Learning Phase, Chapter 8

  • Posted on February 9, 2023 at 3:54 pm

By Nuit du Loup

Since she’d awakened that morning and had sex for the very first time, Sora had discovered a love for her new witch friend Karin that made her feel warm all over. Then she’d spent the rest of the morning tagging alongside Ayaka, who felt more like a caring older sister with every passing minute. Ayaka had even helped her get dressed in a way that made the shabby clothes she owned look pretty good. Now they were entering Ayaka’s bathroom where they were going to shower together… and hopefully, other things. Ayaka wanted to have sex with her and that was a big crazy thrill.

“Here we are!” Ayaka chirruped as they walked into the green and white tiled room. It was cheerfully lit by sunlight spilling from wide, high windows. Ayaka’s toiletries were laid out neatly on the marble counter in the vanity and toilet area. Sora finally let go of her sister’s hand, feeling a renewed warming between her thin legs. She was already hot and damp down there, and the way Ayaka smiled before she stooped to retrieve a pair of fluffy pine-green towels from the cabinet stirred Sora up even more.

They padded into the bathing area, with its large, multi-person stone tub and a spacious, glass-walled shower cubicle set into one corner. Soro felt a tremor of nervousness. Would Ayaka be disappointed with her after making love with Isana? Ayaka seemed so much more mature than she was that it made her feel downright childish. But Soro’s worries evaporated when Ayaka stopped, turned, and smiled. Her face said it all. Ayaka was excited, too!

“Can I please undress you, Sora?” Ayaka asked politely, her voice warm with desire as she hung two towels on a shiny chromed rod mounted outside the shower door. Her motions were leisurely and sure, but Sora could tell that she was breathing a little harder than normal. Smelling her, maybe? She didn’t know, but she could feel herself responding to the older girl’s open sexuality. It gave her a wonderful sense of heated anticipation.

“I don’t mind,” Sora quickly replied. She just wanted Ayaka’s attention, whatever it was. She wanted to feel and experience the older girl’s excitement for her, and to show hers as well. Just like with Karin, she found herself aching to touch Ayaka.

Ayaka approached again, this time taking Sora by the hips to hold her in place, then gently tilted the young girl’s face up with a touch on the chin and kissed her.

The kiss was amazing, filled with a smooth, fiery passion that stunned Sora. Her bare toes curled from the sensory and emotional overload. She had to hold onto Ayaka’s waist to keep from losing her balance, because everything felt so nice and fuzzy inside her head.

Karin’s kisses had been gentle, filled with a sense of exploration as they learned about this new kind of love. Ayaka’s kiss was no less loving, but there was an exhilarating heat behind it that hid nothing and told so much. Sora moaned and melted in the sweet onslaught, happily parting her lips for Ayaka’s questing tongue as she molded her body into her sister’s taller frame. For a long, lovely while, their mouths made love with abandon.

“Oh my God!” Sora squeaked when Ayaka finally relinquished her lips, the older girl’s hands still firmly clutching her bottom. Sora’s eyes were wide open, her heart beating out a wild drum solo. She also felt a great deal of wetness in her panties. It was like this morning all over again, but faster and harder. Sex with Ayaka was going to be a wholly different experience, and now she wanted it even more.

“Sorry, I’m a little hyped up,” Ayaka said, sounding a little chagrined – but also very much aroused, if the slight burr in her voice was anything to go by. “Did I hurt you? Am I going too fast?”

“Oh, no!” Sora shook her head emphatically, still reeling a little. Her puss felt drippy and hot, making her panties somewhat uncomfortable. She wanted, needed, to be touched some more. “It was so exciting… and crazy. I didn’t know kisses could be like that!”

“I think there are all kinds of kisses,” Ayaka said, clearly pleased by the answer. At least, her fondling hands on Sora’s butt and her relaxed stance suggested she was. “I enjoy all your kisses too, Sora… like those really nice ones you gave me in the woods. You’re my amazing little sister, and it makes me happy when you kiss me; that’s how I know you love me too. So, a kiss can say a lot of things.”

“What did those ones just now mean?” Sora giggled, enjoying how Ayaka was making her feel. She wanted a lot more of it.

