Learning Phase, Chapter 9

  • Posted on March 14, 2023 at 12:27 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Though she knew it was a little presumptuous, Ayaka was feeling very confident in the love she had for her new family. She’d never felt so at peace. That’s why she was so happy to be doing something as simple as going on a shopping trip with Isana and her two younger sisters.

As she opened the passenger-side door of Isana’s truck, stepped off the runner and lifted herself up into the seat, she closed her eyes and let the scent of the vehicle’s interior tease her nose. It smelled strongly of its owner, and she enjoyed that immensely. That comforting smell alone was enough to send a frisson of delight through her young body, despite the fact that she’d only just finished making love with Sora in the shower. And speaking of Sora…

Ayaka casually cast her green-eyed gaze over the seat into the back to watch as her new little sisters as they buckled into their seats. Sora was wearing her old dress well. She looked very pretty, the dress showing off her cute body in a very flattering way.

Sora saw her looking, and her smile grew a little wider at the shared moment. Ayaka returned the smile, feeling a small echo between her legs of the pleasure they’d shared.

“Come on, slowpoke!” Isana chided her in a playful tone, climbing into the driver’s seat and tucking her fluffy white tail around herself. “We can’t get moving until you’re buckled in too. I’m responsible for you girls.”

“We know you care,” Ayaka smiled, pulling down the seatbelt.

“She and Sora were just flirting some more,” Karin teased.

“Understandable, I suppose,” Isana said, smirking. She set her small leather purse into an alcove in the center island. “That is a cute dress, Sora.”

“Ayaka let me wear it,” Sora replied. Ayaka could almost hear her blushing. “She said me and Karin could borrow her stuff if we ask.”

“Me too?” Karin asked eagerly.

“Of course you can,” Ayaka replied instantly, wishing she could turn to look at her directly. Now that they were all in the enclosed space, their scents were wafting around, tickling her nose. Until Isana, she’d never met another person with her level of smell sensitivity. Sora’s was a lovely, sweet smell, combined with the soap from their shower and a lingering trace of her arousal. Karin’s scent was a little earthier, but very pleasant. Karin’s arousal was there too, combined with her own and Isana’s. Each personal scent had tiny nuances that changed slightly with their mood and health that she could pick up on. It was easier to learn what nuance went with what when she could observe a person for a while. “Sisters are supposed to share stuff, and I want to do what I can.”

“And speaking of clothes, we should get this little day trip started,” Isana announced. She pulled her ring of keys out from her purse and without even looking, slid a key into the starter. Instead of the rough grumble of a gasoline or alcohol engine, Isana’s truck starting was a deep hum that one could feel in her chest. With it came a newer sensation. Through that gate inside her, she could feel the magic stored in the truck being converted into mechanical motion. How that took place was unknown to her, of course, but the magic was a part of her, even more than before.

“That kind of tickles,” Karin commented from the back.

“You’ll get used to feeling magic soon enough,” Isana chuckled. This time when she waved her hand at the garage door, Ayaka saw the small glimmer of magic she gathered, seemed to mold and cast out. It flashed, and a corresponding flow of magic pulled the chains that lifted the door. Isana rolled the truck out and closed it behind them.

Unable to resist, Ayaka rolled down her window and took a deep breath of the forest smells. A rush of life and energy surrounded her, which was suffused into her body. It seemed to acknowledge her small part in its vastness. There were no words, of course, but there was a sense of greeting coming from all directions at once. Unconsciously, her gate opened a little and her magic mingled with that of the living world. Just rolling down Isana’s driveway was exciting from that perspective. They stopped at the road, and Isana reached over to gently run a hand up her thigh.

Ayaka had deliberately chosen a pair of jeans that were quite old and worn. The fabric was thin and showed off her legs, and she could feel every little thing through them. Isana’s soft touch made her shiver in the state she was in.

“Ayaka, kitten,” Isana said, voice just as gentle as her touch, but filled with warm affection. The words were enough to calm her mind again. “Please, I can’t drive with you radiating like that. It’s… very distracting.”

“Sorry,” Ayaka said sheepishly. Magic was leaking out from her like an invisible fog. She could see now that it was washing outward over the others.

“Not entirely your fault,” Isana smiled. “It just means we need to have a quick lesson. Imagine pulling your aura around you like a blanket. Then, gently close yourself to the flow of the magic.”

Ayaka tried to do that. Slowly, her aura responded to the mental command and she pulled it into herself. Then she focused on closing her life-gate. It obeyed immediately. When her magic dissipated, there were four almost simultaneous breaths of relief in the truck.

“Wow,” Karin said with a pleased burr to her voice. “That was kinda cool.”

“Lesson number two,” Isana announced. “All your magic is unique to each of you, but things like that will probably happen. It’s easy to let your aura leak out like that, and that will feel odd to non-magic users, especially if it carries an emotional side-band, like Ayaka’s. Try to hold your aura to you when in public, because otherwise, it can cause hassle and confusion. I do it out of reflex at this point. That was kind of a nice feeling though, Ayaka.”

