Ripples, Chapter 24

  • Posted on April 30, 2020 at 2:33 pm

by Sapphmore and  JetBoy


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Laura’s thoughts were filled with images of the incestuous orgy she’d interrupted upon arriving at her sister Jessica’s home, staving off the deep sleep her body craved.

She was still picturing the scene in the living room, poring through the memory as if it was a film she was studying frame by frame. In fact, Laura had only glimpsed about fifteen seconds of the sexual tableau, but her mind now played the scene back in ultra-slow motion, bringing it all to vivid life.

First, she’d seen the entwined trio of young naked girls. Rachel’s daughter Bella, well on the way to becoming a carbon copy of her voluptuous mum, was being orally pleasured by Katie, while feasting on the baby-smooth slit of her own sister Cindy. At first, though, Laura hadn’t recognised Rachel’s daughters, not until they broke apart and she got a look at their faces.

The sight shook her to the core. My God, what is happening here? They’re just kids!

Laura shifted restlessly beneath the sheets as the camera of her memory did a slow pan across the room, zooming in on the flawless bum of another young girl, a girl she quickly identified as her oldest niece Alice. That perky little arse was in motion, too, thrusting forward and back — and that was when Laura realised that Alice was wearing a strap-on cock, using it to fuck someone from behind. A grown woman, bent over the arm of the sofa.

When she saw that woman’s long red hair, Laura got another, bigger shock. It was her sister Jessica, who was getting rogered hard and fast by Alice. Her own bloody daughter!?

Incredibly enough, there was even more going on. Jess wasn’t just draping herself over the rolled sofa arm to present her cunt to Alice; she was also going down on another woman, whose face couldn’t be seen. Why? Because it was covered by the sex of Laura’s seven-year-old niece Poppy, whose expression was one of pure rapture.

But then Poppy opened her eyes. They went wide in an instant as she saw their unexpected guest, and the child gasped, “Auntie Laura!”

The playback in Laura’s head now picked up the panicked scramble of the three young girls as they broke apart and raced to cover themselves, then jumped ahead to a close-up of Alice withdrawing the cock she was wearing from her mum’s vagina. Turning around, the twelve-year-old displayed the glistening sex toy to her aunt — not in defiance, but not in shame either. As if the girl didn’t give a toss that she was still sporting a generously-sized latex prick.

Laura was suddenly captured by a long, luxurious yawn. At long last, the exhaustion she’d had built up over a seemingly endless day of travel was asserting itself. Her forehead glistened with perspiration as the pictures blurred, then faded to black. Her breath became shallower until it settled into a steady rhythm as she sank into a peaceful slumber.


The morning sun had yet to breach the line of trees surrounding the old Elizabethan manor house, but slivers of faint light peeked around the edges of the blinds and curtains.

Laura stirred, the dried perspiration on her naked and uncovered body reacting to the chill of early morning. Slowly allowing her eyes to open, she struggled to adjust to the dim light, confused for a moment by the unfamiliar surroundings. Recognising her sister’s spare room, the events of the previous night punched their way back into her memory.

Looking up at the white ceiling, looming above like a blank cinema screen, Laura knew that the frozen image of the lesbian orgy that had greeted her as she entered the living room door mere hours ago was etched into her mind, perhaps forever.

She absentmindedly reached down between her legs with an unsteady hand, feeling the remnants of last night’s sticky secretions. Tightening her jaw, Laura gave her head an angry shake. I’m not into young girls. I’m not! Then how could I have been turned on by the sight of my underage nieces and their friends, all having lesbian sex? And then there’s my sister, fucking her own kids! Bloody hell, how am I supposed to deal with that?

Realising that she needed to empty her bladder, Laura turned onto her side, pushing herself up to sit on the edge of the bed. She rubbed her eyes and pushed her loose hair back; rising to look for the dressing gown Jess had given her, finding it draped over an accent chair. A glance at the small carriage clock on the dresser showed that it was only just after five-thirty. She scowled. Great. What was that, four hours’ sleep? Why did I even bother going to bed?

Padding over to the mirror on the wardrobe door, her eyes gradually adjusting to the dim light, she studied her reflection as she shrugged into the dressing gown and reached for the belt — then paused. Before wrapping the fluffy robe around herself, Laura appraised her nude body. She was nicely built; not tall or statuesque like her sister, but more athletic from working out, staying in constant motion to counter the effects of long hours sitting while she was travelling or typing.

Laura looked herself up and down, holding the dressing gown wide open to get a good view. Would Jess find me desirable? she wondered. What about the girls? If they got a glimpse of me right now, would they like what they saw?

She winced at her reflection. Fuck me, I’m going bloody mental.

Forcing these thoughts from her mind as best she could, Laura turned towards the door, gently turned the handle so as not to make a sound, and carefully drew it inward. She crept barefoot into the hallway, looking to see if any of the other doors along the L-shaped landing were open, relieved to see that none were except for the nearby bathroom. As she entered, Laura noticed that Katie’s door was also slightly ajar.

She entered the bathroom and quietly closed the door. Lowering her bum to the toilet seat, she made a face at how cold it was, then quickly peed, wiped herself and flushed, hoping the sound didn’t wake anyone at this early hour. Laura washed her hands and splashed water on her face, deciding that she would slip downstairs and make herself a coffee, take a moment to gather her thoughts before the inevitable Part Two of last night’s discussion with her sister, Not that I’ve got any idea what I’m going to say, she thought.

Emerging into the hallway, Laura tiptoed toward the stairs, then froze as she neared Katie’s door and heard a soft, low moan coming from the room. She crept closer to peer through the gap, her heart lurching wildly at what she saw.

The curtains were parted just enough to illuminate the scene, the bedclothes rolled back to reveal the nude bodies of three very young girls. And like Laura, they were very much awake.

Nine-year-old Katie lay propped up against the pillows, with Rachel’s youngest — Cindy, Laura reminded herself — nestled in her arms. They were kissing fervently, their tongues mingling and mating as they took turns exploring each other’s mouths. Cindy was caressing Katie’s breasts, teasing the girl’s erect nipples with her fingertips.