“They mean, my sweet…” Ayaka paused to kiss Sora deeply again, her soft curls of cinnamon hair falling around their faces, “…that I really want to get to know you better. I’m so happy to have you as a younger sister. I just wish I’d gotten to know you before now. I’ve clearly missed out.”

Sora’s heart thrummed again. A few days ago her existence was barely even noticed in the orphanage, and when it was, she was being bullied or insulted. Now she had the loving attention of girls like Karin and Ayaka – Isana, too.

This time it was her turn to rise up and kiss Ayaka, eager to return the passion she’d received just a moment ago.

Ayaka made a happy moaning noise into their kiss, then Sora felt hands roaming around her skirt. The catch was undone easily and the garment fell to the floor. Her shirts were next, so they had to pause their kissing to let them pass over her head. Then Ayaka knelt to slowly draw Sora’s old, worn-out panties down her skinny legs. Sora eagerly stepped out of them, and Ayaka promptly gave her belly-button a wet kiss while her hands went around to cup her young lover’s bottom once more.

“You really shouldn’t feel weird about being so cute,” Ayaka sighed, rising again to her feet to look Sora’s bare body up and down. “I think you look amazing as you are, and I have no doubt you’ll be an absolute stunner when you grow up.”

“Karin said the same thing,” Sora replied with a nervous laugh. She loved the way both girls looked at her.

“Smart girl,” Ayaka agreed cheerfully. “Now it’s my turn to get naked.”

Ayaka stripped quickly and efficiently, tossing her clothes on top of Sora’s. Like in the hot tub, when Sora first saw Ayaka in the nude, she felt awed. Halfway to being a woman, Ayaka was so lovely that Sora just wanted to sit and stare at her for a while. Her pale skin was flawless, and she had actual curves to draw the eye, unlike Sora’s boyish frame. Just seeing her filled Sora with desire.

But a big part of what drew Sora was how confidently Ayaka stood before her with no clothes on, on open display for Sora to enjoy. She liked how she looked and wanted Sora to feel the same.

Sora stepped towards her, hand rising to cup a warm, soft breast, its hardening nipples teasing her palm. It felt so fantastic, yet completely natural to touch her, and Ayaka’s pleased sigh gladdened Sora’s heart.

“Me and Karin were wondering what it would be like to feel your boobs,” Sora said, her mind feeling a little fuzzy from the sexual cravings that were filling her. She was actually touching Ayaka’s breasts, and they felt amazing! “We don’t really have any yet.”

“They’ll show up eventually,” Ayaka laughed gently, letting Sora fondle her. “But sure; go ahead and tell Karin that if she wants to feel mine, she can do it whenever she wants. I really like having them touched, just like you’re doing now. But we really should get in the shower soon; it’s what we came here for.”

“Aww,” Sora mock-pouted, reluctantly dropping her hand before breaking into giggles.

“You can feel me up all you want in a minute – I’ll let you wash them for me!” Ayaka chuckled delightedly. When she turned around to open the shower door, her smooth, pale back drew Sora’s gaze down to the cleft of her ass. It spread a little when Ayaka leaned in to turn the control dials, exposing a cute tan bottom hole and the wet lips of her sex. Sora shivered.

Water gushed loudly from the big shower head, and steam rose quickly. Ayaka crossed to the shower-room window and cracked it to allow fresh air in. Turning to Sora, she extended an inviting hand. Sora eagerly took it, letting herself be drawn into the hot cascade.

“Ooh!” The water was hotter than Sora liked it, but it wasn’t really uncomfortable.

“I can turn it down a little,” Ayaka offered, carefully making the adjustment. They stood side-on in the spray, letting it soak them. Sora loved how the water seemed to highlight Ayaka’s curves. The older girl’s upturned nipples were like little rocks in the flow of a river that ran down her smooth belly and through the small patch of pubic curls.

“It’s fine,” Sora said, not wanting any more distractions.

“Good!” Ayaka reached for a bar of soap that sat next to a bottle of shampoo on a wall shelf and quickly built up a thick lather in her hands. Then they were touching Sora, anointing her body. “Oh, Sora,” Ayaka said a little breathily. “I’ve been wanting to touch you like this all day.”

