Pages From a Diary, Chapter 11

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By Rachael Yukey

It took me a few moments to come to my senses. Julie was lightly kissing my upper thighs, and Megan was caressing my cheek. My eyes met hers. When she spoke, her voice was low and strained.

“I must be some kind of perv,” she said, “because watching you two get each other off is maybe the hottest thing I ever saw.”

I realized Megan hadn’t had an orgasm yet, and it didn’t seem fair to leave her like that. So I pulled her to me and began kissing her neck. She still had her bra on, and I reached behind her and started fumbling with it. How the heck do these things come off?

Julie must have noticed that I was having problems, because she gently pushed my hand away. It took her a few seconds, then the bra suddenly came loose. Still kissing Megan, I slipped it off and let it fall on the bed.

Having Megan’s boobs just inches from my face was one of the most exciting things yet. They weren’t big, but they sure were beautiful. I covered them with both hands, amazed by their softness. I caressed her nipples with my thumbs, then took one into my mouth and sucked it. Julie slid in beside me and latched onto the other nipple.

Megan was moaning soft and low, clutching us to her chest with her fingers buried in our hair. I turned my face up to hers and she kissed me, hard. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. Then I broke away and shoved her onto her back. Julie went down with us, still kissing and sucking Megan’s breasts. Me, I had something else in mind.

I felt my way around Megan’s black church skirt and undid the little clasp on the side. She lifted her hips so I could slip it off. She had a pair of black panties with lacy trim on them… very sexy! I ran my hand along her thighs as I bent down to nuzzle her belly. Julie was kissing Megan on the mouth while playing with her boobs.

I began stroking the front of Megan’s panties. They were soaked! She raised her hips, pressing herself against my hand. I applied a little pressure, and she gasped.

It was time for her to be naked, I decided. I hooked my fingers into the waistband of Megan’s panties, and she lifted up again so I could pull them down and off.

Now that Megan’s pussy was on display, I settled in close to admire it. She’s an innie like me and Julie, but she has light brown hair framing her labia. It was incredibly soft, like flower petals. I just stroked it, loving the texture.

“Come and see,” I said to Julie, scooting over a little to make room. Julie got down beside me and moved in close, then reached out to caress the damp curls. She was stroking one side, I was stroking the other, and our heads were touching. I turned towards her, and the next thing I knew we were kissing.

“God,” Megan gasped. “You two are so fucking hot together.”

I broke off the kiss and leaned close to Julie’s ear. “Go kiss her now,” I said.

Julie settled in next to Megan, giving her a big, messy kiss, then taking an ear in her mouth to nibble. I kept caressing Megan’s puffy lips, kissing and nuzzling her upper thighs. Working my way between her legs, I kissed her pussy once, then a few more times, getting the taste of her on my mouth. Her scent filled my nostrils, and I felt myself getting drippy wet all over again.

I nibbled a little on her labia, then let my tongue slide up the outside of her slit, not quite going inside. Suddenly Megan had a hand on the side of my face, turning it up so she could meet my eyes. “Girl,” she breathed, “you are a fucking tease. Did you know that?”

I gave her an evil grin, then turned my attention back to her sweet pussy. I slowly spread her lips apart with my thumb and finger, looking inside for the first time. It was pink and juicy, like some rare tropical fruit. I let a finger slip into her folds and teased around the outside edge of her vagina. Megan shuddered.

“Put it in,” she whispered.

“Huh?” I said, looking up.

“Put your finger inside me,” she said.

Whoa… this was new. It seems weird now, but I was kinda nervous about doing that. I gently pushed, and it slid right in. Megan shuddered again. It was warm and wet in there and I slid my finger in and out experimentally. Her breathing was short and sharp.

I noticed that Julie had stopped kissing Megan to watch what I was doing, her eyes wide. She was using one hand to tease Megan’s nipples, the other to absentmindedly stroke her own pussy.

By then, I had my finger buried in Megan and was feeling my way around. “Rub me here…on the inside, over the opening,” she instructed, pointing to an area just above her slit. “Feel around for a kind of rough patch, and press against it.”