Laura’s heart thudded in her chest. Oh my God, they’re at it again.

Down below, Jessica’s baby girl Poppy was lying on her tummy between Katie’s splayed legs, lavishing attention on her older sister’s pussy with long, loving swipes of the tongue. Poppy’s thighs were also spread far apart, and Laura could see that the child had one hand tucked underneath her body. Wait a minute — is she actually…

She was. Just below that flawless bottom, Laura caught sight of Poppy’s finger, teasing the smooth cleft of her vagina.

Laura put a hand over her mouth in case something made her cry out, knowing that she should open the door and confront the young girls, make them stop doing these things. But her feet seemed to be encased in concrete, and she found herself unable to do more than stand and stare, hypnotised by the entire erotic spectacle.

What surprised her most was the passion these girls brought to their sexual doings. This was nothing like curious kids playing doctor, or shyly comparing their body parts, or any of the games Laura had indulged in as a youngster. These girls were making love, just like adults.

That said, there was a sense of awe to their pleasures, very much like that of children indulging in a favorite new game… and the sweet, shy smiles the girls gave each other in the midst of it all gave the whole scene a sense of innocence that Laura couldn’t help but find rather touching. Okay, it’s still wrong, she told herself, but there’s nothing lewd or dirty about this.

Katie noticed movement through the gap in the entrance, having intentionally left the door slightly ajar last night upon returning from her little spying trip. Breaking her kiss with Cindy, pausing for a moment to enjoy the warm wet caresses of Poppy’s tongue, Katie quietly said to her friend, “I want to lick your cunt.”

Even with the hand covering her mouth, Laura barely managed to suppress a gasp at Katie’s words. What on earth happened to that timid little girl I remember?

She well recalled her last visit to see Jess and the girls, when the family had taken a weekend sojourn to the seaside. There, a blushing Katie had refused to go into the sea, or even change into a swimsuit. “Only eight, and she’s already got body issues,” Jessica told Laura later that night. “I’m dreading what will happen when she reaches dating age.”

Looks like Katie got over that and then some, Laura told herself.

She now felt sufficiently in control to stop covering her mouth, then almost absently placed the other hand on the front of the robe, pressing the thick material into her groin as she watched Cindy carefully straddle Katie’s face. Holding onto the headboard for support, the child bent both knees to lower her sex to Katie’s already parted lips. Katie, in turn, reached round to cup Cindy’s buttocks, spreading them to open her young lover’s slit before she took that first delicious lick.

Laura trembled, the heat of arousal spreading through her body like a shot of liquor. She could practically smell the little girl’s sex, already imagining the sharp tang of its flavor on her tongue. No! Stop thinking like that! her conscience cried.

Cindy rolled her hips back and forth over Katie’s face, purrs of pleasure coming from the crouching girl. Meanwhile, muffled sounds of approaching orgasm issued from Katie’s throat as Poppy brought her big sister to climax.

Laura’s own breath began to deepen, but her body was denied the pleasure it so desperately craved, the thick folds of the dressing gown preventing her from applying pressure where she needed it. As if on automatic pilot, her hand sought and found the opening of the garment, then slipped between its folds.

Head spinning like a crazed carousel, Laura touched the rapidly moistening flesh of her cunt with a shaky finger, then gently caressed the pouting slit, trying not to make a sound, enthralled by the sight of three preteen girls fucking. There was no other word to describe what she saw. These girls, not one of them older than ten, were fucking like they were born to it.

Down between Katie’s thighs, little Poppy gave her older sibling’s cleft a tender kiss, then got up on her knees next to a dreamy-eyed Cindy, who was cooing with delight as Katie licked her from below. Their eyes met, heated looks were exchanged, then Poppy and Cindy slowly drifted together — their mouths meeting, tongues engaging, two children kissing like passionate lovers.

Then again, isn’t that exactly what they are? Laura thought.

Her mind was in turmoil, her body on fire. As she fingered herself down below, Laura slipped the other hand through the parting of her robe to cup and fondle the left breast, then the right, pausing to give a hard pinch to a nipple — perhaps trying to break this crazy spell, to shock herself from this lustful trance she was falling into, despite her best intentions.

This is wrong. They’re too young. Damn it, I’m not into little girls! But oh, my God… this is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. How could kids this young be so fucking erotic? 

They were, too. Laura had never considered underage girls as objects of desire, but now she studied the bare bodies of her nieces and their friend as if for the first time, admiring what she saw. They’re all beautiful, no doubt about that. Her eyes drifted down to the pert little bottom of seven-year-old Poppy. She’d always had a serious thing for women’s bums, and Poppy’s was flawless. I bet her skin feels like warm silk, she thought. Not that I want to touch her that way… 

Though she continued to resist these stirrings, Laura was beginning to understand how a newly gay Jessica might succumb to the lure of such lovely creatures, especially with the appetite for sex that they seemed to have.

Her reverie was interrupted when Cindy suddenly moaned, the child’s body jerking as ecstasy caught her in its grasp. Even from the doorway, Laura could see Cindy’s knuckles whiten as she gripped the headboard and threw her head back.

Next to her, a wild-eyed Poppy had a hand tucked between her own thighs, frantically stimulating her clit as she watched her friend come. Within seconds, she gave a tiny cry, her slender frame shuddering when she reached climax.

The sight was too much for Laura. A strangled whimper escaped her lips, no hand in place to stifle it, and as a breathless Cindy dismounted Katie’s face and collapsed on the bed, Laura realised that Katie was staring straight at her. In a panic, she quickly withdrew both hands away from inside the robe, but struck the door with her elbow, nudging it open even further.

She froze like a deer in headlights at the sight of three naked, sweaty little girls, their eyes focused directly on her. Shit, how do I explain this? She was rooted to the spot, wanting to disappear into the carpet.

Katie just smiled. “Hello, Aunt Laura. Why don’t you come join us?”

