Ripples, Chapter 37

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A brief summary of what has transpired thus far. (To get a more detailed breakdown of the first 34 chapters, please see the Ripples Chapter Links… and for a list of the many characters who populate this story, check out The Women and Girls of Ripples.)

Divorced mother Jessica has found a new identity as a lesbian, becoming the lover of her friend Rachel, as well as her three daughters Alice (12), Katie (9), and Poppy (7). At the same time, Rachel has found sexual intimacy with her own girls Bella (12) and Cindy (10), and they have all elected to come together as one big incestuous family.

Not long after that, Jessica’s younger sister Laura pays an unexpected visit and catches them all in the midst of their first family orgy. Despite her shock at what she saw, Laura was seduced later that night by the three youngest daughters, and eventually ends up joining in the family festivities.

Jess has an openly gay friend named Stella. She has twin daughters named Sienna and Lacey (both fourteen) who have flirted shamelessly with Jessica and her oldest daughter Alice. Alice suspects that the twins are sexually involved with their mother Stella, who she is very much attracted to herself.

As it transpires, Stella and her daughters are members of a secret society of local women who enjoy lesbian sex — especially with younger girls, including their daughters. Now that Jess has officially come out in her relationship with Rachel, Stella is looking to bring her, Rachel and both their families into the Society.

Stella lays her cards on the table: she suspects Jess and Rachel of having incestuous relations with one or more of their girls, and proposes bringing their combined families together for a sex party (though she has yet to tell Jess anything about the Society just yet). Jess is open to the idea, and tentative plans are made.

In the meantime, Jess and Laura’s mother Ann has just returned from a lengthy sea cruise. Laura informs her sister of a secret their mum told her: that she herself has recently explored lesbian sex with a much younger woman. This gets Jess thinking about the possibility of getting Ann to join in their incestuous relationship. She, Laura and Rachel discuss the idea, where they are overheard by Jessica’s seven-year-old daughter Poppy.

When Ann arrives, Jess informs her mother that she is in a committed relationship with Rachel, and now considers herself gay. Ann is delighted for her daughter, especially since she already knows and likes Rachel. Later that night, Ann tells Jess about her night of passion with Gina, a woman in her twenties who she met online by accidentally visiting the Woman Seeking Woman page at on online dating site.

After their conversation, Ann goes back to her place for the night, and Jess goes upstairs, in the mood for some special fun with her girls.

And that, dear readers, is where this installment kicks off. Read on…

by Sapphmore and JetBoy

Now that Jessica’s mother Ann was back from her luxury sea cruise, the plan was for her to visit for a few days, so as to spend some time with her family. Before that could happen, though, Jess had a serious discussion with her daughters about being careful what they did and said in front of their grandmother.

“We can’t let her know the family secret,” Jess said, which is how they often referred to the incestuous lesbian antics they were currently engaged in with Rachel and her own girls.

“But Grandma is part of the family too,” Katie protested. “Why can’t we tell her? What if she wants to do sex stuff with us?”

“Yeah, what if she does, Mummy?” Poppy chimed in. “Now that Grandad is gone, she doesn’t have anybody.”

“We’ve discussed this, girls,” said Jess. “To most people, what we’re doing is very, very wrong… and if the wrong people find out, it would destroy our family. If Grandma found out, I don’t think she’d tell on us, but she might be upset. So much that she’d never speak to us again.”

“Never ever?” replied an astonished Katie.

Jess shook her head. “You have to understand, girls… we’re committing incest, and all three of you are underage. That would be enough to land us grownups in prison if we were found out. You would be taken away from me, and I’d never see you again. I don’t know if Grandma would agree with that, but she might. We can’t be sure how she’d feel about what we’re doing, so we can’t tell her about it. Any of it.”

“That’s not fair,” Poppy pouted.

Acting on impulse, Jess decided to be completely honest with her daughters. “Look… to tell the truth, I think it would be great if we could get Mum involved. So would Aunt Laura. We both want to make love to her, just like you do. How about this: Laura and I will sound her out; try to get an idea of how she’d feel about sex with one of us. Not you girls, though. That’s too big a step for her… at first, anyway. If we can somehow persuade her to join us in bed, we will. All I need from the three of you is to keep the family secret. Nothing more than that. Fair enough?”

