Learning Phase, Chapter 10

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By Nuit du Loup

“Wow, we got quite a haul today,” Isana stated when they put the last of their purchases into the truck. The number of bags in the bed was very impressive, now that Ayaka had a look at it all. As they climbed into the vehicle, a couple passed them by, on the way to their own car. Isana shared a familiar hand-wave with them.

“What are we doing next?” Sora asked. The door of the truck was still open, and she sat sideways,her legs dangling down from the front passenger seat. Karin was in a similar position in the back.

“Well,” Isana looked up and around. Since they’d spent literally hours shopping, it was now late evening and the sun was setting fast. The lot around them was fairly empty at this hour. “What day is today?”

“Friday,” Ayaka answered after a moment. “Why?”

“Because I want to show my girls something special we do around here on the last Friday of every month, weather permitting,” she said with a grin. “So get your pretty butt in the truck, kitten, and we’ll have some more fun to finish off the night.”

Her curiosity aroused, Ayaka bounced around to the other side of the truck and got into the back with Karin. Once everyone was buckled in and secure, Isana drove them out the lot.

As they pulled onto the road, Ayaka reached over to gently caress Karin’s thigh, getting a pleased sound as a reward. Karin leaned in to rest her head on Ayaka’s shoulder.

They headed towards the hotel, then when they broke a line of trees, the girls gasped in astonishment. The wide, open lot that they’d noticed around the building was now filled with hundreds of people. There was a large bonfire burning well away from the structure, but there were a number of smaller blazes going as well, with hanging lanterns placed here and there. The sounds of conversation, laughter and music drifted to them on air scented with the smells of grilled food. There was even a small stage set up that folded out of a truck trailer where a band was playing.

“Claire’s grandfather started this,” Isana said, breaking the awed silence. “It’s a monthly fair, where people can have fun with others in the community and share their talents. There’s not a lot of entertainment here yet, so people really look forward to this. And for only a few bucks to cover costs, it’s all-you-can-eat as long as the food lasts. Looks like it’s just getting started.”

“This town is awesome!” Karin exclaimed. Ayaka and Sora agreed wholeheartedly.

Isana followed a line of orange cones to where the parking was. She lined her truck up with the others already there and turned off the engine. They clambered out, and Isana waved a hand over the truck bed. Ayaka felt the crackling, protective magic that was laid over their new possessions. She had a feeling that a potential thief would regret trying anything.

They walked toward the party as a group, but Ayaka decided to take Karin’s hand in hers, receiving a grateful squeeze back. Sora seemed a bit intimidated by the crowd at first, but she relaxed after they received cheerful greetings from complete strangers. They seemed to know Isana well.

People were playing games, talking, joking, and a hundred other things. Kids ran in laughing mobs around the adults, casting curious glances at Isana’s group. Drawing close to the hotel, they found numerous folding tables set out with tons of food of all varieties. Behind those was a group of mostly men, and some women working at grills, cooking burgers, fish, chicken, steaks and more.

Isana stopped. “Okay,” she said. “Hold out an arm for me, each of you.” They did, and Isana worked a complex bit of magic Ayaka couldn’t follow. A glowing ring of blue light encircled each of their wrists. “That’s for my peace of mind. It’s so I can always find you and know that you’re safe. If you need me, hold your wrist where that ring is and think of my name.”

“This is for if we get separated, huh?” Ayaka asked.

“It’s sure to happen sometime, even if it doesn’t tonight,” Isana smiled. “Now let’s grab some food and enjoy ourselves.”

Following Isana, the girls got in line. Ayaka tried a little bit of different kinds of food she’d never seen before, along with things she already loved, like grilled corn. They ate at another set of tables, enjoying the strange flavors of their chosen dishes.

Ayaka’s eyes kept drifting towards the stage. She was intrigued by both the music and the dancing crowd. There was a pulsing energy to the rhythm that called to her.

“You want to dance?” Isana asked, noticing her distraction.

“I… I think so,” Ayaka answered slowly. It looked like a lot of fun, moving your body like that.

“What about you two?” Isana asked Karin and Sora.

“Sure,” Karin shrugged pleasantly. “I’ve never really danced before, other than just fooling around.”

“I want to try, too,” Sora agreed.

So they dropped their paper plates into a can marked ‘burnables’, then made their way towards the stage. The band performed an upbeat blues-rock. The lead vocalist, a woman, was clearly having fun up on the stage, belting out her song with enthusiasm. The audience was steadily growing larger.

