Pages From a Diary, Chapter 10

  • Posted on March 18, 2024 at 1:48 pm


by Rachael Yukey

Sunday, October 22th, 2006

Just got home from the church, where I went after me and Julie had our afternoon at Megan’s place. Holy crow, there’s SO MUCH to tell, and I don’t want to miss anything important. I’d better start with this morning.

So I was dressed for church and munching a bowl of cereal when I heard Dad’s bedroom door open, his feet shuffling down the hallway. The bathroom door slammed shut.

He was in the bathroom a long time, and he finally found his way into the kitchen wearing a pair of old blue sweat pants and a gray t-shirt. He looked tired and a little bit sick.

I knew what this was. One of the characters in the novel I borrowed from Lisa had been really sick after a long night of drinking, and they called it a hangover. It’d be better, I thought, to  pretend not to notice.

“Morning, Dad,” I said, trying to sound casual.

“Mmm-hmm,” he mumbled, fumbling in the cupboard where Mom keeps the coffee and filters. He got his coffee going and shuffled back down the hallway towards the bedroom. I went out to the living room and found some cartoons on TV. I could hear Dad moving around in the back, first in the bedroom and then the bathroom. Finally he came out, dressed in slacks and a sweater. He still looked pale and sick, but he’d combed his hair and seemed a little less dead than before.

“Let’s get moving,” he said. “We’re running behind.” It was actually a little early, but I knew better than to argue. I got into my coat and we headed out the door. Mom had the Explorer, so we took the pickup.

Mom pulled into the church parking lot just ahead of us. She waited for us to get out of the truck, walked stiffly over to Dad, and they headed across the parking lot together. They didn’t look at each other or say a word. I trailed along behind.

We exchanged the usual greetings as we climbed the stairs, and found Megan waiting just inside the door. She was more dressed up than usual in a long black skirt and a black shawl over a white blouse, but still had her goth jewelry on.

She pulled me to the side. “Hey, Mal,” she said as we wandered down the side hallway. “I just talked to your friend Julie on the phone. You still on to hang out this afternoon?”

“Sure,” I replied. “Mom and Dad won’t care.”

“Great! I told her we’d call from here when we’re ready to blow. She knows where I live, so we’ll meet her there. Let’s go find your parents so we can get their permission.”

We returned to the foyer. Mom and Dad were making small talk with anyone but each other.

I was waiting for a break in Mom’s conversation with Louise Christianson, and when it came Megan jumped in before I could. “Mrs. Kalvornek,” she said, “would it be all right if Mallory came over to my house after school? I’m going to help her get started on this project for A.L.”

Mom shrugged. “If it’s for school, I don’t see why not,” she said. “I’ll be here till five, and she’ll need to be back by then. Better let your father know, Mallory.”

“Let me know what?” said Dad, coming up behind me.

“That I’m going to Megan’s house after church,” I told him. “She’s gonna help me with some A.L. stuff.”

“That’s nice of you, Megan,” he said. “Are you going to need me to come and pick you up, Mallory?”

“I’ll get her home,” said Mom. She and Dad were avoiding looking at each other like crazy.

“Fine,” said Dad, then turned and walked away.

It was time for everyone to split off for Sunday school, which can be fun if there’s a cool activity or really boring if there isn’t. Today it was boring, and I was relieved when it was time to go to the sanctuary for the service. I went upstairs and found Mom and Dad sitting in our usual pew. They were side by side, but far enough apart that they weren’t touching. I sat next to Mom. Megan walked past with her mom, tossing me a sympathetic look.

The song service got started. We’re Evangelicals, so we do a long song service before the sermon. Praise and worship, they call it. I thought it was fun when I was younger, but now it seems kind of dumb. Something occurred to me today while we were doing it: does the all-powerful God really enjoy listening to us spend 30 minutes every Sunday singing about how awesome he is?

When the service was over I said goodbye to my parents, got my coat, hat, and gloves, and waited in the lobby for Megan to come out. She emerged from one of the small side rooms, kissed her mom on the cheek, and grabbed her stuff off the coat rack.

“Let’s bail,” she said. “I just called Julie.” It was cold outside, and I was glad I’d brought my heavy stuff.

“What a shitshow,” Megan said once we were out of earshot of the church. “Your parents, I mean. They looked like they wanted to eat each other’s livers for lunch.”

