Learning Phase, Chapter 13

  • Posted on September 11, 2023 at 3:15 pm

By Nuit du Loup

After they finished with lunch and washed up, Isana and the girls returned to the forest glade. Ayaka loved the woods and how they made her feel alive and energized, but today was especially nice since she was channeling and using that magic to do things. It was frustrating that her water spell hadn’t gone well… but after all, they each had their own strengths and weaknesses. She was happy for both of her younger siblings, and she especially liked being big sister Ayaka.

“Okay,” Isana announced to begin the lesson. All the objects from earlier were laid out in front of them on their blankets. As far as classrooms went, it was the most enjoyable Ayaka had ever been in, even with the excessive heat of the day. It also helped that Sora had seated herself in a way that let Ayaka look up her skirt, which made her feel delightfully naughty.

“For this lesson,” Isana continued, “I want you to keep practicing all the things we’ve already done, over and over again. I know that sounds boring, but I also want you to try as many variations as you can. The point of this is to speed up the process of drawing out your magic.”

So that’s exactly what they did. Over and over again, the girls cycled through the different types of magic they’d learned. Isana would move among them to help and direct things as needed. She also provided hints when they were clearly trying something that didn’t work. There were a couple of accidents, but Isana had obviously expected these and had them quickly in hand. The first was a small fire started by Karin, who really did have a lot more power than she could easily control. Isana spent an hour with her doing different little things with fire while Karin happily followed her teacher’s lead.

The second accident was Ayaka’s fault. Since her gift was deeply invested in living things, she’d spent a lot of her time exploring it. This time, she got a little carried away. Ayaka was using her magic on a little bush, trying to make it bushier, and didn’t see that there were actually two plants growing there, instead of one. A patch of poison ivy was growing quite prodigiously beneath the bush, and she almost ended up in the middle of it. Luckily Isana saw and heard her, and hastened to the rescue.

It was almost evening when the sky began clouding up and turning ugly. The humidity grew so thick that it felt like breathing underwater. Poor Sora was drenched in sweat by then, but Ayaka wasn’t much better off. Karin, on the other hand, only seemed to notice the heat when the others drew her attention to it. Finally, Sora announced that it was going to rain at any moment, so they started packing up.

As they trudged back, laughing and sharing their experiences and experiments of the afternoon, the first rumble of thunder rolled by. It was a deep, bone-thrumming sound, and from Ayaka’s connection to the forest she felt the plants and creatures around her preparing for the oncoming storm. For the last stretch they ran along the trail, ignoring their tired, aching muscles. It became a bit of a race, and they were all grinning when Karin whooped her victory at reaching the garage door first.

Just as they’d finished putting their things away for the day, the sky seemed to fall down. The rain came not with a soft buildup, but with the resounding crash of a true summer storm. Sora wandered back to the door with a curious expression, so Ayaka followed her sister, holding Sora her from behind as they gazed out the door at the pounding rain.

Ayaka loved holding her sisters and being held by them, so this was especially lovely, just standing there with Sora cuddled into her with Karin close by and Isana’s arm wrapped around her back.

Of course, it couldn’t last forever. “I have to pee!” Karen exclaimed.

Karin’s complaint, coming completely out of nowhere, hit them all at just the perfect moment. It started with Isana, suddenly bending over and laughing so hard Ayaka worried for a moment that she might make herself sick. Then Sora started giggling, and that got Ayaka going too. It only got worse when Karin ran into the house to find the bathroom, laughing all the way. They were still chuckling a little when Isana’s friends Todd, Missy and Calvin drove by in their truck, honking twice before they disappeared where the road led into the woods.

God, that felt good!” Isana sighed, regaining her composure.

Ayaka felt Sora wiggle slightly in her arms, so she looked down into the little girl’s smiling face. “Can I take these sweaty clothes off now?” Sora asked.

“Ask Isana, not me,” Ayaka replied, then looked over at their teacher. “Isana?”

“Hmph. Might as well,” Isana answered good-naturedly.

With permission given, Ayaka reached down to grab the hem of Sora’s soaked shirt, now cold and a bit icky. Sora got the idea right away and lifted her arms to help her big sister get the sodden top off. Next went the skirt, leaving Sora nude but for a pair of white panties that were clinging to the young girl. Ayaka and Isana both had eyes locked on that prize… and Sora clearly knew it, if her smile was any indication.

