Stranger in the Family, Chapter 4

  • Posted on May 21, 2024 at 2:16 pm

By Purple Les and  JetBoy

School was over for the summer. Linda felt uneasy about leaving her daughters at home alone, so she got herself set up to work in her study. It worked out even better than she’d hoped – without the daily interruptions that always seemed to occur in the office, she was getting a greater amount of work done, and she appreciated having more time to spend with the girls.

Linda was beginning to suspect her concerns about Kelly had been premature. After Jan’s visit, her oldest daughter had stopped dropping comments about sex and nudity, and she didn’t seem to be checking out other girls anymore. Kelly still hadn’t regained her memory, but at least she was behaving more like a normal child of eleven.

On their first Monday away from school, Kelly and Gabby were throwing the Frisbee out back. Gabby had just made a deft catch when their neighbor Cheryl’s sixteen-year-old daughter Alicia crossed over into their yard.

“Hiya, Ali!” Gabby called with a wave.

“Hi,” Ali replied as she looked at the nine-year-old in a way that Kelly instantly recognized. Gabby was wearing a pair of snug shorts that displayed her legs and bottom to impressive effect – sure enough, that was where Ali’s eyes went first.

“Hey, Gabby?” said Ali. “Pam wanted me to ask if you’d like to come over and play with her. She’s down in our basement.”

“Cool! Just let me ask Mom,” Gabby said as she turned and ran toward the house. Alicia touched the tip of her tongue to her upper lip for a moment, watching Gabby’s ass as she ran toward the house.

Not having met Ali yet, Kelly drifted over to the older girl, noting that she looked like a younger version of her mother. Ali’s breasts were smaller than Cheryl’s, but they were the ideal size for the younger girl’s slender frame. Kelly liked Ali’s red hair, and her butt looked incredible in the tight jeans she wore.

“Hello,” Kelly said. “I know you know me, but I can’t remember you. Sorry.”

“It’s okay – I know what happened,” Ali said with a sympathetic nod. Kelly saw the older girl’s eyes flicker down to her chest for an instant before adding, “You can spend some time with me if you like, Kelly. We can go up to my room.”

“Did we used to hang out?” Kelly asked.

“No, not really,” Ali admitted. “But we’d all play games together sometimes.”

“Did we ever take our clothes off when we played?” Kelly asked.

Ali’s eyes widened. “You mean… completely naked?”

“Yeah. Did we ever?”

Ali laughed, but only to cover her surprise at the question. “No. I don’t know where you got that idea.” she said. “I meant, like, we mostly played board games, pick-up-sticks and stuff like that. I do remember one time when we were having a game of freeze tag… indoors, ‘cause it was raining. Everyone was running around a lot, so we ended up playing in just our underpants and t-shirts.” She laughed. “Actually, Pam and Gabby didn’t even bother with the t-shirts! Oh, wait, I remember now – when we started taking stuff off, you got embarrassed and left the room.”

“Really? But that sounds like so much fun!” Kelly said. “And I was all embarrassed, huh? Boy, I sure was different back then.”

Gabby appeared at the back door. “Mom wants to know if your mom’s home, Ali.”

“Yes,” Ali replied. “It’s okay with her.”

With a joyful whoop, Gabby bounded into the yard, racing toward the Benton home, yelling as she ran, “See you guys later!”

The two older girls waved, then Ali smiled. “Actually, playing naked sounds like a lot of fun. I’d be up for doing it… if everyone else did.”

“Me too,” said Kelly. She was still checking Ali out. In addition to her nice figure, she also had a pretty face. And she was dressed to perfection, in denim shorts that showed off her long, shapely legs, plus a tight t-shirt that displayed her titties to impressive effect.

Ali had been doing some looking of her own. She loved the cute tomboy thing Gabby had going, with blue cotton shorts that were a little too small for her, a baggy football jersey, battered sneakers and white socks that came up to her knees.

But the sight of Kelly really got her juices flowing. Kelly had on a pair of worn denim jeans and a powder blue t-shirt that was so thin, the girl’s budding breasts and puffy nipples could practically be seen through the fabric.

Touching Kelly’s arm, Ali said. “C’mon, let’s go inside.” Side by side, they made their way toward the house.

Once indoors, they found Ali’s mom Cheryl seated in the study, using the computer.

“Hi, Mrs. Benton,” Kelly said, smiling at the very attractive older woman. “Thanks for letting me and Gabby come over.”

“You’re welcome any time, hon,” she said. “But please, don’t call me ‘Mrs Benton.’ It’s ‘Cheryl.’ She gave the pretty eleven-year-old a wink.

“Okay, Cheryl,” Kelly replied. “Next time I won’t forget.”

“Mom, I’m gonna show Kelly my room,” Ali said as she put a hand on the younger girl’s shoulder and guided her to the stairs.

“Have fun.” Cheryl said.

Once the girls were gone, she brought the Porn Hub site back up and clicked PLAY on the lesbian video she’d paused a moment ago. Sitting back, she slipped a hand into her sweatpants.


Gabby thundered down the basement steps, shouting, “Heyyyyy, Pam! I’m hee-ere!”

“Hi, Gab.” Pam gave her best friend a hug.

Gabby returned the embrace, and the two girls flopped down next to each other on the sofa. “Whatcha wanna do?” Gabby asked.

Pam shrugged. “Whatever you feel like doing.”

“Wanna hear something amazing? I mean, totally amazing.”

“Sure.” Pam smiled.

“If I tell you, you’ve gotta promise to keep it secret. Okay?”

“Sure, I promise.” By then, Pam’s interest was fully aroused.