The grown woman could see no way out. That was when she realised that her robe was hanging open, putting her nude body on display for the girls to see. Lost for words, resisting an impulse to turn and flee, Laura hastily wrapped the dressing gown around her body as if shielding herself, but made no move to leave.

Somehow she failed to notice Poppy drawing near… but then the door swung inwards and the naked child stood there, gazing up at her, all smiles. Laura looked down at the angelic face of her youngest niece, the girl’s mouth still wet from her sister’s slit.

Without a word, Poppy reached out to take Laura’s hand, gently leading her into the room, then pushing the door to. Giving her aunt’s hand a squeeze, she turned to her sister.

“We’ve been waiting for you,” Katie said. There was a seductive lilt to her voice that made Laura shiver..

Now completely flustered, she began to speak. “I was just… I m-mean… I heard a noise…”

“We were just having fun,” Katie replied. “Did you like watching us?”

Laura hesitated a heartbeat too long before she spoke. “I… I mean… Look. girls, it doesn’t matter if I liked it or not. You shouldn’t be doing this. You’re too young to be having sex! And no matter what age you are, you oughtn’t to be doing these things with your own sister — or your mother.”

Poppy spoke up. “But it feels so good, Aunt Laura. And if we really and truly love each other, why can’t we show how much we do?”

“Because it’s incest, sweetie,” Laura gently replied. “It’s not right.”

“But you have sex with girls,” Katie said.

“Yes, okay, but I’m a grownup, and I — I have sex with other women, not children… and certainly not with anyone from my family!”

Katie saw her opening and took it. “But you did get hot watching us… I saw you touching your pussy out there in the hall. And what about a few hours ago, when you were making those loud sounds in your room? Know what? I think maybe you were touching yourself then, too, and thinking about what you saw last night when you came in and caught all of us doing sex stuff.”

Laura felt her cheeks getting hot. She parted her lips, prepared to defend herself — then fell silent, unable to come up with a single retort. Too late, she realised that her opportunity to play the moral card had passed. Katie knew it too — she could see that in the girl’s eyes.

That’s when it struck her that she’d been set up; that Katie had planned the whole thing, executed the scheme to perfection and simply waited for Auntie Laura to blunder into the trap. My God, I masturbated while watching them have sex… and they caught me at it! How can I explain something like that? 

Katie slid off the bed and onto her feet, smiling all the while at a perplexed Laura. She’d just been played by a nine-year-old girl, and now she was desperately trying to think of a way out. But before a single idea could make itself known, Katie was at her side and reaching for her hand, followed by Poppy taking the other.

The sisters led her to the side of the bed, where Katie sat down, then silently indicated that Laura should sit next to her. She meekly obeyed, felt the mattress shift slightly and turned to see Rachel’s daughter Cindy, seating herself on the other side. As she turned back to face Katie, Laura was halted in mid-motion by the sight of Poppy — who was kneeling on the carpet, gazing up at her aunt like a puppy waiting to be stroked.

Laura felt a surge of bravado as she made eye contact with Katie, suddenly determined to wrestle control of the situation away from the smiling girl. I’m the adult here, after all. “What’s going on here, young lady?” she said, a quaver in her voice that left her sounding less authoritative than she’d intended.

Still holding her aunt’s hand, Katie said, “We know it was a big shock when you came in and saw us all making love last night, Aunt Laura… but we want you to know that no one is making us do these things, and it’s not Mum’s fault at all. When Ali told me she was gay, I wanted to know about what it was like, so she showed me stuff… and I liked it so much that, well, we kinda ended up doing more, lots more.

“Anyway, me and Alice were doing sex on her bed, and that’s when Mum came home and caught us. I think she was worried that Ali made me do it, but I told her no, I wanted to. Then we showed Mum how we love each other… and, um, we sort of got her to join in. Oh, Aunt Laura, it was so, so, so good! And after that, we couldn’t leave Pops out, could we?”

Laura listened quietly to Katie’s account, but couldn’t think of a response. So she turned to look at Poppy, who was nodding and smiling sweetly, and said, “Let’s hear from you, sweetheart. How did you become part of this?”

“Katie and Alice taught me when Mummy was out,” the child said. “We were having a party with no clothes on, and they told me about how girls can have sexy fun with other girls. Then Alice said her and Katie were lovers, and they started kissing and touching right there, so I could see what it was like.”

“What did you think about that?” Laura asked.

Poppy giggled. “It looked really fun! So when they asked me if I wanted to play too, I did. Then they taught me how to make love, and that’s what we were doing when Mummy came home.” She made a face. “I was scared at first, cause I thought for sure she’d be mad. But Mummy wasn’t mad, not even a little bit! She took off her clothes, and then we all had a good time!”

Laura looked at Cindy. “How about you, then?” she murmured.

The young brunette nibbled at her lower lip, thinking about. “I guess it all started this one night when I heard funny sounds coming from my mum’s room. When I went in to see what it was, I saw Bella in bed with Mum, and they were both naked.” She shook her head. “Wow, I didn’t know what was going on… but Mum told me she was teaching Bella about sex, the kind that girls have with each other.”

“How did that make you feel?” asked Laura, finding herself increasingly caught up in the girls’ stories.

“Well, I never really thought much about, y’know, being a lesbian… not until then, anyhow. But I sure do like girls a whole heck of a lot more than boys, so I asked Mum if she’d teach me about sex too… and she said yes!” She grinned with delight.

“Don’t stop there, Cinders,” Katie interjected. “Tell Aunt Laura how your mum taught you.”

“Um, well, Mum decided to get Bella to teach me, while she watched. Omigosh, it was the best! I love my sister so much — more than ever, now!” Cindy gave a happy sigh. “Then Mum joined us, and I got to love her, too. And now, I have another mum, and three more sisters!” She reached out to take Poppy’s hand, coaxing the seven-year-old up from the carpet and into her arms, where they exchanged tender kisses.

Once more, Laura was at a loss for words. She felt Katie touch her arm, and turned to meet her niece’s affectionate gaze.

“Auntie Laura, we all love you, and you love us. Why don’t you stop worrying so much, and be part of our new big family? Alice will love it, and I know that Mummy will, too. Sisters should stick together, don’t you think?”