Ayaka just smiled. It was embarrassing, but she’d already known that this whole magic thing was going to be interesting, and come with strange problems attached. Mostly though, she just felt a little warmed inside from Isana casually addressing her as “kitten.”. There’d been no hint of condescension in it, or sarcasm. It made her all the happier for choosing to spend last night with Isana, giving the woman her trust and the first glimmers of real love. Ayaka wished they weren’t driving so she could kiss her, among other things, but there was time for that later.

At that thought, Ayaka chastised herself. Only ten minutes from making love with Sora, and she was getting excited all over again, though it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Even before having sex with Isana last night, she’d known she was a very sensual person. She was used to masturbating two or three times a day and usually to more than one orgasm each time to feel satisfied. Only recently had Ayaka come to realize that she was only interested in other girls and women, after wondering about it since she was eight, when she first started having sexual thoughts.

This whole magic thing, though, was fiddling with her libido in a most interesting way. Taking long, slow breaths, she tried to banish her desire. It seemed to work – at least until Karin’s voice drifted forward.

She was apparently trying to whisper, but it was still loud enough to be heard. “So, what was she like?” Karin said in a low tone. Ayaka imagined Karen’s lips were close to Sora’s cutely expressive ears. Her own cheeks were flushed at this choice of topic, though, and Karin’s voice was kind of sexy when she spoke softly like that.

“You mean with Ayaka?” Sora whispered back. From the corner of her eye, Ayaka partially saw her leaning closer towards Karin.

“Yeah!” Karin enthused eagerly, still vainly trying to whisper. “She looked like she was gonna eat you alive there… and you guys were pretty noisy.”

“We told you! That was the magic stuff!” Sora complained, clearly embarrassed.

“Yeah, yeah,” Karin chuckled. “So? You obviously had a great time with her… Look, you’re blushing!.”

“Whatever! Fine, I’ll tell you,” Sora began. Ayaka could practically see Isana’s ears growing, and her smile was one of great amusement. “It was really intense, but in a good way. From her first crazy kiss until the end, my heart was beating so fast. She did stuff I never even thought of, and it was all amazing. I don’t think I can even take a shower without remembering what we did, and I know I’m looking forward to the next time.”

Ayaka was blushing at Sora’s praise, while Karen laughed. “How can a kiss be crazy?” she said.

“I don’t know,” Sora giggled. “It just was. I got all tingly from it, and I wanted her to kiss me like that forever. Ayaka’s kisses made me forget the world even existed, and there was nothing but the two of us.”

Isana glanced at Ayaka as she continued driving down the dusty road, giving the girl an amused smile. Then she gave a small cough to interrupt the conversation in the back. “Ladies, much as I’m sure Ayaka is enjoying the flattery, discussions like this should probably be avoided when you’re in public.”

“You heard us!” Karin said with alarm.

“Um, yes we did,” Ayaka responded, unable to restrain a smile of her own. “But I don’t mind. It’s not like I have anything to hide from either of you. Though I am happy to hear how much Sora enjoyed herself.”

“Uhhh, are we doing anything wrong?” Sora asked Isana, sounding a little worried.

“Not at all,” Isana quickly replied. “The laws regarding relationships like ours have been around for a while now and are clearly written. However, the law and public opinion are two different things. Most people know at least a hint of what witches are like these days. But seeing young girls like you openly talking about your sexuality might make them uncomfortable. You can show affection towards each other without a problem, but I wouldn’t do anything more overt, like blatantly sexual touching. In other words, Sora, you can show and say that you love Karin, maybe share a light kiss, but don’t start making out with her or anything else like that until people get used to seeing the four of us together.”

“Good to know,” Ayaka nodded, mentally filing that bit of info. “Not that I planned on getting that frisky in front of just anyone.”

They kept a good-natured chat going until the truck rolled to a gentle stop at the guard station on the road. The city of Arbor hadn’t bothered with such measures, and she found it comforting that this town actively chose to protect its people. Isana shared a quick, joking exchange with an impressively armed man in uniform and they were passed through without a hitch.

After about two miles, the road became paved and the ride was much smoother, with houses starting to appear. Unlike Arbor, the town of Willis was an amalgamation of old and new in a confusing hodgepodge of buildings, ruins, and lush overgrown spaces. Though it seemed a little disheveled at first, Ayaka quickly realized that this town wasn’t trying to hold back the resurgence of Mother Nature. Instead, they were willingly letting it move in with them and play a part in the town’s atmosphere. No property was without trees or bushes, and there were barely any lawns to be seen.

They rolled down one street of small businesses, like dentist offices and realtors, with their signs mounted from trees in front of their buildings. Shade was the rule here, and it felt good with the breeze that was slowly picking up.

“Where are we headed first?” Karin asked, leaning forward through the open middle of the front seats.

“I thought we’d get ourselves something to eat first, then do our shopping,” Isana replied, turning a corner. “I know of a really good place I want you girls to try before it gets busy.”

“Food sounds good to me,” Sora eagerly volunteered. Now that her shyness around them had dissipated, her sunny disposition was shining brightly. “What kind of place is it?”

