A Model Companion, Part Two

  • Posted on October 26, 2021 at 3:05 pm

By Louisa May

“Hey, how come I have ninety-seven bags and you have two?” Valerie was scowling as she lugged her purchases into the elevator, Lara close behind.

“Because I am young and dainty, and you are my servant,” the girl replied.

“Hmmph,” mock-grumped Valerie, who had to admit to herself that little Lara was a dainty-looking creature. “What’s in those two bags, anyhow? Crammed full of brand new thongs for eleven-year-old supermodel Lara Lofgren, huh? Go on, admit it.”

“Hey!” Lara swung her bags at Valerie’s knees, a slight blush appearing on her pale cheeks. “I didn’t get any thongs, smarty! Oh! But yesterday, when me and Mom were at the grocery store? There were some older kids from school there, one of them bent over at the paying line, and we saw her thong! It was totally showing over her jeans!”

“It’s the style, I guess,” Valerie murmured as they arrived at her floor. The door slid open; they emerged.

“Yeah. My school’s getting so weird these days… yeek!” Lara exclaimed as Valerie opened the door to her apartment. “Oh! There’s something I wanted to tell you about.” She absently handed her packages to Valerie, who placed them on the floor by the couch with her own bags.

Valerie couldn’t help but be amused by Lara’s quicksilver tendency to shift the topic of discussion at the drop of a hat. Of course, she was only eleven. Seating herself on the arm of the couch, she murmured, “Tell me what?”

“Well.” Lara took the stage in front of Valerie, highly animated in white tennis shorts and Card Captor t-shirt, her small, delicate hands rising to frame the story. “Last week, at my friend’s house, her boyfriend was there, and he tried to kiss me!” She nodded sagely. Valerie’s brows rose. “Well, actually, he did kiss me. When Amber wasn’t there. And you know what?”


“He was So. Yucky. Eeeeuugghh!” She put both hands to her face. “He was, like, all sticking his tongue out, slobbering all over me… Uggghh!” She shuddered, then frowned at Valerie. “Is that how boys always kiss?”

“Well, it depends.” Valerie folded her arms across her chest. “I guess it’s how that boy kisses.”

“Well, if that’s kissing,” Lara seated herself on the coffee table, “I’m done with it. Forever.”

“Noooo… that’s definitely not kissing, not the way it’s supposed to be.”

“‘Cause, last summer a boy kissed me, and it was just… boring. Like a long, boring old movie.”

“Oh, Lara, kissing can be great.”

Lara looked up at Valerie, doubtful. “Really?”

“Sure.” Valerie tilted her head, observing the girl. “These guys were both amateurs. They don’t know any more about kissing than they do about… astronomy!”

Lara smiled. “Doofuses, you mean.”

“Yes. Doofuses, indeed.”

Lara took a big breath and let it out. “But I’m kind of a doofus too, I guess, ’cause I don’t know any more about kissing than they did.”

“Hm.” Valerie sat, her lower lip pushed out as she thought. She opened her mouth, then thought better of it. Lara looked up at Valerie, eyes wide; a questioning look.

Oh, what the hell. “You want to learn?” Valerie asked.

Lara’s eyes rose. “About kissing?” A grin, a blinding twinkle in her eye.

Valerie rolled her eyes. “No, astronomy. Doofus.”

Lara stuck her tongue out, then smiled shyly. “Um… maybe I do. Yeah.”

Valerie sat on the couch, then patted the cushion next to hers. Lara scrambled around the coffee table and plunked down next to her, legs together, hands clasped studiously in her lap.

“Okay.” Valerie took a breath. “Breathe in,” Lara did, a small, very intrigued smile on her face. “Now out.” Again, the child obliged. Valerie looked down at that pretty, pretty face and shook her head, dazzled by Laura’s innocent beauty. “I’m going to teach you by kissing you. Is that okay?” Lara gave a quick, very eager nod. “Okay.” She leaned over until they were almost touching nose to nose, the girl’s eyes widening as Valerie drew closer.

Just as her lips were about to brush Lara’s, Valerie sat back, considering. “Y’know…” she said, “why don’t you sit on my lap? It’ll be easier.”