At the mention of her sister, Laura found herself at the heart of a moral dilemma. On the one hand, there was her deep-seated need to do the right thing — in this case, march out of Katie’s room and down the hall to wake and confront Jess and Rachel.

On the other hand, there was her own closely-kept secret: the very un-sisterly sexual feelings that she’d harbored for Jessica for so many years. The first orgasm Laura had ever experienced had happened at the age of fourteen while masturbating, lost in a fantasy of kissing her big sister.

That fantasy might just be on the verge of coming true, she thought. The door’s open and waiting; you only have to enter.

Katie’s hand was now resting on her terrycloth-covered thigh. “Come and play with us, Auntie Laura. We can have lots of fun, and you can teach us more about how to be a lesbian.” As she spoke, the girl’s fingers were inching towards the gap in the robe.

I think you’ve got that covered already, Laura wanted to say, but the words wouldn’t come. Instead, her mind spun as she struggled with her niece’s request. Coming from the nine-year-old’s lips, what Katie proposed sounded perfectly innocent, a lovely game they could all enjoy. For a fleeting moment, she actually contemplated the possibility of giving in, slipping out of her dressing gown and getting naked with the girls.

An icy twinge of fear uncoiled deep inside, Laura’s heart rate quickening as it gripped her. She was shocked to have, even for an instant, toyed with the notion of doing this thing. Making love to children? Surely not. It isn’t me, it’s not what I want. 

Then why am I tingling all over? Why does my cunt feel like a bloody jungle swamp? Oh, Christ, I’m going to leave a massive wet spot on the back of Jessica’s robe!

Her resolve was already starting to wither, especially when she saw Poppy standing to the right of Cindy, a hand between her legs, blissfully tracing her bare slit with a finger. It was an amazingly erotic sight.

Unnoticed by her aunt, Katie made eye contact with her co-conspirators, giving them a nod, then drew even closer to Laura. “We can make you feel really good,” she said. As her hand wandered beneath the dressing gown to find bare skin, Laura jerked with a sharp intake of breath.

That reaction didn’t faze Katie in the slightest. She gently tugged the material of the robe upward, exposing Aunt Laura’s taut, toned thigh. Cindy mirrored Katie’s actions, baring the other leg.

Katie then slipped a hand inside the front of Laura’s robe, seeking and finding her breast. As she cupped a firm, perfectly formed globe of warm flesh, she grasped the collar of the garment with her free hand and slowly tugged it away to reveal Aunt Laura’s shoulder. Again, her movements were copied by Cindy on the opposite side.

A startled Laura quickly crossed both hands across her chest to keep herself covered, but this feeble attempt was easily thwarted by the young girls. “No, Katie,” she pleaded. “You can’t do this, it’s not right. I — we shouldn’t–“

“Shhhh, it’s okay… relax,“ Katie whispered, and twisted round towards her aunt to manoeuvre herself into a half-kneeling position. Now she was practically rubbing noses with the wide-eyed woman. She continued to fondle the firm but pliant breast, feeling the nipple stiffen against her palm as she worked the robe even further down Laura’s arm. Dipping her head, Katie nuzzled her lips into the softness of the older woman’s neck, leaving a path of kisses that travelled up to the sensitive spot behind her ear — as if somehow knowing that it was the most effective way to leave her aunt breathless with arousal.

Laura’s willpower was swiftly evaporating, unable to withstand the heat of Katie’s seduction. How did a child of nine get so damned good at this? she wondered, a soft cry spilling from her lips when the girl’s tongue traced a warm path around the edge of her ear. With a blissful sigh, she let her head loll back.

When Aunt Laura began to relax slightly, Katie quickly pressed her advantage. With a quick nod to Cindy, she began to slowly guide the woman backwards, Cindy assisting from the other side. Once they had her lying down, that offered Katie easy access to her aunt’s mouth. As she tenderly brushed Laura’s lips with her own, Cindy seized the moment, fastening her mouth to a nipple that was more than stiff enough to betray Laura’s helpless arousal.

Laura was on the verge of confused tears, her mind a wild whirl of dread, ecstasy, bewilderment and, yes, lust. Lust for children, damn it all. This is happening and I don’t know how to make it stop, I can’t think straight, my cunt’s on fire! Katie’s tongue was teasing Laura’s lower lip. My God, her mouth is so soft…

Cindy gave the tip of Laura’s breast a playful nip, sending a sharp buzz of pleasure through the woman’s frame. She gasped — and that was when Katie kissed her aunt for real, the child’s tongue darting between Laura’s parted lips.

She ached, burned to return her niece’s sweet kiss, but a lingering trace of fear prevented her from giving in to madness and making love to Katie. How long can I hold out, though?

Poppy, who had been watching the goings-on for the last few minutes while occasionally touching her slit, decided that she wanted to play, too. She padded over to where Auntie Laura half-lay on Katie’s bed, her bare feet still touching the carpet. Feeling deliciously wicked, Poppy dropped to all fours and advanced, like a cat who’d just spotted a bowl of cream.

As the child reached her goal, she spread Auntie Laura’s dressing gown open, fully revealing the woman’s nudity. Delighted to see that her aunt had gone without knickers, Poppy placed both hands on Auntie Laura’s knees and slowly parted them. Drawing closer, she took her first look at this unfamiliar vagina. She marvelled that, like all the pussies she had seen thus far, it had an appearance all its own. She remembered once hearing from a teacher that everyone’s fingerprints were completely different. I guess cunts must be like that, too, Poppy mused.

The one before her now had a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above, but around the full pudenda it was baby-smooth. What stood out were the lips, which were much larger than her mum’s and Aunt Rachel’s. The hood of skin covering the clitoris was also bigger; in fact, the clit itself almost looked like a baby’s willy. But then again, she hadn’t seen that many naked women’s bits.

Curious as to whether its flavor was different, Poppy leaned forward to part the swollen lips with her fingers before extending her tongue for a taste. She took one lick, which caused her aunt’s body to jerk, then sat back to decide if she liked it. There was a slight tang that intrigued the child, and she decided to sample her aunt’s pussy again. Moving even closer, she wriggled a finger into the hot, moist orifice.