Isana had them all clasp hands, then they moved into the dancing crowd. People cleared a small space for them, calling out cheerful greetings as they did so, and Ayaka soon found herself automatically moving to the beat of the music. She loved the communal excitement, feeling energised by the concentration of passionately lived life that surrounded her.

Isana paired with Ayaka first, and the other two followed suit next to them, each facing their partner. As they danced, Isana pulled her close, hands on her hip and side just below her breast. There wasn’t anything fancy about it, but Ayaka was thrilled by the close intimacy of moving her body with Isana’s along to the beat. It was a lot like sex, but with their clothes still on.

Then Isana handed her off to Sora, and Ayaka saw the joyous glow in her little sister’s face. Because of the nature of the activity, no one thought it odd how much they stroked and caressed each other. All four of them felt a growing sense of sexual tension that was far from unpleasant. Then Karin slipped smoothly into her arms.

Ayaka was surprised by the tenderness in the way Karin held her as their bodies moved in almost perfect tandem. They were both quite hot and sweaty by now, and Ayaka wanted her beautiful sister badly.

The song changed to a slower one, and Ayaka quickly pulled Karin closer, resting her hand on the girl’s firm bottom. Karin sighed in appreciation, and their faces touched as they danced on.

Karin smelled of sweat, adrenaline, and arousal… and from her actions that day, Ayaka was almost sure she was the inspiration. In short, it was a near-perfect moment.

“Ayaka…” Karin whispered in her ear, her voice a bit husky with need. Ayaka nuzzled her sister, placing a trail of small kisses along her jawline. Karin shivered in their embrace and tried to speak again. “Ayaka, I…”

“You’re sleeping with me tonight,” Ayaka said decisively in a throaty whisper that surprised even her, giving Karin’s earlobe a quick, light nip. She knew she was going to lose it soon if this kept up. Her panties were soaked, her pussy throbbing. “I don’t care how tired you are when we get home. I need you, Karin.”

When she felt something hot and wet on her cheek, Ayaka pulled back to see tears falling down Karin’s face, flowing down and over her smile. She leaned forward and licked one away. “Stop that,” she ordered, keeping a playful tone to her voice.

“I can’t help it,” Karin laughed. “You said exactly what I hoped you would… well, except for not caring how tired I am. But I don’t mind that.”

“You’d better not!” Ayaka declared, feeling her body respond quickly to these roiling emotions.

Then she felt a small hand touch her shoulder, and a cheerful voice cried. “It’s you guys!”

Feeling utterly baffled in the abrupt dispersal of the erotic cloud they’d both been in, Ayaka and Karin both turned to see a short, familiar girl.

“It’s Emi!” Sora cried happily, joining them with Isana right behind her, and then she gave the grinning Emi a hug.

“And her mother,” said the woman walking up behind the girl after slipping past a group of energetically dancing teens. Both were dressed casually, and Claire was clearly amused by her daughter’s antics. “We saw you girls over here, and Emi just had to come running to say hello.”

“I’m always happy to see Emi,” Isana said, embracing the girl fiercely.

From there they went back to the table to converse with Emi and her mother, but Ayaka couldn’t forget her unfinished business with Karin. Her sister felt it as well, and for the rest of the evening, they were on a low burning sexual high that they both knew would be sated soon.


Ayaka was barely aware of the ride back home, too full of anticipation for when they arrived. Sora had fallen asleep in the front seat, Isana was concentrating on driving, and Karin was just a foot away, wide awake and giving Ayaka looks that spoke volumes. Isana had picked up on their preoccupation with one another, but she just smiled and said nothing.

Finally they were in Isana’s garage with the door closing. “If you girls want to go on ahead, I’ll take care of Sora,” Isana said, a hint of amusement in her voice. “We’ll unload the bags in the morning.”

Ayaka shared a quick glance with Karin, then the girls almost simultaneously launched themselves from the vehicle. From there, the journey through the house was a blur until they made it to the door to Karin’s room, which was inconveniently shut. Before Karin even had a chance to turn the knob, something inside Ayaka gave way. She pressed her sister back against the wood, her mouth found Karin’s, and then they were kissing hotly. Karin moaned, first in surprised protest at the suddenness of Ayaka’s assault, then in delight as she immersed herself in the kiss.

