Stranger in the Family, Chapter 1

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Introduction by JetBoy: This is the first installment of a short novel that’s been in the works for nearly two years, finally completed a few weeks ago. My long-distance friend Purple Les (who created the pair of Tequila Kid sagas that I had the great fortune to edit for this site) sent me the first few chapters, asking if I thought they were any good. (She’s a modest one, our Les.) I told her YES, it was excellent; please finish it. She did, and I got down to editing.

As sometimes happens, I had quite a few suggestions and ideas to contribute to the story… most of which Les was happy to accept. Eventually, Les generously offered to share the writing credit with me. That said, I insisted that she be the deciding vote if we disagreed on anything. Almost never happened, though. 

Editing “Stranger in the Family” was a delightful experience. Working on it became one of my favorite ways to unwind after a hard day on the sales floor. 

Rest assured, this story is CRAMMED with sex, but it takes a couple of chapters to get seriously hot. Your patience will be amply rewarded, I promise.

Les, as always, was an ideal partner, one I am VERY eager to work with again, anytime she likes. Thanks for everything, my friend. 

Okay, I’ll shut up and let you readers get to it. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to leave a comment! 



Dedicated with love to the memory of Cheryl Taggart


By Purple Les and  JetBoy

It was the worst moment of Linda’s life.

April Fourth. A warm day, more than usual for that time of year in New England. Eight in the morning, and already 29 degrees Celsius. It was obvious that a storm was brewing. The sky had darkened, enough so that Linda had switched on some of the lights in the house.

Linda’s nine-year-old daughter Gabby was up in her room. Linda’s husband Walt and their daughter Kelly, who had recently turned eleven, were off on a walk around the neighborhood with Toby, the family dog.

A crack of thunder boomed, then slowly unrolled through the sky. Linda glanced nervously through the living room window. What’s taking them so long? she wondered.

For the umpteenth time, Linda opened the front door, looking down the street for the rest of her family. To her relief, she spied Walt and Kelly coming down the sidewalk, Toby scooting merrily ahead on his leash. Thank goodness, Linda thought, and waved as they approached.

“Let’s hurry, Daddy!” Linda heard Kelly exclaim. “When thunder roars, head indoors.”

Linda couldn’t help but smile. Kelly was always the practical one, at times almost a second mommy to her younger sister.

Holding the front door wide open, Linda shouted, “Come on in, you two! It’s going to pour any second.” She watched them hurrying up the front walk, Toby leading the way.

A bolt of lightning ripped the sky apart, in a flash so bright that the world looked like a photo negative for a second. The windows of the house rattled, almost loudly enough to drown out Linda’s scream of horror.

The rest was a blur. Linda running down the walk, crying, “No, no, no, no, NO!” Little Toby’s fur, burnt and smoking. Walt’s body twisted into an impossible position on the sidewalk. Kelly stretched out on the lawn, her clothing in tatters. The neighbors rushing out to witness the horrific scene. The sirens. The ambulances, their red lights strobing. The paramedics, one of whom was a tall black man who Linda heard reporting, “The man’s dead. The little girl’s still breathing, though.”


Seated at the kitchen table two months later, Linda thought back on all that had happened since that grim day. Her oldest daughter Kelly hospitalized, still in a coma after all these weeks. Walt’s funeral. The endless grief – not just hers, but that of her youngest, nine-year-old Gabby, who still cried herself to sleep most nights, sometimes even wetting the bed.

Thankfully, Linda’s older sister Jan had insisted on coming to stay with them, doing whatever she could to ease her sibling’s burden, including seeing to the funeral arrangements. Many of the neighbors had lent a hand as well – especially Cheryl Benton, a good friend who lived next door. She’d brought over hot meals for the first week or so, and looked after Gabby when Linda was too overwhelmed by grief to cope.

Jan stayed as long as she could, but was obligated to return to her psychiatric practice after two weeks. It was a tearful parting, though she promised to return as often as possible.