Tiny though it was, to the shell-shocked woman lying on the bed, that finger might as well have been a cucumber-sized cattle prod. Her body shivered violently, her hands knotting into fists. Laura forced her eyes to remain tightly shut, once again struggling to summon the strength to resist this triple onslaught and escape, damn it.

How can this be happening? Oh my God, this is not right, this is not right, this is not… oh bloody hell, it feels so fucking good.

When the mouth of her youngest niece locked onto her clitoris and began to suckle, Laura’s last ounce of resistance crumbled into dust. Cindy was moving her mouth from breast to breast, making love to each nipple in turn, while Katie’s kisses were growing steadily deeper, the girl’s tongue encouraging hers to respond.

Okay, then, this is wrong. Fine. I don’t care anymore. I need this. I want this!

Laura placed one hand on the head of the girl who was sucking her right nipple, and the other on the head of the girl whose mouth was pressed to hers. She responded to the kiss, her tongue engaging with Katie’s in a lustful dance, no longer allowing herself to care that the girl was her nine-year-old niece.

As Laura tried to suck at that tongue, Katie broke away, looking deep into her aunt’s eyes. The young girl saw a fire she recognised, a desire she’d worked hard to achieve. The plans that she, Cindy and Poppy worked out earlier in the evening had just paid off in a big way. Aunt Laura was theirs.

The break from kissing gave Laura an opportunity to catch her breath as she gazed in awe at her niece. She no longer saw the shy, studious child she used to sit with, discussing books or the reporter’s life. The face before her now belonged to a sexual creature, one she was eager to explore.

Pulling Katie back to her, Laura kissed the girl with a hunger that shocked her with its intensity. That recent threesome in Paris now seemed downright tame by comparison. She arched her body slightly as Cindy’s teeth lightly scraped against her nipple, sending a jolt of pleasurable pain through her body that went straight to the vagina.

Then Laura realized that something else was happening down there. Little Poppy had stopped sucking her clitoris and was now pushing at least a couple of fingers into her vagina — three or four, perhaps? Then she realized that the seven-year-old was, in fact, working her entire hand inside, stretching the fleshy opening further and further with every inch of penetration. Laura gave a loud moan, but it  was somewhat muffled by the lover’s kiss she was sharing with Katie.

Surprised by her aunt’s sudden reaction, Katie pulled away, glancing over her shoulder to look for the cause. She was delighted to see her sister Poppy kneeling between Laura’s legs, the little girl’s movements making it obvious that she had her entire hand inside Aunt Laura’s cunt and was steadily pumping it in and out.

Cindy saw Katie looking and glanced in the same direction to see what was going on, her eyes widening when she saw what Poppy was up to. She turned back to Katie, and the girls exchanged knowing grins.

Poppy was lost in her work, lips pursed in concentration while she worked her fist back and forth inside Auntie Laura, occasionally twisting it slightly, the way Mommy liked her to do it. Now and then, she bent down to lick that protruding clit, her flame-red hair brushing the woman’s belly.

It took Laura a moment to understand what was happening to her. She was being penetrated by what felt like a fat cock — did these girls have a dildo? Then she felt warm skin sliding against her thigh, and Laura’s already racing heart beat even faster as she understood the reason for Katie’s smile; she was watching her seven-year-old sister fuck Auntie with her hand.

Laura knew what it was like to be fisted, having enjoyed it a few times with an older girlfriend. But even though Gemma’s hand had been bigger, that experience paled compared to what she was feeling now. The fact that little Poppy was pleasuring her this way made the act wilder, more dangerous. Now that her objections to sex with Jessica’s children had been pushed aside, at least for the moment, the forbidden nature of their lovemaking only added to the thrill.

Opening her eyes, Laura smiled to see Cindy and Katie leaning across her, engaged in a lustful kiss, their tongues flickering like flames into each other’s mouths. Suddenly, she felt the urge to join them, and reached out to touch the girls’ bodies, her fingers roving, searching for their cunts. Finding Cindy’s first, she carefully entered her with a finger, causing the youngster to jerk, a surprised “Oh!” escaping her lips.

Cindy recovered right away, though, and pressed down against Laura’s hand, forcing that probing digit even deeper into her vagina. She began to rock to and fro, mouth hanging slack, yes glazed with pleasure. “Oh, yes,” she whispered, “Oh, yes.”

Before Laura could find Katie’s slit, the girl withdrew, rising to stand on the bed. Puzzled, Laura looked up to see her niece take two steps toward the headboard, carefully positioning herself so she was standing astride Laura’s face. Bending her knees, the girl lowered herself slowly, teasing her aunt by pausing half the way down, her sex frustratingly out of reach. Using two fingers, she spread the vaginal lips open.

Laura whimpered as Katie curved the middle finger into her juicy hole, taking her time with it, then began to work the digit in and out, coating it with her honey. The sight was breathtaking. Laura licked her lips, already anticipating what that beautiful cunt would taste like.

Katie gave her a knowing smile as she eased that finger out of her pussy, holding it up to inspect. Satisfied that it was sufficiently coated with her fluids, she glanced back down at her captive below, then bent to touch the tip to Laura’s lips.

Unable to wait for her treat, Laura darted forward to take the glistening finger into her hungry mouth, rolling her tongue around it to get every trace of Katie’s nectar. It was luscious, like a thick, tart wine — though not quite like any she’d ever drunk.

When the flavor was gone, she stared up at the rosy cleft of her niece — then at the wanton girl, silently pleading with her. By then, the struggle to be good, to refrain from enjoying the mouths, the hands, the bodies, the love of these sexy little nymphs… well, it seemed almost silly.

Katie’s expression was one of victory. It seemed to say See? I knew you couldn’t say no, not to this.

Once more, the girl lowered herself — bending one leg, then the other until she was kneeling on either side of her aunt’s head, that pouting slit tantalisingly close to the woman’s yearning mouth. Spreading her labia apart once more, Katie lowered herself the last few inches, offering Laura what she so ardently craved.