“Um, well, a couple nights ago we all went out to eat,” Gabby began, lowering her voice. “My sister didn’t have any underpants on.”

“How’d you know that?” Pam asked. “Did she tell you?”

“I’m getting to it, doofus! So when we were walking home…” The girl paused for dramatic effect. “Kelly lifted up the back of her dress and showed me her butt.”

Pam’s mouth dropped, and a hint of pink appeared in her cheeks. “Wow! She really did that? Out in the street? And, and she wasn’t wearing anything under her dress?”

“For real! I mean, no one saw her but me… my mom and my aunt were walking in front of us. But that’s not even the coolest part!” Gabby smiled, savoring the moment.

“What? Tell me!”

When we got home, me and Kelly went into the back yard… and she took her dress all the way off! She just had on her sneakers and socks and she stood right there, bare naked. I could see everything. It was so wild!”

“Gosh, I would love to have seen that.” Pam said. “Your sister’s so pretty. Bet she’s got a great body!”

“Oh, she does,” Gabby said. “So… have you ever seen Ali naked?”

Pam fell silent, pursing her lips. Finally, she spoke. “If I tell you something private, will you promise to keep it secret forever, Gabby? Cross your heart?”

“Promise,” Gabby said solemnly as she drew a large invisible X on her chest with a finger.

It was Pam’s turn to speak quietly. “Sometimes me and Ali get naked and touch our kitties together, the same way me and you do. She’s the one who showed me how.”

“Oh, wow!” Gabby gasped. “Does she look good with no clothes on?”

“Well, her boobies are big and soft. And her – her nipples, they swell up when she touches them,” Pam answered. Both girls giggled. “She has hair over her kitty, too. Does Kelly have any?”

“No. Not yet. She still looks like us down there. She’s got nice little titties, but I didn’t get to feel them.” Gabby gave her friend a thoughtful glance. “Hey. You wanna?” She felt that hot urge between her legs again.

“Sure,” Pam answered, knowing exactly what Gabby meant. Standing up, she unfastened her jeans and, with one motion, pushed them to her ankles along with her panties, then sat back down, both legs spread apart.

Pausing long enough to take a good look at her half-naked friend, Gabby shoved the shorts and panties she wore down to her ankles. She sat with legs parted, holding the bottom of her shirt up so Pam could see everything, too.

With her free hand, Gabby slowly trailed a finger through her moist labia, and Pam began to touch herself in the same way.

“I wish I could see you and Ali doing this,” Gabby said as she circled the opening of her vagina with a finger tip.

“Hmmm? Oh, yeah, that would be fun. I’ll see if she wants to.”

“Honest? Ali wouldn’t be mad at you for asking that?”

Pam shrugged. “She wouldn’t get mad. She might say no, but she wouldn’t get mad.”

“Ever see your mom naked?” Gabby asked. “I think she’s beautiful.”

Pam began to move her finger faster. “No. I mean, yeah, she’s pretty I guess, but I never saw her naked. What about your mom?”

“Nope. But you know something? I’d really like to.” Gabby watched as Pam rubbed the special place at the top of her kitty, then she did the same. “Ever since I saw Kelly with her clothes off, I’ve been kinda wanting to see Mom that way. Aunt Jan, too.”

“Maybe now that Kelly let you see her, you guys can do this together,” Pam said, nodding toward her busy hand.

Gabby pondered that notion. “I’d like that. Oh, I forgot to tell you – Kelly also taught me how to kiss. Sexy kiss.” Pam made a face. “Yeah, that’s what I thought, too. But you know what? It feels totally great.” She edged closer to her friend. “Wanna try it with me?”


Upstairs, Kelly looked around Ali’s room, liking what she saw. The bed was covered with stuffed animals. Not only did Ali have her own bathroom, there was also a flat screen TV and a small refrigerator.

“What an awesome place!” Kelly exclaimed. “If I lived here, I’d never come out!” She wandered around, taking it all in. “Man, this bed is huge. If you had a slumber party, everyone could sleep here.” Kelly flopped down on her back in the bed’s center.

“It’s king-size,” Ali said. “This used to be the master bedroom. After Mom got divorced, she didn’t want this room anymore, so she swapped with me. I love it.”

“Who wouldn’t?” Kelly replied. “Um, Ali? Would you let me touch your boobs?”

Ali gave a short embarrassed laugh. “What?”

Kelly smiled. “Can I touch your boobs? I mean they look so nice… I just wonder what they feel like.”

Ali shrugged, trying to maintain her cool exterior. “Well, I suppose they feel like yours do. Mine are just bigger, that’s all.” Ali sat down on the bed, gazing thoughtfully at the younger girl. “Y’know, Kelly, you really do seem different…”

“Really? How?”

“Well,” Ali started, “You’re so… so forward. You never would’ve asked to feel my tits before, even if you wanted to. Which I don’t think you ever did, by the way. And you used to always wear a training bra, but now… well, I can make out your breasts. And your nipples are showing!”

“I don’t really have anything yet,” Kelly said. “But you can see them if you like. That is, if I can see yours.” Without waiting for a response, she sat up just long enough to pull her shirt up and off, then toss it aside. Lying back, she began to circle the small pink nipples with the tips of her fingers, looking expectantly at Ali.

“Uh, okay, sure. Why not?” Alicia said, tugging her shirt off, which she carelessly draped over the arm of her desk chair. Reaching behind her back, she undid the bra, letting it slide down her arms and to the floor. She climbed on the bed and crawled over to where Kelly lay.

“Like them?” Ali purred, cupping both breasts in her hands.