Linda’s new routine was a difficult one. Up at five-thirty in the morning, unable to do much of anything until she had that first cup of coffee, then an hour or so on her own to think about the day ahead. Around seven, it was time to get Gabby up and ready for school. Linda didn’t bother making breakfast for herself, just finished up whatever her little girl hadn’t eaten. It wasn’t as if she had much of an appetite, anyhow. Linda made sure Gabby showered and brushed her teeth, then picked out clothes for her daughter to wear.

After gathering up the nine-year-old’s school books and supplies to stuff into her backpack, Linda walked Gabby over to Cheryl’s house. Since she also had two daughters, Cheryl and Linda would take the four girls to school on alternating days. But after Walt’s death, Cheryl insisted on doing the driving herself for a few weeks, at least. “Go spend some time with Kelly, hon,” she said.

Linda was immensely thankful to her friend. I couldn’t get through this without her, she often thought. The affection that Cheryl lavished on Gabby was especially helpful. Her daughter Pam was Gabby’s best friend, and if anything, they had become even closer of late. Cheryl’s older daughter Alicia made a point of showing kindness to Gabby too, often hanging out with the two younger girls.

Once Linda left Gabby with her neighbor, she got in the car and drove to the hospital to visit her comatose daughter Kelly. Linda would hold Kelly’s hand and talk to her. All the nurses knew Linda, and with all the time spent at her daughter’s side, she’d got to know them too.

The doctors had repeatedly assured Linda that Kelly was not brain dead. She was breathing on her own, there was no apparent head damage, and they felt certain she would emerge from the coma at some point. Linda couldn’t quite convince herself that was true.

From the hospital, she was off to work. The boss had offered to let her take a month off, but Linda refused, insisting that the job kept her from dwelling on problems. After work, she nearly always stopped by the hospital to see Kelly.

Arriving home, Linda dropped by Cheryl’s to fetch her daughter, and Cheryl would frequently invite her to stay for supper. Sometimes she did, but lately, she was more likely to politely refuse, taking Gabby home and fixing them both an evening meal. It was important, she knew for them to try their best to get back to some sort of family routine. Gabby seemed to understand, and never complained about having to say goodnight to Pam.

On weekends, Linda took Gabby with her to the hospital. Like her mother, Gabby would also talk to her big sister. She always spoke to Kelly as if the girl was just resting her eyes.

Linda sometimes had to choke back tears as she overheard Gabby saying things like, “I know you’ll wake up soon. You’ll see. I love you, Kelly.”

Linda studied her two girls, feeling overwhelmed by mixed love and sorrow. There she was, her little Gabrielle. They called her ‘Gabby’ because she’d always been a chatterbox. Gabby had her late father’s dark hair, his piercing blue eyes and Linda’s pert upturned nose. Gabby wore her hair short with bangs and over her ears, giving her face a rounded look. She had the slender limbs and tight body one expected to see in an active child of nine.

Then there’s Kelly. Linda thought. My wounded angel.

Kelly’s long hair was a sandy blonde like Linda’s. Her face was now pale instead of its usual light tan with apple cheeks. Her lips were still full, but had lost their redness. Kelly had Walt’s nose, straight with just a little bump near the top to give it character. If her eyes were to ever open again, one would see a beguiling hazel color just like that of her mother. But they remained closed, the long dark eyelashes motionless.

Kelly had been a very active, vivacious girl. Now she lay still and quiet, tubes going in and out of her body.

Linda looked from one daughter to the other. So similar yet so different, but it was easy enough to tell they were sisters.

The weekends were a little easier for Linda, if no less busy. Saturday was shopping and house cleaning, laundry, and paying bills. Sunday she would spend time with Gabby. But each and every day included a visit to Kelly. Linda forced herself to stay occupied, using whatever means available to avoid dwelling on what had happened. On what she’d lost.

There was one bright spot in the midst of it all. Walt’s life insurance had paid off handsomely. Though far from rich, Linda wouldn’t be living hand to mouth.