“They usually do,” I said. “I don’t know what happened this time because I wasn’t home, but Mom’s staying with Grandma. That means it was a bad fight. They always tell me Grandma is sick when that happens, but I know they’re full of it.”

“I heard about your parents fighting in the parking lot,” she said. “I’m sorry… that must really suck.”

“Can I ask you something?” I said.

“Anything you want.”

“How come your dad doesn’t live with you?”

“Because he’s an asshole,” she said flatly. “When my mom got pregnant he left her. Paid child support for awhile, then just disappeared. I didn’t know all that when I was little, but then he just turned up out of nowhere when I was twelve and wanted to get to know me. That’s when I got the whole story. Mom called the cops, ‘cause he had an outstanding warrant for non-payment of child support. They arrested him, and I haven’t seen him since. Mom probably knows what happened to him, but I don’t want to.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I said.

“It doesn’t bother me,” said Megan. “Some people take stuff like that personally, but I think he’s just an asshole. World’s full of ‘em.”

We were in the newer part of town by this time, and Megan turned up the walk of a modern, well-kept ranch-style house.

“Home, sweet home,” she said.

We took off our coats in the entryway, which led directly into a large open space with the living room, kitchen, and dining area. It was tastefully decorated, and the furniture looked really nice and relatively new.

“Might as well wait out here for Julie,” said Megan. “Want something to drink? There’s pop in the fridge. We’ll make some sandwiches or something once Julie gets here.”

I followed her into the kitchen area, and Megan opened the fridge. There were four or five different kinds of pop, and I picked a Sprite. Megan grabbed a root beer, and we went back into the living room. But we hadn’t even sat down when the doorbell rang.

Megan changed direction, and I followed her to the entryway. She opened the door and there stood Julie, looking like an Eskimo in her bulky winter coat. My heart fluttered. These days, it always does when I see her.

We got her inside, hugs were exchanged, and we made cold meat and cheese sandwiches. We ate in the living room, chatting at first mostly about A.L. Megan’s been in it for years, and told us about some of the stuff we’ll be doing as we go along. No one seemed to be in a big hurry to get into the stuff we were really there to talk about… maybe we were all kind of avoiding it.

After the sandwiches disappeared we went all quiet in an awkward  kind of way. Megan finally broke the silence. “Come on,” she said. “I’ll show you my room.”

Megan has most of the basement to herself. There’s a second kitchen down there, and a little den with a TV, a stereo, and some game consoles. There are two bedrooms, one of which is used to store stuff. The biggest one is Megan’s room. She has a queen-sized bed… I’ve never met a kid with one of those before. We ended up sitting together on the wraparound sofa in the den.

“Sooo…” Megan said slowly after we’d gotten comfortable. “I guess we know what we came to talk about. I thought I was ready for it, but now I don’t know how to start.” She sighed, and looked down at the floor for a long moment.

When she spoke again, it was slow with lots of pauses. “Look… I wasn’t much older than you two when I started having funny feelings about girls. Except, I didn’t know what that meant about me. I think I was twelve before I realized that girls were exciting to me in a way that guys are supposed to be. And that guys weren’t exciting that way at all. It took even longer to accept that it’s who I am. And it… sucked, you know? I didn’t have anybody I could talk to about it. I thought maybe… fuck, I don’t know. I thought maybe I could save you guys some of that crap I had to go through. And now I don’t know what the hell to say.”

“Can we ask you stuff?” said Julie.

“Sure,” replied Megan.

“Have you ever like… you know… done stuff with another girl?”

“A few,” said Megan. “It’s not like there’s a big gay community around here, you know? But I messed around a lot with a girl who just graduated last spring. And I had a girlfriend at A.L. for awhile. Our moms would drive us back and forth to sleep over at each other’s houses once a month or so. THAT was a lot of fun!” She smiled, remembering.

“Did either of your moms know?” I asked.

“Holy shit, NO! My mom would have died. After she locked me in the basement for the rest of my life, that is. Jodie’s mom might have been okay with it, but we never told her.”

“So…” I wasn’t sure how to ask this next question. “Do you think there’s a line?” I said finally. “I mean, where does it stop being just messing around and start being… you know…”


“Well, I wasn’t going to put it quite that way!”

“Having sex, then,” she said, laughing. “I think what you’re really asking me is when you stop calling it an experiment and start calling it lesbian sex.”