“Sure do,” Kelly answered as she got up on her knees and reached out to touch a breast. “Yeah… nice and soft! Thanks, Ali, this is way cool.” She leaned forward to take one of Ali’s nipples between her lips, sucking at the swelling bud.

Ali felt her heart begin to pound. “That feels so nice, Kelly,” she whispered.

Glancing up at the older girl, Kelly switched to the other nipple. She began to shift back and forth, nursing from one breast while she fondled the other.

Ali loved what this cute eleven-year-old was doing to her, but she found herself feeling a bit uncomfortable with how fast this was happening. Don’t rush this, kiddo, she admonished herself. You could get into some major trouble if you’re not careful. “Hey, I really like this. But, um, we better stop now.”

“Ali?” Kelly said, gazing deep into the teen’s eyes. “I’d love to lick your pussy.” Ali’s mouth dropped. “I’ve never done it before… at least, I don’t think I have. But I’ve really been wanting to try it.”

Ali gaped at the younger girl, trying to make sense of what was happening. Wow… I think she really means it! It’s illegal as hell… but how fucking cool would that be, letting a little girl go down on me? It flew in the face of common sense, but her resolve was evaporating like morning mist.

She’d been lusting after her little sister Pam for at least a year, but hadn’t summoned up the nerve to make a move on the girl. Luckily, Pam herself had come to Ali with questions about her body. The opportunity to play the helpful older sister and get the younger one naked had been irresistible. That very night, Ali taught Pam how to masturbate.

Not only did Pam love making herself come, she quickly decided it was much more fun when she and Ali touched themselves together. Ever since, the two sisters had been doing just that – and Ali was fairly certain Pam was also masturbating with her little friend Gabby.

Ali hadn’t taken things any further with Pam, but some time soon, she intended to suggest that they touch each other’s pussies, just to see if her sister would go for it.

Now another young girl, one just a couple of years older than Pam, was offering Ali oral sex. I can’t say no to this, she quickly decided. I can’t. I’d regret it forever.

“If that’s what you want,” Ali said as she got to her feet, “Then yeah, I’m into it. But you can’t breathe a word about this to anyone. Even your sister.” Facing Kelly, she slowly undid the button on her shorts, then wriggled the denim cut-offs down until she could step out of them, revealing red satin panties.

So sexy,” Kelly whispered, almost to herself.

Ali spun around, displaying her barely covered ass to the eleven-year-old. Gazing over her shoulder, she said, “Do you think I have a nice bottom?”

Kelly replied by stuffing a hand down the front of her jeans, “Yes. I love your bottom. Oh, Ali… I’ll do anything you like. Lick your pussy, put my fingers in you, rub our c-cunts together. Anything.” The girl’s breathing grew unsteady as she masturbated. “Want me to lick your butthole? I’ll do that, too.” She’d recently encountered a film clip of one lesbian rimming another while roaming the internet – and after the shock wore off, found herself eager to sample this new pleasure.

Her back still to Kelly, Ali slowly, slowly pulled her panties down until she was bent all the way over, giving the younger girl a good look at her holes. Her heart was racing like mad as she heard Kelly murmur, “Your pussy is soooo pretty, Ali… so pink and juicy, it looks like a yummy piece of fruit. Oh, God, I want to taste you, Ali, please let me taste you…”


Downstairs, Cheryl was watching a film clip of two teenage girls and an older woman enjoying a heated threesome. Her sweatpants were undone, and she had a hand in her panties, plunging two fingers in and out of her throbbing vagina.

Suddenly Cheryl’s phone chimed, making her jump. She saw on the caller ID that it was Linda calling. “Damn it,” she muttered, letting the phone go off twice more while she composed herself. Then she picked it up, making sure to do so with the left hand.

“Hi, Linda,” she said.

“Hey, Cher. Can you send Kelly and Gabby home? Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

“No problem. What’s on the menu?”

“Oh, an asparagus casserole,” Linda replied. “Kelly gave up eating meat, so I’ve had to get really creative in the kitchen.”

“Hmmm… I’ve never made that before. You’ll have to give me the recipe some time. Anyhow, I’ll give the girls a nudge in your direction.”

“Better give them more of a shove… I’m setting the table now. Thanks, babe!”

“Bye, then,” Cheryl said, putting the phone back in the charger. With a wistful sigh, she closed out her Porn Hub session, popped into the kitchen to wash her hands, then began climbing the stairs to Ali’s room.


Ali stood by the edge of the bed, spreading her labia with two fingers to reveal the rosy interior of her cunt. “Like what you see, Kelly?” she said.

“Yeah,” a wide-eyed Kelly sighed. “I love looking at your pussy.”

“You really want to taste me?”

“Yes, please, Ali… I really, really want to.”

“Give me your hand,” the teen demanded.

Kelly extended her arm, and Ali placed the palm of the younger girl’s hand against her wet pussy. She worked it up and down a few times, then guided Kelly’s finger into her tight vagina.

“Oh, my gosh,” Kelly said, “you’re so hot inside!”

“You make me hot,” Ali replied. “Now take your finger out and lick it.”

Slowly withdrawing her finger, Kelly studied it, smiling at how slick it was with Ali’s love honey. She ran her tongue up its length, then slipped it into her mouth to suck.

“Let me have more, Ali,” Kelly pleaded when her finger was clean. “Let me lick you now. Pretty please?”

Ali smiled. “I think we’re going to have a real nice summer, you and me.” She lay back on the bed, parting her thighs.

Kelly crawled between the teen’s legs, lying down with her face a few inches away from Ali’s juicy cunt. It was breathtakingly lovely, a pink flower framed by a neatly trimmed tuft of bright red curls. Moistening her lips in anticipation, Kelly reached out to graze the slit with a fingertip.

