Stranger in the Family, Chapter 2

  • Posted on April 21, 2024 at 1:41 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

Linda did her best to make everything seem normal in her home after Kelly’s return from the hospital. But that was the very problem – nothing was normal, not anymore. Her oldest daughter had no real idea who she was. Kelly had no memories of her late father or the family dog, both killed in the same lightning storm that had stolen her past. She couldn’t remember her mother Linda or her little sister Gabby, even though she was home and living with them again. For the eleven-year-old, life had begun when she awakened in a hospital bed.

Kelly often found herself wondering about her previous life. What she felt like now seemed right to her somehow, though she sensed that her other self had been very different. The world was a mystery to the girl, one she hoped to solve, given time.

On Saturday after lunch, Linda had news to impart. “Aunt Jan is coming over today, girls,” she said with a smile for her daughters.

“Aw, cool!” Gabby exclaimed. Turning to Kelly, she said, “You’ll like Aunt Jan, Kelly… she’s the best!”

“I need some time to straighten up before Jan gets here,” said Linda. “Gabby, how about taking Kelly over to Cheryl’s to…” She paused, searching for the right word, then shrugged and said, “Well, to meet them, I guess. Kelly, I’m hoping that if you spend time with people you knew before, it just might help you to remember again. Okay, honey?”

Kelly said, “Yes, Mother, I understand.”

Jumping up, Gabby seized her big sister’s hand. “C’mon, Kelly! It’s nice out. We’ll walk over to Cheryl’s, and we can see if you know them or not.”

Kelly couldn’t resist the little girl’s enthusiasm. Off they went, little Gabby whistling a happy tune as she marched toward the front door. She was wearing faded denim shorts that fit well last summer, but were now a bit too snug. Kelly’s eyes were drawn to the nine-year-old’s cute butt as she followed.

Linda couldn’t help but notice that, once again, Kelly was checking out her younger sister. She sighed deeply, shaking her head when the door closed.

Gabby was chatting away about anything and everything as they made their way to Cheryl’s house. Kelly listened closely, studying the surroundings in this older but well-kept neighborhood.

When they arrived, Kelly realized that Cheryl’s home was directly behind theirs, though Gabby had insisted on going the long way around, reveling in her new role as tour guide. Backyard neighbors, Kelly told herself as they marched up the front steps.

Gabby knocked excitedly on the door, and an attractive red-headed woman opened the door, a big smile on her face. “Hi, Gabby!” she said, giving the child a quick hug, then turned to Kelly. “I’m Cheryl. I don’t suppose you’ll remember me, but that’s okay. You’re always welcome here.” She stepped to one side before Kelly could reply, beckoning them indoors. “Come in, come in!”

The girls entered. “Is Pam downstairs?” Gabby asked.

“She is… and waiting for you, I’m sure,” Cheryl replied, patting the girl’s shoulder. “Go right down. We’ll have cookies later.”

“Okay!” With that, Gabby whisked Kelly away, leading her down a flight of stairs to a basement playroom. There, they found nine-year-old Pam, Gabby’s best friend.

Introductions were made, then Pam said, “Wanna play Barbies?”

“Um…. maybe?” Gabby replied. She liked the idea, but didn’t know how her big sister felt about playing with dolls.

“You guys go ahead,” Kelly said. “I’d rather watch.”

Gabby seemed uncertain. “Are you sure?”

“Totally sure.” Kelly seated herself on a nearby sofa.

Soon the younger girls were engrossed in their game. Kelly watched with interest, occasionally joining in the conversation. She noticed that Pam and Gabby frequently changed the clothes on the Barbie dolls.

As they chatted, Kelly learned that Pam’s mother Cheryl was forty and had been divorced for nearly ten years. She also found out that Cheryl had a second daughter, sixteen-year-old Alicia. Just from listening, Kelly found out that Ali, as Alicia liked to be called, had her own room and bath.

Kelly paid close attention to Pam while the girls played, noting that she bore a distinct resemblance to Cheryl. Both were ginger and fair-skinned, with a smattering of freckles. They both have really nice asses, she thought. I’d love to see them naked.

She’d been having similar thoughts about Gabby. Her mother too, for that matter. There were lots of photos of women without clothes on the internet – even some of young girls – and Kelly enjoyed looking at them. But these seemed less and less satisfying of late. The women and girls in her everyday life, that was what Kelly really wanted to see – completely bare, letting her look at everything they had. She kept trying to picture Gabby and Pam in the nude.