Alice spoke up. “Do you think it could happen – that she’d want to make love to you? Or Aunt Laura?”

Jess shook her head. “Probably not. It’s worth looking into, though.” Rising to her feet, she added. “Oh, there’s one other thing. Alice, if you’re okay with it, I’d like to tell Grandma about you and Bella being girlfriends.”

““Um, yeah, sure,” Alice replied. “That’s a good idea… letting her know that I’m gay, too. Actually, why don’t you let me tell her?”

“Hmm. I don’t see why not.”

“Cool!” Katie exclaimed. “Can I do that too, Mum? Say that me an’ Cindy are lovers?”

“Better not,” said Jess. “But you and Poppy can tell Grandma how much you like the idea of your sister having a girlfriend.”

“We can do that,” Poppy solemnly announced.

“Wait, Mum,” Alice said. “If Grandma knows about me and Bel, it’s also okay for her to know we fool around with each other, right? I mean, we won’t talk about it, or, y’know, fuck in front of her… but I don’t want to pretend we’re just kids with a crush on each other, holding hands.”

Intrigued, Jess mulled that over. “I guess that’s okay… just don’t be too obvious about it. Best not to shock your grandmother too much. Be subtle.”

“Oh, I can do subtle…” said Alice, slowly hoisting her skirt up to reveal bright red knickers.

“Smartarse,” Jess fired back, trying and failing to restrain a grin. “Now scoot upstairs and get changed out of those school clothes!”


Ann arrived on Wednesday afternoon, just before the girls came home from the last day of term. Once everyone had gathered together in the family room, Alice linked Grandma’s phone to her laptop, then they went through many of the hundreds of photos she’d taken during her vacation. Jess had invited Laura, but she’d been obliged to attend some society function with her boss.

As for Rachel, Bella and Cindy, they arrived just after five-thirty. Ann greeted them warmly, then gave Rachel a big hug, expressing her joy that Jess had finally found a love partner who made her happy.

Before dinner was served, Alice took Bella to one side. “I want to tell Grandma about us being girlfriends, Bel,” she murmured. “Is that okay with you?”

“Sure,” Bella replied. “It’s not like we’re keeping it a secret.” By then, both girls had already come out to their friends at school.

“Good. I think she’ll like the idea. I hope so, anyway!” She gave Bella’s hand a squeeze, and they rejoined the others.

A few minutes later, they all sat down to a meal of courgette risotto, followed by Banoffee Roulade for dessert. Conversation was lively during the meal. Ann answered questions about some of the places she’d visited, and the girls told Ann how much they liked being one big family.

“It’s the best. Now I’ve got two extra sisters!” Katie exclaimed.

“Times certainly have changed… and for the better,” Ann said. “I knew a girl who was gay when I was at school, but she had to keep it a secret. The other girls would have made her life a misery if they’d known.”

“Good thing it’s not like that any more!” Alice exclaimed. “I wouldn’t ever want to have to hide how I feel about Bel.” She kissed Bella’s cheek, then turned to a very astonished Ann. “We’re girlfriends now, Grandma.”

“Oh… oh, my,” Ann said. She looked over at Jess.

“It’s true, Mum,” said Jess. “I thought it should be their decision as to whether to tell you or not.”

“Well… congratulations!” Ann finally replied, breaking into a big smile. “I’m sorry, girls. You just caught me by surprise. I’m very happy for you both.”

Katie spoke up. “Yeah, aren’t they cute?” After a moment’s pause, she added, “Maybe I’ll be a lesbian, too. I sure can’t imagine falling in love with some stupid boy.”

“Girls are way nicer,” Poppy declared, nodding her head.

Ann laughed, wrapping both arms around Poppy. “You might change your mind about that in a few years. Or maybe not. What’s important is to find someone you love, and who loves you. That’s where true happiness is found.” She rolled her eyes. “Listen to me… I sound like a greeting card!”

“Well, I love Bel,” Alice said, giving the girl’s hand a squeeze.

“And I love you, Alice,” Bella replied.

The girls drifted together in a kiss that didn’t quite become passionate, but it certainly lingered. Finally they parted, gazing into each other’s eyes.