Lara hastened to obey, resting her pert little bottom sideways on Valerie’s thighs, the child’s sneakered feet dangling down.

“Yeah, that’s better. Okay. Ready?”

Lara’s lips were trembling. “Yeah…”

Valerie smiled. “Boy, I never coached anyone through a kiss before, it feels a little strange. But. First.” She gazed into Lara’s wide, blue eyes. “You know how much I care about you, right?” Lara nodded. “And that you’re my best, best friend.”

Lara blushed, and her eyes filled a little. She took a deep breath, then almost whispered. “You’re my best, bestest friend too, Valerie.” She swallowed. “R-really.”

“Good. See, it’s all about kissing someone you care about. Otherwise, you might as well not bother.”

“Cause then,” Lara declared, “you’ll be kissing doofuses.”

Valerie grinned, and put a finger to Lara’s cute button nose. “Yep, that’s right. So first,” she leaned slowly into Lara’s face, “we say hi.” She touched noses, and looked cross-eyed into Lara’s eyes. “Hi.”

Lara giggled. “Hi.”

“Then a little touch, to get to know you.” She just brushed Lara’s soft, trembling lips with her own. “Now you do that to me.”

Lara closed her eyes and, puckering a bit, briefly touched her lips to Valerie’s mouth.

“There. Not too bad so far, huh?” Lara shook her head. “Good. Now let’s let our lips be relaxed, and just kiss and nibble for a little bit. Okay?”

“Um, okay.” Lara made a tragic, I-don’t-know-what-I’m-doing face.

“No, no, don’t tense up on me, sweetie. You’re doing great. My crystal ball predicts that you’re going to be an awesome kisser.”

“You — you really think so?”

“I know so. Now let’s do this.” Valerie leaned in, gently touched her lips to the corner of Lara’s mouth, then drew back. Lara hesitated for a couple of heartbeats, then did the same. Little bird kisses, thought Valerie. Then she moved in to playfully nibble Lara’s lower lip.

Catching Valerie by surprise, Lara responded by fastening, lightly, on her friend’s upper lip. She liked the feel of its plumpness. Valerie was so gentle, too — a far cry from stupid boys and their forceful way of kissing.

And as Valerie’s lips parted, Lara found her own smaller lips pleasantly surrounded by the woman’s warmth. Wanting more, she began to press forward, drifting into a warm, happy place she seemed to share with Valerie; the two of them reduced to lips, mouth, and breath.

So when the slow, warm thickness of Valerie’s tongue joined the dream, Lara could only meet it with her own, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She sensed a heat, a lovely, lovely longing, and felt a humming that seemed to radiate through her body.

Lara’s mouth and lips were open now as she surrendered completely to Valerie, her eyes squeezed shut. She drank Valerie up, breathing deeply through her nose. Every so often a little cry would escape her as she came up for air; then she’d dive back into the kiss, back into the lips and arms and love of her older friend.

Indeed, Lara had wrapped both arms around the woman, hugging her as tightly as she was able, vaguely aware of Valerie’s erect nipples, barely covered by her thin top.

With a stifled gasp, her pulse racing like mad, Valerie gently drew herself away from Lara. There was a soft wet kissing sound, and a thin string of saliva.

Lara sat statue-like, arms still open, eyes closed, her wet, pink lips slightly parted. After a moment, her eyes opened. She looked around as if she’d just descended back to earth from paradise.

Maybe she really did, Valerie thought. She gave the girl a hesitant smile. “Was that okay?”

Stunned into silence, Lara just stared at Valerie for the longest time — so long that Valerie started to grin, then to giggle.

Lara finally joined her, a near-hysterical edge to her laughter. When it wound down, she took a deep, deep breath, then another. Then, affecting a look of mild boredom, she shrugged. “Yeah, it was okay.” And she fell back onto the couch, squealing “Gaaaah!” Quickly sitting back up, she said, “Omigosh, Valerie! That was… whoa, it was the best thing ever!”

Valerie reached out to tap Lara’s bare knee. “So. Kissing can be good, right?”