Basking in the heady scent of youth, Laura took a long, deep breath, then licked at the warm wet flesh once, twice, three times, coating her tongue with its sweetness. She marvelled at how a girl could produce so copious a flow at this tender age.

I’m going down on my own niece, Laura reflected, a child of nine. I should be hating myself for this, and I probably will when it’s all over. So why do I want it so much? Without bothering to answer, she began to devour Katie’s bare sex — bathing the opening with long, rapid licks, then thrusting her tongue inside to fuck the girl.

Katie was taken aback at the ferocity with which Aunt Laura ate her cunt. She’d loved having this feeling of control over the woman, of calling the tune and making her dance to it. Now, she couldn’t stifle her moans of pleasure, giving her excitement away. Oh, well, that bit was just a game anyhow, she thought. It’s time for us to love each other.

Still kneeling next to Laura, Cindy was lost in the pleasure that Katie’s aunt was giving her, the finger curling inside, somehow finding a spot that seemed to trigger all kinds of wonderful feelings. She opened her eyes to watch as Katie rode her aunt’s face, pistoning her hips back and forth to spread her sweet juices all over the woman’s mouth.

At the end of the bed, Poppy slowly withdrew her hand from Laura’s vagina. Her arm was getting tired… and besides, there was all this lovely juice dripping from her aunt’s cunt. Poppy certainly didn’t want that going to waste, so she’d simply give Auntie Laura good feelings with her mouth. Pressing her lips into the humid flesh, she lapped up the thick, rich flood, letting it trickle down her throat.

Once she had licked up most of the flow from her aunt’s pussy, Poppy noticed that rivulets of the fluid had oozed down to her bottom hole, the puckered opening just below. She grinned with delight as a naughty idea came to her. It was something her sisters seemed to like doing, but she had yet to try it herself.

Leaning forward, she licked a trail from Auntie Laura’s cunt down to her anus, pushing her tongue into the opening, bathing it with steady swipes of the tongue. Her aunt moaned, then spread her legs as wide as they could go, giving the child better access to the crack of her bum.

Now Poppy was eagerly rimming Auntie Laura, thrilled to bits to be doing something so wild. I bet none of my friends at school ever tried ANYTHING like this! Not for the first time, she reflected on how much fun it was to be a lesbian, doing sex with pretty girls and beautiful ladies.

As she continued to lap at her aunt’s rosebud, Poppy felt the opening grow increasingly slick — which gave her another cool idea. Drawing back just enough to place a fingertip against the snug opening, she pushed the tip of it inside. The shiver that raced through Auntie Laura’s body was enough to assure Poppy that her instincts had been correct. Quickly slipping the finger into her mouth to moisten it, she pressed it against her aunt’s bumhole once more, penetrating the woman with a single steady stroke.

Poppy was amazed by how tight it was, how it gripped her finger like a strong hand. She began to work it in and out of the shapely bottom, drawing a loud, though muffled vocal reaction from her aunt.

Looking up, the child had to giggle. Auntie Laura can’t tell me how much she likes this, cause Katie’s cunt is in her mouth! For some reason, that struck Poppy as being incredibly funny.


On the other side of the bathroom, something awakened Alice. She opened her eyes and turned, smiling to see her girlfriend sleeping peacefully. She considered waking Bella by diving under the bedclothes, then heard the sound again.

Wondering where it was coming from, she lifted her head to look at the bathroom door, which was slightly open. Hmmm… I guess Katie and the others woke up early, then they picked up where we left off last night.

Deciding that she wanted to sneak a peek — maybe even join the party? — Alice carefully moved to the edge of the bed, turning back to make sure she didn’t wake Bella, and slipped from beneath the covers to stand naked in the center of her room.

Creeping across the carpet, she eased the door open, slipped into the bathroom and made her way to the other door, shocked to see that it was also ajar. They’re having sex, and they didn’t even close the sodding door? Alice rolled her eyes. Putting her face to the gap, she had a full view of Katie’s bed.

The scene she witnessed shocked even her, a confirmed seeker of lesbian pleasures. At first it wasn’t clear who lay beneath the naked young bodies of the three girls, but she soon realised it was Aunt Laura, a sight that drew mixed emotions. On one hand, Alice was a little jealous that the three youngsters had been first to entice her aunt into the fold of family love, but then again, she felt immensely proud of the girls for what couldn’t have been an easy accomplishment.

That Katie, she thought. It had to have been her doing. Six weeks ago, she wouldn’t let herself be seen in knickers. Now look at her! Kat was straddling Aunt Laura’s face, cupping her budding breasts, the girl’s face glowing with pleasure.

From her vantage point, Alice saw Poppy between Laura’s splayed legs. Her baby sister appeared to be fingering the woman’s arse, while lapping at her minge with gusto. Alice smiled to herself, well recalling how lovely Poppy’s tongue could feel.

Kneeling to the side of Aunt Laura, Bella’s little sister Cindy was gently swaying, lost in rapture. Alice couldn’t work out why that was, not until she spied Laura’s hand fiddling between the girl’s legs. As she continued to watch, Cindy reached out to touch Kat’s shoulder. Katie turned to her friend, and the two girls came together in a passionate snog.

Alice longed to enter the room, to join the early-morning sex party, but reasoned that any interruption would break the mood. That’s okay, she reflected. I’ll get my chance at Aunt Laura later. The prospect made her giddy.

She’d first begun to have feelings about girls after chatting with Laura about sex a few months earlier, learning that her mum’s sister had it off with men and women both. “These days, though, I really do prefer women to blokes,”  Laura had told her. Later that week, Alice had masturbated to a fantasy of sex with her aunt. For the curious eleven-year-old, it was a genuine turning point.

Placing a hand on her vulva, Alice began to gently finger herself as she watched the others fuck.