Hooking into the waistband in the back so that her finger teased down the cleft of Sora’s bottom, Ayaka tugged down the girl’s last stitch of clothing.

“I think you really enjoy undressing your sisters, Ayaka,” Isana said. She had begun to remove her own clothing, and was already down to skimpy blue panties. Her bright pink nipples were visibly erect as she stretched her limbs. “Oh, yeah. That feels sooo much better!”

“I do like that, yeah,” Ayaka admitted, wrapping both arms around the naked Sora, who giggled with delight, letting herself be held. Quickly finding her new sister’s budding breasts, Ayaka gently caressed them, occasionally teasing the tips with her fingers. Sora moaned, a shiver of pleasure coursing through her, which pleased Ayaka no end. Now that she’d finally had sex, and with these beautiful girls she loved so much, Ayaka wanted to touch them all the time.

“Whoa! We’re taking our clothes off now?” Karin asked in surprise when she reappeared in the doorway. “What did I miss?”

“Not much… and yes,” Isana replied. “You strip, too. It’s naked family time.”

Shrugging her acceptance, Karin quickly dropped her shorts and whipped off her shirt with little ceremony at all. She did stop to grab everyone’s discarded clothes and put them in the mud room. Upon returning, she asked,  “Okay, so how come Ayaka’s still dressed?”

“She got too busy feeling up Sora,” Isana laughed. “You too, Ayaka – that’s an order. We want you nude!”

“Hard to argue with that, I guess,” Ayaka laughed in reply. She smiled down at the pouting Sora. “Don’t worry, cutie. I’ll get back to you in a moment.”

“You’d better!” Sora giggled, smiling hugely again.

Stepping back, Ayaka began her own disrobing. Her shirt and panties both made wet splatting sounds when Karin took them off her hands, then tossed them onto the pile in the mud room. Her socks clung and felt totally gross, but in a brief moment she had them off and was naked like the others.

Sora quickly moved toward her with a determined expression, and they all had a small laugh when the girl nestled back into Ayaka’s embrace, putting her big sister’s hands back on her flat chest, exactly where they were before.

“You like that, I take it?” Ayaka asked, returning to caressing Sora.

“Mmm-hmm,” Sora purred, looking blissfully happy.

“You two can stay and have fun here if you want. Me, I’m gonna cool off a bit,” Isana said, gesturing out at the pouring rain. The thunder and lightning had settled a bit, but it was still pouring down. “Want to get wet with me, Karin?”

“Oh, yeah!” Karin was quick to agree. They both dodged around Ayaka and Sora – Isana with her tail swishing excitedly from her pale bottom, Karin with her athletic litheness.

“Hee, hee… you’re staring at Isana’s butt, Ayaka,” Sora teased.

“Hey, I love butts,” Ayaka declared. “They’re nice to see, touch… and lick!” Letting her hand slide down  Sora’s back, she trailed her fingers through the crack of her little sister’s bottom. Sora responded with a gasp, which trailed off into a moan. “See, you like it when I play with yours.”

“Well, it does feel really good,” Sora admitted, not bothering to suppress her little sounds of pleasure. She and Ayaka watched Karin and Isana play in the rain. Ayaka pressed against Sora’s anus and felt her sister tense with a hiss of pleasure, then relax. Accepting this invitation, Ayaka slowly eased her way inside, loving the little shudders Sora’s body made as her rectum was fully penetrated. Sora was so responsive to every little touch that it was worth all the time in the world to take things slowly.

“I – I forgot about my butt earlier,” Sora said after a long while of Ayaka gently pleasuring her, not intensely enough to make her come just yet.

“You forgot? What do you mean?” Ayaka whispered into Sora’s ear, unable to keep from rubbing her pussy against the rounded swell of Sora’s bottom.

“I… was figuring out…how to, to masturbate this morning,” Sora replied between rising squeaks caused by Ayaka carefully nibbling at her long ear.

“How did that go?” Ayaka asked, hearing arousal in her own voice.

