Stranger in the Family, Chapter 3

  • Posted on May 7, 2024 at 3:13 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

As Linda walked along holding her sister’s hand, she felt a warmth that was more than the pleasant summer day. Linda felt alive again with the late afternoon sun on her face. Her precious daughters were walking ahead. She could hear them chat and laugh as they held hands.

It’s so nice to spend time with family, Linda thought. Poor Walt, it’s awful that he can’t be here now. At least Kelly is still with us, even if she’s still not quite herself. She and Gabby seem closer than ever, though. That’s a good thing.

Soon they were approaching a door that read Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. Racing ahead, Gabby pushed the door open, and the others followed her inside. An elderly man in a black suit with thick white hair and a rugged yet gentle face looked up as they came in. His dark brown eyes lit up as he saw Linda.

He came over and took Linda’s hands in his, “Ah, Linda. We have missed you. Such a bad thing, what happened. Walt, he was a fine man. How are you doing, then?”

“Just… carrying on,” Linda said, giving the man a sad smile. “You know.”

Luigi nodded. “Sure, I know.” He smiled at the others, including Kelly, who showed no sign of recognition.

“Hiya, Mr Luigi!” Gabby exclaimed, giving the old Italian a wave.

He knelt before her. “Ah, Gabby, my bellissima… would you like a table or booth today?”

“Oh, please, can we have our booth?” Gabby asked.

Luigi quickly glanced at Linda, who went a bit pale but gave a slight nod.

Rising to his feet, he led the family through the restaurant. “Yes, yes, of course. I put you in your booth by the window. When people walk by, they see all the malto bella women sitting here and they will flock in.”

Pausing to pick up four menus, Luigi led the family to what had always been Linda and Walt’s booth.

Kelly peered around at the dark wood-paneled walls, which were bedecked with old photographs, then she smiled at the sight of the long red-and-white checkered tablecloths. A Chianti bottle with a candle rested in the center of the table, and Luigi lit the candle with a flourish.

Once everyone was seated, Luigi handed them each a menu. “Gina will be your waitress tonight,” he said. Reaching for a large pitcher, he carefully filled the four water glasses. Turning to a woman in her early twenties with short, dark hair and a pleasing figure, he said, “Gina, you take extra good care of my friends.” He turned to leave, then paused. “Oh, and bring an order of garlic bread for my bellissima Gabby. Yes?”

“Yes!” Gabby answered, gleefully clapping her hands.

Gina introduced herself, then listed the specials for the evening. “Can I get drinks for anyone?” she added.

“Do I know you?” Linda said. “I feel like we’ve met.”

Gina laughed. “I’m one of Luigi’s granddaughters, working off my college loan.”

“That’s it,” Linda smiled, “You’ve got your grandmother’s eyes. She was a remarkable woman.”

“She was,” Gina said. “I miss her. So, um, to drink…?”

“I’ll have a root beer, please,” Gabby said.

Kelly looked up from the menu. “Um, iced tea.”

“How’s your Merlot?” Jan asked.

“We have Stags’ Leap Merlot. It’s been getting rave reviews,” the waitress replied.

Jan turned to her sister. “Sound good to you?” Linda nodded. “We’ll have a carafe, then.”

Gina nodded. “I’ll be right back with the drinks,” then made her way toward the bar.

Kelly was looking around the room. “What’s that thing?” she asked, pointing.

Gabby chirped, “That’s a jukebox. It plays music and has sparkly lights. C’mon, I’ll show ya how it works! Mom, can I please have some quarters?”

Linda fished around in her purse until she found some quarters. She handed them to Gabby, who led Kelly over to the vintage machine.

“That’s been here forever,” Linda said as she and Jan watched Gabby and Kelly looking at the list of old 45’s that the jukebox contained.

Gina returned, a trayful of drinks in hand. “I’ll be right back with the garlic bread,” she said, setting the glasses down.

Linda and Jan clinked their glasses together. At that instant a record began to play, and they both paused, staring at each other as Frank Sinatra sang, “As Time Goes By.”

“Our song,” Linda said. “Did you tell them to play that?”

“No,” Jan said, “How could they have known?”

Linda held up her glass. “To old times, Jan.”

“To old times, sis.” Jan said, and they touched glasses again.

The girls came back to the table as the garlic bread arrived, Gina took their dinner orders, then left with a smile.

As they each helped themselves to the warm bread, Linda spoke up. “Who picked that song out?”

“I did.” Kelly answered. “I liked the name of it. Why?”