I found what she was talking about right away, and pushed. Megan arched her back and gave a loud moan. “Oh, God, yes,” she said in a shaky voice.

I heard Julie gasp. Looking up, I saw she had a finger between her own labia and was moving it slowly. Megan noticed too. “Keep going, Julie,” she gasped. “Let me see you play with yourself.”

Julie grinned, then spread her legs wide, giving us a great view as she picked up the pace.

“Put another finger in,” Megan told me. Another finger easily joined the first, and I began to work them in and out, pressing upwards like she wanted.

“That’s it,” Megan gasped. “Yeah, like that. Now eat my pussy while you finger-fuck me.”

Finger-fucking! Was that what I was doing? It just sounded SO dirty. The old me would’ve been bothered when someone spoke like that, but now I found myself loving it. Fingering her faster, I lowered my head. When I wrapped my lips around her hood, stuck my tongue out and began to lick, she moaned.

I was in it now. This was the wickedest, most exciting thing I’d ever done! My fingers pumped in and out of her, my tongue working furiously. Megan was moaning over and over, pumping her hips against my mouth so hard it was like she was having sex with my face. No, wrong term. She was FUCKING my face, and it was the hottest thing EVER! I squeezed my legs together in a steady rhythm, making waves of pleasure flow through me.

I heard Julie wail. I looked up to see her body arch up from the bed as she came. She had both legs mashed together as her hips pumped furiously. Then she just collapsed in a heap.

Suddenly Megan had my head tightly clamped between her hands, and her whole body went rigid. Her butt pressed down hard into the bed and she wailed. Then she screamed. I could feel her vagina pulsing against my fingers, squeezing them so hard it almost hurt. One more loud cry, then she went still.

I gently licked all around her pussy, still moving my fingers in and out, but slowly. Megan was breathing hard, trembling ever so slightly. I was still pressing my thighs together, desperate to come again.

Megan must have sensed what I needed. She slipped her hands below my arms and pulled me up so I was lying on her. Our mouths came together, our tongues met, and as we kissed, her hand slid over my backside and down until she was easing a finger between my swollen, aching pussy lips. She found my clit, and it was all over in just a few seconds. I came hard, screaming into her mouth, then went limp on top of her.

The next thing I knew, Julie had piled in beside us, her arm thrown over us both. I put my arm around her and pulled her in even closer. But then I felt really hot and sticky. It wasn’t gross or anything, just uncomfortable. I gently moved Julie’s arm away, rolled off Megan and sprawled out on the bed.

Julie’s head popped up. “Hey… you okay, Mal?”

“Fine,” I said, giving her a smile so she’d know it was true. “I just needed to cool down.”

“Just in case you were wondering,” said Megan, “you guys totally crossed that line we were talking about. That was sex!” She was acting all serious, but couldn’t hide a grin.

I grinned right back, trying to match that wicked glint in her eye. “Damn right it was.” I felt absurdly proud of myself for saying the “D” word.

Suddenly all three of us collapsed into a fit of laughter. Megan pulled me close, and we laughed ourselves silly in a big complicated three-way hug.

Once we were done having hysterics, Julie glanced over at the clock on Megan’s nightstand. I followed her eyes, and holy macaroni! It was almost half past three.

“What time does your dad expect you back?” I asked her.

“I told him I’d be home by 4:30,” she replied.

“Why don’t we grab a shower?” Megan suggested.

I gave her a sideways look. “And show up at the church with wet hair?” I said. “Cause that wouldn’t make my mom suspicious or anything.”

She rolled her eyes. “I have a blow dryer, dummy.”

That settled it. The basement bathroom turned out to have a ridiculously large walk-in shower, with four spray nozzles that all detached. We have one of those in our shower.

“The detachable nozzles are all kinds of fun,” Megan informed us with a smirk. “I’ll show you what they can do, next time you’re here.”

I had a pretty good idea what she meant, and made a mental note to try it out as soon as possible!

We had almost an hour so we took our time, washing each other and chatting about this and that. We didn’t talk about what we’d just done. I don’t think anybody was avoiding the subject, it was just that nobody felt the need.