“It was… really fun,” Sora giggled, moving her hips in rhythm to Ayaka’s steady strokes.

Ayaka could feel Sora’s muscles quivering and squeezing her finger. Then the younger girl shuddered hard and blurted, “Can you make me c-come now? Please?”

“Absolutely,” Ayaka replied, knowing her little lover was in urgent need of release. Taking her hand away from Sora’s chest, she slid it downward, traveling over the girl’s soft belly and then to her smooth vulva. As expected, she found Sora’s slit to be very wet, proof positive of her arousal.

Not wanting to get her sister off too soon, Ayaka avoided the girl’s clitoris at first, electing to and gradually ease a finger into Sora’s vagina, feeling the muscles there clench in response. She traced another finger along the labia and only then gave a light caress to Sora’s clit.

Ayaka wasn’t intending to make her little lover come yet, but Sora was so primed for a climax that it was enough to finish her off right then. So Ayaka held the girl tightly, letting her ride out the spasms of the orgasm. “Wow,” she breathed when Sora’s cunt clamped down tightly on her fingers.

With a final gasp and shiver, Sora relaxed and slumped into Ayaka’s arms. Taking a moment to catch her breath, she turned around and embraced her big sister.

They heard Isana speak. “Oh, wow, Ayaka… how’d you learn to do that?”

Glancing over a shoulder, Sora saw Karin and Isana watching them from outdoors, rain running down their bare bodies.

“What do you mean?” Ayaka asked. She made a mental note to wash the finger she had inside Sora’s butt once she’d removed it

“What you did with Sora,” Isana explained. “It was like you knew exactly how to touch her.”

“I have no idea,” Ayaka answered, not knowing what else to say. There was more, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to explain. “I just did what I thought would make her feel good… or what Sora wanted me to do.”

“I think Ayaka’s just good at sex,” Karin shrugged. “Everybody’s got skills, right?”

“I suppose,” Isana sighed. “You awake there, Sora?”

“Hmm, kinda,” Sora sighed, finally stirring. “I feel awesome.”

“Good!” Isana laughed. “Me and Karin were getting bored with just the two of us dancing. You and Ayaka need to come outside and take a shower with us.”

It only took Isana a moment to explain the game, along with its almost complete lack of rules, and soon they were all laughing and giddy, slipping around in the muddy patch in front of Isana’s garage. Sora was a little slower than the others, feeling somewhat spent from her orgasm, but she did her level best.

Eventually they were all out of breath and coated in mud. Ayaka was the messiest, thanks to a tricky move from Isana, and was almost covered from head to toe. At Isana’s suggestion, they went around the house and sat down on a large, fallen tree where they rested, allowing the rain to wash them clean.

That was fun,” Karin panted, grinning and leaning against Sora, who looked half-asleep.

“I haven’t done something like that in years,” Isana chuckled, leaning back on her arms to let the rain fall on her bare breasts. Ayaka thought she looked beautiful like that, even if her tail was still bedraggled. “Makes me feel young again!”

“You’re not even a little old yet,” Sora declared, flicking a stubborn bit of mud off her thigh.

“What are we doing for dinner?” Karin asked, perking up.

“Ugh… dinner,” Isana groaned, sitting up. “You and Ayaka can make something, since you both look so wide awake and perky. Sora’s going to come help me get crud out of my tail fur. How’s that for a plan?”

Sharing a look with Karin, Ayaka replied, “Sure, seeing as Sora being so tired is my fault anyway.”

“Cool!” Isana slowly got to her feet.

Suddenly Ayaka remembered something important she wanted to do that day. “Isana, wait,” she said quickly, motioning for her to sit again.

“Hmm?” Isana replied, noting her student’s change in mood.

“Well,” said Ayaka, now feeling  nervous. “I want to try changing now, while we’re all out here together.”

“Changing?” was confused at first, but then her eyes grew wide. “Oh! You mean your shape-changing?”


“I thought you’d never done it before,” Sora said, sounding a bit worried. “Do you even know how?”

“Yeah,” Ayaka replied. “I’ve always known how, but I couldn’t do it in the city. I can do it here, I know I can, but I want you all to be here when it happens.”

“There’s no hurry,” Isana said, also sounding concerned. “Aren’t you tired?”