Laura’s mouth was fastened to Katie’s cunt, drinking down its liquid sugar. Looking up, she saw her niece and Rachel’s daughter Cindy sharing a heated kiss. So beautiful, she mused. Why does it move me so, the sight of little girls kissing that way? It only made her want to pleasure her young lover all the more, and she dipped her tongue into the dewy slit, probing around inside.

Just then, Cindy leaned forward to embrace Katie, deepening their kiss, causing her hips to shift. Now Laura’s tongue was buried between the child’s bum cheeks, licking at her sweat-slicked rosebud. The woman felt an unexpected pang of conscience — then banished it completely and got to work, pleasuring Katie’s anus with every bit of the love she’d been lavishing on her pussy.

Tearing her mouth away from Cindy’s with a choked gasp, Katie spoke for the first time in a long while, panting, “Oh, yes, Aunt Laura, yes. Ooooooh, lick m-my bum!”


A few feet away in the bathroom, Alice was teasing her moist cleft with a finger, fighting the urge to throw restraint to the winds, defiantly stride into Katie’s room and hurl herself into the sweaty fray. But once again, she thought better of it, then settled on a more selfless course of action. After all, she reasoned, I shouldn’t leave Bel out of the fun.

Turning away, she tiptoed back to her own room just in time to see Bella stir from her slumber. Quickly moving to the far side of the bed, Alice placed a finger to her girlfriend’s lips, signalling her to remain silent.

She knelt down next to the bed and whispered to a confused Bella, “You won’t believe this… but right this minute, our sisters are fucking my aunt.”

That brought Bella awake in an instant. Taking a breath, she parted her lips to speak, but before she could, Alice quickly covered her mouth with a hand. “Shhh — they might hear us. Come take a look, but be very quiet. Then we’ll go wake our mums up. They’ll want to see this!”

Seizing Bella’s hand, she led her friend into the bathroom on tiptoe, ushering her to the gap in the door. Bella peered through the opening, her eyes widening as she drank in the incredible sight, then turned to Alice, unable to do much more than shake her head in disbelief.

Grinning delightedly, Alice beckoned Bella back to her room with a quick tilt of the head. Bella hesitated long enough to steal one last peek before reluctantly following after her friend.

Back in the bedroom, Alice carefully pushed the door to, then turned to seize Bella in her arms. The two nude girls exchanged a brief but juicy kiss before Alice broke away to say, “Let’s go get our mums!”

The girls slipped out into the hallway and padded down towards Jessica’s room at the other end of the hallway. Alice was about to knock, then hesitated. Even though this was the furthest room from Katie’s, it seemed wiser to slip inside, not summon her mum to the door and risk Laura hearing them. Mum won’t mind, not for something this important. Grasping the knob, she opened the door and entered, urging Bella to follow.

On the bed, Jess and Rachel had just awakened and were sharing lazy kisses, having decided that it was early enough to have a little fun while the rest of the household was still asleep. On hearing her door open, Jess saw their two eldest daughters enter. She was wondering whether to admonish them for not knocking or invite them into bed — but when she and Rachel saw the girls’ faces, they knew that something was afoot.

Alice shushed them before they could speak, then quietly said, “Mum, I don’t think we’ve got anything to worry about with Aunt Laura.”

Jess and Rachel exchanged puzzled glances, then turned back to their daughters — but once more, Alice was first to speak. “Go look into Katie’s room through the bathroom door. You have to be quiet, though.”

Intrigued, both women slid out of bed. Rachel was reaching for her dressing gown when Bella said, “You won’t need that, Mum.”

“Fair enough,” Rachel replied, letting the garment drop to the carpet.

“Works for me,” Jess said with a grin, and the women padded naked toward the door, each garnering lustful glances from the other’s daughter.

Jessica crept into the hallway, Rachel and the girls close behind — then Jess froze. She stood still for a  long moment, then turned back, hastily gesturing the others back into the bedroom.

Closing the door behind, she looked at Alice and Bella. “You need to stay here, girls. Keep the bed warm for us.”

“What? Why?” Alice protested. “We want to be part of this, too!”

“Yeah,” Bella said, her lower lip set in a pout.

Jess stood her ground. “So, Laura is making love with the other girls. That’s what you wanted me to see, right?”

“Uh-huh,” Alice said, unable to restrain a grin. “They’re all doing it — Katie, Cindy, Poppy and Aunt Laura.”

“And we never did get to finish our big sex party,” said Bella. “Aren’t we gonna do that now?”

“I’m fairly sure that isn’t going to happen, not this morning,” Jessica said. “Look, girls. When I spoke to Laura earlier tonight about what she saw us doing, I can tell you that she had no intention at all of — of getting involved with any of us in a sexual way. But it looks as if she was tempted anyhow, and she gave in.

“When they’re finished, Laura is going to be dealing with some very awkward feelings. She’ll probably feel guilty, even ashamed.” Jess hesitated, “I know, because… well, I was that way, a little bit, after you and I first made love, Alice.”

“I see,” Alice said, weighing her mother’s words.

“I think that your aunt will come around, once she sees the love we have for each other, how it’s more than just sex. But until then, she’ll need space, not all of us gawking at her. Rachel and I, we need to talk to Laura, to let her know that we’re not upset about what she’s done. But for now, I’d like for you girls to stay in here and let Aunt Rachel and me handle this. Understand?”

Alice gave a nod. “Yeah, Mum. Wow, I hope one day that I’m as smart as you.” Reaching out, she drew her mother into a hug.

“Okay, we’ll wait,” Bella said. “But if she does want to keep having sex, you’ll come get us, right?”

Rachel laughed, embracing her daughter. “Count on it.”

Releasing Alice, Jess glanced over at Rachel. “Shall we, then?”

“We shall,” Rachel replied. As they advanced toward the door, she looked back at the girls. “I’m sure you two can find something to do while we’re gone.”

As the door gently closed, Bella grabbed Alice’s arm and dragged her to the bed, grinning like a Cheshire cat.

The women crept quietly down the hall, making their way to Alice’s room and from there, into the bathroom, their excitement mounting as they saw the light glimmer past the connecting door on the other side. As they drew nearer, the unmistakable sound of muffled moans of pleasure could be heard. Reaching the door first, Jess peeked through the gap.