It was on a Friday near the end of May when it happened. Linda was dressed in jeans and a sweater for Casual Day at work. That’s when she noticed that her clothes seemed to fit rather loosely. Stepping onto the bathroom scale, Linda was startled to notice that she’d lost thirty pounds over the last two months. She gave a wistful smile at having achieved the weight she had before giving birth to two girls. Only now, I’ve got no one to look good for.

Linda’s reverie was cut short by the phone ringing. Gabby reached it first. A shiver went up Linda’s spine as Gabby shouted, “Mommy, it’s the hospital for you!”

“Yes, of course, I’ll be there right away.” Linda said to the nurse on the phone.

After hastily dropping Gabby off at Cheryl’s, Linda ran to the car and sped to the hospital. All the way there the words repeated in her head. “Hi, Mrs Luna. There’s been a change in Kelly’s condition. Can you please come by?”

Minutes later, a dazed, breathless Linda stood in the doorway to Kelly’s room, staring at her daughter in utter disbelief. Kelly was sitting up in bed. All the tubes had been removed.

Linda took a step closer, then hesitated.

A nurse was chatting with Kelly. The nurse was speaking Spanish. Kelly was also speaking Spanish. She briefly glanced at her mother, but didn’t react in any way.

Noticing Linda in the doorway, Nurse Cruz hastened over to her.

“I’m so happy for you, Linda.” Nurse Cruz said. “Kelly is doing so good. Alert and talking to me. I didn’t know she could speak Spanish. Do you speak it, too?”

Linda shook her head in bewilderment, saying, “No, I don’t. Kelly didn’t either…” She trailed off as the doctor approached.

“Good morning, Mrs Luna,” Doctor Phelps said. “Er, before you go in to see Kelly, we need to talk.” He led Linda a few steps down the hall. “As you see, your daughter has come out of the coma. She seems fine; healthy.”

“But?” Linda finally said. Something was wrong – she sensed that right away. What was it?

“But… she has no memory of who she is.”

Linda’s head swam. She’d finally got her little girl back… only to discover that Kelly, the real Kelly, was still missing. My poor child, she thought, overwhelmed by a surge of despair.

“This kind of thing can happen,” the doctor continued. “It isn’t usually a permanent condition, though. We think it may be best if we introduce you to her now. Then, if that doesn’t jog her memory we’d like you to return tomorrow. Bring her sister. Maybe bring a photo album, perhaps a favorite toy or book… or any object you can think of that has a special significance to her.”

“You – you said it might not be p-permanent,“ Linda stammered. “How long do you think…?”

Dr Phelps was already shaking his head. “There’s no way to know, Mrs Luna. Things may come to her all of a sudden when she sees you. Or she may recall little by little. There’s at least a chance that Kelly’s memory may not come back at all. Or take years. All we can do is wait and see.” He paused, studying the distraught mother. “Are you able to see her now?”

Taking a deep breath, Linda braced herself. “Yes… yes, I am.”

With a slight tilt of the head, Dr Phelps led the woman back to Kelly’s room.

Linda struggled to maintain a cheerful demeanor as she approached her daughter. Kelly studied her mother’s face. Linda recognized that expression. It was the look Kelly had whenever she was introduced to someone new, or encountered a stranger. A polite, friendly, yet impersonal look.

“Kelly… this is your mother,” Dr Phelps said.

Carefully seating herself on the edge of the bed, Linda reached for Kelly’s hand. But the girl drew back, a touch of uncertainty in her eyes.

“Kelly, honey,” Linda said. “It’s Mom. Don’t you remember me…?”

The bewildered look on Kelly’s face softened, but she slowly shook her head. “You seem like a nice lady, but I don’t know you.”


Linda decided to keep Kelly’s condition a secret, at least for the moment. She did tell her friend Cheryl, as well as her boss, who gave her flexible work hours for as long as she needed them. “Your daughter comes first,” he’d told her.

Linda also called her sister Jan. She’d managed to keep herself together in Kelly’s presence and for the rest of that day, but upon hearing Jan’s voice, Linda began to cry. She sobbed for nearly eight minutes, with Jan crooning, “It’s okay, sis… let it all out.”