After we were all washed, Megan used her hair dryer on first me and then Julie, and finally we put our clothes back on.

As Julie and I got into our coats, we all went quiet. We’d been totally comfortable naked together in the shower, but once we were dressed and getting ready to leave, things got awkward.

It was Megan who broke the silence. “I wasn’t planning for this to happen,” she said at last. “I hope you guys are… you know… okay with everything?”

I felt a little bad for her. I was the one who pushed things, I’d done it on purpose, and now Megan was feeling guilty. I guess it seemed to her like she’d corrupted a couple of underage girls.

I hugged her, then looked up into her eyes. “I wanted it to happen,” I told her. “Thank you for being here for my first time. You made it extra special.”

“That’s from both of us,” said Julie, joining us in the hug. We held onto each other, then Megan leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. She did the same to Julie, then let us go.

“See you at school tomorrow,” she said. “And hey… that was amazing. You two are really something.”

I didn’t quite know what to say to that, so I opened the door and Julie and I slipped out into the cold. We trudged down the front walk in silence, and as we hit the sidewalk I realized Julie was looking at me sidelong. I met her eyes with mine.

“Did you plan all that?” she wanted to know.

“Uh-uh,” I said. “I just—I don’t know—went for it. I wanted it, so I went for it.” My stomach suddenly clenched up a bit, and I took her mittened hand in mine. “Do you think I was wrong to do that?”

Julie didn’t answer right away. “No,” she finally said. “I wanted it too, and so did Megan. Besides, once I saw what you were up to I kind of helped, didn’t I? But here’s the thing… there’s something different about you when sex stuff is happening. I saw it that day in Lisa’s room too. It’s like there’s this whole other side of Mallory that comes out when you get—you know—”

“Horny?” We both broke out in giggles.

“Yeah! Horny. You turn into a different person. I’m not saying it’s bad. I like it! It’s just weird, y’know?”

We walked in silence for a few minutes. I was getting this trembly feeling in my stomach. I felt like she was working up to something, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to hear what it was..

“I’m glad you were my first,” she finally said. “That you kissed me first, and you did, you know, the other stuff to me first. It’s cool that Megan was there, but I wanted it to be you. You’re… special, Mallory. To me you are, anyhow. The way I feel about you… it’s different from how I feel about other people.” She was staring at her feet, her cheeks flushed bright pink.

I squeezed Julie’s hand. I wanted to kiss her, but I didn’t dare go there in public. “You’re special to me, too,” I told her. “The most special person in the whole world. So special that if you want, things like what we did today can be just between you and me from now on. Is that what you’re asking for?”

Julie turned her eyes to the heavens for a moment, then giggled. “Megan would be disappointed,” she said. “Did you catch that thing she said about ‘next time’?”

I snickered. “I sure did. And I’d love to go see her again. But not if you don’t want me to.”

“I want to go see her again too,” said Julie. “I don’t think we have to promise to only do things with each other—but like I said, I have different feelings for you. How about this? We promise only to do things with other girls if it’s the two of us together?”

“Going back to Megan’s house together sounds like a GREAT plan!” I told her. “And I promise. Only when we’re together.”

“I promise, too,” she said.

By then, we were approaching Julie’s house, and I could see Jason peering at us through the living room window. Time to shut up, but that was okay – we’d said everything we needed to say.

We hugged each other fiercely. Jason poked his head out the door and offered me a lift which I turned down; I couldn’t think of any possible way to explain to my mom why I was showing up at the church in Jason Hanson’s pickup. Julie skipped up the walk and into the house, looking back to wave at me..

I got myself back to the church at a trot. It was really getting cold! I found Mom in the basement, and when she finished what she was doing, we got in the car and went home.

Mom didn’t stay… just grabbed a change of clothes from her bedroom and drove off. Dad didn’t say a word to either of us, just trudged into his office and slammed the door.


Okay, it’s now four hours later. Whew! That’s the longest I’ve EVER spent working on this diary. Once Mom was gone I went straight to the kitchen, fixed myself a sandwich, then skedaddled upstairs and got started writing. I wanted to get everything set down while it was fresh in my mind. Boy, is my hand sore!