“You’ll see in a moment,” Isana chuckled, clearly enjoying her moment of mystery.

They were in a busy commercial area now, and there was more traffic on the road with them. Most of their fellow motorists were in alcohol-fueled cars and trucks, with a scattered number of horses and bicycles. Isana started slowing at an elaborately carved sign that read MARCIA’S, in a weather-worn cursive script that was actually a bit charming. The driveway emptied into a spacious lot of gravel occupied by half a dozen other vehicles. A brown-and-white horse in full tack was tied at a post, calmly eating out of a wide wooden trough without a care in the world. Isana chose a spot in line with the other cars and parked. “All right girls, here we are!” she proudly declared.

“Where’s here?” Karin asked as they all climbed out of the truck. Ayaka was quite conscious of Karin’s interested gaze when she smoothed out her jeans, but made nothing of it. Instead, Ayaka’s attention was caught by the intriguing smell in the air after the dust started to settle. It made her mouth water almost immediately.

“You’ll find out inside,” Isana said, a mischievous grin set wide, an eagerly twitching tail going behind her. She led them across the lot, up a short set of wooden stairs with grip-strips, and into a wide foyer and waiting area. Standing at a small podium in the entryway to the rest of the building was an older girl in her late teens or early twenties with straw-blonde hair, looking perky and attractive in a smart uniform.

“Afternoon! Welcome to Marcia’s!” the girl exclaimed. “Wonderful to see you again, Isana… and a hearty welcome to you girls! Would you prefer a booth or a table?”

“A table should do fine. Thanks, Talia,” Isana replied.

“Sure thing!” Talia responded. “Follow me!”

The dining room of the restaurant seemed very pleasant, with an emphasis on being very light and open. The tables were grouped around low half-walls, all made of tastefully painted wood. The outer walls had large windows that let in the sunlight. One was cracked open for fresh air.

At various tables sat the other diners. Most were in pairs or small groups. The sole loner was a tall, gray-haired man sitting at a small table with an empty plate and a book before him. From his jeans and boots, Ayaka guessed him to be the owner of the horse. When they passed the first occupied table, she saw what they were eating and got a good whiff as well.

“Pizza?!” Karin gasped, beating Ayaka to the exclamation. Her fascinating, ruby-colored eyes were wide open.

“Yes, pizza – Italian, to be specific,” Isana said. “It’s one of my favorites.”

“They didn’t know what kind of place this was?” Talia asked as she led them to a table two over from the nearest group. She politely pulled out all four chairs for them. Ayaka deliberately sat next to Isana and smiled when Karin took the seat across from hers. Even though she was just in a t-shirt and jeans, Karin was still quite pleasant to look at and she let her expression show that.

Isana laughed “Nope, I made it a surprise. “And now I can finally qualify for the Lunch for Four special!”

“Is that what you’d like?”

“Yes, please!” Isana nodded and then looked around the table. “It’s two large pizzas, salad, cheese sticks and soda. Sound good?”

“I think we can trust you,” Ayaka said after sharing happy looks with her younger sisters. “Can I have iced tea instead of soda, though?”

“Sure!” Talia answered. The others made their beverage requests. Sora requested a lemon-lime soda, Isana got a cola, and Karin grinned when she ordered a cherry pop.

“They never had cherry soda at the orphanage,” Karin explained. “Whenever we had special dinners or whatever, they always chose the same, usual kinds. I only got to have some at school.”

Ayaka thought they’d have to wait a bit for their food to arrive, but this was one of those places that make their more popular items almost continuously during the busy hours of the day. In less than ten minutes Talia returned with another server and laid out one pizza covered almost entirely by sizzling pepperoni rounds, and a cheese pie that was so fresh from the oven that its topping was still bubbly. Next to come was a large tossed salad and a basket of cheese and garlic breadsticks.

When the plates were set and drinks poured, Talia lifted a slicer from her tray and deftly divided the pizzas with quick, professional strokes.

They each took a bit of everything, and then Ayaka lifted her first slice of pepperoni pizza to her mouth and took a generous bite. It was one of the single most delicious things she’d ever eaten. She was so involved in the taste and smell, that she completely ignored the tiny line of grease oozing down her chin until she felt a paper napkin wipe it clean.

She blinked back into focus and stared into Karin’s beautiful, laughing eyes, now inches from her own.

“Better?” her sister asked, smirking pleasantly as she sat back.

“Your eyes kinda went all… far away for a bit,” Sora added, her long ears perking up cutely.

Blushing a little, Ayaka set the remainder of the slice on her plate, absently licking her fingers clean. “It really was that tasty, at least to me. I loved it!”

“Then I’m glad we came here,” Isana said, casually touching her thigh. “I rather like that expression you made.”

From there lunch just got better. Ayaka loved the casual banter that already made them feel so much like a family. Karin’s gift for cheerful teasing was quite enjoyable and for a quiet girl, Sora had quite a few amusing anecdotes about things she’d seen at their old home. Seeing her get so animated in the retelling was a lot of fun. Then there was Isana, who genuinely seemed curious about all three of ‘her’ girls. Combine all that with such great food, and it was an amazing experience. By the time they walked back to the truck, everyone was well fed and happy.