Once she managed to calm herself, Linda blew her nose, then said, “Thanks, Jan. I… I just feel so damn helpless. My own daughter doesn’t know me, for Christ’s sake! She’s become a stranger.”

“I’ve seen all sorts of case histories concerning this sort of thing,” Jan said, trying to comfort her younger sister. “People speaking foreign languages they didn’t know before. Personality changes. Memories of events that never really happened. All sorts of things. Just be glad she’s out of the coma and alive and well. I know it hurts to have your daughter back, but not… all the way back. Give her time. I’ll come down for a visit as soon as I can.”

“That would be great. Okay, I’ve got to go tuck Gabby in. Goodnight, Jan.”

“Bye, Linda. Love you.”


The next morning, Linda took Gabby with her to the hospital. They brought along a family photo album and Kelly’s beloved teddy bear.

When they emerged from the elevator, Gabby raced into Kelly’s room and jumped on the bed. Hugging her big sister tightly, she exclaimed, “I’m sooooo glad you’re awake again, Kelly!”

Still feeling somewhat unsettled, Kelly patted the little girl’s back and said, “Uh, okay. Thanks.”

She listened as her supposed mother and sister made conversation. Nothing they said or anything about them seemed familiar to her. They seem nice enough people, she mused. Could they really be my family?

Kelly pointed to a girl in a photo with Gabby and Linda. “Who’s that?” she asked.

“That’s you, sweetheart.” Linda said gently.

Finding a hand mirror, Gabby handed it to her sister. “Here… see for yourself.”

Kelly looked in the mirror, then at the picture. “It does look like me.” she admitted. “But I don’t… I can’t remember you, or… or anything, really.”

Gabby hugged Kelly again, “I’m your little sister.”

“I guess,” Kelly sighed. “Maybe it will come back to me.”

“I know you can’t remember me yet,” Gabby murmured, “but I still love you.” She planted a kiss on her big sister’s cheek.

“I guess that’s enough for one day. We’d better get going. You should rest,” Linda said.

As she picked up her purse, Linda stole a glance at Kelly, who was frowning as she thumbed through the rest of the photo album. It was clear to see that none of the pictures meant anything to her.

“Goodnight, sweetie,” Linda said.

“Bye, Kelly!” Gabby cheerfully exclaimed. “See you later.”

“Okay,” Kelly replied, watching the woman and girl as they exited her room.

I kind of like them, she thought. The little girl’s way cute. That Linda is sexy, but she wears boring clothes. I can tell that they love me, but I still don’t know who they are, really. ‘Kelly’ doesn’t even feel like my real name. Then again, what else does?

Kelly began to pore through the photos again, pausing when she came across a photo of Linda, Gabby, this Jan lady who was supposed to be an aunt, and herself, all in bathing suits. Hmm… too bad they don’t have any nude pics in here. Yeah, right – like there even would be anything like that in a family photo album. She traced Linda’s body with the tip of a finger. Nice… really nice. And this Aunt Jan looks a lot like her, only even more sexy. Hope I get to meet her really soon.


A few days later, Kelly was released from the hospital. Her memory was still gone, and a few bruises still lingered, but otherwise she was in perfect health.

When Linda pulled into the driveway of their home and parked, Kelly emerged from the car and made her way indoors, then wandered on her own about the house for a while. It seemed like a nice place to live, but remained unfamiliar.

Later, Linda and Gabby showed Kelly around. Took her to her bedroom, the basement, the backyard, the bathroom she shared with her sister. Nothing came back to her.


After a few days, Linda phoned Jan. She told her sister that, though Kelly’s memory had yet to return, she was holding up well and had adjusted nicely to what was for her, a new life. Nonetheless, Jan quickly detected a note of tension in her younger sibling’s voice. Finally, she asked what was wrong.

“Oh, it’s Kelly. She’s so… so different,” Linda began.

