Learning Phase, Chapter 7

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Note from JetBoy: Let’s welcome this fine story back, after far too long without a new installment… for which your humble Porn Whisperer takes full blame. I got the chapters messed up while involved in too many other stories and simply lost track of it. Heartfelt apologies to Nuit du Loop and all Juicy Secrets readers. Please line up on the right to join in administering my richly deserved ass-kicking.

It’s a complex story, by the way — you might find it worth your while to read it over again after the long hiatus.


By Nuit du Loup

Sora closed the door behind her and listened as Karin and Isana walked past. She still felt a sense of excitement inside, and her puss, as Karin called it, was still warm from the fresh memory of what the two of them had done in bed together last night. It was probably her imagination, but her skin seemed to feel tingly where Karin’s hands had been.

Now she regretted getting angry at Isana. It made sense that she worried about them. It was one of the things that made Sora trust her. But Isana hadn’t yelled back or anything. She’d just smiled and made her feel better, then did the same for Ayaka.

Using the magical dial thing, Sora turned up the brightness of her bedroom lights, wondering again whether she ought to have picked a room with a window. Karin’s room was lovely with the sun and breeze coming in, and she had a bathroom right next door. Sora was worried that the others would think she was acting like a little kid if she asked to change rooms.

Her initial impulse to stay as close as possible to Isana seemed childish now. But she’d been so captivated by the woman’s open friendliness and warmth that she wanted to keep it nearby, as if Isana might suddenly disappear for some reason. Isana was the first adult she’d ever met that made her feel safe, and in a way she’d never experienced before. But now she also had Ayaka, who really did give the nicest hugs, and Karin, who made her heart feel funny even while she did odd things. She had three new friends who liked her and weren’t ever mean. She wasn’t even bothered by Karin’s teasing anymore.

Like Karin, all Sora’s things were still in her luggage. She frowned at the bag. Since she’d been younger, more timid, and less outspoken than most of the girls in the orphanage, all her clothing had been multi-generational hand-me-downs. Nothing looked good on her, except for the outfit those two nice women had bought for her on the night she’d met Isana and the others.

She sighed. It wasn’t as if she could make something better appear because she wanted it to. Instead, she crouched down, unzipped the bag, then dumped the contents onto the bed she had yet to sleep in. A pile of assorted clothing spilled out, in the reverse order they’d been packed. Some items tumbled off onto the floor, and an ambitious balled-up pair of socks rolled all the way to the far wall.

Since they’d been in her top drawer before, Sora’s underwear was packed at the bottom of the bag, and now they’d found their way to the top of the pile. She selected a pair of pale green panties that had once been a much darker shade, and tugged on her towel to let it drop to the floor.

Being naked again made her smile, another reminder of the sexy things she’d done. She wasn’t a little kid anymore. She’d been in a tub with three other girls, and slept naked with two of them. She’d even had real, actual sex with another girl, one that she was sure she loved. Soon she’d be learning magic with the others, too.

But that was for later. Sora’s tummy rumbled to remind her about breakfast, so she pulled her panties on, ignoring the slight looseness of the waistband. Hand-me-down underwear was gross, but it was all she had.

A soft knock sounded at the door. “Sora?” came Ayaka’s friendly call.

Sora blushed, her ears drooping for a moment. But she rallied her nerves, reminding herself that there was no need to be self-conscious here. “Come in,” she said, still feeling a hint of shyness when Ayaka opened the door and entered.

At the sight of her fellow student, Sora let out an involuntary ‘ooh’ noise that made her cheeks warm with embarrassment.

“You like it?” Ayaka sounded pleased. She turned from side to side, showing off the pale yellow sundress she wore. It had two thin straps at the shoulders and hung just low enough to show a tiny hint of cleavage, with the hem at mid-thigh. It had a white, barely visible leaf pattern and a waist sash that hung untied around the back.

Sora couldn’t tear her eyes away. Ayaka was so beautiful, even with her lush hair a little mussed.