Jess chose to break the silence. “All right, girls, it looks like everyone’s finished with dessert, so why don’t you go watch TV or something while the grownups wash up.”

That suited the youngsters, who migrated from the room… though it didn’t escape Jessica’s attention that a couple of them could be heard climbing the stairs. Guess Alice and Bella are in the mood for something a bit more stimulating than the telly, she told herself, gathering up the dessert plates.

Ann rose from her seat, but before joining the cleaning-up effort, she drew a surprised Rachel into a warm hug, murmuring, “Rachel, I’m so pleased that you and my daughter are an item. You seem perfect for each other.” Gently breaking away, she added, “Are you two going to tie the knot anytime soon? I need an excuse to buy myself a new hat.”

Feeling definite stirrings of desire for her lover’s mum, Rachel took Ann’s hand, giving it a squeeze. I see why Jess wants her so much.

“To be honest, Ann, we’ve not given it much thought. At the moment, Jessica and I are still getting settled into being lovers. That said, don’t be surprised if we do get married at some point.” Rachel looked over at Jess. “I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather share my life with.”

In response, Jess dropped the towel she was using and walked over to wrap both arms around her lover, drawing Rachel into a tender kiss. It quickly grew heated, then Jess abruptly broke away.

“Sorry, Mum,” she mumbled, looking somewhat abashed. “I got carried away.” In fact, she’d staged that kiss for Ann’s benefit, and was thrilled to see that her mother wasn’t at all offended.

“Don’t be silly, Jessica,” Ann replied. “I’m delighted to see you both so happy, and enjoying one another. It’s easy to see the two of you are in love.”

“And so we are,” Rachel said, her arm wrapped around Jessica’s waist.

“Now that you’re merging families, are you thinking of sharing a home at some point? It would be lovely to have the lot of you in one house.”

Jess shrugged. “We’d love that, but neither of ours are big enough… and finding a house in the right size won’t be easy.”

“That’s true, I suppose.” Ann said with a thoughtful nod, then added, “You know, I’d be happy to help you buy a new home. You and Laura will get everything eventually, so why shouldn’t I be there for you now?”

“Don’t talk like that, Mum! Unless there’s something you’re not telling us.”

Ann laughed. “Oh, there’s nothing wrong with me. In fact, I feel better than I have in years. Still, if you need a helping hand, I intend to provide it. But enough of this talk; let’s join the girls.”

As they made their way into the family room, Jess noticed that, sure enough, Alice and Bella had slipped away, no doubt for a quick romp in Alice’s bed. I hope they closed the door, at least.

Ann clearly noticed the girls’ absence, but said nothing. Instead, she gave her mobile phone to Katie, who hooked it up to the TV so Grandma could show the rest of her vacation photos.

About ten minutes later, Alice and Bella rejoined the gathering. It wasn’t immediately obvious what they’d been up to, but Bella’s hair was slightly mussed… and Jess was certain that she could catch the aroma of cunt coming from at least one of the girls.

Once again, there was no reaction from Ann, though Jess suspected her mum had sussed out what was going on. She’s got to assume they’re having sex, she thought. At least they weren’t too obvious about it. This was Alice’s idea, I’ll wager. 

Ann had an excellent eye for compelling sights, so viewing her pictures was an enjoyable way to pass the time. The girls were especially enchanted by dozens of photos of masked dancers Ann had captured at a Haitian street festival.

At one point, a photo appeared of an attractive middle-aged woman in a two piece bathing suit, both her arms wrapped around a cute preteen girl. They both wore big smiles.

Poppy spoke up right away. “Who’s that, Nonna?”

Ann seemed briefly distracted by the image. “Hmm? Oh, that’s Collette and her little girl Coralie. I made friends with them on the cruise. They’re French.”

With that, she advanced to the next picture, but Jess couldn’t help but notice that there were at least half a dozen more photos of Collette, some with her daughter, some without… and one especially cute shot of Coralie, posing on the edge of a diving board in a surprisingly skimpy bikini. Ann passed through these with little or no commentary.

Interesting, Jess mused. There had been very occasional photos of other passengers and crew members, but only Collette and her child appeared in more than one. Wonder if Mum was attracted to this woman?