“I am, but this is something that… it’s like a part of me,” she answered. “I don’t know how, but it won’t take any more out of me than lifting my arm would.”

“Well… okay, if you’re sure you want to,” Isana said after a moment. “I love you, kitten, and I just want you to be safe.”

“I know that,” she replied, feeling that odd thrill again at hearing Isana say her pet name for her. “So please, just sit there and watch. If I need help, you’ll be right here. Okay?”

She stepped a bit away from the log, towards the rain-shrouded bulk of the house, then turned back to face her family. They watched her with both a touching amount of concern and a measure of excitement. Oddly, it helped her nerves to have them watching while they were all naked.

Ayaka was fully confident in her ability to change shape. It had always been part of her, but the power had remained dormant while she resided in the city. Now her skill was waiting to be used, and she intended to do exactly that.

It took almost no effort at all. One moment, she was standing wet and bare before her family, then there was a moment of nothing. Suddenly she found herself looking at Isana from a completely different perspective, on four legs, with her vision suddenly lacking a bit in color perception. But her nose! Good grief… her nose!

The rain soaking into the fur of her new body was hardly noticeable. In fact, she felt kind of warm now. In the meantime, hundreds, maybe thousands of scents assaulted her nose. She knew what animals were upwind of her and how far. She knew there was a mole living nearby and that she had stepped in its droppings. She could smell all kinds of plants, the content of the soil, traces of car exhaust from the nearby road.


Sora’s voice sounded different – strange, maybe, but it was clearly her. She could easily pick Sora out of the scents of the others. They were all so unique, like fingerprints.

This was nothing to be afraid of. In fact, Ayaka decided, it’s amazing!


Sora watched, a knot of worry in her tummy as Ayaka walked away a few feet, then turned to face them. She knew Ayaka needed to do this, so she didn’t let her concern show, just silently wished that nothing would go wrong.

At first, not much seemed to happen – then there was something really odd. Everything around Ayaka seemed to twist and distort, and suddenly there was a visible storm of magic that raced in from every direction over the forest plants and into the twisting, and when it straightened out, there was a huge wolf standing there where Ayaka had been. Sora her never seen a wolf before, but she was sure they weren’t as big as this.

Ayaka’s fur was a beautiful combination of chestnut-brown mixed very naturally with black and white. Her ears were perked up triangles, and her nose stuck out between golden eyes that looked at Sora, Karin and Isana in turn. The rain was already matting down her fur, but Ayaka obviously had a strong build, and her long tail was bushy and luxurious.

Sora finally spoke. “Ayaka?”

The wolf blinked, twitched her head slightly, then seemed to regard Sora more closely. In an experimental fashion, Ayaka began walking around, watching her own paws with apparent fascination – at least until she bumped into a tree and let out a yip of surprise. At that sound, Ayaka stopped still as if in shock, then yipped again, but louder. That was when Sora found out exactly what an amused wolf looks like.

Isana slowly approached Ayaka, studying her new form. “Great,” she said, hands on hips. “Now I’m going to have tail envy forever. And I can’t call you Kitten when you look like this!”

Ayaka stood up straighter and let out a yelp that was an obvious complaint. It was weird, seeing a conversation with only one of the participants able to talk.

“Fine, fine,” Isana laughed, reaching down to pet Ayaka. The wolf clearly approved, which she demonstrated by nuzzling close to Isana’s bare legs. “Now I’m gonna smell like wet dog, so it’s a good thing I love you so much, Kitten.”

Apparently pleased, Ayaka plopped her butt down in the mud and let Isana scratch behind her ears. Karin, though silent until now, blurted, “That is so cool!” hurried over to Isana and joined in the petting.

When Ayaka saw Sora hadn’t yet joined in petting her, she yipped again.

“Come on Sora,” Isana said, rolling her eyes, “Your sister won’t be happy until we all smell like she does, so come pet her already.”

“Sure!” Sora agreed and joined in. The wet fur didn’t feel very nice, but Ayaka seemed to love the attention. “You’re really beautiful,” Sora said. Ayaka turned her lupine head with a quick thrust forward and slurped her face with a long, wet tongue.