I shrugged, my cheeks burning.

“Relax,” she said. Scooting closer to me, she laid a hand on my arm. She didn’t seem nervous anymore; she was wearing a wicked grin. “Are you asking that because something new happened… and you’re wondering if you crossed the line?”

Julie and I looked at each other. She looked as nervous as I felt.

Somehow it made me mad. To heck with this, I thought. No, that’s not quite right. To HELL with this. I’m done acting like a squirmy kindergartener.

I made myself stop fidgeting and looked Megan in the eye. “We did more,” I told her. “This time she touched me and I touched her. We made each other come, and it was amazing. It was more than just helping each other.” My eyes met Julie’s. “At least for me it was.”

Julie held my gaze. “Me too.” It was almost a whisper.

“Wow,” said Megan. “This got real in a hurry!” She was grinning. “Maybe you guys don’t need my help. It looks like you’re getting things figured out way faster than I did!”

“Maybe…” I said slowly. “But there’s still a lot of stuff we don’t know about.”

It came out differently than I intended. My voice was lower than usual, and there was a question mark in it. That same feeling I’d had in Lisa’s bedroom was taking hold again… a feeling of power. Like I could steer things my way, and make them come out however I wanted them to.

Megan seemed to sense the change. Her eyes locked with mine, and her grin slowly faded to something more serious. “What is it you’re thinking of, exactly?” she asked.

“Well, like… what’s the next thing? We’ve touched each other and made each other orgasm… what do you think we ought to try now?”

Megan was starting to look a little fluttery. I sure was feeling that way! I kept my eyes locked with hers. She opened her mouth, closed it again, then finally spoke up. “Have you two kissed yet?” she asked. “You know… a sexy kiss?”

Julie and I shared a glance, and then I looked back at Megan. “You mean a tongue kiss?” I said. “Uh-uh.”

“Well…” she hesitated, then plunged ahead. “That’s the next thing then. It’ll probably be a little awkward the first few times, but you’ll…”

“You could teach us,” I interrupted.

“I… I mean…” Megan looked helpless. “Do you want me to?”

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because the best way to teach somebody how to kiss is to… to kiss them!”

“And you don’t want to.” I was crushed.

“I – I didn’t SAY that!” she protested, her face going red. “But we shouldn’t. You… you’re so much younger than me. It wouldn’t be right. Jesus.” She looked down at her hands.

“So…” I said, picking my words carefully, “if that wasn’t in the way, you’d want to kiss us?”

“Well… yeah! You two are so sweet and sexy…” she stopped talking and dropped her gaze. “I shouldn’t have said that,” she muttered.

I gripped Megan’s forearm, my eyes narrowing. “You think we’re sexy?”

“Of course! You’re both gorgeous. I…” She seemed to run out of words.

I got up and settled myself right into Megan’s lap. She was warm and soft and oh my God, I knew right then that I wanted so much more than to just be kissed by her. I looked up into her eyes. “I want to learn how to kiss,” I said. “What about you, Julie? Do you want to learn?”

“God, yes,” Julie said in a fluttery voice.

“If somebody is going to teach me to kiss,” I whispered, “I want it to be somebody smart and nice and really, really sexy. Someone like Megan.” I looked up into her eyes. We just sat like that for a minute. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Julie staring at us with her lips parted.

Megan finally broke the silence. “Okay,” she said. Her voice was low and breathy. “Go sit by Julie, Mallory. I’ll tell you what to do.”

It wasn’t exactly what I’d had in mind, but I didn’t argue. I slid off of Megan’s lap and snuggled up next to Julie. We looked into each other’s eyes, and suddenly I was glad it was happening this way. This is right, I thought. My first kiss should be with Julie. Maybe Megan is smart enough to know that.

“Okay,” said Megan. Now that I was out of her lap she sounded a bit more in control. “Start simple. Lips closed. Just lean in and go for it.”

I reached up, put a hand behind Julie’s head, and pulled her down and close. Leaning in, I touched my lips to hers. I just held them there for a second or two, then drew back. Julie giggled, and somehow that got me giggling too.

I looked back over my shoulder at Megan, and she was smiling. “All right… not bad,” she said. “Next step. Try it again, but with your mouths a little open. No tongue yet, just feel each other’s lips.”