“I feel fat now,” Karin remarked with a laughing sigh as she slumped back into the truck seat. “Does my stomach look bigger, Sora?” She tugged her top up, baring her belly.

“No, it still looks nice,” Sora answered frankly, enjoying the view Karin was giving her.

“I don’t know what you’re complaining about, Karin… I ate more than both of you,” Ayaka quipped. She was sorely tempted to let the seat back a little and take a nap. Instead she curled a leg under herself and leaned against the door as a halfway appeasement to her body. “I feel huge.”

“Don’t worry, Ayaka. I still think you’re really hot!” Karin teased with a bark of laughter. Her eyes said the comment was a truthful one.

“Thank you, Karin,” Ayaka chuckled, thrilled by the compliment. “Where are we off to next, Isana?”

“Somewhere that will provide us a little exercise, to burn off that lunch,” Isana answered, starting the truck back up. “It’ll only take us a few minutes to get there, but then we have to walk.”

“Sounds good to me,” Ayaka sighed, relaxing against the door. Good as that pizza had been, she knew that it was a food to be eaten sparingly. Her body couldn’t handle much more than that. Leaning to the side as she was, Ayaka could see partially into the backseat where Sora appeared to be in a similar state, except she had Karin to lean against. Ayaka wanted to cuddle with someone, too, but… Oh well, I’ll be sure to make up for it later.

She recognized the streets now as some of the ones they’d gone down on their way to Isana’s, then her own house. That meant they were close to the hotel where they’d first met. That night was firmly planted in her memories.

Their destination was even more surprising than anything else thus far. Apparently, when the town was rebuilt after the Fall, the residents had decided to forgo the older, traditional town center style of planning. Instead, they’d built what Isana’s truck was now approaching, a large, semi-enclosed mall. The signs at the entrance to the parking lot indicated that not only was this a predominant area of commerce, it contained as well a number of civic facilities, including the town council building. The lot was a large, concrete space with numerous islands of greenery throughout. It fronted up to a kind of permanent pavilion area that acted as the main entrance to the mall.

The shopping center was only a ten minute drive from the restaurant, but the sight of the place left the girls silently astonished when Isana pulled into the lot, which was filled by a sizable number of vehicles of all varieties, including an unpaved area for horses and wagons. Ayaka remembered being told that the town was a small one, with an estimated population of 5,500 or so. From the number of people that seemed to be there, she figured this had to be the primary shopping location for the area.

It was built like the rest of the town – incorporating trees and bushes, but in a semi-arcade style. Instead of one massive structure standing in monolithic dominance, the shopping center was spread out over a wide area using multiple disparate buildings. Arched glass roofs covered the avenue walkways so that sunlight fell unimpeded onto the incorporated gardens. Even from the parking lot, Ayaka was impressed.

“Wow,” Karin breathed, leaning far forward over the seat to peer through the windshield. “That’s so cool!”

Since she was so close, Ayaka shifted in her seat and touched her cheek affectionately to Karin’s as they both took in the scenery. They both let out soft sighs and Ayaka felt a quick flash of magic from her sister, carrying a distinct twinge of pleasure. “This is an interesting town,” she said, then gave Karen a quick, loving peck on the cheek. “But we won’t see very much from inside the truck. I’m looking forward to helping you and Sora find new clothes.”

“Heh, is that where we are going first?” Karin asked Isana, with a definite tinge of red to her face. Her hand absently stroked the place Ayaka had kissed.

“Oh, I thought we’d get the household stuff out of the way, so we can have the rest of the afternoon and evening for fun,” Isana replied jovially. “It’s been a while since I’ve shopped with other girls, and I’m looking forward to that part too. So let’s head over so I can show you around!”

When they climbed out this time, they all felt and watched Isana lock her truck with a quick bit of magic. It was a neat little trick, but quite complicated, which Ayaka figured was probably the point. A lock doesn’t work if just anyone can undo it.

They clumped into pairs after all gathering together, Karin with Sora, and Ayaka close to Isana, then headed toward the entrance.

There were plenty of other people out as well, just as you’d expect of a busy commercial area. Ayaka was fascinated by all the activity. She saw families loading vehicles from a variety of different cart types, and other pairings of teenagers conversing in giggling knots. They passed by a small car where an older woman and two teenage children were emerging. Both teens, a boy and a girl, gave Ayaka and her new family considering looks. Karin gave her a playful poke from behind.

“That boy was staring at your chest, Ayaka!” Karin laughed, keeping her voice down.

“Boys tend to do that,” Isana chuckled.

“And some girls too,” Ayaka added, smirking back at her sister. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed you staring at them, Karin. Just be happy that I like you looking at me that way.”

“She even said we could touch her, all we want!” Sora giggled, joining in the fun.

“Such a generous sister you are,” Isana sighed theatrically, grinning and pointedly giving Ayaka a look. “But I think we should get off the topic of Ayaka’s pretty breasts for now.”