When the last photo had been viewed, the adults and children drifted easily into casual conversation, with Ann regaling the others with stories of when Jessica and Laura were girls, while Jess shared a few choice anecdotes of her own.

It was nearing ten o’clock when Cindy gave a big yawn. “Oops, ‘scuse me,” she said.

Rachel laughed. “I know one little girl who’s up past her bedtime!” She got to her feet. “Jess, Ann, it’s been lovely, but I think we’ll have to call it a night.”

They gathered at the front door, both families exchanging hugs and occasional kisses. Cindy and Bella  surprised Ann, embracing her with just as much warmth as if she was their real grandmother.

Rachel hugged her next, and Ann wrapped both arms around her daughter’s lover, murmuring, “Rachel, you’re the best thing to happen to Jessica in a long while, and your girls are adorable.”

Backing away slightly, Rachel gazed at the older woman’s smiling face. “Thanks, Ann. You’re pretty amazing yourself… and I look forward to getting to know you better.” Seized by a crazy impulse, she leaned in to place a brief but warm kiss on Ann’s mouth before breaking their embrace.

Caught by surprise, Ann felt her cheeks grow warm. She fumbled with her purse, draping the strap over her shoulder – then noticed Alice and Bella off in the corner, caught up in a deep, passionate kiss of their own. The sight transfixed Ann, made her pulse throb.

Goodness, those two,” Jess murmured, resting a hand on her mother’s shoulder. “Like kids in a candy store, I swear. Sorry if they’re a bit much, Mum.”

“Don’t you dare apologize,” Ann quickly said. “They – they’re beautiful together.” She and Jess watched as Alice slid both hands Bella’s back down to fondle her arse.

“Um, girls…” Rachel called, now standing near the door with Cindy, “I hate to break this up, but it really is time to say goodbye.”

Breaking their kiss, the preteens shared a wistful look, then Bella said, “Hey, Mum? Can Alice and me have a sleepover tonight?”

“Oooh, yeah!” Alice squealed. “That’s right – no school tomorrow!” She looked from Rachel to Jessica. “Can we, can we? Please?”

Jess laughed. “I don’t see why not. What do you think, Rach?”

“I’m fine with it,” Rachel replied. “Need to fetch anything before we go, Alice?”

“Nope! I’ve already got extra clothes and a toothbrush at your place.” Taking Bella’s hand, she joined the others by the front entrance. “Goodnight, Mum. Love you,” Alice said, giving Jess a quick hug.

“Love you too. Listen, be sure to get home before breakfast… you and Kate have that appointment with the dentist tomorrow.”

Alice made a face. “Ugh, don’t remind me.” She reached out to her grandmother, and they embraced. “It’s so good to have you here, Gran. Hope you can stay for a long time.”

“Oh, I’ll do my best,” Ann said with a wink. “Goodnight… all of you.”

More hugs, more farewells, then Rachel and the girls were gone. Katie and Poppy went upstairs to prepare for bed. A few minutes later, Jess and Ann came upstairs to tuck them in, then returned to the kitchen, where Jess poured wine for them both.

“So, Mum… what do you think of Rachel?” Jess said, handing her mother a glass.

“She’s good for you,” Ann replied. “Exactly what you needed after that bastard Mark slung his hook. I’ve never seen you so… so satisfied.”

“Oh, Rachel definitely knows how to satisfy. What about you, Mum? Are you thinking of finding a steady girlfriend?”

Ann frowned slightly. “Jessica… I had sex with another woman. That doesn’t make me a lesbian, even if I did enjoy it. Right now, all I want is to spend time with my family. There’s no need to make any major decisions about my sexual preference.”

Jessica folded her arms. “You’re not seeing the big picture, Mum. What if Gina gets in touch with you? Would you go on another date with her? You’re still a beautiful woman, and it’s been five years since we lost Dad. You need to dip your toes in the water again!”

“With another woman, you mean.”

“Well, you did enjoy it the first time. It could be even better if you really got to know a woman before making love with her.”

“I got to know Gina perfectly well, thank you.”

“Then call her. Go out with her again.”

Ann sighed. “I… I’m not sure I’m ready.”

“Oh, Mum… What’s holding you back? Worried about what people might say?”