Ayaka wasn’t sure how long she made out with Karin against the door, but she loved every moment of it. Her body was aflame with passion, their tongues twined and danced until they needed to pause for breath. Then one of them, they would never remember which, recalled how to operate a doorknob, and they staggered into the room, laughing joyously.

Between the door and the bed, Ayaka stripped Karin of her clothes, somehow losing her own in the process. Karin stumbled back onto the bed, but Ayaka was right behind, climbing onto her sister’s nubile body. They were both still very sweaty, the product of exertion and raw lust, but to Ayaka, it just made Karin that much more desirable. Their scents were quickly mingling in the room, making the girls dizzy with lust. Ayaka’s body was responding to this opportunity for release, and Karin matched her willingly.

Once again, lips found lips, and their bare chests came together. Muffled moans were heard, then Ayaka slipped her thigh between Karin’s strong legs. She felt a copious, hot wetness against her skin as she made contact with her sister’s slick pussy. In response, Karin arched her body and Ayaka began a slow, sensuous grind, gasping when Karin thrust a hand between her legs.

Karin’s climax came first, her pussy erupting wetly with a squish. Ayaka was right behind, gasping and shuddering as her own pussy spasmed in ecstasy. They collapsed together in a gasping, sweaty tangle.

Once the girls had rested for a while, Ayaka sat up, bending over Karin with fire in her eyes. They grinned, then shared a long, slow, languid kiss that was oh, so gratifying. The very air sizzled with magic unleashed by their passion. Ayaka did like Isana had mentioned before, and pulled the magic in, like a blanket. Her skin tingled, then it was gone.

“I think we both needed that,” she said, sitting up again to admire Karin’s naked form, glistening with sweat in the moonlight. There was a giant wet spot under the girl’s butt. “It looks like you exploded on my bed.”

“Sorry,” Karin laughed pleasantly, smiling up at her sister. “I get really wet when I’m excited, and it just shoots out when I come. That was kind of crazy, though. Wow.”

“Well, we were both pretty worked up,” Ayaka responded, gently brushing a lock of hair away from Karin’s face so she could kiss her forehead. “But I hope you don’t think we’re done already.”

“I wasn’t really thinking much at all actually,” Karin replied with a laugh. “I’m still recovering.”

“Recover later, dear sister.” Ayaka moved down and in, trailing her tongue up Karin’s neck, keeping track of any sensitive places that made her sister twitch and tasting her salty sweat. She visited those places on her way back down to Karin’s chest where she took one small breast in her hand, her mouth claiming the other. Karin’s erect nipple slipped between her lips and, as she’d been taught by Sora and Isana, she gave it a gentle bite before pulling away to declare, “I’m not nearly done with you yet. Not at all.”

“Ayaka!” Karin cried out in a mixture of exasperation and delight. Her chest heaved in response to Ayaka’s ministrations.

Karin’s nipples were wonderfully sensitive, and Ayaka liked the way the girl writhed at having them played with. She switched back and forth from breast to breast, evenly spreading the pleasure. Once Karin had grown a little delirious, Ayaka slid down to find her sister’s dripping girlhood. Unable to resist, she dove in, her tongue eagerly exploring Karin’s tight folds, the girl’s nearly invisible peach fuzz tickling her nose in a most delightful way.

Karin was delicious – hot, wet and deliciously tart. Juices oozed down Ayaka’s chin and neck while Karin twisted and arched her body, wrapping both legs around her sister’s head. Ayaka caressed those thighs lovingly, taking Karin’s animal noises for the compliments they were.

“Oh… Ayaka… that…” Karin was mumbling and groaning incoherently. Then she blurted out one determined word. “More!”

More than happy to oblige, Ayaka delved deep, plunging her tongue as deep as Karin’s tunnel would allow. She added a finger with some difficulty, but Karin clearly loved the intrusion because she just grew louder.

Curious to see if she’d like it, Ayaka coated a finger of her other hand in the juices Karin was generously providing and probed at the girl’s cute, winking back hole. In response Karin spread her legs wider and thrust her hips upward. Ayaka worked the finger in deeper, right up to the third knuckle.

“I’m… I’m…” Karin gasped, eyes clenched shut.

Ayaka knew Karin was close to coming again, and licked her way up to her sister’s clit. By then it was almost painfully swollen in arousal, easy to find. Ayaka focused on it, gently stroking the pink nubbin with her tongue. Then her finger found a place inside Karin that she responded strongly to, and after a few firm strokes there, the girl climaxed with a shout, her luscious juices filling Ayaka’s mouth. Following Karin’s bucking hips, she prolonged the orgasm for as long as possible, feeling her sister’s pussy clench and release spasmodically. When Karin reached down to shove her away, gasping, “Oh, wow, stop!” Ayaka sat back and studied the panting girl, pleased with her handiwork.