Jan said, “When we were much younger, I took your mom to see a very old movie at the local college. Casablanca. A very exciting, very romantic World War Two movie.”

“I’d never heard of it or the actors, even,” Linda said. “It was in black and white, so I didn’t want to go.”

“But by the time it ended,” Jan continued, “Your mom was crying her eyes out.”

“It was so sad and beautiful,” Linda sighed.

“Anyway, that song plays a very important part in the movie,” Jan explained to the girls.

“It’s just kind of special to us,” Linda said, quickly wiping away a tear. “Well, we’ll always have that movie. Right, Jan?”

Jan refilled the wine glasses. She picked hers up and said, “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.”

Linda smiled. They clinked glasses and drank while the girls looked at them, utterly mystified.


When everyone was done eating, Gina returned to the table. “Good job, ladies. No boxes for leftovers, I see! So… anyone have room for dessert? Some coffee, perhaps?”

Gabby’s eyes lit up. “Dessert? Yeah!”

Jan groaned. “Kids,” Linda mumbled, rolling her eyes. “Where in God’s name do they put it?”

Clearing the dishes away, Gina laughed. “I’ll bring the menu.”

Soon, Gabby was studying the dessert menu while Linda and Jan nursed the last of their wine.

“Y’know,” Kelly said, “that woman over there looks very glamorous. Her makeup and hairdo are just right. Fancy clothes and all that. Still, she’s not nearly as pretty as Gina.” She smiled at her mother and aunt. “But Mother, Aunt Jan… you guys are truly beautiful. Your beauty shines from within.”

“Aw, Kelly,” Jan said. “That’s so sweet.”

Linda raised an eyebrow, gazing in wonder at the daughter she didn’t seem to know anymore. “Thanks, hon,” she murmured.

“Mom, I’d like the cannoli, please,” Gabby said, looking up from the list of treats.

“Ooooh… they do have a marvelous cannoli here,” Linda said. “Well, I thought I was full.”

When Gina came back, Linda ordered two cannolis to split between the four of them.

After Gina brought their desserts, Kelly was watching the cute waitress as she walked away. “She’s really cute, huh? It would sure be cool to see her naked.”

“Kelly Luna!” Linda gasped. “You shouldn’t say things like that.”

“Why not?” Kelly asked, frowning. She turned to her little sister. “Gabby, don’t you think Gina is pretty?”

Gabby shrugged. “Um, yeah… sure she is.”

“Do you think she’d still be pretty with all her clothes off?” Linda and Jan exchanged concerned glances.

“Sure!” Gabby replied, giggling at her big sister’s naughtiness.

“Aunt Jan,” Kelly said, looking back and forth from her to Linda, “There’s nothing really bad about going naked, is there?”

Jan was getting flustered now, almost as much as her sister. “No, not really… but there’s a time and a place for everything. And, young lady, this is not the time or the place for that kind of talk,” she said in a firm tone.

“Um, Gabby, let’s play some more records. Okay?” Linda said.

By then, the restaurant had become loud and busy. “It’s getting a little late,” said Jan. “We really should go. Why don’t you two wait outside? Kelly can stay with me while I take care of the check.”

“Yes, good idea. I could use some air,” Linda said. “Come on, sweetheart.” She led a slightly confused Gabby toward the exit, pausing on the way to say goodbye to Luigi.

As they left, Gina dropped the check off while on her way to another table with a tray of drinks. As Jan looked it over, trying to decide what to say to Kelly about her behavior, she noticed the girl was squirming in her seat, slouching a bit. What’s she up to now? Jan wondered.

Glancing back at the check, Jan hastily took out her credit card and then placed it on the little tray. Returning her attention to Kelly, she was taken aback by the eleven-year-old’s knowing smile.

Kelly spoke before she could. “Y’know, thinking about seeing Gina naked sure made my panties wet.”

With that, Jan instantly realized what Kelly had been doing a moment ago when she was making those odd movements: slipping out of her panties. Oh, no. NO.

Sure enough, Kelly produced a pair of blue cotton panties from beneath the table, dangling them from her fingers. “See, Aunt Jan? Right in the front..”

Shocked, Jan snatched the panties from the girl’s hand, stuffing them in her purse. Gina approached a moment later, and Jan wondered if she – or anyone else, for that matter – had seen what Kelly did.

Gina didn’t seem to have seen anything unusual. She picked up the credit card and check and said, “Be right back.”

“Kelly, my God – I don’t know what to do with you,” a flustered Jan said.