After an hour or so, Gabby said, “Hey, I bet Aunt Jan’s here by now!” Getting up, she smiled at her friend. “Sorry, Pammy, but we gotta get back home.”

Kelly rose, too. “It was nice to meet you, Pam.” Taking the girl’s hand, she gave it a gentle squeeze. “I liked hanging out with you. Let’s do it again soon, okay?”

Something about the look Kelly gave Pam made the younger girl blush. “Um, sure!” she replied.

The sisters made their way back upstairs, With a brief goodbye and thanks to their hostess, Gabby her big sister out the back door, crossing through both yards to reach their home.

Bursting through the door, Gabby bounded into the kitchen, yelling “We’re hooooome!” then raced into Jan’s arms before her aunt could get to her feet. They shared a warm embrace, Jan enfolding the nine-year-old in her arms.

Yeah, I remember her from Mother’s photo album, Kelly told herself. What was it she told me about Aunt Jan? In her late thirties, a psychiatrist, never got married. Holy smokes, she’s even sexier than her picture.

While Jan spun a squealing Gabby around, still hugging her, Kelly compared the two sisters. Jan was nearly a head taller than Linda. Her body was tight and trim, as if she worked out regularly. Linda had a nice figure too, but softer, more delicate. Then there was little Gabby – so young and energetic. Kelly couldn’t decide which one turned her on more.

All three of them, Kelly decided.

These thoughts were interrupted by Jan carefully setting Gabby down. “Oh, my… you’re really growing up, Gabby. You’ll be spinning me around the room in a year or two!”

Then Jan turned to Kelly, their eyes meeting. “How about a hug for your aunt?” the woman murmured, extending her arms.

Linda gave her sister a surprised glance. She figured Jan would get a handshake at best. So she was flat-out astonished to see Kelly walk over and wrap both arms around Jan’s midsection, hugging her close.

Then Linda’s surprise turned to concern when she noticed her daughter’s hands lingering at the top of Jan’s shapely ass. At the same time, Kelly was resting her cheek against Jan’s soft bosom.

The girl’s expression was one of perfect innocence. Too innocent, Linda told herself.

Kelly seemed to hold the hug just a moment too long. Her eyes met Jan’s as she finally backed away, and she gave her aunt a look that shook the woman to the core. It was a deep, hungry gaze, the kind Jan knew from the lesbian bars she frequented. It caught her completely off guard.

“It’s nice to meet you, Aunt Jan,” Kelly said warmly. “Sorry I can’t remember you from before, but I hope we can really get to know each other now.”

Trying to conceal the shock she felt, Linda spoke up. “Jan wants to take us out to dinner. So in about an hour or so, I’d like you girls to go get cleaned up… and put on something nice, please.”

“Come on, Gabby,” Kelly said, turning to her little sister. Placing both hands on the girl’s shoulders, she steered Gabby out of the room, heading for the stairs.

Jan and Linda could hear Kelly say, “We’ve got lots of time to find something to wear. Tell you what – you pick something out for me, Gabby, and you can watch me try it on.”

Linda’s eyes widened in alarm. “Gabby!” she called out.

The nine-year-old’s head appeared in the doorway. “What’s up, Mom?”

“I… I need you to see to the vegetable garden. It’s your turn this week.”

“Aw, Mom… can’t I do it later? Me and Kelly were gonna pick out clothes for tonight.” Gabby pouted. Now Kelly could be seen, standing close behind her.

Linda gave her youngest daughter a stern look, and a sulking Gabby trudged over to the back door and went outside.

“How about hanging out with us for a while, Kelly?” Jan asked.

“I need to go up to my room for a few minutes, Aunt Jan,” Kelly said, hooking a thumb into the waistband of her shorts. “I won’t be very long. Then we can have a nice chat.” With a wink, she disappeared. The sound of her feet could be heard as she climbed the stairs.

Turning to Jan, Linda said, “Okay, that’s what I was telling you about. So… is it me? Am I crazy? Or is Kelly behaving like… like a horny high schooler?”

“Has she shown any interest in boys since this began?”

Linda shook her head. “No. Just girls… and women… and her nine-year-old sister, for God’s sake! She’s even been flirting with me, I swear. And you – I saw the way she looked at you just a minute ago!” She gestured helplessly. “You’re a psychiatrist, Jan. Tell me, what’s your take on all this?”

“Well… first, I need to know what you think, Linda.”