“Like how?” Jan asked.

“Well, she used to sleep late all the time. Now I’m not sure if she sleeps at all. She’s always up and dressed before I am. She won’t eat meat anymore. Kelly used to love bacon, and when I served it for breakfast she was disgusted. She started calling me ‘Linda.’ I asked her to please use ‘Mom’ instead, and now she addresses me as ‘Mother’. And my God, the whole thing with her speaking Spanish! Would you believe, her new favorite TV station is Telamundo?”

“It’s different, sure,” Jan replied, “But that’s not too bad. Is that all that’s bothering you?”

“No… no, it’s not. Maybe you can help me understand what’s happening with Kelly, because I sure don’t. So last night, the three of us were watching the Frozen DVD.”

“Oh, that’s awful, you poor thing.” Jan teased.

“Not helping, Jan,” Linda fired back, tightening her jaw.

“Sorry, sorry,” Jan quickly said. “Wow, this really is serious, huh? Go on, sis – tell me everything. No more jokes, I promise.”

Linda was silent for a moment, then continued. “Gabby was lying on the floor on her tummy watching the movie. Totally caught up in the story, even though she’s seen it at least a dozen times. I had a magazine, so I was mainly focused on that. At some point I looked up at Kelly, and she… she had a hand in her pants. It was pretty obvious what she was up to.”

“She was masturbating?” Jan gasped.

“And how. I mean, it was unmistakable. The hand movements, the look on her face…” Linda answered.

“So… did you say anything to her?”

“I took Kelly aside and told her it’s okay to do that, but only in private, in her room. Then… I don’t know why, but I asked if it was something about Frozen that, y’know, got her excited.”

“What did she say?” Jan inquired after a long pause from Linda.

“Kelly told me it wasn’t just the movie… though she did find herself wondering if the two sisters were really lovers.”

That doesn’t sound like Kelly,” Jan said.

“Oh, there’s more. She told me that what really got her worked up was looking at Gabby’s bottom.”

On the other end of the phone line, Linda heard Jan gasp in astonishment. “She didn’t.”

“She did. And when she saw the look on my face, Kelly said, ‘Don’t worry, Mother. I wouldn’t do anything with Gabby. She’s too young. Besides, I think women are way sexier.’ You should’ve seen the look she gave me right then… I felt as if I’d been stripped naked on the spot! Then she said, ‘I guess I’m gonna go up to my room for a little while.’ Jan, she winked at me when she said that.”

“Damn,” Jan muttered. “I see what you mean, sis. That’s odd behavior for an eleven-year-old… not to mention totally out of character for Kelly.”

“Right? I mean… am I crazy, or does that sound as if my own child is flirting with me?”

“Tell you what. Linda: I’ll come by this weekend. We’ll talk, and I’ll spend some time with Kelly. I’ll try to get some idea of where her head’s at.”

“Thanks, Jan. Seriously, I’m at my wits end. I mean she’s still a good girl, but this stuff she’s saying. I don’t know what to do. See you Saturday, then?”

“I’ll be there early in the afternoon. Okay?”

“Fine with me. Bye, Jan. Love you.”

“Bye, love you too.” Jan said, then laid her phone down. What the fuck? she thought, her heart throbbing. Damn, I need to take out the box. I’ve been a good girl; haven’t gone there in a while. But this news about Kelly… Jesus, it’s got me worked up.

Jan descended into the basement of her suburban home, picking her way through the clutter to a large box marked FOR SALVATION ARMY. Opening it up, she reached down into various discarded items and pulled out a shoe box. Jan flipped the lid open and withdrew a scuffed pair of pumps, then carefully removed the false bottom of the box.

Inside there was a sheaf of five homemade DVDs in white paper sleeves, held together with a rubber band. Next to these was a plastic baggie holding a dozen or so neatly-rolled marijuana cigarettes. Jan unzipped the baggie, took out a joint and placed it behind her ear.