I can hear Dad stomping around downstairs; I’ve never known him to be this noisy on his own. Is he drinking again? Oh, who cares? All I can really think of is this afternoon, the things we did with Megan, and the things Julie and I said to each other on the walk to her house.

I feel like my whole world has been turned upside down. I mean seriously, everything is different. I’m not the same girl I was when I got myself out of bed and onto the bus Friday morning with my school stuff in my backpack and an overnight bag in my hand. This weekend changes everything, and I’m not sure how to deal with it all. I feel really happy and a little scared, all at the same time. And even though I had two orgasms this afternoon, thinking about all the stuff we did is making me super horny!

I guess I should do something about that, but first I’d better run downstairs and make sure Dad didn’t break something just now. That was a really loud crash.


October 30th, 2006

So last night I got my diary caught up. I was lying in bed thinking about the things I’d done with Megan and Julie that day and getting really turned on. Dad was clunking around downstairs making a huge ruckus, and I wondered if he’d been drinking again. I was mostly trying to ignore it and thinking that if I didn’t masturbate I’d never get to sleep, but then I heard a really loud crash and a thud. Then it got quiet. I figured I’d better check it out, and if Dad got grumpy about it I’d just tell him I was going to the bathroom.

The light was on in the living room, and when I got to the foot of the stairs I could see right away what had made the noise. Mom has this big weird cast iron sunflower sculpture, the kind most people use as lawn decorations. She keeps it in the living room at the end of the couch. It had tipped over and broken the glass top on the coffee table. It’s too heavy to fall on its own, so Dad must have knocked it down. But where was he? Then I saw a booted foot sticking out from behind the couch.

I ran down the last couple of stairs and behind the sofa. There was my father stretched out on the thick brown shag carpet, his eyes closed, his breathing shallow and fast. His face was so, so pale.

“Daddy!” I screamed. I dropped to my knees at his side and shook him, but he didn’t stir. There was an overpowering smell on his breath. I yelled into his ear and shook him again, really hard this time… nothing.

Panic flooded through my chest. Please God, oh please, just make him be all right. In Jesus’ name, make him wake up! I might have actually said it out loud; I don’t know. But then a calm, clear voice spoke up in the back of my mind. No one is listening, it said. It’s up to you now.

Suddenly I was calm. Still scared but not panicky. I knew what I had to do. I ran to the kitchen, grabbed the cordless phone, and sprinted back to the living room, dialing 911 as I ran.

A woman answered. “Nine-one-one; please state your emergency.”

“I need help,” I told her as I fell to my knees at Dad’s side. “My father fell down in the living room and knocked some stuff over and now he won’t wake up! I…”

“Stay calm, honey,” the woman replied. “Can you tell if he’s breathing?”

“Yeah, he’s breathing—but it doesn’t sound right.”

“Are there any injuries you can see? Bleeding, bruises, or swelling?”


“Do you know if he took any medications or ingested anything other than food?”

“I think he’s been drinking alcohol.”

“Okay, sweetheart, you’re doing a great job. Can you give me the address you’re at?”

I told her our address.

“Good, and how old is your dad?”


“Okay, hon, give me one second. Stay on the line.”

Dad’s breath was slowing down, getting all fluttery sounding, and his chest heaved a little. I waited for what seemed like forever, doing my best to stay calm. Finally, the lady on the phone spoke again. “What’s your name, sweetheart? And I’ll need your father’s, too.”

“I’m Mallory Kalvornek,” I told her. “My dad’s name is Daniel.”

“Okay, Mallory—help is on the way. Is your dad lying on his side, his stomach, or his back?”

“Um, on his back.”

“Are you alone in the house with him?”


“Do you think you can roll him onto his side?”

“I… I’ll try.”

I put the phone down and tugged on Dad’s shoulder, but I could only move him a little bit. I tried a few different ways, but I wasn’t strong enough. I picked the phone back up. “I can’t,” I told her. “He’s too heavy for me.”

“Okay, Mallory, don’t worry about it. Are there lights outside your house you can turn on? The ambulance and the police should be there soon, and it’ll be easier for them if they can see.”