Kelly just smiled. “What would you like to do to me, Aunt Jan?”

Jan gaped at her niece, trying to formulate some sort of reply and failing. Which, I’m sure, has nothing whatsoever to do with how fucking turned on I am right now. Jesus, she looks so much like Linda did at that age… I’ll bet she tastes every bit as sweet, too.

Just then, Gina returned with the receipt. “Thanks so much for coming,” she said. “You ladies have a lovely evening.” With a warm smile, she walked away.

Jan put down a generous tip and signed her name. As she slipped the credit card back in the wallet, then returned it to her purse, her attention was captured by the sight of those cute blue panties. I swear, I can actually smell them. 

While Jan wasn’t looking, Kelly wrote Call me, Gina! on the back of the slip, along with her phone number and name, accompanied by a little heart. She put the pen down just in time, an instant before Jan glanced up at her.

“Okay,” Jan said, “let’s go.”

She needed to have a serious chat with Kelly, that much was true… but right then, Jan was at a complete loss. In all her years studying and practicing psychiatry, she’d never encountered anything like this.

Once outside, the four of them set off for home. It felt good to be walking off the large meal. This time, Jan and Linda walked in front with Kelly and Gabby following.

Kelly whispered to Gabby, “Watch this.” She took a couple steps ahead of Gabby, looked over her shoulder, then tugged up the back of her dress to expose her bare bottom, which she shook at her sister..

Just ahead, the adults heard Gabby gasp, “Kelly!”

Jan and Linda quickly looked back – but there was nothing to see. Gabby was giggling and her cheeks were a bit flushed, but that was all.

Kelly flashed her sister a few more times on the way home. When she did, Gabby kept silent, unwilling to spoil this exciting new game. Once, Gabby even pulled up the back of Kelly’s dress herself, wanting another glimpse of her sister’s bare butt, and Kelly just smiled.

Gabby was having a wonderful time. She got to look at Kelly’s bottom over and over again, and the sight of it was giving her that weird thrill she liked so much. It was the same feeling Gabby got when she and Pam took off their clothes and touched between their legs while watching each other. It’s that new word I learned, Gabby thought. Masturbate. And Kelly touches herself down there too! SO cool.


Back home, Jan and Linda went indoors to unwind with another glass of wine. Kelly and Gabby wandered into the back yard to enjoy the twilight, serenaded by the music of chirping crickets.

“I liked that a lot, Kelly,” said Gabby.

“What?” Kelly asked. Then she grinned. “Oh… you mean seeing my bottom, huh?”

“Yeah.” Gabby said, looking around the yard. Certain that no one was watching, she said, “Do it again, okay?”

“Okay.” Kelly agreed. This time, instead of just flashing her ass, she pulled her dress up and over her head. Now she was nude except for her socks and sneakers, holding the dress in one hand and smiling at her little sister.

“Whoa!” Gabby exclaimed in a whisper as she walked around her sister, taking in every inch of her bare body. She could make everything out in the dimming light of the evening. Much as she liked looking at her big sister’s beautiful bottom, now she could see the front part too.

Gabby was having that hot crazy feeling again, stronger than ever before. Her sister was so pretty with no clothes on! Gabby liked everything she saw. Kelly’s titties were just beginning to show, and she had a girly shape around her hips and waist. Gabby was interested to see that Kelly’s kitty wasn’t very different from hers, a smooth, slightly pouting cleft. Guess she hasn’t started growing hair down there yet, she thought. Who cares, it’s nice like it is.

“This is so cool, Kelly,” Gabby gushed, “I can see your kitty!” She shook her head, awed. “I mean, wow, you’re bare naked outside and, and everything. This is so wicked!”

“You think it’s hot, huh? Me taking my clothes off outdoors?”

“Yeah.” Gabby said as she squatted down, wanting a closer look at Kelly’s private places. “But really, I’d like seeing you naked anywhere.” She felt strangely restless, unsure what to do with her hands. “Hope I get to be as beautiful as you when I get older.”

They heard Linda call out, “Girls! Come inside, now – it’s getting dark.”

Startled, Gabby jumped to her feet. Kelly pulled her dress over her head and wriggled back into it. “Don’t worry, sis.” she said. “Mom can’t see us back here.”

God, being naked is even more fun than I thought, Kelly told herself as they made their way indoors. And I love how Gabby is so much into looking at me. She liked it a lot when we kissed, too. But can I get her to do more than that?

Once inside, the girls played a board game with the adults. When the game was over Linda looked at the wall clock, then said, “Time for bed, girls.”