I turned back towards Julie, and she bent down until our mouths met again. I sucked on her bottom lip, and that made her shiver as she wrapped both arms around me. I was already turned on, but as she began teasing my upper lip with both of hers I felt my panties dampening.

We kept it up for maybe a minute, just exploring each other’s lips, then Megan spoke up. “Now use your tongues on each other’s lips,” she said. “If they touch, that’s fine, but don’t go full on yet. Too much tongue too fast is a sure sign that you don’t know how to kiss.”

Carefully bringing my tongue forward, I teased Julie’s bottom lip with it. Her tongue touched mine, and she made a soft whimpering noise into my mouth. Her whole body shivered. Our tongues played deliciously across each other’s lips, then came together with just the tips touching.

I don’t know who went there first, but suddenly our tongues were deep in each other’s mouths, swirling and probing, and we were grinding our bodies together. I wanted it to last forever, and at the same time I wanted it to end right then so I could take Julie’s clothes off and kiss, touch, and love her all over.

Finally we broke apart, just staring into each other’s eyes, then Julie rested her forehead against mine. Her breath was ragged, and I realized mine was too.

I twisted around to glance at Megan. She was leaning forward on the couch, her face flushed. This was the moment… I knew it. I let go of Julie and slid over until I was pressed against Megan. I looked back over at Julie, and then reached across Megan’s lap to pat the couch cushion on the other side of her. Julie blinked, then got up, walked around us, and snuggled up on Megan’s other side.

I looked up at Megan. “Okay, Teacher,” I said, trying to keep my voice steady. “We did our homework. Now you need to test us, see if we passed.”

“Wait… what?” said Megan.

Julie got the idea right away. “Well, I really liked what we just did,” she said, “but how do we know we’re doing it right?”

“We need to make sure,” I added.

Megan thought about it for a moment, then nodded. “I guess. Okay, who wants to be first?”

I kind of did, but I had something else in mind. “I’ll wait,” I said. “Julie can go.”

“Yeah,” said Julie. “I’m ready.”

Megan turned to meet Julie, and their lips touched. I shifted forward to get a closer view. Their mouths were slightly open, and they were nibbling each other’s lips. I saw Megan’s tongue dart out to graze Julie’s bottom lip, and Julie’s tongue came out to greet it. Then their mouths suddenly came together, and I couldn’t see everything, but it sure looked like they were getting into kissing in a big way.

Time to put my plan to work. With my left hand I started tracing my fingertips up and down Megan’s back, while I used the other to caress her thigh through her skirt.

I only got to touch Megan for a few seconds before she pulled away from Julie. She was breathing harder now, like she’d just run around the block. “Wow… yeah,” she managed to get out. “I think you’re going to be just fine, Julie.”

I was stroking the inside of Megan’s thigh now… and she didn’t stop me.

“My turn!” I said. I was trying to get my hand even further up her leg, but the fold of her skirt was getting in my way.

Turning towards me, Megan leaned in until our lips met. Hers were closed, while mine were slightly parted, and instead of pressing in I let my lips slide against hers, like I was caressing her face. This time her mouth opened, and I totally went for the kiss, slipping my tongue in and running it around the inside of her lips. Then Megan’s tongue came forward to meet mine, and all at once she was kissing me with… oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? Ferocity. It was fierce and passionate and wild. I slid my hand up her leg and under her blouse, my fingers gliding across the warm, smooth skin of her belly.

She broke the kiss off and sat upright, staring at me. I wasn’t about to let her stop, though! Before she could say anything, I got up on my knees and started kissing all over her face. The next thing I knew, Julie was on the other side, running her lips down Megan’s cheek until their mouths met. Then they were sharing hot, sexy kisses, and I began nuzzling Megan’s neck. The ladies in Lisa’s lesbian novels were always getting turned on by kissing each other’s necks, and I thought this was a great time to see how it worked!

Megan pulled away from Julie, and gently pushed me back. “Hey… whoa,” she said. “What exactly are we doing here? This was supposed to be a kissing lesson, not… well… whatever this is turning into!”

“The kissing was great,” I told her, “but it made us want more. And you want more too—I know it. We know how to kiss now, but we want to learn the rest of it. We want you to show us… everything.”

“I—but—this is crazy! You guys are in elementary school, for God’s sake!”