“Hey, Sora?” Ayaka said, “I was hoping you could help me get this sash tied, then, um, maybe come down to  breakfast with me…?”

“You… you look so pretty,” Sora breathed, a tiny bit jealous that Ayaka had something so nice to wear, but she was also more than a little awed by the effect. She also had the sudden resurgence of an urge to touch Ayaka’s hair. It looked so wonderfully soft.

“Really? Thanks, Sora,” Ayaka smiled back. “What’s up?”

Realizing she’d been caught staring, Sora decided to go ahead and ask. “Can I touch your hair?”

“My hair?” Ayaka laughed, but in a very nice way that made Sora feel good inside. “Sure thing, but can you also do the tie of my dress up while you’re back there?”

Sora nodded, not even noticing that all the while, Ayaka had been enjoying the sight of her nude body.

When Ayaka turned around, Sora grasped the two ends of the sash and pulled it just tight enough to cinch in the waist, then tied it in a loose knot like she would with a hair ribbon. The task accomplished, she eagerly wove her fingers through the thick curtain of Ayaka’s cinnamon-hued hair.

Just like she’d imagined, the girl’s hair was so soft she found herself hugging Ayaka from behind and burying her face in it. It felt lovely, and had a nice smell that she would forever associate with her older sister. That, in turn, reminded her that she had a question.

“When you said that earlier, about smelling me,” Sora said, raising her face. “Can you really tell when girls have been doing sex with each other?”

Ayaka gave a soft chuckle, and Sora felt gentle hands covering hers. Ayaka explained all about how she and Isana had sensitive noses – Isana, because she was half cat-woman, and Ayaka because she was some-kind of wolf land-deity thingy. Sora didn’t exactly understand that part.

It sounded like Ayaka could turn herself into a wolf or something, but Sora had never seen her do that, so she asked, “How come you never become a wolf?”

“I’ve never tried, actually,” Ayaka admitted a little sheepishly. “The city made me too weak to even try; now I’m kind of afraid to.”

“Isana could probably fix it if you mess up,” Sora reasoned.

“Hmm, maybe,” Ayaka replied thoughtfully. “I’ll ask her about that later. But as much as I really like it when you hug me, we’re supposed to be heading down for breakfast with the others.”

“You feel and smell so good, though,” Sora explained with a smile, finally letting Ayaka go. Then she frowned at her pile of clothes, still strewn about on the bed. “I don’t have anything that looks as nice as your dress. All I’ve got is a bunch of old stuff that used to belong to someone else.”

“Yeah, those panties you have on look pretty worn out,” Ayaka said, giving her a careful look-over, and this time Sora did notice that Ayaka was clearly enjoying the sight of her body. It made her tingle nicely between the legs. “But I only have this dress because another girl thought it was ugly and wanted to give it away. Total luck there. But let me have a peek at what you’ve got. I can’t believe there isn’t something you’d look good in.”

Sora watched, fascinated, as Ayaka combed through her clothes like a woman digging for treasure – which, she thought, was exactly what the girl was doing. Sora never had a choice about what clothes she was given, but Ayaka seemed to have a clear idea about what went with what. She started sorting things into new, smaller piles, including one that Sora knew had to be a discard pile.

Finally, Ayaka handed her a dark denim skirt, a forest-green tank top, and a faded, checked yellow and white button-up shirt. “This way, we’ll match a little bit,” she said. “Too bad you have the same underwear problems I do. Those look uncomfortable.”

“Yours are like that?” Sora asked, gratefully taking the clothes, which really did look like a nice ensemble. She’d never noticed before, which made her wonder if what other things she owned were better than she thought.

“Yep,” Ayaka sighed overdramatically. “The problem with being a growing teenage girl in that place is most of my stuff doesn’t fit very well. Most of my panties are much too small and really start to pinch late in the day – or they ride up, which is worse. And they never gave me any bras, just told me I’d get some later. Well, later never came. All I have are these thin, worn-out undershirts, see?” She pointed towards her chest, and Sora noticed Ayaka’s nipples showing through. “Check it out – I see you naked, and poof, instant nippliness!”