“Well, that is something that concerns me. I don’t want to be the subject of local gossip, with the locals  staring and muttering, ‘Here comes the old dyke’, when I pass them in the street. No offense.”

“None taken… but who even thinks like that any more? No one you’d want to be friends with, I’ll wager.”

Ann thought about that. “I suppose that’s true.”

“Mum, you should at least try it again. Once more. Otherwise, you could be missing out on something beautiful. Something lasting.”

“You may be right,” Ann said, nodding thoughtfully. “I don’t want to close myself off, that’s true.” Stifling a sudden yawn, she stood. “Oh, my. Time to turn in, I think.”

Jessica also got to her feet. “Fine… but this discussion isn’t over, Mum. I will talk you into having sex with a woman again, be it Gina, some hottie Laura knows from the gay bar circuit, or – who knows? – a friend of yours who wants to get her horizons expanded.” They made their way into the family room, headed for the stairs.

“I’ll expand your bloody horizons, young lady!” Ann fired back, then gave a snort of laughter. “At least let your poor old mum off the hook for tonight… I’m positively knackered. You can finish selling me on the lesbian life at breakfast.” Briefly hugging her daughter at the foot of the staircase, she said, “Thanks, dear, for caring so much.”

“You deserve it, Mum,” Jessica murmured, holding the woman close. “Now fuck off to bed.”

Ann laughed again, patting her daughter’s back. “You too, love… you too.”


A short while later, once Ann had unpacked her bag in the guest room, she seated herself at the dresser mirror, contemplating her daughter’s words as she brushed her lustrous red hair.

She paused in mid-brushstroke to study her reflection. Not bad for fifty-eight… but I think Jess is pushing it when she says I’m beautiful. Still, I suppose most daughters feel that way about their mums.

Unfastening the buttons of her blouse, Ann slipped it off, leaving her in a plain white bra that she reached behind to unclip, pleased to note that her breasts had fared well against the test of time. Cupping them, she tested their heft, then tweaked the plump nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, sighing at the prickle of arousal it gave her.

She stood to unzip her knee-length skirt, letting it drop to the floor before bending to pick it up to drape over the back of the vanity chair. Her practical and comfortable knickers only served to remind her that she was sorely in need of some provocative lingerie. If I’m putting myself out there, it’s time to get used to dressing for a lover again. I’ll drop by Jessica’s shop… she’ll help me pick out something especially sexy.

In her imagination, Ann stood before Gina, slowly undressing to reveal a saucy bra-and-knicker set. The look in her eyes as she drinks in the sight of her older lover dressed in skimpy black lace… oh, she likes what she sees.

Grasping the waistband of her panties, Ann shoved them to her ankles with a single swift motion, then cast them away with a contemptuous flick of the foot.

She studied her bare body, recalling the extra pounds she’d added on the first month of the cruise, what with the rich food and fine wines on offer. Thankfully, Ann soon decided to balance the constant pampering and luxury of life on an ocean liner with regular exercise.

Thinking again about that amazing evening with Gina, Ann reached down to cup her vulva, letting the neatly trimmed pubes tickle her palm. Jess is right – you really should ring her up.

When she’d gone back to the attractive young lesbian’s flat, Ann knew something was going to happen, but didn’t allow herself to think beyond that. It  was enough to know that she was attracted to Gina, distinctively aroused, and curious about sex with a woman.

Gina had shyly asked for permission to kiss Ann… an invitation the older woman found herself unable, even unwilling to refuse. She tensed briefly when their mouths met, then relaxed into the experience. And what a marvellous kiss it had been! – tender and sensuous, soft as a whisper, yet amazingly intense. Before she knew it, Ann was responding, her tongue joining in the dance.

Somehow, Gina had undone Ann’s top and was cupping her breasts, whispering, “You can touch me if you like.”

Hesitantly reaching out, Ann placed both hands on her new friend’s chest, gasping as she realised Gina wore nothing beneath her blouse. The young woman’s breasts were small, but felt very nice to the touch. Ann found herself wanting to see them. Reaching for a button, she whispered, “May I?”

“Please do,” Gina replied, her eyes shining with affection.

Ann’s fingers were clumsy, but she managed to get four buttons undone, enough to reveal Gina’s bare upper half. The creamy globes were flawless, capped with visibly erect nipples. She began to reach for one, then faltered, suddenly unsure of herself.