“I agree,” Ayaka smiled, not at all bothered by the attention. “Let’s focus on what we came here for.”

They crossed under the entry pavilion, which contained collection points for the different carts. There were the familiar ones as found in grocery stores everywhere, flatbeds for heavy loads, and a few others. They were being continually collected and corralled by employees wearing khakis and short sleeved polos. Isana grabbed a shopping cart and gestured for Karin or Sora to get a second one, then they entered the mall.

As Ayaka had expected, it contained all sorts of shops with different specialties. Close to the entrance were stores that sold items that were large, bulky and best kept close to the parking lot, like furniture or bicycles. Isana told them it was a throwback to how things had been a long time ago.

The path itself though was made of clean, well swept concrete slabs. Running down the center were planters with colorful varieties of blooming flowers. There were also topiary displays and small trees. When Ayaka saw a particularly pretty orchid on the cusp of blooming, she extended a curious hand and ran a finger down its velvety outer surface. A tingle of magic tickled inside her, and the flower opened fully before her. She blinked in a startled flinch and withdrew her hand. She turned to see Isana and her sisters watching her, but no one else had noticed.

“Sorry,” she said.

“No harm done,” Isana replied genially. “Plus, I doubt anyone around here would care about such a benign use of magic. Willis is fairly blasé about such things these days. You’d have to do something truly remarkable to warrant much attention. Why do you think no one takes even a second look at my tail, or my ears?”

Ironically, Isana’s comment was just in time for a small toddler being pushed in a stroller to point and yell, “Kitty!” at the top of her little lungs. The mother, a pleasantly plump woman with a cheerful demeanor, gave them a cheery wave in acknowledgment.

“So, they don’t mind magic here?” Sora asked as they continued down the walkway.

“We see it as more of a tool to be used like any other,” Isana answered. “For instance, I spend a lot of my time doing completely mundane things, like liquefying stone to assist in the digging of a well. Most people around here are also surprisingly educated about magic and those that can use it. That’s why they’ll have a general idea what it means for the four of us to be living together and won’t hold it against us. Thankfully, that group of crazy idiots in Arbor isn’t welcome here.”

“Thank goodness for that!” Karin snorted. “But on the plus side, it meant we get to live together. I don’t want to lose my new sisters, not ever!”

“We love you too, Karin,” Ayaka smiled.

“Ah! This is the store we want!” Isana broke in, pointing at a home goods store.

The next hour or so was a whirlwind. Ayaka was amazed at all the ordinary household things that were needed to maintain Isana’s home with three new housemates. They each got hampers for their clothes, as well as wash baskets and bulk size detergent. They also bought cleaning supplies and toiletries for each of their bathrooms. There were dozens of items in each of their carts by the time they were through, and Ayaka felt a little guilty when Isana wrote a check for it all at the register.

Isana must have noticed her student’s concern, because on their way out, she put an arm around Ayaka and drew her close. “Stop worrying about the money I’m spending,” she said.

Ayaka relaxed in the woman’s embrace. She’d always loved to touch those she cared for, and Isana was now the most important person in her life, with a hair-thin lead over Sora and Karin.

Isana continued. “I told you earlier… I have plenty of money and I’m enjoying this. I like that I now have a family to care for and support. Let me have fun spoiling you a bit, okay?”

“Sure,” Ayaka agreed, feeling better. She loved being surrounded by Isana’s scent, as well as the hand that oh, so casually stroked her backside in a gesture of intimate affection.

“Good, because now we can focus on the best part of this shopping trip,” Isana grinned. “I’ll admit to knowing nothing about clothes, since I usually just wear stuff I can work in, so I’m looking forward to seeing you work!”

“Who bought that outfit you were wearing when we met?” Ayaka asked in mild surprise. “You looked great in that.”

“All Claire’s doing, I’m afraid,” Isana admitted wryly. “She’s my usual shopping buddy, and her daughter acts as her sounding board. If I go by myself, I just end up buying purely practical stuff.”

Ayaka regarded both her sisters, who were listening in with amusement. “Are you sure you guys trust me to help you find new things to wear?”

“Sure!” Karin grinned, posing with one hand on her hip. “Both the outfits Sora wore today have been totally freaking cute on her. That dress makes me want to… to tackle her to the ground and kiss her!”

“Karin!” Sora’s ears twitched, then she spluttered into a giggle

“It’s true!” Karin replied unabashedly. “So I’d like to get some nice things, too.”

“Well, then… Do you know a good place to start looking?” Ayaka asked Isana.

“This way,” Isana replied with a grin and a leftward tilt of her head.

Five minutes and a short stroll later, they entered an area of the commercial center that seemed devoted to clothing stores. It was a particularly busy area, with quite a large number of fellow shoppers. Ayaka noticed that their little group was garnering curious looks from the other young people. As small a town as Willis was, the kids and teenagers probably all knew each other by face, if not name, so she and her sisters were something new and different.

Ignoring the attention, Isana guided the girls towards a store with fashionably dressed mannequins in the display windows. A discreet bell tinkled at their entrance.