Sora dressed quickly, and Ayaka made her turn around slowly so as to get a good look. Giggling a little, complied, smiling hugely when she saw the appreciation in Ayaka’s bright green eyes. If it got a reaction like that, or the look Karin had given her earlier, maybe being cute wasn’t so bad.

Ayaka was nice enough to offer to help Sora put away her clothes, and to go through them later to look for other possible outfits. She may not have been her real older sister, but Sora sure thought Ayaka acted like one. It made her want to hug the older girl again.

They went downstairs together. Sora kind of wanted to hold Ayaka’s hand, but that was childish, so she put the idea out of her head. It was enough that Ayaka slowed her pace to remain close by.

When they got to the kitchen, both girls had a laugh at Karin’s totally serious expression as Isana showed her how to make French toast. Karin’s hair was still mussed from their earlier fun and even tangled around her horn a little, but seeing her again made Sora’s puss feel warm and gooey when she remembered the pleasures they’d shared.

“Wow, you’re looking very nice this morning, you two,” Isana said in cheery greeting, while Karin placed a batter-covered bread slice onto a greased skillet over the stove. It sizzled very nicely. On the breakfast table were bowls of cut strawberries with smaller bowls of real cream for dipping. A jug of milk and a pitcher of grape juice sat in the center, surrounded by a set of white ceramic plates.

“Ayaka helped me pick stuff out,” Sora admitted, not wanting to take undue credit for her outfit.

“Phhfft,” Ayaka sputtered with a happy laugh and a sisterly smile. “You’re crazy cute, Sora. All I did was frame it a little. I’m good with colors.”

They both went over to the booth and slid all the way in. It was fun, sitting side by side with Ayaka, watching Karin learning to cook under Isana’s eyes. Ayaka even put an arm round her shoulders, and seemed quite pleased when Sora leaned comfortably against her.

They talked about a bunch of random stuff – which Sora loved, because she’d never just sat around and talked with anyone before yesterday. Even better, Ayaka never once made her feel dumb.

“All finished!” Karin announced with accomplished pride. She and Isana each carried a plate stacked with steaming French toast. Isana also had a jug of real maple syrup, something none of them had ever tasted before. They’d always had the fake stuff back at the orphanage.

“Looks great, Karin!” Ayaka said, assessing the arriving food with a hungry gaze.

“It is!” Karin agreed with a grin. “Well, all except for the bottom two. Those were the experiments.”

“We’ll still eat them,” Isana chuckled, plopping a dish of butter on the table. “Cooking is just like magic, girls. You get better by doing it.”

Karin and Isana seated themselves with the others. Then the food was passed around, and Sora got another pleasant surprise when Isana revealed that Karin was the one who had asked for strawberries, remembering that Sora liked them from when they’d been in the garden on the previous day. That gave Sora the special feeling all over again. No one had ever done something sweet like that, just for her.

Breakfast was wonderful. Unlike meals at the orphanage, no one ignored Sora because she was the littlest one. When she talked, they listened. She’d never before felt so much like she was part of something. The food was amazing, too. Ayaka even made a point of choosing one of the two ‘experimental’ toast slices for herself, eating them with genuine enjoyment. Sora relished the juicy, red strawberries, which were even tastier with the fresh cream. Then it was her and Ayaka’s turn to wash up afterward, which was actually kind of fun..

“Now, it’s time to wake up your magic, girls!” Isana announced, once everything was either put away or drying in the sink rack. She was in a good mood and her white furred tail was twitching happily. “Outside, everybody!”

After slipping on shoes, they filed into the garage, each of them feeling more than a little excited. Isana waved a hand towards the garage door and it rolled obediently upwards. Like all the other times Isana had done magic, Sora felt a warm tingle deep inside, just above her groin, and almost thought she could see something too.

