smiled at me as she cupped her vulva.

“You have a pretty pussy, Mom,” she cooed.

“Yours is beautiful too, angel,” I sighed as I began to fondle myself.

The elevator was quiet, except for the soft coos and moans we both began to make — and, soon enough, the wet sounds of our pussies as our fingering grew in intensity. I slipped two digits inside myself, just as my other hand began to unbutton enough of my blouse for me to slide a hand inside and caress my throbbing nipples.

Sophie copied me, reaching beneath her t-shirt to touch her own budding breasts. I was really turned on now, and removed my hand from inside my top, slipping it between my thighs to tease my clit while I fucked myself with the other hand — fingers pumping in and out in time with my heavy breathing.

Watching Sophie pleasure herself was just about the hottest sight imaginable. All I could think of was how beautiful my daughter was. I could not keep my lower body still as I began to move against my fingers, steadily edging toward what promised to be an earth-shaking orgasm. Sophie was clearly getting close herself — she was whimpering, her fluttering eyes drifting shut.

“Sophie… open your eyes, w-watch me come,” I moaned, needing my daughter to witness my climax more than anything in the world at that moment. I wanted her to see how turned on she made me, just by being there.

I guess she got even hotter, because Sophie suddenly began to pant furiously. “Oh, Mom, this feels so amazing — I’m g-going to come too!” she gasped, then cried out as she burst into orgasm.

It was an amazing sight; one that had me moaning in a climax of my own just seconds later. We both rode the crazy roller coaster of ecstasy, Sophie and I staring wide-eyed at one another as we came.

Finally we both sat slumped against the walls of the elevator, dazed and blissful.

After a few minutes, Sophie broke the silence.  “Wow, Mom… it’s never felt that good before.”

“For me either.” I gazed contentedly at my child. “I always wondered what it would be like to watch another woman masturbate. You are incredibly sexy, angel… and you made me come harder than I have in ages.”

“I did?” she cooed. I nodded.

She thought for a moment, then looking up at me, shyly spoke. “Mom… can I see what you look like with all your clothes off? I’ve never really seen a grown woman naked before… and even though you’re my mother, I would like to see you. Really see you.”

I knew where this might be headed, but was not about to stop now. If our lives were soon to end, I wanted to partake of this sweet, sensual experience that now offered itself to me. And even though Sophie was my daughter, I was getting a strong sense that maybe — just maybe — she wanted the same thing I did.

I’d never known I could feel this way, though it must have been lurking inside me before today. It was incredibly perverted, but I wanted to make love to my baby girl.

“Yes,” I replied, my heart going like sixty, “but I’d like to see you naked too, honey.”

She smiled and nodded her head, rising to her feet, then we began to undress ourselves fingers made clumsy with excitement. God, were we really going to bare our bodies for one another, just as we had our souls?

I stood and unbuttoned the rest of my blouse, removing it and then my skirt, then lastly my bra. Sophie slipped off her t-shirt, revealing her bare breasts.

Then we both just stood before each other, completely naked. Sophie’s breasts were lovely, still in the budding stage, and her hips were beginning to develop a womanly contour. God, she was such a flawless young woman. I felt almost tipsy at the sight of her, my pussy already becoming wet once more. Precious child.

My breasts had begun to sag a bit, but Sophie seemed to like them. She stared intently at my nudity as we faced one another, eyes dancing with excitement. I studied her body and face in awe — how amazing she was, how beautiful. How much I wanted her then.

Finally, I licked my lips and spoke. “Have you ever been kissed, Sophie?”

She shook her head.

“Would you like to try it with me?” I whispered.

She stood motionless for a moment — and just as I began to fear that I’d gone too far, my daughter smiled and softly said, “Yes.”

I moved closer towards her… without a word, we embraced. Our naked bodies were pressed together, and I gazed deep into my baby’s eyes as I brought my lips to hers. When our mouths touched, my daughter and I became lost in the most amazing kiss.

Sophie was a little clumsy at first, but she followed my lead, and our kiss quickly became increasingly sensual. I nibbled gently at her lower lip, then lightly teased it with the tip of my tongue. Her lips parted, and I slipped my tongue into her mouth, kissing my daughter like a lover. She moaned, tilting her head as if to welcome me.