Sora instantly decided that she loved being washed by Ayaka. Her hands were strong, yet gentle as they slithered down her arms, the fingertips pressing just hard enough to tease her nerves, even when they went over her own hands. She felt a sensual quiver in her chest during that slow process, loving the way Ayaka washed each digit of her hands with an exhilarating thoroughness. She’d had no idea something so simple as having a naked girl wash her hands could be so stimulating. Ayaka went on to massage her tan-skinned back, lingering over each bump of the spine, then down towards her rounded bottom.

“Isana was right, you do have a great butt,” Ayaka laughed playfully from behind her.

Sora twitched in sudden surprise when she felt a completely new sensation. Ayaka’s soapy fingers delved into her anal cleft, caressing her cheeks and swirling around her dirty place. The biggest jolt came when a slender finger tip popped right into her rectum.

“Ah!” Sora gasped, a shock jolting right up her spinal column, then down and into her hotly soaked puss. “Omigod, you’re in my butthole!” she exclaimed, torn between wanting more of this odd stimulation and hoping Ayaka wasn’t grossed out from fingering her there.

“I know I am… does it feel good?” Ayaka asked, that sexual purr returned to her voice.

“Uh-huh,” Sora moaned, feeling Ayaka’s finger going deeper in small thrusts. She was having butt sex, and liking it! “But it’s dirty in there… isn’t it?”

“Not any more, it’s not!” Ayaka laughed, using her other hand to give her left cheek a suggestive squeeze. “I’ve only heard about doing this… but once I saw that cute butt of yours, I knew I had to touch it and make you feel good.”

When Ayaka finally withdrew her finger, Sora felt its loss and wanted it back in her bottom. But that was forgotten when Ayaka knelt behind, slowly washing her way down each leg, pausing to scrub her feet in exacting detail. Each little toe was given full attention, sending trills of pleasure though Sora’s body.

But there was an even finer thrill to come. Ayaka rinsed Sora’s backside with the heated water, then pried the younger girl’s buttocks apart and began licking the crack of her ass.

Ayaka!” Sora gasped, her eyes suddenly huge. “What are you doing!? You shouldn’t be – oooohhh, oh wow, that feels ssssso nice…”

Pressing her face against the steamy tiled wall, she felt a pair of hands slide up her body again. Then Ayaka stood, pulling Sora back against her so that the younger girl’s head rested on her breast like it was a pillow.

Sora turned her head to see a tan, upturned nipple right next to her face. She wanted to touch it, to find out how it would feel in her mouth. But before she could, Ayaka reached around and began to caress her flat chest, teasing the tiny nipples until they grew stiff.

“See, this is a much better way to take a shower,” Ayaka sighed in her ear. “I love touching you so much. I love you, little sister.”

“Did you do this with Isana, too?” Sora gasped as Ayaka’s hands and fingers roamed her bare body. “You look at her differently now.”

“Well,” Ayaka’s voice dropped a little deeper, “yes, I did. Last night was the single most amazing time I’ve ever had. Isana makes me feel something strange, terrible and wonderful at the same time. I don’t want to say what it is yet, just that it makes me feel… whole, somehow. But I love you too, Sora, and Karin as well. You’re my new, precious sisters. Now that I have you, I won’t let you go.”

As she spoke, Ayaka slipped a hand right between Sora’s open legs. The girl gasped out a joy-filled cry of delight at finally being touched there. “Ayaka!” she blurted, her voice hoarse and laden with lust.

“You had a good time with Karin too, right?” Ayaka asked.

Sora could barely hear the words. Her entire being was focused on the finger that was gently parting her juice-soaked labia. It sent a shiver through her that felt like an earthquake of refined, torturous pleasure. All she could do was nod.

The finger withdrew, and Sora was turned around to face her lover. She gently leaned back against a tile wall, her mind spinning from so much unreleased energy humming inside her.