Isana was moving quickly now.  She went to her huge truck, pulled a big tool chest out of the bed and set it down on the concrete. Then she went to the other side of the garage to a set of wall-mounted cabinets, weaving her way through the random stuff that filled the space. From there she brought back a huge, folded blanket that was almost too big and awkward for her to carry.

“I’ll carry that,” Ayaka volunteered, awkwardly shouldering the dark blue blanket. It was a bit frayed, and in a dark blue color.

“Woo, thanks!” Isana said with a chuckle. She picked her toolbox up and gestured for them to follow her, so they did.

They tramped into the woods, following a vague trail through the low underbrush. Now that the sun was all the way up, it was a little hotter than the day before and a bit more humid as well. It wasn’t uncomfortable, though. Sora liked the woods, and she found herself hoping that they would see those cute foxes again.

Ayaka seemed the happiest of the group, though. She was smiling, breathing deeply as if she really enjoyed the fresh air of the outdoors.

“Do I seem weird?” Ayaka suddenly asked Sora, noticing the girl’s curious looks.

“No,” Sora answered honestly. Actually, she thought Ayaka fit in this place quite nicely and said so. Ayaka just laughed and gave her a one-armed hug.

After a while, they came to a sunny clearing. A picnic table that sat off to one side told them it was artificial, but Sora thought it was pretty with the sun shining through a thin cover of leaves. It was carpeted with long, lush grasses and lots of dead sticks and other foresty things.

Taking a look around, Isana made a snorting noise – and Sora felt the magic tingle again. This time it was a giant, invisible broom, which suddenly appeared to sweep all the fallen branches and other poky things away to one side.

“There,” Isana said with satisfaction. “Ayaka, can you set the blanket out?”

They all got out of the way and Ayaka snapped her arms, casting out the big square of cloth. It settled with a soft hushed sound upon the grass. Isana gestured for them to sit down on it, so they did. Isana set her box aside and then plopped herself down, legs out before her, only pausing to adjust her tail a little.

“Okay, girls,” Isana said. “Like I told you in the kitchen, all we’re going to do right now is to wake up your magic, so that it and your body can get used to each other and get in sync. What I am going to do is a bit like a noise that wakes you up before your alarm clock does.”

“Why are we out in the woods?” Karin asked, looking around at the abundant greenery. The sounds of birds and other small animals made for a nice background.

“Two reasons,” Isana replied. “First, it’s a nice day out and I enjoy the outdoors. Second, and more relevant, there are occasions when a person’s magic wakes up and a random flare of nascent power does something completely random. It can actually do damage. I was lucky when I was a girl; I only turned every surface of a small room neon orange. I’m just trying to minimize collateral whatever.”

Sora felt a little relieved. She’d actually been a little worried she might make it rain again or something like that. She frowned, though, when Isana held out a welcoming hand to her.

“Come on, Sora… you’re first up since your magic is closest to the surface. Just sit down on my lap, facing outwards towards the others, and lean back against me.” When the girl obeyed, she continued. “Now relax, and let me do my magic thing.”

Sora felt a shiver of worry, but when she glanced at her new older sisters, both gave her encouraging smiles, Karin making a pushing motion with her hands. So Sora shoved down her anxiousness and leaned back into Isana, whose small hands found her hips. Sora liked the touch, gentle yet in control at the same time.

“Now, just stay calm and let your magic wake up slowly and naturally,” Isana said quietly near her left ear. Her breath teased over her skin. “It feels a little different for everyone, but you’ll definitely know when it happens. If it seems scary, just remember I’m right here with you. I won’t let you be hurt. Okay?”

“Okay,” Sora replied, steeling herself to the task at hand.

She had no idea what to expect, but did trust Isana. It was wonderfully soothing when the woman began to rub her bare belly with one hand in a circular motion. The caress went almost all the way up to her chest, then back down to the hem of her skirt. It felt good and gave her a little of that aroused feeling, but mostly it was relaxing. She closed her eyes and sat quietly, waiting.