My hands slid down to cup Sophie’s bare bottom, drawing her tightly against me. Then her tongue shyly began to engage with mine, probing tentatively between my lips. I sucked it gently to encourage her. Soon her passion had risen to match my own, and we were kissing hungrily, our mouths sliding moistly together.

Sophie was trembling with excitement, grinding her slender body against my nakedness. Her thigh was pressing into my pussy in a delicious way, and I responded, easing my leg between hers until I felt the warmth of her slit touch my skin. And all the while we continued to kiss, again and again, as if we’d never get enough.

It was taboo, a sin. It was incest. Lesbian incest, with my 14-year old daughter… and I had never been so aroused in my life. I didn’t care how wrong it was, what Sophie and I were doing — or maybe that was what excited me so.

I could have kissed Sophie for hours, gladly — but I was hungry for more. The girl’s lips were delicious, her bare body sweet against mine, but now I yearned to taste the forbidden fruit of my daughter’s cunt.

Gently breaking away, I took Sophie’s hands in my own. “Honey, if these are our last few hours together, I want to share them with you in a special way. I… I want to make love to you, baby… would you like that?”

She gazed at me, her eyes shining with adoration. “Yes, Mom, I would. I don’t want to die a virgin. I want to know what sex is like… and I’d like you to be my first. I love you so much, and you are so beautiful.”

I took my skirt and spread it out on the floor, making an improvised bed for my child. Then I lay Sophie down upon it, kneeling next to her, touching her naked body… her arms, her shoulders, her tummy, her thighs. I allowed my fingers to caress my daughter’s budding breasts, brushing her nipples until they stiffened for me. I was smitten — a woman in love.

“Oh, baby… I have never, ever seen anybody as perfect as you.” I whispered. I leaned down to kiss Sophie again, my tongue darting into her mouth. She eagerly responded, kissing me back with an intensity that made my head spin.

Hungry for more of her, I nuzzled my way down to Sophie’s neck, placing a trail of kisses upon her sweet-smelling skin, smelling of the peach body wash she used. I licked a path between her breasts, then extended my tongue to tease my child’s left nipple before taking it into my mouth to suckle. “Oh, Mom,” she sighed, “that feels… wonderful.”

Her hand tentatively sought out my own breast, and I moaned around Sophie’s nipple as she fondled the tip to an aching hardness. Then I moved to my baby’s other breast, giving it the same loving attention.

Sophie was moaning loudly now, trying to grind her vulva against my leg, so I knew she was ready to experience oral for the first time.

I slowly moved down her body, leaving a moist trail as I licked and kissed her angel-soft skin, pausing a moment to bury my face in her tummy. The intoxicating scent of her arousal grew stronger as I drew closer to her sex, and it made my mouth water.

And then I was lying between Sophie’s trembling legs, her eyes huge as she watched me study her flower. It was one of the loveliest things I’d ever seen — a dewy pink slit, framed by a sprinkling of soft blonde down. I licked my lips as I inhaled deeply, savoring how good she smelled… then slowly moved in to place a gentle kiss upon my daughter’s cunt. A tiny cry escaped her lips, and I kissed her again, this time allowing my lips to brush and linger against the moist flesh.

Then my tongue emerged to take that first sweet lick…

“Ooooh… Mom!” Sophie gasped.

My baby’s pussy was warm, wet and luscious. I delved into her eagerly, licking the rosy cleft of her cunt with long strokes of my tongue that began down near her anus and trailed up to tease at the tiny button of her clitoris. Sophie rested her hands upon my head, her fingers tangling in my hair she began to grind against my mouth. Her juices were thick and sweet.

Tilting my head to one side, I slipped my tongue inside her and French kissed her pussy, fucking her with my mouth. Her body was quivering from head to toe, fists clenched tightly as I ate her.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I’d been fantasizing about lesbian sex for ages, and now I was finally getting to experience it for the first time — with my own underage daughter! Everything about what I was doing was wrong — except for how utterly right it felt. This was sharing love in a new way, being closer to my child than ever before. How could we not do this? I thought.