But Gina quickly seized Ann’s hand, pressing it to her breast. “It’s okay,” she said.

Taking a deep breath to steady herself, Ann explored the body of another woman for the first time. Gina’s skin was wondrously soft, like that of a child, and the thought of lying naked with her gave Ann a delicious shiver. Can I really do this? she wondered.

The next thing she knew, Ann was allowing herself to be led into an adjoining bedroom. Gina had kissed her once more, then gestured at the foot of the bed, whispering, “Take a seat.”

Ann meekly obeyed, then sat mesmerised as Gina slowly and seductively began to remove her clothes. She stepped out of her shoes, nudging them to one side, then stripped off and discarded her unbuttoned top. The skirt followed, falling down to puddle at Gina’s feet.

Ann could only stare, a storm of emotions raging inside at the sight of the now nude young woman. She’d gone without knickers, too! “Surprised?” Gina asked, wearing nothing but a mischievous grin.

Taking time for a really good look, Ann has to admit it – she liked what she saw. Gina’s pubes were thick and lush, but trimmed into a fairly neat triangle. Ann now saw that the young woman’s underarms were unshaven, and was surprised to find that attractive.

Moving close, Gina reached out to take Ann’s hands, which she placed on her luscious breasts. “Touch me,” she whispered.

As Ann obligingly began to fondle the small but flawless globes, she felt Gina undo the clasp of her skirt – and another surge of nervousness raced through her. What am I doing here? Am I really about to have sex with a woman who’s younger than my own daughter, for Christ’s sake? Yes, she was excited, but it didn’t feel right.

Backing away, she said, “Gina, you’re very sweet, but I… I’m not sure I’m ready to do this.”

“You are ready, Ann,” the young woman murmured, drawing close. “But you’re on the verge of something new, and it’s frightening.” Gina took both her hands. “Don’t be afraid. Let me show you how wonderful it is, being loved by a woman.” Pausing to give the older woman a tender kiss, Gina added. “I like you so much, Ann. Please… please give me this chance to make you happy.”

As Ann struggled for the words to express her uncertainty, she found herself distracted by the warmth of Gina’s hazel eyes. The longing she saw in them…

This is silly, she thought. When did I become so damned cautious?

Gina was deftly undoing the front catch of Ann’s bra, peeling it away to bare her breasts. Resisting an impulse to cover herself, Ann managed to remain still as the young woman began to tease her nipples, gently squeezing, then tugging them. She let her eyes drift shut, summoning up memories of how much she loved to be fondled this way.

It’s been too long, she told herself. I deserve this. And I don’t want to hurt Gina’s feelings.

Then and there, she made her decision. Looks as if I’ll be learning about sex with a woman tonight. She smiled, thinking of her gay daughter. Wonder what Laura will say?

As Ann opened her eyes, Gina was unfastening the remaining buttons on her blouse, then easing it over her shoulders. Ann shrugged the beige top away, letting it drop to the carpet.

“My God, you’re lovely,” Gina breathed, cupping the woman’s generous breasts, savouring their heft. Suddenly dipping down, she captured Ann’s right nipple between her lips.

“Oh,” Ann moaned, “oh.” Without a second thought, she cradled Gina’s face to her chest, thinking, Oh, my goodness… she’s really good at this. She shivered, then inhaled sharply when Gina licked the tip of her breast, then gave the engorged nipple a playful bite. Switching to the other breast, Gina took it between her lips to suck.

In the meantime, the young lesbian was also tugging at the zipper of Ann’s skirt. As the garment slid to the floor, Gina slipped a hand down the back of Ann’s cotton knickers to pull the woman in for another kiss. As they moulded together, the sensation of moving against the soft, supple body of another woman had Ann tingling deliciously.

The next few minutes became a jumble for Ann as she allowed Gina to remove every remaining stitch of her clothing, then lay her back on the bed. There she was, a woman of fifty-eight, a grandmother and a widow, stark naked and spread out for the sexual pleasure of a lesbian woman nearly half her age. Putting it in those terms made the whole situation seem ridiculous, perhaps, but that didn’t matter to Ann. Not any more. She ached to be taken by this strong, confident woman who loved women… and Gina knew it.