“You’re so sexy, Ali,” she whispered. “I’ll do this to you anywhere, any time you want.”

Propped up on her elbows, Ali gazed hungrily at her eleven-year-old lover. What a vision she was; topless, long sandy hair spilling onto her bare shoulders, eyes glazed with desire. She looked down further, checking out Kelly’s pert little ass. It looked so yummy, thrust out and up in those tight blue jeans. I should’ve asked her to get naked too, she told herself. Oh, well, we’ll get to that.

Kelly drew closer to Ali’s pussy, parting her lips, about to take that first lick… then a brisk knock on the door caused both girls to start.

“Girls?” It was Ali’s mother Cheryl. “Can I come in?”

Ali was about to speak, but Kelly immediately came out with, “Sure, come on in!”

The knob turned, then jiggled, but the door didn’t open. “It’s locked.” Cheryl said on the other side.

“Just a sec, Mom,” Ali called, staring in disbelief at a giggling Kelly. “Put your shirt back on!” she hissed at the girl.

As Kelly calmly put her shirt back on, Ali pulled on her own top and then yanked on her shorts, pausing to nudge her panties and bra under the bed.

When Ali opened the door, Cheryl peered inside, arching an eyebrow at the two girls. Kelly was seated on the bed, sniffing her finger.

“Kelly,” Cheryl said, “Your mother just called. She wants you and Gabby to come home. Okay?”

“Sure,” Kelly said, rising to her feet. Cheryl couldn’t help but notice the girl’s erect nipples through the thin top she wore. She gave Alicia a thoughtful look.

“Well, I’ll let Gabby know,” Cheryl said, turning to leave.

“I’ll do it!” said Ali, fairly certain she knew what her little sister and Gabby were up to in the basement. She hastened out of her room and down the stairs.

Cheryl and Kelly followed a moment later. As they passed by the computer, Kelly paused to study the screen, which showed a portrait of Cheryl, Ali, and Pam, all smiling.

“I was just, um, going through my email,” Cheryl explained, checking to see if there was any lingering evidence of what she’d really been up to.

“I like to look at porn on my computer,” Kelly said. “Or sexy stories. There’s this one site, it’s called the Juicy Secrets Club. Have you ever seen it? Wow, it’s super hot!”

Cheryl could only stare at the girl in utter shock. What the…?

“Can I touch your tits, Cheryl?” Kelly asked.

Cheryl finally managed to speak, “Young lady, you shouldn’t be asking questions like that. But, um, if you really want to feel a woman’s breasts, you should talk to your mother.”

Kelly sighed. “I can’t ask her to do anything like that. She’d say no for sure.” She looked Cheryl up and down, in a way that made her interest very obvious. “I was hoping you might let me, though.”

Before Cheryl could summon up a coherent reply, Kelly extended her finger to Cheryl. “Smell this.”

Her curiosity won out. Cheryl hesitantly sniffed Kelly’s finger. She recognized the scent right away, but didn’t say so.

“Ali was pretty cool about me doing stuff to her,” Kelly continued. “She let me feel her boobies… and I got to touch her pussy, too!” She paused. “I was just about to lick her when you knocked on the door.”

Just then Gabby appeared, followed by Ali. Cheryl was searching for something to say to Kelly, drawing a complete blank.

“Thanks for letting us come over, Cheryl!” Gabby exclaimed.

“Yeah, thanks. Bye!” Kelly said with a little wave. She took Gabby’s hand, and they left together. Kelly was pleased by the puzzled looks she saw on the faces of mother and daughter.


 After dinner, a couple of Linda’s co-workers dropped by. It was a social call, but they also intended to discuss work-related matters.

“We need a bit of privacy, girls,” Linda told her daughters. “Could you two spend some time upstairs tonight? I’ll let you stay up an hour later tomorrow.”

“Sure, Mom. C’mon, Kel.” Gabby took her big sister’s hand and led her up the stairs. “Let’s go to my room. I’ll teach you how to play Chinese checkers.”

Kelly sat on Gabby’s bed watching her sister get the game out and set it up on the floor. Gabby looked up at Kelly, clearly thinking about something, then got up and moved over to the door, where she stood listening for a moment. Satisfied by what she heard, Gabby closed the door, then turned to her sister.

“I know I said we’d play a game, but, um… can we maybe kiss some more instead?”

Kelly smiled. “Sure.” Now it begins, she thought. Stretching out on the bed, she gazed expectantly at her little sister.

Gabby crawled onto the bed, then lay down on top of Kelly, sighing blissfully as she settled into her older sibling’s arms. She gave Kelly a soft, shy kiss.

Kelly’s desire was a roaring fever that seemed on the verge of consuming her completely. She wanted to fuck her sister, to taste and touch every inch of her childish body. At the same time, she knew it wouldn’t do to come on too strong and risk frightening the little girl. Remember, she’s only nine. So she kept their kisses gentle and innocent, resisting an urge to slip a hand between Gabby’s thighs and fondle her bare vulva. Let her decide how far we go, Kelly told herself

It was a sound strategy, because after a minute or two of light kisses, Gabby broke away. “Can we use our tongues? The way we did it last time. Um, and I liked how you touched my bottom when we kissed, too.”

“Okay,” Kelly murmured, twining her arms round Gabby’s neck, drawing the girl’s mouth to hers. They met in a kiss that quickly grew heated. Their tongues met, mingled, then entered into a lustful dance.