The child slowly nodded. “Yes. Kissing can be good. Yes.” She gave Valerie a bashful smile, then added, “With you.”

Valerie looked down at her younger friend with a solemn smile. “Yes. Lucky me.” She touched Lara’s cheek. “And maybe, eventually, with the right guy.”

“No, thanks!” Lara said, making a face. “Buncha doofuses.”

“Some, not all,” Valerie stood. She picked up a bag. “Now. Shall we hit the swimming pool downstairs?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah!” Just like that, Lara was her usual bouncy self.

Valerie had retrieved a package and handed it to the girl. “For you, my lady.”

One glance had Lara bouncing even higher. She danced a butt-wiggle, the package raised triumphantly over her head. “Yay! I got a bikiiii-ni, I got a bikiiii-ni!”

Valerie had already begun to disrobe. As Lara quickly unwrapped her new bathing suit, she couldn’t help marvelling at her older friend’s wonderfully sensual body: the tight flat belly, the smooth, lithe thighs, and ohh, those breasts, the nipples still visibly swollen. But Lara’s most favorite part of Valerie was her luscious, apple-shaped bottom.

“Come on, hurry up, girl — the pool’s drying out!” Valerie said. Lara had slowed down, fascinated by the view of her older friend, and now hurriedly shucked the rest of her clothes.

Now naked but for her socks, Lara bent over to remove those as well. Just as she’d slipped off the left one, she heard Valerie say, “Wait.” Lara turned to look questioningly at Valerie, still holding her sock.

“I just had to look at you.” Valerie took a step closer. “SO perfect, my God.”

Lara was pleased, though she still felt a bit shy. She’d been naked with Valerie before, but never on display like this.

“You don’t mind letting me see all of you, right?” Lara quickly shook her head. She didn’t mind, not at all. “I love your skin, Lara. It’s… it’s absolutely flawless!”

“Thank you, Valerie,” the girl replied. “I like… you looking at me.”

It was more than just looking, really — Valerie was gazing at her as if she was a work of art. She put a hand on Lara’s shoulder, stroking the soft skin. “God. You’re amazing.” The hand traveled along the girl’s neck, then across the upper chest, just above her barely-there breasts, causing the nipples to stiffen.

“Now turn around,” said Valerie. Lara silently obeyed, feeling herself blush all over. That made her blush even more.

Valerie noticed, which only added to her arousal. Lara’s skin seemed so pale and fine that it was almost translucent. Unable to take her hand away, she allowed it to glide slowly down the girl’s back, enjoying the perfect smoothness. Then Valerie was cupping that perfect little bottom, slightly upthrust and rounded. The cheeks contracted to her touch. She felt the tension, how it almost raised Lara up on tiptoe.

Stepping away, nervously toying with her fingers, Valerie said, “Thanks, Lara. You — you’re a lovely girl.”

Lara seemed flustered — guilty, even. “I was… I didn’t…”

“It’s fine, kiddo.” Valerie lightly smacked Lara’s thigh, back to her cheerful self in an instant. “But now, we’ve gotta hustle if we want any quality pool time!”

Disoriented for a few heartbeats, Lara quickly struggled into her suit, then followed her friend into the hallway.


Two hours later, Lara and Valerie lay side by side, dozing peacefully.

They’d swam and cavorted in the pool for a good long while, then shambled back upstairs exhausted. So Valerie took out a silk nightie that was too small for her and offered it to Lara, then selected one for herself. Stripping out of their sodden bikinis, they donned the nighties, tucked themselves into Valerie’s bed and slept.

Slowly drifting into wakefulness, Valerie blinked her eyes open, then glanced to the left. There was little Lara, studying her intently.

Valerie hoisted herself into a sitting position, where she yawned and stretched. “Ooooggghhh! Good morning, Glory. Well, okay, it’s really afternoon. Have a good nap?”

“Uh-huh,” Lara said, then fell silent, continuing to gaze at Valerie.

Valerie smiled at the girl, waiting for her to speak, finally murmuring, “Yes?”

Lara took a breath; let it out. “Well…”

“What is it, sweetie? Is anything wrong?”