For the moment, she was content to watch Karin recover. Ayaka was glazed with sweat, and the sheets were soaked from their lovemaking, but she didn’t particularly care at the moment. Karin was so beautiful, a post-orgasmic glow suffusing her brown skin that gave it a golden sheen, her hair a sex-mussed tangle.

When her eyes came back into focus, Karin’s hands rose up to pull Ayaka down for a deep kiss that she happily melted into.

“I seriously thought I was dying or something,” Karin gasped when she broke away. Her chest was still heaving. “I didn’t even know my butt could feel like that!”

“I could keep going,” Ayaka teased.

“Nooo! You’re going to break me!” Karin giggled, protectively covering her vulva, moaning when she accidentally grazed her clitoris. “Sora wasn’t kidding when she said you were intense.”

“Does that bother you?” Ayaka asked, needing to know.

“Hell, no!” Karin laughed, then flopped down in a loose, spread eagle position. “I just need time to rest my poor puss a bit. It hasn’t ever had a workout like today. I was still a virgin this morning, remember.”

“Oh,” Ayaka frowned. “I forgot. But I’ll always be happy to give you more exercise. I really enjoyed doing that.”

“I could tell,” Karin smiled back, her eyes glowing with affection. “And I’ll want a lot more of it. But while I’m recovering, it’s my turn to play.”

Needless to say, Ayaka was delighted to hear that. She quickly swapped places with Karin, stacking pillows under her head so she could watch everything.

It didn’t surprise her at all when Karin went right for her breasts, cupping them with both hands.

“You really have a thing for my boobs,” Ayaka laughed, enjoying the way Karin was feeling her up. It was relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

“I just love how they look – and feel,” Karin admitted, obviously enjoying herself.

“Well, I don’t mind you touching them,” Ayaka replied. “I don’t mind at all. I have my own weird things I’m into, y’know.”

“You mean the part where you put your finger in my butt?” Karin murmured, leaning in to take Ayaka’s nipple in her mouth.

“Ooh,” Ayaka moaned. She really liked what Karin was doing. The strong, instant sucking and Karin’s playful tongue were making her giddy. Her pussy was quite wet already, but now it was starting to drip. “Yeah, I found out from doing stuff with Isana that I like to see, touch and lick girls’ bottoms. I also like smelling you girls when you’re all sweaty and excited. I just found that out today.”

The pleasure Karin’s sucking was giving Ayaka suddenly ratcheted up several notches. Her pussy clenched on itself and the pleasurable shiver of a mild orgasm flashed through her body. This gave Ayaka delicious goosebumps, despite how hot she was, and she sighed happily.

Karin released her breast with a wet pop. “You come a lot more easily than I do,” she said, now moving with intent between her sister’s legs.

Needless to say, Ayaka was more than ready for some attention down there. That little orgasm had been lovely, but not even close to enough. “I love doing this with you,” she countered, lifting her legs a little to ease Karin’s access.

“So do I,” Karin chuckled. “You know, before last night, I never would have thought I’d end up like this, but here I am, thinking how pretty your pussy is. And before this morning, I’d never imagined putting my mouth down here, but between what I’ve done with Sora, and after the bath I took with Isana, I really want this.”

Ayaka braced herself for the first sensation, but a jolt still raced up her spine when Karin’s tongue slid into her whilst gentle fingers spread her slick lips open. Unlike the others, Ayaka still had her hymen, so there was a limit to how far Karin could penetrate her with tongue and fingers. When she found the barrier, Karin withdrew in surprise and looked up.

“Um,” Ayaka mumbled, “don’t go all the way in, please. It probably sounds weird at this point, but I really want Isana to be my first.”

“That’s fine,” Karin smiled in understanding. It was obvious to all of them how much she loved Isana. “I’ll be careful.” She got back to work, and Ayaka laid back to enjoy it.

It felt marvellous. Karin was really good at finding her most sensitive places and working them to drive her into a high state of arousal. She was pretty sure Karin was licking every millimetre of her pussy, and the girl’s fingers were just as thorough.

When Ayaka’s orgasm finally slammed home, due to Karin finding a very nice place to touch just inside her depths, she sped her movements up to finish off.