It started deep inside. Just below her tummy, inside her pelvic area, she became aware of a growing sensation. At first there was just a tiny tickle that she couldn’t quite describe. It made her smile, though. It grew quickly, filling her belly with a fire that tingled with loosened electricity. Out and up it spread, suffusing her torso, then outward along her limbs.

She felt her nipples hardening to sensitive little pebbles and her skin grew damp as her body tried to cool itself with sweat. Her breathing increased, too, as her body demanded more oxygen to help energize these changes. Without changing, Isana’s strokes became enticing as well as soothing. Unconsciously Sora arched her back into the woman, feeling something crazy rushing up her spine and into her head like an explosion.  There was a brief, startling moment when she thought she might suffocate, then all her breath rushed out in one, great exhalation, sending leaves rustling and drawing surprised gasps from her sisters when it swept over them. The forest around them rustled in hushed agitation for several minutes afterward.

There was a gap in her recollection, but slowly Sora felt herself calming down. Her muscles felt like she’d used all of them hard, kind of like after a good exercise routine at school. Her stomach felt empty, even though she’d just eaten a huge breakfast. The soft shirt was now rough on her little nubs, the sexual tension burning low. What she still had though, was a sense of energy that ran through her nerves. It was in constant motion, and alive, but Sora knew it was a natural part of what she was. It was hers.

That is your magic,” Isana whispered in her left ear, nuzzling it a little, which felt nice. “From now on, it’s your constant companion. It’s still small, but as you grow and learn, it will too. It’s also something to enjoy. Can you stand up, or do you need a minute?”

Opening her eyes, Sora gasped. The energy in her body thrummed and the world took on a slightly different appearance. The forest was still there, of course, but now she could sense the magic behind it. Karin looked like a sparkler, with an aura that was fizzling and glowing erratically. Ayaka… the sight of Ayaka made her stop breathing for a long moment. In that weird sight, her glowing aura was the same ‘color’ as the magical glow of the forest, but especially pretty, like seeing a glorious sunrise but somehow even more profound.

After a moment or two, the magical vision slowly faded and the normal forest had returned. She tried to rise but her legs felt weak.

“Just crawl over,” Ayaka suggested, sitting down and extending her arms. “Karin’s next up.”

Sora realized that she really did want to be held, so she rolled off Isana, giggling when her leg got caught for a second, and crawled over to the others. Karin stooped to give her a quick, but very nice peck on her lips before taking her place with Isana. Sora slid easily into Ayaka’s arms, resting there with her head against a softly rounded breast. Then they both shifted a little to watch Karin’s turn. Somehow they both knew it was important that they each witness the awakening of the others.

It’s part of the sisterly love thing, Sora thought.


Karin fidgeted a little when she settled onto Isana’s lap, getting comfortable for what was to come. Her heart was beating fast with excitement after watching Sora, knowing she was next to experience whatever it was. Isana’s warm hands slid around her middle, slipping under the shirt like they had with her younger sister. She felt and heard Isana inhale deeply, and the exhalation tickled the nape of her neck. It was an oddly intimate act. She thought she could detect Isana’s heart, matching the rhythm of hers.

“Same thing as with Sora,” Isana said in a breathy voice, speaking very softly by her ear. “Are you ready?”

“Are you okay?” Karin asked, wondering why Isana sounded like that.

“Oh, I’m perfectly fine,” Isana laughed gently, kissing her neck affectionately. “But everything you guys feel while going through this, I do too. It’s a kind of feedback. Also, I can feel all your raw magics mingling with mine, which is really putting me into a certain mood. This is also why I might feel you up a little more than I did with Sora. I won’t be able to help that.”

“Okay,” Karin answered, not minding in the least that Isana might touch her that way. “Start whenever you want.”