Kelly was thrilled to pieces by Gabby’s eagerness, her willingness to learn and explore. She allowed her hands to glide down her sister’s back until they were cupping the child’s pert little ass through her shorts.

Gabby moaned as Kelly ran a finger through the cleft between her cheeks. “That feels sooooo good,” she whispered. “You’re the best big sister ever.”

“The best ever…?” Kelly teased, busy placing tiny kisses on Gabby’s chin, her jaw, her neck.

“Well, yeah! I mean, you’re teaching me such cool stuff.” Suddenly Gabby raised her head. “Hey, guess what I did today!”

Right then, Kelly wasn’t too keen on playing guessing games with her sister – she wanted to make out. Gotta be patient, though. “I give up. What?”

“Today, while I was down in the basement with Pam… I taught her how to kiss! Just like you did with me!”

“No kidding! Did she like it?”

“She LOVED it,” Gabby replied, looking a bit smug. “Not only that – while we kissed, we touched ourselves!” She made a face. “We didn’t get to finish, though. Ali came down to get me after Mom called, so we had to pull our pants back up.”

Kelly playfully mussed her little sister’s hair. “Poor kid. You can touch yourself now, if you want.”

“Well, um… there’s something else I’d kinda like to try. Remember when me and you kissed the first time? You said that doing that would be even better if we…” She trailed off.

Kelly felt herself light up like a Roman candle inside, but kept her expression neutral. “If we what?”

“Um, you know,” Gabby mumbled, suddenly unsure of herself.

Kelly pretended to think for a moment, then replied, “You mean, if we take all our clothes off first?”

“Yeah!” the nine-year-old exclaimed. “Can we do that?”

“You really want to?” Kelly asked, still trying to seem casual.

“Yeah, please! I really do,” Gabby said, getting up on her knees.

“Okay, then,” Kelly said. Rising to her feet, she stood for a few heartbeats, gazing affectionately at her little sister. The fantasy she’d entertained ever since returning to the world was about to become real.

Gabby watched wide-eyed, heart pounding as Kelly took her socks off, then took hold of the hem of her blue t-shirt, slowly tugging it upward. As her older sister’s breasts came into view, Gabby began to remove her own clothes. First, she reached up under the long t-shirt and pulled her shorts off.

Unfastening her jeans, Kelly shoved them down to her ankles, then carefully stepped out. She picked up the jeans and folded them, well aware that her sister was watching. Now all she wore was a pair of green cotton panties.

Gabby pulled her shirt off and let it drop to the floor, all but hypnotized by the sight of Kelly slipping her panties down and off.

Now naked, Kelly turned to her sister, all smiles. Gabby clumsily pulled off one sock, then the other, finally wriggling out of her white underpants.

“Nice,” Kelly murmured, studying the nude little girl. Padding over to the bed, she lay down and sprawled out, parting her legs. Gabby shivered as she stared at Kelly’s smooth slit, now slightly open.

“You… you’re so pretty,” Gabby breathed.

“C’mon, sis,” Kelly said. “Let’s have some fun.”

Trembling with excitement, Gabby crawled back on top of Kelly, nestling in the preteen’s embrace.

“Does this feel good?” Kelly asked, rubbing noses with her sister.

“Mmmm, yeah!” Gabby said. “Um, okay, so… let’s do what we were doing when we had our clothes on!”

Without a word, Kelly kissed Gabby, pushing her tongue into the child’s mouth. Gabby gave a little squeak of surprise, but recovered quickly, meeting Kelly’s passion with her own.

They kissed for a long, beautiful while. Kelly could feel her little sister’s heart pounding against her own chest. She began to fondle Gabby’s ass, caressing the taut globes – so firm, yet so amazingly soft.

Kelly let her fingers stray into the cleft between, lightly stroking the warm pucker of her baby sister’s anus. Gabby was squirming a bit, working her smooth vulva against Kelly’s tummy.

After a minute or so of this, Gabby broke their kiss to pant, “This – oh, wow, this is s-so nice. I didn’t know it felt good to – to have someone touch your butthole.”

Placing a few tender kisses on the nine-year-old’s ear, Kelly whispered, “D’you wanna keep doing this? Or can I do something extra special… something that’ll make you come?”

Gabby thought about it for a moment, then said, “Make me come.”

Kelly rolled Gabby onto her back, then knelt beside the girl, resting a hand on her belly. “I’ve never done this before… at least, I don’t think I have. So tell me if I do anything you don’t like. Okay?”

“Okay,” Gabby said. “Um, what are you gonna do?”

Bending down, Kelly gave Gabby a brief but ardent tongue kiss. Gazing into her sister’s eyes, she said, “I’m gonna make love to you.”

Gabby’s mouth fell open. “You mean… we’re gonna have sex?”

“Well, yeah. Unless you don’t want to.”

“Are you… do you like girls, Kel?” Gabby asked. “I mean, like like them?”

“I do,” Kelly replied.

“So you’re a, a lesbian, huh?”

“I am, yeah, but… y’know something, Gab? I think you might be gay, too.”

Gabby’s eyes grew huge. “Me?” she squeaked.

“I mean, you and Pam are sort of like girlfriends, right? Just today, you taught her how to kiss, you’ve touched each other’s pussies… and it’s not as if you care that much about boys, right?”

Gabby pondered her big sister’s words. “Holy cow,” she breathed. “I… I thought me and Pam were just having fun!” She stared at Kelly. “I dunno, maybe one day I’ll want a boyfriend… but you’re right, I like girls more.” She gave her sister a bashful grin, “So – so you really want to m-make love to me…?”

“I sure do,” Kelly answered, taking Gabby into her arms.