“I thought you said we were sexy!” I protested, feeling hurt. How could she suddenly start treating us like little girls?

“Yeah, but… it’s not okay, Mallory! It’s like I’m the older person taking advantage of kids! I mean, I don’t really think of you guys as kids, but that’s how everybody else would see it… you know?”

Settling into Megan’s lap, I laid a hand on her cheek. “So we won’t tell them,” I said. “Besides, we’re the ones taking advantage of you now… right?”

I giggled a little at that, and after a moment Julie and Megan joined in.

“You guys are crazy, you know that?” she said. “My God, you’re fucking adorable.”

I tilted my head up to kiss the base of her chin. Then I traced my lips down to the nape of her neck, and kissed again. She drew in a shuddering breath. I kissed the side of her neck, this time with my lips open.

“You don’t really want to stop now,” I said between kisses. “Do you?”

Megan sighed. “You know I don’t.”

Julie clapped her hands. “Good!” she proclaimed. “So what’s our next lesson, teacher?”

Breaking away from me, Megan was suddenly on her feet. “Come on,” she said.

Julie and I followed Megan to her bedroom. She opened the door, beckoned us in, then closed it behind us. We turned around to look at her. She leaned back against the door and drew in a long, shaky breath.

“Can I see you two kiss again?” she said at last.

My eyes met Julie’s, and we just flowed together. Our arms went around each other, our mouths met, then our tongues. It was an incredible kiss, one that went on for the longest time. Then Julie was raining little kisses all over my face, and I was letting my hands wander over her bottom.

“Oh, my God,” Megan said. It was almost a moan. “That is SO fucking hot.”

I stood on my tiptoes, kissed Julie’s lips again, then wandered over to Megan. Tugging on her hand, I led her over to the bed, where she plopped down, looking kinda dazed. I beckoned Julie over. “Now you two kiss,” I said.

I was taking charge again, and like before I wondered what had gotten into me. But hey, they did what I said! Megan drew Julie down into her lap, and their lips teased each other for a minute before coming together. I saw Megan’s tongue slip into Julie’s mouth… then with a happy sigh, Julie completely relaxed into our new friend’s arms.

I began running my hands through Julie’s hair and kissing the back of her neck. She and Megan were sure getting into making out! I lifted Julie’s t-shirt way up so I could leave little kisses all over her bare back. Suddenly Megan’s hands were working with mine, and together we tugged Julie’s shirt over her head and off. Their mouths came together again, and I was kissing Julie’s bare shoulders and the back of her neck. I caught her left earlobe between my teeth the way the ladies in Lisa’s books did and gave it a tiny bite. Julie shivered when I did that, so I went with it and started nibbling my way up the back of her ear.

Meanwhile Megan was kissing her way across Julie’s cheek and down onto her neck, and suddenly her mouth found mine. I caught her lower lip between my teeth, then caressed it with my tongue before pulling away to nibble her chin a little. By then Megan was really worked up, so I let her capture my mouth with hers. Her tongue found mine and mine met hers in a sexy little dance. Hey, I thought, I’m really getting the hang of this! Then I got lost in the kiss, and couldn’t think about much of anything for a couple of minutes.

I felt Julie kissing my neck, her mouth just a little bit open. Oh wow, was that ever great! It was turning me on like nobody’s business. I wrapped both arms around her and ran my fingers over the smooth, soft skin of her belly, then up to stroke her nipples. They’re still tiny like mine, but hers were totally stiff! Are mine like that? I wondered.

Then Megan’s hands were under my dress and sliding up the back of my legs. She cupped my butt cheeks, squeezing and caressing them. Julie must have been feeling a little squished between us, because she nudged Megan’s arm aside and slid off her lap to sprawl on the bed.

Megan tried to pull my dress over my head, but it wouldn’t go. Julie moved behind me and tugged down the zipper. Megan tried again, I lifted my arms, and the next thing I knew I was down to my panties with one knee on either side of Megan’s lap, leaving kisses all over her neck. She raised her chin high to give me room to work. Her breath was ragged and harsh.

Meanwhile, Julie was doing the same stuff to me I’d been doing to her, her lips moving all over my back and neck while her hands played across my belly and chest. Her fingers found my nipples and gently squeezed them, I moaned, my face mashed against Megan’s neck.