Saying their goodnights, Kelly and Gabby went upstairs. A few minutes later, Gabby padded down in her pajamas to give her mommy and aunt a hug and a kiss apiece before heading up to her room. Kelly didn’t come back.

“Think I’ll turn in, too,” Linda said, standing. “Let me get you some blankets.” She fetched bedding from the linen closet, then began to make up the couch.

Watching Linda, Jan felt old familiar desires stirring inside. It’s been so damned long, she thought. And I’m just tipsy enough to do something about it.

Rising to her feet, she moved over to where her sister was working and touched her shoulder. “I could just share your bed.”

Linda paused in mid-motion. She thought for a moment, then shook her head. “You put an end to that a long time ago.” Placing a pillow by the armrest, she turned to Jan, kissed her cheek and murmured, “Goodnight,” before making a quiet exit.

Jan watched her sister go. Yes, I did end it. But I had to.

Upstairs, Linda decided to check in on her daughters before turning in. After knocking on Kelly’s door, she heard her oldest daughter say, “Come in.”

As Linda turned the knob, she suddenly recalled how she’d walked in on Kelly when the girl was masturbating – but it was too late, the door was opening. A wash of relief passed through Linda to see that Kelly was only reading a book. She had the covers pulled up, but Linda noticed her daughter’s shoulders were bare. Is she wearing anything under those blankets? she wondered.

“Don’t stay up too late.” Linda said as she bent to kiss the top of Kelly’s head.

“Goodnight, Mother,.” Kelly said, giving Linda a warm smile.

Smiling back, Linda closed the door gently as she stepped into the hall, making  her way to Gabby’s room.


Downstairs Jan turned out the lights, then undressed completely, spreading her top out on the sofa to sit on.  She reached for her purse, opening it to take out Kelly’s panties.

Clutching them to her face, Jan breathed in their scent as she began to masturbate. Soon she was very wet and used Kelly’s panties to keep her pussy honey from getting on the sheets.

That little vixen Kelly… she’s practically daring me to fuck her, Jan thought. And I want to, damn it. God, she turns me on. And Linda. I’d give anything for us to be lovers again. 

She fingered herself harder, deeper. What a situation. I’m hot for my niece and my sister at the same time! And Gabby is so fucking adorable – no, DON’T go there. Think about Linda. How it used to be. How it could be again.

What if Linda let me share her bed after all, then Kelly came into her mom’s room and caught us together? Would she run away… or would she get naked and climb into bed with us? Oh God, that’s so fucking wild…

Jan jerked violently as a frenzied climax washed over her.


Gabby was restless, unable to fall asleep. Too much for her to think about. It was so nice, seeing Kelly with no clothes on. She gently toyed with the special, secret place between her legs.

But it wasn’t enough. Gabby needed the harder touches, the kind she liked to do when her friend Pam was watching. Pushing the covers to one side, she pulled her pajama bottoms down and off, followed by her underpants. Gabby turned onto her tummy and began to grind against her hand.

I wanna kiss Kelly again, that was the greatest! Wonder if she really meant it when she talked about us kissing when we’re both naked? She must have, or she wouldn’t of got undressed for me tonight. Bet she’d do it for me again if I asked. 

Those good feelings were growing, getting stronger.


Gabby’s door was slightly ajar, as it always was. She didn’t like it to be closed all the way. Linda was just about to enter, but froze when she heard the bed creaking slightly.


Hesitantly drawing closer, Linda peeked through the gap, stunned by what she saw. The bluebird-shaped night light was enough to reveal Gabby’s bare bottom, slowly moving up and down. It took Linda a moment to grasp the significance of what she saw.

She’s masturbating, Linda realized. She was rooted to the spot, unable to turn away. I wonder when she started doing that? I shouldn’t watch. But it’s such a lovely sight, my baby girl learning about her body.

Gabby’s buttocks suddenly began to tighten and relax over and over. She’s coming, Linda told herself. The child’s movements grew slower until she lay motionless. After a moment, Gabby pulled the covers over her bare lower half, settling in with a contented sigh.

Her mind in a whirl, Linda crept to her own room and shut the door. Quickly stripping, she stretched out  on top of her bed, not bothering to get under the covers. She began to touch herself, letting her hands roam everywhere within reach. I can’t believe I’m going to do this. I haven’t masturbated since Walt died.

Linda slipped a hand between her legs, startled by the wetness she found. What’s wrong with me? I’ve seen both my daughters masturbate… and it turned me on! Then there’s Jan – did she really ask to have sex with me again, after all these years? I was tempted, too. If she’d kissed my neck or touched my ass, I might’ve let Jan have what she wanted.