As if Sophie were reading my mind, she began to moan, “I love you, Mom. I love you. I love you…”

I needed to really possess my sweet daughter, though — wanted to truly make her mine. I lifted my head and gazed adoringly at Sophie. “Sweetheart… do you really not want to be a virgin anymore?”

She was panting, her eyes wild. “N-no, Mom… and I want you to do it to me. I love you way more than any s-stupid boy.”

I kissed her mouth, suddenly on the verge of joyous tears. “Oh, my sweet baby, I love you too — so very much. I’m going to put my fingers inside you to break your hymen. It will be a little painful, but I’ll be gentle as I can.”

I dipped my face between my daughter’s thighs and began to lick her clitoris, then slowly, slowly slid my fingers inside her. I pressed into Sophie’s vagina as far as I could until my fingers were touching her maidenhead… then I began to move them in and out in a steady rhythm. She was already very wet, so my fingers moved about inside her tight cunt quite easily. Her trembling hands were resting on my head, holding my face to her.

I sucked her clit between my teeth and nibbled at it, Sophie crying out loud as her pleasure soared. Between fingering my baby’s cunt and the oral action I was giving her, she was getting closer and closer to a wrenching climax. I guided her to the very precipice, then just as that first blast of ecstasy shook her body, pushed my fingers against her hymen and broke through.

My daughter screamed in an unimaginable blending of sexual bliss and pain, jolts of pleasure shaking her body as she came, her head bumping lightly against the carpeted floor of the elevator with each delicious spasm.

Finally her thin frame slowed, then stilled; and I collapsed on the floor next to her, both of us panting for breath. My fingers were still inside Sophie’s vagina, and after a minute I slowly removed them. They were sticky with her sexual essence and a hint of pinkness that could only be blood. An impulse gripped me that I found impossible to resist.

My heart throbbed as I brought my sticky fingers to my lips and licked them, savoring the warm, honeyed wine of my daughter’s essence. I sucked them clean, then opened my eyes to see Sophie giving me a look of adoration that nearly made me cry.

“Oh, Mom,” she whispered. “That was the most amazing thing ever… I can’t even say how I feel, it’s like I don’t care if we die now, I’m just about as happy as I’ve ever been. C-can I have a kiss?”

I lay down next to my daughter, claiming her mouth with mine, kissing her passionately. Her tongue emerged to lick its way around my sticky lips, and she purred with delight. Drawing away, she cooed, “Wow — is that what my pussy tastes like?”

I smiled, stroking her cheek. “Yes, baby. Yummy, isn’t it?”

Sophie nodded. “Mmm-hmm. Can I do that to you, Mom? I want to make you feel good now.”

“I feel good already, Sophie. Making love to you made me happy. But if you really want to lick me, then you can.”

Her eyes were shining. “Oh, I do want to… I’d love to t-taste your pussy.”

I lay on my back, parting my thighs. “All right, sweetheart. Just do what I did to you.”

Sophie climbed on top of me and kissed me hotly, plunging her tongue into my waiting mouth. I relaxed, letting my little girl have her way with me. Her lips trailed down to my chin, then along the curve of my neck. I moaned with delight as she placed an open-mouthed kiss between my breasts.

“Oh, my sweet Sophie…” I breathed, “Mommy’s precious daughter — please kiss m-my nipples, yes…”

“Okay,” she cooed, and drew the tip of my right breast into the heat of her mouth. I got so turned on as her teeth gently grazed my areola, then she began to suck my nipple, flicking it with the tip of her tongue. After a while Sophie shifted over to my right breast to repeat her exquisite oral loving, then resumed her journey down my body, heading towards my pussy. She left a trail of wet kisses over my tummy, pausing to flick her tongue in and out of my belly button.

And then my naked child was lying between my legs, studying a woman’s sex up close for the first time, eyes wide with wonder. She studied, then gently touched my moist flower, and I shivered in anticipation as Sophie took her fingertips into her mouth to taste me. She licked her lips appreciatively, then lowered her face to my cunt and started to lick.

Sophie was cautious at first, but in seconds she was going down on me with everything she had, humming joyously as she licked and sucked at the pink flesh that lurked within my pubic curls. She might be new to this, but I had to give her high marks for sheer enthusiasm for the task. I began to pant with pleasure, my eyes rolling to the back of my head.