For Karin, the first sensation of her magic was a startling one. The rubbing of Isana’s hands lulled her into a drowsy calm. Then, out of nowhere, a jolting series of little ripples, like a wake of static electricity, rolled over every inch of her skin.  It wasn’t painful, but it made her shudder and gasp as sensitive places were stimulated. Her puss was suddenly wet, and she could feel her arousal growing. It made her want to kiss someone. The sizzling energy drove into her body in one massive assault, causing a small release between her legs.

When calm returned, she was breathing hard. Isana was gently kissing and licking at her neck in a manner that was both comforting and extremely sexual. She was panting right along with Karin.

When Karin opened her eyes, which she didn’t remember having closed, she saw the auras. To her, Ayaka was like a hot fire on a winter night, blazing with life and seeping into the world around her. Sora’s aura reached out to touch hers like a living wave of sunlight, and they intermingled for a moment, tasting each other before she felt a tender pull that separated them. Then the sight went away, like water running down a drain.

Both her sisters were watching with warm, loving eyes. She could feel their caring for her. Karin wanted to rush over to them, so Ayaka could wrap both arms around her while Sora, who made her heart tingle even now, kissed her again with the same passion they’d discovered only hours before.

A soft rush of wind against her cheek returned Karin to normal thought.

“Welcome back,” Isana teased in her ear. She was still touching her a little, but only around the waist. “That was pretty exciting!”

“Have you done this before?” Karin asked, calming down. She felt amazingly drained, even though she could feel her magic fizzing away inside like an eager puppy.

“Nope, you three are my first,” Isana chuckled, gently nudging Karin to climb out of her lap. “This is a learning experience for me, too! Now come on, I need to do Ayaka too.”

“Mmm, okay,” Karin groaned, rising to her feet.

Ayaka breathed deeply, forcing herself to relax as Karin stood and slowly made her way over on unsteady legs. Sora was still nestled in her arms; so she tenderly gave one long ear a single-finger caress, drawing out a tiny, pleased whimper.

“Sora, can I let Karin hold you?” Ayaka murmured. “I have to be with Isana now.”

“Okay,” Sora sighed, sitting back slowly onto her haunches. Ayaka gave her a soft kiss on the lips, feeling a flash of joy when Sora returned it. Then she was standing, and Karin was moving to sit behind Sora, holding the girl the same way she had.

Ayake shared a smile with Karin before she crossed over to join Isana. She recognized the state Isana was in, and her body responded instinctively to her teacher’s arousal. But before she could do anything about it, Isana chuckled and tugged her down by an arm, making Ayaka yelp, then laugh happily in surprise.

“That will come later, my little kitten,” Isana said pleasantly, making her flush at the endearment. Ayaka had fallen side-saddle, so she had to adjust a little to sit in the right position. Isana helped, even if a hand did rub a little suggestively inside her thigh. Once in place, Isana made no pretense about not feeling her up, the way she had with Karin and Sora. Ayaka really didn’t mind, though. Not at all.

“Now, let us see what we have here,” Isana said, her voice dropping again as she went to work. Something probed inside Ayaka, exploring her deep inside in a way that left her completely at ease. When the touch encountered that special place inside her mind and body, where she was aware of all the wonderful natural life surrounding her, Ayaka gasped.

“Here we are indeed,” Isana exclaimed softly, giving the girl’s breast a gentle squeeze. “Ayaka, you have a beautiful gift inside you, too.”

Suddenly, it was as if a gate of some kind had been thrust open inside her. All the vitality of the forest, of the entire world around her, was instantly connected to her very being. It was spicing the air she breathed and filling the ground beneath her feet. Life and magical power were one and the same, shared like a blessing. With the gate open, all that vigor flowed through her, exciting and enlivening her. It defined the word ‘magical’.

She became aware of Isana’s magic, enfolding her and caressing her like the lovers they were now. Ayaka’s arousal flared anew, as she and Isana touched physically and magically, sharing their all with each other. Her sisters, too, were changed before her newly awakened eyes.  She could feel their life too and see it as flames of light. Through the nearly-infinite living connections of the world, her magic touched theirs and she tasted their auras, knowing them deeply. It was, perhaps, one of the most intimate and special moments she’d ever experienced, only bested by her first lovemaking with Isana.