“Let me try doing something nice to you,” Ayaka said, green eyes shining.  She knelt once more with her eyes focused on Sora’s wanton sex. Sora just watched in wonder as her older sister’s face went between her legs. Something soft, hot, and wet lapped over her sensitive lips, sending a pleasurable quiver through her body, like nothing she’d ever felt before. Ayaka was licking her puss! She couldn’t wait to try doing this herself. Karin would love it, because she certainly did.

Sora gasped and fidgeted against the wall, surrendering to the assault of Ayaka’s ceaseless tongue upon her dripping slit. She felt her tight lips spread open by gentle fingers, exposing her inner pinkness to the older girl’s oral attack. Ayaka’s tongue even slipped a short way inside her hole, but a finger replaced it so it could focus on that little fun bump, her clit.

When she heard and felt Ayaka moan into her puss, Sora noticed that the girl’s other hand was between her own legs, rubbing with abandon.

As her pleasure rose, Sora became aware of her magic moving again. It sang along her nerves like a strange symphony. Then it reached out from her, mingling with the powerful music and light of Ayaka’s aura, and they mingled, joined together in the heat of lovemaking.

Finally the great crest came, and Sora’s body was thrown into beautiful agony, convulsing into a mind-wiping orgasm that roared through and around her. Ayaka joined in, peaking on her fingers, and the magic exploded from them in an ephemeral blast.

In an instant, all of the water in the cubicle – on the floor, their bodies, or flowing from the showerhead, shot straight up at the ceiling in one massive heave. The sound of the wet crash was deafening, pounding on their already overloaded senses. Panic jolted through Sora, but everything snapped back into sharp focus when she found herself half-sitting on Ayaka’s kneeling legs, her lips locked in an intense kiss with her sister. The magic surrounding them suddenly vanished, and the water flooded down, soaking the entire bathroom. Then they were panting, their hands joined, fingers twined.

That was sure something,” Ayaka gave a tired laugh, hugging Sora close. Their bare skin was hot where their bodies touched. “I felt your magic this time, Sora. It was inside me when we came. I tasted it, like I tasted you. God, that was something amazing, little sister. You’re awesome!”

“I think I need to sit down,” Sora sighed, still trembling a little from the massive release. Her magic seemed calmer now inside her, as if fully content.

Ayaka gently lowered Sora, resting her against the wall, then sat beside her, the shower still streaming away overhead. Ayaka’s pale skin was very flushed and she was somehow even more beautiful that way. Sora had felt it too at the end, how they’d been joined physically and magically. She crawled into Ayaka’s wet, naked lap and felt arms encircle her again. It was so good to be this way, just being held by a loving older sister, their bare bodies nestled together. “What was that?” she asked eventually.

“An orgasm, I think,” Ayaka chuckled. One hand went away, Sora heard a soft click, and something that smelled nice, like herbs, dribbled onto her head. Her eyes closed as soothing fingers washed her hair and massaged her scalp. “That was something special, though. We shared something, Sora.”

“I liked it,” Sora sighed contentedly, Her body still tingling from the continued contact. “I want to do this a lot, with everyone.”

“I’ll be happy to be with you any time,” Ayaka responded, she leaned Sora’s head back and into the spray, rinsing the shampoo out. “I’d really like to sleep with you in my arms too. Do you want to wash me, or do you need to rest some more?”

Sora perked up at that, and quickly nodded. Ayaka chuckled at her response, and they slowly got to their feet. Sora retrieved the soap from the floor and eagerly lathered up her hands. Applying the soap, she quickly understood why Ayaka had enjoyed washing her so much. There was just something fun about the activity and she liked being able to feel every part of Ayaka’s body. Her skin was so soft and supple. She even cleaned Ayaka’s bottom hole, which made them both giggle with delight.

Sora was fascinated by Ayaka’s slit, too. The patch of hair above it was curly and soft to the touch, and Ayaka made funny cooing sounds when she rubbed the tender pink flesh. After she was done with Ayaka’s legs, Sora was thrilled to realize that her sister was getting aroused again. She had her eyes closed, was breathing deeply and slowly, her nipples were hard, and her slit was engorged and slightly open.