She raised her face from between my legs. “Your pussy is so pretty, Mom… and you taste so good!” Then she dove back in, her tongue exploring every inch of my vulva. It was lovely… but now I needed her to penetrate me.

“Put your fingers inside me, honey,” I gasped. “Mommy needs you to fuck her.”

My God — I don’t think I’d ever even used that word in front of my daughter. Now I was asking her to perform the very act of intercourse upon me. I needed to have my baby girl inside me, and I needed it now.

Sophie pushed two fingers into my vagina, and I moaned for another. She obliged, and began to work them in and out. It was amazing, but I suddenly realized that I could take all of her hand inside my body — and as soon as that thought hit me, I knew I had to make it happen.

“All of your fingers, Sophie!” I raved, half-delirious from pleasure and need. “Please, baby… put them all inside me.”

She paused in mid-motion… then a cry broke from my throat as I felt my daughter’s hand pushing its way into my vagina, one incredible inch at a time. She was opening my cunt with her bunched fingers, widening the entrance as her knuckles made it through. I was staring at the ceiling, trembling from head to toe, unable to speak.

Then with one last push, her hand was in me halfway up to her elbow… and I whimpered, fingers digging into the skirt on which I lay, biting my lower lip hard enough to draw blood. I managed to draw a deep breath, then spoke.

“Fuck me, Sophie,” I moaned, “fuck me hard!”

And that little hand began to move back and forth inside me, slowly at first.

She then started to lick around my clit as she fucked me, then she sucked it into her mouth — and the most intense orgasm I’d ever experienced smashed into my frame like a tidal wave. It was one shock of pleasure after the next, stealing the breath from my lungs. I clutched my daughter’s head to me, holding her hot, sucking mouth in place as she stimulated my clit with her lips, all the while churning her hand about inside her mommy’s vagina. It was the greatest climax I’d ever had… enough to make me faint.

I came to quickly, though, my eyes fluttering open, gazing up to see my sweet Sophie gently shaking me. She was a bit panicky, so I reached out and drew her into my arms.

“What’s the matter, honey?” I soothed… then I saw the excited light in her eyes.

She shushed me. “Listen!”  After a moment I heard banging coming from above us, I thought the building was about to collapse… that is, until I heard shouts of “Hello?” Muffled, but unmistakably human.

“Hello, hello — we’re in here!” I cried.  We heard a male voice shout that they would be with us as soon as possible.

“Hurry — get dressed,” I breathlessly told Sophie. She nodded, and we quickly struggled into our clothes. Once we got ourselves presentable, I lit a few matches to mask the scent of pussy. That done, we simply waited to be rescued.

Then Sophie turned to me, reaching for my hand. “What are we going to do now? I mean, what happens when we get home? Can we make love again?”

I was thinking about the same thing. “I don’t know, honey… what do you think we should do?”

“I loved what we did, Mom… and I want to do it all the time.”

“Well, I liked it too, Sophie. But once we’re out of this elevator, the rules are back — and it’s very dangerous for you and I to have sex.”

She nodded sadly. “I know. Does that mean we won’t… be together anymore?”

I took my daughter into my arms. “I don’t think I can help myself, baby. After what we did, I want more of you. Much more. We can be lovers, I think… but we have to keep it a secret.”

“Like from Dad?”

“Especially from your father. We both love him, so we have to be especially careful. He’d be very upset if he knew we were doing these things. Okay?”

“Okay, Mom. I love you. More than… than anything!”

“I love you too, baby,” I cooed, drawing my little girl into a hungry kiss.

We were rescued about thirty minutes later. The elevator was stuck a few feet from the bottom, but nowhere near a door exit, so we had to be pulled through the roof.

We went straight home; that night, my boss phoned to give me a week off from work. I told my husband that I would sleep with Sophie for a couple of nights, that she was still a little scared after everything that had happened. I didn’t want to lie to him, but I needed to be with Sophie, craved her little-girl body, wanted us to fuck again — and for that week, we did, over and over. My daughter and I are now deeply in love.

I am back at work now, and missing Sophie already. But it’s not so bad; she and I will have plenty of opportunities to share our bodies in the days to come. As long as we’re careful, my daughter and I can be lovers for a long, long time.

The End