“Damned if I know what to think! You haven’t even heard the worst of it. I knocked on Kelly’s door yesterday afternoon. She told me to come in. When I did, there she was on the bed, completely nude, knees pulled up to her chest and masturbating. I left right away, but that image was burned into my mind.”

Jan tried to take that in stride – though all the while she was thinking, I can’t think of anything I’d rather have burned into my mind.

Linda continued. “Later I asked Kelly, why on earth did you invite me into your room while you were doing that? She told me that she didn’t care if I watched her – that she liked being watched. Keep in mind, this is the same girl who got horribly embarrassed when her skirt blew up at the beach last summer and we saw her panties for a few seconds.” She sighed heavily. “I’m at my wit’s end, Jan.”

“Tell you what… let me have a little chat with her.” Jan said, rising to her feet.

“If you think it will help,” Linda replied. “Thanks, big sister.”

“Hey – that’s what family is all about.” Jan turned and headed up the stairs to her niece’s room, nearly trembling with excitement.

She’d been grappling with sexual fantasies of her nieces for several years now, ever since seeing the girls sprawled out in front of the TV in nothing but panties. Jan kept stealing glances at their bare chests, their pert little bottoms.

Later that evening she fingered herself to a massive orgasm, caught up in a vision of licking Gabby’s bare slit while Kelly went down on her. Ever since then, Linda’s daughters had starred in more than a few of Jan’s wildest fantasies.

And now she’s flirting with me, for fuck’s sake! It took a lot to unnerve Jan, but Kelly’s behavior had thrown her off in a major way. Linda’s right, she told herself, drawing closer to Kelly’s room. Something’s definitely wrong with the girl… but what? I’ve never seen a case like this.

Bracing herself with a deep, calming breath, Jan knocked on the door. She heard her niece say, “Come in.”

Jan opened the door and froze. Oh, my God. I don’t believe this.

Kelly knelt on the floor. She was completely nude, holding a hand mirror between her spread legs and studying her bare slit in the glass. Without looking up, she said, “I still have my hymen, Aunt Jan.”

Still frozen in the doorway, Jan could only stare as Kelly continued. “Would you break my hymen for me? I don’t mean right now, but someday.”

From the moment Kelly laid eyes on her aunt, she recognized her to be gay. She wasn’t sure how she knew, but there was no doubt in her mind that Jan liked women. Maybe girls, too? Kelly wondered.

Jan felt faint as she closed the door and slumped back against it. Staring at her naked niece, she tried to remain calm.

“Kelly… why on earth would you want me to take your virginity? Shouldn’t you ask someone you really like to do that for you…?” Her voice trailed off as she found herself ensnared by the girl’s hazel eyes.

Kelly was smiling. “I really like you, Aunt Jan. I’m sure I loved you, before I forgot everything. I trust you, too. And you’re beautiful.” Rising to her feet, she stood before the woman, her body on open display. “It would make me really happy if you’d be my first.”

Her head swimming, Jan struggled to keep some semblance of control. “That’s a… it’s a very big thing you’re asking me to do, sweetheart. I – I’ll have to think about it, okay?”

Why are you telling her that? she admonished herself. Say no, you can’t do this – then get the hell out!

Instead, Jan took a hesitant step into the room, drawing closer to her niece. God, she’s beautiful. Even more than I imagined. “Have you, um, put your finger inside yet?” she asked.

“Only a little bit. It kinda hurts if I do more than that,” Kelly answered, looking up at her aunt, still smiling. “That’s why I was hoping you would help me. You’d be gentle, I bet.”

“I…” Jan was at a complete loss.

Taking a step toward the older woman Kelly asked, “Do you like seeing me naked, Aunt Jan?”

Jan couldn’t help but look the child up and down, thrilled in spite of herself by Kelly’s bout of exhibitionism. Her heart was still pounding, though, and it took everything she had to maintain a calm demeanor. “I’m not shocked, or bothered,” Jan murmured. “You are lovely, I will say that. Do you like being nude in front of others?”

“Long as it isn’t boys looking at me… or men,” Kelly replied with a shrug. “I don’t want them seeing me with my clothes off. I’m a lesbian. Like you, Aunt Jan.”

Startled, Jan blurted “How did you know that?” She’d never hidden her sexuality, but never advertised it, either. “Did your mom tell you I was gay?”

Kelly shook her head, still wearing that mysterious smile. “I just knew.”

“What about you, then? Have you… done anything with anyone?”