Once again, Sora began to touch Ayaka between the legs. Her fingers found the clit bump at the top, and she stroked it the same way she’d learned with Karin. Ayaka arched her body in response, moaning with near-animalistic joy. After only a few short minutes under Sora’s stroking, Ayaka shuddered and threw her head back, a silent groan seeping out while their magic mingled and shared yet again. Sora continued to pleasure the older girl, watching in awe as Ayaka roiled and writhed in the pleasure she was receiving.

Suddenly another, bigger release went through Ayaka, and one last blast of magic washed over them both. Ayaka’s hand abruptly came down to trap Sora’s fingers in place, clutching it until the magic slowly faded.

Finally opening her eyes, Ayaka raised Sora’s hand to kiss her fingers, wearing a blissful smile

“Was it good?” Sora asked, proud that she’d caused Ayaka to orgasm multiple times. She loved that she was capable of doing something like that. Her magic now felt calm, resting like an electric ball in a deep place inside, somewhere beneath her belly.

“It was great,” Ayaka said lovingly with a prolonged sigh, even more flushed than before with her pale skin tinted pink. Her breathing was becoming less ragged, and she gazed at Sora with adoring eyes. “Can you help me wash my hair? There’s a lot of it to wash, and the others are probably waiting on us.”

Sora was more than happy to do so. The hair was pretty thick while wet, so it was a bit of a job, but an enjoyable one. She especially liked how calm and content Ayaka seemed while she did it, a small smile gracing the older girl’s lips that was for her alone. Once the shampoo was rinsed out they were both clean, relaxed, and happy.

The clothes they’d left on the bathroom floor were soaked, of course, which made them both laugh as they remembered how their magic had drenched everything in the room. Ayaka quickly hung them on another rack to dry and procured fresh towels for them both. They dried each other, and then they went into Ayaka’s room, Ayaka bringing along her hairbrush. “Sit down, Sora,” she said.

While she wasn’t quite as gentle as Isana, Sora very much enjoyed being groomed and brushed by her older sister. Then she did Ayaka’s hair, bringing back the soft, cinnamon cascade. She buried her face into it for a moment when she was done, savoring its smell and softness.

“Now for clothes,” Ayaka said, padding over to her dresser. Sora was curious to see what she had in there. The older girl slid open a drawer and spent almost no time searching before she pulled out a short, sky-blue halter dress made of a very light material. “Here!” Ayaka held the garment out to her. “This is way too small for me now, but I think it’ll look good on you.”

Sora took it enthusiastically, quickly pulling it up her body and slipping the neck strap on. When she let go, it settled and hung far too low at the top. If she moved at all, one of her nipples would show, never mind what would happen if she bent over.

“Easily fixed,” Ayaka insisted, stepping towards her. Deft fingers wove behind Sora’s head. This time when the dress settled in place it was just right, only showing part of her upper chest. Sora decided that it really was nice, much better than anything she owned. It was light, attractive and quite comfortable. She looked up into sister’s warm smile. “You like it?” she asked.

“Yeah!” Sora flung herself at Ayaka and they fell, laughing delightedly, onto Ayaka’s bed. Sora clung to the girl, lying on top of her. She purred contentedly as gentle hands caressed and tickled her ears. Not exactly like Karin’s adoring touch, but it sent a message of affection that she understood without words.

“If you guys ever want to borrow clothes from me, feel free to come and ask,” Ayaka said.

Sora was very conscious of Ayaka’s naked body against her clothed one, and found herself wanting to make love with her sister again. On the other hand, she suspected that Isana and Karin were beginning to wonder where she and Ayaka were. Reluctantly, she climbed off Ayaka and got to her feet.

Ayaka was unhurried about getting up. It took her only a moment to slip on a dark shirt over a white tank top that settled over her breasts in a most enticing way. A worn-in pair of jeans came next, leaving her perfectly presentable.

“Ready to go down and check on the others?” Ayaka asked once they were both dressed.

Sora was very ready. Much as she loved being with Ayaka, she missed Karin and Isana. So she nodded her agreement, and off they went.