After a moment’s thought, Gabby slowly nodded. “Then you can.” She closed her eyes, parting her lips ever so slightly.

Kelly knew what the girl wanted. She moved in to kiss her sister yet again, her tongue darting into Gabby’s mouth for an instant before she began to nuzzle her way downward, trailing kisses along the softness of the nine-year-old’s neck.

“Oh,” Gabby moaned. “Ohhh.”

Continuing her journey, Kelly reached the plain of Gabby’s chest. The girl had no breasts yet, not even the first swellings – but her nipples were pink and enticing, like strawberry candy. Kelly teased one with a flick of the tongue. Her sister gasped, then that trailed off into a whimper as Kelly took the tiny bud into the heat of her mouth and began to suck.

“So good. Oh, so nice…”

Kelly coaxed the left nipple to stiffness, then did the same to the right one. The scent of Gabby’s skin was exquisite – warm and sweet, just the way you’d expect a little girl to smell.

Hungry to explore the rest of her sister’s body, Kelly moved downward, leaving a trail of tender kisses along the way. She buried her face in the amazing softness of Gabby’s tummy, pausing to savor the moment. She’s perfect, absolutely perfect. I’m so in love with her.

But Kelly couldn’t linger. She had one tune left to whistle, one bridge to cross.

She stretched out between her sister’s thin legs, marveling at the beauty of Gabby’s slit – a gently curved cleft with a hint of rosy labia; a spring flower soon to bud. The aroma was similar to that of her own, yet enticingly different.

Kelly took a long, deep breath of it, then looked up at her sister. “Do you know what I’m gonna do now?”

“I – I think so,” Gabby said in a tiny voice.

She’d heard whispers about oral sex from her friends at school, and discussed it with Pam, both of them wondering what it was like to have your kitty licked. It seemed like a distant fantasy, something that wouldn’t happen to either of them until they were going out with boys… and that seemed like an eternity away to nine-year-old Gabby. She didn’t even like boys that much.

Now she was on the verge of experiencing that pleasure for the first time, and it wouldn’t be some smelly, bratty boy doing the licking – but her sweet, beautiful sister, who she loved more than just about anything.

Gazing steadily into Gabby’s eyes, Kelly parted her lips, extending her tongue to lightly trace the child’s opening with the tip.

“Ooooohhh!” Gabby exclaimed.

Kelly quickly raised her head. “You can’t make a lot of noise, sis. We don’t want Mom to catch us!”

Gabby hastily clamped a hand over her mouth, and a satisfied Kelly returned to her work. She took several longer, deeper licks, then paused to savor the first taste of a young girl’s pussy. It was even nicer than she’d hoped, with a sharp tang like some mysterious fruit.

Wanting more, Kelly fastened her mouth to Gabby’s vulva, pressing her tongue into the snug opening. The tart flavor was even stronger inside, and Kelly sucked at the juicy cleft while probing it.

Gabby stared sightlessly at the ceiling, lost in the most incredible feelings, so good that words could barely capture them. It’s like I’m made of light, and I’m shining. Shining! She felt warm and tingly all over.

Pausing in her licking, Kelly raised her head. “Is that okay, Gabs? Should I do anything different?”

The nine-year-old’s reply was to lie back and spread her legs further apart, then she drew her knees up to her chest, locking both arms around them. “Just like you’re d-doing now,” Gabby gasped. “It’s… oh gosh, it’s perfect, Kelly. Keep licking, please. I, I love it!”

Kelly smiled at her little sister. “You’ve got such a pretty pussy… I could look at it for hours.

“Yeah, but don’t just look,” Gabby pleaded. “Do it to me some more!”

“I can see your sweet little butthole, too,” Kelly said. “So… you like me licking you?”

Oh, yeah,” Gabby replied with an emphatic nod. “You – you’re not gonna stop now, are you?”

“Only if you want me to stop,” Kelly said.

Gabby giggled. “No. I’ll tell you when to stop.”

“Okay, cutie… but I have to do this first.” Crawling alongside Gabby, she bent to kiss her sister on the mouth.

Gabby hesitated, then met Kelly’s tongue with hers. The kiss tasted different this time, and she was quick to figure out why. Wow, her mouth was on my kitty, now she’s kissing me with it. I guess that’s okay, or she wouldn’t do it. Hmmm, it tastes kinda nice…

The younger girl was still holding herself open, and Kelly quickly returned to where she’d been, lying between Gabby’s legs. She claimed the warm, wet slit with a lover’s kiss, the same way she’d done with her sister’s mouth.

Settling in, Kelly took her tongue on a grand tour of Gabby’s cunt, licking up and down through the little girl’s labia until it began to drip with honey.

Kelly let the tip of her tongue linger at her sister’s tiny clit. She licked it a few times – drawing a gasp with each swipe of the tongue – then went back to tracing Gabby’s little pussy lips, coaxing out the nectar.

But there was more exploration to be done. Kelly’s next stop was the nine-year-old’s bottom. She licked up and down through the crack, then circled the rosebud with the tip of her tongue. When she heard Gabby moan, Kelly pressed her tongue against the tiny puckered hole, seeking entry.

“Oh, Kelly… I love you forever and ever,” Gabby breathed as Kelly drew back and popped a finger into her mouth. Once it was wet, she placed it against her sister’s anus, then carefully eased it into the warm snugness of her rectum.

“Ohhhhhh… oh, wow, that feels so weird,” Gabby moaned. But when Kelly paused, the younger girl quickly added, “I like it, though – d-don’t stop!”