This is crazy, Linda mused. Somehow, everything in my life is conspiring to make me think about sex!

As Linda masturbated, images of Kelly and Gabby touching themselves preyed on her, made her uneasy. But it wasn’t enough to make her stop. Unwanted thoughts elbowed their way into her consciousness, thoughts she couldn’t wish away.

From out of nowhere, a new vision emerged: she was still masturbating, but now Kelly and Gabby were watching, both of them nude. They were fascinated, eagerly watching, wanting to see Mommy make herself feel good.

Linda came hard, her breath hissing through clenched teeth. But each pulse of pleasure crashed against the icy, forbidding wall of her conscience.

She sobbed helplessly in the aftermath of her orgasm, feeling shame and disgust with herself. The sheets were now wet with her fluids, the pillow damp with tears.


In her room Kelly sat upright, eyes closed, hands resting on her thighs. The very air seemed to hum with sexuality. She drank it in, let it warm her. They’re all getting themselves off… and I’m making it happen. 

Those lovely sensations were building inside, taking Kelly where she wanted to go. She didn’t even have to touch herself. Closer… closer… there it is.

The girl’s mouth tightened as she came. She rode her orgasm to its peak, then slowly relaxed as ecstasy faded into a blissful glow.

Kelly’s eyes fluttered open, and she smiled. It won’t be long now. I can almost feel it. I’ll have Gabby first. Then Aunt Jan. And once the three of us are together, turning Mom should be easy. We’ll all be lovers. 

With a satisfied yawn, she slipped beneath the blanket and settled in, falling asleep almost immediately.

On to Chapter Four!


21 Comments on Stranger in the Family, Chapter 3

  1. BlueJean says:

    The best chapter yet. I like the way this one is building slowly. The anticipation is just as erotic to me as the inevitable full-blown sex. The scene with Jan sniffing Kelly’s panties was my favourite.

    It seems there might be a supernatural element to Kelly’s amnesia, after all. I wasn’t sure if that would be the case, but if she’s sensing, and even *causing* her family to masturbate, who knows how that’ll develop?

    Linda and Jan’s history as lovers is another interesting element.

    As with previous chapters, I find myself wanting to get inside the characters’ heads a little more, but with all the various mysteries being established, that would maybe give too much away at this early stage.

    Bravo, Purple Les & JetBoy!

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      I do love the way this story is taking its time to develop. We know what’s going to happen, at least we think we do, yet we’re being teased so delightfully. Another stellar installment!


      Maybe it’s just me because I’m old but I wonder if this couldn’t have benefited from a little recap of what had happened before? I’m not saying there needs to be a thick paragraph explaining everything, but maybe a few lines reminding us (me) who’s who and what the latest is. It’s been a while since I read the last chapter and my memory is terrible.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, it’s just a thought.

  2. kinkys_sis says:

    A wonderful chapter. I’ve already read it twice – not many stories get me doing that.

    I love Kelly’s character, it really comes across, and of course. Gabby is delightful. (Still waiting for Alicia – see, I do remember things … well, sometimes!)

    The only thing that irritated me was that old American/English thing again. How can you guys spell the cheque as check? The two terms mean such different things in the English language.

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      Oh dear. I can actually explain that one, and in some detail too. Etymology is a hobby of mine. It’s to do with Henry II, the game of chess, and the fact that high society in the UK spoke French for a while.

      It’s a bit nerdy and it gets even worse when I tell you that the two terms mean different things..but are closely related.

      I’ll explain it if you want but I will lose any chance I have of looking cool of I do..

      • BlueJean says:

        Something involving chequers/checkmate? Chequers sounds like it has its origins in French.

        Damn, no wonder they call you Mystery Mouse.

        • Mystery Mouse says:

          Chequers gets its name from the Old French ‘eschequier’, which is because of the chess board that it’s played on. Henry II did his finances on a black and white board of similar design, which is why the UK has the Chancellor Of The Exchequer. They’re the one in charge of (screwing up) the economy. And that’s why we have cheques over here.

          But bank cheques were made to stop/check fraud. To check something used to mean to stop something. Which is why our friends across the Atlantic have bank checks and coat checks and restaurant checks, etc. They even have body checks over there, which I’m danger of receiving for derailing this comment thread so I’d better stop there.