The store was one of the largest that Ayaka had yet seen, filled with a vast array of women’s and girl’s clothing. One of the industries that made a quick bounce-back after the Fall had been the textiles industry. People always needed clothes, and many factories were still located near water, or other sources of natural power. The result was a plentiful supply of varied fashions. This particular store apparently catered to mid-level brands, some of which Ayaka had only seen in horribly out-of-date fashion magazines she’d only begun reading out of boredom.

“Well, you’re in charge now, Ayaka,” Isana teased.

“Ahh… okay,” she replied with a nod, taking in the surroundings more closely. It seemed to be divided into different departments, with the most heavily trafficked areas located away from the doors, requiring the customers to walk past the higher-priced sections first. Sales ladies in tasteful outfits were wandering about helping customers. There was no posted sign to delineate the different areas, so Ayaka simply led them around until they encountered an area with clothing styled and sized for teens and older girls.

“Do you guys see a fitting room?” she asked, glancing about

“Over there!” Karin pointed off to their left, where a woman and a very young girl were emerging from a doorway.

“Okay,” Ayaka said, turning to stare at her sisters. She regarded them thoughtfully, even though she knew exactly what they both looked like. Sora was slightly smaller than Karin, but had darker skin and a petite, still immature frame. She didn’t have much in the way of curves yet except for her lovely round butt, but she was still a delight to the eye. Karin was just beginning her growth into adulthood. She had the beginnings of breasts, a slight widening in her hips and a lean figure with no puppy-fat remaining. The skin speckles and her hair and eye colors were unique, as was the horn protruding from her forehead. Both girls made her mouth water, but that was for later, hopefully.

“Any preferences I should know about?” she asked.

Karin shook her head. “There’s no point in letting you do this if we tell you what we want!” she chided.

Nodding, Ayaka turned and plunged into the waiting racks. At first she just let her eyes roam, taking in the sights. The store’s stock was too large for her to see everything, so she just perused. A skirt caught her attention, so she grabbed one that looked close to Sora’s size. Then there was a pair of jeans, a top, and so on. Throughout her gathering, she was aware of the others following and watching her work, but she was focused on the task, determined to do right by her sisters.

Once she had a large number of pieces draped over an arm, Ayaka took a deep breath.

“Okay, let’s try a few things on,” she suggested, gesturing with her free hand at the fitting room. Leading them inside, she found a number of cubicles that were designed for use by people shopping with kids, and were a bit larger than single occupant ones. They all piled into the last one in the row.

“Clothes off!” she instructed, not bothering to hide how much she intended to enjoy this.

“I knew she’d get us naked eventually,” Karin quipped, undoing the catch on her pants. She slid them down her legs, kicking off her shoes, treating Ayaka to the sight of her nicely muscled legs. They were toned and smooth, leading up to her pink panties. They were snug-fitting, allowing a hint of her cleft to be seen.

“Did you play sports, Karin?” Ayaka asked, fascinated by the lithe interplay of Karin’s muscles. She knelt to run her fingertips up the smooth skin.

Karin shivered at the contact but made no sound or move of protest. “You can tell?” she replied, now casually pulling her t-shirt off, baring both her breasts and her wings. Ayaka had momentarily forgotten about the latter, and now she wondered if this store would do custom alterations. “I played soccer and softball for the school.”

“It shows,” Sora said, taking her own dress off. Though it had been only a few hours earlier, Ayaka could still remember what it was like to fondle her little sister’s beautiful body. Sora saw her watching, and gave Ayaka a knowing smile and an acknowledging ear-flick before telling Karin, “You have nice muscles and stuff.”

“Thanks,” Karin grinned, standing there in nothing but panties. Ayaka felt her arousal continuing to grow at the wonderful sight and proximity of Karin, wanting to make love with her again. She began to stroke Karin’s belly with her left hand, still caressing the girl’s legs with the right until she was touching her ass.

Karin responded with an increase in her breath rate and a widening of her stance, which made Ayaka’s heart beat faster in response. Karin’s scent filled her nose, making it clear that her sister was also getting in the mood for love.

With a jolt, Ayaka remembered where they were, and slowly stood, withdrawing her hands. “Okay, I think I got a little carried away there,” she apologized with a frustrated sigh. “Back to the clothes. Karin, can you try on this skirt?” She pulled the garment from the top of the pile, along with a matching top. “And this. As for you, Sora, I want you to put these jeans on.”

“Sure!” Sora responded, reaching for the pants. Karin gave Ayaka a knowing smile as she reached for the proffered clothes.

For the next who-knows-how-long, Ayaka had her sisters in and out of dozens of garments. She quickly established what they looked good in and what to avoid. For instance, she learned Karin didn’t like tight, restrictive clothing, but looked great in clothes that showed off her skin. A comfortable pair of jeans were fine for her, though. Tank tops that showed a hint of Karin’s midriff when she moved were especially nice, especially if you were looking at her with less than chaste thoughts. Karin cared less for full dresses, but Ayaka chose a few for her with open backs that worked perfectly.