“Not yet,” Kelly admitted. “I looked around the internet… y’know, checking out different kinds of porn. Most of it was pretty boring. I couldn’t find what I really wanted to see.” She seated herself on the edge of the bed, her legs carelessly spread apart.

“What was that?” Jan asked, trying not to stare at Kelly’s smooth slit.

Still holding her aunt with a steady gaze, Kelly said, “I wanted to see women having sex with girls who were around my age. Especially moms doing it with their daughters.” She shrugged. “Oh sure, I found stuff that pretended to be like that. But it was all grownups. I couldn’t find any lesbians who were young, like me.”

Good grief! Jan thought, suddenly feeling dizzy. How could her tastes be so similar to mine? All those bootlegged DVD’s of women fucking little girls, so carefully hidden in my basement… they could’ve been made especially for her!

“It’s just as well you didn’t find anything like that, sweetheart,” she said. “That sort of porn is illegal to make, watch, or own.”

“That’s okay, ‘cause I found something else I liked,” Kelly cooed as she lay back on the bed, her legs still wide apart. “It’s this website full of stories. Nice hot stories about girls and moms and sisters, doing sex stuff with each other.” She began to lightly run a finger up and down the rosy cleft of her cunt. “Aunt Jan? Does it look like I’m touching myself the right way? I’m still learning how.”

Jan watched her niece Kelly masturbate for a moment. “There’s no right or wrong way,” she finally said. “One thing: you should concentrate more on your clit. Do you know where that is?”

“Sure do.” Kelly replied with a giggle. “I found that on the internet, too!” Spreading her labia open, the nude eleven-year-old teased her tiny clitoris, sighing with pleasure.

Jan was teetering on the brink of giving in to her hidden desire – climbing on the bed, burying her face between Kelly’s thighs and drinking from that pretty pink slit. She imagined tasting it, the tangy flavor of a little girl strong and sharp on her tongue.

No, I can’t. I can’t do this! Jan thought, now desperate to escape.

“Um, well, I’ll g-give you some privacy,” she stammered, doing her best to make a dignified exit, closing the door behind her, feeling her face grow hot when she heard Kelly giggle on the other side. God, this girl has me tied in knots.

Detouring into Linda’s bathroom, Jan splashed cold water on her face until her heart had slowed to its normal rhythm. Once she’d calmed herself, Jan descended the stairs to rejoin Linda in the family room.

“You’re right, little sister,” she began, “Kelly is thinking quite a lot about sex. Oh, and by the way, don’t refer to yourself as ‘crazy’ again, okay? We don’t use that word anymore.”

“Sure, sure,” Linda replied. “So… what did you two talk about?”

Jan studied her sister’s reaction as she shared a carefully parsed version of what Kelly had said and done in her bedroom a few minutes earlier. She didn’t mention the girl’s obsession with incest, but told her sister that Kelly had admitted to being gay, and how she’d touched herself while Jan was watching.

She was reassured to see that Linda wasn’t extremely upset, just concerned. And there was something else in her response that Jan couldn’t quite put a finger on, something that had her thinking, Is it my imagination, or is my sister a little turned on?

As they conversed, Gabby came in from weeding and watering the small vegetable garden. She went into the kitchen and washed her hands in the sink. Linda and Jan continued their discussion in a lower tone of voice, assuming that Gabby couldn’t hear them.

They ended the conversation a moment later as Gabby emerged from the kitchen. “Can I please go pick out my clothes now?” she beseeched.

“Sure, hon. And thanks for taking good care of the garden.”

“No problem!” the cute nine-year-old chirped, her perky self once more. She raced up the stairs.

Jan turned to her sister. “Linda, could I use your computer?”

“If you like,” Linda said, “But why use my old relic instead of that snazzy tablet you’ve got?”

“Oh,” Jan improvised, “It keeps crashing on me. Don’t know why I even brought the damn thing with me. Force of habit, I guess.”

“Sure, go ahead.” Linda said.

Jan made her way to Linda’s study, where she booted up the old tower. She searched the browser history, fairly certain that her sister never bothered to clear it.

After a couple of minutes, Jan’s suspicions were confirmed. Starting a couple of weeks after Walt’s death, Linda had been visiting erotic websites on a fairly regular basis. And while some of the porn she’d been consuming was heterosexual in nature, the vast majority of photos and film clips featured women loving women.

“In-ter-es-ting,” Jan muttered as she negotiated her way through the sites Linda liked to visit, nodding approvingly at her sister’s taste in women.

Linda told me more than once that she couldn’t imagine loving any man but Walt. Who knows? Maybe she meant that literally. 