Upon coming downstairs, they found Isana lying on the couch in the shaded sunlight, with Karin serenely napping in her arms, with Isana gently stroking one of the girl’s small wings. It was a beautiful, peaceful scene and Sora made a mental note to treat Karin’s wings the same way the next time they were together. Isana’s longer white hair was mixed together with Karin’s wine-red, making for an interesting contrast since their faces were so close.

Sora saw something in their faces. It was the same hint of something, like a glow, that she’d noticed on Ayaka’s face earlier… and on Karin’s that morning. She figured that meant they’d made love too, and were resting it off. Actually, a nap sounded like a good idea, she decided.

“Welcome back, you two,” Isana said, lifting a hand to slowly stroke Karin’s hair in an affectionate manner that made her look very motherly. She caressed a soft cheek, and Karin stirred, groaning a little at being disturbed from her rest. Her eyes flickered open, and Isana laughed, then she looked back up at the others, still smiling. “You guys made quite a ruckus. Karin here wanted to go up and look in on you, but I, um, sort of distracted her. Then we took a nap together.”

Sora felt her ears get hot, but Ayaka guided her over to the other sofa and pulled her down into a warm embrace that she couldn’t help but sink into. Once they were comfortable, Ayaka explained what happened upstairs. She didn’t go into explicit detail about the sex stuff, thankfully, describing instead the feeling of their magic flaring up unexpectedly. Sora shivered in remembrance, feeling her nipples harden again as her magic burbled from the memory.

“Don’t worry about it,” Isana chuckled when Ayaka was done. Karin was fully awake now, but she didn’t budge from Isana’s arms. “I expected your magic to interact somehow, because it’s still trying to settle in and get to know you. I also knew all of us were going to want sex very badly… that’s how things work with witches. It sounds like you had a lot of fun, though. I know Karin and I did. In fact, it was one of the nicest baths I’ve had in years!”

“Yeah, but it wore me out,” Karin laughed, clearly enjoying Isana’s caresses. “Nothing weird happened with us, though; we just had a nice bath, and… well, you know.”

“That’s because I was shaping and controlling the interaction of our auras and directing the energies,” Isana explained. “With both Sora and Ayaka being new and untrained, their unstable magic found a random but generally benign purpose to expend itself on when it reacted to their emotions. It made for an interesting event at least. I’m just happy you all enjoyed the experience.”

“I loved being with Sora,” Ayaka said, smiling. Sora melted deeper into the hug, feeling the simple conviction in Ayaka’s words. “Do we have plans for the afternoon?”

“Well,” Isana said, “I thought we’d go into town again today.”

“Where in town?” Karin asked, quickly stirring further from her languid state.

“I noticed that none of you have very many things like clothes or personal items, so I wanted to remedy that. Plus, we need a few other necessary things. Karin reminded me that none of you have hampers or trash cans for your rooms, for instance. It’ll take overnight at the minimum for your magic to settle, so I figured we could make a nice evening of it.”

“We’re getting new clothes!” Sora gasped.

“Yep, it’s not like I’m anywhere close to short on money. It’ll be entertaining and useful at the same time,” Isana explained.

Sora squirmed, eagerly looking up into Ayaka’s green eyes. “Can you help me find nice stuff? I like the kind of clothes you wear.”

“Of course I will,” Ayaka agreed with proud, sisterly pleasure in her voice, expression, and touch. “It’s what cool big sisters are for!”

“Me too, Ayaka!” Karin enthused. “Please?”

“You too, Karin,” Ayaka replied. “I’m more than happy to help.”

“Then let’s all pile into the truck and hit the road!” Isana announced, catching the rising mood. “We’ll have lunch out… maybe dinner.”

Ten minutes later, Sora was in the backseat of the vehicle with Karin. Both of them were quite glad to be close to each other again, and Sora shared a few deep looks with the girl that filled her with that new, special warmth. Isana drove, Ayaka was next to her and almost radiating her happiness. They all laughed and joked and talked as they rode along. It was immensely fun.

To Sora, this already felt like her family. None of them were related by blood, but she loved them anyway. And best of all, they loved her back, and each other too. For whatever reason she’d been blessed with this stroke of good fortune, Sora was thankful.

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