Sora, being a little softer in body but also tiny, looked amazing in shirts and little tops. She was especially adorable in dresses, especially in light colors. The younger girl didn’t really care for jeans, but leggings were the exact opposite. When she slipped into a silky black pair, everyone in the cubicle stared at her in open admiration.

Between the two, Ayaka soon assembled enough items to fill her new sisters’ wardrobes. She also set aside a few things for herself. Isana just watched and provided a constant running commentary on each item, providing an honest second opinion, mostly ignoring Ayaka’s roaming hands on the girls when she helped dress and undress them.

“That looks really good,” Sora told Ayaka. She was wearing a short, half-pleated skirt and a string top. Ayaka was looking in the mirror, trying on a black-and-white dress she’d picked for herself.

“Seconded!” Karin eagerly agreed. “It shows you have cleavage.”

“Thanks, both of you… I guess,” she replied with a smirk.

Ayaka was enjoying herself immensely. She’d never had a day like this, where she could spend all her time with people she loved and felt comfortable with having fun. She’d learned new things about her family, which was also cool. For instance, she’d learned Karin had a very keen fascination with her breasts, which she didn’t mind a bit. She wasn’t generously endowed in that area, but they’d been steadily growing over the last year and she liked them so far. Karin seemed to agree.

“Do you think we have enough for a good start?” Isana asked, languidly sitting on the cubicle’s bench. She’d been enjoying herself unabashedly, her tail twitching with interest as the three of them tried on clothing in front of her.

“I’d say so,” Ayaka replied.

Isana gestured at the pile of garments they’d chosen. “Don’t you want anything more for yourself, Ayaka?”

“I’ve already got plenty of clothes,” said Ayaka, turning to face Isana as she disrobed once more, liking the gleam in the woman’s eyes. “But there is something all three of us need now, and that’s underwear. I’d like a few nicer, new things. Sora needs a whole bunch, and Karin’s probably not in much better shape.”

“Nope,” Karin agreed. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a halter top that showed a lot of her upper chest. “But I did luck out a month ago, when they bought me a new pack of panties.”

“Gods, that place sounds more dreadful every time you talk about it,” Isana grimaced, standing up and stretching in a very cat-like pose. “Cute underwear I can do, though! Let’s put what we have so far in our carts, cash-out, then head over to another store I like.”


Karin felt tremendously thrilled and a little heated between her legs as they walked through the weird mall to the next store. Her attention kept darting back and forth from her sisters to their surroundings. At the moment, Ayaka was the primary focus of her excitement, though she was very happy to be walking with Sora close to her left side. She was wonderful to have nearby.

“She looks really happy,” Sora softly said, seemingly out of nowhere. She was pushing one cart, and Isana steered the other.

“Ayaka, you mean?” Karin responded, noting the graceful way Ayaka walked a few feet in front of them.

“Yeah,” Sora giggled, turning to give Karin a smile. “I think today was special for her.”

“It was for us, too,” Karin replied, remembering how great a time she’d had with Isana in the bath. Both the sex and the honest conversation they’d had would stick with her for a long while. “I see what you mean, though – she’s been smiling all day.”

“And she’s had that look, too,” Sora said, her ears flicking excitedly.

“What look?” Karin asked, studying Ayaka to see what Sora saw.

Sora just laughed merrily, then answered, “If you ask, she will definitely say yes.”

Karin stared at Sora for a moment and then felt her cheeks grow hot. She’d been hoping for a chance to have sex with Ayaka soon. There wasn’t an identifiable reason, but she found herself admiring and really looking up to her slightly older sister. Isana was already an important figure in her life, and she loved Sora fiercely, but there was just something about Ayaka that made her feel comforted and looked after, not to mention extremely aroused. After making love to Isana and Sora, she wanted to share that deep, intimate connection with Ayaka too. She longed to know what it would be like to spend a whole night in Ayaka’s arms. And Sora had seen right into her feelings.

“You think so?”

“I know so,” Sora replied, “cause she wants it too. She looks at you the same way she does me and Isana. She loves us all a whole lot, too… but she’s been staring at you all day.”

Karin sighed happily. “So… she’s intense, you said?”

This time Sora’s giggle was very girlish, and her voice dropped a little. “Hee hee, yeah… I still feel all tingly remembering it. She’s fun.”

Karin was going to ask Sora to elaborate, but then they arrived at their destination. It was clearly a lingerie shop – a popular one, going by the number of women going in and out. Soon, she would get to see Ayaka try on pretty underwear.


Ayaka’s eyes widened as they entered the lingerie shop. It was filled with racks and stands of all sorts of interesting underthings. Women alone, in pairs, or in small groups were being attended by friendly store staff, just like the stunning redhead who was approaching them with a wide smile.

She was a tall woman – thicker-boned, but very attractive and well endowed, her chest partially hidden by a mane of long auburn hair. “Isana!” she said in a familiar tone. “I haven’t seen you around in weeks!”

“It’s good to see you too, Cally,” Isana replied genially. “I tend not to buy new clothes until Claire gets frustrated with me walking around looking like a rag doll.”