Jan idly drummed her fingers on the desk as she pondered her sister’s situation… and what it might mean for them both. Does Linda even think about me that way any more? Does she miss what we used to have? 

She felt a steady throb between her thighs at the very idea of becoming her sister’s lover again.


“Come in.” Kelly said in response to the knock at her door.

Gabby entered to find Kelly wearing a cornflower blue sundress that came down past her knees. She had no idea that all Kelly wore underneath were sky-blue cotton panties.

“Huh,” Gabby said. “That’s just what I was gonna pick out for you to wear.”

Sitting down at the end of her bed, Kelly patted the spot next to her. Gabby sat down next to her big sister, giving her a big smile. “What’s up, Kel?”

“There’s something I’ve been wondering about, Gab,” Kelly said, taking the younger girl’s hand. “Um… was I a good sister to you? Y’know, before I lost my memory. Hope I wasn’t ever mean or anything.”

“No, you weren’t much different than you are now,” Gabby said. “You’re not as bossy, I guess. I think you’re more fun now, too.” Gabby looked down at her sister’s hand, resting on hers. “And this is nice. You wouldn’t of held my hand and just, y’know, talked with me like this before.”

That made Kelly smile, and she gave Gabby a gentle kiss on the cheek.

“There’s something else I was wondering. Did we ever get naked together or anything like that?”

Gabby giggled, her cheeks flushing ever so slightly. “There was this one time when you’d just got out of the shower and only had on a towel. And when I yanked it off you, you had a fit. That’s all I can remember.” She concentrated for a moment, then shook her head. “I don’t think we’ve seen each other with no clothes on since we were real little, taking our baths together.”

“When would that have been?” Kelly wondered.

Gabby shrugged. “Don’t know. Maybe when I was four or five.” Looking down at her hands, she added, “I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked now. You’re really pretty!”

Kelly gave her sister’s hand a light squeeze. “Hey, when you were downstairs before, did you hear Mom and Aunt Jan talking about me?”

“Yeah,” Gabby answered. “They were being pretty quiet, too. Bet I wasn’t supposed to hear!”

“Hmm. What did they say?”

The nine-year-old scrunched up her face and thought for a moment. “They said you, um, master rate a lot? Something like that.”

“Master rate?” Kelly repeated with a grin. “I think they said masturbate, Gabby.”

“Yeah,” Gabby said brightly. “That’s the word. What’s it mean, Kelly?”

“You know,” Kelly said, “Playing with yourself.”

This time, Gabby’s face turned bright pink. Looking away again, she gave an embarrassed laugh. “Yeah, I know what that means.” She glanced up at her older sister. “Uh… do you do it a lot, Kel?”

“Yep,” Kelly said. “Do you? Are you sure you know what it means?”

“I do!” Gabby protested. “It means to touch between your legs. Um, right?”

“Right.” Kelly replied. “You ever try it?”

“Um, yeah… I just started a couple weeks ago.”

“Tell me more,” Kelly said.

“Well… my friend was talking about it, and she showed me how, and we do it together now,” Gabby said.

“Is that your friend Pam?” Kelly asked.

Looking a bit worried, Gabby was quiet for a moment before finally saying, “Yeah, but it’s a secret. You won’t tell on us, will you?”

“Of course I won’t,” said Kelly. “Sisters gotta look out for sisters. So, um… do you guys ever kiss?”

“Yuck! No way,” Gabby said, making a face. “We just watch each other.” With a nervous laugh, she leaned in and whispered, “Sometimes I touch her down there… and she touches me!”

“Well, that’s cool.” Kelly smiled. “But listen – kissing’s really nice too.”

“On the mouth? That’s gross,” the younger girl insisted, giving her head a defiant shake.

“How can you say that if you’ve never even done it?” Kelly asked. “You haven’t, huh?”

“Well, no.”

“How ‘bout this… let me kiss you. Just to show you what it’s like.”

“But – but you’re my sister! And a girl!”

Kelly rolled her eyes. “Girls can kiss other girls, doofus. And so what if I’m your sister? Aren’t I s’posed to teach you grownup stuff?”

Gabby thought for a moment before shrugging. “Okay, I guess. But you gotta stop if I say stop!”

“Bet you won’t say it,” Kelly murmured, already drawing closer. She gently pressed her mouth to Gabby’s lips, allowing it to linger, then gave her a few more kisses, letting the love she felt for the girl flow into each one.