Megan tumbled backwards, pulling me along. Now I was lying on top of her and we were kissing again. I could feel Julie caressing the insides of my thighs, and when the back of her hand brushed the front of my panties, I thought for a second I was going to come right then!

I rolled off Megan, reaching up to pull Julie back onto the bed. She tumbled down beside me, and I shoved her onto her back, leaned in and snaked my tongue out to tease one of her nipples. She gasped and arched her back, so I did the same thing to the other one.I was vaguely aware of Megan off to the side, just watching.

Getting up on my knees, I traced my hands down Julie’s belly, unbuttoned her jeans, then pulled down the zipper. As I tugged at the thick denim she lifted her butt for me, and I yanked her panties and jeans off in one motion. As I got her pants to her knees, Megan met me there and pulled them the rest of the way off.

I sat back for a moment and looked Julie up and down. I almost felt like I could stare at her like that all day; her eyes half closed, chest rising and falling, legs parted just enough to reveal her smooth pussy. I wanted her SO MUCH right then!

“God, she’s beautiful,” Megan breathed.

“She sure is,” I agreed.

“Do you want to make love to her?”

I nodded, and Julie smiled at me. I bent down to gently kiss my way across her belly, loving her taste, her smell, her warmth. I slid my hand up the inside of Julie’s thigh, making it very clear what I was about to do to her.

Megan’s hand closed over mine, stopping its motion. “Do you think,” she whispered into my ear, “you’re ready to do her with your mouth?”

It wasn’t like it hadn’t occurred to me, or like I hadn’t thought about it while I was touching myself. The women in Lisa’s dirty stories did it to each other like that all the time. I already knew I liked the taste of a girl’s juices. What was I waiting for, anyhow?

I think Megan’s question chased itself around my head for like less than a second before I started kissing my way down Julie’s belly. I felt her shiver.

Megan’s lips fluttered near my ear. “Not too fast,” she whispered. “Tease her pussy before you eat it.”

I had to stifle a fit of giggles at the idea of eating a pussy. I don’t know, something about the phrase just struck me as funny. But my urge to laugh went away fast as I kissed and licked my way down between Julie’s legs. I could smell her now, and it was like a rich, musky perfume. I kissed my way down one leg, not quite letting my mouth touch her pussy.

Settling down on my belly, I kissed my way down the top of Julie’s thigh to her knee. Then I went back up the inside of her legs, licking in little zigzag patterns. I wasn’t sure quite what I was doing but Julie was panting like she was running uphill, and her hips were moving up and down as I got close. I let my tongue slide just barely past her center and she moaned, “Oh, my God…”

I came back down again, this time nuzzling my way right down the middle. I let my lips tease her puffy, swollen labia, then ran my tongue up the outside of her slit. The rich, slightly metallic taste of her almost overpowered my senses, and an intense wave of pleasure washed through me as I squeezed my legs together. I felt like if someone put a hand down there it would take me all of two seconds to come!

I let my tongue slip between her folds, into her opening. She was really warm inside, and the taste of her was extra strong. I pushed deeper, seeing how far my tongue would go. Julie whimpered, pressing her hips into my face. I withdrew my tongue from her pussy, then trailed it upwards until I was teasing her clit.

I just played at first, flicking it with the tip of my tongue and taking it between my lips. Julie was letting out little gasps and moans, and when I pulled away to run my tongue along her outer lips again she whispered, “Mal… please.”

I couldn’t say no to her. My tongue found her clit again, and this time I didn’t pull away. She cried out, a hard shudder running through her body. I glanced up to see Julie staring at me, lips parted, her forehead glistening with sweat. When our eyes met, she reached out with both hands to stroke my hair.

Now I licked faster, and she threw her head back and moaned again, this time louder. Her fingers twisted into my hair. It hurt a little, but I didn’t mind. I slid my hands up the backs of her thighs, and when she thrust her hips into my face again, I gripped her butt cheeks and squeezed.

Now Megan was there, kissing and licking Julie’s chest, concentrating on her nipples. At some point she’d gotten rid of her shawl, and her blouse was almost completely unbuttoned. Julie was making a huge racket, not even trying to hold it in. Suddenly she was screaming, her hands squeezing my head tightly, her hips pumping furiously. Then she went still, breathing heavily and letting out little purring sounds.