“Is that… Ayaka?” Karin said softly, her voice a rasp. Both of the younger girls were staring at her in wonder.  She could see their magic in their eyes. “I can feel her.”

“So warm,” Sora said, closing her eyes for a moment as if savoring the experience.

When Ayaka began to feel tired, a gentle, ephemeral awareness guided her mind into closing the Life-Gate. When it was shut, and she was once again returned to the comforting blanket of life, she knew it was no longer locked to her. She could open it again at any time. But a sharp and not unpleasant nip of Isana’s teeth jolted through her body from the right ear, slamming her back into waking consciousness.

Before Ayaka could say anything at all, Karin and Sora were coming at them both in an excited rush. Sora won, climbing directly onto Ayaka which made Isana grunt from the added weight. Slim arms held her tightly, even as she was aware of Karin hugging them all. The moment lasted for a bit, but it grew too much for poor Isana.

“Um, not to be the downer here, but I need to be able to feel my legs again!” she declared. They all broke into laughter, knowing they’d shared something wonderful that morning. Then they all slowly clambered to their feet, though Ayaka still had a cuddly Sora nestled in her arms. Isana jiggled her legs to get the blood flowing, then stood as well. She gave them all a proud, if very aroused, smile, her tail swishing happily. “Congrats, girls! Now you’re all officially witches!”

“That was so cool,” Karin enthused, looking down at herself as if she could see the change wrought upon her body. Then she looked up. “I felt yours, Ayaka.”

“It felt really nice, like your hugs,” Sora added, making no move to end their embrace.

“Ayaka is more unique than most,” Isana said. “Explaining it right now would take a while, but I have to repeat what I said a moment ago: your magic is beautiful, Ayaka.”

“Thanks… I think,” Ayaka replied, sharing a smile with Isana.  She wanted very badly to take care of the heat between her legs. Isana must have noticed, because her smile became a knowing one.

“Girls, I know exactly how you’re all feeling right now,” Isana said candidly. “Now that your magic is newly awake, you’re going to have moments like this. It’s part of what I explained to you last night about being a witch. So, why don’t we head back to the house and we can all wash up and well… cool down and enjoy the moment a little. I sure intend to.”

Ayaka had to disengage herself from Sora long enough to refold the blanket, then she held the girl’s hand as they walked back to the house. Karin did the same with Isana, who was more than happy to have her close company. There was a definite air of sexual intimacy tying them together through their growing bonds, and now through their awakened magical abilities. But Karin was still Karin, so they also enjoyed a bit of levity as she expressed her curiosity about Isana’s magical equipment toolbox. It turned out it was only a magic emergency kit.

When they were back home, Ayaka knew what she really wanted to do. After last night, she wanted to be grown-up about things and enjoy being with her new family. She saw no reason to be shy about her intentions.

“Sora,” she said, pausing as they made their way upstairs. Sora looked up, ears flicking in happy acknowledgment. “Would you like to take your shower with me?”

“A shower with you?” Sora flushed with excited wonder. “Really?!”

“Yes,” Ayaka grinned. “We can have a little fun together. Sounds good?”

“Yeah!” Sora nodded enthusiastically. Even though it was only a few hours from her first time with Karin, Sora was just as interested as Ayaka was.

A few feet away from them, Karin gave Isana a hopeful look.

“That means you’re with me,” Isana laughed, playfully ruffling Karin’s hair, then pulling her into a hug. “Go grab your stuff and meet me in my room. We’ll have some fun too.”

Karin whooped happily and bounded up the stairs, dodging a swat to the bottom from Isana, who followed behind her at a more sedate pace.

“Come on, then,” Ayaka tugged Sora’s hand, and they too continued upwards.

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