Kelly began to wander, kissing the corner of Gabby’s mouth, the lower lip, the chin. She could actually feel her sister’s resistance melting away.

Finally breaking away, Kelly carefully studied the younger girl’s face, pleased and thrilled to note that Gabby’s cheeks were flushed, her breath shaky.

When she realized that no more kisses were forthcoming, Gabby opened her eyes. “Um… are we done,  then?”

“That depends. Did you like it?” Kelly asked.

“Yeah, I did! You’re right, it wasn’t gross at all.” Gabby hesitated, then, suddenly shy, asked, “Could I have one more? Please?”

“I’ll give you all the kisses you want, sis.” Scooting backwards, Kelly stretched out on the bed, then reached out to her sister with both arms. “Lie on top of me.”

“Er, okay.” Gabby looked somewhat confused, but did as she was told.

Resting a hand just above her sister’s bottom, Kelly cupped the back of Gabby’s head as she moved in for a kiss… then another. These were soft and tender like before, but Kelly was impatient to go further. Extending her tongue, she traced a line along the child’s lower lip.

Gabby gave a little astonished gasp – and that was when Kelly went for broke, her tongue darting into the nine-year-old’s mouth.

Startled, Gabby nearly jerked away – but Kelly held her tightly, long enough for the younger girl to adjust to this new kind of kissing. A moment later, Gabby relaxed in her big sister’s embrace, a blissful moan escaping her throat.

A raw, heated rush of excitement surged through Kelly when Gabby began to respond, her tongue shyly emerging to play. She was hesitant at first, but soon the two sisters were kissing like lovers.

Eager to take things even further, Kelly allowed her hand to slide down until she was fondling Gabby’s tight little ass – cupping the tender cheeks, playfully squeezing them, trailing her fingertips through the cleft of the child’s buttocks.

She ached to reach lower still and touch her baby sister’s pussy, feel the warmth of it through those tight shorts Gabby wore, but thought better of it. Shouldn’t go that far just yet, she decided.

The girls were so caught up in their kissing that it came as a shock when Linda called them from the foot of the stairs. “Kelly? Gabby? Hurry up, you two – it’s nearly time to go!”

Gabby scrambled to her feet in an instant, then paused, as if deciding what she was supposed to do next, then gave a shaky laugh. “That scared me,” she said, placing a hand on her chest.

“So, little sister…  do you like kissing?” Kelly asked.

“Can we do it again some time?” Gabby replied with a hopeful smile.

Kelly laughed. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’. Of course we can. Whenever you like.”

“Can we kiss like we did just now?” Gabby asked shyly, “With me laying on you, and using our tongues and stuff. And – and you touching my bottom?”

“I’d love to.”

The child gleefully clapped her hands. “Thanks, Kelly. Wow, that was the best!”

Gazing into her little sister’s eyes, Kelly said. “Imagine this, then. You and me kissing like that, only both of us are bare naked.”

Gabby’s mouth went slack, and she stared at Kelly. For a moment she seemed about to reply, then finally mumbled, “I better go get dressed,” and hastened off to her own room.

Kelly watched her sibling move down the hall, satisfied with her accomplishment. Good job, she told herself. She’ll be thinking about that for days. And then there’s Aunt Jan. Sure, she was trying to play it cool, but I know she liked what she saw when I was naked.

Pausing at the mirror to brush her hair, Kelly made her way downstairs and sat in the overstuffed armchair. Her mother and Aunt Jan were relaxing on the couch with cups of coffee.

Kelly felt certain that they’d been talking about her. I wonder how much Aunt Jan told Mom about our little chat. Picking up a magazine, she idly thumbed through it, occasionally glancing up at the two women, always smiling when one of them looked over at her. Jan seemed especially restless, unable to keep her legs still. Bet that’s ‘cause of me, Kelly thought.

The tension was broken by Gabby thundering down the stairs and shouting, “I’m rea-dy!” She had chosen a yellow sundress very similar to the one Kelly wore. “Come on, let’s go. I’m starving.”

Wow, she looks good in that, Kelly told herself as everyone got up to leave. And she isn’t even trying to be sexy, she just is.

The restaurant was fairly close by, so they didn’t bother taking the car. As they walked in that direction, Gabby began to run ahead of them. Kelly soon caught up to her, laughing, “Hey, slow down, Turbo Girl!” she said. “The grownups can’t keep up.”

Gabby was beaming, in a giddy mood. “Thanks for being so nice to me, Kel. You’re the best big sister in the whole world.”