Now Gina was kneeling above her, a fire in her eyes that took Ann’s breath away. “I’m going to fuck you now,” she said.

“Yes,” Ann moaned. “Do it to me, please…”

Gina shook her head. “Say the words, Ann. Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me. Fuck me, Gina!” She might have said more, but just then the young woman’s mouth covered hers. Ann gladly surrendered – accepting Gina’s tongue, responding with her own.

The lovemaking that followed was unlike any sexual experience she had ever known. After a few minutes of deep French kisses, Gina spent a long, lovely while pleasuring Ann’s breasts and belly before nuzzling a pathway way down to her vulva. Pressing her mouth into the juicy flesh, she began to lick.

When Ann was still having regular sex with her husband Richard, he’d obligingly attempted oral on his wife a few times, and it did feel nice. But now Gina was going down on her, and it was a revelation. She took Ann to the brink of orgasm again and again, but refused her that final release.

Finally, when Ann was on the verge of howling in frustration, the young lesbian centred her attention on her older lover’s clitoris, taking it between her lips and rapidly flicking the swollen nubbin with the tip of the tongue.

Ann exploded in a convulsive orgasm that had her clamping a hand to her mouth to muffle the screams. She  bucked and thrashed about as Gina’s hot, sucking mouth paid lustful tribute to her cunt. And those surges of ecstasy kept coming, more of them even when Ann was certain there could be no more.

After God only knew how many orgasms, Ann lay spent and dazed, gradually coming to her senses at the sound of her partner’s cries. Gina was lying alongside, frantically masturbating. She was frantically plunging two fingers into her vagina, liquid sounds echoing in the room with every thrust. A choked cry escaped her throat, a violent jerk shook her body, then she lay silent.

Startled, yet stimulated by the young lesbian’s brazen display, Ann stared at Gina, resisting the growing heat she felt mounting inside. Christ, I already want more.

Once she’d regained her breath, Gina hoisted herself into a sitting position, stretched her incredible body, then bent to place a gentle kiss on Ann’s lips. “That was amazing,” she said. “Will you be staying the night? I’d love it if you did.”

“Um, well,” Ann mumbled, “I really ought to go. I’ve got to feed the cat.” A lie – she hadn’t owned a cat in years. But those uneasy feelings were making themselves known again, and she needed time to think.

Getting to her feet, Ann began to fumble about for her clothes. She was relieved that Gina didn’t protest, just sat back against the headboard and watched her dress. Once she’d done up the last button of her top, Gina rose from the bed, padding over to give her a hug.

“I had a wonderful time,” Ann said, already feeling guilty about her rudeness. “Thank you, Gina.”

“I’d love to see you again,” Gina murmured. “Don’t worry, I’m not asking you to go steady… but we could maybe get together some time…?”

“It can’t be anytime soon, I’m afraid.” Ann replied. “That ocean cruise I mentioned… Remember? My ship sails in a few days. But, um, I’ll ring you when I get back.”

Gina smiled – a bit wistfully, Ann thought. “I’ll hold you to that,” she said. “Have a wonderful time, Ann.”

The younger woman, still nude, escorted Ann to the front door, where they embraced once more. “Good night, dear,” Ann said.

“Good night,” said Gina.

As Ann left, walking along the hallway of the apartment block, she turned to see Gina in her doorway, waving. She waved back, then hurried outside to the street, fumbling in her purse for her phone to call a taxi.

You behaved abominably, she chided herself. After that, I can’t see why Gina would give you the time of day.

Later that night, Ann had masturbated properly for the first time in years. She was still troubled, still uneasy with the possibility she might be gay. It shouldn’t bother me – and yet, it does. But the memory of sex with Gina kept unscrolling inside her head like a dirty movie. Finally, she gave in.


Months later, studying at her reflection in the mirror, she shook her head. I really do need to phone Gina, she thought. Even if we never have sex again, it would be nice to have her as a friend.

She gave a brief laugh. Who am I trying to fool? Even if we just met for coffee, I’d end up at her place or mine, naked and flat on my back.