The first orgasm blindsided her and sent her sprawling back, arching into Karin. When Karin began to slow down, Ayaka surprised herself. “Keep going, Karin… please,” she gasped. “D-don’t stop yet!”

Karin grunted a happy acknowledgement, and sure enough, the tongue and fingers resumed their labours. She lost count of the number of consecutive orgasms after the fourth rendered her nearly insensate. From there it was just jolt after jolt of ecstasy rolling through her body, driving Ayaka frantic.

When Karin did finally stop, flopping down by her side, Ayaka felt wonderfully relaxed. Her pussy, however, was soaked and throbbing.

“That was nuts,” Karin declared before leaning in for a kiss. Ayaka tasted the familiar flavour of her own fluids, but it was Karin’s lips she was focused on.

“But it was so good,” she sighed when they broke apart, feeling her heart slow down. She paused for a moment to clear the lingering magic in the air that they’d inadvertently cast out, then added, “I loved it, Karin, every second of it.”

“Me too,” Karin laughed happily.

Sitting up, propped on her arms, Ayaka smirked at her sister. “Are you rested enough yet?”

Karin’s mouth fell open a little in obvious shock. “You… you’re kidding, right? You just came like crazy for almost five minutes.”

“Nope, I’m not joking at all,” she pushed Karin gently back, mindful of the girl’s wings, and climbed back on top, this time facing in the opposite directions of her younger sister. “I haven’t had nearly enough of you yet.”

“Oh god!” Karin moaned resignedly, but there was a clear note of happiness, too. “Can you be gentle with me this time? I’’m kinda… sensitive down there.”

Ayaka smiled at the sight of her sister’s dripping slit. She loved her family so much, and at the moment, her love for Karin burned especially bright.


Karin awoke feeling sore in her pussy and butthole, as well as other more familiar muscles. It wasn’t terribly unpleasant though, especially considering how they’d gotten achy in the first place.

A long, bare arm was wrapped around her back, and Karin opened her eyes to find herself exactly where she’d been when she passed out from exhaustion, being held by her older sister. Ayaka looked beautiful and content in her sleep, but Karin’s bladder was insisting on being emptied. She had to get up.

When she tried to slide out of the tight embrace, Ayaka’s eyes fluttered open and her arms tightened, holding Karin close. “Not going anywhere,” Ayaka mumbled sleepily. “Mine now.”

“Ayaka, that’s not a good idea at the moment,” she said, quietly but insistently. “I really need to pee.”

Awareness lit quickly in Ayaka’s eyes and she gave Karin a wicked smile. “Me too.”

She squawked in surprise because she found herself tumbling out of the bed, watching Ayaka’s bare butt move enticingly as her sister trotted towards the bathroom door. “No fair!” Karin righted herself and ran in pursuit, a wide grin on her face. She was just in time for Ayaka to sit down on the toilet. “I called it first.”

“It’s what you get for passing out,” Ayaka replied with a smile, the kind that told Karin she was in a playful mood. Ayaka finished and wiped, not bothering to hide her body in any way.

“Sorry I can’t be a, a nympho machine like you,” Karin retorted, taking her place on the toilet. “I thought I was athletic until last night.”

“We each have our strengths,” Ayaka laughed, stretching herself a little. “Not that I’m not a little stiff too.”

Despite still being a little tired, Karin felt a renewed thrill at seeing Ayaka this way – standing in the early morning sunlight, gloriously naked. Ayaka saw Karin looking, and her smile widened.

Deciding to get some of her own back, Karin turned to exit the bathroom, deliberately and silently walking away from Ayaka.

Not even halfway to the bed, those long arms encircled her again and pulled her back against hot skin and firm breasts. She smiled and clasped Ayaka’s hands to her, feeling the love her sister was projecting with this embrace. It was the best, having Ayaka as her older sister. “Can we go back to bed?” she murmured, no longer in the mood to play.


“Not for that yet,” Karin snorted, hoping the intrigued interest in Ayaka’s tone had to be at least half joking. “I want to go back to sleep with you. I like the whole being-held thing. It feels soooo nice.”

“I’m into that,” Ayaka said, somewhere close to her ear.

When they climbed back in the bed, careful to lie in a dry spot, Ayaka was true to her word. Karin had no idea if her sister fell asleep too, but as warm and comfortable as it was in bed, she was dozing in seconds. And she knew that upon awakening, Ayaka would still be there.

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