Lara let her head fall face-first into the side of Valerie’s pillow. After a long pause, she looked up. “Y’know this afternoon?”

Valerie shrugged. “I’m acquainted with it, sure.”

“Well, I… ohhh!” Once again, the child went face down into the pillow.

“Here,” Valerie said, reaching out for Lara, drawing her close, lying back until the girl was stretched out on top of her. Their eyes met, and Lara’s surprised look transformed itself into a blissful smile. Valerie smiled back. The girl rested on Valerie’s breast, listening to the beating of her friend’s heart.

“Feeling better?” Lara nodded, still listening. “Good. Now tell me what’s on your mind.”

Lifting her head slightly, Lara looked at Valerie. “When… when we were putting on our bathing suits, and…” She’s so adorable when she blushes, Valerie thought. “…and you were t-touching me…”

Valerie smoothed the back of her hand against Lara’s baby-soft cheek. “Ah, yes… when I was admiring that perfect skin of yours, right?”

Lara tilted her head into Valerie’s hand, like a friendly cat would. “Yeah… and when you were touching me… it made my bottom squunch up. ”

“Well, I guess it might’ve felt a little weird to you, that’s–”

“No, no!” Lara interrupted, shaking her head fiercely. “It wasn’t weird! I wanted you to touch me! But my bottom just… squunched up, all by itself! I didn’t squunch up, my bottom did!”

Valerie smiled. “Okay, my lovely little lady.” She carefully brushed a fine lock of blonde hair from Lara’s face. “Thank you for explaining.”

“Because…” Lara’s eyes flickered for an instant, peeking down the front of Valerie’s nightie. “Because I did want you to touch me, touch my bottom. I — I liked it.”

“Did you?”

Lara nodded. “Uh-huh.”

Valerie carefully placed her hand on Lara’s thin back. She stroked the girl through the silk, her fingers gliding up and down, up and down.

Lara’s eyes drifted shut, a blissful sigh escaping her lips. “Yeah… I like it when you touch me.”

Valerie allowed her hand to travel down the eleven-year-old’s back and over her bottom, coming to rest on the soft, bare skin of her upper thigh.

“Like that — all over,” the little girl whispered. “Oh, Valerie…”

Now the hand moved upwards, over the bare thigh, over the beginning of Lara’s taut bum. The silk nightie moved with her, and soon the child’s backside was completely uncovered. Valerie slowly circled the warm, bare globes, cupping each one in turn.

“Mmm…” Lara purred, resting her head on Valerie’s chest once more. After a few more caresses, her head popped up again. “Can I tell you a secret?”


Lara’s lips brushed Valerie’s ear as she whispered: “When you put Vaseline in my bottom, I really, really liked that.”

Valerie felt herself getting very, very turned on. She’d never dreamed that a girl this young could have such an effect on her, but the wetness between her legs was evidence enough. “You did, huh?”

“Uh-huh…” Lara’s bottom began to move along with Valerie’s hand. “Y’know what else?”

“What, you little devil?” Up close, Lara’s scent was intoxicating. Valerie breathed deeply of the delicate yet earthy aroma.

“Last night, I snuck the Vaseline out of Mom’s bathroom after she fell asleep… then when I was in bed, I sort of pretended my finger was your finger. I, um, dunked it in the Vaseline, then I put it in my b-bottom…” Her breathing was getting heavier.

Valerie whispered, “What if I pretended there was Vaseline on my finger? Would you like that?”

All Lara could do was nod, slowly spreading her legs in open invitation. Valerie trailed her finger down the girl’s spine until it nestled in the humid valley between her buttocks, smiling as Lara’s bottom rose to the touch. Valerie’s fingertip traced the tender, finely wrinkled cleft; Lara’s breath grew hot and urgent in her ear.

Now Valerie began to press forward, her finger circling the taut anus, seeking entry. And as she began to penetrate Lara’s rectum, the girl made a tiny mewing sound, a mew that grew into a choked cry when that probing digit entered her up to the third knuckle. Valerie began to withdraw, but Lara’s bottom clenched down on her finger.