She stared for a moment, then turned to Rachel, pumped her fist and silently mouthed “YES!” Glancing back through the door to make sure that no one was looking, Jess carefully pushed the door open a few inches further, then waved Rachel over to see.

The first thing to catch the brunette’s attention was Jessica’s sister Laura — completely nude, on her knees and bent down, her mouth covering the slit of little Poppy, who was swapping heated tongue kisses with her big sister Katie. Meanwhile, Rachel’s girl Cindy stood at the foot of the bed, plunging two fingers in and out of Laura’s cunt. A second look made it clear that Cindy was also using her thumb on the older woman’s arse.

Fuck me, Rachel marvelled. And there I was, worried that ‘Auntie Laura’ might shop the lot of us to the coppers! Guess she had a change of heart… but how did it happen so quickly?

She shook her head in awe, taking in the sight of Jessica’s naked sibling. She’d always thought of Laura as attractive, and now she knew it for certain. I’d like a taste of her, she told herself, then took a sideways glance at her lover. Wonder if Jess ever thinks about her little sister that way? Then she turned back to the hot sex play, already anticipating pleasures to come.

Jess stared at the lesbian foursome, excitement pulsing inside her like a strobe light. Just a few hours ago, her sister had been distressed and confused about the incest she’d witnessed, incest involving underage girls. Now, Laura was going down on seven-year-old Poppy, lovingly trailing her tongue again and again through the child’s bare slit. How did this happen? she wondered. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

It was the first time she’d seen her sister naked since they were teenagers, back before Laura had come out. She’s positively scrumptious, Jess thought, longing to get her hands on that shapely bum.

Her gaze shifted to Poppy and Katie as they kissed, a sight that never failed to warm Jessica’s heart… or her cunt. She’d always seen herself as a lucky mother, with daughters who genuinely loved each other. Now her children were in love, and that was even better. You could see it in the adoring looks they shared, in the passion of their kisses. Witnessing it first hand nearly moved her to tears. I want to have that kind of love with Laura, she thought. Oh, my darling sister, I really do.

Then Jess was watching Cindy, who was still working Laura’s holes with her thrusting right hand, eagerly fucking her friends’ aunt. Jessica had enjoyed some deep kissing with Cindy, but the abrupt ending to the family orgy had robbed her of the chance to make love to Rachel’s youngest the way she wanted.

Moistening her lips, Jess looked longingly at Cindy’s bare body. Soon, sweet child. I promise–

Jessica’s reverie was interrupted by a hoarse cry from Poppy, who was arching her body up from the bed, thrusting her vulva into Laura’s face. Katie grinned as she watched her baby sister come, caressing the child’s flat chest. Laura had a firm grip on Poppy’s hips, holding the girl as steady as possible while nursing on her tiny clitoris.

Cindy had ceased her thrusting, but kept her fingers buried in Laura’s vagina, occasionally twisting them a bit. Her attention was on Poppy as the girl moaned and whimpered, struggling to keep from making too much noise. Then Cindy glanced to the side, and her eyes widened as she saw Jess and Rachel, standing in the doorway to the bathroom.

Rachel quickly put a finger to her lips before her daughter could react. Cindy hesitated, then nodded, giving her mum a gleeful smile.

By then, Poppy’s rapture was beginning to wane, and Laura eased off, placing gentle kisses on her sex as the child slowly sank into the mussed sheets with a blissful sigh. Jess felt a happy warmth inside at the sight of her little girl’s contented expression. My goodness, Poppy is so beautiful when she comes.

Now that Poppy had been taken care of, Cindy appeared to take that as her cue to get back to fucking Laura with her fingers, which were still buried knuckle-deep in the woman’s cunt. Like a piston slowly starting to churn, her arm began to move.

Laura moaned, her cheek resting on Poppy’s upper thigh, and the breathless little girl reached down to stroke her aunt’s face. Katie, who was cradling Poppy’s head in her lap, bent to kiss her sister again.

Cindy’s motions were getting faster and harder, her hand making liquid sloshing sounds as she drove her fingers forward and back. “Oh, yes,” Laura said, quietly at first, her voice rising along with the intensity of her young lover’s determined thrusts. “Oh, God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me!” Raising up on both hands, she began to push back against Cindy, taking those plunging fingers even deeper into her body.

Jess tilted her head towards the bed, signalling her lover to follow as she advanced further into the room. This time, they caught Katie’s eye, then Poppy saw them — but Jessica’s shushing motion kept the girls quiet.

Suddenly Laura was shaking violently as she came, the sodden sheets bunching up in her clenched hands. She seemed about to scream out loud, but all that issued from her throat was a whimper. Cindy was still hard at work, droplets of liquid flying with the relentless pounding of her arm.

A massive shudder jerked through the woman’s body — one, two, three, four times. Cindy paused in mid-motion, a look of uncertainty on her face, fear that she might’ve been too rough. Then Laura exhaled, slumping forward as if that released breath had been the only thing holding her up.

Katie and Poppy were leaning against the headboard in each other’s arms, enjoying the show. Now and then they flashed sweet smiles at Mummy and Auntie Rachel, who stood holding hands in front of the bathroom door.

Cindy carefully extracted her fingers from Laura’s pussy, then took them into her mouth to taste.

Laura lay limp and spent, her body shining with sweat. Taking a long, deep breath, her face half-buried in the sheets, she spoke.

“Oh my God… what have you girls done to me? This… this should never have happened. I’m not — I d-didn’t mean to… You’re my nieces, and… and you’re children, for Christ’s sake!”

Katie’s face was a picture of innocence. “But you liked it. We all did.”

Turning onto her side, Laura stared up at the young girl, a realisation dawning on her that Katie was right; she had crossed a line she never knew had been drawn.

“Now you understand,” Jess said.

The sound of her sister’s voice hit Laura like an electric shock. In a blind panic, she lurched into a clumsy sitting position, trying in vain to cover her nakedness as she gaped at Jessica and Rachel, both standing calmly before her, both completely nude.

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