Karin dissolved helplessly into laughter. “Ayaka dog-slurped you, Sora.” The wolf took quick advantage of Karin’s undefended stance to give her the same treatment. “Hey!”

Sora didn’t actually mind being licked. She knew it was the only way Ayaka had to show her appreciation, so she took it as it was meant and ignored the wolf’s breath. Besides, Sora was still a bit worked up from what Ayaka did to her earlier in the garage. The unplanned and openness of having sex right there in front of everyone had been thrilling and scary at the same time, yet she hadn’t cared.

“Hey Isana,” Karin asked, still laughing, “When we go back to our regular school, can I bring Ayaka in to show to my class some time?”

“Why would you want to do that?” a chuckling Isana asked, even as Ayaka gave Karin an indignant yip.

“Because it would totally freak people out,” Karin replied. Clearly unamused at that idea, Ayaka stood up, turned, looked right at Karin and lifted her hind leg in a very meaningful way. Karin backed up quickly. “Hey! Ayaka! It was a joke!”

“Karin,” Isana sighed. “She’s a female wolf. They don’t raise their legs to pee unless they’re male. She does the more ladylike thing and squats.”

There was another sudden wrenching of the air again and Ayaka was back in human form, red-faced and not looking very happy. Even upset, she was pretty. Her long hair was plastered down the pale skin of her back, dripping over her butt and long legs. “That wasn’t very funny, guys!” she complained. “Was Sora the only one who liked me as a wolf?”

“Kitten,” Isana murmured, hugging Ayaka, who held onto her very tightly. “We were only joking around a little. You are very beautiful as a wolf, and that was one of the best shape-shifts I’ve ever seen. I don’t actually care that I smell like wet dog now, and the only joke I actually meant was the one about being jealous of your tail. But I’m okay with it, because from now on I get to touch yours all I want to.”

“Okay,” Ayaka laughed, sounding mollified and happy again. “I thought Karin was serious though, maybe because my hearing is different as a wolf… and it didn’t sound like a joke.”

“I was just goofing with you,” Karin said, looking apologetic. “If anything, I want to be able to introduce you to my classmates as my cool big sister.”

“Thanks,” Ayaka replied, coloring now – but for a completely different reason. Then she looked at Sora with an odd little smile. “Sora, you smelled really awesome when I was the wolf.”

“What do I smell like?” Sora asked, curious.

“I don’t really know how to describe it,” Ayaka mused, smiling down at Isana, who was hugging her around the waist. “Maybe it’s got something to do with us having sex a little while ago, but you smelled totally yummy.”

“Yummy?” Sora laughed. “I made you hungry?”

“Not that way,” Ayaka grinned, which drew a snort of laughter from Isana.

“Oh!” Sora got it too, a renewed feeling of heat growing between her legs.

“Maybe Karin was right – you are a sex monster,” Isana remarked, then sighed. “Bah! I thought we were supposed to be getting food! And all this talk of being hungry isn’t helping.”

“Sex monster?” Ayaka snorted, feigning indignity. Then she leaned in to whisper something into Isana’s ear. Isana promptly blushed all the way to her toes and gaped at the younger girl. Ayaka, on the other hand, seemed quite pleased with herself.

“What did she say?” Karin demanded.

For a long moment filled only by the soft susurration of the rainstorm, Isana stood in silence, looking at them one at a time, seeing their curiosity. Then she groaned and said, “Fine! But don’t get upset at me! Ayaka said, ‘Your sex monster loves you and I’ll always love your smell best of all.'”

“Is that it?” Karin asked, voicing the exact same sentiment Sora felt right then.

“What do you mean?” Isana replied, looking confused. “That doesn’t bother you?”

“Why should it?” Sora said, beating Karin to the punch. Her ears were almost fluttering, proof of her buoyant mood. “We’ve known since the first night that Ayaka loves you like that. We don’t mind because we all love each other too, but like family.”

“What Sora said,” Karin added, nodding.

“Well… awesome… I think,” Isana replied, and pulled Ayaka’s grinning face to hers for a long, languid kiss. When they finished, Isana grunted, “Okay, it’s boss time. I’m the boss here, and I demand food!”