Once her finger was buried up to the third knuckle in Gabby’s ass, Kelly returned to her little sister’s clit, taking it between her lips. The girl would soon be approaching orgasm, and Kelly was determined to make it an unforgettable experience. Hope you’re ready for this, kiddo.

She began to gently suck at the tiny nubbin, teasing it with her tongue, then started rolling her finger around inside Gabby’s bottom. Seconds later, her sister began to tremble, mumbling, “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, ohhhhhh…”

Soon, she was shaking all over, mewling wordlessly, then suddenly went rigid. A little squeak escaped her lips, an enormous shudder rocked her body, then another. Releasing her legs, the child clasped both hands over her mouth – and just in time, if her muffled cries were anything to go by. Small convulsions were racing through Gabby’s thin frame as she rode the crazy merry-go-round of her climax. Kelly kept nursing the little girl’s clitoris, that finger still wriggling around in her butthole.

“Stop!” Gabby blurted, pushing Kelly’s head away from her throbbing sex. “I c-can’t anymore…”

Sitting back on her haunches, the eleven-year-old gazed down at her panting sister. She sighed, a blissful smile on her honey-coated lips. Gabby’s cheeks were flushed, her hair mussed… yet somehow, she’d never seemed lovelier.

I guess sex does that to you, she decided. Especially if it’s your first time. Kelly had to laugh when she remembered that, far as she knew, it was her first time, too.

Gabby’s eyes fluttered open. “I love you, Kelly,” the girl murmured.

Playfully tousling Gabby’s hair, Kelly said, “I love you too, little sister.”

Gabby extended her arms. “Can I have a kiss, please?”

Kelly drifted into her sister’s arms, their mouths coming together. As they shared a hungry kiss, Gabby sucked on Kelly’s tongue and licked her lips and chin, purring with pleasure all the while.

Looks like she likes the taste of pussy, Kelly thought. That’s a good sign.


Downstairs, Linda’s coworkers had just departed. Linda gathered up wine glasses and put them in the kitchen sink, then went upstairs to check on the girls.

She felt a twinge of concern upon realizing that Kelly’s room was empty. Moving down the hall to Gabby’s closed bedroom door, she gave a single knock. “Girls?”

When Kelly called out, “Come in,” an image suddenly flashed in Linda’s mind: her daughters, completely naked and in a sixty-nine position, eating each other’s smooth pussies.

Linda shivered as she turned the doorknob and entered. She felt both relieved and ridiculous to see Kelly and Gabby fully dressed, stretched out on the carpet across from each other, playing Chinese checkers.

“Thanks for being so good while we had company, girls,” Linda said. Glancing at her watch, she added, “You can finish this game, but then it’s time for bed. Come kiss me goodnight.”

Gabby bounced to her feet, closely followed by Kelly. They each gave their mother a hug and a peck on the cheek, then returned to the game.

Linda studied her daughters for a moment as they played. Such wonderful girls. She blew them a kiss they didn’t notice, then turned to go.

Making her way down the hall, she chided herself. You’ve really got to forget this whole silly notion of Kelly coming on to Gabby, trying to initiate her into sex. Maybe Kelly hasn’t recovered her memory, but she hasn’t been acting oddly either, not anymore. 

Then again, is it really such a big deal if the girls experiment with one another? Entering her bedroom, then closing the door, Linda began to undress. It didn’t do any harm to Jan and me. In fact, the only thing I sometimes regret is that we stopped making love. It was the right decision, though. 

So why did Jan offer to share my bed on her last visit? And, damn it, why do I keep thinking about it… and wishing I hadn’t said no?

She brushed her teeth, thought about putting on pajamas, finally deciding to sleep in the nude.

Getting to sleep was a struggle at first. She couldn’t get Jan off her mind. I’ll bet she still looks great with her clothes off. I wonder what it would be like, making love with her again?

In the end, she masturbated herself to orgasm, buoyed by memories of sex with her sister. It was lovely, at least until that image of her daughters popped up again, the one of Kelly and Gabby engaged in mutual cunnilingus. The vision came to Linda mere seconds before she came.

Afterward, she lay quietly, feeling lonely and confused. Jesus, I need to get laid.


Kelly peered at the alarm clock on her nightstand: 11:10. Putting her book down, she quietly slipped out of bed. She was nude.

She’d masturbated to orgasm a couple of hours ago, but after sex with Gabby, touching herself wasn’t nearly enough to give the eleven-year-old what she craved. Her body pulsed with lust.

Kelly’s first real taste of lesbian lovemaking had whetted her appetite to a razor-keen edge. She longed to be fucked, to get hot and crazy with a cute girl – or a sexy woman. How can I make that happen? She gazed out the bedroom window, thinking it over, then smiled.

Making her way to the bedroom door, Kelly slipped into the darkened hallway – still naked, and on the prowl for adventure.

On to Chapter Five!


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  1. BlueJean says:

    This story is really hitting all the rights spots. As with previous Purple Les offerings, the level of kink on display aligns quite nicely with my own tastes. I love the porn fetish – Cheryl matter-of-factly surfing porn in the lounge while the kids are in the house was a highlight – as well as delicious flights of fancy like Kelly making Cheryl smell her finger.

    Kelly’s bluntness should be jarring and unrealistic, but given the context of her amnesia, and her social skills effectively being reset, it somehow worked. No hint of Kelly displaying telepathic powers in this chapter – maybe I misinterpreted that?

    The cliffhanger at the end was excruciatingly exquisite. Which probably doesn’t even make sense, but I’m going with it anyway.

    Noticed a few errors here and there, but nothing a quick proofreading wouldn’t fix.

    Thanks for sharing, Les and JetBoy.