          • Powertenor246 says:

            Ok, MM, those body checks only happen if you are in uniform, on ice skates, and are actively fighting for the Puck in a heated hockey game. They don’t happen off the ice. So you are generally safe unless you *are* a hockey player. If you are, you know about them. If not, you have received some new information. See Ya!!!

      • Amanda Lynn says:

        As far as I can tell “Check” is used correctly in this chapter. It is the bill you receive at a restaurant. A cheque is a piece of paper you fill out to make a payment. So, you can pay the check with a cheque. Unless I’m missing something here.

        • JetBoy says:

          Ahem. This story is set in the United States, where both these words are spelled “check.” The word “cheque,” far as I know, does not exist in the American vernacular. Any quibbles should be taken up with the lexicographers of yore, not us. (“Curse you, Noah Webster!”)

          We do have a higher grade of commenters at Juicy Secrets, that can’t be denied… but sometimes I really do find myself longing for a good old fashioned, “Awesome story, guys. I came like a fuckin’ wildcat!”

          Sarcasm aside, thanks for the praise from them as gave it.

          • Mystery Mouse says:

            Ah, Noah Webster. The reason why you lot don’t have ‘colour’. Who would have thought this place would trigger the nerd in me?


            Anyway, this is shaping up to be an awesome story, guys. I came like a fuckin’ wildcat!

            (With lots of hissing and yowling and hacking up furballs. It’s a whole thing.)

    • Purple Les says:

      Thanks very much from JetBoy and I. I think Alicia is worth waiting for, and hope you like her when she does enter the story.

  3. Sapphmore says:

    I think you’re right Amanda, but I’ve never understood why they call it a check and not a bill. As far as I’m aware, but maybe I’m wrong, the only time you ask for the check is in restaurants but for anything else you pay for after getting it, it’s called a bill.
    I’ll never understand American English – sidewalk, just to remind you it’s on the side of the road; eyeglasses, in case you were thinking of wearing them somewhere else; gas, when it’s a liquid; football, for a game you rarely kick the ball; and a World Series where only America takes part!

    • Purple Les says:

      I was following the BBC online coverage yesterday of a trial in N.Y.C. I saw the reporter painfully explain to readers that a ‘check’ in States meant a cheque. To add to this we have a breakfast cereal called not cheques, but chex.

  4. Birdie says:

    Loved it. Excellent chapter. So hot, but more from the inferences than actual sex. For me that’s a sign of a very talented writer. More please.

    • Purple Les says:

      Thank you very much. and thanks to all of you for the very nice comments on behalf of JetBoy and myself.

  5. sue says:

    I liked this chapter very much. It’s weird, it’s still very erotic, and I still wonder what the deal is. And also like the characters.

  6. Erocritique says:

    Kelly seemed to be a little softer in this chapter (more playful than aggressive), but what is this latest development where Kelly apparently has some supernatural influence over the rest of her family??? The slow “reveal” of what is really going on with Kelly has me in quite a state. I suspect that the next chapter will answer quite a few questions, and that it will also contain some more serious taboo sex play. I can’t wait. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Sapphmore says:

    Still loving this gem, but you know, a weird thought just crossed my mind out of the blue that it will end like Dallas; all a dream in Kelly’s head while still in a coma. I hope that isn’t it, but if it is, this comment should be quickly removed so as not to spoil it for others. Then again, if that isn’t the ending, what an idea for a story, but with a little JS twist after where the dream does come true!!
    Just let me get my notebook.

    • Purple Les says:

      I don’t like to give anything away in a story, but this time I will, sort of. I had to look up Dallas. But I can tell you this will not be like Dallas or The Wizard Of Oz. Someone waking up at the end of story and all that happened is just a dream. I’ve always thought that was a cheap way out, except for Sunset Blvd.

      What’s happening is really happening in real time. So thanks on behalf of JetBoy and I for that compliment you made, but as far as the Dallas ending there is no need to remove your comment. So you can ‘check’ that off your list, and use it in a story. Now I’m hoping that ‘Ripples’ is not ending that way. Just joshing.

      ps, looking forward to the next chapter of Ripples

  8. Sapphmore says:

    Phew. Saved. I really like the way we are being tortured, sorry, kept in suspense, waiting for the full on girlie action and wondering which lucky gal will be first to enjoy the fruits of Kelly’s ardour, despite her plan for it to be her sister.
    I guess we shall wait and see. I must stop trying to work out whodunnit, or rather whosgoingtogetdone.

    On Ripples, JB has three chapters in hand but as you know, when he gets one of his ideas that could easily end up as four or five.

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