“Sure,” I said. Taking the phone with me, I ran out to the entryway. There are big floodlights out front for when Dad is moving machinery around late at night during the planting and harvest seasons. I switched them on, and the whole front yard lit up from the head of the driveway to the big machine shed.

“The lights are on,” I informed the woman on the phone.

“Okay, honey, good job. Now go back to your father. Tell me if his breathing changes or if you think he’s going to vomit.”

I was already entering the living room as she said it. I knelt beside him. “He looks about the same,” I told her.

“Can you describe his skin? Is it pale, flushed red, or normal?”


“Sweaty or dry?”


Suddenly there was the sound of a siren. “I think I hear the ambulance,” I told her.

“Probably the police, hon. But they’ll be able to help you till the ambulance gets there. Let them in when they knock. You can hang up now. You did a great job, sweetheart.”

I hung up the phone. The siren got really loud, then it cut off. A few seconds later there was a knock at the door, and I ran to answer it. It was Officer Felter.

“Hi, Mallory,” she said. “Where’s your dad?”

As I led her into the living room, I heard another siren in the distance. Officer Felter went down on one knee next to Dad.

“The lady on the phone wanted me to put him on his side, but I couldn’t,” I told her.

“That’s so he doesn’t choke if he throws up,” she said. “Now that I’m here, we can both keep a close eye on him and turn him over if we have to. The ambulance crew might want to do some stuff that’ll be easier if he’s on his back.”

It sounded like two sirens mixed together out there, and they were getting close. “Go let them in,” said Officer Felter.

The ambulance was just pulling into the driveway as I opened the door. The siren cut off, but the lights kept flashing. Another police vehicle was right behind them, this one a county sheriff deputy’s car. The ambulance pulled around by the porch steps, and the passenger side door opened. Jason Hanson dropped to the ground, wearing a heavy reflective coat with EMS across the back. The driver was a woman I couldn’t quite recognize through the window, and she looked like she was writing something down.

Jason opened the side door of the ambulance and pulled out a big red bag. “Lead the way,” he told me. As he climbed the steps the woman got out, wearing a coat just like Jason’s. I recognized her then; her name is Tina Spisak and she just graduated high school last spring. She’s thin and medium height with pale skin and blonde hair. She was just in the newspaper last week because she passed her license test and became the town’s newest volunteer EMT. A policeman got out of the sheriff deputy’s car and followed us into the house.

As we entered the living room, Officer Felter moved out of the way to make room for the EMTs. “His breathing is pretty shallow, Jason,” she said.

Jason knelt down on the carpet. It was like watching a stranger. This wasn’t the carefree, relaxed Jason Hanson I knew, always smiling and telling jokes. This Jason was all business. He laid his fingers on the side of my dad’s neck. “Tina,” he said, “I need an NPA. Side pouch of the bag. Then dig in the big compartment and get me the O2 bottle and a BVM.”

While the young woman reached into the big red bag, Jason leaned in close to my dad’s ear. Digging his knuckles into Dad’s chest, he rubbed vigorously and shouted “DAN!” Dad groaned and shifted a little, but didn’t open his eyes. Tina handed him a little pouch filled with rubber tubes of different sizes, then started rummaging in the bag again. Jason selected one of the objects, laid it on the side of dad’s face for a second, and nodded. He tore open a squeeze packet from the pouch, smeared a clear, jelly-like goop on the tube, then slid it into Dad’s right nostril. Dad groaned again, but he still didn’t wake up. Jason pushed the tube in as far as it would go.

“What’s that?” I wanted to know. I was getting scared again.

“It’s a nasal airway,” said Jason. Tina was giving him a big bulb-shaped thing with a mask attached, and messing with the valves on an oxygen tank. Jason’s hands never stopped moving as he spoke. “It’ll keep his tongue off the back of his throat so we can breathe for him.”