Without a word, Kelly took Gabby’s hand, and they walked on together.

A few yards back, Linda and Jan looked at each other, exchanging smiles at the sight of the two girls. Somehow they found themselves holding hands, too.

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    well…stranger and stranger. liking the slow build, and still intrigued. And I had to look up Poor Things, but I think I might like to see that sometime.

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    Even allowing that Gabby and Pam are bordering on the side of being too young for us, we both agree that it’s beautiful. It’s also hot, arousing stuff.

    Big Sis pictured herself as Jan, I picture myself as a slightly older Kelly, or maybe, the yet to appear, Alicia. Whatever … fun!

  8. Debbie L says:

    Wow, I have to say I’m liking this….a lot. Loving the slow build up…the tantalising promise of delights still to come. Thank you.

  9. kinkys_sis says:

    Like any really good story that I know I’m going to keep reading as new chapters drop, I like to read each chapter a second time. I loved this chapter even more this time around.

    I do have one small point. It was likely Jetboy who dropped this into the chapter as it’s a term he overuses. No doubt you American ladies will correct me if I’m wrong, but I find it unlikely that an eleven-year-old would use the term ‘damn’ as in this sentence – “Damn, she’s even sexier than her picture.”

    • Purple Les says:

      I thank you. I’ve read and enjoyed everything you, Kinky_chic and J.J. have put out. I will say that I think JetBoy added the ‘damn’. But since I did the proof reading I must have left it in and take any blame.

      In defense,maybe it’s okay as Kelly is a little off kilter?

      • kinkys_sis says:

        No way, I emphasise with her. Get rid of the ‘damn’, it doesn’t fit with the age group. I have told JB before!

        Not to over worry, I love the story and can’t wait for more.

        • Mystery Mouse says:

          I agree..and I disagree.

          With social media use being so prevalent amongst kids these days (which makes me feel so old) they’re using older vocabulary earlier. I don’t think it’s at all unlikely that Kelly would use ‘damn’ so easily.

          At the same time, I did read some writing advice somewhere that said dialogue should be the ‘perfect version’. In other words, kids should talk the way the reader expects them to talk, not the way they actually do.

          Or, to put it another way, it’s the “Mommy/Mom” thing. Most 11 year olds probably wouldn’t call their mother “Mommy” anymore..but that’s a lot sexier than “Mom” if things are getting heavy.

          I dunno..I can see both sides of the argument.

          • JetBoy says:

            I can’t speak for young British girls, but lots of American kids swear at the age of eleven. Also, don’t forget that Kelly isn’t really Kelly anymore. If she was her old pre-accident self, that “damn” wouldn’t be there.

            That said, it’s not at all crucial to the story, and I have nothing but respect for kinks_sis’ opinion… so darn it to heck, I’ll take it out. If one word is all that keeps this chapter from hitting the mark, we will consider it a compliment.

        • kinkys_sis says:

          I didn’t mean swearing per se, I meant the specific term of ‘damn’.

          • BlueJean says:

            No one’s given us a definitive answer yet, so I’m kind of intrigued now. Do American kids use ‘damn’, ‘dang’ or ‘darn’ these days?

          • Erocritique says:

            I’m with you on this one. That phrasing seemed a bit out of place – though, as JB mentioned, Kelly isn’t the Kelly before the lightning strike. My problem with the phrasing, is that (imo) it makes the “new” Kelly come across as much older and masculine. It lent a somewhat creepy and lecherous vibe to this “new” Kelly, which added to the kinda creepy personality change and Kelly’s newfound ability to speak Spanish. I’m rolling with it, because I expect many things to be resolved as the story progresses, and because much of the charm of this story is it’s unusual premise. Let’s see how things play out.

      • Birdie says:

        Really enjoyed this chapter. It’s fun watching Jan cope with Kelly’s advances. Loving the interplay between Kelly and Gabby. So sweet. And the revelation about Jan and Linda’s past was an interesting surprise. I’m looking forward to more chapters. There’s room for juicy adventure in multiple directions.

  10. rachel says:

    I have been on vacation for a while. Now I’m back with some catching up to do.

    I adore the opening chapters of this delightful story.

  11. Purple Les says:

    Let me join JetBoy in thanking everyone for their very kind comments.

  12. Joe Dornish says:

    Loving this story, great build up and the characters are developing nicely.

    On the use of the word damn…it didn’t really strike me as being too old for the character until I read the comment above. Personally, I find it incredibly difficult to write a young 1st pov and not stray into more adult vocabulary. I think Purple Les and Jetboy have done it very well here, as they always do.