  2. Sapphmore says:

    Coming along beautifully. I totally concur with BlueJean on the juxtaposition between the unrealistic directness and speed Kelly is acting, and the mitigating cause. It shouldn’t work but yet it does perfectly. With Linda currently the only one of the three adults not obsessed with young girls, it seems she will be getting the first dibs. We all know what’s going to happen, well to a certain extent, but the fun is finding out the how. It’s a bit like Columbo when he knows who the murderer is but getting there is the fun part.

  3. sue says:

    I have to agree with the two above comments. I’m not sure what to make of Kelly. I love her, sympathize with her, and yet am a little,scared of her, or maybe not scared of her but of her behavior, but yet her overt sexuality does seem to work in the context of the story.

    Anyway great hot chapter, loved the action with Alicia, and the sister sex and the two young friends playing, and all of it was a rather good time sex wise, and yes, where is Kelly headed at the end? My bedroom I hope. ; )

    Next chapter please, Purple and JetBoy

    • sue says:

      Ps I’m still intrigued.

    • Erocritique says:

      I agree: Kelly’s “condition” is giving her a weird vibe. It almost feels like Kelly has been possessed by an older lesbian spirit with supernatural powers. I suspect all will be explained in future chapters, but right now, things are a little spooky. Sexy and erotic, but still spooky. Still loving the story, with Gabby and Pam being my current favorites. The thought of Linda, Jan, and Cheryl hooking up with each other, and with the girls, has me looking forward to the next few chapters. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Sky says:

    I love this story!

  5. Mystery Mouse says:

    I’ve read this chapter a few times since it was published, trying to work out just what I thought of it.

    When it comes to taboo erotica, there’s one thing I tend to look for above all else. And that’s ‘feasibility’.

    Yes, these are fantasy tales and nobody’s saying this could or should happen in real life (honest, your Honour) but fantasy should still be grounded in reality. It doesn’t matter how outlandish a thing somebody may be doing, as long as it’s feasible that they’re doing it the way they are.

    With underage erotica, especially underage incest erotica, feasibility is a line too easily crossed. I’ve read too many stories where I just thought “Aw, c’mon, this is nonsense.”

    This story, for me, somehow manages to stay on just the right side of that line. It’s very well written, brilliantly so in fact, and the sex scenes are especially scorching, but I’ll confess to being a little apprehensive about how the next chapter goes..

    • Mystery Mouse says:

      It occurs to me that what I just wrote might be taken negatively. It’s not meant to be!

      I eagerly await the next installment and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. I’m just a fussy old mouse, that’s all.

  6. JetBoy says:

    Enormous thanks for all the love, folks. It’s true that pride goeth before a fall, but I’ll admit to being very pleased by how this one turned out. Purple Les came up with a real crackerjack of a plot, and I had a marvelous time polishing and expanding on her ideas. Working on this became one of my favorite ways to unwind after a long day.

    Far as the sex goes… well, hold on to your seats, ‘cos things are about to get truly crazy.

  7. Rick says:

    I’m thinking maybe Kelly might slip off into her mom’s room in the next chapter I sure hope so this is by far the best story yet keep up the great work looking forward to more…

  8. AmberSoftLips says:

    Absolutely loving this series! Kelly may be very forward but you can really feel the love and desire she wants for her younger sister. It’s so wonderful to read their heated exploration and to feel their excitement together! That intimacy and exploration with someone you trust and love is so special. I can really connect with Linda too, almost hoping she finds her two young girls making love and sharing that tenderness that she obviously had with her own sister. What a sight it would be to watch your girls in a heated 69! Yummm

  9. Rhys Mawr says:

    Apologies for not commenting on the first chapters prior to this one but I started reading, got hooked and did them all in one sitting!
    I like the premise that usual conventions of being inhibited have been taken away because this allows for a very different pace of the interactions between the people in the story and that makes for a most entertaining read in my view.
    The only criticism which is very minor I hasten to add is that I could not finish all of the chapters in one go so I am having to be patient – not usually very good at that.
    But an excellent collaboration and very much looking forwards to what is yet to come.

  10. Purple Les says:

    Just wanted to thank JetBoy, and to echo his thanks to everyone who left a comment,vote or just read. It really means a lot to us. Thank you all.

  11. Powertenor246 says:

    My patience is being tried as well. As for Kelly’s speed, I do not find it either jarring or unusual for what the child has been through. I have been electrically shocked a time or two myself although not by nearly as much as this young girl has been. It throws your bodys’ bioelectric rhithym all to shit as well as affecting your brain which is the largest and most complicated bioelectric control center we have as evolved carbon based life forms. How far we have evolved has yet to be seen, but compared to other life on this planet, we are evolved. Now, just exactly how deeply and how much of Kelly’s brain the extreme shock has been effected and how much of the young lady’s personality has been changed we can only guess at this time. We have a bit of an educated guess as to how much has changed, but as of the end of chapter four Kelly is still rebuilding herself and she only has enough of her brain as the lightening has left her to use. Without a fairly deep brain scan with comtrast and a number of young girls scans to compare it to we are left to only guess as to how profound a change Kelly has to endure and just how much brain building blocks she has left to remanufacture her personality. I am looking forward with great anticipation to finding out and having all my questioins answered. If JB lives up to his word as much as he has in the past, I expect some really fun roller coaster ride in future.


  12. Purple Les says:

    I just wanted to take a moment to say how overwhelmed I am by the very thoughtful comments from everyone for each chapter so far.

    Thank you all from myself and JetBoy

  13. Gary says:

    So very well written, The family has so much love for each other and it will only grow stronger I’m sure as this story continues. I can not wait for it to continue.

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