I didn’t stop all at once, just slowed down, gently licking every inch of her beautiful, delicious pussy. The whole bottom half of my face was all sticky and wet, but I didn’t care.

After a few seconds of this, Julie gently pushed my face away, whispering, “No more… I’m good.”

I flopped down alongside Julie and squeezed her tightly. Megan was still  massaging her chest and shoulders.

“Your face is gooey,” Megan said. She was wearing that wicked grin again. “Did you like how she tasted?”. I nodded. “Can I have a sample?”

She bent down over me, and I raised my head to meet hers. Our mouths came together, the tips of our tongues meeting in a delicate dance. Megan sucked my lower lip, then brushed it with her tongue.

“Mmmm…” she breathed. “Delicious.” She looked down at Julie. “Do you want to taste yourself on her?”

Julie’s eyes met mine, and we slowly came together. First we shared a slow, sweet, tender kiss. Then she was kissing around the edge of my mouth, her tongue flicking out to take in the wetness she’d left on my face. I was already way beyond horny, and this just drove me wild! I pulled Julie to me and kissed her hard, my tongue diving into her mouth. She met my passion and raised it. I completely lost control, grinding my body into hers.

Suddenly I felt fingers slip under the waistband of my panties, and glanced around to see Megan kneeling behind me. She’d taken her blouse all the way off, her boobs still concealed by a plain white bra. She winked at me, then slid my panties down and off, pausing a moment to hold them to her face. “You smell incredible,” she murmured, her eyes dreamy.

Springing into action, Julie pushed me onto my back and began raining kisses on my face, over my chin, down my neck and lower. She paused to lick my nipples, moving from one to the other and back again.

I felt her hand slide down my belly, and when it inched past my aching pussy and onto my thigh, I grabbed her wrist and guided Julie’s fingers where they needed to go. “I can’t wait anymore,” I gasped.

Julie got the point. Her hand slipped between my legs, and she buried a finger in my folds, moving straight to my hard little bud, and the pleasure was immediate and intense. I pressed my head back into the pillow and cried out.

I could hear wet, juicy sounds as Julie’s finger began moving quickly, my hips moving in time with her as I rode these intense waves of pleasure. She kissed her way down my chest and belly, hesitated just before she reached my center… then her finger disappeared and was quickly replaced by her tongue.

Holy crow, was that ever different from a finger! The soft warmth of it was a whole new sensation, and I could instantly feel my orgasm building. Then Megan was there, her lips meeting mine, her tongue slipping between them. And as I came, I screamed into her mouth.

On to Chapter Eleven!


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    Young girls together is my favorite compared to women with girls, and this story stands out as one of the best. Thank you

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    See Ya!!!
    Chester, MD, USA

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    Great chapter. Just loved it. Thank you!

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    This is awesome.

  5. Mo says:

    Another fab chapter! Rachael the way you write really brings the sex to life. You can practically hear the girls!
    Such a hot chapter and can’t wait for more

    • Rachael Yukey says:

      Jetboy has to get some credit there. He doesn’t generally edit my non-sexual writing too heavily, but his suggestions for sex scenes are often quite detailed, and always improve them for the much better. So if you’re complimenting a sex scene, Jetboy definitely deserves mention as well. Also: thank you!

  6. Kim & Sue says:

    Yet another beautiful and very hot and very informative chapter. Mal, beginning to question or observe or become aware of the possible hypocrisy of her parents marriage and their religion.

    The very real thoughts, concerns and feelings of Meg, Mal and Julie. And the very hot,slow build up of a great girl threesome. All of it very well done.

    Can’t wait for next chapter.

    • Rachael Yukey says:

      Thanks! I love really getting inside the heads of the characters. Must be the Stephen King influence. His premises can be thin as tissue paper, but by god you keep reading because you want to know what happens to the characters. I strive for the same.

  7. Erocritique says:

    Mallory is becoming her own person, and Julie is right there with her. Megan helped make things less daunting by showing the girls that they weren’t alone in the world of lesbian love and lust. There was a lot of personal growth in this chapter for all the girls. They all learned more about themselves, and about being accepting of things that some in society deem not normal. The fact that they got to enjoy some fabulous orgasms was an extra nice bonus. This is a great coming of age story. One of the best I’ve ever encountered. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      It’s a coming of age story even more than it’s a sex story. I love that people pick up on that.

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    Nice we went back in time a year before,

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