Still nude, Ann seated herself on the edge of the bed, wondering why she had yet to tell her daughters everything. Especially Laura, who would have understood without judgement. And now Jess is gay too… so what reason do I have for being so bloody secretive? At this point, it’s just silly.

Then and there, Ann decided to tell her daughters everything. The fantasies she’d indulged in, her occasional attraction to beautiful women she saw, the lesbian websites she’d just begun to investigate and enjoy – but most of all, she needed to tell Jessica and Laura about her second dalliance with another woman.

It had been an incredible experience, enough to convince Ann that, even if she still felt uncertain about being openly gay, her heart’s desire was for a female lover.

Getting to her feet, Ann padded around to the side of the bed and slid beneath the covers. She rarely slept naked, but that evening, it felt right. She took a sip of water before switching off the bedside lamp, then lay back, the blankets pulled up to just below her breasts.

She stared up at the moonlit ceiling. Placing a hand on her vulva, she let it rest there while she concentrated on one special moment of her holiday – the dinner at the Captain’s table when she first encountered Collette.

Ann felt a pleasant tingle make itself known beneath her belly as she pictured the lovely face and beautiful body of her French sex partner. I’ll have to relieve myself tonight, she decided. Otherwise, I won’t get to sleep anytime soon.

Gently moving her hand, Ann fed that warmth, allowing herself to drift into the memory of that incredible evening.

On its way, within a reasonable time frame: Chapter Thirty-Eight!


10 Comments on Ripples, Chapter 37

  1. Kim & Sue says:

    Good chapter of our favorite continuing delightfully dirty incestuous lesbian love fest. Liking the way everyone’s mind is on the same track but it’s unknown to them. Good job of reveling where Ann is at and why.

    Really, if it’s a week or months between chapters, they always feel like we’ve only been away for moments, picking up all the naughty threads right away. It’s not right two men should be pushing our buttons this way, but well, why not.

    • JetBoy says:

      Thanks, guys. Your positive thoughts are better than winning a prize.

      Sapphmore and I have been on a bit of a roll with this story, so there should be shorter delays between chapters. I’m working on #38 even now… and Sapphmore is nearly done with what I suspect will end up being Chapters 39 and 40.

      • A Piercey says:

        Great book to date I’ve read every word and it’s been great to get to know all the different characters there backgrounds etc now we’re at the point of Ann and her lesbian story which im sure will be as interesting and erotic as all the others have been im also intrigued about the society that Blanche seems to be the head of and what that will bring for all our new lesbian nyphomaniacs. Best book I’ve found written on any of these sites 10/10

        • Sapphore says:

          Thank you for your kind words. We have tried to make sure our characters have depth and resonate with our readers and it’s good to know that this is appreciated. However, whilst I’m over the moon with the plaudits we’ve received, which far exceed anything I might have hoped for, there are a lot of stories that are far more deserving of the accolade. Yes, the great sex scenes are a key factor, but they have such wonderful storylines or push boundaries and the authors are masters of their craft. I hope one day, and several more published tales down the line, I might feel my stories are up with the best, but there’s some way before that stage.
          Nevertheless, I thank you again for your comments.

  2. Sapphmore says:

    I wrote pretty much the same thing last night but the site had a glitch and wouldn’t let me post, I suspect due to Amanda and Jetboy correcting the links.
    I hadn’t thought about your last point before and that is indeed high praise; maybe we should get an honorary lesbians certificate!
    If you liked this chapter, then I think you’ll love what’s coming in the next two, or as JB says, perhaps three chapters. The comments on the previous chapter had lots of speculation about our mischevious nymphet Poppy, so you shouldn’t have too long to wait to find out what we have in store.

  3. Birdie says:

    So glad you’ve continued this story. Very erotic, and so much potential as Ann gets better acquainted with her daughters and granddaughters, as well as Rachel and her daughters.

  4. Quinlan says:

    The encounter between Ann and Gina was lovely. I’m looking forward to hearing more about Ann’s dalliance with Collette. And Ann seems to have taken a fancy with Coralie too

  5. Debbie L says:

    Utterly wonderful as always…..thank you so very very much
    Debbie xx

    • Sapphmore says:

      Your pleasure is ours. The first drafts of the next two or three chapters are written and Jetboy is already working on them so you can hopefully expect the saga to continue in the not too distant future.

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