  13. Fertilegirl says:

    I edged until the handholding at the end and exploded. That is my review.

  14. Ambersoftlips says:

    Such a wonderful and erotic story so far!! I had hoped in Part 1 there would be some way to bring in Linda, the mother, into the mix and you’ve laid perfect groundwork for it with Jan finding the search history and hinting at a childhood relationship between the sisters. Kelly is such a delightfully sexy girl now after the incident and will hopefully lead her family into deep pleasure! A mother’s dream!

  15. Joe Dornish says:

    Apologies for being a little late to the conversation, but the interesting points of view on the use of age appropriate language for minors has set my mind wondering about my own writing, I thought I’d share my musings here.

    I’ll happily admit that being a middle-aged man and writing from a young girls POV is always going to be a huge challenge, but then that’s a large part of why I do it, the challenge is so enjoyable. It’s no surprise then that I find it very hard to use age appropriate vocabulary and remain consistent, it creates a huge editing burden among other things. One way I tried to get around it in my story, Sweet Poppy, was by writing the character with intelligence and maturity beyond her years to explain the use of slightly more adult dialogue. I think it worked to a degree, although on reflection it was perhaps a lazy solution.

    The comments here that have set my mind wondering about age specific words have come when I’m in the beginnings of writing a new story (the first two chapters have recently landed in Jetboy’s inbox). Whilst pondering the issue I tried to reflect back to my childhood and the words I used and something struck me. As a child, in my mind I never felt like a child, my internal monologue felt as ‘normal’ and in tune with those of varying age groups around me. Obviously it wasn’t, if I could hear that internal monologue now I’m sure it would sound as childish as it actually was. But that doesn’t change the fact that as a child my thoughts felt ‘normal’ and not child like.

    The reverse is true as well, you often hear those in old age say that although their bodies are worn down by the years, in their mind they feel like they’re still in their twenties. I do think that much of what we think is or is not appropriate for the age of the character we are reading depends on our own life experience. I grew up in London in the 70’s and 80’s and trust me, there were kids running about swearing like sailors.

    My internal debate on the matter has had a subtle but clear effect on my latest story. I’ve made a more conscious effort for the protagonists dialogue to be in keeping with her age (although I’m not sure I’ve succeeded). But, the narrative, which is essentially her internal monologue, is more adult in it’s use of vocabulary and lines of thought. In her mind, she does not realise she is thinking like a child, to her it’s very adult and normal so this is the view point I’ve given the reader. Even so, it’s still a balancing act and an enjoyable struggle to get right.

    I think it’s worth pointing out that your comments often have a real and positive effect on writers, even when those comments are not on their own stories. Reading the feed back here and on other stories has helped me a great deal, so please keep commenting.

    And as for this story, I’m loving it a great deal. When a new chapter is released I find myself dropping whatever I’m doing and make time to read it and then curse at the inevitable wait for the next instalment. It’s a great premise, the best compliment I can think to give is that I wish I’d thought of it myself.

  16. Sapphmore says:

    I recently commented that, notwithstanding the general challenges of daily life, I spent so much time writing, or looking for stories to add to my archive (just passed 25,000) that I haven’t actually read any in full for some time, just scanned the first paragraph to see if it might be worth saving (which counts all stories on JS of course).
    Now that Jetboy has the next three chapters of Ripples in his intray, I am taking some time to rectify that, so I picked ‘Stranger in the family’ as the first story and I’m absolutely loving it. I like the whole premiss of the character change and didn’t think it was too far-fetched as I’ve read news reports of people suddenly speaking another language and behavioural changes, although not in the way Kelly changes. When we were told Jan is a psychiatrist, I thought, oh yes, Kelly will seduce her, but didn’t expect to discover so quickly that Jan is a little girl lover. Some might say the story is moving forward a little too fast, and I did at first, but it has been written so well that I decided I didn’t mind. (PS. I also thought it was Linda with the DVD hoard for a brief moment).
    It’s clear Kelly has plans for all the characters so far so it will be interesting to see if she targets them all separately, or as I suspect, gets some of them all together, and also how wide her net will be cast.

    I’m really looking forward to the continuation.

  17. Purple Les says:

    Just wanted to say thanks again for myself and JetBoy.

    Some great writer thoughts and info and nice comments also. We thank you all. And very humbled that many of you look forward to more chapters and we hope you’ll like them.

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