Removing the rubber band, she spread the DVD’s out on a nearby table. Sometimes she would close her eyes and just pick one at random. Right then, though, Jan knew exactly which disc she wanted. Reaching for the one marked F f f, she hurried back upstairs.

In her bedroom, Jan grinned in anticipation as she loaded the DVD player, then turned on the large flat screen TV. She took a cheap plastic lighter from her nightstand, fired up the joint, took a deep pull and held it in for ten seconds before exhaling. Seating herself on the bed, she leaned back against the thickly upholstered headboard. She took a few more hits, then gently stubbed the half-smoked joint out in a nearby ashtray.

Now feeling a nice buzz, Jan glanced up at the disc menu on her TV screen. Show time. She used the remote to kick off the clip entitled, Two Moms, Four Kids, then hastily wriggled out of all her clothes.

The scene began with a large bed on which four young girls were gathered. All of them were completely naked and adorable, their ages ranging from somewhere around seven or eight to preteen. The older two were going down on the littler ones, who were sharing a very passionate kiss.

“Mmmm yes,” Jan said out loud. Slipping a hand between her thighs, she began to masturbate.

As the girls continued to make love, two clothed women entered the scene – a blonde and a redhead. “Girls! What on earth are you doing?” the blonde exclaimed.

“Mommy!” cried one of the youngest girls. Scrambling to her feet, she seized the blonde’s hand. “Come and play with us!”

Jan took a small vibrator out of the nightstand. Taking the tip into her mouth to moisten it, she brought the toy to her cunt and penetrated herself with a single stroke. On the screen she watched the redhead kissing one of the older girls, while the other three youngsters stripped the blonde woman bare.

Jan switched on the vibe and, as the scene built into a full-on sapphic orgy, worked it in and out of her vagina until she had a furious orgasm that left her wide-eyed and panting.

The next scene featured a short-haired teen making love with two twin girls who couldn’t have been a day over six. They were shy, but the older girl gently persuaded her little friends to undress, then join her in bed. Before very long, the children were eagerly immersing themselves in the delights of lesbian sex. One of them even licked the teen girl’s anus before they were done.

Bringing herself to a second climax just as the film clip was drawing to a close, Jan paused the DVD, taking a moment to rest and smoke the rest of her joint before watching another couple of scenes. Finally she rose, stretched, then padded back down the basement to return the DVD to its hiding place. After a detour through the kitchen for a bowlful of ice cream, Jan went back upstairs, brushed her teeth, then crawled into bed.

Just before she dozed off Jan thought, There, got that out of my system. Now I can focus on Linda and the girls and not obsess about sex… and I’ll be able to have a quiet chat with Kelly without thinking about how utterly desirable she is. 

I’ve got to give them the right kind of help. That means forgetting about my own sexual appetite, at least for the time being.

Moments later, she drifted into a peaceful slumber.

On to Chapter Two!


21 Comments on Stranger in the Family, Chapter 1

  1. Captain Midnight says:

    This is incredibly intriguing. I wonder what–or who–Kelly really is? Do you think she is a multiple personality where the “real” Kelly is still inside?

    I hope Kelly, whoever she is, still has the functioning mental capacity and ca take care of herself like an eleven-year-old should.

    That was a shocker about Jan. Please don’t have her hurt anyone by accident!

  2. Mo says:

    What a great first chapter. Horrible plot twist at the start, however what a fascinating plot, complete character change in a major character and an older sister who is certainly going to “help”

    Really looking forward to chapter 2

  3. Mystery Mouse says:

    What a very clever idea. I am truly fascinated to see where this story goes.

    Nicely written too. I love the way we’re given an insight into the characters’ appearances without the usual single block of text I see so often.
    Nothing wrong with those, of course, but I just find I struggle to retain a lot of the detail.

    This is definitely a story I’m excited to see the rest of!

  4. Joe Dornish says:

    Ooooh, this has got me very intrigued. What a great first chapter, can’t wait for more.

  5. sue says:

    I agree with other comments and for sure have to along with what came to my mind even before seeing the comments, I’m intrigued.