“Okay, okay.” Karin glanced over at Sora. “I was getting a bit cold anyway. How about you?”

Sora paused to think. She’d been having so much fun that it had been easy to ignore the rain on her nude body. Now that Karin mentioned it, though, she was getting a little cold. “Me too. Let’s go in,” she agreed.

They were more careful on the way back indoors, and in the garage Isana did her little drying trick with all of them. It didn’t work as well on Ayaka’s long hair, which became fluffy and filled with static. Next, Isana demanded that everyone take showers to warm up and get fully clean. Sora was still drafted to help Isana, but she didn’t mind at all.

“Did you really know how Ayaka and I feel about each other this whole time, Sora?” Isana asked with her head turned around to look up at her. Isana was lying belly down on a plastic stool in her shower while Sora used a stiff brush to work through the mess of her tail. It wasn’t a hard job, even though lots of little bits of dirt were stuck in the fur. Besides, the view of Isana’s butt was really nice.

“Me and Karin both did,” she answered, working at an especially stubborn tangle of mud and fur. “You guys look at each other different than you do with me and Karin. But I don’t care, because you both love me, too.”

“Hmm,” Isana mused. “Claire would kill me if she knew I’ve fallen crazy in love with a girl who is supposed to be my adopted daughter.”

“Why?” Sora asked, pouring a generous amount of shampoo into her hands. “She knows you won’t hurt Ayaka, because she’s special to you. Claire’s a really nice lady.”

“She’s been my best friend for all my life,” Isana chuckled, and then made a completely different kind of moan. Bending down a little as she soaped up Isana’s tail and made it all lathery, Sora saw Isana’s fingers moving between her legs.

Isana noticed her looking. “Heh, I’ve needed this all evening. Seeing you girls naked for all that time has been driving me crazy. Do you mind me doing this…?”

“No,” Sora answered, amused that she would even ask. After all, Isana had helped her masturbate just that morning. “Why didn’t you just join me and Ayaka earlier?”

“Oooh… maybe I could have,” Isana nodded, moving her fingers a bit faster. “But you two had a special thing going on there and it wouldn’t have been nice to interrupt. Why do you think I dragged Karin out to play? She understood what I was doing right away.”

“It was really nice,” Sora said, holding Isana’s tail under the shower spray to rinse it. “I’ve never had a big sister before, and I really love Ayaka. It’s so nice when she touches me. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.” She hastened to add, “I love you and Karin lots too, but she knew exactly what I wanted right then. I could tell that Ayaka was doing everything she could to make me feel good.”

“I see,” Isana chuckled, then gasped, caught up in a sudden surge of pleasure. As Sora watched in awe, Isana tensed and liquid drooled out from around her working fingers. Then she took several deep breaths. Getting up on her knees, she said. “I really needed that. But maybe Karin is right, and Ayaka has a talent for that kind of thing. She naturally heals plants just by being close or touching them, so maybe she’s also inclined that way towards people she loves. But man, am I hungry now.”

“Karin and Ayaka are probably already making something,” Sora reminded Isana.

“And thank goodness for that!” Isana said, brightening visibly. She stood and checked herself out in a nearby mirror. “Am I decent again?”

“Yep!” Sora agreed.

“Great!” Once again, Isana made the water vanish from their bodies as they left the shower. “Put some clothes on, honey, and meet me downstairs. My ass is freezing like this!”

Wandering into her room, Sora did as Isana asked and selected fresh clothes to wear. After being naked for a few hours, it felt oddly confining to wear the light dress she picked out. Thinking about that, Sora  realized that she really did prefer being naked. She wanted Isana and her sisters to be able to see all of her, and vice versa. But she also knew that that wouldn’t work if she wanted to stay warm. Anyhow, she still liked to dress in nice things.

Stopping at the top of the stairs, Sora decided to go halfway. Reaching under her dress, she yanked her fresh pair of panties off and chucked them back inside her room.

It felt weird going around with only her summer dress on and nothing underneath, but it was nice too. The downside she first noticed was that it really drew her attention to those exposed parts. Had anyone been at the bottom of the stairs waiting, they would have had a good view, but no one was. Instead, she heard all three of her family members laughing in the kitchen, and hastened to join them.

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