The girl shook her head, almost violently. “N-no, no… don’t take it out,” Lara was trembling from head to toe, her forehead beaded with sweat. Looking up at Valerie with an angelic smile, she whispered, “Can you feel it? I’m not squunching you out, I’m squunching you IN.”

Lost in a surge of desire that left her dizzy, Valerie bent to nuzzle Lara’s elegant neck. The girl started, opening her eyes to gape at Valerie, then kissed her, immediately accepting Valerie’s questing tongue.

As their kisses became increasingly wild and passionate, it struck Valerie that with her finger buried in Lara’s bottom, the girl’s slit was in reach of her thumb. Without hesitation, she began to stroke her little friend’s wet, warm pussy.

A shudder of pleasure raced through Lara’s slender form and she stared, panting, at Valerie. “I — I touch m-myself there, too!” she gasped, then crushed her mouth into Valerie’s, hungry for more kisses.

As Valerie’s thumb prodded and stroked Lara’s tiny clitoris, the girl gyrated wildly, her hips churning, her bottom clenching and unclenching, her sex oozing honey. Soon she was too out of breath to kiss, and had to break away to moan, to cry, to howl — then she’d dive back, whimpering into Valerie’s mouth as that lovely heat between her legs mounted into an inferno.

And when Lara came for the first time, she cried out, among many other things, “OhhhHHhh Valerie, Valerieeeeee, I love you, I love you!”

The End? Perhaps not… what do you think, readers?


15 Comments on A Model Companion, Part Two

  1. David says:

    Mmmmmm what a tender loving chapter Louisa! Loved the detail of the kissing and touching, the checking out of her body while changing and then after and nights rest, the tender way Valerie brought Lara to and thru her first orgasm. So erotic and well written and detailed. It is a nice place to end the story and leaving us to imagine the rest, but I hope, deep down inside, that you continue this one.

    • Louisa May says:

      Thank you, David, for such lovely, insightful comments. Yes, I suppose I could end here — but I just love Lara and her Valerie too much! Eventually I do feel they will continue their journey; I just don’t know when! I’ve been working on new stories, so some of these precious older stories must wait a bit. But again, thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. Leo says:

    It can end here, yes, but I would like to see at least other two parts. It is so a pleasure (by all meanings) to read you, Louise!

    • Louisa May says:

      Thank you, Leo! Two more parts! Well…one part at a time, I think. But I would indeed like to continue, if only to prolong the pleasure!


  3. Kim & Sue says:

    Yes, could end there and it would be lovely, but would enjoy some more.

    • Louisa May says:

      My darlings — I would love to write more about dear Lara and Valerie. I’m currently working on new material, but eventually could be getting back to these lovely lovers…


  4. kinkys_sis says:

    It really cannot end there. In my mind I was reaching to click for part three, I urgently needed to keep reading …

    • Louisa May says:

      Well, Kinky sis — I can’t just leave you hanging, can I? Soon, my dear. After a few new stories I’m coming out with; maybe we’ll see them again. I hope so…


  5. Bryan says:

    My only advice is that don’t start what you can’t finish. Way too many amazingly erotic stories on here have been abandoned this is has that potential and is already great

    • Louisa May says:

      “Don’t start what you can’t finish”…Good advice. For myself, I’ve never had a problem finishing — it all depends on what one defines as ‘finishing’, doesn’t it? In the erotic writing field, especially when one has many lustful plates up in the air at one time, ‘finishing’ may be somewhat of a variable term, yes? In other words — have patience, my friend. I yearn for these lovely girls to consummate their deep feelings for each other too! If you want to see more, check out my file at asstr. org — https://www.asstr.org/files/Collections/leslita/www/authors/lll.html
      under “Louisa May”. I hope you find some satisfaction…


  6. Steve says:

    Excellent more of the story it can’t end there just like that it needs to have more story

  7. Fertilegirl says:

    Very sexy. I lost myself when the little girl said “I love you” during orgasm.

  8. Thomas says:

    Please keep this story going. The way you write is more like watching a movie instead of reading words. So descriptive and detailed you feel as if you are there. Great work and I’m looking forward to more from you.

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