  6. Purple Les says:

    First, thank you JetBoy. This was just going to be a short story I had an idea about. Then things like Covid19 came, and somehow another chapter would come, and then a war and a chapter,and Jan 6 and a chapter and,so on, well, I then knew it would be a longer story as I got into it.

    And I wondered if it was worth bothering with, as I had no sounding board and didn’t really know if it was worth it. I sent what I had to JetBoy, who did think it was worth finishing, so I did. And since I felt he was really doing a lot of the heavy lifting with it I asked him (begged really) to take a writing credit.

    Besides his great editing, no one brings a sex scene to life like he does.

    So thanks again. & last but foremost, thank you readers, for some good votes and great comments,

    Capt.Midnight, your questions will be answered, maybe, there is nothing awful like the Tequila Kid stories. I hope you enjoy the story.

    sue,Mo, Mystery Mouse, thanks very much. I love your comments!

    Joe Dornish, Thank you, and thanks for your story Sweet Poppy, which I plan to revisit when I get a chance and I recommend it highly to any readers who haven’t read it yet.

    So I am very glad this chapter was intriguing enough to hopefully get you back for the next chapter. Thanks again.

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      All I say is that I’m sure we’re all desperate for the next chapter but I’m also sure we all can be patient for it. It will come when it comes.

      Speaking of it out yet? What about now? Now?? NOW?!?! Aaargh! Waiting is such agony!!

      • Purple Les says:

        Ha, hey you kids, don’t make me pull this website over to the curb. I really don’t know what the rotation is, but maybe after Pages From a Diary and another story post? it will arrive.

        • JetBoy says:

          Our rotation is two posts between each chapter, with a new post appearing every four or five days. That’s enough to keep a steady flow of erotica coming without giving your Boy Editor a heart attack, nervous breakdown or worse.

          Back when Naughty Mommy and Cheryl were plugging away alongside me, we could post every other day… but as Lou Reed said, “those were different times.”

  7. Erocritique says:

    What a wild premise!!! I honestly have no idea how this will eventually play out: Is something supernatural going on??? – or is everything able to be explained medically or scientifically??? And the revelation that Linda’s sister Jan has yearnings / desires for young girls really contributes to the potential for some exciting taboo lesbian sex between all the family members (and maybe even the neighbor???). This is definitely a story to watch. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Sid says:

    Whoa…what a start! Didn’t see that ending coming lol

  9. BlueJean says:

    Very intriguing start, with Purple Les’ usual flair for narrative present and correct. The only thing I found a little disconcerting was the sudden switch to another character’s perspective. It took me a moment to realise it was Jan masturbaing to the DVDs and not Linda. A break after that phone call might have helped there.

    Looking forward to Chapter Two. Well done, Les and JetBoy.

    • BlueJean says:

      Actually, reading back, that whole part *was* from Jan’s POI, but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me.

  10. Purple Les says:

    Erocritique: Thanks, all questions will answered, perhaps.

    Sid: thanks very much, had to get something dirty in there.

    BlueJean: Thank you. I’ll take blame for anything that seems not right. Maybe a break after the phone call would have made it clearer. My co-writer editor is a busy guy. I try to catch things, but…

  11. Foreversweet says:

    I enjoyed this a lot, a great build-up and like others didn’t expect the ending of this chapter. Can’t wait for chapter two.

  12. Captain Midnight says:

    Thank you Purple Les for the nice remark!

    I always worry about children being traumatized by sex, something they don’t understand.

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      That’s one of the things I love about this place.

      There is a strong emphasis on consent that, for the most part, you can be sure that any child doing anything sexual is fully aware of what’s going on and perfectly happy with it.

      In fact, it doesn’t matter who’s doing what to whom, or where or when or what they’re doing it with, everybody involved completely understands/agrees/enjoys.

      You don’t get that in many other story sites.

  13. mollymom says:

    totally agree about that consent thing — and loving this story so far – it’s really gonna be a whole novel? mmmm – keep those chapters coming — thanks!!

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