He placed the mask over Dad’s mouth and nose, then squeezed the big bulb. I could see Dad’s chest rise when he did it. Tina leaned over and attached a plastic hose to the bag, then turned a valve on the oxygen tank. Jason squeezed the bulb again, and with his other hand he pulled the radio from his belt. He pressed the button and spoke into it, but got no answer. “Too far from the tower,” he muttered.

“Sandy,” he said, glancing over his shoulder at Officer Felter, “would you go help Tina get the cot? And Tina, while you’re out there, use the rig radio to get dispatch on the horn and tell them we need an ALS intercept started from the closest facility – probably Lake Region, from where we’re sitting. I’m pretty sure he’ll have to be intubated, so we need a paramedic. Make sure you bring the soft cot when you come in; we’re gonna have to lift him.” The two women left the room.

“Mallory,” Jason said to me, “do you know what your dad was drinking?” I shook my head.

“Do you know where we might be able to find it?”

“I think his office.” I pointed at the hallway. “Down there, first door on the right.”

The sheriff’s deputy scooted down the hall and disappeared into the office.

“Does he drink a lot?” asked Jason.

“I don’t think so,” I told him. “I’m pretty sure he was a few nights ago, but I’ve never seen it before then.”

Tina and Officer Felter were rolling the ambulance cot into the living room, and Chief Moen was with them in his street clothes. At the same time, the deputy came out of Dad’s office carrying a bottle of what I think was whiskey. It was maybe three quarters of the way empty. In his other hand he had a crumpled brown paper bag and a receipt.

“He bought it today, up in Perham,” the deputy said.

“And he drank that much of it already?” said the chief, shaking his head.

“Mallory, did he seem drunk when you got home this evening?” asked Jason.

“I don’t think so,” I said. “He was walking normal and I couldn’t smell anything.”

“Then he drank all that in the past few hours. Tina, what direction is our intercept coming from?”

The young woman spoke for the first time. “Lake Region.”

“You got that soft cot for me?”

She reached down onto a shelf below the headrest on the big cot and pulled out what looked like a canvas sheet with handles. The EMTs and the police officers rolled Dad onto his side, stuffed it under him, then rolled him back onto it. They all gathered around and grabbed the handles, Jason counted to three, and together, they lifted him onto the big cot. Jason had Tina keep squeezing the bulb while he and the cops buckled Dad in. Jason switched the oxygen hose from the tank they’d brought in with the bag to one that was under the headrest of the cot, and turned the knob. He put the first tank and the loose stuff back into the red bag, zipped it, and slung it over his shoulder.

He looked over at Chief Moen. “I need a driver, Jeff,” he said. “I’m gonna want an extra set of hands in the back until we intercept with the medic.”

“I figured; that’s why I came out,” said Chief Moen.

“Okay, let’s go. Mallory, follow along behind me here.” He turned his eyes to me as we headed for the door with the cot. “By the way, where’s your mom?”

“At Grandma’s. They won’t answer the phone at this hour, though. Grandma turns off the ringer.”

“Well, I’m sure Officer Felter will try to track her down,” he said as we stepped out into the cold night air. “Meanwhile, call Lisa. Tell her to come get you, and get a bag of whatever you’ll need for school tomorrow. You can stay at our place overnight or till your mom comes for you; whichever.”

“Better yet, I’ll call Lisa, and drive Mallory to your place,” said Officer Felter. “Then I’ll go out after her mom.”

“Works for me. Thanks, Sandy,” said Jason. He and Chief Moen held up the end of the cot as the legs retracted, then pushed it into the ambulance. I heard it click into place. Jason climbed in, beckoning Tina to follow.

“We’re going to Lake Region, Jeff,” he said. “Get ahold of the intercept right away and tell them it’s probable alcohol poisoning, patient responsive to pain only, good pulse but inadequate respirations and we’re bagging to compensate. Let’s roll.”

Chief Moen slammed the back doors shut, trotted around to the driver’s side, and a moment later the ambulance pulled away. As it turned onto the highway, the siren started.

Suddenly I was shaking all over. I put my arms around myself and squeezed tight. That afternoon at Megan’s house I’d felt so grown up, but now I felt like a little kid again – small, scared, and alone.

On to Chapter Twelve!


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  1. Kim & Sue says:

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