“Who are these lovely ladies with you?” Cally asked. Her eyes gave the three girls a professional once over.

“Well, the girls here are now my apprentices,” Isana explained. Ayaka was very warmed by her proud smile. “We’re having a bit of a spree to get them situated. They are all in need of new underwear.”

“Which we are happy to help with, of course,” Cally answered. She looked right at Ayaka now. “You aren’t wearing a bra, I see. Do you know your size…?”

“Ayaka,” she answered. “No, I’ve never worn one.”

“Well, we’ll take care of that,” Cally said. “Once sized, you’re good for all the brands we carry. But there’s going to be some variation in standards if you go elsewhere, just so you aren’t surprised when you shop at other stores later on.” She appraised Karin next. “And you’re just about to where you’ll start needing a bra too, but we carry some very nice, fashionable looking undershirts and camis that will look marvelous on you until then.” She gestured towards them. “Follow me into the back.”

They ended up in a ‘room’ that was mostly just separated by a dividing wall from the sales floor. Inside, women were in various stages of dress, accompanied by staff members. A woman that looked to be very pregnant was having a rather animated conversation with an employee about nursing bras.

Cally brought them to a small table where she picked up a cloth tape measure. “Top off, Miss Ayaka.”

Taking a deep breath, Ayaka calmly removed her shirt. Once more she was topless, but the store’s atmosphere and Cally’s professional demeanor put her at ease right away.

Cally moved toward her and, unfurling the tape measure, Ayaka’s measurements were taken.

“Hmm,” Cally murmured, jotting the numbers down in a notepad. “Thirty-two in the upper-B or lower C cup range… and you’re still growing. We’ll have to try both sizes and see which is more comfortable for you. Do you have a preference in style?”

“Not really,” Ayaka replied. “But I’d like something more than just a plain old bra. I want a few that are at least a little, um…”

“Sexy?” Cally chuckled. “I can work with that.” She turned to the younger girls. “What about you two? And what are your names?”

“I’m Karin,” Karin said. “I have no idea at all… but I liked the undershirt idea you mentioned.”

“Sora,” the young girl answered. “I just want some nice stuff.”

“We can certainly handle that,” Cally replied. “Let me grab a few selections to start with for each of you.”

When she left, Ayaka turned toward Isana. “I really didn’t expect a store like this.”

“They’re the best in town because they really appreciate their customers,” Isana answered with a grin. “I just want all three of you to have things you’ll be happy to wear.”

Cally returned with a large number of things on hangers. Another girl with her had more, and they set the lot down on the table. There were bra and panty sets in all sorts of different styles, prints and materials, as well as individual items. Some were very lacy and eye-catching. Cally picked out one, a black silk bra, and walked around behind Ayaka. “Arms!” A bit startled, Ayaka lifted her arms at the prompt and slipped into the straps, eyes widening as her breasts were fitted into the cups and the catch was fastened.

Ayaka turned slightly to see herself in a nearby mirror. She flushed at the sight. It was such a simple thing, but to her eyes the bra made her look much more mature, maybe even enticing. It felt light and comfortable, too. She barely noticed the feel of the straps, which gave her breasts a slight lift.

Cally felt over everything, checking the fit, and made thoughtful noises. Then she moved around to face Ayaka and smiled. “I was right – the small C fits you nicely and gives you room to grow. How do you like this style?”

Ayaka turned to see her family’s response. Isana had a hungry, pleased smile, Sora was staring with her ears flicking in open interest, and Karin had wide, wandering eyes that made Ayaka feel excited all over again. She also liked the delicate look of the material; it seemed to accent her body.

“I think it’s perfect,” she replied.

This earned her a pleased smile from the saleswoman. “I see. If you want to impress and look good, we have plenty more. Let’s try another one.”

Ayaka tried on many different bras and panties, including some that made her blush to wear. The others were free with their opinions and she was grateful for their input. Though she was somewhat surprised when Sora said, “I’d love to see you in a thong, Ayaka,” she tried one on. It wasn’t comfortable to wear for a long time, but she picked one to wear just for her sister. All the while they chatted comfortably with each other and with the store’s staff, who were friendly and personable. Isana seemed to know most of them and Ayaka saw her talking with most of them. Isana got one to sneak out and surprise all three of them with big, fluffy white robes for the hot tube.

Karin got a similar treatment, trying on some rather pretty cami’s and undershirts. Ayaka tried not to stare lovingly at Karin’s prominent nipples, but it was hard. Then Karin and Sora picked out everyday-wear panties from a wide selection, as well as a few nicer pairs that nearly had her drooling.

The store also sold women’s accessory items, and Ayaka got clips and ties for both girls’ hair. With Cally’s permission, she used a few right there in the store to give Sora a very cute twin-tail look, then she layered Karin’s hair a bit, which looked amazing on her.

By the time they were done, Isana was given a rather hefty bill, which she paid with a wide smile. Loaded up with their purchases, the happy foursome set off for their next adventure.

On to Chapter Ten!


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